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35 MM, 1 6:11 1 A 'W :wif lm ww 'N ,.- J fx 1 , my 55 , ,'f4m,' M' MN W, W QQ... fvmsw. X , ' msmz5f,,1,,, ',""fi . L Mx 'gyms -sf ,-, Jw ,MW W? Aw ww f, , A k ,xfv,2g4XX,fw . game V Vim F, W' M.-W A.:M4, , f Qiiffwm ! Y jg 'WWW-. 'ww I' an W , ,f K 'iii-N .,, . -as A- L, Mx al , 'li f sm ' 5' 1 f S e ., 7 f , -v I , 4 K . ., - A lf? 'i I QQ L ' ,4, VIQW1 ,W , ,. AA K , "ig 4, L V ,. , ' A 5 4, fg , if X 'MM QW, 2, , N4 f X M. .1 ,Z , i i f-ff-Mfr-1-1, fii -.4 . rg' ,gn . E. F A ,wwqm N W. 'R ,N M Y -K ff V 'Ev ji Sd, ,Q -MH' , Wx RQ K ,Vu x f!' '?Q-gf 55 'AG 1 7 ,fA -if ' 2 ' f fl 'Wy Jij' - '5 -sn, I . muy 7, V ,SL -' f -' 1 M",'t.,f , 5 X If Sikh G 'QW 5 an N A ,ilfk . "fri, .Q F I ? 'fi 9 ' Q1 E? , : . Q . , ,.,, , 5 Vw PQmgt:.,.,ip. M H 1 7 ' MW- W I gli? gi' hw 1" Xf ' I M ,Lge-m,l A A: -, , ' Zh A' if . 335 2"',5 W W wwf? ay' T 'Vx 'Q' ' My , , .4 pil JI ,LW N H I x i W ,ix 4V?,i!'i ,H .R nn f V ' 2 1 6, Nzim X Q Q ,ax Q I - . gk' f .1 I+. E H ,Nm 1 'fi' J 1 1 , .nv 1 1, 'U' 1 " . 'l 'Q X 1 A , 'D 1 1 ,L, ,k 51' 4 1,. - .1 ,J 1.71. V 1' .l-1 -1 1 rg, 1 ' 1 , 1 ,. 1 ,, 1, 1 XJ 1 i ,-'lf Q- 1 ' ' 4 4 1, Y 1 1-1 1 1 r ' 1 ' M f .1,Q1' 1 '--,mr L . , ?',"'1"' 1 1 1.'1,g,I 'v.,1- , ' ' 1 '1 ., '.113"r,,' Q ", 31, ' ' 2 ' . ' 1.- 1 . , , .-: Quia U 1 1 l I YY , .,H1,12,M, I, f 'u 2 '1 1,,' 1.191 ,,l 'A 1 1 , ,f 3. , 1 51,11 VT, J .1 j f mn '11,L, 5, V. A 1 Pu 1 W 111 1 A , , 1 ' 1 -11 ,L ".- m1 1"-Ji' I , I J .,'1',,k1f! :gf I., f' '1, 1 4 1 , ,1 1 f, ,1 ., -., 1 , ., .Nl 4' 'Q !.,,f.,f , sl -,l . ', 1 ,X ,1'.411 l 1 1 - 1 1 - . .. ,,,,, 'H Fi "",- 1.-xi .-1 91,--L . ,-,- 1. ' 71 1-1 V 11 ,1..Il,1 ,, . , A 11 144, J .1 ' 1 Wg- 14.1 . .U ' 1 1,17 " Q . , ,1 11, ,I .,i1 ' .1,,, , 1 r . J., .,, .-.W w 6 J X , 1,1 .GV L, ' 1,1-rf,-1, , Y , .lf--313' , , xfl' , 1 1 ' , up V. 1., 'l ,"'Y ' UN 1 Y -111 "Vi '+C' f I-, - '1f"'2'11" . -11.11.23 x if I. .- ,-' qygwl .V 1 . 1- ' ,,1x 1 11101. L nf. NN ,,. , H. f, s., J H, . ', I. '. I" ,' " , 51, . . .A , .., , , , , 1 . . . 1 1 , 1, .V 1, A : - " 1' ' 1 , 1 . ,.,, .nr N 1 "1-"'1"?Q1 W, W. - We 1x1, 1 A 1 . 'HH .'lTlJ'l.ll. G... RL licafinn of 'Elie 954 ' fi' if J" ' X PATSY GLOVER Co-Editor W Co-Ed Eughzikecl 55 17315 SEIVYUP. CZASS JUIJHUIZLSJIQI zS'l1400L JY4.S'f2vz'N5, 7 9 54 " f 'fun 49 W A., JM A .. ,AX ,J , -'cf X?"1'? Q . Q F5154 'QS MMM ay-1 ' ?? wif V3 , , ,U- Q 4 1 Ar Of ,r , , 'uv rf" ' jf I w fl, q.,?---.T -il M,.. ,m:?,. L, , .. 94 a '7 5 ,x . ' 1 A , xyx, ' KW Ml 'X A 1 .n M lf, f 1 ,, ,W . y 5 X 9 x is Gr ,1 'V . 14, K Q' , , f 1 i i , , nf " V' 1' f I f - " , f 'I 'L N t ff, f ff 2 X ffl 5' ' ,fa V ,M-N 2, .. Xt f f ' f yn? 9 if R .ff ' 154 fi' ,Sq Q M' 's ' 4, ff' 'x f' f 1 wif' Q , H I sn 7, f ,gm A fi 5 fx 4 Q, , , 4 XJ! , 5, , Q , ,JY is-al 1 Y M 4 .1 V ,PA V Ap , If . 4 as , 1 1 A 4 I if if' 6 A 'ff ,v " f 4' p 1 1, XA . . I 1 J 1. i z' . f 54" K 'FA 7 f , HAL- I VVVVA Y' Y i 1 x K I .6 'dst 'J 'A JI ' 7 I Y 4 ' ' ' 1 Q I r ,- L y 16 3: ""' ' . ,J ' ' A ', A I t FA' Al 4 W 35 6 l . Q! I f X 1 if . f -4 1 ' I A ! X r Q WL-N' A .,..,, Aus.-T-nur' -ii-log:-Rq.qQ if A vflg 1 N f , X Q , 4' bf N 4 V V A ' J X 4' S I X ffl f' A . v 41" . ,fi I X f IV? ,f- - ,tgp ' 4 if m-4 ' 5,1 ,fi i Lff' , b V- ix .IEE-G-' 1 vsw ', , 4 'sf .av Q J' if 'Q fa 1 r' if H 'A, fi . , ad. l nf, K, s 4 sign 1 fy , 7' ,, Y W4 -nf 'UQ ,,' firm, I' '- Mwdf' 5' "'-Pri' 1 I' 'Wu 41 ' ' ..LiL.nw' ' as . s , I ,. n 8 n ,dr -9 'Ho I air Q ,J 'Wir' Mgt um Q iv 'K 'I sg ,! I .R A0 'ft' fi XQQ. qi F 'in IC... I "" J raglan 4 in Q r r KOR Halo ' Q it A um. xoQ9 l i rl ,s X S Pa .S r RES D 125.3 li l .Om '53 Qrfreuford We have sought to capture and bind within this book some of the things which have endeared us to our school. May the book serve as a link in the great chain of life--a link that will bind our future thoughts to this, one ofthe happiest years of our lives May the memories which they hold carry us back to our Alma Mater and be the answer to our wish, "Backward turn backward. Oh! Time in thy flight." .fi 'UH MISS ELLIS Science MR. C. C. WALTERS Principal MR. BARNES Physical Education Social Studies 'nw x I ...W wp- I if My 55, I? .,, ,gg MISS COCKRELL MRS. WILLIAMS MR. McLEOD Home Economics Social Studies French English English .19 r'-.., ef 'SAVE if MR WILLEY MR. HENSON MISS SMITH MRS. FUTRELL Agriculture French Commerce Mathematics English ,wr- 5 MISS MONTGOMERY MRS. ROSS Public School Music Piano Piano MISS BURTON 2-Ta MRS. WATERS MRS. STRICKLAND Seventh, Eighth Grades Seventh Grade MRS . LILES Sixth Grade W 1 MQ' 1 II MRS. COLLINS Fourth Grade MISS BRASWELI. MISS BASS Fifth Grade Fourth Grade 3 MISS LAMM MRS. ROBINSON MISS BRANTLEY Second Grade First Grade First Grade NE 5" 'bi' MRS. CORBETT Eighth Grade if 'my' MRS. FAISON Fifth, Sixth Grades 'rr MRS . BAKER Third Grade MRS . HINTON Special Education MRS . MARGARET WILLIAMS Advisor MISS MI LDRED SMITH Advisor MOTTO: "The door to success is labeled PUSH" CLASS FLOWER: White Carnation CLASS COLORS: Blue and White f----vw--'- ff. .---v-1 I I I I 3:1 V TREASURER x Gene Rackley Su-5 iii , f- ..-,,,E,, 7 ti PRESIDENT Tom Davis ,E Yf""f?r VICE-PRESIDENT Joyce Rackley SECRETARY Barbara Ann Taylor ,um 10-,gs "'-N---r' ' ...Gd...s.x W .l .-1, F'-"' ag-J ,L-..... 3675- I Q, ' ' --"""'uiqg." 1' - Y . ' L: A. T vm 1 M 4 ' a g. I I .nz 'W 4 1, if V2 al Ae! 'usainli X Q fm -1 .I lg, Wi. ,VM ,gl ., - L 3. 5' 8 32. s T 'M' PEGGY BONE "My opinion is my guide. " Glee Club Accompanist 1,2,35 Dramatics Club 1,2, Play 25 Beta Club 2,3,4, President 45 Annual Staff 2,45 Junior Play 35 Who's Who 4. JEANETTE BOWDEN "Speech is silver, silence is golden." Glee Club 15 F.H.A. 1,2,3. MARVIN BRASWELL "Care may kill a cat, but will never kill me." 4-H Club 15 F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Bus Driver 3,4. TOMMY BREEDLOVE ' "The right man in the right place." F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, President 45 4-H Club 1,2,35 Glee Club 1,25 Class President 25 Football 45 Dramatics Club 25 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 4. SALLY ALFORD "She is always happy, reign whoever may, And laughs the sense of misery far away. " Norlina High 1,25 Glee Club 15 4-H Club 15 F.H.A. Club 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3. AGNES BELL "That which does the most and costs the least is iust a friendly smile." Glee 1,2,3,45 Dramatics 15 F.H.A. 1,2,45 Junior Play 3 . BARBARA BENNETT "Happy am l, from care l'm free5 why can't they all be contented like me?" Glee Club 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 4-H Club 1, 2,3. SALLY BLACKWELL "Effort is the secret of attainment. " Dramatics Club 1,25 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Reporter 3, President 45 Glee Club 2,35 Beta Club 2,3,45 Annual Staff, Art Editor 3,45 Newspaper Staff, Art Editor 35 Artist for Junior-Senior 35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Class Officer, Vice-President 35 Who's Who 4. we 'W' 1-we ELAINE COGGIN "The only way to have a friend is to be one. " F.H.A. I,2,3,4. FAYE COOPER "Always keep your face toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind." Dramatics Club I,25 F.H.A. I,2,3,4, Treasurer 35 Glee Club I,2,3,45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Student Council 45 Annual Staff 4, Advertising Manager5 Who's Who 4. CARRIE MAE DANIEL "l have seen yesterday, I love today and I'm waiting for tomorrow. " Glee Club 25 F.H.A. I,2,3,45 Bus Driver 45 4-H Club I,2. PATSY DANIEL "My goal is always ahead. " Beta Club 3,4, Vice-President 45 F.H.A. I,2,35 4-H Club I,25 Student Council 2,35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Annual Staff, Business Manager5 Who's Who 4. C? .J-49' -of 'Nod 'Viv C. 43 --J' E' 5 N-mt Q sew? RUBY DANIEL "A good sense of humor and the power to laugh. " Glee Club 2,3,45 F.H.A. I,2,3,4. MAXIE DAVIS "Where there's a will there 's a way. " F.F.A. I,2,3,45 Football 3,4. TOM DAVIS "There is no truer truth obtainable by than comes of music." Glee Club I,2,3,45 Dramatics Club I,25 4-H Club I,2,3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Band I,2,3,45 Class Presi- dent 45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Who's Who 4. ,JANE DICKENS "A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature. " Glee Club I,2,3,45 F.H.A. I,2,3,45 Bus Driver 3, 45 4-H Club I,2,3p Senior Play 4. KYB. RL .gl fag E is .ssl ff' Fi '1 .El 'rr wi -1 . 3. 5 fs 1, 141 i. 2 .fr 1.- .1 1 Y 1. .a l rs I 'if ,- I .gr 'F All QW? 54 Tl 5,1 I , r 4 Y Kish . ss, 0.1: .45 'N 3 E 1 Ve 4 I P A '. If .rl .Il 1.35 -I 1 'Q 4 4 'll Y' 'LZ 412 3 ,v 7 ': 'I ,Qi .i ii 'za 1 2 al t 2 sa pa ,fl fi! Q Neff ..,,-M' ADELE JOYNER "Life 's what you make it." 4-H Club 2,35 Glee Club 3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Student Council 45 F.H.A. 1,2, RAY JOYNER "A good laugh is better than medicine. " Basketball 2,3,45 Football 3,4, Manager 1,25 Mono- gram Club 35 Glee Club 1,2,3,4. BARBARA LANCASTER "Nothing is so difficult but that it may be found out by seeking." Glee Club 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Student Council 3,4, President 45 Beta Club 2,3,4, Secretary 4, Chief Marshal 45 Who's Who 4. SYLVIA LANGLEY I "Rather be small and cast a light than large and cast a shadow. " Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 45 Annual Representative 2,35 Nahiscoan 4, Prophet5 Glee Club 1,2,35 Dramatics Club 1,25 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 4. NANCY EVANS "They build to low who build beneath the stars." Glee Club 1,2,35 Dramatics Club 1,25 F.H.A. 15 Beta Club 2,3,45 Junior Play 3. PATSY GLOVER "Today's foundation determines tomorrow's destina- tion . " Co-Editor Nahiscoan5 Glee Club 1,25 F.H.A. 1,25 Class Officer 1,2,35 President 35 Basketball 1,2, Co-Captain 25 Beta Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Student Council 1,2,3,4,Secretary-Treasurer 25 Junior Play 35 Dramatics Club 1,25 School Treasurer 45 Who's Who 4. BOBBY ROSS JONES "A girl I can't leave alone." 4-H Club 15 F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Football 35 Bus Driver 3,4. LEE ROY JONES "Steadfast and true, sincere and kind, One of his equal is hard to find. " Glee Club 1,2, MH' STUART LE CROY "To set the cause beyond renoun5 to play the game beyond the prize. " Class President I5 Dramatics Club i,25 Glee Clubl, 25 Beta Club 3,45 Student Council 35 Annual Staff 3,45 Senior Play 45 Basketball I,2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Football I, 2, Manager 45 Who's Who 4. A CLYDE LEONARD "There is a silence which expresses everything." F.F.A. T,2,3,4, President 35 Bus Driver 4. ELLENE DRAKE LEONARD "With him l'm satisfied. " Glee Club5 F.H.A. i,2,3,45 Student Council 3,45 Beta Club 2,3,45 Annual Staff 4. FRANK LUCAS "When the fight begins within himself, a man's worth something. " F.F.A. l,2,3,4, Vice-President3,45 Bus Driver3,4. .:"., as '5- -J f-::..""" T 'ti 1 ,cv- Lia..-lumen' fi V 473' fe- , an--""" DOROTHY MATTHEWS "The end crowns the work. " Basketball l,2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Annual Staff 45 Glee Club l. JIMMY MATTHEWS "When you know me, you'll love me like all the rest." Newspaper Staff T5 Glee Club l,25 Beta Club 2,35 Junior Play 35 Bus Driver 3. BETTY RUTH MEDLIN "Trouble knocked and hearing a big laugh turned away." Beta Club 2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,25 Dramatics Club 2. ALVIN NELMS "Life is what you make it." 4-H Club T5 Bus Driver 3. 52' , , ,, ,.... ,. gn, 1 .--A---4 - - -- 'Y' -...-J au" Q' YJ 5.1-J 'Flower' JOYCE RACK LEY "Lend thine ears to many, thy tongue to few. " Olee Club l,2,45 F.H.A. l,25 Beta Club 2,3,45 Secretary 35 Student Council 1,45 Annual Staff 45 Cheerleader 45 Senior Play 45 Who's Who 4. RONALD SYKES "Work while you work, but play often." F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club l,25 Football 3,45 Baseball l. LEWIS PARRISH "lf women interfere with work, quit work. " F.F.A. l,2,35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Foot ball 3. ELOISE RICE POWELL "Love made a great reward. " F.H.A. l,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,4. ROBERT PRIDGEN "Only time will tell." F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Football 3,4. GENE RACKLEY "Quiet dignity hides a wealth of wisdom and effici ency. " Class Officer 45 Beta Club 3,45 F.F.A. l,2,3,4 Officer 2,3,45 Basketball 45 Who's Who 4. W? ,,,..-:'i"F'::'ff-1- .-fl" BARBARA ANN TAYLOR "Loyal-hearted, strong of mind, a finer girl you'll never find . " Glee Club l,2,3,45 Beta Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 35 Student Council 25 F.H.A. l,2,3,45 Class Sec- retary 45 Cheerleader 3,4. JO TAYLOR "To be rather than to seem. " Co-Editor Nahiscoan5 F.H. A, 1,25 Glee Club l,2, 35 Student Council l,2,3,4, Vice-President 35 Beta Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Basketball 1,25 Dramatics Club 2. SHIRLEY VANDIFORD "Still water runs deep. " Beta Club 2,3,45 Student Council 45 Class Treasurer T5 Glee Club 2,45 F.H.A. l,2. SHIRLEY VANHOOK "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." F.H.A. T,2,3. wr-fx Mis. 'mr' 'Q BEARL Vick "Stand up for the right. A square deal will always win." Glee Club I5 F.F.A. l,2,3,4, Officer 3,45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Beta Club 4. MARTHA WQMBLE "Wisely and slow5 they stumble that run fast." Glee Club I5 F.H.A. l,2,3,45 Senior Play 45 Bas- ketball l,2,3,45 Girls Athletic Club 3. SYLVIA WOMBLE "Patience is the best remedy for every trouble. " Basketball l,2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 F.H.A. I,2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Student Council 2,45 Annual Staff 4. jIfflI5L'0f5 JENNIE BLOW WARREN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Warren JIM PHILLIPS Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Phillips 4714 Jlflcmnry af X Q. if WI LBUR BOONE , JR . 1936-1948 It may seem strange to us that this life ends When there is so much we want to do. So many plans to make, so many friends, So many dreams we want to make come true, And yet, we know that death can only give The gift of life eternal--ending never Where we may plan and work and grow and live Triumphantly, forever and forever. las! Wi!! and Zesfamen! State of North Carolina County of Nash City of Nashville We, the Senior Class of Nashville, of previously stated State and County, being of sound mind and good character, do herebv make and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament. The following persons we do hereby declare to be rightful and lawful heirs of our fabulous possessions: ARTICLE I Section 1. To Mr. Walters, we leave our heartfelt thanks and admiration for the hard work he has done in making this school one we are now proud to call our Alma Mater. Section 2. To the juniors, we leave our hopes for a well organized annual staff. Section 3. To the Sophomores, we leave a word of encouragement, keep up the good work, the struggle is half over. Section 4. To the Freshmen, we leave this thought "Do what you do well and your harvest will be fruitful." Section 5. To our parents, we give our thanks for seeing us this far and promise to be citizens of whom they will be proud. Section 6. To the School Board, we leave our appreciation for remodeling our school, ARTICLE ll Section l. To Miss Smith and Mrs. Williams, we bequeath our sincere appreciation for helping us carry out so successfully our many activities. Section 2. To Mrs. Futrell, we leave, knowing she will always remember each of us for what we are. Wherever she goes our admiration will follow. She has given of her talents bountifully. THANKS! Section 5. To Mr. Henson, we leave, still wondering how he talked "Uncle Sam" out of it. Section 4. To Miss Ellis, we leave our thanks for being so patient with us in Chemistry. Section 5. To Mr. McLeod, we leave our regrets for not being under his scholastic guidance. Section 6. To Miss Cockrell, we leave our appreciation for her struggle to make good cooks out of us. Section 7. To Mr. Barnes, we leave many potential ball players and a quiet study hall. Section 8. To Miss Montgomery, we leave our thanks for building such a fine band. Section 9. To Mr. Willey, we proudly leave the dedication of our 1954 Nabircomz. Section 10. To Mrs. Ross and Miss Louise, we leave our appreciation for their work in developing the many fine pianists we have. Section ll. To Mrs. Bunting, we leave our thanks for always being willing to help. ARTICLE III Section 1. Faye leaves her French laugh to Mr. Henson. Section 2. Peggy leaves nothing, the stingy thing! Section 3. Tom Davis leaves his khaki pants to Tommy Nelms. Section 4. Lee Roy leaves his politeness to Bobby Joyner. Section 5. Bearl leaves his ability to argue to Arthur Daniel. Section 6. Betty leaves a portion of her figure to Merilyn Price. Section 7. Sylvia Langley leaves her ability to get along with Mr. Barnes to Horace Parker. Section 8. Sylvia Womble leaves her friendliness to the Juniors. Section 9. Ellene and Eloise leave to become model housewives. Section 10. Patsy Daniel leaves her short hair to Magdaline Driver. Section 11. Barbara Lancaster leaves her stucliousness to Mary Hobbs Valentine. Section 12. Stuart leaves his Beta Club membership to Tommy Chappell so he can continue to play basketball. Section 13. Nancy leaves her drivers license to anyone who can accept the responsi- bility. Section 14. Frank and Marvin leave their ability to balance themselves on the stage rafters to Robert Strickland. Section 15. Lewie leaves his knowledge of chemistry to Miss Ellis. Section 16. Sally Blackwell leaves still following Ellene and Freddie. Section 17. Dorothy leaves her basketball ability to her brother Phillip. Section 18. Joyce and Shirley Vandiford leave their friendship and quietness to Louise Pridgen and Barbara Strickland. Section 19. Jimmy leaves still arguing over Senior privileges. Section 20. To Billy Whitfield, Gene leaves a small portion of his intelligence. Section 21. Shirley Vanhook leaves her shyness to Diane Johnston. Section 22. Martha leaves her position on the basketball court to anyone who doesn't mind a few bruises. Section 23. Jeannette leaves her red hair to Shelba Harper. Section 24. Barbara Bennett and Jane leave their singing ability to the Glee Club. Section 25. Tommy Breedlove and Ronald leave still trying to figure out geometry. Section 26. Barbara Taylor leaves early so she can bear Patsy Glover to C. D. Section 27. Agnes leaves her good times in study hall to anybody who wants them. Section 28. Adele leaves her temper to anyone who can control it. Section 29. To Ora Lee Pendergrass, Carrie Mae leaves her intelligence. Section 30. Sally Alford leaves her curly hair to Christine Daniel. Section 31. Ruby leaves her feminine ways to her sister Betty Jo. Section 32. Alvin leaves in his "old" car, wondering if he will get home! Section 33. Bobby Ross leaves his salesmanship ability to any Junior who needs a watch the most. Section 34. Ray wills all of his many girls to some lucky Junior. Section 35. Robert leaves his love for football to Clyde lnscoe. Section 36. Clyde leaves his physique to Johnnie Vick. Section 37. Elaine leaves her slenderness to Rebecca Sanders. Section 38. Maxie leaves his history ability to Judy Adams. Section 39. Jo leaves her ability to cut hair to Mrs. Williams. Section 40. Patsy Glover leaves her ability to have appendicitis at exam time to Eunice Beal. Testators: PATSY GLOVER and JO TAYLOR Q54 Z' I -nu , v . 611155 Frvphccy Hello there everyone, welcome once again to "Radio City." This is your news reporter Winnie Winchel with your round-up of important happenings. First on the program tonight I should like to have you go with me to a premiere here on Broadway, The celebrated picture we have heard so much about, Dancing Toer. is being shown for the first time. The star of the picture is Tom Davis, better known in the movie world as Fred Kelley. We must hand it to the director and producer, Robert Pridgen and Gene Rackley, for such a successful picture. Let's stand among the crowd and see what celebrities we can meet. Here comes that famous Powell model, Nancy Evans and Powells own private secretary, Patsy Glover. Not far behind these two are the bobbysoxers' idols, Lewie Parrish and jimmy Matthews, soon to be seen in Slae Will am! She Wofft. Among these cheering bobby- soxers we see two young ladies, Shirley Vanhook and Ruby Daniel, who now have a thriving "Dress Shoppe." Let's get away from the shoving crowd and to another part of "Radio City." Tonight is opera night, so off to the "Met" We step up to buy our tickets from Jeannette Bowden, who also owns the "Coffee Shoppe" across the avenue. She tells us that a good friend, Bobby jones, runs it for her. We are taken to our seats by the usher, Bearl Vick. He tells us he hopes to go into the meat-packing business with Clyde Leonard soon. We are very pleased to be seated next to Mr. and Mrs. Smokey Lancaster, Mrs. Lancaster being the former Miss Jo Taylor of Nashville. Two rows behind who should we meet but Sally Blackwell and Faye Cooper. Sally is now a famous fashion designer for Paramount and Faye is her business manager. They tell us that Patsy Daniel has made quite a name for herself in Reno. She is a pediatrician. It seems we are all here for the same reason. Peggy Bone, a concert pianist, is to give a repeat performance. They say the "Met" is her second home. After a grand performance we will leave the "Met" and return to the studio for a while. The red light is blinking in Studio B. Gracious! None other than Barbara Bennett and jane Dickens. They are called "The Rosy Two." Arthur Godfrey should see these girls! We return to Studio A to find a report that just came in saying Henry Ford's business is dropping fast due to a new car called "Hiccup." It has just been released by the two proud owners, Tommy Breedlove and Ronald Sykes. They say it doesn't run on gas. Well? We are pleased to announce that coach of the year, Stuart LeCroy and manager Ray Joyner will be back with us after training this year. We are also glad to announce that Shirley Vandiford, one of our employees here, has just recently become America's new typing champion. Good girl to have around! We had a very welcome visitor with us tonight. Lee Roy jones just came in from Georgia where he auctioned off some mighty fine tobacco. We learn from him that Alvin Nelms and Maxie Davis own the warehouses from which he auctioned. The New York Times featured many interesting things in its society page today. Mrs. Freddie Leonard, formerly Miss Ellene Drake, gave a very festive luncheon in honor of three prospective "debs." They are, as you have probably guessed, Misses Agnes Bell, Barbara Taylor, and Barbara Lancaster. The floral arrangements were fixed by Mrs. Leonard's very good friend, Mrs. james Powell, formerly Miss Eloise Rice of Castalia. Let's leave "Radio City" for just a while and see whats happening in Nashville, North Carolina. Here we find Elaine Coggin and Carrie Mae Daniels running a very successful beauty shop. Yep, always knew those girls would come out at the head. As long as we are this far we will travel on to Wilson where we find Miss Adele Joyner, now Mrs. R. L. Edwards, with her days full caring for her two children. We hear from Sally Alford, our news reporter at Wilson, that Martha Womble, now Mrs. Farmer, is doing great work for charity at her home in Wilson. Let's leave Wilson now and return to our home here in "Radio City." In the literary category, a new magazine has attracted everyones attention. The Erquirette is edited by Dorothy Matthews. She always did like to make news and now she has her hands full! The art editor is none other than Betty Medlin using as her fashion model, Joyce Rackley. Joyce was also one of the State's "Who's Who In America" contest this year. We have as our Sports Editor, Miss Sylvia Womble, who at the present is covering the seasons basketball games at State where M. F. is making big news. We have been places and covered ground tonight, ladies and gentlemen. l hope you've enjoyed my visit into your homes. l'll be back tomorrow evening. Until then. so-long from your news reporter gal-Winnie Winchel. Prophetess SYLVIA LANGLEY 511155 flisfary Probably the most varied group of individuals that has ever come to Nashville School was the class that entered the first grade in 1942. This assemblage consisted of all types from those hardly weaned from their mothers' apron strings to those anxious to show their courage in a new adventure. Under the direction of Lucille Credle we learned to work and play together. The next few years passed rather uneventfully. Then came that long awaited day when we entered high school. Outgof the original sixty-four only twenty-four remained, but thirty-two new students, coming mostly from Castalia, Oak Level and Griffins, joined our group to make us fifty-four strong. The freshman year with its freshness, fears, and attainment of prospectus was quickly gone and likewise the Sophomore days which we passed as lords of domain. Then came the junior year. The first big event of this year was getting those class rings we had waited eleven years for. Remember how proud we were! Next was our play. Under the direction of Mrs. Anne P. Key we gave Stficlly Formal. It was a big success and we really felt that our efforts were justified. Finally came our biggest event-the junior-Senior banquet and dance. The class was very thrilled over the new lunchroom which pro- vided adequate accommodations for our banquet. We held our dance in the High School Gymnasium. In decorating, we carried out our theme "Evening In Paris." The scenery which depicted scenes in Paris was sketched by our class artists Sally Black- well and Ellene Leonard. Little did we realize when we came back to school in the fall of 1955 that this year would end those wonderful memories of dear "ole" N. H. S. Our Sponsors for this year were Mrs. Margaret Williams and Miss Mildred Smith. For our Senior Play we gave Mother If A Frefhman. Most of this year was spent raising funds for our annual which came out in the spring. Out of forty-five Seniors that graduated only twenty-two belonged to the original sixty-four that entered the first grade in 1942. And thus endeth the history of the class. judging from the past, the class has every reason to hope for a bright future. "We were Frerbmen green. flml Soplaomorer bold. Then !747Zi01'.f meek. Nou' Seniorr old. And in the enruing Yearr ynzfll ree. Faithful alumni Wfe will be." Historian PEGGY BONE USB Gsm? 33966 771 2 gg a,Qz6'w8 Q E C fn Sfief 3 D535 350171 Rot Essen? ll In-:ey Linus UAL QF 7751 fo- 'Jn ff"-nf' Versatility! That describes Peggy Bone. An apt student, an accomplished pianist, and a good secretary. She presides like a judge at Beta Club Meetings and serves as organist at the Baptist Church. Her dependability will be an asset when she enters Meredith College as a music maior. Never at a loss for words! This could be said of Sally Blackwell. She is very artistic and serves as Art Editor for the NAHISCOAN . A good student in Nashville High, Sally aspires for a career in Interior Decorating. W. C. is her choice of schools for prepara- tion. V!! Patsy Daniel may seem reserved to some people , but when you get to know her she's friendly and easy-going. Everybody will remember Patsy for saying "Does anybody have money for the annual today," and as a competent Beta Club officer. Her main interests center around children so she will fit in fine as a primary education maior at East Carolina next year. Jolly, fun-loving and likeable describes Faye Cooper. She is kept busy riding over hill and dale in her green Cadillac transacting Senior business. She has proved her dependability by getting ads for the NAHISCOAN and spending endless hours in the annual room. Faye's vi- vacious Personality and love for water fights will not easily be forgotten. As college days draw near, Faye is tingling with excitement, because she knows her future will be well rounded at W. C. 13 'is N-uf, C .G Patsy Glover is one of the most outstanding citizens of our town. She is very active in every phase of school activity and in her church . Patsy is a very good student and the life of every party, especially when she tells her iokes backwards. She is friendly, easy- going, capable and dependable. Even though she is leaving many friends and devoted ad- mirers, we know she will find both at Duke-- her choice of colleges for furthering her education. lt's Tom Davis to the teachers, but "Head" to the students. Tom is known throughout Nashville High for his sunny disposition and blond crew cut. Serving as Senior Class President, Tom is always on the run, busy as a bee--hither and yon. Whether strutting his stuff as Drum Major with the band or tapping his feet with sister Chee, Tom makes his name at Nashville High School. He plans to ioin many of his friends at Carolina next year with dramatics as his maior. f,f'i'.. Stuart LeCroy is a good all round fellow, ex- celling in sports of all kinds. Tar, as every- one calls him, has that certain something that makes the girls swoon. Come rain, come shine he arises each morning at dawn to de- liver his papers. A little late for school, perhaps, but he makes up for this by making it appear to Miss Ellis that he is interested in Chemistry whether he is or not. Stuart has chosen State to further his education. Reserved and dignified are characteristics of Barbara Lancaster. She will be missed for her competent work in the Beta Club, Student Council and library. To and from Castalia serving as chief marshal has been one of Barbara's activities. Next year Barbara plans to enter East Carolina College to become a high school history teacher and librarian. 1 I Q f . l Joyce Rackley is one of those petite brunettes who is quiet and reserved with a pleasant manner that appeals to everyone. Her flair of friendliness is radiated in the classroom, the dining hall and the cheerleader line. Joyce is a loyal Beta Club member who is always making out the Plan for theWeek will be missed but not forgotten. Gene Rackley will undoubtedly make a suc- cess of whatever he chooses for his life's work . that is, if he goes into it with the same energy and determination that have charac- terized him all through hishigh school career. Gene really understands the meaning of friendship and practices it as gentleman. He plans to further his education at State. 01215 6Lo?k0T"'0jzg3 nf gp 2.Sfv11v-'i Juni .4 NW E2 as TOMMY EVANS FRED AYERS President Vice-President 4-fm 71 f"""- MARY VALENTINE ELLEN CHAPPELL Secretory Treasurer 14. Cirffvv 9 -...J Ld Larry Dew Magdaline Driver Ava Gray Evans Tommy Evans Roland Harper Shelba Harper Shirley Harper Albert Harris Ruth Adams Fred Ayers Eunice Beal Ray Carpenter Ellen Chappell Phillip Chappell Doris Collins Arthur Daniel "ZF 2 xx 7 g Xe 5' mn., ' ' . h 7,6 ' E E gg X X . ' 'L Allan Hawkins Clyde lnscoe Jean Joyner Freddie Leonard J Geraldine Morris Tommy Nelms Ora Lee Pendergrass Katherine Pittman s. X V ff: , ,R :tr 'V 4 I 1' "-X' L A " gn' 1 A ' 1 X . 2 - N an it .aw .av-G'-7: sp? in A 'Q' , ,ge E .5 X, W.. Merilyn Price Louise Pridgen Joyce Privette Warner Rackley Jane Sessoms Barbara Strickla nd ""',3? 1'-at Robert Strickland Evelyn Tyson Mary Hobbs Valentine Jean Vick Johnnie Vick Billy Whitfield Lois Williams Jimmy Womble Madallne Dixon Ray Bowden Ruth Finch Joy Joyner xx ,L .- T' 'g":"'i af' PQ B "'1t"fl.l" 'KYPHGA Q Mayson Freeman Billy Glover Lowell Harris Jean Henry Peggy Jones Bobby Joyner Donald Joyner Doris Joyner Ethel Joyner J. W. Kennedy Bill King Evelyn Langley r Svplzvmores Susan Abernethy Carolyn Boker Carolyn Batchelor Ola Mae Boulclen Joseph Brown Beniamin Carr Glendolyn Cooper Chee Chee Davis Betsy Denton Jimmy Dozier Frances Evans Lester Finch BQ is 45 '- " 4x fs? 6. AA , A ,gl F, s A5 'wig 2' Q5 ,J y, gk Lois Langley Nancy Matthews Alice Jane McGregor Sylvia McLin Jimmy Medlin Herbert Nelms Helen Parker Wilbur Pendleton J. C. Pernell Ronald Rackley Jerrdin Sherrod Shirley Shearin 1 , .Z.,,,, I! ,P , fi' nk' . 'WN ' 1- L 63 Hanna- f' if :at J,-4 1? 2, . ry- f Q1 fi 1 ,m 1 .. fi 3 'N I .--11 2' I . Te f 9 4 M' .- it -V ii 'K Q he Al Z 5 'JSP .bg 5 S 15 A A -sq ' l , Q A X 'l All: S f if f V wt -E r-f Q-PM J Soplzvmares 'BT' f Qs' . wo, - I ,f 'H-u.r ""'5-ww l Jimmy Smith Kay Smith Barbara Strickland Gretchen Strum Gene Thompson Patricia Turner LaRonia Tyson Judy Vandiford Jane Vanhook Erline Vick Patricia Vick Wally Vick W. l,. u S - . HA: Li . 'G Q .fc 1-QE '4 I I. if ' r 'A .-'U -'fa af. Y .4 :W4 --1 ,gf-M , .iff as me ii 35 3. .4. 5:9 5 fa ,I ia 3 'U 5 .1 r, 1 l . A .ng 'E' E 1 SMG' WN- - ...Y Not Pictured: Arthur Bunting Alton Carpenter Ravin Carpenter Bobby Perkinson Rudolph Stroud Cecil Winstead Mary Frances Smith Judy Adams Norris Fisher Bobby Langley Lucille Rose Bruce Walker Shirley Wester Patsy Winstead Lois Wood i' X NN w-...,x M , in hh... ...ia .au T007 N ll 'C' tus' "Ne-er fi Wcshmen Faye Bass Tech Bass Janice Bone Jean Boulden Joyce Bowden Jerry Brandley Gwen Chappell Jackie Chappell Grady Coclcrell Bernard Collie R. E. Collier Bobby Collins Neverson Cooper William Corbett Betty Jo Daniel Christine Daniel Edna Davis Sylvia Delbridge lda Dickens John Evans Margie Farrar Anne Ferrell Larry Fisher Gene Frazier aah 2? inrfjd-.., 'saw flag N-naw.- 1, am -rw A? z '-A 4 -...rm - M,,.,WWr,, r'f?" '::w Q' If QW? Qreshmcn Judy Freeman Wade Garrett Raymond Godwin Shirley Gurganus Carlton Harper Mary House Shirley Jeans Diane Johnston Garland Joyner Joyce King Charles Langley Vivian Langley Barbara Leonard Plummer Leonard J. C. Manning Jean Massengill Barbara Matthews Phillip Matthews Mickey May Carl McGregor Ann Morris Barbara Moss Max Medlin Betty Jean Nelms Qrvshmeu Mary Helen Nelms Charles O'Neil Roger Parker Bill Pernell Mary Ruth Radford Roland Radford Virginia Riggin Reb ecca Sanders Aileen Smith Pete Strickland Virginia Sfrum Lois Tharringfon Phillip Thompson Janet Tyson Fay Vanhook Jackie Vanhook Christine Vick Myrna Vick Bill Wells Irene Williams Jo Ann Williams Barbara Winstead Shirley Wood Chnirflwuiii """"-- - V , l 5 r V fi .. , r -'sc 1 in Mi s, ,gg ,,f, .gzyhfh Grade First row, left to right: Mrs. Waters, Pete Batchelor, Peggy Edwards, Hilda Wall, Phyllis Carpen- ter, Carolyn Dickens, Fay Jeans, Milton Whitehead. Second row: Mrs. Corbett, Peggy Breedlove, Ann Tharrington, Gwendolyn Cooper, Catherine Strickland, Jean Cooper, Dorothy Bass, Sandra Carter, Joyce Wood, Jane Carr, Trudy Wood, Mary Ruth Vester, Wayne Nelma, Ted Cooper, William Denton, Kendall Rackley, Billy Evans. Third row: Tempie Burgess, Betty Viverette, Rosemond Procter, Marie Joyner, Pat Walston, Patsy Beal, Frank Denton, Elmer Lee Barnes, Bennie Ward Hicks, Warren Evans, Morris Oee Gupton, Jim House, Benny Robinson, Herbert Freeman, Alex Coggins. " H 1 x Fl?-if:-:'wf?ligfgw.g7Wg311a5'6 3 H ':f'1': ': 177' 1, L 4, S 'v T- rp fm' 7 Sezffnfh Grade First row, left to right: Mrs. Waters, John Chamblee, Robert Bullock, Faye Jones, Hilen Ayers, Martha Moss, Marie Carr, Charlotte Harper, Lynda Tyson, Joyce Fisher, Brenda Robbins, Nancy Sustare, Patsy Alsup, C. R. Strickland, Carol Sullivan, Charles Bell, Bobby Ferrell, Eunice Neely, Hattie Dickens, Mrs. Strickland. Second row: Jimmy Matthews, Alan Burgess, Patricia Boone, Mavis Carpenter, Faye Corbert, Patricia Wheeless, Alice Joyner, Nancy Carter, Vernon Leonard, Louis Pentleton, Joy Vick, Ray Stancil, Thomas Williams, Butch Huckabee, Ray Stallings, Tommy Batchelor. Third row: Fred Hendricks, Steve Keen, Howard Flowers, Herbert Hedgepeth, Dan Joyner, Mary Joyce Taylor, Mary Womble, Chris Taylor, Buelah Denton, Ed Chappell, Jerry Chappell, Ruby Bowden, Maiorie Driver, Earlon Jeffries, John Gupton, Jimmy Winstead. 1 M 7 i l 1 f. ' 4' i far. -, ' wr - g s I R ,nxt F l QV, 3 Q , V A . we . wk W ,Q " 1 'X' 'Ui rf fi if P NJ 2 lf? been zz lang, lang mad l . Joyce Rackley . Faye Cooper 2. Shirley Vandiford lO. Eloise Powell 3. Ellene Leonard ll . Jo Taylor 4. Ronald Sykes 12. Adele Joyner 5 . Nancy Evans I3 . Shirley Vanhook 6. Betty Medlin 14. Patsy Daniel 7. Sylvia Womble l5. Sally Blackwell 8. Ruby Daniel l6. Patsy Glover Y? V- - -V-Y' Fffgir wjf.f.'H"1"FQ7L Qt ! S S ' .ivigzl sat' K V I I 4 B ..Q., l L f ., , gran., , x f A Barbara Lancaster Tom Davis Jane Dickens Dorothy Matthews Martha Womble Barbara Taylor JIEiI2Efi'l.EQ'3':E'v'fv.f.1?,5?x:.b.f11:152+e'.i .5535 liffifxil NX ,-'X ' x x Imxxx, ff ' x X AW' fr" , f v-xx .N e xe- ' 9-"1 an ph f3c.' een A - i '. 1 l , ft" a :QT-"""""? 1- 1 5- .- '- bi -1 4?- ' s ---ii I .1 -3? 7 L ,f f PATSY GLOVER JO TAYLOR Co-Editor Co-Editor it ' 1 S x,:v , " Ti ' ' -4 , f ' ' . V5 ' !Wil,'fu"2"fm lg 4 , f , . 1 I f "" ',,,1V. ,gi ' L 2 ,T A "'L 1f,L V,,, , ' , vV-Vf Q of 5 - 2 '-"- 2 -' PATSY DANIEL SYLVIA WOMBLE STUART LeCROY Business Manager Sports Editor Sports Editor Seated, left to right: Faye Cooper, Patsy Glover, Jo Taylor, Sally Blackwell. Standing: Miss Mildred Smith, Advisor, Sylvia Langley, Sylvia Womble, Dorothy Matthews, Sturat LeCroy, Ellene Leonard, Patsy Daniel. dal? at -do ,few SALLY BLACKWELL Art Editor 'W FAYE COOPER Advertising Manager 635, 'A DOROTHY MATTHEWS PEGGY BONE SYLVIA LAN GLEY Circulation Manager Historian Prophet in Z1 :nr T Ti l l l Seated, left to right: Eunice Beal, Joyce Rackley, Diane Johnston, Sylvia McLin. Standing: Mrs. Margaret Williams, Advisor, Jimmy Womble. l library Stag Left to right: Judy Vandiford, Barbara Taylor, Sylvia Langley, Dorothy Matthews, Louise Pridgen, Standing, Mrs. Margaret Williams, Advisor, Faye Cooper, Patsy Daniel, Adele Joyner, Sylvia Womble, Barbara Lancaster, Betty Medlin. l2"6 Student Kcfumil Seated, left to right: Phillip Chappell, Vice-President, Barbara Lancaster, President, Sylvia Mc Lin , Secretary-Treasurer . First row: Alice Jane McGregor, Aileen Smith, Adele Joyner, Ellen Chappell, Ruth Adams, Shirley Vandiford, Faye Cooper, Patsy Glover. Second row: Lee Roy Jones, Jo Taylor, Mary Hobbs Valentine, Sylvia Womble, Joyce Rackley, Bobby Collins. Third row: Tommy Nelms, Warner Rackley, Bruce Walker, Miss Ellis, Sponsor. Barbara Lancaster President Kata glllb First row, left to right: Magclaline Driver, Geraldine Morris, Sally Blackwell, Barbara Lancaster, Secre- tary, Patsy Daniel, Vice-President, Peggy Bone, President, Patsy Glover, Treasurer, Eunice Beal, Ellene Leonard, Jean Vick. Second row: Mrs. Futrell, Sponsor, Betty Medlin, Nancy Evans, Jo Taylor, Barbara Taylor, Faye Cooper, Joyce Rackley. Third row: Jane Sessoms, Bearl Vick, Tom Davis, Stuart LeCroy, Gene Rackley, Albert Harris, Shirley Vandiford. Peggy Bone President 63 if 3-:s 5166 Klub First row, left to right: Jackie Vanhook, Chee Davis, Faye Cooper, Barbara Taylor, Sylvia McLin, Diane Johnston, Alice Jane McGregor, Jean Massengill, Ava Gray Evans, Barbara Bennett, Adele Joyner, Susan Abernethey, Sylvia Langley, Mary Nelms, Barbara Matthews. Seated: John Evans . Second row: Mayson Freeman, Ruth Adams, Judy Adams, Jean Joyner, Ellen Chappell, Joyce Bowden, Agnes Bell, Eloise Powell, Margie Farrar, Frances Evans, Ruby Daniel, Mary Smith, Jane Dickens, Kay Smith, Gwen Chappell, Miss Montgomery, Director. Third row: Nancy Matthews, Aileen Smith, Lois Tharrington, Judy Vandiford, Barbara Strickland, Mary Hobbs Valentine, Louise Pridgen, Ola Mae Boulden, Barbara Lancaster, Patsy Winstead, Joyce King, Faye Vanhoolc, Virginia Strum, Judy Freeman, Vivian Langley, Christine Daniel, Mary House. ...L --.T 15,6144 First row, left to right: Wayne Joyner, Gloria Cooper, David Griffin, Aaron Griffin, Billy Evans, David lnscoe, Ray Batchelor, Larry Hinton. Second row: Gus Griffin, Mike Evans, Ray Stallings, Ray Stancil, Ted Cooper, Patsy Alsup, Joe Vick, Vickie Jones. Third row: Kendall Rackley, Barbara Breedlove, Jimmy Baker, Alec Coggins, William Corbett, Kay Smith, Bernard Collier, Tillie Strickland, Tommy Batchelor. Fourth row: Frances Evans, Fred Hendricks, John Evans, Carl McGregor, Patsy Beal, Benny Robin- son, Jim House, Pat Walston. Fifth row: Bobby Collins, R. E. Collier, Garland Joyner, Tommy Nelms, Bobby Joyner, Phillip Chappell, J. C. Pernell, Tommy Davis. Jlftujvrcffes Top, left to right: Diane Johnston, Susan Abernethy, Chee Davis, Judy Adams, Sylvia McLin. Bottom: Ann Beal. MISS JEANNE MONTGOMERY Band Director 'sw Kiwi - c5A""'Y"h-..J- N s X , 1 X-xiao-to J if ,, , sq: TOM DAVIS Drum Major l Ji . T SEATED, left to right: Alice Jane McGregor, Song Leader, Barbara Strickland, Parliamentarian, Elle F1 Chappell, Vice-President, Sally Blackwell, President, Miss Cockrell, Sponsor, Jane Sessoms, Secretary, Sylvia Womble, Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Virginia Strum, Barbara Taylor, Faye Cooper, Barbara Lan caster, Mary Nelms, Anne Ferrell, Barbara Matthews, Judy Freeman. SECOND ROW: Agnes Bell Dorothy Matthews, Anne Morris, Rebecca Sanders, Lois Tharrington, Mary House, Carrie Mae Daniel Louise Pridgen, Gwen Chappell, Mary Smith, Jean Joyner, Faye Vanhook, Betty Nelms, Edna Davis I I I Janet Tyson. THIRD ROW: Jackie Vanhook, Martha Womble, Aileen Smith, Barbara Moss, Joyce King, Shirley Wood, Jean Massengill, Patricia Turner, Irene Williams, Margie Farrar, Ava Gray Evans, Jan Dickens, Diane Johnston, Vivian Langley, Jo Ann Williams, Christine Daniel. K1 X Sally Blackwell President Q'fQ:'j1 1 Riu, 6 FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Willey, Advisor, Tommy Breedlove, President, Frank Lucas, Vice-President, Gene Rackley, Secretary, Robert Pridgen, Treasurer, Bearl Vick, Reporter, Bobby Ross Jones, Sentinel. SECOND ROW: Jackie Joyner, Ronald Rackley, Eugene Whitley, Raymond Godwin, Pete Strickland, Maxie Davis, Plummer Leonard, Jimmy Dozier, Ronald Sykes, Rudolph Stroud, Jean Paul Frazier, Wilbur Pendleton, Alton Carpenter, Carl McGregor, Robert Strickland, Larry Fisher, Carlton Harper, Wally Vick, Neverson Cooper. THIRD ROW: Max Medlin, Roger Parker, J. W. Kennedy, Jesse House, Grady Cockrell, Herbert Nelms, Mickey May, Donald Joyner, Jimmy Medlin, Larry Dew, Arthur Daniel, Ro- land Radford, Lewis Parrish, Marvin Braswell, H. J. Pendergrass, Benjamin Carr, Ravin Carpenter, Joseph Brown, Clyde Leonard. ,M President Tommy Breedlove I . , ' ' f , 4-H FIRST ROW, left to right: Patsy Winstead, Vivian Langley, Secretary, Ellen Chappell, President, Allan Hawkins, Vice-President, Mary Hobbs Valentine, Bruce Walker. SECOND ROW: Ruth Adams, Jackie Chappell, Judy Freeman, Joyce King, Sylvia McLin, Louise Pridgen, Barbara Strickland, Diane Johnston, Margie Farrar, Joyce Bowden, Virginia Strum, Mary Helen Nelms, Barbara Matthews. THIRD ROW: Bobby Joyner, Jean Joyner, Jane Vanhook, Lois Tharrington, Gwen Chappell, Sylvia Delbridge, Betty Jo Daniel, Jimmy Smith, Rudolph Stroud, Billy Glover, Jean Massengill, Christine Vick, Susan Abernethy, Billy Whitfield. 157115 Drivers FIRST ROW, left to right: Bobby Jones, Jane Dickens, Carrie Mae Daniel, Billy Whitfield, Frank Lucas. SECOND ROW: Roland, Harper, Fred Ayres, Warner Rackley, Clyde Leonard, Marvin Braswell. o I n -- in' " x an .1 -1 vnr-:u'-n- n i--- nm-1:15a---A -- A A Y -' Y- , -if?-iw f- -1111--gg gifs? v-1 C h Barnes WR' 5 Coach Wolters '.--1 -s. sh' 1 . , , 2 NI-A ,4,my,r A, "- f . . . W ' '3 1 '-, 9 7 e ' 'E .57 ' 3 .L M 9 WY f , , sf .yqjf A . y -x A A I - i:..i1,....,'c s i HQ, iz , ,sv --- 4 ",f -' vi 37 . ..... -s. 113,-, I 5 X gyms , -5 'J . N 4, A K - 1. ' . K or KQV: ,. WA ms 'P .. A " -- fi. Q' -5:4 s Thi M' ' 'V A 5.4 .f ,: 1- , xr- f' 'rf- A. . .W fc s " ' t df "V , yi " Af f- r f s- N i' 'dis' f- , '-' .f - '49 3590- 'mg 5 Q Q55 ' " - ',f 'i 'fy f f- - 2--gy:-,,,L2fifc..,,: X r . v ? 'fi? fi,r5gQ?.3Q:,s5'l'g- , ' .. 7 - . 'E' I'Tif'5,M52,1'i-',ff'."i',,-6'?-MEETSt"9f1i'-'z-"'f3:" ,, - 5, L A ,a f f It . 1 --s',5WfwfffV-- . wif 1 ,ggi-gg'2?:,:,52,' f V N A-Q: "' Q, nz Arg, 35, -.1 1T5:v""lwf71'1" fr: Sitka?" fs-f A +V "5 , f ff?" gvs'n.w:w .V ,T " '.1g:,pf'+f., - A safer-' ,,,f'f-Q. fig pw " ', ' - fs, ,, ff m WT 'iii-in I 5, . Mk .ff-454345 " QW' ,. " 'fQ'1:,1-:2"tw" '-A' 'S 1452 if ' i' fin X 'a5'ff? ia5l1953'L71'!7t?,:'72 I " 'Q -, J Tff fiw 'P kv , ' 34-f ' . ' - Q' I ' L4 ,sm " 'f'3iW31z:l:. like 'P l P, l - 'fi:'Jf'j, " fmf vf? ' J vvvif ' - 113995 VR 1 - .b QW 'H ja. f-" ' ,. 3'-gf R ,,, A 4.1 ,,:f,f,..g fi' 2-'N-11-, Q5 4 ,,. wl,.-S ' - r H- -, ,. 3- ,sf 1 sgf- , f 1 ., x ' 'ft W lf if wwf S MMT" 'st ' ,W f x ,,'-Ivfrfstwvw A ,k ..,,. ,g. 5 ,,,,4g,. a aicbigfifgffg ,,j5s,:.1,L5:l:fi!Qi 3,37 Qbijigm . ,- .5 f, T:- .Ju-,-.1 bfi- ,I - , bi ,Q ,V L, wg -4 , Y ,ilu if L N7 ,aff I A,-Z C, L ,, 1. -, A tarhng Llne-up gi y,"" .,'-431 s P 'Q A Jgof-gg, , , 4-mf, Phillip Chappell Co-Captain First row, left to right: Ronald Sykes, Robert Pridgen, Tommy Chappell. Second row: Stuart LeCroy, Manager, Garland Joyner, Phillip Matthews, Jerrdin Sherrod. Third row: Mickey May, Maxie Davis, Horace Parker. - 3 , s .B 1 I ri ,X W Y 'Y ,, ' - , 5,,,ffs, ,vs-.www -nw ' wma W, lk A 4,2 WLQW A ,L , ,Q V ' ,r . if M, ...f -1- ., . - ,t fi ,' Xb w, ?,,1' 7 V 4 ' su 1 -1 - Q., ' y -f ,.,, . . ,,,.. wif, t ,VJ ,, Q f ,, - if .K " , , - 'M , ' ts. . -7,5 ' "RQ 'i f 1 ill' f ' .- .Vw ,f . Y ,fu -1 , 'ii-4'--41 .ui XL ' - - ,gffi 4 1 ,3-rif?"? Victory is our goal f ,xy fem 1.4-'Z' 1 N ' ,gg-Ya-. 1 . , . ,M ,s f- , f rfm.,sffG59g ,- JW' A.. my X. ,, 1 nu, 7 Fai kg., 'Q ff F LW, "Y , if My ff'-"'f?t v- V 51,5-V. J -Lg -. . 43315. C , ,A ..,-.. f . , ' ,'iJxwf'f,3',.,1qIi"l'L f- .Q, X, ' wif C' af!! - , s- ge i LJ :lr .lag I ifflggnv . .f. ..-.: -- W .ff r- .V - 1 ff -, 1'7?Vt',1"' 'fu 1 7 .2 2 Mg? sn' . 1 Tommy Chappell Co-Captain 'W ' 1 t l f . ag, W. , w"" First row, left to right: Phillip Chappell, Jimmy Dozier, Tommy Nelms. Second row: Jimmy Womble, Ray Joyner, Tommy Evans, Mr. Barnes, Coach. Third row: Arthur Daniel, Donald Raynor. Girls' Kaskvfball First row, left to right: Ellen Chappell, Adele Joyner, Dorothy Matthews, Sylvia Womble, Martha Womble, Doris Collins. Second row: Peggy Jones, Geraldine Morris, Patricia Turner, Patsy Winsteacl, Ola Mae Boulden. Third row: Miss Ellis, Diane Johnston, lrene Williams, Christine Daniel, Shirley Gurganus, Mr. C. C. Walters, Coach, Alice Jane McGregor. Ll SYLVIA WOMBLE la DOROTHY MATTHEWS Co-Captain Co-Captain DORIS COLLINS ADELE JOYNER i ELLEN CHAPPELL MARTHA WOMBLE Bays' Kaskefba!! First row, left to right: Tommy Chappell, Stuart LeCroy, Norris Fisher, Phillip Chappell, Ray Joyner. Second row: Jimmy Womble, Phillip Matthews, Jimmy Smith, Arthur Daniel, Garland Joyner. Third row: Gene Rackley, Horace Parker, Manager, Jerry Brantley, Clyde Inscoe, J. W. Kennedy, Bobby Collins, Ronald Rockley, Mr. Barnes, Coach. l l Staffing C U M PHILLIP CHAPPELL STUART LeCROY Co-Captain Co-Captain - www' sw w v v v 1, WW WWQQE QQ' ,v 2529235 21 if gf .sf Zn' TOMMY CHAPPELL RAY JQYNER -ai----------.....-L.z..::1 .24--.K -Y-N . HY.---LZ, ,W , . ........,.,.- g.......-.,- M.- , . , g x a. ,. -N.,..,..... ,,.,.,.,.,.M, ,,.i,h.w-.d- 1 , 7 tl 1 V Haseball First row, left to right: Ray Carpenter, Jimmy Smith, Phillip Chappell, Jimmy Womble, Tommy Evans, Wilbur Pendleton. Second row: Horace Parker, Manager, Bobby Perkinson, Arthur Daniel, Phillip Matthews, Ronald Sykes, Stuart LeCroy, Tommy Chappell, Coach Barnes. Third row: J. W. Kennedy, Jimmy Dozier, Mickey May, Joseph Brown, Bruce Walker, Bobby Collins. Zheerlmders Clockwise: Eunice Beal, Barbara Strickland, Barbara Taylor, Joyce Rackley, Mary Hobbs Valentine, Chief Vivian Langley, Sylvia Langley, Center: Donna Barnes. E, 'O an ' .ti 1 fr YN? ' EQ: .13 -L.. 1 l 1 if but aw' .2 , V ,rw ,. 1 1 ' fh- 1 .dual 1 1 1 1 . Scared Stiff 2. Clown Joyner 3 . Editors at work 4. How did you get in here? 5. Daughter disagrees 6. Eat, Drink, and be Merry--It's Intermission! 7. Nothing to do 8. You, You, You 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Morehead, here we are! ! ! And the next time ---- Big Chief Working or playing? Tom can paint? Where ore the girls? The play must go on Almost finished. J , ' 12-- v x Ca o 1 S q 6215- ff? I QI-:aah - Wpfl Sl-PP5 fS ie' I2 ah' 2gQZS,l7Z-Ll: 0716 ' For The Finest In Foods VISIT OUR MODERN GRILL 'K' Short Orders - Curb Service Y Sandwiches i' Full Course Meals For Your Grocery Needs at Economical Prices VISIT OUR GROCERY DEPARTMENT CITIES SERVICE OIL PRODUCTS Strick's Grill 84 Grocery CTRL our Cy ,. .,,.-'C -V -r- . 1- ,ff ,xv . MIOIEPENDABLE DR ueeisr NASHVILLE DRUG COMPANY Prescription Druggists TOILET ARTICLES and SUNDRIES "The Friendly Corner" TELEPHONES 240-I and 436-6 NASHVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA , , 9 ?92l-NP SAAALI. WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT Peoples Bank ond Trust Company MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION "The Bank of Friendliness" F. B. COOPER, JR., Cashier W. W. GRIFFIN, Assislanl' Cashier Nashville, Norlh Carolina I C 1 COMMUNITY BUILDERS NASHVILLE BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY IINCORPORATEDI Building Maferial of All Kinds TOBACCO FLUES and COAL Phone 245-I Nashville, N. C. QQEEIQZE SALES SERVICE N CEE CJ C9l'l4l T' 5 X ' S ,Q , 5 J. M. WARREN , 1 L MARKET John Susl-are GROCERIES-FEEDS r Nashville, N. C. PHONE 3I7-I PHONE 391-1 NASHVILLE, N. C. Your: HEALTH 122. 0168 EIUSINESS Ward DRUG CO. NASHVILLE, N. C. DRUGS A Good Drug Sfore in a Good Town 3 Em 7'aauZ!ee El Wana! at Joyner's Gulf Service GULF TIRES, BATTERIES, and ACCESSORIES WASHING and GREASING Phone 924-b Nashville, N. C. fm! Quad 70nd ,I S JOYNER s NASHVILLE N C J X I C A ' DRIVE-IN gb Curb Service IQ I u S I emembel' Nashville Seed Store SEED-FEED-HARDWARE BABY CHICKS Phone 4I I-I Nashville, N. C. PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD L. R. Bass 6 Bros. DRY GOODS-NOTIONS SUNDIAL SHOES MAYTAG APPLIANCES "A Trial is All We Ask" DIAL 242-6 NASHVILLE, N. C. W. R. Deans DESOTO-PLYMOUTH-GMC GOODYEAR--HOTPOINT "Our Pleasure is Io Serve" PHONES 447I and 296I NASHVILLE. Pea! Em Valued mx xx . ,rs i COMPLIMENTS OF p1iASll . The Nashville Graphic 'I One of Nor+h Carolina's Prize-Winning Weelrly Newspapers "A Good Place +o Shop" 52-50 PER YEAR NASHVILLE, N. C. S Q5 GULLEY'S Nashville Furniture Co. "Complel'e Home Furnishings" I BOTTLED GAS 1-1P- fiiz' 111 12a1z:agE,,,5,,,,,,,,f APPLIANCES Phone 289l NASHVILLE, N. c. fr I ,off , .. O Q s - 0.31854 Il Tell Everyone aboul QI-'alllY Cleaning ' Van B. Mal-Ihews Acme Cleaners - INSURANCE AGENCY AND I I GENERAL INSURANCE Shoe Shop 'ixififtizsl Phone 422' "NASHVlLLE'S FINEST" Nashville- N- C' Dial 287-I Nashville, N FINE PIANOS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS RADIOS-RECORDS 1 . K1 . ln Fine Jewelry JEWEL BOX "YOUR FRIENDLY CREDIT JEwELER" Fine Qualify Iza S. Main S+. ........-- Roclcy Mounf, N. C. IIREIDISII WHENEVER YOU THINK OE MUSIC WW gay. . . TO GREATER VALUES "For Sure Insurance See" J. A. LEONARD 81 CO., Inc. INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Telephone 278-l Nashville, N. C. WHEELESS CHEVROLET NASHVILLE FLORIST COMPANY Nashville, North Carolina SALES AFD SERVICE "Say it in a special way , - 99 . I ' X l W i with flowers 1 X fix Phone 249-I Phone: Day 464-1 Night 342-1 X il' Nashville N . North Carolina v WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Wizard Appliances - Davis Tires . Vita Power Oil - Truetone Radios 'ii T l . V S' ,if Home Owned By sh, 'X H. Karl Bason P, LJ! I A if '- Phone 3807 Nashville, N. C. 4 if 2 5 X in Batcheloris Department BAKER OIL COMPANY Store CONGRATULATIONS To THE Distributor for Atlantic Products SENIORS OF 1954 Nashville, N. C. Nashvme N C Day Phone 346-1 Night 205-6 L he J. S. PARRISH as tons Groceries, Hardware Novelties Nashville's Exclusive Shop , Phone 2127 Castalia, N. C. for W omen DEALER ABERNETHYS ESSO SERVICE Esso Products - Atlas Tires Batteries - Accessories Phone 922-6 Nashville, N. C. I , RALEY BUICK COMPANY For Finest Values See Us Nashville, N. C. ER A N .I 1 f 51 ' A SHOP AND SAVE AT l X f C ff , I " L' , C- Q . ' ff X Nj 7 JONESMAY CQMPANY AEI HARDEE S SERVICE J. c. Beal J. G. Vick ' AND GARAGE "We Sell to Sell Again" GENERAL MERCHANDISE Nashville, N' C. Phone 316-1 Nashville, N. C TAYLOR GRN GOMIPANY Hardware and Building Supplies Cotton Seed and Colton Seed Product COMPLETE WITH CONTINENTAL LINT CLEANERS Telephone 211-9 Nashville, N. C., Route No. 1 ' 5 1 W , . eu, l I f l Snow Hill Service Station MATTHEWS GROCERY E GAS - GROCERIES - on 1 Q We Buy Corn Telephone 496-3. Nashville, N. C. MEAT5 AND VEGETABLES Route No. 3 Nashville, N. C. En Bouldenis Service Store A, LANCASTER 'ir A - RODUCTS- , U K fi Gr0Ceig!ClJAIl5r5ware - Supplies Paints - Feeds - Fertilizers A . i . ESSO Products U U ,Box 536 Costaha' N' C' General Merchandise im A Lancaster X Roads f 41..i,Z:g.3, Castalia, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF CASTALIA GIN 8. S. D. FERTILIZER i REPRESENTATIVE or MIS. G. THylOI',S SlfOl'C MOUNT OLIVE PICKLE co. GENERAL MERCHANTS Anlu ""f ' Nashville, N. C., Route No. l Q E E BELCHE Phone 2ll'7 Phone 2121 c f I N c Nashville Grocery Co. l AND Nashville it SAVE AT - North Carolina A. W. MANNING FERRELIJS 81 lVlULl.EN,S SERVICE STATION BARBER SHOP f , g 1 L. Gas - Oil - Rempping ff , is 0 We Appreciate Your Trade Tires and Tubes :Tor Better Service, Castalia, N. C. f ff lf- :-"?"" f Phone 314-6 Q? if Z Nashville, N. C. 1 X f X Q , x ?f BASS, GARAGE General Repairs Autos, Trucks and Tractors Electric and Acetylene THE DANIEL COMPANY Justus Daniel F arm Machinery - Appliances Furniture Highway 301 Welding Phone 6410-2 Rocky Mom, N. c. Phone 214-4 Route No. 3 Nashville, N. C. I Compliments of Aur el, RE PA' R5 5 DRAKE'S BARBER SHOP X ia' lx Castalia, N. C. afraid sl! 56" 4 I BEST OF LUCK! SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE 225 S. Church Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina JAMES M. FOX JEWELER 126 S. Main Street Mount, North Carolina Rocky JOHNSON COTTON CO. "Your John Deere DeaIer" Rocky Mount, N. C. ."it'f'-Q-1 K, Latest in Fashions UL DANIEIJS, Inc. r' Aiea. lxjx 1 1 7' IR l it Will. - A ' N The Shopping Center for 1 y Women and Junior Misses . Xi XM . k 108 S. Main Street Qffgfi, Rocky Mount, N. C. Sew and Save with material from YOUTH SHOP THE REMNANT SHOP y 211 S. Main St. M'll E d W kl if ,fig Rocky Mount, N. C. I n S ee y 1, X ,' Specializing in Clothing Englewood 1.755 A ' 1 for Infants, Boys, Girls, Dm' 27877 R K X . Sub-Teens and Junior Misses Rocky Mount' N' C' ' .- N.-g f 1-1 -.21 - 1 -0- Daavis ille Armed Marble Co. 2813 S. Church St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Phone 2-4155 or 2-3126 "THE PLACE TO GO" "For Brands You Know" SAY .,.. yE5! Rocky Moum, N. c. FOR THE BEST ! ! ! an ZF ,f V W 1 . Q FORD TRACTORS U Nash County Equlpment Co. Phone 480-6 Nashville, N. C. Twin County Motor Co. A h ' d L' l -M Ut me Delixllceci n ercury lVlAElS BEAUTY SALON Home of Cleaner Used Cars and 3444 W h' St. Rocky iRZ.JI.'f'g'i.'T C. GIFT SHQP 6 'J Novelties and Gifts of All 3 v s Englewood Varieties Including Bride's China, Crystal, and Silver 35 '2""' Phone 2-2092 Rocky Mount, N. C. I Gus Z. Lancaster STOCK YARDS 1 AND 2 Sale Each Tuesday-Phone 2-3124 Sale Each Friday-Phone 6-6101 Eastern and Piedmont CaroIina's Leading Cattle and Hog Auction Rocky Mount, N. C. ln ,fm I ' ri VJ A x k XV x Q ' X -1,2 X JOE LANCASTER - Owners - JIMMIE WOOTEN TELEVISION CENTER G.E. - R.C.A. - ZENITH TELEVISION Sales - Service Rocky Mount, N. C. - -1.11 I LC C--GC 114 S. WASHINGTON ST. PHONE 6-7777 SHOP AND SAVE AT S WORSLEY-BROOKS, INC f MEN's CLOTHING 8. FURNISHINGS ' 127 S. Main St. J T I Rocky Mount, N. C. -'V it-. BETTER VALUES Gt . ' X lill- Buntlng Hardy 61 IVIIHQCS V x Bates Shoes - Hobbs Hats Wing Shirts - Timely Clothes Exclusive-But Not Expensive Rocky Mount, N. C. DECORATIVE FABRICS INTERIOR DECORATORS Mary A. Proctor Lelia D. Steadman Phone 6-5920 701 N. Church St. , Rocky Mount N C Holbrook Motor Co. FV plqmoun, T-.-I... -.un IIIIII 607 S. Church St. Rocky Mount, itat? WIP" , , my J DODGE fad-P4184 TRUCKS Phone 2-6173 N. C. Complimenis of Gehmqrfg X: Buck Overton's JEWELERS mf BARBECUE PLACE fgx fi I39 SOUTH MAIN STREET CU 25:2 ROCKY MOUNT, N. C Szgedute Coca-Cola Bottlin Company ROCKY MOUNT NASHVILLE, N. C. ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. SOUTHERN CONCRETE GOOTDUYZFOOD AT Qfglgyyb - The Dair SALES, INC. m f E EW! Y , y BAR , DURA-LITE BLOCKS Z1. J cm smvlce Phone 6-8191 Rocky Mount, N. C. Rocky Mount N' C' . JL SUPPLlES 5 Z: Q - - I TW NOTEBOOK YR WT' N - -it A giarzga qw: Ill X hf O ' N Q j S H ress 5 Co Mumm-Griffin 6' Co. . . ' lncorporafed 5-I0 and 25 CENT STORES FRUITS and PRODUCE R k M +, N. C. oc Y oun Rocky Mounf, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF Nashville Beauty Shop Q 2. .def ev I ,jlk Phone 230-I Nashville, N. C. X COMPLIMENTS OF 1Barm-i1nger's Studio OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS THE NAHISCOAN Rocky Mount, North Carolina CONGRATULATIONS ! I ! S6 COMPLIMENTS OF CLASS OF '54 ALLEN BARBEE District Representative BIGGEST VALUES ! HERFF-JONES CO. LOWEST PRICES ! Class Rings Commencement Announcements Serving Eastvrn Carolina" Medals and Trophies Cops ond Gowns Band Uniforms Bc-:IIQT lets Robe A B E Home of Beller Values . 1 N. Mclln Sf. Phone 2-1535 81 Inc HEILIG-MEYERS CO. Complete Home Furnishings WHOLESALE Rugs - Ranges - Radios AUTO PARTS Th h y p C' 9 f Y Y R ky M N c R ky M N c Compliments of Farmers Warehouse ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. If you don't know FURS D know your FURRIER HERTZBERG FURS ALus-CHALMERS EQUIPMENT FUR SPECIALISTS Complete Dial 6-5800 F M h y 236T b 5 Ph 22151 R kv M N C R ky M N c Meore9s Big Henderson THE LEADING WAREHQUSE IN THE HEART OF HENDERSON H d N C Compliments vf 7' N 4 BETTER VALUES Compliments: Twin County Gas Co. Pyrofax Bottled Goss Magic Chef Sfoves 120 Torboro Sf. Phone 6-6248 Rocky Mounf, N. C. CARL COOPER RADIO HOSPITAL STEDMAN'S CITY BARBER SHOP WILLIAM BOBBITT L. T. VAUGHAN VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP MADELYN'S FLOWER SHOP Autographs .Y 4'..- 1.6-10 1-, '51 14,1 as 11 '1 nv' ' 1" ,. V 1A fri: 'L-.T 1-V N llfx x- 9, xv, ' ,... 47, E, .1 , 1 1. 1 '31 Q., A ,, 3 23. 1 L' "I , . 1 T 1 E n , :pm 5 -1 . "Q 4.17 P1 4.' 1 1"'1 y' 1-1 ,,1 1 , 111i '. 1 . .. 1 N . 1 , ' P W' Y 1 1', 1' . k 9 Y Ll 1 " I L V, I 5-Y: JC x .g. 1 ,Q , , , Q, r' 4 ,ff - :wi sic. -, -'rysg ,.,I - 1 1' x.-H,--.. n, 1f-"fl: v Y ' 9-1 N. W1 ky 1 71' 1- u R ' A wk , A A , , . 1 -,. 1 ' N 1 63 , f-.4 ,f f"- ' w ,. s 1 Vv ' ' "-' 1,""' 11 ' 111 1 . -6 ' ' 1' ll. , ,,.,1 ' IYJN " V5 , 1 .-11. 'qllvl W - " '7.x1'-,'- ,-.115,,..,M A.1 P 1,4 1 1 1 .Q I ,'.vf,e 'a A 1 N J , ., A , W ", 1 w 1 f 11-1 KE., .V N-1 . .11 ' 1 - l Y 1 , Y .. f" --1 '..- 71117 V 1 1 - . , , .t.- 1 - - 1-4- 13 ' " .- "'. u" ,, 1 ' 1 1, Sf 11:1 .gpg .uv-4. 1 lfa V-. V1. , ..k 1 . 1 . ". I ' V11 1 -1 f . .,.-M. Lax " 'f., , ,,U:'.,,c!fW .1 .L if-' ' , 1 ""f., , Q. 1 , ,', 1 1 ' 'Ml -' "1 ':'.1,.-1511. y v ff-wz1,,.1..4vU1' Y, . A , x X 1,51 1, , . 1 in ' 16 f L " A' ,1.:.' 1.. 1A-5. 4, 1'f 5 4 41' -ff--13 V ,, '..'5' ' ' 'L I ,, , 1- wi 'AV '1 x 11 ' 5 . 1 1. 1 ' Q '- L fd... 1 1 , 1 . f , - A 1 ' x , 1 1 -' . 4 55.-'-.-.f.'u',1 'L-, 1... 11- -'.1f-Q, .' ' 1 1 .,, fi 4'. . --'.' TD V , 3 1 Q 'r 1" A'-11 le 11 .- .11 1 ,, KA 1 1 4 3.-, .,: A ' 1 XMI .,,1 11 , f '-J wc .X X X X ,X X ,, X X X 1 X 1 . 5, , . -' :"""fXX fl XXXX' C - X. X ' 'HT -X -EFX'--iXXS'XH MXXXX X XXX. XXFXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX A X 1 ,Q X- X XXXXQ: X X--,yr X, ,X .X X 'Xvnw . X -, ' X1 XXX X 1 X XX- X1-X wg, f I X 1 Xi T51- 'XX 5 XMXX f Xi ti , , XX f . 'J .X .- I' XXX,X,X. XX X .X ,XnXX ,.. AX, ,ji XX- ff-EWFFX ' ': I I 'K r X X,-X WV' ' J -'XX .X , - X 31511. X. ,X , ,XXX.XXX,XX1-7 ,, .X X X ' Pfvlgfr, X52 -XX'1 , JXX ff--if , X. ,X , X X . , X ' . V X 'JXP ,XXEQXX . . -'X ' ' 'X X.'X X X ,-X- X ,X. . X,.,,,X , -XXX X I 5 ,1X,,, f ' ,I X XX . X 'X X. .X ' . X X' ,WT . X JV . ,X J . X if X , LXXXX ' 4 ,X - , X 4 '- v , X ,. X . 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MM 1, ,- fvwf ' ,xv NNW ' V' 41 ' , J!m11b -1 V . 'rift-.44 ,,-in wld , ,: L.-L4 A' ,Je . ,. wg qw I' if as! Q 14 3, kr. 1 'Z , gs, , QXgv,g?' xl A EL Um 1 ml' , ' gf f 1, ,512 All " f , i I A :QQ 'ff'-? R" 'j 4, x' X ' Y Q' Ai-A xv 3 W ' . N v 5:23 "-J - 'Y ffm X M ge w fM - 3 , ,ig ,V V 1 ' 'f fr-in 1+ '.:59-uwlhuaflvuf.-1.u:.: fs' -47M!nl-'li Jsrhq 'up' Iqvuv-ullnl'lll'1'1.'l!I'Yll'l'!l1uv-lun K Mm!

Suggestions in the Nashville High School - Nahiscoan Yearbook (Nashville, NC) collection:

Nashville High School - Nahiscoan Yearbook (Nashville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 62

1954, pg 62

Nashville High School - Nahiscoan Yearbook (Nashville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 84

1954, pg 84

Nashville High School - Nahiscoan Yearbook (Nashville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 81

1954, pg 81

Nashville High School - Nahiscoan Yearbook (Nashville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 79

1954, pg 79

Nashville High School - Nahiscoan Yearbook (Nashville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 74

1954, pg 74

Nashville High School - Nahiscoan Yearbook (Nashville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 6

1954, pg 6

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