Nathan Hale Ray High School - Nahara Yearbook (Moodus, CT)

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Nathan Hale Ray High School - Nahara Yearbook (Moodus, CT) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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if Z" Mblshed 'HW6 Sehl0Y Class of OL 6 m In School. M00 '45, C0vxvxer.TicuT VOfurp-mel , ,ffff f ff! QS 9 3 'Hi 7 K P i H L -Ra 3 3 A I I Zh. CAMELLA MAIEWSKI M A Wade faq for happrness we ve found wrthm your walls or actrvrttes that kept us out of the halls or loyalty we ll always have for you o educauon you ve grven us too fo remembrance that lmgers rn our mmd or admuauon that has grown all the trme for years gone by a lastrng treasure It all spells Hale Ray The best by a long measure Rich ard Petit X AU1A 11AT"R Austrla Hymn Hale Ray, our AjLma Mater, Je thy students pzoudly F3138 K Thls our sow' of true devotlon Thls our song of rrateful pralse Knowledbe ln d vlthln thy x lls Fx er our true ffulde wlll be X Many hours of eamest ,0 Frlenfishlp, and Joy have we spent lfl thee Hall to thee, proud Alma Mater, Fondest meworles ln thee lle We salute thee Alma Mater' .ay thy snlrlt ne fer' dle lay thy fame grow ex tr reater, And thy gory e er' lncrea e Hale Day we'lW lo JG the always Our Dralse of th shall ne r oem f' 'M' . f - JLL T. . ' v 6 I . , . - Q . ,Y :iq . 6 L . . hw . x-ga.. R., ICA. I, L V D . Q y , fx f f V A i , . . . A G - i4i 0 . i x I'-7 A X . I., 'K A 1' , , ff: fr . ' Q I . 1 S . A'Ll X .. 1 5 ' 5 Q 539 -VG c. SC . 4,454 A frtendly brook gathered us upon her stlvery bosom, Sped us on our appotnted way Not paustng to stop but flowrng onward It carrred us onward persuastvely, gently Not pausrng to let us remarn as we grasped for prectous memorres For twelve short mrles for twelve short years The brook gently bore us on Its transrent waters rrppltng over pebbles boundrng over rocks Twrsttng and turntng tt made rts bed made our path to the future At last the foamy ocean rs tn stght and now rt IS here The v1ew from afar lent delusron for almost frrghtenrng rt appears now Here we pause to reflect to remember and to say farewell before sa1I1n Whether we sl1p beneath the enfoldtng waves Whether we rrde the crest of trtumph I cannot say I only know we shall sarl onward wrth courage and farth I only know God gurdes our destrny Marrlyn Berner I 1 1 I n 9 r n . . . , . . ' ' 1 9 0 . V ' ' . Editor ------- ------------CLAIREGATES ASSOciate Editors ---------- EVA SIMSON, ROBERTA HARRIS Business Manager- - -------------- AUDREY MCMULLEN Advertising Editors ---" ' ' IANICE TALBERT, LOUISE BRAGDON Art Editor ----- Subscription Editors ------ Photography ---- Faculty Advisor- - RICHARD ZIOBRON, WILLIAM STOUT ' ' - ' - -- - '- 'MARILYN BERNER - - SHIRLEY CARON, RICHARD PETIT ' ' -IRENE GOLUB, ANNE MCMULLEN --- -- - - - -- WALTERJ, KOZAK CLASS OFFICERS Presrdent RICHARD ZIOBRON Secretary ANNE MCMULLEN STEERING COMMITTEE Jaruce Talbert Rrchard Zrobron Wrlham Stout Rlchafd Pam Audrey McMullen Vice President ------ WILLIAM STOUT Treasurer ---------- CLAIRE GATES f S ,wggligi K yu, , Zwff? A MYRON G COLLETTE Asststant Supermtendent and Prmctpal B A Umversuy of Mame Boston College Columb1a Umverslty M A Wllltmantxc State Teachers College Clark Umverstty Umversxty of Connecttcut CAMELLA R MAIEWSKI Asststant PI1l'lC1P3l Brldgewater State Teachers College B Amencan Umverslty Teachers College Columbta Umverstty M A Htllyer College UIIIVCISIIY of Connecucut 'YQWPN E SELDEN CLA RK Agrrculture B S Unlversrty of Conn FLORENCE CROSS Commerclal Indrana State Teachers College Teachers College Co1umb1a Unrverslty B A M,A 3-Fw.. N 'YY Zi' WALTER I ANDERSON Socral Scxence Englrsh B Teacher s College of Conn PHYLLIS ASPINALL Home Economrcs B S Fra mrngham State Teachers College LEO DOMUAN Mathematrcs B S Teacher s College of Conn RAFFA ELE FITTA NTE Languages, B. A. , M. S. Unrverslty of Brrdgeport THOMAS FLA NDERS Industrial Arts, B. S. Teacher's College of Conn. WALTER I. KOZAK Chemistry, Physics, Aeronautics University of Louvain Belgium, B.A. CHARLOTTE W SCHOENBERG Music James Milliken University Conservatory RICHARD SCIRE History B A University of Conn DEAN L MacDERMOTT English B A Acadia University THOMAS NEVERS Athletic Coach University of Conn M A West Virginia University B A l. 'fl f""x "3" ,EA MILDRED K IAHELKA School Secretary Nathan Hale Ray School RUTH SHUMBO Ass1stant School Secretary Nathan Hale Ray School DONALD WILSON B A Unlversxty of Conn ALICE YEOMANS R.N Hospnal Bucknell COOK CUSTODIA NS BUS DRIVERS bi Us RI W Y If f' 'Q Q .Am , vt vs . tu -MC: "' 4 f'. ' fi-144 'mil ,3 1 ,5 -,J -va, , ' wavy ISABELLE BARTMAN - 'lzzie" Commercial Course Ambition--Do social work Her sweet manner radiates happiness' Freckles--soft, brown eyes--neat dresser--dreams about "Ray, " Glee Club 1-23 Library Club 1-2-3-43 Dancing Club 1-2g Drivers Education 3g Class Secretary 1, MARILYN BERNER College Course Ambition Explore Africa She has a smile that bubbles from her heart Full of fun lively everybody s friend Girls Glee Club 1 2 Combined Glee Club 1 2 4 Driver s Education 3 Audio Visual 4 Spanish Club 4 Yearbook Club 4 Dramatic Club 2 3 fTreasurerj 4 KVICB Presidentj Girls State 3 Student Council 3 4 Art Editor of Nahara Yearbook Club 4 U . U , . . , - : . -K - : Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3g Journalism 25 Forum 2g Library 13 . , . : . - . 3 . . . : . , z . ' : ' : - ff, MYRNA BOWER Mym Commercral Course Ambmon Secretary Easy to look at delrghtful to be wrth. Movre star s face talkauve works at Harry's swell krd Forum Club 1 2 3 4, Glee Club 1 2 3 Lrbrary Club 1, Dancing Club 1 2 3, Iournalrsm 1 2 3 Tn H1 Y 1 2 Drrver's Educatron 3 LOUISE BRAGDON ou Commercral Course Ambrtron Secretary It s mce to be natural rf you re naturally nrce Lrkes athletrcs talks about Rollre drrves Glee Club 1 2 Danclng Club 1 2, Tn H1 Y 2 Softball 1 2 3 4 Camera Club 3 Journallsm Club 4 Drrver s Educatron 3 Yearbook Club 3 4 Yearbook staff 4 4739 SHIRLEY CARON Shrrl General Course Ambltron Arrlrne Hostess A lrttle brt of heaven, That gal from Marne great brg smxle cute tops wrth the gang Dancmg Club 2 Band 1 Orchestra 1 Basketball 1 Softball 2 Iournalrsm Club 3 QC1rculat1on Managery 4 fSecretaryJ Camera Club 4 Student Councrl 3, Subscnptron Edrtor of Nahara, Combtned Glee Club ,, , . . ,, . , H . n -- - - - 0 I C F . 0 ' - - Q ' - - -4: - .- -is . . . , .L .. ,, , . . , . 'Rollie's" Ford--hates nickname "Yogi," - I . - . .- .- 3 ' ' ' : : ' 9 a ' ' ' u I I : . ,gk . U ' . . -- -- ' : : : : S . . . : : ' ' ALFRED FAIRCLOTH Tucker General Course Ambrtron Get a Job Personalrty buds into success Inqtusmve gun fnendly mce to have around gftlal lly Boys Glee Club 1 2 3 Combrned Glee Club 1 2 3 Dramatlc Club 1 2 Basketball 1 2 3 4, Baseball 1 V1ce Presrdent of Class rn Freshman Year HANNAH FIELDING Han Commercral Course Ambrtlon Beautrcran Mrschrefl Thou art afoot Always snapprng gum contagrous grggles good dancer dnves Popa s Studebaker Guls Glee Club 1 2 Combmed Glee Club 1 2 Dancrng Club 1 2 3 Cheerleader 1 2 JAMES GALLAGHER Agrrculture Course Ambrtron Farmer I may be shy but I rn qurte a guy Full of corney tucks quret on the surface frrendly happy go lucky Dramatlc Club 1 2, Camera Club 1 2 FFA 1 2 QVrce Presrdentj 3 Ureasurerj 4 g . l ' ' - 'J. G." Q ' ' -- CLAIRE GATES Madam College Course Ambmon Lrbrarlan Lrttle chrps lrght brg frres Short and cuddly plays the keyboard crazy over Julrus quret but mce Lrbrary Club 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 4 Grrls' Glee Club 1 2 4, Tn H1 Y 1 2 3 Spanrsh Club 4, Drrver s Educatron 3 Yearbook Club 4 Student Councrl 2 3 Class Presrdent 1 Class Treasurer 3 4, Yearbook Edrtor HARRY CATES Gatsre General Course Ambrtron Get out of Moodus Some play to lrve I lrve to play Tall dark and handsome heart throb star basketball player an understandmg frrend Boys Glee Club 3 4 Combmed Glee Club 2 3 4 Bas ketball 1 2 3 4, Baseball 1 4 Soccer 3 4 CECILIA GOLUB Crssy Commercral Course Ambxuon See the world Quxet lrkable and good natured To be found wrth Helen brg blue eyes takes prrde rn younger brothers good worker Dramatlc Club 1 Dancrng Club 2 3 Journallsm 1 Game Club 2 Dnver s Edueatron 3 Audro Vrsual 4 Lrbrary Club 1 2 3 fTreasurerj 4 lTreasurerj Camera Club 3 fBus1ness Manager, Yearbook Club 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 -1 n . . . .. . Q 5 ...--. . Q ' ---. --.' I I --,'-'- --. ' ." I ' Q Q '-. I I I . - -. . 3 . ' -nu fn 1 x an ' ' w 1 U I . ' -. ' --, 4 I I ---, -. - 9 n --'nu -, . ,, 1 a --. -- n ' 0 ' -. a I I I I . ' v. 0 .-. I I ,' -- I .f . . I . --- ' , . IRENE GOLUB College Course Ambmon Marry a m1ll1ona1re Though we cannot out vote them we w1ll out argue them Wears n1ce clothes enjoys a good argument always on a dxet a great krd at heart Dramatlc Club 1 2 Gtrls Glee Clubl 2 Comblned Glee Club 1 2 4 Camera Club 3 Forum 3 4 Soft ball 3 4 Audlo Vrsual 4 French Club 4, Yearbook Club 4 Yearbook Staff 4 BRUCE GONCI General Course Ambxtton Get r1ch Let the world sllde Dnves a 49 convertlble blond hatr always tn hrs eyes llkes gxrls has a nonchalant manner ROBERTA HARRIS Rob College Course Ambrtton Go to college A depth of patlence and understandtng Tall wxth a pleaslng personallty a mean bowler lrkes przza a true frtend Journahsm Club 1 2 Dramauc Club 1 2 4 Trl H1 Y 1 2 Gtrls Glee Club 1 2 Combtned Glee Club 1 2 4 Audto V1sual4 Yearbook Club 4 Dnver s Educatxon 3 Yearbook Staff n . n n . . - . ' - , ' 9 I - - - . .. . - I l 0 - 0 4 - I I I 0 9 1 . - -1 . . , . -- . . . . fli. ,ff . CTL" . U9 ' f. or . . - -- . - ' - - ' - - , - - , 0 -1, ' U - . , n . . - g - - l - I ' l 9 I I 0 , Q WILLIAM HOERMAN 1 General Course Ambltton Alrlme prlot As good natured a soul as e er trod shoe leather Engaged to Babs flres tall and cute a real frtend and a great guy Baseball 2 3 Basketball 2 3 Swrmmrng Club 2 Radro Club 1 Audto Vtsual 2 5,9115 WILLIAM LAMB B1 General Course Ambttton Cabmetmaker Always a good sport, most of all a good frrend Gettrng gray btg flut wrth a btg heart lrkes square dances mce Joe FFA 3 4 fvrce Presldentj, Basketball 3 4, Soccer 4 Baseball 3 4 I H ELAINE HOTYCKEY Latny General Course Ambrtlon Beautlcran A ltkable gul wtth lrkable ways Cute as a button green eyes blushes at the drop of a hat an out door gul 1 2 Dramattc Club 1 2 3 Lrbrary Club 1 2 3 Camera Club 2 3 QVICC Prestdentj Drtver's Educatron - 'B'll" . : . - . . I Dancing Club lg Tri-Hi-Y 1-2: Softball lg Glee Club I S! I g ' - ' ' : ' ' . 9 - " 'll' NATALIE LERNER Natty Commercral Course Ambrtron Teacher Excuse my devrltsh deeds Mrschrevous smrle dark cheerful eyes known for wrtty remarks not a care rn the world Cheerleader 1 2 Grrls Glee Club 1 2 Combrned Glee Club 1 2 Dancmg Club 1 2 3 Dnver s Edu catron 3 Spamsh Club 4 ANNE MCMULLEN Annle College Course Ambmon Go to college I ll be there rf you ll wart for me One half looks acts lrke the other half brg blue green eyes good cheerleader Cheerleader 1 2 3 fCo Captamy 4 fCo Captarny Journalrsm Club 1 2 3 QFeature Edrtorj 4 1Ed1tor rn Chrefj Lrbrary Club 1 2 3 4 Grrls Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Combrned Glee Club 1 2 3 Photography Club 3 4 QPres1dentj Forum Club 2 3 4 Audro Vrsual Club 4 fV1CC Presrdentj Softball 1 2, Class Secretary 2 3 4 AUDREY MCMULLEN Twrme College Course Ambition--Go to college every step Full of cheer and full of pep makrng frrends wrth The other half-bouncy-swtngs a mean Charleston Girls Glee 1-2-3-4 Combmed Glee 1-2-3-4 Forum 2-3 fSecretaryJ 4 Libraray 1-2 fSecretaryj 3 QSecretaryy 4 Journalism 1-2 QCirculation Managery 3 1Sports Editorj 4 fSports Editorj Dancing 2 Year- book Club 3-4 Softball 1-2-3-4 French Club 4 Student Council 3 fSecretaryj- Cheerleader 1-2 QCO-Captainj 3-4, Business Manager of Nahara BARBARA MINNOCK General Course Ambrtron Get marrred Not too serrous not too gay a nrce gtrl rn every W3 Hotrods wrth Anna s Buxck real hep on Mary lndependent lrkes to go out Drarnatrc Club 1 2 3, Lrbrary 1 2 3 Tn H1 Y 1 2, Camera Club 2 3 Grrls Glee Club 1 2 3 Combrned Glee Club 1 2 3 Dnvers Educatron RICHARD PETIT Lefty General Course Ambmon Be a coach Mrrth and fun came fast and furrous Never a moments rest for Lefty clowns packed wrth pep comrcal personalrty Football 1 2 Baseball 2 3 4 Soccer 3 4 Basketball 21Co captarnj 3 4 Forum Club 3 Audro Vrsual 1 2 3 4 H1 Y 2 3 Boys Glee Club 3 Combrned Glee Club 3 Boys State 3, Subscrrptron Edrtor of Nahara Yearbook Club 4 JAMES SHEA Jrmmy General Course Arnbrtron Jorn the Marrnes Hold that smrle Please! Curly head the great lover marvelous srngrng volce fun to be wrth Dramatrc Club 1 Forum Club 1 2 3 Orchestra Boys Glee Club 1 2 3 Combrned Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Photography Club 2 3 Yearbook Club 3 4 Journahsm Club 1 2 All State Chorus 2 3 4 Advertrsrng Edrtor of Nahara, Class Presrdent 2 .2 EVA SIMSON College Course Ambrtron V1s1t Israel So great a person and so good a frrend A helpmg hand lrkes hotdogs but not relrsh worrres about thrs book a great gal Student Councrl 1 Fomm Club 2 3 4, Lrbrary Club 1 2 3 4 Grrls Glee Club 1 2 3, Combrned Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Camera 3 Cheerleader 3 4 French Club 4 Audro V1sual 4 Assocxate Edrtor of Nahara, Yearbook Club 4 WILLIAM STOUT Brlly College Course Ambrtron ElectrxcalEng1neer You can t keep a good man down dependabrlrty mrxed wrth fun Boys Glee Club 1 3 4 Combrned Glee Club 1 3 Dramauc Club 1 East Haddam H1 Y 1 2 Forum Club 2 Radro Club 2 Yearbook Club 4 Yearbook Staff Class Presrdent 3 Class Vrce Presrdent 4 Steerrng Com 4 HELEN SYPEGA Commercral Course Ambrtxon Secretary Let thy words be few Quret and shy Crssy s best pal makes good punch has the cutest drmples Dancrng Club 2 3 Game Club 2 Dnver s Educatron 3 Camera Club 3 Yearbook Club 4 Audro V1sual4, Lrbrary Club 1 2 3 fvrce Presrdentj 4 fPresrdentj .- li , ' .ll . H. ' . -- . s - - . . - - - t . , - - i . I ' ' ' 3 I ' B 3 . - . 3 . . 0 ll AV Clever character--drives Qwhen it startsy a model "A' 7 - - s ' - 4 I I . 3 .- - F : ' s : : ' : ' ' : ' n I ' --II ' l I -- .W . - . . . , . Q n l : : : ' ' ' ' JANICE TALBERT Jan General Course Ambition Nurse She enjoys work and fun she has a smile for everyone Pretty and popular full of heck likes boys loves to flrrt in the halls Journalism 2 3 fC1rculat1on Manager, 4 fFeature Editorj Dramatic 2 3 QSecretaryj 4 fPres1dentj Soft ball 1 2 3 4, Glee Club 1 3 4 Yearbook Club 3 4, Forum 2 3 4 QPres1dentj Student Council 4 fPres1dent Steering Com 4 Advertising Editor of Nahara Library 3 4 1Secretaryj Driver s Editor 4 Tn H1 Y 1 2 CHARLES URBAN Charlie General Course Ambition Electr1calE'1g1neer H Y23 PAUL WHITTAKER - Bud College Course Ambition--Electrical Engineer 'Cool and lofty in every action, " Makes the girls swoon--daydreams--shoots squirrels-- always on a camping trip, Band 1g Boys' Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Combined Glee Club 1-3-43 Baseball 3. OH' I must work what a waste of t1me Typical hotrod likes ice fishing at Bashan Lake always drawing on test papers nice Fella Dramatic Club 1 Boys Glee Club 1 Combined Glee Club 1 Soccer 1 3 4 Baseball 3 Basketball 1 3 4 Vi' , Q, fs x , 3 E FRANKLYN ZIOBRON - 'Son-Son' General Course Ambition--Join the Navy I's mischievous my auto and I. ' Goes everywhere with "Pop's Chevy'--wavy hair, short, with a nice disposition, Boys' Hi-Y 1-2-33 Baseball 1-3-4: Soccer 4: Driver's Education 3. RICHARD ZIOBRON Dickie General Course Ambition Go to Quebec Just to be sociable Likes soccer and Deep River girls cute with a snappy personality nice to know Orchestra 1 2 Dramatic 1 Forum 1 2 3 4QVice Chorus 3 4 Baseball 1 3 4 Basketball 1 Soccer 1 2 3 fCo Captainy 4 QCapta1nj Vice President of Class 3 Class President 4 Yearbook Club 4, Steering Com 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Boys Glee Club 1 2 3, Combined Glee Club 1 2 3 4 - S . 6 - - - . Presidentjg Hi-Y 2-35 fvice Presidenty All-State ' I ' " S S 0 n ' U - l efddd Wwzfafzg On a ramy day rn September of 1942 we started our ftrst day of school It was the beglnnmg of twelve years of work and play We were welcomed to the ftrst grade by Mrs Weaver and Mrss Wrlson Ltfe at school was new and drfferent to us It was hard to get accustomed to the fact that we were not supposed to talk durmg class tlme As a result we spent much trme elther standing 1n the corner or bemg sent out rn the corrldor The roll call for the frrst year was as follows Isabelle Bartman Marrlyn Bemer Laurence Boardaman Barbara Braczkowskr Albert Cummtngs Hannah Fleldrng Claire Gates Mary Lou Geleston Cecrlra Golub Irene Golub Roberta Harns Elame Hotyckey Adrrenne Klapper Anne McMullen Audrey McMullen Nancy Lee Palmer Robert Qurnn Frank Rarus James Shea Louts Shumbo Wrllram Stout Helen Sypega Charles Urban Janet Way Bonme Wood Joseph Yandaka Franklyn Zrobron Rrchard Zrobron Lourse Bragdon Alrce Crnancr Alfred Farrcloth James Gallagher Joseph Frost Barbara Mtnnock Herbert Phrllrps John Ruzrcka and Danrel Van Cedarfreld We entered the second grade wrth Mrs Thomas and MISS Wrlson as our teachers We had lost nme members of our class They were Laurence Boardman Alrce Crnancl Nancy Lee Palmer Herbert Phrllrps Robert Qurnn Frank Rarus John Ruzlcka Lours Shumbo and Danlel Van Cedarfteld Two new members Jorned our class They were Arthur Polstern and Foreste Werner In addttlon to learntng our three R s we had a lot of fun playmg wrth the doll house and rn the lrbrary that we had at the back of the room On Mrs Thomas btrthday we surprtsed her by grvrng her a brrthday party When we reached the thtrd grade we had Mrs Graham now Mrs Peck for our teacher Albert Cummrngs and Foreste Werner left our class but we galned Durr Deyser Eve Levrne Spencer Pettrson Robert Pasquerell Joseph Snow and Davtd Van Cedarfteld Our thtrd year was a happy one We had a prano rn our room and Mrs Graham used to play rt whrle we would srng We began to study the mult1pl1cat1on table and had a taste of fractrons Trme marches on and we soon entered the fourth grade Mrs Bohn our teacher was 111 so we had Mrs Luther for the frrst few months of school This year we were m1nus Joseph Frost Eve Levlne and Joseph Yandaka We added to our class Margaret Dorbuck Barbara Fuller Harry Gates Lee Kennedy Henry Malrnowsky and Dellrber Maxwell That year we recerved our frrst re port cards In the frfth grade we were greeted by Mrss Meagher now Mrs Brownell Margaret Dorbuck Lee Kennedy and Dellrber Maxwell left us but we garned Myrna Bower Janrce Talbert and Robert Srlverman That year we studted early Amerrcan Hlstory and we presented a short sk1t about the Jamestown Settlement Our class went on a tmp to the Peabody Museum and to East Rock 1n New Haven, We also went out 1n the woods and had a class pxcnrc 1 . - . . . . . . . . . . 5 n I a ' .. . . . . . . I I 'I I I .I . I . I I I I I I I I . I . I I I I I ' I , . . . . . . . . . .I I I I I ' I . . , . , . . . I I I D . . ., ' . . ' . ' , . ' . . . 0 .. . . .. . , . . . . I l C , . . .. . . t I I O Q D n . n . 1 u I . I l . C , . . . . . . . . O I I ' . D . 0 . . I I I o 1 s 1 D - Q I ' I I I 1 n ' - . . . . . I . . Our last year on the grade srde was spent wrth Mrs Davison We lost Dui Deyser, Arthur Polstern, Robert Srlverman and Bonnre Wood We met Natalre Lerner and Margaret Trussell In the srxth grade we studred about Mexrco an South Amertca We took a class trrp to a museum rn Norwrch followed by a prcnrc rn a state park We now reached Junror Hrgh We were met rn the seventh grade by Mr Cady who was our home room teacher Everythrng seemed so strange and dxf ferent to us now that we were on the hrgh school srde Jantce Talbert left us that year but several new members Jomed our class They were John Arrrgom Bradford Ely Bruce Goncr Russell Schultz George Spencer and Bonnre Wood We really felt rmportant srnce we enjoyed many hrgh school prtvrleges Our ftnal year before entertng hrgh school we had Mr Anderson for our home room teacher We lost Barbara Fuller Joseph Snow George Spencer and Bonnre Wood We added to our class Nancy Collrns Garry Heckbert Nancy McCauley John Roberts Wrlltam Ryer and Eva Stmson, The hrghlrght of the year was the presentauon of the Operetta The Galloprng Ghost We had a lot of fun workmg rn the operetta and rt made us feel proud when rt was qurte a success At last we reached hrgh school We were greeted rn the Freshman class by Mrs MacDermott and Mr Clark Thrs year we were wrthout Nancy Collrns Garry Heckbert Nancy McCauley Robert Pasquerell Spencer Pettrson John Wtllram Lamb, Raymond Montgomery Margaret Olson Janrce Talbert and Jane VanLoan We became offrcral members of the hrgh school when we were 1n1t1ated by the Junrors on November 3 We had to dress rn the usual costumes f1t for an rmtratron All rn all rt was a great deal of fun and that evenmg we were honored at the Freshman Receptron Our class offrcers for the Fresh man year were as follows Presrdent, Claue Gates, Vrce Presrdent Alfred Farrcloth Secretary, Isabelle Bartman Treasurer Audrey McMullen Councrl members were Eva Srmson and James Shea Our class was very fortunate that year because we won the magaztne drrve Some extra money was added to our treasury In the Sophomore year we had for our class advtsors Mr Clark and Mrs Asplnall We lost Bradford Ely Mary Low Geleston Adnenne Klapper Henry Maltnowsky Raymond Montgomery, Margaret Olson, Russell Schultz and Margaret Trussell We added to our class Shlrley Caron The btg event that year was the Sophomore Hop whrch we put on November 16 Our theme for the hop was Moonlrght and Roses and we danced to Sal Greco and hrs orchestra We chose our class colors whrch are aqua and rose, and our class motto whrch IS Prepare Today for a Successful Tomorrow We also recerved our class rmgs that year For the second year we won the magaztne drrve Our class officers that year were as follows Presrdent James Shea, Vtce Presrdent, Alfred Farr cloth, Secretary, Anne McMullen, Treasurer Audrey McMullen Counctl Members Rtchard Zrobron and Claue Gates . . . . d l . I O . 0 l 1 D . U Roberts, William Ryer and David Van Cedarfield, We gained Harriet Geer, . o I l I I We reached the Junror year and had Mtss Mochak now Mrs Habert for our class advrsor John Arngom, Barbara Braczkowskr, Bruce Goncr Alfred Farrcloth Jane VanLoan and Janet Way had left our class We met Rrchard Peut and Paul Whrttaker Once agam we won the magazrne dnve and much needed money was added to our treasury We rmtrated the Freshman class and rn the evenrng we entertarned them at the Freshman Receptron We spent much trme plannrng for our Jumor Prom whrch was held on May 23 Our theme for the prom was Moulln Rogue and we had Sal Greco and hrs orchestra to play for our dancrng We were grateful to Mrss Mochak for helprng us w1th our decoratrons for the prom We chose our yearbook staff and steenng commrttee for next year We elected for our class off1cers the followrng Presrdent, Wrllram Stout, Vrce Presrdent, Rrchard Zrobron ec retary, Anne McMullen, Treasurer, Clarre Gates Councrl Members Clarre Gates, Audrey McMullen Shrrley Caron and Marllyn Berner Our fxnal year at school came at last We were welcomed to the Senror year by Mr Kozak our class advrsor Hamer Geer left our class Bruce Goncr and Alfred Farrcloth reJo1ned our class, and we met W1ll1am Hoerman We started at once to rarse money for our tnp to Washrngton and to begrn work on our yearbook We put on several successful dances For the fourth consecuuve year we won the magazrne drrve We elected our class off1cers and they were as follows Presrdent, Rrchard Zrobron, Vrce Presrdent, Wtl ham Stout Secretary Anne McMullen, Treasurer Clarre Gates Councrl Members Marrlyn Berner Janrce Talbert, Paul Whrttaker and Alfred Farr cloth Steenng Commrttee Janrce Talbert Audrey McMullen Drck Petrt Wrllram Stout and Rrchard Zrobron In January James Shea left to Jorn the manne corps and John Arrrgom came back to our class On Aprrl 19 we left on our class Hip to Washrngton, D C and Wrllramsburg Vrrgrnra Mr Wrlson and Mlss Kromrsh accompanred us as chaperons Our twelve years of fun and work came to an end on June 24 1954 when we were presented our drplomas and became alumm of Nathan Hale Ray School au' Wd! and eatameuz' We, the Senror Class of the Nathan Hale Ray School have called you together on thrs the twenty fourth of June rn the year nrneteen hundred and frfty four to wrtness offrcrally the readrng of Our Last Wrll and Testament We the Class of 1954 berng of course of sound mrnd and memory wrsh to bequeath to the teachers and underclassmen the followrng tokens John Arrrgonr leaves hrs hot rods to Bobby Gates Isabelle Bartman leaves her freckles to Jean Krashefskr Marrlyn Berner leaves her grgglrng to Mr Domrjam Myrna Bower leaves her blue eyes to any grrl who wrll know how to use them Lourse Bragdon leaves her catcher s posrtron on the softball team to Daphne Ely Shrrley Caron leaves her naturally curly harr to Patty Zrobron, Hannah Freldrng leaves her sweater collectron to Vrrgrnra McPhee James Gallagher leaves hrs tractor that he made rn shop to the Home Economrcs classes Clarre Gales leaves her shortness to Sandra Swan Harry Gates leaves hrs black curly harr to Mr Scrre Cecrlra Golub leaves her abrlrty to get authorrzed excuses from study perrod to Mr Collette to grve to someone who deserves rt lrene Golub leaves her braces to Charlre Gates Bruce Goncr leaves hrs careful drrvrng to Mr Scrre Roberta Harrrs leaves her herght to Yetta Breslow Wrllram Hoerman leaves hrs long legs to Artre Kohs Elarne Hotyckey leaves her rosy complexron to any grrl who wears rouge Wrllram Lamb leaves hrs way wrth the grrls to Joey Yandaka Tucker Faircloth leaves his fondness for school to Bill Bogel, Natalie Lerner leaves her Packard to 'Mig" Sibley when his father takes back the keys to his, Anne McMullen leaves the fun and enjoyment she had as being co-captain of the Cheering Squad to Carolyn Schleis, Audrey McMullen leaves her gray hairs and worries to Bobby Soja, Richard Petit leaves his knack for getting out of classes to Henry Golet, James Shea leaves his singing voice to Elias Danikow, Eva Simson leaves her natural blonde streak to Ann Finnan William Stout leaves his Model A to the Automotive Department in shop Barbara Minnock leaves her ability to get a boyfriend with a yellow convertible to Margo Etler Helen Sypega leaves her shyness to Henry Latronica Janice Talbert leaves the presidency of Student Council to any capable under classman Charles Urban leaves his limousine to Richie Fiala Paul Whittaker leaves Mr Flander's extra time to Henry Golet Franklyn Ziobron leaves his sharp shirts to Tommy Bogan Richard Ziobron leaves his eyebrows and eyelashes to Joey Yandaka We are hoping that these tokens will be received with the same good feeling as they were given We wish the Class of '55 all the hard work and happiness that we had In witness whereof we hereby sign our names and affix the seal of the class Q I . D . . . A - 1' f 1 5.5 : -- 'X ' x . . . .15 L . -Z ..-. '. 'K 3 X - SE 6444 Pwpdeeq Once agarn rt rs IIITIC for the maglc carpet to be taken out and the future foretold Shlrl Well Drck rt looks as though that s our Job Alah kazam and up you go strarght mto 1964 Drck Hey Shrrll Let's fmd out what we are dorng frrst Shrrl Swelll Ohl Im scared! Drck Oh srllyl Say you're flyrng htgh as a stewardess I see you just as cute as ever servrng Tony Curtrs a drsh of hot soup Shrrl I am? Ha hal Watt trll I tell you what you re domg Bang! Bang! Dtck What s that norsep Shrrl That s you Dtck Nature Boy Zrobron strll rn the woods You come out once a week to sarl down the rrver It's a mrracle Drck but rt s true A Deep Rrver grrl has not yet trapped you Drck Oh look! Can rt be Irene Golub drrvrng a canary yellow Cadrllac converttble? Shrrl Oh yesl From the grapevrne I hear she caught a handsome mlllronarre and 15 lrvrng the lrfe of Rrley Dtck Ieepersl There seems to be a W1ll1s Overland also commg down the street Why rt s my old pal Brlly Stout Shrrl What s he dorng these days? Drck He now has a garage of hrs own and rs grvmg hrs brother rn law some rough competmon Shrrl Speakmg of cars J A lS now the country's top hot rod desrgner Have you seen hrs latest model? Drck No but I heard that 1t's a real streamllned souped up Job He s callrng ll the Model Johnny Shrrley drd you catch a glrmpse of those bathrng beautres? Shrrl I certainly drd The woman weanng the 1964 Mrs Amenca Banner was the former Myrna Bower Myrna has really set the world on frre Drck Speakmg of glamour have you heard about Hollywood s latest thnller? Shrrl No Drck It's RKO s new sensatron Paul QBudj Whlttaker Bud s latest movle IS I-low Those Hayward Bathrng Beauttes Love Then Lxfeguard Shrrl The best novel of the year was wrrtten ln Latxn by Dr Eva Srmson It s tttle ts The Chrcken s Eggs and I Eva has now rettred and rs ralsrng anythtng but chrckens Drck Well well welll Do you see what I see Shrrley? New cooks at Hale Rayl Cecrlra Golub and Helen Sypega are strll together They are now handrng out some delrclous meals Shrrl It looks ltke the boys hke then cookxng too Those are pretty btg dramonds they are wearrng Drck Ohl Look who s on TV! Shtrl Who? Drck Anne McMullen she ftnally succeeded rn learnmg from Harry Gates how to yodel Her new televtsron show rs entrtled The Yodelrng Cheerleader Shtrl Hey Dick notrce the new length of the sktrtsl 1 ..- . . . . . 1 1 1 . . - 1 ..,, . . . .. 1 1 -.g 1 11 1 ..- . . . . - 1 1 1 . . . ,, 1 1 .in .. , . . 1 1 11 ',c 1 -11 1 ..- , .,, ,. .. 1 1 1 1 . . . . ,' I 1 1 1 , ' ' - 1 ..- . .. . 0 1 - 11 ... . .. . 1 1 , . , 1 ... .. . . 1 -1 - 11 1 -.11 1 ' n ..,, . . -.- ..,, 1 ..- . , . - 111 1 ' D ..,, . . . , .. 1 1 1 ,, ,, . . . . .,, 1 1 ..- . . . . 1 1 1 'U 1 1 ... . ' . ,, - 1 --11 11 1 1 -.11 1 ' ' 1 "vw - 1 1 . , .. ,, 1 ..,, - . . . . '. 1 1 1 .,, . , . . . .. . 1 - 11 1 ..,, . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 .. ,, 1 . ,, . . . . .. 1 1 11 'U 1 '.n 1 11 -.11 11 1 ... . . . 1 I .. . . ,, . 11,1 , 1 . ,, . . .,, 1 - 1 1 Drck Yeah It took the desrgners ten years but skrrts are at last up agarn Accordrng to New York's famous stylmst Marrlyn Gxggles Berner skrrts wrll remarn at the shorter length Shrrl Yes Drck and drd you know that Lyn s most famous model rs our own Elarne Hotyckey? D1ck No I drdn t but rt stands to reason For none could wear Lyn creatrons better than cute Elarne Shrrl Sayl It looks lrke the fans are strll cheerrng for Harry Gatesl The 1964 Press sard that Harry IS the best lookrng center any female coach has seen rn a long trme Drck Harry not only rates hrghly wrth the team, but strll feven at the age of 27 D scores wrth any cheerleader Shrrl Drck Shrrl Se Drck remember the hard trme Hannah and Natalre had takrng Senror attendance? Yes Well for the past ten years they have been strugglrng over the rnventron of a take attendance machrne Hannah s only problem rs that Natalre rnsrsts on takrng short trrps rnto New York Drck Shrrl Drck Shrrl Drck Do you hear musrc, Shrrley? Yes Well take a look at Wlllram Lamb! Does he ever look sharpl Those grey harrs now make htm look d1st1ngu1shed Brlly IS now the best prompter around Hadlyme Hall really packs to see htm He's 1n demand all over the country He doesn t flrrt w1th the guls anymore erther Now the grrls flrrt wrth hrm Drck a set Shrrl Oh, Isabelle was marrred nrne years ago She now has two sets of trrplets and of twrns Just enough for a square dance set Isabelle always dtd plan thrngs well Say here's somethrng you'd be rnterested rn, Dlck Drck What's that? Shrrl The auto races The days of Don Collrns and Drck Beauregard may be gone but easrly frllrng therr boots are Bruce Goncr and Charles Urban Bruce drrves the Crazy Barber whrle Charlre drrves Barber Crazy Drck Welll What do you know? Clarre Gates rs presrdent of the newly formed Bookdwellers Assocratron Thrs rs an orgamzatron of every ltbrarran and bookworm rn the country Clarre has recently been voted Mrss Bookworm of 1964 Shrrl Good for Clarre Say! You'll never guess what has become of Lefty Peut? Drck What? I d expect almost anythrng Shrrl He fmally succeeded rn eatrng B111 out of busrness and rs now busy runnlng movre projectors and refereerng games wrth Fred Post Drck Wrth Fred Post! Those are probably the only basketball games where the two re s go to thelr corners and come out frghtlng Shrrl The mechamcs world has garned a wh1z Drck I'll sayl It's Jrmmy Gallagher 1sn't It? Shrrl Yes Jrmmy has Just drscovered an easy and qurck method of takmg squeaks out of cars Mr Flanders rs now teachrng I1mmy's method to all Senrors and Junrors ,, lf- . . ,, , . . . . Shirlg 'Speaking of Hadlyme Hall what's become of Isabelle Bartman?" f . ' ' ' . " Drck Watt untrl you hear thrs lanrce Talbert has turned polrtrcran Shrrl Nol I Il bet she can play polmcs as well as and wrth better results than any man Drck Evrdently for she wrll soon replace Clarre Booth Luce rn Italy bhrrl Say! B111 I-loerman has taken to the arr Drck So I understand As a matter of fact I heard that he has put the Hyrng Irish man out of busrness Shrrl Poor Barbara I bet she hardly has a chance to see h1m anymore Drck Lourse Bragdon and Barbara Mmnock are strll a happy pau Shrrl What are they dorng? Drck They are well establrshed Ford and Burck dealers They get along frne together except on days when the Yankees play the Red Sox Speakrng of Red Sox do you know what Audrey McMullen has been dorng? Shrrl For the last ten years she has contrnually lost bets on the Bosox Even her speakrng abrlrty can t get her out of that Other than that I hear she publrshes a newspaper entrtled The Democrat Drck Tlme sure changes the trde 1964 frnds Franklyn Zrobron besrde a prrntrng press' Shrrl Yes I hear that Son Son rs the best and belreve tt or not the fastest prrnter rn Connectrcut In fact he IS so fast that the New Error comes out every day Drck Have you heard anythrng about Tucker'? Shrrl You ll never guess what has become of htm He has taken over Arthur Murray s dance studro and IS he rn the money! Drck I-le always was a good dancer what s he dorng wxth all hrs money? Shrrl I don't know All I know rs that he bought a car and a new one at that One that he doesn t have to share wrth Jerry Drck For heaven s sake! Our class has produced a teacher and Englrsh teacher at thatl Shrrl Who? Drck Roberta Harrls Not only does she teach Englrsh but she wrxtes Englrsh grammar books The Lrttle Adverb rs her latest Shrrl Drck do you remember that cute blond boy? Drck Ohl You mean Jrmmy Shea Shrrl Yes that s who What has become of hrm? Drck As most everyone wrll remember Jrmmy began hrs future rn January 1954 when Jorned the Unrted States Marrne Corps I hear from htm often Shrrley He s strll ln umform and rs a man the Mannes can be proud of Shrrl That about completes our trrp Drck Drck Yes back to '54 we come That was qurte a trlp Shrrl Some Lrrp Indeed! You know we're a pretty famous group and we don t even know II ..,.. . . ..., .-,, , .. . ' I I . . '.l "" I l I 0 W., . .,, . . Aa' "" '- . . . A.. . 'DI ' Q ..,. . . ., . . -,.. -. ..,, . . . . . g I -. .',, . . . . .. , . . -.. ... . . .. ,.,, ,-,,. ,. . I I I . . . ,, 9 I 0 'in ' 1 u ..,, , . , . . . ..x ,, -.- 1 ' ' ' vw ' l ..,, . . . .. . ..,, , , "H N .., . . . . . . ,. - .. . . -...I .. 0 I '.n ' u .... . ..,, . . , . .. . . . . , he . , . . . ,, . '.s - 'sv 0 I 0 -,.. , - Q.. l I U 0 , ,. , ' I 'I . 3 '?iWf'? I 'x 4 -Q, u Q, . f , J J wil' if 'BV hex A 'X Z .X s. ,rf YW :N nf' Q. as 653 Oflbw -00 ovcwsu President and Date Selhng Txckets read 41 arch 33Bg.,,fi"""' eacafz Flag E355 .9 uzgmzdfaeaz On the nrght of May 23 1953 a small number of students pasted up the last sllhouette tacked up the last strand of crepe paper and stumbled home wondermg how they could possrbly be ready for thelr Jumor Prom rn two hours They somehow were dressed rn that trme and returned to the Nathan Hale Audrtorrum full of doubts and mtsgrvmgs As they entered the school they heard the sweet melody of The Song from Moulrn Rouge played by Sal Greco and Hrs Orchestra Upon enterrng the room they sensed an arr of regal splender as soft lrghts shone on evenrng gowns and dlnner Jackets From this mxnute on all sense of trme was lost as the evenrng unfolded llke a beauttful dream commg true is , 1 , . 1' 4 Y xwd r I ' V. . r V I 2 vi Y fn , is V' A h ' f' I I I I 4 I I I , . I ' ,, . ' . . . . . . . . NAML Isabelle Marrlyn Lou1se Myrna Shrrley Tucker Hannah Claue Harry Cecrlra Irene Bruce Roberta B111 H l:la1ne B111 L Natalre Anne Audrey Barbara Lefty jlmmy Eva B111 S Helen Jamce Charl1e u Franklyn D1ck KNOWN FOR T lllg Corny jokes Softball Collectron of boyfrlends Turtle neck sweaters Danclng Belts and sweaters Shyness Shortness Ha1r Llttle blue hat Ar urng Yellow convert1ble Sm1le Belng engaged Blushrng Gray hau Or1g1nal hall' color Tardmess Speeches Jokes Appeute Good looks Taxr serv1ce Great sense of humor Qu1etness Pres1denc1es Dr1v1ng Berng a heartbreaker Ha1r Dented fenders PET PEE VE Grouchy people Rudy Rlvals Sarcasuc people Fast dr1vers Coach Nevers Dateless n1ghts Shop Yearbook The world Baby s1tt1ng Fat people Margo Math Nosy g ls lwosy people Snapplng fmgers Arguers Non cheerers S1lent spectators COIICCIICCI people Grrls Ann Back seat drrvers Old cars Curlous people Conceued people Carol B Summer g1r1s N1rg1n1a Sen1or glrls SN 1-reckles Food Rollle Flrrung Potato chlps Teasrng Boys Ag Class Are you k1dd1ng? All g1rlS Laughmg Sarlors Ha1r Skatlng Barbara Bo s G1r1s Span1sh Tea R RJ D Marty Grrls Sk1pp1ng school Square dances Model A Berng shy Certam 6 2, basketball player Rosemary Summer grrls Plnball mach1nes L1v1ng I 1 YP' 4 ' J.G. . g D i -. . ' 1 U , . . , V Y Bd ' ' ' NAME Isabelle Manly n Lourse Myrna Shrrley Tucker Hannah Clarre Harry Cecrlra Irene Bruce Roberta Brll H Brll L Natalre Anne Audrey Barbara Lefty Jrmmy lzva Brll S Helen Janrce Charlre Bu Franklyn Drck HANGOUT Hadlyme Mrllrngton Club 53 lord Harry s Soda Shop Marne Mom s Stucco Cottages Lake Hayward Lrbrary Mom s Mood us theater Square dances Pratt 8a Whrtney Home Arrport Hadlyme Hall Brooklyn Drug Store Mercury Convertrble Marty s car Anywhere Drug Store Chrcken coops Any garage Lrbrary Caruther s Mood us reservorr Lake Hayward Wherever there's a prnball machrne Deep Rrver AMBITION Socral worker Explore Afrrca Work at Pratt 8a Whrtney Get out of Moodus Arrlrne hostess We often wonder Lrve rn N Y Farmer Lrbrarran Play pro basketball Travel Marry a mrllronarre Pay off car College Be a prlot Cabrnetmaker Marry Eddre Frsher Chemrcal Lab technrcran College Marry Marty Be a coach Be a bachelor V1s1t Israel Electrrcal Engrneer Lrve on a farm Nurse Electrrcal engrneer Electrrcal engrneer Make 50 games on a machrne Lrve rn Canada DOOMED TO Marry Ray Marry a prgmy Have 10 krds Lrve rn Mrllrngton Marry a racer Caretaker of Hadlyme Get marrred Marry Irene Peddle newspapers Be a bachelor Stay rn Moodus Mrss Sprnster of 1975 Be a barber Mrlk cows Fly paper planes Whrttle toothprcks Lrsten to hrs records Soda Jerk Polrtrcran Marry Marty Dre hungry Be a second Casanova Rarse chrckens Frx brcycles Marry Art1e Shaw Marry a hrll brlly Rack up Get a shock Get a butch Trap Muskr ats Hall , , I . , . . . . .. . .. J. G. vf 0 -u , Elaine Colchester Beautician Farmer's wife n 9 n an an n n . , . - . d . . CHARACTERISTICS Most Quret Hardest Worker Best Lookrng Cleverest Most Respected Class Clown Best Lrked Most Cheerful Most Romanttc Best Leader Class Tease Best Excuse Maker Class Artrst Best Dressed Sentrrnentalrst Class Fllrt Smartest Most Srncere Most Sophrstrcated Class Thespran Pleasanrest Most Polrte Best Personalrty 7044 4 Wie GIRL Sypega Berner Bower Lerner Stmson Berner Caron Berner Talbert Audrey Talbert Lerner Berner Golub I Anne Bower Srmson Golub C Golub C Berner Harns Bartman Berner BOY Gallagher Stout Gates Zrobron Whrttaker Petlt Farrcloth Farrcloth Shea Zrobron Lamb Petrt Urban Zlobron Zrobron Lamb Stout Hoerrn an Whrttaker Stout Farrcloth Stout Farrcloth R I ' . R. . . ' . R. . . . ' R. - Ziobron, R, Most Accommodating Simson Stout ' . R. . . . . Y F. . , . All Round Student Most Popular Brggest Heartbreaker Best Sport Class Musrcran Most Nonchalant Class Athlete Best Dancer Most Conscrentrous Most Independent Best Dtsposrtron Most School Sprrrt Most Dependable Most Likely to Succeed Cutest Class Arguer Deepest Blusher Shyest Norsrest Class Dreamer Class Realest Typrcal Teenager Most Natural Tardtest Lrveltest Class Gxggler T albert Caron Talbert Berner Gates Freldrng Bragdon Freldrng Srmson Mrnnock Caron Audrey Srmson Srmson Caron Golub l Hotyckey Sypega Bower Bartman Golub I Talbert Caron McMullens Audrey Berner Zrobron Gates Farrcloth Zrobron Goncr Petrt Farrcloth Stout Goncr Zrobron Petrt Stout Stout Shea l-loerm an Shea Gallagher Gates Wlnttaker Hoerm an Zrobron Hoerm an Petrt Petrt Gallagher R R N. 3 X Class Dreamer Deepest Blusher Most SOph1SI1CaICd Class Muslcxan ix Class Tease .xfrjl .' K W. H, Lfg I., T ' My z K ' " A 4 ire xt? if a if!! V . ' , ' I ,Q F ,s,,,,M A . 1 v- ' F 7' A A' 1 I ' fr f l 4 as . , XX 3 . ,NR Shyest Biggest Heartbreaker Class Athlete Class Artlst xybxf of 0 Sentimental ist ff' '59 g'.,fp'?,s va L I Most Independent Class Arguer mr: A Pleasantest Best Excuse Maker MOS! 5011001 SPIN! we 5 A 'Q P ' 's ' ,pi t X 5 ' ,flu A QQ "l, Q, I t o ' L 5 if , ' 7 I f ' 3 1 . . ,-V 2 . n H ll HJ. KA--- - Q K , .. 4.5 .5 X I C cv C? Best D1spos1t1or1 James Shea Iomed Marmes Shxrley Caron Cutest U DIY 4-4 T 7 Best Lookmg ,nu I li Sm artesr :sie- Best Dancers Zfyfafsws rr' tm 8.22 cuuofzladc First row, left to right Daphne Ely Carol Mead Betty Linko Sandra Swan James Batchelder Thomas Bogan, Elaine Nemcovsky Charles Kozak Anastacia Kalxnowski Yetta Breslow, Henrietta Bloch Second row Mr Ftttante, Richard Liska, Alan Sibley Robert Gates Arthur Kohs, Richard Maly Richard Post Richard Fiala James Way John Valley Mischa Lieber, Richard Zavon, Joseph Yandacka John Ruztcka Ralph Soja Henry Golet Edward Wocl Richard Kozlowski Rowland Ballek, Louis Pear David Boardman, Qmissing from picturey Harriet Clark CLASS OFFICERS President JAMES BATCHELDER Vice President THOMAS BOGAN Secretary ELAINE NEMCOVSKY Treasurer CHARLES KOZAK CLASS COLORS: Green and White CLASS FLOWER: White Carnation STUDENT COUNCIL: Sandra Swan Richard Post, Edward Wocl, Daphne Ely IMPORTANT EVENT: Junior Prom fzeelcua F1rst row left to nght JoAnne Srbley Ann Fmnan Stephame Sprecher Theresa Shumbo Jean Krashefskl Wrllram Way Charles Wrckson Dorothy Cashman Judy Edmonston Edna Reedy Theresa Zelezmcky Audrey Frrtz Second row Mr Clark Vrrgrma McPhee Donald Zrobron Wrllram Robrda Charles Smrth Edgar Wrllrams Alan Kromrsh Charles Gates Joseph Czaplga Gerald Falrcloth Elras Danrkow Albert Pach Wanda Blake Elarne Bloch Mrs Cross Thud row John Walker, Rudolph Hura Rlchard Sprwak Grlbert Mrller Davrd Strong Paul Bogan John Kennedy Lrnwood Skrnner Henry Latronrca CLASS OFFICERS Presrdent Wrllram Way Vrce Presrdent Charles Wrckson Secretary Jean Krashefskr Treasurer Dorothy Cashman CLASS COLORS Green Prnk and Whrte CLASS FLOWER. Lrly of the Valley STUDENT COUNCIL Dorothy Cashman Alan Kromrsh IMPORTANT EVENT Sophomore Hop 'ia 'ag 3 .,.,..... : Z mm. Rwsm.. 5:53:- msgszm Wm... ...., .ng--2: can :ses '--ref: ....,,.. wi 'yfzecdmcwlcwc Frrst row left to nght Paulrne Jahelka Joanne Ventres, Margo Etler Joan Latronrca Elrzabeth Knrght Patrrcra Rarus, Carolyn Schlers, Dorothy Armstrong, Theodosra Hutra Shelley Roelants Drane Brrndley Arlene Robrda Patrrcra Zrobron, Marcta Frredman Second row Mrs MacDermott Davrd Peckeroff John Hutra Larry Maly Carol Barber Helen Canfteld Judy Pross, Beatrrce Appleby Jane Reynolds Phrlrp Rogers, Lewrs Klapp Kenneth Jones, Mr Scrre Thud row Thomas Provencher, Carl Frrtz Crarg Goodspeed Harold Johnson Carl Laurrdsen Rrchard Johnson Thomas Jahelka Ernest Barom, James Mxtchell Edward Maggl, Harold Breslow Edward Cummrngs CLASS OFFICERS Presrdent Drane Brxndley Vrce Presrdent Shelley Roelants Secretary Dorothy Armstrong Treasurer Theodosra Hutra STUDENT COUNCIL Marcra Frledman Ernest Baronx IMPORTANT EVENT Freshman Receptron 61' ' 'M W I, p f W 7' f ' wi M' .1 1 4 Saw ew 7"W4ew Dmmmce Zia! Zewzbwdal g""""'f""'eew we.-Qfw 5'4ff46!a6' Daacckgglud 7u'3f 7.7,-4. EM Ouiedm 046603 f4udw W , We ew v . 4 1 ' 1 In 1 ' Q4 accew The Hale Ray Soccer team had a hrghly successful season bemg the only undefeated team tn the state wrnnmg mne games and tyrng three For two years Hale Ray has gone through twenty f1ve games wrthout a defeat scorxng s1xty one goals to the op posttton s srx Hale Ray clrnched the Shore Ltne honors by dowmng Madlson 2 0 Then upon enter mg the Semr frnals of the State Tournament the Lrttle Notses downed Suffreld the Central Valley champs 1 0 On November 12 Hale Ray traveled to Glastonbury to take on hrghly rated Watertown where history repeated ltself Coach Never's Ltttle Noxses agam defeated Watertown by the rdenucal score of last year's game 2 0 thus retarnrng State Champronshxp trtle The team consrsts of Ame Kohs Bob Sola Joe Czaprga Henry Golet Frank Ztobron Drck Ztobron Harry Gates Btll Robrda Charles Wtckson Dtck Petrt and Drck Flala Substxtutes Btll Lamb Charles Urban Tommy Bogan Rlchard Lrska Mrckey Pear Alan Kromlsh Donnre Zrobron Kenneth Iona Crarg Goodspeed Harold Breslow Phtl Rogers and Davrd Peckeroff HENRYA GOLET A Diem I ZIOBRON M, Dncvc PETIT FRANK ZIOBRON If i 6 JOE CZAPIGA ...vgw BOB SOJA AKTIE KOHS Rv CHARIJE WICKSON ROBIDA BILL. RIC?-HE FIALA' U HARRY GATES X -A N847 'L 3.1. f H: Q 8 b A 'Q N51 rig A fig A Q A fi K' f Af X m , H X-X 'J in , Q , fm J af Lf If' .XE ,ff CQ 1 as Hoge Ro. VMPS WaTevTowh FOV and Sfwre Sow-:Y CWM 'Tl 'W-A A J' k ' x fn LeFT3 Team SCH Son Co QC H Henvj ale R GoLuhS 5-emu Enqts Of 'rQT9 BQSKSTBQLL ouvno.rnen1' Leffj Jerrj TCQCKQY AVN 9 Hehva 1 I' avr . V M F . MJ.. ' w . -. :W e Auf 9 T ' 'W ' -1 ' A5:, , p-it iw . 'I .Q . - 'X - - " ,. - N- u 1' 1 4' .1 T 3 A+ J., V L-'Y 'Y ly '-'A A uf' W UQ 1' 31. U Q' 3 md g g H - an - I 5 'I 3 MJ, 3 ri ws! nk Z I Rf X. Q u-5 ,ts aqaee mm Fust row left to nght Alan Slbley Harold Breslow Lewls Klapper Charlle Gates B111 Lamb Bob Gates Rxchard Sptwak, Charlte Wxckson Jack Valley Second row R1chard Maly Manager Coach Walt Slavkm Jrm Mnchell Gerry Mxller Ken Jones Tom Bogan Emxe Barom John Kennedy Craxg Goodspeed Coach Tom Nevers The Jayvee Basketball team had a very successful year closmg the season w1th a record of 14 wms and 4 defeats Coach Nevers and Walt Slavkm handled the Jayvee team Walt who was a student mstructor from the Umvemty of Bndgeport alded Coach Nevers dunng the fust half of the season These men have worked w1th and gxven the team the needed expenence that w1ll help them to w1n varslty posmons 4:29 ll ? 'wa Xi Wage Left to nght Ann Flnnan Jeanette Ltnko Patty Rarus Ann Mane Kostoss Arlene Robxda Betty Kntght Center Co captarns Patty Bloch and Shelley Roelants The Hale Ray court was sparked th1s year by these etght cheerful Jayvee cheerleaders These gtrls drd an outstandrng Job A better Jayvee squad has not been seen at Hale Ray tn many years l 4 L 62 D 5 , 1 ' 1 1 1 n 1 A' A 'o f' 5 ' ' Q5 'Z gg y 'E' Z E All I , X gi 34446466 Sayid!! Q ' ' ij :z I 7,5 W I, '- 94 Y' 'Q , ,Av 5 4 g 9 . x . f ' I K, I K , , 1 A ff: if - N 4 1 -1 fl-,. " i ,H 'Q I f, if - ., Lykyz, C QQ, V ,., V Vv N. '7' 'i""3" E7 2- EVA SIMSON Co Captams ' ANNE and AUDREY MCMULLEN SHIRLEY CARON CAROLYN SC HLEIS PATTY ZIOBRON px' E pl sb E 91, yi pkg 01, KW' daddy? cam The Hale Ray Varsity Basketball Team had a very successful year even though seven out of last years ten varsity players were lost through graduation Coach Tom Nevers had only one thing in his favor, that was a new gym With the new gym and a great will to wtn Hale Ray entered the Shore Line Competition tabbed a second division team But as the season went along the boys began to improve with every game The team was led by Harry Gates Henry Golet Dick Petit Art Kohs and Jerry Fair cloth who became known as The Iron Men Five With the help of Al Faucloth Bob Soja, Richard Fiala, Dick Spiwak, Bill Robida, Al Kromish, Joe Czapiga and Charlie Gates, they were able to post a record of 13 wins--5 losses and gained a second place tie with Valley Regional, behind Shore Line Champ, Morgan, H-R H-R H-R 65 Durham ---- 46 67 Saybrook ---- 41 65 Madison ----- 47 71 Lebanon ---- 40 6'7 Durham ----- 40 54 Saybrook ---- 41 53 E, Hampton- - 60 72 Old Lyme ---- 50 81 Lebanon ----- 38 56 Guilford ---- 33 31 Clinton ----- 37 64 Old Lyme ---- 30 58 E. Hampton- - 67 67 Regional ---- 57 38 Clinton ----- 61 56 Madison ---- 53 58 Guilford ---- 25 54 Regional ---- 59 Hale-Ray entered the State Tournament and beat Woodstock 67--62, Windsor Locks 44--43: and New Canaan 57--48, But they lost in the semi-final round to Terryville 71- -49. This is the farthest any Hale-Ray team has gone, Dick Petit and Henry Golet were chosen to All-Tournament second team while Jerry Faircloth received Honorable Mention, HARRY JERRY GATES FAIRCLOTH TUCKER HENRY FAIRCLOTH GOLET H COACH NEVERS DICK .fwqff PETITX J BOB SOJA RICHIE FIALA BILL JOE CZAPIGA ALLEN KROMISH L 5 ARTIE KOHS ROBIDA , I gf' Q fr' ,, K 5 C A I lg ' 5 ,al ' , ,, Q! P , A ZQLE-R41 iv ,X S 5 'LE .ins .1 -2- a V! 1' .X I x4 A L f . ix, , A' 1 4 X vw ' K ' L 3 ff xx L-21 1 f J , V f X rl I J B rg ' ii , A ,I F5 ! 1+ Y ' L ' 5 2,1 ? . R , 5535155 fx V 4 X: I, 1 'f 1 . , i 1"iW I E X 1 ,lxk hy f 4 1 'f L 5' A 34 "2 W 'X fu? x 'R ' Q ,f . X X L -- N - X 44' - x "'f H x 4 ' .f I , lx ,WM . ' X 'iv' mm BEST WISHEIS TO TH GRADUATING CLASS O 1954 W Q WMA QVC Cl-IUR EST TURKEY FARM Quahty Turkeys A11 Year Round ARNOLD J SCHUR Telephone Moodus TR 3 8351 East Haddam COHDCCt1Cuf Compllments of Beauty Sho p NICDIVIS LUNCHEONETT E Gr1nders SandW1ches of All K1HdS Haddam Congratulauons to Class of 1954 DQ Comp11ments of gQ M772 Qdzecfwmfz M4421 W Q W h 1954 WWW! LODGE M d h and Soon. Su-lop som f'-P0 F 101 dB B . C1 f C . B Wis es from Best Wishes from o 9 M CCDNSTANT SE FZV ICE STATION Sales Hudson Serv1ce Telephone DI 5 4540 A J TIEZZI Propmetor Hudson Jet Wasp Super Wasp and Fabulous Hudson Hornet Better Bu11t to Wear Longer Route 9 Haddam, Connecticut fmmwg aft STORE W t 5 un C PLUMBING X? HENRY GOLET DICK PETIT MICKEY PEAR RALPH SOJA W 3 Zac 'hoallee E' 740544 Q12 ,,, mmfm 574,50 gd45man4 GARAGE QU U IA 'I , - Best ishes th ' l n C1assof54 N 45,3 E , F rn 5.7 ,ix 3 Q3 0 'V a Compliments HOOD6 SMITH C ONSTR UC TION Best Wishes to Class of '54 From AUDIO VISUAL CLUB Success 1n the Future to the Class of 1954 JOURNA LISM CLUB Comphments of MIDDLESEX SPORT CENTER Mlddletown, C onnectlc ut C omphme nts of femme. 52,1 Smart Clothes for Men and Young Men 330 Ma1n Street Mlddletown aaa 4 Grower of F1ne Flowers 15 Rome Avenue Ivhddletown Rlght Off the Portland Br1d0e of ' I ft 351 Main Street Electrical lil? tftffi. bi W APPLIANCES GOLUB5 ELEC TRIC SHOP Complete Sales and SCIVICCS "We Serv1ce What We Se " C omp11me nts C omphments of magma! GARAGE EAST HADDAM UPHOLSTERY Custom Upholstery East Haddam Good Luck to the ROWLAND BALLEK RICH MALY CHUCK KOZAK MISCHA LIEBER AWZS AND I s vs ,tg-L It AT MARKET 1 ' 11 . of . 0 3. co. 1 Class of '54 '13 Y ' A g , Q4 Q 7? df'!Q4.4.' aan Be st Wishe s From CMJ. Serving the Finest in Foods and Liquors Catering to Weddings and Banquets Ea st Haddam Connecticut Telephone Moodus TR 3 8020 Best Wishes From Uduf 67.42 Middletown and Essex Connecticut Greetings 'I F From Qvze Z1 auf? GARAGE C omplete Automobile Service C ompliments of ff' Ygfacgfzm mage me EDGAR D WILLIAMS lcn svnomsrf I In gettin Walesa Ziefm. 2429.0 GENERA L STORE East Haddam C onnecticut C ompliments of 2243 Waflam 5421442 M, 0 X Z. Q6 , i 1 . C060 444 am eff. CZK Sudden Servxce Satlsfled Customers "Bu1ld It of Wood" Heat It W1th Coal Phone TR 3 8635 Gd. LV. Moodus , Connecticut W t f 4 OODUS LJI-QLJCJ 5 I LDIQI: T MU LLEN d f 4 The L.I BFQAIQY CLLJE: M Q M.-9 M RS Qwfeyzvi gzagtaff QW INN Md 1gA Mac rr Best ishes th Clas 5 R. . Mc Registere Pharmacist, Propriet Best WiSh6S to th Compliments gf Classo 5 0 C rnpliments of A . Q 0 ern Bow in lleys Route 151 oo us ' BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1954 fl Moodus Connecncut 600000 MHW5 l I V Q4 my UVM l 21 7Zat'z6L'a'aa4 ,an N - oAmv PRODUCTS Congratulahons to the Class of '54 BEN SPREQHER Best W1shes to the Class of 1954 HALE RAY FORUM CLUB Congratulatlons to the Class of '54 H R ENGINEERING LABORATORIES East Haddam, Con.nect1cut Congratulatlons to the Class of 1954 MR and MRS NORMAN P BRAGDON C ornpllments of 6912.66 an 816044 PHOTOGRA PHER East Haddam, C onnect1cut Best Wlshes to the Class of '54 Wa!! 2: CLEANERS Moodus, Connect1cut Compllments of GEORGE V, MacDERMOTT General Insurance Telephone Moodus TR 3 8081 i " N- I - 'A - ' V .4 '-I . . n-an-..::. .ay ' .Pg it' ' L ...v-..:.- 'J my -,X Comphments of f fwame feng., ge 'sk .2 Moodus Connect1cut C omphme nts of DA VID D BERDON and EDWARD COHEN ATTORNEYS AT LAW C omp11me nt s of MOODUS SAVINGS BANK Moodus, Connectlcut Incorporated 1870 C omp11ments of Wy aaa Cholce Meats and Grocerles Moodus Connectlcut Success m the Future to the Class of '54 THE COMBINED GLEE CLUB Comphments of gafayfd On the Farm Smoked Hams, Bacon and Pure Pork Sausage Best w1ShCS to the Class of '54 POP'S STAND Haddam, Connect1cut S1nce1'est Thanks to A11 Those Who Have Helped to Make Our Yearbook a Success A7901 -sa VEARBOOK Tnruu Ynnoox Conrnav Duns 0772 0. 3 gif' 0 0

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