Nathan Bedford Forrest High School - Confederate Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL)

 - Class of 1966

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Nathan Bedford Forrest High School - Confederate Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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Ted C. Uzzle 63S8 Claret Drive Jacksonville, Fla, 32210 Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest Confederate Staff EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Karen Cibula Jimmie Lee Rowan BUSINESS MANAGER John Elliston ADVERTISING MANAGER Steve Avart LAYOUT EDITORS Claudia Nicks Janice White PHOTO EDITOR Patty Teate SENIOR EDITOR Peggy Shannon JUNIOR EDITOR Mike Baxter SOPHOMORE EDITOR Sally Ostertag FACULTY EDITORS Vicki Macnamara Patty Walters SPORTS EDITORS Acey Bowden Mike Manley STAFF MEMBERS Vicki Carter Janet Graves Barbara Jorgenson Phil Losonsky SPONSORS Miss Carolyn Carlton Miss Rebecca Hamby Table of Contents Introduction Dedication Special Recognition Administration Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores Features Clubs and Organizations Sports O B?5 Advertisements Senior Directory Index 4 14 16 20 30 50 130 170 202 216 276 304 317 322 The Numberless Moments Forrest is not just a building ... it is rather a series of events, objects, people that can never be forgotten . . . frozen instances for- ever captured in our mind ' s eye . . . this is what we see as we look back at Forrest, 1966 . . . Mr. Parker at Rebel Yell . . . Student leaders discussing plans for the future with the administra- tion . . . orientation textbooks studying in groups playing a favorite instru- ment . . . displaying your own master- piece . . . learning a trade getting help when it is needed f y ■• . R0Y5.U c ' concentrating . . . going to the hbrary taking tests ( W " an eagle ' s description the bonfire at the Rebel Yell . . . Rebels ' picketline Miss Rebel finalists . . Dick Stratton announcing Trish Biyer selection as Miss Rebel. a spectacular run the band playing at all games cross country champions 10 practice on a hot afternoon the coaches M ' 1 -.- . ft B S ' WKt -M ' imi ' e " " - ' vW ' ' the tackUng of an opponent working the switchboard meeting for just a moment ■ ■»tiat ' : 12 keeping the grounds graduation . . . thus our lives at Forrest end and yet these memories wiU hve forever. These are our Numberless Moments. 13 Mr. Ray A. Stasco 14 Dedication Tireless . . . dedicated . . . witty . . . hard working . . . represents Forrest well in the community . . . disciplinarian with a kindly heart . . . always smiling . . . able assist- ant to the principal . . . The staff is pleased to dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Ray A. Stasco. 15 s p E C I A L R E C G N I T I N } Creator . . . artistic contributor to Forrest . . . amusing . . . graceful . . . teacher of the aesthetics . . . pleasing personality ... an artist in everything she does Miss Thelma Brownett. 16 Smiling . . . concerned . . . dexterous . . . gentleman . . . disciplinarian . . . department head . . . one devoted to training students for skilled labor— Mr. John R. Loftus. Consistent . . . deternnined . . . helpful . . . cataloguer of books . . . collector of needed articles . . . keeper of the Forrest Scrapbook . . . our Librarian— Mrs. Ethel Martin. Quiet . . . reserved, yet dynamic . . . teacher of etiquette . . . preparing fashion shows . . . devoted to duty . . . heading the Home Economics Department— Mrs. Ina Mae Mitchell. 20 ADMINISTRATION 21 Wendell C. Parker Principal 22 He ' s a Rebel all the way . . . deserving and re- ceiving our deepest respect . . . positive and dy- namic . . . alv ays a leader . . . prodding us on- ward . . . firm, fair, but always friendly . . . dedi- cated and concerned because he cares ... his school is his philosophy— it speaks for itself. 23 Mr. Ray A. Stasco Assistant Principal Trying to pay him tribute equal to his deserving ... a friend— a pal ... an advisor and an object of our admiration . . . outgoing, friendly ... a lot of Rebel. 24 i ' r ' . - . • , , ' •r-..- 5™ .- i " -.- - ' • • • Ti-,- - S sy] s B- ■: Miss Miriam Jean Smith Dean of Girls Miss Smith . . . attractive . . . soft spoken . . . young at heart ... an open ear to all in need . . . a warm, reassuring smile . . . truly a lady in al aspects. 25 Mrs. Ann Tanzler Assistant Dean of Girls Charming, friendly and sympathetic . . . rules with an iron hand— velvet gloved . . . shov s a sin- cere interest in all of us— our Assistant Dean of Girls, Mrs. Tanzler. 26 Mrs. Edna Stringer SAT . . . choosing the right college . . . finding a vocation . . . getting on zero hour . . . distributing scores . . . discussing grades . . . parent consulta- tions . . . college trained minds, guiding in the right direction. Guidance Office Personnel Switchboard . . . bulletins . . . absentee lists . . . transcripts . . . correspondence . . . per- forming an indispensable service for the school. Mrs. Ila Mae Jones Mrs. Frances E. Nix 28 Mrs. Barbara Fitzpatrick Mrs. Betty Barge Mrs. Virginia Bailey Service Personnel Mr. Robert Bell Head Custodian Filling coke machines . . . waxing floors . . . dusting . . . repairing cracker machines . . . making our school a bet- ter place in which to study. Mrs. Ella Ashley, Maid. 29 30 C al- I .A. . ' . -f - - ' ' - . .ci ' y A G- ' H.y . Ciu-O- .•C- £--7-Tt_-!- A-et- " - . wt A.,: " -.... cA ec " k,,!. FACULTY Mrs. Nancy Darby Mrs. Joyce Davis 32 Mr. John Hal Miss Rebecca Hamby Miss Sally Lawyer Miss Mary Ellen McClurkin Mrs. Lois Mace Mrs. Ruth Norris Department Head Mrs. E. Jane Porter E n g 1 i s h D e P t. Mrs. Carolyn Register Miss Mildred Thurmond Miss Maneal Tucker 33 Mrs. Feme Crow Department Head College algebra . . . sine and cosine . . . graphs . . . mod- ern math is confusing . . . imaginary numbers . . . real grades . . . theorems . . . training the mind for logical reasoning. Mr. Edward E. Hayes 34 Mr. Ted Jenkins Mr. Frank Ulrich Miss Frances Welborn 35 Bunsen burners . . . Sodium Chloride . . . phylum . . . dissection . . . cell growth . . . enertia ... as- tronomy . . . smoky labs . . . exploring the won- ders of nature. Science 36 Dept. Mr. Joe Parker Miss Gladys Richardson Departmenf Head ' .y ' ■■■■ I f Mr. Carlos Zeller History Dept. Foreign policy . . . causes of Civil War . . . what happened to Khrushchev? . . . race to the moon . . . what communism is . . . Egyptian civilization . . . learning to accept an adult world. Mrs. Bennie Farmer Mr. Donald Hazouri Department Head 38 Mr. Frederick Seller Mrs. Katharyn Stepp 39 Miss Harriet Anderson Miss Mildred Anderson Department Head Qda mALirT, StaA GaAcu}. IM ' m I — 4200 2 SlaA OaAnjj. 7600 lOHwi Ha A 5 C97n rruA6Xj! ' 2000 iKi nt£.i Miss Betty Cooper Miss Maureen Cox OND ARE SHo ' Business Dept. Miss Sara Sue Sadler 40 Margins . . . ledgers . . . planning a trip . . . short- hand . . . business letters . . . machine operation . . . office etiquette . . . filing . . . developing business leaders. Mrs. Margaret Walker Mrs. Ann Woodlief 41 Mr. Leonard B. Daly Mrs. Sue Griffin Miss Elizabeth Hunter Department Head Mrs. Bette R. Page Mrs. Jacqueline Robinson Mrs. Constance Rogers C ' est la vie . . . Hasta la vista . . . translations . . . conjugation . . . banquet . . . verb drills . . . lab tests. Language 42 Home Economics Clothing lab . . . needles and pins . . . broken dishes . . . child care . . . center pieces . . . kitchen clean-up . . . prepar- ing the housewives of the future. Mrs. Ina Mae Mitche Department Head Mrs. Ruth Shutt Mrs. Myrtle Webb 43 Mr. John R. Loftus Department Head Mr. Harvey Pugh Industrial Arts Drafting . . . blue prints . . . wood work metal craft . . . projects for all the school ' s use . . . film developing . . . skilled training for fu- ture jobs. Mr. Kent Spradlin Library Mrs. Ethel Martin ' ' MA Mrs. Theodora Mayo The library is books . . . books which contain the knowledge of the world . . . books made to be read, not for collecting dust. 45 Mr. Charles AAcPhilomy Mr. James Watson 46 Mrs. Rita Buffingron Mrs. Diane Cooper Girls ' Physical Ed. Skills test . . . bumps and bruises . . . winning spirit . . . dress out, rain or shine . . . modern dance . . . volleyball . . . piercing eyes of instruc- tors . . . money -drive . . . physical fitness for bet- ter health. Miss Shirley Sinko Department Head Miss Connie Yeaton 47 Fine Arts Music ... art ... sculpture ... a time for one to use his talents . . . creation from the abstract to the concrete ... an opportunity to give of oneself. Mr. Charles Milton Bal Mrs. Karen Belyan Mr. Clem Boatright Music Department Head lli ' iii, V ' Miss Thelma D. Brownett Art Department Head 48 i TflRn H [ D.C.T. Mr. Charles E. Russell, Jr. Conventions . . . finding jobs to suit talents . . . saving money . . . budgets . . . employer reports . . . learning and earning simultaneously. Drivers ' Training Simulator classes . . . parallel parking . . . speed- ing . . . range . . . safety programs . . . driver ' s test . . . learning to save your own life. Mrs. Bertie Wade 50 SENIORS 51 Kent Townsend These Outstandin| Seniors , 52 Becki Hucks Tom Woodruff Have Distinguished Themselves . . . Fave East 53 Ronnie Bare B y Their Dedicated Service . . 54 Trish Biyer Bobby Click To the Faculty, Community, and the School. Carol Collins 55 Kent Townsend Vice President Senior Class Lynette Williams Secretary 56 Miss Jean Smith Sponsor Officers Shirley Williams Historian Mr. W. C. Parker Sponsor John Butts Sergeant-a1-Arms Tim Ridling Chaplain 57 BARRY KENT ADAMS SARAH CYNTHIA ADAMS As you grow older you learn more, The quarrelling of lo ?ers is the but why not learn all you can while renewal of love. you have the chance. JOSEPH DALE ADAMS Graduation without accreditation. 18? ! . k DONALD EUGENE ADKINS The future will tell what has happened in the past. FRANK AFLLEJE The good you do is not lost though you forget it. " 1 wonder if they really will like my legs? " Danny, Ronnie and Bobby await their chance to perform. REGINALD AINLEY Books make up no small part of human happiness. SUSAN AKANTER Only the actions of the just smi sweet and blossom in the dust. W. D. ALFORD D. KEITH ALLEN The great man is he that does Time is the subtle thief of not lose his child ' s heart. youth. 58 ANDALL DAVID AMOS UARDA CAROLINE ANDREASEN ELIZABETH SPRIULL ANDREWS .Iways remember-A turtle People who live in glass houses Chips on shoulders kindle fir wouldn ' t get anywhere if he should not throw rocks. of hate! Idn ' t stick his neck out. GERALD E. ANDREWS Nothing is impossible to a valiant )AN ANDREWS a word spoken in its time is Drth one piece of money, sl- ice in its time is worth two. 1-i ' JJ ' Don ' t wait to be told W H ANTHONY 1 faithful friend is a strong lense. He that hath found ,h a friend hath found a jasure. WALTER ANSLOW To live is but one facet of life STEPHEN ERIC AVART The path of civilization will be altered for the better when man realizes that the only God is man himself. JOHN F. BACON Take it easy— but take it. 59 Darn those kids, never have the right change. Coach Bennet looks for another dime. BARBARA JOANE BAKER Chance made my parents, Choice makes my friends. CYNTHIA DIANE BAKER JAMES F. BAKER God favored the common looking A wild goose never laid a ta people. That ' s why he made so egg. many of them. TERRENCE JOHN BAKER I came, I saw, I surfed. JANET FAY BALES Life is like an onion; you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep. 60 CANDACE DIANE BALLARD To thine own self be true. GARY PERSHING BANGLE JAMES W. BARBOUR I regret I have but one life to See first that the design is give to sports. wise and just; that ascertained, pursue it resolutely, do no! for one repulse . forego the purpose that you resolve RONALD KENT BARE It ' s better to have an enemy iwho respects ycu than to have a friend who doesn ' t. ARRY BAREFIELD punt your blessings— not your oubles. Acey and Mil e work dihgently on the Confederate. CAROLYN SUE BARNES THOMAS LEE BARNES Better is a httle with righteousness True happiness is to achieve you than a great deal without. goal in life and to find a true true love. ALTER BARRINGTON ■e value is what ' s important, The lips of truth shall be estab- The p Jt the price. U ho f„r= u..» _ i..- .. ._. .. . ' DAVID HENRY BATTEN MICHAEL JAMES BAXTER hJ 7 u , ■ " ' ' " " " " " P °Pelling force necessary for Religion is a crutch Beli, shed orever; but a tongue climbing the ladder of success is yourself. . but for a moment. enthusiasm. 61 JOHNNIE BEASLEY JON M. BEATTY The first step towards philosophy A truly great man will neither is credulity. trample a worm, nor sneak to an emperor. JUDITH BEHRENS Brevity is the soul of wit. LILLIAN SUE BENEDICT Have faith in God, in your country, and in yourself. DONALD GENE BERG Guts + Determination = Success GUS BERGSTROAA RONNIE BETHEA Put off what you can today for Not even Hercules could have tomorrow you might not have to smashed his brains, for he had do it. none. CAROLYN KAY BEVAN Be the person you are; not carbon copy. And the class goes on. 62 BARBARA JO BINGHAM Success is what you make MICHAEL JOHN BIRMINGHAM Life is a bowl of cherries. PATRICIA ELAINE BIYER PATRICIA BLACK God grant me the serenity to ac- To do two things at once is to do cept the things I cannot change; neither. the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference. JAMES BLACKWELL PRESTON BLALOCK KENNETH BLANDFORD Wisdom is to the soul what The true worth of a man is to Make your own impression, don ' t health is to the body. be measured by the obiects he be a carbon copy of someone else, pursues. AMBER LOUISE BLANSKY Above all things, always speak the truth; Your word must be your bond through life. Go Rebels— Beat Lee Charlotte Thomson leads a cheer, 63 CAROLYN LEE BOLICK There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness. Mrs. Martin explains that books are made to be read and to be turned in on time. CYNTHIA. ANN BONHAM CAROL BOOTH MARSHA ANN BOST CATHERINE JEAN BOUTWELL If you would know the value of Love is one thing that should last Lost yesterday between sunrise and You can ' t speak a kindness too money, go and try to borrow some; forever, and everyone needs to be sunset two golden hours each set soon; you never know how ■ he that goes borrowing goes sor- loved. with sixty diamond minutes. No soon it will be too late. rowing. Creditors have better mem- reward offered for they are gone ories than debtors. forever. HORACE MacGALLISTER BOWDEN, ROGER ALLEN BOWERS TERRY JAMES BOYD GEORGE NEILL BRADBERRY I III Life is a tale told by an idiot. Three can keep a secret if two One must look to where the Don ' t judge me by my name. full of sound and fury, signifying are dead. banners go and not at those nothing. who carry them. I 64 MICHAEL DAVID BRAMLITT The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven. WILLIAM CLIFTON BRANNEN, III I ' m third. JOHN GARY BRANNON Off to the wars. DONNA LOUISE BRASSWELL There are no bad experiences and each aids life. JOSEPH LARRY BRASWELL Never think of the past, always the future. VERALYN BAUN JOSEPH BRETT ROGER WAYNE BRINKLEY To be happy— you must be success- The most evident sign of wisdom I can resist anything but tempta- ful. To be successful— you must is continued cheerfulness. tion. graduate. To graduate— you must study. So do the last to be the first. ' MARY CATHERINE BROCK " C ' est la vie, " If anyone makes fun of my bald head again, I ' ll 65 JOHN BROGLI Life is beautiful when one sees beyond it. SAMUEL NORMAN BROOKS JR. DEBORAH BROWN DELORES BROWN One of the best things to have up Happiness is that pleasure which To be wise is not enough; one your sleeve is a funny bone. flows frorrr the consciousness of must have intelligence and use right deeds. it. The future is ours, lets use it well, for it can not survive on mere thought. ROBERT CLIFFORD BROWN I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me " Dah— ling, I must confess. I did attend a Paxon football game. " Barbara Hightower is found gui y in Senior Girl ' s skit. WAYNE C. BROWN nONNA YVONNE BRYANT BARBARA LEIGH BUFFINGTON JOSEPH VERNON BUFFALOE It ' s been a good year at Forrest, T h? warning how you court your Silence In a woman. The future of man Is bright. But but 1 hope 1 don ' t make a habit of it. men. will war dim the hopes of all men? 66 SARA JEAN BUIE He who hesitates is lost. SANDRA DIANE BURKHART Life is what you make it. Only effort brings happiness and suc- BRUCE BURNETT No man is an island unto himself. BARBARA JO BURNtY May the hinges of friendship never rust, nor a feather fall the wings of love. MICHAEL LEE BURRIS Judging from the way many people are misbehaving them- selves these days they must think that hell has been air- conditioned. " Oops,— that ' s one of Mr. Griffii ROBERT BURT A. KATHRYN BUTLER JOHN DANIEL BUTTS CRAIG DENNIS BYRD You only live once. so live it . . . there is nothing either good Be not wise in thine own eyes; Thinking is like loving and dying. wisely. or bad, but thinking makes it so. Fear the lord and depart fror n evil. Each of us must do it for ourselves. 67 MARSHALL CAIN Success is the key to happiness. Is it true blondes have more fu MICHAEL CONLEY CAIN Can ' t get enough of them sugar crisp. MARY ANN CANTRELL REBECCA DEANE CARLTON The oldest, shortest words— " yes " Seek your inward peace and and " no " , are those which re- happiness in something that quire the most thought. cannot be taken away. DAVID WILLIAM CARSE BARBARA ANN CARTER LINDA DARLENE CARTER LLOYD M. CARTER Be kind, be good, be studious and Fear not tomorrow for God is al- To love is to believe or hope or One should realize his duty to thou shalt not fail. ready there. know; Tis an essay, a taste of his country before he is asked Heaven below! to do this duty. 68 MICHELE DOROTHY CASCONE if you but knew! Wsif . ' i X " ' " • iO .4 The true meaning of the word " sanction " comes to Forrest. WILLIAM HOWARD CAS5IDY, The heart distrusting asks, if this be joy. SHERYL CASSILL Happy is the man that findeth wis- dom. AMY CHAVERS He that plants thorns expect to gather roses JULIA MARLEEN CHESTER FRED CHURCH KENNETH ALAN CIBULA TERESA CHARISE CLARK We are shaped and fashioned Get wisdom, and in thy getting Sticks and stones are hard on In all thy ways acknowledge Hii by what we love. get understanding. bones, aimed with angry art. Words and He will direct thy paths. can sting like anything, but silence breaks the heart. 69 TIMOTHY D. CLARK To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven a time for love, a time for hate, a time for war, and a time for peace. " GEORGE HERMAN CLAUSEN Let us endeavor so to live, that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry. JOHN ROBERT CLAXTON Life is an instance in eternity. NANCY JANE CLAY I seek no better warrant than my own conscience. MARTHA ANN CLEMENTS LEM CROWDER God give me the power to change Don ' t put off today what you can the things I can, accept the things do tomorrow. It just don ' t pay. I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference. CAROL DONNA COFFIN I love and live in God ' s peculiar light. MIKE COLE Don ' t think twice, it ' s all right. Wayne Danson tak nake-up test for Mrs. Porter 70 PRISCILLA LOUISE COLEMAN It is not enough to have wit. The witty person must know when to use it. CAROL ANN COLLINS Love never faileth. JOHN C CONE If you want a thing done, do it yourself. CLAUDIA COMEAU Inspiration comes of working every day. KAYE LORRAINE COOKE All that glitters is not gold. CATHY LILLIAN COONEY Give to every other human being every right that you claim for your- self. WAYNE CLINTON COOPER, JR. Take life as you find it. MARY LOUISE COPELAND Reason? There Is no reason, just school policy! Nancy Windham wonders, " Do I dare take my report card home? " 71 MICHAEL WILLIAM CORLEW The epitome of life Is peace and love. You take Miss Sinko, I ' ll take Miss Yeaton. SHARON COSS Imagit Is one of man ' s great- ALLAN B. COUNCIL SMILE, and spread a little happi- ness because it doesn ' t cost any- thing; to live a full life, is to live a happy one, for a happy life, is a life full of love. EDWARD COUSINS L.S.M.F.T. JOHN COX The more v e know the better we forgive; Who ' er feels deep- ly feels for all who live. GLENN GARY CRAWFORD The only way to enjoy life, understand life. BARBARA ANNABELLE CREAMER You always hurt the one you love. JEANNE CAROL CREWS You cannot receive love first giving love. LINDA CAROL CRIDER A bell is no bell till you ring it, a song till you sing It, and love in your heart wasn ' t put there to stay. Love isn ' t love till you give It away. 72 tfii CYNTHIA W. CROSS LEE ELLEN CROSS LEM CROWDER Better by far you should forget It ' s not the wind that makes or Defer not til! tomorrow to be wise, and smile than that you remem- breaks us. It ' s the set of our sail tomorrow ' s sun to thee may never ber and be sad. that counts. rise. CHRISTOPHER HARRIS CULBERSON Do it today, for tomorrow may be too late. JOHN DAVID CULBRETH FLOYD S. CUNNINGHAM PEGGY JANE CUTTS JOHNNY DAMON A man should never be Those superior should not be equal Not until the loom is silent, and Live simply; expect little; give ashamed to own he has been to others. the shuttles cease to fly. Shall God much. wrong, which is but saying in unfold the canvas, and reveal the other words that he is wiser reasons why. today than he was yesterday. KENNETH WAYNE DANSON Humor and shame from no con- dition rise; act well your part, there all the honor lies. Let ' s go Popeye! The Acorns skit is a big smash. 73 JULES LEE DARQUENNE Hope. There is always tc MONICA MARY DARRAH . Who can number the sand of the sea, and the drops of rain, and the days of eternity? CAROL ANN DAVIS All the flowers of all the tomorrov are in the seeds of today. CHARLIE MICHAEL DAVIS A wise man knows everythii a shrewd one, everybody. CHARLES ROBERT DAVIS Who cares? A penny for your thoughts ' mw K JONATHAN LEE DAY As 1 walked along, " two roads di- verged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. " KATHLEEN ANNE DEAGAN THOMAS EDDIE DeBORDE Escape is brought no nearer by I dare do all that may become delay. man; Who dares do more is noi LESLIE DECKER Love f as r o end to ■ ts e ndi r- ance; t is n fact the jne hir g that s and when all else h as fallen. 74 VICKI LOU DECKER PAMELA ANITA DEIG He that makes himself a mule God made life. To me life is like must not bray if men ride him, a lovely melody. If it is not lived the way the composer planned, it loses its true depth of beauty and meaning. LUCINDA CAROL DE LANY Living is loving. JENNIE MARIE DeLOACH Enjoy life by making it enjoyable for others. LARRY MARTIN DENMARK Boy, am I glad that it ' s over We ' ll have to move in the New school ... the portables have been condemned! DANIEL LESTER DENT ELIZABETH JANE DE PUY School ' s for study, not for fun. The cat and the love you give I wish I had learned before I away comes back to you. was done. JOHN RALPH DERIN If ye look for the bad in people ye shall surely find it. MARY LOUISE DICK Love is giving of yourself to help another without expecting some- thing in return. 75 JOHN A. DILLABERRY, JR. But the devil take the women for they always lie so easy. Do you eat pop corn with the fingers? No you eat the fingers separately. Trish l eep ' school spirit high JACK THOMAS DILLON A cynic knows the price of every- thing and the value of nothing. DORA ANN DINGMON In the bright lexicon of youth, there is no such word as fail — or fale as some of them spell it. RONALD MARNVIN DOBBS Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. FRANCES ELIZABETH DODD Be my ruler and my quide, that I may so pass through ihings tem- poral as not finally to lose the things eternal. ROBIN LOUS DOERING To have a friend, be one. SUSAN AAARIE DOHERTY Never do a wrong thing to make a friend or keep one; friendship that requires you to do wrong is dearly purchased at a sacrifice. PATRICIA VONCILE DOLLAR No rose is without Thorns. 76 RAY BROCK DOMAN, JR. The only reward of virtue is vir- tue; the only way to have a friend is to be one. Ricky, such deep thought. It couldn ' t be about P.A.D. KAREN JANE ANN DONAHUE DE ANNE EVA DONNELL DENNIS HOWARD DONNELL True happiness is reaching your Sometimes your best is not good Success is counted sweetest, by goal, having true friendship, enough. those who never succeed, and finding a true love. CHARLES WILLIAM DORMAN We the citizens of the United States must l now that freedom is a precious commodity, that must be rewon every day. JIMMIE CARLTON DUNCAN Son of a gun; missed my m; ROBERT DOUGLAS DUNN Me, study?? ROGER WAYNE DUPREY Desire - determination = success 77 SYGNE CHERYL DYDA If you are grieved, look up and you will be relieved. 5HERILYN EASLEY If at first you don ' t try again. FAYE EAST MARK JAY EASTERLING ed try— Faith is like a boomerang; begin When a rogue kisses you, cou using what you have and it comes your teeth, back to you in greater measure. MARGARET EBERHART JAMES HOWARD EDMONDS SAM McDONALD EDWARDS Sympathy gives us the material Esse quam v ' tderi ... To be. To love is to live, and to live for wisdom. rather than seem to be. with love is living. LAURA EGGLESTON An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness. It goes round aii ■ ound and it comes out here. ' 78 CHERYL LEE ELDER LARRY HEYWARD ELKINS PEGGY ELKINS JANE ELLIOTT Happy is the man that findeth You gaze today, while you are My head is bloody, but unbowed. There is great value in believing, wisdom and the man that get- you— how then tomorrow, when but there is real magic in knowing, teth understanding. you shall be you no more? HERBERT WAYNE ELLIS Man Is the artificer of his own happiness. EDWARD E. EMERSON SUSAN ENGEL Judge me not by the actions of Nothing with God can be ac my brother. dental. JIMMIE LADELL EVANS A man is as happy as he wants to be. Mr Shaw gives the final results of the senior tests. 79 Peggy, don ' t worry. We wouldn ' t tell you ' re cutting cl; KANDY5 BARBARA EYL I When love and duty clash, let duty go to smash. MARY ELLEN FALLS JO ANN FARWELL A smile cannot be bought, Live your own life, for begged, or stolen, for it has no die your own death. real value until it is given away. KAROL FENDRICK Solitude is like a snake, best when it is left alone. CLINTON RUSS FIORE The truth shall make you free CHARLES STUART FISHIER, JR. It is better to be the ■ ' ■■■. a fool, than to open your moL ' ' r and re- move all doubt. MICHELE RUTH FLAMAND Man has his will, but woman has her way. DAVID MICHAEL FLANAGAN All things are possible for man who has faith. JAMES EDWARD FLETCHER May the world stay a Ic merry-go-round. 80 DOROTHY JEAN FLORES CYNTHIA ANNETTE FLOWERS JANN KAY FONTAINE ALANA MAY FORD Wisdom and goodness to the A smile is a curve that sets God is first, my friends are sec- Some future day when what is vile seem vile. many things straight. ond, and I am third. now is not. When all old faults and follies are forgot. BILL FORTUNE True sincerity sends for no wit- nesses. BARBARA GAIL FOWLER THOMAS JAMES FOWLER MARY ANN FLYNN If, of all sad words of tongue Each man must do all in his power Acquaintances are many, but true or pen, The saddest are, " It might for his country. friends are few. have been, " More sad are these we daily see, " It is, but it hadn ' t ought to be. " PENNY FRAZEE As he thinketh in his hearl— so is he. The sale of the Forrest Acorns is an attraction for every student. 81 JEAN BAXTER FREDRIKSSON LUCY FREDRICKSON WILLIAM TULL FRENCH, JR. MARY GRETCHEN FRENCH Happiness is the joy of making Life is a tale told by an idiot, full Drink, love, and have fun today, A beautiful poem is like a others happy. of sound and fury, signifying noth- for tomorrow you may run out violin bow drawn across the ing. of money. fibers of our soul, setting not only the thoughs of the poet but our own souls singing. EMIL A. FRIEDMANN SMILE. Make people wonder what you ' ve been up to. Vickt and Mike prepare school pictures for homeroom teachers. MARGARET LOUISE FRITTO. Love is like a fruit; God do let it grow on a vine that i limp to bear it. JOHN FRANCIS FULFORD GLORIA SUSAN FULLER JULIAN G. FULLER, JR. Have more than you show. Speak True love waits forever. Doesn ' t A broken heart wilt always less than you know. Lend less it, Dave? heal, but it will leave a deep, than you owe. deep scar forever. 82 GARY L. FURNISH JAMES C. GALES, JR. Doing nothing is tiresome; you Get the best out of life; you only can ' t stop to rest. live once. MICHAEL LEON GARCIA When the going gets rough, the rough get going. SHARON ANNETTE GARDNER It ' s nice to be important, but more important to be nice. SHARON GASKINS From the lowliest depth, there is a path to the loftiest height. " The Illusions " perform at the Mr. Miss Forrest dance. TERRY L. GEISER NANCY MARIE GHIOTO BONNIE MAE GIBBONS Knowledge is the treasure, but Humor can make a personality. Listen to the good, the wise, and Now I know, but then I thought I judgment the treasurer of a but seriousness brings respect. with your heart. knew. 83 Dream on Annual Staff. If we make our deadline in time we ' ll be doing good. CHERYL ELAINE GIGGY If you have built castles in tfie air, your work need not be in vain; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. DAVID GIBSON JOSEPH IRVIN GIROUEY, JR. A wise man ' s country is the world. We can ' t be a master at every- thing, but there is no harm in trying . . . Life is a gift of God. Treat it as such. ROBERT CHARLES GLICK May it not mean so much to be loved, as it is to love anoth- JL J JIM GLINES The secret of success is constancy of purpose. RONNIE GOAD KATHLEEN GODWIN All work is as seed sown; it grows Love, though not perfect, is the and spreads, and sows itself anew. closest thing to God I know. ARTHUR RONALD GOLDMAN Better luck on the next 12. 84 KAREN LOUISE GOLOVICH To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart. Bobby leads the " Fighting Rebels, " hungry for another basketball victory. ALICE MARIE GORE JAMES GOUCHNOUR KENNETH RAY GRACE You ' re only young once, but Every joy is gain, and gain is If you ain ' t tried it, don ' t knock if you work it right, once Is gain, however small. It! enough. WILLIAM M. GRACY DAVID R. GRADICK RONNIE WILBUR GRANDY MARION REBECCA GRANT All through life, never lose self- Stay me with flagons; comfort me You may hope for the best, if Our worries are much more numer- confidence and always have a with apples— for I am sick of love. you ' re prepared for the worst. ous than our dangers. goal to strive for. 85 JAMES ARTHUR GRAVES Friendship is the sweetest rela- tion of hfe. JUDY ANN GRAVES I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering my good friends. CHERYL STARR GRAY There is only one path which leads to the house of forgiveness— that of understanding GERALD GREEN Let us say what we feel and feel what we say; let speech harmonize with life. MARCIA ANN GREEN Man has his will, but her way. WINNIE SUE GRIBBLE Wisdom, love, and understanding are life ' s most worthy possessions. KAREN ANN GRIMES Women are made to be loved, not to be understood. CAROLYN YVONNE GROOVER Be yourself— that ' s what you have to offer the world. Remember, boys, you are just part of the beautification program at Forrest. 86 ELOISE MARIE GUSHANAS WESLEY GUY JAMES HARVEY HADELAND God give me the strength to Nature has given to us the seeds Why be disagreeable, with a little change what I can; accept what of knowledge; not knowledge it- effort you can be impossible. I can ' t change; and the wis- self dom to know the difference. CANDY M. HALL Look at life and be happy. CHERYL HALL DEBORAH JEAN HALL LOIS HALL There is not a more pleasing A picture is worth a thousand Consideratio exercise of the mind than grati- words, but a smile can ' t be meas- dom. tude. ured, because a smile means much more than words say. the parent of wis- ROBERT RANDOLPH HALLMARK Always have but never can. " Thought you had it that time, but I fooled you. " Ronnie Bare comes up with the ball again. 87 Mrs. Register keeps all her class interested in " Macbeth. " LINDA GAIL HAMON In years to come when you think of this . . . and you will —be kind. JERRY HANCE A noble is a changeless heart. JUDY LANE HARRELL BARBARA HARRIS DONALD L. HARRISON Those who ' ll play with cats must A thankful heart is not only the Love is felt by the heart more expect to be scratched. greatest virtue, but the parent of than seen by the eyes of those all other virtues. who love LEWIS MONTY HART Love hard, die young, and leave a beautiful memory. PENELOPE ANNE HARTMAN LINDA DIANE HARWARD DANNY RAY HAWKINS Everything is simpler than you No man is an island entire of it- Nothing is certain but death think and at the same time more self; every man is a piece of the and taxes, complex than you imagine. continent, a part of the main. EDWARD BELMONT HAYDEN You are one person you cannot fool. CYNTHIA LOU HAYHURST Jump in man, the world is big. DENA JILL HERNDON Anything worth having is worth working for, so don ' t give up when the chips are down. JILL FRANCES HICKMAN Be thou a rainbow to the storms of life. ELAINE HICKS KATHERINE LOUISE HIGHLY BARBARA JEAN HIGHTOWER GENE MURL HILL Fathers and teachers, I ponder. Happiness grows at our own fire- Nature never did betray the heart When you do not first succeed, " What is Hell? " I maintain that side and is not to be picked in that loved her. quit while you are ahead. it is the suffering of being strangers ' gardens. unable to love. NORA FRANCINE HILL Silence is sometimes the best way to yell at the top of your voice. I wonder how long those apples have been there? 89 CELILIA LINDA HILTON It doesn ' t matter how big or small you are but your ability to use what you do have that counts. JOHN DAVID HILTON ROBERT WALTER HILTON I ' ll do anything once— and some- You can ' t pick the rose without times twice! getting pricked by the thorn. JAMES NEWTON HITT JR. It you want to be seen, stand up, if you want to be heard, speak up, if you want to be appreciated, shut up. Jeannle Pahota prepares for her next class in the " Florida Sunshine. ' PAMELA JEANNAE HOBBS Follow your impulse and you may well be sorry, but ignore it, and you have sacrificed one of the rare chances when in- dividuality and happiness is possible. JAMES RANDOLPH HODGES Live for today for who knc what tomorrow brings. JUDITH ANN HODGES A man lives by believing some- thing; not by debating and argu- ing about things. WILLIAM DANIEL HOFFMAN He who has made a beginning has half the deed accomplished. PAMELA WADE HOLLAND You had better live vour best and act your best and think your best today; for today is the sure preparation for to- morrows that follow. 90 LINDA ANN HOLLEY ED HOLMES CECILIA HOLTZ REBECCA DIANE HUCKS Happiness is nothing more than The milk that is spilt cries not out How beautiful a day can be when Sunsets and death . . . death good friends and a bad mem- afterwards. kindness touches it. and therefore kisses . . . conse- ory. quently birth for yet another gen- — eration of sunset watchers. JAMES LARRY HUDGINS If you can ' t get what you want out of life . . . get what you can. If they ' re any good, it ' s because our football boys were the coaches. CHARLES OLIVER HUGGINS JAMES L. HUGHES Say what you mean and mean You scratch my back and I ' ll what you say and you will find scratch yours. JOHN OVERTON HULSBERG I now take leave of you! LINDA ORRISSA HURST So live that when a man says he ' s married to you, he ' ll be bragging. 91 VIRGINIA HUTCHINS The hand that gives, gather: Mike Cain wonders if being a celebrity is really worthwhile. LINDA DARLENE HUTCHINSON There is much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it behooves all of us to talk about the rest of us. MICHAEL THOMAS HUTCHINSON Just do your best. BOB HUnON Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom. MICHAEL WAYNE INFINGER If you haven ' t got it yet, you ' ll never get it. 92 JEFF INGRAM It ' s true blondes have more fu if they are a true blonde. PATRICIA CAROL IVEY The only gracious way to accept an insult is to top it. If you can ' t top it ignore it. If you can ' t ignore it laugh at it. If you can ' t laugh at it, it was probably de- served. GLADYS ANNETTE JACKSON Cultivate good habits for the bad ones all grow wild. FRANCES LA MIRA JACKSON There is no gathering the rose without being pricked by the thorns. Pam Holland makes up the absentee list. JAMES JACKSON CHARLES RICKY JAMES LARRY DENNIS JOHNS You have to know yourself be- Freedom is very dear to all. Help Do not try to be anyone but fore you can know others. preserve it. yourself and try to be that per- fectly. EHA VIRGINIA JOHNSON A smile is a little curve that sets a lot of things straight. JOHN WESLEY JOHNSON, JR. A wise man will never die. BETTE JONES JOHN KINDLE JONES If you want something, work for Wine, women, and song, not nec- it; if you expect something, wait essarily in that order. for it. 93 JOHN MICHAEL JONES Ask me if 1 care. NO! ROBIN JONES Children don ' t want to be told; they want to be shown. It takes years of telling to undo one un- wise showing. SIDNEY PAUL JONES JOHN DOUGLAS JORDAN Remember ... to be thyself, and Pain makes man think. Thought to know that he who loses him- makes man wise. Wisdom makes self, loses his misery. life endurable. BARBARA LYNNE JORDAN KEITHA ANN KASNIAS WILLIAM DAVID KAVIN To say, " What all men fear, I must Life thrives off love. Don ' t abuse Happiness is not having what fear, " is pointless. it. you like, but liking what you have. NANCY ANN KEENE " . . . And this above all; to thine own self be true . . . " I ' m glad I got this oui : sfore Mr. Stasco checked the lockers. 94 PATRICIA EILEEN KELLY Oh, well, nobody ' s perfect. SUSAN FRANCES KETCHIE MICHAEL WILLIAM KIMBLE NANCY MARIE KIMBLE Charm Is a woman ' s strength, just Love your enemies, it will slay Do not condemn others until you as strength is a man ' s charm. them. take a good look at yourself. RANDALL ALAN KING SHIRLEY ANNE KING MICHAEL K. KINGSNORTH I have gained many experi- It is better to be small and spread Experience is the school of mas- ences in my seven years at sunshine than to be tall and cast ters, only the school fees are Forrest. a shadow. heavy. DANNY PAUL KIRCHNER Illusions are a large part of life, if they weren ' t there would be little to look forward to. What excuse did you use to meet me here? 95 Raymond Nichols snows the girls again. TOMMY G. KITCHENS You can never tell about wom- en, and if you can, you shouldn ' t. DONALD MORGAN KLICKER A man never stands so tall as when he stoops to kiss a short girl. HELEN KNOWLES Just keep on Rolling— Stones. KAREN ANITA KOLEDA SARA FRANCES KORTHAUER Life is a long lesson in humility. He who falls in love meets a worse fate than he who leaps from a rock. LARRY KOZLOSKI Happiness is a state OT STANLEY KENNETH KUYRKENDALL If we win we might lose. Either there or here, it is up to each of us. MICHELE ANNETTE LaCROIX Love not life, but live to love. KAREN LISBETH LARSEN Give all thou cans ' t. High heav- en rejects the lore of well calculated less or more 96 LINDA JANE LAWTON Hecate hath not all the fun. MANLY LEAVELL You cannot step twice into the same stream. For as you are step- ping in, other and yet other waters flow on. MICHAEL TOWNSEND LEAVELL You can be in my dreams if I can be in yours. RICHARD DAVID LeBLANC How can you succeed, if you don ' t try. THERESA ANN LEE Girls too often primp and fuss about their looks, but very seldom do they fuss about school books. ANITA HELENA LeGRAND For every door that is closed a window is opened if we don ' t lose heart. BONNIE LeMOINE The world is a stage and plays a part. DONNA ANN LERCH rybody It is not what we gain, but what we save, that makes us rich; not what we read, but what we ab- sorb, that makes us learned; not what we preach, but what we practice, that makes us lovable. DIANNE LIGHTFOOT Think positive! Miss McClurkin breaks up her class again with another corny joke. 97 RODNEY LUPO Kindness is justly rewarded. FRANK LINDAMOOD DONNA JEAN UNDER SALLY ANN LINV ICK A man must be true to himself. It is sometimes painful to learn, To become love, friendship or he is no longer a man. but pain makes man think. needs what morality needs to Thought makes man wise, and become Religion— the fire of wisdom makes life endurable. emotion. JU BRUCE WAYNE LOCKHART The world is in our hands, let ' s not drop it. One last gulp before class. LARRY A. LONGHI PHILIP S. LOSONSKY BRENDA ANN LOTT LINDA ROSETTA LUMPKIN When the dream dies. What of Si Vous Ne Pouvez Pas Le Faire If these men are Christians, God Don ' t take life too seriously; the dreamer? Fsies— en Semblant (If you can ' t save us from the heathens! you can ' t get through it alive make it, fake it.) anyway. 98 TREASURE ANN LYONS Life is like an onion, you peel it off by layers and sometimes you weep. ALTHEA LYSITT Have Faith in God, try and in yourself. PHYLLIS McCLEWSKI in your coun- It ' s better to be small and shine than to be large and cast a sha- dow. MIKE McCREIGHT It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt. DOROTHY McCURRY An honest heart possesses kingdopi. SARA D. McDANIEL Wild dreams grow wise as sweet childhood dies. The winds of my age blew the sand from my eyes. LANCE McELHINEY There is no power greater than true affection. DAVID L. McGEE Love is eternal. JAMES McGILURAY Life is too short to be little. 99 PHYLLIS AAcGLOTHIN Justice and truth are the com- mon ties of society. Look-the " JOLLY GREEN GIANT " PAULA L. McGUIRE RICHARD G. McLEOD BARBARA LYNNE McMAHAN Your conscience can ' t prevent you A moment wastecJ may never be Life is full of shaciows but the from doing v rong, but it can do regained. sunshine makes them all. a lot to keep you from enjoying it. RICHARD McNAIR We walk by faith, not by sight. WALTER E. McNAIR Success is the most important goal in anyone ' s life. MARSHA EILEEN McNEILL I just love to " horse " around. WANDA JACQUELYN McRAE Sincerity is a speciality of the heart. 100 VICTORIA GAIL MACNAMARA Set your small worries outside, on your desk calendar or In a pocket notebook, leave your mind free to put its personal signature on life. Listen Mr. Robert E. Lee— Gool it! This is N. B. Forrest terriory. FRANKLIN DEWITT MADDOX May the bird of Paradise nest in your hair. LYNNE CONNOR MAGIN And we shall never be what once we were, this life will never be what once it was. TONJA LEA MAUNIAK Never do a wrong thing to make a friend or keep one; friendship that requires you to do wrong is dearly purchased at a sacrifice. LINDA JEANETTE MANN Happiness is a way of travel- ing, not a station you arrive at. RONALD HARRY MARCUS We now enter into the world with no time for prejudice of hypocrites or society; for our very survival depends upon our acceptance of the world as is. CYNTHIA SUSAN MARSHALL Who, or what, is the dreamer with- in us? And to whom is the dream- er talking? CAROL ANN MARTIN A wise man ' s eyes see the world, while a foolish man sees only him- self. 101 LINDA HELEN MARTIN PATRICIA LEIGH MARTIN Smile at each new fake " crisis " it ' s nice to be important, but it ' s and dodge the daily hysteria; strain much more important to be nice, never ends; cold wars last forever. IJUANA MARTINEZ MICHAEL BRUCE MASON Anything that is worth possessing Be what you are, not what you quite possessed. aren ' t, and be that to the best of your ability. STEVEN WAYNE MATHENY A person ' s true value is determined not by what he has but how he uses his possessions and talents for the advancement of himself in the eyes of God. CAROLYN LA RUE MATHIS Though nothing can bring back the hour of the splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower, we will grieve not but rather find strength in what remains behind. ANNETTE MARIE MEEKS ELAINE ALMA MELCOLM If everyone followed the Ten Com- Nothing was ever built without mandments, think what a perfect a dream in the beginning. world this would be— but they don ' t. GLENN ALLEN MELTON Live fast, love hard, and die young, lARRY MEMORY The power of a man increases steadily by continuance in one direction. JIMMY MEYER Self-trust is the first secret of success. WAYNE M. MIKLOS Try and catch the wind. 102 CHARLENE JANE MILES An Armageddon BRENDA SUE MILLER DONALD LAMAR MILLER CHERYL DeLAYNE MILLS Men are four; he who knows he To everything there is a season, I ' m not married, misunderstood, knows, he who knows not, he and a time to every purpose un- lonely . . . just interested, who knows, and he who knows der the heaven, he knows. RICHARD LOUIS MILLS Bring it out into material mani- festation. GLENN FOSTER MILTON Don ' t just live life! Enjoy it! FRANK MIZERAK, JR. FRANCES CHERYL MOCK Somebody said it couldn ' t be done, To handle yourself, use your head, so I didn ' t even try. to handle others, your heart. TIMOTHY MICHAEL MOHAN CLAUDE MONTGOMERY HAROLD MOORE CARL MOODY Don ' t take life so seriously; it A hero is one who knows how to Things are only what one makes To know how to laugh is to kno ruins all the fun. hang on one minute longer. them worth. how to reign. 103 KAREN ALICIA MOORE ELIAS MORGAN JACK C. MORGAN PAUL REESE MORGAN Live, Love and pursue happiness. To be or not to be, that is the Life is like a forest. Live for today. The joys of love are but a mo- question, tomorrow may never come. ment long. Would you believe that ' s ... Mr. W. C. Parker, our fine principal of N. B. Forrest, that I see walking towards me! PHYLLIS SUE MORGAN Don ' t worry about people not knowing your ability, worry about not having it. LINDA JOYCE MORRIS STANLEY MORRIS One by one we must file on When befriended, remember it; through the narrow isles of pain. when you befriend forget it. CAMILLE MULKEY ALLAN FRANKLIN MULLINS The greatest pleasure in life is A blind man sees, a deaf man doing what people say you cannot hears, and I shall live forever, do. 104 RICHARD STEPHEN MULLER Like leaves on the tree, each class dies. They fall successive and successive rise. ROGER MURRHEE Unto the poor all things pure. LaDONNA DELL MUSSELWHITE PATRICIA NASH My heart greatly rejoiceth; and Whatever be the inherent good or with my song will I praise Him. evil of life, it is certain that men make it worse than it need be. ALICE DECARO NASTRI We alone can love. So what, I got three bulls-eyes and dropped that horse over in the next pasture. BONNIE ANN THERESA NELSON DAVID JAMES NEUGENT SIDNEY CHARLES NEWBERG BURMAN WAYNE NEWMAN Tomorrow and tomorrow, and Do your best today and thou If you know what you want in Speak your mind, but don ' t stut- tomorrow, creeps from day to shall have a better tomorrow. life don ' t settle for less. ter. day . . . Gee, but it went fast! 105 All right boys— cool it! CLAUDIA ANNE NICKS A smile and a warm hand-shake mean more than a thousand words. SUSAN GENE NIEMAN Always look toward the sunshine, but be prepared for the rain. JIMMY RANDALL NOLAN Take ' em as they come. MARTHA NOLES Love is the greatest word that has survived the ages. JOSEPH NORRIS Sunlight is what life should be bright and cheery! STANLEY LAMAR NORTON Once a wise man told me, " You can ' t take it with you! " So I ' m planning not to go. JANICE NUNNALLY A noble deed is a step toward God. JOE NUNNALLY Who falls for love rise a star. 106 PATRICIA NUNNERY God ' s protection Is man ' s hope. Wayne Danson escorts Becki Hucks to the Mr. and Miss Forrest dance. •tu " CLAUDIA ANN OLIVER JEFF OLMSTEAD CECILIA FAYE OLSEN Love is a fire in whose devour- Life is a walking shadow, a poor Happiness pops out of life like ing flames all earthly ills are player who struts and frets his warm toast from a toaster. — xj -vlm — tX-c-i,»— ' 1 1 consumed. hour upon the stage, and then k JixJU. ' - v -v l ' Ml ' is heard no more. ROBERT S. OVERBY BEVERLY JEAN OWEN MERRY ELLEN OXFORD JEANIE GAY PAHOTA No man ever became great or Love doesn ' t alter one ' s time, but The steps of faith fall on seem- A true love Is hard to find; but wise without many notable mis- it does alter one ' s life. Ing void, but find the rock be- a true friend is even harder, takes. neath. 107 JUDITH MAE PAHOTA Without Love there is emptiness. KENNETH RALPH PARKER DONALD BRUCE PASSAVANTI Work fascinates me. I can sit and Silence is a friend that will never watch it for hours. betray. ANITA LOUISE PATRICK All that I have seen trusts me to believe in the Creator for all I have not seen. ROBERT LANIER PATRICK It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. SCOTT PAYNE Deeds survive the doers. CRAIG STEVEN PEARCE There is a logical explanation for everything on this earth; except in a case like Mine! WAYNE KENNETH PEARSON Twenty years from nov when somebody reads this— I hope! Lost in the world of a book. 108 ROSS D. PENNINGTON If we learn but one new thing everyday— we have accom- plished a lot in our short life. JUNI PERRIT To generous is noble. JEANNETTE PHILLIPS Be what you are— and CHARNISAY PICKARD Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works. KAREN SUE PICKETT To be given love you have re- ceived the greatest gift; but to abuse love you have com- mitted the greatest sin. JIMMY S. PIERCE In trying times, TRY. THOMAS PIONESSA The giver makes the gift precious. CAROL PITTMAN JCL maybe. en o ' clock Droop? 109 LYNN PLATT Do not suppose opportunity will knock twice at your door. Janice and Martha prove the durability of Forrest ' s desks. NELSON POWELL NANCY DAWN POWER SHIRLEY LYNNE PRIEST GARY PRITCHETT Never give a man up until he Its nice to be important but its Do not be anything but yourself; I ' m afraid to think of what I ' v has failed at something he likes. much more important to be nice. and try to be that perfectly. done. CALVIN BUFORD PRUITl JANICE CARLEEN REESE Never ask anyone to dc anything A smile is a light in the window you would not normally io your- of the soul indicating that the self. heart is at home. CYNTHIA ANNE REYNOLDS JOHN JOSEPH RICCARDELLI Even the wisest men make fools If a man empties his purse into of themselves about women, and his head, no man can take it even the most foolish women are away from him. wise about men. ALLEN RICHARDS, Man is his own God. GLENORA RICKOFF Experience is the best teacher. LARRY RIDLEY TIM RIDLING If a man could have half his And now abideth faith, hope, and wishes he would double his trou- charity, these three; but the great- bles. est of these is charity. SHEILA RIEBLING Religion is a great force— the only real motive force in the world; but you must get a man through his own religion, not through yours. DOUGLAS WAYNE RIEDER Silence is more eloquent words. CYNTHIA ANNETTE ROBERSON The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved, loved for ourselves, or rather loved in spite of ourselves. KEVIN JON ROBERTS Life is my mastered ecstasy— I shall always want. LOUISE ROBERTS The man who makes no mis- takes does not usually i -nake anything. Treasure Lyons and Cathy Godwin lend a helping hand in Mrs. Nix ' s office. Ill SHARON ROBERTS He conquers twice who conquers himself in victory. WILLIAM ROBERTS I think all men are really rotten at heart, and have to overcome it. JUDITH ANNE ROBERTSON God grant me the power to ac- cept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I cannot accept, and the wisdom to know the difference. KAREN ROBERTSON I like to praise and reward loud- ly, to blame quietly. l M LINDA BARBARA ROSA Nothing is so full of victory as courage in the time of disap- pointment. We guarantee the finest food in town. LYNDA ANN ROSCOE To every rainbow— a pot of gold. Search and you will fine your happiness. GEORGE BURTROM ROSSER If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowl- edge always pays the best interest. JANET EVELYN ROSSER All the things that I have seen teach me to have faith in the Cre- ator for all the things I haven ' t seen. DEBORAH ROUGH He is strong who conquers oth- ers; he who conquers himself is mighty. 112 DAWN RUBBERT MIKE RUDICELL LARRY DEE RUSSELL A man that seeks truth and The road to Hell is paved with I ' m glad it ' s over, now I loves it must be reckoned pre- good Intentions. clous to any human society. SANDRA KAY RUSSELL live. The most painful wound in the world is a stab conscience. CEFE SANTANA Eat, drink, and be merry; that ' s the only way to live. You ' ll never believe what I just saw in the locker room. PATTI JO SAPP Life is like an onion you peel it off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep. JOHNNY L. SAUNDERS It ' s Over! JUDITH MARY SAVAGE TONY EDWARD To live is like love. All reason SCHARRINGHAUSEN is against it, and all healthy in- Be good. If you can ' t be good be stinct for if. careful. DEBORAH RUTH SCHAUS All our pains will not gi ass brains. May I help you? KATHLEEN SELLE SCHERT Make the most of yourself for there is only one of you. FRANCIS RAYMOND SCHIRRA Blessed are the meek. DOUGLAS ALLEN SCHOTT Live life to the fullest, you don ' t get another chance. LINDA LEA SCHUFELDT One joy dispels a hundred cares. MARSHA LOUISE SCOTT SANDRA LEE SCOTT Better by far you should forget I cannot but remember such and smile than that you should things, that were most precious remember and be sad. to me. ROBERT SEBRING Live and let live. 14 SUSAN LYNNE SEBULSKY The shortest oldest words— yes— are those which require the most thought. Our pride and joy— Forrest High PEGGY ANN SHANNON If you ever feel down, 1 up . . . He ' s always there. WALTER RIVES SHARMAN Never hesitate to go to e in order to accomplish a VELMA MARIE SHARPTON You only live once, so try thing at least once. SHERRY ANN SHEPHERD The woods are lovely, dark, and deep. But I have promises to keep. And miles to go be- fore I sleep. PAMELA NORTH SIMCOKE Have character, don ' t be one. RANDY SIMMONS To play a sport you have to be one. SHERRY GAY SIMMONS Faith, Hope Love, abide, these three; but the greatest of these is Love. 115 SUSAN SIMMONS ALBERT S. SIMPSON JANET PAGE SINGLETARY MICHAEL SISCO We can easily forgive a child who God grant me the serenity to ac- Life is the art of drawing without Better were it to be unborn is afraid of the dark; the real cept the things I cannot change, an eraser. than to be ill-ljred. tragedy of life is when men are courage to change the things I afraid of the light. can, and wisdom to know the difference. PATRICIA SIVERSON LARRY SLOAN SHARON EILENE SLUDER Conformity exists only because man Our only greatness is that we as- I predict that woman will be wants it so. ' pire. the last thing civilized by man. BUDDY SMITH A loving heart is the truest wis- dom. Mrs. Porter teaches Karen Webb the importance of good public speaking. 116 DOUGLAS L. SMITH GREGG EVERARD SMITH LARRY LEE SMITH WILLIAM LARRY SMITH Nothing was ever achieved Sometimes its belter to be quiet Live today as if there is no to- Life is God ' s gift to you; what without Enthusiasm. and be thought a fool, than to morrow, for tomorrow never you make it is your gift to God. speak out and remove all doubt. comes. ROY E. SMITH Wise men care not for wha they cannot have. WILLIAM MICHAEL SNIPES MICHAEL JEFFREY SNYDER The world is but a stage, so, stop We live today just for tomorrow ' s the stage— I want to get off. problems and tomorrow ' s prob- lems are never few. CHARLES EDWARD SOUTHER Old Seniors never die they just fade away. iVB r R rnl fiW 1 L IK p i G BHB jL— 13 I always try to look my best. 117 0 k h 1 1 1 3 Ron and Cindy take time out for a coke break. CAROLYN SOWARDS A great deal of talent is lost in this world for the want of a little courage. MARTHA LEE SPELL There isn ' t much fun in medicine, but there ' s a good deal of medi- cine irjp fun. JAMES EDWARD SPINKS Rolling stones gather no RICHARD BRADLEY STANG Quern colorem habet sapientia? ERIC M. STANLEY Cowards die many times be- fore their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once. ROBERT ALAN STANTON Luck Is what happer when pre- paration meets opportunity. SUSAN LYNN STENSHORN A big smile and a kind word are the passports anywhere. LARRY STEPHENS The only thing a man completely alone— is die. LINDA ALLENE STEPHENS Gee, I made it. 118 JOHN ROBERT STEVENS MICHAEL WAYNE STOINOFF Keep smiling and you will be Be innocent of the knowledge til smiled at. thou applaud the deed. LAURA VIVIAN STOKES The art of achievement Is the art of making your life a masterpiece. JAN MARION STORY Paradise is to believe in it. JUDITH REGINA STRAUSS SANDRA CAROL STUBBS Silence is one great art of con- For that which is highly prized versation. among men is a hateful thing be- fore God. MICHAEL SULLIVAN I ' ve got a certain kind of hurtir ELWOOD ROWLAND SUMNER If it isn ' t worth fighting for, it isn ' t worth having. FRANCIS LEE SUNDIE Doing good is the only cer- tainly happy action of a man ' s life. And this is the— uhh . . . uhh . . . You know what I 119 JOHN E. SUTTON He not busy being born is busy dying. TERRY SUTTON The world is full of_ Psuedo-lntel- lectuals who profess to know a lot yet really know nothing. RAY SWEAT Easy come— Easy Go KATHLEEN ANN SWISHER Thinking is like loving and dy- ing. Each of us must do it for himself. VICTOR LEON TAYLOR, JR. Best of Luck to the Class of ' 66. Two points for Barbara Fowler. GENE STEWART TAYLOR HERMAN FRANKLIN TAYLOR, JR. JOIE A. TAYLOR LEONARD JACKSON TAYLOR The worst moment for an :he- The most important things in life An Honest man is the noblest work For a child ' s sob in the silence ist is when he feels grateful id come from the heart, not from the of God. curses deeper than the strong has no one to thank. wallet. man in his wrath. 120 BETSY SUZANNE TESKE BEVERLY THOMAS Life ' s but a walking shadow If you want me then take me for that struts and frets his hour what I am. upon the stage, and then is heard no more. BEVERLY JEAN THOMAS CHARLOTTE JEAN THOMSON To give my best to Christ is my Absence makes the heart grow main goal in life. fonder. CHERYL LYNNE THOMPSON Don ' t knock it, until you try it. The county ' s leading scorer goes in for two more. SANDRA LYNNE THURSTON LINDA TIBBETTS DIANE HELEN TIFFANY Man is the beginning and end Everyone is responsible for his own Even a fool, when he holdeth his to all things. acts. peace, is counted wise; and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding. LEROY PORTER TILL 121 Karen Larsen supervises the successful Student Council canned food dri JOE TILLEY Don ' t try to be something you ' re not, but be what you are perfectly. ARTA MARIE TOMFORD Try and you will succeed. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH TONEY IRA KENT TOWNSEND There is gold, and a multitude of Is it not the nature of man to rubies; but the lips of knowledge strive to attain a prize that is are a precious jewel. just beyond his reach? Jkik NANCY PATRICIA TOWNSEND JAMES RAY TREXLER RALPH TROSCLAIR SHERRY M ' LISS TRUBSHAW The simple inherit folly; but the For a mighty wind arises, roaring True friends are the greatest jew- It takes less effort to be kind- prudent . . . are crowned with seaward I go, ... I enlisted 20 el. try it. knowledge. days ago. 122 THOMAS TRUDEAU Who says I ' m good looking! Will my back ever be the same? LINDA MARIE TURNER LINDA TUTEN JIM TYLER Be Happy; Be Glad, But never Athletics are like Life, Work hard LIFE: Told by an idiot, full of love for you shall be sad. if you want to play. sound and fury, signifying nothing. LOUIS A, VALLA " Come Mephostophilis " ARTHUR DALE VAN DORAN ROBERT VAN MATRE LEE ANN VAVRA Life is only what you want it to Be sure you ' re right then go-ahead. ' Tis funny what a man will do and be. a woman yet think him an angel. 123 GLORIA VICKERS Do your duty and leave the rest to Providence. JOYCE VILE There ' s a time and a place for everything. SHARON VISE The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have many promises to keep, and miles to go before 1 sleep. MARK JAMES VYRROS Knov ths true value of time; snatch, sieze, and enjoy every moment of it. ROGER DALE WADE I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so com- panionable as solitude. LYN CAROL WAGGONER PAT WAINWRIGHT A girl has the right to wait and Little I think, less I do, isn ' t it believe; she has the right to share amazing how I pulled through. her strength and courage with that of the boy she loves. MARY KATHERINE WALDECK To live a life is nt t to cross a field. And the rains camel 124 CHERRYL KAY WALDRON The true test of intelligence is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don ' t know what to do. RAYMOND E. WALKER On the heels of good news con bad news. RONALD EDWARD WALLACE The grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but just as hard to mo A . PATRICIA ANNE WALTERS It ' s a wonderful generation to be- long to. Everything that ' s wrong is the fault of the generation ahead of us— and is going to have to be corrected by the one after LENORA SUE WALTON It ' s nice to be important, but more important to be nice. PATRICIA ANN WARD All I have seen teaches trust the Creator for all not seen. me to I have RICHARD L. WATERMOLEN Roses have thorns, and silver fountains mud. ii if! " i ii!if n .Ss ' SHARON WATFORD What I do is all that concerns me, and not what people think. Claudia Nicks sells yearbooks to all wise students 125 KAREN LEE WEBB Listening is one great art of conversation. We won!! Forrest defeats Lee 60-57 SHARON WEIR ANNETTE LOUISE WELCH BENJAMIN FRANKLIN WELCH ALLAN PATRICK WELCH Of all the things you wear, your . . . and though I give my body Music is the source of great hap- I thank all those who have expression is most important. to be burned and have not char- piness. loved me in their hearts, with ity, it profiteth me nothing. thanks and love from mine. PAMELA MARGARET WELLS To thine own self be true. JAMES HERMAN NEWBERG RANNEL ELMORE WESTBERRY SYLVIA DIANE WEYER Courage is the armed sentinel that To have joy in life you must put A smile doesn ' t cost a cent, but guards liberty, innocence and right. Jesus first, others second, and is worth a million dollars. yourself third. 126 JANICE AURORA WHITE The end justifies the mea LINDA LEE WHITE STEPHANIE WHITE Work for a goal, and let that Absence sharpens love, presence goal be success. strengthens it. YVONNE WHITSON Where there is love, God DAVID MASON WIGGINS EDITH LOUELLA WIGGINS GLENN WIGGINS CHERYL KAY WILLIAMS God give me the serenity to Love is a precious word, use it Travel fast and don ' t look over Experience is one of our best accept w hat I cannpt change, wisely. your shoulder, you may change teachers. the courage to change what I your mind. can, and the wisdom to know the difference. JUDITH LOYCE WILLIAMS Now cut that OUT. Mr. Parker and Dick Stratton demonstrate the " jerk " at the Rebel Yell. 127 Jack Dillon was a part of the prize-winning skit at the Rebel Yell. JUDY WILLIAMS LYNETTE LOUISE WILLIAMS Friendship is an order of nobility; There are few people who, from its revelations we come more when their love is over, are worthily its nature. not ashamed of having been in love. PATRICIA WILLIAMS Patience and fortitude conquer all things. SHIRLEY LEE WILLIAMS At present all I know is a little fraction of the truth, but the time will come when I shall know it as fully as God now knows me. KENNETH DAVID WILLIAMSON You ' re only young once, but if you work it right, once is enough. JANICE LEE WILLS Live life to its fullest extent. ALMAGAIL WILSON O God, give me the fortit ' : to change the things I can, the ce to accept the things I cannot, nd the wisdom to know the differen.e. JOHN CHARLES WILSON The South shall rise aagin NANCY WINDHAM Smile and be happy. RICHARD ALLEN WOLFE A man is a substance of the things he loves. 128 LINDA WOLTERS ROSALYN FRANCENE WOOD KENNY LEE WOOD God hath made me to laugh. He who can say how much he To kill time, try working it to death. so that all that hear will laugh loves, loves but little. with me. JARREL ERIC WOOD Sometimes happy, never sad, sometimes naughty, never bad. THOMAS CHARLES WOODRUFF LINDA CHRISTINE WOODSON DOYLE GENE WRIGHT Success— achieved through ag- False friends are like our shadow. All things are possible, it just de- gressiveness and a yearning for keeping close to us while we walk pends on how you go about it. wisdom— makes one want to in sunshine, but leaving us the in- stand among men and kneel stant we cross into the shade. thankfully before God. CARLOTTA ANN WYLIE No life is so hard that you can ' t make it easier by the way you take it. WILLIAM ARTHLJR YEOMANS All good things come in small packages. HAZEL JUNE YOUNG All that glitters is not gold. LINDA ZGODA JAMES ZIDLICKY Be not simply good; Be good for Don ' t take life seriously. You ' l something. never get out of it alive. 129 130 x ».t5 JUNIORS 131 John McElroy Sergeant-at-Arms Floyd Matthews President Junior Class 132 Sue Brett Chaplain Buster Hagenbeck Vice President Officers Jim Wagner Treasurer Mrs. Sara Kummer Sponsor 133 Chuck Adams Mike Adamson The library always sees a great many juniors af research paper time! Pat Adkins John Ainley Barbara Ainsworth Glenn Akin Sharon Albright Linda Allerv Anita Armstrong Bruce Arnsdorff Tom Askey Barbara Aston Karen Bartelt John Barwick renda Bateman James Bateman Linda Beach Judy Beauchamp Craven Bedsole Alan Beebe Judy Belser Ruth Berg Dianne Bethea Memory Barzelle 1 Presfon Belts Linda Blackwell Pamela Boatwright Carl Bock r- Diane Bookman Linda Boree Mike Boyd Allen Branson Barbara Boyette Carla Bradfield Bonnie Brahn Carolyn Braun David Bremer Connie Brinson Lindsay Brown . So ' i 5»4 - ..••-■ ' •.• ' V- ' v • ' ■ . ••■ Helen Buie Christine Burgess Richard Brown Sue Bryant W ' rn ■«?3 " Becky Burkhart Caroline Bum Deana Butts Don Butts Betty Burns Helen Byers Mike Byers Susan Byington David Cain Francis Cain Judy Cameron Mr. Spradlin explains a Susan Canaway Judy Capan Susan Capua Douglas Carpe.nter Linda Carr Elaine Carrol Eddie Clements ■ ■. 1 f4 " " » i 1 y 5 i i ' ¥ W4; i 1 " iri [ r- M hi 1 Andy Corli Cornelaus I Kathy Darby Arrie Davis John Elliston and Jimmie Lee Rowan work on a complex yearbook problem. Sandra Covey John Covington Cheryl Cowart Darlene Cox Mike Cox Robert Crawford Larry Crews Jerry Davis Terry Day Pam Dease Carol Deaton Peggy DeTursi Janet Deville Jeffery Deutch Sonja DeVane Johnny Devero Eddie Diggs Martha DiMaggio Larry Oobson Bruce Douglas M Brenda Duncan Bob Duprey AiM Jackie Earnhardt Susan Echevarria Glenda Edmonds Michae! Eichler Betsy Ellis John Elliston Linda Emerson Bill Epps Chuck Esty Ray Dymond Peggy Eberhart Connie Eberle Ji V I J Mike Etheridge Sandy Evilsizer Roger Fair Larry Fairbrother Nancy Fake Sandy Fake Paula Favotto 4% sv- ■ -W Q F Ji. Craig Feagin Bonn ' re Fields Linda Fitzgerald Teresa Fleck Rocky Flowers Richard Floyd Joe Forlong Bobby Fortenberry Gary Francis Patrice French May we introdu Gayle Griffin David Griggs The Key Club ' s bake sales are always popular Susan Grindstaff Victor Groner Billy Hackelton Larry Hammac Buster Hagenbeck John Hall Marian Hall C. H. Hansoi Stephanie Hammerstein Pat Hansen Roger Harmon Beth Harrell Pat Hardison Ronnie Hardwick Ronnie Harris Nancy Hartley David Havlykke Wayne Heath Gary Hedrick Kathy Hendry Mike Hawkins Marc Hayes Colieta Hayhurst Sheri Hartman Sharon Hatcher Celia Haverty Maureen Hays Barbara Heise Chuck Hess Carmen Hethcote Linda Hightowe Nan Hightower ' i Sam Hurst Mary Hutcherson Mike Ivey Charles Jackson ifili . i Lana Ikenberry Steve Infinger Barbara Jeffers Codi Jenkins Carol Johnson Gary Johnson Sharon Johnson Sherry Johnson Rain or shine our boys Curtis Jordan Lorraine Jordan Marsha Jordan Al Kaempfer ilways work. Wendy Kaye Patty Keating Carol Keene Sally KeMem Sharon Keller Jan Kenfield Barbara Jorgenson Troy Joseph Buddy Kane Paul Kavin Debbie Kinsey Donna Kirk IV -X -r- • Karen Kissinger h " Lathan Waters picks up needed yardage charlotte Lee Carol Lehosit li LfeMi i Our band goes wild after the first touchdown of the season is made. Linda lemore David LePage John Leynes Peggy Lienau Marc Lindsay Bruce Lingerfelt Lisa Longchamp Judy Locke James Lockhart Sam Loper Chris Losonsky M. m tnl 1 mjP i ll Karen McCart J : • 1 Jimmy McCormick Martha Lunsford Steve Lutgens Patty McDonald John McElroy Karen McFetrich Marlene McGlothlin Chris McKay Pat McManaway Ken McMillan David McClellan Jimmie Sue McClellan June Maddox Michele Magnan Pierre Magnan Dennis Mahoney Charles Meehan Susan Merkey Sharon Miller Cary Milligan Buff Miner Bebe Mitchem Carolyn Moody James Morton Terry Morris Lynne Mueller Pennants sell rapidly Sheila Moore immA I Jo-Ann Paddleford A .ik . A Gloria Peters mMd Duane Peterson Mr. Holden busily takes underclassman pictures. Francis Pettit Chris Pratt Janice Phillips Bobby Ponsler Jim Phillips Joe Pierotti Diane Piva Carol Putnam Irving Quitmeyer Dave Price Paulette Pullen m iM Charles Taylor Kathi Taylor AAaria Taylor This is music to soothe any savage beast. Ann Toske Debbie Tra Deborah Turner Ted Uzzle Sandy Vandling Fred Van Winkle Ginger Vaughan Sheryne Vining Bill Vinzant Renee Vogel Connie Voltz Virgil Walker Glenn Wallace Don Walston Brenda Ward ,r - 1 Lathan Waters June Weeks Amelia Watford Lili Waugaman Dan Weaver Sandy Weeks Charlie Welch Elaine Wells Sandy Wheeler Nancy Wick Suzanne Wiggins Fluffy, Mrs. Nix ' s puppy, is an 168 170 SOPHOMORES Alt -■ " riAmj r r MX Cathy Abbott Wayne Adams Sandra Albright Jack Abernathy Richard Affleje Steve Albin James Adams Mike Ahearn Wayne Alford What law directs that a locker room always be crowded? Patrick Allen Jann Anderson Virginia Arflin Mack Allison Patsy Anderson Kevin Ascar Gaye Lou Alters Ray Anderson Robert Attaway 172 Diane Atwell Micheal Auler ch Bernice Austin Alan Babcock Joseph Baker Mike Baker Murry Baker Sandra Ballard Susan Ballard Waring Barbee Louis Barkley Susan Barley Rhanda Barnes Pat Barnwell Billy Barren Bob Barrier Bill Bartlett Carolyn Barton George Bass Sandra Bass Glenn Bates Miss Hamby has George Mitroski, Dennis Woods, Francis Wyer, and Gail Culbreth prepare a bulletin board on the short stories they have read recently. 173 Pamela Bates Sharon Beck Linda Bellin Pat Beauchamp Cyndie Bell Bob Beltz Give me ten push-ups. F Club initiation is such fun! Rena Bentley Celia Berrie Roger Besecker Billy Biggs Linda Bird Barbara Black Diana Blandford Maureen Blomeley Ronnie BloomqL !st Diane Boatwright Lynn Boatwright Gay Bodiae David Boger Chris Boid Bonnie Bolduc 174 Verna Boree Nancy Box David Boykin Mrs. Darby frequently gives afternoon sophomores admits to class. Alice Bradner Karleen Brooks Donna Brown Natalie Brandon Mary Jo Brooks Johnnette Brown 175 Mike Cieslinski Sylvia Clark Edwin Clarke Gloria Coble Margaret Coffman Byron Coleberg Bill Collier Erwin Collier Joy Collins Marnie Collins Trudy Cooksey Sam Cooney Mike Corbett Cathy Cordeira John Cox Nancy Cox Roger Creamer Bill Crews Robert Crabbe Robert Creswell Randy Crews Make sure they can saw straight, Mr. Pugh. 176 Billy Crews Cynthia Crouse Don Culbreath Marcia Crouch Tony Cuesta Gail Culbreth Randy Crowder Tim Culberson Mike Cunningham Mr. Seller speaks softly and carries a big stick. Billy Cutts David Dalrymple Patsy Danson Jimmy Darby Robert Darquenne Maggie Darrah Gayle Davis Margaret Davis Bonnie Day Earl Dedmon Barbara Delgado Drena Denmark Debbie Denning Bill Deifinis Teresa Dent 177 U fj A Mi Gail Bryant Linda Bukart Mike Burnettior Wayne Burnett Gail Burnham Betty Burns Bill Butfs Sandi Byars Mary Calhoun Miss Anderson helps Barbara Bingham in typing class. Barbara Campell Lillian Carstarphen Claudia Cattell Mary Ann Carlton Annette Carter Jeff Cavan Michael Car Bonnie Carter Susan Chance Kip Carpenter Karen Carter Diane Chapman Pat Carrol Danny Cassidy Steve Cieplinski 178 David Dickinson Tony Digget Pat Dilley Paul Dingmon Chary Dobbs Joseph Doll Cleo Donner Darlene Doughtry Lynda Douglas Leslie Decker finds there is a place for everything in her home economics class. Paul Doying Sheila Dunhar David Easley Doreen Dube John Dunning Eddie Eason Pamela Dublin Norma Dunning Bruce Easterling Diane Duke George Dwelle Philip Edenfield 179 Allan Edwards Jona Edwards Bill Eldridge Sandra Ellard Gary Ellis Jackie Emerson Pam Emery Cindy Ennis Marie Eunice Don ' t you think I ' m lovely? Dianne Evans Billy Falls Marlene Farewell Tony Farrell Bobbie Faukner Richard Faulk Cheryl Ferris Bob Fessler Jan Finister James Fitzgerald Patty Fleck Tim Flynn Judy Foldson Ronnie Foley Bill Fonner 180 Cindy Forester Ricky Forester Debbie Forsyth Sherry Fowler David Fox David Francisco Robert Frascello Marie Frazee John Fredickson Pam Freeberg Terry Fullington Jack Fussell Janice Futch Steve Gale Doug Galliher Roger Galliher Karen Garner Randy Gates Benny Gardener Pam Gaskins Cindy Gatlin John Elliston and Mike Manley help beautify the school grounds. 181 Sue Gay Trippy George Sandy Gerbracht Billy Gibbs Wayne Gibson Wlllard Gleger Kathy Gifford Janet Gill Leah Gillette The girls ' physical education class competition can get very stiff. , Joe G Tommy Googz Kathryn Gray Cathy Glaze Carol Gradick Micia Gray Barbara Goble Alene Gray Caria Greatrex Myles Goddard Clifford Gray Mary Ann Griffen 182 Lathan Waters and Jim Kivipelto prepare a surprise for Ginger Vaughan. Kathy Grimes Jeneal Gunter Richard HacJtelton Don Hall Don Hancock Gloria Harrison Polly Hall Connie Hanson Jimmy Hartley Peggy Hamilton Marilyn Hardy Eleanor Hartman Joe Hammons George Harris Kenny Haum Tommy Hamilton Joe Harris Sam Hawkins 183 i i Andy Hayes Hush Hazen Robert Hedge Ronald Hedge Richard Heider Alice Helms Elwood Hemming Joe Henry Jollie Hiers Lu Gushanas cheers our Rebels to victory. Hilah Hillyer Phyllis Hoofman Brian Howard 184 Joann Howell Kafhy Muggins Bob Hughes Tommie Sue Hughs Barry Hutchison Bruce Hutchinson Tom Mutton Mary Ickes Lana Ikenberry Spencer Irwin Shearlin Ivey Pam Jackson Kathy Jarvis Barry Jewett Gail Johnson Bill Jones Dee Jay Jones Edward Jones All aboard for Panama City 185 Felix Jones Mike Kappelmann Raymond Keefer Scott Jones Ellen Keady Bill Keenan Tom Pionessa can ' t seem to balance his books. Mi: Cox. Jimmy Kellum Cindy Kensrue Jenny Kirk Mike Kirk Elaine Kitchens Judy Kittle Barbara King Bert King Sharon Kirk Joe Kirkland Lana Klassy Debbie Komula 186 Linda Koontz Karen Kramer Ed Kuhn Joanne Koschak Teresa Kuchta Karen Kurtright Mrs. All returns a paper to Craig Jones. Jimmy La Belle Tony Land Bobby Larson Mike Lawrence Tim Lazenby Danral Lee Dwight Lee Marilyn Leet Mary Le Hoist John LeMore Robert Lifshutz Jane Lindley Rick Lindser Orine Lindsey Chris Loftis 187 Curtis Long Carol Longtin Cherie L ' Orange Mike Lorick Bonnie Lett Terry Loznicka Jerry Lucas Lacretia Lusher Donna Lynch You look as if you need more books, so here are mine. Charley McBride Doug AAcConney Rosie McManaway Steven McBride Tommy McQuire Larry McNeal Kathy McCall David McKnight Linda McNeill Sharon McCart Betty McLelland Windle McQuaig Patricia McComb Carol McLeod Pat Maddock 188 Sue Mallette Carol Marcha Eddie Mason Buy your " Acorns " here. Get them while they last. 189 JtM -T;_ rjK ' .- ' -irjiyi-- Nicole Mercier Samuella Merrife Gary Miller George Miller Richard Miller David Millican Diane Mills Nancy Mifchem George Mifrosky Mary Ann Thomas prepares to serve with all her force. Kathy Mock Tom Monell Judy Montgomery Charles Moody David Moody Steve Moody Judy Moore Mary Moran John Moran Don Morris Everett Morris Shelley Morrison Kathy Mueller Dede Mulkey Bruce Murray 190 Kevin Myette Ann Neugent Kathleen Niemlec Ronald Nelson Mildred Newton Carolyn Nolan Mary Kay Nesset Bill Nichols Myrna Nolan Do we or don ' t we want the penalty? Sue Norman Sharon Norton Michael O ' Brien Beverly Olson David O ' Neal Abby Osborne Lee Otis Gary Owens Allan Pace JoAnne Pahota Darlene Paine John Paine Mike Paradiso Linda Parham Sid Parks 191 Tommy Parmerter Don Paschal Debbie Pedigo Sue Parrish Mary Patterson Cathy Perry Jeanette Partington Lynn Peacock Don Perry Coaches McPhilomy and Bennett put their gym classes through a few calisthenics. Van Pickett Georgia Poole Penny Prentess 192 Nancy Preston Glenda Price Jerry Priest Anne Pruitt Judy Pugsley Gloria Putnam Dan Pyne Ken Quarfot Robert Quinn Brenda Quitmeyer David Raffo Sherrill Raker Bruce Ralph Joe Rampert Fred Ramsey The P. T. A. raises money by frequent candy apple sales. 193 Linda Renfroe Gail Richardson Judy Robbins Frank Reynolds Owen Roberts Brenda Roberts Coach Disch and Coach Girgis pay rapt attention to the referee. Danny Roberts Diane Robertson Chris Robinson Guy Robinson Laura Robinson Juanlta Rock Charles Rose Doug Rosenbeck Lu Ross Stephanie Ruppert Lamae Roth Pat Ryan Mike Sapp Warren Sapp Steve Sassard 194 MkMk Mike Scharringhausen Wayne Schimmelmann Sue Schuiz Wanda Schaus Rebecca Schirra Joyce Schwartz Miss Anderson dictates a happy message to her students. 195 Gail Silcox Barbara Sloane Dottie Smith Larry Skinner David Smith Linda Smith " And the band played on Martha Smith Nancy Sologovitch Bryan Stanfield Wally Smith Butch Stafford Kim Stemen 196 Linda Stenshorn Linda Stewart Chuck Stratmann Mack Strickland Chuck Strickler Linda Suggs Colleen Sullivan Diane Sundie Marilyn Sutton Mike Tatum Patricia Tatum John Taylor Judy Taylor Nancy Taylor Richard Taylor Christy Terpening Donna Theile Deborah Thomas Esther Terioz Marilyn Thill Jo-ann Thomas The afternoon sophomores " patiently " wait to get to class. 197 Judy Thomas Mary Lou Thompson Ben Tilghman Carolyn Thompson Karen Thomson Jo hn Timmerman David Thompson Jim Thorsby Vicki Tobin Linda Rosa ' s up in the air over a Forrest victory. Steve Tomaszewski Dial ne TomI inson Debbie Toole Bill Townsend Dorothy Townsend Ellen Tucker Pau 1 Tyre Robert Urban Nancy Usiak Carol Valentine Brad Vance Ror inie Van in Pauline Varnes Linda Vavra Martha Veatch 198 Bill Vellerich Dan Vierline David Vile Edenfield Vincient Loni Voyles Bill Wade Richard Wagner Faith Wallace Sheila Wallace Even the rain fails to dampen the spirits of Irish Biyer, Lu Gushanas, and Charlotte Thompson. Woodrow Walston Carol Washburn Danny Weaver David Walters Roy Wafers Jean Weaver Tom Walters Gary Watermolen Greg Webb Dennis Ward Amelia Watford Steve Weinelt Laura Ware Patty Watson Yvonne Welch 199 Jack Wells Terry Wells Debbie Welsh Edith West Sandra West Donna Wheeler Andy White Bob White Carol White Peggy Shannon, Sally Ostertag and Patty Teate work on faculty pictures under the supervision of Miss Hamby. m Lynn White Mary Wicks Brenda Wilson 5 1 Tina Whitson Shirley Williams Steve Wilson Carol Wicker Ken Willits Jim Winderweedle 200 Winona Wingate Robert Wohe Janice Wolfe Arnold Wood Susan Wood Carol Woodard Dennis Woods Ken Woods Woody Walston Darlene Wright Herb Wright Pat Wright Steve Wright Frances Wyer Art Yarbrough i : : ' ■. ' : Bob Yongue Jimmy Zimmerman The language lab is a new experience for many sophomores. 201 202 FEATURES 203 . ' VtU Mr. and Miss Forrest 204 Kent Townsend and Linda Rosa Ronnie Bare and Sally Linwick Biff Brogli and Irish Biyer Finalists Finalists Wayne Danson and Becki Hucks Bobby Click and Carol Collins AAicheal Cain and Lu Gushanas 205 Miss Rebel Irish Biyer 206 Miss Rebel Finalists From left to right: Irish Biyer, Lu Gushanas, Cherryl Waldron, Anna Bennett, and Linda Rosa. 207 Miss Confederate Lu Gushanas Miss Confederate was chosen by a committee composed of faculty, administration, and commu- nity leaders. Personality and appearance were tha primary criteria for this selection. 208 Miss Becki Hucks The contest is a search to find the na- tion ' s ideal senior girls in order to stress the admirable qualities and ideals of our outstanding youth. Special emphasis is placed on character, citizenship, high school activities, personal ambitions, and lady-like poise and demeanor. Junior Miss Representatives Miss Peggy Shannon 209 Senior Favorites 210 Most Likely to Succeed Shirley Williams Tom Woodruff Best All Round Linda Rosa Kent Townsend 2il Most Dependable Becki Hucks Ronnie Bare Best Looking Lu Gushanas Micheal Cain 212 Wittiest Bobbi Burney Don Klicker Most Talented Cherryl Waldron Larry Barefield 213 lOf " " — - " ( 1 k.......dPa Best Personality Sally Linwick John Butts Friendliest Carol Collins Robert Overby 214 i=aji Most Athletic Becky Carlton Wayne Danson Most School Spirit Irish Biyer Biff Brogli 215 216 , {i S . ' - ' li ' . ..COi zy CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS 217 The choruses strive to help students develop their talents and their knowledge of music. Com- petition gives the students the desire to advance and the opportunity to participate in many en- joyable activities. They give much enjoyment to our school through their many fine performances. AAr. Clem Boatright, Conductor. Mixed Chorus Row h Cindy DeLany, Stephanie Crabbe, Charlie Davis, Herb Wright, Tim Ridling, Glenn Horan, Robin Doering, Stephanie White, Karen Kurtright, Sandy Gerbracht. Row 2: Darlene Cox, Pam Emery, Judy Pahota, Victor Groner, Charles Collins, Marshall Cain, Joseph Doll, Mike Burris, Alana Ford, Betty Cook, Cecilia Holtz, Arta Tomford. Row 3; Gail Johnson, Kathy Nieman, Terry Morris, Judy Cameron, Cindy Seawell, Biff Welch, Wayne Gaskins, Kim Stemen, Teresa Dent, Sharon Beck, Mary Lehosit, Betty McLelland, Cindy Gatlin. Row 4: Carllyn Barton, Sharon Gaskins, Paula Favotto, Joe Ann South, Al Wilson, Larry Denmark, James Gales, Duane Peterson, Ruddy Martin, Micheal Aullerich, Cathy Glaze, Donna Small, Sheri Fowler, Liz Faircloth, Michelle Magnan, Debbie Stark. OFFICERS: Sfard ng.— Cherryl Waldron, Business Manager of A Capella Choir; Kathy Buller, Secretary of A Capella Choir; Chuck Esfy, Stage Manager; Kathleen Godwin, Secretary of Treble Choir; Janet Bales, Librarian of Treble Choir; Robin Jones, Business Manager of Treble Choir; Phyllis Chance, Man- ager of Chorale. Seated: Pam Dieg, Librarian of A Capella Choir; Sarah Meyers, Accompanist A Capella Choir; Sandy Gerbracht, Accompanist Treble Cheir, Anita Armstrong, Librarian of Chorale. A Capella Choir Row 1: Diane McDaniel, Pat Martin, Peggy Cutts, Larry Smith, Johnny Saunders, Wayne Thomas, Jim Barbour, Jimmy Evans, Larry Barefield, Faye East, Cherryl Waldron, Treasure Lyons. Row 2: Sherilyn Easley, Kathy Butler, Connie Voltz, Phyllis Chance, Buck Menard, Owen Robarts, John Leynes, Chris Losonsky, Biff Welch, Jim Gilliand, Nancy Kimble, Lynne Magin, Cathy Brock. Row 3: Nancy Woods, Kathie Schert, Barbara Buffington, Judy Cole, Allan Mullins, James Gales, Jon Beaty, Bill Duncan, Mark Mathews, Tommy Deborde, Michele LeCroix, Annette Jackson, Pam Dieg, Sandra Scott. Row 4: Tonja Maliniak, Elaine Hicks, Cathy Perry, Angie Sanders, Sarah Meyers, Chuck Esty, Johnny Damon, Charles Dorman, Randy Simmons, Ron- nie Dobbs, Richard Wolfe, Jean Fredriksson, Linda Smith, Karen Moore, Yvonne Whitson, Susan Rittener. OIQ TREBLE CHOIR: Row h Sandy Gerbracht, Vicki Carter, Donna Kirk, Janet Bales, Carolyn Bevan, Robin Jones, Linda Harward, Elaine Carroll, Peggy Frttton. Row 2: Karen Kurtright, Penny Frazee, Mary Allen, Sharon Cates, Carole Giddens, Kathleen Godwin, Nancy Carroll, Sheryne Vining, Cynthia Bonham, Sue Brett, Sherri Fowler. Row 3: Cynthia Winthrop, Pat Tatum, Shelly Newman, Sherry Johnson, Cindy Martin, Karen BarteM, Lynn Boat- right, Paula Downey, Linda Bass, Lola Mann, Carolyn Barton. Row 4: Gail Johnson, Diane Bookman, Nicky Kasnias, Marti Green, Pam Dublin, Susan Acree, CharUne Gilles, Susan Echevarria, Jan Bofto, Diane Bethea, Brenda Spires, Mary Kent. Treble Choir Girl ' s Sextet SS ' ? ai GIRL ' S SEXTET: Left to Right: Elaine Carroll, Sandy Gerbracht, Brenda Spires, Mary Kent, Lynn Boatright, and Gaye Lou Alters, not pictured. 220 Ensemble Row I, Kathy Butler, Chuck Esty, Elaine Hicks, Johnny Damon. Row 2: Cherryl Waldron and Johnny Leynes. Row 3: Linda Smith, Jim Barbour, Annette Jackson, Larry Barefield. 221 OFFICERS: Row : Susan Doherty, Vice-President; Dennis Donnell, President; Judy Hornsby, Secretary. Row 2; Barbara Jorgenson, Par- liamentarian; Cecilia Holtz, Treasurer; Miriam Holtz, Reporter; Robert Brown, Chaplain. Spanish Club The purpose of the Spanish Club shall be to promote a knowledge of the Span- ish language; to stimulate an understand- ing of the Spanish speaking people and their history, culture and literature. Fox, John Bar Donnell, Susan Doherty, Judy Hornsby, Cecilia Holtz, Barbara Jorgenson, Robert Brown. Row 2; Mr. Daly, Penny Hartman, David vick. Ken Holt, Rocky Garcia, Ginger Vaughan, Barbara Ainsworth, Trudy Cooksey. 222 Latin Club The Latin Club stimulates an interest in the background and arts of the ancient Roman Empire. Along with Mrs. Robinson, Sponsor, the members of this club are well acquainted with the quotation " Veni, Vidi, Vici. " This educational organization is cer- tainly a credit to our school. OFFICERS: Row h Betsy Ellis, Aedile; Mike Stewart, Praetor; Jan Bofto; Paulette Pullen, Nuntius; Charles Souther, Aedile. Row 2: Girnger Vaughan, Scriba; Judi Robertson, Consul; Kitty Ral er, Consul. Row I: Susan Capua, Judi Robertson, Ginger Vaughan, Connie Brinson, Becky Lynn, Paulette Pullen, Mrs. Robinson, Sponsor. Row 2: J?n Bofto, Mike Lowery, Kitty Raker, Betsy Ellis, Sharon McCart, Diana Williams. Row J. Jeanne Sandridge, Mike Stewart, Charles Souther, Cathy Skinner. 223 Row ;.- Suzanne Robertson, Brenda Murphy, Karen Kissinger, Margie Lowe, Marian Hall, Miriam Holtz, Sandi Gay, Cecilia Holfz, Sherry Johnson, Row 2.- Mrs. Page, Sponsor Cathy Brock, Carol Collins, Becki Hucks, Cherie LaBerge, Beverly Gentry, Judy Capan, Gail Johnson. Row 3: Terry Clark, Craig Smith, Mac Oxford, John Bacon, Vance Shrum, Mary Dick, Mrs. Rogers, Sponsor. French Club OFFICERS: Row h Terry Clark, President; Mark Dick, 1 st Vice President; Cecilia Holtz, 2nd Vice President; Sherry Johnson, Secretary; Suzanne Robertson, Secretary of CCFF; John Bacon, Treasurer; Vance Shrum, Historian; Beverly Gentry, Club Re- porter. 224 The purpose of the French Club (Le Cercle Francais) is to promote an apprecia- tion of French culture, give French stu- dents an opportunity to read French and increase their desire to perfect themselves in the use of it. Row 1: Judy Cameron, Betty McLelland, Mrs. Shutt, Kaye Waldeck, Karen Koleda. Row 2: Donna Thiele, Diane McDaniel, Sheila Dunhan, Barbara King. Future Homemakers of America The overall goal of the Future Home- makers of America is to help individuals improve personal, family and community living, now and in the future. Activities this year have included partici- pation in the UNICEF Halloween fund drive; making toys for local charities at Christmas; baking workshops; and a fund raising cookbook sale. OFFICERS: Row 1: Karen Koleda, Business Manager; Mrs. Shutt, Sponsor; Judy Cameron, Treasurer. Row 2; Kaye Waldeck, President; Betty McLelland, Secretary. 225 Red Cross Our aims are the discoveries: —of people who can be helped by young volunteers. —of ourselves. —of our nev strengths and capacities. —of our growing maturity. RED CROSS OFFICERS: Glenda Edmonds, County Representative; Tonja Maliniak, County Representative; Penny Hartman, Reporter; Charles Dor- man, Secretary and Treasurer; Carole Giddens, Vice President; Peggy Lienau, President; Mrs. Vaughn, Sponsor. Row I: Louise Roberts, Tonja Maliniak, Glenda Edmonds, Penny Hartman, Peggy Lienau, Martha Spell, Barbara Black. Row 2: Carole Giddens Nancy Carroll, Beth Harrell, Rena Denton, Cindy Duval, Charles Dorman, Mrs. Vaughn, Sponsor. 226 Quill and Scroll The Quill and Scroll is an international honorary society of young journalists. Its aim is to help young high school journal- ists in preparing school publications and build an interest in a journalistic career. Students who are interested in the Arts find enjoyment in expression and in pub- lishing the literary magazine, OMNIBUS. QUILL AND SCROLL: Irish Biyer, Kathy Deagan, Pris Coleman, Peggy Shannon, Barbara Fowler, Herb Ellis. Writer ' s Club WRITER ' S CLUB: First Row: Betty McLelland, Judy Capan, Linda Lawton, Peggy Fritton, Mr. Hall, Sponsor. Second Row: Lynne Magin, Betsy Ellis, Patty Hall, Terry Clark, Nancy Woods, Rebecca Schirra. Third Row: Jimmy Zimmerman, Ray Dymond, Steve Hunter, Jon Beatty. 227 j MAJLjjL jmio m f P|4feJ| Hev A 1 ' ' ' l Row ?; Brenda Miller, Peggy Lienau, Mary Jane Zerba, Louise Roberts, Cynthia Adams, Susan Reese, Betty Atkinson, Gloria Fuller, Mrs. Mayo, Mrs. Martin. Row 2: Anna Hinojosa, Glynda Williams, Diana Williams, Brenda Spires, Cherie LaBerge, Carol Putnam, Sandy Wheeler, Pat Martin, Darlene Hutchinson. Row 3: Michele Magnan, Barbara Aston, Pat McManaway, Mary Lou Thompson, Patsy Anderson, Judy Capan, Ginger Vaughn, June Weeks. Row 4: Celia Haverty, Camille Mulkey, Jeff Deufch, Pat Hardison, Pat latum, Pat Coleman, Anita Clark, Linda Lumpkin, Sue Canaway. Row 5; Deana Bufts, Wayne Heath, Gus Bergstrom, Alan Council, Robert Sweat, John Jordan. Library Council There are some stu- dents in Forrest High who donate their time and ef- fort in helping to pro- mote an efficient Library. OFFICERS: Row I: Mrs. Martin, Head Librarian; Brenda Miller, Secretary; Louise Roberts, President; Cynthia Adams, Vice President; Mrs. Mayo, Assistant Librarian. Row 2: Mary Jane Zerba, Parliamentar- ian; Peggy Lienau, Chaplain; Gloria Fuller, Treasurer; Wayne Heath, Sergeant-at-Arms. 228 Row : Margaret Deavours, Janet DeVille, Terry Clark, Kelly Teter, Judy Capan, Suzanne Wiggins, Susan Reese, LaDonna Musselwhite, Louise Roberts, Candy Ballard. Row 2: Arrie Davis, Gracie Partner, Sue Brett, Rosann Reynolds, Laura Eggleston, Joan Fontaine, Jean Fredrickson, Brenda Spires, Judy Cole, Jimmy Bateman. Row 3: Cherie La Berge, Margie Lowe, Sandy Smith, Kathy Clark, Nancy Carroll, Sharon Cates, Barbara Aimsworth, Gayle Griffin, Michele Patrick, Anita Clark, Carole Giddens. Row 4: Bill Cassidy, Walter Sharmen, Doug Ralph, Nancy Wick, Pat Hardison, Kathy Tally, Bob Hutton, Charlie Davis. Row 5; Biff Welch, Bill Duncan, Tim Clark, Mr. Cantrell, Sponsor, Mr. Bailey, Sponsor, Charles Dorman, Terry Day. Youth for Christ Youth for Christ is an organization inspiring the youth of the school to be- come better Christians through a non-denomina- tional meeting. OFFICERS: Mr. Bailey, Sponsor; Margaret Deavours, Vice President; Jii Treasurer; Mr. Cantrell, Sponsor. Barnes, President; Arrie Davis, 229 OFFICERS: First Row: Betsy Ellis, Secretary; Ellen Oxford, His- torian; Herb Ellis, Vice-President; Karen Koleda, President. Second Row: Beverly Gentry, Treasurer; Tom Sechrest, Publicity Chairman; Linda Boree, Project Chairman. DONOVAN ' S HOME: First Row: Rebecca Schirra, Sygne Dyda, Karen Thom- son. Second Row: Carol Lehosit, JoAnn Koschak, Jean Weaver, Sherry Shep- herd, Karen Koleda. Third Row: Betsy Ellis; Joan Fontaine; Betty Atkinson; Brenda Miller, Chairman; Donna Lerch, Chairman. Fourth Row; Bob Smith, David Fox, Windle McQuaig. The purpose of the Forrest Paramedical Club is to acquaint its members with the many fields and opportunities in medicine, through guest speakers and field trips. First hand hospital experience is gained by volunteer v orl at Donovan ' s Con- valescent Home on Saturdays. Paramedical Club 230 Tf 77? F " Club The " F " Club is a social organization made up of varsity lettermen with the purpose of assisting the athletic depart- ment and the school through various projects and social functions. Projects include: Sale of Football Schedules License Plate Sale Slave Sale Cake Raffles Clean-up Day OFFICERS: First Row. Irish Biyer, Sue Brett, Anna Bennett, Mascots. Second Row: Biff Brogli, Vice-President; Rich Muller, Secretary; Nelson Powell, Ser- geant-at-Arms; Mr. Joe Parl er, Sponsor; not pictured, Bobby Glick, President, First Row: Joe Tilley, Nelson Powell, Biff Brogli, Irish Biyer, Sue Brett, Anna Bennett, Mascots, Mr. Joe Parker, Eddie Cousins, Rick Le Blanc, Jimmy Evans. Second Row: Roy Smith, Iroy Joseph, Curtis Jordan, John Butts, Jim Phillips, Jim Zidlicky, Roger DuPree, Mike Eichler, Kent lownsend. Third Row: Buster Hagenbeck, Ronnie Bare, Don Klicker, John McElroy, Lathan Waters, Rich Muller, Haskell lull, Danny Miller, Mike Stoinoff. Fourth Row: Mike Etheridge, Mike Flanagan, Wayne Danson, Paul Morgan, lim Ridling, Mike Miller, Bucky Baker, David McGee. 231 Row ]: Mike Rudicell, Mr. Ulrich, Ellen Oxford, Mary Jane Zerba, Mr. Kegebien, Tom Fowler. Row 2: Tom Woodruff, Bob Simpler, Keith Allen, Ronnie Wallace, Ken Rebello, Patti Nash. Row 3: Robert Patrick, David LePage, Gary Francis, Pierre Magnan, Walter McNair. Row 4: Larry Russell, Barry Huddleston, David Griggs, Doug Reider. Math Club The purpose of the Math Club is to foster student interest in mathematics. This is done by presenting lectures on mathematics. Activities this year have included a field trip to Jacksonville University. ■U ' 1 % yr- M: OFFICERS: Row I; Ronnie Wallace, Librarian; Doug Reider, Treasurer; Mr. Ulrich, Sponsor; Mr. Kegebien, Sponsor. Row 2; Walter McNair, Secretary; Tom Fowler, Vice President; Mike Rudicell, President. 232 Row ?: Martha Spell, Alethea Lysitt, Louise Roberts, Joyce Vile, Susan Stenshorn, Annette Meeks. Row 2: Bernadita Toves, LaDonna Musselwhite, Susan Nieman, Judy Harrell, Linda Lumpkin. Row 3: Sherry Simmons, Susie Benedict, Betty Depuy, Barbara Bingham, Bonnie Nelson. Row 4: Sand! Thurston, Linda Crider, Charlotta Wylie, Barbara Hightower, Miss Anderson. Tomorrow ' s Secretaries Tomorrow ' s Secretaries is a service club. We try to serve other students and teach- ers through our services. The purpose of the club is to acquaint the members v ith business terms and to extend their knowledge of business ed- ucation. OFFICERS: Row h Alethea Lysitt, Vice President; Louise Roberts, President; Joyce Vile, Secretary. Row 2; Martha Spell, Chaplain; Susan Stenshorn, Treasurer; Miss Anderson, Sponsor. 233 Main Office Staff Row I: Yvonne Whitson, Kaye Waldeck, Sara Korthauer, LaDonna Musselwhite, Peg- gy Lienau. Row 2: Leslie Decker, Nancy Windham, Michele Patrick, Faye East, Glen- da Edmonds. Row 3: Gus Bergstrom, Alan Council, James Aust, Allan AAullins. Joe Berg Scholars Row ;.- Pierre AAagnam, Jack Dillon, Mike Rudicell. Row 2: Ted Uzzle, Besty Ellis, David Griggs. A.V. Operators Bill Cassldy, announcer; Alan Council, co- ordinator; Gus Bergstrom, Assistant; John Jordan. Not picutred, Buford Pruitt and Steve Garcia. Dean of Girls ' Staff Left to Right: Sally Linwick, Miss Miriam Smith. • Assistant Dean of Girls ' Staff Row ;.- Linda Rosa, Linda Hurst, Mrs. Mace, Mrs. Tanzler, Mrs. Darby, Joie Taylor. Row 2: Jimmie Sue McClellan, Diane Weyer, Suzanne Robertson, Kathy Butler, Cindy Cross, Michele Flamand. Row 3; Cathy Gracyzk, Maria Taylor, Alethea Lysitt, Jan Rosser, Francene Wood, Ingrid Arnsdorff. Treasurer ' s Office Staff Mrs. Nix, Treasure Lyons, Sandra Scott, Bonnie Nelson, Donna Braswell, Judy Ann Graves. Not pictured Jan Singletary. Dean of Bovs ' Office Staff Row I: Mike Bhridge, Nelson Powell, Biff Brogli, Mike Miller, Patty Walters, Roy Smith. Row 2: Eileen Kelly, Buzzy Stephens, Joie Taylor, Paul Morgan, Jim Wagner, Bob Smith. Row 3: Andy Hayes, Walter Sharman, Buster Hagenbeck, Beth Heath, Pam Holland, Bill Cassidy, Debbie Welsh. Row 4: Ricky LeBlanc, Mike Wood, David Story, Sandy Thurston, Jim Phillips, Bucky Baker. Guidance Office Staff Row ); Miss Gerbhardt, Diane McDaniel, Judy Royal, Richard Watermolen, Cindy Simmons, Pat Thompson, Mickey Clark, Deborah Schaus, Cindy Marshall, Penny Hartman, Susie Nieman. Row 2: Mr. Shaw, Mrs. Stringer, Jim Barnes, Linda LaSota, Mike Hutcherson, Al Willis, Bobbi Burney, Tom Woodruff, Shirley Toney, Linda Wal- ters, Michele LaCroix. Clerk ' s Office Staff Standing: Sharon Balaguer, Lorry Seward, Peggy Shannon, Laura Eggleston. Seated: Sandi Gay, Mrs. Barge. Dad ' s Club Left to Right; Mr. W. C. Parker, Principal; Mr. Anthony RIcciadelli, Secretary-Treasur- er; Mr. Vic Rosser, President; Mr. Lou Taylor, Immediate Past PresicfBnf; Mr. Ray Stasco, Assistant Principal. P.T.A. Seated: Mr. Stasco. Row 1: Mrs. Bailey, Publicity; Mrs. Day, Art; Mrs. Barefield, Treasurer; Mrs. Lieneau, Third Vice Pres- ident; Mrs. Coleman, President; Mrs. Kitch- ens, First Vice President; Mrs. Vaughn, Recreational Secretary; Mrs. Lifs hutz, Grounds; Mrs. Eldrldge, Safety. Row 2; Mrs. E. Jane Porter, Mental Health; Mrs. K. Stepp, Spiritual Life; Mrs. Till, Telephone Chairman; Miss Sinko, Benevolent and Health; Mrs. Jasinski, Corresponding Sec- retary. P.M.A. left to Right: Mrs. C. C. McMil F. T. Weyer, Mrs. K. C. Rankin. Key Club Jim Tyler, President and Mr. Donald Hazouri, Sponsor. Row 1: Buff Miner, Lou Valla, Ronnie Bare, Sally Linwick, Debbie Toole, Gloria Fuller, Jim Tyler, Phil Losonsky, Chuck Fisher. Row 2: Chuck Strickler, John Timmerman, Jay Kalhn, Ben Tilghman, Steve Avarf, Robin Doering, Tommy Monell, Dave Walters. Row 3; Terry Mathewson, Craig Feaain, Mike Snyder, Alan Cassill, David Cain, Buster Hagenbeck, Richard Stang, Earl Dedman. Row 4. Reggie Baker, David Kevin, Jerry Lucas, John Knowles, Mike Cole, Karl Thomas, Bud Johnson. Row 5: Charlie Davis, Mike Leavell. 238 OFFICERS: Row I seafed; Terry Mathewson, Historian; Phil Losonsky, Chaplain. Row 2: Chuck Fisher, Treasurer; Bud Johnson, Sergeant-at-Arms; Buff Miner, Corresponding Secretary; Ronnie Bare, Vice Pres- ident; Jim Tyler, President; Lou Valla, Recording Secretary. Row I: Bud Johnson, Sergeant-at-Arms; Ronnie Bare, Vice President; Sally Linwick, Debbie Toole, Gloria Fuller, WVascotS; Jimmy Tyler, President- Robin Doering, Senior Director. Row 2: Terry Mathewson, Historian; Tommy Monell, Junior Director; Lou Valla, Recording Secretary; Buff Miner, Cor- responding Secretary; Phil Lonsonsky, Chaplain; Chuck Strickler, Sophomore Director; Chuck Fisher, Treasurer. 239 Becki Hucks, President A council which has good planning, worthwhile projects and enthusi- astic workers will usually score as a successful group. This year has been one which Forrest can remember as a year of successful firsts: The Revlon ' s Dance, the Thanksgiving canned-food drive, and the Christmas door decoration project being the most outstanding. The Student Council of Forrest can look upon these accomplishments as a challenge to continue its role as a leader in the school, county and state. As president I have observed working democratic ideas put into prac- tice. I hope that the projects and standards set by this year will be a stepping-stone for future years to climb to greater heights of democracy and success. Becki Hucks, President Student Row ?: Ronnie Bare, Carol Collins, Bobby Click, Connie Voltz, Brenda Lott, Becky Hucks, Keith Allen, Reggie Baker, Terry Clark, Karen Larsen, Sally Ostertag, Becky lane. Row 2: Pat Walters, Diana Blandford, Kathy Schultz, Nancy Windham, Lu Gushanas, Peggy Cutts, Arrie Davis, Marliyn Sutton, Susan Engel, John Robbins, Miriam Holtz, Karen McFetrich, Phil Losonsky, Irish Biyer. Row 3; Sharon Beck, Pat Beauchamp, Gail Johnson, Sandi Burkhart, Linda Eberle, Beverly Gentry, Peggy Shannon, Pat Black, 240 Keith Allen, Vice President Mr. Jim Foster, Sponsor Council Michele LaCroix, Robert Overby, Linda Hursf, Linda Rosa. Row 4: Laura Ware, Debbie Toole, Judy Robbins, June Weeks, Patrice French, Nancy Clay, Joie Taylor, Bob Mutton, Nancy Usiak, Carol Gushanas, Sandi Byars, Sharon Balaguer. Row 5: Cindy Lett, Kathy Muller, Larry Burris, David Fox, Ray Anderson, Jim Phillips, Tom Woodruff, David Smith, Mike Baxter, Jim Wagner. 241 Unique as a campus organization, the Student Council has as its members every student. Under the leadership of eight students elected at large, a faculty spon- sor, and representatives from each home- room the council strives to act in the best interest of all in legislation, fund-raising, service and social activities. As a coordinating force it seeks to link the faculty and the students, practice dem- ocratic principles, promote school spirit and train the students to be responsible Americans. Mr. Parker addresses Student Council sponsored sophomore orientation. Student Council Alternates Row J: Lorry Seward, Pam Bates, Judy Cole, Annette Jackson, Alice Nastri, Elaine Carroll, Gloria Harrison, Jan Finster, Sally Linwick. Row 2: Caria Greatrex, Martha Spell, Lee Ann Vavra, Bobbi Burney, Cindy Flowers, Shary Dobbs, Trudy Cooksey, Margie Lowe. Row 3: Nancy Wick, Pat Thompson, Ricky Le Blanc, Biff Brogli, Charlie Davis, Steve Avart, Shelly Newman, Sandy Sfarczewski. Row 4: John Bacon, Joe Gillis, Joe Henry, Jim Tyler, Lon! Voyles, Cheri L ' Orange, Gail Silcox, Karen Pierce. Row 5. Bud Johnson. 242 Student Council Activities CALENDAR Football Ribbons Get Acquainted Day Inter-Club Council Mr. and Miss Forrest Dance Orientation Day Service Project Student Council Banquet Student Directory Student Council Elections Student Handbook Sponsored Bus to Panama City Student Council Officers Row I: Bobby Click, Sergeant-at-Arms; Connie Volfz, Chaplain; Karen Larsen, Historian; Terry Clark, Parliamentarian; and Carole Collins, Representative of Senior Class. Row 2: Brenda Lott, Secretary; and Becki Hucks, President. Row 3: Reggie Baker, Treasurer; and Keith Allen, Vice-President. 243 Student Court Justices The Student Court is designed to dem- onstrate to students tine procedure of a Democratic court system on a school level. JUSTICES: Row !: Tom Woodruff, Peggy Shannon, Mary Dick, Gary Francis. Row 2: Mike Rudicell, Bob Brown. ATTORNEYS: Row h Mary Jane Zerba, Jack Dillon, Ted Uzzle, Terry Clark. Row 2: John Frketic, John Cox, Richard Muller. 244 Phi-Hi-Y Phi Hi-Y ' s purpose is to create, maintain and extend throughout home, school and community, hig h standards of Christian living. OFFICERS: Mike Stewart, City Council Representative; Bruce Childers, Treasurer; Eddie Diggs, Chaplain; Glenn Crawford, Vice-President; Terry Boyd, President; John Dillaberry, Sports Advisor; Bob Bailey, Secretary. Row 1: John Dillaberry, Eddie Diggs, Terry Boyd, Glenn Crawford, Bob Bailey, Bruce Childers. Row 2: Mike Stewart, Bill Stepler, Hugh McNichols, Ricky LeBlanc, Ronnie Dobbs. Row 3: Horace Strickland, Wayne Brown, Marc Hayes, Steve Tanner, Joe Furlong. Row 4: Roger Harmon, Mike Barley, Robert Crawford, Gerald Green, Richard Collins, Rocky Garcia, 245 OFFICERS: Row J: Donna Linder, Vice President; Linda Rosa, Historian; Mr. Bragoz, Sponsor; Tom Woodruff, Pres- ident; Susan Doherty, Treasurer; Mary Dick, Chaplain; Nancy Clay, Secretary. National Honor Society Row I: Becky Hucks, Pat Ward, Carol Davis, Becky Carlton, Mr. Bragoz, Sponsor, Lynn Piatt, Elaine Hicks, Shirley Williams, La Donna Musselwhite, Shar on Vise, Carol Collins. Row 2: Susan Stenshorn, Sandra Scott, Merry Ellen Oxford, Donna Linder, Patti Nash, Nancy Clay, Mary Dick, Mary Ellen Falls, Terry Clark, Kathleen Godwin, Judy Graves, Peggy Shannon. Row 3: Faye East, Francene Wood, Jill Herndon, Barbara McMahan, Linda Rosa, Susan Doherty, Bobbi Burney, Rich Muller, Jack Dillon, Tom Woodruff, Frank Lindamood. Row 4: Ken Rebello, Bobby WSIick, Kent Townsend, Ronnie Wallace, Robert Brown, John Cox, Tom Fowler, Larry Russell, Mike McCreight, Steve Matheny, Mike Rudicell. ' Y {j ' - ' 246 The National Honor Society is composed of members who not only qualify scholastically, but also exhibit outstanding character, leadership and service qualities. The talents and abilities of its members have made the National Honor So- ciety a truly outstanding club on campus. The club has served the school by sponsoring honors assemblies, a tutoring service, the school Brain Brawl team and an American Heritage proj- ect for the new school. In addition, the NHS has served the community by taking local orphans to the zoo and has been active in the District and State National Honor Society Organization. 1 . ' 1 Mr. Lloyd Bragoz, Sponsor INDUCTEES: Row ): Sue Salerno, Martha DeMaggio, Melanie White, Sarah Saucer, Judy Belser, Betsy Ellis. Row 2: Karen McFetrich, Terry Hockett, Paulette Pullen, Susan Acree, Judy Hornsby, Karen Cibula. Row 3: Linda Sellers, Sarah Myers, Patrice French, Judy Cole, Linda Allen, Mary Jane Zerba. Row 4: Buff Minor, Reggie Baker, Carl Bock, Mac Oxford, Craig Smith, Ted Uzzle. Row 5; Barry Huddlesfon, Roger Harmon, David Griggs, David LePage, Robert Simpler, Mike Shaver. 247 THESPIAN OFFICERS: Seated: James Aust, Vice President; George Clausen, Pres- HONOR BAR; Row : James Aust, Tom Sechrest, Gary Furnish, ident; Tom Sechrest, Treasurer. Row 2: Mrs. E. Jane Porter, Sponsor; Arrie Davis, Row 2: Terry Clark Lynn Magin, Nancy Power, Nancy Woods. Secretary; Margaret Deavours, Chaplain; Lynn Jordan, Record Clerk; Susan Brett, Historian; Susan Briggs, Publicity. Thespi lans THESPIANS; Raw 1: Mary Dick, Nancy Clay, Marleen Chester, Cecilia Holtz, Margaret Deavours, Arrie Davis, Nancy Woods, Elaine Hicks, Lynn Magin, Susan Briggs. Row 2: Nancy Power, Diana Williams, June Weeks, Diane Bookman, Sue Brett, Jan Bofto, Cecilia Olsen, Lynne Jordan, Terry Clark. Row 3; Tom Sechrest, James Aust, Bob Smith, Bob Brown, Charles Dorman, George Clausen, Al Willis, Gary Furnish, Mike Burris, Jimmy Johnston. 248 The National Thespian Society is an or- ganization of students who have excelled in dramatics. The Society is devoted to the advancement of dramatic arts in the sec- ondary schools. STANDING COAAMITTEE CHAIRMEN: Gary Furnish, June Weeks, Diana Williams, Nancy Power, Nancy Woods, ' Elaine Hicks. STAGE CREW: Row I: Terry Clark, Gary Furnish, Stage Manager; Elaine Hicks. Row 2: James Aust, Jimmy Johnston, Mike Bur- ris, David Fox. THESPIAN INDUCTEES: Row J.- Susan Jones, Nancy Ghito, Bar- bara Jorgenson, Sally Linwick, Linda Smith. Row 2: Ginger Lindsey, Bonnie Bolduc, Karen Moore, Kathy Butler, Judy Cole. Row 3: David Fox, Douglas Hodge, Tim Clark, Larry Bare- field, Jerry Lucas. 249 Row I; Miss Anderson, Judy Harrell, Michele Flamand, Mary Jo Brooks, Jan Anderson, Cathy Childers, Susie Nieman, Don Klicker, Joie Taylor, Cindy Cross, Kathy Boutwell, Kaye Cooke, Susan Ketchie, Sharon Sluder, Jill Hickman, Miss Cox. Row 2: Barbara Jorgenson, Becky Lynn, Linda Fitzgerald, Charlene Stiles, Linda Carter, Carol Martin, Jane Elliot, Patty Teate, Vicki Carter, Marcia Malan, Brenda Miller, Charlotte Stringer, Cynthia Crouse, Cheri L ' Orange, Sharon Johnson. Row 3.- Candy Hall, Jeanne Pahota, Debbie Hall, Judy Strauss, Pat Ward, Sandra Scott, Treasure Lyons, Lynn Mueller, Kathy Nieman, Linda Hammond, Marsha Scott, Sharon Balaguer, Janice White. Row 4: Laura Ware, Sally Ostertag, Linda Morris, Lee Ann Vavra, Diane Weyer, Frances Weyer, Lynn Boatright, Cheryl Mock, Nancy Power, Ginger Vaughn, Beverly Gentry, Linda Boree. Row 5: Lonnie Voyles, Linda Smith, Kathy Darby, Margie Wilson, Becky Lane, Barbara Marks, Sandy Smith, Karen Pierce, Marsha Bost, Carol Mathis, Carolyn Bolick, Lee Cross, Louise Latner, Sharon Keller. Fleur de Lis Fleur de Lis is a school spon- sored organization striving to- ward the purpose of serving its school and community through service projects. Its activities in- clude the Heart Fund Drive, a trip to Hope Haven Hospital, a Christmas dance. Thanksgiving baskets, and various school projects. OFFICERS: Row 7: Miss Anderson, Sponsor; Miss Cox, Sponsor; Joie Taylor, President; Cindy Cross, Vice President; Kathy Boutwell, 2nd Vice President; Marsha Bost, Secretary; Don Klicker, Mascot. Row 2: Sharon Sluder, Treasurer; Kaye Cooke, Program Chairman; Susie Nieman, Service Chairman; Carolyn Mathis, Parliamentarian; Susan Ketchie, Chaplain; Jill Hickman, Chairman (Money raising); Cathy Childers, Historian. 250 Y-TEENS The Forrest Y-Teens is a Fellowship of girls, striving to promote both spiritually and socially those ideals to which we dedicate our lives as Christians. OFFICERS: Row h Linda Mason, Secretary; Donna Bryant, President; Roy Smith, Mascot; Joanne Baker, Vice President; Francine Hill, Treasurer; Kathy Jarvis, Chaplain. Row 2; Nancy Box, World Fellowship Chairman; Susie Williams, Parliamentarian; Paula McQuire, Service Project Chairman; Betsy Dodd, ICC Delegate; Diane Baker, Social Chairman; Barbara Fowler, Program Chairman. Forrest Y-Teens Row I: Susie Williams, Linda Mason, Kathy Jarvis, Roy Smith, mascot; Diane Bal er, Linda Lawton, Joanne Baker, Barbara Fowler. Row 2: Donna Bryant, Kathy McCall, Caria Greatrex, Stephanie Ruppert, Laura Robinson, Patty Watson, Jennie DeLoach. Row 3: Sandi Byars, Joyce Schwartz, Myra Smith, Julia Hiers, Arlene Clary, Shirley King, Barbara King. Row 4: Nancy Box, Mary Calhoun, Carol Longton, Verna Boree, Betsy Dodd, Paula McQuire, Diane Tuten. 251 Row (, Cathy Brown; Penny Hartman; Mrs. Morton, Sponsor; Mary Jane Zerba; Pam Bates. Row 2: Peggy DiTursi, Gloria Harrison, Mike Lowery, Kathy Schert, Nancy Woods. Row 3: Owen Robarts, Danny Schert, Charles Schirra. Future Teachers The Future Teachers of Amer- ica strives to cultivate each per- son ' s qualities of leadership in the teaching profession. The members learn by substitute teaching. OFFICERS: Row 7: Peggy Ditursi, Vice President; Mrs. Morton, Sponsor; Kathie Schert, President; Nancy Woods, Secretary. Row 2: Danny Schert, Chaplain; Mary Jane Zerba, Treasurer; Charles Schirra, Historian. 252 Forrest Acorns The staff of the Forrest Acorns works to publish the news at school truthfully and to reflect the school through the paper. Barbara Fowler, Co-Editor. 1 Miss Mary Ellen McClurkin, Sponsor. Kathy Deagan, Co-Editor. Motorcycle Or)e: Irish Biyer, Biff Brogli. Two: Kathy Deagan, Brenda Lett, Priscilla Coleman. Three: Barbara Fowler, Linda Lawton, Cindy Lot!, Terry Boyd. Four: Mike lowrey. Miss Mary Ellen McClurkin, John Corbitt, Joe Furlong. Five: Betsy Teske, Eileen Kelly, Donna Brvant, Herb Ellis. 253 The purpose of all our Hi-Y activities is to mold outstanding men on campus into leaders of tomorrow. We base our actions on a platform of clean speech, a clean mind, and a clean body. Our scope of activities includes many service projects in our school and community which in turn tend to raise the value of our members. Sports play a large part of our planned activity. We compete with other Hi-Y clubs throughout the city in most of the major sports. We also have our share of socials during the year. Many, such as the outdoor roovie and hay ride, have become a tradition in Omega Hi-Y. Omega Hi-Y Robert Overby President, 1965-1966 Left to Right Mr Riechman, Sponsor, Lu Gushanas, Mas cot, Robert Overby, President Omega Hi-Y fflo . iLm . 1 ■ l-fe ' ' ' f ' t ' . ' JI: MEMBERS: Row : John Butts, Butch Van Matre, Mike Hawkins, Mr. Riechman, Sponsor; Lu Gushanas, Sweetheart; Robert Overby, Buddy Kane, bob Hullon, Buzzy Stephens, Joe Pierotti, Larry Ridley. Row 2; Glenn Crawford, David Hilton, Kenny Wood, Tommy Kitchens, Lamar Roth, Bill Brannen, Craig Jones, Gerry Gray, Jon Yonn, John Hulsberg. Row 3: Mike Wood, Craig Pearce, Don Hancock, Joe Tilley, Rusty Cummings, Tommy Hosford, Mike Stoinoff, Michael Hughes, Larry Forrest. Row 4: Ronnie Bethea, Bobby Simpler, John Devero, Bob Duprey, Mike Lorick, Jerry Vance, Mike Byers, Roger Bowers, Al Wilson, Wayne Pearson. Row 5: Rodney Lupo, Paul Kavin, Chuck Garcia, Derek Sharpe, Charlie Schumacher, Billy Hackel- ton, John Elliston, Bruce Douglas, Richard Heider. Row 6: Charlie Gray, Milton Clements, Jimmy McCormick. 254 V OFFICERS: Row !.- Mr. Riechman, Sponsor; Lu Gushanas, Mascot; Micheal Hawkins, Vice PresicJent; Robert Overby, President. Row 2: Buddy Kane, Treasurer; Joe Tilley, Assistant Athletic Director; Joe Pieroti, Assistant Athletic Di[ector; Buzzy Stephens, Recording Secretary; John Butts, Chaplain; Butch Man Matre, Sergeant-at-Arms. Row 3: Larry Ridley, Historian; Richard Heider, City Council Representative; Bob Hutton, Corre- sponding Secretary and Social Chairman. Omega Hi-Y SENIOR OMEGA HI-Y: Row ?: Butch Van Matre; Robert Overby; Lu Gushanas, Mascot; John Wood, Ronnie Bethea, Bob Hutton, Craig Pearce, Bill Brannen, Micheal Hughes. Row 3; Joe Larry Ridley. Row 4: Tommy Kitchens, Mike Vi ' ood, W ayne Pearson, Mike Stoinoff. jtts; Mr. Riechman; John Hulsberg. Row 2: Kenny ey, Glenn Crawford, David Hilton, Rodney Lupo, 255 Even when we consider our many achieve- ments over the past year we cannot be satisfied. The superior rating we have earned among the other eighteen Hi-Y ' s in Jacksonville does much more than merely commend our efforts. It also issues us a challenge to make full use of the po- tential we have in furthering our advancements— anything less would be an injustice to ourselves. I sincerely hope you will continue to maintain our high standards. Unfortunately, that alone will not suffice if you desire your club to prosper in the future. You must elevate your goals far be- yond the point we have already reached and strive to accomplish those desired goals. Robert Overby President Omega Hi-Y Robert Overby President Left to right: Mrs. Armstrong, Sponsor; Celia Haverty, Vice-President; Wayne Miklos, Secretary; Sherry Chambers, President; Charles Dor- man, Treasurer; Kathy Deagan, Chaplain; Miss King, Sponsor. National Forensic League The National Forensic League strives to create participation, enthusiasm, appre- ciation and skill in the various facets of the art of public speaking. Left to right: Mrs. Armstrong, Sponsor; Sherry Chambers, President; Celia Haverty, Vice-President; Miss King, Sponsor. 257 D.C.T. OFFICERS: left o right: Top Row: Larry Hudgins, President; Kandy EyI, Vice President; Jeanne Crews, Treasurer; Cheryl Gray, Secretary; Glenn Milton, Sergeant-at-Arms; Lenora Walton, Chaplain; Pat Black, Student Council Representative; Mary Copeland, Club Reporter. Bottom Row; Mr. C. E. Russell, Sponsor; Sharon Sluder, Florida CEC Recording Secretary. The purpose of the Forrest High D.C.T. Club is to provide activity and leadership by participating in community projects and club socials. Diversified Cooperative Training D.C.T. MEMBERS; left to right: First Row; Susie Benedict, Judy Williams, Cheryl Gray, Pat Black, Mary Ann Flynn, Kandy EyI, Jeanne Crews, Lenora Walton. Second Row: Craig Pearce, June Young, Sharon Sluder, Susan Ketchie, Dianne Lightfoot, Edith Wiggins, Mary Copeland, Larry Hudgins. Third Row; Jim Hughes, Mark Vyrros, Elias Morgan, Bill Miller, George Bradberry, and Glenn Milton. 258 Sharon Sluder, State Recording Secretary, explains problem from Business Fundamentals to President Larry Hudgins. Student Trainee Susie Benedict Pat Black George Bradberry Mary Copeland Jeann e Crews Kandy EyI Mary Ann Flynn Cheryl Gray Larry Hudgins Jim Hughes Susan Ketchie Dianne Lightfoot Bill Miller Glenn Milton Elias Morgan Craig Pearce Sharon Sluder Lenora Walton Edith Wiggins Judy Williams June Young Mark Vyrros Training Agencies Blue Cross— Blue Shield Sanford A. Mullen, M.D. Riverside Bank of Jacksonville Griffin ' s Pharmacy Duval Medical Society Prudential Insurance Company of America Prudential Insurance Company of America Westside Atlantic Bank Blue Cross— Blue Shield Atlantic National Bank Jacksonville Public Library Blue Cross— Blue Shield Duval County Board of Public Instruction Rivers Body Factory Butler ' s Shoe Store Blue Cross— Blue Shield Gulf Life Insurance Co. Blue Cross— Blue Shield W. T. Grant Company Blue Cross— Blue Shield W. T. Grant Company Carpco Research Engineering, Inc. Diversified Cooperative Training. " I hope Mr. Stasco doesn ' t catch us sneaking off like this. " " Don ' t complain, I told you I couldn ' t draw a straight line " 259 Sally Linwick, President. Mrs. Lois Mace, Sponsor. Senior Girls Row I: Mary Flynn, Vera Braun, Betty Atkinson, Jean Fontaine, Sherilyn Easley, Pat Black, Carolyn Bevan, Peggy Fritfon, Kent Townsend, Jean Fredrikson, Kathy Deagan, Bobbi Burney, Susan Doherty, Barbara Fowler, Terry Clark, Mary Ellen Falls, Mary Dick. Row 2: Cookie Andreasoa Susan Engel, Barbara Carter, Sygne Dyda, Laura Eggleston, Kathy Butler, Faye East, Priscilla Coleman, Kaye Cooke, Nancy Clay, Cynthia Adams, Cathy Brock, Candy Ballard, Marleen Chester, Mary Copeland. Row 3: Sandy Burkhart, Gloria Fuller, Michele Flamand, Penny Frazee, Alana Ford, Leslie Decker, Christy Bailey, Donna Braswell, Linda Carter, Linda Bass, Barbara Bingham, Kandy EyI, Jeanne Crews, Carol Coffin. Row 4: Betsy Dodd, Cindy Cross, Dora Dingham, Barbara Buffington, Martha Clements, Diane Baker, Betsy Andrews, Cindy Flowers, Dottie Flores, Peggy Cutts, Carol Collins, JoAnn Farwell, Marsha Bost, Cynthia Bonham, Carol Davi5. Row 5: Monica Darrah, Cathy Cooney, Jane Elliot, Ingrid Arnsdorff, Mary French, Debbie Brown, Michele Cascone, Lee Cross, JoAnne Baker, Carolyn Bolick, Cathy Boutwell, Linda Crider, Becky Carlton, De Anne Donnell. Row 6: Vicki Decker, Susie Benedict, Jennie DeLoach, Karen Donahue, Betty DePuy, Cindy DeLany, Cheryl Elder, Pat Dollar. 260 SENIOR GIRL ' S OFFICERS: Row 1. Shirley Williams, Vice President; Kent Townsend, Mascot; Mrs. Lois Mace, Sponsor; Wayne Danson, Mascot; Sally Linwick, President. Row 2.- Nancy Windham, Sergeant-at-Arms; Leslie Decker, Treasurer; Carol Collins, Chaplain; Francene Wood, Secretary; Cherryl Waldron, Historian. Senior Girls Row I: Kathy Higby, Penny Hartman, Linda Lumpkin, Debbie Hall, Candy Hall, Judy Harrell, Annette Jackson, Wayne Danson, Michele LaCroix, Cindy Hayhurst, Pam Deig, Barbara Creamer, Frances Jackson, Becki Hucks, Pam Langille. Row 2: Susie Nieman, Sara Korthauer, Annette Meeks. Francene Hill, Gloria Gray, Cecila Holtz, Robin Jones, Lu Gushanas, Sally Linwick, Donna Lerch, Karen Koleda, Paula McGuire, Stephanie Crabbe, Karen Larsen, Brenda Miller, Sharon Gaskins. Row 3: Cherie Mills, Pat Ivey, LaDonna Musselwhite, Camille Mulkey, Linda Morris, Anita LeGrand, Phyl Morgan, Bonnie LeMoine, Linda Hilton, Phyllis Meclewski, Cindy Marshall, Linda Hurst, Darlene Hutchinson, Barbara McMahan, Winnie Gribble, Linda Martin, Carolyn Groover. Row 4: Linda Lawton, Lynne Magin, Patti Nash, Diane McDaniel, Pat Martin, Karen Grimes, Cheryl Gray, Janet Bales, Nancy Ghito, Becky Grant, Alice Gore, Vicki Macnamara, Jill Herndon, Jackie McRae, Mary Cantrell, Row 5: Sherry Gardner, Patricia Nunnery, Cheryl Mock, Linda Hickey, Alethea Lysitt, Treasure Lyons, Pamela Holland, Carol Martin, Carolyn Mathis, Susan Ketchie, Jill Hickman, Karen Moore, Bette Jones, Shirley King, Tonja Maliniak. 261 The Senior Girls Club strives to create a feeling of unity within the class and through its projects better our school. Senior Girls actively participate in Rebel Yell. Senior Girls Row I: Janice White, Carol Pitman, Cheryl Thompson, Jeanne Pahota, Judy Strauss, Alice Nastri, Joie Taylor, Kent Townsend, Wayne Danson, Shirley Williams, Lynette Williams, Nancy Windham, Sharon Vice, Sherry Trubshaw, Marsha Scott. Row 2: Charlotte Thomson, Pat Walters, Linda White, Linda Schufeldt, Louise Patrick, Lynn Piatt, Kathie Schert, Betsy Teske, Sandi Thurston, Claudia Nicks, Joyce Vile, Louise Roberts, Bernadita Toves, Martha Spell, Pat Wainwright, Pat Siverson. Row 3; Sandy Stubbs, Sharon Weir, Pat Watford, Gail Wilson, Janice Reese, Judy Savage, Suzanne Robertson, Judi Robertson, Stephanie White, Susan Stenshorn, Peggy Shannon, Diane Weyer, LeeAnn Vavra, Nancy Power. Row A: Cecilia Olsen, Beverly Thomas, Jo-Ann Paddleford, Sandra Scott, Sharon Sluder, Karen Pickett, Nan Hightower, Carlotta Wylie, Barbara Hightower, Kathy Swisher, Cherryl Waldron, Linda Rosa, Trisha Biyer, Cheryl Williams, Janice Wills, Judy Williams. Row 5; Linda Tuten, Jan Story, Lynda Roscoe, Merry Ellen Oxford, Judy Pahota, Sandra Russell, Sheila Riebling, Lynn Turner, Pam Simcoke, Francene Wood, Velma Sharpton, Shirley Toney, Susan Sevulsky, Cynthia Robertson, Laura Stokes. Row 6: Sherry Shepherd, Patti Jo Sapp, Debbie Rouch, Pat Ward, Pam Wells, Lenora Walton, Linda Tibbetts, Judy Williams, Cindy Reynold:, Linda Woodson, Linda Walters, Edith Wiggins, Linda Stephens, Bonnie Nelson, Debbie Schaus, June Young. 262 1 ' " SB Cli SILKS: Row ?: Patty Jo Sapp, Nan Hightower, Martha Spell, Nancy Ghito, Carolyn Bevin, Linda Hilton, Suzanne Robertson, Phyllis Meclewski, Row 2: Shiela Riebling, Lynn Turner, Co-Captain; Pat Martin, Alana Ford, Judy Savage, Captain; Ellen Oxford, Sandra Russell, Sharon Vise. Row 3: Don Klicker, Wayne Danson, Joanne Baker, Francine Hill, Cheryl Elder, Faye East, Jennie DeLoach, Karen Koleda, Donna Lerch, Donna Braswell, John Butts. Silk and Satin Teams SATINS: Row I: Barbara Hightower, Janice Reese, Delores Brown, Sally Linwick, Carol Uavis, LeeAnn Vavra, Shirley Williams, Phyllis Morgan, Nancy Windham, Captain. Row 2; Gary Bangle, Diane Baker, Tonja Maliniak, Mary Ellen Falls, Debbie Brown, Kaye Cooke, DeAnne Donnell, Sandi Thurston, Leslie Decker, Biff Brogli. Row 3, Eddie Cousins, Mike Cain, Carlotta Wylie, Patsy Dollar, Kathie Schert, Louise Patrick, Debbie Rouch, Jan Singletary, Barbara McMahan, Cheryl Atock, Claudia Nicks, Linda Lawton, Nelson Powell. 263 Karen Cibula, Co-Editor-in-Chief; Miss Rebecca Hamby, Sponsor; and Jimmie Lee Rowan, Co- Editor-in-Chief. EDITORIAL STAFF: John Elliston, Karen Cibula, Jimmie Lee Rowan, Janice hite, Patty Teate, Claudia Nicks, and Steve Avart. Confederate Staff CONFEDERATE STAFF: Row 1: Seated: Phil Losonsky, Steve Avart, and Karen Cibula. Row 2: Srandmg. John Elliston, Janet Graves, Sally Ostertag, Patty Teate, Vicki Carter, Janice White, Barbara Jorgenson, Peggy Shannon, Patty Walters, Jimmie Lee Rowan, Claudia Nicks, and Vicki Macnamara. Row 3; Standing: Mike Baxter, Mike Manley and Acey Bowden. 264 The staff checks other yearbooks for new ideas. Claudia Nicks checks with John Elliston on an ad- vertisement. Martha Noles, Karen Cibula and Vicki Macnamara sell yearbooks industriously. 265 Sn HHlHHIHHil " BUSSSiSS? BK S Left fo Right: Claudia Cattell; Marti Veatch; Janet Selby; Anna Bennett, Head Majorette; Carol Washburn; Christie Terpening. juana Martinez, Sen or. Majorettes Left to Right: Susan Merkey, Claudia Cattell, Marti Veatch, Janet Selby, Carol Washburn, Anna Bennett, Head Majorette; Linda Thomas, Patti Mc- Comb, Susan W(5pd, Christie Terpening, Ijuana Martinez. 266 Row I; Claudia Cattell, Anna Bennett, Head Majorette; Linda Thomas, Susan Merkey. Row 2: Marti Veatch, Janet Selby, Carol Washburn, Ronnie Bethea, Drum Major; Susan Wood, Christie Terpening, Ijuana Martinez. Row I: Janet Selby, Carol Washburn, Anna Bennett, Marti Veatch, Claudia Cattell. Row 2: Susan Merkey, Ijuana Martinez, Christie Terpening, Linda Thomas, Patti McComb, Susan Wood. 267 Marching " Rebel " Band The purpose of the band is to instill in its mem- bers an appreciation of good music and to create a desire in its members to become more skilled on their particular instrument. The band also fur- nishes fellowship and helps to build school spirit. Mrjf- fic.v ]: Ronnie Bethea, Drum Major. Row 2: Claudia Cattell, Janet Selby, Anna Bennett, Linda Thomas. Row 3: Susan Merkey, Marti Veatch, Carol Washburn, Susan Wood, Christie Terpening, Ijuana Martinez. Row 4: Pat Ickes, John M. Jones, Karen McCart, Mary Patterson, Windle McQuaig, Karen Larsen. Row 5: Stephanie Smith, Al Peterson, Bill Dennis, Ricky James, Ken McMillan, Pat Welch. Row 6: Al Kaempfer, John Ainley, John Shelley, Pat Shockey, Jerry Priest, Richard Miller. Row 7: Peggy Shannon, Marsha Jordan, Fred Church, Glenn Wallace, Jeff Cooper, Roger Fair. Row S.- Kitty Raker, Sharon Garvey, Sharon Scott, Edwin Bryant, Scott Jones, Myra Smith. Row 9; Diane Weyer, Steve Infinger, Eddie Ray, Nancy Preston, Sarah Saucer, Bill Nichols. Row 10.- Barbara Boyette, Vonnie Welch, Cynthia Crouse, Paul Rasamis, Barbara Sides, Carol Valentine. Row J I: Lee Ann Vavra, Tina Whitson, Jim Winko, Sherrill Raker, Carol Suberly. Row 12: Bob Markland, Ted Uzzle, Butch Till, Wally Smith, Jeff Ingram, Bruce Hutchinson. Row 13: Tommie Allen, Ron Connally. 268 Ron Connally, Treasurer Peggy Shannon, President Ronnie Bethea, Drum Major Sarah Saucer, Secretary Butch Till, Vice President Roi ' ;.- Pat Welch, Al Peterson, Ken McMillan, Ronnie Bethea, Bill Dennis, Bill Ray. Row 2: John M. Jones, John K. Jones, Al Kaempfer, John Shelley, Richard Miller, Jerry Priest, Pat Ickes, Karen McCart, Mary Patterson, Billy Carmichael, Windle McQuaig, Karen Larsen, Peggy Shannon. 269 Concert Band Charles M. Ball, Director. Row 7: Barbara Sides, Nancy Preston, Vonnie Welch, Cynthia Crouse, Tfna Whitson, Carol Valentine, Patfi McComb, Carol Washburn. Row 2; Peggy Shannon, Jeff Cooper, Marsha Jordan, Barbara Boyette, Claudia Cattell, Diane Weyer, Bill Nichols, Patrice French, Ronnie Bethea, Ken McMillan, Al Peterson, Bill Dennis, Bill Ray, Bert King, Ted Uzzle. Row 3; Myra Smith, Pat Shockey, Scott Jones, Fred Church, Sharon Garvey, Glenn Wallace, Carol Suberly, Marti Veatch, Stephen Homewood, Jerry Priest, John Ainley, John Shelley, Richard Miller, Al Kaempfer, Christie . Terpening, Sarah Saucer, Edwin Bryant, Eddie Ray, Steve Infinger. Row 4: Ijuana Martinez, Sharon Scott, Janet Selby, Carol Lehosit, John Meese, Linda Thomas, Susan Wood, Paul Rasamis, Pat Welch, Bob Markland, Jeff Ingram, Buddy Emerson, Jim Winko, Butch Till, Wally Smith, Ron Connally, Tommie Allen, John K. Jones, Stephanie Smith, Pat Ickes, Billy Carmichael, Karen McCart, Mary Patterson, John M. Jones, Windle McQuaig, Karen Larsen. 270 Practice . . . Performance Forrest ' s 1965-66 Cheerleading Squad Patty Walters Donna Linder Carol Collins Lu Gushanas sKafeiiLi Irish Biyer Head Cheerleader Sandy Fake 274 Charlotte Thomson Linda Rosa Bobbi Burney M ■ -A V 1 f 1 V ( WJ yL»l,.._ . w i.-.. Miss Sadler Cheerleader Sponsor ' ' ' ik s f ' Shd ' m The Cheerleaders Sponsor Finest Rebel Yell Ever h ■_r:_:r.. 276 BB i ' i w »iis£ SPORTS 277 Jerry Disch Athletic Director; l-lead Foot- bail. Ralph Bennett Baseball; J.V. Football. Milton Cooper Swimming; Head J.V. Foot- ball. Daniel Doar Assistant Football; J.V. Base- ball. Boys ' Coaches James Foster Assistant Football; J.V. Basket- ball; J.V. Track. Fred Girgis Assistant Football; Tennis. Charles AAcPhilomy Irac c— Cross Country; J.V. Footbail. Joe Parker Wrestling; J.V. Football. 278 Peter Sou lis Assistant Football; Weights. James Watson Basketball; Golf. Outstanding Athletes Wayne Danson Football, Baseball Kent Townsend Football, Basketball Bobby Click Basketball, Baseball Danny Hawkins Basketball, Baseball 279 Jerry Disch, Head Coach Kent Townsend and Jim Zidlicky, Co-Captains 1965 Varsity Football Team . -tt- Don Butts, Jim Wagne 280 1965 Schedule 7 Wolfson 25 7 Lee 14 7 Englewood 14 20 Ribault 27 7 Fletcher 6 16 Jackson Panama City 36 7 Terry Parker 13 21 Bishop Kenny 12 Faxon 14 Don Berg Halfback Biff Brogli Halfback John Butts Fullback Mike Cain End Eddie Cousins Fullback Wayne Danson Halfback Seni enioi Paul Morgan Split End Richard Muller Halfback Nelson Powell Guard Tim Ridling End Lettermen Kent Townsend Quarterback Ronnie Valade Tackle Robert VanMatre End, Kicker Mike Wood Shorf End Jim Zidlicky Tackle, End 283 Kneeling: Bruce Arnsdorff, Manager; Teddy Aultman, Manager. Row 2; Kent Town end, Ronnie Bare, Jimmy Jackson, David Batten, Jim Phillips, Danny Hawkins, James Watson, Coach; Rowland Sumner, Curtis Jordan, Butch Van Matre, Horace Strickland, Bobby Glick, Floyd Matthews. Varsity Basketball Gateway Conference Champions County Champions Group 4 — Class AA Champions Region 1 — Class AA — Second Place Row 7: Coach, Jim Watson. Row 2: Ronnie Bare, Kent Townsend, Jimmy Jackson, David Batter,, Jim Phillips, Danny Hawkir Rowland Sumner, Curtis Jordan, Butch Van Matre, Horace Strickland, Bobby Glick, Floyd Matthews. 284 Ronnie Bare utch Van Matre 285 David Batten Curtis Jordan ■1 y 1 " M Cs 11 L LH Floyd Matthews 1 r » ' H , 9 «| n 286 Jimmy Jackson Jim Phillips Horace Strickland .cK52igJ-- Pole Vaulter, Mike Flanagan Track Team Row I; John Cain, Earl Dedmon, Bob Fessler, Bill Cassidy, Tommy Hosford, Jim Kivipelto, Danny Hoffman, Joe Furlong, Everett Morris. Row 2: Bill Duncan, Joe Ricciardelli, Buck Baker, David McGee, John Butts, Billy Simmons, Mike Etheridge, Carl Bock, Ronnie Hedge, Donny Butts, Richard Brown, Eddie Diggs, Al Peterson. Row 3: Craig Byrd, John Covington, .Gary Hedrick, John Sutton, Mike Flanagan, Biff Brogli, Joe Tilley, Doug Smith, Doug Ralph, Ronnie Harris, Richard Tardiff, Jim Gillis. 287 Meet Results Forrest— 15 Paxon-20 Forrest— 26 Forrest-20 Paxon-26 Florida Frosh— 21 Ribault-35 Jackson— 50 Forrest— 36 Fletcher-29 Lee-38 Forrest-38 Englewood— 70 Forrest— 36 (3 mile course) Forrest-22 Gateway Conference Champions 3rd place in State Meet TOP EIGHT RUNNERS: Left to right: Tommy Hosford, Lloyd Carter, Danny Jim Kivipelto, Mike Flanagan, John Sutton, Joe Furlong, Mike Moore. Cross Country )kJ .iC%!I ii -M: Row 1. Mite FLin. _, i, Danny Hoffman, Tommy Hosford, Jim Kivipelto, John Sutton, Joe Furlong, Lloyd Carter, Mike Moore. Row 2: John Cassidy, John Covington, Bill Cassidy, Everett Morris, Don Hancock, Doug Smith, John Fredrickson, Earl Dedmon. Row 3: Richard Brown, Bob Fessler, Larry Matthews, Carl Bock, Bill Duncan, Irvie Quitmeyer, Bill Lazenby. 288 1965 STATE MEET WRESTLERS: Danny Miller, Rich Muller, Captain; Vernon Gibbs; Troy Joseph; Ronnie Valade, Captain, not pictured. Wrestling Team Row J; Kneeling: Danny Miller; David Vertner; Bobby Ponslor; Mike White; Ricii Muller, Captain; Vernon Gibbs; Mike Miller; Steve Wilderman; Troy Joseph; Mike Eichler; Joe Riccardelli. Row 2: Standing: Mike Etheridge, Buck Baker, Craig Smith. 289 RETURNING LETTERMEN: Row I: John McElroy, Ronnie Grandy, Ronnie Bare. Row 2; Bobby Glick, Ricky LeBlanc, Wayne Danson, Danny Hawkins. Varsity Baseball POTENTIAL STARTERS: Row ?; Floyd Matthews, Buster Hagenbeck, Robert Crawford. Row 2: Hugh McNichols, Glenn Crawford, 290 Tom Asky. GROUP 1: Left to Right: Glenn Crawford, Bobby Click, Tom Askey, Tim Ridling, Buster Hagenbeck. GROUP 2: Left to Right: Robert Crawford, Hugh McNichols, John Fretic, Roger Thur- man. Bob Bailey. Baseball Team GROUP 3: Left to Right: Danny Hawkins, John McElroy, Ricky LeBlanc, Ronnie Grandy, Wayne Danson. GROUP 4: Left to Right: Gary Bangles, Manager; Ray Anderson; Floyd Matthews; Ronnie Bare. DIVERS: Robert Nixon and John Robblns SWIMMERS: Row h Paul Morgan, Captain; Phil Losonsky, Sam Brooks, David Story. Row 2: Jimmy Darby, Eric Zolner, David Smith, Mike Manley, Greg Marshall. Row 3: Lance McElhlney, Wayne Thomas, John Banister, Paul Doying, Coach Cooper. Swimming and Tennis Teams TENNIS TEAM: Left to Right: Haskell Tull, Jim Wagner, Herb Ellis, Captain Eddie Cousins, Craig Smith, Mike Barly. 292 Junior Varsity Teams SCARLET: Row I: Paul Kirkham, Danny Sullivan, Alan Edwards, Eddie Eason, Andy White, Brad Vance, Pete Cooke, Ronnie Hedge, Chris Losonsky, Chip Wilson. Row 2: Steve Raye, Darryl Lee, Robert Craw- ford, Bill Lawrence, Ronnie Higgens, Bill Fonner, Mike Kappieman, Sam Hawkins, Mike Manley, Vic Groner. Row 3: Ronnie Driggers, Tony Digett, Mike McNeil, Bill Helmy, Jack Abernathy Tom Deagan, Bill Smith, Dave .Gillian, Jack Malore, Mike Moody. GREY: Row Steve Cieplienski, David Vertner, Robert Hedge, Bobby Segovis, Woody Wood, Eddie Diggs, Bill Collier, Ray Anderson, Roger Besecker, Mike Cieplienski, Don Pascual. Row 2: Eddie Hubbard, Billy Crews, David Edenfield, Joe Perrilto, Harry Spratlin, John Dunning ' , Wally Smith, Ronnie Hardwick, Steven Weinelt, Don Morris, Scott Westervelt. Row 3: Lee Kelsey, Bill Dillyon, Bruce Larsen, Richard Slocum, John Moran, Roger King, John Smith, Jim Fitzgerald, Art King, Mike Barley. BASKETBALL: Row h Larry Matthews, Bill Dillyon, Woody Wood, Curtis Long. Row 2: Ray Anderson, Paul Tyre, Vernon Conner, Billy Barren, Steve Moody. Not pictured: Joe Ambersley, Glenn Bates, Milton Bates, Larry McNeal, Mike Sapp, Danny Schert. Mrs. Cooper, Miss Yeaton and Mrs. BuHington check coverage of a fine tracl tean GirFs Sports Coaches Mrs. Diane Cooper, Mrs. Rita Buffingfon, Miss Connie Yeaton and Miss Shirley Sinko, Department Head. 294 Outstanding Senior Girls Becky Carlton President of G.A.A. Basketball Softball Tennis Sports Day Vicki Decker Vice Pres. of G.A. Swimming Volleyball Sports Day Student Assistant Leadership Club DeAnne Donnell Physical Education Award Senior Representative Student Assistant Secretary of Leadership Club Volleyball Softball Sports Day Bowling Lynda Roscoe Student Assistant Leadership Club Track Volleyball Sports Day Phyllis Morgan G.A.A. Track Volleyball Tennis Sports Day 295 Miss Connie Yeaton Miss Shirley Sinko and Mrs. Rita Buffington, Sponsors. Becky Carlton President Row I: Susan Barley, Kafhie Nieman, Marion Hall, Kathy Deagan, Suzanne Robertson, Becky Carlton, Vicki Decker, Bobbi Burney, Carol Davis, DeAnne Donnell, Phyllis Morgan, Linda Schufeldt. Row 2: Patty Hansen, Toni Williams, Susan Huffman, Janice Reese, Judi Robertson, Linda Hilton, Judy Savage, Martha Spell, Bernadita Toves, Barbara Carter. Row 3: Celia Haverty, Tory Jordan, Anita Wylie, Diane Rown, Sandy Evilsizer, Connie Eberle, Glenda Edmonds, Debbie Turner, Jackie Earnharbt, Pat Hardison 296 Girls ' Athletic Association OFFICERS: Linda Hilton, Secretary; Judy Savage, Sergeant-at-Arms; Linda Schufeldt, Treasurer; Vickr Decker, Vice President; DeAnne Donnell, Senior Representative; Carol Davis, Social Chairman; Jackie Earnhardt, Chaplain; Becky Carlton, President; and Kathie Brown, Junior Representative. Hyrar l J i giMji H |H!P " IfPwj B ' V i H S-y J SL ' mmmmmmigmSSl B m m m WmX BH b i ■Jancy Wick. Row 4: Stephany Smith, Ruth Post, Connie Voltz, Linda Eberle, Bonnye Coleman, Marcie Boyd, irenda Murphy, Jimmie Sue McClellan, Sherry Johnson, Kathleen Post. Row 5: Cathy Cordeiro, Terry Hockett, Barbara Jorgenson, Sharon Keller, Linda Boree, Terry Wells, Patsy Danson, Donna Kirk, Judy ieauchamp. 297 Phyllis Morgan Bobbi Burney Carol Collins Barbara Hightower Judy Savage Track DeAnne Donnell Linda Roscoe, Captaii Miss Shirley Sinko, Coach Row ?.- Bobbi Burney, Carole Davis, DeAnn Donnell, Phyllis Morgan Barbara Hightovi er, Judy Savage, and Lu Gushanas. Row 2: Peggy Cutts, Kathy Swisher, Betsy Andrews, Donna Lerch, Carol Collins, Jan Story, and Lynda Roscoe. Row 3: Pat Hardison, Bebe Mitchem, Bonnye Coleman, Linda Eberle and Kathy Darby. Row 4: June Roh- weller, Marian Hall, and Nancy Wick. Softball Becky Carlton County Champions Row I: Bonnye Coleman, Patsy Danson, Miss Connie Yeaton, Becl y Carlton, and Bebe Mitchem. Row 2: Betsy Andrews, Judy Beauchamp, Susan Barley, Terry Wells, Deanne Donnell, and Lorrain Jordon. 299 GOLF: Row ?: Nancy Ghito, Maria Taylor, Donna Lerch.Sandi Moore, Cherie Treo, Mrs. Buffington Golf and Basketball BASKETBALL: Kneeling: Miss Sinko Standing: Donna Lerch, Timer; Barbara howler, Scorer; Tonja Malinak, Judy Beauchamp, Patsy Danson, Bonnye Coleman, Kathy Post, Sandy EvNsizer, Becky Carlton, Captain,- Kathy Cordeiro, Terry Wells, Martha Lunsford, and Susan Barley, Maf ager. 300 BOWLING: Row I: Deanne Donnell. Row 2: Nancy Usiak and Judy Beauchamp. Row 3: Patsy Danson, Miss Connie Yeaton, and Bebe AAitchem. Bowling and Volleyball VOLLEYBALL: Row ?: Miss Connie Yeaton and Miss Shirley Sinko. Row 2: Vicki Decker, Linda Roscoe, Bebe Mitchem, Patsy Danson, Deanne Donnell, Susan Barley, Judy Beachamp, Terry Wejls, Bennet Toves, and Phyllis Morgan. 301 TENNIS: Row I: Miss Connie Yeaton, Linda Tuten, Linda Lawton, and Becl y Carlton. Row 2: Miss Shirley Sinko, Judy Bea champ, Janice Reece, Phyllis Morgan, and Cherie Treo. Tennis and Swimming 302 SWIMMING: Row I: Vicki Decker, Lorry Seward, Betsy Andrews, Carole Cook, and Judy Hornsby. Row 2; Kathy Brock, Teresha Flick, Kathy Schert, Linda Lawton, and Debbie Toole. Row 3: Kathy Darby, Sherrill Raker, Susie Chance, Brenda Bateman, and Mrs. Diane Cooper. LEADERSHIP CLUB: Row 7: Janet Graves, Velma Sharpton, Betsy Andrews, Terry Hockett, and Mary Dick. Row 2: Janice Christmas, Susan Engel, Jackie Earhardt, Deanne Donnell, Lu Gushannas, Chicki Giordano, Lynda Roscoe, Barbara Fowler, Priscilla Coleman, Donna Lerch, and Vicki Decker. Student Assistants and Leadership Club STUDENT ASSISTANTS: Row U Chicki Giordano; Susan Engle; Carol Davis, President; Miss Yeaton, Sponsor; Deanne Donnell, Secretary; Lu Gushannas Mary Dick. Row 2: Terry Hockett, Barbara Jorgenson, Lynda Roscoe, Vicki Decker, Betsy Andrews, Barbara Fowler, Priscilla Coleman, Donna Lerch. 303 304 ADVERTISEMENTS 305 Congratulations, Class of ' 66 As your Senior Photographers, we at Bryn-Alan take great pride in having served you, on this, one of life ' s most mennorable occasions — your gradua- tion. WEDDING PORTRAIT COMMERCIAL 12 W. Duval St. Phone EL 5-9818 306 DOMESTIC SEWING CENTER 5044 Blanding Blvd. Sales — Parts and Repairs All Makes and Models Phone 771-9166 THE CHICKEN BOX " A Mouth Watering Delicacy " Fried Chicken To Go 5100 Blanding Blvd. Compllmen+s of ACORNS STAFF y }rl Phone 388, 4606 GLADWELL ' S FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions Corsages, Weddings, Gifts WE WIRE FLOWERS 2408 Blanding Blvd. Jacksonville 10, Fla. ZERBA ' S BARBER SHOP 5120 Blanding Blvd 771-9892 £sso DEAIER Specialized Tune-Up 4334 Blanding- Blvd. Jacksonville, Florida Phone SP 1-4379 307 GRADUATES FREQUENTLY TURN INTO TELEPHONE PEOPLE - y- BEST WISHES FROM THE SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 308 Uncle Bill Welcomes You to PENNY ' S DRIVE-IN St. Johns and Herschel ' Where Friends and Neighbors Meet ' Steaks — Shakes — Burgers — Fries Breakfast Served Anytime When at the Beaches Visit Penny ' s 3rd and 1 3th Ave. N. B. W. MORRIS MORRIS AUTO SUPPLY CO. Domestic and Foreign Car Parts We Serve You Seven Days a Week Open Bowling 7 Days A Week 2 Very Convenient Locations 48 Modern Lanes — Parking — Air Cond. — Modern Restaurants Free Well Attended Nurseries Pro Shops Free Instruction CENTRAL LANES, INC. 1838 Cassat Ave. TOWNSEND ' S ORANGE PARK PHARMACY 1950 Highway 17 Orange Park WARE ' S MOBILE HOMES COURTS Large, Landscaped Lots, Private City Meters Adult Section — Children ' s Playground 5497 Timuquana Rd. 771-3811 Compliments of GRIFFIN ' S PHARMACY Prescriptions — Drugs Fast-Free Delivery 4110 Herschel— 388-2656 1535 University Blvd.— 724-691! Complinnents of PRITCHEH ' S KITCHENS ROLAND ' S FAMOUS BAR-B-Q Visit With Us After the Games and Bring Your Friends. ROLAND 2420 Lakeshore Blvd. at Blandirig 309 WESTSIDE7 2 .c ? Your " Full Service " Commercial Bank Serving Southwest Duval County 310 You Gals and Guys at Forrest High come eat your hotdogs and hamburgers and dairy queen at the DAIRY QUtEN I03rd St. and Blanding Blvd. APEX RESTAURANT Breakfast 6305 Blanding Lunch 771-9992 Dinner Phone 771-2900 Orchid Plants Potted Plants Arrangements RICK ' S FLORIST " Complete Floral Service " r ri I- 5705 TImuquana Rd. Free Delivery Jacksonville, Fia. 32210 H-O-N-D-A Sales and Service Parts MOTORS CYCLES CO. 4949 Blanding Blvd. 771-8244 Best Wishes Television Repair Complete Satisfaction FRENCH ' S RADIO-TV SALES SERVICE 6357 103rd Street Dial 771-4602 ' Twin Hill ' s Oldest and Most Reliable ' Home and Car Radios TV Stereo SKAFF ' S SUPERIOR DAIRIES jYuPERIOR Hair Styling Silhouettes Your Natural Charm LAKESHORE STYLISTS 5010 Timothy Lane Jacksonville, Florida Phones EV 8-8515— TV 8-8516 BARBARA SUE COOPER UTSEY ' S SHOES 3575 St. Johns Ave. Campus Headquarters Coach + Four Pedwin Loafers Gold Cup Socks Phone— EV 4-4821 Wholesale Only " Where to Call " Compliments of LEE ' S A W ROOT BEER DRIVE-IN 7018 Blanding 771-277! REX H. DUNLAP A I D AFFILIATE ATRIUM, INC I 745 OAK STREET I JACKSONVILLE 4.FL0RIM distmrtu ' f rovlewporaTy intinors .PHONE 353-8601 311 EDUCATION That person has not yet lived, who could value a good education in dollars and cents! Our Democratic form of Government has provided Institutions of Learning to serve our children of all ages. We owe it to ourselves to properly educate our Youth — to in- sist that they avail themselves of these Educational Opportunities. The future destiny of our Nation is determined by the education given our children today! CITY COMMISSION CITY UTILITIES DEPARTMENT LOUIS H. RITTER Mayor Commissioner Public Safety — Airports HENRY T. BROADSTREET Commissioner Highways — Sewers J. DILLON KENNEDY Utilities Commissioner DALLAS THOMAS Commissioner Finance — Parks — Zoo CLAUDE SMITH Commissioner Health — Sanitation STYLES BY IV • Pedicuring • Manicuring • 7 A.M. Till 7 P.M. 3614 St. Johns Ave. GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE San Juan Ave. Jersey St. Jacksonville, Fla. jT " SEEBURG ORGANS ? ALTERS PIANO SALES SERVICE 1 rn PIANOS: Kralauer Starck Tuning — Rebuilding — Refinlshing EV 8-8861 389-8902 2153 Blanding Blvd. Jesse French Jacksonville, Fla. 312 Compliments of JONES HALL NURSERIES 5 LOCATIONS 5645 Blanding Boulevard Phone 771-214! Complete Nursery Stock Garden Supplies — Tools " CHUCK " CLARK— Manager LANDSCAPING JOB BIDDING bijDam Phones SP 1-5722 SP 1-5414 BOB YOUNG AUTO PARTS Complete Machine Shop Service 5615 Wesconnett Blvd. Jacksonville, Fla. DIXIE CREAM DO-NUT SHOP 3635 Blanding Blvd. PAHI ' S ITALIAN AND AMERICAN RESTAURANT Served in a Pleasant Atmosphere Roosevelt Mall Banquet Accommodations — Fine Foods to Take Home Authentic Chinese Dishes HOUSE OF LOO ' S Chinese and American Restaurant HENRY K. W. LOO, Manager OPEN DAILY 341 U. S. HIGHWAY 17 I I A.M. to 10 P.M. Telephone: 264-629! Orange Park, Florida 32073 Compliments of BOB GUMMING INSURANGE AGENGY, ING. 303 First Federal BIdg. 355-1506 L. W. TAYLOR Gontractor Professional Planning and Consulting Service LAKE SHORE BAKERY Bread Cakes Pies Filled With Courtesy Special Orders Get Special Attention 2044 Blanding Blvd. Jacksonville, Fla. Sidney Betty Brown 389-9997 191! Blanding Blvd. 384-2287 313 Serving All Duval County FOOD FAIR Enjoy the Extra Bonus of Free Merchants Green Stamps With Every Purchase JOHNSON HOMES Complete Home Improvements • Additions • Alterations • Repairs 5550 Hilman Best Wishes— Class oi ' 66 COPELAND ' S PRODUCE MARKET 7621 103rd St. PHONE 771-8423 s 7552 103rd Street OUTHWEST ELECTRONICS ERVICE CO. Specializing In Color PH I LCO— CURTIS MATHES Sales and Service POP BERRIERS DRIVE-IN 1934 Cassat Avenue Specializing in Bar-B-Q Congrats Compliments of A FRIEND S 3 4802 PALMER AVE. BETWEEN BRANDING AND CASSAT Complete Real Estate Service 387-5450 Anytime H. STANG— Broker }ai.h.ion± On crfai ' i PHONE 389-3642 3541 ST. JOHNS AVE AVONDALE AVENUE OF SHOPS 314 F. W. WOOLWORTH 3752 Blandlng 771-0262 Bowl for Fun at Friendly BOWLOMATIC LANES 2600 Blanding Blvd. at Cedar Creek Bridge The Family Bowling Center STYER ' S CITIES SERVICE 8509 Roosevelt Blvd. Orange Park, Florida DELOACH HOUSE OF FABRICS Upholstery Drapery Fabrics for Every Purpose 5102 Blandlng Blvd. 771-6195 Phone 264-2081 ' il ' . S Res. 264-6946 JAIME ' S MEXICAN TYPE TORTILLAS Fresh Corn Tortillas Made Daily 1959 Mound Street Orange Park, Florida Phone 264-9213 ORANGE PARK UPHOLSTERY Free Estimates All Work Guaranteed On Kingsley Ave. ARCHIE PADGETT Orange Park, Fla. " Service Is Our Business " HYDE PARK SHELL 2009 Lanes at San Juan Jacksonville 10, Florida We Give S H Green Stamps Phone EV 4-4451 BILL M. FEE R° Service Owner Ope " 7:00 A.M.— 10:00 P.M. rEURicHi ' ; CARB-ELECTRIC CO. ' (Jniiiom " i Specializing in Alternators and l llOHIINO S _., _, . . , ,, . «T»PTiHO 6 Other Electrical Units i r T J E. BAKER Owner 542! Wesconnett Blvd. Jacksonville. Fla. Phone 771-5577 WESTSIDE VOLKSWAGEN, INC. Authorized Dealer ® I 1 50 Lane Ave., South • Jacksonville, Florida Bus. 384-3441 WESTSIDE RIDING STABLES 7623 Wilson Blvd. 771-9425 Horses for Rent or Sale Moonlight Rides Hay Rides Birthday Parties Picnic Tables and Bar-B-Que SPECIAL RATES FOR GROUPS 315 In Recognition of Our Advertisers . . . We appreciate the interest of the busi- nesses and industries in our growing com- munity, and hope that they in turn will be patronized by the public. They have the sincere thanks of the entire staff, be- cause they have taken a major part in the publicarion of our yearbook. e :a.z! John Elliston, Business Manager 316 Senior Directory ADAMS, BARRY KENT ADAMS, JOSEPH DALE JR. ADAMS, SARAH CYNTI- IA Lal ' n Club, Library Club, Senior Girls, Par Medical Club ADKINS, DONALD EUGENE ALLEN, D. KEITH Sludent Council, Malh Club, French Club AMOS, RANDALL DAVID ANDREASEN, UARDA CAROLINE Para-Medical Club, Senior Girls ANDREWS, ELIZABETH SPRUILL Leadership Club, GAA, Red Cross, Senior Gil All, Rep., Sludent Assistanl, Sludenl Count Rep, Swimming Team, Track Team ANSLOW, WALTER HAROLD A V. Club AVART, STEPHEN ERIC Annual 2 8, 3, Newspaper 2, J.V. Boiletbo 1, Sludenl Council 2, S.C. All. 1, Key Cli 1 8, 2, Sec. Hi-Y 2, Sludenl Conduct Cor 2 French Club I BACON, JOHN F. BAKER, BARBARA JOANE Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Para-Medical 2 : G.rls BAKER, JAMES F. BAKER, TERRENCE JOHN BALES, JANET FAY Treble Choir 3, Sludenl Council 1 BALLARD, CANDACE DIANE BANGLE, GARY PERSHING Football Baseball Mgr., Student ' Head Mgr. of Sports BARBOUR, JAMES W. Wrestling, Ensemble, Chorus BARE, RONALD KENT Soph. Class Pres., Senior Class Pres., Kf 2 1, Vice Pres. Key Club 3, Sludent ■F " Club 3, Lotir kclboll 2 3, Varsity eball 2 8, 3 BAREFIELD, LARRY Ensemble, A Capella Choir BARNES, CAROLYN SUE BOUTWELL, CATHERINE JEAN Chorus 2 S. 3. Senior Girls Service Chrm, Kappa Y-Teens, Vicc-Pres. Fleur BARNES, THOMAS LEE de Lis BARRINGTON, WALTER BOWDEN, HORACE MacGALLISTER 111 BASS, LINDA Varsity 1, 2, 3, Trock 1, Annual 3 Para-Medical 2, Treble Choir 1, 2 3, BOWERS, ROGER ALLEN Senior Girls Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, S.C. 1, Band 1, Swimming BATTEN, DAVID HENRY Teom 1, 2 « " F " Club 1, 2 8, 3, Swimming Te 3m 1, 2 BOYD, TERRY JAMES S. 3, Basketball Team Cross Country Trock, J.V. Football, Acorn BAXTER, MICHAEL JAMES Slaff J.V Football, Hi-Y, Annual 3 BRADBERRY, GEORGE NEILL BEATTY, JON M- DCT Club Sponish Club 2, Red Cross, Boys Gle Club 2 BRAMLITT, MICHAEL DAVID 3 BRANNEN, WILLIAM CLIFTON III BENEDICT, LILLIAN SUE Omega Hi-Y Senior Girls, Tomorrow ' s Sec , DCT CI b BRANNON, JOHN GARY BERG, DONALD DENE BRASWELL, DONNA LOUISE " F " Club, Dean of Boys, Varsity Fo 2 8, 3 BERGSTROM, GUS otball 1. Kappa Y. Teens, Fleur de Lis 3, Office Aid 1, 2, 3, Senior Girls BRASWELL, JOSEPH LARRY A. V. Club 1, 2 3, School Store 2, Deon BRAUN, VERALYN of Boys 1 8. 2 BRINKLEY, ROGER WAYNE BETHEA, RONNIE J.V. Football 1, B-Team Trock 1 Drum Major of Band, Omega Hi-Y BROCK, MARY CATHERINE BEVAN, CAROLYN KAY Treble Choir, A Capella Choir, Swimming Chorus Team, French Club BINGHAM, BARBARA JO BROOKS, SAMUEL NORMAN JR. Ret) Cross Senior Girls Rep . Tomorro v-s Sec Swimming Team 3 BIRMINGHAM. MICHAEL JOHN BROWN, DEBORAH BIYER. PATRICIA ELAINE Latin Club 1, French Club 1, Para-Medical Cheerleader 2, Head Cheerleader 3, S C. 1. 2, Senior Girls 2 8. 3, Y-Tcens 1, " F " Club Mascot 3, Ouill BROWN, DELORES and Scroll 3, Bus. Mgr. Acorns 3, M ss Rebel Senior Girls, Satin Team 3. Calendar 3 BROWN, ROBERT CLIFFORD BLANDFORD, KENNETH NHS, Thespians, NFL, Choplain Spanish Club, BLANSKY, AMBER LOUISE Flo. St. Spanish Conference Historian, Sludent Court Justice, NafI Merit Scholarship Semi- BOLICK, CAROLYN LEE finalist, Outstanding English Sludenl 3 FIcur de Lis BROWN, WAYNE C. BONHAM, CYNTHIA ANN BRYANT, DONNA YVONNE Chorus I, 2 8. 3, GAA, Red Cross, Se ior Girls Sec. Phi-Lambda Y-Teens 2, Pres. Phi-Lambda BOOTH, CAROL 3, Editorial director Acorn staff 3 BOST, MARSHA ANN BUFFINGTON, BARBARA LEIGH S C Rep , GAA s Jr Class Rep., Offic er Koppa Phi-Lambda Y-Teens, Kappa Y-Teens, Chorus, Y-Teens, Officer Fleur de Lis Sponish Club, YFC 317 BUFFALOE, JOSEPH VERNON BUIE, SARA JEAN Senior Girls BURKHART, SANDRA DIANE S.C. Rep., Fleur de Lis BURNETT, BRUCE Numismatics Club, " F " Club, Tennis Team 2, 3, Cross Country Team 1 BURNEY, BARBARA JO Clieerleader 3, NHS, S.C. Alt. 2, 3, Office Aide 3, Senior Girls BURRIS, MICHAEL LEE Thespians, Boys Glee Club BURT, ROBERT BUTLER, A. KATHRYN A Capella Cfioir, Ensemble, Senior Girls, Office Aid BUTTS, JOHN DANIEL S.C, Hi-Y Chaplain 3, Senior Class Sgt. at Arms, Varsity Football 2, 3, Track Team, Coach of Silk Team, ■ ' F " Club 2-3 BYRD, CRAIG DENNIS CAIN, MICHAEL CONLEY Football 1-3, CANTRELL, .MARY ANN Delta Y-Teens, Senior Girls, Jr. Council CARLTON, REBECCA DEANE NHS, GAA, Varsity Baskelboll, Boundball, Soft- ball Tennis CARSE, DAVID WILLIAM Library Council, Math Council, CARTER, BARBARA ANN GAA, Senior Girls CARTER, LINDA DARLINE Library Council 1, Senior Girls, FIcur de Lis 3 CARTER, LLOYD M. Cross Country Team 1-2-3, Track Team CASCONE, DOROTHY MICHELE Y-Teens CASSIDY, WILLIAM HOWARD JR. Track Team, Cross Country 1-2-3, Off 1-2-3, A.V. Club 1-2-3 CHESTER, JULiA MARLEEN Thespians 3, Senior Girls CHURCH, FRED Band CIBULA, KENNETH ALAN Para-Medical Club CLARK, TERESA CHARISE Pari, of S.C, Prcs. French Club, Pari. St French Congress, Honor Bar Thespians, Senioi Girls, NHS CLARK, TIMOTHY D. Thespians CLAUSEN, GEORGE HERMAN Aid The and CLAXTON, JOHN ROBERT V.P. NFL 1, Pres. NFL 2-3, Pres. Chess Club 3, Student Court Attorney 3 CLAY, NANCY JANE Sec. NHS 2-3, Thespians 3, S.C. Rep. 3, 318 Senior Directory Senior Girls 3 CLEMENTS, MARTHA ANN Senior Girls CROWDER, LEM COFFIN, CAROL DONNA Future Homemokers, Red Cross, Student Coun- cil 1-2, Prom Com., YFC COLEMAN, PRISCILLA LOUISE Kappa Y-Teens 2, Latin Club 2, Leadership Club 3, Quill 8. Scroll 3, Acorn Staff 3 COLLIN S, CAROL ANN Cheerleader 3, Chaplain Senior Girls, S.C. 2-3, Historian of S.C. 2, Frencti Club 1-3, Track Team 2-3, Office Aid 2-3 COOKE, KAYE LORRAINE Kappa Y-Teens 2, Fleur de Lis 3, Senior Girls, Silk Satin 3 COONEY, CATHY LILLIAN GAA, Para-Medicol COOPER, WAYNE CLINTON JR. COPELAND, MARY LOUISE DCT Club, Senior Girls CORLEW, MICHAEL WILLIAM Cross Country Track Team, " F " Club, COUNCIL, ALAN B. AY Club 1-2-3, School store Mgr. 2, Office Aid 1-2-3, A.V. Director 3 rOUSINS, EDWARD Office Aid 3, Varsity Football 2-3, " F " Club 2-3 Tennis team Capt. 2, Jr. Class Sgt. At Arms, Silk 8. Satin Coach 3 CRAWFORD, GLENN GARY Hi-Y, Baseball Team CREAMER, BARBARA ANNABELLE Senior Girls CREWS, JEANNE CAROL DCT Club 3, Senior Girls CRIDER, LINDA CAROL Office Aid, Senior Girls, Tomorrow ' s Sec. CROSS, CYNTHIA W. Kappa Y-Teens 1-2, Fleur de Lis 3, Office Aid CROSS, LEE ELLEN Fleur de Lis, Para-Medical, Bond CULBERSON, CHRISTOPHER HARRIS CULBRETH, JOHN DAVID Chorus 1-2-3, S.C. Rep., Track Team, Latin Club, Paro-Medical CUNNINGHAM, FLOYD S. Sponish Club CUTTS, PEGGY JANE Mixed Chorus 1, A Capella Choir 2-3, S.C Rep. 1-2-3, Senior Girls, Varsity Track Team 2-3, Fleur de Lis 3 DAMON, JOHNNY DANSON, KENNETH WAYNE Varsity Football 1-2-3, Varsity Baseball 1-2-3, Jr. Class Pres., ' F ' Club, J.V. Basketball, Senior Girls Mascot DARQUENNE, JULES LEE Chess Club DARRAH, MONICA MARY DAVIS, CAROL ANN FRANCES GAA, Leadership Club, Spanisti Club, NHS DAVIS, CHARLIE MICHAEL Key Club 2-3, S.C Rep. 2-3 DAVIS, CHARLES ROBERT DAY, JONATHAN LEE Track team. Cross Country Team DEAGAN, KATHLEEN ANNE Acorns Editor 3, NFL 3, Silk Satin Team 3. GAA 3, Senior Girls, Ouill Scroll 3 DeBORDE, THOMAS EDDIE Boys Glee Club, A Capella Choir DECKER, LESLIE Delta Y-Teens 2, S.C. Rep. 1-2-3, Treasurer 5r. Girls DECKER, VICKI LOU GAA Jr. Rep. 2, GAA Vice Pres. 3, French Club 1-2 Varsity Volleyball 1-2-3. Varsity Sv imming Team 1-2-3, Leadership Club 3, Senior Girls, Student Assistant 3 DEIG, PAMELA ANITA A Capella Choir DeLANY, LUCINDA CAROL Y-Te Fie Cho DeLOACH, JENNIE MARIE Future Homemokers, NFL, GAA, Y-Teens, Senior Girls DENMARK, LARRY MARLIN DENT, DANIEL LESTER DePUY, ELIZABETH JANE Kappa Y-Teens, Tomorrow ' s Sec. DERIN, JOHN RALPH Tennis Team DICK, MARY LOUISE Vice Pres. French Club, Chaplain NHS, Student Court Justice, Thespians, Leadership Club DILLABERRY, JOHN A. JR. A.V. Operator 1 DILLON, JACK THOMAS Joe Berg Seminar, NHS, S.C. Rep. DINGMON, DORA ANN DOBBS, RONALD MARVIN A Capella Choir, Boys Chorus DODD, FRANCES ELIZABETH S.C. Alt . 1, Chaplain Phi Lambda Y-Teens, Acorns Staff 2, Senior Girls DOERING, ROBIN LOUIS Sr. Director Key Club DOHERTY, SUSAN MARIE Math Club 1, Library Council 1-2, Spanish Club 1, Sec. 2, Vice Pres. 3, NHS 2, Treas. 3, FTA 1-2, Senior Girls DOLLAR, PATRICIA VONCILE Y-Teens, Red Cross, Para-Medical DOMAN, RAY BROCK JR. J.V. Football, Cross Country Team, Varsity Swimming Team Senior Directory FONTAINE, JAAN KAY Para-Medical, YFC, Red Cross, Senior FORD, ALANA MAY French Club, Jr. Council, Prom C Council All., Chorus, Senior Girls, Salin Game FOWLER, BARBARA GAIL Y-Teens 1-2-3, leadership Club 3, Scroll 3, Varsity Basketball 1, Vers minton 3, Senior Girls, Student Ass Scorekeeper for Varsity Basketball FOWLER, THOMAS JAMES Math Club, NHS, Chess Club FLYNN, MARY ANN DCT Club, Senior Girls FREDRIKSSON, JEAN BAXTER Treble Choir 2, A Capello Choir 3, Yl FRENCH, WILLIAM TULL JR. FRENCH, MARY GRETCHEN Senior Girls, French Club, Delta GAA, Pora-Medical Club FRIEDMANN, EMIL A. DONAHUE, KAREN JANE ANN Kappa Y-Tcens DONNELL, DeANNE EVA GAA, Y-Teens, Leadership Club, Bowling, ball. Track Volleyball Teoms DONNELL, DENNIS HOWARD Hi-Y 2, Treas. Spanish Club 2, Pres. S Club 3, S C. Rep. 2-3 DORMAN, CHARLES WILLIAM NFL, Thespians, Boys Glee Club, Red S.C. Rep., Tennis Team, Cross Country A Capella Choir DUNN, ROBERT DOUGLAS DUNCAN, JIMMIE CARLTON J.V. Football 1 DUPREY, ROGER WAYNE J.V. Football I, Varsity Football 2-3, Club 2-3 DYDA, SYGNE CHERYL Para-Medicol, Senior Girls EAST, FAYE NHS, Chorus 1-2-3, Treble Choir, A C Cho Oflic Girls EASTERLING, MARK JAY EDMONDS, JAMES HOWARD EDWARDS, SAM McDONALD ' ■F ' Club, Varsity Foolboll ESGLESTON, LAURA Senior Girls ELDER, CHE RYL LEE 1-2, A Capella Choir 3, Se ELKINS, LARRY HEYWARD Para-Medical 1-2-3 ELLOIT, ROBBIE JANE Chorus 2, Fleur de lis 3, Senior ELLIS, HERBERT ELLIS Para-Medical, Chess Club, Swir Quill Scroll EMERSON, EDWARD E. Bond EVANS, JIMMIE LADELL Football Team, A Capella Choir EYL, KANDYS BARBARA DCT Club 3, Senior Girls FALLS, MARY ELLEN NHS, Senior Girls, Paro-Med FARWELL, JO ANN Senior Girls FIORE, CLINTON RUSS FISHER, CHARLES STUART JR. Treas. Key Club FLAMAND, MICHELE RUTH uill £ ' Bad- ant 3, FRITTON, MARGARET LOUISE Mixed Chorus, Treble Choir, Senic FULFORD, JOHN FRANCIS FULLER, GLORIA SUSAN Treas. Library Council 3, Key heart, Fleur de Us, Senior Girls FULLER, JULIAN G. JR. J.V. Football FURNISH, GARY L. and, Thespic Club, Writers ' Club, Chess Club GALES, JAMES C. JR. A Copello Choir, Mixed Chorus GARCIA, MICHAEL LEON Spanish Club, Wrestling Team GARDNER, SHARON ANNETTE Senior Girls GEISER, TERRY L. GHIOTO, NANCY MARIE The S.C. Alt., Fie Olfit Aid, Se ' FLETCHER, JAMES FLANAGAN, DAVID MICHAEL ■■f Club FLETCHER, JAMES EDWAEDS FLORES, DOROTHY JEAN Spanish Club, Y-Teens, Senior Girl FLOWERS, CYNTHIA ANNETTE Golf Teom GIBBONS, BONNIE MAE GIGGY, CHERYL ELAINE S C Rep, 1. Poro-Medicol 1-2-3, GIROUEX, JOSEPH IRViW JR. CLICK, ROBERT CHARLES Student Coi Club 2, Pr isketball 1-2-3, Varsity Baseb :il 2, S.C. Sgt. at An ■■F- ' Club 3, Jr. Cla S.C. 1-2, S.C. Alt Silk Satin Te Senior Class Treas. 3, GODWJN, KATHLEEN Pubic Chrm. Future Homemakers, Choir 3, NHS, Office Aid GOLDMAN, ARTHUR RONALD Band 1-2-3 GOLOVICH, KAREN LOUISE Senior Girls GORE, ALICE MARIE Senior Girls, Koppa Y-Teens GRACE, KENNETH RAY GRACY, WILLIAM M. Ill Para. Medical, Basketball GRADICK, DAVID R. Key Club 1-2, S C Rep. 1-2, Hi-Y 1 GRANDY, RONNIE WILBUR Varsity Baseball 1-2-3, Varsity Football sity Jr. Foolball I GRANT, MARION REBECCA 1, Red Crc 2, Se GRAVES, JAMES ARTHUR GRAVES, JUDY ANN NHS.- Future Homemakers, Swimming GRAY, CHERYL STARR DCT Club 3, Senior Girls GREEN, MARCIA ANN Y-Teens 1-2, Fleur de Lis 3, Senior i Rebel Contestant GRIBBLE, WINNIE SUE S»n,nr Qirls GRIMES, KAREN ANN GROOVER, CAROLYN YVONNE Senior Girls GUSHANAS, ELOISE MARIE GAA, Leadership Club. Cheerleader Sweetheart 3 HADELAND, JAMES HARVEY J.V. Football HALL, CARRIE M. Fleur de lis 3 HALL, DEBORAH JEAN Senior Girls, Fleur de lis HALLMARK, ROBERT RANDOLPH Hi.Y 3 HAMON, LINDA GAIL HARRELL, JUDY LANE Fl« " r d» lis 3 Tnmnrrow ' s Sec. 3, Senior Girls HARRISON, DONALD L. S.C. Rep. 1-2, Jr. Council, HI-Y 1, J.V. Football HART, LEWIS HARTMAN, PENELOPE ANNE Future Teachers, 1-2-3, Spanish Club 1-2-3. Red Cross 3, Red Cross Reporter 3 HARWARD, LINDA DIANE Chorus 1-2-3, Y-Teens 1, Senior Girls HAWKINS, DANNY RAY J V. Basketball 1, Varsity Basketball 2-3, Vor- sily Baseball 2-3, " F " Club 2, " F " Club 319 Senior Directory HAYDEN, EDWARD BELMONT HAYHURST, CYNTHIA LOU HERNDON, DENA JILL Y-Teens 1-2, NHS 3, Jr. Class Council, Seniof Girls HICKMAN, JILL FRANCES Thespians 1, Chorale 2, Fleur de Lis 3, Senior Girls HICKS, ELAINE NHS 3, Jr. Classical League 2-1, Para-Medical 12. Thespians 1-2-3, Mixed Chorus 2, A Capella Choir 2-3, Mixed Ensemble 2-3, YFC Sec. 1, YFC Team Copt. 1, YFC Vice Pres. 2 HIGBY, KATHERINE LOUISE Y-Teens 2, Para-Medical 3, FHA 3, Senior Girls HIGHTOWER, BARBARA JEAN GAA, Senior Girls, Tomorrow ' s Sec, Silk and Satin Game. Baskelball, Track 1-2-3, Bound- ball, Soflboll, Volleyball HILL, GENE MURL Bond 2-3 HILL, NORA FRANCINE Phi-Lombdo Y-Tccns 2, Y-Teens 3, Senior Girls HILTON, CECILIA LINDA Spanish Club 1, GAA 1-2, GAA Sec. 3, Lead- ership Club 1, Senior Girls HILTON, JOHN DAVID Omega Hi-Y HILTON, ROBERT WALTER Boys Glee Club HITT, JAMES NEWTON JR. HOBBS, PAMELA JEANNAE latin Club 2, Chorus 2, Para-Medical 3, Li- brary Council 3 HODGES, JAMES RANDOLPH HOFFMAN, WILLIAM DANIEL Cross Country Team 2-3, Trock Team 2-3 HOLLAND, PAMELA WADE Band 1-2, Office Aid 1-2-3, Senior Girls, Majorette 1-2, S.C. Council Rep. 1 HOLLEY, LINDA ANN HOLMES, ED HUCKS, REBECCA DIANE Latin Club 1, S.C. Rep. 1, GAA 1, S.C. Treas. 2, Jr. Class Council 2, S.C. Pres. 3, French Club 3, NHS 3, Student Assistant 2 Jr. Miss Contestant HUDGINS, JAMES LARRY DCT Club 3 HUGGINS, CHARLES OLIVER HUGHES, JAMES L. DCT Club HULSBERG, JOHN OVERTON Omega Hi-Y, Golf Team HURST, LINDA ORRISSA Senior Girls, Softball Team 1, S.C. Rep. 2-3, Office Aid 2-3, Delta Y-Teens 1, HUTCHERSON, MICHAEL THOAW S Office Aid 2-3 HUTCHINSON, LINDA DARLENE Senior Girls INFINGER, MICHAEL WAYNE Bond 1 INGRAM, JEFF Band, Wrestling Team, " F ' ' Club IVEY, PATRICIA CAROL JACKSON, FRANCES LaMIRA Chorus, Senior Girls JACKSON, GLADYS ANNETTE Y-Taens, Fleur de Lis, Senior Girls, Senior Chorus, Treble Choir, A Capella Choir, En- semble JACKSON-, JAMES JAMES, CHARLES RICKY Bond 1-3 JOHNS, LARRY DENNIS Bond JOHNSON, ETTA VIRGINIA JOHNSON, JOHN WESLEY JR. J-V. Football, S.C. Rep. 1-2-3, Key Club 2, Key Club Sgt-al-Arms 3 JONES, BEnE Senior Girls, Y-Teens, Future Teachers JONES, JOHN KINDLE JONES, MARTHA ROBIN Treble Choir 1-2-3, Senior Girls, Y-Teens, Fleur de Lis JONES, PAUL SIDNEY JORDAN, BARBARA LYNNE Thespians, Pora-Medical, Senior Girls JORDAN, JOHN DOUGLAS A V. Club, Pr ' es, Coin Club, Treas. Coin Club KASNIAS, KEITHA ANN Treble Choir, Senior Girls KAVIN, WILLIAM DAVID Chaplain Key Club KEENE, NANCY ANN Red Cross, Para-Medical KELLY, PATRICIA EILEEN Acorns Staff 2, Senior Girls, KETCHIE, SUSAN FRANCES Koppo Y-Teens, Fleur de Lis, Senior Girls, DCT Club KIMBLE, MICHAEL WILLIAM KIMBLE, NANCY MARIE FHA, Chorus KING, RANDALL ALAN J.V. Football, J.V. Basketball KING, SHIRLEY ANNE Senior Girls, Silk Satin Gome, Phi-Lambda Y-Tccns KINGSNORTH, MICHAEL KENNETH KITCHENS, TOMMY G. Omego H.-Y, S.C, Rep,, Office Aid, Red Cross KIRCHNER, DANNY PAUL Golf Team 2-3 KLICKER, DONALD MORGAN J.V. Football 2, Track Team 2, Varsity Football 3, " F " Club 3, Fleur de Lis Mascot 3, Silk Satin Coach 3 KOLEDA, KAREN ANITA Chorus, FHA, Senior Girls, Para-Medical 2-3, Silk Sotio Gome KORTHAUER, SARA FRANCES Office Aid, Senior Girls KOYLOSKI, LARRY KUYRKENDALL, STANLEY KENNETH LACROIX, MICHELE ANNEHE A Capella Cho LAWTON, LINDA JANE GAA, Y-Teens, Acorns Staff, Writers ' Club, Latin Club, YFC, Silk Satin Game LEAVELL, MICHAEL TOWNSEND Key Club LeBLANC, RICHARD DAVID Hi-Y, ' F ' Club, Varsity Baseball 1-2-3 LEE, THERESA ANN LeMOINE, BONNIE GAA, Chorus LERCH, DONNA ANN Golf Team 1-2-3, Track Team 1-2-3, Basket- ball Team 1, Para-Medical 2-3, S.C. Alt. 2, Senior Girls, Leadership Club 3, Student Assistant 3, Timer Girls ' Baskelball Team 3 LIGHTFOOT, DIANNE Delia Y-Teens, Senior Girls, DCT Club 3 LINDAMOOD, FRANK NHS 2-3, Attorney of Student Honor Court 2 UNDER, DONNA JEAN Dello Y-Teens I, Latin Club I, Malh Club 1, S.C. Alt. 2, Library Council 2, Para-Medical 2-3, Vice Pres; NHS 2-3, Varsity Cheerleader 3, Senior Girls LINWICK, SALLY ANN Y-Teens 1-2, S.C. Rep. 2-3, Thespians, Miss Rebel Finalist Sweetheort 3, Senior Girls Pres. Jr. Co 2, Key uncil. Club LOCKHART, BRUCE WAYNE LONGHI, LARRY A. LOSONSKY STEPHEN Key Club 3, S.C. Council Rf Team 3 ;p., Swin iming LOn, BRENDA ANN S.C. Rep. 1, S.C. Sec. 2-3, Moth Club 1-2, Delta Y-Teens 1, Jr. Council Rep. 2, Red Cross, Exchange Ed. Acorns 2, Managing Ed. Asst. Ed. Acorns 3, Quill Scroll 3, Senior Girls LUMPKIN, LINDA ROSEHA Tomorrow ' s Sec, Library Counci 1, Senior Girls LUPO, RODNEY Omega Hi-Y LYONS, TREASURE ANN T reble Choir, A Capella Choii r. Office Aid, Cho ed Cho Seni( Girls Silk Sotin Gome, S.C. Rep. LARSEN, KAREN LISBETH Band Librarian 1-2-3, Stage Band 2-3, S.C. Rep. 2, S.D. Historian 3, Senior Girls 320 Senior Directory LYSin, ALETHEA Vice Pre! Tomorrow ' s Sec. AAcCREIGHT, MIKE NHS AAcDANIEL, SARA DIANE Office Aid 1-2-3, Mixed Cfioir, FHA, Senior Girls McGEE, DAVID L. Vorsily Football, Varsif Tr McGUIRE, PAULA LYNN Ctlrr 1-2-3, GAA I, al 3 McLEOD, RICHARD GEORGE McMAHAN, BARBARA LYNNE Y-Teens, GAA, S C- Rep , NHS, Senior Girls McNAIR, WALTER EDDY Motfi Club, Ctiess Club McNeill, marsha eileen Senior Girls McRAE, WANDA JACQUELYN Senior Girls, Silk 8. Satin Game, Delta Y-Teens MAGIN, LYNNE CONNOR Tfiespians, Para-Medical, Mixed Cfiorus, Treble Cfioir, A Capella Cfiorus, Wrilers ' Club, Senior Girls WIALINIAK, TONJA LEA GAA 1, Red Cross 2-3, Senior Girls MANN, LINDA JEANETTE Treble Choir MARCUS, RONALD H. MARSHALL, CYNTHIA SUSAN MARTIN, CAROL ANN Student Court Rep., MARTIN, LYNDA HELEN MARTIN, PATRICIA LEIGH Alpfia Y-Teens, Library Cc Cfio Girls MARTINEZ, MARGARET IJUANA Bond 1-2-3, Moiorette 1-2-3 AAASON, MICHAEL BRUCE MATHENY, STEVEN WAYNE NHS MATH IS, CAROLYN LaRUE Kappa Y-Teens, Fleur de Lis, Senio MECLEWSKI, PHYLLIS THERESA Senior Girls, Silk 8, Satin Gome MEEKS, ANNETTE MARIE MELCOLM, ELAINE ALMA MELTON, GLENN ALLEN Annual 2 MIKLOS, WAYNE M. Tennis Team, NFL MILES, CHARLENE JANE MILLER, BRfNDA SUE Para-Medical, Fleur de Lis, braiy Council MILLER, DONALD LAMAR MILLS, CHERYL DeLAYNE Flo de Li! Girls MILLS, RICHARD LOUIS MILTON, GLENN FOSTER DCT Club MIZERAK, FRANK JR. Band 1-2 MOCK, FRANCES CHERYL appa Y-Te Fie Para-Medical, Club, Girls- ( MOHAN, TIMOTHY MICHAEL MOORE, KAREN ALICIA A Copello Cfioir, Tfiespians MORGAN, ELIAS DCT Club MORGAN, JACK C. MORGAN, PAUL REESE ■F " Club, Vorsiay Football, SwI MORGAN, PHYLLIS SUE GAA 1-2-3, Spanisfi Club, Tro Silk . Gan- MORRIS, LINDA JOYCE Fie ■ dc Lis MULKEY, CAMILLE NANI Library Council MULLER, RICHARD STEPHEN J.V. Basketball 1, J.V. Foe Football 3, Varsity Wrestling tball 2, Varsity Capt. fling learn 3, Varsity Swimming I-2.3, " F Club 2, Sec. ■■F " Club 3, NfIS 3. Stude Court Attorney 3 MULLIS, ALLAN FRANKLIN A Capella Ctioir MUSSELWHITE, LaDONNA DELL NHS, A Capella Croir, Treble Cfioir, YFC. T Offu Aid NASH, PATRICIA ANN NHS, FHA, Jr. Council, S.C. Rep. NASTRI, ALICE DeCARO s c. 3, Se Girls NELSON, BONNIE ANN THERESA Library Council, Senior Girls, Tomorrow ' s NEUGENT, DAVID JAMES NEWBERG, JAMES HERMAN Office Aid, A.V, Club, Swimming Team NEWBERG, SIDNEY CHARLES NEWMAN, BURMAN WAYNE Hi-Y 1, Swimming Tcom 1-2 NICKS, CLAUDIA ANNE Basketball 2, Annual 3, Senior Girls, S Sotin Game 3 NIEMAN, SUSAN GENE Senior Girls, Tomorrow ' s Sec, Fleur d Service Cfirm NOLAN, JIAAMY RANDALL NORTON, STANLEY LAMAR OLIVER, CLAUDIA ANN OLSEN, CECILIA FAYE Tfiespians OVElJBY, ROBERT S. Hi-Y 1-2-3, S C, Rep. 1-2-3, J.V. Football OWEN, BEVERLY JEAN OXFORD, MERRY ELLEN Moth Club, Latin Club 2, NHS, S.C. Para-Medical, Silk Sotin Gome, Senior Boundboll Team, Track Team PAHOTA, JEANIE GAY Fleur de Lis PAHOTA, JUDITH AAAE PARKER, KENN " ETH RALPH PASSAVANTI, DONALD BRUCE Sponisfi Club PATRICK, ANITA LOUISE Senior Girls, Silk Satin Game PATRICK, ROBERT LANIER Malli Club, Spanish Club, Library Coum PEARCE, CRAIG STEVEN Omego Hi-Y, J V Football, DCT Club PEARSON, WAYNE KENNETH PENNINGTON, ROSS D. PHILLIPS, ELLEN JEANNETTE PICKETT, KAREN SUE PIERCE, JIMMY S. PITTMAN, CAROL ANN Fie ■ de Lis 3 PLATT, LYNN NHS, Latin Club, Tennis Team, Swimming Tei Senior Girls Rep , Silk Satin Game 3 POWELL, NELSON Sgt -ot-Arms " F " Club, Office Aid, Var Football POWER, NANCY DAWN Bond 1, Thespians 1-2-3, Senior Girls, F de Lis 3 PRIEST, SHIRLEY LYNNE PRITCHETT, GARY Key Club, S C. Rep , Hi-Y PRUITT, BUFORD CALVIN, JR REESE, JANICE CARLEEN NHS, GAA, Senior Girls REYNOLDS, CYNTHIA ANNE GAA 1, Delta Y-Teens 1-2, Chorus 2, Se Girls RICCIARDELLI, JOSEPH JOHN " F " Club RIDLEY, LARRY Hi-Y Historian RIDLING, TIM Senior Class Chaplain, " F " Club, Key Club 321 Senior Directory RIEBLING, SHEILA Senior Girls RIEDER, DOUGLAS WAYNE Lalin Club 1. Molh Club 2. Treas. Math Club 3 ROBERTS, KEVIN JON Bond ROBERTS, LOUISE Libiory Council 1, Historlon Library Council 2, Pres. Library Council 3, Red Cross 2-3, Office Aid 2, Pres. Tomorrows Sec, Senior Girls ROBERTS, WILLIAM ROBERTSON, JUDITH ANNE GAA 1-2-3, Latin Club Censor 2, Latin C Pres 3, Senior Girls ROBERSON, CYNTHIA ANNETTE ROSA, LINDA BARBARA Math Club 1, Sponish Club 2, Delta Y-Te 1, S.C. Rep. 1-2.3, Office Aid 3, Cheerleac 2-3, Historian NHS 2-3, Senior Girls Forrest ROSCOE, LYNDA ANN Leadership Club ROSSER, GEORGE BURTROM ROSSER, JANET EVELYN S C. Rep,, Senior Girls RUDICELL, MIKE Math Club, NHS, Joe Berg Science Semin. Student Court, Brain Brawl Team, Para-Medii Club RUSSELL, LARRY DEE NHS 2-3, Para-Medical 2-3, Vice Pres. Pai Medical 2, Latin Club 1, Math Club 3, Frer Club 3, Flo. St. Boys Rep. 2 RUSSELL, SANDRA KAY Senior Girls, S.Ik Satin Game SANTANA, CEFE SAPP, PATTI JO Senior Girls, Y-Teens 2 SAUNDERS, JOHNNY L. A Copello Choir SAVAGE, JUDITH AAARY Sgt. at Arms GAA, Senior Girls, Silk So Gome, Trock Team SCOTT, AAARSHA LOUISE Y-Tecns, Rid Cross, Fleur de Lis. Senior Girl, SCOTT, SANDRA LEE Chorus 1, Treble Choir J ' , A Copello Choir 3, NHS 3, Fleur de Lis 3, Senior Girls Silk S Satin Gome, Office Aid SCHAUS, DEBORAH RUTH Senior Girls SCHIRRA, FRANCIS RAYMOND SCHOTT, DOUGLAS ALLEN SCHUFELDT, LINDA LEA GAA 2, Treos. GAA 3, French Club 1, Senic Girls, Leadership Club 2, Swimming Team ; SEBRING, ROBERT SEBULSKY, SUSAN LYNN SHANNON, PEGGY ANN Bond 1-2, Band Pres 3, NHS 3, Student Cou Justice 3, S.C. Rep. 3, Annual 3, Senior Glrf Chorale Accomp. 2, Office Aid 2-3, Girls ' S Rep 2, Jr. Miss Conlestont 3, Stage Bond ; Ouill 8. Scroll 3 SHARMAN, WALTER, RIVES SHARPTON, VELTWA MARIE Leadership Club, Senior Girls, Silk 8, Soli Gome SHEPHERS, SHERRY ANN French Club, Poro.Medical, Chorale. Girl Chorus, A Copello Choir SIMCOKE, PAMELA NORTH Senior Girls SCHARRINGHAUSEN, TONY EDWARD SIAMAONS, SHERRY GAY Tomorrows Sec, A Copello Clioi Sl WWONS, SUSAN SIMPSON, ALBERT S. S1NGLETARY, JANET PAGE Senior Girls, Office Aid, Silk S SLUDER, SHARON EILENE Kappo Y. Teens, GAA, Chorus, Fleur de Lis, DCT Club, Boord CEC of Flo SMITH, DOUGLAS L. ■F " Club SMITH, GREGG EVERARD SMITH, LARRY LEE SMITH, ROY E. ■F ' Club 2.3, Track Teom, J Vorsity Footboll 2.3, Wrestling SMITH, WILLIAM LARRY A Copello Choir SNIPES, WILLIAM MICHAEL SNYDER, MICHAEL JEFFRY Key Club SOUTHER, CHARLES EDWARD Pro. Chrm, Lotm Club SPELL, MARTHA LEE Senior Girls, Red Cross, ChopI Sec, S.C. Alt , GAA SPINKS, JAMES EDWARD, JR. Key Club STANG, RICHARD BRADLEY Key Club, Hi-Y, Office Aid, A.V. Club, S C, Alt,, Acorns Staff STANLEY, ERIC M. STANTON, ROBERT ALAN STENSHORN, SUSAN LYNN Phi Lambda Y-Teens, Tomorrow ' s Girls STEPHENS, LINDA ALLENE Senior Girls STEVENS, JOHN ROBERT STOINOFF, MICHAEL WAYNE otball 1-2-3, Trock STOKES, LAURA VIIEN .Senior Girls, French Club 1 STORY, JAN MARION Trock Team STUBBS, SANDRA CAROL Latin Club, GAA, Librory Council, SULLIVAN, MICHAEL SUMMER, ELWOOD ROWLAND ■F ' Club, J V. Ba sketball, J.V. sity Basketball SUnON, JOHN E. Cross Country Team 1-2-3, Trock T SWEAT, RAY SWISHER, KATHLEEN ANN ck Te Girls TAYLOR, GENE STEWART TAYLOR, HERMAN FRANKLIN, JR. TAYLOR, JOIE A. Koppo Y-Teens 1-2, Library Council S.C. Re Girls 3, Office Aid 3, TAYLOR, LEONARD JACKSON TAYLOR, VICTOR LEON, JR. TESKE, BESTY SUZANNE Phi Lombda Y-Teens 1, Delta Y-Te. and Scroll 3, Fe. Aid 2 Ed. Ac. THOMIAS, BEVERLY JEAN THOMPSON, CHERYL LYNN THOMSON, CHARLOTTE JEAN THURSTON, SAUNDRA LYNNE Retl CroTS, GAA, Treble Choir, TIFFANY, DIANE HELEN French Club 1.2 TILL, L. PORTER Vice Pres, Bond TILLEY, JOE " F " Club, Hi-Y, Track Tei 322 TOAAFORD, ARTA MARIE Senior Girls TONEY, SHIRLEY ELIZABETH TOWNSEND, KENT Varsity Foolball 2-3, Co-capt. sily Basketball 2-3, " Cla Jr. Cla 2-3, NHS 3, Mr. Forrest 3, Student " Court Attorney 2 TOWNSEND, NANCY TREXLER, JAMES RAY TRUBSHAW, SHERRY M ' LISS Ph. Lambdo Y-Teens, Fleur de Lis, Senior Girls TRUDEAU, TOM TURNER, LINDA MARIE 1-2-3, Delta 1-2 TUTEN, LINDA TYLER, JAMES WADE Key Club. S.C. Rep., Varsity Tennis, GoK Te Fleur de Lis Mascot, Red Cross VALLA, LOUIS A. Key Club. Jr Class Rep., S.C. Rep. VAN DOREN, ARTHUR DALE VAN MATRE, ROBERT VAVRA, LEE ANN GAA, Band, Fleur de Lis, S.C. Rep., Set Girls VICKERS, GLORIA VILE, JOYCE LAVONNE VISE, LINDA SHARON NHS 3, Delta Y-Teens 1-2, Sat 3, Office Aid VYRROS, MARK JAMES Annual Staff, DCT Club WADE, ROGER DALE WAGGONER, LYN CAROL Paro-Medical 1, GAA 1, Senior Directory Lotin Club 3 Club NHS 1, FHA I 3 2, Pr ■s. FHA 3, Moth WALDRON, Treble Clio Ctioir 2-3, Mixed Ensen CHERRYL r 1, Span Bus. Mgr ble 3, His KAY sh Club 1, A Capella A Capella Choir 3, orian Senior Girls, Miss WALKER , RAYMOND E Cou Teo Track Te •WALLACE, RONALD EDWARD NHS, Para-Medical, Moth Club WALTERS, PATRICIA ANNE Treble Choir 1-2, Office Aid 1-2-3 Pc Medical 1-2, Cheerleader 3, S.C Rep. Annual Staff, Miss Rebel Contestant WALTON, LENORA SUE DCT Club 3, Senior Girls WARD, PATRICIA ANN French Club 1-2, l leur de Lis 3, Senior Gi NHS 3 WATERMOLEN, RiCHARD L. WATFORD, SHARON WEBB, KAREN LEE WEIR, .SHARON WELCH, ALLAN PATRICK Band 1-2-3 WELCH, ANNETTE LOUISE Paro-Medical 1-2-3, S)«nish Club 1-2-3, C rale. Treble Choir WELCH, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN YFC 1-2-3, Treble Choir 1-2-3 WELLS, PAMELA WIARGARET WESTBERRY, RANNEL ELMORE Band 1-2 WEYER, SYLVIA DIANE Band 1-2-3, Fleur de Lis 3, Office Aid Senior Girls Rep. WHITE, JANICE AURORA Annual Staff 3, Silk Satin Ga 3, Fie de Lis 3 WHITE, LINDA LEE WHITE, STEPHANIE Chorus 3 WHITSON, YVONNE WIGGINS, DAVID MASON Chorus WIGGINS, EDITH LOUELLA DCT Club 3, Senior Girls WIGGINS, GLENN WILLIAMS, CHERYL KAY WILLIAMS, JUDITH ANN DCT Club, Senior Girls WILLIAMS, JUDY WILLIAMS, LYNEHE LOUISE WILLIAMS, PAT WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY LEE Treas. Y-Teens, NHS, S.C Rep, Sc Vice Pres., Senior Class H.storian, Jr. Class Rep. WILLIAAASON, KENNETH DAVID WILLS, JANICE LEE French Club, Senior Girls WILSON, ALMA GAIL Fleur de Lis 3 WILSON, JOHN CHARLES WINDHAM, NANCY Y-Teers, GAA, Sgt. at Arms Senior Girls Offic« Aid WOLFE, RICHARD ALLEN Chorus, A Capella Choir, S.C. Rep , Hi-Y WOLTERS, LINDA Latin CIA, Delta Y-Teens, GAA, Senior Girls WOOD, KENNY LEE Hi-Y WOOD, JARREL ERIC Hi-Y WOOD, ROSALYN FRANCENE Library Council 1, Delta Y-Teens 1, Optimist Outstanding Student ' Award 3, NHS 3, Sec Senior Girls, Office Aid 3 WOODRUFF, THOMAS CHARLES WOODSON, LINDA CHRISTINE Dclto Y-Teens 1, Senior Girls, Chorus 2 WRIGHT, DOYLE GENE S C. Rep , Jr. Council WYLIE, CARLOTTA ANN Y-Teens, GAA, Senior Girls, Tomorrow ' s Sec, YEO WANS, WILLIAM ARTHUR, JR. YOUNG, HAZEL JUNE Bond, Senior Girls, DCT Club ZIDLICKY, JAMES " F " Club 2-3, Football 1-2-3, Co-capt Foot- ball Team 3, Senior Girls, Tomorrows Sec 3 Fleur 3, Silk Satin Gome 3 WAINWRIGHT, PATRICIA ANNEnE Chorus 1 WALDECK, MARY KATHERINE 323 Index Abbot, C, 172 Abernathy, J., 172, 293 Acree, S., 134, 220, 247 Adair, Mrs. E., 36 Adams, B., 58 Adams, C, 134, 228, 230, 260 Adams, J., 172 Adams, J., 58 Adams, S., 58 Adams, W., 172 Adamson, M., 134 Adkins, D., 58 Adkins, P., 134 Affleje, F., 58 Aflleie, R., 172 Ahern, M., 172 Ainley, J., 134, 268, 270 Ainley, R., 53 Ainsworth, B., 134, 222, 229 Akanter, S., 58 Akers, A., 134 Akin, G., 134 Albin, S., 172 Albright, S., 172 Albright, S., 134 Alford, W., 58 Alford, W., 172 Alford, J., 172 All, Mrs; G., 32 Allen, D., 58 Allen, D., 58 Allen, K., 240, 242, 243, 232, 241 Allen, L, 134, 247 Allen, M., 134, 220, 231 Allen, T., 175, 268, 270 Allison, M., 172 Alters, G., 172 Amacker, D., 172 Ambersley, J., 172, 293 Amos, R. 59 Andreson, 195 Anderson, F., 177, 250 Anderson, Miss H., 40, 250 Anderson, J., 172, 260 Anderson, Miss M., 40, 233 Anderson, P., 172, 228 Anderson, R., 172, 240, 293, 291 Andreasen, U., 59 Andrews, E., 59, 260, 299, 298, 303, 302 Andrews, G., 59 Andrews, J., 59 Anthony, K., 59 Ansley, E., 172 Anslow, W., 59 Arab, A., 134 Arab, G., 172 Arflin, v., 172 , fev ' n Arias, S., 134 Armstrong, A., 134, 219 Armstrong, Mrs. C, 32, 257 Arnsdorff, B., 134, 235, 260, 284 Ascar, K., 172 Ashely, Mrs. E., 29 Askey, T., 134, 290, 291 Aston, B., 134, 228 Atkinson, B., 135, 228, 230, 260 Attauay, R., 172 Atwell, D., 173 Aulerich, M., 173, 218 Aultman, T., 135 Aust, J., 135, 234, 248, 249 Austin, B., 173 Austin, T., 135 Avart, S., 59, 242 Aveyard, J., 135, 238, 264 Babb, K., 135 Babcock, A., 173 Bacon, J., 59, 224, 242 Bahl, J., 135 Baiker, Mrs. L., 36 Bailey, R., 135, 245, 260, 291, Bailey, Mrs. V., 28, 227, 237, 280 Baker, B., 62 Baker, C, 62, 251, 260 Baker, D., 263 Baker, J., 62, 230, 263 Baker, J., 173, 257, 260 Baker, M., 173 Baker, M., 173 Baker, R., 135, 238, 240, 243, 247 Baker, S., 135, 231, 236, 280, 287, 289 Baker, S., 135 Baker, T., 62 Balaguer, S., 135 236, 240, 250 Bales, J., 62, 220, 261, 219 Ball, Mr. C, 48, 270 Ballard, C, 62, 228, 260 Ballard, S., 173 Ballard, S., 173 Bangle, G., 62, 2 63, 291 Banister, J., 135, 290 Barbes, W., 173 Barbour, J., 219, 221 Bare, R., 61, 231, 238, 239, 240, 205, 212, 54, 284, 290, 291, 56, 285. Barefield, L, 61, 219, 221, 249 Barefield, Mrs., 237, Barge, Mrs. B., 28, 236, 213 Barkley, L., 173 Barley, M., 135, 245, 293, 292 Barley, S., 173, 296 Barley, S., 173, 299, 300, 301 Barnes, B., 135 Barnes, C, 61 Barnes, J., 135, 229, 236 Barnes, R., 173 Barnes, T., 61 Barnwell, P., 173 Barr, K., 135 Barren, B., 173, 293 Barrier, B., 173 Barrington, W., 61 Barton, C, 173, 218, 220 Barfell, K., 136, 220 Bartlett, B., 173 Barwick, J., 136, 222 Barzelle, M, 136 Bass, B., 136 Bass, D., 136 Bass, G., 173 Bass, J., 136, 280 Bass, L, 61, 220, 260, Bass, S., 173 Ba.eman, B., 136, 302 Bateman, J., 136, 229 Bates, G., 173, 293 Bates, M., 174, 293 Bates, P., 174, 24C, 252 Batten, D., 61, 284, 286 Baxter, M., 61, 240, 264 Beach, S., 136 Beasley, J., 62 Beatty, J., 62, 219, 227 Beauchamp, J., 136, 296, 294, 300, 301, 302 Beauchamp, P., 174, 240 Back, M., 174 Beck, S., 174, 218 Bedsole, C, 136 Beebe, A., 136 Behrens, J., 62 Bell, C., 174 Bell, K., 174 Bell, Mr. R. 29 Bellin, L, 174 Belser, J. ' , 136, 247 Beltz, B., 174 Belyan, Mrs. K., 48 Benedict, L., 62, 260 Benedict, S., 233 Bennett, A., 136, 231, 266, 267, 268, 207 Bennett, Mr. R., 192, 278 Bentley, R., 174 Berg, R., 136 Bergstrom. G., 62, 228, 234 Berrie, C, 174 Besecket, R., 174, 293 Bethea, D., 136 ,220 Bethea, R., 62, 267, 268, 269, 270, 254, 255 Betts, P., 136 Sevan, C, 62, 220, 260, 263 Biggs, B., 174 Bingham, B., 63, 177, 233, 260, Bird, L, 174 Birmingham, M., 63 Biyer, P., 63, 199, 227, 231, 240, 205, 206, 207, 215, 253, 272, 54, 260 Black P., 63, 240, 260 Blackwell, J., 63 Blackwell, L., 136 Inde Blalock, P., 63 Blandford, D., ]74, 240 Blandford, K., 63 Blansky, A., 63 Blomeley, M., 174 Bloomquist, R., 174 Boatright, Mr. C, 48, 218 Boatright, D., 174 Boatright, L., 174, 220, 250, Boatwright, P., 136 Bock, C, 136, 247, 287, 288 Bodiae, G., 174 Bofto, J., 137, 220, 223, 248, X Brinson, C, 137, 223 Brock, C, 219, 224, 260, 302 Brock, M., 65 Brogli, J., 66, 231, 236, 242, 205, 215, 253, 263, 288, 282, 287 Brook, D., 175 Brook, K., 175 Brooks, M., 175, 250 Brooks, S., 66, 292 Brooks, T., 175 Broome, R., 137 Browning, D., 175, 245 Brown, B., 175, 244 Boger, D., 174 Boid, C, 174 Bolduc, B., 174, 230, 249. Bloick, J., 175 Boman, K., 175 Bonham, C, 64, 220, 260 Bookman, D., 137, 220, 248 Booth, C, 64 Boree, L, 173, 230, 250, 296 Borree, V., 175, 251 Bost, M., 64, 250, 260 Boutwell, C, 64, 250, 260 Bowden, A., 64, 280 Bowers, B., 175, 254 Bowers, M., 175, 254 Bowers, R., 64 Bowman, M., 137 Box, N., 175, 250 Boyd, G., 175 Boyd, L., 175 Boyd, M., 137, 296 Boyd, M., 137 Boyd, T., 64, 253 Boyette, B., 137, 268, 270 Boykin, D., 175 Bradberry, G., 64 Bradfield, C, 137 Bradner, A., 175 Bragoz, Mr. L, 32, 246, 247 Brahn, B., 137 Bramlitt, D., 65 Brandon, N., 175 Brannen, W., 65, 254, 255 Brannon, J., 65 Branson, A., 137 Braswell, B., 175, 235, 260 Braswell, D., 65, 263 Braun, ' C, 137 Braun, C, 65 Braun, G., 175 Braun, V., 260 Bremer, D., 137 Brett, J., 65 Brett, S., 220, 229, 231, 248, 132 Briggs, S., 248 •inkle R., 65 own, C, 137, 252, 297 own, D., 66, 230, 263 1, D., 66, 260, 263 1, D., 175 own, J., 175 own, L., 175 own, L., 137 own, R., 137, 222, 287, 288 Brown, R., 66, 246, 248 own, W., 66, 245 ownett. Miss T., 48, 16 yan, I., 175 yant, D., 66, 251, 253 yant, E., 175, 268, 278 f, G., 177 yant, S., 137 Buffaloe, J., 66 Buffington, B., 66, 219, 260 Buffington, Mrs. R., 47, 296, 294, 300 Buford, C, 111 Buie, S., 67 Buie, H., 137 Burkhart, L, 177 Burkhart, B., 138 Burkhart, S., 67, 240, 260 Burgess, C, 137 Burn, C, 138 Burnett, S., 67 Burnett, W., 177 Burnettice, M., 177 Burney, B., 67, 236, 242, 246, 213, 272- 274, 260, 296, 298 Burnham, G., 177 Burns, B., 138 Burns, B., 177 Burris, L., 138, 240 Burris, M., 67, 218, 248, 249 Burt, R., 67 Butler, A., 67 Butler, K., 219, 221, 235, 249, 260 Butts, B., 177 Butts, D., 138 Butts, D., 138, 228, 280, 287 Butts, J., 67, 231, 214, 57, 254, 255, 263 280, 282, 287 Byars, S., 177, 240, 251 Byers, H., 138 Byers, M., 138, 254, Byington, S., 138 Byrd, C, 67, 287 Cain, D., 138, 238 Cain, F., 138 Cain, J., 287 Cain, M., 68, 218, 236, 205, 212 263, 280, 282 Calhoun, M., 177, 251 Cameron, J., 138, 218, 225, Campell, B., 177 Canaway, S., 138, 228, Cantrell, M., 68, 261, Cantrell, Mr. R., 38, 229, Capan, J., 138, 224, 226, 228, 229, Capua, S., 138, 223 Carlton, Miss C, 32 Carlton, M. 177 Carlton, R., 68, 215, 246, 260, 296, 295, 299, 300 302, 297, Carmichael, B., 269, 270 Carpenter D., 138 Carpenter, K., 177 Carol, P., 177 Carr, L., 138 Carr, M., 177 Carroll, E., 138, 220, 242 Carroll, N., 139, 220, 229 Index Carse, D., 68 Carstaphen, L., 177 Carter, A., 177 Carter B., 68 Carter B., 177, 260, 296 Carter, J., 139 Carter, K., 177 Carter, L, 68, 250, 260 Carter, L, 139 Carter, L, 68, 288, Carter, V., 139, 220, 250, 264, Carver, S., 139 Cascone, M., 260 Cassidy, D., 177, 288 Cassie, C, 141 Cassidy, W., 69, 229, 235, 236, 287, 288 Cassil, S., 69 Cassill, A., 177, 238 Castleberry, D., 139 Cates, S., 139, 220, 229 Cattel, C. 177, 266, 267, 268, 270, Caussau, A., 139 Cavan, J., 177 Cermora, J., 139 Chambers, S., 257 Chance, P., 139, 219 Chance, S., 177, 302 Chapman, D., 177 Chavers, A., 69 Chessman, Mrs. R. 34 Chester, M., 69, 248, 260 Childers, B., 215, 250 Childers, C, 139 Christmas, J., 139, 303 Church, D., 139 Church, F., 69, 268, 270 Cibula, K., 139, 247, 264, 265, 338, Cibula, K., 69 Ciemplinski, S., 177, 293 Cieslinski, M., 176, 293 Clark, A., 139, 228, 229 Clark, D. 139 Clark, K., 139. 229 Clark, S., 176, 236, Clark, T., 69, 229, 249 Clark, T., 70, 224, 227, 229, 240, 243, 244, 246, 248, 249, 260, Clarke, E., 176 Clary, A., 139, 251 Clausen, G., 70, 248 Claxton, J., 70 Clay, N., 70, 240, 246, 248, 260 Clements, E.,J40 Clements, M., 70, 260 Clements, M., 140, 254, Coble, G., 176 Coburn, J., 140 Coffin, C, 70, 260 Colen Mrs. Colema Coleman, P., Coffman, M., 176 Cole, J., 140, 219, 229, 242, 247 249 Cole, M., 70, 238 Cole, S., 140 Coleberg, B., 176 140, 294, 298, n, 237 140, 253, 303 Coleman, P., 71, 227, 228, 260 Coleman, R., 10 Collier, B., 176, 293, 300 Collier, E., 176 Collins, C, 71, 218, 224, 240, 243, 247, 205, 214, 272,-274, 55, 260, 261, 298, Collins, J., 176 Collins, M., 176 Collins, R., 245, Comeau, C, 71 Cone, J., 71 Connally, R., 120, 268, 269, 270 Conner, V., 120, 293 Cook, B., 140, 218 Cook C. 140, 293, 302 Cook, D., 140 Cooke, K., 71, 250, 260, 263 Cooksey, T., 176, 222, 230, 242 Cooney, C, 71, 260 Cooney, S., 176 Cooper, Mrs. B., 40 Cooper, Mrs. D., 47, 294, 302 Cooper, J., 140, 268, 270, Cooper, Mr. M., 38, 278, 292 Cooper, W., 71, Copeland, D., 140 Copeland, M., 71, 260 Corbett, M., 176 Corbit, J., 140, 253 Cordeira, C, 176, 234, 296, 300 Corlew, A., 141 Corlew, M., 72 Coss, S., 72 Covey, S., 141 Council, A., 72, 228, 234, 238, Cousins, E., 72, 231, 263, 280, 282, 292 Cousins, S., 141, Covington, J., 141, 287, 288 Cowart, C, 141 , Cox, D., 141, 218, Cox, J., 176 Cox, J., 72, 244, 246 Cox, Miss M., 40, 186, 250 Cox., 141 Cox, N., 176 Crabbe, R., 141, 261 Crabbe, R., 218 Crav ford, G., 72, 245, 254, 255, 290, 291 Crawford, R., 141, 293, 290, 291, Creamer, B., 72 Creamer, R., 176, Cresevell, R., 176 Crew B., 177, 293 Crews, B., 176 Crews, J., 72, 260 Crews, L, 141, Crews, R., 176 Crider, L., 72, 233, 260 Cring, D., 141 Cronn, Mr. G., 36 Cross, C, 73, 235, 250 260 Cross, L, 73, 230, 250, 260 Crouch, M., 177 Grouse, C, 177, 268, 250 270 Crow, Mrs. F., 34 Crowder, L., 70, 73 Crowder, R., 177 Crump, Mr. R., 34 Cuesta, T., 177 Culberson, C, 73 Culberson, T., 177 Culbrefh, D., 177 Culbreath, G., 177 Culbreth, J., 73 Cummings, R., 141, 254 Cunningham, F., 73 Cunningham, M., 177 Cutts., 177 Cutts, P., 73, 219, 240, 260, 298 Dalverti, M. 141 Dalrymole, D. 177 Daly, Mr. L. 42, 222 Damon, J. 73, 219, 220 Danson, K. 73, 231, 205, 215, 262, 261, 279 261, 263, 280, 282, 290, 291 Danson, P. 177, 296, 294, 300, 301 Darby, J. 177, 292 Darby, Mrs. N. 32, 175, 235 Darquenne, J. 74 Darquenne, R. 177 Darrah, M. 177 Darrah, M. 74, 260 Davis, A. 141, 229, 242, 248 Davis, C. 74, 218, 229, 242, 263 Davis, C. 74, 238, 246, 260, 297, 296, 298, 303 Davis, C. 74 Davis, G. 177 Davis, J. 141 Davis, Mrs. J. 32 Davis, M. 177 Day, B. 177 Day, J. 74 Days, Mrs. 237 Day, T. 141, 229 Deagan, K. 74, 227, 253, 257, 260, 296 Deagan, T. 142, 292 Dease, P. 142 326 Index Deaton, C. 142 Deavours, M., 142, 229, 248 DeBorde, T. 74, 219 Decker, L. 74, 261, 263, Decker, L. 179 Decker, V. 75, 200, 260, 296, 295, 301, 303 302, 292 Dedmon, E. 177, 238, 287, 288 Deig, P. 75, 219, 261 Delawe, C. 218, 260 Delany, L. 75 Delgado, B. 177 Deloach, J. 75, 251, 260, 263 Delp, T. 142 Denmark, D. 177 Denmark, L. 75, 218 Denning, D. 177 Dennis, B. 177, 268, 269, 270 Dent, D. 75 Dent, T. 177, 218 Denton, R. 226 DePuy, E. 75, 233, 260 Derin, J. 75 DeTursi, P. 142, 252 Detch, J. 142 DeVane, S. 142 DeVero, J. 142, 252 Devills, J. 142, 229 Dick, Q. 75, 224, 244, 246, 248. 260, 260 Dickens, Mr. 36 Dickinson, D. 179 Digget, T. 179, 292 Diggs, E. 142, 245, 293, 287 Dillaberry, J. 76, 245 Dilley, P. 179 Dillion, J, 76, 234, 244, 246 Dillyon, B. 293 DiMaggis, M. 142, 247 Dingman, P. 179 Disch, Mr. G. 46, 194, 278, 280 Dear, Mr. D. 38, 278 Dobbs, C. 179, 242 Dobbs, R. 76, 219, 245 Dobson, L. 142 Dodd, E. 76, 250, 260 Doering, R. 76, 218, 238, 239 Dolnerty, S. 76, 246, 260, 222 Doll, J. 179, 218 Dollar. P. 76, 260, 263 Doman, R. 77, 219, 229, Donahue, K. 77, 260 Donaldson, C. 142 Donnell, D. 77, 296, 260, 263, 297, 301, 303, 295, 294, 298, 299 Donnell, D. 77, 222 Donner, C. 179 Dorman, C. 77, 226, 248, 257 Dorothy, M. 69 Doughty, Darlene 179, 222 Douglas, B. 142, 254 Douglas, L. 179 Dowless, Mr. S. 38 Sowney, P. 142, 220 Downey, P. 142, 220 Doying, P. 179, 292 Drawdy, R. 142 Driggers, R, 293 Dube, D. 179. Dublin, P. 177 " , 220, 230 Duel, S. 142 Duggins, R, 179 Duke, D. 179 Duncan, B. 143, 229 Duncan, B. 142, 219, 287, 288 Duncan, J. 77, 229 Dunham, S, 179, 225 Dunn, R. 77 Dunning, N. 179, 293 Dunning, J, 179 Duprey, B. 143, 254 Duprey, B. 77, 231, 280, 282 Duval, C. 179, 226 Durelli, G. 179 Dyda, C. 78, 260 Dymand, R. 143, 227 Earnharf, J. 143, 296, 303 Easley, D. 179 Easley, S. 78, 219, 260 Eason, E. 179, 293 East, F. 78, 219, 234, 246, 53, 202, 263 Easterling, B. 179 Easterling, M. 78 Eberhart, M. 78 Eberhart, P. 143 Eberle, C. 143, 230, 296 Eberle, L. 179, 230, 240, 296, 298 Echevarria, S. 143, 220 Edenfield, P. 179, 293 Edmonds, G. 143, 226, 234, 296 Edmonds, J. 78 Edwards, A. 180, 293 Edwards, J. 180 Edwards, S. 78 Eggleston, L. 78, 229, 236, 260 Eichler, M. 143, 231, 280, 289 Elder, C. 79, 260, 263 Eldridge, B. 180 Elcjridge, Mrs. 237 Ellard, S. 180 Elliott, J. 79, 250, 260 Ellis, B. 143, 223, 227, 230, 234 Ellis, G. 180 Ellis, H. 79, 227, 230, 253, 292 Elliston, J. 181, 143, 141, 254, 264, 265, 316 Elkins, L. 79 Elkins, P. 79 Emerson, B. 270 Emerson, E. 79 Emerson, J. 180 Emerson, L. 143 Emery, P. 180, 218 Engel, S. 180 Ennis, C. 180 Epps, B. 143 Esty, C. 143, 219 221 Etheridge, M. 143, 231, 236, 280, 287, 289 EuDaly, Mr. M. 34 Eunice, M. 180 Evans, D. 110 Evans, J. 79, 219, 231, 280, 282 Evilisizer, S. 143, 296, 300 EyI, K. 80, 260 Fair, R. 143, 268 Fairbrother, L. 143 Fake, N. 143 Fake, S. 143, 272, 274 Falls, B. 180 Falls, M. 80, 230, 246, 260, 263 Fann, Miss N. 40 Farecloth, L. 218 Farewell, M. 180 Farmer, Mrs. 38 Farwell, J. 80, 260 Farrell, K. 144 Farrell, S. 144 Farrell, T. 180 Faulk, R. 180 Faunkner, B. 180 Favotto, P., 144, 218 Feagin, C, 144, 238 Fehas, L., 144 Fendrick, K., 80 Fernandez, K., 144 Ferris, C, 180 Fessler, B., 180, 287, 288 Fields, B., 144 Finister, J., 180, 242 Fiore, C, 80 327 Index Fisher, C, 80, 283, 239 Fitzgerald, J. 180, 239 Fitzgerald, L. 144, 250 Fitzpatrick, Mrs. B. 28 Flamand, AA, 80, 231, 235, 250, 260 Flanagan, D. 80, 287, 288 Fletcher, J. 80 Fleck, P. 180 Fleck, T. 144, 302 Flores, D. 81, 260 Flowers, C. 8J , 242, 260 Flowers, R. 144 Floyd, R. 144 Flynn, M. 81, 242, 260 Flynn, T. 180 Foldson, J. 180 Foley, R. 180 Fonner, B. 180, 293 Fontaine, J. 81, 230, 260 Ford, A. 81, 218, 260, 263 Forester, C. 181 Forester, R. 181 Forlong, J. 144 Forrest, L. 144, 254 Forsyth, D. 181 Fortenberry, B. 144 Fortune, B. 81 Foster, Mr. J. 46, 241, 278 Fountain, B. 144 Fowler, B. 81, 227, 251. 253, 260, 300, 303 Fowler, S. 181, 218, 220 Fowler, T. 81, 232, 246 Fox, D. 181, 222, 230, 240, 249 Fox, N. 144 Frances, J. 90 Francis, G. 144, 232, 244 Fracisco, D. 181 Frascello, R. 181 Fredrikson, J. 83, 219, 181, 229, 260, 288 Freeberg, P. 181 French, M. 82, 260 French, P. 144, 240, 247, 270 French, W. 82 Friedmann, E. 82 Frketic 145, 181, 291 Fritton, M. 82, 220, 227, 260 Fulford, J. 82 Fuller, G. 82, 228, 238, 239, 260 Fuller, J. 82 Fullington, T. 181 Furlong, Joe 245, 253, 287, 288 Furnish, G. 83, 248, 249 Fussell, J. 181 Gale, S. 181 Gales, J., 83, 218, 219 Gales, J., 145 Galliher, D., 181 Galliher, R., 181 Garcia, M., 83, 222, 245, 254 Garcia, S., 145, Gardener, B., 187 Gardner, J. ,145 Gardner, S., 83, 261 Garner, K., 181, Garner, S., 145 Garvey, S., 145, 270, 268 Gaskin, W., 145, 218 Gaskins, P., 181 Gaskins, S., 83, 261 Gates, R., 181 Gatewood, P., 145 Gatlin, C, 181, 218 Gatlin, L., 145 Gay, S., 145, 224, 236 Gay, S., 182, Gayle, L., 83 Geiger, R., 37 Geiser, T., 83 328 Gill, J., 182 Gill, M., 145 Gilles, C, 220 Gillette, L, 182 Gillian, D., 182, 293 Gilliand, J., 145, 219 Gilliland, M., 145 Gillis, J., 146, 242, 287 Gillis, J., 182 Girgis, Mr. F., 46, 194, 278 Girouey, J., 84 Glaze, C, 146, 182, 218 Glick, B., 145, 240 243, 246, 205, 55, 56, 282, 290, 291, 279, 285 Glick, R., 84 Glines, J., 84 Goai R., 84 Goble, B., 182 Goddard, G., 146 Goddard, M., 182 Gelles, C, 145 Gemery, M., 145 Gentry, B., 145, 224, 230, 240, 250 George, T., 182 Gerbhardt, H., 27, 236 Gerbracht, S., 182, 218, 219, 220 Ghito, N., 83, 249, 261, 263, 300 Giordano, C., 146, 303 Gibbons, B., 83 Gibbs, B., 182 Gibbs, K., 145 Gibbs, v., 145, 289 Gibson, D., 84, Gibson, W., 182 Gieger, W., 182 Gifford, K., 182 Giggy, C, 84 Godwin, K, 84, 219, 220, 235, 246 Golden, P., 182 Goldman , 84 Golovich, K., 85 Gonzelez, 0. 146 Goodale, B. 146 Goodale, 146 Gooder, G. 146 Goodrod, D. 146 Googe, D. 146 Googz, T. 182 Gore, A. 85, 261 Gorman, D. 146 Gouchnour, J. 85 Grace, K. 85 Gracy, W. 85, 230 Graczy, C. 146, 235 Gradick, C. 182 Gradick, D. 85 Grandy, R. 85, 290 Grant, B. 261, 291 Grant, M. 85 Graves, J. 86, 246 Graves, J. A. 86, 235, 264, 303 Gray, A. 182 Gray, C. 146 Gray, C. S. 86, 254 Gray, D. 182 Gray, E, 146 Gray, G. 182, 254, 261 Gray, H. 146 Gray, K. 182 Gray, M. 182, 261 Gray, S. 146 Greatrex, C. 182, 242, 251 Green, G. 86, 245 Green, M. 86, 220 Green, N. 146 Gribble, W. 86 Index Griffen, M. A. 182 Griffen, C. 147 Griffen, G. 147, 229, 230, Griffen, S. 42 Griggs, D. 147, 232, 234, 247 Griggs, L. 183 Griggs, V. 183 Grimes, K. 86, 261 Grimes, K. 183 Grimes, K. 183 Gringstaff, S. 147 Groner, V. 147, 218, 293 Groover, C. 86, 261 Groves, C. 183 Gunter, J. 183 Gushanas, L. 199, 184, 240, 20 ' !, 207, 303, 298, 254, 272, 274, 208, 212, 255, 261 Gushanas, E. M. 87 Gufher, B. 183 v ' Guy, W. 87 Hackelton, B. 147, 254 Hackelton, R. 183 Hadeland, J. 92 Hagenbeck, B. 147, 231, 236, 133, 290, 291 Hall, C. 92, 250 Hall, C. 92, 261, 296 Hall, D. 183, 250, 261 Hall, L 91 Hall, Mr. J. 31, 227 Hall, J. 147 Hall, M. 147, 224, 298 Hall, P. 183, 227 Hamby, Miss R. 32, 264 Hamerston, S. 147 Hamilton, P. 183 Hamilton, T. 183 Hammons, J. 183 Hance, J. 91 Hancock, D. 183, 254, 288 Hannond, D. 250 Hanson, C. 183 Hanson, C. H. 147 Hanson, P. 147 Hardisone, P. 147, 298, 228, 229, 296 Hard wick, R. 147, 293 Hardy, M. 183 Harmon, R. 147, 245, 247 Harrell, B. 91 Harrell, J. 261 Harris, B. 91 Harris, G. 183 Harris, J. 183 Harris, R. 148, 287 Harrison, D. 91 Harrison, G. 183, 242, 252 Harf, L. 91 Hartley, J. 183 Hartley, N. 148 Hartman, E. 183 Hartman, P. 91, 222, 226, 236, 252, 261 Hartman, S. 148 Harward, L. 90, 220 Hatcher, M. 148 Hatcher, S. 148 Haum, K. 183 Haverty, C. 148, 228, 257 ,296 Havlykke, D. 148 Hawkins, D. 90, 284, 290, 291, 279, Hawkins, M. 148, 254 Hawkins, S. 183, 293 Hayden, E, 90 Hayes, A. 184, 236 Hayes, E. 34 Hayes, M. 148, 245 Hayhurst, C. 148, 245 Hayhurst, C. I. 90 Hays, M. 148 Hazen, H. 184 Hazouri, D. 38 Heath, B. 148, 236 Heath, W. 148, 228 Hedge, R. 184, 293, 287 Hedrick, G. 148, 287 Haider, R. 184, 254 Heise, B. 148 Helms, A. 184 Helmy, B. 293 Hemming, E. 184 Hendry, K. 148 Henry, J. 184, 242 Herdon, J. 90, 246, 261 Hess, C. 148 Hethcote, C. 148 Hickey, 261 Hickman, J., 250, 261 Hicks, E., 90, 246, 248, 249 Hiers, J., 184, 251, Higby, C, 230 Higgens, R. 184, 293 Highsmith, R., 184, Hightower, B., 90, ' 262, 263, 298 Hightower, D., 184 Hightower, L., 148 Hightower, N., 148, 262, 263 Highy, K., 90, 261 Hill, B., 184 Hill, G., 89 Hill, N., 89, 251, 261, 263 Hillyer, H., 184 Hilton, C. L., 89, 261, 263, 297, 296 Hilton, D., 255 Hilton, J., 89 Hilton, M., 149 Hilton, R., 89, 254 Hinojosa, A., 149, 288 Hipps, B., 184 Hilt, J., 89 Hobbs, P., 89 Hockett, T., 149, 247, 296, 303 Hodge, D., 149, 249 Hodges, J., 89 Hodges, J., 89 Hoffman, D., 88, 287, 288 Hogan, M., 149 Hoof man, P., 184 Holconbe, B., 184 Holland, P., 88 Holland, P., 184, 236, 261 Holley, L., 88 Hollifild, R., 184 Hollister, H., 149 Holmes, E., 88 Holt, K., 149, 222 Holtz, C, 88, 218, 222, 224, 248, 261 Holtz, M., 149, 222, 224, 240 Homewood, S., 184, 270 Homon L., 91 Hooks, P., 149 Horan, G., 184, 218 Hornsby, J., 149, 222, 247, 302, Hornsby, R., 149, Horton, B., 149 Horton, D., 184 Horton, J., 33 Hosford, T., 149, 254, 287, 288 Houtz, P., 184 Howard, B., 184 Howell, J., 185 Hubbard, E., 149, 293 Hucks, B., 88, 224, 240, 241, 243, 246, 205, 209, 212, 52, 261, Hughey, M., 149 Huddleston B., 149, 232, 247 Hudgins, J., 88 Huffman, S., 149, 296 Huggins, C, 88 Huggins, K., 185 Hughes, B., 185 Hughes, F., 149 329 Index Hughes, J., 88 Hughes, M., 254, 255 Hughs, T. S., 185 Hulsberg, J., 87, 254, 255 Humphries, Mr. J., 39 Hunter, E., 42 Hunter, S., 149, 227 Hurst, L, 87, 240, 261 Hurst, S., 150 Hutchenson, L., 87 Hufcherson, M., 150 Hutchinson, B., 185, 268 Hutchinson, D., 185, 228, 261 Hutchinson, M., 87 Hufchins, v., 87 Hutton, B., 87, 229, 240, 254, 255 Hutton, T., 185 Ickes, M., 185, 269, 270, 268 Ikenberry, L, 185, 150 Infinger, M., 92 Infinger, S., 150, 270, 268 Ingram, J., 92, 270, 268 Irwin, S., 185 Ivey, M., 150 Ivey, P., 92, 261, Ivey, S., 185 Jackson, A. 219, 221, 242, 261 Jackson, C. 150 Jackson, F. 93, 261 Jackson, G. A. 92 Jackson, J. 93, 284, 286 Jackson, P. 185 James, C. 93, 268 Jarvis, K 185, 251 Jasinske, Mrs. 237 Jeffers, B. 150 Jenkins, C. 150 Jenkins, Mr. 34 Jewitt, B. 185 Johns, L. 93 Johnson, B. 240 Johnson, C. 150 Johnson, E. 93 Johnson, Gale 185, 218, 224, 240 Johnson, G. 150, 220 Johnson, J, 93 Johnson, S, 150 Johnson, S. 150, 220, 224, 250, 296 Johnston, J. fsO Johnston, J. 150, 248, 244 Jolley, J. 185 Jones, B. 93 Jones, B. 185, 261 Jones, C. 185, 254 Jones, D. 185 Jone«, D. 185 Jones, E. 185 Jones, F. 186 Jones, J. 93, 260 Jones, J. 94, 270, 268 Jones, Mrs. 28 Jones, R. 94, 219, 220, 261 Jones, S. 186, 230 Jones, S. 94, 249, 270, 268 Jones, S. 186 Jordan, C. 150, 231, 284, 286 Jordan, J. 94, 228, 234 Jordan, J. 296 Jordan, L. 150, 248, 299 Jordan, L. 150 Jordan, M. 150, 268 Jordon, B. 94 Jorgenson, B. 151, 220, 249, 250, 264, 222, 296, 303 Joseph, T. 151, 280, 289 Joyce, P. 151 Kaempfer, A. 270, 268, 269 Kane, B. 151, 254 Kappelmann, M. 186, 293 Kasnias, K. 94, 220 Kavin, P. 151, 254 Kavin, W. 94, 238 Kaye, W. 151 Keady, E. 186 Keady, M. 186 Keating, P. 151 Kefer, R. 186 Keenan, B. 186 Keene, C. 94 Keene, N. 94 Kegebien, Mr. 35, 232 Kellem, S. 151 Keller, K. 186 Keller, S. 151, 250, 296 Kelley, J. 186, 253 Kellum, J. 186 Kelley, P. 95, 235 Kelsey, 293 Kenfield, J. 151 Kensure, C. 186 Kent, M. 151, 220 Ketchie, S. 95, 250, 261 . Kimble, M. 95 Kimble, N. 95, 219 King, A. 293 King, B. 186 King, Mrs. 33, 257 King, R. 95 King, R. 186, 293 King, S. 95, 261 King, S. 151 Kingsworth, M. 95 Kinsey, D. 151 Kirchner, D. 95 Kirk, D. 151, 220, 296 Kirk, J. 184 Kirk, M. 186 Kirk, S. 186 Kirkham, P. 293 Kirkland, C. 151 Kirkkand, J. 186 Kirkland, S. 186 Kirkland, K. 152, 224 Kitchens, E. Kitchens, T. 96, 254, 255 Kittle, J. 186 Kivipelto, J. 183, 152, 287, 288 Klahn, J. 151 Klassy, L. 186 Kleinik, J. 152 Klicker, D. 96, 250, 213, 263, 280, 282 Knight, T. 152 Knowles, H. 96, 238 Kocsis, M. 152 Koleda, K. 96, 225, 230, 261, 263 Komube, D. 186 Koontz, P. 152 Korejra, L. 187 Korthaver, S. 96, 261 Koschak, J. 187, 230 Kozloski, L. 96 Kramer, K. 187 Krericky, F. 187 Kuchta, T. 187 Kuhn, E. 187 Kulbe, D. 187 Kummer, Mrs. 39, 133 Kurtright, K. 187,218, 220 Kurkendall, S. 96 Kwaak,.P. 152 LaBelle, J. 187 La Croix, M. 96, 219, 236, 240, 261 Lamb, Miss 37 Land, T. 187 330 Index Lane, B. 152, 240, 250 Lane, J. 91 Lane, R. 152 Langille, P. 261 Lard, D. 152 Larsen, K. 96, 240, 243, 269, 270, 268, 261 Larson, B. 187, 293 La Sola, L. 152, 236 Latner, L. 152, 250 Laurence, A . 187 Lawrance, B. 152, 293 Lawton, L. 97, 227, 251, 253, 261, 263, 303 Layer, Miss 33 Lazenby, T. 1 87, 288 Leathers, E. 152 Leavell, M. 97 Leavell, 97 LeBlanc, R. 97, 236, 242, 245, 290, 291 Leachner, M. 152 Ue, B. 153 Lee, C. 153 Lee, D. 187 Lee, D. 187 Lee, T. 97 Leet, M. 187 Le Hoist, M. 187, 218 Lehosit, C. 153, 230, 270 Le Grand, A. 97, 261 Le Moine, D. 97, 261 LeMore, J. 187 Le More, L. 153 LePage, D. 153, 232, 247 Lerch, D. 97, 261, 263, 298, 300, 303 Leynes, J. 153, 219, 221 Lienau, Mrs. 237 Lienau, P. 153, 226, 228, 234 Liftshutz, K. 187 Lifshutz, Mrs. 237 Lightfoot, K. 187 Lindamood, F. 98, Linder, D. 98, 230, 246, 272, 274 Lindly, M. 153 Lindsay, M. 153 Lingerfelt, B. 153 Linwick, S. 98, 235, 238, 239, 242, 249, 205, 214, 260, 261,263 Locke, J. 153 Locke, J. 153 Lockehart, J. 153 Lockehearf, B. 98 Lofis, C. 187 Loftus, Mr. 44, 17 Long, C. 188, 293 Longchamp, L. 153 Longhi, L. 98 " Longhin, C. 188 Longyon, C. 251 Loper, S. 153 L ' Orange, C. 188, 230, 242 Lorick, M. 188, 254 Losonsky, C. 153, 219, 293 Losonsky, P. 28, 238, 239, 240, 264, 292 Loot, B. 188, 240, 243, 253, 99 Lott, C. 153, 140, 253 Lowe, M. 153, 224, 242 Lowery, M. 223, 229, 252, 253 Loznicka, T. 188 Lucas, J. 188, 238, 249 Lumpkin, L. 98, 228, 233, 261, Lunsford, M. 154, 300 Lupo, R. 98, 254, 255 Lusher, L. 188 Lutgens, S. 154 Lynn, B. 154, 223, 250 Lynch, D. 188 Lyons, T. 99, 219, 235, 250, 261 Lysitt, A. 99, 233, 235, 261 McBride, C. 188 McBride, S. 188 McCall, K. 188 McCarf, K. 154,270,269, 268 McCart, S.. 188, 223 McClellan, D. 154 McClellan, J. 154, 296 McClenski, P. 100 McClurkin, M. 33, 253 McComb, P. 1 88, 266, 267, 270 McConney, D. 188 McCormick, J. 154, 254 McCreight, M. 104, 246 McCurry, D. 104 McDaniel, S. 105, 219, 225,261 McDonald, P. 154 McElhiney, L. 105, 292 McEIroy, J. 132, 154, 231, 290, 291 McFetrich, K. 154, 247 McGee, D. 105, 231, 280, 282, 287 McGilurry, 105 McGlothJin, M. 104 McGlothlin, P. 105 McGuire, P. 230, 251, 261 McGuire, T. 188 McKay, C. 154 McKnight, D. 188 McLelland, B. 188, 218, 225, 227 McLeod, C. 188 McMahan, B. 105, 246, 261, 263 McManaway, P. 154, 188, 228 McMillan, K. 154, 270, 268, 269 McMillan, Mrs. 237 McNair, R. 106 McNair, W. 106, 231 McNeal, L 188, 293 McNeill, L. 188 McNeill, M. 106, 293 McNichols, H. 154, 245, 290, 291 McPhilomy, C. 192, 278, 46 McQuait, W. 188, 230, 270, 269, 268 McQuire, P. 105 McRae, W. 106, 261 Mace, L. 33, 235, 260, 261, Macnamara, V. 99, 264, 261, 265 Madden, B. 154 Maddock, P. 188 Maddox, F. 99 Maddox, J. 154 Magin, L. 99, 219, 227, 248, 261 Magnan, M. 154, 218 Magnan, P. 154, 228, 232 Mahoney, D. 154 Mainville, T. 189 Majors, J. 155 Malan, M. 155 Maliniak, T. 99, 226, 261, 263, 300 Mallette, L. 155 Mallette, S. 189 Malon, M. 250 Malore, J. 293 Maloy, E. 155 Maltox, J. 189 Mangioficio, E. 189 Manley, M. 155, 181, 264, 293, 292 Mann, J. 99 Mann, L. 189, 220 Marble, B. 189 Marcus, R. 99 Markland, B. 155, 268, 270 Marks, B. 155, 250 Marshall, C. 189,292 Marshall, C. 99, 236, 261 Marshall, G. 189 Martin, C. 100, 189, 261 Martin, D. 189 Martin, Mrs. E. 18,45, 189,228 Martin, L. 100,261 Martin, P. 100, 219, 228, 261, 263 331 Index Martin, 155, 218, 250 Martin, S. 155, 220 Martin, S. 155, 220 Marting, I. 100 Martinez, G. 155 Martinez, I. 266, 267, 270, 268 Martinez, N. 155 Mason, L. 155, 251 Mason, M. 100 Masters, F. 189 Maston, L. 189 Matheny, S. 100, 246 M 199 Ii9t Kii, ' B mn ySS . 1 l m . « ' ; ' ■ m ' f ' m " m m ■I MH I r ' - ' - ' ' sAi. " ' A 1 vIPKm H r " J i Jt H 00 ' ' m % Mathewson, T. 155, 238, 239, Mathis, B. 189 Mathis, K. 189 Mathis, C. 100, 250, 261 Mathews, M. 155, Matthews F. 132, 155, 286, 291, 290, 280, 284, 293, 288 Matthews, W. 155 Maykuk, J. 189 Mayo, Mrs. T. 228 Mays, D. 155 Maxwell, P. 189 Mead, R. 155 Mears, D. 189 Meclewski, P. 261, 263 Meehan, C. 156 Meeks, A. 101, 233, 261 Meese, J. 270, 1 89 Melcolm, E. 101 Mellor, K. 189 Melton, G. 101 Memory, L. 101 Menard, B. 156, 219 Mercier, N. 190 Merkey, S. 156, 266, 267, 268 Merritt, S. 190 Meyer, J. 101 Meyers, S. 219 Miklos, W. 101, 257 Miller, B, 101, 230, 238, 250, 261 Miller, D. 101, 156, 231,289 332 Miller, G. 190 Miller, M. 156, 231,236,230 Miller, R. 190, 270 Miller, S. 156 Millican, D. 190 Milligan, C. 156 Mills, C. 102 Mills, D. 190 Mills, R. 102 Milton, G. 102 Mims, C. 39 Minor, B. 156, 238, 239, 247 Mitchell, Mrs. I. 19, 43 Mitchem, B. 156, 298, 299 Mitchem, N. 190 .Mitrosky, G. 190 Miyerak, F. 102 Mock, C. 230, 250, 261,263 Mock, F. 102 Mock, K. 190 Mohan, T. 102 Monell, T. 190, 238,239 AAontgomery, C. 102 Montgomery, J. 190 Moody, C. 103, 156, 196 Moody, D. 190 Moody, M. 293 Moody, S. 190, 293 Moore, D. 156 Moore, G. 190 Moore, H. 103 Moore, K. 103,219,249,261 Moore, M. 156, 288 Moore, S. 156, 300 Moran, J. 190 Moran, M. 190, 293 Morgan, E. 103 Morgan, J. 103 Morgan, P. 103, 231, 236, 263, 280, 283, 292, 296, 295, 298, 301, 302 Morris, D. 190, 261, 293 Morris, E. 190, 287, 288 Morris, L. 104, 250 Morris, S. 103, 156 Morris, T. 156, 218 Morrison, S. 190 AAorrow, R. 39 Morton, L. 35, 252 Morton, J. 156 Mueller, K. 190,240 Mueller, L. 156, 250 Mulkey, C. 104, 228, 261 Mulkey, D. 157, 190 Muller, R. 104, 231, 244, 246, 280, 283, 289 Mullin, A. 234 Mullis, A. 104, 219 Munn, D. 104 Murphy, B. 157, 224,296 Murray, B. 190 Murrhee, R. 104 Musselwhite, 104, 229, 233, 234, 246, 261 Myers, S. 157, 247 Myette, 191 Nash, P., 106, 232, 246 Nastri, A., 106, 242,262 Nelson, B., 106, 233, 235, 262 Nelson, R., 191,233 Nesset, M., 191 Neugent, A., 191 Neugent, D., 106 Newberg, J., 127 Newberg, S., 106 Newman, B., 106, Newman, R., 157 Newman, S., 157, 220, 242, 250 Newton, M., 191 Newville, D., 157 Nieman, K. 157, 250, 296 Index Nieman, S., 157, 233, 236, 250, 261 Niemiec, K., 171 Nichoas, R. 157 Nichols, B. 191, 270, 268 Nicks, C, 107, 264, 262, 265, 263 Nix, C, 157 Nix, Mrs., 168, 28, 235 Nixon, R., 157, 292, Nolan, C, 191 Nolan, J. 107 Nolan, M. 19.1 Noles, M. 107, 265 Nolting, T., 157. Norman, S 191 Norris, J. 107 Norris, Mrs., 33 Norton, S. 191 Norton, S., 107 Nunally, J., 107 Nunnally, J., 107 Nunnery, P., 108, 261 O ' Brien, M., 191 Ohison, S., 157 Oliver, C. 108 Olmstead, J., 108 Olson, B., 191 Olsen, C. 108, 248, 262 O ' Neil, D. 191 O ' Neil, S. 157 O ' Neil, P. 157 Orton, B., 157 05borne,»A., 191 Ostertag, S., 157, 200, 240, 250, 264 Otis, L., 191 Overby, R., 108„240, 214, 256, 254, 255 Overcash, S. 157 Owen, B., 108 Owens, G., 191 Oxford, ■ 157,224.230,232,247,263, 280 Oxford, M., 108, 246, 262 Pace, A., 191 Paddleford, J., 158, 262 Padgett, M., 158, 230 Page, T., 158 Page, Mrs. B. 42, 224 Pahota, Jeanne, 109, 255, 262 Pahota, Judith, 109, 218, 262 Paine, D., 191 Paine, J., 191 Paradise, M., 191 Parham, L 191 Parker, D., 158 Parker, Dwight, 158, Mr. J. Parker, 37, 231, 242, 278 Parker, K., 109 Parker, L, 158 Parker, R„ 158 Parker, Mr. W., 164, 22, 23, 237, 57 Parks, D,, 158 Parks, J., 158 Parks, S., 158 Parks, Sid, 191 Parmerter, T., 192 Parrish, S., 192 Parsons, J., 158 Partington, J., 192 Partner, G., 158, 229 Pascual, D. 192, 193 Passavanti, D., 109 Patrick, L., 109, 262, 263 Patrick, M., 158 Patrick, Michele, 158, 229, 234 Patrick, R., 109, 232 Patterson, M. 192, 270, 269, 268 Pavey, C, 158, 235 Payne, S,, 109 Peacock, L., 192 Pearce, C, 109, 254, Pearson, J., 158 Pearson, W., 109, 254 Pennington, R., 110 Perdigo, D., 192, 293 Perrit, J., 110 Perry, A., 192 Perry, C, 192 Perry, D., 192 Perry, J., 192 Perry, K., 158 Perry, V., 192 Peters, G., 159 Peterson, 159, 270, 269, 268, 287 Peterson, D., 159 Pettit, F., 159 Phillips, E., 192 Phillips, J., 159, 286 Phillips, Jim, 159, 231, 236, 280 Philleps, Jeannett, 110 Pickard, C, 110 Pickett, K., 110, 262 Pickett, v., 192 Pierce, K., 192, 250 Pierotti, J., 159, 254, 255 Pigg?, R., 192 Pionessa, T., 186 Plonessa, Thomas, 110 Pittman, J., 192 Piva, D., 159 Placid, v., 192 Piatt, L., Ill, 262 Ponsler, R., 289 Poole, G., 192 Poole, S., 159 Pope, F., 192 Porter, Mrs. J., 33, 248, 237 Post, K., 159, 196, 300 Post, R., 192, 296 Potfay, Mr. J., 39 Potts, K., 192 Pouliot, R., 192 Power, N., Ill Powell, N., Ill, 248, 249, 250, 283, 262, 263, 280 Powers, B., 159 Pratt, C, 159 Prentiss, P., 192 Preston, N., 193, 270, 268 Price, D., 159 Priest, J„ 193, 270 Priest, S., Ill, 269, 268 Pritchett, G., Ill Pruitt, A., 193 Pugh, Mr. H., 44, 176 Pugsley, J., 193 Pullen, P., 159, 223 Putnam, C, 159, 228 Putnam, G., 193 Pyne, D., 193 Quarfot, K., 193 Quinn, R., 193 Quitmeyer, B., 193, 288 Raffo, D., 193 Raker, K., 160, 223, 268 Raker, S., 193, 268, 302 Ralph, B., 193 Ralph, D., 160, 287 Rampert, J., 193 Ramsey, E., 160 Ramsey, F., 193 Randall, J., 193 Randolph, J., 160 Randolph, R., 91 Rankin, K., 193 Rankin, Mrs., 237 Rasimos, P., 193, 270, 268 Ray, Bill, 193, 270, 269 Ray, D., 160 Ray, E., 193, 268,270 Rays, S., 293 Rebello, K., 232, 246 Reed, L., 193 333 Index Reese, J., Ill, 262, 263, 296, 302 Reese, S., 160, 228 Register, Mrs. C, 33 Reider, D., 232, 112 Renfroe, L., 194 Reyes, G., 160 Reynolds, C, 111, 262 Reynolds, F., 194 Reynolds, P., 160 Reynolds, S., 160 Rhoden, L., 160 Riccaidelli, Mr. A., 237 Richards, A., 112 Richardson, G , 194 Richardson, Miss G., 37 Richardson, P., 160 Rickoff, G., 112 Ridley, L., 112, 254 Ridling, T., 112, 218, 231, 57, 255, 280, 283, 290 Riebling, S., 112, 262, 263 Riechman, Mr. K., 35, 254, 255 Rittner, S., 160 ' , 219 Rivers, H„ 184 Robarts, O., 194, 219, 252 Robbins, J., 160, 240, 280, 292 Robbins, Judy, 194 Roberts, B., 194 Roberts, Brenda, 194 Roberts, D., 194 Roberts, Diane, 194 Roberts, K., 112 Roberts, L., 112, 226, 229, 233, 262 Roberts, S., 113 Robertson, C, 112, 262 Robertson, J., 113, 223, 262, 296 Robertson, K., 112 Robertson, S., 224, 263, 296 Robinson, C, 194 Robinson, G., 194 Robinson, Mrs. J., 42, 223 Robinson, L., 194, 251 Robinson, M., 160 Rogers, Mrs. C, 42, 168, 224 Rogers, V., 160 Rohweller, J., 298 Rosa, L., 204, 207, 21 1, 235, 240, 246, 272, 275 Roscoe, L, 113, 262, 295, 298, 301 303 Rose C, 194 Rosenbeck, D., 194 Ross, L., 194 Rosser, G., 113 Rosser, J., 113, 235 Rosser, Mr. U., 237 Roth, L., 194, 245 Rouch, D., 113, 262, 263 Rouch, J., 160 Rowan, J., 160, 141, 264, 338 Rown, D., 161, 236 «oyal, J., 161, 236 Rubbert, D., 114 Rubel, D., 161 Rudicell, M., 114, 232, 234, 244, 246 Runkles, K., 161 Ruppert, S., 194, 251 Russ, O., 161 Russell, Mr. C, 49 Russell, S., 114, 262, 263 Russell, Sharon, 161 Russell, L, 114, 230, 232, 246 Ryan, P., 194 Sadler, Miss, 40, 275 Salerno, S., 161,247 Sandridge, J., 161, 223 Santana, C, 114 Sapp, 194, 293 Sapp, P. J., 114, 260, 263 Sapp, W., 194 Sassard, S., 194 Saucer, S., 161, 247, 268, 269, 270 Saunders, J., 114, 219 Saunders, P., 161 Savage, J., 114, 260, 263, 296, 298, 297 Scarborough, 161 Scharringhausen, M., 195 Scharringhausen, T., 114 Schaus, D., 115, 262 Schaus, W., 195, 236 Schert, D., 195, 236 Schert, K., 115, 219, 252, 260, 263, 302 Schimmelmann, C, 161 Schimmelmann, W., 195 Schirra, C, 161, 252 Schirra, F., 115 Schirra, R., 195, 227, 230 Schmidt, Mr. R., 35 Schockey, D., 268, 270, 195 Scholt, D., 195 Schott, Douglas, 115 Schufeldt, L., 115, 262, 296, 297 Schuler, D., 195 Schuiz, S., 195, 240 Schumacher, C, 161, 254 Schwartz, J., 195, 251 Scott, M., 195 Scott, Marsha, 115,250,262 Scott, S., 195, 246, 250, 268, 270 Scott, Sandra, 115, 219, 235 Scruggs, N., 161 Scruggs, 195 Seago, 195 Seawell, C, 161,218 Sebring, R., 115 Sebulsky, S., 116, 262 Sechresf, T., 161,230, 248 Seekamp, K., 161 Segar, B., 195 Segovis, L., 195 Segovis, B., 161, 293 Seller, Mr., 39 Selby, J., 195, 266, 267, 268, 270 Sellars, B., 195 Sellars, S., 195 Sellers, L, 161 Serett, J., 195 Seward, L., 162, 236, 242, 302 Shannon, J., 162, 280 Shannon, P., 200, 116, 268, 269, 270, 227, 264, 262, 209, 236, 240, 244, 246, Sharman, W., 116, 229, 236 Sharpe, D., 162, 254 Sharpe, W., 162 Sharpton, V., 116, 262, 303 Shaver, M., 162, 247 Shaw, Mr., 27, 236 Sheeham, B., 195 Sheets, S., 195 Sheffield, P., 195 Shelly, J., 269, 270 Shelley, G., 162 Shelley, R., 268 Shepherd, S., 116, 230,262 Sherwood, J., 162 Shibler, B., 195 Shrum, V., 162, 224 Shuman, R., 162 Shutt, Mrs. R., 43, 225 Sides, B., 162, 268, 269 Silcox, G., 196 Simcoke, P., 116, 262 Simmons, B., 162, 287 Simmons, C, 162, 236 Simmons, H., 162 Simmons, R., 11 6, 219 Simmons, S., 116, 233 334 ji H L B | H..i f K — . IV M ■ Tv m A I 1 1 y- Sr -i Inde Simmons, Susan, 117 Simons, M. E., 162 Simpler, R., 162, 232, 247, 254 Simpson, A., 117 Singletary, J„ 117, 263 Sinko, Miss S., 47, 237, 296, 294, 298, 300, 301, 302 Sisco, M., 117 Sisk, P., 162 Sisfrunk, K., 196 Siverson, P., 117, 262 Skaff, C, 162 Skinner, C, 162, 223 Skinner, L., 196 Sloan, L, 117 Sloane, B., 196 Slocum, R., 196, 293 Sluder, S., 117, 250,262 Small, D., 163, 218 Smiley, S., 162 Smith, B., 163, 293 Smith, Bob, 163, 230, 236, 248 Smith, Buddy, 117 Smith, C, 163, 224, 247, 289, 292 Smith, D., 196, 240, 292 Smith, Dottle, 196 Smith, Douglas, 118, 287, 288 Smith, G., 118 Smith, J., 293 Smith, K., 196 Smith, L., 118 Smith L., 163, 219, 221, 249, 250 Smith, L, 196 Smith, M., 196 Smith, Miss M., 25, 56 Smith, M, 196, 251, 268, 270 Smith, P., 163 Smith, R., 118, 231, 236,251 Smith, S., 163, 229, 250 Smith, Stephany, 196, 268, 270, 296 Smith, W., 196, 268, 270, 293 Smith, William Larry, 118,219 Snider, B., 163 Snipes, W., 118 Snyder, M., 118, 238 Solano, D., 163 Sologovitch, N., 196 Soulis, Mr. P., 278 Soush, J., 163 South, J., 218 Souther, C, 118, 223 Seward ' s, C, 119 Spell, V ., 119, 226, 233, 242, 262, 296, 263 X Spinks, J., 119 Spires, B., 196, 220, 228, 229 Spradlin, B., 196 Spradlin, Mr., 44, 138 Spratlin, H., 196, 293 Stafford, B., 196 Staley, P., 163 Stanfield, B., 196 Stanfield, L, 196 Stang, R., 119, 238 Stanilonis, J., 163 Stanley, E., 119 Starczewski, S., 163, 242 Stark, D., 196, 218 Starling, W., 163 Starnes, R., 196 Stasco, Mr. R., 24, 14, 15, 237 Stemen, K., 196, 218 Stenshorn, S., 119, 246,260 Stephenj B., 163, 236, 254, 255 Stephens, L, 119 Stephens, L., 119, 262 Stepler, B., 163, 245 Stepp, Mrs. K. 39, 237 Stevens, J., 120 Stevens, P., 163 Stewart, M., 155, 2123,245 Stewart, L., 197, 164 Stiles, C, 164, 250 Stratmann, C, 197 Strauss, J., 120, 262 Strickland, H., 164, 245,286 Strickland, M., 197 Strickler, C, 197, 238, 239 Stringer, C, 164, 250 Stringer, Mrs. E., 27, 236 Stoinoff, M., 120, 231, 254, 280, 283 Stokes, L., 120, 262 Story, D., 164, 236, 280, 292 Story, J., 120, 262, 298 Stose, B., 164 Stubbs, S., 120, 262 Suberly, C, 164, 268, 270 Suggs, S., 197 Suggs, L, 164 Sullivan, C, 197 Sullivan, N., 120, 293 Sumara, J., 164 Summers, W., 164 Sumner, R., 119, 284, 285 Sundie, D., 197 Sundie, F., 120 Sutton, J., 121, 287, 288 Sutton, M., 197, 240 Sutton, T., 121 Swaggerty, P., 164 Sweat, R., 121 Swett, R., 164, 228 Swisher, K., 121, 262, 298 Tally, K., 164, 229 Tanner, S., 164, 245 Tanzler, Mrs. A., 26, 235 Tardiff, R., 164, 287 Tatum, M., 197, Tatum, P., 197, 220, 228 Tatum, Miss S., 41 Taylor, C, 165 Taylor, H., 121 Taylor, J., 197, 250 Taylor, J., 121, 236, 240, 250, 262 Taylor, J., 197 Taylor, K.,. 165 Taylor, L., 121 Taylor, Mr. L., 237 Taylor, M., 165, 235, 300 Taylor, N., 197 Taylor, R., 165 Taylor, R., 197 Taylor, T., 165 Taylor, V., 121 Teate, P., 165, 250, 264 Terioy, E., 197 Terpening, C, 197, 266, 267, 268, 270 Teske, B., 122, 253, 260 Teter, K., 229 Tharp, K., 165 Theile, D., 197, 225 Theile, C, 165 Thill, M., 197 Thomas, B., 122 Thomas, B., 122, 263 Thomas, C, 165, Thomas, D., 197 Thomas, J., 198 Thomas, K., 165, 238 Thomas, L., 165, 266, 267, 268, 270 Thomas, M. A., 165, Thomas, M., 190 Thomas, W., 219, 292 Thompson, C, 198 Thompson, C, 122, 272, 275, 260 Thompson, C, 199 Thompson, C, 122, 262 Thompson, D., 198 Thompson, K., 198, 230 Thompson, M. L., 198, 228 Thompson, P., 165, 236, 242 Thompson, S., 165 Thornsby, J., 198 Thurman, R., 165, 291 Thurmond, Miss M., 33 335 Index Thurston, S., 122, 233, 236, 262, 263 Tibbetts, L, 122, 260 Tiffany, D., 122, Tilghman, B., 198, 238 Till, L., 122, 269, 270 Till, Mrs., 237 Tilley, J., 123, 231, 254, 255, 287 Timmerman, J., 198, 238 Tobin, v., 198, 233 Tomaszewski, S., 198 Tomlinson, D., 198 Tomford, A., 123, 218 Toney, S., 123, 236, 262 Toney, S., 165, Toole, D., 198, 240, 302 Townsend, B., 198 Townsend, D., 198 Townsend, K., 123, 204, 231, 21 1, 52, 56, 260, 262, 262, 280, 284, 283, 279, 285, Toske, A., 166 Toves, B., 296, 301 Travis, D., 166 Travis, D., 166 Treo, C, 166, 300, 302 Trexler, J., 123, Trosclair, R., 123 Trubshaw, S., 123, 260 Trudeau, T., 124 Tubbs, J., 166 Tucker, E., 198 Tucker, Miss M., 33 Tull, H., 166, 231, 238, 292 Turner, D., 166, 296 Turner, L, 124, 262, 263 Tuten, D., 166, 251, 302 Tuten, L, 124, 262 Tutton, E., 1 6 Tyler, J., 124, 238, 239 Tyre, P., 198, 293 Ulrich, Mr. F., 35, 232 Ulsh, P., 166 Urban, P., 198 Usiak, N., 198, 240, 301 Uzzle, T., 166, 270, 234, 244, 247, 268 Valade, R., 280, 283, 289 Valentine, C, 198, 268 Valla, L, 124, 238, 239 Vance, B., 198, 254, 293 Vandling, S., 166 Van Doran, A., 124 Van Matre, R., 124, 254, 255, 280, 284, 283 Vann, R., 198 Van Winkle, F., 166 Varnes, P., 198 Vaughan, G., 166, 222, 223, 228, : ' 50 Vaughn, Mrs. G., 41, 226, 237 336 Vavra, L., 124, 262, 263 Vavra, L., 124, 250, 260 Veatch, M., 124, 266, 267, 268, 270 Vellerich, B., 199 Vertner, D., 166, 293, 289 Vickers, G., 125 Vierline, D., 199 Vile, D., 199 Vile, J., 125, 233, 262 Villanueva, R., 166 Vincient, E., 199 Vining, S., 166, 220 Vanzant, B., 166 Vise, S., 125, 246, 262, 263 Vogil, R., 166 Voltz, C, 166, 219, 230, 240, 243, 296 Voyles, L, 199, 242, 250 Vyrros, M., 125 Wade, Mrs., W., 49 Wade, B., 125 Wade, R., 125 Wagner, J., 167, 236, 240, 133, 280, 292 Wagner, R., 199 Waggoner, L., 125 Wainwright, P., 125, 262 Waldeck, M., 125, 225, 234 Waldron, C, 126, 219, 220, 207, 213, 262, 261 Walker, Mrs., M., 41, Walker, R., 126 Walker, v., 167 Wallace, F., 199 Wallace, G., 168, 263 Wallace, R., 126, 231, 246 Wallace, S., i99 Walston, W., 199 Walfton, W., 201 Walters, D., 199 Walters, L, 129, 262 Walters, P., 126, 236, 240, 272, 275, 262, 264 Walters, T., 199 Walton, L., 126, 260 Ward, B., 167 Ward, D., 199 Ward, P., 126, 246, 250, 260 Ware, L., 199, 240, 250 Warston, D., 167 Washburn, C, 199, 266, 267, 268, 270 Watermolen, G., 199 Watermolen, P., 106 Waters, L, 152, 231, 280 Waters, R., 199 Watford, A., 199 Watford, S., 126, 262 Watson, Mr. J., 46, 278, 284 Watson, P., 199, 251 Waugaman, L., 167 Wayne, T., 165 Weaver, D., 167 Weaver, D., 199 Weaver, J., 199, 230 Webb, G., 199 Webb, K., 127 Webb, Mrs. M., 43 Weeks, J., 228, 240, 248, 249 Weeks, S., 167 Weeks, S., 167 Weinelt, S., 199, 293 Weir, S., 127, 262 Welborn, Miss F., 35 Welch, A., 127,230 Welch, A., 126 Welch, B., 127, 219 Welch, C, 167 Welch, P., 268, 269, 270 Welch, M., 167 Welch, v., 268, 279 Welch, Y., 199 Wells, E., 167 Wells, J., 200 Wells, P., 127, 260 Wells, S., 167 Wells, T., 200; 296, 299, 300, 301 Welsh, D., 200 West, E., 200 West, S., 200 Index Westberry, R., 127 Westervelt, S., 293 Weyer, S., 127 Weyer, D., 235, 250, 268, 270, 262, Weyer, F., 250 Wheeler, D., 200 Wheeler, S., 167, 228 White, A., 200, 293 White, B., 200 White, C, 200 White, J., 128, 25, 262, 264 White, L., 128, 262 White, L., 200, White, M., 167, 289 White, M., 200, 247, White, S., 200, 218 White, S., 128, 262 Whitney, J., 200 Whitson, T., 200, 268 Whitson, Y., 128, 219, 234 Wick, N., 167, 229, 242, 296, 398 Wicker, C, 200 Wicks, M., 200 Wiggins, D., 128 Wiggins, E., 128, 262 Wiggins, G., 128 Wiggins, S., 167 Wiggs, B., 168 Wilderman, S., 168, 280, 289 Williams, B., 168 WilMams, C, 128, 262 ams, D., 168, 223, 228, 249 s, G., 200, 228 ams, J., 128, 262 ams, J., 129, 262 ams, K., 168 ams, L, 168, 56, 262 ams, L., 168, 280 ams, L., 129 ams. P., 129 ams, R., 165 ams, S., 129, 246, 211, 57, 262, 261 ams, S., 200 ams, S., 168, 251 ams, T., 168,296 ams, v., 168, 248 amson, K., 129 s. A., 168, 236, 248 s, J., 168 Will Will Will Will Will Willi Will Will Will Will Will Will Windham, N.-, 129, 234, 240, 262, 261 Winderweedle, J., 200 Windom, N., 263 Windom, P., 169 Wingate, W., 201 Winko, J., 268, 270 Winthrop, C, 169, 220 Wizenstein, T., 169 Woffard, B., 169 Wohe, R., 201 ts, K., 200 Wills, J., 129 Wilkes, A., 200 Wilson, A., 169, 218, 254 Wilson, A., 129 Wilson, B., 200 Wilson, C, 200, 293 Wilson, G., 262 Wilson, J., 129 Wilson, M., 200, 250 Wilson, S., 200 Windham, C, 169 Wolf, L., 169 Wolfe, J., 201 Wolfe, R„ 129 Wood, A., 201, 293 Wood, F., 235, 246, 262, 261 Wood, J., 129, 254, 255, 283 Wood, K., 129, 254, 255 Wood, R., 129 Wood, S., 201, 266, 267, 268, 270 Woodard, C, 201 Woodlief, Mrs. A., 41 Woodruff, S., 169, 232 Woodruff, T., 129, 236, 240, 244 246 211 53 Woods, D., 201 Woods, K., 201 Wood, M., 336, 280 Woods, N., 129, 219, 227, 248, 249, 252 Woodson, L., 129, 262 Wright, D., 201 Wright, D., 169 Wright, D., 129 Wright, H., 201, 218 Wright, P., 201 Wright, S., 201 Wyer, F., 201 Wylie, A., 169, 296 Wylie, C, 129, 262, 263 Yarbrough, A., 201 Yarbrough, R., 169 Yeager, J., 201 Yeaton, Miss C.,_47, 294, 296, 299, 301, 302, 303 Yeoman, W., 129 Yongue, B., 201 Yonn, J., 169, 254 Young, J., 262 Zeller, Mr. C, 37 Zerba, M., 228, 232, 247 Zetter, L, 201 Zidlicky, J., 145, 231, 280, 283 Zimmerman, J., 201, 227 Zolner, E., 201, 292 337 Our Numberless Moments . . . We have just concluded another phase of our lives— a very important phase— one v hich pre- pared the foundation of our forthcom ' mg years. There were brief moments of glory for some of us in sports, musical and dramatic productions. All shared the hopeless reality of examinations and deadlines, the semester grades, the noon- time cafeteria rush. These impressions are only a few that were packed into this full year. Credit for the production of this book goes to the loyal Confederate staff. The staff, however, has furnished only the outlines; you, the com- plete story. Through the pages of this book you might, as an individual, recapture a cherished moment of tears or laughter. It might have been a pep rally, the Rebel Yell, a victory, or a defeat. But no matter what special moment is held in your heart, this year, which has passed as a single moment, is numberless. Karen Cibula and Jimmie Lee Rowan Co-Editors-in-Chief 1 966 Confederale ■ iX f ■ tL A CM 338 Autographs •: ' " ' i, ' " ' yiriCLU - 2: ; ' 339 Autographs AJfeo tB n« uo- oL i» -w -(-K;. . yju . . -u. . f n - --- 340 Autographs 341 A r .j v y ' . : ■mrp 4 y Autographs iti -lA aV a u 342 V y- " Autographs i ' ,1 1 [ v 0-i,..- cP ' { " : V = V ( ' A» ' 1 . - y ' " ; r ' ' ' i -fl c l ' pi, ' 7 ' ,-( HS ' 343 Autographs TAYLOR PUBLISmiMG COMPANY 344 -■( ' (aku ' .Jer iii C2 Miiid ' _2 z fma Q 3mia iimna y i, _2? i Sis« ««- tj az Q "

Suggestions in the Nathan Bedford Forrest High School - Confederate Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) collection:

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Nathan Bedford Forrest High School - Confederate Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 56

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Nathan Bedford Forrest High School - Confederate Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 301

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