Natchitoches High School - Chinquapin Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA)

 - Class of 1949

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Natchitoches High School - Chinquapin Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

Page 6, 1949 Edition, Natchitoches High School - Chinquapin Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collectionPage 7, 1949 Edition, Natchitoches High School - Chinquapin Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection
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A, A 'AAA ' V- ,V ,A E A A -A 'AVA ,AA ,. V V, A . W 1, A, 3 if , A Ll, 1 ' P1 ' V4 V V 1 ' 1 V , 1 V V. VV e . 1 V , JVVV' W ' ?' , , 'VV ,1,, ' V ,, 1 if ' ' ! f r ' 1 . . A . .5 , , . 'nl g V 1, V- V' V V , 'L ' Vx, ,L si F 4 .A f! AA A WI , V- 1 Vw, L fs f "W V V, V' ff' 'Ii 5 ' if 3 VA ,V s fA Af 1, V ' , 41- ,V A A 1 L 1 Vg" 'J V f H 6 VV - - A A, V . , V A V V ' " X. ' 1 ,A ,A A V . , , 1 V 2..gAAv' A' ,Af A,Ii,A,,ff A Q ,A A A A . . Ai A qi V J ,, A . 1 , in .fe .V V1 V, 1 ' V: . V , 4.-1' VV - V if -' 1 1, ,, 1 V, :.- V VV , V A, . A A , , A, V ?A.A5,V A, , A, V- V ,A ,AV AV V A 1 VA, 1 A 7 , VV V --, , 5,A,AA , 5, AA A A A Af-A V ,L , V A Q if-VV1 J "1 ' V , V 5 114 w 1 , , V1 , V 1, V1 s ' .wx . , , A 'fg V V V - ,1 A ' , - A 1 V V V V A , ' 1 17,5 1 Af-VA, . FAN 1 A A A AAAVAALY AAA! A A 4 ,A 1 .A f, , , A A Ap, V, AAA A. V , A A VXA 5 5. 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V65 9172! 6 U 4 cnfclwzioches G6 by f TITLE PAGE DEDICATION FOREWORD THE SCHOOL PLANT FACULTY CLASSES Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Eiglifln Graders CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES S+uden+ Council "Signal Fires" Band Glee Club Orcl'xesTra Allied Youfln Boosfers Debafe Club Dramafics Club Eufure Farmers of America Eufure l-lomemalcers of America Eu+ure Business Leaders of America Eufure Teachers of America Eine Ar'rs Club lnlernafional Club 4-H Club FAVORITES Mr. N. H. S. Miss N. l"l. S. Beaufies Mos? lnfelligenf HONORS SPORTS DEPARTMENTS STAEE SNAPS ADS Q W E -4, - 0-UXTIU iT!-I ln appreciaiion of her generosiiy in giving whole- heariediy of her excepfional Jralenfs for fhe benefilr of The school, of her willingness fo iaice any respon- sibiiify wifhouf fhoughi of reward, of The unsehcish ioyalfy and devofion +o N. H. S. and fhe slrudenlr body which she has shown Jrhroughouf fhe years, of The never-failing syn'1pa+he+ic undersfanding she gives +o each and everyone of us, and of her inspirafion To all who come in confacf wi+h her, we, ihe Siaff, proudiy deciicafe Jrhe i949 CHINQUAPIN +o MRS. VELMA C. HARGIS i F 1 1 .s, ga, i -P---'W ---r --f ff -- 'ff-R. Q V -v--- Mahi- - V 4 3 ,eff FOREWORD The STaTT Takes pleasure in presenTing This. The Cl-HNQUAPIN oT I949. ln order ThaT The alumni oT our high school may look back Through Their annuals and Tind a picTure-sTory of as many phases oT Their school life as possible, The STaTT oT The l94'-7 Cl-TINQUAPUBI has added Two new divisions--Honors and DeparTmenTs. These addiTions will give re- cogniTion To The achievemenTs oT Those who make ouTsTanding records in Tields oTher Than sporTs and show inTeresTing and worThwhile acTiviTies in'The regular course oT school work. l-lowever, The STaTT does noT wish To minimize The imporTance oT aThleTics, and has accordingly greaTly increased The SporTs secTion. By adding The Two new divisions and increasing The size oT The old. The STaTT has endeavored To bring To you a bigger and beTTer Cl-llN QUAPIN, and sincerely hopes ThaT your happy memories oT N.l-l.S. will Teed upon iTs pages wiTh as greaT delighT as did The early NaTchiToches lndians upon The savory nuTs OT The chinquapin Tree. ,,,AAAA,,,,,4, ,, ,, Q . , .. VI 2 1 Er, -K, at Q Q kk W1 1 Q Q Mii1ii if N,.2 ,e,..a,.Q.,4 45,95 ff 5 gat i k, if 7 A ,xi 4 Fig- LHS ' YMQ ' .. 2. 1 ' - 3, 55 K , A 7 1 , x -4 V? 1 4 ' Q Jef - H,,.sw-WW' K L1 M: 'JAN K www ,,Q.,......---ff-W ,, Bn.,- 54 v ' .N Q5 W" 5 1 I . Q fe , 5 ffgh - , :fag 'W - In F , 4 . Q W ,M . A.:,.. W I mf , 2312 Kwik XZ Z Wx X XXX X if f QS CLASS OFFICERS Be'r'ry Sue Cl'1oa're, Secrefary-Treasurer Freeman Morgan, Pre-sidenl Cl1arloHe Combs, Vice-Presidenl ANNE AULDS E. H. A.: Glee Club. BETTY SUE CHOATE Girls' Sfale Re-pres. 48: Sec. Thespians 49 Signal Fires: Homecoming Maid 48: Boosfers' Fine Ar+sp E. B. L. A.: Drarnalics. FAYE COLEMAN ' Sec. Treas.-E. B. L. A. 493 Boos+ers3 Signal Firesg Homecoming Maid 48: Eine Arls. CHARLOTTE COMBS F. B. L. A.g Glee Club: Homecoming Maid 47 Sec. Sen. Class 49: Bus. Mgr. Annual 49' Vice-Pres. Sen. Class 493 Debaleg Boosiersq Eine Arfsg Lafin Club 481 Drum Major 48' F SENIORS NORMAN FLETCHER Pres. Sludenl Body 49: Pres. Allied Yourli 48 49: Sporls Edilor Cliinquapin 49: Sporis Edi lor Signal Fires 2 yrs.: Treas. Fresh. and Soplw Classes: Repres. ar Large 46: Sfudenl Coun cil: Dramafics: F. B. L. A.: A'rl'1le+ic Club 46 Foofball: Baslcelball. ELAINE FRIDAY Allied Youili: F. H. A.: Band. LYNN FRY Homecoming Maid 47, 48: Booslers: Signal Fires: lniernalional Club. CECIL GRAY Boys' Slale Repres. 48: Sec. Treas. Jr. Class "Cl'1inquapin": F. B. L. A.: Allied Youl'l'1 lnlernaiional Club. LYNN HICKS G-lee Club: F. H. A.: F. T. A. EDWINA LEACH F. l-l. A.-Songleader 49: Glee Club: Volley Ball 48: 4-H Club. Pl-lYLLlS MOORE F. B. L. A.: Homecoming Maid 47, 48: Mardi Gras Maid 48: Maioreffe 48: "Signal Fires' O SHOWN , ,... .,,, SENIORS FREEMAN MORGAN Pres. Sen. Class: Vice-Pres. Jr. Class: Boy's S+a+e Repres. 48: "Signal Fires": "Cl1inqua- pin": Deba+e: Allied Youlht In+erna+ionaI Club: F. B. L. A.: Foo+ball: Baske+ball: Base- ball: Track: Band. EVA LEE MOSS F. H. A.: Glee Club: So'F+ball: Volleyball. AILCIA PRATT Vice-Pres. Booslers: Band. CHARLES PRATT Boys Sfafe Repres. 48: Band. KENNETH SMITH HAROLD STEPHENS F. F. A. TOMMY KEY' CHARLES RUSSELL CLASS OFFICERS . Roberi' Miller, Secrefary-Treasurer: John Baifen, Presigenfg George Bailey, Vice-Presiden+ 4 VH , i f,fk , ,.,k. Vim .f-- .Q , An n a Aiicin s Q 2-f George Bailey N 'S A S ,Th K ff i ' ' w fi 2 3 2 7 at 13 v eff fl . , 5 g ,, as 4 John Baiien Beiiy Sue Boydsiun ei. Gervais Aldredge Barbara Anderson wah Q , L.: -EI,, B , N Dorollny Dezendorf Jeanelle Dowden ,D . .Z J U N I CD R S Ray Breedlove Roy Buckley Charles Byles Slewarl Carringlon Bobby Joe Dwyer Jimmie Emmons I H Daisy Cox Shirley Raye Dew im. Pea rry Lee Green. Jean Haskins JUNIORS Billy Erwin Wamuil Ferguson ' Mickey Gahagan Sam Gallien Raymond Hernandez Ar+hur Hilfon 1 Sarah Gillespie Marfha Ann Glass Pafsy Meflwin Richard Me+lnvin Pafsy Johnson Edward Lee Jordan JUNIGRS Fay Jordan Willard Landrum . .1 P. James Lof+on Imogene Marfin Dalfon Ray Miller Roberf Miller JUNIORS Roberl L. Miller Bobby Monk Billie O'Quinn Jackie O'Quinn Jerry Rascoe Wayne Rigdon BeHy Lou Palmer Nelda Pullin Margaref Seller Jackie Scroggins ! Roy Shirley Bobbie Sue Sibley .w-- Wqnr- ....X JUNIO RS David Young I l , n Gilford S+eadman BeHy Lou S'I'evens Raymond Jefer Dwane Murphy Waddy Norman O. K. Welch Herman Taylor. Jr , Archie Worsham CLASS OFFICERS Marilyn lv1i+cl1ell, Vice-Presidem' David Kendrick, Presidenl Kallmerine Buckley, Secrelary-Treasurer SOPHCMORES Edna B. Adams Rowena Addinglon Carroll Adkins Belly Lou Ainsworiln Charles Aulds Ne-lla Faye Babb T' SOPHOMORES Merlla Bamburg Bobble Berry Maurice Bonnelle Emily Jean Brazzel Addie Breedlove Bobbie Breedlove SOPHOMORES Joye Durr Helen Flelclner Roberl' Folweiler Marilyn Forcl Paul Foslwee Juanila Fuller I-'1 1 ii ' 'A N L or " ' -- ,',.f.e'1Qv,,-.x,e ,X K H "YEA "'w. fflfg wg x- f'n:4,niHiefwa:' K 'S 'l. R ,.- V. 'il yn" i li W "S-M. Radu g ig.: Q my gr iggiq, K K if was fa-We ffl '1 is J Leclore Gallien Anne Gillespie Noble Ray Green Vincenl I-loflwo Bill l-lulclwerson, Jr. Hugh Scoll' Jolley SOPHOMORES David Kendrick Norman Koonce Cloise Leggehk i JeaneH'e Merhvin Claudine Middle+on Rose Marie Mims ' 3 , , jf, P .- f .. Q 5-,Q V '- A:...Mjz-. :Q Jai' if A151511-my Sferling Minfurn Marilyn Mi+chell Judifn Moody Melira Moss Befh Mouser Dorofiwy Faye Murray SOPHOMORES Marie Nolley Frances Nell Pender Frank Poole Haywood Rachel Vennle Lois Rachel Slwirlon Rhodes T. , if Jacquelyn Roark Reuben Roy Romaine Russell Jack Sharp Sylvan Sibley Kallwleen Simmons SOPHOMORES Jack Simpson Audrey Anne Springer L. B. Springer 'N Dwigl'1+ S+. Andre James Tarver Geraldine Wagley elf, J Six '7 l f we Sill ,,5iz'5fWz Lois Beflw Wailes Willie Mae Wilson Gloria Cargle Lynn Ray Gieger Bill l-'liclcs lvy Gene Lelvloine Kennellw Welch Freddie Wlwilford Gordon Young M. -.....L......,,....A. ,. ,.. ...A...... , ,,,,......mA.-A AL, L+ J, L, .... -,.,,,,+ Chra Pxddxnqion Nvkn Pxmeq ?:ddo'xe MNNW UOXOX4 PNUX55 ae Babb Cav Dovokbq neg Vx Lee Eames E96 fer FFXC 'Y veasu CLPNSS O QWXQH, Secvekarqf Nemons, Vvegxdenk V Reef? reixdenk CAN 0 en C Rig, X'Nenvs45 n W o avr SDCBYNXBH Nino PRE SPM EN 'vwf' RE Joe ' ww -Wm... SYWXEN Donna Brown CaXYra Sam Cararrro EXX on Carrreq Berhaxrr Chambers do CXarY .Soarr Snr -43" Vrarre Barxoo NN Wwe rr Barb BQXN Pm xxlraq Behav A W u .Barnes Bree Bekkq Lo as BX arwkerrsxrfrp 'Wow rpowrrr 'breedkwe Frances ' xoerq Berry Brerrerr 'Fr dm arxoara Brr V' 4,-My . AA-.Ah x -.,j-h-...- A- PR MEN ESM an y A iw 'jf X ar Loukse Fxncin .Bohn X.. Vrederkcks Gwen Y-uXXef Vai Gaxnaqan XN'xnn'x5ved Sandy NeXda Gass Xefnons Jon C une ' Conv M arxe Cv ocker .Semi ,lm wffWM1l"""' .Semi Uovks Vmjxnxa Deason NJ eqneX Oesacfxef Henry De'0nXo'xi NN aqne Dew Dvanquek Ma-ixe -1 f J: H I Hg W , -, mf My . P RESVNMEN Pxvkxvxur 6 askon Cavokfn GYM-S on Qeneva 9 GXov'xa NX a qre Gray Mae Hay WX X'XoNmes xixe .Senvfmqs .Xemfmqs Roma U aXXas 5 dons 6 Jordan Vxaqmon SXGTNXGY Xinoiks Lame , . Edward E. Landvuw Hdxse EMQ Mason XXACBY.Xd6 Duvwood 4 fi' W , ,L ' Q ' 4 RESNA MEN .So Mn Vveskvkdqe Sem .Seen Rodgers Lou Kopp Uma Rowe Mavq New Vxoxgskon vscXweX Vxuss-eNN We V "f..7 X ' fy Q W ,,,,. Wxsk er N'xc,e ,Mn Mc,Ce NN Vxcusmore Mona M'xXXer Wwouvn M'xXXev 3. E. Nvxkckxarv C'narX'me O'Con SM aw BKXN nee O BKXX P aXmer Van sxoom Veavq fzxswwwfwm '. 'W-W. ' 'f-vw., ESYWAEN if ' i Odwfxa SandYm DonaXd Skevens NN5xXes P R I ekxo Xierm f ' mb, ,., my ' " fm V 'Lane NN aXkev Y:Xa'me NN away NN eav ev .S o Pmne Y vorme NN eXdn Hdme NN'xXX'xam5 'Mawson Way YXGXN CaroX'me NN'xr0oevq Benrfxe Kwik Wood Pam Young erk 'me A f AV 2 X 'PMLEXV fmazlalflm .Xurfxor E0 Laverne Lemo e NN eXcX1 010 Loren ' N la Jo Ann Ainsworlln James Bass Elvie Behan Aslwlon Bouis Barbara Bowie Evelyn Brown Dossie Bruce James Bruning EIGHTH GRADERS '-TK 1 BH' flf X 5 ill A "fu, Wy CLASS OFFICERS Marllwa Lane Wheeler, Vice-Presidenl Keillw Wesl, Presidenl' Evelyn Youngblood, Secrelary-Treasurer l -- .1 - 5-fxemga l l 4 l ,. K' 'Q , li -nd? 37 2 B , 1 v-3 1 1 Q 5 2 4 l l l l l l l l l l l l "fi5ewi wif' V s B lofi no . ggi v 1 Q l., E : L . kan 5 - , fit ,'Sjf1,,E, : f H1214-f li eff. ' f 1, 15 SM, . ..,Lm., y Mmwg .... if I 'P 'Q 'Q .........-lun., if ,- f V 3 . j wf Y. kr V if A L 1 x I 5 L .L ii, xl. 9'-lie. i Mews, I N - :V .W . . . "M, ' , H. 1 -K f 'V ,.s."-GF' F QP it 'K if if in 1 " -2 'g,.4"' mtl .t- ok I .F .1 o 1. . ' AQ" 2 Y A .Qin Q' 'Z .Viv 'M ,-., L f 12 4' vt' 4 ' EIGHT!-I GRADERS Dick Buckley Errnadell Buffer Peggy Callia Jerry Carney Mack Carpenfer Edilli Nell Coleman Charlolfe Cox Louise Cox Larry Crocker Millie Davis Clifford Deney Frances Desadier Dorolliy Eldridge Gene Elkins Palsy Ann Flurry Jolinnye Jo Foslwee Willie Lee Freeman Gloria Jean Friday Belly June Gallien Kennellw Gallien EIGHTH GRADERS Alma Lee Garcia Bobbie Garcia Billie Gass George Geisfwhile Ruby Gongre Thomas Gray Geraldine Hall Hannalw Haynes Belly Ann Hernandez Peggy Hiclcs Roy Lee Horn Clwarles lvy Harry Jones Wanda Jordan Joy Leach Ted Lilley Carl Loffon Alice Lonadier Jolnn Lonadier Clara Longlois U' sr J V , V KII I :V 7:1 I if J ' ,, ' ' ,I lf. ' f -fi J Wk ...naar f , -1. ' - V 14 , A , rr Y J Q, llfil' W . ash J, 5 i .3 .A I ,ry Al M 1 if -if M 'l' VG- E if -di EIGHTH CSRADERS George LOH Tracy Luclcy Joanne Lullrell Kalherine Marlin John May John McTyre Cafhaline Meek Jacqueline Meek Barbara Ann Miller Bobby Miller Kennelh Monroe Bales Moore Bel+y Murray Paul O'Con Sylvia Orr Pa+sy Payne Edwina Peavy Bruce Phillips Clinl Pine Johnny Pillrnan EIC-Bl-lTl-l GRADERS Ladye Pool Nelwyn Roller Jackie Profhro Earle Rachel Willie Doris Roberls Barbara Robson Lyle Ross Velma Sanclel Donald Scarborough Dorolhy Shirley Linda Shows Belly Jean Sibley James Sfephens Billy Slevens l-lenry Cook Taylor Belly Thaxlon Billy Thompson Belly Jean Tolar Mar farel Townsend Roberl Tynes arrri -""'? 'Jar 'i dl- "Qu, K. Q-0' l lil' ',,..-Au if-are Lsuffi A I if 5, :ga , ii "E."' 2 -H? ' ilk ,, , Q! wi sm' ,pil- -Albam, ffm, '. HE' av in If ,L Y f f 5 E in li . 'V A l l W 2 li ffpp 2 Y F' If he X: ff Ly . 1 Puoroeapan-4 ,vor Arm A JL f Q' '572--"'1':e 2 Kf ly ' , ' i fc ' D if l i l i i 1 l l. s L.........AA ..,. ,M J 1 .fiiiaika Q, -- l' X 'ik ,, .4154 .v,, ' Ai . Q. J ii l if Q 35 ,- X- iz . i QL' ' P ' es.. ' ' Daniel Blake Celine Del Rio Raymond Gieger Huey King Louis Sfephens Clif+on Thomason Gerald Van Meler il EIGHTH GRADERS Oscar Vailes Grayson Ann Van Hook Jackie Van Meier Merle Vercher Chrisfelle Wailes Charles Weaver Kei+h Wesf Elizabelh Whea+ Richard Wheal Marfha Lane Wheeler Tommy Williams Evelyn Youngblood WW ,, ,, ,A,,,,, 74.14, , , A , . - A THE STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Roy Buckley Vice-Pres. Gervais Aldredge John Bailen Roy Buckley Belly Sue Choale Norman Flelcher Pres. STUDENT COUNCIL Sarah Gillespie Sec.-Treas Jon Warren Clemons Billie Mason Norman Elelcher Freeman Morgan Mickey Gahagan Nelda Pullin Sarah Gillespie Keilh Wesi David Kendrick Sponsors: Miss Clio Allen Miss Dorolhy Cohen Nelda Pullin Edilor Clara Addinglon Jo Ann Ainsworllw George Bailey John Ballen Jo Ann Breedlove Belly Breilenberg Barbara Brillain Kalllerine Buclcley Roy Buckley Faye Coleman Daisy Cox Jerry Davis Geraldine Wagley Co-Edilor Virginia Deason Henry Delhloll Joye Durr Wamul Ferguson Lynn Fry Mickey Gallagan Anne Gillespie Pearry Lee Green Norman Koonce Billie Mason Marilyn Milclnell Freeman Morgan Bellw Mouser Sponsors: Miss Marion Lindsay Mrs. Eunice Kennedy Siqno Fires-3 Palsy Payne Nelda Pullin Lou Ropp Reuben Roy Romaine Russell Jack Sharp Kallwleen Simmons Belly Jean Tolar Margarel Townsend Geraldine Wagley Jo Anne Weaver David Young THE BAND h,,, uma.- ..ml1lw'ws2x l i Edna B. Adams - Rowena Addinglon Carroll Adkins ' Merila Bamburg Be++y Barlow Emily Jean Brazzel Addie Breedlove Frances Breedlove Morris Bruce Dick Buckley Charles Byles Sarah Clark Millie Jean Davis Bobby Dwyer Wamul Ferguson Roberl Folweiler Johnnye Jo Foshee Elaine Friday Gwendol n Fuller Ledore gallien George Geislwhile Evie Jennings Roma Jennings David Kendrick Eloise Landrum Cloise Leggelr Ted Lilley James Lollon Rose Marie Mims Slerling Minlurn Judifh Moody Melila Moss Johnny Pillman Frank Poole Direclor: Kennelh D. Long Ailcia Prall Charles Pralr Jackie Prolhro Haywood Rachal Vennie Lois Rachal Jacquelyn Roark Herschel Russell Romaine Russell Jack Sharp Audrey Springer James Slephens Belly Tolar Roberl Tynes Lois Belh Wailes Kennelh Welch Tommy Williams Gordon Young - , , ,,,n.....Q.....L ,,,,, ,MAN 4.l.,,A W ,fn Www - ' avi! 1? 95. M 'sic Q 1 . 'Q' " , Er V A Q ,, , ., 166 as 3, 'JZ' 4? af I- 1 , ,. ix . , . . W v , 3 f 1 if:-,gsg ul-WE, ,pg f 1' HFFXV fSg " n3.,.. 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Cloise Leggell, Ronald Marlin, Richard Melhvin, Mona Miller, Marilyn Milchell, Bobby Monk, Free- man Morgan, Belh Mouser, Buddy Newman, Belly Palmer, Dan Poole, Frank Poole, Nelda Pullin, Vennie Lois Rachal, Vera Roberls, "fDorolhy Elaine Rogers, Jimmie Row, Qclavia Saridlin, Jackie Scroggins, Billy Simmons, Kalhleen Simmons, Jack Simpson. Kennelh Wailes. Beverly Wilson, Archie Worsham, David Young. Sponsor: Miss Mary S. -Robson Charler member gradualed spring '48 1 Norman Flelcher Pres. Marilyn Milchell Vice-Pres. ALUED YOUTI-l l ec Belh Mouser Treas. ' "" ' .1 r 1 THE BCDOSTER CLUB Gervais Aldredge Pres. Gervais Alclredge Edna B. Adams Rowena Addinglon Belly Lou Ainsworlli Nella Faye Babb Bobbie Berry Emily Jean Brazzel Jo Ann Breedlove Belly Sue Boydslun Faye Coleman Clriarlolle Combs Daisy Cox Ailcia Prall Nelda Pullin Vice-Pres. Sec. Dorollwy Dezendorl Jeanelle Dowden Lynn Fry Marilyn Ford Nobie Green Anne Gillespie Sarah Gillespie Jean Haskins Palsy Johnson Fay Jordan Jeanelle Melhvin Sponsor: Miss Clio Allen Daisy Cox Treas. Palsy Mellnvin Marilyn Milclnell Bella Mouser Belly Palmer Frances Nell Pender Ailcia Prall Nelda Pullin Vennie Lois Raclwal Jacguelyn Roarlc Kallwleen Simmons Lois Bellw Wailes Geraldine Wagley va-r--' -Y -Y ' -v-- -iffvw --WVv...Yf Y iw.-.. ,, ,,,.,,,, ,,,, Y ' THE DEBATE CLUB g George Bailey Helen Flelclier Frances Pender Belly Sue Boydsrun Mickey Galnagan Nelda Pullin Kalherine Buckley Anne Gillespie Wayne Rigdon Roy Buckley David Kendrick Reuben Roy Jerry Davis Norman Koonce Oclavia Sandlin Virginia Deason Marilyn Mirchell Kallnleen Simmons Billy Erwin Freeman Morgan Geraldine Wagley Wamul Ferguson Bella Mouser Jo Anne Weaver Sponsor: Miss Clio Allen X Norman Koonce 6 NNGQBY Pres. Anne GH, 6efaH2e,?reS- Sec' espfe Nelda Pullin Pres. Marilyn Mifchell Vice-Pres. T H E S P I A N S BeH'y Sge Choafe ec. 'Gervais Aldredge George Bailey John Bafien Belly Sue Boydsiun Jo Ann Breedlove Roy Buckley Siewari Carringlon BeH'v Sue Choafe AND DRAMATIC CLUB Jerry Davis Joye Durr Billy Erwin Norman Fleicher Roberl Folweiler Miclcey Gahagan Anne Gillespie Sarah Gillespie Sponsor: Miss Clio Allen Member of The Na+ional Thespian Sociefy Anne Gillespie Treas. Slerling Minfurn Marilyn Miichell Beih Mouser Nelda Pullin Reuben Roy Jack Sharp Ka+hleen Simmons Geraldine Waqley y 3 0 msuniif?fwi ,g', .V Roy Buckley Raymond Hernandez Pres. Vice-Pres. Herman Taylor. Jr. Norman Koonce Sec. Treas. FUTURE FARMERS CDF AMERICA Charles Aulds 'James Bass "'Ash'ron Bouis Roy Buckley EI+on Cardino Sam Gallien Arlhur Gas+on Ray G-ie er Raymonc? Hernandez Bill Hicks Vincenl' Ho1'ho Dallas Johnson Norman Koonce Billy McLamore Richard Me+hvin Roberr L. Miller. Willourn Miller Paul O'Con Harold Pridgen "'Eigh'lh grader no+ yel' ini1'ia+ed info F. F. A. Jerry Rascoe Dwigh+ S+. Andre Donald Scarborough Roy Shirley Gilford S+eadman Harold Siephens Henry Cook Taylor Herman Taylor, Jr. Jackie Van Meier Freddie Whilford H. " E' ' 1' a A . " FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Nella Faye Babb Pres. Clara Adclinglon Rowena Addinglon Anne Aulds Nella Faye Babb Dorolhy Banes Billie Marie Barbo Mae Behan Marie Cormane Daisy Cox Vermel Desaclier ..f-4-nur' Daisy Cox Sec. Dorolha Durham Warnul Ferguson Louise Finch Elaine Friday Winnilred Gandy Gloria Gray Nobie Ray Green Alla Mae Hay Lynn Hiclcs Roma Jennings Sponsor: Mrs. lver W. Pefers Rowena Addingfon Vice-Pres. Edwina Leach Rose Marie Mims Eva Lee Moss Billie O'Quinn Jaclcie O'Quinn Margarel Salier Oclavia Sandlin Elaine Williams Bennie Ruih Wood iAJBiliWLZ12i4iLlilfulEsL1INAiliiuixh.'i.ii.Ha, fi,,m...uf,, l ellis, ,V A ,i - . M , ns., ,i...,.u,,zi.i,i.i, aw. .f,, Wm, f w 7, ii-,. ,W , i 'r 1-'ifwwumiiiiswwiri A, f an '- an 'AW Wiik- L!ZM5'lit'i' 5 ' ' J Iii .rs ,rig MMR! FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS Barbara Anderson George Bailey John Ba++en Karherine Buckley Srewari Carringion Be+1y Sue Choa+e Faye Coleman Charlo++e Combs Daisy Cox Doro+hy Dezendorf Doroiha Durham Herman Taylor, Jr, Vice-Pres. OF AMERICA Wamul Ferguson Helen Fle+cher Juani+a Fuller Lynn Fry Sam Gallien Sarah Gillespie Cecil Gray Pearry Lee Green Jean Haskins Raymond Hernandez Fay Jordan Dal+on Miller Sponsor: Mrs. Eunice Kennedy David Young Pres. Rober+ L. Miller Judi+h Moody Meli+a Moss Frances Pender Jerry Rascoe Jacquelyn Roarlc Reuben Roy Roy Shirley Herman Taylor, Jr. Archie Worsham David Young A L Faye Coleman Sec.-Treas. ,,......,-ning--me-W -A Q FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Daisy Cox Doroflwy De-zendorf Jeaneiie Dowden Wamul Ferguson Jean Haskins Lynn I-licks Sponsor: Miss Mary Fay Jordan Paisy Meriwvin Billie O'Quinn Jackie O'Quinn Archie Worsham David Young S. Robson David Yoqng Pres. -Aim.. Daisy Cox Sec. 6' .all""""' " 'f ' WY. X TQ' NM. I if Archie Worsnam Vice-Pres. 6-lxxesvle Nine Soff- Edna B. Adams Gervais Aldreclge Be++y Sue Boyclslun Jo Ann Breedlove Nelda Pullin Be+l1 Mouser Pres. Vice-Pres. FINE ARTS Kallnerine Buckley Be++y Sue Cl1oa+e Cl'iarlo++e Combs Anne Gillespie Sarah Gillespie Sponsors: Mrs. Lucille T. Carnahan Miss Dorollny Cohen V Mdr1'f Y . Trl eg' fd? 9 Mar+l'na Ann Glass Marilyn Milchell Belln' Mouser Nelda Pullin l l JW mnlvili Me., ,dry W aqlev in eff ffr' f in ' U v,Wcw,m Babb is Ba me r ve .lo times. Gerawiceipres. Nellsecixreag. THE TNTERNATIONAL CLUB Carroll Adlcins Belly Lou Ainsworih Nella Faye Babb John Baflen Jo Ann Breedlove Daisy Cox Jerry Davis Henry Defhloff Marilyn Ford Lynn Fry Roberi Folweiler Mickey Gahagan Anne Gillespie Gloria Gray Cecil Gray Billie Mason 'Roberf Miller Marilyn Mifchell Freeman Morgan Beih Mouser Belly Palmer Jo Ann Presiridge Jacquelyn Roarlc Herschel Rmissell Jack Sharp Herman Taylor, Jr. Geraldine Wagley Beih Wailes David,Young Sponsors: Mrs. Lucille T. Carnahan Miss Be++y Porier i Nella Faye Babb ,I Pres. Dorolha Durham Vice-Pres. in Joan Chambers Sec. MEX-. .-.1-'f'j',,T - 639' 3 4-l-l CLUB Nella Faye Babb Gloria Gray V lvlerila Barnburq Nobie Rae Green Belly Brielenberg Alla Mae l-lay Joan Chambers Evie Jennings Shirley Dew Dorolhy Faye Murray Dorofha Durham Frances Nell Pender Nelda Gass Nelwyn Poller Dixie Rowe Velma Sandel Linda Shows Berry Lou Slevens Elaine Walley Bennie Rulh Wood David Young Sf 9 Q K - Ca! P P i i 5 r I 5 V V W I l V . -., fWfv.W?6 . NORMAN FLETCHER MMA 74. We 5 BETTY LOU PALMER ' A X ' ,ug WM? gezafvlizwf BETH MOUSER 02392 gzmifi BILLFE MASON ,,,,,,',,,, Y , Y , ,V , ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,v,,,...,...1,..wq-,ww.Y.i.-Ti,?V V W- - Wm? QM DAISY cox Wm? Jw7F:fZQw4f' A kx Q5 X K! rl' N3 QW Q ,. ., fs gm, I Z fb K2 vi A -si :ww .-., -gr V r -rsreriwr 7 Nella Faye Babb 1 Secreiary of y Parish F. H. A. l l . , , T if' E 9 1, Q' ww E L l 1- it -on-Q. :WORK .- f M... in v - V -ii--. -w. DEBATE TEAM l Jo Ann Breedlove Anne Gillespie Belh Mouser Marilyn iviilchell DEBATE TEAM 2 Ka+herine Buckley Joye Durr Frances Pender Dorolha Durham ,, . ' f K3 Ji I Tied for 2nd Jr. Girls' Division '49 -Wir HGNORS S X Gig" mass A,.- A 1 i f 1 ,L an W ' .f ,, 1 E ai' ga Q 'ifs lixm f"4 sN ii 7Qf3?i3i, i .f ii 5 4 4 ii? Sl 3 A A W if ! l :sf N y S v 435 Sw? in it Y' Terri? 'ak E i i ,i A.. , wr g V-'ks .ff 5, 15, fr. fi. in 4 323 i , 5 s .iii ,T Lou Ropp 3rd-Poeiry Reading 49 Helen Fleicher 3rd-Exlemp. Speaking 49 Reuben Roy Isl-Aiier-Dinner Speaking 49 Carolyn Glass 2nd-Serious Declamalion 49 Norman Fleicher ls+-Humorous Dec:lama+ion 49 3rd-Radio Speaking 49 Henry Delhloff Finals Poefry Reading 49 Jo Ann Presiridge Finals Serious Declamalion 49 Freeman Morgan Finals Exiemp. Speaking 49 Billy Erwin 2nd-Poeiry Reading 48 3rd-Serious Declarnaiion 48 Isl-Serious Declamalion 48 2nd-Radio Speaking 49 Finals Poelry Reading 49 Geraldine Wagley Finals Ex+emp. Speaking 49 John 'Baiien Finals Exfemp, Speaking 49 Nelda Pullin 3rd-Afler-Dinner Speaking 49 DEBATE TEAM Vincenl l-lollwo, Norman Koonce. Devid Kendrick, Reuben Roy Isl'--Jr. Boys' Division 48 raw ii .2 f ' l Q, .rr ,. , ,,1a.v. . ri' ,Q ,as 'T E , - , me ., , I 4 It Wk F . ' 4 i 55'i7+'5frT5f'5 A if- Qf1'j5?fi2'f?1 f -.Q , 'iQ W. .. 0-' ff 3 - 'Q ,. V . , - I- ir' in + - . ri ' B ' QTN V' 4, 1 1 55,321 str' I -.:. 4 , r hr. if rr 'Mi r x . W Lt 5133-Li.i2i1 inf V- . V gggylgg, Z. wc r - -1 .K faq -r -K . gig A :tvs X , i - 'K 1 ' as is 1 was, ' 2 . i , 3 sf m,LE! A . , This was ine iirsi lime in ine lnisiory of ilie Siaie Tournameni ilwai iour boys from one sclwool were selecied on ine All-Siaie Team. l-IONCDRS DEBATE TEAM Geraldine Wagley, Kaiiierine Buclcley Joye Durr, Frances Pender lsi-Jr. Girls' Division 48 Mazie Dranguei Finals Poeiry Reading 49 Beiln Mouser Isl--Parisln Essay Coniesi 48 lsi-News Wriring, N. S. C. Press Clinic 49 Finals Radio Speaking 49 Finals Exiemp. Speaking 49 David Graham All-Siaie Guard 48 Billy Wesl Marilyn lvlilclwell All-Slale Forward 48 Qnd.-Parisln Essay Qgniesi 43 Dan Poole All-Slale Cenier 48 It is Roberl Pender All-Slaie Cenier 48 HCDNORS Herman Taylor, Jr. 4 Championships al' Siale Fair Reservey Champion --Brahmam heifer Isl place-Aberdeen-Angus Sleer lighlweighf division Grand Champion Pullel on eniire chow Champion Coclcerel of Lighf Brahma Breed Gov. James H. Davis Award-for improvemenl of beef sloclc. Trip +o Kansas Ciiy Livesloclc Show for being oul- sfanding in livesioclc developmenid Firsf boy in sfafe of Louisiana lo have fed our 5 calves in I year. Bill Hiclcs-Isl place call in Parish Fai Live- l slock Show. Calf sold for Sl per pound. 2nd place S+a+e Liveslroclc Judging i948 La' fayeHe. Herman Taylor, Roy Shirley, Raymond Her- nandez, Mr. E. H. Haynes, Jerry Rascoe-. aliernale. Parliamenfary Law Team won Sub-Dislrici' con'res'r. Richard Jeler-Aclring Chairman, Ray Gieger, Roy Buckley, Vincenl Hoiho, Jerry Rascoe, Norman Koonce, Herman Tay- lor, Jr. Eighf boys will receive Sfale Farmer Degree in June 49: Miller, Jerry Rascoe, Raymond Hernandez, RoyfShirley, Richard Melhvin, Bill Hiclcs. Roy Buclcley, Herman Taylor, Jr., Roberi L. ,4l"-j XX , YW i l L-4 A I948 FOOTBALL soufio FronT Row: Springer, Norman, Welch, Sharp, Kendrick, Jolley, Gahagan, Bailey. Second Row: l-lilTon, Miller, Young, D.: BaTTen, Young, G.: Monk, Worsham, Rachal, Byles, Miller, "Red": Foshee. Third Row: Coach Tom Elkins, Sibley, MeThvin, CarringTon, Scroggins, Landrum, FleTcher, Buckley, Simpson, KnoTTs, Morgan, Murphy, STevens llvianagerl. FourTh Row: MinTurn, l-licks, Crocker, L.: Crocker, J.: Koonce, BonneTTe, Clemons, Palmer, l-loTho, BobbiTT, STevens, Aulds, DeThloTT. 7948 PIGSKIN pdfzxafa The i948 TooTball season saw The NaTchiToches Red Devils as a Team of The TighTingesT, mosT de- Termined bunch of young TooTball players ever To be assembled on The same Team. IT's True Thai' The players Themselves were lighTer, younger, and less experienced Than The i947 Red Devils: buT The spiriT ThaT dominaTed Them Throughoul' every game was Truly remarkable. On "foreign" Tields oT acTion, whaTever The score may have been, sporT fans have remarked ThaT a more deTermined bunch oT young men They have never seen. In The season opener wiTh Winnliield, The Devils losT a hard ToughT baTTle ZI-I9. The following Two weeks saw The Devils Trampled by Two of The rnosT powerful Teams in The sTaTe-Byrd and Baker High. Scores: 32-O, 34-l2. USUAL STARTING ELEVEN Linemen: STewarT CarringTon, David Young, O. K. Welch, RoberT '.'Red" Miller, Roy Buckley, Norman FleTcher, Richard MeThvin. Backs: Archie Worsham, Sonny HilTon, Charles Byles, Dwane Murphy. AssisTanT Coach Graham On OcTober I, The Devils' oTTense began clicking, and They chalked up a I9-6 vicTory over Mansfield. The nexT week end saw The Devils run wild Through The be-wilderd Leesville invaders To give TheiWampus CaTs a 3849 lashing. ln a season Thriller The Devils meT a sTrong Vivian eleven, buT The Tinal whisTle saw The Devils Trailing l8-O. On OcTober 22, The iniured, pracTically riddled, Devils were loeaTen mercilessly by a revenge-seeking Bossier CiTy BearkaT eleven, 64-6. WiTh wholesale injuries adding To Their lack OT experience, The Devils dropped The nexT Three games in succession: Minden, 32-Og RusTon, I9-O: and Menard, 44-20. In Their Homecoming game wiTh highly Tavored ST. Johns The Devils played brillianTly, louT The W ,f i ai D Q1 gl M' AL 5 5 J 1 f E, eb- O A H'-sh 1 911 , ig WH 'Q 'iff .... ,,v, V ,Y . ' ,VL ,Q -ww.. , A fi X, f ww 3, . L ,. N' 'wink . :7fr..yk "digg .gg 1 , vw' k S-4" K .n.,' it . 5? 'I 4' If K 552 ,B ,WN Mg' 54 :1 .,, si E gin 1 Rx. " Y S, -, lf 59,9-1' me , f' U in rf Nr' ,mf 'r 33 'J n 2.L.fu.- 2 Y! v 0 V 5 ,f"'fXS 1 H ,,., qg,K,... Q 53 Q3 tg gf -Hx, :':: .A" " A MI' W S fm - :- x K Azz, 7 g g j 2? QV, M M Vkyii, , ,f I A ,V ft QQ v . , , , , R K 1 '3 I "V gn . VZXI K' , . , E' X . wu, I . b :.z Q V ., .A w e A A 'rp A I L, L, A N A fx? Xi 5 fm EX lx k N L-'v fa i X ' f .4 f ' f sf E 1 K Q - ' ,Q A , , k f . - . 1 .54 ,L iv A 1 I 12 l949 RED DEVIL HOOPSTERS Firsl Row: Byles, lvlurphy, Buckley, Scroggins, Elelcher, Young, D. Worsham. Second Row: Coach Elkins, Morgan, Koonce, Adkins, Simpson, KnoHs, Monk, Springer, Sibley lManagerl. ThircllRow: l-lulcherson, BaH'en, Young, G.: Sharp, Bruce, Gallien. Miller, lnol shown-Lollonl. I949 BASKETBALL REVIEW As 'rhis goes lo press, The i949 Red Devil "I-loops+ers" have iusl broughl lo an end a very lopsy-'rurvy season. Bereff of mosl of 'rhe lellermen from las+ year's squad, a young buf eager group 'rurned our. ll' is lrue +ha+ lhis year's record of only 'four wins ou? of +wen'ry-five Tills doesn'1' appear very brighl in conlrasl' lo las? year's Class "A'.' Slale Championship. However, The spiril Jrhal lhe young learn has shown re- dounds To Their credil. The Devils were placed in 'rhe Norlhwesl Baskelball League ni wmv. Rwwaix Q Q, ' if V if if' sf Qi: WH fiiffzfiik why : 'ki J 5 flfu'aszfvm'fff-2 in if iiiiifff i 5 if ',w95uf'390UAk-wus 3 WW: 1.1 -1' 1w25.:gg, . Q ,tg V, ff 14542 www 1-was-an 61 use ,ye 2 , sb at QM? V' -1, E UNDPFO T Af ,W 'f " A A K f'f, Agp I 1 . ,lu-I X M 1 ,wk H 'M 'W 5 QQRXXKHRS UF U. fm, W' fx: ff ily? if Q i ' :+- ,193 f ,-iid' 'YY' uf 1, if . Q ' " I 7 .. ., -i45liJ3.f, .V ,, . , I kr k - . 475 ,mf ,ff 1- L V ', , ' -g f fa HOME EC tea cuXmR- nahnq H. Px. week achvkies ONOMXCS pn-n-if ,,,,."""".:- ,gmail Xn 'che Se spam dass 2-MXGS pan.Amer'xcan S Neme- prob whxq Laboraiories FOREIGN GE DRAMATICS - 7!LS. 5,.S2wt5"Z, -79465 M p I9C+Of' shows paramec 'r 9. C: E N Co Typing Class ZDIIGXODU 'K if A f sf? 521 if Gervais Aldredge Edifor-in-Chief 5, ,M , 3' WSL ' ,, , , , 'f,5f,,Z117 V f 5 H Q. H ' a f ? 7 " J I' A592 f ' 7 " ff , I iz 'I-wg'-cw, 1' ,M gt Fw ' A V , ' , Q , .,L, M., S y Be++y Sue Clwoafe 'VW Nelda Pullin Norman Fleicher Jean Haskins Q . Sferling Mln'l'urn 5 L! vfx 5 F I ,, 5 nf Edilor-in-Chief A Assislanl' Fdilor A Assislanl Edilor Ari Edilor Sporls Edilor Business Manager Subscriplions .. ,............ Typisl STAFF Gervais Aldredge ....... ..,...,...... Belly Sue Boydslun Freeman Morgan ., Nelda,Pullin .,.,..,.... .,r.. Norman Flelclwer .. Belly Sue Clioale . Slerling Minlurn .. Jean l-laslcins ....,.....,.... ,...,. .... ....,...., Belly Lou Ainsworlln Cecil Gray Nella Faye Babb Jeanelle Melhvin Jo Ann Breedlove Mona Gray Miller Marilyn Ford Barbara Robson Mickey Galnagan l-lerman Taylor, Jr. Sam Gallien Belly Tlwaxlon Carolyn Glass Riclnard Wlieaf SPONSORS BGHY Sue Boydsifun Miss Dorolhy Cohen Assislanl' Edilor Mlss MafY S- Robson ,I ,sgsgkeggsq min, :Twill ' +il.r2?i5fiaxg'rgz5fr .feng QT!"-2'i1A'fU4lw 2' i. 'N'-if -saws-'wggff ' 'f ' f if .V Ailzlfl ffl lf1'L:'IT,: sm., .f- B fs, X :L J Ziyi-fs ai, 1 1 Q at 8 'fs ,g .Q Muscle. 05- ,LG-fd 5-4-ch GJ 'bieiows " L.. 1 Qs 5' Q A V1- 4,5 M 1 5, 'C Q G Aw-iqhf, wa 70+ blow' 11, Ei B 1 55 iff A . . " we S . . 4' new if 5 .. '. 2, . if ' 1 V' Honesfwcod-dw Fake, 'X 50-51 ' ' Lui He, " I run nm, lafvs. 1 Wise WH B rcitrhg r- Q5 an wf 944.115 'S '42 4 :Dear me, he -forqcrf' fo - 9 H -fumbie! 'x Ton. Tofey-5 " Pmi rl' H 'W 'We Ylyx .QQ 55 2' Sf Q - ww A 2. ef-1 ff? 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Cobb Cashier Established in I892 E' Lkiifgashier 57 Years of Confinuous Service W, D, Hagewogdl Nafchifoches, Louisiana A5515 Cashier Member F. D. I. C. 0 ff! WELLS CONTRACTING COMPANY' Washingfon Sfreei' f Qumwg Comple+e S+ock of Groceries Telephone 2744 900 College Avenue "How about a Coke 9" w A, CZ NATCHITOCHES COCA-COLA BOTTLINC-3 CO. Na+chi+oches, La. ,QM GHOATE W ig FURN :Tuna Z ffm! Q 2 See us for your High School S'I'uden+s fumhxure needs! ALWAYS WELCOME Call mo For Service, C A L L - SCUTT MOTOR C00 DODGE - PLYMOUTH Third 8: Sibley S+. Phone 2202 Sales and Service QUTHERN COTTGN ou E co., Nafchifoches. La. Phone 235 I A MQDERN ZZMQmZg?i fa " BEAUTY Sl-IGP Phone 28l4 KELLY, WEBER if COMPANY, lNC. MUSIC SPORTS Wholesale Grocers dt Fer+ilizer Manu'Fac+urers B' fpaul mg I Na+chi+oches, La. DIs+nbu+ors Phone 236l Tl.-i..4....-., ,,., -,., ,, ,,,,T.-gA,........-.W , , Zyfmazm fm, THE DIQQDILS BANK f NATCA LTOQI-ILS ak, OFFICERS R. O. Hicks-. ..,,,., AA,,.,,. ...A., 4 . A. G. 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Pierson .I..,.I. ,.,,,.,,,.....,II.. II,.4......I. P r esidenl' ' .,,...... Cashier Vice-Presidenl' Vice-Presiclen+ Vice-Presidenl' Mrs. Lucille De B. Kelly .II.. . . ,... Asst Cashier Ludlow McNeeIy . ,I..I. ., ,.... Ass+. Cashier P. A. Cloufier , , . I , .I I Mgr., Camp+i Branch Geo. H. Hlmel ,.... .,......, Dr. R. S. Roy .,.....,I I,.,.... J. S. Mi+chell , ,,,,.,,I..,,. . Henry H. Bernard ,,..I.., ,, QXIEUQQ Lfa'? ?. P g Q I e J i f 'hmaef' Camffmzsng K ALDREDGE 'S SERVICE STATioN Road Service - Washing - Lubrication 409 New Second Phone 2560 s G ol B L EY 'Q STO RE. We Deliver! Phone 2443 Qzufffdbfzewifgf i or i P E O P LES H A R D WA RE 2I2 Froni' Sfreei' Phone 25l2 ZVM2MZ,?. WEST BROTHER? BUTLER -Horam 613,-yife fm General Elecmc Cleaners and Laundry APPLIANCES 27 S+. De S+. Pho 333 Phone 2939 Nafchifoches, La. fanjzaikfhua. From COZLE6E CLEANERS Dial 2222 I I I Jefferson S+. Na+chi+oches HJQ UPHOLSTERY SHOP Upholsfery Shop Phone 2649 N h' h L MEL-O-TOAST BREAD The Standard Bakery 55 f,-7,.,ii-,izfwzi,fp,,,v,fwig,gm fi,ti:f2i'fg,ff-A - efziyffz-1:7 11:13--a . -,v,,1ff 179:94 4 in-,V ni U -I 'fi A "k' 'ff-wgg mgwilrlfiflr www,-f: ,S,l!e.,nWiifH.,-HE-g,,,4 ,,,, . - , I . :?:i.z5' :X 3211? E' ,Y Q :Q MQ SWQ: ,155 4 S22 W ,YP Sfmt Ni :E r ai L rlir L is S Zig, 5, -. -gigs, qw ., i '- i fnffi U 1 KW WHS W'1f177flia5l'W'5 mwwwmwgf ,W M, i ewmwsmf aria za? we Nm, A wwf raw .Q,w,p,W,.3f. ., Ji, A viii: r?55iiEflii?9?fz4Si3??fff p'fc.ilawf5'5'- Wi fiifffih 1 'fi?z',f2f ff1li,f'f55f 1, :wi , Wisii-352 BJ? , 4, L : gg Fi l U M. Your yearboolc is a slore ol lreasured memories. The oil repealed lhrill of recolleclion which accompanies each new search lhrough Hs pages will many limes repay you for 'rhe care and consideralion which has gone info ils crea- lion. We are proud ol Jrhe parl we have had in preserving "Measured memories" in l949 Annuals lor more lhan IIOO Colleges and l-ligh Schools in sevenleen Slales. 49" QS TAYLGR PUBLISHING CGMPANY DALLAS, TEXAS r N n r r E 1 , .F Q Zh , 1 Q Y 4? mf W . f Y In , i WU 'V ' " ik. Qi? Q , is ,ge v'V 4 O QE. , .e, -'xv 1 .K .., -aj ,gn 1 I 4' lf 'f ..f' if r o Q .Q 5. - Fr. 4? , , Q, 1 ,L 1. , , ,, .. if ' B in f --'ekiffl ' v:QQg1?fjfjiffiQE' . . I E5 5 . 'I' .5-'S-992153,

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