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nasson nugget vol. LVI 1969 nasson college springvale, maine john g. rigby editor nancy e. mitchell assistant the theme of this book is unintentional. the only unity within it is the compositeof 900 spirits. we assume that each spirit will find his own theme as he has found his place in this moment of time. lt is with that assumption that we begin. dedication dr. roger c. gay in dedication to a man vvho, in the past nineteen years, has changed nasson from a small, unknown college into a progressing, accredited institution. it is for his never ending interest that vve are thankful. 2 C0l'lt6l1tS administration 9 faculty 19 seniors 41 underclassmen 88 sports 99 dormitories 1 15 activities 133 organizations 153 student directory 185 and advertising W 4 5 3 K 5 5 1 2 6 7 FF' 5 if 1.x ! QS. X --Q.,-X f2657D5 .7 nw ff ACADEMM, DEAN .rifgg DEAN OF ADM Q N or sruofm an ff' BU INESS offacf will I I w I x I ,I 'f X w KW Q W A0114llL'lS7'Iili'1'l0lL' 9 , .mdxww dr. roger c. gay president mr. jack e. lyons assistant to the president mr. henry c. merriam business manager mr. james j. mclaughlin dean of students 11 miss nancy n. mauri assistant dean of students ? -f-asvvifi mr. george n. bentley controller mrs. doris reando mr. john j. syivestre YGQFSUBY director of alumni relations and placement BYQ 1 2 M Q dr. donald c. ziemke mr. charles e. pickering academic dean dean of admissions mr. william w. hoag assistant dean of admissions 13 librarian mrs louise s. olson assistant Ilbrarian X f www' 31445 M rw' 4 mr. rodney d. gould mrs. ruth silliker director of public relations secretary, financial aid mrs. ruth c. mackinnon secretary, college relations 15 mrs. sheila h. palmer secretary to the president mr. tim shirley assistant food service manager as mr. mark Whitehead food service manager mr. william I. silliker Iion's den manager 17 , :W if mr. normand c. sylvestre director of intramural programs and trainer dr. mahlon p. palmer college physician mr. henry vv. smith director of building and grounds 5 ffXW' Q f, Ykb FM N NE l- I hm ,Y Y 4 . L ,ff ff' X fig llll'fi? A f' w fffff -5 i : 1 I 1,7 ' ,, . XX f ffffl f1 1 f4fn1x4 g+. f' fffff- I' 1 I f ll: ff - f ' f fl X, if my-Q if ' gi f? K fx N' J' rp g ,f -Q 1-'+i N-.. --g""""g:" fy f V ' 3 , Q - N-- ' - A f 'K 7.1 ' MN' EP7 Q Qi 5 N' A ffi gi qi? gi ffgz 1 - f f 44 Z f 1 X f ix 'C N- pf A 'I I QW , Q I ,M I 2 1- I' V. ' ,f "gr, , 'fx' ' I , fff 4 5 W 1 ' lI2pjfi,',1y!f N1 wg f Q MW WW MM KW? M I f W FAC U LT 2' if, english dr. verne h. bovie professor of english dr. charles f. herberger professor of english mr. terry p. jones instructor of english 1 .x X ,Z 'x YEAR' F 'XJ-552 i'-. Sa N . 1, X X 1, -J- . , K- i.s,?xs, Y i 's 'XM Q 2 mr. Ieonard d. Whittier associate professor of english his iso .K-as mr. raymond e. stineford adjunct assistant professor of english mr. gilles e. auger assistant professor of french languages mr. thomas r. bergier instructor in modern languages '10 wwmnna Q0 nv an O I WI if 5 li U8 mr. eugene a. fredet assistant professor of french mrs. thelma p. vincent instructor in french mr. eugene f. daley assistant professor of german dr. herbert royce associate professor of german history dr. walter j. hansen professor of history dr. myrl m. young professor of history miss ann m. nielsen instructor in history Xi dr. calvin f. senning assistant professor of history mr. john m. scott assistant professor of history r mr. frank j. brancely assistant professor of sociology mr. sidney a. kirk assistant professor of psychology dr. john c. myer professor of psychology dr. theodore thass-thienemann professor of psychology f? JW mrs. jaylene s. tilton assistant professor of psychology psychology mr. kenneth g. stuart instructor in psychology 3 . .5 Q f ., Q 5 1' Q L ff' as 2 4 5 Eff! 2 Q mathematics mr. melvin v. Iandon assistant professor of physics mrs. wilma e. rollins assistant professor of mathematics ,,t., I' I-sunny '-lu., i ' ii mr. john j. flaherty adjunct assistant professor of mathematics mr. james g. goodwin jr. instructor in mathematics miss eileen g. flaherty adjunct assistant professor of mathematics chemistry dr. adam c. bell professor of chemistry mr. peter m. fichte assistant professor of chemistry mr. joseph e. Iaprade assistant professor of chemistry V mr. william h. fitzgerald associate professor of chemistry 31 'QJ5 biology mr. donald e. nelson assistant professor of biology dr. gordon s. johnston associate professor of biology 4 Q dr. robert h. ciullo associate professor of biology dr. claude r. gilmore associate professor of biology .NMPMN HI1 mr. kumaran r. nair assistant professor of economics and business associate professor of economics mr. ibrahim t. hachem d business mrs. Wilma e. philbrook instructor in economics and business mr. george j. st. pierre assistant professor of economics mr. wescott IT1. ITISYYOW assistant professor of government IfQlS,5,f.Y1'1,a' 4. ryfol government dr. wilfried braje associate professor of government humanities dr. iillian w. aiken professor of philosophy mr. george burk assistant professor of art 36 s ' is gi: dr. morton gold assistant professor of music mr. hugh c. crouch adjunct assistant professor of religion .i1,, is 1 secondary education physical education mr. keith I. sternberg assistant professor of physical education 'x,5""n.,- miss anita m. gerken instructor in physical education 1 f Z: ' Q Q U f A ,I Y O ., 'lx 1 . 4" '3 f l 1 , 4 '. - f 0 I fl.- :Lx 4' "' gt -k . I - -, X 'rl': 9 . . I I2 1 X f I -- WZ7' A A 7! fl J! 3 I ' --.--, 3 1- + 5 , . .., 7 . 5 1 J I l isnqtwffs ---' ,xx A ' lI.345l.'l g- ' 1 siwmz-ll! l vf " QZZZZ5' .- l, 1, -L - 1 N t w --we-nng1 I M. . 7 A S' ' ff "' ' I ig' A " , fwff ' , x, ' 'Y , , 1X1l,'Q If .J U 1 6 A L2 I f-7 is 5 QIL ,,,1 .7 Aff ff4 Y. 'H' rl m u l . - ' , f .Atb:2FI2.l xii! ,I WZ -W .I ' -'i"f "-.1153 7' 'HI . - ,WL --elf. 'ff-1" . .-Z.-La: v ' :v:'1Ya 'VW "14l' T' 'K' - -" M' WA "' .. 'HER -I?-'1 Z'-'L' 15" MV "VI, 6' --" """"if'I T15-' f 'T"'l""""""m' f5lg1" f f ' li" VU' MWIIIWIVW I-bH"'!s:ss!!5?!Sieaii15'i fu V Y J 3 I X ,I kiln' Anti-I '.':I.1-vl5i:f.,',L- ,I J! 1 : 'nllllziny' .1 Ei' X i z ""il'.f -Film:-. nfs ,ss ff '. JI - g'fN'55E::-mf! .uv 2 v g' fE1f'f1'L"b!"' A H! llgiiih ::!:55"f.!: ,f Af' Fflff' 'Tian ' 'fw -ffl -J-Em. ----- -"' 2f'!"fi'i5!f5I1..:E:, tml' 1:11, X I hill W Q, Ili:i:1!.ro-gwaiaiaiai, V. Samui!" Tl' W: 439, J 5 .Z-3,1 tu!!! fl 7,'ai ltjulfkfflflilll: 'f f N if ' ', - - -l. ' 0 ai EEE:-'5fL?E'?5" 5, 'E ff? iyliafff' MN, !EX",i7i'! 5209 ..- 1--f I'-N ' E 'ru 3 f me 114, XI :F ' EEE lw ' f 0' 'O"o :fx . JLUFJIII fl ' J' SQQQSQ ' QV' :ff ,A . 'o3:2'o,'o' 'ENLOL-IS richard rn. Iuthe "it 's a tough league. " john f. rohter "if wishes were horses, beggars might ride. " english proverb betsy ann simmons "the time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things: of shoes and ships and sealing wax, ofcabbages and kings, . . " ross f. roulston "there are golden apples to be picked and green hills to climb and meadows to run when you 're young. " mckuen 42 Y' 5' ag' fig' QW' 'fi -nf carol janet lorenz "for what are hopes but slender ropes fastened to our dreams. " steven m. sholkin "with a marked propensity towards procrastination and sloth. " 43 david s. svvig "to mostpeople nothing is more troublesome than the effort of thinking. " james bryce sagg- samuel b. rowse "why me! why always me!" michele k. jaissle "for in truth it is life that gives unto life, while you, who deem yourself a giver, are but a witness. " kahil gibran irene marie jackson "i exist as i am, that is enough, if no other in the world be aware, i sit content if each and all be aware, isit content ' carole g. Iyon "sadness flies on the wings of the morning and out of the heart of darkness comes the light. " john f. preble "it is difficult to see the picture when you are inside the frame. " 'NN-new-1" edward t. goodwin "when the pressure is on, hit the rack!" joseph W. davis "his real glory is that of all adventurers: to have been the tremendous outsider. " william bolitho susan e. robbins "your soul is often times a battlefield, upon which your reason and your judgment wage war against your passion and your appetite. " mark f. knapp "fate and temperament are two words for one and the same concept " 46 victoria bigelow "to every thing there is a season and a time for every purpose." gail m. jensen "solitude is the ally of sorrow as well as the companion of spiritual exultatian. " peter j. zafirson "happiness is making the N. S. A. books balance. " mark h. shaiken "everywhere in life, the true question is not what we gain but what we learn. " frederick f. schibi, jr.- 'everybody is a little bit strange, except me and thee,' and sometimes i wonder about thou. " richard I. owen "ifa plant cannot live according to its nature, it dies,' and so a man. " henry david thoreau david m. hamlin "there is only one catch- and that is catch-22. " joseph heller timothy I. smith "florescer" stevens mcaleer "life is awareness" Q---,......... paul f. driscoll "to be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end oflife. " paule e. Ieary "nothing in the world is permanent, and we're foolish when we ask anything to last, but surely we're still more foolish not to take delight in it while we have it. " H daniel I. cote "today is ours. what do we fear! today is ours. we have it here! lets treat it kindly, that it may wish, at least, with us to stay. " Q holly ann harrison "how narrow is the vision that exalts the busyness of the ant above the singing nf the arasshonllen " gibran henry h. mcintosh "the man who tries to do something and fails is infinitely better than he who tries to do nothing and succeeds. " ' P5 carey c. dolbier "let us not lose what we have experienced in the quest for identity now that society's train has called us aboard for he who knows himself has the key to happiness no matter which tracks the train may take. " janet mace "you may forget the one with whom you have laughed, but never the one with whom you have wept." 51 vernon r. tisdale "nam et ipsa scientia potestas est." ri' f' :fe linda jane bergdahl "i can see the devil's hook and yet cannot help nibbling at his bait." sa ra m. kruger "one mans blenheim is another man 's sistine chapel. " jeff babcock 'Sometimes a person has to go a very long distance out of his way in order to come back a short distance correctly. " K louis a. beckerman "so absolutely good is truth, truth never hurts the teller. " robert browning lawrence messiter bregy, jr. joanne sylvia wallace 'give me a barley cake and a glass of water and iam ready to rival zeus for happiness. " -as john h. dick 'a great step towards independence "when the going gets tough the tough get going. " is a good-humored stomach. " SEIIGCB sharon diane francis "safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand. how lovely is my castle that ibullt upon the sand." 2 ' WW. MW 4, is ' , , . , 14,1 I ,iw 'of it We lf gary craig little "home is heaven and orgies are vile, but i like an orgy, once ln a while. " ogden nash roy h. hevvson "the mind is sovereign of the body in great men, but the soul complements the mind in the greatest of men." ' is , ia f l i K . A . f- 1. ' - T , i 4 it ,K if W r 54 Q Qk'i t WR .,,: b -Q , ,K X - Q Qs.. cm .. K ,..,,, KA K wr t, t X WNW E s E it wendy I. noyes "he that would live in peace and at ease, must not speak all he knows, norjudge all he sees. " channing b, johnson "to find oneself-his identy, and to accept it for what it is one of if not the greatest accomplishment in any person's life. stephen f. reitman "the only way to have your cake and eat it too is to lend it out at interest. ' linda espinola "happiness is somewhere to go, something to do, someone to be with and to love. " mark r. hokanson "dark door is standing wide,- dead hand is broken. njght under night is flown, and the gate is open!" gary j. polowitzer "beauty is in the eye of the beholder. " 56 john g. rigby "death nothing is but cooling night martha c. bessey and life is naught but sultry day,' darkness draws nigh, lslumber "the best to be said for it is that when you 've wearied by day's bright light. come to the conclusion that something is inevitable heme all you can do is make the best of it. " w. somerset maugham donald f. mckellar, jr. "i always take people for what they think they are, then leave them alone. " nicht-,las bb make' "hate makes the world go 'round ' 57 1 I duncan raeside 'ambition has but one reward for all,' a little power, a little transient fame, a grave to rest in, and a fading name. " stephen windsor carpenter 'he who laughs best today, will also laugh last. " nietzsche H ' ZLI L harrlet kamlnsky as A - "thou canst not understand it my seafaring thoughts, nor . Q , A A ,,, A ff-sth would i have thee understand. A ii Y Arrh Y 7 A1-- i would be at sea alone." A W' ' P " kahflgfbfaff william I. siuiker "be careful of what you want, because if you want it enough, you 'll get it. ' john s. murphy "so live your life that you can look any man in the eye. . . and tell him to go to hell " leo e. richard "better late than never. " 59 1 katherine o. porter "a mind that spins a mile a minute, even when there are only six inches to go in a straight line. " gerald a. slavet "we must call no one happy who is of mortal race, until he hath crossed life's border, free from pain." sophocles 60 barry b. lewis "and miles to go before l sleep." patricia I. ellis "time let me play and be golden in the mercy of his means. . . " dylan thomas robert e. pound "for my part, i travel not to go anywhere, but to go. i travel for travel 's sake. to move to the great affair." kathleen m. adam "these are the times that try men 's souls." thomas paine ', HN, ,t ,W MSE LIS? .Q W thomas c. grella "then the moment of ecstatic freedom came. the peace, the end of the quest, the last harbor. . . " shelley b. modiste eugene o'neill sol avram factor "two roads diverged in to a woods, and i-i took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference." robert frost "i can resist everything but temptation. " .t g lesley mcdevitt Iyon "if you see someone without a smile, give him one of yours." russell s. Chichester "defiance is a good club, but a poor staff " richard e. marshall 'iso that new we are conscious ofa new person who is you and me together. " t. s. elliot douglas h. jobling "a quarter of my life is almost passed i think i've come to see myself at last what you're born with is what you get, let your fear just pass away then your love will fill your days. " peter haskell burr "for the people, and truly i desire their liberty and freedom as much as anyone whom- soever." 'CP' burton rnarc golub "for all at last return to the sea- to oceanus, the ocean river, like the ever- flowing stream of time, the beginning and the end. " r.l.c. yr 1 's if it 5 64 virginia doane north "it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy and in truth you are weeping for that which has been your dehyh t. " david j. brown "wh y should we be in such desperate haste to succeed and in such desperate enterprises?" thoreau. sanford c. kendall "let there be laugh ter and sharing of pleasures for in the dew of little things, the heart is refreshed " .. gxw. U mary jo Wentworth grant "i'll think of it tomorrow . . . after all, tomorrow is another day. " pamela m. monitto "never trouble trouble 'til trouble troubles you." as t Xi .1 R 1 william h. white "no man is an island, intire of itself,' every man is a peice of the continent, a part of the maine." john donne. A.., patricia anne tansey "a child said 'what is grall? fetching it to one with full hands." walt Whitman 66 'E E F 5 5 ? 325, ff, , -ff ei mtg Va sandra j. smith "a friendship will be young after the lapse of half a century,' a passion is old at the end of three months." madame swetchine. george patterson "eventually everyone comes to me g. clifford goodband, jr. "the hell with in " philip e. huckins "today i gave everything i had. what i kept, i lost forever! ' 1" r. fulton 67 1 nancy r. houle "living is a thing you do now or never- which do you?" john p. tripp "minutes fly hours pass life is relative meaning is important." Jw! cynthia j. pomeroy "it is the mind in us that yields to the laws made by us, but never the spirit in us." kahil gibran. 1 4 thomas j. dachowski "our best friends are the source of our greatest sorrow and bitterness, and our greatest teachers." curtis e. perkins "the highest possible stage in moral culture milton m' mahler is when we recognize that we ought to control 0Uf l'f70U9hfS- H "the only way man can achieve his charles darwin happiness is to strive for the happiness of others . . . 01: jx- '69 every man has a responsibility to every other man." dr. tom dooley. j. daniel howard "one thing, the bleached cigar butt made no shadow in the morning fall of sunshine. " peter a. gross 'bcorn koalabear, to go nowhere to be emulsified, died, fried, served. " 2 i 'H-. UUE X 'M susan e. heffernon "affection can withstand very severe storms of vigor, but not a long polar frost of indifference. " 70 thomas r. bryant "if you 've got what it takes, don't be taken. " richard m. sullivan "some men see things as they are and say wh y. i dream things that never were and say why not. " bert Wyre "the hard times and good times of this era shall never exist again. " treb anita i. williams 1 . . the breath of life is in the sunlight and the hand of life is in the wind. " kahil gibran. E x I alden b. cole "sic crysillium fratet!" gail w. campbell "know the precious balanceg little people will always need little peopleis arms, skip william w. hunter, jr. "i grow old, i grow old, ishall wear the bottom of my trousers rolled. " t .s. elliot Q T 7 L, lui 1? , n if susan stone kenyon "enjoy the pleasure bestowed on you, while bearing the pain that comes, then patiently await, that which time may bring!" ,pls I I J 5 ,!.,,,,. A, n 4 paul c. hofmann "in war, resolutionj in defeat, defianceg in victory, magnanimity. " churchill peter m. kly ne "i 'm not fat, i'm just large. " 73 rodney j. normand "the major advances in civilization are the processes that all but wreck the societies in which they occun ' gordon c. ayer "the heart has its reasons I lyk which the reason knows nothing about " pascalis thoughts anne booth joseph h. hunt "whether the human race gains in wisdom as time goes by is uncertainf the one thing we can be sure of is that its absurdities take changing forms. ' jeffrey j. clough "without a that there is no i- without an i there is no that." "ali those things to which i keep giving myself grow wealthy and squander me. " rainer maria rflke Q fr 3' , x 1 M' 'I f ,Jr sheryll a. pratt "chance is a lady who smiles only upon those few who know how to make her smile. " nancy elizabeth mitchell 'consider what thou wert, and make it thy business to know thyseli which is the most difficult lesson in the world." cervan tes 75 peter f. loveland "hell is other people. " jean-paul sarte daniel w. russon 'and when his work was dune he laughed in the forest. " the prophet judith susan fay "ich Weiss nicht was soil as bedeuten john C- drobinski dass ich so traurig bin. " hginrich heme "while you live, Drink! for once dead you never shall return." amar khayyam 76 'Wg jonathan f. clark cynthia karol laurila "Hf1V0f76 who imagines fhafall ffuffs "o, most lame and impotent conclusion. " ripen at the same time as the strawberries knows nothing about grapes. " shakespeare peter dunn "life is a jest, and all things show it. i thought so once and now i know in " david e. bjork "the beautiful are never desolate, but someone always loves them. " bailey i i ' : J'::sa:,' N 1 X u A A MW QA 'Y wfdwvi. M constance j. bushey "what you dislike in another take care to correct in yourself " sprat joel a. Iarson "watching the SUNSET andrew r. zaleta . . . there is only one danger i find in life- you may take too many precautions. . . " frederick I. parks "face the in, the inbetween, there is no without the with in." ronald b. sweat "through hard work and strong faith, one can rise above the trivia! problems of life." Q. peter iibby "there was a man who made a boat to sail away and it sank. ' j. p. donieavy. cheryl j. sturviis "faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking." if 1 e i v ,- si K wif k im. mathew s. parker "look not to the future with fear, nor to the past with anger, but around you with awareness." linda maxwell "man journeys through life chained: until knowledge frees his mind, and understanding liberates his soul " 80 if 5 Q Q- M- .sr N harvey I. silverman "the world is like an apple you can polish it until it rots or take a bite in in ' coralie g. hyde "all the rivers run into the sea, yet the sea is not full. " ecclesiastes 1.' 7 charles m. talbot,jr. 'istay low, keep moving, and you won't get hit-put your head up once and it's isee ya later, charlie! ' " frederick dadmun "1 1:00 in the hole" 1 . Alf: ms-0' 5 , A gf' W e.,,.A t ' iffiiz ' :figs 5 l "9 ff e 44 5 diane e. hulett "you give but little when you give of your possessions. it is when you give of yourself that you truly give. gibran. 1 22 3 82 is 1 A Q awk linda caryl johnson "moonlit waves, the smell of hay, wind kissing a tree, these are part of my heart, they are my soul to me. " i 'N carol a. miller "may the road rise to meet you may the wind be always at your back and until we meet again may god hold you in the palm of his hand " jeffrey e. lane "to some people, hard work is next to success . . . to me, it's next to impossiblel.. william raymond frost 'politics are the most important thing in life-for a newspaper. " heinrik ibsen. elizabeth ann kireilis "i harbor for good or had ipermit to speak at every hazard " 84 eileen delia murphy "he that riseth late must trot all day, and shall scarce overtake his business at night. " ben franklin susan t wielinski be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars. " linda j. jutras "one generation passeth away, and another generation cometh, and the earth abideth forever. " ecclesiastes, 1.'4 peter cauldwell hoover "to find what i 'm looking fog when i know what it is. " 85 ruth gembicki pamela doiron "time it was and what a time it was . . . "tht h'hhthb 'th h'hhll , . ' . . andarngr funn-Z harzezgefn difvgfslihasr ini? 3 "me of 'nnonence' ,fgZf','f71'ZZf,igegZ h ll - ' ' ' s a be done, and thus there IS nothing new theyre all than left you. ,, under the sun. " ecclesiastes 1:9 simon and garfunkel death, be not prouof though some have called thee mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so,' for those whom thou think'st thou dost overthrow die not, poor death,' nor yet canst thou kill me. from rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be, much pleasure,' then from thee much more must flow,' and soonest our best men with thee do go- in memoriam thomas j. hayes 1947-1968 87 rest of their bones and souls' delivery! thou 'rt slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men, and dost with poison, war, and sickness dwell,' and poppy or charms can make us sleep as well and better than thy stroke. why swell ist thou then? one short sleep past, we wake eternally, and death shall be no more: death, thou shalt die. john donne B.A. 1 0 QQ 1 is V ' mg QF 1 1 Nj Q' - H 14. : 5 Q 'Y 4 l UNllLlxQLlxb3NLl:N in memoriam dennis p. macmillan 1949-1968 oh yet we trust that somehow good will be the final goal of ill, to pangs of nature, sins of will, defects of doubt, and taints of blood, that nothing walks with aimless feet, that not one life shall be destroyed, of cast as rubbish to the void, when god hath made the pile complete that not a worm is cloven in vain, that not a moth with vain desire is shrivelled in a fruitless fire, or but subserves another's gain. behold, we know not anything, i can but trust that good shall fall at last-far off-at last, to all, and every winter change to spring. so runs my dream: but what am i? an infant crying in the night: an infant crying for the light: and with no language but a cry. 89 r l FRONT ROW: skip young, leslie matthews, dick jones, SECOND ROW: huston jacobs, rod rose, jeb buys. FRONT ROW: pat heffernan, linda faber, fran hopkins, SECOND ROW: jeff king, dave thieringer, paul lebo, ed leszko, dave miller, THIRD ROW: dave ranck, dick russell, tom kinnery, steve lamontagne, tom kane, kevin gaughan, steve howe, dan hobbs, tom leahy, rod jones, neil stalker. fl'6ShI'l16l1 90 FRONT ROW: rob poss, phoebe smith, susan white, claire sherman, SECOND ROW: frank soule, neil santorella, steve pirie, rod rose, rob watson, bret rattray, john rosenthal, john ross, chuck sigal. FRONT ROW: anita seegull, alyson true, carol beaumont, mimi sperber, jane doyle, SECOND ROW: tom giggi, pete Iundgren, Ieslie matthews, judy mallanik, rick Ievine, scott rankin, THIRD ROW: steve kamin, tom levasseur, jim karagegrge, nick papdonis, artie moore, bill lewis. FRONT ROW: sherman fletcher, betty campo, cathy coffing, bonnie abbott, shelley adams, kit colegrove, SECOND ROW: alan chipman, jeb buys, bruce campbell, chris booth, jeff bolton, rick bunce, bob eckert, jim boyd, john borell, ed belz, mark baharian, dwight barclay, dick curtin, dan chandler. FRONT ROW: paul robinson, mark germano, bob shooer, valorie thompson, SECOND ROW: jeb slocum, dave rayer, randy sweet, howard smith, dave whitcher, brian riddell, al wegmann, ed smith. 92 FRONT ROW: bob kaylor, wayne rogers, dennis quintal, SECOND ROW: hugh philbrick, jim Wald, glenn mensching. FRONT ROW: Iois jarema, marlene hayes, marjorie dohrman, vicki hainer, heather mcniven, sharon gagnon, dawn delaney, SECOND ROW: bob casanova, harvey goralnick, ed gray, dick jones, matt gilligan, dave fischer, don greenglass, lance hartford, tom coleman, don harden. eric hakanson, rick finamore. :W N ' W" r t W in .. .r , :vw - V Q - ,, frm Y-Q 93 FRONT ROW: jill tea, sue schultz, SECOND ROW: al reichers, barry berlin, tom hallam, bill glen. FRONT ROW: barry berlin, jeff weiss, john dolan, john byrne, john diminico, tom hallam, al reichers, steve bell, rich green, jeff coburn. 94 k , sophomores FRONT ROW: barbara collins, madeline moore, SECOND ROW: kris johanson, sue sloan, barbara boardway, phyllis callahan, candy west, jill tea, pam carroll. FRONT ROW: mike kelly, phil neff, ken kendall, john nichols, SECOND ROW: caroline ziegler, donna dixon, pam michael, linda hooper, kathie renz, gall bordner THIRD ROW: bud brooks, donna bishop, arthur prince, lisa milligan, jim wasoka. 95 FRONT ROW: nicky Iennon, joe chiacchieri, paul sturman, andy shapiro, SECOND ROW: dave bott, ken grimes, fred welsford, greg marone, pete cunningham, rick schneider. FRONT ROW: gail wright, roger thorne..thomson, sue sohultz, joe goldys, SECOND ROW: bill gordon, iim scire, frank vaclrca, marg thyse. 96 juniors FRONT ROW: steve card, mike cohen, dave allen, jim demetre, bill ramage, SECOND ROW: charlie king, john kupetz, bill adams, peter gacicia, THIRD ROW: bill harriman, dave kershaw, peter holt, rick kaufman, john garretson. FRONT ROW: tom slocum, peter allen, SECOND ROW: bob lamanna deborah wood, john foss, THIR D ROW: jake hawkins. FRONT ROW: theresa bergeron, janice kot, jean coram, dennis fournier, SECOND ROW: bill keene, linda bush, dave jordan, rita bishop, bill cain, joyce cochin, THIRD ROW: sam morgan, carey chadd, deborah wood, elliot siegel, steve gilman, janet hufton, hank greenberg, FOURTH ROW: dick lane, paul tesoro, art ganz, bob lamanna. FRONT ROW: debbie marshall, deidre karem, val Iutters, debbie frost, SECOND ROW: ken kane, bruce rand, andy Iongley, harry redfearn, don ortoleva, dick sheldon, THIRD ROW: peder moe, dave daggett, ron demers, ed rice, rick satkowski, jeff nokes, jon Schneider. - MJ ..f., -W 112' 'Y . - V , 3FOB.'1'3 99 SOCCSI' FRONT ROW: kevin gaughan, fred parks, rod rose, tom hamilton, john byrne, tsvi shurman, lou beckerman, bill knapp, phil y0utZ, mark harrison. 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LEFT TO RIGHT: sue brown, marg thyse, nancy newport, robyn lincoln, joan peryam linda stanley. 103 golf LEFT TO RIGHT: bernie silver, peter mills, vern tisdale, dave kershaw, joe goldys, john zarnetske. joe goldys vern tisdale 9 104 peter mills sailing 1, i . ,V 1 4,4 other members are: joe berry, bret rattray, art ganz, and cliff shodneck, tim green and sam morgan basketball FRONT ROW: bill harriman, steve kamin, pete allen, vern tisdale, woody elliott, pat brosnahan, mike mccombs. SECOND ROW: trainer norm sylvestre, mark shaiken, mike levey, phil huckins, dick lane, rick Iuthe, wayne rogers, coach keith sternberg. rick luthe dick lane Li. .A 106 x WN. X A fL.., 55, 1,5 M MN f X I vern tisdale is INF' ,,,.,....w. rifle team FRONT ROW: ed gray, jeff king, hank greenberg, pete cameron, arthur pence, SECOND ROW: coach john sylvester, bill rosenvinge, huston jacobs, chuck noyes, terry bregy. allen clark peter cunningham burt golub john nichols bill white 109 hockey cheerleaders cathy coffing, sharon gagnon, laura finn, sue brown, joan peryam. laura finn, joan peryam, cathy coffing sam rowse, john kupetz. ski team 'vp---.... duncan ogilvie duncan ogilvie and conference secretary frank van patte ' Y VM W igifov .W FRONT ROW, L. TO R.: nancy mitchell, kit colgrove, wendy noyes, linda johnson, bev briggs, SECOND ROW: linda stanley, dayle owen, alyson true, deedee holt, anne schmalenberger, jean coram, barb boardvvay, miss anita gerkin, coach. girls basketball ,,.-0'-"" ,.,,...-- gi' 114 ,'l, , Q' J K1 V 0 Vufi"'EEi-A? 4 F3551 xi ff, 6' I 5f5?ZI2zw1LZbf K' 1 Jiffiif-gif f ' 15 '-15 U30 fm I 'W 1 5 Xxx , S4 N1 'XJ L , EPI ,H 1 , ff m I M " n 1 5 5 9 w J 2 4493 i' ' , W H V!! DORNLC allen hall kevin gaughan, dick jones, cliff griffith, john borell. doug bennett marland hall martha harrington mari dohrman sim Xxx debbie frost makin hall , Z3 E ma maine hall R l "': x iii? cliff goodband, john dick pryor-hussey '----.M --W 'Ni-W.M,..,,, A Q' . phyllis callihan, roger thorne-thomsen gf tom grella gordon ayer folsom hall gail campbell, janet mace peder moe judy swierzcek peter k ly ne, darrell shedd W 1 hanson cottage tony pellegrini w ,R ' G . mitchell house jim wald, den vvarchol ken kane, saul shulman. glidden hall fx i S roy hewson 4 roi tucker ...,,.,....--n-- ,.fv"i""! oak hall . .5 Nik Mc bill o'conneII, john kupetz 127 bradford building new division II grove hall jack wright CGUSSS 4A..k V A . " STUDYING N f WXY' ei holmes hall a FYUF 13" l 43. Nm vf george simms 1 ph leary,david harvey I 2 132 x KZ , A 4 X 5 ? f X x 1, A f I W X K K X X ff , z K Y N fb xx 5 K x f 1' A f ag! fA w iff gf Q 'ii' i - N Y it A q N77 A ,,-ff' W xx Q, 14.011 V l'1'LEJ homecomin 3 5 5 -' QT' 7' W Q 135 72 3 V A ' , M I 'iffy' " ? A if aa Q :,..2 4.73, b 45 , 4-1 '- l . K ,. :,?4?1 f' -Q 'psffetsfiw f ,, , J My -' 'l 5. 4f!5vm ir, 2 1 f 5 Q N, , f ,.MA,,? -,.,, 4 MW E W 137 study abroad caen 68 green fields . . . valleys . . . stucco houses . . . cows . . . majestic landscapes-little boys helping their fathers work the land. we left the port le havre, we adjusted to the new sensation of solid land under our feet, and now we are in a bus on the way to caen, france, watching the beautiful countryside pass like a dream. the bus is quiet, everyone is weary from long nights and rolling seas. professor strauch has informed us that we are expected to speak french by the end of the program. he has explained the history of caen, acquainting us with the habits of the french, preparing us for our four month stay. the first three weeks in normandy were primarily devoted to adjusting. we saw winos excreting by the side walks, we took showers in little square wooden basins, we partook of ultra-sweet pastries at the local patisseries-and we forgot that we were foreigners in the bars. some of us even exceeded the limits of wisdom and ate the typical normandy meals: beef tongue and intestines. adjusting for these unfortunate souls was a long, arduous task-even with the numerous varieties of stomach pills provided by mr. strauch. following our three week endurance test, we began to realize that france was quite a country. certainly professor strauch helped influence our opinions. we all shared in a sophisticated wine tasting gathering-meant of course to indoctrinate us to the more difficult french habits and to fill us with a significant part of french culture. and we were filled! at first we gave careful appraisals of each different wine-by the last glass, our words were merely jumbles, and we departed down the crooked road to our upside-down hotels. our first real insights into the meaning of war-ridden france came with our trip to the normandy beaches. we saw the remains of the great breakwater constructed in june 4, 1944, to protect the allies during one of the most dramatic military feats in history. from the normandy beaches, we went to the american graveyard, one of the 138 most poignant sights one could imagine. white marble crosses stretched as far as the eye could see. our next stop was at the german graveyard. massive black crosses grouped in fives spanned the fields. our last stop brought us to one of the sights where "the longest day" was filmed. some of us took pictures of the bridges and the surrounding area, then we finally departed for home. . . . yes, after three weeks, caen is considered home. as time passed, we fell into a regular pattern of living-allowing for pleasures and studies. we had a party at the ducheous-ann, a restaurant and dance hall. with beer and wine we made a happy group and surprisingly, sounds of french echoed from foreign tongues as we entertained some french students who came to meet us. soon after the stimulating experience, mr. strauch awarded us with our first exam. now our regular living pattern changed from pleasures and studies to studies and pleasures. we learned a great deal about architecture, art, and literature. with the near conclusion of the program, one realizes he benefited greatly from his studies. for example, after studying romanesque and gothic architecture of the middle ages, we visited some cathedrals which exemplified these types. one of the richest experiences, inspiring romantic longings for the exotic, was our visitation to the loire valley. we spent three days walking through fifteenth and sixteenth chateaus. we saw rooms where nobles were assasinated, and we walked on the grounds where great hunting parties set out. the luxurious carpeting, elegant tapestries, intricate wood carvings-all compose these storybook wonders and lived in our imaginations as we departed, noblemen of the renaissance. the course in humanities was general but comprehensive. professor strauch devoted long hours to organize a smooth program, geared to appeal to our interests. the french courses helped us somewhat, but we found it difficult to conscientiously study french and keep up with our reading in 139 humanities. however, we benefited from the courses and could at least order a meal without too many misunderstandings-save for eating veal feet or intestines, thinking they meant something else on the menu. we focused on fairly basic but essential vocabulary, every day learning something new. shortly after our trip to the chateaus, we had a memorable halloween party. we dressed as wealthy aristocrats, poor ragged peasants, ladders, and black cats. music filled our ears, wine our stomachs, and our evening was made. in the wake of halloween festivities came two enlightening trips: one to amsterdam, the other to paris. just as the time when papers were due and quizzes were taken, we packed our bags and left for a trip. in amsterdam, we shared in the nightlife where the dashing dutchmen danced to many american songs. we were allowed freedom to do as we chose-except for two tours, one to the rijks museum where we viewed many rembrandt paintings, and the other to a modern art museum where we felt lost in the maze of bewildering creations. amsterdam was quite a change from caen-plush nightclubs, scenic canals, english speaking people. the atmosphere lifted our spirits to a new high, conditioning us for the change of pace: back-to-study-Iife-at-caen. paris was wonderful for all. we saw the impressionists in the louvre, an opera and a symphony, a play, versailles, and we had a tour of the city. the seven days that we spent were essentially free for any activity we chose. some soaked up the more fragrant aspects of parisian life, others spent long hours in museums or eating at fine restaurants. the final event of our parisian stay was eating a good thanksgiving meal at the american embassy. even in paris, the pilgrims will always be remembered. with the conclusion of our paris trip came the end of the program. we had papers to write and quizzes to take-the last two weeks were the most pressing and difficult. our one happy diversion before the work built to a climax, was a fantastic thanksgiving meal, masterly prepared by the nasson girls. with full stomachs, we confronted the final tasks of diligent studying. during this time we reminisced the highlights of our trip. nostalgia permeated the group as thoughts of leaving suddenly seemed real. of course some of us were looking forward to seeing old friends and our families, but nevertheless our experiences and unity seemed difficult to leave. 140 h.u.m.p LEFT TO RIGHT: "spud" riley, gary nevius, nick merkel, jeff nokes, mike aglio, juan bauza, "snipe" drobinski. 'Dm-U ""'Yk Qm'L -0 141 'twin X 5w"QQ4'3'- ,, , , ,.:, , Niall . - ...f-f-1 experiment in international living a maroccan experience chosen as nasson college's fifth representative in the experiment in international living, i spent eight weeks in north africa observing the dissimilarities between our culture and that of morocco. living with the abdelaouhed alaoui family in rabat, morocco, i not only observed, but actually participated in this culture. as a member of this family, i enjoyed the festivities of a marriage and the birth of a first-born son. many times one of my brothers and i would walk to the medina to barter for different small leather or woolen goods. the medina is the old and more traditional sector of a moroccan city. it is a maze of narrow alleys, lined on both sides with many small shops of all kinds, sizes, and descriptions. heavy dirty-white walls hang over the streets, obscuring the home life of the medina, while the donkeys and men crowd the streets, bumping into and shouting at anyone in their path. but for the hundreds of sites i saw, i think the personal contact-the disagreements as well as the understandings and companionships-was the most important part of my experiment. to discover the generosity and hospitality of a people portrayed somewhat differently in our "press" was to view things through different eyes. Q9 lk ""' 142 to see and hear the emotionalism in one's speech concerning the arab-israeli conflict was something i'd never experienced until this summer. however, for all their similarities and common ideas with the middle east, the moroccans considered themselves north africans. morocco is a country of contrasts, it is a country in complete diffusion between the past and present, the traditional and modern, the maintenance of the status quo and progress, and the old and new. it was not uncommon to see a horse and cart standing in front of a modern apartment house or walking down the main streets of rabat. it was, likewise, quite ordinary to see a young moroccan couple dressed in western clothing followed by another couple dressed in the traditional native garb of caftan and djellebah. another contrast more apparant to me was the difference between the last two generations. where as my mother and father were ex- tremely nationalistic in a traditional sense, my brothers and sisters were nationalistic in a more progressive sense. my peers spoke a fluent french and admired europe and the french while i always got the felling that my parents distrusted the continent and refused to speak what little french they knew. the differences in cultures was something i can accept and, in fact, enjoy. at mealtime the entire family would sit on cushions around a circular table eating from one large common dish of vegetables and very little meat. shortly after eating, we would be served mint tea by our two young servant girls. many evenings someone would get the drums, and we would commence the native songs, during which time i would have to give my version of the moroccan belly dance. the moroccans were extremely fun-loving and seldom took themselves or anyone else seriously for very long. i tried several times to develop a serious political or economical conversation only to be asked if i did not want to rest or play cards. yes, this was my summer's experiment in morocco. it was one vacation of contrasts and friendships which i hope will never cease. i was once told that of all the european and north african countries one could visit, morocco is the most interesting. and after my experi- ence there, i, too, would wholeheartedly agree with this statement. barry b. lewis experimenter 1968 to morocco 143 study abroad vienna 68 new york . . . 32 students, luggage, skiis, laughter, good-byes. a late start . . . 14 anxious, noisy and sleepless hours over the atlantic. our snowy five a.m. stop in iceland. then luxembourg and our first impressions of europe. beers, bars, bunks, and a long uphill walk. nasson's third vienna group is now in europe. twenty hours to vienna. "who's missing luggage-find the striped ribbons." mr. strauch. koblenz. eating, drinking, and making merry. exhaustion from cramped quarters. european trains are great. meeting new people . . . seven a.m.-westbahnhof, vienna, austria. then the taxi race to our new home, the hotel sitler. room assignments, two semmels and a day in bed . . . mrs. dudley and orientation week. lots of "notes". krugels, viertels, and the kegelbahn . . . now settled, we adjusted to our new environment of mr. strauch, humanities, and the hotel sitler. our first mail from home. but are we homesick? . . . "eine tafel schokolade." strassenbahn 52. frau finney and the jukebox in the bar. our first concert-the vienna philharmonic and standing up. exploring the city . . . the wine, the language, and tabak-trafiks. and the konditoreis. the post-office . . . the group's first motorcycle . . . "don carlos"-fin the staatsoper- impressive, yet . . . vienna's kellers: the urbani, the twelve apostles. excitement and the days after . . seven a.m.'s "semmels again? what's today? no. today's wednesday-eggs!" humanities-art, literature, and . . . right at our fingertips. 9:30. mail . . . german-"konnen sie deutsch?" we studied, we partied. we laughed and so did we weary schonbrunn. country elliot the spontaneous party. costumes. our first gala affair . . . mariah- ilfestrasse and herzmansky's. shopping-especially for orange capes . . . lederhosen and dirndls . . . kunsthistorisches. friday night rations. strassenbahn tickets, a necessity for mobility . . . ski rentals and parkas. our early departure for a week of "rest." the austrian alps. salzburg, innsbruck, and alas, 31 students in trins! 144 "hey! where's rick?" the hotel zita, up the hill a way. the miserable food, warm milk, straight from the cow. one main street "ski? where?" steinach a bus to munich. "where's the hotel?" shades of gray . . . one night out and one locked in . . . the hofbrauhaus. "of course, everyone has to have a mug! use your coat." and, yeah, the blow-up! sightseeing, a la dudley an intentional delay-departure. a long ride home . . . mailagain. back with the old gang. berta and wolfgang someone's late nights out or shall we say, nocturnal strolls? . . . and studying again. art slides. "who am i?" nike of samothrace? exams. cultural notebooks, mit ansichtkarten . . . the group witnesses a happy reunion . . . heiligenkreuz and the wienerwald. prater and the go-carts. round and round we go . . . our lovers of horses visit the spanish riding school. spring is coming-more motorcyles . . . "but the clutch slipped" . . . and we have it all on film-moving even . . . sunbaths, bikinis, and beerfights. nasson's yul bryner . . . we're tired . . . 6:30 a.m. vacation again. the bus and smoke and alice's restaurant . . . theodoric's tomb-"but it's only fifthy miles out of the way" .. . those winding italian alps . . . mestra and our hassle over rooms. venice, rain, and pigeons. canals, gondolas, and the frari church. our students bargain in the open market our man with the maps we're off to florence. "where did those two american girls come from?" the bell tower and the dome. the fabulous open market and of course, the david . . . the purchase of switchblades . . . easter in venice and then another long ride home . . . cultural visits, unanimously enjoyed. late hour telephone calls, broken sinks, and teddy bears "let's ask mother" the laundry room. more studying. friends from the bar. lasting friendships . . . love is blue, barbara ann, words .. . a hectic last month. do we really want to leave? more exams. tension. slamming doors. quick letters home. money? presents our famous groschen hunt. toga parties, exposures, and bass fiddles. flash. "we're outa here!" says mr. baggy pants . . . we do up the town. may day parade and the rathaus. vienna, we're leaving. chatanooga choo choo. an american and her guitar . . . the gardens of schonbrunn. memorable reflections. we pack, we laugh, we cry and say Haufwiedersehen, wien! " 145 winter carnival sam and dave sphinx-new division II " ' .,,. , ,,,, M ,i if MMM ff W f N Q" fic Jw X wi ,Mag sw mi , 11 , ' k":i,?if7'fiI5HS g5 .W L1 ' W , ,ff :' ,z::,1gf ig " ' sv W K i , 6. ' I as H M ,. ', V , :, xi nu -V -2 1 , , uw " ,, LS V. ff + ' H "w'w,,,, 2 . day w ww M5 7 M -M.,L my ,VM A , ,,, W .M MJ M . by -aww f ,Q , ,J , KM , 147 I 148 . K? . f gf. . . , f jeff babcock, joel Iarson concert Iectu re series murder in the cathedral edward vilelle ensemble X . Q fi we WS-:L I fi- 2 f ifgiikfkr,-., . . A. - ,- , A f -:S we .. X.. . , 3 - if 'f E g,.....-fig gary burton quartet Mhz, , , 7743 1 X 7' . K ,- V ,Q 1 I f Q! I ji ,I N ISD xi' 1111111 ny W - Q N X Yfw ' I y. I fu, . 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Q J 3 A D 1 'ajjc , , f , , f 5 f If Y ' 1 Y + i ' X :f:'f 7' i 1 J X 1 xl 5 1 'if' , , 1 0 I vw f Z.,L:AU I H K f X 5 A ' i 'J' 4 1 I p V .nfl f f' N- f 2 'N l 5 -Z i ,f f X k X 3 4' I 1 , X N K A I , A I 'Xi -1 xx N5 ' x , . XA N , If 1 x .A I - f X x :-. ,T f x ,xx- V 5 X 71k 'LZ1 'ILL I'l.S.3 5 " ry or r ' 1 ,, f w irrffvmn of X QW or ff? Af f :T1W"1Zr ,. r, f'f"if pi A.. fate of project "a" LEFT TO RIGHT: mickie jaissle, corresponding secretary: russ chichester, vice-presidentp dave bjork, presidentg pete zafirson, treasurer: coralie hyde, recording secretary. 154 nancy mitchell, assistant editor jack biggar paul driscoll dennis fournier rick kaufman sam morgan jeff nokes elliot siege! chuck sigal george simms nugget w john rigby, editor jay carragher, layout editor footlighters rimers of eldrich LEFT TO RIGHT: susan schultz, richard friedman, virginia klee, louis beckerman, rita bishop, sally kruger. LEFT TO RIGHT: margaret thyse, susan schultz. LE FT TO RIGHT: dan russon, laurel taylor. the fantastiks va...-. LE FT TO RIGHT: sol factor, debbie bryon, rebecca millimet, mike fritchman, patricia carr, andy silberberg. LE FT TO RIGHT: rebecca millimet, sol factor, debbie bryon, mike fritchman, andy silberberg, tom mason. LEFT TO RIGHT: debbie bryon, rebecca millimet, mike fritchman, patricia carr. 157 wait until Dark LEFT TO RIGHT: holly harrison, terry bregy, ieff babcock, bill hunter 5 159 nsa review david hamlin, editor-inchief. 115 160 uit? gmt, r Ns.-1.,k HQ QM If ,,,, 922345 i K' vndon 1 SEP N445 ii. outing club jeff babcock, president joel Iarson, vice president debbie comstock, secretary fred griffin, treasurer ikiii ,. scio jean coram, dr. gilmore. fletcher's neck. burt golub bert wyre, john byrne, paul macneil 1- bridge club jewish club ...N .saw ml' steve gilman, harvey goralnick. 164 HNQQ t psi chi i x v STANDING: john rohter, milt mahler, david swig, steve sholkin. SEATED: carol miller, cindy Iaurilla women's dorm council women counselors men counselors fresh men orientation dinner ' 168 .Y If f iw sa, if gn Q X A WWE, I ? wig J , F wgfgf M312 ,N r-1 i QEOFQG DHUGYSOH . -ww nv-M' ,sin :N wp : sig!-ek swf freshmen orientation ep-um fred dad mun duncan ogilvie phyllis callihan 173 sally kruger K 175 F - If K X 176 iN7"'s wax Q X 177 178 senior profiles KATH LEEN M. ADAM Psychology GORDON C. AYER English Deans List, 2, 3: Nasson Review, 1: Big Brother Program, 2, 3, 4: Sports Car Club, 3: N.S.A. Representative, 4: Orientation Committee, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals, 1, 3: N.S.A. Refreshment Committee, 4: Outing Club, 1, 2: S.T.O.P., 1: German Club, 1, 2: Vienna Study Abroad, 2: Sailing Club, 1, 2: Variety Show, 1. JE F F BABCOCK English Footlighters, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Volleyball, 2, 3: Outing Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 4. LOUIS A. BECKE RMAN English Soccer, 2, 4: Footlighters, 3, 4: Dorm President, 4: Beaver Patrol, 2. LINDA JANE BERGDAHL English Outing Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Dean's List, 2: Womans Dorm Council, 3: Study Abroad Program lStrasbourgl, 2. MARTHA C. BESSEY English Outing Club, 1: Dean's List, 3: Newman Club, 1: Faculty Evaluations, 3. VICTORIA BIGELOW English DAVID E. BJORK Business and Economics Dean's List, 3: Soccer, 1: Freshman Class Treasurer, 1: Sophomore Class Treasurer, 2: Junior Class President, 3: N.S.A. President, 4:: Assistant Editor Nugget, 3. ANN E BOOTH English Dean's List, 1, 2, 3: George Nasson Scholar, 3, 4: Alpha Chi, 3, 4: Review, 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Editor, 2, News Editor, 4: Chairman Board of Trustees of Review, 4: Glee Club, 1: Study Abroad Program lViennal, 2. LAWRENCE MESSITER BREGY English Dean's List, 2, 3: Rifle Team, 3, 4: Varsity "N" Club, 3, 4: Glee Club, 1: Intramurals, 3, 4: Outing Club, 3, 4: Study Abroad Program IStrasbourgl, 2: Senior Variety Show, 3. DAVID J. BROWN Government Dean's List, 2: Counselor, 2: International Relations Club President, 4: Intramurals, 1: lnterdormitory Council, 4: Study Abroad Program lViennal, 2. THOMAS R. BRYANT Psychology Ski Team, 1, 2, 3, 4. PETER HASKELL BURR History Dean's List, 3: Senoir Honors Thesis: Regional Director New England College Republicans, 3: Treasurer, National Republican Student Leadership Conference, 3. CONSTANCE JAYNE BUSHEY English-Secondary Education Dean's List, 3: Outing Club, 2, 3. GAI L W. CAMPBELL History Dean's List, 1:Snow Sculpture, 3, 4. THOMAS RICHARD CARLONI Psychology STEPHEN WINDSOR CARPENTER Biology Soccer, 1:Science Club, 3, 4: Outing Club. RUSSE LL S. CHICHESTER English Intramural Basketball 8: Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer Beaver Patrol, 2: Vice-President Junior Class, 3: Counselor, 3: N.S.A. Vice- President, 4, Outing Club, 1, 2, 3. JONATHAN F. CLAR K English Ski Team, 1: Outing Club, 1, 2, 3, Treasurer, 2, Quartermaster, 3: N.S.A. Representative, 2: Counselor, 2: Treasurer Junior Class, 3: Sports Car Club, 3, 4: N.S.A. Review, 4. JEFFREY J. CLOUGH English Dean's List, 1, 2, 3: Ski Team, 1: Study Abroad Program lViennal, 2: Goliards, 1, 2,3,4. 179 ALDEN B. COLE History Nasson Review, 1: Dean's List, 2: Study Abroad Program lViennaI, 2: Intramurals, 1,2,3: Goliards, 1,2,3,4. DANIEL L. COTE Government Golf Team, 2: Photographer-Review, 4: Photographer-Nugget, 4: Varsity "N" Club, 3: Newman Club, 1: Psychology Laboratory Assistant, 3, 4. THOMAS JOSEPH DACHOWSKI Biology Dean's List, 2: Student Representative Science-Math Faculty, 4: Big Brother Program, Science-Math Division, 4: Social Committee Senior Class, 4: Chairman Senior Gift Committee, 4: Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: W.E.T., 4: Co-ordinator Marine Survey Committee, 3, 4: President SCIO, 3, 4. FREDERICK DADMUN English Nasson ReView, 1: Basketball, 1: ICONS, 1, 2: Bridge Club, 1,2,3: Treasurer, 3. JOSEPH W. DAVIS Math Gymnastics Club, 1,2. JOHN H. DICK English N.S.A. Social Chairman, 4: Admission Com- mittee, 4: Social Committee, 3: Dorm President, 3: Hockey, 2,3,4. PAMELA DOI RON Government Academic Dean's Advisory Council, 3: lnter- national Relations Club, 3: Study Abroad Program lCaenl, 4. CAREY C. DOLBIER Economics and Business Dean's List, 3: Soccer, 1,2,3, Most Valuable Forward, 3. RUDOLPH C. DOPART Economics and Business Dean's List, 3: Intramurals, 1,2,3,4: Outing Club, 1,2,3,4. PAUL F. DRISCOLL English Dean's List, 2,35 N.S.A. Review, 35Christmas Formal, 15 Nugget Staff, 45 Intramurals, 3,45 Outing Club, 35 Study Abroad Program Iviennal, 2. JOHN C. DROBINSKI Chemistry Intramurals, Volleyball, 1,2,3,4, Football, 2, Basketball, 1,25SClO, 3,45 Folk Club, 1. PETE R DUN N Mathematics Deans List, 25 SCIO, 45 Intramurals, 1, 2,3,45 ReView, 2,35 Outing Club, 1,2,3. PATRICIA LOUISE ELLIS Psychology Deans List, 25 French Study Abroad Program IStrasbourgI, 25 Intramurals, 3. LIN DA ESPI NOLA Mathematics Deans List, 25 Glee Club, 1,2,3,45 Glee Club Librarian, 25 MathScience Club, 45 Newman Club, 15 C.I.T. Program, 15 ReView, 15 Intramural Sports, 1,2,3,45 W.A.A., 3, 45 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 2. SOL AVRAM FACTOR History Dean's List, 35 Footlighters, 2, Treasurer, 25 International Relations Club, 1,2,35 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 25 Youth Work, 2,3,4. JU DITH SUSAN FAY English Dean's List, 2,35 George Nasson Scholar, 45 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 25 Big Sister Program, 45 Nason ReView, 4. SHARON DIANE FRANCIS English Dean's List, 35 Intramurals, 35 NUGGET, 4. WILLIAM RAYNION D F ROST Government Dean's List5 Glee Club, 15 Nasson ReView, 1,2,35 Photography Editor, NUGGET, 3: WORD Literary Magazine, 1. RUTH Z. GEMBICKI Medical Technology Jewish Student Group, 1,2,3, Secretary, 1,25 Outing Club, 1,2,35 SCIO, 32 Intramural Basketball, 15 Intramural Volleyball, 3. BURTON MARC GOLUB Biology Rifle Team, 1,2,3, Captain, 25 SCIO, 3, 4, , Chairman, Marine Survey Committee, 35 Outing Club5 Sports Car Club. G. CLIFFORD GOODBAN D, JR. Biology Counselor, 2,35 Head Counselor, 45 N.S.A. Representative, 45 Varsity Baseball, 1,22 Varsity Soccer, 1,2,3,45 Intramurals, 1, 2,3,45 SCIO, 3,45 Varsity "N" Club, 1,2, 3,4. EDWARD T. GOODWIN Business Dean's List, 2,35 Outing Club, 1,2,3,45 Skiing5 Class Treasurer, 4. MARY JO WENTWORTH GRANT English NUGGET, 45 Outing Club, 1,2,3,45 Foot- lighters, 3,4. THOMAS C. GRELLA English Footlighters, 35 I ntramu rals, 3,4. PETER A. GROSS History Glee Club, 15 ICONS, 1,25 Language Lab Departmental Assistant, 2, 3, 4. DAVID M. HAMLIN English Dean's List, 2,35 George Nasson Scholar, 45 Ford Foundation Fellowship5 Varsity Tennis, 25 N.S.A. Representative, 35 Editor, Nasson ReView, 45 Winter Carnival, 35 Orientation Committee, 3, 45 Chairman, Student-Faculty Dialogue Committee, 35 Outing Club5 Motor Club. HOLLY ANN HARRISON English Dean's List, 35 Counselor, 25 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 25 Orientation Committee, 2, 45 Women's Dormitory Council, 3, President, 45 Class Secretary, 15 Footlighters, 3, 45S.T.O.P., 15 Intramurals, 3. THOMAS J. HAYES Government Varsity Soccer, 1,2,35 Varsity Baseball, 1,2,45 Nasson ReView, 25 Varsity "N" Club, 1,2,3,45 Counselor, 25 Class President, 45 Concert Lecture Committee, 3,45 Admissions Assis- tant, 1,25 Outing Club, 2,45 N.S.A. Council, 4. SUSAN E. HEFFERNON English Outing Club, 15 Bridge Club, 15 Intramurals, 1,2,3,45 W.R.A., 3,45 Newman Club, 15 International Relations Club, 2. ROY H. HEWSON Government Ski Team, 1,35 Intramurals, 1,2,3,45 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 2. 180 PAUL C. HOFMANN Business Dean's List, 1,2,35 George Nasson Scholar, 2,45 Nasson ReView, 15 NUGGET, 45 Infirmary Assistant5 Business and Economics Club5 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 2. MARK R. HOKANSON Psychology PETER CAULDWELL HOOVER Family and Community Studies Dean's List5 Intramural Basketball, 3,45 Intramural Volleyball, 3,45 S.D.A.E.H. NANCY R. HOULE Psychology Dean's List, 25 Ford Scholar, 3,45 Psychology Club, 2,3,45 Outing Club, 2. J. DANIEL HOWARD Biology Dean's List, 15 George Nasson Scholar, 25 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 25 SCIO, 3, 45 Glee Club, 1,2,3,4. PHILIP E. HUCKINS Mathematics Dean's List, 35 Varsity Basketball, 2,3, 45 Varsity "N" Club, 3, 45 Counselor, 45 Orientation Committee, 45 Recreation Assis- tant, 3,4. DIANE E. HULETT Mathematics Dean's List, 2,35 George Nasson Scholar, 45 Glee Club, 45 French Study Abroad Program, lStrasbourgl, 25 Big Sister Program, 45 Dorm Vice-President, 4. JOSEPH H. HUNT English Counselor, 2,35 Class President, 25 Varsity Soccer, 1,2,3,4, Co-captain, 45 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 3, Counselor, 4. WILLIAM W. HUNTER, JR. English Dean's List, 35 Footlighters, 2,3,45 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 2. CORALI E G. HYDE Government Dean's List, 25 Class Secretary, 35 Recording Secretary, N.S.A., 45 Sailing Club, 1,2,3, Secretary, 1,2,35 Captain, Women's Sailing Team, 2,35 Intramural Volleyball, 2,3,45 Chairman, N.S.A. Faculty Evaluations Com- mittee, 35 Spring Weekend Committee, 35 International Relations Club, 2,45 Women's Judiciary Council, 25 Big Sister Program, 3,4. IRENE MARIE JACKSON English Dean's List, 2,35 Footlighters, 1,2,3,4, Vice- -President, 2,35 French Study Abroad Pro- gram lCaenl, 3. MICHELE KATHE RINE JAISSLE Psychology Dean's List, 1,35 Corresponding Secretary, N.S.A., 45 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 2, Co-President, 25 Dorm Officer, 35 Advertising Editor, NUGGET, 35 Newman Club, 1,2, Officer, 25 Sailing Club, 15 Bridge Club, 45 Intramurals, 2,3,45 Orientation Committee, 2,3,4. GAIL M. JENSEN Government Dean's List, 2,35 Experiment in International Living Committee, 45 International Relations Club, 35 Psychology Club, 35 French Study Abroad Program IStrasbourgl, 2. DOUGLAS H. JOBLING Government Dean's List, 1. CHANNING B. JOHNSON Business and Economics Dean's List, 35 Intramural Basketball, 1,2,3,45 Intramural Volleyball, 1,2,3,45 Ping Pong Tournament, 25 Intramural Football, 25 Dorm Vice-President, 45 Inter-Dormitory Council, 45 Beaver Patrol, 2: W.E.T. Vice-President. LINDA CARYL JOHNSON Biology Dean's List, 1,2,35 George Nasson Scholar, 2,35 Alpha Chi: Barbara Hammond Nutter Scholarship, 35 Varsity Basketball, 35 W.R.A., 3,4, Representative, 35 SCIO, 45 Outing Club, 1,2,3,45 German Club, 15 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 2. LINDA J. JUTRAS Medical Technology Dean's List, 15 George Nasson Scholar, 25 Intramural Volleyball, 1,35 Intramural Basket- ball, 15 SCIO, 35 Newman Club, 1: Outing Club, 1,25 International Relations Club, 2,3. HARRIET KAMINSKY English Dean's List, 1,2,35 George Nasson Scholar 2,3,45 Inter-Dormitory Council, 35 French Study Abroad Program IStrasbourgl, 25 Secretary, Alpha Chi, 45 Alpha Chi, 3,45 Outing Club, 1: Glee Club, 1,3,45 Foot- lighters, 1,2,3,45 Psych Club, 25 Club for Experiment in International Living Program, SANFORD C. KENDALL Psychology SUSAN STONE KENYON English Dean's List, 35 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 35 Big Sister Program, 3,45 Glee Club, 1. JAMES G. KI LBOURNE History Dean's List, 1,35 George Nasson Scholar, 25 Varsity Baseball, 15 N.S.A. Representative, 1,25 N.S.A. President, 35 President, Alpha Chi, 45 S.T.O.P., 25 Counselor, 25 President, Young Republicans, 1, 25 President, Young Americans for Freedom, 15 Student-Faculty Debates, 2,3. PAMELA JEAN KI RBY Biology Dean's List, 1,25 George Nasson Scholar, 2,35 Outing Club, 1,2,3,45 NUGGET, 1,45SClO, 4, Treasurer, 45 Alpha Chi, 3,4, Treasurer, 3,45 Canterbury Club, 25 Women's Dormitory Council, 4, Vice-President, 45 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 25 Intramurals, 1,2,3,4. ELIZABETH ANN KI REILIS History Women's Judiciary Council, 2, Secretary, 25 Women's Dormitory Council, 35 Counselor, 3,45 Orientation Committee, 45 Outing Club, 1,25 S.T.O.P., 15Footlighters, 1,2,45 Big Sister Program, 3,45 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 25 History Representative to the Council of Co-ordinators, 4. PETER M. KLYNE Psychology Dean's List, 2,35 Intramural Basketball, 1,2,3,45 Intramural Volleyball, 1,2,3,45 In- tramural Football, 25 Varsity Golf, 3, 45 Psychology Club, 1,2,3,45 International Re- lations Club, 15Outing Club, 1,2,3,45Summer Counselor, 3. MARK FREDERICK KNAPP History Dean's List, 35 Outing Club, 3,4. SARA M. KRUGER English Dean's List, 25 Basketball Team, 15 Tennis Team, 3,45 B8iG Co-Ordinating Committee, 35 Ski Representative to W.R.A., 45 Women's Dormitory Council, 35 Sailing Team, 15 Counselor, 3,45 French Study Abroad Pro- gram IStrasbourgl, 2. JEFFREY E. LANE Mathematics Dean's List, 35 Alumni Athletic Award, 35 Baseball Manager, 1 ,2,3,45 Basketball Manager, 1,2,3,45 Soccer Manager, 1,2,3,45 SCIO, 3,45 Glee Club, 1. 181 JOEL A. LARSON Psychology Nasson ReView, 25 P-R, 15 Intramural Basketball, 1,25 Outing Club, 3,4, Vice-President, 45 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 25 Beaver Patrol, 25 W.E.T., 3,4. CYNTHIA KAROL LAURI LA Psychology Dean's List, 2,35 George Nasson Scholar, 3,45 Psi Chi, 3,45 Orientation Committee, 4. PAULA E. LEARY English Dean's List, 15 Intramurals, 35 Footlighters, 1,2,35 Spring Weekend Committee 25 Outing Club, 1,2,3. BAR RY B. LEWIS Government Dean's List, 1,2,35 '68 Experimenter in International Living to Morocco, 35 Counselor, 45 French Study Abroad Program lCaenl, 35 Varsity Baseball, 1,2,3,45 Varsity Basketball, 1,2,3,45 Class Vice-President, 45 Model General Assembly, 25 International Relations Club, 1,2. PETE R B. LIBBY History Dean's List, 25 Intramurals, 1,25 French Study Abroad Program, lCaenl, 35 Goliards, 1,2,3,4. GARY CRAIG LITTLE Biology Dean's List, 2,35 George Nasson Scholar, 3,45 N.S.A. Representative, 25 Big Brother Program, 2,45 Intramural-Basketball, 1,2,45 Intramural Volleyball, 1,2,45 SCIO, 3,45 Lab Assistant, 2,35 Counselor, 4. CAROL JANET LORENZ Psychology Vienna Study Abroad Program, 25 Intramurals, 3,45 W.R.A., 3,45 Outing Club, 4. PETER F. LOVELAND Business and Economics Dean's List, 1,2,35 Alpha Chi, 3,45 Business and Economics Department Advisory Com- mittee, 3,45 Class Vice-President, 25 Admis- sion's Policy Advisory Committee, 45 Outing Club, 1,2. DIANNE T. LOWD Medical Technology Dean's List, 2,35 Intramural Volleyball, 35 SCIO, 1,3. RICHARD M. LUTHE History Varsity Baseball, 1,35 Varsity Basketball, 1,2,3,4, Most Valuable Player, 2,3, Co-Cap- tain, 45 Conference All Star Team, 2,35 Maine All College Team, 35 Intramural Volleyball Champs, 1,2,35 Varsity "N" Club, 1,2,3,4, President, 45 Outing Club, 1. CAROLE G. LYON History Dean's List, 2, 35 Winter Carnival Queen Con- test, 35 Outing Club, 2, 35 Folk Club, 1,Secre- tary, 15 International Relations Club, 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer, 2, 3. LESLEY McDEVlTT LYON English Dean's List, 35 French Study Abroad Program ICaenI, 35 Intramural Basketball, 1,25 Intra- mural Volleyball, 1,2,35 Nasson ReView, 1. JANET MACE Psychology NUGGET, 4. MILTON M. MAH LER Psychology Dean's List, 1,2,3,45 Psi Chi, 3,45 George Nasson Scholar, 3,45 Orientation Committee, 45 Psychology Club, 2,3,45 Psi Chi, Vice- President, 45 Jewish Students' Club, 1,2,3,45 French Study Abroad Program IStrasbourgI, 25 Psychology Assistant, 35 W.E.T., 3,4. RICHARD E. MARSHALL II Biology Dean's List, 3,45 George Nasson Scholar, 45 Varsity Soccer, 1,2,3,45 Varsity "N" Club, 1,2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer, 45 N.S.A. Repre- sentative, 15 Counselor, 35 Intramurals, 1,2,3,45 SCIO, 3,4. LINDA MAXWE LL English Dean's List, 2,35 George Nasson Scholar, 45 Women's Dormitory Council, 45 Footlighters, 25 Outing Club, 15 French Study Abroad Program IStrasbourgI, 2. STEVENS McALEER History Ski Team, 15 International Relations Club 4, Treasurer, 45 Outing Club, 1,2,3,45 French Study Abroad Program IStrasbourgI, 2. HENRY H. MCINTOSH Government N.S.A. Representative, '62-'635 Outing Club, '62-'645 Young Republicans Club, '62-'642 President, '63-'645 Chairman, Maine Young Republicans, '63-'645 Co-College Chairman, New England Young Republicans, '63-'64: Class President, '63-'645 Varsity Soccer, '635 Varsity Ski Team, '625 Intramurals, '63, DONALD F. McKE LLAR, JR. English Outing Club, 45 Intramurals, 4. NICHOLAS B. ME RKEL Business and Economics Dean's List, 35 Karate Club, 2,3,45 Dorm Vice-President, 35 Intramurals, 1,2,3,45 Outing Club, 1,25 International Relations Club, 45 Sky-Diving Club, 4. CAROL A. MI LLE R Psychology Dean's List, 1,2,35 George Nasson Scholar, 45 Footlighters, 15 Psi Chi, 3, 4, Secretary- Treasurer, 45 Psychology Club, 35 Psychology Assistantship, 45 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 2. STEPHEN A. MINTZ Economics and Business Dean's List, 2,45 Rifle Team, 15 Orientation Committee, 45 Dining Commons Chairman 3,45 Archery lnstructor5 Outing Club5 Sailing Club. NANCY ELIZABETH MITCHELL English Dean's List, 35 C.I.T. Program, 1,2,45 Counselor, 2,3,45 Orientation Committee, 2,3,45 Intramurals, 1,2,3,45 Varsity Basket- ball, 3,45 Big Sister Program, 3,45 NUGGET, Co-Assistant Editor, 45 W.R.A., 3,45 Glee Club, A15 International Relations Club, 25 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 3. SHELLEY B. MODISTE Psychology Dean's List, 2,35 International Relations Club, 25 Psychology Club, 45 Outing Club, 15 Intramurals, 1,4. PAMELA M. MON ITTO Psychology Dean's List, 2,35 George Nasson Scholar, 35 Intramurals, 3,45 Glee Club, 3,4. MARTHA LOWE LL MOODY Medical Technology Dean's List, 1,2,35 George Nasson Scholar, 2,3,45 Outing Club, 15 Alpha Chi, 35 SCIO, 35 Intramurals, 1,2,3. EILEEN DELIA MURPHY Psychology W.R.A., 45 Intramurals, 2,4. JOHN S. MURPHY History Dean's List, 2,35 French Study Abroad Program, ICaenI, 3, Counselor, 3. RODNEY J. NORMAND Busines. Psychology Recreation Assistant. 1 82 VIRGINIA DOANE NORTH Psychology Dean's List, 25 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 25 Chairman, Christmas Formal, 15 Winter Carnival Oueen Candidate, 35 NUGGET, 45 Cheerleading, 1,25 Senior Variety Show, 15 Outing Club, 1,2,3,45 Orientation Committee, 25 Big Sister Program, 25 Intramurals, 2,3. WENDY L. NOYES English Dean's List, 35 Louise S. Holden Award Recipient, 35 Counselor, 2,3, Head Counselor, 45 Orientation Committee, 2,3,45 Varsity Basketball, 3,45 Captain, 3,45 Varsity Field Hockey, 45 Intramurals, 1,2,3,45 W.R.A., 3,4, President, 4, Vice-President, 35 Outing Club, 1. RICHARD LEWIS OWEN English Ski Team, 15 Beaver Patrol, 25 W.E.T., 3,45 Vice-President Outing Club, 35 Soccer, 35 N.S.A. ReView, 45 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 35 Outing Club, Sports Car Club, 4. MATHEW S. PARKE R English Dean's List, 25 Outing Club, 15 French Study Abroad Program IStrasbourgI, 2. FREDERICK L. PARKS Mathematics Judo, 2,35 Soccer, 2,45 Public Relations Sports Scorer Basketball and Baseball, 2,3. GE ORGE PATTE RSON English Footlighters, 2,3, President, 35 Variety Show, 2,3,45 Outing Club, 35 Varsity N Club, 3,45 Varsity Athletic Trainer, 1,2,3,4. CURTIS E. PE RKINS Mathematics Dean's List, 25 Glee Club, 1,2,3,45 Counselor, 2,3,45 Intramural Basketball, 1,2,3,45 Vice- President SCIO, 45 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 25 Big Brother Program, 4. GARY J. POLOWITZER Psychology Psychology Club, 2,3,4. CYNTHIA J. POME ROY Government N.S.A. Representative, 1,35 N.S.A. Secretary, 25 Orientation Committee, 2, 35 Homecoming Committee, 1,2,35 Small College Conference, 1,25 Outing Club, 15 Footlighters, 15 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 3. KATHE RINE O. PORTE R Mathematics Dean's List, 1,2,35 George Nasson Scholar, 45 Counselor, 2,35 Cheerleader, 15 Intramurals, 1,2,3,45 W.R.A. Sport Head, 3,45 Glee Club, 15 French Study Abroad Program lStra- sbourgl, 2. ROBE RT E. POUND Mathematics Dr. James A. Naismith Intercollegiate Basket- ball Conference Scholastic-Athletic Award, 35 Dean's List, 35 George Nasson Scholar, 35 Bas- ketball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity "N" Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Outing Club, 2, 35 SCIO, 45 Co-Captain Baseball, 45 N.S.A. ReView, 1. SHERYLL A. PRATT Mathematics Dean's List, 1,2,35 George Nasson Scholar, 35 Women's Dormitory Council, 45 SCIO, 45 Big Sister Program, 45 French Study Abroad Program lStrasbourgI, 2. JOHN F. PREBLE Business and Economics DUNCAN RAESIDE Business and Economics Rifle Team, 15 R.O.T.C. Judo, 1. STEPHEN F. REITMAN Economics and Business Dean's List, 35 Dean's Executive Committee Business and Economics, 45 Tennis, 3. LEO E. RICHARD Business and Economics Dean's List, 35 Business Club, 4. JOHN G. RIGBY Economics Dean's List, 25 Ski Team Captain, 1,3, 45 Nugget Editor, 45 N.S.A. Representative, 35 Counselor, 3,45 Beaver Hill Ski Area Com- mittee Chairman, 3,45 Vienna Group Pres- ident, 2, Vienna Study Abroad Program, 25 Orientation Committee, 2,45 Intramurals, 1. JENS WARD RIIS, JR. History Soccer. 2,3,45 Captain Soccer Team, 3,45 Counselor, 3,4. SUSAN E. ROBBINS Mathematics Dean's List, 35 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 25 Intramural Volleyball, 35 Intra- mural Basketball, 35 Counselor, 3, 45 W.R.A. Sport Head, 3, 45 W.R.A., 45 SCIO Admin- istrative Assistant, 4. JOHN F. ROHTER Psychology Dean's List, 1,25 Psi Chi, 3,45 Intramurals, 1,2,3,45 SCIO, 3,45 Psychology Club, 3,45 Beaver Patrol, 1 ,2. ROSS. F. ROULSTON English Dean's List, 25 SAMUEL B. ROVVSE Business and Economics Ski Team, 2,3,45 Sports Car Club, 3,4. DANIEL W. RUSSON English Dean's List, 15 Alumni Citizenship Nominee, 15 Footlighters, 1,2,3,45 ReView Staff, 15 N.S.A. Representative, 15 Freshman Dance Committee, 15 Chairman Christmas Formal, 15 President Sophomore Class, 25 Chairman Orientation Committee, 25 Chairman N.S.A. Coffeehouse Committee, 25 Manager Mouse- trap, 25 Alumni Assistant, 2,3,45 Small College Conference, 1,25 Editor Nugget, 35 Senior Representative Alumni Council, 45 N.S.A. Parliamentarian, 25 Homecoming Committee, 2. FREDERICK F. SCHIBI, JR. Psychology Soccer, 1,25 Ski, 'l,2,45 Intramurals, 1,2,3,45 Varsity "N" Club, 1,25 French Study Abroad Program lCaenI, 3. MARK HE RBE RT SHAI KEN Chemistry Dean's List, 25 Psi-Chi, 3,45 Co-Chairman N.S.A. Refreshment Committee, 45 Psy- chology Club, 3. STEVEN M. SHOLKIN Psychology WILLIAM L. Sl LLIKER History Dean's List, 15 Alumni Citizenship Award, 25 Freshman Class President, 1. HARVEY L.SILVERMAN Business and Economics BETSEY ANN SIMMONS History Dean's List, 1,45 ReView, 15 First Vienna Study Abroad Program, 2. GE RALD A. SLAVET Mathematics Dean's List, 25 Dormitory President, 45 lnterdormitory Council, 45 N.S.A. Refresh- ment Committee, 45 SCIO, 45 Football Coach Sanford Midget League, 4. 183 SANDRA J. SMITH Mathematics Outing Club, 15 W.R.A., 45 Intramurals, 2, 3, 4. TIMOTHY L. SMITH Dean's List, 15 Honors Tutorial Program, 15 Intramural Basketball, 2, 35 Beaver Patrol, 25 W.E.T., 4. CHE RYL J. STURVIIS History Dean's List, 35 Bridge Club, 25 W.R.A., 45 Intramurals, 2,3. RICHARD M. SULLIVAN History Dean's List, 2,35 Ford Scholar, 3,45 Golf Team, 25 Newman Club, 2. RONALD BARNETT SWEATT History Dean's List, 2,35 Soccer, 1,2,3,45 Baseball, 1,2,3,4. DAVID S. SWIG Psychology Dean's List, 25 Psi-Chi President, 45 Spring Weekend, 35 Orientation Committee, 45 N.S.A. ReView, 1,45 Intramural Volleyball, 1,2,35 Nugget, 35 Winter Carnival, 45 Outing Club, 3,4. CHARLES M. TALBOT, JR. Psychology PATRICIA ANNE TANSEY History Glee Club, 15 Counselor, 25 Vienna Study Abroad Program, 2. VERNON R. TISDALE Chemistry Dean's List, 1,2,35 George Nasson Scholar, 35 President's Prize, 35 Dr. James Naismith League Academic-Athletic Award, 25 Varsity Basketball, 1,2,3,45 Alpha Chi, 3,4, President, 45 Varsity "N" Club, 2,3,45 Experiment in International Living Ambassador to India 84 Ceylon, 25 Golf, 3,45 Chemistry Laboratory Assistant, 2,3,4. JOHN P. TRIPP Businex 81 Economics Dean's List, 1,2,35 Intramural Basketball, 1,2,3,45 Intramural Volleyball, 1,25 Bridge Club, 1,2,35 Vice-President Bridge Club, 2, President, 3. JOANNE SYLVIA WALLACE Psychology Dean's List, 2,3,4, Intramural Sports, 1,2,3,45 Claw Secretary, 2,45 Orientation Committee, 2,45 W.R.A., 45 Leadership Conference, 3,45 Psychology Club, 3,45 Big Sister Program, 2,4. WILLIAM H. WHITE English Education Varsity "N" Club, 2,3,45 Varsity Rifle Team 1,2,3,45 Outing Club, 15 B.U.S.H. 1,2,3,4 Concert Lecture Committee, 1,25 Foot- lighters, 45 C.I,T,, 25 Intramurals, 1,2,3,4. SUSAN T. WIELINSKI Biology Dean's List, 25 Intramural Sports, 1,25 SCIO, 3,45 Outing Club, 2,3,4. ANITA l. WILLIAMS English Dean's List, 35 Footlighters 1,2,3,45 S.T.O.P. 25 French Study Abroad Rrogram lCaenl, 31 BE RT WY RE Mathematics Class Vice-President, 15 Senior Variety Show, 1, 35 Bridge Club, 3, 45 International Rela- tions Club, 25 Audio-Visual Student Assistant, 2, 35 Audio-Visual Departmental Assistant, 42 SCIO, 35 N.S.A. Refreshment Committee Cashier and Treasurer, 45 Christmas Formal, 1. PETER J. ZAFIRSON Business and Economics Dean's List, 2, 35 George Nasson Scholar, 3, 45 Business Manager N.S.A., ReVievv, 35 Treas- urer- N.S.A., 45 Business 84 Economics Ad- visory Committee, 3, 45 Business Manager N.S.A'. Building, 45 Freshman Orientation Committee, 45 Public Relations Assistatn, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball, 25 Spring Week- end Advertising Manager, 3. ANDREW R. ZALETA Economics Dean's List, 1,2,3,45 Alpha Chi, 45 Ford Foundation Scholar, 45 Editor N.S.A. Re- View, 35 Physical Education Assistant, 45 Business Assistant, 45 Business 84 Economics Advisory Committee, 45 Judo Coach, 2,3,45 Woodrow Wilson Fellovv, 45 Who's Who, 45 George Nasson Scholar, 3,4. 184 wi 3 Elle! 2'2" fl ,-srl? fills STUDENT 1 I fbbuzffscsfepmf qt' ' ff, A I I Q I Q A A g vb I 1 Q 2 WMD HZDWERTZYSUNG Zfxvfk THE LH! JAG-G-ElR.'S Bonnie L. Abbott 403 Webster St., Needham, Mass. Kathleen M. Adam Box 372, Springvale, Me. Shelley E. Adams Edson Hill Road, Stowe, Vt. William W. Adams 8 East 96 St., New York, N.Y. Michael T. Aglio Marlborough Road, Glastonbury, Conn. David M. Allen, Jr. 412 Maple Ave., Haddenfield, N.J. Peter J. Allen 5 Highland Ave., Springvale, Me. Stephen E. Amee 3 Dana Road, Ogunquit, Me. Laurence M. Ames 140 Cabrini Blvd., New York, N.Y. Heather Andersen 38 Kappius Path, Newton Centre, Mass. Bruce D. Anderson 170 Chestnut St., Andover, Mass. Conrad F. Anderson 11 Norman Ave., W. Bridgewater, Mass. Hope Andrew 131 Ipswich Road, Topsfield, Mass. Lee R. Aroner 30 Atlantic Ave., Cohaxet, Mass. David C. Aston 8 Frost St., Springvale, Me. Jonathan S. Avery Lincoln Road, Lincoln, Mass. Gordon C. Ayer 321 Ocean Drive, Kennebunkport, Me. Jeffrey T. Babcock Knollwood Drive, Clinton, Conn. Mark E. Baharian 15 Chipmunk Lane, Darien, Conn. Peter E. Baker 121 County Road, Ipswich, Mass. Dwight F. Barclay 42 Fairview Road, Weston, Mass. David M. Barnard 42 Fairview Road, Weston, Mass. Q l where the smart coed shops 187 the mtebeats Mark F. Bates 15 Union Ave. Slingerlands, N.Y. Juan R. Bauza Estado 654, San Juan, Puerto Rico Carole L. Beaumont Turkey Hill Road, Rutland, Mass. Steven J.P. Bell 6 Milton St., Cambridge, Mass. Edward J. Belz Middlebury Road, Watertown, Conn. Douglas B. Bennett 102 Linden Lane, Fayetteville, N.Y. Linda J. Bergdahl 26 Highland Ave., Holden, Mass. Theresa A.M. Bergeron 15 Sherburne St., Springvale, Maine Barry A. Berlin 18 Lakeview Ave., Haverhill, Mass. Joseph L. Berry 9 Stone Road, Binghamton, N.Y. Martha C. Bessey 409 Franklin St., Rumford, Maine Victoria Bigelow Boardman Street, Norfolk, Mass. John W. Biggar 32005 Fairmount Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio Donna A. Bishop 97 Morris Ave., W. Warwick, R.l. Rita E. Bishop Box 112, Blake St., Hartland, Maine David E. Bjork 15 Vailencourt Lane, Huntington, Conn. Barbara E. Boardway 23 Ribinson Road, Woburn, Mass. Susan M. Bobrich 28 Stoddard Road, East Haven, Conn. Robert A. Bode, Jr. 16 Northfield Road, Simsbury, Conn. Jeffrey P. Bolton Lape Road, R.D. 1, Rensselaer, N.Y. Anne Booth 1019 Farmington Ave., W. Hartford, Conn. Christopher J. Booth 4 Hibbard Road, Marblehead, Mass. 188 compliments of SANFORD TRUST COMPANY Gail E. Bordner 9 Arlington Court, Caldwell, N.J. John S. Borell 17 Wethersfield Road, Natick, Mass. David R. Bott 50 Leonard St., Gloucester, Mass. James W. Bower 19 Outlook Drive, Darien, Conn. James K. Boyd 14 Lockwood Ave., Old Greenwich, Conn. Albert J. Bradley 422 W. Woodlawn Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. David H. Bradley, Jr. 123 Robin Road, Weston, Mass. Lawrence M. Bregy 8316 Navajo St., Philadelphia, Pa. Anne S. Brewer 133 High Street, Sanford, Maine Beverly Briggs 61 Center St., Hanover, Mass. Hope C. Briskey 26 Beacon St., Beverly, Mass. Geoffrey H. Brooks 147 Cookman Ave., Ocean Grove, N.J. William S. Brooks, ll l. Brooks Station Road, Princeton, Mass. Patrick J. Brosnahan 631 E. Porte Cimi Pas, Kansas City, Missouri David J. Brown Tenants Harbor, Maine Susan E. Brown 196 Granville Road, Westfield, Mass. Thomas R. Bryant, lll. 26 Ames St., Methuen, Mass. Richard S. Bunce 26 Ridgewood Road, W. Hartford, Conn. Paul E. Bureau 6 Martin Drive, Lewiston, Maine Cheryl L. Burke 372 Essex St., So. Hamilton, Mass. Jeffrey S. Burnett South St., Middlebury, Conn. Peter H. Burr 21 Winter Street, Kennebunk, Maine Linda F. Bush 17 Bluebird Lane, Huntington, N.Y. Constance J. Bushey 95 Marshall St., Glencoe, lll. Jarrett W. Buys 42 Clough Road, Dedham, Mass. John J. Byrne Meadow Dam Road, Lincoln, Mass. 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Chiarchiaro Lyons Plains Road, Weston, Conn. Russell S. Chichester 34 Lee WAY' Madison, Conn. Alan D. Chipman 11 Gallison Ave., Marblehead, Mass. Adonis Christopher Farm Road, Cherborn, Mass. James H. Clapp 100 Blanchard Road, So. Weymouth, Mass. Allen S. Clark 18 Oak Hill Drive, East haven, Conn. Jonathan F. Clark 8 Riverview Road, Hingham, Mass. Michael J. Clark 10 Howard St., Springvale, Maine Steven L. Clark 10 Howard St., Springvale, Maine Jeff J. Clough 13 Thornewood Road, Armonk, N.Y. Jeffrey A. Coburn 76 Hamilton Road, Waltham, Mass. Joyce M. Cochin 3 Stilson St., Sanford, Maine Catherine D. Coffing 21 Sheridan Road, Scarsdale, N.Y. Michael D. Cohen 21 Shawmut Street, Lewiston, Maine Alden B. Cole 204 Washington St., Whitman, Mass. Katherine R. Colegrove 60 Midvale Rd., Hartsdale, N.Y. Thomas A. Coleman 214 Hyland Terrace, Orange, Conn. Barbara L. Collins 1417 Robeson St., Fall River, Mass. Deborah L. Comstock 60 Gertrude Ave., Warwick, R.l. Florae R. Cone 27 Sunrise Hill Dr., W. Hartford, Conn. Alden K. Coolidge Jr. 10 Nikolane Way, Gloucester, Mass. George H. Cooper Jr. 42 White Oak Ave., Plainville, Conn. Jean E. Coram 22 Buckingham Rd., No. Andover, Mass. Daniel L. Cote 17 Allen St., Springvale, Maine Gerard A. Crawford ll Elm St. 81 Hobbs Rd., Springvale, Maine David H. Croll 384 Woodland St., Hanover, Mass. Peter S. Cunningham 46 Gallaudet Dr. W. Hartford, Conn. Richard R. Curtin Pickpocket Woods, Exeter, N.H. Thomas J. Dachowski 65 Sterns Terrace, Chicopee, Mass. Frederick W. Dadmun 103 Front St., Exeter David L. Daggett 42 Island View Ave., Branford, Conn. Edward M. Daigle Guillemette Trailer Park, Sanford, Me. John C. Danila 161 Hill St., Collinsville, Conn. Denis Darsie 289 Main St., Sanford, Maine Joseph W. Davis 430 Palm Circle, Naples, Florida Dennis R. Day P.O. Box 34, Waterboro, Maine James M. DeCamillis 47 Stark Ave., Wakefield, Mass. David Dee 816 North St., White Plains, N.Y. Patricia A. Dee 86 Hamlet St., Arlington, Va. Sara L. Delahanty V.A. Hospital, Bldg. 12, E. Orange, N.J. G. Cawn Delaney 136 Wintonbury Ave., Bloomfield, Conn. Ronald B. Demers 69 Lebanon Street, Sanford, Maine James S. Demetre 18930 N.E. 20th Ave., N.Miami Beach, Fla. Graham Denne 40 School Street, Sanford, Maine Frederick A. Dick 1550 N. Greenbay Road, Lake Forest, lll. John H. Dick 1550 N. Greenbay Road, Lake Forest, lll. Townsend P. Dickinson 226 No. Wilton Road, New Canaan, Conn , '55, . ' fggqfgm' ,, M ,ef I W DOWN-MAINE' HOUSE, INC. we love browsers John J. DiMinico 283 Lincoln Ave., Saugus, Mass. Donna L. Dixon Dillingham Overseas Corp., Box 3468, Hon Barry F. Dodge 6 Dodge Road, Marblehead, Mass. Marjorie E. Dohrman 291 North Street, Watertown, Conn. Pamela E. Doiron 126 River Street, Sanford, Maine John A. Dolan, Jr. 7 Lakeview Terrace, Winchester, Mass. Carey C. Dolbier 1627 Larkspur Drive, Mountainside, N.J. Priscilla M. Donnell Lower School Street, Sanford, Maine Rudolph C. Dopart 3100 Fedor Ave., Linden, N.J. Glen F. Dority RFD 1, Brookline, Vermont John N. Downers 2 Bonad Rd., Marblehead, Mass Jane A. Doyle 9422 Mokihana Dr., Huntington Beac Joseph F. Doyle 138 Milton St., Dorchester, Mass. john O. Drew 749 Main St., Hyannis, Mass. Pamela J. Drew 103 Scotland Rd., Reading, Mass. Paul F. Driscoll 8 NoPort Dr., E. Norwalk, Conn. Richard W. Driscoll 163 Moore Rd., Sudbury, Mass. John C. Drobinski 204 Dodge St., Beverly, Mass. Gerard L. Dubois 10 Bennett St., Sanford, Maine Peter R. Dunn 45 Ethel Dr., Portsmouth, R.l. Robert K. Dunn 532 Paradise Ave., Middletown, R.l. Sally F. Dutton Lyndeboro, New Hampshire 190 olulu, Hawaii h, Calif. EASTERN PLASTICS CIIRPURATIUN compliments of ray adjoining nasson college campus SPRINGVALE NATIONAL BANK SPRINGVALE, MAINE SPFIINGVALE, MAINE member depos A FULL SERVICE BANK 191 if V ,yy A' 1 WL? 152,11 v "J:-:nl 1 f ,Q -X -W ,U , +51 ,ww - , K 51? 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Lynn C. Faber 446 East 20th Street, New York City, N.Y. Sol A. Factor 26 Livermore Road, Belmont, Mass. Thomas R. Fahey, Jr., P.O. Box 27, West Lebanon, Maine David E. Fairbanks 5 Whipple Lane, Goffstown, N.H. Judith S. Fay 1820 Mound Road, Jacksonville, Illinois Barbara E. Felmet 2702 Spencer Road, Chevy Chase, Md. Barbara A. Fenner 41 Maple Ave., Hamilton, N.Y. David W. Ferguson 208 Old Warren Road, Swansea, Mass. H. Ross Ferrell, Jr. 28 Bridge Street, Yarmouth, Maine Dorothy J. Ferry R.F.D. 1, East Lebanon, Maine Richard P. Finamore 20 Stuyvesant Oval, New York City, N.Y. Laura C. Finn 76B Yamata Cho Noka-Ku, Yokahama, Japan David C. Fischer Star Route, Rumford, Maine William K. Fisher 61 Bond Street, Needham, Mass. 193 Edward L. Fitzgerald 50 Sherwood Road, Swampscott, Mass. John S. Fitzgerald 16 Lenox Place, Middletown, N.Y. James A. Fleck 197 Main Street, Springvale, Maine Sherman D. Fletcher 42 Pack Street, Mansfield, Mass. John P. Foss 90 Paul Revere Road, Needham, Mass. Dennis F. Fournier 75 Burwood Road, Wethersfield, Conn. Sharon D. Francis 3295 Main Street, Rocky Hill, Conn. Daniel J. Franz 100 Lordship Road, Stratford, Conn. Margaret L. Frazier 71 Walnut Road, Swampscott, Mass. Gary M. Freedman 239 Warren Street, Waltham, Mass. Richard B. Friedman 21 Commodore Road, Worcester, Mass. Deborah L. Frost 45 Lafayette Street, Calais, Maine John H. Frost 89 Commander Black Drive, Oradell, N.J. William R. Frost 147 Main Street, Springvale, Maine Luis V. Gabaldoni 166 East 63 Street, New York, N.Y. Peter B. Gacicia 3 Nicholl Street, Quincy, Mass. Richard A. Gagney 16AYork Road, Larchmont, N.Y. Sharon E. Gagnon 227 Ave. d'Huart, Kraainhem, Belgium Richard D. Gamble 16 Oxyoke Drive, Simsbury, Conn. Arthur R. Ganz 174 Governors Drive, E. Greenwich, R.I. Vernard J. Gardner 29 Hanover Street, Claremont, N.H. John H. Garretson R.F.D. 1, Wells, Maine Kevin C. Gaughan 32 Liberty Ave., Lexington, Mass. David T. Gavenda 17 Buffum Street, Salem, Mass. Ruth Z. Gembicki 119 York Terrace, Brookline, Mass. Barbara W. Gerahty 127 Hartswood Road, Stamford, Conn. Mark S. Germano 32 Franklin Avenue, Oakville, Conn. Mathew R. Gilligan 24 Judd Road, Wethersfield, Conn. Steven R. Gilman 55 Ballard Street, Newton, Mass. Shirley A. Glazier 321 East Main St., W. Lafayette, Ohio William R. Glen 74 Preston Drive, Cranston, R.E. Joseph D. Goldys 43 Stetson Street, New Bedford, Mass. Burton M. Golub 31 Rottkamp Street, Valley Stream, N.Y. G. Clifford Goodband 361 Norwood Street, Sharon, Mass. Edward T. Goodwin Sandwich Street, Plymouth, Mass. Nancy Goodwin R.F.D. 2, West Auburn, Maine Hanley A. Goralnick 7 Columbia Park, Haverhill, Mass. William C. Gordon 11 Highland Avenue, Salem, N.H. Jeremy S. Gould 1820 Westmoreland St., McLean, Va. Francis J. Gracia 26 Willow Street, Waltham, Mass. mary Jo W. Grant 545 School Street, Lowell, Mass. Edward J. Gray Harvard Road, Stow, Massachusetts Elizabeth A. Green 3112-38th St., N.W., Washington, D.C. Timothy H. Green 120 Broad Street, Norwich, Conn. Henry S. Greenberg 650 Boulevard Street, New Milford, N.J. Richard M. Greene 105 Sefton Drive, Cranston, R.l. Donald K. Greenglass 132 Central Street, Hingham, Mass. Thomas C. Grella 105 Jackson Street, Lawrence, Mass. Frederick J. Griffin 911 Chestnut Street, Manchester, N.H. Frederick W. Griffin, Jr. 199 No. Adams Street, Manchester, N.H Clifford F. Griffith 28-12th Avenue, Warwick, R.l. Kenneth L. Grimes 367 Beaxon Hill Road, Cheshire, Conn. Peter A. Gross 4 Glen Avenue, Cape Elizabeth, Maine Jeffrey A. Grundt 24 Newport Drive, Bloomfield, Conn. Lee G. Gurwit 172 Pinewood Avenue, Hartsdale, N.y. Susanne A. Guyer 912 Railroad Street, St. Johnsbury, Vt. Vicki L. Hainer Route 1, Box 208, Lincoln, Maine Eric C. Hadanson 19 Nichols Street, Woburn, Mass. Thomas W. Hallam, 2900 Lansdowne Drive, Montgomery, Ala. Thomas C. Hamilton 91 Wintrop Avenue, Braintree, Mass. David M. Hamlin 12 Butler Street, Springvale, Maine John Haney 31 Payne Street, Springvale, Maine Donald F. Harden 30 Suffolk Street, Rockland, Maine William J. Hardy 30 Pepperell Road, Hollis, N.H. William F. Harriman 23 Green Street, Biddeford, Maine Holly A. Harrison 2 Judson Street, Beverly, Mass. Mark F. Harrison 379 Albion Street, Wakefield, Mas. Lance A. Hartford 476 Longmeadow Street, Longmeadow, Mass. Valerie J. Hatfield 225 Allendale Way, Camp Hill, Pa. John W. Hawkins, Jr. 515 Carsonia Ave., Reading, Pa. Marlene Y. Hayes Star Route 24, Gorham. Maine Thomas J. Hayes 4 Harvard Terrace, Gales Ferry, Conn. Judith E. Hazelwood Chapman Road, Boxford, Mass. James I. Heard 3741 E. Market Street, Warren, Ohio Elaine M. Hebert 36 Poplar Avenue, W. Springfield, Mass. Eileen P. Heffernan 31 Fairview Avenue, Lynn, Mass. Susan E. Heffernon 5 Milton Road, W. Barrington, R.l. Roy H. Hewson Old Ocean Street, Marshfield, Mass. Richard L. Higbee 317 East Street, Hingham, Mass. Mitzi J. Hiller 551 Diamond Hill Road, Portland, Maine Daniel J. Hobbs 145 Woodfield Road, Portland, Maine Thomas S. Hodgson Box 85, West Tisbury, Mass. Paul C. Hofmann 288 Greeley Avenue, Staten Island, N.Y. Mark R. Hokanson 35 Clifton Hts, Lane, Marblehead, Mass. Nancy Holliday 5 Circle Road, Scarsdale, N.Y. Constance J. Holmes 80 Veazie Street, Old Town, Maine Juanita C. Holt Old Mill Road, Kingston, N.H. Peter J. Holt 5 Hilltop Road, Dover, Mass. David K. Hood 233 Mulberry Street, Claremont, N.H. Linda C. Hooper 18 Reservoir Road, Cohasset, Mass. Peter C. Hoover 23 Otis Street, Newtonville, Mass. Frances Hopkins The Masters School, Hobbs Ferry, N.Y. Barbara A. Horne 86 Highland Road, Brookline, Mass. Nancy R. Houle 34 Union Street, Biddeford, Maine Laurel P. House School Street, Damariscotta, Maine J. Daniel Howard 48 South Street, West Bridgewater, Mass. 'Www Q i V vt e-: ':f::-1ig41:-:g11e.--,- at 'iv Q22 -:ci--14262112 -'ill "' if 1 0 4 , hi 1.1.9 xii. T ug F 1 6 N .'-33 x 1 ,P sanford, maine great for men's and boy's quality clothing formal wear a specialty Steven C. Howe 48 Norwich Road, Wellesley, Mass. Robert E. Hoyt East Madison, New Hampshire Philip E. Huckins 9 Merriam Road, Grafton, Mass. Roger L. Huckins 9 Merriam Road, Grafton, Mass. Janet K. Hufton 162 Burlington Street, Lexington, Mass. Dianne E. Hulett 59 Nursery Street, Locust Valley, N.Y. John S. Hunnewell 24 Woodlawn Ave., So. Norwalk, Conn. Reinout E. Hunningher 21 Roemer Visscher St., Amsterdam, Joseph H. Hunt 177a Main Street, Springvale, Maine William W. Hunter, Jr. 158 Hampton Street, Auburn, Mass. Coralie G. Hyde 26 Winthrop Drive, Riverside, Conn. Albert L. llges 58 Maple Avenue, Oakville, Conn. Irene M. Jackson Shore Road, Magnolia, Max. Huston E. Jacobs 33 Ash Lane, Sherborn, Mass. Michele K. Jaissle 18 Cedar Street, Hudson, Mass. Lois E. Jarema 22 Parker Road, Wakefield, Mass. Ann S. Jaslow 6037 Rossmore Drive, Bethesda, Md. Gail m. Jensen 7 Columbia Avenue, Natick, Mass. Douglas H. Jobling Old Washington St., Pembroke, Mass. Kristen R. Johanson 1696 Chimney House Road, Reston, Va. Channing B. Johnson 6 Bruce Road, Danvers, Mass. lmrcoal Beef at its finest! aw Y IDKUR E lPIT R E S TA U R A N T SANFORD, MAINE Netherlands Eric C. Johnson Casa P. lnt. 18, Pineta di Arenzana, Genoa, Italy 195 The Busiun Stare shop with the "in look" sanford King Cole Foods, Inc 174 Cash Street South Portland, Maine 04106 POTATO CHIPS POTATO STICKS POPCORN CHEESE POPCORN CHEESE TWISTS 772-2040 772-6417 STANDARD Coat Apron 81 Linen Service 31 Diamond St. Portland Telephone 3-1701, 4-2419 College Linen is our specialty We have complete services for Dormitories Kitchens Dining Rooms Gymnasiums WHY BUY WHEN WE SUPPLY .. A .,,, fit-C""" n 1-fi QQ K TELEPHONE 324-3232 199 MAIN STREET-SANFORD, MAINE , CHRISTINE W. CLEMONS JOHN H. CLEMONS Linda C. Johnson 25 Sherman Road, Glastonbury, Conn. 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Snow 12 Barnard Road, Shrewsbury, Mass. Frank F. Soule 1030 Lee Road, Northbrook, Illinois Miriam D. Sperber 2805 Pond Place, New York, N.Y. Robert N. Stalker 76 Blvd. des Rochelois, Port Cartier, Quebec, Canada Linda G. Stanley Lowell Road, Concord, Mass. Brendon L. Stecchini 144 Hickory Court, Princeton, N.J. Christiann A. Stein 72 Maine Street, Pittsfield, Maine Lois I-l. Stein Dale Woods Road, Noarth Berwick, Maine Burr L. Sterling 20 Fruit St., R.F.D. 1, Westboro, Mass. Donald A. Stern 39 Cumberland Road, W. Hartford, Conn. Daniel G. Stevens 38 Pearl Street, Augusta, Maine Lura J. Stewart 102 North Street, Houlton, Maine Robert E. Stock Sanbornville Road, E. Wolfeboro, N.H. David S. Stoler 935 Winthrop Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. Robert P. Stone 68 Little Neck Road, lpswich, Mass. Paul E. Stoppel 515 Belknap Road, Framingham, Mass. Laura J. Strong 566 Booth Hill Road, Shelton, Conn. Lynn F. Struble 601 Arlington Avenue, Westfield, N.J. Paul A. 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Robert A. Watson 47 Lincoln Street, Melrose, Mass. Jennifer M. Webb 41 Puritan Road, Swampscott, Mass. Richard E. Webb 29 Northfield Drive, E. Hartford, Conn. Albert J. Wegmann, Jr. 28 Buckingham Street, Worcester, Mass Leslie P5 Weiser 34 Karlton Circle, Andover, Mass. John J. Weiss 23 Farmstead Lane, Simsbury, Conn. John B. Welch 4 Middle Street, Concord, Mass. Frederick W. Welsford 43 Strathmore Circle, Braintree, Mass. Carolyn E. West 17 Eastman Avenue, Foxboro, Mass. David R. Whitcher Studio Road, Warren, N.H. Susan A. White 534 Washington Street, Gloucester, Mass. William H. White 60 Providence Street, Taftville, Conn. Gilbert W. Whitmore 45 Windsor Street, Randolph, Maine Susan T. Wielinski 38 Jennifer Street, Littleton, Mass. James L. Wiese 34 Birch Street, Marblehead, Mass. Susan C. Willey Shady Nood Road, West Newfield, Maine Anita I. Williams 612 Chestnut Street, Waban, Mass. Robert T. Williams 1225 4th Street, S.W., Washington, D.C. 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Suggestions in the Nasson College - Nugget Yearbook (Springvale, ME) collection:

Nasson College - Nugget Yearbook (Springvale, ME) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Nasson College - Nugget Yearbook (Springvale, ME) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Nasson College - Nugget Yearbook (Springvale, ME) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 208

1969, pg 208

Nasson College - Nugget Yearbook (Springvale, ME) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 129

1969, pg 129

Nasson College - Nugget Yearbook (Springvale, ME) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 41

1969, pg 41

Nasson College - Nugget Yearbook (Springvale, ME) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 178

1969, pg 178

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