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Naselle Grays River Valley High School - Na Hi An Yearbook (Naselle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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Q --1 I ' ' . 'ff!,,. 1- -.,,:...,. ,ff-vs! -av sv sub Y 'vo' qv 4' Q 4 ""-5-,r 'i.., S..- , 4-w-g -1 .4 V K ,A 5 ' G 'Q'--P vwr- f"..T':'f.. sb -5-gg +5 , Vitf' if if-,gr Y- - , -ru , Q ' f- , i -1' Z' fx 4: f 11.-V-N 1' i x V- r Wu-,- .ns 1 , f A-fm .' "' - , Q, - - . f ,,k hx - I. V -- . k ' Q ,V":"- I, A--pf uf,- A ,.-,M g '...,"' I ,, ' Y ' f "' . .."'f'9, L"',f453f5rQg.. ' - 15" -1 :'u,...- g-,'7-,,. , --, . V 1 1 ' ' -1 V 0 s 4 ,gy-' - ..-'L-5 'li' ,aww - .... , 4 4. ,. ..-in '- f ' - PGV' .- lsxo. , ,fain A .... .. f , , will . 9 7 -, - -v ,, .'- Q, 'vw- ' , 4 -- 4 ,, , ' 'J-.. an k 7 - - , Y . t Q, 1- V A f f 4' ,-Z ' ' .. wg- .9p'-L14 .JP 1 . KA- -' ,R - K1 '--" 4- 2. 1- 1 'S 1. - .4 Y ' U "'- ,,,.: ""TA4r-Off" -.24-Q. 1.40 A- ..-" 4- Y ,,Y -' D - ,E , fl- r 4-,..,.. ,-.Ar -,gf,F PILNQ A ,Q f-7 gif' ' va, jbg. Jn 0.1 .,..- 'r""N'L .- tl ,- k 'Nw -fi .4 . ,---.43 ,., ,. -.-.,, I ... H, , A - .-.f I r. Q. f..-fgnrg. qv 4 -' .fvqsmv n' A- .iv f 0 ,,-.. 1... 'Q , ,. . ..f ,., up - ,YL 9 , - , ,M ee.-.1 J - . .., -- fe- ' - -"tg N . ,eg -qv, J, N, A 'Q' , 'fq '55 2 If Q5 ,Y i f 'NGN' 1 1 Q ff' ,-.. 1' 42, 'U ' -Y . 'gi.".--fQf wfeu, Q. iz...-2... an-V. was '- -rs as ,L , 1,1 I, -v -'Z "..4j'.. ..f.g,. ....,-, ,y ,.., "T.isun-f No-Hi-An 4 1965 Edition Naselle-Gmyf River Valley Hzgh Scloool Nofelle Waylfington Prefentecl by tloe No-Hi-An Sfdf ,,,Wgfg42M,f M , ' Nm 1 is ,er ,W5.,g,z". SKF! M1253 4: Wg Yf Q , W f f -vga vi, ,Q 4,51 - Q g.5,w,.fb .W .M-my .M,,,,, ,M W, : . . - - ww., Wwmiggw - 1 vw-wweww . , . , ' QQ, s . ' -f h s.: h ' ni x X N -e ex --. . XX I 5, 5 2 E 2 E E 3 4 5 f 4 Foreword The past year at NHS has left fond memories in the minds of the students. We have studied, had our fun, and experienced sad moments of trial and error. All shared in the hopeless reality of examinations, deadlines, and semester grades. There were brief moments of glory for some in sports , music , and drama. And who could forget the noon-time rush for the caf- eteria. The NA -HI-AN staff has tried to capture in picture the outline of the story that is found as you turn these pages. We hope that each individual will find many happy recollections in these pictures which can be am- plified by his own imagination. We challenge the underclassmen to maintain the high standards of the school and strive for improve- ment. The graduates will go their separate ways using the knowledge gained here to help them reach their goals. Our appreciation for the NA -HI-AN is not so great today as it will be in the future. When it is not so easy to think back to 1965, then we will treasure the book that has recorded these memories for us in pictures. 3 Administration Congratulations for having completed a large step in your education in preparation for adult life. The indications are that many of you are using high school only as a stepping stone to go on into further education and training to further and better qualify you for what lies ahead. Your class has produced some top-notch schol- ars as the results of the National Merit Test prov- ed. You have also done very well in other state and national examinations given to the seniors and there are numbers of you who have already won distinctions in the academic fields which is very commendable. You have also done well in the fields of student government, publications , athletics , music, and citizenship. Your class has truly ex- erted a favorable influence on the rest of the stu- dent body during your senior year. Sincerely , A. R. Grabenhorst Superintendent Congratulations to the Class of 65. Yours is the largest class ever to graduate from our high school. You are moving into a world beset with many social problems. Both faith and rea- soning must be applied as you endeavor to solve these problems. Faith, a great moral force, is the only true wisdom. It begins where reason sinks exhausted. However , faith will stumble and sentiment mis -lead unless knowledge and reason direct. In your world of tomorrow , you will need faith as it has never been needed and knowledge that is vast , but you can succeed , you will succeed-with faith tempered by reason. W if N. L. Cowan Principal 4 Faculty Lyle Patterson Donald Crouch Marilee Nelson Kay Chabot Leroy Nelson Doug Rogers Ronald McNutt N. L. Cowan f V Mary Holm Virginia johnson Edith Smith Eleanor Hillis 5 Service Personnel LIBRARY ASSISTANTS NUVARKIP 1 ME CHAN IC Andy johnson in-un I CU STODIAN Herman Hansen SECRETARY Mrs. Toni Scott OFFICE ASSISTANTS 6 COOKS AND KITCHEN HELP , J- JK. ga-unf Man.-3' -fu- Front Row: Charlotte Anderson, Cathy Bjornsgaard, Chris Wirkkala, Venita Halverson, Carol L0mSd2.1611, Merikay Hall, Anita Johnson, Shirley Wirkkala, Carol Fauver, Elaine Koski, Pam Erickson, Kathleen Elliott, Trudy Nelson, Gayle Salrne, Barbara Black, Carolyn J. Anderson, Sue Wiss, Kathleen M. Anderson. Second Row: Trudy Blain, Peg Olsen, Bernadine Blain, Carolyn R. Anderson, Marjorie Jarvi, Yvonne Kapron, Nancy Wirkkala, Loretta Hoklcanen, Gayle Wirkkala, Karen Haataja, Paula Heckrnan, Linda Broyhill, Patty O'Keefe, Joyce Kandoll, Dorothy Warra, Judy Hoffman, Marsha Butler, Carol Elliott, Mary Black. Fourth Row: Mrs. Holm, Candy Ervest, Beverly Wallace, Lynn Simukka, Annette Wirkkala, Kathleen Kandoll, Mary Zaleski, Ruth Wirkkala, Elaine Crenshaw, Delores Nicholson, Roberta Elliott, Joy Forberg, Bonnie Wendelin, Nancy Penttila, Nancy Howell, jackie Landon, Martha Zaleski, Linda Torppa. Back Row: Darlene Haataia, Edna Black, Joan Grabenhorst, Carol Laine, Linda Laney, Linda Otterson, Charlotte L'Hommedieu, Virginia Demick, Dianne Mattson, Margery Wirkkala, Janice Bighill, Wendy Hyrkas, Susie Bighill, Audrey Bighill, Carolyn Helvey, Paula Polillo, Peggy Baker, Sharon Tienhaara, Cathy Reid. Boyy' Club Ojfcers Lyle l-laataja Secretary Mike Hillis Vice President Phillip Wirkkala Student Council Rep Charles Otterson President Fred Koontz Treasurer Frank Thomas Sgt. at Arms 8 Girly' League Ojfcers Dorothy W arra President Annette Wirkkala Treasurer Chris Wirkkala 4 Secretary ,, Gail W irkkala Historian Dianne Mattson Vice President Peg Olsen Student Council Rep. -"sw , U 53 'VE fs Front Row: Charles Otterson, Phillip Wirkkala, Lyle Haataja, Fred Koontz, Nlike Hillis, Frank Thomas. Second Row: David Gerald, Tommy lfriddle, Teddy Stenholm, Steve Hurst Clifford Kilponen, Steve Laine, Clark Kapron, Clete Helvey, Doug Magnuson, Melvin lkiilliams, Duane Penttila, Steve Blain, Xlelvin jarvi, Allan Forberg, jim Wirkkala, David Dobson Ken Kandoll, Fxlr. Crouch, Third Row: james Kandoll, Donny Coodell, Bill Wood, Bob Chamberlain, Cary Raemhild, Tim Tienhaara, Edgar Emerson, Evert Ehrln Bruce Wirldfala, Harry Yana, Kenny Elliott, Allan Haglund, Sam Anderson, Robert Nlorris, - ' f- H XI l ' G d ll Bruce Dale Wrolson, Darrell Sorenson, Dennis Andrinb, Dale Kilponen, , e vin oo e , Pedigo. Fourth Row: john Dierdorf, Mark Polillo, Orval Wirldcala, Ron Saline, Neal Larson, Myron fvletcalf, Evart Smith, Mickey Xlereer, Brian Elliott, Phillip Penttila, jerry Busse, Tony Cirilo, Alike Corley, Chncl-1 Torppa, Louie Wirkkala, Cene Pakenen, Ricky Wirkkala, Terry Smalley, Gilbert Koski, Cary Magnuson, George llelvey, Fifth Row: john Wiss, Steve Lindros, Larry Coodell, Terry Kandoll, Cary Tienhaara, Raymond Butler, Leon Collersrud, jim Strange, Chuck llnesman, Russel Smalley, C-ary Lewis, Bob Beatty, john Laney, Buddy Strange, Don Smith, Doug Schott, Tom Kandoll, ,lack Smith, Dennis Wallace, Keith Larson, Martin Wilkman, Bryan Koski, Dennis Strange, Kenny Ross TREASURER HISTOR IAN Myron Metcalf joan Grabenhorst To the students of Naselle I-Iigh School, I extend my ap- preciation for giving me the honor of serving as A.S.B. President. I hope the students have, in some way, profited from our programs and activ- ities. I wish to express gratitude to the faculty for their guid- ance throughout this school year. It has been both a pleas- ure and a rewarding experience Workingwith the faculty and students in this position. I ex- tend best wishes to next year's student body. fo. Gary Raemhild A. S. B. President Ten SECRETARY Bonnie Wendclin JUNIOR AUDITOR Joyce Kandoll , , as 3 AV" Iront Row jacklc Limdou SLISIL. Nelson, Lomup XX eudclm C313 Ragmhlld joan GF3.bCIll1OI'Sl., Sue Bighill Scoo ld Row Ph1111pXN1r1xlx.111 C11ffordK11poncu Dorothy, 'XN'u'r1 Cathx L1oms,aard Chaxlotto I,'Homvucdicu, PL Ola 1 C1VL11OLtL Xndcrson oy co. Ixaudoll BJ 1 Rom Xipou Xiclcalf Pob I L nu Stcx Q H1u'3L, Xlilfqc Hillis, Ex'arL Smnh .L l 1 Front Row: Mrs. Chabot, E. Smith, K. Elliott, L. Laney, L. Otteison, C. L'I-Iommedieu, P. Olsen, P. Polillo, L. Simukka, T. Nelson, C. Laine,B. Wallace, D. Warra, C. Anderson, C. Kilponen, K. Elliott. Second Row: G. Raemhild, T. Tienhaara, G. Salme, J. Forberg, C. Elliott, A. Bighill, N. Howell, L. I-lol-fkanen, C. Andf erson, M. Iarvi, A. Wirlckala, B. Blain, E. Crenshaw, L. I-Iaataja, D. Penttila. Third Row: T. Cirilo, R. Sal'- me, L. Broyhill, D. Nicholson, K. Anderson, P. Erickson, K. I-Iaataia, C. Anderson, K. Kandoll, G. Wirkkala, M. Zaleski, Y. Kapron, M. Wirkkala, S. Nelson, S. Laine, F. Koontz. Fourth Row: P.-Wirkkala, C. Otterson, L. Torppa, P. Baker, P. I-Ieckman, A. johnson, D. Haataia, S. Wirkkala, S. Wiss, C. Fauver, E. Koski, C. Bjornsgaard, C. Wirkkala, M. Zaleski, S. Bighill, G. Pakanen, N. Larson. Fifth Row: J. Strange, B. Cham- berlain, C. Ervest, R. Elliott, V. Demick, R. Wirkkala, P. O'Keefe, D. Mattson, M. Hall, J. Grabenhorst, W. Hyrkas, J. Bighill, B. Wendelin, N. Penttila, B. Wood, H. Yana. Sixth Row: M. Mercer, S. Lindros, G. Tienhaara, B. Beatty, F. Thomas, S. Anderson, S. Hurst, K. Larson, C. Toippa, D. Wallace, P. Penttila, J. Laney, B. Strange. Pqb Club Charlotte Anderson-President Margery Wirkkala-Vice President Harry Yana-Sgt. at Arms Bernadine Blain-Secretary Cathy Bjornsgaard-Student Council Mrs. Chabot-Advisor Paula Polillo Pepster of the Year Q Q A - Front Row: Neal Larson, Fred Koontz, Keith Larson, Louie Wirkkala, Brian Elliott, Tim Tienhaara, Charles Otter- son, Mickey Mercer, Mr. Patterson. Second Row: Edd Emerson, Myron Metcalf, Ken Elliott, Lyle Haataja, Ron Salme, Mike Corley, Rick Wirl-d-cala, Bob Beatty. Third Row: Gary Raemhild, Phil Wirkkala, Bill Wood, Evert Ehrlund, jim Strange, Dennis Wallace, Gene Pakanen, Kenny Ross. Fourth Row: jerry Busse, Bob Chamberlain, jim Wirkkala, Frank Thomas, Evart Smith, Harry Yana. Lettermenk Club Harry Yana-Sgt. -at-Arms Evart Smith-Student Council Philip Wirkkala-President Evert Ehrlund-Vice President Fred Koontz-Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Patterson-Adv isor Lettermen Ln Action Pep Assembly skit Front Row: Chris Wirkkala, Venita Halverson, Carol Lornsdalen, Merikay Hall, Anita Johnson, Shirley Wirklfala, Carol Fauver, Karen Haataja, Linda Broyhill, Miss Nelson. Second Row: Bernadine Blain, Carolyn R. Anderson, Marjorie Jarvi, Yvonne Kapron, Nancy Wirklcala, Loretta Hoklcanen, Gail Wirklcala, Paula Heckman, Patty O'- Keefe, Joyce Kandoll. Third Row: Beverly Wallace, Lynn Simukka, Annette Wirkkala, Kathleen Kandoll, Mary Zaleski, Ruth Wirklcala, Elaine Crenshaw, Delores Nicholson, Roberta Elliott, Joy Forberg. Back Row: Carol Laine, Linda Laney, Linda Otterson, Charlotte L'Hommedieu, Virginia Demick, Dianne Mattson, Margery Wirk- kala, Janice Bighill, Wendy Hyrkas, Susie Nelson. Ojjlicm Miss Nelson-Advisor Loretta l-lolfl-canen-Vice President Ruth Wirkkala-Treasurer Dianne Mattson-Secretary Susie Nelson-Student Council Rep. Janice Bighill-Historian Joy Forberg-President F. H. A. 4' Q5 O Ox- .zf ' - le E' K J 2 2 2 ...1T- 1 Jr 3 ' s' '51 wo NEW MEMBERS 1 4 w l 1 Front Row: Anita johnson, Paula Heckman, Sue Bighill, Nancy Penttila, Bonnie Wendelin, Paula Polillo, jackie Landon, Beverly Wallace, Elaine Crenshaw. Second Row: Linda Torppa, Charlotte L'Hommedieu, Linda Laney, Linda Otterson, Loretta Hokkanen, Nancy Howell, Gayle Salme, Trudy Nelson, Peggy Baker. Back Row: Annette Wirldcala, Kathleen Kandoll, Judy Hoffman, Kathleen Elliott, Carol Elliott, Bernadine Blain, Marsha Butler, Gail Wirkkala, Sue Wiss. J ' 'frm GAA A Offgfeff Loretta I-Iokkanen - Manager Elaine Crenshaw - Secretary Nancy Penttila - President Sue Bighill - Student Council Rep. Annette Wirkl-:ala - Vice President Gayle Salme - Treasurer Mrs. Hillis, Advisor 15 jackie Landon - Sgt, at Arms Honor Society Front row: Gene Pakenen, Ken Kandoll, Myron Metcalf, Gary Raemhild, Bill Wood, Rick Wirkkala, Lylel-Iaataja Back row: Mrs. johnson, Susie Nelson, Mary Zaleski, Joyce Kandoll, Bonnie Wendelin, Tom Kandoll, Candy Er- vest, Charlotte Anderson, Nancy Wirld-cala. NATIONAL HONKR SOCIETY I Ella! 4 25' ff' M' Ojjieem ,-1-W" Treasurer - Gene Pakenen Vice President - Myron Metcalf President - Mary Zaleski Secretary - Susie Nelson Student Council - Charlotte Anderson Advisor - Mrs. johnson New Members "N-w-nn-..,,,, V1.5 Q Front row: Harry Yana, Neal Larson , Phillip Penttila. Back row: Chris Wirk- kala, Carolyn R. Anderson, Kathleen Kandoll, Gail Wirkkala, Virginia De- mick, Nancy Penttila, Dorothy Warra, Sue Bighill. Foremicy Front Row: Dale Kilponen, Tom Kandoll, Louie Wirkkala, Mike Hillis, Ron Dahly. Back Row: Lyle I-Iaataja, Bill Wood, jack Smith, Don Smith, Ken Kandoll, Mrs. I-Iillis-Advisor. Ojjficem Lyle Haataja-Parliamentarian Tom Kandoll-Secretary, Treasurer Louie Wirkkala-Vice President Mike I-lillis-Student Council Bill Wood-President Chris Wirlckala, escorted by Dennis Wall- ace, was crowned "Miss Bewitched" at the Forensics' Club dance. Nuclear weapons was the topic for discussion by the 1964-65 debate squad. In addition to com- piling a record of 19 wins and 2 losses, the team members also presented several local demonstra- tions of debate. A Student Congress at PLU was attended by the debators and in May the club presented two one- act plays. The activeness of this group is due much to the effort of their director Mrs. Hillis and the coop- eration shown by her debators. I7 s rv .W .-.1 mn 11 Front Row: Gene Pakanen, Don Smith, jack Smith, Lyle Haataja, Mike Hillis, Bill Wood, Gary Raemhild. Second Row: Ruth Wirkkala, Joyce Kandoll, Linda Otterson, Susie Nelson, Mary Zaleski, Peg Olsen, Delores Nicholson, Carolyn Anderson, Nancy Wirkkala. Back Row: Carol Koski, Darlene Haataia, Margery Wirkkala, Sue Bighill, Nancy Penttila, Charlotte Anderson, Bonnie Wendelin, Dorothy Warra, Mrs. Holm-Advisor. Spanish Club Organized L05 Compaheros fTlae Compmziomj Delores N icholson-President Nancy Wirldcala-Historian Dorothy W arra-Student Coimcil Fred Koontz -V ice President Sue Bighill-Secretary , Treasurer 'A- Spanish Skit for P. T.A. Front Row: Bonnie Wendelin, Candy Ervest, Delores Nicholson, Nancy Howell, Mike I-Iillis. Back Row: jerry Busse Loretta Hokkanen, jackie Landon, Joyce Kandoll, Carol Laine, Marjorie jarvi, Carolyn Anderson, Linda Torppa, Roberta Elliott, Nancy Wirkkala. Candy Ervest-Asst. Editor Bonnie Wendelin-Editor Mrs. Smith-Advisor Comet Sfdff As COMET editor Iwouldlike to thankthe staff for all the help in publishing this paper. Also the assistance our advisor, Mrs. Smith, has given. We hope that you, the students of N. H. S. , have gained some knowledge or enjoyment from the 1964-65 COMET. X x, . ., CNUYLLQJ hJest1wxcl4zl.i.fwU J 5 I N. H. S. Band First Row: Janice Bighill, Carol Laine, Annette Wirkkala, joan Grabenhorst, Susie Nelson, Paula Heckman. Second Row: jackie Landon, Anita johnson, carol Elliott, Mary Zaleski, Carolyn R. Anderson, Marjorie jarvi, Chris Wirkkala. Third Row: Patty O'Keefe, Gail Wirkl-zala, Bob Beatty, Mark Polillo, Allan Forberg, Marty Wilkman, Keith Larson, Duane Penttila, Steve Lindros, Darlene Haataia, Tony Cirilo. Back Row: Kathleen Kandoll, Linda Broyhill, Mr. McNutt. Ojicem Janice Bishill Twirlers Drum Major Tony Cirilo D arlene Haataia Gail Wnkkala Treasurer Carolyn Anderson-Vice Pres. Annette Wirklcala -Secretary Jackie Landon-Student Council 20 Bob Beatty-President M mic Swing Choir May Susie Nelson-Flute and Carolyn R. Ander- son-Bass Clarinet. Hi-Fi Club Rl Nancy Howell, Charlotte L'Hommedieu, Sharon Tienhaara, Jewell Conery, Lynn Simukka, Bernacline Blain, Audrey Bighill, Gene Pak- anen, Mr. McNutt, Yvonne Kapron, Duane Pentttila, Dale Wrolson. Front Row: Carolyn R. Anderson, Chris Wirkkala, joy Forberg, Char- lotte L'I-Iommedieu, Susie Nelson, Margery Wirkkala, Virginia De- rnick. Back Row: Allan Forberg, Tony Cirilo, Rick Wirkkala, Gene Pakanen, Frank Thomas. Dale Wrolson-President Charlotte L'Hommedieu-Student Council Bernacline Blain-Sgt. -at-Arms Lynn Sirnuklaa-Secretary, Treasurer Nancy Howell-Vice President Q GJ GJ E td M Q. GJ Q 5 o I ni E CD E H.. E L6 LL. 1-I o Fl L6 U Q.. Q ' rl ni L-1 CD 9 GJ 4-I VJ O. r-I ' Pl -'Q O 3 o I-I :ir 8 Q rd M Q GJ M Q. o E .Q o Pi Ui 33 Q 42 35' .2 'EA' Q U 3 15 M E 5 15 Y-I GJ 2 Q. o .9 .3 Li E E5 L14 5 2 'S -'J LL. cu NP-x "fc: P1 IP Q.: O 5 LL. FU. E no Cd CE Q L6 I-I I-I 412' O no Q ni .U CD Q- 3 Q no FU. l"4 CTI Y-1 rd Q bf KD Tl o U 0 H E Ks. E O .Q P' 'E cd Y-I LL. G. o E. rd M GJ 5 o b V' N. 'Ts' 3 5 pa E ni 'T GJ 'Q O 'ai GS E N. 'Tw' 5 .Lf 3 'Q O L-1 GJ .id EU PQ Girly Glee A-.Lada .. First Row: Pam Erickson, Merikay Hall, Kathleen Elliott, Anita johnson, Carol Fauver, Loretta Hokkanen, Kath- leen Anderson, Linda Broyhill, Mr. McNutt. Second Row: Trudy Blain, Shirley Wirkkala, Elaine Koski, Venita Halverson, Linda Otterson, Carol Lomsdalen, Dianne Mattson, Janice Bighill, Nancy Penttila, Dorothy Warra, Susie Bighill, joy Forberg. Third Row: Darlene Haataia, Peg Baker, Gail Wirkkala, Marjorie jarvi, RuthWirkkala, Yvonne Kapron, Patty O'Keefe, Joyce Kandoll, Annette Wirkkala, Chris Wirkkala, Karen Haataja, Paula Heck- man. Fourth Row: Virginia Demick, Paula Polillo, Charlotte L'Hommedieu, Linda Laney,Bernadine Blain, Mar- gery Wirkkala, Cathy Reid, Carolyn Helvey, Carolyn J. Anderson, joan Grabenhorst, Audrey Bighill, Susie Nel- son, Carolyn R. Anderson, Charlotte Anderson. Boyy lee 3 First Row: Mr. MCNutt, Allan Forberg, Steve Laine, Steve Blain, Second Row: Mike Corley, Frank Thomas, Orval Wirkkala, Buddy Strange, Tony Cirilo. Third Row: Tim Tienhaara, Myron Metcalf, Steve Lindros, Dale Wrolson, Gene Pakenen, Rick Wirkkala. l 5 I S I S 5 , .Umw- wa Wffnw C012 erences Ana' Awards D . A . R . AWARD SEABECK M la GIRLS 8 BOYS STATE Mary Zaleski Bonnie Wendelin S Gary Raemhild Cathy Bjornsgaard 8 Myron Metcalf i :fag . .,., g e..,..k.,, CHEERLEADING CONFERENCE Dianne Mattson, joan Grabenhorst, Chris Wirkkala 'D SUN VALLEY CHEERLEADING CONFERENCE Merikay Hall 8 Cathy Bjornsgaard am BETTY CROCKER AWARD 24 DANFORTH AWARD Virginia Demick Harvey johnson 8 Dorothy Warra la.-A .flazllsliwwigiu il r I 3 I l 5 I , 1 ' 9 -Q qs- , I ' 1 ,j-1 Varsity Front Row: Philip Wirkkala, Don Magnuson, Dennis Wallace, Gene johnson, Louis Wirkkala, Frank Thomas, Brian Elliott, Fred Koontz, Rick Wirkkala, Mickey Mercer, Ron Salme, Harvey johnson. Back Row: Head Coach-Mr. Patterson, Harry Yana, Gary Raemhild, jim Strange, jerry Busse, Keith Larson, Charles Otterson, Evart Smith, Tim Tienhaara, Neal Larson, Brian Koski, Bob Chamberlain, Mike Corley, Kenny Ross, Assistant Coach-Mr. Burkhalter. Football Best season since 1948 Mickey Mercer Captain Senior Players Front Row: Harveyjohnson, Bob Chamberlain, Charles Otterson, Brian E11iott,FredKoont2, Mic- key Mercer, Louie Wirkkala. Back Row: Frank Thomas, Evart Smith, Gary Raemhild, Tim Tienhaara. anim' Vamizjf Front Row: Tommy Gatens, Philip Penttila, Kenny Ross, Buddy Strange, john Dierdorff, Bruce W1rkkala Denms Strange, john Laney, Don Magnuson, Duane Penttila, Manager-Sam Anderson. Back Row: Asslstant Coach Mr Rogers, David Jerald, Allan Forberg, Gary Matthews, Gary Tienhaara, Neal Larson, Steve Lindros Tony C1r1lo Allan Haglund, jim Strange, Robert Morris, Head Coach-Mr. Nelson, NASELLE OPPONENTS NASELLE OPPONENTS 20 Onalaska Ocosta 19 Cathlamet Valley 20 Moclips Cathlamet 27 South Bend Morton 20 Knappa Ilwaco Mr. Patterson Coach Na. -sf' Us sv'f gf gp 415+ I I Homeaoming 1 964-65 "Crow'ning of the Queen" "The Queen and Her CoLu't" "The Royal Kiss" Bob Beatty Dennis Strange Gary Raemhild Gary Lewis Harry Yana Linda Otterson Yvonne Kapron QUEEN DELO RES NICHOLSON Linda Laney Sharon Tienhaara Mickey Mercer zzeen Delores 253 wi ig has V P 1- QF f 5? K 6 Q22 f .,,, ,rf m m , W -,LLi 3, Tfirn Freylmzen Team Front row: David Jerald, Duane Penttila, Clete Helvey, Orval Wirkkala. Back row: Steve Laine-Manager, Allan I-Iaglund, Buddy Strange, Gary Tienhaara, Mark Polillo, Mr. Rogers-Coach 1965 Bayketball Teams zmior Varsizy Front row: Rick Wirkkala., Clifford Kilponen, Harry Yana, Chuck Torppa. Back row: Mr. Patterson-Coach, Phillip Penttila, Dennis Strange, Sam Anderson, Johnny Laney, Steve Hurst Varsity Team 'fjn Gig itil' EH! 'Ill Tienhaara, Philip Wirklcala, Gary Raemhild, Ron Salme, Keith Larson, Harvey johnson. The Season 5 Record NASELLE OPPONENTS Ridgefield North River l'Cathlam et Moclips South Bend 56 44 68 54 51 46 53 52 NASELLE OPPONENTS Moclips Cathlam et Ilwaco South Bend Ocosta 57 41 55 63 66 58 60 65 Front Row: Bob Chamberlain, Dennis Wallace, Marty Wilkman, Gene johnson, Neal Larson. Back Row: T1m nj 1 M, 49 57 62 60 53 Rainer 56 41 Valley 48 Q-A ,MX 64 Kalama 62 50 South Bend 45 0 39 Ilwaco 57 36 North River 61 40 Ocosta 73 73 South Bend 54 70 Valley 36 46 Boistfort 64 3 if e - Coach Nelson 8K'M Trophy Game Louis Wirkkala Manager A ff fi' iglxe-Q it Siu: ,Qtr ig? ty: K. 'i , 1. ' IQ is x AI 0 Front row: Ken Kandoll, Harry Yana, Bob Beatty, Charles Otterson, Myron Metcalf, Tim Tienhaara, David Jerald, Rickey Wirl-ckala, Mary Polillo, Allyn Forberg. Back row: Steve Blain, Phil Penttila, Grval Wirklcala, Garry Tienhaara, Buddy Strange, Keith Larson, jerry Busse, Neil Larson, john Wiss, Johnny Laney, Alln Hag- lrmd, Steve Laine, MI. Rogers ffmwgf M 'rwi' im Tm ck is - ms was r z,-tsaerrnf, .-fgrwsfn sag, f ., 3 il' ? 2 Q Y, w f 1' Merilcay Hall, joan Grabenhorst, Chris Wirkkala, Dianne Mattson, Cathy Bjornsgaard. Head Cheerleader Cheerleaders joan Grabenhorst ""-ev 5. .Q '-x M . xx ww., ,. ' 'w ff wx ,jf K Q, ,ww-, v , ,V 1 f A 5 ,7,5q,.,,. .r NN , ,NWS ,V . N , .my A 'M wk Aw 1 1 1- ff-vp V. 1 ,-Auf! S J 1 m 4 .5 i 'fd f , if H3 ill L 'tn-i Larry Goodall lx ks. Q f hf f L '--.. , n M ' 5 iy , 1 Q, le Q 1 a n rf, ,A .. V -' K , ,. , l v . y my A ,E L , high , h e si TN, .,, is 2,Ql 2 x. VX ' i ii L is X i David Jerald Mary Black Mark Polillo Sue Smith Elaine Koski Doug Larson Paula Hackman Gary Matthews A' avi Cliff Kilponen Pam Erickson Donnie Goodall Martha Zaleski X UML BEM my 3? A lk --,, r . my 'H G Z sq' 1 'Q l v xl it , -' Duane Penttila Peggy Baker Melvin Williams Karen Haataja john Laney Cletus Helvey Audrey Bighill Steven Blain Catherine Wiss Carolyn Anderson Buddy Strange Linda Kelley Steven Laine A UA qv! "7 Anita johnson .X ,Al 1 ,. 'T' TV Y in-f V E g JO" 31' '9C'.'7" N-r .QNX if iff' Orval Wirldiala , - ,f ,qv YN 'surf 'ina' Shirley XX'irk.kal:1 Allan Haglund Tommy Friddlc Yvonne Kapron Tommy Grrtons Carol Elliott ' t 'fx . - ' :fr A, M at f sf , tel' fe 5 ".- 0 V Carol l' auvcr Cary Tit-zrlmara n,,,...-nn- rw A g' Officers Advisor Mr Rogers J' , Home Ec Freshmen Return Shop ., ,.,. KW? .N Q diy V Q 'Wm s I u I W'W an .-yur N" 'ffm - A .9 .wh-'K 'wr K Vg Shan. ,Q A hi E' .vii . P 1 ip, N . Z. ,lk .Q -W W ,E A ,N ,h " .f " " ,f '-'z-1. if .."" fan: ,-f-'K' 5 fiffwwmz M , , ' 1' , F- . 1 - ,X gus A 1+ , M ,A , , , ,.,, I K,X.,Ah , .M ., ,A ,w-,, 15 :QV Q 'gif' 'K 2 15" faQ5i'.?53fgQ 52 --'fffwm K iff-vfg'W.: ,'f.Q"f ff5f?gx"',f:,f"ii?',fl5 ngf.152M , , , ,1 f-f-53-sf'hQfffW'ffYr4 'A , 1 ? W KA.. 3 .. , A-ffl., if f ,- -7 1 f, 4 ,, ' 1 K . wa I :QL f 4 , A ' qv' ' 'VI ., L , W ' L 7 , X , cw fw , ',ef'? f' ',' If ' Ii L 5 Twig.--ff' ififl 4 1 .,.::,t A 1 i M v ii vg X N, ,J XVX 2 Y FQ 'Q ss 'nf-7 " ', 1' 4 '- i"lx1xHfN ,Q "' AM U" . As, li 1VV,,,'. ,Wh .q bl I MDA f'-, -,. , I' A "ay - A' M x.: xxx 1 A IB' Hai f A 1 f 'ff4',,:k-52, 'ff' M1514 'Zz 5' " f .,ga H, M. c ,i-Sinai.: My-"""" 'T' 48' Paula Polillo Bruce Wirkkala Beverly Wallace Clark Kapron giy' -. iw . . - ' wa 2 ls A r- . ' f ll X GX Dennis Strange Kathleen Anderson Sam Anderson Sharon Tienhaara nik Allyn Forberg Kathleen Anderson Terry Kandoll Cathy Reid Annette Wirkl-:ala Gary Magnuson Kathleen Elliott George Helvey L3 H , ., V digg V- ie- if 1f1f'2s"? V Q if ' jackie Landon Melvin jarvi Chris Wirkkala Ted Stenholm john Dierdorff Marsha Butler Mike Corley Trudy Nelson ig-vi Judy Hoffman Melvin Goodell Gail Wirkkala Kenny Ross 'C' - - vii Doug Magnuson Sharon Chattick james Kandoll Lynne Simukka if 3' Nancy Howell john Wiss Barbara Black Philip Penttila .Q--N 9? ., iv xg x A . ij' , i df se K Neal Larson Gayle Salma: Ron Salmc Kathleen Kandoll QP' Q 'HSV' in in-av ,M fs . A s 5 v E 5 E., CLASS OFFICERS. Student Council Steve Hurseg Secretary Gail Wirkkalag V. Pres. Ron Salmeg Treasurer Sharon Tienhaarag Pres. Harry Yanag Sgt. at Arms jackie Landon Paul a Princess Sharon Pepster of Miss Bewitched Escort l-larry the YGHI' IVIISTY MOONLIGHT K enny S l if . l er 2' Sy r . X S erS S f l .... if I H s S l if A lf- Stev e Hurse Bruce Pedigo Steve Lindros Now Girls ! ! Harry Yanagimachi Dennis So you see . . Sophornores at work ' M 'r--1...C, N ,1- S. I 'JY YV Charles Torppa Carole Laine Bryan Koski Darlene Chattick Janice Bighill Dale Wrolson Q25 N- Ken Kandoll Ruth Wirkkala i""'-i .L Loretta Hokkanen Gary Lewis Martin Wilkman Patty O'Keefe Q Dennis Andring Edna Black jack Smith Mme Darlene Haataia Dennis Wallace Bernadine Blain 4--" W, Keith Fauver Marjorie jarvi Terry Smalley 'img' Linda Otterson Keith Larson Dianne Mattson aQGasva.,.,,,. M... Tim Rogers Linda Laney Phillip Wirkkala Ni Carol Lomsdalen Dean Koski Elaine Crenshaw I 'VW fs? K rw, -if Sv- rg-f.,,-f' iw Jim Strange Veneta Halverson Dale Kilponen 'Pd' cwwfh Joyce Kandoll Richard Wirkkala Susan Nelson 'fi -.. :V f Gene johnson Linda Broyhill Don Smith if' S hiv" Karol Koski ,ff lv Iv' ap-uv inn Jem' 71 Y' -anno' Marg ery Wirkkala ,... wa- M ,,. Gene Pakenen Carolyn Anderson Robert Morris 5' D avid Dobson CLASS OFFICERS Treasurer Linda Laney Student Council Margery Wirkkala Sgt. at Arms Elaine Crenshaw President Rick Wirkkala Vice-President Susan Nelson Secretary Janice Bighill ,M -' ' .ml ,W my am VW? X Y S1252 ar x A E 'E S ' ' E f1:f'1-2,'21lYAWfe,Ahff V- f 7 ,V , -1 A: .gf I k-,f gig? QW . - Q My V L n 5 N .V .aw '15 5 fw ag. EQ , 1 "- o sh , 7 smuw--e-- L , ...- HC:OI'lDE3Ct1CLltvYU.I1kC8H A " -.lysy ,, W' , 9 Rehearsal "Auger and Pj" X? 2 Sponsor Patterson Spanish "Sing" Practice junior Entertainment mid " ' . . if ' , , f' 5 15:1 '- ' " vwffffiaff' ,, W , ..",.iwf M ' QQ 5 , --1: 'X ' -2483, m : ,Jigga C 'ff 93 Wa W W Qvvmw fhfmf Lf , '- ' : 12 J: - in lilwwwgii 1 11 :-1r '-'- 1'i" if Kuff K-U, Mmm Q W' ' ii 4 if .kg .. In-O' ,QM V, r , Aim 1 E, 1 ,. HVA, ' ,manf U??f?FfSKF?'1 . , f Wm A 1 My 'ftfmtsimf x 24211 -' .wiv .V W I my .Q y ,--- ,. " 'Z-ww ww- V, Wfggsgg ,,, '1 4 I . QQ, .1 on A, Lw f yig, - ,K 1 Senzon if MYRON MET CAM" l3oy's State 35 A,S,l5, Treas- urer 3545 llonor Society 253 45 X' ic c President 45 Letteri man's Club 253545 Secretary- Trcasurer 35 Tracl-Q 2 5 3 54. jOAN CRABENHORST Pep Club 152 5 3 545 Checrlcad er3,45 C,A.A,152535 Sec retary 25 President 35 Choir 1 253 545 Swing Choir 35 A. S. B Historian 4. f' 'Cul 'Hur-., r.. J GARY RAEMH ILD A. S . B. President 45 Class Pres- ident 15 Honor Society 25354 Vice President 35 Football 1 253545 Basketball 1525354. DELORES NICHOLSON Los Companeros President 4 Homecoming Queen 45 Girl League 15253545 Treasurer 3 Pep Club 15253545 F.H.A. 1 25354. H Seniory Present Lzmaticy mmf, MICHAEL NIER CER Football 15253545 Inspiration- al Player 45 A,S.B, Sgt. -at- Arms 45 Lettermen's Club 253 45 S.C, Rep. 35 Boys Club 1 253545 V.P. 3. J J NANCY PENTTILA Honor Society 45 Drum Major- ette 35 Class Play 3 5 45 An- nual Staff 3545 Co-Editor 45 G,A.A,15253545Vice-Presi- dent 35 President 4. 7 J 7 ROBERTA ELLIOTT F.H.A, 1,2,3,45 Sweetheart Swing Queen 45 Girls League 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Comet Staff 2,3,4. EVART SMITH Class V.P. 1, President 2,45 Lettermen's Club 3,4, Student Council Rep. 45 Football 1,3, 45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Boys Club l,2,3,4. Large" To Captimlea' Audiencey we Sf' MER IKAY HALL Cheerleader 3 ,45 Girls League 1,2,3,4, Vice President 33 H om e c o in ing Princess 35 F,H.A, l,2,3,45Ba11d1,2,3, Secretary 2. EVERT EHRLUND Lcttermen's Club 3,4, Vice President 45 Basketball 1,2,33 Sports1nen's Club 43 Boys Club 1 2 3 4 J J 7 ' 4? TRUDY BLAIX KIXIBALL Girls League l,2,3,4g Chorus 2,3,45 Pep Club 15 C,4X,.vX, 15 F H X l Q .-' . - RUSSEL SXLXLLEY Football 1 , 2 7 35 Lettermeifs Club 3,45 Boys Club l,2,3,4g Stage Craft l,2,3,-L. CERA LD HUE SNIAN Transfer from Ilwaco 25 Boys Club 253545 Choir 3545 Stage hand Class Play 354. SUSAN BICHILL Honor Society 45 Class Play 35 Los Conipaneros 3545 Secrc 139.1'y45G.A.!X. 15253545 S,C Rep. 45 Annual Staff 3545 Co Editor 4. K' juniors Honor Gmduotzng 'UN CHARLES OTTERSON Boys Club 15253545 President 45 Lettermen's Club 15253545 Football 1 52 53 545 Valuable Player 45 Basketball 15 Track 1525354. WEN DY HYRKA S F.H,A, 15253545 Girls League 15253545 Pep Club 15253545 Choir 15253545 Class Play Pro- duction 354. N64 LEON COLLERSRUD Basketball 15 Boys Club 15 2 5 3 5 45 Class Play production 3545 Sportsmen's Club 4. CANDACE ERVE ST Honor Society 253545 F.H.A. 152535 Treasurer 35 Forensics 2535 Secretary 25 Vice Presi- dent 35 Pep Club 15253545 Comet Staff 2 53545 Co-Editor 4. DOROTHY WARRA Girls League 15253545 Presi- dent 45 Honor Society 45 Pep Club 15253545 Vice President 35 Class Secretary 25 Los Com- paneros 3,45 S,C. Rep. 4. ROBERT CHAMBERLAIN Transfer from Washougal 45 Football 45 Basketball 45 Let- termen's Club 45 Boys Club 4. Clam With Banquet CHARLOTTE A NDERSON A , S . B , Historian 35 Cheer- leader 35 Pep Club 15253545 President 45 Honor Society 3, 45 S , C, Rep. 45llOlDCCOH1lI1g Princess 3. T IM T IliNl'lA1XRA lfootball 152 5 3 545 Basketball 15253545 Tracl-1 15253545 Let- LCTIIICIIIS Club 152 5 3 5 45 Class Vice PresiclenL 45 Class Play 35 4. PEC OLSEN Transfer from l-Port Yzrncouver 25 F,H,.X, 2,35 Girls League 25354, S, C, Rep. 45 Pep Clulu L3A5Gmn2j. JIM YYIRKKALX Lettermen's Club 3.-lg Boys Club 1.2.3.-lp Choir 1.2: Pep CMb2ill L S BRIAN ELLIOTT Football 15253545 Pep Club 35 Lettermen's Club 3545 Boys c1ub15253,4. NANCY WIRKKALA Honor Society 3545 Comet Staff253545 Class Play 3545 Los Companeros Historian 3 5 45 F.H.A, 15253545Historian2. Frolicing Seniors Enjoy LOU IS W IRKKALA Class Play 3545 Forensics 45 Vice President 45 Boys Club 15253545 Lctter1nen's Club 15 253545 Football 3545 Track 15 2, 43 Basketball Mgr. 1525354. CATHY BJORNSGAARD Girls State 35 Homecoming Princess 35 Class Secretary 35 45 Cheerleader 3545 Pep Club 15253545 S,C, Rep. 4. BILL WOOD Forensics 15253545 Sec. - Treas. 35 President 45 Student Congress 45 Class Play 3 545 N a tio n al Merit Scholarship Finalist 45 Honor Society 2 5 3 5 4. CAROLYN HELVEY Choir 15253545 Class Play 35 F.H,A, 15 Girls League 1525 3545 Play Entertainment 3. VIRGINIA DEMICK Betty Crocker Award 45 Honor Society 45 Class Play 45 Swing Choir 45 Comet Staff-Society Ed. 25 Feature Ed. 3. MICHAEL I-IILLIS Forensics-Debate 15253545 S.C. Rep. 45 Cross Country 35 Class Play 3,45 Los Compan- eros 3545 Comet Staff 25354. Fun-Filled Sneak To Seattle i .eff BONNIE WENDELIN Class Play3545 A,S,B, Secre- tary 45 Comet Staff 253545 Ed- itor 45 Honor Society 253545 Secretary 35 Student Council Conference 4. DARRELL SORENSON Boys Club 15253545 Class Play 35 Football 152 5 35 Sportsmen's Club 4. NN LINDA TORPPA C,A,A, 15253545 Assistant 45 Class Play 35 Pep Club 152535 45 Comet Staff 45 Girls League 152 5 3 54. 'Inu ROBERT BEXTTY Transfer from S o u th Bend 35 Track 3545 Lcttcrmcn's Club 3545 Sportsmcu's Club Prcsi- dent 45 Band 354, President 45 Class S,C. Rep. 4. wg'- HA RVEY JOHNSON A.S.B. Sgt.-at-Arms 35A.S.B Vice President 45 Class Vice President 2,35Basketball1, 2, 3, 45 Football 354, MARY ZALESKI D.A,R, Good Citizen Award 45 Honor Society 253,45 Presi- dent45 Band 15253545 Los Companeros 354. Fwy Seniors Recezzfe KEN ELLIOTT Lettermen's Club 3545 Class Play 3545 Boys Club 15253545 Pep Club 15253545 LOS Coin- paneros 354. NANCY MERCER Pep Club 152 5 35 Student Coun- cil 35 Choir 152535 Sweetheart Swing Queen 35 C.fX.A. 1525 3. EDD EMERSON Class Play 3545 Lettermen's Club 3545 Boys Club 1,2 5 3 545 Basketball 152535 Football 25 3. TOM KANDOLL Honor Society 2,3545 Class Treasurer 3545 Forensies-De- bate 354, Secretary-Treasurer 4. JOY FORBERG Class Secretary 15 Girls League 15253545 Secretary 25 F.H.A, 15253545 Secretary 35 Presi- dent 45 Choir 1525354. FRED KOON TZ Football 15253545 Traek1525 35 Boys Club 15253545 Treas- urer 3 5 45 Lettermen's Club Secretary-Treasurer 45 Los Companeros Vice President 4. Diplomas On Graduation Night PHILLIP ELLIOTT Football 15 Los Companeros 45 Boys Club 152 53545 Stage Craft 3. FRANK THOMA S Transfer from llwaeo 35 Foot- ball 3545 Trael-13,45 Choir 35 45 Class Sgt. -at-Arms 4, CHARLOTTE L'HOK IX IBD IEU Student CounCil152,3545 Class President 35 C l a s s Play 3 ,45 swing choir 3545 H1-F1 em 152535-15 President 3. LYLE l'LX.-XTAJA. Honor Society 253545 Foren- sies-Debate 3545 Class Play 3, 45 Los Companeros 3,45 Boys Club 15253545 Secretary-1. fm TONI CIRILO Boys Club 45 Band 45 Drum Major 45 Chorus 45 Swing Choir 4. JEWEL CONERY Transfer from Thorn Bay, Alaska 45 F.l-I,A. 45 Girls League 45 Class Play 45 Hi-Fi Club 4. A f-. 5 -' " A "'k, 2. ,'1'1"' 5 if Mni.....-HU" sf ff 4 K 5 59:54 T5 3 f GILBERT KOSKI DAN ANDERSON RAYMOND BUTLER Boys Club 1525354 Boys Club 15253545 Track 15 Boys Club 15253545 Trackl 253, 253. OFFICERS: Tim Tienhaara-Vice President Bob Beatty-Student Council Evart Smith-President Cathy Bjorusgaard-Secretary Frank Thomas-Sgt. -at-Arms Tom Kandoll-Treasurer Senior Sneak Seniors Af Work Q Q -1 .Y 'iN.H'?F -up-- r: S67'Zf07" Pfdjl "LwmZic5 At Large" Play cast: Mrs. Hillis -Director, joy Forberg-Priscilla, joan Brabenhorst-Elaine Adair, Charlotte L'Hommedieu- Mrs. Adair, louis Wirkkala -Inspector Britt, Ken Elliott-Amos Burke, Edd Emerson-Mr. Hyde, Myron Metcalf- Don Cutter, Nancy Penttila -Lucille Cutter, Mike Hillis-john Alden, Lyle Haataja-Wing, Virginia Demick-Doc- tor janet, Margaret Montgomery-Claire Stevens, Bill Wood-Greg Stevens, Bonnie Wendelin-Lady MCBeth, Jewel Conery -Prompter. zznior-Senior Prom I ,I lflflf' l'kII.'l'L' A 1 I 5 'JR X xxif fi A ..-14 -gm,z,w,f4rw'fW-7: if i 62 'fn TI xx Clam Of1965 Gmdzmfey "" . , Myron Me t c a l f , Class Valedictorian, Virginia Demick Saluta12Orian, Tom Kandoll Speaker r I 1 'W 'Wi 7 ' ' as aff Ni ' V I A X-4 . Back row: Bob B. , Myron M. , Mike H. -National Merit Scholar- . ship, Hon o r a ble Mention,- Tom K. , Bill W. -National Merit Back TCW: Ma1'YZ.Z- 1 B111 W- : Tom K- 1 Scholarship -Finalist, Gary R. , Front row:Meri.kay H. , Mary Z. , GHFY R- a VIYSJ-ma D- i FTOTW WW? 5115311 Peg O. , Virginia D. , joan G. , Dorothy W. , Nancy W. Nan B, , cy Nancy W, P. , Charlotte A. , Candi E. , Q 1 s 155. , fna-.Q -.- -x ,Q C - ,fy V -if -5- 8 , :Q A V A s ' 4 , , ,J I , 2 A ' ' f Q 4- ' 'M 'A if f A' - x ' ' , 'Y' - .4 .5 ff 29 - H. 'VU ,Q . ,fa Multi ,M , K ,...-vu E Nm'- F311 3 1 W-., 1 f ' 1 -' ? ff N. i pw 'H ,L-, - - 5- ,.,. , ,.,, 3 7 im . - -1 IX, X ,fr f Y 'i sy! f LW ia, .A , ,, :xii Ii: .sufw sv ' - T. QQ? J, W is s ml -ng. K Cf. 38, QS'-r ,J 4 X A I if ,Q Y L D A W nk I R 'er 1 . ' A, , ,. . an 1 V L 3 KIQI W4 i KF' f'ah:3 'ul 2 its X ,J L , 1 as 1 Q 1 ISR NW NW 3 'Am i K, x X X My XFX? X x bk PENNEY I ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY. Raymond, Washington 59 ll ll I IW Il U E E N p,'1REAT FOR TASTE QA mop mg HEALW I' ' Q" :bf Raymond, Washington Dependable Druggists at RAYMOND DRUGS Raymond, Washington D. P. CALLISON 202 Oc e an Raymond , W ashington O'DELL GUNS "Everything for the Hunter" Raymond, Washington EDwARD's FLOWER GARDENS K Flowers-Shrubs-Landscaping W ld . Raymond, Washington 2 O ,.1 , SendFlnwers or wide lx U M n-"P THE HAMBURGER STAND ANTILLA-KOLCZ .TEWELOERS 81 STUDIO Rayrnond, Washington R aymond, W ashington "Congratulations Seniors" Raymond , W ashington FRED C. TURNER Shell .Iobber Raymond Ilwaco Phone: 942-5043 Phone: 642-4112 PACIFIC WHOLESALE, INC, Formerly F.G. Foster CO. Phone: 942-2.433 Raymond, Washington MOUNTCASTLE MOTEL George W. and Helen Mauncer Raymond, Washington DALES RICHFIELD SERVICE 407 Alder--Raymond, Washington Phone: 942-2035 TUNE UPS MAJOR OVERHAUL ED PEDERSON SALES 8: SERVICE 429 3rd Street Raymond, Washington "Flowers For Every Occasion" LL -.- I er mx I N 0 Mba. RAYMOND f-'fe - FLOWER SHOP .' , Y' J X X Raymond, Washington WARREN'S JEWELRY Expert Watch Repair Raymond, Washington CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS Johnson Motor Co. PONTIAC - GMC TRUCKS from the RAMBLER Sales and Service . Complete Automotive Center Medical and Dental chnlc Astoria, Oregon FA 5-3421 Astoria, Oregon LARsoN oLDsMoaILE, INC. Shop MORTONS for ladies and teenage "Our Service Is Our Sportswear Best Sales Tool'-I' 1108 Commercial Astoria, 243 Eleventh Astoria, Oregon JONES BAKERY "Buy Where It's Baked, It's Fresher" Call Us For Your Birthday, Wedding, and Party Cakes Astoria, Oregon GREENBERG FURNITURE Astoria, Oregon "We Give SGH Green Stamps" LOVELL AUTO CO. Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac Astoria, Oregon Courtesy of PARAMOUNT DRUG COMPANY Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon People of Southwestern Washington Visit Your COLUMBIA RIVER MARITIME MUSEUM Astoria, Oregon COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF ASTORIA Astoria, Oregon f- X VISTA RECORD SHOP Astoria , Oregon Thi. '-TR, I 1' 5 I ft --fc 'iii I qx H 9, K. J J f J Smfyx AAQUA BEAUTY SALON Babe Nothwang Astoria, Oregon Tune Your Dial To 1230 K. V. A. S. RADIO Astoria , Orc gon "Specialist ln All Phases Of Beauty Care" FRANCES BEAUTY SALON Frances Watkins, Owner 325-2888 1270 Duane Street 325-3994, Res. Astoria, Oregon Hats--jewelry--Handbags Gloves and Scarves KLARA ALMA HAT SHOP 324 12th Street Astoria, Oregon ARTISTIC BEAUTY SALON 388--10th Street Astoria, Oregon Phone: 325-4362 CHRIS NEWS "1 Block from the Ferry Landing" Astoria, Oregon ENGLUND MARINE SUPPLY CO. Foot of 15th Street George I-Iediger FA 5-6362 ASTORIA JANITOR AND PAPER SUPPLY COMPANY Astoria, Oregon WHOLESALE 1072 Marine Drive Astoria, Oregon Hart, Schaffner 8. Marx ASTORIA orrlce APPLIANCE co. Arrow Shirts - Stetson Hats Jack Witfuff Robert Qdell Interwoven Socks - Pendleton Shirts 1164 Commercial Street pA-5-5162 u Astoria, Oregon 1117 Commercial St. Astoria, Oregon Typewriters Office Equipment LOOP JACOBSEN INC., JEWELERS Watch Making--Our Specialty I-IILDEBRAND FURNITURE 1033 Commercial Astoria, Oregon 1360 Commercial Astoria, Oregon f -fzf-X, owEN-PEEKE COMPANY pdf ami 17611 .9 - Home of The 250 Hamburger Y, International Motor Trucks McCormick F arm Machinery If STEAKS and DINNERS 1044 Marine Drive HOME MADE CHILI OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK FA'-5-2 72 1 Astoria, CI.'6gO1'1 PHONE 325.6160 Astoria, Oregon Fon onosns ro so HAUER'S CYCLERY Schwinn-Harley-Davidson-Tord Bicycles--Motorcycles--Power Mowers 1180 Marine Drive FA-5-3572 Astoria, Oregon FISHER BROS. COMPANY Hardware, Industrial Supplies 1 Block from Ferry 1210 Marine Drive Astoria, Oregon "Our Aim is to Satisfy" CROHN-KARSUN MEN'S WEAR Clothing and Shoes 1139 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon THE FABRIC SHOP "For all your sewing needs" 255 14th Street Up from the ferry landing Astoria, Oregon FIRESTONE STORE Tires - Auto Supplies - Appliances 1052 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon EKSTROM'S JEWELERS Been Here Since 1886 Corner of 8th and Commercial Astoria , Oregon UTZINGER'S BOOKSTORE Stationery and Office Supplies Phone FA 5-2781 1292 Commercial St. Astoria, Oregon 325-4311 12th 8 Commercial OWL DRUG STORE Prescriptions--Drugs Photo Supplie s - -Stationery Come and see us in our new location SAM YOCKEY'S fiaqnei Mews sl-lor PHONE FA 5-1591 1174 COMMERCIAL ST. Astoria, Oregon STIENBOCK PHARMACY 1084 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon AB RAHAMSEN C OMPANY Plumbing Heating Sheetmetal Astoria, Oregon ASTORIA CONTRIBUTORS: Pool's Record Shop Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio Good Food in a Friendly Atmosphere on the bank of the Columbia River MEGLER CAFE at the ferry landing Megler, Washington JENSEN FURNITURE CO. Frigidaire Appliances Raymond, Washington BITAR'S DEPT. STORE Rayrnond, Washington DENNIS COMPANY 146- -Sth Street Raymond , Washington THE RAYMOND HEROLD "Among the best Reading" Raymond, Washington LAVINDER'S PASTRY KITCHEN Raymond, Washington "Home of Good Pastry" WESTERN EQUIPMENT CO. OF PORTLAND Skookum Spars P Sz H Showers Phone: CA 8-4128 O'CONNOR'S INN Naselle, Wash. 484-3343 GRC "' 'f Ok' ' M k 91" xfg 'lc le S er Ji 0, GENERAL MERCHANDISE--HARDWARE ' f ' 'A ' F PAINT--GLASS RAINWEAR ar LOGGER SHOES Congratulations CLOTHING--oRoCER1Es to the Phone 487-2421 Seniors NASELLE, WAsH1NoToN ANNA'S FLOWERS Complete Floral Service BEST WISHES Corsages - Cut Flowers to the 'fa Potted Plants .if 1965 if F 'VK Flowers Wired Anywhere GRADUATING CLASS EV 2,5 fy UL? lr fl Naselle , Washington Bill O'Connor F' 487-2632 If fo NASELLE VALLEY ELECTRIC Lattie 8: Margie Congratulations To The Senior Class Phone 484-3277 NASELLE, WASHINGTON ff N sae' .. ,. 5 lla, ,QQ 9 if L and M GARAGE "Hunting Supplies and Licenses" Naselle, Washington HunI'er's Inn Motel 5 ATTRACTIVE 5 COMFORTABLE APARTMENTS MOTEL UNITS JIM and LILLIAN KELLY 484-3214 MERLE AND JACK'S "For the Finest Service" .LL oi Naselle , Washington Phone: 487-3355 "Best Wishes" to the Graduating Class of '64 You are now Alumni too When - and - if - you're Passing Thru - "Be Our Guests" "SLEEPY HOLLOW MOTEL" Ncselle, Washington Hunter 7-3432 Iver and Rosie Johnson NASELLE Auro Bonv NASELLE SAW SHOP Phone 484-3271 Bar Repair - Hardfacing - Saw Filing Logging Supplies ReSide11CSZ 437-3471 Power Saw Sales and Service Naselle, Washington Phone 484-3236 Naselle, Washington NASELLE CAFE HARVEY'S SHELL ON HIGHWAY 830 830-401 Junction "You'll Be Glad You Stopped" l Naselle, Washington Naselle, Washington Phone: 484-9263 VIOLA'S CAFE LEO'S BARBER SHOP 830-401 junction Na Selle , Wa shington Naselle , Washington JOHN'S LOCKER NASELLE TRAILER COURT i f 'ik Ratin Freezer's and Food Storage our Best Wishes to the g Class 1964 Custom Cutting Phyllis SL Frank Andring Naselle, Washington Phone 484-3351 A u 'f 214129 L as U 514704912 Sefwzbe X APPELO'S SHOPPING CENTER Na selle, Washington Phone 484-3333 Best Of Luck To The Graduating Cla s s Of 1965 Grays River Logging Company GRAYS RIVER TAVERN Grays River Congratulations Washington 'CO the Congratulations 1965 Graduating Class to the 1965 of Naselle High Seniors" mm : B 'TMI ' R l , f .Q 1 - .-. GooDFELLow s A Good Drug Store AXMAKER'S GARAGE Grays Riv er, Washingto Since 1926 Cathlamet, Washington 9 N " ,B NTHE fi Qygg x WHEN' DR 2 THE SPAR sw a rt' R Mownn jigjg, f FXNE FU "asm l - Urqnl- ROSBURG STORE Bjornsgaard Z3 Larson Cathlalnet, washington Rosburg, Washington J' l NASELLE ROCK CO. The foods you like-- P! 2. you like better with R Naselle, Washington W , N' DARIGOLD Milk Phone: 487 -3571 DARIGCLD FARMS GRAYS RIVER, WASHINGTON PETERSON AND BJORNSGAARD, INC. I W--- Construction and Remodeling, :gr-, 'A ' ' R 'd t' 1 dC mmercial nil , L d E1 ctrical Contra t g g,- l fix , X X N 11 W ase e, ashington Phone: 484-3332 PEN'I"I'ILA LOGGING CO. Naselle, Washington Engrutglutiuns Qidduilflhg class A 1. f 5 I ' A fini Ag I rf I K 0 V6 1 ' I I I ' I I INTERNATIONAL WOODWORKERS If 5 X OF AMERICA T Ph ne: 487 3391 LOCAL UNION 3-I I Cathlamet--Naselle, Washington TELEPHONE UTILITY, INC. an , Ilwaco, Washington I .C- . 9 , MCT' f' r V we I If fi . 522 inf JJQJUJ A-----A-A-MAH-AA M --AM ILWACO CHARTER C'I7l'lV00lI' 0Fff3Vf3 The O'Nei1 Family, Owners WE QPPRECIHTE: I X Your Phoning in News Notes Ilwaco AIT Your Tips on News I I Your Business- In fact, Washington f WE HPPRECIHTE YoU1 'R gv Lonivnfachv-W'-iv'--ffz-flare 642-3232 - gp, if -E ILWACO CUSTOM o Q CANNERY Ilwaco , Washington Q E J X SI' ik NEW WASHINGTON OYSTER COMPANY Fresh - Wholesale - Retail Star Route I f 'D South Bend, Washington bf K 7 Phone: TR 5- 5472 , Lt JVCQ7 Qi . I LET US HELP S I 1 . Tian S tttt Zan 7761464 OWNED AND MANAGED BANK SERVING A LOCALLY WAHKIAKUM COUNTY AND ADJOINING AREAS SINCE 1909. YOUR DEPOSITS WITH US ARE INSURED UP TO RE USED FIRST TO FINANCE THE 310, OOO. OO AND A EEDS OF YOUR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND N Wahkiakum County Bank Cathlarnetf Washington Member Federal Deposit Insuran ce Corporation DICK NIMMO WRIGHT FURNITURE Chevron Station 8: Skarnokawa, Washington H A R D W A R E 2709 Hemlock Phone: 795-3753 Longview, Washington RED'S CAFE FLAME ROOM Ilwaco , Washington 642-3171 WIRKKALA AUTO REPAIR Auto-Truck Repair Welding Machine Shop Boat Repair Res. -642-2942 Ilwaco-642-2414 ARTHUR STRAND INSURANCE AGENCY, INC Tracy Moore jr. Ilwaco , Washington GILLNETTER CAFE K wif? Ilwaco , Washington 5 A A I P x I' Pom or ILWACO ,fat 0 A C . ru SIB N X li ' Www? -IE' i-f' X . , X ,babes Penttlla s wat, p.i, X J X X Chapel by the Sea 191,371 -.'. N 'L 152-1-'J ,, , Eldred Sz Dorothy Penttila sxa ra:-g I' VIA, I "ff: jx vi- and jerry Baker X f" Long Beach, Washington Sunset Theater DOUPE BROTHERS Dept. Store T White Stag and Jantzen Sportswear H ii gp p Kandel Lettermen Sweaters Long Beach, R E Washington ----- T ? fy i" E i L CALL Phone: 642-4541 F Ilwaco, Washington since 1927 P' - x O s KoRTEN's AS nM ' B ' H ' vi Hugs appmess LONGVIEW DAILY NEWS 1964 Bfand'Name The Longview Daily News leads Retailer ofthe Year the entire State of Washington in Longview, Washington its home COur1Ty COVGVOQG. 425-3400 12th 8- Broadway Phone 425-1600 Thornley Olds - Cadillac, Inc. WILLYS JEEP GMC, White, Auto Car, Freightliner Trucks Longview, Washington SCHNEIDER BROS. HARDWARE COMPANY Sales and Service Longview, Washington New and Used U Longview, Washington eff MAKE YOUR HOME COMPLETE HOLLAND HOUSE ZQMMQQ5 T ' 1 h ' sHoEs AND CLOTHING mug e S Oppmg Center Longview , W a shington Longview, Washington 1257- 59 Commerce Avenue get-Q 'Z ct., UNITED FURNITURE co gl! G-Rg , G "The Furniture Showplace QIIIlI G of Washingtonn A , .x ' ...fiv ' ,I X , 0,1 Phone: 393-0910 Kelso, Washington ,,. xvf. Mlxwxvy, J ?. 2 -"',P7??,'2aai' ' xx..-J' RAINBOW RESTAURANT "We Never Close" Kelso, Washington Cathlamet, Washington CASTIGAN'S TAVERN DR. A. H. PIERCE OPTOMETRIST 2 14 West Main Kelso, Washington Cathlamet, Washington Liinan Floyd 795 -3691 DOUMITS SHOPPING CENTER wahkiakum County Eagle "5hOP in a Friendly Atmosphere" Cathlamet, Washington Cathlamet, Washington ANDERSEN'S FLOWER SHOP SMITI'I'S BARGAIN HOUSE N CI U C1 F 't Phone 795 ' 3 753 Gviavrjnlteeciipplliljnclerse Cathlamet, Wa. Sl'11I.I1g1iO1'l 212 Allen Kelso, Washington Store 395-5141 Home 423-7386 HOWARD'S SERVICE WATKINS TRACTOR AND SUPPLY CO. Body and Fender Work Tires - Gas - Oil Industrial and Agricultural Implements Towing--24 Hour Service Dupont Explosives--Insecticides Phone: 795-3771 , Kelso, Washington Home: 795-3592 Catihlamet, Washington BILL'S SPORT SHOP Cathlamet, Washington Coast to Coast Store BACON'S Gifts - Notions - Cards - Toys Cathlamet, Washington Cathlaniet, Washington HAZEL'S BEAUTY SALON Ilwaco, Washington Phone 642 -2 62 1 COUGHMAN'S BAKERY AND COFFEE BAR Long Beach, Wash. el "mfs 14 , .. Pl 9 U 64. ARCHIE 'S FOOD Y MARKET E f kf 5 U E ' Ilwaco, Washington LEBACK'S GROCERY Verl C. Leback Chinook, Washington Phone 777-8471 Look FIRST to FRED'S LUMBER For Building Material Needs Seaview, Washington Congratulations to the Nagelle Seniors FRANK'S TACKLE BOX Ilwaco, Washington JlM'S CASH GROCERY Quality Groceries Ilwaco, Washington SUCrARMAN'S FOOD STORE Seaview, Washington PENINSULA CLEANERS Ilwaco, Washington Phone 642-2512 6 ILWA CO BAKERY S , , 93 J anew Q Ilwaco, Washington PENINSULA PHARMACY, INC. "Two stores of friendly service" Ilwaco and Long Beach, Washington TETZ OIL COMPANY llwaco, Washington In the ILWACO TRIBUNE MORE Naselle News than in any other newspaper in the world. School Supplies--Office Supplies Commercial Printing 's good food you want . . . visit MARSH'S CAFE Long Beach, Washington ROY'S MARKET Long Beach, Washington Phone 642-2326 DAVE'S UNION SERVICE 1434 Hudson Longview, Washington Phone: 423-9969 SCHEURICH SHOPPING CENTER 30th and Ocean Beach Longview, Washington MASON FORD CO. Vandercook at Michigan ROBBINS-EASTMAN REALTY "For Complete Real Estate Service" 1432 14th Avenue of ff.. Longview, Washington Longview, Washington is lfSTATs' Phone: 423-4780 OF THE BON MARCHE CONGRATULATIONS Beautysalon to the graduating class OF '64 Longview, Washington S TY L E S H O P Phone: 423-7910 425-1200 Longview, Washington ERICKSON GLASS CO. Wholesale - Retail LONGVIEW RESTAURANT Auto Glass - Plate Glass Window Glass - Mirrors 1312- C01T11'ne3-'Ce AVS- 12 In the Heart of Longview, Wash. 1 2 A 4 6 th Venue Order: "We Never Close" Phone Longview, Washington 423-7360 Chicken to go HA 5-4980 LINN SIGN CO D. H. Linn Phone 423-6660 1328 Twelfth Avenue Longview, Washington FRIEDLANDERS AND SONS .TEWELERS 1310 Commerce Longview, Washington COAST OYSTER COMPANY soUTH BEND, WASHINGTON SOUTH BEND TRANSFER CO. Local and Long Distance Hauling General Freight from Portland, Seattle, Tacoma South Bend, Washington B LUE TOP GROCERY HALVOR HOLTE PIONEER .IEWELER Confectionery--Sporting Goods--Gas "Graduation Gifts" South Bend, Washington South B end, Wa shington PACIFIC LANES "Bowl for Fun at Pacific Lanes" South Bend, Washington SOUTH BEND SERVICE Dealer 85 Distributor Flying "A" Products P,O. Box 165-:-Phone TR 5-5481 Gunnar T. Carlson Owner South Bend, Washington Prompt Quality Service DAVIS INSURANCE CO. South Bend, Washington ALTA VISTA DAIRY Grade 'A' Local Dairy Products SOUTH BEND, WASHINGTON Phone 875-5612 3 BRUNO'S CAFE PALACE MARKET 2- 8 gf Fresh Seafoods SOUTH BEND, .021 -F-A -- 2 "0" WMM SOUTH BEND WASHINGTON 'Z WASHINGTON f HARBOR REALTY CO. South Bend, Washington CHINA CLIPPER "Best Chinese Food and American Dishes" Rayrnond, Washington DELORES DESIGNS Driftwood novelties featuring flower arrangements SOUTH BEND and WESTPORT mail orders accepted FORD ELECTRIC SERVICE 510 Commercial Street Raymond, Washington GREENWELL INSURANCE 309 1X2 Duryea Street 942-3132 RAYMOND, WASHINGTON DUNSMOOR DRUG RAYMOND, WASHINGTON Congratulations to the Seniors RHODES PAINT AND WALLPAPER CO. Paint- -Glass - -Garden S upplies Raymond, Washington WILLAPA HARBOR MOTOR CO. Chevrolet- -Oldsmobile Raymond, Washington Phone: 942 -2416 You can always do better at Smilie Ford Sales, Inc. Rayrnond's Friendly Ford Dealer 100 3rd Street Phone 942.-2.405 Raymond, Washington HENDERSON INSURANCE "Insurance of all Kinds" 321 Duryea Street Raymond, Washington T. V. SMITH EW" "Home of T.V." 301 Duryea Street Raymond, Washington BRY-MAR CLEANERS Pressing Free Pickup and Delivery BRYAN AND MARIAN SALME Raymond, Washington emember GLEN GIBBS MOTOR 545 3rd Raymond , Washington Nl B LER World Standard of Compact Car Excellence PACIFIC COUNTY LUMBER Qxx s Mlqreqf -S ' 4, Ilmlllfyglilfmnl 4 -P Vs -Qi.. . Phone: 942 -2 193 Raymond, Washington PARK "N" SHOP WE APPRECIATE OUR NASELLE CUSTOMERS The Complete Shopping Center Longview, Washington "The Friendliest Real Estate Office, In Town" CARROLL'S REALTY 1427 Vandercook Way Longview, Washington If you want to sell, buy, or Phone: 425-7230 trade property . . . Let us help you MANCHESTERIS Firestone - Philco Sporting Goods Longview - Kelso Border MYKLEBUST'S Men's and Ladies Ready to Wear Longview, Washington "For the Finest in Home Furnishings" QUIGLEY'S Longview , Washington LONGVIEW SHOE CO. AND REPAIR George Quoidbach, Prop. 1155 Commerce St. Longview, Washington "41 Years in the Same Location" BUD CLARY CHEVROLET, INC. Compliments of Q - L- Fool: FAIR Sales lcnsvlouavf Service L-'ll 14th and Hudson "Your Volume Dealer" Longview, Washington 423-1700 Longview' Washington WHITESIDE PHARMACY Professional Prescription Service Drugs - Cosmetics Gifts 1303 Commerce Longview, Washington LUEHR dA2."'E"5 Ln Downtown Longview Compliments of the MARTIN INSURANCE AGENCY Longview, Washington DAHL'S ELECTRIC SERVICE, INC. 1140 valid efcoo k way Longview, washington 423-6300 "World's Largest Diamond Merchants" ZALE'S JEWELERS Triangle Shopping Center Longview, Washington gi PREscRlPTloNs 423-952 Commerce at Broadway Longview, Washington LONGVIEW CONTRIBUTORS: Ernie's Chevron Station Pioneer Agency Austin's Office Supply T 8 T Electric and Plumbing Supply KELSO CONTRIBUTORS: Billie's Apparel Jeffers jewelry BAYVIEW LUMBER CO., INC. "We Deliver" 5 stores to serve you: STEWART'S FOODLINER Your One Shopping Center South Bend I-Ioquiam f G - Cosmopous Momesano or roceries and Meats Elma South Bend 81 Raymond TR5-5401 Washington Compliments of Naselle Area Subscribers To The South Bend Journal South Bend, Wa shington SEATTLE IST NATIONAL BANK SOUTH BEND BRANCH A C South Bend, Washington A O YO X 332 S Q s -1 South Bend Packing Co. ROY J. LORENTSON "Custom Slaughteringu Phone TRinity 5-6222 South Bend, Washington 31 SOUTH BEND BAKERY V L D for quality South Bend , Washington SOUTH BEND PHARMACY "The Store Dedicated to Service" South Bend, Washington Phone TRS-5757 H 81 H CAFE SOUTHWEST STORES Open Until 2 .00 "The Store of Better Buys" South Bend, Washington Breakfast-Lunch-Dinners Dining Room for Special Parties South Bend, Washington "CONGRATULATIONS to the SENIOR CLASS of 1965" SWEDE'S CHEVRON SERVICE SOUTH BEND, wAsH1NcToN ZELLERS RICHFIELD SERVICE "Good Service" South B end, Wa shington SVN m vi' 3 M ,L 557 UN 013 WX if s

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