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Naselle Grays River Valley High School - Na Hi An Yearbook (Naselle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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R 4 'Pa 4:1 J U A yearbook is a pictorial record of the school year. The annual staff of Naselle- Grays River Valley High School presents your year- or book? the Lf all rt a are NA-HI-AN X wg The staff would like to devote this year's NA-HI-AN to that quality which gives a school its personality and its character-the people of that school. We have categorized the population of Naselle-Grays River Valley High School by: ELDERS . . YOUNGERS . . .12 cLuBs . . .30 TEAMS . Usa gSENIORS . . .so FRIENDS . . .100 1 -S K An essential element of any school is the. . . ELDERS ADMINISTRATION Running a school is not an easy job. If you Want testimony to this fact, ask our superin tendent, principal, or any member of the School Board. Naselle has been fortunate in its administration over the years. The annual staff would like to pay special tribute to Mr. Grabenhorst for his many years of service to the students of Naselle High School. A very busy man, he is never too busy to be interested in the students and their activities. Special thanks also go to the school board members, particularly the chairman, H. R. johnson Cbelowl. A. R. Grabenhorst, Superintendent f '-ffs4,ns,1-Ya' ff Q -' 3 i .weqmwn-pw.-V L, J. a re Ewa-E fn: Lyle R. Patterson, Principal Mr. P. directs traffic FACU LTY A teacher is many things to different people. This one thing is the quality for caring. No A friend to some, a bore to others, and un- matter how this caring is shown, it is there important to still others. But one thing dis- That is why teachers can never be replaced tinguishes teachers from other acquaintances. by computers or teaching machines. Denny Duncan A rt Mike Noah English Counseling Edith Smith Commercial Al Wainamo History Driver's Ed Cliff Weimer Music Norm Osterman History Virginia Johnson Librarian Dale Yates Math .qi iz s F 3 T' an ii, , M' Fw SEQ? i QL X- V ur'rMLzm.g , if in wi S N153 Elenora Hillis History Ardelle Ringhouse Science Pete Jarvis Physical Education Elaine Keeth Home Economics Physical Education Lynn Sterns Social Science wg Bill Hensleigh English Kaisa Saari Spanish Elmer Knauss Industrial Arts Jeanine johnson, High School Secretary Harold Crenshaw ! I l Q Toni Scott, District Secretary Andy Johnson ., - tm -1 wh' 1 W ww K ffm- i :V . ar- wr Khalil ' ' tt-rs 1, as 5 , f.. ::e:f5.f-2 - if A , ,ti ,A awwlk-J V it , ,amz mg, ,. .,-, S-ff L, fm: ,Q elf 21 at K as is ,ai gf , . ,. . ? ,, . ,K ',. :-,591 - ,sf : li A Alice Laney and Rose See, Cooks www SERVICE PERSONNEL They feed us, they clean up after us, they fix what we break, they get some of us to school, they make the office a cheerful place to go. "They" are the noncerti- fied personnel who make our school a better place because of their presence. These important members of our school deserve more recognition from all of us. Bus Mechanic, Curly I-Iundis 1 1 5 1-.ff 8 , fx - 1 nv A 5 . X 2 Y if , xi N , E4 A .. 5 , The future of our school is in the hands of the . . . YOUNGERS Esther Aiken Randy Aho Bruce Anderson "Now I lathe me down to sleep. " 'W X X xii AJ, 1' ""' YV-as Q99-H' ? lax Ex Gerald Barnes Charlene Bernard joe Bighill 14 Julie Blain Patty Busse Sherry Cox Dan Daugherty c h ,QQ rv- The Monday Blues fr 1 W N N Karen Dziadog Arlie French Darrylin I-Iauck jeff Heriot Melody Erickson Norilyn French Edwin Erola Linda Gilbert Faith Forberg Nina Haataja 15 Junior boys hash over the situation. W Roy Herrold Ron Holm Gayla johnson june Kandoll Brian Kandoll Marlys Kapron Daniel Kandoll Clifford Laine Debrah Howell jeff Howell 16 "Why don't we all go get a big orange drink" 1 , 'H - 'Bs- Ron Katyryniuk Royce Larson "Caught you again, Sha:-man! " m, fb! Ron Legler Jeanette Peterson Monte McGough Shirley Rainey Carol Sandell Darrel Sotka 17 Rick Sjzelzig Pam Williams Ame Wirkkala David Wirkkala I wonder if she saw me? Some game. 1? "H"T' ,. ' '-55755511 . f .Eg , ,mf , k eg, wi ,Q ,M 3 L . milf - . ' ' - NL K' 1 K 'E .Sf ix giiiik isa: . H if kfq.1sg,- 1 K I, Lf lj: , - V 5 ' in K Q 5 gk 2 5325 5-, . 2:2 . . X Q Qrahy amona Wirkkala. , , R andy Wirkkala Lndra. Wirkkala marman Wirkkala Susan Wlrkkala Ed W1ss ex Ziak 1 9 'WW r aemf ,,,,,,,f Mrs. Hillis and the Junior play cast. "Yes sir, I know where I'd rather be--on third floor in Spokane!" Mr. America 1971 QLeftj "And now, Governor Cabbagehead, just smile at the camera." For heaven sakes Rowland' Rowland Kern's fan club DREAM A LITTLE DREAM Rowland Kearns Clare Kearns. . Jerry Kearns . . Maggie Kearns . Mrs. Potts. . . Anson Kelby . Teenie .... Connie. . . Pat ..... Carol ..... Sheriff Garvey . Mr. Guerney. . Mrs. Guerney . Mr. Phelps. . . Mrs. Phelps . . lst Photographer 2nd Photographer Mrs. Short. . . Mrs. Stevens. . Mr. Smith . . . Governor Stillson. . . . Mrs. Stillson. . Harriwell Cleave Doorman. . . . Arlie French Nine Haataja Ekkie Arola Marlys Kapron Melody Erickson Monte McGough Darrilyn Hauck Sharman Wirkkala Karen Dziados Gayla Johnson Ron Katyryniuk Ron Holm Linda Gilbert Darrel Sotka Debbie Howell Rex Ziak Randy Aho julie Blain Norilyn French Royce Larson Jeff Heriot Esther Aiken Gerald Barnes Brian Kandoll Waiters . . . . . .Darrel Sotka, Ron Holm, Randy Aho, Royce Larson, Rex Ziak Directors . . . . . . . .Mrs. Hillis Mr. Hensleigh Student Directors . . . . Faith Forberg Patty Busse Padric Daugherty Charles Eike Roger Gray Marlene! WWFKSHGM-+G Lloydean Cannon Steve C arrell Gerry Cox Denise Anderson Lois Anderson Marlene Anderson Warren Anderson Robert Busse 22 sophomores! ! ! Haataja Vernon I-Ielney Hallam Steve Holm Herrold james jarvi Michael Kandoll Tom Keeney William Kato Sherri Kelley "I thought I put it here. " Gayla places her life in sophomore hands! Jill Larson Tom McKivor Steve Miller, Mardel Olsen Kayse Rogers Rick Rose Dan Ross Genita Ross Sergeant Preston takes a break. Randy Saari 24 A Ss.- Adele See Anita Shores Leland Stearns linda Vaughn Lori Vincent "What seems to be the problem, old boy?" 1 : , ,. - .-L FS- 'l iat V4 Rick Warra Bill Wilson Mary Wirkkala Shirley Wirkkala Jerry Wright 25 f ,-1 me r' is mfg' Z , A - I ' in V W A sv , . ' 'if X M W- ws. 3 , fswa fggrf M aww fem 55535 H1218 4 Q5 rs, , mg: ,W ag at A' 'Q' fx gfsizgwsefgif as 1 .xggwjssfaz-is . vWf,.f, :mf 24, sw- - - 3?-5,-?mm5r - - ,.. M M if A f AfZ Zilla: f '92 I gk, if s 535 Y ,ff fa . . Z L ax' Q z. , 3 Q Q sa 1 sea Pm? Q ,Mx Sa f f P 3 ri e Q vs? la, s far fran, 5 Lillie A d air D ammy Bighill K athy C arrell f Nm x 3 S9942 M 1 x F 'Wig it mb. , 'W , .4 f Mx, wwmgs ,in Mitch Aho Sharon Anderson Robin Blain Marshall Blanchard David Coleman Kenny Coon . -.11 Freshmen show their school spirit at weekly pep rallies. 26 Mark Doney Dawn Evans Shari Hall julie Hallam 42 if fm? .ik A Elame Hedlund Randy Heriot Chuck Hill ' Aw, queet it. Z -".iiEY?a!j.2: f5.QQf7:, f .' if .' 'Sims - - f ftmfqstf Q .2 ' - if f -, " Ew, 9 I: - 4. ,217 'vi , 5' 1251225 ' S 'ff ' We 5' Viv . 'ff Y , c..."J2' . , ' ' I 5, y 4pJ7o"f-if ' .If laf ' , ' than 0 ,g:f.1u Peggy Howell Jeanette Johnson Anna. Kandoll David Kandoll Martha Kandoll Robert Kandoll . 0 Dan Kimball Teri Knauss Gordon Lanning Brian Larson Duane Pellervo Steve Raistakka Debbie Rose Denise Rose Lauren Slusser - Sfiiliisei ifif 3 " .A g,?3i?fV.i"' W51917 fit, s1i25?1,,f fy Ma 1. y w4,, ,, . , 5561, ,-an if .. -. ai- as ,.,.L -, . , F . ?fg,,?,.' . ,M.,,,,, A:,.:, .W .,,. ,V :., , . , 3IfJ??if'515'f?7f' .55' UV ' :v ,. fwfixfwszi 2: -, H - ' 9335 39: 5 5 S is W Mike Stanley Andy Wirkkala Freshmen boys B. S. ,v-- Q- -,:: Q Mai3QfaM.gaWa, :-,,' ' 5 AS ri: Y' A I N E- iii? W ' MK W 2 X gram ax, L. .Hs ,gy aw 6, HMM 4 Q K Y Wa ,,,, ... .,,: .. f .1. Q -gl' T' if H xl . H A . 5' Pg K fi f is Euan! 8553 ax 5 i .5 1 as if a aa mfs? ,s 'meg bil Q af 4 ' xx A' 3 3 x W Q L L A- . 1 y. E 'S BX 'Q if Terry talks to tutor. if' 5 if ' " . " ' v:-'f,.:2"-:1',.is- :F-1"-:f'. - . i":E5s: 'L z. .. 1 5: ""'L"Wf' 'YXR4 v :-r -sf:-eerie . W M43 L , V ,,,. - ,.,g:-aw ..wag,,-EEA" I., 4. r ,mf iglwaqgiv . a n ,-,, zi.1m , . - ' 'f A . " " ' ur- ",,'i1:i V , -' fi 375 'Qi' 'li' ,. . A' . .. ff 5 1 2? '5 ??1fff K GL 11 1, ,4y.y:f'1gea:. ,g5igggsgjg,ii ggi! - ,gfggffgifg ,fsgegi fair?-i f-2 ,af f wfii- HY- f?Qf?2:g?hi - klwafi' .. - its - gkiggsgiseqggggzzs -' agwaai-K L- WK- Q , - afgw La nw ' " ? 'DVA 1HQua:w2'i'5SEi'.' ' "fi-5:5 5 -I fCi':5i?' 'I 1iFf2fe1.:',j j 4 I. w aag5f:i1?,-f:f , - lfffgfffaii . H - - gags- ,siysis-. S we ,aaa ff, W EHS? 5555-I . M' - . ' :re if' ' 4: '11 ::l5:"' ' - ' - '55, - 13 S 1' - Qwawfzgs' Mafsmf' Mike Swanson Walt Williams Ralph Wirkkala Terry Wuorinen Sandy Nelson Nancy Ziak Ray and Dan work in wood shop. YOU NGERS CANDIDS W Caught in the act. 1 The Christmas party A busy place Left- Norilyn and Shirley hit the books. Groups of people working together to make our school a CLUBS A.S.B. OFFICERS , JJ-1 , 1352 1' 2 H . . 1221?-if I fo,-sr 45 : .mf iq V if -'..:"v me, yy '- Q- wg ,. ,H , L,L K , . - " 1,125 it -. ffjgt I XL .wgf Brad and Steve make sure the trophy case remains spotless. Secretary Roxanne jim on the job. Bonnie Hyrkas , Historian 3 2 Brad and Sherry doing their daily work. STUDENT COUNCIL The aim of the 1970-71 Student Council was to raise money to finish paying for the scoreclock purchased by last year's Student Council. But they Went beyond their expectations. After raising money by selling Comet jackets, and Almond Roca Candy, the Council raised more than enough to pay for the scoreclock. It was decided to use the money left-over to purchase a new trophy case. Under the leadership of Brad johnson, the Council accomplished many things. Some of them being the revision of the dress code Qgirls in the school are now allowed to wear slacksj, the revision of the constitution, and they raised money for a mercy ship on Tom Dooley Day. It was a very successful year for an active Council. Left Ice Cream Feedg Above-The New Trophy Case Steve Raistakka -St. Coun Mike Swanson -V. Pres. Chuck Hill -Sgt. at Arr Lmda Vaughn Secretary Robert Busse Sgt at Arms Tom McKivor St Council Class of 1972 Randy Aho - Tre asure r CLASS OF 1971 rf' "Now I wonder what he's doing at a Girls League Meeting. " OFFICERS: Secretary- Sherry Cox, Student Council Rep. - Bonnie I-Iyrkas, 2'Ao President-.Arlene Helvey, Treasurer- Norilyn French, Sgt. at Arms- Shirley Rainey, V-Pres. - Susan Kandoll, Historian- Melody Erickson. 36 Adele becomes a model in the demonstration given by Darlene Bjornsgard. GIRLS' LEAGUE During the year the girls are busy pre- paring for assemblies, Heart Sister Week, Sweet Heart Swing, and selecting the girls of the month from Whom a girl of the year is chosen. The highlight of the year is the Mother Daughter Tea, on which is spent many hours of prep- aration. Arlene Helvey Girl of the Year Moments of excitement and joy as Girl of the Year is chosen. G.A.A. President Bonnie and her cabinet. Genita shows shotput technique! A lap around the track. lst row: Jeanette johnson, Debbie Rose, Lauren Slusser, Anita Shores, Shari Hall, Mrs. Hillis. 2nd row: Dawn Evans, Robin Blain, Peggy Howell, Teri Knauss, Jill Larson, Nancy Ziak, Elaine I-Iedlund. 3rd row: Sharon Johnson, julie Blain, Debrah Howell, Linda Gilbert, Genita Ross, Adele See, Mardel Olson. LETTERMEN'S CLUB lst Row: Mr. Stems, Mike Swanson, Randy Heriot, Tom McKivor, Gerry Cox, Rick Rose, Steve Holm, Mr. Jarvis. 2nd Row: Ron Katyryniuk, Rick Stelzig, joe Bighill, Darrel Sotka, Royce Larson, Ron Holm, Randy Aho, Rex Ziak, Arlie French, Jeff Heriot, Rod Ammer, Gerald Barnes, Roy Herrold, Brian Kandoll. 3rd Row: Jim Eastham, Brad Warra, Harland Fauver, Tom Hall, Dean Penttila, Dewey Adair, Randy Tienharra. Club votes on award winners. 1 Qi! f -L :lit , ,A 1 Egfim Officers catch up on their reading. Lettermen's Club capped 1971 with their annual Awards Banquet. Special awards for football went to: Most Improved-Dean Penttila and Steve Holmg Most Valuable-Royce Larsong Inspirational-- Harland Fauverg and Harland and Rod Ammer were honored for their year as Captains. Basketball honors were presented to: Most Im- proved-Arlie French and Ron Holm: Most Valu- able -- Harland F auverg Inspirational-- Harlandg and the Captain's Award to Harland. A special award, the Bob Chamberlain Memorial Trophy, was presented to Harland Fauver by Mr. Patterson. The Officer Corps 'WJ I Randy chows down! SPANISH CLUB Under the leadership of Mrs. Saari, Spanish Club members did a lot of eating this year--they also had a lot of fun! In addition to a couple of pic- nics, they also held their annual Christmas party, complete with piiata. President Mike Kandoll helped to make 70-71 a meaningful year for Spanish students. This piiata has had it! fn' S iid:-X' SN'-mugam-ww r r Spanish Club gets down to business ! Back Row: Steve Hohn, Jeff Heriot, Dan Kandoll, Darrel Sotka, Randy Aho, Susan Kandoll, Carol Sandell, Arlene Helvey, Patty Busse, Norilyn French, Brad johnson. Front Row: jenelle See, Lori Vincent, Gayla johnson, Marlys Kapron, Nina Haataja, Melody Erickson, Sherry Cox, Adele See, Karen Dziados, Mrs. Saari, Mike Kandoll. 41 5 PEP CLUB !,,-N Maybe we goofed? "You mean the boys restroom A cheer for the j.V. 's Pep band shows their enthusiasm during the home games. Many different moods are expressed in our pep club. A few of N.H.S. raving beauties. Officers ! You've get yourself a real winner Arlie! RALLY "Look, Sharman, I can still do it!" Marlys ! k -1 :1 2, "Oh, Isn't he coo1?" J :ifefL J:iT:s fx "Go Comets Go" Left: Darrylin Hauck QI-lead Cheerleaderj, Marlys Kapron, Melody Erickson, Sharman Wirkkala, Joyce Anderson. I Q WS? D El tw, ai 9 f 551: ' ' A ., Z K I ':-' 5 ' A' "-Z , ,g .W fn, 'Q -. , ANNUAL STAFF Layouts, copy, bleed, and especially deadline be- came very familiar terms to the annual staff this year. Suffering from the loss of an editor early in the year, the staff worked many long hours in the spring to complete your yearbook. A special thanks must go to Sharon johnson, Joyce Anderson, and Dean Penttila who joined the staff to compensate for the loss of some previous members. Working with staff members Rex Ziak, Sherry Cox, and Jenelle See, these people made the 1971 NA-HI-AN .MMV QQ' M, . M- .. : ,-,,. -v-.1 f Q gf ,Ei K M H Mb' N-rf, tt., .V-nga-vv"" """' one to be proud of. A special salute must go to p p Arlene Helvey who assumed the majority of the if responsibility for completing this book. Arlene works on a layout. Rex and Sherry check for pictures. 46 Dean admires Sharon's work. Joyce and Mr. Noah discuss the book. X C if 1 - 5 3 Y Comet Editorsg Gary Nelson, Steve I-Iaase, and Bonnie Hyras were in all phases of to running the paper off. The Staff 47 OMET STAFF tg i i F N production from typing stencils HOMECOMING if 5 i ...A T 'Z if l g. 2 , . " 'g H -ii Q, , cf :-' 7 ' ' . Q it Qf i za' ' iid if ,'V:' F . V' 7 , Zi ,, .5 ' ' .1 5' , ,V " Congratulations to the Queen. Harland crowns the queen. The crowning of the Homecoming Queen was an exciting night not only for the Queen and her court but for the members of the school and the public. The princesses were driven around the football field by boys of the senior class. The drivers were: Brad Johnson, Randy Tienhaara, jim Eastham, Gary Nelson, and Greg Wirkkala. When the exciting moment came, last year's Queen, Sheryl Anderson, announced the 1970-71 Homecoming Queen as Roxanne Swanson. The royal kiss by Harland Fauver, the receiving of the crown, and the presentation of the flowers will be a moment never forgotten by Queen Roxann. WM' ippp I Princesses 48 5.4 . J J' , is 1 hi ' qL,i is 'Af Q W K 3 ,W 'f EV 4 1 it if 2 11 iii Queen Roxanne ! :fm The Queen and her court were honored the evening of the crowning with a dance The man. theme, "Moments to Remember", seemed to fit the occasion perfectly. Music by the Purple Illusion was enjoyed by everyone who attended the dance. The decorations by the Pep Club gave a perfect atmosphere to the evening. Many enjoyed the music by the Purple Illusion. 4 A tiiiigi 'lee The Queen and her Royal Court. 5' T P 2 Mr. Noah and Brad clean up at the Space Needle Above-Our Presidentg Right- Fatman's basket- ball game. HONOR SOCIETY The Naselle High School Honor Society performed their regular activities this year. In November they held the annual Elk Hunter's Breakfast. Later in the year they sponsored the Faculty Town Team vs. the Youth Camp Counselors Basketball Game. This year for their annual trip they Went to Seattle to see Richard II, one of Shakespeare's plays. One of the smallest clubs at N. H. S. , they are also one of the busiest. ' Dale and Pete wait anxiously to get in the game. Looks like even teachers can have fun!!! fBack rowj: Mr. Noah Advisor, joel Kandoll, joe Bighill, Mr. Stems, Advisor, jeff Heriot, Brad johnson, QFirst rowj: Arlene Helvey, Greg Wirkkala, Randy Tienhaara, Harland Fauver, Brad Warra, Melody Erickson, Royce Larson, Sharon Johnson. 51 The fisheries crew .MZ ik What have I done! Wanna drag? Randy showing his skill at welding FISHERIES Fisheries is a one year course designed to help a student prepare for a life in the fishing industry. The students are taught two aspects of the fishing business: Terry Kreiger teaches seamanship, en- gine repair, fishing gear preparation and repair, marine woodworking, and welding. The raising of fish and fish culture is taught by Darrel Mills. Field trips are given throughout the year and students make trips on fishing boats. Sea Resources owns a small troller which is used to teach the students naviga- tion and boat operation. 5 "Gotta keep this boat arollin ll! n 53 Y. tOOt toot Ex, is 1 A ! K Hey! This is kind of fun Mr. Music 54 Practice makes Perfec K ali, rw fii e V- 775 i7 f:a1as1..' wifi 2.31: - 7 -- -1-.',.f-. ,. -.,:.f . -. .- -iw l' i l a kuM lo i7 x ' .. . . 3 f 3 use ,..., ,,-, 7 iii E E fu .wah 5 AA 7. . .7 . ig V In S gg 33 S as f QE H ig 5 2 2 gf w uh Q .. H ' P . v fgi?.i?g..-.- if 5 2 -Q I 13, .. .... T 552 " ""mWwi.7gFi. ,.,, 337 ,K,, Q53 , if in 2 T ' 5 , 55 14 Silt? 'Siu 15. ' . V, -A .. .,. . 5 V. .. .- .. .352 A EN ii...gT . ,i si. i ., if fl E 7.. . . .. N. 5? 1 f ie- 1 w w vm i ii 9 . 7 'elf . .2 -7 . 1 me in f75,:h?fi Mssssf. .-..2i,g1g?w- -M . . N ,vi +12 K7 '12 f -A 7 . . . .J . eggs A2155 L. , ,.., -1 ww., W f -- 4 - few X ' by at ,B 1 .A an Y . pri? 1 gm .. .gim- H4 7 i 7- . 7 . 1wiWg'mzsf QV s?fg?ujx.f7Q-Asif a.., ae - W mmm V :exif mfg- Swan dig. -r.. P X W i. .,,7. ,fn Q 1 r ip mgiifei 'Q 1 -f 7 '.-, -f- H W gn .- "'.' e -,ma ..n.- -in. --1 -W r fide gi . fggaggeggwi.. H , 1 . -. ,,-77 . ,7.... -agifqiffiiiitm Q fiiigiiisif . M- ' fl-"1 . N.. h, .. E A ?i2gIa5.fsf.Qsw fi ,...,. .., .. fi " ...E F '432 i . B . i 1 5 N 'l c fE J ---.W Q.. px Si: S 7 .... l iiijggig 11: ii ' 7 : -5 - Q: ....- lggmxqsfe. X 1 N-f'ff'l. "" f ' Si. V1.5 Wi. 77 '-f1f92wT' J ': :wi .F:.::L?..' aE xy-yi-fre - .1 ifwfbfeaaax 'wean -- - K' l lsziasr -isiigs-Kgsg .Qi ,5s.gsff5i!1z'.. fam.- grgx sf. 4 ,:7--. 1 L 'axis . ,zz -. fi ..- fx 1 'egf xii ' .QJQW --'z.. f :- ef :. 'H -H.:--: . :r . -i":' smvwst,L'j5e7Lfi.-.-.' vsp jafjf ' B-sLef?5:5ilF'LW2i- ' 7 ' .,,,j52,gV -' ' -Q '5l9?lS?.. .. :SQ A X pr 2' - -. i 'ffl ' 5 ' A ZFQH-75.171 fussy iii. . -- wgass,fgia.sfsisssv-f..- 1- -:f.7:,5g.ss71qgssfgfwf 'wfwfwfgg.1g.Lfa.-as-gsafffi-Q?2.3fs3ss-eelaff .7.- i A-555,i7i....52.a.,3gi,a.. -. -,57l7.mp5:i.lfia..H af53sgg55..77i,wfgs':ge5e.sgg?if.2f.7ga 37fff-.ff-- '- wsi-77-'if's..f-,,gk-gi... .-is-'ff'r71skiHg-5-W .. 1 7 -2 ff-,... - W, ..A ,M ..,, .. 7 . ..,,.....7 . , , ..7.. . -.77 wi- f- 77-. -ff,, ' ' 'T 55.95. N' m.i1gi'... 2:1 - in ,.,, , i, i . .,., 7 w.m..s Wim-f 7 hm- .. A ,..., 3,,.7A. g,., ...,. . fejgfsa--iw . :we ., 7. im?-s.m7ray .e7f.,.g2gg, .g w f 'vi-flsmefsvf-756,55 . -'ff we.2i9f- ' "1::a5ff5??,:'f5gi5-.ffm i . 1 Nik' ' "W JlzE?i?1"1x ' fi . Yfsfitifgfftgffsfi .- -iaggQ.5exg.i.71i '?iEjs2..'f5i. 81 ,775-, ..-em 'K .fam ...ewes-17-f.x:fi "No, Mardel, you went too soon." BAND The band was very active all year. They received a superior rating at Class D Music Contest for the fourth year in a row. They sold megaphones, played in the Christmas and Spring Concerts, and marched in the An- nual Loyalty Day Parade at Long Beach. When the Marine Band was in Longview, the band Went to their afternoon performance. In the spring the Junior Choraliers from Tillamook came to give a concert and some band mem- bers entertained the Choralier members. They also hosted a concert by the Warrenton Band. A salute must go to Mr. Weimer for rejuvenating our band program. Trumpets sound off. "The left foot Norilyn 8 Duane !!" 55 Ed and Mr. Weimer thrill Marlys. Practicing for contest H i M6 W Q We N' - -usa , - 2, vpn wi - 5 Lx f 'if" H Fi' Q Sb ge f Q' lx Nl SHE Q Q he in-ffl? ar ei gm Representing our school in athletic competition are our. . . TEAMS 2 .. wil . viz ui? 5 , X A S r r K f i g: I . r ,, r ' . A V 1 fi ' w , 5? ' L'.h . Wai, . Ami km ,t kkkkk F H .Y-t Q Community support--a Comet trademark. 1 Harland Fauver Brad Warra Dewey Adair Rod Ammer jim Eastham Dean Penttila Co-Captains Coaching Staff: Mike Noah, Cliff Weimer, Pete Jarvis, Lynn Stems 61 1970 COMET SEASON Naselle So. Bend 12 6 La Center 6 7 Toutle Lake 0 13 Valley 0 0 Kalama 6 7 Pe E11 6 14 W.S.D.S. 42 28 Cathlamet 42 0 Ilwaco 20 14 me It 1S an expenence ared by the team, the rooters, d the coaches, each in their ootball is more than just a a i . . h n nique and valuable way con- ributing to the whole. 'he Comets ended the 1970 Jotball season with a 4-4-1 I '- O . . r cord The team was led by x semors who played a large 11 ln every game. Jlm Eastham eceived a 1eg injury during a actice session and watched the eason's games from a pair of rutches. THE THRILL OF VICTORY Victory does not only consist of winning a game. Many victories are Won even though the game was lost. Personal victories take place in any game Won or lost. Arlie French ftop rightb is experiencing a type of "personal victory. " He has just caught a long pass and is now out- running a number of opponents. Another "personal victory" is having perfect timing and throwing a pass over the outstretched arms of an opponent as Steve Holm is doing Ctop leftb. The goal of every defensive lineman is to tackle an opposing quarterback behind the line of scrim- mage. WM, 7 as V ,. -W -W . . , 1,-Www, ,,,v--ww: -,, tual, assesses. .,. ,, ,. . . . - as .sw , , we . an. ses, , fm.. sa g THE AGONY OF DEFEAT Along with the "personal victories" and the games won you experience defeat. Royce Larson Caboveb is experiencing personal defeat. The play went wrong, his blocker missed his block and those South Bend players seem to be coming from everywhere. "Personal defeat" is best exemplified by a lineman just taken out of the play. Finally, just sitting there, as joe Bighill is doing, wondering if all the practice he had gone through the previous week was worth it. i at-ang-Q ,vw I The team fires out. To play football, you've got to like mud! QCrunch , Smash , J ugh Comets show their tough defense on a Cathlamet opponent. The players receive instructions before the second half of a close game. t so S' H x, Ron Holm quietly rests after a 1'0ugh, wet half against Ilwaco. 65 Coach Sterns gives the boys some real competition. 1970-71 BASKETBALL Center: Coach Lyle Patterson. Left to Right: Ron Holm, Royce Larson, Ron Katyryniuk, Gerald Barnes, Arlie French, Harland Fauver, Darrel Sotka, jeff Heriot, Randy Aho. 1 M s I 'L sivgugv: Qi tif. 9 2582135 - - .. '- W V l V giiii Lt V , e C 6' i f . My o 2 f W 122 ,., 1 gQ.y is, .Ti ,'-, " . , ip 'iii 1' .4 if t V I K A ,W , is t p 2- . Captain L99-Sue The 70-71 Varsity basketball team consisted of nine players. This made practices awk- ward, as a J. V. player or a coach would have to fill in. Despite this handicap, the team reached the state tournament in Spo- kane. 66 District State This year's team included only one senior, Harland Fauver, shown in action above. A team leader all season, he was Voted Most Valuable Player and Inspirational Player by his teammates at the conclusion of the sea- SOI1. Coach A coach is a man of many moods and a man of many faces. Below are some faces of Coach Patterson through- out the year. All are used to make the season a success. Yelling Showing Telling a 5' Discussing 5 Ore e ,. ,. ' as Concentration. . equals . . . success!' Above: Darrel works to get free. Left: Buck poses. u MEET THE TEAM M was EEEETTTT Harland sinks a free one. Arlie cheers a Comet victory. , ,5-.fe QM 5 Huw . M if is P gif fag 55 'K itll 'Hill Gerald stretches! Randy Plays ba11-me-y0u! 69 TOURNAMENT PLAY . "'1f 3: 1 Q? G., l ROV ce goes up for another two points. Arlie grabs a rebound in the game against Oakville. 555 -Q-1, 'Nm I 'S .ff Comets warm up at district. . . 'fi Comets race with their opponents for a score. Arlie gets the tip at the state tourney. Comets hustle against a tough Peshastin-Dryden team 71 SEASON Own 49 Astoria . . 55 Warrenton 44 Ocosta .... 56 Cathlamet. 40 llwaco .... 54 Raymond. . 46 Cathlamet. 52 Valley .... 51 So. Bend . . 50 Moclips. . . 55 Montesano 47 Valley .... 46 Raymond. . 45 Ilwaco .... 47 So. Bend . . 33 Moclips. . . 69 Warrenton 43 Ocosta .... 65 N. Y.C .... 61 Montesano OPP 72 52 41 42 41 64 43 36 45 33 42 48 37 31 52 35 34 42 17 52 Back row: Rick Rose, joe Bighill, Roy I-Ierrold, Steve I-Iolm, Coach Jarvis. Front: Monte McGough, 'U Fingertip control. Upset? Rick tips! JUNIOR VARSITY I t Comets fight for the ball. ! E Randy drives against tough So. Bend press. Randy Heriot's fine shooting led 1. V. 's in per- centage and total points for season. Left: Steve goes down in a jungle of legs. 1971 TRACK Coach Stems and the squad. gr-Q Arlie shows promise in a new event, the javelin. Dave Clears the baf- 74 ,,,,, -A-fem me ass t .za-WWC' .yer at . i sas Randy strains for distance in triple jump Kayse wins another 440 Roy and I-Iarland, stride for stride all year. The 1971 track season was a suc- cessful one. Victories over Cathlamet, Kalama, Ocosta, Ilwaco, Knappa, and Warrenton were topped by a victory in the Naselle Lions Invitational. Arlie French qualified for state and was named as the Most Valu- able member of the team. Randy Aho and Ron Holm were named Inspirational award winners, and Harland Fauver was elected Captain. Graduating seniors, Harland Fauver, Brad Warra, Tom Hall, and David Shores will be missed next season. but there will be an encouraging number of returning lettermen. Brad taking off. Buck practicing his steps in ballet. "OopS! I hit it' " "Here, take it! Take it!" V 77 This should be good. " "Boy am I glad that's over" 1971 Golf Team The 1971 golf season was climaxed with an extra-hole Win over Elma for the Central League Championship. The title ended the most successful year ever for Naselle in golf. Comet golfers won 7 out of 8 matches and nar- rowly missed qualifying for the State Tourna- ment. The lone dual match loss came early in the season at the hands of Seaside, Oregon AA Champs. At district, the Comets finished 6th needing a 4th place finish or higher to qualify for the State Tournament. Leading Comet golfer for the year was jeff Heriot, who averaged just over 39 strokes for each 9-hole match. The Comet tournament team was made up of jeff, Ron Holm, Randy I-leriot, and Steve Holm. Dave Shores, Royce Larson, and Steve Raistakka completed the squad. Things look good for the future with Dave the only graduating senior. 78 Steve hits a shot 1971 GOLF Dave ready to chip. that he doesn't seem to care for. 1 J a -K ,.,,, ,. Team leaves for a match. X . uhh, K 'iN ' 1 Tourney Team: Randy, Jeff, Buck, and Steve - 13, ! f 1 all ' dl.. ,gr The class of '71 is referred to as. . . RULERS 1 DEWEY BOB ADA IR JOYCE CI-IA RLENE ANDERSON RODNEY MELVIN AMMER DAVID REINO ANDERSON 82 DAVID RICHARD ANDERSON JAMES STANLEY EASTHAM HARIAND FORREST FAUVER STEVEN DANIEL I-IAA SE 83 LOREN ROBERT HAATAJA giifvf TOM HERMAN HALL EIAINE CHRISTINE I-IALIAM ARLENE MARIE HELVEY 84 BONNIE LEE HYRKAS BRADLEY DON JOHNSON .J ,J SHA RON MAY JOHNSON JOEL PETER KANDOLL 85 SUSAN ELA INE KANDOLL COLIN JAY KEENEY GARY LEROY NELSON CHARLES DEAN PENTTILA 86 DAVID JAY SHORES JENELLE ANITA SEE ROXANNE MICHELE SWANSON RANDALL DENNIS TIENHAARA 87 BRADLEY ALLEN WARRA GREGORY OTTO WIRKKALA DAVID PAUL WITMAN 88 SENIOR ACTIVITIES DEWEY ADAIR-Transfer from Woodland 25 Class Play 3,45 Class Pres. 4, Class V. Pres. 35 Football 3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Pep Club 35 Science Club 3. ROD AMMER-Basketball 15 Class Sgt. at Arms 3 5 Foot- ball 1,2,3,45 Co-Captain 45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Sgt. at Arms 35 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Science Club 35 Track 3. DAVID REINO ANDERSON-Chorus 1 ,4. DAVID RICHARD ANDERSON-Fisheries 3,4. JOYCE ANDERSON-Annual Staff, 45 Cheerleader 45 Chorus 1,45 Class Play 3,45 Comet Staff 45 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Girls' League 1,2,3,45 Home Bc Club 1,2,3,45 Historian 35 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Sweet- heart Swing Princess 25 Swing Choir 4. JIM EASTHAM-Band 1,2,3,45 Pres. 3, V. Pres. 45 Bas- ketball 1,2,35 Chorus 45 Football 1,2,3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 ASB Sgt. at Arms 4. HARLAND FAUVER-Basketball 1,2, 3,45 Captain, In- spirational, Most Valuable 45 Class Play 3,45 Comet Staff 45 Football 1 ,2,3,45 Co-Captain, Inspirational 45 Honor Society 3,45 V. Pres. 45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Pres. 45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Pres. 45 Science Club 1,25 Spanish Club 1,25 Track 1,2,3,45 Captain 4. STEVE HAASE-Class Treas. 25 Class Play 3,45 Comet Editor 45 Concessions Chairman 3,45 I-Ii-Fi Club 1 ,2,3,4 Sec. 3,45 Pres. 25 Science Club 1,2,35 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 ASB V. Pres. 4. LOREN HAATAJA-Bus Shop 45 Chorus 15 Fisheries 35 Football 1. TOM HALL--Class Play 3 ,45 Basketball 1, Lettermen's Club 3,45 Pep Club 1,25 Track 3,4. ELAINE HALLAM-Chorus 15 Girls' League 1,2,3,45 Home Bc Club 45 Pep Club 1,2. ARLENE HELVEY-Annual Staff 45 Band 25 Chorus 15 Class Play 3,45 Class Speaker 45 G.A.A. 2,35 Girls' League 1,2,3,45 Pres. 45 Girl of the Year 45 Girls' State 3, Home Ec Club 1,2,3,45 V. Pres. 35 Homecoming Princess 45 Honor Society 3,45 Sec. 45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Science Club 2, 35 Spanish Club 1, 2,3,45 Sweetheart Swing Queen 3. BONNIE HYRKAS-Chorus 1,45 Comet Editor 45 Class Play 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Pres. 45 Girls' League 1,2,3,45 Student Council Rep. 45 Hi-Fi Club 45 Sgt. at Arms 45 Home Ec. Club 3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Science Club 1,25 Sweetheart Swing Princess 45 ASB Historian 4. BRAD JOHNSON-Boys' State 35 Chorus 1 ,45 Class Play 3,45 Class Sec. 15 Comet Staff 45 Football 15 Manager 2,3,45 Hi-Fi Club 1,2,3,45 V. Pres. 45 Honor Society 2,3,45I..etteI'1'nen'S Club 2,3,45 Sec. 35 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Science Club 1,2,35 Spanish Club 2,35 Track Manager 45 ASB Pres. 4. SHARON JOHNSON-Annual Staff 45 Band 1,2, 35 Comet Staff 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45T1'eaS. 35 Girls' League 1,2,3,45 Home Bc. Club 45 Honor Society 2,3,45 Stu- dent Council Rep. 45 Pep Band 45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Science Club 3. JOEL KANDOLL--Chorus 15 Class Pres. 25 Class Treas. 45 Honor Society 3,45 Science Club 2. SUSAN KANDOLL-Chorus 15 Class Sec. 25 Comet Staff 45 Girls' League 1,2,3,45 V. Pres. 45 Home Ec. Club 45 Student Council Rep. 45 Spanish Club 1,2,45 Sec. 4. COLIN KEENEY-Transfer from Portland 25 Chorus 25 Class Play 3,45 Class Sgt. at Arms 45 T.V. Cameraman 4. GARY NELSON-Chorus 15 Class Play 3, Comet Editor 45 Hi-Fi Club 45 Treas. 45 Pep Club 1,2,35 Science Club 1,2,3. DEAN PENTTILA-Annual Staff 45 Band 1,2,35 V. Pres. 35 Class Play 3,45 Class Treas. 35 Football 1,2,3,45 Most Improved 45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Sgt. at Arms 45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 V. Pres. 45 Science Club 1,2,35 Spanish Club 1,25 Stage Band 2. JENELIE SEE-Annual Staff 45 Chorus 1, Class Play 3,45 Class Sec. 45 Comet Staff 45 Forensics 3,45 G.A. A, 1,2,3,45 Pres. 3, Student Council Rep. 45 Girls' League 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,25 Science Club 15 Spanish Club 3. DAVID SHORES-Basketball 2,35 Chorus 15 Football 15 Golf 2,3,45 Pep Club 1,35 Science Club 25 Spanish Club 25 Trs 'k 3,4. ROXANNE SWANSON-Chorus 1,45 Class Play 35 Class Sec. 35 Comet Staff 45 Home EC. Club 1,35 Treas. 35 Girls' League 1,2,3,45 Treas. 35 Homecoming Princess 35 Homecoming Queen 45 Pep Club 1 ,2,3,45 Sweetheart Swing Princess 1, RANDY TIENHAARA-Basketball 1,2,35 Chorus 45 Class Play 3,45 Football 1,25 Honor Society 3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Student Council Rep. 45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Sgt. at Arms 25 Science Club 1,2,35 Track 1,2. BRAD WARRA-Band 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1 ,25 Class Play 45 Class Pres. 15 Class Speaker 45 Class V. Pres. 25 Football 1,2,3,45 Honor Society 2,3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Sec-Treas. 45 Pep Club 1,2,45 Spanish Club 15 Stage Band 25 Track 1 ,3,45 ASB Jr. Auditor 35 ASB Treas. 4. GREG WIRKKALA-Basketball 15 Class Play 3,45 Chorus 1,45 Honor Society 3,45 Pres. 45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Stu- dent Council Rep. 25 Science Club 1,25 Pres. 1. DAVE WITMAN-Transfer from Sacramento, Calif, 35 Basketball 35 Football 35 Gymnastics 45 Track 3. SENIOR SNEAK i x Q The gathering of the nuts at the Oak Tree. Relaxing while waiting for their journey up the slope. X avg -we: Q we 5 1 E jenelle and Dewey lead the Way up the ski lift. Is it Loren or Peggy Fleming? ---- , Joyce "on the rocks, " Joel solves the problem of falling Hey, I can do it! Colin says sweet nothings to a candle at the Quay. 91 SE NIORS PRE SE NT "THE BOY WHO CHANGED THE WORLD" George . John. . . Agatha. . Mozelle . . Dorothy . . Paul. . . Scarface. . Spear . . Bear. . Ruth . . Irma . . . Genevieve . . Irving . . . Ralph . . Girls ..... Student Director Business Manager . . . Advisors. . . . Steve Haase Colin Keeney Teri Landon Bonnie Hyrkas jenelle See Dewey Adair Harland Fauver jim Eastham Dean Penttila Joyce Anderson Arlene Helvey Maureen Barnes Brad Johnson Greg Wirkkala LeAnne Bennett Roxanne Swanson Brad Warra Sharon Johnson Mrs. Hillis Mr. gl Mrs. Hensleigh Finishing touches! Hit it again, Tom! "Hey Scarface, quit looking at the girls and 1et's go. " f44ff -?'2s ' . G 5 Paul the professor George, George, George, of the jungle. Cavemen of today. "We11 what do you know, George finally did it .Q .J "If that's jane, who are you?" GRADUATION 1971 Sharon helps Joyce put on her gown. Bonnie pins the corsage on Mrs. Johnson. "What does it say, Joel?" 94 I Colm awaits 'che final moment. I-Nr ll V l W: dn' 'ni Brad delivers his speech. Steve receives the art award. ffsv-1 Arlene speaks. P A ,,.....--4 Brad Wana recelves an award em if f,,i?!5"'k, my Q x , 4 Q 'is' ' 'Q fb ,, s X, .1 W In 1: 1 3 as i " 1 ? s K 13 x wg Q X gs - 4 if if ww ga Wa' lt's over!" Girls COMMENCEMENT Friday, May 28, 1971 Naselle Gymnasium Processional . . . .N. H.S. Band Invocation . . . .Reverend Chris Bruland Class Address . . . . .Arlene Helvey Instrumental Number .... N. H. S. Band Awards ...... . .Lyle R. Patterson Class Address . . . . .Brad Warra Presentation of Class .... A. R. Grabenhorst Presentation of Diplomas . .H. R. johnson Benediction ......... Reverend Chris Bruland Senior Class . . . ."Alma Mater, " Yoder Recessional . . . .N.H.S. Band Pk Class Colors: Class Flower: Class Motto: 97 Purple and Lavender Bird of Paradise "Learn as if you were to live forever 3 live as if you were to die tomorrow. " Colin at his best. The men head for the Quay. "Oh, my achin' . "' Sharon flies to class. 'i9?"lY,ffwfZQasifi:"d1K-if'iimmknff' " ' f Poetry in motion! The senior art class plants rhododendrons. Left: The spirit of 71 J e 99 Rod and Joyce stand up for a rest N R lx Q Q' . 'Q - , .fs we ., I .' A ,By ,ssl ':f-532 ' r 'N 1 Q se ,MW had Many people help to support the NA-HI-AN. We call them our. . . FRIENDS LOVELL AUTO CO. QUALITY SERVICE SINCE 1910 CHEVROLET, BUICK, CADILLAC VOLVO - OPEL CITY LUMBER CO. 2142 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon 325-4511 USED CAR LOT IN LONG BEACH ASTORIA LONGVIEW 325-2711 642-3223 g HAUKE'S MARKET THE GUILD MEN SHOP Serving Astoria and Vicinity THE GUILD IS THE SHOP THAT for 80 years MAKES HBOYWATCHERS OUT OF GIRLS" 32nd gl Marine Drive Astoria, Oregon OREGON MARINE SUPPLY CO. SUPPLIERS OF COMMERCIAL TROLLING, TRAWL AND GILLINET Gear Ross gl Pearce Simpson Electronics Ft. of 12th Street Astoria, Oregon THUNDERBIRD MOTEL 400 Industry Street Astoria, Oregon 97103 Telephone 325-7373 Ken gl Mildred Hadley COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF ASTORIA f 1715 Exchange Street hafta Astoria, Oregon X "Congratulations to the Seniors" f 7. AWN THE WEE FLOWER SHOP "FLOWERS SAY IT BEST" Cut Flowers and Potted Plants At Your Desire Teleflora Florafax Gifts Artificial Candles Arrangements Floyd and Lois Rudisil 222 Broadway 738-7452 Seaside, Ore. TRIANGLE SHOPPING CENTER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF "7l" THORNLEY OLDS-CADILLAC, INC. 1260 VANDERCOOK WAY G LD S LONGVIEW, WASHINGTON KI6 I g, 556 XX!!! J if Phone - 423-3200 Parts - 423-7760 I Cadillac lg Olds 'I GMC 'I Studebaker 'k Auto car I jeep SEASIDE LANES "THE BEST IN TOWBOAT SERVICE" BRUSCO TOWBOAT COM PANY Roland E. Brusco Cathlamet, Washington B.G. McNALLY CONSTRUCTION CATHLAMET, WASHINGTON "' Towboat Service i' Bucket Dredging 'I Log Salvage "' Boom Stick Rental 'I' Log Dump "' Rafting and Sorting Phone 795-3345 Residence 795-3323 MYLETT'S Wexenburg Shoes for Men Lees Casuals for Youths and Men White Stag Sportswear Featuring Keds the official ABA Shoe Cathlamet, Washington K I WRIGHT'S CABLEVISION HCONGRATULATIONH TO THE CLASS OF 1971 Otis, Art, and Don Wright Cathlamet, Washington ALEXANDER'S SHOES AND CLOTHING 1257-59 COMMERCE AVENUE MYKLEBUST'S "A TRADITION IN LONGVIEWI' IVIENIS 81 LADIEIS READY TO WEAR 1258-60 COMMERCE AVENUE LONGVIEW, WASHINGTON PHONE 425-4650 l.oNGvlEw, WASHINGTON SCHNEIDER'S since 1927 KORTEN'S 1248 COMMERCE LONGVIEW, WASHINGTON "MUSIC BRINGS HAPPINESS" CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS EW J Phone 425-3400 Longview, Washington SEATTLE-FIRST NATIONAL BANK "U V4 LONG-v1Ew BRANCH ,EX ' X! A A ' 105 DARIGOLD "Congratulations to the Class of "7l" PHONE 325-6362. ASTORIA JANITOR 84 PAPER SUPPLYCOMPANY Q1 WHOLESALE Q 1 Phone 465-2222 E GEORGE HEDIGER 1055 MARINE DRIVE ASTORIA, OREGON Office machines Furniture Supplies ASTORIA OFFICE SUPPLY INC. 1164 Commercial St. Astoria, Oregon Phone 325-6162 Sales, Service and Rentals TUNE YOUR DIAL TO 1230 K.V.A.S. RADIO ASTORIA , OREGON FIESTA RESTAURANT PHONE 325-6462 ASTORIA , OREGON ENGLUND MARINE SUPPLY CO. Complete Supply of Marine Hardware and Commercial Fishing Supplies Astoria Oregon and llwaco, Washington THEIL'S MUSIC CENTER For your musical Needs Astoria, Oregon Angling for the best? You'll find it at, LlNK'S 1254 Commercial St. Astoria, Oregon ILWACO CHARTER SERVICE Deep-Sea Fishing, Rod Rentals Tackle And Bait Box 323 Phone 642-3232 Ilwaco, Washington 98624 PACIFIC SALMON CHAR TERS P.O. Box 519 ll.wAcO, WASHINGTON 98624 FISHER BROS. CO. FOR HOUSEWARES - HARDWARE - PAINTS IZTI-I MARINE DRIVE ASTORIA, OREGON KNUTSEN INSURANCE 375 12TH STREET ASTORIA, OREGON PHONE 325-1541 COLUMBIA PRESS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE "SENIORS" ASTORIA , OREGON 24 HOUR PHONE SERVICE 325-3867 AAQ UA BEAUTY SALON 959 COMMERCIAL STREET ASTORIA, OREGON 97103 For everything you use CHRIS' NEWS 1412 Commercial 325-2832 Astoria, Oregon 97103 ANDERSON BROS. JEWELERS IIQUALITY JEWELERS FOR OVER 45 YEARSII 1150 COMMERCIAL STREET ASTORIA, OREGON SHANER 'S IEWE LRY 922 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon 97103 325-4981 Wesley S. Shaner- Certified Watchmaker OWL DRUG STORE Prescriptions, Drugs, Photo Supplies, stationery 12th and Commercial Astoria, Oregon Phone- 325-4311 YOUR FRIENDLY-- PUBLIC MARKETS ASTORIA SEASIDE VI STA RECORDS ALL THE HIT RECORDS 12TH 84 DUANE STREET ASTORIA, OREGON ' OWEN PEEKE CO. International Equipment Astoria, Oregon Phone 325-2721 ERICKSON'S FLORAL COMPANY 1295 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon phone 325-4831 "Flowers for all occasions" SEASIDE AGATE SHOP with thescenic front Collectors Paradise WESTLAKE GROCERY AND SHELL SERVICE 5 miles N. of Seaside on 101 Horse trailers for rent Seaside' Oregon I I Alberts Feeds phone 861-1043 SEASIDE AQUARIUM CAMERON INSURANCE AGENCY Open every day of the year 20 S. E. First Street 200 North Prom Seaside, Oregon Warfentonf Oregon hw Phone 861-1485 THORSNESS GLASS SHOP Sales and Installations 1295 Marine Drive Astoria, Oregon ROMSO'S SHEET METAL WORKS 2703 Marine Drive Astoria, Oregon Stainless Steel gl Sheet Metal Products LOLLY'S "House of Fashion" 1124 Commercial Street Phone - 325-6664 Astoria, Oregon S-T-R-E-C-H gl SEW 1428 Commercial Astoria, Oregon HOLMES CLEANERS INC. 25 Years Serving Astoria 1110 Marine Drive Phone - 325-1862 Betty Takko Tom Young PIG N PANCAKE 2 Locations Seaside Astoria 323 Broadway 146 W. Bo Il ABRAHAMSEN COMPANY Serving the Lower Columbia Area Since 1920 Astoria, Oregon DANISH MAID BAKERY 1132 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon "Danish Our Specialty" - Call us for your birthday, wedding, and party cakes. HILDERBRAND FURNITURE CO. 1033 Commercial Astoria, Oregon Phone - 325-6341 RICHARD H. BALL STUDIO Lower Columbia's School Photographers for over 35 years 1184 Commercial Street Astorla, Oregon PROFESSIONAL OPTICAL SERVICE 1036 Duane Astoria, Oregon Phone - 325- 1955 FIRST FEDERAL Savings and Loan Association 303 llth Street Astoria, Oregon HARRY SWANSON REALTY 348 12th Street Phone - 325-1733 Astoria, Oregon HONDA OF ASTORIA "From Mighty to Mini Honda Has it all" 1606 Marine Drive Astoria, Oregon UT ZINGER'S BOOK STORE 1292 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon 97103 ASTORIA BEAUTY COLLEGE Complete Training in all Phases of Cosmetology Astoria, Oregon Phone - 325-3163 ,sto 2 YOU ALWAYS DO BETTER Y RAYIVIOND'S FRIENDLY FORD DEALER .Ti I00 3RD STREET ' -MIIIIIIII-u PHONE 942-2405 JENSEN FURNITURE CO. FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES , WASHING PHONE 942-2541 WILLAPA HARBOR 60 DAIRY QUEEN "LIVE A LITTLE" Q . , 1 AA , WASHINGT jf 41. MOTOR COMPANY CHEVROLET AND OLDSMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE RAYMOND, WASHINGTON GD 03 EICI"INER'S INSURANCE DILK TIRE SERVICE AND U. S. ROYAL TIRE DISTRIBUTORS RECAPPING AND REPAIRING SERVICE REAL ESTATE 2 325 DURYEA MOND, "CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS" Q PHONE 942-2184 W ' D, WASHINGTO NIC DOWELL'S PAINT CENTER LC RAYMOND, WASHINGTON . PENNEY Co., INC. CHINA CLIPPER HBEST CHINESE FOOD AND AMERICAN DISHESI' RAYMOND, WASHINGTON HAIR FASHIONS by Dari 232 Third Street Raymond, Wn 98577 KOLCZ St PRIOR UNION OIL DISTRIBUTOR 1560 OCEAN AVE. RAYMOND, WASHINGTON BlTAR'S DEPT. STORE "Everything Good to Wear" Raymond, Wash. EVANS CHEVRON , E O L C t. t S . I1 ,rf ,ff . TZ' N ongra a Ions o emors X X KAPA X Open 24 Hours Raymond, Wash. llllllli X I X XJ RAYMOND, WASHINGTON CATHY'S BEAUTY SHOP 415 If2 3RD ST. ABOVE BRIDGES RAYMOND , WASHINGTON DUNSIVIOOR DRUG RExAI.I. STORE RAYMOND, WASHINGTON EDWARD'S FLOWER GARDENS "SAY IT WITH EI.OWERS" EANDSOAPING PHONE 942-2122 OR 942-3622 RAYMOND, WASHINGTON AL I-lElDEN'S SERVICE Towing 8: Ambulance Ocean gl Fowler - Ph. 942-2000 Raymond, Wn. 98577 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE john E. Davies Sr. , Dealer Raymond, Wn. BETTY'S BEAUTY SALON "Complete Beauty Service" 310 Duryea, Raymond, Wash. Phone 942- 3051 DR. GOU LD Raymond, Wash. RAYMOND DRUG CO. HSERVICE FIRSTH RAYMOND, WASHINGTON IVIOUNTCASTIEE MOTEL RAYMOND, WASHINGTON HBEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I969" HENDERSON INSURANCE 321 DURYEA STREET RAYMOND, WASHINGTON STEWART'S FOOD BASKET PACIFIC COUNTY LUMBER FEATURING WEST 3RD V.N.F. CHOICE MEATS FRESH AS A DAISY PRODUCE OND' WASHINGTON souTH BEND--RAYMOND PHONE 942"2I93 JENSEN FURNITURE CO. BRIDGE'S FURNITURE - APPLIANCES - HOUSEWARES , WASHIN 55? Wfiffw RAYMOND, WASHINGTON L 81 M NEWSTAND ANTILLA'S STUDIO gl 221 DURYEA ST. N2 STATIONERY Q Q . RAYMOND, WA. 98577 BooKs-scHool. SUPPLIES-GIFT Booxs L: WASHIN I . - . J I BRY-MAR CLEANERS 81 FABRIC SHOP PRESSING FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY Bryan and Marian Salme Raymond, Washington DRACOBLY'S MEN'S AND WOMEN'S APPAREL RAYMOND, WASH. x"" -2 .V 2 5, ,X X!! ,ff rf lf 'U H1 i PENTTILA'S RED'S FLAME ROOM CHAPEL BY THE SEA AND RESTAURANT FUNERAL DIRECTORS ,WO R C3 Phone 642 3171 642-2543 F ILWACO, WASH. x g L - A 514' K "Good luck in the future. " of TT f A X f N 'f ' D L! W L , Y 'Aff A ! wx xx! PH W 12 fl' 'NX -2 NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE OF SEATTLE NZM ILWACO BRANCH 1 k BEST WISHES TO Your full SCIVICS ban THE CLASS OF 1971 Ilvvaco, Washington Long Beach, Wash. ' SAVINGS I- - J F1 F-glll ',,, Phone 642-3522 E, ' ' ' ."', My A 61-eff" , 9 .uvu buub in af 1.,. Karan'-V "Prompt quality service" DAVIS INSURANCE CO. South Bend, Wn. HARBOR REALTY CO. SOUTH BEND, WASHINGTON "Let's go bowling" PACIFIC LANES South Bend, Wn. HANK'S DOUGLAS SERVICE Tune ups-tires South Bend, Wn. 875-6162 "Service is our business" NORM'S SHELL South Bend, Wn. PACIFIC WHOLESALE Raymond, Washington Phone 942-2433 ARNES RICHFIELD BODY SHOP SOUTH BEND, WASHINGTON PHONE 875-5262 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS GREENWELI. INSURANCE PHONE 942-3 I 32 RAYMOND, WASHINGTON HARBOR MACHINE South Bend, Wn. COAST OYSTER CO. South Bend, Wn. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS PAT AND PETE PICCOLA Box 111 RAYMOND, WASHINGTON KOLCZ JEWELERS 223 Duryea St. Raymond, Wn. 98577 "CONGRATULATIONS SENIORSII DR. P. W. JOHNSON - DENTIST RAYMOND, WASHINGTON WARREN'S JEWELRY EXPERT WATCH REPAIR RAYMOND, WASHINGTON THE RAYMOND HERALD "ANIONG THE BEST READINGII RAYMOND, WASHINGTON ARTHUR STRAND INSURANCE AGENCY INC. TRACY IVIOORE, JR. ILWACO, WASHINGTON Q X ' ? I X , I A 4 Q S X f ' S X I I 1 s , .Tx V 7' IW! if PM . I nfl! O EXCELLENT SERVICE CHINOOK SERVICE STATION SHELL L . Chinook, Washington 'XI AV SA CHINOOK OBSERVER LONG BEACH, WASHINGTON 98631 CHINOOK OBSERVER THE OINEIL FAMILY, OWNERS WE APPRECIATE: YOUR PHONING IN NEWS NOTES YOUR TIPS ON NEWS YOUR BUSINESS - IN FACT WE APPRECIATE YOU 642-3131 IIYOUR QUALITY ONE STOP SHOPPING CENTER PHONE 642-2435 LONG BEACH, WASHINGTON ARCHIE'S FOOD MART "Where there's a personal Interest in your complete shopping needs" Ilwaco, Washington OMAN gl SONS BUILDING SUPPLY sunm c ,E X L -H 3 .SE X X, hmgww .fMAil'ERlAl.S LONG BEACH PHONE 642-2385 WASHINGTON PENINSULA PHARMACIES INC. PQRT QF 1LWACO ILWACO PHARMACY LONG BEACH PHONE 642-3135 PHARMACY PHONE 642-3200 TWO STORES OF FRIENDLY SERVICE "Congratulations Seniors" Ilwaco, Washington ILWACO TRIBUNE "Newspaper with Naselle in mind. " We carry the most Naselle news of any paper in the World. Complete Office and School Supplies Rediforms - Typewriters - Adding Machines Office Furniture - Rubber Stamps Ilwaco, Wash. SID'S SUPERMARKET BETTER GROCERIES SEAVIEW WASHINGTON ANCHORAGE CHARTERS SALMON FISHING PHONE 642-2391 ILWACO, WASHINGTON BOYS "THE ONLY GOOD GUYS AROUND" Jfnilb POLACEK BROTHERS ' 1' DODGE DEALER if V .T THE f E7 Kelso, Washington L 81 M GARAGE UNION 76 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '71 Leonard Vaughn Millard Pentilla Naselle, Washington HUNTERS INN MOTEL 5 ATTRACTIVE APARTMENTS 5 COMFORTABLE MOTEL UNITS JIM AND LILLIAN KELLEY PHONE 484-3214 NASELLE, WASHINGTON ANNA'S FLOWERS COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE CORSAGES - CUT FLOWERS POTTED PLANTS Flowers Wired Anywhere Naselle, Washington Phone - 487-2632 NASELLE AUTO BODY PHONE 484-3271 RESIDENCE 484-3275 NASELLE , WASHINGTON VALLEY TAVERN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS GRAYS RIVER, WASHINGTON ROSBURG STORE Bojornsgaard gl Larson Rosburg, Washington Q NASELLE VALLEY ELECTRIC LATTIE AND MARGIE METCALF With our best Wishes to the graduating class of 1971 NASELLE , WASHINGTON PHONE 484-3277 HARVEY'S SHELL QUALITY SERVICE JU E 'xg I SLEEPY HOLLOW MOTEL CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES May success be found by all But true happiness must come first. Best wishes always. Iver gl Rose Elaine johnson Naselle, Washington EAT AT NASELLE CAFE GOOD FOOD - GOOD SERVICE LARRY AND YVONNE HOWELL Phone 484-3331 X 7 I to gg an H ,UL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF "1971" TED HERIDT AND MEL SCHISLER -fg11.- Aff-+A. Minis SSH .ia--" ff'--f ' ' x":T.'-. A X as . .1 .rl I1 Nui' , ' - A - I I will E if 1 1 ah' 1 ' , 5 , ' A D Q ' ,.-" I """'!i'."lHl m. .,,,, ,,Hg R I1 ' : M Www . - .9 K f X 1 2 IA F ke iky ...rn 'P OKIE'S FDOD CENTER SOUTHWEST STORES 81 SUPERMARKET NO0NAN'S BAKERY Quality Products Since 1911 Hardware - Sporting Goods fi? Q f South Bend, Washington Q South Bend, Washington R E f SU 1 Q 4 fj BILL'S RADIO AND T.v. I, SSSS li, t 11 A 5 I? TE ' fii ,,j9-d-- Xgi y k!g'Z1:7 South Bend, Washington Phone 875-5513 Congratulations To The Seniors THE INN South Bend, Washington BLUE TOP CONFECTIONARY South Bend, Washington SOUTH BEND PHARMACY "The Store Dedicated To Service" South Bend, Washington Phone TR. -5-5757 RAY'S FOOD STORE AND LOCKERS Open Every Day South Bend, Washington "Latest In Hair Styling" FASHION VILLA Elaine Holmes, Owner-Operator 1101 Robert Bush Drive Phone 875-5437 South Bend, Washington H HALVOR HOLTE JEWE LER Over 50 years Of Perfection" N . ' Ma 'exif ' " South Bend, Washington H 81 H CAFE-MOTEL SEAFOOD - STEAKS VISIT THE SHELL ROOM SOUTH BEND, WASHINGTON ARTISTIC BEAUTY SALON Pearl Shoop, Manager Si Operator 3rd 81 B St. South Bend, Washington Ol.SON'S VARIETY IIGIFTS FOR ANY OCCASIONH SOUTH BEND, WASHINGTON GREEN'S CLEANERS SOUTH BEND, WASHINGTON WM. B. O'CONNOR N GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP LAST AND LASTS Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '71 Naselle, Washington NASELLE WATER Naselle, Washington DRINK HEARTY -- To The COMETS VALLEY-8 LOG Deep River, Washington BE A PROUD COMET FAN LOANS FOR EVERY PURPOSE SEATTLE FIRST NATIONAL BANK THE AGREEABLE ONES ARE HERE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "l97l H.D. FRITZ, M.D. C hlamet, Washington INTERNATIONAL WOODWORKERS OF AMERICA LOCAL UNION NO. 3-ll CATHLAMET - NASELLE, WASHINGTON I23 DOUPE BROTHERS MAKE US YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR: "Levi's" for Guys and Gals "Kandel" Letterman and Pep Club Sweaters Ilwaco, Washington Phone 642-2401 Ff wan! fhuealfcrs Jiang 'jlucalicrs Jacficfs Aufhonizecf Dcalcn ' "76 Uniflame Heating Oils" Gasoline - Oils and Grease TETZ OIL CO. Ilwaco, Washington Phone 642-3231 Union Oil Dist. TIM C. WILLIAMS CHEIIQIJII STAN'S CHEVRON SERVICE ' INSURANCE AGENCY Box 398 Ilwaco, Washington Phone 642-3321 Long Beach, Washington Phone 642-2321 Congratulations to the ILWACO CITY CENTER MOTEL X, he -,R Class of 71 And fl From the FRIENDLY MARKET SANDPIPER APARTMENTS X ' mnook, washington Phone 77-8281 Phone 206 642-2387 CATHLAMET HARDWARE gl SUPPLY SKYLINE GOLF COURSE Box 66 Phone 795-3551 MANAGER - RALPH RODAHL Cathlamet, Washington 98612 Phone 795-3671 Cathlamet, Washington :ll ANDERSEN'S FLOWER SHOP Q RALPH 8: HAZEL DODGE - AGATE SHOP ,-6:3 N Jewelry, Agate Tables, and Lamps Phone 795-3763 X, Crafts Supplies Cathlarnet, Wash' Rt. 1 BOX 4 Cathlamet, Washington 98612 DOWLING FUNERAL HOME Cathlamet, Washington DOUMIT'S SHOPPING CENTER CLASS OF "7l" OUR CONGRATULATIONS Cathlamet, Washington DR. A. H. PIERCE OPTOMETRIST Longview - Cathlamet ZH Phone 423-2530 BACON'S HTHE STORE WITH VARIETY!! CATHLAMET, WASHINGTON WAHKIAKUM COUNTY EAGLE Serving Wahkiakum County Since 1891 Cathlamet, Washington CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF MACE'S DRIVE INN CATHLAMET, WASHINGTON Congratulations Class of "71" MAR1E'S CAFE Under New Management Cathlamet, Wash. ETHE L' S BEAUTY SHOP CATHLAMET, WASHINGTON PHONE SW 5-3433 CONGRATULATIONS HOBY'S STORE CLASS OF AND 1971 INSURANCE AGENCY WILLIAM HbCSHglSTIANSON Phone 795-4240 Skamokawa, Wash. . Liv MERLE AND JACK'S CONGRATULATIONS Naselle, Washington NASELLE ROCK gl ASPHALT CO. r "1 3- if O'CONNOR'S INN W Eff emit AJ . ., A... ,. f. In A Q ,H A553574 1 Ie . I COMPLIMENTS OF The Appelo AppeIo's Insurance Agency Shopping Centers C. ARTHUR APPELO NASELLE AND GRAYS RIVER DEEP RIVER, WASHINGTON WASHINGTON fig: , ,W 3 L. mwiw ' mg :I H+ W 5 V, , A I I --Iliilnllz lm 'BNI V 'Bl-11i', " wwwm W.,..M.,,f.,. A K sfwjfw,-,f.'yf'e15Q wm-

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