Nathan Hale High School - Vigilant Yearbook (West Allis, WI)

 - Class of 1947

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Nathan Hale High School - Vigilant Yearbook (West Allis, WI) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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MMM 4 flak. 1 'L 'mu ,MQ U V1 JV F WQDJM W WW L Jw of FW J! LEUX L X35 X Wu Vwrf, VW K xx ,W NNXXQ if J all xox? gn Vwqg Q il -k"'1f1 X eaxxki ix QE MW, wif - cf" J5 ' JL. R Jkwiuw, J Yi 'Sty g 'A v ' 'ff . A! il, 1' V3 V. vWjMJ vldgbg U A uv! jf' Lv ly oflm, Vprfvv' V A l h flu . xx W . JN -if !. V Aw? Lv. E f , M Us , A 5 X. kbV,L,Ve4 ' ' '.,AN V, y, ' . im I ,xx l Xl? .A Vx A . , cm, 1 5 ,KW Y ' xx? jwyf ' il , 1 ,I Y QV 'MM , 6 I M N Af 2 ' M, iw F Q al L-fk' T'-. 9 A ,,Bf.-- ' LNR px' ' .vc 'MTX . jx f'?Afi' -" 4 . , X' Xxfx EM , F' 5 .x ' Lybafs. X QV "' A NVANJJ V 4' , 1 NKW Q x' ff 3ff' f i"w Xtqxl ' :X ' . J Xb RJ? JN Q . Ag X X. Q5 SX H 'U , X -ff: C4 fix X A Yfyvg' .J .X x- K it w.g :QE A -ig 5 -, l U YD A - f'i" i 'y-, W v wfgw GSR VIGILANT 1947 f X XX YGClFbOOk 0 Hale High To you, Mr. Fries 31 f ' .JL Il fume xlty fm d Qportw N1 dl! ,lC'GC1 E rx M ma ,X r I -Lit LSL Qi Q , QT -Q7 dc71cJ1,g.- '..' FJ.ii'.i'f1 V 1 f1f,..3Z' ying for yfimlr '1 xdd " Amd 'HLA M1 11 'fll'1C19C31Cfj11C'1'f ' Ad 6:96 . , ,i.If1II'5Il1f F1 Y ' ,ur ,In hiya ixff 5 1:1 21:9 tix Q: ' ffm ',,' :ffm P T 1 Ci1dJ::.AC'1C?L'.'1iy L".QIQYiQ1 yzgr fiftoczg 1:0 rg f' ' . I 'f1f1Qff,,Q z:.i::i'j iqizi'-.' fd, if :Af 'iqjf-iff 'T 'A.'f5'fCT'i'Z'..' iid tj: '.,' 'iff . 1, 'gli lf- iiffr u,1'1: 'z ig ri lff- '... :'-' '..' "1 1. 1'.'f" f1'Zi"'i Fnffxfff 'L' "':'5 T Ar. :z :H . .:. 'if-ffmf iv- W ' X J ,' VH 14 f , y , , N , x ,f Whrough the days, I J 31 Through the year, We come W7 04 ' ff , ' .Jig '1 . T " its . Y 4 N nz T . . .: ? , To Work I . klMK1glMNjgH1xNfJl,, f ,fs- 9-..,-., - 3 3 5 E 5 ,.a....... I li if .V To play, to cheer .il W, Q if ' R N f I 7' FN L ff x N K , -, H ,- F ' . . , 1 -fx ' , 1 V J. In .- X -ik -. The Prom cmd dances V School r OITICIHCSS Through the yegr, riding high rf' y-if r-"" afigqmf at Hale Hlgh .giihiii rr' W- , nz: 4' A LLK 'L I - 2' HARRY B NASH Supf rmte xdc it f ilewdly 1 Q1 dxgmfled '1 who O"l?'1"lE? Vlblf cm room o Hale Iv Mr any B Nosh Super 1mendent of School Though he copes wlth many of o r Q lou roble 1 We 1 A HORSE W CARLSON m-,..,,. ,. ,, .... o.p,, M. C,...o., 11 fzmilzo .YWLY--. -. ,V .1 .,,,- ,L .- .- ...,.,.Q,. vnu,- ' ' 'W " g,r:L.:::1.' ,t ttxzturmg :.:','.' ,. .,.,- 1-W3 L--.. awk: .W ,,.,.....- :md Qlfl ' C Linki- -1 .p, fl "':g "L -1 'foe oi V' P'-V 3 1 M... ..., ,.,.:..,, ,J L., I-4" ' W- f:f:."' 3 ..-1: qu 1 ,,.o picxcf 0 1 ,, .v n..4 www i-Ida 2 , IL! as-W 5 W,-,K J, , 2 Qi ww, .f . V 4 zz ' Q ' If 4, . 4, ,fu , YD -zi uma ' .' fb ,h mff1'f"""Z,.g: , ,T , x fy .Ng Q-, , 5-?La.A' , 1 f - f M ,gf - Q , . ,,?T,fJ?-fav ' 'Y A 2 , fe 5 ,M '? 'A 1 Qi? Wg w 'M' 2, ,- :Ci - rf us'f-'ff nf- fl iff ' Q a if K- 2' A , ,QM -4 34 .Y , ,5 . ,, H1 'flftgw L. ,f Mx, 3 S- 'in Q I 2, Q- f 1 at " 'ie' 0 ,. ? . ' 4 'U , . W , A w' is , ,i My Y M 'J L, x A jf if V is-5 ' lv, - - ig-5 - Ab' y .Q 'ww ska, mf ff , IV if O' L xl' 'Sf 92" Q J mr: it b K M ir.. ff' , Q it Commercial Subjects and History B k Raw L E Pergmscn, Elwccd Hxgduhl, Thsmls Iungck, Gezrge Izckxor Frcxt Row. Marion White, z Bcmxer Fcrerice Kem. -110 Q 'ggk . 1 J f NPV? Pgddlof, REW Qctober 'x September .,.,,,.,, ,mx rw. . H.,.,1,, Q e 5 . 4 ..., . ,,,.. 1 J 1' Arrdrirtz Lxrtrgfgr. X ,.,-., .A Xcnwvdf, , Q V1 1 1, uk., '31 if ' Vx ,. .1 l L 11 f '1 fi H J A Nevember , v A 1 I . , A 1' - The Peoples Choice Pfrxt How Bok E3YCE1'iidf3I' President, Mclnlyne Gregorskxy Sec- renrr' Seqzid Do: Lembke Tredsurerg Iohn Murdock, Vice pffildfifii F173 Row Ixrn BCQbf: f' If TE.-,Q::1 , :Clif A1121 HG!kQ1f1GiCL fliiozm M'A1f'1iGY Second How RCbQYfICf1K.fCTT Heber? Rixrti Liter. Nirifynf Grfgorfk: T-forrnizn Boebel Kenneth l.C1r.2orZ Mid-yeor Broins EDWARD ALBERT Eddie has a srnile for all Eootlights IACQUELINE C. BABBOIII Iackie is tiny, and with a mind of her own Vigilant Stu- dent Finance G A A. LORRAINE E. BARNES Lorrie is always quiet, friend- ly, and efficient Library Service Club, president. ROBERT W. BATCHELDER Batch is well-liked by all Football .Basketball Presi- dent of class. BEVERLY IANE BECK Bev kept up the school spirit Cheerleader G.A,A Vigilant. JAMES EDWIN BOEBEL Iirnrny is always ready with a witty remark Band Orch' estra. NORMAN LEE BOEBEL Norm is serious and dignified, but fun .Band and Orchestra. DONALD ROBERT BUNDY Bugs is rough and ready for a good time Football. DORIS E. BYERLY Dodo is constantly hustling in some activity G.AA Vigilant Student Finance I-Ialestones. if , flif, 1- ,4 . 'wfilx ' f A3 t OX? VJ, xx- i X x'x'N s 'xl XXX X N ', 1- 'L t NN a . IV- . O ,Ji If , . 4 ,7 4 7 'l f ilfl , f.- K w ill 'NK 1 ' x x H, . .fgfft-5... N WN' V? 'CD N0 Q., J vs ,N . O , . T 1 ,- S, "9 f K, f . RY: " XX .g f ,'5,..,.q.X X I 4 ff v '41 . ,. v 4 I J., A M 5. 514, '. ' I " ' ' ., ew f K, + eg, f H , Q, 'K yvr, M wi I ' K D Y. xd 'Q 2, -' ff 'V A i- WV' "7 ' Zami ii., I - f14.f'7"s - if ... .. M25 'Q I ,gh vu if is 1 I -.f 1 if 1 - . , gn , 5 : : . -3 . . v . 1 - -:, - , . .EXW :I 2371- s ,4 y ' w s 4 fx +15-fig:-:':11 I iffifaai . . 1 'km-t2'I-Z-' 5'9': A Q v uehtnhzp ,Q-ng, A . 1 13 x A s' v ' 11 nvlmnzy J-I ., . .Tx -fb. Zifffg ... T7 , xt L ,- If ntl 'x F 1? ,,f,,,,,,, J, L. ws, ., ., 6 W I r v " If -14 f so rf Avg. , 1 ., UM , ,- .X f, Q- ,f,,,u,:. .. I-' if '. f., V' J. FRANK L DOERFLER Frankie is a fellow with spark- ling eyes Boys' and Mixed Chorus, CONRAD LYLE DUTCHER Connie-why one? Give all f 1 me gir.s a chance Track Football. EILEEN MARIE ERTLE Ert has a friendly smile, set off by dirnplesAher future is well in hand, fthird finger, leftl IOAN RUTH GABERT Wedding bells in Iune for Ioan . G.A.A. Chorus. IEAN A. GEHL Ieanie is tiny, but she really got around Drum majorette . Chorus. ELAINE M. GODIN Toots is the little girl with the little voice. MARILYNE ANN GREGORSKI Mar walks rapidly, makes friends even faster.. G.A.A, .. Halestones. Vigilant Class secretary. DAVID E HRANICKA Bud has brown eyes Student Council. ROBERT GENE IOHNSON Bob is quiet and unconcerned Vigilant Footlights Stu- dent Council. ARTHUR D. KASTNER Arty knows little bits, 'bout lots of things. . Basketball and Chorus. KENNETH LARSON Ken--easy come, easy gc Track .Chorus DONALD D. LEMBKE Don lo v e d to imitate and amuse. . .C l a s s treasurer Football Chorus. IOHN R. MURDOCK Here comes Murdock with a joke. , .Class vice-president. . . Football. . .Track. NAOMI RUTH MUELLER Another Helen Hayes coming up. . .Footlightsm G.A,A. . Vigilant. . .Halestones. DOLORES V. OBELS Dimples is friendly, quiet and conservative - w he n s he smiles, out come her dimples, HAROLD W. POTTERTON loker Potts with the swinging gait ..Football.. Basketball. IOHN RAYMOND RAATZ lack wants to be an Linder' taker Vigilant lEAN M RAATZ Martha is artistic and alway: lun Vigilant GAA Band Student Council. Q11 'ti f S - va! ',-.9 -.A Nd .a 11 Q Y 'X et , u ROBERT RASMUSSEN Rass has dry humor Student Council . Green and White Gavel . Stage Crew. ALAN IACK ROCKAFIELD Rocky is the salutatorian Green and White Gavel Football Basketball manag- er Pepsi Cola winner. AUDREY JUNE RUDDOCK Brune is a gay one, alwayfa laughing.. G. A, A. Vigilant Student Finance. EUGENIA S. SCHMIDT leanie is sweet and lovely. . Drum majorette. . .G,A.A. THELMA RUTH SOLIE Till is valedictorian G.A.A. Vigilant.. Halest o n e s Student Finance. FERN LOIS STAMMER When Fernie laughs, everyone d o e s GAA. Student Fi- nance Halestones. IZOYFALD H. TRIMBERGER Trim has a way about him Hamburger-trier GLEN A VERICK Clem is another smooth dancer .Football Track Vigilant. I 4 I L I f .1 f X . Reign f If MW 31 3 fl' L I ' ' O O VV G f l 1 I l A - 1 bY f, HC1lG fc K iivcrf' Ce' nl YSQQ . C'-fa , 5Q1fR 9q,, 53..- N ,, , r. ' ' Bottom Row Shirley Wahl, Secrelziryg Irene Bixllogn, Trezxgurer, Q Second Row lion llouglify, Pr,-gglfzil, Bob lutlcqon, Vicff QJN fi Q4-4.19-ox: pY9:1lflF3Yll ' -R, ' i ff' 'wow-1 A 5 First Howl Lois Angle, Nancy Beernink, Audrey Hoewe, Kay Pcwlizlci, Second Row Ruin 1 nk - lg.,-"AF Lovrine, Icrck O'Neill, Douglas Biirrneister, Lucille Kciitnfi, Peggy Kin' W' K ,cc N 9-AQ l ow S Q R June Brains IEROME ALTEIFBURG l T JAMES AIILER One of th e happy' Howdy " Bays' B o 'J' .3 a n :Q Mixed Chorus Vtgilant Foo:- lights LOIS ANGLE Her quiet studious way rnalcez hard work seem like play Band Orchestra lOAliJ APPLEGATE She and gloom are not relat- ed Mixed C h o r u is Hale- :iones PATRICIA BALL Pats humor tops all Girls' and Mixed Chorus Hale- stories. G9- lR ENE BALLOGH gf' . . X ' Three cheers for our smiling class-treasurer Cheerleader . Halestones Senior Class Treasurer GLORlA ANN BALZER This Atomic Age nasnt left .rg wtfhout our blonde Eeznbfrtell E' ' li-er' IQALCY RUTH B:.r.RfIlfIK JIVQA l'ATl1lClA L BELL. TT lqragh at wixrk ' . at .aagh ann' ...,. , -7 ,lar Greer: '1 'N E. . ' 'S H3:'?f"C Sf Vpqilan' Ci-f-ar - P x " 1 F t. .,,- Max tsl tus 10 INC' Nw Q Q fu fl' A l t s ,Q , 1 f QQ its?" s. '2 LAK? x 'T 1 -A '27 f t of A T' TIORMATI L BOLDA "VH, S Irv ,..L 'R r- it 2lf'.'ERLY 3RllIK Lizzie- tzday arent nara to flflid but Sash as Bez' are Still ' Student Caanczl GE'."EIIDOLYlJ BUCHOLTZ Srriile, lcidsl lt doesnt cost a thing Girls and Mixed Chorti' G AAA RAYMOlllil BUIJFJEY Szna your way out of trouble, its the pleasant way out DOUGLAS BURMEISTER His interests lie in many fields, including Vigilctnt tco-editorl , Chorus. SHIRLEY BURNSIDE Try fry agatng you are bound to get the right number G A A LOIS CARLSON '1 Gus neednt worry, she sew: ner ELIC Clothes in a hurry Girl: and Mixed Chorus-W GAA '.'fFi"5lfIlA F CHRlSTlAYISEfI '- 'ri ,-rxfrz f.fGHAhfZ L CLA?SAIf,fi-LE A LL: :i wi: .1 Lgt 3' :ern keine ffzck fron' Lang fgl. L! .'::r:1 Bzyxa and Mgxej Chords ROBERT CONRAD What would our classes be without Bold: witty remarks? SHELDON DAVIDOEF Let us know the secret of your patented permanent wave-set . Basketball Football IANICE VERLE DEICKHOFE The band will truly miss this active member Band Halestones. IOHN ROBERT DILL Shirt collars were made for looks, not comfort Orchestra ,. Band Student Council Track. SHIRLEY DODSON A lover of art, but what of Don? DONALD G. DOUGHTY "Ding-Dong" rang the bell in football and in chorus Senior class president Foot- ball Chorus BETTY DRISCHLER She just can't make her eyes behave. Chorus G. A A, Vigilant. PHYLLIS EGGERT A daughter of the keyboard and a sister to the lark Girls' and Mixed Chorus Vigilant . Halestones. LORRAINE FIGIE Her curls are what the girls with straight hair always dream abou t. Girls' and Mixed Chorus, 'af'-v 'Q' .. 'iv ,f i . .FT g 1 'Z J "5 gg. ix ,yer , 1 1 W -uf. fvwwff' wr-37 it THEODORE FISCHER Quietness cl:e.:r.'t always .aig- r.:f',' i ':.: ' 'JlRGllIlA EOERSTER Spng for the joy of it, sing for the fun a. if Girls' and Mixed Chord GJ sv- ROBERT GALBRAITH Gabby was born with the gift to gab, but Barbara nas prior- ity on hi.: conversation , Football Track IEAN GEHLING Be careful Lest-Her heart be snatched away . G.A.A ROBERT GEORGENSON Because he lives out of the district d o e s n 't mean he's backward Halestones IOHN GORICHANAZ Social Problems was his favo- rite :aubyectp lohn always arose red , KENNETH L. GRAMS His good grooming will carry him to a successful career with the Arrow Company. DANIEL GRAVES Does school bore you, or are you iust trying to catch up on your sleep Eootlights. LOIS GREUEL She really rates upon her skates Girls' chorus Hale- stones. NORMAN O. GUNDERSON Norm would be all-:1ar,urban il basket: had,1 Basketball ANDREW HAASE Dorf: the girls at :1 school appeal to you? IAMES HAMMOND For a boy his size he gels into a lot ol mischief Band OTTO HEINRICH His back packs quite a wallop , Football Track HAROLD HINTERBERG Around the girls he is shy, but he wins their approving eye RICHARD HOELKE He knows a lot about reel Iile . Proiection crew AUDREY L HOEWE And little Audrey laughed and laughed Girl: and Mix- ed Chorus Manager ot G A A RAYMOND HOEFMATIYI He always look: :ax if :.' stepped ott if ir. raw-rt H1651 HERBERT HOLMOUIST Is he shy, girls, or doe: h interest lie outside ol Hale? RICHARD HONECK ..a Lane.: Atlas do .L o. U ,, - ,.. I , . ,v'f. 1. RUTH MARIE HUDSON Men, horses, dogs, :zach inter- ROBERT IACKSOII Ot all the talents he po1:,:es.:' es, Journalism engrosses him most Halestories, Edi1or-in- chief Student Council presi- dent IOYCE JOHNSON Goddess of laughter Girls' and M ix e d Chorus G.A.A Librarian ROSE MARIE IONES Songs skip off her lips like pebbles oil the water Girls and Mixed Chorus Librari an LUCILLE A. KAITNA Tall and graceful with a per- sonality which draws lriends to her Girls' and Mixed Choru.: GORDON KALLERUI, Beat those drums, Gordy, bea Il11'Q drutn.: Bind I.'JfiL'i'fI KAMRATH 'I :,, Llozae, glelxgritta. i t:,L,ig:.1f.L.: ' wi.. 'z' f:::.f- ICVHYI KAIIIES Sfizrf fweet, and ch o lov- .ii E Basketball , ., rr MAY REECE KAROLUS Dont let your connection.: LQ ..I..1ted tc the receiving f-ru :Z tetepztone exxnlnae PEGGY IEAZJ KATS The home of her dream.: is iecluded spot supplied '-'liti trie work: of Tennygcr. and Poe Girl: and Mixed Chor- E5HlRLEY KEATOII Her beautiful hair is the envy of rnany of ner friend: BETTY KESSLER Bettyha light brown hair and brown eyes add much to her winning personality EARL KLUG His hair is guaranteed never to wash out, grow out, or fall out Football IOSEPH KOHLER Thin all-round good fellow will add much to any circle of friends Football Track DONNA KOEHN Her hands are alwaya busy making fine, dainty things. ELSIE KOPP A smile will cure almost every ill G A.A Vigilant DOLORES KRAHN She sews a fine Seam and reaps much satisfaction from her work Student Council -2 Us, K .' f 1 Q 5 Sv. - 97 . ,,yy 3, f A nh f .' Egg. .252-13-225-'W EEA. ' 'QW '11 ' -21-:rdf -wfitfgg, .-.--:-:I-:1- 'bmw f 1513:-5-:-zz w J- 'A ,Q'. . ZZ - ' I ..- Y ' 6 . 5 2' 41 ff, ,W SX fi' zz. -.1 S- 4: -W1 L-if? 15... 5 1-em" ,, X , do in E' M' Z.".J-'Ln 'v V-4 " ' " 3 A- 7 sd' fy pe fl 3 '17 3 I 23 4. ll? QL? GERTRUDE KSOBIECH Her drearnf: have all corne- true, rl hear wedxna if MARY IAIIE KULVZCH She know: partie.: are tr.:o.v to catch people ir. 3 web of r.:eriair.rr.ent EJTQTTY l.Alfv'JlG Tre quf-er ff di" wg' , G A A Mixed Cnoru.: CHAHl.OTTll LAST 3 ltlz a clarinet tfiii keepz band going Band and Or cliestra. ALJDREY MAY LILARHED Her quiet ways netted her a great deal of knowledge BEATEICE LEBAN ls it photography, or have you another iniereet, Bea? Hale' gztonerz Chorus, BERNICE LIMBEHG Quiet and sweet, Lzhe will make many a mane heart :kip a beat. RUTH LOVRHIE Vim and vigor make her a vital .zubtect on the basketball court GAA. Vice presi- dent Tunior Class MYRON A LUPO lt has taken hiin months to grow that cookie-duster SHARON MARIE LUTZOW jznnny - or. - the .tpct aiw: IQJIJQ' Ti, If lfLa1l::l' PEGGY LYNCH Ae a secretary :gh-es great Chorus Student Courlcll Se:- retarw' G A A Ixgriior Cla' fv- lffflrflftf ELWARQ, MAITZ He will be on iznportant linlf in the choin cl industrial prog- l'E'.1.' ROSE MARY MAl.SOfJ Such Ictshionsl She: made to: clothe-5 IRENE MANOUSOS As poetry speaks, so speaks Irene Holestones Library Service Green and White Gavel HERBERT MASCH Footloose ana fancy free Track Chorus RICHARIJ MATTER Iles quiet too 11111 see: all Track Football Volleyball MARY MAZAHEP S at if IOYCE MELKA She is a hzan i f-'.w-r',--,a M ry 'S A A jf' ff lv A 4 . tv I 4 R Q , s an fu V, 4,21 7 , TI" E2 Y' PQ T' I 5 4 if 3 I 405 ELIZABETH MICHEL f true friendg a better could . .,.,,' fi 21.51-.ialtl O.-ftp f--1 JAM EERTIADIFIE MIKO Her eye sharp gn basket- ball-1f that all? GAA ARLETIE AI-Ili MORRIS A goke a doy keeps gloom away Girls' Chorus Foot- lxghtts Holestones Student Council ROBERT MORRIS Hee toll, and he gets around Boys' Chorus and Mixed Chorus MAX MUELLER In the years to come he will be teaching math in a new suburlgwan high school IAMES MURPHY lirnrny Do-little does more than we rnight think Golf. AUIJREY OLSEN Her auzet ways are nice ways Gin: and Mixea Chorus AC:-. O f.I-Il.l. 'fgf J L., L work aria T" ia Saekefbal, fu 4 .- Je.. CARIJETI fl OWEY l.'.'.t:. -7 ,i L 1 l L Y 3' Carlin-rl nf-ver L e :win ' R 1 rx :x HJl':.'!5Rf:j FRANCIS PAVLAK Candy factoriefa will be kept bufzy satisfying hi: sweet tooth KAY PAWLISKI Short and sweet with a will to get ahead G. A. A Mixed Chorus Vigilant Halee stones GLADYS PETERSON Gladie will help you keep your figures straight Mixed Chorus Halestones DANIEL PHILLIPS In his quiet happy way, Dan will cheer on each coming day Track.. Chorus. IOYCE PODGASKY This tiny armful will keep any day from becominy doleful . Student Council, DOLORES POPOVICH The singing secretary . Girls' and Mixed Chorus Vigilant .Green and White Gavel . Footlights. KENNETH POTTERTON His skill helped snatch many a victory for Hale Basket! ball Football ROBERT PROCHNOW Musically inclined-toward a juke box...Vigilant . Mixed Chorus. RUDOLPH PUERZER As an orator going to Con- gress, he should do well on those long speeches Vi A --1 I V C Tilyk S , b QQ f Q Q .V , -9 Q1 'R 'WWW li Qi and xv C. .. 'Z-Q .4-Q. ' 3 -swf., Y I 2151 MU, 'MR i K X 1 11.4 -a KVILLARD RAHN A personality that aim: to please Football manager IUIIE ELLEEI RAICHLE Her beauty and grace make her a dream on the dance floor Band Green and 'White Gavel X PATRICIA ROCHE She tocts a cute flute Band and Orchezztra Gre e n and White G a v el Eootlightrz Student Council AUGUST SCHMIDT This short fellow will make his living in the midget races. BETTY IUNE SCHMIDT Fun, Humor, Activity: her pre- scription for a good time .. Girls' and Mixed Chorus. IUIIE SCHMIDT She excels them all in basket- ball .Cheerleader . Hale- stones. - MARIAN SCHMIDT Her thundering cheers will al- ways rebound frorn our walls. . Mixed and Girls' Chorus . Vigilani. CARL H. SCHNEIDER Tall. blonde, and handsome. lie-ed we add more? DONALD SCHNEIDER Oh! For the life of a streetcar conductorl Boys' and Mixed Chorus. DOROTHY IANE SCHROEDER Always ready to help other C1irl.s' Chorug KENNETH SEMMLER Without Ken and the quartet we couldn't have won one basketball game Basketball Football. FRED SMITH What would he do without toothpicksff, Halestones. Band Tennis, DOROTHY GRACE SOLBERG She has natural talent for dancing and getting her man RICHARD G. STRUMBERGER He'lI soon take you an a trip to the moon . Student Coun- cil . Football ,Chorus KENNETH TOBIASSEN Skiis have made a definite impression on him STEEFIE TOMASICYK She cuts a fancy line on paper and on the rink GAA IIARRARA UIJGER Always A gzrblxf' and dont ni e a :. talking nece, ,::1.',' Gxrlr and Ivhxea CE,,r LOLORES UIJIJERWOOD Dance and romance- .ire il., keystone: in Dolorcg life G A A Viqilant THIELAIIN WAGNER A .'f.'f-'fter dispogiiior. :ant be Iz .ryi 'lilo C:.,:,., Via. l1:.' SHQRLEY ANN WAHL She was queen in 46 C1 A A Girl: and Mixed Chorus EARL WAITE Digby O Waite, the friendly un- dertake: Eootlights B o y and Mixed Chorus: PATRICIA HELEN WAKELY She holds the if-y ta .iuccesg dupe-r.dabiliti,' RUTH WALSH Shell make a sweet studious Secretary. ROBERT WENDLAND The man who waves the stick over the band Band OLIVE LEE WHITE Twinkle, twinkle little ring, Youre the one that makes me sing DANIEL WINTER The big fi I e e p Boys' and ' ra Mzxea Chorus Halestonei f'Rf'4.TIIC YIERERT 'IL-V :A jr'1::.z V.'Eq,' ,::,i Ioila Iorev-:J V-'Lg ur eye that tea: .. ,I ' "'lQ"4 Try- 15-ff 3 e R:',':f.:r.1 Criwl i,,f,f,, www .. L. Mafvir. Laacit EIL Main eh if f' 1: ,. ,. 1, V I . J?,li:v42,p., 4 7 -'Y' 30851 Ryu 51:19 Andre: Hz. Titres fSf:. ,,, , ffzff .N F f.Zf.Cw hyfii 32:4 .,:,. 32089 swf-iff Mitt' r:r1f Ritz' Tv , 4, ..., H, J f D 1 f 3 f A,,.,x.. ,..,. .f..,,A vw., gn,,,- Q ,, d ,J L M ull 'ff :gt Hifdlp 1.1- KJIQJ. R, W.IQ,..,L WQ ' fix R f 41 f H ,ffl -A ,, .H -vv 1 -' V --'42-W' 'J' 2 2'2'5Q'2l??hi'Z:' ve:-.tggr 5 ' jf ,f xf H35 ? 'ET' -4 if 2 X .vw "fb-' YE L, my nf 4 95-1, 421 .51 'bf Qs' -w. 1 if s M Q o v 251' 13 .pl B i"gf:1 P 1 A I H rf 1'.':, 1 'lv T Tr' ,AT."i' - HU' :Pi F5 '?V1'.'i Fifi January A red herrlng for l'Bay", Hale wma by a large znargtn Eager to see everyone have a toyous holiday season, Hale presented 'Tosa with 14 extra points. "Flip" scores l6 points IH hall, leads I-luskieas to VICIOIY over Waukesha Alter the Frtday ntght game wtth Waukesha, Cudahy drdnt have a chance, Baccalaureate and the begrnrung of the seruors' last week Ol :school Last IllC,5 lar seruorfst Much to the regret al Nathan Hale students, an l8 meh :newtall prevented the gentuses ol Hale lrarn attendmg fltetr elamre: 'l'I1'zr.2day and frxaav H SA F LH Sd F A 1 xdf 4. Lf 1 N M121 R N N Q q ROOM Wlvzrrf Q z 1 J ,xy J 1 W' Z L Class of June 1950 ow ne :Cy ..1,n 5121 X .f. Ns f, .Cx .' '72, N715 C. Q L Vane l.EWY .i f-..Ii T. 1. dex cw' W- Q. 'CTI ' :cl . ii-: ' r, ,re yiett, my H cghg' A f'fi::', a.'5rl'g ' XFGYT J ONCE. xQZfI1E:' ff .2252 .CW .1 fe-:3 .QQ gxf. Mlfxri, f73f.:.:i "i..tF ... Iii . .1I'7,.Q .. .7553 Ljrri .rl -st r 7.5-:Q VE.I1'1'., ..Q',' Sirtlef hYl1I'1Cf:f ZF E :W 'ur B ' .Ellpff CHFEIZI git ttix. 4? F -..Q .Liv ,'.:..':i.' EL.:I':.'hI ?YivYS.1 'CE :f-E.3 wird 1311? Cu' FMC' 1..C'.E,' . rfir. ..f5..'f 1. Z, Yllfg LLZ'IT,...5 CIiC,S , C.. VCC. LCIX fi I'CI1'.E-F -I"'C :HS -Q I1 ,va Urf- Funk fltzpfpf-r riff. .. 1,11 l.'1'.w L r. 'f- 114 ,rgf- 1. f IM", HM-1 ..1 M nk If,:.1.'1 Cv- .fur 'jr'1k,','r.' Hf'T.f'f' H'-:'1'fx 7.5. PT-'fl H' It 1 K,.k,,-iq Af,:.1.d Krlvtz Haw Tnrflf Cmttprfi fimffrli. kd' f. f-.r.': 1 .. fx Are, Z 1 .r...'1Q,r2. A ,. , H 1 M ,. ,Q , C.. I , , ROOM Izngr. -1.ffer.e,', .Lzrxfftte Dpi -7. 1ffr:.1.r.f- .f,:.w:gffr f 1 1 IH .w,:1. H 1 .QQ La-e-Cn E.g'11r.ff G.'1.'er.'1g,g. M lf.'f.1 M L tor. M2 .'.. 1 xr. ri,-'fry ,Qi " . - Q ua. Lf-Lie Hz 141. 173' C1'1g,.f-"1 'Liv' ff1.::. Pit Cir. ' " ' If f ffe:1"f-ifpi.. The Green Years Few Orff Frei: Sifliikf? Beverly' Rffhp., T , TJ Lf. 1-.,J,f: '.,' ff.. M .' I'1:'11fI,'r. A-' Danni Llpxtkl, Gif '.'v'er',' RJW Tv., .XM .,-,,'ff3f-' Lzrfllrff j fx. ..'1i11.,z Iaae' PI, Audrey Reeife, Tvflil-Tl.'.'.'f3d Aifftgr levy, ..,. .. ,..-' ,J ,. ,. Fzv: T1'ff Q 'ef i""'fQ Cjrol H 104 Kenneth Mixer M'1r:.','i Me.-'ter H5213 KAI. M' L .,.. , Ktrzlimer.. Tift. Lpz' .-,' 13 :..Lz'1Leff1 Hegxin H Four INK Sidi: 235: ',.' Mcberg fl-e'.u':" Ieixliu' L fjgixtfpfff, fl Bzwe Buchti, Q32 Lyle: RCW Flve L41 Eiririeri' I-LTTQ' UA., fi :rp IKIQIIKLT. Miner Indy Appl-egzte 'f"'1rrer. .l+.iiA1tt."'1 nk ' Sr on 4 ,J if W' ' g 2 -5 ji- , Q 5 1 be rs A tid :Lx.?, ,Q ' I, , I Wax Q65 l Q ,- T-. I f'. In Mfv 'ff ff' .1 I K H , Hg? A+ 5 5.3 f I 9 rii ,af , . Q xx , x . 'Q' L .QW , , I w :- Sh- i ff K j'Qf,, ' 5 "9 ff -5, la 1 , V A K4 1 , ,R C. ,V ,L rw ,. A 1 Q ,Q . f, Mawr T91 I il ' Lvl 5 ,.- V ' . 'f V I , , ual., , P Q gm, ,i . eg.. in ,5 f L 4- " ' 4149! 'Quay -sv , 94 W. ,, ifWg5'fS347',.1l" HN. "L, . , N ,,i,VVw,,, ,f Vw 4 . I 5 3 .W '35, W4 A ., . fi rf 4 ,Z I M, QSM W J 9 me -Q 3 gt: mi if lt G Q ,, Z' L ,I qi V4 . .'.'fi,, 7, ,7 I ff . t ,X 4 Plow One loan Antcr. lack Braddach, Carol Becriiug, Bob Erdrxan, Audrey Benzirger, Ioitr. Gruber, BCL, flegger, Chfiflftfl Gavrier How Two Richard Hrlevicn, Iear. Glafzenapp, lim Mc Donald, Carol Hartwig, CLASS QF Horner Major. Barbara Heinrich Wayne Y-ffundigler Kenneth loririporg How Three Grace Felder, Allan flw hzit Elvira Kappei George Ritonia, Carol Larnpler., Douglas Scnafer Kennet: Brucrilacker, l'.4'1f'.1f3 IANUARYI l.p:'e Row Four Cer.e Schwartz, Gail Lana, Bert Ofleill Mary l!l'lTlI',f:l..1, Billy Spence li ir.':ey Ulzzqtea 1953 l.f :r:.a Ef-l.:E. Elaine Szrtahlow Darlene Zepriirir., Paine Finke How Five Cari Steirme Bit, Le:-.1 C 1" lift? T1r:."i'Z,i' .4.' tk. Cl.arlf-' Ziparl lfixsy 'N'1r.ary Pa' 2111 Highlights of the Dark Age At first tlie liigli scliool apprentice works hard, for lie must make a good impression in order to get a back seat where he can get down to business frnonkey, no doubtl. Cne would be amazed at all one can hear by looking studious After a while the learners brain has expanded beyond the point of safety. Then gt snapsl All :Le can do now is read coiriic books He reads triern at lioine or at scnool, nialit or day, the teachers fLgEit back, destroying tlieiri the tons, or keeping a few for 'reference Next comes tlie section in life wlien tlie boys try tlieir first sliave lwitli disastrous results, for tlie ,Qaving soap takes off dirtl and notice girls. This period is marked by black eyes and stiff necks ffrcrri xfqng lfifj docrs wlien one perks ones nead to look at a inerztber of the otfier sexl There are :zany other fads, but tliese too, pais and one oecorries older git years even Lf nat always .'.'.sdor:1, ff. 2 1 ,Q .A ' 3, f':.:n?x-w 19 Rx. f kv, If - . ' lt: 5' I Q V511 V U hw- "' Q 'W' af 'WW A ,""1Tfis1:Q23:il-mls' . . ., "VA f , ' If-.'fx1n'l" , g f.Kggq, -fffafuz 21' 'gf?7s4if 2 54" ' Q f, . wwM,. VARSITY FOOTBALL 61 K ri w H xy L' Ixik UTD-ll. Hdrrx' 'fjddxf-ri Prix. 311131 KQK Sfiztirrilnr frfii Mwrdifk gf1fi'i'Y. f'1'.':dfgfI " rf IWW: fflrr '4,' Lf-'.'-'-rj. xg-'-rg Cf-wi Hizf' Sf-Cffrpd Riu-J 'vXvv'ZfYf2Y1 Addriscf. Miiiger I:?1:Mo..'Ei:: Glen Vfifljk Bi: 'D Ar1iir1r.'Cr. ffirhnri H'TfI.' Bzil Stc'.',-nec: luck 59363, Elrl King Bch Kerglkl Thlrfi RCW fb: I'f:'1gh1',' firti Mzflfv x lgwh BQ? bvfCA1.C'ffE1'?2ITIf?Y' C9713 rX'lY'IElf2f, Boi: Bztthelder, Ken Pctierich Gscfge PALTICELQ' 0115 He-1311521 vvlvvlll 'ly' H'1F1r: M 'J R w Cifich Cklllfxfi Mcmrrm 'Nrzghf Don F1eId:'t'1dt Bch Galbraith, fc: Bundy Ed Feterfex, Ten: H3','dfAr. Tizd Lqumn Hclstcrx IF1:k Mfitfer Couch Cullahurt Grid Games 'Il' Gains Dates Won-3 Lost-4 Tled-I Q' ' Iizf " '.'.'2,1'-11.23 3 11 N- I 1 ,. 'Q 1 J A as 7 P 4 Q an 5 - , M - S N ' 5' I "' -f' '. N , t 3 , E 'S X Q 3 1 ,I ,A ' 4 - , 7 . . 1 ,, E' S ', Q ,. . ?-W 4' may ,446 1 A , H P . ' Q Aw ff, 1 9 'Q f .. , 5, Q N Q gi . i - f., 'fl QL 3 , ,Q 6 . , fx' 5 W 1 QQ 'X ' , ' " fn. M ' 1. ,' 4- 1 H ' -5 gfm- +2 1 K QQ' 9, 'W ' 15UfC22??f'. , ' if Lg 4 Q 52.1-' Q - 'eiii 1 L. . 1 I Q Q Q ,nfsf ,Y M. i J AQ! A -, 5 5,M.4...H-'2H'...'e..f ' -sk, Q iq 1 '.iXA 8 'H' ' Q 9 W Q , I' ' 1' A QE ' . ? , x Y ' A 4 X 1 ? gf a' v 1 K . 1 ' 1 gre, . ra 5 Q J x -W1 A Q Y k f milf Yemxv aff! Q 1:8 I . HOMEROOM FOOTBALL CHAMPS C3045 . ,,, , K, -. . ,. .,. Y . . ,1.. ,, If v. ' f' . If - .f ' ""'1 F" 1'T I"'.',' I' ,... .1:,..,.!,. The Top of the Bottom IUNIOR HOMEROOM FOOTBALL CHAMPS , Y- . . ., . . ,. . V ...., ,V , . ,, ,X , , ,. ,. . , - ,.., r.- L .N 11 ! VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Bottom Bow: lack O'Neill, Harry Geldien, Ken Potterton, Phil Gallina, Ken Semmler Davidoff, Coach Blask, Bob Batchelder, George Murphy. Top Bow' lohn Karnes, lim Norman Gunderson, Bucket Tosses 'n' Losse Middle Row' Lloyd Hennum, Sheldon Miller Alan Rockafield, Gene Perthel S Won-9 Lost--9 November 29 ------ Hale 37 West Allis Central - 4B December B - Hale 32 West Milwaukee - - 39 December 7 A Hale 31 Shorewood ---- 29 December 13 - Hale 28 South Milwaukee - - 30 December 18 - Hale 34 Alumni ----- 32 December 26 - Hale 44 Racine Horliclc - - - 26 lanuary 3 - Hale 43 Whitefish Bay' - Y - 20 lanuary 4 - Hale 31 Wauwatosa ---- 45 lanuary 1U A Hale 36 Waukesha A Y - 24 Ianuary ll - llale 38 Cudahy ----- 27 Ianuary 17 - Hale 27 West Allis Central - 30 lanuary 18 - Hale 42 West Milwaukee - A 33 lanuary 24 - llale 20 Shorewood ---- 33 February 7 - Hale 29 Cudahy ----- 25 February 14 - llale 43 Vfhiteiish Bay - - - 49 February' 18 - llale 35 Sou H Milwaukee - - 48 Fc-hr'::r'..' 21 - Hale 45 '.'.'auw'.'1tc.a ---' 43 Febr'11rj.' 22 - - - - Hare 35 'V ff 'Vi - - f 44 B li 1 ll ,112 GS S bC1 , W1nh::'1jgn1:ici,'1t ifeftzzfeci garzicfz tile 455 '.'ers1c:i if ffic Yatlian llwfo H'1.sL:1c.' f.n.qf2rd itgz soccer best season in suburban play. its record cf seven wins and nine losses placed tizc D213 tcurtii in tl ft conference, Ccacli Blair: IT caaers starred slowly' but QIT 'p:r.'gary 2.11 II.l'i5iQQ1Ff' ptr., .f'5.Q1E1c11g21 the ?f'isk.c- a lose twc aarres to ther r1'.'al 'Nest Alhs Central the S5'f1ffCfi was stgQQ '. cli cf a success Gne tg e highlights was the last-second victory over Wauwatcsa At Racine the Huskies had liitle success lcf ITT' 1 :anis li "fl11c:1 they engaged lrt sccrgrif: za' 1 cf' me tire li :shes ncilri ts ' Gelazcri 'md Keri 'tier icwcd, ii.a1fc1rt': lQ3 aria 5 ., rgritfs 7c1:pccig'.'cl'-.' Boca 1. TJ: r.r:',' T241 Gail: z w 1.-1 I.- ,IC 1 by being placed on the All'Suburican second sauad Irv -fm' I., , v" ,M 'ivan 3 me 3 Q 5 , . x 1' ,X -., 46 1 if 1 2 Q 'H' Q-rv Beftor: Rew Denali Minturn, Carl Dietrich, GcrdCH Tcrgertscri, Nick Durxak, Iohn Mom Middle Row N' B TEAM Callahan, Lauren Holgton, Donald Deakin, Wrlharn Stevenson, phllllp Errtlirmg, Terry Krrk Top Row Norb Haas Harald Fischer Robert Steveruserm Richard Hanley' Back Raw Rudy' Hrlex Dei Gif. Fred Stemke 3:19 Maferi Center Rein' Ceairi 'Vilfrartl Calle: Al hate Prul Helstcn Den fagniii Gcrdre Kuchta Ter: Rev: Lercy Weller, Carlratem, AI Herriowgkz, TEAM Kei Mueller '11 1 4 b' fw,f ,-.4-n Back Row' Ray l.ewi:, Ioe Kohler, lack Thorerz, Rudolph Puerzer. Front Raw Wright, Gene Wagner, Don Leroy. IUNIOR HIGH CHAMPS lerry Cczrlgztein. h U 6 s l SENIOR Oil: Helrirlch, Mzurlce HIGH CHAMPS First Row Donald Kuchtfr, Iimmy Pzxqel Kenny Mueller Secowd How Don Iaqmm, Fred Steihke I' E No Love K Q MUSCLE BOYS Wizilo the cms: cnumry hwy: Were runnmig many CI :rule-, The Conch fern with his 21510 VJWTCJ Re-stmcg U11 the while. Rick Rina' l.f'r.:t' CN'If1'ff. Pri, 1 'f' V1.1 -r Frirf H','.'.' f3'.','f-r. p'l"'1 '32 HUYII' r. HARRIERS BCYDIYX RCW fliixicl Lylefi, CE1'1r1f:.t Dif,-irish, Allen :VI'1QfId6I1Z, I,f'1r.:y PE11ll1p:.', Oil.: Voeltzy Robert Kerr 1 Tim Hqqdffri Lfcrrlrd CCITTICT1, Denim.: Brandt, Iw,,.',1fd Deukxrp, lick H'1r::5:1 Sfftznd Row Gordow K'QC?LfCZ png. Off.-rnfder Ffili Melxhx, Hzhetf 'NE11T'3, Luffy' ff..w..,. Kerzrflig SC31'lf,i','J'J, A111 Axfld E512 3f:f1T.f:f C5155 'fir-etch Timrd R5w Hikari'.' Hxgf-ie Zxhttz Rihert Iuxck Rsbffrt MC15 ITYXCQ G5d1 BOY. Edina: Rzhffrt KutQ5w.kx, Cwer. Plfiffjfix Clllfhd Bixerlipp T515 Rzw Rudy Hrlevi 1 Russell Druevmg, R1Ch'lTd Evumn, Eugene Cugimino, Ed Lqrmgkfxmmer, Al Hem5w.aki, Warren Adcxmsow YQALE .5 4' ' Mill-E, 'll'- ,- fr'- March -xv -' A .- May 17 ig ,,, H April l'IIf. . 1 X r y I 4' 'if 'f""" pf ' 6114 .vm v 4.1: ' Qu- . . fl-,if1+faTa1,af,r,,.,y,y4 ' v.,f ,fma , fiz':w4gfiJjQ,l. ,Ll ,Ky -',f,z'3,Affw'QiG-f7'f 5 L .. ,.i4,x,A1',. 1, '-f.gK',2fgf,1Y . 'Lf 14, 6 ,f vq ,lf ff -1 . 2' A .X .RU ,Jima rug , Jww., . .. , , 5' "4 X W ,td , ir. ,Q ., 1' 'r 'w G. A. A. "T-w-efeeel toul on Balloghl Wery on the line! Two shotsl Get that rebound, Mazarekl Neat short, therel" These are some ot the remarks which provide atmosphere at a G.A.A. game. Soccer, speedball, basketball, volleyball, and baseball are the sports which head the lists, with the ever faithful Bobbysockers, captained by lrene "Deadeye" Ballogh, the champs. President Shirley l'Bobbysocker" Wahl, Vice-President Delores 'Bloornf ergirl' Popovich, and Treasurer Pay 'Sweet Gal' Nelson, were the olticers chosen to serve the G.A.A. this year. There has been one bike hike, reixxernber the tunfl and more aCt1v.ty lies ahead watli T1r:irnLe leading on Tins year, at Hale, the GA A Club Lil connection with that of Central held banauet at the end of the piayina year when awards were presented ,MM4 ,gi ,galil f Z' ,gf rv? 4h.4.,." Student Council Gfficers Rf: f 11. Vrfg' :.' Pf-11 Ljriirz Secretlrjn f1r1dt.l:pr1: '.'.'r:aE.' Vlcf-Prfxi The ceuiczl time year has provided at 3 ' .a and rif'.'1e.' durmg the :iff :tear graxtca :xc Hale owes and Vtgtlant Staffs sixbxtaitgal gain. :irc-Qi the fe. Pitch.: Hamer R211 and gamed addt- tlonal prtvileges from the faculty fer achievement r I Iudents, The next important change is to get a res 1-nod between Cach clam ter all student.: :lowly dymg of fattgue. Th K1 "A " I-I t5attC1:zR:tw xxNIH11If11.f,'."'ff Vf-r:.f1 Riff ltl, If' :t:1:. 1 11, :rv M: O ff' TwA1f.J T:tl':.1t1'i Pit fic , Y Beverly Brink Seccrid Raw Iattrz Dxiftzy., 1 Parker, Arla-ie Freed Loretta flaurti Gerauri Batch-elac Pat Vogel Peggy Lyrich Hiward Thirty . Third Rev: Keri: Ziitek latte Elle: Ramble 'eror Afcxburg, 3:13 1.11 Marfi Scitzttzat Mix '- '.'x'r:a"1' 1: Heftrzzztp P,g'j',' Afiifif' Meir, Fendi RCW David Hrarifka Robert F'lQ'k.'ff. Retief fizifi. -'-VILIXIT1 Sti-':"'1.ei RAF it RZ.'f1i'.l.E,f' Willard 'wV1I,:9r1, Ich: tA-meek Ricnara Svfrirf-ra Aai R "Qt . -pi' 'D I ui -Axisx' 7.3 H':"5: ire lf-Y."'U' 7 ""1'- C f-" l'l"f"5f-' 'ff 'f"1 H' DWIAK i ir. ill.. ffr' Ziff' 'f. '-'frigz' fluff-r. flonr:.i,.Q l' ri' Finn' ldokiff Bubborii SENSE Lori ri '..' Mzriiy fjrogzrfki Ti. 'aorii lflrfgiifrf' loan Poor? STUDENT FINANCE l-lurry, hurryl There is KO tirne to lose Corne to the Ticket Office and buy your ticket. Thats a lainiliar plea which echoes through the halls every year lt rrieans that the Student Finance Qrganizaf tion is busy once rriore, Miss Bachhuber and the Student Finance girls are always on the jab selling activity tickets, courtesy tickets to basketball and football flanges, no tures, the annuals, tickets lor plays and concerts, in short, they are the business brains of Hale Their labor vital to the success of Hale s extra-curricular doings, LIBRARY SERVICE '5'fCJI!1 How E' 'i 6 1 Linrriirf- 251' e' Eleznwr Vukovioii lilorf-rice lfzbodu T-l'IYfT'E f5'1Jg5izr'ii' .f'4.'i'irf"f' Siitionir fit' hnirzd' Miiiiiff Finn' lf'.'-'ilyri Goerki' ll 'Nick l,ti11"::i'i 1 'irc lrlf-:'..' Pit Scfteriiff-7, .1 :T Tie pfwif l.l:r'1':rci f'1.1'.'iti Ciroi P'i'.'Q':L: Mi: Bowrf-7 T'y FT.-.' f ir. Bdiiey, Arliss l'liQQ Cfzroi Fipke Harriet? Ee, 3:r1.'ZinTck Qslores Eerginarin Marilyn Hit: lJl'lflQf.C Nziisserrnzznn, Bariidri Pfcnifr, Put Bfrrzri ' ,!Y,fi5'f' s..7,,,1 ' CDnthe TW Q. 'I ,.. Beani ee fuck lion-.' Ifick Olif-iii, lack Love, Norman Freemming, Bob Bert:-oft, Dick Hoelke, lim Miller Front flew Mr ltlugdalil, lerry Sommer, lohn Morn, Kenneth Schablcw, lorry Cllfl-1lQl1'l AUDIO-VISUAL SERVICE CREW "Testing-testingfle2-Sftestingf' "Hey, lim, move it over a little to the left. Thats too much. OK., thats just right. Now try it again." "Testing-testingffl-2-3-testing." Any stranger entering Hales portals would wonder what was going on, but to Haleites its the familiar signaling of the Projection Crew. Before dances, assemblies, and pep rallies, this crew is on the job making sure the program will go off smoothly. The boys deserve a great deal of credit for the many hours of efficient labor behind the scenes producing entertainment for Hale. CAFETERIA U-mfmfml That steaming chicken broth smells good. Hey, wait a minute, that s my salad lll take a dish of eatmore, too. No wonder everything tastes so goodi look at all the willing help Mrs Goode and Mrs, Sweet have. fl-low about taking a few cents off, Poppyil By the end of fourth hour, after a morning of exhausting labor, the pains of hunger have reached the semi conscious pupils as they stagger down to Mrs Goodes 'll-langoutw to find rows of delicious dishes teasing to be carried out. There is only one request we would like to make. Allan, please make those scoops of ice cream bigger. First Row Mrs Goode, Mrs Sweet, Richard Sarriueisori lane flette foieres Fopovlcrz lohn Sfiabaz Glerirg Bf,iI'T.1f.k lerrg' Serrirner lonn Dinsrnore, lohri Cookson lackie Schuerrnann Second Row Fred Benlzng George Ftoeder Dan Horrtrngy florrr' Froernrning, lerry Alteriburg, loe Pahle, Kenneth Beernink Charles Kornschli-if fob Kerrke, N v I 4 1 Q 3Ct'f::: RNA' ffffzt. 7 H1 ' C17 1 Ti" ' 'z , fre' Vyi lff. B'f'ff'Il L.ri1'f', 7i:quf:f','r1 If2:1z.1f.g.1 C1705 RfJfiqf'r:Tr1 Pf'IY1 Xvrxxz :.1 Mm 'J wif. i "rf 1-:. M1713 How Tv: fi.. Z'x..:f Y'Q1E.:::f 7 .'AXY1i.'.' HMB, F'zj.' Tlflpnrx, PII! Sf2TiQrgrQi f5"vrIQ-',' H','f.'CQfr1 11' 'V in' " fmt. I-fflfh '11 I-.t,1f: Aridfffifi M iff I'1:.f F7'1r.k fxrlcnf' I5f:YY1, H11 L'1r.dr'!, 1:12 Udisflzf-.' Pwr: Thr ,ld Fifrf1':.:r.r1 Fzvf' Styli Tl, Ziitek Iirittif-.f'+.1iQik1173 f3Ii1f.'3iQhf.-l RMU Z','r.1eQ,I,5rC131'y Kill-7 I'ICi'1WlfZ'l-'Ii ":P.xf., ., f2?z:r'f',' fir-7'1" .r H iff' I 3.7. ir, Mr Blifit T'yh Hiww Hfxlf-rt fzikriix Frf-fi B'11lf'f Edward P-.lkwri Tifflfl M113-7 Igrtf-. f-.fdnr Vt 1-7 ff "'.1Z. fix, -f Lliyii HM: Ir. Allf. H'.'Ik'Ifl'1'i FOOTLIGHTS CLUB XVWC dvwtn f'1w'v:','k,,df I f- FIVIN cllrifx I1 psf 'xiumfg up' W1lCTCES 1110 bl' died Copy? flxforybivdy all set" CK., pull the curmaif Wwe the Lxxms :md FCDTGHHQS Qi Iklliilllifl Hale are :ff to another f5:11f1shLng success, Led by Erofiiisvrzi Gnu- Og f-I1 tif- 1 ir highixrdi Wrmrior Vice Presldent Ebb C910 Pcrterx Tacksoxi, Secretciry Marge Hcffzgum Tzplsliizmaici and TrCQfgurCr Fay 'frustinjz Saul? Nelson, the club has pzcducod Cl three-GCI gifcmy, 0:10 ffizd Ifmlgi ,xiii twfi '.2IfC",1CQ Cliffs. Dllff if the Rcad and Little Darling. Tflcsso tridiffriil Fff,:i1Tl1 11? g':!T1f, spcnscred by ffr Lew Eludt glzizte ujjed the 2330111 life flf Hilo Affor 'fr BQ :dt 10 :ri 71n11f1r',' ict ' tif-v' 'L' 1 L.: 'Sr 1 'ifirir Cillego ', C QQCQ 5 A f AIS. nf Bottom Bow Gordon Iorgenxon, Eleanor Budney, lean Iohnson, Barbara Krotts Ianet Trushinski, Beverly Boebel, Mildred Anderson, Iudy Applegate, Pat Nelson, Sylvia Kelar, Mina Tolvstad, Pat Kcrnpt, Beverly Hudson, Ierome Altenburg. Second Bow Mixers Moore, Loire Mungeri, Margaret Crowley, Lorraine Kuester, Elinor Fischer, Shirley Haberrnan, Ann Mazarek, Dolores l'leBaclc, Ellen Cooper, Iaclcie Smith, Shirley lohnzzon, Ioyce Bachmann, Edwin Schulze. Third Row Gordon Batchelder, Lillian Lind, Frances Ballogh, Peggy lleulrich, Edythe Wick, Elaine Glasenapp, Marlene Lutzow, Lois Fotsch, Betty Beyer, Lynette Moore, lune Spear, Arlene Martins, Ruth Sorge, Sharon Verch, Barbara Bannister, William Pahle. Fourth Row. Lauren Holston, Donald Freyberg, Richard Samuelson, Loretta Daurn, Phyliss Dellmqnn, Nancy Anderson, Mary Ann Wandry, Donna Young, Betty lane Faecke, Sally Simezs, Marilyn Iohniaon, Rita Ritonia, Harold Bauer, lohn Shabaz, Iohn Dlugasz SPOTLIGHTS CLUB Spotlights, the junior edition of Footlights, has really sprung ahead into the field ol maior produc- tions this year. 'Dont Take My Penny" was considered to be a delightful performance. lt was enlivened by hurnor and clever situations. Miss Moore handled the rnany problems connected with the play. lifrtlivrr. RCW Vlrflrrtrx l"0f-ratf-r :rrr lrlrzplczr. Cxril 1lf,:11':.'rr." ll..-if Kfupr, ljelerfw P'3f'f7'JlCll, licrfflrx Morm, Mfrrmz S1'f1Z:1:fl' lf':r:.' B'3'ffl'3' l-fl'IYll'3'Y.f' 1'f'1'r.'lt1 HMA' Tv." Tllflrrul Sfrllff l:"I',YT1l Ml1f'lloY, P1 V CJ l FT! lrlelfirr, PUT Sellerqrfrr Arlzx Hzll llfliff' Urielf-rwofd ?3:.':r"rr1 lgrfzfvw, '51 r :Ei Blrfla Hfrw Thrff- flfzarlfvy Howden Amffr Anderseri, Hefty' lVDl'l.3Clll"3Y M :rv lrrrfr Frirlk fxrlfrzfr flffrrl l"'1r. UT, erxf- Awdrf llldfiirelc lfiqrp R117 Cf-rio Wagner Tep Row lirrrfx Boebel, llorr. Ztifek, Slrzrlff-' Efruttp rriri Pit Ev' Hebert lClIT,,fT. Gln: Vfrxek ltrrif-J Arpder, lleuqlzi Burrrlexxter Robert Proelmow, liek H1112 VIGILANT EDITORIAL STAFF C:-Q-filler: - Pal ls it Douglas Errrrrzerster Typlig '---- Shrrley Bergmimn, Elsre Kopp Ifedzeutxen - - - Kay' plWl1FlC9 Shared Lxrtzew, Be'1j.' llrrrqlehler Phyllrs Egger! Faculty - - - - Marlon Schrrudt Art - - Amin Andersen, Nuorru Mueller, Pal Bennett limucfry Class ---- Derzs Eye-rl'f Qeleres Underwood luxe Class - - - E..-re Kcpp, Slrcxrem lgnzew Capilene -f-- Douglas Burmeisie lderitilrcmien - - Fay on Shirley Bergmann, Cfrlendzr - - - - C:1rOlTerr1c1sinO Doreen Miriri FC1C'.lll':' Adviser Girl: Sperm - - - - Delores Piper Tricia Mzss Bclchlrube Big" Sports Grin' S .GWQY Bel? Frechr f Art A - Nl Mc Cullougi lirrr Arwder ?i5'egr1?r1'.' - - Mr Teskn 'frgiiizxtleis Ar' ' Hill l.e'x Ariri F12 Mikeup Mr Iungelc Fizctegrzrplgy - Surry' Bleek EL life- fdiirlg - MAIEE Errekser VIGILANT BUSINESS STAFF 5:'t1r:. Flew' i,1f'Q. jfrg Slhitr. xijr Hfpk1r1- Cxrel l3rr.i:1:f lw'll.f 3':::1:1'1xCr .Lf Kipp fe 6 Mirilyrlf Srfgzirskz Prev: Greet Mirir. Pit Vegel YQ rr.: Mueller Shirley' 'eikf Mirjf Ati Mifriilffcr luezqueljri leiiiigji, Shrrlf-' Hi'.f."if'ri Tir-'f fririrll :r"'ll1.' lSGllIT2',.. feirl Qldl.-32193 lllxdri-'.' Rifljifli le A.. H142 flzmeu' lffriihi Hildegfrrd Serirender Teri Pez-.' Crls Zlrff-' e','3rrgrrt1r.i P31 3Or1riGf' Gere lflligif-r llri A..d,. Reberi Frienrievf Delorf. Bergrrmrm ,9kY? 5 .. T Bottom Row: lean Gehl, lacquelyn Babbonz, Carmen Owen, Doris Byerly, Thelma Sol if- Marilyne Gregorgaki, Marion Schm llaomi Mueller, lack Reichert Row Two Fern Sfamrner, l.oi:1 Greuel, Donald Trirnberger, Beatrice Leloan, Barbara Unger, lrf Ballogh, llan VVinff:r.:, lame.: Harnrnond, Fred Srnith, lerorne Altenbarg Top Row AYff.,Y Kastner, Philip Hir.z fnrz' Zin r larneg Boebel Ray Hotlrnann Earl Klug, Pat Bennett, Robert lacl-:Jon Mr: lohrgof. Kerri-tri Sernrnler HALESTONES EDITORIAL STAFF FIRST SEMESTER G A A - f ---- lrene Ballogh Editor-in-Chief -A---- Bob lackion lf High Editofi f lean Gehl and Barbara Unger News Edifof E - A f tim Boebel Hu-we Hcwl '-r- Naomi Mueller First page Editor . . Thelmj S0116 Exchange Edits. ---- Gladys Peterso.. Feature Page Editor - - - Dorn: Byerly Pl19T9Q7'1Pl1'f7 "-"-' Eli MCIJQCS Third Page Editor - - Marilyne Gregorzslci Reporter: Pai Ball, lackie Babboni, Pat Bennett, Bob Sporh Edna Y - , IHW Altembrlyq gariiqo, RobGCor.rad, lanice llieckholl, l3ri','ll:.: MUSE Y - Y An Kjjmm ggert, Bob eorgenqson, Loi.: Grmiel, lim Harri- GA A F --viPi I In B H Q rnond, Allan Haugen, Phillip Heinz, Ray Hoffrnarir rp r 3 Oql Richard Honeclc, Shirley Keaton, Betty Kemzle SECOND SEMESTER Charlotte Laqt Pat Minturn, Arlene Morris, Carrrie t r F. ,F Q r Owen Eugene Pertliffi, Glady.1 Pefergon, lane id1vtO?EQChN'f Y Y K Y Y Y EJL lJ'kTO" Schmidt Ken Serrxrnier, Fred Smith, Fern Stamrzier, A EN" nm Y ' ' len! Alenbum Don Trirnberger, Gene Wagner Hazel Willing, First Page Editor - A Bea Lebon Dan Wimerl ' Feature Page Edllor ' ' Dori-3 Zififek Staff Beverly Krrsti Elizabeth Michel Kay Third Page Editor ----- Marion Schmidt Pawlrski, Ioyce Podgasky Sports Editors: - Y Earl Klug and lack Reichert Edlforlgl Advigm .,,., Mm johnson MU-'ll - - --'- DiCl4 SYVOITHDGVQ Birainerss Advisor - Miss Mayrne Behling HALESTONES BUSINESS STAFF Elizabeth Michel Kay PI!'lJl1:TlCl Rffvf1rl'f Kriftg 17 Baats ,U Batons DRUM MAIORETTES I: QI. I' 141'-L.: ?"'f.t'..'ii 'f ' A 'X CHEERLEADERS Yaut raft! rah' West AHS Hate? Barn, sttrtsttine, srmaw, ar sleet, our Cheerleezderfa are art their feet, For the ftrst semester Bev Batch! Beck had charge at the Carttartiorttsts, Ltartart xtdllffitl Schmidt and Irene Satzpzrtv Battiaif were tri Cifzztrrtamd tzte secfmd t.':1f ff the vear Ttte cheerteaders, autded by Mr 'hrtrtca Carttfeft Fletttarittzi were rirefnf-it 'xt ftlt the ilsserrtbtzes and basketrfsatt artd taatadtt aames Letters were awarded te Bev Beck T-iiflfjtfl Bciiztgrdt Irene Bf:lQa'::1 I1 at ez-1 hctrtizt. Five Cheers tar the leaders . . and vau, taa, Wagner vf- efforts tra the eleventh and twelfth frzzxdes Q K r . , 9' i 5 VT? Y 5- . . .4 ' .5 . - 1 - f x A I' ,I Q , I i X X- 2 Q fy 5: 'Elia K Q W3 1? 9 "" 'bg Nl' Y A' ',' Q?a' ff' 5 M. D ' 1. R' yx' N' v' S R? ,A h Y "1 5' 1. 9 if 'A X ' ww,-,X,-' -' '. o-' ' , .H , ,f , , '.- ' 'L ai - af K - - . if - - f - Y- X . . -. J , if 1- 5 , .1 , , ' fr, N. X - N YQ 1 . W M ' ,Q 1 P A 91, if y n -, ,LN Q , gdxi, If YA I, .1 Q D. 1, . 'I 'ik ffl i, 3 fin l , RWE' ' wx If gf Nix,-, MY' J ' , ,Vi 1 f ' 2 2 4 nf , f ' ' X " N - 4' -a Tg, 1 Mb" " N f wiv ' ,J Q 1 7' C ' 2 1 N. NVE v I , ' A 9 in '30 1' 'pg' X p V .bl 1. Aa ff!! f um 4 f ' if? ' ' X Q 'f yi' In r Q. "ggi Q I Tax, 4 tk 'f,,p,fw ig X44 'E ' 1 If '1 ' YW' , + ' J V -' 5399. t M' , ' s R a 1 .wggw yfr' XL M Junior Band Beam? Cliigi Clfmk CTUSFIW The sounds tint rssue from the uppermost regions of Hflie siqrtrty he xzfst QLl.G+ "WW 'wttfr f' time scrgesl the band prcctcktq Vwlyltfl ' ' H11 1' e ts Q1 rector tzre zztexttbefs :five presented TI Pip Concert, er sprmn zzrusrc tes md .iz 'NlKf6EI C:f.:e:t 151 iiiditii tlgese 2:,1gs.Cf1:'1s UHHLSEX tile rtrytlrrx i' fsotbcxll Grid busketbfxil qirzrefr Ci rt per- ezssetztrzres Squeak, Toet, Bang! Bang! Tru-lu-lu, Clcmgl Clurtgi MIXED CHORUS letting RL' .'.' Grace Retd, Martorte Peteriy Srttrley Mtoltalak, Karen Van Duzee Betty laadwta Lo.: Carlponv Laogle ltltrtfu Mr: Dorothy Glye Svten, Margaret Truslttnfskt, Barbara Unger, Audrey Hoewe Snxrley Wahl, Rtta Zyrttel, Fattrt Wangertxann Second Row Fay Nelson, Arlene Dern, Margaret Reid, Eleanof Gulczyskt, Gwendolyn Bucnolz Etleen Ertl, Elizabeth Mtcltel Glady: Pefertor., Vtrginia Foerfzter, Shirley lonnson! Peggy Kats, Lucille Kaytna loyoe Baoltrnartn, loyce lohnfon Rose Marte lwr.e,1,Patrt:1: Vogel Tlurd Row Antta Anderson, loan Applegate, Pat Ball, Betty Zaefelce Beverly Sponttofz fern Gert. lieatnce Lebart loan Gaberi Dolores Popovtctt, Iackte Scltuerrrtan, Elda Landry, Patsy Settergrenl Iune Padhera Betty latndgzey, Audrey Olsen Pourtlt Row Howard Katlowskt, Robert Kerskt, Robert Galbrattlt, Frartcifi Pavlok, Glenr. Vertck, Alle: Rockafteld, Robert Baicltelder, Phtllip Dyke, Rtchard Samuelson, Virgtrtta Pavlettc lean Keller, Barbara Rterttfr, Betty Selttnidt, Marlon Scltrrttdt Ftltlt Row Conrad Dutclter, George Roeder, Douglas Burrneifzter, lack Reicltert, Dantel Plulltpt, Raymond Budney, Frank Doerller, latrte.: Boeloel, Owen Patrnore, loltn Sltabaz, Ierotne Altenlzurg, Vtvtar. Braun Ioan Udtncltffq Tot: Row Artnar Kaxtner, Bob Marrr: Iarnegs Ander, Rtcltard Claprsaddle, Robert Metgzenltetrtxer, Robert lrqkxnr. fT..r.r1,l Rgtt 1rd Str gzytaeraer lfarl Witte lfort Wtttter Robert Procl'tr.Lw joryrld ln- gktg 1f5g,r,r,ti l.erttt2:2'f CHORUS Ori most Wednesday and Friday znorntnos during tlte year one wtll itnd 'r arottrt ol students rxtlfslg .ria down t:.e :alle to tire ayrr. tturrgznna luetly as trzey race alona Any Haleie w1Qgf3r,lq1.rtat" tQat'f nzrt 'zaagzirt t2.e riearefzt w :Il ' .rg jgandezpingurz. ae: diwr. V. xt ' " '.'.'g x . . , ..,,.,-6 tj-lea QI 'Ii e :flea 'I TLZELLF' 7e!iL.t'1tQ3Z ' ' " f fftll L'-' . f' 2'.'.6I. 'C aflhao ' Tff6'f6I'.frPQ1 'I " Ciff 'lftal I ' 4 I , 1 1 I - V VJ. ' W + 1 H1 , H, 3',.f44u,', .J W 1. 454.1 '5 "5g-- ' i ,4- King l-lorry Queen Pot Out of This World Gliding dregrnily below stgrs, cornets, gnd constellotions depicting the stdrry sky, the students ot Ngthgn Hole swoyed smoothly ogginst the bgckground ot the 1947 Prom, Stgirwory-to-thefStors The throne, occupied by King Horry Geldien ond Queen Pgt Mrnturn, wgs g lorge stor, set ggginst d bockdrop ot celestiol effects, The royolty ottending the king ond queen werei lirn Miller, 12B President, ond Shorron Verch Phil Ggllino, 12B Vicefpresident, gnd Arliss Hill Gene Wggner llA Presie dent, ond Beverly Boebel, Egrl Leigeb, llA Vice-President gnd Doris Rdddszewslci gnd Prom chggrrnon lock Reichert ond Kgren Von Duzee. The prorn rnoved swiftly glong --- too swiftly, indeed, with the cheerful gssistgnce ot Prom choirrngn lock Reichert, ond the music turnished by Carl Byrner dnd his orchestrg Witli hobby heorts ond storry eyes, Hole students left the Prcrri of l947 only to be 'zwdkened by the routine ot school lflondcry rnorning. Royolty 41 Revue r t Home Room Faculty Game We Whipped 'em iii The Vigilant Staff wishes to express its appreciation to the Student Council tor its generous gift which has been used to help finance this yearbook, To our advertisers we say, 'Thank you, for your patronage." O. R. PIEPER CO. OVER 60 YEARS SPECIALIZED FOOD SERVICE TO SCHOOLS, CLUBS, HOTELS, INSTITUTIONS AND RESTAURANTS, MILWAUKEE 2, WISCONSIN A Friend TI-IE MEASURE OF QUALITY cyllllwillly 6411! amfx flflllllhl-lilly ffnffem Jfnwzocan fgooa' Znllay AlllS CIIALMERS Producer of XY orld s Lfzrgcst Lmc of M'1jor Industrial Equipment SPENCERIAN Name That Means Servlce m Commercxul Work Unpcxrclled Demand If O ,-.. .. ,. . ,. A 'C 71.1 2.Y,rf-f,-, SUMMER SCHOOL Zkfffffffffff COLLEGE inc. Spcncchcm Bldg. - Ma. 0880 - SUB E. Wisconfin Avo ..z.t -V . - v- ,-- , V- ,Q-...1- ,.,. Y. 1- K H' x 5 . Y Q R' 1 1 ' Q-jx uf B 1. Q51 f 7 tx X. J U M ,Sf YJ X1 L W' 5 A W Gzgf 35539962 fx V www Q ifwy V Q7 Od M W Q Uk, Qc,-fx N OX gf , NQN xg! UAQZ- QU-!+LjLLhML KG-gn, M N. 9 'ii' X T .fy-J L s x xg, x W C O ,. , L ,J . BJ, , x 3 ff. 'J ,4 A N y' . 'kf Ny, 3 B f-x I . -of ' E- L CAC Qu I ky tw fy 'I AV . y l K I If ' , V' .A V 'M DW T, as AX , R' X , Vw., QR of ,C K N Q. . -iw. X '- xg CNP K N K gk 1 D X x ,X ,ff Af' Y- ' X X . X M A , A gy ax A "W if -U H 'IM 1 ff' ft CTD ' XJ f . KJ. I .V Q ' . P C- K , X M ' ,Q X X uk- " "-., ..g,x X V 'xx' .,,' Mu X, 1' N N , X CNA -, ' ' Y , X" K. X 5 N s YN., i -.X 2 A xx-A AA, ly ' lx, I I K Q-'z fb' F ' 'M I P C ' l' A! 1 'T f X MR kb, , 14 X ,ff Il, A . I L'- ! X ,1 " L L' Y I N 1 n fi ,f L ,I f g V '- l X , A ' i is X . .1 tiff Pm' ,XA lf V gvqd 'W K 1 '. ' " .,. E , if ' TNT K by I In L, -' A

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