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1 f 'Q ,' X . ' f ! 1 , ' f x w f 'X' K K " 1 K 1 1 f Q K I I f Ar - fl , jr V 1 1 f 1 f A V! V , 'mx i, 1 lg V1 if 71 , I 1 , f f' 'I .n W N 1 ' l K 3 X ff 4 6 11 TXAAX Y 1 A 0 ,, : ,N f N . xx x V' Ad N JU 4 . WM :fix JZ I x 5? gl 9 M' As Un 1 5 V M! xx 'CJ ,ffy 'mix 32" ' " , T- X X 'wx UJL 4 jvff YQ l X AX, UU-J .ly V- I., I . X Y XJUUU - Q W Ury ff M K E Y x' dx 5 J lx, f , L, fly' M Q K 'Z , J -fy" V' Y i uv X E 3 A, IJ! X ' ,N J' l ff ,vs Y -Q W Q 5 S W 0 K' fri 1 .P 'iq X QW f x 4 cg . if 4,67 yr . .7 4 QZQZW -.. . WMO X,,,m-efff I , f 5,,,c,, 14474 Ll, 6 IUVLQM , Lbzfitff.. fl., a,Q,cw . LD 'CSL IYYMHUM c,f0'v-wife. , A407 V I 51 gfmajafaf WM 2 312 Law ,mgykf fp Q.-i,mg i,hc G? Qffzymjhwwaz MQW f,9,Q,,ZLe.. mmf annie? he 0.Jc,a, vp 0,19 JVLCJ- 141,74 'fkfffiaf 'ffm Lil' QM? Quai, fws-X521 Wm? flfvwwz- , 3 'NJ-Q. fxLvw4..f,, kMeMZ?' fpwfllx Oni, ijpefrrg- . .j"lf5'f7L4,.,A,fC', fgyaa, fwlkqgloj- and 04. faJf'N1Of-C-rufd, J 5,f,f,,4Q"L,4Li,4-do W, +L-yd! M .fYrv.,Q5faV, ,o-n..4,.1 1 3 1 , -ZC7.,4,,Iy.,,.fgJ lr, 'V-L! 7 .ffc,nxzfw,lf-If ' 'Z' ' ' dx! but df Jvc' fa M' ffw- XMWMV vm. aff my. I I I Q l LQ77 ',' 6? 1? 0,7 LZ. f fy fy'-DIL 0659 . h A , I G ! ZJ2.f12f'C2--fJfv'm.,4.1,'Z2.f ga NQALC4- Ve-'Lp I ' fed 9.9.1644 if 1 '91-'S ukfo f1.4.'-Y. :iff ' 7 I .-- fb-I GMM! Ni fffzfpfmf Z4 ,A fy - ' f7'Vx-LLLLC. C, K. ,.ffwi! ,1vf, VZ-if MAXL-fir?" f '-W924f:fj 072. 2-'ivan -, 'Qfw f7'UMfQ'VX' 'n"A'0'OZx' Li' rfaaxfcx , 2f'L"'f'- f Q01 LJ-f -M' lv rj ' g fu? tg ,W .f7f.1dffA6f L-' owing fb '- fuldffu-fvjf 1 x DLZZ? . -A -,1 Ja-I ,f'VYL2fmq,,U-zfg al' Q. . K4 ,A , ,LXLJ lwv-xx ' cxfvxt QQ L4L,' 4"- . 3'Ux."LJ L 55, L Ll " l1LI"--A-Q., , libwpfqbxmf,-, xi ,. FULN-Nfvm 051: 9s llk,cLc9vTi-Ar: -1 1'-rf-ch. C. ., , ,:z , I. Af... ,F Q V4 . I - . -A' ,?n'-- ,W-Q , , jp V ,W ,162 g , WV' ,AWK 'gf , ff W Vclv' 5 V1 . 1, .. I5- K , M0 ,L wil , X, I WX cv SJ Qffwf ff , L T Mwjffifww WWW W WMM M fb 7 . Q V WMU WU K WWV WU, ,Q , -11 , 1,c,cJL. S Jug? cw-5' W4 fu-0-'AJ' if . , Jwf Q L! . . 4-'H 362.1 de' 3 4 Q fd. WEEK? 5 1153, I . ,vffqjfdxjfd 'uxfjji - '-'V X" 'L' ,ff zf' ,ii Md ff' fwvy W-J br J P X X QJQV ?g'?wr'j wg' 'P N' Aj- fp.f"1 ayjafy 6 N-fVf'nx1L K 1960 CONTENTS MY' ADMINISTRATION FRESHMEN FACULTY' JUNIOR HIGH SENIORS ATHLETICS .TUNIORS ACTIVITIES SOPHOMORES ELEMENTARY ADVERTISEMENTS FOREWORD As Editor of the Talisman, it is my privilege, with the rest of the staff, to present to you this book, filled with those things which we felt you would enjoy most. into it has gone a lot of work, worry, and a lot of time. Behind it is the co-operation and aid of the faculty, the administration, and our advisors. For these we are most grateful. May this Talisman serve as a memoir of this school year, and atalisman for your life ahead. Editor - - Assistant Editor Activities - - Advertising - - Art ---- Athletics - - Elementary - - Faculty - - Feature Editor - - High School - - Photography - - Senior - - - Advisors - - TALISMAN STAFF ' - SUSIE MILLER - - ' " -BRENDA WHEELER ' ' SHERRY RICHARDSON -' KATHLEEN WILKERSON ' ' FRED STILES " " .IOI-IN HUTCHISON ' ' ' ' TOM ACTON ' ' MARYLOU SEITZ ' 'JERRY ROSE ' ' EARLINE HOLDER ' ' DON REILLY, BETTY MULLIS ' ' " ' ' ' ' LOIS TAGGART ' ' ELIZABETH SNYDER, RALPH BURKHOLDER SUPERINTENDENT'S MESSAGE I would like to suggest that the boys and girls of our schools today are fac- ed not only with the greatest dangers any generation has ever faced, but by all odds the most exciting opportunities. This is a world of great change and it can and should be changed for the better. The challenge is to all of us. Today the challenge is to us as students, teachers, and administrators. It is up to us as educators to furnish you as students with the best possible educa- tional opportunities. Let us work together to improve ourselves, which in turn helps us in meeting the world challenge to freedom and individual rights. The office of the Superintendent wishes to thank all teachers and students for your cooperation during the school year. We also commend the Annual Staff and Faculty Advisor for the fine portrayal of Nashville High School activities as found in the Talisman. Sincerely, STANDING: Paul Wilkerson, Arlen Ford, and David Cline. FRONT: Carl Carpenter and Warren Ogle. Not Pictured: Leonard Percifield. BROWN COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD OFFICE STAFF Veda Petro and Leston Deckard. Not Pictured Evelyn Kent. l Q N -- - PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Dear Seniors: Fruits cannot be grown without the previous planting of seeds. Leaders do not arise spontaneously in the midst of a peopleg they come because they have been nourished and developed by conditions and institutions. The seedling times of leadership are the days in the high schoolg but the school does not supply the results, only the hopes and dreams. It is our sincere hope that you who are leaving us will have nourished your hopes and dreams. We hope we have helped plant in you the desire to become the worthwhile citizens and leaders we know you are capable of being. Sincerely, ,ff Z JOYCE KNEISLEY B. S. Illinois Commerce TED SHISLER A. B. , Ball State Ciach Health and Safety Chemistry JOHN M. WILLIAMS B. s., Ball stare Industrial Arts EDITH GINGER A. B. , Western Kentucky State Eighth Grade Mathematics ELIZABETH SNYDER A. B. , I. S. T. C. Commerce Mathematics HERBERT GINGER A. B. , M. A. Western Kentucky State Social Studies MAIORA GONDRING A. B. , Indiana English Latin INA MCNARY B . S . , Indiana Biology Physical Education RALPH BURKHOLDER A.B., Washburn M. A. , Columbia Journalism English LEWIS SONGER B. M. , S. I, U. Band MABEL CONGRAM B. S. , I11. Wesleyan Home Economics CARLYLE WEISS A. B. , Nebraska Wesleyan Chorus Music KENNETH ZODY B. S. , Indiana Assistant Coach Driver's Ed. GITA KORNFELD A. B. , M. S. Temple Social Studies MARCIA SONGER B. S. , French S .I. U. -MJ' Q6 Bus paw ERS x Q COOKS CUSTODIANS ... 'X x f,N.,,,w A -J' aww Y 78 2 S. Ak fs. Bi' 'df x xx S 2 'ff' 5 W, f "', ' f A 9 , . . .4 ,, ,:5., Q, ma. fu 4. 'Q 1 'WA W SEX: , K , f ,, 1 V TA, I ., XS f ' . -',L--- i ,V if x, g iff . M 5: :L . -, 4 li .Q I J , K K ? A . K kk k S K kk x 3 x, K J. ,I A ' I I-v- 1 , vw A . K I ii' -5 ,.v' VV k..' I it , V, .X A: "vw , 2 1 W.. ' if , il E H sf 4' "' ff w k ff A Q- 5. f ' , 1 A m A ' 2 1 5 , 1 ,-" mr - 2 5' t :cl , .4 ,, " L F. fl X Mffi S +w Y fjlf ,vvsgg I - f m 1 K 4 , 8 , A E lx 3 Mf g " - -,H ,K 1 1 K f X Us Y K 4 'Z 3 ' if . 1 . ' A L Q 14 xQ Whiz? ..N "Qq V 1 1 K 4 .im A . Q A .,,- 4, 8 I is x IA X.-,,. . V - ig. it g ,. i , 8, 5 A ' F y- .,' .w'L tis: f Y f N J 3- QA anim my mg .N A 5 ,S A Q. - E' 1i'a 2 ,.,,. A M ,f fly ,f . ' Q fl a xl lf-nz , .,wT'1 -w if MABEL CONGRAM FERN MOORE - - ' ' JOHN HUTCHISON CLASS COLORS - - - - Red and White SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS - - -Sponsor MARYLOU SEITZ - - - - - Treasurer - - - - Secretary MURRELL JONES - - - -Sponsor - - - - -Newsreporter EARLINE HOLDER - - - - - President DENNIS MCGEE ---- Vice President CLASS FLOWER - - - - - Red Rose CLASS MOTTO A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the best of men. JAMES HOLE Basketball 1, 2 Softball 1, 2 Shop Club 4 Intramural 1, 2, 3 Drama 4 BRENDA WHEELER Class Officer 1, 2, 3 Pep Club 2 Cheerleader 3, 4 Scholar Editor 3, 4 Talisman Staff 4 FTA 3, 4 FTA Officer 4 Correspondent 3, 4 Journalism Institute 4 English Award U. S. History Award 3 Homemaker of Tomorrow 4 Salutatorian Junior Heart Board 2-4 Intramural 2, 3 EDDIE ROSE Baseball 1 Intramural l,2, 3 FTA 4 Boys' Club 4 Shop Club 4 FERN MOORE Class Officer 4 Scholar staff 4 FHA 4 Chorus 2 Typing Award 3 SHIRLEY BENDLER Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Intramural 3 Nurses Club 4 FHA 4 Scholar Staff 4 KAY BRADLEY Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Intramural 2, 3 Office Staff 4 Chorus 2 Drama 4 FTA 3, 4 ROBERTA WORTON DENNIS MC GEE Class Officer 4 Student Manager 1-4 Shop Club 4 Shop Club Officer 4 Intramural 1, 2 KATHLEEN WI LKERSON Class Officer 1, 2 FTA 3,4 Talisman Staff 4 Scholar Staff 4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Pep Club Officer 2, 3 Drama 4 DAR Award 4 Office Staff 4 Nurses' Club 4 Intramural 2, 3 Bookkeeping Award 8 .TAMES JEANS Basketball 1, 2 Intramural 1, 2, 3 Drama 4 Shop Club 4 PHI LLIP HARDIN Baseball 1, 2 Intramural 1, 2 Citizenship Award 3 Shop Award 3 Shop Club 4 Shop Club Officer 4 ELIZABETH MILLER Class Officer 1, 2 Student Council 2 SCO 4 Pep Club 1 V Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Talisman Editor 4 Scholar Staff 4 Prom Queen 3 Chorus 2 FTA 3, 4 FTA Officer 4 Intramural 3 French Award 3 Valedictorian BERNARD ROBERTS Student Manager 1-4 BONNIE SMITH Pep Club 1, 2, 3 Chorus 3 Intramural 1, 2, 3 FTA 3 MARYLOU SEITZ Shop Club 4 Intramural 1, 2, 3 Class Officer 1, 2, 4 FTA 43 Nurses' Club 4 Scholar Staff 4 Talisman Staff 4 Pep Club 2, 4 English Award 3 CONNIE SMITH Pep Club 1,2, 3 Chorus 3 Intramural 1, 2, 3 PHYLLIS RAINS ROBERT BROWN Drama 4 Boys' Club 4 Basketball 1, 2 Intramural 3 Bookkeeping Award 3 U. S. History Award 3 BETTY IO MULLIS Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club Officer 4 Student Council 3, 4 SCO 4 Chorus 2 FTA 3, 4 Scholar staff 4 Talisman Staff 4 Drama 4 Correspondent 4 Intramural 1, 2, 3 Office Staff 4 Carnival Queen 1 TOM ACTON Basketball 3, 4 Student Council 4 SCO 4 FTA 3 Talisman Staff 4 Scholar Staff 4 Chorus 4 JOHN HUTCHISON Class Officer 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Intramural 1, 2 Scholar Staff 4 Talisman Staff 4 Prom King 3 FTA 3 Chorus 2 EARLINE HOLDER Office Staff 2 Class Officer 3, 4 Basketball Queen 3 Scholar Staff 4 Talisman Staff 4 Latin Club 4 Chorus 2 FTA 3 Typing Award 3 Bookkeeping Award 3 DONALD REI LLY Class Officer 3 Basketball 2, 3 Typing Award 3 Talisman Staff 4 Chorus 2, 4 FTA 3, 4 Intramural 1 Junior Heart Board 3, 4 JHB Chairman 4 FERN LOGSTON FHA 4 Pep Club 3, 4 Drama 4 Intramural 3 LOIS MICHAELS FHA 4 SUE VAN ARSDALE Office Staff 4 JANET SHI PLEY Drama 4 Class Officer 2 Pep Club 1,2, 3,4 FTA 3, 4 Chorus 2 Intramural 1, 2, 3 JERRY ROSE Drama 4 Crosscountry 1, 2 Baseball 1 Basketball 1 Intramural 1, 2, 3 Shop Club 4 Talisman Staff 4 SHARON RICHARDSON Class Officer 1, 2, 3 Pep Club 3, 4 Drama 4 FTA 3, 4 Talisman Staff 4 Scholar Staff 4 Intramural 1, 2, 3 Typing Award 3 Citzenship Award 3 FTA Officer 3,4 RAYMOND THOMPSON Basketball 1, 2, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Crosscountry 1, 2 Drama 4 FRANK TILTON Intramural 2 CHARLES JACKSON Shop Club 4 Intramural 3 LOIS TAGGART Class Officer 2 Scholar staff 4 Talisman Staff 4 FHA 4 FHA Officer 4 Typing Award 3 Home Economics Award 3 ROSALYN WALL FRED S TILES Intramural 2 Talisman Staff 4 Shop Club 4 Boys' Club 4 REX MATLOCK Basketball 1, 2 Softball 1, 2 SENIORS AS FOURTH GRADERS SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1956, 41 intelligent students entered NHS as freshmen. We elected Susie Miller, president, Andy Rees, vice presidentg Sherry Richardson, secretaryg and John Hutchison, treasurer. Our sponsor was Mr. Linko. Soon the year was gone and we were sophomores! We chose Mrs. Congram for our sponsor. That year we chose Sherry Richardson, president, John Hutchison, vice presidentg and Lois Tag- gart, secretary-treasurer. Our Student Council representative was Susie Miller. The long- wanted class rings were ordered and received. Susie Miller was elected cheerleader. Before we realized it, we were juniors! We were joined by the Van Buren juniors to make a larger class and some good company. Sherry Richardson again was chosen president. Other officers were: Don Reilly, vice presidentg Earline Holder, treasurer: and Brenda Wheeler, sec- retary. Betty Mullis was chosen for the Student Council. Our sponsor was Mr. Walker. We sold stadium cushions, candy, and had a turkey raffle to make money. Instead of the custom- ary play, we introduced the Variety Show, which was a huge success. Susie Miller and Brenda Wheeler were elected cheerleaders from our class, and Earline Holder was chosen basketball queen. Brenda Wheeler was Evening Republican correspondent and co-editor of the SCHOLAR. We honored the seniors with a prom and reception at the Harrison Lake Country Club on May 8. John Hutchison and Susie Miller reigned as Prom King and Prom Queen. At last we are Seniors! We chose Earline Holder, presidentg Dennis McGee, vice president Marylou Seitz, treasurerg and Fern Mooref secretary. Tom Acton and Betty Mullis were chosen to serve on the Student Council. Our sponsors were Mr. Jones and Mrs. Congram. We began the year with our magazine sales. Mr. Ginger directed our class play DOWN TO EARTH, which was a great success. Red and white were decided upon for our class colors, and our class flower was a red rose. Brenda Wheeler and Susie Miller were again chosen cheerleaders. Brenda continued writ- ing for the Evening Republican and became editor of the SCHOLAR. Betty Mullis wrote for the Brown Co. Democrat. Susie was chosen editor of the Talisman, which was sponsored by Mrs. Snyder and Mr. Burkholder. Our baccalaureate service was held May 15 at 2:30 P.M. in the multi-purpose room. Reverend Ervin Sheets was the officiating minister. The multi-purpose room was also the site of our commencement on May 19 at 8:00 P. M. Honored were the 36 seniors who had worked long and hard to receive their diplomas. They were Janet Shipley, Tom Acton, Kay Bradley, Frank Tilton, Roberta Worton, Robert Brown, Shirley Bendler, Raymond Thompson, Kathleen Wilkerson, Phillip Hardin, Earline Holder, Fred Sdles, Brenda Wheeler, James Hole, Fern Logston, Jerry Rose, Sue Van Arsdale, John Hut- chison, Lois Mlchaels, Eddie Rose, Rosalyn Wall, Charles Jackson, Susie Miller, Bernard Roberts, Lois Taggart, James Jeans, Fern Moore, Donald Reilly, Connie Smith, Rex Matlock, Betty Mullis, Dennis McGee, Bonnie Smith, Phyllis Rains, Marylou Seitz, and Sherry Richardson Though our high school days may be over, we will not be content to be idle. As we go to our different positions in life, we can look back and refresh our memories with the hardships and the pleasures we have gone through together. SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1960, of the City of Nashville, County of Brown, State of Indiana, being of unsound mind and unstable memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament: To the following, we leave: To Mr. Jones, our ability to make wise decisions. To Mrs. Congram, our ability to prepare a meal on schedule. To Mrs. Gondring, our fame as future artists. To Mrs. Snyder, our ability to write shorthand accurately and rapidly. Also, a lot of hall passes for next year's annual staff. To Mrs. Kneisley, typing erasers and plenty of typing paper for her future typing classes. To Mr. Ginger, patience for teaching future government classes. Also an abundant supply of detention slips. To Mrs. Ginger, our ability to find the perimeter of a square, and a lot of patience for coach- ing cheerleaders. To Mrs. McNary, our knack for sitting in the wrong seat during study hall. To Mr. Zody, our reputations of being safe and courteous drivers. To Mr. Burkholder, our abilities of writing themes and getting the newspaper out on schedule. To Mr. Shisler, our ability to balance equations, and our part in helping win those ball games. To Mr. Weiss, some new voices for the chorus. To Mrs. Songer, our ability to read, write, and sing in French. To Mr. Williams, a new purple coat to wear while his orange coat is being washed. To Mr. Songer, our love of hillbilly songs. To Mrs. Kornfeld, our ability to remember that Columbus crossed the ocean in 1294. I, Sue Van Arsdale, will my ability to skip school to Beverly Wall, and my trim figure to An- dra Bradley. I, James Hole will my ability to outrum Gene Gordon to Wayne Graham, my car, the Blue Goose, to my brother Ronald. Keep using my old speedshift, Ron! I, Kathleen Wilkerson, will my ability to get out of classes to Norma Floyd, and my person- ality and ability to get along with boys to Thelma Greathouse. Take care of it cuz. Charles Jackson, will the rods left in my car to my brother Harold. Hope you can hold them in, kidi Kay Bradley, will my reckless, carefree way to Connie Bowden, my cheerful personality to Kay Miller, and my secret ways of getting the car to my sister Ann. Lois Michaels, will my quiet ways and my ability to get along with everyone to Karen Wol- fram - or to anyone they might help. John Hutchison, will my nickname "Horny" to Dan Crabtree and Ruth Ann to Harry Mesh- berger. Sherry Richardson, will my ability to sing "There's Ain't Nothin' Like a Dame" to Chuck Snyder and Eli Hochstedler. I give my giggle to anyone who will take lt! Shirley Bendler, will my ability to get along with others to Karen Wolfram. Also, my seat on the bus to anyone who likes to sit on the floor. Eddie Rose, will my ability to keep rods in my ole Chevie to Joe Woods, my secret ways of getting dates and my curly blond hair to George Meek, and my ability to keep sober to Don Dewees. Lois Taggart, will my dirty job of SCHOLAR printer to the next unlucky guy that gets the job. In case you get some ink on your clothes, just use Lestoil! Don Reilly, will a can of beer to Kay Percifield so she will know what it tastes like. To Mimi Gredy, I leave a pace of "weeds." Roberta Worton, will my government book to Elma Smith, and my ability to write my own excuses to Shirley Lawson. Robert Brown, will my abilities of staying out of trouble to Don Stoffer and of keeping my mouth shut in class to Charles Graham. Also, my tall slim figure to Marvin Artist. Earline Holder, will my ability to get along with everyone to anyone who can use it, my ability to write shorthand to Sondra Meek, and my place as a good Senior to Andra Bradley. Rosalyn Wall, will my position as prompter in the Senior Play to my sister, Beverly. To "Pretty Girl' I leave my long, straight hair. Rex Matlock, will my good looks and my ability to stay untrapped by girls to George Meek. He'll need the good looks. Bernard Roberts, will my red Ford to Harry Meshburger, and the hub caps to Nina Leggett. Betty Mullis, will my ability to catch all the boys I chase and my safe and slow driving ability to Ann Bradley. Jerry Rose, will my car the "Green Friend" to Dave Rose, and my big wooden handle beer opener to Steve Gore. My bull horn, I leave to Harry Meshburger. Susie Miller, will my cheerleading ability to my brother Steve. It may come in handy the next time he breaks a collarbone. To I oe Petro, I leave my ability to speak French. Bonne chance, mon amll Marylou Seitz, will my ability to be the noisiest one on the bus without getting kicked off to Janet Donaldson, and my ability to get out of class to Nellie Alvey. Tom Acton, will my height to Rudy Crabtree, and my new glasses to John Pritchard so he can see those elbows. Fern Moore, will my ability to get bookkeeping and government to any Junior that needs it. Good luck, kidsl Phyllis Rains, will my long wavy hair to Kay Hammond, and my ability to get married to Margaret Ferrenberg. Raymond Thompson, will my bad fortune of getting caught in the Red Door and running a 100 laps to Mickey Keller. Run them, Mick! My ability to play pick-up-sticks goes to John Pritchard. Fern Logston, will my part in the Senior Play as Augusta Applegate, the "grouch, " to Mrs. McNary. My senior cords goes to Judy Weaver, if she can alter it. Connie Smith, will my ability to get good government grades to John Hatchett, and my senior cords to Debbie West. My red sweater goes to Violet Callahan. Brenda Wheeler, will the SCHOLAR to the next editor, and my cheerleading to Annalee and Jenny. Peggy Shipley gets the courage I used in cutting my hair. Hope you never use lt, Pegl James Jeans, will my ability to flirt and get by with it to anyone who wants to take time to learn my line. My false teeth go to anyone who will take time for the fittings. Bonnie Smith, will my good government grades to Judy Weaver, and my ability to stay out of trouble to Nelson Elkins. Janet Shipley, will my ability of talking and always saying the wrong thing to Karen King, and my worthless life to Don Stoffer. Phillip Hardin, will my red hair to James Kennedy, and my ability to blush when called on by a teacher to Ronnie Smith. Fred Stiles, will my place of work at the Red House to David Bond, and all my girlfriends to Omar Kirts. Frank Tilton, will my easy-going manner to Rudy Crabtree, and my grin, to Mrs. McNa.ry. Dennis McGee, will my place at the cafeteria to Kay Miller, and my job at the orchard to anyone who needs the money. Signed and published, we declare this to be our last testament and will, and thus attach our signature: The Class of '60 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY "It certainly surprised me to see so many of the class of '60 at their twentieth re- union," Mrs. Congram commented to Mr. Jones. "Well, one never knew what to expect from that class! It is really a surprise to think of Dennis McGee as a ditch digger, and the thought of Don Reilly and Susie Mil- ler married with nine kids is almost more than I can comprehend, " chuckled Mr. Jones "To think of Jim Jeans as a clown in Disneyland, and Fern Logston as a recording star for RCA Victor doesn't surprise me so much though, " he added. "Yes. Jim always was a joker," laughed Mrs. Congram. "lim Hole and Charles Jackson, " she continued, "are doing splendidly in their Jackson 8a Hole, Inc. linoleum business in Columbus. " "Yes, but quite a few of them are still in Nashville, " Mr. Jones remarked. "Ber- nard Roberts and Shirley Bendler, who are now married, are now proprietors of the Nashville Stockyard. Mrs. Frank Tilton, formerly Janet Shipley, is maintaining the home office of the Western Auto Store while her husband travels around the world and oversees them. Rex Matlock patrols the highways, much to the dismay of the teen- agers. He also investigated a break-in at Pike's Peak at Brown's Restaurant 8: Pool Room, of which Robert Brown is owner. " "They certainly have helped advance Brown County, " observed Mrs. Congram. "But I certainly did miss Betty Mullis! She's been married and divorced, and was so disappointed she went to Africa to find a true love. " "I missed Torn Acton," mused Mr. Jones, "but he is helping his country at the South Pole. Being a poor scientist, he was sent there to experiment on penguins. " "That letter delivered by Fred Stiles from Kathleen Wilkerson certainly was in- teresting, " declared Mrs. Congram. "Fred's successful horse ranch is right beside Kath 1een's chicken farm, and, I guess, she is not very successful in that vocation. " "I was glad to see that Earline Holder made it to the reunion. She said that she was married, and lives in Kentucky, " noted Mr. Jones. "People must like to live abroad. There are three of the class that live abroad: Eddie Rose has been married and divorced three times, and now is in Italy driving a race car, " commented Mrs. Congram, "Phyllis Rains is living in Boliva, and Sue Van Arsdale is in Hawaii cutting pine- apple," added Mr. Jones. "Bonnie and Connie Smith are in New York. Connie is modeling at Macy's and Bonnie, at Gimbel1's, " noted Mrs. Congram. "And Raymond Thompson," she continued, "has opened a trading post in Alaska, and Brenda Wheeler is publishing the San Quentin Monthly! " "Remember Lois Taggart? She taught U. S. government at Nashville for three years, and now she is at Madison State Hospital, " laughed Mr. Jones. "And think," mused Mrs. Congram, "Lois Michaels and Sherry Richardson are co-managers of Columbus Business College. " "Phillip Hardin and Fern Moore are now married. Phillip works as janitor for Bell Telephone Co. in Martinsville, while Fern baby sits. And do you realize, " asked Mr. Jones, "that Marylou Seitz is Brown County Sheriff?" "Reallyl Jerry Rose is the official coke sipper for the Cole Cola Company in Bloomington," chuckled Mrs. Congram. "John Hutchison and Roberta Worton are married and operate the Columbus Drive- In, " stated Mr. Jones. "Oh, did you know that Kay Bradley is married to an Army Sergeant and they live in Panama?" asked Mrs. Congram. "Say, it's getting late! " worried Mrs. Congram, "I had better hurry or I'll be late getting home. " "We1l, I'll see you Monday at school, " said Mr. Jones. VALEDICTORIAN At our last high school year draws to a close, we find ourselves looking. more intently at those things which we thought common-place things only a few months ago: that name carved in a desk, 'that textbook which was some- times so hard to open, or that black- board where we conjugated verbs and declined nouns. We realize that our careers as high school students will soon end. But, as we have heard, time and again, we must not think of our graduation as and end. It is a beginning, a preparation for what is yet to come, whatever it be. Therefore, as we say goodbye, we urge you, whom we leave behind, to judge carefully what should be done, and what you are tempted to do. The time left before graduation, the time for preparation, is all too short. F I SALUTATORIAN We, at last, are Seniors! Twelve years of struggle are behind us: several decades, still ahead. Though the phrase "several decades associates itself with a seemingly-end- less space of time, we know that four decades are the equivalent of only three and one-third twelve-year periods. And - ohl How quickly twelve years pass! "Yes, " we reflect, "we've reach- ed this stage so quickly, but not by our own efforts alone. " Our parents, teachers, classmates, and friends have supplied the assistance, understanding, love, hope, and courage that was so necessary. It is our duty as graduating students to become worthy of this help. This obligation of becoming sub- stantial, trustworthy citizens must be fulfilled in the next few - forty or fifty - years. We'll succeed! Though the time of our being together as a class is swiftly vanishing, we shall never forget the wasted study halls, the detention slips, the trips to the prin- cipal's office, the report cards, the parties, and the minor, yet major, everyday happenings. insignificant as they may seem to others, we shall always remember and cherish them. K F -.11 Q ,J gi Eve 'hw 'QW WW HELL ws in YU! ami' ,MSR was 1 ,. if F229 ,"' K - 0 3, ig? we 2 ii was 4 CLASS OFFICERS DAN CRABTREE - - ---- President MIRIAM GREDY - - - -- Treasurer DAN REEVE ---- - - -Vice President JANET DONALDSON - - Secretary Class Sponsors GITA KORNFELD - "" JOYCE KNEISLEY Not Pictured - - ---------- JUDY BESSIRE --------- - - News Reporter KQQBHQ-1-v "s. A s r 1-. +-stay il 4sqvk.i 'QW tm. -f wr , rr .:,,, f . rrr :,-,. i fn , ,:. ..,. u S '.S ""VV , Nellie Alvey Marilyn Arthur Doris Ault Scotty Ayers Larry Ayers Linda Ayers I 1 ' K ' . 4, , .5 . ,, lx J if ' W ' , ,its vu ,J W in 1. ly X K is ' . ' "x No Huh AVAILABLE S.. ww ., --ivy: 1 In , IV' i Y, 4 :rr ' is I 'WW Judy Bessire Ruth Board David Bond Connie Bowden Andra Bradley Violet Callahan Kenneth Childs Dan Crabtree Janet Deckard Sharon Deckard Dan DeWar Don DeWees Janet Donaldson Nelson Elkins Robert Figg Norma Floyd Judith Folks Beverly Followell a ' f 4'f!wswQQ'415f' " I r Q Mary Lou Followell Wayne Graham Carolyn Greathouse Thelma Greathouse Miriam Gredy Sharon Hanner Connie Harden Dewey Harden Eli Hochstedler Jerry Hynes Mickey Keller Karen King Ronnie King Omar Kirts Marcia Kritzer Shirley Lawson Darrell Lucas Kenneth Lucas I 1 ,-t i it ' Q 1 -al' 'H H ., ., 1 ' .E M . ze Akon! moto Nov Avuum Z' Patricia Lucas Mary Mathis Sondra Meek Kay Miller Shirley Miller Kay Percifield John Pritchard Dan Reeve Bettie Smith Elma Smith Gerald Smith Judy Smith Peggy Thic kstun Carolyn Voland Beverly Wall Karen Wolfram Judith Wrightsman ' Q- 1... : 4,41-'rx'-..v:y 2 '.,,,-vu A , Q...x. an--rin' CLASS OFFICERS STEVE MILLER - - - - - President PEGGY SHIPLEY - - - - Secretary JANET BESSIRE - - - - - Vice President JACKIE KELLER - - - - Treasurer APRIL MCVAUGI-I - - - - News Reporter 2 : Don Acton Annie Alvey Eileen Arthur Bonnie Ault MAJORA GONDRING ' ' "" Sponsor I flu, PHOTO No! Available Karen Ayers Brenda Bendler Janet Bessire Billy Birdsong Ann Bradley Norma Bruner Alfreda Coley Rudy Crabtree 'N was 6 fu ,QW ., wwf.. - 5 ,!. 3 m N rs. H 39 1' I P9070 K. NCTLAVAILANE- 399000 y Avuuuts ,, Lsgk Beverly Cross Peggy Deckard Steve Gore Charles Graham Brenda Greathouse Gary Greathouse Larry Greathouse Merle Hardin Pat Harris Steve Hendershot Linda Hillenburg Ronald Hole Jackie Keller Judith Kelp James Kennedy Sharon Kinman Rosemary King Becky Knight at .. .mm f "" rw, x 4,1 L IQ-9' , ii . is '43 TVN M W we Abnnl PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Kenneth Krebbs Steve Kritzer Suzy Kummerer Nina Leggett Harley Lowe Keith Matlock Donna Mattingly April McVaugh George Meek Harry Meshberger John Miller Steve Miller Grover Moore Rosalie Moore Pete Oltman Sharon Percifield Joe Petro Andy Rains K., it wi M 5 v 'f' H234we-ffwfefjtsszfiggg . ..., ,,wrzr:.g,p me , - -- se1zzfw,,? ww V L22 s 49121 s- + is QR gf? E Betty Roberts Janice Roberts Lee Roberts Nettie Roberts Billy Robertson Celia Rogers Larry Seitz Peggy Shipley Thelma Smith Chuck Snyder Darlene Sokol Bonnie Sullivan Donna Voland Linda Woods Dean Wooton John Wright Joyce Wrightsman "J x Ll' i 4 u, fl'-il' .dr 5 1 'f'1 ' 9 114, 's i' xl k . 71,1 f Billy Joe Kritzer -------- PRESIDENT Marvin Hochstedler - - - VICE PRESIDENT Connie Collins -------- SECRETARY Picfure Noi' Available CLASS SPONSOR - - CLASS OFFICERS Faye Deckard and Pat Reilly ------ CLASS REPORTERS - Mrs. Ina McNary YY? Wa. i R s iw , : . M: f.u,gi: 3 .IQ-Qik rw , . , . 5. M A ' Marvin Artist Dale Ault Audrey Bendler Pat Bertermann Larry Billings Charlotte Bolton Phyllis Bond Marilyn Borders Robert Bowden Betty Bradley Karen Brown Patty Brown ,fqgf 'i' ?- PHOTM No! Available P8610 J 'Noi Avuiliblo Roy Carter Sally Coffey Susan Coffey Candy Coles Connie Collins Edith Conrad Faye Deckard Judy Dewar Mike Dickey J errell Fender Margaret Ferrenburg Clayton Fox Bill Frazer Larry Graham John Hammond Miriam Harden John Hatchett Judy Hawkins Marvin Hochstedler David Hoover Judy Jackson Harold Jackson Bobby Jacobs Robert Johnson Pete Jones John Kelp Rosemary King Kaye Kinser Billy I oe Kritzer Mary Leffler Bill Lovins Linda Lucas Nancy Lucas Jacque Malan Martha Miller Leon Pittman Patty Powell Peggy Reed Patrick Reilly Sharon Richards Carolyn Roberts David Rose Floyd Smith Helen Smith T00 BUSY Nd Shown Phillip West David Wininger Joe Woods Lois Smith Ronnie Smith Steve Spicer Darlene Stines Don Stoffer Janet Sturgeon Pete Sturm Hope Taggart Donna Wall Judy Weaver Debra West James West CLASS OFFICERS Qabovej PRESIDENT ----- - Mark Kritzer VICE PRESIDENT - - Jack Leonard SECRETARY-TREASURER - Jane Earle REPORTER ------ Donald Davis CLASS SPONSOR - - - Mrs. Ginger CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT ---- Sheila Crabtree VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY - - Marilyn Miller - - - -Betty Jacobs TREASURER ------- J Ohn Rudd REPORTER - - - CLASS SPONSOR - - - Buddy Greller - - Mr. Zody Betty Bruner J ames Bush David Butler Carol Campbell Alex Carpenter Lowell Carter Karen Clark Margaret Coy aiifxt., Phyllis Alvey Connie Balser Barbara Leggins Bob Birdsong Faith Bond Chris Bradley Peggy Bradley Betty Branaman Sheila Crabtree Carol Ann David Donald Davis Gary Deaver Wendell Deckard Sharon Derringer Justin Dobbs George Eads Drusilla Gordon Charles Greller James Hammond Patricia Hanger Troupheina Hardin Jean Hawkins Marian Henderson Diana Hobbs Q- ST M , ral 3 L J " sm A 9 ms ls, 5 ' Q, xt A ws J s s. , . """ A 1- TT? S algal, f ' " :F - -X I Q i ',N?::,hv.:v54. r! af., , gk Y as W ll is . ink ' ' Jane Earle Gloria Fender Beverely Fleetwood David Floyd Suzan Folks Karen George Joseph Gill Sandra Goldman E W -rx fi' Donald Hynes Allce Jackson Thurman Jackson Jr Betty Jacobs Terry Jacobs Linda Keaton Wilma Kent Mary Kilgore TOO BUSY I, 5 4 ly , 1, f 'illkgerr 9' wi ll 4! PHOTO' Nm Available Brenda Lucas Bonnie Mathis James Mathis Richard Mattingly Clyde McDonald Triana Meshberger Donnie Michaels Brenda Miller Ronald King Donald Kirts Mark Kritzer Loren Kuhn Mike Kummerer Don Kurts Jack Leonard Clodean Lowe Marilyn Miller Beverly Moore Sharon Moore Anna Rains Helen Reed Mary Reed Ronnie Richards Ellen Rigley A Z '-Ci H XM 5"""'No moto 41' Xb' Lee Smith Mary Smith Patricia Smith Karen Spiker Nancy Stoffer Elsie Strevels Judy Sturgeon Larry Sullivan Judith Robertson Michael Robertson John Rudd David Shepherd Larry Shipley David Shultz Michael Skirvin Donald Smith Donna Terrill Irene Welch Annalee Wheeler Marvin Wilson Donald Woodmansee David Woods Sandra Wrightsman Richard Worton rx. Ajf fsgkel sit NAA ,A f. yfslxkkfilavi, 'f 5 fy, ,., . STANDING: S. Kritzer, D. Crabtree, T. Acton, J Pritchard, S. Miller, Coach Ted Shisler. FRONT: R. Crabtree, B. Robertson, J. Kennedy, J. Petro, R. Thompson, M Keller. VARSITY BRONCOS Joe Petro Tom Acton Bill Robertson GUARD CENTER GUARD Steve Miller Rudy Crabtree Dan Crabtree CENTER GUARD FORWARD Raymond Thompson John Pritchard Mickey Keller GUARD FORWARD GUARD Steve Kritzer James Kennedy FORWARD GUARD RESERVE BRCNCOS STANDING: K. Krebbs, A. Rains, D. Acton, J. Hatchett, M. Dickey, P. Oltman, COACH, Kenny Zody. FRONT: R. Hole, J. Kelp, L. Pittman, D. Dewees, B. Kritzer Susie Miller, Marcia Kritzer, Brenda Wheeler, Kay Percifield. ALTERNATES: Mimi Gredy Janet Bessire. SPONSOR: Edith Ginger. CHEERLEADERS Kay Percifield CAPTAIN Susie Miller CO -CAPTAIN Marcia Kritzer Brenda Wheeler GO! '31 GO! GO! GO! l MANAGERS Bill Birdsong Bernard Roberts Harry Meshberger Pat Reilly Dennis McGee CROSS CCUNTRY BACK: J. Kennedy, S. Kritzer, D. Crabtree, S. Miller, P. Oltman, Coach Ted Shis- ler. FRONT: R. King, R. Crabtree, A. Rains, B. Robertson, J. Petro, M. Keller. STANDING: T. Acton, K. Krebbs, S. Kritzer, J. Hatchett, J. Hutchison, D. Crabtree S. Miller, P. Oltman, Coach Ted Shisler. FRONT: Manager H. Meshberger, M. Hochstedler, A. Rains, J. Petro, R. King, R. Crabtree, M. Keller, R. Thompson. BASEBALL Which one will Pete hit? Eny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, - or Joe?? BACK: Manager Gary Deaver, M. Kummerer, B. Birdsong, J. Rudd, D. Kirts, D. Shepherd, C. McDonald, L. Smith, Coach Frank Zody. FRONT: M. Kritzer, L. Carter, D. Woods, L. Shipley, D. Butler, R. Mattingly, C. Greller, J. Leonard. EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: Judy Robertson, ALTERNATES: Triana Meshberger Betty Jacobs, Karen Clark, and and Donna Terrill. MANAGER: Brenda Miller. Sheila Crabtree. S CORDS GALORE! French Class Latin Club The halls of NHS ring with 'Yuleticle Carols' Triple Trio Octette 4? W, , A I The Hamson Lake Country Club was really jumpin' PROM QUEEN SUSIE MILLER PRCM KING JOHN HUTCHISON D.A.R. AWARD 1960 KATHLEEN WILKERSON BASKETBALL QUEEN 1959 EARLINE HOLDER NASHVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND NASHVILLE EIGHTH GRADE BAND I fl 1 S i X S , ,Y ,.,,. W lg . ......--sf ,. s fs 2... T .... MW Yl sf sM"""'5-M ... fi! - fm FIRST ROW: J. Roberts, I. Wrightsman, D. Voland, A. McVaugh, D. Crabtree, C. Snyder, D. Reilly, M. Keller, K. Miller, B. Mullis, C. Bowden. SECOND ROW: S. Deckard, M. Mathis, E. Smith, M. Borders, V. Callahan, B. Wall, D. Sokol, R. Moore, A. Bradley. THIRD ROW: C. Rogers, M. Kritzer, K. Ayers, S. Coffey, S. Coffey, M. Harden, J. Sturgeon, P. Bond, J. Wrightsman. FOURTH ROW: C. Weiss, M. Leffler, K. Percifield, M. Gredy, J. Bessire, J. Bessire, B. Smith, M. Miller, P. Reed, N. Lucas, D. Stines. CHORUS STUDENT COUNCH Principal - M. Jones President - B. Mullis Vice Press. - T. Acton Secretary - M. Arthur Treasurer - J. Petro 8th Grade - I. Welch Not Shown - Freshman John Hatchett. mi H A FIRST ROW: R. Burkholder, B. Wheeler. SECOND ROW: R. Thompson, S Miller S Richardson, B. Mullis, P. Harris. THIRD ROW: P. Thickstun, L. Taggart T Great house, M. Seitz, K. Wilkerson, R. Brown, N. Leggett. FOURTH ROW: B Smlth J Bessire, J. Donaldson, A. McVaugh, S. Bendler, J. Hole, K. Percifield. FIFTH ROW E. Holder. F. Moore. J. Jeans. SCHOLAR STAFF 1 " ff? """','x ki PA PER CORRESPONDENTS BRENDA WHEELER Evening Republican and Herald-Telephone BETTY MULLIS Brown County Democrat Q.,.......-..- FIRST ROW: C. Greathouse, A. Bradley, T. Greathouse, M. Seitz, M. Arthur, P. Thickstun. SECOND ROW: D. Sokol, M. Kritzer, J. Donaldson, N. Floyd, G. Meek. THIRD ROW: B. Robertson, S. Kummerer, K. Wilkerson, K. Percifield, R. Crabtree. FOURTH ROW: I. Petro, H. Meshburger, M. Keller, B. Birdsong, A. McVaugh, K. Bradley. FIFTH ROW: J. Bessire, N. Leggett, S. Kritzer, C. Rogers, D. Reilly, B. Mullis. STANDING: J. Pritchard, B. Wheeler, D. Crabtree, S. Miller, J. Bessire, M. Gredy, B. Smith, S. Richardson, S. Miller, C. Snyder, G. Kornfeld, J. Kniesley. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA LATIN CLUB FIRST ROW: C. Coles, J. Keller, M. Hochstedler, M. Borders, H. Taggart, M. Gond- ring, R. Figg. SECOND ROW: E. Conrad, P. Harris, P. Sturm, A. Bradley, E. Holder THIRD ROW: B. Cross, P. Bertermann, D. Wininger, J. Wrightsman. FOURTH ROW: D. Mattingly. 1 I FIRST ROW: S. Bendler, N. Roberts, L. I-Iillenburg, K. Smith, J. Sturgeon. SECOND ROW: L. Michaels, B. Sullivan, A. Bradley, P. Deckard, M. Miller, C. Bowden, K. King, F. Logston, K. Miller. STANDING: M. Congram, N. Alvey, S. Meek, P. Reed, F. Moore, L. Taggart, S. Deckard, E. Smith, V. Callahan, B. Wall, N. Lucas, M. Mathis, R. Moore, D. Voland, I. Wrightsman, E. Arthur, B. Bendler, D. Stines. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA DELTA KAPPA TAU FIRST ROW: C. Fox, P. Jones, H. Jackson, D. Rose, J. Malan, R. Smith. SECOND ROW: M. Dickey, L. Graham, R. Bowden, A. Rains, B. Kritzer, D. Acton, D. Stoffer. in K 'X PEP CLUB SHOP CLUB - PEP CLUB PANICS 1 fs Y or w Wifi ,.,,,. , bw War-JU Q Xmif is-SM? ,Q W, A Ti a? K . .xg 1 'TQ if 9. '5?fiSa'i2j9l1'? "" is ' . ' J - " ' Q ' N' viawcumhx V H 0, SYS' ,ffm U Q li ,. 4' ' 'M ' p 4'-I-.1 I 5 as LN. sf, FA, ., 'E' t. ln. . 4 -awk xxffx .TN ' ,Af ' . 5,3-In , I ,N ., rw H i '31 '. U p! A ms: , - ' 4. x ,W 1- 3 ..v xg It ' if Qw :?geV.5.?'! ' .Arlqki ' Wiiifsgf. ,, .- , 'E -- Q - L K: Ng., 43' Ji Spin, lm -- ,gm ' K X ' EL , ..., 4, Ni 1wm.g5 .5 L 4 j gifsyii' - ' A dal. F I ng Qgifgv ,V Y .HN "H A ' .7551 . ELEMENTARY PRINCI PAL'S MESSAGE Throughout your years in school, your teachers have endeavored to convey to you a certain amount of valuable knowledge. The purpose of this knowl- edge is to help equip you as better citizens, better men and women, and better and more useful mem- bers of this community. We have given you knowl- edge, ambition, and a strong determination to a- chieve the success which is your goal. As you leave this school, you may be thinking only of what you will make of yourselves. Everyone is thinking of what you will make of the world. Do not disappoint them! Sincerely, GZAQMWW-09 ,sea-a ..-fc Ashley, Judy Baker, Bonnie Bolten, Linda David, Victoria Fleetwood, Patricia Gore, Dave Gray, Marvin Harden, Almeda Harden, Steve Harritt, Mark Hatchett, Keith Henderson, Richard Hobbs, Donnie Hobbs, Sandra Jackson, Verel Johnson, Jay Kirts, Brenda McNew, Linda Brand, Hiram Central, Mormal SEVENTH GRADE Miller, Dean Petro, Beverly Rains, Jane Reed, Chas Richeson, Ruth Ann Roberts, Forest Roberts, Steve Rose, Roger Sanders, Betty Seitz, Janet Seitz, Kenneth Shepherd, Ronald Smith, Lee Smith, Sandra Snyder, Patricia Swift, Steve Wininger, Kim Wrightsm an, Patricia Young, Loretta 4 iff ,. s xv .455 ak, Ndihvn 'J i 'f -, ,g r ':V-, I . 6 E Robert Lucas Cynthia Massey Katharine Sue Mathis Arthur Moore Janet Polly James Powell Terrie Richards Robert Sanders Gustav Schroeder Roger Shipley Durward Smith James Sturgeon Seena Tungett Roger Wagner Damen Wells Karen Williamson Sylvia Woodmansee Paul Wooten Jasper Wright Audrey Arthur Sandra Banks Rachel Bowden David Carter Robert Church Lonnie Dec kard Peggy Dobbs Lorena Followell Bess Haggard Kay Hammond Terry Hanner James Harden Shaun Harris Danial Harris Winifred Johnson Barbara Kinser William Leggins James Littlejohn Barbara Lucas Martha Klein A. B. , Bryn Mawr SEVENTH GRADE I ,1'r ttiif lsy B lits sy J i his ir - ' f 'i's 4- Q 1 V--,.,:., gfg. :Vr g his -af sy. VKV: l i., X EKKV: K KL iii!! M iii" -'iia rs,.q J L - i"i ,Q s1" . ,ff f K1 52 ,L is as , 'W rm Lucas, Linda Massey, Frank Mathis, Joyce Miller, Ella Mae Miller, Stephen Minton, Phyllis Percifield, Larry Roberts, Donna Roberts, Thomas Schrock, Charles Sisson, Diane Snyder, Darrel Taylor, Jean Anne Tracy, Bill SIXTH GRADE Ashley, Josephine Bowden, Ricky Coles, Greg Harper, Donna Hatchett, Patty Hawkins, Marvin Hochstedler, Robert Holtsclaw, Darlene Kazimier, Christopher King, Charles Lee, Alma Jean Leffler, James Legge, Victor Lucas, Brenda Gregory, Raymond B. S. , M. S. Butler University S Gondring, Tanya Greenlee, Eileen Grubb, David Holder, Betty Holmes, Larry Hoover, Rebecca Hubbell, Kathy Jones, John Lucas, Joyce O'I-lara, Mike Percifield, Billy Robertson, Craig Tangett, Ronald West, Roger Winings, Rita SIXTH GRADE Applegate, Linda Ault, Leona Baker, Tyrone Banks, Larry Bond, Florence Branaman, Bobby Childs, Patrick David, Elizabeth Eads, Donny Fleetwood, Georgia Floyd, Jerry Floyd, Nancy Followell, Carolyn Fox, Clinton Goe, Jacl-:ie Kinny, Paul A. B. Indiana University lk-'SV ,fe f . if!! rr ' Law' Nu thru PHOTO NOV AVAILAILE fra I I fy , lb, Q, A ,109 if! A-M Kitts, Sue Kummerer, Dannie McDonald, Lance Medecke, Louise Miller, Peggy Minton, Codie Mitchener, John Moore, Connie Powell, Robert Reed, Mary Richeson, Linda Robertson, Bobby Robertson, Pamela Rudd, Larry Strevel, Bonnie Thompson, Richard Wilkerson, James Woodmonsee, James FIFTH GRADE Bolton, Dorothy Bond, James Bowles, Barbara Collins. John Conrad, Thomas Cooley, Steven Coy, Steve David, David Earle, Virginia Fleetwood, Ronnie Fox, Colena Goe, Ianyce Harden, Avis Harden, Martha Huber, Steve Hyde, William Jackson, Kathy Jackson, Robert Kelp, Leon Grant, Beula B. S. , M. S. Indiana University .J Rudd, Marc Schroeder, Vicki Shephard, Janis Small, Danny Smith, Ora Snyder, Mona Sokol, Julius Spicer, Robert Taggart, Bruce Taylor, James Tilton, Janis Voland, Billy West, Kristen West, Rickie Williams. John Williamson, Ricky Woods, Louise FIFTH GRADE Baker, James Bradley, Linda Bryan, Karen Byrd, Tony Carter, Cecelia Coy, Sherry Deckard, George Dobbs, Carolyn Dobbs, Marilyn Ferrenburg, Esther Folks, Narda Hoover, Leah Hynes, Linda Knight, Art Lady, Larry Leggins, Leonard Lucas, Carolyn Pittman, Jerry Roberts, Bill Weddle, Virginia B. S. , M. S. Indiana University ff? Arthur, Linda Baker, Martin Dean Baker, Timothy Carter, Dale Coy, Michael Deckard, Dianne Fleetwood, Roger Floyd, Virgil Keith Gondring, Kim Harden, Rachel Holder, Alice Holtsclaw, Mary Ann Jacobs, Bonnie Lucas, Alfreda Galloway, Catherine E B. S. Hanover FOURTH GRADE Mattingly, Beverly McGrayel, Lucy Merriwether, Kevin Moore, George Moore, Robert Steven Mullis, Brenda Petro, Donald Roberts, Loren Schneider, Richard Seibel, Roberta Shipley, Ronald Smith, Brenda Stidd, Carolyn Sturgeon, Linda Tracy, James Wagner, Jerry Wall, Connie Wilber, Donald Williamson, Norman Wrightsman, Eddie . "x Nc Huh AVIKAHI Bartlett, Randy Bolten, Patty Earl, Dick Floyd, Tommy Hardin, Chuck Hardin, Dale Hatchett, David Heaton, Glenda Hendershot, Darrell Henderson, James Hyde, Sadie Jackson, Steve King, Susie Lawson, Larry Nancy Lewis B.S. Indiana University FCURTH GRADE Lee, William Littlejohn, Larry Lucas, Diane McCarter, Mark Mathis, Iris Meshburger, Kurt Morris, Bobby Parks, Harold Roberts, Gerald Sisson, Leon Skirvin, Morris Stevens, Barbara Swain, Christanne Taylor, Elaine Thompson, Marvin Tracy, Sarajane Williamson, Linda Woods, June Woods, Wilma Van Arsdale, Dorothy Austin, Brenda Bessire, Richard Bond, Peggy Grubb, Richard Harden, Gary Hedrick, Gary Hubbell, Gary Lawson, Kathy Littlejohn, Richard Michaels, Connie Moore, Becky Olson, Jane Padgett, Janet Pedigo, Kenneth Nelda Barnes B. S. Central Normal College i THIRD GRADE Percifield, Diana Richards, Laurel Roberts, Vicki Schrougham, Kathy Scrogham, Sharon Synder, Gregory Todd, Diana Welch, David White, Thomas Wilber, Ricky Winings, Pamela worton, Barbara Zody, John Meriwether, Jeffrey Parks, James Reed, Eleanor Reed, Paul Richards, Albert Roberts, Marsha Roberts, Steve Robertson, Randy Sanders, Linda Schrock, Gary Seiler, Melinda Smith, Beverly Tracy, Georgia wagner, Laura Wright, Jason Banks, Linda Borders, Susan Bowden, Laura Brarmaman, Danny Byrd, Isaac Cosley, Iudy Embry, Skippy Fleetwood, Richard Hawkins, Larry Holtsclaw, Richard Hochstedler, James Laze11, Mary Catherine Lucas, Bernice Mathis, Mike 5 Mary McGraye1 I. S. T . C . Indiana University THIRD GRADE KJ nomo not nvuum I f . PHOTO Thi lvdluill Baker, Larry Bartlett, Vicky Bowlfs, Earl Brabander, Patricia Carter, Shirley Comley, Doug Coy, Barbara Crabtree, Debbie Deckard, Lana Diehm, Steven Freese, Paula Grubb, Kathy Hardin, Georgia Heaton, Dennis Henderson, Jane Hobbs, Kathy Hynes, Steven Jackson, Daniel Lady, Darla Barbara Fletcher B. S. Purdue SECOND GRADE Lucas, Dorothy Lucas, Rosie McGrayal, Jimmy Morse, Marsha Padgett, Dale Percifield, Diana Robertson, John Schrougham, Carol Skirvin, Theresa Small, Ronna smith, Billy Smith, Treva Swift, Pamela Thompson, Michael Tracy, Kathy Wagner, Charlotte Williams, Ann Wootten, Patricia . a In V isxggisif V 'ff L',' 'ltl U11 . .f ' f L' L 3 xx, . kkk "' ",. K J ., . ' K ,VI ,w i 1' I , . -1- . , .fri V . 1 ,h I. su H , H 4 sv Y. in . .XM in I vi I 1-' Y is l , , ff r ' LVL' ' -'.. fl - A fl? ' , 4. ,gg ,kg,,.g,-5? 1 51, .. is ' f""'. -gy R mL,,' D w W y ' V 5 . "" ,. 'Qfifz iff Fi, - W 'H -V 1, '5 Arthur, Dennis Birdsong, Tommy Coles, Drew Davis, Debbie Hedrick, David Hendershot, Eddie Hendershot, Ronald Hogue, Kathy Hoover, Martha Jackson, George Kelp, Karen King, Roy Lazzell, Skip Littlejohn, Shirley Marion Branstrator B.S. and Ed. Miami University SECOND GRADE Lucas, Edith Lucas, Linda Lucas, Larry Mathis, Jerry McCarter, Barbara Michaels, Robert Minton, Nancy Nickerson, Bobby Olson, Jan Owens, Gary Petro, Marvin Reed, James Reeves, Gerald Roberts, Gerald Seitz, Debra Seitz, Doug Terrill, Debra Voland, Susan West, Morris Woodmansee, Sheila Bolton, Beverly Bolton, Bill Bolton, Donna Bryan, Steven Coy, Janet Davis, Jim Deckard, Jeffrey Gordon, Pamela Harden, Bruce Harden, Daniel Hochstedler, Cornelius Genevieve Perry B. S. Indiana University FIRST GRADE Hubbell, Brenda Kazimier, Michael Lucas. Judy Lucas, Vernica Mathis, Virginia Nelson, Linda Percifield, Deborah Reed, Steven Richards, Nina Sanders, Lovedas Swain, Davida Thompson, Rebecca Wagner, Terry Waldrip, Larry Woodall, Harvy Wrightsman, Earl K f i g 'V,: . . S J R ,- - V .- Q 5 t x .K fi K 1, 1 kg? f,kvV W k K -, . 'k,', Yi? , 5:5 Q z"'-k' f P V ' M K if 1:7 , r..k, ' R if - Q' ,Lgf :" ' .,. .. i ,, gf' Z A '- - ' L'K-L -, , 1 'f J .-,i sal 'K I s L'z " - I 3' 5 Andrews, Garry Austin, Billy David, Barbara Diehm, Cindy Embry, Danny Floyd, Max Graham, Russell Hobbs, Joyce Kritzer, Kaybe Leggins, Bernice Mathis, John Frances Rogers B. S. Indiana University FIRST GRADE McNew, Billy Percifield, Greg Percifield, Steve Petro, Kenny Roberts, Connie Rudd, David Schneider, Kim Scrogham, Larry Smith, Gary Smith, Joyce Smith, Terry Taylor, Rickie Terrill, Pamela Woods, James O'l-lara, Brian Hynes, Joseph aff' Barrett, Linda Collins, Charlotte Dewar, Kenneth Fox, Randy Henderson, Robert Hyde, Brenda Hyde, Sally Jane Strevels, Kenny Jackson, Phillip Lucas, Sharron a Lucas. Thomas Fern Howe B. S. , Ball State R.N. , Indiana University FIRST GRADE Mathis, Cathi Miller. Ella Louise Mobley, Kristy Moore, Marcia Rairden, Karen Roberts, Michael Roberts, Sharon Schrougham, Vlckl Seibel, Steven Watkins, Michael Weddle, Suson Celeste Williamson, Charlynn Williamson, Gary Wills. Kay Denlse Woodall,' Wilma SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM Manager F. Roberts, K. Seitz, D. Miller, S. Harris J. Johnson, D. Harris, Coach F. Zocly. ELEMENTARY ACTIVITIES V A R I E D E X I-I I B I T S a n d R E C R E A T I ' O I N SEVENTH GRADE BAND BEGINNERS' BAND, LOOK TO Iv THE FUTURE! ,. 1 H' ' w1'lr:'W ws ' it M7129-W 1 , 1960 is a memorable year for you because you have achieved one of life's important goals. May you continue to experience, throughout your life, the joys which come with achievement. It is also a memorable year for us because 1960 is our Silver Anniversary Year. And while the past years have been wonderful, we - like you - are look- ing to the future! NXYVTON CGSCO HAMILTON COSCO, INC. Columbus, In- home and office. WWW n Drokresei H B P- Cy, fe 25,11 muah! wan, diana Manufacturer of metal furniture for 69" AKBSOO S u' This Office Serves You in . . BROWN - MORGAN and MONROE COUNTIES CHET CARMICHAEL REALTOR Real Estate, Insurance, Property Management and Appraisals Do you have a Real Estate problem? We have the answer. HOMES . FARMS . ACREAGE . LOTS . INDUSTRIAL Nashville Indiana C ompliments of MABEUS BROWN coumv CHlLDREN'S sl-lov FURNITURE MART Complete Home Furnishings Nashville, Indiana Nashville, Indiana gi 61 7. 1 . 5 Finest Quality . IS OUR l t FIRST Dairy Products ' THOUGHT qv W 0 Bloomington Indiana HOME LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS Bloomington, Indiana Nashville Agent MARY BISSELL Across From School Pickup and Delivery Tues., Thurs. , Sat. SOUTHERN SPORTING GOODS CO. 113 East Kirkwood Bloomington, Indiana Phone 6093 "Our Wish" That these "Grads" can now apply their Knowledge in useful citizenship for a better town, state, and country. THE COLONIAL RESTAURANT Phone LO8 -4100 Na shville , Indiana BRIGHT-WILLIAMSON INSURANCE SERVICE LEE BRIGHT WENDELL WILLIAMSON DON COFFEY LO8 -4708 Nashville, Indiana Compliments of S. C. ACTON ORCHARD HILL MOTEL BUNT'S BARBER SHOP it Nashville Air Conditioned TV Indiana LO8-4455, R.R. 1Il'3, Nashville McDONALD CHEVROLET SALES fgqfig,,w Q Zi: - ,S.f'ar0' ' Authorized A. A. A. Q11 Wrecker Service Phone Los-4334 lcnsv-9-ol.:- rf Nashville, Ind, l Compliments of NORTH GATE MOTEL Z Mi. East of Nashville Phone LO8 -4422 Compliments of STURGEON'S STORE AND SINC LAIR STATION Phone LO8 -4570 ONE STOP CLEANERS Pick Up and Delivery Service Phone L08-4944 Nashville, Ind. Compliments of NASHVILLE LIQUOR STORE Phone LO8 -42 ll wlNlNG's HARDWARE Phone L08 -2272. Nashville, Indiana Compliments of RED HOUSE DRIVE IN Phone L08 -4744 HEDRIQK'S We Service K ' o 'l'alael E E RCA Victor After Radio and We Sell Television WH' i fkvkvk Nashville, Indiana L08-4313 JOHNSON CREAMERY CO. "Quality Is Our Motto" Seventh Street Bloomington, Indiana Phone ED2-2126 CAMPUS PHARMACY, INC. PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS IN CROSS TOWN SHOPPING CENTER Phone ED. 6-5589 Open Seven Days a Week 1809 East 10th Bloomin ton Ind 9 S - l Phone so z-oou SUCCESS I X, F 132 1 ,, ?M,:4",qU fy nf, 1, xy ,' , . A-, J' " "l to ,f 1, ' Vw f I eaul 0 . W I - 9 un? Mb ,gmt ' v ' M ,P f the Class of 60 208 N Wallin 'I' llwmlnghn, In ion , S I M- " ,, '-I-LW X , ' my A BROWN couNTY DEMOCRAT LAST Mmm Im g I I 0 , 1 Newspaper . . . Job Printing lu: .,,. Im, I' 1 lv ,K I' Im ,KV - I S "Brown County s Only Newspaper I R ii 1 ROBERTS BROS. LUMBER CO. BROWN COUNTY TRADING POST - Lumber Building Materials Hardware Phone LO8-2549 Nashville, Indiana WESTERN AUTO STORE FRED TILTON Frozen Custard Nashville, Indiana Where Open Parking 6 Days Is Never From a Problem 7:00-7:00 R 0 Phone Lo-8-4546 WALKER'S I G A FOOD LINER Na shville , Indiana Succes s to Nashville's Seniors COOK'S DISTINCTIVE SHOES Columbus , Indiana Compliments of GATEWOOD DRIVE-IN High School Students Welcome Located on Road 31 North of Columbus FRANK GREEN 308 Washington St. Columbus, Indiana JEWELER Phone 22200 WILSON OLDS-CADILLAC, INC. New and Used Sales and Service Safety Tested Used Cars Phone D1-9-9959 216 Jackson St. Columbus, Indiana HENDERSHOT JEWELERS Fine Watch Repairing Quality Diamonds and Watches 434 Fourth St. Columbus, Ind LIKE GUITAR? Learn to Play It at COLUMBUS MUSIC STORE Call DR2-6700 for a Free Demonstration Service Is Our Business NORRIS SHELL STATION US 31 and 17th St. Columbus, Indiana DAYTON TIRE CO. Quality Famous Tires Written Service Guarantees 701 Jackson DR9-9988 Columbus, Indiana Engrutulutiuus 'fo the graduating class ' ti J EE ZH L f ul COCA-COLA BQTTLING CO Bloomington, Indiana COX PHARMACY "The Rexall Store" Cosmetics - Candy - Gifts Registered Pharmacist on Duty at All Times GLADYS and FLOYD COX Nashville LO8-2666 THE BROWN COUNTY JAMBOREE BARN Two Shows Every Sunday Dancing Saturday Nights . . Beanblos s om, Indiana "It's Easy to Pay the Times Way" Diamonds - Watches - Silverware TIMES CREDIT JEWELERS 202. North Walnut St. Bloomington, Indiana BURNSIDE GARAGE Parts and Service vous mousies X vANlsH VN ' ng a, 45 ,S 'm mf Phone HY7-2471 OGLE'S GARAGE Freetown, Indiana LO8-7289 Nashville, Indiana WM. C. BALL 8. SON LUMBER Building Materials Headquarters Phone 2 7 -Br ownstown Compliments of KIEFFER PAPER MILLS Brownstown, Indiana Compliments of RIHM'S IGA FOODLINER Morgantown, Indiana Everything Photographic WILES PHOTO SUPPLY Rapid Filrn Service 507 E. Kirkwood Bloomington FARM BUREAU INSURANCE 'To Serve You Better for Less' ELIZABETH ROUSH, Agency Mgr. Agency Office - Main St. Box 146 LO8-4671 Nashville, Indiana BROWN COUNTY MEN'S SHOP "The Latest in Clothes for Men and Women" Phone L08 -442 0 Nashville, Indiana TOVEY'S Bloomington's Largest Shoe Store THE BLOOMINGTON NATIONAL BANK 104 East Kirkwood Bloomington, Indiana Member F. D. I. C. For C omfort, Durability KAHNS and Style Men's and Boys' Clothing McDANIEL FURNITURE -Bloomington- "The Place to Go for Bloomington Indiana the Brands You Know" RONE MUSIC CO. Kimball Pianos Band Instruments Phonographs - Accordions Records - Sheet Music 314 N. Walnut St. Bloomington, Indiana UNIVERSITY SPORTING GOODS Spalding, Rawlings, and Wilson ZOO North Walnut Bloomington, Indiana Phone 9573 IF IT'S GOOD FOOD YOU WANT . . . ., N I "MID" THICKSTONS Nashville Indiana Compliments of HOOSIER KING Located on State Road 46 MILLERS ggi Q -' DRUG STORE Serving the Health Needs of Brown County Since 1925 Prescriptions Dependable Photo Carefully Compounded Drugs Supplies Phone LO8-4141 Nashville, Ind. CENTRAL SERVICE GENE EDDY: Owner Gas for Less Nashville, Indiana THE SINGING PINES MODERN Mom fl? ws A PLEASURE! Air conditioning and Television - Automatic Heat Na shville , Indiana STONE HEAD STORE General Merchandise Phone LO8-4701 Nashville, R.R. 2 BUD 8. WAYNE'S PURE OIL SERVICE "Free Pick Up and Delivery" 10th and Union Streets Phone 2-4707 Indiana Bloomington Indiana C C141 Congratulations Nj BREAD xlp 'NWI PASTRIES 1' J and W, I ' Z f7MM THE VILLAGE BAKERY LO8 -4 2 04 'Na s hville , Indiana Best Wishes to Class of '60 BONNIE'S LEADER STORE Nashville , Indiana AMBULANCE "- ,. -. lllii - 'II as Isl np I s 1--' I D AY I 'Q BONDS Fast, Dependable Courteous Service Phone LO8 -4289 Nashville, Indiana THE NASHVILLE STATE BANK Member Federal Reserve System Member F. D. I. C. Nashville, Indiana Soon we will be moving into this 328, 000 sq. ft. engine test and manufacturing facility. This building is an expression of our confidence in the future--confidence based on the ability of our people to continue to produce a superior product. We wish to congratulate you, the members of the class of 1960, on your very important ac- complishment and encourage you to inquire about opportunities for a challenging position with our Company. CUMMINS ENGINE COMPANY INC. Columbus, Indiana Root Beer - Frosted Orange Nashville JERRY'S DRIVE-IN Foot Long Hot Dogs and Coneys Barbeques LO8-7291 GULF Gas Oil Manager, DON PERCIFIELD Nashville , Ind . LO8-4923 FLEETWOOD BROS. Excavating, Bulldozing, Grading and Contouring Lakes and Ponds Are Our Specialty . . . Complete Spillway Work EJyF Lodg g Good Fo d at th ABE MARTIN LODGE Brown County store Park Los-4418 Nashville, Indiana WELSH INSURANCE CO. Phone L08-4461 Nashville, Indiana C ompliments of THE NASHVILLE HOUSE AND OLD COUNTRY STORE Nashville, Indiana PROGRESS! The attractive and useful products made by Arvin today are alot different from the fabricated metal parts Arvin first began manu- facturing forty years ago. The schools and students have changed during that time too. The facilities, the curricula and the faculties have been improved. The student of course, has an opportunity to benefit from this progress and improvement in the schools. But during all these years one thing has not changed--the pleasant relationship Arvin always has enjoyed with the schools, the churches and the people in and near Arvin communities. To all its employees, friends and neighbors in or near Nashville Arvin extends its greetings. Best of luck to all Nashville High DAVIDSON School Seniors. ARVIN INDUSTRIES, INC . 15 Factories in Indiana Columbus, Seymour, Franklin, Greenwood, North Vernon i " uhwma C Sfxia X F9 Compliments of MOORE PLUMBING SERVICE FRANK LONG GLASS BLOWING Nashville, Indiana Hummingbird Feeders Glass Flowers Glass Miniatures Vases FEED SERVICE Hubbard Sunshine Feeds L08-4414 Wayne.Feeds i h Custom Grinding and Mixing Nashville, Indiana Buyer of Grains Freetown, Indiana Phone HY7-2491 APPLIANCES 5 3 Compliments of WARFORD'S ELECTRIC SCOTT SALES 8. SERVICE Allis -Chalmers -Rambler- Phone 174 B rownstown Indiana COUNTY MOTORS, INC. A-1 New and Used Cars Phone LY7-4263 Phone LO8-2725 fr T57 WAKE-uP V, - SERVICE S State Road 135 65 BOB SHERRILL, Owner 19' 'nfs ,gf I Plc' oft - mf JACK BARRETT'S STORE Phone L08-4037 Compliments of CENTRAL FINANCE CO. Loans and Car Finance 621 Washington Street Columbus, Indiana l L FRED ROBERTSON Prompt Deliveries of Gasoline and Other Farm Products Phone LO8-2689 STOP AT SEARS AND SAVE "Satisfaction Guaranteed" Columbus , Indiana - f Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '60 Bloomington, Indiana HELMSBURC1 HARDWARE vvv- .rv -r-.f V V ASXJVE Helmsburg 4: Indiana ,xSl.,.gl3I 1 A A A T DOG 8. SUDS "Meet Your Friends at the - - - Dog and Suds" On the Junction of 46 and 31 Phone DR Z-2785 Columbus, Indiana Office Phone LOcust 8-2255 NASHVILLE REALTY CO. Nashville , Indiana Br own C ounty JIM COFFEY BILL BESSIRE Res. LO 8-4523 Res. LO 8-4408 SUCCESS DD FU HSE mov REVA s ...'!l't RESTAURANT 'l to wr 0 EWHENINTQE 3 the Class of '60 7 Freetown, Indiana DEPENDABLE SERVICE CLAUDE'S GULF STATION Morgantown, Indiana Compliments of ASHLAND 0IL PRODUCTS Br ownstown, Indiana A P' Compliments of HARBAUGH GARAGE Dependable Service 'J 2 Freetown ' Indiana MARATHON xx ha 9 A FIRST STATE BANK H RY' of Morgantown, Indiana PARK AND SHOP BAKERY Member of F' D. L C' 1811 East Tenth Stree-t Bloomington Indiana Compliments of BUCHANAN-JONES FURNITURE COMPANY Southern Indiana's Most Complete Furniture Store 611 Washington 616 Franklin Columbus , Indiana We Will Be Looking for You to Visit THE VILLAGE SHOP and THE HOLLIDAY HOUSE A Friendly Country Gift and Antique Shop z . - X yi. 1 Q. ' if XM u s so, Q ,mf .,-, f.,1 My 5 Compliments of Compliments of THE STAR STORE RIGLEY STUDIOS Nashville, Indiana Nashville, Indiana Fine Quality Fruits and Cider BESSIRE ORCHARDS Apples Peaches - Cider State Road 135 1 Mile North of Nashville, Indiana if , D .V ,, JACK SUMMERS CCNSTRUCTION Nashville, Indiana Conventional Building of Any Type Any Where . . F ' Q V: Phone LO-8-4240 5 -I I ' Vote for CLAUDB BURCH for Stereophonic - TV - Mowers White Good Needs Press of B . C . Holding Company Who Built Half the New Schools BURCH"S APPLIANCE CENTER Phone LO-8-2615 Artist Drive WILBER JACKSON BOOSTERS Interior - Exterior Decorations DENNY'S GROCERY and Phone LO'8'4474 HUBER STANDARD SERVICE Brush or Spray Freetown, Indiana 41 M Q: YN'x.'k,. THEY SAID IT COULDN'T BE DONE! I TINY TYKES TO BUCKIN' BRONCOS! ! . I. - ., ., ., . 'Wm LLLQ.: QVNNMQ 34.4.4414- AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS MXQVQW A f J AQTSQRAPHS WjM 5 mjifffwjf MQ? M M5yq,g5 Qff3 f6,Wi3fff' M Mya? Wiz? MEM W fly MWWWiQ?o QM ywig QDQW W vi,, 59?,M yi My Wsgf Xa Y JSWQJRKQWQW W wff!MUWf'fW,kfi5 Fwd WMAQQM gx. A Xi f BMJ' wkiwyfg Wig! 'VJ' J' , I f0'?'jQNW , 9 I A X 1 i 8 1 lf 1.1"

Suggestions in the Nashville High School - Talisman Yearbook (Nashville, IN) collection:

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