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913, N., I iflfiz K ,il 4. K fu 54 we r'-- - " fs' A , ' 'Q!'?a.- 4 N, ' , 05,14 ig:-g W, M., ,K-7. . ,. V" M 'K . f jk ,, wi, .AA ,, .1 n-'fi' rl, " - -as 'mf wa ' xc, 1-L N. .A .. 8 ., ,DW . w ' ,, x --Ai . ,f,4g, 5, ,Hen 1.n -2 fa - i y ijf'-v319fL -1 'V-iff , :az .gh X- V ,r-T723 - 1 X brig , fm ., 1 ,-..45.,.q . gjw-1-' ' - X ' 51-f93':Z 5'-' -.hee 'L , ,M :- G. 1 .ff- . ,L Iv X.4.f': ' ' ,z.,,,, T.- "'- .M ff. W A 4.:::-2-, -. we X i F I 2 ? E 2 I L n s 5 i i L f E i I I E 2 r i z Q I s r H 4 , V 1 l V v , QYXXS YB K 'YYXE n fi' i YYXOP 4 EYCYY OF 'Q .,g, 'QB - x8 fi ,, RA WXLE . y SCH S Qy N , CON MOODUS, 'vm 'YQ-e Oc 4 2 qt,-,.??,w,,, , For the guidance and of the Senior class thro deepest appreciation that MacDermott. 4 ugh-out their high school time given unselfishly to the members years, it is with the Nahara is dedicated to Mrs. Dean L. Editor-in-Chief . . Associate Editor . . Business Manager . Advertising Editors Photography Editors Art Editor , , . , Subscription Editor ,Q ,Q KW NAHARA STAFF . . Paul Palmer . . Wanda Hall . Audrey Stout Jacqueline Adler Robert Mitchell Walter Urban . Barbara Lesick Robert Yindra . Ruth Zeleny . . Joan Schur Junior Class Representatives . . . Roberta Greenberg Gerald Roelants Faculty Adviser . . . Walter J, Kozak 5 CLASS POEM Our school years can be compared to a string of pearls. On our first day in school there was nothing but the string itself, Strong and sturdy, ready to bear upon it the I2 pearls, which were To represent our I2 grades. Slowly, one by one, the pearls were added, each significant. Not all-were white with laughter and confidence. Some were gray with fear and trouble, But each one held friendship and guidance. Each has taught us to be prepared for the challenge which awaits us And now, tonight, the last pearl has solemnly been added. It is shaded with gray, for there is fear of what is ahead, But waitl the gray has disappeared and in that pearl we see Hope, light, and faith, which has come to us through each strong Pearl bead. And now the string is tied. We shall carry these pearls with us always, And in the years to come, wherever we may be, We shall look upon them, and know that this string Of twelve pearls has made us what we are today. Wd 6 ALMA MATER fAustria Hymny Nathan Hale, our Alma Mater, We thy students proudly raise This our song of true devotion, This our song of grateful praise. Knowledge gained within thy walls Ever our true guide will be. Many hours of earnest study, Friendship, and joy have we spent in thee Hail to thee, proud Alma Mater, Fondest mem'ries in thee lie. We salute thee Alma Mater May thy spirit never die. May thy fame grow ever greater, And thy glory e'er increase. Nathan Hale we'll love thee alwaysg Our praise of thee shall never cease. 7 --1 ADMINISTRATICDN nib'-' -N. CWM' DEAN L. MacDERMOTT English B. A. Acadia University N'5n.,-so i . Mmm MYRON COLLETTE, Principal ,Q 'X K 1 . Li, N Xfwx :L3tk..4n--- F X" ' ' - 5' we g 4 0 B.Ai- Maine-University Clark' University -- Boston College M. A. Columbia University J KOZAK 1 Physics EMERY Aeronautics University of Louvain 7 C ' University of Belgium 4 New Hampshire 9 ig, 734.1 ' - I Q PHELIS ASPIN LL Home Economics B. S. Framingham State Teachers' College STANLEY BOCKSTEIN Mathematics B. S. University of Connecticut 6,gQw.Jtt. if To J CLARKE W, CADY Social Science English A. B. Trinity College WM aim WI 7 E. SELDEN CLARK Agriculture B. S. University of Connecticut 10 JOHN F. FABIAN Industrial Arts B. S. Teachers' College of Connecticut MILDRED K. IAHELKA School Secretary Nathan Hale School wG4J,,..,u,QL,,,5 2,,4.u46L,4-Cahn! at ' 1 Mlm XLQJ' aj -' mln, A4401- PAULINE KABARA S, Commercial nj B.s. lx JP Salem State '31 Teachers' College E' ' L wr YY my tj l 33 BERNARD LEVINE Athletic Coach History B. S. Springfield College 11 my V X 1 fs. '. X l E. ' xl. X 3, ,mx X ,Y-.,-Rf , V K . 1U ,W 1 1. , ln. s Z Q 5,8 ., WW . 1 J sq .L . . , J s X 5 . i A 1 3 ' ,fufx5j4gfgig,. , ,Z kL,. l jf T xl ,. , M3123 5 A 1 M, X H '- 4 -WMA, M, -,,,,v.p,-A,-f' f I ,,Mff'fs : 5 .JL if X J-iq J IRENE MOCHAK Languages B. A. College of Our Lady of the Elms 'Q' l CHARLOTTE W. SCHONBERG K James Milliken University L and if l Conservatory 1' .V f a oi mir ALEX SHOAG Social Science English B. A. Ohio State Teachers' College 4 .l .4 lg' L' 'll M-rf1"MffALlcE YEOMANS R.N. Hospital Bucknell if i 12 'UH f QMS. fn' mu, SE IQRS --an 5 i f f xys .ti CLASS OFFICERS Vice-President President CHARLES GOLET ROBERT YINDRA Treasurer Secretagy FRANCES KILEY RUTH ZELENY 14 "Jackie" --- Commercial course Quotation: "Laugh and the world laughs with you. " Extra-curricularsg Glee Club-I,2,3g Library-I,2g Dramatics-1,2, 3 QPres.J, 4g Journalism-1, 23 Girls' Hi-Y-1, 2, 3, 4g Advertising Editor of the Nahara. The.girl with the dimples -- hardworker in senior affairs -- usually foundimdlhe typing room, mimeographing -- pastime is paint- ing chinytgrrepg hopes to be a secretary. fc ' y - E ay wwf! t J ' sf' OV blip 59 RJ x Q ,lf H ef 3 ' Qi- ' Ili Jr-,, -SIL fb - JACQUELINE ADLER ,SH 5,1 Lf "Herby" --- College course fm' L Quotation: "Brevity is the soul of wit. " Extra-curricularsg at North Hollywood High: frecently transferred to Nathan Hale-Rayj Football-I, 2, 35 Track-I, 2: Journalism-I. Witty -- favorite pastime is drawing -- usually found . . . "up on the farm"-- likes study period best -- can be seen driving a Ford truck -- ambition-to be an architect. qfgL,,,,,,,,i- Q HERBERT BARON grin, .i,u,,,, .f , R3-,ttlk 'Q' . JAMJG2 - ' "Edee" '--- Commercial course Quotation: "The only way to have a friend is to be one. " Exua-curriculars: Glee Club-I, 2, 3 fTreas. J, 4g Dramatics-I, 2, 3, 4g S Library- I , 2, 3, 4. Known for her conscientiousness and her dependability -- a good friend to everyone -- voted the most quiet of the class -- pastime is going to the movies -- hopes to be a secretary. EDITH BARTMAN 1 5 T' ft 7' "Fritz'ie" --- Commercial course Quotation: "Oh, only a free soul can never grow old. " K Extra -curriculars: Glee Club- I , 2, 3, 4g Library- I , 2, Dramatics-I , f 2, 3,4g Journalism-4: Baseball-I,2, 3,41 Steering Committee-4. M?" l ' Noted for her tallness -- eagerness to have fun -- athlete -- I jc ' K lik.exsxPolish polkas -- can usually be found with Barbara -- voted the class clown 7- after graduation wants to be a typist. i I 1 L' 4 f A, ' - xl 'W I N ' X Y N ' ' If L31 f I any VJ' ' J , I ff! VIRGINIA FAIRCLOTI-I ,V , , Q ,Q "Charlie" or "Kaziu" --- General course Quotation: "lf a man is sincere he will seek earnestly for the truth. " Extra-curriculars: Journalism-2, 3, 4, Radio-2, 33 Glee Club-I, 2, 3, 4g Sports Club-I, 2, 3, 4, Soccer and Baseball-I , 2, 3, 4. Sincerest boy of the senior class -- active in sports --likes huntingand fishing -- interested in the scientific field -- life's am- bition - to go big game hunting. NW V- I. .I ' 0 I. ,- I. vt' II' few Y I . I I I '1 j, 'V CHARLES GOLET tl if' 1 I I P Y WANDA HALL r , I "Wanda" --- College course Quotation: "It is better to give than to take. " Extra-curricularsg Orchestra- I , 2, 3, 4, Glee Club-I , 2, 3 QSec'tyJ, 4 QPres.Jg Library-1,2 fSec'tyJ, 3 QVice-Pres.J, 4 fPres.Jg Journalism- I fExchange Editorj, 2 QCirculationJ, 3 QFeature Editory, 45 Dra- matics-3,4g Youth Council-2, 3 QSec'tyyg All-State Chorus-3,4p As- sociate Editor of the Nahara. Voted most dependable of the class -- willing to help in any project -- plays the piano and violin -- hobby is collecting spoons -- usually found at the Moodus Theater -- hopes to be a music teacher. 16 ,N if r ,f I LK .' , l v,', ' SZ I, :U A fs f 1 'lfletez W General course K 1 o ationllyf '3Common sense is the foundation of achievement. " xi will I 1 ff X tra-'pugffcularsz Glee Club-I,2g Baseball-3,4g Boys' Hi-Y-1,2, 3 4 fpfiesqg Student Council-4: Radio-2 QSec'ty. -Treas.J. 3fsameJ. 7 MU , X mifj I Class tease -- loyal Yankee fan -- voted the cutest boy of the senior class -- usually found near locker No. 48 -- favorite pastime -- going to the movies -- ambitiong- to join the Navy. ,gif 3, , , ALAN KILEY 6 my O . v' , I ik., Q JAJJ' af-Q W X LLC x Q "Franie" -- College course X . 4 Quotation: "They are able because they think they are able. " Extra-curricularsg Glee Club-I,2,3,4g Journalism-4g Forum-2,3, 45 All-State Chorusg Dramatics-I QVice-Pres.J, 2,3,4QSec'ty.Qg Library-I, 2, 3, 4 fSec'ty.Jg Student Council-2 Class Treasurer-4. The girl voted most likely to succeed -- efficient class treasurer-- eagerness to help in any activity -- refreshing per- sonality liked by everyone for her Irish witl g ' . 'A ' I - r A A l QV' fl , ,' U will ' , ' K It 1 A ju' FRANCES KILEY x I I , I V r.' 1 v ln !"Bahs" --ff:Comm cial course x F . Qucitadong ,WA go d laugh is sunshine in the house. " I X A 'S i ' ,Extra-curriculafs: Library- I , 25 Journalism-45 Glee Club- I , 2, 3, 45 WW Dramatics-I,2, 3,45 Student Council Rep. -1,3,4g Girls' State-33 ' Yearbook staff - Photography Editor-4. Kind-hearted -- always smiling -- voted the best looking girl -- is partial to music from "South Pacific" -- pastime -- working at Bill's Soda Shop -- ambition-to be a dress designer. BARBARA LESICK 17 BEATRICE LIEBER QSC if' 'X Q it f "Eddie --- College course Quotation: "As fresh as rain on cherry blossoms. " 4 1 ,B ff- ' ' Extra-curriculars: Glee Club- I , 2, 3, 4g Dramatics-2, 3, 43 Library-3, K 4g Girls' Hi-Y-2, 33 Student Council Rep. -I. Voted most natural -- subject to giggles -- plays the accordian -- favorite pastime is square dancing -- best sport -- willing worker 2 5 , at L., 1 , , , V J . If C .ff I 41,0 ' eff ,of ft- 1 Maw . K -,ff ,u lt. , 'ffoxcfifvh I V 4 If Ll' 0,1 f 3 ff, ,ff 431' "Bea" --- College course T I V Quotation: "The play's the thing. " Extra-curriculars: Glee Club-I, 2, 3, 4g Forum-3, 4g Journalism-4: Library-1, 2, 3, 4: A11-State Chorus-4g Girls' Hi-Y-1, 2, 3, 4fT1'eaS.j Dramatics-1, 2 qSec'ty.J, 3 qTreas.J, 4 fTreas.J Active in Dramatics -- voted class thespian -- reserved -- hardworker -- plays piano -- ambition-to combine dramatics and music into a career -- usually found with "Franie" -- likes movies. -- a true friend -'- ambition is to be a nurse. 'Q ' ' .I ROBERT MITCHELL li 5 EDNA MCNEILL "Mitch" --- College course Quotation: "He that can have patience can have what he will. " Extra-curriculars: Glee Club- I , 2, 3, 4g Dramatics-I , 2, 3, 42 Forum 2, 3,4g Journalism-45 Class Treasurer-lg Class President-2g Ad vertising Editor of the Nahara-4. Liveliest of the class -- good dancer -- great personality - keen sense of humor --industrious worker on the yearbook staff - ambition is to be an executive. 18 'f l "Paul" --- College course Quotation: "God has placed no limit on intellect. " n 3 Extra-curriculars: Glee Club-I, 2, 3, 4g Dramatics-2, 3,4 fvice- 1'l Pres.jg Forum-2, 3,4g Baseball-1, 2, 3,4g Class Treasurer-2g Editor d of the Nahara: Class Pres. -I. Modest -- hardworker -- smartest of the senior class -- sense of humor -- friendly disposition -- hobby is collecting stamps and butter- flies -- likes going to the movie f0 be an accountant. M PAUL PALMER Q M JMU I "Crow" or "Bob" --- General course A Xp fr! Quotation: "Thus scorning all the care that fa e or fortu e rings. ' , Extra -curriculars: Soccer- I, 2, 3, 4 fCo-captainjg Basketball-2, 3, 4 QCO-captainjg Glee Club-1,35 Boys' Hi-Y-I,2,3,4g Council Rep. -2g Steering Committee-4. Known for leadership and outstanding ability in sports -- crew haircut and captivating smile -- happy-go-lucky nature -- hard worker for class affairs -- likes a night out with the boys. ,ON W2 Of' ,ff its -GOO KW Op! x OJ rn L -be I WH Cla, ' lyk' Ll. sq Vkcjcn it 43,5 ' fgrlf-..'f ROBERT ROBIDA MKLQLOI9 UN GSA' ' Q N A., "Ioannie" -F- college course Quotation: "Gay good nature sparkles in her eyes. " 'Q . Extra-curriculars: Drarnatics-1, 2, 3g Library- I , 2, 35 Glee Club-I , 2. 3. 4: Cheerleader-I , 2, 3, 4 QCO-captainyg Subscription Editor of the Nahara: Girls' Hi-Y-1,23 fTreas.5, 3 qSec'ty.y, 4fPI6S.J Voted the best dancer of the senior girls -- lots of pep as a cheerleader -- dislikes quizzes -- partial to music by Ray Anthony -- hobbies are collecting records and taking dancing lessons, JOAN SCHUR 19 ' 'wrnfrl' , n 2777777 ,f I Q I Mtv! Lv' jf L- ff! . . , A jgjfkx f sf' .f Sf A ' ,' I - ff . 9 r LJ ' X A9 X' ' ffl ' f 4 8 ' 0 ' -- A Collefgefcobrse M f , ot ' 'pwithffhoughtfifl face and deep majestic eyes." - ' AJ L., , ' .f J ' l ' xy'-curri uars: Soccer-4g Basketball-4g fCo-captainjg Steering ROGER SNELL "Aud" --- Commercial course Quotation: "Gent1eness succeeds better than violence. " Extra-curriculars: Glee Club-I, 2, 3,4g Dramatics-3, 4 fPres. lg Li- brary-I , 2, 3, 45 Class Vice-President-2g Journalism- I , 2 fSec'tyJ 43 East Haddam Hi-Y-I, 3,4 QSec'ty. Jg Chairman of the Steering Com- mittee-4. Energetic -- worked industriously on the Steering Committee-- favorite pastime is going to the games -- hobby is collecting picture f 1 Committee-4. . ,. Q, I P l Short, blond haired -- biggestheartbreaker of the senior class -- equally as popular with the underclassmen -- polite -- can usually be seen driving a jeep or Mercury station wagon. postcards -- wants If be a secretary OJ 9 t v . . . 5 HO 3 fv aj W S 4 S ysps syyppypc tptf c,yl up 4 ,fc V9 AUDREY s'roUT HRBAN "Lx "Walt" --- College course Quotation: "With malice toward none. " Extra-curriculars: Glee Club-I,2, 33 Dramatics-I, 2g Class President -3g Forum-3,4g Class Vice-President-r,2g Basketball-2, 3,4g Soc- cer-4g Student Council President-4. Known for his leadership -- cute smile -- all-round student - good basketball player -- most respected -- a whiz in Chemistry -- pastime is working at the Meat market -- hopes to be an engi- neer, s 45' X 20 Q51 N 14, K V A h "Bob" --- College course Quotation: "He strives to conquer. if 3 fs Extra-curriculars: Radio-2, 3g Forum-2, 3, 4g SOCCCI-IQ Journalism 55, A6 , . . . 3 fL-' I, -4: Boys H1-Y-2, 3,4g Class President-4, Photography Editor of the h ' 3 Nahara. so 2 Tall, handsome -- voted best dressed boy of the senior class X UVVL clever -- excels in ability to do imitations -- favorite eating places gli: --"Mom's Stand" and "Sid's" --- likes Math and Chem. X L., :Y 1 Z , kia' 'V fff 3 f J X sf I, 1 ROBERT YINDRA K 5 Ln 1 I V rajwv , N. v N ' Q R 5 lm , 45 , ' ' r- r, LBJ' 4 ft . 1 F' " ,C was ' K' Cl z C , . ., X N 1 I 1 W 4-15 A r 1. .2 , x le , ' "Ruthie" --- Commercial course Quotation: "Courage with softness, modesty with pride. " Extra-curriculars: Glee Club-I,2,3,4Q Library-1,2 fVice-Pres.J, 3 fPres.j 4, Journalism-I, 2, 3, 4g Cheerleader-I, 2, 3, 43 fCo-captainj Girls' Hi-Y-2 fSec'ty.D 3 qPres.J 4 lVice-Pres.Jg Student Council- 3 fTreas.J, 4 fSec'IY79 Forum-23 Baseball-2,4g Class Secretary-I,2, 3,4g Girls' State-33 Youth Council-2 fRep.y, 3 QTreas. J: Art Editor of the Nahara. Most popular girl of the senior class -- cheerful -- all-round student -- favorite pastime is tap dancing -- sparkling personality -- hopes to be a secretary. ' 21 RUTH ZELENY WE CLASS HISTORY It was a beautiful morning that day in September 1939 when we started our first year in school. With Mrs. Nichols as our teacher we learned to read and write. One of us at one time or another was talking and as a result somebody was always being punished. The roll call was as follows: Jackie Adler, Edith Bartman, Virginia Faircloth, Wanda Hall, Frances Kiley,Barbara Lesick, Caroline Manee, Edna Mc- Neill, Audrey Stout, Ruth Zeleny, Herb Baron, Tom Goff, Charles Golet, Alan Kiley, Bob Mitchell, Edward Rarus, Fred Reidinger, Bob Robida, Walt Urban, Teddy Shumbo, and Bob Yindra. We entered the second grade with Mrs. Thomas 'as our teacher. We had a pleasant year. This year we met Joan Hitriz, Ann Jenckes, Mae Way, Gail Burdick, and Elwin Rutty. We were met in the third grade by Mrs. Graham, now Mrs. Peck. During the year we learned arithmetic and geography. Because Walt Urban and Ruth Zeleny had scarlet fever, our class was quarantined and we had a two week stay at home which none of us regretted. We added to our growing class, Pryde Bean, Olin Usher, and Donald Hobart. During the year Joan Hitriz, Carolyn Manee, and Mae Way left us. In the fourth grade we struggled with our multiplication tables. Mrs. Bohn, our teacher, taught us how to knit and we made a blanketz The surprising thing about making it was that the boys knitted more than the girls. Mabel Pasquerell, the DiBernaidi sisters, Florence Zirnmermium, and Walter Canfield joined us. We entered the fifth grade with Mrs. Thurott, as our teacher. All through the year we learned about the other countries and we also made individual scrap books. This year, we added to our class, Julius Schwab. We lost Teddy Shumbo, Eddie Rarus, Elwin Rutty, Olin Usher, and Donald Hobart. We also lost several girls, the DiBernaidi sisters, and Florence Zimmermiurn. In the sixth grade we learned about Mexico and other South American coun- tries from Mrs. Shanaghan. This year we learned how to draw and made a big mural. Now we were ready for our big step, our entrance into Junior High School. At last, after six long years, we left the grade side and entered the seventh grade. Mrs. MacDermott was our home room teacher, but due to illness, she had to leave us. She was replaced by Mr. Graham under whose leadership we finished the year. To the roll we added Paul Palmer, Joan Schur, and James Slahtosky. Herb Baron left us to seek his fortune in California. 23 We moved on to the eighth grade where Miss Metzler greeted us. During the year, Bob Anderson, Frank Morton, and Richard Usher were added to the class. We lost James Slahtosky, Anna Jenckes, Mabel Pasquerell, and Gail Burdick. Nowwe were ready for the goal of all students, High School. In our first year of high school we were greeted by Mr. Janiga. Harry Zoccoli, Jimmy Hill, Beatrice Lieber and Gloria Pendleton joined our class. The year was marked by numerous chalk and eraser fights. We were initiated with the usual lipstick, odd display in dress and continual obedience to the juniors. One of our classmates, Alan Kiley, was thrown into the pond. After this display, initiations stopped. Our class officers were as follows: President, Paul Palmerg Vice President, Walt Urban: Secretary, Ruth Zelenyg Treasurer, Bob Mitchell. We were greeted in the tenth grade by Mrs. MacDermott. The officers were: President, Bob Mitchellg Vice President, Walt Urban: Secretary, Ruth Zeleny, Treasurer, Paul Palmer. We put on our Sophomore Hop and it proved to be very successful. We lost from our class Harry Zoccoli, Jimmy Hill, Tommy Goff and Julius Schwab. We came to the junior year with Mrs. Kabara as our guide. We elected Walter Urban, Presidentg Audrey Stout, Vice Presidentg Ruth Zeleny, Secretary, Wanda Hall Treasurer. We started early and worked hard on our Junior Prom, which turned out to be one of the best the school has ever had. Gail Burdick joined us once again, and Walter Canfield and Gloria Pendleton left. We finally reached the senior year with Mr. Kozak as our advisor. We elected Bob Yindra, President: Charles Golet, Vice Presidentg Ruth Zeleny, Secretaryg and Frances Kiley, Treasurer. Roger Snell and Herbert Baron joined us while Gail Burdick left. We worked hard all through the year to raise money for our Washington trip. By April we had enough money and on the sixteenth we left for Washington with Mr. and Mrs. Bockstein as chaperones. We had an eventful trip, and when we returned. we got back to things at state, but soon we had to prepare for graduation, And here we are before you tonight waiting for our diplomas. 24 bums Own-3 wamtwsm .EOOID Om OD East Om HS Us V623 SOOW gm Egg: :W 35035 ESD UZ: m-EEE BPH E5 Uwgqmz m-Em 3332 SO Um EG EEG UE 3 Nga 330 E NAB 30:8 Om 26002 E 5.-WEUM MEAE ERE QE 330 Us DO :OH so :gm N WO E03 Us EHS MEM Awake QOENU GEMS U W M EOE :W 2:0503 UE :ia O-H Qmzoom NAHSOHODW Haan N Um kgawdm BENE 50 HEOH Eg N D H035 -UOOMW 4 0532 .4 .L .U C0285 EMS Baz H0203 5:0 95 3053! SESAM H5300 Rada :Evan 53332 N552 E EEEHOH-w 5 ROOM SU 55203 MSW SSHOOL HWUHQ ZOEKHMZZQ iam aim Naam m-wg H335 H32 wwigiwg 'M .3 3503 whim ggdw :deign mga mga UEOZ m-EEE BH OEOE Q05 SOW W-:E 0303 mb. E OEOZ H0323 asap 36002 Ugg m-N552 3055 03:5 EOOM H230 OO MEM-Olgdo gsm P502 HDOOZQI EE: 01-USU QUEWEH-G 20:3 OH MWEE3 naw 6:35 25520 via m8EO2aw 25:0 NN N N N NSE 2252 wizwa gg is gg B HO: wdgn MEAE V626 wigg SQA UQ Bbw vaio Z5 wing mst an xosm 35 D305 magna adn EEE B5 wig WEUEOE 5 SOE was ESD H36 wagg gow aus?-w 35 Dam beg M564 wdgmam aim :am EEOANUH M5502 gag AVMOOQ 00:28 ODUUEQ wa mga-EE MOL QEZAE UE:-Nm nom :SS 56:4 wsu OH Oh 305 gig SSE gg was Sm REEL 38 2:33 ENS! New BB EB: 0202 E242 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT The class of 1951 of the Nathan Hale-Ray School in the town of East Haddam, Connecticut, being of sound mind and memory do solemnly proclaim this out last will and testament, and do hereby individually bequeath the following endowments: Barbara Lesick's slim and graceful figure to Fred Berner. Ruth Zeleny leaves her liveliness and happy ways to Eleanor Hotyckey. Walter Urban's great personality goes to Paul Breslow who is never without a smile. Robert Yindra wills his height to Tom Dombroski for use on the basketball court. Virginia Faircloth leaves her fondness for polkas to M. J. Cashman. Edith Bartman wills her demure habits to Myma Bower. Robert Robida leaves his excuses for tardiness to Lennie Adler to use next year. Robert Mitchell hopes his dancing ability will go to Gene Dufrat. Let's see you at more of the dances, Gene. Edna McNeil1's musical talent is willed to Henry Schmittberger. Audrey Stout leaves her ability to flirt to Russell Schultz. Charles Golet leaves his hang out down in the agriculture room to some good looking Junior. Herb Baron's eagerness in activity should go to Wiley Valley. Wanda Hall leaves her neat quantity of Problems of Democracy notes to any Junior who is lucky enough to take the subject next year. 26 Jackie Adler's sense of humor and clowning ways to Marcella Bury. Alan Kiley's ability to keep his business to himself to Murray Stein. Roger Snell gives his ways with the opposite sex and his jeep to Billy Hill. Frances Kiley wills her interest in studies and her wide awake attitude in English class to Elsie Talbot. Beatrice Lieber leaves her acting ability to George Drenga. Paul Palmer's report cards with their A marks go to Jirn Hill. Joan Schur wills her memories of Thanksgiving Day and her school year to Babe Snell to take to Knox with her. This completes the Class Will of 1951. We hope that everyone will be grati- fied with their acquired endowments. 1 27 Hi.. . 56 ,-, O.'. Kms: QW ggi: waiszzfqffssw.f-gr,ff3,,fe,:.:,' 1. 1 ' lei . ff sSi2mHf1:,ag,'--. -, f - ? ?Wfe1f5?f'Lw1a?f1',s: -,'.t'f1s':2iw . 7 .uf ky K i 11 A ' ' .da CLASS DREAMERS TYPICAL TEENAGERS 3 SEN TIMENTALIST LIV ELIEST CLEVERES T DEEPEST BLUSHERS CLASS TEASES ALL ROUND STUDENTS 28 BEST LOOKING BEST DRESSED wif? MX CLASS FLIRTS CLASS MUSICIANS MOST NATURAL i CLASS CLOWNS MOST SINCERE CLASS THESPIANS SHYEST 29 WHO'S WHO IN THE CLASS OF '51 CHARACTERISTICS Most Quiet ---- Hardest Worker - - Best Looking - - .- Cleverest . ---- Most Respected - - Class Clown - - - Best Liked ---- Most Cheerful - - - Most Romantic- - - Best Leader ----- Class Tease- - '- - - Best Excuse Maker - - Class Artist ----- Best Dressed - - - Sentimentalist - - - Class Flirt ---- Smartest ------ Most Sincere ----- Most Sophisticated - - Class Thespian - - - Most Polite - - Best Personality- - - All-Round Student- - - Most Accommodating - Most Popular ------ Biggest Heartbreaker- - Best Sport ------- Class Musician - - Most Nonchalant - - Class Athlete- - - - Best Dancer ----- Most Conscientious - - Most Independent- - Best Disposition- - - Most School Spirit - - - - - Most Dependable- - - - Most Likely To Succeed Cutest --------- Class Arguer - - - Deepest Blusher - - Shyest ------ Noisiest ----- Class Dreamer - - - Class Realist - - - Typical Teenager - - - Most Natural ----- Tardiest - - - Liveliest - - - GIRL Bartman Zeleny Lesick - Adler - Hall - - Faircloth- - - - - Zeleny- Zeleny- Stout- - Hall - - Stout- - Adler - Zeleny- Schur - Adler - Stout - Kiley - Hall - - Hall - - Lieber - Hall - - Zeleny- Zeleny- Hall - - Zeleny- Schur - McNeill Hall - - Lesick - Zeleny- Schur- - Hall - - Kiley - Lieber - Zeleny- Hall - - Kiley- - Schur - Kiley - Kiley - Bartman Adler - Lieber - Kiley - Schur - McNeill Adler - Zeleny- 30 BOY Palmer Palmer Urban Yindra Urban Robida Urban Snell Urban Yindra Kiley Robida Mitchell Yindra Urban Snell Palmer Golet Yindra Mitchell Snell Snell Urban Mitchell Urban Snell Yindra Golet Robida Robida Mitchell Palmer Palmer Golet Urban Palmer Yindra Kiley Urban Kiley Palmer Mitchell Palmer Robida Snell Robida Robida Mitchell WW , , . 551 . L' fx f' ,V'lZWfQ?zef1f2,gs255ffLSWZWQQ f ' g 53571 2 ' k -7942155 , fiwaii 2 Q, MX 3 AX vm, f xg. ., ,L.,1,,, fs f 1 x , H I 555557 ii 1 Y x ,N wk x -1LfmQ5"F'4'w :.. 'L A kg nz Y K W mm! uf :Q ' ' ,f"Rq., I 3 4 4 , .ia . Q -,!l,afM,.4 eniol' W MG .A k 4. 2 E s ! Z 3 2 S 2 Z i I I ii A 2 ? 5 i 5 5 i i f 1 f L y f I W, v5 M4wni:'24QQf ,Jw 64, , fx-'Lib 124,575 1 Q M56 My Ji' ,s I X 9' 'w .k, ' f.. 6 . 1 9, awww-M Mm. J if fff- vw-L xg My fmgg 5512- ga. 552 N5 Q 5 Vt"L ' J Y K2 iiiXs? Vx' U - QQ-'vo-L.l,k-,xJ QF ff M Nb ,wx 4 ,s 7 A I A -G, V 2,5 ,7 XS!! , xu e If ki , Q ' x u v f V" A 2 5 .nl K h 3 ,J ,f 'i A -, A , 'X L X 3 S 1 1 , 5 g Q ,p, ,Q Q5 frbf f ' 2 . gf V, 1,1 ' fa 9 Ti ,Q . V. 1' M gf, A ' x '-R Q 1 . 5: 1x 55 xg 'NT 5 ga , Q i3'.50d13Kp 2 My The Junior class began its third high school year by electing its officers to preside over the coming year . . . Sally Gelston, Presidentg Gerry Roelants, Vice Presidentg Crecia Cocks, Secretaryg and Sandra Peckeroff, Treasurer. The class' first social functions were the Frosh initiation and reception which were successfully held on the afternoon and evening of November 3, I95o. Due to the loss of the magazine sale campaign, the class presented the jamboree which gave them another successful event. Detailed preparations for the Prom were being made from Christmas vacation until the Prom on May 19, 1951. 34 Wm., SOPI-I0 CRES QM. gv"f-5440' ww .ir -.-1 QCA' ' ' . - r Qwgfgwtfwv. 3 xfxlf R . S The officers of the Sophomore Class are as follows: Alberta Hall, President: Robert Fiala, Vice President, Priscilla Snell, Secretary, and Joan Murphy, Treasurer. The most outstanding event in the Sophomore year, the annual "Hop", was held on the I8 of November with an unusually large crowd attending. Patron and patronesses were Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bockstein, and Mr. and Mrs. Myron Collette. The auditorium was brightly decorated with the class colors, red and white, and re- sounded with the music of Miles Booth, and his orchestra. In February all the Sophomores were seen with their new class rings of which they were proud. There were a wide variety of choices as to the stone for the rings. Each of the Sophomores seemed very pleased to be at last an official member of the high school. The class wishes each Senior the best of luck in the future and success always. 36 i K-,LV N , , 4 g . 35' 5 . -1 . H0 ' "'t'52EL.!tl15,: , - -,H ,, . , V .4 ' The Freshman class was initiated into high school on Friday, Nov. 3, 1950 by the Juniors. The initiation took place in the Nathan Hale basement. Girls could be seen in men's dungarees and shirts both put on backwards. Others wore soccer shorts and a baseball shirt. These girls had an attic on one foot and a soccer shoe on the other. While some of the boys had to wear a high heel shoe and a boot, others wore bathrobes with six balloons attached, Some were wearing grass skirts, and a frilly, off the shoulder blouse. At night the weary class attended the Freshman Reception at which time they received diplomas. Entertainment was furnished by the Juniors. Another high light in the Freshman year was the winning of the annual magazine sale. James Shea was the top salesman in the entire junior and senior high school. The officers are as follows: President, Claire Gatesg Vice President, Alfred Fairclothg Secre- tary, Isabelle Bartmang and Treasurer, Audrey McMullen. 38 dwffvffcacxz, cg EQULLQJMJWL' c,,..-J-I-"2 V f xrwffqgg ,, , f si gn f""-was g-'45 's'1iQ2, .TG'?,S3L5S Nfgfwf D -- xi f ,, -rx' w 3 , , W --mm ' fig - Wa We " 'xiii f wage 1 ,W 15,5 2-5 gy., ,ww ,qs . 194 4:5132 ,, " A 5 -jg fi , it " S- 'f 7 i W1 'P ' 3 E ' 5 A 2 Ze' -N , 13' , iff-T2-iS'Qf: E 3.47 Iii? - 'Mp Sf' fgydgfgfi A T it 2, 52 "5:?3Eg143w1'7l-3 , 5? ,, 45 JY? X 2 UPG, fwafpfis f My , . 1 3 ,W W . A , gm 1 ,,m,, ifzv M ga l ,1 7 .L "Avi,1.,.M+f v'a...1"..-I M 1 J THE STUDENT COUNCIL SECRETARY RUTH ZHENY TREASURER ALAN KILEY If f' 6. f I ai 4 PRES, V. P WALTER URBAN AUDREY STOUT R AMA U RNALISM CLUB 111351611 ii5Q illH ??R!f R imfiil, ' ff V TQ 1 am QQ FORUM LIBRARY CLUB sf fi xv I I Y X M P5 S V. Q 5 U k JE ff? 2. fb 3 Vw, ., . L if 1 E fiiifm Mfg? Q . GIRLS' GLEE CLUB anew' OY S' GLEE CLUB TRI HI Y OY EAST HADDAM HI-Y MERS OF AME 45 'CHS'--niun-4-, "l vw.. ,, 2 A' "-'Q I! g'i""T' lun.- !-" v-- - -.1,.1,,q ' . a " - ""'l"-1:-..i...nn -1 " -"1 "-if--11' 'P-'W W - NS 'lf'-I if-xr .J- I' 1 !"" af' 0599 ..-gun'-1' . L. 1. gf 2, 'Mf- - fl, fl W K ,N Qi l + 2 f QQ fa if . ,. .Wh . N . Lx SM. , 1' . .-- 1 5,1 :Q sq Af:51ig3i59jg1Eiw f.,'Y?,V A was Qi, "fling in ., . 7:5559 3' sw. g 55. :mx Q 'gh wi R Q 3921 Q SOCCER The 1950 edition of the Hale-Ray soccer team ended a good season with a record of six wins, and three ties. It ended with a record good enough for second place in the SLlAC, a half a game out of first place. Three seniors, Rog Snell, Bob Robida, and Charles Golet led the team. Windy Baker, Henry Pierson, Tony Malinowski, Gene Dufrat, Tom Dombroski, Bill Hill, Harry Mitchell, Walter Urban, and Jerry Roelants all helped to compile this good record. BASKETBALL The 1951 Hale-Ray five ended the year with five wins, and twelve losses. The team consisted of three seniors, Bob Robida, Rog Snell, and Walt Urban, four juniors, Henry Pierson, Jerry Roelants, Jimmy Hill, and Gene Dufratg three sopho- mores, Bill Hill, Tom Dombroski, and Mat Cashman. Billy Hill led this team in scoring with Tommy Dombroski second. BASEBALL The 1951 baseball season has great prospects for the Hale-Ray nine. With only three men missing from last year's good team which had a record of eight wins, and three losses. Back again to head the score on will be three seniors, Charles Golet, Alan Kiley, and Paul Palmer, three juniors, Windy Baker, Wiley Valley, and Gene Dufrat, and two sophomores, Tom Dombroski, and Bill Hill. COACH BARNEY LEV INE 48 -lf' I J' '- 59 CCER TEAM T BASKETBALL TEAM 49 J, 1 J, iff sf QJ ggfff 95 if ,J ' J xxx ms' X1 fxpj ,R 2 'ei ' 4 With the termination of the 195i basketball season, the varsity cheering QR JK X, jsquad loses three popular and active cheerleaders. Both co-captains Joan and Ruth L. 1 Kg. 1,1 will graduate this June and Elsie is going to private school this year. Ruth and Ioan X- xv I f joined the varsity squad in their Freshman year and Elsie joined the junior squad Q3 2 ' in the eighth grade and later was chosen for the varsity team. Bobby will be next V0 1 year's captain and Priscilla, Anne, and Audrey will return to cheer Hale-Ray on to rg their victories. There will be other varsity cheerleaders chosen from the junior squad before June. Reading from left to right are: Joan Schur, Roberta Greenberg, Audrey McMullen, Elsie Talbot, Ann McMullen, Priscilla Fielding, and Ruth Zeleny. 50 Mm This year there were four Junior Cheerleaders - - two Juniors and two Freshmen, Bert, Gracie, Hannah, and Natalie formed an excellent squad, Their manifested spirit and zest deserves our sincerest congratulations, From Left to Right: Grace Luther, Natalie Lerner, and Bertha Ruth. 51 ,Q 3 1 3 eff 'A 'T F 7'5"-'-f.. I mm 1' W6 Q Q. WM x I 2 C:orneX'w-nefvxs 056. 1 T0nv1euaHS C2.uex'2ACxQ, C3f6Y1x2Kx Vsavdixeovx fvbhirvu-iS fgarber' Syyos 'iRo'n'aAA. QQ. 1-.Jana QOL-iS Qackacte Grove, Qeuwrie qeuf Nou 'f76xnv1sR'1 Clrc-'SS 62038 euro- Q, '54 Shah? 91633 54 ""'f'-an The Nahara's last picture is taken and the ink on its pages has dried, The writing and edil:ing's ended, the very last tear has been cried. We're exhausted, and faith, don't we look itg our nerves have stood much wear and tear To produce this edition par excellence, required much painstaking care. Now only the Master shall praise us, and only the Master shall blameg Paul, Wanda, Audrey and Bob have made contributions to fame. But each for the joy of working, and each, in his separate star, Has preserved for the future the friends that you've made, -- you see them here just as they are. Thanks to The Tower, South Side High School Rockville Centre, N. Y. ,W 5 5 7 W vw 5 "wwf-,,f41.f,,,w' fxiy ,ww ,ww -Nfvf'4fvma:m+x Q f fgwf ff-MM. , 1 1 10514 -xr 3. ,.W,,,,Q3QF,nw rm Q -vw fwmiy,gmH3 ',y.,l M 1 gs J . ' 32 "1 -'Vu V -w gr , 5 Q P A iff A, 4, L A 5, f ..ft1fwwQ21Ii5s?1-PM ' ' 1.ajpL..?ai?, 25 H ,1 fu . K L Wfgwmjil .1 Www W'-Wiz! . "FW f 512- ,. 'V .,,f1f,5,, W, ,, ,4 A J' 2"-P , , 'Wiki gi f ' sl .A NW 9554 at 5- 352 wz HW' X " s 'fl ,A 35,9 r A 1 wwf? 'Q fs A was I V A5 W-1 X "rf fl' 1 pi' .5 Se I 1-, W , A f 'fb' uf i , ig , .ar 3 1 1 ' Y J Z 2 X .l ,rf A Y ,. r. . . . ' V, 'W' :4:x5'ffLj: 4.-V '-M""m ' " Y . , ,, . ' U 'z -N, , r.'1'ffgf1-' . ,M W ,A3,,,,e5, , J Z jf' K 1 ' Cr:--fo 4. ' - ' ' ' 1-1 ' X l 0' xl., 'Z 5. I-' ' 4. LV-,- LZ" f-1, rv' 1 . 'D I , . up pw J f X-Q'X'f1 1 .-fr lwf U1 ,..4 t , Q. Ng A X ymwfMf", Wfypynla MJ gpg ff Nj ypf f Ljfff-i E M4 T Nyfwffj Q gf Qi 5 4? O, fQ fj,fjiZ,W' LMW K vim JFWKZ WEWM 9515 Qggvi in , f .. - WW! M,Q,Q if,f4fLQf 5 Gig? gl W xiiAMLQ2j A. lKmilA1 id1,5M, V !1,XxiJ Y?UQI,pkHL" A U f' . - L 1 , - Lf' . Q L e .I ,Z 5 ' ,LUML rfb I r I 7 , ,yy ff.-'f - 'V . Mf f W ,J"- ,, ' + - ' b -f, 1 Jw Qin! ' . -ff f , V few VII- 1 . 1 V V 2 l,,fA ff L fL ff, M4 Q ith' Q f A ,!,wf70 ,A'AA -f,,f fm"'i TQ' if f f V' f f in 1,2 Us 1 f' ,A.. 4 . M ojjvjvvfaf vyf ' ' guy HJ L lf ffsij ., ' W D - I- ix M 4' ,g., k,f Q Q1 1 . l1,,f' 4r' -V 'lr' ' ffJ4jf' jx Lfgff f?KLK0Mt?LAQV gr g.v,rf,.w-nf-?f-W K- v o if x :KJ ' . L. .fy jf f , a, in , F9 AX,-C!!! N X . I ,I v 4, 3 f ix ' k P 1 1 ' Y 1 ,, f . A I I 4 . . , I . 7 "': , ' 1 I YV, n f 1 ,n 1' f P I 11 ' ! - V X 5 . I 44 I ' I . K' nf' 'fl N 1 . ' ,Arg 'V I Y 1' I x A f' I ' , '-f - f 1 , fl ' X ' . 5' ' ' , , - ' , 7. 'Q 5 5 V RP f ' Vw x".' . Y ,. ., Z 3 '- - 1 9' V f 51 'P' ,F : ,X w .f. 4 Rf if '.,' f 5 ' I ' x V' X ' 1' , N J: 'kj -, 1 N ' X ,, V' 'l 1, af ' - I " ' 7 ' ' - .of 1 Q' A r Q, 1 1 I -I 7' , J ,. Q ' - g, ' 'Z . " s f .f-E 'K M ' ..' ' 1' " 1 jj' 'J' , 5 ' ,ff Mx 9' f .3 Y Ti s P 4' ' xr ' 1' ' ' ' " . ' .4 ff "1 s. YN' ' f X' ' ' 1 'L , 1- .' 'Lf fx" ' ,, '. 'aw T . " , :S ' ' 3 I XENA: H 1 if ,,- WJ T' X 5 J, , y 1 ,,' Q- '- N, ,xv Y- - r 1 , , 1 V, - f .X X7 2: ff' 3' ' Q' 4 f ,' ' f W" . V:-X 4 ' x A ' f 1 . .-.L I 35. . . X ,L .. ..- X '- K ' xx E" 'J if Q fi 'I' 1, I , I K , . r f , I if C A ' U, , 1 -1, E ., ' V x M ' , .Q f t -' 3 ," , - sf 1 H 1 K 1:1 1 V , 5 . ' I - 5 J 'X . 4 . J , 91" I 1 ' -- 11 ,x Nl., A if ,OF I , J xii U- 1 M N , ' L' I lfff 'T I x ' ' J' ,f fx . . K , 1 - 4 Q , 5 'I xg si , X K It . -V1 ' E 7 A I ,X 1, , N -, . J 1 X N . '. f' ' ,., X ' Q N - . W - a, ,-' r 1 's 'Q J A .V 1 ' X' X1 ' Q1 ' ' , 'gy A1 D. ', 3 Q ' f , 3- - ' lx JI ',: C ' f' vs Q V 5- ' x . Q ,J ' 'K lx - -' A I fm 4 C., -W ' 'X 13 1 .K x fi A X- V - , 3 F 15 J, 7 'f'1-- '... ,QW N-W.. , ' M "" A .,,.,h ,, " ' P N V 'Hwww-wmwwWQ'szi5', , ' M g 5 ..X.,,, .3v , V XYMMJ ww' fa f . fb g gfggfw , 7? I V. - fb 3' UL . 4f'Uf,w 4s'ff1'f1ff' if Q5 ,Vu , ' if -J I 5, , E .Qv- , ?g 3 A' n I KS 7. ig, .WW M,QQ5M,65z5A5Q i g5 A Qsglyby ff 1, W W xii MJMQQ- X'f'Z:diZf2 ZW mf- Lffbw? '51 gig 2 Qgjlggjfifiiggi' 1Ng g.'g., , . 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Class of lQ5'l X?V"ov'n VIIQHHELS GW, SE Sczjlssv-oolfw Rel., N-1'-lf-Q cltlflvw-, 1 CXOYIYI. Qi- N Begg wlihes to '91 Q Class of lCt5'l fr-om Fl N NE 'R ODG-E Ncvflth Nooiug s-- Conn, on img G., Elzjllong CXQQ-.Q of sqsx CFIRU-VLN 'ng Compnrw NM focfrhl Toss wave.. Con an-'offu lQ+n'on 5 l G-gow Q, U- Mccmev-r-no'Ct3 CTQ39-"O-I if niuv-lance, mlephong Hobdqg N6 frm C-'Y fs Clow? ' of DELQRENLQ M-EXQSQL XH'hdAQyy-1' Gdnyq Glens'-OJ Stowld if-1 ki!-5 L.-!'-H bx asf' Mqddam, Com-1, ConfwQ'l2ulcL'l:'loY1e1 'VID WHL SMCQSQS Qlaee QQ ICISI 'W We N'u+uwe" to kwwe. Qing of IQSX gp-xv-orvw XFPWQ EnTneey..1u-,3 L-Qbgr-91201-ixeg Lzw . L, ,JOQRNHLIQM CLuE l2Q5'l Con eeife 'L H LL Q 4? A 5 Comxmmehts 05? 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Suggestions in the Nathan Hale Ray High School - Nahara Yearbook (Moodus, CT) collection:

Nathan Hale Ray High School - Nahara Yearbook (Moodus, CT) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Nathan Hale Ray High School - Nahara Yearbook (Moodus, CT) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Nathan Hale Ray High School - Nahara Yearbook (Moodus, CT) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Nathan Hale Ray High School - Nahara Yearbook (Moodus, CT) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Nathan Hale Ray High School - Nahara Yearbook (Moodus, CT) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Nathan Hale Ray High School - Nahara Yearbook (Moodus, CT) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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