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,. mr Elia Www Xxx F Q R 595 B! if 'egg 31 I - will xg 1' 6 hlfflfllllll rl DEDICATION Ne, the Seniors of '55, dedicate our annual to our parents and guardians, whose patience, loyalty, and guidance have been an inspiration throaghout our school career Nr r I' fr AI' 'r and and and and and and and and and and and and Irs hrs Fra Mrs hrs Irs rs Mrs Irs hrs Mrs Nrs I Lawrence Purdy Carl Breneman Byron Geary Lloyd Schlauch James Pipes Lavrence McClure Carl Drake Elmer Galbraith Raymond Rsndles Russell Fetter Harold Alexander Donald Pringle Mrs Guy Martin We also wish to express our admiration to Beverly Bower's, a N H S Sopronore, for ber courageous fight against the effects of polio IL MEIORY In memory of Larry Iohler, a sixth grader, who lost his life in a tractor accident Oct 7, 1954 14-gs1- 1 L f -W x C' E PJ J I r - co 3 ' ,Jef J . P . M . X . Mr. . . I-ir. ' . M . I . Mr. J . f , Mr. . M L . . . Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Walkerow V . A . . Mr. 1 . Mr. . . L . A . 1' Q ' 5 O ' l , s 1 UPS Mr Wadsworth, class sponqor, Mary Breneman Loy Walkerow, Pat Drake, Janice Geary, Marlene McClure Max Pring e B111 Martin, Ronnie Galbraith Art Fetter, Larry Alexander Patsy Pipes, Ray Randels Carl S hl h G Harriet Schlauch -on X fx , Annual .tall Q tor, Pat Drake Our And For Tis The Yet Wit x',1! h GRADUATION POEM school days now are oast and gone vet we fondly linger here, sweet each joy that we have know sad to oart from comrades dear world before us brightly l'es here fond mem'ry loves to dwell saddened hearts and dewy eyes We bid to all a sweet farewell! Farewell! Farewell! Teachers and comrades Farewell! Long will our hearts recall each joy That bound us in sweet friendship here For tire can nevernore destroy ine libht of mem'ry burninb clear Of other scenes and other cares Our llos must now their story tell Each heart your tender mer'ry shares Teachers and comrades, now farevell! Farewell! Farewell! Teachers and comrades Now farewell! Class colors Class flower Blue and white Yellow rose Class Motto Behind every cloud there's a silver lining Presloent Vice preqident ml Pat y Pines S W! Arthur Fetter Secretary Trea urer 2 Harriet Schlauch Max Pr rgle 4-Q. ' . ni I-N .K an A , S5 - 1 X 1 . A : xsjy M-L :iii 'f,'.l v '- by D ' v f y A ' S - is 'X iw 5 Q v ' iQ Qf fy Mrs. Wyatt lst grade FACULTY X. X pliy' Mrs Willard 2nd grade Ara Wadsworth il Mrs wachtel 4th and 5th grade 6th Grade Mrs Horn 3rd and 4th grade 15 Rovaltv Staff hrat 's your favorite bobby? What is your favorite exoressiono What are your plans for the sum er vacation What do you dislike o t in a student? what is your favorite dav of tke week? fr Atterholt Traveling Oh iy folly would like to tale a tr o to Calif Laziness Friday Hrs Wvatt Reading You all doing to Canada on a fishing trip Back talk Sunday Vrs Wachtel Sports Is our noise the noise of business Go to Niagra Falls and Nashington D Tattle tales Friday Hrs Smith Cooking and embroidering This is a man's world Clean house and work in my garden Smart alex Saturday Ar Wadsworth Photography work and wood working Get out paper and pencil for a test Work Not trying to work Saturday Hrs Swartzwalder Sports Let's keep quiet Planning a trip West if oossibl Lack of respect for other people Friday fff' Fx 4 Ars Willard Flowers and reading Listen, Boys and girls Worl in y SBPGSH and clean hou Glanclr, oema s at otker students w rkbooks Sunday Mrs Porn Learning hov to make new tk' Get on the beam Re t up from school Not trying Wednesday Mrs Wadsworth Sewing Let's settle down I's like to go back to Canada Disrespect Sunday Travel Ir other words t uO back to dexlcg Not study rg Friday or pavdav Garver f F g 'That's r g Lew York CP1nger Lakesl lcklng up someone el e's r Friday Mr Van Barg oat'n5 a d risking Gee ha Tees Go fishing and boating Laziness Friday ii 1. Ark A sv ' e 2. ' , , . 3.' K 4. ' - W S - ,. 5. ' s . . tai . T -' 1. ' 7. 20 ', A Q 1 1, , 3. ' 4 F ' ' 4. .5 si' 1 y . 5. S ' l. 1 ' ' 1-ngs A , 2. e ,, , 3. s ' ,. .. 4. , 5. ' l. , ' 2. I .C.3' 1 I ' 4. n 5. lr. Franks 1. v 2. . -- B6 Quje 3. ' I 4. ' 1, 5. U K t I I' 0 Mr: I U ' 1. K , . 2. ifhtrn ' 3. ' . . 4. 3 V s ho n 5. 1. C - r H ' . . 2. , , -- A 3. a Q 4. A ., 1 5. ' ...QP My" L'N'- .f 4:5 I O YO, CL' 1 Q. .. r Q E u 719 M ' J FACULTY Swartzwalder Mr Van Bars Eng1ish,Home Ee ,General Science Coach,Math,Dr1v1ng P Mrs Smith Eng11sh,SpQech Mr Franks Mr Wadsworth H18tory'B1O1ogy Superintendent Phvsics H1storyCommerc1a1 Mr Garver Music Mr Atterholt Junior High Grades ' 4 44 n n n e : I Industrial Arts,Unem1stry Board of Education Lawrence Purdy, President Verle Sprang, Vice President Earl Rockenfelder, Clerk Russel Fetter Ralph Miley Z9 Kenneth Ling fiiggi 41? 448 Bus Drivers John Brown vevne Hoff Ir Wadsworth Mr Van Barg Xxx- K Bus Patrol Marlene McClure wayne Barnes Carl Schlauch V ' M 97 M '- X f w ix N 1 W O Yi T ,W v.. mu I f lj ji. 1' SEHIUHS 1 ',,, rms. . 5,9-f,f I I , - 'Q fl , .A .H .Vx gi h J AA 'X-Qs -A V ch hu. ' -+-... , 'T AuKnROW Annual Staff 4 Assistant Editor 4 Basketball 1 2,1 4 Baseball 1 4 Chorus 1,2 GLORIA PUHDY Chorus 1,2 3,4 Band l,2,5,4 Senior Play 4 Junior Play-3 Prlrce of Peace-1 Declamation-1 2 One Act Play-2,4 Annual Staff 4 G11-1s Volleyball-2,5,4 Office-5,4 I Senior MAX PRIHGLE Loudonville-1,2 Q26- Basketball 1 4 Baseball 1 4 Annual Staff 4 Junior Play 1 Treasurer 4 MARY BRENLRAN Chorus 1 2 5,4 Senior Play 4 Junior Play 5 One Act Play 4 Annual Staff 4 Girls Volleyball 2 T 4 RONNIL GALBHAITH Annual Staff Basketball T Baseball 1 2 4 Chorus l One Act Play President 3 Band 1 2 Student Council ,is ft SBHIUI' QI L HARLID Annual Staf 4 Basketball 1,2 W Baseball 2 4 Chorus l 2 PAT DnAKn 'rorus 1,2 5 Band J,2,1 oenlor Play 2 4 Junior Pl y 5 Cheerleader 1 2 5,4 rlnce of Pence l,2,1 4 Jecl mation l nb A une Act Play 2 Annual Staff P ditor 4 President 1 Secretary 2 atuuent Council l '1 RAY nAkDLLb Annual Staff 4 Junior Pl f 5 senior Play 4 5 Q Basketball 1 Baseball 5 4 PA Sl PIPLS MARLLNL MCCLURL l,2,5 Danville 1,2 Play 3,4 Chorus 5 Play 4 Senior Play 4 Staff 2,4 Junior Play 5 Cheerleader l,2,5 Annual Staff 4 Girls Volleyball 79,4 Asst. Business Manager 4 Vice Prefldent 4 Girls Volleyball 5,4 Presiuent 2 Sec. Treasury 5 Secretary l Stuuent Councll l One Act Play 2 Chorus Senior Junior Annual 9 Q -A H v 1. - V , .N - ' ' . f 9 ' -' , , 1 R - 3Qw ' If I , . '-1-'I - g A - - P- 2 ' ' . ' N -. c . . , V . , -l,l,4 aiigg S' ' 5? ff l 1. , - "' Q'7QQ1 4 ' ' 1 ' '.,, I fs -v Girls Volleyball-l,2,3,4 ,M ky x f e P M L - ' V Mbgq gy f- l R f . - .,l rjxa , ' :I 5 - ' " chef . 7lV'A, B--' 1' ,?m3Q'-ak .rr ,. ' - 3' 2 1 -' N - K ,' C . - ', 5 f I E 6 , . K 1 . A I2 A xi 4 V I 'q , xg. ? -,., L. f A5 Y D 1 E V A , xx T , -, A A w 1 w .' Sermon' ARTHUR FLLLLR Annual Staff A Bssletball l 2 5 4 Basebawl 1 2,5 Cnorus ,Q Band 1 2 1 " Junior Play o Senior Play 5 A One Act Play President Vice Presicent l 2 1 CARL SCnLAUCH JANIVL G ARY Annual Staff A Chorus Basketball 1 K 4 Senior Plev 4 Baseball 4 Junior play 1 Ch0ruS W 2 one Act Play 2, f':,, Annual Staff 4 -0 .m,, i ' ' 1 1 1 - . 1 Q - Y N , 4 'tx ' . -l ,,o,4 - A Q -l, ,o,4n o X . .r , 3, U '-2 -A 'L 5 . C ' x 1 'V K of A - PQ I A Y A ' 4 A x . -I 'Pi ' 3 .. - me M I . 3 - -1 2 M, H -1 K "-s2nLn- Q.- - Ufifiui 'V -' - -'Y -1. H .... 1 -I - 4 l K. , " ' ' A ' , ,. W . " Business Manager-4 :ge low? ,o4f?V?Q N- r --'11-fx" ,I .jr 15523 A Girls Volleyball ' -ug , 4 gfsfyr' L . ' " :ff wg X , 5 'jr- - ' 9 P, oi ef : ,SQQ ' ' 4 ' ,sl A ' J ,xx Q .F ' xr f A o . " f ' -1 I xl. .fr . l U 1, ' . K5 lx--I -1. Uqvl .. - --, -, ,,L,, - -P , , , 4 - - - 5 4 . - -3 ' 1 . , - -o,4 H 5 -.rx 4 ' , , A , - ,s. 4 Q A - 1 sf' - ' -J, 5 fi - 1 Q . U 7 ' l 2,5, " :Og 5 XM HARllL SCHLA br LARRY ALLXANDER Annual Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Chorous 1 2 Baseball 1,2 1 4 Senior Play 4 Chorus 7,2 T Junior Play 5 Band l,9, , Prince of Pence l Junior Play 1 XX Declenntlon l Senior Play T Cne Act Play L 4 Girls Volleyball 1,2 Secretary 4 Student Council P 5 hegrleaoer 2,4 'L 4' , X 'lldx V. I :lf " 'I ' n - x ."f3: ,,,? 'N A .lg . gf-'. ask C SS , el "' ill f We the Seniors of the Class of nineteen hundred and fifty-five, declaring this our last will and testament, will our most prized possessions to those who follow us. I Loy, will my car to Jack Brown so he won't have to hltchhlke to see my sister. I Bill, will nothing to nobody because I haven't anyone to will anything to I Carl, will my unusual ability to remain quiet during class to Beverly Bergoon I Ronnie will my favorite seat in the office to Jack Kline I Max, will my unintentional? ornerlnessto Wayne Barnes I Art much to my regret leave Cecile Lint I Larry will my ability to tell tall tales to Carol Miley leave my ability to play love scenes in the class plays to Larry Devore We, Loy Carl and Ray will ou membership in the Bachelor Club to Cecile Doris, and Dorthy Gloria, will my ability to argue with Mr Franks to Cecile Mary, will my temper to Edna Foot ratsy P will my pig nose to Van Barg larlene, will my ability to go with one boy to Fred Lint Harriet will my giggle to Mr Wadsworth Pat D , will my cheerleading ability to Harry Tope provided he uses Janice, will my ability to get letters every week to Caroyln Knox We Pat and Patsy, will our ability to go steady to Jack Kline and Dan Allison we Janice and Harriet, will our ability to skip school and get away with it to Wayne, Don, and Fred We, the Senior girls will our ability to get out of study halls to the Junior boys we the Senior boys, will our ability to sxl p to the Junior girls To the five To the To the To the out of Q X Junior class we leave our ability to be tardy four days Sophomore class we leave our seats in detention hall Freshmen class we leave three more years of high school Teachers we leave a bottle of asrlrlns Lfx .57 , - 0 I Ray, 4 . . v 'B I . . I . I N . . 1 LP. L . . I L' , I , . . I . lt. I 'I , ,Ne Q rp 1 1 X nl ' V no 5 ' ' QLASS pnopsscy e Z like X JL H sta XXI- The scene is an island over which a storm has just passed in the year 1965 A D A plane wreck has just occurred with the only doctor aboard being Arthur Fetter, who is a veterinarian He ls handling the work quietly and efficiently as he looks over the casualities His first patient is none other than the movie star, Mary Breneman, whose latest movie is 'I Led Three L1ves', a dogs life, a cats life and a heck of a life As he moves on he comes upon Patsy Pipes who is now the wife of a multi millionaire farmer He made his millions by devising a new breed of cows with the only work lnvglvgd being to pump the cow's tail and get milk The doctor's next patient is a lady with a broken toe Why, she is famous on T V , and is called 'Gorgeous Harr1et', the lady WPSBCLBP She won't be able to get that famous toe hold for quite awhile In her school days she was called Harriet Schlauch The next casualty is Marlene McClure who is widely known for her unusual hobby of raising beavers I hear she even married a 'Beaver' It is said that instead of hearing the patter of little feet, at her house you can hear the flapplngof tiny tails I hear a familiar voice Yes, its Gloria Purdy who was flying home from Africa She is a missionary and has just spotted some natives farther up the is land If anyone can onvert them she can Wait a minute' I've seen those natives before That's Ray Randles and Loy Walkerow Bring them over here Gloria' Well, what do you know? Ray is chief of the natives on this is land, with Loy being the witch doctor They al aye were confirmed women haters so they fled to tlls island in hopes of escaping those critters The doctor is getting weary as he comes upon Larry Alexander, who is a world famous saxophone player in the Starlighters Orchestra In his free time he prospects for gold in them thar hills by attaching an atomic 'gold hunter' to his Ford There's a man over there who looks as though he escaped without a scratch. He is doing calisthenlcsl Why, thats Max Pringle who is a coach for the 'powder puff', football team at Ohio State University. He always rates the breaks! That person with him looks very familiar. Its Ronnie Galbraith, one of the all time greats in cheerleading. He's being sought arte- to cheer at the Candy Bowl, the Nut Bovl, and the Sugar Bowl xr"Q n X .- Q' fe ,aa 60 X -eff llll X, N ' iwtkml lx YK KN I r -' I 0 .--li? . A ' L x :Th':.iTw? r X tg! tx J Q Q Prophecy Here comes another native Thank heavens they're not wild' That' rl ht I did hear Why, 1t's a woman It's Janice Geary s g , she had formed a Bachelor's Club and took it to an island Let's go ask her if she would care to Join us Careful, there's a wild looking native beside her Is lt a cannibal? Run everyone W it that' Carl Schlauch I don't think he will harm us I a s remsibsr new ns always ala 11xs to eat Who would have thought the class of 1966 would be brought together like this? And maybe we'll all end like this, too Everyone 1s becoming nervous and panloky But walt! Here comes a plane If it only sees us Thhre is someone parachutlng Why 1t's Pat Drake out Let's go over and find out who it is , She now makes personal appearances all over the country , doin dare devil parachuting The plane has landed at the end of the island The pilot has Jumped out and is running toward us It looks like lt is Bill Martin Yes, lt ls and I hear he is now the greatest Jet pilot in America Everyone has crawled into the plane and are waiting anxiously to get back to their families and homes At the airport, the President of the United States is waiting to greet us ll case ou haven't heard lt is Robert Wadsworth, the sponsor of our Senior Y Class Can you deny the Class of '65' has not become a success? azltlmmmmnnannmnnumannnnnnmmmaannmaanmmmnnlamanalammmnnmmn Mrs Lint If you don't sto bl 1 the Cecile Ha! you've already Erazgw ng atogpzgogggsfngIaglhggrczggy The 81P16 face small and white was turned t hl H 513:33 2132111 ::2:esen'smierQ11s- had 305 Hemi' low He was her dentist y 8 ent over her why not????, :ra Smith Is your husband a book worm? ra adsworth No, just an ordinary one Larry I've never seen such dream y eyes Pat You've never stayed so late before Q Marlene had a little lamp ggr'g9 a will trained no doubt, 'GPI me that D l The llttle lsnp went :ug came' B111 I wonder how many girls will b nhg Max How many do you intend to marry: u ppy when I marry, They had never met be 4 But what had she 2 care gba loved him 10 derly Or he was a 1,000 O00 alre Wh! did the moron throw his ol th He heard the newebo, yelling 'gre2sp3::sthewlndow? Up to sixteen a lad ls a boy scout, after that he is s g1r1 gogut f . S awk , ' as O I E 0 E883aaxsgaxxxaaxasaaxxxaxxaxxaaaxaxxxaxxx3858585 1 1 . X y .J Aff' if A M 1555? On September 6 1943 nineteen happy faces entered the Nashville High School for the first time Mrs Willard met and greeted all of us as she has many other classes There were twelve boys and seven girls The students were Larry Alexander, Walter Barnes, Wayne Barnes Pat Drake, Arthur Fetter Norma Gard, Benny Knox, Junior Llzkert Mayds Lychara Earnet Martin, Marlene McClure Patsy Pipes, Gloria Purdy, Evan Thomas Harry Tope, Loy Walkerow, Shirley Weaver, Jack Yerkey and Lloyd Zickefcose In the next fall there was again nineteen of us in the second grade We were under the instruction of Mrs Willard again this year We lost seven members of our class but also gained seven Lost were Benny Knox, Mayda Lychara, Earnet Martin Evan Thomas Harry Tope Shirley Weaver, and Lloyd Zickefoose Gained were Virginia Amee Clara Ames, Janice Geary Janice Welmer Norma Jean Snyder, Dick Tipton, and Jack Martin Well! two of our school years are over We are now in the third grade This year Mrs Armstr ng is our teacher We gained three and lost one Lost Jack Martin Gained James Odenback, Howard Masters and Mary Breneman Fourth grade coming up! This year we had three teachers Mrs Hostetler, Mrs Schonauer, and Miss Betty Jane Litteral This year we gained six members to our class Charlene van Horn, Larry Smith, Doris Anderson, and David Kaufman and Ronnie Galbralth Fifth grade here we come This year we had Mrs Welmer for our teacher We lost James Odenbach, David Kaufman, Larry Smith, Pat Drake, Dick Tipton, and Walter Barnes Our teacher in the gixth grade was gga1n Mrs Weimer W gained Bob Harris Carol Hollister, B111 Martin, Harriet Schlauch, Junior Mohler, and Carl Schlauch We lost Doris Anderson, Norma Snyder, Charlene Van Horn, and John Van Horn Halfway Our big moment Junior High This year we gained Sylvia Anderson Laverla Donley, Ray Handles, Eileen Smetzer, Douglas Snyder and Norma Snyder We lost Patsy Pipes and Bob Harris In the eighth grad8 we lost Marlene McClure, Norma Snyder, Douglas Snyder Noxma Gard, Eileen Smetzer We gained Patsy Pipes, Lloyd Martin and Arnold Heise, and Robert Hunter Hurrah! We are now freshmen W0 10st Arnold 39150, 571V18 Anderson Bob Hunter We gained Delmar Peebles, Marvin Lavin, and Pat Drake Sophmore! Boy! what fun Did we ever give those Freshies Mohler, and Jack Yerkey We gained Carol Hollister j,A, , , -J ' ' Here we are at last Juniors! Our very first play comes this year and are we excited about giving it The name of our 5 play is 'Gangway for Ghosts ' Also on a very bright day we decided to skip school As we reached our destination, who did we find waiting for us, but our superintendent Having already bought our dinner , we d1dn't want it to go to waste, 80 Off we go again when u6 1sn't looking Everyone had a good C100 This year we gained Marlene McClure and Max Pringle We lost Carol Hollister Some of our activities this year were picking up potatoes, having dances, bake sales, collecting sales tax stamps Having the Jr Sr Banquet was a thrill also At last the year we have been waiting for Seniors! This year we presented 'Gone with the Girls' a comedy Our class officers were Pres Art Petter, V Pres Patsy Pipes Sec Harriet Sehlauch, Treas Max Pringle We put out an annual this year called 'The Tiger of 55' Editor Pat Drake Asst Editor Loy Walkerow, Business Manager Janice Geary, Asst Business Man ager Marlene McClure Of course all our thoughts this year are turned towards the Senior Trip I I - 1 I , , I i 7 , l I y I , . ! I I , . . H ' . . e 9 , . , . o . X x a hard time. Yep--Initiation .... We lost Lloyd Martin, Junior , . e L 'Y " Nxlf S 1" 1 1 . M . , A, : 0' e e' , -- 0- n 0 - - . , . Q to 'M'-s. me B N x V .Eff ffm , If f ,J Interview of Our Mexican Friend Through an interview, our editor, Pat Drake, has discovered the opinions on certain subjects of Eduardo Morales Rodriguez, a boy from Mexico, who has come again to visit our school through the efforts of Mr Franks She asked Eddie the following questions Pat 'What do you think about Nashville High Schoo1?' Eddie 'I think its nice and I like the boys but I prefer the girls Pat 'What do you like in a g1rl?' Eddie I prefer blonde hair, blue eyes, and a medium build Per sonality means more to me than looks Pat Uwho is your best fr1end?' Eddie 'Larry Alexander, but I like all of them Pat 'What is your hobby?' Eddie 'Girls ' Pat 'How is life different in Ohio than in Hex1co?' Eddie 'It is no different Pat 'Are your classes in school the same?' Eddie 'Yes, but we have no class discussion ' Pat. 'What do you plan tn do then you go back to Mex1co?' Eddie: 'I will return to Preparatory School to become an EnS1nPdT-U Pat: 'Do you plan to come back again for a v1s1t?' Eddie: 'I don't think so, since I will be busy with schooling and the A Eddie has black hair, brown eyes, and a dark complexion. He is five feet, eight inches tall. We think our school is a better place with someone like Eddie around. rmy.' ' 'KJTQM 'lv jg N ' ' ' ' "Q, air: ' fir ' V L5 E! 4 :gif -7. , LJ 'V Q ' , it X . X .al in x. L , f' 1 U " - f fs 2 : . ' : ' - U . - : . I ' . I ff' ff" .--,-., f, , wa- ' 'Q.'?Ff'fj 5 .Lf - fi ' '-L" 2 c S - ka lg. i.. , ,T V. fi YS K fl ,?L,,?Q?,1-Y r - ff' TH: OUTLINE . 9' NlsTQRy ffl. v fqf. I ' sw. 1 'NN-Q, -r .. , un :Qi ix, 'ly Lf U33 Q AND y , 7 .,.L 5:5-I .. f .1 752 . w i Xf 1 Q., rv Fred Lint Beverly Bergoon Rosemary Mes ner Don Whet tone Absent from Lictur Wayne Barnes and Jack Kline Doris Anderson Dorothy Hannah il 417" Ne have seventeen pupils in our Junior class We had no gains this year, but we lost Georglanna Danny Allison Martin Our officers chosen this year are as 5900 H0189 follows President Fred Lint, Vice President Beverly Bergoon, Secretary Donald Whetetone, Treasurer Rosemary Messner There were two cheer leaders chosen from our class They were Rosemary Messner and Janice Purdy Our class will have several methods of making money this year Already we have had a paper drive eg, Also we will sponsor part of the school dances this year we are all looking forward eagerly to our class play which we will present in the Spring Beverly Bergoon Dolorig Davenport Janice Purdy -i Norma Gard uar11vn Yeater Kreath Ualkerow Geneva Martin Edna Root XX x . Q 'S ' X lie ' -g f Wg, A ,.j '-X K' ," 'ff 2 'U , Y Y ,,g5." sf ' '33 e Us ?" 1 T 'L Q . X ' r OWL T , - sm ' . gl W Juniors xg ig A . .,t - gggik V , Q 0 gg' Q r G- f ,. , X ,' - at 5 ' ,' Y y A f?Q5W4 1 5 if f, I 1 S Cecile Jim li ':-'a - Lawrence Marilyn Betty Kenny Bath Mike 0 , , P,SE.f Eddie Nancy 7 ,A ' , I ' ' ds X I K 1 'J . -. . If Janice Larry J? . :G . 1 312115 T , -..::: 1.3,-Q f-5. Donald Bertha Carolyn Joan Phyllis carol Absent from picture Harry Tope and Jim Martin ?7 There are 9 boys and 10 girls in our class this year W lost Ruth Ann May who moved to Ashland and Beverly Bower, who is a patient at tne Akron Ch11dren's Hospital with polio Our class is very well represented We have two cheerleaders, Cecile Lint and Carol Miley Basketball players are Jim Martin, Kennle Relheld Jim Pipes Harry Tope Mike Taggart Lawrence Pyers, and Eddie Tipton Members of the band are Cecile Lint, Cargl Mlley Bertha Yeater Janice McGuire Larry Devore Lawrence Byers, Don Linclcome Mike Taggart, and Phyllis Martin We made money this year by selling sweat shirts and selling refreshments at the basketball games We had a lot of fun with Initiation this year For our fun we had the 'freshies' walk through all kinds of Junk and EET cooked spagetti marshmallows and karo After this, the 'freshles' put on a very good 15 minute program We then served refreshments of pop, sandwiches and potato chips WAKE u Tmmurn at , UP! .-...ZZI N Q0 f E " fgfffffle Q Q S , ,A , 5 .1 A i . :if ' . JI . ' U 'l 2 '4 If N u.d fd ' x .Y' b y ,f - ' V JK 57 K 4 . 6 I I Y Y I ' I I I I , . , . , , . .X U 3111, f . 2 H I-P7 ,,.,. 1 x.-::. 1 Qqg , X2 J: X .I--fu, . '-:::77iV rt1,,. f , WFR '53 A f - iu I ' ' if a A 5 ','lt -Lgi 3 , "' X, ,. F-1. I miiliig -9 . qw-x mxm mv tty: I , .V i .- - Xmxlh fy -1 J 'J 'mm Q""'Y3 "6 K'-fi: 4 Our FRLSHMLN CLASS this year has 15 members We gained Jack Brown and lost Charlene Israel and Jerry Brown Our class officers 1 are as follows President Jim Hollister, I Vice President John Remington, Secretary 6 Sandra Castell, Treasurer Donnie Barnes We are going to make money this yeer by selling refreshments at the basketball games and our class dues I imagine our most exciting time this ye r was initiation The girls WOPS burlsp bloomers, short skirts, knee boots, washed hair and then tied it sith binder twine, sweet shirts and ofrrled buckets with shoe polish The boys wore halters, overalls rolled to their knees, earrings, make up, pin curls in hair, women's shoes and bobby sox We're ell looking forward to the remaining years of our high sohoolsmperiences. N Jfwfy mmf if V , , t gt .V ' 4 f .4 Y . ' K 1, 'flu ' ng- 2 "' ' 1 -1 f ,IJ CJ ' an L S fkv ' w, , '51 5 l .454 V :" - V s J' , M " V ,I-I .:.' - .., H? if I 'JD ' ,I, LA . X gig, ' ix X' Q ' Q Q ' s A bx ' 1: ,, . Q xl I 1 i - - N K - - ,f',f , b let row Gary Gard, Billy Brown, Pennie Hollister, Janet Kline, Patsy Hays, Judy Knox Betty Myers, Gloria Smetzer 2nd row Carol Dininger Vera Whetetone, Linda Frlnk Coretta Breneman, Betty Burgett, Marilyn McKinley, Grace Miller 5rd row Jim MoMi11en, John Bridenthal, Joan Reiheld, Frankie Burgett, Mike Harrie Peggy Schopfer, Tommy Miller, Mr Atterholt POW POW POW 11 Eva Root Beverly McCullough Wayne Helee Lois Hays, Hazel Schlauch Lois Lang Carol Martin, Karen Mumper Patsy Llncicome, Mr Atterholt Herb Martin, Sandra Spreng Bobby Plckleeimer, V3-PS5-U18 Messner Don Harrie , . ' 1 9 . 1 . . J Q -9 ar Q -Q. N . r- V , 1 -lu 1 B 0 v IQ. bf 9' f, ,V . . L. N 1 2. 9 r 3' Q9 K . X I .. , , , . - , , . . - 1 , . x lst row Eugene Vaubel Jo Anna Psrtin, Mary Jane Ebersole, Judy Ann Ebersole, Kathleen Davenport Margie Miller Harry 2 d gchlauch ' n row arol Hazlett Freddie Reese Harr Glina D ton, Nanoy Jeffries I y ge' ick Beving 5rd row Yrs Wachtel Jimmy Alexander, Harold Wolgamott Gary Bergoon, Bobby Israel, Kenneth Miller 4? 15: row Evelyn SmetZer,Peggy Picklesimer, Linda Anderson, Carol Tipton, Judy Bevlngton Marie vauoel, Linda Martin, Sharon Purdy 2nd row Mrs Wadsworth, James Pennell Billy Yeater, Marvin Martin Nancy Miley, Ada Margaret Ebersole, Danny Wagner, Marion Martin ord row Tommy Lang, Billy Young, Jimmy Lint, Billy Wachtel Butch Pipes, Larry Stonebrook, Bobby Brown, Donnie Jalkerov, Chuck Messner - , A I Y L . ' 1 .. . -A ' J r , . 5 ' 9 ., T 1 .- fu... , ,f ..' . ' P I . 1 X . 1 .-Al by h" x . y, 1 . .. , , J . - . r 1 . . -.-lilihl WIIIEA N' Wwe let row Elaine Armstrong, Kristie Taggart, Judy Kline, Brenda Pyers, Sally Wachtel Judy Hays 2nd row Teddy Vaubel Laverle Tope, Harry Myers, Tommy Daven port, Leland Leppla Tommy Harris, Mrs Horn 5rd row Dean Ling, Larry Shaffer John Smetzer, Roger Pennel, Jerry Purdy, Dickie Lint Patty Yeater, Sheila Purdy, Edith Bchlauch, Bertha Ebersole, Judy Campbell, Susan Rockenfelder, Diana Devore, Cheryl Heiee Mrs. Wachtel, Joel Bridenthal, Busan Tipton, Hazel Wolgamott, Billy Stonebrook, Roy Bmetzer, brook, Ronnie Bevlngton, Kenny Carol Burgett. Holly Ha rm Billy Yeater, Hrs. Horn. Edwin Root, Gary Stone- Norris. lst ROW Jerry kline, Patt Alexander, Vir 1n'a Vaubel Jeanne Canobell Helen Hgrtir, Patty Rockenfelder, errv Ann 'e srer .elvln zarlor, Jane Duncan Bobbv miller Jerry laye , arrv Veirer, David Tarrett Dillv Vaube1,Bobby Ea lett, rillw Ierail, ayne 'arver, Barbara Erown, Freddie martin 5rd ROW Richard Frink Jane Ccrraoer, Gayle ueilder, Virginia Pvers, rerbert I Clark, Terry Hhee , Douglous Schrader, Eddie Barnes, David Schlanch, re vyact lst ROW Jud Young Bonnie McKinley Bernice Miller, Beverly Ling, Barbara Bowers, Glor a Harr e, Bessie Eberaole, Harold Yeater 2nd ROW Mary Jeffries, Floasie Stonebrook, Linda Powers, Bobby Martin, Johnny Martin, Bonnie Hazlett, Penny Harrie, Mrs Willard 5rd ROW Tommy whetstone, Peter Campbell, Vickie Lang, Bennie Martin, Carol Wachtel, Sharon Frlnk Bobbv Wadsworth P O . Q0 x r r " t 5 . q " at ,L ' ' I '.. "' . "' S ' .v lk" .' 5 w 1 . I I 2nd ROW--David Picklesirer, 5 s P Q J 1 .' , , K , l " ' ' W J ' .Y " I -- -5 l.s o . ' ' , A 1 S - w 4 f O 9 . . I - ' Q o .1-H Prophecy Z N A A ffl d an X atb 19 G nic 90917 Ja bb1B u D5 2 ri' I Xkoffner o QQ -9 4 09" 'Ms 'Sf-Oo o ony? Q 0Qrelk 041, ey Gloria Purdy M1n1ster'a Wife 112 al 1, 8 Sul 6515 ta Od, Gee sho J 6 Dancer Arthur petter JOB Friday +9 3- 590 Larry Alexander Gold Prospector eh Ray Handles Ohio State Cheerleader xx 'I J 'sf Nrxx. B. :QNX 1 1 9 qqb 8 O Q Bu cbeb new re i, 1 QQE0 xosG of oo K' L 0 , 919' oI'2hOy 5Qa 41 lo ce "'-1 Q0 ge dr Gt xy sbt ly-he 55bgQuU Jvc, abs!! arts f1,,fucb Woe club mah 5 9 ,I vlvvs V -S I, . xxu if Patsy P1-P95 Movie BWI' mx Prxnslv Football Coach 0' hs :ina shnis Qs 43 ...L 33. 1 ' .lu 11.-n 111 an all .ar ipliifgxi' vw' Fi-0 bgaivvv ,,. 1,-I kg' 1. 4' A' Q-g,?..ffa2:,-sms IH!! r 'A 'Q .4 R JEL' .f ,ga ,. .5- . - ,Q , -nw-fn ' M s 4 . -' Q . X 4 I h , f, f4 .,,. ami fits A 1' 5 I: ' , ' , , , v . SL 1- 4" f I h I--s ' - ,. . - A ,N x . .ffqf.,, , 0 VIA .' , ',,,,,3- fl., J- . H J dl. 5 - I Q 1 h . I ' A ,,. X x n 'F Sf.. U A ' rg, 5 3 W1 , Vu, Z.: ,J -. .1 .N u .I A 3 3255,R , 4 ' J? JH? "I fi 'I '5 'E 'l " ' W V , -ill w 1-0: I! 51 ll 4 , 'gV,.f:zQgc,9"3 N 3 -msg M.,-w,., M - -. ,Tu , , r jg 2 Q' ' YqKi'fyL-p'.!,lf3'v l 5, V ,X x I l -L . ' 5: - ' ' W '. . . ' 5 15 'H I nl as 14 - .f,,,yg:gM4-,QQ , 5 2 'V ,- '1 I ., A, 14-fuanlumnu .-fl, 'fp " . 1 .L . Y-b ' 'i Q hm" ' 4-1' . ' I . rl ' FV - N: ll 2 ' ' , Iggy , s . it ll S - , .K , 4, f ', 25 .1 1 - H I I - L YQYQATN J I' ,. .,. ' V - ,av 'i ..i Q. 5 F A i'5?wcu f ' , 5 A PARADF PERSONALITIES PERSONALITY Best Pal Biggest Nuisance Biggest Clown Most Musical Prettlest Hair Prettiest Eyes Best Beet Best Most Best Most Most Personality Physique Figure Studlous Dressed Talented likely to Succeed First to be married Safest Driver Prettieet Smile ..! ax Bill Ray Arthur Loy Bill Carl Larry Arthur Loy Larry IX Ronnie Ray Carl L21 MBT! Patsy Pat Gloria Marlene Mary Harriet Pat Patsy Harriet Janice Gloria Marlene Ronnie Galbraith IP v nay Randels Mary Breneman Gloria Purdy Larry Alexander if XS ,fl if '14 OF ' N .f X :::: B0 1 :::: M EEE Best Athlete R0nnle J8nl09 M . 'F 5 is , ' K y , Y- i , 5 ' x 2 , vi 35 .. f , , O ,f f , y 3, iff, 113 lV"a f 5 QXKWLQ Mary Breneman Gloria Purdy Patsy Pipes Marlene McClure Jan ce Geary Parriet Schlauch Pat Drake Ronnie Galbraith Bill Martin Max Pringle Arthur Petter Loy Walkerow Larry Alexander Carl Schlauch Ray Randles '57 CAN ROI IFAGINE without glasses not going to Church every Sunday not being neat a beaver trapoer being a bubble dancer without that giggle in a red cadillac not liking basketball no being a man without a smile without an A on his gradecard not being polite with black hair and a fair complexion making love to Marilyn Monroe being quiet WHAT IF Bill was a blackbird instead of a Martin Patsy was a cigar instead of a Pipes an'ce was a berry instead of a Geary Pat was a duck instead of a Drake Loy was a run a line instead of a Walk e row Larry was a Ceasar instead of a Alexander Mary wa a breadman instead of a Breneman Marlene liked a groundhog instead of a Beaver Ray was a candle instead of a Randel Harriet liked a moo instead of a Brumme Gloria was ugly instead of a Purdy Ronnie was a babybreath i t d f G Carl was a slaw instead of a Schlauch ns ea O a albralth Arthur f 1 t d lax was a jingle instead of a Pringle was unny ns ea of Sonny' l o o S ,e 4 U V -2' t ll ll , J I S . . B E oDY OQFED HARLENE MoCLURE- isolated on a 1cy hill with you know who' at midnight was this planned or was this fate ART FETTER what happens to a certain sophmores llpstick on the long rides home from the basketball games? Know anything about tnat,Art? GLORIA PURDY she says she leads a quiet life Ha! Somebody gcored LAHS! ALEXANDER who goofed when telling Alex the way to a certain church in Colombus? was my face red?? .ARRIET SCHLAUCH now much does John Anderson charge for pulling cars out of the mud? Why d1dn't a certain guy go to college as planned? BILL MARTIN did a certain Senior get his fill of watermelon this summer? I hear he should have!! PATSY PIPES down in the shower room knight or the Senior playjsomeone sneaked up with a Ilashbulb camera Wonder why she was embarrassed eo when she saw the p1cture?? RD GALBRAITH what was wrong with that referee that took No out of a certain Clark game? No 14 wasn't even in the game PAT 1h8y BBY QXPCPIOHCS 15 12118 DBBTI UBBOIIGI' DRAKE does it really take experience to be a housekeeper? LOY WALKEROW who goored when a certain teacher visited a cer tain Senior at his home during school hours? Anyone I know MAR! BRENEMAN who's that 'mystery guy' that no one can find anything about? Why don't you bring him around, Mary? CARL SCHLAUCH according to this guy,noth1ng exciting has happened to him Yeah' I cet He's one person who really keeps his adventures to himself JANICE GEAR!--what was the reason for her to take her coat of! when it was so cold on Initiation night? I d1dn't know orange Juice warmed you up so much. RAY RANDELS--what happened to cause an ex-teacher to KICK a Senior boy out of his class? Something about counting his lest seconds off to move his chair. That guy sure goofed. MAL PHINGLE--every one says that he is a caeeanova, but he himself denies lt. Does anyone care to prove this fact? fp I N 4 Ns so f , Q 'Q may W K X OQRV! I U 1 2 a 4 e c JAIICE GEAR! get a job Senior don't know do you for me to know hamburger 8 coke Debbie Reynolds k Rook Hudson HARRIET BCH AUCH et a ob ophmore varsity cheerleader day Janice and I skipped school hamburger 5 root beer Debbie Reynolds Q Rock Hudson RAI RANDIL8 be a mechanic Senior day we skipped in '64' hamburger 6 cup of mud Rlhd01f Scott a Piper Laurie IARI BRENEHAI t a ob unior I don't know day ve skipped in 'S4' hamburger 5 coke Lorraine Day 5 James Mason X O g 0 low Down . " . What do you plan after graduation? Lsggi ' What las your biggest thrill? V ' Q? QW S 9 . What was your favorite school year? eqnxll IX T Na 1 lhat was your funniest experience? . lhat is your favorite after-show snack? . Iho ls your favorite actress and actor? GLORIA PURU! get a Job at Dailey Record Senior Junior Senior Banquet of '54' week at Millersburg Hospital 1 hamburger and milkehake Spencer Tracy and June Allyson ARTHUR FETTER o to college ophmcre I'11 never tell I don't know hamburger 5 milkshake Jane Russel 8 James Stewart LARRY ALIXAI R vork on the farm Senior playing sith the All Ohio boys Senior pl!! hambur er Q milkshako James tevart 8 Jane Russell CARL BCHLAUCH get a Job Senior never had any at school Hail hamburger 5 coke Jane Russell k Rook Hudson N10 4 bln ' "Agfa xXx? 45. xfg N ' ' n 54 band 1' 10 2. 2. s. 3. - 4. 4. I I 5. 5. e. e. 1- J 1. 2. 5 2. 2 5- 5. 4. 4. 5- 5. e. 6. 1. 1. 29 21 5. Ka! 5. . - 2. 4. . 5. 6. 6. E 1. 1' 2. 59 J 2- s. 5- -- 4. 4' 5. 5. 6. ce lf, " . ' M 2-1, A .n . .'1', . ' C 2 .PI I, . . ' . f . 7 tff' H ..,:1,.2' 'f 1 1 1 Q 1 PIT DRAKE 1 2. Sophmore .JF " Tlow Down '1 3 . HANSFIELD Beauty School 2nd year we won oneerleading trophy day we skipped in '54' hanburger,d111 p1ok1e,a ooke Tony Curtis 6 Marilyn Monroe PATSY PIPES get a job Senior second year we got cheerleading trophy day we skipped school in '54' hamburger and coke James Stewart a June Allyson MAX PRINGLE Senior work on a farm when I got caught laying euohr e by Rod da we ski ed in 54' I PP oheeseburger k coke Mickey Rooney 8 Janet Leigh BONNIE GALBRAITH Job with the T E G Painting Co 5011102 this year when we win the State TOHPDBEGHY when we skipped in '54' oheeseburger t ooke Doris Day t Alan Ladd ,J Y7 ..- Nil 1: y i 'Q 11, HARLENE HGCLDRE . get married . Sophmore when I got an orchid day we skipped in '54' footlong hntdog 5 coke James Stewart k June Allyson 1 2 BILL MARTIN work on the farm Senior never had any Well hamburger 8 ooffee Alan Ladd k Virginia Mayo LOY UALKEROU get a job Senior never had any when Rod came to the house hamburger 5 coffee Alan Ladd a Rita Hayworth ,4l1IhL- ll ll AA65ni:QL.g1Ea" 5 ' Y QCQ Cb 8. 3. 4. 4. 5. 5. 5. e. 1. 2. Q: 5- 5. 40 4. -- 5- 5. 5. 6. 1. 3. 2: 4' 2 5. ' 4. 5' 5. 5. 5. 1. . 2. zs. y 4. 6- 5 4 e. A - J 5 1 of: f 1,1630 , . 'fi f If 4 1 1 Y.. A A' LJMZJ - K w"1..g. ' - X P- - 1 eh.. 1 -- 'ff X ' F- ' t l XZ" 'ivlfvi WP' J XX x E X JUST bag 71 J 4 BILL MARTIN Likes nothing anything Join the Marines hunting watermelon Favorite song Somebody Goofed Favorite town Loudonvllle Nickname Dislikes Ambition Pastime Willie CARL BCBLAUCH Likes basketball MARRIED MARY BRENEMAN Likes to get letters Dislikes Ambition Pastime Favorite Favorite Nickname bossy people Pretzel bender running around town any town song Shake,Rattle,and Roll Mary ARTHUR FETTER n ns 2 X flxj A , IQ! I It .J fail? LMP. '--f f H XX Nbxxx ..., , 'y u .'ifi.::gi.zVi'T.fE:. X55 -.. 'Q 1. :J .--- --.. ---ll ---ll --- Likes---Cecile Dislikes---Liberace D1B11keg---gtu0k-up people -,,n ---u --, --- -II' 'If-- - ---- "I III ---I ---I ---an --we ---I --I ---ll ---I - . W", 1' 'Ei ,IU , 4 , O Lx e A Ambition Pastime to be a farmer eating Favorite song This Ole House Favorite town Nashville Nickname Brud PAT RAKE Lakes Studebakers Dislikes Ambition Pastlme Favorite song Sh Boom Favorite town Nashville Nickname Pat to get up 1n the morn beauticianlpart time! with Larry LOY WALKEROW Likes huntln Dislikes Ambition Pastime Favorite song One by One Favorite town Mlllersburg Nickname S school State Patrolman going to see Dorothy Hack RA! RANDELB Likes hunting Dislikes Ambition Pastime Favorite song Your Cheating Heart Favorite town Hillersburg Nickname Ray to be bossed State Patrolman driving somewhere I Ambition Psstlme Favorite Favorite Nickname college degree milking cows song Waltz You Saved For Me town Nashville 'Sonny' PATSY PIPES Likes jewelry Dislikes Pastime Nickname Ambition Favorite Favorite liver and onions with Johnny Birdie be a lady of leisure song My Heart Cries For You town Nashville LARRY ALEXANDER Likes glxls Dislikes Ambition Pastlme Favorite Favorite Nickname to study be a farmer running around song Because of You town Nashville Alex GLORIA PURDY Llkes office work Dislikes Ambition Pastime Favorite Favorite Nickname late hours college degree horsing around town Nashville song Crazy Mixed up Song Purd E 9 J I5 "'f W WN JANIGE GEARY Likes mall call Dislikes Ambition Pastlme Favorite Favorite Nickname school hot rod racer reading letters song Your Cheating Heart town Lakeville Babe RONNIE GALBRAITH Likes basketball Dislikes Ambition Pastime Favorite Favorite Nickname tB8.Gh6I'B UNG' " 4 IAX PRINGLE Likes women Dislikes Ambition Pastime Favorite Favorite Nickname Liberace to be a football coach looking for trouble song One by One town Lakeville 'Gismo' HARRIET SCHLAUCH Likes secrets Dislikes Ambition Pastime Favorite Favorite Nickname play practise on Wed night physical education teacher day dreaming town Nashville song Little Things Mean a Lot 'Shorty' to be a coach pf? with Phyllis QQ song Ole Man River I town Nashville Q. Clem C,--' y HARLLNE McCLURE Likes new clothes Dislikes Ambition Pastime Favorite Favorite Noikname peanut butter sandwiches housewife dreaming and wishing town Perrysvllle song I Need You Now 'Chug ohug' fs A N Q XV .Y A in , up N: -1.225 I Y '5' I L f I "'--- . ---I ---I ' is ::: 5 . --- f F N v Z: ' , ""' ' 5 91 f gf X.-1 ...L. ...... 1 Avi? How We Looked Then 'i lull I' if A heaix, -a ,ni :V X 150.55 1 ,-Q.. . .ijix 'ff 3, 3 'f-sv 1 -'E' ' Li .Lg -in .rfvzir ' .x-- ,.g'V.g A A , S ,,-.54 . is w LY A 1 55' S gf 1 SQ i li' Q, 'knvv' Junior -'Senin1'?3anquei fl ll We had our Junior-Senior Banquet on May 8, 1954, at 6 o'clock P M Our theme was 'ditch Your Wagon to a Star ' Our menu was as follows Zodiac Special Little Dipper Fleecy Clouds Milky Way B18 Dipper The following program was Welcome Response Song Remarks Waiters Danny Allison Donald Whetstone Jack Kline Vegetables Venus Style Half Moon and Star Dust Northern Lights Full Moon Salad Floating Clouds presented Arthur Petter Clara Ling Junior Boys Mr Franks waitresses Kreath dalkerow Dorothy Hannah Geneva Martin ii, QI! lst row Larry Alexander, Pat Drake, Patsy Pipes, Marlene McClure, Harriet Sehlauch, Art Petter 2nd row Mr Van Barg, Ray Randels, Janice Geary, Gloria Purdy, Mary Breneman, Donald Whetetone, Mr Wadsworth Marge Capp the eldest of the Capp childr Doris Capp next in line Eve Capp the baby of the family ... Sonny Capp ... . ..the only boy ......... Alecia Capp ........ mother of the brood ..... .. Grandpa Capp..the ch1ldren's grandfather .... . Gregory Thatcher Van Steal ........ a socialite Ora Peck ............... the maid .............. Binny Ware Ware ........ an ex-actress .... .. Lenny Fair ......... .... an nurse ...... .. Captain O'Ma1lery... ....of the pol1ce..... Directors--Mr. Van Barg and Mr. Wadsworth Prompters--Janice Purdy and Rosemary Meesnar en ...n -go ... Pat Drake Patsy Pipes .Harriet Schlauch .... Art Fetter .Marlene McClure Larry Alexander ....Ray Randele z...Jan1ce Geary ... Gloria Purdy ....Mary Breneman DOD Whetstone AWRI 'S MINNIE BHILL PETERS SALLY KING STRING BEANE HESTER STORM GAYLA GRANDE POSY MAY PURDY CRAZY NELL HAL CHARTERIS ELI GANDY NED JOHLAN MISS STORM Jumor Class Play F0 ., CHARACTERS s -AQ! the housekeeper . Mary Breneman the butler bred Lint who wants to be a detective Sally e shadow who owns Storm Heights an actress the colored maid a demented woman a playwright the sheriff an sx convict woman of mystery TIME A stormy night early in Spring PLACE Storm Heights, an old mansion CHQ H1.1d80h 5 Q, L Y GMU!! x gy lm. "' ran 1 Patsy Pipes Ray Randels Marlene McClure Patsy Drake Janice Geary Harriet Bchlauch Arthur Fetter Larry Alexander hax Pringle uloria Purdy on a high cliff overlooking in . hmwaq 5 11 I I .1 s "' gf' s -.- - - -' :,: fo., , 'L 4' ' 1 K D J UA ' ' I :U.'lN f NH lWf S ff b v ai : I f ,gm"' r ,. Yiqg ffnq 5 ' A U 8 I ' ,i '-: f , A' ' . pf A . lst row CaP0lyH Janice Mar y Kreatn Nancy Barbara J 1 2nd row Sandy, Pat Carol Gloria Carol 1 , an ce 5rd row Ha riet Bobb 1 1 D601 6 Y Sandy Bette Rosemary Ginger Janice g If l ' X 'a I Q Y . V , . - - . .... . I .... M N vig: KC' fffx A N I 1 ., v. fi - fx ' H' i 1 i. s All hail the blue and white Keep them forever bright In love and praise unite For Nashville High Pride in thy victories Love for thy memories Time cannot alter these Nashville High! Ru '? Is 5-lf,gyk.M! 4luF,QK ,,a The blue and white will conquer We cannot lose for Nashville High Our boys are fighting with the spirit That will not die Rah! RRh.lRahl Onward they're marching With praises ever we will cheer Hail to dear old Nashville The school that we love eo dear Rah 4 .JI L. V Y W" .um- ,..f'1', 5' ff ffAZ5v W5 coo 0 41.4 Fm f"' xi 3 W B,.E. 1 'gg-piwf? -gi? i l:gTPi!'H'lif5!!, EXP? ix 1 Q' f Hi 1 1 ff it if 8, Ax 4,-E H H1 it nz, 19 E A f JL XX 1 Uii pr, -xi 'I xi Lf x 'in 5 F iz 2 iff i """ E H ly-.P'5,5g 1 dir! 51. W1 wi 5, in Mq'i:933i5H.e PV wifi E iismifi vii X ,Q E J y V, i , -3-X Fri? W Q W? 5 is 1-QFESE. rf- x if E59fgiizLEJCig 'g 33 gig ,E Nh, 'f-""""'qHg. X 23. s S 1' X qi: if ii!! :S 1 2 :LE li -"' HE -1 EEEEHHH E53 HJEEHHEE H52 f MMWMEEHHEEHHE -" 0 -----' .... :::::::g:::555.:::::gpg.5:.5gggg.:::Ei5E:s:3" 552252525 as esggs I 0 I .....4.. ,sw ,ff Wing 1 :-. - : ::EE.Iii :.: 5 5 :" 5..:'2 Z '-:.:5555m,-5g:ES.:555ggg 5 z-S..E 5 55EE'.3.55952:535515E5EE!5:55:5EEEE::E:gg,5:3 -1:1E3E115'EE5535555555551555S!?EE'E2-i':5555EiE5EE- f':i5S5EE53E55EESE5 . 222353, I sssssssssssaesmszsszs 7- Eazessfifazzvzgdsaisssaiiais 's:SHE2225222551asf!51""221:assiiiaisass55452:S5se555595255522at-missssssszszzssauiifril assasssszsisssssss E A :sasssszsssegssssz aasgzgqggg,fg:5g,,sbf '1qgf!sgas. 'T -.- q?s:a2sigssaassssssss1' 5 'a!gzis225ssss1aess!S 3 Q Kd 90' '1 5::z2a225if22'fa2i' U 'QQF 'ffii sssiiiiqfi? a511'iS'?iE5ES:5i 5555551512iiissssaessssasssaffsiii :. 2 :3sss:555!5asssh: N 5.221554 Q' ' 6.9 if .. mg-ffzqil Q .... ., wg . ng in L 'FQ A lst ROW ROW 5rd ROW 4th HOW 'M' 'IP Aan! John Rem1ngton,Jim Ho111eter,Larry Burgett,M1ke Taggart,Le1and Alexander Don L1no1come,Lee Smetzer Larry A1exander,Pat Drake,Mary Breneman,G1or1a Purdy,Art Fetter,Geneva Mart1n,Ceo11e L1nt,Jan1ce McGuire Kreath Wa1kerow,Dorothy Hannah,Do1or1s Davenport,Dor1e Andereon,Bever1y Bergoon,Fred Lint Art Pyers,Don Whetstone,Larry Devore,Edd1e Tipton, Director Mr Garver Janice Purdy,Roeemary Meeener,Betty Conk1e,Sandra Caete11,Barbara Breneman,Barbara Bergoon,Nancy Breneman,Ruth May,Caro1 M11ey,Kenn1e Reiheli let row fkneellngj Donna Whetstone Fred L1 c J k , K 2 d '.?o2e,dand,Gene Heise. n ' ac line' Harry n row s an ing Norma Gerd Geneve Martin Edna Ro t Ma 1 geatei, gosemary Meesner, Janice Puray, Mr. V2n'BarE,1yn ever Y ergoon Doris Ander K W Hannah, Do1or1e'Davenport. Bon' reath alkerow' Dorothy I 1 , , , , ' T 30 , F 0 I., A .I "-SF' " J . l M . :HE I 1- A -v Q 1 4 'iii ' 'Q QI . N H N, A ' A Q . - ' kr 'vr 1 5 Q . , , ' T 1. Q N' ' 1 ' V ' Q25 2, A A J Y! 'c " L ', " I 2nd - I Q , N I ,Z I A no I A . i f"'9 ' X ,Y nw- x 1 1 .0 7 ,H '53 L, 1 . I lpeech Class First ROW Mrs Bmlth, Teacher Harriet Schlauch Beverly Bergoon, Pat Drake Second ROW Mary Breneman, Janice Geary Janice McGuire Gloria Purdy The SPELCH CLASS is under the direction of Mrs Smith There are eight girls in this class As the Prince of Peace contest was at the beginning of -.g the year, all our time has been devoted to listening to ig, the participants of the cont et Z E 5 The first contest was held at the Methodist Church Nov 14, at ll O0 A M The contestants were as follows Carol Sue Miley giving the speech The Only E51 to Peace Barbara Bergoon, One World One People Pat Drake, Sur mount Our Everest Winner was Pat Drake and alternate was Carol Mlley The second cont st was held at the Cnurch of Christ Nov 14, at 8 OO P M The contestants were as follows Bette Schlauch giving Security Preface to Peace, Janice McGuire, There Was a Lad Here Beverly Bergoon And Rumors of W r The winner was Beverly Bergoon and alt rnate was Bette Schlauch The speech class is intending to put on a Christmas one act play All mem bers of tue class will participate Q I QR he f N 'ml V7 'W r A Liga 3ia EQ t .YA-y, ' ' 1 1 " 9 I 0 Z e. . 'Fug - . lp Z . . .. K I 1 -, ........3 i- ii-1.-ri Q . 1...- I -iii-,i ' ..... ... - ... ....: . 1 ... ...... .- 8 4 9, . Q U I . I ,W ' 1, 1 bf F M 1 J' G4QQl,QQ . , -J K H jf if jf Q2X'hUigQ fs: ,wg N, N- Q-R 8 9272 -3-9 5 'ai f' ' f ' , ' f sshd? - Q 2 ig ,' Bn, ' gl is ff ' - x N11 t Q S-!4' f r'i "fi f I' 7 ? Q. Q?- T Second Year Home Economics Class D0"0U1Y Kreath, Mrs Sw rt walder, Doris Dolor-is Dolorie Dgvenpgrt, Charles Kettering Doris Anderson r.-r 'cr --1 5 First Year Home Economics Class let row Bette, Sandy, Harriet, Bobby, Barb ra 2nd row Nancy, Janice, Phyllis, Joan Mrs Swartzwalter sez? Q 1-- I 1 ' 9 0 T' Z , Q I ' I 1 L 7- -W , ,M if 8 I ' I .I is l .H l. K l -.H , L. ' cv y xx , - 2...-1' ' - ,1 1 ,i S Q N 5- ' - L " H ! - 8 Janice Purdy and Rosemary Messner iff -4- Nl' Janice Purdy,Eever1y Bergoon,Dor1a Andereon,Rosemary Meesner let row Betty Conkle, Barbara Bergoon, Doris Anderson, Beverly Bergoon, Doloris Davenport, Bertha Yeater, Gloria Purdy, Sandra Castell 2nd row Larry Devore, Mike Taggart, Lawrence Pyers Fred Lint, Larry Alexander, Art Fetter, Donald Whetatone, Director Mr Garver come, Jim Hollister, Leland Alexander, Cecile Lint Phyllis Martin lst row Linda Anderson, Peggy Pickleelmer, Gloria Smetzer, Sharon Purdy, Marie Vaubel Bobby Yeater, Jimmie Lint 2nd row Peggy Schopfer, Virginia Messner Sandra Spreng Nancy Miley, Carol Martin Lois Lang Director Mr Garver 5ra row Herb Martin, Bobby Pickleelmer Karen Mumper, Grace Millen Vera Whetetone Marilyn McKinley ca z V . ' 1 5rd row-Janice McGaire, Geneva Martin, Carol Miley, Don Linci- I , . ' I I 1 s ' ' ' ' 1 , . 'wi .t In if A 4 Q, - . ,itz Q aw .Q ,' .JJ '-s gs, '.. hi 'B Qs, eq, sly? !f,f' KYW Tue Tue Tue Fri Fri Tue Fri Fri Tue Fri Sat Tue Fri Fri Fri Tue Fri Tue Nov Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Feb Feb Feb Ba kefbal! BASKETBALL SCH DULE Nashville High School 9 Fredericksburg, 16 horthwestern, 19 Walnutcreek 5 Berlin, H 7 Big Prairie lO Clark, H 17 Killbuck, 21 Glenmont 7 Walnutcreek 8 Hayesville, Fredericksburg, A Berlln A BP H Clark, A l Perrysville, 4 Killbuck, A 8 Doylestown, A They 1 5 Fri Feb ll Glenmont, H This year the team was made up largely of Seniors. This year we will lose Ronnie Galbraith, our All-Star player, Art Fetter, Carl Schlauch, Loy Walkerow, and N81 PI'iI1glO- TY10 cheerleaders who graduate are Harriet Schlauch and Pat Drake. At this time we wish to thank the cheering section who have really been in there yelling. Also we wish to give our appreciation to Mr. Van Barg, a swell coach and teacher. We hate to leave but we hope you'l1 always remember this class of '55.' Good luck in the future years and may you have as much fun and happiness as we have had in good old N.H.S. 1954-1955 . . - H 53 . . -' A 1 . . - ' , A 57 Tue. Nov. 25-Gambier, A 74 . . - ,A vs . . - H . . - , A . . - , H . . - A . . ll- . . 14- . . 21- L, . . 28- . . - H MQ, N Ca 1 won le let row Ronnie, Arthur, Max, Carl, Mr Van Barg 2nd row Fred Jim, Loy, Ra ll! Jim I Coach Van Bar Arthur 0 X' MSX P tsy Drane Carol Miley Barbara Bergoon, Harriet Schlauch 2nd ROW .nm H , .nm P , Mike Eddie, Larry, 3-St Row Ray, Manager, Kenny, Jack, Fred Lawrence, Mr Van Barg Janice Purdy, Cecile Lint, Rosemary Mesaner ' Q o , - , . 2nd Row Billy B Herb M Donald H Jim Danny W Marvin M Marion M Chuck M Butch P 2nd Row L. ? ff lqt POW JH H PVY Ray Cavl Arthur mr Van Barg an row Ronlle Loy, B111 Jim, F ed, Max 5rd row Dow kenny, nine Jim Jim lst ROW Mr Van Barg,Jan1ce Geary,Mary Breneman,G1or1a Purdy, Patsy P1pes,Harr1et Schlauch 2nd ROW Geneva Mart1n,Kreath Wa1kerow,Marlene McC1ure,Pat Drake,Dor1s Anderson,Do1or1s Davenport , f CY-K ij N b. ' -Lf .. I' 1 'J A 1 r y , . u " A' , , -p " V 1 1 1 " K I X ' o 0 .. 0 I'd like to help you out which way did you come ln? No reason for it just school rules Use your head It's the little things that count Don t talk about yourself, we'1l do that when you leave Psalm of Physics Franks is my teacher, I shall not pass, maketh U8 to work dense experiments leadeth me to expose my ignorance before my classmates He maketh me to study nightly for 2 hours for my grades' sake Yea, tho I study until midnight I shall gain no physics For principals bother me and laws sorely trouble me He prepareth tests fer me in the presence of mine enemies He giveth me a low grade, my work runneth under Surely zero and theories shall fo llow me all the days of my lite Ana I emu dwell in uns Class or Physics for-ever A Man Off hiB ROC A Trombone Player in a Telephone Booth er A Pig Going Around a Barn Mr. He , He . 0 'isa One dark day in the middle of the night Two dead boys stood up to fight, Back to back thev faced each other, Drew their swords and shot each other A dead policeman heard the noise, He came and shot the two dead boys Ronnie While we are sitting in the moonlight I'd like to ask you Phyllis Yes? Ronnie Gould you please move over? I'm sitting on a nail Patsy Now that we're engaged, you'll give me a ring won't you? Johnny Certainly What's your phone number? Harriet Mother, come quickly! Mrs Schlauch What's wrong dear? Harriet Carl just ate all those raisins off that sticky brown paper in the kitchen Max What is an icicle? Loy That's easy It's a drip caught in a draft Marlene Can you stand on your head? Patsy P No, its too high Gloria Naw Doctor Did you take a hot bath? Gloria Yeah Doctor Did you drink orange Juice after the hot bath? Gloria After drinking the hot bath I couldn't get the orange juice down Harriet I always do my hardest work before breakfast Mary What's that? Harriet Getting up 'How do you spell M1ss1es1pp1?' 'The river or the state?' Mr Van Barg 'What are you doing now?' Loy 'Noth1ng, but 1t's steady" 'Grandpa, now that you're lOO years old, do you still dream about women?' 'Yep, I still dream about em, but I've stopped cnaslng them ' A woman got a traffic ticket The policeman help up his hand but she d1dn't understand him She was a former schoolteacher Keep your eye on the ball, Your shoulder to the wheel, Your ear to the ground Now try to work in that P0B1t10H Why d1dn't you choose your grandparents more carefully? I don't know hon I'd get along without you but I sure would like to try it Years ago a kid used to ask his father to help him with his homework Now he tells his father to do the homework wh11g he watches Howdy Doody Heard in an incubator Last one out is a rotten egg I xg E ll I Doctor-Is your cold any better? 5 54b454?4?4?4 ni fgragil waxwewewwwww:Qwe:-04weNvewwxxxrsxwfevfwwvewwsvsvsrsmvij ' Larry norm 1 SS FW 1 .f -saw J' E' L Gloria Lby I 3 L B111 if Q Pat Carl E ,gr Marlene W!-'za gg Janice Q1 SV X X10 if Har! Harriet Q . K I UllMQgQW,,gMMQgMWxQQlQQQQkiMggMMgQMgMgg1gQHiig4Qil , 6 . , . lg .-iq' ,f 5 -:bs ' kq fn r all A .LO 1 Y rf f A r, S 1, X - Y: .Xl - I X 1.-'L 2: 'A' fx ,L , 1 8 K xl , L . 'N .ge X - , A 1 . K F ,J , L ai 1, f ,L ' I Y 5 ' s 1 1, 4. 1 ,J ?2 " ' 1 'M ff I I -ff X' iflxfx X X ,' ' f wx ni 4 ', wwf: '... ',!' 4 i A I Z f f - ' X. Greetings from Compliments of ETHYL-MARATHQN Wooster Co-op, Poult Assoc Loudonvllle OhlO Wooster, Ohno THE MILLERSBURG EQUITY EXCHANGE CO Dealers ln Farm Hardware and lmplements Feeds Seeds, Graln West Jackson St Phone N0 75 Mlllersburg 01110 Lower ODI' Y f Cost QQS Dresslng Well Oldsmoblle sales nd Service New and used cars Qwb' Q5 Prop Q9 AXJK 5hw4?ir- Boyd COTHcl1US Greetlngs from THE AMERICAN LEGION P Loudonvllle 0h10 Compllments of SCh1HGS Theatre CON QKXONED Wooster Oh10 I ' ' ....i..... -W ,----l,--v, ,,,-l. -U , ..i ,W ,, .,,,., E ..,-,,,w,.,,. -,,, , , , ,,-,, ,, 9 i 9 4 ' rs . O . ' , nga "" A , E fb a Q5 Q' O Y ' SG 2 .. A -' X11 Qi? ' , x'gp Millersburg, Ohio Wooster,Ohio 1 X n x"' . "1 .-'50 fel" 2 ' fzbtivqil Q ' E L 4 1 f 19: f. isfffci 0' vw. 0" bin L E9 xg: 'lg I" . , . FX., t , Lompllments TINY S TAVERN uve 5O,fX6'XN XC if kj If 00066 Nashvllle Ohlo Larl 8 Freda Kllngler Props HAROLD R REED Mint Mark E: fn GTOC6T16S A Vegetables Nashvllle 0h10 WALTMAN S APPLIANCES Opal W ltm n Prop Millersburg, Uh10 , . of I .v' ld F , I-.4' J X . , . 1 ' . g Q A 1 1 P a a . ' V IiILLnIRSdURu, onlo X1 049 hilleraburg SNLLT CR AM ICE CRLAM PASLLJRIZhD S LEuLnD DAIR1 PRODQCTb ,: 694 X ly AILK-BUTTdR-BUTIERHILK-COTTAGE CHEESE ' I .! MOHERMAN TRACTOR SALES hast Butler Street Loucionville George Moncrman Prop Telephone 4081 GUI LE11 SWSANK sf C0 INC Lumbor and M111 ork 227 North Market. St Loudonvllle Onlo Phone 2281 Don Genswner Dry Goods hoaoy To WU 1' Jackson t Phone 504 Mlllcrsourg 01110 NORMAN S BAKERY I L' J F Norm n Owner WSJ ,, Xlllllersburg W 0 rx . T . .U .L W I . , . 9 - J " I " - Q U C' VJ o v S o . I 7 Q , ' oz' 1 - 1 A fi' I: "": XTX Q 0 0 Elf M-.,' ' ,mp , : g X i C. THE FAMMLHS BAN? AMTGIIIDCI' of JDYIS Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposlt Insurance Corp oaposnrs Ul?4lE3UE3l2l9 F Shreve Ohlo KERB LUMBER CO Compllments Lumber Sash Doors H Waontel s B rber Shop ROOf1Hg NAshv1lle Ohlo Phone 2381 Shreve QUALITY sHoPPE TIDBALI GARAGE 01111 and Mary M11-GY Knlbuck Phone ZZH4 Palnt Wallpaper D A G A raperws L md lf S TIDBALL MOTOR SALES l5,W Jackson St Mlllersburg Phone569S M111 ers burg PYIOIIS 209B '1 ' T- H 1 r L F A K' A' ' O 'IIiHilIII AS Peovaoso mme BANKING ACT O IS!! 9 A of ., , ".- ' V A Y cz. 5 , A' I D V P . ' ' . 'Z' 4' 1 Q-:AE -p . Q' l- . ,N Y' . F X 0 0 ATTERHOLT GENERAL STORE Wolverlne shoes Ball Band Footwear Tltan Blue Streak CharnS3WS McCurdy Hay A Graln Elevators Templeton Loaders E A Wagon Unloaders Grocerles 5 Meats Phone 572 6 Jeromesvllle M0h1CanV111e R F D 5 Loudonvllle Oompllments of Lompllmbnts of FRANKLINS house of treasures Your Glft Headquarters Mlllersburg Ohlo TON 8 JEAN ELLIOTT Q Mlll6TSbUTD Ohlg YOUNG BROS GARAGE A HARDWARE F W Young Props A C Young .556 WeSt,Ma1n Street Loudonvllle OHIO Greetlngs From WEISS SHOE SHOP Mlllersburgg Ohlo Compllments of DALE BEAVER Perrysvllle Ohlo MUMPER S Frlgld Food Qfgrage and Red and whlte Market 'N PhoneO25l Loudonvllle Ohlo 1 ff l h 1 . ' is 151 1 7. A 7. . M V . V . 3 M O ll ll 1 S 1 ' . 9 O . 0' , ' H. Weiss Prop. F . + Qf ,f - . . h s . 9 I . . L. i 'N at 3:9 , A ' "I '5sQgIi5557'5 4 , , , ' BGOSTERS Dr Elder M1llersburg,Qh10 Maxwell Bros M1llGTSbHTg, Shrlener Sole llllbuok CD10 Metzl r Locker 11llersburS0h10 Compl1men+e of Estell A Kuhn Holmes and Hadlo Eleotrlo Mlllersburg, 01110 Mr and mrs Fred JonesNaShV1ll6 Ohlo Dewltt Drugs Mlllersbufg Ohlo HOY THIHHS Drug Mllllersburg. Ohlo G F and R H Keller'M1llersburg Ohlo H welsh Loudonvllle 0510 esssssssaasssstsasossssssseaazesavemveaoveacveaafvm Sonny I would marzy Cecile but for one thing Ray What's that? Afraid to pop the question? Sonny No afraid to question the pop I love the 11 IHGMOFK the teachers give The tests Jp I hate the pretty girls who flirt The pests f f I'm never late for classes nor take my cuts I do my homework faithfully I'm nuts 11 Y -fr Dale I'm thinking of asking some girl to marry What do you think of the idea? Marlene It's a great idea if you ask me 1 Mary to friend in car Look how close that maniac is driving in front of us Larry A If you give me your telephone number I call you up Patsy P It'L in the phone book Larry A Vhat's your name? Patsy P It's in there too One day Kenneth was taking and a few m11es out in the 'Oh dear " sighed Harriet 'Suppose I give you a k ss offered Kenneth Harriet for a buggy ride country the horse dropped dead 'and I'm so tired and put some life in you lff? EE.a' f Zh 'In that case " said Harriet 'You had better kiss the x horse X I X1 Little aaehshuna 'O Asleep on a log Forest fire HOT DOG ll X T ' ' ' e . . lx o . . -X r ' , X 9 rr ' ' C ' IJ . U' . 4 7 X f- F- . . - ' , . fx 0 0 , . . - 9 n s ,K , ' X rr W ' ' I 4 O o o , --x M. . . .I i A - o 0 1 0 , , A A A A A A , an ' . ...- -.. , , ,-, V I ,vas , A .. -T K ,v , - ' ' il ' 1 'se r i t 0 tl 451 ..- ...A Q 'il me. " v Q " 1 - 25 ":' . .-- '11 . tt" 0 ,...- Ig' l . I 1 n - A I -1- 1 . X N I 1 1 X ff I S Q-' 'V -. A xv ' H1 X -u- , 1 x I ' . KY X ' ,lv TH E ADAMS BANK 5 A f Best RegerdsCless of 5 E' V Q 1111 rsburg OhlC Con retuletlons lecord F1163 Inc Mfgrs f NYLO G IDE Heoords H nol1nv'UQU1UmGHt Wooster Ohlo AUFHANCL SLGNS Auto Palntln A Body Work leotrlo 8 Aoetellne Weldlng TELL THE WORLD WITH SIGNSX Pnone3l4l NdShV1ll6 THE WILLIAM ANNAT CO Department Store Servlng the Publlo for over Seventy flve Years PHb11C Square Wooster GOOD LUCK DHUSHELL at MTI-1IE q1llbTSbUFg Ohlo ZACHJ N S SOHIO SEHVICL Dealer 1n SOhlO Products Atlas T1T6S A Batterles K1llbUCk Ohlo F? N :X . - s -+ 1 - to If f- A , ,. 15 1 I r 3 xx 1 L - 1 0 f ' I Q, , , XA X7 ,J G ' 9 A fr' F fx ' C? 'i 9 ' 1 ex o O H -I T 1 Il .LJ 1,1 -- al 1 ' . C5 .L W 7 In ' 1 , . x -V 1 1 I 1 4 1 G. ' CD 1'- , ' Y ' . , 1-L . . , K - . Q A fu I 'T ' LIL L , rx . 'Y -' V jf- If w A ' ' iv 1 LV , ' ! Burnett s Restaurant f'Y f -X 44 W 1'Nf ITIS Burnett Qhreve Ohlo Kesler s Dalry Bar Qwgwam Wllllam A D v1s M1ll6TSbUTg Ohlo Mlllersburg Furnlture Mlllersburg, Ohlc Paul D Mast COME IN TODAY Mlllersburg Hardware Supplles Mlllersburg Ohlo Compllments Banks Funeral Home Floyd Banks Loudonvllle Ohlo Fred F Reed Owner Dry Cleanlng ll7 West Jackson St Mlllersburg Oh10 Compliments of Hunter Funeral Home M. F. Hunter Owner Millersburg, Ohio Shreve Mfg. Co. Harold Himes Shreve, Ohio Y f - f V r- ' r' I A c . f .,J2: ,g s X, ' 6 0 Z1 . . n 9 R , F , . . 9 O t Q of L I O 9 ' ' 9 Compllments Mast Welding of the 427' Mlllersburg Ice Co Fumfia sw Fred Mast 'R,,,,,,M,,f-" Mlllersburg Ghlo Mlllersburg OhlO Parson s Palntlng A Deooratlng Co The Name for Better Palntxng We-i H!!- !gZZ!f H G Parson NdShV1ll6,0h10 Geo H Ma ers Boyd s Shoe Store Y l t At Th R ht Shreve Oh1o Qua 1 Y 6 lg Prlce Flne Footwear for 19 W J Ckson St Ladle-'3 and MGH Mlllersburg, Oh1o Nashville Hardware General Hardware-Paints-Farm Supplies E. D. Galbraith Prop. PYIOHG 21-'52 . 7 . 1 K V, f , - I ' V ' . 1 r 9 .. 4 4 -li 'Alf' - .- .l,.l.-1"'i..l- R jf f x 1 o . 9 I F ' , . 1 F 1 C . . 1 . C r,, r O l I I. I O , 1 4 9 . . v . I ,- I Ga Q 1 I I Compllments of MONITOR BANK Q5 Nt Nm Qt G B Darllng CdShlGT Blg Pre1r1e,Oh1o HOLMES CO UAPN BUK AU COOPmPATlVL ASSN Your Protecflon 1D Ouallty A Prloes Everythlnv for the Farm Phone 240 M11.l6l"SbllI'g Phone Nashvllle Phone Berlln 5497l walnut Creek Q THE LOUDONVILLE MOTOh COMPANY q e Cadlllao Bulok, Chevrolet Sales ndser 10 Phone qohl LOUdOHVlllG Oh1o Compllments of WEIDNER MOTOR SALES Pontlec 8 GMC Truck Sales XL Scrvlce Louoonvllle Ohlo T10 W 1 1H Telephone OL4l f 1 Q, f' o A s , . 9 O 6 9 . . V ' , F . 1 . 1- --, "1"' 'TFL fx n U LJ 1'-3 - ' - 'gn fy . 1 o X . . - - x A , I W " A ' ,. u C5 - 'V P X . X LJ . U Y P -- A f P . . 5 i, f I X X ,X 9 L3 'J 1 , fguck ' -. f C . o lw lz.,.n vo .""0 Or v' o K- - r ' 'V L 9 L11 'U g Lx! an I X Brenner Brothers SUNNY SLOPE Simcm Brenner Groceries XL Meats gh! Sohio Products Ei" D.M,Wyatt Wooster Ohio DOWN TOWN SHELL SRRVICF Complete ShbllUb11CHtlOH C r Nash GOODYEAR T1r8S H Batterles 517 W Maln St Phone 1401 Loudonv111e Ohlo WOQSTER EQUITY KIEFEH FLORIST Say lt wlth Flouers Robert Rudy Off Mgr Wooster Oh10 Loudonv111e Phone 2991 MINOR S MARKET X4 4'-it ' 'qv' Nia," E A Mlner Owner Loudonvllle 1 'f v4 . , .J 1 'ff 9 cl. . 9 ' . 0 9 u ' . ' V1 I n WGRAP o - O Q42 00 A 'B 0 e- + 4 ff 'HR O fi 9 w u. .S -4 9 's""'fvffT.ffQf I"lnu.0'P ' ' 1 , e e 1. wx 1 '0 71 N 3 I, s, ,ax , 1 If - 'hlij' Yu "'--- ':?51'3.9x A ,ff Q ,Q .- A ' ,H , . A ' ' :3 Q F125 ' 'qfvfuw' 'Q 4-pi ' 'WS v ' 1 2- ,. ,. . N .pk 4, 4739.60 I x.,' 111-2-.'ff.Ctf'. :Oz 00.0155 7 Kyo!! l C SZZMZZQQQQ5 fwgg Jawa, WW www TUQGQZEM Ofm f57z2f5Zf,Z.f f We fNDN1Df FORGET G' f Q ? 9 ATTEND THE! CHURCH I 1 4 f OF YUUR CHQTCE Warewpll to the Stuaents of N H S From the Glas I ll X 1 ' lf! 9 , 1 ,,. I o V gagikg' E g ef 2 lv 55? - Q 2 X' S M?-Q-E M XS? . P S of H55 VlLLnGE JOTUHS Compliments of L, 5 Stelmel jf' T' I D Your Brlenoly Nord De ler Mlllersburg Ghlo MlllbISbUTg Oh1O Compllments of SFQL H PAIR GOLD STAR BLLD MILLS E A Harsch yrop SMHDIS REPAIRED WWMJY Wooster Ghlo ,-,Q Q Loudonvllle Ohlo lHT LOUDOTVILL lMLS MILLFHSBUHG IJPL CO Shlaud Lounfv q Gllver Sales A Servlce Cofnpllnbm of Mlllersburg Ohlo ww SHl u Prop LOUQOHVlll6 Ghlo Phone 545 Auctloneer Heel mstate 5.5 GLENN N MARTIN K l2O S weshln ton t Off1C6 ln Koch Bldg Phones Hes 587 Offlflff 537 xllllersburg Ghlo H Lu Q T TI N 9 ,Jo 1' LLUN SLOL TGAL '1 ' 1 T1 ,, U . Cu 9 N ' - ' l 9 . V 1 ' ' N. '1"ZTi ' gy -X I U . 0 ASIS FT ' Q 'J I y - A -A ' 9 rn Aw ' 'N T' :fm -A 1: - ----N, .- A, L N TL L -H L 5 , , .N 'Y I ll 1 . , . C' M only weekly newspeper . I ' 'Q X- ' , VT, ,K xy ' L7 '. .L 0 fig 1 LJ O 9 . - , A 7 F T1 . 1 351 : ' v " f '-x?9hyT. 0 n TRQQH N, 1.1-' N59 .V X . Q . , ' K g U c 0 I . N , ' l- 'T C 1 L 9 BIRD FARM SERVICE SHIQEVE Mll.LINl5 Farm Machinery' Grains, Feeds, Seeds, Tiresaras RL Oil Grinding and Mixing H A Bi d Phone 19512 Harold Gerber Prop Millersburg 0h1O Compl iments YOUN S ARCADL Loudonville Qhlo Compl iments SPHENG xi iaoffii, ND nf WUI! an o onnuos C R Torelend Prop Shreve Ohio ,KW Bebe. Drake Prop P? Q C56 FX N ehville Onio . . r F A 11 ' J, . of Pl I " T7 U' . Q , , of , A 9 ' 'A IN g l sh 0 Q 4 REBPUS BEAUTY SHOPPE .of ' 4 fxkx ' ' M I' 'md 5 ,Q Ng I I . , N . HUEFMAN MDTGR SALES Ch6Vr0l95Seles A Servlce Props H C Huffman Purol Gasollnes and O1ls U D A Huffman 5g5gQg AQ? Qweif Phone 550 Mlllersburg 01110 Sales Repair SALES A SERVlCE Watches blocks Atlee A WeaverProp Ray Mackey Pfop 95 Q? Mlllersburg Ohlo Shreve Ohlo Compllments of THE COMMLRUIAL AND SAVlNGS BANK We MOIEY I HE UNI Mlllersburg Ohlo ILLBUCK LEVATOR Farm Equlpment Elevator Graln 4 . Tn D WV X A Kwai? WEAVEH'S WATCH SHOP MACKEY'S LAWN MOWER I ' J. P. Allison Owner Killbuck, Chic Com l lments LVFDY B503 FDM? FUPNITUHB, 04X 00 ruuuruux Shreve Orrvllle Ohlo X Wlll1S I vvaltfvr Blg Low Rugs ana C rpet Armstrrrw- Floor COVc:ll1'lg hgnb 5632 qmpeve Ohm Loucionvlllo Ohlo McClure Motors Ford 31 Mercury Sales gl Servlce There s a n your future' Loudonv llle Ohlo Tel6Ph0Y1'U 0541 i 0 0 Q Ol o - MO AO .Qgxwme Q 1 Nashville 9, Ohio P50116 2403 Q P of 1ir..r K2 ,l 1 VF: . ' L 5 I r Q vAN's STORE QEWELER o gl Str .Lx C5 ' of 'j x 6 CJ Q : S,-5,6 0 0 I O12 Compllments OI T N PUBDY Insurance Agent Klllbuek Oh1O Compllments of BOYD S SHOE STORE M1llGFSbUTQ Ohlo HIME S T V H APPLIANCE YOU uusv as snrusmo S6011 H H1mes Owner Shreve Oh1o Compllments of SHHEVE PEARMALY iw 'PR URS vnonp 1. SERVICE , Shreve Oh1O CAYHOE GROCLRY an E Cayhoe Shreve Wayne Farm Bureau Shreve Ohlo HUDSON E OAYHOL Blg Pralrle, Ohlo helvlnator Rea VlCtOF Mayt g Hoover Appllanees Myers Water Systems Plumblng W1T1Hg . ,-. , . I Q l 1 - 1 9 . . . 1 r Y 1 Q U E UC Y N . . 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Suggestions in the Nashville High School - Bon Voyage Yearbook (Nashville, OH) collection:

Nashville High School - Bon Voyage Yearbook (Nashville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Nashville High School - Bon Voyage Yearbook (Nashville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Nashville High School - Bon Voyage Yearbook (Nashville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Nashville High School - Bon Voyage Yearbook (Nashville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 118

1955, pg 118

Nashville High School - Bon Voyage Yearbook (Nashville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 11

1955, pg 11

Nashville High School - Bon Voyage Yearbook (Nashville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 149

1955, pg 149

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