Natchitoches High School - Chinquapin Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA)

 - Class of 1951

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Natchitoches High School - Chinquapin Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1951 volume:

5. K '1-' A w ,- 1- f I!! 3 ' V .-zz., Q.: L- . ,m-,mhqu ,,. 1 .-+:..,....1, " 1 - V X , , A. , -1.4L..-b...-.....,a-an ..3p5..kfEf.' 's':g, 1,4-Fifa.. Led?-icilfi' . 1' I --lil 5' , ' .. . .if-'Hz' is ' ' . .11-11 1"'.. 1" -I'F4s. M F 3-11 , -f ' ' -' -X--2 'i..-i3rIg',,,4PNL,...,::f..,..nis-z.......:111..QJE,'if2L,...l'fJigis Lx HE-1? ' ' ' 1 ri' .4 -Q , A. fl ' , 3 , 1 . i 1 Q :af - we. . .3755 .-1 'fi' LM' ' sf' 5 .jgffi ,F . Y E fx L' fl' 514. - 4' 'I ...Q V gf 5: 8:5 . 11" 1 1 F '.'r'4 .1 -gi 'S Lai ' L-'fi ' .113 4 4 '19 , wg, -V A iff' fy- - 1 .6-H A3 4 'aff 1 7 - .' wi I I . ir if . h 17. , 'ag Wf , fi' -lx ii- sivj' "Lf Sk f rt ,. ,1 If ' 'fi I' . 2 V 1,- K, ' 5 . -1 S' . -A A . . , Y --+- , VE5G!7f5 ffm CL fCf1z1OChQS gf f'2j QQ f ,va-Q, . F OREWORD ,4 tg- 11. l . S-if c - 1 'I' it ' Jtdfrn 0' 1' 6: f 4 , ,7.",v' ff . ' w -4 ,I x K ,sf-1' We have chosen as the motif for our annual this year, iron lace, which is characteristic: of old Natchitoches. ,lust as iron lace brings back memories of the time long ago when Natchitoches was a French outpost, so we hope the pages of this CHINQUAPIN will bring memories to N.H.S. Students in the years to come. To the staff it will especially recall the 1951 Seniors, without whose help and at-tive co-operation this annual could not have been possible. A x DEDICAT ION 7 1 i w 1 t Wlth deep gratltude to one who has been to Natchltoches Hlgh School stu dents a forceful teacher an lnsplrmg leader and a tlreless helper wlth slncere respect for a character that has ever been before us as an example of sound scholarshlp and personal mtegrlty and IH appreclatron especlally for lus untlrmg work ln developlng ln thls graduatlng class an understandlng of thelr patrlotlc responslbllltxes and an awareness of thelr lI1dlVldllHl abllltxes to contrlbute to the welfare of thelr commumty the Senlors of 1951 and the Annual Staff Joln ln dedlcatlng thls 1951 CHINQUAPIN TO MR M T CHEVES w . . . . 0 . 9 9 9 . . . . . . . . 9 - - . . . . . . . 0 . . . . . an , C y . ' Q I u N 5. Q t . 0 F? MR. A. B. SIMPSUN ' ' 1 Prinripal V A :K 'Z 3 MlNTLlRN MASON gill STAFF MITCHELL GILLESPIE FLETCHER METHVIN NHLLER FORD CROCKER BREITENBERC MOUSER PRESTRIDGE ROBSON, B RUSSEI L Editor 7,,w,,77,,.77,,.,7 ,... . . Sterling Minturn Associate Editor .,..v o7,.,7,7 B illie Mason Business Manager YY,,. .. ,,.YY.....A ,.,,,,7,,,7,,, Marilyn Ford Sports 77,777,777,,,,,77 77,t77.77..t.......,..,,.,,,..,,,.77,7,7,, J erry Crocker Art .......,7,.7,, Betty Breitenberg, Patsy Payne, Bobby Berry Bea Adams Robert Baker Betty Barlow Bettye Black Frances Breedlove Jerry Davis Frances Fletcher Sponsors Anne Gillespie Sarah Haynes Hugh ,lolley Jeanette Me-thvin Mona Grey Miller Marilyn Mitchell Beth Mouser Wanda Nealy .lo Ann Prestridge Barbara Robson Mary Carolyn Robson Romainf' Russell Gloria Salter Jack Simpson Martha Wheeler Miss Dorothy Cohen: Mrs. Velma Hargis: Miss Mary S. Robson I ll., In I I :Lg 7-4- L., 1 L Z 4, LTASEE 3 ful ,gb . 'mmaxsx M fi.. QI A ' M" -1. ' A9 v" 'L W, ' L- I ' fl"I' -'Lf' Q 1 ,A Z -i, ..b V -- ' TW. , -vo I ---- 1 ,MA .3 X -QT L- fmnhf , " L ' I ' 1 -:VT ' I ' l' X II Pf A .. ' j:, I , Y X r ' ' 1' 1 1 . 1 , 11 .. .- my - -, . , -ef,--- - . F QQ " ' 'z pf' C 4 f, 1' A ra "' ' ' , br y X 'lx 4. 2, . 5 s f X-...LX X x x X 4,1 . ,Q" 454' I x 4 . u .' . . ,R I 4 x ,,,f .Fr t Q 5 - 0. ".1..,:.,.. n ."' 'v, - '.-' -., -4, ,." ,' , -2'-IA' . ' -A " I-,D . .,..a. ,, .. y '---'- ' ,'.".f- . ':.-'- ' ,- --., s . . ' ....l Q . I h 9. I gif- ' ' ,n ' 'v , . .J ' . . N ... , Kia' .Q .i,A' l 4, U., .'.'-.":'-' '- A . .'..f.:. ...' , A ' A 1 . -f'f .Hs 3 ' 'Q ' ,al. x. .b , .- 5- ,., , , .ss '- , ' ...v 1' ' ,JI 'L , . 4.,'-',., . .n ,-..,, .. 1' -M .,,- '.f1,' AA'gv, .z., .,.v 0. ., ,R-N . ,,,. ,, ,Q . , , ,k ., ,uv 1 .. .mg gg -v'-.EL x-'ag--,'.'i'-, . .- , ...xy N-, .. 4 Q, P, "J,-,,'z. -,".f' 1.31 ,sly ,gh .,"'..'-.1 'f'.-Raj,--A' .Lay ",'.T-'v-g I! . ,3':f3,l,'5. ' f ,'-fu, .' v-41' ' ll 531 -.""4 ...W . ,. ,",, . 'iv I ,,.f W ",."g'-' M' -- lr. ,,, .. . l I - . ff ' 'L Q f A " ,pr ,... 1' ,X 'Jr' 259' ,, a- I. A,r .4- Q iw. 4 , f ' pf' fi -1 -3, l' 4 tl . D 42 kmmw A - ,-i J v, . 'kr-, . ' , ., , 1 yr 2 I V 5.-,,,,,MLbL 'Eff fi . V' .yr gf.-,N 5 bg. , J ,A h 79- 4--f, X . ' ' QL. SENIORS JACK SHARP President Senior Class 51: Vice Pres- ident ,lunior Class: Vice President Sophomore Class: Boys' State 50: Stu- dent Council 51: 4-H Club: Interna- tional Club: Signal Fires 47. 48. 49, 50: Chinquapin 50: Debate: Thespians: Band: Football: Baseball: Track: Bas- ketball: Mardi Gras Court -18. 50. JACK SIMPSON Vice President Senior Class 51: Vice President Student Body 51: Student Council 4 Years: State President FBLA 51: President Freshman Class: Secretary 4-H Club 50: FBLA: 4-H Club: Football: Basketball: Track: Volleyball: Softball. KATHERINE BUCKLEY Secretary Senior Class: News Editor Signal Fires 51: Vice President FBLA 50: Secretary AY 50: Secretary Soph- omore Class: Treasurer Fine Arts: Treasurer Boosters 51: Debate: Dra- matics: Mardi Gras Maid 49: FFA Maid 50: Homecoming Maid 50. MARILYN FORD Treasurer Senior Class: Business Man- ager Chinquapin 51: Boosters: Chorus: Debate: FHA: International Club: Homecoming Queen 51. JANIS ANDERSON Boosters: Chorus: FTA: Debate: For- eign Language Club. CHARLES AYLDS Pre'-itlr-nt of FF.-X Sl. SENIORS BEA Amrvis President Fine Arts 51: Secretary Chur- us 513 AY: FBLA: Band: Boosters: Signal Fires 513 Chinquapin 50. 51: Mardi Gras Maid 50. ROWENA ADDINCTON Pr:-sid:-nt FHA 51: Vim- President 493 AY: Volleyball. BETTY Lou A1Nsw0RTH Sefretary FBLA 51: Boostersg Inter- national Clubg AY: Glee Clubg Signal Fires 483 Mardi Cras Maid 51. NELLA FAYE BABB President FHA 49. Secretary-Treasurer 48, 505 President Parish FHA 50, Sec- retary 49: Secretary Central Distrirt FHA 503 President 4-H Club 50: Sec'- retary-Treasurer International Cluln 49. 'WERITA BAMBVHG Band: 4-H Klulr: FHAQ fiilOl'llN1 Soft- bali. BOBBIE BERRY FHA: Ilmflc-rs: Ynli.-ylmall. SENIORS BOBBY BREEDLOYE Fnntliall: lla-kf-tlrall: Haw-liall. FRANCES BREEDLOVE FBLA: l"T."l: :XX g Bnmfto-r-: Band: Chorus: Finf- Arts: FFA Nlaid 503 Homf-coming Nlaid 49. BARBARA BRITTAIN News Editor Signal Fires 50: limwtf-rf: Fine- Arts: XY: Orchestra: film' Club: Dramatirsz Dvbate: Snftlmall: Hume- rurning Xlaid -18. 50: Mardi Crm Maid 48. 49. MORRIS BRLYCE Fl5L:'x3 Hand: Baskvtliallg Vollffyliall, Ciiixnmzs Bi'i.i:s Hand: Fnollrallz lla-kf-tliall: 'llr.:1f'l-Q. CIADKIX CxRm.i1 lllw- lilulvg lntv-rnational ffluli: liimst- Pl". SENIORS SARAH CLARK Pre-sidvnt film- filulr Sl: Drum Major 49. 50. 51: Flll.fN: Band: Boom-rs: Fine- Art-: Signal Fires 48: Mardi Ura- Maid 48: Honwcoming Maid Sl. JOYE DLRR Boosters: Fine- Arts: FBLA: Drama- tirsg Delmar:-1 Thfjspiansg Chorus: Homecoming Maid of Honor 49. Maid 48: Mardi Gras Maid 4-T. BETTY BICE FLETCHER Boosts-rs: Glen Club: Band: Home- coming Maid 47: FFA Maid 49. HELEN FLETCHER l'rf-sidvnt llooste-rs Sl: Girls' Stale- 50: Student Council 51: Signal Fires 49, 50, 51: Thr-spians: Dc-hat:-1 Dramatifs: Boosters: FTA: Foreign Language' Club. CHARLENE FOSHI-IE JUHN l.. Fmzimizuifix ull: lf-ll fflulr: TllQ'NlDliiIlNl lla-lv-Ilnall: fill4'1'Flt'iiIll'F Sl. SENIORS PAT CAHAGAN FTA: Boosters: Debate: Chorus: AY: Homecoming Maid 48. LI-:Domi GALLIEN FBLA RAY GIEGER FFA: Parliamentary Law Team 49, 51. ANNE GILLESPIE Feature Editor Signal Fires 50: Vice President Fine Arts 50: Girls' State 50: Secretary-Treasurer Student Body 51: Secretary Boosters 51: Secretary-Treasf urer Debate 49: Secretary-Treasurer Thespians 49: Secretary-Treasurer Fine Arts 493 Chinquapin 51: AY: FBLA: lnternational Club: FTA: Chorus: Ten- nis: Volleyball: Homecoming Maid 48, 50: Mardi Gras Maid 48: Drum Major 48: Junior Class Favorite 50: FFA Queen 50. HUGH JOLLI-:Y Feature Editor Signal Fires 51: FTA: Flll..-X: I-'FAQ The-spiansg Debate: lIhorus:.Signal Fires 50, 51: lfhinqua- pin 51: Football: Basketball. NORMAN KOONCE l're--ide-nt Student Body 51: Student Count-il 30: l"r:-side-nt Debate Club SO: Sports Editor Signal Fires 50: Treas- urer FFA 49: FBLA: 4-H Club: AY: Signal Fires 49. 50. 51: Parliamentary Team 48. 49: Football: Basket- ball: Baseball: Softball: Track. f 6 .Jag -20 xiii' Y Jaffe." x 1 9 l Jai? SENIORS Cmisn I,EccE1'r l"lll.'X: FT.-'ki lianrl: 0TChPSlY3I 4-H Club. BILLIE MASON Assm-ialff Hlitor lfhinquapin 51. Staff 30: Sa-rn-tary FT.-'K Sl: Stuflf-nt Coun- 1-il -19: Thvspian-2 Boosters: Flll.,"x: -XY: llc-balsa: lntf-rnatiunal Club: Sig- nal Fires -1-8, 49: Snftball. Vullf-yliallg I'l0Il1t'f'0Il1lHL-I Nlaid nl Hunur 48. 50. Maid 49: Nlarmli Gras Maid 493 FFA Qucfvn 49: Chfwrlr-aflvr 50. 51. JEANI-ITTE NIETHVIN Chinquapin 50. 511 Boosts-rs: FBLA: Signal Fires 501 FHA: lnlernational Club: The-spiansg Volleyball. CLAUDINE MIDDLETON 4-H Club: FHA: Clef' Club Mom GREY xlll.l,EH Yiu- Pre'-i1l+-ill Fine' Xrt- 31: Trvaxurvr .XX Sl: Sllllllill ilnunril 31: liU0Nll'l'N1 Pins- Xrtxg "J: l'lil,'X: lvli.-N: flrvlin-M Iraq Llllilllllllllllill W. 304 Sl: 'liln--pian-1 llrililo-vmliiilgz xluifl HH. "'l: Xlzmli lima Nlunl .101 H' 'K Xluxfl JU. Iiusi3NlucliiNliN1s liaml: bill: l-ll Llub: XX. SENIORS JERRY NIITCIIELL FHL-X: FIQX: 4-H Club: Fmnliallz Trawk. STERLING NiINTl'RN Editor ffhinqurzpin 51. Hllxillfx- Xian- ager 50: Staff -19: Studi-nt fjuunvil 30 Sl: Thvxpianxz Hand. NIARILYN NIITCHELL Fvaturf- Editnr Signal Firm 50: Pris- ident FTA 513 Vice Prvsido-nt .KY 49: Vicv Prvsidf-nt Thvspians 49: Yin' Prvsidr-nt Sophomore- Claw: Clirk Stale 50g TTf'3SUTf'f Fine Arts 49: f.hinqua- pin Staff 51: Student ffnunril 50: Chorus: Bomte-rs: DPiD3iI'1 FINA: in- tvrnatiunal Club: Fore-ign Language! Cluirg Honwroniing Maid 47. 48. 49. 503 Mardi Gras Maid 47. 49: FFA Maid 49, 303 llhf-e-rle-advr 51. ADDIE BREEIJLOVE NIONTCOMERY llhuruw Band. NiEl.lTA Moss FH-X: HH.-X: 1-H Linh: Randi Vilm- uf: Nlajnre-ttf' 919. BETH NI0l'5ER Prvxifle-nt Finf- :Xrtx 30: Nr-xv Editor Signal l"1'rP.s 30: Yin- Pre-Nid.-nt limb!- Q-rx 31: Girl-' Stun- 30: Vivl'l'LlNllFl'I' .lun- inrfllax-1 :XXL FUI.-X: FTX: lnlvrnu, tional lflulsz Ulm- tiiulrz Tin--piun-1 Hmm-rurxlingi Ylaid 48. 49. 30: Xldfdi f Cm, Xluid 4181 fIh.-Q-rl'-ad'-r 11.31. SEN IORS NIARIE NOLLEY l'QH:'x: 4-H fflub: Furvigzrl Languap Club: Chorus. ALICE N1ARf:,xRET l'uE1.Ps FRANK POOLE Pre-sid:-nt Hand 49, 50: Vive- I'rr'si1le-nl 483 l"re-side-nt AY 51. Yivv Prvsidvnt 503 Chorus. BETTY jo PRUDIIOMME Vive President 4-H Club 51g FHA: AY: Boosters: f.'hiI1ljIll1lIl'll 50: Suftlxall. VI-INNII-I Lois lhnn xl. N-vre-lury Hand .wlg fum-If-rxg Hill: fflfllljllllllllll 30. 313 XX 1 Hand: ffhlifllfl Nlurfli Crux 1',lll'4'Il 31. Snmmx Rnumcs I-'TA SENIORS GWEN Ronin B00-It'rNQ Him' fiillil, REVBEN lim' Eiiilur Signal Fires 51: Yin- Pr:--iiivnt FT.-X 31: Yin' Prewiiie-nl Fiilfx 50: Stud:-nt flnunril 31: film- fliuir: De-- hate-2 Thr-spian-1 intvrnalionai flluirg Varliaiiif-ntary Law Twain li: Trark: Ba-kv-limall: Mardi Ura- King 50: Che-e-rlf-aaif-r 48. 49, 50. ROMAINI-:Ri'ssE1.i. Prvfiile-nt FBLA 51: Lllllflllllllllill Staff 31: Rami: FBLA: Signal Fires 48. 50. Sl: Uramaticsz Dvinatf- 31: Foutball: Haske-lliaii: Travk: Yollvyiiall: fiiwvr- lc'a4ic'r 49: Mardi Gras C1-url 31. SYLBAN SIBLEY Boys' Stale' 502 FBLA: 4-H Club: FT.-X: Signal Fires 17. -1-8: Dramaticsg Ffmtbail. .UI-State 50: Track. All-North Louisiana 50. KATHLEEN Smxioxs Fe-aturv Fililnr Signal Fires 31: Le-a1ic-r- -hip liniiferf-nw 50: Howto-r-2 FBLA: Fl X: The-spians: Us-lvatv: Lhoruf: AY. Dwicnr ST. ANDRE FINA: FFA: iianvii I-'ninliallz Hase- iiaii. t . l asm E..-raxc-.5 SENIORS AKDREY ANNE 5PRINGFZR FHA: Fun-ign Language- Club: flhurusg Nlajurvltr -19. 50. 51. L. B. SPRINGER Student Council 51: FBLA: lfhinqua pin 51: Signal Fires 51: Footballg Track: Basketball: Volleyball. JAMES TARVER I" F A CERALDINE WYACLEY Editor Signal Fires 503 Vive- Pre-side-nt Debate Club 49. 51: Vice President lntelrnational Club 493 Leadership Cun- ference 50: Se-ore-tary Boosters 503 FHA: Boosters: Ur-batv: Tbvspiansg FBLA: FTA. Lou limit W.u1.r:s llwvn-vxlvl'-1 lntvrnati-anal lllulvg lflllxg Al: bantlz Xwt-tant llrum Yluytr nl. Fminnn: WYIIITFURIJ FF X SENIORS XYILLIE :UAE WYILSON Sf-crm-tary I-'HI-X 51: Sf-rrftarj' 4-H Club 51: FHA: 4-H Club: AY: fiuoxtvr- ljhinquapin 50: Ulm- Club. ARCIIIE XYORSHAM Vice Preiifle-nt FBLA 51: Vive- Prw- iclfnnt FTA 50: AY: 4-H Club: Ifwt ball: Halkvthall: Uafvhall: Trark. .L WG 3 "f 44""':'-VSV Mune.. b Hue. Ma.sT'er'S Some. -Taker: When- Have We Here' -Ba.'f'ma.n -PM ,Rugs 7 :Bmw "M" Y 0 I 1 A', U ' , T1 X: 1 ' 1 I X L ' V f V . I ' is CY' . - er ' ff 'FF z A q , ,X av 'v 1 V r - T' Q JUNIORS jm1Clfn1wl1s l,f'P.Sl-IIPHY Hvnry Dc-thloff Vicv l''rlenI Llluby .Xulfls S0crf'1ary-Treasurer Clara Mlrlingtmn Carney Nav Babb He-tix .Nnnzr Barluw Mae .-Xlice Behan Thomas Blankenship james Bnbbitt U1-lty Br:-ilvnlwrg JuDuIlI11iBr4nHl Sinn lialliu mn m 124 :nn ,Q A lull, li 1.1 l juan tzllllllllii' s Nlnriv Cnrnlulw 3 ,.'l'1' 4 'fd' 1 fi ,Qfi ,ft ...feng in-1. 51' 0' 4.-ur xi I1 fi 41, Q 1 Jij nfl in og ,f -0 61 Q JFNIORS 1ihurl-fttv Mix .lf-rrx Lriii-lv-r jf-rri lim ix Virginia .Xnno Deason Why nv Dew Maziv llrangufft VVanda Duren junior Ebert Bc-tty june Callien Winifrfld Candy A rthur Caslnn lflwriu frfilf Xlta Hui Hill Hivkx Nlnriuii Inilwff JUNIORS H+m1a,Ir,-rlning Kenneth jmwf 5uf' Killuugh Sldlllfj Knutts Eduard Lattiw-r Ilurwmfd fVIr'Bride ,lack McCain. Jr. Wilburn Miller J. E..NIill'h8lH c,hilI'Illlf' U Um Shan nm- Oslmrn Bill Palrm-r Nr'lxsy11l'ullf'r .ln Mmm' l'rm-ftrlrigf' Hvtly je-am llmlgvrs Q, ar' iL..fNi ID ,-cf 1? 2 'fu' as 'T 11 -48 -rj J X f 1 I1 I 1 'af' I1 l ,A 3 -,.u"" 1 - 4 -I X fifi I l, 8 I 'QM 3 A 'UN Wllylxe Willwrwll JUNIORS Nlzxry Ellen liny stun llc-rf:-hrl Russell xIill'fZLiff'l Salter Oc-lax ia Sanrllin l,inclu Slums ' lflln-l Louise Tauzin lflizalwtll Ann Thmna Kenneth Vfailes Zane' Walker In Xnnf' XXVCZIXPI' -Yx nnnv Wblvll Nlurllm l.anc- Wlmce-le-r N,.J 1 Chee - ae 714 fl. .,, xl ff! .. , W.. fr QPF? HQP , X The cf An 14 T' pos 2, AI., Mm Url-xxurifl .5 Hugjf-ru ""' " IM-w, ' A t I .Ie-rrcll Ty new f'rr'xiffI'fll 4 lim ul l:lLlN4'Ill'xf' Sl IPI IUNII PRES 1 'af' ,il!Ilf'N Hrumug . , I . I lu' I I'l'.NIlfl'flf ,Ink I.v'Ll4',l Nw rwlurx -l rvruur r -,Q ,fa u Xxlllull Hllllf Hurlvziral Huhh Yirginiu Brin Un-sic' Hrluw- jvc H. Huvklvy Hrnlzulvll Buff:-r Xillvll lluxns Vww filllllil Xlilllx harp.-ntvr lmlliw 1 'IX l,.1rrx l,I'1w4 lxrf Xlilliv Unxix Y 163 74 'C' -6, ,f' ,x . 5 1 'Sf Ng- 'Zyl 1 1 . 'Qi I 1 GL 'f2" xx! 15,1 LE: 1-3: Gu- SUPHONIURE5 421-lirlvlff-lliiw 4.Ilfff'TwlU1'Il4'y lNf'Illll'lll lla-llluu Uvm- lflkinx hluhnnu- l"fv-he-w frI1lflil.ll'iill Pruluy Kf'll1'lIllI Uullivll Bulrlriv Carriu Billif- Cass in-urgv iw:-lnllllf' HUM lm- lhungrw Hnmmx ffrux Uvralflirle- Hull lzrm-ft Hmmm-ll Hiill!lLlllIiilXI1l'N SOPHOMORES Peggy Hicks Wanda jordan Charles Ivy Peggy Laird Travis Landrum T4-fl Lilley Carl Lofton John Lonadier Clara Longlois Stanley Lott ,lu .-Xnne Luttrell Katherine Martin Hulbert Cc-raid Martin john May john Nlcrfy rc 6 C37 X I l,F - X f 'Q ii' v x 1 Q NV X , if-. 'H .4 F? 'Q x 1 i er 6' ' " 4' M xi' 'S P-yn., fifi 'll ii fa! swf' -Q 'I' aff 'if .i 9 NX 43 'f I' rf N!-I! l V: 5: L53 '13 1 I 15. 1 1 1-Q 4--'D s I -f?'V L x .ml ff in SOPHOMORES Harlwara Nliller Bulmliy Nlillc-r KPllIlf'll1 Ylonroe Betty Murray Patsy Pay nv llclwina Pvai x Bruce Phillips Clint Pins' jnlmny lilllllliill Uiflif- l'mil Ihmmiml l'mu-ll llllf4ll1ll,fI4l"l'lI Y' llrlvlllrw .lzl1'lxiw'l'r11lllr4, lx llrlfl- lilllwflx SUPHUNIUHES Harlvaru RHIPNIIII l.xIv Hm- X Q-Ima Nimla-I Hvtly ,lr-an Filwle-5 Hn-nrx funk Tux lur H4-My Hmxtnn Hvtly Jvan Tolar Nlargarvt Tun nwnrl ,lm-kiv Yun We-lvr Wvrle' xv1'f4'll1'f f1llrifln'llr'Wuilf'f f,l1a1rl4'wXXe'uxe'r Kvilll XXV-I lfx U' run. 11" 1950 Immun' VN nlllalmx Q lfxn-lvll Nmlllglvl-,ml L 1 ""'x 'Md -qi. I '3- fl' A A ,qc -of Toi Iwi, .QQ ,lik N 2 3 nf' "w"1'Ei9ff "K4r4p4v ""'.4xr f -TW r ,Q fa- .Jun ry , . ,A":p'w'.g "P, if QD ff "TF-'44l'+..f.Q.g"4q -'tor yuh' P' V . -mf-.4 'NA uwiqagav 31. ,fa .," .1Af4'w '. -Q 7,v'.f'!,?Yg 1 . P a X 4 I .Ku gf it f7"'3s"'!"" ' FRESHMEN Clem Doxey President Arlie Wilkerson Vice President Glenda Von ne Martin Secretary-Treasurer Shirley Antley Robert Baker Jeanette Barbo Ollie Bass Billy Bice Bettye Black Myrtle Blanchard David Box Elton Broadwater Morris Brossette ,lo Anne Cardino Jerry Carney Mary Carroll Harold Clark Valerie Clark 0 re'-sa 2--. "7 wi 'Ffh ki 439- i""' ff' 'f I6 ,L FRESHMEN l.illie Xlae Cormane Edward Cox Cfwirgi- Davis jerry Esmond llurulhy Finch Frances Fletcher Eloise Former Sam Friedman Roy Graham Evun Grape Harry Gregory Anne Haight Charles Hammett Sara Haynes Bennie- Nlae House l I" ni liillx lluilrllvilmi lifliliif Jiilli-y sd x ,sr , f I --.-0 if HlIlllQ'JlYIlf'4 A A J f '4 FRESHMEN Charles LaCour Sara Landrum Hallie Ellen Lee Bonnie Fay Leo Layne Lofton Wayne Lofton Lillian Lonadier Dorothy Ann Maggio Curtis Maslngill Shirley Ruth McQueen jack lVlethvin Kenneth Metllvin Nleacle Middleton Virginia Miller Nlaree Elizabeth Nlinturn "' Nelfla Anne Mitchell E. L. Moss Carol Anne Murphw -09 gl - 1 lr? 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S' EIGHTH GRADERS Charlotte- Wlweler l''flent Clauclia Brown Vins' l'rPsi1lenl Dorcas Campbell Secretary-Treasurer lflaim- .'xf'll0fCl Barbara Awlanis lfrlna llalf- ,Mlams lra Balrla Ora Lee Barlvo Dickie Barnes Kay Blevins Nlary Frances Bowie Barbara Box Nancy Boykin Robert Bridges Barry Broadwater Larry Broadwater Daisie Mae Brown Betty Lou Bruning Raymond Buffer EIGHTH GRADERS john Hamm:-lt Him- Hur- Hr-arcl Vivillif- Um- Horn ,Ie-rrx l.z1ru-.Imws flharlvs King Jam' lm- lie-rlrlulf-1,1-U Wy lvs Lille-5 B4-tix lmu Lnxlzlflivr ,Ie-rrs Lott ,limmy Xlurlxs flre'lf'l1vl1 Marlin ll4.m1l1lNlurlin Nlurx ju 'Nlusingill ,Ivrrf Huff:-5 fQf'filI1lxll'Rfill1' N. . F Luxe-rm' N1z'llm1al4l Holme-rlzl ?vll'I'iH'l1lIllI Ruth N11-thx in ...IS Qu 7' -5 .el iff vo' 'Q' EIGHTH GRADERS Dottie Svarliorough Otis Scarborough Sally ,lo Sars Eflith Sharp CLPIICYZI Smith Hugcmf- South:-rn Dorothy Stafford liory lm' ilivlsm- La Verne Thomasee Edward Thomason Frank Thomason Charles Tolar jimmy Tolar janv Turpin Batty Lou Viiatlvy Gay Wvlf-h ll:-tty llutli William l'a1i tvn Wiillianis 'Xllwrl xxilllllllfgl lflaim- Young W nr 31'-7 no I "' f-1 cab' gf! OO 'fl 1-f wi, Y? "5 :. f.. 2, A F ,x nv? 6 VJ, A .ik - 'C' D sg , 11 Qi 3 Riv- -JV S-fi Q fix 22s 11.60 0-19 .Q , K, 1 .Mx xg , f"'5 ' f v W'--u 'D-. Q f 4 In aa- "' If if Q , ,ll -v , , -4 S ...ry Q-' , 'V'- ff. ' ' m A i , f V - . . f s ' : , .' V 'ft . ., -fi K ' ,, x C M 8 x Xlflwl Bfllllillgl Qlwflvllvll TQ:-iftwllite l'l'l'Hfll Grrule Class 1"lll'Ul'ifl' Eugene Ainsworth President Buddy Butler Vice President Peggy Buckley Secretary-Treasurer Gretchen Geistwhite President Elaine Greene Vice President Virginia lmhoff S ecretary-Treasurer Cynthia Addington Doris Banes Ralph Bedgood Billy Black Lynn Blackwell Raymond Bouis Jackie Boydstun Alfred Bruning Janet Buckley Baron Bynog J. L. Bynog Noma Cardino SEVENTH GRADERS Ethel llinton Mary' Lou Holmes Judith Hubley Janies Ray Jackson llc-tty ,If-an King Virginia King jesse- Laflaze Cloriu jc-an Lanrlrum Dianne Luckett Sara Matthews Ben Mayeaux Glen Mcffrorv Glynn Nlm-Crory Kenneth Middleton Rayford Xix Reed Prirlgen Billy Regions Vtilliain Rogers Lowell Salter Robert Sandel ,4 id vi' 69 PCI si 5 4-L as-2 i sf 6 M! Q I4. rb- Q3 i.11'l fo ' R .Qu Q3 5 Q .6 ,,, 5 447 5 Jw fl e fy X 53 9- wx ' t X 3'2" ,3 ', - -ff . ll' I i .I A . t. W, 5 . . 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"V ' f'. , I h . I., I' f -iff, , J.. I 'x I".. . i -1, "J ' I x U. no x Q . Q ' y If at 8 .1 is YJ I h - v ' it " 1 Q "" "'gc' ? NA R4 ,,. A, tg.. Y ' ,K t 4 2' A if STUDENT BODY Annf- Gillespie Secrvlary-Treasu rer GFFICERS Sarah Clark ,lun Clemons He-nry Dc-thloff Clem Doxvy Hvlen Flrtvhz-r STUDENT COUNCIL Nornian Kmnivff President javli Finipson Vice Presizienl Anne' Gills-spin Norman Kouncn 'Nluna Miller Ste-rling Minturn lie-th Mouser Sponsors-Miss Clio Allen. Miss R1-ulwn Roy Javk Sharp Javk Simpson jerrvll Tynes Charlotte Whvvler Dorothy Cohen Reuben Roy Editor SIGNAL FIRES Bea Adams Edna Dale Adams Bettye Black Mary Frances Bowie Barbara Brittain Katherine Buckley Mary Carroll Charlotte Cox Virginia Deason Mary Deney Henry Dethloff Frances Fletcher Katherine Buckley News Editor Henry Dethloff Sports Editor Kathleen Simmons Zip Jolley Feature Editors Helen Fletcher Anne Haight Zip Jolley Norman Koonce Glenda Martin Durwood McBride Jack McCain .lo Anne Miley Virginia Miller Marilyn Mitchell Beth Mouser Patsy Payne '9' Ladye Pool Shirley Ann Roberts Mary Carolyn Robson Reuben Roy Romaine Russell ,lack Sharp Patsy Shehane Kathleen Simmons Betty ,lean Tolar Carla Tolar Margaret Townsend Geraldine Wagley Sponsors--Mrs. Eunice Kennedy, Miss Marion Lindsay 4 F ' Q E. Lain - C' S M ' 't' .R BAND Tommy Williams Patsy Shehane Vennie Lois Rachal President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Bea Adams, Merita Bamburg, Morris Brossette, Morris Bruce, Millie Davis, Mary Deney, Johnnye ,Io Foshee, Vida Frantom, George Giestwhite, Edward Graham, Roy Graham, Kenneth Hendrickson, Roma Jennings, Eddie Jolley, Mary Masingill, Roberta McFarland, ,Io Ann Miley, Rose Marie Mims, Nelda Mitchell, Carlyle Morrison, Wanda Nealy, Myrtle Nichols, Eric Pierson, Frank Poole, Jackie Prothro, Vennie Lois Rachel. Bill Robinson, Sam Roy, Herschel Russell, Thelton Salter, Sally ,lo Sets, Patsy Shehane, Dorothy Nell Stafford, Mary Sue Stevens, James Thomasee, Betty ,lean Tolar, ,Ierrell Tynes, Beth Wailes, Bert Wallette, jr., Charles Weaver, Payten Williams, Tommy Williams, Perry Winn. Ma jorettes Betty Barlow, Betty Black, Caroline Foshee, Carol Ann Murphy, Audrey Springer Barbara Brittain Charlotte Cox James Hyde Mona Grey Miller Annette Palmer Drum Major-Sarah Clark Assistant Drum Major-Beth Wailes Director-Mr. Frank Schneider ORCHESTRA Ladye Pool Nelwyn Potter Barbara Robson Mary Carolyn Robson Gloria Jean Salter Conductor-Mrs. Val Hill Lowell Salter Octavia Sandlin Linda Shows Charlotte Wheeler Martha Wheeler Frank P .,1, it ALLIED YOUTH l'resirIen! jerry Crocker Vice I'res1'rlenl Gloria Gray Secretary Mona Miller Treasurer Bea Adams, Rowena Addington, Betty Lou Ainsworth, .Io Ann Ainsworth, Libby Aulds, Bobby Baker. Betty Ann Barlow. Bettye Black, Myrtle Blanchard. Frances Breedlove, Betty Breitenberg, Barbara Brittain. Katherine Buckley, Peggy Callia. Sam Callia. Mary Carroll. jon Warren Clemons. Charlotte Cox, Louise Cox, jerry Crocker. Larry Crocker, Virginia Deason. Henry Clay Dethloff, Mazie Dranguet. ,loye Durr, Frances Fletcher, Johnnye Jo Foshee. John Frederick, Bobbie Garcia, Anne Gillespie, Roy Graham, Gloria Gray. Sara Haynes, Norman Koonce, Stanley Lott. Durwood McBride, ,lack McCain. John McTyre. Dorothy Maggio. Glenda Martin, Curtis Masingill. Billie Mason, Mona Grey Miller. Virginia Miller, Nelda Mitchell, E. L. Moss, Beth Mouser, Wanda Nealy. Charlene O'Con. Patsy Payne. Bruce Phillips, Johnny Pittman. Ladye Pool, Frank Poole, jo Ann Prestriclge. Yvonne Raines, Vennie Lois Rachal. Willie Doris Roberts. Shirley Anne Roberts. Mary Carolyn Robson, Betty Jean Rodgers, Betty Sibley. Kathleen Simmons. Henry Cook Taylor, Betty Thaxton. Betty ,lean Tolar, Carla Tolar, Merle Vercher, Beth Wailes. Christelle Wailes, Yvonne Welch, Keith West. Martha Lane Wheeler. Wayne Wilkerson. Willie Mae Wilson. Archie Worsham. Sponsor-Miss Mary S. Robson v ' Elf' :.i , BOOSTERS Bea Adams Betty Lou Ainsworth Jo Ann Ainsworth Janis Anderson Libby Aulds Nella Faye Babb Barbara Bowie Frances Breedlove Barbara Brittain Betty Breitenberg Katherine Buckley ,loan Chambers Sarah Clark Charlotte Cox Jerry Davis Virginia Deason Mazie Dranguet ,loye Durr Betty Bice Fletcher President Beth Mouser Vice President Helen Fletcher W. f Anne Gillespie Secretary Q K h ' B kl 0 at erme uc ey y Treasurer lv, Helen Fletcher Marilyn Ford Caroline Foshee ,Iohnnye .lv Foshee Pat Cahagan Anne Gillespie Carolyn Class Gloria Gray Peggy Hicks Wanda Jordan ,loy Leach ,lo Ann Luttrell Billie Mason Jeanette Methvin Mona Miller Marilyn Mitchell Beth Mouser Patsy Payne Ladye Pool Sponsor-Miss Clio Allen f, .An 8. Nelwyn Potter Jo Ann Prestridge Betty ,lo Prudhomme Vennie Lois Rachal Gwen Roark Barbara Robson Octavia Sandlin Linda Shows Kathleen Simmons Ethel Louise Tauzin Betty ,lo Thaxton Margaret Townsend Geraldine Wagley Beth Wailes Christelle Wailes ,lo Anne Weaver Yvonne Welch Martha Lane Wheeler Willie Mae Wilson 2 4 .raw I . 555 Q Jerry Crocker President Janis Anderson Katherine Buckley Mary Carroll Charlotte Cox jerry Crocker ,lerry Davis Virginia Deason Henry Clay Dethloff Frances Fletcher Helen Fletcher Anne Gillespie DEBATE CLUB Anne Haight Sarah Haynes Hugh Jolley Norman Koonce Billie Mason Jack McCain Mona Grey Miller Virginia Miller Marilyn Mitchell Beth Mouser DEBATE HONORS Wanda Nealy Patsy Payne Ladye Pool Mary Carolyn Robson Rebuen Roy Romaine Russell .lack Sharp Kathleen Simmons Margaret Townsend Geraldine Wagley Martha Wheeler Beth Mouser and Marilyn Mitchell, Helen Fletcher and Kathleen Simmons: 2nd-NSC 50g 2nd-LSU 50: 2nd-NSC 50 SPEECH HONORS Reuben Roy: lst-After-Dinner Speaking NSC 51g 2nd-Radio NSC 513 3rd-Hum- orous lnterp. NSC 51 Beth Mouser: 3rd-Oratory NSC 51 Zip Jolley: 2nd-Humorous lnterp. NSC 51 Mazie Dranguet: 3rd-Poetry -Reading NSC 50g 2nd-Poetry Reading NSC 51 Geraldine Wagley: 2nd-Extemp. Speaking NSC 51 Helen Fletcher: 1st--Radio NSC 51: 2nd--Extemp. Speaking NSC 513 1st-Extemp. 'Speaking NSC 51 jo Ann Prestridge: 3rd-Radio NSC 51g lst-Radio NSC 50 Kathleen Simmons: 2nd-Poetry Reading NSC 503 3rd-After-Dinner Speaking NSC 51 Carolyn Glass: lst-Serious lnterp. NSC 50g 2nd-Serious lnterp. LSU 50 Mona Grey Miller: 2nd-Oratory NSC 51 Sponsor-Miss Clio Allen THESPIANS and DRAMATIC CLUB Ioye Durr President Sterling Mintum Yvonne Welch Best Thespum Vice President Barbara Brittain Katherine Buckley Charlotte Cox Jerry Crocker Virginia Deason 'Mazie Dranguet 'Ioye Durr 'Helen Fletcher John Fredriclcs 'Anne Gillespie 'Carolyn Glass 'Hugh Jolley 'Thespians 'Nonnan Koonce 'Billie Mason Jack McCain Jeanette Methvin Mona Grey Miller 'Marilyn Mitchell 'Sterling Mintum 'Beth Mouser Johnny Pittman Ladye Pool 'lo Ann Prestridge Barbara Robson NM adam Dodev J ack Sharp Secretary 'Reuben Roy Romaine Russell 'Octavia Sandlin 'J ack Sharp Sylvan Sibley 'Kathleen Simmons Betty ,lo Thaxton Margaret Townsend 'Geraldine Wagley 'J 0 Anne Weaver Wayne Wilkerson Martha Lane Wheeler Superior-Northwestem State Drama Festivalg Won National Thespian Award CAST Jo Ann Weaver .lo Ann Prestridge Mazie Dranguet John BENCH David Kendrick Yvonne Welch Carolyn Glass Technical Director-Sterling Minturn Director-Nettie Jo Baker Sponsor--Miss Clio Allen JI ,lanis Anderson President Charlotte Cox Vice President joan Chambers Secretary-Treasurer Janis Anderson Joan Chambers Charlotte Cox Henry Clay Dethloff Wayne Dew Helen Fletcher Anne Gillespie FOREIGN LANGUAGE liillie Nlasou Marilyn Mitchell Beth Mouser Linda Shows Geraldine Wagley Keith West Archie Worsham Sponsor-Miss Marion Lindsay Sam Friedman and his prize-winning calf Charles Aulds , ., Henry Cook Taylor Jo Donna Brown ,,,.. 7 Bill Hicks .Y,,,,Y777,,., Alvin Antley Charles Aulds Eugene Hasco Ollie Bass Ashton Bouis David Box Elton Broadwater jo Donna Brown Dossie Brute Dick Buckley Elton Roy Cardino Mack Carpenter ,lunior Ebert Sam Friedman Ray Gieger Charles Hammet Ernest Hammet Durford Hernandez Bill Hicks Charles lvy Carl Lolton ,lohn Lonadier John May FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA 1 Parliamentary Law Team President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Bobby Miller Kenneth Monroe Harold Pridgen Shirlon Rhodes Lyle Ross Charles Scarborough Donald Scarborough Donald Stevens Henry Cook Taylor Oscar Vails Jackie Van Meter Zane Walker Sponsor-MR. E. H. HAYNES "" PM l Clara Addington Rowt-'na Addington ,Io Ann Ainsworth Shirlf-y Antley Nr-lla Faye Babb Be-tty Lou Bruningg ,lo Ann Cardino Louise- Cox Cr-line' Del Rio Gloria Jean Friday Hotsvna Addington Presirlent Hannah llaync-s Vliff' Prvsillenf Willie Mae Wilson Secretary Louisf' Cox Treasurer Yvonne Crappe- Cloria Cray Thomas Grey Alta Mae Hay Hannah Haynes Pvggy Hivks Rulmy ,lonvs Sara Landrum Stanlvy Lott Dorothy Nlaggio Katherine Martin Sponsor-Mrs. Mary Love FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF ANIERIC A Claudine Middle-ton Nlelita Moss Marie- Nollvy Merry lo O'Quinn Bruce Phillips Bvlly Jo Prudhonimm Lylv Ross Margaret Salter Geraldine Wlagley Willie- Mar- Wilson FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Janis Anderson Nella Faye Babb Frances Breedlove Betty Breitenburg .loan Chambers Sarah Clark Virginia Deason Wayne Dew Mazie Dranguet Helen Fletcher Caroline Foshee Pat Gahagan Marilyn Mitchell 4, gg President Reuben Roy Vice President Billie Mason Secretary ,lo Ann Prestridge Treasurer Anne Gillespie Caroline Class Gloria Gray Hugh Jolley Cloise Leggett Stanley Lon Billie Mason Durwood McBride ,lack McCain John McTyre Mona Miller Sponsor-Miss Mary E. Robson Marilyn Mitchell Beth Mouser Charline O'Con Shawnee Osbom Frank Poole Jo Ann Prestridge Reuben Roy Kathleen Simmons Margaret Townsend Geraldine Wagley ,Io Anne Weaver Archie Worsham FUTURE BUSINESS LE ADERb of AMERICA Receiving Gladys Peck Cup. 1950. 'Q Jo Ann Prestriclge lriglitl. 1951 State Vice Pres iclcnl. and Rmnainc Russell receiving cup. 1951. Romaine Russell President Archie W'orsham , ,, , . Vice President Retty Lou Ainsworth Secretary-Treasurer llvu Alldlllx lla-ily l.4+u flinxwortll. lilnlw :Xul4lN. llvltv lirvitvnlwrgl. Rarlrara Rriltain. Kath:-rine liucklvv. lfllun Roy flurilinn. ,loan Lliamln-r-. jun 11lf'lllll!ls, illiarlollv Cox. Virginia .Nnnv llvawn. Wayne llv'w.,loy1' l1lll'F.lilH'llllFll' 1':UrlH'Q'. 1,4-ilurv Callie-n. .Nnnr Hill:--pir. Carolyn Claw. Roma jvn- ningis. llugli ,lulln-x. Wanda junlan. Stanley Knollf. Norman Kuoncv. Joy 1A'Ell'll. Cloiw 1.x-gg:-lt. Rilllr' N12iwlvl1.Jl'Hl1l'll1' Xl:-thxin. Nluna Ure-y Nlillr-r.1. E. x11ll'1lG:llll.,lPf'f'fv' Mitchell. Marilyn Nlitchf-ll. llvlli Yiwu-1-r. ffliarlinf- 0'ffun. Shawn:-v Oglmrn. Rill Palme-r. l'alQy Payne. Larlye Pool. Nelwyn I Y lnilf-r. .lu Xnn lr'--lriflgv. Yvnnif- lnix Ravllal. Uwe-n Ruark. Rarlmara Rnlwon. Rolnaine' Rufse-ll, llvtlx ,la-an Silnlvx. Fylxun Silvlvx. Katlilm-n 5ilnrnonN..lu1'k Fivnp-nn, llwigllt SI, slnwlrv. H:-nry Cook lmlnr. lie-Hx .Ivan lular. Xlurgurf-I 'l1mslw'n4l.llcralmlinf- Wuulm. lfhrifto-llv Wailr--. Ke-nn:-Ill Wailvs. NNIIHIIV NN 1-lvll. XY uxnf- W ilk--rx-fn. Xrwliiv- XY0I'NllliIll. Sponsor- Nl rs. Eunice Kenned y 111 N it Assemblv Program-"The Littlest Angel" FINE ARTS 52.1 O! RQ Bea Adams Frances Breedlove Betty Breitenberg Barbara Brittain Katherine Buckley Sarah Clark ,lerry Davis Mazie Dranguet ,loye Durr Helen Fletcher Anne Gillespie Carolyn Class Mona Miller Mardi Gras Royalty and Costume Winners Marilyn Mitchell Beth Mouser Ladye Pool Jo Ann Prestridge Barbara Robson ,Io Anne Weaver Martha Wheeler Bea Adams ,,,,,, ,, Y , President Mona Miller , ,,t,,,,, Y, Y, t4.t, . Vice President ,Io Ann Prestridge , ,, ,, , Secretary Barbara Robson ,,,t,, ,i,,,,, , Treasurer Miss Dorothy Cohen ,,,ee, ,,,,,e S ponsor 1 Merita Hamburg Myrtle Blanchard Mary Frances Bowie Peggy Callia Dorcas Campbelle ,Io Ann Chambers Wayne Dew Billie Carol Edwards Hilda Crappe Gloria C-ray Qt acl 9 'np' ju Ann Chambers President Betty Jo Prudhomme Vice President Willie Mae Wilson Secretary Dorcas Campbells Treasurer Zip Jolley Stanley Knotts Ted Lilley Dorothy Ann Maggio Durwood McBride ,lack McCain Claudine Middleton Jerry Mitchell Marie Nolley Merry .lo 0'Quinn 4-H CLUB Nelwyn Potter Betty Jo Prudhomme Gwen Roark Betty .lean Rogers Dottie Scarborough Edith Sharp Jack Sharp Ann Tucker Willie Mae Wilson Archie Worsham 5 I t l i 'N' POR THE 1950 SIT. UMD roorBALL SQ :""ff 3 . --A15 1 ..-v' , . -v-1 ,, -f , 1-f,..-3. . '.4g,,.. Y 11 WH NS C Yxki . 4643! oaCh'Euu ELUER C ff c0afh'M A ' A5-sistant l. UM' U xi-YV 1950 PIGSKIN PARADE .IONESBORO-HODGE A total of sixteen fumbles cost the Red Devils their first game of the 1950 season. by a 20 to 6 tally. Sibley and Worsham shone on defense. while Springer led the offensive unit. WINNFIELD Hard luck. and momentary lapse of hustle. cost the Red and White. a victory in the second contest of the year as the Winnfield Tigers fought them to a 6 to 6 standoff. Russell paced the offense. with Bruning leading the de- fense. BYRD Playing the potent Byrd Hi Eleven at Shreveport. the Devils lost the game by a 32- 12 score. and six men via the injury route. Knotts. Wor- sham. and Mitchell hustled defensively and Russell and Worsham piled up yardage. DE HIDDER Sorely missing the four var- sity players injured in previ- ous games. the Devils eame out on the short end of a 25-6 score at De Ridder. .lolley and Worsharn did more than their share'of defensive work. while Sharp led what little offensive work was done hy the hoys. MANSFIELD Reversing the trend of the De Ridder game. the Devils show- ed offensive power. but lacked the defensive to stop Mans- field's passing attack: and the Wolverines topped them by a final score of 24 to 20. Sharp showed fine running. with Dethloff and Bruning doing hustling defensive work. LEESYIILE Ylillf' Red Devils lmroke into the win column with a 20 to 13 vit-tory over out-manned l.ees- xille. Sililey and l.. Crocker headed the defense. as Sharp. Springer. and Worsliatn led the attaek. YIYI.-XX lfoiir plays vos! the Devils their 1950 Homeeoming flame with Xixian. the final seore standing Xiiian 25. Devils fl. liarulino hustle-ul on defense, G1 I ins 15 yard Springer ga Devns start a touchdown 5 against W H1310 in Q! IQQ sf 1 ft my u nawfww -4 an My wnnn- v gnu nv SI BLEY-Tackle ps? an fiif' bidi' f nanny ,, ann ill" Sffronrl Siring All-State Svcond Slring All-North La. J if WUH SHA M -V-Quart:-rlravk l,0llIlfIll7l1' .uwntiun pill- Yurfh I,fIlllASfIlIIIl 71. 1 . ' , V' f Sl'RlNiLHl-f-ll:-xil lim-k Nnzr Ill I ..N, XIIIB H- 5. CHF ERLEA DERS Sf1NvfJH IIUIIN-!.' 'ming l. .ll u . H 'H Rf-In Faisal id you get it. Crocker? BASKETBALL Up in the air in Calvin game Defensne play by Brunmg 4 Tynes jumps forthe ball ins sc-ores for B-Team INIE, 'FVT' ,M ,, X f' QQQ f fml X ii Q3 Q, e.-gd' if f-If LOW V 'Q Thai' Sfand e ond' ruC'Hs1 Or' Son-k N Arrgadiiiqrsmn f 0712 Smna Cv r-L5 Emmah ne Um- Mascof 'Q 7-01' ff' 'T fda 7.-ff f xfeu- Q! 'T F 1' c de? raigsea red 7 worth Loma fog G" 5 2 1' gffff ' IA .jf E K! A ,, 1- 0 ---' , if A ' .3 - 9 va ff + fb , -- X4 Y K 4 +, , , ' W ,.- V Q -.Q ,J ' 8 I. n 1 m . ' A -2 W at M 1 K v. 1, . A t ' X- ' - , I ' : X If q . -- - . X - H. H' ff ' ' -' . ' -' A, 4 ' 0 It f,: -41 35" 'f' A ' . 9 Q. g a., ' A-. , . ,. ,ff A' .ff EN 1 nv- ' ' lg , , ,+V . pf- C , A ,Q . - ' Tr . - ' - 1 U Jr '15 -furl- a f 'fwe JP 1 X Lyn' 'lr Q,,, ww 'E5'z"' Curaus Horses.. 'R ddles ,Bax-Low 11 5 Sfr nq Ed Fr-oi L5 fp! X lvmq f? mi Tack and Hs Kn 51+-S i I Obb ep ,Mi of -Un, 81-gqJgf.q,3+ gblp Sovrmbodq S Goa 'Hg WPDHQ NUM-1 fsNo Time, - Like 5:-no 77me. Sofa Snoumcm an 'Hue House? 'Q-ll-. 1 mlb! Qi Jeu L Iu.S+ Tofem Pole. Beware, :muh beth 'Park ed Oueriame. HQ,pp4.f Ll 'HIE MOPUH5 Cod '4-.lifo Rf Best Wishes From FDECJPLES BANK R O I-ICKS L H JOHNSON HERTZOG DeBLIEUX P F WILLIS STACY WILLIAMS LELAND HORTON NATCHITOCHES LOUISIANA OFFICERS Presldeni' Vlce Presldenf Cashuer Assi' Cashier Assi Cashier Assi' Cashler MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Ax V 9-Ze . . I P ' A. G. LAWTON ,, Vice PresIden+ M ezmlm? Lmmgm Q25 eco me 0:74 LALITE BLOX 2874 P O B 144 The Qualrly Modular Concrele Masonry Um! BALLARD5 ?v J GROCERY 81 MARKET 1. 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Suggestions in the Natchitoches High School - Chinquapin Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) collection:

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Natchitoches High School - Chinquapin Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 5

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Natchitoches High School - Chinquapin Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 97

1951, pg 97

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