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Naselle Grays River Valley High School - Na Hi An Yearbook (Naselle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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-vw --1, ' vw .- - ,v . I x . . , , 'Q Q " ' , . ,. 1 , 1 s .I , Jinx ', , . 41.-w . , 'ntl' ' uni-' - 'M' '1,- , .QW ,. , ,, ' -, - ' - Q rg - . ,I -I - . , . .. , . Ng ' . ', ', Q, .' , ' ' 4 " r D' 'Q .15 f A . ,f -gn , 4.-. M,.g.f ,-,.1' I 7 ,,'- . f 4,-',.Xk - u ' - . , .V I ,ml K. , ' 'nf .. ,x V' "' Q" A ., ' A-,. 'xg . ,gb . f . - .V .,.,l.gMg'g:, .-, h-J, -4 2. X., ' .b .A,. 'I' o g . ',,'l ' K, 4 1 f... ' 'I' , A - - ,V -ff? avg-i'J"j 'v ' xi 'ffby' -41' t ' ' ' . x Q ,-,Y:.y..y,, , l L 4 H . 4 .' , .- .. .,. , . , YA, x. : V L V ' , . . ,. , . . , ' ' 'lk . H . ,.' . , 'sf , V, , "- -i,fKq" .1 . ' . , , . Q h -, K - in ,., - "' " f r -', 1. '4-L.,gf9f"N-x!-'K' ,"' . ' A -' ' - ' 39 ' ' ' . v 1 ,Q 1 .A 8 ', l H' V V -10 ,f .1 1 ,IJ . , N , 5 - I -ffg: - . S,-A. -4 ,D , ' ' - 'f '. I K , .5 . 'V ' - 5 , 1 A . .M r uf, JA V.. s , I 1 4 "3 'H 4 3-11 j -.. L 9' , l . x ' 1 ' x , 1, .gy , . f ' Q ,f 'Q 1 'n ,- s 1 - 1 . xy ,I I , V , I. ff W. ,' ,fh.E Q , v - C7--lf"-,.A, A " L x , .1-,,!,.t,,'.A . pl L- ff" M,"..Q - " wfw '- Q . Y ' "M ' 'v -, 1, . f 3 1 n,,' i y?hfv.x, , J' ' ,.?t,'.' vff, 1 . A - vf , '9 'Q L nj' 7' I 1 A: ala- ' ' , .12 , ff V' 1 ' . , . . ., , 2"-'.'g- -.v f. 'r- w- -' .3 on 'r .4 4, I , A' y' ,, A- .J in -fi ss, 'A l 'Q I 15" A, N ,V ,, . WWE ,Viv . "i' - 'lf f :v.v"1,-. I' 11' Xa? 1 6 5, Q, . ' -- , 3 ' R A x f v, -f fff -Aa - N mn, ,f ,,,x 4 M' A td ' I 'o X 'A' ui ' Nik.: ' .gl .1 1... v 'lfi fp W4 1 4, . .aww ,,.---.- .Wy ,.. .. V . - Vx , :s' yf .fA. - 1 -- 1- ,Lum J T: .fl gg x l Vwz u g i n , 461- 4, 1?gf5M,,.5 g. an 'KW I' I? SBP ' 14 41 f' .5 ' 3' " " . 4, 1 i y ,. 44 J 1 Vp AA , ,, fr ff rf- f vp , Mig,-e '- r pq . M PL- ,ugwy 2 ,515 K ifg m -:. 4 , 4 ' ,, 1 . f 4 A ' N 4 Y r 7 X W fly le ,i f 2 ,,2' 'X 1 4 , 251, Pa - en w 1 , ! , 4 . Ufj ' Q g1f,es1?if3fgff,,- Q , f I- :f. q,-25,1-ff"p' , Q, J 'ff-gg, iff - 4' . m l , ,, :, N j ggi? , Q ,. 47, 3,51-, . 2 6 J 4 xv 1 A A I Ad" 1'. . q - 5 ' - M , K . -, . , ,4 , . ,6 . 2.1ff...g 1,2 44 .V 4, ther, 1--.:H.W-,il ,f ,yulu 1 ,N .A .,'. ,.,. 71 5545! 7 7764 -?f6- oz wwdayzdwfwmvfaaqwfgz ,W ' I M 5, if , W a M 5 aw f ww vm 'X 0949: 1 ., V. 'w1'irf:f2,QJi -f '1f:NMs my .4 .--JQWW, WA ,fp sv, Amfsri 7-ww-A www- gkw, V Www-v 'mm ':1s2.,w: -V fm,fQgI:,ftEQfe' golf ,I :rr : 1. :., ss' lg rr sf -fr 1 HQ 4. fr H Y-2 f , f t ,Z 3 L if I h -- tr 1 3 , - -gl. t stsilsiwi' 3- ' .t ,V lf ' 5 5 , at t as ,fat H 4 WX To the Senior Class of 1964--Greetings and best wishes! I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate each and every one of you and to wish each of you the best of luck and opportunity in the years to come. This, your last school year has gone by so rapidly that most of us have had little chance to realize that you are seniors. It is too bad that this, your last year in public school has been marred by the national tragedy that occurred last Novernberg but, by the same token this has been a year of unprecedented peace and prosperity for our nation and ' ' ' ' d h ' much roniise and hope a year in which you have the opportunity as graduating seniors to step into a worl s owing p for the future. Once again let me extend my congratulations. A,R, Grabenhorst Superintendent 3 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '64 As you travel down the highway of life may you receive happiness. To achieve true happiness you must practice charity. True charity is the desire to be useful, to see some good in your neighborg to be helpful without thought of recompense. Charity fulfills the law, it is the first feature of goodness and the loftiest feature in heroism. It respects the rights of others and is the law of conscience. Charity should be the keynote to all your actions. You cannot expect to accomplish anything in this world without itg it is needful in every vocation in life. o I N,L. Cowan, Jr. Principal N,L, Cowan Edith Smith LerOy Nelson Kay Chabot Lyle Patterson Marilee Nelson V 'lx Qin-ak ?"" fx Ronald McNutt Eleanor Hillis DOHHK1 CFOUCU sinh Virginia Johnson Doug Rogers Mary Holm endif OFFICE ASSISTANTS ,E -H-num uni 'Q' 5 MECHANIC Andy Johnson .Q SECRETARY Mrs. Toni Scott COOKS AND KITCHEN HELP LIBRARY ASSISTANTS CUSTODIAN Herman Hansen -. fb S ,ug .J W. 0 'Ka .fx ,M 'GA 4 f4. .2 sv We-A: K . LQ 1 ff ff'-G 's ll .,5 K 'Af' fix .Q '1' ' I' NO, M, qi M, ,La 1. -:IS vi Sn" KA 'Q' a dai. xp .K wif? . 12 1 Q' w 1 I 3. X, 5 u, 4 Ln he 5? 9 if 's .. -K? we Q. rf x if K , S. A 4 gk '-sv, ,V 'A X.. Q ..N-,J aA3,.w..k ,,.,, . W-ish I, I 1 it 2 M -n Q SOPHOMORE BIOLOGY .Msg-... l WHITE CHRISTMAS J U N I O R FRESHMAN ENGLISH EVENING IN PARIS J :H J' r 5 il nd '. V- 5 1. ff, ,vw Q an I, i is Q. T 'E' ag wa-1 fx, M41 '. 3. J?" bf" ---r by Y, Ai -- Q -:Q 2-4 k K if 2 A, - 7 -A 1 h ,-- fi' . SL F. 1 JON PAKENEN Football 1, 2, 3, 4 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club Pres. 4 Class Pres. 2 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys Club Vice-Pres. 3 Class Play 3, 4 Student Council 4 CAROL SETALA Girls League 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4 Honor Society 2, 3,4 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Pep Club President 4 Cheerleader 3 Cheerleading Conference 3 Class Treasurer 3 Class Student Council Rep. 4 Homecoming Queen 4 SANDI HANDY Girls League 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Debate 4 Forenthics-Student Council Rep. 4 G. A. A. 2. 3 G,A.A, Manager 3 F.H.A. 1, 2,3,4 F.H,A. Vice Pres. 4 Class Play 3, 4 Comet Staff 2, 3 SHIRLEY OLSON Girls League Secretary 2 G, A. A, Secretary 1 Honor Society 2, 3, 4 Nonette 85 Swing Choir 2, 3, 4 Homecoming Princess 3 Junior and Senior Play A, S, B, Treasurer Cheerleader 3, 4 Girls State F. H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 LORETTA KOSKI Girls League 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Fi Club 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 2, 3 Hi-Fi Club Secretary 3 Pep Club 1, 2 Hi-Fi Club Treasurer 4 Chorus 1, 2 G.A.A. 1 Hi-Fi Student Council Rep. 1 ED OLSEN Transfer from Fort Vancouver 3 Senior Class Vice President 4 Band President 4 Band 3, 4 Choir 4 Senior Class Play 4 Boys Club Pep Club Music in May 4 ALLAN NIEMI A. S. B. Vice President 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 2, 3,4 Lettermen's Club Sgt. -a Class President 3 Boys Club 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 Class Play 3,4 t- Arms 3 IEANNINE LARSON Girls League 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. Treasurer 3 Honor Society 4 Class Secretary 1 A, S, B. Secretary 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3,4 Cornet Staff 3, 4 G. A. A. 1 Waskowitz Delegate 3 GAIL STRANGE Girls League 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls League Treasurer Pep Club 1, 2,3,4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Class Treasurer 1 Honor Society 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 F,H,A, 1, 2,3,4 Class Play 3, 4 PHYLLIS JOHNSON Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 F,H,A, 1, 2,3, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Band Treasurer 3 Honor Society 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Class Vice Pres. 1 Class President 4 Homecoming Queen 2 IAN WIRKKALA Honor Society 2, 3, 4 F, H, A, President 4 Girls League Vice Pres. 3 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A, A. Secretary 2 Band Secretary 2 Chorus 1, 2, 4 Class Plays 3,4 Comet Staff 3, 4 Cornet Editor 4 DAVE SOTKA Student Body President 4 Boy's State 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Honor Society 2, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 EDDIE BLAIN Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1,2, 3,4 Track 2, 3, 4 Track Captain 3 Lettermen's Club 2, 3,4 Lettermen's Club Vice Pres. Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys Club President 4 Class Play 3, 4 All county football team 4 4 ARLINE BIGHILL Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club Treasurer 2 Honor Society 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4 Library Assistant 2, 3 Class Play Student Director 4 Student Council Rep. 2 Annual Staff 3, 4 Annual Editor 4 MARY JO NICHOLSON Chorus 1,2,3,4 Girls League 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 2,3,4 G,A,A, 1,2 Class Play-Makeup 3, 4 KATHY WIRKKALA Girls League President 4 F. H. A, Vice-President 3 Honor Society Vice-President 3 Girls League Treasurer 2 G,A,A, Treasurer 3 Senior Class Secretary 4 Comet Artist 2, 3, 4 Chorus 4 Class Play Prompter 3, 4 Class of '63 Usher 3 MARY KANDOLL Class Vice-President 3 Comet Staff 3, 4 Comet Staff Exchange Editor 4 Honor Society 2, 3, 4 Q Honor Society Treasurer 3 Honor Society President 4 Girls League 1, 2, 3,4 Office Assistant 4 JEROME ELLIOTT Chorus 1 Jr. Class Sgt. -at-Arms 3 Boys Club Sgt. -at-Arms 4 Boys Club 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Pep Club 4 JOHN TISCHER Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball Mgr. 1, 2, 3 Cross-Country Track 4 Student Council 4 Class Play 3, 4 Boys Club Treasurer 1 Swing Choir 4 BARBARA COX Girls League 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Swing Choir 3 Annual Staff 4 F.I-l.A. 4 Class Play 3, 4 G.A.A. 1.2 FRANCES KAY MCKINLEY Girls League 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 1 Band 2 DONNA DOBSON Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls League 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer 4 Class Play 3 Class Play Student Director 4 CAROLYN WALLACE Girls League 1, 2,3,4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3 Chorus 1,2,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3 Kitchen Help 1, 2, 4 BILL LAYCOCK Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys Club 1, 2, 3,4 Swing Choir 4 Class Play 3, 4 Class Sgt. -at-Arm Pep Club 4 Comet 4 Music in May 4 S RALPH ELLIOTT Boys Club 1,2,3,4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Pep Club 4 Chorus 3 Class Play 3 Class Play Stage Manager 4 KAY CKOSKIJ ANTILLA Girls League 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 F.I-LA, 2, 3,4 ELEANOR JOHNSTON Girls League 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. l,2,3 Pep Club 1, 2, Band 1 Class Play 3 AL BELZ Boys Club l,2,3, 4 Basketball 1 Class Play 3, 4 Pep Club 3 PAUL PENTTILA Boys League l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track l, 2, 3, 4 Football l,2,3 Lettermen's Club 2, 3 Chorus l, 2 Class Play-Stage Help Pep Club 3 Cross Country 4 0 . President - Phyllis Johnson Vice President - Ed Olsen Secretary - Kathy Wirkkala Treasurer - Donna Dobson Student Council - Carol Setala Sgt. -at-Arms - Bill Laycock Sponsor - Mr. Cowan 3 1 0 S 1 Mary Kandoll TOP TEN SENIORS Phyllis Johnson Q, A. 1 , -4 ,I X wg, i if QE CLASS SPEAKER David Sotka Back row: Janette Wirkkala, Shirley Olson, Mary Kandoll, Kathy Wirkkala, Arline Big hill. Front row: Carol Setala, Phyllis John- son, David Sotka, Jeannine Larson, Gail Strange. Back Row: Janette Wirkkala-Social Science, Elks Club Leadership Bond, Wahkiakum County March of Dimes Scholarship, Grays Harbor-Pacific County Voiture 91, Forty Et Eight Scholarship, Shirley Olson-Chorus, Elks Leadership Bond, Kathy Wirkkala-Best All Around Girl, V, F. W. Scholarship, Naselle Garden Club Scholarship, Pacific County March of Dimes Scholarship, Pacific County Nurses Association Scholarship, Jon Pakenen-Best All Around Boyg David Sotka-Elks Club Leadership Bond, Athletics, Booster Club, Music Trophy, V, F, W, Citizen Trophy, John Tischer-V, F, W, Scholarship, Mary Kandoll, Valedictorian, Seplling. Front Row: Arline Bighill-Elks Leadership Bondg Carol Setala-Commer- cial, School of Beauty Scholarship, Phyllis Johnson-Salutatoriang Jean- nine Larson-English, Band, Elks Club Leadership Bond, Sandi Handy- Home Economics, Gail Strange-Honor Society Scholarship, Booster Club. ' " Xixlqi Si -us W MM""s-'-.,, , S.:- Getting Ready. Waififlgf GAIL STRANGE, will my supply of freckles to Roberta Elliott to add to her own collection. JEANNINE LARSON, will my 3-legged bed in Forest Grove to Mary Zaleski so she can go back and sleep in it next year. BILL LAYCOCK, will my ability as a bookkeeper to next year's class so Mrs. Smith can have a good year. ARLINE BIGHILL, will my clean locker to Mickey Mercer and Evart Smith so theirs might be clean at least once during the school year. CAROL SETALA, will all of my runny nylons to Susie Nelson who seems to be starting a collection of her own. JON PAKENEN, will my official membership in the Fender-Benders to Merikay Hall who is now eli- gible. LORETTA KOSKI, will my high scholastic ability to my brother, Gilly, just to keep it in the family SHIRLEY OLSON, will my golf scores to next year's golf team in hopes that they don't hit 100 in the first nine. AL BELZ, will to anyone who has a car in worse shape than mine, my parking place' at school. ED BLAINE, will my knowledge of Shop to Mr. Crouch, my sense of humor to Mrs. Chabot, and my bookkeeping grades to Linda, hoping she can do better. MARY JO NICHOLSON, will my Shorthand writing to anyone who can read the darn stuff. KAY ANTILLA, will my cooking ability to next year's Home Ec. classes. KAY MCKINLEY, will all my grades back to the teachers who gave them to me. SANDI HANDY, will my front row seat in English IV to anyone who wants to absorb as much English as I have. BARBARA COX, will my red hair to Nancy Penttila so she won't have to dye hers. MARY KANDOLL, will my height to Cousin Ken, to preserve tall Kandolls! JAN WIRKKALA, will all my boiled eggs and carrot sticks to anyone in dire need of losing a few pounds. PHYLLIS JOHNSON, will my steady nerves to Cathy Bjornsgard in hopes that it will calm her down a little. CAROLYN WALLACE, will all my dirty pots and pans to Beverly so she'll be kept busy in Home Ec. next year. RALPH ELLIOTT, will my tool chest to Mr. Crouch. ELEANOR JOHNSTON, will my ability to stay out of school to Leon G. to add to his record. KATHY WIRKKALA, will my speedy driving habits to sister Nancy--so she can make it to schoolvon time, just to keep it in the family. DONNA DOBSON, will my sleeping ability in study hall to someone who is wide awake. JOHN TISCI-IER, will my determination to anyone who does not want to be a success. DAVE SOTKA, will my football injury back to Tim Tienhaara in hopes that he'll pick an opponent to step on next year. ED OLSEN, will my Hearse to the Class of 65, for their annual car smash, in hopes that next year's car smash might be just as successful as this year's. ALLAN NIEMI, will my nickname "Whip" back to Andy Johnson who gave it to me in hopes that he can give it to someone who deserves it. JEROME ELLIOTT, will my staying awake, ability to Sandi next year, I also will the Navy to anyone who is nuts for joining. PAUL PENTTILA, will my ability to pass a class by the skin of my teeth to anyone who dares. 44170615 Al Belz- Milking cows on the Parpala brothers farm Sandi Handy- Owner of Sandra's Honda lot Mary Jo Nicholson- Working in Nemah cannery Jerome Elliott- Joined up with Paul, Ringo, John and George Barbara Cox- Center for all American Red Heads Allan Niemi- Head hair stylist at the Vogue Arline Bighill- Supervisor of waitresses at the Alladin Restaurant Jon Pakanen- Head sales clerk in women's department at Appelo's Shirley Olsoni Golf Caddie for Allan Loretta Koski- Truant officer for Pacific County Eleanor Liptak- Owner of Johnston's pretty Peacock farm Phyllis Johnson- Elephant nurse at Portland Zoo Jan Wirkkala- Dr. Kildare's nurse ' Mary Kandoll- Bulletin girl at Harvard Carol Setala- Whistle punk at Emerson's Logging Company Kay McKinley- Proud owner of Kentucky Derby winner Kay Antilla- Grand prize winner of 1960 Pillsbury bake-off Jeannine Larson- C. B.S, news commentator Bill Laycock- Owner of Smiling Bills used car lot Ed Olsen- Millionaire owner of a cigar factory in Vegas Gail Strange- Waitress at Barts Paul Penttila- Owner of Paul's playboy camp for summer rnumus Dave Sotka- Head Accountant of Lower Columbia Dairy Association Kathy Wirkkala- Den mother at Naselle Air Force Barracks John Tischer- Assistant mortician at Tischers chapel on the hill Carolyn Wallace- Feature editor of Modern Romance comic books Donna Dobson- Champion of women's bantam weight boxing Ralph Elliott- Running Ralphies fish market at Pillar Rock Ed Blain- Serving three years detention in the brig - 2 Senior Play Senior Ball Senior Sneak o 6415 " fr. sf' ., Av. um., 'K . , 'H .f"6" . X Y' 'T 5-'E I ,nn W. 4 K .a ,,,,5.-. +T "1v,aufig,-. Y' 1 an Vg 44' ' L-"'1! -u3".: 11115 ., ini ...M , , Merikay Hall Jim Wirkkala Susan Bighill Wendy Hyrkas Kenny Elliott Edgar Emerson Gary Raemhild Bonnie Wendelin pw ,fb 'Y' 'bums-Y' 2, Sandra Tischer Harvey Johnson Charlene Handschy Hugh Perryrnan ,gd""w, ugh-nv' dvr C Cliff Nudell Gary Mullica Tim Tienharra Cathy Bjornsgard Lyle Ilrrzrtuja Candy Ervesl Raymond Butler Mickey Mercer Peg Olson Dorothy Warm Gary Bauin Nancy Perrttrla M, fi 'NZ' "Cl" Q-.rx bv W 4.51 Charlotte Anderson Evart Smith Nancy Mercer Amelia Lomsdalen Fred Koontz Charles Otterson Carolyn Helvey Joy Forberg Z A,, t 4 ,A ,V . :,, i i J , . . n':, S ,. ME ,,, V i -3 'df V.,. Delores Nicholson A Tom Kandoll Q Leon Gollersrud l , h Nancy Wirkkala pg ' 'WIQQW ' I, C Eff tl K, . Louis Wirkkala , Phillip Elliott Linda Torppa Evert Ehrlund Joan Grabenhorst Gilbert Koski Rudy Nelson Virginia Demick Ronald Dahly Bill Wood Trudy Blain Russel Smalley . , Q , , f Q .1 Ygqfi. , . . s .zigzag ' ' . 4 .w rt., if , , ,r 4 ,j Q M'-V I :fc ne ' Dan Anderson l 'Q iv NVQ -tmvwQf Pres., Charlotte L'Hommedieug V. Pres., Harvey Johnsong Secretary, Cathy Bjorns- gardg Treas., Tom Kandollg Sgt. at Arms, Gary Batting Student Council, Gary Raem- hild. JUNIOR PLAY CAST EVENING IN PARIS THE MOUSE THAT ROARED The Men? ! ! Q ' 2 L , i, K L, - m,y ? . czyggux: V iiimiiawzfs -X ggwifszf RS A gy. Qsifi 253 .miiife - 1 lvl 4 A ffmvf if mm? Don Magnuson Linda Broyhill Kenneth Scott Jack Smith Venita Halverson Keith Larson Carol Lornsdalen Phillip Wirkkala Brian Koski Martin Wilkrnan Carolyn Anderson Janice Bighill ill' 10 Dianne Mattson Joyce Kandoll Dennis Wallace Dennis Anclrrng Darlene Chattick Dean Koski David Crayne Bernadine Blain Linda Otterson Jerry Busse David Dobson Phyllis Wood Timothy Rogers Chuck Torppa Darlene Haataia Elaine Crenshaw Margery Wirkkala Marjorie Iarvi Terry Smalley Richard Wirkkala Gene Johnson Loretta Hokkanen Dale Wrolson Karol Koski Don Smith Robert Morris Carol Laine Dale Kilponen Susie Nelson CLASS OFEICERS. Pres. Ken Kanclollg V. Pres. Gene Pakeneng Secretary Linda Laneyg Treasurer Ruth Wirk- kalag Sgt. at Arms Jim Strangeg Student Council Susie Nelson. Advisor Mr. Nelson. Gary Lewis Linda Laney Ruth Wirkkala Gene Pakenen Ken Kandoll 34 XT ox xr f ' Flower Drurn Song 'S 152 FQ, f-M 'ta E Wu fx --. 5: X '41 BHC'- M31 John Albrecht Kathleen L. Anderson Kathleen M. Anderson Samuel Anderson Marsha Butler Sharon Chattick Jim Crayne Kathleen Elliott Larry Firkus Sandra Firkus Allyn Forberg Melvin Goodell Mike Gorley George Helvey Nancy Howell Steve Hurst Melvin Jarvi James Kandoll Kathleen Kandoll Terry Kandoll Clark Kapron Jackie Landon Neal Larson Steve Lindros Doug Magnuson Gary Magnuson Trudy Nelson Todd Newberg Kathy Pelton Philip Penttila Harry Yanagimachr Kenny Ross Gayle Salme Ronnie Salme Lynne Simukka Theodore Stenholm Dennis Strange Sharon Tienhaara Beverly Wallace Annette Wirkkala Bruce Wirkkala Christine Wrikkala Gail Wirkkala John Wiss Paula Polillo CLASS OFFICERS President Phillip Penttila Vice Pres. Neal Larson Secretary Lynn Sirnukka Treasurer Dennis Strange Student Council Jackie Landon Advisor Mr. Rogers dame 'E fi -L ,W '. .Y 9 lk' Back Row: Phyllis Johnson, Nancy Mercer, Jeannine Larson, Charlotte L'Hommedieu, Sandi Handy, Gail Strange Susie Nelson, Charlotte Anderson, Second Row: Gene Pakenen, Jackie Landon, Dave Sotka, Shirley Olson, John Tischer, Carol Setala. Front Row: Allan Nienii, Jon Pakenen, Mickey Mercer, Harvey Johnson, Myron Metcalf Gary Raemhild. J S 'nwt ,4,s.aa' , in 7. ,H if President--Dave Sotka Vice Pres. --Allan Niemi Secretary--Jeannine Larson Treasurer--Shirley Olson Jr, Auditor--Myron Metcalf Historian- -Charlotte Anderson Sgt. at Arms--Harvey Johnson Advisor--Mr. Cowan TROMBONES FRENCH HORNS OBOE CLARINET cu gs: :: 1192 v-5 :cs ,lim -r-4 E :um he U0 'Eco .gg 'Um EQ GS 1-I rd G-J as cn I-I o I-4 as U r: o im cv AED Lum .sg Ee gee --.LD 3. S .H 5 32 Zi QQ ...Q X 5:53 41 :DD cn F"l 114 O ,EE "'.-CI Bm! :Eg I-QCD Zami'- D0-"C-"'5 nc'?Q.Efv Doi..-IM HE E5 'U CI Er: 3 if F6 ug EA 37.2 fri agen Om CDU UM C2 '22 mm! r::'-+E.:-15' OS """nu fzqiie 05.92 55" TEOISQJH I-1 'EMO ...Om ....o ""5,c:EDS Sangalo Bob Beatty Gail Wirkkala BASS HORN Christy Wirkkala Kathleen Anderson Kenny Kandoll Jackie Landon ki Zales Mary berg For Allan Wirkkala ky Ric Harry Yana Gene Pakenen FLUTES 1- GJ .-C3 ua -.-4 P4 C1 ,-G O P1 C1 .-.2 T513 me 5x C502 T55 'ESS ED C1 O va -1 KU Z 09 .r-4 cn 5 VJ Steve Lindros Ioan Grabenhorst Steve Lindros, David Ludlow, Dale alf, Dennis Wallace, Me tc tterson, Myron O Charles ienhaara, mT Ti 2.5, ID Tho Busse, Frank ith, Jerry l'1'1 S OD w:D Ro Back A s-1 O LL1 Allyn ala, kk kenen, Ricky Wir Pa SHS G achi, im malley, Harry Yanag Terry S 1:3 O rn 1.1 N 14 1-C: 4-I -1-1 O M fi? 1-Z 4-v O VJ cu :w cv Q 'a O nr-l Z C1 N 321' 41 1:5 o UI I-1 O 'U Lu E GJ C U Af- N! 0.1 1: o '15 cf O 2 O 1-1 3 1 n-1 GS 1-C: U ri O rn 1-4 N -J Q3 Cl .1-4 C'- CI CU CD I-1 16 F-4 fd .X 134 l-4 ul-1 3 CJ NS r-1 :T O ua 1-1 O 9s GJ 1-1 :-1 LE ID 0. U N -1 -4 2' C1 Ps -1 9 Gi U 16 -4 N! .31 .Z 1-1 E dschy, Barbara Cox, Margery 3,11 H Charlene W! Ro ird k Smith. Th Jac berg, Joan Anderson, rolyn Ca BUSH., W ro thy nttila, Do Pe ancy ey, N lv He yn dy Hyrkas, Carol CU ischer, W ck, John T C0 Crayne, Bill Lay avid edieu, D IT1l'1'1 lotte L'Ho Peg Olson, of D0 E CU I-1 4-I UD 1-1 .1-4 IU U cr? --4 CU 4-1 G1 cd 11' U C1 U 1-4 x-1 N Q 1-T 1-4 --4 1-C2 DD --4 CD on C1 -1-4 1-1 I-1 'C E O M 'U Cl O U CU UD :xi 1-1 CU .-'Z .Z n-1 5 ?x -C1 4-I Ni M :T O 'U E 0 .1-1 .Z O GS 5"'i :F O u: H 1-I S' 0 C CI cd -1-4 C3 :F O cn r-1 0 'U C SC CD 4-n 4-I O 1-c l-1 as 1-C U J 2 2 x: ru .Q cu l-4 LD GJ s: 5. ..1 ri o Ill l-1 YU -cs r:: 4 cz ru GJ l1l E KU M 1-I on .:: o V1 :I-1 I'-' G3 ld -o c: CYS VJ si o Pelt all, Kathy ikay I-I CI Magnuson, M Doug 1-3 I-I o -cv cz as M r: an bd 1-T U Merc len, Venita Halverson, Nancy Lomsda 1 0 HI' C 2.1" son, M ob D OHIIH D Wirkkala, il Ga nsgard, Bjor Px ,::: 44 KH U 1-T J-I :s Z o E 5 IZ O-I c: o I-I u.. yllis Johnson, Susie Bighill Ph i. Wirkkala, Kay Kosk ukka, Christine im S I-- Fo Y Jo Nelson, sie Su Loretta Hokkanen, Setala, 1 IO Nelson, Ca rudy T ala, irkk hleen Anderson, Nancy W at holson, K , Delores Nic da Laney Lin i, jorie J arv Janice Bighill. berg, ' a - lr 4 . 41 Back row: Diane Moore, Darlene Haataia, Margery Wirkkala, Elaine Crenshaw, Peg Olson, Shirley Olson, Jan Wirkkala, Marsha Butler, Barbara Cox, Charlene Handschy, Wendy Hyrkas, Carolyn Helvey, Nancy Penttila, Dorothy Warra, Joan Grabenhorst, Charlotte Anderson, Dianne Mattson, Jackie Landon, Beverly Wallace, Kathy Wirkkala, Third Row: Darlene Chattick, Eleanor Johnston, Bernadine Blain, Carolyn Wallace, Mary Jo Nicholson, Gail Wirk- kala, Gail Strange, Jeannine Larson, Carolyn Anderson, Joy Forberg, Lynne Simukka, Janice Bighill, Loretta Hok- kanen, Sandra Firkus, Annette Wirkkala, Sharon Chattick, Sharon Tienhaara. Second row: Charlotte L'Hommedieu, Nancy Howell, Paula Polillo, Arlino Bighill, Ruth Wirkkala, Carol Lomsdalen, Venita Halverson, Nancy Mercer, Kathleen Elliott, Delores Nicholson, Kathy Pelton, Gayle Salme, Sandra Tischer, Kathleen Anderson, Kay Koski, Carol Setala, Phyllis Wood, Susie Bighill. Front row: Linda Otterson, Merikay Hall, Cathy Bjornsgard, Donna Dobson, Marjorie Jarvi, Linda Laney, Kathleen Anderson, Nancy Wirkkala, Trudy Nelson, Phyllis Johnson, Christine Wirkkala, Linda Broyhill, Susie Nelson, Mr. McNutt. gage J Back row: Neal Larson, Don Smith, Steve Lindros, Myron Metcalf, Jon Pakenen, Ed Olson, Allan Niemi, Dave Sotka, Terry Smalley, Keith Larson, Jack Smith. Third row: Kenny Ross, Charles Otterson, Tim Tienhaara, Dennis Wallace, Jerry Busse, Dale Wrolson, Bill Laycock, John Tischer, Brian Koski. Second row: Phillip Wirkkala, Mike Gorley, Frank Thomas, David Ludlow, David Crayne, John Wiss, Cliff Nudell, Ricky Wirkkala, Gene Pakenen. Front row: Chuck Torppa, Bruce Wirkkala, Melvin Goodell, Doug Magnuson, Clark Kapron, Allyn Forberg, Ken Kandoll, Harry Yanagimachi, Mr. McNutt. 44 BAND OFFICERS Pres. Ed Olsen V. Pres. Gary Battin Secretary Ioan Grabenhorst Treasurer Susie Nelson Student Council John Tischer CLARINET TRIO , I SWING CHOIR Susie CORNET OUARTET Music in May Ken President- Dale Kilponen Vice-President- Candy Ervest Sec. , Treasurer- Bill Woods Student Council- Sandi Handy Parliamentarian- Mike Hillis Back Row: Mrs. Hillis, advisor, Sandi Handy, Dale Kilponen, Candy Ervest, Mary Zaleski. Row 2: Jack Smith, Don Smith, Bill Woods, Mike Hillis. Wa- J President - Charlotte L'Hommedieu Vice-President - Dale Wrolson Secretary - Bernadine Blain Treasurer - Loretta Koski Student Council - Gene Pakenen Sponsor - Mr, McNutt :rg "4 .,, Qi u 'f fb Back Row: Loretta Koski, Bernadine Blain, John Tischer, Mr. McNutt, Dale Wrolson, Sharon Tienhaara, Lynne Simukka. Front Row: Gary Raemhild, Charlotte Anderson, Nancy Howell, Bill Laycock. Standing: Carolyn Anderson, Ruth Wirkkala, Mrs. Smith, Susan Bighill, Jack Smith. Sitting: Nancy Penttila, Arline Bighill, Gail Strange, Phyllis Johnson. SW! The staff and Ihave tried to bring out the bright spots of the school year within the pages of your 1964 NA-HI-AN, hoping each student would be able to find something that has a spe- cial meaning for them. I wish to express deep appreciation to the two co-editors, Phyd and Gail, for their expert help, and to Mrs. Smith for her wonderful help and guidance. To the other members of the staff, best wishes for a successful 1964-65 year. 0 . 9 48 Picture Editor-Gail Strange, Business Manager-Phyllis Johnson, Editor-Arline Bighill. Hard at work! SW! Back Row: Bill Wood, Kathy Wirkkala, Joyce Kandoll, Loretta Hokkanen, Mike Hillis, Susan Nelson. Row2: Joy Forberg, Candy Ervest, Roberta Elliott, Nancy Wirkkala, Bonnie Wende- lin, Janette Wirkkala. Row 3: Jeannine Larson, Virginia De- mick, Mary Kandoll, Delores Nicholson, Carolyn Anderson, Joan Grabenhorst. gp'-uv-"W Advisor Mrs. Smith 3' Editor: Janette Wirkkala Co - Ed itor: Jeannine Larson A tick, Kathleen Kandoll Mary Jo Peg Olson, Darlene Chat Olson, Charlotte Anderson, Shirley rabenhorst, arra, Joan G W rothy la, Do ka Wirk Row: Jan ck Ba Big- C6 aron Tienharra, Jani Sh OI1, E nnine La El Ie illo, ula Pol Pa nshaw, I6 Mattson, Elaine C E1l'll'l6 Cox, Di Barbara Butler, ha Mars 11 Ho we 3IlCy lson, N ho Nic s Nichol- IC ston, Delo hn lene Haataia, Eleanor Jo w: Dar Third Ro Moore. HG ia D HC Carol Lai Landon, ckie Ja Wallace, Beverly hy, SC Hand Cha rle ne ill h lson, Venita Ne ie mmedieu, Sus Charlotte L'Ho andoll, K Joyce kkala, Wir , Ruth SI Erve andy C OKI Elli Roberta kkala, Margery Wir Blain Bern adine son, Strange. il Ga P31 fP To nda Li R, ic Dem inley, Virginia cK M HY K ghru Susie Bi ood, W Phyllis 5, Firku IH mukka, Sand nne Si LY la ka Wirk Halverson, Kathy Hall Wendy Lomsdalen, Merikay omsgard, Amelia Cathy Bj Salme, le EY G vi, arjorie Jar ski, M Ko ol 211' K Bigmn rline lace, A Carolyn Wal W1 Second Ro i, Bon- sk Zale ey, Mary lv Carolyn He lson, Ne Trudy Carol Setala, berg, For OY ick, I UL Cha Ol'l I erson, Sha nd nA 66 lton, Linda Laney, Kathl Pe athy Hyrkas, K P1 fo c: cu I 'I-Q 'D r: CU un ri o V1 ,Q o D CU L: 1: o D H. CU c.: I-4 3 A o r: cd Z xi o In F-4 an 'U lyn An IO Ca retta Koski, Lo Holm, Mrs. Row: I Fron andoll. delin, Nancy Penttila, Mary K EH nie W Linda kkala, Wir ristine Ch okkanen H Loretta len, msda Lo Carol Wirkkala Nancy cf O cn P4 ui 'U x: 41 r:: an cu 11' J: lui cv: M H. 4-1 O --4 I-1 .-4 L!-I Cf CU Q3 5 GS I:-4 cd v-4 K3 ,DC .26 I-o --4 3 1-4 --4 GS LD sl CU J: U ua .,-4 P1 CU I-a 'U C1 CU VJ hnson. llis Jo Phy ki, Kos aY K nda Broyhill, Wirkkala, Li HIICIIS erson, A It O Kathy Wirkkala President - Merikay Hall Vice President Mattson Hlllle Di Secretary - CI O um 1-4 O -C1 O --4 Z rn Q2 L-1 O v-4 OJ Q I 1-4 GJ 1-4 :S cn 11 CD s... H - Gail Strange ouncil C udent St Q1 Ed ock, Layc Bill Wallace, ennis D alley , ID S fry Te i. sk Ko Il ria ood, B W Bill ss, Ro filly Ke kkala, ir W C6 Back row: Btu OH agnuson, D M d onal D Wiss, hn Io rson, thla Kei ll ndo 3 mK To EE, p Ellio Philli ullica, M Gafy Olson, Gene Johnson, ike M la Wirkka Phillip W! Ro Second ike Hillis. M ro Keith Fa uve I' 6 d Butl OH lyffl .J Z le Wrolson, Da son, Rudy Nel ith, SIT1 Otterson, S le Char enha ara i mmy T ith, Ti H1 art S EV Busse , fly Je , Steven Lindros, ll Kando Terry 5 -1 'IS ,Z -I 1-4 -1-4 3 cn -1-4 E 5, CU 1-4 I-4 O U Salme, David Ronnie Kos ki , 63.11 Strange, D is Gllll Y-D 1-1 1-1 11 GJ 2 1-1 1-4 Q9 -Q O Di FTS -4 CTX -Z Wirk IT1I'Ily son, Ji hn Jo CY I'V etcalf, Ha M OH Myr Jimmy Strange, Kenny Third Row: Harry Yana, mith. S ck Haataja, Ja Ly lc ski, Gilbert Ko ris, Ol' bert M RO Dobson, Gol- OH gar Emerson, Le Ed lund , ert Ehr Ev lz, Be Al Torppa, Charles l Larson, Brian Elliott 63 N la, kka Wir ky o '14 M J O-U O .- .. v-4 ua rryman, Pe lm, Rod tenho S heodore T Hurst CVC St nttila, Pe lip Phi Rogers, ott, Timothy Sc HY ::: in M :T -.-4 s-I 1-1 fd L 5- 1-4 ft! U 6 Z3 1.- cn 1.4 FD 1-4 Sotka , 3.VS D i, I'1'l Nie Pakenen, Allan CD6 G mas, agnuson, Frank Tho M fy Ga ll N ude Fourth Row: Cliff David Ludlow. ennis nen, D PO il K le Da apron, kK agnuson, Clar Doug M ll, Goode Melvin i V Jar in Me lv Elliott, Ralph T, ische T hn JO ront Row: F ch. ll IO rayne, Mr. C C avid son, D Soren ll HITS erson, D nd A Dan berg, For llan A nny Kandoll, Andring, Ke L4 an o ld 2 :vs cu A: o E fi '-4 2 cn an .- fo 'o LU 6 I-I 'Pl E cu fri cz pc s L4 CY! U ri o c YU x '73 Q. 5. '-5 G53 if Em U20 E8 QU -'E Qi.. QM E.. oo 'EE 43 Er: :vm 'UQ 'SEO ion -1-4-O LU? cu iz l-4 fi-cz AE -TE-' rv! O. 'UE Q 3 K3 EE E :vi ,Q "5 Lx.. :L O Blain President - Eddie - Mickey Mercer Vice Pres. Secretary - Gary Raemhild - Fred Koontz TICHSUICI - Jon Pa kenen Student Council Rep. 51 S Q55 . ., S S Q Laws. P Back row: Kathleen Anderson, Carolyn Anderson, Phyllis Johnson, Fred Koontz, Harry Yana, Mickey Mercer, Myron Metcalf, Margery Wirkkala, Bernadine Blain. Seventh Row: Susie Bighill, Janice Bighill, Lynne Simukka, Gayle Salme, Gary Mullica, Dave Sotka, Jon Pakenen, Tim Tienhaara, Gene Pakenen, Roberta Elliott, Dianne Mattson. Sixth Row: Donna Dobson, Elaine Crenshaw, Charlene Handschy, Sharon Tienhaara, Linda Torppa, John Tischer, Jerry Busse, Ed Olson, Dorothy Warra, Joy Forberg. Fifth Row: Kathleen Elliott, Candy Ervest, Mary Zaleski, Vir- ginia Demick, Sharon Chattick, Kathleen Kandoll, Arline Bighill, Chuck Torppa, Jan Wirkkala, Jackie Landon. Fourth Row: Sandy Firkus, Loretta Hokkanen, Linda Broyhill, Steve Lindros, Keith Larson, Jim Strange, Phyllis Wood, Annette Wirkkala, Ronnie Salme, Gary Raemhild, Nancy Mercer, Susie Nelson. Third Row: Nancy Howell, Wendy Hyrkas, Charlotte L'Hommedieu, Dennis Strange, Neal Larson, Ricky Wirkkala, Gail Wirkkala, Christine Wirkkala, Bill Wood, Delores Nicholson, Trudy Nelson. Second Row: Marjorie Jarvi, Jeannine Larson, Kathy Wirkkala, Carol Setala, Dale Wrolson, Lyle Haataja, Jerome Elliott, Beverly Wallace, Bonnie Wendelin, Peg Olson, Linda Otterson. Front Row: Carol Laine, Linda Laney, Eddie Blain, Cathy Bjornsgard, Merikay Hall, Shirley Olson, Charlotte Ander- son, Joan Grabenhorst, Gail Strange, Nancy Penttila, Paula Polillo. M6045 President - Carol Setala Vice Pres, - Dorothy Warra Secretary - Margie Wirkkala Treasurer - Linda Otterson Student Council Rep. - Nancy Mercer Sgt. -at-arms - Gene Pakenen l l .f is I ,K p r. -f ,ig , V J . . . s 1 Z Back Row: Gene Johnson, Charles Otterson, Myron Metcalf, Tim Tienhaata, Jerry Busse, Fred Koontz. Row 2: Gary Raemhild, Edgar Emerson, Donny Magnuson, Harvey Johnson, Frank Thomas, Mr. Pat- terson. Row 3: Brian Elliott, Gene Pakenen, Louis Wirkkala, Gary Mullica, Bill Wood, Kenny Elliott. Row 4: John Tischer, David Sotka, Allan Niemi, Jon Pakenen, Eddie Blain, Mickey Mercer. OFFICERS President-Jon Pakenen Vice PresidentfEddie Blain Secretary-Treasurer-Myron Metcalf Sgt. at Arms-Fred Koontz Student Council-Mickey Mercer LETTERMEN IN ACTION 53 Wann ' Back Row: Candy Ervest, Kathy Wirkkala, Janet Wirkkala, Mary Zaleski, Ion Pakenen, Bonnie Wendelin, Mary Kandoll, Tom Kandoll, Carol Setala, Shirley Olson, Arline Bighill, Phyllis Johnson, Mrs. Johnson. Front Row: Lyle Haataja, Myron Metcalf, Dave Sotka, Gary Raemhild, Bill Woods. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETV ii ilfliffii lliflili ii? Wwe. Back Row: Gene Pakenen, Nancy Wirkkala, Gail Strange, Ken Kandoll, Jeannine Larson, Ricky Wirkkala. Front Row: Joyce Kandoll, Charlotte Anderson, Susie Nelson, Phyllis Woods. OFFICERS President- Mary Kandoll Vice President- Gary Raemhild Secretary- Bonnie Wendelin Treasurer- Phyllis Johnson Student Council- Jon Pakenen ,iig ggrjsig it Back row: Arline Bighill, Jan Wirkkala, Joan Grabenhorst, Shirley Olsen, Peg Olson, Kathleen Kandoll, Mary Jo Nicholson, Barbara Cox, Dianne Mattson, Bernadine Blain, Susie Nelson, Virginia Demick, Charlotte Handschy, Mary Zaleski, Elaine Crenshaw, Phyllis Wood. Second row: Miss Nelson, Kathy Wirkkala, Darlene Haataia, Can- dy Ervest, Roberta Elliott, Eleanor Johnston, Joyce Kandoll, Jeannine Larson, Ruth Wirkkala, Marjorie Jarvi, Venita Halverson, Janice Bighill, Carol Laine, Kay Koski, Amelia Lomsdalen, Dianne Moore. Third row: Gail Strange, Delores Nicholson, Charlotte L'Hornmedieu, Donna Dobson, Cathy Bjornsgard, Sandi Handy, Nancy Wirkkala, Meri- kay Hall, Carol Lomsdalen, Lynne Simuklca, Carolyn Anderson, Joy Forberg, Phyllis Johnson. Front row: Margery Wirkkala, Carol Koski, Wendy Hyrkas, Nancy Mercer, Sandra Tischer, Gail Wirkkala, Linda Otterson, Chris Wirk- kala, Loretta Hokkanen, Annette Wirkkala, Linda Broyhill, Linda Laney, Carol Setala. 7,4 OFFICERS President - Jan Wirkkala Vice President - Sandi Handy Secretary - Joy Forberg Treasurer - Candy Ervest Student Council Rep. - Phyllis Johnson Historian - Carolyn Anderson Q.,-f.,-f, President - Joan Grabenhorst Vice President - Nancy Penttila Secretary - Susie Nelson St. Council- Charlotte L'Hommedieu Treasurer - Margie Wirkkala Sgt. -at-Arms - Elaine Crenshaw Managers - Linda Torppa Loretta Hokkanen yy Back row: Sharon Chattick, Sandra Firkus, Jackie Landon, Sharon Tienharra, Beverly Wallace, Marsha Butler, Joan Grabenhorst, Charlotte L'Hommedieu, Linda Torppa, Kathleen Elliott, Kathy Pelton. Second Row: Mrs. Hillis, Susie Nelson, Loretta Hokkanen, Nancy Pentilla, Elaine Crenshaw, Darlene Chattick, Phyllis Woods, Carolyn Ander- son, Kathleen Kandoll, Susie Bighill, Nancy Howell. First Row: Linda Laney, Gail Salme, Janice Bighill, Annette Wirkkala, Dianne Mattson, Trudy Nelson, Linda Otterson, Bernadine Blaine, and Gail Wirkkala. 56 w k fwmg 4. in-'if il -1.4 mm. w.m-mn J 1- , ,-W an ,ww f - ..,y. wf ww' N ,, W 3-W' -A h-:mf L. ff if f , M 1-lg! ,,, . ' N 'bnuf fabhofam , , ,, .4 5:35 ,H AEMQm'E1w 2-K 3 A , 'ft 5. A2313 V? N' ,fx 4. .-f A fi" if 3 5, Assistant Coach - Mr. McC1ary. Back row: Philip Wirkkala, Rudy Nelson, Ricky Wirkkala, Keith Larson, Gary Raem- hild, Gary Battin, Louis Wirkkala, Allan Niemi, Head Coach - Mr. Patterson. Second row: Evart Smith, Harry Yana- gimachi, Frank Thomas, Tim Tienharra, Edgar Emerson, Ed Blain, Brian Elliott, Harvey Johnson, Fred Koontz. Front row: Jon Pakenen, Gary Mullica, Dave Sotka, Jerry Busse, Charles Otterson, Mickey Mercer, Gene Johnson. A J 004 John Ken Naselle 33 Onalaska 20 A Naselle 0 Cathlamet 27 Naselle 19 Ilwaco 13 Naselle 13 South Bend 0 Naselle 6 Moclips 13 Naselle 19 Ocosta 24 Naselle 33 Valley 13 Naselle 0 Cathlamet 27 Naselle O Morton 12 2"A nnual Trophy Game Gene Y afzdllfq 58 Back row: Dennis Strange, Keith Larson, Brian Koski, Mike Gorley, Dennis Wallace, Kenny Ross, Philip Penttila Neal Larson, Steven Lindros, John Wiss, Louis Wirkkala, David Ludlow. Front row: Doug Magnuson, Tim Rogers Sam Anderson, Donny Magnuson, Ronny Salme, Robert Morris, David Crayne, Philip Wirkkala, Harry Yanagirnachi Ricky Wirkkala, Gary Magnuson. P- Naselle 14 Ilwaco 0 Naselle 13 Cathlarnet 7 Coach Mr. Nelson Naselle 45 Ocosta 0 Assistant Coach Mr. Jackson Naselle 12 Valley 7 , Naselle 30 Cathlamet 6 Naselle 21 Ilwaco 6 Statistician casein B111 Wood David Sotka Captain Eddie Blain Co-Captain 03 Q Allan Niemi Jon Pakenen Co-Captain Co-Captain I Gary Raernhild Evart Smith Cathy Bjornsgard Charlotte Anderson 1 "The Crowningn Mickey Mercer Gene Johnson Ed Blain QUEEN CAROL SETALA Merikay Hall Linda Laney Dave Sotka Queen Carol is given a Royal Kiss. 5 71 ' "Hit" xx Q - -8 A..- d iiii 5 ,N - 1 '-E1-fz1.1ifif'r'f-M-a.r 50x74 ' I 975 776 Andy's Model T Mr. Wilber Holm Member first graduating class Mrs. Agnes Appelc Graduation . W 0 Back Row: Jimmy Strange, Mickey Mercer, Dennis Wallace, Jerry Busse, Bryan Koski, Martin Wilkman Mr. Patterson. Front Row: Keith Larson, Ricky Wirkkala, Terry Smalley, Charles Torppa, Edgar Erner son, Phillip Wirkkala. MANAGERS John Tischer, Dale Wrol- son, Gene Pakenen, Louis Wirkkala. 6403 GAMES Junior Varsity Won Lost Freshmen Won Lost Back Row: Philip Penttila, Kenny Ross, Ronnie Salme, Dennis Strange, Neal Larson, Sam Anderson Steven Lindros, Mr. Rogers. Front Row: Harry Yana, Brucewirkkala, Doug Magnuson, Gary Mag nuson, Mike Gorley, George Helvey, Allyn Forberg. Evert Ehrlund, Eddie Blain, Harvey Johnson, Ion Pakenen, Paul Penttila, Gene Johnson, Myron Metcalf Gary Raem hild, Tim Tienharra, Dave Sotka, and Mr. Nelson. Valley South Bend Ocosta Cathlamet Naselle Naselle Naselle Naselle 0 PACIFIC COUNTY LEAGUE SCORES Naselle 47 Valley 49 Naselle 55 South Bend 55 Naselle 36 Ocosta 35 Naselle 40 Cathlamet 58 S. W. W. CLASS "B" TOURNAMENT SCORES Boisfort 54 Naselle North River 65 Naselle s uf Y A T Us 545'- K3 qi, N 1 f AV npr' Q. Y? , if ,mg YE- Merikay Hall, Joan Grabenhorst, Shirley Olson, Charlotte Anderson Cathy Bjornsgard. Head Cheerleader Shirley Olson Janice Bighill Nancy Penttila Darlene Haataia er wx: 5 H, -fu. Mr. McClary, Neal Larson, Frank Thomas, Raymond Butler, Eddie Blain, Ron Salme, Ralph Elliott, Dan Anderson, Harry Yana, Mr. Rogers. Front Row: Myron Metcalf, Dave Sotka, Charles Otterson, Tim Tien- harra, Robert Beatty, Rudy Nelson, John Tischer, Keith Larson. me Q.. ,,., , ' f .,., f . ,1 if , t ' me r gl ,MM , i , ' V' . J .9 as T are ' f wfafvvn v is . n SQYEMMYQ- f 4 V- f Q , N . K ' gf .Q-,nm Eddie, Fred, and Harry Broad Jump Cross Country Jack Smith, Mike Hillis, John Tischer Rudy Nelson 14-,,-.1 vm, , 'F 5 3 3 H1 . W K x ' ,S W A W ' 11 lr , qw 'Q yi " H 'f 1 gf X ,W JM .if ,rg .L Z, 1- ,.mm 'lj 'ff ' N K ' Af 'Q 'H Q 'M' 5 if ,fs V su- , if N, am r ,E vzyf ,A 5 Q gigxfiifuf fy ir 5: 3 ,A ' A y if eight' - ' ..,,. , , EJ!! N 1- ' A , , A VV rv y - K , V. 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WW, W Z ASG, 2 I v, A X 9 H. is K K K 1 O'CONNOR'S INN NA SE LLE , WASHING T ON one . 41' "Pl, 0kle's Merk sit w"' "4 to W J v 4 I f GENERAL MERCHANDISE--HARDWARE PAINT- -GLASS RAINWEAR 8: LOGGER SHOES Congratulations CLOTHING--GROCERIES to the Phone 487-2421 Seniors NASELLE, WASHINGTON Bill O'Connor ANNA'S FLOWERS Complete Floral Service BEST WISHES Corsages - Cut Flowers to the Potted Plants 1964 Flowers Wired Anywhere GRADUATING CLASS XFN " 1 Naselle, Wash. V -4--nf' - x X 5 . - 3 HU-487-2632 -,. ,mr X NASELLE VALLEY ELECTRIC Lattie 8: Margie Congratulations To The Senior Class NASE LLE, WASHINGTON Phone 487-2362 iii: '13 L and M GARAGE Hunting Supplies and Licenses" Na Selle , Wa shington Hunter's Inn Motel 5 ATTRACTIVE 5 COMFORTABLE APARTMENTS MOTEL UNITS JIM and LILLIAN KELLY HUnter 7-2412. Merle NASELLE SAW SHOP Bar Repair - I-Iardfacing - Saw Filing Freezer S and Fggd Storage Logging Supplie s Power Saw Sales and Service Phone 487- 236 1 Naselle, Washington "Best Wishes" Graduating Class of '64 You are now Alumni too When - and - it - you're Passing Thru - "Be Our Guests" SLEEPY HOLLOW MOTEL" Ncselle, Washington Hunter 7 3432 Iver and Rosie Johnson FOR THE FINEST SERVICE IT'S and Jack's NASE LLE , WASHING TON LET US HELP f s 1 Q7 5 Q fag! Z ,,f:+.fw e ggt1 I f f ,,. ,hi . Zum Wfcweq A LOCALLY OWNED AND MANAGED BANK SERVING WAI-IKIAKUM COUNTY AND ADJOINING AREAS SINCE l909. YOUR DEPOSITS WITH US ARE INSURED UP TO 510, OOO. OO AND ARE USED FIRST TO FINANCE THE DEVELOPMENT AND NEEDS OF YOUR COMMUNITY Cathlamet, Washington Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation GRAYS RIVER TAVERN Grays River , ' Washington Dilk Tire Service, Inc. U. S. ROYAL TIRE DISTRIBUTORS Recapping 8: Repairing Service Znd 8: Blake St. Phone 942.-2184 Raymond, Washington AXMAKERS GARAGE Na selle , Wa shington NASELLE TRAILER COURT f f 'R Rating Our Best Wishes to the Class 1964 Phyllis cgz. Frank Andring Phone 487 - 245 1 Compliments of Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Zaleski Naselle, Washington LEO'S BARBER SHOP Naselle, Washington NASELLE AUTO BODY Phone 487-3371 Residence: 487-3471 Naselle, Washington I ou i e be er DARIGOLD Milk 1 xiii? S The foods you lik i - Ni y 1 k tt W DARlGOl.D FARMS GRAYS RIVER, WASHINGTON HUGHS HARDWARE Coast to Coast Store Cathlarnet, Washington Wahkiakum County Eagle Cathlarnet, Washington Dowling Funeral Home Cathlamet, Washington Eugrutulutiuns to the l i Q I graduating class R dm I! l.W.A. BOX 398 UI! dm I if S TIM C. WILLIAMS Insurance Agency Ilwaco, Washington Rafi? O if 1 it, PenHiIa's Chapel by the Sea Eldred 8: Dorthy Penttila Long Beach, Washington VioIa's Cafe Na Selle, Wa shington 830 -12B Junction Grays River Logging Company Congratulations to the Peninsula Bowl 1964 Graduating Class of Naselle High 45 :5 -" -'Y ,ig 5 , - . ..J4 ' " I QTV ' -,,, ,A 5 ' LE BACKS GROCERY Chinook, Wa shington I-TAZELS BEAUTY SALON Ilwaco, Washington PENINSULA PHARMACY INC. Iwalco 8: Long Beach, Washington u i F7Ld6J 5READ ILWACO BAKERY Ilwaco, Washington TIME SHOP Watche s -Jewelry -Diamonds Ilwaco, Washington SUGARMAN'S FOOD STORE Seaview, Washington If it'S good food you want . . . visit L V .: , Iiai, MARSH S CAFE ARCHIE'S Foo: Long Beach, Washington v -w MARKET - V ' Ilwaco, Washingtoi Look FIRST to FRED'S LUMBER For Building Material Needs Seaview, Washington ALLAN GOULTER D. V. M. Ilwaco, Washington DOUPE BROTHERS Dept. Store White Stag and Jantzen Sportswear . Kandel Lettermen Sweaters fi f Y L CALL I Phone: 642-4541 K Ilwaco, Washington Sicily In the ILWACO TRIBUNE MORE Naselle News than in any other newspaper in the world. School Supplies--Office Supplies Commercial Printing LONG BEACH CLEANER'S Long Beach, Washington Good Food in a Friendly Atmosphere on the bank of the Columbia River MECLER CAFE at the ferry landing Megler, Washington FA 5-4311 12th 81 Commer JONES BAKERY OWL DRUG STORE Prescriptions--Drugs Photo Supplies- -Stationery "Buy Where It's Baked, It's Fresher" Call Us For Your Birthday, Wedding, and Party Cakes Come and see us in our new location Astoria, Oregon CONGRATULATIONS Johnson Motor Co. TO THE SENIORS PONTIAC - GMC TRUCKS RAMBLER from the Sales and Service Complete Automotive Center Medical and Dental Clinic Astoria, Oregon FA 5-3421 Astoria, Oregon Shop George Hediger FA 5-6362 MQRTGNS ASTORIA JANITOR AND PAPER for ladies and teenage SUPPLY COMPANY Sportswear WHOLESALE Cofnrnercial Astoria, Marine Drive Astoria, Oregon ABRAI-IAMSEN COMPANY Plumbing Heating Sheetmetal Astoria, Oregon LOOP .IACOBSEN INC. 1360 Commercial Astoria, Oregon UTZlNGER'S BOOKSTORE Stationery and Office Supplies Phone FA 5-2781 1292 Commercial Sf. Astoria, Oregon LINKS SPORTS TOYS 1254 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon Scuba Diving Equipment 8: Compressed Air PAYNE'S MEN'S SHOP 1174 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon ASTORIA OFFICE APPLIANCE CO. .Tack Wittliff Robert Odell 1164 Commercial Street FA 5-6162 Astoria, Oregon STIENBOCK PHARMACY 1084 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon CROI-IN KARSUN 1139 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon Courtesy of the ERICKSON FLORAL CO. Astoria, Oregon Courtesy of PARAMOUNT DRUG COMPANY Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon Hart, Schciffner 8x Marx AAQUA Arrow Shirts - Stetson Hats BEAUTY SALON interwoven Socks - Pendleton Shirts BURKES MEN'S STORE FA 5-3867 1117 Commercial St. Astoria, Oregon 959 Commercial Astoria, Greg I-IILDEBRAND FURNITURE IO33 Commercial Astoria, Oregon Tune Your Dial To 1490 K. V. A. S. Radio Astoria, Oregon ENGLUND MARINE SUPPLY Foot of 15th Street Astoria, Oregon CO. GREENBURG FURNITURE Astoria, Oregon CHRIS NEWS Astoria, Oregon LOVELL AUTO CO. Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac Astoria, Oregon COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMP OF ASTORIA Astoria, Oregon ANY People of Southwestern Washington Visit Your COLUMBIA RIVER MARITIME MUSEUI Astoria, Oregon FRED C. TURNER Shell Jobber Raymond Ilwaco Phone: 942-5043 Phone: 64 NEMAH GROCERY Lunch- -Gas - -Sporting Goods 2-4112 Nemah, Washington DUNSMOOR DRUG Rexall Store Raymond, Washington HERB NIMMO Chevron Station Box A Skamokawa, Washington .L , ev . ' 4'- MOUN TCASTLE MOTE L Raymond, Washington Dependable Druggists at RAYMOND DRUGS Raymond, Washington ANTILLA-KOLCZ JEWELERS 8a STUDIO Raymond, Washington LAVINDER'S PASTRY KITCHEN Raymond, Washington "Home of Good Pastry" PENNEY,S "Better Values" E. F. DRACOBLY ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY DEPARTMENT 51-CRE in Raymond, Washington Raymond THE HAMBURGER STAND Raymond, Washington WARREN'S JEWELRY Expert Watch Repair Raymond, Washington HENDERSON INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 321 Duryea Street Raymond, Washington CHINA CLIPPER "Best Chinese Food and American Dishes" Rayrnond, Washington ED PEDERSON SALES 8: SERVICE 42.9 3rd Street Raymond, Washington B Il ll I IW ll U E E N AWREAT ron TASTETQA poop fog nnuv " ' P, ,gf Raymond, Washington f,+,4f2'Q5 EVAN MOBIL Congratulations to the Seniors Raymond, Washington WESTERN AUTO COMPANY Raymond, Washington Congratulations Seniors "Flowers For Every Occasion" PX I7 , Q.. RAYMOND A FLOWER SHOP QT X Raymond, Washington FORD ELECTRIC SERVICE 510 Commercial Street Raymond, Washington SOUTH BEND PHARMACY "The Store Dedicated to Service" Phone TRinity 5-5542 South Bend, Washington MAJORS VARIETY STORE "Store of Many Gifts" South Bend, Washington SOUTH BEND BAKERY For Qaulity South Bend, Washington ZELLERS RICHFIELD SERVICE "Good Service" South Bend, Washington H 8: H CAFE Breakfast-Lunch-Dinners Dining Room for Special Parties South Bend, Washington PACIFIC LANES "Bowl for Fun at Pacific Lanes" South Bend, Washington BLUE TOP GROCERY Confectionery--Sporting Goods--Gas South Bend, Washington BUILDERS SUPPLY CO Windows Door -All purpose Cabinets Bring us your ideas along with your problems Raymond, Washington EICHNERS INSURANCE General Insurance 104 Duryea Street Phone: 9423424 Raymond, Washington BITA.R'S DEPT. STORE Raymond, Washington JENSEN FURNITURE CO. Frigidaire Appliances Raymond, Washington THE RAYMOND HEROLD "Among the best Reading" Raymond, Washington RHODES PAINT 8: WALLPAPER Raymond, Washington PACIFIC WHOLESALE, INC. Formerly F,G, Foster Co. Phone: 942-2433 Raymond, Washingtc Flowers by Wire EWARD'S FLOWER GARDENS Flower s - -Shrubs - - Landscaping Raymond, Washington SERVICE GROCERY 434 3rd Street Ph0ne794z-2321 Raymond, Washington BILL'S T V 8: RADIO SERVICING Admiral Dealer South Bend, Washington SOUTH BEND TRANSFER CO. Local and Long Distance Hauling General Freight from Portland, Seattle, Tacoma South Bend, Washington HARBOR REALTY CO. South Bend, Washington HALVOR HOLTE PIONEER JEWELER "Graduation Gifts" South Bend, Washington Compliments of Naselle Area Subscribers To The South Bend Journal South Bend, Wa shington BAYVIEW LUMBER COMPANY "We Deliver" South Bend, Washington Cosmopolis, Washington Phone: TR 5-5401 South Bend Packing Co. ROY J. LORENTSON "Custom Slaughteringl' Phone TRinity 5-62.2.2 South Bend, Washington STEWART'S FOODLINER Your One Shopping Center for Groceries and Meats South Bend 8: Raymond Washington SOUTH BEND SERVICE Dealer 84 Distributor Flying "A" Products P.O. BOX 165-:-Phone TR 5-5481 Gunnar T. Carlson Owner South Bend, Washington SOUTHWEST STORES "The Store of Better Buys" South Bend, Washington Prompt Quality Service DAVIS INSURANCE CO. South Bend, Washington BRUNOS CAFE South Bend, Washington You can always do better at Smilie Ford Sales, Inc. Raymond's Friendly Ford Dealer lO0 3rd Street Phone 942- Raymond, Washington 2405 Congratulations to the Senior Cla s s from MiIIer's Radiator Service Raymond, Washington REUBEN'S CHEVRON SERVICE .Gas - Oil - Tires Expert Car Cleaning 3rd and Commercial Street Raymond, Washington Pacific County Lumber Phone 942 - 2193 Raymond, Washington BRIDGES INN "The Best Food Around is Served" HERE 1 Raymond, Washington Seattle Ist National Bank Raymond and South Bend Branch Raymond, Washington BRY-MAR CLEANERS Pressing Free Pickup and Delivery BRYAN AND MARIAN SALME Raymond, Washington emember WILLAPA HARBOR MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet Garage Raymond, Washington SCHNEIDER BROS. HARDWARE COMPANY Longview, Washington 'E ' 'el .f ff MAKE YOUR HOME COMPLETE MASON FORD CO. Vandercook at Michigan Longview, Washington Since 1927 CONGRATULATIONS KORTENS to the graduating class Hammond Organ-Fine Pianos OF '64 Complete Music Service Frigidaire Appliances Magnavox Television and Stereos LONGVIEW, WASHINGTON Longview, Washington FERGUSON'S lk RESTAURANT SHOES AND CLOTHING Full Course Family Dinners Banquet Rooms Special Parties Longview, Washington 1257-59 Commerce Avenue Phone: HA 5-0890 Longview, Washington Thornley Olds - Cadillac, Inc. STUDEBAKER WILLYS JEEP GMC, White, Auto Car, Freightliner Trucks Longview, Washington "For Hea1thfu1Recreation, Let's Go Bowling" TRIANGLE BOWL 2010 - 12th Avenue Longview, Washington The place to stay while in Longview MIKE'S RICHFIELD SERVICE 809 Ocean Beach Longview, Washington TWIN CITY GLASS CO. 1116 Vandercook Way Phone 425-4540 Longview, Washington PARK "N" SHOP WE APPRECIATE OUR NASELLE CUSTOMERS The Complete Shopping Center Longview, Washington S TANDARD DAIRY For the Best in Dairy Products Longview, Vlfashington Phone HA 5-1400 TRIANGLE TAVERN 1134 N.E. Washington Way Longview, Washington TRIANGLE IMPOR T CENTER 1236 N. E. Washington Way Longview, Washington Volvo -Jaguar -Au stin-MG-Fiat- Healey VOLKSWAGEN RIVERSIDE MOTORS, INC . 1544 12th Ave Longview, Washington BUD CLARY CHEVROLET, INC. Impala - Belair - Biscayne Chevy II - Corvair - Trucks Sale s and ,Service Longview, Washington HA 3-1700 HONDA LONGVIEW HONDA SALES 8: SERVICE New and Used LONGVIEW'S MOST LUXURIOUS MOTEL Town House Motel CURB SERVICE TO YOUR DOOR "Have your breakfast in bed" 944 N. E. Washington Way Longview, Washington HA 3-7200 COVERING THE HEAR T of the Evergreen Empire DAN-Y FLOW op NE xl W W ff ,'.x,x X S UMELV AS TH E 11025 The Longview Daily News D'LOYCE'S FASHIONS SHOPPE Triangle Shopping Center Quality Apparel for Ladies of Fashio Longview 423-1250 I1 BACKEBERG'S MEN'S SHOES Dress, Work 81 Boots 1324 Commerce Longview, Washington LONGVIEW RESTAURANT 1312 Commerce Ave. In the Heart of Longview, Wash. Order: "We Never Close" Phone hicke r I: n o go HA 5-4980 FRIEDLANDERS AND SONS .TEWELERS 1310 Commerce Longview, Washington ' MYKLEBUST'S Men's and Ladies Ready to Wear Longview, Washington FURNITURE-TELEVISION-APPLIANCES 1 GE-ADMIRAL-RCA We service what we sell Longview, Washington ARONSON'S RICHFIELD SERVICE 1170 Commerce Longview, Washington LONGVIEW SHOE COMPANY 8: REPAIR George Quoiclbach, Prop. 1155 Commerce Street Longview, Washington "for the finest in Home Furnishings" QUIGLEY'S Longview, Washington SEARS ROEBUCK and COMPANY "Better Buys" Longview, Washington WHITESIDE PHARMACY Professional Prescription Service Drugs - Cosmetics Gifts 1303 Commerce SPIKES SPORTING GOODS 1317 15th 1 Longview, Washington Longview, Washington CROWN PHOTO SERVICE DAVIS AIR SERVICE, INC. 1414-14th Larry Davis L.V. S 425-5412 2222 South Pacific K l , W h' Longview C Washington e so as lngton Bowl for Fun and Health STARLITE LANES ' WHEN EX 3-1500 SERVISE ZOO C Chuck's Union owlitz You NEED IT f . 1509 Allen Kelso, Washington End O new budge OLSEN'S SHOES Largest selection of Womens and Childrens Famous Brand Shoes 1322 Commerce Avenue Longview, Washington Kelso, Washington BOB SPRINGER APPLIANCES, INC. 1 BETTER VALUES at the TOGGERY Famous Brands for Men and Women Cathlamet, Washington DOUMTTS SHOPPING cmiifiiiif Shop in a Friendly Atmosphere" Cathlamet, Washington AL'S SPORT SHOP Cathlamet, Washington STOP AT THE SPAR CAFE Cathlamet, Wa shington ANDERSEN'S FLOWER SHOP Phone 795-3763 Cathlamet, Washington MCNALLY CONS TRUC TION Cathlamet, Washington HOBY THACKER AGENCY GOODFELLOWS All Types Insurance Skamokawa, Washington A Good Drug Store Since 1926 MADDEN'S ENCO SERVICE Skamokawa, Washington Cathlamet, Wa shington MYLETT'S st-115 65911-Q, DEPARTMENT STORE mum G, vom-e money ff' Ahead! t t tti it 2 Gkoss SUPER MARKET Cathlamet, Wa shington Cathlamet, Wa shington LINN SIGN CO D. H. Linn Phone 423-6660 1328 Twelfth Avenue Longview, Washington ROSB URG STORE Dorothy Bjornsgaard Gladys Larson Rosburg, Washington l' B7'fu7 ' -?1,, U l Sufei if 71+ . flifli ZZ1 321211. .A 3 A2f2AQ ' fiiiiizizgfgf121212521212E532 Vliiv A"' - X 4? ., APPE l.0'S SHOPPING CENTER Naselle, Washington Ph 487 3333 B tOf L k T Th G d t Q C1 Of 1964 NEW WASHINGTON OYSTER COMPANY Nernah, Washingt WRIGHT FURNITURE 8K TETZ. OIL COMPANY Ilwaco, Washington HARDWARE C thlarnet, Washingt MOONEY'S CANDY 8: TOBACCO SUPPLY Ph ne: 795-3753 2709 Hemlock L gview, Washingt WORKING TO MAINTAIN A PER MANENT FOREST INDUSTRY - - - Weyerhaeuser Company THE APPELO INSURANCE AGENCY For Your Insurance Need C. ARTHUR APPELO Deep River , Washington I 'I . 0 s ,A Il ,g YSTAND wseuif You I TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY PC "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made"

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