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s N X 'fha -if ,ZR J YXE Y f if , A? 1 I T , I 15 'E ig 1 1' - r' luv - f L 'Il 4 ' . P x ag an ' La W , ll HF 1 is. f wiv 1 " 'bji wiiv ff 'Gif N NJ U QW. ,HW W A -P-,.-Ma.Qi+n1rw: wf'v ff A- 0' if rl ' lv if ff 9 N' 'M A ff N NK :I U, 4 f hx WI' 2 rm A V., 5 A 'V 0 a' 1' I' .r 3 X I HR I-, ,I W 2 '!f 4 ? .jj GH 1 'W lv , , K xf- f N, Y ' 1: 'Y 129401 , 3 N 7- ji U 5145 1, M ,mf , ,W 4 l'j'!E.',f ' 1 41,1 'HI l Wu' f .' Mflv' 4fa"'xM "'E"' W I Y, , ,, 'ff x W I 'U ' r ff V! X YR I 1 Q-, I V 'WI O af' VKX Rh Q 'T-x ff, Q X 7 61, g A QQ ,A QQL1frfgl'uf4Afb LlfUgl'ill065J ' J SPRINGS ADIEU LK The moving finger writes," The train moves on. It is the season When tender flowers unfold their tender buds, And newborn things come forth To taste the first sweet savor of the spring, Feeling the breeze and first warmth of the sun. Yet, with this newness all around me I feel older, Though I am not, For I shall graduate. The train chugs on And as I look out- Of this window of passing thoughts I see us as a group of new students, Learning, readjusting, absorbing, Filling these hallowed halls With an air of freshness That comes with youth and spring. The freshness lingers, The halls echo the name of youth. The train chugs on and this scene shifts. I see glimpses of my classmates, Happy, nonchalant, young, Walking hand in hand down the paths of life Unaware of the passing spring, While the slow metamorphosis We call Life slowly takes its toll Of us, these adolescents. The train moves slowly on. Chug, chug, chug, into a station. I gaze out of this window of my mind At a rainbow of gowns, diplomas, Students bidding las-t fond adieus, While classmates croon out That sweet melody of spring. The train moves on. Spring is past- Only the memory of it remains, And soon, that too, will pass with time. Such is Life." SHEILA ANDREWS GRADUATION Issue PAGE SEVENTY-SEVEN TRIBAL FAVCJRITES Most Popular Best Looking Most Brilliant Best Athlete Class Clown Best Dressed Most Ambitious Best Personality Class Flirt Most Artistic Wittiest Class Optimist Class Pessimist Most Talkative Class Blusher Most Versatile Class Heartbreaker Best Dancer Woman, Man Hater Shyest Romeo, Juliet He-Man, Oomph Girl Most Likely to Succeed Did Most For N.H.S. Donald Ethier Tony Mandravelis Karl Foster Paul Bellavance William Lemire Ralph Lucier Karl Foster Donald Ethier William Gagnon Robert Dustin William Lemire Jackson Laco-mbe Richard Marois William Gagnon Robert Dustin Tom Flahive Paul Bellavance Tony Mandravelis John Anastasiou Barry Cerier Tom Flahive Albert Beaulieau Tony Mandravelis Karl Foster Donald Ethier Marla Hildreth Martha Williams Janet Sliney Sylvia Spencer Sylvia Spencer Marla Hildreth Joyce Peterson Theresa Lozeau Carol Downing Patricia Vandalosk Priscilla Guilmain Sylvia Spencer Joanna Henderson Barbara George Joanna Henderson Janice Ackroyd Marla Hildreth Marla Hildreth Jean Couturier Dorothy Fleury Marie McLaughlin Cynthia Levesque Carol Downing Janet Sliney Martha Williams Marla Hildreth PAGE SEVENTY-slx TUSITALA VAl,EDlCTORY is EDUCATION WORTH THE PRICE? Books, magazines, and newspapers today constantly instill in their readers the idea that "there is something fearsome in the multitude of war babies grown to school age." We have had the advantage of skilled and sufficient teachers, costly supplies. and comfortable housing facilities. The question that is facing some of you as parents and all of us as citizens is Whether or not the children that will be flooding our schools in the very near future will enjoy equal privileges. The problems created by over-crowded housing and the teacher shortage are facing both city and rural schools. Educational opportunities are not equal as they should be, because rural districts cannot supply funds sufficient to build needed schools or to pay competent, qualified teachers. Even city districts are losing in the fight to obtain intelli- gent, well-trained teachers because industry is offering these people opportunities for excellent, highly-paid jobs without long years of college training. Solutions to these problems will not come easily, but solutions must be found if America is to maintain good standards in its public schools. We Americans can afford improvements in our educa- tional system. Statistics show that the amounts spent on education are deplorable when compared with the amounts spent on tobacco, cosmetics, liquor, and the cost of crime. Good education is a "continuous problem," but when we weigh its benefits as opposed to its costs, we find that edu- cation is more than worth the price. SYLVIA HENDRICKSON ORATION "NEVER LOSE A HOLY CURIOSITYU KARL FOSTER GRADUATION ISSUE These words by the late Dr. Albert Einstein were recently addressed to a college freshman who had taken a fatalistic attitude toward life. Einstein went on to say that "the important thing is not to stop questioning." These statements hold the key to our future and the future of the world. Science, or organized knowledge, has advanced a long way from the time when man first began to collect and systematize his work. Science has provided us with a good present and the chance for a future beyond even our wildest dreams. Presupposing a peaceful world, it is predicted that even within twenty-five years our life and our world will be so far advanced as to be unrecognizable. Yet we cannot expect to find life a bed of roses and al- though our future has been made possible by our predeces- sors, we shall have to work hard for it. ln addition to teach- ing us what we know, science also shows us what we do not know. We must Hnever lose a holy curiosity." There are as many grave problems facing us as citizens of the world as there are problems in the advancement of organized knowl- edge in our particular chosen fields. We must ever be alive to this fact and work for a united world, striving always for the betterment of mankind. Only by constant questioning and experimenting, both in the realm of pure science and in other human affairs, can we hope to make our future what it should and ought to be. PAGE SEVENTY-FIVE UPPER QUARTER Martha Ann Williams Karl Almon Foster Janet Elizabeth Sliney Joyce Carol Peterson Rosilla Ann Avery Elizabeth Anne Leone Marla Dee Hildreth Robert Roger Morin Bessie Gardikes Beth Arabelle Beaubien Carol Jane White Marsha Ann Coleman Martha Kate Wiggin Robert Edwin Peabody Margaret Leonora Kulikowski James Michael O'Neil Marvin Hubert Porter Richard Roland Harwood Sandra Faye Travis June Carol Craig John Arthur Hammar Marie Carol Chartrain Maurice Louis Arel Barbara Elizabeth George Anastasios James Katsikas Virginia Kimball Robert Henry Theriault Edna Mae Hatfield Helen Hatzis Edgar Roger Rondeau John Siterious Dachos Susan Record PAGE SEVENTY-FOUR 'I Demetrios Andreas Feraios Elizabeth DerManoogian Robert Allan Vantine Donald Richard Noel Joseph Thomas Merchant William Albert Park Marjorie Pearle Ingerson Maryjane Malay Phyllis Ann Philbrick Joanna Elizabeth Henderson Estelle Geraldine Belanger Alfred Peter Bouchard Eugene Paul Zins Priscilla Ruth Guilmain Leo Robert Dutton Florence Elizabeth Houde Sheila Ann Andrews Robert Ernest Dustin Richard Alfred Theriault Maureen Carole Gagnon Patricia Ann Vandalosk Barbara Jane Spellman Joan Mary Buder Mary Ann Naceski Naomi Ruth Stearns Marie Kathleen McLaughlin Sylvia Joy Spencer Stanley Michael Yanis, Jr. Mary Elaine Dunbar Beverly Ann Markaverich Raymond Arthur Levesque Jacqueline Marie Desclos NN Kyxsf-x 7? lf? gg , A ,fx WW 1 W ,Wye , XI, ll, X I, f , ., ' . ,JJI7 '4 1 A " fivvry THE END OF THE TRAIL . . . . it grows dusk now. The Teller of Tales speaks softly words of wisdom until his voice fades and he is gone. He has left us alone and the sun is setting -but we are unafraid. We leave a trail of memories and prepare to cut a new path once again in a wilderness. But this time we are older and set out on a trail of hopes and dreams, wiser and stronger. The sun dips and is gone, only to pre- pare the bright new sunrise of tomorrow. Opportunity is ours-and, Teller of Tales, "We have heard your words of wisdom. We will think of what you've told us." GRADUATION ISSUE PAGE SEVENTY-THREE ALONG THE TRAIL 1952-1953 September GATHERED FOR JOURNEY: Sachem Keefe meets us and shows us the trail. WIN WAMPUM-Marvin Porter, Martha Williams essay winners in Red Feather Drive. November BIG BRAVES' VICTORY-State football championship. MUSIC MAKERS' LITTLE POW WOW- Bandariety for new uniforms. December BRIGHT FEATHERS-Christmas Hop. March MUSIC MAKERS' BIG POW WOW- State Music Festival meets here. April BIG MEDICINE MEN-Science fair win- ners, Biology, Naomi Stearns, Physics, Donald Noel. June LEAVE TRAIL-To rest a while. 1953--1954 September BACK ON TRAIL-To continue journey. October RUN GAUNTLET-Take battery of apti- tude tests. November ANOTHER BIG BRAVES' VICTORY- Football State Championship. THUNDERCLOUDS-Parents visit school during Education Week. December GREAT WARRIOR SPEAKS-Glenn Cun- ningham speaks at assembly. March BIG BRAVES WIN FROM MANY TRIBES-State Basketball Champions Boston bound. BIG BRAVES BOW IN BOSTON. April MEDICINE MARVELS-Science Fair win- ners: Biology, Robert Dusting General Science, Priscilla Guilmain. CHIEF BIG PAINT BRUSH AND LITTLE SQUAW MAGIC QUILL WIN HONORS -Donald Gould, Rosilla Avery winners in "Our American Heritage" contest. June LEAVE TRAIL-For final rest before fin- ishing journey. PAG E SEVENTY-TWO 1954-1955 October UGH UGH-Art classes paint Halloween pictures on store windows. November BIG BRAVES STILL VICTORIOUS-Win third consecutive State Championship. MAKE 'UM MUSIC MANY MOONS--Con- cert by N.H.S. Alumni Band marks 25th anniversary of band. WRITE 'UM WELL, SPEAK 'UM GOOD- Richard Harwood state winner in "Voice of Democracy" contest. December GIVE BIG SHOW-"Stage Door", the Sen- ior Play. HEAP BIG ASSEMBLY-Roland Darling from Northeastern speaks on careers. January HONORED MAIDEN-Bessie Gardikes chosen DAR representative of N.H.S. WAMPUM WINNERS-Melvin Platte, Richard Harwood, Karl Foster, Robert Vantine, John. Dachos pass N.R.O.T.C. exams. February SEE HEAD CHIEFS-Problems of Democracy classes visit State capitol. March MAIDEN COOK 'UM GOOD-Beth Beaubien wins Betty Crocker award. April MEDICINE MEN MAKE MIRACLES- Science fair winners: Biology, Robert Dusting Chemistry, Richard Harwoodg Physics, Priscilla Guilmain. May RECORD OF THE JOURNEY-Upper Quarter announced-Sylvia Hendrickson, Valedictorian, Karl Foster, Orator. GRAND CONTESTS-Much Wampum won in Dodge and Noyes contests, many college scholarships. END OF TRAIL IN SIGHT. June HEAP BIG CHANGES MADE AT END OF THE TRAIL. FEAST-Class day at Bear Brook. BIG PEACE DANCE-Senior prom. LEAVING THE TRAIL-Graduation with caps and gowns 5 reception afterwards. MAIDENS AND BRAVES WORKED HARD-We, the maidens and braves, have smoothed many rough spots that others before us have known. We hope we left a smoother trail for others to follow. TUSITALA Deer Moon: Jimmy Pierce, George Marshall, and "Mutts" Marois are publishing a book about the hundred and two stories of the Empire State Building. Willywam: A few of our former tribesmen are at Coney Island. Dashing Day: There are Pauline Boggis, Phil Beaulieu, Conrad Downey, and Nancy Ruf, who have become very much interested in horses and are now running a merry-go- round. Laughing Ache: Richard Soucy, Leo Pare. Carl Stancik, and Linwood Seaverns have finally answered the eternal problem--Who is buried in Grant's Tomb? After study, they have come to the conclusion that it's John Brown's body! Deer Moon: I see that Claire Barlow, Norman Tanguay, Nick Passias, and Arger St. Laur- ent are operating a restaurant selling sirloin snake at 57.00 a foot. Willywam: There are our last twelve tribes- men, Robert Miller, Ernest Moreau, Don Nourie, Maryann Rioux, Vivian Rogers, Z Roland Chasse, Jackie Biron, Al Beaulieu, Carol Abood, Joan Buder, and Bette Bellisle. They are all members of the Cheaper by the Dozen theatrical club and are presently star- ring in that fifteen-year hit "South Pacific". Dashing Day: New York seems to be disap- pearing from sight. Laughing Ache: Yes, and the flames are dy- ing out, too. Deer Moon: The spectral visions are gone. Willywam: We have seen our tribesmen for the last time. Dashing Day: Farewell! Three: Farewell! Laughing Ache: Ugh! Deer Moon: Ugh! Willywam: Ugh! Dashing Day: Ugh! All: Ugh! Deer Moon--BETTY DERMANOOGIAN Willywam-MARTHA WILLIAMS Dashing Day-JOHN DACHOS Laughing Ache-RAY LEVESQUE X fffffamyfgg XX i wwI""v tl lf! f l 11- 1114, -- . i w4:i""vff'fi5 , V lj' Ty l H, till, i. fr iq! at s ft' , ll ly!!! . ' Nfl, il W if V, I rm GRADUATION Issue PAGE SEVENTY-ONE plorers, are looking for the cow that jumped over the moon. The cost of beef is high! Dashing Day: There's the Last Chance Gas Station, owned by Paul Bradley, Don Ther- rien, and Lawrence Schofield, for cars travel- ling on the interplanetary space highway be- tween Earth and Saturn. It was built by those up in the air constructionists, Bob Theriault, Betty Leone, Melvin Platte, and Anastasios Katsikas. fMusic-Hawaiianl Deer Moon: Look at the beautiful palm trees swaying in the Samoan breeze. Willywam: Mary Jane Malay and Victor Pelle- tier are teaching the American emigrants, Jimmy O'Neil, Carol Downing, Ronny Gen- dron, Bev Prior, Mary Ann Naceski, and June Craig, the arts of hula-ing. Laughing Ache: Arthur Katsiaficas, that liter- ary genius, is sitting under a palm tree, writ- ing romantic poetry while slurping homogen- ized coconut milk. This milk was made by Florence Houde, Bobby Kerouac, and Janet Mercier. Willywam: Next to him are Dot Fleury, Naomi Stearns, and Bob Morin, writers of that You Can't: Do Without It Ubangi Dictionary. Dashing Day: There are Bob Michaud, Billy Ayer, Ronald Cadieux, Don Santerre, Bob Peabody, and Dick Pinette with their brushes and combs, combing the beach. They're look- ing for a golden popsicle stick discarded by the multimillionairess, Janice Ackroyd. Deer Moon: That looks like a pirate ship pull- ing into the harbor. Andre Archambeault, that notorious buccaneer, has just returned from plundering the cannibals with his crew. I hear they got in quite a stew! The other pirates are Dick Anctil, Ralph Anderson, Hubert Chaput, Norman Cote, Roger Comire, and George Prince. Laughing Ache: Mary Jane Rioux, Dot Pate- naude, Cecile Robichaud, and Laurette Scont- sas are walking out of the ocean. The pirates made them walk the plank, but playing it real cool, the girls had a cake of soap, and were able to wash themselves ashore. Willywam: Hiding craftily behind a coconut tree is semi-private eye, Bob Vantine, hired by Marla Hildreth to look for her other man. CMusic-tomtomsl Dashing Day: The vision in the flames shows us those horrible African head-hunters, Leonard Boucher, Jimmy Dobens, Billy Ingra- ham, John Levesque, Gerry Dube, Paul May- nard, Dick Theriault, and Dick Williamson, PAGE SEVENTY creeping through the jungle. Willywam: Oh, look at the shriveled heads on those bamboo poles! Why, it's Marie Mc- Laughlin, and there are Dick Mansfield and Bev Parent. And that's Don Noel, Pat Dorr, and Sheila Andrews. Laughing Ache: Don't worry! Professors Helen Hatzis, Virginia Kimball, and Eddie Annis are on their way through the jungle to rescue and reanimate their fellow tribesmen. Deer Moon: Charlie Jepson, Bill Lemire, Sandy Travis, and Cynthia Levesque are cross- breeding zebras and tigers to make those sen- sational checkerboard segers. Dashing Day: Danny Phelan, Loretta Stevens, Jean Couturier, and Louie Winslow are run- ning a luggage shop where baby elephants may buy suitcases till they're old enough to have their own trunks. Laughing Ache: There are the members of the New York Sporting Club, Donat Valcourt, Marilyn Simpson, Joseph Silva, Eugene Car- ter, Norman Coutu, and Joan Gardner. They are hunting for their way home! Willywam: That looks like a courtroom! Joe Merchant is investigating Margaret Kulikow- ski, Paul Lucier, Jackie Desclos, and Lilly Paskevich. They are the heads of the "Cul- tured Civilized Party" for infiltrating the native population. Dashing Day: A rumor's going around about the F.B.I. fFuture Baldheaded Indians.J Jean Willett, Pauline Currier, Bev Hall, and Mary Dunbar are checking up on Joe's last year's head tax. Deer Moon: Look's as if he lost his head over the whole thing! Laughing Ache: His barbers, Les Lambert and George Manley, think he's in for a close shave. fMusic-"East Side, West Side"J Dashing Day: Gee, New York City is forming in the smoke! That's a dress shop on Fifth Avenue. Willywam: Why, it's the latest exclusive store owned by Judy Robie, Pat Riviere, Avice Devereux, and Joyce Milliard. They create those original backless, strapless gowns. re- inforced with wires, scotchtape, bands, pads, and prayers. Laughing Ache: There are the madhatters, Carol Roy, Viola DiPietro, Sonia Romel, and Penny Mercier, owners of the most prominent hat shop in New York. They are now featur- ing hats with built in air conditioning for hot-headed people. TUSITALA sold to every well-dressed penguin by Eddie Lehoullier, Tony Mandravelis, Richard Skorb, and Ray Fraser. Laughing Ache: Am I seeing things? Are Bob West, Albert Levesque, Gerard Gabriel, and Arthur Matsis drilling oil wells on that glac- ier? Deer Moon: That's right, and there's that deep-freeze factory run by Sylvia Buswell, Terry Lozeau, Carol Gibbs, and Phyllis Phil- brick. They've made a lot of cold cash from selling them to the Eskimos. Willywam: Wow! An orange plantation for frozen orange juice owned by those fabulous orange squeezers, Bessie Gardikes, Gloria Pinette, Stanley Yanis, and Edna Hatfield. Laughing Ache: Remember John Anastasiou, Shirley Guest, Lois Becker, and Albert Cador- ette? They just finished inventing a mower for cutting the icicle weeds on the pineapple plantation owned by Elaine Schumaker, Jean- nette Dugas, and Albert Beaulieu. fMusic off stage "Death Valley"J Dashing Day: What's happening? The South Pole is changing into a desert. Now I see Death Valley in the flames. Willywam: Do you see the safari crossing the desert? Bob Annis is at the head on his palomino camel, followed by that daring sheik, Ralph Lucier, and his dancing girls, Sylvia Spencer, Bobby Hopwood, Mary Ken- nedy, Beverly Markaverich, Sandra Mason, Camile Poney, "Pickles" Rajotte, Maureen Gagnon, and Martha Wiggin. Deer Moon: Behind the safari are Frank Has- kell, Albert Leclair, Roger Dube, and John Hammar, the archeologists who are looking for the ancient realms of the ant kingdom. Dashing Day: There are Priscilla Bosse, Leo Desrosiers, Leo Dutton, and Bob Gamache, who are knitting bow ties for the giant dino- saurs. Marvin Porter, George Rosedoff, Norman Guerette, and Paul Berube have cre- ated these dinosaurs by injecting a special serum into half-inch lizards. The serum was made by Hector Girard, Priscilla Guilmain, and Beth Beaubien. Laughing Ache: That car hop for flying sauc- ers on the sand dune is owned by Estelle Belanger, Norman Brodeur, Grace Haskell, and Dick Finucan. It is really up in the air in the latest interplanetary space travel. Deer Moon: Look at those cute waitresses dressed in the latest space bikinis! They're just out of this world-Carol White, Sylvia Roy, Barbara George, Susan Record, Marie GRADUATION ISSUE Chartrain, Marsha Coleman, and Marjorie Ingerson. CCircus musicl All: Hurrah! The circus! Willywam: "Lefty" Slattery in his purple and pink striped ringmaster's suit is just intro- ducing Ody Katsohi, Robert Lovejoy, and Barry Cerier, with their vicious Martian pyg- mies, Hugh Taggart, Karl Foster, Bill Park, and Tommy Flahive. Dashing Day: Running through the crowd are Allan Britton, Leonard Gaudette, Douglas Lalmond, Ronald Lucas, and Norman Leveille, selling cornless popcorn made from alfalfa seed by Loren Jean, Arden Post, and Tommy Wallent. Deer Moon: Right now the side show is more exciting than the main tent. Let's look a- round. Pauline Pare, Shirley Christian, and Pat Vandalosk are lifting thousand-pound weights. Laughling Ache: Here are the world's renown- ed ten-foot-pole-swallowers-Dick Putnam, Edgar Rondeau, and Bill Quigley. There's something fishy about that pole! Dashing Day: There are the two Siamese twins, Jeannine and Jeanne Pepin, joined by their thumbs. It happened in a subway acci- dent. Willywam: Bob Seaman is being hacked in two by that fabulous lumberjack, Lacombe. Deer Moon: Look at the celebrated snake charmer from East Cambodia. Why, it's Joanna Henderson, playing her alligator-skin flute. Laughing Ache: Louie Gagnon, Ray Morin, Dick Dubray, and Dick Ledoux are running a concession selling chartreuse polka-dotted woolen candy. Dashing Day: There are those famous sarsa- parilla merchants. George Panagoulis, Roger Bouthillier, Rene Michaud, and Paul Boisson- neault. Willywam: Alfred Bouchard, Carroll Cote, Sheila Widener, creators of that new game canable, a combination of canasta and scrab- ble, are riding the Jimmy Feraios Wheel. CMusic-"Racing with the Moon"J Laughing Ache: There goes Dick Harwood rac- ing with the moon. The Big Cheese won! Willywam: Look! George Deneault, "Reggie" Dupont, Richard Miller, Ernest Guilmain, and Dick Gay, the moonmen, have made a fortune selling moonshine to passing Plutonians. Deer Moon: Emile Dionne, Bill Gagnon, Don Gould, and Bob Brunelle, the relentless ex- PAGE SIXTY-NINE MEDICINE MEN Scene: Indian reservation on the shores of the Muddymack in the year 1965. Four medicine men: Willywam, Deer Moon, Laughing Ache, and Dashing Day are rhythmically dancing to the hypnotic beat of tomtoms around a campfire. The tomtoms suddenly come to an end. The eerie movements cease. Willywam: Ugh. Laughing Ache: Ugh. Deer Moon: Ugh. Dashing Day: Ugh. All: Ugh. Willywam: I see a strange vision leaping from the depths of the dancing flames. Three: Ugh! Laughing Ache: They are phantom faces. Three: Ugh! Deer Moon: My eyes have seen these images in the hollows of the past. Three: Ugh. Dashing Day: These are our lost tribesmen who have ventured from the reservation on the Muddymack to the depths of the mysteri- ous unknown. All: Ugh! Laughing Ache: I hear music. fCan Can music off stage! Willywam: Moe Arel, Norman Duff, Dick Cote, Tommy Ryan, Jimmy Kopka, Donald Plamon- don, and Eugene Zins, led by Burleigh Briggs, are dancing the Can Can in a glittering Paris night club managed by Donald Leroy Ethier, that fabulous bankrupt playboy. Deer Moon: Look! There in the audience are the famous radish canners-Earl Dufoe, David Winer, Claire Theriault, and Anna Skirkey. They run the "We Can Them Red, Ripe, and Ravishing Enterprises." PAGE, SIXTY-EIGHT Laughing Ache: Dashing Day, do you recog- nize any others of our tribesmen in the audi- ence? Dashing Day: Ugh. Rosilla Avery, Doris La- tour, Elizabeth Murphy, and Barbara Spell- man, faculty at the new college for breeding monkeys for organ grinders, are sitting be- side some other fellow tribesmen. Laughing Ache: Ugh. I know them-Wayne Beard, Bob Dustin, Louie Laroche, and Con- rad Laquerre. They manufacture braces for buck-teethed chickens. Willywam: The Parisian night club is fading out .... a race track appears. CBugle announces beginning of race.D Deer Moon: It looks like the famous Rocking- horse Track. Laughing Ache: The horses are running- Sylvia Hendrickson is on "Brookline". Deer Moon: Joyce "Cabbage" Peterson on "Hollis" is leading by a head. Willywam: There's Janet "Banana" Sliney on "Nashua", slipping into the bunch. Dashing Day: Roland Poliquin on "Gird1e,' is now coming into the stretch. All: And here's the winner by a nose- Paul "Beak" Bellavance. Laughing Ache: Rockinghorse is disappearing. CMusic: Way down South in the land of snowflakes, Cold and wind and glacial ice cakes, Look away, look away, look away, Polar Land.J Willywam: That must be the prefab sealskin housing district run by Norman Cheney, Richard Landry, Arthur Belair, and Arthur Gay. Dashing Day: There are the pink zoot-suits TUSITALA 0 F MEDICINE MEN After conferring with the gods, our great medicine men have prophesied many things for our tribe. Through their magic We can now read the future. GRADUATION ISSUE PAGE SIXTY-SEVEN vEm,w m,vncu- -,N Q55 my rf MERRY CHRIST NRS S1100 glmgilflfva 52986. Wiki. I4 H9593 A E 8068 x 543 I Q ff' ' K A GREASE, G'EHR5,6GUY5 X wX, w REMEMBER WHEN? Gs 3? Q0 Q.5X9'x'q, f. j"f f ,k, w w W" mofsor CUTE Ea COMFY "' " f X 'WW f fyfwgyif l WM M X f ff Vfll X! I 'WM I X ,gf M gd , 1 ,WW , hw . a f lv 1 'i' 4f .N N H6 'LM ff x "xx ' X Q 1 zff C' 901, KRT HFFSF 996 F 13 'bex Q 0 NICE uonssv 1150 NWO? Q S7590 . i 1 . 1 qiugii luqv -A A 1 1. fi ,,- . , 21, , bibqg Qs 2' .f .: 'J ..,:., f gy -V , , . , , . 5 K v ' 4 K "w!f25L1?f?W if 5 Q Q um mi Yiii' .2 ,vi W f , x. E . v W ,, , ,.,. 0 ,f 4, -J 61015 ,Ive wms woman nun sons 5 Q uh. ,f., ,. - I xx . N" IW mv W IISHSON PLGTES wlxivivssw vouw F Qlll57- PZFASF K' vw?-'A ' Lnov CQ 9.1 THE cowaovaus 'Wg S '95 Bo ego' YS? 'fm , Xi N3 HND HWRY WE60 xgaf, H I' A ,Ak Ax.: fa t ' 1 5 ff, ' r 5 . A I SONGS GF Tl-IE TRIBE fwith apologies to Longfellowl How they lived and toiled and suffered That this class of ours might prosper That they might advance our Seniors! CThe Facultyl Sing in tones so plain and childlike Scarcely can the ear distinguish Whether they are sung or spoken, Listen to this High School Glee Club, To the students of Pop Wilson. First a single line of darkness, Then a denser, bluer vapor Then a big loud bang--and odor! Now the chem lab lies demolished. Elm Street, Lake Street, round the Common, Fleet of foot but panting loudly, Come our braves, led on by Harwood. And they stood there in the office Wildly glaring at each other. In his face the stern defiance In his hand the blue P. M. slip. Warning, chiding, spake in this wise: "Oh, my children! My poor children, Listen to the words of wisdom: Be specific!" said Miss Noyes. In the busses long and gleaming Squaws and Braves in bright apparel Took the long, long trail to Concord. If her warnings pass unheeded, Miss McGlynn will call you "children". If you listen to her counsels Miss McGlynn will think you're "cute". And there was confusion plenty And the air was full of shoutings And the thunder of the mountains Echoed loud at each class meeting. PAGE SIXTY-TWO Till at length, a small green leaf bud From the earth shot slowly upward And before semester ended Stood the plant in all its beauty And in rapture, our Miss Dionne Said, "It was a radish seedling!" To our French class spoke Miss Cote With a wise look and benignant "Comment allez-vous, ma c1asse?" Paused we awhile as if uncertain And then answered, "Il est onze heuref' While the drums beat loud and faster And the sax crooned out a tune Round they danced in manner crazy Called we them the jitterbuggers. Peanut butter, ham, and jelly, Ice-cream sandwich, milk in bottles, Jello rosy, beans and hot dogs, On the counter of the lunch room. Then the learned our Miss Hoitt Learned of every bird its language, Learned their names and all their secrets, How they built their nests in summer, Where they hid themselves in winter. Place of records in our Wigwam Place called library by white men! Come the braves and come the maidens Daily to the place of records. Come they not to seek for knowledge Nor to write those wretched source themes But to meet their one and onlys Records! What are they to sweethearts? TUSITALA Olga: Yes, when do you go into rehearsal, Terry? Terry : Right away l Bernice: Gosh, Terry, you cer- tainly got a break. Berger Wouldn't even talk to me. Terry: I stood there outside his door for a week. Jean CMartha Wigginb, Bernice CRosilla Averyl, Olga QSusan Rec- ordl, Ann fShirley Christianb, Pat CNancy Rufj, Seated - Terry fMarla Hildrethj, Susan CMarie Chartrainl Keith iRichard Harwoodl: When a1'e we going to get married? Terry QMarla Hildrethj : When are we going to get married! We are going to get married Mr. Bur- gess, when Hollywood to Dunsin- ane doth come. Kingsley QJohn DachosJ GRADUATION ISSUE Jean fMartha Wigginjz It's for all of you, dear Mrs. Orcutt and the Whole dear Footlights Club. PAGE SIXTY-ONE STHBE DUDE A PLAY BY EDNA FERBER AND GEORGE S. KAUFMAN DIRECTED BY ELIZABETH F. CORNELL DECEMBER 10, 1954 THE PLAYERS fas we met themj OLGA BRANDT, a pianist ..,.... Susan Record BERNICE NIEMEYER, u who writes letters ........,.,,.. ..... R osllla Avery SUSAN PAIGE, ' . a dramatic school student .......,..,, Marie Chartrain MATTIE, the maid ...........,....,..,.,......AI Camille Poney MARY HARPER QBIG MARYJ .. Beverly Markaverich MARY McCune QLITTLE MARYJ .... Phyllis Philbrick -who are inseparable- MADELEINE VAUCLAIN, from Seattle .,..,....,.,.,.......,... ,..,.. S heila Andrews JUDITH CANFIELD, rather disillusioned ....,....,,...............,. Sylvia Spencer ANN BRADDOCK, a little prim ...,.... Shirley Christian MRS. ORCUTT, matron of the Footlights Club .,.,.,.. Betty Der Manoogian KAYE HAMILTON, who fails .,....,............. Janet Sliney PAT DEVINE, who dances ...............,...,...,.... Nancy Ruf LINDA SHAW ,who goes places ...,...,.,,..... Betty Leone JEAN MAITLAND, who goes to Hollywood ....... ..... M artha Wiggin BOBBY MELROSE, from the South ,.,.... : ......... .,,..... M arie McLaughlin LOUISE MITCHELL, who can't stay away . ,... ...... M ary Ann Naceski PAGE SIXTY KENDALL ADAMS, of the Boston Adamses ,..., ....... B arbara George FRANK, the Houseman and Mattie's husband .,,.....,.....,..,., Conrad Downey TERRY RANDALL, on her way up .... Marla Hildreth SAM HASTINGS, from Texas ..........,..... Barry Cerier JIMMY DEVEREAUX, still a dramatic student .. ........... Arthur Matsis FRED POWELL ......,.. ..,..., ...... G eorge Panagoulis LOU MILHAUSER .....,,.,......,..,..,.... Jackson Lacombe Lumber men from Seattle DAVID KINGSLEY, of the Globe Picture Company ....,......, John Dachos KEITH BURGESS, an ambitious playwright .......,..,. Richard Harwood DR. RANDALL, Terry's Father ........ George Deneault ELLEN FENWICK, new to the house ..., Helen Hatzis TONY GILLETTE, - another newcomer ........,.....,......,........ Naoml Stearns LARRY WESTCOTT, Publicity man of Globe Pictures .....,., David Winer BILLY, His cameraman ........................ Richard Putnam ADOLPH GRETZEL, President of Globe Pictures ,. ,. Donald Plamondon TUSITALA LETTERMEN OF 1955 TOP LINE JOHN ANASTASIOU: Football MAURICE AREL: Football PAUL BELLAVANCE: Football, Basketball, Baseball BURLEIGH BRIGGS: Football BARRY CERIER: Tennis HUBERT CHAPUT: Cross-countr Y, Track THOMAS FLAHIVE: Basketball, Track, Cross-country SECOND LINE KARL FOSTER: Golf RICHARD HARWOOD: Track Cross- country CHARLES JEPSON: Baseball JAMES KOPKA: Football, Track JACKSON LACOMBE: Track RICHARD LANDRY: Baseball EDWARD LEHOUILLIER: Football LOWER LINES ANTHONY MANDRAVELIS: Foot- ball RICHARD MAROIS: Football, Track ROBERT MILLER: Baseball LEO PARE: Track ROLAND POLIQUIN: Football MARVIN PORTER: Tennis THOMAS RYAN: Track HUGH TAGGART: Track Cmgrj Cross-country ROBERT THERRIAULT: Basketball GRADUATION ISSUE PAGE FIFTY-NINE 7 -4. N ... - . -v.-- ---... TENNIS During the last two years tennis has proved to be an excellent source of enjoyment and com- petition for several members of our graduating class. Although we didn't make any starting positions on the team as sophomores, We never- theless gained experience. During our junior year three of our juniors earned starting posi- tions and won letters - Barry Cerier, Hugh Taggart, and Marvin Porter. Backing them up were fellow juniors Arthur Gay and David Winer. All turned in creditable seasons for Coach Scheer, with Porter undefeated and Cerier and Taggart losing but once. During the season our team faced Lawrence Academy, Assumption Prep of Worcester, and Fitchburg, ending with a record of one win and four losses. Rain forced the cancellation of several more matches. This year our senior players look forward to more luck in both their final record and in having less rain. Whatever the outcome, how- ever, we seniors will feel that tennis has been a refreshing and rewarding sport. MARVIN PORTER TRIBAL Favorite Male Vocalist ..,.,....,. Favorite Female Vocalist ....... Favorite Dance Band .,,.........,. Favorite Jazz Band ,.... Favorite Hangout ...,.. Favorite Athlete ...... Favorite Song ,,,..... Favorite Movie ,......,...,....., Favorite T. V. Program ..,... Man of the Year .,.......,. Favorite Book ..,.., PAGE FIFTY-EIGHT GOLF The success of last year's golf team was largely due to the practice and experience of the preceding year, when sophomores Karl Foster and Donald Noel helped the team to a 7-2 record, losing to Portsmouth and Governor Dummer. Last year, with juniors Karl Foster and Richard Ledoux participating, Coach Paquette's Purple Linkmen enjoyed a 9-1 season, marred only by loss to Portsmouth. This downfall, was soon forgotten when the team brought home the elusive State and Individual Cham- pionships after a twenty-year absence. With three regulars for its '55 season and several promising youngsters, the defending State Champions face a lot of hard work, but with the help of a ten-match schedule negotiat- ed by Coach Paquette, the team should be in fine shape to retain the championship on June 3 and 4. And if experience leads to success and one success promotes another, its team may yet achieve a perfect season. KARL FOSTER CHOICES Perry Como Theresa Brewer Glenn Miller Earl Bostic The Priscilla Ted Williams "Sincerely" "Gone with the Wind" George Gobel President Eisenhower "Gone with the Wind" TUSITALA TRACK AND CROSS COUNTRY Although they had never run track before, the five members of 1955, Dick Harwood, Tom Ryan, Hubert Chaput, Jack Lacombe, and Jim Kopka, who reported for track as sophomores gave a good account of themselves, and when spring of 1954 rolled around they were ready and waiting, with Flahive as an important ad- dition. Harwood came through in the mile, Kopka scored consistently in the discus and shop-put, Ryan often went twenty feet broad jumping, and Lacombe and Chaput picked up those extra points which are precious in a close contest. Nashua finished fourth in the State meet. Har- wood and Flahive were selected to run in the New England, where Harwood added a fifth place to his win in the state meet. In the latter Flahive took third in the half mile. Early in 1955 indoor track caught the at- tention of the Nashua runners, and Nashua sent its first indoor track team to the Exeter meet, placing a strong third. GRADUATION ISSUE As the 1955 track season continues, the same six seniors are out, and the state title in track is just over the hill. Thomas Flahive, Richard Harwood, and Hubert Chaput sparked the 1953 cross country team to a 4-1 record, losing only to Lowell by one point. Flahive and Harwood broke an elev- en-year record at Lawrence Central that year. The team of 1954 was paced by the hard run- ing, red-headed combination of Harwood and Flahive, and good steady runners in Taggart and Chaput. Nashua finished with a 5-2 record. Many records fell during the course of the season. Flahive and Harwood reduced the 1948 home course record from 11:54 to an a- mazing 11:05. The team took third in the state meet, which was better than any previous team from this school had done. Harwood, who finished fifth, and Flahive eighth, were on the All-State Cross Country Team. Both boys were eligible to run in the New England Meet at Boston. THOMAS FLAHIVE PAGE FIFTY-SEVEN BASEBALL At the beginning of the 1953 baseball sea- son, the Nashua High Panthers had three boys of the class of '55 on the team: Paul Bellavance, Richard Landry, and Charles Jepson. These three boys contributed much to the success of the team throughout the season, and were in- strumental in the winning of second place in the state class A championship tournament held at Keene. In 1954 there were these six members of the class of '55 on the baseball team: Charles Jepson, Richard Landry, Paul Bellavance, Robert Miller, Leo Dutton, and Robert Migneault fwho joined the service in 1955 be- fore graduationj The ball team again went to the finals only to be defeated by a strong Bishop Bradley team, by the score of 11 to 5. All of the players of the class of '55 played in this game, and again they proved to be the sup- porting pillar of the team. We are expecting a good season this year with the return of many veterans from the pre- vious season. The members of the class of '55 who are trying out for the baseball team are Richard Landry, Paul Bellavance, Charles Jepson, Leo Dutton, and Robert Miller. On the schedule for the 1955 season are Spaulding High of Rochester, Keene, Concord, Laconia, Manchester Central, Manchester West, Bishop Bradley of Manchester, Fitchburg, and Stevens of Claremont. We are to play each team twice, excluding the play-offs. We will play eighteen games, and we are certainly go- ing to try to get into the play-offs, and to come in first this year, instead of second, as we did in 1953 and 1954. In saying farewell, we, the players of the class of '55, would like to thank our coach, Charles "Buzz" Harvey, for his great efforts to make us into a good baseball team. RICHARD LANDRY PAGE FIFTY-SIX GIRLS' BASKETBALL Three cheers for the Girls' Basketball Team, which has had an excellent record of twelve wins and two losses during the three years that the girls in our class have been play- ing. Although scanty credit has been awarded the girls, they have constantly gone on to pro- duce winning teams. In all three years Sylvia Spencer, Marie Chartrain, and Dorothy Fleury have stayed in the starting six. Betty Leone also held a first-club position until we lost her at the end of our junior year. Phyllis Philbrick joined the team for the '54 and '55 seasons. At the beginning of our junior year Sylvia Spencer was elected captain, a position which she also held senior year. "Spence" was cer- tainly deserving of this title, as she showed in all her outstanding games. Because of the size of our school we en- counted difficulty in scheduling out-of-town games. Many thanks go to the girls of Milford High, Merrimack High, and Brookline, who played us even though they weren't in our league. St. Aloysius also proved to be a worthy opponent. In our sophomore year we won all our games by decisive victories, defeating Merri- mack, Milford, and St. Aloysius. We repeated our victories in our junior year by whipping Merrimack and St. Aloysius. During our senior year we were less fortunate, for we dropped our first game with Milford. In the second game, however, we defeated them. We won over Mer- rimack in the first game, but lost the second game by a questionable one point difference. We went on to defeat Brookline and St. Aloysius. Although not too many games were sched- uled, the girls worked for an hour and a half every afternoon and had fun doing it. Miss Alice Bennett, who began coaching at Nashua High when we were sophomores, deserves much credit for working with the girls and making them into a sportsmanlike club. We are sure she will continue to produce good clubs. MARIE CHARTRAIN TUSITALA BASKETBALL In our sophomore year, 1952-1953, Flahive was the only member of our class on the Senior High basketball team. He was on the first string of the J. V. squad and proved to be a valuable addition. In our sophomore year, 1952-1953, Flahive and George Manley played for the varsity, the former securing a starting position and Manley playing as a reserve. Paul Bellavance, Albert Beaulieu, Bernie Moran, Ralph Lucier, Bill Gagnon, Jim Dobens, and Bob Theriault made up the J. V. squad. The team had a fair sea- son, ending with a 9-7 record. In our junior year, Red Flahive kept his starting assignment on the varsity team, and Bellavance, Beaulieu, and Theriault joined Manley on the reserve list. This was a good year for basketball at N. H. S., as the team rolled up a 22-2 record and copped the Merri- mack Valley and State Championships before going on to Boston to be eliminated by a strong Brockton team in the New England tourney. GRADUATION ISSUE In 1954-1955, we had an inexperienced team. Flahive was elected captain, and Theri- ault and Bellavance joined him on the starting five. The team compiled a fair 9-7 record, but was eliminated by Central in the opening round of the state tourney. Congratulations should be accorded Tom Flahive, who played four years of excellent basketball and was always a steadfast pillar of support to his team mates. He did an excep- tionally good job in his senior year as he led the team in scoring and obtained the "most valuable" award in the Merrimack Valley Con- ference. We should like to thank Coach Tony Marandos for the long hours he labored coach- ing us, and also for the wonderful time we had on our trip to New York in 1954, after winning the state title. ROBERT THERIAULT PAGE FIFTY-FIVE , 3 -- N"- ' .,' 5 'E ABQ? 'K SQ M g ,wig will B' if 7 fs. Q - is Bi .. is X5 'wa 'SS' - .Q,. . ,Q , . A E... Q. 5' as H Q R , sa X gm N ..--M . 9' swag.. ri Q , 1 5, Q -' lem.. 2 1 'M' ' I i X hz. , . .--""! Xl 2: ., """"N ..,. .- FOOTBALL In 1951, Burleigh Briggs and Paul Bellavance were members of the team from our class in a season ending with a 6 - 3 record. The following year added to the squad James Kopka and Roland St Onge. That year we got off to a bad start, losing our first four games. Our first victory was over Manchester Central 26 - 7. We won the rest of our games except for the Keith Academy one, in which we suf- fered a 12 - 0 loss. With our record 5 - 5, the in-state victories recaptured the New Hamp- shire title. Burleigh Briggs made the All-State Team. In '53 the squad started off with victories over Leominster and Malden, only to meet a stunning defeat by Lowell. We then suffered another loss handed down by Salem, 7 - 0. After that we rolled through our schedule with- out another setback. The big game, however, was a 19 - 13 victory over Keith Academy. Our 8 - 2 record kept the state title with us. Burleigh and Tony Mandravelis made the All-State Team. Marois, Kopka, Katsohi, Lehoullier, Bellavance, and Arel were other members of the club. PAGE FIFTY-FOUR 3 fs X 'lun is X X At the close of the '53 season Bellavance and Briggs were named co-captains for 1954. That year found us with a 5 - 4 record, retain- ing the state title besides having the honor of not having been defeated by a New Hampshire club for three years. We received three defeats from Massachusetts foes before we could get our feet on the ground to win decisive victories over New Hampshire teams. Quincy handed us our fourth and final defeat. The season was rounded off with a victory over Bishop Bradley, a game which retained the state title for us. Briggs, Poliquin, and Bellavance made the All-State Team. Johnny Anastasiou was a new-comer to the club that year. We should give Burleigh Briggs special praise for his fine four seasons as a first-string player and for being chosen captain of the All- State Team. Our thanks go to coaches Charles fBuzzJ Harvey and Tony Marandos for three instructive and enjoyable years of football. PAUL. BELLAVANCE TUSITALA I 19 ' x XYQNQ A V yung 5 .Q h I-V N ' RQ N Q X X W: U r A f lx T l . W Q5 VX X ffl- ll- 4991541114 J, ml 47 ff , 1 if l l7?'7QN4".f 4 ef f V' l'g ? B xyl'j , X XYNWQ ,f' a--if,f i f by ff ,llgzf w 4 ' . Irifgj-E X llsaQ1glfQf.f5 l 5 S if A i' Q " ff a v a 'Is .415 ., ff "fi 1 la X r - as 'i 2 efr:jQffwygf69il.'9ie: ffQfs,,mI'f pb, ,pg 'Ziic If "CG alll .41ffw'A,', L? ' tA4.4W1YWff'v'F 2Q'ffj1'iilr" ia' 'X ?.x l Y4 ,,,'?f7f, ,ggvvgaf .sygfiqd Wy fNlJ,,fWZAy yi nu -A Uk fff f4LH.1nv,"'?n1Z., may 951: i my 44' 141757141-cg f ku ,, QNX ' K-..L Q ' lvilgl, it If! ffpa ' VF' 'll 4 'XC-'N "ills - "Hill l".' at f A Quill ,ll t' 'dv' ik Emir! 'leg "N l U 1 'Q' ff, . X WX- ' xflfl X . A " fi f all l' 1 aw- or Q W 5 ,ff xt. ,QL fn! 1 rw f' '1 chaff diy 3 l . 4 NSW I KW ., C vi Nyx N .f in li X 9 N iff-.JYW4 'fl l ' t' ff. U' fl' JM Y 1.4.4 iii 'B 5 9 yXX5 TA "f BIG PGW XW WS Our rugged braves have Won great acclaim in sports. Their names will be deeply inscribed in the birch bark, to be remembered and honored for many years. At our Big Pow Wows, Maidens and Braves cheered, wept, rejoiced-and always kept faith in their brothers. GRADUATION ISSUE PAGE FIFTY-THREE CHEERLEADERS Advisor: Miss Alice Bennett 1952 - 1953 Junior Varsity Marla Hildreth 1953 - 1954 Junior Varsity Pat Vandalosk, Co-captain Jean Willett, Co-captain Sally Bealand 195y4 - 1955 Varsity Pat Vandalosk, Captain Jean Willett Sally Bealand ACTIVITIES Our cheerleaders showed true school spirit. They cheered faithfully at all our games and were behind our teams, win or lose. During the 1954 basket- ball season, they cheered in the Bos- ton Garden. PAGE FIFTY-TWO DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Advisor: Mr. Paul McKil1op William Ayer Allan Britton Albert Cadorette Roland Chasse Carroll Cote Normand Coutu Leo Desrosiers Normand Duff Louis Gagnon Robert Gamache Conrad Laquerre Donald Laroche Albert Levesque Ernest Moreau, Vice President Richard Pinet Donald Plamondon George Prince Robert Seaman, President Richard Soucy Carl Stancik, Treasurer Normand Tanguay, Secretary Donald Therrien ACTIVITIES Christmas Tree Program Trip to New York Manchester Sales Clinic TUSITALA JUNIOR RED CRDSS CLUB Advisor: Mr. Peter J. Murauckas MEMBERS Janice Ackroyd II, III President Sheila Andrews III Estelle Belanger I, II, III Treasurer Marie Chartrain III George Denault III Betty Der Manoogian II, III Jeannette Dugas III Marla Hildreth III William Lemire I, II Maryjane Malay III Beverly Parent I Richard Pinet II Cecile Robichaud III Sylvia Spencer III ACTIVITIES Volunteer Work at St. Joseph's Hospital Sponsored Three Dances With Country Themes 1952-53 Brazil 1953-54 Vienna 1954-55 Japan Conducted Enrollment Drive Regular Meetings in Room 122 GRADUATION ISSUE FUTURE HCMEMAKERS OF AMERICA ADVISORS Miss Louise Temple 1952 - 1954 Miss Mary Urban 1954 - 1955 MEMBERS Mary Dunbar I Carol Gibbs I Marjorie Ingerson I Mary Kennedy I Doris Latour I Elizabeth Murphy I Beverly Prior I Mary Jane Rioux I Carol Roy I Claire Theriault I ACTIVITIES Fund Raising Project for Local and State Expenses Knitting Classes Field Trip PAGE FIFTY-ONE LATIN CLUB Sylvia Buswell I Marie Chartrain II June Craig I John Dachos I, II Vice President Barbara George I, II, III Helen Hatzis I, II Joanna Henderson I, II Virginia Kimball I Margaret Kulikowski I Elizabeth Leone I, II, III Mary Jane Malay I Robert Morin III Mary Ann Naceski I, II, III James O'Neil I Joyce Peterson I, II, III President Susan Record I Janet Sliney I, II, III Martha Wiggin I, II, III Martha Williams I, Secretary- Treasurer ACTIVITIES Outing at Boston Museum of Fine Arts I, II, III Picnic at Ashby I, III, Camp Sargent II Meetings six times a year GERMAN CLUB Advisor: Miss Eleanor Cachiona MEMBERS Paul Bellavance II Arthur Gay II, III Frank Haskell II, III Joanna Henderson II, III President Mary Jane Malay II, III Anthony Mandravelis II, III Richard Mansfield II, III Vice- President Arthur Matzis II, III Marie McLaughlin II, III James Pierce II, III Treasurer ACTIVITIES Christmas Caroling Travel Movie on Germany Meetings Once a Month fMusic Rooml , PAGE FIFTY TUSITALA THE BAND Leader, Mr. Elmer fPopJ Wilson Frederick Anderson III Edward Annis I, II, III, All State Band III William Ayer I, II, III Philip Beaulieu II, III Pauline Boggis II, III Arthur Gay I, II, III Frank Haskell I, II, III Joanna Henderson I, II, III, All State Orchestra II, III Margaret Kulikowski I, II, III Richard Mansfield I, II, III, All State Orchestra III Richard Miller II, III Ernest Moreau I, II, III James O'Neil II, III William Park I, II, III Cecile Robichaud I, II, III Sylvia Roy II, III Robert Vantine III, All State Orchestra III Robert West I, II, III David Winer I, II, IIIQ All State Orchestra III ACTIVITIES 1952 - 1953 Bandariety Two-State Festival Nashua Centennial Parade Lowell Field Day Football Games 1953 - 1954 Band Concert Lowell Concert Lowell Field Day Boston Garden 1954 - 1955 Lowell Field Day Hunt Home Concert Football Games All State Festival New Hampshire Education Centennial Parade GRADUATION ISSUE GLEE CLUB MEMBERS Paul Bradley I, III, All State III Betty DerManoogian I, II, All State III Jo Ann Gardner I, II, III Arthur Gay III Richard Harwood III Virginia Kimball I, II, III, All State III Betty Leone III George Manley I, II, III Joyce Peterson I Donald Plamondon I, II, III Camille Poney I, II, III Susan Record I, II, III, All State III Sylvia Roy I Janet Sliney I Carol White I, II, III Martha Wiggin I, II, III ACTIVITIES Annual Christmas concerts at High School. Participation in All-State Chorus at Annual Teachers' Convention at Manchester. All-State Music Festival at Claremont. Participation in "Seven Last Words of Christ." PAGE FORTY-NINE STUDENT CQUNCIL ADVISORS Miss Thelma Doe, 1952 - 1953 Miss Mabel Noyes, 1952 - 1955 1952 - 1953 Donald Ethier, Representative Marla Hildreth, Representative 1953 - 1954 John Dachos, Representative Marla Hildreth, Secretary James O'Neil, Representative 195r4 - 1955 Betty Der Manoogian, Secretary Donald Ethier, President Ronald Gendron, Vice-President Martha Williams, Treasurer The Student Council works hard raising money throughout the year in order to award S100 scholarships to deserving students. In 1952 - 1953 they gave two, in 1953 - 1954, two, and in 1954 - 1955, three. They earned this S700 through sponsoring food sales, dances, selling book covers, and run- ning the concession during the bas- ketball season of 1955. Each year the Council has been a hard-working, dependable group. PAGE FORTY-EIGHT THE TATTLER ADVISORS Miss Helen Lord Mrs. Josephine Williams Miss Mae Gallagher, 1952 - 1954 Miss Anne McGuire, 1954 - 1955 Rosilla Avery Art Editor III Sylvia Buswell Associate Book Editor III Marie Chartrain Book Editor III Mary Dunbar Business Agent III Donald Ethier Business Agent III Gerard Gabriel Exchange Editor III Barbara George Assistant Alumni Editor III Richard Harwood Sports Editor III Grace Haskell Business Agent III Marla Hildreth Assistant Alumni Editor Iig Alumni Editor III Virginia Kimball Personals Editor III Betty Leone Assistant Sports Editor Hg School Notes Editor III Joyce Milliard Business Agent III James O'Neil Assistant School Notes Editor II Joyce Peterson Literary Editor I, II, Associate Editor III Larry Schofield Associate Art Editor III Janet Sliney Assistant Book Editor IIQ Editor-in-Chief III Donat Valcourt Assistant Art Editor III Martha Wiggin Literary Editor III Martha Williams Assistant Personals Editor II, III TUSITALA ,, ARCDUND THE CAMPFIRES Our maidens and braves always enjoyed sitting round the friendly camp- fires When the daily tasks were done. And now as the flames flicker low, We re- member the fun We had, the things We learned, the friendships We made. GRADUATION ISSUE PAGE FORTY-SEVEN DAVID WINER Dave-Saul-ardent sports fan-won- derful guy-neat dresser-e n j o y s playing the trumpet-"Sure you are!" -plans to go to college-will some- day make a fine doctor. Latin Club I9 French Club I, IIQ Band I, II, IIIg Tennis II, IIIQ Orches- tra II, IIIQ Senior Play IIIQ Tattler Business Agent IIIg After School Em- ployment II, III. LOUIS H. WINSLOW Louie-terrific guy-always good for a laugh-never shy-always in a hurry-almost always broke-likes girls-likes to work on cars and read pocket books-plans to join the Air Force and later become an electrician. All State Band Ig After School Em- ployment I, II, III. X1 ii' 3 ix rl, , bf9 '.?:4., M STANLEY M. YANIS, Jr. Stan-"Semper Fi Mac"-crew cut- likes to read-good athlete-a future draftsman-full of fun-immediate plans, the Marine Corps-an asset to Champagne's Super Market. Junior Red Cross Representative Ig Basketball Manager I, IIg After School Employment II, IIIQ Upper Quarter. EUGENE PAUL ZINS Zinzy-well-liked by all-hails from Windham-"No kidding"-likes sports -a brain at mechanics and motor- cycles-wants to attend Lowell Tech. -ambition to become an engineer or a commercial pilot--good luck, Paul! Senior Play Stage Committee IIIQ Press Club IIIg After School Employ- ment IIQ Upper Quarter. PAGE FORTY-SIX TUSITALA I 1 ROBERT VANTINE N Butch-N. H. S's own George Gobel- equally adept at tuba or bass-ambi- tion, professional musician-loves all sports-Jack-of-all-trades- f o r m er camp counselor, bell hop, musician, and stockboy-immediate plans, the Navy. Tattler Business Agent I, II, Junior Red Cross Club I, II, III, Graduation Usher II, Band III, Orchestra III, After School Employment II, III, Up- per Quarter. l 3 JAMES WAKEFIELD ' Jim-crew-cut-a real joker-enjoys swimming and skating-hobby is con- trolling himself, and that's a job-em- ployed as a pizza maker-left school to join Marines, then to become an actor. Student Council Representative II, After School Employment I, II, III. THOMAS WALLENT Tom-quiet-easy-likes to have fun -favorite expression, "Straight from the horse's mouth"-one of our many "Finast" boys-hobby is amateur ra- dio-enjoys a good book and a good gun-college bound-ultimate ambi- tion, chemical engineer. After School Employment II, III. ROBERT BRUCE WEST B o b-popular-blonde hair-worked in bank after school-enjoys skiing- hep musician-immediate plans, to join the Marine Corps-ambition, to be a draftsman. Band I, II, III, Orchestra I, II, All State Band I, II, Graduation Usher II, After School Employment I, II, III. CAROL JANE WHITE Cute blonde with a sweet smile- sparkling diamond adorning left hand indicates bright future-beautiful voice-former Nurse's Aide-patients must miss her cheerful personality- ultimate ambition, perfect homemaker. Palm Sunday Chorus I, Glee Club I, II, III, Christmas Assembly I, II, III, German Club II, After School Employment I, III, Upper Quarter. GRADUATION ISSUE SHEILA WIDENER Shelley-swimming and letter writing are her pastimes-someday bowling? -"We'll overlook that!"-a Doehla employee-immediate plans include college-ultimate goal, marriage. Latin Club I, German Club II, Cam- era Club I, II, After School Employ- ment I, II, III. MARTHA WIGGIN The whiz of her English class-quiet and reserved-likes reading and paint- ing-clever satire-ambition, to write the great American novel-will fever- ishly pursue Chaucer or Milton at Radcliffe. Senior Play III, Press Club III, Tattler, Senior Literary Editor III, French Club II, III, Glee Club, I, II, III, Christmas Assembly I, II, III, Upper Quarter. JEAN WILLETT Looks, personality, humor-loads of fun-"Very good!"-an asset to Sterl- ing Drug-great cheerleader-loves to collect records-will someday make a fine nurse. Press Club III, Graduation Commit- tee III, Representative to Student Council III, Junior Red Cross Club I, Cheerleader II, III, After School Em- ployment II, III. RICHARD WILLIAMSON Dick-an excellent friend to have- pleasant company - co-operative - hearty l a u g h - hobbies, auctions, working on cars-favorite recreation, football-adjuster for the Singer Sew- ing Machine Company-ultimate am- bition, to be manager of one of their stores-immediate plans, to attend Lowell Institute of Technology. MARTHA ANN WILLIAMS Beautiful blonde with brains-winning personality-every young man's dream -loves baseball and Ted Williams- immediate plans, U. N. H. Representative to Student Council I, Treasurer III, Latin Club, Secretary I, Girls' State II, Vice-President II, Press Club III, Senior Play Usher III, Tusitala Paragrapher III, Tattler Staff II, III, Prom Committees II, III, After School Employment I, II, III, Upper Quarter, Prophet. PAGE FORTY-FIVE -l'Pl--f- ----l'1- -Flu- LORETTA STEVENS Lorry-newcomer from Massachusetts -small but sweet-ardent sports fan -although shy, frequently dated-as- pires to be a nurse-sure to make patients happy -at Stoneham played basketball and softball-sang in the Glee Club-participated in the Christ- mas Assembly. HUGH TAGGART Hannes-beautiful skier-heartbreak- er-cute blusher-"That's all right!" -a member of the ski patrol at Temple Mountain-plans to go to prep school, then college-hopes to be a ski resort owner. Tennis II, Radio Program III, Track III, Cross Country III. NORMAND TANGUAY Duke-good-looking-wavy h a i r - likes music, sports, and girls- "Get lost!"-likes to go to Manchester- plays harmonica and sings- present store clerk-plans to join service and later become a businessman. Lunch Counter III, Distributive Ed- ucation Club, Secretary III, After School Employment I, II, III. CLAIRE THERIAULT Claire-great personality-very neat -favorite recreation, bowling-loves to cook and wants to get married- who will be the lucky man? Future Homemakers I, After School Employment I, II, III. RICHARD A. THERIAULT Dick-"What gives ?"-showed an in- terest in everything he did-loyal em- ployee of First National Stores-en- joys auto mechanics and bowling as hobbies-immediate plans, to enter the service-ultimate ambition, to be- come an electrical engineer-best of luck! Senior Play Properties Committee III, After School Employment I, II, III, Upper Quarter. PAGE FORTY-FOUR ,. W.. .-- . H+-. , i ' mining' ROBERT HENRY THERIAULT Bob-"Forget it"-seen much on a basketball court-a smile for every- one-that athletic approach-so good- looking-really smart, too-makings of a good pharmacist-college next. Glee Club I, German Club III, Jun- ior Varsity Football I, Junior Red Cross Representative II, III, Tattler Business Agent I, II, Basketball I, II, III, Upper Quarter. DONALD THERRIEN Joe-well-liked-"Apple"-born with both hands on a steering wheel-likes sports, cars K has owned three to datej, and Canal Street-service in fall. Distributive Education Club III, After School Employment I, II, III. SANDRA TRAVIS Sandy-blonde-cute-nice personal- ity-transferred from Poughkeepsie, New York, her junior year-while there she was class secretary, in Bank- ing Club, played basketball, soccer, and volley ball-now a clerk at Nashua Pharmacy-plans marriage after graduation-ultimate ambition to have home of her own. Spanish Club II, Vice-President II, After School Employment II, III, Up- per Quarter. DONAT VALCOURT Donut-a good cartoonist-loves to tinker with sound movie equipment- likes to swim-favorite expression, "How about that?"-presently em- ployed at Beebe Rubber Company and plans to remain there in the future- bashful and quiet-always goes along with a joke. Assistant Art Editor, Tattler Staff III, After School Employment II, III. PATRICIA VANDALOSK Head cheerleader-snappy dresser- loads of friends-plans to become private secretary-looks and terrific personality-great sports enthusiast. Representative to Student Council I, Science Fair I, Christmas Hop Committee I, Class Secretary II, Prom Committees II, Cheerleading II, III, Head Cheerleader III, Press Club III, Tusitala Paragrapher and Typist III, After School Employment I, III, Upper Quarter. TUSITALA V. MARILYN SIMPSON Sim-"Terrible!"-beautiful blue eyes -a natural born comic-loves to trav- el-active at the Y. W.-pride of Joe's -ambition, to become a nurse. Science Fair I, Basketball I, Sen- ior Play Properties Committee III, Tattler Business Agent III. ANNA SKIRKEY Skirk-loads of fun-sweater girl- "It's boring!"-sporty dresser- loves music-always handy with witty re- marks-plans, Air Force-will make a wonderful W. A. F. Christmas Assembly III, After School Employment II, III. RICHARD PAUL SKORB Scobie-witty-nice person to know- ambition, to be a draftsman- enjoys d a n c i ng and bowling-immediate plans, the Navy-a jack-of-all-trades at Ray's Market-favorite expression, "Be good!" Red Cross Representative I, Track I, Camera Club II, After School Em- ployment I, II, III. RONALD SLATTERY Lefty-good natured and likable- very sociable-a great favorite with the girls-favorite expression, "So there we stood!"-favorite recreation, baseball-immediate plans, to attend Lowell Institute of Technology night school-ultimate ambition, to be a draftsman. Student Council Representative III, After School Employment I, II, III. JANET SLINEY "Really"!-brilliant student-avid Q 'IJ follower of Cicero-gorgeous clothes -secret desire, to play a tragic death scene on stage-interested in music and languages-immediate plans , college. Glee Club I, Christmas Assembly I, Girls' State II, Senior Play III, Press Club III, French Club I, II, Tattler Staff II, III, Editor-in-Chief III, Latin Club I, II, III, Upper Quar- ter. GRADUATION ISSUE BARBARA SPELLMAN Barbie-neat dresser-always has a smile-favorite expression, "Lovely!" -can be found working in office at Hammar Hardware-enjoys basket- ball and football games-after gradu- ation Barbie plans office work-hopes to become a secretary-always a good student-she'l1 succeed. After School Employment II, III, Upper Quarter. SYLVIA JOY SPENCER Spence to everyone-and everyone knew her-so popular-bubbling with personality and energy-a n o t h e r Cousy-"Seriously though!"- clever artist-neat dresser-active editor- ambition, theatre set designer. Tattler Business Agent II, Tennis II, Prom Decorating Committees II, III, Representative to Student Council III, Senior Play III, Press Club III, Junior Red Cross Club III, Associate Tusitala Editor III, Radio Programs III, Basketball I, II, III, Delegate to Student U.N. Assembly III, Upper Quarter. RICHARD SOUCY Dick--blonde-carefree- well-dressed -hobbies, photography and hunting- favorite recreation, roller skating- drives truck for Soucy's market-im- mediate plans, to work with father in grocery store-ultimate ambition, to become a game warden. Lunch Counter III, After School Employment I, II, III. CARL STANCIK Stanley-likes ping pong, swimming, loud scarves-always a joke- "Get out"-works at Red and White store -former Rosebud worker-would like to own a store in Florida. Distributive Education Club, Treas- urer III, After School Employment I, II, III. NAOM I RUTH STEARNS Nomi-a swimmer at heart-bright eyes-gentle voice-"Shoot"- vitality and pep-prospective student at Aurora College-her goal, to be a chemist. Senior Play III, Science Fair I, III, State Fair I, After School Employ- ment III, Upper Quarter. PAG E FORTY-TH REE NANCY ELIZABETH RUF Nance-blonde hair-ice-skating and swimming are tops with her- "You're kidding!"-plans to attend college- came to N. H. S. from Grafton, Massachusetts, where she was active in the French Club-hobby, music-a wonderful Pat Devine in the Senior Play. Spanish Club II, Secretary III, Senior Play III. THOMAS RYAN Mountain-a ski-loving Brookline boy -nice build-prefers French girls- inspirational conversationalist in geo- graphy-plans speedy-moving future as jet pilot. Football I, Track I, II, III, After School Employment I, II, III. ARGER ST. LAURENT Junior-good build-wavy hair-fa- vorite expression, "We'll see about that"-c o ol personality-completely satisfied with one girl-loves to fish and hunt-expects lively future as un- dertaker-see you in the future! Camera Club I, II, III. DONALD SANTERRE The Rover-tall-good-looking-never shy-likes swimming, looking at girls, fishing-"Is that right?"-present grocery store worker-plans to join army, and later become an electrician. After School Employment I, II, III. LAURENCE SCHOFIELD Larry-"Nothing ventured is nothing gained"-sober, but not serious-has many friends-active member of the Rover Boys-hobby, art-excels in cartooning-ambition, to go to art school after serving in the Navy. Tattler Artist III, After School Employment I, II, III. PAG E FORTY-TWO ELAINE W. SCHUMAKER Laine-tall and thin-quiet and shy- friendly and lots of fun-has a flair for blouses and belts-works at F. W. Woolworth's-would like to do office work-always doodling-loves horse back riding, ice skating, and fishing- gnfloys painting-junior college in the a . LAURETTE C. SCONTSAS Lorry-cute and very friendly-favor- ite expression, "Oh, gee"-easygoing -favorite recreations, roller skating and horseback riding-ambition, to be a nurse-those lucky patients! After School Employment II, III. ROBERT SEAMAN Bob-quiet, suave, friendly-loves to read--photography is his hobby- hopes to make it his career. Band I, II, Graduation Orchestra II: Tattler Business Agent, Photogra- pher IIQ Lunch Counter III, Distribu- tive Education Club, President III, After School Employment III. LINWOOD SEAVERNS Tunny-one of John's boys-tall- good-looking-crewcut - well-liked - "Oh, boy!"-likes hunting, swimming, girls-handy with tools-present ele- trician-plans to join the Navy and become an electronics technician. After School Employment I, II, III. JOSEPH SILVA Sonny-shy and exceptionally quiet- curly red hair-favorite recreation, bowling-neat dresser-very amiable and h e l p f ul-favorite expression, "C'est la vie!"-ultimate ambition, to be an upholsterer- service soon. Senior Play Property Committee III. TUSITALA MARY JANE RIOUX Small, pert, peppy-popular with classmates-hobby, collecting records -immediate plans, clerical office work-ambition, to be a housewife. Future Home Makers I, After School Employment I, II. PATRICIA RIVIERE Pat--tall-very p r e t ty--delightful personality--"No kidding"- favorite recreation, skating-immediate plans and ambition, to become a secretary. Junior Red Cross Representative II, Senior Play Program Committee III, Tattler Business Agent III, Tusitala and Tattler Typist III, After School Employment I, II, III. CECILE ROBICHAUD Sis-tiny-very quiet-enjoys ice- skating, dancing-immediate plans, office work-ambition, to be a secre- tary. Band I, II, III, Graduation Orches- tra I, II, III, Senior Play Orchestra III, Junior Red Cross III, Tattler Business Agent III, After School Em- ployment I, II, III. J UDITH ROBIE Doodle-pleasant smile for everyone -"You're kidding?"-hobby, roller- skating-present job, baby-sitter- starts nurse's training next year. Junior Red Cross City Wide Council II, Senior Play Usher III, After School Employment I, II, III. VIVIAN ROGERS Viv--quiet-a wonderful girl with a smile for everyone-"Oh, for goodness sakes!"-came from Virginia Beach in her junior year-commutes from Brookline-spends a lot of her time at the movies-ambition, to become a nurse. GRADUATION ISSUE SONIA WANDA ROMEL Sonny-what will Woolworth's do without her?-favorite expression, "Oh, gee"-great fan of Frankie Laine -good-natured-e nj oys horseback riding-ultimate ambition, to enter business college-best of luck! All State Chorus II, After School Employment II, III. EDGAR RONDEAU Eddie-short, but full of pep-"Kid!" -some record collection-an efficient stockboy-V e r y likable-college to prepare for a career in law. German Club III, After School Em- ployment II, III, Upper Quarter. GEORGE ROSEDOFF Rosy-an ardent baseball enthusiast -plans to enter trade school to study drafting-excels in his two favorite pastimes, hunting and fishing-known to be a woman-hater-now employed at Franklin Furniture Store. After School Employment III. CAROL ANN ROY Carol-quiet manner and friendly smile-well-dressed-enjoys S w i m- ming-knits beautiful sweaters-easy- g o i n g-bookkeeper at Harper's- plans to work in an office after grad- uation-ultimate ambition, to travel to California. Future Home Makers I, Senior Play Costume Committee III, After School Employment I, II, III. SYLVIA M. ROY "Well, anyway!"-quiet-serious-big brown eyes-always singing- enjoys flower arranging and fishing-clari- netist-plans to become a nurse-good luck! Glee Club I, Christmas Assembly I, Band II, III, Senior Play Orchestra III: Senior Play Costume Committee III, Tattler Business Agent III, Af- ter School Employment I, II, III. PAGE FORTY-ONE CAMILLE PONEY Camile - shy-good sport - graceful dancer-likes to knit in her spare time -ultimate ambition, to be a good cook -longusuffering maid in the play. Glee Club I, II, III, Christmas As- sembly I, II, III, Senior Play III, Press Club III. MARVIN PORTER Marv-serious-minded employee of the Nashua Telegraph-loves sports, especially tennis and bowling-can tell you the life histories of famous athletes-ambition, civil engineer- heading for college. Representative to Student Council I, Orchestra I, II, Band I, II, III, Radio Programs I, II, Boys' State II, Tennis II, III, After School Employ- ment I, II, III, Upper Quarter. ARDEN A. POST Art-one of our many Telegraph boys -likes the gals and they like him- sports and music are his hobbies- passes his time swimming and at the movies-immediate plans, college- "Take it easy!" Football I, After School Employ- ment I, II, III. GEORGE PRINCE Timothy-drives a car "for thrills"- day dreams in school-favorite recre- a t i o n, dancing - hobbies, hunting and fishing-favorite expression, "No kidding!"-immediate plans, to own a fruit and vegetable stand in Hudson- ultimate ambition, to work for a con- struction company. Lunch Counter III, After School Employment I, II, III. BEVERLY ANN PRIOR Bev-shy-very quiet and likable- neat in appearance-bowls in her spare time-collects first-day stamp covers-desires further education but is undecided where-"You're a brain", her favorite expression-came from Meredith, N. H., in her sophomore year. Future Home Makers I. PAGE FORTY RICHARD PUTNAM Dick-s h o r t-shy-pet expression, "Sure it is"-immediate plans, the Navy-sketching and drawing are his hobbies-wants to become a com- mercial artist-can draw exceptional- ly well-favorite recreation, skating. Glee Club I, Tattler Artist II, Sen- ior Play III, After School Employ- ment I, II. WILLIAM QUIGLEY Quig-comical-hobby, hot r o d s- "Life is what you make it"-immedi- ate plans, to serve in the armed forces -likes to swim-ambition, to be an automotive engineer-at present is an apprentice machinist. Lunch Counter I, After School Em- ployment I, II, III. SUSAN RECORD Vivacious brunette with a scientific mind-quiet f?J in second period history-beautiful clothes-peppy- very musical-greets everyone with a smile-immediate plans, college. Latin Club I, French Club I, II, Secretary.Treasurer II, Glee Club I, II, III, Christmas Assembly I, II, III, All State Chorus III, Senior Play III, Press Club III, Upper Quarter. THERESA RAJOTTE Pickles-"What a bird!"-cute kid- dreamy eyes-all-around girl-peppy and always on the go-likes to listen to records-"How's Johnny Ray?"- loves to read-life's ambition, to be a secretary and marry an Air Force man. After School Employment I, II, III. MARYANN RIOUX Quiet and neat-sweet personality- favorite expression, "Me too"- hobby is raising dogs-favorite recreation, roller skating-her cheerful smile can be seen on the darkest day. Basketball I. TUSITALA ln 4. ,lun JEANNINE PEPIN J eanne's twin - quiet personality - hobby, collecting photographs-likes horseback riding-ambition, to be a secretary fulfilled-now at Paul Sad- ler's Insurance Agency. Junior Red Cross Representative I, II, Second Prize Science Fair II, After School Employment II, III. JOYCE CAROL PETERSON Pete-cute strawberry blonde with ambition plus-exuberant and delight- ful-will make the best woman scien- tist ever-immediate plans, college. Glee Club I, Dramatics Club I, Christmas Assembly I, French Club I, II, Second Prize Science Fair II, Latin Club I, II, III, President III, Tattler I, II, III, Associate Editor III, Senior Play Ushering Committee III, After School Employment II, III, Up- per Quarter. DANIEL PHELAN Dan-airplanes, airplanes!-a suc- cessful Driver's Training student- "Get lost, Sam!"-a sense of humor plus-wants to be an officer in the Air Force-enjoys skeet shooting. After School Employment I. PHYLLIS ANN PHILBRICK Phyl-tall, attractive blonde-hails from Crown Hill-"Little Mary"!?- skiing enthusiast-ardent basketball fan-favorite expression, "What!"- ambition, accountant-hopes to take her winning way to B. U. Girls' State II, Basketball II, III, Radio Programs III, Senior Play III, Upper Quarter. JAM ES PIERCE Jim-ardent radio ham-loves to fly -hangout, Boire Field-studious-en- joys hunting-liked by all-ultimate ambition, to be a jet pilot-good luck! Band I, II, German Club II, Christ- mas Assembly III, After School Em- ployment I, II, III. GRADUATION IssuE " '1 RICHARD PINET Pinhead-lots of fun-one of the,best liked boys in the class-interested in girls-wants to be a truck driver- will someday be prominent at C. H. Avery Co. Future Farmers I, II, III, Junior Red Cross Representative II, Distributive Education Club III, After School Em- ployment II, III. GLORIA JEAN PINETTE Glo-Italian hair cut-adorable smile -favorite expression, "You don't know, do you?"-hobbies, dancing and roller 'skating-immediate plans, to work-ambition, to be a typist and a bookkeeper-lots of luck! DONALD PLAMONDON Don-very shy-large and hearty- ambition to be an electrical contractor -enjoys following sports-works part time at C. H. Austin-favorite expres- sion, "Don't be facetious"-loves bowling. Glee Club I, II, III, Band I, II, III, Christmas Assembly, I, II, III, Palm Sunday Chorus III, Senior Play III, Distributive Education C l u b III, Lunch Counter III, After School Em- ployment I, II, III. MELVIN DAVID PLATTE Mel-from Great Falls High School in Montana-all "A's" here and there -"Hi, Boy!"-made friends easily here-a member of the Great Falls High Track Team-a gas station at- tendant for H. Daw Co.-next stop, M. I. T.-ambition, engineer. After School Employment III, Dele- gate to Student U. N. Assembly III. ROLAND POLIQUIN Rolly-tall-g o o d physique--w e l l liked by the girls-is fond of standing in north senior corridor before school each morning-player for three years on the N. H. S. State Champion Foot- ball Team-favorite expression, "Go, man, go!"-immediate plans, college -ultimate ambition, to be a profes- sional football player. Football I, II, III, All-State III, After School Employment II, III. PAGE THIRTY-NINE ARTHUR LEO PARE Perry-well-liked by classmates-a cutter at Horton and Hubbard's-goes hunting for sociability with the boys -favorite recreation, basketball- immediate plans, work-ultimate am- bition, to join the Air Force and fly jets-favorite expression, "Zero." After School Employment I, II. PAULINE PARE Peanut-short 'n' sweet-Italian hair cut-favorite expression, "What?"- sparkling eyes-favorite recreation, dancing-hobby, horseback riding- immediate plans, to go into office work-ultimate ambition, to be a homemaker. Student Council Representative Ig After School Employment III. BEVERLY PARENT Bev-"Well"-pretty, peppy, and pe- tite-smart dresser-enjoys swim- ming, dancing, and basketball-hobby, writing letters-she'll keep you in stitches once she gets going-always good for a laugh-ultimate ambition, to become a nurse. Latin Club Ig Junior Red Cross Club I, German Club II, III. WILLIAM PARK Bill-Stinky-tall, light, and hand- some-real basketball enthusiast- useful at Nashua Trust-expert at coat-checking for dances-plans to become a chemical engineer. Graduation Orchestra I, II, III, Senior Play Orchestra II, III, Band I, II, III, Prom Committees I, IIQ Boys' State II, Senior Play Publicity Committee III, After School Employ- ment I, II, III, Upper Quarter. LILLY RUTH PASKEVICH Lil - wonderful personality-always ready for a joke-favorite expression, "I'll smash you"-pep and vitality plus-favorite recreation, dancing- weakness is a t h 1 e tes-immediate plans, to work in an office-ultimate ambition, to be a homemaker. Junior Red Cross Representative I. PAGE THlR'rY-EIGHT NICHOLAS PASSIAS Pasha-well known around school, a n d Lowell-favorite expression, "Take it slow?"-loves pool-immedi- ate plans, service-hopes someday to be a draftsman. Student Council Representative III, Tattler Business Agent III. DOROTHY ANNE PATENAUDE Dotty-shy-g o o d-natured- hobby, playing the piano-immediate plans, nursing-favorite recreation, dancing -very likable-ultimate ambition, to be a nurse-good luck in your career! Glee Club Ig Christmas Assembly Ig Radio Program I. ROBERT PEABODY Rabbit-his hobby, airplanes-"Drop" -that's some car, Bob!-an asset to the First National-Uncle Sam's boy next. Glee Club I, II, Christmas Assemb- ly I, II: Camera Club II, Graduation Usher II: After School Employment II, III, Upper Quarter. VICTOR PELLETIER Vic-girl teaser-winning personality -"No kidding!"-loves adventure stories-an avid photographer-enjoys fishing-immediate plans, college- ambition, to be an optometrist. Student Council Representative II: Red Cross Representative II, After School Employment I, II, III. JEANNE PEPIN Jeanie-very quiet but friendly-likes to knit-loves horseback riding and s w i m m i n g-favorite expression, "Jeepers"-immediate plans, to be an office worker-is now employed at J. W. Woolworth's-good luck in the future. Tusitala Paragrapher III, After School Employment I, II. TUSITALA JOYCE MILLIARD Joyce-plenty of vim and vitality- favorite expression, "No kidding!"- enjoy listening to popular music and roller skating-keeps the mailman busy-ambition, to be a nurse-will make a good one. Senior Play Costume Committee III, Tattler Business Agent III, After School Employment I, II, III. ERNEST G. MOREAU Pete-"Good Morning!"-quiet and reserved-likes to swim, dance, listen to music-works at Moreau's Market -wonder why?-great on drums- plans to be a professional drummer after stint in the Air Force. Senior Play and Graduation Orches- tra I, II, III, Band I, II, III, Distri- butive Education Club, Vice President III, After School Employment I, II, III. RAYMOND MORIN Ray-"Dig that"-good-natured and pleasant-likes to play basketball- another Harry James-ambition, to become an engineer-immediate plans, the Air Force. Senior Play Orchestra I, Camera Club I, Band I, II, III, After School Employment II, III. ROBERT MORIN Bob-friendly soda jerk-excellent student-tremendous French pronun- ciation-gigantic stamp collection- loves airplanes, paintings, models, freal onesj and stewardesses-fun- iest talks in fourth period senior Eng- lish class-claims his favorite recre- ation is doing nothing-immediate plans, college. Upper Quarter. ELIZABETH ANN M URPHY Liz-friendly-hard-working- "Fid- dle hopper"-has a flair for writing- an asset to Sprague Electric Com- pany's cafeteria-always punctual-a roller-skating whiz-good luck to you in your secretarial career. Future Homemakers Club I, Lunch Counter I, After School Employment I, II, III. GRADUATION ISSUE MARYANN NACESKI Mary Ann-favorite expression, "Tre- mendous!"-always laughing- big blue eyes-cute Louise Mitchell in the Senior Play-likes sports, ice-skating, and music-ultimate ambition to be- come a teacher-we see her serene in a happy classroom. Latin Club I, II, III, Girls' State II, Senior Play III, Upper Quarter. DONALD R. NOEL Sparks-tall, quiet, and calm-a real wizard in electronics-the electrical know-how-a Science Fair winner- enjoys golf-once a caddy- need ra- dio or radar repairs ?-next it's col- lege-ambition, engineer. Golf I, Graduation Usher II, Boys' State II, Science Fair I, II, III, State Fair II, Upper Quarter. DONALD NOURIE D o n-tall-carefree-likable- owns hot rod-likes sports-enjoys horse- back riding-skiing-plans on college -ultimate ambition, successful farm- er-may you be as successful then as you are now! JAMES O'NEIL Good looking-DeMontigny's stockboy -wants to buy Hampton Beach- witty themes in fourth period English -plans on Dartmouth. French Club I, Vice President, Latin Club I, II, Band I, III, Student Coun- cil II, Boys' State II, Radio Programs II, Tattler Staff II, III, Graduation Usher II, Press Club III, Senior Play Publicity Committee III, After School Employment II, III, Upper Quarter. GEORGE PANAGOULIS Beanie-"How about that?"-hobby, weight lifting-loves to skate and swim-clown in P. D.-over-crowded dates-plans on college-ambition, hotel manager. Senior Play III, Radio Program III. PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN ARTHUR JOHN MATSIS A. J. to everyone-a really good bas- ketball "ref,"-likes all sorts of sports, especially basketball-"You don't count!"-plans to enter college this fall-ultimate plans, priesthood. Football Ig Intramural Baseball Ig Latin Club Ig French Club Ig German Club II, III, Graduation Usher II, Basketball Referee IIIQ After School Employment I, II, III. PAUL MAYNARD Speedy-"Come off it"-likes skating, swimming, and working on scale- model autos-present stocker at Champagne's-member of the "Rover Boys"-plans to be a draftsman. Lunch Counter I, II, Glee Club IIIg Christmas Assembly IIIg Senior Play Stage Committee IIIg Tusitala Staff III, After School Employment I, II, III. MARIE MCLAUGHLIN Mim-quiet and shy until you know her-a great Irish wit-one of Har- per's best-ardent basketball fan- sunlamp fan, too-"You're kidding!" -Senior Play's southern belle-plans to be a teacher. Spanish Club II, German Club II, III, Senior Play III, Press Club IIIg After School Employment II, IIIg Upper Quarter. JOSEPH MERCHANT Joe-quiet and reserved-likes sports and played basketball for his church league-plans to attend Holy Cross College or St. Anselm's in the fall- ultimate ambition, to be a successful chiropractor-following in his father's footsteps. Graduation Usher II, Upper Quar- ter. JANET MERCIER Cute - pleasing smile - personality plus-"I'm serious"-likes to dance- played basketball and served on lunch counter at St. Aloysius-was gradua- tion usher there-plans to train at Concord State Hospital-kindness and sweetness her great assets. Press Club III, Red Cross Repre- sentative IIIg After School Employ- ment III. PAGE- THIRTY-SIX PENELOPE CAROLE MERCIER Penny-wonderful personality--sweet smile-favorite expression, "Sure you are"-hobby, collecting pictures and statues of animals- favorite recre- ations, dancing and listening to popu- lar music-loves sports-an assistant veterinarian someday. Red Cross Representative II, Tatt- ler Business Agent III. RENE MICHAUD Mitch-cute, but shy-drummer-am- bition, to be a linotype operator-rec- reations, fishing and baseball-work- ed at Crosby's and also at the Temple Street Superette-enjoys music-be- longs to a musical family that has an orchestra of its own. Band II, III, Senior Play Stage Committee IIIQ After School Employ- ment III. ROBERT MICHAUD Mitch-ardent s p o r t s fan-loves swimming-"That's what she said!" -good worker, especially in diner where he is now employed-ultimate ambition to become an engineer. After School Employment III. RICHARD MILLER Glenn Miller-plays the trombone- quiet-crew cut-enjoys painting- ardent sports fan-swims like a fish -favorite expression, "Who, me?"- headed for New Hampton Prep. school -ultimate ambition is to enter the medical profession. Student Council Representative IIg Graduation Usher II, Band IIIg After School Employment I, II III. ROBERT MILLER Bob-quiet and has many friends-- neat-a gentlemen in every way- "Out"-baseball is his sport-hobby, roller-skating-ambition, to work in an office. Baseball II, IIIg After School Em- ployment I, II, III. TUSITALA - PAUL LUCIER, Jr. Always well dressed-likes ice-skat- ing and basketball-"Big deal!"-hob- by, stamps-to join Navy in fall- plans include pharmacy. After School Employment I. RALPH LUCIER Quiet - well-likedl - neat dresser - great collector of modern jazz re- cords-college man-loves dancing- an important cog in the wheel. Graduation Usher I, Intramural Football I, Basketball I, Press Club III, Business Manager III, After School Employment II, III. MARYJANE MALAY Janie to us-oh, those gorgeous clothes!-quite a record collection- "Isn't that a riot!"-sense of humor plus-next year, nursing school-such a pretty nurse! Latin Club I, Red Cross Represen- tative I, Club III, German Club II, III, Press Club III, Senior Play Pro- perty Committee III, Tattler Busi- ness Agent III, After School Employ- ment I, II, Upper Quarter. ANTHONY MANDRAVELIS Tony-handsome-liked by everyone -"You don't count!"-red curly hair -magnet for the girls-Greek danc- ing-football-a smile for everyone -headed for college-wants to be a successful businessman. Band I, II, Graduation Orchestra II, German Club II, III, Football I, II, Senior Play Properties Committee III. GEORGE R. MANLEY Bob-"Go, man"-a nice guy to know -never a dull moment when Bob is around-likes to stare-sings well- persevering-ambition, to become a T.V. man-planning on T.V. school- manly by nature as well as by name. Basketball I, II, Glee Club I, II, III, Christmas Assembly I, II, III, Radio Program III, After School Employ- ment I, II, III. GRADUATION ISSUE . . , vw., ,paw .n-..,,.., ...w -1- -qv --- - -- ...W-....-v. uw- V RICHARD MANSFIELD Dick-well-dressed-likes to have fun -enjoys dancing-can really bang those drums -favorite expression, "Sure you are"--ultimate ambition is to follow in his father's footsteps and become a pharmacist-immediate plans, college. Camera Club II, Senior Play Or- chestra II, III, Band I, II, III, Ger- man Club II, Vice-President III. BEVERLY A. MARKAVERICH Bev-Big Mary-quiet-cute-smart -ambitious-secretary at the Sno- Cat Corporation-immediate plans, secretarial work-ultimate ambition, to be a medical secretary. Representative to Student Council III, Senior Play III, Press Club III, Tattler Typist III, Tusitala Paragra- pher III, Upper Quarter. RICHARD MAROIS Mutz-loves dancing-teasing girls- casual naps in English-neat in ap- pearance, and personality to match- often mutters "Zero"-twice a letter- man in football-Oh, those dreaded practices-plans to attend college- ambition, government service-lots of hard work ahead of him. Football I, II, III, After School Employment I. GEORGE MARSHALL George - clean cut - well-dressed - nice personality-very polite-ambi- tious-favorite expression, "How a- bout that!"-enjoys roller-skating- excellent swimmer-asset to the Tele- graph mailing room-headed for col- lege, probably U.N.H. Tattler Business Agent I, After School Employment I, II, III. SANDRA R. MASON Sandy-likes to have fun-wants to learn to mambo-is engaged-likes swimming, driving around Brookline, N.H.-"You're kinda fuddy", favorite expression-can be seen at Cham- pagne's-transferred from Groveton -was baton twirler and cheerleader there. After School Employment I, II, III. PAGE THIRTY-FIVE WILLIAM LEMIRE Willy-carefree-full of fun and life -great sport-enjoys dancing, piano, records - "Is that right!" - winning smile and personality great assets in establishing his own business in the future. Graduation Usher II, Latin Club I, II, Junior Red Cross Club I, II, Ad- visor II, Home Room Representative I, II, City-Wide Council I, II, After School Employment II. ELIZABETH ANNE LEONE Talented pianist-athletic-loves bas- ketball-charming waitress at How- ard J'ohnson's-ambition, Director of Religious Education-ideal minister's wife-plans to take her friendly smile to Keuka. French Club II, Glee Club IIIQ Christmas Assembly IIIg Senior Play III, Press Club III, Tattler Staff II, III5 Basketball I, II, Latin Club I, II, III, After School Employment II, III, Upper Quarter. NORMAN LEVEILLE Cookie-"Don't believe in it!"-very likable and friendly-a great outdoor man and hunter-hobby, working on cars-likes to ride around-ambition, to be a millionaire-immediate plans, the Army. After School Employment I, II, III. ALBERT LEVESQUE Al - quiet - good natured - steady movie-goer-likes baseball, played for the Wards-employed part time at Montgomery Ward's-favorite expres- sion, "Gee, oh!"-ultimate ambition, to become a commercial pilot-imme- diate plans, to join the Air Force. Junior Red Cross Representative Ig Lunch Counter III, After School Em- ployment III. CYNTHIA C. LEVESQUE Cyn-a terrific dresser-plans to be a beautician-ultimate ambition to marry - collects miniature c a t s - raises tropical fish-baby sits-en- joys basketball games-"That's life!" Representative to Student Council Ig Junior Red Cross Club Ig German Club II, After School Employment I, II, III. PAGE THIRTY-FOUR JEAN ANDRE LEVESQUE Johnny-good friend to have-hobby, cars-favorite recreation, hunting and fishing-has had great experiences in both-no immediate plans-ultimate ambition, to be a mechanic-spent afternoons working at Rousseau's Oil Company. After School Employment III. RAYMOND LEVESQUE Gidon, Jr.-wavy blond hair-likes to talk out in English-liked by every- one-always good for a laugh-loves all sports, especially hockey and swimming-plays harmonica - typist at Nashua Plastics-immediate plans, Air Force-claims he wants to be- come a truck driver. After School Employment II, III, Upper Quarter, Prophet. ROBERT LOVEJOY Bob-shy, but co-operative-cool dres- ser-crewcut-leads own band-sharp drummer-most talkative in Speech Class-ambition, to play in big-time band. Christmas Assembly III. THERESA ANN LOZEAU Terry-wonderful dancer-carefree- a smile for everyone-"I think it's great!"-salesgirl at Jordar1's Lug- gage Shop-record collector-imme- diate plans, secretarial work-ulti- mate ambition, to perfect the Mambo. Tattler Business Agent I, Typist III, Tusitala Typist III, After School Employment I, II, III. RONALD LUCAS Luke - carefree - quiet-blond- al- ways has a joke on hand-favorite expression, "That's nice"-hobby, hunting-favorite recreation, dancing -immediate plans, Business College -ultimate ambition, to work in an office. TUSITALA . ,,,,,.,,,,,x,',,5,,,,,.,. Y,P..,.2,,, ,.,...,,.. ...-- - .,,...,. . .. -,,., ,, ----,--W. :rw-gm, - ..,- V-vfqfgu-w -v-,.vf--T...-,....--.-, ,--..W DOUGLAS LALMOND Doug-quiet-shy-likes h u n ti ng, fishing-baseball-swimming - "Are you insane ?"-at present a poultry farm worker-future machinist. Lunch Counter IIg Graduation Ush- er II, After School Employment II. LESLIE A. LAMBERT Les - wonderful guy - h a s many friends-loves baseball and basketball -stockboy for three years at Ouel- lette's Market-favorite expession, "Who's the idiot?"-often seen at the Rosebud-enjoys cokes in Problems class-plans a possible career in the Air Force, or may become a sports- writer. After School Employment I, II, III. RICHARD LANDRY Porky-small, cute, shy- hopped cheerfully around school on crutches much of his senior year-baseball, his favorite recreation-plays a lot of basketball-wants to become al professional baseball player-still J. J. Newberry's favorite stockboy. Football Manager II, Baseball I, II, III, After School Employment II, III. CONRAD LAQUERRE Connie - friendly - co-operative - makes friends easily-has no time f or hobbies-favorite recreations, bowling, dancing, and sports-imme- diate plans, Indian Head Millwork salesman-ultimate ambition, to be a good salesman. After School Employment II, III. DONALD LAROCHE Louis - easy-going -good dresser - crew cut-favorite recreation, swim- ming-favorite expression, "You don't count!"-hobbies, boxing and pool- immediate plans, business school-ul- timate ambition, to be a salesman received training in Berg's Shoe Store, and Lampron's Shoe Store. After School Employment I, II, III. GRADUATION ISSUE 'I DORIS LATOUR Dot-cute-shy-a smile for every- one-never misses a football game- loves ice skating and dancing-works industriously at everything she does -ambitions are to work in an office and to travel. Future Home Makers Ig Press Club III, Senior Play Costume Committee III, After School Employment I, II, III. ALBERT LECLAIR Einstein - quiet and studious - his hobby, reading about evolution-loves to walk-not lazy, but ambitious to the extent of eating and sleeping- "Well!"-Beebe Rubber employee, full-time-plans to continue his job following graduation. After School Employment II, III, Radio Program III. RICHARD LEDOUX Dick-loves sports-curly haired doll - quiet - "What say?" - worked at Palm Dress Company-hopes to go to Art School-best of luck, Dick. Student Council Representative Ig Christmas Assembly III3 Tattler Busi- ness Agent IIIQ Prom Committees I, II, III, Tattler Artist I, II, IIIQ After School Employment III. ROBERT BRUCE LEDOUX Spider -loves Woodworking - r e a l 'hep' dancer-works with metal-in- terested in jewelry making. Left N.H.S. in March to join the Army. EDWARD LEHOULLIER Eddie-good looking-neat dresser- easy-g o i n g - favorite expression, "Save it"-easy to get along with- plans to enter college in September- hopes to become an engineer-favorite recreations, hockey and football. Student Council Representative I3 Football I, II, IIIQ After School Em- ployment I, II, III. PAGE THIRTY-THREE I H .....n,., ........, vunw- -w--- - -- --U-n.--pe ,-ew--v- -v. If. .,,., ,,,,, , ,,.,.,,.,,,,,,,, ,,, l , CHARLES JEPSON Chinky or Brookline-good looking- swell personality-well liked-brain in electricity class-loves girls, cars, sports, skiing-owns the best car in Brookline-plans to join the Army and then become an electrical engin- eer. Representative to Student Council I, Intramural Football I, Baseball I, II, III, After School Employment I, II, III. ARTHUR KATSIAFICAS Beaver-smart dresser-crew cut- one of the boys-always on the go- good Joe-popular with the younger girls-always headed toward Lowell or Manchester-likes to play pool- present A Sz P worker-plans to go to college after graduation, and then join service. Football I, After School Employ- ment II, III. ANASTASIOS KATSIKAS Tasios-spends a great deal of time in the movies-an efficient grocery clerk-a worthy ambassador from Greece-plans on entering the Uni- versity of New Hampshire-ultimate goal, a successful engineer. After School Employment II, III, Upper Quarter. ODYSSEUS KATSOHI Ody-another good ambassador from Greece-magnetic personality, bi g smile--wavy hair-convincing talker -Red Sox fan-loads of friends- en- joys pool and pingpong-college, then on to be a lawyer. Football I, II, After School Employ- ment I, II, III. MARY P., KENNEDY M-one of our tall girls-deep dimples and a sweet smile-favorite expres- sion, "Honestly?"-pretty-filled with personality and ambition- hobby, col- lecting records-favorite recreation, dancing-ultimate ambition, college, then on to become an airline hostess. Future Home Makers I, Camera Club I, Senior Play Usher III, Press Club III, After School Employment II, III. PAGE THIRTY-Two ROBERTA KEROUAC Bobbie-n i c e personality-pastime, dancing-favorite expression, "Oh my goodness!"-baby sits-employed at Army and Navy Store-plans to enter Boston School of Dental Nursing. Senior Play Usher III, After School Employment I, II, III. VIRGINIA KIMBALL Dependable student-office worker at Producers' Dairy-loves music, has a tbegutiful voice-Durham bound in the a . Latin Club I, Girls' State II, Senior Play Usher III, Press Club III, Tattler Staff III, Representative to Student Council III, French Club I, II, Christ- mas Assembly I, II, III, Glee Club I, II, III, All-State Chorus III, After School Employment III, Upper Quar- ter. JAMES KOPKA Big Jim-tall, dark, husky addition to N. H. S. football team-favorite line, "Who's your friend?"-pastime, billi- ards-headed for college-wishes to become a great chef-we'll be on the Book out for you at the Stork Club, im. Track II, III, Football I, II, III, After School Employment II. MARGARET KULIKOWSKI M a r g a r e t-plays clarinet-loves swimming, tennis, skating-"Isn't that awful!"-immediate plans include col- lege-ambition, to become a teacher. Latin Club I, Spanish Club, Secre- tary II, Vice-President III, Class Ring Committee II, Representative to Stu- ent Council III , Press Club III, Senior Play Costume Committee III, Senior Play Orchestra III, Band I, II, III, Upper Quarter. JACKSON G. LACOM BE Specs-smart dresser-ardent sport fan-"You don't mean it!"-immedi- ate plans, Navy-fun-loving and care- free-good dancer and popular with the girls-ambition, accountant-Big Business Man with booming voice in Senior Play. Junior Varsity Football I, Indoor Track III, Senior Play III, Track I, H, III, After School Employment I, TUSITALA , , m.. Page l.,,..I'-1-l ...-11.---.ll1.....n.. . ., v.....--.vwwv -- EDNA HATFIELD Ed-"Let's go!"-sparkling personal- ity-snappy clothes-Glenn Miller records-swimming, skating, most fun -enjoys good football and basketball -experience in lawyer's office great help in solving problems-off to Fish- er College-then, successful secre- tarial career-good luck, Ed. Graduation Usher III, Senior Play Usher III, After School Employment II, III, Upper Quarter. HELEN HATZIS Lyn-terrific dresser-great person- ality-collects records-loves to 'travel -one of Newberry's clerks-Ellen in Senior Play-always on the go-co1- lege and then medical research. Press Club III, Senior Play III, Latin Club I, II, French Club I, II, After School Employment III, Upper Quarter. JOANNA E. HENDERSON Jo-happy-go-lucky-loves people- has a passion for athletes, especially underclassmen-full of pep-excellent flutist-next stop, U. V. M.-teaching. French Club Ig German Club II, President IIIg Press Club III, Christ- mas Assembly III, Graduation Or- chestra IIIQ Tusitala Paragrapher III, All-State Orchestra II, IIIg Senior Play Orchestra II, III, Band I, II, III, Upper Quarter. SYLVIA HENDRICKSON Syl-Brookline lass with ambition plus-sports enthusiast-loves to read -friendly smile for all-"Tsk, tsk, huh?"-one of the bright Impco of- fice workers-roller skating fan- terrific basketball player-ambition, executive secretary. Girls' State II, After School Em- ployment II, IIIg Radio Program III, Valedictorian. MARLA DEE HILDRETH "Forget it"-sweet, pretty, and petite -sparkling personality- sure to be a second Bernhardt. Cheerleader Ig Senior Play IIIg Press Club III, Tusitala Editor-in- Chief IIIQ Prom Committee III, Dra- matics Club Ig Student Council I, II, Secretary II, Tattler II, III, Vice- President III, Junior Red Cross City Wide Council I, II, III, Secretary III, Club III, After School Employment II3 Upper Quarter. ROBERTA HOPWOOD Bobbie-"What's that?"-cute, with a tremendous p e rsonality-ladylike- entered from Alvirne after sophomore year-loves to dance-ambition, to be- come a hairdresser-immediate plans, school for hairdressing. After School Employment I. FLORENCE HOUDE Sis-a sport enthusiast-favorites, ice skating and tennis-enjoys T.V.-real gone over Burt Lancaster-has a ter- rific sense of humor-lots of fun to be with-businesslike on a committee- headed for Rivier College. French Club II: Tattler Business Agent II, Co-chairman Senior Play Costume Committee III, Press Club III, After School Employment II, Up- per Quarter. MARJORIE INGERSON Margie-"Isn't that maddening!"- friendly and always cheerful- one of our few blondes-cute, too-enjoys ice skating and the movies - Marlon Brando maybe ?-immediate plans, of- fice work-ultimate ambition, secre- tary. Future Homemakers Ig Camera Club I, II, Senior Play Program Com- mittee Chairman IIIg Upper Quarter. WILLIAM INGRAHAM Billy-full of fun-hobbies, skiing and hunting-fond of all kinds of flowers -who knows but Billy will be a second Luther Burbank ?-comes from Brook- line-favorite expression, "Hi ya, Ace!"-immediate plans to join the Marines-ultimate ambition, to be an electronic engineer. After School Employment I, II, III. LOREN JEAN Loren-shy and quiet-future cattle raiser-loves outdoor life-favorite expression, "Egads!"-loves shooting and swimming-his hobbies are hunt- ing and fishing-great joker with ter- rific personality-immediate plans, to enter the service-works at Howard Johnson's. Junior Red Cross Club I, II, Prom Committee Decorations II, III. GRADUATION ISSUE PAGE THIRTY-ONE i DONALD GOULD Don-great wit-loves music-plays a wild guitar and a Wonderful bass fiddle-one of the best artists in school-has worked as a store clerk -favorite recreation, swimming- president of the "Rover Boys"- im- mediate plans, to join the Navy-fa- vorite expression, "So there you are". Tattler Artist I, II, III, Prom Art Committee I, II, III. NORMAN GUERETTE Norm-an important cog in the wheel of the Nashua Country Club- hobby, driving and repairing cars-is that Why your buddies call you "Hot Rod"'?-ultimate ambition, to be a mechanic or draftsman-favorite ex- pression, "Wow! What a screwball". Lunch Counter I, II, After School Employment I, II, III. SHIRLEY GUEST Shirl-a happy smile and quiet friend- l i n e s s-hobbies, embroidery and needlework-loves to play phonograph records-a good sport-will make an excellent secretary. After School Employment I, II, III. ERNEST ALBERT GUILMAIN Gil-"No kidding"-good looking and has many friends-deer ,don't take a liking to him during the hunting sea- son-has traveled to the Southwest and Mexico-ambition, to enter the commercial field-immediate plans, the Navy. Baseball III, Prom Committee I, II, III, After School Employment I, II, III. PRISCILLA GUILMAIN Hoppy-man hater-loves horses, air- planes, winter sports-wants to be a commercial artist-always saying, "He's a good kid"-works in Daniel Webster Theater-plans to enter col- lege-sergeant in the Civil Air Patrol. Tattler Artist II, Senior Play Pub- licity Committee III, Tusitala Artist III, After School Employment I, II, III, Science Fair II, III, State Fair III, Upper Quarter. PAGE THIRTY BEVERLY HALL Bev-will make one of Nashua's finest secretaries-loves to watch television -cooks good meals for Girl Scouts- gentle, even when babysitting-em thusiastic Grange worker. HISenior Play Program Committee JOHN HAMMAR J ohnny-mathematical wizard-s h y smile-tough to beat either at bowling or checkers-more in him than meets the eye-deep thinker-excellent stu- dent-favorite day-dream, profession- al bowling-ambition, Certified Public Accountant-immediate plans, Nashua Corporation. Boys' State II, After School Em- ployment I, II, III, Upper Quarter. RICHARD HARWOOD Handsome redhead-top ten in '55's national Voice of Democracy contest --lived for track and cross country- immediate plans, Rensselaer. French Club I, II, Track I, II, III, Camera Club II, Boys' State II, Cross Country II, III, Glee Club III, Christ- mas Assembly III: Senior Play III, Press Club III, Tusitala Associate Editor III, Tattler Staff III, Radio Programs III, Science Fair II, III, State Fair III, Upper Quarter. FRANK E. HASK ELL Hacky to almost everybody-sharp dresser-good personality-likes the girls-"Oh, cut it out!"-likes to hunt, fish, and ski-off to college in the fall. Tattler Business Agent I, Band I, II, III, Senior Play and Graduation Orchestra II, III, German Club II, III, Vice-President II, After School Em- ployment II. GRACE HASKELL Gracie-shy, friendly, very likable- favorite recreation, roller skating- "0 h !"-hobby, knitting-immediate plans, office work-ambition, to get married. Tattler Circulation Manager III, After School Employment II, III. TUSITALA 9 l i f , . .- -...-. .. , W ,,.,,.-,...-ar.--Q.. ,v-...------.- --..,...,---- ..-,.,-,----.g-1r-f'-r-1..N.ay-r--f'c--- I-tw-iw--"fwfr -'- ww- - ROBERT GAMACHE Joe-easy going-likes to play base- ball, and go hunting-his favorite hob- by is photography fgirls in bathing suits, his best scenesj-hopes to own a grocery store of his oWn-immedi- ate plans are to join the Navy. Lunch Counter III, After School Employment II, III. BESSIE GARDIKES Bess-loves to knit, sew, and dance- cute-pretty eyes-many friends- working at Indian Head Bank-lucky boss-pleasant smile-petite-a credit to Greece. Tattler Business Agent I, II, D. A. R. Representative III, Radio Program III, After School Employment I, II, III, Upper Quarter. JO ANN GARDNER J o-soft-spoken-talented s i nger- "Achibaba"-enjoys writing poems and collecting records-"Tennis, any- one ?"-an attractive secretary- as- pires to be a full-time singer. Talent Show I, Junior Red Cross Club II, Representative II, Glee Club I, II, III, Christmas Assembly I, II, III, Camera Club I, II, Radio Pro- gram II, After School Employment I, II, III. LEONARD GAUDETTE Good looking-well liked-curly hair -shy-likes girls, swimming, and square dancing-a real brain in elec- tricity-worked at Bell Shops-plans to join Coast Guard, and later become electrical engineer. Band and All-State I, Senior Play Stage Committee III, Tusitala Para- grapher III, After School Employ- ment I, II, III. ARTHUR E. GAY Jr. Art-ambition, the ministry-hobbies, radio and cars-employed at Cham- pagne's Super Market-loves to talk and confuse people-full of fun and livens up whatever place he is in- even-tempered-good sense of humor. Football I, Baseball I, Tennis II, German Club II, III, Band I, II, III, Glee Club III, Christmas Assembly III, Tusitala Paragrapher III, Senior Play Publicity Committee III. GRADUATION ISSUE RICHARD GAY Dick-hails from Brookline-s o f t spoken-curly hair-loves to talk on Chevies-baseball fan-hopes to be successful future farmer-best of luck! RONALD M. GENDRON Ronnie-friend to everyone-n e a t dresser -"Great!"-likes to hunt and fish--plays basketball-Navy after graduation-eventually, an engineer- really worked for the Class of '55. Football I, Basketball I, Tattler Ar- tist II, Class Business Manager II, Graduation Usher I, II, Student Coun- cil Vice-President III, Prom Commit- tees I, II, Tusitala Paragrapher III. BARBARA ELIZABETH GEORGE Barb to her many friends-recognized by her enviable red hair and beaming smile-"Miss Kendall Adams" of the Senior Play-"Isn't that a riot!"- loves to read-really smart-next stop, college. French Club I, Press Club III, Senior Play III, Tattler Staff III, Girls' State II, Latin Club I, II, III, After School Employment II, Upper Quarter. CAROL JEAN GIBBS Shy but friendly-blushes easily-fa- vorite expression, "Oh, brother!"- hobby, roller skating-at Alvirne played volleyball and basketball-im- mediate plans, Nashua Business Col- lege-then on to become a secretary. Future Homemakers of America I, After School Employment I, II, III. HECTOR H. GIRARD, Jr. Sonny-quiet-friendly and ambitious -will make an excellent dental tech- nician-plans to join the Air Force and see the world-"All rightee"- archery, tennis, and swimming occupy his spare time. After School Employment I, II, III. PAGE TWENTY,-NINE DEMETRIOS FERAIOS Jim-such a night owl-"Mareka!" fGirls?J-enjoys hunting-a good student-came from Greece in 1946- vigorous in his appreciation of demo- cracy-always pleasant and friendly -ambitious-U.N.H. in the fall- makings of a successful engineer. After School Employment I, II, Upper Quarter. RICHARD FINUCAN Finook-"Forget it"-fond of sports -personality plus-king of detention slips-terrific dresser-enjoys dancing and skiing-ambition, to become a hotel manager. Representative to Student Council I, Baseball I, lII, Radio Program III, After School Employment I, II, III. THOMAS C. FLAHIVE Red-tremendous basketball player- blushes easily-always smiling-next stop, college-wants to become an en- gineer-favorite companions, rod and gun-fast on the cinder oval-voted Most Valuable Player in Merrimac Valley Conference, 1955. Graduation Usher II, Track II, III, Cross Country II, III, All State III, Basketball I, II, III, All State II, Captain III. DOROTHY FLEURY Dot-lover of sports-mellow voice- big smile-credit to girls' basketball team-great kidder-always on the goCerman Club II, Christmas Assem- bly III, Basketball I, II, III, After School Employment I, II, III. KARL FOSTER A Brains and bronze-'55's prize skier -hobbies, golf, girls, gas meters- scientifically inclined-will undoubt- edly be on the first trip to Mars- immediate plans, Cornell. French Club I, Football I, Boys' State II, Radio Programs II, Tusitala Associate Editor III, Cross Country III, Golf I, II, III, Science Fair II, III, After School Employment II, III, PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT RAYMOND FRASER Carl-crew cut-easy going-woman hater-likes fishing-enjoys football games-plays three musical instru- ments, mainly guitar- hopes to take a trip to Tennessee-ambition, to be an electrician-immediate plans, to join the Air Force. After School Employment I, II, III. GERARD GABRIEL Gerry-cheerful soda jerk at Nashua Pharmacy-listening to classical mu- sic his idea of earthly paradise-hopes to become a concert p i a n i s t- Carnegie Hall will be waiting-favor- i t e expression, "Drip" -immediate plans, office job. Tattler Staff III, After School Em- ployment I, II, III. LOUIS E. GAGNON Lou-handsome-shy but friendly- enjoys photography and sports- fa- vorite expression, "You don't count"- immediate plans, further schooling- ambition, advertising business-favor- ite recreation, pool. Intramural Football I, Lunch Counter III, After School Employ- ment I, II, III. MAUREEN GAGNON "Well, anyway!"-a twinkle in her eye which matched the brightness of her personality-how we girls envied her hair!-loves to ice skate-aspires to be a nurse. Camera Club I, II, French Club II, Press Club III, Costume Committee Senior Play, Co-Chairman III, Upper Quarter. WILLIAM ONEAL GAGNON Bill-good looking-smart dresser- photography enthusiast-very active in all school affairs-immediate plans, college-aspires to be a chemical en- gineer. Junior Red Cross Club I, Band I, II, Glee Club I, II, Tattler Business Agent I, II, Student Council Repre- sentative I, II, Orchestra II, Junior Prom Committee II, Graduation Usher II, Christmas Assembly III, Tusitala Photographer III. TUSITALA Y ROGER DUBE Roger-tall, dark, quiet-likes danc- ing, driving, traveling- also enjoys photography-plans to continue work- ing after school, and later become an electrician. After School Employment I, II, III. RICHARD DUBRAY Dub-great personality-favorite ex- p1'ession, "Are you soft?"- a good piano player-used to repair shoes, also painted-immediate plans, post graduate course, then college-would like to pilot a plane professionally in future years-basketball his favorite recreation-one of Rosebud's steady customers. Junior Red Cross Club I5 After School Employment II, III. NORMAND DUFF Better known as Duffy or Tarzan- woman killer-loves parties- especi- ally when they're at Jeannine's house -one of the Haggerty boys-as far as he's concerned, nobody counts- plans to join the Air Force- probably will make it a career-loves swim- ming-favorite expression "Square"- future store owner. Distributive Education Club IIIg Lunch Counter III, After School Em- ployment I, II, III. EARL DUFOE Earl-short and well dressed-likes to ride around in his car- hopes to en- ter a junior college in California in September- his favorite expression, "You don't count"-likes to take oc- casional trips to the beach. After School Employment I, III. JEANNETTE DUGAS Jan-"Terrific"-very friendly-loves roller skating and dancing-works in the office at Doehla's-wants to be- come an airline hostess and to get a Bachelor of Science Degree. Glee Club Ig Spanish Club III, Jun- ior Red Cross Representative III, Senior Play Costume Committee III, Lunch Counter II, III, After School Employment II, III. GRADUATION ISSUE MARY DUNBAR Mary-shy but friendly-enjoys writ- ing letters-great basketball fan- often seen at Rosebud-forever blush- ing-plans to continue work at Nashua Trust after graduation- "Let's face it!" Future Home Makers Ig Girls' State II, Press Club III, Tusitala Bookkeep- er III, Senior Play Usher III, After School Employment I, II, III, Upper Quarter. REGINALD DUPONT Reggie-tall-likes to sing-can take a joke as well as give one- immediate plans, to join the Navy-ambition to become a disc jockey- likes basket- ball-"Crazy man"-has a hearty laugh-likes to test a substitute's pa- tience. ROBERT DUSTIN Dusty-"Ye gods!"-one of the Rover boys-great talent for painting- a wonderful artist someday-hobby, nat- ural history-expert speaker on bird habits and haunts-hiking enthusiast. Graduation Usher II, Press Club III, Junior Red Cross Representative III, Science Fair I, II, III, State Fair II, III, After School Employment II, III, Upper Quarter. LEO R. DUTTON Dutty-friendly towhead-follower of basketball and baseball-"Tremend- ous!"-loves music and collects rec- ords-immediate plans, the service- hopes to be German or Spanish trans- lator. German Club IIIQ Baseball II, III, Upper Quarter. DONALD ETHIER "Seriously''-co-operative-popular - in just about everything-will succeed as businessman or politician. Football Ig Baseball Ig Graduation Usher I, II, Spanish Club II, Class President II, Class Ring Committee II, Chairman Prom Committee II, Student Council I, II, III, Represent- ative II, President III, Junior Red Cross Representative III, Tattler Bus- iness and Advertising Manager III, Youth Government Program, Student Governor III, Radio Program III, After School Employment I, II, III. PAGE TWENTY-SEVEN JACQUELINE DESCLOS J ackie-pretty-very friendly-hobby, reading and collecting pictures-loves horseback riding-works at Doehla's -ambition, join the Air Force-lots of luck! Tattler Business Agent III, After School Employment I, II, III, Upper Quarter. LEO A. DESROSIERS Lippy-always a joke and a smile for everyone-popular with the boys in D. E. class-"Crazy man"-likes rol- ler skating-ambition to be owner of large concern-plans to don Navy Blue after graduation. Distributive Education Club III, After School Employment I, II, III. AVICE DEVEREUX Avice-pleasing personality-favorite expression "I believe it!"- works at Howard Johnson's-hobby, reading- favorite recreation, roller skating-as- pires to be a nurse-those lucky pa- tients! Senior Play Usher III, Junior Red Cross Club Representative III, After School Employment I, II, III. ROBERT DIONNE Bob-"Why ? "-always joking-terri- fic personality-hearty voice- loves to dance-hobby, working on cars- ambition, to be a millionaire- immed- iate plans, the Army. After School Employment I, II, III. VIOLA Di PIETRO Vickie-"Who, me?"-cute, with an irresistible personality-ambitious- smooth on the dance floor-enjoys swimming, dancing, and the Navy- ambition, to become a secretary-im- mediate plans, office work. Science Fair I3 Senior Play Pro- gram Committee III, Tattler Typist III, Radio Program III, Tusitala Pa- ragrapher and Typist III. PAG E. TWENTY-SIX 1 JAMES DOBENS Jim-great sports enthusiast-city bowling champ-usher at the State Theatre-enjoys dancing-" Are you soft?"-always willing to help those who stumble in German class-plans college-ambition is to become an ac- countant. Basketball Ig After School Employ- ment I, II, III. PATRICIA DORR Pat-quiet, but friendly-enjoys skat- ing-favorite expression "Gosh, no"- hobbies, reading and drawing-likes to design clothes-ambition, to be a fashion designer-immediate plans, to enter the service. After School Employment I. CONRAD DOWNEY Conny-c u t e-sharp dresser-quiet and reserved-friendly smile-has many friends-"Sure"-always read- ing a hunting magazine or some huge book-loves reading, music, and hunt- ing-immediate plans, college-ulti- mate ambition, to be an artist. Senior Play III, After School Em- ployment I, II, III. CAROL DOWNING Carol-cute-personality plus-favor- ite recreation, dancing-always seen with a smile-immediate plans, work -ultimate ambition, to be a dental assistant. Tattler Business Agent Ig Repre- sentative to Student Council II, Senior Play Usher IIIQ Junior Red Cross Club I, II, III, Representative I, Ilg After School Employment I, II, III. GERALD C. DUBE Known as Gerry-his hobby, art-in spare time drives truck for his father -"Sure you are!"-likes to swim, to dance, to dress well-immediate plans, to go to work and to attend night art school-ultimate ambition, commercial artist. Representative to Student Council II, After School Employment I, II, III. TUSITALA CARROLL G. COTE Fun loving and carefree-long hair- "Apple" - likes sports - especially swimming-an ace on cars-immedi- ate plans, service-in the future, a store owner. Distributive Education Club III, Af- ter School Employment I, II, III. NORMAND W. COTE Norm-lots of laughs-loves to talk and chew gum-works at a garage and also does landscaping-a style all his own in bowling-western books his favorite reading matter-service soon. After School Employment I, II, III. RICHARD COTE Dick-great sense of humor-loves to tease girls-enjoys basketball and dancing-off for the Navy after grad- uation Chope he overcomes his seasick- ness firstj-ambition, to be a radio engineer. After School Employment I, II. NORMAN COUTU Coutch-one of the "strong men" at the First National-courteous- has many friends-favorite saying, "What say?"-hasn't time for recreation- immediate plans, to serve his country -hopes to be a good salesman. Representative to Student Council I, Lunch Counter III, After School Employment I, II, III. JEAN COUTURIER Couchy-cute and friendly-wonder- ful dancer-swell dresser-"Hi, there" -works as a babysitter-immediate plans, to be an office Worker- am- bition, to learn to rhumba-likes mov- ies-hobby, bowling-friendly towards everyone. After School Employment I, II, III. GRADUATION ISSUE JUNE CRAIG Winsome brunette with a sweet per- sonality-babysits many hours-how lucky can babies be ?-Mlle. Craig- hobby, roller-skating-aspires to be a laboratory technician-plans to take her cute smile to Rivier. Latin Club I, French Club II, Hon- orable Mention Science Fair II, Press Club III, Senior Play Costume Com- mittee III, After School Employment I, Upper Quarter. PAULINE CURRIER Shorty-"Steady, man!"-cute-a l - ways gay and smiling-movies are her pastime-ambition, to become an air stewardess-immediate plans, air line school. Tattler Business Agent III, After School Employment I, II, III. JOHN DACHOS One handsome guy-studious???- every girl's hero-ambition, naval of- ficer-Annapolis or R.P.I.-happy-go- lucky-fascinated by Mr. Scheer's copper sulfate. J.V. Football I, French Club I, II, Latin Club I, II, Vice-President II, Student Council II, Boys' State II, Science Fair II, Christmas Hop Com- mittee II, Senior Play III, Press Club III, After School Employment I, II, III, Upper Quarter, Prophet. GEORGE DENEAULT Likes to swim and ski-favorite ex- pression, "B i g d e a l!"-excellent draftsman-works as assistant to city planner-very good-looking- gets along well with the girls-dances well -dignified father in Senior Play. Senior Play III, Junior Red Cross Club III, Representative III, After School Employment I, II, III. ELIZABETH DER MANOOGIAN Betty-bright-eyed - talented - per- sonality-fine character-school spirit -lovely voice-"What a riot!"-ter- rific dancer-successful future wheth- er secretarial, dramatic or musical. Glee Club I, II, III, Christmas As- sembly I, II, III, All-State Chorus II, III, Student Council Representative II, Secretary III, Palm Sunday Chorus III, Junior Red Cross II, III, Repre- sentative II, Senior Play III, Youth Government Program III, Radio Pro- gram III, After School Employment I, II, III, Upper Quarter, Prophet. PAGE TWENTY-FIVE ALBERT CADORETTE Al--tall-thin-good looking-friend- ly and sociable-most agreeable and understanding-neat d r e s s e r-we would have known him better if he had come to school more often. EUGENE PAUL CARTER Gene-a farmer from Pelham-good personality-hobby, collecting stamps -favorite recreation, football-would like to attend Lowell Tech.-ambition, to become a machinist. Glee Club I, Senior Play Stage Committee III, After School Employ- ment II, III. BARRY CERIER Chick-"Sure you do!"-ardent lover of basketball, baseball, and tennis- wants to become a sportscaster-now making a fine clerk-loads of fun- college man-cute Texan in the play. French Club I, II, Tennis II, III, Graduation Usher II, Senior Play III, After School Employment I. HUBERT CHAPUT Bert-shy, but well liked-hobby, woodworking-interested in machinery -recreation, roller skating-will be a good manual training teacher. Track I, II, Cross Country I, II, III, Senior Play Stage Committee III, After School Employment I, II, III. MARIE CHARTRAIN Cute, petite, vivacious-very popular, friendly, too-"Sure you do!"-en- thusiastic sports fan fobvious reasonsj -college in the fall- mathematician in the future. Representative to Student Council II, Latin Club II, French Club II, Tusitala Paragrapher III, Senior Play III, Press Club III, Tattler Staff III, Prom Committee III, Class Secretary III, Girls' Basketball ,I II, III, After School Employment III, Upper Quar- ter. PAGE TWENTY-FOUR, ROLAND HENRY CHASSE Chasse-our singer of cowboy songs, both at Lone Star Ranch and on radio-a shoe salesman at Morse's- hobby, collecting records-favorite recreation, skating-immediate plans, to join the Air Force-our best wishes go with him. Lunch Counter III, After School Employment I, II, III. NORMAN CHENEY Chuck-curly blond hair-loves to tinker with cars-an avid bowling fan -"Oh, baby!"-immediate plans, to join the service-ultimate ambition, to be a diesel mechanic. After School Employment I, II, III. SHIRLEY A. CHRISTIAN Shirl-cute kid-always seen with a smile-favorite expression, "You're sweet"-ardent roller skater-hobbies, dress designing and collecting records -likes swimming and dancing-bub- bling personality-ultimate ambition, to be a nurse. Senior Play III, Tusitala Para- grapher III, Junior Red Cross Club I, II, III, After School Employment II, III. MARSHA ANN COLEMAN Marsh-pretty blonde with clothes to match-dazzling smile-loves winter sports-what Sportsman wouldn't be entranced with Marsha ?- office work her specialty-favorite expression, "Oh, no!"-ultimate ambition, marri- age. After School Employment I, Upper Quarter. ROGER COMIRE Moose-one of our boys from Brook- l i n e-good looking-short-witty- ambition, to make a lot of money- enjoys sports, expecially basketball- likes to work on cars. Boys' State II. TUSITALA LEONARD BOUCHER L e n-tall-thin-eyeglasses- never serious-likes to play basketball- works at Nashua Bowlaway-member of Naval Reserves and likes it-plans on joining Navy and someday being an electrician-good chances to suc- ceed. After School Employment I, II, III. ROGER BOUTHILLIER "Are you kidding!"-known as Boots -has a smile for everyone- collects stamps as a hobby-likes to dance and watch T.V.-works at Bell Shop- plans a career in Coast Guard-ulti- mate ambition, Admiral-hope you don't get wet, Boots! After School Employment III. PAUL BRADLEY Brad-ladies' man-plans to be com- mercial artist or to enter show busi- ness-good singer-loves art and music-plans to join Navy-favorite recreation, archery-second vice-pres- ident of Rover Boys-"So there you are." Centennial Chorus Ig Palm Sunday Chorus III: Glee Club I, II, III, Tattler Artist I, II, III, Prom Art Committee I, II, III, After School Em- ployment I, II, III. BURLEIGH S. BRIGGS, III Briggsie-big-husky-pleasing per- sonality-one of our most popular boys-favorite expression, "Dig that, will yah?"--one of the "big" reasons N. H. S. won three state football championships in a row-likes hunt- ing-favorite recreation, boxing-am- bition, to become a mechanical design- er-worked hard at Koppers Company. Football I, II, III, Co-Captain III, All-State Football I, II, III, Captain IIIQ After School Employment I, II, III. ALLAN W. BRITTON, Jr. Britt-nice guy-"Sure we do"-loves photography-wants to be a news.. paper or magazine photographer- plans to join Army after graduation -g r e a t trombone player-Wool- worth's favorite stockboy. Senior Play and Graduation Orches- tra II, III, Centennial Band Ig Band I, II, III, Lunch Counter III, Distribu- tive Education Club III, After School Employment I, II, III. GRADUATION ISSUE NORM AND BRODEUR Norm-quiet-carefree-has m a n y friends-ambition to be a machinist- favorite recreation, swimming-enjoys sports-one of the "strong men" at Champagne's Super Market. Track II, After School Employment II, III. ROBERT BRUNELLE Bob-"Hot rod"-easygoing and al- ways good for a laugh-loves to dance and hunt-hobby, working on cars-ambition, to own a trucking business-immediate plans, the Navy. After School Employment I, II, III. JOAN MARY BUDER Joanie-terrific clothes-"Bless me!" -skiing enthusiast-immediate plans, Rivier College-full of fun-jewelry galore-future executive secretary. Press Club III, Radio Program III, After School Employment I, II, IIIg Upper Quarter. SYLVIA BUSWELL B u z z y-letters, letters, letters- "You'll get over it!"-finally returned -to N.H.S. after giving the Mount a try-a top scorer in English-loves bowling-a Doehla girl-after gradu- ation, a good job-ultimate goal, mar- riage. Latin Club Ig Senior Play Usher IIIg Press Club III, Tattler Staff IIIg After School Employment I, II, III. RONALD CADIEUX Ron-quiet-the shy, retiring type- amateur radio operator-favorite rec- reation, ping-pong-ambition, to make a career in the radio field of the armed forces-loves to read science fiction books. Track Ig Cross Country Ig After School Employment I, II, III. PAGE TWENTY-TH REE ARTHUR G. BELAIR Junior-quiet and reserved-hobbies are photography and baseball- favor- ite expression "Sure crazy"-often seen at Twentieth Century-plans to enter Air Force-ambition to become an electrician. Football I, Basketball I, Senior Play Property Committee III, After School Employment II, III. ESTELLE C. BELANGER Loves dancing and collects Glenn Miller records-"It's the greatest"- personality and sense of humor-plans on secretarial school-ambition, medi- cal secretary. Junior Red Cross I, II, III, Treasur- er II, City-Wide Council III, Repre- sentative III, Tattler Business Agent II, Girls' State II, Senior Play Usher III, After School Employment II, III, Upper Quarter. PAUL BELLAVANCE A great athlete-three-letter man- tremendous sense of humor- has oc- casional snack in German class-"Here we go!"-worked as a roofer-college, then on to become a teacher and coach -good luck! Football I, II, III, Captain III, All- State Football Team II, III, Basket- ball I, II, III, Baseball II, III, After School Employment I. BETTE ANN BELLISLE Bette-fun-loving and carefree-en- joys a good joke-hobbies, dancing and skating-great fan of Duke Ellington-our gain and Lawrence's loss when she came here. After School Employment I, II, III. PAUL BERUBE, Jr. Berb-crew cut-very likable guy- witty, except in English class-plans to join the Navy after graduating- "Are you soft?"-born with a rod in one hand and a gun in the other-one of Duke Snider's admirers-likes to play baseball-also hunts and fishes -ultimate ambition, architect. After School Employment II, III. PAG E TWENTY-TWO ... .,,..-. JACQUELINE A. BIRON Jacky-cute as a button-neat and sweet-handy with a needle-"I beg to differ"-dazzling smile-collects poet- ry-an avid reader-loves to swim- a future Florence Nightingale. Tattler Business Agent III, Senior Play Usher III. PAULINE BOGGIS Polly-big smile-pretty features- favorite expression, "Don't panic"- hobby, photography-enjoys dancing and German Club. Christmas Assembly III, Band II, After School Employment I, II, PAUL BOISSONNEAULT Polly-"Don't get shook"-short and friendly-neat dresser-takes an in- terest in archery and swimming-am- bition, to become an accountant-im- mediate plans, the Air Force. Tusitala Typist III, Prom Commit- tee I, II, III, After School Employ- ment I, II, III. PRISCILLA BOSSE Toots-"Oh, for heaven's sakes!"- now brightening up Edgecomb Steel Office-ambition to be a private sec- retary-hobbies, collecting for a hope chest, and tennis-will someday make a wonderful wife. After School Employment I, II, III. ALFRED BOUCHARD Butch-likes to joke in study periods -blushes easily-designs his own shirts as a hobby-likes roller skat- ing-favorite expression, "Hi, you al 1 l"-Air Force bound-ultimate plans, aeronautical engineer or chem- ist-always a good student. After School Employment III, Up- per Quarter. TUSITALA ROSILLA AVERY Rosie-gorgeous golden hair-star doodler of fourth year French class- sweetest clerk in Nutting's-active in Maine in dramatics, basketball, speak- ing contests, journalism, and served as sophomore treasurer-immediate plans, Pembroke. Tattler Business Agent II, Senior Play III, Press Club III, Tusitala As- sociate Art Editor IIIg Tattler Art Editor III, Upper Quarter. WILLIAM E. AYER, Jr. Bill-lady's man-good sense of hu- mor-ultimate ambition, to have a store of his own-favorite expression, "That's pretty tricky"-loves to play the trumpet-good sport-always ready with a joke. Band I, II, III, Senior Play Band III, Lunch Counter III, Distributive Education Club III, After School Em- ployment I, II, III. CLAIRE T. BA RLOW Claire-cute-transferred from Low- ell High in senior year-made friends e a s i l y-favorite expression, "Oh, heavens!"-likes dancing and swim- ming-hopes someday to be a steno- grapher. Senior Play Usher III, After School Employment III. SALLY BEALAND Sally-"You haunt"-wonderful per- sonality-many friends-loves candy during school-enjoys sports-flair for clothes-ambition, hair dressing. Representative to Student Council I, II, III, Cheerleader I, II, IIIQ Prom Decorations Committee I, II, III, Jun- ior Red Cross Club II, III, After School Employment I, II, III. WAYNE BEARD Sonny-easygoing-h o b b y, animals and birds-favorite recreation, watch- ing T.V.-favorite expression, "Get out of here"-works on poultry farm -ultimate ambition, to make a career in the Air Force-best of luck! After School Employment II, III. -'-' wavy- wvqn .,.--i---I-lrw.- .--v--v 'www'- BETH BEAUBIEN Pretty brunette with brains-sweet personality-loves music and dancing -co-operativeness and ability will make her the star of any office- friendly smile-"You're kidding"- sparkling diamond indicates ultimate ambition. Girls' State II: After School Em- ployment II, III, Upper Quarter. ALBERT BEAULIEU Bo-tall-dark-good looking-loves sports, especially basketball-"Yeah, you ?"-s h o w s good selection in clothes-received training as sales- man at Lynch's-immediate plans, the Navy. Basketball I, II3 Senior Play Stage Committee III, After School Employ- ment I, II, III. ALFRED BEAULIEU Fred-"Aw righty"-very sociable and easy going-entered Nashua High in junior year from La Salette-loves to skate and swim-ambition, to be- come a wealthy family man-immedi- ate plans, mechanic at garage. After School Employment II, III. PHILIP BEAULIEU Phil-neat appearance-blushes easily -a fine musician but a business man at heart-looks cute in pink shirts- loves to fish-likes bowling-college man. Band II, III. LOIS E. BECK ER Although new to our school this year from Kingston, N. H., has made many friends-hobbies, roller skating, read- ing, and writing letters-"You're kid- ding!"-must have been charming as- sistant librarian at Sanborn Seminary -brain in English-plans to attend nursing school-good luck for the fu- ture! GRADUATION Issue PAGE TWENTWONE CAROL CATHERINE ABOOD Carol-nice personality-Nurse's Aide -worked in Tax Department at City Hall-hobby, collecting records-fa- vorite expression, "I didn't do it!"- favorite recreation, dancing-immedi- ate plans, Nashua Business College- ultimate ambition, to become a sec- retary. Junior Red Cross I, Camera Club I. JANICE ELIZABETH ACKROYD Jan-favorite expression, "So what!" - hobby, knitting - quiet - blushing blonde-listens to good records-im- mediate plans, college- ultimate am- bition, children's nurse. Tattler Business Agent III, Senior Play Costume Committee III, Home Room Representative to Student Council III, Spanish Club II, III, Junior Red Cross Club II, III, Repre- sentative III, President III. JOHN ANASTASIOU Yarny-terrific dancer-ladies' man -sports lover, especially football and basketball-referees basketball - al- ways good for a laugh-sells shoes when not in school-college bound. Intramural Softball II, Football III, German Club II, III, Band I, II, III, After School Employment I, II, III. RICHARD GEORGE ANCTIL Rich-shy-never speaks unless spok- en to-a swell guy with many friends -loves to play baseball in his spare time-he's an avid rooter for the Boston Red Sox-likes to draw and paint-favorite expression, "Cripes"- likes office work-would like to sit behind a desk in later years. RALPH FREDERICK ANDERSON, Jr. Fred-newcomer from Hollis-very talented trumpet player-h o b b y, weight lifting-in Hollis was vice- president of A. C. E. II, trumpet solo- ist in Hollis High School Band II, III. Christmas Assembly III, Band III, After School Employment II, III. PAG E TWENTY SHEILA ANDREWS Mitzi-fun-Madeleine Vauclain in Senior Play-immediate plans, art school-born with paint brush in one hand and a fistful of humor in the other. Junior Red Cross Club III, Dance Chairman III, Press Club III, Senior Play III, Tusitala Associate Art Edi- tor III, Prom Committee I, II, III, Tattler Staff I, II, III, After School Employment II, III, Upper Quarter. EDWARD MYRON ANNIS Eddie-curly brown hair-loves cars and dancing-a "real gone" drummer -will make a handsome Marine- employed at Blue Line Express- favorite expression, "Well, here we go!"-a believer in retiring at twenty- five. Graduation Usher II, Senior Play Orchestra II, III, Band I, II, III, After School Employment I, II, III. ROBERT H. ANNIS Bob-born with a wrench in one hand and a screwdriver in the other-hob- by, photography-craft-class at the Y -always joking-easy-going-steady -immediate plans, further schooling -ultimate ambition, mechanical en- gineer. ANDRE L. ARCHAMBAULT Archie-came to us from Canada, where he was very active in sports- amiable-can take as well as tell a joke-favorite expression, "Get him!" -will be handsome in a United States Navy uniform-an Aubuchon Hard- ware employee-ultimate ambition, to be a photographer. After School Employment II, III. MAURICE L. AREL Moe-crew cut-s h a r p dresser- "Who, me?"-quiet and reserved- has many friends-nice smile-great sports enthusiast-likes swimming- chemist genius-always has a helping hand-immediate plans, college- am- bition, to become a successful busi- nessman. Graduation Usher II, Chairman Graduation Committee III, Senior Class President III, Football II, III, Spanish Club II, III, After School Employment I, II, III, Upper Quarter. TUSITALA A A-A is-Q1- of-fi ff- 4 gf,-ggf4'f ,f?,dgf -,, 1, gj:- f I f i , , 40, , V, ggi , ff, y'5Z:1,f,gii125f9?Q- - X, F fQZZ2j'?fff1 j , f ff , . , J"-Z' ','Lf,', ,f - - ZL1'Ctfp1iff,f,f4'fx :gf 'f 'Q ff4'- '. 1 Q y a, ff fgajfe-gvfflf -eff ff A N .tri X ' 0 ' 4 I 0 . 4552?-.2 'vo we 5 b iQ 'ZM:4Z2! - ' "f?-1' - . - ni" v ' '-i-. ' 5f.:,f-:et-T 'Z' 'N f " l ,l ' -.SSH Ls5:ZiZ -.-. ,-vifsauws 0 fvftl-' --.-'A-'-'e-?fL f - L s A f' i 'N X 4 1 QQELEY535?T?23irE5ffE3?S?':-L4 9' 'X ' " ' W WX' ' 09' , - f L i'j,,f54:3,.f1vL9L X . f v - Q5 4 H , - , -1 ey A ff-'Z' , ff w- x ' 5 Y f ' - X- A ' Ni f 5 - 'N V' 'Q kg - X' ig" Y -Q . H vj Q HL 41? x i"'9f X 'E xx - K' 3 ' A .. we- . X- . A-in - . Qyvxi-.ii , I X - J 'QQF'-imgigz - -X ss- .F-' t -F.f 1 ,, ss A N, ,W w, - - fy L- ,f ' ,Lx ,M 2... X ?' .n. , f V",l gl jj "gf J" M223 A fm -. ,""A . , ' ' A' T 14' 'X T' 'N -"Pu, in .1 1 -mlwg. .Q o X . 1 ,, , .a am.: dj V .,f . M., Q , J , , ' ' '7 q --J f2'gI"-yfef-10155. ' f ,,f -X of ,rf I six, C, n, , agen,-gviuigf, 'rea Q ya - . ' Xa v' ' ' qw fmyhf-f.Pf:a5.ff Q, ,,-we . . 53,4 ,, X ' Spina. afmw K ,ffiizaw fi V' mi ' 113, F- g ,IE 'JK igyhx l, PM :A' liuua.llW2',4L-4 1' ' lvl V4 5 fs- "W NE?uf6"2Y+ 'ffaf.,l.zei-12 ' iff' i ,Q l . . - ,f:f"5' F . if '0"f -'7 ?47"' 1','lk9"5'5' 9 flT!s Of , ,K :git ff- 'ilwli , , iff!! " .93 i2'f'!,'Z4:?4i,rfg51'1i"k. LS-2" will f '35 f all: .f ff-f 1 1,9 yiljl-if ff K. , , ff: , - ,f f ,Z-:g-5: X X e , 4 4 fi ,,, 4 pf l"Q , ,lf G2 Q5 ' ,"f51i-.r' ,li ,gf--21 i K 4 "rw ' + lv- !9 'g'j , , Q , af- mv, , 1 65.4 v - "'-5 f f - Q , f ' f f llixg Q1 V fl," X ,iii :FNS X ff 'ff "j...,."?Q.b 4'! ? , 'fy' .L-xp 31, 44.112, fqff- -, 15, 1 V X LN: -X -J ,Wil . Quik, ie , 4,112 X is gil? ' , ,ga li Q 0 fgzfw, X ,X QWVI, f 7" if QM.- 57 ' Q' Xl i'i'f '1Qf'a!S?21i':Z5I1:1fgi11i?3SZTh2-'25 ss:-QL'Q'+'ff'k4a4" , f ",V ' ?SsQ'?5'55i57?M2129?sv N HS llkxbwxbh5,xXX".:SYez'm:sf.--s3?f:?:i.f:i22'.fQ5-'ff-QQQFS'-'-is:ii'-Iv--34 ' f , ff Q-:JT H.-.....'-' so . Z-Eveflm'-'t l 'SXQ -, ' smssfwwvsfiig-11:2f:, .f,,,V, 6, Q.g:rs::-ief::z5t9:,i, 410 - A A V1 ,.', XSS: N24 W Ulf 5 , f " 'Q rg , xy xiw 1 t ' "'--" -'04 ""vIQSSsaxwxx.vN.i'lll U ,V I 1, 'X as:f3'Qfg'j-j,1vf Se .? s o 'lf H XJ ,Q if X sri-4 .E'ZFffi - xssiic' -r 4 A ' X7 N ' -w l it 'L lf5 "f"f5iX3?Ei:fEs-fs aff' f 2' AQ'-' Q- 'Wi' A .'4lk' xii?-vfff 1'-12 -' 194, ix" .V I" 4 - 14' f , ,-1.9 K -- X - -,ff fill--- 9- ,.,,. , , .l w X , l f nff. N + I -lv 1hI?.-,,1,f,1:JI ,ff ,xx Q X lf, ff, 1 V, 0, 4cm ,,-,L-...i' '-- f- - hifi fy ff ! xl 5 At, . 4 V J fr- A' A . o l , fffff7f"",f F ,f,',.j' a, 4 Ji'.l1:' -R1 4 x ff! I VN 'bum 4 , Z5 fgff if 'aff 1. T-51 vvymvfllll Q is V5 1' ff 0' 1 ln' 4 -1 ww. X-wi.-w-,'m NW XV l Ulm A , ff , ,l l x l mm. lxillmxw, i H ,V YY , fi,-W I, Il X ,,lY',lN Vrlwyi ,M-A5,xk El ll ul ,ll X - 9 RAM" - 'if"l"l"li'xlll'lll!"l"l' ll il ll li:flliili'l.F'l"'l 'lr tis as ,Q ,cc ll lllll lwll W l in-i alll' i ll 'lawn fw 4 N5 H , L ' . ' X 'f ' H 1' 3f'?p.Q,:7.if'.: TQ, ? W 7? "' ill 'lf Wllllliilk lvl ll tell il i 'Ml lll 'lu ,f ' ,ll 9,1 ll IH? V' ll! M " ' 7 I X f Yi11i,.ffZ:fm?:E??gf-?f9?ff"""'f" V ,' 4 S A 5 -W A no ,lwpg Mf'fwp,f,ffL ffl X l 6, H ,gl ,.'Qv- -:af-,.,.-.1141-fh.. ,,.,, ,U 4f5.!L4..u-,fa I 4- Lfafff M41 A Zgigf3,iEj7y5,QIlHE1WVWn1ync,,,7.I,.7,,u57'7?...f1 M ii: . Q -A ' to cis: t 'i.ff7'?'g:"L--1---. ..-iw:f5l"" "f1 23759451439-iii ff" Y:g'bi? 'f f 4 , so so W 6 f-1 J A Y hiv ! 'af ' Y . ' "ff-V V ,Q ,7"7'f4QiL ' ' f 1' fi - 2.21. 10+-. if fs -- I--3-.lvl -gijw 1' V4 T:i+f i MAIDENS Ai D BRAVES Here We are-Maidens and Braves. We've come a long Way together-grovv- ing, dreaming. Now let us look at the records We've left and ponder our three years' trail. Our memories, friendships, little things, however, can never be re- corded on paper. They will be inscribed upon our hearts as We continue to grow, learn, hope, and dream. GRADUATION ISSUE PAGE NINETEEN -Q: -:V f f'wZQg,QQ?1., , - , ,uf 2 .K ia sg Q xg, .Q fu F 4 M f, W . . 4. X 5331 55? an Aw A 3 ff if Q2 Q m4q!x,.,A,,,. .Ww- 1-Wffxwfs., , . 5.-Mwg.m,M , f , v Q D, A ,:"'gZ My 5lQ4,1gggjq-,,5fg4Z,, V,WM,, f"ZH1g'3fQ 2rx1?Z':f'H? "VZ .gge:.f2wff"T?wrw q A t MN ww , , www A: if A -A I Lv-Z4fiQ'fM?V fi R' af112::': f idwfggnfy Awg4,a2.z,,'g i" Vt 1, .Hwy fwf, 1 -t H W ,:r:g:zf'w '1fifg41':g ' ,iz 2ff,:,1?,f,5E. Wsu, Xf mMH'i?:?f- ,,, wg Z 1- ' , 594590 Q f X ,W ,gif Li, 1 9? L ' ' 1 1 Q . Eslgfzs X H nw LM? , , 'A 5 f 5: A 5, +2 K if fx as A M Jig. ,WA ,wg W ""iM-me-,,,.L af.-1 W was MQ .fm 5 S 5: we y X A fww.. N Q W: J ' f R g 2 QA 'f4:,:': ' 1:14 .5 f QE: wixgfig . ?E ,v + Q X- x -2- x lixx 'S' f Xi . .i v - Karl Foster Burleigh Briggs Marie Chartrain Shirley Christian Viola Di Pietro Rosilla Avery Estelle Belanger Miss Cornell Miss Cramer Miss Dowd PAGE SIXTEEN TUSITALA STAFF Editor-in-Chief Marla Hildreth Associate Editors Richard Harwood Paragraphers Leonard Gaudette Arthur Gay Ronald Gendron Joanna Henderson Beverly Markaverich Artists Priscilla Guilmain, Chairman Student Photographer William Gagnon Typists Patricia Riviere, Chairman Theresa Lozeau Faculty Advisors Miss McWeeney Miss Noyes Sylvia Spencer George Panagoulis Jeanne Pepin Patricia Vandalosk Martha Williams Sheila Andrews Patricia Vandalosk Mr. Murauckas Miss Ryan Mrs. Scott TUSITALA 1 lfffffnffl 2 Cl-HEFTAINS OF THE TRIBE Our Sachem could never have led us so successfully without frequent council- ing' with the Chieftains. Our tribe looked to them for leadership and always found reliability, dependability, and accomplishment. GRADUATION ISSUE PAGE FIFTEEN GUARDIANS OF THE CAMP Sing of keepers of the Wigwam, Sing of tenders of the campfires. Well they served the braves and sachem, Well they served the youths and maidens. WIGWAM Zealously they swept and garnished, Polished floor to slippery smoothness-- Sing of keepers of the Wigwam. Mr Ernest Hodge-Custodian Mr. Peter Benoit-Janitor Mr. Rene Bouthillier-Janitor Mr. Joseph Hudon-Janitor Mr. Nelson Landry-Janitor Mr. James McGuire-Janitor Mr. William Moran-Janitor Mrs. Clara Soucy-Janitress CAMPFIRES Warm they kept the tribal tepees, Rising up betimes for service- Sing of tenders of the campfires. Mr. Thomas Dufour Mr. Fred Lucas CAMPSITE Smooth green lawns and well-kept bushes Snow-cleared paths and ashes scattered Sing of keepers of the campsite. Mr. William Dorson Mr. David Nash COOKTENT In the spotless, shiny kitchen There they cooked our stews and hamburg Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Sing of keepers of the cooktent. Genevieve DeCapot-Supervisor Esther Booth Margaret Clapp Madeleine Doyle Leocadie Gaudette Viola Soucy PAGE FOURTEEN TUSITALA I,- ---e-.Jam-.-.- Mr. Keefe Mr. Morley Miss Barnes Miss Bennett Miss Bingham Mr. Burnham Miss Cachiona Mr. Clarkson Miss Clough Miss Cornell Miss Cote Miss Cramer Mr. Curran Miss Dale Miss Dionne Miss Doe Mr. Doherty Miss Dolan Miss Dowd Mr. Dufour Mr. Duval Miss Gallagher Mr. Gowen Miss Helen Hallisey Miss Mildred Hallisey Mr. Hargrove Mr. Harvey Mr. Herlihy Miss Hoitt Miss Kagarise GRADUATION ISSUE --vfwun-wpv--nwnwwgw.f-'vm--wwurwwfw-1w1-- fu ww-px-"V A-Q.-n.wfr-wrf- vu TEACHERS' TOTEMS As the tribes of old their totems On their lodge poles brightly blazoned, So upon each classroom's portal Let shine forth each teacher's totem. Silver tongue Green necktie Bust of Caesar Pair of sneakers A globe Electrostatic generator Travel poster Monkey wrench Earrings Theatrical masks La Rousse Bust of Shakespeare Steering wheel Another steering wheel Pickled frog Bust of Dickens Spark plug Needle and thread American flag Reddy Kilowatt Slide rule Balance sheet Green thumb Book of poetry Book of sad poetry A hammer Tackling dummy Winged shoes Garden seeds A thimble T 'HK- ' ' Mr. Keady Mr. Kilbane Mr. Lawrence Mr. Lee Miss Helen Lord y.--- ...vp-wana-w -V-ww -W,-Y A briefcase Bridge score pad Colby banner Copy of Newsweek Galley sheet Miss Marion Lord Music box Mr. Marandos Bottle of nervine Mr. McCaugney Golf club Miss McGlynn Sign: "Cartography done here." Miss McGuire Hope chest Mr. McKillop Christmas tree with stars Miss McWeeney Miss Milan Mr. Murauckas Miss Noyes Mr. Paquette Mr. Pendleton Miss Ryan Mr. Scheer Mrs. Scott Miss Shea Mr. Smith Miss Sullivan Miss Trudel Miss Urban Mr. White Mrs. Williams Mr. Wilson Flash bulb Miniature guillotine Pint of blood John Brown's Body Cash box A compass A typewriter Test tube A palette Voice speedometer Typing chart Thermometer Another steering wheel Dish towel A blueprint Pair of stilts A baton PAGE THIRTEEN PRACTICAL ARTS Seated, Left to Right: Mr. Clarence White, Miss Mildred Sullivan, Miss Loretto Dolan, Miss Blanche Kagarise, Miss Mary Urban, Mr. Andrew McCaugney. Standing, Left to Right: Mr. John Dufour, Mrs. Eula Scott, Mr. Paul McKillop. COMMERCIAL Left to Right: Miss Mary Gallagher, Mr. William Smith, Miss Mary Ryan, Miss Anne McGuire, Miss Mary Shea. SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS Seated, Left to Right: Mr. Raymond Pendleton, Miss Isabelle Dionne, Mr. George Duval. Standing, Left to Right: Mr. Horace Herlihy, Mr. Marco Scheer, Mr. Wallace Lawrence, Mr. Andrew Burnham. LANGUAGE AND SOCIAL STUDIES Seated, Left to Right: Miss Mary Bingham, Miss Eda Hoitt, Miss Margaret McGlynn, Miss Doris Barnes, Miss Ruth Milan, Miss Margaret Cote, Miss Eleanor Cachiona. Standing, Left to Right: Mr. Leonard Paquette, Mr. Joseph Kilbane, Mr. Walter Keady, Mr. Peter Murauckas. ADMINISTRATION AND GUIDANCE Standing, Left to Right: Mr. Patrick Morley, Miss Dorothy Dale, Miss Ruth Trudel, Mr. John Curran. Seated, Left to Right: Miss Evelyn Liopus, Miss Rachel Beaulieu. ENGLISH Seated, Left to Right: Miss Thelma Doe, Miss Mildred Hallisey, Miss Helen Hallisey, Miss Lillian Dowd, Miss Mabel Noyes, Mr. Charles Harvey, Miss Marion Lord, Miss Constance Clough, Miss Anne McWeeney, Miss Martha Cramer. Standing, Left to Right: Mr. Anthony Marandos, Miss Helen Lord, Mrs. Josephine Williams, Miss Elizabeth Cornell. 1 ,-wm'r1- -y--.fmglwb-1 7- .M -,F-www, ,W .Y...V ,,,, . , gf-,1 -we , .U ff' ,-,, Z f,,ff.1fffLQ- f ffl' K5 ,mfl54ZZ4fffV 'L!.ff1xQ,:-'Qfxy UXKQN ZX 5, k ,,, iff ., , 4- L -if 'MJ' if .vw E'-J fWj aff 4 ,Q Query ELDERS CDE THE TRIBE Our council of Wise and learned Elders met us on our 'our d J ney an have guided us along the trail. Silently they Watched us grow Patiently they helped us learn. Wise and learned Elders, sincerely now We thank you. GRADUATION lSsUE PAGE NINE SACHEM UF THE TRIBE For three years Mr. Keefe has stood at the head of our tribe. Like the color- ful sachems of yesterday, he has led us over the rugged hills to greater pastures- from adolescence toward maturity. We respect his judgment, admire his leader- ship, and proudly hail him as Sachem. PAGE EIGHT TUSITALA HUNDRED ELDER We, the Class of 1955, dedicate to you, Miss Anne McWeeney, our Tusitala. You have kindled many fires with your knowledge, and fanned them unknowingly with your enthusiasm so that we have felt the Warmth of your personality. Our maidens and braves have read the smoke signals, and in sincere tribute to you -our teacher, leader, friend-pronounce you Honored Elder. GRADUATION lssuE PAGE SEVEN X XX N - - I , , WS! , L- 1 fm f' .' wk v ssh-NQNQ ET X N 41,-gifs? I 11,4 X- x ' , .-I ,ra-Hvrnvf .ss 9 f' if J 402444 X X -Mgr ,vi X I ' 'W'1Pf'1 If if '--fx - 14 4 ' ,W W -X Nfl-X 'H 'l'KW'rB,1 fb, ,I gQ23iF'W3V'v'- " 9 " ll mmf an X . i,14,s,iy I .W fm., we A .I 1: I - M, --ff f ! I ,fJ- X f ll, ' ' 49' fi ,7 0 1 'Gly-'71 'll 4, fi' ' ' X W . , .' X, Ur, If IS? 'wi If x I fill, 'Q TV I Q 'll v' law .. 1 A gijpgl N5 ,- I Vik, P , , , 5, . M J m, 54, .541-'71 .Q wif fi .T 331- ml 1-Wftr'-I X Nl 1 . l I .i N. v A-. ,.faf',E'1fm ff 'nZ.2:fs4ieey.:m- 'ZR WQf,,2siv?55v.i"r M X raw? 44 ,gg ff'--'?ix,"'Vmwvfiik' ' 45'-3 in 417 fl fu 4-if 'W' 'f-fl .I ll. --, . 'J' I' lin' fi- Q' -'Lf j 'lf " E Gif 'ii' X f Q5 , I . 'i'fiG'J' " 'Mfg-xg, n, A'-. , gf ' ' 5, I S ' Y -gg ,ff f X' w. 1 W'?ff1'i??Qf liwfhwlff- 1 l f? f f ian 'b if I 'B' gil N-X R fx Us" L-' 4 ' v-.Elia N . -1 , ,ru 1 h ,L 5:55 'S1Q:5w4if4,' 5 I ,QQ 1 an ,sl-e, , LQ: fl' I ' , l 1 ,P A '11- 'T I 'll I' ' 355262 i'ifi:S'iQ.W lst? ::: 'i2li,,!y' fi , X e -inlff fo x- 1,11 UQZNQ "Jia '. ff 35' 3157-'ll Ik TE K 'rf'w,,,,n1r-.. it J Vlll ' ' ' 'lj - f "H, ' ' Y ., ,I , T: ,:,. - :V X All 1117, I Il'f,,q1 'gk Q 9-, 411 K I A , lgiillfll' 'J,' llflfpf -"hs.4w' I, Q ,gil Q jfs ' fy quo' 3 I.,-will Y 4 k 1. f 4.35 Q xl lin- H' ,gr U vp' ' 5 'lugu wr , qi, K um., mlims .I - 'Q nn-r Q- 'Q - ii ' Wgfsem Q K A1725 gil' Q' "mi- . 0.55. H 4- , A- ,,,g I n , ' xQ,:,4,vl il K ,,H.,,'3.Z.: fl- .f ,fx--"' 7, SM , ' ' ' .: 1, . 'f"" - -X' -' J ,, , Q , I -, I 7 Q? flag, lx s ff' FF' Y 115, i'Q2"1f' 1,z2PQ1i5f"Xr eff- . 1' 'ip ,f 7 1' 1? Q Tgyfiiz! ?f"i ' ' ,2 l 3 , ml 'Qi .14 I I, ,- ,,1, I , 1: f G521l0 ,4 I - an HX yf 55411, ,f, Q, , ,,g ' ' 4 . ,z M Ny, l WW, I ,Y . X12-by ,T fflrqja D ,,,. 3.4 - ,I lvl , 'JZ-f fffv AW A' tgfju ff,-Q ,' ffm ' ,I K' I jg - Qi, rg - ,. . W X ww Egg: - xymgjjg- wtf 7,0 ,jf QQ , ' witty, ,fe-' 'Tear-is " "' J f I " I kg? J ff . Z A gli., I 1 - - -5 f . 1 7 lf- f I f - , . 1 Q 2 ll ,Z l Q 'Yfxfv-4 34" -ff if was , S ' 'lr ., MAT es Y fx-fX.fXf,, ...L 'Ni .l,,,- 7W'fg'll'?x Gilman, ggg, M f f e' I 'A' xlr " E '!247"'T' ' W ,ye ff ,Q a f r , f' .9 1. -ff' ,R V N W A. I Hffxltxil I f , AN! T1 I, Qzff X Allin ef WW-f'.,. A Mfr A Z" - --M17 if:57:1'43f175 .1 we ,X ,wi We ll f 'X ff ff: -L wg.-- 'uf g fir ew ff'-f"fff ff K TRIBAL TR IL Many years ago Indians cut a path in the wilderness, trod it until it became smooth, wide, led their tribes along this trail, and called it Nashua. Even so We, Maidens and Braves of the class of 1955, began a new trail and have trodden it for three years. This trail has brought unity and understanding to its travelers. Let's stop along our trail and meet the passers-by-Sachem of the Tribe, Honored Elder, Elders, Chieftains, Maidens, and Braves, and listen to the Teller of Tales throughout the pages of Tusitala. PAGE SIX TUSITALA TABLE OF CONTENTS FOREWORD-TRIBAL TRAILS .. ,. .. .. , DEDICATION-HONORED ELDER .,......, FACULTY-ELDERS OF THE TRIBE ...,..... TEACHERS' TOTEMS . .. ,4,44,4 ,.T,R, I ,. GUARDIANS OF THE CAMP , .,.. T..TT,...T4,...,. ...,. ..,....,A.,..,. . CLASS OFFICIALS-CHIEFTAINS OF THE TRIBE ,..T.... DAY OF DEPARTURE .4.T.TTT........T.V.., ...,T..,..,...,.....,..T..,,....... THE CLASS OF 1955--MAIDENS AND BRAVES ,....A., SCHOOL ACTIVITIES-AROUND THE CAMPFIRES .,4.., ATHLETICS-BIG POW WOWS .,..,...............A....,....,.....,..,.... TRIBAL CHOICES ....,,.................... THE SENIOR PLAY .........A SONGS OF THE TRIBE ...... ,........,....,.. INFORMAL SNAPSHOTS ...,A..........,.....,..... THE PROPHECY-MEDICINE MEN T.,..,,. ALONG THE TRAIL ...........,..,............,.....,......,..,....,........,A.,.. SENIOR ACTIVITIES-THE END OF THE TRAIL .,.... THE UPPER QUARTER ..,,....... .. ..,. ,..,T.,..., ....... ,..,.. , . . . THE VALEDICTORY ..,...,. THE ORATION ...,..,.......,......... TRIBAL FAVORITES ............,... SPRING'S ADIEU CPOEMJ ....,,,A AUTOGRAPHS .,.,.,.AT,.,.,.,,..4...,.A x u 5 V HH I., Printed and Bound by the Cole Printing Company Nashua, New Hampshire Engravings by the Hampshire Engraving Company Manchester, New Hampshire 'EU TU ITAL Published by the CLASS OF 1955 NASHUA HIGH SCHOOL Nashua, New Hampshire f "- fi H Q I QQ :fun I nu ll Tm I if-F:-' ll ij fxzx U 2wH'1m'i'1iiYlni,,n Jw' V ff f VA-if H Q- if-if - NN J i -H :VJ .1l5'5f5'L'AW i' 1 fi57?f"lf", H 5435- 1 x A c I ' Q H I ai-7,'ii. i M. I 'X 2 '3f:,fs?U5fs'5i'b'Qa:. 1- ,PQU ' I '13 M." -5' Xfmn :SFu.N,f1?'iN31'4i mul' J 'I 59431 Ikixrxifik'-RA :Jiri . lm. ' ' Nix:-Lf lg r X ig " 1. il X ga 4 2 CLASS MOTTO "Never lose a holy curiosity" fN x Q 4 X ' fi Q A .1-E-.Xuan I - .- 1 I! W N I, ,I YI Q' ff - e' " 6 f L 41 f '. 1- .5 H8 I xx f M f, M3 c' f , .,. ' Jig., xii M lm, MIM I 7 .zfaon np' if ff "0 M-" if f if N4 M Q 1 I If w 3 ? ff" A g ff X W fl R A 'L 15 oo HI ,GM X A , ' N7, 5 X 5 V' I 3 z' Fsh. '- In Y: QE I- " Il.. ' ! ' .,',1 X 4, an 1 QT: g5l x'.g,, QQWYV . ,fx A 1 ,f ' s ff""' 7IfX fi M W1 4 ww ' 1 - 1 .-,,- " ' ,mf fir : h 57 W 1 fff f lx hi ' f I ,, 1 WX gl 1, W R n A V.. H X

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