Nathaniel Narbonne High School - El Eco Yearbook (Harbor City, CA)

 - Class of 1957

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Nathaniel Narbonne High School - El Eco Yearbook (Harbor City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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QR- ii ,-. m V ' 'V' ,. J V . V.1.fg'fVffVzf4'-" O 5, :L m f V ul N- . 2 .T O Z . Q7 X G M ' ' :r O Q -ff 6-i2"f', V-V ..2?'?- ' - ' N- VV- V- ffky-V: fb H Q. F1 L'fk'f9'. was-V . - . . -V-5 41. V .,"g-gal' V 5' ' fr gc-.. 1. . -.qi s w D . . - 3 '.gV.-i'Q.V'V'- V ,E fb cm . 2-1'1'V' 21- ':V.'sVV1V:V ' ' m. if -- ' .V VF it S O l, Q fi . . 3. .gygx f A Nc- Ii L.: V' ff'-5 -G v- "V .31 - wt, fum. ' , V V' I .V Lg, . .. -A22 x, A- X A - , " " Y "2 - ' fig: .1 ,QV-V :.T'Vf- V ' ' 5'-gif: U' 'X' .. +14 9-V V- . - - + gf 2e.V- . ? 2? Q ' f"-MV 0 1711: 51 " 'V .V .19 V " .. g-ygf'-, fr- 'V V , f.f,Ji?kNV 1 A. ,Mgr ll ' 4 gt, - . x b G1 N, I V-13. 'V ' ' 4, .VV Q1- VV X ' . , 1 LH ' 3'-J:'f if- P- ' bi A Ah V -j' X 1 C . 1'-L, 13- -iw ff ' GQ Q 1 V V ' , ' - N, , 'V 5-1 ' - ' M " gl . gk .. f-1 4 ' ' VI ' 3' 'AUX 9 ' 1 V- . A- 1 'H .. V' . V i O ?r.1E?'? V f 'V . .L..u'. , h X i 1. RM! Q of M W X jx 9 WW 5fKDj06DpX2fyV7!jJi'1O5y4'gE, MWB A-iffy, M 'A353,fW2"J M, W WM, flue gracluafing cfarwed of f 957, l!7I'0ll,J!y 6!e6hCate fLi:5, OUJ' Alla! al?-Illia! of Wargonne, fo Oul' ll!0I'lJ0l'!l,!6CL00fal'l0l fo fA,e new Wargonne .SQLOOZ 'IM JL- our oincere flmnk fo .W hw funky anal avlmznidtmtzon for Me many oppoftunztiw and avluantagea wlriclr tile, fm W, ML ,ruff rm man, lakaaanf memories of flue yearn aspen! Le:-e preparing for a aucceoafufaaluh AL, .ml Earning fo carry on .M oubtanabng .xdmerican cifizena. ALMA MATER All hail to the Green and hail the Gold, Cf clear old Narbonne High Our Alma Mater, hail to thee, Thy name shall never die. Your loyal sons will fight to -Y win Our goal is victory, And as we journey on through life, Our love we plight to thee. 15,195 CD3 A 16 'x xl im., 'Q1"',.,..."'f"',',.,r1'..: A H " H2 ,f 'Qs Q W gy fy 1,,g,g. k, X ,gig v"3-""f'5': YE Z X i " H EL ECO 1957, -I.:-. , , M 4: W H Published bfthe students of , NATHANIEL A. NARBONNE HIGH SCHOOL w ',, W I Lomita, Callforma . i Tom Chapman President Donnette Grey Secretary Dorothy Griggs Historian Miss Lancaster Sponsor 1 i W Q W- f.f4im .2 c ll 5' 5 fs" 4 t M Barbara Reed Colleen McCormick Ephebian Ephebian CHERUBS Winter 157 -Q9 Q AWlk"""'Hunn- ff --Q, my .V 2' LIFE MEMBERS-CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION Carmen Gonzalez Colleen McCormick Tom jones Vice President Rick Markley Treasurer Carl Wada Sergeant-At-Arms 'mmf Nw Viii E Mr. Bernard Sponsor if ,, W ..,, . ..., ,J J w , , ,alfa 5 -1 it Q C Q f r 1 V t 1 ,fy MA - A my B , y s "'v' "1 'ip 'i F1 E: x e,x Mx X Nil l .P . ,, .. ,j 5:3 W l - , X 'V 4 ,, , . an B ii E l Roberta Bandelin Joan Birchler Linda Bloomer jennifer Bowen Bob Brown john Causey Bob Chapman Thomas Chapman Russell Crane Larry Edwards Bill Faith Barbara Foster Felix Foster Bud Gilman Carmen Gonzalez Sharon Gossett Donette Gray Leland Green Dorothy Griggs Frank Guardado Linda Gwaltney Lola Gwaltney Richard Hollis Allen Huggins Tom jones George Roshak Richard Learman Mike Ludwig Rick Markley Mary Martenez Kay Masukawa Colleen McCormick Barbara Miller Kats Mine Ellcn Moody Sonja Moonyham Ruth Munoz Allan Murrell Kiyo Nishimoto Eddie Pena Herb Provost Harry Quinn Barbara Reed Joyce Rentmeister Sandra Richmond Evelyn Sampson John Stroope Kenichi Takisako Charles L. Travers Carl Wada Colin Walker Shirley Wfashburn Bill Wettengel Mark Woods Hideo Yoshinaga Betty Carlson Dolores Concelman Helen Trampus Donna Knott J" l 5 X l A ali ll Tj! '-ayfm: - , QQ, 356 + at K Xxvrv fg Hg P5 X1 M , if 5 a t sot assaa C 'ff Q K If 5 JOAN BIRCHLER: A-9 Representative, Las Juanitas, Jr. Honor Society, Ladies, Jane Addams CPresidentJ, Sr. Scholarship, Jr. and Sr. G.A.A., Student Congress, Girls' League Board. LINDA BLOOMER: G.A.A., Tri-Y, Math Club, Span- ish Club, Office Worker. JENNIFER BOWEN: Tri-Y, Jane Addams CTreas- urerj, Student Congress CRepresentativej, El Eco Staff fSecretaryJ, Ladies Club, A-9 Class Treasurer, G.A.A., A Cappella Choir, Business Office Work, Swingsters, Vespers CChairmanJ, Jr. G.A.A. ROBERT JAMES BROWN: V Football, V Track, B Football, B Track, Key Club, Lettermen Club, Stu- dent Congress, Math Club. BETTY CARLSON: Tri-Y, Student Congress, G.A.A. ROBERT I. CHAPMAN: Varsity Swimming, Math Club, Photography Club, Thespian Club, Cinema Club, Philharmonic Club, Science Club, Sr. Breakfast Comm. THOMAS E. CHAPMAN: Marching Band, Orchestra, Jr. Congress, Sr. Congress, Hi-Y, Sr. Class President, 12th Grade Representative. DOLORES CONCELMAN: G.A.A., Sr. Scholarship Society. RUSSELL CRANE: Jr. Honor Society, V Football, B Football, V Cross Country, Track, A Cappella Choir, Student Congress, Boys' Glee and Graduation Com- mittee, Orchestra and Science Club, Proj. Crew and Daubers Club. MANUEL DELEON: Football, Student Congress, Graduation Committee. BILL FAITH: Boys' Glee, Choir, Football, Jr. Honor Society, Student Congress, Band. BARBARA FOSTER: G.A.A., Baronettes, Jr. Honor Society, Girls' Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Jr. C. C. L. FELIX FOSTER: Boys' Glee Club, Sprocketeers, Drama Club, Student Congress, Gift Committee. BUD GILMAN CARMEN GONZALEZ: G.A.A., G.A.A. Board, Letter- girls CVice-Presidentj, Baronettes CPresiden0, Ladies, Jane Addams, Latin Club, Math Club, Sr. Scholarship CLife Memberj, Associate Justice, 12th Grade Repre- sentative, Sr. Congress, A Cappella Choir, Tri-Y, Prophet CSenior Classy. SHARON GOSSETT: Girls' Glee Club, Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Scholarship Society, Green 8: Gold Staff, G.A.A., Choir, Latin Club. DONETTE GRAY: Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Scholarship Society, Jr. G.A.A., Sr. G.A.A., Girls' Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Jr. Student Congress Representative, Sr. Student Congress Representative, Swingsters, Tri-Y, Ladies Secretary, Jane Addams, Class Secretary, Asst. Class Prophet, Graduation Committee Chairman. DOROTHY ELAINE GRIGGS: Girls' League Treas- urer, Leadership, Tri-Y, Student Council, Rythmics, A Cappella Choir. LELAND GREEN: Cafeteria Staff, Gift Committee. DOROTHY GRIGGS: Tri-Y, Class Historian, A Cappella Choir, A-9 Secretary, Student Congress, Sr. Representative, Leadership, Girls' League Treasurer, Girls' Glee President, Business Office Worker, Ryth- mics, Swingsters, Student Congress, Jr. Representative, Picnic Co. Chairman. LINDA GWALTNEY: Glee Club. FRANK GUARDADO: V Gymnastics, Graduation Committee. LOLA GWALTNEY RICHARD HOLLIS: Jr. V Baseball, V Baseball, Jr. V Basketball, Lettermen Club, Math Club, Latin Club, Band, First Bugle Corps, Asst. Teacher fRemedial Readingj, Swingsters Club, Sr. Gift Committee Chair- man. ALLEN HUGGINS: Jr. V Basketball, Projection Crew, Swingsters Club, Sr. Scholarship Society. THOMAS JONES: V Football, Jr. V Baseball, Letter- men Club CSgt.-at-Armsj, Hi-Y President, Sr. Class Vice-President, Boys' Glee, Asst. Drafting Teacher, Asst. Coach. MINE KATSUAKI: V Football, Sr. Band, Projection Crew. Graduation Committee. Rifle Club. CHARLES KELL: Jr. V Baseball 12 yearsj, V Base- ball, Asst. Coach. DONNA SUE KNOTT: Rhythmics, School Service C3 yearsj, Tri-Y, G.A.A., Drill Team. RICHARD LEARMAN: V Football, Hi-Y, Sr. Scholar- ship, Jr. Honor Society, Projection Crew, Boys' Glee, A Cappella Choir, Math Club. MIKE LUDWIG: Boys' Glee Club, V Gymnastics, Student Congress, Perfect Attendance Award C4 yearsj, Sr. Play, Spraceturs, Projection Crew, Orchestra, Picnic Committee. RICK MARKLEY: Hi-Y, Key Club, Class Treasurer, Physics Club, Math Club, Tennis, Student Congress, Jr. Honor Society. KAY MASUKAWA: Lettergirls President, G.A.A. Vice-President, Jane Addams. COLLEEN McCORMICK: Las Juanitas, Jr. G.A.A., Jr. High President, Jr. Honor Society, Baronettes Treas- urer and Vice-President, Ladies President, Jane Ad- dams Secretary, Life Member Sr. Scholarship, G.A.A., Historian, Cheerleader, Lettergirls Historian, Thes- pians Club, Sr. Play, Council, Sr. Congress, Girls' League President. BARBARA MILLER: Health Committee, Daubers, Red Cross. SONJA MOONYHAM: Sr. Orchestra, Jr. Orchestra, Sr. Play, Tri-Y, Jr. Honor Society Treasurer, Sr. Scholarship, Thespians Club, Swingsters, Office Work- er, A Cappella Choir. RUTH MUNOZ WILLIAM ALLAN MURRELL: Projection Crew, Jr. Band, Sr. Band, B Football, V Football, Student Congress. KIYOSHI. NISHIMOTO: B Football Q2 yearsj, C Basketball, B Track, C Track, V Track, Sr. Congress, Key Club, Asst. Coach QB Footballj, Asst. Drafting Teacher, Swingsters Club, Sr. Picnic Committee. EDWARD F. PENA: Sr. Band, Sr. Orchestra, Attend- ance Award, Jr. Honor Society. HARRY M. QUINN: V Football, V Track, Math Club, Science Club, Astronomy Club, Photography Club, Thespians Club, Picnic Committee. SANDRA RICHMOND: Glee Club, G.A.A. fPresi- dent, Chairman, Recording Secretary, Refree Char.J, Cheerleader, Lettergirls Historian, Swingsters, Jane Addams, Ladies, Baronettes, Las Juanitas, Jr. G.A.A., Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Scholarship, Thespians Club, Paper Drive Committee, Oilice Worker, Tri-Y, Prom Decoration Committee, Math Club. JOYCE RENTMEISTER: Baronettes, Ladies. JOHN STROOPE: Key Club, Hi-Y, Jr. Honor Society, Graduation Committee Co-Chairman, Math Club. KENICHI TAKISAKO fStudent from Japanjz For- eign Councilor CPolytechnic High School and Bel- montj, Sr. Picnic Committee. HELEN CATHERINE TRAMPUS: Rhythmics, Ollice Worker C3 yearsj, Tri-Y, G.A.A., Drill Team. CHARLES L. TRAVERS: Sproketeris, A Cappella Choir, Gymnastics, Projection Crew, Swimming. HIDEO YOSHINAGA: Band, Student Congress, B and C Track, Rifle Club, B Football, 'D Basketball, Orchestra, Graduation Committee, Gift Committee. CARL WADA: Squires Vice-President, A-9 Class President, Projection Crew, Sr. and Jr. Band, Letter- men Club, Jr. V Baseball, V Baseball, B Football, V Football, Key Club, Bugle Corps, Sr. Class Sgt.-at- Arms, Swingsters Club, Sr. Picnic Committee. SHIRLEY WASHBURN: Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Honor Society, A Cappella Choir, Jane Addams Vice-Presi- dent, Ladies Vice-President, Baronettes Historian, Stu- dent Congress, Business Office Worker, Rhythmics, Swingsters, Jr. Student Congress, A-9 Class Vice- President, Girls' Glee, Girls' League Treasurer, Sr. Picnic Chairman, Sr. Motto and Flower Chairman, Jr. -G.A.A. COLIN L. WALKER: B Football, V Track, Hi-Y, Breakfast Committee. WILLIAM WETTENGEL: V Cross Country, V Gym- nastics C2 yearsj, Band, V Football, Philharmonic Club, Math Club, Science Club, Green 81 Gold Staff, Orchestra, -Levis 8: Laces, Swingsters, Gift Committee, Spoceteers. EVELYN SAMPSON: Sr. Scholarship, Tri-Y, Girls' Glee Club. Setting: Class reunion of W-'57 graduating class. ' Characters: Two unidentified graduates having a d1S- cussion. QDonettej Well, Carmen, seems as how we are the first ones to show up for this class reunion. fCarmenJ Yeah, I guess so. It's been 20 years since we've seen the old gang. I wonder if we'll recognize them. Well, here comes BOB BROWN. Did you hear he announced his engagement to Jayne Mans- field the other day? fDonetteJ That's nothing, did you hear about JEN- NIFER BOWEN? She is running the bump cars at Disneyland. You remember how she loved to run into things. QCarmenJ Remember Gary's car? Ha Ha. Here comes ED CARPENTER. He was elected Senator of Nevada and he appointed CHARLES KELL Commissioner of Gambling. fDonetteJ Do tell. Well, LOLA GWALTNEY is a salesgirl in the very store where Miss Reichert buys her striped T-shirts. CCarmenJ No! Well, I'm not one to gossip, but did you hear that KEN TAKESAKE, that famous artist, completed his painting of the Boiler Room at Nar- bonne, hanging secretly from a cob-web in the corner? RON BRUNSON the new principal, states that his future aim will be to open the little store. Did you know that RICHARD HOLLIS, the millionaire, donated a large sum of money for the cushioning of Mr. Turner's bench? fDonettej Well, look who is coming in now. ,It's SHIRLEY WASHBURN. You know I hear she is a professional hog caller now. CCarmenJ Look who is with her. B. B. CRANE, the biggest sensation since Elvis Presley. Have you heard his latest song, "It's Me They Love." QDonetteJ Yonder comes RUTH MUNOZ, the strongest gal in the class who is now a world famous pretzel bender. fCarmenJ Oh, look at that handsome guy. That's VON LUDWIG the great composer, who just tin- ished Ludwig's Concerto No. 56 in B-flat minor. His old pal BUD GILMAN won't be here tonight, because, well, you know he's the famous ballet dancer, and he broke his big toe the other day. CDonetteJ No, he was always so graceful. You re- member Little KAYM MASUKAWO? Well, she's still pretending she's King Kong chasing Kubo through the barracks. CCarmenJ See that guy over thar with the bulging muscles, he just opened a new chain of body build- ing gyms called DE LEON'S DANDIES. CDonetteJ Yeah, I know JOAN BIRCHLER got a job working there as the before in the before and after advertisements. fCarmenJ See that guy in the uniform? That's HOWARD HENTILA. He received the Congres- sional Medal of Honor for bravery beyond and above the call of duty. He faithfully walked the Sargent's dog for five years. CDonetteJ Did you hear about DOROTHY GRIGGS? I hear that she is one of the greatest tackles they have ever had on the Rams team. fCarmenJ There comes their quarter-back TOM JONES, who is starring in a movie portraying his life. Co-starring as the manager of the team is BILL FATH. CDonetteJ There comes BARBARA FOSTER and she is still blushing when she's teased about Brunson. CCarmenJ Remember when Mr. Bernard teased her? Ha Ha. Why there's RICK MARKLEY. He's a graduate of Cal-Tech. Did you hear he developed a new method of extracting orange juice from an orange without piercing the skin. fDonetteJ Yeah, he always was a dingy one. That's COLLEEN MCCORMICK with him. I hear she's still pulling meanies on her little Ordeanies. CCarmenJ Is that HEIDO over there? Yeah. Did you hear, CNow I'm not a gossipj but I heard he was voted the most eligible bachelor of the year. I wonder if his friend NISKIMOTO will make it. You know he is Commander of the World, but was exiled to Siberia. fDonetteJ No, well CARMEN, is it true what I heard about you? I heard that you have been trying to spank your bratty kids, but they are all too tall. QCarmenJ That's true, who told? By the way, DON- ETTE, I hear that you are a spinster working in the Cafeteria at Narbonne. CDonetteJ Did you hear that SONJA MOONEY- HAM is a professional dragster now, and look at SHARON GOSSETT coming in here as absent minded as ever. She has on one blue shoe and one black one. fCarmenJ Oh, there's TOM CHAPMAN that noted veterinarian surgeon. He just performed the most important operation of his career. He removed a fish hone from his wife Judy's cat's throat. CDonetteJ Do you remember JOYCE RENTMEIS- TER? Well, I hear tell she is still wearing mops to the hayrides. CCarmenj Well, with her is ALLEN HUGGINS who has a job painting tops of flag poles with his partner FRANKIE GUARDO who paints the bottoms. CDonettej Here's EVELYN SAMPSON. She's now teaching Miss Reichert to take Shorthand 10. CCarmenj With her is ALLEN MURRELL who sold a lock of his precious curly hair for 35,000. fDonettej No fooling. I'd sure like to have some of it. Here's BARBARA REED. I hear she's been fill- ing Miss Herwig's shoes at Narbonne even if it takes her whole leg. Isn't she with RICHARD LEARMAN? fCarmenJ Yeah, he made a hit in colored TV be- cause of the redness of his face when he blushes. Look at him now. fDonetteJ Did you hear about BETTY CARLSON and ELLEN MOODY who are co-partners in manu- facturing growing pills. CCarmenJ That looks like BUD TRAVERS the noted architect who designed the new police build- ing next door to Narbonne. With him is ED PENA who topped Benny Goodman in the recent "Down- beat" poll. QDonetteJ There's LEEEEENDA GWALTNEY. I hear her mother in law still says "Pass the spaghet- ti" and "Set a little harder on those levis." fCarmenJ See that distinguished looking man? That's ROBERT CHAPMAN, who is in the acting field, he is an equal to Peter Lorre. fDonetteJ I hear ROBERTA BANDELIN has just founded a children's orphanage. You know about her complete devotion to them. QCarmenJ Yes, she loves the little dears. You know that LELAND GREEN. He has developed a salad dressing to top Chef Milani. CDonettej Did you hear that LINDA BLOOMER made a million dollars, now that the hloomer girls are back in style. fCarmenJ Did you see BILL WITTINGALE on TV. He is the new Master of Ceremonies of Mickey Mouse Club. CDonetteJ Did you hear about MARY MARTINEZ and her contest. She was competing in a jump rope contest against BARBARA MILLER. CCarmenJ CARL WADA and his co-worker, KATS MINE, the mad chemist, developed a new method of picking fleas from dogs and gnats from cats. fDonetteJ D0 you see SANDRA RICHMOND? I hear she is teaching elephants to ballet. CCarmenJ I hear HERB PROVOST is home from a trip to Europe just to teach Latin at Narbonne. With him is HARRY QUINN who just returned from Egypt where he was on safari, looking for the wig of Mata Batcher, Bacha Roney's wig. fDonetteJ HELEN TRAMPUS is the scandalous "Midnight" at the Bubbles Theatre. fCarmenJ JOHN CAUSEY announces the birth of his 15th daughter. Not only that, but MARK WOODS that noted chiropractor is living in San Francisco with his wife and 15 kids. GEORGE KOSHAK is running Remington Rand Uni-Vac for a big marriage bureau operation in L.A. fDonetteJ Did you know that DOYLEEN is still stabbing pictures of moose-mays. CCarmenj Oh, there's JOHN STROOP who at last owns the controlling shares at Richfield and is now off the graveyard shift. fDonetteD There's DONNA KNOTI' demonstrating how a party dress can be made out of an old feed sack. fCarmenJ I read where COLIN WALKER, the heavy weight champion of the world broke his wrist building block houses, and LARRY ED- WARDS finally completed the payments on his '56 Plymouth. QDonetteJ DELORES COUNCILMAN and her old maid sisters have opened up a flop house for old bachelors. fCarmenJ I've got inside information on the fact that FELIX FOSTER will re-open the Hot 'N Tot for members of the W '57 class only. E Q' C fig, ' R Y 94" 'Q f HP .. ' Ji! 'Q .-ia' I fa ti 5 SENIOR BABY PICT RE ., ,, K W .,,, ,,, , - v ,, i M Q in 3 ' ' 'i am - " zfl ,,, -ri, if KW x fi, ' r . an I -W - 7. V in K , if M, Winter 157 if ROI!" 1: Sharon Gossett, Barbara Foster, Kiyo Nishimoto, hflike I - Ludwig. ROI!" 2: Robert Brown, Felix Foster, Shirley Wash- A'-' Q burn, Russell Crane. ROW' 5: Robert Chapman, Bill Wettenjil, .Q 7 1 Q Lola and Linda Gwaltney. Bottom: Sonja Mooneyham, Carl fs 5 ' XVada. ROW' 4: Allen Huggins, Richard Hollis, jennifer Bowen, ' if ' V joan Birchlcr, Donette Gray. ROW 5: Donna Knott, Carmen "' jk 1 Gonzalez, Helen Trampus, Leland Green, Allan Murrell. A it L I Mahan. 1 3 , .Q .ie,4w:,1:f ,far C O iiit B C W ' x 'Id W i Z jwiig r xv 4 5 1 , gy ff' ' . . bv'-.. se x . xg? 4 X K X gf f' Q? 1 15? pr 6 Q 2 ,Q x X Q, 4 1.1 1 I Q Wiuzf + 1:24 A 'J ix? t if i ,F Piggy- '15 6 feb v- ,f , wr si 321 :agfi ng , . W -gn :V ,. gi ESB In 4 ,,5 X. . .1 x cf i .sr ,iff i 6213 , .fm mum 52554 9 Sw Q Si my 'fig fmwffda Vice Principal ADMI I TR TIO IO This is our last year at the present site of Nar- bonne High School. It has been a good year. Your student body president last fall designated it as the "Golden Year", and you may truly look back on it with pride. Your athletic teams have won many honors. You have been acclaimed for your sportsmanship on the field. Your representatives have conducted themselves in public in a manner that has brought recognition to your school. Your student leaders have accepted responsibilities as young adults and you have cooperated with them in building a student government program of which you may be proud. You have established a school spirit that is second to that of no high school in the city. Next year we will be scattered in three direc- tions. You who are graduating will have many opportunities to reflect credit and glory on your Alma Mater. Those who go to the new site of Narbonne High School will carry many existing traditions with you and will develop standards in the classroom and on the athletic field that those who come after you will be proud to maintain. Some of you will remain on this campus to build the new Alexander Fleming Junior High School which we hope will be the outstanding junior high school in the city. In all cases it is our hope that this year, the Golden Year at Narbonne High School, has pro- vided you with a foundation for growth, strength, and integrity that will enable you to face the challenges ahead of you. QVQJ-Jr jr X Boys' Vice Principal 7515525 Girls' Vice Princi S 7 7 , M A, Counselor Registrar F CULTY Mr. Albrecht Miss Andrews Mr. Ballou Miss Banuelos Mrs. Bardsley Mrs. Battaglia Mr. Bernard Mr. Berry Mr. Bridewesser Mrs. Bishop Mr. Bryan Mrs. Bright Mr. Burrows Mrs. Calkins Mrs. Carter Miss Chase Mr. Chase Mr. Coblus Mrs. Cochell Mr. Contreras Mrs. Cooper Mr. Cost Mr. Crawford Mrs. Davis Mr. Dean Mrs. Dingle Mr. Dossey Mr. Douglas Mr Emus Mr Evanston Mr Farris Mr. Freir Mr. Fuller Mr. Gardner Mrs. Gorton Mrs. Gould Mr Graham Mr Green Mr L. Haley Mr W'm. Haley Mr Hammond Mr Hampson Mrs. Hanno Mrs. Harrison Miss Harrison Mrs. Hayes Mr. Hcndershot Miss Herwig Mrs. Hilbert Mr. Hopkins Mrs. Hopla Mr. Horn Mrs. Horth Mr. Howard i si Lf Q .wp 4 F4 . ,- Q " if L .ff " 'L a' 4 T X-PM R-.Qi ,I fi, ,. . E ' if tiki e ff 3- ., vm fir: . . -atffi " Y M r i . '11 l x . , su - - -if ...xi . . s Q X N v 9 T wld. AM I i 'iris X M., .gg SE'fg gJi5. E ' ' i H, , ., 4 ,, . af" rs x ?"'F. 5 5' 45 '52 'fag it-. K ' ii' F A Y 2, i .k t YQ 2 ,Q N i f if! 35. ' .1 f' .4 Q . qty, 5, vm fl "KK,111g ,- 'm.g 1 Mr. Humber Mrs. Hunt Mrs. Imperinle Mrs. johnson Mr. Jung Mrs. Kongs Mr. Krell Mr. Runs Miss LLIFICZISICV Mr. Langrm Mr. Lawlor Mr. Lillywhite Miss Lintieman Miss Litchiield Mr. Lu cas Mrs. Ludwig Miss Luecike Mr. Marks Mr. Mztronto Mrs. hlL'L2lLlgilliI1 Mr. Meeliikotf Mr. Mousley Mr, Muriettn Mr. Myers Mr. Novak Mr. Parent Mr. Pennington Mr. Peterson Mrs. Poster Mr. Pritie Mr, Probert Mrs. Regenfuss Mrs Reirllert Mr. Renius Mrs Rensler Miss Ritiinrtlson Mr. Rossen N111 Roulette Mr. Schaefer Mrs. Scliurnmn Mrs. Scott Mrs, Sloan Mr. Sloss Mr. Smith hir. Steinberg Mrs. Stonitiarti Miss Sturdy Miss Sumi Mr. Teague Mr. TCCTFZI Miss x,Lllli5Ci Mrs. Voss Mr. XY'ells Mrs. XVillinms Miss Zzlrtnlun Miss Carter I3 is HONORS St AWARDS TYPING CONTEST - Semi Q Annual: Karen Hamada, win- - . , ner 66 GWPM 2 errors 5 N I ...fd minutes. Jeannine Bectold and Alice Navarro tied for H Jw - second place 51 GYPM 3 to errors. Pat McNees - Selected by faculty 3. 1' 5 and administration to represent school in Bullocks scholarship. Top prize for those includes five thousand-dollar scholarships and five European trips. Cb, Elks . , to we-r, Award, fcj National Merit Schol- 1 " arship Exam. ix. , CHERRY PIE BAKING CONTEST-Vera Holloway, V Q, Lorrie Gonzales, Frankie Talbot, Lorraine Doza. Wayne Miller chosen by students p .. i as person most likely to succeed when nominated for the Thomas fzg McAn Success Award. me 3 MILK BOWL QUEENS AND PRINCESSES 5 -Queen, Colleen McCormick Judy Wolf, ,,1' 12th Grade Princess, Minnie Ruiz, 12th Grade ' lk Princess, Joyce Loedige, 11th Grade Princessg Q? TL, '2' - Kathy Epperheimer, 10th Grade Princess. Fred Hameetman, National Merit jim Flggg Scholarship Exam provides largest sys- ELKS AWARD tem of privately financed scholarships me K offered in U. S. Gordon Getz didn't ."i reach finals, but was among top 2 It percent in state. SMILE OF THE YEAR -Barbara Oumette, John Matshagen. Judy Wolf DAR AWARD Marly Lou Morales, winner of paper drive since 7th grade. KIWANIS AWARD - Winter, John Stroope. SCIENCE AWARD-Barbara Reed. Six semesters: Barbara Foster. Five semesters: Eddie Pena, Joyce Rentmeister, Charles Travers. Four semeshers: Bob Brown, Barbara Miller, Allen Huggins, Dick Learman, John Stroope. Three semesters: Colleen Rae McCormick, Kenichi Tokesako, Kay Kerko Masakawa, Katsu- aki Mine, Carl Wada. HARBAR SYMPHONY AWARD- Winter, Edward F. Pena. Oustanding girl in Music Dept. honored by Girls League - Shirley Washburn. x . . ,Q it y , we I I X S+ ..,1 X x Z 'ld f . X 'W' 'Tam CLERK Mrs. Timothy Mrs. Bordeaux Mrs. Odelson ' Mr. Garren . . 3.5 5 ,... M. Z. . tv, ii fii :VIK .4 Zz ' Mrs. Shepard iss Phipps Mr. Brittain CAFETERIA STAFF, ROW 1: Mrs. Crul, Mrs. Lit- trell, Mrs. Richina. ROW 2: Mrs. Birdsang, Mrs. Craner, Mrs. Buxton, Mrs. Cook. . ,, fs--News -. Wim- 11. Mr. Webb Q i , MrS.Barr1eS - Mrs. Armington ' ' L 'W Q M l' Mrs. Eggers A F p.r.e R R 1 M... F ' ft- .V H, ik. '- fl". - ,, Q 'f,,TlgFiiEq ' - A 1153 tg' . lv' ' YE 5, Mrs. Brown Mrs. Kellman Mrs. Hamiltor Mrs. Craner Mr. Green, Head Gardener and Mr. Conklin CUSTODIAL STAFF, ROW 1: Mrs. Hicks, Mrs. Browr Mrs. I-Iarner, Mrs. Nealy. ROW 2: Mr. Einfeldt, Mr. Timm: Mr. Veals, Mr. Henzie, Mr. White Mr. Moisio. , --ffW i. .... i:fff..f.mwnm.b:-. .ff- 1 -:vw .,,f1f.-V ia , 55r"1f' ' f 2937" '25, V x,"7.v seq.-Q anvil . wggieffv: 'a ,nu- I I I I I Q I I I I I I I I E I E I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ROI!" 1: Linda Lewis, Karen Hamada, Tsuruko Mine, Iyar Tombach, Roberta Clark, Helen Suzuki. ROII' 2: lNlany Ann Hoag, Dorothy Mendoza, Diana Kennedy, Gloria Grubbs, Carol Doran, Jane XVada, Sandra McGuire. ROI!" 3: Lu Chalker, Regis Stevens, Mary Lou Morales, Judy Zittle, Judy XVolf, Geanette Cooper. ROI!" fi: Ronald Omohundro, Jerry D. Johnson, Larry Johnson, Pat McNees, Sharon Audell, Virginia Haney, Jackie Barnett. ROW 5: Rickie Bernardin, Allen Anderson, Jark Patton, Terry Mertz, XX'ayne Miller, David Scott. ROIV 6: Marty Anderson, Allen Huggins, Bob Barnett. SENIOR CHOLARSHIP M.. Sponsor ROI!" 1: Georgia Scopas, livelyn Sampson, Cynthia Pedersen, Jeanne Steigh, Nita Bourland, Suzanne Rosenberg. ROI!" 2: Valerie Saracco, Gerry Daniels, Pamela Adams, Kenny Koyama, Nori llanaoka, Joyce Loedige, Betty Domonoske, ROI!" 5: Ruthe Thorneycroft, Floise Bower, Marie XValsh, Alice Navarro, Minnie Ruiz, Pat Anderson. ROI!"' 4: Linda Bohannan, Carol Mathews, Janice Cook, Jeannette Wfright, Diane Sixard, lfllene Drawdy, Shirley XVaslihurn. I ROI!" 5: Bob Malcolm lflgie XVightman, Joan Birchler, Carmen Gonzalez, Donette Gray, Col- leen McCormick. ROI!" 6: Pat Manning, Gordon Routsong, Tom Pence, Bob Bates, Ralph Kosoff, Gordon Getz, Floyd French. ROII" 7: Dennis Kaiser, Fred Hameetman, Pete Zankie. f. 1 .. .uan .:nu1- 1 Vice President Judy Wolf in B111 Knocke President Secretary Pat McNees Treasurer I Historian joan Henley Q Joyce Loadii Student Director F Social Activities Minnie Ruiz I8 TUDE T BODY STUDENT COURT: Chief Ju-stice, Wfayne Millerg Asst. justice, Janice Bellg Kei Kimura, Sharon Hartman. 6 at 1: EWG' Student Direct of Athletics jim Flagg STUDE T COUNCIL OW 1 Kel Kimura Judy olf Bill Knocke Pat Mc- lees ROW 2 Joan Berch- r Joan Henley Joyce Loed- e Carol Doran ROW 3: olleen McCormick Betty oyd Louray Stalmack Min- le Ruiz Teddy Kobayachi. OW 4 Terry Mertz, Jayne Miller Tom Chap- an Jim Flagg Steve Lo- Wmter 257 SENIOR CO CRESS Roll Sec. Recording Sec. Minnie Ruiz Lavonna Conner ROW' I z Sherry Thomas, Carol ZuFall, Lavona Conner CSec.J, Judy Wolf fVice Pres.J, Minnie Ruiz CRecording Secj, Adelia B. Pena, Bobbi Crovella, Sharon Benedict. ROW' 2: Janice Green, Irma Rangel, Jo Ann Rice, Joan Henley, Vicky Kincaide, Georgia Scopas,Marquita Davies. ROW 3 : Ivar Tombach, Roger Clarke, Colleen McCor- mick, Birdie Saenz, Betty Boyd, Jackie Crown, Kathryn Niller, Geri Henley. ROW 4: Don Wtmng, Sharon Cheek, Sandra Adamson, Louray Stalmack, Regis Stevens, Mary Lou Morales, Charles Cunnigan. ROW" 5: Way'ne Miller, Mike Pitts, Dick Mitchell, Lyle Braughton, Marty Anderson, Bob Sponheim, Jay Hamilton, Bud Trevethan. ROIV 6: Bill Knocke CPres.j, Bob Edens, Richard Hale, Gary Jones, Clary Banks, Fred Hameetman, Mr. Cost. UNIOR CO GRESS we President Sharon Forseth Vice President Kenny Cummings JUNIOR CONGRESS ROW 1: Gary Hansen, Nina Clark, Mary Robinett, Roberta Decker, Rafe Taol, Lahlar Edwards. ROW 2: Gloria Robinson, Paul Alexander, John Buell, Carol Holland, Lorna Jones. ROW 5: Bob Jacobelly, Brenda Machado, Jeanne Christensen, Evie Finch, Karen Hintz, Lynda Bishop. ROW 4: Johnny Ramos, Tonja Taylor, Penny Coil, Ken Cummings, Patricia Stiles. ROW 5: Judy Stew- art, Virginia Stovall, Jim Coulter, George Anderson, Pat Hogan, Yolanda Di- Meglio. ROW 6: Doug Gardner, Jeff Waters, Mr. Cost, Jeanne Savage, Ken- neth Ellsworth. Winter 57 Secretary Teri Stalmack m imrmmsmwmmmu a vf-einem :,t.n z4. ss. Sponsor: iss Harrison NINTH GRADE HONOR SOCIETY, ROW' 1: Sherry Gay, Vickie Carroll, Marion Beadling, Bonnie Anderson, Marilyn Uesugi, Tetsuko Kimura, Margie Gray, Lynda Mead, Janice Hama- saka. ROW' 2: Caryl Bundy, Lynne Peterson, Donna Shinn, Veljean Suzuki, Barbara Clemens, XVenda XY'ebb, Kayomi Hanaoka, Janine Aspittle, Judy Spenceley, Joanne Safreed. ROW' 5: Chris- tine Grove, Lenice Long, Kristine Bernsten, Nancy Giff, Pat Pyeatte, Christine Stout, Sue Har- rington, Carolee Gibb, Tom XVilkerson. RO W' 4: Betty Watson, Edna McDaniel, Nonya Newnes, Loyd Tomlinson, Teddy Kobayashi, Dennis Schmitz, Mike Stevenson, Marsha Duni, Marilyn Gibbings, Jeanne Lehman. ROW' 5: Sandra Adamson, Joan XXfagenseil, Marnell Cox, Sheri Jacks, Adrianne Ayres, Joanne Armstrong, Janice Hallick, Pat Mason, Sandy Long. ROW' 6: Jane XVeaver, Dianna McCune, Barbara Howard, Karen Nystedt, Carol South, Linda Miller, E31 Kosin, Helen Peel, Diane Slagg. ROIV 7: Rick Smith, Einar Sunde, Wally' Wallner, Kenneth Hannsgen, Lynn Dunlap, Bob Sponheim, Bill Chaney, Roland Bauer. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE HONOR SOCIETY. ROW' 1: Kimi Hanaoka, Terry Hamilton, Barbara Jones, Sandra Marsh, Peggy Bender, Edna Yoshii, Judy Garrison, Barbara Bower. ROW' 2: Way'ne Cobbs, Larry Hammond, Helen Esteb, Diana Lee Gersdorf, Joyce Robinson, Darryl Kaiser, Denny Suzuki, ROW' 3: Carol Hoffman, Bonnie Baker, Sharlene Steele, Barbara Tinney, Sandra Gregory, Beverly Wacla, Pamela Stetson, Toni Perachini. ROW' fi: David Groverman, Eileen Lovell, Emily Chambers, Grace Thorneycroft, Kathy Wilson, Virginia Bunn, Ronald Willian1s. ROW' 5: Mike Stanford, Dennis Fell, Judie Armington, Judy Zacher, Mary Jean Cook, Trudy Scott, Mike Conner, Mickey Cheek. ROW' 6: Ken Cummins, if if KF". f' Y? .. 1, ' f fi ff 1 V is E Wg, 7, of X ...., ... C 'K A-i-is X, kj . I ff ' U 1-............ in M W 43 3' A ya xx , fs. fifng Ii gf' V 5 1' X K , I "ii: Q55 E R ' 4' wx , 5 ' ,,g,,g,f I is 5 4 jf! x f 'M If ':' A V 1 QQ r A 2481 ' ,, Y 1"- ir A ki 9 ,B 5 ., ' 3 f Qi -V' - 4 , "W" I pf- i Q ' Llii is g FE ' ... H 11. QQ. M Pew. ' f W -:'. . nw Q GIRL 9 LEAC E BOARD w f ,i X. is f ROW 1: Miss Lancaster, Colleen McCormick, Presidentg Jeanne Steigh, Vice-President. ROW 2: Penny Goethals, Karen Hamada, Minnie Ruiz: Director of Social Activities: Dorothy Griggs, Treasurer, not shown. Winter 357 R I 5 l Installation of the Girls' League Ofhcers for Summer '57. At the Installation of the Girls' League, Colleen McCormick, outgoing ' lent n l Jeanne Stei h in 'omin resident thanked Miss Lan- presit , a t . g , L g p , caster and Mrs. Ware for all their help and cooperation which they have donated this past semester. INSTALLATION OF GIRLS, LEAGUE OFFICERS FOR SUMMER '57 L E A O I R L The Girls League put on a Christmas 'U' Dance December 14 with Sal Frisinas . playing. There was a big Christmas tree in the center of the gym and Mr. Jung played the part of Santa Claus. All who attended had a wonderful time. , 1. x'xx G U E S9 Girls, League Backwards Dance pn' KEY CLUB wa! W i 3 lg B ROW' 1: Roger Myron, Larry Lewis, Tink Hultz, Ron Hudson, jim Flagg. ROW' 2: Wfayne Miller, Pete Zankie, Rick Markley, Bob Brown, jim Kaul, Steve Saracco. ROW 3: Larry Sparing, Terry Mertz, Mark W'oods, Rudy McTee. ROW' 4: Ronnie McPeak, Fred Hamectman, Bill Knocke, john Stroope, Bob Halverson, Frank Cummings. ROW 5: Bruce Burton, Larry Napier, Mr. Schaeffer. 'ID Si TRI-Y Judy Wolf President 5 Z inter 57 1, ik SL .1 tl yi. in li 1. fl li lg, ty, I .J ROW' 1: Sharon Benedict, Diane Omohundro, Madaline Whitson, Linda Griffin, Linda Lewis, Marqueta Davis, Barbara Crovella, Bonnie Denton, Carol Janssens, Janice Bell. ROIV 2: Joyce Brink, Joan Rogers, Betty Domonoske, Joyce Loedige, Diane Kennedy, Pamela Adams, Jeanne Steigh, Cynthia Pedersen, Penny Goethals, Kathy Epperhumer, Janice Erwin. ROW 5: Barbara limery, Judy Lowe, Alice Moyle, Merril Mince, Joyce Orris, Jerri Buzan, Peggy Jallensten, Helen Howard, Jane Rowe, Bonnie Kail. ROW 4: Carol Doran, Linda Spahn, Carol Davis, Alice Navarro, Kathy Williams, Kaye Tonner, Priscilla Molek, Betty Creach, Donna Partridge, Gerry Mertz, Karen Covington. ROW 5: Carol Sion, Buzzard Thompson, Betty Hickerson, Nonie Boaee, Jean DuRant, Frankie Talbatt, Roberta Conner, Barbara Sandusky, Bette Boyd, Judy Wolf. ROIV 6: Judy Zittle, Barbara Jallensten, Jennifer Bowen, Darlene Ronning, Sharon Cheek, Diane Sivard, Hilda Jones, Mary Ann Hoag, Judy Clements. ROW' 7: Pat Strain, Phyllis Swanson, Gayle Orris, Sue Hald, Celia Ochoa, Sue Chapman, Jo Ann Rice, Linda Paltridge. ROW' 8: Pat McNees, Sharon Hartman, Sharon Thomas, Dorothy Griggs, Linda Bloomer. ROW 1: Don Wallace, Larry Lewis, Bob Nelson fV.P.j, Tom Jones CPres.J, Red Hudson CSec.J, Ron Wallace. ROW 2: Jim N Kaul, Thomas Chapman, Don Pool, Mike Rutz, Roger Myron. .Q - ROW' 3: Dale Gonzalez, Lyle Braughton, Dick Learman, Don A . Boyce, Russel Crane, Dick Mitchell, ROW 4: Rick Markley, Bill ' fi Knocke, Rudy McTee, Bob Reynolds. ROW 5: John Stroope, Fred 1, Hameetman, Jerry Hornung, Robert Hultz, John Wilson. - S K ax vs. x vw L ...,, K Tom Jones President l l ROW 1: Barbara Foster, Karen Covington, Caroline Janssens, Tsuruko Mine, Leo Neuman, jim Loder, Gene Benfer, james Flagg, C PPELL Henley, Odelia Pena, Nell Fenska, Sonja Mooneyham. ROW 2: ly XVashburn, Dorothy Griggs, Ann Wfaynoka Wfesley, Patrick oval, Gary jones, Don Miller, Richard Learman, George Orr, CHOIR Ochoa, Diane Kennedy, Margaret Gonzales. ROW 3: Donette 1 joan Shir- Sand- Celia Gray, Lillian Taylor, Geraldine Henley, Tom jones, Pete Zankie, David Kosoff, Fred Hameetman, Robert Nelson, Buddy Travers, Regis ens, Marcia Molek, Sharon Gossett. ROIV 4: jean Du Rant, Linda Wl'Hl6f 257 Thayne, Sharon Hutton, Gayle Orris, joe Galloni, Bob Bunch, Bridges, Rudy McTee, jimmy Martin, Phyllis Swanson, Carol Mathews, Virginia Haney, Diane Rigali. -lik Ronald Hudson .loan Henlfil' President Miss Sturdy Accompanlst Sponsor ACTIVITIES OF NARBONNE'S A CAPPELLA CHOIR FALL SEMESTER 56-57 October 28, Broadcast Young America Sings, K.F.I. November 5, Gateway Council meeting at Nar- bonne. November 8, Hotel Statler, President's Luncheon, National Convention of United Daughters of the Confederacy. November 11, Sunday, Veterans' Day, Television Spotlight on Youth. November 20, Parents Night at Narbonne for P.T.A. 5 December 15, Christmas Luncheon, Women's Di- vision, San Pedro Chamber of Commerce, Hotel Hacienda December 14, Ensemble, Furnished music for Christmas Pageant at Narbonne. Given in the morning for the Service Clubs, and the after- noon for the P.T.A. Stev- john ROUV 1: Sharron Mortenson, Geri Monge, Lena Ortiz, Bobbie Cro- vella, Saundra Lolley, Mary Harrington, Martha Lipchitz. ROW 2: Kathryn Niller, Bonnie Kail, Esther Amero, Julia Somers, Marilyn Uisugi, Diane Noble. ROIV 3: Glenda White, Sharon Romanoff, Sharon McNally, Miss Alice Sturdy, Jane Rowe, Helen Howard, Joanne Safreed, ROW 4: Sharon Thompson, Joyce Newberry, Dixie Harmon, Elaine Cahill, Kaye Smittle, Sharon Monroe. ROW 5: Amber Inman, Molly Lewis, Laila Willson, Sandra Turner, Gretchen Schwen- ger, Shari Church, Elaine Mulhern, ROW 6: Dorothy McLean, Lorie Lindahl, Dorthy Gordon, Katy Brown, Carolanne Birchler, Roberta Holloway. Eugene Minor President-Philharmonic Club PHILH RMONIC CL B ROW 1: Bonnie Kail, Kathryn Niller, Joanne Safreed, Glinda A White, Patricia Neprud. ROW 2: Joyce Schneider, Beverly Beckett Elaine Cahill Joan Clark ROW 3' Gloria Thor e Ivar CLEE CL B f sf :g R ' 4 ft 2 .,.: 5.2 'i .,f': I 4 5 ' ' P 7 Tombach, Miss Alice Sturdy, Roy Middleton, Christine Grohs. Miss Alice Sturdy Sponsor ROW 4: Virginia Haney, Dona Heavilin, Marcia Molek, Linda McReynolds. ROW 5: Leo Neuman, Elgie Wightman, Joe Galloni, Jimmy Martin, Shirley Powell. ROW 6: Eugene Minor: CPres.j Russell Crane. ..y :Juli a 1.1.7-nu - 31 ORCHE TR Sponsor: Mr. Krell h B 'h, Diana. Gill- ROW' 1: Eileen Haney, Pat Connor, Valorie Sarocco, Gloria Thorpe, S aron em gren, janice Halliick. ROW 2: joyce Schneider, Paul Davis, Velda Kuykendall, jean Krutsmger, Helen Peel, llyann Davey, Linda Hofer. ROW' 5: liugene Minor, john Zell, Lanny Harris, Roger Ambill, Lynn Bateman, joe Reid. ROW 4: Ricky Bernarclin, Curtis Bohannon, Gary linglish, Mr. Krell, Dean Irwin, Gene johnson, Gene Benler, Winter 157 DIXIELAN AN , se avid! -mo' l C ' Bohannon Ricky Bernardin Gary ROW 1 Roger Ambil , urns , ' , Pnglish Chaz Stuart, Eddie Pence. ROIV 2: john Zell, Dean Irwin, Director: Roger Ambill Ilanie Iiiarrisg A Ir' Chess Club ROW' 1: Steve Barrager, Neal Hudson, Don Randles. ROW 2: john Acord, Kenneth Hannagen Cliresidentj, Dennis Shanelec. af: 3 Sportsnight Committee ROW' 1: George Ander- son, Gene Key, Wfayne Matthews, Molly Lewis, ROIV 2: Bill MacKin- sey, Sandy Smith, Gary Flanary, Bill Taylor, Eil- leen Haney, Charlene Gefellers, Allen Ander- son, Mike Gibbons. I unto Society ROW 1: Mr. Cost, Marcia Molek, Linda McReynolds. ROIV 2: john Marincovich, Warren Heaton, Billy Taylor, Allen Anderson. ROW' 5: Ronnie Palm. Winter 157 L'Alegria ROW 1: Birdie Saenz, Georgianna Taylor, Suzanne Rosenberg, Margie Gray. ROW 2: Margo Powell, Jene Poindexter, Joyce Takahashi, Veljean Suzuki, Glenda White. ROW 5: Sue Garlow, Ivar Tombach, Loyd Tom- linson, Dave Freeman. ROW 4: Car- roll Lee Beard, Sydney Chacksfield, Mary Lou Morales, Janice Hallick, Marian Winsryg. ROW 5: Judy Scott, Carole Glazier, Jane Weaver, Sharon Audell. ROW 6: Alan Cobham, Vir- ginia Haney, Sherry Dawson, Bill Chaney. ROW 7: Kenneth Warren, Raymond Prince. French Club ROW 1: Roberta Clark, Holly Morris, John Rosenberger QV.- Pres.j, Ann Wesley CPres.D, Vicky Kin- caide. ROW 2: Roger Smith, Mary Lou Mo- rales, Pat Anderson, Barbara Hummel, Alice Zell. ROW 3: Gerald Smith, Carol Van Dine. Winter 257 Science Club ROW 1: Gloria Smith, Ellen Ran- som, Janice Cook fPres.J, Charles Shoemaker CVice Pres.D. ROW 2: Patty Sparks, Dave Wright, Chris- tine Friel. ROW 3: Mr. Howard, Hugh Hixon. Health Committee ROW 1: Lucille Saracco, Paul Pul- ver CSec.J, Mary .Lou Morales CPres.j, Richard Wilson. ROW 2: Carol Davis, Linda Thayne, Joyce Schneider, Deanna Davis, Jackie E. Hoy. ROW 3: Shari Church, Vir- ginia Haney, Allen Anderson, Vir- ginia Barnard. ROW 4: Mr. Langan, Mike Gibbons, Valerie Saracco, Bill Taylor. Physics Club ROW 1: Curtis DeVore, Ellene Drawdy, Dona Heavilin, Joan Clark, Kenny Koyama. ROW 2: Bob Duprje, Floyd French, Gordon Getz, David Scott. ROW 3: Ray Bishop, Larry Johnson, Porky Mitchell, Mike McClean, Jerry Johnson. ROW 4: Steve Saracco, Juergen Patt, Bob Halverson, Jack Elliott. ROW 5: Dick Eyster, Den- nis Kaiser, Bob Barnett, Edward Eliot, Dale Langley. Red Cross ROW 1: Nena Clark, Gerald Faye Thomas, Joyce Dudley, Ann Cos- setta. ROW 2: Edna Thomas, Emmalene White, Brenda Adams, Jodie Armington, Mary Lou Merales. ROW 3: Nadine Bradley, Mari- lyn Warren, Mary Burn- ham, Joyce O'Dell, Bar- bara Galbraith. 3 Ps! u Sound Crew ROW 1: Duffy McVay, Steve Marsh, David Scott, jerry Terry. ROW 2: Bob Boyd, Mr. Burrows, Frankie Michael. ROW 3: Allen Swan- Eon, Harold Hasel, james Recer, Danny Cham- ers. Winter 15.7 "Who in the world are these?" Stage Crew ROW 1: Bill Sellers, Ronnie Palm, Chuck Fitz- hugh, john Marincovick. ROW 2: Mr. Cost, Neal Smith CStage Managerj. ROW 3: War- red Heaton, Billy Taylor, Michael Gibbons, Al- len J. Anderson. Radio Club ROW 1: Earl Rasmussen, Clifford Wilson, Kenny Koyoma. ROW 2: Jim Sorenson, David Dalzell, Allen J. Anderson. Daubers ROW 1: Ernie Dayebi, Deanna Weiss, Mary Lou Morales, Bonnie Demerath, Clifford Gray. ROW 2: Vonda Gilhousen, Deanna Davis, Bar- bara Miller, Steve Barragar. ROW 3: Claudia Bass, Elgie Wightman, Pat Heath, Joy Tomlin- son, ROW 4: Carolyn Booth, Gail Kolias. Cinema Club ROW 1: Joan Clark CV. Pres.j, Ellene Drawdy fPres.j, Elaine Cahill. ROW 2: Bob Chapman, Earl Rasmussen. ROW 1: Avenell Buchanan, Dorothy Mendoza, Pat Anderson, Carol Doran, Gerry Daniels, Karen Hamada, Suzanne Rosenbery. ROW 2: Valerie Saracco, Sharon Audell, Ellene Drawdy, Jane Wada, Mariane Wynsuryg, Sherrill Berger. ROW 3: David Scott, Nori Hanoaka, Steve Nothern, Charles Berry, Ivar Tombach, Dave Freeman, Christine Eriel. ROW 4: Larry Lewis, Red Hudson, Bill Meyer, jan Hamilton, Jerry johnson, Eugene Gimenez. ROW 5: Steve McClung, Ed Kauble, Allen Anderson, jack Patton, Larry Napier, Ed Betz, George Mackay. ROW 6: Bill Knocke, Bob Brown, Richard Hollis, Dennis Kaiser, Rudy Mcjee, Robert Nelson. ROW 7: Walter Cotton, Pat Manning, jim jones, Juergen Patt, Ronald Chowen, Tommy Thompson. Math Club ,A GREE A D GOLD ROW 1: Ed Elliot, Carol Matthews, Virginia Haney, Valerie Saracco. ROW 2: Bob Bunch, Mel Campbell, Caro- line Janssens. ROW 3: Christine Grohs, Lu Chalker, Jeannine Bech- told, Rusty De Rocia, Marquita Davis, Barbara Nease. ROW 4: Bob Malcolm. il kix ilri i ft.. 1' . - -: Mr. Lawlor DX Ii' , M9145 Sponsor V31 . ight' -0 W Kwan Feagzmla ,1 N CMO Unto' 'Ufe L-H? II faojy GREEN AND GOLD STAFF ROW 1: Caroline Janssens, Nell Fenska, Barbara Neese, Nita Bourland, Judy Balcom, Kaye McKnight. ROW 2: Pat Finder, Dorothy Mendoza, Sherrill Berger, Helen Howard, Marquita Davis. ROW 3: Carol D. Matthews, Jeannine Bechtold, Lu Chalker, Mary Ann Hoag, Joyce White, Sharon Monroe. ROW 4: Valerie Saracco, Virginia Haney, Janice Cook, Steve Nothern, Ronnie Cummings. ROW 5: Bernice Clark, John Plant, Bob Malcolm, Ronald Brumbelow, Larry De Mello, Olivia DeRusha. ROW 6: Billy Meyer, Edward Eliot, Mel Campbell, Fred Eggleston, Curtis Bohannon. ROW 7: Bob Bunch, Mr. Lawlor, Bob Stephens. EL ECO TAFF Winter 57 Brand' gi Eckckson Diane Kennedy Shirley johnson Carol Mathews, Editor-in-Chief vickey Campbell Sue Hald Mr. Crawford Mr. Bryan if Mar, .V Alldel-son W en Smith AY wish Helen H 30 Oward , 3? w 39 1, Af' -ev in A LLX, pr . H vw , Q3 A 4' ! Q .fggwif ,Wai 'LL ii if " A nntp 4 f-ff-1 .. if ' .K 5' - ' . , wb k 5 U? f - , 4 A . 9 QA E i 7 if gi ag SS? Q ' 3 'ii MR. MOUSLEY B-12 ROW 1: Pam Adams, Dorothy Alvarez, Ruby Brust, Judy Clements, Janice Bell. ROW 2: Terry Denton, Paula Cantrell, Ellene Drawdy, Shirley Davis. ROW 3: Curtis DeVore, Ray Bishop, Rickie Bernardin, Don- ald Dewey Boyce, Wayne Bustos. ROW 4: Allen Franklin, Ronald Dischner, Frank Cummings, Bill De Walsche. ROW 5: W. Mousley. MRS. DAVIS B-1 1 ROW 1: Bette Davis, Bonnie Denton, Cora Creach, Terry Corwin, Marquita Davies. ROW 2: Cheril Culp, Roberta Clark, Pat Dugan, Erni Eredia, Kay Davis, Karen Davila. ROW 3: Geanette Cooper, Connie Ed- wards, Nancy Drake, Sharon Chaddock, Deanna Davis. ROW 4: Stephen Casey, Roger Campbell, David De France, Ted Bigley, George Clark, Robert Duprie. ROW S: Don Pool, Fred Davis, John DiMeslio, Gary Diffee, Rene Embres. ROW 6: Melvin Curriston, Mrs. Davis, Edward Eliot, Fulton Edwards, Bob Allman.,:u...fei12a :1:::s1:- Hu- 1-1-1-I M :V--:wiv-mutant-1-1-Nwwtnnlansnma MR. JUNG B-12 ROW 1: Larry Fisher, Steve Lohayza, Stormy Mahon, Linda Griffin, Janice Green. ROW 2: Vera Holloway, Delores Kyllingstad, Jeri Henley, Jack Mackey, Jimmy Jones, Nori Hanaoka. ROW 3: Sharon Hartman, Ed Humet, Richard Edwards, Don Ballantyne, Clara Giaco- puzzi. ROW 4: David Fredricksen, Warren Heaton, Gordon J. J. Eicenbart, Steve Martizia, Bob J. Edens. ROW 5: Steve Marsh, Jim Firlit, Dal Kleinhans, Louie Wilson. MISS SUMI B-12 ROW 1: Jeanne Steigh, Cynthia Pedersen, Alice Vas- quez, Angela Mendez, Sherry Thomas. ROW 2: Miss Sumi, Gayle Orris, Sharon Thomas, JoAnn Rice, Ann Salas. ROW 3: Don Wallace, Ron Wallace, Leo Neu- man, Gary Wood, Jerry Thomas. ROW 4: Roger Myron, Doyle Wood, Ronald Newby, Ted Unander, Robert Perkins. ROW 5: Don Regener, Merlyn Powell, Ronnie McPeak, Daryl Moore, Don Wilson. MR. FULLER B-12 ROW 1: Barbara Neese, Georgia Scopas, Alice Nav- arro, June Riehen, Joan Reldeif. ROW 2: Joan Rosen- thal, Barbara Sandusky, Shirley Pekarek, Valerie Sar- acco, Susan Ann Ullom, Helen Peavy. ROW 3: Diana Scott, Earl Shanklin, Ronald Omohundro, Larry Row- ell, Elizabeth Sibon. ROW 4: Howard Shaner, Richard Ochoa, Leonard Sanders, Don Schmoker, Pat Juergen, Jim Puckett. ROW 5: Mike Rutz, Jim Picco, Troy Scott, Paul Pillen, Ed Bayer. ROW 6: Richard Smith, MR. HOPKINS A-11 ROW 1: Dolores Turner, Sherian Thompson, Darlene Smith, Carlo Zufall, Deanna Weiss. ROW 2: Joy Tomlinson, Marian Winsryg, Judy Zettle, Kaye Ton- ner, Jane Wada, Mary Swope. ROW 5: Betty Stovall, Carol Simmons, Regis Stevens, Loila Willson, Gayle White. ROW' 4: Elgie Wightman, Wendell Simmons, Jimmy Jones, Neal Smith, Max Wade, Allen Swan- son. ROW 5: Mike Tregarthen, Cliford Wilson, Kei Wada, Gary Stephend, Larry Sparing. ROW 6: Jack Vidovich, Kenny Todd, Mr. Hopkins, Bill Taylor, Jerry Smith, Roy Stephans. .. N f I-:,,:..r.wws Q ' f MR. LANGAN A-11 ROW 1: Penny Goethals, Gloria Grubbs, Carolyn Booth, Jodine Fairchild, Carolyn Flaury. ROW 2: Verrie Erozien, Kae Marie Steward, Sharon Hulton, Sydney Chackefield, Judi Hardin. ROIV 3: Randy West, Ronol Evans, Virginia Haney, Bobby Harp, Gloria Harris. ROW 4: Ronine Hanson, Keith Foster, Chuck Fitzhugh, Gene Gimenez, Joe Galloni. ROW 5: Carl Fleischman, Jim Higgins, Dale Gonzalez, Thomas Gwaltney, Bob Nafuerson. ROW 6: Danny Freseriues, Mr. Langan, John Bridges. MCCOY A-1 1 ROW 1: Bette Boyd, Eloise Bower, Pat Burnham, Joan Bunch. ROW 2: Jackie Barnett, Edward Tenska, Bob Beaman, Cami Cassetta. ROW 3: Robert Branch, Sid Allshouse, Terry Albough, Bill Francis. ROW 4: Wendell Boher, Donnie Bourne, Larry Bohannon, Gary Banks. ROW 5: Emil Belt, Trevor Lant, Bob Barnett, Jim Allen. PETERSON A- 11 ROW 1: Darlene MacDonald, Gloria Munoz, Patt Long, Carol Mitchell, Kathrine Magallanez. ROW 2: Annoea McKnight, Carol Naare, Linda Miller, Jean McLacklan, Sandra McGuire. ROW 3: Roy Middleton, Dorothy McLean, Peggy Loper, Judi Martin, Arleen Martin. ROW 4: Wendell Michael, John Miller, Jimmy Martin, Eugene Minor, Bob Magie. ROW 5: Terry Mertz, Jim Mondon, Joe MacArthur, Ronnie Lupin, Bob Mankoski. ROW 6: C. O. Pederson, Doug- las McBean. MISS SMITH A-11 ROW 1: Ruthy Holdbrook, Dona Heavlin, Nancy Halli, Gail Kolios, Caroline Janssens. ROW 2: Roberta Holstrum, Ann Jeberjahn, Robin Jungkind, Hilda Jones, Shirley Lang. ROW 3: Stan Eodd, Jeff Senton, Bruce Kittrell, Jerry Kelly, Kenny Koyama. ROW 4: Chris Howard, Ralph Kosoff, Darel Krutsinger, Ingomar Eicholz, Gary Lee. ROIV 5: Lance Goodwin, Jack Justice, Dale Langley, Bill Hayes. MR. HORN B-11 ROW 1: Georgia Muir, Karen Stopher, Alice Moyle, June Masukawa. ROW 2: Lois Myer, Virgie Kirk- wood, Carol McWanice, Sharon Monroe. ROW 3: George Mackay, James Isom, Paul Linquist, Kei Ki- mura. ROW 4: Glenn Kubo, Mike Morgadorma, David Ito, Lynn Miller. ROW 4: Pat Manning, Jim Jones, Bill Myers, John Marincovich, Ed Prince. TEAGUE B-11 ROW 1: Irene Ashby, Francille Patton, Suzanne Ros- enberg, Lena Ortz. ROW 2: Dave Akens, Billy Smith, Bob Reed, Bob Rogers, Tom Pence, Walter Prince. ROW 3: Rainey Purgason, Linda Pulido, Linda Patt- ridge, Darlene Ronning, Jack Patton. ROW 4: Gerold Ouimette, Gordon Routsong, Don Oelke, Ronnie Rich- ards, Jim Carter. MR. HAMMOND B-11 ROW 1: Barbara Crovella, Jackie Hoy, Gerry Daniels, Dennis Chapmen, Robert Clements, Carl Gregory. ROW' 2: Rose Germain, Betty Domonoski, Janice Hob- erland, Alice DeLeon, Judy Hedstrom, Margie Curris- ton. ROW 3: Dorothy Csizek, JoAnn Cronin, Sharon Cheek, Sue Chapman, Marlene Henon, Barbara Emery Velma Huggins. ROW 4: John Daly, Fred Germain: Dennis Holst, Walter Cotton, Robert Harris. ROW 5: Joe Gregory, Jack Gardinier, Mr. Hammond, Jim Barra, Stephen Carter. MISS RICHARDSON B-11 ROW 1: Sandy Brown, Sandra Carlson, Pat Bench, Virginia Basile, Irene Ashby. ROW 2: Frank Avilla, Dave Akens, Henry Armas, Gene Benfer, Jerry Alba. ROW 5: Sherry Birchler, Sharon Audell, Pat Beckett, Ronald Bandelin, Edward Betz. ROW 4: Bill Baldwin, Toni Bollene, Bob Carpenter, Gerald Bayer, John Adams. ROW 5: Miss Richardson, Jim Barry. MR. FREIER B-1 1 ROW 1: Susie Smith, Pat Wilson, Barbara Vickers, Marguerite Williams, Helen Suzuki. ROW 2: Emma Williams, Nadene Taylor, Verna Wilson, Lucielle Treek, Gloria Shaheen. ROW 3: Gary Sands, Bill Sillers, Jim Schuler, Don Wong, Jimmy Williams. ROW 4: Bruce Taylor, Pat Sandoval, Kathleen Weiss, Diane Sivard, Joanne Steigh. ROW 4: Ray Shively, Fred Workman, Nelson Walker, Charles Wilson, Henry Uranga. ROW 5: Mr. Freier. MRS. BATTAGLIA A-10 ROW 1: Dolores Atchley, Pat Crank, Mary Turner, Priscilla Molek, Ora Lee Williams. ROW 2: Robert Payne, Phyllis Whitmer, Marie Walsh, Betty Murphy, Alice Zell. ROW' 3: Russell Williams, Johnny Bonnot, Lewis Weiss, Dave Wright, Caren Weekley. ROW 4: Mary Jean Young, Joyce White, James Watkins, Jerry Wilson, Jimmy Zagala. ROW 4: James Webb, Tom Wolford, David Combs, James Welch, Gabriel Ramirez, Curtis Vandenheuven, MR. BURROWS A- 10 ROW 1: Carolyn Lynn, Marie Randall, Jean Casteel, Brenda Queener, Connie Ramsey. ROW 2: Barbara Rice, Patty Sparks, Marilyn Sami, Glynda Shirley, Marie Shore. ROW 3: Ellen Ransom, Kip Reich, Rich- ard Serpa, Mike Sullevan, Jane Rowe. ROW 4: Ed Harrison, Leo Robertson, Dale Ross, Joe Schuler, Mike Lee, Gilbert Salas. ROW 5: Bill Sandusky, James Reser, Melvin Savage, Vinton Heston. MR. COBBS A- 10 ROW 1: Marolyn Fitzhugh, Marylee Frederick, Bonnie Demerath, Irene Doepping, Pat Elkins, Judy Davis, Helen Farmer. ROW 2: Charlotte Decker, Linda De Walsche, Linda Edwards, Christine Friel, Anita Jo Friedricks, Carolyn Finch, Linda Fuhrer, Gae Flagg. ROW 3: Gary English, Robert Fox, Wanda Dunn, Marlyn Egelund, Joan Dawson, Dyann Davey, Griffith Chase. ROW 4: Jim Edwards, Charlie Flanary, Keith Edwards, Larry Evans, Paul Montalvo, David Dalzell, Gary Bavrs: ROW 5: Lionel Hallong, Kenneth Free- MRS. BRIGHT A- 10 ROW' 1: Carol North, Bonnie Kail, Linda Kephart, Mary Jeane Lloyd, Saundra Lolley. ROW 2: Mavis Langerud, Judy Lowe, Judy Miller, Willamae Moses, Karyn Livingston. ROW 3: Bonnie Lichti, Pat Kelley, Molly Lewis, Laverne Lewis, Jean Krutsinger. ROW 4: Gary Meams, Roy Leonard, Gary Lewis, Reggie Lacy, Jack Mahon. ROW 5: Dean Irwin, Ronald Ferguson, Ronnie Young, Bob Ingo, Bob Jenkin. ROW 6: Pete Kretzachmar, Paul Doyle, Phillip Columbres. MRS. CALKINS A- 10 ROW 1: Pat Carpenter, Jeannie Carter, Sharon Brown, Jerri Buzon, Avenell Buchanan, Jean Castle, Judy Irish. ROW 2: Mrs. Calkins, Janice Cook, Vicki Camp- bell, Vickie Brown, Phyllis Booth, Barbara Coston, Margie Clark, An Kessidy. ROW 3: Bill Brown, Larry DeMello, Joe Costa, Ronald Brumbelou, Leslie Chik- ami, Ronnie Cummings, Chas Cunningan. ROW 4: Eddie Coats, Harry Crose, Lorenzo Cross, Bill Cumi- ford, Bob Cottom, George Carter, Bob Conrod. ROW' 5: Fred Bunch, Ronald Chowen, Bobby Carl. m.nasm MR. SCHAEFER A-10 ROW 1: Kaye McKnight, Barbara Masi, Sherry Meeks, Nina McClellan, Elsie Madrid, Mary MacArthur. ROW 2: Carylon Mcjunkin, Holly Harris, Merril Mince, Dorothy Mendoza, Susan Marchant, Gerry Mertz. ROW 3: Saundra McKenzie, Claudia Bass, Marilyn McCullah, Suzanne Millett, Lynn McFarland, Ronnie Moss, Jack Mahon. ROW 4: Bill Meyer, Buddy Smith, Charles Lewis, Charles Martin, Don Mitchell. ROW 5: Bob Malcolm, Al Therox, Bill Milern, Bruce Morace, Wally Strump. MR. DOUGLAS A-10 ROW 1: Elizabeth Goad, Pat Gull, Nora Garrett, Nell Fenska, Kathy Epperhimer, Mary Harrington. ROW 2: Charon Clark, Gloria Gorbet, Sharon Gilchrist, Bar- bara Hummel, Dixie Harmon, Gloria Smith. ROW 3: Shirley Galloway, Eddy Hager, Clifford Griffith, Dave Gordon, Douglas Gravett, Sue Hald, ROW 4: Richard Gull, Ronnie Hanson, Ted Hart, jerry Hale, Richard Schilling, Harold Hasel, Alvin Galbreath. ROW 5: jay Hamilton, George Harrison, Robert Garrabrant, Richard Hale, Mike Gibbone, Edwin johnson. MR. PRIDE A-10 ROW 1: Nita Bourland, Sally Bracamonte, joan Rog- ers, Evelyn Brenner, Donna Bose, Lonna Albaugh. ROW 2: Ann Anania, Clara Baldwin, Yvonne Shinn, Pat Anderson, Sherrill Berger, Grace Bradley. ROIV 3: Sandra Barnett, Clara Schmitt, Charles Berry, Van Bohannan, John Barajas, Bob Boyd. ROW 4: Lynn Bateman, George Brady, David Bone, Ambrose Bal- lantyne, David Bankard ,Bob Bird. ROW 5: Carroll Beard, Curtis Bohannon, Steve Anderson, Allen Ander- son, Del Boyd, Mr. Pride, Carol Bertesinger. MR. HOWARD A- 10 ROW 1: Pat Naluai, Irene Olmeda, Pat Pinder, Sue Fox, Barbara Mosher. ROW 2: Carol Segar, Magda- lena Acosta, Anna Provost, Diane Omohundro, Joyce Powell. ROW 3: Ivar Tombach, Ken Nishino, Rod Peres, Melvin Potter, Tom Petro. ROW 4: Calvin Myron, John Munoz, john Plant, Ray Owens, Steve Nothern. ROW 5: Gale Price, Mr. Howard, Mike Pinder. MISS HERWIG A-10 ROW 1: Irma Martini, Carol Litchener, Sharon Thomp- son, Ellen Stanton, Sandy Swearingen. ROW 2: Anita Tapia, Don Swanson, Marvin Sparks, Henry Valencia, john Taylor, Maxene Sibon. ROW 3: Don Smith, Dorothy Smith, Dale Stanley, Jerry Terry, john Stew- art, George Smith. ROW 4: Jessie Thomas, Doris Skeens, Roger Smith, Don Turner, Charles Shoemaker, jerry Shanahan. ROW 5: Roger Smith, Gerald Smith, Tom Thompsen. MISS BANUELOS B-10 ROW 1: Rachel Orr, Connie Gillyard, Cathy Fitz- gerald, Pat Mencer, Nancy Coil, Donna Fuller. ROW 2: Wilbur Frekuzaki, Bobby Dool, Elbert Gilhausen, Marvin Cortelyou, Richard Crane, Bruce Foster. ROW 3: Gary Fraser, Ronnie Cook, George Turner, Audrey Goodwin, Bob Smite, Angel R. Fimbres. ROW 4: Artie Vasquez, Pam Lichti, Miss Banuelos, Leo De Rusha, James Gordinier, Teddy Crawford. MR. PENNINGTON B-10 ROW 1: Mary Macias, Sandy Gregory, Jenny Jimeno, Judy Jacobelly, Kayomi Hanaoka, Peggy Jollensten. ROW 2: Sue Ann Martin, Vicky Kincaide, Myrna Hartman, Amber Inman, Judy Smith. ROW 3: Ben Hanna, Garry Lawson, John Andrade, Jerry MacDon- ald, Allen Green, Robert Maddock. ROW 4: Brian Gray, Donald L. Pennington, Sammy Kiokwood. MRS. VOSS B-10 ROW 1: Marilyn Andulsky, Thomas Pairicia, Mary Slate, Dolores Ayers. Carmel Burrola, Rose Marie Baca. ROW 2: Roy Suminaga, Ed Ball, Charles Bean, Roger Clarke, Gary Bechtold, Ronnie Bohannan. ROW 3: Sandra Adamson, Florence Aldrich, Barbara Cassel, Betty Jo Munnerlyn, Joanne Armstrong, Barbara Bo- hannan. ROW 4: John Braddock, Joal Bodermann, Mitchell Allred, Tom Wetzel, Jack Carter. ROW 5: Carol Anne Birchler, Miss Voss. MRS. HUNT B-10 ROW 1: Larry Rusk, Loyd Tomlinson, Buddy Treve- than, Jerry Skillman, Mike Smith, Ronald Rogers. ROW 2: Helen Todd, Judie Smith, Cathy Schweitzer, Christy Schweitzer, Beverly Wood, Gloria Thorpe. ROIV 3: Jimmy Sanders, John Russak, Bobby Bur- rows, Bob Wallace, Gerald Smott, Bob Waltz. ROW 4: Shirley Warren, Judy Raymond, Mrs. Hunt, Jerry Walker. MR. MARONTO B-10 ROW 1: Eugene Minobe, Bill Pence, Allan Peacock, Mouse Nieto, Jimmy Ohara, David Nair. ROW 2: Ruth Poloruck, Janice Mayer, Janet Pugh, Janice Par- sons, Sharon McNally, Sharron Mortenson. ROW 5: Dianna McCune, Carolyn Mullins, Elaine Muelhern, Frances Millett, Ann Pillam, Jene Polndexter. ROW 4: Douglas Potts, Richard Powell, George Myers, Eddie Perales, Dennis Quimette, Arturo Porras. ROW 5: Neal Odell, L. Maronto, Charles Morriss. mweatrr.--eemuimwmfluimsmvt MRS. ANDREWS A-9 ROIV 1: Joyce Usui, Josie Vasquez, Marilyn Uesugi, Darlene Van Horn, Lynne Wetzel, Wendy Webb. ROIV 2: Carol Walker, Lynn Welch, Anne Virgad- ama, Margaret XVatson, Margaret West, John Wagen- seil. ROIV 5: Bill Walker, Vann Vannucci, David McPherson, Bob VanDrew, James Wadsley, Bill Ward. ROIV 4: Steve Carlson, Robert Weeks, Fred Vaughan, Michael Warner, Darryl Walker, Wally Wallner. ROIV S: Betty Watson, Sally Watt, Nancy Weeden, Miss Andrews, Carol Van Dien, Jane Weaver. ROW 6: Kenneth Warren. MISS CHASE A-9 ROW 1: Glenda White, Maureen Wheeler, Patty Wheeler, Toni Wood, Pat Yuoka, Jean Wood. ROW 2: Johnny Wilson, Jerry Skinner, Clifford Gray, Ron- nie Wheeler, Tom Wilkerson, Richard Wilson. ROW 3: Nancy Williams, Laurie Wilcox, Judy Williams, Carolyn White, Jean Woodworth, Carol Bourassa. ROW 4: Hank Bomar, Mike Walker, Bobby Wyatt, Speed Wilcox, Brent Wilson, Herman Martinez. ROW 5: Barbara Wood, Miss Chase, Lonnie Williams, Mar- garet Williams. MR. BALLOU A-9 ROW 1: Howard Benefiel, Barry Binge, Bill Barnes, Steve Brinkley, Danny Bishop, Ken Bolas. ROW 2: Sharon Beal, Joanne Beery, Margaret Brady, Diane Beorner, Marion Beadling, Pam Becker, Judy Blinn. ROW' 3: Mardell Blaylock, Sharon Beeson, Kristine Berntsen, Sandra Bomersback, Marie Bishop, Caroline Blake. ROW 4: Robert Blackbourn, Frank Brower. Alan Benfer, Jack Brownell, Robert Brunson, Gary Biggs, Bob Brmeer. ROW 5: Jack Bentley, B. L. Braden, John Botacchi, David Bermudez, Mr. Ballou, Sharon Brunn. A MR. EMUS A-9 ROW 1: Sherry Gay, Arlin Green, Chris Grove, Sue Garlow, Margie Gray, Ronnie Greene. ROW 2: Nancy Gibb, Carolee Gibb, Lyndall Garrison, Diana Gillgren, Harriet Giannosis, ROW 3: Carol Glazier, Don Gallo- way, Ronnie Giffin, Bill Gussman, Tim Jenkins. MR. DEAN A-9 ROW 1: Rosemary Bunn, Marcia Chamberlain, Bonnie Buffalo, Juanita Carlos, Judy Bynach, Vickie Carroll. ROW 2: Dave Carmichael, Victor Caponeho, Ronnie Bushnell, John Casey, Wilson Carroll, BO Carter. ROW 3: Mary Cartwright, Donna Bradbury, Caryl Bundy, Anna Begnal, Diana Canillas, Roberta Carter. ROW 4: Melvin Bumgarner, Pete Carter, Bill Chaney, Johnny Bomar, Bobby Bowden, Jimmy Hunter. 1an: e.e.1s.wLmmmn1awefew MR. GRAHAM A-9 ROW 1: Patricia Neprud, Donna Patterson, Diane Oriani, Bud Parnell, Richard Pearcy, Alfred Nieto. ROW 2: John Parish, Mat Thomas, Bruce Peterson, Gary Olton, Major Parker, Douglas Owings. ROW 3: Lynne Peterson, Carleen Peterson, Carolyn Pecor, Nonya Newnes, Helen Peil, Karen Nystedt. ROW 4: Charles O'Brien, Mike O'Neil, Bob Nyborg, Alan Neal, Eloy Ortiz, Phillip O'Connor. ROW S: Jerry Pearsen, Bob Nichols, Mr. Graham, Robbie Pearl. MRS. GORTON A-9 ROW 1: Julia Somers, Judy Spenceley, Peggy Sollars, Carolyn Smith, Margie Southworth, Judy Shaftel. ROW 2: Donna Shinn, Kaye Smittle, Bonnie Smith, Carol Shows, Steve Sundell, Diane Slagg. ROW 3: Dennis Shanelec, Rick Smith, Bill Snow, Gary Staley, Larry Smith, Kenny Shipley, Jim Snebold. ROW 4: Carol Smith, Sharon Smith, Frances Slaughter, Marvin Smith, Ronald Smith. ROW 5: Bob Sponheim, Mrs. Gorton. MR. W. HALEY A-9 ROW 1: John Standish, Mike Taylor, Chaz Stuart, Dan Tregarthen, Clifford Thomas, Douglas Trombly. ROW 2: Linda Suarez, Joyce Takahashi, Veljean Su- zuki, Ann Truax, Brenda Tuel, Christine Stout. ROW 3: Einar Sunde, Tom Taylor, Ken Sutherland, Robert Taylor, Ted Stracener, Mike Stevenson. ROW 4: Nancy Dawd, Sandra Tankka, Sandra Turner, Kurt Swanson, Jim Tindall, Ronald Thompson. 1t' - -- ff-1 "H - - fe fi- zfeuxem MR. L. HALEY A-9 ROW 1: Dennis Schmitz, Terry Schmoker, Rodney Robertson, Rudy Salas, Bobby Scott, Bill Rozich. ROW 2: Sherry Banks, Renee Rogers, Joanne Safreed, Dol- ores Romero, Birdie Saenz, Lucille Saracco. ROW 3: Marcella Seligman, Carolyn Schreyer, Gretchen Schwen- ger, Nellie Sandstrom, Susan Schram, Barbara Scott. ROW 4: Linda Schoelerman, Shirley Segrave, Judy Scott, Susan Severance. ROW 5: Jim Roach, Norman Robinson, Mr. L. Haley, John Schmidt, David Schuh- mann. MR. SLOSS A-10 ROW 1: Helen Howard, Beverly Hemphill, Georgia Holmes, Sherry Jones, Elizabeth Reed. ROW 2: Mary Ann Hoag, Pat Heath, Geraldine Johnson, Shirley John- son, Myrnadell Carman, Nancy Enunas. ROW 3: Allen Holton, Troy Hollinger, Dave Freeman, Neal Hudson, Robin Hatfield. ROW 4: Tommy Jones, Dennis Hays, Blank, Lanny Harris, Bobby Burroughs, Don Wocmd. ROW 5: Bobbie Jean Jones, Dan Hoag, Terry Holke- sted, Rodney Hodges, Charles Morriss, Bob Cervants, Coach Sloss. MISS LUDWIG A-9 ROW 1: Frankie Michael, Chris Maier, Bill Mac- Arthur, Harry Meisel, Curtis Manning, Roland Martin. ROW 2: Lynda Mead, Maureen Minobe, Lee Middle- ton, Jean Martin, Donna Miller, Ramona Manchester. ROW 3: Cindy McWhirtle, Linda Miller, Kathryn Dane, Pat Mason, Marilyn Miller, Jeanie Lingo. ROW 4: Ted Martizia, David Marcoux, Darryl Milligan, Bob Miller, Laverne Matson, Dusty Miller. MRS. HARRISON A-9 ROW 1: Julia Ishiboshi, Kathy Holden, Sheri Jacks, Charlene Ingram, Linda Hofer. ROW 2: Gary Holst, Walter Haldbrook, Shirley Huggins, Valerie Hyde, David Goosey, John Irvine. ROW 3: Barbara Loh- man, Barbara Howard, H. R. fAceJ Jarvis, Susan Havey, Susan Huntley. ROW 4: Terry Hogan, David N. Lawrence, Dennis Howry, Bob Hughes. MISS LUEDKE A-9 ROW 1: Lois Hess, Sue Harrington, Marcy Hendel, Sharon Hite, Janice Hamasaka, Lolly Holtz. ROW 2: Jerry Hickman, Tom Haberland, Gerold Hufeld, Bud Harvey, Richard Henderson, Hugh Hixon. ROW 3: Eileen Haney, Myrna Harris, Helen Hayes, Lola Sue Hall, Marilyn Hayes, Janice Hallick. ROW 4: Bill Halverson, Ronnie Hanson, Mike Hare, Walter Harrel, Kenneth Hannsgen, Douglas Harvie. MRS. MCLAUGHLIN A-9 ROW 1: Paul Davis, David Dunkin, Robert Duncan, David Dennis, Robert Davila, Steve Dixon. ROW 2: Marshal Duni, Elaine Cahill, Odivia DeRusha, Connie Darnall, Pat Dotter, Marilyn Dixhermer. ROW 3: Nancie Dean, Mildred Dreyer, Sherry Dawson, Gene Desposito, James Domineci, Bob Dunn. ROW 4: Ricky Downer, Lynn Dunlap, Herold Fine, Larry Dodd. MR. MARKS A-9 ROW 1: Mike Poling, Terry Reed, John Reeder, Joe Ramirez, Ray Verplank, Fred Philp. ROW 2: Don Randles, Jerry Ranum, Bill Rau, Walter Richards, Joe Reid, Duane Plant. ROW 3: Joanne Reed, Pat Pyeatte, Margo Powell, Sharron Lee Powell, Socorro Rangel, Francis Purcella. ROW 4: Terry Reist, Brenda Rey- nolds. Judy Preder, Carol Powell, Kathern Miller, Janet Russel. ROW 5: Alan Phillips, Brick Pinckney, Mr. Marks, Dorea Prylor, Raymond Prince. MISS LITCHFIELD A-9 ROW 1: Marilyn Keller, Carole Kirk, Peggy Jollen- sten, Mary King, Tetsuko Kimura. ROW 2: Dorothy Kovich, Barbara Kendall, Karen Kimper, Jerry Jones, Bob King, Bruce Kenes. ROW 3: Mary Jones, Kay Jones, Joanne Kangas, Martha Johnson, Donna John- son. ROW 4: Batce Johnson, Mike Kneefe, Bill Job- son, Gary Knaff, Jon Jeter, Allen Kufen, Jerry Smith. MR. NOVAK A-9 ROW' 1: Ellnora Myers, Edna McDaniel, Kathy Mc- Allister, Lavahn Murrell, Kay Muench, Holly Morris. ROW 2: Dick McLachlan, Ronnie Moore, Duffy Mc- Vay, Tom McCormick, John Motshagen, David Mc- Lean. ROW 3: Lilith Murphy, Wanda Morris, Bonnie Monson, Louise Muro, Carol Murray, Gerry Lichten- berger. ROW 4: Mike McHattan, Richard Morris, Dick Myers, Mickey McCullock, Jerry McDaniel, Ken Mc- Nees. ROW S: Keny Mclntire, Dick Morse, John Myles, David McCue. MRS. REGENFUSS A-9 ROW 1: Barbara Clemens, Frances Cooper, Barbara Wixon, Carolyn Cole, Carol Saguie, Linda Combs. ROW 2: James Cross, Doug Cunningham, Jack Curtis, Brent Colburn, Steve Clements, Walter Clark. ROW 3: Carolyn Curry, Pat Cooper, Janet Cooper, Marnell Cox, Virginia Cooper, Alan Cobham. ROW 4: Brad Coleman, Tom Constable, Glade Cookus, Mrs. Regen- fuss, Allen Coffey. ROW 5: Steve Cummins, Dick Cole, Thomas Connor, Norman Crands, Doug Court- ney. MISS VAUBEL A-9 ROW 1: Bonnie Anderson, Janine Aspettle, Edna Amero, Bernice Delores Akens, Lucy Aguilar, Karen Arbuckle. ROW 2: Betty Bailey, Diane Adams, Carrol Allen, Diana Barbour, Steve Barrager, Dennis Balla- tyne, John Armstrong. ROW 3: Bill Ashley, John Acard, Louis Ball, Virginia Barnard, Adrianne Ayers, Toni Allen. ROW 4: Robert Barr, Clemente Barajas, John Amundson, Miss Vaubel, Glenn Bartholio, Pat Babbet, Roland Bauer. MRS. SCHURMAN A-9 ROW 1: Carol Lanza, Donna La Fleur, Patricia Lar- sen, Martha Lipchitz, Bonnie Kuhn, Karen Loible. ROW 2: Carl Lamping, Brian Lucas, John Lanning, Teddy Kobayshi, Barry Leisure, William Long. ROW 5: Myra Langley, Vickey Jean Long, Sandra Long, Carol Sue Lewis, Velda Kuykendall, Joycelynn Koepke. ROW 4: Jeanne Lehman, Lenice Long, Mrs. Schur- man, Brenda Limbaugh, Marcia Lee. ROW 5: Jim Perales, Jim Kraft, Jimmy Langre, Melton Luckay, Richard Lincoln, Jack Lemen. MR. CONTRERAS B-9 ROW 1: Lynda Kemp, Connie Goethals, Janice Loe- dige, Paulette McGaffey, Janice Loible, Judy Garri- son. ROIV 2: Reynaldo Gonzales, Walter James, David Hawks, Howard Luyt, Frank Markley, Carl Griffin. ROW 3: Darlene Lillie, Marie Mendoza, Arthur Graves, Cecil Martinez, Steven Jones, Wayne Matthews. ROIV 4: Mike Miller, Charles Johnson, Janet Gimenez, Marlene Mills, Maxine Huggins, Jack Lenton. ROW 5: Clifford Ichiyasu, David Goolsby, Daniel McCarty, Jimmy Hansen. MRS. COCHELL ROW 1: Mary Faith, Dian Farr, Sunnie Eldred, Kathy Evans. ROW 2: Kathy Fisher, Mary Ferrara, Linda Fowler, Georgia Eason, Portia Feightner. ROW 3: Bob Fisher, Dick Fairbanks, Chuck Ewing, Joe Fanish. ROW 4: Jimmy McLwen, Ken Friess, James Eliot, Paul Frost. ROW 5: Floyd Edwards, Mrs. Shirley Cochell, Dennis Eriksson. MR. LUCAS B-9 ROW 1: Michael Bradshaw, Barney Bradley, Tudor Blum, Robert Bronson, Mike Brown, Billy Cobbs. ROW 2: Patricia Bunn, Evelyn Turpen, Nadine Beery, Dorothy Burrell, Loretta Cosgro, Pat Ballard. ROW 3: Richard Bunch, Bill Cobb, George Anderson, Carl Cunningham, Jim Comstock, Don Christensen. ROW 4: Kathleen Allen, Joyce Cornell, Mary Jean Cook, Ecco Booher, Judie Armington, Veronica Carter. ROW 5: Mary Chudy, Gail Cantrell, Carl Bohannan, Mr. Lucas. MRS. COOPER B-9 ROW 1: Sharon Edwards, Sharon Forseth, Anita Fer- nandez, June Fernandez, Frances Bingham, Betty Uskilith. ROW 2: Frank Flaherty, Ken Cummins, Joe Marquez, Phillip Estrada, Jerry Croskrey, Douglas Friend. ROW 5: Madeline Fowler, Frances Thomas, Jacintha Graham, Janice Dugan, Bernice Flores, Betty Emmal. ROW 4: Bob Crowder, Allan Dobbins, Ken- neth Ellsworth, Charles Cammaressi, Bud Finch, Den- nis Fell. ROW 5: Carolin Daugherty, Mrs. Cooper, Gwynne Diffee. MISS LINDEMAN B-9 ROW 1: David Todd, Joe Ramirez, Patrick Nieto, James Pugh, Bill Pool, Jerry Notz. ROW 2: Barbara Payne, Judy Pounders, Toni Perachini, Delores Nunoz, Bessie Pedigo, Marguerite Orozco. ROW 3: John Reto, Jimmy Mork, George Robinson, Lynn McKay, Dale Oelke, Jack Rubio. ROW 4: Anne Rohl, Sharon Pratt, Shirley Rood, Verla Norris, Patricia Robinson, Loretta Meeks. ROW 5: Val Munoz, Verne Newsom, Miss Lindeman, Larry Rhyne, Dan Robinson, Ronnie Roberts. MRS. BISHOP A-8 ROW 1: George Whitmer, Jack Wigginton, Michael Zamora, John Wolford, John Wall, Larry Wilson. ROW 2: Ronald Willis, James Walsh, Paul Whitlock, Charles Webster, Harold Walker, Jeff Waters. ROW 3: Charlotte Reed, Donna Willoughdy, Jackie Wann, Linda Watkins, Alberta Whitnell, Barbara Wyatt. ROW 4: Sandra Williby, Penny White, Emmalene White, Carol Workman. ROW 5: Frank Weisman, Paul Wilson, Mike York. MRS. COCHELL A-8 ROW 1: Pete Reilly, Ronnie Peacock, Ivan Phillips, Harold Quadres, Michael Pliego, Charles Reed. ROW 2: Claudia Parker, Virginia Ramirez, Carolyn Pisel, Diane Poche, Eva May Richmond, Sharon Powers. ROW' 3: Jim Rutz, Fred Powell, Walter Powell, Robert Pouncey, Harvey Poskin, Kenny Preder. ROW 4: Dianne Plumb, Sandy Platisha, Jerri Lynne Provost, Karen Rentmeister, Virginia Purgason, June Parris. ROW 5: Randall Reynolds, Kenny Piddington, Jim Rogers, Roberta Rollins. MRS. BARDSLEY A-8 ROW 1: Roy Orris, Michael Mitoma, Philip Costa, Louise Nelams, Mary Robinett, Ida Munoz. ROW 2: Judy Nishino, Linda Morace, Dolores Moyle, Mar- jorie Morgan, Kathleen O'Meara, Judy Freeman. ROW 3: Bob Neese, Michael Murakami, Garry McCann, George Mitchell, Frank Newling, Howard Day. ROW 4: Christie Carter, Leona Munoz, Rowena Owens, Bar- bara Ouimette, Magnhild Myron, Frankie Neveau. ROW 5: Clifford Nichalson, Bruce Lesonbic, Paul Myers, Jim Milligan, Larry Nail, Charles Nester. MR. BRYAN A-8 ROW 1: Randall Albaugh, David Beard, Vernon Al- ford, Samuel Allen, Bobby Bayha, Raymond Brown. ROW 2: Sharon Aguilar, Judy Andulsky, Gwen Baker, Sharleen Aguilar, Kathy Ashby, Rosemarie Anania. ROW 3: Brian Butler, Ian Bell, Gary Bohannan, Den- nis Baker, Charles Bradshaw, Bobby Bradshaw. ROW 4: Bob Bloomer, Ronald Boyd, Jim Brown, Fred Aus- tin, Don Aycock, David Bayless. ROW 5: Janet Berry, Virginia Bunn, Vernelle Bailey, Deloris Bone, Paul Branam, Alvin Brown. MRS. DINGLE A-8 ROW 1: Lee De Priest, Gary Flarrary, Bobby Dodd, James Feld, Kenny Dobson, La Mar Edwards. ROW 2: Mary Ellen Farmer, Patricia Ellis, Beatrice Doherty, Barbara Duke, Helen Esteb, Joyce Dunkin. ROW 5: Barbara Fine, Sharon Dix, Susan Farwell, Diane Dex- heimer, Janis De Merschman, Rita Davis. ROW 4: Bruce Davis, Paul Elliott, Lee Erickson, Phillip Eld- ridge, Mike Drazovich, Eddie Edwards. ROW 5: Gayla Duncan, Alice English, Mrs. Dingle, Barbara Emrich, Karen Dix. ROW 6: Paul Eyl, John Everett, Sherwood Edwards. MRS. HORTH A-8 ROW 1: Ralph Steward, Ernest Doyebi, Charles Grud- zinskas, Alex Fragoso, Gilbert Guerrero, Ronald Gal- vin. ROW 2: Adele Nydegger, Georgina Fakuzaki, Alice Groverman, Angie Gallegos, Diana Gersdorf, Donna Fuerte. ROW 3: Sharon Cagle, Bonnie Gipe, Sandra Gibson, Gladys Grothe, Lorraine Gregory, Judy Gleghorn. ROW 4: Carolyn Cox, Becky Smith, Ronnie Bunge, Doug Gardner, Dennis Geurin, Michael De Hart, Jimmie Gremminger. MR. MURIETTA A-8 ROW 1: Victor Heiner, Jack Hayes, Buddy Henry, Robert Potter, David Bunch, Gary Hansen. ROW 2: Joe Hernandez, Reed Hall, Gregory Hand, Richard Hald, Buddy Haney, Billy Hazher. ROW 3: Marilyn Hall, Judy Hill, Paula Hart, Reuelyne Covey, Patricia Jenkins, Sandy Henderson. ROW 4: Myra Hibbs,'Linda Hall, Syend Jacques, Virginia Hilliker, JoAnn Harri- son, Barbara Hjelm. ROW 5: Norman Hellerud, Mr. Murrieta, Herman Hale, Karl Hellstrom. MR. GARDNER A-8 ROW 1: Diana McLaughlin, Marguerite MacArthur, Magdalena Marquez, Judy McHatten, Mary Medina, Kathey Kanawyer. ROW 2: Conrad Moralez, Ronnie Lincks, Jimmy Bunge, Allan Littlefield, William Lune- bring, Bill McKenzie. ROW 3: Toni Kolias, Edna Layen, Jeri Alice Lynn, Linda Linquist, Brenda Mach- ado, Lynda Meyer. ROW 4: Larry Reece, John Klotz, Joe Lechner, Mr. Gardner, Larry Stevens, Harry Mac- ias. ROW 5: Joanne Koepke, Ida Jo Lowry, Diane Means, Arline Adele Leino. MR. KUNS A-8 ROW 1: Gilbert Isom, Carl Stokes, Billy Kainu, Danny Wood, Johnny Jenkins, Susumn Ito. ROW 2: Janice Jones, Donna Hollowell, Annette Hollinger, Emma Jeffries, Sherry Kephart, Laura Kaufman. ROW 4: Gene Key, Larry Jack, Robin Huhta, Dennis Hume, Jimmy Johnson, Gayle Hoy. ROW 4: Delores Korn, Violet Hodges, Kathy Jordan, Pat Hogan, Callie Hol- lis. ROW 5: Marcia Jacobson, Mr. Kuns, Sharon Hutchinson. MRS. POSTER A-8 ROW 1: Kenney Cowan, Louie Corral, John Buell, Raymond Cato, Bud Creery, James Copeland. ROW 2: Lydia Burke, Lillian Bustamente, Jacqua Coble, Bon- nie Burpo, Vera Burk, Frances Clark. ROW 3: Billy Cooper, Mickey Coksey, Durwood Clark, Jim Coulter, Bobby Cribbs, Mickey Cheek. ROW 4: Jimmy Cun- ningan, Ezra Carbins, Ronney Chatterton, Tim Cabella, Robert Carter, Luvern Chaddock. ROW 5: Mrs. Poster, Joan Chirrick, Mary Carter, Barbara Conshafter, Pat- ricia Conner. MR. ALBRECHT B-8 MR. ROSSEN A-8 ROW 1: Tommy Shepherd, Jerry Sederstrom, Dennis Seller, Clyde Shackleford, Mark Sibon, John Smith. ROW 2: Patsy Scott, Jeanette Simmons, Ray Ianthus, Lois Denham, Glenda Smythe, Nancy Snodgrass. ROW 3: Bonnie Redman, Loretta Shuffield, Glenn Smith, Jim Rowan, Bernard Santi. ROW 4: Larry Thompson, Mr. Rossen, Glen Rosenthal, John Shultz. A J.. ROW 1: Stella Hernandez, Donna Gersdorf, Kimi Hanaoka, Silvia Gilhousen, Benedicta Gonzales, Bonnie Davis. ROW 2: Marvin Hudsen, James Henery, Lonnie Hoffner, David Germain, James Demerath, Billy Edens. ' n, Jack Francis, William , ' , ' Larry Hammond. D ROW 3. David Groverma Frantz Ernie Fowler Eddie ROW 4: Irene Davis, Jean avis, Sherrell Edelen, W Terry Hamilton, Carol Holland, Gravett. RO 5: Leo Gervuis, Carol Hoffman DeLeon, Yolanda Billy Dutro, Mr. MR. FARRIS B-8 ROW 1: Glynn Simmons, Ronald Williams, Harry Raymond, Edward Tonner, Bennie Robello, Denny Suzuki. ROW 2: Janet Ronning, Franke Ward, Mar- garet Ramirez, Barolyn West, Joyce Robinson, Louise Suope. ROW 3: Amelia Soto, Linda Rowe, Pat Wal- lace, Gloria Robinson, Marilyn Toussean, Sharlene Steele. ROW 4: Al Rechter, Mike Ratterrce, Mike Stanford, Carol Schilling, Russell Walker, Tim War- ger. ROW' 5: Melvin Thomas, Donna Vincent, Trudy cott. MRS. SLOAN A-8 ROW 1: Ronnie Tomlinson, Melvin Southern, William Strandt, Bennie Stewart, Kaysee Tsuji, Charles Thomas. ROW 2: Teri Stalmack, Hedy Takahashi, Judy Tice, Tonja Taylor, Jerry Ann Stracener, Cecillia Kay Trippy. ROW 3: Carole Baggart, Barbara Tinney, Marilyn Swanson, John Stame, Bill Tenney, Don Tipton. ROW 4: Virginia Stovall, Uranga Micha, Barbara Stanton, Eddie Storti, Bud Tovell, Jimmie Tooch. ROW 5: Jack Taylor. MR. GREEN B-8 ROW 1: Danny Kaiser, Ed Layman, John Jones, Harry Picco, Larry Nienaber, Danny McKay. ROW 2: Wil- liam Pine, Frank Pena, Regi Martinez, Ronnie Nelson, Doug Morris, Gary Perkins. ROW 3: Dorothy Mur- phy, Patty Pesce, Carol Matthews, Diane Mahoney, Lorna Jones, Sandra Marsh. ROW 4: Tonic Montano, Eileen Lovell, Joyce Patton, Teri Olsen, Dorothy Nares, Bruce Lee. ROW 5: Robert Kozakiemicz, John Green, Bill Licht, Dennis McGill. .Qt MRS. CARTER A-7 ROW 1: Kenneth Beard, George Broome, Billy Bomar, Joe Berry, Michael Blakeley, James Brown. ROW 2: Herman Brenner, Billy Andrews, Lawrence Bridges, Bob Audell, James Allen, Danny Byers. ROW 3: Anna Bodwen, Susan Arvola, Betty Brootch, Sherrie Bliss, Norma Aldrich, Ethel Booth. ROW 4: Brenda Joyce Adams, Helen Anderson, Mary Bunham, Linda Betha- rem, Sandra Brown, Dorthy Attridge. ROW S: Jimmy Bisbocci, Gary Bowman, Allyn Bishop, Ronnie Bayer, Harold Ashley. ROW 6: Kathy Anderson, Bonnie Branam, Betty Bailey. MR. CRAWFORD A-7 ROW 1: William Friedricks, Richard Fellows, Robert Freeman, Billy Duke, Rodney Doran, Charles Dodd. ROW 2: Linda Fox, Bonnie Foster, Joyce Dudley, Judy Demarath, Helen Curriston, Jo Ann Fama. ROW 3: Judy Darrow, Terry Friscia, Evelyn Finch, Roberta Decker, Dianne Crippin, Jana Davey. ROW 4: Daniel De Rusha, Harold Davidson, Peter Friel, Bill Erick- son, Julius Estrada, Gail Fair. ROW 5: Anne Guerry, Kenny Edwards, John deCosta, Gary Dowell, Jerry Desposito, Glenn Detherage, Shirlev Temple. 1um ssmmamw sfmrwmmmmi MR. LILLYWHITE B-8 ROW 1: Charles Canillas, Wayne Cobbs, Danny Byers, Eric Ballantyne, Douglas Bauer, Jeoffrey Andrade. ROW 2: Paul Alexander, John Bautista, Bobby Bar- rera, James Bandelin, Richard Craig, Arthur Braca- monte. ROW 3: Jill Armstrong, Shirley Bingham, Peggy Binder, Linda Berry, Geraldine Benefiel, Bar- bara Bower. ROW 4: Penny Coil, Diane Bradley, Joan Brink, Bonnie Baker, Judy Armstrong, Judy Braddock. ROW 5: Mr. Lillywhite, Mike Conner, Larry Brink, Emily Chambers. MR. CHASE A-7 ROW 1: Jim Clark, Tom Carter, Gerald Cant, Robert Bulwa, Eddie Carbans, Tommy Clements. ROW 2: John Hibbs, Johnny Chaves, Robert Cordell, Donnie Carpenter, Freddie Conner, Eva Codorniz. ROW 3: Kenneth Cooper, Bryon Burkholder, Maxine Clark, Theresa Cozzolina, Ann Cassetta, Veronica Chaco. ROW 4: Nina Clark, Helen Cassidy, Nyla Cassel, Judy Cheek, Mary Ann Carter, Jeanne Christensen. ROW 5: Sharon Clifford, Sherry Helquist, Faye Coo- per, Kaye Cooper, Carol Bumgardner. ROW 6: Mr. Chase. MRS. GOULD A-7 ROW 1: Donna Gull, Theresa Grohs, Nancy Gay, Myrna Gileno, Ruby Hazelbaker, Chris Gordon. ROW 2: Janet Gervais, Betty Graves, Sophie Glusac, Bar- bara Galbreath, Tokako Hachiya, Diane Gleghorn. ROW 3: Gay Charles, Jimmy Gill, Bobby Gull, Lester Anderson, Byron Halling, Rondald Gull. ROW 4: Stephen Ruden, Louis Aguilar, Carlos Guzmon, John Fair, Carl Gloze, Ralph Hamilton. ROW 5: Beverly Graham, Jayne Gadberry, Mrs. Gould, Gordon Gasser, Jerry Daffron, Jimmie Garrison. MECHIKOFF A-7 ROW 1: Marcia Reed, Sue Riggs, Kathleen Riluer, Mary Shaheen, Barbara Puckett. ROW 2: Bob Seder- strom, Greg Sipes, Richard D. Price, Charles Schaen- ann, Rollin Reser. ROW 3: Julie Sibon, Josie Rojas, Esther Salas, Rosalie Pulido, Gail Brow. ROW 4: Robert Singer, Tom Sawyer, Jack Schneider, Sam Santi, Bob Reynolds. ROW 5: Kathy Ryle, Ida Sims, Pat Simmons, Jean Sisco. MRS. HAYES A-7 ROW 1: Frankie Marquez, Patrick Meehan, Raymond Marino, Bob McKeozio, Jerry Layne. ROW 2: Jackie Marquez, Gary McLean, Leonard Leach, Joe Masuk- awa, Joe Marsh, Wayne Marshall. ROW 4: Gerry McWeen, Germaine Mangan, Charlie McNees, Carolyn Merck, Pamela Markhom, Patricia Matson. ROW 3: Jeanne Maddox: Gayle Miller, Sharon Mince, Ruth Miller, Patsy Montoya. ROW 5: Melven Weekley, Joyce O'Dell, Paula Melton, Mary May Bes, Johnnie Mitchell. ROW 6: Mrs. Hayes, Carey Mercer. MISS HARRISON A-7 ROW 1: Janet Hubbard, Karen Hjelm, Barbara Jar- rett, Kaye Henderson, Wendy Kincaide, Sharon Kuhn. ROW 2: Bobby Jacobelly, David Hill, Kaoru Ito, Calvin James, John Hebert, David O'rtiz. ROW 3: Linda Higgins, Betty Johnson, Karen Hintz, .David Howry, Johnson Krutsinger, Carlston Havener. ROW 4: Joann Jackson, Donnie Smith, Charles Hume, How- ard Jordan, Mike Hofeling, Richard Knetzschmar. MRS. HILBERT A-7 ROW 1: Jean Ortega, Victoria Ortega, Janet Patter- son, Richard Oglesby, Edward Boyle, James Pisel. ROW 2: Ronald Olson, Steve Munoz, Iervy Peiding- ton, Gary Pike, Keith Padrnos. ROW 3: Stephen Pekarek, Charles Wood, Stephen Plant, Chester Norris, Richard Morales, Tommy Perkins. ROW 4: Gail Pence, Janice Morgan, Jane Fairman, Terrie Plumb, Vicki Moody. ROW 5: Betty Haverson, Paula Newton, Kay Moss, Jane Pryor. ROW 6: Roger Peterson, Billy Mullins, Howard Parker, Richard Myers. KONGS A-7 ROW 1: Pamela Stetson, Kathleen Stien, Edna Yoshi, Marlene Takaki. ROW 2: Grace Thorneycroft, Mary Stanovich, Evelyn Salcido, Beverly Stahl, Beverly Wada. ROW 3: Tom Hubbert, Shirley Terry, Virginia Skeens, Judy Zacher. ROW 4: Richard Hevens, Linda Saylor, Charles Themm. s:.ff-s1t-fQ::-v2'f.: MR. ROWLETT A-7 ROW 1: Patty Powell, Adra Whipple, Barbara War- ren, judy Wilson. ROW 2: Joe Zacher, Arthur Tuck, George Warren, Roger Weeks, Richard White. ROW 3: Sharon Wiesmann, Marilyn Warren, Karenell Wil- son, janice Wasmund. ROW 4: Hugh C. Tower, Tommy Williams, Royce Moss, Dan Yoshii. ROW 5: Jonova Weingarten, Pat Turman. MR. RENIUS A-7 ROW 1: Jon Macom, Kenny Meeks, Larry Smith, Rafe Towe, Dennis Teroda. ROW 2: Alfred Sollors, jim Sats, Don Suminaga, Earl Strand, Hugh Stovall, Con- nie Teague. ROW 3: Susan Sickinger, Cheryl Stevens, Marsha South, Gerald Thomas, Carol Stetson. ROW 4: Lyndia Smart, Sharon Smoot, Sharon Stowe, Connie Roth, Cheryl Tingey, Virginia Tewalt. ROW 5: Jim Sain, james Sparks, Ronnie Smith, Lee Thomas, john Teel. DICKINSON B-7 ROW 1: Althea Thomas, Viola Sanz, Mary Scopos, John Shaffer, Miles Useu, Charles Whittey. ROW 2: Dennis Taylor, Jimmy Sanders, Colonel Tucker, Den- nis Walsh, Michael Smith, Danny Saucedo, Mike Savi- dan. ROW 3: Joyce Stephans, Linda Seehorn, Karen Sivard, Linda Wilson, Cora Ann, Wilma Jean Wood- ruff. ROW 4: Lonnie Venable, Van Smittle, Gary Strange, Teddy Seden, Alan Wilkens. ROW 5: Donna Stephens, Jean Shamblin, Susan VanDyhe. WOODS B-7 ROW 1: Larry Cressman, Bobby Castle, Dick Novis, Melton Estrada, Edward Carlos, Michael Clements. ROW 2: Margaret Benfer, Gladys Broom, Carolyn Brown, Cheryl Copeland, Elaine Denham, Cassandra Contreras, Wilma Eggett. ROW 3: Eddie Dool, Alan Anderson, Steve Cowell, Stephen Dunphy,'John Bunch, Ronnie Cagle. ROW 4: Carol Cryspen, Marlene Dix, Helen Ann Clark, Judy Baillie, Kathy Bowman, Lind Clang, Lydia Armas. ROW 5: Donna Dobson, Cappy Egeland. MR. DAHL B-7 ROW! 1: Leo Olson, Virginia Roe, Margaret Ponce, Adri Anne Ortez, Sheryl Pool, Mary Anne Ravgel, Nadine Means. ROIV 2: Donald Reed, Matwell Mich- ael, Cruz Munoz, Pat Powell, Dennis Potts. ROW 3: Dale Matteson, John Pisel, Bruce Matlock, Robert McKernan, Clark Ritchey, Cruz Munoz, Gary Pyle, James Roberts. ROW 4: Madlyn Notz, Sharon New- ling, Cruz Olivarez, Mehim Morriss, Mr. Dahl, Wil- liam Milburn, Mickie Ross. ROW 5: Jack M., Jerry M., Jane Marumoto, Virginia Powell. MR. WHITE B-7 ROW 1: Dean Littlefield, Andres Lopz, Danny Kaul, Lambert Waldonado, Bill Jaiti, Jerry Johnson, Eloise Guardado. ROIV 2: Wilma Lewis, Judy Jack, Elaine Kubo, Sandra Griffith, Eleen Greathouse, Yvonne Henriksen. ROW 3: Bobby Fernandez, Robert Kaaken- son, Brian Luyt, Richard Grosch, Jack Laven, Jr., Bill Karn. ROW 4: La Donna Kay Lulicker, Dorothy Marie Harmon, Charlottt Jenkins, Elaine Lanza, Caro- lyn Johnson, Betty Johnson, Barbara Johnson. ROW 5: Ken Holmer, Bill Hanopel, Gus Kroesen, Mr. J. W. White, Cecil Gather, Gary Harrel. ROW 6: Jean Hall, Betty Gordon. sag W, M W wa W N' . . N 1 W ' lf Qi: f -frm I j' ,ff x '5 'N-in . v-pn-" ' 4 . 37, , Q 6' ,, . , . Al. '41 Home WT-.. ms -if 5? W 'igggg .4E7Qf?3'3'g5 M519 1 s H l W CASUAL LIFE iiriQL-X fn of the mighty Seniors -an :if-x: --,x ft- ,yy -'vamp rw-.,,,.,, 3 wr 3 'Y ' ' 1 -1,i, ,gg,--- S- .. ig N I., ,H M.. -NS , ,1 F QP! at R1 4 ,, , . ,, 1 fn, .ap J Q , s fix 3 M-lm Ib is Q. xxx'-.N 7 if L, Jrq 3 .W ,-f , .V QXMX . Q I I . 5 l E r 5 1 fl 1-SKK x 'VL' YRQ H ' wif- T 1' "M ' l, X18-N f "' ' , K -..n-l- X ,HK . E X 4' NNW rv, x ,f W if """4S gg: .ef A. V. I,-n ... iff s N J fax' n PW X5 XI 5 gn l H1 5 waz? ' I A ff' , 1 2 5 , i Z ! l I E E , ROW 1: Floyd French, Frank Cummings, jim Kaul, Bob Bunch, Carl Wada. ROW 2: Ron Hudson, Don Pool, Bob Bates, Mike Pinder. ROW 3: Bob Nelson, Richard Hollis, Larry Napier, Larry Lewis, Roger Myron. ROW 4: Pete Zankie, Tom Jones, Bob Brown, Wayfne Miller. ROW 5: Clary Banks, Ronnie McPeak, Fred Hameetman Bill Knocke, Bob Halverson. ROW 6: Robert Hultz, Mr. Marienthal, Bruce Burton 9 HEER LE DER CHEERLEADERS ROW 1: Frank Cummings, Stormy Mahan. ROW 2: Steve Lehoyza, Rus- sel Williams. Q 'Q I Y if X5 we 1 Y lu.. Frank Avilla . f' i i 4 K .:-, '32 M52 ':I" L , gt v ,. George Clark ' Clary Banks Mr. Wfells Coach V. -: v. . V, ' ,,,, 'ff X35 Q fs K as z BV ' ,. J, x k wb . . .E . 'E u F -, is 5 K6 ' 'F X -fi ml iqv wr' "' r ,, 'Wall ? B Jerry Bayar Donny Bourne Bobby Br VARSITY BASKETBALL r M y ,, x 01 'QQ' rain ,zfwp :F 'HT-tlv 1 figs if Qi' ri ' f 'T' ,il a t F ': f f 12 f- .- , 3'ff,iQii ' 3, .A 4, lv " - di Wg,"-6:v.+:-. -- rf -R . . gfzdrzh R V V, . ,,.. ,. . , , W ak S 4? A - 53355 wk 1 11 2 i 'ggi " i ying 5 Y ,jftj x uw .M wil .gt g fu s 5' 4 1 it? 5 ggi? 4 ' ,Vw W N. ,, Q. fm, Mr. Steinberg 'f "" Assistant Coach A QB f W' .L 45 ' N W Ms' A fi ffyy ai Russell Crane Manuel De Leon Bill De Walshe Fulton Edwarf 1 ' Keith Edwards Red Hudson Bob Garrabrant Mike Gibbons Dale Gonzalez ...A S , Q. B W , V: . . t jerry Hornung Bill Knocke Tom jones jim Kaul Jim Kidder " "' , i -tri 3' . 1 " ' . , C FINAL MARINE LEAGUE STANDINGS SCORES ,1'V"'!5 School Won Lost PF PA Westchester 8 2 560 431 NARBONNE 7 3 636 510 jordan 7 3 586 531 Gardena 4 6 578 603 San Pedro 3 7 460 543 Banning 0 I0 506 682 K Le7'e E 1 AA V "I3 A ., - I . , X I ,, Q . , .I 44 I V 1 in 4 , V V -ii' I is Mike Tregarthen Vic Vaona My V'N' Manager ' Manager ...I S Roger Myron Richard Learman Katsuaki Mine Manager Allen Murrell Hr .5 Sid Allshouse , I C 53 if :sa '3 I k Q 5 5 al 'li 9 . J Q A W.. ir. it , 2 jerry Quimetter Micky Valenica be A 12 5 We 3 Am Steve Saracco Harry Quinn Gordon Routsong Mike Rutz Carl Wada Kei Wada Bill Wettingel john Wilson l BEE FOOTBALL Coach Douglas BEE SCHEDULE BEE LEAGUE STANDING Morningside 7 W L South Gate 19 Banning 4 1 Banning 42 Gardena 4 1 7 J01'daI1 19 San Pedro 3 2 San Pedro 19 jordan 3 2 Westchester 7 Narbonne 1 4 Gardena 7 Westchester 0 5 ROW 1: Fred Germain, Dave DeFrance, Robert Harris, Walter Prince, Tom Pence, Ronnie Lupin, George Mackay, James Isom, Glen Kubo, Larry Evans, Allen Swanson. ROW 2: Coach Teora, Robert Lugo, john Miller, Dave Akens. Calvin Myron , Charles Irvin, Frank Hurst, Bob Nichols, Bill Cumford, Buddy Lofton, Ronnie Hanson, Bill Sellers, Coach Douglas. ROW 3: Roger Smith, Robert Branch, Dave Arbuckle, john Schmidt, Mitchell Allred, Charles Flonary, john Casey, Ken Mclntire, Tony Quadres, Glen Tolbott, Gilbert Solas, Ronnie Moore. ROW 4: jerry Kelly, Ronol Evans, Marven Smith, Walter Richards, Danny Chambers, Walter Cotton, Dennis Holst, Norman Minobe, Gabriel Ramirez, jack Gordiner, Milton Billingsley, Bob Wolf. ROW 5: Eddie Belz, Don Schmoker, Raz Bureson, Bob Weeks, Don Swanson, Bob Sponhiem, James Kraft, Bill Myers, Bill Brown, Bob Reed, Douglas Courtney, john Standish. Russell Williams 'vw Pete Mendez David Ito Bob Malcolm Charles Shoemaker Don Wong Larry Bohannon Nori Hanooka jerry Cros Curtis Bohannon 'QQ- Larry Napier s Bob Bird George Ma Don Wall Steve Lockman Bill Meyer Ralph Gullion Ron Wallace Paul Taylor Frank Cummins Bill Brov CROSS COUNTRY LEAGUE SCORES DUAL MEET LEAGUE RECORDS Varsity j.V. 10th Grade Varsity 10th Grade L.M. W-L W-L W-L Nar. Vis. Nar. Vis. Nar. Vis. 25 San Pedro 5-0 Banning 5-0 Narbonne 5-0 Banning 35-20 64-15' 24-32 34 Banning 4-1 San Pedro 4-1 Westchester 4-1 Jordan 24-31 21-40 19-54 69 Narbonne 3-2 Westchester 3-2 Banning 3-2 San Pedro 36-19 38-17 21-36 94 Westchester 2-3 Narbonne 2-3 Gardena Westchester 23-32 38-19 20-35 Gardena 1-4 Gardena San Pedro Gardena 15-45 24-31 15-57 jordan 0-5 jordan Jordan 3-2 2-3 5-0 Low Score Wins Tenth Grade Champions K2 6 -lttzhy Coach Dossey joal Boderman Manager AO 'oach Sloss bert Nelson Tink Hultz VAR ITY Bobms BA KETBALL Richard Hollis n ,ffir MYMOMS V LEAGUE SCORES A STANDINGS Ti ,S W pts Pa ' ' Narbonne 4 102 32 ,Q lvll Jordan 63 27 A il Westchester 63 70 ' A"3': A Banning 36 38 . Gardena 61 95 Denny Fresemus San Pedro 26 92 '? M ff' 3' Bill Crovella Bob Halverson is , 5 -:e f. ,. , -: .1-V " Bruce Burtor Bob Bunch Ronnie McPea ROW 1: Coach Probert, john Marincovich, Steve McClung, Gene Benfer, Mgr. ROW 2: Floyd Edwards, john Greger- son, Larry Sparing, Norman Crandall. ROW 3: Lance Good- win, Ramiey Purgason, Chris Howard, Ronnie Chowen. JUNIOR VARSITY TOP ROW: Robert Stephens, john Munoz, Eddie jones, Dennis Kaiser. ROW Z: Pat Manning, Don Turner, Alan Hug- gins, Bob Barnett. ROIV 3: Lloyd Tom- linson, Bill Rozich, Sloss, Mark Wfoods, Kei Kimura. B. k BEE TEAM Coach Probert CEE TEAM ROW 1: Clifford Thomas, jimmy Ohors, Dave Freeman, Troy Hollin- ger, Charles Cunnigan. ROW 2: Robert Clements, Richard Mc- Loghlan, Gary Bechtold, Douglas Gravett, Walter Clark, Mgr. ROW 3: Coach Probert, Steven Clements, Mgr., Ken McNees, Jay Hamilton, Eddie Perales, Ronnie Cook. mm.,-W VARSITY TRACK ROW 1: Harry Cross, john Hyde, George Orr, john Munoz, Roger Myron, jimmy jones, Ron Wallace, Don Wallace. ROW' 2: Bob Nelson, Floyd Edwards, David McCue, joel Boderman, Larry Bohannan, Larry Napier, Walter Prince, Mell Campbell, Gerald Ouimette. ROIV 3: jack Gordinier, Tom Thompson, Bob Miller, Bob Garrabrant, Mike Rutz, Frank Cummings, Bob Bird, Larry Sparing. ROIW 4: Ronnie McPeak, Denny Fresenius, Bob Stephens, Bill Knocke, Fulton Edwards, Paul Taylor. A f' ANY 1 y ,,,1 if H T as f Q, TRACK Coach Dossey v 1 tv- 4 - A A err, fi A F A y if '...-- Q5 QV ,' ,. I , A A 4 R , if ' y TG, 9' , fn I A Q ,, Q 6 a 'V l X' 'S Coach Wells 72 F ,gf ,A Ml lg F 2 if Cl il Mxx"'m"'M"7f F I, S,M.ffi' 'A ev. "l'Q'TQ2"- v rf ., " . i, ' 3' -:J i gi - 1 BEE TRACK 1 A -f -- . ,, , ROW' 1: Bruce Morace, Glenn Kubo, George Mackay CCaptainj, Gabriel Ramirez, Leo- nard Sanders, jim Morace, Norman Minobe, Nori Hanaoka. ROI!" 2: Ray Burlson, Dave Ito, Bill Brown, Leo Soqui, Ted Stracenor, Bill Sellers, Larry Cross. ROW 3: Ronald Chowen, Ken Freeman, Billy Meyer, Alvin Galbreath, Curtis Bohannon, Richard Schilling, Bill Cumiford, Gil Salas. ROW 1: Steve Clements, james Davis, Russ W'illiams, Ronnie Cummings, Eugene Min- obe, Brian Lucas, Ronald Evans, Pete Mendez. ROW Z: Rudy Salas, Bob Clifford, Bob Dunn, Bob Wolf, Buddy Trevethan, Gary Bechtold, Allen Green, James Frazier, Bob Lugo. ROW' 3: Tom Constable, jim Kraft, Ted Martizia, Don Wfong, Fred Germain fCaptainj, Milt Billingsley, Major Parker. ROIV 4: Bob Malcolm, Ray Prince, james Webb, Bob Denham, jack Brownell, Gerald Gibson, Bob Blackbourn, Robert Taylor, jerry Ranum. CEE TRACK all 'ew .ti - 1 ,f P' , as if ,. , xl iw f wi - t S7 S ..i. 5 S W , ., . Q. 1: V gfffi ,ef fr' VN if , . , y VARSITY rgz hw! ROW 1: Manager Bob Weeks, Neal Smith, Bob Bunch, Franklin Allen, A Ronald Hudson, Larry Lewis, Dick Mitchell. ROW 2: Bill Haney, Charles Shoemaker, Gary Lee, Glenn Sutow, Dave DeFrance, Allen 1. ' :ff ,312 Swanson, jerry Smith. ' 5 life Q 1 Il t t Coach Kuns JUNIOR VARSITY BA coach Douglas ROW I: Don Turner, Don Swanson, Charles Flanery, Eddie Perales, jimmy Ohara, George Myers, Robert Nichols. ROW 2: Manager Duane Plant, Gary Olton, William Chaney, Dave Wright, Glade Cook- us, Calvin Myron, jay Hamilton. ROW 5: Clifford Thomas, john Wil- son, Ken Mclntire, Dennis Howry, Roy Leonard, Walter Cotton, Norman Crandall. WIMMINC ROW 1: Ronnie Hanson, Ronald Rogers, Terry Mertz, Robert Rogers, Keith Edwards, David Kosoff. ROW 2: Larry Graham CMgr.J, john Stewart, Fred Hameetman, Mickey Hes- ton, Pat Manning, Lance Goodwin, Ronnie Moss CMgr.J. BEE TEAM VARSITY TEAM - .- W- -gg 1 slxafffr-xfssrefizge as wwf-wr .: -R R -R ww 1-- Rksi ,R R e'es, 1 sies to nil' eeree ,sssi N R 5 QQRR t ,C A t, e,,, 5i R R 1 eeee e 'R 1 e,,1 C ,I - 'ibl . ZRR A ' it f R- , Al l ., if li ,.1 7 5 ..I, gi r , t C W. C. eiis .4 C W A 'ifzs f RRR-'ffl l ' erjy at QR V 2 R , ,R fe" ' , Q ' R' C' U "Ii 'R J YR ,.-: ARR" i'i' R Ri E' B K L -i .' 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Pere Zankie me R . in 3 I at A W ii i V 'll 'ii ROW 1: Kenny Koyama, Leo Neuman, james lsom, Curtis DeVore, Mike Pinder, Mike Mahon, Paul Linquist. ROW' 2: Dale Langley, Terry Albough, Don Pool, jim Allen, David Bankard, Max Wade, Gale Price, Karl Ayres. ROW 5: Bob King, Steve Nothern, Tom Pence, Ronnie Richards, Tom Gwaltney, jerry jack, Bruce Kittrel. ff Q A " ' eier be s - 'F' i L iii R' ,,. - C , , A iz- MLM J H " iil A Filiiw .gd - ., .2 - lf: fig, an K , K K ll az i ' . f ' r ' 5 yyccyyy ' ""' ,C Coach Probert Stormy Mahon, Curtis DeVore, Leo Newman. Cgach Graham GYMNASTIC ROW 1: Bruce Burton, jim Flagg, Bob Halverson, Wayne Miller, Bob Bates, Floyd French, Gordon Getz, Larry johnson, john Marincovich. ROW 2: Jurgen Patt, Bob Miller, Pete Kretzschmar, Lloyd Tomlinson, Dennis Kaiser, Roger Ambill, Robert Cle- ments, Bob Reed. ROW 3: Ronnie Graft, Charles Berry, Bill Lindner, Anthony Kase- lionis, Eddie Betz, David Scott, Mike Lee, Alan Benfer, Bill Halverson, Gary Means, Gordon Routsong CManagerJ, Bob Bates and Floyd French CCo-Captainsj. TENN S v .m,.1.' ,,,,.,... -in xt -f Q2 Riva ?jf rf 'Q .Q t gi 'S' Ke' -A il, rf Q dv, .,.,.4pv-Q-"""""' -nb. " .K M in V Ewa. ., Q' A ., al' mf ,, , 11 ........--nv" f 1. 1. .2 ,HW Yvux Z f ' ' ra , ?f1 12gFw4Wfa Q k ,A , 2 .Q ' 'c .. - . f -afwaszrl iz. tv be Ama-My. Q , 'L QQf J-f f 3 Qi - 'mv - . ,- 4 ami' - A A x , ..A,X. H I N. Y -:L Z M 'fr , , : :1"' N9- flwfll 'K 11'-vnu. .gf W J 4 . K K X , -Q A Q 551 Q L 2 A. ,K K Q "' 1 . + ' A 2? W- A 2 . ' is Q ax X lg 4 Q M 1 QV, L 4' 5 V T -" - 1- ' ,nW'-'V'-,Vi "' ye' -f' ',.. V.. . V VV ...- ..V4, ' .31 . ' ' -, ,.u11':" Q. ' " V 4- .. r 'f"'.:H ff K ' V ' U ' V324-'f ' 11lf,1",.V!5 -:. . V V . ' V -W' V V - ' f:f"? 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' v, , ifvzf '. Winter 57 LETTERCIRLS' Kay Masukawa President ROW 1: Kay Masukawa CPres.J. ROW 2: Diane Kennedy CSec.j, Carmon Gonzalez CV.P.j. ROW 3: Colleen McCormick, Barbara Reed. ROW 4: Pamela Adams, Judy Clements, Pat McNees, Phyllis Swanson. LETTERGIRL ROW 1: Kay Masukawa fPres.j, Pamela Adams CHist.j. ROW 2: janice Bell, Diane Kennedy CSec.j, Cynthia Pedersen, Car- men Gonzalez CV.P.J, Celia Ochoa. ROW 4: Jeanne Steigh, Phyllis Swanson CTreas.J, Bar- bara Reed. ROW 5: Judy Cle- ments, Carol Mathews, Judy Wolf. ROW 6: Jeri Henely, Colleen McCormick, Carol D. Matthews. ROW 7: Pat McNees, Gayle Orris, Carol Hald ,,..-ut, V r if f LETTERGIRL ROW 1: Roberta Clark, Ruth Munoz, Diane Kennedy, Jeanne Steigh, Janice Bell. ROW 2: Gail Ross, Cynthia Pederseon, Jane Wada, Alice Navarro. ROW 3: Eloise Bower, Geri Henley, Pam Adams, Carol Matthews, Judy Clements. ROW 4: Celia Ochoa, Judy Wolf, Kathleen Williams, Regis Stevens. ROW 5: Carole Hald, Phyllis Swanson, Carole Mathews, Gayle Orris. ROW 6: Sharon Hartman, Pat McNees. Summer 257 LETTERCIRLS, BOARD L Pat McNees, Judy Wolf. ROW 2: ments. ROW 5: Phyllis Swanson, Jeanne Steigh. ROW 1: Gayle Orris, Pam Adams, Jane Wada, Alice Navarro, Judy Cle- fin X . Barbara Reed President BOARD ROW 1: Joan Henley, Bar- bara Reed CPresJ, Virginia Pulido, Kay Masukawa. ROW 2: Judy Clements, Phyllis Swanson CV.P.j, Odelia Pena. ROIV 3: Jane Wada CRec. Sec.J, Cynthia Pedersen, Je- anne Steigh, Janice Bell. ROIV 4: Joyce Loedige, Sharon Cheek, Gayle Orris CHead of Sportsj, Celia Ochoa, Judy Wolf, Sharon Hartman CTreas.j. ROI!" 1: Carol Hald, Mary Lou Morales, Celia Ochoa, Odelia Pena, Gayle Orris, Carmen Gonzalez, Frances McKay, Georgia Scopas, llald, Sharon Brown, Jo Ann Rice. ROI!" 2: Mary Ann Hoag, Donna Havland, Shirley Hilda Jones, Barbara Foster, Priscilla Molek, Sue Jean McLaughlin, Kay Masukawa, Judy Clements, Powell, Barbara Reed, Betty Domonoske, Jeanne Steigh, Linda Spaan, Janice Green, Judy Zittle, Kay Tonner, Sue Chapman. ROW 3: Marquita Davies, Miss Herwig, Gloria Munoz, Jane XVada, Flowise Bower, Alice Navaro, Kathy Willianls, Gail Ross, Penny Goethals, Cynthia Pederson, Pam Adams, Marion Wfinsryg, Roberta Clark. ROW' 4: Phyllis Swanson, Sharon Hartman, Janice Bell, Barbara Weiss, Regis Stevens, Nell Finska, Mavis Langard, Sandra Brown, Carol Davis, Carol Githarer, Jeanne Steigh, Gerry Mertz, Joyce Loedige, Dlarilyn Santi. ROIV 5: Pat McNeese, Nleril Mince, Darlene Ronning, Sharon Cheek, Helen Susuki, Marlen Henon, Diane Sivard, Carol Daron, Alice Moyle, Geraldine Daniles, Aveneel Buchanon, Anita Copia, Pat Rindel, Sherrill Berger, Jennifer Bowen. Winter 25.7 BOARD ROW 1: Janice Bell, Jane Wada, Sec.: Phyllis Swanson, Playday Chair., Judy Clements, Pres.g Cyn- thia Pedersen, Vice-Pres., Pamela Adams, Treas.: Eloise Bower, Rec. Sec. ROI!" 2: Celia Ochoak, Joyce Loedigo, Cheerleader Carol Dor- an, B-10 Chair.: Alice Navarro, Hist. ROW' 5: Mary Ann Hoag, Pub. Chair.: Gayle Orris, Eligi- bility Chair, Penny Goethals, Cheerleader: Marilyn Santi, Ref. Chair.: Roberta Clark, Songlead- er, Helen Suzuki, Head of Sports. ROIV 4: Pat McNess, Lettergirls Rep.: Sharon Cheek, Cheerleader. Milli! ,Q ., GIRL 9 THLETIC ASSOCIATIO Summer 157 ROII' l: Pat McNees, Jane Wfada, Judy XX'olf, Joan llenley, lfrances Mackay, JoAnn Rict, Celia Ochoa, Linda Spahn, Sue Chapman, Sharon Thomas, Gayle Orris, Jeri llenley, Judy Zittle, Priscilla Molek, Kay Tonner, Sharon Brown, Dian Oniohundro. ROI!" 2: Miss Herwig, Nell Fenska, Eloise Bower, Gloria Munoz, Judy Clements, Mary Ann Hoag, Janice Cireen, Hilda Jones, Georgia Scopas, Barbara Neese, Carol Davis, Penny Goethals, Laila XVilson, Sue Hald, Kay Davis, Joyce Loedige. ROI!" 5: Regis Stevens, Alice Navarro, Carol Doran, Nancy Coil, Christy Schweitzter, Beverly XVood, Sandra Adamson, Mary Begey, Pam Adams, Cynthia Peder- son, Jeanne Steigh, Marian Wfinsryg, Jean Castle, Sandra MacArthur, Judy Davis. ROI!" -iz LaVerne Lewis, Jackie Barnett, Gerry Daniels, Dyann Davey, Bette Boyd, Diane Sivard, Marilyn Sami, Marlene Henon, Darlene Ronning, Alice Moyle, Donna lleayelin, Shirley Powell, Marilyn Fitzhugh, Jean Casteel, Carol Birchler, Betty Donionoske. ROI!" iz Phyllis Swanson, Carol Hald, Lonna Albaugh, Jeanne Parsons, Marlys Egeland, Sandra Brown, Helen Suzuki, Kathleen Wfeiss, Janice Habcrland, Ann Pellam, Florence Aldrich, Joan Armstong, C. Schweitzer, Loyray Stalmack, Janice Mayer. ML K 5' ' ' ,xiii xg -, . - . , ,- Illl o-I"-'il -1 ll ft-1--1 ' 1 s e - wr- ' Z ,a .- V- :,L.:..,,3:-W ' . -1 il 1' ' ., - , Q 0 --- 2' - f ' - . we-'f "' W9. ti fi atev , J. t -""1i".- 'TQ' it Q'-.i'le,'-II?" w".ifi- V-,.!5.." -H'-'f-' .' t I ,.,. , - - 'A ei- 1 itti '.-..- , ' I Q q Q " 2' " - 'W ' is ' ' ' 1 v -44 ' 'J I. .. '. H as Q Il 4' . ' 1 'V 2 A . , , S, , .. W.. , 1 . I , I . 4 T' v:-it ' fel" 2 .-1 f A 'tv J . 1 .Iv Y Q ,,',,,:., . ,, wwf v ,, 1 m , .ax I wi ' Q Q, I V x. t 6 - g X , NX . K - I i . , I - ' I ' h . . " ' "P A ' ' , i W k lk N K 9 " S 'll A I ' . I - ,f t I I ' 'A I' ' 4 I Y A Q I it X I X f . ., i ' .' .. M, - K, P Q , Q' N' -, , . I f Lf , . ' 2 - I tiit ,. J, t, ag, C '12 91 ,. -5.3 ig QL., 8, M, -, k a I ,S . bg - , . v , df it - . I I t 2 5 1 P K W q I I fr! NF .. J 1 ' 5 ' iifh A - Q I R ,f , tu I vi 1 I , . C 4 5 , -3 -f .ft , i ,Q-if J 5 . ' I K' 'J f :Y Fx 1 X.. .gl -emi ' 102.5 Q1x'J"' f , 41 1,-My R.. 1 WW 37 - ,ua w ,- mf,H:y,:35,.y, Q, H ' f4L"'Z:iQff? . --:Q W, , uf ,J Q 2 RHYTHMIC fm' .. -"9 ,. :fl I, ,f ' -. W ' ' ,Y: g . X ,.. , L iv 5 . X 1 .. ,. , um, 1: K ' if Miss Litchfield DRILL TEAM all 5 K , ,, ix YELL LEADERS io . 'Nl . si- si fl 'Q Miss Lindman C.A.A. SONG LEADERS FRONT: Jeri Henley. BACK: Joyce Loe- dige, Pat McNeese, Bette Boyd, Not Pic- tured: Gloria Grubbs. Joyce Loedige Odelia Pena NINTH GRADE GAA. G.A.A. OFFICERS AND SPONSOR ROW 1: Janice Hamasaka, Secretary. ROW 2: Miss Litchfield, Sponsor, Judy Williams, President, Pat Youoka, Treasurer. ROW 3: Valarie Hyde, Secretary. ROW 1: Tebuko Kimura, Chris Stout, son. ROW' 2: Miss Litchfield, Janice Marilyn Miller. ROW 3: Marsha Lee, Mayer, Diane Adamas. ROW 4: Lynne Nonga Newnes. Pat Lursen, Holly Morris, Kathy Evans, Bonnie Ander- Hamasaka, Judy Williams, Valerie Hyde, Pat Youoka, Kathy Fisher, Barbara Howard, Karen Nysted, Janice Paterson, Susan Huntley, Pat Mason, Christy Schweitzer, i i - X" ,Q X. in wg.: .Lk t . uma ,I I nw-k rm- ' -,, I . K, M , , , J' ' K' i , M, . . ,, - ,iff ' Vkylizgg F! ,fi .Ji ing Q A ' 'SI 3 N" ' ' new ..,.,,9g , if. 'Y l l vu! fx 'PNYUUF' ' wulg- 313,52 - . I . urs A .1 nu., 'QA ,, AN A .443 , A s ,L J- " '2a, " , fl ,y.. ' .'.' i ' A l ,Ya . ' N. 5 W .F"'z+J Effff'-1 j 1 . 4 'M Q'lf:.c1'gg1 Q Y - , W I fre. . W ' 1 ,1 1 . fn gm - K. . f""' f . Hz. . . 5 ,Q Atklh zig. ' 1' 'f w .. Hs y 1 , . O f 5 -V X 'Kin A i 'i 4! A ,F- -if 55 gl so K l OFFICER Q S2 X A Way'ne Miller President Sharon Hartmen Secretary STUDENT COURT ROW 1: Ron Wallace, Asso- ciate justiceg Frank Cum- mings, Chief justice. ROW 2: Louray Stalmack, Associ- ate Justice: Miss N. Banuel- os, Sponsor: Sandra Adam- son, Associate Justice. Bette Boyd Treasurer mv? ---' -:usunn7711v ---ww ---f'--ff wi Pat McNeese Vice-President Judy Zittle Historian Steve Saracco Student Director of Athletics 3? 3 Judy XV0lf Student Director of Social Actix qi? .,.f"i' A ies TUDE T COUNCIL As 3 Y ROIV 1: Nell Fenska, 10th Grade Rep.g Jeanne Steigh, Girls' League Pres.g Joan Henley, 12th Grade Rep.g Sherry Gay, 9th Grade Rep. ROW' 2: Judy Zittle, Hist.g Betty Boyd, Treas.: Judy Wcmlf, Student Director of Social Activitiesg Teddy Kobayashi, 9th Grade Rep.g Joyce Loedige, llth Grade Rep. ROW 3: Wfayne Miller, A.S.B. Pres.: Steve'Saracco, Student Director of Athleticsg Sharon Hartman, A.S.B. Sec.: Pat Mt-Nees, A.S.B. Vice-Pres. ROW! 4: Bill Knocke, Past Pres.g Pete Zankie, 12th Grade Rep.g lNIr. Bernanrd, Sponsorg Jay Hamilton, 10th Grade Rep.g Frank Cummins, Chief Justice. ROIV 5: Bruce Burton, llth Grade Rep.g Fred Hameet- man, Boys' League Pres. Wim' 57 SENIOR CO GRESS S UNIOR CO CHESS ROW 1: Denny Suzuki, Nadine Means, Mary Shaheen, Tokako Hachuja, Rosemarie Anania, Judy Wilson, Roger Weeks.. ROW' 2: Judy Pounders, Sharon Forseth, Brenda Machado, Sec.: Dorothy Harmon, Joyce Stephans, Cherye Stevens. ROIV 3: David Howry, Joe Marsh, Tudor Blum, James Welsh, Tommy Perkins, Cappy Egdrind, Leo Gewais. ROW 4: Teri Stalmark, Pat Conner, Dianne Plumb, Diane Dexheimer, Faye Cooper, Sherrie Bliss. ROW' 5: Daniel DeRusha, Tom Hulbert, Becky Smith, Mr. Cost, Myra Hibbs, Bruce Lee, Bernie Santi. ROW 6: Ken Cummins, Larry Jack, Bob Neese, Jim Hansen. ROW 1: Janice Bell, Marquita Davies, Karen Montelongo, Joyce Loedige, Joan Henley, Made- line Wfhitson, Nell Fenska, Odelia Pena, Janice Hamasaka. ROW 2: Jeanne Steigh, Pamela Adams, Alice Moyle, Rusty DeRusha, Diana Gillgren, Velda Kuykendall, Lynn Welch, Diane Pusich, Sherry Gay. ROW 3: Ruthe Thorneycroft, Lu Chalker, Jeannine Bechtold, Gloria Grubbs, Eloise Bower, Judy Zittle, Judy Wolf, Bette Boyd, Joan Wagenseil. ROIV 4: Sharon Hartman, Phyllis Swanson, Carole Mathews, Gayle Orris, Terry Fuette, Clifford Tolbert, Jimmy Jones, Denny Chapman, Ron Omohundro. ROIV 5: Bob Malcolm, Carl Frownfelter, Gary Mor- ris, Larry Lewis, Dick Mitchell, Steve Saracco, Edward Betz, Ralph Kosoff, Lyle Braughton. ROW 6: Roger Myron, Pete Zankie, John Marincovich, Rudy McTee, Mike Rutz, Larry Napier, John XVilson, Jar Hamilton, Frank Cummins. ROW 7: Wayne Miller, Bob Sponheim, Bill Knocke, Anthony Kaselionis, Fulton, Edwards, David Holmer, Dick Eyster, Fred Hameetman, Ronald Chowen. ROW' 8: Ronnie McPeak, Bruce Burton, Jerry Hornung. gfgsilggsf ROW 1: Helen Peavy, Karen Hamada, Gerry Daniels, Cynthia Pederson, Jeanne Steigh, Suzanne Rosenbery, Gail Ross, Sheri Chasteen. ROW 2: Ivar Tombach, Pamela Adams, Diane Kennedy, Joyce Loedige, Alice Navarro, Jane Wada, Sherian Thompson, Karen McCarthy, Keny Koyama. ROIW 5: Joan Henley, Patty Sparks, Carolin Booth, Jackie Krown, Linda Spahn, Carol Doran, Betty Domonoski, Judy Wolf. ROW 4: David Wright, Eloise Bower, Carole Mathews, Ruthe Thorneycroft, Lu Chalker, Jeannine Bechtold, Mary Lou Morales, Dyann Davey, Anita Jo Fried- ricks. ROW 5: Patty McNees, Sharon Hartman, Phyllis Swanson, Elgie Wightmang Ann Jeber- jahn, Janice Cook, Linda Bobhannan, Jackie Barnett. ROW 6: Joan Rozenthal, Gerald Ouimette, Jack Patton, Dennis Holst, Jim Kaul, President, Larry Johnson, Chris Howard, Ronald Omo- hundro, Nori Hanaoka. ROW 7: Mike Gibbons, Larry Napier, Wayne Miller, Allen Anderson, Pat Manning, Sgt.-at-Arms, Fred Hameetman, Dennis Kaiser, Terry Mertz, Vice-President. Summer 257 C LIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP 'C WM Terry Mertz Vice-President 4: fl -38- . ff, at Summer 57 ROW 1: Linda Hofer, Donna LaFleur, Sec.: Tetsuko Kimura, Lynda Mead, Joyce Usui, Janice Hamasaka, Sherry Gay. ROW 2: Diana Barbour, Judy Spenceley, Janine Aspittle, Joanne Safreed, Patricia Nep- rud, Carolee Gibb, Marion Beadling. ROIV 3: Lynn XVelch, Pres.: Caryl Bun- dy, Pat Pyeatte, Donna Shinn, Chris Grove, Margo Powell, Wendy Lu Webb. ROIV 4: Sheri Jacks, Adrianne Ayres, Carolyn Schreyer, Janice Hallick, Kristine Berntsen, Vice-Pres.: Sandra Tankka, Ed- na McDaniel. ROW 5: John Casey, Den- nis Schmitz, Joe Reid, Mike Stevenson, Rick Smith, John Acord, Dave Carmich- ael. ROLV 6: Robert Weeks, Barbara Loh- man, Linda Miller, Joan Wagenseil, Diane Slagg, Pat Mason, Helen Peel. ROW 7: Jane XVeaver, Sherry Dawson, Bill Hal- verson, Ken Hannsgen, Ken Friess, Sunde Einar, Mike Walker, Lynn Dunlap. ROW' 1: Edna Yoshi, Toni Perachini, June Fernandez, Judy Garrison. ROW' 2: Barbara Payne, Ken Cummins, Ecco Booker, Howard Luyt, Sharon Forseth. ROW 5: Judy Armington, Judy Zach- er, Mary Jean Cock, Grace Throney- croft. ROW 4: Jim Mork, Dennis Fell. ROW' 1: Wendy Kincaide, Gayle Mil- ler, Takaka Hachiya, Janet Hubbard, Adra Whipple. ROIV 2: Roger Weeks, Harold Quadres, David Hill, Dan Yoshii. ROIV 3: Annette Hollinger, Judy Hill, Jean Sisco, Jayne Gadberry. ROW 4: Sophie Glusac, Judi Free- man, Judy Tice, Diane Dexheimer. ROIV 5: Richard Hald, June Parris, Susan Farwell, Barbara Stanton, James Walsh. ROW 6: Bob Reynolds, Charles Bradshaw, John Everett, Mich- ael Mitoma. 98 Summer 157 ROW 1: Tsurko Mine, Janice Bell. ROW 2: Joan Henley, Karen Hamada. ROW 5: Jeanne Steigh, Judy Wolf., Pres.g Diane Kennedy, Vice-Pres., Cynthia Pederson. ROW 4: Carol Matthews, Sec.: Judy Clements. ROW 5: Minnie Ruiz, Geri Henely, Pam Adams, Cecelia Ochoa. ROLV 6: Carole Mathews, Jeannine Bechtold, ROIV 7: Pat McNees, Phyllis Swanson, Hist. ROW 7: Sharon Hartman, Treas. ROW 1: Roberta Clark, Gerry Daniels, Gloria Grubbs, Pres., Jane Wada, Treas. ROW 2: Marquita Davies, Penny Goethals, Carol Doran, Betty Domonoske, Alice Navarro. ROW 3: Joyce Loedige, Geanette Cooper, Eloise Bower, Judy Zittle, Sec. ROW' 4: Sherry Birchler, Regis Stevens, Joanne Steigh, Nancy Hollis, Jackie Barnett. mmrt 2x.,.ff.,,ie..1mwz1aa1 z '- ROW' 1: jim Flagg, Sec. ROW 2: Ron Wallace, Gordon Getz. ROW' 3: Larry johnson, Jim Kaul, Vice-Pres. ROW' 4: Bob Bunch, Mr. Turner, Fred Hameetman, Pres.: Mr. Denahgy, Steve Saracco. ROW 5: Pete Zankie, Wayfne Miller. ROW 6: Larry Napier, Bill Knocke. ROW 7: Dennis Kaiser, Gary Morris, Rudy McTee, jerry johnson, Ronnie Mcpeak. ROW' 1: Kenny Koyama, Bruce Kittrell, James Iscm, Kei Kimura. ROW' 2: David DeFrance, Glenn Kubo, Ralph Kosoff, Don Wong, George Mackay. ROW 3: Pat Manning, Gordon Rout- song, XValter Colton, Gerald Ouimette. ROW' 4: Bob Halverson, Pres,g Bob Barnett, Sec. 36 Q3 Ol? Q Ja. .wiv I,-1 Wfis, Summer 57 f ra 99 100 Summer 57 i ROIV 1: Charles Cunnigan, Sgt.-at-Armsg Dave Freeman, jimmy Ohara, Teddy Kobayashi, Wil- bur Fukuzaki. ROW 2: Troy Hallinger, Steve Nothern, Sec.-Treasg Gary Bechtold, Gabriel Ramirez, ROW 3: Robert Stephens, Anthony Kaselionis, Bill Meyer, jay Hamilton, Pres.: Bob Malcolm, Vice-Pres. ROIV 4: Ronald Chowen, Robert Garrabrant, Norman Crandall. ROW 1: Veljean Suzuki, Karyn Swingston, Dorothy Mendoza, Pres,g Sherril Berger, jean Castle. ROW 2: Diana Gillgren, Pat Pyeatte, Kayomi Hanaoka, Vice-Pres.: Janice Hamasaka, Roll Sec. ROW 5: Laverne Lewis, Betty Watson, Sandra Adamson, Mary Ann Hoag. ROW 4: Jeanne Armstrong, Pat Anderson, Diane Adams, Minutes Sec., Edna McDaniel, Kristine Bernt- sen. ROIV 5: Linda Miller, Carol South, Janice Cook, Christine Grohs, Anita jo Friedricks, Treasurer. at V5 '. RO W' 1: Judy Garrison, Donna Wfilloughby, Linda Meyer, Edna Yoshu, Vice-Pres.: Nancy Snod- grass. RON" 2: Dolores Moyle, Tonja Taylor, Brenda Machado, Judy Hill. ROIV 5: Barbara Payne, Sec.: Beverly W'ada, Pres.: Diane Dexheimer, Treas.g Susan Farwell, June Parris. ROW' 4: Judy Zacher, Barbara Ouimeue. ROW' 1: Victor Heines, James Walsh, Harold Quadres, Billy Kailmu, Randall Albough. ROW 2: Susumu Ito, Jim Brown, Charles Grudzinskas, Michael Mitoma. ROW 3: George Anderson, Sherwood Edwards, Don Aycock, Ken Cummins. ROW' 4: Mr. Marks, Kenneth Ellsworth. Summer 257 ROW 1: Jeannine Bechtold, Sec.g Jeanne Steigh, Pres.g Karen Hamada, Vice-Pres. ROW 2: Carol Doran, Treas.5 Betty Domonosky, Hist. ' Summer 157 GIRLS, LEAGUE 'F CHRISTMAS DANCE Rr W Summer 57 Top awards were given to Narbonne Key Clubbers Sunday, March 17, 1957, at the District 19 Key Club Convention held at Gardena. The Narbonne Chap- ter was awarded the top Key Club award, the Achievement Award, for outstanding achievement in service to community and school. Narbonne also walked off with the Talent Award. KEY CLB Tink Hultz Key Club President ROW 1: Roger Myron, Larry Lewis, Sec., Robert "Tink" Hultz, Pres., Ron Hudson, Vice-Pres.g Mike Pitts. ROW 2: Dick Mitchell, Bob Bunch, jim Kaul, Mike Rutz, Sgt.-at-Arms. ROW 3: Steve Saracco, Terry Mertz, Mr. Schaefer, Wayne Miller, Pete Zankie. ROW 4: Larry Napier, Rudy Mc- Tee, Bob "Punkl' Nelson, Frank Cummings. ROW 5: Bob Halverson, Ronnie McPeak, Hist.g Bruce Burton, Fred Hameetman, El- vis Knocke. LETTERMEN ROW 1: Don Wong, Bob Nelson, Vice- Pres.g Bob Bunch, Pres., Roger Myron, Sec., Floyd French. ROW 2: Terry Mertz, Don Bourne, jim Kaul, Keith Edwards. ROW 3: Don Pool, Larry Napier, Pete Zankie, Lyle Braughton, Larry Lewis. ROW 4: Mike Pin- der, Ron Hudson, Robert Garrabrant, Bob Bates. ROW 5: Bill Knocke, Denny Fresen- ius, Fred Hameetman, Ronnie McPeak, Bob Walverson. ROIV 6: Bruce Burton, Robert "Tink" Hultz. 2 Q TRI-Y HI-Y 4 ROW 1: Merril Mince, Francis Mackay, Helen Howard, Ellen Stanton, Joyce Arris, Grace Bradley, Marquita Davis, Sandy Gregory, Sharron Martenson, Caroline Janssen, Janice Bell, Sharron Benedict. ROW 2: Gloria Munoz, Joan Henley, Judy Lowe, Madeleine Whitson, Linda Griffin, Ronne Allough, Alice Navarro, Cynthia Pedersen, JeanneSteigh, Kathy Epperheimer, Barbara Crovella, ROW 3: Jo Ann Rice, Jane Row, Roberta Conner, Marilyn Sami, Barbara Sandusky, Gerry Dine Mertz, Denny Omohandro, Joe Buzan, Jeri Dine Henley, Vice-Pres., Conchita Juanita Adams, Diane Kennedy, Kaye Tonner. ROW 4: Alice Moyle, Barbara Jollen- sten, Alice DeLeon, Barbara Emery, Ruth Polonick, Kathy Williams, Carol Matthews, Judy Jacobelly, Judy Zittle, Bette, Boyd, Betty Domonoske, Gail Foster. ROW 5: Sharon Thomp- sonich, Janine Parson, Marie Randall, Joyce Powell, Pat Strains, Jan Kleinham, Joan Martin, Linda Spahn, Celia Ochoa, Judy Wolf, Carol Sionick, Betty Burich. ROW 6: Jean DuRant, Diane Sivard, Hilda Jones, Linda Paltridge, Brenda Erickson, Sue Hald, Sue Chapman, Sharon Thomas, Gayle Orris, Ronnie Brown, Joan Rogers. ROW 7: Ruthe Thorneycroft, Pat McNees, Sharon L. Hartman, Phyllis Swanson, Clara Giacopuzzi, Kathleen Weiss, Sharon Cheek, Gwenn Smith, Carol Hald, Carol Mathews. ROW 1: Ron Wallace, Bob Nelson, Sgt.-at-Arms, Treas.g Ron Hudson, Pres., Roger Myron, Asst. Sec.: Don Wallace. ROW 2: Curtis DeVore, Don Wong, Floyd French, Jim Kaul. ROW 3: Don Pool, Lyle Braughton, Larry Lewis, Dick L. Mitchell, Donald Dewey Boyce. ROW 4: Mike Rutz, Dale Gonzalez, Mike Pitts, Rudy McTee, Vice-Pres. ROW 5: John Wilstmn, Frank Cummings, Bill Knocke, Fred Hameetman. ROW 6: Bruce Burton, Robert "T inkl' H01 IZ. . X' 9 0 :':' 0 4 E, avr-- m H.. A H ROW 1: Karen McCarthy, Geri Monge, Ludivina Leyna, Frances Mackay, Virginia Pulido, Carole Lohayza, Odelia Pena, Carolyn janssens. ROW 2: jeri Henley, Asst. Sec., Kathy Partain, Margarita Gonzales, judy Wolf, joan Henley, Diane Kennedy, Diane Pusich, Beverly Beckett. ROW 3: Carol Ludolph, Judy Zittle, Celia Ochoa, Robesg Alice Sturdy, Conductor, Kathy XVilliams, Gail Foster, Margaret Smith, Linda Thayne. ROW 4: Sue Chapman, Ruthe Thorney- crofr, Accompanistg Marcia Molek, Jackie Krown, jean 'Du Rant, jo Ann Rice, Robesg Linda Spahn, Gayle Orris. ROW 5: Edward N. Betz, jim Loder, Pat McNees, Asst. Librarian, Gwenn Smith, Phyllis Swanson, Asst. Treas.g Gene Benfer, Robesg Jim Flagg, Reporter-Historian, Ronald Omohundro. ROW 6: Bob Nelson, Vice-Pres., Pete Zankie, jon Young, Terry Mertz, Pal Sandoval, Ralph Kosoff, David Kosoff, Ron Hudson, Pres. ROW 7: Bill Knocke, Librarian, Dick Eyster, XVayne Miller, john Bridges, Robes, Robert Hultz, Librariang Fred Hameetman, Robes, Marty Anderson, Hershel Adcock, Don Miller. A CAPPELLA CHOIR f , -.: A Ronald Hudson i Q -1' 'v President . ""' , . . 2 5 1 Miss Sturdy I Sponsor ,- ,t ? 9 Summer 57 A l . Ruth Thorneytroft Accompanist GIRL 9 CLEE GLB Joyce Loedige President ROW 1: Bette Davis, Peggy Sollars, Julie Somers, Librariang Tina Shattuck, Lolly Holtz. ROW 2: Joan Rogers, Sandy Brown, Gloria Smith, Sec., Nina McClellan, Bonnie Kail, Irma Martini. ROW 3: Sue Ann Martin, Elaine Mulhern, Window Monitor: Miss Alice Sturdy, Conductor, Joyce Loedige, Accompanistg Judy Balcom. ROW 4: Valerie Hyde, Judy Raymond, Susan Mar- chant, Treats., Kaye Smittle, Librariang Shirley Warren, Pat Anderson. ROW 5: Marlene Henon, Laila Willscvn, Vice-Pres., Rose Germain, Asst. Treas.g Gae Elagg, Asst. Historian: Carolyn White. ROW 6: Judy Raymond, Vicki Campbell, Reporter-Historian, Diana Scott, Shari Church, Asst. Accompanistg Roberta Holloway, Window Monitor. PHILHARMONI CL B ROW 1: Beverly Beckett, Lynn Vantrell, Shirley Davis, Ellene Drawdy, Sec., Bonnie Kail, ROIV 2: Chris Maier, Miss Alice Sturdy, Helen Peel, Elaine Mul- hern. ROIV 5: Iyar Tombach, Marcia Molek, Linda McReynolds, Christine Grohs, Charles Stewart. ROW 4: Gwenn Smith, Ruthe Thorneycroft, Pat Beckett, Sue Chapman. ROW S: Gene Benfer, Eugene Minor, Rick Downer. ii fl, 6+ bw, x.. .t .,"' . Q' 'ii'-' L' ' Eugene Minor President Summer 157 OR HE TR NF N' ROW 1: Eileen Haney, Pat Conner, Valorie Sarraco, Gloria Thorpe, Sharon Bench, Diane X Gilgred, Janice Halleck. ROW 2: Joyce Schinder, Paul Davis, Velda Kykendahl, jean Kruitz- - " singer, Helen Peel, Diane Davey, Linda Hofer. ROW 3: Eugene Minor, John Zell, Lanny Haris, Roger Ambill, Lynn, Bateman, joe Reid. ROW 4: Rickey Bemardin, Curtis Bohannon, Gary English, Dean Irwin, Gene johnson, Gene Benefer. ROW 5: Mr. Krell. Summer 357 . fs: ,I X as .. Summer 157 Latin Club ROW 1: Joan Wagenseil, Sec.: Steve Nothern, Pres.: Robert Weeks, Vice- Pres.g Bob Malcolm, Sgt.-at-Arm ROW 2: John Pl s. ant, Duane Plant, Ronald Chowen, Judy Spenceby, Den- nis Schmitz. Science Club ROW 1: Lynne Wetzel, Gloria Smith, Janice Cook, Pres.: Lynn Welch, Kathy McAllister. ROW 2: Ronald Moss, David Wright, Hist.: Robert Clifford, Ivar Tombach. ROW 3: Pat Sparks, Ellen Ransom, Mr. Howard, Judy Scott, Margie Clark. ROW 4: Christine Friel Sec.: Mildred Dreyer. ROW 5' Joh Stephens T . n Setwart, Robert , reas.g Kenneth Freeman, Charles Berry. Le Circle Francais ROW 1: Carol Tichener, Pat Ander- son, Diane Oriani, Vicky Kincaide. ROW 2: Susan Marchant, David Dal- zell, Pres.: Barbara Hummel, Vice- Pres. ROW 3: Alice Zell, Earl Ras- mussen, David Laurence, Carol Van Dine. ROW 4: Dean Irwin, Roger Smith, Gerri Smith, Terry Hollestad. L'Algeria . ucille Saracco, Marilyn Uesugi, Patty Lar- sin, Margie Gray, Tetsuko Kimura. ROW 2: Veljean Suzuki, Brian Lucas, Chri Mair, Birdie Saenz. ROW 3: Susan Harrington, Pat Mas- on, Bill Burnes, Marian Winsryg, Georgianna Taylor. ROW 4: Virginia Barnard, Jane Weaver, Sherry Daw- son, Judy Williams. ROW 5 ' Gary Biggs J h , o n Gregerson, Kenneth Warren. ROW 1- L S Sound Crew ROW 1: Danny McVay, David Scott, Sr. Tech- nician: Duffy McVay, Frankie Michael. ROW 2: Steve Marsh, Managerg james Riser. ROW 3' H l, Melvin Savage Allen Swanson, Harold ase Danny Chambers. Physics Club ROW 1: Kei Kimura, Nori Hanaoka, V' -Pres., Carolyn Janssens, Sec. ice David Scott, Larry johnson, Jack Pat ton, Gerald Ouimette. ROW 2: Gor Patt Pres don Routsong, Juergen , .3 ' H1 rson, Dick Eyster. ROW 3. Bob a ve Bob Barnett. Chess Club ROW 1: Steve Bari-agar, Sec., john Arard, Pres., An- thony Kaselioni, Vice-Pres.g Dave Carmichael, Treas. ROW 2: jimmy Jones, Don Randler, Barry Binge. ROW 3: Danny Chapman, johnie Stamps. .55 1 V' M ny' I.: 'sa 'fin Iunto Club ROW 1: Warren Heaton, Linda Mc- Reynolds, Marcia Molek. ROW 2: Allen Anderson, john Marincovich, Mr. Cost. ROW 3: Bob Miller, Mike Gibbons, Billy Taylor, Eugene Minor. Summer 57 109 Stage Crew ROW 1: Neal Smith, Stage Manager: Ronnie Palm, Bill Sellers, Mickey Mc- Cullah, Wendell Michael. ROW 2: Al- len Anderson, john Marincovich, Billy Taylor, Warren Heaton. ROW 3: Mr. Cost, jon Jeter, Mike Gibbons, Wendell Baker, Ronald Lupin. rig Nm Crew Projectlon Radio Club ROW 1: Bob Dupfie, Cliff Wilson, Jimmy jones. ROW 2: Floyd Edwards, Marvin Smith. ll' ROW 1: David Beard, Noel Hines, Charles Cunnigan, james Frazier, Dan Tregarthen, Crew Chief. ROW 2: Fred Vaughan, Marvin Smith, James Davis, john Cavanaugh. ROW 5: Wilbur Fukuzaki, William Long, Tino Sellegos, Beacon, Troy Hollinger. ROW 4: La Vern Matson, Ronnie Cook, Bob Duprie, Major Parker. ROW S: James Eliot, Wendell Baker, Floyd Edwards, Crew Chiefq Kenneth Scates, Richard Powell. ROW 6: Mr. Maranto, Wesley Hanson, Crew Chief. Daubers Club ROW 1: DeAnna Weiss, Sec., Chris Howard, Pres., Mr. Schaefer, Bonnie Demerath, Pat Heath. ROW 2: V da Gilhousen, Georgianna Taylor, Lucille Sar- on acco, Valerie Saracco, Deanna Davis. Summer 157 Math Club ROW 1: Sherrill Berger, Dorothy Mendoza, Regis Stevens, Gerry Daniels, Suzanne Rosenburg. ROW 2: Pete Mendez, Ivar Tombach, Charles Berry, Ray Owens. ROW 5: Pat Anderson, Robert Duprie, Mr. Gardner, Gene Gimenez, Larry Napier. ROW 4: Jack Patton, Pat Manning, Allen Anderson, john Stewart. Library Staff ROW 1: Patt Long, Suzanne Rosenberg, Carolee Gibb, Audrey Goodwin, Bonnie Kuhn. ROW 2: Kathy McAllister, Ruby Holdbrood, Mrs. Hanno, f Banks Sharon Powell. ROW Mrs. Bordeaux, Sherry , 3: Pat Burnham, janet Schramm, Evalyn Shanklm, Geraldine johnson, Nancy Coil. ROW 4: Mary Turner, Marilyn Andulsky, Dorothy Smith, Sherry ' ' l. ROW 5: Charles Meeks, Diane Reams, Tootie Hase Berry, james Cross, jimmy Ohara, Don Randles, Neal Hudson. ROW 6: Lois Myers, Rose Germain, Sherry Birchler, Carol McDaniel, Mary Jarth, Loraine Doza ROW 7: David Combs. Qtmwl Photography Club B'll Kish Pres' Ellene Drawdy, Sec. ROW ROW 1: 1 , ., 2: Pat Carpenter, joan Clark, Vice-Pres.: Shirley Davis. ROW 3: Linda McReynolds, Dean Irwin Paula Cantrell, Marcia Molek, Art Basile. ROW 4 D 'd Lawrence. David Dalzell, Earl Rasmussen, avi Ill 'v ROW 1: Mr. Crawford, Sponsorg Carol Matthews ,Editor-in-Chiefg Mr. Bryan, Sponsor Hald, Photography Editor. EL ECO STAFF Summer 157 ROW 2: Alice Moyle, Brenda Erickson, Gwen Smith, Art Editorg Shirley johnson Sec.g Carol Hald, Boys, Sportsg Darlene Ronning, Diane Kennedy, Girls' Sportsg Sue if QV ROW 1: Ed Eliot, Managing Editorg Carol D. Matthews, Editor in Chief: Valerie Saracco, News Page Editorg Mel Campbell, Business Manager, Regis Stevens, Assistant News Page Editor. ROW 2: Barbara Neese, Virginia Haney, Feature Editorg Ivar Tombach, Proofreaderg Bob Bunch, Sports Editor. ROW 3: Ronnie Hanson, Ronald Chowen, Reporterg Bob Malcolm, News Bureau Director: jim Flagg, Assistant Editorg john Plant, Reporterg Marquita "Bugs" Davies, junior High Page Editor, Steve Nothern, Copy Boyg Christine Grohs, Feature Page. GREE D COLD TAFF Summer 57 1 Aj at uunn1am1 i . .i .J - -is.. sk , THESPIANS ROW 1: Sherian Thompson, Vice- 5: Eugene Minor, Pat Beckett, Sandria Pres.g Elgie Wridmman, Pres.g Karen Canning, Linda McReynolds, Marcia McArthy, Sec. ROW 2: jim Firlit, Molek. ROW 4: Bob Miller, Garren Treas.g Beverly Beckett, Scribe. ROW HGat0I1. Summer 257 BOYS LEAG E ROW 1: Kenny Koyama, Robert Scott. ROW' 3: Lyle Braughton, Sgt.- Weeks, Floyd French, Steve Nothern, at-Armsg Bob Halverson, Fred Hameet- Kei Kimura. ROW 2: Roger Myron, man, Pres.g Pat Manning, Rudy McTee. Bob Malcolm, Larry Johnson, David Narbonne National Thespian Society Troup No. 1483 Received Charter, Friday, March 1, 1957. First Picture: President Elgie Wightman receiving Charter from Mr. Morey. Second Pir- ture: The members. ROW 1: Officers. ROW 2: The club members and Miss Ludwig, sponsor. jack and Brenda Tom and Gwenn Carol and j. J. Doug and Ruth Fred and Alice THREE LITTLE WORD Leo and Donna le and Troy and Donna Marilyn and Dar yl .E K 49, U ff x f' Nw... I T Joan and Mike Bob and Gloria 1 15 H6 jerry and Sharon Don and Carole ROY and Marie Shirley and Tom ' Linda and Don Larry and Vickie Betty and Andy Francie and Larry Gloria and Trevor Wally and Frankie Ellen and Gordon N A g mv' .1 's 0 ' o - Q ' apo Y I M hour ,, XI.. l a' A 'Sf' - """' . Associated Student Body President ,...... Vice-President ,... Secretary ........ Treasurer ....., Historian .,...... Chief justice .,... Associated Justices ..... . . . Song Leaders .... Representatives: . .Wayne Miller . ....,,... Pat McNees Sharon Hartman . , , . .Bette Boyd . . , . .Judy Zittle Frank Cummings Sandra Adamson Louray Stalmack Ronald Wallace . . , . .Bette Boyd Jeri Henley Joyce Loedige 12th Grade ......,. joan Henley and Pete Zankie 11th Grade o ce Loedi e Bruce Burton V-V---MJ y g , 10th Grade .......... Nell Fenska, Jay Hamilton 9th Grade .... .,.. S herry Gay, Ted Kobayashi ELECTION The january 1957 election was the first time our school has had the privilege of using the Australian ballot. The booths we used were loaned to us by the county. This was a long step forward in a more democratic voting system in our school. Boys' League President ...,........ Fred Hameetman Vice-Pres. .............. Gary Morris Secretary .... .... .... S t eve Lohayza Historian ..,............,.. jim Loder Sgt. at Arms ..,....... Lyle Braughton Councilman at Large. .LeRoy Johnson Representatives: A12-Floyd French, Rudy McTee B12-None All -Bob Halverson, Kenny Koyama B1 1- Kei Kimura, Pat Manning A10-Bob Malcolm B10-Gary Bechtold A9-Bill Halverson, Robert Weeks Girls! League President ............... Jeanne Steigh Vice Pres.. . , . ...... Karen Hamada Secretary .... .... 'I eannine Bechtold Treasurer .... ....... C arol Doran Historian . . . .... Bettv Domonoske 1 ,krk ' X. nnnn .1 , ki 'L" . aj ' - f .'h, 1 Jim Flagg Presxdent Minnie Ruii im Secretary .J 52' A -J' 1 1 ng an Mrs. Hopla Co-ordinator of Senior Activities SENIOR OFFICERS Summer 157 fre "' A Fred Hameetman Vice-President Q "J, f, 'Y 5 ' A 1 .f 5 gi v.- .' at .. A , . my n e f 1 , v C I V' "' 'il sl p.. A . Joan Henley Treasurer Caro! Mafhews Robert Nelson HISIOYHUI Sargeant-at-Arms f H ii- 'e..,,i, , rf. ,am gi Q -f ,-If ' , ,, V sv is C., in 44. sri, i a,- 'UQ 4 5, Wife alma - fl Sill s.!44-lik l X Q Ted Bolas Barbara Boyd Shirlene Bradshaw Lyle Braughton Janalee Bristow Lois Bryan Robert Bunch Mel Campbell Sandria Canning Tommy Carpenter 120 Za i ninr C .NJ it john Abbott james Hershel Adcoc Roger Ambill Marty Anderson Paul Anderson Clary Banks Barbara Barnes Bardi Margaret Barum Bob Bates Ed Bayek Beverly Beckett Jeannine Bechtold Sharon Benedict Mary Begey Linda Bohannan Michael Carrick Lu Chalker Charlotte Clark Twila Cobbs Keith Coble Brenda Conkle Karen Covington Richard Crank Betty Creach William Crovella Shirley Davis George Dawson Albert Dreger Kay Driscoll jean Durant Q 1, 1'-af: iii y y ar we-. l is xl ll iiiiii k we 'Ml jack Elliott Brenda Erickson Richard Eyster Willa Ferdinando Delbert Ferguson Alona Fizulich james Flagg Margaret Flynn Gail Foster Floyd French :cl Wesley Hanson William Hayes Carol Hellerud .Ioan Henley Guadalupe Hernandez Carolyn Hess Betty Hickerson Patsy Hines David Holmer Jerome Hornung 122 Carl Frownfelter Terry Fuette Gordon Getz Ronnie Gilchrist Vonda Gilhousen james Ginter Mary Ganett Daniel Gravett Marjorie Griffo Gayle Grisham Ralph Gullion Carol Hald David Halling Karen Hamada Fred Hameetman - 51' MSE' 5 Tom Houston Linda Howry Charles Hoy Sarah Hoy Jeanette Hollinger Ronald Hudson Robert Hultz Frank Hurst John Hyde Jerry Johnson Leroy Johnson Barbara Jollensten Dennis Kaiser Roy Kakuta Edward Kauble H n nn u sele'eae s , f - N s QQ i as l, , 5' ' aas, A :Eg if ga., M he- axef ii WW! James Kaul Diane Kennedy Rose Anna Kennedy James Kidder William Kish William Knocke David Kosoff Joan Kretzschmar Jacqueline Krown Donald Lewis 123 -,,...,,.. x ,,..,,,. can .xr .. ,akiqw B Rudy McTee Angela Marie Mendez Larry Mickunas Don Miller Robert Miller Wayne Miller Tsuruko Mine Norman Hideo Minobe Richard Mitchell Marcia Lynn Molek 124 Larry Lewis Ludivina Leyva James Loder Carole Lohayza Carol Ludolph Frances Mackay Gail Makinster Joan Martin Carol Mathews Carol Matthews Judith Mayo Karen McCarthy Kuykendal Lucy McClellan Patricia McNees Linda McReynolds Vg, 'Y 1' Geraldine Monge Mary Lou Morales Judith Ann Mork Charles Morris Larry Napier james Neal Donna Paltridge Needham Robert Nelson Kathryn Niller Dorene Norris Julia Celia Ochoa joyce Oriani Ronald Palm Kathryn Partain Odelia Pena QQ. is' E .f gig-sr. . u . 4 . ' ayaa ' . P K L 1' . x 1" 1 7 . . . ,z ja? Viirkk . if ,ivy j . Mai, XL wwf? i s, l ij , P Q i X I 2 5 Janice Penaluna Ralph Michael Pitts Eula Faye Poage Phyllis Poskin Virginia Pulido Paul Pulver Irma Rangel Mary Reavis Jo Ann Rice Gail Robinson 125 5 m. ca! R Q Il james Sorenson Linda Lou Spahn Martin Stanovich Linda Ann Starrett Robert Staub Phyllis Swanson Frankie Jane Talbott Gilbert Frank Tapia Paul Taylor Linda Louise Thayne 126 YVV ix mic Mi - if-7'sEQl'! ' 1--fs. -. ff: 1 f f., 1 fm fwiulikf ' l fig 1 YH s W 'Q 7 3' J 4'-'S . peg sol Dorothy Rosenberge John Rosenberger Janette Gail Ross Minnie Ruiz Eileen Louise Sander Stephen Saracco Mary Ellen Saurin Joyce Schneider David Scott Flora Evalyn Shankl: Rebecca Ann Simmo: Carol Ann Sion Darwin Smith Gwendolyn Smith Marilyn Smith 9.8 S' U iw: b 1,1 W , v iron Thompson the Thorneycroft lrgaret Louise Turman t Van Volkenburg aylen Wakefield rbara Waters arlene Watkins rm Wells zynoka Ann Wesley thleen Williams nald Williams nn Robert Wilson lith Diane Wolf nnette Wright wina Yarbrough r ' E - as rs M gi, .. F i K , -M ,., Jon Young Pete Zankie John Zell 127 JAMES H. ADCOCK Sr. Scholarship, C Basketball, B Track, V. Cross Country, A Cappella Choir, Math Club. ROGER PARKER AMBILL Band, Orchestra, B Swimming, Tennis, Levis 81 Laces, Math Club, Dixieland Band, Drama, Daubers, Thes- pian Club, Senior Play, Boys' Glee Club, Philharmonic Club, Swingsters. MARTY ANDERSON A Cappella Choir, Math Club, Spanish Club, Phil- harmonic Club, Stage Crew, El Eco Staff, Sr. Scholar- ship, Jr. Honor Society, Remedial Reading Asst., Stu- dent Ofhce Worker, Cafeteria Worker, Prom Commit- tee, Sr. Band, Orchestra. CLARY BANKS Letfermen, Hi-Y, V. Football, Sr. Congress, J.V. Foot- bal . BARBARA BARNES BARDINI Tri-Y. MARGARET BARUM Girls' Glee, A Cappella Choir, G.A.A., Ladies. BOB BATES Lettermen of the Year Award W '57, Lettermen's Club, Math Club, Sr. Scholarship, V. B Ccaptainj, C, D, Basketball, V. Tennis, 11th Grade Rep., Head Cheer- leader, Sound Crew, Sr. Play. ED BAYEK Football. JEANNINE BECHTOLD Drill Team, Girls' League fSecretaryJ, Tri-Y, Scholar- ship, Ladies, Sr. Congress, Jane Addams, Home Eco- nomics, Math Club, G.A.A., Green 8: Gold, Song Leader. BEVERLY BECKETT Thespian CPresidentJ, Philharmonic Club CPresidentJ, "King and I" fleadj, "Brigadoon" CLeadj, "Admir- able Crichton," Sr. Scholarship, G.A.A. CDanceJ, A Cappella Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Health Committee. SHARON BENEDICT Drill Team, Tri-Y, Sr. Congress, Sr. Scholarship, Girls' Glee, Rhythmics. LINDA BOHANNAN Big 8: Little Sisters, Jr. Honor Society CPresidentJ, Thespians, Home Economics, Las Juanitas, Sr. Scholar- ship, Ladies, Drill Team, Sr. Congress. LINDA MARIE BOWMAN Girls' Glee, A Cappella Choir, Philharmonic Club. SHIRLENE BRADSHAW Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Scholarship, Bible Club, Science Club, Math Club. LYLE BRAUGHTON . Sr. Congress, Hi-Y, Lettermen's Club, V. 8: B Foot- ball, J.V. Baseball, B Track, Boys' League CSergeant at Armsj, Stage Crew, .Latin Club, Math Club. LOIS BRYAN G.A.A. ROBERT BUNCH Letterman fPresidentJ, Key Club, Vigilantes, V. Base- ball, V. Basketball, Green 8r Gold CSports Editorj, A Cappella Choir. WAYNE BUSTOS Jr. Honor Society, B Football, D Basketball, J.V. Baseball. MEL CAMPBELL V. Track, Green 6: Gold fBusiness Managerj, Pho- tography Club. SANDRIA CANNING Girls' Glee, Pythmics, G.A.A. QBoardJ, Philharmonic Club, Thespians, Science Club, Health Committee. TOMMY CARPENTER B. Football. MIKE CARRICK B Fgotball, B 8x C Swimming, A Cappella Choir, Rifle Clu . LU CHALKER G.A.A., Green 81 Gold, Sr. Scholarship, C.S.F. Life Member. JOAN CLARK Latin Club CPresidentJ, Philharmonic Club, Photog- raphy Club, Physics Club, Rhythmics, Sr. Orchestra 8: Band. TWILA COBBS Big 8: .Little Sisters, Swingsters, Girls' Glee, Daubers. KEITH COBLE Sr. Congress, French Club, Cinema Club, A-9 Decora- tion Committee. BRENDA CONKLE Girls' Glee, G.A.A., French Club. KAREN COVINGTON Jane Addams, Sr. Scholarship, Tri-Y, G.A.A., Sr. Con- gress, Las Juanitas CTreasurerJ, Red Cross CPresident, V. Presidentj, Swingsters CPresidentJ, 9th Grade G.A.A. QV. Presidentj, A Cappella Choir, Jr. Honor Society, A-12 Class Prophet, Math Club, Rhythmics, Drill Team. DICK CRANK A Cappella Choir, Sr. Congress. BETTY CREACH Tri-Y, Cap 8: Gown Committee, Sr. Congress, Girls' Glee. BILL CROVELLA V. 8: C Basketball, Gymnastics, A Cappella Choir, Mustangs. SHIRLEY DAVIS Philharmonic Club, Astronomy Club, Photography Club, Math Club, Science Club. WAYNE DAWSON Sr. Scholarship, Knights, Sr. Sweater Committee. ALBERT DREGER Math Club, Chess Club. JEAN DU RANT A Cappella Choir, Tri-Y, Girls' League CTreasurerJ, Ladies, G.A.A. JACK ELLIOTT Award certificate for a Declaration of Independence Speech, Math Club, Physics Club, Sifters, Sr. Scholar- ship, Tennis. BRENDA ERICKSON G.A.A., El Eco Staff, Photography Club, Tri-Y. DICK EYSTER Latin Club, V. 8: B Swimming, Physics Club CSecre- taryj. Lettermen, Sth place all city finals in Swimming, A Cappella Choir. WILLA JEAN FERDINANDO Mixed Glee, G.A.A., Jr. Honor Society. JIM FLAGG Key Club, Hi-Y, Student Athletic Commissioner, Sr. Class President, Vigilantes CPresidentJ, Boys' League CTreasurerJ, A Cappella Choir, Tennis Team, Knights CPresidentJ, Green 8: Gold CAsst. Editorj, Barons, Math Club, Physics Club, Squires CPresidentJ, Prom Committee, Sr. Sweater Committee, Jr. High fPresi- dentj, B 6: C Basketball, Senior Play, Sr. Scholarship. GAIL FOSTER G.A.A., Tri-Y, Red Cross Club, Philharmonic Club, Girls' Glee, A Cappella Choir, Drill Team, Home Economics Club, Levis 8: Laces, French Club, Photog- raphy Club. FLOYD FRENCH Knights, Sr. Scholarship, A Cappella Choir, V. Tennis, C Basketball, Lettermens' Club, Hi-Y, Boys' .League 112th Grade Rep.J, Math Club, Sr. Congress. CARL FROWNFELTER V. 8: B Football, Sr. Congress, Gymnastics. TERRY FUETTE Gymnastics, B Football, C Basketball, Sr. Congress, Sprocketers. FRANCIE GARDNER Girls' Glee, Baronetts. MARY HELEN GARRETI' Thespians, GORDON GETZ Sr. Congress, Knights, Vigilantes, Sr. Scholarship, Head Cheer Leader, V. Tennis, Swimming, A Cappella Choir CLibrarianJ, Red Cross Club, Swingsters CPresi- dentj, Math Club, Physics Club, Sprocketers, Orchestra. RONNIE GILCHRIST Projection Crew. VONDA GILHOUSEN Daubers. JIM GINTER V. Football. MARGARET GONZALES Drill Team fPresidentJ, A Cappella Choir, Girls' Glee CPresidentj, Red Cross Club, Prom Committee, G.A.A. DANNY GRAVETT V. 8: C Swimming. GAYLE GRISHAM Drill Team, Swingsters, Rhythmics, Jr. Honor Society, Cotton Day Princess. RALPH GULLION Cross Country, B Football. CAROL HALD Las Juanitas, G.A.A., Ladies, Tri-Y, Lettergirls, Jr. Honor Society. Big 8: Little Sisters, El Eco Staff CBoys Sports Editorj, Jr. G.A.A., Dance Clubs, Sr. Congress, Band. DAVID HALLING Orchestra, A Cappella Choir. KAREN HAMADA Ladies, Jane Addams, Sr. Scholarship, C.S.B. Life Mem- ber, Typing Contest Winner, Math Club, Girls' League fSecretary, Vice-Presidentj, Sr. Congress, Honor Girl in Business, Senior Class Asst. Secretary. FRED HAMEETMAN Key Club, Lettermen Club, Vigilantes fPresident, Vice- Presidentj, Hi-Y, Knights CVice-Presidentj, C.S.F. Life Member, Sr. Scholarship CVice-Presidentj, Boys' League fPresidentJ, Math Club, Latin Club, A Cap- pella Choir, V. 8: B Swimming. WESLEY HANSON Projection Crew, Cross Country, B Football, Audio Visual Crew fChiefJ, Arc Technician. CAROL HELLERUD G.A.A., Sr. Congress, Levies 8: Laves, Swingsters, Jr. G.A.A., Drill Team. JOAN HENLEY Las Juanitas fVice-Presidentj, Ladies fVice-President, Treasurerj, Jane Addams, Song Leader, 11th Grade Rep., A.S.B. Treasurer, 12th Grade Rep., G.A.A., Sr. Scholarship. Red Cross, Tri-Y QPresidentJ, Swingsters CVice-Presidentj, Sr. Congress, A Cappella Choir CSec- retaryj, Girls' Glee, A-12 Class Treasurer. GUADALUPE HERNANDZ Jr. Honor Society, Drill Team, Spanish Club, G.A.A., Red Cross Club, Levis 8: Laces, Home Economics Club. CAROLYN HESS G.A.A., Red Cross Club. BETTY JO HICKERSON G.A.A., Tri-Y QTreasurerJ, A-11 Sweater Committee, A-I2 Class Prophet, Sr. Congress, Prom Committee. JEANETTE HOLLINGER Girls' League fCouncilJ, Bible Club, Philharmonic Club, Rhythmics. DAVID HOLMER V. Baseball Manager, Jr. Varsity Baseball, C Track, Squires. JERRY HORNUNG V. Football, Hi-Y CSecretaryJ, Key Club. TOM HOUSTON Swim Team, Math Club, Rifle Club, Air Youth Award. LINDA HOWRY Jr. G.A.A., Orchestra, Band Manager, Girls' Glee, A Cappella Choir, Rhythmics, Drill Team, G.A.A. CHUCK HOY D Basketball, Golf Team. SUE HOY ' G.A.A., Philharmonic Club, Tri-Y. RONALD HUDSON Hi-Y CPresidentl, A Cappella Choir fVice-President, Presidentj, Key Club fVice-Presidentj, Lettermen Club, B Football fCaptainJ, V. Football, V. Baseball, V. 8: B Track. ROBERT HULTZ Lettermen Club CSecretaryj, Key Club CPresidentJ, Math Club, V. Baseball, V. Basketball, El Eco Staff, Sr. Congress, V. Track. FRANK HURST B Football BARBARA JOLLENSTEN Tri-Y, Rhythmics, Sr. Congress, Levis 8: Laces. BETTY JOHNSON Girls' Glee Club, G.A.A., Latin Club, Rhythmics. JERRY JOHNSON Vigilantes, Knights, Math Club CSecretary-Treasurerj, Physics Club, Sr. Scholarship, A-12 Class Prophet, Rifle Club, Jr. Honor Society, Green 81 Gold CSports Editorj. LE ROY JOHNSON Vigilantes, Sr. Scholarship, Knights, Boys' League CCouncilmanJ, Math Club CPresidentJ, B Football, V. Tennis, Sr. Congress, Swimming, Physics Club, Jr. Honor Society. EDDIE JONES Jr. Varsity, C St D Basketball. DENNIS KAISER Twice winner of Optimist Athletic Scholastic Award, Vigilantes, Knights, Math Club CVice-Presidentl, Physics Club CPresiden0, Life Member of Sr. Scholar- ship, Jr. Varsity, B 8: D Basketball, Tennis, Band, Orchestra. EDWARD KAUBLE Sr. Scholarship, Physics Club, Math Club, Green 81 Gold, Jr. Honor Society. JIM KAUL Vigilantes fVice-Presidentj, Barons fPresidentJ, Let- termen Club CPresidentj, Squires CVice-Presidentj, Key Club, Hi-Y, Math Club, Sr. Congress, Sr. Scholar- ship QPresidentJ, B 81 V. Football, V. Track, V. Base- ball. DIANE KENNEDY ' G.A.A., Lettergirls CSecretaryJ, Jane Addams CVice- Presidentj, Ladies CPresidentJ, Latin C lub fPresiden0, Baronetts, Sr. Scholarship, Las Juanitas, Red Cross Club, Jr. Honor Society, Drill Team, A Cappella Choir, Girls' Glee CVice-Presidentj, Sr. Congress, Tri-Y, Girls' League fCouncilJ, El Eco Staff fGirls' Sports Editorj, Dance Clubs, Rhythmics, Prom Committee? ROSEANNA KENNEDY Tri-Y, Jr. G.A.A. BILL KISH Golf Team BILL KNOCKE A.S.B. President, Finance Committee, Executive Com- mittee, Alumni Committee, Knights fPresident and Vice-Presidentj, Associate Justice, Vigilantes, Key Club, Lettermen Club fSecretaryJ, Hi-Y, Math Club, Student Congress, Boys' Glee, A Cappella Choir, Dance Club, Sprocketeers, Science Club, Latin Club, Riile Club, V. 8: B Football, V. Cross Country, V. 8: C Track. DAVID KOSOFF Math Club, C Track, B Football, V. 8: B Swimming, A Cappella Choir, Science Club. JOAN KRETZSCHMAR G.A.A. Dance. JACKIE KROWN Las Juanitas, Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Scholarship, Stu- dent Director of Sr. Play, Rhythmics, Drill Team, A Cappella Choir, El Eco Staff, Girls' Glee. - LARRY LEWIS V. 8: B Football, V. 8: Jr. Varsity Baseball, Key Club CSecretaryJ, Hi-Y CSergeant at Armsj, Lettermen Club, Jr. Honor Society, Math Club, Sr. Congress, Dance Club, D Basketball. LUDIVINA LEYVA Girls' Glee, A Cappella Choir, Home Economics Club, Spanish Club, Jr. G.A.A., G.A.A., Swingsters. JIM LODER A Cappella Choir, Football, Swimming, Boys' League fHistorianJ, French Club. CAROL LOHAYZA A Cappella Choir, Levis 8: Laces, Swingsters, Girls' Glee. CAROL LUDOLPH G.A.A., Girls' Glee, A Cappella Choir, Rhythmics. KAREN MCCARTHY Thespian Club fSecretary, Treasurerj, Sr. Scholarship, Rhythmics, Green 8: Gold, Girls' Glee, G.A.A. LUCY McCLELLAN Spanish Club, Health Committee, 9th Grade G.A.A., Red Cross, Home Economics, Prom Committee. PATRICIA ANN McNEES Las Juanitas, Baronettes, Ladies, Jane Addams, G.A.A., Lettergirls CPresidentJ, Red Cross, A.S.B. Secretary, A.S.B. Vice-President, Senior Play, Rep. to Girls' State, Rep. to Anytown, USA, Head Song Leader, Tri-Y, Spelling Champion, A Cappella Choir, Sr. Congress, State Finalist in Elks Leadership Contest, Finalist in National Merit Scholarship Competition, Life Member of Sr. Scholarship. LINDA McREYNOLDS Latin Club, French Club, Thespian Club, National Thespian Club, Photography Club, Math Club, Stage Crew, G.A.A. 8: Dance, Junto Society, Jr. Honor So- ciety, Philharmonic Club, Oilice Worker, Senior Play. RUDY MCTEE Vigilantes, Hi-Y, Key Club, A Cappella Choir, C Basketball, B Track, 12th Grade Rep., Boys' League, Sr. Gift Committee. FRANCIS MACKAY Jr. G.A.A., G.A.A., A Cappella Choir, Drill Team, Swingsters, Levis 8: Laces, Girls' Glee. JOAN MARTIN G.A.A., Tri-Y, A Cappella Choir, Band, Sr. Congress, Girls' Glee. CAROL MATHEWS G.A.A., Jr. G.A.A., Daubers, Latin Club, Tri-Y, Ladies, Jane Addams fHistorianJ, A-12 Class Historian, Girls' Glee CSecretaryj, A Cappella Choir, Sr. Scholarship QSecretaryJ, Lettergirls, El Eco CEditor-in-Chiefj, Rhythmics, Dance Clubs, Sr. Congress, Orchestra, Prom Committee. CAROL D. MATTHEWS Green 8: Gold CEditorJ, Jane Addams CSecretaryJ, Ladies QHistorian, Honor Girlj, Lettergirls, G.A.A., Tri-Y, Sr. Scholarship, Girls' League CPublicity Chair- manl. Latin Club. JUDY MAYO Drill Team, Girls' Glee, Sr. Congress, Tri-Y. DON MILLER . Latin Club, A Cappella Choir, Swimming, Letterman, Drama, Math Club. ROBERT MILLER French Club, Thespian Club, National Thespian, V. Football, Senior Play, Track, Photography Club, Speech Festival, Shakespearean Festival, Spot-Light on Youth. WAYNE MILLER A.S.B.'President, Chief Justice, V. Tennis, C Basket- ball, Sr. Scholarship CPresidentJ, Vigilantes, Key Club, Lettermen Club, Knights, Barons, Squires, Jr. Red Cross, A Cappella Choir, Sr. Congress. TSURUKO MINE Drill Team, Ladies, Jane Addams, Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Scholarship, A Cappella Choir, Girls' Glee. NORMAN MINOBE B Football, B 8: C Track. RICHARD MITCHELL Hi-Y, Key Club, D 8: B Basketball, B Football, Jr. Varsity 8: V. Baseball, Sr. Congress, Physics Club. MARCIA MOLEK Drama, National Thespian, Green 8: Gold, G.A.A. 8: Dance, Junto, A Cappella Choir, Stage Crew, French Club, Philharmonic Club, Photography Club, Oliice Worker, Senior Play. GERALDINE MONGE Girls' Glee, Home Economics, Spanish Club, G.A.A., Jr. G.A.A., Swingsters. MARY LOU MORALES Red Cross CVice-President, Secretary, Treasurerj, Span- ish Club CPresident, Vice-President, Secretaryj, Daub- ers Club fVice-President, Presidentj, Health Commit- tee CPresident. Vice-Presidentj, Science Club CVice- President, Presidentj, French Club CVice-President, Treasurerj, Philharmonic Club CSecretaryJ, G.A.A., Jr. Honor Society, Paper Drive Winner C5 semestersj, Sr. Congress, Sr. Scholarship Life Member, Girls' League Home Ec. Award, Girls' Glee. JUDY MORK Dance G.A.A. , CHARLES GAROLD MORRIS Key Club, Hi-Y, Lettermen Club, Boys' League CVice- Presidentj, Jr. V., C, B, V. Basketball, V. Baseball, Sr. Congress. LARRY NAPIER Jr. Honor Society, J.V. Cross Country, C, B, V. Track, Prom Committee, Sr. Scholarship, Knights, Vigilantes, Math Club, Asst. Sr. Prophet, Key Club, Lettermen's Club. JIM NEAL Spanish Club, Math Club, Philharmonic Club, Gym- nastics, Physics Club, Jr. Honor Society. DONNA PALTRIDGE NEEDHAM Tri-Y. LARRY NEELY Rifle Club, Projection Crew. ROBERT NELSON Squires QPresidentJ, Barons, Lettermen Club CVice- Presidentj, Key Club, Hi-Y CVice-President, Sergeant at Armsj, Jr. Honor Society, Math Club, Sr. Congress, Boys' Glee, A Cappella Choir fVice-Presidentj, V., B, C Basketball, C 8: V. Track. KATHRYN NILLER Sr. Congress, Philharmonic Club fReporter Historianj, Girls' Glee. DORENE NORRIS Drill Team, Prom Committee. CELIA OCHOA Tri-Y, Drill Team, Sr. Scholarship, Jr. Honor Society, Daubers, Dance Clubs, Jr. Red Cross, Health Club, Las Juanitas, Baronetts, Ladies, Jane Addams, Spanish Club, A Cappella Choir, A-9 Class President, Sr. Gift Coinmittee, Jr. G.A.A., G.A.A. CCheerleaderJ, Letter- gir s. JOYCE ORIANI Spanish Club. RONNIE PALM Stage Crew, V. Track, Junto Society. ODELIA PENA G.A.A. fCheerleaderJ, A.S.B. Song Leader, A Cappella Choir, Jr. G.A.A., Girls' League fCouncilJ, Dance Clubs, Tri-Y, Jr. Red Cross, Daubers, Girls' Glee, Sr. Class Rep. JANICE PENALUNA Sr. Scholarship, Jr. Honor Society, G.A.A., Tri-Y, Red Cross Club, Sr. Congress, Girls' Glee, Drill Team. MIKE PITTS Key Club, Hi-Y, C Track, D, C 8: B Basketball, Sr. Congress. EULA FAYE POAGE G.A.A. PHYLLIS POSKIN Tri-Y, Thespians, Jr. Honor Society, G.A.A., Home Economics Club, Song Leader, Drill Team. VIRGINIA PULIDO Baronettes, Ladies fTreasurerJ, Tri-Y, G.A.A., A Cap- pella Choir, Girls' Glee, A-9 Class Vice-President. PAUL PULVER Math Club, Health Club fSecretaryJ.' DIANE PUSICH Girls' Glee, A Cappella Choir, Sr. Congress, Levis 8: Laces, Swingsters, 9th Grade G.A.A. IRMA RANGEL Sr. Congress, Spanish Club. EARL LEE RASMUSSEN Photography Club QPresidentJ, French Club CPresi- dentj, Staff Photographer, Radio Club. MARY REAVIS Red Cross, G.A.A., Sr. Congress, A Cappella Choir. JO ANN RICE G.A.A., Tri-Y, A Cappella Choir, Drill Team, Health Club. GAIL ROBINSON Tri-Y, Girls' Glee, G.A.A. JOHN ROSENBERGER French Club QPresident' 8: Vice-Presidentj, Photog- raphy Club CPresidentJ, El Eco CStaff Photographerj, Baseball, Cross Country, Sr. Scholarship. DOROTHY ROSENBERGER G.A.A., Sr. Gift Committee. GAIL ROSS Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Scholarship, Lettergirls, G.A.A., Sr. Congress. MINNIE RUIZ Las Juanitas fPresident 8: Treasurerj, Baronetts CPres- identj, Ladies CPresidentj, Jane Addams, Associate Justice, A-12 Class Secretary, A-9 Class Treasurer, Math Club, Drama Club, Tri-Y, G.A.A., Girls' League CVice-Presidentj, Director of Social Activities, Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Congress. STEVE SARACCO Squires, Barons CPresidentj, Vigilantes, Student Di- rector of Athletics, Tennis, V. 8: B Football, Math Club, Latin Club, Key Club, Senior Play, Sound Crew, Stage Crew. JAMES SORENSON Radio Club, Math Club, Physics Club, Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, Philharmonic Club, Spanish Club, Dixie .Land Band. MARY ELLEN SAURIN G.A.A., Drama Club, Tri-Y, Spanish Club. JOYCE SCHNEIDER Drill Team, Health Club, Orchestra, Band. DAVID SCOTT Sound Crew fSr. Sound Technicianl, Sr. Scholarship, Boys' League CCouncilmanJ, Math Club CSecretary 81 Treasurerj, Physics Club fVice-Presidentj. EVALYN SHANKLIN Red Cross Club, Future Homemakers of America, Sr. Congress. BECKY SIMMONS Drill Team, Prom Committee CAROL SION Tri-Y. LINDA SPAHN G.A.A., Sr. Scholarship, Tri-Y CSergeant at Armsj, Math Club, A Cappella Choir. DARWIN SMITH Football, Swimming, Dance Clubs, Sprocketers. GWEN SMITH Jr. Honor Society, G.A.A., Latin Club, Math Club, Philharmonic Club, Spanish Club, Tri-Y, A Cappella Choir, Sr. Congress, Girls' Glee Club, Dance Club, Drill Team, El Eco. MARGARET SMITH Girls' Glee, A Cappella Choir. MARILYN SMITH G.A.A., Rhythmics, Bible Club, Philharmonic Club. LINDA STARRETI' G.A.A., Examiner Scholarship Contest. MARTIN STANOVICH Rifle Club CPresidentJ. PHYLLIS SWANSON Jane Addams QHistorianJ, Tri-Y, G.A.A. CVice-Presi- dent 8: Playday Chairmanj, A Cappella Choir, Letter- girls QTreasurerJ, Sr. Scholarship, Sr. Play, Prom Com- mittee, Sr. Sweater Committee. FRANKIE JANE TALBOTT Tri-Y. GILBERT TAPIA Library Helper, Sr. Band, Sr. Orchestra, Physics, Rifle Club, Radio Club, Philharmonic Club, Leadership. PAUL TAYLOR V. 8: B Track, V. Cross Country, Math Club. LINDA THAYNE Sr. Scholarship, Health Club, G.A.A., Drill Team, A Cappella Choir, Girls' Glee. SHARON TOMPSON Rhythmics, Tri-Y, Sr. Congress, Girls' Glee. RUTH THORNEYCROFT American Legion Award, Las Juanitas, Jr. Honor So- ciety, Jr. Congress, Sr. Scholarship, Philharmonic Club, Spanish Club, Tri-Y, Girls' Glee CAccompanistJ, A Cappella Choir CAccompanistJ, G.A.A. LOUISE TURMAN G.A.A., Girls' Glee, Bible Club PAT VAN VOLKENBURG 9th Grade G.A.A., Drill Team. WAYLEN WAKEFIELD B 8: C Swim Team, B Football. ANN WESLEY Sr. Scholarship, French Club CPresident 81 Secretaryl, Ladies, Math Club. BARBARA WATERS Tri-Y QSgt.-at-Armsj, Coquetts QSecreta.ryJ, G.A.A., Girls' Glee CTreasurerJ. CHARLENE WATKINS French Club fTreasurerj, Philharmonic Club, G.A.A., Tri-Y, Girls' Glee, Drama Club. KATHLEEN WILLIAMS Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Scholarship fVice-Presidentj, Latin Club, A Cappella Choir, Lettergirls, G.A.A., Sr. Congress, Las Juanitas, Math Club, Prom Committee, A-12 Class Asst. Secretary. JOHN WILSON V. 8: B Football, Jr. V. Baseball, Squires, Hi-Y, A Cappella Choir. JUDY WOLF Chief Justice, Jane Addams fPresidentJ, A.S.B. Vice- President, Girls' Glee, G.A.A. QCheerleader 8: Secre- taryj, A Cappella Choir, Lettergirls CSecretaryJ, Tri-Y CPresidentJ, Sr. Scholarship fLife Memberj, Sr. Con- gress, Las Juanitas fPresiden0, Dance Club, Jr. Honor Society CPresidentj, Drill Team, 10th Grade Rep., Student Director of Social Activities, Baronetts, Ladies fSecretaryJ, Jr. Red Cross, Girls' League CCouncilJ, Finance Committee, D.A.R. Award. JEANNETTE WRIGHT Swingsters, Las Juanitas, Baronetts, 9th Grade G.A.A., Red Cross Club, Ladies, Philharmonic Club, Sr. Schol- arship, Jr. Honor Society, Rhythmics, Drill Team, Girls' Glee. JON YOUNG B 8: C Swimming, B Football, Sr. Congress, Boys' Glee, A Cappella Choir, Stage Crew, Dance Clubs. PETE ZANKIE Key Club, Lettermen Club, Vigilantes, Squires fVice- Presidentj, Barons fVice-Presidentj, Sr. Scholarship CSergeant-at-Armsj, Latin Club fSecretaryl, Sound Crew, V. Swimming, B Football, A Cappella Choir, V. Track, Jr. Honor Society, Sr. Congress, 10th Grade Rep., 12th Grade Rep., Dance Club, Boys' Glee Club, Red Cross Club. JOHN ZELL Sr. Orchestra. NAME ABBOTT, John ADCOCK, Hershell AMBILL, Roger ANDERSON, Marty ANDERSON, Paul BANKS, Clary BARDINI, Barbara BARUM, Margaret BATES, Bob BECHTOLD, Jeannine BECKETT, Beverly BEGEY, Mary BENEDICT, Sharon BOHANNON, Linda BOLAS, Ted BOWMAN, Linda BOYD, Barbara BRADSHAW, Shirlene BRAUGHTON, Lyle BRISTOW, Janalee BRYAN, Lois BUNCH, Bob CAMPBELL, Mel CANNING, Sandria CARPENTER, Tommy CARRICK, Mike CHALKER, Lu CLARK, Joan COBBS, Twila COBLE, Keith CONKLE, Brenda COVINGTON, Karen CRANK, Dick CREACH, Betty CROVELLA, Billy DAWSON, Wayne DREGER, Albert DRISCOLL, Kay DU RANT, Jean ELLIOTT, Jack ERICKSON, Brenda EYSTER, Dick FERDINANDO, Willa FERGUSON, Delbert FLAGG, Jim FLYNN, Margaret FOSTER, Gail FRENCH, Floyd FROWNFELTER, Carl FUETTE, Terry GARRETT, Mary Helen GETZ, Gordon GILCHRIST, Ronnie GILHOUSEN, Vonda GINTER, Jim GONZALES, Margaret GOODRICH, Roy GRISHAM, Gayle GULLION, Ralph HALD, Carol HALLING, David HAMADA, Karen HAMEETMAN, Fred GRIFFO, Margie HANSON, Wesley HAYES, Bill HELLERUD, Carol HENLEY, Joan HERNANDEZ, Lupe HESS, Carolyn HICKERSON, Betty HINES, Pat HOLLINGER, Jeanette HOLMER, David HORNUNG, Jerry HOUSTON, Tom HOWRY, Linda HOY, Chuck HOY, Sue HUDSON, Ronald HULTZ, Tink HURST, Frank HYDE, John JOHNSON, Francie JOHNSON, Betty KAISER, Dennis HOBBY Cars Doing homework Money None Pla in ool Y 8 P To be or not to be a good boy Eating Cars Chasing dears Boys Dance Art Eating Men Girls Ditching Animals Boys Women Boys Males Brooding with Halverson Opposite sex Collecting dolls Getting out of school Surfing Talking on telephone Kleptomaniac Art Bird watcher Cars Stealing surfboards Cars Water skiing Archery Girls Girls Marlon Brando Mike Archery Eating Avoiding work Records Not doing homework Tennis Cruising Skiing Babysitting Snooker Car Accordion Empty gas tank Going out Art Going to Naples Tennis Cars Talking Philately J-,J- Piano Geometry Visiting psychiatrist Drawing Advanced motion ictures P Growing a goatee Collecting boys Art Dancing Miniature dog catcher Writing letters? Music Music Cars Girls Printing Music Girls Boys Winning at poker Riding in cars Girls Horseback riding Skating Firebug Model airplanes AMBITION Butcher Lots of money Lead Bongo Band on Beach St. Engineer To get a '56 Chevy Flat-foot cop Live in Las Vegas Buy an airplane Catch them Get Joe Actress Money Be a housewife Undecided Electronics engineer College Graduate Secretary Be like Mr. Douglas Secretary Become a slob Own taco shop Get rich Model Forest Ranger Surf burn Get to BYU Peroxide hair Be a housewife HAS Good classmates Car Athlete's Foot Nothing Curly hair Hidden talent New Ford Sunburn Ability to wreck '57 Olds Ability Innocence Wayne Diamond Fun Car Straight hair Bad grades Little feet Cool '50 Ford Long hair Dick Mrs. Gorton Bullet-proof windows Dancing talent Black wavy hair Surfboard Red hair Motorcycle Diamond Sells clothes for Salvation Army Two white walls Draft to women Make a profit selling them Get nowhere fast Bookkeeper Draftsman Beachcomber Drafting Engineer Go to drag races Be Carol's cousin Fi nd Cleopatra's powder Mrs. Emery Usher at Disneyland Stenographer Swabbie Minister Marry Frank Be a carefree woman Married in two months Great snooker player Get money Travel Casanova To stay a bachelor Commercial Artist Live in Naples Registered Nurse Drag Wayne Bustos IBM Operator Archeologist Keep J. J. Engineer box Get out of geometry class Third polio shot Work for Disney Technician Beautician Get a car Gain some weight Telephone Operator Wac Junior College Be a singer Be a housewife Cop Police Ofiicer Disc Jockey Be an accountant Longshoreman Saleswoman Second in command of rope Secretary of rope Electronics Engineer Advertising A housewife Be a red-head Engineer Flirty eyes Many surfboards Pat Beauty Car Car Mechanized car coach Personality freckles Low bowling average Hillman Minx Jack Bills Car Charming personality Not much Frank Cat Money problems Love '50 Ford Hazel eyes Ellen Stanton Nothing Seven birds '50 Corvette A racquet Stock Olds House full of fun A million stamps J- J- Shrunken head Nothing Bathing suit Johnnie Cars '52 Plymouth Toes Mike A car Car Andy Burich A car Good religion Women Dorothy Come-go-with-me pow Radio Clothes Pony tail Brains Everything Mustache No driver's license A husband A red motorcycle Everything El' IS A man Car fiend Extraordinary In the hole Average Kissable Married 18 at last On the ball Shapely Funny Coin mach. bracelet of Engaged Unattached Weird Happy Bankrupt Happy Stupid Intelligent Bum A boy Cute Sly Outdoor man Hot curl Juvenile at dances Loud Engaged Cool cat with flat top The most Sneaky A goof Stunning Rich Crazy Handsome Lying alumnus Sophisticated Off A character Different Going steady Tall and handsome Kissable Fine Browsing around Hung up Hood Abnormal Sports-minded A little man Broke Crazy, man, crazy! Snooker player ? ? ? ? Marie's boyfriend Married One of four hoods J. J.'s steady Loveable Confused Hero of Big 3 Weird A good question One of four hoods Confused A woman Happy-go-lucky Nuts In love A dreamer Heaven only knows Conceited Fine A hood Just looking Handsome Smart A man A man Cool Dead Married Loud hood Intellectual NAME KAKUTA, Roy KAUBLE, Edward KAUL, Jim KENNEDY, Diane KENNEDY, Rose Ann KIDDER, Jim KISH, Bill KNOCKE, Bill KOSOFF, David KRETZSCHMAR, joan KROWN, jackie LEWIS, Don LEYVA, Ludivinia LODER, jim LOHAYZA, Carole LUDOLPH, Carol MCCARTHY, Karen MACKAY, Frances MARTIN, Joan MATHEWS, Carol MATTHEWS, Carol MAYO, Judy MCCLELLAN, Lucy MCNEES, Pat McREYNOLDS, Linda MCTEE, Rudy MICKUNAS, Larry MENDEZ, Angela MILLER, Don MILLER, Robert MILLER, Wayne MINE, Tsuriko MINOBE, Norman MITCHELL, Richard MOLEK, Marcia MONGE, Geri MORALES, Mary Lou MORRIS, Gary NAPIER, Larry NEAL, Jim NELSON, Robert NILLER, Kathryn NORRIS, Dorene OCHOA, Celia ORIANI, Joyce PALM, Ronnie NEEDHAM, Donna PARTAIN, Kathryn PENA, Odelia PENALUNA, Janice PITTS, Mike PAOGE, Eula Faye POSKIN, Phyllis PULIDO, Virginia PULVER, Paul PUSICH, Diane RANGEL, Irma RASMUSSEN, Earl SION, Carol SMITH, Allen SMITH, Darwin SMITH, Gwen SMITH, Margaret SMITH, Marilyn SORENSON, Jim SPAHN, Linda STANOVICH, Martin STARRETT, Linda STAUB, Bob SWANSON, Phyllis SAUNDERS, Betty TALBOT, Frankie TAPIA, Gilbert TAYLOR, Paul THAYNE, Linda THOMPSON, Sharon THORNEYCROFT, Ru TURMAN, Louise the VAN VOLKENBURG, Pat WAKEFIELD, Waylen WATERS, Barbara WATKINS, Charlene WELLS, Lynn WESLEY, Ann WILLIAMS, Don WILLIAMS. Kathleen HOBBY Going out Photography Cruising Talking Boys Going out Work Can't say Lowering ears Dancing Changing tires Girls Football Hunting Don Music Cooking for jimmy Swimming Having fun Cleaning car Sleeping Dick Watching TV Going places Hamming Cards Golf Boys Girls Acting Fishing Horseback riding Fishing No peeking Going with millionaires Play poker joe Girls' basketball Tadpole hunting Bowling Riding in new cars Swimming Food Staging trouble Dancing Day dreaming Gas station attendant Horseback riding Piano Parties Joan Boys Dancing john Skating Scrapbook Men Photography Boys Cruising Deer hunting Cruising Sleep People Hitch hiking Getting ticketed Mermaids Boys Hobby horse Miss Herwig Horses Cheating Field trips Playing bump cars Teasing Men Flirting Picking flowers Money Girls Digging for spiders Someone special Tea Piano Money Eating AMBITION Build a rod Aeronautical Engineer Sgt.-at-Arms of rope Get where I am going Get married Professional Gambler Electronics Engineer Who ? Me ? Out-swim Roger Marry a rich man Opera Singer Ditch Digger Have my first name changed Cop Get Don Get married Sleep late Wrestler Secretary Flea trainer Be intellectual Get married Money To live in P. V. Clean out slot machines Secretary of rope Hobo Get a car Be real rich Teacher like Mr. Dean Surgeon Marry a millionaire Catch a fish Bowl 300 Be a can-can dancer Own a Cadillac Joe Attorney Civil Engineer Graduate Leader of rope Teacher Speech Correction Teacher juvenile Oliicer Housewife Navy Live in P. V. Beautician Surgeon Bookkeeper Graduate Beautician Bookkeeper Marry john Physicist Secretary Graduate Lion Trainer Mrs. Deulahwich Mechanic None Have a Corvette Nurse Missionary Own an Imperial Be a Laboratory Technician To catch one Housewife An executive Weightlifter Graduate Have ten kids Own sports car Shave Kosoff's head Nurse Marry Marry Doug Nightclub Singer Get rich More girls Have a spider Much money Get married Butterfly Hunter Get more money Good bowler HAS Money Nothing Appeal Not much Formal, will travel Goal Friends Can't say Lumpy head Weird shape Curly hair Cool car Two heads Technique Don Fun A husband Ain't got nothin' Blue eyes SIVZ teeth Sense Not enough Car A new dog Flirty eyes Not much Feet Joe Sexy eyes Talent Woman appeal Talent Fishing rod You can see A telephone number Short brain Everything Shiny hair Three worms Everything Skill Talent Piano fingers Arms Long hair Charm Fastest car Gold-rimmed glasses Hair Engagement ring Friends Eyes Natural blond hair Freckles Good looks Dislocated knee cap Nothing Blond Nothing Good classmates Much fun Tommy Husband Everything '57 Imperial Nothing special Fishing pole Hidden talent Nothing Blond pony tail Cold-blooded monster Natural hair Tape recorder Half a new car Don Bunions A diamond Car Red hair None Spider Sense of humor Tea Corn cob pipe Curly hair Brilliant voice l IS Roamer One of four hoods Alover GISSIY Tender A card sharp Happy A member of the rope Catfish with whiskers Happy Pigeon-toed Calm Chosen boy Too much A woman Nervous Sleepy A flirt A schemer A walker Confusing A volleyball slugger Delinquent l Tall, darn if! Awkward Happy Healthy Lazy Sleepy The most Suave Innocent Sweet Collective A woman driver A boy trainer Happy-go-lucky Happy On the ball Great Way out Lazy Traitor Shy Original A little man Romantic Shy Shapely Talkative Casual Crazy Single Sleepy Confused Talkative Vacant Ambitious A vulture A man A goofball Plush horse fan A female Happy A hood Confusing A banker Exhilerating ? ? ? Giggly A day dreamer A woman Valiant Quick-witted Shapeless A buzzard A giggle-box Silly Married Crazy Purely female Curious A lady Charming A senior Nuts 133 NAME HOBBY AMBITION HAS WILSON, John Sports Go to college A car WOLF, Judy Fixing car Bus Driver Too much WRIGHT, Jeanette Skating Accountant Pretty red hair YARBOROUGH, Edwina John Graduate Big mouth YOUNG, Jon Skin diving Catch a mermaid Mermaids ZANKIE, Pete Driving Millionaire No money ZELL, John Girls and records Drag Fred Bolas Three-quarter cam REAVIS, Mary Bob Marriage Bob ROSENBERGER, Dorothy Jerry Jerry Jerry ROSENBERGER, John Girls Fashion Photographer Rollie 2.8 ROBINSON, Gail Arnie Bowler Amie ROSS, Gail Traveling Learn to swim No gas RUIZ, Minnie Drama Beautician Weird shape SARACCO, Steve Racking beer bottles Trim like Mr. Jung Intelligence SAURIN, Mary Ellen Men Own a tribe of men Everything SCHNEIDER, Joyce Flying Be a nobody Nothing SCOTT, David Repairing tube testers Be like Elvis No talent SHANKLIN, Evalyn Hope chest Housewife Teeth SIMMONS, Rebecca Tropical fish Bookkeeper Nothing MORK, Judy Dancing Travel Hard time in chemistry THOMAS, Sherry Take care of monsters Get married Bob RICE, Joanne Chasing boys Get a man Legs JOLLENSTON, Barbara Boys Catch one Freckles LO G, LO Iary Ellen and Helen Saurin, Betty Hicherson, Wayne Miller, Paul Pulver. IS Broke A pixie Looking around Happy Always tired Broke Crazy In love Overboard Homo Sapiens Innocent A fisherman Procrastinator A jerk Broad Dull Nearsighted An idiot In-between Crazy Devilish Bashful A gopher GGO .,..,, RA ti fi-f i A 1 as is S ff it Gwen Smith, Minnie Ruiz, Dotty Rosenberger, Judy Mayo, Jeannine Bechtold, 1, David Holmer, Don Miller. -if 4 I-,. .iff "ri 1, Larry Johnson, Carol Matthews, David Scott, Jim Teal, Pat McNees, Gordon Getz, Jeannette Wright. 1, Joan Clark, James Adcock, Frances MacKay, Lucy McClellen, 1, 1, Janalee Bristow. at ,AJA 'vi K ,I E , cyettt We . N .',-. ' A f'w+ it I ,if A ,A in , , ,. Y !' if' ' . 5 . E ,.tw?.!'wi Af 3 , 8 r I iii ii if ,, 1 3 ' XM Wi . ,red :iw 1 Edwina Yarborough, Ruth Thornycroft, Lupe Hernandez, Carol Ludolph, Kathryn Niller, Phyllis Swanson, Linda Thayne, Geri Monge. 'F' A rw ... Q ii i,:1 iw, V C' W '41 A 'if id... ,A .. ,Nav 1 ,ii r., W . 3 Wiuuw- . 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Sion. da McReynolds, Eula Paage, Paul Taylor, Pat Van Volkenberg, Joan Henley, P, Anderson, Brenda Conkle, Roseanna Kennedy, K. Williams 1' 'r C 4 ig, , , if ,fi Asif , fl Q ,..,,, g 1 W 71 , -i F' 4 WG. www fv- X-I wi v-' . QR W? x , I if . . may gl 2 2 1 l fi ' , .JY zz: ' -L Q. ' C A 1 ., im an 3, f, 'If' fy' ,, lv 4 b 1 0 .b V A I.. 1 -E 2 .y 9. ,Jar , S 'Q '75 " f 3- 4 in ? glr L vm, is . i ,X ww Nw.. x -ui' ,B I za? 'Nx J 'w 1 , 4-f' r ff-fn, r sf u fs 45 -1 4' . fvifzftff 1 'z '. B ' bye' . 'P' vii' WK A 5 ? . , ,. N. -1 '2.:9.f3SQf2 , S1 s . , ., . 582 ' 4, uk. ., . .. 11, iggyzz 'M nm as , J' pkii' 5' 'ff ruin P be l A 'Q Jw-gf '52 N Ju 1 W ,fL'1j'z. ij 4rffL7 '-if A 53 56? L " gg. - k sa -s Mu H v .:v Jn, 'L gi., ,. XT j . f ' ,x- r. 1 ig, Q , ,X N game. 'J ,1,Q.4NMM'.. . ,wh R. ,. .Jw fi 1' 4 A, .sf E I I E I I 1627 West Carson Torrance, California '00re,S Shoestring Variety Store ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF FOR SEMESTER ' 1957 - 1958 1639 West Carson Street - - Flemin r, Hi I9 School Narbonne High School xrrance, Calif. FA 8 2057 MSX ML Timer Pgn.MMr' gore? School Supplies - Notions - Hardware - Toys gxigzi Ggfvtpl, Difzhim Housewares - Greeting Cards Complete Home Furnishings I-IANK'S FURNITURE CO. YOU'VE TRIED THE REST-NOW TRY THE BEST Plumbing Supplies - Contract Plumbing EASY TERMS '6Water Heater Mart" GEO. SMITH PLUMBING CO. DAWHPOII 6-2000 PHONE: DAvenport 6-4224 1 12 Nafbgnne Ave. Lgmita, 1927 Pacific Coast LOIIIIIH, Calif0l'Ill3 Finest Quagglysglgcpggealrgillalplngigic Cottons DA 6-2939 Upholstery and Drapery Fabrics C. Y R U B Y, S Specializing in Beef Dips 1124 W. Gardena Blvd. GARDENA-CALIFORNIA 24609 Narbonne Avenue A 9-6038 LOMITA-CALIFORNIA DA 6-9170 2019 Pacific Coast Hwy. LOMITA CALIFORNIA Ruby Breshears Jen Sundays Closed Tuesdays Wheel Alignment - Wheel Balancing JENKIN AUTO SUPPLY rums urne S oc bsorber Service D T d- h k A ' 1508 W. ANAHEIM PH. DA 6-4867 HARBOR CITY. CALIFORNIA nllal u'rv :nn ncaa Benbow Brake 81 Wheel Alignment Flamingo Terra Cruiser Rollaway Kenskill Universal Shasta ' BUIHHC Service 0 Vacation Rentals I Insurance Service 0 Bank Financing Mathews Trailer Sales CLEAN USED TRAILERS Office Phone: DA 6-2200 Henry G. f"Hank"j Mathews 2142 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY LOMITA, CALIF. For the best place to eat go and see Pete DICK PETES DINNER KASTRUPS BARBER SHOP 24928 S' Western Avenue 24642 Narbonne Avenue Harbor City-California DA 6-7730 LOMITA-CALIFORNIA HOT ' ' TOT W YFARER' RE T URA T AND COCKTAIL LOUNGE zzso PACIFIC COAST 41019 HIGHWAY A. W. Rabe LOMITA, CALIFORNIA PHONE DA 62160 Carvill Electric Company I. E. Sales and Service REAL ESTATE Television - Radios - Appliances - Fixtures GEN. INSURANCE LOANS 24427 Narbonne Ave. 25049 Cypress, Lomita, Calif. LOMITA, CALIF. DA 6-15 Telephone DA 6-43836 n HANIQS SERVICE ' Tow Car Service ' Accessories 0 Re-Boring TireS1Batteries-Lubrication 0 Body and Fender Work H k P d ancoc ro ucts 9 2074 Lomita Boulevard General Repairing - Machine Work Lomita Califon 24660 Narbonne Ave. Lomita, Calif. DA 6-2872 138 CHANDLER'S 006947 J 1 1 I 5A ND 5 GRAVEL READY MIXED CONCRETE l Segundo Lomita A 2-2105 DA 6-1212 M DON S. TOMLIN 11 LOMITA BLVD. O LOMITA I DA 6-3366 IVY N ICHOLSON MODERNE BEAUTY SALON Appointments must be canceled one day in advance. 2155 Lomita Boulevard Lomita, Calif. DAvenport 6-7347 Cleaning-Alterations--Dyeing-Laundry LOMITA CLEANERS Hardwood, Softwood 8: Marine Plywood PLYWOOD, LTD. DA 64676 BoB WERMUTH H al' ' U Qu I ,ty eamng ' i Phone: DAvenport 6-5185 Night: FRontier 7-1744 2150 W. Lomrta Blvd., Lomrta, Calif. 25422 Narbonne Ave' Lomita, Calif' MABEL 8: DORA-Owners 3 blks. No. Pacific Coast Hwy. ZIM'S CAFE 24646 Narbonne Avenue N ot a fancy place but a good place for good home cooked food. DA 6-3502 WITZ AUTO SUPPLY Remanufacturers of Bonded Quality Engines 2164 Pacific Coast Highway Qcorner of Narbonnej DA 6-2164 Lomita, California HARRIETT,S 24607 Narbonne Ave. LOMITA, CALIF. 139 LOMITA LUMBER CO. 1800 Pacific Coast Hwy. Lomita, California Hardwood - Plywoods - Paints Phone: DA 6-1457 LUG 1 UIVI LIUI1. 1 UNL1 IJEDILTLY The House of Enchantment A COMPLETE LINE OF ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 0 POST LIGHTS ' PATIO LIGHTS 0 FLOOD LIGHTING 0 FIXTURE LIGHTING BANK TERMS 1955 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY LOMITA-CALIFORNIA ROBERT I. FINN OPEN 9-9-SUN. 9- f1.Ia Jerry OBLEY 1857 Pacific Coast Hwy., Lomita, Calif. Public Accountant DA 6-2256 DAvenport 6-6440 HARBOR CITY NURSERY 1615 WEST ANAHEIM ST. HARBOR CITY CALIFORNIA P.B.I. 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Suggestions in the Nathaniel Narbonne High School - El Eco Yearbook (Harbor City, CA) collection:

Nathaniel Narbonne High School - El Eco Yearbook (Harbor City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Nathaniel Narbonne High School - El Eco Yearbook (Harbor City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Nathaniel Narbonne High School - El Eco Yearbook (Harbor City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Nathaniel Narbonne High School - El Eco Yearbook (Harbor City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Nathaniel Narbonne High School - El Eco Yearbook (Harbor City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Nathaniel Narbonne High School - El Eco Yearbook (Harbor City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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