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f. -. I A . 5-:::ff3....5.., ,'.:g.--:ANY .,-p,:.:g-Q-g,,',f.1w.-,-g pf- V.-,.g,',v ks ,,, . ,,.., ,- . .,:.,,.,,, ,. ,,.. MJ,. ,, .,., ,V , - v - .gf -'V M ., ,.,,,.. 9-... ,uw -.,..p.,L.:A,g ..,. , dll.: .2 ,.....f-.1.41.-..,,,-.. ,.- -1. . .,,, . ff, A, M, .,v...,-- ,f . ,, .-,,-,. 'My-, . CC! I' I Wyfiy iw aid? fiff' 'Lfa,?f,iQ-KZQL Pf??Z""4"'-.QC iiqqo WMM 7343! WM! f Y W W P' N ' SD af 0 Nr WI 2, 'C .1 ' 'Lf 9' " xp. Vlzvv IVY' .J A 'F 5, if", lx, 4 'A' 2 7 i 1 ! I V 4 1 W 44 ,, W ,ffs5j5?Jj3,w ff-'jp "ffffw4p'ff'4fw W we W J was 1 . 5 ' J 085 5 Q VWMJ MX il i Sv. 1 4 ' Q. P ., , ,, 1 ' 1 ' ' -. -I:-fe. 52 I .f ,, ' ' " q'!ggJ1Q.' , l ' -i " ',,1 'Q' 1 ,- -1-,'f'.": , . " , ' - ' - 1 ,filly b - !.! 4. sv 1 f if- f p . 1, f . ,J-' X - - - - l -if X A A CJ 3 Y YN l Q 1- A '7ff1.,k, SQ" , V .af,. ,1,, h, Ie , , .1x09,N,Mgf'5. , ibiaml .304 .fra-1.4.49 - 'Fifa ffl?-. f 1 ' I " '-4-C-lgyfgv , , A' K ' , jamvff 1.4.4, ,- j"ffffff ,y - .P - If . mek, a.,1flii:Tf: , - Ci' D A erztcl.. ll ,'o?'l'4f'CZ-5.1.63 ' X -' 1 . Qnvf, ' U ' , . -'l'3"5Q4.-4-fgjli' ' . , 1 ' . f'-', J - ,- V , , K X 'V , V ' . ' - 5 . V !X 5 14lL'41I.. I f7:.',lx 5 b , A ' Ffh sl V 5 'Ely rbi? N -2 I - R1 Q A .j1,a, j,:5:f , ' ' - - q .'M 'i:- fl" f f I 1 . 'V 1735 I'1g'Af'q2' +'- ".. V, ':.f'i 'if A -' 'aff ,' ' A Q -V' E -"- E 7 3' N ' 1 .. w ,p. lfif I f1-af i1ffff 'h'Q "T-'Tr-"Q-, -1,Ql,: SFI. V f '.f 23 .'4 f 'fffygfl - , Q A , 4 ' ifmgzflbyxu T 'J 1 ' ., IV, 3.24311 , . ,. ., . N . 1" " - , . 7 1 -V it fm I 'V JA- i V' - , 'I J ' A L I' A , 4. U, a'. , ' X '.! . ,J ! E" il 31? . I. Ev i'.. r-:R 'ik' , " 5- V . - , 1- . -'fffv--f ' A I- j . V I k t n ' f U A wr Uh KV W , 'lt' V . f ' ' V X .'-.' kj' 'V -1 SX' - A A K9 . A- . FQ? H i' ms! ' - x , A . X. .. f-.J,,....A.J..... ,..in1.... .,-A m l , ' . Spam , -4. my , Qi! wx ,K N gi M E-C 1z'k.' I . lf , . 4, - if fi' ffm-ff A25 af flff ifwl f W F ff Wy? viiw wy xl X " '-"uw 3 fi L nf 1 ,... . .N ..l 'Q' 5' E., ,. . V ' ' .3 . -. f . . . 4 - .1 ' u .5 . L . -' '- 1 lx ' .:, Ai' ' - 1' ff' 'AL' ' LQ'f.l 1 K. V ,. rf . '- ,flip .-.,, k!Y.,..'g . 5' J.. . my r I .A 5 - WH- 'T .35 4 . W 1 " '55 5 " ,2' - xv .. .-4 .K-. :zu 1... , .J,4L.11. jg: '.'?'Y-'Y' '. WTF '- Vary wr-- Tgig-L: C ik" '. i'f ' -'- ' ". Y if .L 'fit' . 4--59711:-f A 4. 'I zigzfif' 1 H X v-. A: . , .?..,. ,,, , E 1 gg., arf' . -. . ' 'N'-1 .N I 1 '-' HJ! '.. Q., , -- 1' 'ffl A mn, . 1 'f . . qsgxrxl 'jg f' " 1 any ' 11- re:-5, 1 1" i Nj. iv:-. . ' H ., .x?-k,.A,- V , '2iv1'95f, , . , . A . .1-1-,L o ' .'-n f--. ' . - 5 - ' rx J V. If 1 K . ,,, L-J '- 'rfrng I, 5.1 gi-Q: 'f'..'.yffjg,-f-' ,gi 5-gs . I '.g3...',,I ,xg , 'n"1g fy ' X ,A-5' I 31 iff 1 ' ig? . I "'.1'.. f 5 . 1,1-,. ,gn 'gg 351151: uf, if 31 , - . C., . r , r K... , -Q its ,.v.. gy? Lf: . -NH... . lx.: gv ,514 Q I u fl. "-The-. 1: gy..-QQ '. . 4. .1 .. .5 .7 .v + , - ,. J. , . ... ,. J ,-- :1f,a,'l5"L..' 55.1 Qi. .:. " 3 w, 5 -his' f' . rf! i. X 4 VL J. .Hi X 1 'N 1 Q 1 w 1 lf. . gs . ., 1, f r Nu., A., I 1 'I' ' 655 A . . : f fl , . I H ,. n . . " " ' ' ' - ' -. W , : .-' - ' " , .- . . f' , V . . 'If' x .W JZ' W Y , C. KV j 1 qw Presented by NASHVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Class of '59 SEA TED STANDING - CHARLES LEFFLER, Assistant Editor DAVID BESSIRE, Advertising Manager BILL POOL, Elementary BARBARA BESSIRE, Feature Editor LARRY CRABTREE, Art CHARLES ROUSH, Sports MIKE PRITCHARD, Photography DAVID SHERRILL, Sophomore LINDA KING, Editor JIM GREDY, Freshman JERRY KELP, Junior MRS. PAUL SNYDER, Advisor MADELINE SHIELDS, Faculty As this year fades away into next, we seniors find our- selves taklng our place among the alumni of Nashville High School. But hlgh school days will not be forgotten and left be- hlnd, for lt would be hard to forget the crowded halls. . . the hours wasted ln study hall. . .the excitement of a close game . . . the detention slips. . .cramrnlng for tests. . . the mad scramble for the door. . . To you, our underclassmen, we leave this 19 59 Talisman, may each page which has been so carefully planned, serve to recall to your mind many pleasant memories of the happy days of this year at Nashville High School. CLASS OF '59 pa 0 '4 It is our sincere hope that the Talisman will truly depict the varied activities at Nashville High School. In future years it will recall to our memories the events which have made this school year so interesting and so valuable to all students. Through the untiring efforts of the Talisman staff and their sponsor, all the many phases of school work and activity have been represented . The years will magnify the value of good scholarship, participation in school activities, and the desire to acquire knowledge. Our earnest desire for every member of the graduating class is that you may have the greatest suc- cess in achieving those ambitions which have become such an important part of your life. Finally we wish to thank the stu- dents, teachers, and parents, who have helped to make this school year such a great success. Sincerely, ADMINISTRATION The quality of :nercy if not stminedg h It droppezh, ax the gentle min from heaven Upon the place heneathg it is twice hlesfd -- It hlessezh him that giver, and him that takes. SHAKESPEARE IR.A J. HUNTINGTON Superintendent of Schools Indiana University B.S. . M.S. PAUL WILKERSON Vice President of School Board ii' 4. M-,,,p' WARREN OGLE CARL CARPENTER Principal President of School Indiana University Board B.S., M.S. DAVID CLINE LEONARD PERCIFIELD Secretary of Treasurer of School School Board B0-'Hd EVELYN COFFEY LESTQN DECKARD VEDA PETRO Member of 5Ch001 Attendance Officer SCCICIMY to Board the Superintendent I I dare aio all that may become a many Who daref do more, is none. SHAKESPEARE a Y . ,laa , i ,. A J ' - i vff'sg42wEff'1.1--. 1 . A t - 1 fi Q , , fxyre-az,-. Qfiffm- -1,1q:,gQLg7'igg 41:2-'mr gfjT,L,sw"-yzgv as-315 f - H - L 1 f , L - - I .. , L. f Q. i.i151'.w" VK' i ' fx wwwi 1l.'?4?f- :xl-V - Wi.. ,s f L., .XJ - 1 ggif,ggfgVL.fL2gl.j,uif:L gg 1,-jff'g3f::g . .:,gg,-5,,ifQ Q , .. Q fgzffm f K f v SX I nfs' wp, -Hkxw , Nw A ' a L 'F -- 1 - X ? K - "" , I " ' l 1.fa, 5f Q a x, rv, A... w a- w iw. Q, --fr ie .N 7,,.,,f,-xy ,. A iw - -. wi v , for sf' ' 45kif'P7'2 fa V f, . LW ' -, - X A .- ' X, , - . , ' xyf, 1 Rx Yr -- - fiflil '- .. 1 - k . f . Wiwm Magma, 'lf Y 'X' ""' aQz,fX1Uz,1,,',, K A , ,Mmm W XR K f . zsxw A' f sa -,kj-,A1fw5i1:fgf.ggf, S yfgg, K: kr V ix, - .3155-n,Q.z,::Tgg.Im -, MW A ze- ,--7250,-pg V cmmw ,.......,. , Y ,, ---- V 3 X- .ww rg ga ri .ay ,mfg,X a.,.,g1.,,iafgffifwffx ,V-Qi, .. . 1mfaswwxffaf.wb -My am.. L- -, -'-, wfwfgig Qgm,-1 , V V - ,wwf-w-sahggaa, - N:ff-asm.-:::fz2::.vf-useJmew,--'.ivQ Qf .ak3,zf'f U N- ---- , ., ..,, an f 2 - ,. -- .. A--5 fi f - . Q .. 2' ,. .W i i a.LZ :zz ,,k,, E Nzaqu.: ,z,,: , :,.,, 2 ,, 3 1, ,::,1 FTE 3.13-,,, .Q . . ...., . .. . . . , ,. ELIZABETH SNYDER A.B. , I.S.T,C. Commerce J. PATRICK PAGE B.S. , Indiana Commerce JACK ROESCHLEEN B.S. , Purdue Biology . MAIORA GONDRING A.B. , Indlana English ' Latin 'fl M 5? KENNETH ZODY B.S. . Indiana Assistant Coach D:lver's Ed. MARCIA SONGER B.S. , S.I.U. English French MABEL CONGRAM B.S., Ill. Wesleyan Home Economics LUTHER TROUTMAN B.A., I.S.T.C. Science TED SHISLEZ A.B. , Ball State Coach Health and Safety HARRY KIRK A.B., I.S.T.C. M.A. . Columbia Social Studies JOHN M. WILLIAMS B. S. , Ball State Industrial Arts H.DON ENGLE Indiana University B.M. , M.M. Band and Music H. W, BRAND Central Normal Seventh Grade MARTHA KLEIN A. B. . Bryn Mawr Seventh Grade FRANK MCVEY B.A. , I.M.C. Eighth Grade KENNETH ZODY B.S. , Indiana Eighth Grade MARGARET LINDOWER B. S. , Manchester Music Physical Education LAWRENCE WALKER Indiana University B. S. , M. S. Journalism NRC SENIORS ,J LARRY CRABTREE Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3,4, Softball 1, 2, Track 3, Dra- ma 3, Chorus 3, Boys' State 3, First Three-Letter Man 3, Class Officer 2, 4, Letterman's Club 2, 3, Talisman Staff 4, MA DELINE SHIELDS Class Officer 1. 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader 2, 3,4, Basketball Queen 2, Prom Queen 3, Chorus 3, Talisman Staff 4, Office Work 3, Scholar Staff 4, Drama 3, 4, Pep Club 1, MIKE PRITC HARD Talisman Staff 3,4, Drama 3, 4, Chorus 3, Band 1, 2, Junior Heart Committee 3,4, Basketball Man- ager 2, 3,4, Letterman's Club 2, 3. LINDA ROBERTS JAMES ALVEY NANCY ARTHUR Cheerblock 4. Scholar Staff 4. Scholar Staff 4, HOWARD ZODY PATRICIA SCOTT Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 23 Cheerblock 3, 43 Newspaper staff Softball 13 Student Council 43 3,41 Reporter 33 Drama 43 Office Drama 3,43 Class Officer 1, 3g W0rk 3. Boys' Stare 3, CHARLES LEFFLER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 33 Talisman Staff 4 Projectionest Staff 1, 2, 3, 4. ANNIE BRA NAMAN NELSON ROBERTS Cheerblock 4, Scholar Staff 4, KATHLEEN ROBERTS Cheerblock 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 3 Scholar Staff 4, CHARLES ROUSH GLENNA GREATHOUSE DAVE GORDON Basketball 1, 2, 3,45 Talisman Cheerblock 3, 4: Scholar Staff Basketball Maflfigel' 1. 2. 33 News- Staff 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, Base- 45 Office Work 35 Class Re- PHPCI' 3: Sludefll Council 43 Class ball 45 Track 1, 2, 33 Newspaper porter 3, Officer 1, 2, 3, Drama 45 Projec- Staff 3, Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4, rionest Staff 1, 2, 3. JUDY HARDEN JOSEPH BOND SYLVIA CHILDS Cheerblock 4. Drama 3, 45 Chorus 3, LINDA KING Class Officer 2, 3: PepClub 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club Officer 3: Talisman Staff 4: Schol- ar Staff 4: Junior Heart Committee 3, 4: Chorus 3: Drama 3, 4: Correspondent 3, 4. 5. DAVID BESSIRE Basketball 1,2, 3,4: Base- ball 2, 3: Track 3: Letter- mans Club, 2, 3, 4: Talis- man Staff 4: Prom King 3: Carnival King 1: Drama 3, 4: Class Officer 1,2, 3,4. BARBARA BESSIRE Drama 3,4: Chorus 3: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Talisman Staff 4: Scholar Staff 4: Correspondent 3: Office Work 1,2: Junior Heart Chairman 3, 4: Red Cross 2, 3. 4.-......,.,,, 1,5 ilk JERRY KELP LOIS ROBERTS DON HAMMOND Basketball 1,2, 3, 4: Talis- Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Scholar Basketball 2: Baseball 2: man Staff 4: Projectionest Staff 4: Chorus 3. Scholar Staff 4. staff. DAVE SHERRILL Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Ta HT A SUSAN SCHROUGHAM IA MES GREDY lis- Cheerleader 3, Cheerblock Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Base- man Staff 4, Class Reporter 1.2, 4, Scholar Staff 4, Drama ball 4, Drama 4, Class 3, Lettermans Club 2, 3, 4, Brown Co. Queen 4. Officer 1, 2, 3,Class Reporter Softball 1. 4: Scholar Staff 4. JUDY KING JAMES BOWMAN KAY WHITE B8Sk6Ib311 QUCCH 3: CUOYUS Softball 1,2. Cheerblock 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama 3: CVICCTUIOCR 1.2. 3.4: 3, Chorus 3, Scholar Staff4. Scholar Staff 4. WILLIAM POOL DELILAH HOOVER Basketball 1.2,3. 4: Cross Scholar Staff 4, Chorus 3, Country 2, 3, Drama 3: Band 1. Chorus 3, Talisman Staff4. RICHARD MATLOCK Basketball 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3. WAYNE FOLLOWELL ROGER BILLINGS SHARON HA MMOND Basketball 3. Basketball 2, 35 Baseball 2, Scholar Staff 4: Drama 3- 3, 4: Chorus 35 Drama 4. ROBERT MA LA N Basketball 1,2g Softball 2. X X. E xx , JOYCE COX Cheerblock 45 Scholar Staff 4: Entered from Col- umbus 1957. ROBERT CROSS RONALD DECKARD DEAN ROBERTS JOHN MOORE Basketball 2, 3. Scholar Staff 4. Captain of Safety Patrol 1 2, 3: Scholar Staff 4. . W- ln August 1955, 48 expectant teen-agers enrolled in Nashville High School. Initiation, the real beginning of high school, was held a few days after school began. The Seniors, armed with paddles, and the Freshmen dressed in their parents clothing, were excused from school for the day. That night a party was held for the Freshmen at the lower shelder house. In November the class sponsored a fun house and fortune telling booth at the school carnival. David Bessire was voted Carnival King. In April we sold colored chickens and raffled off rabbits to raise money. During May, under the direction of our English teacher, Mrs. Jack Oliver, we published a news- paper named, "THE NINTI-l'S NOSEY NEWS" and a booklet of limericks written by us. Our class officers for this year were, Howard Zody, Presidentg David Bessire, Vice President: and Madeline Shields, Secretary-Treasurer. Our sponsor was Mrs. Belulah Grant. We entered the Sophomore Class on a bright day in September, 1956. For the school camival we held a basketball toss, cake walks, a turkey raffle, and sold refreshments. The class sold salt water taffy to make money. November ll, our class rings arrived from the Herff Jones Company. In March we held a basketball game between the women and the girls, and the businessmen and alumni. At the end of the year, the class went to Spring Mill State Park with the Juniors. Madeline Shields was elected cheerleader, and also reigned as basketball queen. Our sponsor this year was Mrs. E. K. Congram. Our class officers were, David Bessire, Presidents Larry Crabtree, Vice Presidentg Madeline Shields, Secretaryg and Linda King, Treasurer. Our Junior year was busier than any before. Our first project was selling taffy at the County Fair. This year six members of our class played varsity basketball, and two girls, Madeline Shields and Susan Schrougham were elected cheerleaders. Judy King reigned as basketball queen. This year the class won the intra-mural basketball games, and Larry Crabtree became the first three-letter -man at Nashville. He won letters in basketball, track, and baseball. Christmas we earned money by selling fruit cakes. The class also sold candy at noon, and refreshments at all home ball games. Our two biggest projects were the Junior-Senior Prom, and the Junior Play, The Prom, held at the Van Orman Hotel, in Bloomington, was April 25. Music was fumished by Rick Sutherland, while Madeline Shields and Dave Bessire were crowned Prom King and Queen. The play, entitled SEVENTEEN IS AWFULLY YOUNG, under the direction of Mrs. Paul Snyder, was given in the gymnasium, April 11, The Juniors held the first graduation dance this year. The class decorated the Rogers Bldg. and furnished cokes. A disc jockey. Jerry Chapman, MC'D the evening. Two members of the class were employed by the Brown County Democrat and The Evening Republican of Columbus, to write school news. They were Linda King and Barbara Bessire. This was the first year for a student council at N.H.S. Charles leffler represented our class. Our Senior year began late, due to the construction of a new grade school For three reasons this was our big yearl First, for the first time, the High School was set apart from the grade school. Second, because Van Buren School consolidated with Nashville, and Third, because at last we are Seniors! Our first activity was initiation, held three weeks after school began A party was held for the honored freshmen at the Upper Shelder House that night At the county fair the class sold tickets at the rides and Susan Schroughams was elected queen. Results of the cheerleader elections were announced, and Madeline Shields was elected for the third time. The next class project were magazine sales. ln October the Seniors held a combination Pep Rally and Dance, two nights before the opening of basketball season. The annual staff worked hard from October until March, completing the '59 Talisman. The Senior play, entitled THE NERVOUS WRECK, was a great success. The cast and director, Mrs. Gondring worked diligently to make it so. Sylvia Childs won the Betty Crocker Homemaker award, and Madeline Shields became the Good Citizen of Brown County. For the first time Ioumalism was taught, and that class published THE SENIOR SCHOLAR. Representatives of the Student Council were Howard Zody and Dave Gordon. In April, the Seniors held a basketball game between students and businessmen. Senior class officere are, Larry Crabtree, Presidentg Dave Besslre, Vice President, Madeline Shields, Secretary: and Charles Roush, Treasurer. Mr. Warren Ogle, Principal, sponsored the class. Baccalaureate Service was held Sunday evening, at 7:00 o'clock, on May 24. The exercises were held in the Christian Church, with the Rev- erend Edward Simon officiating. Commencement was held in the Multi-purpose room, of the new grade school. The class held a student -commencement, with speeches from the Senior class President, the Valedictorian, and the Salutatorian. The date was May 27 During June the class took their Senior trip, spending four days in New York and two in Pittsburgh. This was an exciting and wonderful time for us. 1 W, We, the Senior Class of '59, even though proven to be mentally unstable, and physically incapable, and disregarding the advice of their psychiatrist, do hereby declare this their last will and testament. To the community, the faculty, and majority of students, we will nothing. Our reasons for this decision are, first we feel that as a class we have salvaged nothing that they want, and anything that we might have, we will surely need in the forthcoming years. The few things that we individually possess, and feel noteworthy, we leave to the following people: I, James Alvey, bequeath to Scotty Ayers, all my girl friends of the Mickey Mouse Club. I, Nancy Arthur, will my ability to keep my mouth shut in fifth period study hall to Mary Lou Followell. To Eddie Rose, I leave my fingernails to chew on. I, Dave Bessire, will my loving ways with the women to George Meek, and my ugliness to Dan Crabtree. I, Barbara Bessire, will my ability to carry on the family name to Judy Bessire. May she keep it popular with the faculty as Ihave done. I, Sandra Akers, leave my long blond hair to Bettie Smith. My ability to switch schools every year to Margaret Winninger. Roger Billings, will my ability to get out of school for three days just to get a haircut, to Ktrt Jones. Joe Bond, will my ability to get along with others to Dave, my brother. Jim Bowman, will my ability to stay in school to Dennis McGee and my flat top to Peggy Tickstun. Annie Branaman, will my long halr to Elma Smith, and my shorthand ability to Janet Shipley. Sylvia Childs, will my love of boys to C arloyn Voland, and my Senior Cords to Fem llogston. Joyce Cox, will my ability to own a mule to Jerry Hynes, and my yearly trip out of Brown County to Mr. Page. Bob Cross, leave my good looks to Felix Woods, and my ability to study, to Don Riely, even when girls are around. Larry Crabtree, will to Steve Miller, my glasses. That's so he can see good-looking girls when visiting Bloomington. Ronald Deckard, will my ability to stay away from the girls to Darrel Lucas and my skill in keeping a car between the side ditches to Wayne Graham. Wayne Followell, will my women to Darrel Lucas, and my seat in book- keeping class to Steve Gore. ' Jim Gredy, will my ability to smoke in the restroom and get away with it, to Raymond Tompson. To Dan Crabtree, I leave my '39 Ford, and all the girls that go with it, Glenna Greathouse, will my seat in the pep club to Mary Lou Sietz. Dave Gordon, will my slim shape to Dallas Styles, and Betty Smith to---oh, to no one. Don Hammond, will my ability to throw rods to Eddie Rose. Don't wind her too tight, Fuzzyl Sharon Hammond, will my long black hair to Marilyn Arthur, and my sense of humor to Peggy Thickstun. Judy Harden, will my ability to talk ln study hall to Shirley Preston, and my skill in dragging to Hershall Stines. Delilah Hoover, will my height to Jerry Hynes and my love for study halls to Charles Graham. Jerry Kelp, will my ability to play ice hockey to anyone who has the patience to sit down and play the game. Judy King, will my '54 Ford to the forthcoming ACES, may they drive it as much as the original ACES did. Linda King, will my intelligence that enables me to stay out late at night and get away with it to Judy Besslre. To Kay Percifield, I leave my hiking boots. Tell Glen I said "thanks. " Charles Leffler, will my ability to play "spoons" to John Hutchinson. Keep'um in tune, Hutch. Bob Malan, will my ability to skip classes to Susie Kummerer, and my Gov't book to Ray Tompson. Richard Matlock, will my false tooth to Jim Jeans, and my long curly hair to Bonnie Smith. Bill Pool, will my ability to get along with Mrs. Snyder to Don Reilly, and my weight to Larry Collins. Mike Pritchard, will my ability to drive a jeep to John Hutchinson. Watch out for those lonely trees, Hutch. I, John Moore, will my '46 Chev to my brother Grover, and my way of getting my lessons to Brenda Bendler. I, Dean Roberts, will my books to the Junior girls, I hope they won't use them any more than I did. I, Kathy Roberts, will my ability to yell at the ball games to Norma Floyd. Cheer them on, Norm. I, Lois Roberts, will my curly halr to Barbara Foster. To Karen Wolfram, I leave my motto: "Speak softly, and carry a big stlck. " I, Nelson Roberts, will my way with Mr. Kirk to Frank Tilton, and my seat ln Iournallsm to anyone that needs lt. I, Linda Roberts, will my Senior Sklrt to Judy Kelp. Hope it fits you. I, Charles Roush, leave my 'way with the deer' to anyone that drives. To. Mlckle Keller, I leave my posltlon on the ball team, I, Susan Schroughams, will my ability to throw the bowling ball forward to Connie Bowden. To Shirley Preston, I leaver Jer. I, Pat Scott, will my big mouth, and my ability to always laugh and cut up to Lois Taggart. I, Dave Sherrlll, leave my outstanding personality to Brenda Wheeler. May she make the most of it. My convertible, to my little brother John, It'1l never last. I, Madeline Shields, will my ability to sit at the same table with Joe Miller at the Prom, to Jean Knight. I, Kay White, leave to my cousins, Bonnie and Connie, a fellow Senior, Bob Malan. I also leave them my ability to get along with my relatives. I, Morrie Zody, will my title of Horny Toad to Steve Miller, and my height to Dick Hole. ln Witness thereof, we attach the signature of the Class of '59, 79 It doesn't seem possible that lt's been twenty years since the Class of '59 graduated from Nashville High. Ican remember so well, all of the studentsg shooting paper wads, cheating on exams, laughing and joking. Remember the thrill of skipping school for a day, or sending someone to the store for candy and potato chips? Sad but true, those days are gone forever, and in their place we find these same students scattered all over the world. Take Charles Leffler for example. Charlie moved to New York soon after graduation, working for an aviation company I think. I believe at present, he is studying take-offs. Bave Besslre inherited a large sum of money from a rich relative, and bought himself a cargo plane. He's now a part-time playboy and bush pilot, wooing the Eskimo squaws, and flying shipments of banana trees to the Northern reaches of Canada. Joyce Cox tried to get out of Brown County for several years but couldn't quite make it. The last we heard, she was stable girl at the State Park. Charles Roush planned on playing professional ball, and tried out for the St. Louis Hawks, but unfortunately dldn't make the team. He returned to Brown County where he is employed as janitor of the Old Hickory. Pat Scott moved out west, where she is sole owner of a potato farm in the Idaho back country. Iim Bowman and Bob Cross went to work for Cummins Engine Co. lim is a sprint car driver for the Co. , and Bob is head of the Engineering Dept. Jerry Kelp and Amrie Branaman were married a few years after graduation. Jerry is driving stocks at Salem, trying to support his wife and five children. Sylvia Childs went to work in California, as flour tester for the Betty Crocker Mills, located there. Delilah Hoover had several auditions for radio and tel- evision, and finally replaces Annett on the Mickey Mouse Club show. Annett married the Master of Ceremonies, who by this time was James Alvey. Joe Bond bought one hundred acres of land out by Belmont and now has a very successful tobacco farm. Nancy Arthur got caught in one of those famous Brown Co., floods, and when it stopped raining, she found herself in Louis- ville. She opened up a fireworks stand, and has been there ever since. Dave Sherrill recently won the Pulitzer Prize for writing several books on biology. He and Jonas Salk are now rooming together while instructing at Iohn Hopkins University. Linda King moved to southern Africa to open a post office. At the last word, she and a tribal chieftain were smoking the peace pipe and discussing ways to improve the relations between the two races. Larry Crabtree, who always had a knack for clowning during high school, graduated from Indiana University, and returned to New York. He changed his name to Lark Bable and is starring in Broadway's latest hit play. Madeline Shields has a job at I. U. , cooking at the Commons. Before she graduated from there she was head cheerleader for the Hurrin' Hoosiers. Ronald Deckard and Wayne Follo- well joined the Navy, then received an overseas discharge. They are current- ly employed on a large pineapple plantation in Hawaii, checking the young plants for fungus and other diseases. Roger Billings stayed around Nashville for,awhile then moved to Colum- bus. He's still drawing his wages from the unemployment bureau, but as a sideline, keeps watch on the courthouse curb. Another classmate of ours, Dave Gordon, moved to Kentucky. By a lucky coincidence Jim Gredy was living in the same territory. Together they set up the world's largest still. I understand they were doing quite well until they began counterfeiting money on the side. They were apprehended when Dave tried to spend a seven dol- lar bill. Don Hammond moved to Alaska in search of gold, and after strik- ing it rich, bought the Falstaff Brewing Company. He is presently living in Chicago with his Eskimo bride. Richard Matlock was appointed truant officer of Brown Co. You know what regular attendance Dick kept when he was a Senior, so you can well imagine that no one ever skips school at Nashville. Remember Morrie Zody? Morrie's living in Florida now. After traveling around the country for many years, he settled in Okachobee, where he owns and operates an alligator farm. Another classmate of ours is working in Flor- ida too. Kathy Roberts is working in beautiful Cyprus Gardens, where she is head mechanic on the skiing boats. Linda Roberts worked for T. W,A. as an airline hostess, until the plane she was on crashed in the Swiss Alps. After staying there for awhile she became interested in skiing. She is now one - of the most noted of all women skiers. I suppose all of you know of Mike Pritchard's outstanding success ln the field of science. In 1974, when Mike. and his crew were launching a rocket into outerspace, Mike accidently be- came locked in the ship. Last month he made his seventh circle around the sun. His wife, Kay White Pritchard, is waiting patiently, hoping that Mike will soon be out of orbit. Lois Roberts is living in Bloomington now, she's house mother of Beta Theta Phi. Bob Malan took a trip to Las Vagas and forgot to come home. After three years at the blackjack tables he managed to win quite an amotmt. He now owns an ostrich farm in Utah. High honors were bestowed on two of our classmates, Bill Pool and Nelson Roberts. They traveled to Australia, and to the joy of all Americans, captured the Davis Cup for the first time in fifteen years. Susan Schroughams is livlng in Columbus now, working for Bell Telephone Company. She's chief inspector of telephone poles in that vicinity. Sharon Hammond is one of the few people who can make their main interest their life's work. You all know what an in- terest Sharon had in flowers during high school. Well, she is now a profession- al flower judgeg judging all the floral exhibits in New Zealand. You remember how Judy Harden always talked about racing: I understand that she and John Moore bought a track of land up Greasy Creek and have opened a dirt track. Incldently, John won a trophy in the feature at Columbus last month. Sandra Akers joined the Women's Air Corps and is stationed in Novia Scotia. She was promoted to Sergeant and is in charge of feeding the Corp's Homing Pigeons. Judy Klng became a successful writer after her graduation from Indiana Busi- ness College. A few months ago, one of her stories appeared in True maga- zine. "Information on the care of guns, " was the title. After extensive training, Barbara Bessire decided to swim the English Channel. She set a record as being the only woman to ever swim the Channel blindfolded. She later returned to Nashville where she was made honorary lifeguard at the Park Pool. Glenna Greathouse and Dean Roberts were living on the coast of Japan at the last report. Dean owns a pearl farm and goes deep sea diving for relaxation. Glenna ls a frogman for Red China, spending several hours a day trying to get to Formosa. Now you know of the outstanding success of the Seniors of '59. Each member of the class has embarked upon a profession worthy of him. We hope, that ln the future, rising generations will remember us, and use our memories as an inspiration to do greater, and more noteworthy deeds. JIMMY JACOBS On Monday, October 28, we gathered with hearts saddened by the news of the death on October 26, 1957 of our fellow classmate and friend, Jimmy Jacobs. Although his place is now empty, we will think of him often and remember him always. Va- ,, r,. 'dl' The class of '59 and their sponsor, Mr. Ogle, posed atop several of the Seniors' cars. Three Senior boys attended Indiana Boys' State at Bloomington, Indiana last year. Mike Pritchard, was elected Senator. Morrie Zody, was elected Deputy Sheriff from Jackson Co. Larry Crabtree, was appointed State Trooper from the convention. A. HAN A-rt RE nisrx A11 three of the boys stayed at the Mens' Quad. Q ff I W ,L ff" m V -.429 'QP fi A mb 5 f 10,194 . 1 w U 5 'ul' 4,ap"!' if .I .3 my fr C wx 3 . I - 5 var X, . -'Z rf M , A 'Q K , Af " ,fun ' J' 'M Q, ,A-to ' A I f 4 1 Q 1 ' T S - 9121-.av NM A ww ,, X , H'N'NfU', + ff fv- IORS ww ,W NR W + V J . n 1 W -M F, W 'N' '-,M x M V H ' mm J WM MMV 3 X v ,, X V .QM .,,W,,q9 ,5,, vw :vu ., . 0 . 6403601 SHARON RICHARDSON - - - - - President DON REILLY - - SHIRLEY BENDLER KAY BRADLEY ROBERT BROWN LARRY COLLINS I AMES DECKARD PHILLIP HARDEN - - - Vice President SUSIE MILLER - - BRENDA WHEELER - - - - Secretary EARLINE HOLDER - - - - Treasurer - - - - News Reporter K' N- L ,, fr. ,ff About PHOTO N07 AVAILAILE Xena E EARLINE HOLDER JAMES HOLE JOHN HUTCHISON CHARLES JACKSON JAMES JEANS KURT JONES J EA N KNIGHT FERN IDGS TON REX MA TLOCK DENNIS MC GEE LOIS MIC HA ELS SUSIE MILLER I Nofhoh 1 AVAIAII-I W W FERN MOORE BETTY JO MULLIS SHIRLEY PRESTON PHYLLIS RAINS DONA LD REILLY SHARON RICHARDSON BERNA RD ROBERTS JUDY ROBERTS EDDIE ROSE JERRY ROSE MA RYLOU SEITZ I A NET SHIPLEY BONNIE SMITH CONNIE SMITH FREDDIE STILES LOIS TAGGA RT FRA NK TILTON RA YMOND THOMPSON SU E VA N ARSDA LE ROSA LYN WA LL BRENDA W HEELER K ATHLEEN WILKERSON FELIX WOODS ROBERTA WORTON fi I "W .X 5"""' NO more 9019 'Ev 'L' f 1' f Lf. 'O NOT SHOWN A Q, r , - h W , ,. pv- -un A' 1 ..- -4- A 4:-.1 No! Shown X: , Lifefr fm! fa zmfiizzg .fXn'1aff2zz ', fz poor llvlfzjyef' Tha! .flmff Lula' fzzffy My from' ,7lf707Z the .ridge Ami 276617 if ZYEKINZI 110 Hz01 'a: SHAKESPEARE as T7 MIRIAM GREDY - MARCIA KRITZER KAY PERCIFIELD - ' Zak: 5 In 1 'W ,.,,Jf W PHOTO Nov Av I bln ,- as Richard Allen Linda Ayres i i i W X l ' A 5 - - Vice President - - - -Secretary - - Student Council JUDY BESSIRE ------ - - Treasurer DAN CRABTREE - - CONNIE BOWDEN - - ,,, -vw' 14:51 ""7 . 'av 0 K. A L- -M "' Nellie Marilyn Dorris Alvey Arthur Ault Scotty Eva Judy Ayres Barwick Bessire - - President - Reporter .v 7 No ,wi f I - Ablonl PHOYO NOT AVAILABLE sb- if Larry Ayres Ruth Ann Board T00 IRIS? 1 K El PH 010 Noi Availubh C alfa Qi PFIOY0- NOT AVMLABLE David Bond Connie Bowden Andra Bradley William Byrd Violet Callahen Norma Cheek Kenneth Childs Danny Crabtree Tom Creamer Janet Deckard Sharon Deckard Donald De Wees Janet Donaldson Danny Dewar Robert Figg Norma Floyd Judy Folks Beverly Folowell Mary Followell Barbara Foster Diana Gabbard Wayne Graham Thelma Greathouse Carol Greathouse Miriam Gredy Sharon Hanner Connie Harden Dewey Harden A 395' r r V 'A l 5 -.-5 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE I a 53' f A l Qu .L , 4-,v 6' A ,L 1 ,Q -all -v E QQ .. in V' ,Y Fl' ' 5 ' M 3? s W ' A 39. 'L a, , i gc .A 'K No Photo I AVAILAULE Q V ' N-.qiii Col x , 1 r 9-3 ip ,rilzl , , f ruoro Q' Nor Avmursif 1 were No Photo AVAILABLE QF! A- Jerry Harden Eli Hochstedler Jerry Hynes Michael Keller Karen King Ronald King Omar Kirts Marcia Kritzer Shirley Lawson Darrel Lucas Kenneth Lucas Pat Lucas Mary Mathis Sondra Meeks Kay Miller Sandra Mobley Shirley Miller Kay Percifield John Pritchard Danial Reeve Bettie Smith Elma Smith Gerald Smith Judy Smith Hershel Stines Peggy Thickstun Carol Voland Willie Walker lk Beverly Wall Margaret Wininger Karen Wolfram Judy Wrightsman His lie was gentle, and the elementx f S0 mixed in him, that Nature might Jtand up And my to Ztllietlqe world, 'This was tl manf' SHAKESPEARE SY. QV' K STEVE MILLER Student Council PEGGY SHIPLEY --------- Treasurer BILLY ROBERTSON - Vice President BEVERLY CROSS and JACKIE KELLER - - - Secretary SUE KUMMERER - - - - - News Reporter STEVE KRITZER - - - ---- President 'YZW9' 4- sfy k if, 'L' ' Don Acton Annie Alvey Eileen Arthur Bonnie Ault Karen Ayers Brenda Bendler Billy Blrdsong Ann Bradley Norma Brunner Glayds Brunner Rudy Crabtree Beverly Cross -65' , S 4 ,-3 Mig .F 4+ " g N W we 'X' I T' 'b 'X -H.v"': an .t , 'TW' 93 T a , ii fl Peggy Deckard Carroll Garvey Steve Gore Charles Graham Brenda Greathouse Gary Greathouse Larry Greathouse Merle Hardin Steve Hendershot Linda Hillenburg Ronald Hole Jackie Keller Judy Kelp James Kennedy Becky Knight Kenneth Krebs Steve Kritzer Sue Kummerer Nina Leggett Doris Lowe Keith Matlock April McVaugh Donna Mattingly George Meek ig., it ff tk ' -.vw. """ ,.,. I A Harry Meshberger John Miller Steve Miller Grover Moore Rosalie Moore Sharon Perclfield Joe Petro Andy Rains Betty Roberts Judy Roberts Leroy Roberts Nettie Roberts Billy Robertson Celia Rogers Peggy Shipley Larry Seitz Thelma Smith Charles Snyder Darlene Sokol Dallas Stiles Bonnie Sullivan Donna Voland Anice Watkins Dean Wooten f 1 T7 "'r I ,N JM -v Janet Besslre MONEY! PLEASE John Wright W Joyce Wrightsman Linda Woods fm- Pete Oltman I'm Leaving Home Heigla-loo! sing laeigla-loo! unto the green lJolly,' Mo!! frienclyhlp is feigning, most loving mere folly: Then, lneigb-bo, flee holly! This life is most jolly! SHAKESPEARE SENIOR CORDS AND SKIRTS HAVE LONG BEEN A TRADITION AT NASHVILLE HIGH IR' X A I . x gf 2552 fix' ll guna: , 245. gdltd KNEELING, left to right: Celia Rogers, Carolyn Roberts, Pat Reilly, Steve Spicer, Dave Rose, Connie Collins, Darlene Sokol, ROW 1, standing, left to right: Don Dewees, Robbie Bowden, Karen Ayers, Pat Powell, Brenda Greathouse, Sharon Kinman, Candy Coles, Neddie Roberts, Jackie Keller, Donna Mattingly, Faye Deckard. ROW 2, left to right: Betty Roberts, Pete Sturns, Bev Cross, Dave Wininger, Janet Bessire, Chuck Snyder, Grover Moore, Mike Dickey, Leon Pittman, Billy Robertson. :JV DRUM MAJOR AND MAJORETTES LEFT TO RIGHT: Darlene Sokol Don Dewees, and Celia Rogers, The uniforms pictured at the right were purchased from the Band Carnival sponsored by the Band Boosters held in June, 1958 LEFT TO RIGHT: Kay Percifield, Sophomore, Faye Deckard, Eighth, Dave Gordon, Senior, Howard Zody, Senior, Betty Mullis, Junior, and Steve Miller, Freshman. The Student Council, formed only one year ago, has done much to improve our school. The Council, advised by the principal, had a Valentine's Dance took a census of all preschool chil- dren in Brown County, and named the yearbook last year, President, HOWARD ZODY Vice President, DAVE GORDON Secretary, KAY PERCIFIELD Treasurer, STEVE MILLERS l LEFT TO RIGHT: Mimi Gredy, Vice President, Marcia Kritzer, Sec- retary: Katherine Wilkerson, President, Peggy Shipley, Treasurer, ROW ONE: Cox, Greathouse, Scott, Hammond, Hardin, Branaman, Roberts, King, Roberts, Bessire, King, Schrougham, Roberts, White, ROW TWO: Shields, Sturgen, Henry, Jackson, West, Seitz, Wilkerson, Richardson, Logston, Bendler, Bradley, Mullis, Wheeler. ROW THREE: Donaldson, Roberts, Kritzer, Floyd, Thickstun, Bessire, Gredy, Bowden, Smith, Winninger, King, Kinser, Greathouse, Percifield, ROW FOUR: Tompson, Ayers, Hammond, Ayers, Cross, Greathouse, Mattingly, Kummerer, Rogers, McVaugh, Leggett, Bessire, and Shipley I ,H Q .fr I Q ,, .-. qt my -..- ' 1 Qs y Q, -x, if A , h ,fs Q., ,, 4, , ag, , ,LJ I A, . f Q 'F ' I 1' 'Q' fs: 2? 301. . a s ' V I Nt V "nz" L , J 1 ' 'lg ' ' Q? ' A E A 9 I. 1' A P I 1 jf- x A K . A -, . ,,.: I , fr I I 'Pg 2 3 . K 1, . , , ,, lr , Q L., EDITORS Co- Editors: MADELINE SHIELDS BRENDA WHEELER Associate Editors: BARBARA BESSIRE LINDA KING Sm!! SITTING: J. King, Mrs, Songerg Advisor, L, Roberts, S, Schrougham, M, Shields P Scott, I, Cox, D, Roberts, STANDING: B, Malan, I. Gredy, L. King, N, Roberts K. Roberts, D, Hammond. I. Alvey, K, White, B. Wheeler, B, Bessire, D, Hoover S, Hammond, N, Arthur, G. Greathouse, f-gl CORRESPONDENTS Brenda Wheeler, Junior, was corre- spondent for the Columbus, Evening Republican. Linda King, Senior, wrote a weekly column for the Brown Co. Democrat This is the second year for such articles to appear in the papers, Last year Linda wrote for the Dem- ocrat and Barbara Bessire, for the Republican. ROW ONE: B. Followell, C. Voland, L. Ayers, G, Greathouse, D. Sokol, P, Shipley, A, McVaugh, C, Rogers. ROW TWO: I. Smith, D, Mattingly, S, Lawson, S, Hanner, B, Smith, J, Rogers, C. Smith, S, Preston, ROW THREE: J, Wrightsman, A, Bradley, K, Wolfram, R, Moore, S, Miller, D, Voland, I, Wrightsman, S, Percifield, B. Roberts, W - is ATHLETICS STANDING: Manager M. Prichard, I. Kelp, D. Crabtree, L. Crabtree, C. Roush, J. Hynes, D. Sherrill, D. Leffler, D. Bessire, B. Pool, J. Hutchison, J. Gredy, H. Zody, Coach Ted Shisler. YELL LEADERS: Kay Percifield, Madeline Shields, Brenda Wheeler, Susie Miller. - 2 DAVE Brsssms CHARLES RoUsH LARRY CRABTREE Forward-Guard Forward-Center Forward HOWARD ZODY CHARLES LEFFLER HM GREDY Guard Forward Guard JERRY KE'-P DAVE SHERRILL BILL POOL Guard Center-Forward Center JOHN HUTCHISON Guard JERRY HYNES Forward High School Cheerleaders: Madeline Shields, Brenda Wheeler, Susie Miller, Kay Per- cifield. STANDING: Coach Kenneth Zody, K. Krebbs, I. Pritchard, C. Snyder, S. Kritzer, R. Thompson, D. Riley, Manager H. Meshburger. FRONT: R. Crabtree, B. Robertson, J. Kennedy, S. Miller, I. Petro, M. Keller. Managers: Left to Mike Pritchard Dennis McGee Harry Meshburger Bernard Roberts right STANDING: Manager M. Dickey, J. Kelp, H. Jackson, J. Hammond, J. Hatchett, Coach Kenneth Zody, R. Smith, L. Billings, B. Kritzer, D. Rose, Manager P. Riley CHEERLEADERS: Connie Collings, Edith Conrad, Candy Coles. Cheerleaders: Candy Coles, Edith Conrad, Connie Collings ""'4lIIn-0-A-ann.. . , STANDING: Coach Kenneth Zody, H. Zody, S. Miller, I. Hutchison, B. Pool, C. Roush, J. Hynes, D. Bessire, L. Crabtree, J. Pritchard, J. Kelp, R. Thompson, Coach Ted Shisler. FRONT: R. Crabtree, E. Hochstedler, Manager M. Pritchard, M. Keller I. Petro. Just before the big game Zfzaacaa 'fzaaace tie 'fcyew 75-47 NASHVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL ROSTER 1958-1959 CHARLES ROUSH DAVID BESSIRE LARRY CRABTREE CHARLES LEFFLER JAMES GREDY JERRY HYNES HOWARD ZODY BILL POOL DAVE SHERRILL IOHN HUTCHISON JERRY KHP November 1 November 7 November 15 November 21 November 25 December 5 December 9 December 12 December 19 January 2 January 6 January 10 January 16 January 20 January 30 February 5 February 14 February 20 HT 6' llx 6'2f" 6920! 6'2i" 5'11 6'3" 5'6f 6'0" 6'4i 5' 11" 5' 11" rv n WT 155 165 162 157 140 150 140 190 166 130 150 Nashvllle Nashville Nashvllle Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashvllle Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville POS C G F F G F G C F G G SC HED ULE 81 62 73 59 63 78 70 60 102 88 78 60 70 85 86 77 Class Wh SR 33 SR 54 SR 42 SR 50 SR 32 Soph 34 SR 44 SR 45 SR 55 IR 24 SR 52 Solsberry Unionville Helmsburg Sm ithvllle Hauser Unlverslty Nineveh Morgantown Stinesvllle Trafalgar Nineveh Monrovia Smithville Charlton Jackson Twp. Union Twp. Unionville Helmsburg Coach - TED SHISLH2 Assistant Coach - KENNETH ZODY Principal - WARREN OGLE B1 33 54 42 50 10132 34 44 45 55 24 10132 69 45 4 1 69 50 49 68 57 61 75 51 49 58 66 '70 59 A ge 18 17 18 18 17 16 17 17 18 16 17 JUNIOR HIGH Q Dale Ault Anna Barwlck Dorothy Bay Audrey Bendler Phyllis Bond Karen Brown Sally Coffey Connie Collins Edith Conrad Faye Deckard Mike Dickey Clayton Fox Larry Gram Mirian Hardin QWWW 4 if m f 1 - , f- I nz- P A M .. A g H N John Hatchett nga 5 h :o,:, Q I Martha Haverly yyyy - J Judy Hawkins em Sw y , V . A Harold Jackson I 5-A k as 5' if fyi Pete Jones J fy 5 ' S .n.o s n y S gi, A John x h an 'YV, V we f - f ' . , , L will-142 Bllly Kritzer A L f fo. 4 my ' Linda Lucas 'is .IL P J Nancy Lucas J '35 w -.1 L ' Martha Miller :A . V. ff, rift, , ,K Y, has , P Helen Penrose ,. Y , - , ,Q ' I - L' dy Patty Powell y X si is P V mf, Peggy Reed , 1, 3 ml Sharon Richards , David Rose ig , a-W P iff' J if ., l,:, or Floyd smun ey A y A, K l l Helen Smith ,' . 5,0 "' I 1 f f ' Ronnie Smith A ' V", V ' M J me L Eva Stines . ' - A J I - efi Dick Wilkerson James West Donna Wall ,, S - n - Straw K Q wk , N61 X 3 ,gf If 48 Artist, Marvin Ayres, Janet Beaver, Judy Bllllngs, Larry Bowden, Bobby Bradley, Betty Brown, Patty Carter, Roy Coffey, Susie Coles, Candy Creamer, Mary Dewar, Judy Fender, Jerrel Frazer, Bllly Hammond, John Hochstedler, Marvin Hoover, David Jackson, Judy Jacobs, Bobby Klnser, Kay vs s-2, E l H Yi ..-- sig tn, ..,,: X, Leffler Mary Lovins, Billy Malan, Jacque Mathis, Catherlne Plttman, Leon Reed, Dale Roberts, Carolyn Smlth, Louis Spicer, Steve Sturgeon, Janet Sturm, Peter Taggart, Hope Thompson, Rosemary West, Debbie West, Phillip Wininger, David 2 , I Bond, Faith Bradley, Peggy Carter, Lowell Clark, Karen David, Carol Deckard, Wendell Derringer, Sharon Fender, Gloria Floyd, David George, Karen l-lartness, Gilmore Hawkins, Jean Hobbs, Dlane Jackson, Thurman Jacobs, Betty Johnson, Teresa Kilgore, Mary Littlejohn, Harold Lucas, Delbert Mathis, Bonny I YZ' McDonald, Clyde Mlcheals, Donny Miller, Brenda Moore, Beverly Rains, Anna Reed, Helen Richards, Ronny Robertson, Judy Skirvin, Mike Smith, Jack Smith, Lee Ray Smith, Mary Terrell, Donna Sue Worton, Richard Balser, Connie Birdsong, Robert Bradley, Chris Branaman, Betty Bush, James Butler, David Campbell, Carol Crabtree, Sheila Devar, Gary Dobbs, Justin Eads, George Earls, Jane Fleetwood, Sue Folks, Suzan Greller, Charles Hardin, Sue Henderson , Mar ian Hynes, Don Jackson, Jean Jacobs, Terry Keaton, Linda Kummerer, Mike Lucas, Brenda Meshberger, Triana Miller, Marilyn Moore, Kay Rlgley, Ellen Robertson, Mike Shipley, Larry Sturgeon, Judy Welsh, Irene Woodmansee, Don Woods, David Wrightsman, Sandra ELEMENTARY ,,gfg,g' 5 Salud This ls Nashvllle's beautiful new elementary school which ls located just south of mwn. The bulldlng houses slxmeen large classrooms, plus locker rooms. a multi-purpose room and cafeteria. Nearly five hundred students were enrolled here in this, its first year. We are happy to know that our children wlll he able to attend such a fine new school FRANCES ROGERS B.S. . Indlana First Grade FERN HOWE B.S. , Ball State R. N. . Indlana First Grade PATRICIA LOWRY B.S. . Ball State First Grade SARAH EPLER B. S. , Hanover Second Grade MARY Mc GRAYEL Vincennes University I. S. T. C . Third Grade VIRGINIA PERCIFIELD B.S. , Indiana Third Grade E NANCY LEWIS B.S. , Indiana Fourth Grade KATHY HARRISON B.S. , Hanover Fourth Grade BEULAH GRANT Indiana University B.S. , M.S. Fifth Grade VIRGINIA WEDDLE Indiana University B.S. , M.S. Fifth Grade HOWARD SMALL Olivet College A.B. Sixth Grade RALPH BURKHOLDER Washburn College M.S. , Columbia Sixth Grade 8 . 5, ..,,. gg,,wx,Q,, i'lT:"' This new cafeteria, located in the Elementary School, serves botn the grades and the high school. Each day, approximately four hundred and fifty meals are served. Here, Melinda King and Ethel Rogers clean the kitchens after a busy day 'QT IATIOIAL mi Cafeteria Cooks: Blanch Clark, Melinda King, Ethel Rogers, Marjorie Taylor, June Coffey, and Ruth Ennis. , and Roberts, Forest Roberts, Steve Rogers. Janet Rose, Roger Sanders, Betty Seitz, Janet Shepard, Ronnie Smith, Lee Smith, Sandra Snyder, Patricia Swift, James Winlnger, Kim Wrlghtsman, Patricia Young, Loretta Ashley, Judith Baker, Bonnie Barwick. Kenneth David, Victoria Fleetwood, Patricia Gore, Dave Charles, Gabbatd Hardin, Almeda Hardin, Steve Harritt, Mark A Henderson, Richard Hobbs, Donald Hobbs, Saundra Jackson, Derel Johnson, Jay Kains, I ane Kirts, Brenda Miller, Dean Petro, Beverly Reed, Charles Arthur, Audrey Banks, Sandra Bowden, Racheal Carter, David Church, Bobby Deckard, Lonnie Dobbs, Peggy Floyd, Judy Followell, Lorena Hammond, Kay Hanners, Terry Hacthett, Keith Harden, James Johnson, Winifred Kinser, Barbara Leggins, William Littlejohn, James Lucas, Barbara Lucas, Robert Lures, Kiturah and F n A , -H . F if t ' J diff' ss ' rr 1 ,L or M . 5 Mathis, Kathryn Moore, Art Polley, Janet Powell, Jimmie Richards, Terrie Sanders, Robert Schroeder, Gustav Shipley, Roger Smith, Durward Sturgeon, Jimmie Tungate, Seena Wagner, Roger Wells, Damon Williamson, Karen Woodmansee, Sylvia Wright, Jasper Haggard, Linda Holder, Betty Hoover, Rebecca - Jones, John Lucas, Joyce Messenger, David Percifield, William Robertson, Craig West, Roger Wining, Rita Applegate, Linda Ault, Leona Baker, Tyrone Banks, Larry Bond, Florence Bowden, Richard Branaman, Robert Childs, Patrick Creamer, Gloria David, Elizabeth Eads, Donald Fleetwood, Diane Floyd, Jerry Floyd, Nancy Followell, Carolyn Fox, Clinton Goe, Jackie Gondring, Tonja Greenlee, Eileen Grubb, David Slsson, Diane Shrock, Charles Snyder, Darrell Taylor, Jean Ann Tracy, Bill Watkins, Alma Wooley, Vlckl Ashley. Josephine Cole, Gregory Hartness, Georgia Hatchett, Patricia Hawkins, Marvin Hochestedler, Marvin Holtschaw, Rita Kazlmler, Chris King, Charles Lee, Alma Leffler, James Lucas, Brenda Lucas, Linda Mathis, Joyce Ann Miller, Ella Mae Miller, Steven Minton, Edna Perclfield, Larry Roberts, Donna Sue Roberts, Lowell Wg at '1,. ?awu'4 Moore, Connie Jo Phillips, Jerry Powell, Bobby Reed, Mary Robertson, Bobby Robertson, Pamela Huber, Steven Woodmansee, James Woolf, Leslie Barwick, Linda Bond, James Collins. John Conrad, Tommy Cooley, Steve Creamer, Connie David, David Earle, Virginia Fleetwood, Ronnie Fox, Colena Goe, Janyce Harden, Martha Jackson. Bobby Kelp, Leon Kirts, Sue Kummerer, Danny McDonald, Lance Millet, Peggy Minton, Codie Mltchner, John ?owzt4Qzade A 9- . 5. I 1 my fr an Y I a , g M Snyder, Moana Sokol, Jullus Splcer, Bob Taggart, Bruce Tlltor1,Janlce West, Krlsteen West, Rlckle Wllllamx, John Wllllamson, Rlcky Woods, Louise Voland, Bllly Taylor, Jlmmy Baker, James Black, Butch Bradley, Llnda Bryan, Karen Byrd, Tony Carter, Cecelia Dobbs, Marilyn Folks, Narda Hoover, Leah Hynes, Linda Knight, Art Lady, Larry Leggins, Leonard Lucas, Carolyn Pittman, Jerry Roberts, Bllly Schroeder, Vlckl Shepard, Janis Sma'1l, Dann Smith, Ora 'Maul Parks, Harold Petro, Donald Roberts, Jerel Seibel, Roberta Sklrvln, Morrls Smith, Brenda Stewart, Patty Stldd, Carolyn Swain, Chrlstanne Taggart, Diana Watson, Shirley Wall, Connie Tracy, James Tracy, Sarah Wilkerson, Norman Woods, Judy Cooley, Judy Earl, Dick Fleetwood, Roger Gabbard, Nancy Gondring, Klrn Harden, Dale Harden, Rachael Henderson, James Holtsclaw, Mary Ann Jackson, Steve Jacobs, Bonny King, Susan Lowry, Fred Mathis, Iris Meshburger, Kurt McCarter, Mark McGraye1, Lucy Moore, George Morse, Robert Mullls, Brenda Sisson, Leon Sturgeon, Linda Taylor, Elaine VanArsda1e, Dorothy Wagner, Jerry Wilber, Donald Woods, Wilma Wrightsman, Eddie Arthur, Linda Baker, Dean Baker-, Timmy Black, Ernie Carter, Dale Floyd, Tommy Hatchett, David I-Iamblen, Jimmy Harden, Charles Heaton, Glenda Holder, Allce Lawson, Larry Lee, William Llttlejohn, Dick! Littlejohn, Larry Lucas, Alfreda Lucas, Helena Moore, Steven Richards, Laurel Roberts, Loren Second Roberts, Steve Robertson, Randy Sanders, Linda Schrock, Gary Smith, Beverly Snyder, Gregory Tracy, Georgia Wright, Jason Austin, Brenda Barwick, Fay Bowden, Laura Branaman, Danny Byrd, Isaac Fleetwood, Ricky Haggard, Della Rose Hawkins, Larry Hochstedler, James Holtsclaw, Richard Hynes, Steven Keasbey, Benjamin Lucas, Bemlce Mathis, Mike Meriwether, Jeffrey Parks, Jimmy Quillen, Rosalie Reed, Eleanor Reed, Paul Richard, Alben Sdddlld Schrougham, Sharon Todd, Diana Wagner, Laura Welch, Davld White, Karen White, Tommy Wllber, Rlcky Wtnlngs, Pam Zody, John Banks, Linda Besslre, Dickie Bond. Peggy Grubb, Richard Harden, Gary Hedrick, Gary Lawson, Kathy Llttlejohn, Shlrley Lucas, Larry Mathis. Jerry Meyers, Gregg Michaels, Connie Michaels, Robert Moore, Becky Olson, Jane Padgett. Jane Perclfield, Diana Roberts, Vicki Schneider, Richard Schrougham, Kathy flu! it wan , 35' V. Q, 9 , A W 1 4? v x.. ft . ri!1f6f3' ,,5n ., , ,ity 5, ,nf Q-n , 3 Q ' 'af' ,' ,.- at M, 'Sw Reeves, Gerald Roberts, Roy Sanders, Oveda Seitz, Debbie West, Morris Q., L K ,, 2 45 wi ai? P fi ' 1, if ,A 1, has , ,, ak, Y E W vb 5, ,, ,,,,,'sf.L wifi-tg, bs Q-: 5 zsfifffii illfgg Barwick Sharon Birdson, Tommy Cole, Kathleen Coles, Drew Hardin, Bruce Hardin, Larry Hobbs, Joyce Hoover, Martha Jackson, George Kelp, Karen Lucas, Edith Lucas, Linda McCarter, Barbara Miller, Tommy Minton, Nancy Mobley, Christy Olson. Jan Petro, Marvin Reed. James Reed, Steve 'iv i n ," f -il k ,. V A if K K 1 ra K L .: i"v o if l 5 i" "i- '..' wi iii? F K H Arthur, Dennis Baker, Larry Comley, Doug Davis, Debbie Henderson. Jane Hendershot, Eddy Hendershot, Ronnie Lucas, Rose McGrayel, James Morse, Marsha Moore, Tom Owens, Gary Padgett, Dale Roberts, Gerald Schrougham, Carol Seitz, Douglas Small, Ronna Smith, Billie Smith, Treva Terrlll, Debra .I h'A,, . C5245 1, j, E ,Q , 13 vi 1 V I ,, gn R Y .-W , . , fu .J W' . ,, Tracy, Kathy Voland, Susan Wagner, Charlotte White, Robbie Williams, Ann Woodmansee , Sheila in i li it J A Q 3 it C, 'lr Q-19-W 1 ' 5' . iw. .. ..,.4 5 " wi 15 it A X , 1432" ti: ' "3 f,,,E'ig, ,C ' MQW SR 1 f y , Smit' 1' W , ,. as , ii ery if if .1 . Q it . . X 3? , a ,, . ig at ff ,lu P " ' ' 11z le if . it f ,, if K 5 Q . ,C Q 1 r 1, 1? 'bi ' Robertson Johnny Sklrvln Terry hrift Pamela Wooton Patty 335384 Brabander, Patricia Carter Shirley Crabtree, Debbie Creamer, Bobby Creamer, Phillip David, Dennis Deckard, Lana DeGolier, David Floyd, Max Freese, Paula Grubb, Kathy Hardin, Georgia Heaton, Dennis Hobbs, Kathy Hynes. Joe Jackson, Danny Lady, Darla Lowry, Patty Lucas, Dorothy Rice, Rufus IV 'Eff - 4,4 . A Q . . X . my 1? 9. is ., L g P , ,J A 5 H ff? ,, , ' ," .uv X ' 4 A 'I 9 4 -1 5 " rif 1 'X K S ' 1 If Sw ,f-- , 'S 1 :' ., 1- Jw- D' 1. ww 3 W2 M4 Q4 ' i JUNIOR HEART BOARD MEMBERS Freshmen ----- Janet Bessue Harry Meshburger Sophomore ---- Judy Bessire Connie Bowden Juniors ----- Brenda Wheeler Don Reilly Seniors - - - - Mike Pritchard Linda King Jr. Chairman - - Barbara Bessire Mrs. Kenneth Schneider, Adult Advisor The Junior Heart Board of Brown County, organized for three years, recently became a part of Nashville High School. This year, as in prevlous years, the Junior Board has filled the role of an adult board. The group planned a dance, held a blanket toss, can- vassed the town on Heart Sunday, distributed posters and individual envelopes to all schools in the County, addressed over seven hundred letters to residents here. KJB SPHOR - Custodian Nashville Elementary School JAY RICE - Custodian Nashville High School -.. Senior Class Play - cast - I presented UThe Nervous Wreckn Pat Scott Mike Pritchard Linda King Dave Gordon DeC9mbST 5, 1953 Madeline Shields Jim Gredy Sylvia Childs Susan Schroughams Merrie Zody Barbara Bessire Roger Billings Dave Bessire WSeventeen is Awfully Youngn - cast Barbara Bessire Linda King Madeline Shields Sharon Hammond Sylvia Childs Kay White Dave Bossire Larry'Crabtree Bill Pool Morrie Zody Mike Pritchard Junior Class Play presented April ll, 1958 Nashville Gymnasiumn TO ALL PARENTS Members ofthe 1959 graduating class will have an unusual distinction. You will be the first in history of Nashville High School to be graduated with a rating equal to that of the finest high schools in the state. This results from Nashville High School having been awarded a first class commission from the state of Indiana, the highest it has ever enjoyed and comparable in every respect with those awarded schools in Indianapolis, Hammond, Bloomington, and other cities which long have been recognized for the educational excellence of their schools. It is the result of improvements in the curriculum, in the teaching staff, and other facilities which are evaluated by the Indiana State Board of Ed- ucation. The newrating is something in which you, as well as the entire community, Sm! Ira L. Huntington Superintendent of Schools can feel genuine pride. CLASS OF 1959 AS EIGHTH GRADERS The Senior Class of 1959 wishes to express their thanks to Mr. Kenneth Reeve for the fine art work of the school that he contributed for the cover of this 1959 Talisman. Also many thanks to our sponsor and to our annual advisor. Mr. Ogle and Mrs Snyder. Without their help this annual could not have been possible. SENIOR CLASS OF 1959 VALEDICTORIAN Class of 1959 Parents, Teachers and Schoolmates: With hearts full of gratitude to our school, teachers and friends, we now accept the status of full-fledged graduates, and step out into the world with a new sense of growth and respon- sibility. Since we are soon to set forth on new ways there must be a parting from the old. Goodbye to the years of our childhood. Farewell to the school we have known so long. And au revoir to teachers and schoolmates left behind. We are the the you cannot express our feelingsg they too deep. You must read between lines to get the full significance of depth of our emotions. But since know us so well, since there has been such intimacy of neighborhood and community, everyone of you knows the fullest meaning of my final, concluding word "Farewell. " Wm? " SALUTATORIAN Class of 1959 Classmates and friends: To begin well is the secret of successg to set forth with the firm foundation, to have within one's self the stern determination to succeed and succeed fairly from the start - these are the qualities that cast their shadows over one's future. These are factors that spell accomplishment in capital letters. The status of myself and my fellow graduates is due to influences about us. We had parents who rea- lized the importance of education and the value of sending us to school every day that we might not fall behind. We are going to graduate because we had teachers who cherished the principle of thoroughness. In other words, we started well, and the handicaps fell on the other side of the fence. The important thing about the lesson that we have learned is its very pertinent application to future days. It was one for a lifetime. Tim above all -- fo thine ownjelf be true, And it mmf follow, as the night the day, Thou mm! not then be false to any man. SHAKESPEARE Good-Luck Kids, go out and make a. name for yourselves . And remember --- when better buildings need building, we 'll build 'em I WTNINGER Building and Supply Company General Contracting . . . DESIGN FOR BETTER LIVING All of the people in this picture - the six young folks from N. H. S. and the two engineers from Arvin's Research Department - are doing design work. The engineers are de signing new products andiprocesses for better living - the students are getting in school a design for good useful lives after their graduation. Best of luck to all Seniors! Arvin INDUSTRIES, Inc. - General Offices - Columbus, Indiana "It'S Easy to Pay the Times Way" Compliments of S. C. ACTON Diamonds - Watches - Silverware TIMES CREDIT JEWELERS MOTEL 202. North Walnut St. Air conditioned TV Bloomington, Indiana LO 8-4455 R.R. 1943 Nashville BROWN COUNTY 'ajlan-we ROBERTS BROS. LUMBER CO. TRADING POST Lumber Building Materials Hardware Phone LOS-2549 Nashville , Indiana OUAL TYR AX I V LUMYBER Xxx . 7'A, THE 'pdf BROWN coumv ,A ,.-.., ,.., JAMBOREE BARN It Iiuq to QNOW Repairedl THE Two Shows VILLAGE SHOP Nashville, Indiana SUCCESS to the Seniors ' A Friendly Country Gift Antique Shop" and Every Sunday Dancing Saturday Nights . . . Beanblos som , Indiana WlNING'S HARDWARE on Phone LO8- 227 2 Nashville , Indiana "Our Wish" That these "Grads" can now apply their Knowledge in useful citizenship for a better town, state, and country. THE: COLONIAL RESTAURANT Phone LO8-4100 Nashville, Indiana BRowN Q coumv - ',,!, i, L, 4L',,, y i DEMOCRAT -falf "e?Q .-1, ilef Newspaper . . . Job Printing "Brown County's Only Newspaper" 1 Where Open Parking 6 Days Is Never From a Problem 7:00-7:00 Phone LO-8-4546 WALKER'S I G A FOOD LINER JERRY'S DRIVE-IN Foot Long Hot Dogs and Coneys Barbeques Root Beer - Frosted Orange Nashville L0-8-7291 SUMMERS 84 CLARK CONSTRUCTION Nashville , Indiana Builders of Peace, B1-ook's and Shultz Homes . . . Conventional Building of Any Type Any Where Phone L08-42.40 or LO8-4925 Visit Your BROWN COUNTY ART GUILD GALLERY Na s hville , Indiana Compliments of THE STAR STORE FISH GROCERY Nashville CTE co Road No. 46 Fancy Groceries Fresh Meats Vegetables Phone 22813 Gas and Oil HIGH SPEED RECAPS 319 South Madison Bloomington, Indiana High Speed Recaps - - Run Longer Compliments of KIEFFER PAPER MILLS Brownatown, Indiana geda Walaea Compliments of X 1 "THE STORE FOR MEN" Corner 4th and Washington Q f I Columbus , Indiana PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING Bloomington, Indiana Compliments of NORTH GATE MOTEL 2 Mi. East of Nashville Phone LO8-4422 BURNSIDE BUCK LEMON GARAGE FURNITURE Parts and Service "First in Furniture" Phone HY7-2471 Freetown, Indiana Bedford Bloomington r- 1 - l Here is our Columbus, Indiana plant which produces all the nationally-advertised COSCO metal furniture for home and office ----- step stools, kitchen stools, utility and serving carts, Fashionfold card tables and chairs, juvenile seating and playtime furniture, upholstered chairs, settees, sofas and ottomans, occasional tables, office chairs, and busi- ness furniture . CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATE You have just achieved an important goal in your life. Throughout the years to come, you will be setting other goals for yourselves, and we sincerely hope that you will experience, time and time again, the joy which comes with achievement! To every member of the 1959 graduating class, BEST WISHES FROM ALL OF US! HAMILTON COSCO, INC. - Columbus, Indiana NASHVILLE CURIO SHOP - " ' 'T-.1 -N, nn.. ' ' QThe Original, BROWN COUNTY FURNITURE MART Nashville, Indiana Complete Home Furnishings MRS. W. G. SCHNEPF Nashville, Indiana WESTERN AUTO STORE FRED TILTON Frozen Custard Nashville , Indiana CENTRAL SERVICE Tires Accessories and and Batteries Motor Oil Gas for Less GENE EDDY: Owner Nashville, Indiana ps YOUR BIG YEAR Best Wishes for a Bright Future CUMMINS ENGINE co., mc. JOHNSON CREAMERY CO. Nutritious Dairy Products "Quality- Is Our Motto" 7 th Street Bloomington Indiana Phone ED2- 21 26 X COX PHARMACY "The Rexall Store" Cosmetics - Candy - Gifts Registered Pharmacist on Duty at All Times GLADYS AND FLOYD COX Nashville L08-2666 I 'oo x 5 lgmngrufulufinns to the graduating class 'fffr Eff' ' 9 " ffgfi. f .- W X ooo .L,l-L ' , 5 A f .5g35:i..::.- u ""f'-Qf1.1. . "'-' 5 , jg X Q 4 ,,,, l ' flll 1 ,Q 1 oi 'i:' M k "" ' COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. , Bloomington, India c4 'Q 'font Dependable Service KEITH TAGGART Nashville , Indiana G. C. MURPHY CO. "The Friendly Store" Columbus, Indiana HAPPY AND LOIS CHRISTMANS BROWN COUNTY ARTCRAFT Signs - Silk Screen Pictorial Signs Phone LY7-4194 St. Rd. 135 at Fruitdale SCOTT SALES 8: SERVICE ALLIS CHALMERS - RAMBLER - Phone 174 Brownstown, Indiana JP- 0 QQ BRUMMETT'S K FRANK GREEN 308 Washington St. Columbus, Indiana Q , g PHARMACY K ' . i rc 3, JEWELER 1300 E. Third St. Phone 7271 Phone 22200 Bloomington, Indiana WM. E. GARLOCH, Agent Oil - Gas Phone HY7-2561 Freetown, Ind. Congratulations and Best Wishes to CLASS OF '59 PINE ROOM Nashville , Indiana GULF Gas Oil M DoN PERCIFLELD Nashville, ind. wager' Lo- 8-4923 SOUTHERN SPORTING GOODS CO. 113 East Kirkwood Bloomington, Indiana Phone 6093 HOME LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS Bloomington, Indiana Nashville Agent MARY BISSELL Across From School Pickup and Delivery Tues . , Thurs . , Sat. HEDRICK'S We Service RCA Victor After Radio and We Sell Television HHH? vkvlvk Nashville, Indiana L08-4313 McDONALD CHEVROLET SALES QPF, 428511 . -73 ' h "T ' vw -ff mm ' , f Authorized A.A.A. Wrecker Service Phone LO-8-4334 Nashville, Ind. RONE I-OM A LIND MUSIC CO. A ll ' ll , ball Pianos The Place to Go for Fine Foods Band Instru.ments -On Beautiful Lake Lemon Phonographs - Accordions Records - Sheet Music Compliments of 314 N. Walnut St. Bloomington, Indiana MR. AND MRS. C. L. MICHAEL RIHM'S IGA FOODLINER I m I Morgantown, Indiana WARREN HURDLE All Forms of Insurance--- Including Life Real Estate Morgantown, Indiana Office Phone LY7-4860 Residence Phone LY7-4591 Phone LO8-4414 LOREN R. MOORE PLUMBING SERVICE Repair Work F, H. A. Financing . . . Free Estimates Rural Route 4 Nashville, Indiana KAHNS cocKERl-IAM If You Have Used Cars MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING or Wrecks - We Buy and Sell--- -Bloomington- --Used Cars-- IU ED :pn "':fts" "The Place to Go for ' Wif im Browsszwn the Brands You Know" QMIHYIHIMQW15 20l9W ' 4 r ' . xt 7 X Q ...M Wr1te ' X j V ww Freetown STONE HEAD STORE General Merchandise Phone LO8-4701 Nashville RR 2 Compliments of Your BROCK HARDWARE Skell-Gas and Appliances Freetown, Indiana Indiana my mfg IA wn.Es lk ,Q DRUGS Tovsvs I - 112 N. Walnut St. in Bloomington "Prescriptions Our Spe cialty" Bloomington's Largest Shoe Store GRAHAM MOTOR SALES CO. Fords 'F I Goodyear Tires Thunderbirds Am I Farm Tractors Trucks XX I X' Farm Implements Bicycles Phone ED9-9791 Socony Petroleum 302 S. College Bloomington, Indiana SA LES SER VICE BRIGHT WILLIAMSON BEST POLICY 16 A' ALL INSURANCE SERVICE nmss 5 LEE BRIGHT 3 If Sf WENDELL WILLIAMSON , DON OOFFEY W .4 1, L08-47 0 8 Nashville , Indiana B RED DOOR RESTAURANT, Nashville, Indiana O ONE STOP CLEANERS, Nashville, Indiana 0 KATHY'S CAFE, Morgantown, Indiana S MORGANTOWN HARDWARE ai SUPPLY, Morgantown, Indiana T GENE'S BAKERY ai DELICATESSEN, Columbus, Indiana E WILSON OLDS-CADILLAC, Columbus, Indiana R MoOUI-:ARY OROCERY, Froarown, Indiana S DENNYIS GROOERY, Freetown, Indiana Yau re money Ahead! -Graf 12? ' g?":.-fi ,M 5-:S . 1 r ,e QD- :' H 1ffiff':' X I Member Fed l R D t I Sy tem - M C p ce orp. C THE NAS H VILLE STATE BANK mber Federal Compliments of ULLOM'S MEN'S WEAR 9 Bloomington, Indian 5 lN1U'Q,WEG7Z 363139 5 E E Us wlLLouGHBYs V fi HARDWARE 8: LAUNDRY fZl 24 l n if 1 X JJ Nas 1 if me Proprietor, GENE WILLOUGHBY hvill India. FLEETWOOD BROS. t ng, Bulldozing, Grading and C t g L k s and Ponds Are Our Specialty C rnplete Spillway Work ,ffffalfffc 'NXQJQW M IC E 91 S O0 "YJ 0 Ov: ': I' J 5: ji I . ' 'V .J 0 IS OUR K FIRST THOUGHT Finest Quality Dairy Products Bloomington Indiana 1 . -n,.If . BUNT'S THE FASHION SHOP I ff l'5 I- fi R I I Q li B1-xs-25:5 be-suv Nashville Bloomington, Indiana Indiana FRANK LONG GLASS BLOWING Nashville , Indiana Hu.mmingbird Feeders Glas s Flowe rs Glas s 'Miniature s Vases LOMA LINDA MUUD FDR "The Place to Go FINE FDDD I 'F X, 5WHEN INTHE Compliments of HUBBARDS Sunshine and Wayne Feeds Custom Grinding and Mixing Buyers of Grain Phone HY7 - 240 1 F reetown, Indiana LUCAS SERVICE WH SINCLALR YO U N EED SERVICE Tires - Batterie EN IT Accessories f F' F d " Il! or lne oo S Lubrication "On Beautiful Lake Lemon---" gvT?h::g Owned and Operated by 1152? gi tngst a e . MR. AND MRS. C. L. MICHAEL -Columbusrlnd. g L1 McDANIEL Ili 1 , C BALL ff SON L y f FURNITURE C WM' .Lumber I Bloomington L .ming Material-S L I Indiana . BU1 dqua.rteIS E Hea rownstown 2 ?Ph0ne 27 ' B it Congratulations and to Best Wishes to Class of '59 BONNIE'S LEADER STORE Nashville , Indiana the Class of '59 SPORTSMAN TAVERN Steaks . . . Sandwiches Morgantown, Indiana CLAUDE BURCH Admiral TV's Rotary Mowers Deserves Your Patronage for the Following Reasons: Refrigerators and Ranges President of Brown County Holding Corp. Chairman of Brown County Fair Queen Contest Q6 Years, Director of Brown County Art Gallery Q4 Yrs .I Member Chamber of Commerce Bloomington for 35 Yrs . Enjoy Fine Lodging Good Food at the ABE MARTIN LODGE Brown County State Park Phone L08-4418 Nashville, Indiana FARM BUREAU INSURANCE "To Serve You Better for Less" n,ELIZABETH ROUSH, Agency Mgr Agency Office - Main St. Box 543 LO8-4671 Nashville, Indiana Succes s to Nashville 's Seniors COOK'S DIS TINC TIVE SHOES Columbus , Indiana KNIGHT'S I Y UNIVERS T GROCERY SPORTING Goons Road 46 7 Miles west ' :I of Spalding, Rawlings, and Wilson :' Nashville 200 North Walnut Open Bloomington, Indiana III AND 7 Days A SAVE W k Phone 9573 new ,NAT a ee I We Would Like to Serve You DOG 8. SUDS "Meet Your Friends at the ---Dog and Suds" On the Junction of 46 and 31 Phone DR2-2785 Columbus, Indiana THE BLOOMINGTON NATIONAL BANK 104 East Kirkwood Bloomington, Indiana Member F. D. I. C. Congratulations and Best Wishes OLD HICKORY INN Nashville, Indiana BROWN COUNTY LETTER SHOP Job Printing Phone LO8-4469 Nashville , Indiana Compliments of YOUR TROUBLES I 95- 44 VAIIISII VILLAGE MOTEL ,S I p I I , Nashville, Indiana ,D Q dn MRS. KEITH TAGGART .""' 'I ZGLESE Mgr. Los-7289 ' Nashville, Indiana LOVELY LADY BEAUTY SALON Permanents, Tints Hair Cutting, and Styling Owned and Operated By IVA BUNDY Phone 2-5267 118 East Seventh Street Bloomington, Indiana Success to Nashvi1le's Seniors BRUMMETT'S PHARMACY 1300 E. 3rd St. Bloomington, Indiana Phone 7271 THE SINGING PINES MODERN MOTEL Air Conditioning and Television Automatic Heat Nashville , Indiana Compliments of ACKERMAN'S F-AMILY RESTAURANT Bean Blossom, Indiana "Open Year 'Round" Delicious, Home Cooked . . .Food . . .Cobblers . . .Pies BROWN COUNTY MEN'S sHoP "The Latest in Clothes for Men and Women" Phone LOB-4420 Nashville , Indiana Compliments of NASHVILLE LIQUOR STORE Phone LO8-421 1 P ' P54 f '5M "1 ' ",. 2133335 BESSIRE p u ORCHARDS ng p , 3 APPLES X Palm, X f sexi! PEACHES - CLDER 44 R ik fn, P lm? 31- f X- P -' A "'In the Hills O'Brown" LJ K K X ef',-,Q Road 135 I M UZ! 1 Mme North of X X Nye, 'L' Nashville X 1 ',-NW --5 Indiana MILLERS DRUG STORE Serving the Health Needs of Brown County Since 1925 Pres criptions Dependable Photo Carefully Compounded Drugs Supplies Phone L08-414 1 Nashville I nd L A ahhe TO SUIT YOUR IF lT'S GOOD FOOD E r t TASTE a a You WANT... i 'IMIDII A-K 5, - 4, THICKSTONS "" O -- -J 4 ' , X ' I Real Home 5 Cooking THE NASHVILLE BAKERY , , Nashville Los-4204 qj Ind. Nashville, Indiana For Original Gifts Visit STUDIOS BROWN COUNTY FOLKS Nashville L08-4259 ,,.esLT:li:'-fri I AMBULANCE 1 , -Un' , ,L , .. , , fm' 'V "l5"'fs1P'l'IIlllIilll" ""f'w"f -,"'ll"w- 1' T . T ml .T ''i5'ml1'lIl i:'f5"f""' L 1,rllf,'+5lel2i?'4Pwlfl'-ll ' ' Q D AY BONDS Fast Dependable Courteous Service Phone LOS-42 89 Nashville , Indiana. Bl' we landing-4k4I " f . , w ill flllf iiia la --,-F... -QQ.-H 'A . .' ' 5. - ' '- .-, .',g'.,,,-Q-7..g--i,.., -445.-f ,,.,., R - , -.f:34i713,----... .' '-, . , 3 -'EQ' 1 ' F f "fi L 1 -, i :-44 AL ROBERTSON GENERAL C ONTRAC TORS Nashville LO- 8-4143 l l nil gl ,I ,4 C .Jn 5 zu. If ,. , , ue hh M 2 , .. Q ' Y Gi 1' if , E . 2 , , . V+- L , L, -L Mx ' L 5 11 'Wi "l IL .' '11 I g... Eg-r E. I M J A ,, wg., HT' is iz" f 'I x 1 v 1 -L. u ' ru' ,E -3 , n A-I A , , fu! 3mj,,g 4 , w. . i' 'if 1 .. , ,U , 5, .. .F -S! n my , I, M . , --:L . ,Q wi- ' . 23. 'E .nd " 1- glib: ',,.. ,N I ., M3.qg?1ff' 1. . .L -r 5-S4 -'.-'uf T" - 2':21E.3f :S x fn f 3' ? 9. . 'ju il I, it-,. -,152 ' '91 Fe ,I u fTAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" Z4 a :Q .' .v : . 1 .U ' .. if Q +4 r .Lf N. 'M W -1- ,F-5 1 'ii E x , V "iii u ' .--.. ', ' ' f Y TP N N Y .4 xva - , iH.g ,. .1A Ev - 'hzlgi L' .5 ,Gm W F V. ,. , fi'-A if A f, ,,,. f.4 ,i . - 1-I 4 J W :iii fiimwxilw - Al, Ufwmmff-Mfr ww if CW MV W DM f pc 5 JJ Off 5190 LGR., mia! - Awlkxgllvm m..'.Z,i"""'-'f,, - ' wif ff xv f.9.4,,,f,AW' 'mm, W '7T22:575f ..iZ,"Wf'r-"' 1515, A . X . D , 4 S m V WW Nw z M fgwgfyxg 3 HWWLKWVM RNFMQE Nfifkf Wm fb 15' I 1' gg! . , 5 PM il fi . an f 'im H, .u , I , L g '- r i Md:-1-154 - M, ., I " "" ....fx"' '3" 't-, ' , . -- , -L X -11... -1 x V 'N H ' " df , ,I 2' . Af -. in A . , ,,,4 V vu,- Nik ,A f - 2.1 My is ffx3i?5ExR1fV R My iff Q Q,M?k35?Q af? gig 1004 QMWW Qia iggy in WJNQW 2 iEfQ53f C0,wSj75AULg, fc QW., Ky Zi C54 Egxffikkfi 3:1 w U 1if3C'wIA f,L1!f'jf GZ nik Cie? a 'Q .RX wffvizl W 'ff ,1ff'w LUV 'F Ka Q 2 W1 T, ,, ,fw uc'U f'f?J,3'QA' G-P, Q., M' - , flaw f 5? 5 Qififk NWQM WW ' Swv wiv 'iw of KW! - .QMW UCL' W' w" giiwQ3fQ Www' W 5gWQgQ QQ S 1 I ' , - an 1 1 W1":fff?.1, :J ff-,jg1'X 'uf fi'

Suggestions in the Nashville High School - Talisman Yearbook (Nashville, IN) collection:

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Nashville High School - Talisman Yearbook (Nashville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 128

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