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 - Class of 1988

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, ,K ig ,ag ' 5 , fb -. ,, ' Ji I , 4 m 1 Q1 ji a 22 . Q4 - L! ggi' gs Q4 if 1 ai ljj :Wi 2 E1 E gf 3 s . 5 . g 1. Z S w K 6 , X NYT, A The 1988 Giulia: ,N Nlxtt ,itll ggi! is Narrosonian Narrows High School Narrows, Virginia 24124 XV" ,.Q-asm Table of Contents Title ..................... . . 1 Spotlight . . . . . 3 Seniors ......... . . . 12 Underclassmen .... . . . 32 Vocational School .... . . . 58 Faculty, Administration and Staff .......... . . . 66 Honors .... . . . 74 Sports... 84 Activities ...... . . 104 Advertisements .... . . 130 The spotlight 7 l ls On You l E mx E :kk Z . . .1 Q'-N 1 . .-. we ir As another year draws to a close, we pause to reflect . . . who is that man that we like so much? What is he up to now? There are some people who make a lasting impression on all of us. We know a man like that who is our friend and defender. He al- ways has our best interests at heart and can make us laugh, even when we feel sad. He has a pleasant word for everyone and can be heard in the halls many times during the year. Thank you for being a nice per- son, a favorite teacher, and a friend to all. We respect and love you. That is why the spotlight is on you . . . Ronald D. Worrell Nly Dear Narrows High, r r l we pledge to thee, Dur never-dying loyalty, 4' Q, I' buff J. . K x X -Pb You give us love, you give us care, When we have many thnngs to bear ,V We , if Z W My A aw M , Jw M me We M' A Seam M4 A I' li-ft he -and 'ln-Qf...,,,, 3 we Q gf Q 'I' 3 H Q 39 4 4 1 v , , .e You are our guide, U our warmth, our stay, Our keeper on a rainy dayg fggmh gk ,s'sa5'5b fs K gagnr :nr SE ,114 3 H X ax. and When we re happy, when we re sad, You're always there and we are gladg Q 3 S ,M Wil: J f ,,, Xe AX Q 4 mesmn1llltlIlll0" 1 ' Q F ie? We leave you now, with heavy heart, We say to you as we depart, Kgs - f 4 ..x,5 Y Sk I 1 f 3 'r 1 , y K kv is ,. 4 is 3 P 19 3 fn V, Y ' fir 1. rv J' . ,,,1ff7, "M " mfr ,,,. , ' "Don't ever lose your winning ways, We'll ne'er forget these precious days." 3 r X f v,1f, ,, rsrr srrr. so r GDL if Q3 4 cooking up. If you don't mind, we're trying to make some plans. an 'L "F ' Jr 'I-is ' ' -4. '95 - 2 , 'xx 'X ' K Ex K , Qsvil I 'WX 323-'fs':Q'.5!'i t, . ' sh ' L 5' ' 5 ,.- . .Q 35- -fa., w .5 -f I slipped! And Patrick , Swayze thinks he can dance! That stupid beil had to ring right during the best part of my dream. -Q vm V I wonder what those girls are A Day at N.H.S. I'II bet if we work it right, we can outrun the boys. W gs.. Oh! Was that paper supposed to be in by yesterday? Who's that behind you? I would appreciate it if you didh't do that during class. Just get in line and we'II Iead the way. if Mountain Academic Competition Conference 165 Q K FlRST ROW QL to RJ: Nelson Law, James Hamric, Laura McDaniel, Dawn Noble. SECOND ROW: Melissa Winkler, Nina Atkins, Sandra Vance, Dee Atwood, Ronnie Hesson, Bryan Frazier, Crissy Lucas, Tammy Marshall, Kim Thornton. THIRD ROW: Chris Sokol, Ward Harris, Ron Sokol, Anthony Wall, Cherie Martin, Lenny Martin, Elizabeth Spicer, Angela Clark. M.A.C.C. Teams . All-Around . English Science Nina Atkins Sam Level Bryan Frazier Deidri Atwood James Hamric Dawn Noble Lenny Martin Elizabeth Spicer NiCk Metro Sandra Vance Chris Sokol Melissa Winkler Flon SOKOI Coach - Donna Ralph Amhow Wa" Coaches - Sam Level, Linda Daugherty, Maleta Guthrie Mathematics Ward Harris Social Studies Nelson Law Nick Metro Angela Clark Chris Sokol Anthony Wall Michelle Davis Ronnie Hesson Chau Khuu Coach - Marilyn Mustard I Cnssy Lucas Tammy Marshall Laura McDaniel Kim Thornton Coach - Bobbie Barnhill 11 jf? fy ', 1 af A Seniors 12 Senior Class Gfticers John Hamblin Kathy Martin Ann Patteson Kim Scharnus Chris Vestal President- Donald Richardson Vice President - Kelly Hale Secretary - Erin Wood Treasurer - Susie Buracker Linda Daugherty Bill Gent W Tom Gentry Larry Greer Reporter - Lynn Morris Sponsors Seniors 'Don' ROBIN RENEE BALLARD "Robin" tforget the folks who are holding the ladder while you're climbing to success? SELENA SMITH BECKNER "Selena" 'The head of the American family should speak in a loud, firm voice - and she doesl' 14 ns. LEE THERON BLAKER ul-een iLove may be blind, but it seems to find its way around? JANETTA LYNN BLANKENSHIP "Munchkin" 'Love is one long sweet dream, and marriage is the alarm clock? JAMES CHARLES BLANKENSHIP "Chuck" 'Men still die with their boots on, but one boot is on the ac- celeratori RANDALL KYLE BLANKENSHIP "Bucky" 'Fun is like life insurance. The older you get, the more it costs." Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also! TABITHA LYNN BLANKENSHIP A-Tabby" 'I can resist anything except tempta tion! WALTER JACKSON BLANKENSHIP "Walkie" 'Even if a man could understand women, he still wouIdn't believe it PATRICK ANDREW BRADLEY "Pat" 'l am as bad as the worst, but think God I am as good as the best.' BYRON WAYNE BROWN "Shorty" 'Love makes the world go round, and so does a good stiff drink? SUZANNIA LEIGH BURACKER "Susie Q" now abideth faith, hope, love these threeg but the greatest of these is love? SHIRLEY DIANE BURR "LittIe One" ARNOLD LEE CAFIBAUGH, JR. "Arnie" You only live once, so you got to go with the besti DAVID JOSEPH CECIL "David" Don t wait for your ship to come in if you haven't sent one out? MELISSA DAWN CLEMONS "Missy" 'One half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quick, and not saying no soon enoughl' BRENDA FAYE CONLEY "Brenda" 'Work as if you were to live one hun- dred yearsg pray as if you were to die tomorrow.' JEFFREY SCOTT CONLEY "Jeff" 'God gave to man five senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. The successful man has two more -- horse and Common! IVA RELONNA CONNER "ReIonna" 'If a woman lowers her voice, it means she wants something. If she raises it, It means she didn't get it.' BRIAN DALE COOPER "Cooper" 'Discipline yourself so others won't have to? ANTHONY WAYNE CROTTY "A.C." 'lf a man could have half his wishes, he would double his troubles.' EARL LANCE DALTON "Lance" 'Perhaps the best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time! STELLA MICHELLE DARR "CheIIe" 'Keep smiling! Everyone will wonder what you've been up to .' DANIEL KEITH '59 DUNFORD "Keith" iLife ls as uncertain as a grapefruit's squirt! JEFFREY LYNN EASTBURN "Jeff" 'You can best be some- body by being yourself.' Seniors Wh. fir-2 AOL" G' f, Seniors it ICN .f apr' 18 ja! as WHITNEY DENEANE EVANS "Whitnut" 'Remember, no matter where you go, there you arel' BRIAN EUGENE FERGUSON "Ferguson" 'Once you have made your mark on the world, look out for the guys with the big erasersl' BRYAN PRATT FRAZIER "Bryan" 'A wise man never debates his position until he understands that of his opponentf SONNY WAYNE FRAZIER "Sonny" 'Most people won't admit their faults. l'd admit mine if I had any. ALAN WAYNE GANOE "Alan" 'Wise is the man who for- tifies his life with friend- ships? GLENN MATTHEW GARDNER HGIGITDH 'Gambling is a disease of barbarians superficially civilized! RENEE PAULETTE GILMER HRGRGQ, i 'A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.' NICOLLE MARIE GRAY "Nikki" 'We are all born for love . . . it is the principle of existence and its only end! CAROL JEAN GREEN "Short Stuff" 'The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touchedg they must be felt with the heart. RICHARD ANDREW GREER "Richard" 'The more hurriedly l go, the farther I fall behindf KELLY LUCINDA HALE HGOFGODH 'He who laughs last did not get the joke first! JAMES KENNEDY HAMRIC "Jewboy" 'Oy Veyl' Seniors 455155 'fauna- 19 Seniors 20 f-'K' HARRY VANCE HARLESS, JR. "Harry" 'Nothing grieves a student more than to study the wrong lesson and learn some- thing he wasn't supposed to! DWAYNE LEE HARMAN "Dwayne" 'The quickest way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time? ANN MARIE HOWARD ..Ann,, 'I'm waiting for my ship to come in, but with my luck, l'II be at the airporti STEPHANIE DAWN HUMPHREY "Steph" 'For I care not what others may think as long as I always remain true to God and myself and do the best that I can possibly dol' WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER KANTSIOS " Bubba" 'Life is a party until you dieg then you go on to the big party in the sky? ANGELA LYNN KELLEY "Angie" 'I'm tired of all this nonsense that beauty's only skin deep. That's deep enough. What do you want - an adorable pan- creas?' MARY ELLEN LAWSON "DiIIy" 'Here's a sign to those who love me, And a smile to those who hate, And whatever sky's above me, Here's a heart for any fate? TERRI MICHELLE LILLY "Terri" Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else? DAVID LEE LUCAS "David" 'By nature all men are much alike, but by education they be- come different? LOEY CHRISTINA LUCAS "Crissy" 'I fear not what lies ahead, for what I have already conquered today better prepares me for tomorrow! OAKLEY LEONARD MARTIN, JR. Il 'For a person to have friends, that person must first be a friend! LAURA ANN MCDANIEL "Big Momma" 'The most called-upon prerequisite of a friend is an accessible ear." Seniors 21 Seniors 22 PAMELA CHRISTINE MEADOWS llpamvv 'Life is like a camel - it won't back up! ANDREA LYNN MORRIS "Lynn" 'Most men are like eggs, too full of themselx. to hold anything else? GERALD WADE MOULDER "Jake" 'lt ain't nothin' but a thing? MICHAEL LEE MULLINS "Mikey" lThere are two kinds of wild parties: th! you can never forget, and those you c even rememberl' DAWN RUSCHEL NOBLE "Dawn" 'Three things remain - faith, h and love - and the greates these is love.' MICHELLE DAWN OREY "Michelle" 'All the reasons of a man cannot weigh a single feeling of a woma KATRICE LYNNETT PATTESON "Katie" 'When I do something right, no one re- members. When Ido something wrong, no one forgets! JIMMY ELLIS PENNINGTON "Jimmy" 'lt isn't how high you go in life that counts, but how you got there.' RICHARD KEVIN PENNINGTON HCHSSIUSH 'Welcome to the junglef TAMMY MICHELLE PENNINGTON "Bootie Ball" 'Beauty is like the surf that never ceases, Beauty is like the night that never dies, Beauty is like a forest pool where peace is and a recurrent waning planet lies.' DANNY GROGEN PERDUE, JR. "Red" 'When you stop to think don't forget to start again! KELLY RAY PERDUE "Porky" 'I never let school interfere with my educationf Seniors E 7 1111 ' ,. ,,W+ 4 ,1fi,' il 23 Seniors MELISSA DAWN PERDUE :KMGIH 'lt is beauty that begins to please and tenderness that completes the charm .' MICHAEL LEE PERDUE "H3l'T1bOl'1e,' 'What we anticipate seldom occursg what we least expect generally happensl' TINA DARLENE PERDUE "Tina" 'The thing that goes the farthest to- T wards making life worthwhile, That Q costs the least, and does the most, is just a pleasant smile? WILLIAM LEE PERDUE "Billy" 'There's no sense aiming for a goal with no arrow in your bow.' BRETT MATTHEW RADER "Mule" 'The cat is in the parlor, the dog is in the lakeg The cow is in the hammock - what difference does it make?' DONALD GLENN RICHARDSON "Donald" 'The man who knows how will always find a place in life, but the man who knows why will likely be his boss! 24 RONALD RAY RICHARDSON "Ronald" 'There are too many people in too many cars in too much of a hurry going too many directions to get nowhere for nothingf GARY WAYNE ROBERTSON uGary:v 'There is a great man who makes every man feel small. But the real great man is the man who makes every man feel great.' SAMUEL SCOTT ROMBOW HRSITIOOH 'The right to swing your fist ends where someone eIse's face beginsf KATRINA ROCHELLE SHEALLY "Katrina" 'You can never tell what a woman is going to do, and if you could, she would probably do something elsel' Seniors 'ZR' MYRA LYNN SHREWSBERRY "Myra" 'lf there is a smile in your heart, you face will show it! RUSSELL KEITH SIMPSON "Russ" 'Be like the 22nd elephant with heated value in space - BARK!' 25 Seniors 26 ARNOLD WESTLEY SKEENS "WGS" 'Impossible is a word only to be found in a dictionary of fooIs.' MICHAEL LAWRENCE SMITH "Smitty" 'When all else fails, drive a Ford! CHARLES CLIFFORD SONGER "Cliff" 'Always put your best foot for- ward, but be careful not to trip over it.' MICHELLE RENEE sPICEn "Shell" 'In the beginning God created men, then he perfected it.' SPRING MELANIE STABLES "Spring-A-Ding" 'Half our lives are spent in wishing for tomorrowg the other half is in wish- ing for yesterday.' JAMES JASON STOWERS NJJII 'l'd rather push a Ford any day of the week than drive a Chevrolet? DONNIE LEE SUFIBEFI "Donnie Lee" 'Besides a beautiful girl, sleep is the most wonderful thing in the world.' JOHN LAWRENCE SWEIGART "Sweignut" 'Live life to the fullest, but don't forget to fill it with a 12-packi KIMBERLY DAWN TAWNEY "Kim" 'Life is like a mirror, If we frown at it, it frowns back. If we smile, it returns the greetingf TONYA LYNN THORNE "Tonya" 'About the time a girl loses her faith in fairy tales, she begins to believe in Seniors love? WILLIAM KEVIN THORNTON -'Billy' 'Knowledge becomes wisdom A only after it has been put to practical use." ERIC SIDNEY THWAITES "Eric" 'Nowadays every man wants life, liberty, and an automobile in which to pursue happiness? A, D 'Fe in--A F 90' it of., Seniors Mak EUGENIA DAWN VAUGHT "Genia" 'The fox of greatest cleverness is sought by many archers, I choose to lie low and prosper on innocencef NATHAN EUGENE VIA "Smiley" 'Success is a failure turned inside out. The silvery tint of the clouds of doubt, So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit, It's when things are worst that you must not quit.' STEPHEN MICHAEL WADE, JR. "Mike" 'I have the mind. I have the looks. I have the tools, I am the total packagel' ERESHA DELLA 28 WALDRON "Della" 'lf a man could say nothing against a character but what he can prove, history could not be writteni MELISSA CLEO WALDRON "Melissa" 'Today is my own special miracle. Only I can decide how it will be lived, only I can make it meaningful, only I can make it hap- pen? BRADFORD FRANKLIN WALKUP "Brad" 'If all the year were play- ing holidays, to sport would be as tedious as to , work! MARK DAVID WEISS "Beaver" '!WOW!' CHARLES ALAN WHEELER "Charlie" 'Man is the hunter, and woman is his game? REBECCA LYNNE WHEELER "LiI' Sis" 'May women's charm be dependent on neither eyes, hair, nor complex- ion, but on heart! DAVID EUGENE WHITE as "Gene" 'The artist who said there is no beauty in a straight line has never seen a baseball go over second base! JEFFREY FITZGERALD WHITE "Bubba" 'I am not the person who in- vented sin, I just pefected it.' BARBARA JO WHITTAKER "Bobbi JO" 'What a wicked web we weave, once we practice to de- ceivei Seniors 29 TROY LEE WILBURN "Ratt" Some men die with their boots on, but one foot is stuck to the accelera- tor if its a Ford.' DARLENE MICHELE WILEY "Missy" Today's beautiful moments are to- morrow's beautiful memories.' MELISSA LYNN WINKLER "Miss" 'lf God had not intended for women to shopg he would not have created malls? ERIN LYNN WOOD "Vanna" 'If you wonder which is the strongest sex, watch which one twists the other around her little fingerf CLASS OF '88 Our best years went by so very fast, Each golden memory warms my heart as I look at the past, We have been together all of these yearsg Now we look out ahead through the blinding tears. lt's almost over, it's all come to an end, lt's time to move on and make new friends. We've had our experiences, some good and bad, some right and wrong, It never made us weak inside, it only made us strong. We've shared so much together and grew with each heartbeatg lt's time for the working world, and the future we'Il soon meet. lt's hard to say good-bye to the ones we loved so well, Maybe we'll meet again, only time will tell. lt'll be a struggle to make a brand new start, Just hold on to the good times as we begin to part. The hardest moment will be looking at one another in our caps and gowns, All the thoughts will be tied as one, as we remember our ups and downs. We loved our faculty, our school, and our times at "Ragsdale Field", We'll always remember it in our minds, and keep it locked and sealed, Even though we're going our separate ways, don't let the memories part, We'll all be together again, and we'll stay together at heart. Though we're leaving each other, hold your chin up, don't cry, In our soul we know the class of '88 will never die!! - Whitney Evans Y 5 Q K 1 Z f I - f f!,'r'Z-5 411- W ,ja KX ZX f fx 'Nix ?' s" Underclassmen B!! Junior Class Gffioers Donna Ralph Judy Ray Susan Shaw H. L. White Ron Worrell Larry Viers fNot Picturedj v 'H gin. ... President- Holly Kelley Vice President- Nelson Law Secretary - Stacy Shrader Treasurer - Cathy Conley Reporter - Hollie Millirons Sponsors Mike Biggs Wilma Dunn Sam Level Cedella Pitzer Juniors 34 6- Q., bf pfv- E. 'M Danny Bird Jenny Blankenship Butch Blankenship Norman Broyles Lori Buckland Tina Calilung K bww Scott Carr Jamie Chambers Diane Christian Tammy Christian Tina Collins Cathy Conley Lee Conley Bruce Cumbee Michelle Davis Juniors William Davis Dawn Deeds Patty Dennis Danny Dent David Dent Donna Duncan Jeff Duncan Troy Ellis Chris Ferrell l J. R. Fleeman Lori Fleeman Roger Fleeman Steve Fleeman Anna Fleshman David Foltz 5,940 Z ww wiv , , A Q, ati..." ,BQ is-X NV f',Q'A,-3 at 'T KA it is nl' -5, I u MW. 1 3- ,,.,,,f W, lv Kr flu 35 Juniors J KX is 36 Lisa Frazier Alvin Gautier Karen Griggs Jill Hale Kristie Harman Ward Harris Gina Hart Lisa Harvey H. W. Hesson Ronnie Hesson Jerry Huffman Kevin Hughes Janet Jarrell Tammy Johnston Holly Kelley Steve Lambert Nelson Law Dwayne Lindsey Kim Linkous Dale Lloyd Cherie Martin Stacy Martin Chris Martin Joyce McCIaugherty Timmy McCIung Jason McCroskey Juniors Brian MCGIOthIin Butch Meadows Melissa Meadows Velvet Meadows 3-.x X 'ist L AS 37 Juniors Nicky Metro Hollie Millirons Heather Morris Timmy Myers Keith Pennington Franklin Perkins V 2 my awww Jeff Pitzer Jennifer Proffitt Leslie Ratcliff f 1' --' f .,.. 21233 - -' ,, k"' 'r"sr - ia- . P P H, rw ,,,.,M- W ,rf WE: . ..--,, I - Mbff,,'5LV H-I Rodney Rice Andrea Riffe Yvonne Robertson 38 Pam Robertson Amber Saiadiner Scott Simerly Wendy Shanaberger Stacy Shrader Markus Smith Kelly Snidow Kenny Snidow Juniors Ron Sokol Tracy Spangler Rodney Spicer Timmy Thomas 1 1 Sherry Thorne Chris Thornton Lisa Turner Kim Wade Becki Waikup Mary Beth Wood 39 Sophomore Class Officers President- Bridget Frazier Vice President- Johnni Powell Secretary - Sherri Nipper Treasurer - Amy Rakes Reporter - Dale Perdue rs Sponso Jacki B Il d D D I 1: P Gth Dee Atwood Jackie Bailey Kelli Beverly Billy Boggess Scott Brown Stephanie Browning Becky Broyles Chris Brust Kevin Buckland Jenny Canterbury Eddie Clark Dale Clark Sophomores ff! 2, Q at Thomas Clemons Matt Collins Lisa Crawford 41 Sophomores Q-xr' 42 If jf 1 N, I S Michael Dunbar Tony Dunford Amy Falls Stan Ferguson Joe Ferrell Amy Fleeman Matt Fleeman Bridget Frazier Clarence Gray Leslie Havens Lynne Hazelwood Heather Huffman Sonya Kinzer Matt Lowe Sue Matney Chris McCIaugherty Kim McFaII Brad McGIothIin Sophomores 217 Chris Meadows Burns Mullins Della Mullins , WL., 'Y-. Jody Myers Sherri Nipper ll' fb Vicki Ostrander Adam Perdue Brian Perdue Dale Perdue Shandra Perdue Heather Perkins Johnni Powell if srll '71, I ter Q.,q frx 43 Sophomores V. fy., Wig M, , 1542 Laura Price Amy Rakes Duane Rakes I Kristie Ratcliffe Anna Riddle Danny Riddle Angie Robertson Steven Robertson Chris Rombow 44 Kevin Rose Lester Sears David Shrader April Smith Tanya Smith Elizabeth Spicer Lee Stables Brian Stanley Leigh Ann Stowers Wanda Terry Greg Thompson Melinda Turner Sandra Vance John Waldron Shawn Waldron Jeff Wheeler Sophomores Gene Whitlow Todd Wilburn Sylvia Wimmer Charles Yopp Denise Young NOT PICTURED Adah Keaton Josephine Kinder 0 ., 1. 45 Freshman Class Officers President - Jeff Stewart Vice President- Brian Bowles Secretary - Billy Turner lnot pioturedl Treasurer - Kim Wheeler Reporter - Mason Bragg rs Sponso Corky Bal y Helen Bla kb Tully Larew B Marilyn Mustard Brenda Raymond lNot Picturedl 5 if Christine Brackenrich Steven Buckland Steven Burr Angela Clark Michael Clemons Freshmen Nina Adkins Robbie Blankenship Anthony Boggess Sodonia Bonds Jeffrey Bowden Brian Bowles 112539 ig,x Deborah Bowles Susan Bowles Jonathan Bowman Wesley Bradley Mason Bragg Z9 . 'G 'V r. , 'W L- 'W-. Qfrx xii x is bi ii xl kvrv' Vp... 47 Freshmen Jackie Coombe Scott Crotty Michelle Davis Joseph Dax Kyle Dent Chris Dunford was l ig, 152' Valerie Dunn 2 srrlrrriirrfiis r i Denise Eaton W" - liars?-egaszi by WW n Ag? i'uffff2i ff-4 Timothy Fields wg lii Mark Fleeman Keith Fleeman Stephanie Gautier 48 ski Laura Gentry Jammie Hale Anna Havens Melissa Hedrick Heather Lindsey Patrick Lloyd Donna Lucas Tammy Marshall Lisa Helms Audrea Hughes Kevin Hughes Heath Hyatt Bruce Johnson Bryan Johnson April Johnston Patricia Johnston Freshmen hw xr Carlos Keaton Rickie Kelley Chau Khuu Todd Lawrence 5 l H X 5 ,Hy is , J j L l W5 49 Freshmen "I , hr at ii-iv' 4- :Sf 1 WU' Gregory Martin Michael Martin Donna McKinney Julia Meadows Randy Meadows it aff, "" fg-,rs .w wrff , ' " lQf.fL,,21,:g ' Q K iv' J N W, ,.V' -g ng, ft,5gg5qflf,fW,Q,, Kenny Mosley Gary Mullins Brian Paczosa Carla Parcell Q iiii i d 50 Robert Patteson Pamela Pennington William Riddle Crystal Robertson Melissa Sanders Tamera Sears Q -90 Jeremy Sheally Randall Smith Christopher Sokol Freshmen WV Michael Spicer Jeff Stewart Stacey Taylor Kim Thornton Ruth Turner William Turner i Anthony Wall Susan Wall Christie Wheeler Kim Wheeler Dennis Whitlow James Young 51 Eighth Grade Officers 0. 41 President- Rodney Perdue Vice President- Kelly Lowe Secretary - Amy Ballard Treasurer - Shelly Conley Reporter - Christine Lambert Sponsors as ll N Bobbie B Bubbie Fr Sarah Me Debbie T John Woo Kenneth Blankenship Joshua Bowden Eddie Bowles Chuckie Buracker Tom Carter Kim Chambers Tanya Christian Eric Conley Lawrence Conley Shelly Conley Ricky Crotty Earl Cumbee Doug Dalton Scott Dalton Jennifer Davis April Day Marcie Atkinson Jerrod Bales Amy Ballard i Q-,, . ,Qi A if , s 4 Eighth Graders 'T Q lx' 1 53 E'ghth Graders -A -m-r'p"' E W We-. A , , w as Wiki fish-Wi: ' :A ,ef"i4mf,.e., , Z an J? "" ig! Michelle Dennis Patrick Denson Misty Dent 3 54 cyl Robin Donahue Kevin Dunford Shelly Epperly Brian Evans Angela Faris April Fleeman Melissa Fleeman Adam French Jody Gautier Richard Gautier Jo Beth Gibson Joy Gibson Elaine Harvey Paula Havens Marcus Hollar Brandi Hudson Hollie Hyatt Mindy Jones Sheila Journell Anthony Kast Diane Kellison Kimberly Kirk Christine Lambert Lori Lawrence Crystal Linkous Kelly Lowe Michelle Lowery Scott Lucas Sherri Lucas McCreery Mann Amy Martin Katrina Martin Eighth Graders I i 1' 7' 4 '1 ,lla l X Agn' if 32 -- 1 ' 'QU tl ., ff ,f Hr . y wwf x In Xl kv' 'bmw Kathy McGraw Anthony Meadows Stacey Meredith 'H QOH' ima' 'UQ W ' M.,,N. f- vfrf mmiwutmme??iY...,,,,,f t1w,, ,fgw, ,, vfm'i,, M W -- f." f r"' , ' '- , rrr, - f ' 11, 1 I ,or , . "' ,.l " R to ' if H M W''nfillftrrwlifitiiflt .f 'l-eriliiffii 1 .V ' W -if . .,-' ' Y A ' ' rrde 1 A -gaf-:1z,:. '--' tt, fffli 1 , 13,-'33,-Q,i,'211a 5534: - 1, V I yi-ffm?-15? t'-, 53" f y ,Q 1- tt't ' 11w Yy1ei11i'f an itll-S-1153, f- Q lnsliszewq , Hgqggg, 1,311 w- 1,41 if ry ff tgyggx ifijxljxjlul. 3 nr I Q1 1 56 ,lk Chad Mullins Tanya Mullins Lori Neal Amy Perdue Michelle Perdue Rodney Perdue James Perkins Mindy Pitzer Allen Ramsey Eric Ratcliffe Tammy Riddle Holly Robertson Waddie Robertson Vanessa Rose Robert Rucker Carma Short Stacy Songer Bryant Sparks Billy Spicer Jackie Steele Jamie Thorne James Thornton Chris Tiller Chris Via Valerie Wade Vanessa Wade Armond Wills Cathy Wilson Chris Wilson Leigh Ellen Wood Larry Woods Michael Yopp NOT PICTURED Kristen Johnston Katrina Tate John Walkup Kris Shrader Lara Shrader Sherri Simmons at T .-........- Yfiiililb N 13 x 'FQ oil JI. Io dll? ' "WM H- .filzj-g"r', , J, X Y ."'217'-'aa-ra "fri HWMK MQ J W' .Qs ' 1 .IMF f Vocational School ,ffl I "tw ' ' ,aw , 4 'QW 1955, Y , d 1 1 satl ' Q x ' I U 5 .,.,,, , W , COUI'l'ty A i i Vocational s r School Principal JERRY ALBERT B.S., M.S. Secretary Custodians! Bus Driver PATSY CARBAUGH Assistant Custodian!Bus Driver - JAY LAFON Custodian - ROY HOLT Welding Drafting fi? ED BREWSTER Nursing Q37 NANCY DOWDY Building Trades ED WILSON Practical Nursing lI'lStl'UCtOl'S NANCY DOWDY, R.N. lPre-Clinicall BARBARA MEREDITH, R.N. lClinicall C l Health Occupations Clubs of America Officers PRESIDENT - Melissa Meadows VICE PRESIDENT - Renee Gilmer 2S2255z2L:icf:ss22l2:?iO" NUfSiHQ,ASSiSlff1mS lgAR'LlA-YLENTARIANIHISTORIAN and Geflatflc Aldes egina orne 61 Cosmetology Instructor BARBARA BUCKLAND r oslz , 5 f fig r R ig. , Drafting Instructor ED BREWSTER Building Trades Instructor ED WILSON Welding lnStl'UCtOr nov BLEVINS Q Machine Shop Instructor ALVIN JONES Auto Mechanics Instructor HARRY YATES Auto Body Instructor EVERETT ELLIS , .. i -' " -' iklizfzw ' f -H 1.11-: ,.,, ,gf-zfggygi,21,1 i ,gg ,15gg,,gygg,3 W 3 i iw y ng! egg X 5 4 uk i ,', --np A v-7"".!1.'!'E 1: , ' ,I 1 ,L 1 V" '-4 ' f Ai -fi ,. 4!""4'i W1 .txt rf, " SEZ L12 it ' FA , .Q - Aitiv 4133 02 " fin Aff 1 -N., Faculty 8t Administration --f M Principal Assistant Principal ,. ff 1 . ARMISTEAD R BOOKER, JR. KURT R. HARRUP A.B., M.Ed. 43' Q-: l sr B.A., M.Ed. Virginia Military institute Lynchburg College King College University of Virginia Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Athletic Director Guidance CHARLES L. FRALEY, Ill B.S. Randolph-Macon College Psychology JOHN L. HAMBLIN ANN C. PATTESON B.S., M.S. B.S., M.S. College of William Emory and Henry College and Mary Radford University Radford University Sociology!Economics, English Facu ty and Staff CORKY P. BAILEY Reading JACKIE H. BALLARD Reading Aide ROBERTA K. BARNHILL B.S., M.S. Radford University Social Studies MICHAEL C. BIGGS A.S., B.S. New River Community College Concord College Mathematics, Computer Science ,f 2, HELEN A. BL CKBURN Radford U iversity Busi ess g DONNA K. BLANKENSHIP B.S. Concord College Librarian MAE CRABTREE Office Assistant LINDA P. DAUGHERTY B.S., M.S. Concord College Marshall University Science LORENE E DAVIS West Virginia Business College Bookkeeper DAVID T. DELP B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Industrial Arts WILMA C. DUNN B.S., M.S. Concord College Radford University Home Economics, Science RICHARD FRANKLIN Emory and Henry College Virginia Polytechnic Institute . and State University ' Physical Education Faculty and Staff ,, A '- N 1 kg, ti, be is r Faculty and Staff W THOMAS A. GENTRY B.S., M.S. Concord College University of Tennessee English WILLIAM GENTRY B.S. Concord College English, Journalism LARRY G. GREER B.S., M.S. Concord College West Virginia University Social Studies MALETA C. GUTHRIE B.S. Concord College Science LORINE A. LAMBERT Secretary TULLY LAREW B.S., M.S. Berea College West Virginia University Agriculture GEORGE S. LEVEL B.S., M.A. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Science KATHERN R MARTIN B.S., M.A. Radford University East Carolina College English SARA L. MENDES B.A. University of Virginia Spanish MARILYN D. MUSTARD B.S. Radford University Physical Education, Mathematics CEDELLA M. PITZER B.S., M.S. Radford University Ma'fl"l6maflCS DONNA J. RALPH B.A. Virginia Polytechnic and State University 3 English Faculty and Staff fm we M- lnstitute ri - ' 'Q . . ' ll - . s I .ao-4 --I Faculty and Staff "P'l'l JUDITH E. RAY B.S., M.S. Bluefield College Radford University Social Studies BRENDA D. RAYMOND B.S.M., B.S. Johnson Bible College University of Tennessee Learning Disabilities TONI R. ROBERTSON Radford University In-School Suspension Director KIMBERLY R. SCHARNUS Radford University Business SUSAN W. SHAW Concord College Art CLARA SKEENS Guidance Clerk Faculty and Staff DEBORAH TICKLE Concord College Physical Education, Science CHRISTINE K. VESTAL B.A., IVI.A. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Learning Disabililties WAYNE VIERS B.S. Concord College In-School Suspension Director H.L. WHITE B.S. East Tennessee State University Music JOHN WOODRUM B.S. Eastern Mennonite College Physical Education RONALD D. WORRELL B.S., M.S. Concord College Radford University Mathematics Honors W NIT. N.H.S. - Lee Blaker Ann Key Club Sweetheart - Melissa Perdue Old Dominion Boys' State Byron Brown Gerald Moulder Mike Wade Dominion f-was .. S -N,m,i ,..,::,, A ....,,.e M, Q ax E ...aa l 'Q' X Girls' S State Melissa Perdue Erin Wood Kelly Hale X ...w,..,.,.-t t.,. ,tr Gary Robertson if o t 3 Governor's Scnool Richard Greer Holly Kelley F t i9 Senior Class President Donald Richardson Daughters of the American Revolution fD.A.R.l Good Citizen Dawn Noble JW'-'N Sports Honors Basketball BYRON BROWN - 1st Team - NRD - 2nd Team - Region IV GLENN GARDNER - Hon. IVIen. - NRD ERIN WOOD - 1st Team - NRD fa I s.f I may . .V ,J ,,,m,f T . 5, I is .i , .oT, I. , El, ,TTTT I , GERALD MOUL- DER - Hon. Men. - NRD - Pitcher Wrestling Football GLENN GARDNER - Hon. Men. - NRD - tight end DWAYNE HARMAN - Hon. Men. - NRD - line backer XM Tennis RHONDA LAW- SON - NRD Tour- nament DWAYNE HARMAN - NRD - Region IV - State DANNY PERDUE - NRD GARY ROBERTSON - NRD - Region IV DAVID SHRADER - NRD BRIAN STANLEY - NRD - Region IV - State BILLY THORNTON - NRD - Region IV BRAD WALKUP - NRD - Region IV - State l Track BYRON BROWN - NRD - State - High Jump KELLY HALE - NRD - State - Shot Put 78 Volleyball KIM WADE - 2nd Team - NRD ERIN WOOD - 1st Team - NRD - 2nd Team - Region IV W , ' ' 4 54' - ,0' Q3iD' V 'il 114 4 ng, ' .I ,, "1 g .f ,f fi .-gf ww Av' " M Junior IVliSS FBLA Katrina Sneally Second Place Winner Miss FBLA Erin Wood First Place Winner Homecoming Kung - Byron Brown Queen - Erin Wood Court Seniors PRINCE Arnie Carbaugh PRINCESS Whitney Evans Juniors PRINCE Jeff Pitzer PRINCESS Cathy Conley Freshmen PRINCE Brian Bowles PRINCESS Christine Brackenrich Eighth Graders PRINCE Chucky Buracker PRINCESS Stacy Meredith 2 Sophomores PRINCE Dale Perdue PRINCESS Sherri Nipper Q, 1 0476? lax f" fs: ff-12. i 6? YS U , ,Q V Snow Queen Chelle Darr Snow Court Senior Princess KELLY HALE Sophomore Princess 3 SHERRI NIPPER 1 X 4 3 A Junior Princesses CATHY CONLEY JANET JARRELL Freshman Princess CHRISTINE BRACKENRICH Eighth Grade Princess STACY MEREDITH 1 SZ 1 il 1 83 Sports la--F Junior Varsity Football 4931 FIRST ROW QL to Rl: Scott Brown, Jon Bowman, Robbie Patteson, Matt Collins, Steve Burr, Todd Lawrence, Matt Fleeman, Rickie Kelley. SECOND ROW: Anthony Kast QManagerl, Timmy Fields, Mason Bragg, Gene Whitlow, Steve Robertson, Randy Smith, Keith Fleeman, Joe Ferrell, Chris Brust, Dale Perdue. THIRD ROW: Brian Bowles, Adam Perdue, Heath Hyatt, Brian Perdue, Tony Dunford, Kenny Mosley, David Shrader, Jeff Wheeler, Robbie Blankenship, Eddie Clark, Patrick Lloyd, Larry Greer fCoachJ. Coach Co-Captains Tony Dunford - Brian Perdue Sophomores Larry Greer 47 A ... . ,. Q L, -...,, fr , - K ,Q . t. ,. , X .A , W H .,, Q ,--fs 1 . ,- - N.. , J..-,, L. -1- Zi kv: . , vs sf - - ff.. at .2 L., ,EV 1 94-S FIRST ROW IL to RI: Eric Thwaites, Jeff Duncan, Kevin Hughes, Dwayne Lindsey, Brian Stanley, Matt Fleeman, Chris Rombow, Larry Sweigart, Sonny Frazier, Jason McCroskey, Gene White, Roger Fleeman. SECOND ROW: David Mabry lAssistant Coachj, Steve Lambert, Dale Lloyd, Butch Meadows, Chris Ferrell, Ronald Richardson, Brad Walkup, Donald Richardson, Danny Perdue, Rodney Rice, Kenny Snidow, Alvin Gautier, Matt Lowe lManagerJ. THIRD ROW: Bubbie Fraley lHead Coachj, Mike Perdue, Billy Kantsios, Bruce Cumbee, Mike Wade, Lee Blaker, Glenn Gardner, Byron Brown, Richard Greer, Kevin Buckland, Keith Dunford, Billy Thornton, Stan Ferguson lManagerJ, Rick Franklin lAssistant Coachj. Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Scoreboard Tazewell Christiansburg George Wythe Giles Peterstown Blacksburg Graham Carroll County Galax Radford G Varsity Football Coaches Bubbie Fraley, HEAD COACH Rick Franklin, ASSISTANT David Mabry, ASSISTANT Managers Stan Ferguson Matt Lowe Seniors FIRST ROW IL to Rl: Mike Wade, Ronald Richardson, Donald Richardson, Danny Perdue, Sonny Frazier, Larry Sweigart, Gene White. SECOND ROW: Mike Perdue, Keith Dunford, Eric Thwaites, Lee Blaker, Byron Brown, Glenn Gardner, Richard Greer, Billy Kantsios, Brad Walkup. Seniors QT 1 . 1 ' ,,,,,, f , I ,K , 'M WA 3, , , ff, nf! 1.I , ,Wir .,,. 'ff' , - Lfiwf' Lee Blaker Byron Brown Keith Dunford y if .A f 'Q,f, ' ' 1.. . f' f , 13145 K . ,. N . , vine, fr . M .W 5, H It 9 -V., 5. H 5 X Y,,-gsm.-..a if-f. V.L.vf- 5' , 44,.,,.. -- ,taxi -, ,Jeff "4 ' .t, '12, ' 5, ff' 1 .- -M Jax.:-,' V -+f'i55i5Q, . , J lfgftfil uv 4,14 ig, , B.. I 2' .. , We , me . w ,-i4,,5,,,.i:, B' l -A , ,, ' Q.- Glenn Gardner Richard G puff G ,NNHJQI-,f.,?yl4fw7: I N,,,iQ ,,,5'i'...'7 QM .A , reer Billy Kantsios , f VLV, L VV,. z wg T! if f 1, ,N E 1,,,!,5,w, Q, ,tegfp ,Q I ,t ,, r ra iffy' is gl' W yy f , N N Sonny Frazier R " '-a' cf G' .. if ' Q I ,, ,,,, M'l,f.lf?A:4,,55hg22Y M,-w,.,.+ ,l,,g!,Qgi,: gay , ' 1- ,,,, . , f new ,, 4.1. . hlgigm f wafvfl ibf,,Jy,, M3 gf ' ,',' X jp. W Q, - d rag" .gy f Danny Perdue .Q K K . , ...oo .,.,,, 'rf' j .: fi' W3 4 'iitlfi . 1: ' -1 1' fb Y ' - i gfie-Hg ' j i' ' . xr I K ' 9, y y , fl Q, , ti 0 ,A fi. 'V . ' ,gfggg K .e.w.f,,, ts .. A X' -if . ,,,...: .2151 ,Q '57 sit- T' N 5- A if-ij'LP6, ,. 51,-:Z 5 in .. j " 3 :W I X 3 Six, w ,y A . I +533 -,f,4f'fi.1 T49 -:xi ' - W, -fwg r-K . ga, . Qzfaw -fl Nag U, ,fx -lg, A . A fp .37 f , ,ri mf i, .J y gf? Sffwafil - -1 . f f, . G tgyfffagfgi 1 l,.ra . -Hazen-vw ff G n f E, M-:gg Wy:-ag,,Qg,fr vw- , ' - R ,Q .iw Mem f..,,,., " ' 'I' 'L' ,f-3 '-'4f, A- . in - ., ,. F, . ' - - ' Tfw sb' W 1 1 I . , aria-api' 'fa , - -2 K' Q. -' K K ' " :ma - -" 1 ,. :clam l',. .-Jf-,-:mf xg Mike Perdue Donald Richardson Ronald Richardson Larry Sweigart f . tp-wr-iglmnpr ' ,, ' --r- - ,I , G- E " ' -' IWW -'- fl if - . We 'l'i i ' . 1, ,. iImE ,, , L 5, P K Q, 5g' I N ,sh B K I Q ' - 12' 7 is J' . t- ,W , 'Y - - ,,.. .'c. ,Q ,L I K i , K Lk - - , 'v ' " oro. 1 .iel t, G " ' , M' . X 'iil . ' V 'fiifi .. i 4- , gt " f ' , ,-"A mg. l, at G, ff' it 1 R M M . , c to G, A J 1 l al-' 1 . - f ., t . t ' Q v o -- M ' - . A . , I A M A ,,b. E V,:A,h2fY4.Q:LLv, 31, V L vw' Q i W .gan ,L .ff A A,AL. I A 5 hilly milf' " if rr gg Qlflhiai - ., f f igawf'-M ' -Q Ji, is:-:gj,:V,Si:a'1' Sifififfif sun, an -LL. A - .Am 37, A vqLls.3,1f:,A,-.gqvuv W V., 6 ., in Fx 5: ,iii ,,535W,,, " W' -a " i.hA 'cali . L ,,,' , 'Biff -1 if L, ,f , yfaeeia r 'B 'M' P i' 1 e , ,, .K .. , , W , ,. . 0..,M,, , wr at . ,.,,w..t- , for " "f., + al l ' A " f f d? w r "mf-V amiga 'Si . 'w.,- f N53-'i . Z sa , g1'Q1Qj 3'g, iz.Q5f ?, - 1 gwfee t, - " -P ' f . ff" G" r Q f-r fw wwf - ' 1xHi.w -'91 . wfffyr- 9551- -: V 52 , 1 -P-sf:-of-,Q - fs Q" -9 f' A 5 M L A,-11+ - fx. W -l 1 -. . ff-, ...lem ,i an 1, h i ,vamewav f ,... ,, ts, 1, cw.. ,, . ,. ygegwt f"'1,w.i-' 'WSW 'K '-we 5133? " -s ,'Q-Vip? '.-'. Y fffwfifl t f 1,51 7 Mil ,oio 1 iw'-, 2. ,S , ' ',fwaf. g' , " s'-l - 1 .iz asf '5o'ffI,-S-it " Billy Thornton Eric Thwaites Mike Wade Brad Walkup Gene White 87 Eighth Grade Football FIRST ROW QL to RJ: Adam French, Anthony Meadows, Chris Shrader, Chris Tiller, Waddie Robertson, Chris Via, Eddie Bowles. SECOND ROW: Tinker Wills, Mike Hughes, Pete Woods, Larry Conley, Earl Cumbee, Robert Rucker, Scott Dalton. THIRD ROW: Wayne Gautier, Assistant Coach. Tommy Carter, Rodney Perdue, Kelly Lowe, Jody Gautier, Chucky Buracker, Billy Joe Spicer, Chris Hughes, Jamie Thorne, Howard Spencer Head Coach. Co-Captains Coaches Kelly Lowe, Rodney Perdue, Howard Spencer, HEAD COACH Pete Woods, Waddie Robertson Wayne Gautier, ASSISTANT Chucky Buracker 88 Boys' Junior Varsity Basketball QL to Rl: Chris Meadows, Mark Fleeman, Bruce Johnson, Steve Buckland, Mason Bragg, Kenny Mosley, Mike Dunbar, Brian Bowles, Jeff Stewart, Scott Crotty, Matt Fleeman, Kevin Rose. Coach Sophomores lL to Rl: Chris Meadows, Matt Fleeman, Mike Dunbar, Kevin Rose. Bubbie Fraley 89 Boys' Varsity Basketball 8 .3 Q FIRST ROW QL to RJ: Donnie Surber, Brian Perdue, Jerry Huffman, David Dent, Cliff Songer, Danny Bird, Roger Fleeman. SECOND ROW Rodney Rice Patrick Foltz, Gerald Moulder, Glenn Gardner, Byron Brown, Lee Blaker, Richard Greer, Gene White. Co-Captains Glenn Gardner Byron Brown 90 Scoreboard Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Narrows Graham Giles Auburn George Wythe Peterstown Peterstown Giles Blacksburg Christiansburg Peterstown Radford Carroll County Giles George Wythe Blacksburg Auburn Graham Christiansburg Radford Carroll County NRD Tournament 49 Blacksburg Coach John Woodrum Seniors Lee Blaker Byron Brown Glenn Gardner fl Richard Greer Gerald Moulder an ag Cliff Songer Donnie Surber Gene White 91 Girls' Varsity Basketball E kai "3 3 4 IM, mfg ,AVE '5 l M -arf , ,, QL to Rl: Kristie Harman, Shandra Perdue, Melissa Perdue, Susie Buracker, Jenny Blankenship, Laura McDaniel, Erin Wood, Stacy Martin, Holly Kelley, Patrica Dennis. Co-Captains Coach Scoreboard Narrows Graham Narrows Tazewell Narrows Peterstown Narrows Tazewell Narrows Blacksburg Narrows Christiansburg 5 E Narrows Graham WAVE I Narrows Giles Narrows George Wythe Narrows Radford Narrows Peterstown Narrows Carroll County Narrows Blacksburg Narrows Christiansburg Narrows Giles Narrows George Wythe Narrows Radford Narrows 22 Carroll County 60 NRD Tournament Narrows 31 George Wythe 50 Susie Buracker Laura McDaniel Eflfl Wood Mike Biggs 92 . I H 63-53,9 43 Susie BUl'aCk6f Melissa P6I'dU6 Laura MCDaI'Ii6l i i XSREEJ y q - img -an ,ge 9 Kris fff f . E S 5 E3 ' nv: Q . ,.., ,Y L t l --.,,,-A ' , , v is at ' . 1 - ceq .,,- . , .5 5 Erin Wood Jenny Blankenship Patricia Dennis 4 3 ms IAVE C Kristie Harman Holly Kelley Stacy Martin Shandra Perdue 93 Girls' Junior Varsity Basketball LL TO Rl: Crystal Linkous, Leigh Wood, Jackie Steele, Laura Price, Lori Lawrence, Holly Robertson, Kristen Johnson, April Fleeman 'Q Debbie Tickle Co-Captains Kelly Lowe, Rodney Perdue Coach Kenny Blankenship, Jerrod Bales tManagerJ. Girls' Eighth Grade Basketball IRST ROW lKneelingl: Amy Ballard. SECOND ROWQ L to RJ: Cathy Wilson, Sherry Simmons, Kim Kirk, Lara 8 der, Tanya Christian, Carma Short, Mindy Pitzer, Katrina Martin. QL to Rl: Eric Conley fManagerl, Billy Jo Spicer, Kelly Lowe, Tinker Wills, Rodney Perdue, Chris Via, Boys' Eighth Grade Basketball Manager Sm ,, M Amy Ballard Coach ,L w iw ,S Marilyn Mustard 95 Varsity Co Captains Kim Wade Erin Wood FIRST ROW lL to Rl: Stacy Martin, Kim Wade, Susie Buracker. SECOND ROW: Andrea Riffe, Renee Gilmer. THIRD ROW: Erin Wood, Kelly Hale, Laura McDaniel. Volleyball Coach Junior Varsity Debbie Tickle FIRST ROW lL to Rl: Vanessa Rose, Lori Buckland, Anna Riddle, Crystal Robertson. SECOND ROW: Lynne Hazelwood, Amy Perdue, Debbie Bowles, Lori Lawrence, Crystal Linkous. THIRD ROW: Kristie Ratcliffe, Laura Gentry, Cristy Wheeler, Tanya Smith. 96 Golf ,clk 9' Inv' W' tk. Norman Broyles David Dent David Foltz Nick Metro ' l l Coach an be Jeft Pitzer Brett Rader Kevin Rose Chris Thornton Bi"Gem'Y Girls' Tennis - 1987 Boys' Tennis - 1987 r s W - tb' N, X l Bruce Cumbee, David Foltz, George Kantsios, Steve Lambert, Timmy Skeens, Eddie Whittaker, Charles Yopp. Lori Buckland. Dawn Deeds, Rhonda Lawson, Stacy Martin, Joyce McClaugherty, Heather Morris, Lynn Morris. Anna Riddle, Erin Wood. Coach '- Mike Burton Coach 1 Frank Allen 97 La , , Wrestling ,few ,, V - A gf:,::, .S -,f5, FIRST ROW QL to Rl: Keith Fleeman, Brian Stanley, Rickey Kelley, Scott Brown, Jim Harman QCoachj. SECOND ROW: Chris Brust, Billy Thornton, Gary Robertson, Brad Walkup, Danny Fleeman, David Shrader. NOT PICTURED: Dwayne Harman. State Regional Brian Stanley, Brad Walkup Dwayne Harman fCenterl Gary Robertson, Brian Stanley, Billy Thornton, Brad Walkup Dwayne Harman fCenterJ ':3:5E55 'f5'." : T5:i f Ease ifififii -X -aa Q 1 'T is we District T Dwayne Harman fCenterJ T W' iii- 'M Ewa, Gary Robertson Danny Perdue EEE it ,,, Billvthofnfon l S my it :W wzftimterwaserseal5fgpsasszafar,gq,fi,,gw ,M the 5 ' 1 1. Bfad Wa'kUP ., ..,' ,.,. , , David Shrader lali fti V ,ll bf Jim Harman , 4 ' '..,, - 41 5 ' iff 'F' E3 if ei: ,A ,A Vk V M, I' llit t tt... ..,t.. a t .,,, at .,.,. ...,, T, ' O' r .,.,.,,, ,,,,,, ,.,, ,,,,, - 1 H U El - , - 'S ' ntl" 'n" I ln"' , , 1 r , mf R tio E ' Ii we 5 X E 1 0 is fa "tt . ,V X Y " : t Q El 1 f , T , , , l 5 x K Q twgigf Si l r ' 2 ' Y 1 at R We S W K F X n 2 Elm aa at Q t it .MF T fl ' ' 5 at ii M ' . 5 ,. W 1 ,i t sate! w a si.. 3 E f , .za ' BEISGDEIII - Spring 1987 13'- Kevin BUCKIHHG Eddie Clark Andy Collins Brian Cooper Jeff Duncan C' 'UK 4. ,4 Q I ff 1 X Joe Ferrell Sonny Frazier Billy Kantsios Matt Lowe Chris McCIaugherty X .. N...- ,, fl Brad McGlothlin Timmy Myers Gerald Moulder Burns Mullins Billy Perdue Man YI-N., ,fi Lester Sears Chris Spangler Scott Thompson Gene White Jon Bowman HEAD COACH Coaches ASSISTANT Rick Franklin Bryan Patteson iv Chris Dunford WZTT7 K wi 99 "l2i0'2t it d,"9"" A Q. -1 1 s W.,- , u Boys Varsity Track .5 . 1987 L A ny lg.. .V A M. , , f S lr . R I .. . .. , l QS? ' .3131 . ' ' r - s 3. Q ze' LIS! m y ,xmAh . M . af , t'fi, figgr T 'mat C95 '19 ! A ia 3-9 1249 . S it ' 2221. 7 ' Iv' I L X kj I A fs if W 'N 5 ,rx Q. I i"kf.x 1, up v . .3 .., f 3 , ' " I 5. ' 1,-If :px B. Brown, S. Brown, S. Carr, C. Ferrell, M. Fleeman, H. Harless, N. Law, S. Lucas, L. Martin, T. Parton, M. Perdue, D. Richardson, R. Richardson, C. Rombow, D. Shrader, S. Simerly, B. Stanley, T. Thomas, K. Thompson, B. Thornton, M. Wade, B. Walkup. HEAD COACH - Bubble Fraley ASSISTANT - David Mabry Boys Eighth Grade fr Track - 1987 .1 . ly 4. at . if 'ii Q gs f at 5. ' ' 3' 1. '. .,,,. rf rlr Q.:-' yew s... R. Blankenship, J. Bowden, S. Burr. K. Fleeman, M. Fleeman, H. Hyatt, R. Kelley, T. Lawrence, P. Lloyd, K. Mosley, J. Stewart. COACH - David Mabry 100 5' 5 ag Vu l , is Q , - . W. O ' ,A K 2 , Q- W J 5 "W "' . - ... 'Qi l S. Buracker, T. Collins, W. Evans, M. Farley, R. Gilmer. K. Hale, K. Harman, H. Huffman, J. Jarrell, S. Jones, A. Kelley, H. Kelley, L. McDaniel, S. Nipper, D. Noble, V. Ostrander, M. Perdue, S. Perdue, J. Powell, L. Price, J. Proffitt, K. Spicer, K. Wade, E. Clark lMgrQ. COACH - Debbie Tickle GWB ?7 . dw 'H lk- L X e ' 1 K f W V D. Bowles, S. Bowles, C. Brackenrich, P. Clark, J. Coombe, V. Dunn, L. Gentry, A. Hughes, C. Khuu, T. Marshall, D. McKinney, C. Robertson, T. Sears, R. Turner, C. Wheeler qMgrj. COACH - Debbie Tickle FRONT ROW CL to Rl: Heather Huffman, Bridget Frazier. SECOND ROW: Christine Brackenrich, Amy Rakes, Valerie Dunn. THIRD ROW Stephanie Gautier, Donna McKinney, Ruth Turner, Kelli Beverly. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Sponsor Judy Ray FRDNT: Dawn Deeds. SECOND ROW QL to RJ: Terri Lilly, Lynn Morris, Tonya Thorne. THIRD ROW: Tina Calilung, Angie Kelley, Kim Tina Collins, Stacy Shrader. Varsity Cheerleaders Football Sponsor Ann Patteson su.. N . -'sk 4 . , i 6 i ,+R I V "". A. fx ' Qu ' "A ff Q, I. s W X fi ,V ,ws , 3 , -, H 4 ' .-'i' A 494 V .L Q . ' v ' 1 ' 1 ' ' . L5 v, Y . K '. Y N " ' i k. .. 4' H K 1 ht , a K . 9 1 , A, '., A . ' ' ' s. K M , was K 5 V ' . V x px gk 'h , , K sw- Y Z, L1 ,. in ,, . ' g X, , D ', f - L w C Q .1 'ri A .x 1 Q K .Qing m ' 'L K 4,-. , . , 4 sb 1. ,g.. ,V . 5 ...W K - gs: 1 We - .. , Q N , . . A -'Q ' ' :fi L Sf 5 .. ' ' - Q f ,. Q X Z ' ' X ' ' K . i, L M I 1 4 557 - m S V . V x NG b V sdnia M i ' - s -- ' - M,,.,.,. .E . ,win , R , .P . . -pjfg f ' 5 Riff' S. , 5' 1 I -.rf iv -f W ,J .-, 1 HQ, 5' .V K ,X 4' w . .. .. V , si A Z ' , er, s nf . V x I , w ' 4: 1 X1-fm. ,Y O, , 1 ' 1 I .iv ' f :A "T X.. gif- 4 s W N KE xg 'Tk ,N Q-...XV-3,-I X? Ns X. if I-,ref Wag, X NT f , :W r .1 I'-, X, KA K .M f - M f A4 ff, M : wx 1 yf V' W J A -mf-,-A., Y' I fa Rig-ff4ixp W 'Wx t Y , ,df Activities X 4 1 L,.--.-.-si l l i - L Annual Staff Wwe N Assistant Editor an Circulation Manager Editor-in-Chief Co-Editor Erin Wood V N, ' Katrina Sheally Business -t B Manager Kristie Ratcliffe Business Laura McDaniel Photographer Sponsor Susie Buqackef Renee Gilmer K ll H l e y ae Lenny Martin Dawn Noble Tonya Thorne Bobbie Whittakel H.L. White Helen Blackburn Melissa Winkler i 4 10 Photography Sponsor ooooo to . . White FIRST ROW QL to Ry: Brad McGlothlin, Tina Perdue, Eddie Clark, Heather Morris. SECOND ROW: Sue Matney, Jenny Canterbury, Jeff Wheeler, Brian McGlothlin, Alan Ganoe, Jeff White, Wes Skeens, Chris Brust. Journalism Sponsor Bill Gentry FIRST ROW QL to RQ: Sonya Kinzer, Katie Patteson, Bill Gentry iSponsorj, Katrina Sheally. SECOND ROW: Kelli Beverly, Angie Robertson, Steve Thornton, Eric Thwaites, Gene Whitlow, Russ Simpson, Elizabeth Spicer, Wanda Terry, Eugene Via, Leslie Ratcliff, Myra Shrewsberry. 106 5 X if x x 3 l....,lc 5j:,Q. T f'-fq.-.,. A Officers PRESIDENT - Mike Wade VICE-PRESIDENT - Stacy Shrader SECRETARY - Eddie Clark TREASURER - Matt Fleeman fNot Picturedl Sponsor T m entr 0 G Y Class Members QL to Rl Mary Beth Wood, Melissa Winkler, Andrea Riffe, Carol Green Angela Kelley Amy Ballard Brett Rader Jennifer Proffitt Michelle Spicer Holly ,,. S z.,g,.a5ig' At. X , X . S Key Club FIRST ROW QL to RJ: James Hamric, Richard Greer, Mike Wade, Glenn Gardner, Byron Brown, Cliff Songer, Rick Franklin lSponsorJ. SECOND ROW: Nelson Law, Keith Dunford, Wes Skeens, Jeff Pitzer, Ward Harris. THIRD ROW: Gene Whitlow, Donald Richardson, Brian Stanley, Jerry Huffman, Jeff Wheeler, Tony Dunford, Duane Rakes. FOURTH ROW: Brad Walkup, Stan Ferguson, Burns Mullins, Chris McClaugherty, Michael Dunbar, Brian Perdue. FIFTH ROW: Lee Blaker, Sonny Frazier, Gerald Moulder, Billy Kantsios, Brett Rader, Norman Broyles. , mn frf' ' 'I "'., 3 I' X MI f N Y ' 7 Y fa. rs R aj u" Sponsor PRESIDENT - Mike Wade VICE-PRESIDENT - Glenn Gardner SECRETARY - Byron Brown TREASURER - Don Richardson REPORTER - Lee Blaker Rick Franklin 108 Keyette Club l 2, is A L, FlRST ROW QL to Ri: Cedella Pitzer lSponsorJ, Dawn Noble, Kelly Hale, Laura McDaniel, Susie Buracker. SECOND ROW: Carol Green, Tonya Thorne, Kristie Ratcliffe, Ann Howard, Leigh Anne Stowers, Sandra Vance, Genia Vaught, Dawn Deeds, Tina Calilung, Becky Wheeler. THIRD ROW: Lisa Turner, Kim Linkous, Heather Morris, Kim Wade, Elizabeth Spicer, Erin Wood, Tina Perdue, Tina Collins, Holly Kelley, Jennifer Proffitt. fNot pictured - Johnni Powellj. Sponsor Officers Q S gs 2 i E as E r s A PRESIDENT - Dawn Noble VICE-PRESIDENT - Kelly Hale SECRETARY - Hollie Millirons Cedella Pitzer TREASURER - Laura McDaniel REPORTER - Susie Buracker 1 09 National Honor Sooiety M if 'N S Y 5 I I fa mir Q if 7 Wil FIRST ROW IL to RI: Linda Daugherty fSponsorI, Laura McDaniel, Susie Buracker, Missy Wiley, James Hamric. SECOND ROW: Mary Lawson, Bryan Frazier, Dawn Noble, Genia Vaught, Tonya Thorne, Melissa Waldron. THIRD ROW: Richard Greer, Alan Ganoe, Brett Rader. NATIONAL HONOQ SOCIETY Qs W 62 ? ll JI .SLI Sponsor H Linda Daugherty PRESIDENT LauraMcDanleI VICE PRESIDENT Susie Buracker SECRETARY - Missy Wiley TREASURER - James Hamric Spanish Club FIRST ROW QL to Rl: Sarah Mendes tSponsorJ, Vickie Ostrander, Brian Perdue, Anthony Crotty, Tina Collins. SECOND ROW: Brian Stanley, Susie Buracker, Dawn Deeds, Bridget Frazier, Sherri Nipper, Brian Bowles, Bobbie Jo Whittaker. THIRD ROW: Mlke Dunbar, Lenny Martin, Nina Adkins, Sandra Vance, Missy Winkler, Crissy Lucas, Bryan Frazier, Kevin Pennington, Jenny Canterbury, Tanya Smith, James Hamric, April Day. FOURTH ROW: Rickie Kelley, David Dent, Tony Boggess, Bruce Johnson, Christine Brackenrich, Valerie Dunn, Missy Songer, Angela Clark, Scott Brown, Kristen Johnston, Mindy Pitzer, Anna Havens, Crystal Robertson. FIFTH ROW: Michael Clemons, April Fleeman, Katie Patteson, Tina Perdue, Michelle Orey, Chelle Darr, Cliff Songer, Chris McClaugherty, Burns Mullins, Steve Burr, Gary Mullins, Chucky Buracker. SIXTH ROW: Amy Rakes, Anna Riddle, Kim Linkous, Andrea Riffe, Scott Crotty, Elizabeth Spicer, Shelley Epperly, Audrea Hughes, Ruth Turner, Kim Wheeler, Laura Gentry, Becky Broyles, Della Mullins. SEVENTH ROW: Heather Huffman, Eddie Clark, Heather Morris, Tina Calilung, Lori Buckland, Jeff Pitzer, Matt Fleeman, Jeff Wheeler, Duane Rakes, Mark Fleeman, Kristie Ratcliffe, Lisa Crawford. EIGHTH ROW: Lynne Hazelwood, Donna McKinney, Steve Robertson, Brad Walkup, Denny Whitlow, Chris Sokol, James Young, Tonya Thorne, Becky Wheeler, Larry Sweigart, Mark Weiss, Heather Perkins, Shandra Perdue. NINTH ROW: Johnni Powell, Lisa Turner, Timmy Thomas. Sponsor Officers .. ,W is ily FSS -K . fix t 5 Q31 .,..,. 2. gg S 3 K-at 51 i ge are .. ,, s Pi ,E PRESIDENT - Vicki Ostrander ,,.: H H VICE-PRESIDENT - Brian Perdue SECRETARY - Anthony Crotty Sarah Mendes TREASURER - Tina Collins Chris Vestal fNot Picturedl 111 Future Business Leaders of America FIRST ROW lL to RJ: Kim Scharnus lSponsorl, Katrina Sheally, Erin Wood, Dawn Noble, Heather Perkins, Genia Vaught. SECOND ROW: Julia Meadows, Crystal Robertson, Carol Green, Amber Saladiner, Christy Wheeler, Tamera Sears, Tammy Pennington, Spring Stables, Tammy Marshall. THIRD ROW: Denise Eaton, Donna Lucas, Anna Fleshman, Sherry Thorne, Stacy Shrader, Terri Lilly, Angela Kelley, Anna Riddle, Wendy Shanaberger, Brenda Conley. FOURTH ROW: Myra Shrewsberry, Angie Robertson, Tina Perdue, Michelle Orey, Crissy Lucas, Della Waldron, Kristie Ratcliffe, Nikki Gray, Johnni Powell. - iii-1 Officers wmmefm some urunz B usmzss L :mens LA mgnicn Sponsor -" Kim Scharnus PRESIDENT - Katrina Sheally VICE-PRESIDENT - Erin Wood SECRETARY - Dawn Noble TREASURER - Heather Perkins REPORTER - Genia Vaught 112 Y .,,. . -. .f.- :ff if f., ,.f.-,. af: -f,-. we-. sqmwffemf:el,fmfmm.:f:wf:,wff:-:amazewe Future Homemakers of America fx. u . U Q, FIRST ROW fL to RJ: Dawn Noble, Carol Green, Angela Clark, Crystal Robertson, Tamera Sears. SECOND ROW: Julia Meadows, Velvet Meadows, Paula Havens, Stacy Songer, Carma Short, Kim Chambers, Michelle Perdue, Lori Neal, Angie Faris, Pam Pennington, Chau Khuu, April Johnston. THIRD ROW: Michelle Dennis, Heather Hyatt, Donna Lucas, Tanya Mullins, Stacy Meredith, Kim McFaII, Sandra Vance, Anna Havens. FOURTH ROW: Jackie Steele, Holly Robertson, April Day, Susan Bowles, Tammy Christian, Mindy Pitzer, Leigh Anne Stowers. Aim UU: K ffwk 0,1 lull!!! ln'-1, I ,ag ,lv Officers 1' Q00 V Sponsor J PRESIDENT - Dawn Noble VICE-PRESIDENT - Carol Green SECRETARY - Mary Lawson TREASURER - Angela Clark REPORTER - Tamera Sears HISTORIAN - Crystal Robertson Wilma Dunn 113 Technology Education Club c ' Near SQ if-W-39 X STEELERb FIRST ROW QL to Rl: Stan Ferguson, Richard Gautier, David Deip lSponsorl. SECOND ROW: Kevin Rose, Dale Lloyd, Wesley Bradley. THIRD ROW: Brian Perdue, Jeff Stewart, Kevin Hughes, Jeremy Sheally. FOURTH ROW: David Shrader, Adam Perdue, Richard Greer, Dale Perdue. 114 Sponsor David Delp Officers PRESIDENT - Richard Greer VICE-PRESIDENT - Donnie Surber SECRETARY-TREASURER - Richard Gautier REPORTER - Jeff Stewart HISTORIAN - Dale Lloyd 2 x 5 i E Q 2 E 5 Future Farmers of America I 7 ,2a.,,,, , FIRST ROW lL to RJ: Anthony Meadows, Kenny Blankenship, John Walkup, Eddie Bowles, Jason Stowers, Larry Sweigart, Chris Tiller, Kevin Dunford, Alan Ramsey, Brian Sparks, Eric Conley. SECOND ROW: Tully Larew lSponsorl, Todd Lasrence, Lester Sears, Brian Paczosa, Billy Spicer, Jo Ferrell, Keith Fleeman, Charles Yopp, Jamie Hale, Patrick Lloyd, THIRD ROW: Heath Hyatt, Kenny Mosley, Kyle Blankenship, Kevin Buckland, Charlie Wheeler, Charlie Blankenship, Walkie Blankenship, Troy Wilburn, Gene White. ,Remus 0, Om O fl0fv '7 of A, ,599 o fF iF 4' 'J Ljczf 1 EGU O4'Cu0'9 Sponsor TVULT' u u 4 , la Officers PRESIDENT - Donnie Surber VICE-PRESIDENT - Gene White SECRETARY - Charlie Wheeler Tully Larew TREASURER - Jason Stowers 115 Ecology Club FIRST ROW IL to Ri: April Smith, Russ Simpson, Eric Thwaites, Kelli Beverly, Lynn Morris, Mike Mullins, Bill Thornton, Sam Level ISponsorj. SECOND ROW: Stacy Martin, Becky Broyles, Bobbie Whittaker, Joyce McClaugherty, Crissy Lucas, Bryan Frazier, Denise Young, Missy Winkler, Della Waldron, Nina Adkins. THIRD ROW: Genia Vaught, Amber Saladiner, Sonya Kinzer, Amy Fleeman. FOURTH ROW: Patty Dennis, Kristie Harman, Laura Price, Anna Fleshman, Lisa Harvey, Michelle Spicer, Ann Howard, Melissa Clemons, Alan Ganoe. FIFTH ROW: Anthony Wall, Gene Whitlow, Kevin Buckland, Jerry Huffman, Eddie Clark, Bridget Frazier, Lenny Martin, Brian Ferguson. Officers Sponsor if Z 1 . fl 3 . 3 ',' I 5 I I I l t I ffl 5 ' I PRESIDENT - Russ Simpson VICE-PRESIDENT - Eric Thwaites SECRETARY - Kelli Beverly TREASURER - Lynn Morris REPORTER - Brad McGlothIin Sam Level MASCOT - Mike Mullins 116 QL to RJ Patty Dennis Stacy Songer April Smith Ruth Turner Marcie Atkinson Michelle Spicer Stacy Meredith, April Day, Lori Neal, Leslia Havens, Tonya Thorne Brett Rader Kristen Johnston E Q gh x ,IRT '? Narrows " . N":lV'3i High School FEEEEEQQQ Choir V57Rg:7 ff' ff f S x y , f -ii:-a f ? if Director H. L. White 117 ii? . V ...WW .x.. V. ,.-.. ,N ., .,., ,X 3 ' , wmw mt. .. fg... W... ,,,. , , 39 Director Narrows High School Band Drum Majorette 41. 118 H. L. WHITE HOLLIE MILLIRONS Flag Carriers Majorettes FIRST ROW QL to RJ: Chelle Darr, Anna Riddle, Jill Hale, Carol Green, Amber Saladiner. Debbie Bowles SECOND ROW: Cathy Conley, Tammie Johnston, April Smith, Dawn Noble, Heather Tina Perdue Kim McFall Morris, Sherry Thorne. Lori Buckland Pep Band All Regional Band Vickie Ostrander Brett Rader Officers PRESIDENT - Lynn Morris VICE-PRESIDENT - Hollie Millirons SECRETARY-TREASURER - Brett Rader REPORTER - Dawn Deeds Boys' Monogram Club Q- ' . FlRST ROW QL to RJ: Danny Perdue, Byron Brown, Roger Fleeman, Billy Thornton, Richard Greer. SECOND ROW: Mike Perdue, Mike Wade, Anthony Crotty, Larry Sweigart, Donnie Surber. THIRD ROW: Brad Walkup, Ronald Richardson, Butch Blankenship, James Hamric, Lenny Martin. FOURTH ROW: Dwayne Harman, Dale Lloyd, Gene White, Jeff Duncan, Gerald Moulder. FIFTH ROW: David Dent, Jeff Pitzer, Glenn Gardner, Chris Ferrell, Bruce Cumbee. SIXTH ROW: Lee Blaker, Kevin Hughes, Brett Rader, Jason McCroskey, Butch Meadows. SEVENTH ROW: Sonny Frazier, Alvin Gautier, Kelly Snidow, Steve Lambert. Officers aSponsor 5 iiii r 1 sl.. . '.i. v . , if 1 bmiffffieffxsffgf ig f PRESIDENT - Glenn Gardner VICE-PRESIDENT - Byron Brown SECRETARY-TREASURER - Don Richardson Bubble Fraley 120 ' Girls' Monogram Club "XTX -'I , - .+-.X er- vi ' 'far F' lsr. N 4Q4ia 5 't wg. 5'-an . qv-sp. FIRST ROW lL to RJ: Jennifer Proffitt, Angela Kelley, Lynn Morris, Holly Kelley. SECOND ROW: Melissa Perdue, Lori Buckland, Stacy Martin, Laura McDaniel. THIRD ROW: Erin Wood, Susie Buracker, Dawn Noble, Terri Lilly, Kelly Hale. Sponsor Officers Marilyn Mustard 4 L QW Q F C3 PRESIDENT - Kelly Hale VICE-PRESIDENT - Erin Wood SECRETARY - Susie Buracker TREASURER - Laura McDaniel REPORTER - Melissa Perdue fapgQ l s-dug' Fellowship of Christian Athletes FIRST ROW QL to RI: Mike Biggs iSponsorJ, Byron Brown, Holly Kelley, Nelson Law, Kevin Buckland. SECOND ROW: Tonya Thorne, Lynn Morris, Laura Gentry, Donna McKinney, Vanessa Rose, Amy Perdue, Terri Lilly, Lori Buckland, Kelly Lowe, Chris Shrader. THIRD ROW: Dale Lloyd, Jennifer Proffitt, John Paul Walkup, Jeff Wheeler, Brian Perdue, Matt Fleeman, Christine Brackenrich, Lynne Hazelwood. FOURTH ROW: Shandra Perdue, Johnni Powell, Chucky Buracker, Eric Ratcliffe, Holly Robertson, Stephanie Browning, Patty Dennis, Laura Price, Kristie Harman. FIFTH ROW: Jeff Pitzer, Angela Kelley, Jeff Stewart, Stephanie Humphrey, Brian Stanley, Mike Dunbar, Eddie Clark. SIXTH ROW: Joyce McCIaugherty, Nick Metro, Kevin Rose, Stacy Martin, Andrea Riffe, Susie Buracker. Officers Sponsor PRESIDENT - Byron Brown VICE-PRESIDENT - Holly Kelley SECRETARY-TREASURER - Nelson Law CHAPLAIN - Kevin Buckland Mike Biggs 122 Narrows High School Art Club T 22' fx Lag +L' v FIRST ROW QL to Rl: Richard Gautier, Michelle Lowery, Jennifer Davis, Alan Ramsey. SECOND ROW: Amy Perdue, Lori Neal, Mindy Jones, Susan Wall, Denise Young, Amy Ballard. THIRD ROW: Hollie Hyatt, Christine Lambert, Scotty Dalton, John Paul Walkup, Kenny Blankenship, Donna McKinney, Lisa Crawford. FOURTH ROW: Kim McFall, Susan Bowles, Laura Price, Lenny Martin, Michelle Spicer, Lori Lawrence, Melinda Turner, Susan ShawfSponsorJ. Officers Sponsor r--'-x l f Q . -, N- f .,,, x ' M, 1 ,, . L X f jg 1 l PRESIDENT - Donna McKinney VICE-PRESIDENT - Michelle Spicer SECRETARY - Lisa Crawford TREASURER - Laura Price Susan Shaw 123 Reading Tutors Club FIRST ROW LL to Rl: Jackie Ballard lSponsorJ, Shandra Perdue, Byron Brown, Amy Falls, Anna Fleshman, Michelle Orey, Corky Bailey lSponsorl SECOND ROW: Sherri Nipper, Eugene Via, Katie Patteson, Lynne Hazelwood, Chris Martin, Heather Huffman, Della Mullins, Carol Green 124 Sponsors 2' " 'af f L ' in T r ' T f""'Y liz Lv? 1 1 '- i ' 29 " I f gf 7 , f l 4,1 J r 1 A ,mi 4 L 1-4 '9 4 4 ' f-ff ' wx V f 1' f , Q K fi Q 1 , ff N rg f K W M' 2 sg X fd ' . !, Officers 1 5' ff gig Q 1 -of l f, l' lg PRESIDENT - Heather Huffman A T VICE-PRESIDENT - Amy Rakes SECRETARY - Byron Brown TREASURER - Carol Green REPORTER - Sylvia Wimmer fn Jackie Ballard Corky Bailey Literary Magazine Staff FIRST ROW QL to RJ: Bobbie Barnhill iSponsorJ, Michelle Spicer, Russ Simpson, Cherie Martin, Nina Adkins. SECOND ROW: Missy Winkler, Ronnie Hesson, Ron Sokol, Elizabeth Spicer, Sheila Journell, Alan Ramsey. Officers Sponsor A PRESIDENT - Russ Simpson A VICE-PRESIDENT - Melissa Winkler , SECRETARY - Ron Sokol TREASURER - Elizabeth Spicer Bobby Barnhill 125 Audio-Visual Club ii' it FIRST ROW QL to Ri: Russ Simpson, Gary Robertson, Larry Sweigart, Jerrod Bales, Tammy Riddle, Stan Ferguson. SECOND ROW: Chris Shrader, Eric Ratclifte, Marc Hollar, Scott Brown, Katrina Martin. THIRD ROW: Ron Sokol, Angie Robertson, Myra Shrawsberry, Cherie Martin, Jackie Coombe. Student Advisors Sponsor Ron Worrell Russ Simpson Gary Robertson Larry Sweigart 126 Q at 3. Q95 Library Assistants lL to RJ: Melissa Winkler, Erin Wood, Andrea Riffe, Sandra Vance, Anna Fleshman. Book Store Manager Librarian Pam Robertson Donna Blankenship Narrows High School Bus Drivers JANE BAILEY V V WALTER JONES REBA WARNER E Alzf V SCOTT DUNN CAROLYN HART 34 JAY LAFON BRYAN PATTESON www ff Not Pictured BARBARA DALTON MAYNARD WHITE Cafeteria Manager A L , a ll Jean Jessee lL to FU: Dorothy Meadows, Peggy Caldwell, Nancy Millirons, Thelma Wright, Darlene Clemons. Head Custodian M8ll'1t9l'13l'1C9 JIM NOWLIN Custodial Staff In-" r .K K ' l . " ' , l . ' ' Q r - Q 3, -Q Q f . P.. Y L irish. X t x .'lf,- A ,rf . 1. Cecil Green Junior Perdue Walter Jones 129 4 V0.1 x 1 '11 Advertisements 0 , 11, ' 1 N 1 IL Q H599 s 0S'?Ss vm' ' ' we ms' I N il, Ks' 1 U ,l 'fl 11 'Q I N Ija 5 PI 14' ."o"h: I I 1 5 Q 5 49: r si 5' 'fgf" 1...Q. The Staff and Management of RIFFE'S FUNERAL SERVICE, INC. Wishes the Best of Luck to the Narrows High School Graduating Class of 1988 1. W 2' 2514, at ' rr'- 2 James Rifle ,igr .R Allie nine r ' James Bitte, Jr. Marvin Fanning shirley Rowland Bill Fredeking B. W. Rowland 600 East Main Street Narrows, Virginia 1703i 726-2442 Serving You and Your Family Since 1932 Caring For All Gt You! Osteopathic physicians, each year care for over 30 million Americans - adults and children, singles and marrieds, babies and senior citizens. They counsel adolescents, care for cancer victims, deliver newborns and repair broken bones. Each patient is unique and each is cared for, not simply treated. DOs listen. They touch. They prescribe medica- tion when needed and perform surgery when neces- sary. And they can use osteopathic therapy to help you heal yourself. me DOs care about all of you. gd meg :Y E Compliments of DR. WAYNE L. BRACKENRICH, D.O. 81 JANICE L. BRACKENRICH, R.N. And Staff 5' ,... Q' " .1 -rr , . ' . ' . .5 .tj-...' i V-A-" J" f I - -v 3 ,QL ilxvu ,, 'Rx jx! as , I .::,,.i1x.x- If lflyf V . 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A 5 -jg QQ 16 ,0-4 ,3 - I5 A i f' U 2-F13-H-rw l ifff- - - -- .fl 25' 4 - wie I 3' E ,9-v - ,:e.uf""'-:W--r,:?'T.15, " A E 'E no as -- --A--sf ---.- 1 -- -- ' " - , T'.T---- 'zfim'--L' -,LE1:1a':1.f"'I'-'fc-"---P it .jf-k:'?:ifj".:f-'5'F""' ' A -fl L D ' A. I I I I'hIIIOI IU' I ' I I 'WFP fl-'Iii 71 f'Q1-i'.12.?5- ' '- -f --'- L- , 1,--.i.vg1'F+fQ4ftz::.:-5.Q ,L .- . : 1-'46-' fffiil' 2' ' '-7i"'if"'5 I" 1f"'J"-'1ET5'..""-- ,jg '. " ' -'.' -A D It .jg,T.f1v-rj" .'-11. A-Q:--"'fi:.'-114 .--5" '."'5.p.g5qf1f4 :gl ' ff l 3- , 1 " I . --,- . , 235 South Buchanan Street - :ig yer,---' ,Q 5 As-7,', U - -' -, t - n' . ,. . t I . I . . Iv- -'I -:. - vu " ' -, -jg-j"..7'-, - 3 -- A , Peansburg, Virginia 24134 V U ...,.l'i? er I IVA. , ' . I... X H Qf' . V . ' - ,, -, l . " 17031921-1 611 "YOUR FRIEND FOR LIFE" Opportunities in Health Careers Available HARRIS BROTHERS' SUPPER MARKET J. BENTLEY HALL INSURANCE Featuring a Deli and Sandwich Bar AGENCY Fresh Meats and Produce A ' 'F' PeajQgufgf'QjfgQQfnUe Open 7 Days a Week :O h pm-me 921-1233 8'7 It P Ilnsu 3 S Sun. 10-7 Phone 726-7433 THE SANDWICH DELI , NARROWS EXXON Sandwiches To Go v Q A H NC If v Q Douglas Frazier, Owner Teiepho 726 3627 ABC d off 726-2222 SHUFF'S S 81 W EQUIPMENT CORPORATION Farm 81 Ind. Equipment, MF Eugene Shuff, Jr. Monroe Street Narrows, Virginia 0 1 N HI-IEEE' no I W5 Mr " Pfc TUBES ron ofvfwmfe P Q S147 JSTAFFORD 5 :S q'lII-III Q6 ONE' HOUR P11070 Pfeocfsswa I00 MAIN STREET PMRISBURG ay 921 3472 EXPRESS F6170 M Congratulations To T he Graduate. As you ernbarfi on the rnany career paths your igfe wifi take, rernernb er that First Virginia, a strong, vveii-managed Bank, is tnere to Fiefp you rneet your financial goafs F l 4 Q Q 4- l I SOUTHWEST Member FDIC HOMETCWN PHARMACY Your Hometown Pharmacy Company l 1 Peterstown, W. Va. 15 Market Street 13041 753-4318 Narrows, Va. 204 Main Street C7031 726-2321 Pembroke, Va. Snider Street 17031 626-71 14 Pharmacist Always on Duty to Fill Your Prescriptions Owen E. McKay, Ill - Burl M. Compton - Leland Lacy - George Mauney Don Eaton - Milton Compton Our Compliments TO ALL NARROWS STUDENTS Hugh L. Mitohener President if . MITCHENER CORP. Hwy. 460 East - Box M Narrows, VA 24124 Chevrolet Pontiac J . eep Oldsgsskbile Renault AMC One of the Largest Selections of Furniture in Giles and Monroe Counties Over 70 Years of Service Early American Furniture Wall to Wall Carpet Traditional Furniture Kelvinator Appliances Easy Terms Imperial and Spring Aire Call 726-2132 Bedding Free Delivery Narrows, Virginia Big Trade Ins Congratulations from MAXINE'S CENTURY 21 OLD-FASHIONED ICE CREAM PAR'-OR We'd like to extend our special congratulations to the graduating seniors of Narrows High School. As your friends and neighbors, we are especially proud of the Class of and 1988. MAXINE'S CUSTOM t , BOUTI E .. QU ig, - ,il Best Wishes From ' Bill 81 Linda Chambers Congigilagtions Put Number 1 to work for you? Class of '88 MouNTAiN STATE FAMILY 'T:7f' 21Q PRACWCE, 'NC- CHAMBERS REALTY Joseph A. Brooke, D.O. 514 E. Main Street Narrows, Virginia 726-7221 Compliments of Compliments of S. LEE WHEELER, D.D.S. TWO 'VS CRAFTS 523 Wenonah Avenue Phone 726-3904 211 Center Street Peansburg' Vwglma Narrows, Virginia 24124 921-3141 NARROWS FLOWER AND GIFT RICH CREEK FOODLAND SHOP Open 7 Days a Week - 8-10 C ky and Leona Martin - Own FI werstor All Occasio F Daily from Our Green H t d PI d G1 Dial 726-2478 Narrows, Virginia HUTCHISOWS Compliments of ' 24 FUQEZYACS EXON wgekligf J. LEWIS WEBB, JR., D.D.S. H emce Narrows, Virginia 24124 407 N. Main Street Pearisburg, VA CELCO EMPLOYEES RIVERVIEW RESTAURANT FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Breakfast- Lunch - Dinner , On Rt. 460 and 219 Congratulations Class of '88 Rich Creek, Virginia 17035 726-2831 nuSHBRookE CLEANERS TERRYIS Paul Rader' Owner Peterstown, West Vir inia 9 921-1656 MckENzlE LUMBER co. mass of '88 R, 2,9 Nom, GILES AuTo PARTS, INC. Rich CFBGK, Vlfglnla 24147 Telephone 921-2644 Com Iimems of mu ul- Life, Health, Auto, Fire p WILLIAM "BEN" WHEELER JOE CRUM Fono Agent and Empioyees Box 384, 102 Main Street Off: 17031726-2431 Narrows, VA 24124 Res: 17032 726-7135 WESTERN AUTO 72645222 X 114 Monroe Street associate store Narrows, Virginia 24124 YN! IIGGEST LIYTLI STO!! IN TOWN Route 460 921-3544 138 CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK SENIORS i I T'l The Prudential QQ Insurance 81 Financial Services Let the "Rock" take care of your Insurance and Investment needs throughout your several stations in life. Barry Evans District Agent and Registered Representative The Prudential 0 Rt. 1, Box 5, Pearisburg, VA 24134 Office and Residence: 703 921-4139 5, 1 ' fr. Q' Sincerely, Barry L. Evans DeMolay and Rainbow State Representative I 139 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1988 Celoo Plant CELANESE FIBERS CPERATIONS A Division of Celanese Corporation Narrows, Pearisburg, Virginia Compliments of ANGIE'S COMPLETE RULE'S ExxoN HAIR CARE Peterstown West Virginia Angie Franklin, Owner-Operator 416 Wenonah Ave. E'K' BSGGESS Pearisburg, VA 24134 HAR WARE Plumbing and Electrical Supplies -41 Genefai Hardware Phone 753-9502 Peterstown, WV VIRGINIA LEADER Publisher of Virginian Leader i , ,R 3-""'m g Publishers and Commercial Printers iiilql V - .3 1 "See us for all printing needs" Two Stores to Serve YOU at B 81 B STORES Peal'iSbul'g, Virginia Locally Owned by Lowell 8i Jean Deeds Narrows Pearisburg R. W. LIGHT 81 SONS 0 PAUL 81 PAULA JEWELER and 2 9 SAVE LIGHTCQ A Rich Cregqcjilirginia 24147 Home 460i Naffows- VA I Class Rings - Seiko Watches, Diamonds, and Gifts gTlQeTOglgPlacyei5r1Gilesgourtty 726-7173 Compliments of Congratulations Class of '88 PSATHOS CAFE VIRGINIAN RESTAURANT 141 TERRI'S HAIR DESIGNS BROOKMAN'S SMALL ENGINE 104 Monroe Street . Briggs and Stratton Narrows' VA 24124 Parts and Service Owner- Stylist Terri Fredeking 726-3149 TAD 81 DELORES JONES Representatives DAVIS SERVICE STATION United National Real Estate Specializing in Farms, Residential, 8- Commercial Properties Market Street Peterstown, WV TOTAL LOOK HAIR SALON fi The ME -Q 4 . Beauty Boutique "Specializing in Just You" Brenda 8l Charlotte - Owners Operators - Penny, Connie, 8t Monica Evelyn Harvey 13041753-9700 Manager - Stylist Peterstown, WV 712 Wenonah Ave. Pearisburg, VA 921-1561 WARREN, GIBB AND SCHEID, P.C. SADIE B'S CLOTHIER Attorney at Law 225 Main Street Barbara Rowlette - Anna Buchanan Narrows, VA 24124 Tel. 17033 726-2357 117 Curve Road Pearisburg, VA 921-2841 Best Wishes NEW RIVER SUPPLY, INC. GILES SHOE CENTER 708 Wenonah Avenue Pearisburg, Virginia Complete Line Builders Supplies 81 Hdw. 'T Mac A. Gallimore, Mgr. BUILDERS SUPPLIES - ml 503 Virginia Ave. Q01 ihxiwns Owned 8- Operated by Harvey 81 Barbara Wilburn Narrows, VA. 24124 samn VA State Inspection 24 Hr. Wrecker Service HOT RODSS Compliments of 103 Franklin Street All TypesM chanical Work Sn Resta t Ope 6 Days a Week C plete M us 726 7107 Ga Roo fo Ctild e Compliments of 15 BEAR'S GARAGE 7 Xxx 24 Hour Wrecker Service X WHITE'S MARKET rf' -0----Q9 We Are Open 7 Days a Week ig I - 12 ' ' 8 AM Mldmgm Owner - Bear Smith Rich Creek, VA 726-3552 Pearisburg 921-1504 ROSE'S VIDEO l' t f Comp 'men S O 100 Main Street, Narrows, VA 24124 106 Market St., Peterstown, WV 24963 CHARLIE'S GARAGE 10 Punches Receive 1 Free Movie 726-7302 753-4549 142 ,Q Q Qs i- ' .. 1--'Q'-'gk WAS' wiv ll!-1892 GIVENS Q? WRC BIQDADWAY 504 Wenonah Avenue Pearisburg, Virginia 24134 17033 921-5011 STARRING The Cast Owner!StyIist - Paul Bolden M n r - Onni Hall a age e Stylists: Tracy Joe Steele Sherry Santolla FUNERAL Home HARRIS' GROCERY 1 10 Woodrum Street Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Pearisburg, Virginia 24134 Phone 726-3181 Route 460 Phone 47037 921-1650 We Haul Our Own Produce Super Market Prices With Convenience Store Shopping Ease ??e COMPLIMENTS OF A F RI E N D it P DDMINION BANK Compliments of ComPlimemS Of DAVIS RADIO AND TV and D MINI N MOVIELAND VIDEO O O BANK Main Street Pearisburg, Virginia Pearisburg!Pembroke RCA - Sylvania Sales and Service 143 CABLE SYSTEMS USA , , K I-. -. , ..,. , - , . . I. - I-.ft I, ,,,,,,,,,, , V- ,-L ,.- V ' ZSIIIIIIIIEIIVIII? 5 ' magzfzw Q lvvmvxaasef :,:'4,,:X?-JKQ 1 nstedy fugj Hom BIIevyKvIou:6xfn.1,mFga"' 56mm QQ- . 6' wsu X 97 In COL UWM A Sm PIISIEMLE2 I I 'Inman -2 A any, Hu: ,I ofgwmm snmfqsf-1'1 - . . 4 vid- 57 F . s ' . , v. 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Zi Hof' ' v . ir. m e I ...I Mk M , XY' I n:.lI,.I S 'ewmr IILISVL 1.2 .Ii 116 Center Street - P.O. Box 411 - Narrows, Virginia 24124 726-2288 921-2424 JEFFERSON PILOT INSURANCEfFINANCIAL SERVICES Contact Pat Muldoon "Your Future is our Business" 706 Wenonah Ave. Pearisburg, VA Call 921 -4381 LITTLE GIANT STORES Pembroke Rich Creek Pearisburg 626-7600 726-7210 921-2445 and 626-3300 9EE!!?TUTY 507 Mountain Lake Avenue Pearisburg, Virginia 24134 Telephone: 17031 921-3731 Bill Eason Manager Loans up to S2800 nicri Creek, Virginia 24147I CONGRATULATIONS GARLAND S. SPANGLER, ESQ. Attorney at Law 506 Wenonah Avenue Class of "1988" From the TEXACO FOOD MART P. O. Drawer D and Pearisburg, VII'QII'IIa C a S Office Phone 17031 921-4740 E cuTABovE COWQVHIUIEIIIOVTS ln the Price Tradition Class of 88 17031921-3122 Mary Ellen Akers Karen Farley STAR HOME CENTER Owner - Hair Designer Debbie Ferguson For All Your Hardware Needs Located in Old Ched's Building Paulette Price Kathy Stanley Hair Designers - Suntan - All Year In Our Tan Seeker Bed HAPIDAY MOTOR LODGE H J Get A Job 405g7ggggfeef Peafisbgggl-yQ5224134 HIGHLANDS Jos PLACEMENT SERVICES Route 1, Box 5 Pearisburg, VA 24134 DODSON REALTY COMPANY Telephone 7031921-1001 Connie J. Dodson, Aubrey S. Dodson - Brokers Funded By 410 N. Main Street Pearisburg, VA 24134 New River!Mt. Rogers Private lndustry Council D 8t A AUTO PARTS, INC. HOMETOWN RESTAURANT 1 610Wenonah Avenue Pearisburg, Virginia 24134 Home Cookin' for Home Folks Peterstown, WV Buffet 5:00 to 7:00 Mon.-Sat. 6:30 to 7:00 ' Telephone 703-921-2604 Sunday 12:00 to 7:00 , 6 TOWN 81 COUNTRY FURNITURE GALLERY Phone 921 2204 ffl Q QQuality Furniture 81 Accessoriesj N 66 A P.O. Box 363 CJ .5 E Darrell Pennington Route 219 North 121 Main St- O 'V T. J. Pennington Rich Creek, Virginia Peaflsbufgf VA ' I P51 Telephone 726-2131 Mary E. Stout, Optician!Fashion Consultant Compliments of " CORKY'S SIGN SHOP f GILES CARPET SALES 119 South Main Street C t C t tM-H P. Pearisburg, VA 24134 UZSIRS Swngfes 121 N. Main Street Pearisburg, VA 24134 Phone 921-2731 . Jim-Dan-dy , Used Cars, Inc. JOHNNY s TALL Bov AL P.O. BOX 437 -Plat. 2132IgI0gt2F-E Rich Creek, VA Home of the '3?lEiI?:?iSgZfg:ZEghHamburgers, Jim Helvey one - Dan Webb Owned and Operated by John T. Frazier 753-6219 753-6204 Narrows, Virginia I Home - Auto - Marine Weicome to C . pg Ann u CAROL'S UPHOLSTERY 81 DRAPERY CARDEN'S MQTEL Intersection 460 81 N. VA. Ave. Commercial 81 Economy Rates 881 N. vA. Ave. 703-726-3436 141 Virginia Ave. Narrows, VA 24124 VA. 1-800-635-6345 Rich Creek, Virginia 24147 Clothes for the Entire Family CENTRAL RESTAURANT TOM'S TRADING POST Fam"V AIm0Sp'te'e for Lunch and Supper Rt. 460 West of Narrows 726-9898 E. L. QEddie7 Dowdy, Jr. DOWDY'S JEWELERS, INC. Compliments gf Fine Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and Gifts Since 1949 700 Wenonah Ave. A FRIEND Pearisburg, Virginia 24134 Phone 703-921-3666 146 GILES MEMORIAL HOSPITAL WAYNE L. BRACKENRICH, D.O. General 8. Family Practice CESAR S. CALILUNG, M.D. Surgery 81 General Practice ROBERT F DEVEREAUX, M.D. Family Practice ERMA M. MCGUIRE, M.D. Family Practice MICHAEL A. MCMAHON, M.D. Family Practice KENNETH J. WALKER, M.D. Family Practice MEDICAL STAFF Best Wishes Class of "1988" WILLIAM A. ISENHOUR, M.D. Gynecology DAVID L. MEINCKE, M.D. Gynecology PAUL A. OLSON, M.D. Internal Medicine BRADLEY W. NICHOLSON, M.D. Surgery MARC. S. SIEGEL, M.D. Orthopedist S. ROSS MacKAY, M.D. Orthopedist DAVID J. HEDGES, M.D. Ophthalmologist GHULAM H. SURHIO, M.D. Ophthalmologist MIQUEL LANGEBECK, M.D. DINI H. RADA, M.D. MANUEL A. GOMEZ, M.D. Pathologists IVIAGDALENA J. POGONOWSK BERTRAM J. NEWMARK, M.D. HING-HAR LO, M.D. Radiologists SHOPPE SMART GROCERY 103 Monroe Street Narrows, Virginia 24124 Monday-Saturday - 7:00 am - 9:00 pm Sunday - 8:00 am - 9:00 pm Phone 726-7111 Good Luck To The Class Of 1988 AMD Yu in ij gg f Y11-Wrivw X. li -.,,+sf,-f -- McLEAN DRUG 81 HALLMARK CARD SHOP Rich Creek, VA Compliments of... Cash-Chargk Lay-Away 601 Wenonah Avenue Pearisburg, Virginia 24134 17031921-1441 148 AUTGGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

Suggestions in the Narrows High School - Narrosonian Yearbook (Narrows, VA) collection:

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