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I V fir, Aa , , A ' ' - , 9 , - ' ' in ., . km 'X ' K 15 PJ xE 'V Z1 'xv 16:65. . 1 I ,Nr gf: 7. ix ,f ' Q 1- f x '-,W qi mfg!! NF 'N f WW 1 "' fp I I rg 4: T,,,Q be A ' , Zi z J 'N F Q Nl ,..:f'l' Fw ' , 'jqhu X nf ? - QM H" ,,,-ge 41-ii, fi . fmy,-Q?" li,-fb' 6 X 1" 1 Q. '2 NM gm, lf tw' u 11"1'M, iglgmirf ' V ygfg, N , -,'N N L w w: ,'!N -If I " ,.-., I T ,X VEQ4 ., "A, , 9 1 ' ffilzfff M f t? if 5. ml 14' 7 JE :Z - 4, . . . M, - ,Q '41 Soil' ,K Q, 4 ff: , Q 'I I ,asia an pi-N'-ra 4 N , '57 0" A 4 I ? IE 1 V f"f Ill- . ? ' -L "' f 22 1 L., fr N4ff qi' New 1 ?L xl Us f X-'fha A :X - .1'. "' 32 ".A'.'.A" VIIA ww W m Anvnh Z .. K 5535535882555 .- H '- 4'--1-x"r' ' "f:55:5:15IS:'. ':?Q55r55: fy x .g V 'Z, ,...l. X ' ,J if 'W 1' Q' 4.-rn" ' '-'-1' ' ffr. "V Q je N -' Q . v U Y 6' M -' f 1 of x - N 'X fl J I 1' milf, if, ' ii f f aim f W ff wwnefbfih Q, 5 It W. ff, . ff m N Ii' rl ' ' , , Vo s . I W , 5, gg, Hn Fl it r ,Wx ! :A ' - 7 1 I ' Y' u 74 N ff, an b. L fm V - fc .Z 'fx ' Z' -f i.f?0 Q ' f gg 4:35 IIWJHQRNET m ' W !?53'l754 T ANNU L T c NhllGg if 9 .g Foreword Th book will be an unbreakable link in your chain of memories. And if, when looking through these pages, you relive the happy days of yesteryears for 'ust h' 3 a w ile, our efforts will not have been in vain. ough time will pass, and we shall part, this Thus, we present this book to youp may your hearts be lighter and your lives be happier for the memories it may bring. THE STAFF llfflffllnlffzfffmlwwwfffmfffwf UA Q C A5535 A CONTENTS Q Foam om: , wmcpmcm TAF? S F ACULTY RS SENXO CLA WXLL SS ROPHECY CLASS P 1 '52 - ,f IUNXORS SCPHOMCRES FBESHMEN F AV ORYYES CRC ANXZATKCNS ATHLETXCS S ADVERTXSEB fm Q IN MEMORI There are a few occasions on which we are required to think deeply on the value of a life. One of these is the passing of a friend. It is a sad thing to know that only a great loss makes us realize a great value. The sum of all the good we could say about Billy would fall far short of expressinghis value to our lives. Let it suffice to say that everyone who knew Bill is better off in some way for it. Jimmy Futch BILLY CARLISLE 1155 -,r z'f,iL P V W 4556 f ZJ,,5??'9 AFA' 1fEi3?,z7:? , , ,,, ,,:-53 ,F A-1 L Mas. EDWARDS KENNETH NASH MARILYN scoTT JIMMY POWELL CAROLYN MCNEA1. Sponsor Art Editor Business Manager Art BILLY CARLISLE Circulation EMA DELL HENDLEY Feature 'W , ,Ma BERT MAXWELL Sports ANNUAL TAF F 7 i f if PAUL STALLINGS Photography SANDRA ALLEN Feature CLEM MATHIS Clubs A r JOYCE BUSH ELOISE SKINNER Sports Circulation ,A Q, '-1 A - xg., Q' A WJ.. may , A EA, L xx A LUCILLE BRADFORD Photography . 'E- Xu FAYE KIMBLE Typist ANN MAULDEN MARIE BROGDON IEANETTE GRINER LYNELL HUGHES Advertising Advertising Advertising Typist BETTY JEAN BAILEY Clubs NELDA JOHNSON Circulation ,,.,,,,,,gr.,,, .--,..,.,,,...,........... .V ...V . I p l I ,wx XX X ff? riff E7 . 1 I N in X x N ,,.Q fn Q- , ,::,.1: 5,35-f .,......A..,4,h.. O O O an Q ,n-'-"' p - Q - lg ng Q 2 .1.. .1 - MR. FRED BEVERLY, Principal MISS AVA NIX Secretary 851. 4 W an U 3 os it Ti N ' 1'--'-M1 12 f -sunk MR. R. D. ALTMAN MR. F.L. BLANTON MRS. R.L. BROWN MR. R. D. COVINGTON Chemistry ' Bivlogy Algebra - Math Home Economics Agriculture Instructor 21 , - i Y . Il , I . xv. X' . I R O ' . Q NMA MR. CARROLL DORSEY MR. SHERMAN DRAWDY MRS. EVELYN EDWARDS MISS DOROTHY FOARD U. S. History Agriculture Librarian English I Civics English II Assistant A thletic Dir. 'J' MRS. ALTON FUTCH MISS WILLIE HUNTER MISS MAUD INGRAM MR. M. D. KIRKLAND English II Algebra Typing Health Geometry Athletic Director xi' MRS. M. D. KIRKLAND MRS. ALMA KNEECE MR. G. MCMILLIAN MR. W. H. POWELL English III Music Director Science Guidance Director Democracy Civics Spanish U. S. History MR. I. D. RICHMOND MRS. C. W. SCHMOE MRS. WM. STORY World History Health English IV Math Civics Math MRS. R. D. WHALEY Bookkeeping Shorthand General Business SENIOR CLASS OFFICER Quinny YK J 'mr- ff' Sv BERT MAXWELL ----'--------- President RUSSELL NIX - - -------- Vice President LYNELL HUGHES - - - - Treasurer ELOISE SKINNER - - Y 4. - . sift: J' MARY ALEXANDER "MARY" "Her smile is a cue for conversation." SANDRA ALLEN "SANDY" Secretary She's just what she is, what better report, a girl, friend, student, good sport." 1 1 BETTY JEAN BAILEY "BETTY" "Can't cook, can't draw, don't resemble Venus, can't y sing, can't write, guess l'm just a genius." MA RDINE BENEFIELD "MARDINE" "Laughing, smiling evermorep she's a friend we all adore." DARTHA BENNETT IVALENE BRADFORD LUCILLE BRADFORD JANE BROCK "DOT" "IVALENE" "LUCY" "IA NIE" A friend in need is "Do not loyalty and "Her friendship is "Let my deep silence a friend indeed." kindness merit praise?" worth having, " speak for me BOBBY BROCK "BOBBY" What we ought not MARIE BROGDON " REFUS' Men are such fools. we do. -'wnggvswsf W , NANCY BROGDON 'NANCY' 'Her hair is no more sunny than her heart: this we know from the start." JOYCE BUSH "BUSH" "Efficient, sweet and sincere, good at sports from what we hear." WILLIAM CARLISLE DONALD CARTER " BILLY" " DONA LD" The wrong way al- As the song goes: ways seems the more 'For he's a jolly good reasonable. " fellow . " RALPH CLANTON IOE CONGER "RALPH" "JOE" Usually quiet and "Little man with big shy: but we know ideas. " he's an all round BUY- MAJORIE COOK " MA RGIE" "Laughter is her medicine. " JAMES COOK IIJAMESII "My teachers think I'm sweet, I'm always placed on the front seat." CHARLES DIX " CHARLIE" 'Sometimes I sit and thinkg but most times I just sit. " KENNETH EXUM " KENNY' "Women are meant to be loved, not understood." AVA NELL FAULKNER "AVA" "As lovely and as full of light, as an evening star on a winter's night." KENNETH FORD " KENNETH" "Roll on old world and l'll roll with you." VIRGIL FOXWORTH " VIRGIL" " JIMMY" "Make hay while the sun shines, because it looks like rain." myself, " JAMES FUTCH "All great men are dying: I feel ill SWINTON FUTCH "SWINT" Working, working, never shirking, always happy and content." JACKIE GIDDENS "JACKIE" I love work, I could sit for hours and look at it." JAMES THOMAS GIDDENS 'THOMAS' "Give the world your best and the best will come back to you." IO ANN GRANTHAM NIO!! "Life is very short and uncertain---Let us spend it as we can. " JEANETTE GRINER PETE GRINER ELMER GR1FF1N BETTY FAYE GOODIN " GR1NNER" " POMPY" " ELMER" " BETTY" Ring on her finger. "If worry were the '-1 follow the path of "Her care was not to man on her mind." cause of death, he least resistance," offend, and every would live forever." creature was her friend." JOHNNY HANCOCK "JOHN" "Why should the devil have all the fun?" IEANETTE HAND "IEANETTE" Good things come in small packages. JOHN A . HARRIS lljohnrt "Above all things be carefree, gay and lighthearted." EMA DELL HENDLEY HEMMIE.. "Ignorance is bliss. therefore I'm happy. " ERMA JEAN HODGES l-YNELL HUGHES NELDA JOHNSON FAYE KIMBLE " ERMA " " LYNEI-L" " NELDA" " FAYE" Bubbling OVC! with "A S004 SPO!! and "She's the only one "Do your best and enjoyment, lovable, true, we need more gf her kind. " fgrgeg the 1-egg, " confusing and arnus- just like you." ing." SARA MARTHA LINDSEY "MARTY" 'Curly hair, shiny eyes, merry humor, she's a prize. DOROTHY LUKE "DOTTIE" "Everything comes if we wait." CLEMOTHENE MATHIS " CLEM" "The world would surely be a dull place without me." ANN MAULDEN "ANNIE MAE" "Generally speaking, she's generally speaking." ALBERT MAXWELL FAYE McNA BB CAROLYN MCNEAL JULIUS MORGAN "BER'I"' "MAC" "CAROL" " SONNY" Don't crowd, girls, "Love is the greatest "Neat, sweet, and "If at first you don't you will all get a of all education. hard to beat." succeed--Oh well, chance." fl am educated.y" skip it." KENNETH NASH "KENNETH" "He may seem quiet and look naive, but if you know Kenneth, that's hard to believe. " RUSSELL NIX ll ll 'Unprepared and unconcemed, goes to class and never learns." MILDRED ODUM "MILDRED" 'Her smile as sweet as the flowers in Mayg her eyes as sparkling as a bright summer day." CHRISTINE PAFFORD " CHRISTINE" 'Tis the song you sing and the smile you wear, t.hat's making the sunshine everywhere." JAMES PITTMAN "JAMES" Yep, 1'm a senior this year." -g I AM ES POWELL "JIMMY" "The greatest plea- sures in life are love, music, and rosebuds." fro SHOWN lb, gal EARNEST PURVIS "PURVIS" "Oh, well, tomorrow is another day." GRA CIE ROLAND "GRACE" LA VAUGHN RAY "LA VAUGHN" "I believe in taking life easy." Unlike others, she is herself." LA VERNE ROLA ND " BERNIE" "I am part of alll have met." LOUVE ROLAND N " To know her is to love her." BETTY ROWE "BETTY" "Of honest worth, truly one on whom we can depend." MARILYN ROSE SCOTT JACLENE RUDESEAL "JACKIE" "BO ROSE" "A modest girl in word and waysg she justly earns her class- mates' praise." Silence is one great art of conversation." IUOSUJY- an , x x 7IOZ5laz0n VELMA SIMMS " VELMA " "A head packed full of brains and a heart packed full of sun- shine." JOEL SMITH "JOEL" ELOISE SKINNER " SQUEEZ.ER" "Here's a girl not shy nor bold, but she's a friend as good as gold." "Teachers and classrooms are his only objection to education. " PA UL ST ALLINGS HBABY.. "That's as well as if I'd said it myself." Ljxx L Y ' lf' Photo not Auilaue DOROTHY SWAIN "Nice to look at, nicer to know." "HAZEL" "As merry as the day is long." I. E. SUTTON "He says littleg but thinks a lot. " HAZEL STONE 'J r ,-vm T 'Q - f f. . 3' A':4+.:. 1 V .V .iq d f ' ., - :J J' fi Y-'ILM' ,Vg ,g 211,13 ,J ' ,:,--QQ 'vii ' ' e MF Ewifs ,fgw'L33 Q W ,, 4,5 r Q, if , , :H A '.7v'n'z I -fy" Q ,. I x ..- Q 5, A . W.. , is sl-'Ii'3f M .jf ' A if 4 ' 'fi sl ' E G U . I ,I Q f' CHRISTINE TAYLOR .TUANITA THOMPSON GENEVA VICKERS "CHRIS" " I UANITA" "GENEVA" "She's pretty to walk "Any goal can be "To sum up all, be with, and witty to achieved with a merry, I advise, and talk with." little ambition." as we are merry. may VIVIAN WHEELER " VIVIA N" "I love to live whether I smile or grieve." we still be wise. 0 .,,..,, .. . ,... vYv,.....--W f-. - Wm- . - -rw-+----q----- P r THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT State of Georgia. . . . . Nashville High School We, the Senior Class of 1954, considering ourselves the best and most dignified class yet to enter or bid farewell to our beloved school and having come into contact with English, 'The Tragedy of Macbeth, " and Spanish, and stlll being able to de- clare ourselves of sane mind and sound body, do hereby state our last will and testa- ment as follows: ARTICLE I To Our Class Advisors 1- To our principal, Mr. Beverly, we leave a double-barrel shotgun to use on stu- dents who skip classes, and our gratitude and appreciation for all he has done for us. 2- To Mrs. Story. we leave our vote of thanks for her help: also we leave behind the same Chaucer and Shakespeare she tried to teach us. 3- To Mrs. Whaley, we leave our thanks for her patience and steady nerves, and VFHFU1 ' hope she finds more capable bookkeeping students in the Junior Class. 4- To Mr. Powell, we leave our gratefulness for his guidance and faithful efforts to help us overcome our ignorance, also smarter Spanish students. 5- To the teachers in general we leave a bottle of arsenic to make it a quick death Instead of the slow torture they are forced to endure. We also leave our many thanks. ARTICLE Il To The Classes 1- To the Juniors, we leave twice tl1e good times we have enjoyed here, also the responsibility of the '55 annual. 2- To the Sophomores, we leave our troubles and heartaches. 3- To the Freshmen, we leave our great knowledge. 4- To all the classes, we leave our dignity and best wishes. ARTICLE III Personal Bestowals I, Swinton Futch, do leave Beverly Sue Barfield--reluctantly. I, Nelda Johnson, leave my Marilyn Monroe walk to Sarah Prickett. I, Sonny Morgan, leave to Jerry Miller every pencil and piece of paper I have borrowed in 1954. I, Charles Dix, will my quiet ways to Tillman Browning. I, JoAnne Grantham, leave my ability to remain a one-man woman to Annie Jane Webb. E , 5 L iii-Q. . .4.......... .....numn,...... .uusjhngs-an Y-W--.-.1-Y s --0 V 'ffrv-vt -3 V--rig: - Q -- wr V 5-,--,lvgg-,-9511-if ,nr-4, 4 Hr rrwssv-v'ww-yrfv Ava Nell Faulkner, leave my cute blush to Nancy Morris and Rudine Taylor. Betty Faye Goodin, leave my slow smile to Naomi Vickers and Hilda Jean Hendley. Erma Jean Hodges, leave my typewriter to Ora Lee Roland. Lynell Hughes, leave my intelligence to Mary Sutton. Vivian Mae Wheeler, leave my long hair to JoAnne Register. Christine Taylor, leave my dignified manner to Louise Shouse. Thomas Giddens, leave my neat handwriting to Sally Jo Connell. Clem Mathis, leave my good times to anyone who thinks he can handle them. Bert Maxwell, leave my place as a leader of men and a follower of women to Dewitt Osborne and Bobby Joe Giddens. Ernest Purvis, leave my curly hair to all the girls who struggle with curlers. Nancy Brogdon, leave my pretty blonde hair to Lulabel McEuen. Donald Carter, leave--period. Ralph Clanton, leave my ability to translate old English to David Nugent and Felton Grlner. Joe Conger, leave my love for school to Franklin Fletcher and Charles Wilkerson. James Cook, leave all the girls, to my sorrow, to the boys in the Junior Class. Jeanette Hand, leave my beautiful brown curls to Marie Harnage. Dorothy Luke, leave my quiemess to Anita Williams and Ester Sturdivant. Faye McNabb leave my giggles to Eva Mae McLemore. James Pittman, leave my big mouth to Raymond Stone. Use it at the right time, Raymond. Gracie Roland, leave my bashfulness to G. H. Watson and Joyce Graham. Laverne Roland, leave my ability to drive under 30 mph. to Carl Collins. Marilyn Rose Scott, leave my ability to skip classes and not get caught to Francis Gray. Paul Stallings, leave my good looks and childish ways to Emory Register. Elmer Griffin, thrust upon Buddy Hunt my sleek hairdo. Comb it daily, Buddy. Joyce Bush, leave my unconcerned manner and carefree look to Norma Ann Mathis. J. E. Sutton, leave to Breman Gaskins. my gift of gab. Eloise Skinner, leave my sweet smile to everyone, hoping to bring as much happiness as mine has brought. Mardine Benefield, leave my speed in typing to Jimmy Griner so that second year will be easier. Mary Alexander, leave to Dolores Bridges, my Sherlock Holmes ways. Jackie Giddens, leave in care of Garland McMillian my favorite wisecracks to be used only in Mrs. Story's English Class. Johnny Hancock, leave to Russell Egleston and Johnny Griffin my self-confidence. John A. Harris, bestow upon Joe Shaw my ability to please Miss Ingram. Carolyn McNeal, leave my wonderful personality to Melvin Plair. I Jimmy Powell, leave--gladly, except one little brunette. I I I I I I I I I I L I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Levaughn Ray, leave my studious ways to Louie Simms and Edna Mae Hughes. Betty Rowe, leave my English appreciation to Marzette Kirkland and Evelyn Odom. Hazel Stone, leave my wonderful determination to anyone who needs it to finish high school. Dorothy Swain, leave my neatness to Barbara Sue Gay and Nelda Blount. Juanita Thompson, leave my shy smile to Norma Faye Mathis and Vernell Cook. Marie Brogdon, leave my ability to keep a spare boy friend on hand at all times to Nancy Nix and Barbara Alexander. Kenneth Ford, leave my bashful hello to Raygene Golden and Junior Futch. Kenneth Exum, leave my place as most handsome boy to Max Gaskins. Jimmy Futch, leave my somewhat unusual ways to Sonny Nix. Ann Maulden, leave my big hello to everyone. Russell Nix, leave my swaggering walk to Wendell Garner. Pete Grlner, leave my ability to talk, talk and talk to Franklin Windleweeder and Troy Griner. Sandra Allen leave my ability to have, to hold and to love to Joyce Ann Brinson. Marjorie Cook, leave my dramatic ability to Eugenia Durrance. Betty Jean Bailey, leave my friendly ways to Sue Nix. Dorothy Bennett, leave my sweet ways to Patricia Carter and Louise Roland. Sarah Martha Lindsey, leave my intelligent wit to Jane Roberts. Louve Roland, leave everything but my diploma to Evelyn Nugent and Virginia Blount. Jaclene Rudeseal, leave my beautiful eyes to Anelda Baker. Velma Simms, leave my luck of securing a beautiful engagement ring to Betty Jo McNabb and Shirley Singletary. Jeanette Griner, leave my soft voice and cute walk to Imogene Griner and Juanita Gaskins. Bobby Brock, leave my ability to sleep in class to Reuben Scruggs and L. C. Cook. Geneva Vickers, leave my Italian hair-cut to Nelda Nash and Marjorie Roberts. Lucille Bradford, leave all but one of the Moody AFB guys to Elaine Carter and Faye Williams. Virgil Foxworth, leave my famous English quotations to Caroll Roberts and Bobby Hendley. Faye Kimble, will to Jerry Webb and June Baggs, every joke ever told on a redhead. Christine Pafford, leave my flirty ways and big blue eyes to Elizabeth McLellan. Billy Carlisle, leave my "fun lovin"' ways to Vernon Rice and Donald Rowe. Jane Brock, leave my pleasing ways to Virginia Harper and Nancy Jefferson. Ivalene Bradford, leave everything but my rnost devoted boyfriend to anyone who needs my versatile qualities. Mildred Odom, leave my job of working in the candy store to anyone unfortunate enough to get lt. Kenneth Nash, leave all my wonderful qualities to Wayne Roberts and James Davis. Joel Smith, leave to Mrs. Story's English classes the wreck I have made of the King's English. Ema Dell Hendley, leave by popular request. Ema Dell Hendley, Testator "'ll"5' CLASS PROPHECY Nashville, Georgia June, 1964 Miss Nickel Van Parking-Meter Retired Lady Basement Custodian of Nashville High School Georgia State Mental Institution Cell No. 30-9999999999999990 Dear Miss Van Parking-Meter, Since you left the city of Nashville and the graduates of the N. H. S. class of 1954, things have really been poppin'. Nearly all the seniors of that memorable year have made names for themselves, in one way or another. For instance, Jackie Giddens who always was full of rhyme, entered the poetry business and has accumulated an abundance of currency with his latest masterpiece, 'Mary Had TWO Little Lambs. " Another who got rich quick was Jimmy Futch, who discovered a combination perfume for the ladies and fly killer. Made from limburger cheese, onions, and sour grapes, --the perfume really slays them qthe fliesj. Passing the theater the other aftemoon, I saw Ava Nell Faulkner and Dorothy Swain taking time off from their job at the dairy, where they are prominent milking maids, to see the newest movie, 'Dragnet No. XXXX. " I hear they are movie goers these days. Pete Griner really went up in the world. He's the one who turns that newfangled crank on the fire tower. Joan Grantham is happily married and just as dignified as ever. Lynell Hughes, the class genius, eloped with some Northerner she used to have a crush on. Lynell was teaching school, but she couldn't match wits with those seventh graders. Russell "Lighmin" Nix, and Kenneth "Cyclone" Nash, whose elusive running make them great grid stars at Notre Dame, are Ray City Tech stars now, with a bonus of 83. 50 a week. Clem Mathis composed that famous 'Boom A La Mathis, " a drum solo, and was exiled to Siberia. Marjorie Cook and Charles Dix came through with flying colors. Charles ousting B. Morris and getting himself elected mayor. Marjorie is his secretary. J. E. Sutton surprised nearly everybody by becoming a professional orator and poet. - Kenneth Exum and Marie Brogdon are two more that hit the matrimony trail, Kenneth heading for Miami and Marie for Atlanta to find the man of her dreams. Strangely enough the showmen of the class turned out to be the Roland twins, who do a Hawaiian song and dance act. Louve handles the hula end of the act and Laverne the vocal. Sometimes they're accompanied by Thomas Giddens and his magic Bag- pipes. Joyce Bush is turning down proposals daily from Bert Maxwell in favor of teach- ing complex mathematics. Bert has finally reached his SECOND million. Lucille Bradford and Mary Alexander are demonstrating elevator shoes. QTheir height, you know. J Lucille's old side-kick, Betty Jean Bailey is head nurse in Carlisle's Hospital. If you see anybody that needs legal advice, refer them to Haire and Harris, Lawyers. John A. and Wallace are up-and-coming lawyers, I hear. Hazel Stone, the local taxidermist, is really in full swing this winter. Sandra Allen is now head majorette of the Allenville Citizen's band. Sonny Morgan has a huge paper route in Alapaha. Swinton Futch is chief copy boy for the NASHVILLE REMINDER and his boss, Ralph Clanton is currently doing a feature on Swinton's engagement to--must we say? Jeanette Hand has added a little variety to her job as carhop- ---now she skates around to the cars--fat her agelj Bobby Brock really went up. He is now head lineman for Georgia Power Co. and you know how high those poles arell -.--y--wus..-,-V--Y-u,v --f swf -sv- TYEVWW, .,,,.... ...Y V . By the way, on the B.C.l-I. S. faculty this year are a number of the gang. Iva- lene Bradford heads the commercial department, except Typing classes, which are wonderfully guided by Marding Benefield. Vivian Wheeler is teaching Spanish. I heard that she took it in college so that she can understand what her Mexican Chlhauhua, Chico, was saying. Faye McNabb's good U. S. I-lisnory grades must have had a great influence on her. She's head of the History department. Eloise Skinner teaches while Nelda Johnson ever so faithfully directs the Glee Club. Betty Faye "Domestic Kate" Gooding teaches Home Ec. , and Elmer Griffin, Agriculture. Re- member those portraits Ann Maulden used to sketch in English Class? Well, they must have improved because she's art instructor. Principal Jimmy Powell explains that as being the reason we have so many male sculpture students. Jimmy's ever- so-capable secretary, Faye Kimble, helps to keep everything going right. Well, you know that out of seventy people there must be some theatrical minded souls. Those thusly affected in our class of ten years ago were: Christine Pafford, who decided to develop the canary voice of hers, Dorothy Luke, Gracie Roland, and Janie Brock, whose ballet trio is sensational, Donald Carter, whose skill for 'tickling' the piano won him fame and fortune, and James Cook whose work in Dramatics Club influenced him to become the great producer that he is today. Those straying off a great distance from home are: Levaughn Ray, Designer of ladies' evening wear: Carolyn McNeal, who resides at Cape Cod Seashore, where she is gathering material for the book she is now writing. She became well-known for her last novel, 'The Trouble With Women Is Men. " Radio and Television announcer ls Joe Conger. The politician of the class seems to be Kenneth Ford. I heard last month that he was campaigning hot and heavy for mayor of New York City. Tele- vision actress Nancy Brogdon is vacationing in Cuba. I hear she's learning some new dances. Some have gotten wings since that great year of '54. Christine Taylor, Geneva Vickers, and Velma Simms, are proudly wearing the silver wings of the U. S. W. A. F. Dartha Bennett also got wings--waterwingsg she's a Wave. There are those, who didn't stray far from home like Reverend Joel Smith of the First Baptist Church, who is delivering the Baccalaureate Sermon this year. Paul Stallings is owner and operator of the "Shave and Save' barber shop here in town. Three distinguished guests of ours last week were: Lieutenants Virgil Foxworth and Ernest Purvis qthey pilot those jets down at Moody Fieldj, and Jeanette Griner, a Powers' Model. I was calling my friend, Marilyn Scott, who runs a dude ranch in Arizona, last week end and who do you suppose the long distance operator was--yes-- Mildred Odum. Jacelene Rudeseal, society editor of the local paper, told me of Ema Dell Hendley's success. It seems that she raises mink. Makes her own fur coats! Professor James Pittman is touring Europe with his latest invention, a bubble gum vender that gives change. Those going high-brow were: Juanita Thompson, Betty Rowe, and Erma lean I-lodges, they're touring guides, representing the local literary guild, down at the Nashville William Shakespeare Memorial. Well--suppose that's the best account I can give you of the old gang. I have to resume my--ah--job, and look for that lost mop. My regards to the warden! Sarah Martha Lindsey, Prophetess if 7 I AIX D, L. IERRY WEBB - President BARBARA ALEXANDER JUNE Secretary Vice President Treasurer BAGGS ELAINE CARTER ANELDA BAKER BEVERLY BARFIELD NELDA BLOUNT VIRGINIA BLOUNT DOLORES BRIDGES JOYCE ANN BRINSON TILLMAN BROWNING ELAINE CARTER PATRICIA CARTER CARL COLLINS SALLY IO CONNELL IMOGENE GRINER SUE NIX FRANCIS GRAY l1Qo-1 L. C. COOK VERNELLE COOK JAMES DAVIS BLAKE DRAWDY EUGENIA DURRANCE RUSSELL EGELSTON FRANKLIN FLETCHER PETE FRANKLIN JUNIOR FUTCH WENDELL GARNER BREMAN GASKINS MAX GASKINS IUANITA GASKINS BARBARA GAY BOBBY JOE GIDDENS RAY GENE GOLDEN JOYCE GRAHAM FRANCIS GRAY JOHNNY GRIFFIN BETTY IEAN GRINER 4-x N ng: V ,- , .I -i , 1- ' Jhuaam W .,., as 1 0 . E Dio fli I wf Gd' guns hmu ,M .IIMMY GRINER FELTON GRINER TROY GRINER MARIE HARNAGE VIRGINIA HARPER HILDA JEAN HENDLEY IMOGENE HOLLAND EDNA MAE HUGHES BUDDY HUNT NANCY JEFFERSON MARZETTE KIRKLAND ELIZABETH MCCLELLAN LULABEL MCEUEN EVA MAE MCLEMORE GARLAND MCMILLAN BETTY MCNABB NORMA ANN MATHIS NORMA FAYE MATHIS IERRY MILLER NANCY MORRIS lk lfiffiij 3 Xl V' more mr Avuum NELDA NASH WENDELL NIX NANCY NIX SUE NIX DAVID NUGENT EVELYN NUGENT DEWITT OSBORNE MELVIN PLAIR SARAH PRICKETT EMORY REGISTER JOANN REGISTER VERNON RICE CARROLL ROBERTS JANE ROBERTS MARIORIE ROBERTS WAYNE ROBERTS LOUISE ROWLAND ORA LEE ROWLAND DONALD ROWE REUBEN SCRUGGS M., vmumnuus Q. I ., j ,r- S AA" ,fx QS. A ' ,, f PFW. U ,ax 1 PHOTOGRAPH . N0 7 IVA!! Adi. F iw' .fr ,Dy 2 af C N 1. N ,IW !QlllMBlE HW was .I-'ll' hd IERRY SHAW IOE SHAW LOUISE SHOUSE LOUIE SIMMS SHIRLEY SINGLETARY HAROLD STRAWDER ESTHH2 STURDIVA NT RAYMOND STONE MARY SUTTON RUDINE TAYLOR NAOMI VICKERS G. H. WATSON ANNIE JANE WEBB JERRY WEBB CHARLES WILKERSON ANETA WILLIAMS FAYE WILLIAMS FRANKLIN WINDERWEEDLE BOBBY HENDLEY EVELYN ODUM --nv' SQ HQMQQR S Qx X X fav 2' - 1 Y ..f: 5 no l U rx 3 fw o ck v' 0 A 'D Allen, William B. Bacon, Cecille Bailey, Helen Baker, Dorothy Baker, Helen Baker, Alison Barker, Charlie Barker, Huey Benefield, Carolyn Bennett, Dothan Boyd, Eulis Boyd, Huey Boyd, Ralph Bradford, Gene Brogdon, Sally Browning, Sara Bryan, Barbara Ann Bryan, Nannie Ruth Bryant, Carolyn Burnsed, Maxie Nell Carter, Randall Cersey, Albert Chapman, Faye Clanton, Mable Clanton, Linda Collins, Melmarie Conger, Inez Conger, Sara if .Q X . ,, ,X 1 1 'X l . X I ' " 7 E ,- 31 t N J .J- haunt .A.rl.lA 'g ,F 'E :gal gal 1 ga. ' Q 4, Conger, Wilburn Connell, Glendon Connell, Martha Connell, Shelba Jean Cook, Albert Cook, Vernell Cooper, John Thomas Cooper, Walter Cornelius, Billy Cornelius, Faye Cribb, Jewel Danforth, P.H. Day, Bobby Joe Davis, Ray Kenneth Dix, Iacquelyn Dixon, Joe Drawdy, Evelyn Dryden, Jerry E'Da1go, Myrna Loy Fountain, Edward Freeman, Tommy Fuller, Kenny Drew Gaskins, Gaskins, Gaskins, Gaskins Gaskins Gaskins Annette Earl Gene Huey James E. La Fon 1 cmovoeaa-m4 yor :nu Auf 5531 S . , K 1 . J N4 t WNIIUUBU 1 JW ? at 1' lo A, I Lu p Q 5"'7no moto 6 N rr' -ouunof v A K 3 VV 1 , A Nw! Gaskins, Robert V Giddens, Kenny Grey, Earl Wayne Grey, Juanelle Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Bonnie Carroll H Janice Junior Griner, Charles Griner, Fay Griner, Melba Guthrie, Hugh Guthrie, Roy Hand, Betty Jean Harnage, Jean Harper, Johnnie Harris, Eugene Harris, Max' Harris, Theida Harrison, Sara Jane Henderson, Carolyn Hendley, Bobbyj Hogan, Dwight Hughes, Billy John Jackson, Mary Frank James, Mary Ruth Jenrette, Emory Keen, Betty vfq sail? 05- X' 039' f, ,if sf s, .DF Sv' S? Kent, Charles Lee Kent, Eugene Talmadge Kent, Huey Glenn Kimble, Billy Willard Kirkland, Ruby Mae Knowles, Allen Lindsey, Delma Jean Lindsey, Edith Ann Lindsey, Vernon Lisenby, Mary Joyce Luke, Jessie Mae Lynn, Robbie Nell McLain, Carole McLendon, Sue McNeal, Ola Jean Maddox, Guy Maluda, Lynn Grover Mathis, Ruby Matthews, Charles Moore, Bonnie Moore, Mary Morris, Billie I0 Outlaw, Carolyn Outlaw, Fayne Pafford, Faye Parrish, Charles Peach, Joe Peters, Mary Alice Qilfxiilif ' 'xi ffl A . PVR- J it U if ,.?6,:f:2'.".?'.':.f 1 Q Hr WX l 1-2 Q-+' 'W x '1 T,Ii5 A! If wa' K gwigfiivg-3 N ' VF. sw -Q .a Pimlo D01 AVAILABLE 5. Phillips, Buddy Plymel, Bobby R. Powers, Bobby R. Powers, Shirley Pritchard, Mary Nell Purvis, Felton Purvis, Leon Elvin Ray, Mary Maudine Register, Edwin Roberts, Bennieth Kent Roberts, Jimmy Roberts, Betty Jean Rowan, Patricia Rowe, Vinson Scruggs, Jan Sahw, Gerald Ray Shaw, Raymond Gaston Smith, Earl Junior Stinson, Steve Strawder, Harold Stevens, Emma Lou Stevens, Anita Sutton, Bobbie Jean Swain, William Russell Swanson, James Donald Swilley, Herman Daniel Taylor, Charles Temples, Ouida Mae Tyson, Elizabeth Vickers, Bobby Vickers, Bonnie Vickers, Tommy , -f M V A ', U 1' Agnwunnrnas Vickers, Weyman UA Wacter. Raymond Walker, Shelby Warren, J. D. Warren, Olif Whidden, James Williams, L. Carroll Wright, E. Virginia AVAILABLE Taylor, Martha Sturdivant, Earl Davis, John H. Rowe, Herman . me The T 600 Ma href! St Yistol Y a oogies " ,F .,n" ww, Q Af 5 5,4 Blffl A LLUB INI FIATION 'ki' ,Q J f A-Q... f 2 Ill' ' N M fi X, , W lFf!443,'l Q v , N Anderson, June Akins, JoAnne Bailey, Charles Bailey, Elbert Baldree, Charles Barker, W. T. Boyd, James Boyd, Zettie Lee Bradford, Tommie Browning, Zerelda Bryan, James Bush, Grace Cersey, Shirley Ann Chapman, Junior Connell, Ruth Crosby, Johnny Dix, Kenneth Drawdy, Dorothy Faye Drawdy, Janice Dumas, Roy Dupree, Evelyn Dupree, Ruthie Durrance, Willene Exum, Shirley Forte, Sarah Lou Fountain, Leola Fountain, Sandra Franklin, Coy Futch, Geneva Faulkner, Imogene Fender, Earl Wayne Gaskins, Bobby I A v i 'arf- iw .N 3171 . IZ - .. 3:15, iw Q S 525' im a I DlD'NT HAVR IQAOT 1' A -vmNG' 'ro 'SHOWN , wins. ' -Q I' : . A ,lb 1 ' ,, ' Ill ' K J, .L +1 Q., -ug, EET , A 1 -Ogg! y , 5" 3 vi ',' Q, -U . ' nm 1 Lg, pl - .. ,, 3u'YNO PH .its 1ocf2APH ,?64?AvAlL ABLF .. ' E lf - 2057? wfmzafa .W ,X ,R Gray, Lamar Griffin, Jimmy Griffin, Margaret Griffin, Zane Griffis, Doris Jeanette Griffis. Fred Junior Griner, S. B. Guest, Donna Lee Gunter, Jerome Hancock. Jimmie Harnage, Vernon, Junior Harris, Darla Ann Harris, Wayne Jackson, Ellen Arnell James, Ivoray Jenrette, Peggy Ketron, Jerry Key, Linda Gail King, Anita King, Gerald Long, Shirley Luke, Yvonne McCorvey, Mary McGill, Ruby McLain, Ralph Waldo McLemore, Vernell McLendon, Clifford McMillan, Joe Wayne Maluda, Leroy Mathis, Geraldine Mathis, Lamar Mathis, Junior 9 n ch V of g 'Q lr 3 fV'T5f5YfffT?f' 4 K ' .1 f Q .4 - A xl .5 9 ' qv,53T.A:IE J 4 av ,.. Y G Q52 11' A1 ' N v s 'F' E' I ' Q o 'J I ,I 1 lvl Q. 1173 YJ! 'f' Q, " , 1 V al if S I It 9- 1 g 4 Moore, James Henry Moore, Mary Nelms, Loretha Nix, Billy James Nix, Carolyn Nix, Emerson Nix, Janice Ogletree, Daryel O'Quinn, Betty Outlaw, Finous Parker, Ruth Evelyn Powell, Jimmy Rentz, Mary Ellen Roberts, Jeanette Roland, Raymond Roland, Ronald Rowan, Mary Lou Royals, Wonnie Sirmans, Leon Simmons, Donald Skinner, George ' se ,Q 9- t , ff tff. Y 1 Pima not AY All..-XBLE Q' v '1 N L? ,uf Phd! ld , Q5 , X L , Tai! .4 . Smith, Mary Caroll : W -QL, Strickland, Virleen Sturdivant, Thomas Q Stallings, Jane Sumner, Shirley Sweat, Evelyn Sweat, Donna Lee Lewis, Agnes Swindle, Ted Thomas, Juanez Thompson, Carolyn Y me 2 'Q 'J .f ,,-- ji . ,,,.,- i as ,Z ,. Q if P - is gud' a s r l Tittle, Russell Tomberlin, Jimmy Turner, Beverly Ann Walker, Jackie Walker, Vivian Warren, P.J. Weaver, Judy Webb, Benny Kay ' if 9 , - X C 4 L... 1 Lb Webb, Yvonne Webb, Johnny Pat Whaley, Marcia Wheeler, Sara Whitley, Ruby Wilkes, Allen Williams, Owen Wood, Coy Wright, Myrtice Annette Wright, Sue Young, James Odis :Al :f r wa .fa i"' Z ' in ., '44, A fa, ' " one . Smile Sip B ,That Toothvasle efore the La st Classv. XVN THE ALMA M TER There's something about old Nashville High School That tugs at our hearts: May we love and honor her, and always do our part. Chor us: Alma Mater thee we honor, praises never fail, For her fame shall never perish, Red and Black, all hail. All these years we've been together Fondly we recall, days of fair and stormy weather Thou has gladened all. Q 7 - ... Q 65 r: Q - v p 661 2 ' Lf-T' Qbu '- FHWQEZESETE if Z 1 Homecoming Queens SANDRA ALLEN and IOYCE BUSH Football Queen ANELDA BAKER in. WW F.F. A. Sweetheart NANCY NIX F. H. A. Beau RUSSELL NIX Farm Bureau Queen SANDRA ALLEN Miss N. H. S. --1953 MARIE BROGDON Q I 1 ! ' 1 I X. -,A . .kb 1 fa in 22 4 Nw L rl . , ,,... X A...-- YK I ,., lm ezth Ax V . ,ly lx X. fa .gg fn -xx wif 353' f i 9 Q A x E th A 1 -ad' fn., fi : . - W K, ZS 5. .QA gag rm fhllsff xv.- 'AUM Rx 5. .R,5,h 1 -vw. V7 - 3 High Scholastic Average LYNELL HUGHES--JIMMY POWELL Wittiest MARIORIE COOK- -JOEL SMITH ! fa x , wwf, 1 um ,,?vM 5 ,ps "lt SM . - we 'A ' g-7 92 "3,E 'gp- . yf,pQ -f-vw,-yi,-vnu ' 0-ag x44 ' M 1 , .. . 'lv'- - 0' ' f ,, 4 ' D S ' D1 .,,, '-2' .. . 9 A - 3 Most Amhleric JOYCE BUSH--RUSSELL NIX 1 " f , . Y'0,.m"5':t-v1"9 . I .43 Y 3 . Q 9' . TZ. .as- ' K .a'..4 .59 M' . 93.1, . ,U I L .. E A 0. - ' ,J . Q'- pf Most Dependable we J" EMA DELL HENDLEY--PAUL STALLINGS 1 ..,,.A -Q 0 X n P ' s pr 36 Ls. V' .rf M 3? VL... peril '-v but 'f"""" I!, Sf " X if 1- Q 1 , up f ui MN x V mg:-zmgy 1 my if" if xq 5" X IXQ5 ik f f N f Q 1 5 X f ' :A X! i f Xi ii' fi vi SJ' Y.fg..J --QA ' -'AA- '44-Af- 1 Q-A--4 -,'--'4.'A i -f'Q'-,-- i A :Z Q J E, K K, K, I L '--'- igygfr' 1 -, .. , ,, .. - - .- 4- ,- "' 11 -r ANELDA BAKER--F, BONNIE MOORE--Fi. FAYE CORNELIUS--F. JOYCE BUSH--F. B11-,LIEIO MORRIS--F. BONNIE GRIFFIN--F. Evelyn Drawdy--F. MARY ALICE PETERS--F IANELLE HARR1s--F. NORMA ANN MATHIS--F. JANE STALUNGSUF- IOHNNIE HARPER--F. GRACE BUSH--Ci FRANCIS GRAY--G. M. KIRKLAND--C0aCh BARBARA BRYAN--G. JANE ROBERTS--G. CAROLYN OUTLAW--G. SARA BROWNING--G. MARY SUTTON--G' JAUNITA GAsK1Ns--G. BONNIE vxcxens--G. BETTY JEAN HAND--G. LORETTA WRIGHT--G BETTY IO LUKE--G. MARILYN SCOTT'-Manager DOROTHY MAY--G. CHARLES DIX I Y , , if f 5 GERALDE SHAW uf X ff WENDELL GARNER COACH KIRKLAND A M KENNETH DIX X I N if J TOMMY VICK ERS VY gf S3 ,fa if gt? 1 JERRY SHAW .N ,f JAMES DAVIS QPS Q!-I WEYMAN VICKERS Om i ' ' T is 5 X CHARLES MATTHEWS 1 X f 21 T LX b. 4 9 JERRY DRYDEN 41516 IULIAN LINDSEY KENNY GI DDENS EDWARD FOUNTAIN HUEY BARKER ,fffff V X3 X QI! IOE DIXON I A MES WI-ll DDEN vb WL Lgfs . i l V FL if WHIDDENUB' HUNT--B KIRKLAND--Head Coach l 0-1 Ai.. 'J 1 NASHUC- GRINERUB- DORSEY--Assistant Coach J". 1 X N SMITH--G. webb--B. MCMI 1 1 N! ' - MATHIS--B. Shaw--E. i- Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville X J, y? fa 796- T 13 LLIAN- -Assistant Coach Fl JOTBA LL 18 '7 7 O 0 O 6 0 7 14 MAXWELL- -C0-Captain B. DAVIS- -C0-Captain G. NIX--C0-Captain B. SUMMARY 0 20 0 13 24 13 25 0 32 40 Hazelhurst Waycross Colquitt Homerville Sylvester Baxley Adel Alma Fitzgerald Douglas Y 9 . GIDDENS--B. GARNER--T. Q .1 04 ll - - OSBORNE--T. GASKINS- -B. P GASKINS--B. IENERETTE--G. 'i DIX--E. ROBERTS--C. 'D GRIFFEN--B. DRYDEN--E. COOK--T. w Q REGISTER--G. MCMILLIAN--C. -E. PARRISH--G. WILLIAMS--G. CPD fi H lv ,gl s. ku 4,iJxEfvff Z, iff, l 5157 if veg. "i'.fff- ff - ,,wv-wsff "T" Formation I cu-:incl 4-457 BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS D4 5 I A --I 1. ,- .4 . - 'Y 5 ' nv - ' " 'v""" .J , au. 5, ,Aho y .iwxy W An ., .2."9"!v-w'lI . -'+x-'-..a.,. s 'A 'S' f'7"4 'Wm-1 3 liX'w'g9g',pg'-el .4- 1 ri!-6'Q'q,p.'lun. 'nv ,I hgh., A ' AA DAR . avww MRY1fR,1N,iA ANN srmoxw' CCAROL "CO-C. MARY JPIJQI S -- OWN A NK B1 Cofapra- wmv! YRA LLYJO U1 SANDR A--C ,ANN MAR 'lpffli so H YCAROL H SAW 4 x ,Lf ,gr IT If Yin FGOTBALL CHEERLEADERS QW ,ff-45' fix' N4 Q2 .- 1 L5 N Q-?T"' mfbf gf flew ',- r T' ' CLUB , . r Q., K 4- 1, 51 0,4 . BUY . V ,. 4 .,, , A , mi,-..r A . wr, , V . 4.k?1,:.?a4.,,, xphilgg 5. - A ff- f' 'J' ff M,-iw' , 1 +.w'.f,'v"H14"ff J" ' 5 ' " :im i.,:z!iv:'-.15'f3g:,,,,v Mwfw. . ,, M, M in . 'U ,QL " President ---- - - - - - JIMMY FUTCH Vice President - - ---- LYNELL HUGHES Secretary ---- - - EMMA DELL HENDLEY Treasurer - - ---- A NNIE JANE WEBB UI 15. -A "wu- TUDE President ---- - - - - - DEWITT OSBORNE Secretary ---- Treasurer ---- Vice President Store Manager T COU - - - JIMMY POWELL -------sUEN1x - - ELOISE SKINNER - - PAUL STALLINGS CIL :W 2 is DRAMATXC CL President ----- - - MARIORIE COOK Vice President - - ---- JUNE BAGGS Secretary--- ----- Treasurer - - - - - BILLY -SUE NIX CARLISLE nice war your :.. :pn Lf V Y :IR f- Qu' A I bet - ter brotn - -, K ind is 9 - .E ' I5 ' W- -fp-- 5 hur- ry? Lis - ton to the I1 - .- A ' li - cious Waves up-un a trop - ic- al suv.- 4 , . , :S 1 f - 'Ei 4 T, P .Q 22, 4 i 1 1 .. 0035.51 J 7,5 alf a drink more.......T.- The ci - ga-rette more...l. I've QW -5' -5 .b..e.b-E. Put some re-cords on while I pour Nev-er such a bliz-zard be -fore President ---- - - JERRY WEBB E "' vice President - - - - -JOYCE BUSH - Secretary ----- -------- S ANDRA ALLEN ---' Treasurer -------- CLEM MAT1-us fNot Shownp E 0 3 '- UNXUR TNR President - - - - - - Marcia Whaley Vice President - - - -Mary F. Jackson Secretary - - - - - Darla Ann Harris Treasurer - - - - - Melba Griner LIBRARY C l , 4 President - - - Vice President Secretary - - - Treasurer - - Reporter - - UU CIL fr fr 1 'Env at-Y .i,- ,fy President ---- - - Clem Mathis Qnot shownj Vice President - - ------- Bert Maxwell Secretary ---- - - -Swinton Futch Treasurer - - - - - -James Whidden TRI-HLY ww Vice President Treasurer - - Reporter - - - President ---- - - Marilyn Scott - Louve Roland Sally Jo Connell Secretary ---- - - - - - - Sandra Allen - - - Sue Nix KEYS 0 W' Sarah Martha Lindsey - - - Ora Lee Roland - Marie Brogdon - Jane Roberts FUTU EFA RMERS President ---- Vice President Secretary ---- Reporter - - - Treasurer - - - UF ICA Jackie Giddens Dewitt Osborne - - Joel Smith - - James Davis - Donald Rowe "NM CLUB B ' -'sg-x ' ., . s HOBBY CLUB l N M,,,E A DEBATE TEAM HORNETS' NEST -H QLUB President ---- - - Billy Cornelius Girls' Vice President - - - - -Linda G. Key Boys' Vice President - - - - - George Skinner Secretary ---- , - - Mary C. Smith Treasurer - - - - - Anita King Song Leader - - Mary A. Peters Reporter - - - Program Chair man - Judy Weaver Jane Stallings H Y E352 i iq- sm 9' EYED us? QE 'gf 6 W Q E ,, 1111 ,, , K " X is Q BERRIEN COUNTY LIVE STOCK COMPANY R. C. CLARK, President HOWARD MFBB MOTOR COMPANY Dial 5741 Quality Groceries "There's a Ford in Your ,S Future" SUPER MARKET fWe Deliver! SALES SERVICE Fresh Meats Eff. 19124 eff ZJLQQZ4 OPTOMETRIST Nashville, Georgia NASHVILLE MILLING CO. T. F. HANCOCK Phone 3641 642250, xy? X 53.51 -ff 1-1 fg-f M T1 f W T fr 1 Q,,"N 5, ' 1 -N-. Ewing? x E ,f ff uzyf! Fr- 1 5,4 -1. wr? ,- cnxqlix , D jnggi- 5379? 'I' if ff -iii fair QM? 1 QQ 'W-N M "'E.-'jf pf N 1m .N A -f T f G! N 7' W K A Y Y XX I '11-X 5+ .lil TH, y ,QQIALVYLL gi..- ax UGG, CM., BOTTLING COMPANY Valdosta, Georgia lllliliill ms? QM? an International Harvester Refrigerators and Freezers "Where to Buy Them" Sam GOOPUVXFOOD ' 'fi UIIKD 3 . . Y ' 119- 'P .5-fx!-X I 1:1 , '1112izagan.i, .. za f 'auyguu 1 ' lu...-1: 1 , . .1 Emi? X5 'ali' '-M Q Vggxgzh V A. '11wa111111121321212221azz2kzzv,Ez1Qa!tHk1111 BENNETT-TAYLOR Phone 3161 DRUG CO. Walgreen Agency Phone 3121 ,V 1 0 SCHWAQTZ TE C 1 PoN'r1Ac co. DQ A K E genus , ,.,,.. SERVICE STATION f0N1'lAl'. . . Sales - Service "Dollar for Dollar, You Can't Beat a Pontiac" Goodwill Used Cars Washing - Lubrication Phone 5541 M sh li v 01" ' .1 1 l 1 I I X Q , 'S fc 0 M 'if 2:2zfzfzfzQ2:222523252222222225223231-'-'il, IIQ325532325:I11-:-:-'ZvrffIggi.:-'-:-2-'-'-2-:Sz-:-:-'-'Z'-:-zz: -'-'--- : -31232:222:52f:I:f:f:?:Q:?:Z::-:--'-'-:-:-:':-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-:-2:2g:-Z-ZgfgtgfgZ-!-2-2g:-:-5g:':-:-"":':-'- '-'-' - '-'-'-'-'-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-5-:-: V ssiiisisiiiiigl -.-N- - ' -:-:-:-:-:-:-:':-:-:-:-:-:-: 3 J-:-:-:-:-:-.-:-1-:'z-:-:-:-:4-.-.-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-.-.-.-.-:-:-:-.-:-:-:-:-.-.-:- - 1 H2101 gf2f?4f.y Z 46 Q12 M4535 Valdosta - Nashville - Douglas "Where Shopping Is a Pleasure" ' CONGRATULATIONS from Kagan 5226424 M4fvzfFAc row N1111 G g Tlph 3541 NASHVILLE VARIETY WORKS N h 11 G g D 1 3891 "Oh, My Aching Feet!" -avmflmenfs af O M WZ? Qwefk AMBULANCE LOVE IN FUNERAL HOME Dial 3081 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '54 9747! Que eff -!!0C7'0!V5 OF NASHVILLE Dealers in Fine Furniture Dial 3041 Compliments of CC? gfeeeeea TOM'S TOASTED PEANUTS Valdosta, Georgia oy oNNEn.1.'s GROCERY AND MARKET Nashville, Georgia Congratulations fs "Sa-Y If With W 1 to the Class F owersn 548 E of 1954 "TIM SCARBOROUGHH F. R. M. FEED STORE W NIX Florist f Dial 6451 fiwflx Nvlif' MRS J V Mix? HITS me sPoT S ff! 4323 EP51' am 'Ez --M-.. ., I a H' 0-A-udmgv. l .. MERIC NICKHSWORTH sf ! EPSl'o 014 BOTTLING CO. Phone 341 704 S Patterson St Valdosta, Georgia ' ONE STOP SERVICE 1 ,630 Y? TRIPPE OIL COMPANY Dial 4191 'bgefiffakw If ,Il 'ffl Xl X " ,gg I' ,f 4 Y -N S I 'v X 2 4 Y. ig i- Manufacturers of Kiln-Dried Yellow Pine Lumber Flooring - Siding - Ceiling Roofers - Dimensions Nashville, Georgia W. G. TITTLE BERFUEN E Q N de g mzgg fm S lx 51151 . , if , I' r, :.: f' ' Ji:- 1 .ilifj I' Q Recap - Retread Vulcanize and Save Dial 6031 S. Davis Street Nashville, Georgia fan My N -I SWINDLE 8: MATHIS ' ' ' o 1 x I I I xy' .- I ,..'l N" QNX' .. ,,4,,.A , , . ix "N 'Q "fff4izfm:2:E2?zE1 .-144922525-2:2-2f1f2+222:f?s:s:5:25:6f2'if:Z4s35ie2:16f1".f fs?"-1 ' - "-"f2:1 f""'f ':' " '''-1fffiI.:eiizf:sf?:1-:.5f 0 U " " ''trial'.-2-L-1-27:-iv'-2:-."'.-:'-f:-5-f'!'2.3-Zfzlzi'4-244'-22421-:At-2-7'.-'f2:f'1f 4' -v, -my U.. Lf ' --' -fa-f'-:-::-L-T'--"1 of-5-L-1-1-. ' . 1"Jf'Z':'f"'1'f'?f'.-'.'l'I'f'.":'."o:'f'f'o'.':':'7 4-I-:lr 'w . J- -wade., .. - 'L - -- - '-fd-' .- .-.gefg-:-:. I - f 4:-fog.-.-.-iw:-:'.-1+:-:-:f-.'Og-1 f-:-'-'.A-:-:-a-v.- '-tc-.5 -:-92-1-4-v ...Ng G. :. , A. ,- .:,..:.,q..- .K ,:,- .'.g.:.j.g.,:,f :,:,5...g,:,-.I-.,.,-Q...g,:.g.g. .g.2,2-.', ,-.g:,:,'.g...,g...,,-,:,:,3-Q.,-.:.:,:.,:,..j.' 5.3,-,:,:,:.',d., j.x,-3.7, 4: q 4.-,L 1, 1. . .5.,. '.g-J-:g:g.g1 , ' N g:g15.?:.5?-:- f-:A-uk-14512,-.f.g.g.g.,.g.g.g., fl:-gf1.r-'-'u.f:.:-lg.j-'-g'.g.9,,'f.g-75:-,-.3-1-I-41,5 'I-:':3g'g., aff.:-., b:.:,':.. If , , . .4..:. . .:.37':,j,.::::::1: ..-,...f.,.. . .,.-.. . .,,-,,.2.i,,Lxf:,7 4:':..4:::::. ., Av: ' ., "JH ' ' I ' ' 0 l We J V x. ' .- 9' i 1 ' , ,.,, F ' ,fl .7 , Qi' -235 ff -f ,V VI. . f if f ,ff f ff GROCERY t i QYZJZMZ THEATER "Finest in Motion Picture Entertainment" h 11 g T13 ' ST lgyggdzjz 4 'mkfwcz Gave- gn 7 "Two shows ever y night T rain or moon," H u E shvme, g A T E R kJ Zffg QZZMQWZQ' I' llILumber Co CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISI-IES QZMZMZ BEST WISHES to the Class of 1954 Kxmcfwwzwff 1 smusmes Qeeffff Qeafgfffe "Seed and Feed With A Growing Reputation" 1954 Mercury Models GRINER'S SPORTING GOODS "Drop by to See Us" DORIS BEAUTY SHOP Dial 6221 Nashville, Georgia "You Name It" C f-9' ci ,f 436940 VZMZMM SE RVICE STATSON Sinclair Products Willard Batteries - Wheel Balancing - Seat Covers Corner of Marion and Davis Streets JAMES L. GRAY Q 2 , f.00D,1Wl2AR Q rmfs Lf XX! I A. LEVIN'S DEPARTMENT STORE ...l 1 IL-1 jcusvnoglf 'e rg fjcu er Sale s - Service Parts Wrecker Service Qfzgkzfcwwfagzz "You Will Be Ahead With,A Chevrolet" DRUGGIST DEPENDABLE 0 W ,LG efff' DRUG STODE "Meet You At the Rexall Store" Yau re money Ea CITIZEN'S BANK "The Bank of Service" I ea' ' E, 'ff lk F, 1, Member of F. I, C, E ky ' . 'Ls-, W- .YXXXQBS R . 4 off, wg-N 'QR NIU! W. L. CLARK "Where Styles Are Shown First" Q 1 , OR SAAALI. WE WELCOME YCJUR ACCOUNT -r 4-I E gafzgdzg. co. security-so1idity-Integrity Surplu ided Pr S 'NAP Aufo Assocuaie Store Western Home Owned by WHIDDEN '- BENNETT - TAY LOF2 Nashville, Georgia X L JI f E - A SM jf 1, and H E Saw 45 S0 UTH GEORGIA SPORTING GOODS Tifton, Georgia "It's a. Raid" MILLER HARDWARE 8: FURNITURE COMPANY Dealers in Fine Furniture Nashville, Georgia Compliments of BUBBA HALL Nashville, Georgia Compliments W. M. CRAWFORD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Columbus, Georgia i Q SINC LAIR OIL S0156 iff- , Qdkwa , I - w GDDDPYEAR, iffifgi.-P X na... V I S I T CORBITT FURNITURE COMPANY FXNE FOOD W Nashville, Georgia STANDARD OIL COMPANY J. P. WEBB, Agent 3771 Phone 7961 Compliments of A. B. MAXWELL Congratulations Seniors! DR. E. H. BROWN -1, 1- ,fs 1-,7.,.5,.,,,1.?swnw1w-n---:www-1' vwrmvvwnfvv'-vw -1: cr r r 5 p E P A MARY Arsxmnnn 4-H Club 2,3 Tri-H1-Y 3,4 FHA 2, 3,4 Good sngusn cum 1 SANDRA J. ALLEN Glee Club 1,2, 3,4, Secretary 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Treasurer 4 4-H Club 1,2,3, Secretary 2 County Council Secretary 2 Hornet's Nest 3 Cheerleader 2, 3,4, Captain 2, 3,4 Student Council 3, 4 Beta Club 4 Who's Who 4 Councty and District Farm Bureau Queen "N" Club 2, 3,4 Annual staff 4 Dramatics Club 4 Good English Club 1, President 1 Youth Assembly Delegate 4 Broadcaster Staff 4 Homecoming Queen 4 BETTY JEAN BAILEY Glee Club l,2,4 Good English Club 1, Secretary 1 Hornet's Nest Staff 3 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Annual staff 4 Cheerleader 2 FHA 4 4-H Club 1, 2 Who's Who 4 Youth Assembly Delegate 4 MARDINE BENEFIELD Transferred from Popular Springs FHA 3, 4 Hobby Club 4 District Meet, Typing 3 DORTHA BENNETT FHA 4 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Dramatlcs Club 4 IV ALENE BRADFORD Tri-Hi-Y 4 Dramatlcs Club 4 Library Club 4 Good English Club 2, Treasurer 2 LUCILLE BRADFORD Glee Club l,2,4 Gogd English Club 1, Vice President 1 Trl-Hi-Y 3,4 A Students Council 2, 3,4 Annual Staff 4 V--vnu.: ,wp -dv--wg -pm. V-qv M. rw-, --f Hornet's Nest 3 4-H Club 1 BOBBY BROCK FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 4-H Club 1, 2, 3 Hi-Y 1 MARIE BROGDON Glee Club 1,2,3,4 zwnvvp - my 'WWF ' ' FHA 3,4, Secretary 4 Tri-I-li-Y 3,4 Queen of Hearts 3 "N" Club 2 Annual Staff 4 Good English Club 4-H Club 1 NANCY BROGDON Tri-Hi-Y 4 JOYCE BUSH 1 Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4, Vice President 4 Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 "N" Club 1,2,3,4 Hornet's Nest 3 Class Secretary 3 Amiual Staff 4 Dramatics Club 4 Tri-Hi-Y 4 4-H Club 1,2 BILLY CARLISLE Hi-Y 4 Student Council 2, 3,4 Beta Club 3, 4 Football 3 "N" Club 3 Dramatlcs Club 4, Annual Staff Glee Club 4 DONALD CARTER FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 RALPH CLANTON .TOE CONGER FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 I A MES COOK Treasurer 4 Transfer from Jacksonville, Fla. Glee Club 1,4 Dramatlcs Club 4 Library Club 4 Football 4 MARJORIE COOK Glee Club 4 Dramatlcs Club CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of '54 W24Z4,047ge Jgwmiefzf C741 Phone 3861 E K FULLER PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS mf W! , 3-on-Y f 6 E E M I' r E L, f 1 5, L Tri-Hi-Y 4 Student Council 4 CHARLES DIX 4-H Club 1,2 Glee Club 2 "N" Club 3,4 FFA 1, 2, 3,4 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1,2, 3,4 Baseball 3,4 KENNETH EXUM FFA 2,3,4 Glee Club 4 Basketball 1 AVA NELL FAULKNER Basketball 1 4-H Club 1 Library Club 4, Secretary 4 Good English Club 2 KENNETH FORD FFA 2, 3,4 Basketball 1 VIRGIL FOXWORTH FFA 1, 2, 3 Library Club 1 JIMMY FUTCH Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 Beta Club 2, 3,4, President 4 District Debate 3,4 Boys' Essay 3 l-Ii-Y 3,4 Who's Who 4 Library Club 4 SWINTON FUTCH Glee Club 2, 3, 4 I-Ii-Y 3, 4 Who's Who 4 Good English Club 2 JACKIE GIDDENS FFA 1,2,3,4, President 4 Student Council 4 THOMAS GIDDENS FFA 2, 3, 4 BETTY FAYE GOODEIN FHA 2 Student Council 2, 3, 4 JOAN GRANTHAM Transferred from Ocllla High School Hobby Club 4 ELMER GRIFFIN sf A JEANETTE GRINER Good English Club 1, Secretary 1 4-H Club 1 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4 FHA 4 V Armual Staff 4 Who's Who 4 Basketball 1 PETE GRINER Glee Club 1, 4 Good English 4 Hi-Y 4 Library Club 4, Vice President 4 Student Cotmcil 1,4 District Debate Team 4 JOHN HANCOCK FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 4 JEANETTE HAND Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Student Council 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 4-H Club 1 FHA 3,4 Hornet's Nest 3 Dramatics Club 4 JOHN A. HARRIS FFA 1,2,3,4 EMA DELL HENDLEY Glee Club 2, 3,4, Treasurer 3 FHA 2,3,4 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Beta Club 3,4, Secretary 4 Annual Staff 4 Good English Club 2 Hornet's Nest Staff 3 Who's who 4 mms. JEAN Honerss 4-H Club 1 Tri-Hi-Y 3 Good English Club 2 LYNELL HUGHES Hornet's Nest 3 4-H Club 1 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4 Beta Club 2, 3,4, Vice President 4 Good English Club 1 Class Treasurer 4 Annual Staff 4 Who's Who 4 'T' "' 'vw "tw f r A NELDA IOHNSON Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Tri-l-li-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA 1,2 Dramatic Club 4 Library Club 4 Good English Club 2 4-H Club 1,2 SARAH MARTHA LINDSEY Glee Club 1,4 FHA 3,4, President 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Dramatics Club 4 Library Club 4, President 4 Civics Club 2 4-H Club 1 Girls' Essay 4 ANN MAULDEN Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4 4-H Club 1 Student Council 1, 2, 3,4 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 FHA 1,2 Hornet's Nest staff 4 Dramatics Club 4 Annual staff 4 Good English Club 1 CLEM MATHIS Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2 Baseball 1, 2, 3,4 Glee Club 4 4-H Club l,2,3,4 County President 1 Who's Who 4 President Junior Class President Hi-Y 4 Hornet's Nest 3 Beta Club 3, 4 Student Council 2, 3,4, Vice President 2 Annual staff 4 "N" Club 1,2,3,4 Treasurer Glee Club 4 Youth Assembly Delegate 3 District Meet Typing 3 BERT MAXWELL Football 1,2, 3,4 "N" Club 2,3,4 Hi-Y 4 Glee Club 4 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Beta Club 4 Class President 4 Who's Who 4 4-H Club 1 I ., . .,, SONNY MORGAN Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Hi-Y 1,2,4 Hobby Club 4 4-l-I Club 1 Hornet's Nest FAYE MCNABB 4-H Club 1,2, 3,4 Tri-Hi-Y 3 Dramatic Club 4 CAROLYN McNEAL Good English Club 1 Basketball 1,2 Glee Club 4 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Who's Who 4 Dramatic Club 4 RUSSELL NIX FFA 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4 Basketball 1,2, 3,4, Captain 2 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Football 1,2, 3,4, Co-Captain 3, Manager 4 'NH Club 1,2,3,'4 Hi-Y 3,4 Class Vice President 4 Good English Club 1 MILDRED ODOM FHA 2, Treasurer 2 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Trl-I-li-Y 4 CHRISTINE PAFFORD Tri-I-ll-Y 4 Dramatic Club 4 Library Club 4 Class Treasurer 3 IAMES PITTMAN JIMMY POWELL Class Vice President 1 Class President 2 Glee Club 3,4 District Meet 2 Hi-Y 3, 4 Student Council 1,2, 3,4, President 4 Beta Club 2,3,4 Annual staff 3,4 District Debate 4 Who's Who 4 4-H Club 1 ERNEST PURVIS FFA 1, 4 "N" Club 3 Football 2, 3 v . I 1 0 V, Qin, , ., . fv' :A yn in Huw' 'A A , 1 ff' u -kr., -. ' 3 . . f 5 G9 ig: 4 Zz! 79 . L54-is i ., . A q .,,,, ,. igffw ,N 'V 41 E ., IE. .,. e QVJLE. , .7 X 1' ,IJ U I fl'-1 , . , 'On- f ,fix '7 , f 1 X? . ' ,,, s-4 'XTX Lk. YL ' s x ii ggfffg ' ,E 15 ? I .0 f fi- x.: Q 17, 1 7 P , E S - 1 1 -M, 1 ik IJ ' kQ 1 .- f 1 - '- A 1,41 11111 x. A QQ- x - . - T 1 ', 1 :,,1 A, 'X k v 1 1 X U ,,',' XHN' ' ' ' V f 1wr'13 'Y "R' '111111" -Y -1:11:11 T7 X 1 Xfx IQQ 'rm 'p.4 'Q Jfff WWWyQiP SAX 7 .n I-3. mm11W1f:f'Mmm. 3541-' 'YH- HwWW.f' 11111 X1 1 1? R I-',-15. 5 , 1 ' -"' "4 f 71 . - . ,.,.,, ,.,. . ., ,.,.,. ,.,... ,,,. , , , - lkp'-' Wiiifffiiffiiffffi ' - Z F1 ' .V 5:I4'I1:I'fl'hmggrffff ' 551: "" A --.- 'M' X VWXEHSWWEHWWFEEWHQ' N , ' ,rg 111 V" 1 4 E 'rm ' 1 2 - ' Q W fam ' O ,QA U 'AM lb-I -',. gf' ' fgxh I -,mXXl"'k' Z.. Q J! "I ff' ' 1 6.E ' r I4 I NI 111 W :mx A ' f 111191 xx, ' X ' 'J' K ' 1 If N 11451 11 2,211 N , .., - ' T 1 '1 ,M WF if i x JW 1 Q42 , 1.4 ' ' - -f ' W ' ' 1: - 1 . Q '1 ' 1 V. .QQW11 :'m,, A H !',r',,:'g1 vi 5' Ag 6 lf 1 111:11--1 A 1111 . 1 m ""',1q,n:fi. ff'Jg111 IS' I an J - , - '- f ' Q 82,40 'I A ' - X A 'fb so 4' 0 S SM 44, 4 K - 4152 - 7 ' 1 ll 2? 3525553535221 ..: Ifffffffz I 2555555555 3 r- :1:-:i::-:-:I V - ' iii X ,4,,,.,.... ,.:..,. .:.':: ' X 1 Q, 'ilf 1 . ..::: I ?:55i5:::. w X ..:f J -J -gfff' 4A:: W X 'UIQ ii5i'1'1i21,Z231iij: ,,..,.,, 7 kLq K vii - - I --'L - U Y' - "" ' H .-.. ', I X Q , , ,vi 1 , ,, 5 ' 'fii .-13:3 1' . h' . k W L7 gs .., : 'Q , "" ' "' H: 21:21:11 1 I 0 'i - ' sr 1 V M fig ' - N J , .f , '1'f 1 , - - -- - A Z- wg M . ,v -. D M fc 9, ' Q 'em '- W' . ffv , L 5 ' 6 'QW M J 2 65? ff Q ,,, Luv! n lin?-' ,V-,rfaggy

Suggestions in the Nashville High School - Hornet Yearbook (Nashville, GA) collection:

Nashville High School - Hornet Yearbook (Nashville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Nashville High School - Hornet Yearbook (Nashville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 33

1954, pg 33

Nashville High School - Hornet Yearbook (Nashville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 71

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Nashville High School - Hornet Yearbook (Nashville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 72

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Nashville High School - Hornet Yearbook (Nashville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 20

1954, pg 20

Nashville High School - Hornet Yearbook (Nashville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 46

1954, pg 46

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