Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY)

 - Class of 1958

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4 I4 X' his 3 s Q 'Ik . 'L 1 A . f ' , 1 k f . s qi ' lvl t 1 I ' A 6 f I' IP' . 5"'4l ' , . -so N , ' ,L iv ' ' ' -. I 2 - . ' sig, " ,s b T,'. ,.-:- 'P F bl ' ., wictqgv , 9: V f as ,AQ 5 ' ...-.A rv ' - g"i'fe fb, ' ',J.-'3- 'f-1 'M ff',.'sw . ,- 4. in C ,, .1 1,5 wt .V 4,5589 if-I 59. 1' N. Q' - 1,-112' J3 YQ v " -. w t 4' u vt I. my Aww, 1 -f- . , 3, . 5-' in , X 1' 'J ' Q f 'mi J 9, A ' lp 'YZ FB: ' "'f"3rI,'agfiv: 5: A at E c Q., ff lg 3 , . ,sr :Nz - 1- "A Vi 4 ' ' r- 'gh Y -R i 'P 'F' "'- , 2, QL, V S la s. it , 'WHY '1 . 4 ' J ,- nfl" ' I. ' f 'J ' jr Q ,lk L 1 in A vb A li i 2: gf! f 2, Lmf 5,9 "' E ,4H'? , 1,3 G0 .K xl, -..' ff! , 544 flfif, - f - gr-3 5, 4 , if' 1994. ' ,A -ar, . ' 4:11 :J ' , - Nw? , . it '. v e E. R 4 Q Q ' 1 'A .Z , 9 . I Xa E Q 9 44:- If W mi 1. 1 ,ff . , Q f :wi 1 Lf 4, rf' 4' S53 W1 2213 5 ' affix ' A 1'-'tif -:J-'sign' . , -'K' h r.,.'YK03 A Q f 4 ,W .A '. J- :P y - 4 ' 0 av- 4 2 ' 'vi' " U M,-In Q, y., .1 1. 4 .Q-x.. Q , . -Q f "?'.4'- Q1 1 O4 2 . ' ' JM ga 'f'f" W 'ix 1958 The hundredth anniversary of Our Lady's appearance to Bemadette at Lourdes inspired our efforts and caused us to use Mary as the theme of our Year Book. The cover represents the enfolding mantle of Our Mother which has been the protection of our lives these four years. With the white letters of "Rosarium" we wish to portray the purity which should always he our guiding light. 1 qfl mxnm Hcnnemjj DEAR Tknaums , 'I-HE 'Ro5nR1um STQFF LJJOLLLD Lune 'T6'T'HaNK Euevqone Tron 'Ti-as Sum- 'Powr C5 w U rs N To WWQKE Ouwx qeennoo K Q Success- Smcanil-,sn Af"'PLQ,, Qlqowmmw QM' Tqb 'qofwfs QLD 'SQ O .J '-U 'E "fb LCM: EQTJ TER NS vo ,Q 2 His Excellency, Most Reverend Leo R. Smith, D.D. is acclaimed for his willingness to help and his eagerness to guide the youth of the diocese. He has not only been outstanding in this specific field, but, as auxiliary to Bishop Burke, he has displayed vital concern for all apostolic accom- pllshments. He has given generously of his ad- vice and has instilled in us the moral and spiritual sensibilities so urgently needed today. Our lives have been immeasurably enriched by His Excellency, Most Reverend Joseph Aloysius Burke, D.D. , whose devotion and homage to Our Blessed Lady is exemplified by his annual produc- tion of "The Pageant of Prayer." His interest in his people, their education and well-being, is ac- knowledged throughout Buffalo. Reflecting the sentiments of the Senior Class of '58, we pledge our loyalty and affection to him in all his under- takings. Mofberfj Coaaezl Boara' Member! Seated: Mrs, Anthony Martone, Mrs. Thomas McLaughlin, Mrs. Casmir Pietraszek, Mrs. Earl Mooney, Mrs, Fred- erick Becker, Mrs. Paul Fembach, Standing: Mrs. Victor Straubinger, Mrs. Frank Kelly, Mrs. Walter Gehl, Mrs. Harry Cooper, Mrs. Leo Becker, Mrs. Joseph Trimboli, Mrs. Edward Richmond. It's "back to School Again" for Nardin Mothers, only this time for fun. They learn of the progressive methods of teaching used by our distinguished faculty. They are given an oppor- tunity to begin new friendships and, in some instances, to renew old ones. At their monthly meetings they discuss ways to further the interests of Nardin. Nardzr Board Seated: Miss Theresa R. Pepe, Miss Jennie M. M.Matteliano. Alumnae Members Standing: Mrs. Richard C. Pongo, Miss Margaret Mary Wagner, Miss Loretta Gebhard, Mrs. Stanley Perkins, Mrs. Herman Mogavero. The halls of Nardin assume a new meaning to the graduates on becoming members of the Alumnae Association. Although their activities provide a chance for renewing friendships, they also raise funds to pay for a full scholarship to the daughter or sister of an alumna. 6 9 ,0iess0Y D U omino . Y 0 'xc won dex NU Q 3, N Get on 11ne, gulsl 4,0 Und tb x0 6 w oo! 395 01' d in 4 1 Sm! Daly by Day ook N mvcm an GU 6. See MAY E111-gre . U7 Start ed like Th is? no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." 11' S 1701- for 177 7 E to New 1. Miss Helen M. McKinney Miss Caroline B. Abel Miss Amy Boughan Miss Stella E. Brogan Miss Betty Brown Miss Laura A. Cunningham Miss Helen P. Doll Miss M. Christina Grabau Mrs. T. Kayler jenkins Mrs. Cecelia R. Kenny Miss Nora M. Leddy Miss Norah A. Mulhern, R. N. Miss Helen T. Gearity President .6l7f6l7Z.W Assistant Principal Biology, General Science Librarian, English Cafeteria Manager Mathematics Book Store Manager Religion, English Office Secretary Business Music Religion, Mathematics School Nurse Miss Agnes E. Murphy Miss Rosa A. Panunzio Miss Rosalie E. Parlato Miss Joan A. Raymond Mrs. Werely A. Rupert Miss Ann Marie Sickels Miss Florence R. Smith Miss Madeline M. Stockman Mrs . John Tanzine Miss Margaret M. Thomson Mr. Thomas E. Twist Miss Kathryn M. Wirtenberger Miss janet G. Lanou Principal Family Business Study Supervisor French, Latin Citizenship Education Dancing Instructor English, Health Religion, Chemistry, Homemaking Religion Physical Education Study Supervisor Latin Citizenship Education Miss Brown, Miss Abel, Miss Murphy t7 Miss Sickels, Mr. Twist, Miss Parlato Nw MQ. If E11 ny MQ. Ta 1121178 sw 019' 30- vw Q20 09 ,Lge . rhkss 9090 M1 ii' fi 'wx 5 'Going forth into the worlof they loole to Moz ry of their guzkla JOANNE ALESSI Secretarial Course Freshman Drama Club: Senior Drama Club: Chairman Lost and Found: 'Typing Awards 33 Shorthand and Transcription Awards 3. ZW I IW fa P2-il SALLYANN F. BECKER College Entrance Course Student Council Representative 4: jmmior Red Cross 4: Biology Club 3: Rosarium Staff 4: Senior Drama Club 2,35 Camera Club 4 Honor Roll 1: Latin Honor Soci- ety 1: Athletic Club l: Dance Club 1: Art Club 1: Glee Club l. SANTINA BELLANT I Secretarial Course Legion of Decency l: Junior Red Cross 1: Glee Club l,2,3,4: B1- ology Club 3: Cor Mariae Staff 4: Dance Club 1: Shorthand and 'Itan- scriptlon Awards: Honor Roll 1. REGINA M. CAFFREY College Entrance Course Class Treasurer 4: junior Red Cross 3: Glee Club l,2,3,4: Art Club 1: Biology Club 4: Rosarium Staff 4: Freshman Drama Club: Senior Drama Club 2: Italian Con- versatlon Club 4: Honor Roll 1: WBEN Panelist 4. MARY AGNES BIESINGER College Entrance Course Biology Club 3: Honor Roll 1.3. WWI ri ZX CONSTANCE M. CAMINO Secretarial Course Freshman Drama Club: Shorthand and Transcription Awards 3: Cam era Club 4: Art Club 4: Athletic Club 1. "1 F' liri DIANE MARIE CAPUTY Secretarial Course Sodality 2,3,4:G1ee Club 1,2, 3: Library Club 4: Cor Mariae Staff 4: Rosarium Staff 4: Dance Club l: Senior Drama Club 2: Camera Club 4: Honor Roll 1.2: Shorthand and Transcription A- wards 2,3. X 9' MARCIA A. COOPER College Entrance Course Class Secretary 1: Sodality 2,3 4, Prefect 4: Pamphlet Commit: tee Chairman 3: Junior Red Cross l,3: Rosarium Staff 4: Dance Club 1: Chairman Lost and Found 1: Honor Roll 1,2,3: ANN E. CRIMMEN College Entrance Course Junior Red Cross 2,3: Art Club Latin Honor Society 1: A.P.S.L. 1? Biology Club 45 AIUICIIC Cum Laude Award 2. Club 1. Tl-IERESA DI VINCENZO Secretarial Course Art Club 2.4: Senior Drama Club 3: Athletic Club 1: Cheer- leader l: Camera Club 4: Typ- ing Awards 3: Shorthand and Transcription Awards 3. ELIZABETH A. DI PASQUALE General Course Class Vice-President 1.3: Stu- dent Council Representative l, 2: junior Red Cross 2,3,4: Bi- ology Club 3: Glee Club 3: Li- brary Club 3: Rosarium Staff 4: Athletic Club 1: Junior Varsity 1: Camera Club 4. ffix nr 'fl 'ifw' 'f'.j'7 eq ? KATHERINE M. DOLCE College Entrance Course Class Vice-President 2: Stu- dent Councll President 4: Le- gion of Decency 1: Biology Club 3: Rosarium Staff 4: Ath- letic Club 1: Junior Varsity 1, 2: Senior Varsity, Captain 3, 4: Honor Roll 2. MARY PAN I if-3 X 5 1 ' K 0 - E A, 'if L Qi' MARIA A. DOMINO General Course Sodality 2,3,4: Junior Red Cross 1.2: Glee Club 3: Biology Club 3: Library Club 3: Cor Mariae Staff 3.4: Rosarlum Staff 4: Freshman Drama Club: Banker 1, Banking Chairman 4: Camera Club 4: National Poetry Associ- ation Award l,2. JOAN M. EVANS College Entrance Course Class Secretary 3: Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4: Glee Club 1: Biology Club 4: Rosarium Bus- iness Manager 4: Dance Club 1: Athletic Club 1: Junior Varsity 2: Senior Varsity 3.4: Latin Honor Society 1: A.P,S.L. A- ward 1. MARY IO A. DREXELIUS College Entrance Course Class President 2: Student Council Secretary 3, Vlce-Pres- ldent 4: Sodality 2,3,4, Treas- urer 3: Legion of Decency 1.2, 3.4: junior Red Cross 1,2: Glee Club 3: Biology Club 3: Rosarium Staff 4: Honor Roll 1,2,3: Latin Honor Society 1: A.P.S.L. A- ward Mag yr Laude 3. ANNA M. FASOLINO College Entrance Course Junior Red Cross 1.2: Rosarium Staff 4: Dance Club 1: Camera Club 4: A.P.S.L. Cum Laude Award 3. ANITA B. FIUTAK Secretarial Course Sodallty 2,3,4: Legion of De- cency l: Junior Red Cross 2,3: Glee Club l,2,3,4: Rosarium Staff 4: Dance Club Demonstra- tor 1,2,3,4: Banker 2,3,4: Hon- or Roll l,2: Typing Awards 2, 3: Shorthand and Transcription Awards 3. GLORIA J. GENNUSO College Entrance Course Class President 1: Student Council Treasurer 2: Student Council Representative 3: So- dality 2,3,4: Pamphlet Com- mittee 3: Junior Red Cross 4: Glee Club l,2, Librarian 3: Biology Club 3: Athletic Club 1: Junior Varsity 1: Camera Club 4: Art Club 1: Rosarium Staff 4: Honor Roll 1. AARY DAN S bl' l N HS. 1: N ,HI4 fl A 9 lf A'-2 A .NY , .. -Y 5 -, x f 'Ag .. vkj x , N-.J ' i JACQUELINE M. GERACI Secretarial Course junior Red Cross 1,2,3,4: Glee Club l, 2, Librarian 3,45 Ro- sarium Staff 4: Freshman Dra- ma Club: Banker 4: Chairman Lost and Found 1: Typing A- ward 2: Shorthand and Tran- scription Awards 3. 71 JOANNE C. GRIMALDI College Entrance Course Assistant Class Treasurer 2,33 Junior Red Cross 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 33 Rosarium Staff 43 Cam- era Club 4g A.P.S.L. Cum Laude QQ, UM 22 Award 3: W.B.E.N. Panelist 4. jr, CECELIA GIANNI General Course Class Treasurer 3: Glee Club 3 4: Senior Drama Club 33 Assist ant Class Banker 4: Rosarium Staff 4: Italian Conversation Club 4. I ANNETTE M. GRISANTI College Entrance Course Sodality 3,4: junior Red Cross l,2,3,4:G1ee Club 1,2,3,4, Director 3: Freshman Drama Club: Biology Club 4: Senior Drama Club 2: Honor Roll 1 . lim' ELIZABETH A. GRISANTI College Entrance Course junior Red Cross 3: Glee Club 1,3,4: Art Club l: Cor Mariae 4: Freshman Drama Club: Sen- lill MARY ANN L. GROBLEWSKI College Entrance Course Rosarium Staff, Business 4: Honor Roll 1: A.P.S,L. Cum lor Drama Club: Library Club 4. Award 3- pi? JANE A. HERRMANN General Course junior Red Cross 1,2,3,4g Dance Club lg Athletic Club 1: junior Varsity 2: Senior Varsity 3,4. ul' RUTH A. HARRINGTON College Entrance Course Glee Club 13 Cor Mariae Staff 2, 3,43 Rosarium Staff 45 Cheer- leader l,2,3: Banker l,2, BRENDA-MARIE KOWALEWSKI College Entrance Course Legion of Decency l,2, Chair- man 3, Vice-Chairman 4: junior Red Cross lg Glee Club 1,2,3g Art Club 15 Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Secretary 43 Cor Mariae Staff 3,43 U.N. Club 43 Rosarium Staff 4: Freshman Drama Club: Senior Drama Club 2,33 Honor Roll l. MARY LAKE College Entrance Course Sodality 2,3,4: Pamphlet Com- mittee 4: Junior Red Cross 1,2, 3.4: Co-Chairman 3: Glee Club 1,2,3,4: Cor Mariae Stff 3,4: Honor Roll l,2,3: Latin Honor Society l,2. MARILYN H. MARTINECK Secretarial Course Athletic Club 2,3: Junior Var- sity 2: Senior Varsity 3: Typing Award 3: Shorthand and Tran scrlption Award 3. Q.. 4X n KATHLEEN E MEREDITH Secretarial Course Class Treasurer 1,2: Sodallty 2, Secretary 3: Vice-Prefect 4, Chairman 2,3: Pamphlet Com- mittee 3: Sacristan 2,3,4: Ro- sarium Staff 4: Athletic Club 1, 2: junior Varsity 1, Captain 2: Senior Varst 3 4' Honor Roll YY , , l,2,3: Shorthand and Transcrip- tion Awards 3: National Poetry Association Award 1 . DIANE K. MERRELL College Entrance Course Class President 3: Immior Red Cross 3: Athletic Club 2: jun- ior Varsity 2: Rosarlum Staff 4: U.N. Club 3.4: Alternate Dele gate to Model U.N. 3: Honor Roll 1,2,3: Latin Honor Soci- ety 2. ANNE P. MOWBRAY Secretarial Course Sodallty 2,3,4: Bulletin Board 3: Pamphlet Committee 4: Le- glon of Decency 2.3, 4: junior Red Cross 2.4: Drama Club 1 , 3: Dance Club 2: Cheerleader l: Typing Awards 3: Shorthand and Transcription Awards 3. A ll-ll-: lL 4 ad, -Z' PATRICIA A. MOONEY College Entrance Course Legion of Decency 3.4, Vice- Chalrman 3, Chairman 4:junlor Red Cross 3: Glee Club l,3, President 4: Art Club 1, Presl- dent 2: Debate Club 3: U.N. Club 3: Cor Mariae Staff 2,3, Co-Editor 4: Rosarlum Staff 4: Senior Drama Club 2: Athletic Club 1: Class Banker 3: Honor Roll l,2,3: Latin Honor Society l,2,3: A.P.S.L. Cum Laude Award 2. gc - E .X Q PATRICIA M. MUZZANT College Entrance Course Sodallty 2,3,4: Junior Red Cross 1,2,3: Glee Club 1: Art Club 1: Biology Club 3: Cor Mariae Staff 2,3,4: Rosarium Staff 4: Honor Roll 1,2,3: Latin Honor Society 1' A P S L Ma Cum Laude , . . . . gna Awardl. RUTH OVER FIELD General Course Junior Red Cross 2.3: Glee Club 2,3,4: Library Club 4. L-Lag- -ig! FX -f"Z' g. F 27 Se BARBARA A. O'BRI.AN College Entrance Course Sodality 3,4: Pamphlet Com- mittee 2: Junior Red Cross 1: Glee Club 1,2,3,4: Debate Club President 3: Le Cercle Francais 3,4, Vice-President 4: Cor Ma- riae Staff 2,3: Rosariurn Staff 4: Cheerleader 1: Honor Roll 1,2, 3: Latin Honor Society 1.3: A.P.S.L. Magna Cum Laude Award 2: WBEN Panelist. M9 RY MARY S. PANZARELLA College Entrance Course Student Council Representative 43 Glee Club 43 Art Club 1,21 Biology Club 33 Rosarium Staff 43 Dance Club 13 A,P.S.L. Cum Laude Award 23 Magna Cum Laude Award 33 Italian Conver- sation Club 4. u 7 s K if-Qi X A I .,.::. 'gikkxemu CAROL ANN PETROCELLI College Entrance Course Glee Club 2,3,43 Le Cercle Fran als 3,42 Cor Mariae Staff 2,3,i, Merit Award 23 Rosari- um Staff 43 Dance Club 13 Ath- letic Club 1, Secretary 13 Cheer- leader l ,23 Latin Honor Society l. LORRAINE M. POLLINA College Entrance Course cy 13 Junior Red Cross 13 Glee Club 43 Rosarium Staff, Busi- aa, K : :L 52 Sodallty 3,42 Legion of Decen- ness Editor 4: Camera Club 4. GLORIA J. RICOTTA College Entrance Course Junior Red Cross l: Glee Club 3: Biology Club 3: Library Club 4: Camera Club 4. SALVATRICE J. SCIME College Entrance Course Glee Club l,2,3,4: Debate Club 3: Le Cercle Francqis 3.4: Cor Mariae Staff 2,3,4: Dance Club 2: Freshman Drama Club: Honor Roll l. ROSEMARIE RYBARCZYK College Entrance Course Legion of Decency 4: Junior Red Cross l.2,3: Biology Club 3: Le Cercle Fra ais 3.4: Cor Mariae 4: U.N. Cufub 4: Honor Roll l,2,3: Latin Honor Soci- ety 1: A.P.S.L. Cum Laude A- ward l,2. ROSE MARIE SORGI General Course Student Council Representative 3: Junior Red Cross l,4: Glee Club l,3: Library Club 3: Dance Club 1: Cheerleader 1: Camera Club 4. CAROL A. SCOPPECHIO Secretarial Course Sodality 3,4: junior Red Cross 4: Art Club 2: Freshman Drama Club: Senior Drama Club 3: Camera Club 4: Shorthand and Transcription Award 3. LYNN K. SPOERI College Entrance Course Student Council Representative 2: Sodality 2,3,4: Mater Dei Treasurer 3: Legion of Decency 2,3,4:jun1or Red Cross l,2: Glee Club 3: Le Cercle Fran- gills 3,4: U.N. Club 3,43 A1- rnate Model U.N. Delegate 3: Rosarlum Staff 4: Chairman Lost and Found 2: Honor Roll 1: Typing Award 2. 30 VIRGINIA M. THIELMAN College Entrance Course Class Vice-President 4: Junior Red Cross l,2,3, Chairman 3: Glee Club 3: Le Cercle Fran- cais 3,4, President 4: Cor Ma- riae Staff 2: Rosarium Staff 4: Honor Roll l,2,3: Latin Honor Society 1.3: A.P.S.L. Cum Laude Award 2 , 3 . JOAN M. STALKER College Entrance Course Legion of Decency lg Art Club 15 Biology Club 3: Rosarium Staff 4: Athletic Club 2: Junior Varsity 2: Senior Varsity 3. MARY E. STRAUBINGER College Entrance Course Class President 4: Legion of Decency 1: Junior Red Cross 2, 3: Model U.N. Club 3: Athlet- ic Club 1: junior Varsity 2: Hon or Roll 1.3: Chairman Lost and Found 1: WBEN Panellst 4. R el 2 WI QUE: COLLETTE E. TUCHOLSKI College Entrance Course Glee Club l,2,3,4: Librarian 2, Director 4: Le Cercle Fran- cais 3: Cor Mariae Staff, As- sistant Editor 3, Co-Editor 4: Rosarium Staff 4: Senior Drama Club 2: Cheerleader 1: Honor Roll 1,2,3: Latin Honor Society 1,2,3: A.P.S.L. Cum Laude A- ward 2. 32 LOUISE TOMASELLO Secretarial Course Assistant Treasurer 4: Glee Club 1,4: Rosarlum Staff 4: Freshman Drama Club: Senior Drama Club 2: Shorthand and Transcription Award 3 . BARBARA A. TOTARO Secretarial Course Glee Club 2,3,4: Art Club 2: Biology Club 3: Library Club 4: Rosariurn Staff 4: Dance Club 1 Typing Award 3: Shorthand and Transcription Awards 3. LOUISE M. VERTINO College Entrance Course Biology Club 3: Italian Club 43 Class Banker 4: Honor Roll lg Latin Honor Society lg A.P.S.L. Cum Laude Award 3. JUDITH E. WARD Secretarial Course Class Secretary 4: Student Council Representative 1: Jun- ior Red Cross 1,43 Senior Dra ma Club 2.3: Camera Club 4. So e rs v'fil?ifVs'7 , 'Q N 314, 1 l Ps CAROLANN WEBER General Course Sodality 2,3: Legion of Decen- cy 2,33 Medical Missions 2: Bulletin Board 25 Dance Club lg Le Cercle Fran ais 3g Art Club 23 Glee Club l,Z,3, Librarian 4, U.N. Club 4. CMS SES '24 ll thingy in Heaven ana' on Earth a'o Mary homage 'J 1 x, ,... xi' E. Fiden, S.Miesowicz, M.Carlin, M.F. Guarino, and K.Moore, world history pu- pils, discuss the long hours of labor that were spent in creating replicas of Greek Ziff. in-.. .xr- .A--A--. A combination of con- centration and coordina- 'iff If U l 43 tion provides these stu- dents with the capabili- ty and ease needed to manage a typewriter and to transcribe their short- hand notes. -3 Our homemakers of tomorrow illustrate their talents in sewing and caring for gar- ITICHIS . The secrets of anatomy are being probed by the enthusiastic members of Miss Abel's biology class. Nardin seniors appreci- atively watch Father Me- loch bless Ruth Harring- ton's ring. In his first year at our school, Fa- ther has taught religion once a week and has coun- seled the girls whenever they needed advice. 37 ,., M..g 5 'Nr' -il Ruth Overfield, Marilyn Martineck, Bren- da Kowalewski, Rosemarie Rybarczyk, Mary Agnes Biesinger, and Teresa DiVin- cenzo seem to be engrossed in "Adventures in English Literature." Could it be they've forgotten a line of "Blow, Blow, Thou Win- ter Wind !"? 3 C7 5 O Ov jqb H Class Officers Seated: Claire Lanz, Vice-President, Patricia Friel, Treasurer. On bench: Anne Palermo, Secretary, Claire Chudzinski, President, Kathryn Trapani, Trcas urer. First Row: Claire Chudzinski, Loretta Menza, Nancy Gall, Joanne Pegler, Joanne Wolff, Second Row: Joanne Panzarella, Loretta Giambra, Mary Louise Gareau, Carolyn De Matteo, Annette Sansone, Rose Marie Gregorio, Patricia Donahue, Martha Thielman, Third Row: Patricia Friel, Lois Ciesla, Jean Sauer, Phylis Dissek, Nora McLaughlin, Annette Ruane, Florence ln- delicato, Paula Kabel. Fourth Row: Mary Tironc, Judith Van Tuyl, Norma Jean Colonna, Sharon Dobbins, Marie Gaglione, Bonita C. Sal- vo, Carol Sperrazza, Beverly Reyner. n-..,,,-. T39 gm. VSA' 3, L . L - ,, . x Joanne Scibetta, Arleen Ollveri, Clarine Fontana, Janet Stelmach, Andrea Sorgi, Joan Rogers, Bonita M, Salvo Carol Alaimo, Lucille Wright, Rosemary Lombardo, Gloria Martone, Cynthia Watts, Lucille Grieco, Kathleen Ziclinska, Jill Blnlszkiewlcz, Carolyn Grochowiak, Mary Ann Cleary, Josephine Mallia, Kathleen Shea, Rosemary Tirone, Patricia Schwartz, Joanne Adinolfi, Shirley Leto, Loretta Greco, Bonita Kublszyn, Anne Palermo, Kathryn Trapani, Claire Lanz, Lynnette Cham- berg, Joan Winkelman, fo 0 Q1 O cf' 53 A B What a fall had Cicero! Relaxing between classes, 39 9 If this is true, what will follow? The geometry students are at- tempting to absorb the process of drawing an orderly conclusion by means of fifteen well-memo- rized theorems. vi Freshmen struggles with "ae-arum-is-as-is" will prove fruitful when that first translation is successfully completed in Latin I, Sharps, flats and even dotted half notes all assume their proper places in sophomore minds as a result of their weekly music class . 40 The General Sci- ence Class delves deep lnto the mys- teries of the eye, the ear, and also the unbreakable test tube. lx- J French II students practice "pro- nun-ci-a-tion" with their coveted tape recorder in 205, Nardin's little bit of France. "Far Away Places with Strange Sounding Names" intrigue El- eanor Marrlott, Dolores Ruggi- ero, Judith Ozdych and Barbara Ulanowska in Ec. World Class D' O First Row: Margaret Pfaff, Marcia Kowalewski, Linda Gorman, Phyllis Fenty, Eunice Wozniak. Second Row: Joan Domanski, Susan Bickel, Estel Bravo, Mary Ann Mir- abelli, Judith Flak, Jo-Ann Prise. Third Row: Joanne Bykowsld, Judith Richmond, Patricia Abbott, Kathleen O'Brien. Fourth Row: Eileen Jurca, Lorraine Sanfratello, Bonnie Polizzi, Frances Testa, Fifth Row: Margaret Pannullo, Rose Ann Sclnta, Patricia Lang, Dora Salaban, Elaine Kelly, Sixth Row: Linda Lempko, Hope Rob- erts, Christine Steffan, Sally Lazzaro 'auf-,gf fr"-3 L4'Wn A ,th ' 'ii' ' fit vt"-' -'51 wiv: Clasx Officers Donna Bova, President: Karen Roberts, Vice-Presidentg Ioan Domanski, Secre tary: Marilyn Shannon, Treasurer. X 4 N-.t First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Seventh Row: K Q Judith Gianturco, Ida Marie Battaglia, Elaine Santasero, Nora Gehl, Katheen Moore. Angela Caruso, Marion lwin- ski, JoAnn Darowz, Elaine Schwab. Joanne Pilarski, Dulcie Pop- lawski, Dorothy Hens, Ann Tauriello, Francis LoTempio, Bonnie Kovnas. Maryanne Wrazen, Deanna Kisker, Arlene Felski. Mary Carlin, Maureen Walsh, Elaine Wilga. Nancy Kasprzak, Nanette Sorgi, Donna Bova. Chrystyna Dziuba, Carol Ann Zilliox, Mary Guarino, 43 First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row. Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Kathleen Stelley, Karen Roberts, Arlene Riley, Josephine Fiorella, Angela Messina, Lois Bentkowski, Carol Straubinger, Marylyn Lie- bold. Marilyn Shannon, Janet Giarrano, Joanne Baker, Norma White. Patricia Brudek, Susanne Langa, Linda Suwalski, Barbara Harrity. Suzanne Miesowicz, Marjorie Pu- lano, Elaine Wargin, Patricia Mar tin. Beverly Kossin, Barbara Watorek, Julie Secor, Rosanne Kizielwicz, , Elma Mardirosian, Joanne Wlekin- ski. I junior Religion- "Purify our hearts by the enlightening of the Holy Spirit." This clearly indicates the central theme of the junior Religion Course-love of the Holy Spirit. "Bring the fire extinguisher l" "Don't drop the acidl" These cries are heard in Chemistry "Lab," but who realizes the hidden potentials of these diligent stu- dents? Someday--one of them may invent another Vanguard. 45 "Dress rightl About face ! Forward march!" are familiar orders for Nardin sport enthusiasts who "keep in condition" with weekly gym periods. Next in sight-a Nardin R.O. T.C. unit! First Row: Helen Kaney, Mar- cia Boruszewsld, Nancy Augus- tino, Karen Di Pasquale, Dolor- es Ruggiero, Eleanor Marriott, Carolyn Migliore, Josephine Tirone, Elizabeth Shea. Second Row: Rosalie Valve, Bonita Daugherty, Josephine lndelicato, Joyce Horvath, Ra- chel Mirando, Rose Ann Lodieo Judie Naplm. Third Rowg Beverly Perkins, Stephania Soborowski, Louise Zavarella, Marilyn Sadewater, Josephine Merlino, Louise Fru- cella, Suzanne Trzaska, Fourth Row: Mary Jean O'Con- nor, Sonja Osadca, Adele Ga- rono, Rosalie Scime, Patricia Kutas, Fifth Row: Dorothea Downey, Frances Alessi, Marguerite Lazzaro, Donna Wilson. X ?s,!f5i,- is 5- fi, WBAR. CLASS OF FICE RS Helen O'Coririe1l , President Noel Kupras , Treasurer Jean Van Tuyl, Vice-President Diane josefiak, Secretary Q55 I J A H1 B First Row: Janet Milosta, Mary Ann Schultz, Diane Iosefiak, Roseanne Nathan. Second Row: Roseann Zyskow- ski, Sharron Santora, Sandra Cwanek, Alicia Cieslar, Mary Frances Guerra, Helen O'Con- nell, Charlotte Wrobel. Third Row: lo Anne Barone, A- nita Rizzo, Sandra Deney, Beverley Mancuso, Kathryne Muzzant, Constance Coniglio, Fourth Row: Jo Ann Puglisi, Marilyn Smith, Rosemary Dol- ler, Mary Ellen Hutka, Judith Ozdych, Jean Van Tuyl. Fifth Row: Carla Trautman, Susan Gangloff, Christine Pid- geon, Deborah French, Kath- leen Lipowski, Sixth Row: Noel Kupras, Ca- role McCormick, Elizabeth Allen, Barbara Ulanowska, Virginia Sousa. U Belle of the Freshman lnltitation UPF JJCUWWJ-Q5 'Tn al l tloeir jbyf and fowfowg Jucceffef or fa ilu reg zhq remem ber their Mother J' First Row: C,Petroce11i, P,Muzzant M I Drexeiius, S,Becker, M,Panzare11a I Ge raci, SccondRow1 M,Domino, B.Totaro R Har rington, J,Caffrey. Third Row: C,Gianni, C,Tucho1ski L Spocri, E, DiPasqua1e, A,Faso11no Fourth Row: V,Thie1man, B,Kowaiewski A,Fiutak, I.Sta1ker, P,Mooney D Caputy M,Cooper, L.Tomase11o. The powerhouse behind the Rosarium is the bus iness staff, urging ev- eryone to invest in our "dream come true." Seated: I.Sauer, P,Dissek, B, Kossin, I.Meyer, J,Evans, L. Pollina, A,Messina. Standing: E, Schwab, H. O'Con neil, A,Sorgi, B,O'Brian, M, Carlin, A.Cies1ar, M,A,Grob lewski, D,Downey. I.Richmond LA, Prise, 50 N. First Row: M,Pi':lff, M,Shannon, Llxlallia, R,M.Gregorio, I.Herrmann, A,Riley. I SccondRowg lf,ludclicaro, F,Testa, K.Ziclinskl, M,Liebold, K,Roberts, M,Thielman, L,Bentkowsk1, 6, A Third Row: Llndclicato, I,Merlino, R,Lodico, S,Sczesniak, C,Migliore, P,Friel, A,Mowbray, J,Evans, I,Ward, I. Peglur, M.Lakc, I.Wr1rkel11m11. "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." This could well be the motto of our active junior Red Cross, that has discovered the fun of helping others. These girls spend time plus an abundant supply of energy and imagination making holiday favors for hospitals and working at the J. R. C. Bottle Assembly. First Row: A,Cieslar, B,DiPasquale, L,Lempko, L,Greco, A,Oliveri, B,C,Sa1vo, B,M.Salvo. Second Row: E,Kelly, B,Polizzi, C,Grochowiak, A.Sorgi, I,Geraci, C,Sperrazza. Third Row: A,Grisanti, G.Gennuso, I,Grimaldi, D.Josefiak, A,Palermo, L,Villa, tj' J, Becker, B, Kubiszyn, J, Olsen E 9 0696675 Collette Tucholski, Director of the Altosg Mary Ann Mirabelli, Director of the 2nd Sopranos: Patricia Mooney, President: Elizabeth Grisanti, Director of the Sopranos. Look very professional, don't they? Well, they arel This year's chorus, armed with new music, talent and spirit, assumed an air of importance during performances at Christmas and throughout 0 the year. First Row: S.Dobbins, S,Cwanek, M.Liebo1d, E. Marriott, I.BattagLia, L. Pollina, V Second Row: P.Mooney, L.Greco, S,Scime, I,Wo1ff, L,Wright, R,Tirone, I. Milosta, C, Constantine, B, Reyner. Third Row: J.Secor, M,Tirone, F.Alessi, S,Trzaska, S.Soborowski, M. Laz- zaro, M.Car1in, N.McLaugh1in, Fourth Row: C,Phi1ipps, A,Sansone, C.Alaimo, A.Caruso, M.Kowa1ewski, P,Dissek, S,Bickel. Fifth Row: J.Rogers, P.Kutas, M.O'Connor, R.Scimef, 52 Fm! I 01177617405 Aim First Row: C.Tucho1ski, L, Gorman, I,Geraci, J,Caffrey, S, Deney, M.Guerra, Second Row: D.Iosefiak, M,Pfaff, P,Abbott, P,Frie1, R,Over- field, M.Iwinski, A,Grisanti, B,O'Brian. Third Row: C,Sperrazza, L,Lempko, R,Kizie1ewicz, B. Kos- sin, B,Micha1ski, A,Fiutak, A.Taurie11o, B.C.Sa1vo, Fourth Row: M,Hart, P,Kabe1, H.Kaney, J.Barone, K,Muzzant, A,Cies1ar, C,Watts, E,Bravo. Fifth Row: D,Bova, A.Riley, B,Po1izzi, A,Garono, C.Trautman First Row: M.Shannon, B, Daugherty, C.Gianni, J,Ozdych, C,Pidgeon, D,French, B,Totaro, K,Rob- erts, E, Santasero, Second Row: J.Gianturco, N.Augustino, R,Mirando, M.Mirabelli, S,Bel1anti, M.Panzare1la, M.Sade- water, D.Ruggerio, N,Kasprzak. Third Row: D.Downey, R,Nathan, S,Lazzaro, K.O'Brien, E.Shea, H,O'Conne11, L.Gerardi, L.Zava- rella. I.Van Tuyl. Fourth Row: V.Sousa, E,A11en, M,Smith, J,W1ek1inski, M.Lake, I.Tirone, E.Schwab, E.Fiden, I, Winkelman, C,McCormick. COR MARIAE First Row: Lucille Grieco, Bonita C. Salvo, Carol Petrocelli, Ruth Harring- ton, Kathleen Zielinska, Josephine Mallia, Louise Villa, Joanne Meyer. Second Row: Mary Lake, Claire Lanz, Loretta Menza, Barbara Mietus, Brenda Co-Editors Patricia Mooney and Collette Tucholski Kowalewski, Sally Scime, Joanne Baker, Third Row: Lucille Wright, Jean Sauer, Claire Chudzinski, Rose Marie Rybar czyk, Paula Kabel, Joan Becker, Nora McLaughlin, Sharon Dob- bins, Phylis Dissek, Martha Hart, "All the news that is news" is reported bi-monthly by the able staff of the Nardin "Cor Mariae." Startling changes this year resulted in a new, red mailbox for letters to the editors, the "Roses and Thorns" column, and the ultra- popular "In and Around Nardin Nooks. " These alert re- porters can always be seen pen in hand and ears open to bring you all the news as it happens, in the pages of your "Cor Mariae." 54 CD STUDEN COUNCI all Homefoom R6D1f656Wl'6llLZ.9!65 The Nardin Academy Student Council is representative of the student body and aims to present constructive and feasible plans for the betterment of the Academy. An important achieve- ment this year was the drafting of the Student Council Constitu- tion. Their main objective is the compiling of a handbook to contain useful and pertinent information concerning the scholas- tic, extra-curricular, and social activities of Nardin. .lr ' N. Karen Roberts, Student Council Treasurer, receives her N,A.S,C, pin, symbol of her office, from Miss Lanou. Seated: S. Santora, J. Scibetta, K. Dolce, M. J. Drexelius. Standing: S.Becker, N. McLaughlin, J.W1ek1inski, K. Shea, L, Lempko, M. Sade- water, M. Panzarella. 55 N K -4 C259 'mm' Nardin students are trained to save for future expenses by depositing extra funds in a Buffalo bank weekly. Maria Domino collects envelopes and lists results. 4,333 Seated: L.Vertino, M,Domino, I,Geraci, '7+9Qlmlm it Standing: J,Domanski, K,Trapani, J,Pi1arski, A,Fiutak, P,Friel, P' D ,IW Q ' 69 iv 0 f I Lessons in First Aid furnish the confidence needed to care for minor accidents and also many humor- ous situations in "reviving patients." Scared: I.Evans, L,Vi11a, I.Caffrey Standing: Miss Mulhern, C.Phi1ipps, A,Crimmen, J,Becker, C,Watts, P.Mooney, A.Grisanti, L,Wrighr, 1,Rogers, J,Wolff, J, Bimszluewicz, A. Sorgi, L, Chamberg, 56 Le Ccrcle Francais boasts of presenting entertaining in- terludes, even to the non- French speaking population of the Academy. This year her billboard featured the whimsi- cal "Littlest Angel" at Christ- mas assembly and the annual- and-ever-popular Mardi Gras, complete with gay costumes and colorful decorations. Our own talented entertainers and food in the truest French tradi- tions made the evening a gala one. X ff' ,ff-"ff First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: V.Thie1man, B.O'Brian, B.Kowa1ewski, P,Dissek, S,Scime, M,Kowa1ewski, L,Gorman, M.Thie1man, C.Watts, R.Tirone, A,Sansone, L, Spoeri, G,Martone, L,Chamberg, P,Frie1, M,l-Iart, C,A1aimo, E,Wozniak, E,Bravo, N.Ga11, K,Shea, C,Dziuba, E.Fiden, N,McLaugh1in, J,Sauer, M,Tirone, R.Kizie1ewicz, J, Wleklinski, R,Rybarczyk, D,Salaban, The job of convincing the public that "indecency Doesn't Pay" has been adopted by the Legion of Decency. By faithfully attending the monthly meet- ings, our Nardin delegation has been an active participant in the movie clean up campaign . LEG ION oF DECENCY P 2 L X 11. 'X 5 7 b,1'Ff1g'k X mm "il 1 i 1 E' gifi-' First Row: K.Shea, I.Domanski, L,Giambra, I.F1ak, B.Kowa1ewski, P, Mooney. Second Row: L.Wright, C,A1aimo, I,Richmond, M.J.Drexe1ius, A,Sansone, Third Row: M,Pu1ano, L,Lempko, R, Rybarczyk, L,Spoeri, M,Kowa1ewski, B, , Harrity, Fourth Row: N,McLaugh1in, M.F.Guarino, A,Ruane, I.Sauer, P,Dissek. N 5 .e 5 7 if flu ,' i X 57 X fx f 43 Ubi CLUB ,A xml t ix I., Q. .ff , I I I I I I ' , I I I I l I rx 5. '54, e -if' Y' -, Q..,,,, Seated: I.Saue.r, C,Weber, A.Taurie11o, I,F1ak, B,Harrity, R,Rybarczyk, Standing: P,Dissek, A,Felski, D,Merre1l, M,Straubinger, Rnledrysik, A.Juhasz, G.Kaposts, Lliaker, B.Kowa1ewski, L.Spoeri, Sputnik is launched. This and other vital topics are discussed at the monthly meet- ings of the U.N. Club, an organization comprising Canisius and Nardin students. The meetings train the members to take part in the Model U.N. meeting held at Buffalo State Teachers' College every spring. LJBRQRY CLUB Standing: B,Totaro, R,Overfie1d, G,Ricotta, E,Grisanti, E.Di Pasquale. Seated: R, M, Sorgi, D. Caputy, C. Pidgeon. The members of the Library Club are kept both busy and happy. They take tums arranging and organizing the books and are fortunate to have a chance to see all the new ones the library has been purchasing. Several of the members check the books when they have a free period. F ' 1 The A ... CYNOP' STPCQT D U-W QNSSN' -l' "Methought I heard one calling, 'Child !' And I replied, 'My Lord. ' " The solitude of a closed retreat afforded us an opportunity to know Our Lord bet- ter. He spoke to us from the heights of the Blessed Sacrament, and we an- swered Him from the depths of our hearts in Holy Communion. We found the way to Him was the way to a stronger bond of friendship with our classmates. 59 Dedicated to the Blessed Mother under the title of the Im- maculate Heart, the Sodality is the backbone of Nardin spiritual and apostolic activity. Their efforts met success in the Mar- ian Store, the Christmas card sale and the recently inaugurat- ed "Charity campaign. " tSw06ll6l!Z.l9f Marcia Cooper, Prefect Rosemary Tirone, Treasurer The Sodality-sponsored fa- shion show pointed the way to style plus modesty. In all their actions and in the words they utter, they are illustrating the motto of the Sodality. AD JESUM PER MARIAM TO .IESUS THROUGH MARY OWCEVI Kathleen Meredith, Vice- Prefect joan Rogers, Secretary Seated in front: L.Spoeri, M,J.Drexe11us. First Row: I.Rogers, A.Sorgi, G.Gennuso, B,O'Brian, N.McLaugh1in, M.Tirone, K. Meredith, A,Sansone, D,Caputy, M.Cooper, M.Domino. Standing: I,Ste1mach, P,Donahue, Lscibetta, C,Scoppechio, J,Wo1ff, L,Po11ina, M. Lake, A.Fiutak, A,Grisanti, L,Wright, K,Shea, A.Ruane, P.Muzzant, R,Tirone, S.Dobbins, R.Tirone, A.Sansone, I.Rogers, 1.Wolff, S Dobbins, and K.Meredith, members of the sacristan committee go about their job of pre- paring the altar for First Friday. i . 'SW' ArvvVV., A vs The bulletin board committee, N.McLaugh lin, j.Wolff, L.Wright, and R.Tirone have shown evidence of their originality by plan- ning "eye-catching" displays. follvbomoffe Cundzdaief Z0 Ike fodazfziy 61 I Front Center: Captain, Katherine Dolce: Co-captain, Claire Chudzinski. Kneeling: Catherine Philipps, Janet Stelmach, Loretta Giambra, Kathleen Meredith. Rear Standing: Andrea Sorgi, Joan Evans, Jane Herr- mann, Eileen Jurca. A3 XETRA Practising the "Jump Up" is essential for winning the " pennant. " 62 Nardin junior and Senior Varsities dis- play their athletic abilities at home and on other high school courts througout the bas- ketball season. Along with accumulating a high score and an admirable record, they have leamed the art of good sportsmanship which results in the formation of lasting friendships . Front Center: Captain, Norma Wh1tegCo-captain, Beverly Reyner. Kneeling: Marcia Kowalewski, Lynn- ette Chamberg, Mary Ann Mirabelli, Joan Domanski. Standing: Mary Frances Guarino, Sally Lazzaro, Di- anne Potter, Judith Gianturco, Judith Richmond, Patricia Lang, Joanne Pilarski, X Come on, Kathy I Take that ball, Will it be or won't it be a basket? 63 -1 I Q 0 TE 9 wx' ' The cheerleading squads, with their lusty lungs and fiery enthusi- asm, give the Nardin basketball teams that extra spark on the road tovictory. LET S F'GHT.f E LEADERS if W' V' QM!- K t JM Center: Standing: Kneeling: I C,De Matteo, R. Valvo. J,Fiorel1a. I.Barone K, Muzzant, H, Rob- erts, R,Nathan, C. Steffan. M,Sadewater, I.Ti- rone, N,Shea, R, Mirando, N.Gehl, S.Dcnny. Try and catch me if you can. Freshmen relax in "gym" classes with an occasional game of "Three Deep." They are not Robin Hoods as yetg however Mrs. Tanzine, our physical education teacher is trying to instruct a group of sen- 1OI'S in the do's and don'ts of archery. Up, up and over. Sports, such as vol- leyball, foster in Nardinites a spirit of fair play and teamwork. 4...- gn! 4 The silence of "Intimate Friendship. IUNIORS who succumbed to the "Asian Influence" and did not appear in the class groups. First Row: Louise Villa, Catherine Philipps, Joanne Meyer, Second Row: Barbara Mietus, Sheila Sczesniak, Joan Olsen, Ioan Becker, uv SOPHOMORES who were absent for class pictures Dianne Potter, Lucy Gerardi, Martha Hart, Eu- nice Fiden. rn U Cazmem Cfub In a flurry of flashhulbs and smiles, the amateur photographers of the Camera Club are tuming out snapshots with that extra professional touch. Seated: G.Gennuso, M.Domino, E.Di Pasquale, C,Gianni. Standing: C.Scoppechio, I.Grima1di, R.Sorgi, G.Ricotta, T.Di Vincenzo, D, Aff! Cfub Fl- Seated: S.Gangloff, D,Kisker, E.Wozniak, D.French, M.E.Hutka. Standing: I,Ozdych, I.Bykowsk1, J.A.Baker, K. Moore, M, Iwinski, E,W1lga, F. Lo Tempio, S.Leto, I.M,Battag1ia, M,Pu1ano, M,Smith, L.Suwalski, C.Straubinger, Whether deep in discussion of Picasso and modem art or giving way to their talents with the various in- struments of their trade, these avid artists firmly be- lieve in freedom of expression through art, as their mas- terpieces prove. 67 , d Dance f0lDb07flfl07f6 l As the 2:45 bell sounds on Tuesday x afternoons, a group of freshman girls saunter to the gym where they are -'-""' joined by a number of boys from Cani- sius . They have gathered for their weekly dancing lessons taught by Mrs . Rupert. As 4:00 o'clock rolls around, everyone can truthfully say, "A good time was had by all. " Q Zn! EEA Kathy crowns their majesties at the sodality dance. 68 fimfdmi fumwf Dance QSX0f?f oF J7 Ji .ff J This year the class of '59 did it again, achieving a dance which was a social success and also profitable for our treasury. Amidst angel hair and silver stars, sophomores, jun- iors, and seniors waltzed to the mar- velous music of Frank Collura's band The evening will always remain one of our cherished memories. jo" Alessi Sal" Becker Sandy" Bellanti Mary" Biesinger jean" Caffrey Connie" Camino Dee" Caputy Marci" Cooper Ann" Crimmen Beth" Di Pasquale Terry" Di Vincenzo Kath" Dolce Marie" Domino SE NIORS 1 80 Woodward Ave. 49 Ivyhurst Rd. 791 West Ave. 610 Linwood Ave. 32 Gill St. 166 Thurston Ave. 105 Maryland St. 308 North Ave. 1865 Millersport Hwy. 115 Richmond Ave. 495 Breckenridge St. 174 Claremont Ave. 83 Cheltenham Dr. Oh, those beautiful eyesl Attentiveness Il "Sweet and Lovely" A long walk home "I-ieyl I've got some goodies!" Nice things come in small packages. There's a rainbow 'round her shoulders. Her admiration for BLUE R.O. T. C. uniforms Greyhound buses plus biology Her yearly Tonettes On "Campus" "What a panic!" A Joker "on the loose" 1 6 7 43 10 t. fn. 5 in 11 9 12 70 v v v 3 . " -Y us- ! it f , xl Q . tr X Rfk.. X N t, 9 X Q Q s 1 ' 'Drex" Drexelius 'jo" Evans 'Ann" Fasolino 'Anita" Fiutak Glor" Gennuso jackie" Geraci Seal" Gianni jo" Grimaldi Netti" Grisanti Betsy" Grisanti Mary" Groblewski Ruthie" Harrington Janie" Herrmann 33 Ruskin Rd. 350 N. Freeman Rd. 159 Ski-hi Dr. 126 Oberlin St. 698 Seventh St. 1674 Amherst St. 91 Claremont Ave. 251 Ideal St. 468 Woodward Ave. 43 Cleveland Ave. 332 Walden Ave. 170 Merrymont Dr. 156 Parkview Ave. Canisius and Cadillacs Fondness for cemeteries Canisius, yes, she's for Canisius. A rhythm in blue "The Wearing of the Green" Her struggles with chorus folders "Little Bitty Pretty One" Ability to understand jokes ll "Penny Loafers and Bobby Socks" First president of the F. D. R. fan clubl Still waters run deep. Eight girls in a Volkswagon? Ginger Rogers of Timon High We -nf ' 'i 17 22 19 21 23 71 fm, f . 43 O ni 2- 52,1 . , 44 we '51 'J E. 1 lwgfwwf' Bren" Kowalewski Mary" Lake Marty" Martineck Kathy" Meredith Di" Merrell Pat" Mooney Anne" Mowbray Patti" Muzzant Barb" O'Brian Ruth" Overfield Panzy" Panzarella Blossom" Petrocelli L.orry" Pollina Glor" Ricotta 131 Norwood Ave . 70 Ideal St. 153 Ross Ave. 35 Barry Pl. 335 Springville Ave . 785 Bird Ave. 43 Knoerl Ave. 835 Glenwood Ave. 139 Sterling Ave. 23 Putnam St. 915 Prospect Ave. 121 Burke Dr. 403 14th Street 59 16th Street 4: ,V.,' Y 1 -A0 s id-.thug 1. 34 it +L 'W r 33 35 What's the Lovejoy Branch got that other libraries haven't'? "Ain't She Sweet? " "Peanuts, Popcom, Cracker jack and jelly Apples" Wake up, little Kathy, wake upl Her gesticulations and love of U. B. Where and what's Comell'7 Dance, little Annie, dance. Why is her left shoulder slumping? Letters, she gets letters, she gets stacks and stacks of letters I Sugar and spice and everything nice Her perpetual supply of new jokes Her orations on 'football players "Rocking Shoes" "The Boy Upstairs" 4 I , Q5 ' nv- . i. .. NNN w. I A 3 x 41 42 43 44 .,-S 1 ll "'S:9'5" ,fi X. , 5 T E '- yoj' ,xg X . ' ' 52, ' " ' 'ss I ,qys K -' .fu ,-as, , .. 1 su., isa, .W T' ' YN ' 155,731 ' tid H+ 153' "' PJ i V, .. , .. -a ' 1 Rosie" Rybarczyk "Sally" salma vs Care" Scoppechio "Ro" Sorgi "Lynnie" Spoeri "Ace" Stalker n vu vu n u vs Strauby" Straubinger Ginni" Thielman Lou" Tomasello Babs" Totaro Collie" Tucholski Lou" Vertino "Judy" Ward Ceb-Web" Weber 50 Gibson St. 339 Breckenridge St. 58 Inwood Pl. 543 Busti Ave. 240 Timon St. 15 Briggs Ave. 150 High Park Blvd. 1 10 Hennepin Pky. 845 Potomac Ave. 797 Ashland Ave. 139 Doat St. 312 Parker Ave. 2409 Seneca St. 168 Ellen Dr. 73 x 51 ,E 'P 1-:J-xifl 52 The only senior who can say 100 words a minute! Her plaid lunch kit A convertible is a girl's best friend! "Bring a knife! I've struck a jaclcpotl " Is there a doctor in the house? Scrabble "champ" Boola, Boola, Bona, Bona! Her Meatcutter's Union card Her acting ability "When I Fall in Love" 7? What's new in furniture, Collie? "Million Dollar Baby in a 5 and 104 Store" "You Ought to be in Pictures." "Sunday Driver" ' Q ,K Q. ' Q.-5, X "General Motors wants you." "Seemed this day would never end" Page 70 Joan Evans Katherine Dolce Carolann Weber Mary Jo Drexelius Diane Caputy Judith Ward Elizabeth Grisanti Patricia Muzzant Anna Fasolino Joanne Grimaldi Ruth Overfield Anne Mowbray Our bu11's-eye opportunists have hit the mark again. KEY TO BABY PICTURES Page 71 Mary Panzarella Annette Grisanti Barbara Totaro Carol Petrocelli Kathleen Meredith Gloria Ricotta Barbara O'Brian Gloria Gennuso Constance Camino Marilyn Martineck Marcia Cooper Jane Herrmann Ruth Harrington Page 72 Virginia Thielman Diane Merrell Jean Caffrey Patricia Mooney Louise Vertino Jacqueline Geraci Louise Tomasello Lynn Spoeri Elizabeth Di Pasquale Mary Agnes Biesinger Mary Lake Collette Tucholski Mary Straubinger Santina Bellanti Rose Marie Sorgi 74 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 Page 73 Cecelia Gianni Rosemarie Rybarc zyk Sally Becker Brenda-Marie Kowalewski Sally Scime Teresa Di Vincenzo Mary Ann Groblewski Lorraine Pollina Carol Scoppechio Anita Fiutak Joan Stalker Maria Domino X93 Thirteen families were fed at Christmas by our contributions. .Mary Jo, a model for the sodality fashion show. 4 Xx- 0 Enjoying the Student Council l-li-Fi gift Preparing the programs for the Christmas Lucille and Ioan Class picnic Assembly Junior Rosarium photographers The "Littlest Angel" in rehearsal The "Littlest Angel" on stage 75 Presentation of Advent wreaths at the Christmas Assembly Sperm! Patrons Honorary Pamfom Most Reverend Joseph A. Burke, D.D. ...... . . Bishop of Buffalo Most Reverend Leo R. Smith, D.D. . . . . . Auxiliary Bishop of Buffalo Right Reverend Monsignor Right Reverend Monsignor Right Reverend Monsignor Right Reverend Monsignor Dr. 8 Mrs. Charles S. Alaimo Frank J. Alessi Plumbing 8 Heating Cor . Miss Joanne Allessi Mrs. Lucy Alessi Mr. 8 Mrs. Anthony Anzalone Mr. 8 Mrs. James T. Argeros Mr. 8 Mrs. Fred J. Armbrust Warren B. Austin Funeral Home Mr. 8 Mrs. Dominic Bellanti Mr. 8 Mrs. Joseph E. Betzer Dr. 8 Mrs. E. Biniszkiewicz Miss Jane Boris Compliments of Butcherteria Mr. 8 Mrs. Adolph Camino Canisius High School Mr. 8 Mrs. Daniel Caputy Miss Diane Caputy Hubert T. Carlin Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Michael Cianciosi C.Y.C. ofOur Lady of Loretto Mr. Hugo Di Giulio Mrs. Stephen G. Di Pasquale Mrs. Eva Dissek The Dobbins Family Mr. 8 Mrs. William L. Dobbins Mr. 8 Mrs. Joseph Dolce Miss Kathy Dolce Mr. 8 Mrs. Anthony Domanski Drescher's Candies Dr. 8 Mrs. Jos. E. Drexelius Tessie 8 Paul Drexelius Dreyer-Grad Florists Daniel A. Driscoll Funeral Home Mr. 8 Mrs. Cornelius Dziuba Mr. 8 Mrs. William J. Fiden Mr. Michael 8 Mr. Harry Flak A Friend Dr. 8 Mrs. S. Robert Frucella Jas. Gallagher Gates Circle Beauty Shoppe Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank N. Gennuso Lt. Joseph Geraci Mr. 8 Mrs. Samuel Geraci Mr. Arthur Gerould Mr. 8. Mrs. Henry Giambra John P. Boland Very Reverend Gerald A. Quinn, S.J. Very Reverend Eugene H. Selbert Reverend Michael Gigante, O.M.I. Reverend Chester A. Meloch Reverend James J. Redmond, S.J. Edmund J. Britt Francis Garvey S lvester J. Holbel Very Reverend Philip E. Dobson, S.J. Mr. 8 Mrs. G. Gino Mr. 8 Mrs. Eugene D. Gorman A Friend Mrs. M. Gregorio Mr. 8 Mrs. Nicholas D. Grisanti Mr. 8 Mrs. Richard D. Grisanti Mr. 8 Mrs. Wallace Grochowiak Gullo Pharmacy Mr. 8 Mrs. L. Handzlik, Sr. Dr. F. Vincent Harrington Dr. James G. Harrity Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul T. Hens Mr. 8 Mrs. Arnold T. Herrmann Dr. 8 Mrs. Clarence F. Heyden Reverend P. C. Hoffman Holy Angels Academy Ideal Pharmacy Infant Jesus of Prague Church Mr. 8 Mrs. T. lwinski Mr. 8 Mrs. Alfred L. Josefiak Dr. 8. Mrs. Michael A. Jurca Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank J. Kelly Reverend John J. Kelly Mrs. Cecelia R. Kenny Mrs. Genevieve Kisker Mr. 8 Mrs. Walter Kizielewicz Miss Brenda Kowalewski Mr. 8 Mrs. E. F. Kowalewski Mr. 8 Mrs. Edward Kowalkowski Mr. 8 Mrs. John La Duca Miss Mary Lake Mrs. Mary Lake Mr. David P. Langhans Mr. 8 Mrs. Herman J. Langhans Mr. 8Mrs. J. A. Liebold Mr. 8Mrs. Bert A. Lies Rt. Rev. Msgr. Eugene A. Loftus, LL Mr. 8 Mrs. Francis W. McCormick Rt. Rev. Msgr. John L. McHugh Mr . 8 Mrs . Thomas O'Brien McLaugh Miss Marilyn Martineck Mr. 8 Mrs. Anthony J. Martone Compliments of Mattina's Grocers Mrs. C. Michalek Miss Ernestine Michalski Mr. 8 Mrs. Frederick R. Mirabelli 76 .D. lin Mr. 8 Mrs. Arthur H. Moll Miss Anne Mowbray Mr. 8 Mrs. Clayton Mowbray Mr. 8 Mrs. Thomas J. Mungovan Mr. 8 Mrs. Harr Mursten Nowak's Baked goods, Brdy. Market Mr. 8 Mrs. Carlton O'Connor One Hour Dura Cleaning Mr. Steven Pankow "Peg's" Delicatessen Mr. 8 Mrs. Stephen Pidgeon Mrs. Florence Pilarski Mr. 8 Mrs. Gordon Poplawski Mr. 8 Mrs. Stanley Poplawski Mr. Leonard Priore, Jwlr. Mr. 8Mrs. Anthony J. Puglisi Dr. 8 Mrs. Lawrence J. Radice Mrs. N. Radice Mr. Paul Redlinski 8 Sons Mr. 8Mrs. John Rybarczyk, Sr. Mrs. Bohdanna Salaban Mr. 8 Mrs. Joseph A. Scime Hon. Frank Sedita Miss Clara Skimmer Mr. 8 Mrs. Norbert Sliwinski Mr. Gary Smith-WWOL Mr. 8 Mrs. S. Soborowski Mrs. Frank Sorgi Mr. John Stegmeier Mrs. Mary Stoczynski Mr. Arthur Sutcliffe Mr. 8- Mrs. Sebastian J. Tauriello Mr. 8 Mrs. Anthony H. Thielman Mr. 8 Mrs. Peter Tirone Mr. 8 Mrs. Santo Tomasello Mrs. S. Ulanowski Mr. 8. Mrs. James H. Van Tuyl Variety Dress Shop Mr. 8 Mrs. Pascal J. Vertina Mr. 8 Mrs. Louis J. Villa Walden Quality Bakery Mrs. W. H. Weber White Eagle Baked Goods Wilkies Incorporated Mr. 8 Mrs. Walter E. Ziebarth Zilliox Jewelers Mr. 8- Mrs. F. Abbott Miss Ruth M. Allen Mr. Charles Aquilino Mr. 8- Mrs. S. Aquilina Mr. Sol J. Arnone Mr. Jim Arrigo "Aud" Barber Shop Mr. Nicholas J. Augustino Mr. 8- Mrs. Francis Balcom Mr. 8- Mrs. Stephen Barbaritz Barney Food Shop Mrs. John C. Barone Regular Paziffom Mr. 8- Mrs. J. Domster Mrs. I. Doroszczak Miss Dorothy A. Downey Mr. James B. Downey Mrs. James Downey Miss Joan Downey Mr. 8- Mrs. Hubert Downing Mr. 8-Mrs. B. C. Drews Mr. 8-Mrs. George F. D.Jchman Mrs. John Dymny Mr. 8- Mrs. Louis Dziadaszek Mr. 8- Mrs. Frank Egloff Mr. 8- Mrs. Albert Kopp Mr. 8- Mrs. Raymond Kopp Mrs. Kathryn Koshnick Kozlowski Groceries 8- Meats Mr. Raymond J. Krotz Mr. 8-Mrs. Dr. 8- Mrs Mr. 8-Mrs. Mr. 8-Mrs. Mr. 8-Mrs. Mr. 8-Mrs. Mr. 8-Mrs Joseph Kubiszyn Leo N. Kuczmarski Thaddeus M. Kupras Samuel Lalomia C. R. Lang J. Long Edward Lankow Mi Mrs. D. Barry Mr. John Basile Mr. 8- Mrs. John Beaman Mr. 8- Mrs. Frederick H. Becker Mrs. Kathryn Becker Mr. 8- Mrs. Edward W. Beiz Miss Santino Bellanti Mr. 8- Mrs. Leonard Bentkowski Mr. 8- Mrs. B. Michael Bentkowsky Mrs. O. Bereznycky Mrs. C. Bergdoll Mr. 8- Mrs. Lawrence Bisone Mr. Henry Bogacz Mr. 8- Mrs. Philip Borden Mr. Wesle Bordon Mr. I. Borkowicz Mr. 8- Mrs. Richard Borodzik Mr. 8- Mrs. Walter Boruszewski Mr. 8-Mrs. S. J. Bova Mr. Harold Bower Mr. Robert A. Broze Mr. 8- Mrs. Michael J. Brucklier Mr. 8- Mrs. Richard Burke Mr. Frank Calabro Mrs. Frances Calangelo Miss Marie Capizzi Mr. 8- Mrs. Mark Caple Mr. 8- Mrs. Vince Caputi Miss Mary E. Carlin Mr. 8- Mrs. Frank J. Cieslar Mr. Frank J. Cieslar, Jr. Mr. Stanley H. Cieslar Mr. 8- Mrs. A. Cippola Mrs. Jean Clark Miss Santino Cosmano Mr. Robert Costanzo Mr. 8- Mrs. A. Cumbo Mrs. Mary Cwanek Mrs. J. Czerwiec Mr. 8- Mrs. Anthony Czuczelowicz Mr. Ronald Damasiewicz Mr. 8- Mrs. Joseph Darowz Mr. 8-Mrs. David E. Daugherty Miss Eva DeChiara Mrs. Josephine DeChiara Miss Mary Ann De James Mr. 8- Mrs. Joseph Delomine Mrs. Jane Dileberto Mr. 8- Mrs. Joseph Dileberto Mr. John Di Pietro Mr. 8-Mrs. lrven Doller, Jr. Mr. 8- Mrs. Irving Doller Mr. 8- Mrs. Robert Doller Mrs. Elizabeth Elmendorf A Friend Fashion Center Mr. 8- Mrs. Peter Fasolino Mi ss Clara K. Fath Mr. 8-Mrs. R. R. Fitscher Mi ss Helen Fitzgerald Mr. 8- Mrs. Benedict Fiutak Mrs. Michael Flak A Friend FIo's Card 8- Gift Shoppe Mr. 8- Mrs. Charles Fontana Mrs. Mark Friel Mr. Maurice Friel Best Wishes from a Friend Miss Ann R. Gaglione Mr Mr . 8- Mrs. Charles J. Gaglione . 8-Mrs. Zoltan L. Gall Mrs. Edwin L. Geonger Mr. 8-Mrs. Nelson A. Giambrone Mr Mr . 8- Mrs. Joseph Grieco . 8- Mrs. Philip Grimaldi Miss Annette Grisanti Mr Mr . 8- Mrs. Peter J. Grisanti . James D. Guerra Mr. Joseph Guzzetta Mr. 8- Mrs. Louis Guzzetta Mrs. Marguerite Guzzetta A Friend Mr. 8- Mrs. A. Hammond Mrs. M. Hanytska Mi ss Carolyn Hauck Mrs. M. Hauenstein Mrs. Leon Haynes He rtel Florist Mr. 8-Mrs. W. Himmler ss Viola Hugg Mr. 8-Mrs. James A. Hutka A Friend In Honor of My History Teacher Mr. 8- Mrs. Loreto Insinna Mr. 8- Mrs. T. Kayler Jenkins Mr. 8- Mrs. James Kaney Mr. Michael Kaney Mr. Terrence J. Kaney Mr. 8-Mrs. Edward L. Kasprzak Mrs. Edward Kaufman Miss Eleanor I. Kaufman Mr. 8- Mrs. Kevin Kearney Mrs. Sally Kelly Mr. 8-Mrs. Thos. Kennedy Mr. 8-Mrs. C. J. Klawinski 77 Lan-Wood Food Shoppe Mr. 8- Mrs. Irving Lavine Mr. 8-Mrs. K. Ledwin Mr. Charles Leone Mr. 8-Mrs. A. J. Leto Miss Theresa Leto Lock-Lee Dairy Mr. 8- Mrs. Carl Loguidice Mr. 8- Mrs. Philip Loguidice Mrs. James H. Lyon Mr. F. William McCormick Mr. Don McDowell Miss Rita McGovern Mr. Patrick J. McMahon Dr. 8- Mrs. John Mallia Mr. 8- Mrs. Charles Mancuso Mr. 8- Mrs. Samuel Mancuso Mrs. Som Manganello Miss Mary Marich Mrs. Eleanor Marriott Mr. 8- Mrs. John M. Marriott Mr. 8- Mrs. Jerome A. Martin Mr. 8- Mrs. Robert W. Martin Mrs. Jean Martineck Mr. 8- Mrs. Michael Martineck Mr. 8-Mrs. D. Mateczan Miss Clara Matuszewski Mr. Richard A. May Mazerbo Bros. Mr. 8- Mrs. Joseph Melia Mr. Sal Mercurio Miss Kathleen Meredith Mr. 8-Mrs. Thomas J. Merrick Mr. 8- Mrs. Frank S. Messina Miss Martha Michalski Mrs. Mary Michalski Miss Mary Ann Michalski Mr. 8- Mrs. George Militello Mrs. Eve Millsap Mr. 8-Mrs. J. Mindnich Mr. 8-Mrs. A. Mock Dr. 8- Mrs. Herman J. Mogavero Mrs. Mary Mroszczak Mr. Elmer J. Mueller Mr. Charles J. Muzzant Miss Patricia Muzzant Mr. Raymond A. Muzzant Mrs. Raymond A. Muzzant Mr. Henry J. Napierala Mr. 8- Mrs. Victor D. Naples Mr. 8- Mrs. John M. Nathan Mrs. Zito Nelson Mrs. Gladys Neureuter Mrs. Helen Neville Mr. Lewis Newton H. A. Nickles Grocery Mrs. Rose Nied Nord's Drug Store Mr. 8Mrs. J. Noskey Mr. George Novoc Mr. 8Mrs. John J. O'Brian Mr. Peter F. O'Brien Mr. Jack O'Connor Mrs. R. Oddo Mrs. Frances Odrzywalski Mr. Peter J. O'Gara Mr. 8 Mrs. Stanley Oleksiak Mrs. Mildred O'Neil Mr. 8-Mrs. J. Osadca Mr. 8 Mrs. Edward Ozdych Miss Rose Marie Palermo Mr. 8 Mrs. Rosario Panzarella Miss.Mary Ann Pasquarella Mrs. Walter J. Pawlak Mr. H. Peplowski Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank E. Perkins Mr. 8- Mrs. Salvatore Picone Recgufmf Pamfom Mrs. Ann Ruane Miss Wilma Ruane Captain Harry J. Ruddy Miss Carolyn Ruggiero Mr. 8 Mrs. James Ruggiero Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank Rudolph Mr. 8- Mrs. Max F. Rutecki Mr. Conners Ryan Mr. John Rybczynski Mr. 8- Mrs. Leon Rykowski Mr. 8-Mrs. Thaddeus Rykowski Mr. 8 Mrs. Samuel Sadowsky Mr. 8- Mrs. Anthony Salvo Mr. 8 Mrs. Louis Salvo Mr. 8-Mrs. A. J. Santa Maria Mr. 8 Mrs. Anthony Santasero Mr. 8- Mrs. Michael Santorio Mr. 8- Mrs. Howard Schafer Mr. 8Mrs Ray L Schichtel Mrs. John Schmid Mr. J. Robert Schmid Mr. 8 Mrs. Alfred Schmitt Mrs. Louis J. Schultz Mr. 8Mrs. Francis F. Schwab Mr 8-Mrs Romuald Schwartz Mr. Vincent Piraino Mr. 8- Mrs. Bart Pistorio Miss Helene Plewacki Miss Jenny Pollina Mr. 8Mrs. J. Poltowicz Mr. 8- Mrs. Kenneth R. Potter Mr. 8- Mrs. M. Powenski Mr. Richard S. Puchalski Mr. 8- Mrs. Joseph Puglisi Mr. 8- Mrs. Joseph Pulano Mr. 8- Mrs. Edward Pytlak Mr. 8Mrs. Kevin Quinn Mr. Maurice F. Quinn Alan 8- Harold Ravine Mr. 8- Mrs. Joseph Re Mr. 8-Mrs. John J. Regan Mr. 8Mrs. Jacob H. Rich, Jr. Mr. 8- Mrs. Walter Riley Mrs. Anne Roberts Mr. 8 Mrs. John Kent Roberts Miss Alice Roeder Mr. 8- Mrs. Donald Rogers Miss Kathleen Abbarno Miss Johnetta Abrams Mr. Dan Aedo Mr. Bill Adamski Miss Joanne Adinolfi Miss Carol Alaimo Mr. Charles T. Alaimo Miss Frances Alessi Mr. Robert F. Ambuske Mr. Michael Aronica Mr. Philip Augustino Mr. David Barbera Miss Kathy Barbera Mr. Jack Bartus Mr: Albert.Schwegler Mr. 8- Mrs. Michael Scibetta Mr. 8- Mrs. Samuel Sciolino Mr. 8- Mrs. George Scranton, Jr. Mr. 8- Mrs. John Sebastian Mr. 8Mrs. Norman R. Secor Select Market Mr. 8-Mrs. V. E. Simcoe Mrs. Edward Skimmer Miss Martha Skrzyniecki Mr. Norbert Sliwinski Mr. 8-Mrs. Arnold H. Smith Miss Kathryne F. Smith Mr. 8- Mrs. Louis Snyder Miss Rose Marie Sorgi Mr. 8- Mrs. Daniel Spalo Sparkle Cleaners Mrs. Grace Sperrazza Mr. 8Mrs. Frank L. Spoeri, Jr. Mrs. Alexandra Stawnyczyi Mr. Theodosyi Stawnyczyi Dr. 8-Mrs. E. Steckiw Mr. 8- Mrs. S. Stefaniak Mrs. Stock Mrs. Maybelle Sutcliffe Mr. Frank Swierczynski Mr. 8- Mrs. Charles Tabbi Mrs. S. Talarczyk Mrs. Frank Tasco Miss Eleanor Williams Tauriello Mr. 8- Mrs. John Testa Mr. 8- Mrs. Michael Testa Miss Virginia M. Thielman Mrs. Mary Thomas Mr. 8- Mrs. Joseph Tirone Miss Mary Tomabene Mr. Don C. Totaro Mr. 8- Mrs. Russell Totaro Mr. 8- Mrs. Samuel Totaro Mr. 8-Mrs. E. Trautman Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Trautman Mrs. John Tri i Mr. 8Mrs. Phil Valvo Mr. 8- Mrs. Rosario Valvo Mr. 8-Mrs. Salvatore N. Valvo Mrs. Henry Van Tuyl Misses Judy 8- Jean Van Tuyl Mr. 8 Mrs. Charles Varco Mr. 8- Mrs. John Vertino Mr. 8- Mrs. Michael Volpe Mr. 8 Mrs. Raymond J. Vorburger Mr. 8- Mrs. Edward J. Waring, Jr Mr. 8- Mrs. Walter Watorek Mrs. Fred J. Weigel Mr. 8- Mrs. Frank Wertz Mr. 8- Mrs. Marvin George White Mr. 8 Mrs. William White Miss Eleanora Wieman Mr. 8-Mrs. Daniel S. Wilson Donna 8- Danny Wilson Miss Mary Wilson Mr. 8- Mrs. Frank Wisniewski Mrs. B. Wlosinski Mr. 8-Mrs. S. Wlosinski Mr. 8- Mrs. Lee Wyatt Mr. 8Mrs. Joseph Zielinski, Jr. Mr. 8 Mrs. F. Zrenner finden! P6ll7f01fl5 Mr. Frank Basilio Mr. Garry Bastian Miss Judith Bastian Mr. John Beaman, Jr. Mr. Paul Beaman Miss Joan Becker Mr. Richard J. Bekewich Miss Anna Marie Bellanti Mr. Joseph Bellanti Mr. Thomas Benevento Mr. Herbert Benz Mr. John Berdysiak Miss Lynne Berg Bill and Bob 78 Miss Jill Biniszkiewicz Miss Susan Biniszkiewicz Mr. Ron Boersma Mr. Jerry Bondanza Mr. John Joseph Bova Mr. Joseph Frank Bova Mr. Bill Boyle Mr. Peter Bums Mr. Christy J. Buscaglia Mr. Thomas Butler Mr. Dominic Calandra Mr. Patrick Callahan Miss Connie Camino Miss Diane Cardella Mr. Russell Castiglia Mr. Peter Cataina Miss Camille Chiavarole Miss Donna Chiavarole Chis and Carol Mr. Fred Ciesielski Miss Alicia Cieslar Mr. Dick Clarke Mr. Thomas Clayback Mr. Ned Collins Miss Beatrice Colonna Miss Norma Jean Colonna Mr. Victor Colonna Mr. Michael Conwell Mr. Paul E. Couture Miss Donna Coyle Miss Ann Crimmen Mr. Al Criqui Miss Sandra Cwanek Mr. Richard J. Delena Mr. Richard Deney Miss Betty Di Pasquale Miss Rosemary Doller Miss Maria A. Domino Mr. John Donoghue Miss Mary Jo Drexelius Mr. Harris Dunlap, Jr. Mr. David Duszynski Mr. Kenneth Duszynski Miss Chrystyna Dziuba Miss Ulana Dziuba Miss Margaret Eghoff Miss Christine Einik A Friend Miss Marilyn Fabozzi Mr. Paul Falzone Mr. Joseph Fasolino Mr. Peter Fasolino Miss Gail Fassel Miss Eunice Fiden Mr. W. Jay Fiden Miss Marie Fiorella Mr. Peter Fiorella Mr. James Fitzgerald Miss Mary Lou Fitzgerald Miss Kay Flynn Miss Clarine Fontana Miss Mary Ann Fontana Fran 8- Barb Miss Patricia Friel Mr. Donald Frost Miss Louise Frucella A Friend Miss Marie Gaglione Miss Deborah Gangloff . Mr. Roger Gangloff Miss Gloria J. Gennuso Miss Mary Germann Miss Florence Gerner Mr. Paul Gersitz Miss Mary Ann Giaimo Miss Loretta Giambra Mr. Carl Goretski Miss Linda Natalie Gorma Miss Barbara Gregorio Miss Lucille Grieco Miss Ann Marie Grimaldi h finden! Pamfom Miss Joanne Grimaldi Miss Jo Ann Grisanti Miss Lucille Grisanti Miss Janet Groblewski Miss Margaret Groblewski Miss Mary Ann Groblewski Miss Carolyn Grochowiak Mr. Dick Gunderman Mr. Sam Guzzetta A Friend Mr. James Halt Miss Mary Hanover Mr. Leo Handzlik, Jr. Miss Ruth Harrington Miss Ann Marie Harrity Miss Barbara Harrity Mr. James Harrity Mr. John Harrity Miss Kathleen Harrity Mr. Thomas Harrity Miss Sharon Hartnett Mr. Edward Herrmann Miss Jane Herrmann Miss Mary Ellen Hutka A Friend Mr. Michael Ingalsbe Miss Elaine Janiak Mr. Daniel Jauch Mr. Pete Jenks Miss Frances John Miss Diane Josefiak Miss Joyce Josefiak Mr. Bill Kabel Miss Paula Kabel Miss Diane Kaczmarek Miss Marylee Kadzik Mr. James Kaminski Miss Rita C. Karcher Kathy 8. John Miss Elaine Kelly Mr. James Kelly Ken 8- Bob Mr. Thomas Kieffer Mr. Jim Killeen Mr. John Kirk Mr. David Koiiol Miss Joan B. Kopciuch Miss Beverly Kossin Mr. Tom Kowalczyk Mr. Edmund Kowalewski, J l'. Miss Marcia-June Kowalewski Miss Susan Kubera A Friend Mr. Sam La Bella Mr. Tom La Bella Miss Eleanor T. Lance Mr. Martin Lang Miss Pat Lang Miss Marguerite Lazzaro Mr. Anthony Leto Miss Dianne Leuthe Miss Diane Lewis Miss Jean Lewis Miss Marylyn Liebold Mr. Paul Lipinski Miss Hortense de Loire Miss Rosemary Lombardo 79 Louis Mr. J. Lum Mr. David 'MacFarlane Miss Judie McCarthy Mr. Joe McGough, Jr. Miss Pat Mack Miss Renee Maida Miss Dana Malay Miss Sharon Ann Malecki Miss Mara Maranto Miss Marci Maranto Mr. John Marcy Mr. John Marriott, Jr. Mary Rose 8- Ang Mr. R. Mayne Miss Loretta M. Menza Miss Kath Meredith Mr. Angelo Merlino Mr. Anthony Merlino Cadet John J. Merlino Mr. Richard Merlino Mr. Dennis Merrell Miss Diane Merrell Mr. Paul Merrell Miss Barbara Mianowany Miss Barbara Michalski Miss Marcia Miesowicz Miss Suzanne Miesowicz Miss Josephine Miletello Miss Janet Milosta Miss Mary Ann Mirabelli Mr. Nick Molea Miss Patricia A. Mooney Miss Carol Mueller Mr. Edward Murray Miss Josephine Muscarella Miss Kathy Muzzant A Friend Mr. William Naples Mr. James W. Nash, Jr. Mr. John Nash Miss Roseanne Nathan Miss Marilyn O'Brian Miss Helen O'Connell Miss Mary Jean O'Connor Miss Kathy O'Donnell Mr. John O'Neil Mr. Ralph Opiela Miss Janet Orlando Miss Cathleen Osika Mr. Jerry Oz Miss Judith Ozdych Miss Pearl Palczynski Miss Janie Palka Mr. Robert Palma Mr. Carl B. Panzarella Miss Joanne Panzarella Miss Mary Panzarella Mr. Walter Peepers Miss Beverly J. Perkins Mr. Frank K. Perkins Miss Penelope Jean Perkins Pete and Chuck Miss Carol Petrocelli Mr. Nick Pierro Miss Joan B. Pilarski Mr. Thomas J. Pisa Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Lorraine Poilina Dianne Potter Gloria Powenski Jo-Ann Prise Regina Prudzienica Joanne Pytlak Mr. Tim Quinn Mr. Frank Reardon Miss Pat Rebman Mr . Robert Reger Miss Arlene Riley Mr. Bill Rinaldo Mr. Jim Robertson Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Joan Rogers Annette Ruane Rosemarie Rybarczyk Dora Salaban Bonita C. Salvo Bonita M. Salvo Linda Santasero Helen Sauer Marian Savini Mary Ann Schwab Mr. Jerome Schwartz Miss Joanne M. Scibetta Miss Pauline Scibetta Miss Patricia Sczypior Mr. John Shannon Miss Marilyn Shannon 75 aU1U0+'7Qva,00f21L finden! P41 from Miss Janet Sobolewski Mr. Daniel Soborowski Miss Stephania Soborowski Miss Andrea Sorgi Mr. Peter J. Sorgi Miss Rose Marie Sorgi Miss Carol Sperrazza Mr. Donald Sperrazza Miss Kathy Sperrazza Miss Lynn Spoeri Mr. Thomas Stachura Miss Antoinette Stasinski Miss Mary Straubinger Mr. Paul Straubinger Mr. John Sullivan A Friend Miss Barbara Talarczyk Miss Anne M. Tauriello Miss Ruth N. Tauriello Miss Martha Thielman Mr. Paul Thielman Mr. Peter Thielman Miss Mildred Timineri Mr. Gasper A. Tirone Miss Josephine Tirone Mr. Rud Torrico Miss Barbara Totaro Miss Carole Trask Miss Cheryl Trautman Mr. Donald Trautman Best Wishes to the Class of T958 Mr. Robert Trautman Miss Linda Travale Miss Anita Tromba Mr. Corky Van Tuyl Miss Jean Van Tuyl Mr. John Van Tuyl Mr. Bob Vargo Miss Louise Vertino Mr. Michael P. Vertino Mr. James Weber Miss Christine Wegrzynowska Miss Nancy Weihrich Mr. Lennie Wellhauser Miss Judith White Mr. Ricky White Mr. Ronald White Miss Susan White Miss Joan Winkelman Miss Bernice Wlosinski Miss Joanne Wolff Miss Dorretta Dawn Wozniak Miss Eunice A. A. Wozniak Mr. James Wrazen Miss Maryanne Wrazen Miss Judith Wrzosek A Friend Miss Patricia Young Mr. Joseph Zynczak, Jr Mr. Thomas Zyskowski We-I-'U yn AWWM7 I MQWSW W 6w?w-ff9"' emvevfnm JP' g,,,,,.uv! Cwbilapw-J . JUNIOR B. so W ov e I PHONE L Incoln 0205 BURTS ODORLESS DRY CLEANING 752 ELMWOOD AVE WE OPERATE OUR OWN PLANT BUFFALO, N Y EST I925 FRANK When you Say lt with Flowers P OLIVER' ALMER S FLOWER SHOP 304 Mom Street Phone CL 7896 H St E TUCHOLSKI FRESH KILLED POULTRY FROM THE FARM TO YOUR TABLE QUALITY MEATS I4 BROADWAY MARKET HU 3943 Have you had WELSH RAREBIT at the CHECKER BOARD RESTAURANT I403 Mann Street GLOBE WELDING CO 36 Bennett Street MA 3170 r if E 'M UEMBEI Q k O O Q Soy ITWITI1 Ours I I MR. Q Q I' t O 81 Compluments MR 8-MRS JAMES BRAVO PERKINS WELDING CORPORATION ELECTRIC HELIARC AND ACETYLENE WELDING I292 FUHRMANN BOULEVARD TELEPHONE TRuongIe 3 BUFFALO 3 NEW YORK RAUCH AND STOECKL PRINTING COMPANY, INC. 124 ELMWOOD AVENUE INEAR ALLEN ST., GArfieId 6700 BUFFALO I, N. Y of COMPLIMENTS OF ' 8 39 , 82 LEONARDO S BETTER FOOD FOR BETTER LIVING Telephone, MO 5722 MO 5723 BANQUETS PARTIES 386 PEARL STREET WEDDINGS BUFFALO 2 N Y SERVING THE NIAGARA FRONTIER WGBONMDIO WGR TV CHANNEL 2 TRANSCONTINENT TELEVISION CORPORATION ANTHONY SANTA MARIA and THOMAS M TIRONE I a 0 I Q 1 I 83 Flowers by Bessae Bellanca Artlstlc Creatlons in Quallty Flowers COLONIAL FLOWER SHOP INC 277 Delaware 310 RUSS FLECTWOOD S GULF STATION 3384 Mann Street Buffalo I4 N Y Opposite Unlverslty of Buffalo Open 700 to II 00 Expert Car Servlcmg 8- Repalrmg AT 9552 Compl :ments AIRWAY HOTEL TOWNE HOUSE HOTEL SEAWAY HOTEL Compllments MR 8-MRS PHILIP DISSEK Ventulatnon, our condltuonmg, dust collecting systems PALUMBO BLDRS ,I C General Contractor 2767 Colvln Ave fTnTonj JA 7I36 2601 Colvin Ave fTnTonl JA 8084 ENGELHAUPT COMPANY Contractors Mochrnery 81 Equipment CAMERON EQUIPMENT CORPORATION Phone I875 Harlem Road 925 Barley Avenue WO 4212 Flllmore 6600 Buffalo I2, N Y HODGE FLORISTS INC. IT COSTS NO MORE TO BUY AT WESTERN NEW YORK'S LARGEST FLORIST 360 DELAWARE AVENUE BUFFALO WA.5 'L . of of , . 84 BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF I958 NARDIN MOTHERS COUNCIL ABA I953 P a. M CONSTRUCTION co Concrete Constructlon C""'P""""'S 141 schnlef sf Buffalo N Y For a Career lh Professlonal NUFSIDQ Apply to ROSARY HILL COLLEGE The Director of Nursing DEACONESS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 563 R1Iey Street Buffalo 8 N Y SU 4400 Phone TA 3939 J A RUDNICKI PHARMACIST 'I289 Sycamore Cor Oberlin St Buffalo II N Y Schlager 81 Schlager Gu1Id Optuclans WARD S PHARMACY 916 Elmwood Ave Ca us For any Drug Store Need EDMUND H cLAsEAux L, ,M 200 Genesee Bldg W Genesee Cor Ma1n Free Parklng Genesee Motor Ramp Room 200 Genesee BH9 MA 314' Prescrnptlons called for and dellvered Resudence Cha1rfactory Rd Elma E Aurora Cy 776 . 1 ROSS GUARINO S SERVICE STATION 2839 South Park Avenue SO 9589 . . . I . of . . , .. . .. ll - ' .0 1 n 1 " ' I ' - ' . . .I 85 'k 'lr Trucking Concern B 8. W DELIVERY CO NC BEST WISHES T53 Fnllmore Ave Buffalo IO N FROM THE Phone MA 7838 Mr 8-Mrs AnfhonyJ Wozmak BLOCK MEAT MARKET , , HU 4699 Cornpluments of LACKAWANNA LEADER COMPLIMENTS 738 Ridge Rd TR 4700 MR. AND MRS. RUSSELL BOWLING UTNES J. 1548 Broadway KE. 9531 HU. 6313 I2 Modern Lanes L -k 'k ir 'k i' 'k 'k ,,, . 'k 1 " ., I . ' . , . Y. BUFFALO . Compllmenfs of I 'Y 'I 'Y 'Y Q 4- -k -k -k -k ' ' - or 86 THE URBAN ROOFING AND CONSTRUCTION CO Roofm9 MARIANO GAGLIONE Ssdmg Remodelung Palnhng WaIferJ Cwanek HU 0343 AQUA SOFT Wafer Condlhomng af :ts Best 1530 Mann EL 9025 Howard Baker AND SON I7I NIAGARA FRONTIER FOOD TERMINAL BANANAS OUR SPECIALTY WO 1024 I' 'I' 1' 'I Q iiiliiifiiii iii!! CONGRATULATIONS THE CLASS OF 1958 NARDIN ALUMNAE TSCHOPP S SUPPLY CO Drycleanlng Supplies I34 E Ferry St EL 0666 HENEY S DELICATESSEN 3024 Delaware Ave. Kenmore I7, N. Y VI. 9304 u Q 'I' 1' .Q Q a i an n . ' n 1' Q ' 'I' n ii 'I I o a To - . I I 87 AAN TONE BEAUTY SALON ANNE AND ANTHONY LOTEMPIO 6961 MAIN ST AT TRANSIT 503 DELAWARE AVENUE TRANSITOWN PLAZA BUFFALO 2 N Y SP 5358 EL 6634 Your Hosts Gkonf 9888 -100 Gnd Bull -l0C0bbl Honest to Goodness Brewed Coffee CASA DI PIZZA A V S C O The F-nest In ltallan Culslne ALLIED VENDING SERVICE C0 477 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo N Y HU 3600 Complete Automatic In Plant Food Servlce ENGL DAIRY FARMS WY""""9 G"e"'seY Mm' so 41oo 1395 cumfon 1336 Genesee Street Buffa o Buffalo' N Y Compliments TOG PACKING CO INC Wholesale Meats C""'P""""'s Buffalo, New York Pres J Teplesky PRIM CLEANERS A KUBERA S MUSIC STORE 910 Fullmore Ave BA 5190 if Garden of Sweets EDWARD J BURKE KEN CENTURY PLAZA Investlgatlon Bureau UN 4949 Auto Recovery Bureau Guard 8- Patrol Servlce Compliments of Mrs. B. H. Trzaska 571 W. Delavan Ave. Buffalo 22, N. Y. Dun Bldg. MA. 5825 or AM. 2044 HU' 360' ' -------- Vended Thru-Machines -------- ' ' . ' sf. l ll, N. Y. ' ' of RT ' . Q 88 FRESH DAILY SELECTED PRODUCE TONY S FRUIT MARKET FANCY BASKETS BY WIRE ANYWHERE IN U S OR CANADA 2255 FILLMORE AVE AT VICTORIA ANTHONYJ GROBLEWSKI PROP UN 8185 May the Good Lord Contlnue to bless THE WINDSOR SHOP Men s Furmshungs your Unnrmg work Phone EL 6526 459 Elmwood Ave FO' God 'nd C0U""Y CARLTON A ULLRICH muck omvsns uNloN vxevfjjfj Qs oca 375A F L C Funeral Home e Served 3272 Bailey Ave PA 8577 Roland J Kuhn Original Rel lable 2398 Genesee Pune Hull e only product on earth guaranteed forever CHARLES BARBER SHOP 823 Englewood Avenue Compliments A FRIEND ZIMDAHL S XAVI ER 5 Prescriptuon Pharmacy SELECT MEATS Bee Pork Lamb Veal Try our Homemade Polush Sausage 20 Broadway Market HU 0620 Phone PA 0039 2646 Mann at Parker Tel SU 3902 3903 LORBEER S FLOWER SHOP 5II Elmwood Ave Buffalo 22, N Y r L I- . . .- .I.O. KUHN'S MONUMENTS -' ' of nTh - u f I 89 Washington 3512 Washington 3513 DRESS EL BRAND SAUSAGE PORK LARD C..l.D. PACKING CO., INC. 98 Holt St. Buffalo 6, N.Y. DU NNE 'S PHARMACY ' 1979 Seneca St. I ' Buffalo, N.Y. 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Compl :ments TAylor 2007-8-9 COLONIAL IRON WORKS Mlsc Iron and Steel Commerclal lndustrual PALERMO S ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION I25 I3l Mohlcan Street Off Fullmore at Delavan Buffalo , A ROGERS Studebaker Sales and Servlce 297I 73 Delaware Avenue Kenmore I7, New York Studebaker Cars 8- Trucks Delaware 0400 CONNECTICUT HARDWARE HEATING 355 359 Connecticut Street Phone GR 7060 Joseph J Brandt Res l022 Heftel Ave VEOS TILE 8- CABINET CO INC Installers of Ceramnc Tnle Resudentual Commercnal Industrlal Offnce EL 445 949 Washmgton St Buffalo, N Y LEO SAUER FUNERAL HOME INC I933 K enslngton Ave PA 1695 823 Genesee St 2335 Niagara Falls Blvd 7183 LU 3000 of ' . , . II N.Y. ' 8- Ceramic Tile Coordinator I RI . 9420 ., . ' : .I , . I Hu. ' . ' 96 Compliments FRIEND BUFFALO OPTICAL COMPANY Guild Opticians 565 Mann Street 297 Mom Street 2830 Delaware Avenue L Pollma DE 2830 Compliments LORRAINE DANCE STUDIO 3229 Delaware Ave 9 Specializing in 'Tap 'Ballet MILOSTA S 'Modern 31 Emsl ue Street 'Bal lroom 'Acrobatlc Members of the National Association of Dance and 1540 Mann Street Buffalo, N Y MC DONALD S PHARMACY JON SPERRIE S VI 720 The prescription shop smce 1922 2934 Delaware Ave Styled Permanents Kenmore 17, N Y Contour Hair Cutting Phone GA 5151 We Deliver 220 PARKDALE AVENUE iii iii! iiiiii CONGRATULATIONS CO LEY S DAIRY iii iii! Wifi!! LINCOLN 1071 of A of - th . . . . : Affiliated Artists, Inc. . 1 Q r Q 97 DE 2830 Puck Up and Delivery Compllments KLEEN RIGHT CLEANERS Prompt Courteous, Reliable Service FRIEND G Jerry Pollma 3229 Delaware Ave Kenmore N Y COMPLIMENTS FAGO BROS CONTRACTING CO. INC 521 YOUNG STREET TONAWANDA, NEW YORK Prescription Specialists C, S, NOWICKI General Insurance MASON'S PHARMACY 833 Tonawanda St. VI. 944I 275 Paderewski Drive Buffalo I2, N. Y We Deliver Phone CL. 4432 of Cleaning . Pressing . Repairing A OF , a 98 MC KENDRY Best Wishes FffQR'l,,fffAE WARDBEE DELIVERY Buffalo s Leading Scientific Detective Agency B Licensed Bonded Civil Criminal Industrial AIITypesoflnvestugatuons MARTIN M MOSCATO EXPERT SHADOWING Personal Cases Larceny Burglary Robbery Fraud Embezzlement Test Purchasing Forgery Insurance Claims LIE DETECTOR TESTS Keeler Polygraph operated by Highly Tralned Detectives Tele one Rooms Body Carrying Recorders Motion Picture Evidence PLANT PROTECTION Uniformed Armed Deputlzed Guards for Plants Warehouses etc Undercover Agents Investigations MOBILE PATROL Protecting residences and busmesses during the night NATIONAL BUREAU SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION 24 HOUR 350 Mann St OPERATION CLeveIand I530 Compl :ments Congratulations To the Class of 58 MR 8.MRS CHARLES MALLIA MR 8.MRS EDMUND CHUDZINSKI , . . . . . N. . S. I. l-1 . . I s . I n I . s 'TT I I I I I I Blackmail, and Extortion, Missing Persons, Repossessions, Store Checking, . I I Ph I I I . I , . -- 1 u I I ' I of ' 99 CONGRATULATIONS I958 GRADUATES FROM CHESTER X MICHALSKI HU. 0940 ll-I3 BROADWAY MARKET This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of litho- graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method N 'ns 95 I ,s I -Q 'I I -, A , 'X ,inn I V' , , si- 1" ' O Q . K A . Y' 55' 'f ' t' +374- 4 1 ,- ' . Q Q 'A G ? W ' fx , x 1 V 'ASQ' ' ' .:'Suf. wr. u-. V, si A. , . -. V- . . KS: .u . my s 'L Q' Q ' D 9? f S' tiff , L-fl R T ' . ' Q Ls. .?. .M nf 'V .K qx' vu 4 I 5 '. -I V. ,nh r Q I in xv... t .5 ' I.. . WR: ' ' XP, s g ' 99 . 'R 4" gg., ',1 1' ' gf 'gl 8 'D 'X 4 ' K x ' -QV, . ,.-c-l"g'AA' Y' " '15 4 Y: 'Dx' w 'ff- .""" at Q". . ...v , ir av .Ti '- AP, - fs-- Q A v gg -sv . 'um -gg QI' ,U I -'-EYQ, 'Ax 1 . PI I ' . AW 'J- 5 f 243' ,, , ' l ,E 5 . if 1 fl' 'Q -'I if w-42' 0.44835 Lg Y ,- r 'K Q ' 0 4' x I' a Q 1 J. A Q i, X' ' . ' . f 2 u 44" .yr 3' I f I I 1. ' C 1 N E, , M. ww sk ? . , lygzszvf gil W, P . ff 4 . ,LFQ :' ' - ' I 1- 1 qw '..5 i wg . 5 H U 9, Q' is . K u 4 ,ui 1 ' H Wiwfg 1:4 'J Q ,Qi G l r' 7 'A - Q U iff A - A if .53 .Q 'Q QQ ' ,-1 f'1C2l:,v'1' ,F ki. g,-I X 'Q ', V.. ..1-".i7x- ' ,145 ,I .. N. t f - . Q v .1 ' ,J ' , ' .u - .v .rf . , f,j,.zAv- W n J',j"K-'f A ."" 'yy' Q 'fl Mira '-- ,f in J I . ' ' Q. X v if ,. 1 a is-' s...2- ", , .,' ff I 'P

Suggestions in the Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) collection:

Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 90

1958, pg 90

Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 104

1958, pg 104

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