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Nathaniel Narbonne High School - El Eco Yearbook (Harbor City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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1 1 2 Z -u i 1 - I 3 a 3 s 's . 4' CELEBRATING YEARS OF EDUCATION YOUR 1960 EL ECO' STAFF 1960 EL ECO NARBONNE HIGH SCHOOL HARBOR CITY, CALIFORNIA STAFF JANET SCHRAMM-Assf. Editor CHUCK O'BRIEN-Sports Editor KARLA BLENKHORN-Girls Sporfs JANET COOPER-Seniors SANDRA TURNER--Seniors JEFF SHELLY-Clubs JILL GINDER-Literary Editor MIKE STEVENSON--Business Manager PEGGY BARTZ-ArfEdifor MR. H. SCHAEFER--Photography Advisor MR. F. J. LAWLCR-Staff Advisor PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY June, I960 Hello, I'm Gertrude, your official El Eco Guide The present Narbonne High School first existed in the form of a two-room wooden building called Lomita Elementary and taught by Miss Coombs. In 1920, Mrs. Griften took the reins. 1922 saw the first issue of the annual. The move to the new campus on Walnut Avenue came in 1925, and the name "Gauchos" in 1928. Mr. John L. Abbott brought with him an increasing awareness of world affairs, when he came to Narbonne in 1939. Though Mr. Robert Kelly was with us one year only, he gained the respect and love of every student and teacher on campus. Clementma de Forest Gritten 1920 to 1938 :Zan if ,-arf' Mr Robert Kelly 1942 to 1943 Mr Johnl Abbott 1939 to 1942 Mr. Earl Barnett 1950 to 1955 During his seven year stay, Mr. Lyon became known as the gentleman, scholar and gentle hu- morist that he is. His foresight and subtly guiding hand steered Narbonne through the war yegrg. Mr. Barnett was the father of the new school. His dreams and hopes eventually crystalized into the beautiful new campus we now have. When Mr. Morey came in 1955, our school was in an era of change. Plans and dreams were emerging into reality. Under his wise leadership and willingness to do anything for his school, we have come to be what we are now. Fifty years of education-fifty years of wise and wonderful principals! Mr. Cecil P. Lyon 1943 to 1950 Mr. Herbert E. Morey 1955 -Lf ' I g 3 LL f QQA MAQQQQ ai W - ' N X 9 8 A" ,X sfud - - . . 'SQ E WQ on fen fa N M Q2 Administration -ex, naahiiu...-rM-t-- The Administrative Stat? of Narbonne High School ioins me in congratulating the student body for its outstanding annual and its largest graduating class. The senior class this year is nearly twice the size of the largest class ever before graduated from Narbonne. ln three short but action-packed years you have grown from a student body of 1533 to more than 2200 students. In a few days we will scatter to our various vacation destinations. We hope that you will have ci safe and happy vacation and return to your school in the 'Fall with renewed enthusiasm for the coming school year. fl, ff! 5 if f Q Herbert E. Morey, Principal Administration The past year has been filled with many activities-dances, football games, assemblies and sports' nites-much fun-sport's rallies, Gaucho Day, Girls' Atheletic Association, and Luggage Day-and lots of homework. Behind the scenes are our ever-present, hard-working and talented administration, Mr. Herbert Morey, Mrs. Evelyn Price and Mr, Mike Marien- thal. They are ably assisted by: Mrs. Helen Berger, head counselor, Mr. Gerald Horn, registrar, Mrs. Johnnie Mae Teitz, librarian, Mrs, Marie Lowe, school nurse, Dr. Margaret Wright, girls' doctor, and Mrs. Jean Horvath, business manager. s ...hx 973, -W1-nz V g J -x A Y' C7 Pictured above are: Dr. Margaret Wright, Mrs. Helen Berger, Mrs. Marie Lowe, and Mrs. Evelyn Price. To the Iett are: Mrs. Johnnie Moe Teitz, Mrs. Jean Horvath, Mr. Mike Marienthal, and Mr, Gerald Horn. Ugg C f35f Art Department This department has been very busy making posters for the many activities at Narbonne, taking pictures for the newspaper and annual, and doing many other odd iobs which involve art work. The teachers included in this department are: Mr. Blinn, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Cost, and Mr. Schaefer. 5 'N Nh Faculty Pos s -n I JN., ' f , . .-1-eQ2f"m ff 1 wt 5 4 , .mr ti Y f-we Business Department The Business department is one department that Narbonne depends on greatly. lts members do typing I-M for the teachers and administrators and mimeograph and duplicate different things for many of the people who request it-even when they are rushed to do it. Shown to the left are: ROW ONE, Miss Conway, Mrs. Stoddard, Miss L. Richardson, Mrs. Lee. ROW TWOg Mr. Weber, Mr. S. Moore, and Mr Chow. Drivers' Education Department With the help of the Drivers' Education Department, Narbonne's students are gaining a better knowledge of safety on the road and the complicated workings of an automobile. Some students are also being taught behind the wheel driving. Shown to the right are: Mr, Steinberg, Mr. Miller, and Mr. Probert. English Department The English department has spon- sored activities and contests this year involving varied English fields. Nar- bonne students who have competed in these contest have showed good results. One thing that this depart- ment sponsored, which was success- ful in the students eyes, was the new literary edition. This department includes: ROW ONE, Miss McCoy, Mrs. Ludwig, Mrs. Muir, Mrs. Olsen, Miss Allbright, Miss Chase, Mr. Manley, Miss Lancaster, Mr. Domancich, Mr. Rowlette, and Mr. Sugimoto. ROW TWO, Col. Randall, Mr. Penny, and Mr. Lawlor. Camera shy is Mrs. Knight. fe I Y ' Homemalcing Department The Homernaking department sponsors the Future Homemakers of America It teaches the girls of Narbonne how to become better housewives Each year a senior girl is chosen by this department for the Betty Crocker Award This year Jams Hamasaka received the award. Shown to the left are: Mrs. lbata, Mrs. Osterlind, Mrs. Battaglia, and Mrs. Reisner. The Industrial Arts Department This department has worked hard to fulfill the many requests of different people at Narbonne. One thing that they have done was to put out the newspaper each week. This alone was a large iob. There were also other iobs which the department did when they were asked to do them. Shown here are: ROW ONE, Mr. Shumway, Mr. Clark, Mr. DeVries and Mr. Zook. ROW TWO, Mr. Cook, Mr. Berry, Mr. Powell, and Mr. Moore. F C: ,- A J 1 f 'T ,- '-7' t t if, The Language Department The Language Department spreads understanding and culture of foreign countries by teaching the languages and literature of these countries. This year students from some of the foreign language classes competed in the Foreign Language Field Day. One of Narbonne's students won third place. Shown above are: ROW ONE, Mrs. Shurman, and Mrs. Coombs. ROW TWO, Mr. Day, Mrs. Castaneda, Mr. Palumbo, and Mr. Parent. l Music Department MlSS STURDY AND MR. POWELL These two teachers have worked diligently to organize musical programs which would benefit the students of Narbonne. One of the many proiects was the Operetta. This was a great success. Miss Sturdy and Mr. Powell also helped with the talent show, by inspiring and tutoring students with their musical abilities. CiHs'PhyskalEducaHon Department This department has sponsored many extra-curricu- lar activities for the girls in Narbonne. Among them are Dance Club, Lettergirls, G.A.A., and Drill Team. All of these activities help to promote a better relationship between the girls at Narbanne. Shown here are: Miss Powell, Miss Ansite, Miss Richardson, Miss Herwig, and Miss Walker. .l , ,lf sf FW A fi. D, Km...-.s i ff fp. .., , ,-4 lygii ,I es. 5 . H, e.-- - Boys'PhydcalEducaHon Department The Boy's Physical Education teachers have put in a great deal of time in organizing and sponsoring Narbonne's athletic teams. Their efforts have been rewarding to the school because the Basketball team earned second place in the Marine League, and Louie Corral, a cross-country and and track star was invited to run the torch part of the way in the Olympic procession. The other teams have also done well in their varied programs. This department includes: ROW ONE, Mr. Wells, Mr. Kuns, Mr. Sloss. ROW TWO, Mr. Steinberg, Mr. Douglas, Mr. Dossey, Mr. Grahm, and Mr. Probert. Mathematics Department With the help at the Math Department Narbonne has been successful in attaining a very high mathematics standard. The teachers have coached, helped, and encouraged students in their moth studies so that they will do well in the many contests each year. To the left are: Mr. Brown, Mr, Bergman, Mr. Haley, Mr. Cook, Miss Kelly, and Mrs. Bright. Z F O N O I Z 1 T S4 o 'J Z F O o -. f, I Z 1 I 2 VD if 3 F E a I a. L, i1 r, Science Department This department has put a great deal of effort into teaching the students about a few of the many sciences. To help promote the students' learning they have sponsored the Science Fair, Synergestic Probers, and the Science Club. The department includes: ROW ONE, Mr. Cobbs, Miss Byrkit, Mrs. Kongs, and Miss Reynolds. ROW TWO: Mr. Stanley, Mr. Brown, Mr. Taras, Mr. Emus, and Mr. Levine. Social Studies Department The Social Studies department, this year, has introduced two new classes. These are International Relations and o new Senior Problems course which covers Psychology, Sociology, and three weeks at International Relations. Shown to the left are- ROW ONE: Mr. Mechikoft, Mrs. Mac- Kinnon, Mrs. Hopla, Mr. Hammond, and Mr. Latas. POW TWO: ,X Mr. Hopkins. rrrrrvvrrv. L7 V Coordinators of Student Activities and Athletics Mr. Jung, Coordinator of Student Acivities, and Mr, Caliguiri, Caordiri-.tor ot Atheletics, have worked hard to provide a more active, pleasing and interesting calendar ot events for Narbonne students, Cafeteria Staff above are: Kay Birdsong, Cook, louise Gallegos, Tillman, Merle Buxton, Maxine Suggs, Jennie Richina, Hilda lang, Guila Roberts, and Dorthy Rickerts substituting tor Mrs. Craner. Wd' P' 54 ,I 9 .X .f v fem? Nm 1. Workers Behind the Scenes Daily the cafeteria workers have served us good food, accompanied by cheerful smiles: the custodians have kept our lawns green and our buildings spotless and shining: the clerical staff has befriended the stu- dents and the people of the coma munity thus cementing good relations between the two. Clerical Staff Shawn to the right are: ROW ONE, Mrs. Barnes, Miss Mills, Mrs. Bordeaux. ROW TWO, Mrs. Ivy, Miss Cameron, Mrs. Odel- son, Miss Hedstrom, and Mrs. Stanley. Custodians Pictured at the left ore: ROW ONE, Mrs. Nealy, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Enre- quez. ROW TWO,Mr. McDonald, Mr. Harris, Mr. Ortega, Mr. Ruiz, Mr. Moisio, and Mrs. Myers. ROW THREE, Mr. Askins, Mr. White, Mr, Catchins Jr., Mr. Carlin, Mr. Allen, and Mr. Kinyon. Camera shy is Mr. Smith. YJ I7 Q "S Ml U!8lf'C!6l,55l'l'L Qlfl 55292 X i I I Classes of '61 and '62 Q , , -up Q F'-. RQJQ :fi 8? 3. We-N f KY-1 ki! I 2 F- 5 3 - n itl- 'X up S .1 'fe V A is Ax Q Q if ' , ig: , 5 1 'Q mag, r ix " an i ' 'S-5xi?fiv EJ it 'I ' 'fit fx , M. -. ,--wx f .1-.5,..5' gif, " W " ffl E -z , , 2:4335 ,,, 'J' 9 4 f 211 'P' -.-' .g H? Nm :Wi 45, 'H-me 5.3 X F! 7 5 'Q 9-'k.v 5 M. 1192? 1 if .2 Q? 1? T!! Y E s.." I X419 iff I uf. '.4- ... .nfr f iea'.F1ffv 111. 4'5w!' :rj 1 51 -5:19 'Nun - -M 12 Nl 1 . Q . , , . I - , .1 'I - . 0 .N . , X -H -' iz- . , 7 1: K E KN. 5, 1 .gh ' aiu, 1 1 V-Z T. V' . , f . 1 L' y X Q2 gg - 'U 1, A 'Kg R ' s .uv L, , , -ff? , ,143 'x as 0 . 1 My 'ww QWQQW -" wr", , i 4. C3 , ,J ""i . af" 'Y' .5 is 1 .r q- - ' .,,,..-Q -. , 49 xigy 3 " 13+ Xf 4' A lvl Q.. , ! :gf . sq. ,ww 1 .-' I . '22, ' . fix L fi L sf? 9 """N 'U :bo Eekl A Senior" B105 Q , ,., Q 1. .gzwlenf Organizafionri QW f ff STUDENT X l Q-ri y IP A 'L V.I.. I ct N ,Y L , If Kc As always, Bonnie Anderson is playing an important role in Student Body affairs -this year as Student Body Secretary. X money, money! Janice Hamasaka hands full of work as A.S.B. asl semester. Top men on the totem-pole this year were Mike Walker, summer President, and Ron Rogers, winter President. Together they made the year 1959-60 a year of distinction for Narbonne. Ruth Brady is still washing the paste 'A from under her nails and picking up scraps of paper after her busy term as A.S.B Historian. 1 . A 4- is ff, ,aw - Ti. v Vx. K 4 A .4 ,nm ,,, S. --,f 5 , iw..- ,.,. . e .ii gave. ,597 " .ee el ,S in,f -. yy, 139 Q ' Vx .zu f-1 nj, ,af.,v.,' K , .inf s - ii gg .E M ' 1 een f e. '-P441 X 1 in Government V A Avi' I..- Margie Gray ma de many friends and even more accomplishments during her term as A.S.B. Vice President for the winter semester. ,- 'Y-'77 ' ig X L - X - 5.-. One of the most diflicult iobs in Stu- dent Government is that of the A.S.B. Treasurer. Bonnie Anderson handled the iob with the enthusiasm which is her trade-mark. 49 M - Q Q I 'f M I I X X- I I .j g -is S Aching' fingers and busy days high- lighted Linda Miller's year as A.S.B. Secretary. Fasting, cutting, searching, and plan- ning marked Renee Rogers' term as A,S.B. Historian. 35 Pt X1 Chosen to represent their classes on Student Council, Pot Neprud. Mary Stanovich, Jill Ginder, Teri Hamilton, and Jean Sisco have worked to make school unity an outstanding feature at Narbonne. A XM' N Chief Justice Ken Friess and Associate Justices Steve Forrest, Teri Stalmack, and Bobbi Clarke prosecute an offender as the winter officers of Student Court. His story must be pretty good. Chief Justice Bobbi Clarke and Assoclate Justices, Sandy long Angelo Knchli and Karen Tucker seem to Msn. . Bob Weeks and Bud Trevathan, Student Directors of Athletics, did a terrific iob this year in making all the athletic events a big success. Y' P- ,- i I Q Linda Miller and Diane Adams organized and carried out many extra Student Body activi- ties this year during their terms as Student Director of Social Activities. 4.1 Traffic problems are closer to a solution due to the hard work and interest of Bob Wolf and Bob Nichols, Student Directors of Traffic and Safety. This can-can line up included some familiar faces in the annual talent show. Congress ww 'Q- Norbonne s two Marges Gray and Southworth were Press dents of Student Congress Mr Jung had thmgs well under control thus year un Student Congress Under hrs able asslst once the club has made many accomphshments Sensor Student Congress members nncluded ROW ONE D Slagg M Hubbard R Moore V Kuykendall C OBnen J Loeduge D Trombly D Onan: ROW TWO C Gibb T Relst I Elden L Schollerman W Walner D Reams N Gibb D Grammer J '5- t Q ' 3 . . . ' ' : 5 . , . , . r - f - I ' 1 ' . 1 - 1 - . .- I . . , . ' , . , . , . , . , . ' , . . -s 3 H., - x GJ 3 - ,Q Q ' A J LX , -f 1 n f Advises I . .luniors Student Congress strrves for school unuty Class representatrves meet frequently to discuss problems and to suggest new Ideas submrtted to them by their classmates Stu dent Congress Student Council and the Admmustratron work hand In hand to make Narbonne the best school possrble S 0 h O m O r e S Row oNe K Tucker T Hamrlton Row Two M Bcnrd 5 Bower ROW THREE M Wunsryg B Tenney ROW ONE G Pence T Ryland S Delvy D Attrldge B Baughman ROW TWO C Smuth S Glusac B Thomas J Womack E Rudge J Shnrozono I l K : . , . ' . : . ' , . : . ' , . . L3 . 5: B, x, L-.3 ,' X 4. f', ,. . 1 'l'-,.,-:H 4 f , , , Y, ' E ":.:- Q , X L J r '-"',1,R f, I .T ,lk If , I1 L--fr 1 .gl H k ' A V K I K. R-A I, , ,, , : . , . , . , . ' , . . : . ' I ' I ' I ' I ' I ' I ' Boys' League Leaders Among Men YOW CA MICH E 40 5 ' Year of Achievement f ,fff -7 i ,. J 'X ll lla,-Oil!-A' L: ' f-.,!...lLlg.isQ H a r d Wo r k -L1 An example of Narbonne s faculty partlcupatlon They gave up their valuable time to Install our new scoreboard Result Success' wh? 355, iudnnggmix-i - .- Proof that we do profit from hard work our electruc scoreboard stands on the Boy s Fueld a trnbute to Narbonne s outstandnng Boy s League 1 e- ' , 'I l rn D - .A-, my , . J fi s l -,X - . J N l I Q 0 , , ps ' , . -45 , 3. c s- I -ff " ...1.:,g he '.,' ' , :21..ifeif--c I With character to match his size, Mr. Garvin has led the Boy's League through their most successful year to date. 'il Jerry Fowler, winter President, led an enthusiastic board through a terrific year. They are ROW ONE: H. Boderman, D. Wagner, T. Kaselionis, E. Sunde, D. Carmichael, B. Dewalt, J. Fowler. ROW TWO: H. Quadres, D. Vasnaian, M. Nason, G. Cramm, E. Jenkins, W. Clark, M. Murakami, and B. Rau. Royalty on Review 42 Vs M. rt A top honor at Narbonne is that of being chosen Football Sweetheart. This year's queen was Marion Beadling. 1 l l l l l x.1 l l l . l . Q J Q ',Sx ,I 4- ' l . , , .WMA ..-f' ff Q22 X Interrupted in a discussion of the superiority of their respective sexes, we find Dave and Carol, league Presidents. The biggest B.L. sponsored event is Gaucho Day. Decked out in their Gaucho Day attire are B. Rau, D. Wagner, M. Nason, and D, Carmichael. Demonstrating their capabilities, Dave Carmichael and his board led the boys of Narbonne through a variety of activities. They are ROW ONE: D. Carmichael, S. Forest, B. Rau, M. Murakami, E. Richards, D. Harline. ROW TWO: S. Plant, D. Wagner, G. Cramm, L. Peterson, M. Nason, S. Wilcox, E. Sunde. at 1 - A 1- ' l 43 ffl il T? .phase al 0 gb. .-sz.---' Sandra Adamson, Mrs. Coombs, and Carol Blake were at the top of Girls' League this year. Ceremonies .... . The Big Three X The tradition and beauty of the Girls' League Installation was apparent this year as always. A Parting Gift... At each installation, the past Presi- dent presents flowers to the new Presi- dent. Carol Blake accepts the gift from Sandra Adamson with the grace and friendliness which has been the trade- mark of all past presidents. 9: Girls' League X!!! V ..,. Demonstrating the Big and little Sister Praiect, Terry Reist helps her "little Sister" with her locker combination. The Girls' League has had an especially active season this year. Their schedule has been crowded with activities. The highlight of the winter semester was the G. L. backward dance entitled "Harvest Daze". Candy canes were well in evidence this year when the board had their annual candy cane sale. The spring semester has also been filled to overflowing with activities. The Shamrock Ball was a huge success as was the Cotton Day Assembly. This past year, the Girls' League has established a Big and Little Sister Proiect to acquaint the new BlO's with the campus. It was a credit to the Board this year and is well on its way to becoming a tradi- tion at Narbonne. Kathy White, Sandy Hunt, and Arlene Naka- watase model the dresses they made for Nar- bonne's annual Cotton Day Assembly, sponsored by the Girls' League. 45 The summer Girls league Board smiles en ll1USIUSllCOllY offer c semesler of hard work and success They are ROW ONE B Bower S Gorlow C Blake R Ryland T Rensf and Mrs Coombs ROW TWO K Lewis V Fuull S Hunt C' Whale K Whale A Nokawctese Fashions By Slmpllclfy . . : :. , . 1- 1 - 1 - 1 - . 5 . , . , . ,.. , . , . . Ol 0 Service Club 4 -I-, Qu , ,, .-5 .ss ,, 'e x I - C y Q0 ,G as .KI Q- af Af' 12- 4,5 4- ,. ,K Jr ?1n YQF' X .AIP ,s f 9 J 1 po -1 1 40 -dk E rl Two of the top service clubs at Narbonne are Knights and Jane Addams, Membership is open to Seniors only and they are voted on by the Faculty and Student Body. Their duties include ushering at assemblies and providing service to their school. Mr. Marienthal is the sponsor of Knights and Mrs. Price is the sponsor of Jane Addams. ROW ONE. E. Yoshi, P, Yuoka, B. Akens, J. Hamasalna, R. Ryland. ROW TWO: M. Beadling, B. Anderson, P. Neprud, E. Salcido, K. Hanaoka. ROW THREE: B. Wada, D. Grammer, V. Truscott, L. Welch, A. Ndkuwuiese. ROW FOUR: T. Kobayashi, C, Maier, B. Dewalt, B. Trevethan, P. Nieto. ROW FlVE: C. Schweitzer, J. Armstrong, L. Stalmack, C. Allen, C. Blake. ROW SIX: S. Garlow, D. Adams, M. Stanovich, P. Mason, M. Cook, C. Schweitzer-W. Pres. ROW SEVEN: W. Fulwldki-W. PVQS., 5. Adamson, B. Clarke, G. Thorneycroft, L. Miller, P. Lallement, M. Gray-S. Pres. ROW EIGHT: C. O'Brien-S. Pres., B. Rozich, J. Shelly, J. Casey, R. Ryel, S. Swafiord. ROW NINE' K. Friess, J. Fowler, D. Carmichael, R. Cook, J. O'Hara. ROW TEN: Mr. Mcriertlhdl, B. JObS0rt, E. Sunde, R, Richards, P. Godfrey, M. Walker, Mrs. Price. ROW ELEVEN: K. Cummins, R. Suminaga, B. Rau, K. McNees, 5, Wilcox. ROW TWElVE2 B. Nichols, R, Bauer, K. Swanson, A. Cobham, C. Manning. I .N.,,, 4 iv Hi-, v'-. , -if vw- A ,,,.-'. 4 F , 4 .4 se '- ff ,1- Squires The Squires Service Club is open to eleventh grade boys and is sponsored by Mr. Cobbs. lrow 11 P. Nieto, K. Tsuii, M. Murakami, G. Cramm, D. lenkeit, E. Rich- ards, B. Day, J. Croskrey, H. Quadres, D. Wagner, L. Clark. lrow 21 R. Mease, B. Turner, R. Ernest, J. Frons, J. Everett, H. Luyt, L. Campbell, C. Grudzinskas, D. Harline, M. Crane, P. Osterlind. lrow 31 Mr. Cobbs. 09 'I .., if Barons Tenth grade boys with satisfactory grades and citizen- ship are eligible for the Barons Service Club. lrow 'l1 R. Weeks, B. dejonge, D. Yoshii, S. Plant, B. Fore, D. Hill, R. Bulwa, E. Hall, P, Giacomi, P. Hall. lrow 21 D. Groverman, P. Martinson, C. Smith, J. Griffin, R. Nelson, G. Gasser, S. McWhirter, W. Smith, W. Licht. 'fr :Jai i 'mfr' x-Q ff' G, 0 .ML 4 . . ,. I-F, , .,i .JY 5. -1- ,4 '. "if 4 9 i .x 1E F Z, '4 ll .Q ,ir .v 'e. fe vt W M M W my 2? X sv-gh A h J ZYA ag AQ aa Q M. y iz v7 V .-1 'iv be 'Q W if 5, ' ,im ' ef, 1,44 ' 3 ,,, , ,ff - 1-' f W I x x at . 5 'f 5, ,v ' " C 3. ,kv l l This yeor's Key Club Presidents, Bill Rozich ond Mike Wolker an look buck with pride on o yeor filled with activities, service nd fun during their terms of office. Getting Down 'ro Business . . . 50 Key Club 4 p', Mr. H. Schoeler hos sponsored Key Club through their most active yecr. Well liked for his sense of humor, he is also highly respected by the Key Club and the entire Student Body if .Qu f X lf-7 1 'C M 6' 'NN A typical Key Club meeting-all members sit on the edges of their choirs listening intently to e words of their President. 4 , One of Key Club's many activities is the registration of cars lor student parking. Doug Harvie, Richard Ryel and Glenn Smith fill out the registration forms while on duty in the parking lol, Lg: 'Y -tgz ,gi,,j.LQ l ? I Key Club members are proud of their organization and participate in high spirits in their many activities. They are A. Cobham, B. Rozich, K. Friess, S. Dahlager, S. Plant, G. Rickard, D. Harvie, M, McCarthy, D. Findley, B. Smith, J. Gutierrez, C. Schneider, D, Wagner, T. Kobayashi, B, Halverson, B. Weeks, D. Brown, E. Hall, R. Ryell D' Carmichael, P. HGH, GI Smnh, EI Richards' Dv Lenken. This year's Key Club queen was Teri lee Hamilton. Her Princesses were Donna Grammer and Donna Roshu. L-9 SENlORS ROW ONE W Wallner M Stevenson L Kopp A Stephenson D Carmnchael S Selversteln C OBrten D Schmutz B Van Camp B Burnes B Weeks J Kunkle K Hannsgen and B Nlchols ROW TWO E Yoshu J Usul P Yuoka L Mead J Asplttle K Blenkhorn T Perochlnl Mlnnug H Morrxs C Gbb L Peterson L Cornelius M Hcrbourn Netsch P Bartz V Kuykendall L Stout and V Truscott ROW THREE J Schramm L Welch P Muchaelus P Mason K Hoefs B Lohman D Root M Drown J Scott J Armmgton D Dunkln S Lovas W Scott B Gardner T Kobayashr and F J Shelly ROW FOUR D Grammer M Gray J Thomas S Long A Nakawatase G Winkler J Halltck V Taylor B Bren denbach D Stagg D Adams C Blake M Gose M Dum J Martln andJ Wagenseul 241 Q '7 5 OFFICERS ROW ONE E Sunde R Ryland, C Mannnng J Hamaska, andL Holden,L Netdengard,J Crouther, and C Gillette ROW THREE H Clauser, J Lewrs Hongola ROW TWO K S Newlln, H Peel and N, ii .E ' - P 1 Q- 4 .lf . . - . l - 5 -, I -,. A. :xii lx A- r-I -- 4 U 1 5- 1- 1- 1- 1- I 1- -1- "1- '1- 1- 1- 1- 1- 1 2- "1-'1- 1 . ,. ',. ,. ",A.",. ',.i,. ,. t,. ,R. . ,. ,. ,. , . . :. ,. ,. I ',. ,. 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- I 1- A1- 1 - 1- 1- .1 -- - 5- 1- 1- 1- 1- 1-L 1- J1- 1- .' 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- 41- .1 - A- H lv.. V Sis on , 1 ' 03 4X 5 , Q Lf ' Hg' 'I' ...,'- . 3 -Q ' --5 1 - . ., Yffx K iv, , 1, 5 lt x '9 wi . J '17 if t 1 'X L,. .tl -4' Y 1' .144 SPONSORS Mrs Mary Olsen and Miss Jane Kelly California Scholarship Federation x JUNIORS ROW ONE D Stewart B Butler D Barrie T Mason R Chase L Peterson P Thomp son G Cramm L Barnum andJ Ruby ROW TWO J Tremble D Bone S Barto G Collins L Knlghlen A Griffin D Mulligan F Brookover B Turner R Ernest D Brewster and R Williams ROW THREE J Hutcheson A Kuchli C Culbertson T Traunfelder J Evenson D Blackburn M 'Ri SOPHOMORES B Peterson D Hoshn R Weeks B DeJonge J Roberts B Thomas M McCauley R Bulwa J Gnllin P Ruemmler R Stevenson and W Smith ROW TWO C Downs Siudmak L Ol ver R RuHo J Holden Ka au S Lewis M DeVries M Clauser L Bedell A Reeves G Hannsgen and V McLain ROW THREE J Jenkins T Hachiya C Adam No :ca X Nobe L Wultfson Josselyn C Calvert V Fischer J Ross D Han back and S Kaufman o xf V , X X 1 se' X , X .' .V i 1 rl' 4 '-E . . 1 l : : . , . , . ' , . , . , . , , - Kirk, E. Chenault, S. Lindsay, L. Root and M. Baird. 1 3 v- K. ' , . i , . , , , P. -, s d , . ', . ' , . , . l I L I L, . J L J Y! y x . z . , , , , . son, K. tr' , . I, . , C. .11-1 Nl FJ owlor ond Lynn Welch sponsor and edutors Carolee Glbb S'raf Green An ROW ONE P Davis D Albrmon V Slmes B Kmes and B Nnchols ROW TWO C Schreyer L Clark D Reams C OBrien E Hull L Mutchell and T Murhnson d Gold Mr. . .L , , ' ' 3, . ' ,Ui , - I , , , r, 9 C 1 M ly, V' O ,El :. ', . ' , . ' , . ' . ' . : . , . , Clang, L. Wilson, C. Ball, D. Nance, L. Regan, T. Geier, R. Nixon, C. Miloe, G. Cole, D. Lenkeiv, J. Greene, C. Manning, C. Arnold. Off to the Presses IVV' 1 .4 Q 4? A was L ff ag, 0 . EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Pam Horn Q' f 3 xqx 17 STAFF MEMBERS: Chuch O'Brien, Sporls Editor, Peggy Bartz, Art Editor, Mr. F. J. Lawlor, Advisor Mike Stevenson, Business Manager and Jill Ginder, Literary Editor. WINTER STAFF MEMBERS: Alan Cobham, Barbara Howard, Bruce Kines and Jeanine HoHenblum. 56 ..-M..-1: ,- El Eco Sfaffers I. v A-I C iff, All I, ' 'gp' 5 utr ' 'g SECTION EDITORS: JeH Shelly, Club Editor, Sandra Turner, Seniors, Karla Blenkhorn, Girls Sports and Janet Cooper, Seniors. I Assistant Editor: Janet The El Eco Stafl spent many busy hours working towards publication. Schramm lrwter-Club Council ron smoothly under 'he We lwdefship of Mr. James wallen. Inter-Club Council 3-uv--1 ,.-.----- u-Quin-Cu .agp-4 .aan-n-... .u-A -4 ...a........ , - -.x......... ..s...,.,.... ....a,.........-. ..4.,.... Club representatives meet to discuss problems and work to End c solution. Inter-Club Council Presidents were Bob Weeks and Walter Scott. Q5--M Q? ' t ln-sts, 2133- t ' 1 5 K a. -,Jw Clubs A 1 - . W The graceful, abstract movements of Les Sillou- ettes express a deep knowledge of modern dance. Under Miss Doris Richardson, these agile dancers have performed various acts on stage. Pictured to the right are: ROW ONE: F. Dixon, S. Delvy, J. Hale, G. White, N, McDonald, L. Hongola, V. Kuykendall, M. Hubbard, N. Newnes, P. Wheeler, B. King, J. Truelsen, R. Ry- land, J. Lawrence. ROW TWO: M, King, B. Shanen, P. Chace, J. Scott, C. White, D. Watkins, E. Haney, M. Jacobson, K. O'Mal1oney, N. Chandler, I. Lowry, J. Day, K. Holden, B. Akens, P. Jenkins. The Chess Club, started in 1957 has introduced many to the fascinat- ing game of chess. Under the advis- orship of Mr. V. Stanley last year's team took seventh in the l959 All City Chess Tournament. Pictured to the left are: ROW ONE: C. Webber, P. Elder, V. Heiner, R. Chace, J. Coplin, D. Vaznanian. ROW TWO: Mr. Stan- ley, L. Barnum, J. Rogers, K. Hannsgen, B. Van Camp, L. Peterson, J. Kunkle. American The American Field Service is one of the largest clubs on campus, having about ninety members. The club serves three purposes: First, it promotes interest in interna- tional affairs, second, it helps our foreign exchange students to enioy their stay in our country, third, it aids Narbonne students to become acquainted and work with our foreign exchange students. During the year the club sponsors a Model United Nations Day and a United Nations Essay contest. The members attend conferences at the various colleges in the Los Angeles area on International Relations. Mr. Jack Hopkins, sponsor, and Judy Spencely, president, have done a fine iob in helping this year's foreign exchange students enioy their visit to Narbonne. This year they were Pierrette Lallemant from France, Carlos Villarreal from Argentina, and Sy Zaidi from Pakistan. The American Field Service members pictured above are: ROW ONE: K. Hannsgen, L. Jacobson L Carmichael, J. Spenceley, D. Root, S. Long, K. Holden, D. Slagg, J. Evenson, J. Lowell, D. Phil ps Lewis, M. MacDonald, C. Downs, M. Deuries, B. DeJonge. ROW TWO: K. Rounsavelle, C. Ghormley S Lewis, T. Dunlap, S. Stilwell, C. Stout, J. Gould, J. Mardwick, T. Hachiya, S. Powers, ROW THREE M J. Hopkins, E. Sunde, R. Sundberg, B. VanCamp, C. Villarreal, J. Ost, S. Lovas, B. Gardner, J. Reeder 5. Horkey, M. Shellaby, M. Drown, E. Fleming, S. Rhoads, J. Ford, B. Freiwald. ROW FOUR: P. Kadau K. Siudmak, M. Clauser, C. Meiners, J. Klein, J. Plimmer, W. Scott, G. Thorneycroft, B. Narancic, B. Burnes J. Hack, J. Tremble, L. Sellars, J. Stoner, L. Oliver, S. Gindroz, M. Beaver. JV M Field Service Foreign Exchange Sfudenfs L44 if FOREIGN 1' Ptctured above rn French Club are ROW ONE J Bishop D Anderson S Curry D Shultz P Chace D Slagg K Holden S Long A Lavas B Clif ard ROW TWO C Van Dvne F Brookaver J Fernandez J Hack J Hutcheson elsch ut uc 1 Cornetus Mvnnr T Pera chmr M Batrd J Hardwtclr ROW THREE J Stewart V Allen M Shellaby Gay romantic ance where the nattves have purple feet from crushung grapes a the arnstocrats mdulge I a or, th s ns our of the French Club under the sponsorshup of Mr John Palumbo The clubs 65 members slnp for a moment tnto the realm of the ..:.. unt A erstrom M eonorcl I den E er C Schre er c aelvs J arttn Baug man D Reams S New in ROW FOUR umbo S Ltndsay L cot 1 Br Dv v Love lmaglnatlon to vlsnt the country they are studyung They sung native songs watch French movtef and go on numerous autxngs dealung wnth French culture X 1 An. Pvctured above rn German Club are ROW ONE J Ford S Rhodes D Turner hreyer P 1 haelts o e D Phtllvps J Tremble V Caponetta Dvana Shultz ROW TWO J C Palumbo H Towler B Towler B Kopp M The land of magncal castles gay native festnvals and folk dances typtfies Germany of old tnmes and today Much of the spnrut of the German people ts conveyed to Narbonne s German Club Thus Itvely group along wtth Mr John Palumbo theer sponsor par tr onner roolrer earns New tn Nels P Bartz We ber ROW THREE C Van Dme J Shelly M Thorpe W Stevens Burnes W Smuth R Downer J Ost J Oswald M Odell R Gardener tnclpates un sungnng dancnng and movnes dealung wuth German culture Last semester they ltteraly mvaded the Bovartan Hotbrau Restaurant and ate thetr way through German songs, dances and food 'x , 1 I ' " J V .. f I u -4' l ' ' : . ' , . , . S. H , N. lc , . L , . El , P. ld , . y , P. Mi f . t . 1 - I - , - I - I - 'L I lt A, . M ' , J. h , - , . l' . J. C - . ' , . , . , . , . , Pal , . ' , , R , L. H'll, B. oatch, G, 'ck'nson, J. ll, J B. N ' , P, Bartz, L, Sto , A. K" hl', L. l' , A. ' 'g, . - Evenson, B, Johntry, T. Ryland, K. Tuclrer, N. Toombs. - 1, - . . . . . . . . ' , nd ' ' in ' m i ' the , ' , ' ' ,, ', Qi 1 'J "'. ' ' K A - - . r I I , A , K' lr, P. C , P. C , D. R , S, l' , B. ' ch, . , C. C. Sc , . M'c ', J. L v ll, , ' ' , . , , , b' . ' . ' , . , , , . , B. FLAVOR 'T r .11- -ew w Pictured bove rn Latfn Cl b e ROW ONE C Ewrng J Jo T Hachtya Munmg L Corneltus V Truscott 8 Brerdenbach Mrs Coom s P U alells C Schreyer ROW TWO J Jendvns L C x T Pera htm K E er The glory of old Rome stull luves on Narbonnes campus through Mrs Coombs Latnn Club lt ns not found ln the clash of gladlators swords or thrnllung charlot races but Its beauty IS preserved In the ancient language Itself Vlsnt Colorful Spam How often we have seen these words 0" a travel poster and wlshed we could vnsut the land of Spanush dancers and matadors But we neednt go tar for right here on campus we have a club that delves unto Spanlsh culture Under the sponsorshnp of Mrs Norma Castaneda and Mrs Edna an 429 X x art: u p wfs Ho n P Kadau B Kopp Jacobson W THREE C Downs H Peel P 1 Ho R Nelson Myers J Lamg M Snow C Josselyn K Studrnalr Once a year the multu purpose room ts transformed unto a lovely pavulnon where the patrnans un flowmg robes, meet for the Latln Banquet Served by slaves and entertauned many wonder why Rome ever fell' Shurman students have af' opportunlty to parttcnpate In the galety of Spam Through movues contests and songs they are able for a moment to travel across the Atlantlc to a land of wonderous beauty and music -v 46 ,e ,O sv --n C., Z 3 L I' :Tb 33? ' Prcrured above nn Spanvsh are ROW ONE D Bunten T Hagan L Keee or S rwell Mvnga Ann: M DeSoto J Safree Vlllarrle L Jacobson S Srlversten K Bend T Upholt E a C Stuart ar K Ber99f 5 Cl7'ld9"5 ROW FOUR 5 Fwd K Holden C M5N 95 ROW TWO Senora Castaneda D Bellls J Mclaln M Uranga J Kletn M R Ruffe P Wood J Castellano B Wfxon J Webber J Hardwtclr C Denlay Brown S Frrer S Farwell B Sta on D Poh ROW THREE C Ball 3 5 5 . 'ZF-1 " ' 5 ' r lair- ' l . -1 Q I ,' F l' A, r 'X 4. Q N ll w A A A ." X, 'Tx QlN:' ll ffl 'QQ ' ' a ' u ar . ' , . y, . ' , P1 E , T. D nla , S. Le ', J. lde , - 1 . , M. . A. ' , . , , , . ' , , b , . M f RO . , . , . F'elds, J, efs, . , C. , . ch ' ', . . : , ' , . o , . c ' ', . hl , , . , . , . ' . 1 V I - . ,Q ' f 1 . ' 3 ' - .1 ' A l -5 3 B . Ai, . 4 O J H" . ff! - - 5 I - f tl " 1 so " 3 A -4 we a . ,.. 1 ' x ' I M' l '- 4 lo' Q9 6 , H 0' - 5 A 2, 7 I. , . . N of Q l ,V ' ' ' o I , 1,-4 Q I, - -L, ..j Y 9 .L - ,, Q af . li ' ,- ' 1 . 4 1 5 X X I v Q U- . I X X A W K I . ' 'l 4 ' l 2 - 'S z ' 1 N g . 1 A . . JL- . . 1 A ' ' , . , . , . 1, St0', . srl , L. ' y, s. mn, D, 'h, . , . d, A. C. A ' , . , . ' , . , . , .Re , . . P k, . , . ' - . f J J - 2 1 , . a , . , . nr , . c e. , . , L. ai ing Wind-blown, sun-burned, and sea sprayed, these are the members of Nar- bonne's Sailing Club. Their graceful sloops bob and dip in Pacific waters off Balboa lsland. The club's 30 members, under Mr. James Cost, learn the ways of the sea and sailing and share ideas through their own experi- ences. ROW ONE B. Peditl, S. Moran, W. Fischer, P. Maior, W. Close, R. Kalstron, S. Chidester, A. Fuller. ROW TWO: Mr. James Cost, D. Slagg, N. McDonald, M. Mewnes, T. Dunlap, S. Long, K. Holden, R. Brady, C. Stout, K. Blenkhorn. ROW THREE: K. Miller, D. Owings, J. Shelly, C. Schreyer, R. Kalstrom, P, Mi- chaelis, E. Snyder, D. Wilkins, M. Clauser. P Q, . JR-1' Bowling "Strike" or gutter", the two words most familiar to Narbonne's bowler, mean ex- haltation or defeat. Under stiff competition, 32 trophy-winning-minded bowlers meet Tuesday afternoons at Palos Verdes Bowl. The sponsor, Mr. Phil Steinberg, presents trophies to the top bowlers at the end of each twenty week period. To the left, ROW ONE: J. Williams, M. Dreyer, L Bethurem, D. Reams, S. Newlin, J. Thomas, B. Neisch P. Bartz, C. Gordon, M. Lehman. ROW TWO: Mr Phil Steinberg, M. Chilton, G. Black, J. Sands, T Nelson, B. Matlock, J. Weadon-Rice, E. Chambers ROW THREE: J. Vande Linde K. McNees, J. Woodruff S. McWhirter, K. Swanson, L. Schuck, L. Jacobson D. Lehman, B. Brockett. r I 1 .Ax is T -3 1 . . i T I ,r if TWO' 4 3 ' V l 1 1 ' ,.,,.a A-b V lr .HOTT ll--........ - 41- Above are, ROW ONE: C. South, N. Weeden, T. Tado, S. Simpson, C. Stevens, J. Shirozano, M. South. ROW TWO: Mrs. Elaine Reisner, B. Graves, L. Higgins, B. Kopp, J. Parris, B. Conshafter, M. Takaki, Mrs. Evelin Ibata. ROW THREE: C. Stetson, J. Morgan, L. Peterson, M. MacDonald, S. Sickinger, L, Sims, S. Stowe. School Today Home Tomorrow FHA girls have the opportunity to hostess and serve at various functions connected with the school each semester. They perform service in the community and learn techniques connected with homemak- ing, such as constructing the club uniform, correct table service, and individual growth through proper appearance and behavior. The sponsors are Mrs. Elaine Reisner and Mrs. Evelin lbata. S! Above are, ROW ONE: D. Stagg, S. Jacks, P. Michaelis, C. Meiners, N. Toombs, M. Snow, S. McAllister, C. Patton, R. Ruffo, Margaret McCoy, Pat Wiene ke, D. Attridge, B. Kopp, P. Larsen, C. McNees, D. Hanback, K. 5lel'1lll1OVf1, J- Usur, J. Aspittle, T. Hachiya. ROW THREE: S. Jackman, D. Borg, C. Schreyer, P, Mason, S. Watt, J. Arminglon, J. Weaver, V. McLain, J. Stewart, D. Goodell J. Beck, C, White, J. Williams. H. Peel, J. Lewis. ROW TWO: Miss Home Work Today School Work Tomorrow The California Education Club endeavors to provide an array of realistic, firsthand opportunities for students to learn more about teaching and to encourage more students to enter the profession. With Miss Margaret McCoy, sponsor, the members hear talks by both young and experienced teach- ers, observe elementary classes in nearby schools, and act as teacher's assistant one day each se- mester on Future Teachers Day. , H A Q ' -B Us F' Q' rX Above are ROW ONE S Perry T Nelson obson I C Kuylcendoll J Bynack ROW TWO D Marcoux nde Eno A Beyer D Schuhm nn Cox L Kopp I .fxf-. 'VI 1? f,a:-N5 ...-.. -33, 'YK "Tai Photography Club The Photography club provldes an opportunnty tor Interested students to discuss problems related to theur par ticular Interest You can always spot one of Mr Harvey Schaefers sutter bugs by their tamllxar camera and one word vocabulary smule as QU L Q-Af v-if tv ,,.. -1 ,ar '-x Fu. an Y .IS Art Club On alternate Tuesdays A 9 ns turned unto a menloture Greenwsch Village The Art Club under the sponsorshnp of Mlss Wydell Martin meets to unlash pent up creative abnlxty ID a mass of brnlluant colors To the left ore ROW ONE D Watknns M Shellaby J Stoner P Kcdcu E Flemnng ROW TWO H Darnell F Dowell J McComble G Seose K O Mahoney hiL..L 10 4' HIY Red Cross Much like its adult predecessor, the Na tional Red Cross Club The Junior Red Cross Club is ever active in service to all Under the guidance of Mrs Osterllnd the club has made toys, layettes, and loke books which were distributed by the National Red Cross This year the Club was composed of the follow- ing people: ROW ONE: Walter Scott Lynne Peterson Nancy Weeden Judy Gould Joan Evenson Dale Grimes. ROW TWO: Judy Bynack Diane Oriani Penny Pasco Frances Knight Sharon Lewis and Mary lrons. . J, as , The Hi-Y has twenty seven members and is spon- sored by Mr. Lee Haley. The members ot this club are. ROW ONE: Bill Gasser, John Irons, Bob Bradbury, Hank Darnell, Dave Grubbs, Bruce Kines, Mike Mura- kami. ROW TWO: Bob Jungkind ,Gregg Sease, John McChristy, Alan Kaye, Mark Winsryg, Mike Stevenson, Jeft Shelly. ROW THREE: Mr. Lee Haley, Jim Rogers, Bob Nichols, Roland Bauer, Chuck O'Brien, Carl Ghormley, John Joy. ROW FOUR: Jim Ruby, Mike Crane, Eddie Ferrante, Jim McCampbell, Don Dowell, Pete Thompson, and Bob Graham. Sportsnight The Sportsnight Committee, sponsored by Mr. Robert Clark, helps out at all dances, noon activities, Sportsnights, and sells re- freshments at all athletic events. The com- mittee membership is limited to thirty five. Those chosen to be on the committee this year were: ROW ONE: Roger Weeks, Sammy Rich, Laura Kaufman, Linda Mingay, Johnny Johnston, Marilyn lehman. ROW TWO: Bob Chambers, Anne Rohl, Joan Wagenseil, Heidi Schmitz, Steve Sundell, Jeanne Lehman. ROW THREE: Robert Kalstrom, Cary Ghorm- ley, Clif Nicholson, Brad Coleman, Don Berry, and Hal Kern. Above ore: ROW ONE: C. Baber, B. Crowder, C. Myers, B. Benn, T. Bixby, R. Nelson, L. Kopp, J. Wieneke, J. Laing, B. Clifford, A, lovas. ROW TWO: P. Horn, C. Van Dine, J. Baughman, Miss Julie Allbright, J. Hack, T. Dunlap, K. Coe, El Vandayburg, C. Boll, P. Parfitt, L. Cox. ROW THREE: F. Brookover, l. Elden, J. Stewart, J. Grest, P. Elder, S. Huntley, S. Jacks, L. Bedell, C. Hutto, D, Orioni, M. Leonard, E. Fleming. Reading Arguments Under the sponsorship of Miss Elsie Allbright, the Literary-Creative Writing Club has enjoyed a variety of interesting speakers, dramatists cmd informative documentary films. lts members are kept well informed ot literary happenings. Semi-annually the club publishes a literary anthology composed ot the creative works of talented Narbonne students. Art of Argument The Forensics Club, sponsored by Col. Hal Randall, is an organization which provides public speak- ing opportunities outside ot school for those students interested in speech. At tournaments such as the one held at El Camino College, the club members spoke in the impromptu, extemporaneous, original oratory, oratorical interpretation, original humor and debate. Pictured below are: ROW ONE: Linda King, Carolyn Denlay, Pamela Horn, Noel Toombs, Joan Evenson, Charlene Norris Jana Hutcheson, Ellen Vandayburg, Valerie Simes, Nancy Nauert, ROW TWO: Col. Hal Randall, Spud Reynolds, Vol Graham, Sandy Rhoads, Walter Scott, Jim Ruby, Larry Peterson, Leon Jacobson, John Ost, Susan Van Camp, Cindy Gillette. ROW THREE: Allan Lovas, Kathleen Starbird, Barbara Lohman, Joan Ford, Bobbet King, Larry Kopp, Bob Turner, Babette Freiwald, Doug Hollings, Joanne Plimmer, Bettie Womack, Lynne Carmichael. 4 6 livfl 5 if V 'ti li gt P 3 I 1 . 5 Q hu... Above are, ROW ONE: B. Broatch, P. Parfitt, D. Gersdorf, S. Stilwell, M. L'Esperance, S. Childers, A. Minnig, J, Jenkins, ROW TWO: A. Lovas, Miss Alice Sturdy, B. Holly, Gigi Dickenson, J. Stone, J. Hutchenson, H. Peel, J. Hallick, K. Siudmok, D. Downs, S. McAllister, M. MacArthur. ROW THREE: M. Snow, V. Garrod, J. Ford, J. Armington, R. Bulwa J. Stewart D. DeWeese, C. Villarreal, L. Kopp, J. Shelly, A. Griffin, J. Eakin. The Philharmonic Club is composed of students who enjoy listening to serious music, of symphonic calibre. The club dates back to i949 and has met regularly on Friday noons in the music room for more than ten years. Special opportunities for concerts and musical events are often given to its members. Miss Alice Sturdy has been the sponsor since its beginning. l i -.x Above CVC, ROW ONE: S. Swaftord, P. Field, T. Arthurs, C. White, S. Shaw, D. Bradoury. ROW TWO: Mr. Elmer Douglas, T. Mondo, J. Baughman, M. Winsryg, C. Ghormley, J. Smith, C. Butcher, V. Lenord, C, Wisdom. As it is throughout America, iazz is becoming more popular at Narbonne. More students are progressing up from rock 'n roll to the only original American arte-iazz. ln Narbonne's Jazz Club, students learn about the diFferent types and eras of iazz. The club, however, deals mainly in the contemporary phase. Annually they sponsor a Jazz Concert. This indubitably is the swingingest aFfair to take place at Narbonne during the school year. This year's trumpet sensation, Shorty Rogers, was featured. Listeners The Madrigal Choir was organized in the spring semester of l958 to give advanced students an opportunity to participate in engage- ments outside of school which the larger choir could not accept. The Madrigal Choir sang in the Christmas program for the employees of the Southern California Edison Company, and before the American Association of University Women of Palos Verdes. This spring they helped to give the Gilbert 8- Sullivan operetta, H.M.S. Pinafore on May 20, sang for the Founders' Day P.T.A. Program and the San Pedro Community Sing, not to mention the performance they gave at the banquet honoring new and retiring teachers in the Harbor area. Members of the Madrigal Choir in the spring of 1960 were: ROW ONE: Olivia Deltusha, Jana Hutcheson, Shelley Maurice, Nonya Newnes, Valerie Truscott, Glenda White, Robin Ryland, Kathy Evans. ROW TWO: Gary Thompson, Sandy Hunt, Jennifer Jones, Mike Bradshaw, Valerie Hyde, Marilyn Miller, Byron Halling. ROW THREE: Jerry Croskrey, John Eakin, Carlos Villareal, Dave DeWeese, Dusty Miller, Charles Myers, Robert Bulwa, and Stan McAllister. The A'Capella Choir is the largest choral organization at Narbonne numbering from seventy to seventy tive. The Christmas Assembly is one of their principal activities in the fall semester ln the spring the choir sang for the Open House program and participated in the Southern California Vocal Assocua tion Choral Festival at Westchester High School on June 3 Graduation was made more solemnly beau tiful by the A'Capella Choir's singing. . Q ik -3' 4 I C Girls Glee ,Club The A'Capella Choir in the spring of 1960 was composed af: ROW ONE: Janie Goodwin, Linda Watkins, Leine Wulttson, Marion Kaleta, Donna Henson, Dawn Oye, Daniel Sandoval, Maureen Wheeler, Ellen Micon, Karen Lewis, Judy Nishino, Sharon Lewis, Charlize McNees, Dicki Hanback, Jim Webber, Joanne Satreed, Jill Armstrong, Pat Larsen, Bernice Akens, Frankie Dixon, ROW TWO: Pat Mason, Judy Williams, Pam Michaelis, Valerie Hyde, Terry Fulton, Lavahn Murrell, Bonnie Smith, Dennis Howrey, Brad Coleman, Steve Barrager, Ken Shipley Cindy Yetter, Carolyn White, Mariio Hubbard, Gail Wrinkler, Georgina Fukuzaki, Sandra Turner, Patty Wheeler, Marilyn Uesugi, Jack Coble, Connie Goethals, Donna Turnin, ROW THREE: David Orris, Bob Eipper, Sharon Smith, Jeff Shelly, Ron McKee, Lynn Muldoon, Bill Bremer, Creig Brookley, Ron Graff, Jae Silver, Ralph Davis, David Snow, Vince Davis, Don Whisler, Kathy Allen, Pat Ziegler, Jerry Beal, James Cross, Jesse Gutierrez, Duane Plant, Dan Byers, and Sharon Keys, - I I' .4 .- l l A 'P l The Girl's Glee Club is a choral or- ganization ot girls from all grades, Their main obiective is vocal training and repertoire. They sang in the Girls' League lnstalation Assemblies, the Christmas Program, and the annual Girls' League Cotton Day Assembly. The following girls were in the Glee Club this year: ROW ONE: Ann Park, Terry Coll, Linda Higgins, Janet Hubbard, Lee Bedell, Paula Hart, Dianne Sweet, Cheri Simmons, Adrianne McLean, Rita Wood. ROW TWO: Miss Sturdy, Sandy Childers, Terrie Plumb, Linda Bethuren, Charlotte Calvert, Deanna Deeble, Ann Car- riere, Judy Hollinger, Darleen Lillie, Karen Berger, Diana Gersdort, Brerldd Rhote, Cherol Casewell. ROW THREE: Connie Dumble, Kath- leen Keys, Bernice Flores, Barbara Ouimette, Lonnie Venable, Cherie Vanderpool, Shirley Terry, Mary Churdy, Sherry Soderberg, Teri Stalmack, Judy Jack, Joyce Stephens, Betty Graves, and Jane Daly. Choir , i T i x.. Business Club .- . Above are: ROW ONE: D. Rossi, K, Stien, J. Carlos, E. Solcido, B. Kuhm, D. TWO: J. Preder, E. Winger, M. Stanovich, F, Slaughter, P. Mowrer, G. Weber. X-5 Shin, B, Wada, J. Richards, A. Virgadamo. ROW Thornycroft, S. Terry, S. Sanger, G. Key, Mr. .lack The Business Club was organized for the purpose of learning more about iob opportunities and to increase the club members understanding of different business functions. They promote a closer re- lation with business and are better qualified for iob success after school. -O yi lv, x Synergestic Probers The world is a vast void of unknown. Into this mysterious realm, the Synergistic Probers, penetrate. These scientiticaly minded members perform com- plicated experiments and reprove the laws of the ages. To the right ore: ROW ONE: E. Kongs, J. Tremble, J. Ford, J, Crowther. ROW TWO: V, Heiner, J, Ost, S. Plant. Auto Mechanics In back of K-2, under a mass of spare parts, pipes, and iunk, we tind Narbonne's auto mechan- ics. With Mr. Richard Powell, the club's sponsor, members work on cars and learn about their com- ponent parts. To the left are: ROW ONE: J. Fleming, L. Cox, P. Strong, P. Nieto, K. White, C. Armstrong, B. Kee. ROW TWO: Mr. Richard Powell, B. Davis, R, Dodd, G. Beck, W. Matthews, L. Lewis, R. L. Bail, R. smith, J. ciangangsmnh, B. Cobb, .49 M Elliott, ROW THREE: D. Pangborn, B. Geniesse, J. McFarland, s QP A Science Above are, ROW ONE: G. Dickenson, J. Stone, C. Patton, T. Hachiya, B. Gardner, R. Ruffo, C. McNees, J. Tremble, C, Mein- ers, B. Broatch. ROW TWO: Miss Margaret Byrkit, R. Weeks, D. Yoshii, J. Webber, J. Gould, J. Hardwick, C. Denlay, S. Childe ers, V, Lorson, C. Webber. ROW THREE: C. Ghormley, V. McLain, E. Horn, P. Terry, J. Joy, B. Weeks, K. Hickok, T. Pasco, C. Myers, R. Harris. ROW FOUR: M. Drown, J. Shelly, S. Jacks, D. Hill, T. Wixon, G. York, J. Scott, W. Scott, P. Dunlap. Math The Science Club of Narbonne is composed of students who are interested in gaining further knowledge in all scientific fields. They have taken field trips and listened to the inviting lectures of many speakers. The Mathematics Club, sponsored by Mrs. Dolores Bright and Miss Marjorie Kelly, meets to make mathematics more interesting and to present topics not regularly covered in class. The programs of the club include speakers, movies, and field trips. The Mathematics Club also sponsors contests to encour- age the development of mathematical talent. Above are, ROW ONE: W. Scott, G. York, B. Gardener, J. Shelly, B. Ritchie, J. Wieneke, D. Hill, B. Thomas, B. DeJonge, D. Yoshii, R. Weeks, J. Webber. ROW TWO: R. Williams, R. Nelson, G. Key, E. Flemming, C. Josselyn, C. Patton, R. Futio, J. Hallick, S. Warren, D. Anderson, D. Reames, S. Newlin, J. Thomas, B. Neisch. ROW THREE: Mrs. Dolores Bright, C. Myers, R. Nelson, J. Woodruff, J. Sands, R, Bulwa, U. McLain, J. Griffin, M. Shellaby, G. Hannsgen, L. Jacobson, S. Lovas. ROW FOUR: P. Mason, D. Slagg, S. Huntley, S. Jacks, M. Drown, K. Honnsgen, B. Weeks, C. Ghormley, E. Sunde, D. Root, J. Tremble. H. Peel, J. Lewis, J. Gould. X .524 Jeni Jdcfw, hen . 1 VX J- I 'Q Q msmm. 'Sa' , 5, 5, Q 66 C O O wKQ s ,i i f "N- HghT I' ryPdd gt QQ fl 1 I, uf ...N Q GYG d , I , , , ,g , ioct i ii .H 6 1 i 4 7 K i lil' Ii, Q ' Margie Gray Z' .x Q l . Q a 74 . N , Ns , Sion Swcfford Y ,Q if Mike Walker i l Ji' T ai, s A ' i V' V 1 X A 5- , I .4 -.1 X' N ..4. -f 1 'J I 3 9 . u ower I I f Pam Choce ' S .- 1 i 1 ,, . I K 'V i ' N Jer i in on ,f I K W- i . is , , I XX - i ,- . ' if u Z ' ' 7 . . ,, A ' ' D 4 ' i N F- ' Robin Ryland , 4 F! 4 , ,, A 1 1.5 0 X ,I Q j' . 4- - N f A J - . .f is . 77" i h I I , . J I Marion Becdling or iocomi Chris Maier ' r , in ii . absent San rc Adamson J F , , , Y Y A 1 , Ends Centers Varsi'ry Foolloall The Ends and Centers are: ROW ONE: Tom Brannan, Eddie Storti, Ken Friess, Bill Cobb, ROW TWO: Randy Johnson, Jim Fenton, Jim Brown, Rudy Salas, John Everett, John Schmidt, Mickey Cheek, Charles Nester. l A 5-flu .J-It YQ "' 5 Wm.,- Tackles Guards L 76 The Guards and Tackles are: ROW ONE: David Hawks, Dan Tregarthen, Ron Cook, Jerry Fowler, Walter Clark, Tony Quardres, Mark Winsryg. ROW TWO: Glenn Bartho- lic, David DeWeese, Don Dowell, Paul Myers, Bob Nichols, Bob Graham, Charles Johnson. The Ouarlerbacks and Fullbacks are: ROW ONE: Kenl Waller, George Milchell, Ken Mclntire, Richard Powell. ROW TWO: Fddie Ferranle, Howard Luyt, Greg Sease, Walter Richards. 1959 Narbonne Football Season Narbonne 32 Washington l2 Narbonne 7 Hunlingldn Park 13 Narbonne 7 South Gale 7 Narbonne I4 San Pedro T6 Narbonne 7 Banning 33 Narbonne I4 Bosco Tech 6 Narbonne 7 Jordan 6 The Halfbacks are: ROW ONE: Chris Schneider, Ken McCulley, Tom Constable, Allan Kaye, Ray Burleson, Gary Ollon, Melvin Thomas, Clifford Thomas. r 'L -. X an ,,, Q A if Q- Q ., 1. Q ,Ls :Xi "ii A Dx! W l A I ,, JDW,-m in is J , an if R ,R new wt y fl sg tr, - X' ' ' N LF' i rd Xm i GJ I CF ,.,.,f 'Qs l 0'3" - ' F: ' 8 951 M-. Y 3 11 I X y N- .,-' kk. 1 5, t , W cf w n , 'L Q"""l Q ' ,FX I 4 ' fig' 5 .1 l-4' ' L i V, U I get T I L The Junior Varsity Football Players are: ROW ONE: Gail Fair, Moto Ishibashi, Dennis Vaznaian, Charles Taylor, lee Erick- son, Jefl Waters, Steve Briles. ROW TWO: Charles McBean, Jim Fenton, David Snow, Ralph Davis, Mike Stanford, Terry Harmer, Tom Doerfler. ln! ffswvf T n N fun . W 4 'fi I All Marine League, Ray Burleson and Charles Nester in action against Hunting ton Park. Narbonne's varsity football team has a mediocre record of A-3-l, but when you look over the teams played, it gives you some consolation that the season was not a wasted one. The Gauchos went down to defeat against Banning, Hunt- ington Park, and San Pedro. Banning was the defending city champions, while Huntington Park won this year's city crown. They placed third in the Marine League behind undefeated Banning and second-place San Pedro. Narbonne started the season with only three returning lettermen after they lost halfback Mike York in the first prac- tice scrimmage. Top ground gainer for the Gauchos was Ray Burleson who gained 599 yards during the course of the season. Cliff Thomas followed with 320 yards. Burleson and tackle Bob Nichols were the only Gauchos to be honored on the first ALL4League team. Ron Cook, Charles Nester, and Clifford Thomas, were named on the second team. MILK BOWL QUEEN TERRY REIST Princesses lOth sz 7 Terry Hamilton l lth Sally Bevan l 2th Donna Grammer f ,GQ Q9-fi 95' Q I ' Qs . l f Q 9 , , 5 , tsl The Narbonne 1959 Bee Foofballers are: ROW ONE: Roberi Davila, Rollin Reser, Terry Reed, Mike Mura- kami, Ronald Wade, .loe Saeny, Phil Morton, Phillip Ramirey, Palrick Niefo, Kaysee Tsuji, Tom Wilkerson, ROW TWO- John Hoefs, John Bcutisfa, Richard Nixon, Mike Miioma, Dave Germain, Kenny Harkias, LaMar Edwards, Dick Mclacklan Richard Neprud, Wayne Marshall, Bennie Slewarl, Jimmy Cunnigan, Paul Funk Pele Kirk, John Irons, Roger Ernesf. Bee Foo 3 '- V41 . f - w JK ',f ROW THREE: Tom Dulrel, Steve Albachlen, Don Phillips, Bob Jacobelly, Jesse Gutierrez, Peter Hall Tudor Blum, Jim Jones, Dave Grubbs, Dan Kaplanelr, Stu Dahlager, Louis Aguilae, Tom Bradbeer John Regan Larry Milchell. ROW FOUR: Bob Taylor, Roger Townsend, John Rice, John Sullivan, Craig Arnold Robert Benn, John Greene, Steve Conrad, Ray Chilton, Bob Chilton, Bob Bloomer, Corey Smith Edwin Hall, Richard Krefyschmar, Ronnie Bayelr. all oach Wells will have a terrific eason next year because of the me players he has coming up to he varsity team. All-league Bee layers this year from Narbonne ere: Jim Jones, Mike Mitoma, esse Gutierrez, and Stu Dahlager. M Q T K f 1-2? f"'N fqa 'N inn ,,,, 1 ' Q if.-zeamant' fi, 4. I' C NJ Jlf 4' 1 ,Z Us s 1 P Q u .K nw .,, . , x x 1 ' .M A it Narbonne's Varsity Basketball team had another good year as they climbed to second place in the league standings, Ken Ellsworth, the sen- sational junior, made first team all-league and second team all-city. John Gregerson was the Gauchoes top scorer and made first team all-league. Captain Eddie Perales was picked to the second all-league team. f M :lb 1 Y' an P n I dll. Q-'tug " in O gm A julzulal .gx The members of the Junior Var- sity Basketball team are: ROW ONE: Dennis Harline, David Findley, Lucky Campbell, Jim Ruby, Mike Crane, Mike Brown, Sid McWhirter, ROW TWO: ROD Nelson mgr., Wilbur Smith, Jeff Morehead, Dave Bunten, Ray Meeker, Pete Thompson, Coach Sloss. The members ofthe Cee Basket- ball team are: ROW ONE: Gary Hansen, Genald Cant, Bill De- 1 Jonge, Rick Mease, Doug Mor- ris, Steve Chambers, Coach Pro- bert. ROW TWO: Bill Friedricks mgr,, Jim Walsh, Ronnie Ste- venson, John Jones, Dennis Tu- mey, Derik Wheeler, Jim Ban- delin, Byron Halling mgr. ,- The members ol the Bee Basketball team are: ROV! ONE: Dave Stewart Dave Wagner, Dave Barrie, lm Ohara, Clifton Tanaka, Dave Brews ter, Coach Probert. ROW TWO Bill Friedricks mgr, Jim Lohman, Jerry Hoppes, Dennis Schmitz, Greg Cramm Chris Bowen, Byron Halling mgr 4 Cross Country Loule Corral Robert Scott Lee Neudengard The fightnng Marine League champlons who early ln the season lost to Banning ln practice came back to edge San Pedro and Banning un very close dual meets Under the guidance of Coach Dossey the shll underdog Gauchoes won the Murine Lague Fmals nn a rout LoureCorral who led the Gauchoes Loule the undefeated gunlor had to beat True of Marshall who had won the Clty Championship race the year before Dave Brown Dave McCue Dave Carmichael Lee Neldengard John Joy and Robert Scott were the runners who backed up Louue Both the Tenth Grade and the Junior Varsuty teams had good seasons shownng a great deal ot future promnse Dave Carmichael Dave Brown Dave McCue Louie Corral t I f . I . . . l . I by setting course records on every course that he ran on, went on to win the City-Championship race. . l . . I I . l . . . I I . I . , I L i, nrwsiwya se gag M 'N' -NH 'N' 'N' qs 4 N M Yr? L :L gli! 2 ,gg Sr s ., ag . .- Q ff vA 1 Yu 'Y ,if ' ' Us .A .. 1 , QD Wm g 'Q 'EW AgLfZg, ,1-I Ike. .. Q M D' 5: M W l 1' , as 2 13' x 5 ' V A995 N, ' ' . v m ,, ,W mf if A, 5 34 V .' fe? rv I , Q , aff" U Lb! .V-I I M . . I ' ' ui- .- f Q .r, ,ff oil kan- ,H 'N V In Q ,, ..l'u , 0 f -N- N ' - ' I :C it 'W 45" 54 3 4 7 f -N- A: A k rj ,, Varsity Track The Varsity Track team, struck by the iniury of Mike York, ended the season in fourth place in the Marine League. York, the school record holder in the 100 yard dash, iniured his ankle and saw very little action. The brightest spot for the Gaucho cindermen was the achievements of hurdler, Doug Smith. Smith, only a iunior, was usually the Gauchos' only dou- ble winner, and was also the fastest man on the relay team. Other top performers were Sus Ito, in the hurdles and high iump, Bob Blackburn, pole vaulter, Dave McCue, half miler, Dave Brown, miler, and Ray Burleson, shot putter. 1 'F-F ROW ONE: J. Linde, S. Dahlager, D. Smilh, M. York, D. Carmichael, R. Johnson, P. Grisso, R. Dickerson T. Perkins, B. Black- bourn, J. Garrison, T. Constable, K. McCulley R. Burleson, T. Marfizia. ROW TWO: Coach Gorden Wells, R. Chilfon, B. Scoff J. Slater, M. lshibashi, G, Kroesin, M. Fernandez, L. Erickson, L. Neidengard, G. Milchell, D. Vaznian, R. Chase, J. Jones, R Henderson, Coach Roberi Dossey. ROW THREE: H. Justice, M. HuHen, B. Moss, R. Davis, J. Joy, C. Nesfer, D. McCue, J. Ever elf, D. Brown, S. Ito, B. Bloomer, H. Luyf, L. Barnum, C. Johnson, J. Hickerson, M. McCullah. NARBONNE TRACK SCORES Narbonne Narbonne Narbonne Narbonne Narbonne Narbonne 63-3 fs Garfield 38-2X5 , 5a-wa venice 48-2 3 ' 39 San Pedro 65 42 Banning 62 56 Gardena 48 45 L. A. Poly 59 .Q ' Q 1'1 I Bee Track The members of the Bee Track team are: ROW ONE: R. Long, J. Batista, J. Bishop, A. Swanson, J. Hunter, J. Reck, l.. Corral, R. Wade, J. Andrade, J. Saenz, J. Ramaos. ROW TWO: C. Ranum, J. Sparks, K. Hamaska, F. Margraves, C. Waters, T. Taylor, D. Brewster, S. Good, M. Matoma, K. Harkias, ROW THREE: D. Vaznaian, J. Rife, J. William, A. Tuck, F. Wohlman, R. Moss, P. Eldridge, D. Tipton, B. Jacobelly, D. Germain, D. Sellers. Some of the top Bee Trackmen this year are: ROW ONE: Dave Tipton, Marcel Fernandez. ROW TWO: Phillip Eldridge, Dave Germain, Dennis Sellers, and Louie Corral at the bottom. K n ee Track 5. Q 5 'C , "' . gs A vs ' I - .' 'rf , ' 5 4 A 1 V' V I f f fif A 2? ow. --. 1 ff' gs , . - , '. L Q T , 5, , xg 1 ii' -V A 71 ' - I ANS , -wr A ' O O xxx 'MM ' T Q1 :ff ,fkx N " i ' ' 2.6" ,Q 1 Q , The members of the Cee Truck Iecm ure: ROW ONE: P. Ramirez, K. Ho, M. Lowry, D. Mills, J. Cox, C. Gay, B. Obenour. ROW TWO: S. Munoz, S. Hill, J. Armstrong, J, Sonsbury, B, Luyl, D. Terudo. Some of the top Cee Trcckmen are: ROW ONE: Bob Obenour, Dennis Terodu. ROW TWO: B. luyf, T. Armstrong, and Sieve Munoz of the boftom. . lr ,K 2 7 ,a xl ' E. 1" 'sf' V 5 , 'VP , , - v-4 ' . ,f 4 A ' I "1'0"'ivq....,,,,,,, 1 W A t s - .f f " 4 '3' hr g3e5'a"7'eiM! "K-ir Dchlczger, Davis, and York in the sprinfs. 'F' 4- Af? " ' O l !Qi Ray Burleson inthe shot put. sq' . .sf , Dove Brown in the mile. , Dohlager and Smith in relay , x , . Sus Ito in the high iump. k, Q rqk ,. I I Q G' Y sg? Qiwiyin Q, fs 4 M Slafffffi The members of the Varsity Baseball Team are ROW ONE G Cookus D Stewart A Kaye D Wagner C Thomas W Clark D Howry C Tanaka M Murakami ROW TWO Coach Steinberg H Poskm mgr R Bauer K Mclnhre B Nichols B Hoppes G Olton D Cole K Ellsworth G Farr Coach Phil Steinberg s Varsity Baseball team loaded with experienced players was one of the top teams un the strong Marine League Ken Ellsworth was the Gaucho s top pitcher backed up by Duck Cole and Ken Mclntlre The first strung lane up used throughout most of the season IS Cliff Thomas catcher Bob Nichols first base Dennis Howry second base Glade Cookus third base Cliff Tanaka shortstop Bob Hoppes right field Gary Olton center field and Walter Clark left field 2523 49'-rx C' D Cole K Mclntlre R Bauer K Ellsworth C -I-homes AP' ,r . 1 5 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 . 1 - 1 A 1 - - : ' , . ' ., . , . ' , . ' , . , . , . , . , . l . . . , . . 1 . . . 1 . , . - 1 ' 1 1 I F 1 1 1 F 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . If 1 ' Q1 Gila, If W4 sl :!. A yi 'B' - f I , of 5, 31 .sn X 1 ' x 1 i V if 'f lj. M .r,., V 1 '9 ya - 1 H+. , ' .-, -' 1- K w'Jff V ' ' V i vv- ' I' ...fu - ,--Ji? .Q . .. - M54 :-, 1--3,-,. A . QV R' , A .I - Vg 4, - " ff' , 1- ' -" . - ,, -L az Qc " ' ' in 'T' A B 'if ' ., Alwvrfwy 4 -Y V ,.?'A--,,.g'i,1.,.v., ' ' ' , 'J , ,J '1 -9 .H mm, 1. , 'f- 1 . , . , . , . . Dick Cole Infielders br Oufflelders Walter Clark Achon' ail...4s swf' 'M' 5 Ken Ellsworth h -E S .P"'ew.,,g .OO v .el Q ' , xx xg Q r K - 1 S - Z . 'JSE' -:wr .. 8 I - l s rr. z .. ,,,. . Q, ' 4,-'fx , r x r.-l A , 3 . " . ' M, H Aff' hl ffl. 2 1 ,. Q T , A x E l 'r "' ' fs l - .1 i IL M' h ,' .a ,.. fp ' N X O ff , 7 .L K , Aa, X .is A M , . . s V" Q ,A 'Y X 'J . ' ' , r I Q T' . 1- - l ' -..',"r"' "' - - . ' lgrfii , ' A L ' -'Sir-.ui-V Q f--n-. - .JR - ,"f4'f' ' ,A Q , .Qff ' , "- - .bf ' " ' fjerffj .. ,,, 0 .Q l - ,. n - lv - - t I X l . . , .. . , I ' 44. 4 r..Q. -5 - 1 . . - 9--4: rg 541: 1 if ., nl fs -X 4 ' f ' Af' Sip r- V- fi - " f' - ji. , ' -F 'Q j. X f Z I JV Baseball 1 . -" ,' if, -V J X V4.1 X Y J iid, if . . I K 1 3 -yi ,. - f L 1 ,f , , 4 , W wil' 541 f ' ' My Q5 5' If 1 if m .gi g it i sian 'Eu-M J ' T Hr ,e The members of the Junior Varsity Baseball team are: ROW ONE: B. Rhodes, K. DaVirro, B. Smith, R. Townsend, J. Blandford, M, McCauley, C. Ritchey, T. Bennett, D. Judson. ROW TWO: Coach Douglas, E. Ferrante, B. Taylor, R. Kretzchmar, D. Findley, R. Bayek L. Jack, D. Williams, P. Thompson, D. Bunten, J. Jones, R. Bulwa mgr. ' J Ritchey, Kretzchmar, and Smith planning strategy. The Junior Varsity horsehiders under the direction of Coach Elmer Douglas were battling for the crown at last report. These are the kids that will be Nar- bonne's varsity in the next one or two years. Top pitchers for the Gauchos were Bruce Smith and Eddie Ferrante. Top hitter during the early part of the season was Clarke Ritchey, the sophomore right Helder. ,Ilia -A X .Q I, YA!-' Q' -iv ,ra 1-L v-I f 49 '1 'fee 1 The members of the Varsity Swim team are ROW ONE Ed Richards Craig Van Note Steve Dixon Chuck Ewing Doug Owings Steve Brules Dennis Shanelec ROW TWO Bob Jungkund Wilbur Smith f"5vA" X " 'L Coach Sloss starts Chuck Ewing and Dennis Shanelec ID practice workout -R? .- Narbonnes varsity swummlnng team under the direction of Coach Wayne Sloss had another good year as they placed hugh In the Marme League standings Outstanding swimmers for the Gauchos were Curt Manning, Walter Richards, Steve Dixon, Chuck Ewing, and Dennis Shanelec I - ina P ,za , -W - . Y po . 2 -fc ,. ,V '-4" v I 1 .. Y - 9 . . ffw u .V 'D u ' " , 1 E. A , ..., ,... ' H f 1 . -J 7 I ' ! , fl I ,, . fl, -A-f C 1 ., , ' . 9 g I ffzse Q . ,zu Y-ef J, x -. x 1- ' In C X ne.. 1. d ,g . X Carl Ghormley, Rick Rounsavelle, Curt Manning, Bill Rau. , . . . 114, P .., 1' ,, The members of the Bee Swsmmnng team are ROW ONE John Womack James Cross Randy Nauert Guy Strange Dave Keufer Rncky Mease ROW TWO Ralph Young Ron Wllhams Bull Duckman Tum Martenson Ronnne Nelson Ron Rach John Irona Bee Sn Cee Swlmmlng The members of the Cee Swlmmlng team are ROW ONE Pete Klrk Pete Martmsen Steve Chldester John Lamg Dennls Toomey Q .at D Gerald Gibson onthe rings This year the Narbonne gym- nastic team was picked for second place behind the powerful San Pedro Pirates. Top performers for the Gauchos were Gerald Gibson, who was the top gymnast in the league Lamar Edwards Gary Rick ard Gary Hansen and Doug Courtney Gary Hansen on the high bar Doug Courtney in free exercise lOl r vw i I .4 y - ,S , ,.. s ?1,. 5- ss- The members of the Varsity Tennis team are: ROW ONE: Jerry Hickman, Jerry Croskrey, Gary York, Chuck O'Brien, Steve Forest, Art Stephenson. ROW TWO: Mike Walker, Greg Cramm, Bill Halverson, Mike McCarthy, Bob DeWalt, Jim Lohman, Steve Burris, Coach Probert. Varsity Tennis Q, 'n-1 fi I - f it ft' X gt r ' t ,., Fighting back with o vicious backhand is Art Stephenson. As his partner, Bob DeWalt helps him down. Bill Halverson and JERRY STEVE Greg Cramm. . 1-rv-1 Coach Probert's Varsity Tennis team was one of the best in Narbonne history as they went through the entire season undefeated. With such players as Steve Burris, Mike Walker, Jerry Hickman, Chuck O'Brien, Jerry Croskrey, Bob Dewalt, Art Stephen- son, Greg Cramm, and Jim Lohman, the Gaucho racketmen were by far the class of the league. ..-1 I ,.. 1' " 41:31 .Any 4' , f f ,,,.,,Wff'w Make Walker and Jerry Croskrey. Charles O Brlen JV Tennis The members of the Junlor Varsity Tenus team are ROW ONE Vunce Larson Bob Brudge Doug Collms Dave Barrle Dave Stanton, Ed Hall, Bill Delonge Ron Stevenson Pat Regan JeH Strutzel ROW TWO Byron Hallmg mgr Davud Carre, Peter Hall Sepp Donahower Bull Fam Rlck Hold Corey Smnth Terry Mason Chrls Bowen Nell Wells, Coach Probert l C 5 YY" vm.. O4 ll I NN Lelfermen The members of the NarbonneLe1fermen Club are: Jim Brown Ray Burleson Walter Clark Glade Cookus Louis Corral Jerry Croskrey Bob Dewalf Lamar Edwards Ken Ellsworth Ken Friess Gerald Gibson John Gregerson Bill Haverson Gary Hansen Doug Harvie Bob Hoppes Dennis Howry Dave McCue Ken McCulley Bob Nichols Charles O'Brien Dick McLachlan Charles Nesfer Ken Mclnfire Walter Richards Gary Rickard Richard Ryel Glenn Sufow CliHord Thomas Mike Walker Mike York A9"" Lettergirls The members of the Narbonne Lettergirls Club are: Diane Adams Bernice Akens Carrol Allen Bonnie Anderson Kris Bernsten Lynn Carmichael Mildred Dreyer Kathy Evans Kathy Fisher Sue Qarlow Carolee Gibb Donna Grammer Margie Gray Sue Harrington Annette Hollinger Barbara Howard Valerie Hyde Tetsuko Kimura Pat Larsen Pat Mason Marilyn Miller Pat Neprud Nonya Newnes Lynne Petterson Janet Schramm Veliean Suzuki Joyce Usui Lynn Welch Judy Williams Pat Yuoka UDITORIU Winter Board The Winter G.A.A. Board consisted of ROW ONE: Pat Neprud, Sue Garlow and Val Hyde. ROW TWO: Pat Yuoka, Kathy Evans, Janice Hamasaka, Pat Larsen and Donna Grammer. ROW THREE: Barbara Howard, Judy Williams, Pat Mason, Ar- lene Nakawatase and Beverly Wada. Miss Walker, Miss Powell, Miss Ansite and Miss Herwig were the sponsors and shining examples for the G.A.A. girls this year. As a matter of fact, the girls have all become expert players. Seriously, G.A.A. could have had no finer sponsors than these four. X Girls' Athletic Association ,. r V' 'N"" QSBV, . .i f Sue Garlow was the only person that had the privilege of being president of G.A.A. in her Senior B semester. Her sparkling personality and wise leadership brought the winter semester to a successful close. Pat Mason was the Spring president. Under her leadership, G.A,A. ran smoothly and more activities than ever were held. Girls' Athletic Association is an organization for girls interestedinparticipatinginSp0rfS on a more competitive basis than in regular P.E. classes. Through its athletic and social functions, G.A.A. encourages the highest ideals of service, sportsmanship and good fellowship. I ,X Summer Q 6 6 '1 Board - , G.A.A. Board who planned many i numerous activities consisted of ROW ONE: Pat Larsen, Put Mason and Terry Reist. ROW TWO: Mariio Hub- bard, Donna Grammar, Jill Ginder, 1 Evelyn Salcido, Bernice Akens, Bar- bara Bower, Teri Hamilton and An- nette Hollinger. ROW THREE: Marilyn Swanson, Pam Mason, Kay Muench, Judy Williams, Penny Pasco, Cathy Culbertson, Sue Gorlow and Arlene Nakawotose. The Senior A's that graduated in the Winter l96O class were ROW ONE: Florence Aldrich, Kayomi Hanaoka and Sandra Adamson. ROW TWO: Christy Schweitzer, Roberta Holloway, Janice Mayer and Cathy Schweitzer. 3 .J cb 9 tvs Z 55,2 we l f . 1 ws" ,. fx ' V- .W , fe "Jf,i2., The G.A.A. Plaque Winner is chosen for her friendli- ness, participation in activities, and sportsmanship. Lettergirls' Honor Girl is selected for her outstanding service to the club. This Winter Florence Aldrich was chosen to receive both honors. ln addition to sports activities, G.A.A. enioyed many social events this year including the "Leppercaun Leapp," semi-annual Induction Party. The food was delicious, as it was cooked on barbecues by members ofthe Board. Cupcakes were made by G.A.A. members and, of course, the Senior A's won the contest for the most original cup- cake decorations. Basketball is one of the most strenuous and one of the most popular sports in G.A.A. ts Member of G.A.A. who graduated in the Summer i960 class were ROW ONE: Lynne Peterson, Chris Stout, Lynda Stout, Robin Ryland, Karla Blenkhorn, Marilyn Dexheimer, Joyce Usui, Janine Aspittle, Bernice Akens, Tetsuko Kimura, Pat Larsen and Janice Hamasaka. ROW TWO: Carol Murray, Lynn Welch, Mariio Hubbard, Marsha Duni, Pat Dotter, Sally Watt, Marcella Seligman, Janet Schramm, Joyce Taka- hashi, Arlene Nakawatase, Marilyn Uesugi, Nonya Newnes, Veliean Suzuki, Rudy Brady and Donna Gram- mar. ROW THREE: Melinda Bell, Su Newlin, Kris Bernsten, Diane Adams, Valerie Hyde, Pat Mason, Sheri Jacks, Pam Michaelis, Judy Williams, Judy Scott, Carolyn Schreyer, Adrianne Ayres, Sue Garlow, Marilyn Miller, Carol Allen, Donna Patterson, Pat Neprud and Velda Kuykendall. ROW FOUR: Kay Muench, Diana Slagg, Nancy Weeden, Carole Van Dine, Nancy Williams, Terry Reist, Irene Elden, Dian Farr, Mildred Dreyer and Judy Martin. fxn I Members of G.A.A. who were underclassmen were ROW ONE: M. Busby, J, Demerath, J. Shirozom, C. Stetson, J, Ross, J, Jackson, S. Rich, J. Hampton, C. Jossely, V. Smith and V. Suenz, ROW TWO: J. Beck, J. Stone, C. Bozell, S. Simpson, J. Mareemoto, M. Reed, K. Berger, A. Park, C. Ball, C. Evanshwick and C. Keller. ROW THREE: S. Pool, C. Jenkins, S. Meyer, H. Brown, J. Gadberry, D. Hanback, P. Ka- dau, C. Norris, J. Klein, J. Holden and K. Hintz. ROW FOUR: P. Dunlap, J. Darrow, D. Gleghorn, E. Snyder, R. Payne, C. Meiners, M. Holly, D. Oye, l. Whitmore, M. Cochran, M. Clauser, M. Hummel and C. Downs. 'SF' CJ 9 -- ' 'if 'ei' if is ff .7 ,. P. ., A s i. llO l li Mal" J' A fr :Ir 5 i 1 tif x , i Q 1 X I ,. 5 1 i r 1. -JQRA5 A , 2, f in -W itll ry Slade Girl Slide Although they bought their own outfits and pompoms and worked hard to make up original cheers, and were ever cheer- ful, luck was against Barbara Howard, Kay Muench, Janet Schramm and Donna Grammer: the semi-annual G.A.A. playday was called off. What a waste of talent and beauty! A 9- Of the sports offered in G.A.A., softball is undoubtedly the favorite of the girls. At the right a G.A.A. member has just slugged a home run. Hurry up and make that basket, because we need the pointsl .Nx' N min 6 'ul -3-L f-All-H-AA' uni I iii .Sh Some girls enioy modern dancing and went out for it in G.A.A. Here they mode up dances and presented them to the rest of the group. lll G.A.A. members consisted of ROW ONE: M. Stano- vich, M. Takaki, B. Wada, T. Tado, D. Burrell, A. Fernandez, D. Munoz, K. Stien, S. Huntley. ROW TWO: T. Hochiya, M. Burris, G. Dichinson, N. Aker- strom, V. Foull, J. Reist, K. Gribbin, C. Salcido and S. Anderson. ROW THREE: G. Hannsgen, C. Cook, S. Mclean, D. Wilkins, J. Stoner, P. Mason, M. Shellaby, S. Oursler, C. Patton, R. Rufio and J. Seatson. Hill I - g-.1 These attractive girls were the G.A.A. cheerleaders for the Spring semester. They performed at the Induction Party and at the playdays, and looked cute in their green and gold outfits. They were Bernice Akens, Teri Ham- ilton and Barbara Bower. l l2 V f fl? iw Of, ygnd p3l'6d7VlV6 ' I Miss Powell: "Eeek! A Mouse!" Miss Ansite: "Don't worry, it's only another girl joining G.A.A 9.4 , T' A . . ,' lb. Kia.. 'B ' . .' V v 9 l n - T Underclassmen who were members of G.A.A. were ROW ONE: B. Bower, K. Kanawyer, A. Hollinger, S. Barth, B. Conshafter, T. Traunfelder, L. Meyer, D. Dexheimer, D. McCalman, S. Powers, N. Nauert, B. Jones and R. Ananio. ROW TWO: T. Hamilton, K. Lewis, M. Leonard, C. Holland, I. Lowry, L. Root, S Lindsay, L. Hongola, P. Pasco, L. Carmichael, M. Swanson, V. Purgason, D. Gersdorf and J. Armstrong ROW THREE: L. Mingay, P. Jenkins, J. Hill, B. Graham, E. Chambers, C. Gillette, J. Scott, B. Freiwald, C Culbertson, B. Lasell, D. Bone, A. Graverman, S. Brossard, J. Rives, J. Brink, E. Rich, S, Lewis and M Pooler. ROW FOUR: S. Roads, M. Jacobson, B. Baker J. Edwards, N. Owen, G. Collins, S. Hinchman, A Kiichli T. Stalmack, N. Chandler, K. O'Mahoney, M. Watkins, L. Lewis, H. Takahashi, G. Robinson, J Moffat and H. Schmitz. I ll3 These boys are setting the type for Green and Gold, the school news- paper, 'G Students who worked hard and won in the Science Fair that is held an- nually are Susan Moore, June Parris and Curt Manning. June won first place in the Fair by her entry of a model of the EiHeI Tower. Along with about ninety others, these girls participated in Girls Day. They visited different places of business such as the Broadway and elementary schools, They are Mrs. Stoddard, sponsor of Girls Day, Judy Preder, Donna Shinn, Joyce Taka- hashi, Bobbi Clarke, Judy Lewis, Barbara Kendall, Pat Neprud, Carol Allen and Lynn Welch. if QQ -- The activities for the Narbonne High School Bond have been many and varied in the past year. The band made its usual appearance at all the football games and played for several assemblies. Members of the Band for the past year were ROW ONE: Sammy Rich, Carolyn Le View, Grace Irvine, Frances Knight, Nancy Nauert, Joan Evenson, Pat Hall and Janie Oswald. ROW TWO: Dale Grimes, Chas. Stuart, Don Berry, Bill Dejonge, Mike Horton, Bob Swenson, Bill Juneau, John Hoefs, Jeff Wieneke and Jerry Dennis. ROW THREE: Wilbur Smith, Tom Brodbeer, Dave Turner, Bert Brufilett, Ed Andrews, Michael Dennis, Frank Markley, Bob Turner and Dave Bellis, ROW FOUR: Ken Sutherland, Bob Fugatt, Mary Thorpe, Richard Montgomery, Doug Collins, Robert McGrath, Phil Oster- lind, William Knight, Jim Comstock and Johnny Johnston. Sound Crew an 9 ,..-Q, Band Stage Crew 'le- Under the leadership of Mr. Blinn, these boys built excellent stage sets for plays and were in charge of lighting for assem- blies. They were ROW ONE: James Demerath, Richard Emer- son, Dennis Schmitz, Bob Nyborg, Bob Crowder, Richard Smith and Charles O'Brien. ROW TWO: Jan Jeter, Don Robinson, Jim Eliot, Mike McCullah, Bruce Davis, Dick Morse, Dick Pang- born and Mr. Blinn. These boys were responsible for running the movie and sound projector. They were ROW ONE: Phillip O'Connor, Lyle Os- borne, Larry Graham, Raymond Cato and Carl Griffin. ROW TWO: Bill Estes, Frank Horvat, John Reeder, George Black, Joe Reid and Frankie Micholl. ll5 lyke Wafe5ficA" llfwnfer .Szanior Cfada am! we cl,aIlCeI'5 H Summ er Snior gfadd Z?.,fL of 1960 eniom ANZ 1 John Acord Dem: Adams I-Q fu- wr" I W'-1 Joanne Armstrong James Barra Barbara Bohannan Ronnne Bohannan ,-,f 74'-af -ig in Sandra Adamson Charles Bean iff? V5 Bob Braden Q.. 'L Florence Aldrich Mitchell Allred Carol Burchler Joal Boderman fs. Kenneth Bradley Jack Carter fK 'Vs 2 A 4 5'- l 4-1 1 Mary Cartwrnght Sharon Chlwls Roger Clark Barbara Clemens Ngncy Coll lC l o r ' B B l e mx V ll , 6 -, :vs - 1 at -A if E V. l A J A' -5 ' I r Q L A . 'VI ' A, X A M F X , , W, . 5 , ,. 1 W , A' I' I ll . -fx l .f V X A ,F f A 1 ,J X' Vw- X ,, "" ' ' "-v t ,B les A we , I M -T l -. K B let A ,Q -S - "fr 'lu -u , iw Z 2, - - f J P ., X 4 tx , lwl., 45' -- y ""' vm - l If ,-as is 'B U, 'X ' rs- xp- 1 t - L.. Qfs, , Q ve, I..-v ON iw' fav 'Ln qs,- .Qr 45 2 Ronnie Cook Patsy Cooper Marvln Cortelyou rv Q" :1 aiu CN L6 Z? L Y' ? gnci. fix thx! " Zim 1 f , X 5 K urzs? f i X , A - . 6 ,., 1' fx ix ,I f 3 he , t-f Rnchard Crane Mabel Davls Bob Dool Bruce Foster Gary Fraser Bette Frvscla Wllbur Fukuzokl Dlana Glllgren Gary Gnocoml James Gordiner Fredric Groil Robert Hague Robert Hands Kayomi Hanaoka' Myrna Hartman Carol Henderson Sharon Hite -Lab IN F Q 'wx Y!"-4 fn-X 1 ff , t'..' 1. 'i ' 1 'T 5. b A .15 H9 tx i .mms Roberta Holloway Amber lnman Judy Jacobelly William Kazak Sam Krrkwood Steve Koby Gary Knapp Dsanna McCune Rodney McHale Sharon McNally Robert Maddock Sue Martnn Bull Maxey Eugene Mlnobe Maureen Mnnobe Sharon Mortensen Janice Mayer Kathryn Mulhern Carolyn Mullins Carol Munroe A . -6 ll A r .I S' Candace Munoz David Nair Dan Nieto Frances Mullett 4? fin We 'N Jsm O Hara ag Rachel Orr Dennss Ousmette Jansne Parsons CX C5 Allan Peacock Ann Pellam Bsll Pence Eddse Perales On November lO V959 the Wsnter 60 class held tesr ra stsonal Sensor Pscnsc Peck Park sn San Pedro In addstson to the forty Sensor es present were class sponsor Msss McCoy Vsce prsn cspals Mrs Prsce and Mr Mars enthal and Coach Stesnberg Shown helpsng unload vars ous paraphenalsa at fun lovsng Sensors are llett to rsghtl Coach Stesnberg Ron Rogers Ronnae Cook and pretty Barbara Clem ens A hslarsous tsme was had by all partscspatsng Sensors espe csally those who sndulged sn Sensor type actsvstses such as hula hoopsng and sack race contests 5 -sv V7 53:7 bg A VHPQW 1 Doug Potts Richard Powell Ronald Rogers Larry Rusk Bernarda Saenz Florence Sancedo Rudy Salas Cathy Schweitzer Christy Schweitzer Jerry Skillman Judie Smith Louray Stalmack 1'-'L vhg 'C' 1' 'TQ' 'hr' N 6 .... 2? Q Ng, P sl' ang, ." The most popular activity at the Senior Picnic in November of '59 was the pie-eating con- test. Contestants were given their choice of apple, peach, or berry-all delicious. Shown here consuming great quantities are lon the right side of the tablel Barbara Clemens, Joal Boderman, and Mitchell Allred. On the left side of the table, the only identifiable face is that ot Roberta Holloway. Could this contest be respon- sible for the rumor that all Sen- iors weigh in ten pounds heav- ier after the Senior Picnic? Q C'? 'QI Q 'B ff' C .inf .Wi j The Ephebians is a national honor-service group. To be ac- cepted to the Ephebians you must be in the upper twenty-five per cent of your graduating class and have given outstand- ing service to the school, on your own time Each class is allowed one Epheblan for every forty grad uates The Winter 60 Senior Class wgs allowed three Ephebuans They were Wilbur Fukuzoki Sandra Adamson and Buddy Trevethan ns Roy Sumlnoga 'Qs a ,vs X- AL, ' '. ' lx Vg ' .Kf- 43" ,, i 7 In ct' N ' ' sf' cf' fu- Q 0,1 v-ng Helen Todd Loyd Tomlinson Buddy Trevethan Carol Walker ol. iw 5. Bob Wallace f- ncg We 'Kg' Robert Waltz Ken Warren Bob Wolf 7' CK The Senior class Presidents for the year 1960 were Margie Gray, president of the "Lancers" Summer 1960 and Wilbur Fuka- saki, president of the "Maiestics" Winter 1960, Our congratulations go to both of these fine Seniors for successful Senior semesters. The Magestics Senior class officers were first row Ronnie Cook sergeant at arms Wilbur Fukuzaki president and Carol Brrchler vice president In the second row are Judy Smith treasurer Chris Schweitzer historian Cathy Schweitzer assistant hrstorran and Myrna Hartman secretary The Lancers Sensor class of Summer 1960 offrcers were Arlene Nakawafase treasurer Morgue Gray pres1denf and Einar Sunde treasurer In the second row Janice Hamasaka hlSfOflGl1, Duane Adams, treasurer Drone Orlam assrsranf reporfer Krnsfme Hoefs sergeant or arms and Pat Yuoka secrerary Second from fhe left rn fhe first row as Mass McCoy fhe ded1cafed sponsor of rhe senror classes 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 ,- 1 1 - , . J 1"""'7J "5 Q..- 151 'S ua! 4Q- rv- Duane Adams Bernuce Akens ,af Carrol Allen Volney Allen I 14" " Q"""' -KW rw Ronald Amundson Lf fu- Bonnie Anderson George Anderson Stephan: Allen M25 Judie Armlngton John Armstrong rol Arnel ie Janine Asprtlle S!! BN4! iX Y' 51 R Chrlshne Atkins M Adrianne Ayres I' Charles Baber Rosemarre Baca 10' 'Br' ..x Elrzabelh Barley f' Louis Ball Sherrrll Banks Clemente Baralas .cf ,'- .fy NV "r: . 1 f Si I1 T'-7 . -A:.i',..A 'ff- ll .f 1 I ff ! ! 1 I Virginia Barnard Bonnie Barnum Robert Barr Steve Barragar Glenn Batholio Bill Barton Peggy Bartz Virginia Basrub Roland Bauer Troy Bause Julie Baughman Mary Bayer Marlon Beadling Bette Beamon Pam Becker Don Beery Sharon Beeson Melinda Bell Sharon Bench Howard Benefiel Q1 iivxs ,-r "Sf 14 -11 Allen Benfer David Bermudez Kristine Bernsfen Allen Beyer Mary Bigley Carole Biloki Marie Bishop George Black It gn' Carol Blake Mardell Blaylock x"" Karla Blenkhorn Judy Blnnn Carl Bohannan Sandra Bom bersback Ecco Booher John Boyd Donna Bradbury Ruth Brady Frank Brower Bonme Breldenback Bob Bremer Ed Buckner Caryl Bundy Rosemary Bunn Ray Burleson Wnlluam Burnes Frank Burns Judy Bynack me 'S fx is Q""'-pf Elanne Cahull John Casey Shari Church 'iv Walter Close fin Shirley Cantrell we. 1-7 if Wulson Carroll Bobbi Clark f? Steve Clements ,X -G' A Victor Caponetto Emlly Cervantes Dave Carmuchael 1"Nqs Marcia Chamberlain Danny Chambers Wllllam Chaney is 'U' Walter Clark Bob Clifford Jerry Clmglngsmlth f-. fx..- K 'Y George Coates Alan Cobham Carolyn Cole 6 f ' A ,A - . , I , 'X , sz ' - , , CN- ' . L' ,.f. ,,., 5 v - 1 y FK ' l rw v ' 1 X v Q C X 1- .Q , V, Y t N fi ,y ,, I ,W film X :QW , as l Rx x "" 2' - K' l 4 rx, . 1 l ' ' Qff' l t - Y'-1' t t f , C s Q f . C are C , t "5f'F-'igiifg'-1'5 to th Eitqfk :?zg?gf?g'..:f . 3 . 5. .4., . .?2x.'52,, V, U 7 . ' , Q , :Q of rf' -35 V, x N I . , 4, ,, W if - Q , X Q-e - A 5 , ' 7 A, 'I' f A , ,f U ' 2 4 4 , :lv 4.1, hh 't l' r t 'J Q - x ' ei .. , - Q s -1 W A, Q 4 - M 5' ' L ' 7 N ss., I 1' . ,,. f-- :L Rlchard Cole Wllllam Coleman Linda Combs Torn Connor Tom Constable 21: 4 'V' Glade Cookus Janet Cooper Vlrgsnla Cooper Juanita Carlos Lynn Cornelius X vga gi Carol Corral Doug Courtney Carolyn Cox Donna Cox Laurie Cox 1553555 33 Marnell Cox um Cross Robert Crowder John Crowther Doug Cunnmgham .. r, A u 1 C' . - l Q l 33 H 49 , LX-, T .i 47 . h 5 5' fv K, A J' - rip .. t,.,,. f' rv- Paula Davis Nlancy Dawd Sherry Dawsen Julie Day Ruchard Delvy Davnd Denms Clanton De Sanno David De Weese Ollvla De Rusha Nancy Des Rosler Robert Dewalt Marilyn Dexhelmer ' 4' ,..f 'W Wx. L' " 5-X D525 ' Richard Downer Pamela Dorr Sarah Doshuer Pat Dofter 4Q 101. 'h' Qsfv' p-5 V Mlldred Dreyer YR if 'FN-v fi GN 'rrrv Q '- '- N EJ "2 N.. VFW Q-Q, Karen Drleschman Maureen Drown Trudellse Dunlap Marsha Dum David Dunkin Robert Dunn Michael Duran Georgia Eason Marvin Edwards Karen Eggers Irene Elden UN 5- 'K 4,3 OT' '55 TR"v James Elrot Charles Ewing Janet Estes fm 6? dz 'T' Q19 Kathleen Evans Nell Everharr RlchardFa1rbanks Duane Farr Mary Ferrara Penn Fleld Bob Fisher Kathy Fisher Catherine Fitzgerald Wayne Flfzer Suzanna Ford Jerry Fowler Ken Frless Paul Frost Willard Gardner Sue Garlow Lyndall Garrison Wrllnam Gasser Carl Ghormley 6 ff 3 49- .. rv-1, "Y Marllyn Gnbbmgs Gerald Glbson Carole Gibb Nancy Glbb 3 gh Ron GlfTln Lmda Gilman s Bull Gleghorn Pat Godfrey L l John Goodwin 'L gf fbi 'ig- WW 1 'Vee Charles Gonzales Margaret Gose Davnd Goosey Q17 -l Ron Graff eorge Graham X44 Robert Graham Donna Grammer Wullnam Graves Cllflord Gray Margie Gray 1' 'rf fIQ if A., T '14 at-f' 9- :rt- JFS- is 0'0" 53 E! IN E Nu 46" Susan Gray Ronny Greene John Gregerson Sandra Gremllluon James GTIHIH Tom Grull Januce Gras? Jamve Hack Madelune Hale Janice Halllck Bull Halverson Janice Hamasaka Nora Rangel Ken Hannsgen Erleen Haney Margaret Harbourn Gary Hardin Dnana Harland Walter Harrell Susan Harrlngfon Doug Harvue Linda Hearne Marcy Hendel Rnchard Henderson Lols Hess Jerry Hickman .tv-. LaRay Hull 635' 'if 4,..f-r jwini ii 1,3 at X' We 5-X Hugh Hlxon David Hoban Krlstm Hoefs Jeanlne Hoffenblum -5-of 1 6 EWG? Terry Hogan Kathy Holden Lolly Holtz Robert Hoppes Ex -tg G- li' f if 36+ 15-vw R-mf Pam Horn Barbara Howard Dennls Howry F' . if A x . . s .f-In A H' 's I :S ' xr - - I ff' r 1--f--' . ' , A r - -K, m. 1 A , . is A , Q? j. . . - 1 ,g ,N ' 1 r if .- , I r M i y5i, 5'iJ, - ', . I fjj' f ' ' ' f " - - K' ' 5 . 1 ' ' 'N . . ' sv . I sv- I .ur ':- . A "wa . .1 - A, v K V 54,-.fg-rs: 5 , K-1.5, ,A , , M fg 'Q ' ' 4- Q? 7-'ff - 5 f 5 U H u 'K H Q , Q I I 1 v 4 V b Hur ., lk ' ' ' 6' n, A m, W 1 V .H 1' ' x X Q 'Q 2 4 '..., , 'A f -wi f." " 37"1' h fgfl-,mfrff . .f . ,Q 3 I Afh,,!r r we ' 5525? Q .JW r 1 X W yi ' I f ' I Y lbs 6 ax , . My 3 YK is, LN, . ' S, 3.2, gfa' 410' 1" Cm ,0- X Q... Valerie Hyde Rosnta Ines Rebecca Ingram John Irvune fs lv 'fl Larry Jenno Jon Jeter Martha Johnson Katherine Jones gr Ag, sq .Z K.. Sf' tw' i f MOFIIO Hubbard Shlrley Huggins Paul Hulten Carole Hutto T7 Julua lshubashn Tumothy lsham Sher: Jacks Leon Jacobson it 1'-9' rf, wwe .vs-5 Cx f X Kirsten Josephson John Joy Ted Kaboyashi Marian Kaleta L. Barbara Kendall Sharon Keys Carol Kullgore Tetsuko Knmura Q'-'v Erac Kongs James Kraft Bonme Kuhn Robert Kunkle 5.4 1-an Ns' 16. -55' It 4-0 +5 faq'-if NK QTY' xis Anthony Kaselloms Wnlluorn Kee Donald Kelly Karen Kemper l'X 'US vc'-"' vu' John Klnes Sharon Klern Larry Kopp Joan Kangas J' UN S- Velda Kuykendall Puerrette Lallemont Carl Lamping John Lanmng A ,, V-q. e 'V' ,TS 'Vi . 0 Pat Larsen Adrian Lee Linda Lee INET ,psf Cu? Jack Lemen Carol Lewls Lggfiggktfgw gQt 1 'fltg-5 mi? vc:- VX Sandra Long Wlllnam Long 'Qwest mit 4' ,243 q,,,.1 Mllton Luckey Dennis Madden 140 Q wx 'E Qs- nr' Marcna Lee Jeanne Lehman .Q AC! fu Judy Lewus Gerry Llchtenberger Barbara Lohman - fix: ? 'in'- tw Allan Lovas Steve Lovas Bruan Lucas 'Q 'T w-if Chris Maier Ramona Manchester ,W 1 y, ' 1 L : .J J P tx ' N'fv:YLJ1Vii X I V e V ft , Q I , A , f . , , u 1-A iftw , L '. f r L 1 ' ' gg ff- , -- f ...., 'Us f I' 'x It . . - My ' , V 1 F F ff.. .f Q-4 ff i if - XX x . , L X I L . L N he I g f I V -s i , ' 1 L , , A' . L V -,, ' M Ai? ' Lf . L ' , at sg J- 5, L I Ag? ,J .5 , .va V ' 1 Q at A ri I ' 'zgiifif-'a'-q--TQ? f'T54f'iez:i FT C ff F . 'ff'-'fin' ', j ' 'nz' 333 4 , 1' FQ- .3 .V ' ,5,ff,g:1x-:G V, ,A -:Q :fy Y: ' 13. 4: 4 ,IHS-5, , .511 'six , -,4 " Q' 1 'wl:',- .fr ' 1, unix 1 - ' ,f 1 k , Q- g, Q X iq, ' ' , ft' ' ' 4 .-- -A . , .,.x '54 r , :L -ag: L 1' A X . 13. . 'J 1 ,555 L 'A 15131 - 52252521 "Sf "wr Curt Mannlng Davud Marcoux Tom Marhnsen 1-36 Ted Marhzla Pat Mason Kathleen McAlllsfer Mnchael McCuIIah Edna McDaniel Jerry McDaniel 'WS 'GN -uf' Q? Burma .lean Marhn Judy Marhn 'sv 4 Robert McCarthy Davld McCue 5. 47 Michael McHatton Ken Mclnture we mam ll L-9' 1-4 Maureen McKlernan Charles McLachlan David McLean Ken MCNGSS ix Q k l V fi' :N , Ta ' i .. A... ,Q w rl' ' :yr .6 X ' I . 75 - X - 1 2 H 'Q 5.4 - I E I A I rv ' 1 2 i I I 9 .. X , 31 1g 'g1.,fz 'islgf .5 A 1 b Lf f fl n , A M . i 9' ,E Q L ff' " A + ' wh, Q A " l YV A Q, 7' , :gf-Ef'1f " X 3, ,R , . 1 Y V ia it The Lancer s Senior Plcnlc was a huge success hundreds of ples were consumed by the Mighty Seniors sack races abounded The Summer 60 Senior Plcnlc was held at Peck Park on May 27 Shown here from left to right are Terry Hogan Susan Schram Eunar Sunde Janet Cooper Stan Swafford Sandra Turner Roger Sundberg Pam Horn and Peggy Bartz .s. uv Qr' jx l'4' 'T fi xo' Bert McVay Lynda Mead Harry Melsel Ruchard Mendez Steve Mers Ronley Meyer Frankne Michael Pam Mlchaells Ellen Mlcon Ken Mrller Linda Muller Marnlyn Muller Marlene Mnlls Ann Mmmg Terry Monda Ronny Moore John Moraga Holly Morris Wanda Moms Duck Morse John Motshagen Pal Mowrer James Moyer Kay Muench Valentin Munoz it lv Mar 18 4-gf all ui wzf Jr if 'Y ,-5 rib 'bv vi 41 fl- FL. Louise Mura ff Carol Murray is ft 44 -Y' if 'Q' sf l Ag, 3 Y ?" Ti 'L Alon Neal Gary Nebeker Roberta Nensch Pat Neprud 1 'ful '3 Robert Nyborg Charles O Bruen Phrllsp O Conner Gary Olfon -1-1-,V Rosalie Murrell George Myers Arlene Nakawatase Bransilava Naranclc tar Susan Newlln Nonya Newnes Robert Nichols Duane Noble Qs 05.1 Mlchael O Nell Duane Orlanu Alice Ortega Lyle Osborne 'VV' 45.1- Donna Patterson Beverly Paylatus Barbara Payne Rucnard Pearcy ff' Alan Phnllrps Fred Phllp Bruck Punckney Duane Plant Doug Owungs Dolores Paluch Rnchard Pangborn John Parnsh 7' fin Helen Peel Toni Perachlnl Bruce Peterson Lynne Peterson Mucnael Poltng Janet Pooler Linda Porter Carol Powell ul gang Ts U54 .,...,-o W' Q'-"' fi 35 JN fvs cus, :CN f'- f T' av- Judy Preder Walter Prlbnl Frances Purcella 'T Patricia Pyeatte Walter Quadres Rlchard Ramirez Jerry Ranum Bull Rau Duane Reams Ken Reavns Shirley Reck Joanne Reed l 'V pf ff 7' Terry Reed Z? l John Reeder Ken Reevns 'D- Joe Read I ff Brenda Reynolds 'LTL' Walter Rlchards J rn Poach Rodney Robertson Donald Robinson Renee Rogers Drana Roof William Rozlch .lack Rublo Rrchard Ryel Robrn Ryland Joanne Safreed Luculle Saracco Lrnda Schoelerman Susan Schrcum Janet Schramm David Schuhmann John Schmidt Denms Schmitz Terry Schmoker Carolyn Schreyer Janice Russell Judy Scott Robert Scott Saundra Scott Walter Scott Marcella Selugman Denms Shanelec Raymond Shultz Susan Shaw Jeff Shelly Ken Shrpley Donna Shunn Llnda Shore Kathleen Shupe Joe Srlver l Sanford Sllverstern Ronald Sams Duane Slagg Frances Slaughter Bonnle Smlth Larry Smith 45 Marvin Smith Jam Snebold Patrlcla Sollars 'IJ- Margery Southworth Judy Spenceley Robert Sponheum 2 Karen Starblrd Kathy Starburd Arthur Stephenson i Rachard Smuth Sharon Smith fb Julua Somers Loss Songer T...-1 John Standnsh Phyllis Stanley Mrke Stevenson 7 7 gn? L . v' E' 5 l ' 1 . vt K ' t X - X I bv V Ab' x f l .. L , G Al2s and thelr mothers garbed nn thelr most fashlonable attnre were seen strollnng the campus May fourth on their way to that sem: annual affaur the Semor Mother s Tea Hlghllght of the Tea was a modern dance glven by Narbonne students under the durectlon of Mlss Dons Rlchardson Shown here are from left to right Roger Sundberg Sandra Turner Mrs John Turner Janet Cooper Mrs Robert Cooper Mrs Samuel Sunde Elnar Sunde and Susan Schram Christine Stout 3 Lynda Stout :af Orman Strand Wayne Strehle Pam Strong 'ls ? Charles Stuart Lunda Suarez Roger Sundberg he nog Q? Atv . - , NVE I-ss' 41' fl 'R ,nam 5 Q? l Q Einar Sunde Stephanie Sundell Ken Sutherland Glenn Sufow Vellean Suzukl Stanton Swafford Kurt Swanson Joyce Takahashi Sandra Tankka Mike Taylor Tom Taylor Vlrglma Taylor Harry Theobold Clufford Thomas Judy Thomas Ronald Thompson Dansel Tregarthen Doug Trombly 'Tx ex, XY 'Vw ,f-ng 3 R? ,Q Q 'Car Valerie Truscoft ,N ax' l'I" '5- f,- Wil' 1 Y JI Ray Tucker Donna Turprn Sandra Turner Marnlyn Uesugl I! Josephine Vasquez Anne Vlrgadamo Carlos Vlllarrea Joan Wagenseul WW Margaret Watson Sally Watt Jane Weaver Nancy Weilzel ,.-X fi Sav- Joyce Usue ull Van Camp arole Van Dune Darlene Van Horn Walter Wallner Darryl Walker Make Walker Bull Ward av 'C' Lynn Welch Sandra Welzel Robert Weeks Nancy Weeden 'Y' HW: Pat Wleneke Speed Wilcox Laurie Wilcox James Wlley 'bf v--N., Brent Wilson Ellzabeth Winger Gaul Winkler Barbara Wlxon YN 'gr -:::"7 t.. as 'Us 'V' 'T' 6' -,Q Patty Wheeler Maureen Wheeler Carolyn White Glenda Whale bf qv-,41- Thomas Wrlkerson Jlm Wlllhlle Judy Wllllams Nancy Wllllams rv-ix 'Q vw -I Steve Wolfe Barbara Wood Jean Woodworth Gary York Pot Yuoka Judy Zacher Syed Zandu Jlm Zagala SOUTH BAY BOWLING CENTER 1515 Hawthorne Blvd Redondo Beach Home of Junior Bowling FRontler 5 2408 5 4911 MOORE S MARKET Fancy Foods from Around the World 43 Malaga Cove Plaza PALOS VERDES LIQUOR 81 SPICE SHOP FRontler 5 5116 8 2168 77 Malaga Cove Plaza FREE DELIVERY BRETON HOUSE INTERIORS Accessomes GIFTS FURNITURE Bernard Diamond 2500 Via Telon Interior Designer in the Plaza FRontler 8 3548 LOMITA BLUEPRINT SERVICE DRAFTING MATERIALS FOR STUDENTS DAvenport 6 7496 LOMITA STATIONERS 3 Doors North of Lomlta Blvd at 24509 Narbonne Ave TYPEWRITERS RENTALS SALES SERVICE DAvenport 5 0140 VISTA MARKET FEATURING THE FINEST FOODS AT THE LOWEST PRICES 1709 West Pacific Coast Highway Lomnta Calrforma KELLOG LUMBER 81 SUPPLY LUMBER ROOFING CEMENT HARDWARE PAINTS 2156 Pacific Coast Highway DAvenport 6 0318 2339 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY 2339 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY DAY 81 NIGHT SERVICE DAvenport 6 2777 LOMITA FEED STORE HAY GRAIN POULTRY PEI' 8- HORSE SUPPLIES 2441 1 Narbonne Avenue DAvenport 6 4738 Best Wishes To PALOS VERDES BOWL '60 Coffee Shop Cocktail Lounge Chuckwagon 24600 South Crenshaw S U 50 n O S I e V e n e l' Torrance California PCIITICIC S S1'eVenef DAvenport65120 Sherry Lynn Stevener 1 New Building, 2354 Pacific Coast Highway ' CO PALOS VERDES DRUG STORE PLAZA BUILDING FREE DELIVERY S 8. H STORE HOURS STAMPS AM I IO SIIELLY ASSOC N EL SEGUNDO COMPLIMENTS WATSONS STUDIOS PATRONIZE THESE ADVERTISERS GAUCHOS IN Mary Louise Monge Deanna Deeble Class of '61 MEMORIAM Class of '62 March 28, 1942 - January 28, 1960 September'I3, 1944 - April4,196O Aufographs Aufographs WU' X N I QW K.xXX'0l' F' 209 S I :annum yautpsnc

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