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Nathan Hale Ray High School - Nahara Yearbook (Moodus, CT) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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G2 Nmllmm 5 5 WGN fmmmm My RYE fwewhfz gy Wiffw ffm ,7 ,gg UMW I f -:J X? si 55-3-5-, 9 ! f 315 35 Q1 ..... W X k2,Qg,i,i Um Z -f---Allis-f-'fab 'fpikii'-:f:.a f fi! .1 .. ' 1 J XXXB "F gg- -f4:?f-ffl A K 6 LEO DOMUAN Mathematics B S M A Teachers College of Conn Dedzcatzon we the class of 55 wish to dedicate thu NAHARA to Mr Domr Jan and Mr Flanders m apprecration of theu unselfish gmdance and fxne leadershrp throughout our high school years Their unceasmg ef forts and valuable advice have endowed us with a better understandmg of the lrfe we are to face THOMAS FLANDERS Industrial Arts B S Teachers College of Conn 'nap no a 0 0 Q . .- I I I 9 . Q o goo e Kms of 1955 pause before f.h1S Journey s end look back on the years wrth prrde know Lhat they have prepared us well or the unknown world outsrde were gurded through the past twelve years By hands that urged us on We SIUdlCd and played we laughed and crred We stand lookrng out on the road ahead And we face It Wllh a smrle For these past precrous years wrth herr work and therr play Wrll grow dearer whlle ever worthwhrle Elarne Nemcovsky We ' A ' To ' ' , We F ' . We ' We gained much in these days now gone. Class Sang Tune YOU LL NEVER WALK ALONE fFrom CAROUSEL Rogers and Hammerstemj As we come to the close of our Hrgh school days And the hour of deparung 1S nrgh We must b1d farewell to the joys we ve known In thy halls O Hale Ray Hrgh Beyond he the years Horrzons unknown As tomorrow speeds us on We turn the key and open the door And we greet tomorrow s dawn We greet tomorrow s dawn The memory of frrendshlp so true And a gurdrng hand and a knowledve garned Through the years spent wlth thee O Hale Ray Beyond 11e the years Honzons unknown As tomorrow speeds us on We tum the key and open the door And we greet tomorrow s dawn We greet tomorrow dawn Rrchard Post fl - I s A ' X I n - , ' O I 1 ' Q . Behind us, yet ever before us, lie . 4 ' O . y - a I I yearbook SMH Front row left to nght DAPHNE ELY Layout Eduor RICHARD MALY Photography Edrtor SANDRA SWAN Busmess Manager ROWLAND BALLEK, Edrtor rn Chlef YETTA BRESLOW Assxstant Edrtor Second row ANASTASIA KALINOWSKI Subscnptrons HEN RIETTA BLOCH Advertxsrng MISCHA LIEBER Subscnpuons RICHARD POST Adveru smg ELAINE NEMCOVSKY Copy Edrtor CAROL MEAD Copy Edrtor Back row RICHARD LISKA Layout Edrtor JAMES WAY Artrst HENRY GOLET and MICKEY PEAR Absent when the plcture was taken EDWARD WOCL Photography Edrtor Enghsh Assrstant, DEAN L MacDERMOTT Faculty Advrsor WALTERI KOZAK iii . ' 2 . ' : . . E ' . Z . -. Q . z I . ' Q I I ' , Q - . ' ' : . ' ' : . '- ' : . ' : . ' - 2 n . I 1 I 3 o Sports Editors. . I I ' 9 611155 0fHcers SANDRA SWAN RICHARD MALY aecretary Treasurer Presldent Vxce Presuiem ROWLAND BALLEK RICHARD LISKA Steering Hvmmitfcc Edward Wocl Rowland Ballek Rlchard Post Elaine Nemcovsky Yana B1-eslow The Steenng Commlltee was formed m Apnl 1954 It IS made up of fxve members elected by the class to serve throughout the Jumor and Semor year The pnnclple duty of the commutee IS to plan the soc1a1 functxons of the class MYRON G COLLETTE Ass1stant Supenntendent and Pnnc1pa1 B A Umverslty of Mame Boston College W11l1manuc State Teachers College Clark Umversny Umversxty of COHDCCIICUI Admzuzstrafzou CAMELLA R. MAIEWSKI Asslstant Prmc1pa1 Bndgewater State Teachers College B Amencan Unwersity Teachers College Columbia UIHVCISIIY M A Hlllyer College Umversxty of Connecncut X '1 Columbia University, M. A. , .S. LEO DOMUAN Mathematlcs Teachers College of Conn B S Umvemty of Conn , M A RAFFAELE FITTANTE Languages Umversxty of Bndgeport B A M WALTER I. ANDERSON Social Science, English Teachers College of Conn. , B.S. RAYMOND BOLDUC Plymouth Teachers College, B. Ed. E SELDEN CLARK Agnculture B S Umversuy of Conn FIDRENCE CROSS Commerclal Indlana State T C T C Co1umb1a Un1vers1ty B A and M A MELBA T PROUT Homemakmg Umverslty of Conn. , B.S. CHARLOTTE W. SCHONBERG Music James Millikin University and Conservatory THOMAS FLANDERS Indusmal Arts Teachers College of Conn WALTER! KOZAK Chem1stry PhyS1CS Aeronauucs Umversxty of Louvam Belgmm B A DEAN L MaCDERMOT T Enghsh B A Acad1a Umversny THOMAS NEVERS Athlenc Coach West Vugxma UHIVCISIIY B A Umverslty of Conn M A DONALD WILSON Enghsh and Socxal Studles ALICE YEOMANS R N Hospital Bucknell MILDRED K IAHELKA School Secretary Hale Ray School LILLIAN LANGE School Clerk Hale Ray School University of Conn. . B.A. eniors JAMES BATCHELDER Batch General Course Ambinon Jom the Army Able to take a Joke drives red Model A truck likes a good trme blond ROWLAND BALLEK Rollo College Course Ambition--Aeronautical Engineer Typical teenager very capable lots of fun a nice person to know . always whistling HENRIETTA BLOCH Heme Commercxal Course Ambrnon Execuuve Secretary Fashron wxse Semor hkes drfferent han' do s lots of fun good sense of humor brg blue eyes loves to dance. .. .. wavy hair. ' l DAVID BOARDMAN Judge College Course Ambition Lawyer Nice to know big politician good speaker sticks up for his rights drives father's Cadillac THOMAS BOGAN S11 College Course Ambition ROTC in College always fixing his car good soccer player works in a garage YETTA BRESLOW Commercial Course Ambition Advertising Nice personality rosy complexion shortest girl in the class loves Polish music has cute giggle V N 'PII Fun to be with,,,good sport...has a nice smile... RICHARD FIALA Dick Agncultural Course Ambition Auto Racer A happy go lucky guy can always be found in Shop spends much time in Deep River all round student DAPHNE ELY Kitty College Course Ambition Nurse Cute will make a good nurse n cere wonderful person to know nice smile and very friendly ROBERT GATES Bo Agricultural Course Ambition--Get married Good looking Senior . . . his hobby is "hot- rods" . . . goes steady with Bev . . . always smiling . . . drives dad's '51 Ford. HENRY GOLET Hank General Course Ambmon College Good at sports very mdependent works at Hrlton s beheves rn livxng it p gets things done ARTHUR KOHS Artie General Course Ambruon Accountant Wonderful fnend good in sports hkes to tease tall and lanky usual ly seen wlrh Patty ANASTASIA KALINOWSKI Stacra Comrnercral Course Amb1t1on Beauticran Loud vorce nrce figure favonte pasume rs eaung always hstens to hrll b111y munc n n ns. .no . , . . . ..- ua.. . u 'n .ao can V. can ' - ss n -n .ou sue cu: can ' 9 MISCHA LIEBI-IR M1 College Course Ambinon Chemical Engineer Lrkes classical musrc and square dances plays a hot fiddle senous at times a real mce guy RICHARD KOZLOWSKI "Kow" Agricultural Course Ambmon Mechamc Good dresser lots of fun to go out wrth good dancer spends much time rn Shop Deep Rrver or Portland ELIZABETH LINKO Be College Course Ambruon Elementary Teacher Attractrve talkanve full of school sprnt hkes to swrm fun to be wrth very dramatic RICHARD LISKA Rrchie Commerclal Course Ambmon Own a business Very artrstrc good sport, enJoys lwtng wonder ful personahty has many friends plays a guitar RICHARD MALY Rtch College Course Good worker llkes the Navy expert photographer fixes radios always balanctng treasury books CAROL MEAD Commercial Course Ambttion Medrcal Secretary A pleasant smtle for all. qulet. always Wiulllg to help uue friend good sport, moe to be Wllh, Ambition: Financial Success LOUIS PEAR Mxckey General Course Ambltxon College w1111ng to co operate easy to get along W1 good dlsposmon hkes pnnt 1n works at Cashman s ELAINE NEMCOVSKY Nem College Course Ambltlon Nurse Full of pep goes steady w1th Bob good fnend always clownmg around gets good marks hkes hoe downs RICHARD POST D1cky General Course Ambmon Stage Very wltty always fun to be wxth fust to volunteer a hard worker hkes actmg m school plays mn... ' '- 'g... '. JOHN RUZICKA Zeke Agrtcultural Course Ambmon Truck dnver A great guy knows about farmtng qulet spends nme rn Shop does odd Jobs for Mr Flanders RALPH SOI A Bobby General Course Ambmon Manne Ptlot Loves to clown and Joke has a good sense of humor goes on campmg tnps frequently seen wrth Ste phte ALAN SIBLEY Marbles Agncultural Course Ambmon Tram Conductor found ln Deep lhver ts good natured and full of l Nice guy,,,owns a '50 Ford usually fun. JOHN VALLEY Iackre General Course Ambmon Join the Au Force A very cheerful chap makes very unrque proyects ln shop on wood lathe saves money for good Cause S SANDRA SWAN Sandy Commercral Course Ambmon Become a CPA A hard worker almost six feet tall, plays the prano and the organ a great pal Edxtor of the Rumbler I AMES WAY rm General Course Ambmon Draftsman Full of fun always telling funny stones a steady worker known for his old cars good amst l EDWARD WOCL "Eddie" Agricultural Course Ambition--Join Service Has a cheerful word for everyone . . . Presi- dent of the Student Council . . . really rates with Dottie. RICHARD ZAVON Rrchre College Course Ambruon Doctor sure to be a capable doctor known for Ins lugh marks. Quiet and conservative . . . very nice . . . It was rn September 1943 that the class of 1955 first appeared in the records of the Hale Ray School ro all of you youngsters of six years of age the future seemed to carry an etemrty of school Twelve years IS a long time to a boy or girl six years old Time however has a habit of flying by and June 23 1955 will bring to a close the first chapter of the Class of 1955 Graduation is only the end of a chapter rn the field of learning It rs true that for some of you tlus will be the end of vour formal leartung Some of you will go on to further schooling A11 of you however w1l1 continue on the informal educational Journey of life As you live from day to day you will be constantly coming in con tact with new people new places new situations etc Be alert to them Weigh each bit of mformatron ln the hght of vour previous know ledge Seek additional evidence and advice In the end accept or reject as the case may be the idea or person in the light ofyour ideals Be firm in your beliefs but do not close your mind to new ideas Con- tinue to evaluate yourself and what you stand for at all times Seek your happiness and security in your knowledge and integrity This is my message to you as I say farewell to the Class of 1955 Myron G Collette Assistant Superintendent - Principal Nathan Hale Ray School My Sfareufcll Message ta the 6111.95 of I 95 5 611155 ffzstary On a brrght September momrng tn 1943 tlurty erght bewrldered chrldren entered therr ftrst year at Nathan Hale Tlus ftrst year was full of new and en Joyable experiences They had thnlhng bus rrdes leamed many new tlungs and made many new fnends The remauung grade srde years followed that same pattern The events and eprsodes that happened dunng thrs mme are laughed at now but shall always be remembered Frnally that long awarted year when we entered the 7th grade arnved We were rn Junror Hrgh Here we became famrlrar with a dtfferent routlne and we eagerly anucrpated our four years tn hrgh school Before we had reahzed rt we were freshmen and were enjoymg the brg event of the year The Fresh man Inltratron and Receptron In our Sophomore year we chose our class colors green and wh1te ou class flower wh1te carnatron trnted green and motto One Step at a Trme But Always Forward Thrs year we gave our frrst dance The Sophomore Hop whrch proved to be a great success The Iunror year was busy and excrung Much preparauon was put mto the Jumor Prom whrch IS one of the most mem orable events rr our hrgh school career As our Semor year approached we be gan concentratmg on ways to rarse money for the class mp A11 the fun and hard work that was put mto these projects accomplrshed our goal and we were soon on our way Besrdes vxsrtxng Washrngton D C we took a boat tnp to V1rg1n1a and spent a week end rn New York Now our twelve years of school have come to a close and rt rs trme to give senous thought to the work ahead Through the constant gurdance and helpful advrce from teachers and parents we face the future with confxdence and w111 hope for assurance of contmued success 0 n . ' I . - . - , I . . , - - . 1 n I' 1 n '- . . . . ,, . n n v n ,, . . - u 9 . . 9 A ' ' ' Q . - 9 9 ' I 1 . n u ' in ,Fall Q 4' 'ffm As We ,Arc NQSUM HANK ""a":' DICK ART We ,369 BOB Rowumn STACIA HENNE u Ulf-jg W VALLEY BBL-LEK BLOCH KO X C1 HN 4-',1jO"'i J ZEQS 'ZIT23vCzA 0' 464' F4 Q 'Xl W M3 ,X W f, U ly W, ff Z L 'if-f Br-2E'sn.ow Nemcovsm Eu HALQ "" GATES 5 E nh' 7' f A .EJ W1 ed 3' 6 . A Nt ' I' ,Q A aw' 1 Q77 J A 'E ' Q I ' . F 1 f ., 'Y---1 R Z' Ji 1 E ' I ,Rl Y Y 'V A ?2- ' ' rf la l jg , 3555351 A -51 6 6291 I Aj w J 502 A A I .. as I ' 'W' f " 6 1 ' 5 1 fd mi U Q ", 3 I u ' fr 4 .1 af I -"4 'V I ' , ,...,?,, X G. A , ,, , ,- J . , gf 5 X 1, M1 1 I '14 'J , 3 lvl nv im V C35 N xr 45 5 ,Q Y 4 G 5 'r n 1- - V X 1 ,. ' tl 1 l i 'fc v V- A 0 I 'K ........ Q 4 5 r , Y x - L!! .f ' ' -1 WILL B 2+-CL 4 5 LGKH L Co if fff f L NK LS A MALY v T f7 ""'1 If Ankgafqp US mg fi 2? X EE Ll an W-M 5xQr:...: MEA D SWAN J--J lily Sktkiy F7Aq7"f Sofa W06l- Avon RHI. 4 WAY sl sf-'5"m 9598.159 f f 1 17' -Z-fm , 1' "'f"f1' f R f f V 43 wg- I -Q W Q "f " ., F ggi' 'Q G 'ff J 'il Q 191 Wg' 6667 K X.. fffxx U XX NW "4 X J 'E' OS 2,-3 ".' eff' I i .fue ,fl 'gig E X f V ,I !'gLkER9 E3 9 Eh- W L 22 k Q X Qx ., + A 'N l M RW 5 u 1 'iii as A - P' Q' 1 '12 K-,J - O "' sic P ' 'Zi - Q 7' CS LS Q L . . al fi ' 'B' v ' 9 if--1 3 .rg E L. 4 if, ' I X l 7' in' 9 A 1 . U .ff . """""' 'lx XXX fx ,Cast WI!! and Zfcstamcut We the Class of 1955 of Nathan Hale Ray School on thrs the twenty th1rd day of June rn the year one thousand mne hundred and frfty frve do hereby bequeath the followrn mementos to the faculty and underclassmen I Rowland Ballek wrll my Presrdency of the Semor Class to Robert Wyzykowskr I James Batchelder will my red truck to Drlver Education Class I D3V1d Boardman wrll my love for the Republrcan Party to all mrsled Demo crars I Thomas Bogan will the brlls on my car to any Chevrolet owner I Henrretta Bloch will my Physrcal Educatlon classes to anyone who will appre crate them I Yetta Breslow wrll my home to the future Semors to have more poster PSIUCS I Daphne Ely wrll my shortness to Judy Pross I R1chard Flala w1l1 my hau to Mr Kozak I Robert Gates w1ll to Mr Clark my 1934 Ford Hot Rod so he can get to school on mme Anastasra Kalrnowskr wrll my accent to Stephanre Sprecher Arthur Kohs will my positron as goalie on the soccer team to Dan Harns Rrchard Kozlowskr wrll my srde burns to Mr Clark Mlscha Lreber wrll my Nash to Davrd Wyzykowskr EllZaDf-1111 LIURO wrll my stony stare to my srster Jeanette R1chard Lrska w11l my 1935 Hot Ford to Shop for parts R1chard Maly w1l1 my treasurers book to Money bags Ruthre Carol Mead w11l my abthty to take Shorthand to Wanda Blake I Elarne Nemcovsky w1ll my naturally curly hau to Jean Krashefskr 13. ' I, Henry Golet, will my ability to play basketball to Charlie Gates. He needs it. I' . . .' . . ' I, , ' ' . I, . .D . . - . . I, . . ' . . .. I, . . D , , . I, . . , . D I' . , . ,, D ,, . . I, , ' ' ' . C I Mlchael Pear wrll my pnnung abrhty to Alan Kromrsh I Rtchard Post w111 to all students the stncere wtsh that they w111 all appre crate hrgh school and make the best of thrs wonderful opponunrty John Ruzxcka w1l1 my way to get srx penods of Shop IH a day to Rosco Davrs Alan Srbley w11l my dnvrng abthty to Alan Kromrsh Ralph So1a w111 my wtllrngness to hand rn my algebra assrgnments every day o Eddy Bloch Sandra Swan w1ll my work on the Rumbler to an energenc Junror John Valley w111 my herght to Manlynn Lukte James Way w111 my mathemaucal abxhty to Johnny Walker Edward Wocl wrll my dark wavy harr to Mr Clark Rrchard Zavon w11l my trumpet playxng abthty to Mr Kozak We the Class of 55 leave to the future Senrors all the happy and wonderful events that were shared by us In wrtness therefore we hereby affuc the seal of the class :YA 70,9 fiff V, J ' ' , so 4f . A , . I . 5 Q 'lb Most Qulet Hardest Worker Best Looklng Cleverest Most Respected Class Clown Best Lrked Most Romantrc Most Cheerful Best Leader Class Tease Best Excuse Maker Class Artrst Best Dressed Most Senumental Class Fhrt Most Slncere Most Pohte Smartest Class Thespran Best Personahty A11 Round Student Most Accommodatrng Most Popular Brggest Heartbreakers Best Sport Most Nonchalant Class Athlete Best Dancers Most Conscrentrous Most Independent Best Drsposruon Most School Sp1r1t Most Dependable Llkely to Succeed Cutest Class Arguer Deepest Blushers Shyest No1s1est Class Dreamer Class Realrst Typrcal Teenager Most Natural Tardrest L1ve11est Most Temperamental Mo t Soplusucated Sizwrzfcs BOY WAY MALY GOLET LISKA ZAVON SOIA BALLEK FIALA KOHS BALLEK SOJA SOJA WAY ZAVON PEAR SIBLEY KOHS ZAVON ZAVON POST ISKA POST VALLEY GOLET FIALA BOGAN BOGAN GOLET KOZLOWSKI VALLEY BOARDMAN BOGAN POST POST ZAVON GATES BOARDMAN MALY RUZICKA SIBLEY WOCL MALY KOHS BATCHELDER SOIA POST WOCL SOIA GIRL MEAD SWAN BLOCH BRESLOW SWAN NEMCOVSKY NEMCOVSKY LINKO NEMCOVSKY SWAN NEMCOVSKY BRESLOW LINKO BLOCH MEAD LINKO MEAD MEAD NEMCOVSKY NEMCOVSKY MEAD NEMCOVSKY ELY BIJOCH LINKO MEAD KALINOWSKI NEMCOV SKY BLOCH NEMCOVSKY KALINOWSKI MEAD NEMCOV SKY SWAN NEMCOV SKY BRE SLOW LINKO BRE SLOW MEAD KALINOW SKI BLOCH SWAN BRESLOW KALINOW SKI BLOCK-1 NEMCOVSKY KALINOWSKI BLOCH Class Musician LIEBER SWAN 6 0 WW? 1 X 1 Hreshmau Jnzfzatzon Saphonwre J-lap 471111101 Pram fi C2 L4-4 XS-f 4 'lilqgijw JM, 'i QW-X' A-'sn Our Krug and Queen R1chard Post and Hennetta Bloch rergned over all at one of the most memorable events rn our hrgh school career On that long awaited mght of May 23rd we held our Junior Prom In accord wrth the theme Ebb Txde the gym was decorated in a nauucal fantasy We danced to the musrc of Henry Mocarsky under a sky of swinging frshnets scattered over wrth sparklrng starfxsh lobsters and seahorses Swaylng palm trees and seashore setungs gave a lavrsh decor to the entue room A re volvmg spothght proyecung from a lighthouse threw coloned rays and parnted the walls w1th dancmg srlhouettes Everythrng tended much to create a dreamy atmosphere All too soon the dance was over and our Jumor Prom 15 now an event to look back upon w1th pnde 0 ,W A s 1 , . 5 . , , 'Q , - -: a t :ZLL 4 . sie- " A re, - Q xrv: ' , 5w"x N my . V wg an M 'fs- . W ras' is can ' 1 was ,fs tg y e if n s si ' - me ' , - W.. A ww-dh' ss. Q, H gun, .-.,,,,him it V v-V + pi . . ' , '04 may as C .L ' W: A ,, ' 4 .yy D I D . - ' ll ' It D D 5 I , . . - I . . . x f X e ,bf , x N SW T, filffdfgbkff 0 girly SM CJ 451410 , 4010 'Q Spnng Fash1on Show Staged by WRUBEL S Thursday March 17 1955 Scalar Directory BALLEK ROWLAND Vlce Presldent 2 President 4 Forum, Presrdent 2, 3,4 Joumallsm 1, 2,3 4 Sports Edltor Dramatlcs 1 2 Yearbook 3,4 Staff Edrtor 4 Steerrng Committee 3,4 Rotary Speaklng 1 2 3 Basketballl 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3,4 BATCHELDER, JAMES President 2 Photography 2 BLOCH HENRIETTA Secretary 1 2 Library 1 3 Guls Glee Club 1,2 Com Glee Club 1 2, Dancmg 2 Iournahsm 3,4, Yearbook 3,4 Staff Advemslng Edrtor 4 Dnvers Education 3 Tn H1 1 2, V1ce Presldent 3 President 4 BOARDMAN DAVID Boys Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Combmed Glee Club 1 2, 3,4 All State Chorus 4 Dramatlcs 2 3 4 Forum 1, 2, 3 Presrdent 4 Audro Vtsual 3 E Haddam Ph Y 1, 2 Dancmg Club 2, 3 Drwers Education 3 Game Club 1 2 French 3, Spamsh 3 Rotary Speaktng 1, 2, 3 Journalism 1 2, 3,4 Gradestde Editor BOGAN, THOMAS Photography 1, 2 Radio 1 2 Iournallsm 2 Game Club 2 Qchestra 1, 2 Hi Y 1 2 Soccer 3,4 Baseball 3,4 Basketball 3 BRESLOW YETTA Presrdent 1 Treasurer 2 Library 1 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2 Dancmg 2 Journahsm 3,4 2, 3, Secretary 4 Steermg Committee 3,4 ELY, DAPHNE Dramatics 2, 3,4 Dancing 1 2 Iournalxsm, Exchange Ed 2 Crrculatron Manager 3 Game Club 1 2 Student Councrl 2 Assembly Chauman 3 Yearbook Club 4 staff Layout Ed 4 Cheerleadlng 1 FIALA, RICHARD Ckchestra 1 FFA Presrdent 1 2 Reporter 3, Vrce Presrdent 4 Soccer 3 Basketball 2 GATES ROBERT FFA 1, 2, 3 Treasurer 4, Basketball 2 3 Camera 1 GOLET HENRY Iournallsm 1 2 Yearbook Staff Sports Edrtor 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3,4 Basketball 1 2 3,4 Baseball 1, 2, 3,4 KALINOWSKI ANASTASIA Grrls' Glee Club 1 2 Combmed Glee Club 1, 2, Dancing 2 Tn H1 Y 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4 Yearbook 3,4 Staff Bookkeeper, Subscnpnon Ed Lrbrary 1 Journalism4 Busmess Manager Dnvers Education 3 KOHS ARTHUR Game 1 2 Dancing 1 2, Iournalrsm 4 Soccer 2,3 4 Basketball 2, 3,4 Baseball 2 3,4 KOZLOWSKI RICHARD Dancmg 1 2, 3 Game 1 2, Drwers Educatxon 3 LIEBER, MISCHA Boys' Glee Club 1, 2 Combmed Glee Club 1 2 Dramatrc 2, 3 4 Uchestra 1, 2, 3 Journalrsm 2, 3,4 Audro Vrsual 2, 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer, Yearbook 3,4 Staff Subscnptron Editor LINKO, ELIZABETH Journalrsm 2, 3,4, Dramatrcs 2, 3,4 Tri Hi Y 2 Game Club 2 Camera 3 French 3 . . S . . . 3 . : .- .-Y ' ' ' . : : ' 1. Sports Editorg Yearbook 2, 3,4g Staff Assistant Editor, Drivers Education 33 Tri-Hi-Y 1, z ' . . ' ' z : .3- U ' o I 1 ' . : : ' : : . . : . : . ' ' : . : : . . : ' . : ' . : : Scruar Dzrectary LISKA, RICHARD Vrce President 4 Journalism Art Editor 3,4 Yearbook 3,4, Staff Layout Editor Dancmg 1 2 Dramattcs 2 3 Boys' Glee Club 1 2,3, Combtned Glee Club 1 2 Soccer 3, Game Club 1 2 MALY RICHARD Radio 1, Audio Visual 3 4, Journaltsm 2, 3, Game 1, 2, Yearbook 2, 3,4, Staff Photogra phy Editor Dramatlcs 2, 3,4, Language 3, Photography 2 3 Soccer 1 Basketball 1 2, Manager 3 Class Treasurer 4 MEAD CAROL Gtrls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Combined Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dnvers Education 3, Photography 1 Library 1 2 3 Secretary, Student Councrl 4 Yearbook 4, Staff Make up Edrtor, Journalism 2, 3, 4, Feature Edttor, Sparush 3 NEMCOVSKY, ELAINE Ltbrary 1, 2, 3,4, Dancing 2 Drtvers Education 3 Girls' Glee Club 1 2 Dramattcs French 3 Steenng Committee 3,4, Class Secretary 1, 2, Yearbook 3 4 Staff Copy Edrtor Student Council 2 Vice President 4 PEAR, LOUIS Yearbook Club 4 Staff Sports Edrtor Journalrsm 4 Basketball 1 2 Soccer 3,4 POST RICHARD Steenng Commrttee 3, 4, President, Iournalrsm 3,4 Dramatrc 1 2 3,4, Prestdent Game Club 2 Audio Vrsual 3, Yearbook 2, 3,4 Staff Adds Edttor, Drivers Educatron 3 Student Councrl 3 Boys' Glee Club 2, 3,4, Operetta 4 Combmed Glee Club 2, 3 Dancing 2 3 RUZICKA JOHN FFA 1, 2, 3,4 sennnel, SIBLEY ALAN FFA 1 2 3 Game 2, Danctng 1, 2 Drivers Educatton 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1 2, SOJ A RALPH Boys' I-Ii Y 1 2 Boys' Glee Club 1 2 3, Combtned Glee Club 1, 2 3, Soccer 1, 2, 3 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3,4 Baseball 1, 2 3,4 SWAN SANDRA Library 1, 2, 3,4 Combtned Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4 Grrls Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4 Journaltsm 2 3 Business Manager 4, Editor rn Chtef Allstate Chorus 3,4 Laurel Gtrls State 3 Drivers Education 3 Language 3 Student Council 3 Yearbook 3,4 Staff Bustness Manag er DAR Award VALLEY JACK Dancing 2 Game Club, E Haddam Hi Y 1, 2, 3,4, Baseball 1, 2, 3,4, Basketball 3 4 WAY JAMES FFA 1 2, 3, Secretary E Haddam Hi Y 1, Dnvers Education 3 Audto Vtsual 3,4 Yearbook 3,4, Staff Art Editor Student Councrl 4 WOOL EDWARD FFA 1, Reporter 2, Vrce Prestdent, 3 President H1 Y 1 2 Dancmg Yearbook 3,4 Staff Assistant Photography Editor Student Council 1, 3, Prestdent 4 Journahsm 4 ZAVON, RICHARD Presrdent 2 Journalism 1 2 Photography 1 Radro 1 2 Laurel Boys' State 3, Baseball 2 Basketball 2 Student Councrl 1 .: ' .z . ' ' .: 4s I 3 ' ' QI I I I ana ' ' I ' ' . ' ' ' I . I 9: . 3043 I . 0 : ' : ' : .s - . . 0 . 3 . '. . . I ' : ' : ' : .: Rotary Speaking 3, ..: ' ' : ' ' : . 3. ' 9: no' l 9' ni .: ' ' -'- ': : " s l , . . - . . D. nderclassmen, i 611155 of I 956 Fust row seated left to nght Elarne Bloch Audrey Fritz Terry Zeleznrcky Edna Reedy Judy Edmonston Dorothy Cashman Terry Shumbo and Jo Anne Srbley Second row John Walker Charlre Smrth Charles Wrckson Wxlham Robrda Joe Czaprga Gerry Mrller and Charlxe Gates Thrrd row Robert Wyzykowskr Jerry Farrcloth Edgar Wrlhams John Kennedy Donald Zrobron, Llnwood Skruner and Robert Cone Standmg left to nght Wanda Blake Jean Krashefskl Stephre Sprecher Alan Kromrsh, Rrchard Sprwak Albert Pach E11 Danrkow, Davrd Strong Paul Trotchaud Davxd Wyzy kowskr and Rudy Houra Not present Wrlham Way and Paul Shrnn Class Advrsors Mrs Melba Prout Mr Raffaele Frttante CLASS OFFICERS STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS Presrdent Wrllram Robrda Dorothy Cashman Vrce Presrdent Charles Wrckson Terry Shumbo Secretary Stephre Sprecher Charlie Gates Treasurer Jean Krashefskr Rrchard Sprwak CLASS COLORS - Green, Pink, and White CLASS MOTTO - "Today we followg tomorrow we lead." CLASS FLOWER - Lily-of-the-Valley A 'T Hlass af I 95 7 Fust row lefttonght JoanLatron1ca Katy Appleby Jane Reynolds Thea I-Iutra Crarg Goodspeed Patncra Rarus Second row Judy Pross Drane Bnndley Margo Etler Carolyn Schlels Tom Rozanskl Davrd Peckeroff Harold Breslow Thxrd row Patncla Zlobron Arlene Robxda Paulme Jahelka Joanne Ventres Lew1sKlapper Peter Del Valle Edward Maggr Fourth row Marcre Fnedman Carol Barber Helen Canfreld Ernest Baronr, Tom Jahelka Edward Cummings Harold Johnson Roy Prercey Frfth row Shelley Roelanrs Dorothy Armstrong Ph111p Rogers John Huua Rlchard Johnson Tom Provencher James Mrtchell Not shown Larry Maly Advlsors Mrs Florence Cross Mr E Selden Clark CLASS OFFICERS STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS Pres1dent Crarg Goodspeed Judy Pross V1ce Presldent Jane Reyholds Davrd Peckeroff Secretary Thea Hutra Treasurer Pamela Rarus 611155 af 1958 First row, seated,left to nght Sara Reynolds Janet Bogan, Vugrnra Zeleznlcky Pamela Bloch Laura Lee Bemer Second row Willram Talbot Loretta Dombroskr Manlyn Lukre Edrth Frankel Garl Fuller Thrrd row Roscoe Davrs Barbara Ronna, Mary Ann Shea, Maureen Darukow, Dan1elKorcak Fourth row Eugene Lreber Wrllram Moeller Roberta Wernstern Luther Henry Davrd Goodspeed Frfth row Newton Clark Robert Blaschrk Rrchard Bower Stever Mrller LeRoy Bartman Slxth row Laura Tooker Nancy Plavek Irvrng Brarnard Karen Broderson Judrth Maly Standrng Eleanor Brelot Sue M111er Robert Peckeroff Larry Maggr Shrrley Bntton Jeanette Lmko Joyce Ingman Lucrlle Dombroskr Barbara Creprel Thomas Curneal Nancy Bragdon, Ann Mane Kostoss Damel Harris Cecelra Houra Joan Fntz Amy Van Deuseu Judrdr Bloch Elliot Borent Edward Bloch Kenneth Zrobron Frederick Batcheldar Joseph Robrda and Fneda George Not present Jean Honra CLASS OFFICERS STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS Presrdent Eugene Lreber Shrrley Bntton Vrce Presrdent Jeanette Lrnko Laura Lee Bemer Secretary Sue Mrller Treasurers Judith Bloch Manlyn Lukre tlzletics Saccer Agarn th.1s year as in the prevrous two years the Hale Ray soccer team has had a very successful season For the last three years the team has won a total of 33 games ned 5 and lost only one Dunng these three years the Lrttle Norses have scored an amaz mg total of 103 goals whrle hmmng the opposruon to 11 Of these 103 goals, thrs year s team scored a record brealung 47 Hale Ray clmched the Shoreline honors by defeanng Valley Regronal 2 0 ID the fmal game of the season In the semr fmal game of the state tourney they romped over Watertown 5 1 Two days later they traveled to Mrddletown where they took on Portland the highly rated Central Valley Champs Coach Nevers Lrttle No1ses edged Portland 3 2 rn a hard fought game to retarn theu well earned utle of State Champs Plul Rogers Coach Tom Nevers Bob Soja, Bob Wyzykowslu and B111 Robrda Second row Artre Kohs, Tom Bogan, Hank Golet Jerry Farrcloth and A1 Kromrsh 'I'h1rd row Kenny Zrobron Banny Hams Charhe Gates John Kennedy Ellrot Borent Pedro De Valle Larry Maggl Rrchre Lrska and Mrckey Pear Last row Harold Breslow, Joe Robr da Robert Peckeroff fManagerJ John Walker Eddre Cummrngs Bobby Blachrk Eddre Bloch and Rrchard Bower 'I'he team consisted of: First row, left to right: Charlie Wickson, Craig Goodspeed, i C fl il U s "fa .Qt HHLE-Ran' Gnms THlRD Smnusnr Socczn Cnowu CHHRUF new QCTIO HANK COACH S ,P TBHNSPOHTHTION B09 fd ,J 1 5 538:32 Mfbg., 'a'?FM CHEERLEHDERS WHEN UP igaskefball The Hale Ray Basketball team had a good season ending tn a three way ue for second place m the Shore Lrne League They went mto the toumaments wtth a record of 14 wlns and 4 defeats The defeats came at the hands of Reg1ona1 Madrson Q23 and Old Saybrook Hale Ray defeated Morgan Gurlford Old Lyme Durham and Lebanon twice and East Hampton, Regronal Old Saybrook and Bacon Academy once In the tournaments Hale Ray won its frrst game beatrng Rltchfreld by the score of Back row R1chard Sp1wak Joe Czaplga Coach Nevers Charles Gates Bob Wyzykowslu Front row B111 Robrda Alan Kromrsh, Jack Valley Art Kohs, Hank Golet Jerry Farr cloth was absent when ptcture was taken. 61-45. The team, however, lost the second game to Stafford 81-52. W 5 QL, Q -an '41 blk y x , ,VWA . .V.V 5 ,i, :Z 'Qfgg,,' . D-FT 'QL KQE K -"' 't mek... Gf-, v .. . J N A . r:N.1l-a.:P?v ' ' X ' 1 W ffm ' , :,.x " 9.k'.'11' 2' ,f ,, 1 , ww H ,mr f' q . 4 V' ' S - 5 I, 4 31. - 'S M-ESM-.. h Q, --V .H V- L! fx L Ha in I 6 ,4 6 ka ' 10 y I1 yayafec lfaskellrall The Jayvee basketball team d1d not have as good a year as the Varslty but the boys looked very good There are many prospects for Varsity berths next year Then: record was 6 vrctones and 12 defeats Front row H Breslow L Magg. G Mrller K Zrobron E Block B Talbot Back row E Lreber E Borent I Robtda D Harns E Barom, P Rogers C Goodspeed Coach Thomas Nevers X if 1- Ah bm i +f Hheerleadcrs Th.1S year s cheenng squad consrsted of three Sophomores and two Freshmen The guls drd a wonderful job dunng the Soccer and Basketball seasons The squad consrsted of Patty Zlobron Shelley Roelants Carolyn Schlexs Patty Bloch and Ann Mane Kostoss funzor Varszly Cfheerlcuders Back row Manlyn Lulue Eleanor B1e1ot Dot Armstrong Joan Latromca Front row Laura Lee Bemer Patncla Rarus ffl, "N, X 3223, if 0 0 5 1 v 1 I , Q f,,, ,,,, V 002, s oz A fu , ' 'Q 1 . ' 04 - "se--Q 'Q ' ': 1 - "my a H' ' ' 'TT ,.-,,fo X 'fu '12-X ,N A ' x , ,fn ' J X -2 X I , 'Dull language 611111 Qarum 61116 ,Clbrary 61116 jourualzsm 611111 0 - 0 yearbwk Klub Studvnf cfaurzcil Url fl: y Drzver Educafzou And S0 Goodbye 'Y Our school career fades away graduauon over a new hfe college work marnage chenshed old fnendslnps P13l1S made and br0kCn Into the future a world to be conquered for some fame fortune others drsappomtment . . . all stnvxng for success. . . . remembenng the class motto. . . "One Step at a Txme, But Always, Forward." And So Goodbye Class of 1955 dverfisers WMM IJMMBER COALCO K Moodus Connectxcut Sat1sf1ed Customers Bulld It of Wood Heat It W1th Coal Phone TR 3 8635 Sudden Service Best Wishe s to Class of 1955 awww mf 4 Moodus Connectlcut Compllments of BIZOVVNELL. COM PANY INC ,'-."'- rf Moodus Connectlcut Congratulatmns to the Class of 55 H R ENGINEERING LABORATORIES Ea st I-Iaddam Connechcut Comp11ments of PHOTOCRAPHER Ea st Haddam Cormectlcut Z: f' .... ' 43" GORDON CROSS QWZW Z7fm7z2Q EAST I-IADDDJVI WAJHEKW Mt Md EURYS Onth F WW fm ff 5 EAST 4-QADDAM Xi, PLUMBING I-UM BER N7 CHARUE IHHZNSTEHW g t f1955 DE an Wfwdy Zim Compliments of Bes ishes from Choice ea s and Grocerie oo us, C nnecticut Compliments of n e arm F 1 o'1 d B Smoked H ms, Bacon d P P k S g Compliments of 4 . A Co ,F. QX N ,..-- S Q 'ny '-I ' Con ra ulations t Class o , 0 I QWZWWWZL M 1'eC:l'I'lCa--I is HAPPLIANCE5 GOLUE5 ELECTRIC SHOP S fl c:L.LJls ISI Zwitmfzf E tH d hdiq 1 DA VID D BERDON AND THE D LOREINZO S EDWARD COHEN STORE BP-E51-OW Best W1Sh6S from om 1m n s o Lou ma. swam-s Z M Sl-IENKINAAN SCDDA Sl-IDP - O T , -I ,l i T531 is , i ji Ex ,-.T-. RJ Best is es from I Best Wishes to th Best Wishes from Cla s o 955 from the Serving t e inest in Foods an i uors as ad am, Connect' t ee one oo us, Compliments of C mpliments C mp1'mentS . f of e 1 'S C pl' e t f 0 X RINGS Tl-IE BELL IN VVISI-IING Tl-IE Cl.-ASS OF 55 LEFC K CD TED HILTON J Wd! in l'CJl4l:: 7ZaZ'zdl!e'aa4 I 'af :dvr fr arm: Congratulatwns to the Class of '55 EEN JIQHLLI lI.k Best Wxshes to Class of '55 From AUDIO VISUAL CLUB Success 1n the Future to the Class of 1955 JOURNALISM CLUB 5 'V gif rf U A I , W 49 ti' - Q -F 1 I' hx ' -" 'Vi - - - .hy ' DAIRY PRODUCTS fl. ..- . .:.k .4 -nh-A M g S Q- e '- ef 3 Comphments of MOPGAN E YEL! NSKI A1-teslan Well Drlllers 4 Modern Mach1nes lndustmal and Domestlc Telephone T1-langle 3 8562 East Haddam, Connectlcut SELDEN HOMESTEAD FARM Hadlyme J Connectlcut C YRIL MEAD Manager Best W1shes to the Compllments of Class of '55 T'-'E may !44fZ l.I EQAQY KM "' I ull 5 ' luvrvyx vwff I Ll! 1 Compllments of H OOD 8: SMITH CONSTRUCTION Best Wlshes to the Class of '55 MOCDDU5 DRUG STORE R T MCMULLEN JOAN MCMULLEN Reg1ste1-ed Pha.rmac1sts Best W1she s to the Class of 1955 HALE RAY FORUM CLUB Every Good W1sh THE MILLERS "For That Dlfferent Touch In Good Food" East Haddam TR1ang1e 3 8888 Compl1ments of MQWQZZJZY Best Wxshes to the Class of '55 TH E RAW-Tr: CLLJE 0 0 . . I .-.qt . - , - HIWAY MOTOR SALES Rt 9 Haddam Ct Dlmond 5 4540 Used Cars Al5iluqy 1llll 'lllll lllti kllll illll lllll mu SALES H SERVICE Mlddlesex County s Only Hudson Dealer D1rect Factory Dealer Hudson and Nash Dealer Mobllgas Comphments of EAST HADDA Nl Qffage QM EDGAR D WILLIAMS lcnsvnonrf Comphments EAST HADDAM UPHOLSTERY CO Cus om Upholstery East I- addam AND SA VE MAR KE T Best W1shes to the Class 0 CLEANERS Moodus C onnectlcut Compllments of CCDNSTANTS SERVICE STATION General Repan' Body and Fender A Zen 7'l04dZ6d Yd CAS H M A NIS GARAGE Best WISHCS to the Class of 1955 IQCDXY CLEANE E5 D of Q fl ,gals-Vs' :N AT ... L... f '55 W ' E 9' r,' ' dl ple W E NICHOLS GARAGE d TR a gl 3 8566 Com im nts of o a W ' s C ct' t A LITHOGRAPHED , YEARBOOK DALLAS TEXAS Q 1 X f 'fi NV -4 . . ,.. . -, .1 ggjfwxx 3:51, 1:'1.,',',w,w?-1 f 1 4 Q ,3-E,-,-AQ. s.f-,x1.r,'f'-zfw X it "1--'F if --"Eli-F' fir ,fa 2 - - w ' xg.-x,,-.v.. ff- . .

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