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Q! ,X Sflfgf 9 I , Q' EEZ! 'Ir W I S S 45559 Iligl: School lllll Comm i ECIIIOTI Cluef Jeff clmroecl ports Ednor Truman Bran t rganlzatlon Ednor Grace Hemmlnghaus Underclassmen Ednor Betty Heseman emor Ecllto Nancy Holluroolc Actx 1t1es E xtor E the Mc ean clcls ancl Encls Plmotog apl'1e 5 Ray Llszweslc E M0553 A mst Marlene Patton ales Manage s Lester Campbell Domxnxc l czynslc Ola K1mp1ng Donal Roetlwemeye 5s fu QD Q -Z Us S D -'n- l -- S er 0 S ' -- d Q 0 . . . .-A . E S . . rn Q Faculty-School Board EditOI"'Bal'bal'a Liszewslzl S 'v' ' - 5 r L Q O r r U . . A am I S U r -- , ' ' Po i. B ' l' . cl FOREVN ORD Another xear anot cr xnarlvoolx 1. annuals nan gauqe eartagluc ,lox nor n even mars Wax tlu- p un of 0 xxcat an ears rmgf to nfs ma gr-4 a d1r11pSc. 0 tlm xear niet Q c.n mom 0 lmpm, i t t lutura mav cl Wnlw mm 1n mln xv. t nnua t li pm.-mnt I c, 194 pc non lt 0 xx r opgn part n or-Ln mln Maw Th E Q YCLCXXL m 1 e lasluon and max t rmo ,o t ost, vs 0 open IIS govcrs an rea rs padg: ' . h m This. lik- all .' - - - d lm - f-. .'j. ' a C1 ' -. . U' 'Q ro- d- "'Blod.S' .'dT- Ulw' 3 1111- D1' -1 and iv' '. a All , ' cm. wha ln: ' 1 , lwl, " 11' 41. l1c:X flSa". -:- ln- 9 -li- ' 1'ThQ Eclw -ih - lv Sad '55, , C clmlw- 1-w-A -. . . I' b' jh y to h - 'll 1 ' - d d i. DEDICATION To THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES :Ins yearboolc xs dedxcated Not to any person not to any act1v1ty not to any xdeal do we our sentlments Rather do we m thxs yearboolc recall the days spent ln Nashville Communlty H gh School and referred to by so many as The Best Years o Our Lives We do not as many others so glxbly do refer to these days as the best ays we shall ever llve ut rather refer to t em as t e best days we have thus far lived It would be sad lndeed rf m our later years we could reflect on no better day than those just passed Education IS or at least should e a preparation 1n llvxng thus we should loolc ever torward and not baclcward We do not wlsh to lxve m a dead past but rather to lxve m a full glorious future prepared us to meet Pity us lf ln our later years we must loolc baclc to them as The Best Years o Our Lives Surely medals so gflorlously won actxvxtles so ea gery participated ln grades so sternly wrested from our teachers a cl the lxlce do not constltute a llfe to whxch we can or must loolc baclc wlth prxde Nay rat er let these days be a dedlcatxon to a fuller more com p ete llfe one m whlch we serve ourselves our com mumty our fellowman and above all our d an lceep The Best Years 0 ur Lrves ever ahead of never behmd us The Annual Staff X Pave . . i cl ' , b h h B Q . . . . z Q -a future which these days so recently passed have ill f ' - 1 . . . Q R , n . Q . . U . . . D Q kg l I n I Q - S ' . . . Go - d f 0 ' us- 2 SE IORS xx-L S - .I S S 1 P 41 .gg Affii? ' N 2 r I f ,. an G' X if 'ig . SENIOR ACTIVITIES IRENE BOEHNING Carnival Band Chorus Honor Cluhffl, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club-fl, 2, 3, 4 Latin Cluh Sec'yff'.Z Annual Staff'-Z GEXALDINE BOWERS Carnival Bandffl, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A.ff2, 3, 4 F. H, A. Sec'yff3 F. H. A. Pres'-4 Honor Club-fl 2, 4 Latin Cluhffl, 2, 3, 4 Student Councilffl Lfhrarianff2, 3 MART BRAMMEIER Carnival Bandffl, 2, 3, 4 H. A.ff1, 2 Pep Clubffl Honor Cluhff4 Paper Staff-f4 TRUMAN LOUIS BRANDT Carnivalg Band-fl, 2, 3, 4 Boys Chorus-'1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorusffl, 3, 4 Boys Quartetff3 4 Basketball'-1, 2, 3, 4 CofCaptainff4 Baseball-fl, 2, 3, 4 Track-fl, 2, 3, 4 Honor Ciuh-fl, 2, 3, 4 Honor Cfuh VicefPres f-1 Latin Cluhffl, 2, 3, 4 Latin Cluh VicefPrc5.f'l Science Club-72, 3 Annual Staffff-4 Class Presidentff3 Science C.ub Prcs.ff3 "A Date with judy"f3 "We Shook the Family Tree"f4 Prom Wa't:rff2 LESTER CAMPBELL Okawville Basehallf-1 Trackffl, 'Z Nashville Carnival F. F. A.--1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. VicefPres.ff3 F. F. A. Vice-Pres.ff4 Annual Staffff4 EDNA COATES Carnival F. H. Af-1, 2, 3, 4 BERNICE DECKER Carnival F. H. A.ff2, 3, 4 Latin Clubffl, 2, 3, 4 NADEEN FOX Carnival Band-fl 2, 3 Chorusffl, 3 F. H. A.ff4 Latin Cluhf-1, 2, 3, 4 Paper Staff-'S Pep Cluhffl Cheer'eaderff3, 4 "A Date with Judy"-3 ' We Shook the Family Tre Prom Waitressf-Z ROBERT HEGGEMEIER Carnival Bantlffl, 2, 3, 4 Chorusffl, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus'-2 4 Boys Quartet--1, 2 F, F. A.ff1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A, Sec'y-'Z F, F. A. Reporter'-3 F. F. A Presff4 Pep Cluh-fl "A Date with Judy"-3 "VVc Shook the Family Tree"- Class Treasurer-'Z Student Councilffl GRACE HEMMINGHAUS Carnival F. H.A,ff1, 2, 3, 4 Honor Cluhffl, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staffff-4 Page 9 SENIOR ACTIVITIES BETTY HESEMAN Carmwal Choru 2 H A Honor Club 2 Annual Stlff 4 NANCY HOLBROOK Carmval Band 1 2 C orus 1 I F H A 4 Pep Club 1 Annual Staff 4 Honor Club I 7 Lt1nClub12 1 4 Latxn Club Vue Pru 1 A Date. w1th Judy We Shock the Famny Tr Paper Staff 4 Class Treisurer Clase Presldent 4 lrom Waltrebb 7 Carmval ueen Attu da mt GENETTE HOLZ HAUE R Carnlxal B 1 1 7 Honor Club 7 mn Club 1 2 lapcr Stiff 4 A Date wxrh udy We Shook the Fam1lyTree ClI'I1lVdl in Choru 7 H A onor Club 1 7 1 aper St aff 4 a Seey 7 ROBERT KIMPLINC Carnlval Band 1 7 Band Vler l res T oru 1 7 Boy Quartet a etball 1 7 Co Capt un 4 Babeball 1 Traek l 7 Honor Club 1 mn Club 1 7 Latln Club Trez 4 S ILIMJ. Clk! 7 Annual Still 4 A Dxte xxlth Iudy XV Shock the Fillllly Tr Cla V1 L l rs. Tm 1 l rom Vs7uter 7 Carmx ll KIIIQ Attendant P e EDWARD KRAUDEL CQYDINHI A SHIRLEY LEHDE Carmval B 1 1 7 Chorue Choru Smeg. lep Club 1 Honor Club 1 ln Club 1 2 1 SLICIIM, Club 7 A Date vuth udy e Shook the Famlly Tr Cla s Treasurer l C .-las See y 4 Prom Wntre s BARBARA LISZEWSKI Cirmxal Bn 1 7 A F H A Parllamentmr l.,1t1n Club jOE LISZEWSKI j Clrmx al Tra k 7 atm Club RATWOXD LISZEW SKI C, lI'I11X xl Annuil Still 4 gf' F. F. ffl, 2, . F. . .H4 ff , 3, 4 ' 1 ' f' , , 3, 4 h ,, , Ag - I " , -, 3, 4 A ' HA ", ,-, sud-f,..,3,4 . ' L , uk-,,x 3,3 .. I X - "rg S XWQVH3 " 3 ' " ' CCN'-4 L ,, f ff , 2, 3, 4 , H. ' H3 Lat' -f , , ., 4 . . ' , ,, -' -, ,,-,3 , I, WN- .. I Y, J , -, Q , ,X , --W- , ', 8, ui 1 ,, 1' 5 H2 81 df' , -, 3, 4 Hb, 3, 4 L1 ' ff , , 3, 4 1. I ' N . ',, " 3 ' J a df' , -. 3, 4 " 5 ' 'N '4 F. H, .-f1,3, 4 . . , ' N Q ianfff ANNA LOU KASTEN F. H. A, VicefPrcs.ff4 2 ' ' 4 ' HB, 4 B1 df-3, 4 sff- F, . .44 H " , -, 3, 4 'Q 1 ff Cl'ss V' M- , 1. . ' , 1 , H , ba 3' 4 A .vi , u , Q. p , N.-. ro, 4 ,C H-1 J Ch sf' , .., n, 4 Lg ' A H3 4 s 2 ' H3, 4 Bska ' ff ,-,3,4 "3 ' ff , Z, 3, 4 'A ff . -. 3, 4 . ff , 3, 4 I.: ' ff , -. 3, -I , ' ,QU v 4, y KV- . .1 77 bn-, 3 N b .. Q Y 7- V'-73 Q A UH - C ., . 3 ' V C514 F. F A. ffl 155 'pf 7 's.f3g 71 4 -2 J Q' 4 ,,' S .YZ . 47 x Z yg I0 SENIOR ACTIVITIES ESTHER IEAN MCLEAN Carnival Bandffl, 2, 3, 4 Chorusffl, 3 F. H. A.ff4 Pep Cluhffl Latin Cluhf-1, Z, 3, 4 Annual Staffff4 "A Date with judy"f3 "We Shook the Family Tree"f4 Class Treasurerff4 Prom Waitressffl Carnival Queen-f4 ALVIN R. MALAVVY Carnival Latin C'uhffl Carnival King Attendant EUGENE MALICK Carnival F F. Af-3 Carnival King Attendant' EDXVIN MOSSA Carnival Traekffl, 2, 3 Basehallfd, 4 F. F. A,-fl, 2 "A Date with judy"f3 WALTER A. NOVAK Carnival Basketballffl, 2, 3, 4 Basehallnl, 2, 3, 4 Track-fl, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A.ff1, 4 F. F. A. Sentinel-f4 "We Shook the F'1mil'Tree"f4 1 5 Prom Waiterffl Carnival King'-4 LEONA PASKIEWICZ Carnival F. H. A.ff2, 3, 4 F. H. A. Parliamentarianff4 Latin Cluhffl, 4 "A Date with JUCIYQFS MARLENE PATTON Beaumont High School Art Club'-1, 2 Swimming'-2 Student Couneilffl, 2 Nashville Carnival-13, 4 Chorusff3 F. H. Af-4 Latin Cluhff3, 4 Annual Staffff4 Carnival Queen At:endantf3 DORIS PETRI Carnival Chorusffl, 3 F. H. A. Cluhff4 Pep Club-fl Honor Clubf-1, 2, 3 Latin Club--1, 2, 3, -1- Paper Staffffl DOMINIC POLCZTNSKI Carnival "A Date with Judyufl Annual Staffff4 AUDREY REINHARDT Carnival Chorus--1, 3 F. H. A.ff4 Pep Cluhf-I Honor Cluhffl, 2, 3 Latin Clubffl, 2, 3, 4 "A Date with .luCly"f3 "We Shook the Family Tree' 4 Prom Waitressff2 Class Seeretaryffl Page 1 I ki. SENIOR ACTIVITIES WALTER LOUIS RUETER Carnival A DONALD ROETHEMETER Carnival Chorus 2 Pep Club 1 ESTHER ROETHEMETER Carnival A Honor Club 1 2 3 4 A Date with Judy We Shook the Fam1lyTre Librarian l LILLIAN RUCHAJ Carnival Chorusnl . , Aff . F. H. A. Reporternfw F. H. A Treasurer'-4 Honor Clubffl 2 4 Librarian-f2 Class VicefPres.f4 BERNICE RUETER Carnival Ban f-1 F. H. A.ff4 Honor Clubffl, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club-fl, 2, 3, 4 Page 12 MART SCHAEFFER O awvzlle Carnival X A Conservation Club 2 3 Honor Club 1 2 's Nashville Carnival F H A 4 Honor Club 4 Latin Club 4 GODFRET SCHROEDER Carnival Chorus 1 2 1 4 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Boys Quartet 4 Basketball 2 4 Track 1 2 Honor Club 2 4 Latin Club 2 1 4 Latin Club Pres 4 Stience Club 1 Annual Staff 4 A Date with Judy 3 We Shook the Family Tree Prom Walter 2 Class President 2 ROGER N SMALL Carnival Ban 1 2 Chorus 4 Boys uartet 4 Track 1 eicnce Club Z lrom Waiterff2 Class ViccfPres.fl VIRGINIA C. SMITH Carnival n ffl 2 . . . Af - . F. H. A. Pres.'f3 F. H. A. Sec y-f4 Honor Clubffl 2 Latin Clubff2 3 4 Pep Cluhwl ELVIRA WEIHE Carnival Ban -fl F. H A-fl SENIOR ACTIVITIES ALBERTA LEE VJIESE Carnival CIIt?fU5'f4 Psp Clulvfl F, H. Affl, 2, F. H. A. Historianff. Hunwr Clul1ff4 IAMES HECTOR VJORD Carnival F. F. A.-f1,2, 3, 4 F. F. A. Treasurer'-1 F. F. A. Scc'yff'l F. F. A.ffViccfPres.ffS F, F. A. Pres.ff4 Carnival King Attendantff4 RICHARD WILLIS Carnival Chorusffl 1 Traclcffl, 3 ' Baskctlvallffl, .H Pep Club-fl CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Mr Purdy M155 Stneker M1 Klegman Sh1rley Lehde Sevretary Nancy Hollwrwk Prealdent Lxlllan Ruchaj Vlu Pr xdent Ether M Lean Trea unr Pave I , . Z , SS ' 1 , ' I , ' : ', H- cs z s c ', 's f O Page I4 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Tn eptember of 40 flfty live green freshmen bashfully entered N C H S After a few days of searchmg for clas rooms gettmgf perl o 5 m1xe CCI mg wh1c re man gxrl was cutest t e class vs 5 orgamze an class of ICCTS electe 5 follows CUTTIS N1e renz pres1dent Roger mall V1ce Pre51dent Audrey Remha dr Secre tary Sh1rley Lehde Treasurer MISS Gooch and Mr K1mpl1ng were cho en as class advlsors We entered our sophomore year more conh ent and more CXPCTI enced We elected as sponsors MISS Vxola Huelslcoetter and M ates Class ofhcers for thls year were Presxdent eff Schroeder VICE Presxd nt Bob K1mpl1ng ecret ry Anna Lou Kasten Treas urer Bob Heggememr In the fall of 47 we entered our Jun10r year as d1gn1l'led upper classmen The followmg ofhcers were elected Presldent Truman Brandt V e Pre 1dent Bob K1mpl1ng' Secretary Betty Schrnale reasurer Nancy olbroolc We chose MISS Strlelcer and 155 1 del as class a v15or5 155 Str1elier to coach our jumor plav an MISS Serdel to be 1n charge of the prom On eptember 1 1948 forty three sedate SCHIOTS began thexr ast vear 1n N H S he followmg were elected as class o 1cer5 Pres dent Nancy Holbrook V1ce Presldent L1ll1an Ruchal Secre tary Shrrley Lehde Treasurer sther McLean hose nom1nat to carry us through our 5en1or year were M Purdy and MISS Klee rnan Mr Purdy to be IH charge of the Annual M155 Kleeman to coach the sen1or play hortly after the begmmng of the year MISS Kleeman fell at a en1or haynde an was unable to fulhl her Jo Therefore MISS Stnelcer was unammously chosen to talce her pl ce as play coach S . , - .. .. cl ' d, and d 'd' ' h f sh ' . lu . 'El ' d d E' cl. a ' : ' ' k , ' : S . ' - A : ' r . - d A '- . , T ' 1 r. B . .1 ' ' - . : ' ,J g ' - ' fr . ' ' :S a . : - : ic - S' . ' ' : . : T , ' H . ' ' M' Se'- d . -M. . . . 1 A S , . - ' ' 1 - ' . C. . . T V ff' : , ' g , E . T ' ed l r. . ' . U S . . A . 5 . . d . . bi 6 S1-mo ss K 5. CLuas pl 9 R01 Dnves aww E SWB D9 C 5 e5 Swv' 9 rf im UNDERLLASSVIEN 5 I V R1 8 AVS Qfvh u 9 04,0 f V' 1' ,' FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSORS Miss Snead. Mr. Havens FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Morris Kaufman, Keith Joan Spencer. Jimmy Harre JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS Miss Strielcer. Mr. Kimpling JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ruth Hendrix, Jocelyn Wisely Charlotteiwooclsicle. Ann Cruse XWSUQW' SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSORS Mrs. Kiehn, Mr. Heinzman SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS JOIII1 KTCIJS. Herbert Chapman DOI'Otl'1y HOUSC. Dyilafle ScanIan , if b,,, J First Row: Patsy ennle Lucille Brink- man. Adeline Brune, Winona Second Row: Helen Coates. Charles Depend. Walter Fisher. Loraine Freclerlcing. Levon Frye, Audrey Gajewslci, Stanley Geppert. Tlzfral Row: Marjorie Gewe, Marlene Haalce, Opal Harlan, Patty Sue Hasemeier, Martha Hendrix, Donna Kay Hetherington, Doris Hildebrand. Fourth Row: John Hines, Lorraine l'lcelsclxer, Ronald Hoeplier, SaMary Homburg, Fave Homes. Mary Jablonslci, Phyllis Jones. . Frlftlz Row: Audrey Kelle, Ray Klosterlxoffffed Krebs. Eleanor Kurwiclci, Louise Malick, Marilyn Markham, Robert May. Sfxtlz Row: Lavern Meyer. Robert Moran. Grace Mozelewski, Lois Murphy. Nancy New- man. Wesley Pitchforcl, Betty Polczynslci. Seventh Row: Hiram Porter. Harold Renter. Pauline Rixmann. Lou Ann Rohlfing, Norma Jean Schaeffer. Charles Sclmorflmeide. Page I8 First Row: Lavayne Schwengels. Norman Schwengels, Bernard Sher- man, Richard Stanowski, Vera Dean Stern, Jane Stutsman. Second Row: Robert Torrens. Gerald Voss, Lois Weihe, Carolyn Wiese. Floyd Wiese, Alice Winfree, Bill Withey. Third Row: Norman Witt, Fern Wulf, Norma Zacheis. Mary Zapp. One of the dimmer, but none-the-less important, echoes that re- sounds through the halls of Nashville Community High School, is the Freshman Class-the graduating class of 1952. This group of sixty-six emharlced upon their high school career in September of 1948. Although at first they were rather frightened and bewildered, they soon became accustomed to their new class- mates and surroundings. and even the most critical observer had to look twice to detect that touch of "green," which all freshmen inevit- ably wear. They chose Morris Kaufman to preside over their business meet- ings flimmy Harre, to talce over in his ahsencelg Joan Spencer, to perform the secretarial duties, and Keith Patton, to take care of the finances. Miss Snead and Mr. Havens were chosen as advisors. One of the first class activities was a hayride out to Huegely Lake. When they arrived they found a ire just waiting for them to roast wieners over it. The class also sponsored an "all school" dance after one of the home games. As their echo grows louder, these freshmen will strive harder and harder toward their goal. of being graduates of Nashville Community High School. Page 19 Sopfzomores nloe Alfeldr enry Bergman oyce Berry Rxchard Bonk 1516 ean Borovsmk Harold BFEIITITUEIIC Wlllard Bflnk Wanda Cauowav Phylhs cook he rw1n unnmgham Elame Dalman arol enms herlene E war Peffgfy Fehrman P rl De n Harre T mes H nen erder W1lmer Harre NI ry Hast Bettv HeHdeme1er George Hemmxndh Fern Herman Berruce Ones 0Ann om.:- Waxne once W orna undc. crnon ampg Pauhne Kraus rre1 med r Anw mco 1 ,fK...! erome L sk pedffy Nlartm Marx Allen M F C1111 Murasky Fredd Nleclerm Pa e VU .A-is ...rin '51 . Q? 'f J- ' 3 v 'if M 5 F: 1 " 1 ,E f W 1+ 'l' w '4.'- - . ' kk., " , X " . 'rf Q , 'Q .lx t YY Q if e of 9 gy' ,4 K N -. at 4 1. .., tw S.. 'L Arline Pikul Joan Polczynslci Allen Porter Edward Povolish Stanley povolish Harold Reinhardt Lorene Roesener Earl Sachtleben Wayne Schaeffer Jane Schorfheide June Schorfheide Leroy Schultz Harold Seyler Theresa Shotts Betty Snead Shirley Sommers Robert Twenhafel William Vogt Lavern Wreath Kenneth Zapp A somewhat stronger echo that resounds through the air is that of you sophomores. Your voice has grown in strength since last year when you as freshmen entered Nashville Community High School. Remember you elected Miss Gooch and Mr. Bates as sponsors, and Bill Vogt as president: Dorothy House, vice-presidentq Harold Sey- ler, secretary-treasurer, to have the ruling voice over the affairs of your class. During this year you met and made a large number of friends, and before you knew it. your first year in high school had passed. Vacation days flow past too soon for most of you, but the great majority of you re-entered in September to further your education. This year you elected Mrs. Kiehn and Mr. Heinzman sponsors: Dor- othy House. president: Dylane Scanlan, vice-president: John Krebs, secretary: and Herbert Chapman, treasurer. Soon after school be- gan you enjoyed a barn dance at House's Lalce. You all had a won- deful time at the class party in the study hall, and enjoyed those de- licious refreshments as much as the party itself. Remember the dances in the study hall you sponsored after home basketball games? Yes, these are some of the things your echo brings back to you and as you progress in your education your echo will become louder and stronger. ll G Juniors 'Yu Dorothy Felt Howard Frecle lung Glenna Gutzler Emerald Ullman Arnold Harre Waldo Hlldebfand Helen HIHBS :HSBC I-IO'lfl'1'l3I1 Edgar llwenclalrl Walter El leo lc Dolores unge Betty urgensmexer Bolwlnv Koser Larrv Mcclav Dollv Magefkmh Kenneth May Patrxcla Moran Nlancx Murphx Barlwara Ann Xlugen Howard Gltman luql ll E if Slnrley Barhon CUCV3 BCl'ledlCt NOITUSIT Befgfnan Marlan Befntha Ruth BlUU1l'1OYSf lenn Brammexer Alan Bran t 5 Marvxn Brandt Beatrlce r1n Gene Bulurman vt.""'- Bonme hapman El a Lee Clemmons Zola Croe smann Pa Cunnlng am Ernlly Ann Engele wx 91 fwlfkfk ,rf if T5 sn., Donald Polczynslci Betty Poleslci Betty Prange Betty Reidelberger Wayne Reinhardt Ik la X 4, Paul Renter "' Barbara Richards Q7 Irma Ruth Rixman i.,.,X7 , Ome r Roesener Dora Roethemeyer Marie RllCl'l3j I-ICl'SCl'1el SCl'll1effC ROlaI1Cl SCl'lWCIlgClS Gertrude Seylel' Wilhert Tielenian Torrens Leon Torrens Arvin Windler I am the oldest echo of the unclerclassmen. Farther out in the far distance you can still hear the footsteps of the Class of 1950 as they timidly wallced through the door of Nashville Community High School almost three years ago to experience some of the best Jays of their lives. After several days of getting acquainted with the teachers. students, and the routine of school worla. the class officers and spon- sors were elected. Miss Seidel and Mr. Kimpling were the sponsors for the year. As the year went by, some of the students stepped out of the picture, and others replaced them. Now, as the echo grows louder, you hear the class, somewhat smaller, returning for another year at school a little more confident. After several days of renewing old acquaintances and malzing new friends, they elected Mr. Havens and Mr. Kimpling as sponsors: Alan Brandt was elected president: Barbara Richards, vice-presi- dent: and Helen Hines, secretary-treasurer. In the fall of 1948 you can hear them returning again to school. This year they will he lnusier than the ones in the past. Miss Strielcer and Mr. Kimpling were elected as their sponsors: Jocelyn Wisely. president: Charlotte Woodside, vice-president: Ruth Hendrix, sec- retary: Ann Cruse, treasurer. After a few weeks they planned a hay ride to Oakdale and had a wiener roast afterwards. Soon the play cast was piclced and after several weeks of hard worlc and practice, the play was presented to a large audience. After several months, plans were begun for the Junior-Senior Prom. As you grow older and think of the days in the past, may the echo of the best Jays of your life bring hack pleasant memories. Page 23 Do you have anything' good to sell today, QITIS? iw-fl ' I TOTHOTTOVV and IOTTIOTTOXX' and YOITIOYTOVV CTCCPS in i115 petty PHCC LTCI11 diy IO d3y Wl'1at.S wrong, dOI'l.I YOU know the SHSVVST., Ffa 24 4' M FACULTY AND SCHOOL BOARD 'XXX we ,Jo-'f,! I 7 Kxmplmgf Holbrook Mann Backs Holston Bohbrmk ar nz PWM xqmt 2 E 'S-w 15 rw J D Mann presldent ret1r1ng after 13 years servxce to a , I grateful communi ty. ' f. 'W -2 L' ' . R. S. Holbrook Secretary H W. Bohbrink wyw W. H. Backs H. Holston Page 27 1 n ! ' v A ' G. HINES Cut the Chatter A KLEEMAN E Youse K1dS E WCM ACK Therefo C Then y HSPCCTIOH We O1T1 bl C TIISSC Te ITIS Thafs Enough of That Giggling " r , , b I ' . C - 'n r D011 t Stand There Lllxe 3 Post GOOCH N.,,x, K- X Don t Say P11CCl'lCI' Say PIC ture KIMPLING R KREBS Well Shucks' Now P ge E. H. GUMMERSHEIMILR R SNEAD 'vfc 1 L STRIEKER pw' Let 5 Have Thls Stopplng Talked 1 f Oh' My Good ess K V SEIDEL G HAVENS Um huh C G PURDY emper, Temper Temper By George Well Do It Pave 5 AFT R 815 Vtl 5 QI? IIA s. CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONQ F. H. A. 0HiCe1'5 , Back Row: Barbara Liszewslci. vice-presiclent: Miss Seidel, sponsor: Emily Ann Engele, reporter: Betty Jurgensmey- cr, historian: Lillian Ruchaj, treasurer: Marian Bernthal, song leader: Leona Paslcie- wicz, parliamentarian. Front Row: Geraldine Bowers, president: Virginia Smith, secretary: Mrs. Holbrook, chapter mother. A CLUB Row Barbara IIS ZeWSlil Vlfglllla Sfflltll Lillian Marlene Haalce Bel'H1Ce Reu tel' Betty Heseman ElV1I'a Wellle Anna Lou Kasten NaHCyH0lbfO0k ESfheTMCLean RuthH C1!'1X Audrey Relflhardf Nadeefl Fox DOTIS petfl Nal'1Cy M R LJ Betty P016 lil Gel"1eVa BeI1ed1CT LeVOI1 Bettv ge!'1SI'HeyeI' EleaI1OI' KUTW1Cli1 Beatflee Bflnli Marian Befifhal Shirley Sommers Marlorxe Cllaeffel' ADH Eflgele paffl la Mor fl Marie RL1Cl'laj Ilene I-IOf'fI'HaI'l Front Row a Coates Lavayne SCl1Wel'1g'elS R Tl'l BluYDllO T Ge!'t1"U.C1e Seylel' MISS eldel Magerkurth Dora ROefl1eIT1 y er Geralclme Bowers Adeline Brune Pa e f . i . 5.. S. x : 1' - Q .1 . . . . Q . . .Q Q . I . Q . . 1 . . , en- . Q . ' Q . .Q Murphy, Grace Hemminghaus, Betty Polczynslci. fe Cf: 51 ', , 'Jur- a , ' ', . : n , , u rs , . ' S ' . , e - ,Q 5' F. F. A. Officers Back Row: Glenn Brammeier. reporter: Walter Novak, sen- tinel: Mr. E. H. Gummers- heimer. sponsor. Front Row: Larry Mcclayr. sec- retary: Robert Heggemeier. preslclent: Lester Campbell. v1ce presxclentz James Word. treasurer. F F A CLUB Back Row Leland Tubbs Donald Polczynslu erome L1 lc rens Robert Heggemex r Walter No al: L ry Mcclay Roland chwengels Enloe Alfeldt Wll mer Harre Harold Brammexer Kenneth Zapp Teal Bram me1er Lester Campbell Rxcharcl tanowslu Front Row Charles Scho fhe cle Norman ch engels LaV n Wreath Omer Roesener Mr Gummer hexmer Leroy chultz I Worcl P ul unnl gham Robert Torrens Pag EC . J .S I Richard Bonllc, Allen Porter, Leon Tor- , le , V , ar' . S . . ' - f I' l Q A S W , er , , . s ' . S , .4 as. , a C 'n , . 6 . J I I l ' f n u n LATIN Officers l Back Row: Harold Seyler. song ,alcaderg Ruth Snead, sponsor: Elva Lee Clemmons, pianist. Front Row: Patsy Berry, song leader: Rolat. Kimpling, treas- urerg Jane Schorfheicle, vice presiclent: Jeff Schroeder, president: Pauline Rixmann, secretary: Barbara Richards, program chairman. LATIN CLUB Baa. Rou. Howard Frtdtrklnq Slurlcy Lchdc V1rg1n1a Smlth Norma jean S haef hr Charlts D1Fmd Ray Klasttrhoff Wayxac Schatfftr Norma Zuhus Wm ma K amphall Truman Brandt Arnold Harrc N 1ddle Rou Ruth Htndnx Barmct Detkcr Hllma Torrcns Mary john H ms Hclcn Ham joytc yn Wlscly Walter Jankowskl Clrarlottc Wamcnd 1dc Lou Ann Rohlf ng Irem K tnctta Ho'lhaucr Dorothy Fclns Peggy llhrman Low Murphy joan L me Stut man Dylant Stan lan MlfjOf1c Gum .ant S horfhr dr Lols Wtlht Carolyn Wlce Donna Kay H th tranqton Darla Dtan Hahht Don Hlldrhrfand Lrona Pa lxlLXXlL Fw11rRou Po' y Mfartln Mary Zapp Audrty Runhardt Naalaua Fox I Dons letra Barl ara Las uyskl Mar 1 a Lamp y ra lm oxyrr LFIIIL P apr Barhara Rachardc Elya LL Cltmmon Erh r M Ltan Nanty Holhrook I u n R M L xxrnfmn arthaHandr1x Phylll Coola Nancy Nuxman Patty Su Hatnuar Dorothy Hout aMary Homhun la y Barry Fayt OYHL L ty Snaa '7w a row-Lan nn unc ortha, da. Bonnaa. aapman Th r a ott any Iran' n ll u Aan rut M Snra Seated fr S hroadcr Hrrhtrt Chapman Blll Wlthty T d Krah Mrmrrz Kaull an arold Scylar Rc hart K1IIlpllllQ Alan Brandt Earl Sa htltlxn 1 H ra, a Nlrdtrmtytr Wllllanu Voat I.1aVcrn Mtytr Wdyllt Runhardt Har wld Rauttr Ro n ld Hoapktr Pave 7 1: I , . 'J ' 1 ' 2 , , C2 , ,, Q, .,!. , E., a 1 1,7 K-,a 1 N' w , .1 1, 1 , . 4- . 1 '. 1 at 1- , ' fl l- 's 1 s . , , . , . ,. 1 , ,Q 1. , . . ' 7 V7 A, 3 Y '1 ' 5 , xx, ' 1, 1 , 1 , , A' 7 1 . P -1 iq V 1, - e 1 f. I' - ,Jess- , H V' 11 5 1 , " ' '1 f ,2'. ,,,,J.,C ,,,, . 1 ,, 2 1 5, 2 E, C , 1 1 x , 1 1 X1 1 ', 5 " , Y 1 44' A. I 5.1. H.:- , - - I y: -.xgy 1 ', L . I . -1 J 1 v 2 tt- 4, 1 , . . , . . ' ' , 1 N11 ':' " , 1 c'll1 1 ':,'l1.Cc1ld 1B "S, Br 'a 1ucf ', 1 22 "1 2, '1 'c 9 5. s c c H1 , 1 1' , ,za lf ia ' , 1 1 ' "5 ',.1 " 1' 1, 1 ' c ZS'l'l', -1 ' 5' S1 1 ' Y '1ts' ' ', 1" H as Bw ' 1 -1d,..al1 , N 1 , ' 1 - 1- u - ' 1' . 'y 1 1 v W- f 1 1 31 y C -- 11 Sth 1 , Cl. 1 , L tr. Sh 5, B I 1 LL. Ar' lu a: fk l, 1 C sr, iss 1 11 Cl. 1 :jc Q ' ' 111, C 'S, 's 1 1.1, H1 . " ', 1 ' ' ' I, 1 1 , 1 QC ' 1 , .learns 11r ', Frcfld' 1 1 sy, 3 'R gy 1 1 fy. 1 1 1 - f , L, N -h , 0' 1 ,' H 49 HONOR CLUB B Q Butk Ron at t Ctnttte Holfhauer Mary Brammt tr Bon ut Chapman Mr Kamplang Grate Hemmanghau Walbtrt Tatltmann NV1nona Campbell Ruth Hendrax Genna Cut r Mary 'Zapp 'Vflddle Rott Sharley Lehde Maraan B rnth al Halma Torrenb an Sthorfhtlde une Sthortheldt Barbara R h ar.l Phylla Cook Betty Pranve Robert Torrenb Edward Powolwh Howard Frederkmg john Kreb Herbert Chapman ohn Hmeb From Rou Loa Weaht Mary Sthaefftr Ceraldane Bower Nanty Holbrook Anna Lou Katen Irene Boehnvng Betty Heseman Esther Roethtmeyer eff Qehroeder Truman Brandt Robert Kamplxng Alan Brandt Heated Imogene Lehde Mary Hast Lorna lunge. Cknllld Murasky EG Ioan Spenter SaMary Homburg lane Stut man MOYIIS lk aufman ' u W LIBRARY STAUF These are the hbraraan xyha try to help olvt Nome of the datfatulm at th tudtnt an gatheranq materaal for thtar lca1gI1m21'1I Bac Rou Dorothy Home Marcella Lame yk ant Stuf man Dylane bean an chn Kr b Morra Kaufman Robert Txxenhattl raaanz Rau ant art 1 t t yn amt Daman tttx R1 ar r l'a1l1nt Raxmann Pave Q8 I L l ' '. ..a .... W, ...-.-... ,,...,..o, --..,.., . .... Y, ,, F, , y , if ,a W"s',"" '.z', .' ' rig x'r,' ', . ' 'j, " ' , C 1 ' , '.', r I ze, ' ' , Q . af aft ,"' e 2, 1 ",-Iac' 'gilt' 't,:'z!C- if5a 'HS , ' 5- -1 l 'R-a .,a- 5- , ,J h ,i 'S 5' my V -f as 'X ' 5 5. I -v 3 f QS 5 ., a QM ,., ,.:, a,,,,,J." f C 5 a l ' a 3 .v I 3 - -I f . 5 9 I V 7 6 . 5,9 N- ' ' 1 Y Dorothy' House, Nancy' Newman, Patty' Sur! Hasemeler, ' 1 E bl. a -aa 1 , h ,Q 5 S , H h 7, , X E W .I , l 1 iv .V , ' X ,. m1Mag.i,y,y M WY zff?,ifM"" L . ' ' 5 ' ' ' s 'Q " a"" is ales 'P " s. k ,g , .5 ,,-:,,-I., 5:- 'ga'-gg,jv es. sz 2, 1 "'a, " ' " X Sch: 'he'd'. Joan Poftj ska. El" - al 4 . B' I' cdelb' ge. . 4'7 'Sk 1' xlfrfp Fxlled Wlth teal' at not COn'1Plet1ng' the annual O11 tlnle the staff lab0l'ed tlfln 'fly everv Tuesday a ternoon to meet t e dea llne he sta WaS COnfI'0nte w1th rnanv pX'0blel'nS Wl11Ch ffequently leG tO fe11dS ut were I'elleVed when the ma was hnally sent to the pI'1nte1'S a!"d the Hn patiently Walted fOI' the il1ltS he annual staff C0n 1StS of Barbara L1SZeWSk1 Pieninilng aUS Tfunlan Brandt eff SCl'1I'Oe e HOlbI'OOk Ethel' McLean Betty I-'IeSen"l3.n cl MI' Purdy HORNETS HERALD STAFF Mxss Snead a d the H nets Herald :tail can he seen huz zxng around at the end of each month 1n order to compxle the mam events around the halls of W C H S These are the mam reporters Back Row Norman Bergmann James Harre, Mary Bram mexer, Cenette Holzhauer, Dolores Junge. Audrey Ann Kelle lune Schorlhexde. MarJor1e Gewe. Samarv Homhurg. Anna Lou Kasten Alan Brandt, Elva Lee Clemmons. Herbert Chapman. Wxllxam Vogt, Bonme Chapman H1lma Torrens Seated paul Cunnxngham Harold Remhardt. MOTTIS Kaufman, Nancy Holbrook. Betty prange Pm "f i . 8 -. g , Q . t A Ml is g SC, ' - ,km ,ln A -e,-4 -5' t X vxlx , f li , A ' S. T ff A ' . , . , 5 B . . . . T 5' t ' 3 , ' 11 , , J A r, H 1 1 ?'n . . I Ax? k In . H1 . H 01" BAND Xvoulcl you lllce to attend a rehearsal sessxon of a renowne group of mus1cal art 1 t practxcmg dllxgently for one 0 t e1r ireat performances 7 Well come wlth me 11me7 lVlost any schoolday mornmg 8 1 Place7 Nashvxlle Hzgh School gym A the hell announc1ng the hegxnnmg of the perxocl souncls evervone well almost e erxo e stops tun1ng t e1r mstrument tallu g stuclung or whatever they happen he cloxng an Mr exnzman talces h1s p ace on t e podlum p go hxs han s th 0 n e t the Nlashwlle ommumty dh School Band svungs 1nto II spxrmg ren 1t1on of t e stxrrmg march Nlxhtary cort T 1 Cl1Sf1"lgUlQ ed organxzat on 15 pr slcle over lay Truman Branclt presl ent ocelxn W elx v1c presl ent a l Sachtle e ecretarx ancl K1mpl1ng treas Lrer rl e and has playe or the Teachers lnst1tute and the Donlcev Glymplce dchtxon to performmg at all the home haslcetlaall games Wow thex are vsorlcmg ha cl 0 fer ct the numhers to e presente 'lt rhe 1 rr1cr musrc contest ro he held r Mr Ver c all th hxle lxeepmg thelr eye on the covetecl pr1v1lege of golng to the tate nte t T e contest num ers are n lg t ng v rxeg Love tenes 011 SOYQ kv and The Tl'1L1I'd6I'6I' hx S0u a The ha Cl 15 also preparlng to talcc t 11 t e a u l Washlngton Countv Musxc Festwal at A hlev th1s sprmg P ow M rt a Hen rm ame Ha fre Wavne ones Barhara s pus a l achtlehen Herhert hapman arl ohman Roger mall Harold evler an Bran t Arnoo arre e x Nlle ermexer Rohert Heggemuer can e e 3 a C 31' ane tutsmgn oxce yn 1se y ff fl P111 era xne overs etsx n 0 roo rene oe mng c el c uett Nanav Hol roo ruman ranclt Rohert lXlITlPl1I1g xV1ll13IU V gt St er McLean enette H01 ha 1c'I' Marv rammeler Nancx Nexxman axne chaeller Bonnxe apman Anna Lou hasten gnc u rman N r 1mnl1npf N r e1n man rrnf U Q 1rlex a x ornlvurg o n 1nes Wrnona Camphell pat tx ue QLTTILILI' oa Crces m1 1 V1ro1n1a mlt a e. emmon 1 Orrc.n5 I .1 l . . v A . - 's 5 ' l N f h l g, A . . 7 . W . l ' at : 5. . ' ' . V, 3 H J . h . . Q .H Q Q v ' to ' , cl . C. E. H ' ' l h ' . U ' cl . e Cl xv ln 3 . ancl 1 ' C l Hi, 'I l l s mln- hus ' '. '-l1 ' 1 ' em fd . 'cl : nl ' " 15 l e ld 1 E r 'h n. s ' "1 Bolo l l . ,- - . 11 b v df ' ' 1 ' -, in t A fe , h cl Q DE ' l a . 11 11. e w l ' ' ' I I l S cc s 5. h 1 ld 'lLa dg' l-1 Q N hr G 7 . H S' -U hy M s 5' V. U . H 1 - . n ' l f far ', h nn a l I ' ' 5 1 I l . Jerk R : a h 2 cl D, . J 's . V J . Li z' ',lc1. E Y S - f . C . C H . S . S , . A1 cl. ll H '. Fr clclu' . I cl 1' . i . l S' 1-'uc -, B rhar Ri -h cls, J - S . J v' lj VV' rlj. lgflcffl- X' 1: C- ld' f B 'E .B- .jAf: H lb lc. l 1 B wh l . Hers h l Sh -, lv 1.1 B . " ' -. U . E h . G z . 1. . . H' B l . -l j -7 ' ' . XV S' U . I Ch . X' - . G H B h . .l . K' 'I . .1 . H4 1 . F 1 Q0 lg .,h' 'j Lehcle. S Mar" H h H' . I . - -' S ' Ha- - 7' . Z l . r 5 . 'U' ' S lh. Elv Lee Cla s lell- -'1' T - . MIXED CHORUS The chorus of NCHS e t e ahle d1rect1on of r C H ID man xuth Ox Ce Berry d Elva Lee Clernmons as accompan arg efore t e Womans 1 I anquet a or h hrlstma As emhlv program They worked dlhgently on varxcus rumbers for the D1str1ct Nlu cate t to e held on Aprll 9 at Mt Vernon vuth hug hopes of s 1nr1ng rst vs uch wculc entltle t em to a tr1p to th State M11s1c Cor-rest Later thxs sprxng the chorus 15 plannxng to part1c1pate IH the annu 1 hx gtcn ounty Mu 1C Festlval t Ashley Ba Row LOIS Welhe Bern1ce ones Betty Snead Alberta mme e r ce Mo elevs SLI H role Reuter W111xam Vogt Freddy Nm der yer Rohert K1m hng Ro ert Heggeme1er Truman Brandt Tef c roeder Arnold I1 rre Lavern Meyer Walter anlcowslu Nor m -1 W tt Edche Buffmgton Ted Krebs Barbara Nugent oAnn ones pauhne mm nn Marjorle ewe ane Schorfhe1 e fffnfcfle Row Donna Kav Hetherlngton Carol Dennl Loxs Murphy N cy Murp y D rla e n Ha he evon Frye Norma Zach s Paul ne Kraus T'1er sw hotts Emxly Ann Engele Dylane can n Wanda C llcwny Bonnxe Chapm n Ilene Hoffman Phvlhs k Front Row E1 a L e Clemmons Hele-1 Coates Marxan Bernthal Mary Ahce Meyer Beatuce Brmk Betty urgen meyer orna unge une Schorfhe1de Dolore unge Zola Crocs mann Ruth Blumhorst Lorene Roese ner oyce Berry M Femzman A-3 2 3 1 1 a, E QB I I in ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES FCDR IIIE YEAR 1949 One of the b gg st e ents that took place d YI gf the vea was he CARNIVAL that as Spon ore by rh SENIQRS It C0 ld not 113 e been ITIS e 3 S CCCSS lf It had not been OI' the an 0 pe at on gl en y the f3C Ity 311 L1 eI'C135SIT1efl SENIUR PROM JUNIORS SPOHSOTSCI e Carnot Iea e out the t at BS P I OH 111 the early TDV 8 weII Se1eCTed C8 I 3.11 e ha e also ml d 4 the Senlor Play We Shook the Famlly Tree We hope X011 eI'1JOV T e PICTUTCS, 1 CDF I e v ' u 'n 'i r ' f W 5 d e u v d u ' ' I d c- 0 r I lv In u CI r1cI . We are happy this year to show pictures of the - we as 4 I . YV . v ' h 7 W u ' I - S . d W v i u e ' ' 9 J '. 11 ' ' Pu -4 Come on in! We have some of the best shows ever put on. Don't forget to see "The Bach- e1or's Dream." Look there before your eyes. The Majesties and their attendants. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Another show of the bathing suits. This is the second and last show for this evening. Come 'St on in here and see the famous boxers boxing their way to stardom. How about a game of Bingo. play a game and win a prize. Donit you want to take a nice gift home with you? THE FACULTY TABLE Nl heard them sing, 'Come to the Mardi Grasf lt was Rio in the spring, at the Mardi Gras." And that is exactly W'l'15t it WHS HI the JUHTOT- SSIITOI' PTOITI of n47u Sfld "48". The handsome hoys and their charming mis- tresses lnegan to arrive at 7:15. They were met at the door hy a welcoming committee--Shirley Lehde, Mr. and Mrs. D. Mann, Mr. and Mrs. G. Kimpling, Nancy Holbrook, Betty Schma- le, Truman Brandt, Bolo Kirnpling. At 7:30 the waiters and waitresses--Ann Cruse, Howard Frederlcin Charlotte Wood- on, Waldo Hildebrand- he- gan serving the menu. that consisted of: Chilled Fruit Juice Cfeaffled Chicken in Patty Shells p3I'Sleyed POt3tOBS Buttered peas RCllSl'lCS Hot Rolls Butter lce Cream Iced Tea 3. side, Robert Koser. Joycelyn Wisclv. Walter Janliowslci, Barhara Rich- arcls, Paul Reuter. Shirley Bath- Following the supper a program was car- ried OI1 The StI1dCI1tS. Invocation Mr. J. D. Mann Welcome - - Truman Brandt Response - Elwood Doelling Musical Selection - - Barbara Richards Carnival Tall: During the remainder of the evening the couples swayed to the soothing music of John- ny Harrison and his orchestra. The dance floor was separated from the dining section by a twisted iron fence. Placed at intervals around the fence were old fash- ioned street lamps that put forth a soft light upon the moving couples. The ceiling con- sisted of multi-colored streamers and a mer- ry-go-round stood in the center of the floor, adorned with many, many gay-colored bal- loons. DQN Pace 49 The students of the Academy of Dramatic and Allied Arts are extremely excited for they are expecting a very famous actress who will guest-star in one of their plavs They are all trying to imagine what the famous actress will be lilce. They vision her as "tired-tormented-she must have suffered a great deal for her art." Meanwhile, the director is getting all in order. He studied under Stanislavslcy and reminds the stu ents of that fact at every opportunity. Phil, a pleasant young painter, would like to mar- ry his girl friend, Janet. She refuses because she does not want to give up her ca- reer. The director comes by-they must all practice just as it is directed by Stanislav- slcy. He calls, "Everybody suspend! For tive minutes you are an object." One he tells to be an orange-sliced. Another he tells to be a fishing pole, "but you do not catch fish. Therefore you are frustrated." Into this madhouse of art comes our famous actress. She has no idea how to cope with these over-arty students, and they are taken aback to learn that she gives no time to such falcleral herself. To malce matters worse for the actress, she has a personal problem that roughly parallels that of Janet and the painter, Phil. The way in which she solves her problem and thus that of the other young couple. and yet the valuable lesson she teaches to the dramatic students made a delightful evening. Dage 50 CAST Janet Ross - Ilene Hoffman Phil Ford - How- ard Freclerking Marion Phipps - Barbara Richards John Ream-. . Larry Mcciay Cynthia Keene - Joycelyn wisely . my Raimuncl Brown - Leon Torrens Mavis Moriarity - Bonnie Chapman Miss Freeman - Hilma Torrens Miss Robinson - Dorothy Felts Miss Jones - Beatrice Brink Tad Voorhis - Wayne Reinhardt Stella Brahms -' Ruth Hendrix Mr. Bach - Emerald Hahhe Head of the Jefartment Dean of Women ' '- - Cl'l3.l'10ttC Woodside Prudence Mason - - - - Elva Lee Clemmons The visiting actress Claire Carter - Dolores Junge Jerry Flanagan - - - - Walter Janlcowski Arthur Scott. Jr. - Arnold' Harre XNXR I X-kxwrkly X Page 51 The actlon ol the play Centers around Hlldegarde Dolson who doesn t have a date for the un1or emor prom To malce a sm all oclal splash and thus attract date of fers Hxldegarde descrlbes her father a a drunlc durmg a high school debate Th nas ty word gets around and father s Job 1s threatened Hlldegarde Stlll has no date and her soc1al future IS 1n jeopardy It s almost Saturday she wa1ls desperately and no one s even hmtecll om 15 too helpful She f1X6S a date wlth M hermer ft e oss s wlfe Freddy Shermer W o wear mclcers will talce Hxldegar e to the prom IDCC red 16 IS strlctly a zombxe w at wxth lcnlclxers an a xl egar e s SOC13l ll e IS nouv finltely rulne Meanwhxle Palge Mason a l1t le nex fhborhoocl g1rl plays postman wlth M Dol son s love letters Wh1 e the nelghbor atc up on pa Olson s love llfe M mer Dolson boss at the banlc 15 catchmg up on the gosslp Freddxe the banlcer s ltm lcered o S persuaded by Hlldegarde to revolt and buy a suxt But hr t he talces a pan' of pants v ay from Bob who pursues F edd1e to the o son l1v1ng room where he mxst les .J ermer r as hrs quarry and tackles hum T e boss and l'l1S wlte lose then' tempers nd lf appears that Pa Dol on IS really m tne ome of the thlngs blamed o Hlldedarde Shermer r concedes defeat by sur ndermg the lceys to the famxly car So H1 dgarde has a dream oat m tow as s Q. foe to the prom ln a car an her escort wears long pants CAST ll egarde who IS t1re o exng a wallflovser Nancy Holh roolx M Dolson he f ther Trum '1 Brandt Mrs Dolson her mother E her McLeax1 al y her younger sxster Shlrley Lehcl Bo her older brother hrocfler lmmy her younger brother Bo Kxm lug Paxge who l1lC6S to play po tman Esther Roetaeme er Ellle May Bob s hea t throb Nadeen Fo l her r1en Audrey Re xhardt re cl1e hermer who we r Lnlclcers Bob Heggeme e Mr Shermer h1s father Walter Nowalc Mrs hermer hrs mother Genette Hol haue: The Senior Class w7s7zes to than rss trfeleer who so generously and gracfousfy gave o r time to clfrect her second lay 0 the year u a recmtfon is smccre an our rarse unbound ed Page J U M ' . '. . 7 rs. S h b ' " D so V , h s lx ' . 'l ' d . S' F - cl' ' ' ', h cl l1,H'd cl' ' 'f ' 2 cle- ' ' cl. . Q . Q .t A .15 . Q . r' - ' . 'l 'n s h D' ' ' . r. Sher- ., 'S Q' T . D 1 . . Q A. Zi Q11 1 S .Q . . . h A. . . p a . S . . , dog house, until Freddie enters -in long pa nts and reveals that he was responsible for s n ot. .. . S ., ' gg ' ' . i- -b '- he s s -' - d 1 H' d , s ' ' cl f b ' ' - S 1', 1 ' - - - ' G b, ---- Jeff Sc e-. J' - - - - 5 I Ti . ' ' s - I . 1: ' - , Q r - - - a x Jil, f ' cl ---- 1 i. F cl ' S . f ' a s - ' - ,t Q i. S l. l - - 2- ' 1 ' 1 ie M' .5 ' '. ' f he , 6 ' A A if f .O f , pp . . J is . - Wh -Ax Perhaps you rememher see- ing this food stand at the Coun- ty Fair last August. It was htzilt hy the A. hoys in the spring of '48. Their stand seemed to have attracted a large crowd of peo- ple during the fair. This library scene is an every day occurrence.Some are read- ing magazines. some getting hoolcs to read and others. per- haps, just loafing. lncidentally. are there any gremlins in there that could he accused of writing in the maga- zines or tearing a part of the page off. wr-'-- X SN.. 4 X .uf Every spring the F. F.A. boys have an annual banquet. to which they are allowed to invite their fathers. The F. H. A. girls prepare the banquet dinner. Alter the dinner. the fathers were entertained the assefnbly Tl'T'3il" Sons. The fnaifl features of thi' pro' gram were a play, and project reports hy Walter Reuter. ew mi L X M I X i ATHLETICS Pug ul BASKETBALL - 1948 FIRST TEAM NOTES It is an unusual team. indeed, that made up the five Hregularsu for the 1948-49 baslcetball season for N.C.H.S.: A. Brandt, Schroeder, Kimpling, T. Brandt anal Novak. Not only were they good basketball play- ers. but they were high B and A students. ln addition to their athletic prowess Cbaslcetball. baseball-with the exception of A. Brandt and Schroeder-traclc, and the lilcej they also toolc part in many other school activities such as the band, chorus, speech, and plays. Not wish- ing to let any grass grow under their feet, the four Sen- iors plan to enroll in college next fall. Alan Brandt. the only Junior among them, will be baclc at N.C.H.S. shepherding another team to victory and worrying over the problems incidental to being a Senior. Congratulations. boys, and best of luclc to you as life "grows" on. Page SH Alan Brandt, Norman Witt, 0 Waldo Hildebrand, Kenneth May f I Center CIVCIZ lockwrse Havens Klmpllng' T Brandt Schroeder Novak and A Brandt Jeff Schroeder Bob Krmplmg Coach Havens Truman Brandt and Walter Novak Pae59 H X a ,f t N .4 un ' t Ms" Q 'Ss' y ' D 3 E, x K X! r x A eg I C . : ' 'I . : . Q www: w-1-,o , Q . -f -. W, so gb , 1 -2, fm W FS' ....x.,,., ,iw -A 47 ' Y' ' ,, SJ A 'D m 9593! 2 as 2, L z, x X 1, N 'F 'iff f 5 .x s' " "' -X gg f ,I , '59 X 0 K 4 4 3171 I 1 't U ' C. wi i gf L 1 'S' g A 1,1 4 . g , ,J -. . 4 " ' ' 1 .. '11, 1 , -' f V - .,w .1 ' 4 , ..,,,, , , 'fw-" "-., ., ,f .. . , , N E ' V , ,.,- ,- V ', ' 1 V . ? f f v f - 42 ' O4 2 ,, . . 1 , , I , ii a :N 'sv iii' if 1 W ?w 5f H 'ff-P9f5 Jfk jf: 14 e?'3y'??a 'Z ,V 5 , QL? if , ffw f 5., f L' fe f K f . , 4 ff 5 3,13 I 1- ' -1'- A ' T ,. , Af -P ' . f W f , 2 -f Z ,, , , ., . f g. "g, ,wg W r J' D M ' I Q .., ' X Q ' 5, Q W X an ' ,. 1, I L V 5 4 A' Q1 'Q "2 , ' I f If V 6 fy JV 7 I Q 1 f ,tffj L 5X as 2 11 Q ' Q I if ' 4 M f ' .5 73 v I ' gk Wulf, 5 N ' I. ' R 'l-4 , ' - ,W ' -5 'Y q 7 E . K . W vw 5, U N 4 ' 5 Q if 'sa 5.1 I W2 7 38 39 91 06 41 46 74 70 90 36 36 e62 6 C 0- 'L 'WAY UP THERE! fcff Schroeder goes up in the air to talce the opening tipoff against Breese hey We They 25 -O'Fallor1 73 41 -Odin 37 -Ashley fovertimej 58 32 -Carlyle , 31 -Freelnurg 39 37 -Chester 43 -Pinclcneyville 54 35 -Roxana 30 -Chester 51 '28 -Sandoval 23 -Glcawville 36 27 -Belleville Cathedral 32 -St. Maryls 48 34 -Brownstown 39 -Sandoval R -w 1 T t t pi k if 46 -CMMS iaszzsirfsyvit nf 6 40 -Carlyle D Trl'-County 33 31 -Chester 33 3 Tournament 51 Q3 -Sparta 31 -A-Eldorido D Alt' Vermn Seftionaf Tournament at East 5t. four' 36 -Effinghamp Hoifrfay 3? 2? -Ni? Athens 43-Mt. Vernonf Tournament 37 JS'-Collnsvllle 6 -West Franlcfort H U State Tozgnament at Cha,-n15a1'gn 32 -Sparta 43 39 - ttawa 28 -Greenville 33 31 -Molixie 25 -Breese 43 30 -Hillsboro 40 -Ashley 39 49 -West Aurora 21 V J 1 X24 ,4 8' X?-1 ttf OUR HORNETS Reuter Hmes Klfnpllllg Hanenberger Hddebrand May Schroe der T Brandt Novak Sprehe A Brandt Vogt Nledermeyer and W1tt Co Captains T BRANDT and BOB KIMPLING THE 1948 1949 SEASON Thrs years ver lon of the Hornets was made up of several members of the 47 48 quad XVTIICTI Em hed a season of 27 won 3 lo t record The lack of reserve strength m de the Hornets a Eve man team The first team played all the games all season wlth one exceptron when Novak was out because of an mjury Thxs eason the Hornets shlfted thelr style of play from a press1ng defense and a fast breakmg offense to a tlght sluftmg man for man defen e on a slow delxberate double plvot offense Tn tlus style of basket ball the team was able to control rebounds and commrt a m1n1mum number of fouls In compxlmg a record of 33 wms and 3 de feats. the Hornets won elght trophxes, mclud lng two won by the Reserve Squad Durrng a season of 36 games. Nashv11le's total num ber of po1nts was 1751, compared to the op ponents' 1222 The average number of pomts per game was Nashvxlle 46, opponents 35 TED KREBS, Manager Page 63 ' . A W 1 Y T T 2 l K 1, " f Y 9 3 L ' 1 Q xr A 5, ' X x Q y fe f ' X 3' Q Y ! ' ' L g 9 ,X Pr I T 2 M T' , N Af 1351! -W . N 1 3 All f X 1 Uk V53 4 1 X 3 .45 7 ! X A, . X23 s's a- 72 3 . ' 4 s Q4 V Q ? -J-pf ' xi XX x fr 2, 5 9 2 , s gt K f' T 2' xxx -'T 9 . 1 I I 1 , 1 I y 1 Q ' 9 ' 9 7 5 ' 9 : D ' ' ' trr'y . . 7 I M 5 , ,I X ' ' Q Q i K j V S '. ' 's - , - f . 9 1 5 . T 9 3 s,,,.s F I N . ' ' C. - 1 . N ' ..'- . . f W ' . s . - . . q . . D ' ' S , ' 4. HORNETS WIN FOURTH IN STATE After hours avs weeks months and years o practlce the Na hvllle Hornets hnallv made rr to the State uncle the hle leadershlp of Coach Ha ens Naturally xt was the fi st ve that carrre t e urden all the way They fTruman Brandt ef Schroeder Boh Klmplmg' Alan Bran f a d Walter No val: are s own wrth thelr wm nmg smrle tallcmg to the Coach after the pelun game Nas vrlle defeated Ott wa ID the1r hrst game of tournament p a hen went on to heat Pelun rn the econd Hxll horo handed the H0 nets thelr l'q1rst defe t rn a s ulvhc nly fought h ttle and then West Aurora e eated a hadly worn out qtmtet ln the con olat1on fame thus aw ardlng to the Hornets Ne t the hrst fourth place trophv UIVCH ln the hlstory of state hrgh school haslcethall tournaments On thexr return from Champaldn the boys mcludmg the re erv rs ana Mr Havens and Mr and Mr Kxmplmg were met at New Mlnden hy a large entCuraC'e o cars from the hrg cxty of Nash Vllle w rch was now on the m p After malcmg a trlumphant tour ol t e Clty and a wave to Pam the hov were holsted to the hack o a truck at the courthouse an shov n to the puhlxc Bnef speec es were made hy Coach H vens rd Max or Huegely Many t trmomal drnrfers have een drven to the hows on r e hrst team capped by the annual Rotary anquet grv n m onor of the rst fifteen n of those hfteen were awarded let ters at the anquet Trum n ran t ef chroe e Alan Brandt Walter Novak Ro ert Klmpling Wal o ildeh a.. Kenneth May Fred Niederm .y- -r Bill Vogt and Norman W'tt. Page 64 t The boys ata ne J a xxe are prou o them not ecause tl ey now heroes hecause they Nashvrlle- map not he are not put t S cause they won haslxethall gam s. hut rather hecause they are goo clean sportsmen good academ xc students cause thev are onest and trust xxort x hows a hecause they are doo school an communttv Cltl ns They are pr d ect Cl xxh ch Nlashwlle Hlgh can e proud ln our panorama of tournament plax x e see hrcecer tofsmg 1n xx at xxe ope xxas a txxopoxnter a0'a1nst ttavxa My mv suc torm as No D3 1sDlaxs omeone help lrttle a Bran t out' e max le the sma est ntes re ta ng no C ance 0 h haslcet 1 proxxess ee anxt mg 1nter sung Noval- an c'1roe er7 All xef are 0-1 the hall as xxe C e another shot IH progress Schroeder an T Brandt lool- ID a good POSITION tor anx rehound cornmg therr xx ax Xwhatever happened 1f xx as not qu1te good enough lor the hoxs xx ent ooxxrm to t e1r hrst eat 1n tournament n ax adam t the scrappmd H1llshoro qumtet Better next xear hoxfl ha our s ogan G tare7 Here on these pages we hnd glimpses of a tournament passed-passed in all its glory. GIT1 . Elfld PQQCHUITY. Il1I'lllS. HDL! dis- 1 P appointments. Nashville s cheering section IS not vrsrzle-either hy sight or sound. Tickets sold hot C3li6S2 HTS! TOIUC. hrst serve. There are times. lilds. when it does not pay to llve outside Nashville. To those who "heard" the tournament and those who could neither hear nor see. we dedicate 'hese pages. May they hrrng to you a vlvid image of that grand and glorious. herolc event Champaign is where heroes are made,-the C annual Illinois State high school haslcethall tournament PIM fn I 3. 5 bb, nd V cl f ., -- lj . , :DOH I - h 'V' - 11. and 5 ' I V I be' 1. V. ' - -V hy na , L C1 . L1 v M V sf 1V ' -1? V 11 l V. ' V , ' o V . , 4, , 11 ' - gl .' d' A V' . S ' ' A1 H -11 . H ,V V 11 IT16l'T'1l7SI' of The tribe. hut apparently the pck' 11far-lc1 he 5.115 15.11 V-Us ,V11' 1 V. A 1 Sl C1 . . . . V - . Me.. 1 ld . . 5 hs 'asf' 'A p V",1V,V df. . 5,11 1 ' he "eff, S NO FAIR HOLDING The above photo shows a mf-cl scramble for the ball during the last few seconds of a close league game. Did someone commit a foul? Won- der if the whistle blew? Be sure to get that score down. girls! Below- a picture of one of the many teams in the league, Havent we seen some of those faces before? Could it be that they are on the B Team? NGON-HOUR BASKETBALL Basketball is eating at Nashville Community High-its as regular as th ree square meals a clay. Each year a noon- hour basketball league is organized to play cluring the lunch hour. The purpose of this league is to keep the stuclents "out of mischief... It also gives the boys who are not out for basketball a chance to learn how to play the game--uncler the care and guidance of the seconcl raters. Ar the close of the league season the teams have a tournament to determine the chamrions-six ancl seven to a team. including a few gracle stuclents. GET THAT BALL Jane Stutsman grabs the ball the backboarcl for a rebouncl as two oppon- ents try to snatch the out of her hancls. No. the boys arenqt the only ones who play noon-hour basketball-the girls have a league of their own. They play two days a week. while the boys play three. If you havenit seen these girls play basketball. you have really missecl scmething. They go all out to win. even more so than clo the boys. lt seems that they prefer boys' rules. but play better uncler girls- rules. What say. kicls? v4 'a ODDS AND ENDS 4. ,Wu A R .f x F.,-V J S. 'S .ix 1' f fb s , wi. W4 in " ...Q-"'.f-S. ..,:,N rx. nun.. J fs fm Mn Ji'-NP", - - '-z""" " , 1 '- . l .K ,ar .. 'I ,. KV., A Vw, ' mg W I: W 3 7 M W? P 'LT' Q Y X if f , mage, . ,Ji . . ,i 9 My i 'ff?fw7Q,QA.jr?, 'l 1.

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