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Naselle Grays River Valley High School - Na Hi An Yearbook (Naselle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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Q iv aw W, sm .QE , . 5 X in M a I mf ci 3' . ,115 In ' 5 F x LT! .4 ' - 2' P , ' ,A-. 45 . ' A-'. . 3 ' s P ei M N avg' - 'fl "Mis A 'QM 553 '. ,L 3- f f ' "Q 'Q a L N, Fr' Q , 5' ' ' . ' L , A agus, N 45 I' fy 1 . - x", , . 5 'r V . ,ny , fu L 'f l X ' wi: v 'wvshex , .Y M iv 1. nv' ' - 9- 4 ha " . -ff 0 , I-19 -2. 3511, ffv ' :' '--, ,H 6. ' I I J - 3,43 K , f , 4 1 -.f 32 Q.2 i, at ' an ' w lf... N-4 - ,- .mfg 1 Q , f4'- RA --W if 'M' wil s any ,, , ,W 'f . V - . 1 . -' . -an f 'Q f , 4 , 5 F J 1-fvwfria 'wif ,. f -4 r fn? Q7 'f,g31c 5 wid, L'ng,.,f, or gg'-ve, Q Y, 5 WR 'eidf' 31 L a u.1.df'Q4u "fs f .V -v Q A FOREWORD The school year 1961-62 was busy and active for Naselle High School students. Classes, athletics, dances, meetings, all helped to round out the year. As we look back, we have tried to pick some of the bright spots that stand out in our minds as important events in the history of Naselle High School, and with this in mind, we present to you your 1962 NA-HI-AN. THE 1962 NA-HI AN NASELLE GRAYS RIVER VALLEY HIGH NASELLE WASHINGTON ALMA MATER HAIL NASELLE HIGH SCHOOL HATS OFF TO YOU EVER YOU'LL FIND US LOYAL AND TRUE FIRM AND UNDAUNTED EVER WILL BE HAIL TO THE SCHOOL WE LOVE HERE'S A TOAST TO THEE DEDICATICN For guiding us through the past four years with a deep understanding of our many problems, and for loyally promoting our social functions, we, the members of the Senior Class, would like to show our appreciation by dedicating the 1962 NA-HI-AN to Mr. Snaza, our advisor, for whom we hold such high regard, both as a, teacher and a friend. PRlNClPAL'S MESSAGE This has been a very exciting year for our school. A year we should all remember. lt has been many years since our athletic and music departments have shown their hidden talents. We have had a successful athletic year and the community, students, and faculty are proud to be part of your success. Our music department is to be very highly commended for its superior ratings received in com- petition this year. We are equally proud of the students that partici- pated in this area of achievement. The Seniors who have already left us are to be commended for the part they played in their con- cluding year, Congratulations! and may we continue our successes for many years to come. TO THE SENIORS: Instead ot giving you the traditional space age salute for having accomplished twelve years of education l would like to simplv wish you well on your journey to wherever you may be going. ln these whirlwind times as you have come through your public education l hope that we have been able to impart to you more than a concept of atoms, ambiosis and automation for with all our em- phasis on science, advanced mathematics and advanced technology I sincerely hope that we have taught you some of life's lessons. l think that most of you have become aware that even in this great land of ours while everyone is born in equality of opportunity not everyone is born equal. Not only are each of us born with un- equal physical abilities, mental optitucles and environments but each of us have started life's iourney with unequal amounts of what we like to call in this country "good old American luck." David Condon, writing in the Chicago Tribune last October, summed up this whole matter thuslyi "Life does not barter but sometimes fortune winks more favorably upon one young man than another. Fortune destined that some 27 year old American men be standing guard near the gates of East Berlin .on this same morning that finds Roger Maris a headline hero in the athletic field." I am sure that each of you are going to find as you go on from here that you will not have to look far to find classmates and fellow men who will apparently be blessed with either more or less good fortune than you, and I sincerely hope that you will have learned to show compassion for those less fortunate than yourself and to show good will towards those who are more fortunate. Sincerely, A. R. GRABENHORST Superintendent Virginia Johnson ,Mai-... Ernest Nielsen Donald Crouch Lawrence Belz Eleanora Hillis Wanda Cowon Harvey Pierson umm, W Vada Malcolm Edith Smith Gordon Snaza CUSTODIAN Herman Hanson OFFICE HELP DarIene Worra, Judi Anderson, Sandy Handy, Sandi Waranko LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Arline Bighill, Marcia Andring, Joan Wirkkala, Sandi Waranka, Ruth Torppa, Carol Setala, Kay McKinley, Mrs. Johnson. F R IE N SECRETARY AN D Mrs. Toni Scott MECHANIC Bob Lindgren 6 HELPERS COOKS AND KITCHEN HELP Gary Anderson, Edwin Wirkkala, Martha Talus, Viola Ullakko. Absent: Noel Bergquist. Q ix? MARY ANN BAKKILA "I strive not for gold, but for friends? Chorus l,2,3,45 Band 'l,2,3,45 F.H.A. l,2,3,45 Pep Club l,2,35 Girls League l,2,3,45 F.H.A. Demonstration Day 2,35 Nonette 45 Instrumental Solo Contest5 Class Play 3,4. JUDI ANDERSON "A smile that wins, A manner that takesg Every- where she goes, Friends she makes. Girls League l,2,3,45 Girls League Vice President 25 F.H.A. l,2,3,45 F.H.A. President 45 Band l,2,35 Chorus l,2,3,45 Nonette 45 Hi-Fi Club 45 Hi-Fi Club Sec.-Treas. 45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Annual Staff l,2,3,45 Annual Editor 45 Comet Staff 2,35 Annual Assistant Editor 35 Class Play 35 Girls Stater 35 Student Council 3,45 Class Student Council Rep. 45 Dance Band 25 A.S.B. Vice Presi- dent 35 D.A.R. Rep. 45 Girl of the Year 35 Class Speaker 4. JO ANN CRENSHAW "I could be a flirt if I wanted tof' F.H.A. l,2,3,45 Girls League l,2,3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Twirler lp Drum Maiorette 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,4p Homecoming Queen 35 Class Play 3. HENRY ELLIOTT :'Every man will be my friend." Football l,2,3,45 Lettermen's Club l,2,3,45 Let- termen's Club Sgt.-at-Arms 35 Class Sgt.-at-Arms 35 F.F.A. 1,25 Class Plcry 35 Stage hand 45 Boys Club 3,45 P.E. assistant 45 Chorus l,2,3,4. CLARISSA HOB! "Pass on lads, I'm engaged? Girls League l,2,3,45 Pep Club l,2,35 F.H.A. l,2,35 Vice President ot F.H.A. 25 Homecoming Queen 25 Homecoming Princess 35 Comet staff 35 Chorus l. s - J' P 'V iv ' 5 , Ref if A me 5 , JIMMY EMERSON "I love the game and want to playf' F.F.A. 1,25 Football i,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track 1,25 Boys Club 3,45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Lettermen's Club Vice President 45 Stage hand of Class play 3,45 P.E. assistant 45 All-Star second team "B" tournament 4. xg, L f 'W-.M ...4 CAROL HANDY "Reserved, yet friendly and pleasant toof' Girls League l,2,3,4p Senior Play 4g G.A.A. 37 Office 4. DAN HUMPHREY "We're out of halos that size." Transfer from MT. Rainier, Waslmg Boys Club 45 Band 45 Chorus 45 Senior Play 4. i JEAN KAN DOLL "A loyal companion, an excellent friend, An earnest worker and true to the endf' Girls League l,2,3,4p Girls League Treasurer 35 Class Secretary 37 Comet Staff 2,3,4g Annual Staff 37 Office 32 Valeclicforian. RALPH KOSKI "Y0ufll never see me hurryingv F.F.A. 1,25 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Boys Club 3,45 Boys Club Treasurer 45 Student Council 45 Class President 3. c i Juni LANNING "Always skip school if you can get away with it." Hi-Fi Club l,2,3,45 Girls League l,2,3,45 Girls League Vice President 35 Girls League President 45 G.A.A. 35 G.A.A. 35 G,A.A. Student Council Rep. 35 F.H.A. l,2,3,45 F.H.A. Historian 35 Hi-Fi Club Vice President 25 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Cheer- Leader 2,3,45 Student Council 35 Girls Nonette 4 TERRY LARSON "lust the quiet type." Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,35 F.F.A. 1,25 Boys Club 3,45 Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,45 Class Play Stage Hand 3,4. EVA RAISTAKKA "A lover of fun and good timesf, F.F.A. l,2,3,4, Girls League l,2,3,4, Pep Club l,2,3,4, Annual Staff l,2,3,4, Annual Staff Busi- ness Manager 4, Comet Staff l,2,3, Honor Society 2, G.A.A. 3,45 G.A.A. President 3, Class President lp Chorus lg A.S.B. Vice President 4, Student Council 4, Class Play 4. TRACY LARSON "H E trembles when a maid draws nearf' F.F.A. 1,25 Boys Club 3,45 Football l,2,3,4, Bas- ketball l,2,3,4, Class Play Stage Hand 3,4, Lettermen's Club l,2,3,4. GARY NAKAO "Why teachers get grey." Football l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2, Track l,2,3,4, F.F.A. lg Boys Club 3,47 Class Play Stage Hand 3,45 Lettermen's Club l,2,3,4. JOHN OLSON "He's not bashful, just quietf, Band 1,27 Band Vice President 1,27 F.F.A. 1,27 F.F.A. Reporter 27 Chorus l,2,3,47 Football-2,3,47 Football Manager i7 Basketball lj Track 27 Let'termen's Club l,2,3,47 Lettermen's Club Sec.- Treas. 37 Honor Society 2,3,47 Honor Society Vice President 37 Boys Club 3,47 Boys Club' Student Council Rep. 37 Boys Club President Aj Student Council 37 Class Play 3j Class Vice President 2,47 Annual Staff 3. ANITA SUNDBERG "How sweet ana' fair, she seems to be." Chorus l,27 Band l,2,37 Girls League 'l,2,3,4: Pep Club 1,2,s. NORA LEE SORENSON "I a'on't preach-why should I practice? Girls League i,2,3,47 Girls League Student Coun- cil Rep. 4j F.H.A. l,2,3,47 F.H.A. Vice President 37 Pep Club l,2,37 Pep Club Student Council Rep. 27 Pep Club President 3j Student Council 2,47 Hi-Fi Club 'l,2,3j Yell Leader 2,37 Homecoming Princess 2,37 Band l,2,37 Dance Band 27 Chorus i,2,3,47 Nonette 3,47 Junior Play 3. GARY TISCHER "He keeps his sunny side up.' F.F.A. 25 Football 3,45 Track 2,35 Boys Club 3,47 Lettermen's Club 45 Class Play Director 37 Class Play Co-Stage Director 4. STARRLETTE SMITH "Women are to be loved not understood." F.H.A. l,2,3,4g Pep Club l,2,3,45 Pep Club Presi- dent 45 Hi-Fi Club l,2,3,4g Girls League l,2,3,4g A.S.B. Sgt.-at-Arms 3j Student Council 35 Banol l2,3,4g Clarinet Trio 2,35 Chorus l,2,3,45 Girls Nonette 45 F.H.A. Conference Rep. l,2,3,45 Comet Staff 37 Jr. Play 3. STEVE ULLAKKO "He's an okay guy! " Class Sgt.-at-Arms 27 Band l,2,3,4p Band Mana- ger 2,3, Band President'4, Dance Band 27 Brass Quintet 35 Brass Sextet 4g Chorus 1,25 Boys Club 3,47 Class Treasurer 1. GARY WIRKKALA 'Tor whom the belles tollf, Chorus 1, Class President 2, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Lettermen's Club 3,4, Boys Club 3,4, Honor Soci- ety 3,4, Honor Society President 4, Class Treasurer 3, Class Play 4, Class Student Council Representa- tive 3. l ELWIN WIRKKALA "Better late than never." Class Student Council Rep. l, Band l,2,3,4, Chorus l,2, Football 2,3, Track 2, Brass Sextet 2,3,4, Honor Society 2,3,4, Lettermen's Club 2,3,4, A.S.B. President 4, Class Treasurer 3, Honor Soci- ety Treasurer 3, Boys Club 3,4, Forsensic Club 4, Music in May 3,4, Waskowitz delegate 4, Instru- mental solo contest 2,3,4, Comet Staff 3,4, Co- Band Manager l,3, Junior Play, Senior Play. JOAN WIRKKALA "Eyficient, sweet and sinceref' Girls League i,2,3,4, F.H.A. i,2,3,4, Pep Club i,2,3,4, Honor Society 2,3,4, Honor Society Secre- tary 3, G.A.A. 3, Cheerleader 3, Band l,2,3,4, Band Treasurer 2, Chorus l,2,3,4, Girls Nonette 3, Music in May 4, Student Council 2,3,4, A.S.B. Jr. Auditor 3, A.S.B. Treasurer 4. JOHN WIRKKALA :'He burns the midnight oil, but it's gasf' Football l,2,3,4g Football Captain 47 Football Honorary Captain Award 45 Football Inspira- tional Player 4j Basketball 1,29 Track 1,25 F.F.A. 1,25 F.F.A. Vice President 25 F.F.A. Student Coun- cil Rep. 25 Lettermen's Club l,2,3,4g Lettermen's Club Vice Pres. 35 Boys Club 3,47 Boys Club Presi- dent 37 Boys Club Student Council Rep. 45 Annual Staff 35 Honor Society 2,3,4g Chorus l,2,3,45 Band l,2,45 Class Play 35 Music in May 3,45 Boys State 35 All State Chorus 45 Class President lg Class Treasurer 29 Class Sgt.-at-Arms 4. RUSSELL WIRKKALA "Never a dull moment in Russ's life." Class Vice President ly Band l,2,3g Chorus lg Boys Club 3,45 Boys Club Sgt.-at-Arms 45 Track 1,25 Band co-manager 3. DIANE WIRKKALA "Sweetly simple, and simply sweetf' Pep Club l,2,3,45 Pep Club Secretary 35 Girls League l,2,3,47 F.H.A. Conference ig F.H.A. Stu: dent Council Rep. 35 F.H.A. l,2,3,4p Band l,2,3,4g Band President 3. DARLENE WARRA 'gHer future is planned- third finger, left handf' Band l,2,35 Chorus l,2,3,45 Girls Nonette 3,45 Office 45 Class Play 35 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Pep Club Vice President 35 Girls League l,2,3,45 F.H.A. l,2,3,45 F.H.A. Student Council Rep. 45 Student Council 3,45 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Head Cheerleader 35 Class Secretary 25 Student Body Secretary 35 Seabeck Representative 35 Cheerleading Conf. Rep. 3,45 Betty Crocker Award 4. EDWIN WIRKKALA "Blessed is the man who invented sleep." Honor Society 2,3,45 Honor Society Student Coun- cil Rep. 45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Lettermen's Club President 45 Boys Club 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Band Student Council Rep. 35 Class President 45 Football 2,35 Track 2,35 Chorus l,2,3,47 Brass Sextet 2,3,45 Music in May 3,45 Class Vice Presi- dent 35 Comet Staff 3,45 Forensic Club President 45 Band manager 15 Junior Play5 Class Play co- stage director 4. Q SANDI WARANKA "Say little and do muchg Meet everyone with a smile." Chorus lg Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Girls League l,2,3,45 Girls League Treasurer 35 Class Secretary 35 A.S.B. Secretary 45 Comet Staff 3,45 Production Manager of Comet 45 Society Editor for Comet 45 Wasko- witz Representative 45 Student Council 45 Class Play 3,45 Office 45 Library Assistant 4. TERM PAPERS DUE SENIOR CLASS - OFFICERS Ed Wirkolo . .. John Olson .. Diane Wirkkolu Gary Wirkkclc John Wirkkula Judi Anderson Mr. Snozo . .. Mrs. Malcolm . .. . . . . President .. . . .. Vice President . . . ..... Secretc ry . . . ........ Treasurer . ., .....,. Sgr.-of-Arms . . . . . Student Council Rep. Advisor . . Advisor SPAGHETTI SU PPER BRRRRRRII SENIOR BOYS' QUINTET Otto, Don, Ed, John, Henry SPAGHETTI SUPPER Offo and Mrs. Malcolm n 'M 'I ' Sim. W as final nk ,is gf. vw Fl h 1 1 0- W. ., I ' '92 A 4 1 if mv 77 , ,C we K S , MARY ANN!! A S SALUTATORIAN 8. VALEDICTORIAN ll GoryWirkkc1lo Jean Kczndoll HONOR AWARDS Edwin Wirkkolo-Musicg Evo Roisrckko-Outstanding Girly JoAnn Crenshaw-4 Yrs. Perfect Aften.g Darlene Worro-Home Economics, Judi Anderson-Journalism, John Wirkkclo-Choir, Besf All Around Boy, Jean KondolI4CommercicI, Bookkeeping, English, John Olson-Citizenship: Ralph Koski-Mathematics, Stcrrletle Smith-4 Yrs. Perfect Arrendonce, Henry Elliott-Foo1boIlg Terry Larson-Industrial Arts: Gory Wirkkolcl- Sclututorionp Elwin Wirkkolo-Bond. CLASS SPEAKER Judi Anderson . , ' Y .. 2 . 4 X. Y V .,g '-Hg E ,- ,V 7 2 S I LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF T962 We, the Senior Class of Naselle High School, in This year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and sixty-Two, do hereby declare This to be The last Will and Testament. Being of sound mind and body we do hereunto bequeath to our beloved schoolmates and friends The following cherished possessions: I, Starrlette Smith, will my long hair To Sheila Howell. I, Ralph Koski, will my red hair To Nancy Penttila. I, Dan Humphrey, will my curly hair To Andy Johnson. I, Gail Hillsberry, will The nice personalities of N.H.S. to l.H,S. I, Cathy Humes, will my dancing ability to The boys of N.H.S. I, Henry Elliott, I, Jim Emerson I, Terry Larson, I, Tracy Larson, I, Gary Nakao, will my power to next year's football Team. will my nicknames back to Those who gave Th em to will my way with "wimmen" to Mike Chattick. will my ability to save money To N.S.A. will my history grades To anybody. I, John Olson, will my ability to keep cars clean to Anita Kilponen. I, Gary Tischer, will my cattle to Louis Wiss. l, Steve Ullakko, will my love of doing Algebra to Gary Anderson. I, John Wirkkala, will Anita To the loving care of her brother I, Russell Wirkkala, will my horse riding ability to Beverly. l, Gary Wirkkala, will my long hair to Jerry Kilponen. I, Ed Wirkkala, will my ever ready words To Dorothy Jarvi. Dale. ITIS. I, Elwin Wirkkala, will my arguing ability to next year's Student Council I, Judi Anderson, will my extrovert personality To Wanda Page. l, May Ann Bakkila, will my amiable personality to the Junior Class. I, JoAnn Crenshaw, will my soft voice to Nancy Ehrlund. I, Clarissa Hobi, will my clean locker to Cheryl Grabenhorst. I, Carol Handy, will my happy disposition to The class of '63. I, Jean Kandoll, will my height to Sadie Raistakka. I, Joan Wirkkala, will my keeping of straight books to Marilyn. I, Judi Lanning, will my flirting ability to Loretta Koski. l, Darlene Warra, will my yell leading ability to Carol and Shirley. I, Eva Raistakka, will my Chemistry mishaps to Pat O'Connor. I, Sandi Waranka, will my secretarial ability To Diane Hedlund. I, Nora Lee Sorenson, will my neatness to cousin Phyd. I, Anita Sundberg, will my hair-do To Carolyn Helvy. I, Diane Wirkkala, will my hair-do to Amelia Lomsdalen. SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY ln ten years' time we foresee the Senior Class of T962 to be doing as follows: GARY TISCHER-Mortician for Tischer's Chapel on the Hill. JOHN WIRKKALA-Studying in a Greek Monastery where no females are allowed. JOHN OLSON--Bachelor in South America, chasing rich women. EVA RAISTAKKA-Voted Mother of the Year. JOANN CRENSHAW--Professional snipe hunter. GARY WIRKKALA-Structural Engineer. RALPH KOSKI-Professional shuffleboard player in Miami. Married! to a blonde girl with eight kids. RUSSELL WIRKKALA-Cleaning barns for Carnation Dairy in Portland, and getting paid by the pound. STEVE ULLAKKO-Sterilizing milk bottles at Carnation Dairy. CATHY HUMES-Bootlegger in the hills of Kentucky. NORALEE SORENSON-Modeling outfits for the telephone company in Grays River. DARLENE WARRA-Head Sales Clerk at Appelo's, supporting her twins, lcabod and Archibald, HENRY ELLIOTT--Violin player for N.Y. Philharmonic. JIM EMERSON--Living in Eden Valley, blackberry picking, peeling cascara bark, and married. CLARISSA HOBI-Keeps a lovelorn column in Playboy. CAROL HANDY-Professor of Science at Yale. EDDlE and ELWIN WIRKKALA-Still fighting over a waitress at the TIP TOP. SANDI WARANKA-Editor of Mad Magazine. GAIL HILLSBERRY-Professional Mountain Climber. JUDl ANDERSON-Housemother at the Naselle Air Force Base. MARY ANN BAKKILA-Ambassador to Albania. TERRY and TRACY LARSON-Owners of a night club in Las Vegas. DIANE WIRKKALA-Hatcheck girl at Terry and Tracy's club. DAN HUMPHREY-Still at N.H.S. trying to pass Senior English. JOAN WIRKKALA-Madame Joannie-ln Paris designing fashions for men-which nowadays consists of pin. STARRLETTE SMITH-Manager of Starrlette's Star Fish Company in a thriving seaport of Altoona. JEAN KANDOLL-Dyed hair red, and playing center for All-American Redheads. ANITA SUNDBERG-Diaper saleswoman in Hollywood. GARY NAKAO-Head of iuvenile delinquent department in Nemah. CLASS MQTTO: HE wi-io wouLD HAVE THE FRUIT Must CLIMB THE TREE CLASS CQ'-QRS: PINK AND SILVER CLASS FLOWER: ROSE A ss Noel Bergquisf Make Bighill Mike Chcmic Donnold Alves Gary Anderson Marcia Andring if ffxwvm M,,www" eww, rr Nancy Ehrlund Eddie Engelson Ronney Forberg Roy Chamberlain Robert Cox Rose Cubbison Sammy Friddle John Gorley Cheryl Grabenhorst Marilyn Wirkkalcl Dorothy Jarvi Anita Kilponen up-"! My-f Terry Handy Diane Hedlund Harold Hobi Jerry Kilponen Stanley Koski David Lindrog Gary Pearson Beverly Rcxemhlld Sadie Rcistokko 'nb 26 ,awww xr,fm'm Trudy Smalley Louis Wiss Cheri Verdon Gene Linclrofh Pot O'Connor Gail Poke-nen Jim Robinson Potty Rosenberg Borboro Simukkcl Shiela Howell Ruth Torppa Gary, John, and Mike sing for a Junior Class English Assembly. CLASS OFFICERS Ron Forberg . . . Barbara Simukka Dianne Hedlund .. . . . President . . . Vice President . . . .... .... S ecrefa ry Anita Kilponen .. ........... . Treasurer Par O'Connor .. Gary Anderson . Mr Nielson Mrs. Johnson .. Student Council Rep. . ....... Sgt.-at-Arms ..... Advisor . .. Advisor CONFERENCES STUDENT COUNCIL CONFERENCE Kelso, Washington Loretta Koski, Par O'Connor, Phyllis Johnson, Ed Wirkkala. AWARDS FOOTBALL INSPIRATIONAL AWARD John Wirkkala BASKETBALL INSPIRATIONAL AWARD Jerry Kilponen CHEER LEADING CONFERENCE Beverly Raemhild, Darlene Warra, Gail Pakenen. S.W. WASHINGTON STUDENT COUNCIL CONFERENCE Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Marilyn Wirkkala GIRLS' cmd BOYS' STATE REP. John Olson, Judi Anderson, John Wirkkala III RED CROSS CONFERENCE, Gary Anderson Wascowitz Conference attend ed by Elwin Wirkkala and her self. Sandi Woranka reports on Qiawff,--f X2 S1 I: ,, fiffaffffl .5 ,, m.,,', . ,- W f M, ,.,.. , H1n,.v,-z , .1 . ,K NM ffizf, ,QA . ., .3 fzgfzk, .Me- ,-.ik .L.. k1A,,,,4,7:, gl, .Q William Laycock Allan Niemi Paul Penlilla Jon Pakanen Loretta Koski Kay Koski Jeannine Larson Kay McKinley David Sotka John Tischer Carol Setala Janet Wirkkala Mary Jo Nicholson Shirley Olson Gail Sfrange Kathy Wirkkala Al Belz Eddie Blain Arline Bighill Barbara Cox Jerome Elliott Gary Ervest Sandra Handy Eleanor Johnston Jack Dilley Donno Dobson Lawrence Elliott Phyllis Johnson No Photo i AVAILABLE .rv t all' -SEQ :Q ,,: - . 1 M r n ii f: Kz- A .ASA Ralph Elliott Rosalie Hobi Carolyn Wallace Mary Kandoll SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS .lon Pakenen . Gary Ervesr . . Rosalie Hobi . Phyllis Johnson Arline Bighill . David Sofka .. Mr. Crouch .. Mr. Pierson .. . . . . .. President . . . Vice President ...... Secretary Treasurer Student Council Rep ... ... Sgr.-at Arms . . . . Advisor Advisor Busy sacking candy MQW 91 'iv ff. 1' r C f,1'ETxf.i7?1g ' we r 3? ., rf - ""' ' 33? ' .wi .V ' i -Hx . 13 Year Olds Water Cold, Donna? Our Little Devil A 3:1-lid. Q- - siki f' S5115 .L ,, A-,, , .M ,,L. .M fk- .L-- , .kh,, 1 S, ...:. ,,.M .L,,h R ,..,:,, lgzfg-J. w-wwf -f f -lwiifw,.f-Q--mefsfk,-f.f1 s-.wef,,- ' f1'e'51:f i,,k. A. ff-91351: pg:xfL.f 1 --952:15 . , ., fp 553319: Qi-ilHf.e,12"?3f'? ,XTLQEEQYQQSW L95 ,fy I-if --zuf--mf-',s5:mqa:'' 1.f,ff:pUf,:, :'5l152-1,-Sk' -f-:ix --k- 1,-fall' ff-Lag' iff kff4!4lfff7'5ii'lUg5fJ 35555 T14-I! Q -s:wsw.gwg31gs1:2z v5K?QXL,--,rww-FRS' V -:ff -Yr!-f , f,.-, ,gyda au? ,go Roberta Elliott Greg Friddle Candy Ervest Gary Mullica Joy Forberg Leon Gollersrud Dorothy Warrc Lyle Haatoia Merikay Hall Michael Hillis Charlene Handschy Harvey Johnson Wendy Hyrkas Tom Kandoll Carolyn Helvey Fred Koontz Charlotte L'Hommedieu Gilbert Koski v Danny Anderson Charlotte Anderson Raymond Butler Cathy Biornsgaard Kenneth Elliott Trudy Blain Phillip EIlLott Susan Bighill Edgar Emerson June Cubbison Evert Ehrlund Nancy Deborcl Brian Elliott Virginia Demick Keith Fauver , ,L if . I . 34 i Amelia Lomsdalen Douglas Long Nancy Mercer Myron Metcalf Delores Nicholson Mickey Mercer Wanda Page Charles Offerson Nancy Penrilla Gary Raemhild Deanna Quisenberry Russel Smalley Linda Reid EVGYT Smith Sandra Tischer as-sf ri 'Win 1- , r 1 X, 4 5 1' K J f x ,Q 41a pq - A ffl JN-ff I 3' 'tr Darrell Sorenson Linda Torppc Tim Tienhaara Nancy Wirkkalc Mike Verdon Joan Grabenhorsf Louis Wirkkala Bonnie Wendelin James Wirkkcla Mary Zaleski ,Q '57 y I if L- , Kenny Goodell in la! ALL SET? HIGH SOCIETY SOCIALITESI FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Gary Raemhild . . . .L .... President Evart Smith ...... .. Vice President Joy Forberg ....... ..... S ecretary Charlotte Anderson .......,..... Treasurer Charlotte L'Hommedieu . Student Council Rep. Don Anderson ,............. Sgt.-at-Arms Mrs. Smith . .. V. . . Advisor Mrs. Cowan .. . .. Advisor WHAT LUCK!! Q TASTE GOOD??lI COME NOW!! g fiiugsv 1 L, . , . fem s-5-w1:f.' -, .,r, Q:w,,x -. ,,,.,.fdY ... ' S2'I5?f'?f,.3 , , ,K- i vx f'f11Mg55w.nff , I .W wg 7-.'. , .iw . am- '-aQa:,.m-v- , 1 , ii 's'Vxs'C1" ff l5.:4,.",-hav 'fiiffsi-s15z"" ' .S',:s:1f', A ,hyw Wiibaw -f f ' ' 'fliiiiififf ,wkxglqfi fe, 'vw - W , ' -swf ol Hlvkkitf. -S,-ek, .,f. 1 ' 2 7 L 1 OUR PRESIDENT SPEAKS To the students of Naselle High School I extend appreciation for bestowing upon me the honor of serving as President of the Student Body. I have profited greatly from the experience, and hope that the Student Body has in some small way benefited from my administration. I graduate from N.H.S. with mixed emotions. My eagerness to explore the world I am about to enter is in conflict with my reluctance to part with the many good friends of my boyhood days. Thank you, faculty, for guiding the Student Body and me along the road toward adulthood. Best wishes to next year's Student Body! ELWIN WIRKKALA A.S.B. President A.S.B. OFFICERS Joan Wirkkala . Marilyn Wirkkala John Gorley . .. Eva Raistakka .. Elwin Wirkkala . Sandi Waranka . Diane Wirkkala m1 me -4 3 . .... Sgt.-at-Arms Treasurer . Jr. Auditor . . . President . . . Secretary . . .. Historian STUDENT COUNCIL Standing: Judi A., Elwin W., Sandi W., Ralph K., Diane W., Ron F., Marilyn W., John G., Charlotte L., Edwin W., Dianne H., John W., Mr. Sienko. Seated: Phyllis J., Arline B., Nora Lee Sorenson, Eva R., Pat O., Joan W., Darlene W., Loretta K., Nancy W. 38 Vice President f to Standing: Mrs. Hillis, advisor, Mike Hillis, Ron Forberg, Don Alves, Nancy Penttila Edwin Wirkkala. Seated: Marilyn Wirkkala, Elwin Wirkkala, Sue Bighill, Nancy Wirkkala. OFFICERS Nancy Wirkkala ...... Student Council Rep. Don Alves .............. .. Vice President Edwin Wirkala . . . ........ President Nancy Penttila . . .. Secretary-Treasurer The Naselle students interested in debate and speech organized the Forensic Club. The group plans to compete next year in the Southern Division of the Southwest Washing- ton Forensic League. LLI 40 vi .- .. o 5 LL! ii .E v- .I rv .- .- 0 I U .C U 4 .Q E U E 1 O 1 P- n. U E Z I0 93 2 8 mi Ps .C .- U U A P- .c .- O i. O D O o c C U an D 3 o 1 'u .2 .C n- Q o .- U iv .. 5 l E' Judi A., JoAnn C,, Mr. Darlene W., ne in the Music do HCS khe OI' W F19 r the fi to Belz Congratulations to Mr. .9 VI 3 E an .C 4- 'U C U .N an cn L '4- o 0- L O '4- '4- an 'U an bin IT1 of the co : :a ID iD S- o ID 42 4: C an E 'O- L o a. KD Q xtet all Se Brass nd, and Ba ys' Glee Clubs, Bo and Girls' Choir, ts, the en stud Belz has Mr. of e top-quality training Th st. Te f con CI "Superior" ratings eceived I' re Student Body. enti the of F1 atio admir and titude TG Q the him rned SCI X N-1 GJ D CD 4- V7 .J 'E 5 U D mi c C ff :- .. 0 E .I '5 D 1 3 E E LLI LL E O m ui .c 2- U ai 12 W 2.2 M Nancy P mmy T., T W: Ro Fourth E. Kenny I E. Roberto Charlotte A., ette S., I L . D 4- LD 7 BOYS CHORUS First Row: Timmy T., Russell S., Kenny E., John T., Jimmy W. Second Row: David S., Gary E., Noel B., Gary A., Gary R., Bill L., Mike B. Third Row: John W., Dan H., Allan N., John G., Evart S., Myron M., Mike V., John O. Fourth Row: Mike H., David L., Paul P., Gary P., Ron F., Jon P., Don A., Edwin W. GlRLS'CHORUS 4 es ra y fir gas 5, Qi A I " ' - x-by H in VV 1 V, l- q ,L V..V ,L I . A t , ' A . V I . ,V 5 A ,.. ,V ev ,Z ,. ,,:,, v 1 f V . . . l A .1 .. First Row: Jeannine L., Susie B., Joan G., Eleanor J., Mary Jo N., Gail P., Pai O., Donna D., Amelia L., Marcia A., Gail S. Second Row: Mary Ann B., Rose C., Deanna Q., Loretta K., Phyllis J., Nancy M., Nancy P., Judi A., Darlene W., Joan W., June C., Merikay H. Third Row: Charlotte L., Arline B., Trudy S., Carol S., Dorothy W., Carolyn H., Charlofte A., Joy F., Kay K., Delores N., Candy E., Cathy B., Wendy H., Roberfla E, Fourth Row: JoAnn C., Cheryl G., Carolyn W., Jan W., Shirley O., Virginia D., Barbara C., Cheri V., Nora Lee S., Judi L., Starrletie S., Marilyn W., Beverly R., Dianne H. BRASS SEXTET Standing: Gary Anderson, Don Alves. Seated: Edw Steve Ullakko, Elwin Wirkkala. in Wirkkala, Ron Forberg, BAND OFFICERS Standing: David Sotka, Treasurer: Ron Forberg, Student Council Rep.: Don Alves Noel Bergquist, Managers. Seated: Jan Wirkkala, Secretary: Gary Anderson, Vice President, Steve Ullakko, President. GARY ANDERSON ' Cornet Solo l Contest Rating ll- GIRLS' NONETTE Top to bottom: Marilyn Wirkkala, Nora Lee Sorenson, Judi Lanning, Shirley Olson, Mary Ann Bakkila, Starrlette Smith, Dar- lene Warra, Judi Anderson, Pat O'Con- nor, Joy Forberg. DON ALVES Cornet Solo Contest Rating I- RON FORBERG Vocal Solo Contest Rating I 43 Ron, Judi and Pat PHOTOGRAPHER ANNUAL EDITOR Judi Anderson 44 STAFF ASSISTANT EDITOR Pat O'Connor EDITOR SPEAKS As the year draws to a close, we look back with pleasure upon the events that have filled our cup of memories to overflowing. We have attempted to capture the best and most outstanding of these memories between the covers of the 1962 NA-Hl-AN. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have an advisor as capable as Mrs. Smith to help us over the rough spots, and we cannot adequately express our thanks to our photographer, Mr. John Snyder and his wife, whose patience and cooperation with the annual staff were truly astonishing and always appreciated. We hope that we have succeeded in ou. endeavor to present a good annual to you, the students of Naselle High School. With the sincere wish that each of you will find among these pages something special--something you will remember for a long, long time--we give you the 1962 NA-Hl-AN. QL12 EVA RAISTAKKA-BUSINESS MANAGER lAbsentl THE CCMET STAFF EJ' ew l Standing: Edwin W., Kathy W., Mary Ann B., Sandi W., Darlene W., Marilyn W., JoAnn C., Ruth T., Mike H., Judi A. Seated: Starrlette S., Diane W., Jean K., Charlene H., Elwin W. MRS. EDITH SMITH Advisor Comet and Annual A change which proved successful was tried this year in editing the Comet. During the course of the year the responsibility fell on one of the following persons at some time or another for one or more editions. Elwin Wirkkala Starrlette Smith Ruth Torppa The Junior Class Diane Wirkkala and Sandi Waranka QE 51.1 -Q2 ::.'2 ao IDC uivi Qi QI 0. SE wi: iz cha, OI -E . 80 -82 Do ,CL LY. .A Qs JE' c-6 -212 U42 .'2 , '-E ui . 72 2: U- 5-3 :I ga 2.15 co w.n 53 .X ca. Q-Z og '63 C11 52 -Co LU.: Zi 315 '58, Em --c Wa :di Z! o 1..- 4-'5 W.- .':: Ll-Ll-I Ervest, cholson, K. Koski, C. Sefala, G. Strange, J. Larson, M. Ni en, C. On nhorst, A. Kilp be Row: B. Raemhild, C. Gra Second arra, ,D.W ffers, C. Anderson Je Cubb son, S. J. Torppa, nber ry, L. , D. Quise kas holson, W. Hyr alley, D. Nic Sm T. Blain, T. aranka, erson, S. W nd JA Johnston, E. ll, S. Olson, gh lace, A. Bi Wa Howell, C. S. W: Ro rd rkkala, Th .Wi J B. Wendeline, nl Rosenberg, K. Wirkkala, bbison, P. Cu ndschy, R. Ha ndy, C. kk la, C. Ha Ba M. nshow Cre Raisfakka, J la, E. ka Wirk d S Il Zalesk nfilla, M. Pe ll, N. gh nhorsf, S. Bi be Gro J C. Verdon, N. Mercer, h Roan Id. Fourt Re L. Forberg, Johnson, J. C. O V7 C 4D .. O LD Z Q5 O I L5 .E Z E U7 ui D3 .E C C U .J -4 E C .AL -K .: E To 'D '59 KD 54.0 .-o TC -55 .K 3. Est 3 2 5.3 --If D.- D. D-B .. ,Sw Q55 .E 353 OE I -S mer x"' O . Uu Q5 . U ..-'C B' '03 C O . san OFFICERS ent ...Presid cil dw .E C C o -J L5 :- '5 .- C cu TQ e Pres rly Raemhild 0 D 0 CD ...Sec refa ry y Olson... rle Sh fl ...Treasurer Wirkkala.. Kathy kkala, Wir enhaara, J. h ld, T. Ti l'T1 Rae en, G. On scher, G. Lindroth, J. Kilp .Ti Dilley, J enson, J. erson, J. Elliott, D. Sor nd ,D.A If ga, K. sing TG Haa Row: P. Elliott, L. First iott, G. Ervest, G. Nokao, E. Wirkkala, rlund, H. E Eh E. I, oodel Larson, E. Blain, T. Kandoll, R. Elliott, K. G on, T. TS Row: G. Pea cond iddle. Se Fr bi, G. Ho H. G. Koski, Berquist, J. erson, N. nd alley, G. A Sm R. lf Iis, A. Niem Hil Mercer, T. Larson, M. w: M. Ro etcalf, F. Koontz, D. Long. Third Wirkkala, A. Belz, M. M kko, E. Ulla ui I CO ul on. Fourth Row: C. Otterson, G. M kkala, E. Engels Wir erson, B. Laycock, L. Em attick, T. Handy, E. Smith, E. Ch tens, M. r, P. Ga he Tisc rg, G. Forbe v. R. 0 T. o CJ R. Butler, Humphrey, rlain, D. be Cham Cox, D. Alves, R. ndros, R. nen, P. Pentilla, D. Li ke .Pa erson, J Em iddle, J Fr H. Johnson, G. Huesmcn, L. Wiss, S. Koski, S. T: l, Vice President, John Olson, Presiden il gh Bi ke ,Mi Sotka, Secretory ski, Treasurer, David Ko ouch, Advisor, Ralph Cr I. d:M Sea te ala. kk Wir uver, G. Fa rdon, K. M. Ve presentative. Re Council rkkala, Student Wi hn s, Jo fm A GY la, Sgt. ka Russell Wirk Left Front: Gary A., Mike B., David S., Charles O., Eddie B., Gary N., Tracy L., Roy C., Jon P., Eddie W., Gary W., Jim E., Robert C., Paul P., Gary P., David L., Gary E., Gary T., Harold H., Jerry K., John T., Louis W., Tim T., John O., John W., Allan N., Henry E., Terry L., Elwin W., Ralph,K., Ron For- berg. LETTERMEN'S BANQUET President Ed Wirkkala Vice President Jim Emerson Secretary, Jerry Kilponen Treasurer Harold Hobi Student Council Rep. Ralph Koski PEPCLUB 'Q .wa ,453 A Ng? mf -uri -sf M . 3 as ...Q-V W 7 ...W -if : M First Row. Barbara S., Sandi W., Mrs. Johnson, Advisor, Joy F., Marilyn W. Second Row: Eleanor J., Nancy E., Pat O., Diane W., Diane H., Trudy S. Third Row: Virginia D., Susie B., Nancy P., Rosalie H., Jan W., Phyllis J. Fourth Row: Wendy H., Nancy M., Gail S., Joan W., Barbara C., Arline B. Fifth Row: Joan G., Bonnie W,, Jeannine L., Mary Jo N., Marcia A., Carol S. Sixth Row: Cathy B., Dorothy W., Shirley O., Starrlette S., Anita K., Sadie R. Seventh Row: Candy E., Dolores N., JoAnn C., Donna D. Last Row: Cheri V., Roberta E, Charlotte A., Judi A., Ruth T., Loretta K., Mary Z., Merilcay H., Charlotte L., Shiela H., Linda T. OFFlCERS Ruth Torppa ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,..,...,...... Vice President Starrletfe Smith ...... ........ P resident Barbara Simukka ....... ................... S ecretciry Arline Bighill ........... ...................... T reasurer Phyllis Johnson ......., ...... S tudent Council Rep. Mrs. Johnson ....... ........................ A dvisor 49 HONOR SOCIETY Standing: Gary Anderson, David Sotka, Gary Ervest, John Olson, Don Alves, John Wirkkala, Ed Wirkkala, Anita Kilponen, Dan Humphrey Marilyn Wirkkala, Gary Wirkkala, Jan Wirkkala, Ron Forberg, Kathy Wirkkala, Mary Kandoll, Shirley Olson, Jean Kandoll, Carol Setala Ralph Koski, Trudy Smalley, Starrlette Smith, Mr. Pierson, Judi Anderson, Darlene Warra. Seated: Gail Pakeney, Phyllis Johnson, Gail Strange, Jeannine Larson, Kay Koski, Arline Bighill, Dianne Hedlund, Beverly Raemhild, Sadie Raistakka, Pat O'Connor. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY g 54 f X R s 'f S L Gary Wirkkala Gail Pakenen . Sadie Raistakka Gary Anderson Eddie Wirkkala Mr. Pierson .. OFFICERS . . .... ..... P resident .. . Vice President . .. . . . Secretary Treasurer .. . Student Council Rep. Advisor FEBRUARY GIRL OF THE MONTH MARCH GIRL OF THE MONTH Necfness Poise Nora Lee Sorenson Dione Wirkkola x Ia! Ilia 'Q gs f MAY GIRL OF THE MONTH -5 Studious-Consideration Jean Kcndoll GIRL OF THE YEAR Diane Wirkkolc E SEPTEMBER GIRL OF THE MONTH OCTOBER GIRL OF THE MONTH NOVEMBER GIRL OF THE MONTH Friendliness Dependclbility Courtesy Charlotte Anderson Anita Kilponen Phyllis Johnson 5' Front Row: Judi A., Susie B., Anita K., Barbara S., Nancy W., Trudy S., Delores N., Carolyn H., Nancy D. Second Row: Sandy H., Donna D., Sandra T., Pat O., Nancy E., Gail P., Merikay H., Phyllis J., Sylvia J., Joan W., Charlotte A., Bonnie W., Jan W. Third Row: Beverly R., Gail S., Jeannine L., Loretta K., Mary Jo N., Kay K., Candy E., Roberta E., Cathy B., Wendy H., Deanna Q., Linda T., Sadie R. Fourth Row: Carol S., Cheri V., Arline B., Eya R., Eleanor J., Nancy M., Mary Ann B., Charlene H., Dianne H., Kathy W., Dorothy W., Joy F. Fifth Row: Cheryl G., Shiela H., JoAnn C., Shirley O., Joan G., Nancy P., Diane W., Rosalie H., Ruth T., Virginia D., Marilyn W., Judi L., Starrlette S., Nora Lee S., Darlene W., Charlotte L. F.H.A. Q 5 OFFICERS Nancy Ehrluncl ............ Vice President Darlene Warra . . . . . . Student Council Rep, Mrs. Cowan .... ........... A dvisor Judi Anderson . .. . President Phyllis Johnson . . . Secretary Cheri Verdon . . . . Historian Gail Pakenen . . . . Treasurer s-.W 42 Q5 NEW o of if , F12 D . 2 E Q 'la 6Z lgx08 xo? O YXO HI-Fl 0 5K003lQGs6 gp HI-Fl CLUB OFFICERS Ron Forberg ..................,.,,..............,.,. President Par OLConnor ....... ............. V ice President Judi Anderson ........ Loretta Koski ........ gr rod YOQ 1 ad PSN Q awog. 0 Owffxsaxe . fx " fr O'Ox' os- . Q- wax YA! O, 1-Of' Q. 0 OK' Kooow C L U B .500 S O O01 'YV 66 dsfxsol' P06 Px ' . gem" gow! I X0 ...,,,Secretory Treasurer ......S1udenf Council Rep. r. 546 -vi , , mf , My ?f.., ... 1 Front Row. Jan W., .loan G., Nancy P., Gail P., Sadie R., Trudy S. Second Row: Amelia L., Marilyn W., Susie B., Nancy E., Mary Jo N Shirley O., Beverly R., Charlotte L., Gail S. Third Row: Judi A., Cheri V., Nancy M., Ruth T., Carol S., Linda T., JoAnn C., Dianne H Eleanor J., Nancy W., Kathy W., Sandy H., Mrs. Hillis. VICE PRESIDENT Trudy Smalley STUDENT COUNCIL REP. Dianne Hedlund G.A.A PRESIDENT Gail Pakenen SECRETARY Jan Wirkkala TREASURER Gail Strange H , , S 1 'EY sf ,-,- :+- WQ 31: 2' if Sep" 355,9- , ' ff-52 4 S413-L-' L 1 J.-hi-?'Vf1:i1yg f ' jf-gljv .QQ yy... f,,. A .M ,, ,,h, w+y2f:gQyTffa--,g ,-7:,fy,- A A , 533- M"'k K ' 2-:J:f:,: ,gl if-V ' if? FOGTBALL First Row: D. Lindros, J. Emerson, A. Niemi, J. Kilponen, M. Bighill, H. Hobi, J. Wirkkala, T. Larson, G. Nakao T Larson G Mullrca S. Koski. Second Row: L. Haataia, G. Raemhild, G. Tischer, J. Olson, R. Koski, J. Gorley, R. Cox, P. Pentilla R Chamberlain G Pearson, H. Elliott, C. Otterson, J. Pakenen, D. Sotka, D. Sorenson. Third Row: Mr. Snaza, T. Tienhaara, E. Ehrlund R Smalley G Friddle, N. Berquist, H. Johnson, F. Koontz, M. Mercer, M. Chattick, E. Blain, G. Ervesf, E. Smith, P. Elliott, D Anderson B Elli tt Mr. Gregory. J . J L A , Af. MANAGERS Stan Koski-David Lindros Naselle . . .12 Onalaska . Naselle ...l4 Cathlamef . Naselle... ...l3 llwaco Naselle. .. .. O South Bend Naselle . . .26 Moclips . .. Naselle. .. . . .14 Ocosta .. Naselle... ...'l2 Valley .. Naselle. .. .... 7 Morton ... "Naselle ........ lo Cafhlamet . COACHES 'Annual Trophy Game Richard lDickl Gregory-Gordon lBudl Snaza GARY NAKAO All Conference Halfback JIM EMERSON Honorable Mention - All Conference JOHN WIRKKALA Captain All Conference Second Team Fullback TRACY LARSON RALPH KOSKI TERRY LARSON Honorable Mention All Conference JOHN OLSON HENRY ELLIOTT GARY TISCHER TQUCHDOWN J I J J Z. 5 QROWNED HOMECOMING Football Captain-John Wirkkolo ' lf Escort-Gary Tischer Queen-Phyllis Johnson HOMECCMING COURT Q t vs 5" X 'o L , 5 . f '.y , . 5 . 'X ,, . " I 33 ,.. l l ' J . 4 qi' 5 g on Qf L J 1 f 14' H ioo gg A . J J :ef ln Q .J 35' Queen Phyllis Johnson Barbara Simukko Gail Pokenen Beverly Raemhild Gary Tischer John Olson John Gorley Jon Pakenen .. F41 Standing: Tim Tienhaora, Gary Raemhild, Allan Niemi, Evarf Smith, Paul Penfilla, Harvey Gregory. Kneeling: Edgar Emerson, Everr Ehrlund, Eddie Bloin. Johnson, Myron Metcalf, Gary brvesr, ivu. PACIFIC COUNTY LEAGUE SCORES South Bend 37 Naselle 47 Valley 60 Noselle 41 Ocosfa 56 Noselle 39 y Cafhlomef 43 Naselle 51 Ilwaco 49 Naselle 42 Valley 63 Ncxselle 53 Ocosfa 47 Naselle 59 South Bend 60 Naselle 52 Cafhlclmef 39 Naselle 56 llwaco 57 Naselle 39 MANAGERS B A S K E John Tischer and Louis Wirkkala DAVID SOTKA RON FORBERG ROBERT COX RALPH KOSKI JOHN GORLEY 5 E W 2 5 l 4' UN gpg W Wx Mil E 4' 9 Mlm an David Sotka, Roy Chamberlain, Ralph Koski, John Goriey, Ron Forberg, Mr. Polillo, Jim Emerson, Robert Cox, Gary Wirkkala, Jon Pakenen, Jerry Kilponen. S.W.W. CLASS "B" TOURNAMENT SCORES Tenino 62 Naselle 60 Boisfforf 63 Naselle 64 Napavine 42 Naselle 62 Mossyrock ST Nasefle 45 - I'BALI, Q Richard Duck Gregory and Paul Polillo JON PAKENEN GARY WIRKKALA JIM EMERSON JERRY KILPONEN ROY CHAMBERLAIN if wwf C HIGH SCHOOL TRACK RECORDS High Hurdles 21.4 Ralph Koski 1961 100 Yd. Dash 10.85 Eddie Blain 1962 880 Yd. Dash 2114.5 Bob Lanning 1961 440 Yd. Dash 54.1 Roberf Cox 1962 Low Hurdles 23.7 Charles OT1'erson 1962 220 Yd. Dash 23.4 Eddie Blain 1962 Mile Run 4:56.7 Ron Forberg 1962 Shof Puf 38' 11" Paul Bjornsgard 1961 Discus 121'8" Paul Penfiila 1962 Broad Jump 19' 2112" Gary Nakao 1962 High Jump 5'7" Jim Emerson 1962 Pole Vaulf 8' 3" Allan Niemi 1961 880 Relay 1:44.45 Nakao, Cox, Gorley, Blain 1962 Mile Relay 3155.7 Gorley, Forberg, Koski, Cox 1962 Front Row: Robert C., Gary A., Gary T., Allan N. Second Row: Charles O., Jim Emerson, Harold H., Don A,, Gary R., Tim T., Raymond B. Third Row: Ralph K., Gary N., Gary E., Eddie B., Evert E., Edgar E., Fred K., Dan A. Gary Nakao, Eddie Blain, Fred Koontz Charles Otterson, Don Alves, Gary Raemhild I h K k Rap osi T" Ds. Jim Emerson Harold Hobi, Ron Forberg, Gary Tischer, Paul Penttila Dan Anderson FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS Gail Pakenen, Darlene Wcrrcl, Judi Lcmning, Cheryl Grcbenhorsr, Beverly Roemhild MAJORETTE JoAnn Crenshaw BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Judi Lonning, Darlene Worrc, Gcil Pukenen, Beverly Roemhild, Cheryl Grobenhorst we ,413-, W ww? 'iii-45 ix, 1 rm in 'Eng X ,ff... Q, Q,- Mk 33 I . ,:fz'. . EE? f mal an N., Q f -L, W - ,gui .-',. h -QW. A siiixfl gswzgfv f-fQQ1Jf1fi -QQ . . ,M 91 LK 1' "'l'L: M- f u. x, Q ,. Y 4 0: R E x ,J S isis , :iff 4 A ffnl A S f' 72' "w-f-M. w s , 4'tKfl23xi""':'nk ul X' M 23 -if SWL ob N.-f 3"r'J51 Y-'M M E 5 f-..,f xv WT f -I' if ri 1 5 Y -Q .Q .fum F! fn ,Ag ,,,,.....a1?""fEfifas ,r :qw 93' L flf A W M, 1 4? Y , 5. gi W - EW E mi? S1 Tfgifififgfgz, 1 in . -LQ fff A Einar 7 ,Aj M f K-jlhzig. L'H'.5.'1'x H Q' .I"'Jff5f4,g S,kkf,E3:5::k-fksfliffif HisY'J-I-,LQms.?QLi3Jfjff vii 1i3Q5,I'f,.g,ygg-i- ' Jjizffh' JL M qw if , Lffaag W Q,m5Sav5m2zQfsf- 1 A-Qssw-Sie-QQHMV,www:-, -V ,. '- -ew--V3 255972--: if fm fffwreifwszawiffgsifwfeelszf 52 W . Fw 5 , fLf1i5:w www- 7 ' ILL 'H' -Sf, 1 !iLf?13: W? i"5'fi'?f:4f 'gifi "5ZJ'1',- swf., .,gvmf,s?B' A ' 'iliwix f9is3x"fH,vi?5':2?g5 '4'-5:5i:i'i'VSf5 fgiiflf: 'Ti -www., . in T . ,M -Q z -' X , Wim X . Q L HUNTER'S INN NASELLE, WASHINGTON MERLE AND JACK'S O'CONNORS INN NASELLE, WASHINGTON I G R Q V w Since I927 9 F M 4' KoRTEN's IIE ... Qi' "Music BRINGS HAPPINESS 31 I 1 E ything in fine music - appi rad TV Sf L ngview, Was GROSS SUPER MARKET Cafhlamef, Washington hingfon HA 5 3400 I1 MEATSLF5 ,X 7 . I famed! p'L6664 jhf X' APPELO'S SHOPPING CENTER NASELLE, WASHINGTON LESTER PETERSON "BUILDING CONTRACTOR" Phone HU 7-2432 Naselle, Washington getlez Walaec , , GooDFELLow's G' 'he A sooo DRUG STORE TOGGERY since192.s Famous Brands for Men and Women Cathlamet, Washington Cathlamet, Washington MYLETT'S DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of Ygure m0I1.ey GRAYS RIVER Q92 X Grays River, Washington X! 4.f so I in Ahead! LOGGING COMPANY Cathlamet, Washington DOUMIT'S SHOPPING CENTER NASSA POINT Phone SW 5-3511 Cathlamet, Washington Cathlamet, Washington HUNTER'S INN 5 ATTRACTIVE 5 COMFORTABLE APARTMENTS MOTEL UNITS M 0 T E L Jim and Lillian Kelly HUnter 7-2412 SCHNEIDER BROS. 'Asfsr WlSHES" HARDWARE COMPANY MELWN COMES Sporting Goods - Paints - Tools WAHKIAKUM Household Furnishings Phone HAmilton 5-4100 Longview, Washington Cathlamet, Washington L' P51 EEE ' "-- no'en ne' A A llllllll Res, T l .... . OR D ESIXXMA l.l.. WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT WAHKIAKUM COUNTY BANK A Home owned, independent bank serving Wahkiakum and Pacific Counties. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CATHLAMET, WASHINGTON ARTHUR STRAND C I' t f ompmens 0 Insurance Agency, -lnc. WEYERHAUSER CO. Tracy Moore, Jr. Longview Branch Come under the Travelers Longview, Washington Umbrella Lowest Cost Auto ln Washington Long Beach, Washington DEER RIVER MACHINERY CO. Deep River, Washington Best Wishes to the Class of '62 You are now Alumni too When - and - if - you're Passing Thru - "Be Our Guests" "SLEEPY HOLLOW MOTEL" Naselle, Washington Hlymter 7-3432 Iver and Rosie Johnson GRAYS RIVER TAVERN Where good friends and good times meet" Grays River, Washington ROSBURG STORE Dorothy Biornsgaard and Gladys Larson Rosburg, Washington AXMAKER'S GARAGF Grays River, Washington TONY'S BARBER SHOP Grays River, Washington COPELAND LUMBER Cathlamet, Washington RIVERSIDE MOTORS Longview, Washington M Y K L E B U S T S ' A tradition in Longview BERNARDfS BEAUTY COLLEGE Longview, Washington FRIEDLANDER and SONS JEWELERS I3I0 Commerce Avenue - Longview, Washington NASELLE AUTO BODY Phone HUnter 7-3371 Residence: HUnter 7-3471 Naselle, Washington NASELLE RESORT ROOMS - BOATS SPORTING GOODS Phone HUnter 7-3631 Naselle, Washington g Tim, WF GARAGE NASELLE, WASHINGTON "Hunting Supplies and Licenses" NASELLE VALLEY ELECTRIC Appliances - Heating - Plumbing "Gifts for the Home" NASELLE, WASHINGTON Phone HUnter 7-2362 LAST MINUTE A . r ppllances If fgNEws and Qxl Furniture X I mg E inthe ILWACO TRIBUNE , I :Hin mum W More Naselle News than in S' , J r, MI it 2-6942 ,ax F! any other pope J. J. Kudlacek Iljjciacno, Wash. Ilwaco, Washington White Sewing Machines Eugiander Mattresses J ROY'S MARKET ,B Groceries - Mears - Seafoods IN-I-HE Long Beach, Washington MQDD FUR TTY RUSSELLS wqllf- CAFE Long Beach, Washington SUGARMAN'S FOOD STORE Seaview, Washington Phone Mlssion 2-6371 Vaughn and Monnas CHEVRON SERVICE Long Beach, Washington ILWACO CHARTER SERVICE Ilwaco, Washington OL 's umo ' I STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA Western Operations Inc. Ilwaco, Washington Phone Mlssion 2 4201 WORTHINGTON'S FLYING A SERVICE STATION Phone Mlssion 2-6382 Seaview, Washington Congratulations, Seniors, and Best W for the Future." DR. .JOHN CAMPICHE NASELLE SAW SHOP Bar Repair -- Hardfacing -- Saw Filing Logging Supplies Power Saw Sales and Service ishes Phone HUnter 7-2361 Naselle, Washington SAFEWAY SHOPPING CENTER Astoria, Oregon ELLIOTT HOTEL Finest Sleeping Quarters Astoria, Oregon ENGLUND MARINE SUPPLY CO. Astoria, Oregon Phone FA 5-4341 Evinrude Outboard Motors Pioneer Power Saws Marine and Fishing Supplies B J O R K L U N D ' S Astoria, Oregon GREENBURG FURNITURE Fashions for the Home I442 Commercial Street - Astoria, Oregon Phone FAirfax 5-51 I I MEGLER CAFE Fine Food - Remodeled Dining Area At Megler Ferry STEINBOCK PHARMACY Drugs - Sundries - Cosmetics Corner Ilth and Commercial Astoria, Oregon ICE PALACE Meats and Meat Cutting Ilwaco, Washington LOVELL AUTO COMPANY Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac Astoria, Oregon VERN'S GROCERY Staple and Fancy Groceries Ilwaco, Washington HILDEBRAND FURNITURE Astoria, Oregon If it's good food you want .... visit R E D ' S C A F E Ilwaco, Washington ERICKSON FLORAL CO. Beautiful Corsages - Arrangements Astoria, Oregon LUGNET GROCERY Groceries - Vegetables - Lunch Meats Light Drugs Ilwaco, Washington HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP llwaco, Washington TIME SHOP Watches - Jewelry - Diamonds Ilwaco, Washington JlM'S CASH GROCERY Quality Grocery llwaco, Washington WlRKKALA'S GARAGE llwaco, Washington fig? O , 0 j i3'saQ2.,ls1Q1lJf -l-D:l.1'N I iu.A'6 ELDRED AND DOROTHY PE NTTI LA Long Beach, Washington PENINSULA BOWL More People Bowl at Peninsula Bowl than any other Bowling Alley" Long Beach, Washington P. O. Box 535 BOB and MARY BEASLEY ElDE'S CHARTER SERVICE Boat Launching llwaco, Wash. Stephen and Gertrude Eide, Prop. Telephone Ml 2-4401 ICE PALACE Meats and Meat Cutting llwaco, Washington TETZ OIL COMPANY WM. 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Elmer Ishmael TOWN and COUNTRY Home'Iy Center - Phone FA 5-2433 1241 Duane Street Astoria, Oregon PARAMOU NT DRUGS 1319 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon Hart, Schaffner 81 Marx QWL DRUG STQRE Arrow Shirts - Stetson Hats Interwoven Socks - Pendleton Shirts AS'0'i'f" Ofegon BURKES MENS STORE 1117 Commercial St. Astoria, Oregon Telephone FA 5-6661 968 Commercial St. SERVICE COLUMBIA TRAVEL BUREAU Tickets and Reservations on all Air Lines and Steamship Lines - Tours - Hotel Astoria, Oregon CLEANERS AND DYERS "We clean everything" FAirfax 5-5162 1616 Marine Drive Astoria, Oregon Knit Wear a Specialty J. J. NEWBERRY Family Shopping Store Astoria, Oregon HOFF'S MEAT MARKET Choice Steer Beet 1153 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon BAYVIEW LUMBER CO. INC. REUBEN'S SERVICE "WE DELIVER" FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY Yards at: South Bend, Cosmopolis, Hoquiam, Raymond, Washington Montesano and Elma, Washington Phone 942-2171 Cleaning - Pressing - Alterations BRY-MAR CLEANERS BRIDGES INN Free Pickup and Delivery The Best Food Around Is Served Here BRYAN AND MARIAN SAI-ME Ph I Raymond, Washington one Raymond, Washington ROY J. LORENTSON Your One Shopping Center "Custom SIaughtering" for Groceries and Meats Phone TRinity 5-6222 . South Bend, Washington South Bend, Washington PACIFIC COUNTY LUMBER WILSON OYSTER CO. I I: NIR ' V 1 ' :.- v. , K TED WILSON J, S 2300. . Phone 18 1. f Q, f e - - ss I A Raymond, Washington South Bend, Washington ' .P Bowl for Fun PACIFIC LANES South Bend, Washington COAST OYSTER COMPANY South Bend, Washington NEMAH GROCERY Lunch - Gas - Sporting Goods Nemah, Washington SOUTH BEND BAKERY Quality - Beautifully Decorated Cakes South Bend, Washington MAJORS VARIETY STORE "Store of Many Gifts" South Bend, Washington SOUTH BEND PHARMACY "The Store Dedicated to Service" Phone TRinity 5-5542 South Bend, Washington DAVIS INSURANCE South Bend, Washington SOUTH BEND FLYING A SERVICE Distributors for BLUE FLAME GAS CO. and TIDEWATER OIL Sales and Service - Phone TRinity 5-5481 South Bend, Washington BLAKELY'S CHEVRON SERVICE "Good Service" South Bend, Washington SOUTHWEST STORES "The Store of Better Buys" South Bend, Washington SOUTH BEND DAIRY DARIGOLD PRODUCTS Phone TR-5-5911 Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Ginther South Bend, Washington HARBOR REALTY COMPANY INSURANCE South Bend, Washington DR. J. R. MANLEY DENTIST Phone TR 5-5218 South Bend, Washington SOUTH BEND TRANSFER CO. Local and Long Distance Hauling General Freight from Portland, Seattle, Tacoma South Bend, Washington MAE'S UNION SERVICE South Bend, Washington Congratulations, Seniors! B L U E T O P Confectionery Groceries -- Sporting Goods - Gas South Bend, Washington KOLCZ AND PRIOR Union Oil Consignee Raymond, Washington JENSEN'S FURNITURE STORE Raymond, Washington EICHNERS INSURANCE 104 Duryea Street Raymond, Washington VETTER'S VETERINARY CLINIC 2621 Ocean Avenue Phone 942-3440 Raymond, Washington DUNSMOOR DRUG Rexall Store Raymond, Washington RAYMOND DAIRY QUEEN "Dairy Queen and Burger Bar" Raymond, Washington WESTERN AUTO COMPANY Raymond, Washington Congratulations, Seniors!! EVAN MOBIL Congratulations to the Seniors! Raymond, Washington CARL'S FLYING A SERVICE Congratulations to the Seniors! Raymond, Washington RAYMOND AUTO, INC. Ford - Mercury - Falcon Raymond, Washington LYNN'S RICHFIELD "Specialize in Tune-ups" 3rd and Blake Street Raymond, Washington The RAYMOND HEROLD "Among the best reading!" Raymond, Washington ED PEDERSON SALES AND SERVICE 429 3rd Street Raymond, Washington RHODES PAINT AND WALLPAPER "All Roads Lead to Rhodes" Raymond, Washington "Flowers for Every Occasion" RAYMOND FLOWER SHOP Raymond, Washington TOP NOTCH TAVERN Congratulations, Graduating Class!" 3rd and Ellis Street Raymond. Washington HENDERSON - PEDERSEN Insurance and Real Estate 321 Duryea Street Raymond, Washington FORD ELECTRIC SERVICE 510 Commercial Street Raymond, Washington Dependable Druggists at RAYMOND DRUGS Raymond, Washington HOFFERS UNION SERVICE Raymond, Washington Qyllmcleaning A Variety in N. If. at MEREDI11-g'5 104 STQRE X ? N9 PENINSULA CLEANERS f J , I . Raymond, Washington A I , Ilwaco, Washington If SEATTLE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Raymond and South Bend Branch Raymond, Washington gettefz 746064 , N at DOUPE BROTHERS Ilwaco, Washington YOUR TIICIIILES 9 I , QDTGT-01111: MILLER'S RADIATOR SERVICE Raymond, Washington Phone Raymond T45 ZELLERS RICHFIELD SERVICE "GOOD SERVICE" South Bend, Washington Flowers by Wire EDWARD'S FLOWER GARDENS Flowers - Shrubs - Landscaping Raymond, Washington ANTILLA - KOLCZ JEWELERS STUDIO Raymond, Washington LAVINDER'S PASTRY KITCHEN Raymond, Washington "Home of Good Pastry" "Better Values" E. F. DRACOBLY DEPARTMENT STORE Raymond, Washington BITAR'S DEPT. STORE Raymond, Washington RAYMOND BARBER SHOP "Better Haircuts" Raymond, Washington CHINA CLIPPER 'Best Chinese Food and American Dishes Raymond, Washington Repairing of Complicated Timepieces Our Specialty Shell Products Goodyear Tires WARRENS JEWELRY Sonic Sound Method FRED C. TURNER SHELL JOBBER Finest in Watches, Diamonds and Jewelry Phone 146-1 Raymond, Washington Raymond, Washington HOWARD'S SERVICE Body and Fender Work Wards Riverside Tires, Mobile Gas and Oil - 24 Hour Towing SW 5-377l Cathlamet, Washington THE LOWER COLUMBIA EAGLE Cathlamet, Washington For Fine Printing SHELL SERVICE "Congratulations to the Class of '62!" Cathlamet, Washington ALBlE'S BARBER SHOP "Better Haircuts" Cathlamet, Washington BUD CLARY CHEVROLET, INC. Impala - Belair - Biscayne Chevy II - Cdrvair - Trucks SALES and SERVICE Longview, Washington HA 3-I700' REEDS HAT SHOP Longview, Washington SEARS ROEBUCK and COMPANY "Better Buys" Longview, Washington When in the Mood for Fine Food stop at THE SPAR Cathlamet, Washington ERICKSON GLASS CO. AUTO -GLASS WINDOW GLASS Phone HAmiIton 3-7360 1426 l2th Avenue Longview, Washington PARK ISN!! S H O P we APPRECIATE OUR NASELLE CUSTOMERS The Complete Shopping Center Longview, Washington JOHN SNYDER'S GRANADA PORTRAIT STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY a SPECIALTY Any Place Any Time Phone HAmilton 5-0420 Longview, Washington LONGVIEW RESTAURANT "Friendly Service - Good Food" Longview, Washington JUVENILE SHOP Longview, Washington OLSEN'S SHOES Largest selection of Womens and Childrens Famous Brand Shoes. i322 Commerce Avenue - Longview, Washington Coast to Coast Stores HUGHES HARDWARE Cathlamet, Wash. Auto f Home - Farm - Shop WRlGHT'S FURNITURE FOR COMFORT H" FOR DURABILITY H FOR STYLE ""' Cathlamet, Washington FElRlNG'S BUILDING Supplieg 'Q' Q! xllllll FERGUSONS Cathlamet, Washington Full Course Family Dinners Banquet R-ooms Special Parties Phone HAmilton 5-0890 Longview, Washington A L E X A N D E R S SlNNET'S THRIFTWAY "Waiting to Serve You' Commerce and Douglas - Longview, Wash. Every day low prices - plenty of free parking SHOES and CLOTHING 1257 - 59 Commerce Avenue Longview, Washington TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made"

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