Nathan Bedford Forrest High School - Confederate Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL)

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1965 CONFEDERATE Jackson ville, Florida Volume Vl Editor-in-Chief Barbara Smith Bufineu and Adifertiting Manager Carole Brown C o-Affiftant Editorx Marguerite Rickett Carol Skeen Photo Editor Linda Sellers Layout Editor Terri Thompson LT. GENERAL NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST Confederate 'Staff Ftzrulty Editor Nancy Kimble Senior Editor Jeanie Pahota junior Editor Pat Black Sophomore Editor Steve Avart S portr Editor Stephen Burr Photographers Billie Albin Glen Melton MarkvVyrros Sponyorr Miss Carolyn Carlton Miss Rebecca Hamby lntroduction Dedication Special Recognition Administration Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores Table of Contents Clubs and Organizations Features Sports Advertisements Senior Directory lndex A This ls . . hands and fee our daily live as she cheer the excited crowd if :orresf High School fhaf show paris of l . . a cheerleacler's face bur feam fo vicfory . . . football games. :orresf is People f emi ,Sa , Forrest's People We have all share: themes . . . lectures . . and semester grades Classes are busy places . . "'t! wk- 1:ax:a:fQeeX5::. f 1,,:wl1.J:Ma.s7 ww IT Sfudy Hard fhe hopeless realify of exams pole faking . . . deadlines . . preparing for the future. Forresf's Peaple . . . buying nofebooks . . 1 making last minute phone displaying our various falenfs . . are all part ou E Q W I LK - sim W we Y iz' Q53 9 3 xx J, I Dedication The N. B. Forrest Staff Respectfully Dedicates The Confedemle of 1964-65 To . . . The man who has enriched our lives and through his infinite understanding of our problems, his patience with our errors and shortcomings, and his enthusiasm for our ideas and plans, has brought to us the guidance and support necessary in our undertakings . . . To the man who has given of himself freely and unselfishly to us, the students of Forrest High School for six years . . . To the man, who by his friendly Ways and deep devotion, has entered the minds of those who know him-Forever . . . To the teacher who has strived to help our lives to take on more meaning and fulfillment as if he were molding his own soul . . . With a great deal of pride and gratitude, we offer our sincere appreciation and humble thanks to . . . Mr. Clem Boatwright A man dedicated in his field of teaching and unselfish with his time to develop our student body- A leader among leaders of our school, respected and honored by all- Mr. Daryle C. May 3 W: 'A . - N A.: ,, h,Q-,ffm-1. - Q. ya' ik Wwiilif W W V , gn W . . WW' Milli - '95 ?fSIfl,Ef W W , HQ . esxf fmmiw lf!! fx' if Q?-A AZ? W EF ,Q i' 'fm 'W ,df 3 f Us in i W eg, 'sg The person who has helped give Forrest its outstanding reputation of "good sportsmanship and school spirit"- Through her leadership, she has reproduced her abilities in the cheer- leaders of Forrest and gixfen pride and recognition to our school- Miss Susie Sadler The teacher who has given of her time and energy toward the creation of the 1965 CONFEDERATE- The person who has given you advice when needed, help when asked for, and added to Forrest's outstanding reputation- Miss Carolyn Carlton I7 vi' U'-1 My gg? ' ,S wif S, .. - ,,'. m',- 'I . , X , gg' if -1 2-ii, A3 - 5525 - ,. ,, '31 A V - g,':il ' '-L- S 1 'Q 31 -A at A M W ' K V. W ' A - ' w N I ., " V 9:3 " ci, 'SE' 'rj Q. f ff ,,,, x ml i ' q.- ' V . V A pk , L , ri, ,k.L t, . ,, K Q fa- Q 1 ,15 ,, 4, Lg ,1 Q 'lf ' ,442 X ie 7 . S f 1 5 Q l gi .. 4 I .P 5 Principal's Message Our county has had to face a tremendous problem this year. Forrest High School differs from other schools in that in facing this prob- lem, the administration, the faculty, the students, and the parents are standing together to over- come our situation. We, of Forrest, have not lowered our standards. If anything, we have worked together to raise them. We have quality instruction and quality students. In answer to the question-What can I do about non-accreditation ?-most students have answered, "I can take advantage of the oppor- tunity given to me to learn." Teachers have ans- wered, "I can seek to improve my teaching through study and an understanding of my stu- dents." As we know, improvement with each individual means improvement overall. I would like to express my appreciation to you for your dedication, labor, and service to our school. We can continue to be an outstanding school with your interest, energy, and spirit. mga W, C. Parker Principal Assistant Principal 's Message Whether you become a world leader or simply one who only votes for them, a person some- where in between these two extremes, depends largely on the extent and quality of education you get. With the population explosion putting more and more people into the labor pool-with auto- mation changing jobs from physical to mental- with the world in need of information to relieve it of the tensions of cold wars, races for space, nuclear bomb-struggles for human dignities and liberty-the gaining of an education is no longer a privilege, to be pursued or not, depending on personal whims, but a solemn duty of every young person in every society. Whether or not you are in school or about to get out, you will continue a learning process-N engage it with such vigor that you can take your rightful place in our future "Great Society" of the United States. Ray A. Stasco Wittenburg University, Y T ' 'A. f T'I ' J B.S., Ms Dean of Girls' Message "FORREST IS PEOPLE" For six years now administration, faculty, stu- dents, have strived together to make Forrest the educational institution of which we are so proud. The least and the greatest contributions of these "people" ARE Forrest. May your activities cause Forrest to grow ever upward and onward-a people and a school which are an example to all! 1011! Miss Miriam jean Smith Newberry College, University of Florida, A.B., M.Ed. l 2 I Assistant Dean of Girls and Guidance Counselor's Message As you leave the halls of Forrest I wish you could take this one last thought with you. The realization that the discipline we imposed upon your individual liberties was simply an addi- tional educational course that will not appear on your report cards, but nevertheless will be a lesson upon which you will be graded for the rest of your life-this lesson is the ability to discipline yourself. The miracle of self discipline is the key to life's treasure vaults, for without it the temptations of the moment will cause you to hesitate and lose sight of your goals. mslwf Mrs. Ann Tanzler Duke Universityg University of Floridag B.S., M.Ed. Mr Parker Miss Smith and Mr Stasco view with interest recent happenings in Florida education circles. MRS. EDNA T. STRINGER Florida Southern Collegeg of Florida, B.S., M.E.D. l Univ. l DONALD W. COOK Univ. of Fla., B.S.E., M.E.D. Guidance BERNARD GEORGE SHAW Pa. Univ.g San Antonio College St. Mary's Univ.g Trinity Univ. A.A., B.S., M.E.D. Mr. Shaw and Miss Horton sorting college catalogues. Office Personnel MRS. MARY L. CALLOWAY MRS. ILA MAE JONES Brenau College Kings Business College MRS. GWEN P. MARTIN MRS- FRANCES E- NIX Fla State College' Sullins jr College Kansas State Teachers Colle-geg University of ' l ' AIRS. HELEN HIQUINNEH' Delaware Woman's College of Georgia Service Personnel Bus Drivers, Kneeling: Mrs. Ruby Niles, Szanding, Left to Right: Mrs. Louise Newberg, Mrs. Ruth Maul- din, Mrs. Evelyn Roberts, Mrs. Ce- cile Higginbotham, Mrs. Dorothy Cobb, Mrs. Wilma Roberson, Mrs. Margaret Morris, Mrs. Vida Sweat, Mrs. Rosie McCall, and Mrs. Hilda Hansen. Robert Bell, Head Canadian Mrs. Ella Ashley, Maid W w V 26 27 Englisl IVIRS. GERALDINE S. ALL MRS. LINDA B. BRHVI LLOYD BRAGOZ Univ. Of South Carolina. 13.5. Univ, of Fla., B.A. jacksonville Univ.g Fla. State Univ., B.A. MISS CAROYLN KW. MRS. NANCY R. DARBY MISS REBECCA HAMBY CARLTON jacksonville Univ.g Washing- 'Stetson University, B.A. jacksonville Univ.g B.A. ton College, B.A. MRS. RUTH O. NORRIS Baldwin-Wallace College, A.B. DEPARTMENT HEAD MISS JACOLYN HORTON Birmingham Southerng Stets Univ.g Univ. of Fla., AB., M.A. Dept. MISS MARSHA KING GEORGE B. KUMIVER III MRS. KAREN LUKE Jacksonville Univ., B.A. Jacksonville Univ.g Vanderbilt Univ. of Oklahoma, B.A. Univ.g Hague Academy of In- ternational Law, A.A., B.A., LLB. MRS. LOIS MACE JOHN J. MADIGAN MRS. JANE E. PORTER Jacksonville Univ., B.A. Fla. State Univ., B.A., M.S. Keukg College-5 Univ. of Fla., B.S. 'll . fi .JW Students listen as Larry gives his speech in Mrs. Porter's class. Mat MRS. REBA W. CHESSMAN RICHARD L. CRUMP EDWARD E. HAYES Fla. State Univ., B.S. Western Carolina College, B.S. Memphis State Univ., B.S. Ed. 3 2 S S TED H. JENKINS WARREN KENT Western Carolina College, KEGEBEIN B.S.E. jacksonville Univ.g Univ. C Fla., A.A., B.S.E. MRS. FERNE Q. CROW Marygrove Collegeg Wayne Univ.g Ohio Univ., B.S.E. DEPARTMENT HEAD Dept. ' lrxx iw 'I U f dj, .,,.v 'V- ' .eiuf Q- mf ,f Kufd, if 1 DARYLE C. lNIAY MRS. LILLIAN MORTON Vanderbilt University, B.E. Womans College of Georgia B.S. Ed. FRANCIS UI-RICH MISS FRANCIS LOUISE jacksonville Univ., B.S. WELBORN Univ, of Florida, B.S. Math Ed, Mr. May explains the slide rule to his class. MRS. EUGENIA G. ADAIR MRS. LINN BAIKER Univ. of Fla., B,S, Fairmont State Collegeg Salem College, B.A. Science JAMES M. CHRISTIAN Emory University, B.A., D.D.S. MISS GLADYS M. RICHARDSON Fla. State Ur1iv.g Univ. of Virginia, A.B., M.S. DEPARTMENT HEAD 52 3 K GEORGE H. CRONN Long Island Univ.g Syracu Univ.g Univ. of Fla., B.l M.Ed. Depf. RODERICK S. DICKENS HERBERT FISCHLER U.S. Naval Academyg Univ. of ,lHCkS0I'lVi116 Univ-, B-A Ala.g R.P.I.g B.S. MISS JANICE E. LAMB MRS. ELLEN SONN Fla. State Univ.g Tulane Univ.g GRANTHAM George Peabody Collee, B.S., Univ. of Miamig B.Ed. M.A. Glen delves into the mysteries of sci- ence. Miss SARA L. ANDERSON ROBERT WAYNE Coker College, A.B. CANTRELL Middle Tenn. State College, B.S. Hisforg l CHARLES F. DUGGINS Milligan Collegeg Univ. of Te A.B., M.S. MRS. BENNIE B, FARMER B.S.E., M.Ecl. DEPARTMENT HEAD Ark. State Teachers Collegeg Univ. of Fla., MRS. LUCILLE M. HALL Temple Univ., B.S.Ed. epf. l JACK B. HUMRHRIES S ROBERT P. MORROW Univ. of Fla., B.A., M.E.D. N.C. State Collegeg U.C.I..A ' Univ. of Fla., B.A. JOHN POTFAY, JR. FREDERICK ARNO College of Woosterg Jackson- SEILER ville Univ.g Univ. of Fla., B.A. jacksonville Univ., B.S. MRS. KATHARYN STEPP Southern Ga. Collegeg George Peabody Teachers Collegeg Ga. Teachers Collegeg Valdosta State Collegeg A.B. Maps add to American History-English core class. 35 Busines MRS. NANCY BECKER MISS SARA SUE SADLER Auburn Univ.g B.S. Tennessee Tech., B.S. MISS MAUREEN A. COX MRS. PEGGY H. GRANT Radford College, Woman's Jacksonville State College, Jax Division of V.P.I.g B.S. Ala.g B.S. MISS MILDRED ANDERSON Fla. Southern, Univ. of Fla.g B.S., M.Ed. Jepf. V MRS. MARGARET P. WALKER Duke Univ., Univ. of Ala. B.S. Typing is one of .the many business courses offered at Forrest. MRS. MARJORY HAYS MRS. GLENDA M. SAWYER VAUGHN Berea Collegeg Univ. of Ken- Univ. of,Ala'Z URN of Fla tuckyg Univ. of Fla., A.B. B.S. Graduate work Univ. of Florida LEONARD B. DALY MRS. SUE W. GRIFFIN MRS, BETTE I.. PAGE Univ. of Delawareg Univ. of Florida State Univ., Univ. of Fla, State Univ., B.A. Fla., Univ. of Ala., B.S., M.Ed. Fla., A.B. NDEA Appointee X X MRS. JACQUELINE P. MRS. CONSTANCE ROGERS ROBINSON Randolph-Macon Woman's Col Rockford Collegeg Univ. of legeg Univ. of Tenn., A.B. Iowa, A.B. M.S. Language MISS ELIZABETH HUNTER Florida State Univ., Catholic Univ. of Am.g Univ. of Florida, B.A., M.A. DEPARTMENT HEAD , , - if .afllwi F 'X V' if 'rl l. tw. ' tn, Home Economics MRS. BARBARA B. MRS. MYRTLE D. WEBB BI.EDSOE East Tenn. State College, B.S Young-Harris Jr. Collegeg Univ. of Gag Geoige Pea- body College, B.S.H.E. Threading needles, resewing seams, all are a part of learning to sew. INIRS. INA IVIAE MITCHELL Univ. of Gag Univ. of Tenn., B.S. DEPARTMENT HEAD . HARVEY S. PUGH Univ. of Alabama, B,S.Ed. Industrial Arts BERYI. I.. SPRADLIN Okla. Stale Univ., B.S.Ed. JOHN R. LOFTUS Univ. of Floridag Florida State Univ., A.A., BS. DEPARTINIENT HEAD The boys in shop learn by doing. Library MISS INIANEAL TUCKER Wesleyan College, Emory Unixyg Univ. of Georgia, A.B. MRS. ETHEL MARTIN Middle Tenn. State Collegeg George Peabody College, B,S.. M.A. HEAD LIBRARIAN Students use the library often 4I JAMES SAMUEL WATSON JOE PARKER FRED GIRGIS Jacksonville Univ.g Univ. of Wake Forest College, B.S. Univ. of Tampag jacksonville Fla., A.A., B.S. Univ., B.S. JAMES B. FOSTER, JR. MILTON S. COOPER RALPH BENNETT Stetson Univ., Univ. of Fla.. South Georgia Collegeg Stetson Aclflafl College, B-A A.B., M.E.D. Univ., George Peabody College, A.A., B.A., M.A. Boys' Physical Ed. VICTOR H. PAPA Miss. State Collegeg Tulsa Univ., B.A. DEPARTMENT HEAD MISS CONNIE I. YEATON MISS JUDY PEOPLES Fla. State Univ., B.S.Ed. Univ. of Fla-, B.S4Ed MRS. RITA BUFFINGTON Univ. of Ala., B.S.Ed. Girls' Physical Ed. MISS SHIRLEY M. SINKO Univ. of Fla., B.S. DEPARTMENT HEAD CLENI BOATRIGHT Emory Univ.g Jax. College of Musicg La. State Univ., B.M.. lNI.lNl., DEPARTINTENT HEAD Music Dept l HERBERT EDWARDS Auburn Univ., BS. DEPARTMENT HEAD Band at the Rebel Yell. Art Study Hall GENIA WHITE University of Florida, B.A.E. MISS TI-IELMA D. BROWNETT Wesleyan Conservatoryg Univ. of Georgiag Columbia Univ., B,F.A., M.F.A. Student demonstrates artistic ability Drivers' Training MRS. BERTIE WADE Fla. State Univ., B.S. Simulator Coordinator D.C. T. CHARLES E. RUSSELL, JR Elon Collegeg Univ. of N.C. Fla. State Univ., A.B. Linda Dixon receives on-the-job training. J a Mr. Parry runs the Projector for use in simulator, Mr. Spradlin teaches an interested student leather craft Mr. White, in the school store, gleefully balances his accounts. 47 M1 WNBWUQM WNW W MP W vp M M f ,NL pffgul V5 'J MJPTQU Lana Harris Lana, while leading the student body through a busy year, has displayed such qualities as responsibility, poise, intellect and natural beauty. Lana has shown that femininity and strength are compatible. She meets any situation with the dignity and grace so becoming a lady. 50 Outstanding Joe Davis Joe is dependabilityg he undertakes all jobs with zest and a purpose. He is a young man who is going places. His efficiency as president of the senior class is known by all students and faculty. joe seems easy- going and quietg yet he is dynamic in all activities of which he is a member. Seniors Richard DeLoach Dick is level headness. He has shown the quality of leadership through his work as an important part of the Student Court. His polite ways make him a true gentle- man. Dick is distinctivewable to rise above the common din and carry on with a cool but contagious confidence. Barbara Smifh Barbara has the force and determination which have been of great service in produc- ing this CONFEDERATE. Her impression has been one which will cause the school to remember clever subtlety, a pleasant laugh, and-at times-a snapping wit. Whatever the situation, Barbara is more than its equal -a leader in confusion, a pacifier in trouble, and always a considerate, stabilizing force. 5l Dana Mero Dana is the epitome of warmth and friendship. Her cheerful yet firm attitude has enabled her to accomplish any task set before her. Her unruffled composure and serene demeanor have contributed to a sta- bility of leadership very much in evidence as she presides over the Future Homemakers Club. 52 Oufsfandinc Neal Floyd Neal's middle name is versatility. Always a match for any situation, Neal is a com- bination of sincerity, cheerfulness and just plain hard work. His capacity for getting a job done is quite evident-whether in Thespian activities, managing the basketball team, or working in the main office. Seniors Esmond Marks As a natural athlete Esmond has dis- played his ability on the football field. Despite the time needed for practice in main- taining his athletic skills, he remains a good student. Esmond is the embodiment of sin- cerity, warmth and friendliness-the kind that keeps friends. He is the all-American type male. Judy Watkins As head cheerleader Judy is the personi- fication of vitality. She has the spirit that draws the greatest possible amount of en- thusiasm from people. Sporting fans watch- ing her cheer have sensed that her spirit and friendliness are an integral part of Forrest. Her sunny smile will long be re- membered. 53 Are you sure this is how Ben Casey started out? STACY ADAMS More than a mouthful is a waste. DIANE AENCHBACHER A wink is as good as a nod to the wise. LARRY E. ADAMS Laugh and the world laughs with you. AL B. AIELLO The rent man is the man who 8 does a thing for the first time. 54500 1-'W-o 44 CAROLYN AKERS A smile is worth a million words. BILLIE EVELYN ALBIN Let your conscience be your guide, and life will be a lot easier. BRUCE AIELLO Thought alone is eternal ROBERT ANDRETTA To be human is a privilege not an excuse. LARRY L. ALLEN Sometimes your best is not good enough. ELIZABETH ANNE ARENTI-I When you smile the world smiles with you, when you frown you frown alone. GARY ARMSTRONG "Tomorrow I'll live," says the fool. Today itself is too late, the wise lived yesterday, How do they expect us to get to class on time? JANELLE ALTMAN You're only young once, but if you work it right, once is enough. GERALD ANDERSON Have no fear when Brute is near, I think!! JULIA RUTH ANDREWS If you love you will be loved if you hate you will be hated ALVIN ASHLEY Sussess is the result of desire. LARRY BABCOCK If first you don't succeed, try again, then give up, forget all about it and let your conscience be your guide. GLORIA BAIRD Good things, when short, are twice as good, DAVID BABINEAU The "Great Society" is ours for the making. BRENDA C. BAILEY To handle yourself use your head, to handle others use your heart. THOMAS AULTMAN I tried-What else could I do. MARY ANN BAKER It is sometimes expedient to forget who we are. RUEL BALDWIN I am not lazy, I'm just con- serving my energy. ROBERT BABCOCK There must be a little luck in something. LESLIE BAKER Prosperity makes friends, ad versity tries them. KRISTINE BARNES No pleasure endures seasoned by variety, VICKIE BARTIN Many receive advice, few profit by it. LID- CARL E. BALES It is better to whistle past a graveyard than to shut ones eyes and scream. BARBARA L. BARNCORD He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has every- thing. PAUL BATY Ask not what your school can do for you, but what you can do for your school. EILEEN RITA BAUMAGARTNER In charity as in music one may always find truth and beauty. LYNNE BARRETT Anything that is worth possess- ing is never quite possessed. FRANK BARTHOLF It is better to learn late than never. DOLORES BARRERA Love not life but live to love. EMMETT VIRGIL BATTEN Happiness is not having what you like, but liking what you have. GERALD HERMAN BEAUCHAMP Girls aren't everything, well it was a good try anyway. THOMAS D. BEECHER Those who complain about the way the ball bounces are the ones who've usually dropped it. 58 JAMES BEASLEY It is quality rather than quantity that matters. PAMELA M. BEASON Every clay should be passed as if it were to be our last. LARRY BELL DQn't be lazy, just save your energy. EVELYN BERGER When He giveth quietness, who then can make trouble. TERRY BECK Christ died for me, so'I will live for him. SHARON BECKER just make someone happy. ROBERT BEAUCHAMP I have often regretted my speech, never my silence. LINDA K. BEESON lt matters not how long you live, but how well. KENT BLACKFORD You're only young once, so make the best of it. LORIMER HENRY BLITCH, JR. A sharp tongue is the only thing that grows sharper with constant use. JOYCE BLAKE How sweet the words of truth breathed from the lips of love. HARRIET SUSAN BLANK Rather a heart full of love than a hand full of kisses. GEORGE BICKNER Live and let live. CHARLES BONNER BLACKFORD Remember . . . you can only count your true friends on one hand. GUS BOCK Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. LINDA BONHAM Practice is the best of all in- structors. WALTER E. BLACKSHAW The bow too tensely strung is easily broken. JOHN STEPHEN BOBERG I came, I saw, I conquered, then I got tired. 59 Xlothnng, s stronger than GEORGE BOUCHIE If you don't love yourself, how do you expect anyone else to? NANCY ELLEN BOWER Life is the art of drawing with- out an eraser. BETTY SUE BRADLEY Think all you say but dont say all you think. Hey Jlmmy that 1snt a college catalogue LINDA BRADSHAW Brevity is the soul of wit.. SHIRLEY BRAHN. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. RAYMOND E, BRANCH Circumstances are the ruler of the weakg they are but the instruments of the wise. ALAN WALTER BROWN Good humor and good sense are never separated. . This is better than waiting in that long lunch line! SHARON CLAIRE BRODERICK Wrinkles should merely indicate where a smile has been. SHARON NANCY BROOKS Lost yesterday, somewhere be- tween sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No re- ward is offered for they are gone forever. JOYCE INIARIE BROCK Now I know, But then I thought I knew. CAROLE MARIE BROWN Now, on a higher plane I dwell. LARRY BRYAN Character is made by what you stand for: a reputation is some- times a downfall. AUDREY E. BROWN There are two tragedies in lifeg When you get what you don't want and when you don't get what you want. BARBARA RAE BROWN Patience is the flower that grows not in every garden. SUE BROWN The end justifies the means INIARGARET ANN BRUNSON Fair is foul and foul is fair hx SHERRA ELAINE BRYANT To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice. GILBERT THOMAS BUKER It is not strength, but art, ob- tained the prize, and to be swift is less than to be wise. SIDNEY FRANK BROWN I'he world is a stage from where I will play many parts before I die. sax af L35 DONNA ELAINE BRYANT One cannot succeed by ability alone, but willingness tc serve. ig Above true. Those what's Those what's The wages of sm IS death but the gxft of God IS Eternal Llfe If you have hope you shall seek and you shall fmd that all good things do not end ROBERT WILLIAM CARSON Should I judge the future by the past, for I hope it has passed. LOIS'CAROL CARTER To be what we are and to be- come what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of li e. 64 JIM CARROLL What cannot be cured must be endured. MARY ANN CARSON The love that follows us is sometimes our trouble. PARKS HAROLD CARTER Ask not what your school can do for you but what you can do for your school. JUDY ANJUL CASSIDY When you go after revenge, you only get even. When you forgive, you are superior. BEVERLY CARTER Stand in thy own light. LINDA FAYE CARTER Put all your troubles in the bottom of your heart and sit on the lid and smile. BETTY CARTER Let every man look before he leaps. NANCY LEE CARTER Take away love and our eai is like a tomb. ALAN BRUCE CELORIA What is God to me, is nature to a fool. SHEREE CHANEY People aren't immortal, en- joy life while you are able. HAROLD RAYBORN CAUGHRON In my youth- I thought of writing a satire on mankindg but now in my age I think I should write an apology for them. CHARLENE CAVERZASI I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet. STEVE CHANCE The most certain thing in life is death. The most uncertain thing in life is life itself. MARSHA SHARON CHANDLER The best portion of a person's life is the little nameless un- remembered acts of kindness and of love. JESSIE GAIL CHAVERS Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower. NANCIE CHRISTINE Without music life would be a mistake. DELORES CHAIN Conscience is a God to all men, let yours be your guide. JEFF TILDEN CHASTAIN Understanding yourself is much harder than understanding other people. 65 It's nice, Gary, but it's a little big for your back pocket. BECKY CLARK No one knows how oysters taste to me. CATHY CHURCH NETTIE ANN CIEPLINSKI I'm one of the lucky ones-it only took me twelve years. PAUL CLAREMONT He that has atience ma com- , P Y pass anything. Keep smiling! It makes peo- ple wonder what you've been up to. WILLIAM CLARK All things must pass and are soon forgotten. DARNELL CLARY A false friend and a shadow stay only while the sun shines. ONNA LEE CLARK Never do a wrong thing tl make a friend or keep one friendship that requires yor to do wrong is dearly pu.: chased at a sacrifice. ...naar CHERYL COGNAC It's what you learn after you know it all that counts. We'lI find some college for you that doesn't care if we're not accredited. 'DARLEST GRACE CLAYTON Climb until your dream comes true. CARMEN IRENE COLLAZO Love is a feeling you feel when you feel you're going to feel a feeling you never felt before. RICHARD BROOKS COLLIER I believe in getting into water-It keeps you clean! hot DAVID COFFILL When it is finally settled that something is impossible-watch, some fellow will do it. PERRY COFIELD Men are most apt to believe what they least understand. FRANK COLEMAN Of good natural parts and of a liberal education. PATRICIA CONLEY Is life worth living? This if thou inquire tis probable thaL thou has never lived, and pal- pable that thou hast never loved. PAT COONEY What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness? JAMES FRANCIS CONSTANTIN Don't take life too seriously. I don't. FRANK THOMAS CONTOS You only live once so make the most of it. BRYAN COLLINGSWORTH Mingle your joys sometimes with your earnest occupation. GEORGE COMER The brave man carves out his fortune, and every man is the son of his own works. BETTY-JO COSTA As long as there is goodness in the things for which you strive, tis worth your sweat and tears to keep that faith alive. LESLEY COX God hath not promised: Sun without rain-Joy Without sor- row-Peace without pain. GALE CONNOR Strive not for happiness, but to be worthy of it. MICHELE COOPER To rejoice in the happiness of others, is to make it our owng to produce it, is to make it more than our own. ORSON CROFT just learning to like the place when they hand me a di- ploma. ANNA CUEVAS It's not the quantity that counts, it's the quality. DAVID CRAM The unexamined life is not worth living! DAVID MCPI-IERSON CRESWELL Purity is obscurity. JANICE MARIE CROSBY Defeat should never be a source of discouragement but rather a fresh stimulus. RICHARD ALLEN CROSBY A quitter never wins because a winner never quits. KATHLEEN CURRY The world is a beautiful book, but of little use to him who can- not read it. NANCY DALEY A good name is better than riches. DIANA RAYE CRONISE Better by far you should for- get and smile than that you should remember and be sad. ROBERT A. CUMMING What you dare to dream, dare to do. KARON ANN DAUGI-ITREY Life .isn't worth living without love. PAMELA DAVIS Fain would I take with me all that is here. 70 DIANE DALY All is not gold that glitters. LAURIE DARRAH Most people judge men by success or by fortune. SIDNEY DAVIS onl Y DAVID FRANCIS DAVIS, JR. Success has a hundred fathers. but, failure is an orphan, JOE A. DAVIS We would have inward peace but will not look within. It is double pleasure to deceive the deceiver. NANCY DE LANDER Saints are sinners who keep.on trying. X CHARLA ELIEN DAVIS It's ME-Really it is! RICHARD DAVIS just don't stare . . . turn the page. Q. 3. 34 fi? 13 sq, fly. S E DAVID DICKINSON To be a friend is to know a friend. RICHARD DE LOACH The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence-but it's just as hard to cut. DONELLE L, DEUEL Happiness is not a destinationp it's a method of travel. GAIL DILLABERRY A gift-horse should not be looked in the mouth. LINDA LEE DIXON You're only young once, butiif you work it just right, once is enough. DONOVAN DOLLAR All sunshine makes the desert. BARBARA JANE DONALDSON Your rewards in life are equal to your contributions. JOHNNY DOUB Diligence is the mother of good fortune. LARRY CLIN'I:ON DICKINSON Did work?? Had fun Must travel!!! JOSEPH ANTIONIO DOMENECH, JR. Music is well said to be the speech of the angels. 7I TOMMY DRAFFIN Keep thy heart with all dili- genceg for out of it are the issues of life. RODNEY EARNHARDT Be favorable to bold beginnings. WILLIAM EAST To do two things at once is to do neither. NANCY ELLEN DOWNEY A smile -for everyone, a frown for none. PATTI DOYLE Are we to mark this day with a white or black stone ? NANCY LYNN DYDA Love cornforteth like sun shine after rain. KERMIT EASTERLING To obey is better than sacri fice. jack LaLane would be proud of us. 3 DONNA GAIL EDGE A smile is a curve that sets many things straight. GINGER EDMONDS Pains of love be sweeter far than all other plezksures are. DARA DIANTHIA ELLARD The world is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel, but for those who love, it is heaven. BABS ELPHICK He who hesitates is shoved. Look, Anita, Mrs, Porter said that was my chair! SHARON A. ELLIS He removes the greatest orna- ment of friendship who takes away from it respect. GERALD L. ELLISON First things first. RALPH EARLE ELLIOTT, III Have fun every chance you get because something will happen sooner or later and you won't be able to. BEVERLY A. ESTES Put all your troubles in the bottom of your heart and sit on the lid and smile. LOUISA M. FELLOWS God give me the power to change the things I can, accept the things I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the dif- ference. JOYCE ENGLISH But I believe that God is over- headg and life is to the living so death is to the dead. ROBERT GAY ERNST As you go through life, hum- m-m what you can but don't blow it. RICHARD EVERNDEN To have a friend, you must be one, and if you can't play a sport- Be one! CAROL LYNETTE FAIR The wind blows, The sea flows, God knows. DEBORAH SUE FICKE What's gone and what's past help, should be past grief. BARBARA FIE You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an oceang if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not be- come dirty. JOHN GREGORY EUDALY When you make your marle in the world, watch out fo: the wise guy with the eraser ROBERT FERNANDEZ Lifestoo short to waste ii away on trivialities. STONY EDWARD FITZGERALD I can resist everything but temptation. VIRGINIA MARIE FORD raise makes good men better 1d bad men worse. JOHN FINNERTY Fear cannot be without hope nor hope without fear. INIARGARET FITZGERALD We know the truth, not only by the reason, but also by the heart. F. NEAL FLOYD Quality and not quantity is the true measure of one's life. MARILYN FORD Pray for surf! MAXWELL ROY FOREHAND Sometimes happy, never sad, sometimes naughty, never bad, AL FORTUNATO Every age has its pleasures, its style of wit, and its own ways. 4 JEFF FLAMAND Optimism is the madness of maintaining that everything is right when it is wrong. GLENDA FOREHAND In solitude, where one is least alone. BONITA FOUNTAIN f 2 The opinion of the strongest f is always the best. He who lives and loves. loves ' ANITA JEANNE FOWLER KAYE FOWLER A sincere interest in others can A woman always has her make one forget one's self. revenge ready. l RICHARD FOWLER I will maintain it before the whole world. PAUL FRITSCH Could I but Care, I Would. DENNY KARL FUSSELL Do you see that empty void TIMOTHY BONNER FRITZ out there? Do. you see all Quis diligentio-ornnis moriar. those oppoftuffme? for Sffod qwhat me 1? 1 shall wholly 3 and bad?ThafS.l1fC-.MY Job perish, is to fill that void with what- ever I choose. WAYNE GARDNER Never get involved and you'll never be in trouble. PAT GARTMAN There is no gathering the rose Without being pricked by the thorns. 76 STEVEN HUBERT FOURES ' to live. ROBERT DUNCAN GAY Don't be surprised by any- thing I say or do. MARSHA KAY GILBERT Always hold your head up- but keep your nose at a friendly level. SANDRA JEAN GATES Howdy! Since you can't meas- ure a smile-go out and get a box full! PATRICIA ANN GAUTHIER It is better to be silent and thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt. TERRY GAYLE Let the good times roll. BILL GEORGE Nothing is so difficult but that it may be found out by seeking. CATHRYN MICHELE GOODNER You always hurt the one you love. CAROLYN KAY GORMAN Life is but a mirror of what we think and dog so give to life the best that you can, and the best will come back to you. JOHNNY W. GAY Not by years but by disposition is wisdom acquired. MELVIN GOODMAN True love is like the ghosts everyone talks about but few people have ever seen. 77 'R l 1' fl! I'd like to see Romeo swing from that balcony. ARLENE GOTTLIEB Use friendship as a drawing account if you wish, but don't forget the deposits. DAVID EDWARD GOSS Those who think big, are. DOROTHY ANN GOSSETT A lie stands on one leg, the truth on' two, PAT GORMAN All finery is a sign of little- DCSS. JAMES GRIBBLE Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly. SHARON LEE GRIFFIN veni, vidi, vid. GARY GREENWALT We live not as we wish to lgut as we can. 1 S ?-+1 K 3 5 K 2 PATRICIA ANN GUTHRIE Far better than the minting of a gold-crowned king, is the safe kept memory of a lovely thing. EDWARD GRISSOM Criticism comes easier than craftsmanship. KATHLEEN GAYE HALL Our knowledge is a torch of smokey pine. LYNN ANN HALL Whatever we hope to do with ease, we must first learn to do with diligence. W'e're four of Forrest's loveliest. EUGENIA RUTH GROVES Kindness has resistless charms. CINDY H. GRUBBS Everything that deceives may be said to enchant. CARLA SUE HAGENBECK My salad days: when I was green with wisdom. ,,,,,, JAMES R. HALTER I've got the world on a string. That's a heck of a place for it. PAMELA DIANE HARDY If you speak, think first-is it true, is it kind, if not, never mind. PAMELA HALL What can I do today to be happy ? JACK E. HALLIGAN Man is born free, and every- where he is in irons. CECILIA CHRISTINE HANSON What's gone is gone and never returns-except for boomerangs or memories. MARIE GLADYS HARDIN The greatest things in life are love and understanding. LOIS MARGARET HAMILTON A girl who lays all her carcls on the table usually ends up playing solitaire. CHARLES DAVID HARMON Keep on the move, for those who stand still are lost. BARBARA HARRIS A man says what he knows, a woman says what pleases. Q E JOANNE HARE Love truth, but pardon error ,. fe at is X P5 SHERMAN D. HARRIS May the next twelve yea1's be easier than the last twelve years. JOHN CURTIS HAVERTY Do what you can for those who deserve it . . . BRUCE DAVID HARRIS To do two things at once is to do neither. GARY D. HARRIS Many are called but few are chosen. RONALD WAYNE HAYS You can smile when you can't say a word. JEANNE MARIE HEDGE Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. BOB HARTLEY Serious occupation is labor that has reference to some want. RICHARD DEAN HARTLEY Tall people aren't always big. just as small people aren't al- ways small. LILANA JOAN HARRIS It is not hard for zu woinan to keep her counsel. CHARLENE HAWES Regret is the greatest suffering in the world. GAIL EUNICE HENDERSON Me thinks you doth protest too much. SHERRY LEE HEDSTROM Love goes to those who are deserving . . . not for those who set snares for it and who lie in wait. GENE I-IELVESTON JR. Love, joy, and happinessg I wish I had some. L ANDRE HENKE Love that well which thou must leave ere long. LINDA DIANE HILL Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee. 82 JAMES HILL A man of inches and every inch a man. JULIE ANN 1-IILL There are truths which are not for all men, nor for all times. IRMA IDALIA HINOJOSA To be honest as the word goes is to be one man picked out of ten thousand. JOHN R. HIRTE Man having reached the highest throne in the world, is still sitting. GEORGETTE HINELY Listen with your soul and act with your heart. THOMAS HAROLD HODGES You have not lived until you have loved. TOM HOUCK Judge a person's content of character over race, color, or national origin. BRENDA RUTH HOCKADAY Youth's for an hour, Beauty's a flower, but Love is the jewel that wins the world. PATRICIA CHARLOTTE HODGES Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. EDGAR HALL HOLLIS, JR. Life is God's gift to youg wha you make of life is your gif to God. ANGELA BELLA HORN Nothing is so popular as kind- IICSS. t t SHARON GWEN HOLLAND Live, love, and pursue happiness. DWIGHT HOYT I shall not let one unjust and prejudiced law change my al legiance to the South, nor its traditions. MIKE HOYT There is a right and wrong handle to everything. LYNN HOPE HUGHES Until there is true love, there is nothing but loneliness. 83 LINDA JEAN HURLEY The only way to multiply happi- ness, is to divide it. MIKE HYNES If a tree dies, plant another in its place. DAVID IKENBERRY An excuse is worse and much greater than a lie, for an excuse is a lie concealed. My mop is faster than your mop. SANDRA LEE HUNTER You're only young once, but if you work it right, once is enough. JAMES D. HUOVINEN O God, give me the fortitude to change- the things I can, the grace to accept the things I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference. JANE L. JACKSON Always leave 'em laughing. LAFAY HUTCHINSON Life has loveliness to sell, e iw- BARBARA JASINSKI One can acquire everything in solitude-except character. LYNDA JACKSON Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world. FRANCES GLORIA ANNOTTI J The only way to have a friend is to be one. l . ......l JOYCE JEFFORDS Life has a value only when it has something valuable as its object. "l""""Of Dickie, you ought to be ashamed ! JOAN MARIE JOHNS Someday we shall look back and wonder where we went astray. JIMMY JENKINS There's only one way. RANDOLPH JOHN JENNINGS An excuse is coarse and much greater than a lie, for an excuse is a lie corrected. LEE JOHNSON You think you got troubles! KENNETH JONES Nothing ever succeeds which ex- uberant spirits have not helped to produce. BARBARA ANN JOHNSON Stand strong young lady, you'll never regret, stand out rigid determination, you'll succeed'1'll bet. GLENDA SUE JOHNSON If fate hands you a lemong make a lemonade. JACQUELIN INIARY JOHNSTON When I get to the top, I'm gonna be second. CHARLIE JONES Opinions cannot survive if one has no chance to fight for them. JERI LYNN JONES For a person by nothing is so well betrayed as by their manner. SHARON LEE JONES Reflect upon your present bless- ings, of which every man has manyg not on your past mis- fortunes, of which all men have some. SHERRY ELAINE JONES I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow. I learn by going where I have to go. ROBIN LEE JONES We are only certain of to- day . . yesterday is gone and tomorrow is always coming. ANNA VIVIAN JOYCE The only tyrant I accept in this world is the "still small voice" within me. KENNETH KELLY The great die young and I feel sick. WILLIAM LEE JONES The malicious have a dark happii ness. MELVIN JORDAN Intellect is invisible to the man who has none. JAMES A. KEMP Ef'n you don't start nothin', there won't be nothin'. KATI-IRYN KENDRICK I have never met a person I didn't like. DOROTHEA ALICE KANE Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it. RAYMOND KELLUM A man is a bundle of relations, a knot of roots, whose flower and fruitage is the world. MILDRED ANN KAEMPFER If God be with us, who can be against us? SUSAN KELLY A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature. , JULIE KERLING Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or find it not. ROBERT KINSEY The things we do today will shape the world tomorrow. Help! PATRICIA DIANNE KENDRICK The world will step aside to let any man pass who knows where he is going. BARBARA LYNN KENFIELD Getting there is half the fun. PAMELA ELAINE KIEFFER Your dreams come true when you act to turn them into reali- ties. ALFRED KILPATRICK, -IR. Strike away from the beaten path and become your own pathfinder. LOUISE MARY KLEFFNER The reward of a thing well done is the satisfaction of hav- ing done it. SANDRA SUE KODATT As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. ALAN KIDD All' that mankind has done, thought, gained or been- it is lying in the pages of books. EDWARD KLASSY Life is full of many riches, g:lon't ruin your chances by thoughtless mistakes. LINDA LEE LANE The past is a thief and car only rob us of the future. CAROL LARSON Our part in life is to be, to do, to do without, and to depart, CAROL ANN LAZENBY He is no fool that gives up what he cannot keep for something he cannot lose. LARRY KONDAS The lamp of knowledge is the lighted lamp by which our feet should be guided. JAMES W. LANE If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well it were done quickly. if, 1 ROBERT GAYLON LARD Do your best, your best is all you can do. 1 GLORIA JEAN ' LEIGHTON Smile and the world will smile with you, cry and you cry alone. CLIFTON LEWIS A creative economy is the fuel of magnificence. MARTHA JEAN LIENAU Sometimes I sit and think, but mostly I just sit. EDWARD LEONARD A wet bird never flies at night. 89 .L WAYNE LONG Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Which way do I go? DANNY LONG The world is his who has money to go over it. JAMES LONG Look out world. Here we go again. DEAN LINDSAY Life . . . is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. A JACKIE LUCAS Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. KEITH LUNSFORD A coward does it with a kiss, a brave man does it with a sword. CHRIS LORANGE For a. mighty wind arises roaring seaward and I go . . . I enlisted 20 days ago FRANCES MCCARTHY Every genuine work of art has as much reason for being as the earth and the sun. Look here, Buddy, no smoking unless under the smoking tree. JO ANN CARMAN LYNN Chance favors the prepared mind. BEVERLY SCOTT MCCLELLAN Good coffee is like friendship, rich, warm and strong. JO ANN MCCLELLAN It matters not how long we live, but how. ROSANNA MCBRIDE To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose un- der the heaven. MARY LINDA MCCALL Happiness is like a perfumeg you can't shower others without receiving some yourself. ANNA GAYLE McCLAUGHERTY Learn good things-the bad will teach you by themselves. be 'Q' JAMES L. MCCUMBER From time we first begin to know, we live and learn, but not the wiser grow. JAMES PATRICK MCHONE Say what you mean and mean what you say. IUDITH ANNE lNlacDONALD Hitch your wagon to a star and pull towards it . . . A friendly smile, a warm heart, and a pleasing personality and under- standing will help you on the way to that star. i MICHAEL MCGEE Success is happiness. KATHLEEN MCCUE Prudence without courage is use- less, and courage without pru- dence is madness. THOMAS WAYNE MCCULLOUGH The world is not enough. INIARGARET INI. MacDONALD If I truly love one person, I love all persons, I love the world, I love life. ROBIN MCKANNA Give way to an impulse, let it pass and you lose an instant when true individuality can be achieved. HARRY McKAY You never will receive scorn for a good honest try at anything. WARREN MICHAEL MCINTYRE Variety is the spice of life. JOHN MCVEIGH Get it today, it might not be here tomorrow. WILLIAM MANSFIELD Speak softlyg for tomorrow you may have to eat your words. FRED MCLELLAND I I sit and think, God knows I did, but I mostly sat. But I finally made it, I think! ERNEST MCLEOD If you don't know me, it's not my fault! !! ROBERT WALKER MARABLE Stop the world, I wanna off!! JEROME EDWARD MARCHAND You old rascal!! CASS MALISZEWSKI just bent, not broken, left I just another token. CHRISTINE MCWATERS A girl has the right to wait and believeg she has the right to share her strength and courage with that of the boy she loves. CHERYL FRANCES MANN If you ever feel down, look up . . . He's always there. get YVONNE CECELIA MAPES Wisdom, love, and understand ing are 1ife's most worthy pos sessions. BARBARA MARTIN Fine manners need the support of fine manners in others. ESMOND WILTON MARKS III Love laughs at locksmiths and age. ROBERT GWINN MARR Expect anything from anyone and be surprised at nothing. SUSAN LOUISE MARTIN Love is not love, which alters when alteration it finds. 94 LESTER MARTIN stancy to purpose. RICHARD MARTIN tion. WILLIAM GARY MATHEWS Live your life the way you can, not the way others want you to. WILLIAM FRANK MATHEWS, JR. Get what you can while you can. The secret of success is con- Ignorance never settles a ques- LARRY WAYNE IVIARTIN Fix Or Repair Daily WESLEY MASTERS Do as you please. RICHARD LOFTON MAULDIN God knows I tried. ELMO EDWARD MAXWELL, JR. Be an individual not just a carbon copy. RICHARD MAY The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it. DOUGLAS ARTHUR MELCOLM III Somebody said, "There were no bad experiences." Bet me. RONALD CALVIN MELILLO You can't insult me, I'm too ignorant. LARRY CLINTON MERCER True happiness is reaching your goal, having true friend- ship, and finding a true love. GEORGE EDWARD MILLAN, JR. "Hi, Gang!" KATHERINE MILLARD Ephesians 6:12 THOMAS MEEKS Youth is a blunder, manhood a struggle, old age a regret. DANA PAULETTE MERO We must dream of an aristoc- racy of achievement arising out of a democracy of opportunity. 95 - BOBBIE DALE MILLER He that is of the opinion that money will do everything may well be suspected of doing every- thing for money. CONSTANCE DAVIA MILLER Seek that which is beautiful in thought, in word, in deed, that life may be a shining light, guiding others to goodness and virtue. LINDA MILLER You can smile when you can't say a word. PAULA MILLER Life is not so short that there is not time for courtesy. LINDA CHRISTINE INIITCHELL Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses. LARRY LEDMON MOBLEY Silence is the temple of purest thoughts. MARY MILLER A vein of poetry exists in the hearts of all men. But my Mommie only gave me 201. JOYCE MOORE Accept the worst fate can deal and wring from it cour- age, instead of defeat. I'm not believing I've got to rip out this seam again. Mrs. Webb must be kid- ding, JAMES MOHAN Maybe this will help to be re- membered in time to come. MICHAEL BILL MOLETT To be, rather than to seem. CYNTHIA LYNN MOSELEY Don't let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. PEGGY JEANE MORRISSEY If it isn't worth fighting for, it isn't worth having. BARBARA ANN MORTON Life is what you make it. RICHARD PARKER MORLEY All OVCI. I can say is I'm glad i RONALD LLOYD MULLINS Smile, it isn't so bad. Hah, ah MICHELE ROSE NAZZARO v RICHARD NAFIE Geniuses are often eccentric but being eccentric cloesn't make you a genius. JUDY ARLYNE NASH Why hurry-tomorrow is day. , SHARON ANN MOSES Be merry, be gay, life ends ina a day. YVONNE JEYNE MROSKI A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, MICHAEL JAMES NESSET Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. NANCY ANNETTE NEWBERG Tis strange what a man will do and a woman yet think him an angel. WILLIAM ROBERT MURRAY Life is a dream, and may enc any second. E i -FRANCES MARIE NELSON No person is happy who does not think himself so. MARLIN NOLES Survival of the fittest. RICHARD B. OELLERICH As long is unjust to man, there is a need for valor. INIICHEAL DAVID NEWMAN Action is the aftermath of think- ing. You are judged on how you act. Think first-then act. PENNY JO NICHOLS It takes LIFE to love live. ALICIA BILL OWENS It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. LAURA PARHAM Knowledge and timber shouldn't be much used till they are sea- soned. JAMES NORRIS .Every cause produces more than one effect. SHERRY LYNN NORTON Love works in ways that are wondrous and strange and there's nothing in life that love cannot change. MIRIAINI SUE NORMAN Try to smile when others are sad. ALICE OLDEN There are many who are willing to be a friend in deed, but few a friend in need. LAWRENCE ELLIS PARRISH If you can't take it with you-- don't go. HUGH BERTRAM PARKER, III Man is born crying, lives com- plaining, and dies disappointed. WANDA KAY PARRAMORE I think I know-yet, once thought I knew. CHARLEEN MARIE PATIEE All the good maxims have been written. It only remains to put them into practice. DARLEEN LOU PATTIN There's a bright side to every- thing. DORIS PAWELA It is better not to love than to love and lose. l00 BENJAMIN LEO PERRY, JR. Dad, I'm just waiting for the world to go P-f-f-f-. JOHN PETERS The world's great men have not commonly been great scho- lars nor its great scholars great men. 2. MICHAEL EDWARD PATSOLIC Some have it, some don't well I don't. YOLANDA PECK Nature speaks in symbols and in signs. it TOM PHILLIPS Property has its duties as well as its rihts. CAROL ELAINE PITTS I do I do have them, then with my friends as with my books. I would them where I can find but I seldom use them. BONNIE PIEHL The magic of the tongue is the most dangerous of all spells. SARAH ELLEN PIERCE "And out of yourself . . PHYLLIS PHILLIPS Change what you can changeg accept what you can't changeg and have the wisdom to know the difference. RACHEL PHILLIPS Always happy, never sad some'- times naughty never bad. SHARON PRATT It is not so important to be seri- ous as it is to be serious about the important things. PATSY PROWS I should not dare to call my soul my own. PAT PICKETT Fate laughs at probabilities. INGRID ELAINE POWER Words, which are seldom meant are often more easily stolen, than those said in all sincerity IOI YW , Part of our future is in Mr. Johnsons hands FAY PULLEN To stumble twice against the same stone is Z1 proverbial disgrace. WILLIAM PYBURN As for future life, every mai must judge for himself betweetl conflicting vague probabilities. STEPHEN THOMAS PYNE Some day I'll make it! I hope. WAYNE'QUIGG The great end of life is not knowledge, but action. JOHN JOSEPH RANKIN Can't all be gems! DAVID RANSOM Life is what you make it and mine won't be much. NANCY CAROLE RANDLE Minds are like parachutes they work only when open. WILLIAM REEVES RICHARD RAPOSO Those who sit back and won- der without ambition will never find out what is on the other side' of the mountain. kiaamswge, x , ,t I4"'?"l7 I A MM., ., J, , - Hurry, were late for the game. KENNETH RATCHFORD It is by presence of mind in untried emergencies that the native metal of a man is tested. JAMES RAY Life is what you make it. MICHAEL EDWARD REGAN Man can't live by bread alone, he must have peanut butter! ERNEST H. RENFROE All great men die young, I feel faint. SHARON MARIE REPP Shun evilg follow goodg hold sway over thyself: this is the way. Of all my American heritage I value most the Bill of Rights. NANCY RICHARDSON Evil perpetually tends to dis- appear. LARRY ROBERSON Never regretg strive for a better tomorrow. LINDA RITTENER Happiness is a wine of the rarest vintage and seems to a vulgar taste. CLAUDE ROBB But one wish . . . a new Ferrari. MARY JENNIFER RICE If everyone lit just one little candle, what a bright world this would be. LINDA RICHARDS What's life without dreams . . . and memories? KITTY ROBERTS' Do unto others as they do unto you . . . But do it first. WARREN ROBERTS The thing generally raised on city land is taxes. INIARQUERITE RUTH RICKETT My salad daysg When I,was green in judgment. SANDRA KAY ROBERSON The world steps aside for any mang as long as he knows where he's going. 1. 2 tt 1? ai Q .1 ,K Q 21 L TED RODGERS Treat each day in your life as if it were a new adventure. ROBERT ROTH Lettuce is like conversation, it must be fresh and crisp and so sparkling that you scarcely notice the bitter in it. GERALD ROBSON Get there fustus with the mostus. ANN MARIE ROCK What you are is God's gift to youg what you make of yourself is your gift to him. SYLVIA DIANE RUSS If any man lacks wisdom, le him ask Godg and it shall be given him. HAROLD E. RUTHERFORD The direction in which educa- tion starts a man will determine his future life. THOMAS ROBERT ROSAKRANSE If you can't convince 'em, con- fuse 'em. VICKI ROSE They say, it's so much easier said than done! I JIM Rolz Follow fast and followed faster. BONNIE KATHERINE ROUSE Make me too brave to lie or be unkind. ROBERT SADOWSKI Knowledge Gomes but wisdom lingers. ELIZABETH SAPP Happiness is that of a treasure. you have to search for the real thing. I0b PATRICIA RYAN Keep smiling, it will keep wi dering what you are up to. KATHE SABIN Success is getting what you wa happiness is wanting what 5 get. RICKY SAVAGE You won't get anywhere just sit- ting around. FRED SCHERT Bach was blind, Beethoven was deaf, and Mozart didn't have any moneyg so 'why should complain? RICK SANDERS Don't ever be afraid of making a mistake. The person who makes no mistakes does nothing. and that's the biggest mistake of all. ROSEMARY SANTANA I would that my life remain a tear and a smile. I LINDA JOYCE SALMONS Don't be a carbon copy of somebody else-make your Jwn impression. AUDREY C. SAPP It's 'better to be small and shine than to be large and cast a shadow. JUDY CHARALENE SCHWARTZ A gentle word, a kind look, a good natured smile can work wonders. BILLY WHELCHEL SELF Avoid popularityg it has many snares, and no real benefit. DONA JEAN SCHIMMELMANN See others with your heart rather than with your eyes. STEVE SCHUMACHER Live life fully today for you may die tomorrow. 'GEORGE A. SEGOVIS Think, smile, pray, have fun, and live life to its fullest. SAUNDRA SELBY Be wiseg Soar not too high to fallg but stoop to rise. LINDA Jo SEGAR He who runs must first learn to walk. LYNDA GAIL SELLERS There are two worlds, the world that we can measure with line and rule and the world we feel with our hearts and imaginations. TOMMY SHAFER Work for a goal, and let that goal be a success. MARLA SELF Experience is what keeps a person who makes the same mistake twice from admitting it the third time around. I07 HARRY LESLIE SHELOR The good die young, but I plan to live to be a ripe old age. LINDA JOAN SI-IIELDS Ancl now the gates have swung and made an end of sheltered days. XXIALTER SI-IINN A closed mouth gathers no feet. SHELA SHARP Sin has many tools but a lie is the handle 'which fits them all. RAYE SHEFFIELD Criticism is something you can avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing. DAN SHERLOCK NATURE is thought i mersed in matter. DONNA JEANNE SIDES The only way to have a friend is to be one. r I A Deluxe Play-Mobile! III PAULETTE SIKES Honesty is not born in us, it has to be cultivated. SONJA CAROL SKEEN Don't worry about making your- self known. just make yourself worth knowing. KATHLEEN SMALL Anything that can be dealt with in money is cheap. CHARLES SMITH Important principles may and must be flexible. BARBARA NEAL SMITH I find the great thing in this world is, not so much where We stand, as in what direction we are moving. BILL SMITH Live for love, what else is there? RODNEY G. SMILEY Me? I'll be a teenager until I'm 98. Coach Davis we will al. ways remember you. DEBBIE LORRAINE SMITH Love looks through a cloak at laughter and sees the grief with- in. JOHN SMITH He makes no friend who never made a foe. CATHERINE ELIZABETH SMITH When you make your mark in the world, watch out for guys with erasers. DANIEL LEROY SMITH Your mind is on parade every- time you speak. DENNIS REED SMITH I'll do anything once , . . and some times twice. FRANCES RUTH SMITH And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these threeg but the great- est of these is charity. SHARON JOANNE SMITH Act well your part, there al the honor lies. l LINDA J. SMITH Character is what you are in the dark. NORINIAN GARY SINIIIH Happiness is the key to life. JOHN MARTIN SMITH It is men who endure toil and dare dangers that achieve glorious deeds. And it is a lovely thing to live with courage and die leaving be- hind an everlasting renown. MIRIAM SORENSEN Happy is he who walks the path of peace with faith to guide him day after day. But happier, his joys increase, who 'leads another in the perfect way. MARILYN CAROL SPRINGER The thing that goes the farthest towards making life worth while, that costs the least, and does the most, is just a pleasant smile. RICHARD GLYNN SMITH Do no evil, unless the occasion calls for some. ROSEMARY SMITH Being outspoken is an artg it consists mainly of .knowing what not to say, and then going right ahead and saying it. JEROME MICHAEL SPORICH, III If I am not myself, who will be for me? If I am myself only, what am I? If not now, when? KEITH SPRADLIN Let the great world spin for- ever down the ringing groves of change. LARRY STRATTON Advice-A commodity more blessed to give than to receive. NANCY E. STRICKLER He that composes himself is wiser than he that composes books. MARIE SPLANE Your life is what you make it PETER STEVENS To strive to seek to find, and not to yield. RICHARD BRUCE SUAREZ Civilization is just a slow pro- cess of learning to be kind. PENELOPE ANN SYMINGTON What is beautiful is good, and Evho is good will soon be beauti- ul. ll2 GAIL STUBBS Twould break the spell if I should tell-Wouldn't you like to know? SHERRIE STUBBS May it not mean so much to be understood as to understand. JOHN LEON SUTTON The secret of life is not doing what you like, but liking what you do. LORRAINE SWELLER A smile is a curve that sets many things straight. CRYSTAL ANN TAYLQR Have character-don't be one. LINDA TAYLOR There's good in everyone, but sometimes it's hard to find. ROY H. SUBERLY, JR. Anything worth having is worth working for, so don't give up when the chips are down. PETER FRANCIS SZABO Education is a chest of tools? CRAIG THOMAS Talent is that which is in a man's power, genius is that in whose power a man is. TERRI THOMPSON Keep smiling and the world will wonder what mischief you're up to. APRIL THOMAS Listen to too much advice and and you'll make other peoples' mistakes. CAROL THOMAS That wisdom tree whose roots grow deep into stability, whose flowers are moral acts that bear righteousness as its fruit, ought not to be felled, HAL THOMPSON Beware of rashness, but with energy and sleepless vigilance go forward and give us victories, INIARY JANE THOMPSON Lost between sunrise and sunset, sixty golden minutes, set with sixty diamond seconds, No re- ward. offered, Lost and Gone for- ever! ROBERT TIBBETTS In the life of a young man the most essential thing for happi- ness is the gift of friendship. MARY LOUISE TIDSWELL Listen to the world's problems but solve your own first. VAN PATRICK THOMAS The ladder of life is full of splinters, but they always prick the hardest when you are sliding down. SUE THURMAN The poorest of all men is not one without a centg it's the man without a dream. II3 JOYCE TIMMONS Use no hurtful cleceitg think innocently and justlyg and if you speak, speak accordingly. WALTER TILLMAN Life is like Dandruffg it flakes off only if you help it along, THOMAS LAWRENCE TIMBERLAKE Good looks run in the family. WYCLIFFE IVI. TOOLE Press on regardless. In other words "Rave on Clyde!" LAWRENCE TOWNSEND Farewell Gentlemen, If I'm alive I'll visit you on the morrow- If not, Faustus is gone to hell. GENE TROUTMAN Waste not fresh tears over old griefs. DAVID TRZCINSKI I haven't gotten it yet, but I'll get it. fwisdomj GARY B. TUBBS I am afraid to think what I have done. SUSAN NICOLE TKAC I have faith in God, and he has rewarded me. x .,, 2, PHILLIS TRULUCK Love is the fruit of life and few there are that fail to obtain it. gs if is is at we 213 Us RAYMOND TYLER Progress has been much more general than retrogression. 4 GUILLERMO R. VERGARA A. BY ridding himself of one defect each day, one will surely become a Saint. RANDOLPH NEIL TUCKER Money isn't everything, there are credit cards and charge ac- counts. JAY TURNER Error is a hardy plantg it flour- isheth in every soil. SHARON LYNN VANCE Do not wish to be anything but what you are and try to be that perfectly. BASIL VANN I like workg it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours. BARRY VICKERS One is never entirely without the instinct of looking around. KATHY VOGEL All music is what awakes from you when you are reminded by the instruments. LYNETTE VALENTINE Always put off until tomorrow what you don't want to do to- day. JANET LEE VERLANIC The music that can deepest reach, and cure all ill, is cordial soeech. LINDA WALKER A Wise scepticism is the first- attribute of a good critic. ANDREA JEAN WALLS The nation is prosperous on the whole, but how much prosperity is there in a hole. 6 MARJORIE LUCILLE VOGEL Smile and the whole worl smiles with you. ANNA SHEARLINE WADE If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. DAVID WALTERS I can resist anything except, "temptation," SHARYN DAWN WARE Dawn Ware with mysteries full, is said to be unpredictable. d REDA JOY WALKER A soft answer turneth away wrathg but grievous words stir up anger. SUSAN JANE WALLACE If God be for us who can be against us. J E MYRA WALKER Solitude is as needful to the imagination as society is wholesome for the character, RALPH EUGENE WALLS You should be nice to me, good men are hard to find. if Q aff 3 ea e E R .. fa JUDY WATKINS 'Tis better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all. MERLE ARTHUR WAUGAMAN When you have made a de- cision always stick by it, and strive to achieve it. f. li is MAHALA WATKINS There should be two words-one meaning we're alone together, the other meaning We're alone apart. CAROL WATSON Sincerity is a specialty of the heart. TIMOTHY THOMAS WARREN Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. SANDRA DIANE WATERS Like madness is the glory of life! LOWELI. GENE WEDDINGTON Don't judge tomorrow by what happens today. AL WELLS If you do-not think- about the future, you cannot have one. LEWIS ' WATKINS Here today, gone tomorrow! ROGER EUGENE WEAVER Yes, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. II7 ELAINE WETZEL Our horizon is never quite at our elbows. CHARLES R. WHEELER, Sometimes I sit and think, but most of the time I just sit. ROBERT N. WHITCOMB Reason is not measured by size or height but by principle. BARBARA JANE WIGGS Talk lots, listen less, write lesser. VICKI WHITLOCK A wise man once said, "He who hesitates is lost." MARY KATHRYN WICK Better by far to forget and smile than to remember and be sad. BARBARA NEIL WILLIAMS If someone should knock you down, pick yourself up before they can step on you. BRENDA JOYCE WILLIAMS If at first you don't succeed try and try again. EVELYN WHITEHEAD To be happy be true to your- self, and make others happy first. LYNNE WILKES I think I know-Yet, once thought I knew. 2 :Q HENRY LEE WILLIAMS Love and do what you want. DON WILLIAMS Live, Love, and be happy. DONNA WILLIAMS Perhaps they were right in put- ting love into books . . . Per- haps it could not live anywhere else. CHARLES MACK WILLIAMS I love workg I could sit and watch it for hours, ROBERT STEVEN WILLIAMS It is better to be silent and thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. JOHN WILSON Man does not live by bread alone. LARRY R. WILLIAMS If the earth were made of gold, men would kill for a handful of dirt. LANA KAY WILSON I know I'm talking rightg you're just listening wrong. TOMMY WILSON Never forget a friendg for it is a true show of wealth. JOAN K. WILSON Anything worth doing is worth doing right. TERRI WINTERROWD There are gold ships and silver ships, but the best ships are friendships. THOMAS WITHERSPOON That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest. LINDA KAY WOOD Nothin is a greater impecli g . ment to being on good terms with others than being ill at ease with yourself. BARBARA JOAN WRENSHALL Every man has his follies- and often they are the most interest- ing things he has got. JADE YONN Every person is an individual and has something different to offerfso be yourself for no one else can do that for you. ROBERT F. ZIDLICKY JR. The world steps aside for any man to pass, if he knows where he is going. BILLY ZIMMERMAN He who is "lucky," is he who makes the best of anything and everything. ELIZABETH ANN ZORBACH Worry is like a rocking chair- it will give you plenty to do but it won't get you anywhere. l20 LINDA WRIGHT Man's love is of man's life a thing apart. 'Tis woman's whole existence. SHEILA JACQUELYN WYLIE The world makes way for a resolute soulg Obstacles get out of the path of a determined man. CLAUDIA YARBROUGH Humility is a virtue all preach, none practice, and yet everybody is content to hear. DWIGHT M. YARBROUGH Do your best today and thou shall have a better tomorrow. CHARLES ZAMBITO You can snow some of the girls all the time and all the girls some of the time. These are good enough odds for me. 3 i 5 z 2 2 2 Q i i 4 f f Class Janet Verlanic, Sergeant-at-Arm! John Rankin, Parliamefztarian joe Davis, Prefident Senior Robert Fernandez, Vire Prefident Miss Smith, Spomor Mr. Parker, Spomor Laura Parham, Secretary Larry Mercer, Trearzzrer Onna Clark, Chaplain Sherry Stubbs, Hiftorian Officers VV, VY . Y , I22 1 -,th Q, ,vw , 1- 4 V' W' ,4 if M, ' .c""" , .!,, If vi raw?" , ,t sa-M n 'Chr QQXN1 X M xv, .- H .qw n ,, W, ,.,q.uwii-H' Ls , .W W M, , . Qwiffdgafk-fk-L an JAM fiqwwk Juniors Sfudy Diligenfly mK WAYNE DANSON BOB GLI CK Prexidenr Vice-Prefidenl o J umor EDDIE COUSINS KAROL FENDRICK Sergeant-al-Arm: Chaplain Officers I 965 BECKY BAILEY KENT TOWNSEND Secretary Treaxurer MRS. SUSAN RYAN MR. GENIA WHITE Spomar Sponrar . I25 Wagga 2 M fi may 5 'WS M F .xx N 9? .W ,-he 2, .W , 1, 2 Wa 41 -1 mf- ff lkffefswk fm--:af A -,Mn :ww .7zffsvQ?s5E, :fx I V, 11 :sl ,mHX3xg.,L,f15g . fm ww . X: ' I ,WM-e 13 i I? 1 , ' iz? 4 1 9,5 1 ' Y E' l KQV, Lf, IQ' i giiflf- Unfair: 'wflfifiix' Yersauw s m sg fs M 5 5555 X Q-.fu my ' qv, W' L. my swiss 33925 .. Wm H 25 3 5 M 114 lex 13 gy v mmf My ww vm LQ- : -wg: ., '55 I be ww 9135 mf, ,, ,. . fp M1 - Ser wxw ,Af,5k,2.,. .-4. 'ii mm, 6 -V .HW fksvi Tim f mm,- -my 251543, I may eww- .. ,Y L,, 1 iii? f fe x 1, ,NL . E . if ex Q S? r , s f .- , fm ,, .- K A-ra an Ingrid Arnsdorff Doloras Ashley Betty Atkinson Steve Avart Jim Bacon , Becky Bailey of ll H B I f Dxane Baker Jimmy Baker Joane Baker Terry Baker Janet Bales Candy Ballarcl www-up Gary Bangle jim Barbour Ronme Bare Larry Barefield Carolyn Barnes Robert Barnes 55 5 V 'ffil lf ,l,J.lwlv? f ,mfg ' .1 wx ,, .W M. -, ,gU,Mm,, -f-.ww -' ,1,1M,,s1f, ' 4,5125 1' vzgcsgzzgeksgges ww, mvflagyggggg ,, M , . ,..,. .s fwwfx 7 , mfg, m Q1 Q , , V 1 f, 5 V," , ' wi!-41455555 is L f - ' Wfilu' T 51.52 , U ,, V g gfmg- E , Y k ggi:?5i'Q!,XQ:?gJ5 ' -isfszxv :u'3iL9Z'M7" :i iiigiifh' 'p5v2g5:E2Ya3i,":,'f'-19. YZ mm 111, ,: 4,5 ,:-,, fglwww-Jifil -bk , M Q-Y - 'f f fzigwaifwizga Eff L' Y f . 1, 2 - Q , - mu 751- ww, -4g,,f1f 1, ,f. Ui, ' I- -1 fc f, . si wr N , Tllif ff: ""11?r1i1 .. 55 "1 . ftlifff -'HIYSEE Q ,ff - " '-5:7255 L1 k'U?'Ufif9U?H ., ., j.Qfi1iiffiTsx9TE'i , ,,.. , Q ,.,, ,M ,,.fzz::'N55Tsmrv. ,A.,. 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Barbara Burney Mike Burris Sandy Burkhart Bruce Burnett John Butts Craig Byrd Robert Burt Kathy Butler Richard Campbell Mary Cantrell Mike Cain Judy Cameron Peggy Capwell Dyanne Carlson Becky Carlton john Carnon Vance Carpenter James Carroll my .96 if A Q .90 8 Jedi Y M gr r ,W mn- nm 1 me affhfssf 3 ' Q2 my qw. ,Exim Mg ! Ha Q 1 New E 2 K L' M N M ,Q A PM ,ggiggw 5 Q ,gf fswimmf KW 4 'W Jw 5 55252 5,44 A MLK mm by 1, Aim, if Eli? im .iffzikiafifvafj W HM, mg, . .Nw-' L, . f .- TL' 1 15-fm-9' ,rw 5325527 V zygygmi yy M. . ezrlk-Sw U. fz 3 Lp, A.,. . .Qs-?f:x.,'-f f,:e,.w: f L, ,A - ,wg iw-.1,.+:Q,.f - , - 1+-,ilgg-rf,-, ..,-'.- ,.,5.fg-5:5,.1f5 , .2 ,-,fz.f,.L,x ff. .EL kwin ix., 1vg,gQi1554 L K, if vm- - 1, ,,W,W -7 f' -' ' ,ik ' ' :ffmlijffrii ,Qg'1.4m..v.-ff' - ' fglkffsvzaksfiifzlaf- K 1 L'-- ,f,. - mg ,, A-f,i-, . , ,.., Tf,S,,..,. :gwi M k ,iv-1,.:g25fggvgJa4L-. ,L riiiwifk' ' ' gf:?11?2?4EZf .L ww-z 15:-I,,:gQ11f-1,M Q-I-V .,.. 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Don't yox Q M lsr, 55, ff is as Ei ei if tee Q iff E rw ish everybody did?!? 1 Robert Davis johnny Day Tommy DeBorde Leslie Decker Viqki Decker Pam Deig Larry Denmark Dennis Donnell Cindy De Lany Jennie DeLoach John Derrin Mary Dick Daniel Dent Betty DePuy Dora Dingman Betsey Dodd john Dillaberry jack Dillon Robm Doermg Pat Dollar Ray Doman Karen Donahue De-anne Donnell Susan Dorhety Charles Dorman jimmy Duncan Bob Dunn Roger Duprey Harold Duval Sygne Dyda Bobbi Dye Sherilyn Easel Y Fay East Mark Easterling Peggy Eberhart James Edmonds Sam Edwards Laura Eggleston Cheryl Elder Larry Elkins PCSSY Elkins jane Elliott Herb Ellis Buddy Emerson SUSHH Engel Mary Ellen Falls Joann Farwell jimmy Evans Kandy Eyl Chuck Fisher' Michele Flamand Karol Fenclrick Dianne Filzen Dotty Flores Cindy Flower Mike Flanagan James Fletcher Mary Ann Flynn Joan Fontaine Alana Ford Gail Fortner Babbie Fowler Tom Fowler Penny Frazee Lucy Fredrickson jean Fredriksson Michael Freel Bill French Mary French Emrl Frredmann Peggy Frrtton Mark Frost John Fulford Glorra Fuller Julian Fuller James Gales Mike Garcia Terri Fullington Gary Furnish Sharon Gaskins Larry Gayle Sherry Gardner Ronnie Gary Bonnie Gibbons Donna Gibbs Terry Geiser Nancy Ghioto David Gibson joseph Girovex Bob Glick Jim Glines yy Ronniefiioaci 'Kathy Godwin '- 734 "" C ' 'ir iff ff' 'al J ' fn ff op your baton ?" 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Coral Putnam James Quarfot Irvy Quitmyer Tom Radcliffe Kitty Raker Doug Ralph Mike Ramey Estelle Ramsey Peggy Richardson Danny Rippstein Susan Rittener John Robbins Bobby Rendale Linda Rhoden Robert Richards Gale Richardson Susan Reese Perry Reeves Rosann Reynolds Sharon Reynolds john Randolph Danny Ray Edward Reese Karen Renforth Peggy Sanders Pete Shnders Jeanne Sandridge Sarah Saucer 96 Diane Rown Sharon Russell Sue Salerno Ernest Salmons I lf' V,jim:isstS .iQ21i2'15L:'L:9L!, Bobby Rouse Jimmie Lee Rowan Donna Rubel Oran Russ Ziff! Vickie Rogers June Rohweller Jucly Rouch Judy Royal Betty Roberts Martha Robinson Glenn Roddan Linda Roden Mary Scarborough Charles Schimmelmann Charles Schirnnelmann Charles Shirra Kathy Schultz. Charlie Schumalher Anita Scotlis Kerry Seekamp Nancy Scruggs Cynthia Seawell Linda Sellers Bobby Segovis Tom Sechrest Larry Seward Janice Shafer joe Shannon Derek Sharpe Wanda Sharp Mike Shaver joe Sherwood Bill Smith Bob Smith Gair Smith Linda Smith Kenny Simpson Cathy Skinner Donna Small Sue Smiley Mary Ellen Simons Robert Simpler Charlotte skaff Cathy Skinner Cindy Simmons Holly Simmons Holly Simmons Pat Sisk Kelly Sholes Barbara Sides Sherry Silvis Bill Simmons "We Scored! ! !" Phyllis Smith Sandy Starczewski Wynona Starling Ronnie Smith Sandy Smith Bill Stepler Fred Snider Becky Snyder Donna Solano john Sorsoliel Joe Ann South Dianne Spence Joe Stanilonis I99 Richard Tardiff Kathi Taylor Raymond Taylor Tom Taylor Danny Sullivan Robert Swett Kathy Talley Steve Tanner Carol Suberly Sandi Suggs Wanda Summers Patrick Swaggert David Story Horace Strickland Charlotte Stringer Johnny Sumar Buzzy Steplers Linda Steuart Phillip Stevens Mike Stewart N...-.h,,,a,., Mary Ann Thomas Wayne Thomas Toni Thompson Given Thornton wt?" A-gr Haskell Toll Steven Toney Ann Toske Debbie Travis 20I Dick Travis john Tubbs Mike Tunstall Deborah Turner Rose Villanueva Sheryne Vining Bill Vinzant Renee Vogal Warren Vance Ginger Vaugo David Vertner Dan Vierling Martha Uzzle Ted Uzzle Fred Van Winkle Ginger Vaughan Diane Tuten Everett Tutton Carol Ussery Sandy Vandling S Leslie Vollmert jim Wagner Anita Walie Virgil Walker Glenn Wallace Sharon Wallace Don Walston Teresa Weaver Brenda Ward Lathan Waters June Weeks Lili Waugaman Sandra Weeks Charles Welch Mike Welch Elaine Wells Suzanne Wells Pat West Scott Westervelt Linda Wheeler 203 .,,, ,, ,y . I l 'ls 'IKI4 Diana Williams Brenda Wiggs Steve Wilderman Larry L. Williams Chris Widner Tina Wiegenstein Suzanne Wiggins Kelly Williams Sandy Wheeler Melanie White Bev Whitmore Nancy Wick Lucille Williams 204 Al Willis Catherine Willis Jimmy Willis Al Wilson Ray Williams Susan Williams Toni Williams .. ., "No excuses . . . one day or one swat! ! ! !" Randy Wilson Bill Yonn Beth Young Chris Wmdham Pat Windom Mary Jane Zerba Faye Winkler Cynthia Winthrop Suzanne Woodruff Nancy Woods Douglas Woting Dennis Wright Joanne Yeomans 205 206 gli Forrest Chorale Clem Boatwright, Corzdurlor o Mlxeo 5 4'- W: f Row One, left to right: Frances Jannotti, Mary Tidswell, Judy Strauss, Karen Daughtrey, Mary Ann Carson, Cindy Reynolds, Linda Wfoodson, Shelly Newman, Peggy Fritton, Susan Wallace, Bob Boyd, Bob Roth, Buck Manard, Guillermo R. Bergara, Charlie Collins, Joan Johns, Suzanne Vlfoodruff, Brenda Duncan, Judy Cameron, Charline Gelles, Dianne Bethea, Darleen Pattin, Anita Armstrong. Raw Two: Peggy Sanders, Anita Scottis, Darlene Cox, Carol Keene, Janet Kleinik, Peggy O'Neal, Sherry Johnson, Bev Whitmore, Peggy Shannon, Robin Jones, Rosemary Barnett, John Culbreth, Jimmy Evans, James Gales, Dale Tucker, Brenda Ward, Mahala Wat- kins, Linda Salmons, Sherry Silvis, Lillian Darrow, Susan Echevarria, Judy Schwartz, Kay Perry, Linda Howard, Carole Brown, Elaine Carroll. Row Three: Myrna Dorman, Carolyn Bevan, Sharon Coss,Jane Elliot, Pat Martin, Cynthia Seawell, Mary Kent, Diane Bookman, 208 Q 1 S Officers of Chorus: Lefz to Rigbls Sealed: Peggy Shannon, Mixed Cborax Accampanixzp Sarah Myers, Treble Cbozr Aceompar11.rt,' L1nda Rittner, A Cappella Cbozr Acrompamfl. Slarzdzng: Eileen Baum- gartner, Librarian of A Cappella Choir, Diana Cronise, Burirzeyf Manager of A Cappella Cboirg Ray Sheffield, Fund Railing Cbairmang Fred Schert, Slage Managerf Nancy Randle, Secrelary of A Cappella Cbairg Yvonne Mapes, Burinerf Manager of Chorale, Kathy Butler, Buxiners Manager of Treble Cboir. Phyllis Chance, Gloria Vickers, Jill Hickman, Sharon Sluder, Donna Williams, Jim Gilliard, Randy Simmons, Richard Wolfe, jimmy Barnes, Al Wilson, jan Bofto, Joyce Brock, Lucy Fredrickson, Kathy Small, Annette Welch, Sandra Scott, Anita Taylor, Mary Ann Thomas, Cynthia Bonham, Dottie Gossett, Sheri Williams. Row Four: Miche Kocses, Pam Beason, Sheryne Vining, Toni Thompson, Arlene Gottlieb, Nancy Carroll, Yvonne Mapes, Rachel Phillips, Carol Giddens, Karen Bartelt, Helen Burke, Linda Gartman, Connie Voltz, Lynda Roscoe, Larry Martin, Fred Schert, Dan Sherlock, Parks Carter, Kent Blackford, Wayne Thomas, Diane Ellard, Sharon Russell, Gayle Murillo, Judy Nash, Gail Henderson, Mary Allen, Marti Green, Bobbi Johnson, Sherry Turner, Suzanne Cannoe. 209 ge A Cappella Choir performing on WJXT, Fin! Row, left lo right: Mr. Boatright, Cheryl Hamilton, Peggy Cutts, Biff Welch, Jimm Gillian Johnny Saunders, Sharon Vance, LaDonna Musselwhite. Second Row: Ann Kaempher, Nancy Daley, Bob Carson, Tony Domenech, K1 Ratchford, Larry Barefield, John Leynes, Nancie Christine, Saundra Selby, Linda Mitchell. Thin! Row: Eileen Baurngertner, Diane McDanif Janet Verlanic, Alan Mullins, Cary Blackford, Robert Ernst, Fred Schert, Chuck Esty, Linda Beeson, Diana Cronise, Sherry Simmons, Car Fair. Fourth Row: Tonja Maliniak, Marla Self, Karen Daughtry, Barbara Martin, Barbara Buffington, Elaine Hicks, Raye Sheffield, Al, Celoria, Johnny Damon, Nancy Randle, Pam Deig, Cherryl Waldron, Loyce English, Joyce Zaiko, Karen Moore, and Suzanne Boyd. A Cappella Choir Girls' Chorus Girls' Chorus, Row One, left to right: Kathy Sullivan, Cecilia Hanson, Scotti McClellan, Janet Bales, Kathy Kendrick, Pat Burnsed, Sara Myers. Second Row: Cathy Brock, Sue Norman, Bonnie Rouse, Kathie Schert, Sandy Thurston, Yvonne Whitson, Pat Bradley. Third Roo Treasure Lyons, Nancy Carter, Nancy Kimble, Sandra Scott, Lynn Magin, Jean Fredreicson, Judy Cole, Kathy Godwin, Linda Smith, Susa Rittener, Nancy Woods, Kathy Butler. Fourth Row: Pam Hardy, Peggy Capwell, Cindy Cross, Pat Walters, Jeri Lynn Jones, Joann Lynx Faye East, Michelle La Croix, Nicki Kasnias, Annette Jackson, Cheryl Elder, Linda Bass, Cheryl Thompson, Pat Ryan, and Dolores Barrer: 2I0 5 A fr Chorus Trip Ensemble Ensemble: Lefz zo rigbl: Carol Fair, Raye Sheffield, Elaine Hicks, Fred Schert, Nancie Christine, Ken Ratchford, Sherri Simmons, Tony Domenech, Janet Verlanic, and Larry Barefield. 2Il Mag, 2 42 Vw, -, wk W3 -gk' Q 'fi ng! QW 19591 5 , EI? Hia .Q Biff s' -wi A J W " 1. gf ggi!! B 4 m I , 1 .. ww' J Q Q f ! Nw za a sq 'v any V sm. 5 if wwf' all' Q H K' 2 W ,Q in w - -af A 5 ' F ww vyzk 'Q - "'m""S w--.-en-yqbw.. 3 1 Q s E Sealed, left to fighl! Mrs. Robinson, Spomar, Judi Robertson, Cynthia Moseley, Joyce Brock, John Rankin, Linda Bradshaw. Second 3 Row: Jeanne Sandridge, Connie Brinson, Gail Smith, Susan Canaway, Judy Locke, Jan Bofto. Third Roux' Pat Sisk, Anne Donahue, Flora Chesbrough, Cynthia Adams, Linda Boree. Fourlla Roux' Al Willis, Buz Wheeler, Tom Sechrest, Robery Ernst, Mike Shaver, Bob Markland. Lafin Club l Latin Club Officers: Firm Row, left to righl: Mrs. Robinson, Spazzrorg Cynthia Mosley, Sfrilmy Judi Robertson, Cemofg John Rankin, Quuefzwg' Joyce Brock, Comuly Linda Bradshaw, Pmelor. Not pictured-Rose Calber, Aedile. 2I3 ,rv cf A-'5 , 4-4 I 74'-.4 b arms ag: 1' . 1,7 4 v 92' 46 Q ..., Q iq ,. ,X- W5 f'x.m ' I 4 sei ,g ' like? 'R mf QQ! E iiifw 5 5 ,X J.: , 'f-me saga! bv? A f J A S ,..,..,.,..,....,... m.M..q......., 5 ,...-.WL......... ,A , ,S- KK ka mi ws, , L 14 , Y - A ,MQ K 5 kj Wann Q, wk, ig ' A fgfjiy ,, A fk . Q E J' fi. f: , 1 'if YL 5 3 'U I asm: , , Q.sfL,,,,-gg, fwagsy, Y, N .833 as ugifim, . .bglli iv, 4 f 5.-,Q 54, 1 ,fiff '4 ' A . 4 4. xi - , YI f as ,i Wa A sgfsf, 34 A, 'W . Q "iff s ,V if ., Q W , . W AAJ ? A . Q " W7 A45 33311 5 ifQ'W'Qf' 2iZgg . ' 1 Y, 9 W, A L ' flai Mi lf .f, 'gil 57?sV rw: f gg ma gif' A x x, 3 Q? .Q 'Qi Ali ,gimp 3, V ,fm E ui 5 as , 1 pw? f 5 551 I Q K, gi Rau' One. left Io right: Dana Mero, Lynn Hughes, Debbie Ficke, Kermit Easterling, Maffol, Linda Smith, Linda Lane, Etta Johnso' Judy Graves, Row Two: Mrs. Mitchell, Spmzmr, Annette Meeks, Kitty XX'ick. Nancy Bower, Kathy Godwin, Kaye Waldeck, Nant DeLantler, Mrs. Bledsoe, Spafzmr. Fufure Homemakers Net if 534 V 1,7 , . , , 7 ' fn? -an "' A ,Q Y W., ,"'9'9Y S H V Future Homemakers of America Officers: Row One, left lo righzs Kermit Easterling, Muxcolf Linda Smith, Vire Prefidenlg Dana Mero, Preridezzfg Lynn Hughes, TrmJurer,' Mrs. Webb, Spwzfors 2.6 Row Two: Debbie Ficlci, Sef1'e7ary,' Kitty Wfick, Pa1'linme11farim1,' Mrs. Bledsoe, Spomor. ut, P1 Firxl row, left Io riglalf Nancy Woods, Nancy Carter, Kathy Small, Saunclra Selby, Judy Schwartz Eileen Andia Marquerxite Rickett Raw Tzm: Mrs. Morton, Sjlofuor, Bruce Larsen, Kathie Schert, Raye Sheffield, Shearline Wfade Sherrie Stubbs Gus Bock Johnny Dlmon James Aurd. Future Teachers Future Teachers of America Officers: Row One, lefl ,fo righl: Sherrie Stubbs, Hifiorimz, Bruce Larsen Clmplaizl, Mrs. Morton, Sponsor. Ron' Two: Shearline Wfacle, Serwlary-Treasurer, Kathie Schert V1feP1e.r1 dem, Raye Sheffield, Prefidenf. A Chess Club Chess Club: Kneeling, left lo righl: Tom Fowler, Joyce Brock, Susan Blank. Alan Kidd, Vice Prefidenty Donald James, Sec1'eZnry-T1'eaJu1'erg Cynthia Moseleyg Wayne Matthews. Smndirzg: jules Darquenrle 1 Robert Darquenne, Dave Babinoau, Richard Hirte, Dick De-Loach, Herb Ellis, Gary Furnish, Watler Mc 1 Nair, and Mrs. Mace, Spozzfor. l Writers Club l 1 ' Writers Club: Seated, left to right: julie Kerling, Secretary, Don James, Prefiderzlg Dick DeLoach, Vice i PreJidef11,' and john Rankin, Treaxurer. Second Roux' Lois Carter, Carol Thomas, Joyce Brock, Cynthia 1 Mosely, Lynn Hall. Third Row: Gary Furnish, Rusty Caughron, and Allen Kidd. N + i Library Council Officers: Sillirlg, lefl lo right: Louise Kleffner, Preridenl, Linda Smith, Vice Preridenl, Charleen Pattee, Sefrelary, Louise Roberts, Hiflorian. Smndirzg: Mrs. Martin, Libfarimz, Larry Mobley, Chaplain, David Coffill, Sefgemzl 111 Army, jean Lienau, Pa1'lianzer1iu1'iaf1, Miss Bl21HC3lTL1ClCCl'.Lihfdffdll. ' Library Council Rau' One, left to right: Mrs. Martin, Spanror, Larry Mobley, Louise Roberts, Linda Smith, Louise Kleffner, Charleen Pattee, jean Lienau, David Coffill, Miss Maneal Tucker, Sgomor. Row Two: Robert Partick, Linda Tatum, Gloria Fuller, Joie Taylor, june Weeks, Barbara Morton, Linda Richards, Pamela Hobbs, Row Three: David Cars, Donna Linder, Eileen Baumgartner, Cynthia Adams, Nancy DeLander, Sandy Wheeler, Peggy Lienau, Bonnie Nelson, Brenda Miller. Rau' Four: Jim Hughes, Betty Atkinson, Nancy Randle, jenny Rice, Rachel Phillips, Brenda Murphy, Anna McClaugherty, Linda Carter. Row Fire: Wayne Heath, Sharon Gates, Diane Ellard, Susan Doherty, Ginger Vaughan, Carol Putnam, Vicki Macnamara, Carleen Pattin, 2I9 Forrest Acorns Staff Forrest Acorns Staff: Standing, Iefz to right: Rosemary Santana, Bufineu Mafzagerg Steve Avart, Exchange Ediiorg Mrs. Darby, Spozzforg and jan Cook, Co-feamre Editor. On Ladder L'l0ffe1L'i.l'E.' Brenda Lott, Exchange Edilor, Herb Ellis, Pholo Edilory Walter Shinn, Spar!! Edilorg Kathy Hall, Edi1or,' joe Davis, Afriflarzt Edizorg Julie Kerling, Ca-fealure Ediforg and Sheila Wylie, Arlixl. , K Forrest Acorns: lefl to right: julie Kerling, Walter Shinn, Kathy Hall, Mrs. Darby, Spomor, joe Davis, Jan Cook, and Rosemary Santana. Serond Row: Nettie Cieplinski, Shelia Wylie, Brenda Lott, Besty Dodd, Angie Horn, Carol Pitts, and Yvonne Mroski. Third Row: Sherra Bryant, Steve Avart, joe Carroll, Perry Cofield, Tom Houck, Sandy Lindsey, and Eileen Andia. Fourth Row: Jerry Marakggd, Herb Ellis, Hoby O'Brien, Bob Hartley, and jim McHone. Youth Council on Civic Affairs Youth Council Officers: Sealed: David Carse, Preridenl. Szamiifzg: Joyce Brock, Secrefary Mary Dick, Vice Prerideuz. X Quia Ieated, left lo righl: Joyce Brock, David Carse, Mary Dick. Second Raw: Eileen Baumgartner, Carolyn Braun, Judy Belser, Terri Thomp- on, John Cone, Carolyn Sawards, Vicki'Rogero. Third Roux' Barbara Donaldson, Sharon Sluder, Phyllis Truluck, Cheryl Giggy, Lee Ann Jara, Marsha Scott, Linda Carter, Donna Edge. Fourfh Roux' Sherry Heclstrom, Sandy Gates, Amy Chavers, Jill Hickman, Donna Braswell, Dana Mero, Nancy Bower. Fifzh Roux' Fran Smith, Kenny Parker, Joe Davis, Mike Mason, Dave Goss, and Patty Dollar. 22l Q ORID r U W W RQ OUCA O? i' O?ER4 ny , U tm mm rw -0- 1 D.C.T, Officers: Sealed, Iefl to riglafx Peggy Fitzgerald, Treaxurerg Darnell Clary, Secrelm'y,' Brenda Bailey, P1'e,rider1f,' Gloria Baird, Vice P1'efide:12,' and Rosanna McBride, Clmplain. Sfarzdizzg: Mr, Russell, Sfvozlmrg James Gribhle, Sswgearll-a.f-A1'7225. DCT D.C.T. Sealed, left to riglol: Peggy Fitzgerald, Darnell Clary, Brenda Bailey, Mr. Russell, Sponmr, Gloria Baird, Rosanna McBride, James Gribble. Second Row: Beverly Estes, Janell Altman, Gale Conner, Gail Chavers, Fay Pullen, Gail Stubbs, Cathy Church. Third Row: Bonnie Piehl, Patti Conley, Pat Gorman, Judy Cassidy, Anna Joyce. Faurlla Rauf: Georgette Hinely, Linda Dixon, Linda Cannaday, Linda McCall. N01 Piflured: Pam Hall. 222 r. Shaw measures Pam Hall D.C.T. student or , , f if graduation cap. Stndenl Trainee Janell Altman Brenda Bailey Gloria Baird Linda Cannaday Judy Cassidy Gail Chavers Cathy Church Darnell Clary Pat Conley Gale Connor Linda Dixon Beverly Estes Peggy Fitzgerald Pat Gorman James Gribble Pam Hall Georgette Hinely Anna Joyce Rosanna McBride Linda McCall Bonnie Piehl Fay Pullen Gail Stubbs D.C.T. students enjoy dinner at joseppi's for their annual social DCT Training A gencief Ortega Banner Food Store Westside Atlantic National Bank Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company Riverside Bank of Jacksonville jacksonville Public Library Prudential Insurance Company of America Prudential Insurance Company of America General Acceptance Corporation Duval County Board of Public Instruction Griffin Pharmacy Duval County Board of Public Instruction Blue Cross-Blue Shield Riverside Hospital ' Sanford A. Mullen, M. D. Furchgott's, Incorporated Prudential Insurance Company of America Blue Cross-Blue Shield Ortega Banner Food Store Winn-Dixie Stores Duval Medical Society Jacksonville Public Library Prudential Insurance Company of America Frank D. Newgard, D.D.S. K! 5 M: ,.. ' ,zl if xiy' -. X N is 224 .. . W1 ff-'sf fix 'if 2 fx PV , QW lg Q 'N 'gi 5, 32 , 3 . 1 mm t ' ge Q22 . ,, 1 Ja E he ' ' 15 'E Egg! L , f 2 W W K 3 , ' X W5 , W 5' :www gk, an-' , 'N W 427' 1 Q in i i W W ,,,4,.,...fv Q ,,.,.W.W,....,, Mi. K W 1'-M--W I ,M-...,,.c,...w v, Q A 1'- Q.. in 5 4, B. A. 35' -. pk few f QQ ' 'WMA' QSO' Math Club Officers: reared, left lo 1'iglJl.' Mr. Ulrich, Sporzfor, Fran Smith, Preridenlg Miriam Sorensen Vice Pnzridefzl, Mr. Kegebein, Sponsor. Slazzdiazg' Susan Blank, Sef1'e!m'-1,' jan Cook, Public!!-1',' Joh Rankin, T1'eaJ1z1'e1',' Charleen Pattee, Lilzmrimz. Math Club Fin: Row, left la right: Charleen Pattee, Susan Blank, Fran Smith, Mr. Kegebein, Spanmr, Mr. Ulrich, Spanfor, Miriam Sorensen, Joh Rankin, jan Cook. Second Row: Joyce Brook, jade Yonn, Cynthia Moseley, Sherry jones, Barbara Martin, Lois Carter, Lynn Hall, Ali' Olden, Pat Black. Third Row: Brenda Lott, Keith Allen, jim Mohan, john Bacon, Walter McNair, Curtis Haverty, Dave Babinea Wayne Quigg, Toni Litgen. Fourth Row: David Carrs, Donald james, Mike Rudicell, Douglas Rieder, Gary Francis, Dick DeL0ac zlscgaert Whitcomb, Richard Hirte, and David Griggs. J.F.L.: Kneeling, lefz to riglaz: jade Yonn, jim Wagner, Frank Lindamood, Tom Woodruff, and Nancy Strickler. Second Row: Miss ling, Slimmer, Roy Suberly, john Claxton, Robert Brown, Sherry Chambers, Nettie Cieplinski. National Forensic League .F.L. Officers: left to right: Miss King, Sponyorg Nettie Cieplinski, Arlire Preriderzfg john Claxton, Prefi- 2n!,' Roy Suberly, Parliamerzfariarz: Tom Woodruff, Serreluryg jade Yonn, Treafurer, and Sherry Cham- frs, Claapluirz. 227 National Honor Society Officers: Kneeling: left lo right: Kathy Hall, Clmplain, Dana Mero, Parliumenfarian, Bette Zorbach, Hirforkw. Slmzding: Dick DeLoach, Vice Presidenlg Louise Kleffner, Preriderztg Julie Kerling, Secrelm'y,' Andre Henke, Sergeanl- at-ArmJ,' Rosemary Santana, Trearurer. National Honor Society Sitting, lefz to right: Andre Henke, julie Kerling, Kathy Hall, Dana Mero, Louise Kleffner, Dick DeLoach, Rosemary Santar Bette Zorbach. Row Tufa: Pam Hardy, Onna Clark, Barbara Donaldson, Lynn Hall, Sharon Repp, Claudia Yarbrough, Kathy McC1 Carol Pitts, Barbara Martin, Charleen Pattee, Mr. Bragos, Spomor. Row Three: Lesley Cox, Gale Connor, Pat Guthrie, Jane jacksc Miriam Sorenson, Fran Smith, Joyce Brock, Sally Pierce, Carolyn Gorman, Sherrie Stubbs, Susan Balnk, Barbara Butler, Judy Watkii Rau' Four: jim Mohan, Mike Regan, Larry Townsend, Ken Jones, John Rankin, Fred Schert, Gary Matthews, Gus Bock. National Honor Society Standing Com- mittees: left to riglaz: Onna Clark, Sen- ior Favorites Danceg Kathy McCue, In- duction committeeg Barbara Martin, Louise Kleffner, Prefidezzl, Carol Pitts, Honor Roll Committee National Honor Society Inductees: Rau' One, left lo right: Nancy Clay, Lynn Platt, Shirley Williams, Mary Dick. Rau' Two: Frank Lindamood, Linda Rose, Susan Doherty, Donna Linder, jack Dillon. Rau' Three: Tom Woodruff. Robert Brown, john Cox, Bobby Glick, Larry Russell. Mr. May Sponmr You, the students of Forrest High School have again displayed your ability in achieving an effective democratic student government. Through the Student Council you have successfully accomplished many challenging projects which have been beneficial to yourselves, the faculty, and your community. To you, I extend my sincere com- Daryle C. May pliments. Student S22 sl.. 53 ,au w 151 we as :fe fm Z- Q sw 5552 Student Council Row One, Seated, left to righz: Becky Hucks, Sheila Wylie, Brenda Lott, Lana Harris Mr. May, Sponxor, john Peters, Keith Allen, Carol Collins. Second Row: Bobby Glick, Karen Larson, Evelyx Whitehead, Lynne Barrett, Trisha Byer, Linda Rosa, Marsha Chandler, john Rankin, Lois Hamilton. Thira Raw: Judy Belser, Sandy Starczewski, Linda Dixon, Betsy Andrews, june Weeks, Sue Farrell, Cindy Flowers Shirley Williams, Donna Hackett. Fourth Row: Babs Elphick, Connie Voltz, Kathy Schultz, Leslie Decker, Lt Gushanas, Anita Taylor, Alice Soester, Linda Hurst, Sally Linwick, jan Cook, Lindsay Brown. Fifth Row. Obtaining a good education is becoming increasingly important in our society, and our work at Forrest is the foundation of our future accomplishments. I hope that our efforts this year to establish good student government have added substantially to that foundation and will lead to future successes. It has been a pleasure and privilege to have been associated with the Student Council this year. To be a part of this democratic or- ganization, totally student-run, has been a rewarding experience because of the cooperation of students and faculty. 74254. Lana Harris Co ci' Lana Harris Sharon Balaguer, Cindy Lott, Arrie Davis, Larry Seward, Becky Lane, Jimmie Lee Rowan, Barbara McMohan, Louise Kleffner, Sherrie Stubbs, Carol johnson. Sixth Raw: Sarah Overcash, 'Debbie Hippie, Sherry Chambers, Joe Tilley, Al Kaempfer, Doyle Wright, John Butts, John Cox, Gerald Robson, Raye Sheffield. Seventh Row: Gary Armstrong, Perry Cofield, Warren M. McIntyre, Larry Burris, Robert Overby, Larry Mercer, Larry Forrest, jim Phillips, Hugh McNichols, Bob Gay, and Steve Avart. Prerident All eyes are focused upon us as we step into our new frontier, With great opportunities and demands awaiting us, it is necessary to remember that our responsibility is not only to ourselves but also to others. Understanding and practicing good government, participating in civic affairs, and most important, constantly re-evaluating old ideas and keeping our minds open to new concepts, are the major ways to accept this responsibility. Democracy cannot exist without educated men. John Peters Student Council Alfernafes Student Council Alternates Fzrsl Row lei lo right: Helen Buie, Judy MacDonald, Janet Verlanic, Lucki Fellows, Beverly Carter Anita Wylie Nancy Windham, Lynette Williams. Second Row: Jackie Johnston, Onna Clark, Jerry Roberson Patty Teate Carol Coffin Glen Forehand, Mary Kent, Mary Bowman, Judy Watkins. Third Row: Nancy Strickler Patty Nash Bobbie Burney, Donna Linder, Charleen Pattee, Pat Gorman, Sandy Thurston, Pat Martin Peggy Eberhart F1 tb Row James Aust, Mile Manley, Dennis Donnell, Buff Miner, Donnie Harrison, Mike Molett Sixth Rau John Culbreth Jay Klahn, Tonny I-Iosferd, David Gradick, Richard Stang, Carey Blackford, and X Orientation Day F 5 Student Handbook 3 Football Ribbons ' Get Acquainted Day Student Directory Mr. and Miss Forrest Dance N.B.F. Pins Tractor Sidewalk Student Council Elections Student Council Banquet Service Project Inter-Club Council Sponsored bus to Gainesville W F" ' 'xg Student Council Activities gaeqictg Z Qllr Student Council Officers Student Council Officers: Firxl Row, left lo right: Becky Hucks Treafurer, Lana Harris Preridenl, Sheila Wylie Chaplain, Brenda Lott, Secretary, Carol Collins Hirlorian. Second Row: Bobby Glick Sergeanl-al-Army, Mr. May Spozzmr, john Peters Vire Prefidenl, and Keith Allen Parlianzenlmiazz. 233 Student i Court J 'lf Q ffifl f 4 'et.QV,,lgu ,A , :fff 5 7 2- 4', , on , 9401 Student Court Justices: Sealed, left fo riglaz: Louise Kleffner, junior juflffeg Kathy McCue. junior fuiliceg Rosemary Santana, Alfermzle fmfice. SI!III!1,jIl,Q.' Gus Bockg Dick Deloach, Chief fzz,v1ire.' Tommy Wfoodruff and Mr. May, Spozzmr. Student Court Attorneys Student Court Attorneys: Seated, left 10 right: Kathy Hall, Julie Kerling, Kitty Wick, Stezlographer. SImm'i11g.' Frank Lindamood, Kent Townsend, joe Davis, and Andre Henket 234 5, A f ? ' Mr, ., ' ' K K! F N ? ' if ff fs 2- ig ,Q S .f f 12 v X Q 'AV " V V I , fi E15 W, W, . rx . 3 - Tw? ' 1'if ??i h ' 1 fs w ? 'fi f , Ag --- - I f A :gin W " ww 1 A M' . if 1 l . A ' s"!"5 ' ' lWf?W""" 'J - Q ' --if f-' 1--,... --r -M- -V wa? ' W flap' .MN wi. 'N ' mf ' f Q 5' A ' , H 1 5 , Z ' - ' I 4:. k ,. --'f as- , ifk fnw -4" '- f 1 ' m j 7 U K7 nm , L Ur P SQMQ f,"4f-y ' ' h ":: ml is-ff, N . 12 1 , W W1 fp f x , S is my my X , --:Ld - willr ,. K I M " ' V Y fi 'L ' an .U f fl I ., .3 ,, Seated: Barbara Smith, Edilor-in-Chief. Standing, left la right: Marguerite Rickett and Carol Skeen, Co-Auiflant Edizorx. 1-.-.......,.,.,,,,,. , I , E +0 3? 2 , , Sealed, lefl lo right: Carol Skeen, Affiftant Editor, Barbara Smith, Edilor. Slanding: Carole Brown, Bufinerr Manager, Lynda Sellers, Pbolograplvy Edizorg and Terri Thompson, Layoizz Edifor. 1965 Confederate Staff Franz Row, lefz to riglzz: james Bozeman, Glenn Melton, Steve Burr, Steve Avart. Clorkzvifex Mark Vyrros, Fran Nelson, Billie Albin, Nancy Kimble, Lynda Sellers, Carol Skeen, Barbara Smith, Carole Brown, Terri Thompson, Jeanie Pahota, Pat Black, Martha Noles, Fred McLelland. 236 .a H as ME Confederate Staff BILLIE ALBIN STEVE AVART PAT BLACK JAMES BOZEMAN CAROLE BROXWN STEVE BURR MISS CAROLYN CARLTON MISS REBECCA HAMBY NANCY KIMBLE FRED MCLELLAND GLENN MELTON FRAN NELSON MARTHA NOLES JEANIE PAHOTA LYNDA SELLERS CAROL SKEEN BARBARA SMITH TERRI THOMPSON MARK VYRROS ,,.5 W , kr 5' tina!-Q 'al ,I R 'af Left Io right: Miss Rebecca Hamby, Sponfor Barbara Smith Edilor-in-Chief, Miss Carolyn Carlton Spomor ez to Hgh! Steve Avart, Steve Burr, Fred McLelland, Martha Noles, Pat Black, Jeanie Pahota, Terri Thompson, Carole Brown Barbara mith Carol Skeen, Lynda Sellers, Nancy Kimble, Billie Albin, Fran Nelson, Mark Vyrros, Glenn Melton, james Bozeman A ,Q fix 'L .xyxg 3 'Q 5 :.Q, i 1504 - 1 Q,-,ggi l PY N ' W X - f -. ,gy I , FWWMW WA N' ,nv . -'CM- -:::i':Z::!:f .5 2 " WWQH W If J VM! ,. ....' Q... E E ,. K' Q - h - , XX 'Q fi F' IW I - 2 i ' is 1. Wmmmv' X , 4 Q? WW W ig, K f Q it J,f X 5:43 5, Ili ' A? ' if .fr-, 'F' Q 4 , , 'fia- 'Z N gf E Hx ??? runnisf 2 E Tj j l Lf 15 i ,?:'jiJ ffl A 4,3 , . , 4314 Q 0 6' X Q I N , ,. X w gg xf yd '-.4 X, mf nl , f , llll lu 10 Thespian Officers: Sealed, lefl lo rigbl: Audrey Brown, Publirizyg Susan Brigg: Secretaryg Ingrid Power, Vice Preridentg jackie Johnston, Pfefidenl 2nd 5677265161 Ted Hollis, Prefident 1:2 remerler fin absentiaj. Slanding: Anita Fowler, Record Clerkg Neal Floyd, Trea.rurer,' Mrs. E. jane Porter, Spamorg Terry Clark, Chap Iuing Jane Jackson, H irzorian. 'WL . ,l Thesplans v J J 4,1 H. Seated, left to right: Nancy Strickler, jane Jackson, Carol Watson, Nancy Woods, Susan Briggs, Cheryl Mann, Charla Davis, Anita Fowler Audrey Brown, Darlest Clayton. Row 2: Cecilia Olsen, Barbara Williams, Lynne Magin, Ann Kaempfer, Nancy Power, jackie Johnston Ingrid Power, Terry Clark, Nicki Tkac, Becky Clark. Row Three: Raye Sheffield, Dave Goss, James Aust, George Clausen, Neal Floyd Gary Furnish, Dave Davis, Fred McLelland. A 240 si 2 42 dike Qin ,, Q ,Q i if 3 Q gi :EXW Q ,xg 0.-N-'T mm fwnlmv, Q .. - 'A e All Senior girls are welcome members in the Senior Girls Organization. It strives for unity among the girls through its worth- while activities and projects. Nancy Newberg, Preridezzl Senior Girls Seated, left to jighl: .Barbara Brown, Carol Fair, Eileen Baumgartner, Sharon Broderick, Anita Fowler, Larry Mercer, Marial, Nancy Daley, Nancy Bower, Netti Ciefalinski, Irene Dover, Billie Albin. Row Two: Audrey Brown, Joyce Blake, Lynne Barrett, Pat Burnsed, Carol Brown, Janell Altman, Carolyn Akers, Ei een Andia, Betty Arenth, Julia Andrews, Linda Bradshaw, Dianne Aenchbacher. Row Three: Pat Conley, Evelyn Berger, Susan Blank, Sharon Becker, Sharon Brooks, Dolores Barrera, Barbara Barncord, Donna Bryant, Gloria Baird, Sherra Bryant, Margaret Brunson, Betty Sue Bradley. Raw Four: Mary Ann Carson, Nancie Christine, Onna Clark, Marsha Chandler, Cheryl Cognac, Linda Cannaday, Gail Chavers, Becky Clark, Michele Cooper, Darlest Clayton, Cathy Church, Carol Campbell, Beverly Carter. Row Five: Lesly Cox, Betty Jo Costa, Lois Carter, Nancy Carter, Linda Carter, Anna Cuevas, Carmen Collazo, June Carmichael, Darnell Clary, Gale Connor, Joyce Brock, Jan Crosby. Row Six: Claudette Fountain, Lora Campbell, Kathy Curry, Diane Ellard, Charla Davis, Patti Doyle, Nancie Dyda, Nancy DeLander. Raw Seven: Ginny Ford, Joyce Finnerty, Debbie Ficke, Lucki Fellows, Donelle Deuel, Loycc English, Ginger Edmonds, Marilyn Ford, Babs Elphick, Donna Edge, Linda Dixon, Diane Daly, Laurie Darrah. 242 Nancy Christine, Secretm'y,' Joe Davis, Marmfg Larry Mercer, MdICOf,' Marsha Chandler, Hirzoriang Nancy Newberg, Preridefzlg Peggy Morrissey, Sergeant-ar Armfg Julie Kerling, Vice Preridenifg Charleen Pattee, Chaplainf Lorraine Sweller, Tre'uJu1'er,' Miss Harriett An- derson, Sponsor, Miss Maureen Cox, Sponsor. eated, left to right: Sharon Griffin, Dottie Gossett, Sandy Gatio, Kay Gilbert, Patti Gauthier, Joan Johns, Joe Davis, Illarcol, Arlene Gottlieb, Cathy ioodner, Angie Horn, Frances Jannotti, Brenda Hockaday, Georgette Hinely. Second Row: Carolyn Gorman, Sandy Hunter, Lynn Hall, Carla Hagenbeck, ecilia Hanson, LaFay Hutchinson, Linda Hurley, Jeanne Hedge, Irma Hinojosa, Sherry Hedstrom, Lois Hamilton, Joanne Hare, Bonnie Rouse. Third Row: ynn Hughes, Pam Kieffer, Charlene Hawes, Jeri Lynn Jones, Jane Jackson, Sharon Jones, Robin Jones, Glenda Johnson, Ann Kaempfer, Ros- nna McBride, Joyce Moore, Diana Cronise. Fourth Row: Joey Lynn, Jean Lienau, Carol Larson, Bobbi Kenfield, Carol Lazenby, Pat Pickett, Anna Joyce, at Kendrick, Kathy Kendrick, Gloria Leighton, Bobbie Miller, Kathy Milland, Frances McCarthy, Bonnie Piehl. Fifth Raw: Chris Waters, Barbara Morton, aye Pollen, Mike Nazzro, Linda McCall, Cynthia Mosely, Scottie McClellan, .Jo Ann McClellan, Anna McClaugherty, Pam Hardy, Sandy Kodatt, Cheryl' Iann, Barbara Martin, Pat Guthrie. Sixlh Raw: Fran Nelson, Judy Nash, Connie Miller, Sharon Pratt, Judy MacDonald, Phyllis Phillips, Linda Mitchell, inda Lane, Sherry Norton, Penny Nichols, Sharron Moses, Susan Martin, Sue Norman, and Yvonne Mapes. ,J 5 ,5 v-,,, V, A: Q " i ii y Wm ELL, "W Kwik, V ' .4 f - , X3 J? ' .X ff. .rw fn " R I .,A, ff in 533 Mm Nw AB, wa V nw if V Q ., U X715 'W 'Q , , I f 1 rf , 1 ' Y .. W an W L W gi 54? Y ff" L ., T di 1 ' W i ' Q A E23 2 7 Q W 1 1 f 'qv ' Q f w A4 'wi K , , V ,V V 71. V , . .gi-1, Y , , ,, W V Vw , . 1 1 ,Z i fm- " Y fi 1, fi T' A '57 45' !3'5 , t if . A gs ' lf' R gi: I , - f f U A W. f 513 W if' If . , .. If ' , '50, , , VVVVV 3 VV , V, VV 1 V VV .,.. Vj VW VV - 4 A-ry eff' V ' if 1 if 1-A ' it ' -mv Q V, w ,- - 4 2 'F 5 ., Q: F 4 A '. 'Q - U? Ms ' ' if 14 Y ?,wfw -fwQa fw,fJfQgf fwfhh W wqwff Awww ,ig L 1 X gci 9 Q QV , if :f'??? 22957 ' ' ' 5 ,, .- - . . ' ' "'E-?.:eff f' M K' ' ' gg 'E 153-iff? A if 3 f -iz A xl A an f 2' A. . if , Q in QV f.:V,:1, if V -QV Vg L V V 'ff B 555, pffv fl" 3 f ? 4 12 -1 K: 5 :ff P ' A Vie! A 4 'fi L - if ii I I , gg' I.. I , ,V ? M , E nw ' FF fi 1 M M A Aa, ' ,J ,AW Ay Sq, 1' 1 1' if F ig. ,F 'ia M 3 ,V V A - 5, V 5 ' X A it 'gf 'Y' V k V V A V5 V QV V . . lf Q at V Vi, VVV -356 if Q? " ' if SILKS Silling, left to riglaz: Shearline Wade, Caplain, Donelle Deuel, Co-captain, Lora Campbell, Angie Horn, Debbie Fickie, Patti Gauthier, Margaret Brunson, Joyce Finnerty. Kneeling: Ingrid Power, Manager, Larry Mercer, Mau-ot, Donna Bryant, Frances Jannotti, joan Wilson, Laura Parham, Carol Pitts, Sally Pierce, Carla Hagenback, Joyce Brock, julie Kerling, Basil Vann, Mascot. Slanding: Fran Nelson, Walergirl, john Boberg, Coarb, Donna Williams, Ginny Ford, Sheila Wylie, Donna Edge, Jean Lienau, Lynn Hall, Nancy Dyda, Sandy Waters, Lynn Taylor, Dawn Ware, Stacy Adams, Coarb, Judy Nash, Watergirl. Silk and Satin Game SATINS Sitling, left to figbl: Peggy Morrissey, Captain, Pat Burnsed, C0-raplain., Lynn Springer, Sherry Turner, Jan Crosby, Barbara Barncord, Betty Sue Bradley. Kneeling: Dicky Crosby, Coach, Marilyn Ford, Claudia Yarbrough, Dianne Aenchbacher, Sharon Brooks, jade Yonn, Barbara Morton, Anne Marie Rock, Linda Bradshaw, Warren McIntyre, Marroz. Szanding: Ed Grissom, Coach, Charla Davis, Wazergirl, Dal Kane, Mary Tidswell, Billie Albin, Barbara Brown, Lois Carter, Marjorie Vogel, Carol Larson, Nancy Newberg, .Wanda Parramore, Sharon Pratt, Manager, Ricky Collier, Coach. 245 M S ff.1,:,,wa , ZT: fm Q , K 'Lg1?l'f2i2wgfie4." n w f ., 4 -Q W mg .5 W QQ 1 '41 M ,f : -,,,,w--,,. , 4 , ' 5 f- -32? sig? Ma :V mugs-W . I . ! 4 I ar x , I f- j 'Mi - pw A4 5- rf nz. zn- f 1 If 1 qi-,q.2j'f4' :FZJIW f iw S? Wrny, fnl ,F J 'Q 4 , K, ,QQ ,Q ips J j ,,,: z, ' Wawfwfw- V we Q , - wi 1 f is ,,,,,-'f -. Q , ., 'Q' N, W , .,. Q3 fm, f 1 . - 'SS' if: , rage 'f iff' - ' X V ww E e, - . D . 1 f. 5 A ,.,.., zbz -'ff' gg ,, Q gc' ' EQEEQH , 5 ggmi 1 1 sg W , 2: S 1 2 f ,155 6 , . ., Ami . ,- . ' " Q 4 , wfgswl 4 .Y h , Q 1 4, if Q Jazzy . eg L vifkzigb 5 , A ff, V H Y - 7. , 4 Q mfg? 'f-ggi, A, Wy ,K ,M ffm, Rfwff .M , -E 511 .:... ,H K, bf , , X ie- 'iv 17 I Dean of Boys' Office Staff Dean of Boys: Seated, Jef! zo righz: Jean Jasinski, Debbie Travis, Raine Sweller, Sherra Bryant, Linda Harward, Donna O'Ham. Second Roux' Mr. Watson, Ann Burnsed, Pat Walters, Dorothy Mc- Curry, Carol Larson, Kathy Curry, Mr. Stasco. Third Roux' Ralph Walls, James Aust, Danny Long, Jimmy Newberg, Bill Cassidy, Fourzh Row: Perry Co- field, Bobby Glick, Tom Houck, Gus Bergstrom, and Robert Van Matre. Clerk 's Office Sfaff Clerk's Office: Sealed, left to righl: Sanclra Gay, Sharon Balaguer, Mrs. Martin, Arrie Davis, Suzanne Wells. Sfarzdizlg' Anna Joyce, Rosanna Mc- Bride, Dianne Filzen, Peggy Shannon, Jeanne Sandridge. Guidance Office Sfaff Guidance Office: Sealed, lefz zo right: Mr. Shaw, Mrs. Stringer and Mr. Cook. Second Row: Linda Mann, Arlene Gottlieb, Joy Walker, Nancy Carter, Judy Royal, Judy Hornsby, Cindy Simmons. Third Rauf: Chip Bal- ten, Buster Hagenbeck, Mike Hutcherson, Gus Bock, and Craig Thomas. Assistant Dean of Girls' Staff Assistant Deans Office: Served, leff lo rigbl: Lynn Hughs, Linda Hurst, Kathy Butlsr, Mrs. Tanz- ler: Alethca Lysitt, Louise Roberts, and Linda Hammond. Slmzdizzy, leff In rigbl: Linda Crirlcr, Margi McDonald, Carol Campbell, Priscilla Coleman, Linda Taylor, jackie Johnston. Nancy Stricklcr, Barbara Butler, Bobbie Miller. Dean of Girls' Staff Dean of Girls: Sc.mJ.' Miss Smith, Smmfiuxq, left In 7'f4QZ7f.' Ann Kacmpfcr. Diana Cronisc. l.inLla Hurley. and Carole Brown. Treasurer's Office Staff Treasurer's Office: Kneeling, lefz Io righf: Betty Sue Bradley, Donna Bras' well, Paulette Sikes, Shearline Wade, Evelyn Wfhiteheaal. Sfu11dir1g.' Fran Nel- son, Mrs. Nix, Sltmmror. Gail Chavers, and Pat Gorman. P' 1 4 Officer-55 Smfgrf, jeff Ig fjlqbfg Km-en Koledgy SW,-gfr1,'J,' Volunteers at Donovan's Convalescent Home: Sealed, left I0 riglnl: Brenda Miller. Larry Rusggll, Vjfg Pfgi-j1lg,1f,' Jgjyfq Moore, T1-bdrm-wg Bill Gracy, Tom Sechrest, Bob Smith, Pamela Hobbs. Second Roux' Donna Lerch, Margie McDonald, P1'e,fide1zl.' Ronald Wallace, Parlifz- Linda Boree, Cherly Giggy, Lynn jordan, Charleen Pattce, Sygne Dyda, Third Roux 11,1w1lrU'f,n1, Sffzzlgffyfgq' hlisg Lamb, S'f10r150r,' Herb Ellis, Carla Hftgetlbedi, Karen K0lCclLl, Donna Linder, HCYCI'ly Gentry, BCISQ' Ellis. PIX.-'mri.111.' Larry Elkins, Pwjwfr Cha-irzzzarzg and Tom Sherry Ellis. Fourlh Roux' Lynn W'ilkes, Elaine Wfells. Claudia Yarbrough, Sharon Sechrcst, Pnblriifvx Clmirmarr. Keller, and Pat Guthrie, Paramedical Club Seated, lufl Io rigbl: Miss Lamb, Sponmr, Nancy Daley, Margie McDonald, Diane Cronise, Patty Tente. Sharon Griffin, Patty Dollar, Kathy Cooney: Alice Olden. Selond Razr: Nancy Dyda, Linda Bradshaw, Jean Fontaine, Betty Atkinson Annette Nvelch, Linda Allen, Cindy Moseley, Rosanne Reynolds, Lynn Jurden, Charlcen Pattee. Third Roux' Richard Tardiff, Mary Tidswell., Elaine XVclls, Cheryl Giggy, Donna Lerch, Karen Koleda, Donna Lindqr, Sherry Ellis, Pamela Hobbs, Carla Hagenbcck, Linda Boree. lfwnlb Rau: Butt Miner, Claudia Yarbrough. Beverly Gentry, Betsy Ellis, Pat Guthrie, Lynn XVilkes, Sharon Keller, Brenda Miller. Mary Padgett, Cecilia Holtz, Linda Eberle. Fiflla Rana' Bob Smith, Dave Creswcll, Barbara Brown, Nancy Ghioto, Sandy XVaters, Barbara Smith, Linda Harley, Debbie Brown, Cheryl Hampson, Ellen Oxford, Cgnnie Ebegle, Siyfb Rau-1 Joyce Moore, David Goss, Ronald XY'.rllace, larry Elkins, Bill Gracy, Herb Ellis, Tom Sechrest, Frank Bartl1olf,I,grrfr Ruqqell, Larry Parrish, and Mide Rndicell, 249 Group I: Row One, left to rigbl: Linda Mitchell, Diane Ellard, Barbara Donaldson. Row Two: Donna Schimmelmann, Mike Nazzaro, Phyllis Truluck, Sharron Moses. Row T laree: Bobbie Miller, Kitty Wick, Dori Pawela, Darnell Clary. Row Four: Ingrid E. Power, Beverly Estes, Nettie Cieplinski, Linda McCall, Susan Martin, Susan Wallace. Row Five: Joyce Blake, Marsha Chandler, Brenda Bailey, Faye Pullen, Jo Ann McClellan, Cathy Church, Linda Rittener, Sherry Hedstrom. Tomorrow's Secretaries Group II: Row One, left to right: Jenny Rice, Judy MacDonald. Raw Two: Joann Lynn, Kitty Smith, Donelle Deuel, Phyllis Phillips. Row Three: Pat Burnsed, Audrey Brown, Carol Lazenby. Row Four: Kathy Curry, Jean Lienau, Scotti McClellan, Cecelia Hanson. Row Five: Carol Watson, Pam Hardy, Andy Walls. 250 Tomorrow's Secretaries of America Officers Group I: Seated, left to right: Beverly Estes, Secretary, Barbara Donaldson, Prerident. Standing: Susan Wallace, Tfetzfurer, Miss Anderson, Sponmr, Dori Pawela, Vice Pres' ident. Tomorrow's Secretaries of America Officers Group II: Seated, left to fight: Carol Wat- son, Secretary, Jenny Rice, Prexident. Stand- ing: Judy MacDonald, Program Clmirman, Mrs. N. G. Becker, Spamor, Pat Burnsed, Vice President, Kathy Curry, Treaxurer. Row One, left to right: Joann Lynn, Kitty Smith, Marie Splane, Carol Lazenby, Cecelia Hanson, Scotti McClellan, Pam Hardy, Beverly Estes, Marsha Chandler, Joyce Blake, Linda Mitchell, Mike Nazzaro, Fay Pullen, Bobbie Miller, Nettie Geplinski. Row Two: Linda Rittner, Cathy Church, Linda McCall, Diane Ellard, Ingrid Power, Phyllis Phillips, Jenny Rice, Judy MacDonald, Donelle Deuel, Jem Lineau, Kathy Curry, Carol Watson, Andy Walls, Audrey Brown, Pat Burnsed, Darlest Clayton. Row Three: Miss Anderson, Spamor, Kitty Wick, Susan Wallace, Donna Schimrnelmann, Sherry Hedstrom, Sharon Moses, Susan Martin, Michele Cooper, Barbara Donaldson, Phyllis Truluck, Dori Pawela, Darnell Clary, Brenda Bailey, JoAnn McClellan, Mrs. Becker, Spomor. 25' fgzfxfffyg ,A ,5"'fei'feg,- 9 KS" . X f, L 'ETF ,TL W. , . 5 ,xxavf ,gg .Ei I 1'1 i . 4 E D iw ' 1, wp rig? -- kg fgs b, 5 ,N f, v - , ,-A 1 W .EJ 'f N . 'A M I 4, : . 4 ws W v 1 WH x l I A 3gf,2Kg,?5.f51 lv M 'vw -nv 351 .3 If ,MX vga, Ee 53' - X V4 , Q52 W X, 'SW T, LX fi: QW? 2 'Www Q-QQ K 1 'Q U X 5? 2, f r ,695 Qi-gif M 'Nl E ""'x. ....Q.. 1 r 'ST V E , 1 ,an . f v 5 ' Q2 g ' ' 57 X: 1 Forrest "Rebel Mr. Herbert Edwards, Band Direrlor 4 1 . ,.e,.,,f H' p.,,JK.' Row One, left to riglals Ronnie Bethea, Harold Duval, Ken McMillan, Bill Smith, Beth Young, Donna Sides, Ginny Ford, Barbarz Sides, Kelley Williams, Jim Glines, Arthur Van Doran, Al Peterson, Row Two: Peggy Shannon, Jeanne Hedge, Jeff Cooper, Lee Cross, Marsha Jordan, Fred Church, Carol Lehosit, Sharon Garvey, Gail Griffin, Kitty Parker, Roger Fair, Barbara Boyett, Barbara Williams, Diane Weyer. Row Three: Pat Ickes, Ernie McLeod, Steve Infinger, Sarah Saucer, Ted Uzzle, Robert King, Patrice 254 Marching" Band French, Lee Ann Vaura, Carol Suberly, Ted Rogers, Duane Munn. Row Four: Lee johnson, Karen Larsen, Karen McCart, Pat West George Clausen, John jones, Kevin Roberts, Jim McClellan, Rannel Westberry, Peggy Richardson, Gary Armstrong. Row Five, Irie Brett, Al Kaempfer, Paul Kavin, Harry Shelor, Mike Snipes, John Ainley, Lee Sundie,.Larry Wlilliams, Douglas Walring Porter Till. Row Six: Bob Markland, Gary Furnish, Ron Connolly, jim Winko, Buddy Emerson, Preston Betts, Pat Welch. Linda Miller, Head Mnjorette Ted Hollis, Drnnz Major Maioreffes Kneeling, left lo right: Ijuana Martinez, Dianne Aenchbacher, Terri Winterrowd, and Pam Holland. Standing: Faye Winkler, Ann Bennett Pat Joyce, Linda Miller, Head, Carol Campbell, and Linda Sue Thomas. 256 I juana Martinez Faye Wfinkler -1 Ann Bennett M. Pam Holland Linda Sue Thomas I Pat Joyce Dianne Aenchbacher Carol Campbell Terri Winterrowd , 'L D3 Mx, Ld-1,xMgM,..3 V 2, , , , L. ..a i- . ' -L rf A" V f' f fy? ,fri M :i.T.Ii.? ..T., , Ajw ink ' "'r'w ' f""w',jx f xg TMJ .. L W MW, A 'A 4' my 1. 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U 6 K 'H' i 'fy' ' .:'. v .'AQ Y VIPINE .VJ X , 6 QF if 2, 1 4 : 1 1 , ,,,,e1g,. , , 5, film' at . if . 4 Af 5 rv 4 ' sr ,TEL fi Qz.. -,M ' '37"'!Ml!'v lp, 5 -4. W iff w'MMfwyMW NW M IWW! ff My 'T W0 M W fJZw T9'iMff,,f ffff f2W9W W E E RWE 1: mm J' A-saw-egg 'xiii , . L ,Q " Q it Egg! 0 if' ..- ah, -x May... ,,,x-Q.. ,',Q,,,,MQ,. ii 5 ,ik QM , ,,-.wh MVA' 14-2, .f ., - , .. k , 1 f ,-' ,,gffff5i"2Q,ZvL1 3 0 ,img as RALPH BENNETT MELVIN COOPER JERRY DISQH JAMES FOSTER FRED GIRGIS CHARLES MCPHILOMY Boys' Coaches JOE PARKER JAMES WATSON VICTOR H. PAPA Department Head Oufsfanding Athletes BOBBY CU MMING KEN JONES WAYNE LONG ESMOND MARKS 1964 Varsity Barry Vickers, Capmin, and Basil Vann, Co-Caplain. if iii 3 Q: :il :fl fffi is if Pint Row, left to right: Vic Papa, Head Coach, Basil Vann, David Vickers, Ronnie Valade, Gerald Anderson, Dickie Crosby Walter Shinn, Larry Mercer, john Boberg, Wayne Danson, Terry Beck, and Stacy Adams. econd Raw: arb M. Coope: Nelson Powell, John Brogli, John Butts, Larry Williams, Don Berg, Roy Smith, Sam Edwards, Ed Cousins, Lathan Water: Mike Stoinoff, Larry Allen, Mike McIntyre, and Coach Fred Girgis. Third Row: Woody Clark, Larry Mobley, james Wagnei 278 l Football Team Victor Papa, Head Coach. d Grissom, Robert Pickrell, Williarn Pyburn, Mike Hodges, Rick Evernden, jim Zidlicky, Gary Matthews, Acey Bowden, ick Collier, Kent Townsend, Esmond Marks, Coarb Ron Davis. Fourth Row: David Davis, Alvin Ashley, Andre Henke, Mike ichler, Mike Etheridge, Gene Losey, Mike Freel, Mike Wood, Mike Cole, Jimmie Evans, Fred Kilpatrick, Roger Duprey, teven Burr, jim Merkerson, Troy Joseph, and Gary Bangle. 280 DICKIE CROSBY STEPHEN BURR LARRY ALL N MIKE MacINTYRE T . f-'M 5 :. . .A ' 'f ,,Le.?"'W'L Q N V, . A96 F "U ,,,f.rvf K" A V - A , f V X ' - ' - ' ' ' . P "'b A Luv . W oof a -5523 1 9 Q, A ' QM , ANDRE HENKE WALTER I K -. "TIE - 1 ,I - us" ' 'vw-'H 'fm ' --"A:-,.-111. " 55719 315 1 - ' .w,,,,,,. V ' --4.x LARRY MOBLEY GERALD ANDERSON GARY MATTHEWS JOHN BOBERG FRED MCLELLAND BASIL VANN LARRY MERCER ESMOND MARKS gi X'XHxx Seniors - 1965 , ,- J ,?f""A - . 1 4 ., In ,,,,,,, - ,W -,. 547--V 1-4'fff'fl.,' ll- F " N'SfrffTE!'v .-.E m u Y, A321731 -V-' fwfr- -A RICKY COLLIER BILLY PYBURN ED GRISSOM BARRY VICKERS STACY ADAMS in QQ fi , f .-.M 9 M fs 51, 7 .311 , - 1 M293 xggzr fix A J 1, Lf Z T , Q alibi Q, ? 0 Y.., X: fi 5 rr: ., V fa, -HP' as f ,,N.6:,, W BUTCH VanMATRE KEN JONES KENT TOWNSEND ROWLAND SUMMER RONNY BARE JIM ZIDLICKY WAYNE LONG DAVID BATTEN DANNY HAWKINS BOBBY GLICK 1964-65 Schedule 1964-65 FORREST "FIGHTING REBEL" BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 60 Seabreeze w,Y... . ..,.,,,,,,, ., 84 89 Bishop Kenny . .Y,,, 6666666 7 5 84 Orange Park ..,,7,,,. 66.... 3 8 92 Orange Park ,,,7.vw .,,,,.. 3 7 'F70 Ribault ........,, 54 "5 5 5 Paxon 76,,,,.,.. 'F67 Fletcher ....,,, 75 Jackson ,,,r,,r M63 DuPont ,r,,r,, M60 Fletcher rrrr,rr 39 Paxon rr,.......,..r ...... 82 Gainesville .,,,,, rr,,.. 7 9 85 Terry Parker w,,,. ....,. 6 2 68 Englewood ,,,,.. ,,,,,, 4 7 69 Ribault ,,r,.,,, ..... 5 8 5 7 Fletcher ....... ...... 4 4 75 Paxon .,..,,,r....w VVV.. 6 9 54 Englewood ,r,,v, e..e.. 3 7 44 Lee r,r.....,,,,.l. V....- 3 7 50 Fletcher c,r,,,,,., ...... 4 6 67 DuPont .,Y.....,,,,fe DVVVVV 3 7 64 Terry Parker ,,,,w, YVVVVV 5 5 59 Lee .....,,r,,,,.v,,.. 5..... 5 0 74 Ribault ,,rrr,.,. .v.V-. 5 6 81 DuPont ,,,,,,, V.... 3 8 44 Gainesville .555.. 5555-- 5 0 "f'H'56 Englewood .,,,.,,,.555555l555 ...Vr 4 4 4' tt 'lf 5 O Lee ,.,.,r,,5555....5l,.YVVV.VVVV.V.5555 gg-g-- 5 9 'fGateway Conference Tournament """Fletcher Invitational Tournament ""F"'Group Tournament Gateway Conference Champions County Champions S Q ROSS COUNTRY: Raw One, Iefl to right: Tommy Hosford, Richard Lemon, Mike Corlew, jim Kivipelto, John Sutton, Bill Murray, and loyd Carter. Second Row: Coach McPhilomy, Danny Hoffman. Raymond Walker, Pat Thomas, Mike Flanagan, and Bill Cassidy. Cross Country and Track TRACK TEAM: Row One, left la figlfzf: Terry Beck, Bob Stensloff, Walter Shinn, Larry Mercer, Bobby Cumming, Evan Bales, Coach McPhil- omy, Rusty Caughron, Mike McIntyre, Larry Parrish, Bill Murry. Raw Two: Esmond Marks, James Huggins, Danny Hoffman, Bill Cassidy, Ray Martin, Tommy Draffin, Larry Allen, Biff Brogli, joe Tilley. Row Three: Craig Byrd, Wayne Thomas, Larry Williams, John Cox, Doug Smith, Carl Bock, Mike Corlew, Tommy Hosford, Mike Flanagan, joe Ricciardelli. Row Four: Mike Moore, Billy Zimmerman, Doug Pinder, Billy Simmons, Don Butts, jim Kivipelto, john Butts, Sid Newberg, Ronald Valade. Row Five: Gene Helveston, Pat Thomas, Lloyd Carter, Joe Shannon, Stephen Burr, Ronnie Hardwick, Ray Walker, jimmy Barnes. 285 .- f -goof - :ff 7, 'f1':f,Jf'ff 1 - W- 2:45-z JE: '-lJQfi1vfUt"-VFP532:-'V If Z .. 7 2535? wg ii, -K' img, fa- f L M ' 3533354 . M L L 'i if f il -ii iftf lmlil W? w www, zu, ' , it 2 f i Aix! l L JOHN MCELROY LATHAN WATERS I N Varslfy . Y , 7 1 . if ' RONNIE BARE TERRY GAYLE ., f it is .. ..-5, , KENNY SIMPSON .. +-gf- Y z ff! 3 A M, ' 1 ',,', -V firmer refs, ..', z 1 ft Vi! Y 1 - 7 Y f i ixviifiiifxzizf R , RONN IE GRANDY .Row One, left lo right: Wayne Danson, Terry Gayle, Ronnie Grandy, Buster Hagenbeck, Ricky Sanders, Rick Leblanc, Kenny Simpson, john Rankin, Bill Mansfield, Robert Craw- ford. Second Row: Coach Bennett, Kent Townsend, Fred Kilpatrick, Bobby Glick, Ken Jones, Danny Hawkins, jimmy Jackson, Ronnie Bare, Lathan Waters, john McElroy, and Gary Bangle. 286 P fif- V gifig T KEN JONES BILLY MANSFIELD R g. ,J -M I .: . ,',2 YQ. --av ' . slr gf V E224 . ' Y 1 - -f ' Qi' s W 5-1 f - , ste iw RICK I.eBLANC YLLX 4 ' nil-..4:t,,S'ts S , RICK SANDERS R in R, M,L.g.v:.,- L,-Sfawf., I ff T - .QL , - , - 7,-mg V. .r smiwgf-ig ...guww W ,, , L-,m,Mv.,, S--M: .' --4 -www, A-Q -W - H F1 - ' ' - '-'-ra -- .sfaaiw-f-w R , :QQRWJQQ + J J b K J my r ,. Q R JP gk - wi f f' '-Qf5Wf?ibffc1 5 In I .nf -' , . Jglif-ziqwxidg J J " a BUSTER HAGENBECK I , J f f gmlnlzm ,K J, L,LL ,.QA V Rex x 1 MW- S W5fn:wLfE5? 3ifi'liIQ-,: v,-.ffzgfv.1,e '- QM EJSJQJ- - WAYNE DANSON KENT TOWNSEND FRED KILPATRICK Baseball -QY , ROBERT CRAWFORD JIMMY JACKSON ' In I '. ' , '- . J x -. T' T E "' Y 5 . ,F X X BOBBY GLICK DANNY HAWKINS JOHN RANKIN GARY BANGLES COACH BENNETT 287 a sa TENNIS TEAM: Row One, lefz fo rigbfs John Peters, Tim Fritz, Jim Tyler, John Derin, Haskell Tull, Mike Barley. Second Row: Coax. Girgis, Wayne Miklos, Charles Dorman, Robert Darquenne, Bruce Burnett, jim Wagner, and Ralph Fritz. Tennis and Swimming Teams SWIMMING TEAM: Raw One, Iefz lo rigbz: Lanee McElhiney, Lee Crain, Larry Crews, Jimmy Newberg, Douglas Watsing, Larry Hondas, Robert Nixon. Second Roux' Dennis Smith, Mike 'Manley, Wayne Newman, Randy Tucker, Mike Sisco, Herb Ellis, David Coffill, Ray Doman, Coorb Cooper. Nor Picfmed: Chip Batten. David Batten, Paul Morgan, and Richard Muller. 288 F 3257? 'Q if i I B ivix if-L 4 A a g . 1 L 5 x A-f,..,A. Me W K 1-. .-f 'sf .ia Y K E ,Q WN 'K H K W .S-M. MW -.fh,. X A iw '-'c- LS L? M,H',jq. X2 57 , COACH FOSTER U I Junior Varslfy Basketball Kneeling, left fo rfgbzx Horace Strickmnu, jeff Olmsteao, Guy Moody, Tony Scnarrlnghausen. Slmzding: Buzzy Stephens, Floyd Matthews Bobby Simplcr, Dennis Mahoney, Johnny Devero, Coach Foster. 29l V - Girls' Coaches l Girls' Coaches, Kneeling: Miss Judy Peoples and Mrs. Rita Buffington. Standing: Miss Connie Yeaton and Miss Shirley Sinko. BARBARA BARNCORD G.A.A. .........VwV.Vs...,.,............... 5 yrs. Junior Representative G.A.A. 1 yr. Student Assistant ...,,,.......... 3 yrs. Leadership Club ...,................ 5 yrs. President, Leadership Club .... 1 yr. Varsity Volleyball .,.,............ 2 yrs. Varsity Track ........................ 2 yrs. 292 l Outstanding Girl Athletes PEGGY MORRISSEY G.A.A. ........................ . Freshman Rep., G.A.A. Sgt.-at-arms, G.A.A. 4 yrs. 1 yr. 1 yr. Vice President G.A.A. ............ 1 yr. President G.A.A. ........ . Student Assistant .......,........ 1 yr. 1' yr. Leadership Club ................ Varsity Club Basketball Varsity Volleyball ...,. Varsity Bowling .....,. Varsity Tennis .......... Varsity Swimming ...... Varsity Track ....,..... Varsity Softball ........ .. 1 yr 2 yrs 2 yrs. 4 yrs. 2 yrs. 2 yrs 1 yr. 5 yrs. JAN CROSBY G.A.A. ................................... . Sgt. at arms, G.A.A. ........... . Student Assistant ..... ........ Leadership Club ........ Varsity Basketball ,........... Varsity Volleyball ........ ..... Varsity Bowling ....... Varsity Tennis ..... ........ Varsity Track ........ Varsity Softball ........ 5y1 2y1 Zyl 3y1 3y1 2y: .li 25' 2V 35' Q :ga E .ER i ' Y Q 1 3 , A U ' f 'wsaw-, , f- K Q Y' ' -, , , . . , br sfiffi A , 11 If 6? fm Siva , ss Girls' Afhlefic Association G.A.A. Officers: Row One, lefz to right: Peggy Morrissey, Prexident. Row Two: Carol Davis, Choplaizzg Lorraine Sweller, Senior RepreJenmlive,' Carol Pitts, Vire Prefidenzg Becky Carlton, Trea.rurer,' Jan Crosby, Sergeanl-al-Army. Row Three: Vicki Decker, junior Reprefezzlalizfeg Laura Parham, Serrefaryg Jimmie Lee Rowan, Sophomore Reprefenfalire, Q Q1 'i 3 5 is as er as as S9 ee ga Q5 is ,T Ei s Row One, left to righzs Sharon Repp, Pat Kendrick, Pat Pickett, Sheila Wylie, Brenda Hockaday, Carol Larson, P: Burnsed, Jan Crosby, Betty Sue Bradley, Laura Parham, Linda Carter, Claudia Yarbrough. Row Two: DeAnn Donnell, Judi Robertson, Carol Davis, Kathy Kendrick, Raine Sweller, Carol Pitts, Barbara Barncord, Terri Thomf Son, Sandy Gates, Donna Edge, Dottie Gossett, Cynthia Bonham, Peggy Morrissey, Pat Black. Row Three: Tor Jacobs, Connie Voltz, Bonnye Coleman, Bobbi Burney, Donna Gibbs, Doloras Ashley, Cathy Cooney, Ly 294 Waggener, Nancy Windham, Linda Wolters, Phyl Morgan, Lu Gushanas, Kathie Nieman, Sharon Sluder, Jimmi he QSPQ N"""'f--w,,,Nw W. Mrs. Rita Buffington and Miss Connie Yeaton, Sponrorx. Peggy Morrissey, President ,ee Rowan, Pam johnson, Row Four: Sue Huffman, ,Susan Cousins, Linda Allen, Betsy Andrews, Vicki Decker, iecky Carlton, Linda Schufeldt, Pat West, Marsha Bost, Linda Hilton, Judy Savage, Bonnie Le Moine, Gloria Vickers, anice Reese, Sherry johnson, Nancy Carroll, Lorraine Jordan, Sharon O'Neill. Row Five: Rosemary McWaters, ffarian Hall, Linda Gatlin, Christine Burgess, Anita Wylie, Linda Sellers, Susan Canaway, Jackie Earnhardt, Brenda lurphy, Helen Buie, Dawn Rubbert, Deborah Turner, Lorry Seward, Terry Hockett, Kathy Brown, Carole Giddens. TENNIS TEAM: Raw One, lefl zo riglal: jan Crosby, Pat West. Row Two: Peggy Morrissey, Shearline Wade, Miss Peoples, Coarlv, Sherry Turner, Bonnie Piehl. Tennis and Baskefball BASKETBALL TEAM: Row One, left fo righl: Barbara Hightower, jan Crosby. Row Two: Shearline Wade, Linda Gatlin, Mary Bowman, Julia Andrews, Becky Carlton, Peggy Morrissey, Miss Sinko, Coaflz, Claudia Nicks, Bonnie Coleman, Laura Parham, Captain, Sandy Evilsizer, Carol Hamilton, Jimmie Lee Rowan, Betsy Andrews, Manager, Sheila Wylie, Scorer. 296 se J ,, sffrmmi, r , ERACK TEAM: Ron' One, Ieff fo rigbf: Jan Crosby, Donnelle Deuel, Dianne Aenchbacher, Phyllis Morgan. Row Two: Pat West, arbara Barncoril, Linda Roscoe, Laura Parham, DeAnne Donnell, Barbara Hightower. Sfazzdizzgz Miss Sinko, Coach. Noi Piclu1'ed.' Kathy XIcCue, Donna Lerch, Betsy Groom, Carol Pitts, Nan Hightower, Bobbie Burney. Track and Softball X SOFTBALL TEAM: Rau' 0116, lefz zo right: Betsy Andrews, Manager, Linda Hurst, Peggy Morrissey, Laura Parham, Becky Carlton, Cheryl Cognac. Ron' Tim: ,Ian Crosby, Tonja Maliniak, DeAnne Donnell, Miss Yeaton, Comb, Janice Reese, jan Hightower. 297 GOLF: Knewifzg, left fa righz: Carol Larson, Donna Lerch. Sfmzding: Miss Peoples, Conch, Nancy Ghiotoi, Linda Taylor. Golf and Volleyball Ji. ' Kneeling, lefl to right: Sheila Wylieg Scarckeeper, Jan Crosby, Shearline Wade, DeAnne Donnell, Pat West, Peggy Morrissey. Slmzding: Miss Sinko, Codrh, Barbara Barncord, Margie McDonald, Bebe Mitchern, Vicki Decker, Laura Parham, Sherry Worel, Linda Roscoe, Terry Hockett, Mazinger, Cheryl Waldron, Miss Yeaton, Coach. 298 S E Fe K BOWLING TEAM 11964-65 Runner Upsj: Jan Crosby, Susan Blank, Capmirz, Miss Ye-aton, Coarly, Peggy Morrissey, DeAnne Donnell. Bowling and l Swimming WIMMING TEAM: Rau' One, lefz Z0 rigbz: Vicki Decker, Sharren Pratt, Donnell Deuel, Betsy Andrews, Sharon Jones, Peggy Morrissey ue Martin. Row Two: Kathy McCue, Judy Graves, Ingrid Arnsdorff, Lorry Seward, Sandy Deuel, Chris Pratt, Pat West, Cindy Martin ow Three: Linda Eberle, Connie Eberle, June Rohweller, Carol Cook, Judy Hornsby, Miss Peoples, Coach. 299 300

Suggestions in the Nathan Bedford Forrest High School - Confederate Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) collection:

Nathan Bedford Forrest High School - Confederate Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Nathan Bedford Forrest High School - Confederate Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 175

1965, pg 175

Nathan Bedford Forrest High School - Confederate Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 150

1965, pg 150

Nathan Bedford Forrest High School - Confederate Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 55

1965, pg 55

Nathan Bedford Forrest High School - Confederate Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 46

1965, pg 46

Nathan Bedford Forrest High School - Confederate Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 43

1965, pg 43

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