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N' ' 4' K - 0 ,r--y -- '1 I f .- 1 :F :iff - . . Q'5S Q -r K, C, su' ' , :,. R jrsfg 1.3 -Q-Jig -.'q?uS'l-1 -3 ' x x 5 1 ' 5 . w 1'?kb Q' i X-I I' -' ' , in-. ,. J-Q 1 Q V A 3--:A4.1'.. '. 1 fl , . ' "" iii, -. 1 X y fn , . ' 4 39,5 A 1 '. "'1."' . ' 1 ,wg V ' 4 vfn ?:j: x 4vG'? . w'H5H I-,ffQ4 ,4 , A .QT - xf . if 'Lf ' hic :qt 3. v .-1 7 H . f - . . , .'. rw' 1 by nf. -I . .g,' ,b' .jg!?.tI. 6" 3'L 'X "Q-V 1' .' 1 V I 1 'j L""' . , N,- ' L2 ' ,,' JA.. f w-- ' 'f -9 .FTW f -if V I ! 'i'- A+ A, .1 ' ,a , 9 " 'n..1 ' ' va Y., "'. g'. 1 . 92 5 l I , x A u 1 xl' A 8 T w ,lkisv V3 ,u" v K I ,s v -.4 , 1 kb MA. 5 vyaxg, vu if ' 5 1. v 1.5 .. , ,. ,fgkzk .rs-4 .ff 'I' S - , 0- ' 4. fr-7 4 . ,GJ-,,, ' Jw H " A ' n 4 I fb " 1 ,., . Q s 4 3 ,. lv I U I 1 I, f u . -I-. I. 4 ' H I ' , .-VJ w . .. . 5 1' '. ,pr '. Fx- . - "'-'f . : ,gi Q A- "wT-' -. 'Q Q4f,f 535 g'. x ' u"' lfv..,,. rr st' at . ,N I A . ,P 7 .. ll x1' .. . .144 'n yv 1 - 1 4 47,5 X 4 e .J I W N f 14:-..- . V . 11 V ' f' , ' f, 1: 5 Vx' U: ..,.b A1 'V' n ' ,I . . -I Afhr 1' 5 1 1-- X .r ,'g I ax' x A 5 ' 4 I ' -,I . h .Q 'Q' ' Q ' .r"Q?- 1 . . .- ' K .-w':"' . "VV ' - P.- :wir V ' J' . .", ,Q L ' " 5 I fs"q. lwjuf . . , J 'u ' h l sy' . ' gm 1 ' , ' .'r ' ' '71 'U' 157,411 f . v'p x n he ' I I 4lu',,"vi 4 4' I4 A ,gk 1 Q 'S ' 10" 'AU K I I I I. V' -,X U' A '-,tl Jptjzl fn Q , '. 'Q 1 Q Nl' ' I V' s 1 .' x . ' 5' ,P-, ' ew 'v -1 ".'- ' .4 . ' ' " ' o"', .' 'N .. o W A ,,f. ,.v ' vi U .4 4 , wr wx wviu, f . ' I 'fr '4 . - v : X rf? . -4 I ' .isa 1, P I , ' .' A -X '. 1 1' . n by 1. 1 ny y ' , - 1 xy' x 4 iv- - fl j I ' 4 ', ' . v ' ,. ' V - fr' - . . . 'v Nik 'X . I .. I l. .-iplv, 441, ' N f ' V 1, - ,, ""..,.h.,a' .x-' I ox .4-. V N. x mn A gli... ' t ' ' 1 H" 1, -1 l . xl". t N 7 f 'rfm ,V ' 4 J 5 n .C o.Upm'vT I otk 1 -' . 1 n ' ' n- I ,givin W. N . 'xt L QJ:!...u 'S lv- It ...- ,' - 5-' I " lr .lil -' .1 y ,n 'I. . O 0 . :- -Y, ,Q V A 1, eh? S :mr s YK 'Q 'UT " v ,-'jf' V1 2+ A ' ' Uv.,-, rm' df -fl. 1'f , ' i .n .y' , 'Y' if ' . ," , -Q -Q. 1 'x '49 , 4 Q . .- -, rg' pq, ' ' ' 'v U ' 'i , ,Q 1 , ls w ' ly I . Q' 7 r 'gt -V 0,4 W 1' - , ' ' I , A - 1 I ', , ' , Y. ff 1- ' 1 " uf- v : V4 ' ' ' A . 4 . ' - ' 1 " N 4, . ' fl A' u' A"'5' 9'."s'l"'a'V' '- 1 - N u r lf - ,. LQ, . l M 5 L: Z ' pl' U - 1 3 A A . , 1 J, -A-Q'-' . A . .:U:. . V . Q' ' .4 --.auf- ff. -1,9 ' uf. qxs' ". y , 1 V I .' D. ' .,- 5 J I C n'o v '. . '. , 4 . . " 'X 'S K XjXX49X ,E .Q . ai ' 4 ,"f2Yg , j . J , , P 1 . ' A ' lf, . '. wi,..,,, 4'5.,,. . 2 . ...., . ". L' ' 'I " A , I Q .W ' T ' TT: ,,.' V A x G H A ' ff- - " L92 -Z F g g l A HH SHSSHMUN OF THE STUDENTS : BY THE STUDENTS : FOR THE STUDENTS NAl3.LT55H.QE JQQEUL DEDIU-XTIUN gf' J I g f I Q . X, , CH XRLLS I. BRI THI: SASSFHVIU 4 IEEE! DEDICATION flf, THE Senior Class of Natick High School. lovingly dedicate this, our Senior Yearhook, to Mr. Charles -I. Bridey, teacher in the Junior and Senior High Schools from April, 1936 to Decemher, 1939 and Director of Physical Activities from Septemher. 1936 to December, 1938. Vile wish Mr. Bridey every happiness in his new position at Cambridge High and Latin. M0925 institute tiafw-av 14 E95 T VEFJTRAL, STP-IQET l'JA1lLK MA Q1,"QQ 1 FERDINAND . -4 ff: 1 Ii FMR? W X q!li !!l1 I .M Lax, .. 4 1 K9 r 1 "NAT" xx' HCOACH' 3 CHEER5 ED DIE" FIRST QUARTER "PALS" Tl-Il: SASSEME 4 IEEE E IOR. EEK CLASS OF 1939 GRADUATION PROGRAMME Processional, "War March of the Priests" Mendelssohn High School Orchestra Invocation Reverend Guy H. Wayne Address of Welcome Olin Willard Hayes President of Class of 1939 Instrumental Trio, "Love in Idleness" Allan Macbeth Vincent Grupposo Marguerite Bergstrom Eleanor Williams Essay Cynthia Hope Leland Piano Solo, "Prelude in C Sharp Minor" Rachnaninotl' Vivian Cantrel Farewell Address ' Charles Dorian President of Honor Society Selection, "Land of Hope and Glory" Elgar Senior Chorus Address Rev. Samuel L. Lindsay Presentation of Diplomas Harold H. Johnson Chairman of School Committee Recessional, "March Militaire" Franz Schubert John McGill White, 1940, Marshal CLASS DAY PROGRAMME Processional, "War March of the Priests" Mendelssohn High School Orchestra Address of Welcome Olin Willard Hayes Selection, "Nightfall in Granada" L. Bueno Senior Chorus History . Edith Josephine Brophy Class Poem Virginia Evelyn Adams Class Song Class of 1939 Class Will Charles Dorian Prophecy Natalie Fabian Hastings Joseph Alexander Brown Presentation of Class Gift Olin Willard Hayes Awarding of National Honor Society Emblems Roy W. Hill Principal, Natick High School Presentation of Athletic Awards Francis W. Cronan President, Natick S'choolmen's Club Presentation of Good Citizenship Award Mrs. Frank L. Mason Registrar General of the D. A. R. Awarding of Anna F, Goodnow Scholarship Mrs. Harold W. Whittier President of Natick Woman's Club Alma Mater Lucile Nichols '26 Class of 1939 Recessional, "March Militaire' Franz Schubert High School Orchestra John McGill White, 1940, Marshal TI-If: SQSSQMU 4 IEEE ADDRESS OF WELCOME - CLASS DAY YYe are pleased to welcome you, our parents and friends, to these, our Class Day exercises. NYhile we are assembled here to participate in one of the last ceremonies of the Class of 1939, this is not rhe occasion for the solemnity of graduation, but rather the more joyous aspect of our finishing days. .Xt this time it seems fitting that we express our deep-felt appreciation to you parents and teachers for your constant guidance and encouragement along the path of education. :Ks time goes on, we realize more and more how much we have accomplished through your untiring efforts. 'lilie world of today presents numerous problems which act as a chal- lenge to us. Xke will endeavor to do all in our power to help solve theiu and thus justify your confidence in us. 'lihis year marks an innovzition in the Class Day program, since, through the kindness of the Colonial 'liheater management, we have been able Io secure its use for the day's ceremonies. NVe trust that you will derive greater enjoyment from our program here in more spacious surroundings. Olin Hayes HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1939 XXX: always find it interesting to reminisce, and in this history of the Class of 1939, we must go back to that first day when our fond parents took us in hand and led the way to the classrooms of neighboring buildings where we began our school careers. Our days as a class are quickly drawing to a close, and soon we will say goodby to Natick lligh School with the deep regret that our time together is over and the realization that we must begin the long, open journey of living, each on his individual road. .lunior lligh School brought us together as a class for the first time. In the ninth grade a new teacher joined us and was promoted to high school with us. Yes, hlr. liridey was a frzenpl to all students and we were clown- hearted when he left us the early part of our senior year to accept a teaching position in another school, although we are happy that he is making such progress in his chosen field. liewildered as sophomores, we were isolated from upper classmen and the activities of the school. VVe looked with awe at the juniors and seniors, and wondered if we could ever be as confident as they were. It seemed that it would be ages before we would become juniors. As sophomores, we had little opportunity to be an active part of the school, since our school day was so limited that we spent all our time in classes, but we did become acquainted with the routine of the school. :Xs sophomore class officers we elected Cynthia Leland, President, Virginia Glancy, Vice Presidentg Natalie Hastings, Secretary, Vivian Cantrel, Treasurer. Ir wasn't until our junior year that we made any real progress toward class organization. Our sophomore officers had little or no opportunity for any group activity. A very capable junior executive hoard was organized, and was respon- sible for the election of the committees which made the Junior Prom, our first social activity, a memorable success. Vile had a pleasant evening, beautiful THI: S'SSEME 4 IEEE decorations, a rhythmic orchestra plus a dancing party enjoyed by everyone. The new junior class officers - Cynthia Leland, President, Patricia Taffe, Vice President: Natalie Hastings, Secretary: Vivian Cantrel, Treasurer - led the colorful Grand March. The Commercial Department accomplished something never before recorded in the history of the school. 'lihere were more shorthand certificates fwhich show superior skill and accuracy in taking and transcribing dictationj awarded our class of twenty-eight girls and one boy than have ever been in the past. A gold pin is awarded for a person taking dictation at 120 words a minute and transcribing accurately, the requirement of colleges for a diploma. There were more gold pins presented to our group than any previous ones. More recent events come back to us as we recall 1938 and 1939, our senior year of school. Our football team fought hard, and, although it didn't come out on top, it was well captained by co-captains Burton VVright and VVarren Hanna. Four members of the football team composed Natick's team for "Kick- off Time", a quiz program sponsored for many neighboring schools on one of the local radio stations. The prize for winning second place was a scholarship for some deserving senior boy to the Hempel-Diesel School of lingineering. YVe thank the boys of the Junior Class who graciously helped the senior boys merit this scholarship. The first outstanding senior activity of the year scored a brilliant success. This was our Senior Play, "Lucky VVinner", a comedy in which each and every participant did a splendid job, showing that our class really has students with outstanding acting ability. The hockey team, led by Verna Lilja, made a favorable standing in the liastern Massachtisetts Hockey League. Four of Natick's players were chosen as members of the Eastern Nlassaclitisetrs Interscholastic Hockey League team, and played on the winning team in this competition. Our basketball team, under the captainship of Vincent Grupposo, chalked up an outstanding record of which they can be very proud. This team won the championship of the Bay State Basketball League for which they were awarded an ebony and silver plaque inscribed with the names of the players and their coach, which will add to the array of trophies won by previous classes. Gold pins as champions and medals for proficiency in basketball were presented to the squad by the league. For the final class leaders, the following were chosen to be the most outstanding: Olin Hayes, Presidentg Albert Alcock, Vice President, Natalie Hastings, Secretaryg Charles Pfeiffer, Treasurer. Each year the Natick Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution sends a senior girl as its delegate to an annual convention in Boston. Representing our idea of best citizenship, patriotism, scholarship, leadership and character, the faculty and class chose Vivian Cantrel as the girl with these qualifications, who was a competent representative. The Senior Reception will mark our last social event as a class. As the final strains of the music drift through the night, we will realize we shall never again be together as a class, but shall always hold it as a deep remem- brance. The beginning of the history of the Class of 1939 must come to end THE SHSSHMU 4 IEEE today, but we know that with the ideals and skills that have been acquired by us in Natick High School, we shall make our way into the world, striving to attain success for ourselves as individuals with the endeavor to make worth- while contributions to society. iaaith Brophy CLASS WILL Vl'e, the Class of 1939 of the Natick Senior High School, with all due premeditation, care, and sense of responsibility and consideration of the welfare of this gathering do truly and lawfully make, ordain, publish, declare and pro- claim as genuine this to be our last will and testament and request that its contents be carried out to the utmost. To Mr. Hill we leave our entire support for a new, spacious, modern and well equipped High School in order to do away with the evils of the double session. To Mr. Gardner we leave one ball and chain, similar to those used on Dt-vil's Island, in order to keep the prized geometry answer book from escaping his sight. To Mr. Maffeo we leave our best wishes for producing another cham- pion basketball team and our hope for one more chance to the "Tech Tourneyv. To Miss Currier we leave a Ski Team that we hope will produce wonders and have the same patience as we have had in waiting for that precious snow to fall. To Mr. Vlloodbury we leave one correspondence singing course to be shared with the other members of that famed quartet. To Miss Rafferty we leave some junior who will lead and make known to the school the deliberations of that powerful and important group - The Student Council. To Mr. Sears we leave a few earnest Juniors who can convince him that the school still wants Sassamon Dances. To Miss Ratsey we leave our sincere thanks for her ever important advice and for her help in art classes. To Mr. Plausse we leave our wholehearted support in his organization of sports for everyone. To Miss Nutt we leave a Junior Class that will be as kind and friendly to her as we hope we have been. To Miss Shannon we leave an extra English period in order to allow the students to read the "Readers Digest" a little more thoroughly. To Mr. VVhite we leave "Joe Miller's Joke Book" in order to supplement his large volume of jokes. To Miss Young we leave a French Class that will enjoy the Cooperative French ltxams as well as we have. Those individual members of this Senior Class wishing to make personal bequeaths are as follows: I, joe Brown, leave the battle-scarred goalie equipment and one dozen bottles of liniment to my worthy successor. I, "Dutch" Grupposo, bequeath to VVarren Langley the prize position of heading the 1940 basketball team. -l'l'll: S A SSHMU 4 IEIEIEI I, John Bennett, leave my position as presidential manager to the First Junior that is victorious. I, "Beb" Lilja, bequeath my hockey captaincy and special technique to Ralph Stenquist, hoping the 1940 season will hold much in store for him. I, Phyllis Jenness, leave my athletic ability to Paula Boardman. I, Olin Hayes, bequeath to John NVhite the honorable position of class president. VVe, "Burt" Wright and "VVaddy" Hanna, leave to Tony Amato the captaincy of the football team, hoping 19-IO will produce a great team. I, Virginia Adams, leave myi good looks, pleasing disposition and popularity with the boys to Hope Arnold. I, Sherwood Coleman, hereby bequeath my ability to make noise to James Fair. I, Charles Dorian, bequeath my great scholastic ability and some worn out text books to John VVhite. I, Russell Edwards, leave to Lyle Shufelt the ability to do homework at least once every marking period whether I need to or not. I, Susie Snoop, leave to some succeeding Junior a pair of large eyes and ears plus the ability to remain unknown. I, Leigh VVentworth, bequeath my ability to pass exams to any suc- ceeding ,lunior with that luck. I, "Shrimp" Alcock leave my highly prized title of "Lady's Man" to John Felch. I, Nancy Loker, leave my sunny smile to .lean McCarty. Vile, the graduating class, leave to "'l'weezer" Jackson, better known as Jackie, our sincere thanks for his help in the Senior Play. I, VVinifred Murphy, bequeath to Louise Wlalsh my ability to entertain and please the rest of the class. VVe, Virginia Glancy, Vivian Cantrel, Eleanor Hedderig, Joe Vllilkinson and Virginia Greene, leave our positions as cheerleaders to those who can make the most noise. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this fifteenth day of june, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine, the last will and testament of this Class of '39 in the presence of those witnesses who have here unto signed their names as attesting to this document. lsignedl Charles Dorian Witiiessed by: Edith M. Nutt Alice E. Dawborn CLASS PROPHECY Year: 19-I9 Place: City Hospital Time: 10 A. M. Natalie appears in nurse's uniformg picks up telephone receiver. Nat: Why, yes, Doctor! Pardon me, Doctor? A new patient? Certainly, -lot Nat Nat: -lot Nat: joe' Nat 'loc' Nat joe: s . joe' ,. THI: SASSFIMU 4 IEIEIEI Dr. 'lfaddeol You say his name is Brown? Yes, Dr. Taddeog send him right ni. :Ks she turns around, joseph hobbles in with crutches and his head and loot bandaged. Well. Nat llastings! lJon't tell me you're my m1rse! Why, joe Brown! I haven't seen you since our graduation back in '39! IX hat in heaven s name happened to you? XXX-ll, Nat, you see l'm goalie for the Bruins now, and it was one of our old classmates who was responsible for the sight you see before you. You remember Bud Hayward? I sure do, .loe - the Pride and joy of Room IS! Who could forget that countenance? But how did it all happen? Vl'ell, it wasn't all Bud's fault. You see, it was the two burly Ranger players, Rocco Franciose and Bill Chase coming in on me to try to score the deciding goal of the series. "Bud" Hayward, in an attempt to break up the play, was thrown on top of me, his skate cutting into the back of my leg. 'lihere was a short fight in front of the net in the next few seconds, and during this brief struggle, I received a blow on the head. Referee ,lim VVhalen penalized Manager VValter -lewett's two stars, thus giving the Bruins a two-man advantage. "Bebe" l,ilja, the high scorer of the Bruins then scored the deciding goal of the series, just before the final bell, I.eave it to good old Bebe. A hockey player certainly leads a great life, but say, joe, have you seen any of our other old classmates? I had a letter a short time ago from Johnny Hill, who invited me to come and see his new streamlined ice plant. You know he has made a great deal of progress in the Field of ice refrigeration. Very soon, he's going to have perfected his ice rinks which stay frozen out- doors twelve months of the year! He tells me he thinks he's sold the town fathers, Bill Killeen and Salvatore Tambollio the idea of maintaining an outdoor rink on the Natick Common. 'I'hey've prac- tically hired Bob Palmer and Herbert VVells as permanent super- visors and skating instructors. Imagine! johnny has really done quite well, hasn't he? 'lihe business must be growing! Uh, yes - and he has a valuable partner now in Donald Hedderig, who manages the labor part of the ice plant. just as I was leaving, several of his truck drivers were coming in. They were Bob Green, llenry Barber, Gordon Suggitt, Art Colburn, and Charlie Brady. I was so surprised - but here I am talking all about my doings. Have you seen any other members of our class lately, Nat? XXX-ll, -Ioe, when I left Natick High, I thought I'd seldom see my old friends. Youll never believe it, but a good many of them are working right here beside me every day. 'lihe two nurses that you just saw dash by the door were Virginia Adams and Louise Ahern. Ginny is supervisor of the anaesthetics department. Nancy Loker is now Dr. Ralph I'feiffer's assistant. Lucky girl! I suppose you saw Mary Hurd sitting at the desk as you came in. Poor Mary tried to go on a diet of raw vegetables and fruit juice, and now look at her - no resemblance to the Mary we used to know! Holly, Nat, after hearing about a stall' like that, I don't mind how Nat Aloe: Nat Joe: Nat joe: Nat joe: Nat: Joe: Nat Joe: THI: S'SSf3lMU 4 IEEE! long I have to stay here. Say, was that Gladys Edwards that just went by? Yes, Joe, she hasn't changed a bit, has she? She's our head dietitian here. Her chief assistants are Marge Duboyce and Harriet Vkignot. Chet Augustine and Noel Blanchard drive ambulances, and - guess who's here, cutting up frogs and chickens to her heart's content in our exper- imental lab, and having a grand time doing it? Don't tell me - I think I know. It sounds like Mary Branagan! Right, first guess! Isn't it just like her! Uh, and did I tell you that I-Id Brown is the Superintendent of the hospital - but his assis- tant, Ed Burke does all the work. Old N. H. S. is certainly represented here. I suppose you've heard that my old pal, Rusty Edwards, has invented an electric pancake Flipper that turns out better pancakes than Aunt vlemima's hot skillet. Say, Nat, whatever happened to Lawrence Gnecco? VVhy, haven't you heard, joe? He went to Africa to become a Mis- sionary and nobody has heard from him since. lhe last reports had it that he had wandered off into the jungle. Can you imagine! But things happen like that every day. Did you know that Charlie Ahern has become a children's librarian? He's the only one of his kind in the United States. Good for Charlie! I see that Bob Fairbanks was one of our more successful graduates. He owns the Natick Nightly Newshawk, one of the best selling newspapers. John Bennett is lfditor and Assistant Fditor Charlie Pfeiffer is in charge of a great number of the office workers. Aren't there any other members from our class on this staff? I thought we had quite a number of efficient stenographers and reporters! Oh my, yesg in the office staff there are Louise Bitsoli, Thelma Morten- son, Marjorie Cowee, Kate Driscoll, Doris Knox and Marjorie Noyes. Margie Black, Alice Dawborn and Frances Norman have a column in the paper on beauty tips and reducing exercises. 'lean Sutherland is the society reporter, ffdith Fenton and .lanet Boardman handle the art work, while Sunny Barr and Sherry Coleman are the star photo- graphers. Virginia Cole runs a daily column entitled, "Advice to Love- lorn Ladies". You remember the column on current affairs that used to be handled by Dorothy Thompson when we went to school? ffihat is now syndicated jointly by Virginia Glancy and Vivian Cantrel! Still together! Anyone else on the paper? Wfell, VValter Clover, Bob Branagan and Mario Manna are the star newshawks. There are several features, including a column called "The Quiet Corner" by Marjorie Byrne, "Household Hints" by Hilda Swan- son and "Fashions" by Angela Arena. leanne Barney handles the "Love and Sentiment" column and Frances Sammartano has a daily column on fttiquette. I believe I saw a comic strip in that same paper by Fred Howard. just the other day I was reading an article on the sports page by Bob Ross. He says that Olin Hayes, that great professional tennis player, and Don Budge are soon to play a match. Looks like the President of '39 will bring the class tennis fame! Bob also writes about the Boston Professional Basketball team league. The winning team with Nat joe I Nat joe: Nat joe: Nat: joe: Bat joe! Nat ju.'I Nat TI-ll: SQSSFIMU 4 IEIEQ some of the players of our victorious 1939 squad is managed by johnny D'Brien. You remember them all, Nat - Bud Whitman Burt Vkright and Male Heald. 9 :Xlbert Alcock has proved himself to be the best gentleman jockey at Narragansett this season. Phil Brown is the trainer of Seabiscuit III, lYar Adniiral II and other famous thoroughbreds owned by Alcock. I hear that he also follows jitterbugging on the side. I-le has just invented a new dance called the "Shrimp Crawl" which he and Wiiiiiy Murphy have made famous through their personal appearances. Shrimp always was a wonder! But I see where Thelma DeVVitt and Dorothy Massie now have a regular program every Sunday evening at seven olclock. Uh, yes, and on this same program Phyllis jenness, joe VVilkinson and Barbara Deane also singg hlarguerite Bergstrom, lfdythe Brophy and lfleanor XVilliams are in the orchestra. Bill Borden and his wife, Madeline Brennan, are the comedians, and their sponsor is none other than Bob Casey, the hotdog king. l imagine Bill and Madeline make a good couple - I remember they used to crack the stalest jokes. 'liliey not only work on the radio, but are now playing in that dramatic production entitled, "The Return of the Mad Russian". Bill, of course plays the lead, and there is an all-star cast of Dot Murphy, Mary Nielson, Bill Paul, VValter Ilall and Doris lVlcGovern. l must try to see that picture. And, that reminds me - did you know that Bud lledderig, that "Cassanova of Natick High" is causing quite a sensation out Hollywood way? Bud's fighting for Deanna Durbin lor his leading lady, and the producers seem to think that he and Shirley 'liemple would Film much better together. la-aye it to Bud! Did you know that Dominic Cucinotta has bought out Rosenthal's dry-goods store? Yes. 'lihey say he has a marvelous business! Ann Pisano, Miriam 'lihayer and Dot Neale are his star salesclerks. lfor heavenis sakesl Vllhatls going to happen next? I suppose you know that .Xda 'liurner and Blanche Paquin are joint owners of the Colonial 'liheatre nowl Uh, yes, and speaking of the Colonial, I hear 'liomniy Halpin has quite a taxicab business across lrom the theater. He calls it "'lihe Colonial Cab Service." He employs john McCormack, Bob lNlcKeon, Steve McNeil, Xkillartl Roscoe and john Parmenter. Do you know that Marie Gleason and Alice Branagan own a large restaurant right next to the theater? Margaret Bremner is their cashier. and Rose Xkebber is head waitress. lfor her assistants, Rose l'l.1L1 Xlartlia jewett, Barbara Brown, llelena Coleman and lfdna Gibson. Nkalt Bregoli is the strong man of the place, being the official bouncer. George l"ield is cliel and john hlcblanus makes the pastries. Did you know that Ruth Blizard is another one that's gone Hollywood on us. I heard that she linally got her long-desired wish the other day when lfdgar Bergen consented to let Charley McCarthy sit on her lap. Ruth said she got quite a thrill out of itl I can imagine she did. But did you know that Al Bellofatto is now playing for Benny Goodman? It doesn't seem possible, does it? I Nat joe: Nat: -loe: Nat Joe: Nat: Joe: Nat Nat Joe: Nat: Joe: Joe: THI: SASSFIMU 4 IEEE heard that Leota Taylor has just started an all-girl orchestra. Helen McNeil plays the violin, Ruth Wenzel the tuba, Louise Zicko, the saxo- phone, and Signe Stadig the drums. They call themselves, the "Peppy Pals". Oh,,,Iddh lgb t Th. p dbvth ves i ear somet iin a out i. eV're s onsore V e Maloon Company, with Eleanor Lee as their announcer. VVhat a program! Of course you've heard about the new Natick High bchool, Nat! Naturally, joe, I guess practically everybody in the United States has. just imagine having a high school building ten stories high! Ihey say that people come from all over to see it. Yes. At last no more afternoon sessions! I suppose you know that -Iimmy VVhite is still having his ups and downs over there! Vlfhat - hasn't he graduated yet - after ten years? Oh, yes! He graduated finally - but you see Natick, not to be out- done by Vliellesley, has installed elevator service. ,lim and Prank Strange are running them. Can't you just hear them saying, "oth Hoor, English 2, French 3 - going down!" Vvhat fun they must have! I hear that they have a wonderful swim- ming pool. VVasn't Martha Murray lucky to get the job as swimming instructor! Martha has become world-famous through her well-known "Murray Flip". She has a marvelous water ballet featuring Olga Durling and Virginia Green. Did I hear something about Vin Grupposo being Director of Physical Activities? Yes, that's true. But he isn't the only one associated with the new high school. Pauline Howard and Catherine Horan teach typewritingg I,ois Goldstein teaches singing in all the schools in Natick, assisted by Pauline lfdwardsg Nellie Furber teaches shorthandg .lerry Hanilin teaches physicsg George Mitchell is the lfconomics Professorg Mary Houlihan teaches art: Martha Mahard teaches lfnglishg Cynthia Leland is in the History Department, and Miggs Mann is the gym teacher. 'lihat surely includes a great many of our classmates - but whatever happened to Rosalie Casella? Uh, she owns a book shop in Framingham. She and Gena bfartinelli are in business together. 'lihey sell all type books and claim the best sellers are "How to be Un lime" by Leigh VVentworth and Louise Casa- vant, and "Football and How to 'Iiake It" by Leon Ifrskine. I played at the VVildwood Golf course last summer and I was surprised to see Vlfardie Hanna as Pro over there. But say, have you heard about the latest Natick Court case? Leora Allen is suing ,lim Barnard for breach of promise. jimmy claims he can't be in the wrong, because he never promises anything. Lorraine Barnicle is I,eora's lawyer, and Bob Fish is ,lim's lawyer. Oh, yes, I remember reading about that, but the accident Joanne Doherty is mixed up in is far worse. Safety Commissioner Art Leacu is trying to take her driving license away from her. But I understand Joanne only knocked down a few traffic dummies 'loci lNat: joe: Nat joe: Nat joe: Xat D! oe: Yat hloez Nat: THI: SASSFIMU 4 IEEE! and a telephone post. 'l'hat isn't such a terrific offense, is it? It is to l,eacu - you know he began being safety-conscious away back in 1939 under Mr. lVIaffeo's careful instruction! 'I'hey are going to have a court trial tomorrow. judge Charlie Dorian and a jury of twelve members will decide joanne's fate. I read that the jury consisted of most of joanne's old friends. 'lihey are Maude Nicholson, Shirley Ball, Edna Barr, Mildred Carter, Virginia fhznnberlain, I,ouise Corbosiero, Virginia Cypher, Frances Diluccio, l.illian Haddad, Dotj Hall, Ruth Ruigrok and Mary Pelullo. Mary lNlcCarthy is the famed court reporter. Xkhy, with that jury, joanne's fate is already decided! I suppose that you've already heard that Mike 'liorti has won the Championship Goldfish Swallowing contest of the country. 'Iihey say Mike raises his own special breed. Anyway, the great event took place last week, when he swallowed SOO of 'em. Now that you mention it, joe, when I saw Mike last week, he did have a fishing look in his eye! Golly, you'd wonder where they'd all go to, wouldn't you? But I guess they could find plenty of room in Mike! Did you know that Cornelia Pineau is in Paris now? She's a famous dress designer and has brought along Gloria 'liamagno as her model. Gloria has just married a rich Frenchman. 'lihat is news! Do you know that Juliette Sununu now has her own vegetable truck? She and Bruna Tota have just written a hook called, "XVe, 'lihe Vegetarians". I meant to tell you that we have a couple of graduates who have made the Big Leagues in baseball, but poor Eddie Driscoll will have a tough time keeping his Brooklyn Dodgers out of the cellar division this year. llis only chance for the pennant rests on Bob Fitzgerald, the Dodger's ace pitcher. Did I hear something about a new beauty shop being established in Wlellesley by Eleanor I-Iedderig and Irene Kane? Uh, yes - all the nurses from this hospital go there. They have several other girls from our class working there, too: Eleanor Hitchcock, Genevieve slaskulka, Harriet Kelley and Marion McKenzie are exper- ienced hairdressers. Anna Leflair and Pat 'liaffe have invented that new hair-do called the "off the face swish" for which the shop is famous. I suppose you're going to the great circus that's coming to Natick next week. I hear that it's one of the most sensational things that has eyer come to Natick. You remember Eddie Monroe! VVell, one of the featured attractions is his ventriloquist act. But they say that liea Mason walks away with the show. with her bulb-swallowing. Norma Mosman is a horseback rider, and Carlie Badger is in the Yvild- liwest sideshow. 'I'hat's too good to miss! Did you know that Grace Scott won a nation-wide contest? 'lihey say she had plenty of competition, but finally won out by two freckles. The contest was put on by the Nliart and Freckle Company, with Florence Thorne, Angie Pignatiello and Nlabel lYalker as the judges. But of course, we've left until the last the most sensational event of all. I suppose you mean about Fran Mahard. Of course. Imagine Francis the proud father of sextuplets. All girls, Tl-ll: SHSSHMU 4 IHBH tool lt's certainly made Natick world-famous overnight. Joe: ls it true that he's naming them after the Dionnes? Nat: Yes, and I understand he's calling the sixth one Susiel They do say Susie is the prettiest of them all. Heavensl flooking at her watchl Look at the timel It certainly is fun to see what all of our old class- mates are doing nowl But Joe, you're supposed to be my patientl Remember. Come on - duty callsl ftaking Joe by the arml They exit. ADDRESS OF WELCOME Parents, Teachers, and Friends: Un behalf of my classmates, I extend to you a most cordial welcome to the Graduation exercises of the class of nineteen hundred and thirty-nine. Vllith these ceremonies we triumphantly close our activities as pupils of the Natick schools. VVe shall try faithfully to reward you, our parents and teachers, for the unceasing efforts and hours of sacrifice which you have given in order that we might get off to a good start in the field of education. Some of us will go on to college while others will enter directly into the business world. Lasting friendships formed here are undoubtedly going to help us in the future - which is another reason for our indebtedness to Natick High. Upon investigating the meaning of the word "educate" in YVebster's dictionary, one of the definitions found is "to develop or cultivate physically, mentally or morally". According to VVebster's definition, we have attained a full education. In our studies the value of an open mind, careful investigation, and clear, intelligent thinking has been impressed upon us. Much has been done to help us select some definite VOCHUOII or place of further education. Through sports we have had physical development, we have been taught the meaning of true sportsmanship by the coaches, we have been inspired by the will to win, and we have trained intensively to attain some goal. ln other extra-curricular activities we have learned the importance of cooperationg in some cases much responsibility has been vested in some person or group, and, by taking it, the education of that person or group has been enriched many times. Thus - as the class of nineteen hundred and thirty-nine - we welcome you today with a feeling of satisfaction that we have come so far, mingled with a feeling of sadness, but overshadowing all, the enthusiasm with which we await the future. Olin Hayes FAREWELL ADDRESS Today we meet as a group for the last time, a group comprised of one hundred and ninety young men and women who have fulfilled the require- ments which entitle them to a high school diploma. l Alexander Pope has said: "A little learning is a dangerous thing, Drink deep or taste not the Pierian spring: There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, And drinking largely sobers us again." THE SHSSHMU 4 IEEE As we stand on the threshold of the future, we should realize that we are not experienced men and women but only beginners who equipped with youth, ambition, and a "little learning" are ready to take up the task which lies before us of increasing our scanty store of knowledge. 'lio those of you who are entering the business world, with its count- less opportunities, do not forget that it will take perserverance, work, and study to obtain a worthwhile position. Do not feel that the opportunity for learning ceases when you leave the care and guidance of your teachers. No matter what the task, you and you alone determine your future -- your success. Always strive to improve yourselves, not only through study but also through obser- vation. 'lihe American laborer has been said to be the most intelligent work- man in the world. He docs more reading and thinking than all the rest of the working men combined. Yet more thought is needed, more inspiration and more ideas. 'lio those who have the golden opportunity of entering various schools "Drink deep or taste not the Pierian spring" for success should come to those who continue their studies. Do not measure the time spent in learning in hours but in the honor and enjoyment that you receive. The scope of your power and of your success depends upon the scope of your knowledge. Combine study and work and you make life a pleasure. Never let it be said of us that we are completely satisfied with our- selves. .-X man is often content to have won small victories, but as soon as a man is satisfied with himself he ceases to grow. Let us look to the future where countless opportunities for study and work face each one of us. It is with this outlook that we wish to thank our parents, friends, and teachers who have so willingly helped us to accomplish this, our first great step in lifeg and it is our sincere hope that we may be ever worthy of your friendship and advice during the coming years. Charles Dorian VVHAT'S RIGHT WITH AMERICA .Nmericans are among the truly privileged peoples of the earth. Out democratic form of government may have its occasional failings in dealing with the problems of its citizens, but in the broad sense it is a complete success. X real measure of "what's right with fXineric:i" is "what's wrong with Russia, Cierinany, and Italy". ln such countries, the lives of the people are over- shadowed by the mailed fist of might, liberty is crushed, and fundamental human rights have been shackled or obliterated in the name of some totalitarian creed or at the whim of greedy dictatorship. Opinions in our democracy do not have to conform with those of the person in power. as would be necessary if we lived in a "dictator" nation. In such countries, a dictator's decrees must be accepted with approval, and even among close friends it is not safe to express opinions which differ from those of the government. Imagine living in a country where one is forced by fear to look wifh commendation on brutality and ruthless injustice to a fellow citizen, whose only fault is difference in race or religious belief. .Xmericans enjoy freedom of the press. Xve read both sides of current problems in our newspapers and magazines, not merely the government's inter- pretation of events. lfach citizen has the right to decide for himself what is truth and what is propaganda. THE SHSSHMU 4 IEEE In our United States, religion is given open expression. It is not suppressed, nor is it a cause of persecution. Some people have been told that God no longer exists for them, and henceforth they must worship the state. We, as Americans, can have no conception of the complete and utter sense of loss that must follow such an ultimatum. Freedom of religion is guaranteed to us in our Constitution. Our idea of education in America is to enable the individual to make the greatest possible use of his abilities and powers. At an age when the young people of many nations are being taught to use weapons of war, we are being equipped with vocational and professional tools. We learn how to live, not how to kill. In America we set a high valuation on peace. Dictators are trying to inculcate the idea in their people that aggressive Wars are necessary and right. Since peace is our objective, we must work actively for it. Our first step is to learn not to judge a country by its radical leaders. We must recall that all people have the same problems as we have here. Parents "Over There" pray for their children's success and well being, and no doubt they hope as fervently as our parents, that 'teen-age boys and girls will not be sacrificed in any vain war. America will continue to be the right place in which to live if we make intelligent use of our privileges, and in particular, if we use sane judgment about our position in the event of another world war. America is one of the world's mightiest nations, but we do not believe that "might makes right". VVe have learned by experience in one World YVar that an attempt to "make the world safe for democracyn by Wai, resulted in more grave threats to a permanent peace. VVe are not interested in aggression, for we realize that the last war did not accomplish its objective. Our contribution to America and the world should be to demonstrate right here at home how well democracy can function. The youth of the Nation must carry on the ideals in which it has been trained. VVe pledge that our class will translate into deeds our loyalty and faith in the things which have made America great. u America! America! God mend thine ev'ry Haw, Confirm thy soul in self-control, Thy liberty in law. , "Americal America! hlay God thy gold refine Till all success be nobleness, And every gain divine. Americal Americal God shed his grace on thee, And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea." u Cynthia Hope T-elz1nd MQQSE INSTETUTE Ll5FiiQY 14 EFJQT Qffl'JTfiL,LY S, ffgptjy Niillfr 5,13 ,,w THESASSA M5339 CLASS SONG :Xb RlfVUlR 'lio lift-'s adventure we now turn our thoughts, .Xnd liid liond adieu to our childhood years. School days will be but memories, Dreams we shall always hold dear. XYe've shared each otherls work and play, lforming lriendships lasting and true. Soon we must part-'liime goes so swiftly on. Our days together are few. XXI-'ll be remembering each happy hour 'liill we nitet again 'llhough we depart, deep in our hearts Memories will remain. Vivian Cant rel-M usic Virginia Clancy-Words CLASS POEM INVICTUS 'llhc long apprenticeship is over now, .-Xnd in the dimly lighted chapel's nave, 'llhe silent group of squires bow, All eager for the coming morn, 'When they will at last their armor don. .-Ks with the day the shadows fade, 'lihc sun touches upon the polished shields, And on their shoulders, the accolade Of knighthood is laid with morning's light. Rise then each one, no longer squire but knight. Receive thy arms and bear them well: 'llhe sword of truth, the spear of honor. And let each one be proud to tell 'lihat through the years he will remain Linsullied by the world's slow stain. l,et life reward a man, a worthy knight, And when the tourneyls lists are closed, Find shield and armor still burnished bright. So quickly then, make fast chain and plate, lmpatiently the prancing steeds await. Nlounr then while the pennons fly, Let the drums roll, the bugles soundg :Xnd as the sun climbs in the sky, 'lihe proud host forms in solid line. Then through the gate. out into the world Rides the Class of Thirty-Nine. Virginia Adams COVIIC STRIP REVIEW CLASS OF IQ39 ! cnirmfxr C 3 n 6 'igieeswq - fa I f - , -' ww , I - . ' "' A I - ' l , I I I 6 -f I W I v' .,,, A Q:-Ah Q ' 1 ' III' W Q 7 FI ff "" Hmmm HAKE wav I! .wf m CAI1ERA'3 eve vaew!! WHAT T0 wen. ?? V -:F I ,QI X x-'Ai W 4 i. I 5 " 75 , n I 1' x ' .Lv . 1 JZ, ' ' 'IW ' - 9 J A :g.I'f5f"!'h " fqy' I , E I 'L 77. 1 l", I 1 I -' -cw vp H f- 5 4 Q5 xx',, 5' : . 6 5 J -3 J' DAILY pQ1EN 5 STRICTLY BUSINESS ff N0 SCHOOL BUT- -.l is QM! fN HAYES EXPRESS N S L Lf!!B NL Q L I 'o Q I1:g3II, I I. THE ONLY WAY ff GOING HOME 'K?? Tlsllz S A SSHMU 4 lglgllfl Ilfzxrultg Jliilexnliers u zztiunal Z'lL'l1IIJI' ,gurietgj 1938 - 1939 Hill, Roy W., Principal Sears, Harold C., Submaster Arminio, Kenneth Belliveau, Florence E. Cashion, Elizabeth R. Church, E. Grace Crumrine, Everett D. Currier, Isabelle M. Gardner, Clayton E. Hayes. Frances M. Higgins, John T, Kelly, Helen J. Maffeo, Alfred A. Mc-Manus, Charles E. Mowry, Ella L. Nutt, Edith M. Plausse, Henry J. Quackenbush, Dyke L. Rafferty, Marguerite Ratsey, Ethel W . Scarry, Mary E. Shannon, Emily L. Sullivan. Louise M, YVhite, Edward N. Wildbur, Daisy V. Woodbury, E. Davis Worthen, A. Hilda Young, Kathleen W. Members of the National Honor Society Class of 1939: 'Rosalie Mary Casella Vivian Ann Cantrel Catherine Ann Driscoll lCharles Dorian Robert H. Fish Nellie May Furber Virginia Catherine Glancy Lois Goldstein Olin Willard Hayes Mary E. Houlihan Phyllis Ida Jenness :tEleanor Joanne Lee a'Cynthia Hope Leland Nancy Loker Charles Leslie Pfeiffer 'Ralph Pfeiffer, Jr. XYvonne Blanche Paquin Cornelia Amelia Pineau Grace Helen Scott Jean Sutherland Harriett Eugenia Wignot Y t Elected Junior Year gfzxiirlz Iiligly ,Srlqnnl letter V en FOOTBALL Langley, Peterson, Ligori, Foley, Wright, Pharris, Orcutt, Fitzgerald, Grup- poso, Felch, Manna, Petro, Amato, Hanna, Benton, Florio, Bouret, Casey, Quatrale, Erskine, Morris, Burke, Coleman, Bregoli, Mitchell fManagerj. BASEBALL Quatrale, Wyberg, Felch, Spiller, Bar- nard, Ligori, Mann, Driscoll, Grupposo, Stenquist, Grassey, Haddad, Bregolig Valle, Pharris iManagersJ. BASKETBALL Grupposo, Hedderig, Heald, Whitman, Casey, Ligori, Langley, Orcutt, Keaney, Wright, Haddad, Chalag Gnecco, O'Brien fllanagersl. GOLF ' Hanna, Joe Brown, Lilja, Shufelt, Henry, Broadley, John White, Lawson. HOCKEY Lilja, Franciose, Haywood, Alcock Chase, Fairbanks, Joe Brown, Hill, Badger Killeen, Jewctt, Hanna, Stenquist, Felch Henry, Downey, Hamilton, McDonald, Shu- felt, Mosman. TENNIS Hayes, Mahard, Montgomery, McRobert TRACK Chase, William Paul, Orcutt, Morse Branagan, D. Hedderig, Langley, Bnsgoli Coffey. BAND Thomas Casey, Marion Casey, Pelullo Beale, Eleanor Williams, Bellofatto, Meo, Marguerite Bergstrom, Zullo. 7 1 i 7 , C 'F X 5' ' 'NN--v THI: SASSH 4U 0 IEIEEI 3 . s l 4 l FOOTBALL Front Row tleft to right! S John Felch, Vincent Grupposo, Walter Ilregoli, Robert Casey, Mario Manna, Francis Foley. L. A. Pharris. Second Row-Michael Morris, Ralph Florio. Herbert Hedderig, Burton Wright, War- ren Hanna, George Petro, Robert Fitzgerald, Tony Amato. Third Row-Mr. Charles McManus 4Assistant Coacht, Ross McPherson, Henry Ralboni, Carl Orcutt, Warren Langley, Charles Briiley tC.iachl. James Ligori, Kendall Benton, Paul Peterson, Gordon Bouret, Mr. E. Davis Woodbury tFaculty NIgr.J Fourth RowsGeorge Mitchell tManager5, Allan Biadford, Bernard Ilowney. Teddy VVyberg, VVilliam VVells, John Harper, Orren Prescott, Richard Rairil. Philip Quatrale. FOOTBALL "We outp'ayed them, but they won." Thus in a few words might be explaincl the Natick High football record of ISVZY. Time and again the wearers of the blue and red completely outplaycd their oppo- nents and with victory almost in their grasp, would for some inexplicable reaso.i have a lapse of enthusiasm at the psycholo- gical moment to wipe out their gallant efforts of the entire day. However, the followers of this 12438 eleven had mucl. occasiin to be proud of them because of the sustained spirit, the unwavering perse- verance and on the whole, the good team- work. A glance at the record will prove that this club left much to be desircl in thi way cf a winning combination. Howevez if we were looking for reasons for its ap parent failure, many could be found, chicg of which would be the extraordinary num- ter of minor injuries to key players. Bu. since we do not care to waste too much time on such useless pleasure we will di- gress minly to say that while their victory column may be short, our boys were long on courage, character and true sportsman- ship. While it is expected that next year's eleven will once again establish the su- premacy of Natick in football, we realize that tht- ability ot' Captains Hanna and VViight, Fitzgerald, Hedderig, Manna, Bre- goli. Erskine, and particularly Vinnie "Booth" Grupposo, all ot' the class ot' 19219 will bg- greatly missed. These boys, who have had one or at the most, two years of varsity experience, seem to be just about "arriving" athletically speaking: it is un- fortunate then that they can continue their gridiron activities no longer. We who have had the pleasure to be associated with Natick High athletics look forward to th-' time when our school, like all of our oppo- nents will be abfe to be represented by the three clas'es of the Senior High School. pl: fl.-I THI: SASSQMU 4 ISHS BASEBALL Front Row tl. to r.beJ. Lieori, J. Harper, M. Ileald, T. Amatai, R. Fitzgerald, J. Felch. Middl, Row tl. ti r.r-elf. Grassey, R. Stenzguist, C, lVlulfin, B. Downey, E. Bernard, B. Beale, O. Prescott. Back lbw r.jfl,. Valle, ,V. Grupposo, R. R. Conant. J. Mann, L. Pharris. BASPIHBALI. The Baseball season for the spring' of Paul, T. Wyberg, G. Bouret, Coach Plausse, outstanding stars and the tciim will either win throrggh its united efforts or else once again suffer defeat regularly. Most of the candidates are working very hard and are attracting the attention of the coach hy their diligence and adherence to instruction. We hope that our enlarged schedule of sixteen games will furnish much sport and I .H . . . l.h..t is approached with lL'lll9l'lly hy some and optimism hy many. Practically the tniire team of lasi year has been grad- uated and m-:essarily we will miss heavy hitters such as Brennan, O'liea,Q'an and others, so that this 5ear's team must be huilt with the idea of placing: stress on 1 . many victories for Natick High School. :letense Instead of offense. '- The holdovers from last year who saw IJ-XSLBALL RECORD some service are Grupposo, Heddcrig, Fitz- Natick ........ 11 Nlarlboro . Qt-mimi. In-ist-.,1i, Ifelt-ii, spillei-, Casey ai.-1 Xaflfk - 2 Hudgfm -- ' . V . Natick .. 3 Dedham . Bregoli. Out of this group the only real Yativk H YOYWUC1 regular was tlruppnso and this year's Natick , 9 Dedham H , team must he hnilt around him. Natick . -1 Milford .. . . ' ' , V I Q -, The Base,-hall team of '38 leaves no record Nallllt ' 'T Mallbom ' ti he u :held as it won but one ame and Natick " 10 Walliole " ' 4 l U' I ' ' Q ' Natick . 0 Norwood . that lil' f0l'lf'il- Natick . 8 Needham . The candidates for this year's team wiil Natick . U Walpole M, Wm. w.M,n as fax. as Varsity play is Natick .. 10 Framingham .. H ,- Y Q Natick ... .. 16 Needham ..... concerned, hut man, will hate profited Yatink 5 Framingham by a full summer's play with orfraniza- Natick Hudson tions outside the school. There will be no Natick Milford Tl-Il: S'SSFl 4U 4 IEEE BOYS' BASKETBALL Back Row-C. Mullen, R. McDaniel, E. Barnard, J. Cummings, Coach Maffeo, L. Wentworth, O. Prescott, A. Bellofatto, A. Bacciochi, E. Grassey. Second Row-J. Ligori, C. Chala, J. Felch, J. Haddad, J. O'B1-ien, D. Cucinotta, E. Duffy, A. Parker, A. Bradford, L. bnecco. Front Row-C. Orcutt. H. Hedderig, G. Whitman, B. Wright, V. Grupposo fCapt.J, M. Heald, T. Keaney, W. Langley, R. Casey. BASKETBALL Another great basketball team repre- sented Natick High in the 1938-39 season. The newly-formed Bay State Basketball League proved to be easy picking for COach MafTeo's outfit, and they took the cham- pionship by winning all ten league conteste. Only once, in the final Framingham game, was the Red amd Blue pressed to win. The complete schedule showed thirteen victories and two defeats. By this tina- showing Natick was given an opportunity to compete in the Tech Tournament, but, in a playoff game with Needham, was dc- cisively beaten. Despite elimilnation from Tournament play, the Bay State champs turned in an enviable record and an unde- feated second team provided further encour- agement. Outstanding players on the first team were Captain Grupposo, Burt Wright, Malc Heald, Hedderfg and Tom Kea BASKETBALL Natick ........ 37 Natick ... 26 Natick ... ... 31 Natick . .. ... 32 Natick ... ... 42 Natick ... ... 41 Natick 38 Natick ... . . 52 Natick ... ... 36 Natick .. 38 Natick ... .. 38 Natick ... ... 34 Natick ... . .. 30 Natick ... ... 38 Natick 37 Totals 550 Natick ... .. 23 Captain-elect Warren Langley, Bud 5 . ny. RECORD Alumni . . . '75 Marlboro ..... 30 Milford . . 19 Wellesley . 29 Norwood . . 23 Walpole . .. 19 Dedham ... 18 Wellesley . 27 Framingham ZG- Milford ....... 17 Norwood . . 26 Walpole ....... 14 Stratford ..... 115 Dedham ....... 1'.' Framingham Z9 162 Needham .. .. '31 THI: SASSFIMU 4 IEEE A J x u GIRLS' BASKETBALL llaek Rowwlliss Furrier, G. Delm.1eln'y. D. lizzie, I. Kane, A. Parker, P. Boardman, A. lluulihan, R. Ilevereaux, A. Kaprelian I. Mat-Cabe. Seeuml Row. YU. llurlingr, H. Wignot, J. Sutherland, Duboyce, P. Jenness, M. Bran- aglan, f'. Lelancl, M. Mann. l'lI'f'IIl HOW' M- DUWYIUY- PI. I7V21IIl'l'- H- lviinpt, V. Hairler, B. Smith, B. Hlarliek. GIRLS' ATHLETIC LEAGUE 51111 in the OWN CIHSS. The Winter Sports season started after UNK, Tlianksg'ix'ing'. Basketball games started Lezurue fm- lfsilr-1-15.3392 on January is and continued until March 10. The olfieers wt' the Girls' Athl gi., This year the Varsity team hail an unde- Iliesiflini ........., NI2lI',l'Il'lL' Ilulmyee irate!! qui-on Yiee-l'resiflcnt . .... RitaIlevereau'1l' I ' lf ' ,. , Tl'l'2lwlll'l'l' .......... Marguerite Mann 'fill Rllllllls of l'lrlS Haskellmll S4'l'll'l2lI'j' ........... Paula Boardman 'JH S'niors ................. VVon 2 Lnst 2 1l2lll2lL1'K'I'IJll lfall Sports Phyllis .Ienness iflil -IUNIUI' I -- VVOH 1 IIUSI 3 Mmmw,,. ,If Wim., gpm-15 .Iuniwr II .. .. VVon 1 Lost 2 flynthia lil-lungl lfffl Xrlilrlly ..... ..... W 011 fl Lust l' 3Ig,,g,u-I-V .,f Sp,-ing Slyirts Qnrl Team ................ Won ll Lost. 2 ,Ig-an Sully-rlanil 'Sift The Spring sports program will eonsist Spunsnr ................... Miss Vurrier ef BHFPIJHII. TPNIIIS 211111 -Archery' -Tflnnll Thi, liirlx- lxthltlml Imagm, has a mem- matehes will be played with Framingham ln-rslrp nl' zxlnut fill Lfirls eligilrle for awariif alll xml'-wooll' I wnn miller the pwini system. Puints :ire GIFIS' Athlfltlf l1f'212ue Awards f'f'llf'I'TIVf' l'Y'l'H1 I-"HY ff' XVIII' H1111 f'21l'VlLl Seniorarfiirls' Athletic Leanne Insiifnia. fwer rf the next year. Vynthia Leland, Phyllis Jenness, .lean Suth- The Full sirnih program ef-nsistefl of t.l'l2iIIfl, M211'2'lli'1'lU' Maml- MHV.lU1'l0 DU- Xlrllex'-lizlll. 'lille Senim' girls were elas- l905'f"'- Mall' B1'21U2iS!3Y1- Doubll' N.I1a1'1'wf Vllilllllllllllx The Ifielil lleelcey team playwl Vlli2'I10f. Slllillfl N. 01221 DU1'llI1El'- NUN- zv' W' lle-Uv. NNW'-llllllll anil St wnehum, A PVHIQ- fil21'lYF Ellwallls- llm-iilign-1.1 'I1j.1Q,w- Aa, tt-ue hi-,111 :mil 'lfl .IuniwrsvfSingrli- N, Paula Bwarflman, Ella limi-i,,1,,-, pi 4, II 1-el. .bww Wag hi-l.1, 1.1 Diaper. -lean Hall. Alice Houlihan. llorothg the lleginm-r's elzxss lla!-y-1,-1 Wig-nut wnn Kane. Alive Kaprillian. Amie Parker, Viz'- lsr plzzee. .Ii-an Sutlaerlanil, Znfl plaee an! ,srinia Iiaiiler. Barbara Smith, Helene I .Iran r'ialln'rtsmi. Ilrl, llelen Bemis Wav IVIJNHT- THI: SASSEME 4 IEEE J D HOCKEY Front Row-Coach McManus, C. Badger, W. Chase, J. Brown, V. Lilja, E. Hay- ward. Second Row-B. Downey, H. McDonald, J. Henry, R. Stenquist, P. Hamilton, A. Alcock. Third Row-E. Duffy, W. Mosman, R. Franciose, J. Felch, L. Schufelt, J. Hill. n HOCKEY RECQRD Natick .. ... 1 Lexington .. .. 1 Handicapped by the annual toll of " " 2 Emckfffli ' graduation and by the fact that there was iiatffh " " 3 bolgqeul ls 7 but one letterman on the entire squad, Coach kailfk ' ' " 1 im "" 1, Charles McManus and Captain Lilja began Qatltk " " 3 ,urlaoik me " " the IHS-38-239 season under the most adverse Qqatlfk " " Q Hafsn " ,, conditions possible. A a lf " " " ui Non " " The senior class contributed five shining T t In "pucksters" in Lilja, Brown, Franciose, 0 3 5 " ' " Haywood and Chase. The captain led in GOLF - team scoring, while our goalie, Joe Brown was considered by many to have no peer in the Eastern Massachusetts Hockey League. The play of the team throughout the seam son was admirableg in no game were they greatly outclassed. Malden and Somerville fell victims to the speed of the Natick six and Lexingtoin was tied. While the other members of the league were winners over Natick, the determination of our hockey team drew many favorable comments from opposing coaches, sports writers, and fans. The game is fast growing im this as well as in other communities, and it is hoped that next year the play of the team under Captain-elect Stenquist. will well merit the loyal support of the faithful rooters from the "town of champions." With only last year's one returning regular from olf squad, the forthconiing season is one of conjecture. The veteran returning is Warren Hanna. Among the new recruits the leading contenders for regular starting berths are Joe Brown, and Verner Lilja. The golf team is taking part, for the second year, in the Bay State Golf League composed of six neighborhood teams. The winner of the league plays off with the winrner of the Greater Boston League in the quarter finals of the Statewide School Golf Championships. Whether or not this ye-ar's golf team wins the League Championship is problem- atical, but you can rest assured that they will do their utmost to return victors. ALL RTS '25 Q WX SP RTS sais: Q ll '5'7N"S T. CAP 6 Uvrf' wrighf "Wg: V f ,.Z,,,,, vi? ' -. OLIN S W fi?-l Grufoboso ' , 5 HAYeS ' Q ' C- 4 ,Q .5 . Q I Q' X R .ov , A ' I Co-Cdbf' "' ' .-px 'WAddy t - Ea HANNA 1 -:ug X U X 3 A .5 'Bob' S? ' :VNU FiTlg-,5rALd I fl VUPPOSO Q a t M , f 1 if t v A.Bvo5f"7d THI: SASSFIMO 4 IEEE Svtuhvnt C5nnrrning Qbffirrra CLASS OFFICERS Olin Hayes, President Albert Alcock, Vit-e-President Charles Pfeiffer, Treasurer Natalie Hastings, Secretary ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Francis Foley STUDENT COUNCIL Nancy Loker, President Francis Foley, Vice-President .Iean Sutherland, Treasurer Marliorie lluboyee, Secretary SENIOR EXECUTIVE BOARID Albert Alc-oek Madelyn Brennan James Barnard Catherine Driscoll Natalie Hastings Olin Hayes . Charles Pfeiffer Gloria Toniagzno Edwin XVIIIIINSII Edward Ilriseoll Vernon Lilja Patricia Tatfe Malcolm Heald THl: SASSEME 4 IEEE .1 'Tl,F:" .Q 5 ffl- 1 3 Tix Q ' 9. ll Q - 1 l. L . Ii.. el., .Q ' Q Q f :gy K tariff Qllaaa Qbffirvrz OLIN WILLARD HAYES President Basketball 33 Tennis tCaptainJ 3, 4g Student Council 33 Honor Society 43 Safety Council 43 Usher at Graduation 33 Sassamon Board 43 Executive Board 43 President of Senior Class 4. GEORGE ALBERT ALCOCK, JR. Vice President Hockey 2, 3, 43 Senior Executive Board 43 Vice President of Senior Class 4. CHARLES LESLIE PFEIFFER Treasurer Tennis 3, 43 Glee Club 33 Honor Society 43 Senior Play 43 Safety Council Commissioner 43 Sassamon 3, 43 Usher at Junior Prom 33 Usher at Graduation 33 Parent Teacher's night 3, 43 Senior Executive Committee 4. NATALIE F. HASTINGS Secretary Basketball 23 Tennis 23 Girls' Athletic League 23 Glee Club 2, 33 Sassamon Dance Ticket Com- mittee 43 Sassamon Board 2, 3, 43 Football Dance Committee 43 Secretary Senior Executive Com- mittee 3, 43 Secretary of the Senior Class 4. THES VIRGINIA E. ADAMS Baseball 2, 3g Basket- ball 2, 33 Tennis 2, 33 Girls' Athletic League 2, 33 Student Council 3: 43 Hockey 2, 3g Glee Club 2, 33 Safety Council 4, Sassamon 3, 43 Editor-in- Chief 43 Delegate to Stu- dent Council Convention 43 Committee writing up Council 43 Sassamon Dance Decorating Com- mittee. CHARLES M. AHERN, Jr. Student Council 2, 33 Senior Play 43 Safety Council 43 Sassamon Board 2, LOUISE P. AHERN Basketball 3, 43 Bad- minton 3, 43 Glee Club 23 Senior Play 43 Safely Council 3, 4. LEORA L. ALLEN Glee Club 33 Senior Play Candy Committee 4. MAUDE R. NICHOLSON Basketball 23 G i rl s' Athletic League 2. 'SSHMU OIQHH ANGELA S. ARENA Basketball 23 Girls' Ath- le tic League 2. CHESTER F. AUGUSTIN, JR. Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basket- ball 2g Safety Council 4. CARLTON A. BADGER Hockey 3, 4. SHIRLEY R. BALL Basketball 43 Glee Club 3. HENRY A. BARBER, Jr, Football 33 Track 43 Sassamon Board 43 Regis- trar 4. TI-ll: SESSEME 4 IEEE JAMES ll. BARN.-XRD Sluflent Vounl-il 533 Safe- ly Founn-il -lg Senior Ex- wutive Vonimitlee 43 Ski l'lub 4: Usher at Senior Play -lg llslier at Gradua- tion Zig Junior Prom Ileeor- ative Voniniittee Zig Art 3, l. .IEANNE A. BARNEY Baseball S33 Basketball 33 Glee flub 33 Senior Play Family Committee 4. LORRAINE ELIZABETH BARNIFLE w v . Clee fluli -Z, 4. EIJNA M. BARR Basketball 31,41 Baflmin- ton Il, 45 Orchestra Eg Chairman Ticket Commit- tee- for Senior Play 4g Fra-na-li Club 4. LAVREXVE BARR lfshc-r at Senior Play 4. ALBERT M. BELLOFATTO Basketball 2, 35 Football 23 Track 2, 3, -lg Safety C olu n eil 43 Properties Committee 4g Band 4. JOHN C. BENNETT Tennis fManag'erJ 43 Senior Play 4g Junior Prom Decorative Commit-V fee 3. MARGUERITE A. BERGSTROM Golf 3g Glee Club 3. 43 Orchestra 3, 43 Band 3, 4g Swing' Orchestra -1. LOUISE BITSOLI Glee Club 4. MARGERY O. BLACK Basketball 23 Badminton 2, 3g Glee Club 2, 3, -13 Senior Play Candy Com- mittee 4. -554 THl:S " NOEL D. BLANCHARD Football 3. RUTH E. BLIZARD Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Cler- ical Assistant for Miss Shannon 4. JANET BOARDMAN Senior Play P1'0D61't,y' Committee 4g S a f e t y Council 45 Sassamon Art Editor 4, Home Room Sas- samon dues Collector 4. WILLIAM BORDEN Baseball 25 Property Committee 4. CHARLES E. BRADY mf' MJ' IEEE ALICE E. BRANAGAN Glee Club 2, 3, 43 French Club 4. MARY BRANAGAN Baseball 2, 43 Basket. ball 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 43 Girl's Athletic League 2, 3, 4g Field Hockey 2, 3, 4g Volley Ball 2, 3, 4g Track 2, 3, 4, Clerical Assistant to Miss Sullivan 4. ROBERT P. BRANAGAN Football 2, 3g Track 2, 3, 45 Usher Junior Prom 3, Usher at Graduation 3. WALTER F. BREGOLI Baseball 3, 4: Football 4, Hockey 3, 4, Junior Executive Committee 235 Checker at S a s am on Dance 4. MARGARET P. BREMNER Baseball 2, 3, Basket- ball 2, 35 Tennis 2 33 Girl's Athletic League 2, Il: Field Hockey 2, 35 Usher Junior Prom 39 Ex- ecutive Board 3g Volley Ball 2, 33 Track 2, 3, Cler- ical Assistant to Miss Keily and Mr. McManus 4. TI-Il: SFISSFIMU 4 IEIEIE-I BlAIlICl,INI-I P. BRICNNAN Svnior Play D13 Iixvcutivm- Vommittu 1 I . I'IllI'I'II J. BRUPIIY Girls' Alhlvtim' I,cag'uu Zig Url-he-stra 2, Sig Ileliatiiig Soriz-ty 43 Sccrvtary to Mr. Brimlvy, Mr. Plausso, N . lr. Quan-kc-nbush 43 Vhair- man of flrchustra Vom- niittvc' for .Iunior Prom and Football Ilziiirm- 53, 4. BARBARA I". BROWN Cleo Club 13 Art Il. ICIIWARIJ W. BROWN JOSEPH .-X. BROVVN Golf Il, 43 Ilorkcy 44 Sturlvnt Counril 4. ii- PHILIP W. BROWN EDWARD G. BURKE Football 2. MARJORIE J. BYRNE Clee Club 4. VIVIAN A. CANTRFIL Baseball 23 Basketball 2, Slg Girls' Athletic Lea- gue 2, 3g Student Council Sig Honor Society 43 Senior Play Candy Committee 49 Treasurer 2, Il: Executive Boaixl fl. MILDRED L. CARTER THI:S SSHM N LOUISE F. CASAVANT Baseball 2, 33 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Tennis 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic League 2, 3, 43 Decorating Commit- tee Junior Prom 33 Volley Ball 2, 3, 43 Field Hockey 2, 3, 43 Ping Pong 2, 3, 43 Paddle Tennis 2, 3, 4. ROSALIE M. CASELLA Baseball 2, 3g Basket- ball 2, 33 Tennis 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic League 2, 33 Glee Club 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Property Committee Senior Play 4: Assistant Sassamon Busi- ness Manager 43 Frencn Club 4. ROBERT LEO CASEY Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basket- ball 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA R. CHAIVIBERLAIN Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Property Committee -4. WILLIAM L. CHASE Baseball 3, 43 Hockey 2 3, 43 Student Council 4. v 5 J: 46' :Bi sei!! -Rf! 365, 4 IEEE WALTER M. CLOYER Baseball 222 Basketball 2, 33 Hockey 4. ARTHUR W. COLBURN, Jr. VIRGINIA M. COLE Baseball 2, 33 Basket- ball 2, 33 Tennis 2, 233 Girls' Athletic League 2, 33 Volley Ball 2, 33 Field Hockey 2, 33 Paddle Ten- nis 2, 33 Tenekoit. 2, 3. HELENA M. COLEM.-XTC Glee Club 3, 43 Safefb' Council 43 French Club ll. SHERWOOD A. COLEMAN Basketball 2, 3, 43 Foot- ball 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Decorations for Sassainon Valentine Dance 43 Swea- ter Dance Committee 1: Track 2, 3. THI: SASSFIMU 4 l.Ul'lSl'I NI. CORBUSIICRU twin A1 MARJORIE M. CUWICE Glee Club 3, -1. DOMENIC R. CUCINOTTA Basketball 4. VIRGINIA A. CYPHER Irlee Club 2. ALICE IC. IJAVVBURN Glee Club fig Senior Play Candy Committee 4: ret-iutaiy io Miss Nutt 4. IEEE BARBARA Il. IJICANIC Glen- Club 2, fl, 43 Safety Council 43 French Club 4. THELMA B. DeWITT Glee Club 2. 35 Safety Council -1: Publicity Com- mittee Senior Play 45 Sassamon Board 4. FRANCES A. DiTUCCIO Glee Club 3g Orchestra Committee Junior Prom 3: Candy Committee Senior Play 43 Gym 4g Secretary 4. JOANNE C. DOHERTY Baseball 25 Basketball 2, 4g Girls' Athletic Lea- gue 2, Hockey 21 Glee Club 35 Senior Play 43 Gym 4. CHARLES DORIAN Student Council 35 Honor Society 3, 43 Senior Play 45 Saesamon 4g Ex- ecutive Boarcl 4g Usher Gracluaiion 33 Sawsamon Dance Committee 4g Ski Club 4. Tue some ou -le E1 CATHERINE A. DRISCOLL Baseball 2, 3: Basketball 2, 33 Tennis 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic League 2, 33 Stu- dent Council 2, Executive Board 3, -13 Field Hockey 2, 33 Volley Ball 2, 33 Pad- dle Tennis 2, 3g Badmin- ton 2, 33 Honory Society 4. EDWARD F. DRISCOLL, Jr. Baseball 33 Executive Committee 3. MARJORIE O. DUBOYCE Baseball 2, 3, -13 Basket- ball 2, 3, -13 Tennis 23 Girls' Athletic League 2. 3, -13 Field Hockey tC:,- Captaini 2, 3, lg Glee Clun 2, 3. 43 Student Council 43 Safety Council 43 Usher at Junior Prom 33 Volley Ball fCaptainJ 2, 3, 43 Ping Pong 2, 3, 4: Badmin- ton 2, 3, -13 Paddle Tennis 2, 3, -13 Secretary Student Council 4. OLGA S. DURLING Basketball 2, -13 Girls' Athletic League 2, 43 Jun- ior Prom Refreshment Committee 33 Art 2, 3, -1. GLADYS R. EDWARDS Baseball 33 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Tennis 23 Girls' Ath- letic League 2, 3, 41 AIT 2' and Q If PAULINE B. EDWARDS Glee Club 4. RUSSELL L. EDWARDS Glee Club -13 Art 2, 33 Usher at Graduation 33 Usher Framingham Foot- ball Game 3, 4. LEON EARL ERSKINE Baseball 23 Basketball 23 Football 2, -13 Glee Club 3. ROBERT F. FAIRBANKS Hockey -13 Publicity Committee Senior Play -13 Publicity Committee Sas- samon Dance -13 Usher at Graduation 33 Usher at Junior Prom 33 Ski Club 4. EDITH F. FENTON Art 2, 43 Decorating Committee for Christmas Box 2, 3, -1. TI-lI:b SS IEIEIEI i'II.XIlI,tVI"l'I'I IC. GIBSON Baslu-tliz1Il2g Girls' Atb- In-tie I.vag:11e 23 Glee f'lu.i II, 4: SL'cret:1i'y to Misa W Vortben 4. VIRGINIA V. GI..-XNFY Bzlselvzxll 12, Sig Basket- ball 2, Sig Tennis 23 Girls' Ath'eti:' I.eag'uv 2, 3: Hlwkvv 2, fi. 4: Volley Ball 2, fig Glee Club Il: Student Vount-il 2, II: Honor So- fiety V11 Football Dance f"onmiit.tee 23 Sassanion Ilanee Committee 2: Sas- sainon Board 23 Senior Play Vandy Committee 45 Sugretary to Mr. Wood- bury 41 Student Council Convention 2g Secretary Student Council 2: Secre- tary Honor Society -Ig Vice President of Class 2g Fheerleader 3. 43 Treasur- er Gir's' Athletic League 53: Ticket Committee Jun- ior Prom 3. MARIE A. GLEASON Basketball 2. 333 Orchesf tra 2: Senior Play Candy Committee 43 Band IDru1n Major! 2, II, 4. LAWRENCE H. GNECCO Basketball fMana2U'l II, 41 Football 35, 4. LUIS GULDSTEIN Q Glei- Fluii 35 Frencn Vlub Il, 4. TI-ll: SASSHMU 4 IH39 ROBERT C. GREENE Football 33 Track 3, 4. VIRGINIA M. GREENE Baseball 43 Baaketbaii 43 Girls' Athletic League 43 Field Hockey 43 Cheer- leader 3, 4. VINCENT F. GRUPPOSO Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basket- ball 2, 3, fCaptainl 43 Football 2, 3, 43 O1'L'l1CStl'd 23 Student Council 3, 43 Safety Council 43 Chair- man of Football Dance 4. LILLIAN R, HADDAD DOROTHY F. HALL WALTER E. HALL Baseball 4. THOMAS J. HALPIN GERALD Y. W. HANAFIN Baseball 2, 22, 43 Hockey 43 Glee Club 33 Safety Council 3, 43 Senior Play Ticket Committee 4. WARREN T. HANNA 7 Baseball 2.3 Basketball 3 Football 2, 23, 4: Golf 2, , 43 Hockey 43 Track 41 Glee Club 223 Ice Checker 43 Bicycle Committee 4. EDWARD E. HAYWARIF Baseball 223 Basketball 33 Hockey 43 Ice Checker 43 Bicycle Committee 4. THI: SHSSHMU 4 IEIEIEI MALC'Ol.M E. HEALD Baseball ZZ, 49 Basketball ZZ, 3, 49 Football 29 Senior Executive Committee 4. ELEANOR P. HEDDERIG Cheerleacler 49 Usher for Senior Play 49 Usher for Junior Prom 39 Executive Board 39 Dancing Instruc- tor for Dancing Class 4. HERBERT J. HEDDERIG Baseball 2, 3, 49 Basket- ball 2, 3, 49 Football 2, .3 49 Track 3, 49 Student Council 49 Senior Execu- tive Committee 3. 49 Checking' for Junior Prom 39 Checking' for Sassamon Dance 3. JOHN A. HILL. Jr. Hockey 49 S t u cl c n L Council 23 Senior Play 4, Ifsher at Grafluation L-lt Ifsht-r at Junior Prom 331 Ski Club 4. U43 as +L 'C' NWS, ill-Q 356- s. CATHERINE R. HORAX Glee Club 39 Gym 4, Senior Executive Board 4. MARY E. HOULIHAN Honor Society 49 Sassa- mon Board 39 Subscription Manager of Sassamon 49 Refreshment Committee Junior Prom 39 Invitation Committee S a s s a m o n Dance 49 Secretary t0 Miss Ratsey 4. FRED V. HOWARD Track 2, 3, 49 Decora- tions for Junior Prom 3. PAULINE B. HOWARD Secretary to Miss Hayes 4. MARY F. HURD FQLIXUR M. lllTl"llt'OI"li X "if Q, , 'H Glee Club 3, 49 Senior uit-Q Club 4. - , , P12114- : .ff 9-fm, . -, , . ,li 1 ' .1', 'rife-. Y. ,. rl '.'.. . , 1, -, , I .f '. ,' 'F 235. ..':iKk'r. 7,.'5'-N ,:'3' "-.-' ' ,4 , . 1- K -1 f , ' 4... . 'iiififi " Q ' f' .Q Tl-Il: SASSHMU 4 lElElEl GENEVIEVE M. JASKULKA Art 3, 4. PHYLLIS I. JENNESS Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball 2, 3, 45 Tennis 2, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic League 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4' Ol'- chestra 2, 3, 49 D9baTiH-Y Society 45 Student Council 45 Safety Council Com- missioner 45 Field Hockey 3, 45 Volley Ball 2, 43 Ping Pong 2, 3, 4: Bad- minton 2, 3, 45 Paddle Tennis 2, 3, 45 Registrar at Elections FREDERIC W. JEWETT Hockev fMana,qerl' 2, 3, 45 Ice Checker 45 Bicycle Inspector 4. MARTHA L. JEVVETT IRENE F. KANE Baseball 3, 45 Basket- ball 2. 3, 45 Fi-:ld Hockey 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 35 Usher Senior Play 45 Junior Ex- ecutive Board 35 Senior Executive Board 45 Danc- ing Instructor 45 Secre- tary to Miss Cashion 4. .Mum ' , 45, -an 4 QQ, in HARRIET A. KELLEY WILLIAM J. KILLEEN Hockey 2, 3, 4. DORIS KNOX Executive Committee 35 Usher Junior Prom 35 Usher Senior Play 45 Sas- samon Board 45 Secretary to Mr. Sears 4. ARTHUR M. LEACU Track 3, 45 Safety Coun- cil 3, 45 Bicycle Inspector 45 Art 2, 3, 4. ANNA LeCLAIR Baseball 25 Basketball 2, 3: Girls' Athletic Lea- gue 2, 35 Field Hockey 2, 35 Registrar 4. Tl-Il: SASSHMU 3 lElElEl l'Il,I'I.-XNOR JOA NNE LEE Basketball 43 Tennis Il, 413 Girls' Athletic League :iQ Glee Club 2, 33 Honor Society. Ii, 43 Senior Play Pronipter 43 Safety Coun- cil Ii, -13 Senior Play Can- dy Committee 43 Usher at Junior Prom 313 Usher Class Day 313 Sassamon Board Il, 43 French Club Il, 4: Decorations Commit- tee Sassamon Dance 4. CYNTHIA ll. I,lCl.ANIJ Basketball 2, Il, 43 Golt' 2, Ji, 43 Tennis 2, Il, 43 Girls' Athletic League .13 33, 13 Glee Club 23 Student Council 2, Il, 43 Honor Su- ciety Il, 43 President oi' Class 2, Zig Treasurer of Student Council! 233 Ski Club Ii, 43 Senior Play Candy C o m in i t t e e 43 French Club 533 Decoration Committee Football Dance 23 Refreshment Committee Football Dance fl. YERNER A, LILJA Baseball 2, Il, 43 Golf Ii, 43 Hockey 2, fl, 1Captainl 43 Executive Committee 4. NANCY LOKER Tennis 2, FY, 43 Girls' Athletic 1,1-ae'ue 2, il. 43 Manager ot' Spring' Sports 2, 53, 43 Glec- Club 2, ZZ, 41 Student Council 2. J. 1l'rt-sidentl 13 Hontir So' cicty 13 Senior Play 43 Safety Council li Ficiicli .Club IZ, 13 Ski Club II. 1. KI.-XRIUN li. MacKl'INZlI'I Baseball 23 Basketball 23 Girls' Athletic I.eae'i.e 23 Hockey 2, IL, 43 Glee Club 2. Cl, 43 Badminton L, Zi, 13 Paddle Tennis 2,1 ei'F'2 I A-A 'Q' ' 'ff 9- 'VH FRANCIS' M. MAHARD, Jr. Glee Club 2, 43 Student Council 23 Senior Play Scenery Uommittee 43 Decorating C o m m i t t e e Junior Prom 33 Football Dance 33 Sassamon Dance 33 Sassamon Board 2, 3, 4. MARTHA S. MAHARD Senior Play Ticket Com- mittee 43 Checker for Elec- tion 33 Ski Club 3, 43 As- sistant Registrar ot' Voters 4. WM. T. MALOON, Jr. Student Council 43 Ex- ecutive Committee 3. MARGUERITE K. MANN Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basket- ball 2, 3, 43 Golf 3, 43 Ten- nis 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic League 2, 3, 43 Hockey 2, Zi, 43 Glee Club 153 Art 3, 43 Ski Club 33 French Club 3, 43 Sassamon Board Il, 43 Treasurer Girls' Ath- letic League 43 Manager Fall Sports 3. MARIO P. MANNA Baseball 43 Football 3. 43 Junior Executive Board :il Safety Commissioner 4. THI: SASSHMU 4 IEEE VIRGINIA G. MARTINELLI BEATRICE L. MASON DOROTHY E. MASSIE Glee Club 2. MARY E. McCARTHY JOHN J. MCCORMACK Senior Play Committee 43 Usher at Graduation Pi. sw . 435. ff DORIS R. MCGOVERN ROBERT F. McKEON Baseball 2, 3, 43 Football 2 JOHN V. MCMANUS Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basket- ball 2, 33 Football 23 Hockey 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 23 Checker Junior Prom 33 Executive Boartl 2. HELEN EDITH IVICNEIL Baseball 2, 33 Basket- ball 2, 33 Tennis 2, 33 Girls' Athletic League Z, 33 Field Hockey 2, 33 Ping: Pong 2. 533 Volley Ball 2. 33 Badminton 2, 33 Paclflle Tennis 2, 33 Tenekoit 2, 23. Glee Club 2, 33 Ticket Committee for J u n i o i' Prom 33 Senior Executive Committee 43 Clerical AS- sistant to Miss Searry 44 Dancing' Instructor 4. STEPHEN J. McNEIL, Jr, Baseball 23 Basketball 23 Football 23 Senior Play Ticket Committee 43 Jun- ior Proni Committee Il. THI: SASSFHVIU 0 lElEflEl 4ilCUlUll'i A. Ml'l'1'lll'fl,l, lizwelvzxll 13, Sly I"o.vtlizxll " fl, lAl21llZl4U,'t'l'l 4. ICIPWARIJ J. MONROE liuscbull 2, 4: Football 131 Glee Vlub 4. THICLMA M. MURTENSON fflee Vlub 23 Sm-ci'etar'jf ti Miss Young: 4. NORMA L. MOSMAN -file-1'f'lul1 2, Il, 4: Knit- tine' C lub .n. lblll-IUTHY Y. MURPHY Hass-ball Il. 11 Basketball 32, 13 Tennis fig Ping Pong 1: Raclmintfin Zig Fielvl lllll'liQY fl, 41 Girls' Atb- J lc-tie lit'2lQ'Ll9:1Q Tc-nekoit -lg Paflflle Tennis fig Vommit- tee for Junim' Prnm .lg Banfl 2, fig Daneing In- ftruetm' at Ilan:-ini.: Flaw l. .As wig? 3 ini'- Y. 1'-SG ft 1-'W 'fits WINIFREID J. MURPHY Glee Club Alg Saswamon Dance Refreshment Com- mittee -lg Art fig Sassa- mrm Bnarrl ,lg f'lel'ical AQ- sistzxnt 4. MARTHA J. MURRAY Baseball IZ, 43 Basketball 3. 45 G i 1' l s' Athletic League 43 Field Hockey ll. DOROTHY I. NEALE Refreshment Committee Football Dance 4. MARY C. NIELSEN FRANVES M. NORMAN THI: SASSEMD 4 IEEE MARJORIE F. NOYES Glee Club 23 Secretary to Mr. White. JOHN J. O'BRIEN ROBERT W. PALMER Hockey 3, 4. YVONNE RLANCHE PAQUIN Safety Council 3, 41 Honor Society 3, 45 Senior Play 43 Student Council 33 Assistant Literary E-di- tor of Sassamon 4g French Club 35 President French Club 4g Usher Class Day 35 Usher Parent's Night 3, 45 Ticket Committee Football Dance 43 Public- ity Committee Sassamon Dance 4g Tennis 8, 45 Glee Club 35 Archery -1. JOHN N. PARMENTER Football 4. Q55 45. WILLIAM D. PAUL Football 2g Track 3. MARY A. PELULLO Student Council LZ. RALPH PFEIFFER, Jll. Tennis 3, 43 Honor So ciety 3, 43 Usher at Grad- uation 3- Usher at Class Day Iii Ski Club 4. ANGIE R. PIGNATIELLO Glee Club 2, 33 Clerical Assistant to Miss Church 4: Committee for Fo-wtball Dance 313 Committee fm Jlllllfll' Prom 22. CORNELIA A. PlNEA U Basketball 3, 49 Teu- nis 43 Girls' Athletic League 43 Paddle Tennis 3, 43 Badminton 3, 41 Tenekoit Il, 43 Dancing' ln- structor at Dancing Class 43 Clerical Assistant to Miss Raiferty 4: Honoi Society 4. TI-ll: SASSEME 4 IEEE ANNA .I. PISANO Basketball -1. WILLARID ROSCOIS ROBICRT S. ROSS Orchestral Zig Student Council -1. RCTII V. HLTIGHOK FRANCES R. SA MM.-XRTANO Basktcball il, 4: Tennis -13 Girls' Athletic League 9. 5: Field Hockey fi. -ll Badminton 3, 45 Paddle Tennis Il. 41 Glee Club 223 Refreshment Committee Junior Prom 33 Clerical Assistant to Mr. Crumrine 4: Dancing Instructor ai lla. cing Class 4. GRAPE H. SCOTT Honor Society 1: Sassa- inon liwoltlceepei- 4. SIGNE M. STADIG Glee Club 3, 43 Art 2, 13 . FRANK H. STRANGE, Jr. Hockey -13 Student Coun- cil 3, 43 Safety Council Commissioner -lg Decor- ating' Committee Football Dance Zig Usher at Senior Reception 33 D a n c i n g Class Committee -1. GORDON H. SUGGITT Baseball 2g Basketball 25 Football 2. JULIETTE M. SUNUNU Basketball 3, 4. Tl-ll: SASSHMU 4 lElElEl JEAN SUTHERLAND Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball 2, 3, 45 Golf 35 Ten- nis 2, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic League 2, 3, 45 Field Hockey 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Usher at Junior Prom 35 Student Council 2, 45 Honor Society 45 Safety Council 3, 45 Horse Show 45 Badminton 2, 3, 45 Ping Pong 2, 3, 45 Pad- dle Tennis 2, 3, 45 Gym Exhibition 45 Checker at Election 35 Treasurer Stu- dent Council 4. HILDA SWANSON Baseball 25 Basketball 25 Glee Club 4. EDWARD R. TADDEO Hflckey 3, 45 Slludent Council 2, 35 Usher at Sen- ior Play 4. PATRICIA A. TAFFE Baseball 2, 35 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Vice President 35 R:- ceiving Line Junior Prom Executive Board 35 Ushei at Senior Play. GLORIA A. TAMAGLNO Basketball 3, 45 Execu- tive Committee 3, 45 Usher Senior Play 45 Girls' Gym 3, 4. tv- N51 met .lm . ta. N-A 1 L l ,211 SALVATORE A. TAMBOLLIO Scenery Committee Sen- ior Play 4. LEOTA M. TAYLOR Glee Club 3, 4. MIRIAM L. THAYER FLORENCE A. THORNE MICHAEL T. TORTI Baseball 2, 35 Basketball 2, 335 Football 2, 315 Track 2, 35 Glee Club 2. 33, 45 Hall Committee Junior Prom 35 Elected Honorary Captain of football 45 Golf 2. 33. 45 Hockey 35 Committee for Junior Prom 35 Com- mittee for Senior Play 45 Orchestra 2. Tl-ll: SASSFIMU 4 B1crx,x ,xxx 'l'U'I'A W' 4 in All.-X L. TIIRNICR Student Vouncil 22. -S2 Sassamon Board 2. Il, -13 Vlievker' at Elections 2, ll Football Ilzinee Vommit- tee 123 l'rog1run1 C'ommitte1- Senior Play 4. . .... ' . ' A A ' A 1 Tr QS: MABEI. B. WALKER Z Fielfl Hockey 25 Glee- Vlub 4. ..' 95. ROSE E. WEBBER Baseball 21 Field Hock- ey 111 Glee Club -1. 3-G' ZR H. A. XNELLS. Jr. Football 23 Track 2, 'l. IEIEIEI LEIGII A. WENTWURTII Baseball 25 Basktmtbail 45 Football 2, Jig 'IH-at-k 3 rs, 4. ' RUTH F. WENZEL .Basketball 23 Tennis 2: Girls' Athletic- League 2g Flelcl Hockey 23 Glpv Club 2?'Al't 2, 533 Ticket Com- mittee Senior Play 4g A, Folleetor Ilg Sassamon Collector ii. JAMES M. WHALEN Baseball 23 Basketball 23 Executive Committee Sig Usher at Senior Play 4. JAMES F. WHITE Baseball 2, 3. 4: Basket- ball ZZ, 33 Football 2, Ii. EDWIN F WHITMAN Baseball 2. 3, ,lg Basket- ball 2, Ii, -13 Football 2, 1, -13 Golf 2, 3, -13 Tennis 2, 35. 4g Hockey 2, 33, 43 Glec Clul'12,J3,-13 Senior Execu- tive fommittee -lg Junior Prom Committee 33 Foot- ball Ilanee Fommittee -ig Senior Play Scenery Com- mittee 4. THI: SASSFIMO 4 IEEE! HARRIET E. WIGNOT Baseball 3, 45 Basket- ball 3, 43 Tennis 3, 45 Girls' Athletic League 3. 4g Field Hockey 4g Riding 43 Swimming 41 Horse Show 4g Badminton 3, 45 Ping Pong 3, 43 Paddle Tennis 3, 43 Gym Exhibi- tiofn 43 Checker at Elec- tion 39 Honor Society 4. JOSEPH W. WILKINSON Baseball 4: Pep Com- mittee 4g Senior Play Committee 45 Cheerleader 4: Sweater Dance Com- mittee 4. ELEANOR WILLIAMS Glee Club 3, 43 Orches- tra 3, 4g Band 3, 45 Art 33 Swing Orchestra 4. DONALD A. HEDDERIG Track 3, 4. BURTON A. WRIGHT Basketball 2, 43 Football 2, 3, 45 Student Council 4' Ticket Committee Senior Play 4. JAMES J. ZICHELLA Football 2, 3. LOUISE K. ZICKO THI: SHSSHMUN 4 H339 JAX' "1 Viv, f'Q5i'T.mX fm ' W' . X 0 fl, W ' 7437 F S595 H... Elshrx f gi f74Q5,f Q - ii . f?v'l1i-5' .52 11 'P N -A 'Arfzfm' l XL il 7555 1: if , "' -gill-'??f:v,., dv :f 9 ff" . , ,V I .q,.v -F-h. '?:. -- w.::':e'4:" f "if f ! x-S Q f AET VITIES THI: SASSFIMU 4 IEEE HONOR SOCIETY Back Row-C. Driscoll, C. Pfeiffer, P. Jenness, O. Hayes, N. Loker, R. Fish, C. Pineau. Second Row-M. Houlihan, C. Leland, J. Sutherland, L. Goldstein, G. Scott. V. Cantrel. B. Paquin, N. Furber. Front Row-H. Wignot, V. Glancy, C. Dorian, R. Pfeiffer, E. Lee, R. Casella. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The officers of the Natick Chapter of the National Honor Society this year are: President-Charles Dorian Vice President-Ralph Pfeiffer Secretary-Virginia Glancy In April the Honor Society sponsored an assembly program at which four honor graduates spoke: Miss Lois Forster, winner of the Anna F. Goodnow Scholarship of the Natick Woman's Club in 1938, a student at Boston Universityg Miss Edith Harper, a student at the Framingham State Teach- ers' College, Miss Shirley Parker, studying at evening schoolg Mr. Thomas F, Bruneau, '33, a student at the Massachusetts School of Art. The third Induction Ceremony was held on May sixteenth in the evening. Mr. Gayle T. Forbush addressed the group. Ralph Pfeiffer, Blanche Paquin, Rosalie Casella, and Eleanor Lee gave interpretations of Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service, upon which membership in the Honor Society is based. Mr. Hill presented certificates of membership at this time. In the spring Blanch-2 Paquin entered the sophomore English classes to explain the basis for election and the procedure in selecting the members of the Society, and the activities of the members. Less tutoring was undertaken this year, although two members contributed their services. In June the Rotary Club entertained the members of the Honor Society at a luncheon. The junior members of the Society acted as ushirs on Class Day. THI: SQSSQMU 4 IEl'3El ,- " J :f9W"7?F"7'l ' ".,'f.i il Q 4' ws f- 1" : . STUDENT COUNCIL Front Rowwdl. Sutherland, V. Dahlgren, V. Ramsdell, C, Barr, M. Church, J. Brown, M, Pillsbury, J. llamway. Second How -L. Pharris, J. Sutherland, R. Broun, J. Hamiltcn, E. Crassey, M. Buell, T, Smith, J. McCartliy, E. Hopkins Third Rowfql. Mt-Evoy, D. Driscoll, J. White, J. Allen, W. Clover, E. Brophy, R. Whitney, M. Taylor, F. Folcy. Fourth How-s-M, Woodruff, C. Mahard, W. Maloon, N. Loker, B. Wright, P. Jenness, O. Hayes, M. Duhlycc, A. Parker. V. Adams. THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is thc gent-ral trov- erning' llody of school activities in Natick . , . . High hcliool. It is composed of thirty-scve.i mcmlmcrs, a boy and grirl from cach home room, thc pre-sid:-nts of' each class and the tlitor-in-chicl' ot' our school paper. Thc council endeavors to promote all ac- tivities that are for the best interests of thc sqhool. In addition to the usual pro- jccts ol' other ycars this year's countil fflL1'illllZl'll a "Pep fVlOlllllllllQ1'H to promotc greater intcrcst in all school affairs. lt also sponsored Z1 dancing' class so that the students who didu't know how to dance and who wanted to learn might have an oppor- tunity to do so. The council not only handles problems within the school. but it is also man 5' a member of the Eastern Division of the Associated Body of Student Councils and at a recent convention of this association John White, a memhs'-r of tho Natick Student Council, was elected president, At the meeting of the associated body: ol' the Stud- nt Councils which was held in Framingham on May 20, L. A. Pharris was elected vice-president of' this association. This is the first time that a school of our enrollment has had officers in the state and thc divisional associations. THI: SHSSHMU 4 lElElEl is ---44 SAFETY PATROL Back Row-E. Casavant. A. Bellofatto. B. Cook. J. Barnard, M. Powers. C. Augustine, P. Jenness, A. Leacu, N. Loker, F. Strange, H. Bemis. Fourth Row-T. Morris, Fl. Lee, R. Beale, E. Murphy, L. T. Woodruff. V. Adams, C. Ahern, J. Boardman. F. Foley. M Iiuboyce, G. Martin. Third Row-V. Raider, E. Hastings, E. Hussey, V. Grupposo, J. Culbertson, M. Manna, H. Walsh, J. Sutherland, T. De Witt, P. Lane. Second Row-L. Ahearn, H. Coleman. T. Spiro. R. Fair, L. Harrington, R. Casella, B. Paquin, B. Deane. Front Row-F. Jackson, T. Hazen, R. Dagg, SAFETY COUNCIL The Safety Council under the direction of Mr. Maffeo has again completed a suc- cessful year. As usual the fine cooperation between the faculty and stuflents has done much to further the work and success of the Council. The organization was com- posed of twenty councilors or patrollers and three commissioners with two alter- nates. Each patroller is identified by a blue band with the red letters N. S. P. standing for Natick Safety Patrol. During the passing interval between classes these councilors may be seen keeping order in the corridors and stairways. Also they are on duty during lunch period and have charge of the seating in assembly. Persons break- ing the laws of the Safety Council are brought before the Safety Court in Room 34 where they are tried and if proven guilty are given detentions according to the charge against them. V. Dahlgren, O. Fraser. This year the Council has established a precedent which, it is hoped, will be carried on by succeeding councils. At the end of the year when the Senior Council turns over the authority to the Junior Council a party is held for both councils. Also this year the Constitution and By- Laws which will go into effect next Septem- ber were drawn up in which many phases of the council were altered. One big change is the formation of a Junior Council which will rotate with the Senior Council, the latter being on duty from the first to the fifteenth of each month. and the former, from the fifteenth to the end of each month. The afternoon council under Mr. Hig- gins has also completed a successful year. This council is organized like the morning' session Safety Council and comply to the same laws. This Sophomore Council will automatically be the Junior Council of next year. Because of the Constitution and of the changes which will be in effect next year, we feel certain that the function of the coming Safety Councils will be assured of' SUCCQSS. V- --- - -'-- 1--J--a-. -.-.V - ... ,,,,, Wk f THI: S'SSFlMU 4 IEEE l . i i ' ORCHESTRA liuek Rowff"I'. Amato, R. Florio, S. Valle, M. Bergstrom, T. Casey, I. Meo, L. Pharris. Second Row-aM. Casey, Mr. Burke, R. Ling, IC. Zullo, A. Kaprielian. Front Rowfli. Williams, ID. Pellulo, R. Beale, L. Valle, M. Robertson. ORCHESTRA The orchestra this year was under the direvtion of Mr. Burke.. A new swine' hand was organized and all members entered wiin great enthusiasm. Several flood fox-trois were purehas d anl were play: d in assembly :luring Mart-h. A special "swine"' rehearsal was held every Wednesday night at the high sehool. The orchestra was asked to play at several outside oeeasions. They performed at a Pop Foneert at the f'ongregational Vhureh, the Fatholit- Womanfs Club Play and at the Ninth Grade Soc-ial. Every oeeasion was greatly enjoyed by all. We also played for the Senior High School play and for a dance after the basketball game with Framingham. TRACK As a result of the first call for track fandidates on March 27th, ahout forty boys reported at the Senior High School Gymna- sium. Heres a program of exercises and farm was presented. For about two weeks the squad trained in the gymnasium. Be- eause of weather conditions outside prac- tiee was impossible until April 10. How- ever, at the first eall for outdoor practice, what a response! According to statistics there is a larger squad of track men this year than for the past ten years. It really looks, at this writing, as though the team is in for a good season having such veter- ans back as "Bill" Paul, "Stretch" Orcutt, "Bob" Branagan, "Art" Leacu, "Gusty" Mandino, not to mention numerous others. THI: SASSBMU 4 IEEE SENIOR PLAY Front Row-B. Paquin, R. Jackson, J. Doherty, L. Ahern, C. Dorian, E. Lee. Back Row-C. Ahern, M. Hurd, J. Bennett, N. Loker, J. Hill, M. Brennan, C. Pfeiffer. SENIOR PLAY On December 16, under the direction of Miss Mowry, the Senior Class presented "Lucky Winner". The cast of characters were: Mapes ........ Mary Hurd Grace Kimball .. Joan Doherty Jean Fielding ...... Nancy Loker Pert Kelton . . . .. . Madeline Brennan Jackie ...... .. . Francis Jackson Barney ....,. .... J ohn Bennett Elliott Payne .. ......... John Hill Phoebe ........... .... B lanche Paquin Susie .............. . . . Louise Ahearn Clarence Dinwiddie ....... Charles Dorian Terry Lawrence .... Charles Pfeiffer "Duval" ................. Charles Ahearn The story centered around a young tutor, Clarence Dinwiddie, who comes to the home of Grace Kimball to care for her young son, Jackie. A case of mistaken identity brings about many humorous situations. It was one of the best plays put on by the Senior Class in recent years. The Class wishes to express their thanks to Miss Mowry for her fine work. TENNIS This season the boys' tennis team, under the direction of Mr. White, is playing a schedule of eight matches with other high schools - including two each with Welles- ly, Marlboro, Framingham, and Concord. It will be diiticult to equal the record of last year's once-defeated team, which lost. through graduation Bill Davis, star of recent Florida tournaments. The only veteran from the 1938 team is the captain, Olin Hayes, but a group of fast-developing juniors gives promise of a successful season. Leading candidates for regular positions are W. Mahard, K, Benton, G. Morse, and J. Montgomery. IAIIA THl:S SSHMU fI'El3El 4. . ... H A mi SASSAMON BOARD Buck Rowwtl. Hayes, J. Boardman, J. Bennett, M. Powers, F. Pfeiffer, V. Simon- etta, l". Mahard, G. Scott, R. Fairbanks. Third ltoxx-AY. Clancy, B, Vhurch, M. Houlihan, M. Cantrel. M. Downey, N. Furber, T. Dewitt, A. Kleinfelder. W. Murphy, L. Harrington. Second RowmE. Lee, J. Hamilton. F. Broadley. E. Casavant, C. Dorian, M. Glynn, R. Lang, F. Robertson, M. Mann. Front Row-R. Casella, N. Hastings. D. Knox, A. Houlihan, V. Adams, A. Turner, l-3. Paquin, M. Sutherland. THE SASSAMON As the school term closes for anothei year, the members of the Sassamon Board sadly relinquish their duties. This year two six-page issues were pub- lished with great success, and airain "The Sassamonu was awarded a prize in the Volumbia Scholastic Press Associativn con- te-st held in New York at Folumbia Univer- sity in March. The Board wishes to express its appre- ciation for the efforts and 8TlCUL1l'2i29l110l1l ,given by Miss Shannon and Mr. Sears. The following comprise the Sassamon Board: Editor-in-Chief ... ... Virginia Adams Assistant Editor Barbara Church Literary Editor .. .. Charles Dorian Assistant Editors .. Blanche Paquin Winifred Murphy ... Janet Boardman Art Editor ....... Assistant Editor .. .. June Hamilton Business Manager ....... Charles Pfeiffer Assistant Business Managers Seniors, Rosalie Casella, Eleanor Lev. Doris Knox. Juniors, Robert Laney Alice Houlihan. Sophomores, Marjorie Suther- land, Marion ffantrel. Subscription Manager ..... Mary Houlihan Assistant Subscription Managers Seniors, Nellie Furber, Thelma De- Witt, John Bennett. Juniors, Anne Klein- felder, Florence Robertson. Sophomores, Margaret Powers. Virgrinia Simonetta, Lois Harrington. Joke Editor ....... Francis Mahard Athletic Editors . .. Natalie Hastings Olin Hayes News Editors Sniors, Ada Turner, Marguerite Mann, Robert Fairbanks. Juniors, Mar- garet Downey, Francis Broadley. Sopho- mores, Lois Harrington, Edith CasavanL. Financial Editor ............ Grace Scott Literary Adviser .. .. Miss Shannon Financial Adviser .. .. Mr. Sears . ' A.x'a V." f. I I. Q lf. .' 'I 1 L,'rr'- 'KAL' nfplh, 'la' 5.02 r.' ' 1 0,1 r J 'gs' . as 4 , a 0' 4 .--.' 1 4 5 . Q 1 xvuf' 'A r "-'K v . 4 Q v4 'SJ o .. . I s4, ,. . .4 gs '- if :nf NJ. 4 9 C 0 0 nl. Q X ' O IF -' I C 5. 1-05 S' "Q, ' 1 I I QL" 2 1- ' f J ., 4 'K ' 5 Q: U 1. . Y ' L ' - ' I 1 7 s .4 -ff Q u 1 v U l .. 2'-li" . f A ' 4 W ., ' - A ' v ' 4,1 1' ' . I . :I ox 4 , , ' , - Q., . ' , , - - Q ' . , '12 f4lQF.,3 1 H g '- -N5 4' - x4 0 5 5 " . -v 3 R-. - ,s A ' , , 31" Q . ,. 2 l - A 04 9 .,,. - p. 0 ., ' + 5 ' - ..,... Q - -T ,f. s . . Q 1' s' ,. A AQLA-. Ig 1 vw, r. I , ' v f X- V- , - , . .. -4 - 'v L 'F , A ,I -, .b .2-......1--47 fy Q ., ' I r..,- ,, .K-, . ,' A , - w. 4 ,,' u - ' N.' C55 ,, ,Jie-7 . .--'U A .,,..s' - 1, . Y I ,If I F. U I . ' fi: 15' 1' -nh' 2' ,-u -1 '54 Q. V ' -P J qi ' 'lr - ...L '. i "-" 1 . ,gf . . . A-f - 11:-'E' ' ,A ,'r " 1 F2 ' ' .lv al . " -.,g - 5' fi ' 4 - ' I .H ' YV l W-' ,Nerf Y, .. - 1, A rl y '--. e ,A U." A- ' '. ' 'Ps 1 I. .546 , '?'o Q . l' 'L ph U o ' L ,. 1 24' ... - . . I I. .- I .' 1.2: il 'C . , I' " 'L Ad ' Bra 'xo' u ' 37" Av IA.-r' '51 Q -35 ,,, ' 1' 4,4 1-1, . Q . we-ff I W , I ,J - - ' .1 '. '1f'7r 1 1' U .' V , , . . , . f . 4 n w I A 4 f , N za, v 4 , v . ,I 4 0 . u I r Y i l X ,H 1 r 5 I , X v, ' ' A v W ' ' 1 ' X 1 J x ' r v , f I 1 fl u is I ' ' ' - x 9' 'N A . 1 w J 1' If I , , ' Us 1. X A 1 In HW v 1 uf 3: . fd f, o . I 4 x. ,. W' A I J 1 L 9-, ' 1 1.-' N I r ' Kr V-,Vs 3 .u ' V, h f c .Viv . ' 'rn 4 4. ' U. I Q, l J A , 4,1"'o . . 0, S ia' , - limq 4 'N A A rf',-fn' ' QA- nfu, r L- Q Qu. - ' 7 "1 - .z l , 4 ln 5 ', ' A N 'v I L, 'fgl ' 'fc " .1 ,T-A, .,,-, 4 'O' -It ' N Fl' l"Q W' ' Q I -f3"S'.f "4 ' n NV i fy". -4 a ltr, M-I .v '-H UAH: ,. ' iii' 'LQ A 4 ., V' h . . , .J If! ' Tfffgv uf' ' --V N ' .trmwl ' l .J N, 5 r l L - . n., 1 1 4'4" ' " V W fist N '-.tiff A-. 1 . ., 3' ' 'Z '. 1-A 1 V.-1 'jg ' i'o,.. 5 5. W , ,aw -- . l 1 , 5 - 'u Q .Q ,. ' ' 1 . in lx L an .' gf, '. ' ,i+. r' .g 11" f A -wr... E .' ' J .1-',. Jnlldvlfx IW 1,1 yr ". f-'51 wyfn f-1, 4- t' Hi' 'vii' O' V J 3' J' 1 ' 1 ll If . R '. -1. 'Rl ' I , All ,- fi-.-f--V ,- M . .1 lag- ' - n -54,-' - -:.,,, I a,, .V ,q tl' . 1 Liu 'Q ffcv 1- -- 27,1 ,.., ,- . ff 1. I . ' 1 A I T' v-II.KI II "T,-,U V. Q 7 '1 2 Xi- Ti- 3-1: ' 1 11:52 - ,fffi-Eff " -7 . I. .Ib II-3:5.1,I-.I I - , It III II. " r ITL-' pf. - '. " ' ' -. . '-I. " .1 I 1 - '-'gf ' , , IIIAJ- if .',I- J- .2 -.X -g ILI.--, Y ' rf ' r, I4 Lv , Mg: - . . g. -sw, 1 ,Q ' ' , - . ,, F'--? F -. 'QQIQ -jp'-I' '. fi ' ' H 'f" '1 . I ,X 1 -2sIiL':,f- 1 1.3 . - A '- Fig '?- ' .Pf 4 I it.-I. al: , V " ..g QI 1" 1 ,qv-ff . II II ."4.-J-fx - III-.i'II1 '3fII'5'. I Q4 ,J ,-1 fslff. . I' I- , .I-A F c . .I-1' P-'--., "" - -- I1,I gII,TI I ,Ay I QP. 'AV--'., '. I Eff"- I -.-,.. ,- I '- - - f V -A ' ' - . -. ,H-,I, f f , - rn - S -, ' F ,vi7q,p,,: f ' A J. , I 1 I, ""'-t'A'5 :-. . "', if +I-I1-. 1 JW I I II , ., t . V ..,v,. ?, -I I 4, .- I ,- I1-In ,,.7,' I -.,-- . k' -,f'1uJ" 1 ' f -'. ,, P-, .' ' -- .0 4 -. g+'f.'5f'z'- 'ff' mf- - - 'li-'H' ' f C - o "' . . -.. ' 'IL' a- , . . ,l ' , ' '.. . 4 . , v7 - . A, ' f . v '. ' 'Q If 'If -' '- It , .H - '. 'ado ' ' 5 ' '11 A V ,' , ,4 -1 ' . J Y A -- ' , .-1. " ' , -' . ' -" '-'- V , . gasp -. :bf 415: ' '. -- -' I I 4-a -, , I. ':.I..II...I , , -.,-'I I - AI -av. ' '-.-.h sv, '- ,V . 1- ., , f ,'-- Fly' -1 , 'U - ' . az-. AIU,-n-v'-.' -'L A I '- I may f QI V. ,I r : ' ' '4 ' ' 1 ,.',,I. ' ' w7rf3Q.x:.,,I,' ,I I a 'I 'Lu . ,Qi r, I 1 'If iff 1' 4 I . ' - -' V AJ" .-III I .I -an I. ,M . Q' E- IP. A". 'L 3 - 1 ,U 1- - - , fi, wh - ' '1 - - . , ,.,., . , I I I .,'-. -xI If: . ,N .Mfr 3 '53 " F- s, ,aI-r"-,I w- I , , - -:AI ?.'- . " "" "." -' . ' , ij." . g.. - 'S-' '29 ,, +:,,,I 4 :,,. .I 'f- 4 5 - -ug. ,. , 1 . ' UI-4 I- ri'. 4-5 TWV. ' I 1, V., -1,4 .. . III, 7? nf -1- . 1 J-V5 I "0 J. , 1 Y 17' II 1 1 'An ff: f s,v, m I-p.. I .y- A if L. JZ I 'x K- , ' Q EI, J A f, n' I 1 4 7,1 4 . X gigs fl I , . .IRI . .. ,, . . lf 1'- A . . W 1

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