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Naselle Grays River Valley High School - Na Hi An Yearbook (Naselle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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s I, 94 ' v V-w R ,QQ ' M. 'F , 4 Q 8 f ,,' 'f f -rf ,hti f A 31+ in I -iuquahil' 'M' 1 I iH"'g" "rag ,z 4 1 I 4 . 5 it s, 5 Y, ' ! ,WX M, I, , , 'Ov' new WM4- wwf. 1 W 4 1 , 4 1 4 , " . VK ' w K. W , . ' ' ' 1 E ,,. , ' QQ f A 1, A 1 y Q J., pq - mn, 'M ,V 2"f Q . M A W 6 4 4 - g . A W .- 'WW'-A if ' 1 S ,uw 5Z . 1 .- -M1 4 2' kr:-i - , , W , X ., Q 1 . 1' Q' ,M w v, 4" 'fm ' ff 'yiwwaf b L V ,- 'M fi if ' Nj! ,Vw A H - ' , I -X Q- was , 'f 4 1 K, MH -461, K I ', M 'Pk ,W r K y in-Wy: af ! ,epgfw I V0 , 'K , , .dw E x Q W., W I , A V, , .g Q, fic wi , MI f 'L - .,. 'K' " ' kfz oxg--auf: 4 'fraw 'W '- B' ' " " ,cv ,A , s ,S 965. V, .ff 1 ,Q , A.. 3 'W ua fl' -4-A asv., , W 'Q 4, -Q W F . . A f -f f....Qu: ,,,4 , , "wwf -' -1 -w , f N ', . V , rl .- .wi .a H Vx W " -1 ii--1-nfl Q 'i M' fi 3 V-A ---fa . ' -u. -K W " ,-f2ff-v-- -, 6 I V AWQ'-fr w, ffl. 'T ga 1 it 6 1 , M ' , 3, , , ' A -1- WWA , I N 4 -, ., f ' Y, 1' W .02-wwf" M K ,ka W .1 , '-1 ' ' ' , A , ' I , X" 'M . R" - J, Wg ,W , , . , 1 , X ,' H wr 1' ' . .. , A 4 W . , , . I - X .rf as -, - ,, Af W A 5' J ,V ,Wg wah ,Wg f-,ae . . 'A Wvmpf uf f' eyxvsq 5. .- L ff -., A-- ----,, -A-J-A' ""' " " ' U15 ymrbvak Staff Frcscufs U15 1963 Sdiiim af Na-fli-flu Nasellz Grays Kiver Valley ffzylz Nasclla Washington ,lllrmz Maier HAIL NASELLE HIGH SCHOOL HATS OFF TO YOU EVER YOU'LL FIND US LOYAL AND TRUE FIRM AND UNDAUNTED EVER WILL BE HAIL TO THE SCHOOL WE LOVE HERE'S A TOAST TO THEE We the Class of 1963 proud- ly dedicate our "Na-Hi-An" to Mr. and Mrs. Andy John- son, for whom we hold s.uch high regard. QLEL yy f E V- s 2 if bs ,,....---v" ,... .l PROBLEMS As you go from high school into other pursuits, the measure of your success will not be whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but wheth- er its the same problem you had earlier, that you did not solve. It is truly amazing that from so humble an origin as the oyster comes the pearl--on occasion. People, when irritated, fuss, fume, and blow their topsg the oyster acts quite differently. When an irritation is set up inside the oyster by foreign par- ticles, he quietly exudes a substance which allays the friction, covers the sore spot, and miracle of rniracles, the substance hardens, forming a pearl. Oysters that have never been irritated, never had a problem. No problem, no pearl. You will face many problems in life and as you solve each one your powers will increase. frkfj l.',4'vtefc.fCc!4, N.L, Cowan, Jr. Principal 4 ,,,....,.,-N "' To the Senior Class -- Congratulations! You seem to have been born under a lucky star. Not only are you the Fiftieth Graduating Class from this high school you are also the first class to have completed four years in the new high school and part of you are the first group to have completed eight years in the new Naselle Elementary School. Let us hope that yours will be the good fortune to be the first group of graduates to enter an adult world free of war and international strife and that your generation will be credited with bringing lasting peace to the world. Xifggicgre iff 2-l A, R, Grabenhorst Superintendent 'E' N. L. Cowan Mary Holm Eleanor Hillis Donald Crouch , l L '31 ESX . , Vada Malcom Wanda Cowan 'F-r Edith Smith Virginia Johnson Lawrence Belz Harvey Pearson Lyle Patterson Torgeir Haugland Smfice Persoune SECRETARY Mrs. Roland W. Scott OFFICE ASSISTANTS fT0ni7 CUSTODIAN MECHANIC Herman Hansen MAINTENANCE Andy Johnson Harold Crenshaw COOKS AND KITCHEN HELP LIBRARY ASSISTANTS , wig , SENIOR Q DIANE HEDLUND Class Secretary 1, 35 A,S,B. Secretary 45 Honor Society 35 Chorus 1,2,35 Class Play 35 Student Council 3, 45 Band 1, 25 G. A,A. 2, 35 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3,49 Pep Club 1, 2, 3,4. SAM F RIDD LE Class Treasurer lg Chorus 1: F. F.A. lg Boys Club 2, 3,45 Boys Club Sgt. -at- Arms 45 Pep Club 45 Stage Manager 4. 8 Mater Ssmpade C710 en RON FORBERG Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3,45 Band 1, 2, 3,45 Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Student Body President 45 Class President 35 Brass Sextet 1, 2,35 Lettermen's Club 2, 3,45 Honor Society 2, 3, 4. SADIE RAISTAKKA Class President 45 Class Treasurer 25 Class Vice President 45 G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 Band 1,2,35 Pep Club 1, 2, 3,45 Honor Society Secretary 35 Class Play Student Director 3,45 G,A.A. Vice President 45 Annual Business Manager 4. As Uzeme of5'c11iv 167111 EDDIE ENGELSON F, F, A, 15 Boys Club 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Let- termen's Club 4. ANITA KILPONEN Chorus 1,25 Band l,2,3,45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3,45 F. H.A. President 45 Honor Society 2, 3,45 Honor Society Sec- retary 45 D, A. R. Award 45 Student Council Represent- ative 25 Alternate to Girls State 3. DOROTHY .TARVI F,H,A, 1,2,3,45 Girls League 1,2,3,45 Pep Club l,2,35 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Band l,2. RICHARD NIKKILA Class Play 3,45 Football 35 Basketball Mgr. 25 Foren- sics V, P, 45 Boys Club 2, 4. BEVERLY RAEMHILD Cheerleader 2, 3,45 Head Cheerleader 3, 45 Girls State 35 Cheerleading Con- ference 3,45 Homecoming Princess 35 Student Coun- cil 1,45 Honor Society 3,4 Class Play 3,45 Girls Lea- gue President 45 Swing Choir 4. JERRY KILPONEN Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3,45 Lettermen's Club President 45 Lettermen's Club Secre- tary 35 Pep Club 45 Foot- ball Co-Captain 45 Basket ball Captain 45 Boys Club 2, 3,45 Football 1, 2, 3,45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 P, E, Assistant 4. IO 61115 of '63 Delzylzfs GARY ANDERSON Class President 15 Band President 45 Band Vice Pres- ident 35 Honor Society Treas- urer 35 Boys State 35 Brass Sextet 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3,45 Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Red Cross Leadership Conference 25 Student Council Represent- ative 4. BARBARA SIMUKKA Class Vice President 35 Class Secretary 2,45 Pep Club 1, 1 2, 3,45 Pep Club Secretary 1 35 F,H,A, 1, 2,3,45 Girls League 1,2, 3,45 Cornet Staff 45 Chorus 1,25 Class i y Play Student Director 3,45 1 Homecoming Princess 3. l l Audivnce With 'fflflumba fumbv " ROBERT COX Lettermen's Club 2, 3,45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Foot- ball 2,3,45 Track 3,45 Pep Club 45 Letterrnen's Club Secretary 45 Class Play 45 Chorus 1, 2,45 Boys Club 2,3,45 Senior Class Sgt. -at'Arms 4. CHERYL GRA BENHORST Pep Club Student Council Rep. 45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 F. H, A, 1, 2, 3,45 Girls League 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 3, 45 Cheerleading Conference 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. PAT O 'CONNOR Class President 25 Student Council 2, 3,45 Hi-Fi Club Vice President 35 Band Treasurer 25 Nonette 2, 35 Swing Choir 45 Honor Society 3,45 Annual Editor 45 Class Play 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. ROY CHA M BERLA IN Football 2,3,45 Basketball 1, 2, 3,43 Leta1ermen's Club 2, 3,45 Boys Club 2, 3,45 Pep Club 45 F, F. A, lg Stage I-land 3,45 Class Vice President 45 Student Coun- cil 45 Boys Club Secretary 4. ll MARILYN WIRKKA LA A, S, B, Treasurer 3,45 F, H, A, 1,2,35 Girls Lea- gue Secretary 25 Honor Society 2,3,45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Delegate to Nat. Student Council 25 Band 25 Chorus 1, 2, 3,4. DON ALVES Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Honor Society 3,45 F. F.A, 15 Boys Club 2, 3, 45 Forensics Club 3,45 Student Council 45 Debate Team 4. I2 Seniors Span 01' GARY PEARSON Football 1, 2, 3,45 Basket- ball 1,2,45 Chorus 1,2,3, 45 Letrermen's Club l,2, 3,45 Lettermen's Club Vice President 45 Boys Club 2,3, 45 Boys Club Student Coun- cil Rep. 45 Track 1,25 Lettermen's Club Sgt. -at- Arms 25 F. F.A. 1. GA IL PAKEN EN Chorus 1, 2, 3,45 Band 1, 2, 35 Honor Society 2, 3,45 Honor Society Vice Pres- ident 35 Honor Society Stu- dent Council Rep. 45 G, A, A, President 35 F. H. A. Treas- urer 35 Cheerleader 3,45 Swing Choir 45 Homecoming Princess 2,3,4. washing Smal! Supp r JIM ROBINSON Transfer from Seaside 35 Football 3,45 Boys Club 3,45 Lettermen's Club 45 Track 35 Band 3,4. NANCY EHRLUND Transfer from Vancouver 25 Girls League 2, 3,45 Pep Club 2, 3,45 F, H, A, 2, 3, 45 F, H, A, Vice President 35 Nonette 35 Class Play 3:45 Annual Staff 45 A. S. B. Historian 45 G.A.A 35 Student Council 4. SHELIA HO WELL F. H, A, 1, 2, 3,45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3,45 Pep Club Vice President 45 Comet Staff 2,3,45 Comet Ass't. Ed- itor 45 G,A.A. 35 Chorus 1, 25 Girls League 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 45 F. H,A. Conference Representative 3. DA VID LINDROS Band l,2, 3,45 Chorus l,2, 3,45 F, F,A, 15 Student Council Representative 25 Hi Fi Club 1,2, 3,45 Pep Club 45 Boys Club 2, 3,45 Football 1, 2, 3,45 Letter- men's Club 1,2,3,45 Dance Band 1. I3 RUTH TORPPA Class Play 3,45 Pep Club Vice President 35 Pep Club President 45 Comet Editor 45 Chorus 1,2,45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3,45 Comet Staff 1, 2, 3,45 Girls League 1,2,3,45 G. A. A. 2, 3,45 F. H. A, 1, 2, 3,4. MIKE BIGHILL Boys Club 2, 3,45 Boys Club Vice President 35 Boys Club President 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Letterrnen's Club 3,45 Foot- ball 3,45 Class Vice Pres,- ident 25 Pep Club 45 Class Play 3, 4. I4 anions' Surprise Scho Ky MIKE CHATTICK Class Play 3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Boys Club 3,45 Football 3,45 Track 3,4. MARCIA ANDRING Chorus 1, 2, 3,45 Girls League 1,2, 3,45 Pep Club 2, 3,45 Girls' Nonette 25 Class Play 3,45 Comet staff 45 Office Assistant 45 Library Assistant 3,45 Comet Exchange Editor 4. , 1 waking to ,ML flaw! JOHN GORLEY Transfer from Cathlamet 2, Boys Club Sgt. -at-Arms 2, Football 2, 3,4g Basketball 2, 3, Track 2, 35 Student Body Vice President 4, Stu- dent Body Sgt. -at-Arms 3, Chorus 2, 3,45 Swing Choir 45 Football Co-Captain 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3,4. ROSE CUBBISON Girls League 1, 2, 3,45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. TRUDY SMALLEY Band l,2,3,4g G.A,A, 2, 3,43 Pep Club 1,2,3,4g F. H. A. 1, 2,3,4, Girls League l,2, 3,4g Chorus 1, 2,3,4g Music in May 33 Honor Society 3,45 Student Council Rep. 45 G. A.A. President 4. TERRY HANDY F. F, A. lg Boys Club 2, 3, 4g Play Stage Hand 3,4. 15 NOEL BERGQUIST Band 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Football 1, 2, 3,4g Track 1,2, 35 Boys Club 2, 3,45 F,F.A. lg Lettermen's Club 45 Class Play 4g Swing Choir 4g Pep Club 4. HA RO LD HO Bl Lettermen's Club 2, 3,4g Boys Club 2,3,4g Pep Club 45 Football 1, 2,3,4g Track 3,49 Student Body Sgt. -at- Arms 4g Student Council 4. 16 juniors H0110 Smzbr PATTY ROSEN BERG Transfer from Bukley, Wash- ington 3g Booster Club lg Chorus lg Girls League l,2, 3,4, Class Motto: Wisdom is a treasure, but knowledge is the key t Class Flower: Gold Rose Class Color: Gold and Bronze 60155 Milf Banquet Glass 0Mccrs President-Sadie Raistakka Vice President-Roy Chamberlain Secretary-Barbara Simukka Treasurer-Pat O'Connor Student Council Rep. -Gary Anderson Sgt. -at-Arms-Robert Cox STAN KOSKI Boys Club l,2, 3,45 Letter men's Club 1, 2, 3,4g Play Work Crew 3,45 Football Manager 1, 2g Basketball Manager 1. LOUIS WISS Transfer from Valleyg Foot ball lg Track lg Basket- ball lg Boys Club 2,3,4g F. F. A. 1- 17 71 L- .. ge: A- I f all l wfQ..l'f7i' iff , ...sq- ri Mar U. . 4 if . fs I we f x Q ,, 5 ,F 1 n sa , R- K 1 A V gf 5 5 ' , 1 l Q D T Q. 'Q .A Q l .. C ,Mumba 4711111110 6115! Mrs. Sarah Reynolds ..,., , , John Reynolds. . . Dick Reynolds. . . Pee-Wee Smith. . Tweety ...... Monahan .... Harold Custer. . . Mrs. Custer .... Mr. Peter Beamish .... . Doctor Omahandra Kay Samedi .... Madame Celesta . Peaches Greeding Lem Marblehead . Emma Burpee. . . Daisy ....... . Marcia Andring . . Gary Anderson . . . .Ron Forberg . Richard Nikkila . . Shelia Howell . . . Don Alves . . . Harold I-Iobi . . Nancy Ehrlund . . Noel Bergquist . . Mike Chattick Beverly Raemhilcl . . . . . Marilyn Wirkkala . . .Pat O'Connor . . . Robert Cox . . . Ruth Torppa . Sadie Raistakka 18 Ifalcdicfariau Salufafarian ANITA KIUDONEN SADIE RAISTAKKA ER - MARILYN WIRKKALA 15,5-',,'2r.,E?f:f, '::s.e.5. . Front Row: Grade Averages Sadie Raistakka 3. '71 Pat O 'Connor 3. 61 Dianne Hedlund 3. 43 Gail Pakenen 3. O3 Beverly Raemhild 3. 31 OP TEN SENICRS Back Row: Grade Averages Trudy Smalley 3. 11 Donny Alves 3. 54 Ron Forberg 3. 17 Marilyn Wirkkala 3. 36 Anita Kilponen 3. 34 19 P ,Q w- fi X1 Q' r 4 TRL? H. , c ,K K E YS 3, 6 5 iii ix? 5 1 2 . fag : -f - , '34 ij! 3 vi., -Lf, -' E sew, TF " F I xi fJS S 'QQ Y i ' , 75 ' - 5 f k k A el Y' i t lf' 7 il Is' X F I f Em. Z "N A, -rxi 7' ' I veil sz I -H- www vc '4' 1-dw-,H Wm M3 K-9- Row: Gary Anderson- Band, Music Trophyg Don Alves- Chorusg Ron Forberg- Best All Around Boyg Marilyn Wirkkala- Englishg Jerry Kilponen- Athleticsg Anita Kilponen- Best All Around Girl, Mathematics, Valedictoriang Noel Bergquist- Industrial Arts. Front Row: Sadie Raistakka- Salutatorian, Scienceg Pat O'Connor- Elks Leadership Bondg Dianne Hedlund- Social Science, Home Economicsg Gail Pakenen- Commercialg Beverly Raemhild- Citizenship, Elks Leadership Bond. Processional Rev. Haverinen David Gives Scripture Recessional DON ALVES, will my love of a good argument to next year's seniors. GARY ANDERSON, will not. MARCIA ANDRING, will my fiery temper to the Student Council in hopes that they 'll raise a rumpus. NOEL BERGQUIST, will my school parking space to anyone who can improve its appearance. MIKE BIGHILL, will my fabulous ability to will things--to anyone that -wants it, because I can't think of a darn thing. ROY CHAMBERLAIN, will all of my positions on the football team to anybody who likes to play everything. ROBERT COX, will my ability to run backwards to Eddie Blain. ROSE CUBBISON, will my natural curly hair to Andy Jonnson. NANCY EHRLUND, will my nickname as Big Bad Red to Barbara Cox. ED ENGELSON, will my title as long, tall, and handsome to any who thinks he can fill my shoes. RON FORBERG, will the student body gravel to David Sotka because all presidents need some- thing to fill up that space in their heads. I, SAM FRIDDLE, will six inches of my height to Ken Elliott. I, JOHN GORLEY, will all of my aches and pains to Jim Wirkkala. I, CHERYL GRABENHORST, will my cheerleading days to Joan in hopes that she can stand on two feet. I, TERRY HANDY, will my desirable driving speed to anyone with a Sting Ray. I, DIANNE HEDLUND, will my sense of humor to Dorothy Warra. I, HAROLD HOBI, will my athletic ability to anyone who doesn 't want to be an athlete. I, SHEILA HOWELL, will my typing errors to Jan Wirkkala. I, DOROTHY JARVI, will my perfect attendance to Bill Laycock. I, ANITA KILPONEN, will my Pep Club sweater to Gene Johnson so he can wear his chevron and pin. I, JERRY KILPONEN, will all my summer mamma's at the beach to Paul Pentilla. I, STAN KISKI, will my 1964 Corvette to anyone with an imagination. I, DAVID LINDROS, will my first aid training on how to apply band-aids to next years football team. I, RICHARD NIKKALA, will my blue garters to Loretta to add to her collection of white ones I, PAT O'CONNOR, will the annual to Phyllis and Gail, who have been a great help to me, and who I'm sure will be a great help to next years Editor. I, GAIL PAKENEN, will my oboe playing days to Carol Setala. I, GARY PEARSON, will my name as "Swede" to all the "Finns. " I, BEVERLY RAEMHILD, will my title as head cheerleader to Shirley Olson. I, SADIE RAISTAKKA, will my grades to Danny Anderson. I, JIM ROBINSON, will my broken leg to the laws of gravity. l, PATTY ROSENBERG, will to Carolyn Wallace my ability to forget my homework until the last minute. I, BARBARA SIMUKKA, will the ability to be seen and not heard to the junior class. I, TRUDY "GERT" SMALLEY, will my penny pinching ways to N, H, S, I, RUTH TORPPA, will my artistic ability to Nancy Wirkkala. I, MARILYN WIRKKALA, will my bookkeeping abilities to the future treasurers of N. H. S, I, LOUIE WISS, will nothing, I'm taking all my "onry" ways with me. We the class of 1963 will our wonderful advisors "Jinny" Johnson and Mr. Crouch to next years Freshman Class, Za I Hill and Cc Kamen! MIKE BIGHILL - The leader of a camel caravan across the Sahara. JERRY KILPONEN - First violinist in the Boston Pops. TERRY HANDY - Distributing diapers for Handy's Diaper Service. DEANE HEDLUND - Head bread maker at the base bakery. BARBARA SIMUKKA - Counting fish at the Grays' River Fish Hatchery. PAT O'CONNER - Professional drum player at the Fiddle Diddle Club in Grays River. BEVERLY RAEMHIELD - Owner of Bevy 's Chevy, used car lot in the slums of Portland. MARCIA ANDRING - Washing hub caps at Bevy's used car lot. DON ALVES - Sheik of Arabia conducting his harem in Cornet lessons. PATTY ROSENBERG - Prize flower grower with her garden in front of the High School. STANLEY KOSKI - D,J, of Barney Koski's "Moonlight and Romance" radio program. CHERYL GRABENHORST - Pizza slinger at Rab's Pizza Parlor. HAROLD HOBI - Owner of Rab's Pizza Parlor. TRUDY SMALLEY - Scientist trying to find a scientific way to learn the scales of music for Mr. Belz. ROBERT COX - Producing a second film--"Where the Girls Are, " in Virginia. JOHN GORLEY - Going from door to door selling teddy bears. GAIL PAKENEN - Training fleas for Fifi's Flea Circus. ROSE CUBBISON - Queen of the curly headed cannibals in the woods of Naselle. RON FORBERG - Owner of the night club "Hot House Mouse" in Las Vegas. ANITA KILPONEN - Employed at Ron's night club working as a chorus girl. MIKE CHATTICK - Famous jazz singer at Ron's "Hot House Mouse" making most of his living selling locks of his hair to his fans. MARILYN WIRKKALA - Professional nurse at the Portland Zoo. SHEILA HOWELL - Modeling evening gowns in the exceedingly magnificent House of Logergren. SADIE RAISTAKKA - Coach of the Boston Celtics, professional Basketball team. GARY ANDERSON - Snake Charmer playing a love song with his trumpet to his pet snake, Clyde RICHARD NIKKILA - Holder of the World's Heavyweight Boxing title. RUTH TORPPA - Washing dishes at the base--gained her experience from working at the Naselle Cafe. NOEL BERQUIST - Professional crayfish catcher along the Naselle River. SAM FRIDDLE - Coach of the Harlem Redheads. ED ENGLESON - Writing "Peanuts" cartoons for the "Longview Daily News. " DOROTHY JARVI - Horse racing jockey on the sands of Long Beach. LOUIE WISS - Washing pillars on the White House. NANCY EHRLUND - Racing cars at Indianapolis. ROY CHAMBERLAIN - Nancy's mechanic. GARY PEARSON - A real cool man playing his flute in the Swingin' Pearson Combo. DAVID LINDROS - President of Naselle's famous "Mouse Trap Company. " JIM ROBINSON - In and Out of the hospital still trying to recover from a broken leg. euior tvrophecy Chrlstmas Party Mt. Hood Smelt Supper Sneak Seniors Entertain 'BL A ?lnm1 "Winter Escapade" Q' 1 .ni MI- 231,21 4 , -ua if HSS , fe. f3. 4,-VL. Z 9 M W, u x ,v ww" ' 0511, Z: ,N , ggi? W- , dz?- Al Belz Sandy Handi Gary Ervest Mary Jo Nicholson Xxx Jerome Elliott Barbara Cox Allan Niemi Arline Bighill Jon Pakenen Shirley Olson Loretta Koski Phyllis Johnson Janette Wirkkala Mary Kandoll Carol Serala Kay Koslci Jeannine Larson Bill Laycock Gail Strange Paul Penttilla Dave Sotka Kathy Wirkkala John Tischer Rosalie llohi Carolyn Wallace Robert Wright Donna Dobson Ralph Elliott if is-'ff y A... 1 Rfk 'E' fi Eddie Blain Eleanor Johnston Torn Byerly Jack Dilley 'HILLBILLY WEDDIN' . ,. I Hr., - ' " .. , . .... V' - M - 'f' 2f 14s Q - y- 1v::.f E I +'1' I -4-'V9f':?-'.-Sign' S ss L J if' 'S ' 'J I M. 'S Y - I ..,. , Q .. ff X I fl we , ' sr"f ': E X L-,L 1 - if B ,'A , E Q J- .Q E ' ,-'g-" -V ' 5 K if .. f ' "' .m i-sl - 'J Paw Belsnickle Maw Belsnickle Ceelie Belsnickle Bonnie Mae Belsnickle Juney Loue Belsnickle Four Belsnickle Five Belsnickle Six Belsnickle Obeey Upschlager Chiz Upschlager Ronald Maxwell V ,... Q i .J s . - s w Y -- --4.522-.rsa A '- Lucy Maxwell The Reverend Cousin Zeke The Cousins Dave Sotka Sandi Handy Barbara Cox Donna Dobson Shirley Olson Jan Wirkkala Jeannine Larson Q Elf fr.. as qs Eleanor Johnston Bill Laycock John Tischer Allan Niemi Gail Strange Jon Pakenen Ralph Elliott Eddie Blain Jerome Elliott Margie Pfau JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President-Allan Niemi Vice President-Mary Kandoll Secretary-Phyllis Johnson Treasurer-Carol Setala Student Council Rep. -David Sotka Sg t. -at-Arms-Jerome Elliott E Q Charlotte Anderson Dan Anderson Gary Battin Susan Bighill Cathy Bjornsgaard Trudy Blain Raymond Butler June Cubbison Virginia Demick Evert Ehrlund , 2 Brian Elliott nj-Ln: 'M' 3 . I ' Nwf ' Kenneth Elllott y Phillip Elliott Roberta Elliott Edgar Emerson 'If ,-..s ,zt A ggi, ' ' ', r iff?" X" Candy Ervest Joy Forberg Leon Gollersrud Joan Grabenhorst Lyle Haataja Merikay Hall Charlene Handschy Carolyn Helvey Mifihael Hi1liS Wendy' Hyrkas Harvey I0hI1SOD TOTTI K21Y1dO11 Fred Koontz Gilbert Koski Charlotte L'Hommedieu Amelia Lomsdalen Mickey Mercer Nancy Mercer Myron Metcalf Gary Mullica Rudy Nelson Delores Nicholson Charles Otterson Nancy Penttila Roddy Perryman Gary Raemhild Linda Reid R 4 f :l,,. " , lrst or lrs as .si . . he ai: P, I K ,,5 g , ,:,,,ll - - X . te,-sc f ii W Russel Smalley Evan Smith Darrell Sorenson Tim Tienhaara Sandra Tischer Linda Torppa Dorothy Warra Bonnie Wendelin James Wirkkala Louis wirkkala Nancy Wirkkala Mar Zaleski 3 President-Evart Smith Vice President-Harvey Johnson Secretary-Dorothy Warra Treasurer-Merikay Hall Sgt. -at-Arms-Mickey Mercer S, C, Representative-Gary Raemhild it fl - . 'ml :Q. 221:-:azz '2', 2 sssze f Fred Kerfoot Sophomore English Classes World History? His life was gentle, and the elements S0 mixed in laim, that Nature might stand up Ami say to all the world, 'This was a manf' SHAKESPEARE J. ,, K W iff if 'K 9 J Darlene Chattick Elaine Crenshaw David Dobson Keith Fauver Darlene Haataia Veneta Halvorson Loretta Hokkanee Marjorie Jarvi Gene Johnson Joyce Kandoll Kenneth Kandoll Dale Kilponen 34 X' V' J r I s r 1 5 LE' Sign. . 1 'H J is J , S W Ras r 1 T52 1 ' 'K K W U' wwf 'I 'gan - errae Carolyn Anderson Dennis Andring Janice Bighill Scherry Blackburn Bernadine Blain Linda Broyhill Jerry Buethe Jerry Busse ,f--P, 592: Yi q-v-rv Bryan Koski Dean Koski Karol Koski Dale Lafever Carol Laine Linda Laney Keith Larson Carol Lomsdalen Q , -K , f :azt S ssrss "f: - ,, VLL- "PK F X Q 5' f Sf Jg' , 'gi' ' I 3 a 1 1 4' ,,,-' f :E ,- Donald Magnuson Dianne Mattson Susan Nelson Linda Otterson Gene Pakenen Timothy Rogers Terry Smalley Don Smith John Smith Jimmy Strange Charles Torppa Dennis Wallace 35 Ruth Wirkkala John Wright Dale Wrolson President-Phillip Wirkkala Vice President-Keith Larson Secretary-Joyce Kandoll Student Council Representati Treasurer-Dianne Mattson ve-Gene Johnson WL ' . M f Q ' ' M 'fa J B ,..,,..,.. . t..,., ,, , V X- - Q. : 1 M ,wit A .., .5,. Martin Wilkman Margery Wirkkalz Phillip Wirkkala Richard Wirkkala All the w01'Zaf'5 41 stage And all the men and women merely players: Tloey 196Z'I!6,fh6i7' exits and their enlmncexg And one man in his time plezyy , ,W many party, , . . SHAKESPEARE mnmey M J mmne n m ,ewwq W sf 45225 , me, 1 S, M ,. . I filffif , :mf 17 K .kfjiwzilei ?fi:f'v EU e 1,3 51, gk- f, , 55 , - -fQv,g.,,fe,, wwgw 'fm V H ,,-, Q. ,VS-L,-1,-V Aww . . ,.,7J,,,,M,,., 5552lzfe'f'z?f 5- Tl -'LL J fi- ,-.wamw W. J M ' ff f' ,xg fx "L MW'ff5s74?iws,?5,fQ,ik ' ' ' QV Z 3,555 , indent Emma!! X - Q H Y, -, Standing: Mr. Cowan, Roy Chamberlain, Gary Pearson, Don Alves, Gary Anderson, Rosalie Hobi, David Sotka Carol Setala, Gene Johnson, Gary Raemhild, Trudy Smalley, Pat O'Connor, Gail Pakenen, Beverly Raemhild, Cheryl Grabenhorst, Charlotte L'Hommideau. Seated: Harold Hobi, Dianne Hedlund, John Gorley, Ron Forberg Shirley Olson, Marilyn Wirkkala, Nancy Ehrlund. ,4 15' Ofheers President-Ron Forberg Vice President-John Gorley Secretary-Dianne Hedlund Treasurer-Marilyn Wirkkala Junior Auditor-Shirley Olson Historian-Nancy Ehrlund Sgt. -at-Arms-Harold Hobi Advisor-Mr. Cowan A, S, B. PRESIDENT SPEAKS To the students of Naselle High School I would like to express my appreciation for granting me the honor of serving as President of the Student Body. I feel that in our school- work and extra-curricular activities we have had a very suc- cessful year together. To the faculty Igive a vote of thanks for their excellent guidance and instruction that they have given us throughout the year. It has been a great pleasure working with you and I sincerely hope that your remaining years at Naselle High School are as profitable as the previous years. Best wishes to next year's Student Body. ' 0-NF Zfrerzsics Klub Front Row: Jack Smith, Richard Nikkila, Bill Woods, Jon Pakenen, Ron Forberg, Dale Kilponen Back Row: Candy Ervest, Susie Bighill, Nancy Penttila, Mike Hillis, Don Alves, Mrs. Hillis. OFFICERS President-Mike Hillis Vice President-Nancy Wirkkala Secretary-Treasurer-Nancy Penttila Parliamentarian-Ron Forberg Student Council Representative-Don Alves Czndy Ervest Mike Hillis Don Alves Ron Forberg Dale Kilponen Jack Smith Won 4 Lost 5 Won 4 Lost 5 Won 0 Lost 9 BARITONES 3rd CORNET BARITONE SA XOPHO NE lst ALTO SA XOPHONE 2nd CLARINET F LUT ES Darlene H. ane M. Z. Di Cd E? 2 C5 Pat Gail S. I Z cn --4 rn 5 CD F. Joy cky W. B. Ri Noel Charlotte A. Charlene H. J ith Ke ET CORN thy W. IO Do 4-v rn 1-1 Ioan G. cn Z Di O 3. Uyb'-a wc: EEE gf. gi 855. 'sei in mo UQ LU Z O I1 za. O X 4C ua. Q3 P4 AE 420 'Urn 52 C5 Dx .2 LE' VJ Lu, O an O Tischer Carol S. 3rd .CLARINET Elaine C. Kenny K. J. Chefy1 G, FRENCH HORNS lst CLARINET Carol L. TENOR SAXOPHONE 2nd CORNET D2lVid 5- LOUD!-T-I E 3535. DCEQ as Q5 .4 .-9 ME EPS. HE 32 C! -:S I-Al-1 G53 EE as. but ...E or. ms CD O 'I-4 C1 GS P1 V52 92 EQ f-+4 Gene P. LARINET C SS BA L. Jeannine Belz C6 R: Lawren CTO DIRE ES IR MBON ay H. O Merik rolyn A. Ca A ua -.-4 f--4 r-1 5x .-E D.. Ierry B. 1164 an 3 1 ,ik Xrkvv V7 I up ,3., ,,:L at 3 . AXQL,, L'w' L , -krk ,-Lis, VLWAL i- Q?br , Q Q ,A W 1-1 83+ ' l S35-, QM M W'- 414 tlfif- i M, iw ,LM 4 A .1 912' W3 bj5f74f51?"? f -'f Z !I""' iii! if :QQ - 4 ,Q in Q' ,mf . A mf' 2 fa ,JP - A nga Yi UP 11,,,---7 www-Q W, if 5 Girl erm 1' f 5 15 my-Q - lax . t W , i ' ' 5 8 alt? aa '25 at if ' ly 5 J' X, 'ir Back Row: Cathy Bjornsgard, Gail Strange, Charlotte L'Hommedieu, Marilyn Wirkkala, Shirley Olson, Joan Gra- benhorst, Virginia Demick, Diane Mattson, Elaine Crenshaw, Darlene Chattick, Bernadine Blain, Cheryl Graben- horst, Beverly Raemhild, Carol Setala, Carolyn Anderson. Row 3: Darlene Haataia, Marjorie Jarvi, Linda Laney, Ruth Wirkkala, Mary Jo Nicholson, Margie Wirkkala, Loretta Hokkanen, Ruth Torppa, Linda Torppa, Charlotte Anderson, Nancy Ehrlund, Kay Koski, Linda Broyhill, Rose Cubbison. Row 2: Veneta Halverson, Carol Koski, Trudy Smalley, Jeannine Larson, Eleanor Johnston, Arline Bighill, Susie Nelson, Dorothy Warra, Carol Lomsdalen Carolyn Helvey, Nancy Penttila, Susie Bighill, Amelia Lomsdalen. Row l: Dorothy Jarvi, Merikay Hall, Gail Pakenen, Donna Dobson, Marcia Andring, Nancy Mercer, Trudy Blain, Janice Bighill, Phyllis Johnson, Joy For- berg, Pat O'Connor, Roberta Elliott. Director: Mr. Belz. Kay gill! 2' Back Row: Tim Tienhaara, Gary Ervest, Leon Gollersrud, Jon Pakenen, Robert Cox, Gary Pearson, Ron Forberg, David Lindros, Don Alves, John Gorley, Bryon Koski, Director: Mr. Belz. Row 2: Mike Bighill, John Tischer, Gary Raemhild, Evart Smith, Allan Niemi, Noel Bergquist, Jerry Busse, Keith Larson, Gene Pakenen, Richard Nikkila, Terry Smalley. Row 1: Phillip Wirkkala, Charles Torppa, David Sotka, Ricky Wirkkala, Bill Laycock, Dennis Wallace, Gary Anderson, Jimmy Wirkkala, Kenny Kandoll. it KENNY KANDALL Cornet Solo Contest Rating 2 SWING CHOIR Row 1: P. O'Con- nor, G. Pakenen, B. Raemhild. Row 2: G. Anderson, N. Betgquist, S. Olson. Row 3: D. Sotka, D. Alves, M. Wirk- kala. Top Row: J. Gorley, R. Forberg, B. Cox. GARY ANDERSON Cornet Solo Contest Rating 1 .. O. . -tr RON FORBERG Vocal Solo Contest Rating 1 BAND OFFICERS President-G. Anderson Vice President-D. Sotka Secretary-M. Hall Treasurer-P. Johnson Student Council Representative-T. Smalley Managers: G. Pakenen, J. Tischer MR. BELZ Band and Choir Director C. Bjornsgaard- Twirler J. Grabenhorst- Majorette D. Haataia- Twirler . .,....a.r-,.,, -- DON ALVES Cornet Solo Contest Rating 3 Vocal Solo Contest Rating l .R 5, 1.- , . Standing Jack Smith Mrs Smith advisor Ron Forberg Seated: Phyllis Johnson, Arlene Bighill, Sadie d',Hl'y4H Sdifar Speaks Within the pages of the Na-Hi-An we have tried to record many of the memorable events that have happened to us during this year. We hope that not only at the present, but in the years to come, this book will be a treasured keepsake and that it will recall many happy occasions. I'd like to express deep appreciation to Mrs. Smith, who with her devoted help and guidance and unending patience made our yearbook possible. Q03 Q9-'Qwmmwfv Editor Back Row: L. Laney, S. Nelson, B. Wood, B. Wendelin, M. Kandoll, M. Hillis, J. Grabenhorst, I. Wirkkala, B. Simukka, D. Hedlund. Row 2: J. Forberg, D. Nicholson, S. Tischer, M. Andring, S. Handy, C. Ervest, C Bjornsgaard, G. Pakenen, N. Wirkkala. Seated: V. Demick, K. Wirkkala, R. Torppa, S. Howell, I. Larson. Hams! my Ruth Torppa, Editor V Sheila Howell, Assistant Editor Mrs. Smith, Advisor allace, C. lm, C. W Ho Mrs. dvisor 2:A Row ick. Dem bison, V. ub Zaleski, R. C ala, M. kk ir n, M.W HC ilpo enhorst, A. K b Ia Torppa, B. Simukka, C. G erson, D. nd y, C.A ua wil I-4 2 UD P' rv? 114 11' .H 1-7 :: cu :L Z cf 'Pi r1l no -U CI cu 3 G5 5. on r: cu .A J ri o 4-3 U, rr: 4: o 'il ui ri o U1 7-4 O .G o -.. Z Q J Ill Hyrkas, A. Lomsdalen, C. Erve ieu, W. ed 1'I1I'1'l L'Ho lliott, K. ,R.E 11 Kando kkanen, J. Ho ia, L. C21 3.3. i, D.H V ala, L. Broyhill, D. Jar kk : R. Wir 3 RO W ndschy. Rosenberg , C. Ha ,P. ll 6 HOW attick, S. Ch Wirk- 4: N. Ro w Hillis. Mrs. dvisor ey, A lv H6 C. Forberg, J. Cubbinson, L. Torppa, T. Blaine, irkkala, I. , J. Grabenhorst, M. W 11 Ha rnsgarrd , M. Bjo S. Raistakka, M. Andring, Reid, lverson, D. Dobson, L. Otterson, L. r, M. Jarvi, V. Ha Tische dy, N. Ehrlund, S. 3.11 burn, C. Koski, S. H ck , S. Bla N -a N .M I, 1. signin, 6 IC 6 NM 7 I3 K. Koski, D. War Wirkkala, Koski, K. nson, L. oh kenen, B. Blaine, P. I Pa nor, G. OH O'C P. 5: Row haw. Crens hill, E. Big . CD S. Nelson. C. Lomsdalen, President-Beverly Raemhild Vice President-Jan Wirkkala Secretary -Joy Forberg Treasurer-Gail Strange edieu 1'l'1I'I'1 e L'Ho Representative-Charlott Student Council 'N 5 S g6I.'S. Ro ring, T. nd doll, D. A HH ghin, K. K i arson, M. B Pe berlain, G. IT1 Cha bi, R. Ho iddle, H. Fr Anderson, S. nd la aug Mr. H and uch Mr. Cro IS Adviso 2 Q - Front Row: Mike Chattick, Gary Raemhild, Charles Otterson, Gary Pearson, Jon Pakenen, John Gorley, Mr. Patterson. Second Row: Harold Hobi, Dave Sotka, Ron Forberg, David Lindros, John Tischer, Tim Tienharra, Mike Bighill. Third Row: Gary Ervest. Fourth Row: ard Nikkila. OFFICERS President-Jerry Kilponen Vice President-Gary Pearson Secretary-Treasurer-Robert Cox Sgt. -at-Arms-Allan Niemi Student Council Representative- Roy Chamberlain 4 8 Robert Cox, Stan Koski, Jerry Kilponen, Allan Niemi, Noel Bergquist, Jim Robinson Roy Chamberlain, Louie Wirkkala, Fred Koontz, Eddie Blain, Mickey Mercer, Rich- if ffermm is' 61116 l 'T at President-Ruth Torppa - Vice President-Sheila Howell Secretary-Cathy Bjornsgard Treasurer-Charlotte L'Hommedieu Sgt. -at-Arms-Nancy Mercer Student Council Representative- Cheryl Grabenhorst Pap 61116 V Back Row: Donald Alves, Gary Anderson, Allan Niemi, Jerry Kilponen, Roy Chamberlain, Jon Pakenen, Robert Cox, Gary Pearson, Richard Nikkila, Tim Tienhaara, Charles Torppa, Gene Johnson, Gene Pakenen. Row 5: David Sotka Ronny Forberg, Mike Bighill, David Lindros, Myron Metcalf, Gary Raemhild, Evart Smith, Charles Otterson, Bill Wood, Mickey Mercer, Gary Mullica, Jerry Busse, Brian Koski. Row 4: Al Belz, Noel Bergquist, Mary Zaleski, Amelia Lomsdalen, Loretta Koski, Rosalie Hobi, Arline Bighill, Trudy Smalley, Ruth Torppa, Carol Setala, Shirley Olson, Cheryl Grabenhorst, Beverly Raemhild, Gail Pakenen. Row 3: Joy Forberg, Bonnie Wendelin, Linda Broyhill, Elaine Crenshaw, Bernadine Blaine, Diane Mattson, Dorothy Warra, Charlotte Anderson, Joan Grabenhorst, Merikay Hall, Susie Nelson, Linda Laney, Jane Wirkkala, Jeannine Larson, Anita Kilponen, Nancy Ehrlund, Marilyn Wirk- kala. Row 2: Charlotte L'Hommedieu, Sandi Handi, Virginia Dernick, Linda Torppa, Candy Ervest, Cathy Bjorns- gaard, Nancy Mercer, Nancy Pentila, Janice Bighill, Carol Lomsdalen, Linda Otterson, Darlene Chattick, Carolyn Anderson, Barbara Simukka, Sadie Raistakka, Sheila Howell. Row 1: Marcia Andring, Donna Dobson, Sandra Tis- cher, Delores Nicholson, Roberta Elliott, Margery Wirkkala, Darlene Haataia, Carolyn Wallace, Susie Bighill, Mar- jorie Jarvi, Carol Laine, Gail Strange, Phyllis Johnson, Pat O'Connor, Diane Hedlund, Mrs. Johnson, Advisor. 49 "Z'0ufzzrd .4 .. .... ,,-L 4 - 4 I Back Row: Johnson, D. Jarvi, A. Lomsdalen, S. Tischer, L. Broyhill, M. Nicholson, E. Johnston, K. Koski, G. Strange, I. Larson, K. Wirkkala, S. Handy. Row 2: N. Wirkkala, A. Bighill, J. Wirkkala, M. Wirkkala, B. Raemhild, C. L'Hommedieu, W. Hyrkas, S. Olson, C. Setala, R. Hobi, L. Koski, D. Dobson. Row 3: C. Laine E. Crenshaw, L. Otterson, L. Laney, D. Mattson, I. Kandoll, K. Bjornsgaard, J. Grabenhorst, M. Hall, I. For- berg, B. Wendelin, B. Simukka, R. Torppa, C. Koski. Row 4: S. Blackburn, R. Elliott, V. Demick, M. Zale- ski, N. Penttila, S. Bighill, N. Mercer, D. Warra, C. Anderson, T. Smalley, N. Ehrlund, P. O'Connor, D. Haataia, S. Howell. Row 5: C. Handschy, M. Jarvi, C. Ervest, L. Hokkanen, D. Nicholson, R. Wirkkala, J. Bighill, M. Wirkkala, S. Nelson, G. Pakenen, S. Raistakka, A. Kilponen, C. Grabenhorst, Mrs. Cowan, Advisor President Anita Kilponen rf, Vice President A C! my Kathy Wirkkala Secretary Carol Setala Treasurer. m Jeannine Larson Student Council Rep. Pat O 'Connor xl, Historian ,A Ylr- Nancy Wirkkala L Advisor Mrs. Cowan ,New florzkvusu OUR NEW MEMBERS J-in 0 Sacicty Standing: Gary Anderson, Ion Pakenen, Gary Ervest, David Sotka, Mr. Pierson, Phyllis Johnson, Kathy Wirkkala, Arline Bighill, Jan Wirkkala, Carol Setala, Marilyn Wirkkala, Trudy Smalley, Beverly Raemhild, Mrs. Malcolm, Gail Pakenen. Seated: Pat O'Connor, Shirley Olson, Don Alves, Mary Kandoll, Ron For- berg, Anita Kilponen. Prabafiomzry ,flflembers Back Row: Mr. Pierson, Lyle Haataja, Tom Kandoll, Myron Metcalf, Gary Raernhild, Bill Wood, Mrs. Malcolm. Seated: Mary Zaleski, Candy Ervest, Bonnie Wendelin. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Oficcrs President-Don Alves Vice President-Kathy Wirkkala Secretary-Anita Kilponen Treasurer-Mary Kandoll Student Council Rep. -Gail Pakenen First Row: Susan Bighill, Linda Laney, Nancy Penttila, Carolyn Anderson, Sadie Raistakka. Second Row: Joan Grabenhorst, Trudy Smalley, Nancy Mercer, Susan Nelson, Loretta Hokkanen, Linda Torppa, Margery Wirkkala Janice Bighill, Mrs. Hillis. Third Row: Carol Setala, Kathy Wirkkala, Shirley Olson, Dianne Mattson, Elaine Crenshaw, Darlene Chattick, Georgette Gerome. President-Trudy Smalley Vice President-Sadie Raistakka Secretary-Ioan Grabenhorst Treasurer-Kathy Wirkkala Sgt. -at-Arms-Loretta Hokkanen S. C, Representative-Carol Setala Advisor-Mrs. Hillis This year the Naselle G, A. A, association has been very active. To start off the year the girls had a basketball game for the Let- termen's Club Benefit. In March, Mrs. Hillis took ten freshman girls to participate in a Southwest Washington Volley meet, held at Huntington Junior High School in Kelso. May 4, five sophomore girls at- tended the Annual Southwest Wash- ington G, A. A. playday at R, A, Long High in Longview. my Back Row: David Lindros, Ron Forberg, Gary Raernhild. Second Row: Bernadine Blain, Pat O'Connor, Charlotte Anderson, Loretta Koski, Rosalie Hobi, Charlotte L'Hommedieu. First Row: Gene Pakenen, Dale Wrolson, John Tischer. 0ff7cc'rs President-Gary Raemhild M Vice President-Charlotte L'Hommedieu Secretary-Loretta Koski Treasurer-Charlotte Anderson Student Council Representative-Rosalie Hobi BOYS STATE Gary Anderson D. A. R. REPRESENTATIVE Anita Kilponen Zvnference and ,4 wards A BETTY CROCKER AWARD GIRLS STATE Beverly Raemhild Marilyn Wirkkala INSPIRATIONAL AWARD Jerry Kilponen O! It if excellent EE T0 have ez glcllilyf mfengtlq' but it if tymmeozzs To use if like cl giant. SHAKESPEARE Paul Pentilla, Robert Cox, Jerry Kilponen, Blain, Eddie ala, kk Row: Ricky Wir ck Ba y Strange, 1'1'11T1 Busse, Ji Ify Ie 2: ROW CSI. IV Gary E hild IU y Rae I Ga IZ. 3.3. ienh yT Timm hinson, Ro Jim i. 11en Niem kenen, A Pa Mullica, Jon ontz, Gary O M. 'U 0 S-4 Lf.. 2 c.: .H ... 6-I :vs ,-EI U cu as E berlain, Cham Roy T, Merce key n Gorley, Mic h Io 1: ROW Larson. h it Ke Noel Berquist, Bighill Harold Hobi. Pearson, Gary Battin Mike David Sotka, Charles Otterson, Gary ,pu oaches: C agers 3.1'1 M egory and o dGr har Ric Iohn Tischer and H Patters David Lindros Lyle af? Rosalie Hobi Charles Ornerson ffomcwm My jaaiar Varsity Mr. Polillo, Gary E. , Harvey J. , Gene J. , Evart S. , Allan N. , Mr. Patterson, Tim T.. Phillip W. , Edgar E. , Gary R. , Myron M. 5'rasl11aaa Zaaza Mr. Patterson, Martin W. , Jerry B. , Bryan K. , Keith L. , Terry S. , Charles T. , Phillip W. , Gene I. , Jimmy S. , Gene P. , Ricky W. 60 Varsity Squad Jerry K. , John P. , Eddie E. , Paul P. Gary P. , Ron F. , Robert C. , Roy C. Eddie B. , Dave S. Mr. Patterson and Mr. Polillo. PACIFIC COUNTY LEAGUE SCORES Ocosta Naselle Ilwaco Naselle South Bend Naselle Valley Naselle Cathlamet Naselle Ilwaco Naselle South Bend Naselle Valley Naselle Cathlamet Naselle Ocosta Naselle S. W. W. CLASS "B" TOURNAMENT SCORES Moclips 40 Naselle Toutle Lake 57 Naselle North River 39 Naselle Toledo 38 Naselle Zfafk G Back Row: Mr. Gregory, J. Busse, G. Raemhild, C. Otterson, M. Metcalfe, G. Johnson, P. Penttila, R. Cox R. Forberg, I. Strange, E. Blain, E. Emerson. Row 2: G. Ervest, D. Sonka, T. Tienhaara, F. Koontz, D. Magnuson, R. Nelson, K. Larson, R. Wirkkala, L. Wirkkala, H. Hobi. Broad Jump Discus Milers Tl'1ey're Off ff' ,f Rally Sqn d HEAD CHEERLEADER BEVERLY RAEMHILD 1962-63 SPORT SMA NSHIP TROPHIES Shirley Olson, Cheryl Grabenhorst, Beverly Raemhild, Gail Pakenen, Carol Setala. Holy, fair, and wise if 5he,' The heaven .meh grace did lend her, That Jhe might admired he. If jhe hike! ef she if fair? kmdnesf. SHAKESPEARE A., ilfh .. . Mg, t A fi . ,qi ,, f fs, b , f ,E wg S M x 'M A-Y..,, A 'A Q Q3 ww , I-114: Q5 ,. ff,4u,:fMwf , ,W-,-v-. .. LM ,... ., .,,, L . Q ., M Q, .WM ig ,-A Q wg- : :Y . if , ,km H. , Q., f 3 x 5 1 i QQ? www, ,,.,.. sz x 3' . . 1?::1i,m Q E -1 9 .. it 'ffiiewf vs. 1" yi- Dunn, 4 ff- -5 406-ION 4.1 M v 4 Q we M T -,gm 'ws Gaim Tlaif above all -- to thine own self be true, Ami it mmf follow, as the night the day, Thou cam! not than be fazlfe to my man. SHAKESPEARE V ZQMWMQ5 SHOES AND CLOTHING Longview, Washington 1257- 59 Commerce Avenue Since 1927 KORTENS Hammond Organ-Fine Pianos Complete Music Service Frigidaire Appliances Magnavox Television and Stereos LONGVIE W, WASHINGTON Auto Glass Window Glass ERICKSON GLASS COMPANY Phone: HA 3-7360 1426 12th Avenue Longview, Washington SINGER Sewing Machine Company Sales-Service-Rentals PLUS The fine st selection of Yardage in the Northwest Phone-425-0810 1418 Commerce Avenue Longview, Washington FERGUSON'S RESTAURANT Full Course Family Dinners Banquet Rooms Special Parties Phone: HA 5-0890 Longview, Washington STANDARD DAIRY For the Best in Dairy Products Longview, Washington Phone: HA 5- 1400 SCHNEIDER BROS. HARDWARE COMPANY Longview, Washington ir -ar- 1 : f .5 I-gl vt E 71 A MAKE YOUR HOME COMPLETE "Be in Style" STOP! STYLE SHOP "Fine Women's Apparel" Longview, Washington IISHOPII ANDERSEN'S FLOWER SHOP Phone: SW 5-3763 Cathlamet, Washington ETI-1EL'sB1-QAUTY sHoP . Phone SW 5-3433 D. 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RONES Optometrist FAirfax 5-4401 347 12th Street Astoria, Oregon OWL DRUG STORE "Congratulations to the Graduates" Astoria, Oregon ELLIOTT HOTEL , Courtesy of Wonderful Beds Attractive Rooms R A M Y Center of City Moderate Rates PA OUNT DRUG COMPAN Phone FA 5-2221 Astoria, Oregon Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon JONES BAKERY "Buy Where It's Baked, It's Fresher" Call Us For Your Birthday, Wedding, and Party Cakes Astoria, Oregon PAYNE'S MEN'S SHOP 1174 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon ALLEN J. GOULTER D.V.M DOUPE BROTHERS Dept. Store White Stag and Jantzen Sportswear 4 - 1 Kandel Lettermen Sweaters Veferlnarlan 2 TE ' , L Ilwaco, Washington or CALL ' Phone: 642-4541 It Ilwaco, Washington You'll find more ' our NASELLE NEWS Erie---:'.1--4P"j"-'5'1" ' in the Q . J DEPENDABLE ILWACO TRIBUNE , Dlzuoslst ILWACO DRUG STORE Ilwaco, Washington than any other newspaper in the world. Ilwaco, Washington TIM C. WILLIAMS Insurance Agency tfeu Gnoefb, . 1 ' -i 0' E U AR CHIE 's Eoon 1' U QQ f " MARKET ' ' Ilwaoog, Washington Furniture and Appliance s Box 398 Ilwaco, Washington RCA Whirlpool Sales and Services KUD LAE CKS FURNITURE Ilwaco, Wa shington C3-41 E E is IC PALACE vu f7LdZlBREAD Meats and Meat Cutting xlyvuml ASTRIES 'M ILWACO BAKERY llwaco, Washington I Ilwaco, Washington ILWACO TELEPHONE Sn TELEGRAPI-I JIM'S CASH GROCERY Ilwaco, Wa shington Quality Crrocerie s llwaco, Washington BAYVIEW LUMBER COMPANY "We Deliver" South Bend, Washington Cosmopolis, Washington Phone: TR 5-5401 Real Estate Is Protection Against Inflation Harbor Realty Company C.A. Graves, Broker Property Management Office Phones: TR-5-5831 gl TR-5-5880 914 Water Street SOUTH BEND , WASHINGTON Representing UNITED FARM AGENCY SOUTH BEND BRANCH Seattle-First National Bank SOUTH BEND, WASHINGTON "Where You Are Always Welcome" SOUTH BEND JOURNAL "Happy To Be With You" South Bend, Washington STEWART'S F OODLINER Your One Shopping Center for Groceries and Meats South B end , Washington PACIFIC LANES "Bowl for Fun at Pacific Lanes' South Bend , Wa shington SOUTH BEND BAKERY For Qaulity South Bend, Washington BRUNEAU'S CAFE Home Cooking South Bend, Washington Prompt Quality Service DAVIS INSURJXNCE CO. South Bend, Washington I-IALVOR HOLTE "Graduation Gifts" South Bend, Washington HKLHCAFE Breakfast-Lunch-Dinners Dining Room for Special Parties South Bend, Wa shington ANTILLA-KOLCZ. JEWELERS Sz STUDIO Raymond, Washington BITAR'S DEPT. STORE Raymond, Washington Q2 can roon BRIDGES INN bf WE , J i ,fl Raymond, Washington CHINA CLIPPER "Best Chinese Food and American Dishes" Raynaond, Washington "Better Values" E. F. DRACOBLY DEPARTMENT STORE Raymond, Washington DUN SMOOR DR UG Rexall Store Raymond, Washington EICHNERS INSURANCE 104 Duryea St. Rayniond, Washington FRED C. TURNER Shell .Iobber Raymond llwaco Phone: 942-5043 Phone: 642-4112 HAIR FASHIONS by Dari Raymond, Washington JENSEN FURNITURE CO. Frigidaire Appliances Raymond, Washington INGLIN PONTIAC Sz BUICK Raynfiond, Washington LYNN'S RICHFIELD "Specialize in Tune-ups" 3rd and Blake Street Raymond, Washington REUBEN'S CHEVRON SERVICE Gas - Oil - Tires Expert Car Cleaning 3rd and Commercial Street Rayrnond, Washington BRY-MAR CLEANERS Pressing Free Pickup and Delivery BRYAN AND MARIAN SALME Raymond, Washington 5 Q ! ., emember PACIFIC COUNTY LUMBER , QKIRIXS 'I ' QIIIIP Yoviox - Phone I8 '40 f 1 ED PEDERSON SALES AND SERVICE 429 3rd Street Raymond, Washington "For ff Real Raymond, Washington Valuesll PACIFIC WHOLESALE, INC. O'DELL'S GUN SHOP Formerly , F. Cr. Foster Co. Raymond, Washlngton Phone: 942-2.433 Raymond, Washington RAYMOND AUTO, INC. Ford - Mercury - Falcon Raymond, Washington 'B nmnv queen g'1REAT ron TASTEQA F009 fog aunt Raymond, Washington 11 gi ,wif IQQ J' rd!-I4 "Flowers For Every Occasion" jf? N' L ing RAYMOND RHODES PAINT at WALLPAPER P FLOWER SHOP Raymond, Washington X Raymond, Washington THE TOGGERY Rayni ond , Washington WARREN'S JEWELRY Expert Watch Repair Raymond, Washington SOUTH BEND PACKING CO. South Bend, Washington SOUTH BEND PHARMACY 'The Store Dedicated to Service" Phone TRinity 5-5542 South Bend, Washington SOUTHWEST STORES "The Store of Better Buys" South Bend, Washington SOUTH BEND TRANSFER CO. Local and Long Distance Hauling General Freight from Portland, Seattle, Tacoma South Bend, Washington Hart, Schaftner 8K Marx Arrow Shirts - Stetson Hats Interwoven Socks - Pendleton Shirts BURKE'S MENS STORE 1493 Duane St- 1000 S' HOU-ad3'Y III7 Commercial St. Astoria, Oregon Astoria, Oregon Seaside, Oregon Chrysler, Plymouth 8: Valiant SAFEWAY Studebaker Xt Willys Jeep Good Used Car s SHOPPING CENTER Astoria, Oregon SEARS ROEBUCK and COMPANY "Better Buys" Astoria., Oregon .QS ig., eb- 6 If U S. NATIONAL BANK 2' ' fl R14 jg-L ki' 'ui , ,V fb" a-. 'Q' 4:-..r::5:f:c-.w.."1, . 2: H 5 'I :m ' P OR T LAND u-r 2 5-5 : Sdggtgzgr:-:'-Z5 1 551 5. 1 fn n'u'0 - :5 c,?.iii,,.. :tilt . ...ix 1 D ' nl , 2 , Q 5 2 Q ' qi' 4 Astoria, Oregon 'SE' UTZINGER'S BOOKSTORE Stationery and Office Supplies Phone FA 5-2781 I292 Commercial St. Astoria, Oregon MEGLER CAFE Fine Food - Remodeled Dining Area At Megler Ferry X .W SKIPPERS INN CAFE X Chinook, Washington y, QS lllillll 1 , WILLAPA HARBOR IRON WORKS Blacksmith Metal Fabrication and Repair s Thornley Motor Company, Inc. 1260 Vandercook Way Telephone 423-3200 LONGVIEW, WASHINGTON Lark Phone: TR 5-5251 Cadillac South Bend, Washington , 1 " . X, it 64' 'Ce-,,e ,CS X U i'lf' it 9 9 AT 0 9 I twig M LEABACK GROCERY n I, 'TW 1, I X l I ' Chinook, Washington I 5" TIRE SERVICE We st Kelso, Washington TRIANGLE BOWL 2010 - 12th Avenue Longview, Washington xml 0 C S if gl I -1? -i3?'.f,g.,,,,Ii,!w IPENTTI I.A'S ELDRED AND DOROTHY PENTTILA Long Beach, Washington xgis G MA T5 ' ,px 5. QQ 'gl Q, inn V I Q: w CARMEL CORN SHOP Popcorn--Carrnel Corn Delicious Candy--Cotton Candy Long Beach, Washington - -" IF You vuuu' GOOD Fool: 2 , Ei tw oMAN AND soNs CHUCK S WZ DRIVE INN K N I-'Ong Beach, Washington Long Beach, Washington if LONG BEACH CLEANERS '22 "" ""' Pick up at Deliver RUssELi,'s ft W3 We cater to all school clothes CAFE "J Phone: 642-6763 Long Beach, Washington Seaview, Washington X Stal' Korner TE CO TEXACO--SERVICE Long Beach, Washington Long Beach, Washington Del Dinger, Proprietor PENINSULA HOME IMPROVEMENT Glidden Paints Hotpoint Appliances Armstrong Floor Coverings Seaview, Washington WORTHINGTON'S FLYING A SERVICE STATION Phone Mission 2-6382 E Seaview, Washington PENINSULA BOWL Q Long Beach, Washington Zcmiitq at FRIENDLY MARKET Chinook, Washington Scwe Anderson Motor Soles , X I 45 X ff ' X All Makes and Models, New as Used i f M 3 ' X , X 1440 Twelfth Avenue If XY Longview, Washington L- E, J, Anderson HAmi1ten 3-0829 President i f y0lf 1 QQ? . ed Q WM If HOW MUCH FUN IT IS TO BOWL K8.M Bowl 1252 Mis sis sippi Longview, Washington PHONE 423 -50 60 "LET 'S GO BOWLING" Q lg GOODFELLOW'S Q our Cf nNr:.,'. 'ldlb IQ. A Good Drug Store DRUGGIST Cathlamet, Washington MYLETT'S 6 DEPARTMENT sToRE 7- si E 0 I gwneggrgia THE SPAR Youre money HSE Fgnn Ahead! dmgngn, Cathlamet, Washington Cathlametg washington Hunfer's Inn Motel 5 ATTRACTIVE 5 COMFORTABLE APARTMENTS MOTEL UNITS JIM and LILLIAN KELLY HUnter 7-2412 FOR THE FINEST SERVICE L ' Merle and Jack's NASE LLE, WASHINGTON Hunter s Inn NASELLE, WASHINGTON 2 . Compliments of 1 5 N z 1 7 All Viola s Cafe Naselle, Washington 830 -12B Junction ROSB URG STORE Dorothy Bjornsgaard Gladys Larson Rosburg, Washington AXMAKER'S GARAGE Grays River, Washington , L,,. 5 H 1 "p six! - , L and M GARAGE Hunting Supplies and Licenses" Na selle, Wa shington "Best Wishes" to the Graduating Class of '63 You are now Alumni too When - and - if - you're Passing Thru - "Be Our Guests" "SLEEPY HOLLOW MOTEL" Naselle, Washington Hlmter 7-3432 Iver and Rosie Johnson NEW WASHINGTON OYSTER COMPANY Nernah Wa sh1ngton ARCHIE OLMSTEAD Dump Trucking Na selle , Washington NEMAH GROCERY Lunch- -Gas - -Sporting Goods Nemah, Washington 1 mv ANNA'S FLOWERS Complete Floral Service Corsages - Cut Flowers BEST WISI-IES Potted Plants to the Flowers Wired Anywhere 1963 if-xv w- I QI GRADUATING CLASS Naselle, Wash. V I i e- . , HU-487-2632 .- , fr - Blll O Connor f O'CONNOR'S INN NASE LLFJ , WASHINGTON NASELLE VALLEY ELECTRIC Lattie 8: Margie Congratulations To The Senior Class NASELLE, WASHINGTON Phone 487- 2362 NASELLE AUTO BODY Phone 487-3371 Residence: 487-3471 Naselle, Wa shington NASELLE SAW SHOP Bar Repair - Hardfacing - Saw Filing Logging Supplies Power Saw Sales and Service Phone 487-2361 Naselle , Washington -- : gg V ' U S i i'o , g X., APPELO S SHOPPING CENTER Na s elle Wa shington Phone 487 3333 Best Of Luck To The Graduating Class Of 1963 Grays River Logging Company PETERSON Congratulations to the Bulldlng Contractor 50th Graduating Class of Naselle High Phone 0430 - E ,lnfzlgr "' ' ' ue WAHKIAKUM COUNTY AB STRAC T COMPANY . Henry Hanigan Agency Phone 795-4741 Cathlamet, Washington U S g g Sufei Sefidzae "Congratukmions Graduatesu szomgxi ' k-- Q"fL, ,:. ,Y -Y Lo99Ing Q7 195: "" A"' 7' N , ' XE Rueben Penhila UQ 'A A D K3 Wt Y.,-:-2' if 01145, ' I 4. A Q N 0 2 D ' x v Na Selle, Wa shington v ' 1 T lgmugrutulutiuns to the graduating class OF '63 l.W.A. Cathlarnet, Wa shington Em V- C N w ,, 4 I, x IQENYVQ o vj' 1 J N -1 J' , J I Q U rs oun f rmsr THouGHT Wilcox 8 Flegel STANDARD HEATING OIL "We Make Warm Friends" Oregon Way Phone 423-3300 Longview Kelso WORKING TO MAINTAIN A PERMANENT FOREST INDUSTRY - - - Weyerhaeuser Company THORN LEY MOTOR COMPANY, INC. 1260 Vandercook Way Longview, Washingt CADILLAC GMC OLDSMOBILE STUDEBAKER fu 1 TRUCKS SSMUHI QR, Z6 f ARONSON'S RICHFIELD SERVICE 1170 Commerce Longview, Washington LONGVIEW RESTAURANT 1312 Commerce Ave. In the Heart of Longview, Wash. Order: "We Never C1ose" Phone chicken to go HA 5-4980 BACKEBERG'S MEN'S SHOES 1324 Commerce Longview, Washington MIKE'S RICHFIELD SERVICE 809 Ocean Beach Longview, Washington Expert Lubrication 8: Mechanical Work High Speed Wheel Balancing MILES CHRISTIAN BOOK SHOP Richfield and Service 1516 Commerce RIGHT-ER Longview, Wash' Longview, Washington 406 Allen St. PhOne EX 5-0640 DAHL'S ELECTRIC SERVICE 1140 Vandercook Way Longview, Washington Phone HA 3-6300 MONTICELLO STATIONERS 1243 14th Avenue Longview, Washington HAmilton 5-0608 Victor-Cornptograph Adding Machines ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Sales-Service-Rentals-Supplies E. H. LONG, O. D, Optometrist 1242 Commerce Longview, Washington MYKLEBUST'S Men's and Ladies Ready to Wear Longview, Washington DRS. HINSHAW AND GRAVELLE OPTOMETRISTS Contact Lenses 1430 Commerce Ave. P. O. Box 928 Phone 423-7650 Longview, Washington SPECHT'S PAINT STORE Paints, Wallpaper 8: Supplies l245 Fourteenth Ave. Phone 423-4240 Longview, Wash. GEORGE 'S BROILER Longview, Washington Congratulations Grads T 8: T ELECTRIC 8: PLUMBING Longview, Washington "We Have Approximately Everything" HAMILTON'S GIFT SHOP 1235 Commerce Longview, Wa shington TOWN HOUSE MOTEL Longview's Most Luxurious Motel With Heated Swimming Pool Bill and Marci Hatch 944 N. E. Washington Way HA 3-7200 Longview, Washington

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