Natchitoches High School - Chinquapin Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA)

 - Class of 1952

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Natchitoches High School - Chinquapin Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 110 of the 1952 volume:

M VEMJB0 AB 9 X W OMMW gf ff? if J WM? ,Y U, A. X W V 1 , f .dy N-0 'gnsij XX VX ovf j, VJSx - tg 'V VX . V A J gf M X fx ' 9 W u J ' ' ' X53 my fbi V f' , WD L j v 7,412 . - ff' , My M X 4 'W Q X affhfyaqakedi 1' A Y I. Q R ,4 D LS TX '74qla1md4ie ss soo J f 7 PUBLISHING COMPANY AL A , J E AS - MIAN B TTER VEAF S he re5 9172! 6 U 4 ,bf Vg afclwzioches gf O Qc f fvj I 'fini The building in redbud time. fix, - S T4 JA' ff' Jr l ff, N' Wiz., MR. A. B. SIMPSON Principal Qarewvrd We are certain that we will always recall with great delight the many happy hours spent within these halls, the thrill of football and basketball and all those varied experiences that have made our Natchitoches High School life rich and full. We realize that in the years to come we can hardly think of Natchitoches High without thinking of Natchitoches itself. Hence, the staff has chosen for the motif of the 1952 CHINQUAPIN-old Natchitoches. Scattered throughout these pages you will find representations of some of the beauti- ful old houses of Natchitoches and the leaves and burrs of the chinquapin tree that gave its name indirectly to our historic city. To help keep these memories clear, we, the staff, take great pleasure in presenting to you-the 1952 CHINQUAPIN. Dcdzcalzvu For her years of unselflsh servlce to Natclutoches Hlgh School students for her unflaggmg lnterest 1n helplng us to become contrlbutlng c1t1zens of thls our school for her unquenchable sp1r1t her zest 1n llf6 for her 1I'lfCCtlOl19 sense of humor for her penetratlng understandmg Wlbe counsel and sound advlce for her lnterest ln us as lndlvlduals her lnslstence that we l1ve up to our capabllltles and her untlrlng ald and guldance ln our character shaplng we the CHINQUAPIN Staff w1th fond and ever grateful hearts dedlcate th1s 1952 CHINQUAPIN to MISS BETTY PORTER 0 0 7 7 9 7 M 9 1 9 a ' 1 9 9 ' , I I I I Clit? ydfllf y "' J . 1 gf r Q"' . s I x 1 , . ll ill "" 'Q' -'Qty .13 w li , 3 First row: Clin yXlIcn, P. ll. lirvcmllove. M. T. Chevesr Agnes Clark. Dorothy Cohen. Srconfl row: Nlrs. Xlarlha llugrlale. Torn Elkins. Mrs. Velma llargis. E. ll. Haynes V. C. Hf'3IllS. Third row: Mrs. Eunice- liennecly. Marion Lindsay. Mrs. Jeannie Livingston. Mrs. Mary lane. J. A. Manning. Fourth row: H. G. Nlarkhain. Tre-nt Melder, Betty Porter. Mary S. Robson. James Simmons. .1 ' U .X ' Si . xx , , X Xxx ' 1 X 1 ' H ' V 1 ' ' ' my J A I Y' I N , ' X f I kwx f KRW! ff f ,I X MI Niki fr ' l! ' !, N r I I X1 f ,f 1 ' z Xi ' A sf" ' l ' 4 K N f , f , K! ' Jff , 1 , m.g',, jf 4: :A 1 3 f 5 5? 1 , 4, A 44, M G ,,.l:, Z! af J 1, A If J Q fy ji X A M , , Q , A ff Rf' , f ' rf' x'-X' x XX' 1 I MM' f xx ,K 1 xl y! yfx ll X sA,lB Q Na V J f J x, x, W f I j I l HX , Y' Wwmm MQ-iff - M914 , NA 1 TREE . , , Z ' -s r ,Q vpn., ,406 , ,J v., 41 . Ffiffg 4,514 I-, ,. , ISK 4 fl - : N, ,I .,'l, ,J 1. fr. X T9- A N'-N-YV xl 4,1 1 Xxx, . ' U M 'W Yasses . nik - ,,-5, , 'Z' .p ,f,, fm x J"- 8 ..-, ... -.-- - Q ilvrrru 'Q 5,5355 ..'2"?' VIR as s x, ,. ! A 1 as . ' P 413 I: 'r 's 'I fl! E54- ij-'F I- M I mints J ON WARREN CLEMONS President Senior Classg President Jun- ior Class: President Freshman Classy Vice Presitlvnt Sophomore Classg Vice President .-Xtlilf-tic Clulm 52g FBLAg Football: Track: Basketballq Baseball. CHARLINE O,CON Seen-tary Senior Class: Secretary FTA 523 Student Council 523 AYQ Clee Clulmg Flllnig FHA: 4-H Cluh. WAYNE DEW President FBLA 52g President Sopho- more Class: Vice President Senior Class: Parliamentarian FFA 52g 4-H Clulm: Foreign Language Cluhg Chin- qllrlpin 521 FHN: Signal Fires 525 AY: Athletic Cluhg Student Council 51: Representative Student Council Convention 51g Football. GLORIA GRAY Treasurer Senior Class: Secretary AY 513 Boosters: Flll.Ag FTAg FHAg 4-H Clulmz lnternational Cluhg Clee Cluhg Band. CLARA ADDINGTON Secretary FHA 52. ALVIN ANTLEY FFA Smivrs LIBBY AULDS Sr-vre-Iary-Trvasxlrr-r Junior C 1 a S s FIEIMXQ Signal Fires 521 AY: Boosters Thefpiansg Cle-0 Club: Dramatics Mardi Gras Maid 51. BETH BARLOW l,vl'll-11111111171-fl 50. T311 AY: Fine Arts Uanflg Ulm- Clulng xlBj0I'f'IlP 48-51. MAE BEHAN FH.-X1 Ulm- Club. THOMAS BLANKENSHIP -1-H Club: Footlrull: Baskvtlvall. BETTY BREITENBERG f.-hlvlllflllllllrll 50. 51, 321 FTX3 Boost:-rs: Fine- Arts: Dramaticsg FHA: AY: FHL-X: Xrt. Jo DONNA BROWN l"IiI.X: FFX: Orrhvftrag Ch:-1-rl:-a4ler v Seniors SAMUEL JOSEPH CALLIA FTA: AY: 4-H Club: llramatics: Ath- letic Club: Football: Basketball. ELTON ROY CARDINO FBLA: FFA: Athletic Club: Football: Track: Softball: Basketball: Volleyball. JOAN CHAMBERS Pre-side-nt 4-H Club 51, Secretary 50: FTA: Signal Fires 48: AY: Boosters: FBLA: Art: Foreign Language Club: Dramatics. MARIE CORMANE FHA: 4-H Club: Band. CHARLOTTE Cox Editor Signal Fires 52: Vice President Foreign Language Club 51: AY: Rep- resentative Student Council Convention 51: Chinquapin 52: Boosters: FBLA: FHA: Band: Thespians: Debate: FTA: Dramatics: Fine Arts: Glee Club: Or- chestra: Miss N. H. S. 52: Class Fa- vorite 4-9g Mardi Gras Maid 49. JERRY RUSH CROCKER Vice President AY Sl: President De- bate Club 51: Chinquapin 49-51: Thes- pians: Athletic Club: Football: Basket- ball: Baseball. ,ff 49 bf' Seniors CAROLINE FOSHEE Boosters: FTAg AYg FBI..-X3 FHA: Clee Clubg Homecoming Maitl 503 Ma- jorette 49-51. BETTY JUNE GALLIEN FH.'Xg AY: 4-H Clubg Ulm-e Club. W7INIFRED CANDY FHAQ FBLA. CAROLYN GLASS President FTA 525 Vice President Boosters 523 FBLA: Fine Artsg Thes- piansg Dramaticsg Clee Clubg Lead- ership Conference 513 Modern Dance Clubg Basketball. ALTA HAY Historian FHA 523 4-H Club: Softball. BILL Hicxs Treasurer FTA 503 FH,-X5 Athletic Club: Football: llasketball: llaseball: Softball: Volleyballg Traelc. e ,f miars JACK MCCAIN, JH. S4'm'I'vtary :XY 521 FTA: Signal Fires Sl: llc-batvg 'lllu-spiansg 4wH Club: Ilrznnatics: lluys' Stan- 513 Football. WILBLYRN MILLER l"l":X: lfnutballg llaskvtball. BONNIE MORGAN SHAWNEE OSBORN FHA: 4-H Clubg AYg Flll,Ag FTAg Ulm' f.llllr. BILL PALMER Chfllljlldflill 52: FBLA: 4-H Clubq lJ1'lJZill'1 Glu- Clubg Athletic Club: Foreign Language Clubg Orchestra: Mardi Gras Court 513 Footballg Basket- ball: Track. JOHNNY PITTMAN Vice Pre-side-nt llanrl 51: Chinquapin 525 Banmlg AY: Thespiansg Dramatics. .,....! Sm hrs LADYE Poor. SIWTUI2il'y'TTf'2lSUI'4'l' Fine Arts 52g ljlllillfjllllflill 521 FTA: Boosters: AY: Signal Fires 483 Flllnflg Orcliestrag llramatit-sg Girls' State 513 Volleyliallg Basketball: Softball. NELWYN POTTER Secretary-Treasurer Orchestra 523 Sec- retary 4-H Clulr 483 lloostersg FBLAg Signal Fires 523 Ulee Club: AYQ All- state Orvlie-stra 48-503 Mardi Gras Maid 51: FFA Queen 51, Maid 52. Jo ANN PRESTRIDGE President Boosters 52: President Mod- ern Dance Clulb 49: State Vice Presi- dent FBI.-X 513 Vice President Clee Clulm 51: Treasurer FTA 51: Secretary- Treasurvr Fine Arts 51g Student Coun- eil 525 llirls' State 51: Signal Fires 493 AY: lfhinqzzapln 52g Deliateg Thes- piansg llraniaticsg Homecoming Maid 49: Mardi Gras Maid 481 FFA Maid 52. BETTY RODGERS FHM 44H Clubg AYg Softball. HERSCHEL RUSSELL lnternational Club: Representative at Large 521 State and National Senior Scholastic Essay Contest 513 National junior Fcliolastie Essay Contest First 481 Drum Major 521 Mardi Gras Court 51. LINDA SHOWS Foreign Language Clulmg Chinquflpirz 501 FTA: Boosters: Orchestra. Seniors ETHEL LOUISE TAUZIN lloostvrs: FBl,Ag FHA. BETTY THAXTON lioostersg Gln- Clulvg AYQ Signal Fires 50-523 llelmatf-g Flllhflg Finf- Arts: Thras- piansg Cln-4-rl:-amlvr 52g Mardi Gras Mahl 49-51. ELIZABETH THOMAS FHA: Ulm- lllulm. MARGARET TOWNSEND Signal Fires 52: FTA: Boostvrsg FllI.Ag llclnatvg Dramaticsg Cl:-ff Clulmg llonu-Owning Maill 49. KENNETH WAILES l"lll.:'xg ,-XYQ llramaticsg Basketball. ZANE WKALK ER FTA. ...,,,..fa Smivrs Jo ANNE WEAVER FBLAg Boost:-rsg Fine Artsg Thes- piansg Dramaticsg FTA. Cross-e-ye-41 Suv anfl the Kangaroo YVONNE WELCH Vice lrvsulvnt Thvspians 51, Secre- tary Boosters 523 FIiI.Ag Fine Arts 52g Girls' Statt- 513 Signal Fires 51-524 AY: Cla-e Clulmg llramaticsg Cheerlead- ffr 52. WAYNE WILKERSON Vice Prfasitlvnt AY 521 Sf-Crt-tary Ath- letic Club 52: FHIAQ Dramatics: Thes- pians: Clwvrle-atlvr 50-52: Mardi Gras Court 49 anzl 515 Baskrtlmallg Track, "Love me, love my dog." It s a mystery to me. To me, too! I 11.-... kj-- i. .......u.. 3 ik: ju ,...4.u-"'-Q jumor 611155 Hzzwrzfcs 23 .43 juniors Toni Williams President Jerrell Tynes Vice President Jo Ann Ainsworth Secretary-Treasurer Eugene Basco Ashton Bouis Barbara Bowie Virginia Britt Dossie Bruce James Bruning Joe Richard Buckley Alden Burns Peggy Callia Mack Carpenter Gerry Carroll Kenneth Cobb Edith Coleman Louise Cox V Larry Crocker -Ks. nlfff ,,,,.- ,4 . 4 if-1 . . -W f' fi' 4' L sf in Q q ms KW. H is in ,gigi ' is Mgt Q ss: S Si, may 1 Q if K agen E W x Q 1 xg? A x is 'Q s ? 'WEB 1 Effgy W 1-f 4 N.. f Q 3 'R' 1, ss ,J 1' 1 fiviim' In-I Riu filiffnrrl Ili-:ivy fwm- lzlkms Louise Finch Patsy :Xnn Flurry .lnhiiuxv jo Foshee im' i'I'l'0IllilIl Gloria Friday liuhhie Garcia igliilf' Cass Arthur Gaston C1-urge Ccislwhile Ruby Lee Congre Tlwmas Gray Ilammh Hay nes Peggy Hicks Charles Ivy Wiauda jordan Travis Lamirum joy Leach Tvd Lilicv Owvn Lofton Wait:-r Loflmi' john Lonamlier Clara Longiuis Stanlvy Lott Tracy Lucky Joanne Luttrcii Kathcrinc Martin liolmcrt Martin julm May I-lluisv Lamiruiii W4 rt Ralph Mcyiickle John Nicrfyre Barbara Miller Bobby Miller Kenneth Monroe Betty ,lane Murray Patsy Payne Edwina Peavy Bruce Phillips Clint Pine Harold Priclgen Jackie Prothro Bill Prothro Barbara Robson Lyle Ross Betty Sibley James Stephens Henry Cook Taylor Betty ,lean Tolar Minnie Varnado Merle Vereher Christelle Wailes : 5 Charles Weaver Keith West Ann Williams Evelyn Youngblood """ No Male! I Where's Gene, Barbara ? -, A 3 FN? Couldn't he that bad, Wanda? Check that stance' They re being paid by Ipana. Lost boys? ? Have mercy, oh Master! L ,,AP' Arlie Wilkerson President Nelda Mitchell Vice Presizlent Carla Tolar Secrelary-Treasurer ' " Shirley .-Xntley lloln-rt Baker J z'a1 nctte llarlvo Ollie Bass Billy Bir-e Bettye Black Myrtle Blanchard Moreland Book David Box Elton Broadwater Morris Brossette Jo Anne Cardino Mary Carroll Harold Clark Valerie Clark Nona Cobb Lillie Mae Cormane Svplzvmo as K J., .K l 15 o KI ko 5 L 'K s :LZ . ggi 'iff -at ye" l x u lx 'V'l' 'S' Saplzvmnre 41' V? -7-fi George lhuis Cl c-11 1 lloxcy. jr. Barbara Eiland Jerry Esmond Dorothy Finch l"ranm-es l"lc-teller lfloisf- lfortner Sain lfrieclmau lloy Graham Ex on Grappe llarry Gregory Anne Haight Charles Hammett Darlene Harms Sara Haynes john Hicks Bennie House lh-an llumlmlleston lC1lwarcl Jolley liulrye Jones Sara Landrum llalliv Lee llunnic Faye Leo Layne Lofton Wayne Lofton Lillian Lonadier Dorothy Nlaggio Glenda Martin Curtis Masingill Shirley McQueen Jack Nlethvin Km-nnelll Nlethvin Meade Middleton Virginia Miller Maroc Nlinturn ll. l.. Moss Carol Ann Murphy Mike Murphy Joe Musselwhite Wanda Jean Ncaly . 'hw SEQ aw T5-. 5 QQ V s ,1., 3 . 'fiiif M 1395 V A 15 'Y' ,Un 'bl K is ,lm . , ' . n 5.11 'I A ' ' w 5 uf-an EL Q me H wa., ,, 1381 3' w -4 5, 5 ,. My 3 . L Q. 5 H+? A A 3 4. iff' if-Aff, Q , 3' Q45 U . x Q.. an fv Hin! -of if W op mares , 1 James l'homasee Billy Vurnaclu Mattie Ami Waglcy Donald XY2llkCI' Terry Williams P Q , N. g 'Z Perry Wilili fill? -f 'Y X621 , 4 Bill xvwi Q " Sl! t i ' i ' 2 V' E Ak A ny. fl N ' :J-:A :C:. fm... - - l si' Pose this way, girls! Check that cheesecake! T xx " in Slfep, Baby. slevpl - -.S xti', Don't slip! The last of moccasinsi The sheik of Araliw' 5 N, x gl F gli :,, I nf - S Q jkfs sf? . H 4 x 'S M., x 'if fm I greshmeu Bill Robinson l'resi1l0nl Jerry Lott Vice Presiclent Edith Sharp Secrvlary-Treasurer Edna Bale Adams Ora imc Burbo Kay Blvvins Ftunlvx' Bottom Mary Frances Bowie Robert Bridges Barry Broadwater Larrv Broadwater Claudia Brown Daisx Mae Brown Betty Lou Bruning Raymond Buffer Essic Byers Edward Cox Yvonne' Davis Mary Dmwy Effie Dcrlvonne N on -.7 .6 ni t la .in Q ww U? f f 1 -ef? 15 .V , fm if Q wa W 5 . QE V bv' id v Y W ff 5 Qreslzmm Charles King .lane Cm-rtrurle Leo Miles Lilley GTt'lf'lllNll Nlurtin lillllillll Xlzirliu Terry Massey Nlury Nlasingill Gerald McBride Jo fllcffallister Rolwrta Xlc'l7arland Ruth Metlivin Jo Arm Miley Shirley lVlitcham Douglas Moore Arm Morris Carlisle Morrison Sam New rrmi 1 n Myrtle Nichols Merry Jo O'Quinn 3 'Siege le i 1 ' an .5 -'Qi' , ' -3 V'1 2' pt SQQ fiv- Qreshmm Glenda Osborn Linda Osborn Annette ljlllllltll' Billy Patterson jot' l'crot Stew lJlilIlt'l121I'tl Titia Posey Otis llontl Sain Roy Bohhy Rushing Norman Rutledge Thclt 1111 Salter Dottie Scarborough Sally jo Scrs Donna Smith Dorothy Stafford lxory 'liclsec La Verne Thozna ee Charles Tolar ,linnny Tolar 1 -hr' greshm Ifl Jane Turpin ,li lxlll my Turpin B1-tty Lou Watley Guy Wvelch Belly Williams Payten Willia111s .-Xllvcrt Winlmarg i I R Q i'3Q5'Q5i5 - ,, , ww' an E Lk 'wif wi? ff- 1 Wi! K L M., ,- 172 f 2 X , V YH Qi3:QfA,Qg,f . H ,. , iw X? A K f, -,K I V 4 , J? 3 . Mmm ' 'V' f 2 ew-W'-Y., 1 is 'H -, W A 1- - 1 , , In A, gif .seq .1' '- au h 1. 1 Q2 . Qt' B A 1, 9 xmas ul Q.. ,1- Szglzfh Graders Willie Allen l'atricia Anderson Eugene Ainsworth Patrieia Antley lra llalmlm Doris Banes llalpli llerlgootl llulmy lleliau lletty Berry llilly lilaek l.ynu lllavkwell Martha Book llavmonml llouis ,laek llox .larkie lioyfluu Honalml llritl Alfred llruning .lanet liuekley Peggy Buckley Margie Burns Baron Bynog Theresa Bynog Noma Carflino Johnny Carney Reuben Carpenter Bonnie Clark Lucille Clark James Clemons John YV. Clemons Ronald Coleman Catllerine Collins Bewell Combs Yxonne Cox Connie Crow Eugene Daslmer Linda Dasliner Carl Davis Carolyn Davis ,Ianice Davis Marie Desadier Xl T ffm 5.1 jf 6 '- ' A Sighflz Graders liiclnard De-Vargas Denver lfliert Bt-ny Elliot Hex Fair Sllellmy Fedriek Tommy Field Larry Foster Leo Friday llillie ,lane Callion Lillian Cant Mary liartman ,lo Frances Goodwin Dorothy Grappe Emmett Greene Thomas Guin Nlary Hatcher Louise Hay Raymond Hayward Charlene Heck Cleo Hinton Pftllel Hinton Mary Lou Holmes ,Indy Huliley james Hyde Virginia Imhoff Dolores jackson .lames jackson Bettye King Louise King Gloria Landrum Annie Lee Lofton Betty Lonadier Dianne Luckett .limmy Marks Ben Mayeaux Glen Mefiory Glynn fNicCrory Lawrne McDonald Kenneth Middleton Zazle Moss Szghfh Graders Carson Nealy llayfortl Nix Beverly Norman Rita Pate l,oree Rachal Billy Regions Billy Rodgers Harold Rutledge Rohr-rt 5andel Imw-ll Salter l.a,luan SQIIICQ' l'illgIt'Il9 Scott lithelyn Seroggins Harold Shuler ,linnnie Sitntnons Nelda Sissnn Sherry Smith Sylvia Sparks Katherine Stephens Kenneth Stephens Tltolnas Stephens Mary Stevens Sue Gail Stroud James Tauzin Svriyen Taylor Doris lllll0Ill21S lfrnma Thotnasee Gloria Thomasee Bluford Thomasee Frank Thomason Billy Tolar Ann Tucker Bohlmy Yan Meter .latnes Roy Walker Laura Walker Ernest Wheat Mike Whitford Alice Wilson ,lllllllllta Wilson Rivhard Yancey 5 aff 3 5 C-XMMIE LOU DETHLOFF BLTCH JAMES MRS. DUGDALES ROOM Iris Durr. President Wade- Lofton. Vice President Anlelle Lattier, Serrelnry Vfoodrow Cox. Treasurer Jerry MRS. LIVINGSTON? ROOM Limla Miller. President Cammif- De-lhloff. lice Pres. Cluria Cohh. Sefretnry Bill W1-leli. Treasurer Betty MRS. NIAKARF ROOM Patsy Leach. President Alice Stephena Vice Pres. Bobbie Je-an Huddleston, Sec. Charles Hughes, Treasurer Yvam Seventh Graders lmuiw Anfilley XXX-ale-y Atcs lliwliie' ghulds Ronald llarho iflinr-r llvdgood ll:-tty llc-rnard fl.-orgv lil:-Vins Paul lilz-viiia Johnnie- Boykin Eva Britt ,luiiwf Brown Gaye- liantrvll Frvddic- ffardin0 Gaylord Cardino H+-nry Carpe-ntvr Rohhiv Corniane Bohhy Cox Shirley Cox Ce-ril ilvsadivr J. W. De-sadier Cf-orgia Uurvn Nvlwyn Foslim- Rivhard Foshvo Ennnott Franks Mecca Gallic-n Margan-t llartnian Alton Cass Fay Cass Marva Glove-r He-lon Graham Clara Gray W, J. Ham Richard Haynes Lonnie- Honvycutt Shirley Howard William Jackson liulfh Jann-5 ,lack Roy Johnson Lovick johnson Marjorie Johnson 434 "'1lB- bu- 'ce Awf, .cn-C 1 Q Y ivxgggxfi V X R4 f I , J K I L I K N' t V -M KX X H321 vf N XXL, Q9 fx , Q 34, xl: A w Q La f gl J f 7 ix .f v ,ff ,, 5 gm' gf s , -L, lm fdfx 1 f X f k g ff BSOTLTE 5 it Z1 CHARLOTTE COX Miss JV ff. .9 Wu. 4 S Q., . X .,, "Wir ., A .1 nxt. W LL .L KJ 'ii'- 'P' wil' 34.5 Other Beauties VON .W ., BETTY THAXTON JO ANN PRESTRIDGE EVELYN YOUNGBLOOD S H632 flzlcfcf C leuuuers lip LEA if 1 , Qt: f Q Huicsf Gif 'Sf Witficsf Kay 45 'T I At, Xi Henry Dethloff Student 617 neil STUDENT BODY OFFICERS P .1 I Henry Dethl0ff ,. ,,Y,,.f.,...fY.f,.,,,.,,YYV,, .YY,Y 7 H PVESFJCVU rest' en' Stanley Knotts H H 777,,., ,Second term Vice Pf6Sld6flf jack Silnpsgn ,V ,VAYY7777, ,,First term Vice President Barbara Rgbgon 7VV777,,77,,,,!V,7,, L ,Secretary-Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES-AT-LARGE Libby Aulds Herschel Russell Frances Fletcher CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Stanlev Knotts U Vic.Q11,PSi,1F,n, Jon Clemons H ,,,,, ,e,,..,eee,,,e,, President Senior Class Tommy Willialns ,,,. ..,,,,,,.,,,,, , President Iunior Class Arlie Wilkerson 7 ,t,,, ,, ,,.,,, President Sophomore Class Bill Robinson , ,, t,,,,t, ,t,, P resident Freshman Class Gretchen Geistwhite tt,, ,,,,,..,,,,, P resident Eighth Grade Barbara Robson Secretary-Treasurer CLUB REPRESENTATIVES Stanley Knotts ,, Jo Ann Prestriclge , Y Charles Weaver ,, , Charlotte Cox , ,,,, 7 Barbara Robson President Athletic Club , President Boosters 7 ,, President Band , Editor Signal Fires ,Editor Chinquapin sg. ,Siw WS' - , f jx f 7 'V ' E--:ik ,fb f 'Q , 35 .J li S 2 4 8,4 W 01-w1w . M - s w SM' ifilaw 3 . Y. 49-dr F-x A x ' v .' I My K L, -2 6 k qv g.,x 4 M . 5 I q W ' ' WS., J il' A Y ' M AA I in ff 'S 5 fa ' an s I 1, , ,yi K f- .4- QI Q 5' X51 K. ? .. L. 1 2 an '., 1 1 45? 0 W. 1,3 A MA - A Z1 :'g... 4, A 1!i,fV"5f'5 rw- xf , -aw 4 yr f' ' 1 Aug., 5A,M:,v1:,,,' , ,L K C ' ' A JC ' , Ui ng " " 'MLM -4- ff 1- -A. - A 4 , 577 25' ,f k g iff: 15, 3 '4 ft Y ff Q H I! ,. 35 fgl ., ful J 3 ?'1 W z It K X' ,ag If gg .- Q Q fi we 5 f : Eu M199-xr ii- .Vp W I 'Wh..M -W QA if ' i'W"1.m NJ Sw' X 3-ffl ff all . ig W fifgp S ,W ' -fu ' ev iv me ft ill Baud Charles Weaver Roy Graham Wanda Nealy President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer N '--- ., Betty Ann Barlow, Bettye Black, Morris Brossette, Janet Buckley, Peggy Buckley, Mary Deney, Johnnye Jo Foshee, George Geistwhite, Gretchen Geistwhite, Jo Frances Goodwin, Edward Craham, Roy Graham, Sara Haynes, James Ray Jackson, Eddie Jolley, Virginia King, John Lilley, Glenda Martin, Mary Jo Masingill, Roberta McFarland, Jo Anne Miley, Carlisle Morrison, Ralph Mcfllickle, Nelda Mitchell, Carol Murphy, Wanda Nealy, Beverly Norman, Johnny Pittman, Jackie Prothro, Sam Roy, Herschel Russell, Thelton Salter, Ethelyn Scroggins, Sally Jo St-rs, Jimmie Ruth Sewell, Charlotte Sibley, Sherry Smith, Dorothy Nell Stafford, Mary Sue Stevens, Sue Gayle Stroud, James Thomasee, Carla Tolar, Betty Jean Tolar, Jane Turpin, Charles Weaver, Payten Williams, Tommy Williams. DIRECTORS First term-Frank Schneider Second term-James Simmons Orchestra Charlotte Cox Barbara Robson James Hyde Mary Carolyn Robson Annette Palmer Gloria Salter Ladye Pool Lowell Salter Nelwyn Potter Linda Shows DIRECTORS First term--Mrs. Val Hill Second term-Mrs. Gale Shields MAJORETTES Bettye Black Carol Ann Murphy Jane Turpin Stanley Lott President Wayne Wilkerson Vice President Jack McCain, Jr. Secretary Johnnye Foshee Treasurer 42411214 ya fi Edna Dale Adams, Myrtle Blanchard, Kay Blevins, Barbara Bowie, Mary Frances Bowie, Claudia Brown, Essie Byers, Mary Carroll, Sam Callia, Virginia Deason, Mary Deney, Henry Dethloff, Clem Doxey. Jr.. Billie Ifzlwarrls, Frances Fletcher. Bobbie Garcia, Roy Graham, Anne Haight. Hannah Haynes, Sara Haynes, John Hammett, Eddie Jolley, Wanda Jordan, Joy leach, Jane Lee, Layne Lofton, Joanne Luttrell. Glenda Martin, Curtis Masingill, Mary Masingill. Durwood McBride, John McTyre, Jack Nlethvin, Ruth Methyin. Jo Anne Milf-y, Virginia Miller, Nelda Mitchell, Wanda Nealy, Myrtle Nichols, Beverly Norman. Annette Palmer, Patsy Payne, Bruce Phillips, Yvonne Rains, Shirley Ann Roberts, Mary Carolyn Robson, Gloria Jean Salter, Patsy Shehane. Betty Sibley, Charlotte Sibley, Donna Smith, Betty Thaxton, Betty Tolar, Carla Tolar, Jane Turpin, Christelle Vlfailes. Yvonne Welch. Keith West, Payten Williams, Albert Winbarg, Perry Winn, Bill Wood. Mrs. Genie Livingston Coach Trent Helder Sponsors NE-'-7 I ugr"" as l6'00sfcr ,lo Ann Ainsworth Libby Aulds Betty Black Nlyrtle Blanchard Barbara Bowie Betty Breitenberg Peggy Callia Mary Carroll Valerie Clark Charlotte Cox Louise Cox Jerry Davis Virginia Deason Mazie Dranguet Frances Fletcher ,lolmnye Jo Foshee Caroline Foshee Evon Grappe Carolyn Glass Gloria Gray Anne Haight Hannah Haynes Sara Haynes Peggy Hicks Wanda Jordan Glenda Martin Katherine Martin Virginia Miller Marie Minturn Nelda Mitchell Wanda Nealy Patsy Payne Ladye Pool Nelwyn Potter ,lo Ann Prestridge Barbara Robson Mary Carolyn Robson Yvonne Raines Gloria ,lean Salter Patsy Shehane Linda Shows Betty Jean Sibley Ethel Tauzin Betty ,lo Thaxton Carla Tolar Betty .lean Tolar Margaret Townsend Merle Vercher Mattie Ann Wagley Christelle Wailes Joy Leach Jo Ann Weaver ,lo Anne Luttrell Yvonne Welch Evelyn Youngblood Miss Clio Allen Miss Marion Lindsay C0-SI70H.?0f.9 Jo Ann Prestridge President Carolyn Glass Vice President Yvonne Welch Secretary Jerry Davis Treasurer Q vb il Mary Carroll President Claudia Brown Vice President Anne Haight Secretary-Treasurer bale gfllb Edna Adams Virginia Miller Bettye Black Maree Minturn Claudia Brown Bill Palmer Mary Carroll Patsy Payne Charlotte Cox Ladye Pool Jerry Crocker ,lo Ann Pre-stridge Jerry Davis Edith Sharp He-nry Dethloff Margaret Townsend Anne Haight ,lane Turpin Miss Clio Allen Sponsor DEBATE HONORS Charlotte Sibley Gloria ,lean Salter Undefealed Debate Team 1952 NSC 'z 1 L I k . aa. J BVUS. if nf Q, i s A f V 1 , ff ' I H A kX-:1 A' ' i i .g 1 2 if' 2 W? ""'- aw AS 9 ' Q' A 1 Y Q53 Q 7 K ' V -v-'fgk 1 H K lg' V "'w.. X 'avi A M Jig! ins ,M .,V,.31,:"" A ? ,xf9w.-, .hlvntmwn 1 Sfufu H hzrmer Alvin Antley Eugene Basco Billy Bice Stanley Bottom David Box Jo Donna Brown Barry Broadwater Elton Broadwater Larry Broadwater ,America James Bruning President Henry Cook Taylor Vice President Dossie Bruce Raymond Buffer Bobby Fair Lyvon Franks Arnold Fredricks Leo Friday Charles Hammett .lohn Hammett Willie D. Horn Sam Friedman Charles Ivy Jimmy Lambre Owen Lofton Walter Lofton Tracy Lucky John May Bobby Miller Wilburn Miller Kenneth Monroe Mr. E. H. Haynes Zane Walker Treasurer Eleder Moreau Joe Musselwhite Harold Pridgen Jackie Prothro Otis Rond Charles Tolar Jimmy Tolar Terry Williams Oscar Vailes Qufurc' l6'u iufss Lyflldfl' Wayne Dew President Patsy Payne Vice President Nelwyn Potter Secretary-Treasurer .lo Ann Ainsworth, Libby Aulds. Billy Bice, Bettye Black, Jo Donna Brown, Elton Cardino, Jon Clemons, Charlotte Cox, Jerry Davis, Millie Davis, Clem Doxey, Frances Fletcher, Bobbie Garcia, George Geistwhite, Roy Graham, Gloria Gray, Ann Haight, Dean Huddleston, Marion Imhoff, Charles Ivy, Roma Jennings, Wanda Jordon, Stanley Knotts, Joy Leach, Stanley Lott, Glenda Martin, Curtis Masingill, .lack Methvin, Durwood McBride, Shirley McQueen, John McTyre, Shawnee Osborn, Bill Palmer, Ladye Pool, Jo Ann Prestridge, Mary Carolyn Robson, Scriven Ross, -Romaine Russell, Patsy Shehane, Betty Jean Sibley, Ethel Tauzin, Henry Cook Taylor, Betty Thaxton, Betty Jean Tolar, Margaret Townsend, Merle Vercher, -Mattie Ann Wagley, Christelle Wailes, Kenneth Wailes, Yvonne Welch, Wayne Wilkerson, Terry Williams, ,Tommy Williams, Perry Winn. Qufure flzf Klfldk er af Amer ka Shirley Antley Jeanette Barbo Kay Blevins Barbara Bowie Betty Breitenberg Daisy Brown Betty Bruning Peggy Callia Millie Davis Yvonne Davis Celine Del Rio Nelda Dietrich Effie .lean Derbonne Louise Finch Caroline Foshee Betty June Gallien Evon Grappe Hilda Ann C-rappe Gloria Cray Darlene Harms Hannah Haynes Bennie Mae House Christelle Wailes Marian Imhoff Roma Jennings Rubye J ones Sarah Landrum Stanley Lott Dorothy Maggio Katherine Martin Eloise McCart Shirley McQueen Betty Jane Murray Merry Jo O'Quinn Shawnee Osborn Titia Posey Dottie Scarborough Pat Scott Jimmie Ruth Sewell Ethel Tauzin lvory Lee Telsee Elizabeth Thomas La Verne Thomasee Minnie Varnado Mattie Ann Wagley Peggy Hicks President Louise Cox Vice President Clara Addington Secretary Gloria Friday Treasurer AM CA ig.. ,f aff A V future mailers af ,lwzerzm C Y President Mazie Dranguet Vice President Charline O,Con Secretary Hannah Haynes Treasurer Bettye Black Myrtle Blanchard Betty Breitenberg Mary Carroll Valerie Clark .lon Clemons Charlotte Cox Millie Davis Virginia Deason Wayne Dew Mazie Dranguet Louise Finch Caroline Foshee Billie Cass Carolyn Glass Roy Graham Gloria Gray Anne Haight Darlene Harms Hannah Haynes Sara Haynes Peggy Hicks Joy Leach Stanley Lott Glenda Martin ,lack McCain. Jr. Durwoocl McBride Aline McMickle John McTyre Virginia Miller Maree Minturn Nelda Mitchell Charline O'Con Shawnee Osborn Patsy Payne Bruce Phillips Nelwyn Potter JO Ann Prestridge Bill Prothro Jackie Prothro Yvonne Raines Shirley Roberts Mary Carolyn Robson Gloria Salter Patsy Shehane Linda Shows Charlotte Sibley Carla Tolar Margaret Townsend Betty Barlow Betty Breitenberg Claudia Brown Mary Carroll Valerie Clark Charlotte Cox Mazie Dranguet Frances Fletcher Carolyn Glass Patsy Payne Jo Ann Prestridge Miss Dorothy Cohen Sponsor Barbara Robson Mary Carolyn Robson Gloria Salter Betty Thaxton Carla Tolar Yvonne Welch Hue Arts 'QI Jerry Davis President Jo Anne Weaver Vice President Ladye Pool Secretary-Treasurer Stanlev Knotts ,flflll fit 671110 Jon Clemons Vice President Dossie Bruce James Bruning Sam Callia Elton Cardino Jerry Crocker Larry Crocker Henry Dethloff Wayne Dew 'Clem Doxey, Jr. Gene Elkins 'Jerry Esmond Thomas Cray Tracy Lucky .lohn McTyre 'Jack Mc-thvin 'Kenneth Methvin 'Mike Murphy Jerry Mitchell 'Kenneth Monroe Bill Palmer Bruce Phillips Harold Pridgen 'Bill Prothro Romaine Russell Bill Hicks Jack Simpson 'Dean Hl1Clfll6SIOIl 'Chg-H165 Tolar Ted Lilley Robert Tynes Sianlfi' LOU Arlie Wilkerson Keith West 'Perry Winn V' P 'Ci we rest ent 'Members not initiated Coach Tom Elkins Coach Trent Melder Wayne Wilkerson Secretary-Treasurer Honorary Mem bers S Wx 'S x I l X . will If ... Na W' XX M j E. E I Ef555 ,IEW K A uw. X x 5 7 fggf 'R XX Q ,ijarggi ,li x I f Q.: Y' 3-FIIQEE m l-BF1"U5f53.ii'I 'fs + -I-I' ' ' K vvlli X, M Q QQ I www 2: i 21-lb' "I " Q .ig -' H3 - !a5-gs -eff' 1-gg ,ar g W W7 J s5--- ,-514, f'Si-2: ,ff"' ig ft-Q AXE 45415 4151112 f porfs ' I I X R' Qxx I ' II I I' ff IL! f N K j I If fl ' R N, X ' 1 ff If I X I ' I I If I X II I' ' X I I I - fl I - ' :' f .. I Rx M L' r X xx C I 1 ' f X , I X I' I N! VIIIJQI l - X XXX W fl f A . - f I - I " V ' I I ' I Y ' I - I f W- II f Y 'E I I -, 4 I IX ' " XI ' 7h .fx I A , NY I ' Fvxjx ,LAN S KI I K Y! l N' If , w N I N X . I If xx f x I I .- . N ' A- W x 'KX A f -fflf -f'xf"x N 2 N N ' 4 I I V M f If ff XIIINQ WI -. f ' - ' . I f . ' f'- IE I I V7 - 7 NX X jf E I. f U' 2 . Q f ,-1 .j 1 X. "-X Ijif fl 'I I - 241 I 1 I I XA M T1 V M J ff N I I I I . I 5 - f pi'-'IQ Lila: I I I '- N141 I I I - . . ff I I If . ' . .::.,-' A-.N - . f f' wi: .. W 1 , 1 7:31 h ,gut ', - XX S2 ,' f 1 fx I A , f' ' ' 555-CX1' iz? big f an ,N A- I+" f 5 J 'X' x -11.5 i I' QB, I, ff If XRXRXJ I s I, . J? 'K I g f ! 'Ax I In I .I I I I jf fi A I I II I' vx- ' 1 " 'SE'-T f Ii ' l" Q: '11 j,' f ,. kung " , ff 7 I ' 3 ' N ' ' XXL! X N V ' '-ii-"QEf',-211' if f I ' va' I? Iv., IV 9 :Ill 'fi I A l XI ' 9iE'3w'fC'ft3'g.'. I Af, I Q W I E'-2: LI .' ' , .. , ' - -. - 1272-'I f - f gfgif " af-""'7'32 -. " ' g ' 6371 -12.43 ing.: is if ' " Wf' E'1!.i"3 50' fir' "": W1-I ilfzigmzfdk eb ixjirq' i A Q., 1.4. L-nz.: 'V' IT? --2:-:I 'S .f 'I' If"1 IL I f' -was 1: ' I ' ra ' :f2,f1'IX 5' I I 'q.: ' - if ' ' " 'I S-- A v'I JF" Q1-': a' Q. " - 'N , I, - : ' I ":5a'Q:'!:'7f" -. : , fi! - 2:1-5, F .. i 51 E II - Ti V' I fl Pi 4Q,j,i,jj-212211: fi -2415.2 'All' lf??i'f:-f ' fin' E 0 , I ,N , -:-f ,I X -. , M I J A M , .. , J -,. .-.Y--r .- - -4 "K ' QA ' um fl, I" 1-I ',:,7'.,4-.'-'is--' , I 1. 1 , " ... ,I .If I ,J .sl 711 Inf" 'T 'V f , MI, , I:m":.-?1l I1 .. ..-W v ' f '1IfI,1 5 - - fv 'I "" ...I WNY? 'M' .,- FL 4-" ' .X 'F 'W UNI" V17 " Wil?" II L 55 .f T' .I ' 'f. ' 'fftff 'HH Y III' ' "::. 'il 4 ' I I4 I 4' I ' Q' ?i2 15" -Y he," I 'Milk I I "' -' -- Z" f?lf'-1 " ' f 7.2-, " 1' , -T if 2- ' ' - " X"N-1- T"3-- "' TT' ' , - '- --7 bfi? I. g . ' '55-. fgrii? 4- -1 fl Y i f - . -,. 1 I ,.A . g.5::2J::f.-x-:Q -his . rf,--1 I .shea 'Agn 5 f'5T'fl-ff 3 lea " f'Tlf' 2'i-" iVfT"I'i' : i' -' 5 f' ' 1 , ' :AL --35' efvfy Q-gxifiifll' 31-2E'4 .. +J1 in 5 'L '- lT"" 'iii-'. Q 54-.2..". t'f:'fi3" ":"'f' Ek! A' -- - ' 44lgsE': -2? ' 4- ' 1. I"':f:Tvf '- T ' 'L 1 I 2' "H f Q Q if nk .xl Z-I ,ir ,V Y i I II Lt - - 'fi wif ,JI-:II '-- :giif ' .4 M31 475' 9 -...Q -ity? A, A X , I i.Qi.L-+..' gg .- ,L" I f J .fl-N: .I 4.4. Q24 f'-if ff' f S jj-Dijh I 'I wg I H A 4 IL I3 I ., fi. 2' I . ' I7 Af' iii-uv? 'J nf THE 1951 FOOTBALL SQUAD XX Y ZH ff- C ach ELKINS Asszstant f Uflfh MElDER 0 XT Qs- rx 1 varmls. ., - nd for 6 . Cl s SWEPPS J0nCSb0'O 5 Hgh! P emon ' CJ, My km Parade' Th rlfrs took the flelfl x th Nl ex ceptlonal Splflt morale and abxllty and early placed thelr b cl 1 for state honors b y jar flllf., the cll trut tltlil ll xo 4 ar Jonesboro wlth a 206 rle eat Then 1n rapld successlon they downed Wlnrlfleld De umcx and a very capable De Rlclder eleven Not only dld the team haw the w1ll to wln but the support of thelr numerous backers f r o m school and town offered dee l py appreclated encour agement 'Q -'24 , " . x AN. ff ,WWI on U IS season the Deul Gnd Howexer the next game an unexpected passmg atluk ln the versatile Mans flcld Wo verlnes caught the Dull off guflrd Even so the Devlls almost averted de feat by a flnal drne whlch was ended by the wlustle only wards from thexr op ponents goa 21 21 l Flnal score qeeklng retallatlon the D8V1lQ tugged the Wampus Cats whlskers bs dealing 2413 defeat Hopln to hold thls wlnmng streak the Dewlls matthed d Vlxlan team Leesx llle a a rejuvenate but came out on the short end of a 19 13 score Drxve halted by Russell Cle rerence, Russell scores against Wi mons and Wllkerson up six points in the DeQuinCy tm f nn leld on a neat Outback rf ZA ' ? ff ci! In an effort to Checkmate the lo S the Menard Eagles were plucked f an 180 Dex 1l tfllllllph An oddlty ln th1s t1lt was that all three touchdowm were scored by mexperlenced b3Ckf1CldIH6Il H1 the cloemg mmutec. of the game On October 26 the Deuls Quffered a joltmg Qellmatk by a heaw Mlnden squad vsho had the adxanta e of xltal Den IIIJUYNQ Ill the lme up and who preQsed home a 25 6 VNIH lncldentally lllli uae the only team who outpaeed 1 x 1 1 l 1 ln QIX polnls I Z ,Lx ua' .f'i..,.z3- fQl 'ffl f ' ' N za MR If l zlnf. 4 ' 5 xr 5 . ,S . A l ' or '- 7 l. '.l. . .L . 2 . - th? llc 'ls by mcrc la Closmg the offlclal and unusually heavy schedule were 1313 t1es agamst Sprmghlll and St John s of Shrexeport The hlghllght of the sea son ouurrcd the mxt week end when the Deuls almost toppled the Illl hty unde feated Ruston stale champs wlth the score endmg 6 1 The Dex 1ls recelwed an 1n Yll.3t1OI1 to a return bout wlth De R1dder m the sea son s final Cl3SQlC the Rosrn Bowl Forty elght mmutes of spectacular football was 1S plat ed by both teams but the Dex 1ls eked out a narrow uctory ln downs and so end ed a season wh1ch the Devlls may look back on as bemg one of the most successful in many years. ,fn t4FEfV,I ! l Q S E . 'ik Sl Hxcks piles over Mmden center f or Devrl S T D Russell reachec for 1055 in H 0fUf'Coming tilt ,...x,u lldeu hrts the Devil 6.Breakel-S M Coach Tom s p re game brxefmg Homecoming Q UCC!! BHG Uuuu. Barbara Robson and lane Turpin escon H., 1 .xx Lil' 'I ,ff I I, 1 'X X ' X1 , f f wg ' N1- Q we nv 2 N I jr' h X Q M 25 6 71 4 - Q ar if ,, IQ 1 w ' Q li L ' fl P? as -.1 V: Y X af , A M I M- " v in N., ,-ff Q ,X , vamp, K: .-f' I nets naw , , , L 2 Q v ,V - ' ?ff1r,..4 i fb . , , 1, n W J v , J ' 'I ' J N' 1: I , . 4 45 QSM 'Mvs ':1,S 'fi-' '!, 9 at i ' T gag? EaNQwsg.,g.,g..,....,.....f.f,W-v.h,qw: , 5, 5 s ' .Q . 1 0 U 45 Rf Aff V ,A i HW , W3 1 J' f.--.X ki r' 4 -. ... 1 A' ,SQ ?i 5 I s fn 4. , i f f fy ,, ,A 3 1' 9 2 ,F L sw ' ' ' 5 4 N, M -fer lk A, My is 2, --f-- ki! 11, ,fl Si ' W xlkerson starts a pl Elkms drxves ln close E716 Girls' Plzysiml Sducafiau Hlass Thr- Old Piano Roll liluvs. Ten Ea L0 son H 1 la l XI I3 Choo g for tl 6- ame "FOUL SHOT" Casey-etta at the bat. K., ff f tf f , . 'UQ ' - xg il n , 5 1 I it I ' f - fu. 1 f ', . I 5- ' K ' .,-1, L Xn olel game- with a new twist. THE TIP OFF K., Clic' Staff Editor ,,,,, ,, Assoriate Editor ,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, Frances Fletcher Business ,llnnager ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, R omaine Russell Assofiate Business Manager . ,,,,, Patsy Shehane Sparls Edimr Henry Dethloff Art Editor Betty Breitenberg Ad Anigr ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, B ill Palmer Bettye Black Patsy Payne Claudia Brown Johnny Pittman Ql Joanne Chambers Laclye Pool Charlotte Cox Jo Ann Prestridge BARBARA ROBSON Stanley Knotts Gloria Salter FRANCES FLETCHER Waxmda Nealy Mary Carolyn Robson Carla Tolar f' Miss Dorothy Cohen Mrs. Velma H3fglS Miss Mary S. Robson Sponsors The Seniors handled the ad drive. PATSY SHEHANE HENRY DETHLOFF xx . ROMAINE BETTY RUSSELL RRFITFNRERC 2 PATSY PAYNE The staff on the lawn of the Taylor home BILL PAI MER I-A R. -A . GLORIA SALTER JO ANN PRESTRIDGE MARY C. ROBSON WANDAA NEALY CARLA TQLAR Best Wishes from THE CITY BANK 6' TRUST COMPANY J E PIERSON Presudeni' THE EXCHANGE BANK OF NATCHITOCHES HAROLD KAFFIE Presldeni' THE PEOPLES BANK R O HICKS Presldenf Members NATCHITOCHES PARISH CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Gyizcafion aye- ITS CHEAPER BY FAR THAN DRIVING YOUR CAR' O Joan fhe mllhons who ve found a new freedom of The open road wlih Conh nen+aI Traulways scenery IeveI bus fravel' Freedom from drlvlng worries Freedom from flai' hres engine Irouble and iraffuc hazards And besf of all a+ a cosf fhafs Iess fhan any ofher 'form of 'Iransporfahon This year fake a Con'hnen+aI Trallways vacahon frup +0 The spof of your choosing and POCKET THE DIFFERENCE' COMPLIMENTS OF FOSHEE SAWMILL Highway 20 NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA ZJQJMQQ GROCERY 81 MARKET Fresh Produce 8: Meafs FOR FREE DELIVERY CALL 3632 445 Williams Avenue Nafchlfoches La ADOTI-I E LAIQV Where Pharmacy IS a Profession Noi' a Sldelnne PRUDHOMME BUILDING Nafchlfoches La J4 R4 58756 PHONE zoo: OLQAQQMQ mms INC FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES U S ROYAL TIRES 81 TUBES Phone 36lI 36l2 Natchitoches Loulslana BOWIE MOTOR CO DeSoto Plymouth PHONE 3203 I 02 Toullne St Natchitoches Qdegffgzefgefzr Department Stores THE HOME OF GOOD VALUES Everything for MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN LUHERE THERE S CUCF! CULFI I THERES HIJSPITHLITV Natchltoches Coca Cola Bottling Co YQ' Qwzazfoiza ZZZZWQ ELECTRIC CCG INC. RETAILERS IN NATURAL GAS and ELECTRICITY in Na+cI1i+ocI1es, Louisiana Slbley s Cash and Carry FRESH MEATS and GROCERIES Nalchlfoches COLLEGE AVENUE PHONE 2443 Qkofafaf A Friendly Place To Buy PHONE 2632 Nafchlloches Louasuana C M BOSTICK V L MASON J M RUSHING PEOPLES MOTOR COMPANY Washmgfon Sireef NATCHITOCHES LA Telephone 33lO ' I fr I YAY THE NATCHITOCHES TIMES Nafchifoches, Louisiana MRS. E. P. CUNNINGHAM CHARLES M. CUNNINGHAM Ediror Managing Edifor "The PeopIe's Paper" "ln Adverfising H"s Circularion Thar Coun1's" Complimenfs of Ggfgfgfgz, www I N 5 A 6 E N CV PO Bo 5 Nafchafoches Louis ana General Insurance BEST WISHES from Radio Station KVVCJ KWCJ Nafchlfoches Phone 2353 Lf J WOODROW PRUDHOMME Owner Nafchlfoches La THE NATCH ITOCHES ENTERPRISE 62 Years Conhnuous Public Service C BREEDLOVE DILLARD HARDIN I40 S+ Dems SI' DIaI 2526 GZLPZPZQQQJ- Dew 5 Cs: lor: Qmrazi Loan Co INDUSTRIAL LOANS S J DEW O II4If2 Church S+ Nafchlfoches La Shoe FrHer 'For I'he Family WELL KNOWN BEST QUALITY SHOES Poll Parroi' Rand Masonic Bldg 2nd SI' Phone 2I26 Na+chlI'oches La A J COURREGES O 1 D I IS SI E. . Publishers I . . , wner O ' . . . in . . , wner Cong ratulatlons Graduates BEST OF LUCK TO YOU from mefzzcazw D EDAIZTIVI ENT STO RES Natchitoches FRONT STREET PHONE 2230 Qwzfzafan QADIQ cgmrgrz RCA VICTOR RADIOS BIRCH PHONOGRAPHS RECORDS ALL SPEEDS ALL SIZES Next door to the Post Ottlce Natchltoches PHONE 3777 CARROL FERNBAUGH O er 'Ll' 'SEL-L.'!,fN5,E TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS In NATCHITOCH ES ArIln Bice Owner CompIimen+s of Qffefzf Zgzeeafdwe Gulf Oil Products MILL STREET PHONE zozs COMPLIMENTS OF Wz49z,QZyeLQ4Ezc?azWf FOR THE BEST IN FINE FOODS N 1'cI1I'o he L LILLEY S FURNITURE STORE FURNITURE HARDWARE APPLIANCES zu Hgh zo Nfhf Kelly Weber Er Co , Inc WHOLESALE GROCERS PRODUCE FEED 400 College Avenue Phones 236l 2362 Nalclmloches MANUFACTURERS OF ER KI A A B LIZER M Horton and Gohogan Insurance Agency W E BROCK Manager Our Policy IS Your Prolechon C OK BUILDING PO BOX 2 PHONE 2l0I 2I8I Nafchlfoches Lounslana NATCHITOCHES LUMBER YARD FLY Manager Fronl' Slreel' "The Home for Homebuilders" LUMBER BUILDING SUPPLIES PAINTS I Q W 9' I I I I . S ' I -ei.T,.a.s.. I B ' Q19 N ,, JV XV X I ' H ' , 1:5 " , K,, . ff A utils-Q' A A , A , A y sq, X A 'P ' .1 I lr WL, ...fs ,, - -L Q. I , l . . , ll ' ' ' ul O I . . O - I RED , . Dalme s Laundry and Dry Cleanmg U SAN O MOTH PROOFING SYSTEM Phone 2333 Phone 2334 PICK UP and DELIVERY SERVICE azzaszzm- Qolfefgq 52 WMM STAPLE 81 FANCY GROCERIES 8: MEATS PHONE 2832 722 Texas Sfreei' Nafchlfoches Loulslana COMPLETE HOME BUILDING SERVICKE Mfgrs. of Flexalum Venefian Blinds VuIco Aluminum Screen BUILDERS SERVICE, INC. GRAND Ecoke ROAD PHONE sans 3562 Xl' fi-W A I Q 0 I I Western Auto Associate Store PHONE 2866 5I5 Second Street Natchltoches Louisiana Y Y Home Owned by E E BROADWATER 232 Qdghgzayz 205 ST DENIS ST PHONE 3330 NATCHITOCHES LA Radio Repalrs on Home and Auto Makes Service Loudspeaker Systems I6 mm Prolectors Rent I6 mm Sound Fllms to Homes Schools and Theaters Dealer tor New and Used Prolectors J W CARDINO Owner The New Drug Store In Business for Your Health PHONE 2386 PHONE 2387 NATCHITOCHES LA A J DeBlleux Owner Qz4f'zz'2l7Qmm Natchitoches Newest' When vlsltmg In Natchntoches make TOURlST INN your home Every comfort 'For a day or a month Beautyrest Mattresses-Three mmutes from downtown Natchitoches THOMAS INSURANCE AGENCY I02 CHURCH STREET Phone 2926 K0 4,0 Besf Wishes fo 0 Na+chn+oches Hugh Holmes Rodlo Shop Servlce 70I 4+h Sfreei' Nafch foches Loulslana ZENITH RADIOS RECGRD PLAYERS an RECORDS Bufane Propane Appllances Tanks Power Umfs Serviced D B THAXTON Mgr PHONES 2700 205l S and R GAS COMPANY Servel Refrlgeraiors 8: Tappan Ranges Q0 f . . 0 oo . Co . co E I . . a an "' TQ fYPeS 3 of Younger Form Supply Co, Inc Phone 22 I 6 HIGHWAY 20 SOUTH John Deere Traciors and Equupmen'I' MAYTAG APPLIANCES KELVINATOR I'0l'n fiofgzfffzeffa SQQVIQQ STATION Second Sireei' Congrotulotlons NATCHITOCHES from COLLEGE CLEANERS DIAL 2222 I II Jefferson Sfreei' NATCHITOCH ES LOUISIANA Pig BEST wus:-:Es f I f C ff-Sei COMPLIMENTS OF Newmans Grocery and Market 936 COLLEGE Ave NATCI-uTocHEs LA BAILEYS SERVICE CENTER l27 Church S'l'reel' US TIRES PAN AM PRODUCTS Drs+rrbu'l'ed by D J Milner gum? gekn aimjawz my General Electric Appliances l39 S+. Denis S+. Phone 333l Nalchiloches, Louisiana e FRIENDLY STORE T J LEWIS Owner 608 FRONT STREET Y 1 Headquarfers 'For Wes+ern Bel+s S35 Wifi? "The Store of Quallty Merchandlse" PHONE 2525 NAIC:-uTocHEs LA C 5' F SPORTING GOODS INC B + ALEXANDRIA LOUISIANA WZQ QZMZQQW QMW QKQWWQQ MANUFACTURERS CI"I'o Sed Pod I HghG cle FerI'I ers NATCHITOCHES LA I 92I ol on Avenue o o n e r uc s i ra iiz The Wesson Oil and Snowdrifi' People LIVE OAK Grocery 6' Market HERE FRIENDLY SERVICE PREVAILS Nafchufoches La Q50 w xrIhoI:lSIo4:EToN 6- Owner FARM MACHINERY Y M M Oliver Case New Holland MA Ferguson PHONE 2274 Hotowoy Electruc Motor Servlce REPAIR REWIND REBUILD ANYTHING ELECTRICAL 620 FourI'I1 Sfreef Phone 2556 I I . I . I I 0 0 a o - - A1 ' ' I few M iff? fQ5ai? W W if if

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1952, pg 13

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