Natchitoches High School - Chinquapin Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA)

 - Class of 1950

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Natchitoches High School - Chinquapin Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 132 of the 1950 volume:

S v ', J I x Q 51' , 'X 1 4 ,. , n . P I. he 1 1 u O 114. 6 O VESEXYZIG l 'b mg.-?"'w 613 'xv X fif 1' n Z S 4 W XX XXi-S 4 b-X Wifbx X XXXX Q XX R X 1 ff! CltC!'2l1QC"1QS gf X JURXLQ,-Z 25 Nfxi ,l Q 2 sd M-r 9 A r ' . AXT4... r 0 ,mn X " -ef ' " f -1 " va if x 7 1 1 ,f - ' Q ' X X f A 1 ,ix-,SF ra ',, ff ' ' 'V' Q1- I , . f 1 N! M4 7 Igijq'-' N Q r f a1,""",' ' 43 X f X' ,"Q xxx ' "Q, ,,,, ,,f f f .N M' UZ XA 1 ff, Wx f H- ,FL ff!! ! . ix U XX Ax x A fx X XX-xi i 5 ,. . h X ix XXX ,X X wxmN 5 ,I ' f xx . f A ' ",A2.:',N WS 'L v:Q:.:'1"Q-' pf f r. X JI' -s. .ll f lf, 1, n, ,V -,l.., . . v A 1 f 7. QM.,-'A,,'vf Ng: ,Q ff f " X if V! ':n 4: K ' X HM ,gf K x A le A m E A A X Q , .LLL X S X, , ' I X9 I , 1 X X r tl, 5 X' X. Q -fxxtxsifxw , f XA ' " xx X f f Z K N N f , V I K ll' X TITLI PACI DI DIC A'I ION IORI XX ORD OL R PRINC IPAL C I X891 S Summa Iumors Soplmmores I rcshmen 1 11 XXORIIIS 8411001 I norms Bcumcs Athlntcs oat IIIILIII II XX 1tt1cst and C utcst I PHXRFI XII NIS Agllpultulc 1 If Commuac I orelgn I. mgu 15,6 Hump I LUIIOINICS SoC11lSC1CnCL LIIUIIIX XI.1thcm mu IXILISIC an Il I LC Ill Numa Spculu IXON DI PIRII XIIXI XL CII IRS -XXD ACTIXIIILB 1C Cm C Iiwustus A had X math wc PX u IL 1 NPOR l S C I I s Qrlw SX XPS XIW XIIICI 1 32 I I I Q I',itgI1tImCQ': ICVS IU ' 'O 1' M ' ' 'gc t Di . AI if 'Q X Iinglish T Iv L v 2 v I ' A .L PIU' 'z id 1 'Q km I II- if, 'I 'I' 4, Stl I' fwumil .Xxixgzmlf l"f1'I,x I .h ,Y Iii! A , VIS CIIUI IILIILIIAC' Tux Icrs of f X' -I H Cllulu Irma-I IULIII IIu1m-C' my win, IM Ik ' all S'I'fXI7I7 M The Staff dedrcates th1s 1950 Cblllqlldplll to one who has served Natchltoches Hlgh School unself1shly loyally effr crently Whose never say dle attltucle IS mstrlled mto all who work under h1m whose understandxng smrle ever flashes krndly at those guilty of shortcornlngs xx hose Warm friend shxp IS freely grven to those w ho come rn Contact xx 1th h1m and whose stalvx art shmmg personahty reflects hrs unquenchable sprrrt to COACH TOM ELRINS 5 1 1 K 7 7 ' . . - - . . . . . . V 7 9 . . . l 7 . - 3 I . . . V . 7. . a V . . . . a A Y 7 For ten years The Clvizzqzmfvizz has been producing its yearly crop of mem- ories for the tribe of young people who now frequent this hill. where the Natchitoches lndians once feasted upon the savory nuts from which they derived their name. The pages of succeeding Clvizzgmzfvizzx have recorded the excitement of football games, the thrill of basketball, the gaiety of delightful dances. the flush of our Thespian successes. the laurels won in debate--all that has made Natchitoches High School life full and rich. Hence, the 1950 Staff commemorates the tenth anniversary of the Clim- zfmrfvjiz with a parade of Ns and devils across these pagesva parade of N's to tan your loyalty. of devils at play to tickle your fancy. Wfe present these pages to you with the earnest desire that you will enjoy them throughout the years to LUIHC. were ,y.e-,ssdlr-'uv J, -I-3500 M I ,, f if-i :fe ' ..,. ...W ,.... n P1 1124 zltmf MR. A. B. SIMPSON Nw my . 52 5 . A if Hg.. . 6 O I .4 . x N x 9 g ff . V - 1' , Q. :Q t n , G' sf' V x Q ,Q "Q t P X , as , if By, if . M--.., f' -, Q 5 m 5 , , ' W W 45 nw M -3 . 1 4 ,hid as 5 F ,E I' " :,'Ii'2 A . jjj- 23 3 5 fdimgy -my ,gf.4 Q23 '1T'QfYfnP55f s T , . L, 3521? . 7 1, r 72. ,Jimi -lm' Q . . 2 N Wd? RL Yugi xv' I riff fi . '3 'hui to ' ' . W-'N o3,Lh"'f5. sixxe-Stub KQL Sum! RRR 'Ne x. X 1 1 F 'dev 5 5 PXm5N me CRVYA N19 Q sem ox- X' Qu Ycxvox-xNe. Secvefrung XYxe'CX'wee S'Xosf.hvNqe.g X t Se OXL Swxvuwnxm. XKQXQ. 5,55 Dbxwq Kf5Xw.o5r Ybxvkxaq , B Y KCBQYSM as VXfiYzvxu.K '7 TONS gil-W'-'H Q AMA u 965' N W6 Q Q YXCOX WHL VVS L 'M'-5" 6 Veal 'ld sk Y ' Q Y 'hm I I, - 1 N , ., - 5, .,J fT X 2 ' . M 4- t H L N K . TQ ' . L V by g- A A X 7 AAN, u In , u Q Y'L' t Vx Jnq 'Y .K , ou!J ,. 9 ,, 7 V ,, . . J N e If I A E. Q, Ah' i 6' :', 'M W' X . 51 I 35" ' 57v'. J ' 1 3 7' , QE " Y C U ' Q . . . . . 5 V i V .. 4 A 9 -5 1' 7 44 453 v ' QQ 9 t ,.:,1. .,, , , xx - '..- A "- S 'Q P 'xv is fi X h V' f A Q, 5 K N, , Yr 47 XTX . A vff Q X Q MA i ' , if A QA X . A' LJ405 'A i 'l lk .L :ff f W K ii 1 if gf Y 1 ff M Z 17 Qwxxw 1 f Z ,f 1 WWI fvlpl 1- ".'L"zm ,HQ A f fi If 1- X NX A X ' I KE s X . I Q me Y' I ' , Wcmxf 'W' T 5 Ag 1 Y 1' 1 4 C 4 L ' W' fi if A W , ' Z If 5 'f' 2 Z QQGIN , , K if - Q' QM 1 4 ' f . A 1 f Q ,. Q ' f'7iXb W a 4 , gf fl' , ff, M A 'mf7g,, ,L . Why, X 1 if 4 ' 'Q 5 095 li, in m , if A .gram 'H f iv- f Q ' iii, 3: i 31 A .1 fx Q ,515 ffm-4 , - .: K "Q N-QF' QL fffl' ,La .. 5g35g.,g5.1e2 Y, ,111 . Qui X 2 f -f' Q 2- " 4 V ,, -W X - -V ..+. ., - M f ' 595 12-'E Hi? ,- 2 252 .3 K "f 2 F - ' 'Z afflgyf '1 Q Q A . .lxeiiv-I .,..,wf'k 1- "V , gfkkyyykvhg ,.W.,:f,. , rr-,....e,..:z, l '4,, 4, ALF ' L Rl w .Q .M -my, A L zhileifff' i if 2 DAVID KENDRICK, PRES. Vice President Student Body 505 Thespiansg Boys State 495 Student Councilg President Sophomore Classg Secretary Freshman Classg Signal Firefg Debateg Bandg Footballg Bas- ketballg Track. ROBERT MILLER, V,-PRES. President F.B.L.A. 501 Secre- tary-Treasurer jr. Classg Coun- cilman 4-H Club 50g Signal Fireff Debateg International Clubg For. Lang. Clubg Cheer- leader -16, 47g Mardi Gras Court 49g Foothallg Basketballg Track. WAIIIIY NORBIAN, SEC. Footballg Trackg 4-H Cluh. DAISX' Cox, 7'IeE,-is. President Boosters 50, Treas- urer 49g F.B.L.A.g President F.H.A. 50, Secretary-Treasurer -195 Vice-President F.T.A. 50, Secretary-Treasurer 495 Girls State -191 Student Council: In- ternational Cluh. H,,..-a... M-,-4-W i fb- O Gi2RvAis ALDRFDGE Editor Ciimqnapin 49, Assis- tant Editor 50g Girls State 49g President Boosters 49g Secre- tary-Treasurer Student Council 505 F.T.A.g Co-Editor Signal Fir-er 48g Glee Clubg Vice-Presi- dent Dramatics 483 Vice-Presi- dent Fine Arts 48, Secretary 50g F.B.L.A.g Homecoming Maid 50. BARBARA ANDERSON F.H.A.g F.B.L.A.g A.Y. Glee Club, ANNA ATKINS F.H.A.g Glee Club. JOHN BATTEN President jr. Classg President International Club 483 Glee Clulwg Boys State -19, Counselor S03 A.Y.g Student Counfil 'lf -lgl Signal Fnw: Treasurer Sophomore Classg C'Zv111qmzf1iz1.' Debateg Tliespiansg F.B.L,A.g Mardi Gras Court -18g Footlwallg Tennisg Baslcetballg Track. G B1 embed Iilllliili BA11.1sY Vice-President jr. Classg Treas- urer Thespiuns 50g Mardi Gras Courtg Signal Firex: F.T.A.g F.B.L.A,g Glee Clubg Dehateg -4-H Cluhg Foothallg Basehallg Track. z'1"1'1' Sl'li Box'os'1411N Editor Clvmqmzpm 50, Assistant Editor -59g President Thespians 50g Treasurer Boosters 50g Treasurer A. Y. 50g Girls State 483 Leadership Conference -193 Fine Artsg Dehateg F.B.L.A.g F.T.A.g Mardi Gras Court 47. RAY BREEDLOVE ROY B1fcK1.121' President Student Body 505 President Freshman and Sopho- more Classesg President F.F.A, 48, Secretary 47g Thespiansg President A.Y. 50g Boys State 49g Signal Firer: Debateg Homecoming Courtg Mardi Gras Courtg Footballg Basket- ballg Softball. jglksf 1 V W? if CHARLES BYLES Baridg Footballg Basketballg Track. Louis CUSALQHS Sigma! Fire r 1-DOROTHY DITZIENIBORF Boosters: F,B.L,A.g F.T.A. JIQANETTIZ Dowmix President F,T.A. 503 Vice-Presi- dent Boosters 30g Girls State Wg A.Y.g Mardi Gras Queen 30, Maid -193 Clvfzzqlmplzzf In- ternational Cluhg Dramaticsg Cilec Cluiwg F.H,A.g F.B.L.A,3 BOBBY joe DWYER A.Y.g Band. JIMMY EMMONS For. Lang. Clubg F.B.L.A.g De- bate. BILLY ERWIN President Debate Club 503 Vice- President Dramatics 503 Thes- piansg Bzmdg 5111511111 Fll'L'v',' Trackg Football. XXfAML'1. F12Rm'soN S1g11f1! Fj!'P,f.' F.T.A.g Boostersg +I-I Clubg Treasurer Band Club S03 Majnrette 49, 505 F.H.Ag F.B.L.A.1 A.Y. 5 Y L 43 embed SARAH GIl.I.lf5PIIZ 'Iii Secretary - Treasurer Student Council -18g Fine Arts, Secretary F.B.I-.A, 493 Secretary A.Y. 418, 'lllg Girls State 49g Drnmaticsg Buustersg Glce Clulwg F.H.A.g Homecoming Maid -18, 49g Mardi Gras Maid '18, AN HASKINN Secretary FB.I-.A. Wg Secretary F,'I'.A. 301 C1ljII7llzIf7f7I.' F.H.A. Buustersg Glee Clulwg Drama- ticsg A. Y. RM'1xmNlu l'lliRNANIJI'7 Viic-President F,F.A, -18, '19, Secretary 501 If.B.L.A. AR'l'H1'R "S0xxY" HILTON Viic-President rl-H Club -l91 Fiwtlwxillg Hasclwnllg Track. RAYMOND JISTER Band PATSY JOHNSON Buusrcrsg A.Y.g F.H.A.g Glee Clubg Ai-H Club. EDWARD Lu JORDAN Cheerleader 50 Tenms FAN JORDAN Booster Club F T A F B L A 41' 39 K ,f 6 S , ,,A, M E l X X gt 13 l i e ik , sg. W"""-3 A X li SE T ,Q 'W -W 170 emma IMOQTQNTQ MARTIN F.B.L.A.g F.T.A,g F.H.A.g A.Y. PATSY METHVIN Boostersg F. H, A.g F.B.L.A.g F.T,A. RICHARD fD1c:Kj MIZTHXflN Vice-President F.F.A. A175 F.B. L.A,g A.Y.g Basketballg Track Footballg Baseball. DAI.TCJN MILLIQR F.F.A,g F.B.L.A.g Al-H Club. enema ROBERT L. MILLER State Farmer 49g F.F.A.g Mardi Gras Court 49. BOBBY MONK F.F.A.g 4-H Clulwg A.Y. Foot ballg Basketballg Trackg Base ball. DWANE MURPHH' Student Councilg Cheerleader 455 Footballg Trackg Basket ballg Baseball. BETTY Lou PALMER Girls State 493 Miss N.H.S. 48 Mardi Gras Queen 48, Maid 46 Vg A.Y. Cheerleader 49g Inter national Clubg Dramaticsg F.B. L.A.g Debateg Boostersg Home coming Maid -i", Maid of Honor 48, -19. FRANCES NEL1. PENDER Boostersg Thespiansg 4-H Clubg F.B.L.A.g Debateg Homecoming Maid 50. jo Pl'I.LIN Editor Sigmzl Firef 485 Presi- dent Fine Arts 48, Secretary 49g Glee Clubg President Thespians -18g Art Editor Claifzqlmpiu -17, 48, 493 A.Y.g Girls State 48g Student Councilg Secretary Boosters 48g Secretary Debate Club 49g Secretary Freshman Classg Cheerleader 491 Home- coming Queen 49, Maid 47,, 48. -IERRY RASCOE Vice-President F.F.A. 503 FB I-.A. XXYAYNIQ RIGDUN F,B,L.A.g Debateg embed JACKIE SCROGGINS Signal Firerg Parliamentary Law Team, 463 Madri Gras Courtg Trackg Footballg Basket- hallg Baseballg Volleyball. Rm' SHIRLIQY Treasurer F.F.A, 503 F.B,L.A.g Fuotlwallg Track. BOBBIE SUE SIBLEY Glee Clubg F.H.A. GILFORD S'l'I2AnNAN F.F.A. Y 1 3 fwfr'-.-MW Q- it 0 606024 BETTY Lou Srrsvnws Fine Artsg Dramaticsg F.T.A. -1-H Clubg Glee Club. HIZRMAN TAYLOR, JR, President F.F.A. -i' and 50 President F.B.L.A. 50g Parlia mentary Law Team 493 Chin zjlnzpifzx Slgmzl Fj1'f,t,' Interna tional Club. O. K. WELCH Footballg 1-H Club. ARCH112 WORSHAM Vice-President F.T.A. 484 FB. L.A.g bi-H Clubg A.Y. Basket bnllg Footballg Track: Baseball s emkvw DAVID YOUNG President F.B.L.A. 495 President International Club 50g A.Y.g President F.T.A. 49g President 4-H Club 48g Signal Firef: Foot- ballg Trackg Basketball. GORDON YOUNG Szgmzf Fmar: F.T,A.g Orchestrag Delwateg Bandg Footballg Trackg Basketball, 1 e n'xQ 'r SXXCNQ S asf 'lie fat P 3- f X t ?':",.-it M il 'N :wtf cf' ew' 59 x. Q Q D Q. ,w K W " 1 S 5 xw . Q. ,,-, . Q1 ' 'H 3" a xi .5 1 M, ,gk M. fm , '5' aw, life.. ,J 4' 4 Q. vu it ix.: N, Q ff'.-Q'-ff. 'R -A 'lf ff, K, vt gn' If Vwogyiw , H'-3 A, if fFwf f:'fi YJ: ' '-K' y 4 ,f x , was U1 nf" :M . . 3 f- 335'1fg,. I , , .7 Q . X f ' I Y. I Q I .iii . 1 , A LAAA w In If ., Y gk 3. , .,.:3QQ,l 6 -,' 1. 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Herman Taylor, Pres., jerry Rascoe, V. Pres., Raymond Hernandez, Sec., Roy Shirley, Treas. Charles Aulds, Ashton Bouis, Joe Donna Brown, james Bruning, Dick Buckley, Elton Roy Cardino, Mack Carpenter, Arthur Gaston, Ernest Hammett, Durford Hernandez, Raymond Hernandez, Bill Hicks, Charles Ivy, Raymond jordan, john Lonadier, john May, Billy Mc- Lamore, Wilburn Miller, Robert' L. Miller, Harold Pridgen, jerry Rascoe, Lyle Ross. Roy Shirley, Gilford Steadman, Henry Cool-1 Taylor, Herman Taylor, jackie Van Meter, Zane Walker, Freddie Whitford. r -3' Q, 5 0 Y ,XL X X N -ni ,fir K, 1 'ri -is at rye ' ... 2'2" 1 W. QQ. 'if ROY BUCKLEY Parliamentary Law Team State Farmer ELTON ROY CARDINO Thrift Bank Award RAY GIEGER Parliamentary Law Team RAYMOND HERNANDEZ Parliamentary Law Team Sec. FFA Thrift Bank Award judging Team State Farmer BILL HICKS State Farmer St, Advisor, FFA VINCENT I-IOTHO Parliamentary Law Team HERMAN TAYLOR Parliamentary Law Team judging Team State Farmer NORMAN KOONCE Parliamentary Law Team RICHARD M ETI-IVIN State Farmer ROBERT L. MILLER State Farmer JERRY RASCOE Parliamentary Law Team State Farmer judging Team, Alternate V. Pres. FFA ROY SHIRLEY State Farmer judging Team Treas. FFA HENRY COOK TAYLOR Thrift Bank Award Governors Award, Best Livestock FFA Farmer in State District Grand Champion Fat Calf '50, Alexandria FFA Pres., Area I Federation ay. N4- what 1 we I 5 ,L , is Sie' ' r, . :P 3' i m - M' ' .J .: 2 I ' 'U' skit Mrs. Velma C, Hargis Fd. 1, Q ,af or Mrs. Eunice Kennedy 766 ' Stewart Carrington 'X Elederl Smit Prev, F.B.L.A, Rolwert Mrller Pres Katherxne Buckley Reuben Roy V Pres Sarah Crllespre Sec Darsy Cox Reporter Edna Bea Arlams Betty Lou Ainsworth Gervars Aldretlge Barham Anderson john Batten Betty Sue Boydstun Katherrne Buckley Sarah Clark Darsy Cox Henry Dethloff Dorothy Dezentlorf XVamul Ferguson juanrta Fuller Ledore Gallren Wlnlfretl C andy Anne Grlles pre Sarah Grllespre Martha Anne Glass Jean Haskrns Roma jennxngs Fay jordan Stanley lxnotts Wrllartl Landrum Clorse Leggett Imogene Martln Brllre Mason Patsy Methyrn Rrchartl Methvm Dalton Mlller Robert Mxller Beth Mouser Betty Lou Palmer Frances Pender Vennxe Ions Rachal jacquelyn Roark Reuhen Roy Mary Fllen Royston Romarne Russell Sylvan Srhley Jackxe Srmpson DYXIi.,lll St Andre Herman Taylor Ceraldlne Wfaglev Carolnne XV1nh1rg AI'Cl1lC Wforsham Dtyrtl X oung I -:nr ,ytnaniiihif ,K -,I Cohen Robson W RAY BREEDLOVE, Elkr Exmy Contest, Third Parish Poetry in 1949 Anthology of Southern Slater High School Poetry EW 40. Schools of 200-400 iii' BARBARA BRITTAIN VINCENT HOTI-IO FRANK POOLE LOU ROPP fSpefif1l Mention: nlro Gold Key Azuzra. Srho- lartir Cozztextj ING SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST, GERVAIS ALDREDGE Firff DAISY COX Third PEARRY LEE GREEN Semnd DAVID KENDRICK Third FACULTY: 641 Miss Clio Allen Ccf. Speechj Miss Dorothy Cohen Miss Marion Lindsay Ccf. For, Lang. I Miss Mary S. Robson GOLD KEY AXVARD, RLGIOX Srholaftir Co nlfxt HENRY DETHLOEF MARILYN FORD JEANETTE M ETHVIN NELXWYN POTTER REUBEN ROY C111 o 111: ilftffj HERSCI-IEL RUSSELL fl-1012. JIIEIIIIOII. Nfztiofml Cozzteftj amiga FACULTXIZ Miss Clio Allen Qcf. Speech? Miss Marion Lindsay Miss Marion Lindsay J? f'- J si 1 ooo I , U, g 5 f 1 , , , o- X' ff fcgl- f-0' x',f ,4 uf' I, ," fnx 4 , !j 2' Mrs, Inez C. Corley Q33 Nella Faye Babb Pztfr. Prlfitft l7.ll,!l. .Sun C,t'11M1.1f 1311: lxflnl. F. H. A. Daisy Cox. Pres., Gloria Cray. V. Presg Nella Faye Babb. Sec.-Treas. Clara Addington. Roxxena Addington. Barbara Anderson, Nella Faye Babb, Marie Barbo. Leo Bedgood, Frances Breedlove. Erinadell Butter, Peggy Callia, Edith Nell Coleman. Daisy Cox. Louise Cox, Millie Davis. Celine Del Rio. Vermel Desadier, Patsy Flurry. ,lohnnye jo Foshee, Wfillie Lee Freeman, Gloria Friday. Gwen Fuller. Bobbie Garcia, Wfinib fred Candy, Billie Cass, Nelda Cass, Martha Ann Class. Ruby Lee Gongre, Gloria Gray, Ceraldine Hall, Alta Mae Hay, Hanah Haynes, Bettyf Hernandez. Peggy I-licks, Patsy john- son. Iyy 'lean l.eMoine. yloanne Luttrell. Dixie Lyons. Imogene Martin, Katherine Martin. Patsy Methvin. Claudine Middleton, Barbara Miller, Melita Moss, Betty Murray. Marie Nolley, lidxxina Peayy. Margaret Salter. Ottavia Sandlin, Betty -lean Sibley. Betty jean Tolar, Merle Vernher, XVillie Mae XVilson, lfvelyn Youngblood. ,ani- Miss Betty Porter Mr. M. T. Cheves .Nant INTERNATIONAL CLUB David Young, Pres.g Herman Taylor, V. Pres.g Beth Mouser. Sec. Betty Lou Ainsworth. Nella Faye Babb. john Batten, jo Ann Breedlove, Daisy Cox. jerry Davis. Henry Detliloff. Marilyn Ford, Anne Gillespie, Gloria Gray, Billie Mason, Robert Miller, Marilyn Mitchell, Beth Mouser, Bcity Lou Palmer, jo Ann Prcstridgc, ,lacquelyn Roark, jack Sharp, Herman Taylor, Beth XY'ailcs, David Young. RP Mrs. Lucille-'T. Carnahan Miss Agnes Clark ifmfzq l.,m,l AC fgiw ' f X CDRW? f' ow if f fl 2 if-53 A l wil E f N! diil '?e, ff ummm FACULTY: Mr. P. H. Breedlove Mr. C. C. Graham fcf. Scienceb Mrs, Velma Hargis fcf. Artl Mr. V. G, Hyams, jr. Mr. Trent Melder fcf. Phys. Elly Breedlove Hynms JZ IL " 26 ' P B6 ku, R 12 3 1 1V Q I lwwrnrr,-Y Niger We ' f 'P QW. 7 Q ,. ' I 770464 FACULTY: 4 'lllf ! iq ll E11 Q Q Mrs. Naomi Hill AQ Mrs. Naomi Hill 1' f R ' Mr, Frank Schneider f 5 X :- i '33 W H I C '11 1 1 R v R, 1 . - G Nw N a wN 'L l Q ' ' K Mu Q I Q W W ORCHESTRA Barbara Brittain, Charlotte Cfox. Anne Haight, Clloise Leggett. Mona Gray Miller, Ladye Pool, Nelxxyn Potter. Barbara Robson. Mary Carolyn Robson, Gloria jean Salter, Linda Shows, Martha Wfheeler, Elaine Young. .SW in F ,. a 2 J 4' .nik .- .. , -me 2 1' wks , 'iff ' 5531 g 1, I .L I 1.35.3 ik-I 3,--,M g fix N I Q! , 5+-gf f 55 i we 45 1' -fl -Q' 2.5-iff W ex. fe , fp si 2, , C 4 N ffi ' 2 1' f ix? .,. if K U sig' , BAND Frank Poole. Presg ,livlinny Pittman, V. Pres.. Rningx vlennings. Setig XY'ainul Fcrgusiin. Trens. Edna Bea Arluins, Merita Bgzml'-urg, Murris Brussette, Dick Buckley. Millie Davis. Bobby joe Dwyer, Yfamul Ferguson. Alnhnnye 'ln Fnsliee, George Cieistxyliite, Roy Graham, Sarah Haynes. Rnnm -lennings, Tetl Lilley, Glentla Martin, Curtis Mussingill, Rose Marie Minis, Sterling Minturn. Bruce Mnrris, E. L, Muss. Xxlillltlll Nealy, Eric Pierson. jnlinny Pittman, Ffilflli Pwlc. ,lack Pfurllrw. Haywwml Rzulml. Vennie Luis Rnclml. -Izicquelyn Rnnrk, Shirley Roberts. Scriyen Russ. Hersuliel Russell. Cfliurliitte Sililey. Patsy Slieliane. Mary Stevens, james Tlmmasee. Betty Tolar, Lrzrla Tolar. jerrell Tynes. Lois Beth Wliiles. Bert Wlillette, Charles XVeaver, Tum xX'llll1lINS, Perry Winn, iiurtliin Young. :Qi :W Q Z' ii " w L. E if a GO FACULTY: Mr. P. H. Breedlove fcf. Math.J Mr. C. C. Graham Mr. R. CQ. Markham Mr. Trent Melder Ccf. Phys, Edj Graham Markham U vw' ,Ze Miss Clin Allen 5 f DEBATE CLUB Billy Erwin, Pres., David Kendrick, V. Pre-s.g jo Pullin, Sec., Beth Mouser, Treas. john Batten, Betty Sue Boydston, jo Ann Breedlove, Barhara Brittain, Katherine Buckley, Roy Buckley, Charlotte Cox, jerry Crocker, Virginia Deason, Henry Dethloff, Mazie Dran- guet, Bill Erwin, Helen Fletcher, Pat Gahagan, Anne Gillespie, Vincent Hotho, David Ken- drick, Norman Koonce, Billie Mason, Rohert Miller, Marilyn Mitchell, Beth Mouser, Betty Lou Palmer, Bill Palmer, Patsy Payne, jo Ann Prestridge, jo Pullin, Wayne Rigdon, Barbara Robson, Kathleen Simmons, Margaret Townsend, Geraldine Wagley, Martha Lane XVheeler. -6 5 I .s .3", s ,Q 3 Q .Q 4 'Q ,V 112+ 3 I 3 . fr, F Humorous Interp., first MAZIE DRANQUET Poetry, first, Radio, first Serious Interp., second Poetry, third, Radio, first Serious Interp., second HELEN FLETCHER NORMAN FLETCHER District American Legion Oratorical Contest, fifth MICKEY GAHAGAN Serious Interp., first Serious Interp., 2nd DAVID KENDRICK JERRY CROCKER HENRY DETHLOFF Undefeated in Debates in MARILYN MITCHELL Radio, second FREEMAN MORGAN Extemp., second BETH MOUSER Extcmp, second JO ANN PRESTRIDGE Radio, first Radio, third Oratory, Finalist JO PULLIN Humorous Declam., third Humorous Declam., Finalist Poetry first up np xi-dff' ,..f-- 'QW it Lou ROPP A dw T ' v REUBEN ROY Humorous Interp., Finalist KATHLEEN ,SIMMONS Poetry, Finalist GERALDINE XVAGLEY Extempq first Extemp., Finalist Northwestern Tournament anno 99 THESPIANS AND DRAMATIC CLUB Betty Sue Boytlstun, Presg Billy Erwin, V. Pres., Beth Mouser, Setyg George Bailey, Treas. THESPIANS: Gervais Altlretlge '?"5'f'5'i'1A, George Bailey '7'?'5"'?, john Batten QW, Betty Sue Boyd- stun ju Ann Breedlove, Roy Buckley S+, Henry Clay Dethloff, jtiye Durr, Bill Erwin f4'l""?, Helen Fletcher, Anne Gillespie, Dayitl Kentlrick, Billie Masnn, Marilyn Mitchell, Beth Mouser, jo Ann Prestritlge, jo Pullin '3'1"3'5"7"'f', Kathleen Sinimuns, Geraldine XY'agley. DRAMATICS: Libby Aultls, Katherine Buckley, jerry Davis, Virginia Ann Deason, Jean- ette Dmytlen, Mazie Dranguet, john Levy Fretlerick, -lack McCain, .lean Haskins, Zip -ltilley, Muna Grey Miller, Sterling Minturn, -ltihnny Pittman, Betty Ltiii Palmer, Frances Nell Pentler, Reuben Roy, Octavia Santllin, Betty lain Stevens, Yynnne XY'elt'h. CI 5, All 3' J f .. al M7242 , Q Ai! W , , Y? QQ f QQ 571 , Q 5 1 f , 2 ',,. L A U5 I I 'I I Q' C '11 f f f 52 i ,7 4 7 E E AW 9 O 0 I newer!! Buckley Kendrick Aldredge Roy Buckley. Prcs.g David Kendrick, V. Pres.g Gervais Aldredge, Sec.: Marilyn Mitchell, Norman Koonce, jack Simpson, Rep.-at-Large. Gervais Aldredge, jo Ann Breedlove, Roy Buckley, Daisy Cox, Wfayne Dew, Norman Koonce, David Kendrick, Sterling Minturn, Marilyn Mitchell, jack Simpson, Geraldine XVngley, Keith XVest. SPONSORS: Miss Clio Allen Miss Dorothy Cohen I I 0264 Wagley Mitchell Batten Mouser . I Roy Gillespie Sharp STAFF Erf11m'fGeraldine XXfagley. Xrzu Eilizori-jolun Batten, Barbara Brittain, Marilyn Mitchell, Beth Mouser. Fmfnw EJimz,rfW'arnul Ferguson, Anne Gillespie, Reuben Roy. Spam- Erlifmi-fHenry Dethloff, Norman Koonce, Jack Sharp. BlI.fj77t',U Alfzzmgar'-David Young. Rrfporlw t-4Clara Addington, Katherine Buckley, Louis C. Cousachs, Charlotte Cox, Virginia Deason, Helen Fletcher, Anne Haight, Sara Haynes, Zip Jolley, Wfanda jordan, David Kendrick, Patsy Payne, Kathleen Simmons, Herman Taylor, Betty jean Tolar, Margaret Townsend. Spazzi-0mAMrs. Eunice Kennedy, Miss Marion Lindsay. gaaatew Daisy Cox, Pres., jeanette Dowden, V. Pres., Geraldine Vfagley Sec., Betty Sue Boydstun, Treas. Fdna Bea Adams, Gervais Aldredge, Betty Lou Ainsworth, Libby Aulds, Nella Faye Babb, Bobby Berry, Betty Lou Bice, Betty Sue Boydsturi, jean Brazzel, Frances Breedlove, jo Ann Breedlove. Betty Breitenberg, Barbara Brittain, Katherine Buckley, Sarah Clark. Daisy Cox, jerry Davis, Virginia Anne Deason, Dorothy Dezendorf, jeanette Dowden, Mazie Dranguet. joye Durr, Vifamul Ferguson, Helen Fletcher, Marilyn Ford, Anne Gillespie, Sarah Gillespie, Carolyn Glass, jean Haskins, Patsy johnson, Faye jordan, Eloise Landrum, Billie Mason. jeanette Methvin, Patsy Methyin, Mona Gray Miller, Marilyn Mitchell, Beth Mouser, Betty Lou Palmer, Frances Nell Pender, jo Ann Prestridge, jo Pullin, Vennie Lois Rachal, jackie Roark, Octavia Sandlin, Kathleen Simmons, Geraldine Xvagley, Lois Beth Wfailes, jo Anne XY'eaver, Yvonne Wfelch, Caroline Winlwiirg. SPONSOR: Miss Clio Allen 23 3 3, .gi - 1 -Q ai? Wed Zaatd ,fuk 'OW Roy Buckley, Pres.: Frank Poole, V. Pres., Katherine Buckley, Sec., Betty Sue Boydstun, Treas. Bea Adams, Rowena Addington, Betty Lou Ainsworth, Jo Ann Ainsworth, Barbara Anderson, Betty Ann Barlow, John Batten, Jo Ann Breedlove, Betty Breitenberg, Barbara Brittain, Betty Sue Boydstun, Katherine Buckley, Roy Buckley, Joan Chambers, Jon XV. Clemons, Peggy Callia, Charlotte Cox, Louise Cox, Jerry Crocker, Larry Crocker, Virginia Deason, Henry Dethloff, Jeanette Dowden, Mazie Dranguet, Bobby Dwyer, Wamul Ferguson, Nor- man Fletcher, John Levy Frederick, Gloria Friday, Juanita Fuller, Bobbie Garcia. George Geistwhite, Anne Gillespie, Sarah Gillespie, Martha Ann Glass, Cecil Gray, Thomas Gray, Jean Haskins, Roma Jennings, Patsy Johnson, Norman Koonce, Ted Lilley, Stanley Lott, Dur- wood McBride, Dorothy Maggio, Imogene Martin, Billie Mason, Richard Methvin, Dalton Miller, Mona Miller, Rose Marie Mims, Marilyn Mitchell, Freeman Morgan, Beth Mouser, Charline O'Con, Betty Lou Palmer, Bruce Phillips, Ladye Pool, Frank Poole, Nelwyn Potter, Jo Ann Prestridge, Betty Prudhomme, Vennie Lois Rachal, Doris Roberts, Barbara Robson, Betty Jean Rodgers, Octavia Sandlin, Kathleen Simmons, James Stephens, Henry Cook Tay- lor, Betty Tolar, Merle Vercher, Kenneth W'ailes, Keith West, Martha Xvheeler, Wayne XVil- kerson, Willie Mae Wilson, Caroline Winbarg, Archie Worsham, David Young, Evelyn Youngblood. 1 tx: " 'Qu octane 6064614 Ulf f4mefzc1-sa IQ jeanette Dowden, Pres, Daisy Cox, V. Pres., jean Haskins, See., Fay jordan, Treas. Gervais Aldredge, Janis Anderson, Betty Sue Boydstun. Frances Breedlove, jo Ann Breedlove. Betty Breitenherg, Sam Callia, joan Chamhers, Sarah Clark, Daisy Cox, Louis Cusachs, Virginia Anne Deason, Jeanette Dowden, Billy lirxvin, XY'amul Ferguson, Helen Fletcher, Pat Gahagan, Nelda Gass, Anne Gillespie, Carolyn Glass, Geneva Gongre, Gloria Gray, jean Haskins, Hugh jolley, Fay jordan, Cloise Leggett, Imogene Martin, Billie Mason, Patsy Methvin, Mona Grey Miller, Marilyn Mitchell, Frank Poole, Jo Ann Prestridge, jo Pullin, Reuhen Roy, Mary lillen Royston, Kathleen Simmons, Betty Lou Stevens, Geraldine XVagley. Caroline XX"inharg, Bennie Ruth XVood, Archie Wforsham, David Young, Gordon Young. Sl'O.X'SOR: Miss Mary S. Rohson 1. il.. 4-Z' EM David Young, Pres, Sonny Hilton, V. Pres., Jack Simpson, Sec. Clara !AhlLllIUjIUI1,Vl1lI1lS Antlersonflarney Rae Babb, George Bailey, Merita Bamburg, Thomas Blankenship, Betty Breitenburg, Peggy Cjallia, Elton Clardino, Mack Carpenter, ,Ioan Cham- bers, Virginia Deason, XVayne Dew, XVamul Ferguson, Paul Eoshee, john Frederick, George Geistxvhite, Ciloria Gray, Ernest Hammett, Alta Mae Hay, Durford Hernandez, Sonny Hilton, Roma Jennings, Patsy johnson, Dallas johnson, Eddie jolley, Stanley Knotts, Nor- man Koonee, Cfloise Leggett, Carl Lofton, Stanley Lott, Dorothy Maggio, Robert Miller, Dalton Miller, Bobby Monk, -Ioe Morgan, Wfaddy Norman, Doris Oldham, Bill Palmer, Nelxvyn Potter, Betty .Io Prudhomme, Haywood Rachal, Dixie Rowe, Mary Ellen Royston, -lack Sharp, Linda Shoxvs, Sylvan Sibley, ,lack Simpson, Betty Lou Stevens, Betty june Gallien, O. K. XY'elch, Tommy XX"illiams, XViIlie Mae XY"iIson, Bennie Ruth XVood, Archie XVorsham, Elaine Young, David Young. Y 9 ,0 WW 2 J Q I 4 V' -K I I X' ff 4 f ll f X X Q 1 2 Q Q1 2- OWL THIZ 19-19 SQUAD Front rowz Pierson, j, Crocker, Miller, Kendrick, Springer, Sharp, Batten, Bailey, Thomasee Second row: M. Murphy, Dethloff, Jolley, Norman, Welch, D. Methvin, G. Young, Hicks Byles, K. Methvin. Third row: j. Stevens, Rachal, Dew, D. Young, Simpson, Sibley, Clemons Foshee, B. Stevens, Lilley. Fourth row: Hotho, Koonce, Worshani, Monk, Buckley, Knotts Shirley, D. Murphy, Scroggins, St. Andre, Coach Melder. Fifth row: Coach Elkins, Lucky Tynes, Lott, Phillips, Vlfest, Blake, I.. Crocker, Palmer, Blankenship, McTyre, Miller, Elkins 7?47 pd 'va :needle Opening the season minus their head coach, Tom Elkins, who had a Assistant Coach Melder Coach Elkins 3? .. a ...ti law! 1 lr, F ,W X, fir vw pw.. -ww t"",f' throat ailment, the Natchitoches Red Devils lost a heartbreaking 15 to 6 decision to Winnfield. In the second quarter the Devils tallied with Murphy traveling forty-five yards to paydirt. As the half ended, although XVinnfield had tallied, the Devils still had a 7 to 6 lead. In the last half Murphys many long sprints went for naught, while the Tigers managed V to push across a score of 13 to 6. The game ended with the Devils deep M N Z in enemy territory. the season the . scrappy Devils traveled to Shreveport to play powerful Byrd High School Although between 30 to 36 points underdogs, the boys fought Byrd to a standstill in the first half, with Murphy's punting as highlight in the After losing the heartbreaking opening game of first quarter. - agp, A la the linebacking of Worsham were outstanding. Always a threat, the Wforsham to Young passing combination scared opponents. Though fighting all the way, the Devils finally succumbed to the superior weight and experience of the Yellow jackets, coming out on the short end of a hard fought 20 to 0 score. The line play of Welch and imwwv-HW Man,-awxv wvrfxxwi if A ., fx f ,A ' L. ffffisixffni. s fig' Q-L , 1 , ' Q , ' - f' -, Lg - M gg 7 A A Xi A gfifiw ,ff -Wi i iii a , Q K A yy Q V1 Q Ag X , - V , ' My ,Q 5,ggg3T ,M, , :J .. f Vi f' ' - f .W 'if K , ,W .L W , ' M, I iff F iii ff Yew! E ,3 N J' S Q LV fffaz-J up In Ju 'Vx W,...A..,,7 , A M ffml K . i H? f 3 A N ' A F' ' A T-,W,L.....,,..i.,.3.. K M ' , . ,V.x ..r.,,M...,, , W A 4, Y Via' t 2 . 'A 1 5 . fhh fur' ,E 1 N, .V , Q - ' 34 X i - 1 , at , , I k l ' A QE: 3 sf A 1 L. -Q lh' . ,f:, V i . ' l ' .. mg, , F 5 - if , ' IL' 3 5 'P fy . f Q 5, ' I. A ' -it - -1, , K .g eff. 'X ' - "' - -M . M. ' in A E -1 , I ., EW il T px A I - Y , f I , if f , . , S, ' M , 'H "- Q 3 S ' . ., L 4 ' bf' Qi? 239: x f. ' . . f A WS' i if Q V "" , . A f - ' , 1 .4 1' fa, ' ' V V . x fe 'W 'V "1 QM' ' f 4 fs ' A f w A K 43 ,. hx' 5, A ' -,f Q' M J I - U Q M 5 ..,xx, f ! LR ,M L was f -, V 5 X , V- ' 5 - " ,, W M ' ' I Us L ,V Q ' LQ A A ? .P ,gfommdaej 61:01 rin, 1:31 6752! Ziff Q o U A 1 1 'w J , 'Q 0 Q. .1 if QL 15' , - ,. , Ar I it M N , ,gy ' .3 X WN . 447602fQA6E f.zaz?a5wn0:f,,Qff4hVa6'026!o2 Acoze . . . A ik. t 5 4? xi ,. , , , -S Q 8, ,j ' I V . if ""' 7oz-acgafow-n fn .99f'a?ac!dex2 aw. Smog? y gbum lake -ffl? Cd2'ZL.?!Z at -Zag., ' 4' Wownma Maia: X0 ga-fwfa aww Zgxoife ' 25.4.1-5ifzf.1??' ifwifon.. Nh Q 5 K im 1 , 1 f XM, K' k-hh is 1.L, 5 "'f ' "' ff 'a 1 Q '32 M . b h , fl K Lf Q L'V N -,.ff ' '- fb 'f M W, ...U W-H, ,M 4.,h1..H. .,- vL..,.f.,, -.,..,,.1.l ,M N ,MWQM WW-.-.. -,, ' i. ' ' 4qQ2M fu1429 f2,uc,Zc?owffg k. 4 A 9-n4..f i Az., ' , ,A.1.:,,,V Q 4... , ., 1- f M, 5 0- fx-mink fu' ,V ,,,,- A 1 D 0 i ' if 2 W ,Q N 3 E R M S U H R A P M H 4 Honorable Menlion: ON ALL-NORTH-I OUISIANA ALL NORTH-LOUISIANA Honorable Mention LOUISIANA-ALL STATE Before a cheering Homecoming crowd, the Devils lost a hard-fought 13 to 6 decision to the Ruston Bearcats in a game marred by frequent penalties. Coming back after Ruston had scored on a continued march from the kickoff, the Devils scored on a pass play cover- ing forty-five yards, with quarterback Clemons pitching to Murphy. With two minutes left in the game, the Rustonites scored on a seventy yard dash, clinching a victory. For the second straight week a single touchdown made the difference, as the Devils came out on the long end of a 13 to 6 count in an encounter with the scrappy Menard Eagles. Actually the Devils dominated the statistics, but had to rely on a forty-five yard touchdown trip by Murphy to win. Traveling to Shreveport for the final game of the season and last game for some nine- teen Devils, the boys dropped the tilt to the St. johns Flyers 20 to 0. Playing spottily, the boys could not find the spark on offense, nor would their pass defense function properly. Passes netted two scores for St. johns Although not scoring, Murphy, Norman and Byles piled up yardage, while the defensive play of Scroggins and Sharp was outstanding. ILHHMANA,ALLSTATE 4, - . ' ' :FW H r tif ff if -in Z is. c y mg o - 4 r 0 Cm 403 02:04 4mrxn Honorable Mention: Honorable Mention ALL NORTH-LOUISIANA ALL-NORTH-LOUISIANA LOUISIANA ALL STATE , 1 Q ig' Qi, y X 8' ' 2 ig 3 Q 'ina E 1 X , v M Q b 3 ' "" L fe u u w "1f'13 7-lo-meoovnin Znuzf' gmc, n an R B I 3 R 'X Q, ad' A Xa-5 is HW x23 f Sv pf' 22 .Ag A? '7 -an , LJ -J Q 1 N f' 152 U ,af 3 i ,, ,Nei .Q- if i Qcbfisfpl A - 59 , Q g , in 1. Y . as 3 E f I gy '.,. ., S55 i 3 2 I 3 Q sig, 1 X R? ' Q 1 JZ' , ff, X X Sf VLH We nr- " f my . 151 H , A 5,5 N A Q any 4, ' .3 A ,lin ' A flvtvnwcm 'X' .se 5 0,5 Q if A fi? , 'H' 'Z xii X E 5 1 4 4' 4' 1.1 I M 'I mg, . fail 62 , 'ii' m3"fl5y5:'if 31, ,E PM -1..,.,.,,4-1 -'QR il . Boytlstun Aldredge Minturn STAFF lffflfflf' ,,.,, .t ,. H ,, Betty Sue Boytlstun rl.v'.fl.tlt111I Erfilor V Gefvgig Aldferlgg BIlmflIt'.U' illzlllrlgw' ,, ,,v,,, Sterling Ixfinfurn S,f'f11'f.f . ..,..,.,,,,, jerry Crocker riff, ,, Betty Lou Ainsworth janis Anderson john Batten jo Ann Breedlove Betty Breitenberg Sarah Clark Charlotte Cox Jeanette Dowden Marilyn Ford Billie Mason Jeanette Methvin Mona Grey Miller Beth Mouser Vennie Lois Rachal Barbara Robson Betty Ann Barlow Frances Breedlove jo Pullin jack Sharp Mary Carolyn Robson Reuben Roy Margaret Salter Betty Thaxton jo Ann Weaver Martha Wheeler Willie Mae Wfilson BREEDLOVE F Y MASON f J 1. 5 FORD SBE E Y' w 1.1:,,Q Qi kwfflfgg ' af-f""" sk amy XKQX xv-,yrwf 11 Y .. x if N x4'xk3Q.NC42XE:RbQ1'xf":Sn S F, gfi55,'qgNX fb QXK-XQ5'QqxQ, 'N-Xs3yMyWSS KXXQ vbvxvwu IL ' .2 'P ti! W'xQ.,x-ek. Nw QXXx.w.2f RLxY1.f, , Y swf , Nf3Qswm.f'3 g QS ,F 4 S , . . . M , f"- ' U. ', Q: . , '-' Q 'I 'in f " 1 If I"' ' Y in 1 K 7 ' X Qi' lx i ifis, K lm -MQ 'K , . 9, k 4 2 ff Mvj 2:59, 7X xo,-JN gf - 3 wwQQo'we S Cf Vr :V five 'SYXQ Qifwfff 1 rgulv S. 3 . F4 5 X "xi VXu"3nC.w-VX "giggle X e 5 xk YJ ' f?"'-,Qxf19e:ff ,, ', XM, 3 ds Q Yvx GAB Ev W Tn is Txvxv- ee. NMS vpx M xlxvfgbxcf XX XQKYXNM. N N ,, 1, 57 QQML VQUWXXX ' -0 459 Q fix, X Plxflg Ptioyqf -' EX fa "N A Q, A f LVQA 'x Ok Glynn r, S JC, . 'ff X A f-Iyxrjffdg f x QQ O-Kilo ,jf it 56-vu Usa NXQ,qQ..?XY5Q.Xrxfx.N'Sjg3.YXc,eM Xu Tke. '35 11,0 6,9,,, 5 f 0f fbd 030,75 Wg' XA R 440' Qovxo Xrskolzl bum QU ive! 6 u-el QU, xxvxu Y' O VX L90 5+ "tLxV0u, Vx' QJ sux 9,0 Y, YV KPMG CA as ' QJLIL, O. 0 D QJ Q6 Af Y W Ga Red. luweffofs Q., QUXAJQ Y o 4Je'3pkC7S9?ohH"c o L:-. 0 ,7 6 eq- l'1efsfC,xE?T??0:,"13a7 173 S16 4 X Q 17 Q1 , ' yhhao ff Q,"-,Ll ij" 0 I Lol' '12-'J 0 Q CU L, ba Q! I 81,7 IL' ,D fo '51 been-My F 'kg1b"'lfF. I At' J-Q 'QD , 3'4,0 DKQPVQ 9 ' 3 'oz , xg yopxlu D gl-V9 Xxxfx N 98,525-xv LOG XL! ri' 0 QV PA gf U O 00 4? X 1064 0 5 6 a A216 if 2? O zq 5300 ' ef Q 909 N5 96 in, giaaxbag FJ 66685 Kew' X 66 Yum flxveoxvgw X exon N QX0. VXXT6 O91 VN QW' X f ?Q IQ 1 0 X X V0 o Q 'ND ' Ol- N Vx Q XX G 2, Q X CJ I O If 2? Q x 6 1 fgk X9 S0 0 K 0 OA ,D wx Qffdayf. COFFEE 'SI IOP? Good Coffee At All Tlmes Speclol Dmners SECOND STREET NQQV 4, mme, ,QE kkksnop QLMZZ4, QADIO CENTER PHONE 3777 r I Comphments of jgopfei HAIQDVVATZ E 2I2 FRONT STREET PHONE 25l2 1 aakb ' 45 53 , ' l 5 V' 5 ' A i O Tl-IE A F 0,8 Z 209 wk LA DOT:-aEcAr2v WHERE PHARMACY IS A PROFESSION NOT A SIDELINE Slckroom Supplies KZ L Phone Prudhomme Bu Idmg Na+chl+oches Loulsuana The Natchltoches News DEDICATED TO THE PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT RED RIVER VALLEY S+eeI 8: Wooden Offuce and School Furmfure Underwood Typewrlfers and Addmg Machines Globe Wermcke S+eeI Fllmg Equlpmeni' Planf Iocafed FHI1 af Toul ne TeIephone 3456 C07lIPllllI6'l1fS 0 7 BALLARD 5 fioeegg ii afaLZeg FREE DELIVERY 5I3 WILLIAMS AVE PHONE 3632 HWWMZM N NATCH :Toes-ass f Zim 6 Q ZQQM MWA? J EVVE LJQXK nos WASHINGTON PHONE 2747 QUALITY JEWELRY 898 22412 552 23264. 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ASSI' CMMS' Esiablished in I892 o ss Y ' ' Jos PRINTING SCHOOL SUPPLIES NATCI-I ITOCI-I E5 gmkrqfzfq,-cafe Ofhcral Journal of Cnty of Natchltoches Carmen Breazeale Owner and Edltor PHONE 2526 Zvzaqxgeyel.. 51-IOP: CSTORF POLL PARROT W-1 fix Mmm N HOES 5I0 SECOND STREET LIVE OAK giocegay if m,3-4246 Your Corner Store Where Friendly Service Prevcnls NATCHITOCHES LOUISIANA Qfauflazfazaf LLJINXIIEET2 co, :Nc Bulldnng Maternal Headquarters PHONE THE LUMBER NUMBER 3lI7 Congratulations Q Zgege ggaamefgdl. 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Suggestions in the Natchitoches High School - Chinquapin Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) collection:

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