Nathaniel Narbonne High School - El Eco Yearbook (Harbor City, CA)

 - Class of 1956

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Nathaniel Narbonne High School - El Eco Yearbook (Harbor City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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rf l fm f I ' 4 Vf M N Mmf +17 QW QW 1 O ww ' J' f 40 A bv? qkgo span UQ' Q Q 5 Q92 desi GIGXQ, kkxxs 3 Q03 QE .3 ya H' lj QA Qyr . Q W , XR E . Aoi 150' 650 yolvibqfys ' A , . 4 K S 1 Chiw-in VOQQZQQQDNMV S Q- R A R Mg' UQANAJ' X X A' I sb X NX I , X NX vxvafx' Qi' ix I 1 i as X wsw X - 2915 X . X , -N QQ , 196, Y QM W! 1 cf 1, he -5 Q 'ffffjj M ,KLM h fl5 ,. ,Q !AfJZ!2Iy7.1 ,ll Lt l !,u4'L1fJV, 1656 4, fp b, 1 '11 1 M wwf? M wifi fififiw 192 L Tv : . sm--A .4 f W J.. V Zh' T: gpg:--, V, , ,- .1F',,5,..rivf- H , I ul fx., 3 I :N H 4-Qr'?:' g 'lf ' QVf"'V ' fffffgf' f " ii . 'ii' w , ., , . - Agffffh "ig f'- " " f ' - , " 1 - ' hi ,- . ,,,J,A, f, 7, .N ' - I ' r 5 H 3' dw. , ,mg , agrfff A ' .' 4 fPf f ,ifh, 4: f H A ' .. A ' , rw'-J' 'fff??Q'4',, S IH I J, A , '1.rf7'fQiif3 1 .9. f 'f an ,, - M, M 9 . fy, L. . uhm . 'Q if-A-'rib' 5. ,, ' ' Z Q , haf, 'S f'9,.,' -ff,-1-JT ,L+,7Qf.7,,:f, , ' -, 1 T356 . 'NTFS-. .L . . QW? if' . Jgffm - "W, , 'ix ' . fab-72652 fm. , JM! E2 M29 J9+MJZ7wWJ ' 1 ? Q 5 . . 0'Vl .XC bg, my gi, A A ' -vi ' i' ::.,L A A 41J,g2jkJ . ' -U, ,l' fFf?i . , fact! 'K f " , ' - 1 -'Q- ,. ,AMN ' 1 f ...X Y fy M V f 0-,LL , unm,,,+,,5, .fim Aw K V ,..5,,,uh im E ESQ 15550 ' W MW 9 5 M ffl M W7 W ,af Gkfgjwiw MM W W I W A q u - If X i Q - ml Q I ., ' - -N ,, " Q. QL" N I A 'E -aff' .1 N2 v ,...1:.' ' - ,M ,-.X ,1-. ,..i Mr. Weeks, Gene Io on, Larry Spoririq, Rainey Purqcrson, R , Stephcrns, Jerry L. Smith, Curtis Wende1 r, Gary Eriqiish, Charles Curminqcn, . fi W - CY! 6,93 IS ' WW E ' Nc: gf of 4 0 , J 1 afkgiance fo flue ffm? of flw HnifeJ .S?afe5 .xdmerica an f flue R70 :LAC for wlziclz if fifanola, one Wafion, unaler goal invbuidgdf wifi: Agerfy an juzifice Kar aff ,, an -I 532 5 2 ' 1 :H-: Q 1 A - . it Jw: J i .Ir ,Q X 'Y' t -S N s .. x ll K. , 'ij ' A5 'I Q Y . , .1 i 5 I I , L I 4 ' Q Ni 1 ,L .. f - 4 . I. ug 1 . A xi I " V I5 . . L '. Q-I fr S I' I1 I ' xc f' ' t y 1 . 1 1' I - 5 .1 x xl .h ' .. . x J l .' fp 'I 'f , ,1 Y l I K, . 1 pWe. the Student tion to the community the EL ECO ot nineteen To the parents we ance in religion, duties. and that will serve us To the P.'l'.A. we and rag drives. bond child weltare both to the to those in need and to groups and activities to , To the service clubs clubs book by loyally buying activities tor people the h lp and guidance it has given us, dedicate and fifty-six to each and every one of you. this EL ECO tor our homes and their guid- and habits that have helped us in school the years to come. this EL ECO for your loyal support in paper that will give us a new school: for your work in u I I through clinics tree lunches and other help s through your program of sponsoring youth their welfare. this EL ECO tor their interest in youth encouragement and support ot school athletics dedicate this EL ECO tor sponsoring this this bogk through the many years. Narbonne High School, to express our apprecia- e . . . . GLADIATORS WINTER '56 ROW 1: Lindo Weiss, Secretory, Gary Robinson, President: Donna Kimura, Treasurer. ROW 2: Frank Minobe, Serqecznt-Crt Arms: Stcmley Weiss, Vice-president. 1 1' Dennis Hudson Ephebicxn fifi A 5' ffswfififis' S R 'F I A". ,,,. 5,1 V , agwsg , ,, J.. .. A J A Wi, 'Q , FW regain iazfrfh-"ag-1fg. ' fig f 'ns ,gi - 5 i'?544E:?i s1tf5fUI3ii,,,. Y 'ffl 557' Q ' A L5'f.'+3,f , 4,1119 M for ' ' i 'A -- 23 - 31 Qffwx' 'Ht 9 ' - Q'1Qff,.7 ':f? S N. . -W 1',f.,71 ,inf I . fr A Ev 4- ' ffihfif ' .1 Sf' N . f Z r" L we " if' Q ' ,fx 1 fs - V f . imap-V A 1 S. K S tv M.. U ,A-.+ I " . S' 4' 4: 4? -- 1 4 .Q ,X 1 ,- 1? 1. M. +A" fi f S' of f w gjyggigfg v 1j5i,,t:,y::vf:f C , .,p,J?wf"f:..,' N , -Ati 5 W my -ei i 3' ar ,z A 4.-1, 'I ' - ' .L " .. f- ' if - r 3,1 fy, ,J e 1, W '.WrH K I '1 J g f " 1 ,. f f " f . 5 ' I 1 "'- -1"-. . ' 'J N ,sk . - I ' o"3"- " ":'f7'5 we 'var 3 C .-g.,-iffy 5,-wif -5 ,QQ fa' . 'Egg " '..r ew 'Z 1 'ri ., '- 1. X. 'F . f- ' -il it - ' ' . .Q f - 'E ' C .r,,,,1,,?k, R .aw if Q S va .- ly ,i fr- , M "gsm CLASS OFFICERS CLASS SPONSORS Mr. Lawlor, Miss Zcxrtmon, Mr. Bernard Beverly Andulskv Sandra Cressey Rose Marie Akins Bag X, W Don Eide arbara Goar Daniels Y, z 5, Lee Iones Iohn Landry Raymond Meraz "fri-,"" . Q gy F fl l ' 4 lxxi Mary Graie L 'S-J ....,. Bob Keith Terrel Leonard Frank Minobe -I-'J' Nr' Ethel Lee Bean lack Bourland Bonnie Clifford Orr ,cl 'QP Gretchen Cook f .,.,.. R A i Gary Holmes Eldred Beverly Faith Beverly Fosburg Yvonne Giminez 5 F X ii 5 ff f Fred Hartman Phyllis Hazelbaker Milan Hint: Dennis Hudson Donna Kimura Connie Long Frances Myron F QA" X l by ' fav Richard Koci 2 ' x 'Q U .Lg 'G 5- 'lb Danny Martin Bob Norton P Bob Kubo Nancy Maxwell Gloria Olmeda Barbara Lolley Gwen McCann Gladys Olsen Betty Reavis Vera Roberson Gary Robinson Lorraine Rothenberg Audrian Rozendal Iohn Shelby IGniC9 Sivard Tom Sh91'Y TOm Steinbeck Richard Tapia Robert Tapia Bob Tarango Larry Toland Laura Tolbert Linda Wiese Stan Weiss Robert Walker Rodell LIFE MEMBERS OF CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION Dennis Hudson Donna Kimura Thomas Shery Ianice Sivard KIWANIS AWARD SCIENCE AWARD Fred Hartman Thomas She-ry HARBOR SYMPHONY AWARD Dennis Hudson ATTENDANCE AWARDS Six Semesters Gary Eldred Dennis Hudson Vera Roberson Five Semesters lack Bourland Rodell Decker Barbara Lolley Tom Steinbach Four Semesters Gwendolyn McCann Frank Minobe Stanley Weiss HONOR SERVICE AWARDS lack Bourland Bob Kubo Audrian Rozendal Mary Grate Nancy Maxwell Ianice Sivard Fred Hartman Frank Minobe Laura Tolbert Donna Kimura Linda Wiese 6 ROSE MARIE AKINS: G.A.A. ETHEL LEE BEAN: lane Addams, 12th Grade Represen- tative, G.A.A. IACK BOURLAND: Key Club, Bible Club, Rifle Club, Boys Glee. GRETCHEN COOK: Orchestra, Drill Team, A Cappella. SANDRA CRESSEY: Iunior Honor Society, Baronettes, Ladies, G.A.A., Dance Clubs, Senior Scholarship, Student Office Worker, Girls Glee, Student Congress, Tri-Y fVice Presidentl, A Cappella, Fire Department, Prom Decorator, BARBARA GOAR DANIELS: Las Iuanitas, Ladies, lane Addams, Tri-Y, A Cappella, Girls Glee, Iunior Honor Society, A-9 Class Secretary. RODELI. DECIIER: Letterman Club, Key Club, Hi-Y, Barons, Knights, A and C Track, A and B Football, Senior Scholarship, A Cappella, Boys State 1954. DON EIDE: Football, Baseball, Cross Country, Ushers, Track, Senior Orchestra, Band, Squires, Varsity Club, Basketball. GARY HOLMES ELDRED: l.V. Baseball, V. Baseball, D. Basketball, Band, Orchestra, Barons, Astronomy Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Math Club, Scholarship Club, Band Council, Iunior Honor Society, Student Congress, Boys Glee, Philharmonic Club. BEVERLY FAITH: Girls Glee, A Cappella, Drill Team. BEVERLY FOSBURG: Dance Club fPresidentl, Rhythmics, Iunior Honor Society, Student Congress, YVONNE GIMENEZ: G.A.A., Spanish Club, Tri-Y, Girls Glee, A Cappella, Student Office Worker, Library Help- er, Levies and Laces. MARY GRAPE: Iunior Honor Society, Scholarship So- ciety, A-9 Representative, Iunior G.A.A., Student Office Worker, Student Congress, Girls League lVice Presidentl, Baronetts, Ladies, lane Addams, Cheer Leaders. I-'RED HARTMAN: Varsity, B Basketball, Varsity and B Track, Key Club tPresidentl, Vice President Letterman, Hi-Y, A Cappella, A-9 Class iVice Presidentl, Barons, Knights, Iunior Honor Society. PI-IYLLIS HAZELBAKER: lane Addams, Latin Club CPres- identl, Las luanitas CPresidentl, A Cappella, Baronettes, Ladies lPresidentl, Girls Glee, Prom Committee, Dance Clubs. MILAN HINTZ: Football, Track, Baseball Manager. DENNIS HUDSON: Senior Scholarship fPresidentl, Span- ish Club fPresidentl, Daubers iPresidentl, Latin Club, Philharmonic Club, Senior Prom, A Cappella, Student Athletic Coordinator, Council, Life Member, Bank of America Trophy Winner, Iunior Honor Society, Boys Glee Club, Senior Play. LEE IONES: Varsity Football, B Football. BOB KEITH: Key Club. DONNA CHIYOMI KIMURA: Senior Scholarship tHis- torianl, Lettergirls fPresident, Historianl, Senior G.A.A. lSecretaryl, lane Addams fTreasurerl, Senior Class lTreasurerJ, Iunior Honor Society, Baronettes, Iunior G.A.A. lSecretaryl, Girls Glee Club, Drill Team. BOB KUBO: Squires, Barons fPresidentl, Knights fPresi- dent, Vice Presidentl, Vigigante tPresidentl, Lettermen fPresident, Vice Presidentl, Key Club, Senior Scholar- ship, A Cappella, Hi-Y, Senior Congress, Varsity Foot- ball lCaptainl, B Football, C Track, Iunior Honor Society. IOHN M. LANDRY: Stage Crew. BARBARA LEE LOLLEY: A Cappella, Student Office Worker, Swingsters, Drill Team, Iunior G.A.A. CONNIE RAE LONG: Senior G.A.A., Lettergirls, Baron- ettes, Cheerleaders, A Cappella, Tri-Y, Girls League Board, Student Office Worker, Dance Clubs, Iunior G.A.A., Drill Team, Lettergirls Board, Daubers. DANNY MARTIN: Iunior High President, Glee Club, Cheerleder, Hi-Y, Vigilantes, A Cappella, lOth Grade Representative, Iunior Honor Society, Barons, Student Congress, Levis and Laces. NANCY MAXWELL: Las luanitas, Baronettes, Ladies, lane Addams, Tri-Y, G.A.A., G.A.A. Board, Lettergirls, Iunior G.A.A. fPresidentl, Iunior Honor Society, Orches- tra, Servi Latini, A Cappella, World Friendship Club, Girls League Council, Student Congress, Drill Team, Drama Club, Scribes, Senior Scholarship, Rythmaires, Levis and Laces, Daubers. GWEN MCCANN: Iunior G.A.A., Student Congress, Bar- onettes, Ladies, Latin Club, A Cappella, Girls Glee, Senior G.A.A., Iunior Honor Society, Dance Club, Stu- dent Office Worker. RAYMOND MERAZ: Varsity Baseball fManagerl, 9th Grade Student Council, Spanish Club, B Football, Var- sity Baseball. FRANK MINOBE: Student Council, Senior Congress, Vigilantes, Key Club, B Football, ASB President. ROBERT D. MILLER: Boys Glee, Stage Crew. FRANCES MYRON: Senior Scholarship, G.A.A., Baron- ettes, Drill Team, Girls Glee Club, Student Congress, Iunior Honor Society. BOB NORTON: V Football, B Track, Student Congress, Iunior Band, V Swimming, Key Club. MARIA GLORIA OLMEDA: Drill Team iPresidentJ, lane Addams fTreasurerJ, Iunior Honor Society, G.A.A. GLADYS OLSEN: A Cappella. BONNIE CLIFFORD ORR: G.A.A., Tri-Y iPresident, Treas- urerl, Student Congress fSecretaryl, El Eco Staff, Girls Glee, Student Office Worker, Rythmics, Levis and Laces. BETTY IO REAVIS: G.A.A., Philharmonic Club, Astron- omy Club, Cafeteria Helper, Red Cross, Senior Breakfast Committee. VERA DARLENE ROBERSON: Posture Oueen, lane Ad- dams, Letter Girls, Rhythmics, Red Cross, Iunior G.A.A., Senior G.A.A., Pep Club, Drill Team, Cafeteria Helper, Commencement Committee. GARY ROBINSON: Senior Class fPresidentl, Knights fSecretaryl, Boys Glee Club, Key Club, Iunior Honor Society, A Cappella, Marine League Cfreasurerl, Squires, Student Congress, llth Grade Representative, Student Athletic Director. LORRAINE ROTHENBERG: Las Iuanitas, lane Addams, G.A.A., Student Congress, Baronettes, Drill Team, Iunior Honor Society, Dance Clubs, Girls Glee, A Cappella, Student Office Worker. AUDRIAN ROZENDAL: Senior G.A.A., Dance Clubs, Senior G.A.A. Board, Girls League, Girls Glee, Letter- girls, A Cappella, Lettergirls Board, Drill Team, Tri-Y, Baronettes, Office Worker, Cheerleaders, Iunior Honor Society. THOMAS MARTEN SHERY: Vigilantes fSecretary-Treas- urerl, Key Club, Life Member Senior Scholarship, Latin Club fPresidentl, Varsity Swimming, Varsity Football, B Track, B Basketball, Senior Play, Math Club, Barons, Senior Band, Orchestra, Student Congress, Daubers. IANICE SIVARD: Iunior Honor Society, Auxiliary Fire Department, Senior Scholarship Life Member, Student Congress, Student Council, Chief lustice, Dance Clubs. Drill Team. TOM STEINBACH: Knights. RICHARD TAPIA: Senior Scholarship, Barons, Squires, Iunior Honor Society, Glee Club. ROBERT TAPIA: Barons, B Football, Glee Club, Iunior Honor Society. BOB TARANGO: Letterman, Hi-Y, Key Club, Varsity and B Basketball, Varsity and B Track. LAURA TOLBERT:G.A.A. fPresidentl, lane Addams tVice Presidentl, Lettergirls, Baronettes fPresidentl, Ladies, Girls League, Student Congress, Tri-Y, Iunior Honor Society, Senior Scholarship, Daubers, Office Warker. A-9 Representative. LARRY TOLAND: A Track, Basketball, Lettermons, Vig- ilantes Club. STANLEY CHARLES WEISS: Dance Clubs, Student Congress, Senior Play, Senior Class iVice Presidentl. LINDA WIESE: Iunior Honor Society, Baronettes, Ladies fVice Presidentl, lane Addams fPresidentl, Senior Schol- arship, Tri-Y fPresidentl, Prom Decoration, A Cappella, Senior Class CSecretaryl, Student Court, Dance Clubs, Fire Department. ' 1 ill fl if x "'k ii- Q if M fs- 5 sag 21 525 " QI 'ff'-s-f Miss Elizabeth Parks Girls' Vice-principal Mr. Michael Marienthal Registrar ADMINISTRATION Mr. Herbert E. Morey Principal Mr. Pat Turner Boys' Vice-principal Mrs. Helen Berger Counselor Xi? FACULTY Mrs. Bishop Mrs. Bright Mr. Chase Mr. Christensen Miss Cotter Mr. Crawford 1, t i. Mr. Evanston Mr. Fletcher izzw t-wzggq , M Q A' F . is V Mr. Bryan Miss Cicorio Mrs. Davis Mr. Freier Mr. Green Mr. Hampson Mrs. Hanno fl Y V Mrs. Honnaka Mr. Hopkins Mrs. Hopla - .'..' . 'I' M? Q-of Mr. Burrows C 1 Mr. Cobbs Mr. Dean Mrs. Friderich Miss Harrison Mrs. Horth Q . 5 S- 1 V' 'mpg E : rf-A 2.22" I Miss Banuelos Miss Byrlcit 1 Mr. Cone Mrs. Dingle Mr. Fuller . Jw u i. . 5 ,.. B st "2 s 1.1.44 ,. -4 2 4. Rf! Mrs. Hayes Mr. Horn Mrs. Bataqlia ,. f 1 4' 1 t E H ,..: si' as V i Mrs. Calkins HV L . -at 5' G Mr. Contreras as w t f.:-w .fa K if' i l' Q ,gigs l. ill i .1.11. 1, ,.. lj Mr. Dossey Mrs. Gorton Mr. Hendershot Mrs. Hunt . , ,Q ii N, 'Q .. Mr. Bernard Mr. Berry ,V V 'wif' .1 Mrs. Carter Miss Chase -rf-we t , Mrs. Cooper Mr. Cost X , fl' ' ' 3355 F W K . 'il ' , I Mr. Douglas Mr. Emus , -A nk' . Mrs. Gould Mr. Graham Q 12 W . gs 3 W, ii ' A .. 't :. -' 4 t Miss Herwiq Mrs. Hilbert Mr. Hunt Mr. lohnson . 2 .. . .. af., '9 NX! 5 X ts' N fri is 5 71 s '14 fs-4 ,f-'52 'Sf' te-4 -fr .1 . if? wx '15 5 l 5. . K. ,, 'N ,.. A Irs. Iohnson 'M , ,fly g . B as ..- f v , . .11 as 5 'w,a,f'a , .' 9' M51 .lf Mr. lung 5 Miss Lancaster , if -zz, 2, .A lg - :,.AE,.g1 5 1. ' 4' e . f' liss Luedke Miss Maclfarland Mr. Marlls . ' ri fil' - 1 e if Q1 A .,.M 5 A Mr. Parent Mr. Pasquini Mr. Probert Mr. Hossen Mr. Rowlette Mr. Schaler Mr. Stoner Mrs. Strong Miss Sturdy Mr. Weeks Mrs. Williams Mrs. Wright l Mr. Lawlor 1 Mr. Maronto Mrs. Reichert Mrs. Sloan Miss Sumi Miss Zartman Mr. Lanqan Miss McCoy ' 37 -iff, i, 7 ' Wm' Miss Richardson Mr. Sloss W Rags' X'-in Mr. Tecra . Dr. Israel S. I n : -1 J t .. 'Q vw- W l ww, 2 ut E triadi Miss Lindeman nl I. A Mrs. McLaughlin Miss Reynolds P-QTY, t .Q , Mr. Steinberg Mr. Teague Dr. Wright is K A Y , ff -'Y E' 5. ,J l l t, 1 is Miss Litchiield Mr. Leedy 2- K' ,:1 r-.1531 -f V Mr. Mechikott Mr. Miller J s 4' I K A 3215! , ,z fig. .. 1, ' S ilt A Mrs. Rensler Mr. Renius 3 U1 , 5' Q W ? .N ' I O Q , ,, V ., wh E X J, v Q ' 4 , 'Q 9' ,J . Q, ..,,, 1 5' 4 ,,,.,,.,, ' " ' J ' N E, "s1 if A ,, , 5- 1 .. - Miss Vaubel Mi s Carter Miss Scalero l 'I . ' 1? , vm , 0 1 3 . 9 B V " , 4' new Q 0 Irs. Barnes Mrs. Bordeaux Mrs. Hamilton Mrs. Timothy Secretary Mrs. Brown Mrs. Armington Mrs. Kellman ROW 1: Mrs. Chikami, Mrs. Hoy, Mrs. Delsiqne, Mrs. Myron. RCW 2: Mrs. Hollo- way, Mrs. Markley, Mrs. Brumbelouqh, Mrs. Chudy, Mrs. Anderson. ROW 3: Mrs. Ruqq, Mrs. Sleigh, Mrs. Boderman, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Cheek. ROW 4: Mrs. Mickunas, Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. Abbott, Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Scott. ROW 5: Miss Parks, Mrs. Gordinier, Mrs. Drazovich, Mrs. Brown. ROW 6: Mrs. McNees, Mrs. Blachmon, Mrs. Millett. M ? 1 4 Mrs. Seden Mrs. Shepard Mrs. Valde X 2 . Mr. Sunada Business Manager . gi... ' -ae- . I !fAs. 1, Earl Webb ROW 1: Mrs. Stephens, Mr. Brittarn, Mrs. Brown. ROW 2: Mrs. Richina, Mrs. Littrell, Mrs. Birclsonq, Mrs. Craner, Mrs. Mr. Green, Mr. Veals, Mr. Bouqhn, Mr. Timms. ROW 3: Cook, Mrs. Ramey. Mr. Anderson, Mr. Iackson, Mr. Henzie, Mr. Moisio. rs- JY TS if Af 'ff -,' ' iw r 4' . 1 HA f- in ' ' ' . f -..., V LiL - zu, , 1. 4 lll' .sy bnarfw-pri. X'-s.,....-V, , WWA ,M :Q 7 X 4 .I :3 : :rr m1 v .' uf 7? 1 i l 3. S f ff + mf Wg. is Q' ', 1, fi 3 gg . N, , as ,W gg, ,,., iz ,,w""' FNS W i.,g,w I S ...l NINTH GRADE MEMBERS ROW 1: Kei Kimura, Carl Gregory, Robert C. Clements, Lena Ortiz, Nita Bourland, Helen Suzuki, Mary MacArthur, Pai Naluai, Sheri Chasteen. ROW 2: Diane Culwick, Nora Garrett, Betty Tinney, Jane Rowe, Anna Provost, Dorothy Mendoza tSecy.J, Judy Balcom, Judy Lowe. ROW 3: Carol Surber, Carol Davis, Daryl Livingston, Avenell Buchannah, Sherrill Berger, Barbara Rice, Geraldine Daniels, Carol Doran, Steve Portuiges. ROW 4: Darlene Ronning, Carole Ashe, Pat Anderson, Marlene Henon, Verna Wilson, Diane Sivard, Ellen Joan Ransom, Carol Moore. ROW 5: Ronnie Hanson, Dennis Holst, Bob Malcolm, Don Wong, David Ito, Janice Cook, Sharon Cheek, Sue Hald, Sandra Barnett. ROW S: Laverne Lewis, Sharon Wisham, Marlys Egelund, Joan Dawson, Patricia Beckett, Christine Grohs, Anita Jo Frieclricks, Brenda Punches. ROW 7: Tom Pence, Jim Jones, Pat Manning lPres.l, Walter Cotton, Jack Patton, Ed Betz, Georgie Mackay. Miss Harrison Sponsor SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE MEMBERS ROW 1: Lynda Mead, Toni Perachini, Marilyn Dexheimer, Pat Yuoka, Shirley Culwick, Carol Lanza, Marcia Cham- berlain, Diane Isaacs, Tetsuko Kimura, Janice Hamasaka, June Fernandez. ROW 2: Huey Scogqins, Lloyd Tomlinson, Bill Pool, Teddy Kobayashi, Joe Hammons, Wilbur Fuku- zaki, Jimmy Hickerson, Howard Beneiiel, Kenny Cummins, Billy Pence, HOW 3: Kayomi Hanaoka, Janine Aspittle, Kristine Bernstein, Beverly Wada, Bonnie Buffalo, Velda Kuykendahl, Diana Barbour, Sue Emma Nix, Pamela Stetson, Edna Yoshi, Donna La Fleur. ROW 4: Ramona Mead, Jean Woodworth, Judy Pounders, Mary Jean Cook, Mary Stano- vich, Marlene Mills, Grace Thorneycroft, Ecco Booher, Janice Loedige, Barbara Payne. ROW 5: Ken McNees, Van Van- nucci, Jimmy Mork, Robert Brunson, Bill Halverson, Robert Weeks, Dennis Bell, Ronald Kruger, Thomas Conner, Dennis Howry. ROW 6: Diana McCune, Edna McDaniel, Marnell Arta Cox, Frances Millet, Sandra Tankka, Judy Zacher, Judie Armington, Sandra Adamson, Joy Qualls, Karen Moore, Marilyn Hayes. ROW 7: Carol Van Dine, Carol South, Judy Scott, Joal Bodermann, Linda Weed, Betsy Wat- son, Mildred Dryerj 'vu 3' fl' J A N53 p ,,, - ,, I Donna Reekers Maurette Shaw Lorraine MacCrindle lim Fluqq Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Historian W li - -ki: Dennis Hudson Miss McCoy President Sponsor SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP ROW 1: Slierian Thompson, Alice Navarro, loyce lcediae, Ioan H.enley, TSLIILIKO Mine, Cuorrgia Scopas, Linda Lewis, Gail Ross, Sally Hamada, Donna Kimura. ROW 2: Ioyce Endo, Minnie Ruiz, Frances Myron, Mary Lou Morales, Sliirlcne Bradshaw, Karen Hamada, Eloise Bower, lane Wada, ROW 3: Nancy Campbell, Donna Reekers, Barbara Harp, Ann Wesley, Lfyntliia Pedersen, Barbara Reed, Kathleen Williams, Vivian Serpa, Bob Duprie, Kenny Koyarna. ROW 4: Carmen Gonzalez, Colleen McCormick, Indy Wolf, Doylcen Williams, Ianice Sivard, l.ti Clialker, leannette Wright, Linda Bohannan, Reqis Stevens. ROW 5: lim Flaqq, Linda lenes, Pit Mc'Nees, Phyllis Swanson, Nancy Maxwell, Diane Schildmeyer, Dores Thompson, Iackio Barnett, Bobby Bates, Nori l-lanaoka, ROW 6: lerry Johnson, Rickie Bernardin, Terry Mertz, Marty Andersen, Dennis Kaiser, Edward Kauble, Robert Hararave, Larry Napier, Iameson Balcom. ROW 7: Dennis Hudson, Wayne Dawson, Tom Shery, Iames Knox, Iimmie Firlit. - - fi . .gr ml -f,,ims ., un IUSTICES OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL Iudy Zittle Norma Newniun Betty Boyd Ionice Sivord tChief Iusticel Mr. Bernard Sponsor STUDENT COURT Ioyce Endo Secretory-Treasurer Diane Schildmeyer Student Director of Sociol Activities Frank Minobe A.S.B. President lim Balcom ASB. Vice President 5 Dennis Hudson Student Director of Sports .sf STUDENT COUNCIL WINTER '56 SENIOR CONGRESS ROW 1: Sandra MacArthur tGirls' League Pres.7, Gordon Getz fCheerleade-rl, Prank Minobe KA.S.B. Presb, Bob Bates Cllth grade Beal, lay Hamilton I9th grade Beal, loyce Endo iSec. G Treasl. ROW 2: Gloria Grubbs ilOth grade Beal, loan Henley llth grade Flepj, Ethel Bean tlZlh grade Bep.J, Ianice Sivard iChief Iusticel, Ronnie Cole Cl2th grade Be-p.l, Dennis Hudson iStudent Athletic Coordinatorl, lim Balcom KV. Pres.l, Diane Schildmeyer iStudent Director Social Activitiesl. ROW 3: Betty Domon- oske C9th grade Councill, Terry Mertz 110th grade Beal, Richard Bernard CAdvisorl. ROW 1: Evelyn Sampson, Alice Navarro, Vera Holloway, Frank Minobe IPres.l, lim Balcom KV-Pres.J, Gail Boss, Marquita Davies. ROW 2: Ioanne Hall, Sandra Mac- Arthur, Mary Lou Morales, Sandra Wilkinson, loan Henley, lanice Grant, Linda Lewis, Minnie Biuz. ROW 3: Ioyce Endo, Donette Gray, Iudy Zittle, Ianice Sivard, Darlene Mata, Gloria Grubbs. ROW 4: Benny Flores, Ir., Bobby Bates, lay Hamilton, lim Ashe, Howard Draven, Don Wong, Keith Coble, Warren Thornas. ROW 5: Terry Mertz, Pat McNees, Norma Newman, Phyllis Swanson, Diane Schildmeyer, Mike Pitts, Steve Saracco. ROW 6: Eugene Minor, Dennis Hudson, Lyle Broughton, David Beneiiel, Ronald Richards, Buddy Hickman, Tom Shery, Bill Knocke. ROW 7: Dallas Griffin, Bob Brown. 111111 Ii :f.n.l1- l-1 - l gy,-M. wtt JUNIOR CDNGRESS WINTER '56 Louruy Stclmacl: President Sandra Adamson Vice-president Teri Stulmack Secretary ROW 1: Connie Gomez, Louray Stalmack, Sandra Adamson, Teri Stalmack, Beck Smith, Delores Bayon, ROW 2: Nancy Snodgrass, Sherwood Edwards, Herald Quadres, David Orris, Teddy Kobayashi, Ken Cummins, David Hawks, Duffy McVay. ROW 3: Barbara Conshafter, Pat Hogan, Iacintha Graham, Benny Stewart, Floyd Edwards, Charles Bean, lohn Schmidt, Robert Maddock, Donald Tipton, Fred Vaughan, Mr. Cost, Sponsor. mtmwwmimwmgemwtr-A-.rswmwmmtmme-:umm-1L+:mmf- - ie-H:,fr:-,T1f.-me-meitIwrf.twDyes-uma.-W--,Wf.:1'--me--fu-nmmpm-w-.:.,.!m,H,, .,,, ,,.,, ,,,,mf-IN,,eWmfe1.mmf.m..fA,,ef,ftwQnwymumweee,,.:,,n,m, ,, Queen Em PRINCESSES: Iudy VVUI, me IM y.II51ll111-II Nlmry IIclI1s Scmdxu MQCAIIIIUI' SIILIICII Chook, Icnicc Sxvurd. QUEEN OF MILK BOWL AND HER COURT SMILE OF HEALTH .pmxwx 471455, WTAE Ixwm IXfI4'L1:sc'I:wIm'1'. Tom Hcberland Roberta Holloway Wun South Was! Cho rupicmzrlaip L WINNERS ANNUAL TYPING CONTEST Karen Hcmudu lst U.: w.1nI5 11:-1 mumxtm Sally Humadu 2nd M11 wc mln: 11:-1 IIIIIIIIIU Mx. IINIIIHILI II10 litlv vi Chnl JANE ADDAMS ra ROW l: Glcria Olmeda, Donna Kimura. ROW 2: Alice Crovella, Mary Grafe. ROW 3: Gloria lohnson, Laura Tolbert, Linda Wiese, Miss Parks, Ioyce Endo. ROW 4: Lorraine Rothenberg, Sandra MacArthur, Diane lanssens, Nancy Maxwell. ROW 5: Diane Schildmeyer, Linda lones, Ethel Bean. ROW 6: Barbara Goar, Alice Carpenter. ROW 7: Vera Roberson, Phyllis Hazelbaker. Mrs. l-'riderich Sponsor LADIES ROW 1: Tsuruko Mine, Diane Kennedy, Colleen McCormick, Minnie Ruiz, leannie Pulido. ROW 2: lean Duhant, Barbara Reed, Shirley Washburn, Darlene Mala. ROW 3: Carmen Gonzalez, Celia Ochoa, Iucly Wolf, leannette Wright, Linda Boharinan. ROW 4: lennifer Bowen, loan Birchler, Donetle Gray, Doyleeri Williams. ROW 5: Pat McNees. Q CLUB ROW 1: Fred Hartman, Tom Shery, Bob Brown. ROW 2: Robin Pederson, Frank Minobe, Robert Harqrave, Larry Lewis. ROW 3: lim Mayo, Pete Zankie, Gary Robinson. ROW 4: lack Bourland, I. B. Balcom, Steve Saracco, Carl McDaniels. ROW 5: Ernie Redtern, Bob Norton. ROW 5: Robert Hultz, Bill Knocke, Mr. Marierithal, Gary Needham, Bob Kubo. ROW 1: Robert Harqrave, Bob Webb, Richard Kobayshi, Bob Kubo tPreSl, Mr. Turner, Iirn Balcom CV-Pres.J, Frank Minobe, Buddy Hickman, Tom Shery tSecy-Treas.l 0 U3 2 IH Il Z BARONETTES ROW 1: N111I BP11r11111C1, 11011111 S11:111c1, A1150 Navarro fPIUS.1, 1.lI1L1CI Lowis, 11mm C11st1Q tT1r1 1 1 11 1 I1 x11 1 X ROW 2: S11111 11 11111111 'sf' , Karl' 1,1v111.q:tu11, fv1vt11y 1N11'111am:i,1 1111511 Ct11'c1 Doran, ROW 3: 1101111111110 1W11n1Q1s, Betty 110111?11vs1:u 1Sv1'y.1, 5111111 Sl1f1'UT, C11'1ia k:Il11'1'S CV. P1vs.1, 111110 Vftidtr KV. P1051 ROW 4: 111101111 11111w11y, Ca1'111n As11Q, P111 3.n11w1sC11, Upizw B11'.vu1'. ROW 5: Sharon X1'1S1l1l111, Viukiw 111111-:11 1,.1V0rr1e Lewis 1X1sI1'y A1111 11111111, 1l11'111111 1qL1l1C1lOS. HOW 5: N1111 1111111 1.1111rv Ctxrk. BARONS ROW 1: Koi Kimura, Ie-it Lenton, Don Wa1- lace, Ronald Ornohundrc, Iames Isom, ROW Z: Ron Vx7a11acG, Don Wana, David De- France, Ed Betz. ROW 3: Keith Edwards, Hager Myron, Terry Mertz, Tim Bohannarl. Bcb Ha1verson, LIBRARY ASSISTANTS ROW 1: Mary Swcpe, Mar11yn Gibbinqs, Caro1yn Pinch, Patric1a Lcnq, Iorri Buzan, ROW 2: 11m Rogers, Rcna1d C1eve1and, G1en Ta1bct, Charles Berry. ROW 3: Linda 1N1111er, Iackie Krcwn, Ina Swcpe, Marcia M01o1:, Card Mathews. ROW 4: Carol Hurst, Mrs. Bcrdeaux, Mrs. Hanna, Ican Kretzsc11111a11. ROW 5: Trevor Cant, Ray- mond Huff, Terry Hart. Wi 4 e1,a,- , 3: . .Aim ,fqzz , 1: -Q-V A Na K, ,, in ' T Ls P Q , , 'N 4 .4 , x 3 -, 3,41 4 , .J 6 'M 'wr f A . 9 W 1' 3 W pa., I " Q ' ff' ' i 6' " 31 fs, 5 sw "' G l ' B ' xt 'Q . 35 1 i,Qg x wi! ' av .. Av k A ip ,,. , ss, . ' 'Qu 4 ' - - - .1 Q . ff "fi 4 r 1 E.. .4 U1 PHILHARMONIC CLUB ROW 1: Pat Portenberry, Reqis Stevens, Vice- president, Beverly Beckett, President, Arlene Kohl, lanice McNeal. HOW 2: Yvonne Gimenez, Sue Chapman, Marie Tomblin, Barbara Emery, Ioanne Hall, Linda Lewis. ROW 3: Ellene Drawdy, Donna Heavilin, Sue Hoy, Christine Grohs, Anita Io Friedricks. HOW 4: Patricia Beckett, Darlene Sanderson, Eugene Minor, Bill Francis, Ruth Thorneycrolt, Barbara Goar. ROW 5: limmie Fire lit, Virginia Haney, Elqie Wiqhtrnan, Hilda lones, Trevor Cant. ROW 5: Richard Crank, lackie Shumate. LE CIRCLE FRANCAIS ROW 1: Iohn Rcsenberqer, Presidentg Pat Ander- son, Roberta Connor, Ellene Drawdy. ROW 2: Mr. Emus, Sponsorg Earl Rasmussen, Ann Wesley. ROW 3: Oliver Craddock, l. I. Waters, Nancy Campbell, Amelia Collins, Marcia Molek. L' ALEGRIA ROW 1: Arlene Kohl, Beverly Beckett, Ann Rober- son ,Lucy McClellan, Patricia Fortenberry. ROW 2: Dona l-leavilin, Regis Stevens, Mary Lou Mor- ales, Ianice McNeal. ROW 3: Sandria Canning, Elqie Wiqhtman, Miss Banuelos, Patricia Beckett, Bill Frances. ROW 4: Euqene Minor, Melvyn Powell, Dennis Hudson, Bill Farlow. ROW 5: Robert Harqrave, Billy l-laslarn, Iimmie Firlit. SERVI LATINI ROW 1: Bob Duprie, loan Clark, Diane Kennedy, Wendel Michael, Wendell Simmons. ROW 2: Shir- ley Pekarek, Kathleen Williams, Ellene Drawdy, Valerie Saracco. ROW 3: Carl Rhodes, Connie Clark, Gwen Smith, Carol Mathews, Linda Mc- Reynolds. ROW 4: lack Patton, Gerald Ouimette, Gordon Routsonq, Tom Pence. ROW 5: Wayne Miller, Mr. Lawlor, Robert Barnett, Bill Knocke. RED CROSS Sitting Clockwise-David Crris, Nina Mce lellan, Don Wong, Mary Lou Morales, lulia Martin, Lucy McClellan. Standing Clockwise -Mrs. Battaqlia, Robert Allen, Iudy Arm- inqton, Carol Zufall, ludy Hardin. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB ROW 1: Marci Malek, Asst. Secretary, Barbara Emery, Earl Rasmussen, President: Mr. Emus, Sponsor, loanne Hall, Secretary. ROW 2: Sue Chapman, Treasurer, Amelia Collins, Ellene Drawdy, Wayne Bustos, ROW 3: lohn Rosenberaer, Russell Crane, Harold Gentis, Mel Campbell, Bob Chap- man. ROW 4: I, I. Waters, Oliver Crad- clock, Don Miller. HEALTH COMMITTEE ROW 1: Mary Lou Morales, Vice-chairman, Terry Mertz. ROW 2: ludy Zittle, Beverly Beckett, Patricia Fortenberry, Lucy McClelf lan. ROW 3: Bill Francis, Wayne I-laslam, Patricia Beckett, Jimmie Firlit, Elqie Wight' man, Ianice Grant, Sandra MacArthur, Sec- retary, Ann Roberson, Chairman. Thompson, Bette Boyd, Iudy Zittle, Kay Tonner 0 'O 1 l- Z SCIENCE CLUB FRONT: lane Rowe, Brenda Punches, Carole Ashe. BACK: Bonnie Kail, Mr. Pasquini, ludy Balcom, Dorothy Mendoza, Lonna Albaugh, lean Castle. ASTRONOMY CLUB fMr. Stoner, Sponsorl FRONT: Michael Singleton, Wayne I-laslam, Ronald Omohundro. BACK: Ellene Ransome, Shirley Davis, Ellene Drawdy, Arthur Basile, Gloria Smith. MATH CLUB iMrs. Bright, Sponsorl ROW 1: Kenny Koyama, Ronald Omohundro Paul Pulver, Bob Duprie, Bruce Kittrell. ROW 2: lo Ann Snodgrass, Barbara Sandusky, Dores I ROW 3: Charles Burrell, Roger Ambill, Floyd French, David Scott, Iim Flaqq, ROW 4: Ioe MacArthur, Ronnie Anderson, Rickie Bernardin, Steve Saracco, Larry lohnson, Ralph Koioff. ROW 5: Dennis Kaiser, Edward Kauble, Ierry Iohnson, Herb Provost, Don Regener. ROW S: Gordon Getz, Bob Chapman, Howard Eliot, Ronald Newby, Wayne I-laslam, Bob Peterson, Rob Munro. STAGE CREW ROW 1: Bob Beedg George MacKay, Neal Smlth, Stage manaqerg Chuck Fitzhuqhg Carl Gregory. HOW 2: larnes lones, Bill Sellers, Walter Cotton, Bennie Palm. BACK: Billy Taylor, lchn Marinccvitch, Mr. Cost, Bobby Bates, PROJECTION CREW tMr. Stoner, Spcnsorl ROW 1: Ronald Omchundro, Boqer Clarke, Stephen Ncthern, Charles Bean, Bch Burpc. ROW 2: Norman Minclue, Charles Lcfton, lchn Plant, lohn Schmidt. ROW 3: Bob Malcom, Bill Meyers, Lyle Green, Glen Kubo, Danny Mun- den. ROW 4: Wes Hansen, Dcn Beets, Stephen Martizia, Charles Morris. ROW 5: Larry Spar- inq, XNally DaPrcn. El ECO STAFF if Q Mr. Mr. Cone Staff Sponsor 5 FRONT ROW: Shirley Davis, Ellene Drawdy. MIDDLE ROW: Diane lanssens. BACK ROW: Ann Olsen, Shirley Andreotti, Suzane Riffel, Pat Mitchell. WINTER '56 GREEN AND GOLD Crawford ROW 1: Virginia Mahieu, Bob Harqrave, Ierry Iohnson. ROW 2: Virginia Haney, Carol Matthews, Bill Wettenqell. ROW 3: Mel Campbell, Ed Kauble, Herb Provost, Bob Peterson, Sharon Gossett. Mx. Berry Print Shop ff? 28 ,,.,, , 1 f, ,,,, 3? 5. WINTER '56 y,.. -nv ,SQ GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD FRONT: Mary Grafe, Sandra MacArthur, lean Dulflant. BACK: Doris Thompson, Miss Richardson, Alice Carpenter. DAUBERS tlvlr. Schaefer, Sponsorl Twilla Cobbs, Patricia Beckett, Patricia Fortenberry, Dennis Hudson, limmy Fir- lit, Elqie Wiahtman. THESPIANS ROW 1: Karen Kuykendall, Pat Fortenberry, Sherian Thompson. ROW 2: Beverly Beckett, Patri- cia Beckett, Ann Roberson. ROW 3: Euqene Minor, limmie Firlit, lim Allen, Mr. lohnson, Bill Fran- cis, Elqie Wiqhtman, Leo Neu- man. a ts,,t1wm :Qs -nm.. ,..,....,a + 3 ,. W. E 'N' ,153 mf.:-5 as gk 'Q 1 an if - I f .Y fi 5. M .H H, 1,5 i .,.k N in E , -R 5 2, L 4 - EVER is Y 3 ff P r pta E l ,ww 'P' S P g 1 E W M Q 'S ,F v 2 Lf' L K' G' ,Ii 5 RH A Q A I Era '1'k:6,a a fmjsyiftyr . It fl wx iw? ?"' i 313 1625?-gf? , X , fx Q p . if , Q. ' L ,Wm 5, 4'-u v 5. tx- ., ., x , f ff ,mil 'A n XR mf Q 23 ' :if MISS BANUELOS B-12 ROW 1: Beatrice Marquez, Kay Masukawa, Barbara Miller, Mary Helen Martinez, Virqie Pena. ROW 2: Colleen McCormick, Frank Guardado, Pat McEwen, Ruthie Munoz, ROW 3: Eddie Pena, Bob Chapman, Rick Markley, Mike Ludwig. ROW 4: Kiyo Nishimoto, Allan Murrell, Herb Provost, Katsuaki Mine. MR. FLETCHER A-11 ROW 1: Phyllis Posken, Gail Ross, Diane Pusich, Becky Simmons, leanriie Pulido. ROW 2: Ian Penaluna, Doroihy Rosenberqer, Irma Ranqel, Evalyn Shanklin, ROW 3: Gail Rob- inson, Eula Poaqe, loyce Schneider, Minnie Ruiz, lo Ann Rice. ROW 4: Mary Ellen Saurin, David Scott, Steve Saracco, lerry Sartor. ROW 5: lohn Rosenberqer. MISS LANCASTER B-12 ROW 1: Evelyn Sampson, Shirley Washburn, Barbara Thompson, Barbara Reed, Sandra Richmond. ROW 2: Doyleen Williams, Ioyce Rentmeister, Carl Wada, Nancy Campbell. ROW 3: Hideo Yoshinaao, Harry Quinn, Buddy Travers, Mark Woods. ROW 4: Ronnie Stanley, Iohn Stroope. MR. BERNARD B-12 ROW 1: Lola Gwaltney, Connie Daniels, Ro- berta Bandelin, Linda Gwaltney, Barbara Fos- ter. ROW 2: Donette Gray, loan Birchler, Ien- niier Bowen, Carmen Gonzalez. ROW 3: Georqe L. Koshak, Dorothy Griggs, Sharon Gossett, Linda Bloomer, Ronald Brunson. ROW 4: Leland Green, Bud Gilman, Charlie Kell, Iim Kellam. ROW 5: Bobf Brown, lim Harris, Tom lones, Richard Hollis, Darryl Currier. ROW 6: Howard Hentila, Harold Gentis. MRS. REICHERT A-11 ROW 1: Tsurulco Mine, Barbara Underwood, Donna Paltriclqe, loyce Oriani, Odelia Pena. ROW 2: Kathryn Partain, Paul Pulver, Norman Minobe, lames Neal. ROW 3: Celia Ochoa, Nonie Newman, Dorene Norris, Marcia Molek. ROW 4: Dick Mitchell, Larry Napier, Robert Nelson, Ronnie Palm, MR. DOSSEY A-11 ROW 1: Nancy Milan, Iudy Mayo, Marilyn Garry, Darlene Mata, Frances Mackey. ROW 2: loan Martin, Gail Makinster, Linda McRey- nolds, Carol Matthews. ROW 3: Wayne Miller, Pat McNees, Gary Morris, Carol Mathews, Larry Mickunas, ROW 4: Rudy McTee, Don Miller, Bob Miller, Bob Reynolds. ROW 5: Chris Macias. MR. STEINBERG A-11 ROW 1: Frank Theodosis, Marie Tomblin, Linda Spahn, Helen Trampus, Sherry Thomas. ROW 2: Pat Van Volkenburq, Linda Thayne, Sharon Thompson, Margaret Smith. ROW 3: Phyllis Swanson, Carol Sion, Allen Smith, Ruth Thorneycroit, Frankie Talbott. ROW 4: Gwen Smith, Darwin Smith, Martin Stanovich, Louise Turman. ROW 5: Paul Taylor. KS MR. HAMPSON A-11 ROW 1: Ioan Hill, Karen I-lamada, Karen Kuykendall, Lucy McClellan, Sally Gonzales. ROW 2: Marqie Gonzales, Gail Poster, Shirley Davis, Mary Helen Garrett. ROW 3: Terry Fuette, Gordon Getz, Floyd French, Frank Hurst, Helen Neighbors. ROW 4: Vonda Gil- housen, Carol Ludolph, Mary Lou Morales, Francie Gardner. ROW 5: Carol Hald, Carl Fron, Ronnie Gilchrist, Bill Hayes, Ralph Gullion. ROW 5: Tom Garren, Dave Hallinq, George Gorbet, Danny Gravett. ROW 7: lim A. Ginter. MRS. HOPLA A-11 loan Henley, Edwina Yarbrough, Kathleen Vartan. ROW Z: Charlene Watkins, Carolyn ROW 1: le-anette Hollinger, Carol Hellerud, Hess, Carol Williams, Ann Wesley. ROW 3: Betty Hickerson, Barbara Waters, Peter Zankie, Kathleen Williams, ludy Wolf. ROW 4: Lynne Wells, Ierry I-lornunq, Fred l-lameetman, Ieane nette Wright. ROW 5: Iohn Zell, Waylen Wake- field. MR. PROBERT A-11 ROW 1: Karen Covington, loan Clark, Willa lean Ferdinando, Ianet Combs, Betty Carlson. ROW 2:7 lean DuBant, Betty Creach, Kay Driscoll, Twila Cobbs. ROW 3: Amelia Collins, Lu Chalker, Sandria Canning, Dolores Con- celman, Brenda Conkle. ROW 4: Keith Coble, lim Flaqq, Albert Dreger, Dick Crank. ROW 5: Alvin Emmal, Tommy Carpenter, lack Elliott, Billy Crovella. -.1 :t::n.. m1 . 11 MRS. RENSLER A-11 ROW 1: Donna Knott, Sue Hoy, Linda Howry, Diane Kennedy, Carole Lohayza. ROW 2: Bill Kish, Gary lones, lerry lohnson, lim Lo- der, Larry Lawson. ROW 3: Ioan Kretzschmar, Rose Anna Kennedy, Dee Dee Lloyd, lackie Krown. ROW 4: David Kosoti, Larry lohnson, Dennis Kaiser, Edward Kaoble. ROW 5: Chuck H-oy, Iim Kaul, Roy Kakuta, Bill Knocke, David Holmer. ROW 6: Tom Houston, Don Lewis, Robert I-lultz. MR. TEORA A-11 ROW 1: Iudy Bear, Margie Bareem, Barbara Barnes, Alana Bliss, Sharon Benedict. ROW 2: Pat Bates, Annita Francis, Beverly Beckett, Shirlene Bradshaw. ROW 3: Ieannine Bech- told, Ianalee Bristow, Ann Bodermann, Linda Bohannan, Linda Bowman. ROW 4: Roger Ambill, Bob Bates, Wayne Bustos, David Benefiel. ROW 5: Gary Bell, Ted Bolas, Floyd Basile, Bob Bunch, Marty Anderson. ROW 6: Mike Ames, Paul Anderson, Lyle Brauqhton, Iohn Abbott. ROW 7: Clary Banks. MRS. VOSS B-11 ROW 1: Iackie Madrid, Annie Sallas, Beverly Yates, leanne Steiqh, Katie Maqallanez. ROW 2: Buddy Shipley, Doyle Wood, Ron Wallace, Don Wallace. ROW 3: Don Reqener, Bob Per- kins, Ted Unander, Ierry L. Smith, David Weed. ROW 4: Clara Giacopuzzi, Lavona Conner. MR. CHRISTENSEN B-11 ROW 1: Helen Chapman, Pamela Adams, Iudy Clements, Ianice Bell. ROW 2: Bonnie Brown, Ellene Drawdy, Ruby Brust, Dorothy Alvarez. ROW 3: Curtis Devore, Don Boyce. ROW 4: Hershel Adcock, Bill DeWalsche, Ray Bishop, Rickie Bernardin, Ierry Denton. Frank E. Cummings Ill, Wally DaPron. ROW 5: Franklin Allen, Ronald Dischner, Gary Dana, Gary Cope. MISS SUMI B-11 ROW 1: Geri Lopez, Cynthia Pedersen, Stormy Mahon, Prieta Leyva, Rebecca Marquez. ROW 2: Bernice Wilkinson, Gayle Orris, Madeline Whitson. ROW 3: Steve Martizia, Delores Kyl- linqstad, Roger Myron, Sharon Thomas, Steve Lohayza. ROW 4: Ronald Newby, Ronnie Mc- Peak, Steve Marsh, limmy Pearson. MR. IUNG B-11 ROW 1: Ianice Green, leri Henley, Linda Griffin, Vera Holloway, Patsy Pediqo. ROW 2: Barbara lollensten, David Fredricksen, Nori Hanaoka, Janice Grant. ROW 3: Chuck Rigas, Iohn Zaqala, Brook Hollis, Gordon Eisenbart, Louie Wilson. ROW 4: Bob Edens, loe Uranqa, Iirnmie Firlit, Dal Kleinhans. ROW 5: Jerry Harp, Bill Adams. ff vm' MRS. BYRKIT A-10 ROW 1: Linda Cameron, Charlene Buck, Bette Boyd, Eloise Bower, loan Bunch. ROW 2: Rob- ert Branch, Roberta Clarke, David Cahal, Bill Francis. ROW -3: Larry Bohannan, lim Carter. MR. HOPKINS A-10 ROW 1: Darlene Smith, Ioy Tomlinson, Sher- ian Thompson, Mary Swope, Dolores Turner. ROW 2: Wendell Simmons, Neal Smith, Allen Swanson, Theland Treadway. ROW 3: Debbie Smith, Heqis Stevens, Carol Simmons, Eliza- beth Sibon, Kay Tonner. ROW 4: Mike Tre- qarthen, Philip Smith, Gary Stephens, Billy Taylor. ROW 5: Kenney Todd, Roy Stephans, Larry Sparinq. MECHIKOFF A-10 ROW 1: Iackie Armstrong, Gloria Lamourex, Delores Scalise, Ellen Andersen, Fran Anania. ROW 2: Iaclcie Barnett, David Arbuckle, Steve McClunq, Geneva Armstrong. ROW 3: Bob Beaman, Ronnie Anderson, Robert Barnett, Wendell Baker, lohn Bird. ROW 4: Sydney Allshouse, Don Beets. DAVIS A-10 ROW 1: Carol Zufall, lane Wada, Marilyn Whitaire, Carla Westfall, Deanna Weiss. HOW 2: Gayle White, Elaie Wiqhtman, Gloria San- chez, ludy Zittle. ROW 3: Cliff Wood, Max Wade, Victor Vasana, Marvin Shufiield. MR. PARENT A-10 ROW 1: Sandra McGuire, Ioyce Loedice, Gloria Munz, Darlene MacDonald, Carol Mitchell. HOW 2: Linda Miller, Arleen Martin, Carol Noare, lean McLachlan. ROW 3: Marjorie Lostlen, Wendell Michael, John Miller, Roger Maddock, Marion Martin, ROW 4: Gary Wood, Ed Hundt, Robert Magee. ROW 5: Ioe Mac- Arthur, Leon McGill, Eugene Merot, Ronnie Tusin. ROW 8: Daryl Moore, Terry Mertz. MR. LANGAN A-10 ROW 1: Patricia Fortenberry, Iudy Hardin, Gloria Grubbs, Tootie Hasel, Cecilia Fuentes. ROW 2: Keith Foster, Eugene Gimenez, Ron- nie Hansen, Chuck Fitzhugh. ROW 3: Vergie Frazier, Barbara Harp, Ice Galloni, Nancy Drake, Penny Goethals. ROW 4: Dorothy Gor- don, Ronnie Higgins, Dale Gonzalez, Faye Gardner. ROW 5: Tom Gwaltney, Bob Hal- verson, Denny Fresenius, Wayne Haslam. MR. FULLER A-10 ROW 1: Alice Navarro, loan Reldief, Georgia Scopas, Barbara Neece, Betty Poole. ROW 2: Shirley Powell, Ioan Rosenthal, Barbara San- dusky, Shirley Pekarek. ROW 3: Ronald Omo- hundro, Earl Shanklin, Richard Ochoa, Donald Schmoker, Larry Rowell. ROW 4: Norma New- man, David Ritchie, Michael Rutz, Diana Scott. MR. CRAWFORD A-10 ROW 1: Bonnie Denton, Teresa Corwin, Ro- berta Clark, Bette Davis, Marquita Davies. ROW 2: Carol Clark, Deanna Davis, Ernie Eredia, Cora Creach. ROW 3: Bob Duprie, Gary Diffee, Rene Embres, David DeFrance, Wayne Coats. ROW 4: Sharon Chaddock, Don Pool, George Clark, Geanette Cooper. ROW 5: Iohn DiMeglo, Bill Combs, Edward Eliot. Fulton Edwards. MR HENDERSHOT B 10 ROW 1 Kei Kimura Paul L1nqu1st Steve Russak lerry Church Bob Reed ROW 2 lohn Marincovich Carl Rhodes George Mackey Glenn Kubo ROW 3 Lynn Miller Don Oelke Bruce Morace Walter Prince Bill Sellers ROW 4 lack Patton Tom Pence Gerald Oulmette Bill Myers ROW 5 Gordon Rout song Pat Manning Ronnie Phillips MR. HORN B-10 ROW 1: Iune Masukawa, Alice Moyle, Bar- bara Anderson, ludy Hedstrom, Karen Lowery. ROW 2: Fred Germain, Ray Shively, Richard Smith, Don Donq. ROW 3: Carol McDaniels, Darlene Ronninq, Lois Myers, Ruth Mapel. ROW 4: Bill Williams, Ronnie Richards. MR. RENIUS A-10 ROW 1: Bruce Kittrell, Barbara Howard, Linda Lewis, Caroline lanssens, Kenny Koyama. ROW 2: Hilda lanes, leanette Hess, Sharon Hutton, Ruby Holbrook. ROW 3: leffry Lenton, Ralph Kosoif, Gary Lee, Donna Reavis, Chris Howard. ROW 4: Rebecca Holstrom, Nancy Hollis. MR. TEAGUE B-10 ROW 1: Carl Gregory, Robert C. Clements, Dennis Chapman, lames lsom, Eddie C. Canter. ROW 2: Garvey Estrada, Ron Burpo, Dennis Holst, Gerald Bayer. ROW 3: lerry lack, David Ito, lack Gordinier, lerry Alba, lohn Adams. ROW 4: Ed Betz, lim lones, Walter Cotton, limmy Barra. ROW 5: Karl Ayres, Tommy Bollene, John Zimmerman, Bob Carpenter. MRS. GOULD B-1 ROW 1: Irene Ashby, Virginia Basile, Alice Iefirey, Eleanor Cavanaugh, Barbara Crovella, ROW 2: Dorothy Csizek, Carol Doran, Sandy Brown, Iackie Hoy. ROW 3: Betty Domonske, Sandra Carlson, Ianice Haberland, Barbara Emery, Geraldine Daniels. ROW 4: Marlene Henon, Margaret Curristen, Sharon Audell, Io' dine Fairchild. ROW 5: Sherry Birchler, Vir- ginia Kirkwood, Rosemarie Germain, Velma Huggins. ROW 6: Patricia Beckett, Ieanne Cronin, Sue Chapman, Sharon Cheek. MRS. IOHNSON A-9 ROW 1: Carol Surber, Carol Titchener, Max- ene Sibon, Sharon Thompson, Betty Tinney. ROW 2: Iames Shuifield, Mike Vogel, lerry Terry, Don Swanson. ROW 3: Tido Urrutia, Anita Tapia, Doris Skeens, Wanda Smith, Roger Smith. ROW 4: Mickey Valencia, Gerald Smith, Roger Smith, Stanley Stame. ROW 5: Willie Vasquez, Ierry Shanahan, Charles Shoemaker, Don Turner, Dale Stanley. MRS. HONNAKA B-10 ROW 1: Helen Suzuki, Sharon Piomanoff, Gloria Shaheen, Irene Olmeda, Lena Ortiz, Ioyce Orris. ROW 2: Pat Wilson, Betty Lou Palmer, Linda Pulido, Sylvia Nieto, Irene Perez. ROW 3: Verna Wilson, Diane Sivard, Nadene Taylor, Linda Paltridge, Shelvia Smith, Lucille Tuck. ROW 4: Francille Patton, Pat Milligan, Laura Powell, IoAnne Steigh, De- anna Shaw. ROW 5: Erma Williams, Dorothy McLean, Sharon Wisham, Kathleen Weiss, Barbara Vickers. MRS. BATTAGLIA A-9 ROW 1: Barry Williby, Russell Williams, Cal- vin West, Iames Zagala. ROW 2: Priscilla Malek, Ioyce White, Mary lean Young, Pat Strain, Ora Lee Williams. ROW 3: Tom Wol- ford, Gabriel Ramirez. .qi-t .f f W vl .,,.1 MR. SCHAEFER A-9 ROW 1: Elsie Madrid, Barbara Masi, Kaye Mc- Knight, Nina McClellan, Mary MacArthur. ROW 2: Don Mitchell, Gerry Mertz, Merril Mince, lack Mahon. ROW 3: Pat Milligan, Carylor Mclunkin, Pete Mendez, Dorothy Mendoza, Lyn McFarland. ROW 4: Mariwyn Mcculloh, Claudia Bass, Suzanne Willett, Steve Moffatt. ROW 5: Vincent Markuez, Bob Malcolm, Billy Meyer. MR. DOUGLAS A-9 ROW 1: Lorie Gonzales, Kathie Epperheimer, Dixie Harmon, Elizabeth Goad, Eddy Hager. ROW 2: Douglas Gravett, Ierry Hale, Ronnie Hanson, Glen Talbott. ROW 3: Clifford Grif- fith, Sue Hald, Christine Grohs, Charon Clark, Lillie Green. ROW 4: Harold Hasel, Richard Hale, George Harrison, Richard Gull. MR. CHASE A-9 ROW 1: Mary leane Lloyd, Bonnie Kail, ludy Lowe, Linda Kephart, Saundra Lolley. ROW 2: Karyn Livingston, Mavis Langerud, Laverne Lewis, Buddy Lotion, ROW 3: Philip Columbus. Bonnie Lichti, Martin Kvilvang, Iudy Lyon, Molly Lewis. ROW 4: Earl Kilgore, Pete Kretzschmar. MISS COTTER A-9 ROW 1: lames Ivey, Tommy Iones, Neal Hud- son, Helen Howard, Sherry Iones. ROW 2: Robin Hatfield, Geraldine lohnson, Shirley lohnson, Troy Hollinger. ROW 3: Pat Heath, Terry Holkestad, Edwin Iohnson, Raymond Huff. MRS. CARTER A-9 ROW 1: Ierri Buzan, Avenell Buchanan, Sheri Chasteen, Roberta Conner, lean Castle. ROW 2: Eric Kalland, Ruth Cavanaugh, Diane Cul- wick, Ronnie Cummings. ROW 3: Vickie Campbell, Bernice Clark, Bob Carl, lean Car: ter, Ann Cassidy. ROW 4: Barbara Cassel, Bill Cumiford, Eddie Coats, lanice Cook. ROW 5: Larry Cross, George Carter, Fred Bunch. Leslie Covey, Ronald Chowen. MR. HUNT A-9 ROW 1: Sherrill Berger, Patricia Bench, Rose- marie Baca, ludy Balcom, Lonna Albaugh. ROW 2: Charles Berry, Robert Stefanie, lohn Barajas, Charles Webster. ROW 3: Carole Ashe, Carole Bertschinger, Lynn Bateman, Pat Anderson, Clara Baldwin. ROW 4: Allyn lohnson, David Bankard, Bob Bird, Curtis Bohannon. n:wpmms MR. COBBS A-9 ROW 1: Helen Farmer, Darlene Fraser, Maro- lyn Fitzhugh, Carol Davis, Karen Doepping. ROW 2: George Dennis, Gae Flagg, llinda Ed- wards, Fred Eggleston. ROW 3: Marlys Ege- lund, Cynthia Dix, loan Dawson, Linda De- Walsche. ROW 4: Gary Davis, Wanda Dunn, Keith Edwards. MISS McCOY A-9 ROW 1: Nita Bourland, Evelyn Brenner, loan Rogers, Donna Base, Sally Bracamonte, ROW 2: Ierry Brett, Ronald Brurnbelow, David Bone, Neal Braun, ROW 3: Grace Bradley, Texas Walker, Victoria Brown, Mikey Gasco, Sharon Brown. ROW 4: Shephen Bladmon, Bill Brown. MR. STONER A-9 ROW 1: Pat Naluai, Pat Pinder, Diane Omo- hundro, Anna Provost, Peggy Parker. ROW 2: Dan Nieto, Ken Nishino, Richard Powell, Rod Peres. ROW 3: loyce Powell, Steve Portuqes, Melvin Potter, Steve Nothern, Carol Moore. ROW 4: Ray Owens, Ray Teague, lohn Phil- lips, Calvin Myron. ROW 5: lohn Plant, Mike Pinder. MR. FREIER A-9 ROW 1: Clifford Sanden, Nora Garrett, Linda Fuhrer, Gloria Smith, Carolyn Fryback. ROW 2: Kathy McCalley, Brenda Punches, Sharon Gilchrist, Anita Friedrichs. ROW 3: Shirley Galloway, Kenneth Freeman, Robert Garra- brant, Alvin Galbreath, Michael Nestell. MR. BURROWS A-9 ROW 1: lean Casteel, Marie Randall, Marylin Santi, Brenda Oueener, Connie Ramsey, ROW 2: Tom Reilly, Ellen Ransom, lane Rowe, Marie Shore. ROW 3: Iohn Russak, Leo Robertson, Gordon Redmond, Bill Rohac, Clifford Sartor. ROW 4: Bill Sandusky, Melvin Sava-ge, Iames Reser, Dale Ross A-9 CLASS OFFICERS Fred Germain, President: Don Wong, Vice- presidentg Lena Ortiz, Secretaryg Henry Armas, Historian. MRS. HUNT B-9 ROW l: Larry Rusk, Evelyn Simpson, Peqqy Wilson, Nora Soquie, Lloyd Tomlinson. ROW 2: Iessie Thomas, Linda Zaqala, Helen Todd, Eve Guterez. ROW 3: Christy Schweitzer, Lou- ray Stalmack, Cathy Schweitzer, Beverly Wood, Gloria Thorpe. ROW 4: Buddy Treve- than, Mike Smith, Robert Wallace, Ierry Skill- man. ROW 5: Bob Wolf, ludy Raymond, Ierry Walker, Shirley Warren, Dennis Willis. MRS. MCLAUGHLIN B-8 ROW 1: Kay Wenqren, Tomi Tado, Pamela Stetson, Edna Yoshii, Marlene Takaki. ROW 2: Beverly Wada, Bobby Warner, Huey Scoains, Clifton Tanoka. ROW 3: Mary Stanovich, Eve- lyn Salcido, Linda Saylor, Beverly Stahl, Kathleen Stien. ROW 4: Larry Stevens, Charles Themm, Leonard Wood, Larry Trippy. ROW 5: Shirley Terry, Sandra Smith, Iudy Zacher. IoAnn Serrano, Grace Thorneycroft. MR. MARONTO B-9 ROW 1: David Nair, Billy Pence, George My- ers, Ianet Pugh, Sharron Mortenson. ROW 2: Frances Millett, loy Qualls, Ann Pellam, Ruth Polovick. ROW 3: Deanna McGill, Elaine Mul- hem, Shelly Poindexter, Ianine Parsons, Sharon McNally. HOW 4: Allan Peacock, limmy Ohara, Doualas Potts, Dennis Ouimette. ROW 5: Deanna McCune, Carolyn Mullins, Gary Mortenson, Ianice Mayer. ROW G: Arturo Poi- rus, Frank Philpott. MRS. HILBERT B-9 ROW I: Kayomi Hanaoka, ludy lacobelly, Peqqy lollensten, Pat Iohnson, Sandy Gregory. ROW 2: Robert Maddock, Herman Gruse, Al- len Green, Rodney Macl-lale. ROW 3: Eutene Hider, ludy Grant, Sue Ann Martin, Myrna Hartmann, Vicky Kincaide. ROW 4: Roberta Holloway, Amber Inman, Gail Haslam, Garry Lawson. ROW 5: Dennis Martin, Sammy Kirk- wood, Brian Gray, lerry MacDonald. MISS SMITH A-8 ROW 1: Ioyce Usui, losie Vasquez, Pat Yuoka, Marilyn Uesugi, Barbara Wallace. ROW 2: Clifford Thomas, Iames Wadsley, Daniel Tre- garthen, Douglas Trombly. ROW 3: Maureen Wheeler, Patty Wheeler, Margaret West, Toni Wood, Ann Wilson. ROW 4: lean Woodworth, Lynne Welch, Carol Walker, Carol Walker. ROW 5: Bill Ward, Fred Vaughan, Bob Van Drew, Michael Warner, Robert Weeks. ROW 6: Margaret Watson, Linda Weed, Betty Watson, Rebekah Workman. ROW 7: Carol Van Dine, Kenneth Warren, Darryl Walker, lim Tindall, Ronald Thompson, lohnny Underwood, Mar- garet Williams. MISS MGCFARLAND A-8 ROW l: Peggy Sollars, Curtis Parnell, Karen Moore, Lavahn Murrell, Donna Patterson. ROW 2: Iudy Norton, lack Barrett, Charles Morrill, Richard Morris. HOW 3: Virginia Guotierrez, Louise Muro, Linda Moore, Carol Murray, Bon- nie Monson. ROW 4: Rita Amador, Phillip O'- Connor, lim Morace, Katy Olivarez. MR. MARKS A-8 ROW 1: Birdie Saenz, loanne Saireed, Socorro Rangel, Lucille Saracco, Ioarine Reed. ROW 2: Richard Pearcy, Terry Schmoker, Duane Plant, Douglas Poole. ROW 3: Linea Sausser, Brenda Reynolds, Robert Pendeltan, Elaine Robillard, Pat Pyeatte. ROW 4: Bill Rozich, Ted Ponich, Iohn Schmidt, Tony Ouadres. MR. GREEN A-8 ROW 1: Betty Bailey, Barbara Scott, Donna Shinn, Veljian Suzuki, lulia Somers. ROW 2: Edward Smith, Bob Taylor, Bill Snow, Ronnie Robbins. ROW 3: Kaye Smitte, Frances Slaughter, Linda Shore, Ioyce Takahashi, Bon: nie Smith. ROW 4: Bobby Scott, Sanford Sil- verstein, Ted Stracener, Marvin Smith. ROW 5: Carol South, ludy Scott, Sharon Smith, Linda Suarez, Sandra Tankka. ROW 6: Ronald Smith, Larry Shaw. MR. ROWLETTE A-8 ROW I: Tetsuko Kimura, Patty Ellis, Karen Loible, Bonnie Kuhn, Mary King. ROW 2: loycelyn Koephe, Velda loyce Kuykendall, Carol Lewis, Marilyn Keller, Paul-Hotchkiss, Linda Latham. ROW 3: MaDonna LaFleur, Preston Krasch, Teddy Kobayashi. ROW 4: William Long, Marcia Lee, Vickey Long, Carol Corral. ROW 5: lohn Kennelly, Jimmie Langie. MRS. FREDERICKS A-8 ROW 1: Howard Hood, Gary Hoist, lerry Hick- man, Walter Holdbrook, Tim Isham. ROW 2: lean Martin, Charlene Ingram, Cheryl Kalland, Dianne Isaacs. ROW 3: Shirley Huggins, Ioan Iohnson, loanne Kanqas, Sonja loyce, Sharon Hite. HOW 4: Anne Hubbard, lohn Tirme, Ierry Iones, Barbara lempson. ROW 5: Iim Iohnson, lon Ieter, Kaimo Karen, Dennis Howry H. R. Iarvis. MR. EVANSTON A-8 ROW 1: Frankie Michael, Tom McCormick, Bill MacArthur, Lynn MacArthur, Lynda Mead. ROW 2: Ramona Manchester, Connie Miller. Maureen Minobe, Kathy McAllister. ROW 3: Dick McLachlan, David McPherson, David Marcoux, loe Marquez, Curt Manning. ROW 4: Edna McDaniel, David McLean, Ted Martizia, Ramona Mead. ROW 5: lerry McDaniel, La- vern Matson, Mickey McCullah, Milton Luckey, Raymond Prince. ROW 6: Den Mclntire, Iohan Lysne, Dale Lancaster, Ken McNees. MR. EMUS A-8 ROW l: Linda Hofer, Marilyn Hayes, Lois Hess, Arlin Green, lanice Hamaska. ROW 2: Lewelhyn Griffin, Sylvia Alma Otts, Myrna Harris, Richard Henderson. HOW 3: Bill Graves, Bill Halverson, Bill Gleghorn, Walter Harrel, Charles L. Gonzales. ROW 4: Ronald Graif, Robert Graham. MRS. WRIGHT A-8 ROW 1: Rosita lnes, Marilyn Dexheimer, Paul Davis, David Dennis, Linda Combs. ROW 2: Daniel Conway, Stephen Clements, Brent Col- burn, Gene Desposito. ROW 3: Iames Davis. Barbara Clemens, David Dunkin, Olivia De- Rusha, Carl Cunningham. ROW 4: Mildred Dreyer, Iimmy Coulter, Bob Dunn, Ioyce Duda. ROW 5: Marnell Cox, Gary Davis, Doug Court- ney, Thomas Conner, Lola Sue Hall. MR. DEAN A-8 ROW 1: Ken Bolas, Wilson Carroll, Marcia Chamberlain, Stephen Brinkley, Robert Black- boum. ROW 2: Bonnie Buffalo, Iuanita Carlos, Roberta Carter, Diane Canillas. ROW 3: Stan- ley Blakeley, Bob Carter, Robert Bunson, Bob Burpo. ROW 4: Ray Burleson, Bob Braden, Danny Chambers, Willis Brinkley. 1-: unmf:.w,s:, nur:-.e:,1s 1, nr nm: -umm: MR. PASQUINI A-8 ROW 1: Frances Farmer, Georgia Eason, Ka- ren Egqers, Sunnie Eldred, Sherry Gay. ROW 2: Connie Darnall, Diane Gillgren, Mary Faith, Ianetta Punches, ROW 3: Joe Parish, Iames Dominici, Ralph Emerson, Gerald Gibson, Richard Eggett. ROW 4: Lyndal Garrison, Carol Gibson, Pat Matheny, Dayna Ivey. ROW 5: Linda Miller, Iames Eliot, Allan Hammack, Bill Gasser, Mary Feuara. ROW 6: Floyd Ed- wards, Ronnie Giffin, Dennis Eriksson, Paul Frost. MISS VAUBEL A-8 ROW 1: Donny Bishop, Bernice Akens, Diana Barbour, Dolores Ayres, Karen Arbuckle. ROW 2: Bette Beaman, Ianine Aspittle, lean Ander- son, Toni Almeida. ROW 3: Howard Benefiel, Kristine Berntsen, Viola Arrey, Joanne Beery. Iohn Armstrong. ROW 4: Babs Ames, Virginia Banard, Sharon Beeson, Charles Balderama. ROW 5: Billy Ashley, Iack Bentley. ROW 7: Paul Andrade, C. Barajas. MISS LINDEMAN B-8 ROW 1: Sue Nix, Toni Perachene, Iudy Pound- ers, Dolores Munoz, Bessie Pedigo. ROW 2: Barbara Payne, Verla Norris, Patricia Robin- son, Gary Rickard. ROW 3: Iames Pugh, Bill Pool, loe Ramirez, Jerry Notz, Felix Montoya. ROW 4: Dale Oelke, Ronnie Roberts, Patrick Nieto, lack Rubio. ROW 5: Dan Robinson, Iohn Rik, Iimmy Mork, Larry Rhyme, Verne New- som. MISS CHASE B-8 ROW I: Barney Bradley, Frances Bingham, LeRoy Born, Lynda Bishop, Michael Bradshaw. ROW 2: Bill Cobbs, Robert Bronson, Richard Bunch, Leon Cigar. ROW 3: Kathleen Allen, Mary lean Cook, Ioyce Cornell, Pat Ballard, Ecco Booker. ROW 4: Mary Chudy, Veronica Carter, Iudie Armington, Bill Cobb. ROW 5: Donald Christensen. CON TRERERAS B-8 ROW 1: Carl Griffin, Ianice Loible, Connie Goethals, lacqueline Lenton, ludy Garrison. ROW 2: Tomie Lee Hanna, lanice Loedige, Lynda Kemp, Paulette McGaffey. ROW 3: Frank Markley, David Hawks, Clifford lchiy- asu, Howard Luyt, limmy Hickerson. ROW 4: Reynaldo Gonzales, Wayne Matthews, Arthur Graves, Walter lames. ROW 5: Maria Men- doza, lanet Gimenez, Iacqueline Hardinge, Marlene Mills. ROW B: Daniel McCarty, Charles lohnson, Jimmy Hansen, Mike Miller. ROW 7: Don Galloway. MRS. COOPER B-8 ROW 1: Kay Edwards, Betty Emmal, Sharon Forseth, Shirley Culwick, Iune Fernandez. ROW 2: Kenny Dobson, lerry Croskrey, Doug- las Friend, Philip Estrada. ROW 3: Kenneth Cummins, David Creager, Frank Flaherty, Kenneth Ellsworth, Bud Finch. ROW 4: Gwynn Diffee, Iacintha Graham, Madeline Fowler, Bernice Flores. ROW 5: Allan Dobbins, Ray Davis. ,gm-1... m, fi' rf. ir.- MRS. BISHOP A-7 ROW 1: Michael Zamora, lohn Wall, Donna Willoughby, George Wilmer, Larry Wilson. ROW 2: Sandra Williby, Linda Watkins, Bar- bara Whitmill, Penny White. ROW 3: Ronald Willis, Carol Workman, larnes Walsh, Bar- bara Wyatt, lohn Wolford. ROW 4: Bobby Waldie, Frank Weisman, left Waters, Harold Walker. ROW 5: Bobby Wyatt, David White. MR. BRYAN A-7 ROW 1: Kathy Ashby, Iudy Andulsky, Vernon Alford, Sharleen Aguilar, Rosemarie Anania. ROW 2: lanet Berry, Gwen Baker, Sharon Aguilar, Cecilia Ann Braman. ROW 3: Ran- dall Albauqh, Ioe Bridwell, Peggy Bariield, Samuel Allen, David Beard. HOW 4: Bobby Bradshaw, Gary Bohannan, Tom Bell, Charles Bradshaw. ROW 5: Bob Bloomer, Iim Brown, Deloris Bone, Don Aycock, Fred Austin. ROW 6: Virginia Bunn, Sandy Balchin. MRS. SLOAN A-7 ROW l: Nashie Stango, Carl Stokes, Kaysee Tsuji, Charles Thomas, Ronnie Tomlinson. ROW 2: Barbara Tinney, Hedy Takahashi, Ierry Ann Stracener, Cecillia Kay Trippy. ROW 3: Barbara Stanton, Teri Stalmack, Carole Tag- gart, ludith Tice, Marilyn Swanson. ROW 4: Bennie Stewart, Donald Tipton, William Strandt, Eddie Storti. ROW 5: Bill Tenney, Linda Storti, Donna Vincent, Micha Uranga, lohn Stame. ROW 6: Iames Tooch, lack Taylor, Buddy Touvell, Rex Thorpe. MRS. STRONG A-'7 ROW 1: Stephen Singleton, Dennis Sellers, Anita Fernandez, Ray lanthus, Nancy Snod- grass. ROW 2: leannette Simmons, Ruthann Rose, Loretta Shuflield, Glenda Smyth. ROW 3: Virginia Skeens, Becky Smith, Gloria Iean Rosales, Dorothy Alice Burrell, Priscilla .An- drea Soqui. ROW 4: Larry Robertson, Gary Smith, Steve Rohac, Bernie Sante. ROW 5: William Simpson, Glen Rosenthal. MISS LUEDKE A-7 ROW 1: David Orris, Michael Mitoma, Kath- leen O'Meara, Iudy Nishino, Ida Munoz. ROW 2: Dolores Moyle, Linda Morace, Rosemary Moreno, Marjorie Morgan. ROW 3: Charles Nester, Michael Murakami, Iimmy Milligan, Bob Neese, Frank Newling. ROW 4: Barbara Ouimette, Rowena Owens, Myron Magnchild, Carol lean Neveau. ROW 5: Harold Morri- son, Clifford Nicholson, Paul Myers. MR. LEEDY A-7 ROW 1: Kathey Kanawyer, Madglina Marquez Lynda Meyer, Mary Medina, Marguerite Mac- Arthur. ROW 2: Freddie McKenzie, Iohn Lowe, Conrad Morales, William McKenzie. ROW 3: Lynn McKay, William Lunebring, Harry Macias, Allan Littlefield, Richard Knowles. ROW 4: Brenda Machado, Linda Lee, Linda Linquist, lda lo Lowry. ROW 5: Norma Lee McKnight, Arline Adele Leino, Ioanne Koepke, Donna McCalman, Diane Means. ROW B: Mike McMahon, Bill Kuest, foe Lechner. MR. ROSSEN A-7 ROW 1: Terri Lynne Provost, Eva Richmond, Diane Poche, Sharon Powers, Gloria Poole. ROW 2: Peter Reilly, Harold Quadres, Michael Pliego, Robert Potter. ROW 3: Ronnie Pea- cock, lim Rutz, Bobby Pounc-ey, Harvey Pos- kin, Claudia Parker. ROW 4: Karen Rent- meister, Barbara Redmond, Dianne Plumb, Iune Parris. ROW 5: Kathy Rathmonn, Sharon Pratt, Sandra Platisha, Candis Riddell, Vir- ginia Purgason. ROW S: lim Rogers, Randall Reynolds, Lary Reece. LITCHFIELD A-7 ROW 1: Billy Kainu, Mary Ann lvey, Sherry Kephart, Ianice Iones, Gilbert lsom. ROW 2: Laura Kaufman, Annette Hollinger, Mary Kane, Donna Hollowell. ROW 3: Darline Ver- trees, Gene Key, lohn Kilgore, Susumu Ito, Delores Bayon. ROW 4: Sharon Hutchinson, Callie Hollis, Violet Hodges, Emma Ieifries. ROW 5: Larry lack, Marcia Iacobson, Pat Hogan, Sharon Hoppert, Dennis Hume. ROW S: Robin Huhta, Iohnny Jenkins. MRS. HORTH A-7 ROW 1: Donna Fuette, ludy Gleqhorn, Shirley Griltin, Gilbert Guerrero, Ronald Galvin. ROW 2: Alice Grcverman, Bennie Gipe, Georgina Fukuzaki, Lorraine Greaory. ROW 3: Brian Gibson, lirnrnie Grernminaer, Mary Lee Gall- stead, Raul Granadoz, Charles Grudzinska. ROW 4: Lani Foster, Sandra Fletcher. ROW 5: Sandra Gibson, Gladys Grathe. MRS. DINGLE A-7 ROW 1: La Mar Edwards, Helen Esteb, Diane Dexheimar, Barbara Duke, Arlene Donohue, ROW 2: Rita Sue Davis, Susan Farwell, lanis DeM0rehman, Mary Ellen Farmer. ROW 3: lames Feld, Vtlindell Doud, Gerald Embers. MR. GRAHAM A-7 ROW 1: Robert Hebert, Iohnny Helton, lack Hayer, David Hess, Victor Heiner. ROW 2: Donna Hummell, Marilyn Hall, ludy Hill, Sandra Henderson. ROW 3: Billy Hazher, Buddy Haney, Horace Harris, Richard Hald, Thurman Hale, ROW 4: Mary Haley, Virginia Hilliker, Anorene Hider, Paula Hart. ROW 5: Myra Mae Hrbbs, Linda Hall, lacklyn Herr- mann, Karl Hellstrom, Deua Gardner. ROW 6: loo Hernandez, Norman Hellerud. MISS CICORIO A-7 ROW 1: loelann Cabal, Lydia Burke, Lillian Bustamente, Vera Burk, Dwanda Covey. ROW 2: David Bunch, lames Copeland, lohn Buell. David Crose, ROW 3: Durwocd Clark. lim Coulter, Ronnie Chatterten, Tim Cabella, lim Cunniqhn. MR. LEE B-7 ROW 1: leif Andrade, lchn Bauer, Charles Canilles, Danny Byers, lNayne Cobbs, Eric Ballantyne. ROW 2: lill Armstrong, Shirley Bingham, Linda Berry, Diane Bradley, Peggy Bender, Geraldine Beneiiel, Barbara Bower. ROW 3: Mike Conner, Larry Brink, Paul Alexander, lames Bandelin, Robert Barrera, Richard Craig. ROW 4: Penny Coil, loan Brink, Emily Chambers, Sherry Algee, Bonnie Baker, ludy Armstrong, ludith Braddock. ROW 5: Mr. Lee. MR. HALEY B-7 ROW I: Denny Suzuki, Tirnm Vvfzinc-r, Bus- sell Tighe, Harry Eayrnr nd, Derek Wheeler, Edmund Tenn-er, Be-rriife Beliellfp ROW 2: Evelyn Tregithcn, Fr znkie Ward, Margaret Banieriz, Cir:,l Steinzzrzck Circlyn Vvlest, leyce Bobinscnu Annette Sizrriier, Louise Swepe. ROW 3: lxlarilyri Taussefiu, Mary Trieas, Sharlene Linda Bc:-.'ct, Gloria Bebinscn, Patzicii 'Milt igf, l-inet Benning. ROW 4: lvfike Siqnlz rd, Hike Bfittcrree, Carl Schilling, Melvin Them is, Al Bichtcr, Bon- ald Wlillifrms, Biisseli Wrzlker, Glynn Sim- mons. ROW 5: Amelia Soto, Mr. Haley, Kathryn Vfilscn, Trudy Scott. MR. RUSSELL B-7 ROW 1: Bennie Gonzales, Stella llei- nandez, Kimi Hanaeka, Brenda Gravett, Sylvia Gilliousen, Donna Gersdcrt, Ben- nie Davis. ROW 2: Larry Hammond, lack Francis, lames Henry, William Frantz, Ernie Fowler, David Germain, lirnmy Demerath, ROW 3: Sandra Greg- ory, lrene Davis, lean Davis, Yolanda DiMeglie, Lydia De-Leon, Suzzie Green, Carol Holland. ROW 4: Skippy Estes, Billy Dutro, Lee Gervais, Marvin Hud- sen, Lennie Heliner, David Greverinan, ROW 5: Slierril Edelen, Charlotte Evans, Mr, Russell, Carol Hoffman, lackic Gcnderman. MRS. MORGAN B-7 ROW 1: Mary McConnell, Barbara lones, Dercthy Nares, Lorna lcnes, Sandra Marsh, Diane Mahoney, ROW 2: Gary Perkins, Eddie Leyrnan, Danny McVay, Larry Nunaher, Darryl Kaiser, Fticnard Nieto, Harry Piccc. ROW 3: Bcai Martinez, Bcnald Nelson, Vv'ifliam Pine, Doug Morris, Frank Pena, lohn Paul lcnes. ROW 4: ludy Marsh, Eileen Lovell, Terry Olsen, Mrs. Mergan, Toni Mcntane, lcyce Pfrtfcn, Caref liflritthews, ROW 5: Bruce Lee, Wiliiarn Licht, Beh- ert Kezikiewicz, Dennis McGill, Larry Laneasifr, Flay Miller. MRS. HAYES A-8 ROW 1: Wilbur Fukazaki, Bobby Dool, Donna Fuller, Richard Crane, Bruce Foster. ROW 2: Connie Gillyard, Faustino Gallegos, Ronnie Cook, Nancy Coil. ROW 3: Bette Fiscia, Cath- erine Fitzqerald, Gary Fraser, Rachael Orr. ROW 4: Gerry Gallant, Iames Gordinier. f fr ' . I 4, lb. ,L ' 1 I . f QL A 1 G-' , ,4 .' ' l 7 IJ, g 11 .uf Q! ' sql U' .- V .V F U ,th A- X. , .jf gl , , L I Z tawux' I I' 1, Y' I ' nf' ,ill 4 1 '. "J 1 ,p 1 t . -1 f ff' . f , f' Q A. l' 1 I., ff d , 1 4' J' 1 af 1,51 ' s i . Q 1 , ,cw N-.1 I . .. ' 1, 4 9 3 .f . V In 'J' 17 'Af X ' ..,' 52 I ,Le .ffl f 'll '1 , 1. MISS HARRISON A-8 ROW 1: Ronnie Bohannon, Gary Bechtold, Mitchell Allred, Charles Bean, Roger Clarke. ROW 2: Barbara Bohannon, Ioanne Arm- strong, Marilyn Andulsky, Carmel Burrola. ROW 3: Sandra Adamson, Carol Birchler, Ioal Bodermann, Florence Aldrich. ff- ,A-, uk I A, . - ' , Lf! . 7 'I kg MJQ, ' 1 , .1 5' r, llf . L, , 1 I ' ij !1 .. , .l "r, 4l"' ' 5'if"4"l I 4 I ,W h, J, .f lfftff 1 1 1 ,Y ,Q 1 n XJ 'A-, sf ' ll A I I an ,QA Q ' 1 Y ,, ,A ,W1 ' Q 'Q . -f " if 4' Q EX aff' 'W' 5 4, 4 , ROW 1: Derrrrrrrr Wor55ri, Mrrrnyr Mdek, Shirley Murrrrr, Kerry Henry, Cerrrpr W I N T E R 5 6 Orhcrr, Lrrrrfto Brel, Gfryrr: Qrrrs, Irfrrrr Henry, Rudy WGN, Lrxrrrfrryrr Mvyclrs. ROW 'I.: Gu-:crr Srrrrrrr, Curr N rtrrews, Srrrrfrrsr Mr1.:1Xrrrrur, Msrureiro Srmw, Prrr G A NPNOCS, Brrbqrrr Hfvrci, hurry Ckcrrrorrrs, irfrrrrur Trffrwcrr, Cyrrrhrs Pfdfrrsorr, Dcnrrcr ROW 1. K 1 ' 'A' BOARD W.5B Hirrrr':rr'rr,WK4ry M1rsrrkr"f:.1, rlrrrrralfpvrrrr1rr'rrQy0r,V1Ifwfrrfrrr 'rrclxrrfl Srrrrley PCWQN, MAY C cimxr H :fsr.ltr1'.',' , L ,X Y M Q rfryrrrs tpwrrrrsrrr. ROW 3: K 'rrrr Di 'Nr-rrlhcws, Cmrrqr Babb, Qrrrcr Hurd, Hlrrrrrjo Twig 'Ft 1I1rra,4IA1fiY rxrv-ir.f.'ROwX1 IMM-11 F105 ujvfrr, ,lyme C,rxrr:r,,rr1r-r, B-rrrmrr kcgsrrr, My 'Yr-rrrrrynsorr, rrxrnne Srorqrr, brorru D mm KlI'!' Lfyrzthll F' IAM 21 mmf, vyrv-,IMI Trrrrrrrm, rrrrrrrir f'Xrrrrrrrs, Prrrurz Nrrvrzrri, harm Wrrrxr, Horse? Bower, Mrrry Lou Im Hg. If-IQIVI. ROW 3: Ck N 'ff wvirr Gvhfn V' Mrfrrzres, INr,rrrr4r 'fly-wrrrrrrfr, Llrrrrrr-rvr Qlrxrrrnrros. ROW Az! Vrxrrrrrr Svrrrrr, Karen f-NA, yrkq x',gx'T'x11 Nrrlw H ,Q 'f? H'i1r1trp1fky B NUHSQU, Arrrirrqrr H.:7frr4!.r'r, Kwrrsga Hrrwru, Krrrqpfgrrro Crrrrrs, Lrndn Korres, Nrrrrcy X'1Wf' Omg' N Irlr 21.1-,Hill FH r1,rrrrrw'r:ekr, i.r'rrc'r be-.rrr, Crrrckyn Hawes, Hrrrrr Ylryc Pocxqe, Roqrs Stevens, Dcrrru ' 'Y 'r1X':.'vl' rl X Henvelrrr. r A . rrrg I m rr, Mrni, fimwli YY vp Nr hw Y ' XY .,,r SUMMER '56 A -A ,P Uk ,gl K.: f '-:f 'nb ,, f, G.A.A, Mcxxxvxxxx ML'GOx-, HOW 1: Pxxxxx- xx Ixll xxxx ,',, xxxxxx, Dx xx 5 Thx xxxxsx-rx, Lxxxdxx ilxrxxxxxx, Cffxxxx Oxxx ., K -x "'x i',Y.x':xxxlx, Nxxxxxx NC-wxxxxm, Rudy 211119, Icxx Ucxxxy, Pxxx Mf'Nm'vL1, Ah 'fx N -ff zxxxx, Xix 'xxas ijxr vw xxs, ROW 2: Vxx-xxxxixx Qf,Xl1lI1x,xL1S, Cfxxxcx Bfxxfxx, Dxxzxxf .'w'xxx'xxHx x W 'xxxfx K xafxx, Lxxxflx Llxxxixxx, Sh xxrxn Nxxxixxxcxxx, hxfly fix' xxxf-mes, K xxx xx Y-if xnxx xx, ixxxxxxlx x LX xv.1Xxx':xux, Slxxxxrxx Kxxfxxsxk, lucky Wfxli, Plxyllxz-3 Liwzxxxizc xx, L3 xyxxx Oxxxxs, Yule YL,-x xxx, C xxxlyxx Ucxsg, Cf xxxxx Hrxxci, BOW 3: Bfmxxxfx Vvlxxd, Dxzxxfxxxx xi xxxxxxx x, Ufxxf xx fixx7xxkx, C1 xxcl Dnxxxxx, Mxxxxxrxxxz Uxixwxx, Gexxy YDxlYXiV?xS, Lmxxxzxyxx xfxxxyfxia, 1GYU','1i N'NxxfxX, Kxxl Mxxsxxxkfxwxx, 'xiuxbcxxxx Yosxcx, Bcxxxy Boyd, Uv xx xx Vxx xx xxx xxx, Dxxxxxf' K-xxxxxfxdy, Kfxy Txxxxxxcx, IXNPQ Cfxx- pnzxxxox, Kfxilxy N'.'x'x'xxxxxxxea, Lxxxaix xix' f xxxfx, Mxus U1 xwxfx. 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ROW 2: Shrrrcn Cihrrolc, Slirirori Honiuriolf, Dirrlc-ne Bonnincq, Marilyn Srmti, lpino lflusukriwrr, Corrol Doran, ROW 3: Mrs, , l-lonnolcsr, Merrill lilirivci, Sharon Brown, leon Cronin, Mzrrqorot Curristun, W ' N T E R 5 6 Sharron Monroe. 9th GRADE G A A ROW 1: Cathy Schweitzer, Bonnie Koil, Gerry Mortx, Indy Lowe, Criiral lvl: rifr, lliitli Covonouqh, Pot Hearth, ROW 2: Miss Litchfield, Mirry Ann Hong, Koren llfeiiiiuinq, Nita Bourlond, Carol Dovis, Sandro Adornson, Glorir Tlrcipo, Florrincso Ahiiicli. ROW 3: Phyllis Whitrner, Korlene Hold, Dorothy Mendoza, C.,riol Titclionur, Marilyn Sonti, Ann Pellom, Noncy Coil, Carol Birchler, loy Quolls. ROW 4: Mfnie Walsh, Beverly Wood, Sherill Berger, Ioonne Armstrong, Christy Schweitzer, Clrrrr: Baldwin. ROW 5: Morilyn Fitzhuqh, Christine Friel, Merrill Minco, Claudio Buss, Sharon Brown, Ann Anunio, Sherry Tones. SUMMER '56 ,, . . ,. ritz .i uv, ' nz- it 'ss u , onsrzr, Sliirrvn Brown, Pitts. 57 RHYTHMICS HOW 1: Iorri ljxiztznno, Prissillr Mellor, Helen How- ard. HOW 2: Ann HCl,l"ISf?l'l, Sandria Canninci, Nancy JUNIOR SWIMMERS ROW 1: Kathy Madkllistvi, Eva Richmond, Donna Willoughby, Diano Pocho, Linda Linqiiist, Linda Mcyor. ROW Z: Sharon Pratt, Sharon Ilapport, Ioan Myhancl, Lfini Pastor, Myra llilwlws, Brenda Muchado. ROW 3: Linfla Latliain, liifrr D',IVIS, Diario Dexhoirncr, Miss Litchfield, Sandra l-lzitrinlfwrson, li rrlara V!l1itnoll,BcVCrly Stahl, llcllifz, l'r infis Mt-Kay. ROW 3: llolnecca llolstrom, Touch. KMiss lrlivlifrrrisoril, Vffrfl RCLEEISCH. DRILL TEAM ROW 1: Carla Westfall, Iean Castle, llelnocgca Marquez, Shcri Chastocn, Lorie Gonzales, Polly Basile, Marolyn Pitzhuzgh, Connie Ramsey, llrrlfn Suzuki, lritnlvara Noose, Marilyn Santi, Carol Davis. ROW 2: Bonnie Kail, Carol Snrlarvr, BTONFITI Qnoftnor, Nita Bourland, Burlaara Masi, Indy Baloorn, Lcnfr Ortiz, Dorothy Mendoza, Karyn Livinfgsion, Carol Titrhnor, Rclwrfrta Connor, Mary Swopn, Karon Dooppina, Carol Doran, Verna Wilson, ROW 3: Bucky Simmons, Indy Lowo, Sharon Brown, Barbara Rico, Doanna Davis, Geraldine Drrniols, Maraarot Gonzalos, Ianice llalnorland, Gcrry Mort7, Linda Puhror, Bronrla Funfhos, Gao Flaafg, lillcn Ransom, Lnpi llcrnandoz, ROW 4: Cfrrol Asha, Diana Sivarrl, Marlcne Henan, She rryl Boraor, Diane Culwick, Maxine Silvan, Valorio Szrracco, Mary Ann llcaq, Linda Millcr, Nancy Hollis Pics., Shirloy Iahnson, Linda I-lowry, Pat Anderson, lna Swope, Molly Lewis, ROW 5: Pfrt Bcckrftt, Sharon Wisharn, Charlotlo Wrilkers, Marcia Gasco, Rclgocca llolrnstron, Sandra Barnett, Lavcrno Lowis, Sharon Check, Vifkio Campbell, Iudy Lyons, Christine Clrohs, Anita Io Froiclricks, Ioaninc Bcclitold, Carolyn Finch, Natalie Hawkins, Bernice Hillilcer, Vickie- Brown, Patricia Bonch. gui Q---lni-ni1,. .gulf Q:-311 -1. 1-nn-1,f vu-if fr-u SONG LEADERS ROW 1: Nctrtcy Slam-3, Sandra MacArthur, Pat lVlcNeeS ROW 2: Mary Grote, Gloria Grubbs. ' Q s. YEll LEADERS ROW 1: Stormy Mahon, Gordcfn Getz, Steve Lchcyzct. ROW 2: Imm Allen. 2 Q I . . 2 , 3 F 'F x i '- R xl r i l I 11 1 21 P g ' Q7 5 4 is 1 Q Q 1 VARSITY LINE-UP Dallas Griffin LE 34 Kei Wada RT Gary Needham BE 35 Ierry Hornung LG Bob Brown LH 36 Iohn Wilson Bill Waldie LH 37 Bill DeWalsche Ernie Redfern FB 38 Carl Wada RG George Gardner Q 39 Dale Pearce LT Howard Hentila FB 46 Fulton Edwards LE Rodell Decker RH 48 Iirn Ginter LT Ioe Uranga C 49 Bob Webb LE Tom Shery LG 50 Clary Banks HT Don Begener RG 51 Iim Harris RG Mike Butz C 53 Carl McDaniels LT Capt. Bob Kubo C 54 Tom Iones RT Harry Quinn LT Mgr. Lyle Green Lee Iones RH Mgr. Buddy Lofton Larry Willson LE Mgr. Gerry Terry Carl Frownfelter Q Coach Alex Mechikoft MARINE LEAGUE STANDINGS W L T San Pedro .......................................................... 4 O 1 Iordan .......... ....... 4 l O Banning ........ ....... 2 2 1 Gardena ..v... ....... 2 2 1 Narbonne ....... ....... l 4 0 Westchester .......................................,.............. O 4 l Form the first kick-off to the last gun Narbonne boys gave their best to win. However, they dropped their three practice games-with Bell 26-12, with Morningside 14-0, with South Gate 30-0. By the time the league games began they were stronger, but they lost to Gardena 7-0, Banning 13-6, Iordan 19-0, San Pedro 21-7, but they won their last game through inspired playing 18-14. 1555 is ,s EL V . ,,.. 41 i ,L?L 5 A VLLZ LA L,Q 1 ' i,LL A :il l':Wl E2 ,. gg, . 1' f f -1 ' M 1 W Y t 1 ..,!:- ,,- j V ,am if N h 13 3+ As Nr S3 'fu x Q 15 re QL Y p 'av 3' AX gf if 'S 'ff Wk' im Ag Q 5 F' A? x - ww I ' ,K . ' 'fu -1 :fx I ef 1 W V. in 'Q VL' 5' t . A 3 B In M 1 7 'i nh. :lx A J ,S .. , A? N, W F, ., , ,. 2 I ,, N, A W AVQAN M IAI iw Li K A A .AN . A mi A, n aw, K an W sw W5 . . . - Y A-fix ,mil 5 QQ! f 2 if mf is ,,, ei A if A 'fm A ,S P L1 fir Y J 7 'L W L4 .W W, lQ Hi f F' A 'fw M, ' Q N In sph W' In I 'W Wd x " , K in 1 ggi E ' p N Q... FS' .aj 59 inf? ,W ? N , ,K u NW " " T by ' jf? W i 1 is ' A ' AZ H 15 ' 'im ,,.:L A ' W K Q R -- fm 'f 1' J--. , . ' W feng, if A . if A N 1 H, wk 1 5 W :1'1 g ,,hZ f z"J V, ' 1 In X - 2 , 4 niyy .. L 7 5 A' HY L A Y , Lf 28 5 J L . ai L"L L, 1 V X. - Q 1 A N5 ,. . -' iq Am W 5? Ji 5 Q fa 'J 1 S I if if 'fi mr 'ff if -fx' QN .xv Ma ,J , a fvzwx . 4- ...ywf ' '- if 3 sh Qu? 4-M 1 f Ls: Ya wffaf.. f-.Li .si 2 yffw ' , E qs' f 1 x W fe: ,. my, fv 5 5--,Auf N ROW 1: Bob Kubo, Fred Hort- rnen. ROW 2: Ted lshom, Bobby Bates, Mr. Morientltol. ROW 3: Bobby Bunch, Bob Webb, Gary Needham, ROW 4: lim Muyo, Gary Heinrichs, lim Balcom, Bill Knocke. ROW 5: Bob Tarcmqo, Guillermo Burrolo, Bode-ll Decker, Bob Brown. ROW 6: Ice Gregory, lim Koul, ROW 7: Robert Hultz, Pete Zonkie, Dallas Griffin, LETTERMEN ROW 1: Buddy lftckxnsn, Carl Vfuds. ROW 2: Pete Ziznlcie, Bob Bunch, Bfb Bites. ROW 3: Bob Vfebb, rvl1lCGlxl3flGl"1ll1i1l Ted lslxzm, ROW 4: Bob Nelson, lim Balccm,BonnieLq:ne Burnie Redtern. HOW 5: Frank Cum- mings, Girl lKlcB:nielS, Clary Banks Guillermo Burrolcx. ROW 6: Bill Knocke, Gary Needhsm, lim Kaul. ROW 7: Tcm lznes, Robert Hultz, Dal- las Griffin, Bob Brcwn. WINTER '56 SUMMER '56 VARSITY ROW 1: Bob Nelson, Robert Hultz, Larry Toiand. ROW 2: Gary Paulson, Fred Hartman, Bob Bunch, ROW 3: Coach Sloss, David Combs, Mgr.: Bob Eason, Leroy Combs, Mar. BASKETBALL VARSITY IUNIOR VARSITY Narbonne Narbonne 58 Huntington Park 46 59 72 55 South Gate 21 74 70 77 Be11 71 66 61 37 Serra 28 46 69 33 Gardena 44 54 72 62 Banninq 50 56 54 61 Iordan 65 68 42 57 San Pedro 31 59 49 45 Westchester 57 73 73 41 Gardena 52 44 61 58 Banning 49 69 88 46 Iordan 50 85 56 68 San Pedro 55 69 63 32 Westchester 41 49 45 JUNIOR VARSITY ROW 1: Ronnie McPeak, Jim Carter, Denny Fresenius, Bruce Burton. ROW 2: Robert Halverson, Edward Eiiot, Richard Hoilis, Bob Barnett. ROW 3: Coach Sioss. David Combs, Marg Terry Jones, Don Boyce, Leroy Combs, Mar, MARINE LEAGUE STANDINGS VARSITY Gardena Iordan Westchester Narbonne San Pedro Banning IUNIOR VARSIT Iordan San Pedro Westchester Narbonne Banning Gardena Y L 0 2 5 6 7 10 Q-v im-g1z:.l, Ww . BEE BASKETBALL ROW 1: Ioe Mendoza, Mark Woods, Pat Manning. ROW 2: Robert Carpenter, Ralf Kosoff, Larry Sparin-q, Dennis Kaiser. ROW 3: Coach Probert, Bobby Bates, Theland Treadway, Harry Cross. I 'Hs f . ' u A f' CEE BASKETBALL ROW 1: Ronnie Hanson, lay Hamilton, Steve McClunq, Bill Sellers, Bobby Reed, Iohn Marincovich, Charlie Cunniqan. ROW 2: Chris Howard, Ronald Omohun- dro, Donald Schmoker, Billy Meyers, Troy Hollinger, Steve Martizia, ROW 3: Coach Probert, Kenny Koyama, Bruce Kitrell, Robert Clements, Steve Portuqes, Carl Gregory, Harry Cross, Mgr. Bill Knocke, Ted Isham, loe MacArther, lerry Thomas, David Benefiel, Guillermo Burrola, Capt. 2 ' Paul Taylor, Iohn Bosenberqer, Buehl Bunch, Larry Napier, Dale Henderson, Iohn Bird. Bob Bird, Frank Cummings. Larry Bohannon, Herschel Adcock. Bon Wallace, Bob Edens. Don Wallace, Mgr., Coach Fletcher. - f -um, . . f t. , if- ...ft mx, MARINE LEAGUE CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPS FOR SECOND STRAIGHT YEAR Marino League Cross Country Champs with a 5 wins, U lost, and U tied record. Second straight year Without a dual meet loss. ROW 1: Frank Cummings, Ted Isham, Ierry Thomas, Ioseph MacArthur, Guillermo Burrola, Capt., Paul Taylor, David Bene-fiel, Bill Knocke, ROW 2: Don Wallace. Mgr., Iohn Bird, Bob Bird, Bon Wallace, Larry Bohannon, Larry Napier, Herschel Adcock, Buehl Bunch, Bob Edens, Dale Henderson, lohn Bosen- berqer, Coach Fletcher. W GYMNASTICS ROW 1: Bob lsom, Bill Wettengel, Orval Balcom, Dallas Griffin, Bob Webb, Ronnie Lane, Coach Ernest Graham. ROW 2: lames lsom, Don Pool, Curtis Devore, Buddy Travers, Terry Albaugh, Mike Pinder, Paul Linguist. ROW 3: Mike Mahon, Max Wade, lim Allen, Trevor Cant, Leo Neuman, Steve Loh- ayza, Kenny Koyama. SWIMMERS ROW 1: lay Hamilton, Iohn Stewart, Dennis Chapman, Gary Diffee, Ronald Omohundro, Don Mitchell, Ronnie Han- son, Doug Gravette, David Arbuckle. ROW 2: Coach Slos, Pete Zankie, Ralph Kosoif, Fred I-lame-etman, Teddy Crawford, Ernest Smith, Dennis I-lolst, Don Hunter, Pat Manning, Waylen Wakefield, Carl Gregory. ROW 3: Don Miller, Bob Chapman, Keith Edwards, Tommy Houston, Terry Mertz, David Kosoif, Dick Eyster, Paul Anderson, lim Loder. TENNIS ROW 1: Coach Probert, Bruce Burton, Rick Markley, Gordon Getz, Bobby Bates, Ted lsham, Floyd French, Capt. Wayne Miller. ROW 2: Bobby Reed, Roger Ambill, LeRoy lohnson, Larry Willson, Dennis Kaiser, Robert l-lalver scn, Iohn Halverson. ROW 3: Robert Clements, Gene Benter, Pete Kretzsch- man, Martin Kilvaing, lack Elliott, Iimmy lones, Tommy Thompson. . ,i . . - ff:-eww . ROW 1: Ccocli Dossey, Kiyc Nishimoto, Boqer Myron, Troy Scott, Loiry Napier, Benny Flores Miko Butz, Ccncli Flotclior. HOW 2: Mar. Gerald Bayer, Bob Reynolds, Boli Gm-ruliiundt Fred Younq, Robert Nelson, Dennis Frosenius, Gerald Ouimetto, Ernie- Beolforn, lvlqr, Don Turner ROW 3: Guillermo Burrolo, Bill DeW'olshe, Wayne Hqslcrm, Bob Brown, Frank Cummings Bill VARSITY TRACK my-1-m.ww. nmmsamwmmmfmtmf -mnwwfumunm - lr- - f, NX .KX v. BEE TRACK ROW 1: lim Bnrrd, Hidcc Yeshi- ndqd, Lfrrry Bchunnun, Walter Prince, lohn Muncz. ROW 2: Coach Dcsscy, Paul Taylor, Bcln Bird, local Bcdermcmn, Ccfrch Flctchcr, ROW 3: Mqr: Br-li Hfrrris, Ierry Wfrllzer, Lcrrry Spdrinq, lclin Bird, Bel: Becxmdn, Mgr. Bela Luqc. CEE TRACK ROW 1: Corich Dossey, Fred Gei- mcrin, Chcirles Cunniqdn, Troy Hol- linger, Bonnie Cummings, Norman Minolne, Gabriel Ramirez, Mitchell Allred, Ccrich Fletcher. ROW 2: Nori Hcrnqckcr, Georqc MacKay, Steve Lohciyzcr, Gilbert Salas, Colvin Myron, Billy Meyers, Ddvid Ito, Ed Hundt, ROW 3: Den Wril- lcrce, Larry Cross, Glenn Kubo, Bill Brown, Bill Sellers, Steve Mar- tizicr, Hurry Cross, Chris Howard, Bon Wcllcrce, . ml' ......,....---an-. ei Action shots by David Fredricksen main- George Mackay winning 660 time l:32-O 880 line-up Iudqes TRACK MEET April 6th Gary Paulson Broadjump Larry Sparinq Hiqhjump ar m... 'nf ' a Bill Knocke Broadjump T., v--up Bill Knccke winning SBU in 1:59-l F uilli Paul Taylor Broadjump Den Mcllleak Pole Vault A i Wxtssrawwmm.. ,lR'l ,m ,, ., i f K K Q4 K Ml: iv Kp K my Q ' k ' k uzigg -' . .. kV,'. , Q., IM , ,if 5 fm K - is fr. gm Jziji? Q HW. f , ,fkv V, 1 .. W Y ., ,,, ff, 14 , 5652 5511: YP' 1 ' QD G9 a I wail- W 135 PL 1 ,S- f., 1 Eglin 2 L 15 is QZHA1' Yi ik HE: A W -Q X ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY Sandra MacArthur Bob Webb President Vice-president Shirley Andreotti Secretory-treasurer STUDENT COURT SEATED: Mrs. Calkins, Sponsorp Iudy Wolf, Chief Justice. STANDING: Associcxte Justices Bruce Kitrell, Pot McNees, Ioyce Loediqe. Ioyce Endo Student Director of Social Activities Steve Sarucco Student Director of Athletics O ,Qu SENIOR CONGRESS 0 '-O 1 2 lvl-I D vs ROW 1: Diane Schildmeyer, ludy ROW 2: Pat McNees, Bob Webb, San- dra MacArthur, Shirley Andreotti. 3: Terry Mertz, Carmen Gonzalez, Endo, lay Hamilton. ROW 4: Boyd, Richard Kobayashi, Bob qrave, Steve Saracco, Dorothy doza, Bob Bates, Ioan Henley, Bernard. 74 ROW 1: Ianice Green, Ioyce Loediqe, Jeri Henley, Ioan Henley, Linda Griffin ROW 2: Suzane Eiffel, Diane lanssens, Barbara Emery, Sandra MacArther, Pres., Bette Boyd, Ioyce Endo. ROW 3: Kiyo Nishimoto, lim Balcom, Sharon Hartman Bob Bates, Neal Smith. ROW 4: Richard Kobayashi, Ellis Schurman, lim Kaul Bob Webb, Bob Eason, Larry Richards. HOW 5: Darryl Currier, Bill Knocke Dexter Goodell. STUDENT COUNCIL Wolf, HOW Ioyce Betty Har- Men- Mr. JUNIOR CUNGRESS SUMMER '56 ROW 1: lanice l-lamasaka, Patty Ellis, Diane Adams, Donna llollowell, Karen Loible. ROW 2: Joe Bridwell, Dan Treqartlien, Mickey Cheek, Bennie Robello, ROW 3: Teri Stalmack, Lynn Welch, Sandra Tankka, Lydia De Leon. ROW 4: lohn Stame, Bruce Lee, Duane Plant, James Walsh, ROW 5: Robert Taylor, Ellen Haney, Ted Strace-ner, Betty Watson, Bill Halverson. v 4 1 75 ,A ,-Q,.L-.....,,,y use , , 3, . L . P :- , 'WR +15 L Qgi K ,Y :af -- , i Zzzx-55? . ww f . ,- at- if Q gf X 7 usgzg, -1 ...-ffm vz. pf " 'E 343 kg 4 H41 ' 2 Vg, . .. 11' 1 4 x if nm' Wi? :W , H 'wr Pri I .ll 4. jf A ,L ' -2 -T Af .. 5 Q I Q W is wt? BOW 1: lo Ann Snodgrass, Gloria lohnson. ROW 2: Sandra MacArthur, Vivian Serpa. ROW 3: Barbara Reed, Doyleen Williams. ROW 4: Colleen McCormick, Secretary: Diane lanssens, President: Miss Parks, loyce Endo, Vice President: Elaine Boyd. ROW 5: Dores Thompson, Alice Crovella, Shirley Washburn, Diane Schildmeyer. ROW 5: Ioan Birch- lcr, Carmen Gonzales, Maurette Shaw. ROW 7: Alice Car- penter, Linda Iones. SUMMER '56 LADIES ' ROW 1: Ieanne Sleigh, Virginia Pulido, Karen Hamada, Iudy Wolf, Celia Ochoa, loan Henley, Vice President. ROW 2: Carol D. Mctthews, Historian. ROW 3: leannette Wriiaht, Pamela Adams. ROW 4: lean Du Rant. ROW 5: Ieanine Bech- told, Minnie Ruiz. ROW 6: Carol Mathews. ROW 7: Carol Hald, Pai McNees, Linda Bohannan. will' if I ips Left io riqhi: Bob Hararave, Bob Webb, lim Balcom, lohn Delsiqne, Richard Kobayashi, Bob lscm, Ronald Cole, Bud- dy Hickman, Mr, Turner. s 1 4 7 S U M M E R 5 6 ROW 1: Le Ray Iabnson, Wayne Miller, Secretary-Treasurer, Larry Napier, Dennis Kaiser, ROW 2: Ronnie Wallace, lim Flaqq, lerry lchnsan, Gordon Getz, Don Wallace ROW 3: Bill Knaclce, President, Ronnie McPeak, Fred l-lameetrnan, Vicefpresident Frank Cummings. , .rr,, A 'M- . I A i1 q 41 BARONETTES ROW 1: Nita Bourland, Helen Suz uki, lane Wada , President, lean Castle. ROW 2: Sherian Thompson, Dorothy Mendoza, Secretary: Ger- aldine Daniels, Carol Doran, Treas. ROW 3: Eloise Bower, Second Vice President, Karyn Livingston, Betty Dornonoske, Secretaryy Alice Nav- arro, First Vice President. HOW 4: Sue Hald, Bette Boyd, Vickie Broun, Mary Ann Hoag. BARDNS : Bruce Kittrell, Ronald Ornohundro. James lsorn, George Mackay. ROW 2: David DeFranc e, Sec.-Treas., Don W ' ong, Vice-Pres.: Edward Betz , Ralph Kosoff. ROW 3: Bob Halverson, Pres.: Den- ny Fresenius, Bruce Burton. ROW 4: Terry Mertz, Sgt.-at-Arms: Larry Bohannan, Gor- don Rouisong, Edward Eliot. " ' ' Q N, gr gg J QB Q Q4 , 0 if ' l at L 'iN'LI' 3 5 ' i Lx , hif i "'W I ' N A I 5' 4' FE A 1, gf F If WM f X ' is 1' , 5 fl 8 A 3' 5 I U I . , A ,Lk 45 K-:F . btw I N .. 3 c 8 K V If ' Tw' ? 4, f , ,, V f -A 1 -' gf L Q' 1 K - A , f . Efj V , W W E V' V tx V if ,S Q . " K , 2 f 5 ,..,, W ,,, I :M A 'E lf" .gf if T3 , -fx ROW 1: Carl Wada, Robin Pedersen, Bob Brown, President: Mr. Marienthal, Gary Needham. ROW 2: Don Stearns, lim Kaul, Fred l-lameetman. ROW 3: Larry Lewis, Guillermo Burrola, Bob Hargrave. ROW 4: Iirn Balcom, Earnie Rediern, Secretary: Mr. Schaefer, Sponsor. ROW 5: Richard Kobayashi, Mark Woods, lohn Stroope. ROW 6: Steve Saracco, Bob Webb, Bill Knocke. ROW 7: Mike Carrick, Pete Zankie, Carl McDaniel, Robert Hultz. HEALTH COMMITTEE FRONT: Mary Lou Morales, Vice- Chairmang Ann Roberson, Chair many Virginia Haney, Historian, BACK: Linda Griffin, Gene Ben fer, Sharon Hartman. SUMMER '56 SPORTS NIGHT COMMITTEE SEATED: loe Galloni, Eileen Haney, Assist. Secretary, Virginia Haney, President: Shir- ley Powell, Secretary, Wayne Haslam Treasurer. STANDING: Wayne Mathews Chris Howard, Mr. Lanqan, Molly Lewis Sandra Lolley, David Creaqer. f 1 I MATH CLUB ROW l: Marquita Davies, Suzanne Rosenberg, Geraldine Daniels, Carol Doran, ludy Zittle, Minnie Ruiz, Gayle, Orris, loyce Loediqe, ROW 2: Nori Hanaoka, Paul Pulver, Curtis DeVore, Bob Reed, lames lsom, Ronald Omohundro, Wendell Michael, Wendell Simmons, Roger Am- bill. ROW 3: Richard Kobayashi, Sharon Aud- ell, Ellene Drawdy, Marcia McReynolds, Linda Molek, Carmen Gonzales, George Mackay, David Scott. ROW 4: Edward Betz, Marty And- erson, Larry lohnson, Vice-President: Steve Saracco, Rickie Bernardin, Floyd Basile, lerry lohnson, Secretary-Treasurerg Dennis Holst, Gor- don Getz. ROW 5: lim Kaul, lim Balcom, Paul Anderson, Bill DeWalsche, Gordon Eisenbart, Ronald Newby, lim Icnes, Bob Hargrove, ROW 6: Dennis Kaiser, Pat Manning, l. I. Waters, Thomas Houston, Fred Hameetman, David Kos- ofi, Bill Knoclce, Larry Lewis, Don Boyce, ROW 7: Robert Munro, Robert Peterson, President, Wayne Haslam, Bob Chapman, Harry Quinn, Billy Haslam. AERONAUTICS CLUB ROW 1: Ronald Newby, Edward Eliot, President. ROW 2: Leonard Sanders, Curtis, Bohannon, Bob Beaman, Secretary. -mv ROW 1: Ianice Bell, Secretary, leri Henley, Treasurer, ludy Wolf, Dianne lanssens, President: Ceclia Ochoa, Historian: Ieanne Steiqh, Chaplaing Kay Tonner, Serqeantfat-Arms. ROW 2: Betty Carlson, Diane Omohundro, loanne Hall, ludy Zittle, Norma Newman, Betty Boyd, Bar- bara Barnes, Sharon Benedict. ROW 3: Linda Griffin, Gloria Munoz, Cynthia Pederson, Vivian Serpa, Carol Clark, Dianne Kennedy, Barbara Emery. ROW 4: Ioyce Endo, Betty Domonoske, Marquita Davies, Kathy Fuette, Alice Navarro, Penny Goethals, Kathy Williams, loan Rosen- - thal. ROW 5: loan Henley, Gayle Orris, Carmen Gonzalez, Sue Chapman, Clara Giacopuzzi, Lavona Conner, Sharon Hartman, Sharon Thomas. ROW S: Chron Clark, Pat Sibon, Sharon Ginter, Carol Stanley, Frankie Talbot, lean Du Barit, Betty Hickerson. ROW 7: Nonie Newman, Phyllis Swanson, laclcie Krown. DAUBERS ROW 1: Sandria Canning, lanet Ford, Secretary: Bill Farlow, President. ROW 2: Twila Cobbs, Vonda Gil- housen, H. Schaefer, Sponsor. NOT IN PICTURE: Pete Mendez, Vice-President, ludy lush, Pat Health, W Deanna Weiss. 'K W. ilu PHYSICS CLUB HOW 1: lim Flaqq, Charles Burrell, Vice-President: Robert Munro, President. ROW 2: Dennis Kaiser, lim Sorenson, Bonnie Anderson, Secretary-Treasurer. ROW 1: Roger Myron, Robert lsom, Mr. Bernard, Dallas Griffin, President, Don Stearns, Ron Wallace. ROW 2: Don Boyce, Larry Lewis, lim Kaul, Ronald Hudson. ROW 3: Bob Eason, Bob Webb, Bob Nelson, Ellis Schurrnan. ROW 4: Brook Hollis, Tom lanes, lohn Wilson, Rudy McTee, Ice Greqory. ROW 5: Clary Banks, Gary Needham, Carl McDaniels, Chaplain: Ronnie Lane, ,Terry I-lornunq, Duke Mitchell. ROW 6: Robert Hultz, Secretary, Bill Knocke, Treasurer. PHILHARMONIC CLUB ROW 1: Marquita Davies, Suzanne Rosenberg, Bernice Younq, Alice Cro- vella. ROW Z: Barbara Emory, Sue Hoy, Anita Io Friedricks, Carolle Edwards, Sharon Audell. ROW 3: Virginia Haney, Ellene Drawdy, Ruth Thorneycroft, Gene Benfer. ROW 5: Bill Farlow, Wayne Haslam. SUMMER '56 mf Q E GREEN AND GOLD SUMMER '56 Rewrite on a hot scoop. .. W ff-fr .ff--ff -f . ,..,.,. .. ,,wff--twmfvmnf .. ROW 1: Sherian Thompson, Bob Har- grave, Editor-in-Chiefg Karen Kuyken- dali. ROW 2: Iackie Barnett, Virginia Haney, Exchange Editorg lim Fiagg, Minnie Ruiz. ROW 3: Stormy Mahon, Pat Manning, Sports Editor: Mel Camp bell, Financial Manager. Bob Harqruve Editor-in-Chief Carol D. Matthews Feature 'Editor Figuring team averages and league standings. v gf5L?'1.,-x 1-25 ' '-535 3 X 1-,QQ rs ' R, Jai" E "" Xtx 3 3 El ECO STAFF 1 HOW 1: Sharon Monroe, Mr. Crawford, Geraldine Daniels, Carol Mathews. ROW 2: Gloreo Grubs, Iackie Krown, Betty Domonoske, Steve Lohayza, Carmen Gonzales. mQwfwvm11feefnfQ1nrqf ., , . . s Q '-O 2 I-I-I D Uh ROW 1: Gail Kalias, Pat Anderson, John Rosenberqer, President, Roberta Clark, Sandra Swearinqen. ROW 2: Keitth Cable, lohn Miller, Nancy Campbell, Secretary, Ann Wesley, Charlene Watkins, Roger Smith. ROW 3: Mr. Emus, Terry Hollcestadt, Earl Rasmussen, David Dalzell, lim Loder, LeRoy Combs. ROW 4: Bob Miller. FRENCH CLUB SUMMER '56 is SOUND CREW ROW 1: Bob Boyd, Don Swanson, Sergeant-at Armsg Harry Lawson, Secretary: Bob Waltz. ROW 2: Robert Magee, Allen Swanson, David Scott, Assistant Chief, Steve Saracca, Chief, Ioal Bodermanri. ROW 3: Darryl Currier, Mr. Burrows, JUNIOR RED CROSS STAGE CREW ROW 1: Marcia Malek flrlairyl, Neil Smith iButtercupJ, Bon- nie Palm CTree Topl. ROW 2: Iahn CSlinkyD Marincovich, Linda Fuzzyl McReynolds, Carl Gregory KBlotl, Chuck Fitz- huqh CSonny Bcyl. ROW 3: Marty Anderson CTwainJ, Iimmy lanes fNickle Picklel, Bill fSlimyl Taylor, Troy Scott fl-lelenl, Bill Sellers CBasementl, Mr. Cost CGrannyJ, Bobby Reid CC1inqerJ. ABSENT: Walter Cotton CCotton picker. PROJECTION CREW ROW 1: Mike Warner, lahn leters, lohn Lanninq. ROW 2: Ronald Smith, Ierry Iones, Ronnie Giffin, Dennis Howry. ROW 3: Herman Green, Ted Martizia, Mike Smith, David Bone, Bob Boyd, Buddy Lafton, lim Munden, Larry Sparinq. ROW 4: Danny Munden, Teddy Crawford. f,--f - '- , rl 5' . , Q !'g,Q'g ii""'g ze s 15-my 'PF E?Hf"' iff N 0'-ww ff f , ,Q 41 V '-2xr'4'E-H iff' ' ::,'2':1,:n 5 in it 'f 'Www 'T' Hr " 5 f - ' - -1' ' 'W' sz, .. , ,-H ms- fl ' - ' ' - 2 4 if 452. X 4 1 -' in W U uri 4' W 4 5""Q,- f U 4. f3WEwm , , ,,,, 4 H J, tg' 'iA:. , , ft wwf LV-if q,.,, y J , ' x. I ,,,: l V ' ,, if .f QQ' , " ,N Ei' ,t f -QM 4 4 J? , ,, an gg? , f5'3' WZ' ff, , 6 W . :, fm iw, VNVV xii -4yww 5 f fi g 3 9 Q, ff ,fa 3?- Q , R S it lXEJ A , Q ffifi m zf W ,T. ..i5 M Egg? k mb .5 Kbk? L y? Q E: Hi fg. x wf5 M K T it iF if 2 I if 'i ' ' J' , Aw --M., . Q 51 I If A 4 if .- 'I C I i x ,. . . U I ..- Q , . W . ,',. . . '. s.. .. . 5 " :aff , i: -nf- ,1 , -iff My 9' fi V s-li w- X I w s in .- L mm Q? 'mfg if 7.34. if .Q V? r five' 'C fy 5.1 V Y Y f Q V fr if 1 l J' A' ' MW , HY . ix , Aa., 8 'b 1 - ,MW 4, ,,.,? i, " "M f ' -' , E 1e:'eT,k:fs :' : j A 5 L '39 ' 6 M' , . n ' M f n . . 1 wi 'kk"g::3 Y 1 fs' : . Zimvwianv Q 5 5 ,'A w f i 3 im gi 1 ,. 6 pictures by H ' lifiiiiw zfg , U mm M K 1, l,:,,.,I .. W --H13 ' 'h-A 1 DAVID FREDRICKSEN """"3 I .,... , ,A it Y' A W2 Q V QSM - -"ffm fe., lr- hifi ! 'T ? R E 2 x n B , -f rs ll 1'1 I' :sf fl-1' V,khk, .1 Vw- A .M-f .M m L. f f.: mu-1 gi 'ix """' li A -N-9' f 1 V , ' f r if ,gl ,.-1,1915 4 , HW' Pictures by DAVID FREDRICKSEN . ,rm 'Q 4' 1 33 1 I-Qfzff' ' 141.123-' 1 A -lf 3, wi' fri. , ,L., N ,, v f I A '1 Q,-1 -, V-.,, w.-. sr 15 SQ . 1,1 Q if 9 1, -i 3 1 fn x mr 5 . , K R , 1 is 3 wQe4af?f QQ ii v Q , ii.. . il w L,wH. if uf ffm? A 1 '-Q f Q 41 g".-J f F 5 1 X G-gil'-iw 1 - gm sl f-fgefe' I 3 - J iii? MM ,igfig gWiwwWNa rn ERE!! 5' , ,. V ' T552 Iwa, ww W ,gQ' 1 swffywfwwf hwwmww.vmMwm A R X - 1 . 1--1.3 Q-'mx-W X Hggg 'TEN :.1 ffz , ,gg .9 ,v YEAQAQE- I -sr f ,A+ S ' ' .3 f. K. 9 HL-fQ,f1,f wffgifinfwfi e 3' :ll A In I 6 5 Q K V I V,,I ,,i. Q, Q P 1 , ,Q is ! 2 P if -5 'f 53' . r r ,Q v -,ggffx .. ,f::.zfw'3 - N V' -sary., , v 9 f 1, 4.4, vs I l tg it ahfsoe s QREFG 1 FRU' UICE 'J zifgsi? me-UNSW' f 1?f5,NV,Q113Ex5'4now5'f W':.....,v.M..w '. f W W .th 1 If x", 9 -W Y 1 J, , Yy' 1 , yy fe 5 , , N , K .. . k,, In ,, W 4 11u : ' ' . AXI- fi ' A .nib SENIORS SUMMER '56 'ii Iim Balcom Bob Isom President Vice-President ooo' A ' ' ' 54 Y' 'I' X A A' - 7 ' IQOQ 5" 'H 'L or 45 Shirley Andreotti Diane Schildmeyer Secretary Treasurer Bob Webb Sgt.-at-Arms BOTTOM ROW: Robert I-larqrave, Sally Hamada, Iim Balcom, Ioyce Endo, ROW 2: IaNet Ford, Diane Schildmeyer, Linda Iones, Maurette Shaw. ROW 3: Donna Reekers. lim Balcom Ioyce Endo IaNet Ford Robert Hargrove Diane Schildmeyer EPHEBIANS fir-A , - i - Hazel Adcock E X 1 " -i lj! A lim Ashe Leona Blanchette Q'- E Danny Agnew Thad Ashton i v AJ or , Sh Elaine Boyd . i -.Ns .,,, Susan Anderson Carla Babb .wx X rf, 1- ' Beuhl Bunch Bob Carter Fern Castle Leiqhs Church EFF2 Yxrqinra Columbus Robert Daniel .B+ .n t it f ' . ' -25- Audra Conner Lorelta Daugherty Faye Coulter sl iw w Ronnie Anderson Shirley Andreotti Gayle Bailey Iim Balcom L ' Ar ' , Charles Burrell Guillermo Burrola inn, A Paul Clines Ronnie Cole K S 5 :fy K gwi Glen Armstrong Nancy Bertschinqer Alice Carpenter -J 1. 95' Duane Collins Alice Crovella Darlene Crowder Ginger Curtis Barbara Davis Maggie Deck Iohn Delsiqne Pat DiMeq1io M ii! G-1 Beverly Duqan Bob Eason ' A . .f ,Q t 5 . l l' 'E' ' - I X Rf , . X I- ' 1' 'S K K I 1 Bill Farlon Diana Farish '1f.'."' f IaNet Ford George Gardner Carolyn Goad Dexter Goodell LeRoy Griffith Lon Grisham Bill Haslam Ioan Harris Pat Edmonds 5 IJ l f Dennis Edwards Ianeen Eggleston A pf . i .ginger 'l Ioyce Endo Pat Fields Margaret Garret ,.f.m F , I Duane Graves G.. Leslie Grosch Dick Hausen Carolyn Fitzhuqh Billie Iean Gigax Lyle Green Ioanne Hall Natalie Hawkins Betty Fletcher ff, FX We if Harry Gilbert Ioe Gregory Sally Hamada Irene Hayashibara Benny Flores Gloria Gilhousen Dallas Griffin Robert Hargrave Fred Hess a xv A G! 4 W in-.- ' ,. M. -., ff Nw. 1 G' 4 ' 'S' , 56-f '13, 'f f' X f 2 fix 'G' Buddy Hickman Ted lsham 634' 6... Linda Iones :ini . 1, k ,Q V , - w. G- 5 X., Arlene Kohl :rraine MacCrindle Vlarlene McGee 4""1'f Lt . Bernice Hilliker Bob Isom in Dorma Lee Iones Lois Laird 1. 'ce- 1 D Leonard Manestar Ianice McNeal Gary Hendrichs Bonnie Holloway A Q3- . Charles Howard Dan Hunt Gloria Iohnson Diane Ianssens Gene Iohnson Gladys Iohnson Larry Iones Terry Iones Michael Iudd Richard Kobayashi 'Xi' Q, . Ron Lane Diane Lechner Dave Lenton Sandra MacArthur Shirley Martin Martin Gloria Mendez Bob Mitchell t""x Alice Martinez Duke Mitchell Carl Pat Mitchell Q 925 I f 5 "5 Bob Montes Emily Mortenson loe Netter Nancy Nieto Robin Pederson Ernie Redtern 10"-r Ib Tom Pearce Dan Munden Bob Munro Loralyn Myers Karen Nelson Alice O'Connell Ann Olsen Darlene Orrell Gary Paulson ri A . S Dale Pedrrle Bob Peterson Ianice Phipps Kay Preble Donna Reekers K X f Tom Ryan Darlene Sanderson Harold Scott I Q Vivian Serpa Larry Richards Suzane Riffel Claudie Pisel Ann Roberson 15 Frank Saucedo Diane Schildmeyer Beverly Schneider Ellis Schurman Maurette Shaw Rosemary Shinn Harold Sibon Nancy Slane ., , TQ mfr "sim 'lfl-C511 4 3- 'A i t 'W fs, N 16? 'I f Helen Saurin IoAnn Snodgrass Sharon Stracener Ieanette Stringer lel'l'Y W111ibY Carole Wilkinson .A 5 45 wt 'K 2 Loralee Spahn Penny Stalcup 'Q Dores Thompson lohn Wiqhtman Pat Woodrult T 2 X lx a Y Ed Staub Don Stearns Vernon Woodruff Larry Wilson Kill li if 'J- , if - ' x R n P Ron Westfall Bob Webb I. I. Waters 3. in if I if Charles Waring Bonnie Ward Pat Wall Anita White Irene VanderPleog Bernice Young -an K we 4 Barbara Young Ierry Cregeen Carole Edwards Warren Thomas 103 K' -We 1 1, W . H an ' wg QQ L Qi 1, Sw N, 1- ren Nol Sharon Stracener Dores Thompson Dorothy Treece Pat Wall Bonnie Ward Nancy Slane Vivian Sapa I' I' waters Bob Webb Iohn Wiqhlmllrl Sandra Wllkinlon Anita While Larry Wilson Bernice Wilkinson Barbara Young 105 SENIOR ACHIEVEMENTS I-IAZEL ADCOCK: G.A.A., Drill Team. Swingsters. DANNY AGNEW: Iunior Honor Society, Math Club. SUSAN ANDERSON: Senior Scholarship, G.A.A., Ladies, Baron- ettes. RONNIE E. ANDERSON: Radio Club lPresidentJ, Physics Club CSecretaryl, Varsity Football, Math Club, Astronomy Club. SHIRLEY ANDREOTTI: Student Body Secretary-Treasurer, El Eco, Senior Scholarship, Baronettes, Senior G.A.A., Drill Team, Leadership. GLEN ARMSTRONG: B Football, Iunior Honor Society, Senior Scholarship. IIM ASHE: Gymnastics, C Track, Iunior Honor Society, Student Congress, Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, Cross Country. CARLA BABB: 'Latin Club, G.A.A. YVONNE GAYLE BAILEY: Bible Club, Philharmonic Club. IIM BALCOM: President and Vice-President of Marine League C.A.S.C., President and Vice President of Class of S'56, Ameri- can Legion Boys' State, Lettermen Club iPresidentl, A.S.B. Vice President, Vigilantes tVice Presidentl, Key Club, Knights. Barons, Squires tPresidentl, Varsity Gymnastics. LEONA BLANCHETT: Tri-Y, A Cappella, G.A.A., Girls' League Council, Ladies. ELAINE BOYD: Secretary oi Senior Class '56, lane Adams, Bible Club. BEUHL BUNCH: Cross Country, Squires, Stage Crew. CHARLES LLOYD BURRELL: Math Club, Riile Club, Physics Club tVice Presidentl, Spanish Club, Radio Club iVice Presi- dentl. GUILLERMO BURROLA: Varsity Track, Bee Track, Varsity Cross Country, Lettermen Club, Key Club, Barons, Student Congress, Senior Band. GAYLE BAYLY: Tri-Y, A Cappella. NANCY BERTSCHINGER: French Club, Senior Scholarship, G.A.A. ALICE CARPENTER: Las Iuanitas, Drill Team, Latin Club, Let- tergirls, Senior G.A.A., Baronettes, Ladies, lane Adams, Girls' League Historian, Junior Society, Senior Scholarship. BOB CARTER: Student Congress. LEIGHS CHURCH: Iunior Honor Society, Barons, Math Club. COUNIE CLARK: Latin Club. PAUL G. CLINES: I.V. Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Iunior Honor Society, Student Congress. RONALD COLE: 12th Grade Representative, C Basketball, l.V. Baseball, B Football, Vigilantes, Senior High Congress, Student director of Paper and Rag drive. VIRGINIA COLUMBUS: G.A.A., Keene H.S. CN. I-l.l Basketball. Hockey. AUDRA CONNER: A Cappella, Glee Club, Rhythmics, Honor Society. FAYE COULTER: Glee Club, Math Club, Foreign Correspond- ence Club, Future Nurses Club, F.H.A., itransler studentl. OLIVER CRADDOCK: French Club, Camera Club. IERRY CREGEEN: A Cappella, Glee, Vice President Kappa Phi. ALICE CROVELLA: Philharmonic Club, lane Adams, A Cap- pella, Tri-Y, Glee Club, Rhythmics, Drill Team, Bible Club. DARLENE CROWDER: Girls' Glee. IMOGENE CURTIS: G.A.A., Girls' Glee. ROBERT DANIEL: Rifle Club iPresidentl. LAURETTA DAUGHERTY: Girls' Glee. BARBARA DAVIS: Girls' Glee Club, Bible Club. MAGGIE DECK: Las luanitas, G.A.A., Baronettes, lunior Honor Society, Spanish Club. IOHN DELSIGNE: I.V. Baseball, B Football, C Basketball, C Track, Vigilantes. PAT DIMEGLIO: Barons, Knights, Varsity Football, Student Congress, Squires, Spanish Club, Iunior Honor Society. BEVERLY DUGAN: Girls' Glee Club CPresidentl, G.A.A., A Cappella. BOB EASON: Varsity Basketball, B Basketball, Hi-Y, Key Club, Cheerleader, Associate Iustice, Senior Scholarship. PAT EDMONDS: Senior G.A.A., Rhythmics, Tri-Y, Girls' Glee, Swingsters, Iunior Red Cross. CAROLLE EDWARDS: G.A.A., Theta Rho, Deltas, Philhar- monic Club itransfer studentl. DENNIS EDWARDS: A Gymnastics, A Swimming, B Swim- ming, B Cross Country, Projection Crew. IOYCE ENDO: A.S.B. Secretary-Treasurer, llth Grade Repre- sentative, Girls' League Secretary, Student Director oi Social Activities, Iane Adams iVice Presidentl, Senior Scholarship Life Member iTreasurerl, G.A.A. iSecretary, Recording Secre- tary, Cheerleaderl, Lettergirls tVice Presidentl, lunior Honor Society iPresident, Secretaryl, Ladies iTreasurerl, Baronettes I06 lVice President, Secretaryl, Las Iuanitas iSecretaryl, Servi Latini tPresidentJ. DIANA FARISH: Ladies, Student Congress, G.A.A. BILL FARLOW: Daubers Club tPresidentl, Spanish Club, Phil- harmonic Club, Math Club, Science Club, Senior Scholarship Society. PAT FIELDS: Baronettes, Y-Teens iMichiganl. CAROLYN FITZHUGH: Baronettes, Drill Team, Glee Club: lr. Honor Society. BETTY 'CALE FLETCHER: Cafeteria Staff, Girls' Glee, A Cap- pella, Rhythmics. BENNY FLORES: Varsity Track, B Track, C Track, Iunior Honor Society, Senior Scholarship Society, Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, Green and Gold, Science Club, Student Congress, Knights, Graduating Committee. JANET FORD: Student Congress, Senior Scholarship, lane Addams, Philharmonic Club tSecretary and Treasurerl, Green and Gold iFeature Editorl, Daubers lSecretaryl, Girls' Glee Club tliteporterl, Science Club, Math Club iSecretaryl, Latin Club, Thespian Club, Rhythmics. GEORGE GARDNER: Varsity Football, Gymnastics. BILLEE IEANE GIGAX: Orchestra, A Cappella, Iunior Honor Society, Senior Scholarship Society. GLORIA GILHOUSEN: G.A.A., Rhythmics, Tri-Y, Daubers, Girls' Glee, Drill Team, Spanish Club, Senior Red Cross. CAROLYN GOAD: Tri-Y, A Cappella. DEXTER GOODELL: Associate Iustice, llth Grade Representa- tive, 10th Grade Representative, Knights, Barons, A9 Class President, Math Club Presidentl. LYLE LeROY GREEN: Varsity Football, Barons, Band, Projec- tion Crew. IOE GREGORY: Lettermen, Hi-Y. DALLAS GRIFFIN: Lettermen CSgt. at Armsl, Hi-Y tPresidentl, Varsity Football, B Football, Gymnastics, Senior Picnic Com- mittee. LEROY T. GRIFFIN: Astronomy Club tPresidentl, Math Club. LESLIE GROSCH: Boys' Glee, A Cappella, Varsity Football leflanager, I.V. Cross Country, Varsity Cross Country, Sound rew. IOANNE HALL: G.A.A., Student Congress, A Cappella, Camera Club. SALLY HAMADA: From Santa Monica Union High, Iunior Statesman, C.S.F. Life Member, Gold Seal Bearer. RICHARD HANSEN: Rifle Club. ROBERT HARGRAVE: Editor Green and Gold, Senior Scholar- ship iLife Memberl, Math Club iPresidentl, Thespian Club lPresidentl, Spanish Club tPresidentJ, Vi-gilantes Secretaryl, Key Club. IOAN HARRIS: Baronettes, Ladies, Girls' Glee, A Cappella. BILLY IOE HASLEM: Math Club, Astronomy Club, Physics Club, Spanish Club Vice Presidentl, Science Club. NATALIE A. HAWKINS: G.A.A., Girls' Glee Club, Orchestra, Rhythmics, Drill Team. I-'RED HESS: Golf Team, Track, Band, Stage Crew, 9th Grade Glee Club. BUDDY HICKMAN: Varsity Baseball, I.V. Baseball, B Football, I.V. Basketball, C Basketball, C Track, Lettermen, Vigilantes iVice Presidentl, Leadership. BERNICE L. HILLIIGR: G.A.A., Girls' Glee Club, Rhythmics. Drill Team. GARY HINRICKS: Lettermen, Varsity Baseball, Barons, A Cap- pella. BONNIE KAY HOLLOWAY: Girls' Glee, A Cappella. CHARLES E. HOWARD: A Cappella, Glee Club, Talent Shows. TED ISHAM: Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track, Varsity Tennis, Lettermen, Vigilantes. ROBERT S. ISOM: S'56 Class Vice President, Hi-Y, Vigilantes, Knights, Barons, Squires, Gymnastics, B Football. DIANE IANSSENS: Iane Addams iPresident, Historianl, Tri-Y tPresident, Secretaryl, Ladies lTreasurerl, Student Congress, Dance Club, El Eco, Office. GENE IOHNSON: Senior Band iPresidentl, Senior Orchestra iPresidentl, Bugle Corps iCaptainl, Songdusters, Scholarship Winner. GLADYS IOHNSON: Iunior Honor Society, Philharmonic Club, Iunior Red Cross, Swingsters. GLORIA IOHNSON: Ladies, lane Addams tSecretarYl, El Eco, A Cappella, Drill Team, Iunior Honor Society. DORMA IONB: A Cappella, Congress. LARRY C. IONES: Track, Picnic Committee. LINDA IONES: Las Iuanitas, Baronettes, Ladies, Iane Addams, G.A.A., Lettergirls iSecretaryl, Iunior- Honor Society, Senior Scholarship, Latin Club, Iunior Red Cross, Drill Team. TERRY JONES: Junior Honor Society, B Football, J.V. Basket- ball. LOIS JEAN LAIRD: Rhythmics. DIANE LECHNER: Senior Sweater Committee, Graduation Com- mittee, Junior Red Cross, Prom Committee, Drill Team. DAVID DANIEL LENTON: Tennis Team. RICHARD TSUYOSI-II KOBAYASHI: 12th Grade Boys' Repre- sentative, Vigilantes iPresidentl, Key Club, Math Club, Span- ish Club, Senior Scholarship. ARLENE KOHL: Senior Plays, G.A.A. Dance, Spanish Club, Philharmonic Club, Daubers, Thespians, Green and Gold Staff. RONNIE LANE: 4 year Varsity Letterman in Gymnastics, Hi-Y, Lettermen, A Cappella, Football, Congress, Glee Club. SANDRA MQCARTHUR: A.S.B. President, Girls' League Presi- dent, Vice President and Cheerleader, Z years A.S.B. Head Cheerleader, Baronettes fPresidentl, Drill Team iPresidentl, Jane Addams, Ladies, G.A.A., Latin Club, Health Club iSecre- taryl, Congress, Senior Scholarship, Rhythmics, Lettergirls. LORRAINE MacCRINDLE: Baronettes, Ladies tVice Presidentl, Senicr Scholarship lTreasurerl, Junior G.A.A., Drill Team, Junior Honor Society, Latin Club. GINNIE MAI-IIEU: Green and Gold tFeature Editorl, Girls' Glee Club iSecretary and Historianl. DOLORES MARTIN: Tri-Y. SHIRLEY MARTIN: Las Juanitas lSecretaryl, G.A.A., Cheer- leader, Lettergirls iPreside-ntl, Latin Club, Baronettes, Ladies, Senior Scholarship, Junior Honor Society tSecretaryl, Drill Team. Girls' League Council, Junior Red Cross. ALICE LaVERNE KMARTINEZJ: Baronettes, Tri-Y. CARL MCDANIELS: Key Club CVice Presidentl, Hi-Y iChaplainl, Lettermen, Varsity Football, B Football, J.V. Baseball, A Cap- pella, Glee Club, Barons, Senior Congress. MARLENE MCGEE: Ladies, G.A.A., Tri-Y, Congress, Drill Team, Junior Honor Society. IANICE MCNEAL: Spanish Club lSecretaryl, Philharmonic Club, Senior Scholarship, Math Club, Bible Club, G.A.A., Lettergirls. DUKE MITCHELL: Cheerleader, Hi-Y, A Cappella iPresidentl. Senior Scholarship, Barons, Knights, Senior Play. PAT MITCHELL: El Eco Staff, Baronettes. ROBERT MITCHELL: B Basketball, C Basketball, D Basketball, Baseball. EMELIE MORTENSON: A Cappella, Glee Club, Swingsters Dance Club. ROBERT CHARLES MUNRO: Physics Club Corganizerl, Student Congress, Math Club, Latin Club, Thespians, Belmont H.S.- Science Club, Drum Major, Dance Band Leader. LAUALYN RENE MYERS: G.A.A. iCheerleader, Board, Treas- urerl, Lettergirls, Drama, Tri-Y, Senior Play, Home Economics Club. Drill Team, Swingsters, Junior Honor Society. KAREN NELSON: Senior Scholarship, G.A.A. iPresident, Vice President, Recording Secretaryl, G.A.A. Board, Lettergirls, Let- tergirls Board. NANCY NIETO: Girls' Glee, Baronettes. ' ALICE MARY O'CONNELL: Auburn H.S.-Dramatics, 9th Grade Play. ANN OLSEN: Drill Team, Baronmtes, El Eco Staff, Spanish Club. GARY NEEDHAM: Varsity Football, B Football, Lettermen, Hi-Y, Key Club, Track. LOIS DARLENE ORRELI.: iLake Hamilton, Arkansasl, Dramatics Club. Future Homemakers of America, Science Club, Christian Student Club. GARY LEE PAULSON: Varsity Basketball, Varsity Cross Country, B Basketball, C Track, Student Congress, Safe Driving Council, A Cappella. ROBIN PEDERSON: Key Club, B Football, Dance Club, C Track, J.V. Baseball. ROBERT PETERSON: Green and Gold, Math Club tPresidentl, Physics Club tPresidentl, Latin Club iVice Presidentl, Senior Scholarship. IANICE PI-IIPPS: Baronettes, Ladies, Senior Scholarship, Prom Committee. CLAUDIA PISEL: Girls' Glee. KAY PREBLE: G.A.A., Ladies, Drill Team, A Cappella. EARNEST REDFERN: Key Club, Lettermen, Track, Football, Gymnastics. DONNA REEKERS: Baronettes, Ladies, Drill Team, Junior Honor Society, Senior Scholarship tVice Presidentl, C.S.F. Life Mem- ber, A Cappella, Honor Girl, Social Studies Department. LARRY RICHARDS: B Football, Student Congress, Senior Schol- ars ip. SUZANE RIFFLE: Girls' League Historian, El Eco Staff, Baron- ettes, Student Congress. LILA ANN ROBERSON: Senior Scholarship, Rhythmics iPresi- dentl, Health Committee tPresidentl, Junior Red Cross iPresi- dentl, Sportsnight Committee iPresidentJ, G.A.A. tBoardl, Math Club tProgram Chairmanl, Senior Play tLeadJ, Open House tLeadl,'Student Congress, Girls' League Congress, Drill Team, Spanish Club CSecretary, Treasurer, Program Chairmanl, Let- tergirls, Thespian Club iProgram Chairmanl, Junior G.A.A. lPresidentl, Junior Honor Society. THOMAS RYAN: Class President, Student Council, B Football, tactivities at previous schooll. DARLENE MAE SANDERSON: Tri-Y, A Cappella tVice Presi- dent, Secretaryl. FRANK SAUCEDO: B Football, C Track, C-B Track Manager. DIANE SCHILDMEYER: Girls' League President, Treasurer, Stu- dent Social Director, lUth Grade Representative, G.A.A. tCheer- leader, Historianl, Jane Addams, A Cappella, Ladies, Baron- ettes, Las Juanitas, Senior Class Treasurer, Latin Club, Junior Honor Society, Senior Scholarship, Junior Red Cross, Lettergirl. MAURETTE SHAW SCI-IORR: Baronettes, Ladies tPresidentl, Jane Addams, Senior Scholarship lPresident, Secretaryl, G.A.A. tSecretary, Playday Chairmanl, Lettergirls, Drill Team, Junior Honor Society, Junior G.A.A., Junior Red Cross, Spanish Club. ELLIS LEROY SCHURMAN: Hi-Y, Congress. - HAROLD SCOTT: J.V. Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Football, Junior Honor Society, Senior Band. VIVIAN SERPA: Ladies, Baronettes, Jane Addams, Lettergirls, G.A.A., Junior Honor Society, Senior Scholarship, Drill Team, Junior Red Cross, Girls' League Secretary, G.A.A. Cheerleader, Tri-Y, Latin Club. ROSEMARY SHINN: Bismarck H. S.-Library Club, Pep Club, Junior Play. HAROLD SIBON: Swingsters, Levis and Laces, Spanish Club, B Track, B Football, Congress, Junior Red Cross. NANCY SLANE: Song Leader, Las Juanitas, Junior Honor So- ciety, Drill Team, Girls' Glee, Junior G.A.A., Tri-Y. IOANN SNODGRASS: Senior Scholarship, Jane Addams tHis- torianl, G.A.A., Flowergirl, Subst. Songleader, A Cappella, Election Board, Open House, Rhythmics. PENNY STALCUP: Tri-Y. IEANNETTE IRENE STRINGER: Tri-Y, A Cappella. DORIS ELAINE THOMPSON: G.A.A. iBoardl, Lettergirls, Let- tergirls Board, Vice President, Girls' League Board CSecretaryl, Senior Scholarship, Junior Honor Society, Latin Club tSecre- taryl, Math Club, Baronettes, Ladies, Jane Addams, A Cappella, Congress lSecretaryl. DOROTHY TREECE: A Cappella, Drill Team, Girls' Glee Club, Bible Club. IRENE VANDER PLOEG: Girls' Glee Club, A Cappella. RAMONA VAUGHN: Senior Band, Orchestra. PATRICIA WALL: Baronettes, Junior Honor Society, Swingsters, G.A.A., A Cappella. BONNIE WARD: G.A.A. tBoardl, Math Club, Spanish Club, Lettergirls Secretary, Senior Scholarship, Junior Honor Society. Ladies, Student Congress, El Eco Staff, Green and Gold Staff, A Cappella. CHARLES EUGENE WARING: J.V. Basketball, Band, Senior Gift Committee, J. J. I. I. WATERS: Band, Orchestra, Math Club, French Club, Span- ish Club, Science Club, Photography Club. BOB WEBB: A.S.B. Vice President, Vigilantes, Knights, Letter- men Vice Presidentl, Key Club, Gymnastics, C Track, Varsity Track, B Football, Varsity Football, C Basketball, D Basketball, Senior Class Sgt.-at-Arms. RONNIE WESTFALL: Varsity Baseball, C Basketball, D Basket- ball, Barons, Band, Orchestra, Spanish Club, Football and Baseball Manager. ANITA WHITE: Junior Honor Society, Drill Team, Philharmonic Club, Bible Club. Spanish Club, Dance Clubs, Daubers Club. ARTHUR JOHN WIGHTMAN: Track. SANDRA WILKINSON: G.A.A., Tri-Y, Girls' Glee Club, Baron- ettes, Congress, Junior Honor Society, Drill Team. LARRY WILLSON: Boys' Glee Club, A Cappella, Football, Tennis, Cross Country, Bible Club, Student Congress. PAT WOODRUFF: Girls' Glee, G.A.A. EIERNON L. WOODRUFF: Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, Bugle orps. BARBARA YOUNG: Narbonne-Sr. Scholarship, Carthage High -Future Business Leaders of America, Commercial Club, Li- brary. BERNICE YOUNG: Girls' Glee, A Cappella, Bible Club, Phil- harmonic Club. 107 ' "4 'ffl' 7k9iJ1i!j u Y, , , - -,Y ,L - m - - '- ':.,,: .X A ww MR: K Auromrus f k f JOM ITH NEWS ' - 5 I 2.1. Ez QA gf 4, ff'-f 'fa GW' . ,35 9 f V V It q 4 V , - ,,LL. f T9 W WD 4 'EK L, v, C SI, A A+ X ' D ' V V . as 'ww EA, fw 5' QL f K ' I 5fm3 cg, Fai G B QB EQEEERSEQ QI i -77 ' 'L .n ik, f . - fi? f 2 4 fish" ,,,. a -4 mm , M 1 E Rt. Q l - ' 'ya ff' in ' 1 JW af I ' - , . , N t - x F w ,. wjikfff wiv ffffm W 'fy 'ffdmmfzyw ' . fkf fffmw .0 ,J Yf' ig' MQW fam ff1fW2f"f' eff g 2 , 55 Aurocnnvufglxfi-2g' v 'WJ 4 , K J - S' Q ' I , O s -' ,QQ .. X 1 ' ,z. . u , H sf' PL inf? my fi-figs! 'Y Jr, . .x.A p ,J 0 V' M.. 'w Wm' A 2'-Q mfr il 9 f 'Ma ,, 'QE you young women . . . 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