Naselle Grays River Valley High School - Na Hi An Yearbook (Naselle, WA)

 - Class of 1949

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Naselle Grays River Valley High School - Na Hi An Yearbook (Naselle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Dedlcahon O U O S COUWVYIUVW TLNG O OOQGX V 'J ,J 'Tl L J C FN, G QTFC and To you Hue pcopVc O e fomwun we who +V ff HU Nw an e 1 ave ame O Wu Nr we p y rr DJTC To yf U u 0 omume w a we rw Rc J T C worl O +from W VVm1.evQr wc me or over WMI bo Qdre11wQ N ,u OL! fu J Om J M ' WJ h P Q UGO wmelmocnf Cm N w oefvygu LUVf on New O ' T MII filw E' S2 3, lf MH? fm: WWI' ,CMN IQ I WL. , , wf H1 , , f'f 5, . .wuaejf y. wtf rewz I , IW ff ded We paws f 1' YQ 'xg Ive' in 3 my aayi, we WISH fo dedfccie 413 1949 edlflcn of The NQYHEFW, 'HV a 'I' l ' A V gy for ai? We wi y wgyi yd' Fave 'elnef 5 1 ' M H Jr 'of fx be soon?-gm ', ' L-V" fie. of I1 ' d f ,. , :Q . "JL 'f, - ,. e w I N , X 'rm' is. , ds m ly? fe., The ,N yr . 'W QV, 475 Nb A fb 45,0 Ago -Agb AVL f X I AX IAN QD IX db IX Ab Ab IX Ab IX f 9 N' VN Av' D "'-by t'os'l 54: 4. no 1 7 ' 5 iii' 73: :Cr 225 70: 71' 7 ' ' ' 'PO'- V 77: I :qv age 74? Y :fr P04 -z',f:2a'1.' IAN ' I CUHGY J HOLCV7 Elnq-X sh Sponxsh LUKSGL CW 5xC. H665 1- GOBERT LLJQLLEG rxc ktor X UH IYHNNXE MEOINE Y Qs I om Q ebro bra H-Ps SXPWUNSOCY rx i V7 DOPH5 CUQCNST COWHYIQ C,xaX 'QQ QEURGE BELL HUM txcs, U51 ag 0 X u ' 2-Bu: oqki MV'- l" . ,gf 5 .1 N .. . 1 G-J e, c..' Qxq x A Supa ntenden - atb. 6 if S tl NX ' u , 4 A1 1" , F f g ' s f- sg . X 6 " " X 0 Sw X N PRESlDENT'S MESSAGE To you. sfudenfs of N.H.S., l wanl' fo bring greefings from fhe enfire slu- denf council: and fhanlrs for fhe cooper- afion you've shown. lf's been our job lhis year fo rep- resenf you in all s+uden+ acfivifies. and as your represen+a+ives. fo acl on busi- ness maffers concerning fhe sfudenl' body. We've had an exfremely acfive year as a council, and hope in some small par? fo have helped fo make fhis year of '48-'49 one of your mosf mem- orable school years. Donald Holm. Siudenf Body Presidenf. 7. ,af-"" ,993 The S+uden'r Council Si'H'ing Cloclrwise: Corliss Soilca, lreasurerg Lois Torppa, secreiary. Donald Wiilala, vice-president Donald Holm, president Pa+ Raisfalclca, Senior represenfaiivez Rulh Koslri, Girls' League represenlaiiveg Belly Nel- son. iunior audilorp Gerry Palcenen. So homore represenialivez Don Rais- ialclca. Freshman represen+a+ive: and Charles Holm, Junior represenlaiive. Sfanding: Mrs. Holm, Advisor. Camera Shy: Wallace Torppa, PFA. represeniaiive. CLASS Q22 S52 S2 S242 S52 Sie. S32 S52 mv- vw mv wiv qv mv vw- mv -mf :ge 5-gi I AS -av 5 Al Q L e I X w' f xv T 7 T li Ab IX db IX Ab qs K I X iN fp? ffwffy W I Wlflaf TU E WI-lzli Ygy Film, IT 1-'Ula Fl-U55 Emp MD ?7gy,J XV I' U rf as 1 f 1 5 X cs I , e- 00 0 2' 5 M. 000 C 0 o Go: 5 5-N If W? W W W XM V5 Seniors DONALD HANSEN A curly haured fellow a eal Rrghf Guy In foofball he s rough lhough moclesl and shy Come? Sfaff 1 Lellerman 34 Annual S'1a114 DONALD HOLM The Casanova of lhe Sensor class Don s caprurecl 'rhe hear? of many a lass Lefferman 2 3 4 Come? Sraff 1 Class Presrclenl 3 Class Play 3 Jr Play 2 S B Pres 4 OpereH'a1 RUTH KOSKI Our Rufhue wrlh her haur of 'flame Is sure lo wallc 'rhe halls of fame Glee Club 1 4 Class Plays 34 Comer Ednfor 4 Comel Sraff 34 Annual Sralf 4 Class Presrdenr 4 Grrls Le que Represenlahve 4 Operelra 1 GEORGIA LEWIS For everyone she has a smxle Bur Jaclc she lhnnlcs of all The whale Glee Club 1 4 Class Play 4 Annual S1aTl4 Operella 1 GLEN MAGNUSON Gay and handsome dark and fall Excels rn sporls us lllced by all Comel' Sfaff 1 PPA 1 3 F FA Treasurer 3 Class Represenfahve 3 LeH'erman 9 34 Lellermen Club Sec Treas 3 Class Play 3 An nual Sfaff 4 SALLY SUE MANULA Sally a scholar ns really VIVGCIOUS A sweel' mannered gal slafely and graclous Band and Glee Club 1934 Opererla 1 Class Plays 34 Comel' 194 Class Represenfahve 1 Class Treas 4 Pep Club Treas 3 NonneHe 4 BEVERLY MARTIN A cure bruneHe Bevs oh so sweel' ln fellnng lolces shes hard +0 beaf Glee Club 1 Q 34 Band 34 Class Plays 34 Class Sec Q G ls League Presnclenr 4 Class Vxce Presldenl' 4 Pep Club 2 3 NonneH'e 4 Annual Slaff 4 ALLAN NILSON The Bram he s called and lhal he IS A+ Physrcs problems hes a whiz' F P A 1 3 Vrce Presuclenr F F A 3 Class Represen'ra'nve Q LeHerman 4 Vace Presrclenl' Leflermen Club 4 Class Play 3 if .QI Sfaff 3.4: Comer Edi+or'4I3 Annual Sraff 4-g'Pep Club 3: Sono Queen . . . : . : . : . : ir 1 AZA we el 1 ' I l W i . I P 2 6 I , ,, , .1 2 'I r 520 . -11 8 Q , VW T i sf P. Li .rf X. E 'QS -vis '67 Sensors PATRlClA RAISTAKKA ln scholasllcs she really rales Bul lls a sanlor she awanls Band and Glee Club T 934 Operella l Cla s Plays 34 Comel Slall l Q34 Comel Ed lor 3 Edrlor Na l-ln An 4 Pep Club Q3 Class Treas 2 Pep Club Treas Q Class Represenlalrve 4 DAR Represenlalrve 4 Nonnelle 4 LEG SAARI l-hs smlle and hs dnmples are gurle sensalzonal A loolball hero chosen snsprralronal Class Trea ure: l P FA l 3 Band l 2 P FA Secrelary 3 Lellerman 34 Lellerman Sec T eas 4 Class Play 3 Annual Slall 4 PEGGY SILVQLA Blonde blue eyed and small ol slze She s lhe sweelhearl ol s x olher guys B nd nd Gee Club TQ34 Ope ella I Class Plays 34 Comel Slall l Q 4 Assl Ed Na l-lr An 4 Yell Leader 2 3 4 Class Secrelary 4 Grrls League Sec e ary 4 Nonnelle Accompannsl 4 FORLISS SOTKA Corlu s lhe lass wllh lhe lrolrclrung aur The llnlclxng gay laughler and red golden harr Class Play 4 Annual Slall 34 Comel Slall l Q 3 4 Class Secrelary l Sludenl Body Treus 34 Glee Club l Band l Operella l NQPMAN SQIKA r-rlehdly wno o y 1 good nalured lad Wrlh Norman around lrle Couldnl be sad l LOIb TOPPPA A Conn y oowde a s g a wml She s always lhere lo do her bl B nd l '73 Ca s P ys34 Co'nel l2dlor3 ComelSlalT l Q34 An ress o Toas 3 Cla Vee Pres oenl 9 Slu enl Body Secrelary 4 CCRHNTNE YORK Always happy n ce as can be e l b a June Bride wall an Class PI 34 Glee Club 4 Band and Glee Club Secrelary 4 An Pual Sl l 4 Qperella l DONALD WIITALA Tall nd handsome really neal l-le a swers lo lhe name ol Wheel Lellerm n l Q 3 4 Vnce Presndenl Lellermen Club 3 P FA l 3 An nuil Slall 4 1 A Q5 C A 5 .. mfr - - o A 01? LD -.' Us P i . . fs E -, 7 - P - - C' C11 34'I T. . 1 l ' -'X4 A 4 ro - n ' .. I LQ 4 -. uv , , , - ..- f s A H ' -- M Y - " Zu, DP I l l ' -- N h L 3 . - 4. .. we - jf - 3 1 s' L M, C . r ,pm CD Q, ' . i I . . '- - rs rn -- - l . - - 1, ol Q - rn - ' P - f 4+ Af- . ' .. - of ' nf , . I L. -. rn -. . . T in " 33 3 .. . ' I - ' -- I ' 1 .. 4, ' I m N A ---' A A- - A 4, Ta' o A ' s - - - X, 4 5 I D' DT . A, ' T' A-, i x X , s 4 0 1- 9, 3 A -1 . . CD 4' - -, . A 'U K N A , . nl . -' 3 Z4 . X4 " " . s .. -. I -. ' , -. 1 ,.. lv Y 3' ' . - T' i - , 'ln . H 5 . - - . " as T . -P -- - '- -1- -. , 0 -. . -. " ' -- , "' 5 -' . -, OJ 4. -A I , I 3 I - . 4 . - , A v - , - -. .. ou 4, 0 ' . l CL O U' 3 , CD -- CD . ' ' D . .- . YP . . -r-. . . . . ,. . School Day Memorues SepTember 1945 Dear Duary There we were a weurd group oT ex grade school chuldren 26 un number enTerung The place where we were doomed To spend a large parT oT The nexT Tour years oT our luves We suTTered our TursT enTanglemenT wuTh The mughTy senuors whose posuTuon we so envued aT unuTuaTuon and duscovered They were human aTTer all un TacT we honored Them aT a reTurn parTy a monTh laTer ElecTed class oTTucers Too Pres Dede V Pres Shurley B Sec Corluss Treas Leo and Rep Sally By sprung we had learned The ropes oT goung To hugh chool and were we proud' SepTember 1946-Dear Duary Baclc agaun now as more experuenced Sophornores OTTucers Thus year were Theodore Lous Bev PaT and Allan The year was saddened by The passung away OT our Shurley Bauley Class dwundled un suze Too when cupud shoT some OT our gurls The year was Taurly unevenTTul Soph T-lop noT Too successTul P S Our mughTy class made uTselT known To The resT oT The school by Talcung lsT un unTerclass SepTember 1947 Dear Duary Ah The dream oT Freshmen To be upper classmen l.osT more gurls and one boy To cupud Thus us The mar ryungeTclass' OTTucers were Don l-lolm Carol RuTh Lous and Glen Duscovered berng Junuors wasnT all play and had a very busy year Pre senTed Jump ng Jewels our class play and laTer a very su cessTul Junuor Prom Funushed oT our many acTuvuTues by honorung The Senuors wuTh a banqueT aT The Raymond CounTry Club SepTember 1948 Dear Duary l-lere we are Seruuors We made uT 16 sTrong We hude our uoy OT comung baclc behund our dugnuTued muen OTTucers Tor our lasT year were RuTh Bev Peggy Sally and PaT Thus year was Tull oT acTuvuTues lnuT:aTuon our comedy huT Jessuca s Journey worlcung on The annual The Senuor Ball mosT successTul and The Jr Sr BanqueT Th s Tume we were The honored guesTsT A Tew more oT The usual class aTTaurs and The year had Tlown by gone unTo The pasT buT leavung many happy memorues June 1949 Thus us uT dear duary The lasT oT our hugh school days BaccalaureaTe has passed and weve marched up The ausle To receuve our duplomas on The eve oT GraduaTuon wuTh some sadness and yeT wuTh prude WhaT wull The TuTure hold Tor The class oT 497 We can noT guess buT only hope uT wull be brughT wuTh promuse and True happuness The world us ours To conque Remember Gold us where you Tund uT and we re ouT To do our besT O u I 1 ' 1 A . - ilu 4 yu' --- . . 1 , . - .. 1. .. ' .: .. ': .. : 3 , . . ' ' : , ', , . y - . J... .I . - . ' '- l Q' ' " E , c . l - .- I 1. h .' . T s I ' I in : .l lr fu T . I Ti- I Class Prophecy lls brlghl and early In lhe slalely man ron ol Glenvale Drrve on lhe hrllsrde overlooking lhe huge rnduslrual cenler ol lhe Weslern World Na ellelngham Washrnglon Yes rghs lhe relrred mayor ol lhe pros perous melropolls lamous lor :ls mrraculous w rohl reducrng wafer well lhe days are lar dullerenl lrom lhe one l spenl here as a lad l-lonorable Mr G Magnuson has grown lal and prosperou eller lhe developmenl ol hrs bran chrld Magnusons Marvelous Mu cle Burlder l-las Honor scurrres aboul has slalely home lor lhrs ns lhe gre l day Aller an advenlurous lrlelrme Glen has row sellled baclr lo remember lhe gay days ol hrgh school and all ol hrs classmales So loday 30 years aller gradualuon day he IS hosl lo a gala class reunron al hrs Magruson Man or relreal Al lwelve noon lhe heavy gales swrng open lrumpels sound and lhe page heralds lhe enlrance ol lhe lamous 49ers Shorlhand boolr IH hand an comes Mass C S Sallca ready lo record lhrs hr lorrc class re union play by play Corlrss has been lhe raghlh nd lady lo relrred Supl Srmonson who says lhal he owes lhe phenomenal lame ol hrs Pew bool: lreeprng syslem lo her Wrlh an arr ol anlrcupalron aboul lhem lwo housewlves come drrvung lhrough lhe gales Mrs Bob Magnuson and Mrs Jaclc Moonen larnrlrar lo lheur pals as Corlry and Georgxa d uve up lo Magnuson Manor rn Bobbys lo gang lu lr lo ave expenses you The Moonen Marvel Me Arr om now so Georcua rs rn lull charge ol prnchrng pennres e Magnusons h ve a lim' o rx boys ard eafh une rs demandrng hrs own oggrng lruclc Slandung on lhe handlebars ol lherr brcyle lo malre a more speclacu lar enlrance lhe world champron Globe lrollers Donald l-lansen Leo Saarl and Norman Sollca rude lruumphanlly up lhe drive They re slrll panlrng a lrllle lrom lherr cross counlry rude sln lhey aren l as young as lhey used lo be Al lhe same lrme rn her red helrcopler n llues Mrs Sollca lhe lormer Rulh Koslru She de lrned lhe brcycle nde since she doesnl need any exercrse lo lceep rn shape Rulh has recenlly organrz ed her own leam Rulh s Rrolous Reolheacls and lhe lwo leams have had several clashes There IS some rivalry In lhe Sollra home wrlh Mama and Papa hrdung each olhers checlcerboard belore a bug game and sl rs re porled lhal lhe older sel ol red headed lw ns srde wrlh Papa Wrlh a lew slndes lwhal long legs you have' Donald Wrrlala arrrves on lhe scene Don luclrrly has conlrnued hrs growlh and rs world lamous - S I s A , ' . H s' ' ' . C . . 9.4 . , I . . s ' r ' , - ' f S ' . . . l J l ' l I , , r , g ' r c -- sf see. " - chanlcsu garage chaln is In lhe process ol spreading Inlo Calllornla and 'z .Q . J' ' ' ' f 'I ' ' ' Th F- 5 Q li. c , c f I A l 1 . 1 . X . . S g - . ' ' 1 . . . . - , . Ce , V . ' l . Class Prophecy CONTINUED lor hus all wround alhleluc abululy Aller hus lune college baskelball career ne played on a prolessuonal leam where he made lhe record ol never be ung s ored agaunsl Don slood under lhe bask l and lel lhe ball bounce oul hus head l-le saud lhal he always knew hed lnd some use lor hs head Don us now relured lo hus wheel larm Al lhe s reech ol brakes and bangung ol lhe gales eughl heads lurn o se Casanova Don Juan l-lol'n sludung oul ol hus yellow converluble heue us a bevy ol slarry eyed gurls lryung lo lear down lhe gales lor Don s lull cuuule lhe ladues man especually aller he broke all speed records al ll e lnduwn pol s Speedw y one armed ol course' Whals lhu l l-las one ol lhe gurls succeeded un clamborung over lho e so ud gold g les7 No uls Peggy Sulvola lumbeu as ever We hear she slull pracluces yells un huslory class She has been conlunuung her edu caluon you know Arler so many years ol college Pegs lound luuluon quule an expense so she marrued Allan Nulson a prolessor ol economucs Allan lunds lhal hus lob as prolessor doesn l lake rearly all hus lume so as a sudelune he conducls a publuc opunuon poll Hus l lesl poll shows lhe Re pubu ans wull wun lhe nexl presudenlual elecluon lor lhe lursl lume un 44 years l'lus pred cluons lhus lar have lauled lo malerualuze bul Allan us persuslenl Now who us lhal poundung al lhe gales7 The page slowly opens lhem lhe class hushes and a lew eyes grow sad lor un slrude Musses Pal Rauslakka Sally Manula and Lous Torppa They urragune lhemselves young and gay so lhe crowd cheers Welcome gurlues' They are slull laulhlul lo lheur s rvuce sweelheauls even lhough lhey ve been lold ol Wayne s marruage lo a Guam naluve lhal Teddy look a Japanese brude and lhal Lewus has sellled down wulh a Georgua Peach They scoll and say lhal ul us mere propaganda and lhal lhe boys are vuclums ol amnesua ln lheur ravelung as yell leaders lor lhe Globe T ollers lhey hope lo lund lhe long 'osl l-losl Magnuson us gellung a bul nervous now lor he has slaged lhe enlure allaur lor one reason lo reaguaunl humsell wulh hus lormer sweel hearl Beverly lvlarlun Surely shell come he mullers smoolhung hus day old Tonu loupe and lryung lo lake hus bell un a nolch Suddenly lhe lrumpels sound as a bug black lumousune pulls up Oul sleps lhe glamor ous ermune clad movue slar wearung her lamous engagemenl rung necklace whuch she orugunaled aller her sevenlh engagemenl Everyone rushes lorward lo greel her bul she has eyes lor Glen only Wulh a dramaluc geslure she llungs asude her many engagemenl rungs and brungs oul lhe small zurcon Glen had guven her Q9 years belore xu-C . , , . C . 9 I- . . . . . . I I . . . ul .u 1 C u , L . , . . u S u . T l , - . . ' I . . . . u . 1 S A , W c G l Cu, , . u . . . . f J. f I. - .u . . A s u o . , J , . . r u .. u, . , . , . . . . u . . l 1 . . 6 - lc . . u , u - . u .. , , . u uu . . uu . . u u - . .u . u. . u Q . V . u u . . uu . .u . . .u lu . . , . A . . 1 l' , u- uu u . u . ., . .u . . u - u u ' u , . u Class Wall We lhe Senror Class ol Naselle Hrgh School an lh s year ol our Lord n neleen hundred and lorry nrne A D do he eby so emnly declare lhus lo be our la +WILL and TESTAMENT Be remrnded rhar rl as rol a docu men lo be lalcen lrghrly oy 'rho e lorlunale enough lo be menlrored rn Hrs hallowed phrases bul should be regarded wrrh lhe urmo l respecl' md be lrealed is lhe vrlally rmporlanl paper rl rs Wrlh lhese admonrlrons we do here and row beguealh such v rlues rhar are allrrbured 'ro us lo our successo s hoprng lnal rhey wall prove worlhy ol lhem To Jrhe enhre lfaculry we leave a large box ol kleenex lo wrpe away lrh rr rears as N9 descend Jrhe lronl slreps for 'lhe lrnal rzme as a group and scaller our as rndrvrduuls rn lhe wade and wuzlr ng universe To Mrs Anlrers we wall lou: ble bod ed lanrlors lo clean up aller nerd year s Sen or play so she wrll be saved lrhe rrouble ol lolung lurnrlure our on her back and crushung her corsage To Mr Bell gallanlrly we wall our vw lenl p olesls each lame he sug gesled a U S l-luslory lel and advrse hrm lo be Immune lo lrlce prolresls nom com ng classes c1Sl'l'lSy are only a ham and lrne wasrers lo Mr Srmonson we leave lhe clunzor Class and our besl w shes 'rhal he wrll be able lo rrarn an elhcrenl ll ce force or e l ye r To Mrs l-lolm our dearly beloved sweel advisor rshes censorlng Hr s w leave all lhe pea e and qurel she never experrencd whrle we were around M Waen we le ve has pc ure rom l as years nr' a so on hafc lo oo lhrough Jrhe lorlure ol hwvung rl lalcen agarn nexl year M ss Fuersl lne Senmor boys rn Typ ng ll lusl eave bul hope lhe lype wrrlers are reparred by lhe nexlr school lerm lo Mass Kennedy we leave a supply of d sh clolhs lo pulr down lhe ann and lo Charlie a plunoer lo pull lhem baclc our To The Junuors we wrll our seals rn sludy hal rn hopes lhal lhey will lwsr anolher year To lhe Sophomore Class we leave a boolc on Elrguelle rn Srudy l-'lall Perhaps lhe gurls can read ul lo lhe boys lo lhe Freshman Class we leave The hope lhalr lhey wall manage lo gel rhrough school wrlhoul losrr-g loo many ol lherr orzgrnal number lo cuprd s arrows as we drd lCon+rnued on lasr Class page O , rc r r , I , r , . - r . ., r l S . ' r f L . , F . . . I s 1 , S ,E Q CY . . I . .V . . . .1 r C I '. , Y . -, . ., , . r 1 , , c ' G.. X Q . . ' r c I . . ' G - l s, 4 r, l . , . O F s . . S , c ,K . K . i .c ., S 1 . . , 1 r O l A fl X C . . ' . l ' ' - . I ul e r c r , , A l - r . . . , To r. QE a r l' nf h a ru l, he ,IL . . V . W .l r-'B J c c . . A , . . V : . K l , 1 I , ' . 1 L . . X I , . r K.. . or , , J . . .. . , . . ' u -. c . rr . . , . . . r . , . Jumors AT The T1rsT l1 s meehhg oT The year The Jumors numbered Q0 mem bers Joyce Joseph unable To aTTer1d because oT Illness, Toolc her work T home mosT oT The year Class oTT:cers hoser1 111 SepTember were Pres Ke1m1T Guehlcel, vuce pres Joe Long sec Laufame Anclrnhq Treas Marne KlmT and represen Ta rye, Charle T-lclm Mes FuersT was chosen lass adylsor The order Tor The ss r vos was puT lr durmg November The mg'11qhT T Th Jun or year was Thesr Prom ow December 18 The Teeme oT The name N135 Rhaoscdy VT Blue mol mus1c was Turmshe y NVa ly lVlcCrel1ar1cl s QrchesTra lhe cla s play fTxur1TC1TTy s CQT was presenlecl an The sprung The armn' Juhrcr Sehfcr Ba'1q11eT and The all school pucmc ended a yer ocT1ye year Tor The C oss o o JUNIOR I-IOROSCOPE V 9110111 Xbbot h'111r5r1 lbrmln rm L'11r11ne 111:11 I1 John PWUICI Lms 4 l1lDf1l L11 In N111 F 1e111me1 C11111es 1711 m Il"61l1C lx'111o'f me Jon Dllbwll 1 11111 X 111e 1111111 1 10 91111 1c11L 1 16 10111111 '1 rx 1 1 o 1 11511 1orQ11 Po s 1l11D S1 11111111 Tf11Dl'l 111 11 1,111 XTC Ix N X111 Nhelli 1x'1!11x P II P 11m 111116 John 1111115110 kc-1n11e Hoopx 1 TX BTITUIC sq11'1v, X11r11o B0'1r cub Be111t11'111 1110 T1 e x 1 16 '11 ' Bm xml 111 9 11 1111 I1'1xe I5IKPOQ1I'IO'N 1'e-11111 1 1e'1s1n1 f 'Vw C11 ll11.,6'1b19 Happw go luckv 1761111511 N010 11e1p1'111 I'1s11f111 Q11101 M113 S11 11159 S11 ect 0111012 NICE I11d1ffe1 9111 1 0 xtrong '-1119111 10111 N1X Pesky Fl TLRE XX uden '11 Ste11'1cum Smrnetxees 1Io11se111fe Toe I1'lll expert Foxeqtor Old NI'l.1d Qtock Club mum-r xL111et1c St'1r D1n'1h Shore 11 Secretny D mcmg tum P011 er s Niodvl Chorus f:1r1 Lmn Ifllntel ,011 Hcrder I ogger Bfirb s c1z1nc1r1g twxn NI1lk truck drwer Professoz 'XI1n1Qte1 Debafor 0 I - f- Y 1- ' I . o c J . , 'Z o S, ' - f . -' ' C I J., A ' .. I '-. ' 1 1 T -1 F I - T' .os T . . fc 1 c, 1 ' ' . M5 A . . X . , ... J . . I - 1 1- 1 - A - . . 1 31 HG 1 ' ' ' . 1 . , . T . ,T . . 5 A 1 T T S I , 1 c 1 T , . . . 1 'cl 1 - 1' , f - ' T y "7 o , 1, lex TTO. NAME .'. ' '-.'. 1 C S ., ' .' Y ' 1. L T '1 j 'Z' 1 ."1' P111 A 111 .XT1l16l'SOIl 2 9. Q . " 111' . .:',' 'z f. 11. ' f ." ' ' .' ' ' - , Z I . S A L. Ur.. ' on ' ' ' ' I ' . . ' Q 1 '. S . 1 ,' 1 ' 1 11.1 1 r' '1 . K1 ty 1. 5 ' 1 S .Sq-1 , -11313 Jijcie ' 1 " .11 -' 3 1. -.1 ' .' -1 1 ' 1 . 11-,1111:1 1.1 111021 . - ' S A 1 T . ' ..1 1 . ' Q11 .2111 X' C' 1 1 f-T11 'i1 1311215 1:1 311: Q ' . ' lYf'1"s R1 :1-11111 "1.1e F111 f fun 1 ', ,' ' ','.' .'f11l'1 ' "11i . ,' 1 ' Y ': 1 1, ' 1 ' 'z ,' .'1,' A ' '. ' ' 1 '."1 H: 1' 11d . ' .' ' ' 1 K ,f ' '- ,. rf. f N ' Q 'N . 5, 1 ,-1' - 5 t- Ax 5 'If ,ff Q KN, X Q x by 'e Q gy? Q v K, . 3. -3 5 U V il u mf-Si ' X 1,1 ii nf if Q 'iz 54 , . I Sophomores A very acfnve year for fhe class of 5l Class offlcers Presndenf Glorua Torppa Vuce presldenf Arlene Wlrk lrala Secrefary Beffy Nelson Treasurer Gerry Sllvola Represenfafnve Gerry Palcenen Advisor M Bell Fronf row Calleen Davrson Irene Waranlca Edna Sfephan Beffy Nelson Delores Van Buslcrrlr Dorofhy Svenson Arlene Wnrlclcala Marlene Wnrklcala Gerry Palcenen Second row R lph Olmsfead Ronald Bsghull Beffy Jean Talcalo Marcia fclarrrson Gerry Srlvola Faye Runnell Glorra Torppa Berfha KOSRI hleler Slmulclca Sfella Mae Johnson Ronald Hull Walfer Johnson Mr e Thlrd row Swan Person Delberf Bergulsf Wilford Bennefl' Walfer Ivanoff Eugene McFadden Paul Koonf Clyde Sprague Leonard Vaughn Freshmen The Frosh soon foolf fhe r rrghfful place rn school affarrs Class officers Presndenf Arnold Smaley Vlce presrdenf Kafhleen senfafrve Donald Rarsfalclca Advisor Mr Walen Fronf row Donna Anderson Irene Josephs Corune Nafseos Carolyn Kessler Cha malee McKinnon Lorranne Tyyslca Alrce Johnson Marlene Andrnng Second row Mr Walen Gary ollalclco lx fy l-labalcangas Donna Moff ff Paffy Turpnn Sylvra Malfu Kafh'e n Neurerf Audrey Barley Don ald Ransfalclca Third row Reuno Kemppr Vrcfor Srmonson Ted Johnson Raymond Badger Jaclc Jones George Ande son Arnold Smalley Camera shy Walfer Paffer on I . I . I . 1 . I . - : , 1 . ' : ' . ' 1 r. . : ' . . . : a . ' ' , . , . , , . I T I I l I ' B ll. 7 T ' ' T . ' 1 ' , l 1 ' - ' . Neuerfy Secrefary, Ted Johnson: Treasurer, Charmalee McKinnon: Repre- r . . ' . I Tr 7 T . T I T I . ll 1- . . , . , C: , T . ' . ' l S . ' . - z . .V . . I I , , . r , . : s . Class Wall CONTINUED A ndl duals we do de Iare I ALLAN NILSON will my Irred rambl ng shuIIle Io Vac Slmonson Ja lc Jones and Don Ra sIaIcl1a Io save wear and Iear on Iheir neolsIe soles nd Ihe Iloors oI N H S I BEVERLY MARTIN wlll my Colle Ilon oI ewrrungs Io anyone wuIh dalnjry l1IIe ear: I CORRINE YORK I ve my lop as llb r n n Ihe musc dep I m nI Io anyone who enloys sorI ng ouI music I CGRLISS SOIKA wlll my unresIrauned glggle Io Dons Ransfalclca Io aolo Io her own I DONALD I-IANSEN will my gu eI pewceIul manner Io Mare Kllnf and Davnd I-lag und an hopes IhaI Ihey wrll Ialre dvanIage oI Ihe g:II I DONALD I-IOLIvl will my seemlngy e dless gob as errand boy around s hool Io Ralph Olm Iead o hell have a legal excuse Ior slcuppung classes I DONALD WIITALA leave my bus druvlng Iob Io Charles Holm o he I be able Io ma-ce II Io school on Ilme I GEORGIA LEWIS wlll my apsenIeeIsm on IesI days Io anyone who has a c eahve enough mind Io Ihnnlc up reasonable excuses I GLEN MAGNUSON WII my hoIrod o anyohe able Io lceep II on Ihe beaIen paIh o1Ih reIu Ing leIIermen LOIS IORPPA wall my sewlng wbIluIy Io my IsIer Glor 1 Io add o he ox n so swe oe 1 Io oreeze nr u I-lome E IN MAN SOTKA w I my wIIIy wer U S I-I I y I ,lo Long race he won I be In Soc ology Clas ny longer I PAT RAISTAKKA wlll Ihe pruv ege oI having Ihe bus wauI Ior me T0 wen yewrs nual eoIIor so she II oe aole Io I ep I Ihe mornung a r Iaylng up all n1ghI worryung abouI deadlines I PEGGY SILVOLA wnll my yell leadlng Iolo Io anyone wIIh enough nd Io hold her ver I RUTI-I KOSKI wall my shlnung auburn harr Io BerIha Koslcs Io lieep II 'I Ihe Iaml y I SALLY MANULA wlll my IounIaIn pen Io Caleen Davnson Io see I In an Keep Ihe po nI hoIvvr1Iung Io Russell as I have Io Teddy Srgned Ihls IIrsI day OI June IQ49 Tl-IE SENIOR CLASS O s I 'vl c : fc , 1 s ' L . ' ' I I . C. I AC A. . I ' I . , .ea . ra Ia. I I ar - , e . I ' I ' . I . . X . . , I I , Q I I ' I . ,' ' 5. ' . , . ' ' I n ' ' A c s , s ' . ' ' , . . . Q I F ' I ' ' I I I y I K . I, LEO SAARI, will my IlIle oI lnspl:'aIIonaI Playerll In IooIball Io one , . e rn . I, I . I I Q S' , lc, C I r v, 'I 'II' Llole I I' o gh c. Ill. I, 'OR , Il ' ans s In . . ls or c ass Io e . ,sll A '. I .. , C s a . , , ' ' II W ' ' I . ' C 'an. I l' , ' I ' I se 'n. ' , IIe S . . . . g I I A . D I WI, O . V I I D I I I D .I . . .I . If . I s ,e c ' ' " . . ATHLETICS f may Nb ew 4,9 ego am Aga ev ax 7V'7x7' IX vfv-'nv IX an IX Ab IX Ab A fv Ab X DOC fx W any Q ag, E4 -r U-C!-0 IAN Q ' 9 4 .Wifi W I2 Y: . -j -Q , -, ,. V X?.f'Q', .j- V J 9 4 1.7if'e2 ,k3 L -4 if ,Ji ,Ax XZ akiji D y , x .f ,-.ff .Ak WJ DOWN THE GRIDIRON Led by The seven TourTh-year veTe'ans The Naselle ComeTs sTrealced Through The 1948 TooTball season To win The PaciTic CounTy TooTball cham- pxonshup and The acclaum oT TooTball Tens Tar and near UndeTeaTed In league compeTlT on The ComeTs leTT no ooubT nn The minds oTopponer1Ts as To The champlonshrp qualzTy oT The Team An oTherw1se perTecT season was marred only by The opening game deTeaT aT The hands oT The sTrong class A school lv1onTesano SevenTeen oT The TwenTy Three squad members won TooTball leTTer awards and were presenTed wrTh mrnraTure bronze TooTballs by The en ThusuasTnc sTudenTs oT N H S Donald Holm capTalned The Team nn sparlclrng manner and sTeady Leo Saarr was selecTed as The lnspnrahonal Player oT The season All counTy Team posuhons were won by Don Wr1Tala End Don Holm HalT baclc Leo Saarr Guard Kerm1T Guenl4el CenTer and Glen Magnuson uarTerbaclc Honorable menT1on wenT To Charles Holm Joe Long and Allan Nllson AT The close oT The season The squad was honored by The communrTy aT a banqueTTeaTurangT1ne enTerTammenT good Tood and The presenTaTron OT a beauTzTul Trophy whlch local businessmen Mr Hllhs Lupro and Mr Merle Hall sponsored Ten leTTermen Tour rumors Tuve sophomores and one T eshman wmll be reTurnrng To Torm The nucleus oT The T949 squad HaTs oTT To The PaclT1c CounTy Champs oT l948l We wall never TorgeT you SEASON RECORD Naselle NAonTesano Naselle llwaco Naselle Valley Naselle llw co Naselle STaTe DeaT School ToTal pounTs scored Naselle OpponenTs l lndrcaTes league game I 1: 1 . .- .,.....,....... 7 I ....,.,........ .26 X ,..,. ... .....,.. Q4 ......,....,....,. ...O 'Naselle ....,.............. T3 SouTh Bend ................ T2 Bk ..... ,,........... T 3 A ........,............. O "' ................... 33 ra ...,................. T2 ..,............ Q4 ........ ...7 ,.. J HONORS TO DONALD HOLM llefll chosen by has 'ream males as lhe honorary foofball capfarn for fhe 1948 season GEORGE D BELL lcenfer holdrng The Pacrlrc Counfy Champuonshup rrophy Our greal coach who gurcled lhe looys 'rhrough such a successful year rn all spor+s LEO SAARI lrrghfl elecfed The rnsprrahonal foolball player of 'rhe year THE SQUAD Baclr row lleff 'lo rlghf D Rarsfalxlca G Anderson C Sprague A Smalley L Ross Second row D Hansen T Johnson N Solka L Saaru E McFadden L Vaughn S Person Coach Bell Froni' row. D Wrrlala, W Bennell. W lvanoll, G Magnuson. C Holm, J Long, K Guenlcel Kneelrng D Holm, Honorary Caplarn Camera Shv Allan Nulson and Paul Koonlz WSH WWE an x-X-G 1 Xxge ov' 1,0 sei' Va Ffah-8 1 O -3.9 h lik X 9 9 I, ,U ... .1 COUNTY EHHN .x X ,...1 K n f Xbfcfrb Qu . 1 ' sf X11 f' ,Jai g5 nv - Vi rbi ,A 'Q' .L Q. 93.31 451 Y' MQ - xx,-4 ""'4Q' wit 941: ,ff , W V 'M .,-- . .f f' is T 'FL J M ,x Xb .'4' uv' Toi'-'UC 9 gif! 'I f. ,. y 3 tl, S J L -. . .gr . - ,. V ' I .r. 2 -. . ,-'jx oo xgv fi . .u Onxcpwv .cu,7 -1 O l .. 1, Xvnnocc x," Co -Q if R ms- K . .5 . Vw 'Q A x - 9 m..1,x, Cur Comels Back row lefl' +o nghl' Coach Bell Don Holm Leo Saarr Clyde Sprague Loren Ross Leonard Vaughn Ronald Hull manager Fronl row Charles Holm Glen lvlagruson Don Wlrlala Waller lvan oll Joe Long Pep Squad Lefl' lo Rlghf Gery Palcenen hee-r leader Carolyn Kelslu song queen Donna Larson cheer leader Sally lvlanula song queen P ggy Snlvola cheer leader The Second Team Baclc Row Coach Bell Vac Slmon on Eugene lvlcliadden Davld Hag lund George Anderson Arnold Smalley Waller Pallerson manager Fronl Row Norman Sollca Ted Johrson Donald Hansen Wlllord Bennell Kermnl Guenrel lGuen el ano Sollca on lsl len laler IH season Ooporz nl' lvlonlesano Carhlwmel Calhlamel' Warrenlon Wlshlcwh Wzshlcah Lebam BASKETBALL SCHEDULE e They Opponenl e They Soulh Bend V Y Lebam llwaco Soulh Bend Va e lndl ales League game SOUTHWEST WASHlNGTON DISTRICT TOURNAMENT lsecond placel Opponenl e They Woodland Moclups Opponenl e They Valley Kalama 'W 0 , l ' li l ' '- I .e W W .,....3Q...,...4-6 TN, ,5l....,,.l9 ' c ,,... N30 ..,. ,.l9 llwacox .,...,.,... 75 ....... QT .. Q8.,....,QO allei 38....,..34 ,. 52 ,,.,. 33 T. ,.,...... 5Q.......Q7 lvlonlesano .,,.... 3? ..,,.,. 3l T ,,,......., 52 ,...... 25 ' C ..,,..... 40 .4.... Q9 l .... 60 ....... Q9 ' ....c.,., 45 ,a,,,.c Q0 lly' ,,,c.,.,r. .48 ....... 50 r ,.r,r,.... 47 .r..r.. 34 lr 'el 3 W W ....l9 38,.,,..,33 ' ...,...... 4l ,... H39 , ........... 25 ,,.... .38 lie 4 'fkayfa ' .ax THROUGH THE YFAR WITH BASKETBALL Gur ComeTs came Through a very successTul basI4eTbaII season Thus year wmnung I3 ouT oT I5 games played and 7 ouT oT 8 league games To Tlnrsh The regular season oT counTy Iewgue play sharlng Top posshon honors wnTh The Valley Vukungs On The All CounTy IsT Team chos n TT The close oT The season w posITrons were Trlled by members oT The ComeT TnrsT Tuve Don WunTaIa cenTer and Charles Holm Torward Don I-Iolm guard and Glen Mag nuson Torward earned berTI's on The all c unTy second sTrlng NexT on The l:sT oT a hIevemenTs lor Coach Bell s blue and gold boys was The SouThwesT Wash ngTon DusTrl T Tournwmenlr held IU CenTraIIa Trom Mirch Q 5 where wmnmg Three ouT oT Tour games The ComeTs Tmshed In Qnd place lossng only To Kwlama Don WIITala was chosen unannmously by The rudges as cenTer on The all SouThwesT Team Charles I-Iolm w n med as one oT The all D1sTncT Torwards AT The sTa e B TournamenT In Tacoma The ComeTs puT up a vaIlanT sTruggle buT wITh s yeral men sn I4 They couldnT guITe keep up wrTh The pace and w re e Im:naTed on The econd diy Taulang To place We are proud of our ComeTs Tor whaT They ve accompllshed dursng The season oT 48 and 49 ano saluTe Th m as one oT The TrnesT ball clubs To come ouT oT Naselle Hrgh In r enT yewrs COUNTY STANDINGS S hool Wms Losses Valley Lebam SouTh Bend Ilwaco I 7 7 I I C - S c ,TO ' 1 " . I I I ' I I .7 , , . -o . . C. l , - - E "3 C ' ' 1 -. '. I . I' ' , ' I Q. . .. . U . g as a -" L ,,-, . . LI . c f, " , e I c.. , 6 I S . c, . , , . . e , ' ', ec. Q. C . Naselle ....,.....,.,...,. 7 ....................,. I .,,, ......... 7 , ...., ,,.....,..... . ,,I C 41 lerg E E! County 'Wnets Ha rep ieag cage rd Savers Named X531 Sdf a 4 Sm ouu 1 cx ann I L Q 1 f an Jun I 19 sc L SIX xx xi. il L ld OI Oll FYI all sen ISL T. C INC il l CI' aga County Team Rank Hugh at Q' ' our ey K out to foulth Shot .md Nallu IO I-lr X "if IX In 091 sl ml the :LL 31. N O - ll tx H lent, .u team- nent Jllbll .nl IIHHMIYIOII to the Valley Wms l'l1 Tourney Tilt eu qi' Naselle Lose Wm 07220 "ff 'SV' -'ina .3 Nw www 147 'SY "' y f 943.1-Kg, xxx ,X ci LOOK OUT, HLRE. COP-E THA COMETSI -'Q' if LADT MINUTE INSTRULTIONS I 'C LD GLORY" ai 33 ,A 4 IAD AT HER GAME ILXCITING GIRLS? 15x .X ROMANCL AT 'IH G.-din. xH! wi- HEAD! Pon ACTION 1 ,X ,str 5,1 L A ftvngs' 'V 3' 4 xy Kwtf I X mw'N 1 ! 'if 9- h A, LOYAL FANS! W T W LK G PEPPY rm: 0 xmxcnmc Pon TH cLouns TH-ING5 C MX LQQK NO HANDS1 WhAT ARL YOL IOOKINK' OP? .XX . X N W . f XX . A'- ,gg . i x '-f' V ' N V Q V. ,ZA 'a A V ' V N ' 9' ' ' ' ya ' V N - 'I 'Vi V 'A N vi Q A 'IVF Q. .,V - . .A . N. .ju Jil T- 'J 5. ' 'h A Q H D V ,V , 1 U, -V ,V 'gn .' g,g,.,f5. Q . , , , , , X 7-5. V, Y ,,.,"" -. ' ... - Vi' . V- ' N N so 4 . 1' M., -fc-f-L14 ' -WL' 23513 , . ,, "1 ' 'T' N' , wigs' -V 5 A ' ,. gg ' - l S 'V,.-iris "O V f x V 4' ,V .1 , ' V V 3 , " Q' 'Y 9 4 'Z ' nl V X , Ve 5. fo K ' , X I ,, , ' A . 'I I ld . I 7 LA ' . n Q ' X' xi' F QQ" 'f' - wi- " . X, Af Q V , V 1 V , x .4 N ' . 'fr K L ' S - , x ' ' ' v- t g "N , QNX , Q 'S' ' E T- k , QV ,Hg Y E' ' -h-ff" ' ' ' L. 'A . - V ,L Y ,L L F-3: ' ,+P 4.-, Tl? i hi 5 Q A A , ,xl lsuusr mm: lusrc -f' X '-- 1" . V 1 + TVQV - ' ' 7 . i - s P -V I A it - A ,, 5 gf! .Q S ,4 up -- 1 VV . A V -1 - .Lf 1 .. , " " ll.. ,fn , 'V ,. 2 . 151 H -'VV' ' ' V- V ' .Tis-, . viii -A V , I . I ,Y , ' ,. U .A MI , V. A 4- " 1 J Jr.. - , lf, ug- ,ul I I A V , , . ,I V . V V . V- . . ' 31' ' - I. ' " Q ' ' 4 ' . " IN 1 .f g E 0 I" 0 'I ' 2 " kv' 3 , ' 4 xf , 9 9 A ,, , 1 x 4 an ' f I . ' -, J ,Q X., .. . V - ,f. , - 3 ii..- 5 Y r 6 ,411-ig I f, M 3. 'uf V -Q - M V H ' I am, My Nb my 4 L mo my Aga AVL LXWVVXIN 'P 'Ab IX db IX Ab IX IX Ab IS 'VWVVNA W uf.: ' VON - fx 'fx 1? ff' lo 4? 205' rf: v :Q-1 :fe sae. ? fa-fx. xl YP -!,- IAN Organlzahons The sTudenTs oT N H S an Thexr lelsure Tlme goT TogeTher rn lrTTle groups and on comrng ouT oT Therr huddles were responsrble Tor The acT1ve organnzahons whuch helped make The school year whaT :T was The girls held Thelr own by unrT1ng unTo a socreTy properlv named The Gnrls League and decnded To dxssolve lasT years Pep Club 1nTo same The brg wrgs oT Thus The largesT organuzahon rn school Turned ouT To be Pres Bev MarTn V Pres PaT Anderson Sec Peggy Sllvola Treas BeTTy Nelson and Rep RuTh Koska Under Thexr lasT oT acT:v1T1es The Gnrls League sponsored a very successTul Tolo Dance l'learT SnsTer Week and senT represe-nTaT1ves To several D1sTrncT ConTerences Thanx and a Trp oT The haTlo To The mosT deserving advssor Mrs l-lolm The sm llesT group and one newly organrzed Thxs year was com posed oT nine Temale song brrds under The able dnrecTlon oT Mrs Ankers and was surTably called The NonneTTe AcTnve rn The music Tneld The NonneTTe was rn popular demand aT many school and communuTy TuncTrons and Took parT also ID TesTnvals aT Kelso and Woodland The remannder oT The musnc deparTmenT consnsTung oT The all grrl band The b nd per ormed aT several oT The games and The glee club enTer Ta ned exTens1vely aT communuTy gaTherrngs and parTlcupaTed In The Sprrng Fe T fal aT Woodland he F FA led by Mr Wa en and Theur oTTncers KermuT G-uenkel Joe Long Ronald l-lull Swan Person Clyde Sprague and Ronald Brghrll again made Themselves known as a growung organrzahon around school Among Thenr accomplushmenTs Tor The year They llsTed The raTTlrng oTT oT an elecTruc sTove donaTed To The ChapTer by C A Appelo The sponsorzng oT The newly unsTalled Coke Ma hun aT N l-l S and using The TracTor purchased lasT year To do work on The Tarms oT The communlTy Paul KoonTz repre senTed This ChapTer aT The STaTe Convenhon IN Pullman during March Jcdgrng Teams aTTended Taurs aT PorTland Pu allup and Longview and The Team won 4Th place honors aT The S W Wash PoulTry Exposlhon aT Long vnew The Journalism STaTT oT N l-l S Took on and drd The usual Tune gob oT ed1T1ng and puTTnng ouT The ComeT celebrahng The 9OTh anniversary oT The school paper nn OcTober Journalnsm pxns were also ordered The LeTTerman s Club composed oT II OT The boys earning Their leTTer rn sporTs and led by Coach Bell won acclaim nn many acT1vlTles They were honored by The people of The communnTy w:Th a TooTball banqueT In The Tall and a baskeTball banqueT IH early sprung . . I I . .. I : . .. 1 .. ' : .. I -I - T , l C I . . I v . and glee club proved mosT acTive also, under The guidance oT Mrs. Ankers. a , - T ' . , s EN . ' c ' e . . . ' ' Q 1 I T . , I 6 . . , . Annual Slalf Sllllng lell lo rlghl Business Manager Loss Torppa Asslslanl Ed :lor Peggy Sllvola Edulor Pal Ralslalcka Donald Wlslala Rulh Koslcl Cor lnss Sollca Georgla Lewns Beverly Marlin Sally Sue Manula Slandlng Allan Nulson Leo Saarn Donald Hansen Donald l-lolm Glen Magnuson Norman Sollca Junnor reporler Doris Rauslalcka Freshman reporler Alnce Johnson Cornnne York Sophomore reporler Glorxa 'PP The Comel Slall Sllllng Gloria lorppa Arlene Wrrlclcala Loss lorppa Corl ss Sollca Edrl r llrsl semesler Sally Sue Man la Ed lor second semesler Rulh Koslo Pal Ralslalnlca Dorls Ralslalclca Slandmg Adwsors Mrss Fuersl and Mrs l-lolm Corlnne Yorlc Gerry Palcenen Belly Jean -l'al43lo Berlh Kosm Barbara Kung Sheila Ablinoll vlarc a l-lar '1 Donna Ander on Al ce Johnson Carolyn Kelslcl Audrey Barley Kalhleen Neuerl Lorman lyyska Belly Nelson Calleen Davison C me a Sly Kalh yn lvanoll Lellermen Olnce Pr deal Charle Holm Vice preszdenl Allan Nllson Sec rela y rea ure Leo Saan Flrsl row Donald Wunlwla Ke mll Guenlfel Joe Long Waller lvan onwlo l-la Cha e l-l m Second row Coach Bell Leonard Vaughn Loren Ross Glen Mag 1.1 on Allan Nllson Wlllord Bennell Norman aollca Leo Saaru Th: cl row John Bamor ind Po wld Brghrll managers Clyde Sprague Sf an Per D Qld l-lolm Arnold Smalley Camera Shy Ronald l-lull a J Waller Pallerson managers Qnd se mesler K I: . I . I . - , . , - , ' -- 1 ' : . ' To a. ' ' 2 I , ' ' A . ' . l . '.o ' , , u 3 E , , , .. . . Y. . : . 1 . 1 I . I l E rl5o,, , . 5 , I ., ' ', ' , ' , ' E e . . ' . Pals Anderson, Fa e Rlnell, Laurafne Andrln , Pe Silvola. Y Y Ei fl T I l . ,. . . . . rs: es: , , s . 3 A , 7 - I- l A r- ' '. -I 5 1, . . ' I c U 1 , F A . , , - all, D lc l f-nson, frl s ol . Z 1. 1 I ' ns , ' . ' ' 1 l , F , '. 'r ': ,l f C X nf ' ' , 7 , uf' son, one, , , .f . : l nf , , - fm Q Sl L Q ff ff A X ff ' fffff X, if 0 VZ H ffzwv F3 QXQSEN l- if I -QU lf' 1' 1,1 Q'-1 Tj NN va. Jig ug ' x x J E I S S 1 Q ,Q ,. fr.. -,M . N Gu-XS Leaqve 7 . 'A il 3 .J ,:,. .Q ' X-LA 1 fr f A -E .fg 1 53W jg FFF! H, 5 fc.: A --.x 'T-1 Girls League Flrsl row Mrs l-lolm advrsor Pal Rarslalclca Caleen Davxson Bev erly Marlin Peggy Srlvola Loss Chapman Donna Larson Sally Manula Glorra Torppa Corlrss Sollca Loss Torppa Corunne Nalseous Sylvia Malcu Second row Belly Ne son Faye Runell Audrey Barley Donna An derson Gerry Palcenen lrene Josephs Rulh Koslcr Marne Klrnl Edna Slephans Slella John on Alrce Johnson Carolyn Kexslcr Thlrd row Kalhryn Abrechl Georgia Lews Lauraune Andrrng Bar bara Kung Sherla Abooll Arlen Wrlslcala Marlene Wrrlclcala Belly Jean 'lalclralo Berlha Ko lm lre e Wa awk Gerald ng S lvola Marcia l-larrrson Dolores Van Bus rl l-leen Srmulrlca Fourlh row Kalhleen Neuerl Do nw Mollell Charm lee McKinnon Dorolhy Svenson Jane Loullala Kalher ne lvanoll Doras Rarslalclca Kaly Jo l-labalaangas Palsy Anderson Frrsl row Wwllace Torppa Paul Koonlz Joe Long Raymond Badger Second row Waller Johnson Gary Ull lclco Rerno Kemppu Marvrn Paavola Jaclc Jones V Tor Smonson Ronald Hull Mr Waien advisor T lr row Arnold Smale G o ge Anderson Ron ld Brghll el ber Berooarsl Cyde Sprwgue Q ar Pe o ' on ro Vaughn Donad Rarslalcla Sensor Play Casl The Sen o play Jess a s Jourrey a comedy rn lhree acls boasled an all gurl casl and w s or ol ll-e hrghlrghl ol lhe year Sllllng Peggy Srlvola Georgra Lewrs Pal Raaslalclca Rulh Kosln Slandrng Drreclor M s Aw Gerry Palcenen Corlrss Solka Loss lorppa Sally Manula Beverly M rlrn Arlene Wrrklcala Caleen Davison Co rnne Yorlc manager Mrs l-lolrn 0 I : . . ' 1 ' . ' . - I I I l I I . I - - - l r 4 I ' I I l 'I I V I 3 - l . I . . - . . 'S w . . . ' s ', n mm a, E E' , ' ' , r,: I ' NI sl l l fl Z ' , TT, c ', 51 I , c , I . F. Fo A K. ' 'I C -s . , , r Willord Bennell, led Johnson, Ke-rmll Guenlqel, preside-nl. ' Y ' l l l ' , . , lC 1 , , . , . h'cl : K fly, er , , , a ' E, D - l J , l C , ow r rs n, ae rd ' , l U E r , " Qc ' r ' , - ' , a re 4 ' ' s . . l . T gmc. . . Band Back Row lell lo rlglnl Marlene Ardrlng Kallnlee Neuell Slmela Abboll Connne Nalseos Belly Nelson Mrs Anl4eIs oureclor Second Row Beverly lvlamn Pal R :lalclca Audrey Banley Kaly Jo I-laoalcangas Belly Jean I lralo Fronl Row slandmg lvlarlen Wsrlqk la srlllng Kallwer ne Albreclll Lorra1n lyy K5 A ene W rklqala Gerry Palme en Saly Sue Manula P ggy Anne SIlfoIa Nonnelle Back Row Allos Belly Nelson Sally Sue lvlanula Soprano I Kalln yn lvanoll Soprano ll Gerry Pals nen Al eelollnson Fronl Row Allo SlIeIl1 Ablooll Boprano I Pal Ranslalcka Beverly lvlarlfn Soprano ll Donn LarQon A comp n l Peggy SIlvola Glee Club Bac Row A le e WIrl4k1a Lorrame iyyslca Kallwenne Albreclml Corrr 'le Yo I4 eo e Van Bu 'illli Be lna Ko lf: Kallwryn lvanoll Lors Chapman Pal A de son Rulll Koslcl Laurame Andrang Kaly Jo Ha balcangas Donna Anderson Second Row lvlarene Wlrlqlala Faye RIneIl Audrey Barley Donna Larson Irene Jo eplws Gerry Pakenen Dorollmy Sven on Cllarmalee lvlc Ksnn 'I Irene Warranna Kalluleen Neu l Corrmne Nalseos Fronl Row Belly Jean lalnlo Sally Sue lvlanula Sllella Ablooll Alnce Jollnson P lly lurpIn C rolyn K kr Donna Mollull Georgua L WIS Marlene Andrlng Beverly lvlarlun Pal Qnvslalclca Sylvia lvlam Slllmg Belly Nel on accornpams lvlrs Anlers dIeclor Peggy An'1eSIlvoa a omI,a l I I: f I I , n - 'I I . - I I, I I P 1 I ' I ' I ' I Eli' I I ' - C I I Q1 . I I: e a I I I ' Q, I -l rl ' I Q V 5 I I: I. I FX I I LI V .X I I I I I I I I F I I I CIS I IC IIL . 3 I C I V I I I I I G I e I C G ISI I . ' r . I . .- . If . I Tl QI I I I . I I A FI. I . . n. I r I D I r D f 5. I r SIX. I ' I -SY V7 V I I I ' I I P . . I ' , ' ' - I 'X I I I I 1 3 I - I S I - . I . .IoI, Q I I I er, I . I C 'Le I I I II E1 I 5 I 913 I I '3 I . , . g . I. I I .I I' I . ' ' . . ' L. ', . . 5 I :I II . I I I ' I If I In, CC 'N 'lu . XP ,Z-x X FEATURES an my ma ma Nb mo Ago Aga Ava Nfvmvv--fv-fvf'-vxvx Nb IX ea IX an IX Nob IX IQJSQ 1 IWW L+ :c Q15 DO-un 6-O-Q 0-Q-0 0-04 D-0-0 0-O4 0' Y 6 -0 5-0-Q 48X ll AX ll il IH AX AX 732: 5-gi itX ..!,- IAN 5 4 lb i YYY Y V , rl-fx.l S ill HE SOTKA TWINS BABY BEV In I Q ,fn IWHEETH 'L ff-I 4 Lfgfef-Qs SMILE 0 o Q .. PRETTY 9 VUL ,Em CORKY PAT 'n' SALLY 'Oo- G U N 'Y P fa- GLAMOUR GIRL LOIS GRAYS RIVER BOYS I , if H T---, In , T X f 1SILVOLA'S PRIDE . sv -1 five- ,, ,Vg 4 THE sm, THE SEA: T SILLY SENIORS ii' AT LAST CORINNEH kt-wiv f QQ? T e L. J vin 67, TALL, 625 BLONDE, 9 HANDSOME' SENIOR Us nm-' KI T '7 bf O AY " STR LC SOPH CUTI . xv SWEET 'N SHY TIL 'n' KAY zQW NFS -iwu, ',, I 1 'ox 6 Q I I X A qw ,vw ff ,f I A ' . -.Y 1 Q SOPH. LEADERS 1- VX I 5 A I, . , N No. 469715297 camo snzcy Qs Q MARIE I :ALS Il I ,N ,. rs ,N 6 n :JR-' You Loox I1IX.1:3Y WHY E .xi X 4' 0.13 HIIIH Q. L. 2 HW J I PARADISE? .aff . SUNBATQINOB M A R L E N gktsii L LOOK CAMERA A , vm Jonsson KJ. g.3 , WITH A RO ING 7I5NL 1 357, ' vfg-LQ THE OLD LOOK! V? NICE LI'L WORMS FFF ff D SHY CHARMIE TH FROWNT MUSCLE HAIIJFXC If 3. CUDDLIn SWEET SIXTEEN 1?-4? DON'T FALLS ' FOR A PI CORINLE ABUSE LADY A ,lu rv XHETESI X POSE .JA bo 1O+h S+ Asloraa Ore KIRK 8: UHL Phone 1036 Hudson Sales XI Service Curl' Uhl For Ihe Class of 49 The Modern Desngn for 49 ls The New HUDSON 385 W Madason 415 Taylor Ave ASTORIA GRANITE WORKS Es+a lushed n 1917 Phone 1187 Asiona Oregon As'Iona Good Luclc Io The Class From AL S SUPER SERVICE 300 Taylor Avenue Phone 873 Oregon 275 Taylor Ave PALO S Furnushnnqs and Worlc Clofhung Men s Ladres a d Chnldren s BEST WISHES As+ona 62 Columbia COLUMBIA BAKERY For your cakes paslnes and bread Asiorna Ore Fresh IRVIN JOSEPHSONS RIVERSIDE FISH MART Furs? and Aslor Asforaa Phone 1403 Seafood af ITS Ianqy loesrl Canned Frozen Klppered Smoked Aslorra GUNDERSON S VARIETY STORE A lruendly place Io shop Complumenis Io Ihe class of 1949 Oregon Complnmen+s ol LAWSON'S CONFECTIONERY 539 Commercial SI' As'I'ona Maxl Orders anywhere ' 0 . r , . . b' I ' I I I VW . , '- . T , . I . . I . I . . . 'I Lower Columbia Cooperative Dolry Ass n Farmer owned and operared Erosflosl lce Cream Shamrock Buller Asforla Grays Rlver THE ASTORIAN BUDGET Speclahzes nn New of lhe Lower Columbia Good luck lo lhe Graduales Asforla Oregon Gull Neflers Besl Union Fishermen s Co op Packing Co Salmon Tuna Oysfers Aslorna Oregon ALFRED PUUSTI AND COMPANY 912 214 Taylor Ave Aslorna Phone 841 Comphmenls 'ro lhe class ol 49 LARSON DAIRY Grade A mlllc and cream Aslorla Oregon BOB HAWKINS MOTORS Inc oesoro and Prwoum Dealer 360 Bond Slreef Asforsa Telephone 2106 Good Luck From Duck Aho Your Ernendly Grocer MODERN CASH GROCERY Rvchard W Aho Prop P ones IQ and I3 SHOP Tl-lE MODERN WAY AND SAVE Aslorua Oregon FREE DELIVERY For Eine Eoods Hs THIELS 505 507 Cornmercnal Sl' Agflona Good Luck' Oregon o I 0 I o U I l Hardware - W. P. Fuller Painls I o ' . , . h - r ' u McGREGORS SUPPLY CO SPORTING eoons Amo PARTS Asfona Oregon 565 Bond Phone 43 Besf of luck 'ro lhe Sensors from lwo old frnends Harold Johnson and Dan C Hall Agenls RICHFIELD OIL CORP 568 Bond S+ Asfona Asrorsa Branch First Nahonal Bank of Portland All Types of Loans Merchanls ol Crednf Asfona Oregon Asforla MASON EHRMAN 81 CO Wholesale Dnslrsbulors Royal Club Fune Foods Oregon SORENSON AUTO PARTS 394 Bond S+ Asfona Oregon Phones 2053 and 9054 If We Haven Jr Sol H' We II Gel ll Asforxa Complxmenls of BRADBURG NELSON. Inc KAISER FRAZER CARS ROTOTILLERS Oregon Servnnq you s nce l9lO LOVELL AUTO COMPANY BUICK CHEVROLET CADILAC Asfona Oregon Complumenfs of The HUGHS RANSOM MORTUARY Chapels nn Asforna and Seaslcle Ore llwaco Washmgion I I O Aufomofive Paris - Truck Paris - Accessories - Tools The Eastern Good Luck to the Graduates Astona Oregon Compluments ot Crohn Karsun Our arm ns to satlsty Astona Loop Jacobson s Jewelers Comphments Astona Oregon Nlemz Servlce Station TEXACO PRODUCTS Astona Oregon Washing Machlne Servuce COMPANY Q72 Taylor Astoria Sales and Servnce Owl Drug Store Astona Oregon Compliments Paragon Packing Co Astorna Oregon Good Luck Cochran s 508 Cornmerclat St The Best tor Less Astona Oregon Astoria Apparel 574 Commerclal Astoria Flrst National Bank Bldg Astoria Ore Errckson Floral Co . Inc Flowers tor the Graduates Astorla Oregon New England Flsh Co OF OREGON Compliments Astoria Pesonen s Service Station SHELL PRODUCTS 9th and Bond Astoria Oregon Astorra Oregon OWEN PEEKE CO International Motor Trucks McCormick Deermg Farm Machinery Art's Associated 15th and Commercval Astorua Oregon ASTORIA AUTO GLASS CO 79 Seventh St Between Bond and Astor By the Sea See wmth Safety I I U I I 0 I Cofqplimenfs of Reed 81 Grimberg Shoes g a o ' Greenberg s Furniture Compliments Astorra Oregon Clements Men s Store It men wear It we have rt Astorra Oregon Glnn's Gift and Appliance 9th and Commercial Astoria FRANK PORTER FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Lune ot Household Furnrshlngs Astorra Oreg OFT Shaner and Company JEWELERS Astoria Good Luck to the Class HART SHAFFNER and MARX CLOTHES Steson Hats Arrow Shirts Astoria Oregon Klara Alma Hat Shop Astorra Bndes Hats and Verls Made to Order THE RECREATION SPORTS CENTER Astoria Frshurg Hunting Sports Equrprment Astorra Oregon Complrments UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK Astoria Branch Cordz Brothers Dry Goods 8: Ready to wear Astorra Phone I46 Bell Brothers Jewelers Dramonds Watches Watch Repalrmg Astorra Phone o88 L Astoria Sporting Goods Headquarters 'For Boy Scout Equrpment Astorra Oregon Srnce 1920 ARNE ABRAHAMSEN Plumbrng Heating Sheetmetal Work Astorna Phone IQ O2 AND WITHOUT A PARACHUTE' Don H Yuh mean I was drrvrng too tast7 Cop Nope Flyrng too Iow' I ' I J. C. Penney Co. With Compliments ot the WRIGHTS FURNITURE AND HARDWARE HOME Furzmusnnmes more APPLIANCES Eleclrucal Conlra lo 5 Appllance Repannng Ca+l1lamei' Wash Telephone 34-W MITCHELL DOUMIT ATTORNEY AT LAW Cafhlamei' Washmgion Conqralulaluons lo llwe Class of 49 JOHNSON S VARIETY STORE Cafhlamei' Waslungfon WAHKIAKUM COUNTY BANK Cafhlamef Complmmenls of THE FOSTER BROTHERS lmpernal Ferry Service From Caihlamel fo ASTOFIB ELCO THEATERE The Show Place of 'flue Lower Columbxa River Cafhlamel' Washmgfon Wsseway Tavern Hatton Funeral Home CompIumen+s +o 'the Gracluafes of 49 Compllmenls Caflwlamef Waslwnnglon Callwlamel and Long Beach Hughes Hardware and Congra+ula'hons from lmplemehf C0 John Doumlt and Sons Callwlamel Waslmnqlon CGM-,lamef Wash I I Member of flwe Federal Deposif Insurance Corp. MEGLER LUNCH A+ fhe Megler Ferry Landrng Mass your Ferry7 Heres a hunch Enloy a meal al The Meqler Lunch TETZ OIL COMPANY Dlslrzbulors of Umon Oll Producls Phone llwaco 562 481 592 llwaco Washrngion Complnmenls lo lhe Class from WOOD S INN On lhe Ocean Beach Hrghway Near rhe Naselle Junchon Complnmenrs Monulo s Gorcrge Mrlton York Fme Chocolafes Self Wafer Taffy Long Beach Pharmacy Long Beach Wash If we haven+ gof rf we ll ge? 1+ Pocrfrc Press Shop Long Beach FOUR DAY SERVICE Novelty Grff Shop Long Beach Washnnqlon Coughmon s Bakery Compleie Lune of Bakery Goods Long Beach Wash Good Luck fo 'rhe C-3radua+es from Andrew Wirkkolo llwaco Washmglon Doupe Brothers l waco Washsnglon Jrm's Cash Grocery llwaco Complrmenis Complrmenfs of Chevron Gus Stohon llwaco I I . Naselle Washinqlon Long Beach. Washingron 5 I l I l EVERYTHING MUSICAL AND ELECTRICAL KORTENS Longview Washlngion SCHNEIDER BROS HARDWARE CO DELTA STARRET STAN LY WILSON SPORTING GOODS Longvuew Washmg+on BERYL JACKSON EQUIPMENT COMPANY INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Longvlew Washlngfon TOM N HINSHAW O PTO M ET R I ST Longvuew Washlngion The IrIendIy sIore WAGNER SCOTT JEWELERS CORNER OE COMMERCE AND BROADWAY Longview Washmgfon JUDD S Complefe Offuce OuIIIIIers BOOKS STATIONERY GIFTS and GREETING CARDS Longvlew Washmgfon PROFFITT'S DEPARTMENT STORE Longview WasI1mg+on Fora YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS :Ts THE WHITE CRCSS PHARMACY Longview, Washlngion - 0 I I 0 o . . l 0 - 1 II . II l n n I , 4 . a I I - MYKLEBUSTS MEN Longview Washlng'ron S CLOTHING and LADIES READY TO WEAR LAMBDHN S JEWELERS The House of uaIIIy 1240 Comerce Ave Longvlew Washmgion J C PENNEY CO Be Sure Io Shop J C Penney Co Inc Longview Ke so HANDS BUYRITE DRUG LONGVIEW WASHINGTON MASON MOTORS Longview Washmgion ALEXANDERS coMPuMENTs TO THE CLASS Lon gvuew Washmg'I'on JEROME S Shop our wnndows for Ihe Iafe I Iashnons ASIOFIB Oregon GOOD OUESTION' GE I-Iave you ever been up before me7 GLEN I don+ know whaf hme do you gef up7 JUD I I ' I O I I ' I I EorcI Sales and Service I I . S . Comp menTs of JENSEN S FURNITURE COMPANY Raymond Washmglon FREE DELIVER'ES TO TI-IE NASELLE CRAYS RIVER AREA EVERY FRIDAY ANTILLA AND KOLTZ JEWELERS OIETS for GRADUATION Raymond Washmglon Co'IqraTuIa IOD9 To The CI ss OI 49 PACIFIC COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY BUILDING MATERIALS EveryTh ng Tor The Home BuIIder Raymond Washmglon RAYMOND AUTO CO FORD 5 OUT ERONT WITH THE CAR OF THE YEAR RAYMOND FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS EOR EVERY OCCASION Raymond Washlngfon ED PEDERSON S SALES AND SERVICE CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH WHITE MOTOR TRUCKS Complnmenis 'Io lhe Class Raymond Waslunglon Rhodes Pom? 81 Wallpaper Ferrner Transfer COMPANY ' Wallpaper Glass PaIn'ls Movmg In O e 8' Wash Raymond Raymond Wash R d B I1 I aymon me O La Belle Apparel Congra'I'uIa+Ions 'lo lhe Sensors Complumenls Raymo d Wash Flrst Nohonol Bank OT Sea'fTIe ,. I I I I - " I- l' - I I . Raymond, Washinglon . Henry P. Keller I Pay Rite Drug The Toggery Rwmondf Wash' Home of Nationally Comphmenls 'lo the Graduates Adverhsed Brands Raymond Wash Clyde L Lewrs Insurance Raymond Washrngfon The Old Rellable SHOE REPAIR Raymond Washnngron Erckners Insurance Raymond Wash GOTSIS HAIR CUTTING SHOP Raymond Washlngton If John K cant cur your harr Iorn Ihe House of Davrd Mountcastle Motor Co Hudson Sales 8: Servrce Raymond Washrnqlon Mary s Tot n Teen Raymond Best of IucIr 'Io the cIass of 49 The Hlde Out SPORTING GOODS Charles Kero Prop Raymond Wash Pederson s Varrely Raymond Luck ID the 'future ROY PORTER BARBER SHOP Raymond If your harr cuf doesnf I brrng If back n Iwo weeks Roy s Watch Repalr Shop Expert Watch Reparr Raymond Wash Western Auto Supply Hardware Coronado Acpplrances Sporhng Goo s Raymond Eagle Cafe A good place lo eat Raymond Washrnqron Raymond Herald Good luck 'ro the senrors of 49 FAMILY CHAPEL and South Bend Mortuary Complrmenfs Raymond Wash . ll ' I I I l l ' I o II, ' ' - I Baker Furniture Company All Electrical Apphances Raymond Wash. Bntar s Dept Store Everythmg good to wear at lowest possible prices. Raymond Dr L 0wens Luclx to the 49ers' Raymond Wishungfon Lorenslon yr QUALITY MARKET Wholesale and Retanl Meats Raymond Dr Nevltt Compliments Raymond Wa sh Meredzth s Variety Store Somethlng New Every Day Raymond J C Penney Co Raymond Washnngton Best of Luclr to the Sensor class of N H S Dr G G Gould DENTIST Compliments to the class Raymond Wash CHIROPRACTOR Health Service Raymond Wash ATTORNEY AT LAW Best of luck to the Sensors From Naselle Wnllapa Harbor Motors Congratulations to the Sensors Raymond Wash Raymond Tractor and IMPLEMENT COMPANY Complnments Raymond Wash Wrllapa Harbor Cabrnet woRKs Complsments Raymond Wash Dracobly Dept Ctores Complnments to the 49ers Raymond Mr Snmonson l would llce to have you meet my wufe Mr Bell Oh dont bother I have one of my own l , I . B d Dr. F. F. Erwin John J. Langenback WILSON OYSTER FARMS SHIPPERS OF FRESH PACIFIC OYSTERS Rt No 1 South Bend Wash Phone 55171 Davls Drug Store Comphments South Bend W1 hIngtoF Fashion Nook WOMEN S APPAREL South Bend Compllments of Ploneer Grocery South Bend Washmgton Heath and Cearns HARDWARE AND FURNITURE South Bend Wash Nlfty Fountain Lunch Compllments Holte, The Jeweler South Bend Wash For your raduatlon QI ts Kings LUNCH AND LOCKERS Comphments South Bend WashInqton Complsments of SOUTH BEND Red and White Store John B Semplll South Bend WashInqton PBCIFIC County s Largest Drug Store Badger s Service Statlon Comphments South Bend Wash Carl Knutson South Bend Comphments Fisher Motor Company Good Luclx to the Class South Bend Washmgt OV1 Barge Inn A good place to eat South Ben WashIngton Edward s Motor Servlce Comphments South Bend Wash South Bend ' . ' o 1 0 Q I . d ' . . H 3, H Cqfe Western Wahklakum Comphmenis COUIgIgNlI:kEIPrONE Soufh Bend Wash nglron Q 7,5 R er Wash WENDELIN S GROCERY Conqrafuuahon +0 The cl ss of I949 Grays Rnver Washmgion Alioona Washmg+on ALTOCNA MERCANTILE The Smlfhs CONGRATULATIONS TO 'II-IE GRADUATING CLASS Rosburg Washmgfon Comphmenfs of ROSBURG STORE General Merchandise L H OIson Propr efor Phone 9OI5 GORLEY MACHINE AND IMPLEMENT CO A R andJ P Gorley Dusfrubufors of Traders 8: Implemenfs Ben Hur Frozen Food Lockers Farm Machunery Derry Equ p Skamakawa Wash Phone 223 C L. SILVERMAN 8: SON GENERAL MERCHANDISE Skamalrawa Washmgfon THE OASIS FINE FOOD CAREFULLY PREPARED You are a sfranger here buf once TED and MARION RASMUSSEN Slcamakawa Wash Phone 132 JACK MOONEN CHEVRON GAS STATION Siandard Oul Producis Besf Wnshes To The Class of 49 Slramalzawa Washmgion O . ' -'ra' nv I I ' A 'A .Q I O . . . ll ' ll . . . . , I . A - - I . . . O . , ll Il , . . . Naselle Washmg+on Comphmenrs of JOHNSON AND HARRISON General Merchandsse and Ice Loc' ers NASELLE VALLEY ELECTRIC SERVICE BERT EAST Propraefor Licensed and Bonded Eledrmzans Naselle Washmgion Phone 8545 C F DAVIS NaseIIe Washmgfon ART S GARAGE AU-IOMQIIVE REPAIR ON ALL MAKES Phone 86 Towmg Servlce Nifes 8101 Naselle Wash Comp Imen o O CONNOR S INN LUPRO and HALL Naselle Phone 835 Washungfon WIRKKALA AND JOHNSON LOGGING COMPANY COIVIPLIIVIENIS TO THE CLASS Naselle Washmg+on COMPLIMENTS OF APPELOS RED 81 WHITE STORES NASELLE DEEP RIVER GRAYS RIVER Bed Wishes of I I' Is I I I I Comphmenls of THE PACIFIC OYSTER COMPANY Naselle Washmgion Good Lucl: In Ihe Fulure Naselle Io 'rhe Class of 49 Wash WIRKKALA BROS LOGGING C0 NORTHWEST MUTUAI FIRE ASS N STRENGTH STABILITY SAVINGS Represenfed by E A RangIIa Resudence Deep Rlver Phone 72 Rosburg Wash Complemenis of Bud s Coffee Shop Come m rf you have Ilme The Eagle Naselle Washlrglon Cafhlamef WashIngIon Mr and Mrs Hendnx Congralulahons from Aclcnowledgmenls Many have worlced long and hard wIIh me In publnshmg The I949 edIIIon of Ihe Na I-II An I should lIlce Io Ialce Ihus 'fume Io gwe specual menhon Io a Iew Furs? Mrs Holm our able adv sor who was always ready 'ro guIde us In our Jrumblmg eflorls The whole annual slalf especually Peggy Snvola Ihe as Islanl edIIor Long Torppa busaness manager and Sally Sue M nula sporls edIIor who gave many Tree hours 'ro oreparfng copy Tor publucahon The Semor boys who were alway re ddy I Tarn sh I Insporlahon when we needed Io Collecl ads or Io 'fran CI olher bussness Our many soon ore wI'rhouI fhose Tnan Ia' help we Could no? have pubhs ed Ihe annual Ken Bale our ph Iograoher 1 greal help n all phwses of Ihe worlc on Ihre year ooolc And lasl buf nol leasl Mr K IvIcDo ald of Valley I-hgh who was our guudung ounceler on Innumerable occwons PAT RAISTAKKA Edllor Na I-ll An I I I I I I 0 I 0 0 I . 0 . . I , . 1 n I I n . . . I, X I . , . . - I . . I I I - I I I ' C . . F. . I . I I 3 I I I 5 I I I . I S c O I' I I TL I I SG . S , 'II' I C I l'1 I I I . . C , Q I. c I I I , . I T' , C I I ' c . I - - Wise or Ofherwise M Signa+ures and Commenfs

Suggestions in the Naselle Grays River Valley High School - Na Hi An Yearbook (Naselle, WA) collection:

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