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Naselle Grays River Valley High School - Na Hi An Yearbook (Naselle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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9 ' ' .F ,, v 4 :L f bmw' X 2 x ,, 5 Wx. I xg4 x ,f Xi N ,V xx J' X I I 4-.L fb . if x A f 'I 9 if if 'xii , 1 4 -Q ' 53 l " , 'A ?xQ E?' 'ti N 1 u Af -X L ' 1 ,I ' A , ' - . J' In 'V Q , , ' -5 2, I ,v""'f'i 'I X 1 X3 ' ,'x I I 2 'Pj fl . 4 , fx, i, . A '41 " nk , S X J , .a, ' ' 5 1 f Q , i - , 'v , ,. ' 1 f ffi Hr' .dd Xi iam s.11sL X N g , Q 1 a I 2, ' g . 4 3 X If I 5 . I 721 1 1' ' -Q A 0 XJXE' Af P A jf THE 1973 ANNUAL STAFF PRESENTS NA-HI-AN We sincerely hope that you will not dwell upon our errors, but rather thalyou will appreciate our efforts and excuse our inexperience This A nnual Is Dedicated to x ... our principal, coach, teacher, and friend, MR. LYLE PATTERSON. As the principal, he strives for the best for every- oneg as the coach, he leads the team to the district title, as a teacher, he leads the students into the depths of calculusg and, as a friend, he is the best anyone could ever have. lt is very hard to find a man with all these qualities and N. H. S. is fortunate to have him. I ,,..o-w-'FW 4. , I 'Mu , f 3, 5 ACADEMICS P. 4 SENIORS P. 20 SPORTS P. 40 UNDERCLASSMEN P. 56 ACTIVITIES P. 68 Table of Contents ag ADVERTISEMENTS Y Y P'PPA'PW'S' A P. 92 . V ,m,l X... 'Z ........ K Q 1 .E x Af' is 1 4 1 V s ,..: Q ii .,-A . ag Q S L . , A Q N ,W is X X X X 5-XX XXX. , zsizffgm X3 ,-x F gf Q as V' . 3 'x . li 5 J9 . A L :zy- -.WN-X Y ,N In -'.., D+ mul Q.. Aw 5 w a xii W.. ' 'Qi' Q- 5. wen.. ii Raimi A .. .Q -. R i 2,-.. ifli-L. g Qs- Y if Q , 5 P I isis Q is S554 5 :kb Q 'hw fx ekb. lii"'i ,. Xb , :, .,,5, . .. R ,K fs' 5 ff iw-W, W.. illillklikki V ,vw W' 1 i G . , -,. , ,Wk ,ff Superintendent-Mr. A. Secretary- Toni Scott R. Grabenhorst Principal- Mr. Lyle Patterson Secretary- Jeannine Johnson wi- ui Cooks- Alice and Rose Mechanic - M.r. Ross ii s' c fi ......,..-...fa-o--w-' 5 xv K C . " s "??"s I s s Q--Q S Q Q... I Maintenance - Mr. Crenshaw '1- Librarian - Mrs. Johnson Custodian - Mr. Johnson H Mrs. Agee Mr. Graves Zyears atN.H.S. First year atN.H.S. 'En gli sh and re ading Annual staff advisor English 1,2,3, S 4 English fm 2 3 ' -an ll! Mr. Dale Yates- Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II. Mr. Lyle Patterson- Trig. Math limi. 9 Miss Ardele Ringhouse 6 years at NHS , Sophomore class advisor Biology, Chemistry, Physics Sophomore boys talk Genetics? junior class Chemistry. just one of those days c i e n c e by 5 X l Mr. Lynn Stems- Counselor, football and golf coach, jr. class advisor, Lettermens Club advisor, and Honor Society advisor. He teaches- U. S. History, C. W. P. , Sociology, Psychology. 'Nl fw- N-..,.,,,,, The job of any teacher is a lot of re- sponsibility, but there are rewards. Mr. Norm Osterman- World History. 2 I1 Sle- Miss Ols on-Business e -Q -'ff lf" O i A ' isd if ai 5 Vkkvlqll ,S kvx --"k, , . 'iw . , . .7. .- A K K, Miss Linda Olson 1 year atN.H.S. Typing, Office Practice, Bookkeeping, and Shorthand. Advisor for Pep Club, Cheerleaders, School paper, Annual Business "Oh you guys? Did you really?!" BELOW: Her favorite hat. ff' an Mrs. Saari 3 years at N.H.S. Spanish club advisor Spanish and Finnish Spanmh IUnnBh Q ! g gi 5 . if WJHQ .A .M AJ, ,ls nas XD 9 K I kj :ww yt ., -,. L . xx A M zany...-. sf-gg g, . . .. W aw f Q 'il """fi1 I3 "Mrs. Duncan, Our favorite Art teacher. Our only Art teacher. " 4 'inf X- ee V va 3 wwf 3 Q 5 fc V i N .H ' K f . c,:v I ',-4:f.fs2f:a.w wwf xg I on on e Art .,. ,N "Inner Sandturn" QABOV QBELOWQ EQ Preparations' for Art showing. gr mil One of the many projects 5 S 7 periods worked on this year. It was alot of fun and hard work. QLEFTQ Mrs. Wirkkala partaking in one of the most en- joyable aspects of Home Ec. Mrs. Wirkkala helps Jonell with her project. QBELOWQ ,., , YN , ,,fW-ir' P , Q A Home Ec. and Family Living ' :. Www Mr. jarvis - Freshmen and Sophomore P.E., also, Washington History, Health. fl-Iealth is a course taken along with P.E. j. Mr. Jarvis is assistant coach for basketball, advisor for the Freshmen class. Also, asst. football coach. wzmyilf 'A' Mark Amer with a fast windup Miss Robertson - Teaches P.E. for Freshmen and Sophomore Classes. She is advisor for Pep Club and G.A.A.5 also, Cheerleader's advisor. 4 , 55' tr nfs. Mr. Knauss 6 years at N.H.S. Shop and Mech. drawmg S M h and e 0 c p h. Drawing r ' ' museums :gm I Russell repairs the crab pots. Robert feeds the fish, While Rick scrapes down boat. Fisheries- joe Gaden 18 QLEFTJ Lee Wolf- Fiberglass QABOVEJ jo and Steve QBELOWQ Rick, Russell, and Robert Vocational Ed. fUPPER LT.j Danny Bighill QLOWER LT Chuck Hill QBELOWJM1-. Wainamo K 'GX af '15 wr il W'-. Q 'His ,Qui Fr' Q by , iff ff' T LOIS ANDERSON gaa 15 home ec club 1 - hist 3,4- pep club 1 2 3 4- science club 1- girls' league 1 2 3 4 class treas 1- band 1 2-st counc rep , 3 - stage band 2,45 swing choir 2 3 4511011 soc 3 4- honor band 35 chorus 4- comet staff 4- A S B pres 45 class play 3,4 MARLENE ANDERSON pep club 1 2 3 4, gaa 1 home ec club 1 2 3 4 g1rls league 1 2,3 4, art club 3 4 pres band 1 2 3 chorus 1,2,3,4, class play 3 4 comet staff 4 W f We-f ,4- L 14, I 4 f, M ., - ',,,,,f fi-wwii-ieisi 1 34 5 DENISE ANDERSON gaa 15 pep club 1,2,3,4-VP girls' league 1,2, 3,4-secg home ec club 1,2,3, sgt. at arms, 4-VP, science club 15 art club 3,4-secg comet staff 3 4-co-editor, class play 3,4- A S B hist 4- bandl 2 3 4 -n---sq ,,,,gwv-a...., WARREN ANDERSON pep club 1, 25 fisheries 3 i s ws. g ' fr-sf--A W w k NR M... F sf ki! , J ,, g QNX f is . .M -WF Af' 1? if si if ROBERT BUSSE metal shop 45 pep club 4 fisheries 3 STEVE CARRELL pep club 1, 2 sr play 4 A S B Sgt at arms 4 S - S sweetheart swing prince 3 ROGER GRAY basketball 1,2,35 pep club 1,2,3,43 class play 3,45 football 1,2, 3,45 Sp. club 45 band 1,2-pres. , 3,43 track 2,3,45 hon. soc. 3,45 stage band 3,45 class stud. council rep lg lettermens club 3 4 Jo GUISE transfer from South Bend 45 girls' league 43 class play 4' pep club 4- home ec club 4- sweetheart swing queen 4 4 .FAKE wm.a-...Q-eww E W, In ,, ,, ,m.W.V.,,,,.1.,1-,W .M , , W, . s 1 gr '- LDA RAYMOND I-IAA TAJA fisheries 3 r 4' Q 1 ,aff 'fig wgjg l A W 1 if 1 L f , 44 1 ' A.,- 1 T QM-A STEVE HOLM football 1 2,3 4 co capt basketball 1 2 3 4-co capt comet staff 3 4-co. edu pep club 1,2, 3,4 class pres. 15 class st. council rep. 3,43 track 23 sp. club 2,3,45 class play 3,45 lettermens club 1, 2, 3-sec. , 4-pres.5 swing choir 3,45 hon. soc 3-treas. , 4, golf 3,45 hi fi club 3,4- pres.5 chorus 3,4 :fx S ,.-f' Y -Q 53' 1 I, - E VERNON HELVEY basketball 15 class play 4 fisheries 3 HARLAN I-IERROLD A.. ,ff 9' rv- 25 WILLIAM KATO class play 35 fisheries 3 TOM KEENEY class play 3,4 pep club 4 hon soc 3,45 class pres sp club 4, lettermens club 45 basketball 45 sweetheart swing king 4 MIKE KANDOLL Sc club 15 hon soc 3 4 4-pres - ASB Vice pres -4 annual staff 4 sp.. club 1,2-pres. 3lpres. xx X transfer from Turkey 45 class play 43 football 4- track 4- lettermens club 45 art club 4 pep club 4 5 KARL KEITHLEY I i SHERRI KELLEY pep club 15 home ec club 1, 2, 3, 4-sgt. at armsg girls league 1,2,3,4-Sgt. at arms JILL LARSON gaa1,2, pep club 1 2 3 4 home ec club 1,2 3 4 sec glrls league 1 2 3 4 stage band 2 4 hon soc 3 4 swmg cho1r 3 Plass play 3, 4 honor band 3, comet staff 4 ' s s 1 5 , J 3 ' 'S 2 : 3 S , 3 5. ' ' 1 5 5 - J TOM MCKIVOR pep club 1,4- football 1 2 4- basketball 1- letter- mens club 2 4- class st. councel rep. 2- class play 4- stage band 4 STEVE MILLER class play 4 is 'Uwe 16 1 IWARDEL OLSEN home ec club 1 2 sgt arms, 3,4 grrls league ,2 3,4 pres gaa 1 2 pres. 4- pep club 1 2 3,4 comet staff 3,4- class play 3 4- band 1 2 3-sec. ,4- class treas. 3- hon. soc. 3, 4- stage band 4- art club 4,A.S.B. sec. 4,c1ass treas. 4 RICK ROSE football 1 2,3, pep club 1 2 3 basketball 1 2 3 sc club 1 class vrce pre 1 class pres 2 lettermens swmg Chou 3 hr fr club 3 v1ce pres annual staff 4 chorus 3 4 7 . J 2 3 1 1 3 . 3 ' S. club 2,3,45 class play 33 i. . 5 . . ,4- 'I Y 7 dk SHIRLEY RAINEY pep club 1 2- Sp. Club 1 girls league 1 2 3 4- home ec club 1 2-pres 4- sweet- heart swing queen 2- comet staff 4 J 5 J I 5 I 3 ' i J KAYSE ROGERS football 1,2,3,4-co. captg basketball l,2,3,43 pep club 1,2,3,45 sc. club 1 class sgt. at arms 1- track 2 3- lettermens club 2 3 4 class play 3,4- class vice pres. 2 fum GENI TA ROSS pep club 152,45 girls league 1,2,3,45 gaa 15253545 home ec club 3,45 class play 3,45 chorus 45 art club 49 RANDY SAARI pep club 1 2 3,4 track 2 football 1 3,4 basketball 1,25 band 1,2-sgt. at arms 3545 sp. club 3,45 class play 35 class Sgt. at arms 35 hon soc 3,45 lettermen 3,45 stage band 45 FCA st. council rep. 45 comet staff 45 annual staff 4 DAN ROSS annual staff photographer 4 video tape operator 4 fiberglass 4- class play 3, - pep club 4 ADELE SEE gaa 1 2-treas. , 3-vice pres. 5 pep club 1 2 3 4- sp.C1ub 1 2 3,4- t. council rep. - home ec club heart swing princess 1- girls league 1 2 3 4- class play 3 4- art club 4 W 7 7 I I J I J S 3 1,2,3,45sc.club1sweet- J ! 5 ! 7 7 P ANITA SHORES pep club 13 home ec club 1, 2, 3,4-st. council rep. girls league 1,2,3,4 P XTTY STELZIG transfer from Yeah Kah 'Vie 3 girls league 4 art 4 comet staff 4 class play 4 home ec club 4 1 ' 5 ' s club 4-treas.5 annual staff 3 3 . , S LINDA VAUGI-IN pep club 1 2,3 4-sec home ec club 1 2 3 4-pres' girls league 1,2,3 43 class see 1 23 swing choir 2,3- class play 3,45 art club 3 4-Vice pres. class vice pres. -45 comet co-editor 45 sweet- heart swing princess 25 home coming princess 3 LORI VIN CENT pep club 13 girls league 1,2,3,45 sp. Club 2,3,45 art club 3,45 class play 3,45 comet staff 3 4' annual staff 4- gaa 4- home ec club 3 5 sr if i W 2 1 S 32 1 . Q XP , 2 I i s asf X31 sg I Xe I RICK WARRA hon soc 3,45 class play 4 class sgt. at arms 4 Qu-hug., Semor Class Ofjcers Tom Keeney Pres. Linda Vaughn Vice-Pres. N-JW' ..,,,,..-aff f' 2 MARY WIRKKAIA pep club 1, 2, 3,4-presg girls league 1,2, 3,4-vice pres.5 home ec club 1,2-sec. , 3,45 class treas. 25 class sec. 45 band 1, 2-treas., 35 A. S. B. jr. aud. -35 A. S.B. treas 4, comet staff 3, 45 annual staff ed. -4' hon soc 3,45 swing choir 3 4, class play 3 4- hi fi 3-sec , 4- homecoming queen 4 if 1 3 3 i Mardel Olsen Sec. Mary Wirkkala Treas. Steve Holm St. Coun. Rep. Rick Warra Sgt. at Arms 33 Senior Sneak .2 'M 2 XXZW ZW za Everyone is getting a little tired after shopping at South Center and Pike Street Market, riding bicycles around Green Lake, and watching the animals at the zoo. Only dinner at The Black Angus and rides at the Seattle Center remain and then home! L ,i wfhk, is ,M y . 1-Q..-1. Orange juice proved to be a good Vernon seems to be in good STEAK AND LOBSTER' thirst quencher! What's wrong Kayse? spirits. RT. We didn't do anything. BOTTOM RT. Riding bicycles built for two was a new experience. Everyone enjoyed dinner at The Black Angus. Senior Class Presents "The House on Whalesheaa' Rock" fABOVEj Roger Gray, jill Larson, Shirley Rainey, Karl Kiethley, Mardel Olsen, Steve Miller, Tom McKivor, Denise Anderson, Lois Anderson, Adele See, Mary Wirkkala, Steve Carrell. Advisors-Mrs. R. K. Duncan and Mr. W. Graves , A 1 .-., ixvfcfi ' s"' " iis' L s s X. 'Jkt H 237 3 fu QTOP LT.j The pressures of play practice have taken their toll on Mary and Tom QTOP CT,j "Squirrel" finds little sympathy as in the "Bosses" arms QTOP RT.j Enthusiastic acting was a big part of the play's success fLT,j Shirley portrayed a gruesome Medusa QBT, LT, J Steve Carrell about to unveil one of Whales- head's supernatural residents QBT, CT,j "Count Keithley" mak- ing hi's bid for an "Oscar" QBT, RT.j Meg delivering one of her "warnings" l ' 5 , I L ' .Q I 7 fi' ,, ,ai ,V 55, . , Graduation 1973 M ,., ..,. to. k ABOVE - Everyone really enjoyed the chicken supplied by Hunters Inn. TOP LEFT - Nancy and Duane, junior class ushers, practicing. LEFT Rick and Linda discussing the decorating plans. LEFT - Nancy's kleenexes really ABOVE - Bob is having a little rest after his strenuous decorating. came in handy. BELOW - Mr. Patterson delivering orders. in ..r -1 so L- to . -. - , 1. A . f 5, 1 Ag.,,,-t..g5.wf1g1iyg.-1 P! S U syn 1 sw? iw- . :K v Nw-in-M U , , , A i new .X , s,w,,:.:gx..Sg1axvZQ sf- il mix .le s V 3 ' '3 w 2sMwf1nax2.z'1f .-QW.-s..t-t..1.i - s N-.X.s.NQi Q. H ES, was .K.. .. --.5 M-3 A ' . 20 w. ' if 1 -S y ,-E115wNA,. gg, g,g'gs,p f - Si X if H A ,,sfM.g. -it H wy 5 1-A ,f .- Q. .f -- g"-99- vw ,iii ,i.?,"fv3gafi.i.1Mi,'WET -WN -2-fv .Y f ' R- '4 wk Tk' .5.3giSs27'i.'1. ' -- .fz.pxg5:-. .3-. - -, f 2 3 R- . 1 ., E A wif- - fi-f f'-ss? . v . - . . . ri -X-' -. - 1 ' 1 .. s p ai K ' s- -Q-ei--v ,S Q - - . . .am M . -X N-fb. x --:ww-w"' -2. - . - --.-- ' -sm - :Swim . T-ff: . -A le- -- 2 ,. - . 331- - . 1-Q.f....w.ss2w f- ' N ' -3 if ' 1 Vikxi' ' N ' i1i.:.1f5z:a:. A - if S Qi f W - H R - 1: fx' me-.2 Qs, -V .k.. 1 awww :X-,..zf tzfsxisfigesi... ---' X - ra- f . S n . 1. " .,.. i ..-, . , 1, 1--QF ' ABOVE - Ivir. Weimer leads the audience in the singing of the hymn at baccalaureate. A is ABOVE - Tom and Rudy getting ready. BELOW - The cedar is just about done. K S Q.. - y . gy y xi ABOVE - Mardel is putting the finishing touches on Steve! BELOW - Only five minutes to wait. COMMENCEMENT Friday, june 8, 1973 Naselle Gymnasium Processional ......... N. H. S. Band Invocation . . Father Richard Gallagher Class Address . . . Mary Wirkkala High School Band . . "Vaquero" Awards . . . . Lyle R. Patterson Glass Address . . . . Tom McKivor Presentation of Class . . . A. R. Grabenhorst Presentation of Diplomas . . Benediction . . . . . Father Richard Gallagher Senior Class . . . "Alma Mater" Recessional ......... N. H. S. Band Class Motto: "Begin at once to live and count each separate day as a separate life." Glass Flower: Red Rose Class Colors: Red, White, Blue 38 Mr' Alfred M' Olsen Mrs. johnson gets her corsage pinned on by Mary. ABOVE - Father and Daughter LEFT - The moment finally arrived. "Class Motto" ABOVE - Rudy appears to be looking forward for the great moment. BELOW - Rick finally made it! 'E iifflfififf 3953152121 2 A, ABOVE - "Sweet and innocent" BELOW - Tom delivers his spee ch 5 39 --.. Ji' -, 5 14 1" -w5j2.Q.w'?w:v-' A .Sm 'K F x X J xr 1 xg :SQ Q X 144 V3 w as x .A.. M 'mi-F" IIL .W 3 A' 'Q -.Q Nga . 5,1545-' 35? ifsfaf Ek. 3" ' ? f - ws A"' f , ' ,,,. -0 In .... yew' A ' Q, ,f x , .5 1' V Q ff 2: :ff sw Q KT? X 8 s ' V ' an Big W f I Mm f Xe- 3' fl NX - 1 . 4"t '. f 0 pg . 51 ? . 46197 JW gf , v, M , any K 5 AN is 3 .4 3 xx , im.. . N201 ., Q w e . S - . fg I - B Se, Q 1 3? X Q, - --L- X LL.. . , IQA L M L .. . , J - I i 'Vip 'IT' L15 , 5,5 ,ww . xkkv ..,. Q --,:.-Q k . 1 s we 4.-n V' - , ,zwfjvi 1 -46? Y kg v N 1 -Q4 V .4 1,4 . , aw' 3 L'-Q 4 , AW, H mga, 1 nl ,rf ,y 4 in 1, 'Y .11 El ,,,-.5 um A-ga. X9-an Sw: ii if s , :5 xg- V25 I 3 2 3 m,,E :si K J 2 5 Q X ,, E X 9 Q. r my edpskis' sm 'fm wg? W K NMS SQ-xx, Axe QK 5 1 g gf za MSE ? F 3 i ? 2 2 5 1 E Z! ! www EE mm :Ei 2 s , V AES ?y . f + E 574 w Y MQW? .,., E2 .5 x M W N m3Qli i - , N fig? ' Wg. Q?" "" "'A" ' is Z ' W ,..A ..,,.,,WM M ' W fmffiwgm W Q-K'--' fiw-M1 1 gf 2 my W A,, " f W3 M 51225532 Qiimm M 'wg Q35 Q, m Hp ..,. ,,. . ..,. .., .:,,- ,mm M5 ,.vV' wW,W,w,,w,.,,.,,..,, wg 5 11 5 imma, mu, giyvf. ,K W I 3 . M. -M'-YY 'S 4 M' -sz, . P .ww X WLW-s'f'-2 11.51 fl-Qfi A' n,f, -'f--'.-. ' t,,, ,.22 f 4 ' "' " gi E ,, ' an L i- A U 'fkk a gk X - ,M H My gig e' ' 1 fl QSOUTH BEND 14 'S' -.-f if W 1 IL VACO 20 . NHS l L U NHS 28 if 13 NHS 6 ' 20 NHS 22 6 mf g NHS 36 DEAF 20 NH SOG ' 28 :gr J ' k ' -rw wmv? fs' f M' M? ' , v 4 A X Q A J' " fr," fs fg"f f , , vu 4 .4,l2'f2.wL wx pw ' f T Q1 m K ff-W "li 'T h 1, uv? 1 Q R f 'gf Vw ""n'MV 3 ' V g?f 'I K' 1 2 iff a I r Q s 2 ' A 1 f, K, gg M 4, fy , M 91:1 ' 4 N51 A 6, ' af fm S3 ' ju-vvhvf! 'Amway' we ' rv . b ,1 , M , , .14 V 2 W, vii, ' 545 ,, 1 v ww '. . , f , Q ' 1 V . , V ' - W an -x 1-A , M ' ' 'mf I bmw , , M fm A ,mx , X , V N ' " MVN w 3 G f ' f, nl, f L ' ' ' .W ' JAC" 5 ' V W K 5i,4'f1fi,f 0 9 , V K if 22 S W L' 4A 1 0 fy JY , f X t 40 Q Senior Players Lead Comets to 5-4 Record Wi.- A 344,14 i S knfwj., QTOPQ Kayse Rogers Captain, Half- back QTOPQ Tom McKivor Guard QTOP, Randy Sag,-i Tackle QABOVED Steve Holm Captain, QABOVEQ Roger Gray End QABOVEQ Karl Kelthley End Quarterback F :EL ki V, , In . fmt, ?,,,.., ,3 r.,rre 3,4 , 3 g its g S 5 g y I T R 5, K F K .. 3 A .t QE, -A 3 i A 6 MQ, it J 5552. ,, was K. -A 2 7 ,. - , 2 , K K Es., - - The 1972 Comets QFRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHTJ Coach Jarvis, Greg Beeson, Steve Holm, Randy Saari, Roger Gray, Karl Keithley, Kayse Rogers, Head Coach Stems QSECOND ROWj Mitch Aho, Steve Raistakka, Chris Deiotte, Brian Larson, Bill Day, Randy Heriot, Coach Buchanon, QTHIRD ROW1 Don Penttila, Scott Reese, David Bergquist, Greg Hazen, Doug Hazen, Mark Ammer, Coach Tolva, QFOURTH ROWH Jeff Blain, Dan Stephens, Scott Hall, Wade Patterso Mark Agee, Pat Rose, Coach Wiemer. 44 I1 QLEFTJ Kayse Rogers turns the corner and heads for the goal line. CBELOWJ john McKivor served as manager for the 1972 season. john went to every game and nearly every practice rain or shineg We're sure john could tell you that being a manager isn't all it's cracked up to be. QBOTTOM LEFTJ Roger Gray heads for the side- lines after warming up 45 VARSITY QTCPQ Against Clallum Bay, every man on the team contributed to the victory. QABOVEQ The Pep Club is happy after a hard-fought, overtime win against Liberty-Spangle. fABOVEj Tom Keeney fights for the ball. QBELOWQ Art Anderson shows why he was second tearn all -state QTOP RTJ The starters pause. 34 f"'S ,r QTOPQ Some of the most important people in basketball are the subs. QMIDDLE RTD Spokane! QBOTTOM RTQ Along with this, goes the familiar sounds he ard at every home -game. A vi Ax , ,ri wk !! g NSTEW' Sli S B an UELLQN RASSL Q HETQ NN E if wr., I ,ff ,,,4v"' X QTOP RTD Nasei1e's reputation is known throughout the state! The Sahara, in Spokane, welcomes our school. That is something not every school could claim. QRTJ Referee Bill Cheatly gives instructions to both captains be- fore the Naselle-Toutle Lake game at the district tournement. QABOVEJ Mitch Aho, We - 995' 39 NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS Svvfh Bend Ilxgfaco Cithlametffio SSSS i S Ilwaco gift. C. S Bend Cfatlalamet Mary Knight Wishkah S Valley o to Qakville N Y. C . S Mary Knight Raymond Valley Quinault H3 QABOVEJ Bob Helvey puts in a h eded point QRTQ Ken Coon dom1 tes the boards QBELOWJ Bear con- gwatulates the J.V. 'S on a good half against Hwaco. "J. V 'S" if Q ,W K f ,W QTOP RIGHTJ Wade Patterson loo for the rebound. QABOVEQ Bear, bigger than life. QLEFTJ Bill Day shoots a jump shot. QTOP LEFTQ ks jeff Blain looks happy after a LV. Victory . 'in' 55 X , .Q 9 S I x 1 s -1 4, Q B21 rr g, 5 2 ix 1' 5 is s Vx 5 iilfzfkl iii , Q. NSS NN' f 2'..:'.'-L' ., . ME. . A 'N V CABOVEJ The 1973 Golf Team QLEFT TO RIGI-ITQ Steve Holm, Randy I-leriot, Steve Raistakka, Mike Swanson, Bill Day. fRTj Steve Holm and his backswing. QBELOWJ Steve Raistakka shows the classic form. QTOP RTJ Randy Heriot making con- tact with the ball. l 53 QABOVEQ David Bergquist is happy be cause his hat didn't fly off. QTOP LEFT CTj Walt Williams is having a small problem. QTOP RT CTQ Bruce Wirkkala, after the throw. QFAR RT, Some members of the track team rap about the up-coming meet. Mitch Aho goes over the bar. QTOP RT, Warren Redfox. 54 QYQQ i . E Q - i--L1 , , S- , Q.. A i lgif . Q Q x .xkkk gig ' Q- f 5 x N,X.v.gwx-Xvvef' X N W . .Q .L h vf'W""m tg V - 58:11 A A nsQQwf1:Ay XXXX1. S U Q - 5 J ,QWN ,Q W ,M rl 9.1 . Q? 5 an ,ff ,.,. 3-f.,. ,X e I ..,' -'- , , ., h.,m,w, . K .. -, ,L A ,W v , - ,..p- ' n'-ffl. , , H , fy' 'I' V ' . Lwwvdfu fr ' f- '- A - 'f ' N A W , " - 1 - f 44114 ' fl y ' ' Am ' ' if v f Y 'W -Q .P UT .f ' wi f vim, : V f in mf, , V A . 3 1 U..-., , f. 4' ,W .P , L ,,,.Md, -1-.v bb, V , -,fm Mm, A si - 4' iw. 'H ,, fu , w.'.A: Wm, 1 f ww fm? . , rf M -. g,,.-v ' ' ,' f 0 ,xv -V " "' L 'p V"f7f'1v, ' . -X . A , ,M ,, AA ,V 5,,mN,W',M , ,i VAN 1 , V ' 0 vp., , j T 22' - ,f ,N , A -2 ,Q x , , x N. . AH, M y . Ji 4 ,CU .64 I 'WA 4 V ' V , , f f , , 1 we ff A ' V M yi , WWW! my ' -, if ,L 1' A VZ' ,Q fi H 4 V lr 7, ,, J . , V I ry 'A V W , f 221+ ,., ' ' ' , fQ'i'f 1. 2, ffWq,i,1, ' k ff, M Q4 ,, ff ual' ' 6 , 4 r , ' ,fr ' 23 47 f 1 W t V f M WN ff 'M ?f"ff"f W ' yy: A, V 5 ' XA, ' La Viv ,V if ' 'f ., I 1 1 Z A , ,, IVV, I , Y , 67 I ,Vim ,lx ,I If ', ' V V ,, 2642- f 'Sw' Q, I " f Y f i 4 , HJ 4? 1' Ah, if VK '4 ' Wi 1 014976 Jig' Pk Lillie A dair C ' x x "Andy and Shari" !fV JKQZA ,A VD' ,6' ,Q 2:44 -Fig! xzfhbzaf 4"l'N 'Rv' -If ,J if 'Q 1' i i W 4 In 'I 0 1 .LT " 57ZEV'5+'5:i"i',if' ' ' ml' M f A , ' A ,, ' ,- H ' . y ,,,6 W M . M ' A W j W' 5 ' , , S i5dlVi,i,ii ' uf. z fig , 'f ..,..f7 , ,, -V x 'in 4 '01 u Stacey Agee 1:2 J. as I I' 'MQ' Mitch Aho Debbie Bennett Kenny Coon Sharon Anderson Danny Bighill Bill Day Robin Blain Chris Deiotte Kathy C arrell Bob Dou ghm an 5. Maw Q.-1 g Z Q g I W . fvirx I Peggy Howell Jeanette johnson Shari Hall Randy Heriot Elaine Hedlund CTIUCR Hill Q TYPING . . It was an Interesting Experience ? for many of the N.H.S. jocks. 1014 vb' .aus v David Kandoll Gordon Lanning Robert Kandoll Brian Lanning Dan Kimball Kitty Nelgqm Teri Knauss Sandy Nelson 4 KU! Duane Pellervo Steve Raistakka Denise Rose 4 L ,L W wi 5,5 , H , 1. mv Lauren Slusser Mike Stanley Kathy S telzig Mike Swanson Walt Williams Andy Wirkkala Mike rapt in thought over his latest discovery: "Fingernai1s" aww- Ralph Wirkkala Terry Wuorinen Nancy Ziak S ophom ores 91. KRIGHTJ Deloris Kandoll waits patiently for the door to open. Wig ra-no 3 i sl ai? ka We Hi' ,t, Art Anderson Susan Anderson Mark Ammer Dana Badger Greg Badger David Bergquist Bill Bernard Ronald Bighill Gary Busse Gayle Carrell Susan Davis Barbara Eastham Dianne Fauver Scott Fournier Frankie French X H 53 3 Q Q31 iff' XX AQ li Melissa Grabenhorst Mary Lou Hanselman Ralph Hautaj arvi Doug Hazen Robert Helvey is X A W . -623: XA john Herrold Cindy johnson Suellen Johnson Deloris Kandoll Sam Kandoll William Kandoll Mary Kato Russel Legler , Rick Magnuson Cindy McKivor 1? M 4 M ef If 2 K QS 1. X. Q si Q ie.. 2 4 7 ,Jif fy QABOVEJ Doug Hazen has enjoyed his first year at NHS. QRIGHTj Barbara sits on the stage at noon, waiting for D. B. 62 I QABOVEQ Sophomore girls celebrate spirit week with balloons7' QLEFTJ Marilyn s smile Qwhat more is there to say?j Valerie Miller Victor Miller Warren Patterson Donald Penttila V6 is 71 is Nr . R ss ' Q- yr .,k 3 ' .sf 1 " - X 'csv' QE? 'N , K E 'fr A Q ' il-, N Rbxw'-rd? +,.W ' X .Rm if .sl ,e X H L. QQ! X f. I ,.i KJ .','?, 2 Dianne Peterson Warren Redfox Scott Reese Roberta Rogers David Rose Alan See Lucinda Torppa jim Wakefield Marilyn Wiitala Boyd Wirkkala Brenda Wirkkala Bruce Wirkkala J it F rosh Mark Agee Deanna Akins Connie Appelo Cathy Bamer Scott Biggs jeff Blain Sherry Busse Kathy Dziados james Elliott joneil French Mary Gates Kim Gray Nancy Haataja Scott Hail D aria Hans elm an 6 15 L My , , , ,, at , W W i, ,Tip , S ia 1- f i ,W .. 5 ,,.,, , .. .U,, ,f f ,. -Q.. V 'W J, Jwfqg , ,,, N, , , ,,,,. 2 A X, eb: N319 o ir ,z . ' M M , f iff 12 'ali' Q ""'+, f A W , m , ,, fa M W A I v, , ffffvff ,gf 6 I Www: ,,, ,fi V v if A in ,, X 1 kg - ,is ' , ' fix K e , iw V fx , we Z f if .pf f ,Q 5 1 3 Q 'K X Elm j 5 5 1 Vg, "?i5"' W 4 Q ww? .,.. t to E Nw ' 1. fm J , .L . ff ' ' Q' 'fri W i ' ' f ' 'TW' , 'TA -W if A f ... f A ' v- ' gg i 1 I ,, - -I 5 ' fi- 1 2 n gl 2. ,A V, , , L4?..,, 1 wif, Z A , fi 7 Wi sk f fy A wr Y xg . ' f f Q' iffy? 5 ,ie Q ,aw ' , 3 Greg Hazen Chris Heckman Bill Herrmann Mitzi Hunter Len Ingalls Becky johnson John Lampien Warren Malone Wade Patterson Debbie Raistakka Ed Ried Pat Rose Cheryl Saari Debbie Smith Bonni Stephan YS. .f Danny Stephan C athy Tienhaara Keith Wirkkala Patti Wi rkkala David Wiss Betty Moreland ,,,,,,.,, F' WW W . Wfzzi me l. aff ' I ' f ff WH: F ,- 1 if 3: A e W' Freshmen Class Offic ers President Mitzi Hunter, Vice President Mark Agee, Secretary Patty Wirkkala, Treasurer Scott Hall, Sergeant at Arms jeff Blain, and Student Council Pat Rose. 66 ni E s 'X HOLD THAT CAMERA! ! THE END JUNIORS: ' President: Randy Heriot Vice President: Mike Swanson Secretary: Lauren Slusser Treasurer: Shari Hall Sergeant at Arms: Walt Williams Student Council Rep. : Mitch Aho nderclassmen Ojfcers SOPHOMORES : President: Boyd Wirkkala Vice President: Alan See Secretary: Cincy McKivor Treasurer: Marilyn Wiitala Sergeant at Arms: john Herrold Student Council Rep. : Brenda Wirkkala FRESHMEN: President: Mitzi Hunter Vice President: Mark Agee Secretary: Patti Wirkkala - Treasurer: Scott Hall Sergeant at Arms: jeff Blain Student Council Rep.: Pat Rose ww N . K , Q: ..,.. 5 kb J N, . ,.,: . . A i g K '-fn 19 M m.......n ...A-4' 'vin-6 J.:-'ff ,A SMH: PATHUL , .. xwmx l.T1Wf"mg Iwi'- F11 QQ... ,S ,R wb iyms-we B.. A .S.B. President Lois Anderson QABOVEQ Mary on the job. QBELOWQ Se cretary Mardel Our fine junior Auditor Mike Swanson A.S. B. Ojfcers Mike Kandoll, Vice -President Denise Anderson, Historian Steve at WOY14? fa i YV If 14 5 .-1 ' N fa. , ... -L M... Mx ZX, I T, al LEFT TO RIGHT: Steve Raistakka, Mike Kandoll, Brenda Wirkkala, Marilyn Wiitala, Adelle See , Mardel Olsen, Lois Anderson, Mary Wirkkala, Lauren Slusser, Randy Heriot, Nancy Ziak, Steve Holm and Bill Day. NOT PICTURED: Mitch Aho, Steve Carrell, Anita Laine, Pat Rose and jim Wakefield. Student Council Student Council's outstanding achievement this year- a much needed bicycle rack. I Q ,Mi . i fi f"?-W""""',f4' ' '. 7, 1-r -2, f -A N .. ,'- my I XS. it L 'shi-+,afT'2"fx if 'fr ' .L ,..4 : I 5? , , vV',' Q, 1 Q ii it gl fi' I y Q ifeaiff ' ' A "QyA,,k-, J' ' 'V H 4 A - V X44 1" ' 1,4 ,. 'xg , , 'K' A V J V, . .: 551 X :W nt, ,T sq' K f -., I' A I l' x x Ay,-,X V t V' , C 'Iv . XV! I-Tjzxxvxyiq Q ' 'S-,ii i . X ' . Y A-mx "P -X -42 as --4 ,'f.,'q' gf '-K if , if GW H3-is -L H'f,'fi.g," we-vw 15 fi , ffm, .M f x V 'agw't'1"'-lvzwis, A y , . 4.5, ,Q 4. ,i ,- fir, f. iv in h- A M. sy, iii- sag 1 1,,VQA1k:F,',y. af' eq Lb' pdf!! '., N, . ,,,, A 46 V, i if A L at W, H viii 7 kv. 'N ff -' ' ' if 'ii' if! Q '51, K Qt' 4? w-lbs Xvly, ' A swf" a,iJ fi it SJ 'SQ A A L If f 2 it if , M i f' , u ' W' A , , js vp vs., ., 'L ,, fM- .f ffxigl, gf, .- '-:M QWZXZAQ it . S913 fa 'W' ' QQ" Qlfykf M5 , -04 ' ,W ef, A. , 'H' . ' ' Why, "vt, 'A " - - -, . ...- WTI 'X 'efiffi p'f 'Sf,1 viii We X 'M f ' L0 ef! Q f nl - ming, IL' R Qi x V vlixgbvw., ' f..-ge-V ., N - ' -4 ,, 'lx ' ,. -Q N w, N -. If X ' 3 -Q wgf V3 "S if "'- 'V, ii. 3, -,K?.w.L .Zigi Wg? 4 ay! Q Q Ei! bug .W P8 .QQQQ 3 f1""2 fiirfakgf' "' ii, X 1 xii.. A . 'MS.-1:f'Tflf'?'.7'Zf:faay'-'fi-Q-H14 X as I 1 Q Rv-l'2:'.,,xrS' -.Ury x,,AwN ix ,l'iii Q 'ri L M , A- A 1 'CNF L elif +-,Q S we-.4-is -3f..- it A Lf tRAjtf,fQ- 'xxi + 1 5 1 '-X , H X ' 'SSL If Mil V 4 His- N '91 X Z A T'a-we . M un- it LQIQQ it 5 . , I Photographer Boyd Wirkkala A nnual Staff LEFT TO RIGHT: Doug Hazen, Randy Saari, Denise Rose, Frankie French, Melissa Grabenhorst, Robin Blaine, Nancy Ziak, Patty Stelzig, Mary Wirkkala fEditorj, Lori Vincent, Boyd Wirkkala fAssistant Editorj, Peggy Howell, Valerie Miller, Diane Peterson, Adelle See, Shari Hall, Lillie Adair, Steve Raistakka, Lauren Slusser and advisors Miss Olson and Mr. Graves. NOT PICTURED Rick Rose, Ralph Wirkkala and Duane Pellervo. Also NOT PICTURED: Dan Ross, Photographer Randy at work after everyone else has gone. fi .an ' ,.w,,x'f. Editor Steve Holm 51 ' Com et Editor Denise Anderson Editor Linda Vaughn C. I ,, "'-'I-Quran-nu... MSA 'N' .0 xl FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Denise Rose , Frankie French, Lois Anderson, Nancy Ziak, Stacey Agee, Linda Vaughn Denise Anderson, Steve Holm, Adelle See, Valerie Miller, Lauren Slusser, Shari Hall, Melissa Grabenhorst, and Lori Vincent. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Wirkkala, Randy Saari , Robin Blaine, Patty Stelzig, Jeanette johnson Teri Knause, Mardel Olsen, Shirley Herrold, Barbara Eastham, Elaine Hedlund, Marlene Anderson, Dianne Peterson, Nlarliyn Wiitala. NOT PICTURED: Lillie Adair, jillLa1-son, Kathy Carrell, and Peggy Howell 73 ! Home Ec. Club x . L M 'K-" ,V AWAFY 'ffl . , ... M Y 15 .4 Mg K 'lg W nl . .5 M' ' as , , Q ,. s fm. 9 2 1 5 4 it Mi ' 'l QFRONT ROWJ A. See, M. Wirkkala, I. Larson, S. Herrold, L. Vaughn, J. johnson, Mrs. Wirkkala. QSECOND ROWJ G. Ross, N. l-Iaataja, K. Dziados, M. Gates, P. Wirkkala, C. Saari, S. Hall, K. Nelson, S. Anderson, D. Akins, K. Bamer, M. Hanselman, C. McKivor, L. Adair, P. Howell, QTI-HRD ROWQ L. Vincent, M. Grabenhorst, E. Hedlund, D. Peterson, M. Olsen, D. Kandoll, T. Knauss, S. Nelson, B. Wirkkala, R. Blain, C. Appelo, K. Carrell, B. johnson, D. Raistakka, 1. French, D. Hanselman, D. Smith, S. Busse QFOURTI-l ROWJ M. Anderson, S. Davis, M. Wiitala, G. Carrell, S. Agee, V. Miller, L. Torppa, j. Geise, L. Anderson, F. French, S. johnson, M. Hunter, K. Gray, B. Stephans QNOT PICTURFDJ L. Slusser, S. Anderson, K. Tienharra, N. Ziak, S. Kelly Discussing Money Making projects 74 You may ww -SW 'ma' Qi"""?es,,,, Q-,A Y A .WM .a-,ss 4usss""' Projects are displayed at Mother- Daughter Tea. Honor Society QFRONT ROWQ Debbie Raistakka, Nancy Ziak, Adele See, Shari Hall, Kim Gray, Melissa Grabenhorst, QBACK ROWJ Steve Holm, Alan See, Mike Swanson, Randy I-leriot, Boyd Wirkkala, Marilyn Wiitala, QNOT PICTUREDJ Mary Wirkkala, Rick Rose 50" 'WT' ,.,.4...-u--v-'- -' pn .nav QFRONT ROWJ Mary Wirkkala, Lauren Slusser, Jeanette johnson, Mardel Olsen, jill Larson, Teri Knauss, Lois Anderson, Stacey Agee, QBACK ROWQ Randy Heriot, Mitch Aho, Bill Day, Mike Swanson, Steve Holm, Randy Saari, Rick Warra, Tom Keeney, Roger Gray, fAdvisorj Mr. Sterns Hi Fi Club 75 BACK ROW: Jeanette johnson, Sharon Anderson, Teri Knauss, Genita Ross, Robin Blain, Roberta Rogers, Bonnie Stephans, Coach Robertson. MIDDLE ROW: Valerie Miller, Becky johnson, Connie Appelo Deanna Akins, Susie Anderson, Suellen Johnson, Barbara Eastham, Diane Fauver, Mary Kato, Cindy McKivor. FRONT ROW: Dianne Peterson, Debbie Raistakka, Dana Badger, Kim Gray, Lori Vincent, Frankie French, Nancy Ziak, Marilyn Wiitala, Melissa Grabenhorst, Ionell French. 7' f M 'H fl. if x I A LEF T: ls eve ryb ody happy? BELOW: Stre ch ., Coach Robertson! G. A.A. was much improved and turned out to be much more fun for many girls thanks to first year coach, Deana Robertson. si FMLA Q N' , if x .. Q' 5 ii? Rally O Q? i. Q.-.JS QFROM RIGHT TO LEFT, Teri Knauss, Head cheerleader Lauren Slusser, Stacey Agee, Val Miller, and Shari Hall. QABOVEQ We're Backin' Those COMETS. QBELOWQ Oh Clap your Hands. W-ff K .E ., :Y A -. s as N Wk . X 5 Q 3 9 Pep Club X -, muy-.Y s A TL H, 5. RL pf? it T vias ff 'V' 'fyQ,'ix xy f ff. ig, , :tf.lJ'.,f3 S 4-Q f ff 2 'Q' , 1 4 y 'll , fe B x Vx- X! t if . 'M W K' i f ". 4 , Q W gkli Q, . . L ? is ic . 5 Lets go to state one more time!! The 72-73 season was a big success due to a great pep club with a treat team to yell for. Many thanks to all the rooters in the school and community for backing our team. at 7 s. M. .5 V l , G. A in 4 ,, 1 1 ,, -, I vi I v 1 ,, .V M H s . f f ' V , . , , Q' nl A M ff 2- W' 'J " 1. .Ij,:5,w ,. V V 'SB' i - ' W ,A t , ., if V, Fx, , A ,, , , ,.,,V Vi KM H V, V My M C, AW ,lug I 1 ' 4, A K If 'Mi 52,2 ,A , I M fVM"lg,r?i W 1."fst'l W , ' 'Li-tr Afiiff 3 I .uni f ' J5g,v.:,' . ,v 'X , '. ' 'L . .,,, lk 5 723, , W :Fa fit!! his eq ,, sf a Vi 3 Q, 1 V . 1, gli ,,fVlQ,. ' I , , . ' tg 1' 'ilu' y . - -1: 'rj' -if ff 4 fig' ,V r, ,f tg ,, M ,J , .v 'gg 9953, W ' 'aut Q tlifffi '4'-ff. an Q 9 7 ,I aj . ,I gy ,, I M! I M9351 . Q-if ,ya I 4 Q, ,,3U,,,Ug, ' - ff' Y' ' u z W I ' my My X4 I W We're number l! K we ' st Q 'Q .Q lf A K S 5 5 X, 3:55 lWm Lori finds President Mardel quite amusing A ff' Let me make one thing perfectly clear I QI-, -. x S, L ji s f fi f' 3 ii few?" 5 gif!! .gm-15 lk g A. f 4' ez-7,7 r L 1 ' 1 Bre nda A f um, ,' A .u Teri "Cheese" , 79 Girls League Lettermens Club A lk Q IS L. CLEFT TO RIGHT: FIRST ROWJ Chris Diotte, Scott Reese, Art Anderson, Mark Ammer, john Herrold Don Pentila, Wade Paterson, Mark Agee, Dan Stephons, Scott Hall. QSECOND ROWJ Brian Larson Ken Coon, Dan Bighill, Terry Wuorinen, Mike Swanson, Steve Raistakka, Mitch Aho, Randy I-leriot, Walt Williams, Bill Day, Greg Hazen. QTOP ROWQ Tom McKivor, Tom Keeny, Roger Gray Kayse Rogers Karl Kiethly, Randy Saari, Steve Holm. A .pnlv"""" "Yxf7wf 1 , J , r ff 'Qi , . f"j',"f1,W ,,',fift.f' 1,3 ' "fl 'l 75' Wiz r ff' Hip Hip Hooray for Mr. Patterson!! September October November December january February March April May 'Nw-... GIRL OF THE YEAR MARDEL OLSEN "Girls of the Month" Friendly Courteous Scholarship joyful Talent Spirit Athletic Leadership Personality Lauren Slusser Anita Laine Mardel Olsen Stacey Agee Mary Wirkkala Robin Blain Nancy Ziak Jeanette johnson Denise Anderson vQ?'i we ,qv W ,gf nh' '15 , QFROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW7 Denise Rose, Stacey Agee, Alan See, Dan Kimball, QSECOND ROWJ Shari Hall, Barbara Eastham, Val Miller, Lori Vincent, Dianne Peterson, Andy Wirkkala, Brian Larson, Lillie Adair QTI-HRD ROWJ Elaine I-Iedlund, Genita Ross, Frankie French, Mrs. Duncan, Patty Stelzig, Denise Anderson, Adele See, Linda Vaughn QABSENTEESJ jim Wakefield, Gayle Carrol, Marlene Anderson, and Karl Keithly , W g 3 l Q 1 1-am, W, xi mg. S Self-expression takes two different forms, as Mardel Olsen KABOVEQ touches up a ceramic. While Patty Stelzig CLEFTQ creates free-hand on the potter's wheel. High school choir "gets it together" with junior High X. V -fs ,K Mr. Weimer, QBELOWJ Chorus teacher for 3 years, will now be leaving N. H. S. Behind him he leaves many friends and accom- plishments. The Music department will miss all the time, effort, and enthusiasm he put into his teaching. i ribs I 7:10 NH Z5 H nh 'ti' H Q Cy Naselle High School Choir "1973" ffl , -if , LQff5?':fi5fL YN: 5fEL:5'V'?E:Ui?QE?5:fffM'22,,jfwgy.: . M, ,ay . M.. , .. J, . Il as .2g2g..gg3i,g?i15m4a21gg-fzgggggg 5 - - ff: --f' Q: fff--- QQ, :fm .54 - M1 'sf?lmg55g,:ffsw, Z, ters- - - L A ss-Hz, fix 's'Tmff - v--- A ff H 5 Ffh fi af? 'ff' gl -r"""' N ., L wen p x , . .,. M k 2 1 E ,, M L y L , 3 ' " vi, ' .5:5.?f::i'jfa: ' . . .i i '1 A I , f L ' f Q fr f R . fviszgiiegzfw -K, sr' 135' 5 V. --2--,W ,Q -- .mi-.:w,, LM, , ' A-112-95ff:saf'f':1 ' IE..3,,3fm,-:- .iiifieiviifisi . '. - dt. 1 .. 1. I A 9 be 'Y' 1 Mr. Weimer met with the Stage Band on many mornings at 7:30! Stage Band Stage Band Members: Randy I-Ieriot, Cindy McKivor, Mike Swanson, Lois Anderson, Mardel Olsen, Mitch Aho, Dave Bergquist, jill Larson, Duane Pellervo, Kim Gray, Scott Reece, Teri Knauss, Debbie Raistakka, Roger Gray, jonell French, Randy Saari, Wade Patterson, Steve Raistakka Special Group QRIGI-IT, Robin Blain and Lois Anderson singing "Angels of the Morning" at the Spring Concert. 'lv Band F' Pep Band gives a toot!! fBand Membersj Scott Biggs, Bonni Stephans, Debbie Smith, Ji .sf NW u Cindy McKivor, Mike Swanson, Randy Heriot, Lois Anderson, Debbie Raistakka, Kim Cray, Teri Knauss, jonell French, Officers II Roger Gray, Stacey Agee, Robin Blaine, Marlene Anderson, Jeanette johnson, Duane Pellervo, Barbara A . Eastham, Valerie Miller, Cheryl Saari, A ' J Connie Appelo, Darla Hanselman, Mary Gates, Kathy Dziados, Denise Anderson, , Mitch Aho, Wade Paterson, jay Elliott, jill Larson, Steve Raistakl-ca, Scott Reese, W Melissa Grabenhorst, David Bergquist, Mardel Olsen, Mitzi Hunter, Kathy Tienhaara. Rogers best play of the "Homecoming" game, fBELOWQ Mr. Music, Are You Ready???? W A ,,..,...,..M.- M -1- -m ,--N ,M ,,,. -amwg Spanish Club QFIRST ROWJ Mrs. Saari, Adele See, Lauren Slusser, Jeanette johnson, Nancy Ziak, Mary Wirkkala, Deloris Kandoll, QZND ROWJ Teri Knauss, Mitch Aho, Randy Heriot, Bill Day, Gordon Lanning, Randy Saari, Donald Penttila, Lillie Adair QSRD ROWJ Duane Pellervo, Dan Kimball, Steve Holm, Ralph Wirkkala, Andy Wirkkala, David Kandoll, Steve Raistakka, Mike Swanson, Boyd Wirkkala, NOT PICTURED: Mike Kandoll, Tom Keeney, Roger Gray QABOVEJ Party boy! QBELOWJ Randy getting in the swing of things! 5 Q Q ' SSQQS Xyj. ,PY QF il yer ' xx. I 6 0 K 'X Mrs. Saari tuning in on her brilliant Spanish students. W Rfk wi! X Aggie, Sw , iz X X Georgie Duh! ,ia I ' . QQ' ml n... K S : WG N , .X 1- 5 WX? if 52 '-I Q.: . , v 'Q-f wr ,W 5 s ' fr ,Wie Mind your manners Georgie Lance f Smile Howard K A:,k ,, I u ' ' .C +5 wg' ,iw , :,, A, v S gp . n 3 g f e Pai Good job Cora Mae Helen Oh Lance I love you! ar 'iff r f 'iq 5 5 X r' 1, ,4,1- si! ii. K . w w , d L ' 1' , 1 q ""E M4 ,ff , " aw 3 W . , oo A. t, 1, X1 1 r W X . ' lf. r do or me rf 42 ' K I Q., 1 ,MW.,,,m AN, ff? ,I G Qere ., M 'A ' . 1 """ ' h as or ., f " 6 b M-"V T! XP -15-.41 g em, . V A zo , M, MW III., M , , M 3 , ,N . vkirywimgigaiwiggfi ,,.. A, M, b 1 1 , if Gram gn E , "Reflections" was the theme of the 1973 junior-Senior Prom. Decorated in various colors and set to the music of the "Family Tradition" the dance was a big success. Junior Senior Prom "Reflections" QBELOWJ Mr. Boogie 88 An XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO ! ! ! exceptional turnout for a Comet record dance King Tom Keeny and Queen jo Geise QBELOWJ Sweetheart Swing Courtg Robin Blain, Bill Day, Queen Jo, King Tom, - Bonnie Stephans, Scott Hall, Marilyn Wiitala, and Boyd Wirkkala. S f 4 The 1973 Homecoming was the highlight of the Naselle football season. Following a tense 7-6 first half score, Naselle came through with a 22-6 win over the Warrenton Warriors, that set the scene for a perfect homecoming. The dance was held in surround- ings of dark green, light green, and yellow, with the theme "Stairway to Heaven." Music was provided by "Running Fire" and the queen, of course, was Mary Wirkkala. 90 X Homecoming . x . YI ! Q 5, 7 X-.4,gi.QrL.L-.Q Ka Q, v 3 f 1 11 wg N J Q felis f e 2 v 0 ' U W EWR M giggiei . v ' , X i 2 Y .Q ,,, Q -:Tiny X we X 5 5 fl ,QQgr 1 e l , ff?" E r ' A do ' Dk , S: I .1 fr 4 ' .5 i xi ' if P I A -1. .K-7, J, ,Mr X, L I Q f -' 1 L f - + X- 9 ' LN A-fff ff . ,Eifgfk QTOP LEFTQ "A radiant Queen" QTOP RIGHTQ "Running Fire" QABOVE RlGHTj A victorious home- coming dance. QLEFTQ QFRONT ROWQ Lauren Slusser and Randy Heriot, Boyd Wirkkala and Valerie Miller, QBACK ROWj Shari Hall and Andy Wirkkala, Mary Wirkkala and Kayse Rogers, Steve Holm and Stacey Agee. I 1 y f"+'v' EUEMBER E UNIO N 5 'Q' I 'SA s ' 3 M , 6 XJ A + + 4 2 IE' ,x 5 ' N F .- ,div 2 , 'rw rv, g 1, y ye .TE 2 1 .an IL.-IL-IEIIVII-I NRSELLE HUTO BODV fxamarfzex n M0199 PAU41 Let S go bowhng PACIFIC LANES - South Bend, Wu. KVAS DLAL 1230 Bio COUNTRY RADIO OREGON MARINE SUPPLY Commercial Fishing Supplies, Netting and Electronics Foot of 12th Street Astoria, Oregon Congratulations to the Graduates OWL DRUG STORE Phone 325-4311 Astoria, Oregon IC PENNEY We know what you're looking for 1343 Commercial Astoria, Oregon MR. AND MRS. ART SANDSTROM Astoria, Oregon Congratulations to the Class of 1973 ASTORIA ELORIST 951 Commercial Astoria, Oregon Angling for the best? You'l1 find it at LINK'S 1254 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon MANULA SHOE STORE 1133 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon UTZINGER'S BOOK STORE Hallmark Cards-books-stationery 1292 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon GIMRE'S SHOES 239 Fourteenth Street Astoria, Oregon Shoes for the WHOLE family THElL'S MUSIC CENTER For Your Musical Needs f 1373 Duane Dennis M. Theil Astoria Ore 94 325 -5931 gon BURKE'S MEN'S STORE 1117 Commercial St. Astoria, Oregon ANDERSON BROS. JEWELERS "Quality jewelers fer over so years 1150 Commercial seeet Astoria, Oregon KNUTSEN INSURANCE 375 12th Street Astoria, Oregon Phone 325-1541 ASTORIA BEA UTY di WIG SALON 1426 Commercial Street Astoria Oregon 97103 ERICKSON FLORAL CO. 1295 Commercial St. 1 1 , . -- First t0 VARSITY SHOP- Complete boys shop N t' l Bjniqona FASHIONLA ND- for children of all ages Of Oregon ygu, AStO1'1a 129611282 Commercial Street Astoria Oregon COLUMBIA A UTOMA TIC DRY CLEANING 1239 Duane Street Astoria Oregon ASTORIA BEA UTY COLLEGE Complete Training in all Phases of Cosmetology Astoria Oregon Phone 325-3163 HONDA-KA WASAKI OF ASTORIA 545 Hamburg Avenue Astoria, Oregon From Mighty to Mini Honda Has It All ASTORIA JANITOR di PAPER SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 325-6362 1055 Marine Drive Astoria Oregon TOM JONES USED CARS 1125 Marine Drive Phone 325-1970 OWEN-PEEKE COMPANY International Trucks-Tractors-Farm Machinery DeLaval Milkers Barn Equipment 81 Water Systems 1044 Marine Drive Phone 325-2721 Astoria Oregon PIG N PANCAKE 2 LOCATIONS Seaside Astoria 323 Broadway 146 W. Bo nd PALO'S DEPT. STORE Big Store Under Big Bridge Your Levi Headquarters Brand Name Work Clothes 248 West Marine Drive Astoria Oregon RO Y'S MARKET City Center Groceries, Meats, Seafoods, Clam Fresh Crab, Ice, lce Cubes Long Beach, Washington Phone 642-2326 Shovels PENINSULA CLEANERS Professional Cleaning gl Pressing Next to Post Office in llwaco 642-2512 WARRENTON ELECTRIC P,O, Box 427 Warrenton, Oregon 97146 Home Of Your Hotpoint Appliances 95 U.S. NATIONAL BANK OF OREGON WARRENTON BRANCH Congratulations to the Class of "73" ERNIE'S COTTA GE BAKER Y Long Beach, Washington THE BALL STUDIO, INC. NATURAL COLOR SCHOOL PORTRAITS Phone-f503j 325-2461 1184 Commercial Street DENNIS COMPA NY Long Beach, Wash. "Your Quality One-Stop Shopping Center" Phone - 642 -243 5 Astoria, Ore. 97103 BIG "Z" DRIVE-IN X S 9 Y fr' A., i f BEST WISI-IES TO CLASS OF '73' PORT OF IL WACO Ilwaco Washington Serving the Naselle area since 1928 WESTERN A UTO "The Family Store and Catalog Order Center Long Beach Washington OMAN di SON BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. BUILDING MATERIALS PRES-TO-LOGS KITCHEN CABINETS GENERAL PAINTS Long Beach Washington Phone 642-2385 96 BAILEYS SA W SHOP Long Beach 8 Naselle 642-2951 484-3810 Featuring Homelite, johnsered and Stihl Chain Saws CHINOOK OBSER VER Long Beach, Washington 98631 WIRKKALA A UT0 REPAIR CHINOOK OBSERVER The O'Neil Family Owners Hwaco' Washington Your phoning in news notes Your tips on news Your business-IN Fact 6422414 WE APPRECIATE You Phone-642-3131 CONGRATULATIONS , PA UL S SEWING CENTER CLASS OF 1973 SINGER - SALE 81 SERVICE REPAIRS ON ALL SEWING MACHINES WILLIAM H. CHRISTIA NSON 1269 Commercial D.D.S. e,,,,c,b A Y Qs Astoria Oregon CATHLAMET, WASHINGTON QQ-Qui? STANS CHEVRON THE SANDS MOTEL . L B h W h' t Long Beach Washington fgaigy 612515100215 ing on 642-2321 SUNSET TA VERN SHAMAN MOTEL P.o. BOX 235 Under New Owners Long Beach, Washington 98631 Telephone f206Q 642-3714 Judy and Carl Summers Ph 642 3131 0116- - EVERGREEN LANES ABRAHAMSEN COMPANY 12 Lanes Plumbing, heating 81 sheet metal 1062 Marine Drive 3518 HWY 101 North Seaside 738-5333 Y'S pennies into dollarsgqdollars into dreams Fred Herold ' ' Brakes 8 Tune-up Service E q u e n GaS,Oi1,aCCeSOI.ieS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Home Office: Por1Iand,Ore on HWY. 101Warrenton, Ore. Ph. 861-1122 Sif'Ce1890 9 33Off' S 'gth P f N th t ARTHUR STRAND INSURANCE AGENCY INC. TRACY MooRE, JR. Ilwaco, Washington PIONEER TITLE INSURANCE TITLE INSURANCE 62 ESCROWS P .O . Box 488 Ilwaco, Washington Telephone - 642 -3711 DR. GEORGE E. MUNHOVEN OPTOMETRIST Box 501 Ilwaco, Washington 98624 Telephone 642-2728 RED'S FLAME ROOIU AND RESTAURANT Phone 642-3171 Ilwaco, Washington "Good Luck in the future. " C 'Q -QP mf? I IL WACO TELEPHONE COMPANY Congratulations Class of 1973 Ilwaco, Washington Telephone 642 -3188 9 8 D.L. EMENHISER, M.D. 12th So. and Pacific Long Beach, Wash. 98631 TIM C. WILLIAMS INSURANCE AGENCY Box 398 Hwaco, Washingto Phone 642 -33 21 Congratulations from the people who make banking easier. NBC NATIQNAL BANK ILWACO BRANCH LONG BEACH BRANCH ILWACO, WASH. LONG BEACH, WASH. Your Full Service Bank. DOUPE BROTHERS KANDEL MAKE US YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR: Award Sweaters "Levi's" for Guys and Gals L Rally Sweaters "Kandel" Levi's for Gals Letterman and Pep Club Sweaters Jackets Ilwaco, Washington Phone 642 -2401 -f JI- PENTTILA'S CHAPEL BY THE SEA FUNERAL DIRECTORS Phone 642-2543 Long Beach, Wash. Authorized Dealer BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1973 BELL'S FURNITURE Ilwaco, Washington THE BOOK VENDER 100 Pacific Avenue Long Beach, Wa. 98631 JIM'S GROCERY ILWACO, WASH. 99 DA VIS INSURANCE CO. "Prompt quality service" South Bend, Wn. NEMAH CAFE A ND SER VICE "Finest Food on the West Coast" Nemah, Wn. DICK'S FOOD BASKET Raymond - South Bend Aberdeen SOUTH BEND PHARMACY Raymond Drug Co. South Bend, Washington NOONAN'S BAKER Y Quality Products Since 1911 South Bend, Washington OLSON'S VARIETY SHOP South Bend, Washington HAL VORHOLTE JEWELER "Over SO years of Perfection" South Bend, Washington BA YVIEW LUMBER CO. WITH 7-Store To Serve You South Bend 875-5401 Free Delivery COAST OYSTER CO. MARG1E'S MUSIC ,raid I ef E sfo 1 XX Largest supply of 8 track tapes in Pacific County KA PA South Bend, Wn. VETTER'S VETERINARY CLINIC . DAIRY QUEEN ' Live A Little Raymond, Washington Raymond, Washington DILK TIRE SER VICE I HADLA'S YOUNG WORLD 120 3rd Street 100 Raymond, Wn. 98577 R aym ond , W ashington PA CIFIC WHOESA LE Raymond, Washington DENNIS COMPANY FOR CONCRETE Raymond, Washington THE POSIE SHOP 408 2nd St. Raymond, Wash. FOR ALL YOUR FLORAL NEEDS WEDDING-CORSAGES, CUTFLOWERS, CREENPLANTS Funeral work, plant and much more CHINA CLIPPER "Best Chinese Food And American Dishes" Raymond, Washington EICHNER'S INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 325 DURYEA Raymond, Washington "Congratulations Seniors" DR. MCKINNEY OPTOMETRIST R aym ond , W ashington McDOWELL'S PAINT CENTER Complete une of Paints 2, Art suppnes 942-3002 Raymond, Wash. "THINK FIRST" SEA TTLE FIRST NA TIONAL BA NK WE'RE THE AGREEABLE ONE YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT THE SEAFIRST BANK RAYMOND AND SOUTH BEND L di M NEWSTAND BOOKS -SCHOOL SUPPLIES -GIFT BOO K AND STATIONARY R aymond , W ashington C ongratul ations S eniors PAT AND PETE PICCOLA Box 111 Raymond, Washington HENDERSON INSURA NCE 321 DURYEA STREET Raymond, Washington DR. GOULD - DENTIST Raymond Washington BRIDGE'S INN "Eating out is fun" Raymond, Washington KOLCZ JEWELERS 223 Duryea St. Raymond, Wn. 98577 PACIFIC COUNTY LUMBER WEST SRD Raymond, Washington Phone 942 -2 193 WILLAPA HARBOR MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Sales and Service Q UD Raymond, Washington DRA C OBL Y'S MEN'S AND WOMEN'S APPAREL Raymond, Washington ing ff b?7' XVff 5 J i' - IV BITAR'S DEPT. STORE "Everything Good to Wear" Raymond, Wash. JENSEN FURNITURE CO. Frigidame Appliances Raymond, Wash. Phone 942-2541 B. G. MCNALLY CONSTR UCTION CATI-ILA ME T, WAS HINGTON oooo LUCK sEN1oRs MARTIN INSURANCE INC. 1461 Broadway Hanigan Building Longview, Wn. Cathlament, Wn. K' R' MCNALLY 423-3700 795-3741 TR UCKING EVERYTHING IN sPoRTs SPIKES SPORTING GOODS 102 1317 Longview, Washington 15th CA THLAME T, WASHINGTON VERN'S BARBER SHOP CATHLAMET, WN. Q ' O CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "l973" H.D. FRITZ, M.D. CATHLAMET, WASHINGTON CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF lll973ll GEORGE F. HANIGAN GR OSS MARKET CATHLAME T, WASHINGTON Congratulations Class of 1973 KEHRLI'S GROCERIES - GAS - OIL PUGET ISLAND, WASH. 98612 TELEPHONE 849-2356 HOWARD'S SER VICE BODY A FENDER REPAIR AUTO PAINTING GAS OIL PHONE 795-3771 CATHLAMET, WN. Auto Mechanic - Towing Service ELIZA BETH'S BEA UTY SHOP ELIZABETH sTINsoN P.O. BOX 495 Phone 795-3433 CATHLAMET, WASHINGTON 98612 EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING FE1RING'S BUILDING MATERIALS PHONE 795-3781 CATHLAMET, WASHINGTON 98612 M Y LE TTS WEXENBURG SHOES FOR MEN LEES CASUA LS FOR YOUTH AND MEN WHITE STAG SPORTS WEAR FEATURING KEDS, THE OFFICIAL ABA SHOES CATHLAMET, WASHINGTON 103 DOUMIT'S SHOPPING CENTER CLASS OF "73" OUR CONGRATULATIONS CATHLAMET, WASHINGTON WA HKIAKUM REFRIGERA TION CO. GOLD STORAGE-CATTLE HAULING- MEAT PACKING RO. BOX 416 Buinless Phone 795-3703 Resident Phone 849-2158 Bob I-Iennickson, Proprietor CLEVELAND ELECTRICAL SKAMOKAWA, WASHINGTON PHONE 795-4553 GENE C . CLEVELAND BA C ON 'S TI-IE STORE WITH VARIETY GATHLAMET, WASHINGTON Phone: 795-3303 MADDEN'S ENCO SER VICE GASOLINE - OIL - LUBRICATION TIRES - BATTERIES - LUBRICATION We Deliver Fuel Oil-Diesel-Gasolines Wholesale Skamokawa, Washington Phone 795-4687 DOWLING FUNERAL HOME GATHLANIET, WASHINGTON PHONE 795-3591 THE WAHKIAKUM COUNTY EAGLE BILL'S SPORT SHOP PUBLISHING ' -, PRINTING :5f'j,'sUp- B 368 "A GOOD LINE OF SPORTING GOODS" Bob Nelson i, OX r,"Q':,g:J"'f - ,5f' ' " ' 11,5 Cathlamef CATHLAMET, WASHINGTON Telephone 795-3391 N' Wash. 98612 CA THLAMET HARDWARE LQ SUPPLY Box 428 Phone 795-3551 CATHLAMET, WASHINGTON 98612 TOM 'S GARAGE UNION OIL PRODUCTS GRAYS RIVER, WASHINGTON Phone 465-2303 GRA YS RIVER INN RIVER ROOM GRAYS RIVER, WASHINGTON Phone 465-2323 104 ROSBURG STORE J. Edward Olson Rosburg, Washington Phone 465-2223 WRIGHT'S FURNITURE - CABLE VISION - ELECTRICAL REPAIR CATHLAMET, WASHINGTON 986 I2 Box 447 Phone 795-3753 SHA NEN'S JEWELERS 55 years in business Astoria, Oregon FERGUSON'S RESTAURANT : 829 OCEAN BEACH HWY. LoNov1Ew, wAsH1NcToN KELLOG A UTO PARTS Long Beach, wvashington - 642-3765 ' WESTERN A UTO ASSOCIA TE STORE ASSOCIATE STORE 1116 Commercial St. Astoria, Oregon 97103 HOBY'S STORE Hoby Thacker Insurance Agency SKAMOKAWA, WASHINGTON Phone 795-4240 795-4622 MONTICELLO STA TIONERS 1243 14th AVENUE Longview, Washington 98632 Phone: 425-0680 S di W MOTORS 1137 Vandercook, Way Longview, Washington LINDY'S BODY SHOP Complete Body and Fender Repair South Valley Road Naselle, Wash. 484-3379 ERICKSON GLASS COMPANY "Longview's Oldest Class Shop" 105 Longview , Washington SID'S SUPERMARKET BETTER GROCERIES SEAVIE W, WASHINGTON WWW IL WA C0 T12 IB UNE "Newspaper with Naselle in mind. " We carry the most Naselle news of any paper in the World. Complete Office and School Supplies Rediforms - Typewriters - Adding Machines Office Furniture - Rubber Stamps Ilwaco, Wash. 1 u 1 1 1 1 Congratulations Class of 1973 DR. PHILLIP G. AVALON, M.D. CATHLAMET, WASHINGTON MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - MAGNAVOX PIANOS KOR TENS Music Brings Happiness Congratulations Seniors Phone 425-3400 Longview, Washington L 62 M GARAGE NASELLE, WASHINGTON 484-3172 NASELLE ROCK di ASPHALT CO. BEST OF LUCK SENIORS NASELLE, WASHINGTON 0'CONNOR'S INN EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY 484-3343 NASE LLE, WASHINGTON SLEEPY HOLLOW MOTEL Congratulations Graduates May success be found by all But true happiness must come first. Best Wishes alwyas Iver gl Rose Elaine johnson Naselle, Washington EAT AT NASELLE CAFE GOOD FOOD - GOOD SERVICE LARRY AND YVONNE HOWELL Phone 484-3331 ii 6 , rr' ,WL WM. B. O'CONNOR Good Sportsmanshzp Lasts and Lasts CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '73' NASE LLE, WASHINGTON VA LLEY-8 LOG Deep River, Washington l BE A PROUD COMET FAN POLA CEK BR OS. Your Dodge Car LQ Dodge Truck Dealer IN KELSO, WASHINGTON CALL DICK - VAN - JOE - BEN 423-8140 For A Look or Demonstration in a new Dodge Car or Truck 19467-1973 x, ,,,Ww, ,, Congratulations J'RW"wN,w 'I351' J N 5 Y ysbwl wa , y W Q5 ., AN - X, 1- , Y to the class of MSW. WWMF, ngiihkx I I I I uri' 9 w 1 97 , OKIE'S FOOD CENTER , .I ,. ,M-i"?f5y5 'a 'Tw f T 1' my Hieigvmww, Mel Schisler YOU CUTE umm DON WI I TA LA Contract Hauling Best Of Luck Class Of '73 .EL E C TRI C I NASELLE, WASHINGTON LATTIE AND MARGIE MET CALF 484-3463 LEO SAARI WISHES Contract Hauling Congratulations Class Of '73 I NASELLE, WASHINGTON TO 484-3899 THE CLASS OF '73 I NASELLE AUTO BODY I WASHINGTQNH Phone 484-3277 , O O L I ' 'fl 1 Naselle, Washington Nights O N Days PENTTILA LOGGING COMPANY Contract Logging and Road Building BOX 66 L 48473813 gltn or wAsH1NoToi'4fat141t rlornto yp484'u3?19 Home Mobile H H1 1Ea1w?r'X??w :Awn- f N,X,JMilQiifllwffw' ga ko X A I ,ww ngffffwwglr :rf ' ,yy gm '3L25?fPf ' 1 ' "W" ,X ,W ,, ww 45?IW:,!,,,19+:,Xgr33?rmpg:ex -, - 9- hiv T fm. . -Q: f . 12 ,Q , 4, 'P 'f 3 W , ffQ,.ip1gEi.iff,f ,, e Hg Q 9 ,dt ' , ' ,V M " 1 5 J, Ll, W" 5'f,3ii5f211i,Q 5- , , K . ?f fem Mr gr' '21 'M-'n. rmgsfsm- -v r :+ A .gr nw Y :sa QA! fir A w355+:j:3MSE?fA--irxe ' wr:,q,r:'w a' ,rw ' J 'Y EQ! ,QW 'Ja' 1w i1Qm+ ' ,N A frfww fp ' ' 'L A A ' , 'Y ,NX - .WM N 1 . MITCHELL DOUMIT BOB-EN CAFE Attorney at Law Home Made Pastries Orders To Go Cathlamet, Washington SKYLINE GOLF COURSE Naselle, Washington RALPH RODAHL, MANAGER 434-3213 Cathlamet, Washington E Z ,....., V W L1 5 A 1 L 1973 , ' ........ WESTERN WAHKIAKUM COUNTY TELEPHUNE CO QW Congratulations Class of 1973 THE APPELO INSURANCE AGENCY C. ARTHUR APPELO DEEP RIVER, WASHINGTON 411 3 ,.,E1,Q? 4 6 ' ,V 1 X 2251: 3 Qaz 5 ff? A .AA,., :.4 ,A4,,.., , ,.1., 1.A ..., .A.A.,,, , .,.. , .,A.A TRIANGLE SHOPPING CENTER Congratulations to the Class of "73" LOANS EOR EVERY PURPOSE SEATTLE FIRST NATIONAL BANK WAHKIAKUM COUNTY BRANCH The A greeable Ones Are Here C MET, GTON PHONE 795-3281 NASELLE WA TER DEPT. NASEL SHINGTON Drink Hearty-to the Comets PETE'S L UMBER U N I E D A ND FARM AGENCY BUILDING SUPPL Y of Catmamet REAL ESTATE BOB CHAPEL, BROKER Try us first before Our Nationwide advertising reaching over 63 million persons weekly FREE COAST-TO-COAST CATALOG YOU buy anywhere Had we known, We might have sold yours! WE NEED YOUR LISTING CATHLAMET, WN L dl B DUCK INN DRAKE ROOM BILL AND LORENE SCHIEBER APPELO'S SHOPPING CENTERS Good Food - Good Service Grays River 465-2311 Phone 795-4972 Deep River 465-2611 SKAMOKAWA, WASHINGTON Naselle 484-3333 P.O. BOX 6 Congratulations Class of "73" From the Friendly Service Station RA Y NELSON'S CHEVRON LONGVIEW, WASH. Cathlamet, Washington Z -I - ll- - 98632 P AND A SURF RESTAURANT Long Beach, Wash. Congratulations Best Wishes Class of 1973 Clays J0HNS0N'5 GUN SHOP 1973 "Buy your gun from a Gunsmith where your service is complete" Il5 Fine new and used guns and accessories. Custom stock and igmmond Ore, rifles. Open Evenings S Weekends 861-2643 THE RAYMOND HERALD Harbor Pilot Promoting Pacific County "Congratulations graduates" THE DAILY NEWS Longview, Wash. 98632 GUILD MENS SHOP 1174 Commercial St. Astoria, Oregon "Best Wishes to the Class of 1973" DUNSMOOR DR UG Raymond, Wash. "THE BEST IN TOWBOAT SERVICE" BR USCO TO WBOA T C OM PA N Y A fs T owboat Service asg, Log Salvage ROLAND E. ERUSCO CATHLAMET, WASH. Log Dump iiiii N W iiii 1 Bucket Dredging Phone 795-3345 Boom-Stick Rental Rafting and Sorting Residence 795-3323 ttnt AW! When you're planning your future, think of us for top quality products as a solid investment and as a challenging place to work. WEYERHA USER CO. Longview, Wash. 98632 P.O. Box l88 NEW WASHINGTON OYSTER CO. South Bend, Wash . Congratulations Class of 1973 FISHER BROS. COMPA NY Hardware - Industrial Supplies Established 1372 P.O. Box 360 Astoria, Oregon 97l03 Congratulations Class of 1973 ROBO WASH Long Beach, Washington Best Wishes to the Class of 1973 PENINSULA PHARMACIES INC llwaco Pharmacy 642-3135 Long Beach Pharmacy 642-3200 Two Stores of Friendly Service "Good Luck in the Future' ASTORIA OFFICE SUPPL Y Complete Sales and Service for Victor, Olympia, and Royal Products. "BEST OF LUCK" GRA VES AND ANGORE Bookkeeping and Tax Service South Bend, Washington FA Q. CONGRA TULA TIONS ,- '2 Ju- fri , L MA R if The 1973 A nnual Staff Wishes the Seniors the Very Best 0fLuck! H7 Senior Class Prophecies DENISE ANDERSON--Playing taps on her flute to wake up her ten little marines LOIS ANDERSON - President and head seamstress of "J iven jock Unlimited. " MARLENE ANDERSON - Head Librarian at the Raymond Library. WARREN ANDERSON - Working as cow herder at "Andersons Dairy." ROBERT BUSSE - Traveling evangelist in the "heaven's angels" motorcycle gang. STEVE CARRELL - President of "Carrell's I-Iandi -Dandi Fiberglass Cow Milking Machines." JO GIESE- Owner of the "Fiberglass No Burp Baby Bottle Factory." ROGER GRAY - Now working for and waiting for a promotion at "Careful Knauss' Chevrolet Service." RAYMOND HAATAJA - Trapping and manufacturing beaver skin caps. VERNON HELVEY - Newly discovered centerfold for COSMOPOLITAN , HARLAN HERROLD - Head grease monkey at the International Bus Garage. SHIRLEY I-IERROLD - Truancy officer for NHS. STEVE HOLM - Competing against Arnold Palmer for the Seaside Open Miniature Golf Tournament. MIKE KANDOLL - Today a citizens arrest was made by Mike Kandoll to Mike Kandoll for going 85 in a 50 mile an hour zone. WILLIAM KATO - Rusty Nails' side kick for the Alpenrose Dairy. TOM KEENEY - Famous for his one-man band act, with a side show of keeping time doing deep-knee bends. KARL KEITHLEY - Now wiping out other manufactures of towels with his "Turquiose Turkish Towels. 'I Sl-IERRI KELLEY - Reigning queen of Salme Hill. ANITA LAINE - Voted "Mother of the Year," by MAD magazine. JILL LARSON - World reknown ecologist jill Larson was cast out of the "Flinstone Rock Club," because of poor care of Mossyrocks. TOM MCKIVOR - Now down to 95 lbs. Tom was dreadfully embarrassed today when his size 50 pants fell to the floor. MARDEL OLSEN - Topless waitress at the "Short Stack Pancake I-louse. " KAYSE ROGERS - A monk in a Greek Monastery where no females are allowed. RICK ROSE - Is receiving an honorable mention ribbon for raising his prize, Rebecca Rose. DAN ROSS - Has just sold his blonde afro to his distant cousins, Diana Ross and the Supremes. GENITA ROSS - Delivering bulletins at the "World Shot Put Championship Association." RANDY SAARI - Now competing in his heavy chevy, against Mario Andretti in the Indy 500. ADELE SEE - Hugh Hefiners' private secretary, specializing in desk running, lap sitting, short hand, long hand, or any kind of hand. PATTY STELZIG - Graduated lst in her class, with top honors from Mark Eden's Developing Course. LINDA VAUGHN - Assistant manager at Mrs. D's "Pot-Pourri" on Parpala Road. LORI VINCENT - Owner of the "Fearless Falcon Car Pool Service," between Naselle and Grays River. RICK WARRA - Finger pickin' guitar player, Rick Warra today broke all 11 of his fingers. So now his concerts consist of nose pickin'. But remember Rick, "If you pick it, it won't heal." MARY WIRKKALA - Famous flutist, Mary Wirkkala, will be seen on National TV on the Vidal Sassonn "Protein 21 Hour," modeling the hairstyle she made so popular, the pixie cut. I Senior Class Wills I, DENISE ANDERSON, will my busy year to some sane person and all my hours of worrying and waiting to Stacey Agee and my amazing height to Art Anderson because. . .just because. I, LOIS ANDERSON, do hereby decree that the following be ceded to the mentioned persons: to Debbie Raistakka, my address book, to Robin Blain, my sociology worksheets, to Cathy Tienharra-darts, and to David Berquist, I give back the nickname he so thoughtfully gave me. I, MARLENE ANDERSON, will this will to anyone that needs it andl also will anything l've got to anyone that doesn't have it. I WARREN ANDERSON, will all my bad luck and troubles to no one in particular. I, ROBERT BUSSE, will my yamaha 250 mx to Dan Ross so he can get it up and keep it up. I, STEVE CARRELL, will my ford to anybody who likes to fix or repair daily. I, ROGER GRAY, will to David Bergquist my normal joints so he can learn to walk in one direction at a time and to Steve Raistakka I will a complete book of laundry tickets so that when he goes grubby all next year because of the loss of his Mardel, he will at least have clean clothes. I, JO GUISE, will my C.W.P. class, books, desk, etc. to Robin Blain knowing that she will put them to good use. I, RAYMOND I-IAATAJA, will my command of the English language to Robert Kandoll. WE, VERNON HELVEY, I-IARLAN HERROLD AND KAYSE ROGERS of sound minds and bodies, will the fantastic garbage runs to next years seniors in hopes that they do better than we did. I, SHIRLEY I-IERROLD, will my patience to cope with Denise Anderson's smartness to anyone who can stand it. I, STEVE HOLM, will my hot-comb to Steve Raistakka, my weight to Art Anderson, my ability to hold my temper to Randy Heriot, my strength to stay well to Mitch Aho, and my brains to Captain Azar in hopes that I may see them take the State Basketball Championship in 1974. I, MICHAEL FREDERICK KANDOLL , will my job at Weyerhauser to anyone who would like to sleep in school. I, WILLIAM KATO, will all my shop periods to whoever wants them and my sideburns to Buzz Larson. I, TOM KEENEY, have decided to keep everything I've got. I'm gonna need it. I, KARL KEITI-ILEY, will my insane laughter to Brian Larson so he can expose his hidden charm to ALL his lady friends and to Mrs. Duncan, I leave all the junk in my locker so she can create something stimulating for her future art class to liven them u . I, SHERRI KEELEY, will my ability to stick with it and finish school to Robin Blain in hopes that she will do the same. I, ANITA LAINE, will my ability to come to school to anyone who likes to skip. I, JILL LARSON, will my place in Calculus to any junior who thinks they want to stick out a WHOLE year of senior math. I, TOM MC KIVOR, will my Osh Kosh b' Gosh shirt to Scott Fournier. I, MARDEL OLSEN, will my Raggedy Andy doll to Steve Raistakka and my yo -yo to Juanita and my make -up mirror to Chris Deiotte . I, KAYSE ROGERS, being of sound mind which isn 't often, will my parking places and bad habits that go with parking to Steve Raistakka to take Mardel parking and to Lauren Slusser a bottle of tranquilizers to keep her calm in desperate situations and I will my ability to play basketball to anyone who can handle it. I, RICK ROSE, will my ability to get things done on time to anyone who likes to get hollared at a lot. I, DAN ROSS, being of ill body and weak back, will my curly hair to anyone with straight hair wishing their's had a little more curl to it. I also will the memories of my old car to a certain individual. I, GENITA ROSS , will my ability to get along with Mis. johnson to any junior that can handle it. I, RANDY SAARI, will my superb baritone playing abilities to Wade Patterson, jay Elliott, and Ken Bruce in hopes that they can play half as well as I can. I, ADELE SEE, will my "Bungler" to Chuck "Marcel" I-Iill so he can attend the senior party in style and so he won't get any more speeding tickets. I, PATTY STELZIG, will my babysitting skills to stand four boys for a year to any junior who has a sound mind and body to stand it that long and my C.W.P. class to Robin Blain since she loves it so much. Enjoy it Robin. Try it you 'll like it. I also will to my sister the will to finish school. It's not that hard if you try. I, LINDA VAUGI-IN, will my ability to catch a man to anyone who needs help. I, LORI VINCENT, will my Fearless Falcon to anyone who has enough nerve to thrash it and do the things I have in it. My old radiatorl will to Miss Robertson. I will my clip to Gordan Lanning, Chuck Hill and Sharon Anderson. I will my automatic ability to thrash all cars and bikes to Sue, Mike, Dana, jeff, Cindy, and Becky. I also will my Bible to Danny Bighill. I, RICK WARRA, being of sound mind and shabby body, do hereby will my collection of broken picks, strings, finger nails, blisters, and gift of the blues and rock 'n' roll to Boyd Wirkkala who sorely needs them. I, MARY WIRKKALA, will my balanced statements to Mike Swanson so he can get on the good side of Mr. Patterson and my self-control to Lauren Slusser to help her along throughout life. 119 A '32 4 ' is 'X J, S I ' SW' . K' . f -ffgxgws 5' T5 Q SP? I :RE-'K ii ax 'RSC 9 f Ni f QNQ

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