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Nathaniel Narbonne High School - El Eco Yearbook (Harbor City, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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EEE G KXXKX be x i Q HIG "ou is-B JN 9 0 Q 5 f ,LQUMQNH 3 4 4 5 'o f9 Z 5 , "'N!5ssi"s S is " 1 5' QQ ,H 1. Af 7 4? ffiiir V aw k 6 1 :WWW fl V I ,MKHQZ , O ' 4 Z A ' I :- 'F U' ' Pada44e4df,de4za4muag 4.ZmLwu 7f695Sc4a4Z lomda, Qldfauza O C The students, faculty, and the administration join . h. in t is expression of appreciation to Miss lrene Mills. She is remembered for her constant smile, her Warm friendliness, and her untirinq efforts to help th ' e students of Nathaniel A. Narbonne l-liqh School be happier, more suc- cessful, and better citizens. ln tribute to her We dedicate the l954 EL ECO. Luqie Montez-Rhythmics, lane Addams, GAA. Club De Amistad, Dance Clubs. Ierry Moore-A.S.B. Pres., B12 Class Pres., lOth Grade Council, A, B G D Basketball, A G C Track, Ephebian, l-li-Y, Vigilantes Sec. Eiii Mukcihatu - Student Congress, Acapella, A, B G C Track, B Football, D Basketball, Vigilantes, Lettermen, l-li-Y. Maria Carmen Ochoa- Red Cross, GAA Board, Lettergirls, Pres. Latin Club, Spanish Club, Daubers, lane Addams, Sr. Scholarship, Student Congress, Posture Queen ot 1953, Acapella, Dance Clubs. Roy Ogden-C Track, Bible Club, Sr. Play, Red Cross, Student Congress, Dance Clubs. Arthur Olmedu, Ir. - Varsity Football, B Football, C Track, Hi-Y, Student Congress. Pauline Pulver Anna Lee Prestlein Carol Reimers-lane Addams, GAA, Lettergirls Historian, Tri-Y, Acapella, Student Congress. Leonard Risler-Lettermen Pres. :St Sec., Hi-Y Pres. G Treas., Vigilantes, A 6 B Football, A, B G C Track, Daubers, Dance Clubs, Virginia ScrucedoeClub De Amistad, Dance Club. Tom Sawyer - B Football, Hi-Y. George Schleqel- Hi-Y, B Football, B Track. Michael Shcxnuhcm-B Track, Swim Team, B Football. Kathleen lliayel Bader Gamer Pauline Benson - Tri-Y, GAA, Acapella, Daubers, G 61 G. Ioan Broad-GAA Sec., Lettergirls, Bed Cross, Dance Clubs. Donald Brown-C 61 B Track, B Football, IV Baseball, Bible Club, Spanish Club, Student Congress, Senior Play. Linda Chambers Eva Clemens George Clemens LeRoy Grosskopl-B Football, C G B Track, Hi-Y. Charles Harrison-Not Pictured Mary Hatheway - GAA Board, Lettergirls Treas. Acappella, Bed Cross, Dance Clubs, Latin Club Senior Play, Philharmonic Club. LeRoy Henson-B Football, Varsity Football Gymnastics, Lettermen, l-Ii-Y. Frank Hillemeyer-Class Vice-Pres., Hi-Y Vice- Pres., Key Club, Varsity Football, Vlgilantes. Iune Irving Kenneth Iohnson-Key Club, B Cross Country, Dennis Coil-C Track, Spanish Club, Dance Club, Bible Club. Ioyce Covey --A12 Class Sec., GAA, Tri-Y. Kay Curry-GAA Board, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Daubers, Dance Clubs, Bed Cross, Senior Play, Bible Club, Acapella, Philharmonic Club. Darlene Doepping - GAA, Lettergirls Treas,, A12 Class Treas., Tri-Y, Senior Scholarship Society, Daubers, Student Congress, Acappella. Ernest Gallegos-Newman Club, Spanish Club, Wrestling, Art Club, CBCHS Coloradol. Martha Goar Gary Gregg-Varsity Football, Lettermen Pres., I-li-Y Chaplain, B Football, Student Congress. Varsity Track. Sandra Katila lame: Keltner - I-li-Y, B Baseball. Iohnny Kendall Tom Koyama-- Gymnastics, V Band, Dance Clubs. Delores Lanqerud -GAA, Car Registration Group, Class Historian, Dance Clubs, Bible Club. Colleen McGinnis-lane Addams, GAA, Tri-Y, Daubers, Student Congress, Scholarship. Don Minson-A12 Class Pres., Vigilantes Pres.. Lettermen, Key Club, l-li'Y, A, B G D Basketball. B Baseball, A 6- B Track. NO PICTURES Marilyn Winaert Bonnie Younq --- GAA, Dance Clulls Betty Zankie Charles Harrison CLASS OFFICERS Don Minson, President Frank Hillemeyer, Viceepresi loyce Covey, Secretary Darlene Doeppinq, Treasurer Not Pictured lerry Moore, Ephebian. Lite member Calitl Scholarship Federation, Kiwanis Service Award Mark Tracy Gerald Trombley -- Rifle Club, Student Congress Dance Clubs. Shirley Welsh -Tri-Y, GAA Actipella, Daubers G QS G Stall. Donald West ---B 6 C Track, Student Congress Acapella, Red Crass, Dance Clubs. Kenneth Williams -Gymnastics, Bible Club Cross Country. George Willis W- Lettermen Vice-Pres., Hi-Y Treas. A G B Football, A 5 B Baseball. Barbara Youngman CLASS SPONSORS Mr. Bernard Miss McCoy dent Row I: Miss Mary Cicorio, Miss Annette Cotter, Mrs. Delores H. Bright, Miss Marqaret Byrkit, Mrs. Wilhelmina Cooper. Row 2: Mr. Iohn R. Bastone, Mrs. Inez Comeau, Mrs. Faith Carter, Mrs. Florence Bishop. How 3: Miss Louellen Chase, Mr. Irwin D. Aldrich, Mrs. Vivian Dingle, Mr. Iames H. Burchett, Mr. Ernest Christensen. Row 4: Mr. Richard Bernard, Mr. Henry M. Burrows, Mr. Carl T. Cobbs, Mr. lack Chasson. Row 5: Mr. LaMont Bryan, Mr. Chester L. Dean, Mr. lames Peter Cost, Mr, Cash C. Crawford. Row 1: Mr. Darrell Lee lung, Mrs. lmoqene Gorton, Mrs. Marjorie Davis,Mrs. B. Smith Hilbert Mrs. Marjorie Gale. Row 2: Mrs. Winona Konqs, Miss Margaret McCoy, Mr. Ellis A. Hunt, Mr. Bulfurn L. Chase. Row 3: Mr. lames H. Hampson, Mr. Rchard Hubbard, Mr, loseph Lanqan, Mr. Earl B. Fields, Mrs Dorothy Hayes. Row 4: Mr. lack L. Hopkins, Mrs. Grace G. Hopla, Miss Margaret Herwiq, Miss Mildred Lancaster Row 5: Mr. Dallas Livingston-Little, Mr. Gerald F. Horn, Mrs. Martha McLauahlin, Mr. Walter G Kuns, Mrs. Fay R. lohsnon. 1 .Ql- f9 I.. JS fq. .3 Pwr? A r Q6 ml: N .1 V' ' iii ' l Row 1: Miss Alice Sturdy, Miss rjvelyn D. Reynolds, Mr. A. H. Voqler, Miss Iacqueline Stricker, Mrs. Audrey Stoddard. Row 2: Miss Muriel I. Zartman, Mr. Robert W, Parent, Miss Sara Vaubel, Mr. lohn Stoner. Row 3: Miss Doris Richardson, Miss Maxine Schildmeyer, Mr. Wayne Sloss, Mr, lohn C. Rhodes. Row 4: Mr. Norwood Teague, Mr. Charles Welsh, Mr. George D. Weeks, Mr. Alex V. Mechikoit. Row 5: Mr. Michael Marienthal, Mr. Harvey Schaefer, Miss Mary Harrison, Mr. Graeme O'Neill, Mr. Morton A. Tenenbaum. 1 Mr. Leo Maronto, Mr. Gilbert Madden, Mr A Stanley lohnson, Mrs. Mildred Honnaka, Mrs Alice Reichert. 40 I 1 COUNSELORS Row 1: Mrs. Helen A. Berger, Miss Doris 'r Richardson, Mrs. Audrey Stoddard, Miss Evelyn D. Reynolds. , Row 2: Mrs. lohnnie Hanno, Miss Mildred 1 Lancaster, Mr. Emest Christensen. ' Row 3: Mr. Gerald F. Horn, Mr. Michael Marienthal, Mr. lack L. Hopkins, Mr. Graeme O'Nei11. N bf ,,,,.., . . - f,.gw:na-1'r'ru K1 " 'J A , . Greetings to the classes of 1954. As we turn the pages of your annual, we appreciate anew the contributions you have made to our school both as class groups and as individuals, Through your clubs, athletics, and student government organizations, we see the traditions and ideals oi our school maintained and passed on to others, and we realize that while you will no longer be with us, the things for which you stood and built will remain, When you leave us, may you continue to build so that your home and country may be the better because of you. ELIZABETH F. PARKS Girls' Vice-Principal PRINCIPAL - This school year has been rin eventful one in cur lives. For the first time in the history of our schocl the number ci students enrolled exceeded the two thousand mark. In spite of the fact that the Bczzrci cf Education built'six new bungalows for us last summer, the growth was so rapid that these additional classrcrnxs were not enough to accommodate our growth ter the so-ntire school year. Conse- quently we were forced to ae cn to a double session in February. However, in spite cf these events, we have had a very successful year and l am very proud of both our sudents and our faculty as well as the community in making the adjustments to these events so easily and smoothly, To our graduating senitis we my congratulations and best wishes for the future, They leave our school, l am sure, with the feeling of acccrnislishment that comes with a Job well done. There is nc: substitute for an education. lt is something that nc-cane min cver take away from them. To you who have served your school so well in our service organizations, in clubs and in athletics, my thanks for helping others. l ani sure you are better individuals for this thoughtfulness and for the work you have accom- plished for your school. Your school is a fine one--V-rich in traditions and bound to be as good as you have made it. ln looking into the future we see even tr better Narbonne High School, located on a new campus, under new environment. Lets all look forward to working tcaether tc make our new school even better than it is now, L -- f uw ow 'WN' 'Qu TO THE GRADUATING CLASS: The American chullenqe to youth toduy is to be CI respected citizen ot our country, lt is esson tiol thot justice, honesty, ond dependability prv- vuil in our people it we expect to continue our leadership in the world of tomorrow. ll is through individual development thot we urn Invcrt this uhollenqeq individual development thut is liioimlit about only by effort und ci qreut desire for pm' sonol inteqrity. Hdvino met this chollcnqu in hi-gh SLfl100l, it is our hope thot you enioy continued success us o respected citizen vt out 1'nw untry, Sincerely, PAT E. TURNER Boys' Vice-Principal ,f iii MR. ALBERT W. STEMBRIDGE Reqistror MRS. HELEN BERGER Counselor OFFICE STAFF Row 1: Miss Mary Tado, Mrs. Gladys Pangborn, Mrs. Florence Towers, Mrs. Verna Brown Row 2: Mrs. Lucy Barnes, Mr. Edmund Day, Mrs. Mary Timothy, Mrs. Lucille Marriott. STUDENT OFFICE WORKERS Row 1: Ioan Harris, Bonnie Clifford, Audrian Rozendal, Yvonne Ash, Irene Turner, Carmen Ochoa, Evelyn Sampson, Leona Thompson, Donna Kimura, Marlene Davies. How 2: lane Turman, Marlene McGee, Ianice Phipps, Carolyn Fitzhugh, Connie Long, Beverly Fosburg, Gwen McCann, Myrna Iaclcson, Darlene Derouin. Row 3: Virginia Saucedo, Deanna Schrum, Annabel Glasson, Ioan Broad, Kay Bader, Mary Hath- eway, Gloria Tolbert, Lugie Montez, Margaret Wildenhain, Yvonne Gimenez. Row 4: Lola Gwaltney, Iackie Connor, Delores Langerud, Peggy Reeves, Darlene Mata, Barbara Schemp, Diane Rowe, Shirley Todd, Dorothy Kline, Dorothy Treece, Dorothy Griggs. Row 5: Sandra Cressey, Linda Wiese, Peggy Io Cooper, Yvonne Newman, Marilyn Brannan, To Ann Wilson, Gail Gowdey, Beverly Agnew, Zona Hammond, Bonnie Domonoske. Row 6: Fred Hartman, Ierry Chapman, Leonard Nieman, Lionel Hampton, Douglass Harris, Bob Iohnson, Mickey Mantle, Mike McGee. Row 7: Davyne Trimble, Carole Wilkins, Phil Minson, Don Beaver, Gary Gregg, Craig Chudy, Stromor Godmon, David English, Kay Brown, Barbara Goar. 45 IC.-3 Qi, .. lj wi ,Q-Hx CAFETERIA STAFF AND STUDENT HELPERS Row 1: Mrs. lennie Richino, Mrs. Ruth Cook, Mrs. EL. M. Cmner, Mrs. Koy Birdsonq. Row 2: Ole-vo Brown, Mr. Leon Tucker, Mrs. Vesta Litterll. Row 1: Leslie Bouqhn, Mary Brown, Noel I. Britton, Mourine Simpson, Ie-wel Mock. Row 2: Chcxrles Veols, Thomas Barnes, lock Adkins, Iohn Henzie, Christopher Wriqht, Golden Green. as Q zfiaif-fa 1 CUSTODIAN S AND GARDENERS .47 z4wcafwl We Hmmm f ,--'F-' I B 5 Q4 CAA E R qsfz-E,.W ,Jify f"sN M 'W' 'WT ?,g6,"oL 12-" get Sqpzllis 'E ms 7241 , Mm? 'Hy SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY Row 1: Lila' Cordray, Donna Fisher, Kathryn Pisel, Vivian Serpa, Ioyce Endo, Mrs. Bensler, Sandra MacArthur, ludy Patterson, Rosa Duarte, Donna Kimura. Row 2: Shirley Martin, Susan Anderson, Gail Travers, Carol May, Ianet Ford, Ianice Lloyd, Marie Traunfelter, Barbara Irvin, Shirley Endo. Row 3: Pat Gilbert, Donna Beekers, Frieda Kaubel, Mary Myers, Bonnie Domonoske, Flora Hameetmen, Adrienne Sidwell, Stella Emery, Ruth Armes. Row 4: Benny Flores, Duke Mitchell, lim Balcom, Ierry Coulter, Bobert Hargrove, Tommy Green, Richard Faulkner, Ierome Dutt, Orville Balcom. Row 5: Lorraine MdcCrindle, Maurette Shaw, Diane Schildmeyer, Donna Beane, Paula Dixon, Linda lones, lerry Chapman, Victor Martinov. Row 6: Dick Luevano, Tom Shery, Miss McCoy, Mike McGee, Don Myers, Row 1: Marilyn Whitacre, Ronald Omohundro, Betty Domonske, Bette Boyd, Mary Swope, Ioyce Loediqe, Ruth McCune, Bonnie Denton, Carol Doran, Kenny Koyama. Row 2: Alice Navarro, Eloise Bower, Linda Lewis, Sherian Thompson, Diane Kennedy, Phyllis Poskin, Ianice Penaluna, Sue Chapman, Alice Moyle. Row 3: Iudy Zittle, Geanette Cooper, Kay Tonner, Tsuroki Mini, Beverly Beckett, lna Swope, Deanna Shaw, Gloria Grubbs, lane Wada, Nancy Massey. Row 4: Kenrjii Matsumura, Dennis Kaiser, Floyd French, Linda Bohannan, Miss Vaubel, IUNIOR Pat McNees, Gary Downey, lim Flaqq, Bob Beaman. Row 5: Iudy Wolf, Norma Newman, Virginia Kirkwood, Sharon Wisham, Marcia Benck, HONOR Penny Goethals, Charlsie Ann Malone, Barbara Sandusky, leannette l-less, Geraldine Daniels. Row 6: Barbara Foster, Colleen McCormick, Ellene Drawdy, Elaine Hathaway, Mary SOCIETY Sanford, loAn Short, Ruth Thorneycroft, Barbara Reed, Kathleen Williams, Row 7: Edward Kauble, Terry Mertz, Edward Eliot, Gary Lee. gif....,. ...W ,. .,. W- 1. 7a 704444, Www ,-he Dae Many people are best' in physical activities where strong muscles, alertness, and skill bring them popularity and maybe fame. Some people are handsome and pretty so that people like them for their good looks, and some of them become famous in the entertainment world. Most people are just good "joes" that have many good friends, they make fair grades in school: they root for the Muscle Men, they admire the beautiful and the cleverp and some of them win awards for attendance in school. But schools were first built to help those who are exceptionally good in using their minds. The schools were made hard to toughen up the minds just as the coaches Work their teams hard in order to win championships. Al- though most of the people in school now seldom strain either their muscles or their minds, there are many who do really work at it and find pleasure in being really good in such things as history, English, mathematics, languages, and science. In these days when there is less and less hard work required in lite and more and more brain work to design and operate machines, it seems that we should see what Narbonne is doing to supply its share of these experts who are becoming so necessary to keep this complicated machine age running. Therefore we salute these students who have achieved outstanding recognition for work usually done where few see it or recognize it. There have been no cheering throngs, but these have worked for the joy of doing well what they were asked to do. They do not strut about showing their prowess, but they are the backbone of the school and many achieved acclaim in sports, arts, and entertainment as well. We honor these who have been chosen be- cause they are outstanding students. GUILDERS Row 1: Mary lean Harker, Henry Brink, Duke Blakesley, Eve Petronovich. Row 2: Flora Hameetman, Mr. Hunt, Stella Emery. Row 3: Bill Butler, Woody Buchanan. Row 4: Bill Brockelsby, Craig Chudy, Danny Marsh. Qfmafza SENIOR HIGH GIRLS' LEAGUE HONOR GIRLS-W'54 Art - Sandra Katila English - Iudy Patterson Home Economics - Darlene Doepping Mathematics - Marie Trauntelder Physical Education - Sandra Katila Science - Mary Hatheway Social Studies - Mary lean Harker HONOR SERVICE AWARDS-W'54 KIWANIS SERVICE AWARD W54 Ioan Broad Linda Chambers Ierry Moore MQW Hwhewsv WESTINGHOUSE SCIENCE TALENT SEARCH Sandra Kama Honorable Mention Don Meyers Carmen Ochoa GIRLS' STATE REPRESENTATIVE I UNIOR HIGH AMERICAN LEGION AWARDS - W'54 Colleen Rae McCormick Terence Rick Markley ATTENDANCE AWARDS Robert Brown Sharon Gossett Richard Learrnan Edward Pena Barbara Foster Allen Huggins Michael Ludwig Charles Travers William Gilman George Koshak Katsuaki Mine Shirley Washburn "K - ASB President Ierry Moore ASB Vice-president Henry Brink ',f,v 1. . ,.-' er fx S -4 N . ASB Secretary-treasurer Bonnie Dornonoske STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: Moryieon Harker, Henry Brink, Ierry Moore, Floro Hczmeetmon, Kay Francis. Row 2: Diane Schiidmeyer, Lyle DeVore, Ioe Stiis, Ruth Armes. Row 3: Mr. Livingston-Liitle, Bill Brocklesby. me Smdm: dam The Student Court is elected by the Student Body to give special instruction and assistance to stu- dents who have difficulty in liv- ing successfully in a crowded school. T h e y sympathetically hear the excuses of those brought before them for conduct unbecom- ing a Narbonne Student. The Court tries to help these to under- stand the reasons why they should be more careful to observe the rules and regulations and then give them special activities to per- STUDENT C0U3T form that will help them to remem- Associate Iustices: Gregg Hornaday, Craig Chudy, Dexter Good- ber to always be Cf Gaucho that ell. Chief lustice: Ioe Stits. Sponsor: Mr. Livingston-Little. Q11 CQU be proud Qt, Row 1: Cynthia Pederson, Jerry Moore, Marilyn Dannerberger, Ernie Eredia, Troy Hollinger. Row 2: Eileen Swaffer, Swaffer, Shirley Powell, La Vonna Conner, Pat Gilbert, Bonnie Schroeder, Huw 3: Iames Vivonia, Eugene Trinkler, Mary Harker, Zona Hammond, Ioan Birchler, David Cole, David Darst. Row 4: Shirley Kangus, Flora Hameetman, Beverly Agnew, Iennifer Bowen, Bonnie Domonoske, Kay Francis. Row 5: Dexter Goodell, Gary Downey, Ierry Chapman, Mr, Chasson, Lyle DeVore, Henry Brink, Bob Easom. Row 6: Ioe Stits, Victor Martinov, Noel Reimers, Larry Mertz, Bill Blaine, Frank Hillemeyer. Sowice Service Clubs are a necessary part of a democratic school government. Mem- bers are above average in scholarship and citizenship. They are Well liked, re- spected students, and they enjoy their work. New members are elected by pres- ent club members, the faculty, and the student body. The most active clubs of Ncrrbonne are lane Addams, Vigilantes, Ladies, Knights, Baronettes, Barons, Las luanitas, and Squires. The members of these clubs are pledged to give service to the school and the students, build morale, start valuable traditions, maintain order, create friendli- ness, promote good citizenship, help the students and protect their rights in all phases of school activities, and assist in enforcing the rules and laws of the school community. Some of the definite services rendered by these clubs are supervising the loading and unloading of school buses, keeping order in the halls, on the grounds, and in the cafeteria: checking lunch passes, ushering at school affairs, helping new students, and serving the school when and where needed. Mary Meyers IANE ADDAMS Row 1: Carmen Ochoa, Iudy Patterson, Delores Knuutila, Teresa Pulido. Row 2: Nadine Madrid, Colleen McGinnis. Row 3: Barbara lrvin, Kay Francis, Lugi Montez, Eve Petronovich. Row 4: Mary lean Harker, Peggy Van Velkenberg Frey, Miss Parks, Bonnie Schroeder, Shirley Endo. Row 5: Bonnie Domonske, Linda Chambers, Row 6: Martha Gear, Flora Hameetman. Row 7: Sandra Katilla. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row VIGILANTES 1: A. G. Mukaihata. 2: Dick Westfall, Louy Sims, Henry Brink, Ierry Moore. 3: Lyle DeVore, Dale Howard, Duke Blakesly, Frank Zuray, 4: Woody Buchanan, Clair Hutton. 5: Leonard Risler, Bill Butler, Mr. Turner, Don Minson, Don Myers. 6: Garry McPeak, lohnny Sampson. 7: Bill Brockelsby, Mike McGee. KNIGHTS 1: Don Snow, Ted Sandoval, Richard Faulkner, Eddie Burrel, lerry Coulter. 2: Toshi Shinden, Ierry Chapman, Dale Franklin, lim Williams. 3: Iim Ieter, Victor Martinov, Ioe Stits, Bobby Gravett, David Clayton, 4: lim Wright, Tommie Robins, Dick Bell, David Cole. 5: Danny Marsh, Don Hale, Mr. Cobbs, Gordon Garrett. fb, Jkkvkt-JJ ,L X r 'f.,j , 1 ,J or BOARD How 1: Connie Long, Ioan Birchler, Audrian Rozendal, Barbara W- lrvin. PIO Inter Pfesjd Row 2: Yvonne Ash, Miss Harrison, Miss Chase, Flora Hameet- Ig Ham enf man, Stella Emery, Gloria McCann, Pat Gilbert. SSUTIQU The Girls' League is composed of all the girls of the school. The Girls' League promotes triendliness and cooperation among the girls and develops in them high ideals ot service and loyalty to each other and to their school. This year The Girls' League presented the talent show, "Gir1s' League Presents", which was a big success, They sponsored the March ot Dimes, Blue leans Day, Backward Dance, Candied Apple Sale, and the noon assem- blies. The officers went on invitation to other schools to attend their installations and teas. Row 1: rdra Rosa Duarte Grace Leyva Dorothy Algarme Lila Co y, , , . How 2: Margie Getz, Carol Perry, Mary Embres, Anette Grate, Mildred Childs. Row 3: Gail Travers, Ruth Armes, Virginia Conner, Pat Gilbert. Row 4: Paul Dixon, Stella Emery, Miss Stricker, Shirley Kangas, Iackie Zittle. Row 5: Donna Beane, Sharon Anderson. xi ax BARONETTES Row 1: Patsy Wall, Suzane Riffel, Louise Chavez, Mary Grate, loan Harris, Donna Kimura, Iulia Delgado, Row 2: Yvonne Ash, Alice Martinez, Vivian Serpa, loyce Endo, Carolyn Fitzhugh, Pat Fields, Row 3: Lorraine Rothenberg, Gwen McCann, Shirley Andreotti, Audrian Rozendal, lanice Phipps, Shirley Martin, Sandra MacArthur. Row 4: Row 5 Nancy Row 6: Row How Row Row Laura Tolbert, Maggie Deck, Marlene Gull, Connie Long, Susan Anderson, Frances Myron. Donna Reel-ters, Maurette Shaw, Diane Schildmeyer, Mrs. Hopla, Lorraine MacCrindle, Maxwell, Doris Thompson. Linda lanes, Sandra Cressey, Linda Wiese, Alice Carpenter. BARONS 1: Gary Eldred, Ronnie Westfall, Bob Kubo, Robert Tapia, David Darst. 2: Pat DiMeglio, lim Balcom, Bob Montez, Dulce Mitchell, Fred Hartman. 3: Tommy Cappuccio, Dexter Goodell, Myron Blakesley, Richard Tapia. 4: Gregg Horriaday, Tom Sherry, Mr. lung, Danny Martin. Z STUDENT AUXILIARY FIRE DEPARTMENT Row 1: Ianice Sivard, Marilyn Walker, Beverly Dean, Linda Wiese. Row 2: Mr, Aldrich, Mike MrGee, Don Myers, Richard Ienkin, IR. RED CROSS Row 1: Iuciy Wolf, Karen Covington Margaret Hecht, Celia Ochoa. Row 2: Ann Roberson, Ioan Henley. Row 3: Linda Thayne, Patsy McNees Myrna Andrews, Phyllis Swanson. Row 4: Wayne Miller, Sieve Saracco. LAS IUANITAS Row 1: Barbara Foster, Celia Ochoa, ludy Wolf, loan Henly, Karen Covington. Row 2: Barbara Reed, Colleen McCormick, lackie Krown, Kathleen Williams. How 3: Sharon Hartman, Pat McNees, Miss Zartrnan, Carol Held, Linda Bohannan. Row 4: Ruth Thorneycrott, Ioan Short. LIBRARY HELPERS Row 1: Iohnnie Lou Evans, Kathy De- Hart, Donette Gray, Tsurko Mine, Iudy Bear. Row 2: Connie Long, Frances Myron, Mary Embres, Brenda Rollins. Row 3: Mary lane Wriqht, Corinne Pliley, Mrs. I-lanno, Betty Beckett, Myrna Morris. Row 4: Linda Wiese, Frieda Kauble, lim Loder, Gail Harsh. Row 5: Bill Knocke, Ronald Merriam. ff. SQUIRES Row 1: Don Wallace, lim Flaqq, Carl Wada, Bon Wallace. Row 2: Gary Downey, Mr. Bernard Steve Saracco dow 8: Wayne Miller, Bob Halverson, lim Kaul, Bob Nelson. 'eil fd H gr L if E125 il Q H GREEN 6: GOLD STAFF Front row: Sherri LeClerq, Benny Flores, in I .wi Middle row: Sharon Fisher, Marilyn Hill, Mr, Chase, Daniel Marsh Aclnene Sldvwell lmlr lordray Back: Gregg l-lornaday. EL ECO STAFF Mr. llllll ll L ALEGRIA A x J A ' 5 Row 1: Beatrice Busamente, Beatrice Marquez, Carmen Gomez, Ellen Dow, Isabel Mora, Ludy Leyva, lulia Delgado, Virgnia Pena. Row 2: Gail Travers, Maggie Deck, Carol May, Maurette Shaw, Mary Myers, lanice Lloyd, Darlene Davis. Row 3: Ronald Cole, Charles Burrel, Tom Green, Robert Hargrove, Dexter Goodell, lim Balcom, Harold Sibon, Ierry Coulter. Row 4: Donna Beane, Mary Boyer, Sharon Anderson, Paula Dixon, Bertha lorquez. Row 5: Dallan Oakes, Bill Farlow, Rick Eckly, Dennis Hudson, loe Stitz, lerry Chapman, Victor Martinov, Mike McGee. Row S: Tom Shery, Margaret Aguilar, Geraldine Monge, Don Myers, FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Row 1: Lila Cordray, Millie Childs, Isa- bel Mora, Donna Fisher, lulia Delgado. Row 2: Carol May, Gail Waltz, Marge Cullinan, Mary Embres. Row 3: Paula Dixon, leannie Spangler, Miss Reynolds, Gail Travers, Adrienne Sidwell, Row 4: Donna Beane, Sharon Ander son. SERVI LATINI Row 1: Sharon Babb, Vivian Serpa, loyce Endo, Shirley Martin, Carla Babb. How 2: Dianne Robinson, Linda McRey- nolds, loan Armington, Margaret Cullie nan. Row 3: Louise Beckett, Donna Reekers, Mrs. Swisher, Peggy Frey, Dores Thomp- son. Row 4: Diane Schildrneyer, Carol Ma- thews, leanne Spangler, Frank Davis, Row 5: Richard Hollis, Alice Carpenter, Gregg Hornaday, Linda lones, Herb Provost. How 6: Leslie Renck, Don Davis. 90 61 SOUND CREW Row 1: Floyd French, Iim Flaqq, Rudy McTee, Chief sound technician Billy Haslam, David Osmond. Row 2: Pete Zankie, Bob Bishop, Fred Hameet- man, Dick Zuray. Row 3: Bill Blaine, Mr. Burrows. PROIECTION CREW Row lx Fred Cicero, Ioe MacArthur, Terry Denton, Terry Coil, Norman Minobe. Row 2: Larry Iohnson, Katsuaki Mine, Steve Andrade, Weston Warner. Row 3: Donald Moses, Ierome Dutt, Allan Murrell, Arthur Floyd Basile. Row 4: Audrey Schuler, Ierry Wiiliby, Ken Rohar, Wesley Hanson. Row 5: Ed Rolotf. BUSINESS CLUB Row 1: Dolores Knuutila, Eileen Burrell, Na dine Madrid, Evelyn Treece. Row 2: Geraldine Waqers, loy Callaway, Do' lores Cloninqer. Row 3: leraline Boring, Shirley Mitchell, Zona Hammond, Beverly Aqnew. Row 4: Co-Sponsor, Mrs. Reichert, and Spon- ser Mrs. Stoddard. Row 5: lo Ann Spangler, Marilyn Brannan. JN wx! STAGE CREW Row 1: Chuck Riqqs, Gene Trinkler, Ray Brewster, Steve Lundy, Gary Girard. Row 2: Charles Hanselman, Bob Vaona, Iohn Landry, Monty Rich. Row 3: Noel Reimers, Bob Miller, Fred Hess. Row 4: George Belknap, Bill Brewster, Dave English. Row 5: Hershel Adcock, Steve Saracco. Row 6: Mr. Cost, Harold Dreyer, Denny Cox. 31 DAUBERS Row 1: Dallas Oakes CV. PJ, Carol White, Tommy Green tSec.l. Row 2: Ianice Showalter, Darlene McDonald, loyce Showalter. How 3: Bill Farlow, lerry Coulter. How 4: Robert Horgrave, Bob Pope, Ioel Purell, lean Spangler. Row 5: Donna Beane, Paula Dixon. 7 'Q HI-Y Row 1: Mukahaita, Chapman, Brink, Moore Groskopf. Row 2: Huffman, Olmeda, Henson, De Vore. Row 3: Blakesley, Schlegal, Risler, Martinov, Fleimers. Row 4: Minson, Hillemeyer, Blaine.Burton. Row 5: Little, Willis. ""'fn-"U-5. SWINGSTERS Row 1 Gordon Getz Nellie lo lewel Celil Ochoa Karen Covington How 2 Mrs Calkins Mrs Iohnson Mrs Comeau How 3 Margaret Smith Ioan Henley LEVIS AND LACES Row 1: Barbara Waters, Norma Iorio, llrs. Calkins. Row 2: Carol Kail, Naomi Newman. Row 3: Terey Coil, Thomas Garren. 40" ,C -'J' 4x.,,,1 fi WA 3 46 X . ,- ..-,,,.. gg i BIG AND LIT'I'LE SISTERS How 1: Carol Doran, Shirley Swanson, Sharon Thompson, Shirley Iohnson, Nita Bourland, Barbara Crovella, Sheri Chasteen. ' How 2: Ruth McCune, Virginia Baslie, lanet Kirsch, Helen Howard, lean Castle, Barbara Rice. Row 3: Carol Surber, Sherry Meeks, Carolyn Finch, Miss Lancaster, lean Carter, Mavis Lanqerud, Margie Clark. Row 4: Valerie Saracco, Gale Flagq, Pat Wilson, Deanna Shaw, Karlene Hold, ludy Hedstrom. gow 5: Mary Ani: Hoag, Patty Anderson, lackie Iohnson, Barbara Emery, Sharon Cheek, Barbara assel. Row 6: Ioyce White, Carol Perz, Cynthia Dix, Vickie Brown, Nadine Green, Sharon Wisham. Row 1: Vllnnifred Blakley, Mr. Lanqan, Herb Provost, Terry Mertz, Wayne Haslam, Euqene Minor, Kenny Koyama, Ronald Omohundro, Linda Baris. Row 2: Susie Smith, Iudy Clements, lanice Green, Ioyce Luediqe, Betty Davis, ludith Bentley, Marquita Davies, Iudy Brown, Dorothy Alvarez. Row 3: Georgia Scopas, Darlene McDonald, Carol Mitchell, loan Redfield, Gloria Grubbs, Sandra Tremble, Valerie Sapacco, Liala Wilson. Row 4: Chris Howard, Wendell Simmons, Bob Magee, Roy Stephens, Clinton Pecor, Kenji Matsumura, Mike Treqarthen, Bob Mankoski, Norma Newman. Bow 5: Walter Townson, Virginia Haney, Faye Gardener, Elaine Drawdy, ludy Piller, Bar- bara Harp, Shirley Powell. 1--1 . - IR. HIGH SCIENCE CLUB TRI-Y Row 1: Darlene Beauchamp, Louise Chavez, Pat Woodward, Leona Thompson, Delores Knuutila, lana Phifer, Bonnie Butler, Alice Crovella, Leona Blanchet. Row 2: Evelyn Treece, Darlene Derouin, Myrna Iackson, Nadine Madrid, Yvonne Ashe, Eileen Burrell, lanet Pierce, Shirley Kastrup. Row 3: Ioyce Covey, Nancy Epperheimer, Zona Hammond, Beverly Agnew, Elaine Baxley, Iuanita Anderson, Bonnie Clifford, Conchita Elorriaqa, Katherine Pisel. Row 4: Marilyn Walker, Beverly Dean, Gail Gowdy, Linda Chambers, Myrna Bacon, Paddy De- Vore, Connie Long, Audrian Rozendal. Row 5: Alma Cribbs, Betty Wilson, loAnn Wilson, Ianeth Horton, Stella Emery, Flora Hameetman, Carol Shepard, Gail Travers, Carol May. How 6: Sharon Anderson, Iackie Zittle, Shirley Kanqas, Gloria McCann. Row 1: Kei Kimura, Steve Nothern, Lynn Bateman, Glen Kubo, Carl Gregory. Row 2: Calvin West, Ioe Schuler, lay Hamilton, lohn Russak. Row 3: George Dennis, Dennis Chapman, Kenji Matsumura, David Ito, Lionel I-lallinq. Row 4: Neil St. Clair, Thomas Thompson, Richard Hale, Robert Katz. Row 5: Ie-rry Alba, Walter Cotton, Mr. lung, Patrick Manning. g CHESS CLUB GIRLS' GLEE CLUB A CAPPELLA CHOIR Row 1: Evelyn Treece, Mina Thames, Bonnie Schroeder, Elaine Baxley, Aloha Bliss, Carmen Ochoa, Teresa Pulido. Row 2: Daniel Lister, Ianice Fae Showalter, lanice Lloyd, Audrian Rozendal, Louellyn Drisvoll, Teddy Gilbert, Margie Clothier, Ray Byers. Row 3: Gladys Olsen, Zona Hammond, Betty Williams, Miss Alice Sturdy, Sandra Barata, Pauline Benson, Shirley Welsh. Row 4: Henry Brink, Stella Mae Emery, Ianice Chambers, Bertha lorquez, Kaye Bader Garner, Mary Hathaway, Carol Reimers, Bryan Jones. Row 5: Bill Butler, Vera Roberson, Phyllis Haze-lbaker, Glcria McCann, lackie Zittle, Martha Goar, Lawrence Gremminqer. How 6: Don West, Iohn Anderson, Dennis lludson, Billy Griaigs, Bob Kulio Bob Grulwlvs, Gary Robinson, Vernon Arbuckle, Row 7: Gary Mcpeak, Dean Brown, Danny Martin, Bill Blaine, Russell Monroe, David Cole, Duane Dinsmore. X, 3 W-.W 1-..,.NNM -...,,, 'kwa Q'-1 wlmveswg -.,,Mm '-...,, 7' xv: M, Q wav., JF' li! 'Ns .Sta 'ra .A 1- Y, ..-.-n ,.n V la' A V K , ,,,,,.,.4-- 'f - Lv' K DHA' 'yu-ff - L 'ull 1 M 5 N1 El ., X e 'N avr Y suv.. ' -In Q... -,M E r. ,f' ,s v X "0""""L -aa. KW., h -Q -. iyx . iwfkx- T A - ' 4 as , W, R' Snr' 711181 ...- ,- - QQ' .' 1' ,N .1 f lf mi .Y 12,11 W TTWQE L , Y X1 'zur- E l b . Q X , by 'I ' N h 1 I . .J A L N Q r f ' A .. 1- ,H Q 1 wa' 44A Q' TQ., 4 li I .X QB. S1 M nie , .U A , Y, w -z 5 Q -w .W in 'H 5, szfnnin l,-A-. hu' . H 4 N f 1- -tx rf L 15-L Y -Q fy 1 . . 'f I " , Q 43'- l , X ff 5 " S x if ' - I . 0' 'W 1 H 1? A Ag ' Sf: 6 52 , ,aff- U Sl 4-V4 , ' -s 'U fx . . w If .J K, :V -' Q Q 1 25 AQ fy, ,, M J' fx , ' I A X ,, - ,mem I xkfxx X .33 ' Q Q I . Nh.. ' W R ,- , an K ,X X , ,, 'Sir ff Q iw QAM 02? MRS. DAVIS B-12 Row 1: Shirley Kastrup, Iirn McCarthy, Philip Maqaram, Dick l-larnmack. Row 2: Tom McCarthy, Eddie Gonzales, Bobby Leach. Row 3: Victor Martinov, Darlene Hous- ton, Gloria McCann, Larry Killingstad. Row 4: Mrs. Marjorie Davis, Gordon Garrett. How 5: Larry Nicolai, Daniel Marsh. t 4 t 1 A. 3 A ff X if ,Xl .C .r -27' MISS CICORIO B-12 How 1: Ianice Showalter, Glenda Wells Miss Cicorio, Grace Olvera, lana Phifer Row 2: Bette Wilson, Iennie Spangler Darlene Eunice Houston, Walter Moses Row 3: Ice Stits, Tommie loe Robins Noel Beimers, Furni Tado. How 4: Ed Roloff, Ken Rohar. '10, x an MR. CHASSON B-12 Row 1: Margie Clothier, Myrna Bacon Sandie Baratta, Shirley Carlson. How 2: Ierry Chapman, Marianne Com stock, lohn Anderson, Loellyn Driscoll Richard Faulkner. Row 3: Bill Brewster, David Cole, Wil liam Barber, Denny Cox. Row 4: Harold Dreyer, Mr. Chasson Leslie Dean, Bob Frownfelter. MR. HUNT A-11 Row 1: Betty Io Teel, Verdetta Wood, Mina Thames, Barbara Westfall, Edwa- dean Treadway. Row 2: Gail Waltz, Patricia Taylor, Beverly Williams, Gail Travers. Row 3: Leroy Vaughan, laqueline Zittle, Nancy Wells, Margaret Wildenhairi, Charles Treadway Row 4: Derrell Westfall, Bob Vaona, Ronald Ward, lim Williams. Row 5: Robert Walker, Dale Vlard, Mr. Hunt, Iimmie Rice, Le Roy Walton. Row 6: Tom Titchener, Bruce Wenger, Allen Young. MR. COBBS A-11 Row 1: Doris Oglesby, Carol Perry, Kathryn Pisel, Carol Pendleton, Hat- sumi Mine. Row 2: Ioy Olson, Lucy Montez, Myrna Morris, Corrine Pliley. Row 3: Diane Miller, Yvonne Newman, Donald Moses, Georgia Moore, Delores Pehoviak. How 4: Frank Parker, Tom Pillar, Gil- bert Pike, Bob Pope. Row 5: Bob Powell, Bill Patridge, Ioel Purcell, Billy Pellam. Hoy S: Ray Reagan, Ieffy Moore, Eddie Ponce, Mr. Cobbs, fx MRS. BATTAGLIA A-1 1 Row 1: Rita Ruiz, Dallene Beauchamp, Diane Rowe, Iackie Richmond, Anita Shaheen. Row 2: lda Rhoades, Adrienne Sidwell, Carol Shepherd, Dorothy Searles. Row 3: Don Snow, Ray Rudeen, Bill Lowe, Toshi Shinden, Iohn Shannahan. Row 4: Audrey Schuler, Ric ha r d "Rocky" Rogstad, George Stotfel, lim Rice. How 5: Harvey Smith, Shirlene Schoe- mann, Barbara Frowntelter, Ianeth Horton, Row 6: Bob Rossi, Bob Smith, Roy Ruebel, Ierry Pedigo. AA . MISS COTTER A-11 Row 1: Mary La w s o n, Ianice Ford, Carol May, Francis Luevano, Grace Leyva. Row 2: Bill Lowe, Frieda Kauble, Bryan lones. Row 3: Don McCue, loe Morris, Steve Iohnson, Richard Ienkin, Dick Luevano. Row 4: Mike McCown, Gary Martin, Fred McLean. MISS STRICKER A-11 How 1: Sharon Fisher, Rosa Duarte, Michaline Cicero, Donna Fisher, Lila Cordray, Row 2: lim Cale, Conchita Elorriaqa, Donna De Costa, Bonnie Clifford, Mil- dred Childs, Ordean Lanqerud. How 3: Marqaret Cullinan, Ierry Coul- ter, Bichard Carpenter, Patty DeVore. Bow 4: Virginia Conner, Donna Emmal, Sherri LeClercq, Mary Embres, Beverly Friscia, Marilyn -Erickson. Row 5: Barbara Frownfelter, M arie- Cartter, lack Davenport, Stella Emery, Carole Corson, How 5: David Clayton, Mike Clark, Gary Ebersole, Paula Dixon, Don Davis Flay Eredia. Row 7: lohn Emerson, Craig Chudy, Bob Fenter, Iim Edmonds, Iim Erwin, Tommy Caylor, Elmer Ellsworth. MRS. BISHOP A-11 Row 1: Hallie Hutton, Donna Hall, Mar- qie Getz, Anett Grale, Row 2: Marilyn Gilman, Lenore Grohs, Gail Harsh, Shirley Hawk. Row 3: Lawrence Gremminqer, Carl Gassaway, Mrs. Bishop, Bobby Grav- ett, Larry Hiatt, Row 4: Myrna Gordon, Shirley Kanqas, laneth Horton, Billy Griqqs. Row 5: Sheldon Hubocan, Bob Santich, Robert Hawley, Bill Hathaway, Flay- mond Headley. Row S: lames Howard, Vernon Howe, lack Hanna, Edward Hanson. Row 7: Don Hale, lack Hanson. MR. ALDRICH B-11 Row 1: Donna Stevens, Linda Wiese, Carol Widman, Ianice Sivard, Laura Tolbert. Row 2: Robert Tapia, Ioe Young, Fred Hartman, Bob Taranao. Row 3: Barbara Goar, Shirley Deere, Mr. Aldrich, Kay Brown, Tom Sherry. Row 4: Buddy Williams, Richard Tapia, Tom Steinbach, Leo Shaw. Row 5: Danny Martin, Larry Toland. lu.. MRS. HOPLA A-11 Row 1: Darlene Beauvharnp, V 0 r n a Bates, Marcela Cervantes, Darlene Cum minqs, Dorothy Alqarrne. Row 2: Louise Berkett, Aloha Bliss, lan Ashe, Iuanita Anderson. How 3: Billy Allen, loan Arminqton, l-lay Benetiel, Buth Annes, Bay Byers. Row 4: Bob Bishop, Luis Burrola, Tam Biller, lamcs Ieter. Row 5: Bob Bisson, Donna Beane, Mary Boyer, Sharon Anderson, Eddie Burrola. Row 6: Tom Boyd, Dirk Bell, Bob Bu- zan, Luke Anthony. Row 7: Dean Brown, Mrs, Hopla, Alan Bell, Allen Bruce. f MR. MADDEN B-11 Row 1: Barbara Lolley, Gwendolyn Mc'- Cann, Helen Buiz, Gloria Mendez, Don- na Kimura. Row 2: Connie Lana, Lorrane Rothen- berq, Frances Myron, Andrian Bozen dahl. Row 3: Mary Myers, Vera Darlene Boberson, Betty Beavis, Nancy Len Maxwell, Gladys Olson. Row 4: Frank Minobe, George Morse, Bobert Kubo, Bob Keith. Row 5: Robert Santivh, Don Poulter, Bob Norton, Tenel Leonard, Gary Bob' inson. Row 5: Mr. Madden, Danny Martin. . v 'F- x v ! 4' N X- MISS REYNDLDS A-10 Row 1: lzene Turner, Dorothy Treece, Sandra Wilkinson, Bonnie Ward, Patsy Wall. Row 2: Sharon Walton, Pat Woodruff, Shirley Todd, Romana Vaughn, Row 3: Ronnie Westfall, Warren Thom- as, Miss Reynolds, Weston Warner, Heber Thernm. Row 4: Dores Thompson, Mary lane W'riqht, Penny Stalcup, Ginger Wagner. Row 5: Eddie Staub, Dick Zurray, lerry Williby, Bill Waldie, Vernon Woodruff. Row S: Anita White, Davyne Trimble, Carole Wilkins, Pete Weqworth. Row 7: I. I, Waters, Ronnie Stanley, Iohn Viliqhtman, Bob Spoon. MISS ZARTMAN' B-11 Row 1: Yvonne Ashe, Beverly Faith, Marlene Gull, Teddy Gilbert, lulia Del- rgado. Row 2: Marilyn Flaherty, Willadeno Dauaherty, Sandra Cressey, Gary El- dred, Row 3: lulian Girard, Phyllis Hazel' hacker, Gretchen Cook, Effie Eby, Gary Gonzales. Row 4: Raymond Brewster, Fred Hart- man, lack Bourland, Arthur Hall. How 5: Tommy Cappuccio, Miss Zart- man, Dennis Hudson, Lee lanes. Row 6: Myrcn Blakesley, George Bayer. MRS. CALKINS A-10 Row 1: Dianne Robinson, Vivian Serpa, Madeline Schmidt, Deanna Schrum. Row 2: Claudia Pisel, lanice Phipps, Barbara Rex, Lila Ann Roberson, Row 3: Donna Reekers, Darlene Sander- son, Dianne Schildmeyer, Maurette Shaw. Row 4: Myrna Sapp, Harold Scott, Frank Saucedo, Ellis Schurman. Row 5: Walter Phillips, Ernest Redfern, limmy Perrine, Leslie Renck. Row 6: Larry Richards, Don Powers. MRS. BRIGHT A-10 How 1: Nancy Neal, lean Milan, Emelie Mortenson, lanice McNeal, Nancy Nieto. Row 2: Denise Nelson, Marlene McGee, Mrs. Bright, Pat Mitchell. Row 3: Robin Pedersen, Carl McDan- iels, Richard Mendoza, Bob Peterson, Bob Mitchell. Row 4: Dalian Oakes, Bob Montes, Duke Mitchell, Harold Sibon. Row 5: Gary Needham, limmy Oli- vares, Rodney Milich, Torn Pearce. MRS. STODDARD A-10 Row 1: Mary Grafe, Carolyn Fitzhuqh, Roberta Hackett, Pat Fields, loan Har- ns. How 2: laNet Ford, Carolyn Goacl, Dor- othy Healy, Irene Hayashibara, Gloria Gilhausen, Sue Gately. Row 3: Yvonne Giminez, Bonnie Hollo- way, Bernice Hilliker, Buddy Hickman. Row 4: Sally Hartman, Diana Farish, Danny Flaherty, Robert Harqraves, Bil- lee leane Giqax, Natalie Hawkins. Row 5: Billy Haslam, Bill Farlow, Lyle Green, Darrel Hartman, Benny Flores. How 6: Dexter Goodell, Dan Hunt, George Gardner, Gary Hinrichs, Char- les Howard, Leslie Grosch. Row 7: Dallas Griffin, Leroy Henderson, Lonny Grisham. MR. BASTONE A-10 Row 1: Gloria lohnson, Sandra Mac- Arthur, Shirley Martin, Dorothy Kline, Diane lanssens. Row 2: Rosaline lones, Rayjean Lease, Delores Lee, Virginia McLean. Row 3: Lois Laird, Marie Lowe, Mr. Bastone, luanita McDowell, Mary Lech, ner. Row 4: Dolores Martin, Bobby Kauble, Ted lsham, Don Stearns, Larry lohnson. Row 5: Lorraine MacCrindle, Linda lones, Sonja Mann, Barbara Iolinson. Row 6: Gene lohnson, Terry lones, Bob Webb, Robert lsom. How 7: Don Iudkins, Larry Jones, Earn- est Redfern. Row 8: lames Kellam, Michael Iudd. ul MRS. GORTON A-10 Row 1: Louise Chavez, Ianeen Eggle- ston, Ellen Dow, loyce Endo, Alice Crovella. Row 2: Frank Davies, David Darst, Paul Clines, Ronald Cole. Row 3: Audra Conner, Pat Edmonds, Mrs. Gorton, Barbara Davis, Ianice Dowell. Row 4: Larry Johnson, Lauretta Daugh- tery, Darlene Crowder, Maggie Deck, Mary Erwin, Pat DiMeglio. Row 5: Ierome Dutt, Iames Ashe, Iohn Delsigne, Walter Phillips. Row S: lim Morris, Ronnie Lane, Bob Montes, Bob Eason, Larry Edwards, Duane Collins. Row 7: Oliver Craddock, Arnold Diggs, Dennis Edwards, Ernest Dodds, Leighs Church, Robert Daniel. MISS LANCASTER B-10 Row 1: Sandra Richmond, Evelyn Samp- son, Shirley Washburn, Ioan Raigoza, Pat Shaheen. Row 2: Mark Woods, Bill Wettengel, Gene Trinkler, Lonny Wood. Row 3: Jeanne Warren, Rosie Urrutia, Emma Hiqginton, Barbara Thompson, Barbara Reed. Row 4: Carl Wada, Hideo Yoshinaga, Gary Cope, Vincent Rosales. Row 5: Monty Rich, Doyleen Williams, Miss Lancaster, Ioyce Rentmeister, Ruth Sherman. Row G: Iohn Stroope, Dick Stellway, Colin Walker, Charles Travers. MISS CHASE A-10 Row l: I. C. Calhoun, Betty Cale, Shel- by Blackbourn, Leona Beanchette, Errol Bohannan. Row 2: Hazel Adcork, Susan Anderson, Shirley Andreotti, Carla Babb. Row 3: lames Ashe, Charles Burrell, Miss Chase, Carlos Bryant, lim Balcom. Row 4: Ethel Bean, Alice Carpenter, Betty Beckett, Sally Beebe. Row 5: Harold Sibon, Frank Barefoot, Charles'Carter, Beuhl Bunch. Row 6: Sullermo Burrola, Ronne Ander- son, Ronnie Lane, Hubert Bright. Row 7: Eames Ashton, Harlan Ball, Torn Pearce, Glen Armstrong. MRS. MCLAUGHLIN B-10 Row 1: Barbara Foster, Gladys Iohn' son, Arlene Kohl, Sharon Gossett, Betty Hendrix. Row 2: Jimmy Hecht, Richard Hollis, lloward Hentila, Bill Faith. Row 3: Carmen Gonzalez, Bonnie Han- son, Lola Gwtrltnoy, Donotte Gray, Alico Garcia. Row 4: Mary Erwin, Felix Foster, Le- land Green, Bud Gilman. Row 5: Leonard Green, Bobby Brown, Thomas lones, Don Hayes, MR. STONER HOW 1: Odolia Pena, Sonja Mooney- liarn, Barbara Miller, Kay Masulcawtr Carol Nolloy. How 2: Beatrice Marquez, Pat Mclfwon Lauralyn Myers,,Colleen Mr'K'ormiuk Rosemarie Crtiz. Row 3: Rick Markloy, Kiyoslii Nislii moto, Herb Provost, Maria Munoz. Row 4: Mike Ludwiq, Katsiialci Mine Allan Murrell, Eddie Pena. Row 5: Richard Learman, Roy May field, Mr. Stoner, Daniel losoph Brown Stanley Moore. " 1 -y. MRS. HAYES B-10 Row 1: Kathy Del-lart, loan Birchler, lenifer Bowen, Iohnny Lou Evans. How 2: George Aldridge, Ed Carpenter, l.indaloa Bloomer, Ronald Brunson, Tom Chapman. Row 3: Frank Crane, Terry Clark, Mrs. Hayes, Robert Chapman. Row 4: Darryl Currier, Robert Armof qast, gm , . -'wf ' K. . -.far . , MR. BURCHETT A-9 Row 1: Ronnie Warner, Don Williams, lerry Williams, lon Young. Row 2: leannette Wriqht, Sue Vicory, ludy Wolfe, Shirley Whitson. Row 3: Doris Waldie, Carol Williams, Loretta Willbanks, Charlene Watkins, Kathleen Williams. Row 4: Emma Wiqqinton, Waylen Wakefield, Marshall 'Wheeler, Patty Van Volkenburq. Row 5: lim Vickers, Pete Zankie, ,lohn Zaqala, John Zell, S MR. TENENBAUM A-9 Row 1: Helen Trampus, Sharon Thomp- son, Melba Southern, Ioanne Stish, Sherry Thomas. Row 2: Gilbert Topia, Phyllis Swanson, Margaret Smith, Paul Smith. Row 3: Ruth Thorneycroit, Louise Tur- man, Marilyn Smith, Carol Sion, Linda Thayne. Row 4: Iames Sorenon, Barton Thomp- son, Tony Trujillo, Allen Smith. Row 5: Wendell Sullivan, Gwen Smith, Paul Taylor, Darwin Smith. Row 6: Martin Stanovich. 'WS lf.-i s -ie MR. FLETCHER A-9 Row 1: Roy Rusk, Ierry Reilly, Mike Pitts, Bruce Sidwell, David Scott. Row 2: lanice Cenaluna, Shannon Sul- livan, Phyllis Poskin, Virginia Puliclc Row 3: Mary Robinson, Becky Simmons lack Romanoif, Ioyce Showalter, Naomi Perate, Row 4: Gail Robinson, Diana Pusich Erma Range-l, Dolores Romero. Row 5: JoAnn Rice, ludy Lait, Eula Faye Poaqe, Ioyce Schneider, Sharon Thompson. Row 6: Dorothy Rosenberqer, Mary Reavis, Susan Pine, Gayle Pendleton. Row 7: Mr. Fletcher. MR. VITTI A-9 Row 1: Anqela Mendez, Geri Monqe, Lucy McClellan, Linda Miller, Blondina Mallette, Frances MacKey. Bow 2: Norman Miriobe, Pat Meeks. Cecil Palmer, Richard Mitchell, Paul Pulver, Suruko Mine. Row 3: Carol Matthews, Kathryn Par- tain, Iudy Mayo, Celia Ochoa, Nancy Milam, Richard Ochoa. Row 4: Mr. Vitti, Larry Marlett, Iames Neal, lim Munday, Larry Neely, Bill Mendoza, Row 5: Sandra Noble, Carol lean Mil- ler, Dorene Norris, Mary Morales, Dar- lene Mata, Linda McReynolds. Row 6: Rudy McTee, Pat McNees, Carol Mathews, Naomi Newman, Ronald Palm. Row 7: Wayne Miller, Robert Nelson, Tony Nieto, Larry Napier, Don Miller, lim Moffatt. MR. HAMPSON A-9 Bow 1: Patty Haslam, Gail Foster, Anneita Francis, Mary Gardner, Louise Gurski, Margaret Hecht Row 2: Gordon Getz, Terry Fuette, Carol Hellerud, Floyd French, Gary Girard. Row 3: Linda Garvey, Vonda Gil- housen, lanice Grant, Ioan Henley, Lupe Hernandez, Margaret Gonzales. Row 4: Ronnie Gilchrist, Carol Hald, Thomas Garren, Donna Harper, David Hallinq. Row 5: Fred Hameetman, Carl Frown- felter, Danny Gravett, Wesley Hanson, lim Ginter, Ray Hall. Row 6: Ierry Harp, Ronald Hartley, lack Gasco. MRS. RENSELER A-9 Row 1: Carole Loliayza, Diane Ken' nedy, Ludivinio Leyva, Nellie lo Iewel, Norma lorio. Row 2: Sue Hoy, Gail Roane, Iackie Krown, Linda Howry, Betty Iohnson, Donna Knott. Row 3: Dennis Kaiser, Bob lmel, Larry Lewis, Roy Kakuts, Chuck Hoy. Row 4: Carol Ludolph, Rose Anna Ken- nedy, Carol Kail, Sandra Kelloq, De- lores Loyd, Barbara lollensten. Row 5: Ioan Kretzschmar, Wayne Iohne son, lackie Donald Lewis, Tommy Hous- ton, Iim Karel. Row 6: Bill Knoclce, Robert Hultz, lim Loder, Dave Holmer. 2 n MR. HORN A-9 Row1:fSue Beaver, Beatrice Busta- mente, Barbara Barnes, Ieannie Al- meida, ludy Bear, Sharon Benedict. Row 2: Roger Ambil, Alona Bliss, Shir- ley Anderson, Margaret Barum, Frank Ash. Row 3: Linda Bowman, Beverly Beckett, Lois Coit, Dolores Bradshaw, Barbara Boyd, Nancy Bunch. Row 4: Bob Bates, Marty Anderson, David Beneiiel, Ted Bolas, Margaret Aquilar. Row 5: Ianalee Bristow, Linda Bohane nan, Ann Boderman, Lois Brian, Anita Brand, Jeannine Betchtold. Row 5: Iames Andrade, Iohn Abbott, Wayne Bustos, Bobby Bunch, Ray Bow- ling, Gary Bell, Henry Boswell' Row 7: Clary Banks, Art Basile, Frank Bryant, Mr. Horn, Lawrence Bronn. MISS HARRISON A-9 Row 1: Theresa Trujillo, Blanche Logan, Karen Kuykendall, Iudy Knutson, lean- ette Hollinger. Row 2: Eddie lones, Miss Harrison, Charlene Holmes, Charles Dougherty. Row 3: David Martinez. L., , m.mme14 1v MR. PROBERT A-9 Row 1: Bosalie Coleman, Corinne Cha- vez, Karen Covington, Ianet Combs, Betty Carlson. Row 2: Iirnmie Clifford, Iohnny Daniel, lim Flaqa, Terry Coil. Row 3: Betty DeVore, Twila Cobbs, Kay Driscoll, Willa lean Ferdinando, Carro- lyn Chapman. Row 4: Dianne Estes, Darlene Davis, Laura Cortelyou, lean DuBant. Row 5: Keith Coble, Alvin Emmal, Ed- ward Cooper, lack Elliot, Michael Car- reck. Row 5: Tommy Carpenter, Mr. Probert, Wayne Dawson, Dick Crank. Row 7: Bonnie Festa, Billy Crovella. -.f.:..f.,.nv f. .nr-1. QQ? 'K .1 N' Q MRS. HILBERT B-9 Row 1: Buddy Shipley, Chuck Riaas, Patsy Pe-diao, Ierry Thomas, Ralph Ventre. Row 2: Annie Salas, Rosalie Coleman, Beverly Yates, Ieanne Steiah, Row 3: Gary Wood, Kenneth Todd, loo Trujillo, Lewis Wilson, Carlos Santoyo. Row 4: Madeline Whitson, Lavona Con- ner, Maggie Tovar, Bernice Wilkerson, Shaaron Pruett, Sharon Thomas. Row 5: Mary Sanford, Melvyn Powell, Larry Sparina, Don Wallace. How 6: Ronald Wallace, Pearlie Mae Stanley, loan Short, Ted Unander, loe Uranaa. Row 7: Bob Snow, Ierry Smith, Dave Sanders, Iesse Ramirez, Mike Vauahn, Robert Perkins, Tony Ponce. MR. O'NEIL B-9 Row 1: Cynthia Pederson, Mary Mor- eno, Katie Maaallanez, Mary Rameriz, Rebecca Marquiz. Row 2: Michael Mahon, lack Mackey, Steve Labaza, Steven Mariiizia. Row 3: Ronnie McNally, Ioe Mendoza, Leo Neuman, Steven McClunq, George Orr, Row 4: Marris Maddock, Delores Kyl- linqstad, ludy Mork, Gayle Orris. Row 5: Mike McLean, Timmy Pearson, Daryl Moore, Ronald Newby, Roger Myron, Barry La Frenaye, Ronnie McPeak, Steven Marsh, ,fm M , as in 'r MRS. DINGLE B-9 Row 1: Ianice Green, David Fredrick- sen, Ed Hundt, Dick Edwards, Larry Fisher. Row 2: Cheryl Hornaday, Vera Hollo- way, Ieraldine Henley, Linda Grittin. Row 3: Robert Edens, Sharon Hartman, Mrs. Dingle, Clara Giacopuzzi, Aga Khan. Row 4: Nori Hanaoka, Albert Feld, Gor- don Eisenbart, Charles Gouvia. Row 5: Iimmie Firlit. llix if - MR. IUNG A-8 Row 1: Marilyn Whitacre, Deanna Weiss, Sandra Wilson, Sharon Webster, Carla Westfall. Row 2: George Wood, Max Wade, Richard Walls, Luther Whitson, Bar- bara Vickers. Row 3: Laila Willson, Iudy Zittle, Gayle White, lane Wada. Row 4: Billy Williams, lames Vivonia, Kei Wada, Victor Vaona. Row 5: Doyle Wood, Mr. lung, MR. LANGAN A-8 Row 1: Curtis DeVore, Ianice Bell, Hale Chapman, Delores Cale, Iudy Clements. Row 2: Pamela Adams, Dorothy Alva- rez, Myrna Burrows, Pat Bohanna. Row 3: Sherry Tompson, Lavona Con- nor, Bernice Cocoal, Madoline Baker, Ellene Drawdy. Row 4: Roderick Bernardin, Bobby Cox, Terry Denton, Tommy Coleman. Row 5: Bonnie Brown, Gary Dana, Don Boyce, Ruby Brust, Wally Da Pron. Row 6: Cant Trevor, Franklin Allen, Mr. Lanqan, Ronald Dischner, Frank Cum- minqs. MRS. REICHERT A-8 Row 1: Dolores Turner, Wendell Sim- mons, Robert Sidwell, Theland Tread- way, Suzanne Smith. Row 2: Sherian Thompson, Ina Swope, Sandra Trimble, Mary Swope. How 3: Allen Swanson, Ken Van Val- kenburq, Neal Smith, Everett Turner, Mike Treqarthen. Row 4: Ioe Urrutia, Arlene Turner, Kay Tonner, Walter Townsend. Row 5: David Sturgill, Roy Stephans. MR. WELSH A-8 Row l: Larry Rowell, Steve Russack, Donald Schmoker, Clinton Pecor, Ron- ald Omohundra. Row 2: Alice Navarro, Ioan Reldeii, Georgia Scopas, Cecile Owens. Row 3: Ioan Rosenthal, Barbara Sanf dusky, Karen Sapp, Valerie Saracco, Genevive Rodriguez. Row 4: Herbie Sahn, Iim Puckett, Gary Pylant, Mike Rutz. Row 5: Norna Newman, Donna Lee Northern, Shirley Powell, Iudy Pillar, Marcia Renck. Row 6: Iames Picco, Mr. Welsh, David Ritchey. MR. RENIUS A-8 Row I: Kenny Koyama, left Lenton, Chris Howard, Eric Iohnson, Bruce Kit- trell. Row 2: Linda Lewis, Bonnie Iollensten, Caroline Ianssens, Shirley Ierome. Row 3: Ruby Irene Holdbrook, Barbara Howard, Linda Key, leanette Hess. Row 4: Sharon LaChappell, Ierry lack, Wayne Iudkins, Ralph Kosotf. Row 5. Fred LaFountain, Nancy Hollis, Rebecca Holstrom, Hilda Iones. Row 6: Deniece Knight, Carol Kauble, Kenny Bel anger. lane Hess, Gary Lee. Row 7: Houston Hayes, Raymond lohn- son, Vince lacono. ,Se MR. PARENT B-8 Row 1: Sandra McGuire, Billie Musser Carole Montgomery, Iuanita Mcrflhany loyce Loedige. Row 2: Roger Maddock, loe MacArthur Kenji Matsumura, Robert Magee. Row 3: Ioyce Markham, Iean McLach lan, Nancy Massey, Carol Mitchell Gloria Munoz. Row 4: Robert Moore, Bob Mankoski Eugene Minor, Terry Mertz. Row 5: Carolyn Mesna, Aileen Martin Charsie Ann Malone, Dorothy McLean Row 6: Steve Lockman, Mr. Parent Iimmy Martin. l MR. CHRISTEN SEN A-8 Row 1: Ronald Evans, Dale Green, lim- mie Hartman, Eric Hanson, Ronnie Han- son. Row 2: Penny Goethals, Gloria Grubbs, Patricia Fortenberry, Iudy Hardin. Row 3: Frank Gonzales, loe Galloni, Eugene Gimenez, Kenny Forsberge, Dale Gonzales. Row 4: Charles Fitzhu-gh, Armando Gonzales, Gary Gibson, Thomas Gwalte ney. Row 5: Faye Gardner, Elaine Hatha- way, Dorothy Gordon, Virginia Haney, Barbara Harp. Row 6: Lary Gigax, Mr. Christensen. Row 7: Denny Fresenius, Robert Hal- verson, Wayne Haslam. MR. CRAWFORD A-8 Bow 1: Ernie Eredia, Bonnie Denton, Bette Davis, Roberta Clark, Marquita Davies. Row 2: Fred Cicero, Don Cornelius, Larry Dungey, Don Pool. Row 3: Marilyn Dannerberger, Deanna Davis, Mr. Crawford, Verann Denny, Geanette Cooper. Row 4: Gary Diffee, Etta Craddock, Herbert Erno, David DeFrance. Row 5: Ioe Dougherty, Douglas Hubert, Geor-ge Clark, Edward Eliot, Donald Collins. X 5. MISS BYRKIT Row 1: lean Bridges, Bette Boyd, Char- lene Buck, Iackie Armstrong, lulie Castellano, Ioan Bunch. Row 2: Ronald Bandelin, Iudith Bentley, Linda Baris, ludy Brown, lack Bradford. Row 3: Gary Banks, Wendell Baker, Iim Allen, Ronnie Anderson, Robert Brodie, Melvin Loyd Bailey. Row 4: Eloise Bower, Gloria Carreras, Miss Byrkit, Dixie Branch, Janet Bent ley. Row 5: Leonard Bourdon, Linda Bing- ham, Iaquelyn Barnett, Geneva Arm- strong, Iudy Babb, George Avitia. Row S: Thomas Burnett, Stephen Carter, limmy Carter, Don Beets, Larry Tim Bohanrxan. Row 7: Robert Barnett, Terry Cassel. 3124: MRS COMEAU B 8 Row I Carol Doran Barbara Ann Cro vella Irene Ashby lune Masukawa Sandra Brown Irene LoHayza How 2 Virginia Basile Sharon Monroe Iackie Hoy Marlene Henon Betty Do rnonoske Row 3 Ann Nolley Karen Lowery Sue Chapman ludy Hedstrom Carol Mc Daniels Ruth McCune Row 4 Kathleen Murphy Dorothy Csivek lamce Haberland Georgia Muir, Alice Moyle. Row 5: Lois Bingham Armye Maclovia Sylvia Nieto, Barbara Emery, Sharon Cheek, Lavonda Huqqins. Row 6: Anita Norton, Rose Germain. Sherry Birchler, Shirley lohnson, Sandra Carlson, Row .7: Patsy Beckett, Lois Myers Jackie lohnson, Marlys Messerli, Ger- aldine Daniels. MRS. KONGS B-8 Row l: Irene Ramirez, Helen Suzuki, Diane Sivard, Helen Trujillo, Ioyce Orris. How 2: Betty Palmer, Sharon Romanoii. Linda Pulido, Irene Olmeda. Row 3: Patricia Wilson, Shirley Skaqqs, Ioanne Steiah, Lucille Tuck, Deanna Shaw. Row 4: David Wells, Don Wong, Roa- ers Robert, Ray Shively. How 5: Lena Ortiz, Kathleen Weiss, Laura Powell, Nadene Taylor, Sharon Wisham, Row 5: Henry Uranqa, Ie-anette Palica, Fred Smith, lack Tinker. MR. HENDERSHOT B-8 Row 1: Kei Kimura, limmy Williams, Glen Kubo, Bob Reed, Tony Pusich. Row 2: Paul Lindquist, Donald Manes, Billy Milam, Neal Hurshell. Row 3: Dorsey Nieman, lohn Marin- covich, Gerald Martin, Carl Rhodes, Bruce Morace. Row 4: Patrick Sandoval, Bill Sellers. Lynn Miller, Dale Bowden. Row 5: Robert Katz, Robert Masterman, Rainey Purqoson, lack Patton, Patrick Manninq. How 6: Gerald Ouimette, Tom Pence. Gary Sands, Ronnie Phillips. Row 7: Gordon Routsonq, Ronald Mc- Cue, Ronnie Richards. S? MRS. IOHNSON A-7 Row 1: Gary Thompson, Betty Zuray, Sandra Westfall, Betty Tinney, Bonnie Wilson, Lews Weiss, Row 2: Glenda Willbanks, Carol Sur- ber, Carol Titchener, Sharon Thompson, Ruby Waqner. Row 3: Gary Wilson, lames Watkins, Donald Swanson, Calvin West, Danny Sturqill. Row 4: Arthur Vasquez, lerry Wilson, Larry Wineteer, Mickey Valencia, Larry Sullivan. Row 5: loyce White, Anita Tapia, Alice Rc-becca Zell, lessie Thomas, Sherry Wriqht, Marie Walsh. Row 6: loe Thomas, lerry Vicory, Mrs. Iohnson, Tommy Thompson, lim Taranqo MR. TEAGUE A-7 Row 1: Carl Gregory, Fred Germain, Dennis Chapman, lameslsom, Dennis Holst, loe Gregory, Row 2: Robert Conrad, Robert Clem- ents, Milford Hale, Don Hall, Garvey Estrada. Row 3: Ronnie Hall, David lto, Donald Gonzales, Henry Armas, Dave Akens, lack Gordinier. Row 4: lohn L. Andrade, Eddy Betz, limmy Barra, Bob Baker, Roger Bronn. Row 5: Robert Carpenter, Claud Gill- yard, lames Iones, David Cahal, Ierry Alba, Gene Benier. Row 6: Walter Cotton, Tommy Bollene, Karl Ayres, Bruce Burton. MR. BRYAN A-7 Row 1: Shirley Swanson, Maxene Sibon Diane Sanford, Sharon Kay Stephenson Marilyn Santi. Row 2: Ianice Sanders, Richard Serpa Roqer Wynn Smith, Iohn Russak. Row 3: Elyse Sims, lackie Sims, Gloria Shaheen, Wanda Smith, Sandra Sohn. Row 4: Roqer Smith, Ioe Schuler, Stan- ley Stame, Gerald Smith. Row 5: George Smith, Malloy Southern, lane Rowe, Gilbert Salas, Don Smith. Row 6: Neil St. Clair, Mickey Savage, Bill Sandusky, lerry Shanahan. Row 7: Donald Sandstrom, Charles Shoemaker. f MRS. SCHURMAN A-7 Row 1: Anna Provost, Katherine Pierce, Dianne Omohundro, loan Rogers, Con- nie Ramsey, Brenda Queener. Row 2: Patrick Reardon, Ken Nishino, Steve Nothern, Melvin Potter, Tom Reilly. Row 3: Rachel Orr, loyce Powell, Marie Randall, Ellen Ransom, Patricia Pinder, Barbara Rice, Row 4: Ben Pharcs, Iames Reser, I. E. Phillips. Row 5: Leo Robertson, Mike Pinder, Raytield Owen, lohn Plant. Row 6: Gordon Redmond, Ierry Pollard, Carole Relfe, Carole Perz. MR. MARIENTHAL A-7 Row 1: Carol LeFort, Sandra Lolley, Iudith Lowe, Sharon Iunkin, Bonnie Kail, Sherry Iones, How 2: Charles Loiton, Geraldin Iohn- son, lanet Kirsch, Shirley Iohnson, Margaret Kishiyama, Mary Ieane Lloyd. Row 3: Larry Iewell, Reggie Lacy, Gary Lewis, Roger Lee, Tommy lones. Row 4: Molly Lewis, Marion Lawson, Laverne Lewis, Ianice Kleinhans, Mavis Langerud. Row 5: Robert Iones, Bonnie Lichti, Mr. Marienthal, Patricia Kelley, Martin Kivl- vang, Peter Kretzschmar. Row 5: loe Livingston, Roy Leonard, Edwin Iohnson, Mickey Karr, ,P MR. SCHAEFER A-7 Bow 1: Daniel Mendes, Nina McClel, lan, Mary MacArthur, Merril Anne Mince, Patricia Naluai, Pete Mendez. How 2: Dorothy Mendoza, Carol Moore, Suzanne Millett, Sherry Meeks, Gerry Mertz. Row 3: Charles Martin, lark Mahon, Donnie Mitchell, George Montoya, Tom MacArthur, Ierry Miller. Row 4: Marline McNally, Iudith Lyon, Sandra Myers, Patsy Milligan, Carolyn Mclunkin. Row 5: Calvin Myron, Billy Meyer. Ierry Mesna, David Moss, loe Martell. Row 6: Steve Moffat, Wayne Martin, Charles Morris, Vincent Marquez. MR. HUBBARD A-7 Bow 1: Eddie Hager, Lynn Hartman, leny Hale, Ronnie Hanson, Douglas Gravett, Troy Hollinger. Row 2: Robin Hatfield, lay Hamilton, Allen Holton, Neal Hudson, Barney Higgins. Row 3: Lillie Green, Elizabeth Goad, Patty Gull, Helen Howard, Carolyn Hall, Iennie Iimeno. Row 4: Karlene Hold, Dixie Harmon, lanet Hall, Georgia Holmes. Row 5: Lionel Holling, Nadine Green, Christine Grohs, Mr. Hubbard, Ronnie Louise Hale, Mary Ann Hoag, Richard Gull. Row 5: Dick Hartman, Danny Hoag, Fred Hermann, Rodney Hodges. MR. FIELDS A-7 Row 1: George Brady, Sharon Brown. Nita Bourland, Donna Bose, Grace Brad- ley, Bob Boyd. Row 2: Rose Marie Baca, Meredith Bresenberger, Sharon Branch, Patricia Bench, Sherrill Berger. Row 3: Van Bohannan, Lynn Bateman, Neal Brown, Stephen Blackman, Charles Berry, Iohn Barajas. Row 4: Carole Ashe, Clara Baldwin. Patty Anderson, Vickie Brown. Row 5: Curtis Bohannan, lack Airey, Sandra Barnett, Billy Ayers, Edward Bowling, Stephen Anderson. Row 8: David Banard, Bobby Ander- son, Anthony Thomas, Billy Brown, Ty- rone Bingham. MRS. CARTER A-7 Row 1: Dolores Chavez, Ierry Buzan, Roberta Conner, Patsy Carpenter, Frances Kay Chapman, Sheri Chasteen. Row 2: Donna Chapman, Carol Davis, lean Castle, Avenell Buchanan, Bonnie Demerath. Row 3: Ronald Cummings, William Carr, Ron Burpo, George Dennis, Billy Cumiford, Charles Cunnigan. Row 4: Barbara Cassel, Barbara Cos, ton, Margie Clark, Diane Curley, Iean Carter. Row 5: Robert Carl, Vicki Campbell, lanice Cook, Ioan Dawson, Linda De- Walsche. Row S: Leslie Covey, Ronny Clark, George Carter, Ronald Chowen, Fred Bunch, Eddie Coats. Row 7: Virgil Clyse, Henry Diaz. MRS. HAYES B-7 Row 1: Sandra Cope, Donna Fuller, Nancy Coil, Audrey Goodwin, Kathy Gonzales. Row 2: Donald Earehart, Marvin Cor- telyou, Richard Crane, Bruce Foster, Wilbur Fukuzaki, Faustino Gallegos. Row 3: Betty Friscia, Diane Culwick, Ardeen Fowler, Connie Mae Gillyard, Mabel Davis. Row 4: Elbert Gilhausen, Contonia Davis, Catherine Fitzgerald, Richard Eggett, lames Gordinier. Row 5: Teddy Crawford, Ronnie Cook, Gary Fraser, Richard Diggs. MRS. SWISHER A-7 Row 1: Dorothy Drew, Linda Fuhrer, Marolyn Fitzhugh, Carolyn Finch, Dolores Fuerte, Dolores Earnest. Row 2: Brenda Funches, Gae Flagg, Linda Edwards, Kathleen Fraser, Karen Doepping. Row 3: Gary English, lohn Evans, William Freed, Ierome Gilberg, Wayne Dutt, Iimmy Edwards. Row 4: Sharon Gilchrist, Cynthia Dix, Mrs. Swisher, Anita Io Friedricks, San- dra Edwards. Row 5: Fred Eggleston, George Friedl, Noel Girard, Larry Evans, Keith Ed- wards, Kenneth Freeman. How 6: George Gaines, Robert Garra- brant, Billy Francis, Michael Gihhcns, Richard Duby, 'f MISS HARRISON B-7 Row 1: Darlene Clark, Gwen Broad- water, Carmel Burrloa, Armida Castel' lanos, Dolores Ayres, Lucy Aguilar. Row 2: Glen Bourdan, Gary Bechtold, Mitchell Allred, Paul Andrade, Morgan Ashley. Row 3: Ioanne Armstrong, Iudy Adams, Sharon Branch, Sandra Adamson. Row 4: lack Carter, Carol Birchler, Miss Harrison, Leshi Chikanii, Kenny Calhoun. Row 5: Barbara Bohannon, Charles Bean, loal Boderman, Robert Burrows, lohn Braddock, Florence Aldrich. +A x MRS. HILBERT B-7 Row 1: Robert Maddock, Sandra Greg- ory, ludy Iacobelly, Kayomi Hanaoka, Mary Macias, Preston Krasch. Row2: Darlene Lytle, Herman Greene, Rodney Hale, Gary Lawson, lerry lohn- son, Samuel Kirkwood. Row 3: Sue Ann Martin, Roberta Hollo- way, Gail Haslam, Leana Hanna, Vicky Kincaide, ludy Grant. Row 4: lerry McDonald, Allen Green, Dennis Martin, Richard Lane, Bobby lones. Row 5: Larry Hill, Frank Griff, Peggy lollensten, Amber Inman, Paul Maqalla- nez, Brian Gray. MR MORONTO B 7 Row 1 Sharon Mortenson Euqene Mmobe limmy Ohara Evaristo Mon toya Billy Pence David Nair Row 2 Ioy Oualls lanet Pugh Louise McLean Ann Pellam Willie Owens Row 3- Shelly Poindexter lanine Par- sons Frances Millett Elaine Mulhern, Linda Zagala. Row 4: Ianice Mayer, Dianna McCune, Douglas Potts Naomi Quinn, Sharon McNally. Row 5: Iohn New, Raymond Moore, Arturo Perras, Gary Mortenson. MR. IOHNSON B-7 Row 1: Evelyn Simpson, Christy Schweitzer, Beverly Wood, Helen Todd, Nora Rangel. Row 2: Buddy Trevethan, Larry Rusk, Robert Wallace, Rogers Ronald, Leo- nard Williamson. Row 3: Roy Suminaga, Iudy Raymond, Louray Stalmack, Gloria Thorpe, Iudy Smith, Eve Saucedo. Row 4: Michael Smith, Bob Wolf, Mr. lohnson, Robert Waltz, lerry Skillman. Row 5: lames Tinker, Ronald Short, Arthur Tozier, lerry Walker, Danny Ray Tolliver, Dennis Willis, Gabriel Ramirez. 9? :W lin Bonnie Schroeder. LETTERGIRLS BOARD - WINTER '54 Row 1: Ioy Calloway, Marilyn Walker, Gloria McCann, Carmen Ochoa, Row 2: Mary Hathaway, Miss Schildmeyer, Sandra Katila, Ieralene y x Boring, Leona Thompson, Gail Gowdy, Barbara Irvin. 2 'Z QCWJO K Cgrgirgxaefd LETTERGIRLS The Lettergirls Club of Narbonne High School consists of leaders in girls sports who endeavor to: promote better sportsmanshipg further an interest in girls athletics, give assistance to the Physical Education department and render service to the school. Barbara Irvin, Secretary. Row 1: Carmen Ochoa, Delores Knuutila. Row 2: Leona Thompson, Bonnie Schroeder, Ieraline Boring, Dolores Cloninger, Geraldine Wagers. Row 3: Iudy Patterson, Ioan Broad, Ioy Callaway. Row 4: Mary Hatheway, Shirley Endo, Barbara Irvin, Gail Gow' dey, Peggy Van Volkenburg. How 5: Kay Francis, Marie Traunielder, Flora Hameetman, Row 6: Marilyn Walker, Bonnie Domonoske, Beverly Dean, Mari- lyn Brannan, IoAnn Spangler. How 7: Sandra Katila, Miss Schildmeyer, Gloria McCann. 'iw 'C' QQ .W-Q55 .2-I f ' we G.A.A. BOARD - WINTER '54 How 1: Lila Cordray, Mary Embres, Marge Cullinan, Frances Myron, Donn.: Kimura. Row 2: lviillge Childs, Shirley Endo, Laura Tolbert, Miss Herwig, Sandra Katila, President. How 3: Anett Grate, ludy Patterson, loan Broad, Mary l-latheway, Adrienne Sidwell. Row 4: Nancy Maxwell, Marie Traunfelter, Gloria McCann, lackie Zittle, Ctnrrnen Cchoa, Sandra Katila President G.A.A. The aim of tho GAA. program is to give every girl that is cz good citizen and does satisfactory work in the classroom a chance to enjoy the fun and companionship of other girls that can only behad in the playing of such games as volley hall, softball, field hockey, etc. The girls compete with the girls of other schools in the Playdays when the girls from several schools get together in a big tournament with the games in season and skits and stunts by the different schools, we I 1 . ,f ,-J,-tl, X' ' f I ll I , Q 11 Sth GRADE GJ-LA. WINTER '54 Row 1: Beatrice Bustamante, Karen Covinqton, Darlene Davis, Margaret Hecht, Beatrice Marquez. Row 2: Ludivina Leyva, Geri Monqe, Blondina lvlallette, Pat Bates, Mary Gardner, Mary Robinson. Row 3: Naomi Perate, Iucly Kneetson, Barbara Reed, Carol Hellerucl, Kathryn Partain. Row 4: Celia Ochoa, Iudy Wolf, Phyllis Swanson, Linda Bowman, Iosephine Hurst, Colleen McCormick. Row 5: Pat McNees, Louise Turman, Miss Schildmeyer, Patty Van Volken- bura, Iean DuRant. nw 5 get QQ , F11 t 'B Sth GRADE GJLA. BOARD FALL Row 1: Karen Covington. Row 2: Ludivina Leyva, Geri Monqe Darlene Davis, Miss Schildmeyer Phyllis Swanson. sg Front: Mrs. Cooper, Miss Schildmeyei. Rear: Miss Herwiq, Miss Richardson. gy ,, . r. 4. I E-f,.l - ti' 92 l 855' F29 ax , IUNIOR G.A.A. BOARD Row 1: Ioyce Loedige. Row 2: Lindo Lewis, Mrs. Cooper, Shir ley Powell, Icckie Armstrong. Dear Lord, in the bottle that goes on through life, I orsk but cz field that is fcxirg A chcmce that is equgl with dll in the strife, A courcrge to strive cmd to dare. And if I should win, let it be by the code, Wilh my fcrith cmd my honor held high, And if I should lose, let me stcmd by the rogd And cheer gs the Winners go by. d RHYTHMICS P E NARBONNE DRILL TEAM L-,,,,.q,g.-....-...,... ,-., 4 . 1 JI NARBONNE MARCHING BAND Row 1: Dennis Kaiser, Howard I-lentila, I-lideo Yoshinaga, Ricky Bernardin, Drum Major Henry Brink, lim Allen, Roger Ambill, Bill Fraser, Ramona Vaughn. Row 2: Allan Murrell, Katsuaki Mine, Ben Flores, Larry Hiatt, Richard Marquez, Beverly Friscia, Eddie Pena, Frank Urrutia, Guillermo Burrola. Row 3: Mr. Weeks, Vernon Woodruff, Ronald Brunson, loyce Schneider, Ordean Lanqerud, Marty Anderson, Gilbert Tapia, Gordon Getz, Fred Cicero, I. D. Howard, Row 4: Wayne Hennessey, Larry Sparinq, Gene Iohnson, Sheldon I-lubocan, Gordon Routsonq, lames Sorensen, lim Loder, David Kosoff, Kei Wada. How 5: Bob Powell, Patty Haslam, Waller Moses, Terril Leonard. CHEER LEADERS Fm 1 I n g im M Audrian Back. Orr' . Duke Mitgfegqggly gfartin, , rubbs - LODCJ dal Yvonne Ashe' Comme Razer' ' S s Row 1: lames Ashe, Vernon Arbuckle, Bill Blaine, Bob Buzan, Craig Chucly, David Cole, Roclell Decker. Row 2: Pat Dimeglio, Iames Edmunds, Elmer Ellsworth, Iohn Emerson, Bob Frownfelter, lim Gal- lagher, Iohn Goacl. How 3: Gary Gregg, Billy Griggs, less Hamilton, Don Hayes, Leroy Henson, Frank Hillemeyer. LETTERMEN Row 1: Ierry Chapman, Vic Mar- tinov, Ierry Moore, Iohn Huffman. Row 2: Henry Brink, Frank Zu- ray, Tommy Eggleston. Row 3: Frank Burton, Rodell Decker, LeRoy Henson, Frank Hillemeyer, Leonard Risler. Row 4: George Willis, Lyle De- vore, Don Minson, Bill Blaine. Row 5: Gary Gregg, Mr. Marien- thal, John Brown, Craig Chudy. JA! 1 ,, 5' .' Q! 14, I , A' i xg: X5 ie 'fly K I 'S I . f 1 M ,C ,V , , f' E -er "Nh" ' 4 ., f wg , Y Q f f S3933 p r , Ar If Y s f' V 'El if ,ml 1 M . if Y ' f W Xxlpf ,, 5 is 7 5? I, K I I L l . lx cl", X' X - s 'E ,L,J 5 if Row 1: Gary Hinrich, Milan Hintz, Vernon Howe, Steve Iohnson, Lee Iones, Tommy Iones, Bob Kubo Row 2: Royal Licht, Larry Martz, Roy Mayfield, Fred McLean, Rodney Milich, Gary Needham Eddie Ponce. Row 3: Ernest Redfern, Leonard Risler, Dick Stellway, Robert Walker, Georqe Willis, Frank Zuray BEE FOOTBALL Row 1: Don Stearns, Bob lsorn, Carl Wada, Ron Lane, Henry Brink, Coach Rhodes Iim Jeter Bob Powell, Tom McCarthy, lohn Huffman, Henry Boswell, Iim McCarthy. Row 2: Glen Armstrong, Gilbert Pike, Joel Purcell, Bob Brown, Ioe Young, Dallas Griffin Tom Titchener, Ed Burrell, Collin Walker, Brook Hollis, Roy Vaughn, Dick Faulkner. Row 3: Tom Bailey Claire Banks, Ed lohnson, Bob Anderson, Bob Phillips, Bob lmel, Gene lensen lim Kaul,Bill Knocke,l.ouie Burrola, Alvarez, lim Loder. Row 4: Glen Kubo, Frank Saulcidc, Pete Zanke, lim Kidder, Gary Bell, Myron Blakesly Car McDaniels, Richard Mendoza, Ierry Harp, lim Mayo, Steve Sarroco, 'I '-'-'- ' 'Ll H"-5 Kei Kimura, Neil Smith in U 1 BASKETBALL VARSITY Front row: Mr. Sloss, lerry Moore, Bob Taranqo, lim Williams, Harry Biqqins, Robert Hultz. Back row: Bruce Burton, Larry Toland, Don Hale, Allen Bruce, Denny Fresenius. A"?f?'f BASKETBALL BEES Front row: Bryan lones, Billy Lowe, Bob Eason, Bob Lenton, Fred Hartman, Bob Taranqo, Mr. Sloss. Back row: Denny Fresenius, Tom Shery, Richard Halhaway, Roberl Hultz, Gary Paulson, Bruce Burton. l'.'r 2.23 L, M' Nfl 70 ,,, , 'Y - We 'Q . 9? ' H 'QQ 1063 -4' Q- of '." Y W 1: v 3 vs. bc 9 ' - A, ' :Ax iii. ui- fm! v fa I 1 rg sf-L xv,- 1 5 J x A 1 mv- If W' W' i ' A vi- -Q BASKETBALL CEES Front row: Mr. Probert, Robert Webb, Buddy Hickman, Ronnie Westfall, Kiyo Nishomoto, Ronald Cole. Buck row: Iohn Delsiqne, Mgr., Duke Mitchell, Rudy McTee, Robert Mitchell, Robert Nelson, Walter Moses fabsentl. BASKETBALL DEES From row: Ierry Reilly, Gary Eldred, Bobby Bates, Charles Treadway, Mr. Probert, Richard Mitchell, Mike Pitts, Ierry Williams. Back row: Mark Woods, Iimmy Flaqq, Larry Lewis, Wayne Bustes, Fred l-Iameetman, Robert Bunch, Gary Gonzales, Hideo Yoshinaqa, Mgr. ,sul - , 1 Q ., i Q, '. gg at ' ""' 15,1 . 3 - of tg., V - L! tt' y x ,N it .,. :' s an... i .,, 71 rm Il g'pl"'1 Row 1: Henry Brink, Frank Zuray, David Cole, Co-Captain Craig Chudy, Co-Captain Tom Robins less Hamilton, Rodell Decker, Don Poulter. Row 2: Coach Fletcher, Dean Brown, lames Ashe, Milan Hintz, Mgr., Fred McLean, Coach Hastinqs Q Row 3: Eddie Burrel, Gary Needham, Ray Headley, lim Edmonds Bob Brown, lame-s leter. 1 , w I lr Coach Kuns Coach Fletcher Coach Hastinqs Don Poulter winning the mile in 41509, Craig Chudy setting fastest time for the city in 120 HH. in l4.8 seconds. ,4- X .--""" A YS' 4 if W,-N -RZ" d Naming K x ti 1- K 'K A 2 5. K. fi v-"" Y X 'Na 'N . M K 1 Aw: -I W 4, fr"!, N MN..,,. 1133 rf 4 -,ss ' I aw a ,.-rp H R ,LQ 1. ,sb R I , t Nw' if Row 1. Ray Benehel, Weston Warner, Tom Biller, Captain Bob Tarango, Walter Moses, Bob Montez, Guillermo Burrola. Row 2: Ernest Redfern, Barry l.aFrenaye, Mgr., Coach Fletcher, Harry Quinn, Mgr., Fred Hartman. Row I: Errol Bohannon, Ron Wallace, Don Wallace, Ioe Gonzales, Captain Benny ' Flores, Ted Ishom, Kiyoshi Nishimoto, Mike McLean. Row 2: Gary Dana, Mgr., David Kosotf, Bob Imel, Frank Saucedo, David Benefiel, Iim Ashe, Coach Hastings. Row 3: Nori Hanaoka, Robert Nelson, Gary Downey, Bill Knocke, Frank Cummings, Ronald Mcpeak, Larry Napier, Larry Iones, Roger Myron, Bob Webb fabsentj. .fi Yi 1 R . ,wi W 1 W y will -w' VARSITY BASEBALL Row 1: Harvey Smith, Don Powers, Tom Titchener, Gary Mcpeak, Steve Iohnson, Iim Mayo, lim Kaul. How 2: Gary Elclred, Gary Hinrich, Elmer Ellsworth, Tak Aoki, Dick Faulkner, Coach Rhodes. Row 3: Byran lanes, Tom Eggleston, Bill Griqqs, Gilbert Pike, Tam Bailey, Larry Hiatt. Coach Rhodes Coach Mechikoff 4335 I UNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL Row' 1: Richard Hollis, Charles Gcuvia, Clary Banks, Greqq Hornaday, Buddv Hickman, Carl McDaniels, Duke Mitchell, Row 2: Coach Mechikoff, Stanley Moore, Robert Hultz ttransferred to Varsityb, Tom lanes, Wayne Bustos, Bill Blaine, Mar. Row 3: Harold Scott, Iohn Delsiqne, Larry Lewis, Bob Bunch, Carl Wada, Don Stearns, Georoe 5 Aldridge. ' a A Ed G ' if l Q-. -s 12 ,- L QR 50414, 95 , 5 l YRBUWQR be BKBUN ,SHUN ft 1' 4' t tx Hwy V., vs. ' L , ,5tttH0fy4,, Q, sg, 5 I Q Y Sygl 'tvs 1 Wvmf 0 SWIMMING TEAMS Row 1: Danny Gravett, Michael Carrick, Paul Smith, lim Loder, lon Young, Coach Sloss. Row 2: Fred l-Iameetman, Darwin Smith, Waylen Wakefield, Roger Ambill, Tom Shery, Dennis Edwards. Row 3: CVARSITYJ Bob Fenter, Ronald Merriam, Roy Mayfield, Dale Howard, Pete Zankie, Bob Horton, Allen Young. -Wife o,re l is , new leello ' , aloa . L ., ' c . f H wil' TENNIS TEAM Row I: jimmy Flaqq, David Lenton, Floyd French, Bobby Bates, Gordon Getz, Row 2: Mr. Probert, LeRoy lohnson, Richard Boqstad, Toshi Shinden. Row 3: Wayne Miller, Steven Saracco, Howard Hentila. l iw. GLY GYMNASTIC TEAM Row 1: Bob Vvfebb, Bob lsom, Ernest Redfern, lim Balcom, Clair Hutton, Dennis Edwards. Row 2: lohn Sampson, Ronnie Lane, Dale Franklin, Danny Fitzgerald, Coach Kuns. How 3: Orville Balcom, Lyle De Vote, Mike Ludwig, Vic Martinov Knot shownl. Row Row Row Row Row Row GOLF CLUB Row l Fred Hess Ion Young Steve Lcxhoyzcx. Row 2 Roy Benefxel Walter Moses Gary McPeck Vernon Howe Bob Powell Mr WL, T --di i W' 3' wr ,X , ff wwe. K- A ...r 'Q . , '85 M ' It I . ,K ! V W N I we W ii mmm Q if , A- x Q -VTR .., 'E' 4. 1 4 'X I A-Q ff S, is A iw ' iff' W Q V fi F A,. m ta L f I k . x A ggi '25 H W M ale. '52 + ' fiefrf 4' , 5 . E fl , f,-wah. . 5 G.A.A. CHEER LEADERS Left to right: Ioyce Endo, Shirley Martin, Alice Carpenter, Diane Schilclmeyer, Vivian Serpa. Jud Summy pfllterson er Pregidem G.A.A. CABINET Row 1: Maurette Shaw, Shirley Endo, Barbara Irvin, Anett Grate. Row 2: Adrienne Sidwell, Millie Childs, Lila Cordray, Anita Shaheen, Darleanne Cumminqs. Row 3: Dorothy Searles, Marge Culliman, Marie Traunlelder, Doris Thompson, Diane Schildmeyer, Vivian Serpa, Shirley Martin. Row 4: Alice Carpenter, Ioyce Endo, Miss Herwiq, Iudy Patterson, 1' -fi! in -A SENIOR GJ-LA. Row 1: Miss Herwiq, Carol Sheppard, Alice Carpenter, Paula Dixon, Nancy Maxwell, Kay Masu- kawa, Anett Grafe, Corky, Millie Childs, Yvonne Ash, Lila Cordray, loyce Endo, Donna Kimura. Row 2: Leona Thompson, Karen Nelson, Sharon Anderson, Dorothy Searles, Marie Traunfelder, Barbara Irvin, Shirley Endo, Ierry Boring, Judy Patterson, Marilyn Brannon, Delores Cloninqer, Eileen Burrell. How 3: Vera Roberson, Shirlene Shoeman, Marge Cullinan, Laura Tolbert, Ioy Calloway, Gail Gowdy, Shirley Martin, Vivian Serpa, Ianice McNeal, Carla Babb, Darlene Cummings, Beverly Dean, Ann Roberson, Miss Schildmeyer. Row 4: Phyllis I-lazelbaker, Durelle Dixon, loAnn Spangler, Donna Beane, Gloria McCann, Bonnie Ward, Barbara Reed, Colleen McCormick, Laura Lyn Myers, Gail Travers, Carol May, Shirley Carlson, Ruth Armes, Mary Lawson, Mary Embres, Betty Cale Billie Giqax. Row 5: Maurette Shaw, Linda Iones, Diane Schildmeyer, Dores Thompson, Kay Frances, Bonnie Domonoske, Adrienne Sifiwell, Linda Bloomer, Connie Long, Carmen Gonzales, Ioan Arminqton, IaNet Ford. IUNIOR G.A.A. IUNIOR G.A.l-X. BOARD Cheryl Hornaclay, Gail Orris, Cynthia Pedersen, L: Vonna Connor. Row 1: Delores Cale, Aneita Frances, Helen Chapman, Ianice Bell, Ieanne Sleigh, leraldine Henley, Row 2: lanice Mann, Cheryl Hornaday, Gail Orris, Cynthia Pedersen, l.aVonna Conner, Pamela Adams. Row 3: Clara Giacupuzzi, Sharon Hartman, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. C. Ruby Brusi, Celia Ochoa. WWF' G . P all . gms esiden f 4 ,I ,A . :1 ' 1 . ,YJ 1 r -4 RHYTHMICS Row 1: H1111 Rum, IM1f1tI1y A1GL1l'Ilf5, Rox Anno 1011115511 1711111110 Cummings CC11c111m.':113, Icmicc C1111111l1crs, Mary L.11w:s1 11, Vi11g1111c1 Pulidc. Row 2: M4lf1,jfIIQ1 Burum, Iam: AJQ11, Rovcrly Ecckct, IGN-at Ford, Judy Gardner, Odelifx Penn I 1 Row 3: U1i11mc1 Fishr: fre 111 Lr111111fgt1zr1 Iudy Tlllf, TNAISS RiCh11'c'isf11, Vera Roberson Ncxnvy 5:4-4-"4f5tQ"mv IVQIIS. 1,1 '.61l , Row 4: A1211 RTF-"15'1r1, N ily fmc Vfri 1211 Ccrrmci Plxlcy. -we ,W 'it Y, F r ov' W 1 R pb I H ' 65043 ' N 5 gag, GM' E EMM R at bsqmss QL 'ffmfpg 'Ry ,IQN ,f- OS I6 V-5? if DD wr ,, Q iii ,il SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP How 1: Kathryn Pisel, lsabel Mora, lcyce Pride, Iucly Patterson, lanice lwfc-Nf-1i, Scripa Nr-friey harn, Rosa Duarte, lulia Delgado. Row 2: lean Kellman, Barbara Irvin, Shirley Endo, Miss McCoy, Laura Toll:-ert Ruth Armcrs, Plat Gilbert, Row 3: Carol May, Lorraine MacCrindlf-, Susan Anderson, Adrienne Sidwell, Ioan Wrvtzol, Mary Harker, Kay Francis, Gary Eldred. How 4: Pat Taylor, Roberta Wilson Karen Pedersen, Maurette Shaw, Drrino Schrldmoyer, lNiuri15'rr Erickson, Marie Traunfelder. Row 5: Herb Provost, Davyrie Trimble, Paula Dixon, Danna Beane, Glcrii Ichns.,n, Fricda Kriulzln Donna Reekors, Ierry Coulter. Row 6: Bch Montes, Richard Faulkner, Tom Shery, Danny Marsh Bolo Eascrn, Hcnry Brink. I UNIOR HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: Kenny Koyama, lane Wada, Alice Navarro, Sherran Thompson, Bettr- Boyri lrxytfo Lrii-cirrqw Row 2: Minnie Ruiz, Iudy Zittle, Mary Robinson, Ann Malone, Nancy M zssey. How 3: ludy Wolf, leannette Wright, loan Rosenthal, Gerinetto CC,CTfxf'I, K rilxiffrzr 'y'firli':rrxs, iirgrort Sidwell. Row 4: Dennis Kaiser, Marty Anderson, Rickie Bernardin, Korn l.Iatsurn.1:.:, if zz: :rr Sriririxisky Row 5: Larry Napier, Pat McNees, Myrna Andrews, Miss Vauirf-1, Lrnrla Bclranrrrrrr Hrrth Thr'-rney Croft. Row 8: Patrick Manning, Wayne Dawson, lack Prirton, lamcs Andrrqdf. ASB. Vice'Presideni Bonnie Dornonoske 1' A.S.B. President Henry Brink r r , Ps- ASB. Secretory Treasurer -gr, 3 ,L , ' r KUY Ffcmffls STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: Mury leon Harker, Bonnie Domonoske, Delores Knuutiiio, Poi MrNecs, Row 2: Kay Francis, Shirley Carlson, Diane Schiidmeyer, Ruth Armies, Henry Brink. Row 3: Tommie Robbins, Ioe Stiis, Biii Brockiesby, Gary Rosrnscn. -'fs SENIOR CONGRESS Row I: Teresa Valle, Delores Knuutila, Mary Harker, Secretary, Henry Brink, President, Bonnie Domonoske, Vice-President, Shirley Carlson, Lila Cordray. Row 2: Pat Gilbert, Dolores Pehoviack, Beverly Dean, Carolyn Scala, Sammie Taylor, Zona Hammond, ludy Wolf, Carol Perry. Row 3: Flora Hameetman, Kay Francis, Gail Gowdey, Linda Bohannan, Pat Taylor, Irma Ranqel, Ruth Armes. Row 4: Mike Ludurq, Gloria McCann, Iackie Zittle, Pat McNees, Diane Schildmeyer, loAnn Spangler, Marilyn Brannan, Gary Cope. Row 5: lim Balcom, LeRoy lohnson, Bob Taranao, Tom Robins, ,Toe Stits, Gary Robinson, Bill Blaine. Row 6: Iohn Brown, Duke Blakesly, Craig Chudy, Bill Brock- lesby, Iim Ieler, Mr. Cost. IUNIOR HIGH CONGRESS Row 1: Tommy Iones, Cathy Schweitzer, Barbara Crovella, Gloria Grubbs,,Marquita Davies, Kathy Gonzales, Bob Boyd. Row 2: Kathleen Fraser, Rachel Orr, Lauray Stalmack, Maxine Sibon, Mary MacArthur, Ianet Pugh. Row 3: Samuel Kirkwood, Deana Stephens, Gloria Shaheen, Mr. Cost, Pat Milliqan, Clifford Grieifith, James Gordinier. Row 4: Ierry Terry, Gabrial Ramirez, Claud Gillyard, Robert Garrabrant, Billy Ayres Wayne Dutt. f 90 IANE ADDAMS Row Row Row Row Bow Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 5: Shirley Endo, Kay Francis, Barbara lrvin, laralwne Bvrinn. Row 6 Row Row 1: Henry Brink, Delores Knuutila, Teresa Valle lana Philer, Leona Thompson, Eileen Burrell, Flora Hameelmaii, l'w1igy Van Volkorilwurrg N 1 Shirley Carlson, Miss Parks, Iurly lhitlmsarn. Bello Wilson, Mary lean Harker. Bonnie Domonoske, Zona Hammond. Gloria McCann. 2: Dick Westfall, Bill Bultler. 3: T E l t ,L l D V . 4, Ffiiik Eififlim Eiicihiff VIGILANTES 5: Iohn Anderson, Tommie Robins. 6: Clair I-lution, Woody Buchanan, Mr. Turner, Duke Blakesley, lim Wrialrt. 7: Dale Howard, Bill Brocklesliy, Don Myers, Bonnie Mclneak. nj xg, .ui a C baht -QF' 1? lm'-al' "' 3 Q, Af ns- f' 'Q' JEL 35 9 l BARONETTES Row 1: Suzanne Riffel, Mary Grafe, Carolyn Fitzhuqh, Barbara Reed, Pat Wall, Ioan Harris. Row 2: Shirley Martin, Shirley Washburn, Vivian Serpa, Ioyce Endo, Sandra MacArthur. Row 3: lanice Phipps, Susan Anderson, Shirley Andreotti, Pat Mitchell, Carmen Gonzales, Fields. Row 4: Donna Reekers, Doris Thompson, Mrs, I-lopla, Doyleen Williams, Colleen McCormick, Row 5: loyce Renimeister, Maure-ite Shaw, Linda Iones, Alice Carpenter, Diane Schildmeyer. BARON S Row l: David Darsl, Pat DiMe-qlio, Ronnie Westfall, lim Balcom, Robert Isom. Row 2: Dick Zuray, Ernest Redfern, Roberi Hargrove, Guillermo Burrola. Row 3: Carl McDaniels, Leiqhs Church, Freqq I-lornaday, Dulce Mitchell, Bob Montez. Row 4: Bob Eason, Mr. Iunq. Pat K3 Cb 'Ox if KEY CLUB Row 1: Craiq Chudy, Duke Blalcesley, Bill Brocklesby, Bill Blaine, Row Z: Torn Bailey, Henry Brink, Dick Harnrnack, Clair Hutton, lerry Chuprnan. Row 3: Lyle DeVore, Tommie Robins, Bodell Decker, Vic Martincv. How 4: Sieve Johnson, David Cole, Elmer Ellsworth, Gary Mcpealc. Bow 5: Mr. Fields, Don Beaver. HI-Y Row 1: Bill Blaine, Treasurer, Ichn Huffman, Secretary, Ierry Chapman, President, Virtor Mariinov Vice-President, Lyle DeVcre, Sergeant-at-Arms. Row 2: Tom Bailey, Henry Brink, lim leter, Duke Blakesley. Row 3: Rodell Decker, Steve lohnson Don Beaver, Elmer Fllswortli. Row 4: Mr, Livingston-Little, Craig Chudy. Cb' Y' ,- 2. GIRLS' LEAGUE CONGRESS Row 1: loy Callaway, Eilleen Burrell, Shirley Carlson, Pat Gilbert, Darleane Cummings, Pat McNees. Row 2: Sandra MacArthur, Dolores Knuutila, Nadine Madrid, Alice Carpenier, Joyce Endo, Miss Chase, Miss Harrison. Shirley Carlson President GIRLS' LEAGUE ,N is an 3 34? Y , J GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD IFEBRUARY-IUNE 19543 Row l: Nadine Madrid, Dolores Knuutila, Shirley Carlson, Eileen Burrell. Row 2: Ioyce Endo, Pat Gilbert, Darlene Cummings, Pat McNees, Miss Chase, Miss Harrison. Q.. -- -sw' ffffhg, iii any ?' 'C' BUGLE CORPS Left to right: lorry Snutli G rqlfgn Rcutsenq, Gene lvlinsfn, Gcrdon Getz, lli-'ky Berritrrdin, Mr VVeeks. PHILHARMONIC CLUB Row 1: Kenny Koyama, Mary Lawson, Gzry Eldred, Fmnfzitrr Francis, Stephen Blcrckrnon. Row 2: Valerie Saraveo, Beverly Beckett, Secretary, luindnz Bruwrnan, lean Arminaton, Vice-President, Louise Berkett President, Carrxlyn Mille-r. Row 3: Shirley Powell, lerry Coulter, Miss Alice Sturdy, Kenn Mctsurnura Treasurer, Ida Rhcades, Row 4: Sandie Baratta, leanette llxrsit j':n1:e Llsya fznise Lfharniiers Stella Emery, Patsy Beckett. Row 5: Tomrnv Green, C zrolyn VVh1ie, Gleriar lelinszin, ixlazry Bryfr, 'ffrxvnf Hdslarn. Row 6: Trevor Cant, larnes Piece, lerry Chapman, Vit- Martinov, Rick Eckley. Row 7: Dulce Blakesley lchn Brown, Philip Maqercrn. if ,ORCHESTRA 'L How 1: Nataue l1.:'.a'ic1ns, lina.: Hriwry, Bolt H :la-1 lack Prttt n, Gr:::i.,i Tlrarpe, V rlurte Sarrrrwfe Vum l'lQllr':wt,1y, Billie lean Gitqtrx, David llcllurt. Row 2: Gene lelinsen, Slifldfun Huluacan, Vernwn Woudruif, lerry Smith, Bill Sellers, Eddie Pena, Linda lindsey, Orderrn l,anrgvrud, loyce Schneider, Row 3: Gordon Grtz, Gordon Houtsena, liernclrdin, l. l. Vfxters, llidrc Yeshinaatr llrrnti 1, hzshiza Ixi xrqiiez' All in lvlurell, Aint iii, Dennis Kxist 1. How 4: N :nay if xx' .-,' ell lfluz ffl? Henry llflr. Wt flcs. llivlzy Prtrnk lritnzr-I llrirrla, STAGE CREW Row 1: lXl1l:f l.11E11111 1'l1111l1':: Y l ll,111::1'l111 111 .11:11 Il A 1111111, , 1 lxlU111lc11'.1. Row 2: lN11111y l'11l1'11',, H1 M1111111 lY1l1:1. Row 3: 'l'11111 C rg l.1 llill li .111 1.111 llnvul llll :l1:1l: Ffa 1111 l 1: 1'11'11, lfv l.'11v:: PROI ECTION CREW Row 1: Nrzr11111r1 Mirmlw, Stow lVlClIl1ZlCI, Curl Wada, Ion llflfll Arthur, Ralph V011tur0 Row 2: Bill F1i111l1, l.fIfIY l. 1w:sf111 Melvyn llowoll, Slove .fX11c,l1111lf1 Row 3: Woslmw VV11rr1c-1, Wvslm-1,' llfxnscn, Mr. Hcmpszm, lui 1 Moses, Lelcmd Groom. Row 4: Lyle Crvcn, Do11111s DZ wards, Riy Mnyfiolrl, l7O1111l11: Harris. How 5: Larry Kyllinqstnfi, lm: Hamilton, Krn Rflmr. 93 if f jx Q? 4 N X Q if 4 gi N Q .. Q .rj 4, J dh E h ' "1 Q Y Pvf KY' "A, ,-, 1. bfi' 0 QF, Q. 'S Wa ntl W' x .fuxpxw 4..- ALJ- x 442. L, ,. Q , 'f'--:fjfgd F. asain.- 8. K w 7",- QA - Q' W-a,,.,np-O"""" k , , , f'T:' -135 f ,V .4 Y, ' N nf ,Q 3 . Q!! H I it ' A viii? fiaim ji Q' uv' fvfyfgh , ak , .L ug!! Qalxaa' ' ,An ,' Q32 Y' 5 A 32:4 in Q dv- O i-....,,....,. 1. -115 rfvf' o ' Lux, , ' Qs 'gf' il '-'ic-.C'f.4-4 ' Y ff' , s O 4 Q .Y x , ,- " 5 4' - '14 ,,-ff : QF N .Qffi f' .1 L 1 2: Xu 6 "' P Q fi! v Q , Q ' W ' ' 1'-Q-, 13 if 3 45'- i 5 T Y We V as X ' 1 Row Row Row Row How Row Row Row Row Row LAS IUANITAS 1: Diane Kennedy, ludy Zittle, Gloria Gruhbs, lane Wada, Karen Covinaton. 2: Pamela Adams, Kathleen Williams, Celia Ochaa, Ioan Henley. 3: Ruth Thorneycroit, leannette Wright, laclcie Krown, Iuciy Wolf, Geanette Cooper. 4: Sharon Hartman, Pat McNees, Carol Hald, Linda Bahannan. 5: l. Zartrnan, loan Short. E: Minnie Ruiz. SQUIRES 1: Iames lsom, Iefi Lenton, Kei Kimura, Bob Reed, Fred Germain. 2: Don Wallace, Bob Baker, Ron Wallace, Kenji Matsumrna, Robert Carpenter, Bill Sellers 3: lim Flaqq, Pete Zankie, Mr. Bernard, Wayne Miller, Robert Nelson. 4: Bruce Burton, Steve Saracco, lim Kaul, Larry Bohannan, Don Beets. U52 I 'ii- . 4 I Amit' 451' MATH CLUB Row 1: Rolsert Peterson, Robert Harqrave tVice-Presi- dentl, Herbert Provost, Ierry Coulter tPresidentJ. Row 2: Leiahs Church, Charles Burrell, Tom Shery, loan Arminqton, Mrs. Briqht, laNet Ford CSeCretary- Treasurerl, If HEALTH COMMITTEE Front row: Vic Martinov, Celia Ochoa, ludy lNolt, Thelma Carter, School Nurse, Doris Richardson, Health Coordinator. Back row: Woody Buchanan, Danny Marsh, lames leter. Members not present: Ronald Wallare, Donald Vlfallace. TROPICAL FISH CLUB Row 1: Buddy Laitan, ludith Bentley, Bette Davis, Iackie E. Hoy, Carl Gregory. Row 2: Laura Powell, Paul Linquist, Penny Goethals, Sandra Trimble, Den- nis Holst, Ioanne Steiqh. Row 3: Valerie Saracco, David Wells, Dale Ross, Rod Peres, Verna Wilson. Row 4: Ronnie Lupin, Kenny Van Vol- kenburq, Kathleen Weiss, Virginia Haney, Ronald Short, Robert Magee, Row 5: Don Moses, Gary Sands, Mr, Lanqan, Bob Mankoshi, Kenji Matsu- mura. Row 6: Edward Eliot, Wayne l-laslam. 5 I l I ' Gs '27 ff, xx xp Duane Dinsmore- Rifle Club, Crcss Country. Durelle Dixon --- GAA. Bonnie Domonoske -- ASB Sec.fTrecis., ASB VP., Letterqiils, GAA, Senior Scholarship, Latin Club, lane Addams, Rhytliinics, Tri-Y, Eleanor Adeline Dreqer - L'Aie-aria. Tak Aoki Tom Eggleston-Vifgilantes, Letternien, V 6. Pcctball, A 6 B Baseball, B Basketball. Wayne Elliott -- B Btislcelball, l gl.. x 3 Shirley Endo-lane Addams, GAA, Letterqirls, Acapella, Latin Club, Sr. Scholarship, C.S.F. Lilo Member, Drill Team. Nancy Epperheimer--W Latin Cluli Tri-Y, Flowi- dusters. Henry Evans - I. V. Football. Will Finley --Hi-Y, Viqilantes, Lette-rmen, A, B, C Track, A, B, C Basketball, Golf. Daniel Fitzgerald -- Gymnastics, Phctcqrapliy' Club, Kay Francis - ASB Sec,-Tre-as., l2th Grade Rep., lane Addams, Sr. Scholarship, G,A.A., Letter- qirls, Dance Clubs, Kniahts 51 Ladies Iumes Gullager - Viailantes, V. 6. B. Football, Key Club, Lettermen, B Track, Hi-Y, ...wall- Beverly Ann Agnew - Tri-Y, Floordusters, Knights G Ladies, Student Oiiice Workers, Bhythmics. Sharon Babb Sandie Baratta-Drill Team, Rhythmics, Bible Club, Acapella, G.A.A., Sr. Scholarship, Phil- harmonic Club. Elaine Baxley-Tri-Y, A Capella, Student Court. Dance Clubs, Rhythmics. Ollie Mae Baxter- Art Club, Business Club. Don Beaver-Key Club, B Football, Varsity Baseball, Hi-Y, Narboniters, B Track, Student Congress. Duke Blakesley - Guilders, Vigilantes, Hi-Y, Key Club, A Capella, B Track, C G D Basketball, Varsity and B Football. Ieraline Boring--G.A.A., Lettergirls, Guilders, lane Addams, Knights 6. Ladies, Business Club, Drill Team. Marilyn Brannon-G.A.A., Lettergirls, Business Club, Student Congress, Knights 15. Ladies, Drill Team, Sr. Scholarship, Daubers. Henry Brink-A.S.B. Pres. and Vice-Pres., Hi-Y, Sr. Scholarship, Lettermen, Guilders, A Capella, Band, Orchestra, A, B, C Track, B Football, Cross Country. Bill Brocklesby-Vigilantes, Student Council, A 6- B Track, Guilders, Key Club, C.A.S.C., Sc. B. Pres, Senior Play Woody Buchanan-Vigilantes, Key Club, Guild- ers, B 6: C Track, Cross Country, Student Health Com., Student Congress. Eileen Burrell -- lane Addams, Lettergirls, G.A.A.. Tri-Y, Girls' League Cheerleader, Business Club, Drill Team, Spanish Club. Frank Burton-I-li-Y, Key Club, Lettermen, Vig- ilantes, Basketball. iii ' Bill Buttler-Sr. Class Pres., A Cappella, Guilders, Vigilantes, Sr. Scholarship, Student Congress, B Basketball. Ioy Callaway -- Lettergirls, Girls' League, Busi- ness Club, Tri-Y, Knights 6- Ladies. Dale Wilson Castle-A Capella, Talent Show. Ianice Chambers-A Capella, Rhythmics, G.A.A., Tri-Y. Ierry Chapman-Lettermen, Key Club, Knights 6. Ladies, Spanish Club, Daubers, Philharmonic, Hi-Y, Gymnastics Dolores Cloninqer-G.A,A., Lettergirls, Business Club. Iackie Connor- Girls' League Cheerleader, Knights 6. Ladies, Sr. Scholarship. Pe99Y Io Cooper-Drill Team, G.A.A., Red Cross, Community Chest Speaker. Iohnny Crocker-V. Football, Cross Country, V. Track, A Capella. Don Daily-Levis 6. Laces. Beverly Dean--Student Store Mgr., A Capella, Tri-Y, G.A.A., Lettergirls Congress, Aux. Fire- man, Rhythmics, Fted Cross, El Eco, Green G Gold. Darlene Derouin-G.A.A.,Rhythmics, Tri-Y, Latin Club, Dance Clubs, Red Cross, Ottice Worker. Lyle DeVore-Vigilantes, Lettermen, Gymnastics, Hi-Y, Key Club, Guilders, Daubers, Cheerleader, A Capella. Beverlee Dinsmore--Drill Team, A Capella. t K Q 'J . .J 9' ' v A. M75 lOl ft 'lk.",, fs- .. ,f Ns..- 6 can-, Iames Vernon Lofstrom Nadine Mcxdridv-lane Addams, Girls' League Cheerleader, G.A,A., Tri-Y, Business Club, Drill Team, Spanish Club, Dance Clubs. Danny Marsh--Track, Cross Country, Orchestra, Band, Barons, Kniqhts ci Ladies, Letterrnen, Daulf- ors, Sr. Scholarship, Spanish Club. Sidney Martin Victor Mcrrtinov -- Letterrnen, Key Club, H1-Y, Gyrnnastrcs, Track, Spanish Club, lOth rind lltlt Grade Hcp., Daubers, Philharmonic Larry Mcxrtz--V, lfcotball, Knialzts G Lrdies, Sr. Scholarship. Shirley Dcxrlyne McCann Ae Sr. Scholarship, Kniahts 6. Ladies, Home-Ec. Club, Philharmonic, x l ' f Mike McGeefViqilantes, Sr. Scholarship, Span- ish Club, Aux. Fireman, C.A.S.C. Sec, B Sec., Sr. Play. Don MacKenzie-Key Club, Hi'Y, Football, Green 6- Gold. Gary McPecxk-Viqilantes, Key Club, V. 6- I. V. Baseball, B Football, V. Track, A Capella, Goli Club. Ronnie Merriam-A Swirnniina, Stage Crew Shirley Mitchell e G.A.A., Drill Team, Girls' League Cheerleader, Business Club. Russel D. MonroefA Capella Choir, Kniahts 61 Ladies, C Basketball. Orville Balcom l K' A -rv N-v C' r .,... . fgsrf' l i 2 Arlene Gilberq-Rhythmics, Spanish Club, Red Cross, Dance Clubs. Annabel Glasson-Girls' Day Hep., Drill Team. Gail Gowdey-G.A.A., Lettergirls, Girls' League Cheerleader, A Capella, Congress, Tri-Y, Drill Team. Bob Grubbs-Gymnastics, Cheerleader, Key Club, Congress, A Capella, Dance Clubs, Knights 6- Ladies. Flora Hameetman-Girls' League, lane Addams, Lettergirls, G.A.A., A Capella, Guilders, Congress, Tri-Y, Sr. Scholarship, Knights 61 Ladies, Dance Clubs. Zona Hammond-fTri-Y, lane Addams, Congress, G.A.A., Health Committee, A Capella, Office Worker. Mary lean Harkerflane Addams, Sr. Scholar- ship, Orchestra, Guilders, Knights G Ladies, Girls' League Cheerleader, 3' . , . 'N-sd' l A ' 'I t ., Myrna Iacksond-G.A.A.,,Tri-Y, Rhythmics, Daub- ers, Office Worker, Red Cross, I. Wilson Iones, Ir. Louise Iones Bertha Iorquez-A Capella, Rhythmics, Home-Ec. Club, Spanish Club, Philharmonic, Dance Club, Club de Amistad. Richard Kakuta-B Football. Iean Kellman-Sr. Scholarship, G.A.A,, Letter- girls, A Capella, Knights 6. Ladies, Girls' League Congress. Charlotte Kneer-Tri-Y, Office Worker, Spanish Club, Green G Gold. Douglas Harris Tom Bailey Dale Howard-Vigilantes, Knights ri Ladies, A Swimming, Guilders. Iohn Hoffman-B Football, C. Track, l. V. Base- ball, llth Grade Bop., Hi-Y, Lettermen, Band. Mary Sue Hunter - G.A.A., Tri-Y, Knights 61 Ladies, Office Worker. Clair HuttonAVigilantcs, Key Club, Aux. Fireman. Gymnastics. Barbara Irvin -lane Addams, Girls' League. G.A.A., Knights 61 Ladies, A Capella, Sr. Scholar- ship, El Eco, Drill Team, Latin Club. I 1' ' ' '19 I 'O' Z I 1 Delores Knuutila-lane Addams, G.A.A., Letter- girls, 12th Grade Rep., Tri-Y, Drill Team, Busi- ness Club. Henry Koyama Bob Lenton-B 51 C Basketball, Rifle Club. Royal Licht-A Football, A Basketball, Hi-Y Letttermen. Charles Lindquist Daniel Lister-Knights 5. Ladies, Aux, Fireman C Track. lack D. Lofstrom Evelyn Tre-ecefTriAY, A Capella, Dance Clubs, Rhythmics. Teresa Pulido Valle-lane Addams, A Capella, Drill Team. Peggy Van Vcxlkenberq Frey-Sr, Schalarship, Latin Club, lane Addams, G.A.A., Letterqirls. Geraldine Wagers-G,A.A., Letterqirls, Business Club, Drill Team, A Capella, Tri-Y. Iackie Watson-Tri-Y, Conaress, Daubers. lack Webb-B, C Basketball, A Capella. Richard Westfall-Viqilantes, Knights 6. Ladies, C, D Basketball, Spanish Club, , ' Nj in ta U. -srl M N ti f' S 'WH-S. lean Welzel-Sr. Play Director, G.A.A., Thespian Club, Latin Club, Sr. Scholarship, A Capella, Carolyn WhiteADrill Team, Daubers, Philhar- monic, Spanish Club, Math Club, Bible Club, Dance Club. Betty Ann Williams - A Capella, Knights 6. Ladies, Tri-Y, Office Worker. Roberta Modine Wilson-Sr. Scholarship, Rhyth- mics. Io Ann Wilson-Tri-Y, Daubers, Narbcniters. Pat Woodward-Drill Team, G,A.A., Girls' League Cheerleader, Tri-Y, A Capella. Shirley Yorke Q5 mimi.. is Warren Muir Delores Myers-Home Ec. Club. Don Myers-Vigilantes, Knights 6. Ladies, Sr. Scholarship, Aux, Fireman, Math Club, L'Alegria, Congress, Philharmonic, Rifle Club, CSF. Life Member. Barbara Nester - G.A.A., Business Club, Drill Team. Don Park-B Football, Gymnastics, C Track. Iudy Patterson-lane Addams, G.A.A., Letter- girls, Sr. Scholarship, C.S.F. Life Member, A Capella, Girls' League Cheerleader, Latin Club, Knights 5: Ladies, Drill Team. Louise Patterson - Latin Club, G.A.A., Office Worker. "vi Clara Dudley Iohnny Sampson'-Gymnastics, Vigilantes, Band, Orchestra, Sr. Scholarship, Cheerleader. Carolyn Anderson Scala -- Rhythmics, Ottice Worker. Daryel Schorr-Dance Clubs, Narboniters. Bonnie Schroeder - lane Addams, Lettergirls, G.A.A., A Capella, Congress, Tri-Y. Ianice Fae Showalter-A Capella, Drill Team. Daubers. Louy Sims-Vigilantes, Sr. Scholarship. Karen Pedersen - Latin Club, lil Eco, G.A.A. Knights or Ladies, Sr. Scholarship, A Capella. Eve Petranovich-A Capella, Orchestra, Knights 6- Ladies, Philharmonic, lane Addams, Sr. Scholar ship, Guilders, Girls' League Song Loader, C.S.F. Life Member. Lucinda Pisel-Knights 45. Ladies, Bible Club. Larry Quigley--A 6 B Basketball. Gary Romanoif-Congress, El Eco, Red Cross Daubers. Darlene Beardsley Diane Sawyer-El Eco, Congress 4 Io-Ann Spangler-Lettergirls, G.A.A., Tri-Y, Busi- ness Club. Ieanne Stellway Robert A. Tabb Sammie Taylor-llth Grade Rep.,G.A.A., Tri-Y, Girls' League Cheerleader. Ronnie Thayne-A Capella. Leona Thompson-G.A.A., Lettergirls, lane Ads dams, Girls' League Bd., Tri-Y, Drill Team, Dance Club. Marie Traunfelder-G.A.A., Sr. Scholarship, C.S.F. Life Member, Girls' State Rep., Lettergirls, Knights 51 Ladies, Spanish Club, Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship L Frank Zuruy-V. :S B Football, A, B 6- C Track, Lettermen, Viqilantes, Key Club, Associate lustice, Kniqhts :Sr Ladies. NO PICTURES Larry Ashe Varsity G B Football, Varsity G B Track, Cross Country, Band, Orchestra, Rifle Club. Clara Morris G.A.A., Tri-Y, Office Worker. Walt Edwards Roger Hollis Bill Robinson Frank Ruiz gear! Wdadw mom - CLASS OFFICERS Bill Buttler President Duke Blakelesy Vice-President Paiiy Woodward Secretary Leona Thompson Front: Mr. Deon, Miss Vaubel, Mr. Fuller, Treasurer Back: Mr. Marienthal, Mr. Livingston-Little. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION SEAL BEARERS Life Member, EPHEBIANS FIODN Judy Pc1NerS0n,Eve PE'Y1'GY1OViCh' Woody Buchanan, Don Myers, Mike McGee, Bill Brock Buck: Marie Trdunlelder, Shirley Ef1ClO, DOH MYEYS- elesby, Shirley Endo, Marie Traunfelcler, ' 7? 1 ivy? -Q xx! 1,4 ad ff A I 4,1 ,. Romance vestes CA Roman Style Showl ff 1 . I Fx if- 2 Xu 3 -1 , 'I f x 1 N ff . If ,L-x , l" " N15 if mm V I fl' .' 7 , 'f x , ,' SES? . : Q-.-5 k sg. , AW Q1 A Q, . J ,cyl f ar. . p r s 1 ' . ,I KJV' , I , , MI! XX 1' 1 X if . rl K i . '44, ,4cc2' 1 TO THE NARBONNE FACULTY AND STUDENTS: I want to say, now that I am retir- ing from teaching, that I have enjoyed my 25 years as an instructor at Nar- honne and that I think that Narbonne High is one grand school. I will always remember my fine contacts with the teachers, office staff, custodians, students and the com- munity. Albert H. Vogler Printing Instructor With all the fine features in this super 1954 El Eco you're giving a page to us "alumni" members of the faculty. Let us assure you that this makes us feel more than ever the cordial spirit of friendliness at Narbonne High School. As I have seen many of you, faculty and students, on the campus and about town this year, it has been a great joy to have you so cordial in your greeting. Irene Mills I wish to thank my friends for the help in making my work at Narbonne so pleasant. Harrison M. Adkins Gardener The students and faculty of Narbonne High School Wish to express to each of you our gratitude and appreciation for the fine service and the friendship that you have given so freely all during the years. We extend to you our congratulations for reaching the retirement age in good health and Wish you many more years of useful and valuable service to the community. 109 ALBERS - ACE HI ,, KRAIN"SEED "I'.f.S"ilES1'.I'.2'5-."' . f X' X3 DA. 6-4738 LOMITA FEED STORE C. F. Sleigh and Sons 24411 Narbonne Ave.-Lomita, Calif. SYLVANIA T. V. Gas and Electric Ranges - Television - Radios Washers and Small Appliances Crosley - Western Holly Hanna's Appliances 8. Furniture BEST DEALS AND TRADE-INS IN TOWN 1821 Pacific Coast Highway LOMITA, CALIFORNIA Phone DAvenport 6-1024 l, LOMITA MEAT MARKET H. F. SCHMIDT, Prop. Fresh, Cured and Smoked Meats 24519 Narbonne DA. 6-0324 Lomita, Calif. Shades of Wakonda! S Kgs Phone LoMlrA 350 DA. 6-4984 ECDNCIMY STORE Lomila's Paint, Hardware and General Merchandise Store. Furnaces, Water Heaters and Plumbing Supplies. Gas and Electric Appliances. Servel, Maytag and Gaffers and Satllcr. Ceramics and Giftware. JOHN E. HANNA, Owner 24618 NARBUNNE AVE Hours: Week days 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. H. P. CIBBDRNE. JR. LDMITA. CALIF. Sundays 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. Q Ll G , . Y , M, Jfazzwft 4 Boi, -- Bowl 2463:1lI:AnaoNNE Avsuus Morley .,...,.,.. For 101 A. CALIFORNIA MSY- ll: ": Reasons ji 52:4 w, Women's Wear l Harriett Covington, Owner Phone Lomita DA. 6-0687 PHDNE 1615 W. PAC. COAST HWY. LDMITA ID7 HARBLZIR CITY, UALIFURNIA JENKIN AUTO SU DDLV 1508 W. Anaheim Phone DA. 6-4867 HARBOR CITY, CALIF. QUALITY FOR LESS WINNIE G DAVE'S CAFE FINE FOODS Breakfast -. Lunch - Dinner Phono DA. 6-9847 2089 PACIFIC COAST HWY. LOMITA, CALIF. IX , ix E 5 . I I lifes! V ACQUER , JESSE ml 9 JESSE WILLIAMS CO. 1424 W. PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY PHONE DAvonport 6-4161 HARBOR CITY, CALIF. IBETWEN WESTERN 8. NORMAND VISTA MARKET "Featuring the Finest Foods at the Lowest Prices" Phone DAvenport 6-9889 Lomita, Calif. Make it c Rule to Call: NANNEY'S CLEANERS 81 DYERS We Bag Sweaters Free-60c 1554 W. Anaheim St. DA. 6-1388 Harbor City, Calif BOWKER INSURANCE AGENCY "Your protection is our profession" AUTO FIRE LIFE Ph. DAvenport 6-3366 A 26330 S. Western, Lomita u , , ll gDs'Lgf. - Jificu 1929 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY Van Devander Construction Co. I'5l'lI.DERS OI" Homes of Quality and Distinction for Better living Lomiln 27 I0-11' R, Ii. V.-IN DEV.-XNIlI'1R 1616 XY. AN.-XHFINI BLVD.. HARBOR CITY, C,'XI.Il-I Hema: Cr-iunv LQMITA. cAi.iFoRNiA LILIA KATILA PHONE 2226 DA. 6-2020 H. 6. H. Upnorsrmw Recovering and Repairing Unpainted Furniture 24303 NAREONNE AVE G. J. DOYLE LOMITA, CALIFORNIA SCHWARTZ N1EN'S STORE Jim Yfaaa Zaeuuf 014111019 Need 24816 Narbonne Ave. Phone DAvenporI 6-1150 LOMITA, CALIFORNIA 2221 ,familar -ffoqze Kdldfy BETTER BAKED GCIUDS LDMITA BLVD. PHDNE DA 6-1277 Dial ?aal6na...l.l.. Feeds - Seeds - Pet and Garden Supplies - Horsemeat GOLD FISH ' TROPICAL FISH ' BIRDS Res. DAvenport 6-5939 Bus. DAvenpor1 6-2836 1927 Pacific Coast Hwy. Lomita, California Phone DA. 6-1293 l.0Y'S IYIDDI E T065 Headquarters for Kiddies Clothes - Infants to 12 LEONARD L. LDY 22D4 LDMITA BLVD. CLARA E. LDY LDMITA, CALIFORNIA REPAIRS Phone DAVOQOR 6-4041 I' 'fl MICHIGAN AUTO SERVICE MOIIL OAI All OILS Ldllelii - Alb llflmlf ALBERT HOLSTROM ll!! W. ANAHEIM ST. HARBOR CITY, CALIF. S 8- J HOME SUPPLY CO. 26357 So. Western Ave. LOMITA, CALIFORNIA Phone DAvenport 6-2264 Congratulations The Class of 1954 'A' 'k ir .Harbor Ciiy Jiursery DAvenport 6-6440 1615 West Anaheim SI. Harbor City, Calif. Plvwooo FENCING LOMITA LUMBER CO. IBOO Pacific Coast Highway LOMITA, CALIFORNIA "Old Colony Point" Phone DA. 6-I437 Z Qllen Setnzlcrs Phone FA. 8-3003 1321 Soriori Ave. Torrance, Calif- -...J I I A CENTRAL MARKET LOMITA'S FINEST MARKET Groceries, Fresh Meat, Produce, Fish 22I2 Lomitc Blvd.-LomiIa, Calif. Phone DA. 6-98-I6 TYLER'S VARIETY STORE 2068 Pacific Coast Highway LOMITA, CALIFORNIA Gene and Roe Potts Phone: DAvenporI 6-56I3 GO! GO! GO! ROGER'S DRIVE IN 259Ih Place and Western Avenue .aw gl JOHN O. COX DAVENPORT 6-2231 COX PLUMBING EVERYTHING IN THE PLUMBING LINE 1303 WEST PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY HARBOR CITY CALIFORNIA 'I949 PACIFIC COAIT HWY I , MARVIN XX LUMUTA, CALIFORNIA XJ! TOLLlVER'S TEXACO SERVICE T706 Pacific Coast Hwy. LOMITA-CALIF. Debi 7aal6noz...l..- Feeds I Seeds 0 Pol and Garden Supplies 0 Horsemeaf Bus. DAvenporf 6-2836 G 8. H FOOD MART 1669 W. Anaheim Sl. my Pacific com Highway Harbor Cifyl Calif' Res, DAvenporf 6-5937 LOMITA, CALIFORNIA DFFICE DA 6-6125 1737 PAC IFIC Do 5 HIGHWAY RESIDE CE: DA 6-472D LDMITA. CALIFORNIA r I Q HARRY B. BUWKER BDWKER INSURANCE REALTOR AGENCY lr4lulANct AIIINY CLOCK MARKET i5l 5 Pacific Coast Hwy. Harbor City, Calif. Telephone: DA, 6-1963 IS S C Television ' Radios ' Refrigeration M E Phono F'-VWG Tires - Tubes pAv,npo,g TELEVISIO .96-Rvxgi SALES AND SERVICE 2126 Pacific Coast Highway Glenn and Lois Holloway Lomita, California 1660 w. ANAHEIM BLVD. Wa' Giw' HARBOR CITY, CALIF. S and H firr'r'n Stamps Wa-mn. Aunuuzu-r Dnums Tulmln in Wa-ozu. BALANCINI Sunni: Alldllll Bxnvlcl Benbow Brake 8. Wheel Alignment Telephone 25904 S. Weslern Avenue DA. 6-4752 Harbor Cily, Calif. njacfgffjxyf' 9161: -' 'J QL Paiffug Q'-:Q uwy, G '4 3 C' 2 c p,-'Q . N' 3 '7 s?2rvf5f,,Qnf'oi 20 5q':'?Q,f7.,I 3162 i 7V 4.9 -9 2 of ', ' 2347 w. PACIFIC coAsT HIGHWAY I 1. Qbfwff f .-f."'f-f L Y ' -.0 3.-ax J' , , ' In -f , 5 .. I -Y - 1-, N LT,--Q , wg 41, ,Tv Ox -' I. I gui s I A - Jil: Lp e J Q wt 71' .X 1 - I-' aff" ' "G- KF. L gi. N 2-' :iff - .. -. . Ax. Ras, I ' f, - 50 . " 5.1 IX C it D , - , ,I I I ' gs .fm N lx X 'N I , E , ' - ,. ,vi C I , . I V4 .H .,, ' 4 r - I' LOMITA DOUBLE BURGERS SPOON MALTS COMPLETE MEALS HOURS- I I A. M. To 3 A. M. "JIM'S PLACE" 2019 Pacific Coast Hwy. Hot Dogs - Hamburgers Malts - Shakes SPORTI-LASS 1959 Pacific Coast Hwy. Lomita, Calif. 'AT Real Estate 0 Insurance 0 Business Opportunities I, Edmund Watson Studios Bob Watson Loans ' Notary Public JAMES L. DECKER, Realtor 24601 NARBONNE AVENUE at Lomita Boulevard LOMITA, CALIFORNIA Telephone DAvenport 6-0531 ' 1' Q31 X? r" XI! 'xx - x , 'X 1 X fir S -aff? Q r 4 . V 4 i EN . ,ax '. ' Q hlh- 5' K -af' 2. ,.-'wa f ,, I -.V s. - 591.3-7'oX . r R . , 9 '- . T , , g - ' 6 , 1. gig ,iw muy- ,Y . 7 X i -. A 'rim -. A R K ef' - :,f 33. '1 . n '- .. 1 " -Q, ,L "lax kin 5, 'V 5 -,, 1' ,M M.. l ,s, 1 A +I -, , . .,x AK ' fm ,s'X S I ,' of 1... , . AX, 1' Af I . in i 'J 5: wr, wi Y! 57 'ff N4 ,,.,-"""' 5 VC' .,.. ..,,,. N. Mi-3, Tl' X ' , 1.J .Sami 5 W . ,gf X x v X ,R K Q .- 'W' 'O fi? 1- I x. ., S' nl ,'f.n !'l 1 H . .1 Q . 'O .. 'X-was ' M'-1 1 5 Q 1 '1 .H .- I - ,n, m 'K . - lb ,- -r"1. 'Q "'94:'l'f7 :Q.,. ,-.A I ssh! - mf' " f,' ur. . I -" 'T 1 ...ii ' .gd 4' ' .X ,,. up T' -'el f"fu.-H - :vii ' , KM .E P cg .P ,. ' N v Wu' N , W' l ' ,i g X119 vu 1' , ' v 2 x 1, A P' , A ln' . RQ 'Ck f . L jul ff ,4- .vm .0-"fm L"'7 - Q .5 F. - ' .M 5 Nr 'G . yy .. u. 'fi' f 'Q Q I J A great western IRROERAPHIC box 549 0 glendale 5, Calif.

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