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 - Class of 1958

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Nathaniel Narbonne High School - El Eco Yearbook (Harbor City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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RQNW f-, . In yi' ' Q, if L5 'M'-- J 'Q ',?""",, 4' "3 gig' ,,,j,y,w. . R217 V X NJ. 4.2- Z5 Zan pecfldodeci Me Saddam of W4'bZ06t0t6 7475 554006 24300 S Wwlua ,4 e 7141541 Haig fe ffacacdcufed f U Q . . I I w The students, faculty, and administration ioin in this expression of appreciation to Miss Sara Vaubel for her loyal efforts to further the education and betterment of our students. Miss Vaubel, who is retiring, has served students for 42 years and has never been absent or tardy. She will be long remembered for her sincerity and devotion to the students. In tribute to her, we dedicate this 1958 El Eco. 'Y Hifi-' 5 awiemfa title page . dedication . seniors . memorial page student life . interest clubs boys' athletics girls' athletics underclassmen X Our first year at the new site for Narbonne High School has been an interesting and successful one. We opened our doors in September on schedule. The first few weeks were hectic ones. Building was going on all around us. Students and teachers shared their rooms with carpenters plumbers electricians heating men and painters. However perseverance won out and education progressed. The building program was completed bit by bit until now only the auditorium remains unfinished. You students have responded well to the pressure forced upon you. You have shown great pride in your new school and have taken good care of it. You have achieved a school spirit that is second to none. Your teams have brought distinction to you. Students representing you have established a reputation of which you may be proud. You have won many honors in the fields of scholarship, science, mathematics, music, drama, art, television and speech. We may look back over the past year and say, "Our first year in our new plant has been a good one." fc wr, f4dlm6a64 mldaa- 2"a"? 7W""6"7 .lac ,-fagelea Qty Zoned of Education X., MRS EVELYN GUSTAFSON PRICE MR ROBERT DENAHY Glrls Vlce Prlnclpol Boys Vlce Principal MR MIKE MARIENTHAL MRS HELEN BERGER Regustror Head Counselor 'N.""""'V"?"-vq-p "1-..... .I l 'xl r ' f WW M.ll gm, 4656 .,.. rladpcffziag MRS. A. BATTAGLIA Home Economics Miss N. BANUELOS MRS. L. BARNES Foreign I-Gnswse Counselor! Clerk ng-f' K MRS. B. BORDEAUX MRS. D. BRIGHT MR, l. BRYAN Bookroom Clerk Mavhemafics Social Studies l Rig iz,-gf wwf, Q vull ' xx' ,ifk -' 1','X'.i., . 4 X, x Xi x "s L . MR. R. BERNARD Social Sfudies MR. V. BERRY Industrial Arts MISS M. BYRKIT MRS. G. CALKINS Science Mafhemafics MISS L. CHASE MR. R, CLARK MRS. E. CRANER English Industrial Aris Cafeferia Manager MRS. J. COOMBS MR. J. COST MRS. M. DAVIS Foreign Language Ar? English MR. C. COBBS SCIENCE MR. H. CONSTANT lnduslrial Arfs 9 1 Lviix X' in-f"3 MR. C. DEAN MR. R. DOSSEY Social Studies Physiral Educalion I V 4 I I I I MR. E. DOUGLAS Physical Education 'R . ' MR D FLAKE A FREIER Asst Supt of Attendance athematics - x MR, L. HALEY Social Studies MR. J. HOPKINS Social Studies MRS. W. KONGS English -fl 'ln X. ' . S MR. W. HALEY Mathematics MR. H. HAMMOND Social Studies 4:7 ' fn MR. L. FULLER Agriculture MRS, J, HANNO Librarian ahQ MR, E. GRAHAM Physical Education MISS J. HERWIG Physical Education MRS. G. HOPLA MR. G. HORN MRS. E, HUNT MR. D. JUNG Social Studies Business Education English Mathematics .-as 1 MR. O. KREBS MR. R. KRUZAN MR. W. KUNS MISS M. LANCASTER lndugqriql A,-15 Science Physical Education English 4666 ,,.. camweldaog if K5 1655 X-.1 MR. J. LANGAN MR. F. LAWLOR MR. J. LEVINE MISS B, LITCHFIELD MRS. L. LUDWIG Science English Science Physical Education English 8. Drama ' ,X JA MISS M, McCOY MR. A, MECHIKOFF MR. S. MOORE MRS. M. ODELSON MR. J, PALUMBO English Physical Education Business Education MR. R. PARENT Social Studies MR. K. PAYZANT MR. B, PENNY Industrial Arts English l MR. L. PROBERT MRS. A. REICHERT MISS E. REYNOLDS Social Studies Business Education Home Economics Attendance Clerk Foreign Language MISS J. PHIPPS Stenagrapher MISS D. RICHARDSON Physical Education MR, W PRlDE Industrial Arts if MR. W. ROWLETTE English 7 .,,, feeding O I MR. R, RUNGE MR. H. SCHAEFER MRS. E. SCHURMAN Music Art Foreign Language fan MR. E. SCRUGGS MR. W. SLOSS Financial Manager Physical Education MRS. G. SIMMONS MR, P. STEINBERG DR. L. STERN MRS. A, STODDARD MISS A. STURDY School Nurse Physical Education Boys' Doctor Business Education Music 'Ui -.1 MRS C TANIGUCHI MR N TEAGUE MRS C THOMPSON Business Education Industrial Arts Ass't Sup't of Attendance MR M WOODSON DR. M. WRIGHT Science Girls' Doctor MISS S VAUBEL MR G WELLS Business Education Pl1YSiCGl Edutdtiorl The wonderful faculty that helped us pioneer the way at the new Narbonne site will be long re- membered by the students for their inspiring leadership. 4 v-Q r Row I: Ahe Wolsche, C. Hcnooko, R. 7- 1' Q' px ,- v-Q Cx C7 5 A A ' . 1 , l ii 1, X 1 fs I , 1 . -4- 1 , . , if n .ig If Ai? 44" 9 Y ' X ndance Awards were given to 15 'members of the SolIenOs+G, Sco os, R Wallace, B erserw D Cole Row 2 owby M Morlcnrhol D d Row Bernurdrn, D. Regener, R. Myron. Row 4 T Uncmder, R. Perkins Gi, f4lL'eadcwce 1444141454 ,ekdccm Epheblans were honored by the fcculvy P Adams S. H- vmon, Mrs. Grace Hoplo, 0 7 dfe mfew Row I CS.F, Lire Members ond Gold Seulbecrers for 'he W 58 :Voss were C, Pedersen, P Adams, N Honooko, E Drcwby, Row 2 J Srerghv S. Hcrrmom P Be-'r1urdin,J Firlir clsssss of 1958 cLZ6wz'a . A N Pamela Adams L l QQ - 'C'-I Franklin Allen Dorothy Alvarez Arthur Basile, Jr. Bonnie Brown Roderick Bernardin 3 ' S- Raymond Bishop Don Boyce Ruby Brust Delores Cale Paula Cantrell .. xg? 15 is iff W. tw., f Judith Clements Frank Cummings lll Terry Denton Curtis DeVore William DeWalsche 4 av, Q77-v ww Ronald Dischner Ellene Drawdy by 'C' Jim Firlil Lorry Fisher nm an Q- , 9 Gloria Grubbs Nori Hcznaoka EE' 41" Q L Robert Edens C Clara Giacopuzzi Sharon Hartman Richard Edwards We Janice Green fu. If-o Jeraldine Henley Gordon Eisenbarf fe Linda Griffin Vero Holloway 4? 'ITT' if Qffss if Edward Hunt Wayne Jones Delores Kyllungslad Slephen Lohayzcz Michael Mahon i l l Janice Mann Steven Marsh Steven Martizia Daryl Moore Leo Neuman Roger Myron S 1 f 4 James Pearson Cynthia Pedersen Catherine Rich Anna Salas Robert Perkins Georgia Scopas George McMullen Ronald Newby Ronald McPeak Gayle Orris he 5:- ,4. f l 6 Melvyn Powell Jeanne Steigh A 5014419 ir.. Donald Regener Jerry Thomas xx X 4' "Mg, I' Sharon Thomas Lewis Wilson Theodore Unander Madeleine Whitson I X Haw Ubffdcew aol Wdwwz 25 Piciure of Ciass Officers: Row I: N. Hanooka, R. My- ron, S. Hartman, Mrs. Tani guchi. Row 2: M. Powell, P. Adams, M. Mahon, M. Whit- SOD. Hmdaemmw gfmfcnqae jen Qaooi 7043! on jaw! memofzg of faefzgen 34138 In peaceful slumber lying He ns grateful for your love But our Heavenly Father took hum To Hls mansions above Now He drdn t gnve hum to you Not by a hundred thousand mules He lust thought the world lacked goodness And He lent hum for a whsle And nn words you fund no rest You cannot questnon ludgement Of One who does thmgs for your He has given you many blessungs He has the right to take away But He ll not take without glvlng He ll sustaun you If you pray best A Classmate I I , , I I . , Although you've lost a loved one, I I I I . ..'i: Terry Albaugh .lim Allen Ronald Bandelin Garry Banks 1- bw fa fn- i7 l 3 l , x I 44' 1 own Ernest Belt Betty Boyd .Ni '- lg. V' Q Q , 4.. B gn. if Larry Bohannan Robert Branch 3- hor Robert Allman Ruth Anderson Jacqulyn Barnett Bob Barnett G 1:1 ,f M X l ,EA David Arbuckle Robert Beaman 1 K . '.. 5. -Q mf ' Carolyn Booth John Bridges X l r 4:- .Q Y X 1 . . . .'2J- , ' 23:32. . .i r f l 'fiflija I! 'vi . .'.:!I4f Richard Bourne Sylvia Buck K' fi: ,iff Eloise Bower Joan Bunch A 3 Qs 1.5 'bn if V' f-' -on I! Q f-sa i-QD f L KIT Q David Butterfield Trevor Cant Camille Cassetta David Castler Sydney Chacksfield George Clark Leslie Clark Roberta Clark Ralph Compton Teresa Corwin Cora Creach Joanne Cronin Wallace DaPron Marquita Davies Karen Davila Belle Davis Deanna Davis Genevieve Davis Fred Davis Charles DeFrance Alice DeLeon Bonnie Denton Mary Devereux Gary Diffee John DiMeglio Robert Duprie Constance Edwards Edward Eliot Rene Embres Ernestine Eredia Ronal Evans Edward Fenska Charles Fitzhugh Carolyn Flanary Joseph Fleischman Patsy Flugrad Erwin K. Foster Versie Frazier David Fredricksen Dennis Fresenius ,A x ' GPN R .SQ i gut-A i E if , .A , U-.. mi tr Vi 0 ix Y? '55 , . iff ls, ,- ff' 0 ln F .14 in-.f I Xi it Judith Hardin Lillian Harrer Lawrence Harler Mildred Hasel William Hayes 'S' A Ronald Higgins Thomas Hill Rebecca Holslrom Joseph Galloni Cathy Geier Eugene Gimenez Penny Goelhals Dale Gonzales Gregg Goodwin Dale Green Thomas Gwaltney Robert Halverson Richard Hammond Billy Haney Virginia Haney f' Mx ' , Sharon Hutton Jerry Jack Y Caroline Janssens Ann Jeberiahn q . Lf X., I 'i f ff C' Hilda Jones Jimmy Jones 4' Darlene Smith Jones Robin Jungkind Jerry Kelley, lll 1 ' 4 James Kennedy gl Borden Knife-ii 1 J' Gail Kolias 4 M r X :X C' I rr ' P 'dfliai' B gy'-1 J 1 Q 5+j.'2Fg', 'f' L. F.:-'-?-' l. 'vi-. ,ow ffl' the A-J' 15" 1' Q.. . 5- e 'Uv 'mi Er 'fx 'ke Ralph Kosoff Kenny Koyama Dale Langley Judith Lasell Gary Lee Jeffrey Lenfon Joyce Loedige Ronald Lupin Jack Mackey Steve McClu ng xx nel i-, N K Ps 12" Robert Magee Sandra McGuire William Mertz Wendell Michael Linda Miller Eugene Minor Arleen Martin Jean McLachlan 'N Judith Martin Dorothy Mclean ix 76 Er Haroula Michailidou Roy Middleton Carol Mitchell Carol Moore is Douglas McBean Carole Menary X - -5.-x '- Fi John Miller Gloria Munoz V- fi .ill A Q V' Sherian Munro Geanette Parker 4,5 Lola Potter Joan Rosenthal Alice Navarro Shirley Pekarek 'tn Peter Neumann James Picco is 'hr Shirley Powell Robert Rowell Wqy it? James Puckett Sandra Russell o K . Q43 P 1153 4 "1 ...R f . "i' ,, fff.6ifEi2.2f.l l Ronald Omohundro Kenneth Pillen in-A Margaret Purcell Michael Rutz Qx, George Orr Donald Pool 4.37, O Joan Reldeif Leonard Sanders '7 45 3 -F A4 Wit? l O x s.. 4 l 1? Jr 5' 1--f xr Ti Eg I ' . up Q l tts -.N S X f I- 5 its is Barbara Sandusky Valerie Saracco Don Schmoker Troy Scott Carl Shanlclin Buddy Shipley Don Shore Carol Simmons Wendell Simmons Neal Smith Jr. Larry Sparing Larry Stearns Roy Stephens Gary Stephans Regis Stevens Allen Swanson Mary Swope Lillian Taylor Maria Tacchini Kenneth Todd Stanley Todd R Kay Tonner Michael Tregarthen Dolores Turner Joseph Uranga Shirley Van Driel Vittario Vaona Jane Wada Kei Wada Kenneth Wade Don Wallingford Carolyn Watson Deanna Weiss Ethelgiva Wightman Marguerite Williams Laila Willson Herbert Winn Marian Winsryg x Clifford Witherspoon Don Wong ST A k.fTfG.L 'va Linda Wright Judith Zittle Carol Zufall Patricia Burnham Uffdcew 5 Row l: J. loedige, Treasurer, A. Navarro, Secretary, R. Kosott, President, B. Boyd, Vice President, Miss McCoy, Class Sponsor. Row 2: D. Gonzales, Sergeant at Arms, T. Mertz, Class Will, B. Sandusky, Class Will, J. Jones, Class Willy P. Goelhals, Historian, M. Davies, Class Will, B. Kittrell, Historian. 1 5 H 1 f I ' A J L .V ha t, , . . EI, ' .uv V 1 .Qs S ,-Q- I P' Another new adventure and first at Narbonne are the foreign exchange students, pictured above with Mrs. Price, Mr. Bernard and Ron McPeak, student body president. Front: Beta Tacchini, Italy, and Hara Michailidou, Greece. Back: Peter Neumann, Germany, s laden! gave at A Q ll 4 4 , Wcnlw These students that share the honor ol belongmg To Student Councll are from left to r ghl Row l K Koyama R Wallace J Henley R McPeak L Grultm B Domonoskn P Goethals Row 2 F Germaun M Ege und B Boyd F Cummungs J Zuttle Row 3 T Kobayashi L Welch R Omohundro R Adams Mr Bernard advnsor elf dwcwlme ce fdfdfdf ,-ff M--av' 'rr George MacKay Duane Adams Ron Wallace and James lsom are members of the Narbonne Hugh student court fzqeazea z Zemacmccf Summers Summer Student Councll IS Row 1 Iett to right Carol Doran S Adamson P Neuman J Loednge T M rtz B Domonoskl M Davles P Manning Row 2 G Benfer M Egelund M Walker N Fenska J Allen Row 3 B Boyd R Rogers L Muller A Anderson A Navarro 54446145 QM! These students are the Narbonne s c lzenry vonce In government Student Court Ken Kumura Sally Watt Peter Neuman Charles Flanorv are the luducnary branch of the Narbonne Hugh government adrmnusterung uustnce to wrongdoers mm 5 T3 ,--uv -n-v-awww?-. i 1 Establishing new and extending old traditions, Ron Wallace, Linda Griffin, Ron McPeak, Jeri Henley and Betty Domonoski, members of the Executive Council, contributed greatly to the welfare of Narbonne. Zzecazfiae I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the wonderful semester that you have made possible. This year I was able to play an active role in our Student Government and also work with the administration and other members of the team at Narbonne. Thank you very much for making this the most enjoyable year of my life and giving me the chance to serve my school. Ron McPeak S fi qs, T '25-, ' W-'Y .pls Sandra Adamson Peter Neuman Joyce loedige Terry Mertz Betty Domonoski and Marquita Davies have carried on the work of their fore runners with the tremendous task of revising our Constitution A great deal ot credit goes to these students who nave helped us adlust to the problems and tasks lound on the new campus Tomorrow offers a challenge to those leaving Narbonne to those remaining and to those yet to come. Yesterday gave us part of our education, much of our happiness, a few of our regrets, and many of our lasting friendships. l, and most of us graduates, will not be able to duplicate the fun and experience whe have had during the few short years at Narbonne. Through the past six years we have witnessed Narbonne growing into a bigger and better student body. What happens tomorrow is in your hands. We would like to offer our best wishes as you continue the effort to improve yourselves as well as Narbonne High School. By fully accepting your responsibilities to the educational program and to better citizenship, we have faith that you will some day do your part in making this world a place where youth may love, parents may grow old with their children, men may share their faith and above all, peace may dwell. Terry Mertz ASB President data D tandem! Members of Student Congress represent their tirst period classes to the best of their ability. These students present the views and attitudes and express the desires and wishes of their classmates. They are, from left to right, Raw l: C. Janssens, D. Cale, J. Wada, J, Henley, R. McPeak, C. Flanary, S. Chasteen, B. Mosher, Mr. Bernard. Row 2: D. Smith, A. Navarro, G. Daniels, M. Fitzhugh, L, Welch, E. Stanton, L. Cox, D. Grarnmer, P Carpenter' M Dexheimer Row 3: B. Boyd, B. Dornonaski, J. Zittle, D. Wright, S. Harrington, D Gillaren, J Armstrong R Cavk, I Lohayza, P Adams. Row 4: R Weeks, B Holman, G. Giacoml, R. Omotwndro, F. Germain, E Twin, G. Mertz, D. Adams, C Blake, R. Wallace. Row 5: K. Meyer, D Root, E, McDaniel, M. Egelund, R. Stevens, B. Sandusky, J. McLachlan, C. Weekley, S Bench, L. Tuck. Row 6: R. Garrabrant, J. Bird, G. Lee, D Horvie, T. Gwaltney, K, Bradley, C. Bohannon, J. Patt, J. Patton, B. Sponheim, J. Crowther. Row 7 M, Walker, K, McNees, D. Boyce, D. Dunlap, K Pillen, M. Gibbons, D Day, T. Gayton, R. Myron, P. Neushul, J. Terry, C. Flanory. Hangman Summa .3 'f K ,. Q Q' tv ,vel 6, lvl' QP' The Summer Congress picked up Row I: Mr. Bernard, J. Allen, Manning. Row 2: J. Truscoll, K. FBHSFO, J. Caslle, A. Moyle. Row Si where lheir predecessors Iell ofl. The members are, from left lo righl S. Adamson, B. Damonoske, T. Merlz, J. Loedige, M. Davies, D. Adams, P Hanookc, L Miller, G. Benler, P. Neumann, M. Walker, C. Doran, N 31C. Walker, P. Molek,J. Schramml L, Welch, K. Muench, G. Daniels D. Grammer, K, Tonner, V. Kincoide. Raw 4- G Flagg, F. Germain, W. Clark, S. Wall, N. Smilh, S. Jacks C. Hoffman, M. Clark, J. Doy, C. M. Egelund, S. Cheek, R. Crane, roger, D. Myers, H. Michailidou, Scott, B. Burton, B. Lindner, J. Pot Allen. Row 5: B. Howard, R. Beoman, W. Richards, K, Wada, R. Rogers G. Giacomi. Row 6: D. Bullerlield, B. Malcolm, P. Baumgarlner, S. Bar D. McCune, R. Germain, L. Wilcox, H. Cross. Row 7: Marincovich, T lon, B. Hughes, J. Lernen. 'E Ft E3 Wenm Narbonne Hugh School IS a member of the Call forma Scholarshup Federation Chapter 345 The purpose of the club IS to foster a hugh standard of scholarship and servnce un the school The requlre ments for membership are All satnsfactory marks In cooperation and work habits No mcompletes or failures In any sublects A total of IO pomts based on your report card An A In subiect counts three pounts and B counts one pomt Sealbearer A student who us a C S F mem ber for four semesters one of whlch IS nn has senior year becomes a Sealbearer and receives the gold seal of the state federa hon on has diploma Summa Wlnter Summer Pat Manmng Vlce President Bob Malcom Pam Adams Secretary Betty Boyd it-get Kenny Koyama Wlnter President Muss Louellen Chase Advisor I Jeanne Stengh Hlstorlan Denms Holst .5 ' Pat Pmder Treasurer John Muller Scholarshup for Service Elonse Bower Judlth Martm .I ' 'U ,,o use 04930 gllnl I Judy Zlttle Summer Presldenl ffddama df 7475 The privileges of membership in Jane Addams goes to the twenty-two outstanding Senior girls. For service to their school they have regular duties, usher at assemblies, and all other duties that Mrs. Price, their sponsor sees fit. Z? CD C? AI 'vm Q1 -nn T7 0' C7 'P' 1? -:ir g, . T- These girls are, from left to right, Row 1: C. Pedersen, R. Clark, A. Navarro, J. Steigh, G. Munoz. Row 2: G. Grubbs, J. Loedige, G, Daniels, B. Tacchini, P. Goethals, Row 3: B. Domonoske, S. Hartman, Mrs. Price, J. Wada, P. Adams. Row 4: G. Cooper, J, Henley, V. Saracco, S. Powell, E. Bower. Row 5: C, Doran, B. Sandusky, S. Cheek, B, Boyd, J. Zittle fi X N M9554 of WWS The Knights Club is composed ofthe senior boys who attain this office by application which is voted on by the student body. Some ot their duties include, direct parking, flag raising, and maintaining order in school. V3 fb Members ot this service club are, left to right, Row l D, Wallace, Mr. Denahy, sponsor, R. Wallace, T. Mertz, K. Koyama. Row 2' N. Hanaoka, R. Kosolt, F Cummings, D. DeFrg'wce. Raw 3 E Eliot, R, McPeak, B. Barr1ett,B Halverson. 1' ,-p .lozddee Ladies Service Club, left to right, Row l: P, Pinder, M. Fitzhugh, N. Fenska, C. Doran, S. Cheek, G Daniels, S. Berger. Row 2: J. Duket, H. Suzuki, J. Castle, D. Mendoza, N. Bourland, K. Hanoka. Row 3 S. Brown, S. Adamson, C. Schweitzer, l.. Stalmack, B. Domonoske, P. Molek, Mrs. Taniguchi, Row 4: P Sparks, P. Booth, S. Hald, K. Weiss, J. Steigh, M. Hoag. Row 5: M. Egelund, J. Cook, These eleventh and twelfth grade girls are honored by being elected into the Ladies Service Club of Narbonne. The eleventh and twelfth grade honors for boys go to these I7 outstanding students. They are, from left to right, Row l: K. Kimura, K. Ouimette, P. Manning, Mr. Cobbs, J. lsom. Row 2: S. Nothern, T. Hol linger, G. MacKay, R, Hansen, C. Flanary, G. Kubo. Meyers, R. Garrabront, R. Stevens. Row 3: B, Malcolm, K. Edwards, J. Hamilton, B. BW' . 'l?g gmizec if New members of the Baronettes Service Club are Row lr K. Josephsen, B. Wada, E. Saucida, M. Stanovich. Row 2: J. Garrison, E, Yoshii. 'gamma The Barons Service Club is composed of lenlh grade honor boys, From lefl lo right they are, Row l: B. Hughes, A. Kaselianis, G, Bechlold, T, Ko- bayashi, Mr Jung, J O'Hara W. Fukazaki, N Crandel Row 2: C Maier, B Clifford, J Parish, B. Tre- valhan, D Carmichael, B Weeks, K Freiss J, Shelly, M Walker, B Hal verson R Cook, B Sponheim .W S Zczwwelled Baronelles - Service Club, Iefl lo right on lop picture, Row I. M. Gray, E. Kasin, L. Welch, J. Wagen- seil, L. Miller, S. Adamson, J. Ha- -49 masaka, D, Adams, C. Soulh, V. Hyde. Row 2: T, Kimura, B. Akens, B. Anderson, P, Pyeatre, L. Saracco, M. Beadling, P, Larsen, P. Yuoka. Row 3: D. Oriani, C, Powell, V. SU- zuki, S. Long, M. Chamberlain, V. Kincaide, D. Grammer, K. Hanaoka, R. Ryland. Raw 4: P. Michaelis, E. McDaniel, B. Walson, Mrs. Hopla, S. Jacks, P. Mason, P. Horn, J. Arm- slrong. if 4 70641661 The Summer board: Pa? Pinder, Marlys Egelund. Back: Mary Stanovich, Eloise Bower, Carol Doran, Miss Lancasfer, Lynn Welsh, Diane Adams, Regis Stevens, Sherrill Berger, and Lucilie Sarcicco. ' 4' .league gamd fi, . Q 4 F TN 1 il The winier board: Gloria Mu- noz, Jane Wada, Penney Goe- fhals, Miss Lancasier, sponsory Regis Sievens, Pat Pinder, Mar' ion Winsryg, Cynfhia Petersen, and Jeanne Steigh. Seaman Out-going Officers Marion Winsryg Historian Regis Stevens Secretary Penny Goethols President Jane Wada Vice President Gloria Munoz Treasurer. Summer President Carol Doran pre senting rose bouquet and gave! to Penney Goethals Winter President New Officers at installation Diane Adams Historian Marlys Egelund Vice-Presidentg Treasurer. ,fn fi 3 ,, .1 1, ,Q I Row l: Russ Williams, Steve Nothern, Bruce Kitterel, Bob Weeks, Ralph Kosofl, Dennis Holst. Row 2: Kenny Koyarna, Charlie Cunnigon, Dave De- France, Jack Patton, Pat Man- ning, Terry Mertz, and Sponsor, Mr. Arthur Freier. gage ' Boys' League Board-The aim of the Boys' League of Nar- bonne High School is to further an interest in athletics, promote sportsmanship, and build a better spirit ot fellowship. 1 Tug O War between the old men of the faculty andthe young men of Boys' League, 1 647 Foolball Sweelheorls-Row l: Joyce loedige, Pam Adams, Queen Sue Chambers, Jeri Henly, Judy Zillle. Row 2: Jeri DuKel, Carolyn Flonary, Marquifa Davis, Belle Boyd. Row 3: Diane Adams, Sponsor Mr. Freier, Mickey Dalton. Incoming Boys' League Presidenl Pat Man ning presenls Kenny Koyama wilh a gavel a symbol of the office he held so eflici enlly. REGIS STEVENS Edlfor ln Chxef 5? ROBERT BEAMAN Business Manager Svyqf SUE HALD JOANNE FOREST Assustant Editor Secrefcry SSM LEONARD SANDERS DEANNA WEISS NELI. FENSKA Adverhsung Ar! Edlior Student Organlzahon 'v , , -S' 'jr A Y 4" " bf 7 4- ,Z g " f ,- - 5 .1 ' Vw 1' f ' E A ff , '- 7 4. . , X V K , SHIRLEY POW 'fr ,. fp f 1 PHIL COLUMBUS . Staff Photographer Sponsor f MR LAWLOR PETE MENDEZ Cover Desrgner if ELL CHARLES SHOEMAKER RUSSELL WILLIAMS Gurls Aihlehcs B oys AIhIeIlcs Asslswnl Aihlehcs af ff Narbonne's first Journalism l class soon became the key sniffers of campus chatter in their role as cub reporters. In Row lf Carole Bilaki, Carol Hoffman, Chris Meyers, Mary Slate, Ann Pellam, Deanna Weiss. Row 2: Stan Todd, Leonard Sanders, Gary Knapp, Jim Bara, Philip Colum- bus, Dorothy Mclean. Row 3: Dave Fredrickson, Ken Freiss, George Meyers, Sherry Jones, Ronnie Bush- nell, Lean Guillotte, Karen Beorsley. 4 Ed Eliot, serious-minded, crusading Editor-in-chief of the rapidly im- proving weekly, Green and Gold. The Green and Gold staff for the winter initiated the first paper on the new Narbonne campus. The peo- ple who had a hand in this achieve- ment are, from left to right, Row l: Virginia Haney, Shelly Sickinger, Ed Eliot, Marquita Davies, Caren Week- ley, Valarie Saracco. Row 2: Bob Malcom, Joel Boderman, Mr. Lawlor, and Steve Nothern. 6f2EEN+6"" Z? . :zz l . 5 .-5:45 4: : I. L5 ' V' .-...-.f ,: , ...1-.. ig, f :ff Emil ,W ix, , eff' as and gold! ,bwoiaced 4 and Row l: Robert Beaman, Business Manager, Caren Weekley, News Page Editor, Valerie Saracco, Managing Editor, Ed Eliot, Editor-in-Chief, Carol Hoffman, News Page Editor, Bob Malcolm, Sports Editor, Steve Nothern, Co-Sports Editor. Row 2: Dorthy Mendoza, Proofreader, Carolee Gibb, Bookkeeper-reporter, Pat Ellis, June Fernandez, Suzanne Rosenberg, Sandra Russell. Row 3: Sharon Cummins, Darleen Lillie, Jackie Lenton, Diane Oriani, Ellen Stanton, Dianna Gillgren, Janet Schramm. Raw 4: Diane Reams, Stan Todd, Phil Columbus, Ken Friess. Row 5: Barbara Howard, Deanna Thompson, Gwynn Differ, Joal Boderman, Mary Chudy, Barry Leisure, Tom Gayton. Row 6: Ron Lupin, Bob Legler, Troy Scott, George Smith, Don Galloway. Along with the move to this new school, many new and good things have de veloped. One of the improvements, in my opinion, is the enlargement of the Green and Gold. ln total printable page area, this student publication has doubled. Quality, according to the maiority of the students and faculty also has doubled There are two reasons for this. First and most important is that there are few weak nesses in the executive staff. We have a wonderful organization. The other reason for improvement is that we have been given more money to use on our thirty editions All in all, the Green and Gold, sponsored by Mr. Lawlor, has, this year, become a publication worthy of the student body and faculty of Narbonne High School Ed Eliot, Editor-in-Chief ,4cwwci Wdnww Swag and 77oetfzq Wdmmo r 'qi Sri JT 'ai' 'T D142 Miss Alice Sturdy, sponsor, presenting Daughters of Ameri- can Revolution Citi- zenship Award to Jane Wada lor qual- ities ot dependabil- ity, leadership, serv' ice and patriotism. li' sin rr-X' 1- Y f"r These students received honorable mention in the National Essay and Poetry Contest. Pictured are, Row ll John Bridges, Eleanor Trom, Bill Llrrdrror, Row 21 corol Manery, Gloria smlilr, Jane Rowe, Carol Hoff- 6664026 man, Louis Weiss, Row 3: Christine Grohs, Kathy Reap, Barbara Lohman, and Richard Ryel. Mrs, Davis is English Department Chairman. E I Typing winners pictured with Miss Vaubel, Typing Contest sponsor, First place, Roberta Clark, 77 words, 2 errors, and Second place, Joyce Loedige, 61 words, 2 errors. U1 a l Irene Loyhaza, winner of cosmetology award from an LA. school and Regis Stevens, winner of Homemaker of Tomorrow Contest, pictured with Mrs. Bottaglia, Domestic Arts sponsor. ' x 50 Q -0 -.Q Row lf Pal Manning, Ron McPeak, Bruce Burlon, Mr. Schaefer, Terry Merlz, Frank Cummings. Row 2: Roger Myron, Mike Pinder, Bob Barnelt, Mike Ruiz, Larry Sparing. Row 3: Russ Williams, Ted Kobayashi, Peter Neuman, Steve Nalhern, Glen Sulo, Bob Weeks. Narbonne's annual Christmas Box Drive by the Key Club was again a success, A-'L' ,Te 29 'U Ke Lieutenant Governor of Division l9, Terry Mertz, giving farewell address at Key Club Convention. X Receiving the Division l9 achievement award for Narbon- ne is Bruce Burton, President, Key Club Queen and Court Princess Jeri DuKet Queen Marion Beadling Princess Judy Zittle A ,LN .if 12 . C95 1, ,ge J 'W 5 - I I . ' I Q x if O I' ' Y I i 'K+ , 3 ' ' Q ' I all Zmmzelafw Office Counselor s Office Staff- w l, leff to right N G rrett, E. Anderson, G c pas, Mrs. Barnes, B r vetlian. Row 21 I. Lo za, C. Lynn, J. Poin dexter, J. Woodworth, A T ax, V. Frazier. Row 3 mittle, J. Barnett, L Wu cox, D. Sivard, B Braugh. Al S 4 .x t, xi frefvg. Business Office Staff-Row l: D. Day, D. Kyllingstad , M. Hennon, Main Office Staff-Row l, left to right: Miss Phipps, S. Thompson, C. Giacopuzzi. Row 2: B. Brown, L. Fuhrer, D. Alvarez, G. Cooper. Mrs. Bordeaux, D. Galloway, J. Bunch, B. Davis, P. Adams. ' a0ff6ee 775464 Office e Uffcce Attendance Office Staff- Row 1. S. Mortensen, Mr Marienthal, L. Griffin Mrs. Odelson, M. Whitson R. Rogers, L. Hess, L Combs. Row 2: G. Orrls S. Thomas, J. Dawson, P Beckett, S. Hartman, W Smith. Row 3: P Buckmas ter, M. Turner, S. Mchier nan, D. Farr, R, Wallace M. Hartman, J. Barnett S Spofztawdgif eammdlee Row l, left to right: M. Weeden, R, Bunn, D. Maccoux, A. Kaselionis, B. Clifford, Mr. Langan, M. Drown. Row 2: M. Linton, T. Dunlap, J. Casteel, P. Horn, S. Jacks, W. Moses, J. Spencely. Row 3: J. Wagen- seil, D. Beery, J. Lemen, J. Skillman, J. Shelly, K. Friess, R. Moss, J. White. This group of students prepares and plans the weekly Friday night Sports Night for all the Gauchos. fa Qfealtk Office Row l, left to right: F. Milliett, Mrs. Bor- deaux, Mr. Langan, M. Ferrara, M. Lee. Row 2: E. Drawdy, C, Friel, D. Reams, V. Cooper. Raw 3: K. Kemper, D, Omohun- dro, S. Jones, S. Eldred, C. Janssens. gfealti amrmlttee Among the many responsibilities ofthe health committee is the im- portant one of maintaining good health standards, particularly in the school cafeteria. They are from left to right, Row l: Mr. Langan, A. Kaselionis, S. Jacks, J. Casteel, W. Moses, T. Shattuck, T. Dunlap, J. Spenceley, Mrs. Sim- mons. Row 2: R. Sundberg, J. Skill- man, B. Burnes, J. Lemen, R. Lin- coln, J. Shelly, R. Smith, M. Drown, K. Friess, D. Marcoux, N. Weeden. Row 3: M. Linton, P. Horn, J. Wagenseil, D. Beery, J. White, B. Clifford, R. Moss, R. Bunn, D. Yost. Science Row l, left to right: M. Dexheimer, C Grove, N. Nunes, L. Pederson, P. Sparks Miss Byrkit, J. Scott, S. Gorlow, H. Morris Row 2: V, Truscott, D. Patterson, L. Welch P. Pyeatte, C. Hoffman, A. Nakawatase L. McDowell, P. Mason, R. Moss, P. Ne prud, R. Ryland, C. Stout. Raw 3: E. Kosin C. Beard, G. Hardin, A, Cobhan, J. Joy R. Chowen, T, Thompson, J Weaver, S Dawson, J. Cook, D. Root, PWM The members of this "fu- ture planners" club are mostly interested in physiv cal theories or principles of thermodynamics and rockets. They are, from left to right, Row l: P. Davis Mr. Levine, J. Patt, A. An- derson, C. Manning, P Linquist. Row 2: R, Smith D. Shanelec, B. Martinsen, B. Peterson, G. Goodwin. Row 3: E. Fenska, B. Du prie, L. Burnes, B. Wads ley, A. Lee, B. Burnes. Row 4: J. Lemen, R. Lin coln, J. Shelly, R. Owens, D. Lawrence. Row 5: N Jacoby, J. Patton, J Bridges, G. Kopecky, K. Bradley, E. Sunde. Dvsq - A- 4' G- 'Jw 770184 These students explore new fields of mathematics beyond topics concerned in the classroom Members of the club are, from left to right, Row l: H. Morris, P. Pyeatte, L, Welch, R. DeRusha, K, Hana- olca, S. Rosenberg, M. Dexheirner. Row 2' Mrs. Bright, W Simmons, 5. Huntley, P. Mason, D. Freeman, N, Hanaoka, J. Arm- strong, C. Grove. Row 3: J. Miller, J. Plant, D, Swanson, C. Maier, B. Burnes. R, Smith, S. Audell, L. Lewis. Row 4: J. Weaver, J. Patt, J. Patton, R. Hammond, A. Anderson, J. Cook, C. Berry, C. Beard. Row 5: J. Shelly, J. Lemen, G. Kopecky, J. Bridges, D. Longley, R. Lincoln, C, Curry. Wa- Z Left To right' Row l. B. Burton, D. Wong, R. Myron, C. DeVore, Mr. Haley, D. Boise, B, Barnett, D. Fresenius. Row 2: F. Cum- mings, D. Bonkard, G. Price, B. Halverson, C. Aires, E. Johnson, M. Gibbons, R. Mc- Peak. Row 3: D. Wallace, T. Denton, B. Kiltrell, T. Albaugh, R. Pool, D. Pool, M. Rutz, B. Bird. Uesugi, M. Powell, C. Menary. Row 2: Mrs. B. Tecchini, C. Grove. Row 3: G. Thorpe, J. Williams, P. Mason, J. Takahashi, D, Kovich. Row 4: K. Friess, M. Drawn, B. Loh- man, J. Shelly. Row 5: J. l Weaver, G. Kopecky, S. Dawson. Spcmdal glad Lefl lo right, Raw lf M. Beadling, K. Holden, M, Schurman, 5, Harrington, Dazzle-ze Members ol this club are mainly inter- ested in the advancement ot art at Nar- bonne. They are, trom left to right, Row l: B, Kendall, C. White, M. Hendel, S. McClung, and D. Davis. Row 216. Kaleas, Mr. Schaefer, S. Chasteen, W. Prince, and C. Bass. dtemfzq glad Under the supervision of Mr. Penny these book reviewers and sponsors of TAB per- form valuable service to Narbonne's liter- ary minded students. Row l, left to right: D. Davis, D. Oriani, L. McDowell, J. Half lick, D. Patterson, P. Neprud, Mr. Penny. Row 2: B. Carl, L. McDowell, R. Rennie, G. Lourette, C. Clark, C. Geier, K. Smittle, G. Tharpe. ?za7kcL'6aw new The members of this crew help set up and run the films for the classes at Narbonne. They are, from left to right, Row I: C. Thomas, D, Shultz, L. Lanning, Mr. Clark, R. Smart, W. Clark, T. McCormick. Row 2: L. Bateman, B. Magee TSI, J. Reeser CSI, F. Edwards TSJ, S. Marsh lSl, T. Unan- der ISD, K. Scates, J. Skillman, Row 3: D, McPherson, J. Davis, T. Stracener, M. Coates, V. Vannuci, J. Brett, M, Smith. Jeepicma Leaders of Narbonnes drama department, the Thesplons Tisten intently as their spone sor, Mrs. Ludwig expounds the correct use of gestures in acting. These members, from left to right, include: L. Neuman, J. Firlit, S, Thompson, C, Menary, J. Cook, D. Mc- Beon, P. Sparks, and E. Whitman. A pdfzddlmdvtdd Left to rlqnt, Pow T: D, Irwin, R. Bernordin, H. MT:t1c:Hidou, A. Frledricks, Miss Stufdf E. Minor, B, Kali, J, Martin, B. Duprie. Ci Bohaenon Row? H Peel E Drawd-y,J Grant. G. Thorpe, J HaTkeck, L. McDoweU. K Eggers, D Patterson, P Neprud, G. Scopcs, C. Janssens, T Shattuck Raw 3 P Ancerson, S Marctrant, S. Poweu, C- Enqtistw, D. Barry' J Miller, J. ShelTy, G Benfer, W Simmons, B Bench, G Ffwel, R. Derusha Wiodema Ucmce w I Spence T en Dame s w rrtn n armon ow How Srrwttn e erek ow U SW GJ ot', M3 'g n, . ass, I: V r. D C or 9 :daze 7eac4ew The purpose ot' The Apple Polishers Club is to become acquainted wilh the field, op porlunities, and challenges ol the leach' ing profession. These students are, from left to riqht, Row l- M. Powell, D. Gram- rner, L. Shultz, R. Ryland, J. Spencleyy M Beadling, S. Buck, T. Shattuck. Row 2: S. Banks, B. Kendall, M. Hendel, J. Loedige, S. Harringlori, P. Pyeatte, L. Welch. Row 3: Miss McCoy, J. Schramrn, P. Doller, J. Forest, H. Peel, J. Halliclc, C. Grove, A. Nakawatase. Row 4: S. Hald, J Cook, L. Willson, B. Howard. Row 51 M. Hubbard, E Ransom, N. Dean, C. Beard, M. Selig- man, M, Duni, S. Garlow, J. Harvey. Row 6: L. Gardner, B. Lohman, P. Michaelis, S. Bell, D. Adams, B. Barnum, S. Walt. -I- f, , C,- 1.1 1. r NX C: octane 'Womemczdew Left lo righl, Row 1: C. Cole, B. Suzuki D. Patlerson, P. Neprud, D. Covich, D Terpin, F. Slaughler, J. Takahashi, Mrs Ballaglia. Row 2: A. De Leon, H. Harris B. Emry, J. Raumond, S. Warren, C. Mur ray, M. Harris, M. Uesuqi, B. Tuel, B Limbaugh, C. Laiblc, S. Tanlrlca, P. Pye alle, S. Cantrell, J. Shatlcll, M, Lee, G Eason, L. Wilrox, C. Saulh, J. Kangas, L Fowler, T. Kimura. main 2444! Emu Wamemaddwg in f-fctcaa lo righl: R. Bunn, Miss Ballaglia, J. Thomas, B. Be, P. Beckett, , Left to right: Angie Hines, Shirley Berchler, and Rose Jermain .1 . X U Q IW V N . U f I O f Q 6 'L ' , . 'i Q fM ' 2 . f if if ? 51-I .vi 1 if 1 ' . 2 4, ' " H J J - I 5 f' .EA ' V X 1 ' E -3 - Y , . , S Q . V ? A 'X g 'Vi ds CJ x if 4' - 1 - , 1 g Af: I A . el. D 'L Q X 'V X-L - - V93 .8 L 'Q , - f A A - f rg 4 : :E .- J A xg f ' F 61" X1 it , fr x fx ' - x . 4 kv . I Q Q U L A . . -1 f' 'S f 1 K x J I V . wr .Lf"'2'L-.lf.!.L'-"l'7'?'-L?AT7lL-1.-'ii-' K. S . ,,, M. ...ifg , A. .- ,, hk 'IW' "1'f"""' " MISS ALICE STURDY Choral Music SWG? . ? r s Glee Club, Row i, left to right S N Kaul P Pinder C Brokely A Provost W Moses ite, J. Somers, P. Sollars, S. Buc eiss w J Smith P Wheeler C Grove S Rlchar s artin, C. Smith, R. Ryland, N. Bour d J Satree J Hoy S Bracamonte Row 3 Miss Stur Haberland, B. Monson, S. Hite, E. Cahill M endel B m M ay Pu o O O C Lewi w 4: R. Mapel, C. McDaniels, C. ener S rchant ason ze e Mi r u hern, J. Carter, S. Warren. Row 5 B Wood K Weiss M Harris R H way C B ch er L Lew: J Harmon, A. Inman, L. Myers, J. R ymond D dams Row 6 B o ensten J G an Wi liams Smith, B. Bailey, C. White, G. Mertz, J Lowe M Hartman S Turner - H Q K T A 2 -'Q--5 K . I 'li Ixlidl- nQdE-E N V n av H7 X1 T. Denton, R. Clerne mon, Row 5: A. Swanson, R. K Row 6: D. Forl, P, Ande Willson, G, Orris. E? Q7 xi , C? Q1 nfs, S. Wolfe, R. Omohundro, R, Harrison, J, Miller, G, Benfer, S. Allshouse. osoff, C. Myron, T. Cant, W. Baher, T, Hill, G. Lee, M, Powell, P. Sandoval. rson, V. Hollowoy, B. Domonoske, L. Tuck, J. Marlin, J. Zitfle, B, Boyd, L. ,-4 6cz,bpeZl4 ' 7764414946 Madrigal, Row I: C. While, B. Kail, R. Ryland, C. Jarissens, N Fenska, V. Trescol, M. Miller Hyde, P. Anderson, Miss Sturdy, M. Winsryg, B. Boyd, L. Wilson. Row 3: S. Wolfe, S. Chapman, R Stevens, A, Inman, M. Henon, S. Cheek, S. Todd. Row A, G. Stephens, C. Myron, G. Benler, S. Allshouse, Sandoval. Row 5: T. Hill, G. Lee, L. Sparing, S. Blackman Q .Row 2:V .1 ,. " , f f 'R 1 Q: -- E ' F f 9: LI ' vf '. , A 4 1 - f A: HX: J."pJ'f ?, Nag 1 'T gwf ff ,gf if '- Q I ' WI S n w araxl " Q fm. 'E Jw' Y X 74 ' K' uv . V .X s 793,- 6 N "r ' Ax H F ' W X - ,1 x-nhl. :..w.,.a 'z.L.. :X-4 sf-1:.a.m,wy-ff-.wa..:1::: 'ay-swllhn. IU-'J-12'-212'-2-gf-if vs f if ,av X gg . A Q- fxzN U if. r if 'gg f my 1 ', .fm 'J' I' 3" '-f 4 wiw -y ,.wfN..:. 1. , Hy, , ,.fu,,M,,,,' f 'uwmga wg , -f,ay::wfzrw4'av I as ,f N5 'H f,,.,,.f., ,QA ,. 5, ,' Q 1. 1, .1 S' . J K "v fvw 1' 4: i 'X Q Q yi gf 'W L 1 If U A -.f 'fm . ii? 2 v .wwf , M 'gm 1' ,!'?,y fry ff Qf , Y ff g ,Q , r A I ST: 1 Q :gags HTHLETICS 3 Db I f' A 1 l A , -5 I 1 , -s fi 'L .-I N y - K X 411' X' l X -x 'ia Cheerleaders for football ond boslmetboll wcoson were, Row l: Steve Lolioyzc. Row 2: Russ Williams, Don Boise, Jim Allen, Ron Rogers, Curtis De Vove,Sto1my Mahon een and any .feadefza pwmalfe I I Wanna? ,bafzzfamaaaigb Jedi' l I Lett to right: D. Jung, sponsorf Steve Lohoyzo, head cheerleader: Jeri Henely, heod songleoder. Q, 0 Songleoders during winter clad sports were, left to riqhtf Penny Goa-ttwo's Betty Boyd Jeri Herwely JoyceLoediqe,Cofo1yr1Flcwury -x Maw A , xr I I COACH GRAHAM COACH KUNS COACH DOSSEY COACH WELLS Heallh Coordinolor Bee Foolbcll Crass Country Varsi'y Foofbcll Gymnastics Track Tr'-ck L , 3 . , I , ' . N a 8 , . , Q ' 1 I Q I F COACH DOUGLAS Bee Foolball l.V, Baseball COACH SLOSS Varsity Basketball J.V. Baskelball Swimming Deparlment Head ri. ' 3 If 'A' I '91 2 lr ,f Lan All . .grxfq--gl ' X' 5 A ,ev 4 -X . g.-q .K-WW! "' 1'7rf.'W. I :4'35.sA Lui? COACH STEINBERG COACH PROBERT Varsity Football Bee Basketball Varsily Baseball Cee Baskelball Summer Cheerleaders and Songleaders who led Narbanne 'lo a successful season were, Row I. Ronnie Hansen, Dave Freeman, Ron Rogers. Row 2: Renee Rogers, Margie Gray, Marlys Egelund. Tennis N V-.. '-x -Q - xx Row 'lz Neal Smith, Curtis DeVcre, Bruce Kittrell, Don Wallace, Jimmy Jones, Ron Wallace. Row 2: Paul linquise, Kenny Koyama, Don Wong, Roger Myron lPres.l, Mr. Jung lsponsorl, Robert Garrabrant lVice-Pres.l, Bruce Burton, Denny Fresenius. Row 3: Mike Pinder, Terry Albaugh, Ralph Kosoff, Allen Swanson, Don Bourne, Keith Edwards, Jerry Ouimette, Don Pool, Ron McPeak. Row 4: Jim Allen, Robert Rogers, David Ito, Larry Sparing, Bob Bird, Frank Cummings, Bob Halverson, Pat Manning, Terry Mertz. get 5 P"l'l ellezmcm g-Elsie X ffm, 676464 ,hamlet B155 Lettermen on duty during athletics events is a familiar sight as Terry Mertz checks activity cards at the gate with the help of Lettergirls. 1 Af Wawdtq ?aa1!5aZZ i.a ' 0 XA? . , ,wr I . 3. W cv- W .J Couch Phi! Sieinberg .-X M .4 J!! A. it Dove Akens FB Kar Ayres T Gerald Boyer, T Don Bourne T xl? ge, asf 4 "" " e KW I Dovid Day, E David Dunlop, G 91 I al? 452 'AR 51 U1 . 9 Mike Gibbons, T Dole Gonzales, G Jock Gordinier, E Dennie Holsr, G , 6 7 V 5 V , if , I X Af Jim Jones, T Gory Lee, E ROY I-90f'GVd, E Roncld LUPi"'f C George Mackay, HB John Mwlier, C Gerofd Ouimefle, G Jn.e'gen PGH, G Tom Pence, G Waiter Prince QB Gary Stephens, E Aflar Swcfvsof, E 1431 9 Mickey Valencia, T N W .T v 5, Tom Thompson, T Don Turner, T Henry Uranga, G Ray Burleson, FB , t 7045455 f4o4akaemenZ4 Mike Rutz 4 All City First String Center, All Marine f League Player of the year. t Fulton Edwards First Team, Joe Uranga First Team All Marine Back. All Marine league Tackle. ,lf ill ll ,Q g if Keith Edwards - First Team, Jimmy Jones - Tap Scorer at All Marine League Quarter- the Marine League, back. 1 E' L www, , f. My 1' u. ai" M 'X f 'ff E-X 5 E, flf' ,, diff t f f 43 1 e Q, Q A MW Q- f f + 7 Mg, " N U 'N gf A 9 L1 Aff V 'TGTIQV f N f 4 3. Q1 Q Q 81 Q f5g:g35f,i,i .,.', gk :. I I 7 , , .E is , . R is QJ N " ,,, ,jd 1 1:9 3. At, -,wr I 5 -in gg i35'T:-' K' P -'P' . + ' . ' 'vf sf-'N' , ' 9 xg. f. f.- - tif 'M A we . 2' 'S - f' 4- Q Y +5 :wil . - - ' .. f 1. ,iffy . 'ff w,-, N , ' 'x "' fb ' .5 'ff ' . -4 . .- ,, . - ,r- , ,X .., .. L., If, fi : I - ,W 1, -f 1 -' +. - ,- X ff, . Z .J - . ' luqkvix x 4 -". , 1 . ' A jf -'f' . J Q ' Y ' ' rl 55 2 9 X Y - X 'N' , Q x 'A' 1 xx , A - X 1 .. ff ' U -w, N F ,. 3 ' ' A A 1 Elf ' . "Q .5-f N "' I 9 A k 9 54 -Q J . Q Q 'i 'H ' ' x YW p. gif l IP ' 71' ' Coach Douglas giving instruc- tions to Bob Lugo and Glen Kubo during intra-squad scrim- mage. 7 ,banned Zee 70055456 Bee football team consisted of, Row l: C. Thomas, R. Evans, C. Myron, D. Hawry, J. lsom, W, Richards, T, Quadres, K. Mclntire, G. Salas, D. Myers, B. Reed, G. Kubo, N. Hanaoka, Row 2: Coach Douglas, R. Prince, G. Rameriz, G. Cookus, F. Gonzales, R. Wallace, B, Sellers, J. Schmidt, R. Lugo, R. Blackman, J. Kelly, R. Branch, F. Germain, R. Cook, Coach Kuns. Row 3. L. Broughton, D. Fairbanks, B. Jobson, J. MARINE LEAGUE STANDINGS Team W L Per, Banning , 5 OOO Ncrbonne . . 4 800 Wesichesver . 3 500 Gardena . 2 .400 Sun Pedro , , 2 400 1 Jordon , , O Casey, T. Jones, B. Morcce, B. Nichols, P. Bcbbift, W. Clark, W. Horrel, J. Hunter, J. Schimidi, R. Salas, B. Clemenis. Row 4: W. Jones, R. Giffin, C. Griffiih, B. Nyhorg, T. Consicble, J. Oriegc, B. Cummiford, W. Clark, G. Bortholio, B. Foster, B. Weeks, M. Smith, B. Gram, B, Foster, T. Muriezia, .OOO 64440577 .gf f , 5 1 , 3' fr I .Q " '7' I .1 , ill .L I ill Bob Bird Charles Shoemaker Bill Brown Frank Cummings Ronnie Cummings Charles Pablu Richard Schilling - 2 L , 2, ' X C' C' , l ,S L fl 1 Q 'X' ll at U' ' 1 ' 0 '. Y 1 - I . '. I Don Wong Larry Evans Coach Bob Dossey Larry Cross Don Mitchell Charles Gonzgles Pepe Mendez - QAM. 2 , SQ ' 1 l . . L I . I. .x 'l I1 : I 0 , Louis Weiss David lto Alvin Galbreath Jerry Ranum John Joy Dusty Miller Roger Dickinson T . a . . V V' Y 3 . I A I "- .-C d M Q6 0,7 . I . i L 1 ', I , 2 I I . Bob Dunn Chester Allen Don Robinson Bob Braden John Crowther Bob Scott Varsity Team's Achievements lst Place-Marine League Finals 3rd Place-Los Angeles City Finals 9th Place-California State Finals 74 Frank Cummings team captain 'iT w-Q,-fi-All .J - V. ,Q ,V A , ,153 ,6 A . A Nasa! 5, ,f"'W-1, 'N a 5 E 7 Q- ,. .ff .., ff' 76 E-an if 3 Ron McPec1k Dennis Fresenius Z Ed Percles lance Goodwin Www! Deming Wmadtg gcaadetifanf! mm Bob Halverson Larry Sparring Ed Eliot Roberi Stevens Bob Harris John Marincovich Bob Bqmen uf ff. J. V. Basketball Team was manned by, Row I: B, Baldwin, J. Jeter, R. Chowen, N. Crandall, A. Kasel- ionis, P. Manning. Row 2: S. McClung, R. Omohan- dro, Barr. K. Foster, B. Carl, D. Harvie, F. Edwards, R. Cee Basketball captured the Marine League title with, Row 1: J. Ohara, G. Bechtold, D. Freeman, R. Clemets, R. Pearcy. Row 2: W. Fukuzaki, D. Schmitz, R. Taylor, R. Ryel, T. Hollinger, P. Kretzschmar. Bee Basketball drippers were, Row l: M. Walker, P. Godfrey, B. Hoppes, M. Allred, C. O'Brien. Row 2: B. Rozich, J. Pearson, B. Halverson, J. Webb, G. Benfer. M -L :A E 45 47 M M '3W:E.'S T Rfk x 'I gl ' w-Q fx! fr N ig' I 1. ,, i 2 Us 'AQ' 6 5. fic ',' IX YF , .rf my ,lQj',r'1 . f f 2 -' f. xA 1 .I K K A . -la., ,, Wcmadtq 'H llfgll U --.WV -4 -ll0"5 Q. "' 1 ,A ..,.,. ..-,, . .Hxgjf , N 36' X 5 9' ae LJ 3 i 1-S :- Vcxrsily track men are Rowl D Freslnlus M Rufz B Gorrubrunl J Bodermcn D Bankerd R Leonard J. Gordineer. Row 2 chill ng San ers Me ers S odd urlng e K Fos Kubo, G. MacKay C G nzclez Row 3 C Bohcnnon T Scales J J es B Sell R Burleson B Cumiford, J. Munoz B Brown B Bard B Moroce G Solos D Ilo Bruce Moroce-Low hurdles or high hurdles he still flies lo the Pope. LF iv Bob Garrabranf School record holder . for sho? pu? cl 54 MA." 1 David Ito Top conlender in Ma' - ' rine League broad iump competition. flrlvs George MacKay, Leonard Sanders, Billy Meyers, during pre-meer warm-up lar the AAO yd. dash, -.,,?Qr..sNNx-' SST sh .- v l l Highly rated Gaucho milers Charles Shoe! maker and Bill Brown. Top Marine League 880 yd. runner, Bob Bird. .' 'e- - .uw 4 "-lr. ..jrv, 22 'PN' .-PM-Jr' -'.?".e. . .. ., , l h s-- - . A, 4- iT.7,.-f"K..-1-'-5 -3?fef3f1 ' . ' . . ':'f'.?J1ug.3'. Narbonnes competi- s in the lOO yd. N dash - Bill Meyers, Jimmy Jones, Fulton Edwards. ,,,., ,a 81 6 2 1-'F Qlf .- ' lfv 2 ' ' . as gp 'tv Bee Spukers are Row l B Malcolm, R. Cummings, F. Germain, T. Constable, M. Billi W Strehle Row B Wolf D Hawks, C. Allen, J. Williams, D. Wong, B. Lugo, G. Ouadres J Webb P Babbut W Harrel, R. Prince, B. Blackbourn, B. Scott. ee mai ngsley, T. Martizia, Ramirez. Row 3: T. Top 660 yd. runner Ron nie Cummings lengthens 4- Y- .- his lead. 'xx-- . b ll 5 A 8 I Mag- W f . .Aw il - ..........-- . .5- v ref With head down and mouth open James Williams gathers vital points in the sprints for Bee squad, What form! Up and over goes Fred Germain in high hurdles. VT 6 F. se. if r V " Y 8, w 15 ' o 'T' Q' Qu 5 Cee runners are, Row l: D, Wright, T, Hollinger, J. Frazier, B. Dunn, P. Mendez, D. Friend, R. Tucker. Row 2: H, Luyt, R. Taylor, D. Robinson, J. Ranum, D. Creager, R. Salas, C. Gray. Row 3: J. Fast Reed, B. Dunham, L. Weiss, R. Evens, C. Bates. mek ,J- av-- lr 1 ln .A Trying for ci new record are Troy Hollinger and Ronol Evens in the l80 yd. dash. Qi GO!! Shouts Coach Dossey os Dave Wright and Jerry Ronum prepare for their 660 yd. dash. - . ,1 -'.,,. 'E-N'-. f 14. -' er, T. W., Driving into the turn are Douglas Friend, Pet Men- dez. Rudy Salas, and Bob Dunn who run the l32O yd. run. 83 Of -.. Y .. L Q , 17' A , 'M' X . H, ': I 135 ' ,Z , A Ml B B , 'fi' 1 Nt f , T ,, A V lf ' 5.3, . , . , gi , D' ' G' 'K 5 4 PL llclfll l Q A ll li' J fy! 5 Varsity horsehiders are, Row l: J. Ohara, B, Haney, D. De France, N. Smith, G. Sutow, W. Chaney, C. Flanery. Row 2: Coach Steinberg, B. Donah, B. Baldwin, C, Shoemaker, B. Sponhiem, E. Perales, D. Swanson. Row 3: G. Phillips, G. Cookus, D. Howry, C. Myron, A. Swanson, D. Dunlap, G. Stevens. Wawdzfcy Zcweiaif J? 3 Bill Baldwin -1' Narbonne's reliable pitcher who Q , greatly aids the Gaucho de- tense. Q., With scoop like action Bob Donah covers the first base position. ..V Allan Swanson With keen eyes and strong wrists he leads the Gaucho offense. X4 Mr' T T NVQ' W T li 9:33- N4 T 9 F' ,.. S' PM wr 4.-,. . Q 'L Left to right: Row I: Coach Douglas, C. Gonzalez, W. Clark, D, Freeman, D, Tanaka, C. Thomas, R. Moore. Row 2: K, Ellsworth, K. Mclntire, F. Edwards, D. Cole, J. Johnson. Row 3: C. O'Brien, B. Hoppes, R. Bauer, D. Myers, G. Olton, J. Parish, M. Stevenson. V, I W aeedad Poised and ready Dave Freeman awaits a ho! grounder, Dick Cole With a good fast ball and a fair curve he leads the J. V, piiching staff. This is how to da il? As coach Douglas looks on Calvin Mayron demon- straves his obilily to play the lirsv base posilion, cam gamma 311 QQ? in ee asses Q . , 93. 267, Racket squad poses for camera in Row 1 J. Hickman, J. Croskrey, J. Standish, Coach Probert, M. Lee, T. Scates B Clements J Marincovuch B Reed, E. Betz, J. Hamilton, G. Means, M. Walker, T. Kobayashi, B De Walt Row 2 T Wilkerson B McCarthy, A. Stephenson, B. Sellers, B. Fredland, A. Kaselionis, R. Graft B Lindner D McBean P Kretzschmar, B. Halverson, R. Harris, C. Baber, A. Benfer, E. Jenkins, P. ls this correct coach," asks Bob Reed? Ready for doubles are Bob Clements and John Marin- covich who combine their talents to make an almost unbeatable team. Over the net goes the ball as Mike Lee serves and Ed Betz stands ready. ' ' mm ,bfczedea da Z League Champion Varsity Swimming Team are, Row l: R. Moss, Mgr., K, Foster, J, Miller' J. Pearson Coach Sloss, P. Manning, G. Knapp, P. Newshul, L. Graham, Mgr. Row 2: D. Arbuckle, D. Holst, R Hanon, J. Plant, K. Edwards, R. Rogers, R. Ornohundro, R. Rogers. Row 3: R. Kosofl, G. Diffee, A. Ander son, W, Haslam, L. Goodwin. Bee Swimming Team enthusiasts are, Row l: G. Richard, K. Friess' W. Richards, D. Owings, D Mitchell N. Hudson. Row 21M.O'Neil, B. Rau, Coach Sloss, H. Blake, C. Manning. Q 1. V Q 'Q ' A ' 5 . 4 35' ith' . ,rn C l ml .. J Cee Swimming Team strokers are, Row l: J. Mclntosh T. Martinsen D. Sitanblec J. Crass Coarh Sloss J. Aurd P. Uaughan B. Lucas B. Peterson to ea Y . A L . A - name mm 3644 fam .league Www Musclemen flex for the comero in Row l: D. Vollonline, G, Rickard, K. Koyomo, B. Lugo, P, Linquist, G. Gibson, L. Tomlinson, S, Nolhern, B. Trevorhon. Row 2: R. Dcvilo, D. Courtney, J. lsom, C. Morrinez, J. Brownell, T. Albough, J. Moshogen, Coach Kuns. Row 3: T, Connor, L. Asborne M. Allred G. Wollne 1 1 Y, D. Pool, D. Bonkcrd, M. Finder, R. Suminagci, B. Kittrell. Row 4: B. Cobbs, B. Weeks, L. De Rusha, B. Wilson, C, Ayers, R. Grohom, B. Brodon, J. Jock. With muscles straining Don Pool reaches for the sky. 'luck ond roll l l Bruce Kiltrell shows form ond timing, Terry Albough Top contender in fumbling ond does equally well in free ex. ond long horse. ff I L. x 1 Mike Pinder- All around man who gathers vital points on the rings, parallel bars and side horse. He first lettered in this sport in the lOth grade and this year, being in the llth, has helped greatly to the over all strength of the team. Kenny Koyama- High bar man elite. He also collects points in tumbling and does equally well in it. This is his senior year and he earned his fourth varsity letter in this sport and turned in one of his best seasons. S .-5 12.,:,:.-151,.,,,z5mM6w: M was-,' 'ff jf' , A k'fw3:f,g 5?-,ff D4 .A, J ' f?.1.,.x:'ff" " , H,,. ""H'8um, - Gayle Orris, outstanding G.A.A. plaque winner. 66164 ' ffzfdfelfdc ,444ac6az'cJcwz Cynthia Pedersen, winter President. Eloise Bower, summer President Ns- R, . I 151 ' V, VA, v Q. - li 1 W., ,V -r. ,., 5 1 HTHLETICS W Zetlezgdde mance and weld Melee . WM . . . Left Io rsght S Hartman S Cheek Husiorlan S Chapman M Henon R Sievens G Orrus J Clements E Bower C Doran J Znitle B Domonoske J Henly P Adams President R Clark J Damals J Wada Vnce Presldent A Navarro Secretary C Pederson Treasurer G Munoz J Sielgh J Green H Suzuki No! pictured S Powell ww?- 'ki' : . , . , 7 . , . , . , . , . , - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 v 1 - 1 I - 1 - 1 - 1 7 - 1 7 - 1 7 A 1 - 1 - 1 - - . 2 , S. , -- . .1 - ,. . Q. , . I Jn. I: .Vg 1 4 V , -'. . - Y. 1,5 1 ., . ' . -fF',: ' fy . ' . J ig. ..' ,1 , dldtqaewelf Thanks goto Miss Barbara Litchfield wonderful sponsor at Lettergrrls From left to rught on the wlde sweep e S Cheek D Suvard S Chapman M Hoag M Henon S B wn R Stevens B Boyd E Bower C Doran J Zrttle B Damonoske H Jones Hnstoruan M Sat S Berger R Ciark J Danlals Secretary J Wada A Navarro Presndent K Tonner G Munoz Vuce President P Pnnder A Moyle H Suzuku Treasurer M Davus Not pictured S Powell s. ith 4- ' ' ar: . , . ' , . , , , . , . ro , . , . , . , , , . ' , . , . , ' ' p . ni, . , . , . , 5 . , . , ' 5 . , . , ' 7 . , . , . , 5 . A. A : . , - za , 'X P , A . , . .X , 4. ffzf-Ti' ,, A.,.s5..,, , fgf'::.."V X . . ' ' Q Q ,,j,.vp-,M , 5 MQ' J' 1'- A- Q-shv, X - V Q Nr, , la Q Z I l ' " ' Q I Q C, 1 4 , Q L WAa'Nrts " E f ' ' . Row 1, left to right: J. Green, J. Steigh, L, Griffin, M. Gray, P Q, a , Larson. Row 2: D. Grammar, C. Pedersen, C. Grove, V. Hallo 4 4 Q way, P Goethals, M Wlnsryg. Row 3. J. Henly, J. Clements 0' ' P. Mason, A. Ayers, C. Allen, G. Orris. was 5 f' .5 Row l, left to right: H. Suzuki, A. Moyle, B. Clemens, M. Eglund. Row 2: G. Dcnials, D. Sivard, S. Chapman, M. Hennon, D. Ronning. o"J v .f 1, . I 'O l A 1 X . t 9 Q t '. F-. 4 I is 1 nv.. 4 X. . 4 'Y l 1 f, S If 'Q J'-9 4 Q' al' y Waifeqfaff Pow l, left to right: J. Hamcsalrc, M. Dcxhcimer, J Bynock G. Smith. Row 2: D. Kovlch, E. Ransom, M. Dreyer, H. Peel, S Schramm. l -. . Woe W1 aaa N N . 'a . r A Q , L J ' - rf' il Q 'J . Q Row I, left to right: P. Yuolro, M. Linton, M. Beodllng, M. - Usugl, M. Fltzhugtr, R. Neprud. Row 2. T Dunlop, D Paterson 4 ' 9 3 x x S. Nelson, L. Welch, P. Dotter, S. Jocks. Row 3: D. Adams, T. ' - Reist, D. Root, C. Moyer, M. Drown, L. Lewis X M - 1 0 5 X 1' 3 , 7 .3 if X l Waifeqdafi Row l, left to right- R. Ryland, K. Evons, B Anderson M, Southworth. Row 2. B. Briedenbcck, W Mr'ler V Hyde, E Kosin, B. Wood. l 1 Row l, left to right: J. Williams, J. Weaver, S. Dawson, S. Huntley. Row 2' R. BrGdy,S.Hc1rrir1gtDr1, C. Murray, J. Spence- ly, H. Morris 2 2 1 X x ' x l x l l Gayle Orris and Linda Griffin. 4 H3 '-I . O XM ii G' 1 I gi I rf - Alice Moyle, Carol Allen and Sharon Brown. 96 ffzciew 'W 'Eiga Archery enthusiasts are pictured. Row 1, left to right: M. Mince, N, Coil, K. Hanoka, S. Berger, B, Wood, L, Ortiz, V. Suzuki, M. Powell. Row 2: J. Castle, M. Davies, T. Kimura, J. Usui, N. Fenska, P. Pinder, C. Stout, J. Aspittle, L. Garrison, D. Mendoza. Row 3: S. Stevens, N. Necones, C. Bernsten, J. Taka- hashi, J, Armstrong, J. Schram, S. Long, M. Duni, M. Seligman, P. Molek, M. Santi, S. Brown, J. Mclachlan, B, Howard. Row 4: G. Flagg, S. Watt, P, Mechaelis, S. Hartman, S. Powell, D. Alvarez, M. Hoag, S. Adamson, F. Aldrich, L. Shore, J, Steigh, S. Hald. 'Q r f . C. Mitchell, D. Kyllingstad and J. Cooper menL'70' X 4 Q 4 a 6 '7 4 . X . , J x 1, - '57 , 1 i A7 ll ia l 1 ? -v x l s Qi This hockey team proved to be the finest players in winter season. They are, left to right: S. Brown, J. Davis, R. Clark, L. Peterson, B. Akens. Row 2: J, Castle, J. Wada, R, Junkind, B. Dorninoske, C. Davis, D. Cale. Row 3: E. Bower, C, Doran, S. Cheek, H. Jones, J. Haverland, J These G,A.A. girls slammed their way to volleyball champions, They are: Raw l, left to right: G. Monoz, K, Tonnor, A. Navarro, J. Forest. Row 2: P. Adams, J. Zittle, L. Gardner, B. Sandusky, B. Boyd. W-Sv 1 Q ZBA N 3""-1 B 4 fn X These fine girls are the B-lO's and new members of G.A.A. They are: Row l, left to right: B. Denton, B. Mosher, T. Todo, J. Garrison, E. Yoshi, M. Takake. Row 2: B. Wada, S. Cummings, B. Stahl, E. Truitt, M. Sherry P. Swarthe. Row 3: C. Creach, D. Mclean, A, Jerberiahn, P. Robinson, J Armington, M. Davis, K. Allen, Linda Wright. Row 4: D. Farr, J. Lasell, S Hutton, C. Cassetta, B. Beaman, L. Fuhrer, J. Zacher. 3 103 and 37" p 6 Ax M1302 H g.,4.,4, P game! Members of the Winter G.A.A. Board: Row l, left to right: L. Griffin, Cheerleader, C. Pedersen, Presi- dent, N. Fensko, H. Suzuki, Publicity, J. Green. Row 2: E. Bower, Playday Chairman, M. Henon, Head of Sports, B. Boyd, Treasurer, S. Cheek, Recording Secretary, G. Orris, Cheerleader. Row 3: J. Daniels, Publicity, A. Navarro, Historian, J. Clements, Past President, J. Wada, Lettergirls' Vice President, K. Tonner, Secretary. Q.,-4.,-4. Www magnet kj 's.-4' t By the look on Cynthia Petersen's face, it must be pretty funny, '. D . . .1 . 4 C bi- ,I This is the Multipurpose Room on the night of the semiannual G.A.A. banquet. Does it look like fun? Well, it was fun! The girls standing in the middle of the room are the Mighty Senior A's. . s Q.,-4.14, Zuma! fl ' 1.1, f Af. V v.. x ffm . ,. 4:-Qi' 4 23' ,, '. K Q 3512 95- tgjfiftsjf A 'l'ffT"e3v2SfT. ,fi P-ifn2"fj'f ' 4.4. unlhl? 2. -, 1 L , 16, Y, JX',., 4 "-"9 Q . g,,4.,4. S Wm xc cy. .,f"' vs.. to right: B. Sandusky, Historian, E. Bower, The dedicated members of the G.A.A. Board. Row 'l, left President, R. Stevens, Treasurer. Row 2: A. Navarro, Secretary, G. Munoz, Publicity, A. Moyle, Cheer- Vice President, S. Brown, Cheerleader, R. etary- S Adamson Head of Sports Not leader, J. Hamasaka, Referee Chairman. Row 3: J. Wada, Jungkind, Eligibility Chairman, M. Hoag, Recording Secr , . , . Pictured: S. Powell, Playdoy Chairman, P. Goethals, Cheerleader, C. Allen, Cheerleader, G. Cooper, B-I0 Chairman, S. Hald, Publicity, J. Casteel, Head ol Sports. J 1.-' 1 For the past six years this teacher has been the sponsor of Norbonne's wonderful G.A.A. She has devoted her time, brains, fine spirit, and devotion to the girls of this club. We thank you, Miss Herwig, for being one of the tinest sponsors the G.A.A. has ever had. , 'sf 3 . 1 -i LE 'F Z i ANP., Evra. ti' '4 '-ag. X n 5 X' Student Body Presidents beginning cz typicci day with "CoIors." Ron McPeck, Winter President, and Terry Mertz, Summer President, 1 mg? NX I . ' U H D E R, B S Q A 101 ' eg- wwy, A vs. '15, rg. tj v- 'ks '-U 1: 1 KD 5 V. if-151: Ashby B Baldwrn A a yres J arra S Allhouse Audel V Basrle Clements Cslzek G Daniels Coats M Currlston Doran Colanter J aly Doyle Cotton B Domonoske Emery 'U' an 1 QA .A 6 W 'BQ '."1.a 37'- 15- .54 XXX M 19 8 5 Q 1 SX " 'ADe ' m Q if V ar X H G Bayer Benfer P Beckett Betz P Bench J d Germain Germain Gordrmer Gonzales C Gregory .I Haberland J ed trom M Henon 3,53 M ZW 1- . X I .U 5 'ani' .3 r -'5' Jn 9 ,,.'7 vi - D- dk fb Qu T? Brrchler Bollene Braugh D Holst sum J Jones Z . '.4vv x1 V ii I ,' , -,X , Q I - V, .l gr 1 S Brown B Burton ar e Kimura Krrkwood Kopecky u if r 9 Crovella Chapm e P LITIQUISQ I Lohayza G M k ac ay B Mankoskn -A if sa- , .-N v--'r K- '- av Al. N F1 xiii 7-up 'T ef fi A 10 QI? 'nr ...... 'Qu 1, rf-s 'sp' I 3 19" " " an '4""D B r . 4 A B h M ' g J 'f' F - 4 - "A " ,YZ .Kr Q, M 1- . D. G 1 1' . L1 QB ' 3 25 ii ' 1 E: an , S. . ' , .Bir B. S. C t r S. Ch ek . D. ' . ' F. A . . K, ' . ' ' . . ' C. R. ' . J. I V. ' . . . D 1. J. ' ' , H 5 D. Ito G. . . . B. F. . . G. K bo . ' fa B B .,,' fi 5 A h L g, 5 J , 5" ' if f' - ' W r 1 1 A ' H L .. -' fr 49. f 1 L . . . Q 'Q :V ls fx 4 4- ' NJ W , --51 . '-f L " ' 'D I . I . Y I , - 'F' -1 1 1 -eu 'X J J AMA' K I ' if P in H i I V V i . ha sr .1 - 1 Q fa f" 5 Y k P . .-4 v 'F wx N" 1' --J .J f ' b 'H ' Q ' -l my , I li' O -'V 35 xr . f. 'fr - W ' 4. r -- I xl. ' 4 r 3 ' 1 .Ff ' ' Y.. ' h ,GDT ' ' V" ,,' x A W 'f is T . ' Q - Q 3 ' -Q 1 ' , of . B , ' lmao N, . ' I 5 ' - f ,V K fa' 1 -7 Q . "" I . 0 - 5. 91 'O 'fs -1 1 ,,-1" . ' S . S 1. 0 f .... '44 x ' f V. 1 1 I . I REA ' 13 Q 4 5 Y P Manning C McDaniels C. Moore G Muir S. Nieto L Ortiz F. Patton L. Powell R Maoel L Muller B. Morace B. Myers D. Oelke G. Ouimette J. Patton W Prince J Masukawa S Monroe A. Moyle L Myers J, Orrls J. Palico T. Pence L Pulido R. Richards D G Sands D. Sivard Taylor H Uranga Wilson D Ritchey S Rosenberg B Sellers M Smalley . Taylor K. VanVoIkenburg Wilson W Purgason R Rogers G Routsong G Shaheen 1. Steigh . Tuck K Weiss Wilson B Reed S Romanoff P Sandoval R Shiveley H. Suzuki . Turner J. Williams . Wright , v. sr J 5 " 'Sr hi ? A ev 1 ,mo Q' .7 A . 4- Q V 1 . ' 'H Q: :.- , Q U J - A - Q "' ' 7 , 5 Y 3 -Q , I , 4 'V e. Y V f ,E .' A . . if V 'f iw. - lf I . u I .-- t - X . ,x N fs ' aw V' ' F i' 5 Q Fl-so Q ' ,U 1 A . ' ,Lb E fd Q., , by xg Y ye. ,. or .- Q A X li fl ' L 'vi W, r f A -90" F -A. J . 'Sif- x , ., .1 K I-Q G' E3 ,Q 'fb' .an- df 'W 1 lffx , 8 R 1 ,vb 6 9 6 5 'X , ' .. V? 'J' f ' A "ly ' l Y I 1' C , N "' ,Q -R I .. nv , 3 P9 'A '- A 'Ss . Q ,Q 'Q . rl C . I- G 1 ' L wg A . . r 1 ,,, -v x - . ,.,.- - S- - I 2' I -af , C X v . I - If rl VI u br fl' I X, , . 1 'Q ,. 2 B 7 f ' , , A-f - wa- A 'F 139 J f ' s ' X '-9' f f f 'Nl , 1 l .A ff' -s 4 4, e 3 fa 3 Lg ,l lb v- K ,ff V 5. ' j ' -.v-yn -f Q " ' iz, 1 "'f S - - Y ' Xi, 4 X 'A "'r ' ' 1 ' 1? - t - v 1 f' "' UE " " S 'Q 2 -A a rs- , A 4- 3 . ' . r Hr 'A Q rv v- Q95 :jj '- .4 ., .4 6 ,V 3 , V I I .1 J - 5 ll 'lr A A ' 'I ' A f A X .. 1 Q W . , A K, X ' -9 -C f fm 9 'E .,." ,7 A - Q 3 C l Q.: 1 ' .. , ' Q C? Q1 1 ff .jf J 1 ' Q f ,ur-rg 4 M x , A is A 'IQ l .QQ N . Q " , Z3 G . W -1. . SZ 3 -Q i K :Q 57 f, 7- f-5 ' 'W' l 7 w , 1 , - 1 W YA 5.1,-L Garret l, Baker Bass S Berger C Bohannon S Bracamonte F Bunch Carter L Baldwin Bateman C Berry D Bone B Braden Buzan Castle A Balcom Bates T Brgley J Bonnet G Bradley V Campbell Carter P Ballantyne Beal B Blrd P Booth G Brady L Cantrell Cassrdy S Bankard Beard S Blackman N Bourland B Brown P Carpenter Cervantes L Bralas Beardsley H Blake B Boyd S Brown Casteel Chambers H Barnett Bell S Blake D Boyd K Brumbelow B Carh Chapman T- nel? . . - lr O vs ' rl. I: Fl .Z W I' C4 .fy 4 A., u lim X' f 1 l W ,N -af.: i ifllff, I , "' W , 'WJ . N In , j 1, ...A f'-7 4 k x ' UA 111. 1 4 .x 5 G K 'R '41 fi' 3 1' A ' .22 'vi 4 .. ll 2 F A, X Q15 ' V I .C .'. -'Z A 'Zi' Chase M Coates Chasteen P Columbus Crnkarnr D Combs Cnowen R Conner Clark L Cantrell Clark J Cook Clark B Coston Clark R Cottorn f 9' S Af, N C MJ Davls Davrs Davxs Dawson Decker Demerath D nham e Denlay BQ- L .5 ' J' 59" wi' ,-od gf 3 ot wo' , -dv 19 A . A X ' .0 vb F ,, ' i-' . wwj Lia: Q4 fa le-a,i if-J A. I n 1 B , R fs 2 ' x 'F' f :L- ml ' A D exe. '39, Y K I X V x. K I 'Rd L as -. . . , 3 Q . va ig W 5 .. .,, v M T, Espe E. Flitcroft L Evans D. Fort N, Fenska J, Forest R. Ferguson C Fox C Finch H. Fox M Fitzhugh B. Freeland G Flagg P Freeman C. Flanary K Freeman Q 4 .1 Gallon: S G H R vi 'A Q D CVC K 15 '35 - it Q 1 .J -Q., ol S' -56- of F 32 I 'V E5 'asf 4 fi r 1... I 'S i no 1 7 4.v Frredru Frlel Funrer Gaibre a ow Garrab Gardner - Q ,, n un. 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Hoy Hudson Hummel Irwin Jacoby Jackson Jackson lelf Johnson johnson Jones Kail Kelly Kephart Kleinhans Kohner Kretzschmar Langerud Lee Leonard Lewis Lewis Lewis Lichti Linder Lindsay Lindsay Livingston Lolley Lowe Lugo Lynn Madrid Mahon Malcolm Marchant Martin McCuIIah Martini McDowell McFarland Mclunkin McKnight Means Meeks Mendez Mendoza Mertz Meyer Miller Millett Mince Mitchell Molek Morris Morriss Moses Mosher Moss Munoz fu 1: , ...av ..f ,. 4 N. Hurshel 4 'lf . 5' fxa vm-1 .I ,Nr-. gl -v fb Q. 3. A qw '43 328 if no fi Q. 14'-I T? it -L I- . 71 ... .3-I 7- fb 91 W if 'fi is sr J s 2 -A xr' -. 1.- DF l , f 28- N I If l4-X ' if ltunu-. -.y Q., iff ,QQ tri 4- av' " " ' 22 ni Z, ' A Q - ' 3 K. Reap 1 Powell A. Reed A. Provost E. Reed S Pfenning K. Reich B. Queener J. Renlro C. Ramsey R. Rennie G. Ramirez l. Reese! E. Ransom B. Rice 5 I f"-W ' Q 3, 1 , 5 .ci LQ if i f J 'bali S 4- .fa 'S 4 L '-T3-f , H v l fi D 552 " 2. 'M' ' '1-'iw' . 'S i H... 'Q' ' J' ,-. 'N i.. 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"f as -- I . , - ,re A .- T7 1' Tuff g U- , ' A Q W ' ' 'V wal y k Q -.J , I l 'N 'cs 1 ' 7.. Q 4- , .f B' ' P-Q 'X' ,W JN. . W- 1- .F 1 437' D .. 16 Scates 1. Schmidt Schoelerman D. Schmitz Schram T. Schmolier . Schramm C. Schreyer . 336' iii T55 3 ia "? i 1, . J cott 1 Shaftel J. Shattuck D. Shinn M Seligman D Shaneles F. Sheliy K. Shipley . x 9 Q - 1- , P ax Q .Q 'ns R , . 5 lf, P. Sollars J. Somers G. Sutow V. Suzuki v 4 L It R . X - -.. xivhx .. L. Shore C. Shows 'fa uqll 'Q-4?-P' 3555 wa ?? 5' I ' ,... W A .L 's k ii L, Songer M. Southworth C. South J. Spencely 1. Swanson S. Tankka I. Takahashi M. Taylor fx. '-91 , uw I . . X 1 3 A 94 .- A - N ' I :L af - . " Tgi . ,at 1-A 1 .A Ju' S. Silverstein F. Slaughter B. Smith L, Smith M Smith R Smith D. Slagg R. Smart C. Smith M. Smith P Smith R Smith ,457 V 22 Vis, fm IA I-S A p-s. in ,., an Q Q Q , . ff-vv 4,. Y fd' , X 'gf t 1 . 7? ioii i S. Stame P. Stanley M. Stephenson T. Stracener J. Standish A. Stephenson C. Stout 0. Strand R. Taylor V, Taylor R. Thompson D. Tregarthen T. Taylor C. Thomas A. Tozier D. Trombly ix- ,2 ac T . 3 3 A. -at 4- , as H , . , GJ f 3-V5 Q:-' Z ...f . i ' ' ' Q.. A ' 'WX CY' All! ,ns rn or ,M V an -5 V' B Tuel S Turner M Uesugn C Vanbune V Vannuccr M Tuel Turpin J sur Van Horn J Vasquez Ward Warner Wueneke L Wilcox Warren Watknns Wilcox T Wullrerson 4.50 if Y' 1 B Watson Watson Wlllhlle J Williams Q:-7 A Vxrgadamo Wadsley J C Vonschmltton C Wadsworth ps ,v 11' Y .4- '11 6 ,vw Wag nsenl Wa ker .36 vw '-nv C Walker M Walker D Walker T Walker 3 '67 sw-s-f Watt B Webb W Webb Weeks Welch C Wells M Wheeler J Weaver J Webb N Weedell Yuolra Welch M West P Wheeler L Wllllams M Wllllams N Wullrams B Wilson R Wilson R Woerdemann Wood B Wyatt A Wilson J Wilson Wlxon Wood 1 Woodworth G York 4: 14? 1-Jai '17' KAI -1 341, JN v. 1X "Ns T51 ul' Ballard Bishop Blum Allen Bohannan G Anderson Booher l Armlngton Bradley Q. Bradshaw Brown Burre I Cantrell Carter Chnstenserr 4- ao ar- Chudy Cobbs Cook Cornell Cosgro Creager Q- QS if Croskrey Davis Daugherty Dlffee Dobblns Dugan Y, Edwards E IS Ellsworth Emmal Estrada Fallow e Fernandy Fernandez Flnch Flores Forseth v v. Fowe Fowlor Friend Funk Garr son Glmenez Nr M -or Goethals Graves Grlffun Hardmge Hawks Huggins s. v. x 5 1. '1 Johnson Johnson Jones Josephson Kemp Lenton Cl if ws, L Q? 7- 1 C' 1 L II e Lonble Loeduge . Luyt , Markley , Martine I I7 Matthews McCarty McKay Miller 1 Mirettn M Monge Mork Munoz . Nason , Nneto Nueto Norris De ke Orazco Payne Pedngo Perachm Reto i YA Qs W2'7 ax rx as a.A 'Q fp. 151' 1- C7 KX!! L in '1 vs- 5 Poo Robunson Smnth Tadd Tanaka Founders Roh Swenson Poweli Rood Stahl Terry Themm Thorneycroit . Tado Ramirez Salcudo Stancvac Stenton , Stem Rnchard Robunson Saylor Schmock T Q.. Truwy Wada Warner Vaughan Wengren . Wrlllams M Vork E, Voshn J. Zacher -lx ls The bus drivers serving Narbonne can take their bow for accomplishing the never-ending task of making Highways, Happy Ways. From left to right they are Dick Morris, Bill Lowe, Tom Waller, Floyd White and Vince Lewis. keg Keep From left to right, Row l: Mrs, Brown, Mrs. Bailey, Mr. Beck, Mr. Crawford, Mrs. Vial. Row 2: Mr Steell, Mr, Harris, Mr. Reese, Mr, Orteiga, Row 3: Mr, Jones, Mr. Collins, Row 4: Mr. Robinson Mr. Allan, Mr. White. Mr. Smith. Without the aid of these capable and responsible assistants such high sanitation standards at Narbonne would not have been maintained. ., Tgglc. ANA Nr F' 2 ,,.. is . . QQ, N t fx - fl

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