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K ,pw N..- 4' we vi W Wg- WW ,,X,,,.,vghS:2w ' ' , pm' 9 we MMM ,2 Q. e s - - -www-,pw -px 1-,K k 1 'I V sf . Q , v ,,., K,+,N R 5 S Q W, . - , . ,, -aff K . J ,..- , KM59. -' 'fw'1c.52gg5,2if4f9if2f..,.ffv.- I , ' 'f Nw, ,Qw ww .. f X,4i,',fL , 1- The beginning of Nathan Hale-1963 NATHAN HALE HIGH SCHOOL HERITAGE 1972 A A VOLUME IX SEATTLE, WASHINGTON 2 BETWEEN THESE COVERS E The Foundation 8 Student Life 30 Blood, Sweat, and Tears 78 We're the Future 108 3 WHEN PEOPLE ARE TOGETHER PEOPLE BEGIN TO COMPREHEND THAT WHEN PEOPLE ARE WITH PEOPLE THEY REALLY BEGIN TO BEGIN F 2 I f 2 4 i 3 I 9 r I QW Al. 'nun' 'REQ' - 'D s if K' I I WHEN IM WITH YOU, DOESN T MATTER WHERE WE ARE V i A i4, V, A , E u 6 OR WHAT WE'RE DOING. I'M WITH YOU, THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS. TIME PASSES MUCH TOO QUICKLY WHEN WE'RE TOGETHER Yr- V ' 4' 2. ' '1 ' THE 11oU DATIO I Know What I Have Given You, But I Do Not Know Whqt You Have Received. Behind Every Educator is the Beginning of a New Future. Dave Currie-Physical Education 'Denotes department head wc, N . .M . .Q , X r . V 5 , E Lloyd Williams-Language Arts Frank Minear-Music "-My , -K Q M . wife-fel-'L Charles Vollbrecht-Math Dale Fleury-Foreign Language 6 Harry March, art teacher, working on an empty stomach X Eili'?il5l'r mana john Dunn-Special Education Administrators Humanp Believe in Students Walking through the administrative and counseling offices one hears snatches of conversation from people at work. They are members of Hale's administration, and their devotion to their work is ex- pressed in phrases like these: "lt's 3:00 and l haven't eaten all day." "It's not a written law but we are just sort of assuming it." "The key is to get students involved." "How about a compromise?" "We'll see what we can do about it." "O.K We'll do that and see how it works." "Do you know 'Moon River'?" The administration puts in time and effort to insure that every Hale student has a chance for an excellent education-one which meets HIS needs. Marjorie Shifflette-Language Arts i - -- is Cordon Albright-Principal Every Teacher's a Steal. You Have a Chance to Swipe His Knowledge. A Science Happening: Remember Spray Park! A survival mission in Spray Park, atop the rugged peaks of Mount Rainier, was the focal point of a weekend for biology students. Stu- dents learned to adapt to nature and its challenges. Due to the ever-changing knowl- edge of science, the department de- cided to experiment with different types of learning surroundings. Some are field trips, nature hikes and group or personal experiments. They give students a chance to pro- gress at their own rate and fully un- derstand their own work. Classes at- tempt to give new insight into many facets of the changing world. .-p ' August Kroll, social studies teacher, "raps" during a fire drill. ""'l.- S si ew.. 'Bill Brockman-Science Fritz Mehlert-Activity Coordinator l2 Sandra Rath-Home Economics 1 'Francis Heath-Industrial Arts , ,..x Iohn Ames-Math Corine Olson-Physical Education Iob Training Brightens Future Some lucky person will buy a cabin built entirely by Hale stu- dents. Students in Constructional Technology have designed, built, and wired the cabin which will be sold. Automobile Servicing gives the student a new opportunity to learn how to care for his car. These new courses and Marine Engines give students excel- lent job training. The skills learned will help them in future jobs or hobbies. i Custodial Staff-Leroy Boll, 'Andy Cowe, Dorothy Bryenton, jerry Harman Terry O'Connor pulls one out of his bag of tricks for language arts. MUN: it , Don't Do Everything Today, Save Some Mistakes for Tomorrow. Lawrence Adams-Radio KNHC Opportunity Knocks Buzzing from electrical machines can be heard clear down the hall from the Business Ed. resource center. The door opens to a fascinating array of new electrical calculators, Selectric typewriters, duplicators, and modern adding machines. Graphic Arts teaches the students how to use an offset press. Students can pursue in- dividual interests. Retailing students have their hands full taking care of the Cubby Hole. Selling candy, school supplies, and nic-nacs is their specialty. They learn to work a cash register, how to handle money, and take inventory. Business Ed. teachers are involved in planning a long-range job-ori- ented "communications" curriculum. Gerald Hardcastle, social studies instructor, listens attentively. Arthur Reiswig-Business Education 5 5 f if A 11 Ray Normile expresses his willingness as counselor. 'Thomas Tangney-Language Arts ,slss 1 . .l,,.., ms--u some LA' Unk" to ?em0's' 5 is Changes Beneflt Youth. Don Smith-Business Education Q I I Elsa Kopta-Foreign Language David Magee-Science I 5 "I wish I were young again," commented one senior referring to the drastic changes in the Lan- guage Arts department. "We don't get any benefits from the changes." Tenth graders now select two six- week courses in speech, problem solving, reading or drama for the first half of a quarter. L.A. 10b is a twelve-week course concentrat- ing on specific aspects of writing skills, including work with the mass media. A variety of classes for juniors is also offered. By reading American literature, students gain insight into man's contemporary ideas and his relationship to the world. There are also courses like Man and the Individual which involves short stories and poetry, fantasy, writing basic skills, and non-fic- tion reading. Whlch the Days Never Know. Frances Myers-Language Arts lr Robert Secord-Language Arts Younger Set Jumps Ahead Beneath the hard brick and concrete of Na- than Hale lies a soft spot for the little people. A nursery school sponsored by the Child Development class and Mrs. Freeman, pro- vides periodic sessions for play to children five and under. K? Michael Tomas-Social Studies Charles Davis-Math "lt's easier said than done", comments lean Northfield", Home Ec teacher. Douglas Smart'-Social Studies World Events Shape Social Studies With the 18-year old vote, Red China now in the U.N., a turn- ing point in the Vietnam war and a key presidential election, the social studies department has made quite a few changes. Courses concerning people problems and promises, and new dilemmas give students a more realistic view of the world. Eco- nomics, Comparative Social Systems, survey courses on the Soviet Union and Africa and Behavioral Science are among new courses to choose from. New techniques in the classroom have accompanied the new courses. Wise Is the Man Who Knows His Gwn bilities. 2 1 """'h-q.,,,mWWmUqM:WM Thomas Cooney-Administrative Intern Mary Vaux-Physical Education o Y i H N.. xx V5 1 . rg fe-'4 -D -iq wuunnuwzfn' WM gens haw.--eu , W-' .h .Qs K X- K A . X ' " ,r vu X - . L osss ' .. , R . - Q' ,M-j1'. .sv 13" v K 'L K -b- , -iz" . gfk'-'-"fg1::.'?51N-x X' L' S.. m gig ,.. ' w yzg 23 - -. Q 25.51 it A v:"t"'1 ti e H Q .., ,M-. gg, AR, we , :R 'rrq .wiiw-N . A-W: -A s k ..4rx'1,'l.t--Nj' xl """" R ? Q: ill -py......v- n s s s -ff-if - 5 Q in 5' - 1, KQV i is Ext K ' -.i - xt s-Mgzgi ., ,, . x.... i' ,. lwefm' 'S-0-'if .. J 2 Barbara Bloom-Language Arts iii, Roy Ketterer, drama instructor, points out acting technique. john Hinrichs-Second Mile School X -vf 4 4 Lrir 'F V, V5::V: 74,3 N" xy 'Clifford Allen-Physcial Education f ga :ji Everyone Can Find His "Thing" in P.E. Program Rhythm, grace and freedom of move- ment are only a part of what makes modern dance a favorite with Hale's fair set. And some of those bulging muscles you've seen on the boys in the halls were developed in carefully super- vised weight training classes. Whether it's shuffleboard, badmin- ton, tennis, gymnastics, handball, or some of the more conventional team sports, Hale's fellows and gals have almost unlimited opportunity for fun, body conditioning and good fellowship in a P.E. program that knows no limits. jim Fahselt, social studies teacher, after a big day. 5 9 ' . J, 4 -' S. I Judy Flinders-Home Economics Charles Stenberg-Industrial Arts Ellen Sherlock-Language Arts ...... Laurel Macartney-Science Mary Lou Moats, Linda Thompson, Carol Simmons-Counselors Mary Nevers-Specific Language Disability Mae Lovern-Language Arts Elizabeth Swanson-P-E.: Aqhis mannequin Sure is Hfelikegff ,i.M.v..r,,-W--Q .-nt' .-.Me- i . Vvew lv: 2 . i. ww I W! f ' , , ' A H J M A L 75, J , Dominic Moreo-Social Studies Britta Winder-Fiscal Secretary Edna Roake-Health Education Mike Delaney-Musicp 'A-one-and-a-two-and-a. ., Mike Haigh-Social Studies Donn Berg-Work Experience Coordinator Qu., -in gf--1 S 4 f" Walter Bone-Head Counselor sa.-as yy -rar' ' ,,,,, 'QA '--1-'V f LTU' . 1 Q 'ft-ri' 'f -,s , r . Coleman Leuthy, Science teacher, displays the bare necessities on a nature Christina Hovind-Home Economics hike. Foreign Language Provides Intellectual Smorgasbord Students got a taste of Deutchland other than fillet of verbs and prepo- sitions ala carte, in Patricia Barber's German class this year. The pupils feasted German style when they got together with a home ec class to see if it is true that "people are what they eat." Swedish, taught by Britta Hunt, was another tasty treat. Add to this courses in French, Spanish, Latin and Russian and the result was a tempt- ing linguisitic menu. 'Igor Gladstone-Foreign Language 2 2 Joseph Sexton-Industrial Arts Master Tests of Today, for the Exams of Tomorrow l af: ey Evelyn Freeman-Home Economics Sue Averillianguage Arts l . Left to right: Mary Douthwaite, asst. librarian: Geraldine MacAdam, head li- Bflm Hunbporelgn Language brariany Fran Wallen and Gerry Allen, library secretaries. ,.-sax A -ur 1 "L, , . .. Ak 3 A Hattie Pearson-Human Relations Aid wwM?!RvG Fulfill Your Dreams of the Future, Today 9. ii. Y. ' Yafgfmzg g K3 a Q. X, 5 - Q, ,W i Lydia 2 V Y? ,. A 3 ... -nip, , , . ,. is or , .. N ,,.,, ...... . Mr-,H r...,, M V . S , . gr Norman Cromarty-Language Arts Erom the right: Fred Klingback, Assistant Principalg Dean of Students Don Lundberg: and Rollie Ellis, Associate Principal. Clifford Hogle and Gary Case-Physical Education QA Chuck Tarbox-Science Robert Thomas-Social Studies Stephen Ross-Language Arts 24 Y' .aw ' to T 3 W. 'M fy 'E e.,,,..,. aw., ,M YJ 'ii 'A 'John Ringen-Art A fur New Student Crafts Evolve in Changing Art Classes Changing ideas in art involved students in crafts, a field under- going rapid change. With the de- sire to make rather than buy prac- tical, decorative items, the art department, headed by John Rin- gen, has accommodated this new trend. Along with imagination and re- sourcefulness in utilizing ma- terials, skill in basic techniques was the prime goal this year. Fabric design, lost wax casting and advanced ceramics offered opportunities for students to express individuality as craftsmen. 'lr Lunchroom staff, left to right: Jolene Knight, lane Pingrey, manager Betty Olsen Madge Marie Davis-Registrar Semenock, Dorothy Tallon, Margaret Daily, Delores Turner, Virginia Cowderoy, Marilyn Baker, Fay Johansen. Donald Hanika-Business Education M Business Education is all smiles with Effie Walker, Iudy Wood and lean Graves. X5 l 'ii-1 i li Q L .vs- 6:53114 V ..-- 'X ,- There Are No Answers to Life in the Back of a Book :ww-ai Thomas Brook-Mathematics Robert Sandberg-Business Education "Sweet Baby Michael" Lynch demonstrates a little travis picking. 2.4 131415 maiizz ezmzazeaa A ' ' Bob Moen-Social Studies Diane Clayton-Physical Education 26 'Robert Cathey-Music Iohn Burke-Social Studies Betty Cornaby-Language Arts Music Offers Outlet for Diverse Emotions A wide variety of music classes enables Nathan Hale to have one of the finest music departments in the city. Department head Robert Cathey has about 350 students in- volved in classes from choir to the famous Jazz Ensemble. l-low do they feel about music? , . . "l can beat out all my in- hibitions, anxieties and frustrations on the head of my snare drum with my thunder logs." "Music is life." "It gives people who are or are not musically inclined a chance to advance their understanding of music by choosing a field that ap- peals to them." "It's crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide." 'v2"6Kiw TLT, 'iii ,,5f5'uiPf? Queer cl l 3599 Q Frank Morris-Social Studies Who says Robert Gantert, Science teacher, doesn't have a teacher's pet? U ini ri Qifxgk 6 Y 2, 'Q' 27 f i i The Magic of Numbers. . . the Power of Thought 1amesKidrick-Industrial Arts 'H-1-.M Tom Evans, Health instructor, tapes, and tapes, and tapes. . . Douglas Houk-Business Education Pat Barber-Foreign Language Q8 George Weller-Foreign Language ,,,, -x MW, ...Y . X2 et, 1 Fr . as . an V5 l if LH ,.-"V Secretaries, left to right: Rachel Williams, Betty Holland, head secretary Bette Phillips, Arlene Her- rington, lean Anderson, Lorraine Kerr, Sally Hottinger, Gloria Young. of Dorothy Northrop-Nurse "Call me lshmael," exclaims Conner Reed, Lan- guage Arts teacher. T95 Math Tailored for All Basic classes useful in everyday life were offered this year. Figuring income tax and interest rates is learned in Business Math. Consumer Math, a new course taught by Harry Slosson, is help- ful for homemalcers remodeling or maintaining a house. Math has its fun side, too. In the statistics course one could figure the chances of a monkey typing the national anthem given an un- limited number of monkeys and an unlimited number of type- writers. Vicky Ringen, 'Harold Schold, Harry Slossen-Mathematics 1 I .,,. W .. Yukiko Ideta-Art 1 Y A . ' ' - 'I df.. 1 . ' STUDE LIFE We Shall Be One Person Executive Cabinet Goes to Extremes Kevin Healy, Senior Class Pres., can't do a thing with his hair. Q Ian Skewes, Student Body Vice-Pres., relaxes while in deep thought. Debbie Kellogg represented the seniors when Kevin was occupied. Ian Frederick, Student Body Pres., laughs with Sue Lindquist, ASNH Committee Coordinator. f if .QR A wa- ul gnu Wanda Romano, ASNH Treas., is carefree with her popcorn but care- ful with our money. Q IS elf 5 Sophomore President-Donna Myhre Kerm Kermoade assisted when Donna was unavailable. Laurie Lindgren, ASNH Sec., kept careful records of cabinet meetings. ,Nb-wx' , Carol Pappila-junior Class President The Bare Facts Running naked through the halls . . . Executive Cabinet uncovered some new activities this year. Concerned about the gap in racial, political and social areas, Executive Cabinet sponsored hu- man relations films beginning in january. Shown one day each week, the films helped students gain sharper insights into themselves and society. The student body contributed and delivered food and gifts to 15 needy families-another project originating in Exec. Cabinet. As early as last summer the cabinet members were busy planning the sophomore orientation and exchanging ideas about projects for the year. Some projects have been revised, others failed to materialize. Having gone beyond the prescribed Executive Cabinet duties, the mem- bers helped to make Nathan Hale more interest- mg. Never Underestimate the Power of "Were now going to vote . . . wait a minute! What are we voting on?" Jan Skewes, not always organized, but always enthusiastic, led the Student Union in lively discussion and constructive actions. Criticism and cynicism abounded in the First few sessions, but attitudes began to change as constructive measures were taken. The Registration Committees proposal for a more effective registration procedure was adopted by the school Senate. ff , l'fIff:5i'v n ' iii EW ,Juli "Ask not what Student Union can do for you, but what you can do for Student Union." tm! lf, N 4 Thought or the Force of Action Bob Ireland, Anne Starks: senigf and sophomore All-Ciry Linda Dahm, junior All-City Senate representative, and Gayle Turner, Ad- Senate representatives, visory Council representative, rest between meetings. .f , , ,W 3""'?s.,. S L ,. Af Chris Sondergaard, NH Iunior Senator, dutifully decides on an issue. use-+C E get Wendy Romano, Advisory Council representative, casts her vote. I l t 4 rw.-W. - A Day in the Life of a Rep... "Do we have to conform?", a voice from the All-City Senate rings out. "The second item is not on the agenda," a voice from the School Senate explains. "lVlr. Chairman I wish to speak on this subject! l know I have talked too much already . . a voice from the advisory council defends. America's Future Leaders Learn Useful Tactics in "Wu-e... Kevin Healy surrounded by wild, wild women, L. to R.: R. Schroeder, S. Harris, I. Frederick, D. Myhre, D. Kellogg, L. Sowder, D. Auve, S. Persmger C. Pappila, S. Saas, L. Le Vander, P. Bergen, K. Carroll, W. Romano, T. Zurschmiede and K. Roddis. Not Pictured: G. Clark, E. Davis, C. Hawkins K Kermoade, E. Lard, K. Lewis, L. Lindgren, S. Lindquist, W. Romano, I. Skewes and O. Sledge. 'Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild, Wild Women' A burlesque show? An old-time saloon? A vistor's description of Nathan Hale? Nope. This was just one of Fritz Meh- lert's many 'cheery' little songs used to brighten up the Student Government class this year. Aside from these en- chanting tunes, the class, made up of student body officers, class officers, committee chairmen and interested students, helped plan and present the Student Union to the guidance rooms. Also, interested parents and students attended a Rumor Center workshop held during this class. The Student Government class also discussed such tantalizing topics as the assembly pol- icy, activity card sale, race relations, and the budget. . .along with cigarettes. . . whiskey. . .and wild. . .wild. . .wild. . . if Eric relaxes between projects .. 3 ,xi +V, ,1- 21 ak X s. ,- , ,N 1 wx f Nm Y.: 'hw-,, 4 Jo 4 ,, , ,ey . . A v . 5. 'Q E X :gk Lg, . 6 Q N V ' 1. - A lu :A yu, L- Arm 4 "' .gl ,. 1 Y if 'U ASNH Committees Support if l Pi- ttt I 3' f- ft '21, ak ,gi in 'rg With Christy Gallant as chairman, Raider Rousers sponsored car washes, donut sales, and decorated players' houses. Selling kisses raised funds for Raider Rousers. s ,gs Karin Teller headed the Homecoming Committee in planning a dinner, dance and Corsage Sale' 38 Carolyn Rogers worked with the budget as Money-Makers Committee Chairman. Hale With Morale, Printed Spirit. as '7' ' ll Cheryl Iohannesson pulled the lever and began the year as Elections Committee Chair Pam Hidaka-ASNH Publicity man- Q. Nathan Hale's wide array of publicity signs was attributed to Kathy Roddis' committee. 39 .,,-my Time, Energy, Planning and Enthusiasm nsilzrim The Assembly Planning Committee, led by Lisa Sowder and Cathy Carroll, went on an assembly planning spree during the first quarter. rf Dick Balch explained to students that the "I" on his jacket stood for idiot. International Relations Committee, headed by Meredith Minto, planned the International Relations Assembly. The International Bake Sale raised dough. 7.5 During the assembly several foreign countries were represented. L 4l i ww, Adventurous Uutdoorsrnen Pedal pushing enthusiasts united to form the Bicycle Club for its second year. President Steve Sheller led several cycling events. A :cis 'F' ' v R S wgfvbmbsmxm r X 1 'i' 'YR - st , X ,t ' Q 51 XX 4 lips, 7 --Q Al fl B ' fggkgp . 4 nf' .., 5 The Biology Honor Society recognized students who excelled in Biology courses. I Follow Nature's Course V V 6 The Hale Alpine Club, headed by Barb Hostetler, scheduled hikes including one to V Little Si this winter. Members enjoyed these chances to get away. ,iggglz K QL, 5 ' .JE ig 9 Ly: 0 , A " X5 81.9 l l Q x f +9 Lal 11 , X117 l l The Ski Club, with Mark Kjosness as President, went to Squaw Valley after Barb Laws planned the trip. 43 ts - 11 1- 4.123 if in ..l.... at-' Each Man is Unique but United The Ticket Squad and adviser Robert Thomas sold tickets for Hale sports events A crowd gathers while waiting impatiently to buy tickets to a basketball game. Latin Club, wired and ready to go. They Are with Uniqueness Unlimited Led by Jerry Widing, the German Club held several activities and meetings. Among these were a foodfest at a Ger- man restaurant and a German Christmas party. QS Kg 1 ' The Usher Squad under Mike Haigh and Cheryl DeRosier herded crowds at assemblies and sports events. li W A45 ff tri. I fy x X lx il J Xt mv ! X X lt Q5 riff :iff Ml l i , l l -. .,. 9? , f ,F .Q "7' Q.,,,.,..., . up yew 1 ' ' 1: gl - . -V g :- .f isw sa ..2: .age Wm. ,, K A ,,, ,.,,, . . .. ., . 2 ,K 3 ,Y K ' fi ll X A airme- fkdrgl 3 4147 Unzip ,Q 1 s x i 2 rv-' vu- Q . x a.f4X :if uf' .qv ff, ,A af Q, Q a,f,,Hf" " if '1 iii Q", . h,,e,,4f 'A ,..' .. f. -4 3 .uf val NM, Y0u've Come a Long Way, Baby! jf ? , :fm- 4 l 5? i ,-. 1 5 .Hx 1 vb Je fig in f f sg. , yd. . . ,. - 3.7-Y-. J ' " fin 4. I . ,zu - K, .. , 35 , ' 5, L 5 X 25 Y -. 5 5 5 . 4 ,- N , f s if '71 Ieanette Porel-Publicity Co-Chairman "'w""M"'---0-v.. f,kL E 1 ' -: : ' - AM Linda Dross still has a long way to come. Sue Persinger-President f X Tolo Co-Chairman, Debbie Kellogg, can't decide who to ask. Judy Wood-Adviser Dayle Nelson-Secretary. QI! JSO leannine Blue and Dorita Skersies were in charge of drives as Participation co-chairmen. Q-TIL? Sue Sutterfield-Vice-President, Linda Dross-Treasurer. is f"' Girls' Activities Chairmen: Top Row, ll. to RJ: Ieanette Porel, Lynne Hansen, Kathy O'Connor, Debbie Petree. Third Row: Sheree Skartvedt. Dorita Sker- sies, Diane Shumate, Karen Heimdahl. Second Row: Robin Schroeder, Deb- bie Auve, Sue Feeney, Connie Heinrich, Jeannine Blue. First Row: Sue Pul- liam, Colleen Towey, Debbie Kellogg, Barb Laws. From Stripper to Tycoon Liberated women united this year. The year began with Girls Activities portraying the exploited female, the sex symbol in a stripper routine at the sophomore orientation. But girls have come a long way. This fact was proven by the success- ful clothing drive, sucker-sale and Christmas Tolo. 51 Geniuses of the Future, Thanks to Past Tutors Are you failing in some of your classes? Do you get straight A's except for physics or home ec? Are you just plain dumb? Then come to your local Honor Society and get yourself a tutor! This year, with President Meredith Minto's help, Honor Society had a successful tutoring program, through which thwarted geniuses were helped to improve their minds. Mrs. Betty Cornaby-adviserp Meredith Minto-president Cheryl Iohannesson-secretary-treasurer, Carolyn Rogers- vice-president ,U Eiiisll L xii iilisi 1,1 ' Sr. Class Honor Society members stand tall. r 1 fair!! l I la Juniors are in the middle of things. Sophomores-last but not lost! 52 ef Carolyn Rogers-secretary, Bob Ireland-president, and Meredith Minto, vice-president. Maybe you noticed during the year that every other Pri- day there were several people running around in navy blue jackets with an "SH emblem. These were not honor- ary members of the Superman fan club-they were Sen- triesl Sentries is an organization whose purpose is to rec- ognize students who have been of service to the school. Together, they organized several school activities. Some of the main projects were the pumpkin carving contest, the blood drive, the UGN fund drive, and Y.D.D. SENTRIES MEMBERS I. Baker K. johnson S.Rodley L. Baker K. Kermoade C. Rogers M. Barrat D. King W. Romano I. Blue L. Kunze P. Seaman K. Bruun S. Lee S. Skartvedt D. Duncan L. LeVander J. Skewes R. Eichenberger L. Lindgren L. Sowder S. Feeney M. Minto S. Spencer I. Frederick K. Morrison P. Taylor D. Gordon D. Nelson K. Teller M. Hanson Z. Niebrugge C, Wood P. Heater C. Pappila P, Y0ung K. Healy S. Persinger D, Young B. Ireland POHQI' ZufSChmiQdQ C, Ito K. Roddis Pumpkins, Blood, Y.D.D.-Tools for Super Sentries Sentries discuss plans for Yankee Doddle Days. Pep Squad Provides Valuable Ingredients- Ma ix Although exhausted, Debbie Lien still man- - - ages to smile. '32 ,z T- Tired, but happy, Louise Gooch sings the Alma Ma- Kathy Danielson rocks around the clock. ter. Denise Browning encourages football fans Steve Hauck, Ion Hagens, and Mark Gwaltney were the most enthusiastic half-time spectators. to clap. Ft'- Energy, Enthusiasm and Excitement Debbie Simmons, Sally Woodward, and Sandy Beebe sing, "Through time we'll each go our way..." P v We a QQ ftm., te, tt "Yell when they come out of the huddle," screams Phil Taylor. iW"'..u-r Dave asks the Raiders to "stand up and holler!" 1 Karen Bell and Dave Young agree "the Raiders got the power!" just as athletes began preparing for the school year this summer, the pep squad started building enthusiasm when they attended the summer cheerleading con- ference in Ellensburg. Grueling practice and rigid competition didn't discourage them as they won the "Spirit Stick", the camp symbol of excellence, three times, enabling them to keep it permanently. Time, Tears, Tantrums and QQNPEX K y if z U. ' - 5312.25 15151225 1 Il? t .Ns M Debbie Kellogg- theme p C ar ol Pap pila-u nderclass 5- 1 lit, Laurie Lindgren-copy, Ian Skewes-layout, Sue Persinger-copy 1 fi i fkrxzmvsl' Pam Seaman-Assoc. Ed., Colette Shumate-theme, Cynthia Ito- Editor Warren Hartz, Kristie King-copy To Hale With Love Heritage-to the staff means many things. lt's much more than words and pic- tures tossed together to fiil space. lt's checking facts, writing, typing, crying, revising proofs, fighting, taking pictures, headaches, cropping, or laying out a page a dozen times until it says something special. A peek into room 217 at any time during the year, would have created curiosity in the minds of anyone not associated with the annual. "They didn't get any 5x7's back and I've been waiting for them since Thurs- day!" "People hide things until about five weeks after the deadline-then-oh, you had that?" "I don't even know what's going on in here!" "We'll make it yet, you guys!" "Meanwhile, we've got 175 pages to go and we haven't even got annual copy." I t 56 Heritage Adviser-Bob Secord Talent UD on the Annual Staff f e 5.L,f'f'.s , Mont Kintner-Sports Editor 5 Lori I.eVander-Bus.-M gr. L. x Photographers-Al Sussman, Don Swanson "WHY e..,.x. KarenLavik-CopyEdxtor Steve Rmgo-copyp Dave Beaxl-photographer f ,ax A ,ill A fl Gloria Walton, Sue Phillips-layout S yr ' Ass., Zoe Niebrugge-Layout Editorp lean Pankhauser- Hal Bursett-photographer jaimeYoung-Photoliditor photographer he 0 will 57211 1111121 'vm-.., The Sentinel Staff-A hardworking team. 'lm-.,, fax, Some of the Sentinels "roving" reporters, sitting down. Lloyd Williams, the Sentinels iron-handed adviser. 58 L his .rx fi 3 Jeannine Blue, waiting for an inspiration. Sara Cram, dreaming journalistic thoughts. Ioan Hall-Assist. Ed., Lee Johansen-Editor. 'K N35 59 "We've got to run an editorial on that!" Sentinel staff members, most of them new to the field, struggled with the many tasks involved with publishing a newspaper. Assigning stories, writing, selling adver- tisements, laying out pages, meeting deadlines and proof- reading all went into the final product. the Sentinel. Adviser Lloyd Williams aided the students in finding new and better ways of expressing their ideas in writing. Ar- ticles covering a wide variety of topics were published in the Sentinel, and response from the student body was sought. Editor ...... .... L ee Johansen, Joan Hall, assistant News Editor . . .................... Jeannine Blue Feature Editor . .. ..... Sue Feeney Editorials ..... .... K im Craig Sports Editor ...... ................ G len Young Exchange Editor ..... ............... M ark Gwaltney Business Managers . . .... Roger l-ligbee, Gail Musgrove Advertising Manager . . .................. Chris Kulas Photographers .............. Allen Sussman, Bob Ireland Illustrations .... Sara Cram, Barb Somerville, Guy Robbins Reporters ............ Dave Riggs, Brian Opitz, Jeff Eide, Kathey Dempsey, Scott Palmerton, Jim Campbell, Mark Miller, Linda Starr, Dick Tipper, Tanya Walker, Steve Lomax, Leiann Hough, Bob Swearinger Adviser .... ............... L loyd Williams -,asv e W 5 'IilQ4 w2ge, an Q 3' 9 mm 3' X A -, Q v 95 5 R 4 3 Q Q ii ,ff bk three dancers HaFI'i Release of Thought Into the Expression of Motion ,. A rainbow of leotards moving gracefully in rhythm to a lilting melody was a typical scene in a modern dance class this year. Modern dance-a free form of ballet, but less struc- tured and more individual, gave girls a chance to express themselves freely. When Betsy Swanson assigned girls to make up their own dances, the subjects ranged from hypo- crisy to cows, and that's when the originality of each girl emerged. Modern dance gave girls' imaginations, as well as their muscles, a workout. gunmen- ...,a..,t..-.M K H Nrh, ,B . Q W V. ' " 1 .""'9' .. Stretching and warmup exercises are a part of the daily routine. 5 'a 1 T 6' i rx , . e ,ff . Y 4, W ' ' ,, , ' Wy 2,5 , , "These floor splinters have got to go." 6-I i ' ' .sr . g.., , K OES Adayinalife With much determination and concentrated prac- tice, the Concert Orchestra was able to perform more than the usual two concerts. All year long, Mr. Delaney encouraged the group to recognize their potential. The sounds of l-lale's '71-'72 Orchestra were heard throughout the city, Many Orchestra members were selected to participate in the All-City Orches- tra. Those selected were Janet Perry, flute, Mike Burch, clarinet, Gail lwiusgroye, clarinet, Nick Moore, bass, Linnea Wren, violin, Dan Corneli- son, violin, Marilyn Beasley, violin, Nancy Fiske, violin, Margaret Luke, violin, Kathy Davis, cello, Sue Hall, cello, Dean Rowe, cello, Linda Scott, violin, and Iens McMamama, French horn. Concert Orchestra sitting pretty. ga-5 H- jx 62 Dan Cornelison fiddling around. l-lale's Greatest Catgut Scrapers and Horn Blowers Small Band Makes It Big With the help of Mike Delaney, the fss biggies' managed to attract all age groups again this year. According to 'Big lVl', all the effort and quality put out by the group makes up for the lack of numbers. "What l want in a band along with quality is sound, mucho sound. I want to be blast- ed off the podium!" Trumpeters Bob Hilde and Kevin Sweet, flutist Jaime Young, bass player Stan Wright and clar- inetist Gail Musgrove were selected to play in the all-city band. t Y pg ...A Q it ,, 9 . -I 421-it This is serious business Play along with Mike. "Cheese." Hale Has a Lot of 'Patriotic Sole' Drum Roll Please. . . "And now, for your half-time pleas- ure, the Nathan Hale Marching Band under the direction of musical Mike Delaney, being led on the field by Drum Major Alan Finkelstein." This year's band was a beginning for many. It was the first year as a teacher for Mr. Mike, and for the color guard, drum majorettes, and gun twirlers. l n I Alan Finkelstein struts in his patriotic dress. M., lm 554. , .fs Paul Dankel Q2 nd from leftj blows his mouth off in wonder. xxnf' I Prank Minear blows for the charge. One of the best marching bands in Seattle-Hale marchers do U.S. formation. l 64 Twenty-one mixed voices and a few bass guitars united last spring with lots of enthusiasm, Mike Lynch, and a name: Folk Ensemble. Since then, they have defined their goal: exploring pieces of literature and perform- ing as many concerts as possible. An in- vitation to play at the University Christian Church began this year's schedule. Twenty One + Thirteen Folk, Recorder Ensembles gr- A person must be someone special to belong to Recorder Ensemble. Thirteen people are. It takes a lot of drive to meet after school Mondays and Thursdays when most everyone else goes home. Baroque and Renaissance selections dominate the repertoire of the soprano, alto, and tenor recorders. So far, classes have been their au- diences, but their hope is to perform more ex- tensive concerts outside of school. Mr. Minear and All That Iazz N, a -., J, ,J f Paul "Satchmo" Sharpe lipping away. 2 35 Trumpeters blow their hearts out. "Let me make one thing perfectly clear." X, The newest and hottest sounds came out of the stage band this year. This young group led by Frank Minear went to Bremerton to compete with the best bands in the state. Their lively perform- ances at basketball games matched the excitement on the court. Sophomore and juniors worked dog- gedly in the stage band so they might have that chance to play in the cham- pionship lazz Ensemble. 'iReady? Heh. One-two-one-two- three So Frank Minear, Na- than Hale Jazz Ensembles fear- less leader, began the practice session. "Show me some dyna- mics", he demanded, not being satisfied with the first few meas- ures. "How many bars in a blues phrase? When you guys play a forte, don't'just play a forte, give it some sound. Dee-ba-dee-ba- dee-ba-wap . . .?" The preparations for the Winter jazz Concert and the Vancouver and Reno competition were stren- uous and grinding. Still the jazz Ensemble preserved Hale 5 nation- wide repiutation for jazz excel- lence. ' I I 1 M'hn.....s,,+,mw-- ,, '-'41 Attack of the Melodic Warblers Or I , .. .ia Is There a Doctor in the House? Many of you may have thought singing was just flappin' your gums, but to the members of Squires, Hale's per- forming concert choir, it was more than that. Squires' members were susceptible to a variety of diseases. One of the most common was the "Monday Morning Blahs". It was very hard to fake singing. A Squire had to be an actor as well as a singer. It took a lot of grit to be able to look as if you were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when you dragged yourself out of your sick bed. Then there were those little last minute attacks. Stage fright was common but Squires were known to have been struck by appen- dicitis and to have had fainting spells ten minutes before a concert. The director, Robert Cathey, was afflicted with another disease-"blabitis-"-which is an aversion to talking during choir practice. The statement-"What are you trying to do-see who can make me blow up first?!'f is symptomatic of sufferers of this disease. All these things helped make up a choir with real talent and enthusiasm. 68 ii "l want you-for Squires' The incurable Monday Morning Blahs .,,.... 17 if WRT: l , . g ' 2 Evie Chamberlain and Bob Hughes follow the music. Swing Choir was more than just a group of talented singers-it was one big happy family. This group of eighteen singers, three intrumenta- lists, and one director, gave outstanding performances for many well known clubs and groups. Rhododendron Society, the Kiwanis Club, a Loggers convention at the Olympic Hotel and Mayor Uhlman's Christ- mas Ship were just a few of the many places they performed. With Robert Cathey's held and all the group's effort, Swing Choir made it down to Reno to compete in the All-West Music Contest. Hale musicians relaxed in their leisure time between commitments with birthday parties, a roller skating party and various other holiday and unholiday celebrations, Which just goes to show that the "family" that plays together, stays together. ,M-C One big happy family. 69 FW "Let's all sing like the birdies sing . . ." Dr. 5choll's Foot Powder to the Rescue it ,y The Lynch Mob With a twang of the guitar and a toot of the flute, Michael Lynch gave Girls' Clee a contemporary sound at the Christ- mas Concert when he utilized some of the instrumental talent in the group. The girls' melodic warhling and new sound won applause at all their performances. The class wasn't just whistlin' Dixie either. Singing first thing in the morning isn't the easiest thing to do Qthough it gets the day going better than some classesj, and standing on risers for 15 minutes is no small task tespecially when your foot itchesj. Despite all these hardships, the girls came through with some good sounds. 70 JI' ew and Unusual Prom the 'Everyday People' ,Q 'Q in-'K . " ,v QE? . -ww Northwesi Indian hand-Crafted meffhan- Mike Wraspir, Nicky Henderson, and Vince Bembry steal the show. dise being displayed. " N 1' A.. k ww. Putting the finishing touches on an Afro haircut. 7 l Franklin's drum ensemble and a dancer perform in rhythm I-Ie Who Plays the Fool ls No Pool "Remember when I had you hed to the bedpost and I put needles under your fingernails? We dedicate this play to all the "insane" people of this earth in the hope that the "sane will learn from them. RK A damsel in distress? Oh yes. Dr. Herman Einstein? The best. A pinch of arsenic? It'll get you in the chest. Twelve bodies in the cellar? What a mess. One excellent play? No less. XE Suppose he does think he is Teddy Roosevelt?" Roy Ketterer, drama advisor "lt was nice meeting you!" 'vn-nl? "How should we do it?" ARSENIC AND OLD LACE By joseph kesserling Cast of Characters Abby Brewster . .Debbie Willison Rev. Harper ., Teddy Brewster Officer Brophy Officer Klein . Martha Brewster Elaine Harper . Mort Brewster .... Mr. Gibbs .,.. jon Brewster . , . Dr. Einstein ,... Officer O'Hara Lt. Rooney . . . , . . . . .Bob Codsey .. . . . .Pete Hollosi . . . ,Steve Ramsey ....DanWood ....Cherie Erwin Rosanne Segers ..Craig Bartlett ....,.Bob Codsey .,...lrv Sandman Rodger Dawson . , , . . .Don Shank .....PatBoatsman Mr. Witherspoon ..,. Bob Codsey if Fl' X' X' Fi' Pl' ll' X' PRODUCTION STAFF Director .,.......... Roy Ketterer Asst. Directors ...., Carol Crowell Properties . . . Sets .... Lights .... Sound .... janet Lindsey ......SueHall Rita Daly ....'The Crew' . , . .Carol Crowell Janet Lindsey ......RitaDaly Wendy Beard Posters . . . .....,. janet Lindsey Karen Christensen The driving force behind this year's effort to make Hale the cavity capital of the world was the Cubby Hole. The minia- turized Madison Avenue was run by the Retailing class and advised by Bob Sandberg. The students were responsible for all phases of business. Wages were paid on an hourly basis to students. p "I'll have two burgers and fries to go." .W Who Says School Customers Lorrie Manos and Dorothy Purdy examine the handmade mer- chandise. "Boutique opens todayff Thus began the mad rush to see what was "new" in room 116. Boutique Sewing students, under the direction of Judy Flinders, sold their wares, in- cluding elephant pants, body shirts, belts and earrings. Net profits were collected by the craftsmen for their makings. 74 Doesn't Pay? Hey Is Anybody Listening Out There? "Don't look now, but you are listening to KNHC, 89.5 PM in Seattle." The friendly voice in your ear comes from none other than one of Hale's student disc jock- eys, trained and licensed under the guidance of adviser Lawrence Adams. The D.l.'s play a variety of music, interspersed with public service announcements, weath- er reports and various miscellany. KNHC expanded this year, adding a soundproof pro- duction studio. Power was increased from 10 to 315 watts. The first anniversary of the station was cele- brated January 25, but the planned open house was snowed out. is-Q , Steve Glasoe and Ron Williams pick a few platters for play Paul VanCt....t Ou the au. Q34 6 11, Frank Mortimer, "And now folks, late sound, great sound . . ." tisabra- f Q 2 Please Pass the Elrner's Glue Timber! Like lumberjaclcs of old, students in Con- structional Technology were bustling busily at their work. By drawing, cutting, and nailing, these students have built a cabin a few blocks from school which will be sold upon completion. Wiring and plumbing will also be installed by students. This two hour course is a new experiment in Seattle schools and may be expanded next year. It gives students real-life job training and a break from a totally book-oriented education. it 'Y - - t,.aaa,art aaytt j E X I m tired of bulldingp let's take something apart." I have to get this frog out of my glove." "Someone has a good head for graffiti." 3 "If a is parallel to b and b is perpendicular to c. , ." V , Feast Program Gffers Food for Thought ,fe KWLND "My mom doesn't do it that way." "Are you sure it's supposed to look like that?" mi. 1 M., medlvdawcwsdm mmf xi" 1-2" Y , fifihlifiww' , ihz av X li' -. JK .4 3 - Ala .-f"'H'Pmans.a-an Y Vp' "My cup runneth over." An epidemic is raging in the United States today, commonly called the Bottomless Stomach Plague. Nathan Hale has care- fully researched this highly contagious disease. An antidote has been discovered. Its pop- ular name is FEAST, an abbreviation For its scientific name-Food Education and Service Training. It does just what its name says-trains students for jobs outside of high school in food services, with a variety of courses in math, LA., and home economics. These 45 students bounded ahead in the fight against the deadly disease when they catered such events as the Father- Daughter Banquet, Homecoming Dinner and the faculty restaurant. Anyone can join FEAST and help in the crusade against the Bottomless Stomach Plague. ' ' x x g. - VV . ,ny , 1 4 . -I I .,,, , ., A , . , , -3, .- 1 V. ,,,,.5 . I. I .... . , . .K .D ,., ,-. , ,, , . ,.,, .gr9.' ,A-ggQ.'J if 55? wr' .n..- x . fvh. 'NA 6- 'iff' . BLOOD, SWEAT D TEARS Put Team Unity and Sacrifice Above Personal Glorification- Because When You Win There's Enough Glory for Everyone. -Chuck Tarbox Raiders Smash Ingraham for First Metro Title The greatest football team ever at Hale finished the season in exciting style. The Raiders soundly defeated arch-rival In- graham Rams for the Metro title. lt was the first gridiron vic- tory against lngraham in Raider history. The 12-0 win also a- venged an early season loss to the Rams. ln the Turkey Day game the Raiders again came on strong to upend the Kent- Meridian Royals, 14-7. The Raiders were rated as the fourth best team in the state. A key factor in the team's suc- cess story was spirit. lt was al- ways present. It was at every practice, in the locker room, and on the field. The coaching staff were more than just the brains behind the brawn. They de- veloped the spirit and character of the team. The season itself was always exciting. The Raiders were a prime factor in the North's vic- troy over the South in the Iam- boree. They followed this by winning their first four games. Then the Raiders suffered their only loss. The team hurt itself with six fumbles in the Z2-O loss to lngraham. They regrouped and romped to victories over Shoreline and Ballard. Hale beat the South's number one team, Queen Anne, to earn the right to play for the Metro title. Every Hale starter was voted to have deserved at least an All- Metro honorable mention. Voted to the All-Metro Offen- sive team were quarterback Marc Mauze, tackle Bill West, and junior halfback Dick Wal- ker. Honored on the Defensive team were linebacker Ron Reeves, safety Brent Heath, and guard Ken Allred. Reeves also received the Hall of Fame schol- ar-athlete award for outstand- ing lineman. Head coach Chuck Tarbox was honored as co- coach of the year in the Metro league. He was also nominated .for Seattle's "man of the year" award in sports. Defensive coach Iohn Hinrichs confers with Mike Williams Captains Marc Mauze and Ron Reeves accept the Metro league championship following the 12-0 victory over lngraham. The victory was the most important ever for the Raiders and also the most exciting. Many observers felt Hale played near perfect football. 'd ive Halfback Mark Honey dashes from the grasp of a tackler. lngraham HALE Shorecrest Roosevelt Shoreline Ballard Lincoln Co-coach of the year Chuck Tarbox accepts the Turkey Day trophy. VARSITY STANDINGS Northern division Lyell Ernst leaps high to catch the ball for a two-point conversion against Kent-Meridian. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES HALE 41 Lincoln 7 HALE 15 Roosevelt 13 HALE 6 Shorecrest 4 L T I'IALE Z1 Cleveland 7 Ingraham 22 HALE O 0 0 HALE 27 Shoreline 7 1 O I-IALE ZZ Ballard 7 2 O 2 O PLAYOFES 4 O HALE 21 Queen Anne 6 7 0 HALE 12 lngraham 0 8 O HALE 14 Kent-Meridian 7 Back Row 1L to R1: Mont Kintner 1841, 'Mark Honey 1241, Ieff Milton 1521, Bill Whitney 1511, 'Kurt Honey 1851, Ed Gibson 1231, Dave Burgess 1611, Harrison Faust 1721, Renee Behrent 1831, Roland Beaver 1751, Steve Arhart 1861, Rick Craig 1141, Steve Kilborn 1121, Paul West 1691, Reed Ruddy 1601, Scott Lee 1651, Bruce Myers 1401, john Martin 1471. Middle Row: Roger Pederson 1mgr.1, Mike Ragan 1trainer1, jerry Boyer 1881, Casey Sander 1331, 'Jerry H0pkil1S 1731, 'joe Hoffmann 1341, 'Dan Kuehl 1531, 'Mike Williams 1221, 'Lyell Ernst 1891, 'Brent Heath 1201, lg Y 'Marc Mauze 1101, Dale Newhart 1111, 'Ken Allred 1641, Terry Mc- Taggart 1681 Allen Fox 1mgr.1, Keith Todd 1mgr.1, First Row: Brad Olsen 1trainer1, 'jeff Krewson 1631, 'Mike Wraspir 1541, 'Brian Taylor 1701, 'john Brock 1441, 'Dick Walker 1211, 'Ken Kuehl 1671, 'Ron Reeves 1781, 'Bill West 1761, 'Brian Wood 1871, 'Torry Drysdale 1321, lim Ingram 1821, Pete Reinken 1mgr.1. Not pictured: Steve Oden 1351, jeff Pitts 1711, Mike Castleberry 1771, Ieff Green 1811, Kelly King 1trainer1. 'A Team Without A Star'--Chuck Tarbox It is written that the difference between a cham- pion and a runnerup is that a champion can come from behindlto win. The Raiders illustrated this in the 1971 playoffs. ln the 21-6 victory over Queen Anne, the Raiders turned the game around. The offense, led by Dick Walker's 210 yards rushing, came alive to score three touchdowns, and the defense completely stop- ped the record-breaking Grizzly passing attack. ln the Metro championship game, the Raiders entered with the memory of an early season 22-O loss to lngraham. ln this game it was dif- ferent. The defense never let the Rams past their own 42 yard line. l-lale held the Rams to 76 yards' rushing and none in the air while the Raiders intercepted three Ram aerials. The offense was patient and scored on a beautiful 46 yard pass from Marc Mauze to Mark Honey with no time remaining in the first half. A touchdown in the fourth quarter iced the 12-O victory. ln the Turkey Day game the Raiders trailed Kent-Meridian most of the first half, 7-O. Once again Mauze struck as he passed 22 yards to Brian Wood with the first half clock running out. The second half was l-lalefs. The defense held Kent-Meridian to only four yards total offense. joe Hoffman scored the winning touch- down in the 3rd quarter. The game was far more lopsided than the 14-7 score indicated, ac- cording to game statistics. Q- ...A Fullback joe Hoffmann breaks through an opposing de- fense for a long gain. Ioe was Hale's leading ball carrier. Halfback Dick Walker 1211 sweeps around end against Kent-Meridian. Dick was one the most exciting runners in the Metro league. Marc Mauze throws on the run. Dick Walker stretches to catch the ball. U m.w.. m..2- a-Ek -.. .. A.....a.. - .- ...lm JUNIOR VARSITY STANDINGS Northern division W L HALE 4 1 Roosevelt 4 1 The Raider defense swarms over a ball carrier. Ballard 3 2 lngraham 3 2 Shoreline 3 3 Lincoln 1 4 Shorecrest O 5 SOPHOMORE STANDINGS Northern division W L Shorecrest 6 O HALE 4 1 Ingraham 4 2 Roosevelt 3 3 I.V.'s Win Championship, Sophomores Finish Second In their last game of the year the junior Varsity lost their bid to be- come I-lale's first undefeated foot- ball team. Despite this loss they won the North division IV title. Like the varsity, every victory was a team effort. Quarterback Rick Craig directed a versatile offense which scored more than 50 points in one game. The defense was also strong and it scored 23 points by itself. Several juniors started for the varsity on defense. Dave Currie deserved special mention for the effort and personal care he put into his coach- ing. The sophomores finished second in the North. Coach Cliff Allen did an exceptional job of coaching. He was the major reason for the success of the varsity. The offense featured a strong running attack headed by john Hoffmann. Darrel Leitzke led a determined defense which regis- tered two shutouts. The combined totals of Hale's three football teams Ballard 3 4 was 17-3-2. This was the most suc- ' "flftbll d'thiVlt Brian Wood 1871 makes a leaping catch while Lyell Ernst Shoreline 2 4 Lesb U O0 a recor In e Q ro Lincoln 2 5 O league- l89D throws a block for him. SOPHOMORE TEAM: Back Row KL to RJ: Coach john Hinrichs lack Romano, Steve Mario, Chris Ratti, Scott McAffee, Mitch Peter- son, Duncan Biddle, Mike Anderson, Mike Thorton, Mike Hobart, Cleveland Walker, lim Foss. Second Row: lim Marks, Doug Brown, Terri Gavanaugh, Rick Wood, lim Sylvister, Greg Goss, Bob Hart, Robert Myres, Gary Pingrey, Mark Ensminger, Scott Tomlinson, Darrell Leitzke, Coach Cliff Allen. Front Row: lim Gooch, Ron Mor- tenson, Tim Hyneman, john Hoffmann, Eric Betten, Chris Newhart, Wayne Warner, Harold Berge, Brian Castle, Gilbert Erickson, Randy Beighle, David Knapp. NOT PICTURED: Curtis Brown, Curtis john- son, Ronnie Mitchell, Ierry Smith, Greg Thompson, Dan Wubbens, Brad Young, Bruce Young. ft Raider Runners The best cross-country team in Hale history won an unprecedented third straight Metro championship in the fall. Led by jim Campbell, who won easily, seven Raiders finished among the top eleven runners, capturing the Metro crown with "miles" to spare. Campbell also paced the team to record victories in the Edmonds Invitational and North Division meets. Harold Benny placed 13th in the State meet, while the other runners ran below par for a third place team finish. "This team worked harder than any other I've coached," said Coach Brock I-Iogle. "They proved that hard work and team desire pay off." Take Third Straight Crown IL to RJ: Peter Ostbye, Harold Benny and Dave james get a well-deserved rest J' 9 swf W " 'E fvriiflwww Harold Benny outmuscles a Shoreline Spartan in the North Division meet. Craig Thomson gives 110015 in Metro. Iim Campbell runs away with the mdivld ual Metro Championship. What Else Is New? I.V.'s Win Sixth Straight Title Top Row KL to RJ: Duane Norris, Brian Scott, Donn Radosevich, Row QL to RJ: john Bathurst, Jason Gunby, Mike Stanley, Peter Doug MacDonald, Wayne Ray, Steve Ringo, Mark Chapman, Gunby, Dan Nelson, Brian Opitz, Scott Palmerton, Dave Suss- Roger Hill, Dave Gordon, Steve Boechman, Ron Wright, Bottom man Chuck Boroughs leads I.V. to 6th straight Metro Championship. SY' f L John Fortmeyer gasps for air after 2nd team North race. Steve Stanley and John Evans keep on truckin'. dl,,,f" QQ Dan Gibson, winner of the I.V. North meet set the pace for the Raiders title win. Girls Volley for Championship, Fumble Ball By gosh, she's got it!! -if 0,,,,.,,.. K ..,, , .,W, Up-UP-UP and away!!! Hail, the mighty server!!! Raiders Go to War Spikes, nets, rallies and setups can make any sport sound like a battle field. In a way it is. Hale's girls' volleyball team didn't exactly win all their bat- tles, but they did make progress. Coming close to capturing Bunker Hill wasn't really on the agenda, just a lot of fun trying. The season wasn't exactly what was anticipated, with two wins and ten losses, but Hale is full of surprises. The first conquest was over Ballard. Scores were 17-15 and 15-13. After another loss, Hale made a comeback when they played Shorecrest. With hard work, Hale triumphed 17-15 and 15-7 for their second and lastwin. Although Raider gals didn't quite make it to the playoffs, it was still a season of great fun and experience. With next year's training at boot camp, there should be quite a few advances toward the title. Bottom Row tl. t0 RJ: I. Hillstrom, "K, McKeown, "C, Donnell, A. 5. Gold, Absent-minded: P. Goldstein, I. Murphy, M. Schaut K Tank Johnstone, Mgr.-K.K. King, C. Taylor, S. Knight. Top Row: "C, Ernst, ersley,I. Myers "'M. Williams, "'I.. johnson, M. Ostler, "R. Cram, Coach-V. Ringen, Raiders Capture Znd Straight North Crown ,ff ,M-Q '91 -M ' f f ' Standing 1L to R1: Kevin Healy, Mark Honey, Ion Eide, Mont Kintner, Bob Roe, Dave Winger, Dave Wege, joe Runte, Mike Twohy, lim Ingram, Dan Kuehl, Kurt Honey, john Brock, Darrell Iohanson, Dave Wright, Lorenzo Walker. Kneeling 1L to R1: Dennis Skoglund 1mgr.1 Ml Second team All-Metro forward Jim Ingram 1301 shoots a left- handed hook shot against Ballard. The junior was the team's second leading scorer with a 12.5 average. Gary Case 1head coach1, Walt Bone 1coach1, Dave Swarm 1mgr.1. Not pictured: John Rognan, Rick Craig, Pete Reinken 1mgr.1, and Larry Moore 1mgr.1. ,Xa --wif N N Guard Lorenzo Walker 1221 received All-Metro honorable mention. Guard john Brock 1321 leads a fast break in the Metro game. ' .ti 'x ' my f. First team All-Metro center joe Runte 1531 finished the season with a 18.4 scoring average, third in the Metro League. The '67" captain also led the team in rebounds, free throw and field goal percentages. vm- QKV -my Q . ,M R, , . an L' Ml In gggf an 39,30 ifft as 1' it 'it up . W'--wt-ng,-w ,.,,,,Qt , if .. r .. it De R All-Metro honorable mention Dave Wege 1401 shoots ajumper against Season Standing North Division W L HALE 15 4 Roosevelt 14 5 lngraham 12 7 Shorecrest 10 9 Ballard 9 10 Lincoln 6 13 Shoreline 3 16 The 1971-72 Nathan Hale basketball team has to be remembered as the team with the never- say-die attitude. Despite several key injuries, the Raiders won their second consecutive North Division title. Under first year head coach Gary Case, the team displayed the great self-control that marks a champion. This was shown in an 80-73 win over Shorecrest that lasted five over- times a metro record. just before the Metro championship game, the Raiders suffered the loss of their second leading scorer, jim Ingram. Despite this heartbreaking loss, the Raiders kept close to the taller Quakers throughout the game before finally losing 53-47. John Brock led the Raider attack with 22. points. ln the state tournament, Hale lost to the hot shooting Everett Seagulls 59-57, despite john Brock's 30 points. ln the consolation game, the Raiders beat Mountlake Terrace 64-54. Joe Runte led the scoring attack with Z6 points. North Division Coach 1 of the Year Gary Case in- structs the team from the bench. SCORES Won 15-Lost 4 HALE 66 Ballard 54 HALE 65 Shoreline 51 Franklin 60 HALE 55 HALE 43 Queen Anne 39 Roosevelt 61 HALE 58 HALE 53 Cleveland 49 HALE 58 Shorecrest 51 HALE 59 Lincoln 50 HALE 62 Ingraham 49 HALE 56 Ingraham 50 HALE 60 Garfield 52 West Seattle 54 HALE 51 HALE 80 Shorecrest 73 HALE 68 Rainier Beach 46 Roosevelt 55 HALE 52 HALE 70 Ballard 55 HALE 62 Lincoln 52 HALE 82 Sealth 57 HALE 70 Shoreline 46 Raiders Make State Again A I . - fi Q . . ii' All-Metro honorable mention Dave Winger 1331 and Dave Wright 1141 trap a Seagull. All-Metro honorable mention guard john Brock swishes one of his record-tying ten straight field goals in the state tournament. .. ' -Ji, .ffrr QQ- 90 All-Metro honorable mention guard Kevin Healy 1103 pops up a jump shot. Ioe Runte 153 in bluej taps in a rebound despite being fouled on the wrist. 1, Sophomores-Back Row fl. to RJ: K.Feeney, S.Ruff, V.Cohrs, R. Thornton, D.Leitzke, B.Bittman, A.Fox fmgnj Not Pictured: M. Mitchell, I.Green, L.Taylor, E.Mailer, I.Parks, Coach Walt Bone. BonerQmgr.J. Front Row ll. to Rl: P.Babb, M.Esteb, R.Mortenson, I.Gooch, M. me Ed Mailer uses his 6-6 vantage against Shoreline. or Sophomores Place Znd in North 3 , . :LM Iohn Parks lofts a left handed shot. Experts say it is good defense that wins ball games. This point was well illustrated by the Nathan Hale sophomore basketball team. They set a school record by holding their opponents under 35 points six times. The teams leading scorer was center Larry Taylor, with an average 10.0 per game. Ed Mailer, Darrell Leitzke, and Ron Mitchell also scored high. Sophomore Standings North W L lngraham 10 2 HALE 9 3 Shoreline 8 4 Roosevelt 7 5 Shorecrest 4 8 Ballard 3 9 Lincoln 1 11 ma. Top row: Phyllis Goldstein, Karin Teller, Mary Thorstensen, Kathy McDonnell, Mary Hooker Coach Diane Clayton watchesatricky shot Bottom row: Coach Diane Clayton, Kitty McKowen, Debbie Belt, Marti Albedyl, Beryl Hodges Off court: Tari Thorstensen, Nancy Carpenter, Mgr. Kristie King. Hale C-als Make Baskets-Por Points, Not for Sale HW' ,. - 1 ' 'T C, ,tt.. W Q , ' V f . l I if -- ... - to Y Early in the season, the feminine but mighty Raiders stepped onto the courts. They bounced out after winning four of six games. Coach Clayton has no one "top" player, but as she says, 'All of them are tops, they're all used in the games. The girls beat In- graham 25-21, then Ballard 25-24. They lost to Blanchet 29-19 and Roosevelt 32-25. Reviving, they beat Bothell 40-9, then edged Lin- coln 43-35. 92 Pruney Pingersp Blood Shot Eyes 3 4, of X nff 'ft N. N T .' a it fx L ' v " i . if 4 , The team that swims together, stays together. fixes guys -M111-1' V .W 1- 3 J-'Mtv N in - A J I 35,-...ff g ,. fs-iss, ,,--. Q .ng V , e ef. ff' 1 lm , , , y -M nafsbzsgdfglt- NWN - .. - fx'-www I is W ,, "' f . -,, fs-M , -j ,- A J, V - s em- .W -rv- wiw... T oho y , Q' , T . :.. t Q, . 6, On to victory! .'-- Bobbing up for air. Steve Colella predicts, "We're sure to win this one!" . . then we'll get down to the hard stuff! This year's swim team had a great season. The 'year began with an overwhelming 167-84 victory .over archrival Ingraham. Turnouts were held twice weekly at the recently completed Helene Madison Memorial Pool. it " Coached by Tom Evans and Craig Knowles, the competition was a great experience for all, and -provided a feeling of great team unity. 'f' 5 .4 H l . V f amass , OK everybody - 50 laps of butterfly for warm-up, it Hale Bootersg a Kick in the Head This winter l-lale's soccer team was "fit to be tied" as the saying goes. The team finished with no wins, three ties and three losses to tie for the North Division cellar. In a sport where experience and great team effort is a requirement for success, Hale's young squad had their troubles. Gustavo Clark, Dave Lambert, and Paul Van Valk- enburg provided much of the drive under second year coach, Brock Hogle. 1 L' gf 5 QW' ,ra 'wie Blake Morrison and Lyell Ernst break up an offen- sive charge near the Raider goal. Dan Gardner blocks a shot on defense. First Row tl. to Rl: T.C. Mejia, B.McIntosh, S.Morrison, P.VanValkenburg, G.Clark, S Neubauer, D.Gardner. Second Row: Brock Hogle, P.Dahl, I.Balarezo, T.McTaggart, P Holland, K.Bruin, T.DeMaris, B.Ellis, L.Dunning fmgrl. Third Row: B.Morrison, L.Ernst M.Elliot, W.Mahr, B.Baird, K.Peterson, D.Lambert, G.Carlson. its an Gustavo Clark drives the ball downfield. 94 Dan Gardner 1211 and Terry McTaggert VU run a power play. Dale Newhart used evasive tactics against a Rain- ier Beach opponent. Torry Drysdale has the upper hand after a break in the match. Coach Cliff Allen gives last minute instructions. l , Wrestlers Lie Down on Job An exciting 27-26 win over Shore-crest highlighted a great year for the Nathan Hale wrestling team. The win marked only the second time a city school had beaten a school from the Shoreline District. The win enabled the Raiders to finish 4th in the regular season standings. In the Metro Championship tournament, the Raiders finished 3rd, behind Ballard and Lincoln. The team was led by Bob Comeau and Paul West. Both were champions in their weight division. Other top fin- ishers in their weight divisions were Chuck Caley, 2nd, Torry Drysdale, 3rd, Steve Marlow, 4th, Mike Ruhl, 4th, Tim Kendall, 4th, Rich Heussy, sth, john Dickey, sth, and jerry Collver, 7th. Varsity-lst Row KI. to RJ: R.Heussy, I.Dickey, R.Keller, I.Walker, M Ruhl ICollver 2nd Row: T.Kendall, P.West, C.Caley, T.Drysdale, B.Comeau, S.Marlow Not Pictured D.Newhart, K.Rogstad, K.Nelson. fy-- ' is .V 45 '55 H 'Q ' A F4 it ti f ,.: es it QV t ,e'2 5' IV-lst Row CI. to RJ: I.Marks, K.Tilgers, R.Gobel, W.Warner, C Newhart 2nd Row T.Garguilo, C.Ratti, D.Knapp, K.Thomas, G.Vail, S.Lee, K.Emer1ck Not Picturedl Renner, D.Biddle, T.Riggins, B.Lee. ine, A C -T' ,1 , T. K'-rf ' X5 Q - Girls' Gymnastics began short on experience this year, placing third in all meets except one. Hale more than made up the deficiency with five of the team members qualifying for the regional meet. Ianis Rasmus- sen, Terri Siefner and Debbie Schoe- ner qualified on the uneven parallel bars. Terri Cherufole and Debbie Schoener made finals in tumbling, while Ruth Chamness qualified for the vault box. Floor exercises, the balance beam and the trampoline were also com- petitive events this season. The team, comprised mostly of sophomores and juniors, proved hard work can make up for lack of experience. Ruth Chamness wins vaulting event hands down. 1. Ras- Top Row LL to RJ: Debbie Sleister, Ianine Crane, Leslie Trammel, Debbie Schoener, Ianis mussen. Middle Row QL to RJ: IOAnn Minahan, Tina Moats, Kim Hansford, Natalie Iuhl, Lori LeVander, Cynthia Hart, Ruth Chamness, Robin Looney, Teresa Zurschmiede, Lyndell Quinn, Ianis Sorensen. Bottom Row LL to RJ: Colleen Cheever, Colleen Towey, Lynn Veer, Alice Peter- son, Terri Cherufole. ,,.,.w-vw -1"if"'i ...,. . ,pic - -- -.,. W ...uf-41 - Ianis Rasmussen executes a perfect two-point landing. Debbie Schoener twinkles her toes during her tumbling routine. Chic C-ymnasts Gain Experience for Future Meets Gymnasts Flip Head Dyer Heels Top Row QL to RJ: L.Bush, Coach Bob Iulin, P.Baudin, R.Burns, D. Staake, F.Rabinovitch, D.Cereghino, C.Little IBaker PGunby M Lefebrve, B.Ireland, D.lackson, I.'l'homds, I.Bement, L.Young, K. Dennis,I.Nettleton,D.Oylear,S.Heidricks. Epps, C.Isaac, C.Heussy. Bottom Row: Q.Ferguson, T.Gunby, C. K , . I. f 4 i , . Q .. -5,..s!.., V . 1- fy" gif? 'ff f' H2333 -zo. , - f 'r-'---- Y X1 1 Craig Staake performs a leg raising routine on the parallel bars. X Defending state champion, Dave jackson demonstrates will power Led by Dave jackson, the Nathan Hale gymnastics team had the highest score in the state midway through the season. Other top gymnasts are Leotis Bush, Otto Waniczek, and Carl Heussy. Coach Bob Iulin is confident the Raiders can match the state title they won in 1970. S.. Tennis Guys Take a Swing at Metro Varsity-Front Row QL to RJ: Neil Blindheim, john Biddle, jeff Ostler, lim Potter, Ted Turner, Bob Comeau, Mark Pierson, Kevin Wolfenstine, George Miller, Rick Haffner, Barry Smith, Dave Healy. Sircoloumb. Back Row QL to RJ: Coach Gary Case, Lyle Ernst, Fred I.V.-Back Row IL to RJ: R.Wilson, l.Romano, W.johnson, G.Pingrey, A,Abolins, L.Seitz, M.Volke, C. Hansen, S.Henry, D.Petter. Middle Row fl. to RJ: R.Wilkensen, S.Eide, R.Lippold,, I.Walker, B. Thomas, P.Reinken, P.Richard, T.DeMaris. Front Row QL to RJ: D.Groninger, D.Corsline, I.Marks, R. Lippold, L.Sowder, D.Warner, T.Lough, D.Harsila, R.Heussy. The largest turnout ever, 54 players, made up this year's tennis team, coach- ed by Gary Case. No less than number one in Metro was the goal of the Raider netters. Team depth and experience Came by way of nine returning varsity lettermen. ' M rpg. Ted Turner leans into a high, hard one. tg 3 c 'T I it it at MOI THROUG 2:30 RM. Ian Frederick delivers a forehand slam. Lisa Sowder shows superb backhand form. , Leanne Harmon concentrates on the ball. Tennis Girls Raise a Racket 5 X 3 . A ,,,... , , M., Top Row QL to RJ: Sharon Herswell, Brooke Erickson, Sue Saas, Nancy Vihstadt, Barb Mitchell. Bottom Row: Beryl Hodges, Paula Francois, Gail Rognan, Nancy Lane, Lisa Sowder, Leanne Har- mon. NOT PICTURED: Ian Frederick, Sue Phillips, Candy McCoy, Ian Estey. 99 Fall tennis for girls included every- one who wanted to take part. Absent from this year's 45 participant turn- out was the feeling that only ad- vanced players should represent Hale. Team workouts, coached by Betsy Swanson and Rick Hafner, helped players refine their net skills. The Raiders fared well in Metro doubles and singles championships. Team attitude was evidenced by the placing of three double teams from Hale in the semi-finals. The team of Lisa Sowder-Sue Phillips placed in the finals. l-lale was represented by Leanne Harmon and Lisa Sowder in the semi-finals singles action. Lisa placed fourth in Metro. GF? 65? 'W fm 4 . S .. U lib X ,KX K i 96' 7-.. .1 ,wi " ' L vt ' A ,, tw:-QSM V ' 4 V A 'Wx R X R Vx .L - q 2- -. 3' K ' k I M 5:55 I x k J gfzgj. if N - , 4 if - . AL ' ' 1: ww -'f- K i4 403552-f 153 ww. L. , .1313 Girls Keep Steady Pace Toward First Place if 41, , Leanne Harmon, Laurie McCallum, Carol Donnell and Terri Tyo jump over hurdles in high spirits. Candy Chase, Andrea Phillips and Lisa johnson start with in mighty bursts of speed. - .. - AL Top Row: Coach, V.Ringen, K.Willits, T.Tyo, M.Ostler, R.Karger, K.Ringo, D.Godsey, L. Anderson, L.Iohnson, L.Harmon Bottom Row: C.Donnell, N.Iuhl, B.Brown, M.Williams, K.Roddis, L.McCallum, I.Cuion, C.Chase, K.McKeown, Off Track: D.Belt, A.Phillips, L.Marshall. .r- Terri Tyo heaves a heavy 'Ho' as she lets the Starting in their first meet, with the wind blowing in their faces and their knees knocking at 50 m.p.h., didn't stop the girls' track team from walk- ing away a winner. Hales 'go get em' a victory over Shoreline and spirit led them to lngraham, 60-38. Roosevelt proved to be the Raiders' arch-rivals and true with 18 strong and contenders, but willing girls led by three returning state champions, the Metro title was really at stake. V! ul! shot go 5 2 . S l Varsity Qalphabeticallyj: M.Anderson, S.Armstrong, R.Beaver, D.MacDonald, D.Madison, B.March, P.Ostbye, D.Petherick, M. R.Behrendt, H.Benny, F.Berry, D.Boyd, j.Campbell, QMgr.JG.Elia, Ragan, S.Ringo, T.Ryan, A.Stonkus, C.Walker, M.Whittaker, QMgr.D K.Emerick, j.Fankhauser, fMgr.J S.Priends, A.Hammond, D.Wubbens, E.Youmans, Coach Dave Currie, Coach Brock Hogle. I.Hoffman, P.Holland, D.Iames, Djohanson, I.Krewson, L.Kush, Souls and Spikes Downtrod Arch-Rivals Defending Metro champion Hal Bursett clears a high hurdle on his way to victory. Cleveland Walker breasts the tape for first ln the 100 yard dash. Defending state two mile champion lim Campbell blazes through eight laps. n-sumannun m-MW-, , an r Mike Anderson and lean Pankhauser race to the finish in the 880 yard run. 'Eve-A? Sophomore Steve Armstrong flops over the high jump Peter Ostbye and Dean Madison pick up the pace in the mile run. Iunior Varsity Top Row IGreene M Tankersley, R.Weber, Row: G.Holland, D.Riel, S.Palmerton, D.Nelson, L.l.indenmeyer, RH1ll MStanley SBoeckman BDonnely SRuff, R.Byrd, B. B.Bradley, I.Portmeyer, T.Riggins, D.Cordon, S.Skrinskey, P. Candoh V Cohrs R Arnhold S Stanley D Radosevich. Bottom Shipley, H.Hart, D.Biddle, S.Arhart. Ieff Krewson stretches for extra distance in the triple jump. Can you jump over your best friends head when he's standing up? Can you run faster than your friends mini-bike for a mile or two? Could you throw a twelve pound grapefruit 47 feet? Could ylou out-sprint your dog or out-jump your kangaroo? lf you can answer yes to any of these questions, you were prob- ably a member of l-lale's defending Metro championship track team of '72.. With a bumper crop of good talent and a lot of hard work, the team looked like a contender for a repeat Metro win in early spring. Hale Slides Head First into Metro Crown Race TomPhillips setsbefore the swing. "Lets hear some chatter out there," says Coach Lundberg. Brent Heath connects for a hit. Warren Mahr looks for extra bases. Brian Wood brings in a fly ball. Ace pitcher jerry Hopkins sends curve to a Beaver. Might Casey Sander, a fearsome sight to behold. x,' , ' M ' a ,g . w H A , K 'll .. ' ' - - . , Kr + ' L52a'7 ' i l - X , - m Wm ,,-. P , . t Wm - k y A M. . ' ' A ' an f . ws- - 1 .. new , A "aft, , ,,, ... r Powerful Ron Reeves leans into a home run. 5- 'LM A .. 7 ,,, at 9' WL- ' c, - -H on VW, 'K ' Mike Iohnson rounds first on his way to a double. With a power packed lineup of batters and a good pitching staff, Hale's baseball squad honorably defended their Metro crown of last year. Ron Reeves, Brent Heath, and several outstanding seniors provided leadership, and juniors Casey Sander and Jerry Hopkins gave the team added punch. Mike Williams expresses true grit. g 5 f fi Meir-S ftiterlffl' if - "M" ' 'Sign'-4552? rf' ?"f' 'jfiff' L 'JS HB EE e - C :ff , ,asf 4 1 1 - ' -1. if :sz fs r "' ww- - . Q af fa 4 5 sr 35 fag am-sf ijp, 7.4 A .W .,.r ,,4' ,1M A , W t ' , g . f.'jwI:A- .'- 4 ..., . nr"'fk --sw 7' VV , X V 1 X - 3 ,- ,, . 'H ,pgji jf ,..,N,,,,M, I k 'I ' ' z r J . A 'Q . ,X , 5 Q 7 W . - Ja- . n ' .K ei: ,j . X A ' , . - , f -O Ji -L mx rt h Y V . - 4- k at .f ' n X ,A - ..' Q K X A A I Ngrk -an ' 1 1 1 Q I 5 X I ffpfdii, , ,y e . 'I , 4 t f'4,.. , ' V J' J , l ll lg ' 3 -l ' 5' , 'i M ,.- 4 ' , f ' . . .. -5,1 K, K - 4- ,f K 0 fx ' f ,f -sh - ' t 1 N :. if t if 4 r. . ,C 1 ' . iw ':. 'l 'V fi ' S f d ' .. 11. '09, V -R g if A - N- . ' li" . we 'rn w E1 ' , ' ' me f ' Q, - J . - at Q ' I ring- 5' 'li' 5,55 , Ile 1 W i l '? ,Ami "W , It - , , is ' ' . . ., b -.. .P A I, fe --27 E " 'f' Q4ff5Q'L.1lQ5Efl j fff Top Row fl. to RJ: Mgrs. K.Parker, I.Peek, D.l.oring, I.Hopkins, B.Wood, T.Phillips, R.Reeves, Coach Don Lundberg, Mgr. T.Szatrowski Front Row: M.Thornton, R.Craig, M.johnson, j.Eide, B.Heath, M.Williams, W.Mahr, R.Thompson, Casey Sander. ,ow I.V.-Back Row fl. to RJ: Scott McAfee, Rob Pemble, Keith Hansen, Bob Hughes, Terry Shimmin, Ieff Pitts, Rick Kush, jim Hayes, Scott Tomlinson, Arleigh jones, Coach Davis. Front Row: Brad Young, jerry Colver, lim Gooch, Marty Boner, Paul Kessler, Bruce Bittman, Brian Pattillo, Brian Hall, Kerm Kermoade 1mgr.l. Many Are Calledg Pew Make It This winter many of Hale's hearty runners set out to become members of the 500 Mile Clu b. In a winter marked with weath- z: .Q yxg' er extremes, only three of all who began .J ilk i Nt""' r ll i Tdiitf-iV ., til, 'vii ' atllx finished the trek. -N M ta S a M :,, , aarrt aayr M rar. t agfta , eeae 8 r"' The annual Intramural Track meet was . 'A ' -T ,R,,, Z LK held this winter with a good turnout. , N - ,,., A - 7 , .Q J K L F 5 ariffsif .f Qi 4 ' , 'lil-flip " Events were run weeklY, giving track M -X tx V, ,i A T jtkiligiy, aspirants a "sneak preview" of the coming - , ,' t i T t , ,g 1 if so i if is is. .zstrzwift is 5935011 A " 1 5 'iiff -wa: rff' i ifay 'Ty ,, 1 M . Y 1, "rf" w ,,-r 1 1 at-- . , 'Ya af -- L H ,,, . X , E f ,,,,, .f ' W .W M ww K . . . ff' tw-Wye . 1--1 we Tennis appeared on the intramural scene , y - f""""""M""""" T if for the first time with the 100 Set Club. More than 25 players participated. tw' ya,tt t s A T teri jay johnson, Steve Ringo, and "Dandy", Donn Radosevich add a few steps to their quest for 500 miles. 8 c Us ing it ti e i W , ,Www ,, .. . k ,,,, .. ,,,,l2Q,,l .. fwiykq 4 V I 'uf t, rr Tai viii' 'lim' QL '- F-fx iff- Li- A this ,-'k i' 5' fa ni .iii Mark Pierson awaits a return during competition in the 100 set club. V JW 4 ,fi Qsliw.. t , 'Q V ,W - pn jeff Wolfenstine prepares to give a backhand slam Steve Armstrong, Bill Landon, and Burton March drive for the finish on the way to his loorh set. in the 60 yard dash. mga Silence reigns for a moment as the debate team agrees to pose for a picture. Debators Sharpen Tongues for War With Words 1 fx - A' W-4 .- -H, ,, -H ,-1 .4 . 1, 1 A -' E52 i . ' ' yi Wir 4. C N - ' . i' W 'fe 1. 'Yi '?F1.e.'.+' : 1 -an i Q . ' t fr 1 L 1-ff. -l gf -ag ,j ' ea ni' are if f ,Q 5 ,, I ... 1 1 law-4 Varsity debators: Dave Kleitsch, Carolyn Rogers, Clark Kimerer, Craig Bartlett Clark Kimerer is l-lale's top "smart mouth". "After finishing the charge, they moved in for the kill, striking swiftly with vigor. . ." Sound like dialogue from a war story? Perhaps that's the best way to describe Hale's winning debate team. Even with- out actual physical labor, our "fast talkers" were highly successful in un- doing their opponents in battle. Barbara Bloom, head coach, brought the team together with a good turnout of talent. lO7 L Dave Kleitsch prepares for a tough debate. s. Lu .gr 1 I ', sw 1 55 U. s EN' ,QQ i ak.. 4 vii-- .s 'KZ S 'E Leif - Q-.1 avi WE'RE THE FUTURE We Have Made a World for Each of Us but We Need a World for All of Us. For Beginners Cnly Basketball programs? Get one from the sophomores. Dances? Sophs had one. Planning next years sophomore orien- tation? Who but a sophomore could know the mind of a future sophomore? Sophomore cabinet members were the masterplanners for these activities. '5 Gail Johnston-justice Marie Iohannesson-NH Senator ludy VVood-Sophomore Class Adviser Mike Delaney-Sophomore Class Adviser Sheila Harris-Vice-President Karen Crepps-Secretary-Treasurer l H0 172 Donna Myhre-Sophomore Class President ,HQ .Nm Kerm Kermoade-Sophomore Iustice, Dance Commit Activity Committee Co-Chairman it at C mir -A AM x X Q' if ,'-1 ' L- M ' B... 5' f' fL'lf": C . M Kathy Turner-Sophomore Publicity C hairman 6' tee Chairman and M...-.4-rw Cindy Abe Andy Abolins Dale Abrahamson Marti Albedyll Ruth Aldridge Kevin Amdal Devv Anderson Greg Anderson Ian Anderson Karen Anderson' Kari Anderson Mark Anderson Mike Anderson Renee Anderson Tim Anderson Ieff Angeles Angela Aquino Christy Arden' Renee Armstrong Steve Armstrong Richard Arnhold janet Arndt Martha Arnold Carol Ashby Denise Bacon Kendall Baer Ron Bailey Anette Baillargeon jill Baker janet Balcom' Joie Bankovich lim Barbach Ferdinand Barentz Shelley Barge Richard Bartlow john Bathurst Sheila Bauer Mary Baxley' Paul Beam R. Teddy Beare Iennifer Beaton Stephanie Begleris Randy Beighle lay Bement ' S592 :zvmm -. V - .,E. 1 ,,,.a A grs. it Mm X . t- ,ia Ek. I a 13,-A - -if - A5 L.: . H if? 1 N: 1 Q pf X wt x sam 3 3 K X f ., SSH s ,, A , - t sr fe.-, .. -fi, ,, 1. i 2 K X ra , 2- t " S 5 l , M A W- ri R V. , W we M -- '25 E, i V 5 ,I 'Denotes Honor Society R pig, J ' 195 'I Y 'te if 1 f y B 'fi ' 51 'W r 'Y'-it B .riffs as e,'iw Q B f X ii" A B T' Y' 4 ,,.,,,K ,, 1 it 0 X? ' .-fp . te- Q.. We 1 iff? 1 X ' 5, I ls: PEZ , W W aa ,3 31 'gl ' X Q as 4 , 3 , E1 ' 5 X y f QL, ,Q f'31' M f ' ff' A 'W f K M 1 Qi- v ' if .:.fh 542 frg K ,pf ff or its 1 B e - i we 'WK jg, ,...' M' Y F 5 - -A t e . ,r ..,,f v I 255 22. " ,5 lffi I. ,,. wp, 1 - 4. QQ to a 'ff is N 3 -gp N tg ,af ' 5 " 9' VI! if it -:,Ji.F .1 4 x I6 , ML s . 4- l f NK 'B 9' 1 ' ' ' M if ' 7 r f ' I i-. 'hgh M were mmf' 5 h A 1 , M r -. Qgggggiilfi an : K - . . t ' ' tl, KJ B Q , V ' " ' Cs ' ng Q g . l.y,y gy Nj' . 4 emo 514 , X gn Q 1 'X' V . g, I A ring' I fs, Li 'B T it 17 ' ,rs if 'J " 'lx 4 S fl vi 3 9' SX ii by rm? H A S , ? 1 :A 2121 ,. Wa 2 ij er 1 ii . . WF, if xhriif . -K . , , A F K X Q 83 !.',5gJgZ-t5,:L,,..: A. si fi ' W VV1 twat r :-f . ., . - is , t T i m 1 is .- 'fL-: ' ' . AI, . ,f Q 'r .:., ' 1 flirt , ' ,Q A me-fr 'H v , f r t' BA new I ' B- 5 M 5 B . 3' M ' P rtra -- fist . 1 -K ,- rf ,,, X I-Q:-.ft 'Ji ' V . Y S is 42? F f X i 'YXHQZ-,pig if lf t ' 31, 'K F, 45. ' 112 Sophs: Uverwhelmed at First, But Not for Long. .wg ...,, Y F' 4 if u x ft 'ire ? eff , N . 1 5 '-:E .5 t fi Sv vs, Q Q if I 1 et 1 ii it -HE ' - to .L ' .F 'af,. ::. . . W. , ,. , 11:5-3 I :W 1 fi f tttt M 5, P S W I lx, - X -2 V 1 L 2 'Ii . at f X, X V 3 , X K 'ff' . , 1 N. ll if av V as ra x C F ll3 eu. Venessa Benard Yvette D. Benard Steve Berkley Ian Bestwick Eric Betten Mark Beymer Iohn Billing Jean Bishop Mike Bishop Twyla Bittle Bruce Bittman Charlie Black Tim Blakley Cheryl Blanchard Lauri Bloch Cheryl Blodgett Lori Blondin Steve Boeckman Zac Boisoneau Ianet Boldt Martin Boner Terry Boner Robert Bosek Betsy Bourg Karen Boyden Mary Io Bradley Kathy Brady Jennifer Briscoe Curtis Brown Doug Brown Renee Brown Rick Burd Randy Burns jim Burtt Darlene Cadwalader Youth and Knowledge Everything has been thought of before but the hard thing is to think of it again You cannot have youth, and the knowl edge of it at the same time . . . For youth is too busy living to know .. And knowledge is too busy seeking itself to ever stand still. 'More Freedom, a Chance to Express Ourselves Dennis Cadwalader Dennis Carlson Ioan Car lson' Pamela 1. Carlton Colleen Carmel Gordon Carpenter Nancy Carpenter Catherine A. Cassady Brian Castle Terry Cavanaugh Mike Chambers Colleen Cheever Judy Christianson Rick Clarke Debbie Claypoole Bruce Cline Vern Cohrs Kay Cole Sue Cole Brian Conrad Ioe Conway Margaret Cook Phillip Cook jim Corning' Maria Corrales Dean Cotton Carol Courtney Sara Cram ,L L , .. ,, . .r r if Q-ff ,ee-uf Q f V -ez. , .t. , . ,Aiw a f' If xl ti' sr 5 Y Q Y if AQ 6 ,Y ll 'll v if as M . , Ianeen Crane Karen Crepps Cheryl Cronander Kim Curtis Rita Daly Darcy Danielson Paul Dankel Dan Danley Steve Day Deanna Dayton Leslie Deal Mark Dean 4 iff, .rr- QEBK .Q BHG: , M text . ,X , ,. Q f ' ,g . S yi! K A x X X ,rv , Ii xi i K .5 W , , ia it ,ff -:- W, -. 5' , va if A, W ga X ., .ww Y N g 45. H '-A,, 5 '- :A, , .:, 'V E ,E "mil . 1 Q ' ' N b Y Q ef m f fi!! Q f Q V, R 1 fi 3. Al la. a We Jikggxfii-I if A if A 2 li I . if K! S 1' 2 l, uf - s . -57. D Viwihss V .Q-, W ? Y vw li: 1 535' Mike Decker Kim Dederer Mark DeMonbrun Kathy Dempsey Mike Dennis Rick DeRosa Iohn Dickey Diana Dietze' jim Dillon Dorothy Dingwall Anne Dixon Ann Dixon Karl Docekal Robert B. Donley Tim Downes Leo Dritina Ron Dross Mark Durham Becky Dutton Eileen Dye' Sue Edelstein Ann Eggertsen' Sue Eggimann Dona Ehrhard Randy Eichenberger Stephen Eide Greg Elia lack Ellis Dave Enderle Cindy Engle Erick M. Ensley Randy Ensminger' Gilbert Erickson Cheryl Ernst' Mike Estep jan Estey john Evans Joe Ewing Eileen Fairfield Don Farmer Sue Farrell Tina Fausko Kevin Feeney Quinn Ferguson Randy R. Ferguson Pat Ferry Brian Finch Iohn Finney Alan Firey Sue Fisse Gary Follrich Robert Forgey lim Foss Eunice Foster Cindy Fosthrose Allen Fox' Barbara Frazier Marilyn Frazier Doug Frechin Leslie C. Freeman Ir. Martin Galland Paul Galus Tony Gargiulo Luanne Gates Mark Gaudinier Emily Geballe Scott Geiver Donna Gibson Debbie Giles Darwin Glasoe Ross Gobel Debbie Godfrey Sandra Gold S' Wm? ' ,..-f 9' -V , ,wir -- . ,l'eL:w'- f-- ff , A rail for roost. ,', . of W3 t Q ' 'QL 5 4L 'K E f' aft cf' - V. in , J E f' V a w HM , ne , E , Sv J , if r- I jj! Bemg Treated and Thought of 'Llke an Adult' Kathy Goldsworthy jim Gooch Phyllis Goodell' john Goodheart Diane Goodwin' David Gordon' Ron Gordon Dick Grabner Dinah Green jeff Green David Groninger Ian Guion Peter Gunby Verlyn Haag jill Haavig Iulia Hadley Brion Hall Michael Hall Suzanne Hall Kim Hanke jill Hansen Keith Hansen Kim Hansford Howard Harriman Becky Harrington Gina Harris Sheila Harris Cynthia Hart Bob Hart Stephanie Hartwich TyAnn Harvey' Cristine Haskell 'Getting to Know Different Types of People' "I can't wait until I get a mustache like those seniors!" Steve Henry Christie Herron' Sharon Herrity Russ Heusser Richard Heu ssy Pam Hidaka Roger Higbee Joyce Hillstrom Mike Hobart John Hoffmann Mike Holbrook Vicki Holden Bob Holland Steve Helm Anne Holmes Blaine Holter Tom Holum Debbie Howard Randy Howden Ken Huber Pam Hulings Ann Hungar' Harvey Hunter Robin Hutchison Jim Hyneman Jaye Ingham Stanley Itaoka Don Iver son Shelley Iverson Patti Izzard Mary Jacobson William Jaeger Marie Jensen Dorothy Jenson John Jeroue John Hassel Brent Haugen Tim Hawes Marc Hawkins Jim Hayes Denice Hebert Jana Hegstrom Harold Heia Steve Heiderich if f ii os -fm All E K.- .rw E. 41" Y . .sf ,, A .. its . I f as 1 .ffffigf ' A ,- akamai. l ..,. W, ,- I ag 7 H . W for f ' .."' ' I Y fi .. -so A , N I s"'- " mr N ff 3' 2, I M sr X5 iilllla V , X f ,,,, Qi' --an ff W 7 V E f F4 54,570 - RV X ., i ' ' 3 K di l1,'2 li ff x , X . ll8 :il ,lg '- is as ,,,,.,.. is Z Q Y , ff' 'W- EE . is as Massa: ff H ,:,:3.ZZ 05,232 ' --- . -. 1 ess, we El , ff ---, ,,. 4' ' ' 4, risen' ' 1 f I x v u 1 sw 4 I-x A :ky , t ,ff we w ,ll , - 1 s .sum ,M ,f as 3 fag kg U s 6 my K awai :Hr ,V ,ff on ffl.,-I l ., f. ,-t .. f- A f of .ft " ' 1 - 4' I, , lei' , v I 2 5: 'vi' g ,:,2 E,2 R . 119 Marie johannesson Dave Iohansen Albert Johnson Drew johnson Jonathon johnson Lonny johnson Roberta johnson Westin johnson Curtisjohnston Gail Johnston Arleigh jones Melody jones Terrijones Loretta Jordon Natalie Iuhl' Randy Keith Bridget Kelly jerry Kelly Joy Kelly Kirk Kelsey Kerm Kermoade Paul Kessler Monte Kieling Karrie King Mary Kjosness Robin Klawitter Karin Klein Chris Klima' David Knapp Kathy Knapp Kelly Knierim Suzanne Knight Marci Koenig Lillian Koro' Brian D. Kramer Cindy Kraske Tim Kuehl Howard Kulman Peggy Kulpaca Chris Kunsch D on Ku nze Lorraine LaCasse Teresa Lagerberg Lynn Lakshas Bonnie Lambers' Bill Landon Kathy Lanthorn Gail Lapp Kathy Larsen Eric Laugen Katie Layer Leonard Leach Allison Leary' Beth LeBlanc Brian Lee David Lefebvre Ann Leidy D arrell Leitzke' Ianne Leksas Ieanette Lem' jerry Leslie Debbie Lewis Edward Lewis Steve Lewis Sue Ligget Cindy Lince Sue Lindley Terry Lindsay Richard Lippold Heather Lockman Randy Lohman jim Lomax ll 0 I I cn S nz-1 ,dim "M-A HQ? r.s'.,5"i . ' 4 W 1 - Nl 'wr ff F 2 -'Q g "f,5"' me 2 D ' Sit" 2 f T 1 5 3 fr a -. , ,M if K it ' , .fi i, 5 ,151 I K3 i ,' '3 'K' 475 L K lt' lxal Steven Lomax Wendy Long Claudia Lund Criag Lundquist Karen Lynch jeff Lyon Cora MacRae Keith Mahler Monica Mandich Pam Marbett james Marks David Vern Marlow Lisa Marshall Chris Martin Sandy Maybee' Ed Maylor Mark Mays Scott McAfee' Laura McCallum' Nancy McCann lack McChesney Rick McCormick Debbie McDuffie Douglas McGifford Sally Mclntyre lim McKenna Robin McKnight Iens McManama john McNew Kathy McDonnell Betty McRae Patty McRae Paula Menig' Erick Merklinghaus jeremy Metz Dan Middaugh Tonja Midkiff Chris Miller Robert I. Miller lo Ann Minahan School Bill Minick Rick Mitchell Teri Monson Charlotte Moore Abel Morales Laurie Morgan Scott Moser Ray Mosher Bill Mossey Scott Mullan Robert Myers Donna Myhre Teresa Naylor Sharon Nehring Cheryl Nelson Cindy Rae Nelson Dave Nelson Glenda Nelson Ken Nelson Eric Newbould Chris Newhart Janet Nier Sharon Noblett Duane Norris Sidney L. Nostwick Michael Nowlis Scott Oakford Dennis O'Brien Michele Ohge Carl Ohrn Cindy Olnsted Dave Olson jeff Osburn Cathy Oylear Dennis Palmer Sue Parkhurst Iohn Parks Brian Pattillo Bob Pattison A. Darrel Paul Jeff Pearce' Christy Pearson Lisa Pearson Tom Pearson ,+- ov- x ga 16 fl , ,L:. A 2 Ce xvi' Q H9 fb. 1, f 1x'L ' A 'fl X w f ,V 1 P Y I rf- x , ew. 123 t ,,,.f .1 x x f M .X -" 1 i ,f Rv, Robert Pemble Alice Petersen Darcy Petersen Doreen Petersen Mitch Peterson Zan Peterson' Donald Petree Roberta Pfaller Andrea Phillips Charlene M. Pickrell Cary Pingrey Don Piper Jay Pirzadeh Ann Plourde Patty Podzorski Mike Prance Marci Prater Ron Prevele Luke Pulsifer Michael Pym Donn Radosevich Cynthia Randolph Stacey Rank Doug Ranklin Wayne Ray Diane Rayfield Ioe Reiger Phil Rein Pam Reinken Mark Rice Pam Rice' Shelley Rice' Vickie Rice Paul Richard Laurel Richardson' Tim Riggins Dave Riggs Kris Ringo' Gwen Roberts Richard Roberts Carol Robson Sally Roe Dick Rogers jack Romano Craig N. Ross Kevin Roth Liz Roys Steve Ruff John Runte Billee Russel Karlyn Sager Shawn Sainsbury Trevor Sainsbury Valerie Samuelson Kurt Sandberg Robert Sandelin Debra Sanderson Doug Saxby Terry Schaefer Ieff Schaffer Margaret Schaut Sheryl Schenck Sue Schluger Patricia Schrader' Lisa Schuld Karen Schultz Tim Schwetizer Brian Scott Dawna Scott Glen Scott Patty Scott Carl Scripture vu 3' 453457 sw Av if ., 'R ,, ,.. ,L ,, K, A v- Sx f Mr. ,f-, if 6 : H f ,Hr 1 si, xg s V 234' il: dx 11 A-'W' , s 9 ., S A bs 2 .. re 4 L, x . my . l tg 1, I., I 'odour ago XV: o- B 03? QS Ni Deep Thoughts Stimulate the Minds of the Future P 71 is .few .X 1, .I W K my o f-Jw.,-'J' ' v ti A :L in sy E ? .. 5 get R ,Mrk E 4 5 A I T if ASQ 4 'W , Ai V :Y is T .4 IM- T 'f geiiiieta 'J i X l F, ..,R 4 .uv N, .ff 3 Q Kg ,,a Pie I l 353 vi. il ,i', X , ggi, , Y 9. 1 .4 2' ' X 2 igv-f 5 ,ir New' rn, ,sw t tt 1 . 1 , .lv y ,-4'-I ,au-lm.. .fI'.?" N?" 'fl x 4,-W. P fam CQQ 1 w, Ong '-4-"'+9a 1 -kwa ly 1 ' t r "" '5' W , ,f S . i Meryll Stern Greg Stevenson Vannesa Strand Marc Straume Cory Suvan Bryan Swadener Rose Swartsel Kevin Swett Iim Sylvester James Takatsuka Karen Tankersley Larry Taylor Lisa Tazioli Lauri Tennant Brian Thomas David Thomas 'I25 jeff Seitz Ken Sharp Paul Sharpe Iunell Shartner Chris Shefts Barbara Sheller' Dave Shield Terry Shimmin Mary Shipley Paul Shong Stacie Shulman Denita Simmons Katie Sitts Nancy Skaale' Marianne Skahill' Kyle Skartvedt Debbie Sleister Carol Smith Janice Smith Ierry Smith Ruth Snyder Mike Soldano janis Sorensen Craig Staake Mike Stanley Anne Starks Iohn Steelman jeff Stein vii 'Reach Cut for Tomorrow and Hold on Forever Murry Thon Mike Thornton Mary Thorstensen Kevin Tilger Kim Tilger Chris Tine Scott Tomlinson Greg Tompson Paul Tostberg Reed Transtrom Gayle Trubshaw Fred Turner Kathy Turner' Steve Turner Joe Tyo Helen Unruh' Gina Ushler Glenn A. Vail Pam Van Rooy Linda Walstrand Donna Vandeboe Brian Vanderburg Vicki Vandervlugt Debbie Viner jay Visser' Markus Volke Mark Volmer john Von Lossow Cleveland Walker Joel Walker Tanya Walker Peggy Walsh Wayne Warner Shelby Washington Spencer Weaver ,.: rr' g 7 Y Lf ogg 'fa I 35? 'ff X , y X E ' 2 e fa . Q3 as X L' .T N364 fx xwfx, r 4 Al"-""Sf' A li V W , i l f 'Y' 'Uv' Rick Weber Sue Weber Lori Wehl Charles Weible George Weimer Pete Welch ra ff X yrtta fl " 7 Q a gl" Q, ' N L - 0, ea M , ,.. E ' , X ,gk 1 , 1 9 , I ll l , 4 -rf' 9.4 Q59 NWN 55 Q r I 9 gf 1 P M A m l "6 1253:-fl rf . ,15i'i7"'v'1'tx3ti5':"t "' 3 l 'R as e E? X wf ,wx Marcia Young John Zito Cindy Zuncs Oral Sledge Steve Toomey 5 Kim Wellman Howie Wenzel Dean Whalen Paul Wheeler Glenda White Brad Wick Linda Widing Laurie Wieman Ken Wilkes Kathy Wilkinson Nancy William son Kathy Willits' Carolyn Wilmoth Kathy Wilson Ken Wilson Richard A. Wilsonj Janet Wood' Laurie Wood Richard Wood Romany Wood Sue Wood Dixon Woodbury Richard Woodward Lisa Woolverton Brian Wren Stan Wright Dan Wubbens Paul Wyman Brian Yett Mark York Brad Young Bruce Young Kris Young Since We're Number Two - We Try Harder! ,,,,,..w.,.f.m. QQ In .and Everything Nice Popcorn, balloons, streamers, candy, and everything nice. That's what junior cabinet was made of this year. They master-minded the winning of OL the activity card challenge. Junior Hall came to life during Home- coming. Christmas was sweetened with a candy sale. And this only took up the first half of the year. Standing QL to RJ: Miss Bloom, Chris Pennington Cheryl Beighle, Chris Sondergaard, Carol Young, Debbie West, Robin Cram, Linda Kunze, Anne Marsh. Seated tl. to Rjz Sue Saas, Carol Pappila, Teresa Zurschmiede. Not Pictured: Clark Kimmerer, Lori LeVander, Mary Whittaker. P-F 2 4. wmyzmm iv W R'k'1?m'X . "It's my ba gy, "Hello all you sports fans!" vu' . I ,, .shin -'11 ' 5" 17:. J .P ,fa '73: 'Year of Great Amb1t1on for Fame and Glory' lean Ahola Lucy Alexander Dean Allison Bill Anderson Leslie Anderson' Marilyn Anderson Marty Anderson Rick Anderson Elizabeth Andresen Cary Anshutz Megan Argo Fred Armstrong Ray Arnhold Marilyn Ashleman Ioe St. Aubin Terri Austin Bruce Baird joel Baker' Mark Baker lim Balarezo Georgiana Barnes ' "i":v Dan Bartholomew A --wz 5 if Debbie Beers V yqzg -. , Renee Begleris 1 U 5' A ? Rene Behrendt ' ,fl ' Doug Behrens I , Cheryl Beighle' , L N Douglas Bell ill? 7 A if , ,G f . 'e.e Debi Belt Ianet Bemis ji. 5 5 '- Mike Berg f 9 , Patty Bergen Y fbi' l f , Laris Berggren K ' rv ikrx Frederick Berry '.,,, .'5gJ,f' Mary Berthiaume ,Q??f'5'5:'pNQ A . J., A Doors I know there's things you never thought before that have to do with walking outof doors. . . John Sebastian Code of Life You who are on the road must have a code that you can live by. And so become yourself, because the past is just a good-bye. Graham Nash ii 1 w -k H. ...:.,- ,, N , V -Ji. if B F23 ,N X L 59 .41 N x 5: 2 x -- . . e ' - n , , I 'C 4 , re 5-gi ill' ' I 1 I . K .fi at A N gi... A dj ' I 4. N 9 5 fge lx ,gfiffiiif . E3 ijTf1ililli'ifQ'!n A A I a W Q, V A W V .J -A , 1, :rr r a f 2 131 ff, Allen Bidman Georgia Biro Bonnie Bishop Cecily Bishop Ross Bittner Gary Blanchard Susan Blancher' Pat Boatsman Mary Bodoia Sheila Bol Janet Boldt Stacy Booth Charles Bourg Bob Bowen Yvonne M. Boyden Craig Bozich Steve Bradley Carolyn Brady Deanne Bandt john Brock April Brodnicki Anne Broulette Bev Brown Tony Brown Margaret Bruce Kim Brandt Mike Burch' Diane Burd Mike Burdick Dave Burgess Patti Burnham Sandy Buskeness Ioan Carlson' Merilee Carlson Kathy Carroll Lance I. Carter David Cereghino Evie Chamberlain Cathi Chambers Diane Chambers Mark Chapman Gail Charvat Candy Chase Karen Christiansen Jill Christenson' Dennie Clark Gustavo Clark Mark Cleveland Debra Clover Rosemary Coccia Doug Colbert Jerry Collver Warren M. Collver George Conkey janet Connor Lisa Conway Ioleen Conway Kenneth Copelad Ken Cosby Connie Cotton Fred Cotton Kim Craig' Rick Craig Robin Cram Margie Cramer Kathy Crane Susan Creeps Duane R. Criddle Della Cressman Carol Crowell Sid Cupouilliez Carol Curtis Charlene Curtis Kim Dahl Lisa Dahlquist' Linda Dahm' Marian Daly Donna Davis Kathy Davis Charlene Dearinger Michael Debolt John I. Deligan Diane Demetriscu Mike DeRosa Becky Desalvo Debbie Devore Nancy DeWitt Susan Dockekal Kkk . 1 5 as 'H .vf N-ad! as 'li is , 2 if r . ' gf :..A:,, W ,.7,... 5351, , W ,of gg W 'X wwf lg N ii . f if L ' FEM ' ai? X S .5 --,eff st we .11 . W ef- 53.-f5,,y-H., New 5, v---'H 511 it ' . Y if 'K W . -.K 1, 'elif 3 a - 2. xx 'I' ' . giffxwvz- my ' xg : - ,vs X ' f t TT N 1 3 " "' K1 .av-f ' q,I.,v l I u. da -If K., ' l ' . - bi ft. ' fa -'W " 1, , , t , VU,-.,-f,:L.fgi'ffggflfe1:,elQQW .V "'f W i'X'"lifWfv,?5il?lll71:ZZef?2A1 -, 'eii" ' " H 9 - f jfi "-- . ' 1. 'O K -wx - 'i N 41 'L ff' 4 . I , 6 ' . " . Q' li L m ag S, Q L J , , i Q .- :IWW . .- - '21 " , ,nu Q .,.. -E 5 J ff- " tr- Tune Fl1es Uver Us But Leaves Its Shadows gif s ' rs X -' tssss , f ,,, Y -3515? ' Q C W 1 :.:::,5fe-54.5-, E 1 4 , f 'Q iQ31if"l5f'F1-uwyiga if K 5' Q ' -,QA , ya .. . X - ,Q to ltpfr X , '54 f" . 1 - 5 ftfl .g 'l- , .1 r F ' '1.:: u 7 . . .,,k.,s ' v F f N A 3 , 1 444 ,K . F! V N. X kt X K X fi Doug Fogard Kathy Ford Barb Forderhase john Fortmeyer' Lynell Fortmeyer Yvonne Frazelle Steven Friends Daryl Funston john Gallagher Susan Gardner lan Garin less Garvin 133 Behind Peggy Dotson Torry Drysdale Larry Dunning Patti Durkin' Bruce Dustman Sue Dykkesten Kathleen Echols Marilee Eckertt Cindy Eckholt Pete Eckmann Kim Eggert Ion Eide Sandra Eidem Kathy Eiffert Marguerite Elia' Mike Elliott Robert Ellis Kenneth Emerick lane Enders Kevin Epps Mark Epps Marta Erickson Hans Espeland Brooke Evans Mark Fairbrook Claudia Falk' jim Ferguson' Ralph Fiedler Sallie Filon Richard Finney Terry Fischer Nancy Fiske' Cathy Flaherty Connie Flamm' Debbie Flint Reaching Out ls Une Thing, Holding on Is Another Bob Gates Eddie Gibson Helen Gilbert Mike Gilbert Gina Gillet Bruce Girard Pauline Goldstein Phyllis Gold stein Laura Goodheart janet Goodloe Phil Goodspeed lane Gorai' Kathy Gordon' Dave Gorsline Mike Gouras Mike Greening Gordon Grigsby Linda Grindrod Iason Gunby' Shari Gunderson' Karl Gustafson Jody Gustavson Jeanne Hagaman David Hagiwara Penny Hamilton Martha Hamlet Mary Hammontre Eic Hanna Clint Hansen Deborah Hansen james Hansen Brad Hansford james Haraden Cheryl Hardy Sheree Harper Mike Harris Dave Harsila Paul Hathaway Toni Hay Steven Headrick i?'i'r ' ,, . iibvi or Qs' sv " 'J TE ' - f r 3. E . li of is ,,e,,Wne, -1 . :'. N 'Y i Q. A A N so ,. J rvffg X ' X li W My sff, if DN 9 JW F' li ,Ur I T rv il wr' i , .. .... , 4 'flf r:5',,aae: 'fi' Q ss . is ws 55 mf K i T? 1 Q 5 win S far idk? S A, f sr: is , x M I 11,3 '- ifii ', J in , I r Pam Heater' Larry Hebert Sue Henderson Karen Henriksen Cindy Herberg Sheryl Hersh Joyce Hershberger Debbie Hersom Carl Heussy Mike Higgins Vickie Hilke Roger Hill' Jill Ann Hillock Tye Hochstrasser Pam Holbrook Greg Holland Peter Hollosi Carol Homchick Kurt Honey Jerry Hopkins Dan Howe Bob Hughes Jeff Hynek Denise Hyneman Corry Isaac' Renee Issacs Vicki Iverson Denise Jackson Phil Jackson Glenna Jacobs' Jeri Jarmin Barb Jensen Darrell Johansen Ann Johanson Steve John Balir Johnson Cheryl Johnson Debbie Johnson' Jay S. Johnson Lisa Johnson' It Matters Not How Long We Live, But How . Lorraine Johnson Nancy Iohnson Steve johnson Walfred Johnson Anita Johnstone Dave Iones Marcus jones Paula Ioraanstad Ann Iordan Robin Karger' Lori Keene Mark Keith Lee Ann Kelly Stacey Kemp Larry Kerr Heather Kilborn Steve Kilborn Kristie King Mome Kintner' john Kirchhofer Robert Kirkendall David Kleitsch Lidy Koch Carrie Kourkoumelis' Dan Kuehl Robin Kukuk Linda Kunze Lynne Lalfave Greg Lampman Mary Lancaster Nancy Lane' Teri Lane Debbie LaPoe" Lessley LaPlant Pat Larkin Lana Larsen jean Larson Laura Larson Doug Layer Marie Leach "Every picture tells a story." Make Each Day Count, the Future Counts on You Scott Lee' Shannon Lee Laurel Leonard Diane Leonidas' Lori LeVander" Randy Lewis Doug Lilliman' Barb Linde' Vicki Linder Laurie Lindgren' Rob Lindman Janet Lindsay Janet Lindstrom Sue Lindquist Randy Lippold Craig Little Gregg Looney Dennis Loos Stefanie Louden Margaret Luke' Diane Lundberg John Lundgren Sherry Lutz Earl Mack jim Mackenzie Teresa Maehren Warren Mahr Dave Maier Linda Manahan Steven Manion Diane Manning Lorrie Manos Burton March' Anne Marsh' Conrad Marsh Terence Marshall jeffrey Martin john Martin Sue Martin Tony Martin Terrie-lo Mattson Gail McAnally Patrick McCann Colleen McCoy Shirley McCrary Sue McCullough' Doug McDonald Larry McIntosh Bob McKnight Teresa Meakins Ted C. Mejia Candy Merk Denise Meyer Ken Midkiff Carol Miller George Miller M ark Miller Mike Miller Paula Miller Wallene Miller Paul Milliken jeff Milton Dick Mingst Pamela Mitchell Tina Moats' Larry Moore Al Morales Kirk Moratti Kim Morrison Margo Moser Betsy Mosler Bob Mulholland Pat Mullen M ike M urphy Tedene Musch "Hey did you see that cheerleader?" .- Q , .v c - ,- .w s We -. S3 ... ,,., , W , me . K ' , Sf W5 5 K5 ff Lx I M t , ' . wi., . sqfw r ' ' If XQQXV A' ol 1 f li -,rf lf K, Y f fa 13.5 V 'R ,, Q, ' an ,Assam .1 ,ff name: .55 B ,1 ,.f5+?' Q1 , 'lx ' ,: '17 QM . r ' e ' ' Jr . . 1 ' J, -f .Ji i f i . , 'S g, 9' ' ..o , Q . , , i n i I rf, v. ,ff 32' ee is , 2 9 ' L t r ,xt f. if . T V rv- a. -. l38 Stacy Masten Dan Mataya Tonna Mattox . 1 1. f 5 r ?w 2 1 3 Q . i A X r if K ,....r HA ff" , 5-51 if... f -iizziiffiwwwm' E ' "', 221-ffssf F - 1 .,5.i.fQ 5. , 1 ,,.,, r..s . , ,- !LB l A , Q !,a qi -I -N 1.1! if ,bl Q .u 3, 'll' A r 1 "W ' 1 5 " ,i,q , 411, ' Q1 ..... , - fe 4311- -il ' K , ,.r,t , 5, N iff . - 'R W it siifiaga .. ,,., ,... J, .. . W' i., LW 4 V 'Y' -4' , ess 29, 55 B H- UE -LY? 3 yy , ,..: E R, up ' ., 5 Q W L . ' 5' ' 2. ff..-1 ':,:"'iv'? 2,99 ig felfvxf 1 ,saw -ex-, .:' ,. .. B 4' -5 V 1 fy 2, r x I sf' Viiii Y' Li c e 2 'ZW' lt Q. een , What the Future Holds ls What the Past Has fit ' 'lu 1 y , ,gr gf if aaa .,.,,. f if .,,.. at , I , 1 ,gm 'E 4-X 43-: QP 9 ,.,-.. t X et .Y . .1 Q: ' ,hz . ' we S 41 x , je, H zgg M :N 5' 5 QQ AV if 2 tv W A - ? ffl fr M .,,,a,.E:2 Q E aa -lfq fb R r x f if A L 3 C ' ' , R aat N , x V. ,W 'fr H V t 2.51 1152 1 -T65 Ar., . ,. k Y, - N , I , ' Q, r, 'X 1 1 I 3655 :er Q4 ' :fi , -:I 5? - A -4 wg f- 5- is 2- 'A 1 ' . ..,. , ' P ' -' - . . -'W 1 ' 1 -rj' ' 'f A ' f . -f ' 'l 'if :L l 5 1 ' 3 hsffif. M, . rv. 4.4, ,go --4 - -jf ,era st' e-1z:f.'f:!f", P P- ,, 'swf' 3, I e. - ,- Q 139 T- 1 w,E,.wm.:: my E, :- nr' 'mix 3 2 . ,M N ret: ffm:-.rt:. 1: at. - .1 We -392522 flrfiif i -:..ff. sl. :si ' ' fire- , A C3255 f l QS' N5 if lf W. 5, is , . ? 2? i QL Held Gail Mu sgrove Bruce Myers Cindy Myhre Robert Neff lim Nettleton Mer ilee Newell Keith Nordquist Mike Norman Mark Norris Terry Norris Michael Nunke' David O'Connell Brad Olson Shawn O'Neill Brian Opitz Margaret Ostler Caroline Owen Mary Oyloe Scot Palmerton Carol Pappila Steve Patterson Rodney Patzer Bruce Paulson JoAnn Pedersen Roger Pedersen Sandy Pedersen Chris Pennington Cyd-Sherryl Perley Bill Petersen Cary Peterson Dan Petherick David Petter Kenneth Pierce Pat Pierce' David Pirzadeh leff Pitts David Poole Laurie Porter jim Potter' Diana Potts Susan Pulliam Dorothy Purdy Frank Rabinovitch Dave Rafatjah 'There's No Other School Llke Qurs It's Umque' Michael Ragan' Randy Raider Sherry Ransom Lorie Rayfield Teresa Rayfield Su san Reeves Robert Reinken Iohn Renner Charles Ressler Melinda Rhodes Sandy Rice Tracey Rice Lee Richard son Dave Riel Bert Riggs Steve Ringo Leslie Riva Kathy Roddis David M. Roe Terrie Roe Iohn Rognan Wanda Romano Debbie Roth Marla Rowan' Dean Rowe Reed Ruddy Debbie Ruhl Cheryl Rutledge Eileen Ryan Sue Saas Sharon Salmon Casey Sander Debbie Sceva janet Schmitt Debbie Schoener Susan Schrader' Kris Schroeder Alan Schuh jean Schuldberg Robert Schwartz' I v. 1 X Y Q at. S r ,W ' iv, f i M l l 'TX 5 p K l g Q 4 N' 9? if 3,2 ' af' K 'S In if X fal2 af' v. Ip , ,nm al ' wifi, . ,Sb .M ,L -3, it r 4 x G' ,, fl-1 x .NJ M 141 - f-Q' N, , AA 'f .. i, si s ' V . I .n fffxw Connie Scott Ruth Scott' Dianne Seagle Pam Seaman' Ronald Seelye Larry Seitz Don Shank lack Shapton Andy Shaw Debbie Sherk Paul Shipley Allen Shook Colette Shumate' Kathy Sickles Camila Sigelmann' Alan Sillence Ian Sinner' Sheree Skartvedt Mary Sk imming' Barry Smith' Carla Smith Debbie Smith Ian Smith William Smith' Gary Sohns Christine Sonderg Carol Spang Doug Spring Rich Spring Linda Starr Iohn Steveley Ieff Stevenson David Stiefel' Gary Strunk Michelle Struyve Charlene Stuart Cheryl Sullivan Lesley Sullivan' Marcia Sund Dave Sussman aard Cathy Svendsen Shelly Swanson Donna Sylte Brad Taylor Camille Taylor' Gail Taylor Kely Taylor Lori Tennis Lynn Terwilleger Kevin Thayer Greg Thomas Iames I. Thomas Keith Thomas Sharon Thomas Scott K. Thompson Sue Thompson Terry Thompson Michael Thurman Dick Tipper Keith Todd Colleen Towey Dana Transtrom Peggy Trimble Georgia Tritt Gayle Turner' Doug Tutmarc Terri Tyo Terry Vance Lynette Veer Russ Vickray Nancy Vihstadt' Ceryl Vonhof Stephanie VonPressen Linda Vorobik Molly Vye Lisa Wagemaker Fred A. Wahlgren john Waite Lenette Wakeland Dick Walker "Dear Ele and Walt. . ." pg A if . av 'ix J -ff, "So this is how the girls do it." 'lm I ff' or ,Q pr sf , i , - 11 e' , -rw -.f mn., il' ' e ng jf 'ms V W. Kg, f w xiii? , if f 'Hale's the Best and We're Proud to Belong. ff 'O-1.1 ' L r A il x I fv- , L t , 9 i ,nw- V 152 1123: f Hi fy I R, 1 fi , , 1 5:6 ' ' ': ' N .T , fm Q . ,,Lh A 3, ,Q 'K I, " A W TQ- In .4 4. f -Q5 ,A " , 2 5' ,Wk V l ' be , f ' K ' if I I I si ' M 35,525 ,, Q ., gn . , 5 ' . ' K lr Xl ? 3 V gtk tim rj ' xiii 3551 f 3,415 at 'MH' on by Lori Ziegman Teresa Zurschmiede' Kurt Bowman lay O. Iackson Roger Larson Don Wallace Gloria Walton' Don C. Warner' Laurel Warth Randy Weber Debbie West Paul West Ian Westford Bob Whalen Mary Whitaker Susie Whitehead Bill Whitney Ron Wilkinson Bill Williams Mardel Williams Dan Wilson jon Wilson Steve Wood Rick Worthington Linnea Wren' Michael York Carol Young Florence Young' Lance Young Leslie Young Cindy Zachow x1 s F fx 1. 1. Q H We . ' fm i fi 0 in W 5' Mr :Ni K! fl avi 'J 1.7- limi? as s-K Seniors Stomp the Hale Cut of '72 Many zesty affairs for the class of '72 originated with the Senior Cabinet. Halls were decorated, pranks were carried out, a new location for the prom was decided upon, and when Publicity wasn't falling off ladders, they let the school know about senior events and outstanding people. Commencement, Senior Prom and the Senior Breakfast required long-range planning in the fall. It may have looked like the Senior Class was sleeping but they came to life in the winter. Starting with popcorn sales and powder-puff soccer, they pro- ceeded to put on some really "Whoopee!" happenings. 'N L toR Sue Spencer and Linda Baker Sr Dance Debbie Kellogg Becky Atkinson, justicep Kim Allen, Signe Rodley, Iusticep Jeanette Porel, Sr Breakfast Ronda Eichenberger Ioan Murgatroyd Cynthia Ito Ian Riggins, Sr. Gift, and Kevin Healy. -I 45 Publicity committee supports Zoe Niebrugge, chairman. l f 3 'Denotes Honor Society +Denotes Sentries .Q 5, V' a 47 . . :EE ARNOLD AAKER . - 31 15? 5... KEN ABRAMS Golf 3 "ls there still room in underwater basket-weaving?" Skiing Z 'f ,,, ' .:" 'iiiiwii "' i" " ,A iin A AOQ 0,15 pd . - fi' , Q. W il ff, Tilfii 7" 'Vx in--N ' 'f 1 . gi: f i - 'f H . . H "" 1 LARRY ADAIR SHARON ADAMS MARK ALBEDYLL. JEFF ALBRECHT MARTHA ALCALA .. Golden Gardens Racing . , Skiing 2,3,4 ASS Dm R . 4 Girls Basketball 3 Skifllub uric! A? f'ffrfg..-, . wiv.. 'G' U9 KIM ALLEN' ANNETTE ALLISON DIANA ALLISON CINDY ALLRED KEN ALLRED Sr. Prom Chr. German Club 2 Sr. Breakfast Ir. Happening Chr. Levy Chr. 3 W 'ii . 3 Take This World of Clay, Shape It for the Better eeee f'35 vw ar"""? DARLENE AMDAL' KRISTINE ANDERSON' Hale Swim Team 2,3,4 Skiing NEAI. R. ASHBRIDGE RICHARD ASI-ILEMAN Mr. Natural Fan Club 4 Diddy-wah-diddier 4 ra f Y -.4-V' K . . a ll dy ROBERT ANDERSON if BECKY ATKINSON' Orchestra Squires Sr. justice h I i EUGENE BABB CATHERINE BAKER' Senior Publicity 4 junior Achievement 4 Skiing Z,3,4 KATHY ANCVIK Drama 3,4 Coed Banana Plantation Mom of the Year ri .sth ,, TERRIE ATKINSON' Squire Singers 4 Skiing 2,3 IEANNE BADGLEY' Drama 2,3,4 Modern Dance 3,4 Creek Litter Staff 3 A JIM ARRICONI' Jazz Ensemble 3,4 Stage Band 2 Chamber Band 2,3,4 HR DEBBIE AUVE C.A. Publicity Chr. 4 ASNI-I Publicity Chr. 3 Fashion Board Rep. FSLN Q? 'un .zz Vx O K .1 'E 1:55 CARRIE BAILLARGEON Write Your Own Ticket To Tomorrow Starting out, beginning, striving to- ward a goal. Pushing, working, rush- ing-forward, molding yourself to fit the world and the world to fit you. Through criticism, remorse, trial and error, you learn. Prepare yourself. The world is big and full of problems and challenges. Keep pushing, thrust- ing forward. Don't give up, for the future is in your hands. EELS LINDA BAKER' + Swing Choir 4 Squires 3,4 Soph. and Sr. Cabinet -an., CHARLES BAKKEN fx' ,JN f.....M. , ,F ,,., 'Wife I l DAVID BARNES MIKE BARRAT'+ ROBERT BARRETT CRAIG BARSON International Relations Squire Singers DAVID BEAIL Heritage Staff Track Mgr. Cross Country WENDY BEARD Drama 2,3,4 Roll Room Bus. M WW """ Kam ,Sao A I il 9 .f 5 3 ' ,.r . Q34 -2r?5:iG1".' 1 .. " 593' .wp P A Qs, I'-92'.-' - ia?-' ' i w? 5 'mf' ll ' gk 4 qt MARILYN IANE LYNDA BECKER BEASLEY' Folk Guitar 3,4 gr. 3 Young Life President Swedish 4 All-City Orchestra Business Manager 2,3,4 ASNH PLU 2,3,4 Ski Bum ROBERT BAKER ,mamma CAROL BANKOVICH Biology Honor Society 3,4 NH Alpine Club 3,4 gvll it . . 5 -es... ff' ref' ' ., ... 5 , "" 'W' f , H' 'X' 'ef All CRAIG BARTLETT' Drama 3,4 Debate 3.4 SANDY BEEBE' Songleader 4 Raider Rousers 2,4 Special Events Chr. 2 'Graduation ls Finally Here, Now l'm Not Excited at All' qgj"'1Y sw, KAREN BELL' IODY BEMENT HAROLD BENNY STARLA BERENTSEN' TERRY BERG Songleader jazz Ensemble 3,4 Varsity Cross Country 4 NBOFC Training Program Men's Liberation Swim Team 2,3 Locker Room Decorator 4 AHHOUHCEIHGHTS COUNTY- 4 IANICE BERGMAN Marching Band 2,3,4 Concert Band 2,4 'if Varsity Track 3,4 f? .f ,fr 1-CL7 DEBORAH BERRY LYNNE M. BERTHIAUME Girls' Glee 2 Rainbow 2,3,4 ,,iliilisi1 lliii 1ill Girls' Career Day 4 vi? DOUGLAS BESMER CAROL BESTWICK Bowling Kumquat Society 101' EDGAR BIBB x BERNARD BIDGOOD Does he or doesn't he? Only Mr. Ellis knows for sure. l 49 JOHN BIDDLE Q1 3-div vw 1.- CATHERINE BIDMAN Civil Air Patrol Stage Crew ASNH PLU The Virtue Lies in the Struggle, ,141 when-,M IAN BIUR' Ir. Breakfast Comm. 2 Assembly Planning Comm. 3 DON ALD BITTORF iQ' MARK BLILIE Sentinel Staff Y! mp h ,ff K. Jag . 'li 5? ". I - vsvfw ' . , ' If? is , , .-wxf ' Evil ,E .r v, 5 'ifft m e H V 5 X ,xr 'EZ iff-VW '- ' TLV ' ' Jwfilb ' 'af' 'at' 152 I NEIL BLINDHEIM' Varsity Basketball Tennis Team 2,3,4 Debate Team 2,3,4 Not in the Prize ww 'AGP' IEANNINE BLUE + Sentinel Staff 3,4 Biology Honor Society 3 Work EXPSHGHCG 4 G.A. Participation Chr. 4 ANN BOESPFLUG Coed Banana Plantation Drama BILL BONALLO jazz Ensemble 3,4 Approaching Storm Mom's Favorite Thejoe Sexton Fan Club JAMES BONDELID' All-City Choir 3,4 Alpental Piano CHUCK BOROUGHS Var, Cross Country Z,3,4 Var. Track 2,3,4 ROBERT BOER -W. .A M mga' JU' ,Mfg ,:iTEfl'fifi . 3 l S SVAP S KAREN BOULTON Bowling 2,3,4 Gin Rummy Champion Kumquat Society KEVIN BOWMAN 'WW on-5 ,Www pw A Km- nf- ,,..?v"-e in - 'vw-',..i it rs A DAVID BOYD SUZANNE BRADSHAW MM Y., 4 I 4 ,r, . K f"i Q 'E P - A--' M-M J -uw.,lLYt,W..,,, 150 H 'f X KIMBERLY BROCKHAUS' ,IA ',-s - xx MICHAEL BROWN "I'm supposed to understand this?" ...ox W,,"r MERRILL BRUEGEMAN W1 -7 CALEY Varsity Wrestling A .1 JERI BRUNNER' KARL BRUUN Friend of Little Yellow Man DIXIE CALKINS DAVID CALL' l 51 . ,,,,M nk CATHERINE KATHLEEN BROWN BROU LETTE ,Q MM-r DENISE BROWNING' DENNIS BRUCE Songleacler 4 Raider Rousers 2,4 Assembl Plannin 4 R' Qing ROBERT BULLOCK HAL BURSETT Varsity Track 2,3,4 Annual Staff Coach Currie Fan Club , gi I ,' A M B ,, 'wer FL ., tb., x l f E' NC, IIM CAMPBELL PHIL CAMPBELL' Cross Country German Club 2,3,4 Varsity Track No. Seattle Pigeon Pluckers Sentinel Staff A 'IE There's Yet a Tomorrow to Come, Where There JAMES CARGILE WENDY CASE W. . . RANDLE CAVANAUGH JOHN CHEMERES ELISSA CARL' Sr. Announcements 4, -'Maw DEBRA CASTLEBERRY WO' RUTH CHAMNESS Gymnastics 3,4 Skiing 2,3,4 Special Events Comm. 4 C1157 TERRI CHERUPOLE Gymnastics 3,4 Raider Rousers 2,4 GARY CARLSON ,...-in MICHAEL CASTLEBERRY Var. Football 3,4 nys CATHERINE CHAMPION' Marching Band 2,3,4 Concert Band Junior Achievement 4 TONI CHERUPOLE 1 52 'sos' VCT? MARLENE CARLSON JUDITH CARRIC .ai K! 5 .gt .v R GARY CHMIELEWSKI CHARLIE CLARK Var, Track L-T-K-D. 3,4 l'l.D.S.C.R. 2,3,4 Won't Be GARY CLICK DEBRA CLINE K I I Q H , 'Vg 45 aff? BEVERLY CORPUS DEBORAH COUMAROS Times that Are Just as Hard as Yesterday's QQ ELIZABETH COLE Gymnastics 4 Skiing I3.U.N. Mi, T A, 6: :iq vi ii is I A J CCi : iii ANDREA CONKEY "'-r ... , JACK COOK DWAYNE COWDEROY I 53 MPH STEVE COLELLA' Swim Team 2,3,4 Microphone Crew 2,3 W' V ,J DEBRA CONNOLLY CTN -cxf JAMES COOK Qqri' FRANCES CURTIS ANITA COMINITTI suv' CATHLEEN CONWAY JANET CORNELIUS Skiing Sr. Breakfast Comm. Corn Huskers of America PETER HANS DAHL' Bull Fighting Soccer "L' 'L ' , - ff I I , J Q V STEPHE N D ALEY ir - " f,,,-ggi f, A i is I - nenc . ji '," , - -sq . f, ze ' v--- . '- -r KA IWHY DANIELSUN Song Leader 4 Girls' Activities Chr. 3 Ir. Cabinet MARIAN DAVIDSON f .,,, 'cm DAN R. DALY KNHC-PM Dj Squire Singers LAURA DARWIN Guitar 2,3,4 Camping 2,3,4 French Club 2 MARY DAVIS Skiing Gymnastics iiti Count Martin prepares to climb into his coffin for the day. srrr -. 4' Ar .X 'W'--kai TOM DE MARIS' Varsity Soccer 3,4 Tennis 2,.3,4 Soph. Basketball ROGER DAWSON' CINDY DAY ,wharf f K. ,..,, 17 Ymgff? DENICE DE RO5A CHERYL DE ROSIER OLIVIA CRUZ DE JASON DECKER BETTY DEVINE Coed Banana Plantation CASTRO Varsity Tardy List Arco Ark Architech Tennis Ski Club One of Mom's Kids Kamaiina Ipo Swim Team I Take Advantage of the World Ur It Will of You 35' 'UQ 'TV we-....., INDA DIGC5' DAVID DILLARD EDITH DIXON STEPHEN DIXON 'ennis Team 4 und Raising Comm. 4 owder Puff Football 3 we ffl? -we an A Wx, ,,, w'C'31'pf 1,,,,.W,np RANK DOLD CAROL DONNELL DARREI.. DRAKEY' TERI DRAKE Skiing Skiing 2,3,4 Coidendale K-E.I-.I--E.Y- 'Vx ilu' EX I '11-ew, TERRI DRUSE PAT DUCCAN' Publicity Comm. Football 3 Skiing Track 4 ff -fr -1:1 CINDY DUTTON' CHERIE DUVALI. 'Skiing 155 MARCO DLOUHY Swim Team 2,3,4 Gymnastics 2,3,4 LINDA DROSS C.A. Treasurer 4 Girls! Golf 3,4 Island YQ ft' DEBBIE DUNCAN + International Rel Club Commencement Comm ww .,',:' CAROL EACON Raider Rousers 2,3 Homecoming Cornm,4 Maybe l'll Miss the Teachers, Tests, and Lunches, .BZ ,F ,,,. ,Jr "l don't know why all the fellas laugh at me." IEFF EIDE N.I-l. Christian Fellowship KNHC-FM 3,4 Sentinel 2,4 BROOKE ERICKSON Tennis Team 4 Fund Raising Comm. 4 Powder Puff Football 2,3 IANE EDELSTEIN' NEIL EDMONSON e"1' waz'-rf "W" DAN EGGIMANN ROBYN EI-ILI Hamilton Reject em 5 ,, ,, ,ir gf! . 1: , s g, ' -'. - 5 ii A f an , 5 , 'lf ix ' 1 ir ,. yi IVIAIIA ELFERTS' Special Events Comm. 2 ALETA ELLIOTT' MICHAEL EMERSON KAREN ERICSON LYELL ERNST' SUE EVANS' Skiing Football 2,3,4 Skiing Modern Dance 3,4 Soccer 4 Basketball 2,3 LISA EGGERTSEN' RONDA EICHENBERCER Junior Cabinet Senior Cabinet Squires 4 EDMUND ENZI THOMAS FAIRFIELD but Then Maybe l'm ot Feeling Well Either 'J z if al il Qt IEAN FANKHAUSER KEN FARMER SUSAN DLANE Varsity Cross-Country Skiing F FFEZFY + V ' T k Dqulfe Ingefs arslty mc I mg Girls' Activities Cab. Sentinel Staff iv' 1:1144 PAULA FRANCOIS' VINCENT IIRAUSTO IAN FREDERICK' + T61'1niS Team 4 Photography 2,3,4 ASNI-I President 4 Fund Raising Comm. 4 C.I.N.D.Y. 3,4 Tennis Team 3,4 Skiiflg 2,3,4 Brother-Hood 2,3,4 Skiing 2,3,4 ,air ALAN IZINKELSTEIN Drum Major 4 Varsity Stage Band 3,4 Var, Chamber Band 2,3,4 v--..,. C, SUSAN FISHER ,f ew-g, if 'il E' E rut . , is iii, if E is . if wsu- ,il w w ? 'www ' 1 i'l.,?55vf'f, ' '21, EILEEN FLANAGAN 'uv nm., SCOTT FUHRMAN Adv. Weekend Activities LIZ FISHER Assembly Planning 2 W.Q.W. Pan Club Sec. Vampire Phroque Alumni LINDA FLACK Cirls'C1lee Intermediate Choir Alix BARBARA FLEURY CQ WIT? WENDY GALEN How Many Men Have Discovered a vp wma, STEVEN GILL DAVID GALLAHER CHRISTY GALLANT ROBERT GALLE DAN GARDNER Soccer 4 .:c. .A 5 T... X5 5 -na...-0 S S , eee - Q ' ' LYNNE CAUDINIER Raider Rousers Chr. 4 IULIA GARRATT PAUL GARRISON SUE GEORGE Sailing Modern Dance IEANNE GILLMER YVONNE GIROUX STEVEN GLASOE Iobies1I.O.I.D.j2,3,4 T.A. 4 Sports Nut 2,3,4 158 PATTI CILL Drama2 Modern Dance 3,4 Kumquat Society QT' 9 TERRY CLICK Swim Team 2,3-,4 ew Dimension in Life Prom Reading a Book? GLENN GODDEN Pres, NH Computer Club President NH Radio Club ieoi 'Q-,Wav GARY GREEN DONA GODSEY Raider Rousers 2,3 Girls' Varsity Track 3 nw' r"W"3" ROBERT GREENE ?'T fev- vm:-rv" MIKE GOPLEN Skiing Swim Team 2 "Arsenic and Old Lace" Const, Tech. 'iw-T11 SUSAN GRONINGER' 'w TOM GUNBY' Gymnastics 2,3,4 sf' s,11"'?" ARNE GUSTAFSON KENNETH GURNETT T E vu A'g,, .- MARK GWALTNEY Yell Leader 3,4 One of Moms Kids Sentinel l 59 Man's Flight Through Life Is Sustained W-om' RICK HAITPNER BOB HANKE if '53 MICHAEL HANSEN + LEANNE I-IARMON Girls' Tennis Team 3,4 NI-I Alpine Club Co-Chr. 3,4 Girls' BasketballTeam 4 gg Xispjiris iemf ION HAGENS Pep'9qu ad 3,4 Sugar Bear Vice-Pres. ASNI-I Publicity Comm. wav? KITTY I-IANKE fp? -MICHELE HARDESTY' TERRY HARNED Water Skiing -11:5 JOAN KATHRYN PATRICK HALL HARLAN HANBY HALL' Stage Band 4 Sentinel Co-Editor 2,3,4 Marching Band 3,4 NH Exchange Student SOCCEF 4 Inter. Rel. Comm. 2,3,4 'Car WM, LYNNE HANSEN' V Squire Singers 3,4 G.A. Mom-Dad Events Chr 4 Ir. Publicity Chr. DEAN HARDWICK "Try it-you'Il like it!" Varsity Golf 3,4 Skiing W f MARY HARPER PATRICIA HARRIS DAVE HART Orchestra Marching Band Water Skiing 160 ,r ai, K . ...uv the Power of His Knowledge k..x9' 4.9 ,413 STEVE HAUCK Pep Squad Trainer Tom Fan Club WARREN HARTZ' Bicycle Club President 3 Sentinel Staff 3 Mountaineers 3,4 IERROLD HASH 995' J ru' , ,..i, iiil eeee , f r rkik kg BRENT HEATH LINDA HECKMAN CYNTHIA Football 2,3,4 HECS-I'RON1x Basketball 2,3 Baseball 2,3,4 M' ,fo ...ab-df BRIAN HAYASHI 2,3,4 KIRO Radio Production --- - an :Aww-'fi ' 'ff Wi? F 6-IE Q-eq., IAMES HEIDERICH KEVIN I-IEALY + Senior Class President Varsity Basketball Varsity Tennis -mil? KAREN HEIMDAHL Participation Comm, Co- Chr Skiing fa, 1? .-...N WALTER HHN CONNIE HEINRICH Raider Rousers CI1r.4 Girls' Activities Chr. 4 Swim Team 3,4 ,SN 45' ELIZABETH HEWITT' VICTOR HIDAKA I 61 BOB HILDIE' jazz Ensemble 4 Stage Band 2,3 Orchestra 2,3,4 Today Leads to the Next Tomorrow -- nv. . .Q . Q . , rw. .K 2 . HM L' I . . ,H A HQ. .JM Ng.. K I f K if g ,,,,,, ft, ' BERYL HODGES' 5' 'T W i ' tl if ll 1 I 'Q A l gig 3 I I g J 31 f gg tl J 2 MARLENE HOLMES TI-IEA HOMCHICK X "I never could color between the lines. . .' sfi""f' ,,, . its JOE HOFPMANN Varsity Football Varsity Baseball ,gnu-Q' ......-' MARK HONEY' Varsity Football 2,3,4 Varsity Basketball 3,4 Commencement Co-Chr. 4 .ij KE . A, .xx : i ii ':l'?"5 . - ir' ' f-f -'Ma' E . , trte il .V T tria l x 7 - 2.fejw'Q BARBARA HOSTETLER HALP Co-Chairman Girls' Basketball Sr. Publicity Comm. PAM HUBBELL Elections Comm. Co-Chr. 4 Sr. Publicity Comm., Commencement Comm. 4 f X' W :N Ti l " ft., PHIL HOLLAND Varsity Track 3,4 Varsity Soccer 4 Water Skiing DEBRA HOOVER LETA HOUK' Commencement Comm. 4 Sr. Publicity Comm. Elections Comm 4 MIKE HUBER Tomorrow Leads to the Next Today , 5. ,H ogoooo GREG HUGHES LINDA HUGHES Student Union Rep. 2 Tutoring 3 Nursing 4 BRENT HUMBLE LINETTE HUTCHISON rt ,, if K T 1 WN.. A. ,RR IYNX INGHAM BOB IRELAND' + CYNTHIA iro- + DAVE JACKSON CASSIE JACOBS Squires, Swing Choir Z,3,4 He,-itage Editor All'CitY Senate 3,4 Commencement Co-Chr. Sentries President 4 'Af -ia ,L C ...vs CARY IACQUES IACKIE IAFFE DAVID JAMES MIKE JAMES Kumquat Society Varsity Cross Country Varsity Track 163 ,,'5" ' x':'--7- ' A A iii le s uf " H-... N 1, fi f ALAN IEROUE' HALF 2 HALP Co-Chr. 3 L'amour et convoitise Club Wi""'f"'Y CHERYL' JOHANNESSON' Honor Society Sec. 4 Elections Comm. Chr. 4 Marching Band 3,4 rrp' LEE JOHANSEN .,.. JACK JOHNSON MICHAEL JOHNSON E 15? .K f' to A-51 4 fx. ,717 BRAND ON JOHNSON RAYMOND JOHNSON Soph. Football Feast 3,4 ww..-J CINDRA KANE CHERYI. KAST' C0111-EEN KELLY CANDY KENNEDY Wedgewood Tutoring Chr. 3 Silkscreen 4 l 64 Photography 3,4 Tongue-biting: the essence of concentration. Ja? DEBBIE KELLOGG' Sr. Class VP. Tolo Co-Chairman 4 Heritage Staff 4 SHAUNNE KENNEY' Skiing Mozah Queen Football Manager Paper and Ribbon Passport to Freedom fm W2 vw wx PATRICK T. KINTNER' Ski Club 4 Bicycle Club 4 KEN KUEHL DEBBIE KULMAN DAVE LAMBERT' Varsity Soccer 3,4 Varsity Track 2.,3,4 Varsity Football 3 -:ff MARK KIOSNESS CHRIS KULAS KA! LOU KUSH Varsity Cross Country 2.,3,4 Varsity Track Z,3,4 PAULINE LAMBERT Education is the Apprenticeship of Life fl' ' ,r HELEN LANDERHOLM LAURIE LANE' SANDY LANGHAM CINDY LARSON' BOB LASHBROOK Squire Singers 4 Squires 3,4 Graphic Arts 3,4 All-City Choir 4 Senior Girls' Career Day M,--' Skiing 2,3,4 Z fm -ml , Wikis. r... ss . - ,::.' VA,,. KAREN LAVIK' BARB LAWS' 4,1 4 A I :IA Sentinel 2,3 ' T' Annual 4 WENDY LAWYER' Squires 3 International Relations 4 Senior Breakfast MARCIA LAWSON "I tried it. Felt like I was gonna die!" MIKE LAZZARETTI DANIEL LEE' SUE LEE IAN LEITZKE PAMELA LERNER' Tennis Team 2,3 Track 3,4 Wunda Wun 4 Marching Band 2,4 Commando 3,4 166 Squires 4 Y:l4.iZ'?"' ANDRE L' I-IEUREUX' Exchange Student Varsity Soccer Heritage Staff I DEBBIE LIEN' Songleader Swim Team Raider Rousers 1 fs V1 dv' fftlfi TI-IERESA LINVOG 'X Xa if 'WW lk 'Qu 1 .qui . A , . L it ,Vx QM .war SUSAN LOGSTON gglgll LOONEY DAN LORING Gymnastics Cao and Gown ir: VA,...-U IQ .v-4' ull' THEODORE LIEBE YVONNE LIEPELT Gymnastics 3,4 Squires 3,4 Skiing 2,3.4 dung, SUE LUEHRS Kumquat Society JOSEPH LUKE' PETER LUMSDAINE MARTY LUPTON JIM LUSTIG' SHIRLEY LUTZ Hale Alpine Club 2,3,4 Stage Band 2 Sentinel Advertising Mgr, Sentinel Staff 3 jazz Ensemble 3,4 I.V. Tennis Team Hale lnterracialLeague2 Varsity Water Skiing 2,3,4 GREGORY LYON MARTA I-YALL KNHC Program Director, D.j. Soccer ,"' I- 5 ' ii-14552 I TL.. ,, I' I I. TTT' V if-taxi V . txt, cavih, I Q Ilrr C Vi, Q LYNN MARKEY MARLOW DALLAS The Most Important Thing Education Can Teach You Is to Walk Alone. mari? NORM MAC DONALD Scuba Diving Seattle Pipe Band Skiing W l5E,,, g I lll,,, S 5 ,TPM SUE MARSH' Guitar Art Varsity Wrestling I B3 SHELLEY MAHANEY ROBERT L. MARTIN Const. Tech. 4 I 'ew I we A ,,,. ,,....,..-.1-me ,.,, any ffwv W - I - '4.u4""s' ig. ,wa-9" LINDA MATTSON Folk Ensemble 3,4 Folk Guitar 3 Usher Squad 4 CAROLYN MAYBEE' Commencement Comm, 4 International Rel. Comm. 4 RICHARD MARBLE arf -vi LY NN MATT IE G MARC MAUZE DANIEL MC CANN ,Ln at lil? I it f--:riff aa s J wk, g? SUSAN MC INTYRE BECKIE MC KELLARD Gymnastics 2,3 "I hope this tape holds the wall up- I can't stand here Journalism Staff 2 all day!" f but A-.....a. CAROLINE TERRY Mc TAGGART LESLIE MEADOWS IAYME MIDDLETON' MC NAUGH-I-ON 1:o0tba112,3,4 Sr.-l3reakfastComm. Men's Lib Skiing Soccer 4 169 CANDY MC COY' PAT MC CAW SANDRA MC 'CLELLAND Senior Breakfast J.T.E.C. Skiing JUDY MC DONALD SUE MC DONALD BRUCE MC INTOSH Australian Foreign Ex. Modem Dance 3,4 Soffef 4 Raider Rouse-rs Sklmg 2'3f4 International Rel, Comm, Photography 3f4 Ms! 06" 4.1 KITTY MC KEOWN Varsity Volleyball 4 Varsity Basketball 4 Track 4 'vw 11,31 CHRIS MILLAN Mickey Mouse Club 2,3,4 Capt. Kangaroo Club 3,4 Honorary Patches Pal 4 'Personally, I Don't Believe in Miracles, S533 ROBIN MILLER IACKIE MINICK' IANINE MINKLER BARBARA IO MITCHELL Sr. Publicity, HALF 3,4 Girls' Tennis Team 3.4 MEREDITH MINTO' + I-lonor Society Pres. 4 International Rel. Chr. 4 TERESA MOHRWEIS , . .. J 'sg ,uv-eu. BLAKE MORRISON SHERI MORRIS CARY MORRIS Q Rinloqv Honor Sorietv 3 4 if K waf.:9:.xg-- ' - 2 K 52 ' lkti its H L " , 'X I "That's right you guys FQ Qi' ,W I .W STEVEN MORRISON MICHEALEEN RUSSELL FRANK MORTIMER LAURIE MORTINSON MORRISSEY MORTENSEN KNI-IC Station Mgr. 4 Ping-Pong KNI-IC Traffic Director, Kumquat Society DJ. 3 l KNHC-EM DJ. 2. but I'm Graduating in June and That's a Miracle! 1-van, KAREN MOSES JUDY M. MURFITT Skiing tSnow and Waterj Archery Iunior Iustice Skiing Z,3,4 ,,.. ,,,kk mf. mi 1+ 'F r r f fV 1 gf, g- ? Jin' ut l IUDITH MURPHY LEANNE MURRAY A A 1 1, 14 ' will ' x 4 ,, g 'SER' 9 Qt r., . LANCE MUSSELM AN JAMES NAUGLE both squads lose ten points." Q -fn i ii j if sr' if 1 N ,E DAYLE NELSON' KIM NELSON STEVE NEUBAUER DALE NEWHART Girls' Activities Sec. 4 Varsity Wrestling Soccer 4 Football 3,4 Squire Singers 3,4 Yell Leader 3 Wf9Sfling 3,4 Boy, Girl of Month Chr. 3 JOAN MURGATROYD Raider Rousers Gymnastics Sr. Special Events Chr. qw? WAYNE MURRAY Menfs Glee 2 Soccer 4 Hn DAVID NEAL' if ZOE ANN NIEBRUGGE' -+- Sr. Publicty Chr. Student Union Rep. 71 All American Good Guy Hefiiilge Staff l Basketball Statistician DAVID NORDQUIST KATHY O'CONNOR" G.A. Publicity Chr. 4 Squire Singers 3,4 PETER OSTBYE' Varsity Cross Country PAUL OSTROM L.K,D. 2,3,4 H.D.S.C.R. 2,3,4 Wisdom Is the Genuine Desire to Discover .,,' LARITA NORLUND GARY NORRIS CRAIG NURMI SHIRLEY OBERG Squires 2,3,4 Music 2,3,4 Photography Swing Choir 3,4 Home Room Rep. 2,3 Painting All-City Choir 2,3,4 LARRY ORM BREK I.V, Cross Country Team 3 PRED OSTLER' Varsity Tennis Z,3,4 International Rel. 2,3,4 Foreign Language Nut 2,3,4 ima! IAMES OVERBY IOHN M. OVERBY DWIGHT OYLEAR IOYCE PALMER Photography 3,4 Var. Gymnastic Team 2,3,4 Hiking 4 Girls' Gymnastics Coach Swimming 2,3,4 Skiing Dur Follies and Faults, So That We May Correct Them tle CW TERRI PALMER' AURORA PAREDEC SUSAN PARKE KEVIN PARKER FBLA 2. Spanish Club Sec.-Treas. 3 Usher Squad 4 L lls A , ,,,: K me ROBERT PEARSON STACEY PEARSON' ALISA PEDERSEN JAMES PEEK u, in vt-yi SUSAN PERSINGER"'+ KENNETH PETERSON DEBBIE PETREE Sir-ls' Activities Pres, 4 GA. Special Events Chr. 4 Heritage Staff 4 Sr. Pin Committee 3,4 'Black Comgdyf' 3 Raider Rousers 2,3,4 bfi! 'lifvfj 5UE PHILLIPS' TOM PHILLIPS MARTY PHIPPS Baseball 2,.3,4 Raider Rousers 2 Skiing Skiing S.B.A. Swimming fi .. e,k: -wi my TIMOTHY A. PEARCE' Hale Alpine Club 2,3,4 Ecology Club 2,3,4 Apathy Society of NH ,IANET PERRY' . ,.,. l A -, H .. , A,.. f went - This is the house that Cary built. ,I' g,,,-J . , it A is ., "NACL added to paprika and PE-now send it to the luncI1room." 115- CHRISTINE POQLE IEANETTE POREL' DEBORAH C. PYM Squire Singers 3,4 Scuba Diving Senior Cabinet Highland Dancing Girls' Activities Co-Chr. 4 Rabbit Raiser The Great Artery in MARK PIERSON Varsity Tennis 3,4 Football Z Basketball 2 -c--'YY' IO ANN POHI iiii A eee ' iii it 5 I 25' ' ,,'g1"g,t,t, I Mi ? Nici? , Jfgiqzg, J fi -sq, 4 N . , 7' 4 LYNDELL SHANNON QUINN Gymnastics 2,3,4 Spanish 2, 1 Got a Pain G"'m BRUCE RAMON BRUCE RANDALL Renaultl3an Club DAN RANSOM' KNI-IC-PM 2,3,4 WA7NVA 2,3,4 KNI-I-AM 2 STEVEN RAPP ., ,.,. ,, -Hal' VICKI POITTER Adventures as Lois Lane Sister Hood 3,4 Crushed Beneath the Wheel ROSS POITRAS Motorcycle Racing Wrestling 3 ......, KEVIN RAFTERY DIANE RAW International Relations 2 junior Dance Comm. Prom 4 the Heart of Education is Character Development it sei - if SUSETTE RAY 1. A - DONNA RAYMOND G.A. Publicity 2 Dance Committee 3 . fa 1 U, ge , . ii- X It . i ."'r'liKM7 0 . 4 , 13 l Q 'GYM' ' 4 sal' mi vw" , "C'f'f':v ew? 'Q' MICHELE REDENBAUGH Dance Chr. 3 Prom 4 Announcements 4 Wu. frm? li 4 I Q U 'K My 'K D I 5 it if it' .5 .41 1 lc' ,. if Q as , "" s "With touch and sew, z AN RIPLEY .E.R. "72" ig zag and automatic buttonholer, what is therefor me to do?" 'Wal rw-'P SIGNE RODLEY' + All-City Band 3,4 Marching Band 2,3,4 Elections Comm. 4 BOB ROE 1 75 DWIGHT REED RON REEVES' Varsity Football 2,3,4 Varsity Baseball 2,3,4 Sophomore Class Pres. asf DOROTHY RICHARDS v,,.,.-mv SANDRA RICKLES Library Asst. Teacher Asst. ,IANICE RICGINS' Orchestra 2,3 Swing Choir 4 Sr. Gift Comm. Chr. TIMOTHY RIGGINS 1' X PATRICIA ROE CAROLYN ROGERS' + Debate ASNH Money Makers Chr. Statistician 'fee' GAIL ROGNAN Girls' Tennis Team 4 Fund-Raising Committee 4 Powder Puff Football 2,3 TIM ROGERS NVQ 'LTL' I f MICT-IAEL RLTHL' JOE RUNTE. Varsity Wrestling 3,4 BaSketbal12,3,4 Tennis 3,4 Go1f2,3,4 No. Seattle Pigeon Pluckers "Thisjust drives me up the wall." The World's Like a Drum - lt Beats You or You Beat It KEITH ROGSTAD Wrestling Sailing Water Skiing els ff' . QW' DEBBIE RUSSELL Publicity 2. in FRANK RYAN' . CHARICE SAMUELSON l 76 WENDY ROMANO' + junior Class Vice-President Nathan Hale Senate 4 NH Advisory Council 4 IERRY RUEF 'wra- ROBERT RUSSELL WES RUSSELL Karate KNHC Dj 2.,3,4 Skiing as nn --...U KATHLEEN RYAN IULIE SAHLBERG Squire Singers 4 Kumquat Society iw' .493 IOY SANDBERC CHERI SANDHOEER Skiing R W'!U"'Y 'ear OBIN SCHROEDER lap and Gown Cl'1r.4 iig-Little Sister Chr. 4 Honor Societv 3 4.--1 STEVE SHELLER Computer Club Pres. 3 Bicycle Club Pres. 4 Amateur Radio Club Pres. 2 IRVIN SANDMAN' PATTY SAUNDERS Debate 2,3,4 Drama 3,4 GAYLE SCHNEIDER' Latin Club 2,3 "Mentor" Program 3 Money Makers Comm. 4 GARY SCEVA .tag ,sur msd' LINDA SCOTT' ROSANNE SEGER5 RICK SHANE Orchestra "Miracle Worker" 3 Football 2 Tennis Modern Dance 4 Chief Justice C.D. Fan Club 3,4 .-ISK IOHN SHELLMAN THERESA SHILLING IOHN SHULMAN Skiing 2,4 Tennis Team 4 177 ROBERT SAVELLV 'ICS' STACY SCHOENER BEA GENE SHAW wage THERESA SIEFNER Caps, Gowns, Commencement - Final Ordeal 49.15 DEBBIE SIMMONS' SCOTT SIMMONS Songleader 4 Drag Racing Cap and Gown Comm. 4 'Qi IANNY SKEWES"+ DENNIS SKOGLUND ASNI-I Vice-President Basketball Timer 4 Skiing 2,3,4 Commando 3,4 Annual Staff 3,4 Wunda Wun 4 0.4-P' LORAN SMITH TERRY SMITH' Modern Dance 4 I ,. 6 - lid 1 Nll' 4 ' is V "iw l - , gil' - ' F , , fiix ig ii 2 Y-its A7 M J' 'TNJ -ali ' "im, .-'f-L4 1 ' . if BARBARA SOMERVILLE Girls Ensemble 3 Swing Choir 4 Squire Singers 3,4 WILLIAM SNYDER s 4-I Q 4, qv I 'li 252'-Z S ure, 4 f 'P "-V7 ii il .4 is if 'ul' ' l"47g'W, i 0 ,..L,:.:zE I I .,.. nn'-M1 f?Ei?':3X.-9 N 'WM 1 TE""1?,,.'ff-zqjrfr 7 ' ,, , ' I A wif' THOMAS SIMPSON DAVID SIRCOLOUMB It-1843 DORITA SKERSIES Ir. Breakfast Co-Chr. Participation Comm. Co- Chf- 4, Publicity 2 ii, DONNA SLIPPERN TERESA SLOAN DAVID SMITH Civil Air Patrol 2,3,4 Flying 2,3,4 Airplane Watching 2,3,4 ,V Before Suits, Ties and Commitments mi SUSAN SOUTHWICK' as ' LISA SOWDER + Assembly Chr. 4 Biology Honor Society 3 Varsity Tennis 3,4 :.: 'A :I I..b i n 171' , s,, ig 1 5 11,51 Q 4 Y rv' Y vw.. ij e g, KATHLEEN SPANG SUE SPENCER' + Squire Singers Swing Choir fu 'QTWV l Who is that man behind those Foster Grants? 1-ami, '41-av' ...v-v' TERESA SPRAGUE KATHERINE STAHL STEVE STANLEY' scorr STECKER German Club 2,3,4 tPres.D HALP 3 Ski Club 2,3,4 -ard' LINDA STEINMANN' THERESA STEVENS ROBIN STEWART JEFFREY STITES Anti-Anti Group 4 Transcendental Meditation 3,4 Sentinel 3 -65' , iers Varsity Cross Country 3,4 Varsity Track Z,3,4 ,110 .af-d 179 'af' LORI STEIN dx DIANE STIVERSON The Power to Dream About a Better World is the fi! wwf TARA STIVERSON rg! 4 5 Y A " I I A ff' 13, nn . Q t 2' 4 DEBORAH SULLIVAN BEVERLY SWADENER Usher Squad 2,3,4 ffm 41 LINDA SWANSON Cirls' Volleyball 3 Girls' Basketball 3 SUZANNE STOCKTON' Hiking Photography f SUSAN SUTTERPIELD C.A. Vice-President 4 Lopez Island 3 Satsop Fables 4 DON SWANSON Heritage 4 FBLA Treasurer gil 'fig s SARA SWANSON K ffffswiig K: , S fi, V227 STEPHANIE STONE SHERYL STRAI l H PATTI STRINGER' 59f1i0r Gift Commencement Committee Senior Breakfast Sr. Breakfast Committee International Relations 4 Skiing W1 X New I Rolled sleeves, curly hair, and a rolling pin: signs of a pro. Y-TI? DAVE SWARM' ROBERT SWEARINGER TED SZATROWSKI' Varsity Basketball Mgr. 4 Concert Band 2,3,4 Hiking 2,3,4 Varsity Baseball Mgr. 3,4 Skiing 2,4 Bicycle Club 3,4 i 180 H Driving Force Behind the Blessed Human Discontent RICK TACHELL I'm Glad I'm Finally Out fQ -f':f'?' KARIN TELLER' + Sophomore Justice Homecoming Chairman 4 Girls' Golf Team SUSAN THOMPSON Y PAMELA TIDWELL Wifi? TERRI TALM ADGE DENNIS TAYLOR Childhood Womanhood Sisterhood DIANE TENNIS LORI THOMPSON Kumquat Society IQ gx '59 -in-v DON THORNTON Scuba Diving Trap Shooting CRAIG THOMSON' Renault Fan Club Varsity Track 14? ROBERT TOMLINSON Latin Club 2,3,4 Soccer 4 Skiing 2,3,4 JAMES D. TODD Football 2,3 181 HELEN TAYLOR PHIL TAYLOR Yell Leader 4 Flying 3,4 Skiing 2,3,4 ff? PETE THOMPSON RICK THOMPSON Senior K. Comm. President Football 2 Soccer 4 B ' il,'r ..:,f 2 ,.,l..:.r at '2':iii A , Ap-. vw '9' 'Tr STEVE THORNTON Ski Club Z 3 Basketball 2,3 ,gf 1'-wr MICHAEL TONER MARK TOSTBERCC T.V. Production 4 Skiing 2,3,4 i Each Day's Experience Shows More Study 'Hy' Y' LESLIE TRAMMEL SHELLEY TRANSTROM Gymnastics 4 A.C. Queen Popcorn Kid IERI VALLEY FEAST Peace Maker SHARON WALLINDER Senior Prom Committee Senior Breakfast Committee Foreign Study League 3,4 vrj' ROBIN WEAVER' Figure Skating 2,3,4 Squire Singers 3,4 French Club 2,3 1-'re-ri PAUL VAN COURT KNI-IC Radio Station Skiing :xx Q ANN WALSH JUANITA WEBER' tW,, K LEE TREISCHEL 1-.Q-'K PAUL VAN VALKENBURG Varsity Soccer W C, .v..W....r OTTO I. WANICZEK' Gymnastics 2,3,4 Gymnastics Team Captain 3,4 qui DAVE WEGE 1 82 .1-JY TED TURNER' Varsity Tennis 3,4 IOANNE VON LOSSOW uw MIKE WARNER Soccer 3 Super Skier 2,3,4 Classroom Riot Squad 2,3,4 BILL WEST Varsity Football 2,3,4 Water and Snow Skiing Bird Watchers f?X ,,..w,.4- ape' KEN VALDEHUEZA Karate 2 Skiing 3 Indian Youth Council 'USHTE NORM WALLEN jazz Ensemble 2,3,4 Track 2 Orchestra 2,3,4 .. E :k,,, ,. ,,..aev-- LAURIE WARREN STANLEY WEST Going on Outside of the Classroom, Than in It 1 'ww X , if-mei Av , are-vp Vggo , V 3 iii oool 1,o o Q - STEVE WEST' Debate Team Captain Swim Team Sophomore Vice-President K X vi- ' fir ff 4"""" i I ' E I ,Q 92 XX 1 N X J 5 9 'ma VVENDY WHITNEY ,is-X DAVE WIEHLE TOM WILKES SHARON WILLARD Student Union Rep. 4 Swim Team 3,4 Ping Pong Champ Gymnastics 4 Ski Bum x ' 'MK , f..,,,,,g ' we IAN WILSON DAVE WINCER LESLIE WISMAN Lockers 2,3 Teacher Harassing 2,3,4 Oblivion l83 srr 4.15 iii I BARBARA WHINIHAN QW? MICHAEL WICHSER iitiiiii' ' Qing TA PATTY WILLIAMS Skiing Sky Diving 4 S A If BRIAN WOOD Football 2,3,4 Baseball 3,4 DEBORAH WHITE JERRY WIDING' German Club Z,3,4 No. Seattle Pigeon Pluckers M155 it ? ,syxx DEBI WILLISON "Arsenic and Old Lace"4 Orchesis 3,4 C,D. Fan Club 3,4 CARLA WOOD' + International Rel. Comm. Commencement Committee Mold Our Future by Belief in Ourselves and Mankind gif' DAN WOOD CAROLEE O Dea Cross Country 2 WOODBURY' O Dea Frack 2 Senior Publicity Comm. Tennis Team 3,4 Skiing 2,3,4 Cheryl was absent because. . . IEEE ZACER CANDY ZAPP Fox Hunting Guitar Modern Dance SALLY WOODWARD' Songleader 4 Squires 3,4 G.A. Special Events Chr. 3 ff DAVID WRIGHT Basketball Baseball 1 , - .- DAVID YOUNG Jr. Happening Orchestra 2 Yell Leader 4 W . is K N . KAREN WORKMAN Student Union Comm. 4 Skiing ar? SHARON WRIGHT 3 K " ' we . frwq - Y -4 I qv M X 5 Fig " f , R1 nr' ES K ll? 1 , 2 fi 5 kiM,.,.M. Q .2 , A erin, 11.13. -, K 'ff-H rm: , anim Q. , . .f . GLEN YOUNG Sentinel Hiking GARY ZENER One-Act Play Festival 2,3 Wrestling 2 Marty 4 wiv RON ZIMMER , 'Tv M IKE WRASPIR C-N-W Orchestra 2,3,4 5 Varsity Football 4 aati A kyj ii l tx . Q 's'T:ef'e f L 4 , , . --" Y 5 I l a A l , . lil f 1 i ERIC YOUM ANS Varsity Track IAIME YOUNG' Sr. Class Sec.-Treas Heritage Staff 4 Orchestra Ev SHARON ZITO' Anti-Anti-Group 4 Ir. Achievement Treas. 2 I ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY EXPERIENCED A REVOLUTION WITHIN THEMSELVES CAN REACH OUT EFPECTIVELY TO HELP OTHERS. TO BE ALIVE IS TO BE AWARE, AWARE OF GREEN FOLLOWING THE RAIN OF VELVET PEACHES IN SUMMER, OF A PAIR OF SHADOWS FALLING GENTLY AS YOU WALK IN SILENCE BUT EARLIEST OF ALL MUST COME THE AWARENESS OF OTHER PEOPLE IN YOUR WORLD... OF HOW THEY FEEL WHAT THEY LOVE, AND HATE, AND DREAM. WITH THIS KIND OF KNOWLEDGE THAT REACHES BEYOND YOU AND YOUR IDEAS, YOUR PERCEPTION SUDDENLY WIDENS TO WONDER, AND YOU AWAKEN FROM SLEEPING WITHIN YOURSELF ONLY THEN CAN YOU SEE TO SEE. ONLY THEN CAN YOU TRULY UNDERSTAND. YOU WENT YOUR WAY, I MINE. I'LL NEVER FORGET YOUR WIT, INTELLIGENCE, AND MOST OF ALL YOUR FRIENDSHIP. NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE OR WI-IAT YOU'RE DOING. A CANDLE IN MY SOUL WILL ALWAYS BE LIT POR YOU. ,i

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