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553-ff ' '- A TQ? 4 K , Wei fi, - Qi, ' ji' ,gt K A -: wr- Q, . mi, -:aa ' ,nity - ,y,g, ' - L '7791' Q.. . ,arm -.. Q, , 5 1 , 5 T 'Iii ' ,Y ...R 'f Aw.. r , s,. w-1 M4 1 52 43 at 3 34 fi, fi fi . Ax .li Q3 '12 5:4 Q ,kai 2 3 'J '-ef 's P' if ,4 1 .mf 2.2, 145 X 'Q 4,2 . '11 , fx vs if 4, . 4 Ji -I in 'Zi ff. ,Ez Q A :SC ,V 'L RQSARIUM Published by The Senior Class of 1956 Nardin Academy 135 Cleveland Avenue Buffalo 22, New York Foreword "A rose--what a regal fragrant flower- - Unfolding silently its lovelinessl I look into its depth of beauty And know it is God's gift, to cheer and bless." INCE "a thing of beauty is a joy forever," the Class of l956 chose as the theme of this year's Rosarium the cultivation of a rose . A rose bush is a plant of strength and beauty. It is a lovely symbol of our life at Nardin where we have grown in wisdom and beauty in the sight of God. The faculty with care and solicitude made sure our "bush" grew strong and tall on the trellis of our faith. Our roots, pierced deep in the soil, give support to the plant. The knowledge we acquired in the elementary grades is the foundation of our lives . There we learned the existence of God and the real purpose of our lives. There we secured our first strong grip on life. We were taught to nourish our souls and to keep in God's grace . Freshman year we were the young shoots, delicate and fragile, yet strong in our intense desire to blossom according to the plan of God . Shy, unsure, and yet finding comfort in each other, we entered into a "different" world and began to grow up. The strong and sturdy stem was our sophomore days. At this time we grew up through tangling, weedy impediments and developed the delicate buds of our junior year. Eagerly we awaited our last year, even as we tried to stay those moments of happy anticipation. Now--Senior Year--our rose is in full bloom. We have blossomed into womanhood. We are strong now, and have instilled in us the virtues we will need to progress in life . One by one we will be chosen by God to go our different ways in our specific vocations . Yet we will ever remain united spiritually, because we have received our strength from the same source, our Catholic education. The activities at Nardin increase the fullness and color of life. As every flower adds beauty to the full- grown rose bush, so every girl who enters an extra-curricular activity develops her talent and increases in wisdom for the benefit of all. With our "bush" in full blossom and our high school days complete, we are ready to face the world. Our main objective is to make sure that our lives never wither as a neglected rose bush does. We must rely on Mary's help to keep us fresh and pure and radiant at all times . In her honor we publish this edition of the "Rosarium." 2 Miss Martha E. Danmeyer A wise teacher A helpful adviser A true friend The Class of 1956 gratefully dedicates this edition of the ROSARIUM. HROUGH your efforts, Nardin girls have grown in knowledge, wisdom, and love of God. As head of the Business Department at school, you spent many hours instructing students to become efficient Christian office workers. Your cheerful disposition and warm smile made it a pleasure to attend your classes. Consist- ently, you fostered high principles and developed skill in students and gave gen- erously of your time and friendship to all who needed assistance. You showed by your death, as you did by your life, that we must trust in God and accept His will always. Because the Rosarium is a book of beautiful memories we dedicate it this year to your memory. May you look down on us from your heavenly home and ask God to bless all our endeavors in the years to come. 3 UR sincerest congratulations and best wishes are extended to His Excellency, Most Reverend joseph Aloysius Burke, D.D. on his appointment as Assistant to the Pon- tifical Throne at Rome. Through the years he has been an untiring advocate of Catholic Education in this diocese . The concern which he has felt for the welfare and education of his flock is known throughout the city. His spirit of charity is expressed by his material endeavors for those who are needy. It is our earnest prayer that the grace of God may guide his every action to the greater glory of God and for the increased good of our com- munity. is Q His Excellency Most Reverend Leo R. Smith, D.D. Auxiliary Bishop of Buffalo His Excellency Most Reverend joseph Aloysius Burke, D.D Bishop of Buffalo IS EXCELLENCY, Most Reverend Leo R. Smith, D.D. has for many years been considered by the young people as Bishop of Catholic youth. As head of the Catholic Youth Councils in Buffalo, his ability to plan programs for them is known to every Council member. But, as auxiliary to Bishop Burke, his efforts are not limited to the young peo- ple. He has taken an active interest in all the apostolic works of the diocese. May God bless him in his works on earth and may the fruits of his efforts be reaped abundantly in the harvest of heaven. K i ,mfiff . ,. Mg ' .naw , E ,Ag ,U y ,,.fyg5,,- ,. . 9-J' ut-.-3 9,1 - , M, "wi ' alfftip 1-Mgp: ' , of '- -ww w., TH' , . yi. fgi 132121, XT 4 A 'fflfiiywinl HZ' . . . f"3- 3'-Will' ' ffisag . 431. ,G 1. 1 -'UF ...f Evf?!',,fv3Ffc' Q fit dfw' LTO! W , .J ' . m:f2i, . . . if V' 5 " :' ni, . , , - 1 1:':'Qi6fEiQfi2t 1 ' :f,2f:"- J' ' I . 3' T ' . H ,,N. ,,P,,,,,,, ., ..,p:... ...lQ,w+u1.5fS? 'xi-4:'c5"g2W' 'I 'E1??5iW"" '11-Wy 4 "".2ii:S5pey54f:1::3i ...V ' A -mn 4:1-" ff A . ,Q . f' 5-...M vs, I , I ,ll 6555.15.99 I 4 .W - 'f ,U .-fha: v J ll-4.21: wif' 'Iv ..i.tS2ILiLJ,iuf1p f.Qr'i21.A,fg .-i31?r?i?' ""A - -'A, - - b ,. Ah 3' ' 515 ,"lZ-.Qff ',,V 1 ' L I, .. 'fl Qfxw' A 1 . f-i .'1"A',f .. J.. M-p5i9f0fA.t1.1.g' jf- ' "my-,:.' -'f A ' 1 'aa ,.- 04 s' Z 1 I 1- - 'fi . AJ, 44 ' L J .W f '42-F ' .J ' I" 6 1 "' l I ,K ff- X 11 , 0 ' ' 3 " ag gf ,gt Yi., af ' 1 1 111 0 up , -Q X '- In V lx 1 I " L U ,,, Nfl, 5 Q +4 W if A 4 gy , ffm? an C ' 'ff a M J' 4 ' ' ' A Q 9' S ' 1 A. t yr M , 4 l 'v . JI, 5 5 1- -H. 1, .,, Y f, ,, , ,f,16 A fy' 8' 1 x . 2 YN . ,gt . sqzyif, L F r ff' if .- H., , IZA: Af, vvylu, ,vw N Q 0- ff u . ,mt v UNH H n V ' H 'V 1,1 f n 1 Ur' ,ig M ylkffm-, vm I Q, ' ,.. ., 4.4, ,,, ' ',,w,,:,, ,. , V I 1 f ff , 1 J 4, 1 ,1 , 4. . W ,,,-My rf N ,,.,.,,1,, , .,.,- ,, Nag'-,A ,449-v ' ,.,-,lf f 4 gp 1 ff K- ' N Q f. , . . , .4 , nw 1 if -'H K x ' A, ' 'L A 3 wx, M ' ' 1 , A , t 1+ WH 1. 'J W' f.n.Av.y yr , 1 '1,',.'6 P rt fry, J f 1 ' ' Y 7 ,K 5'iqeff,1Va'i. ' -F -I' it u . ' , ,ng ,suv-tw -1 L, ' -4 I ' 1 ' ' ' H - - '- 1, ' w' 5 si- ?- f- .'-'gan'-'N"'r-"Q,--Au v t Q., ,-..,. 43'5',"'-I,,, fl ' 1 !s..y4bf1'Q:ul:g,-. l 1 .4 1 an P ' f 7-fQj2TefjzqZ,:i:,,3.fy.12'f"i . f7liZ717zZZ7 11111111 11111 11111111 VERY rose requires care and attention in order to bloom and fill the world with beauty. This care can come only from a skillful and diligent gardener. The faculty does for the student what this gar- dener does for his roses . They weed out undesirable traits and develop Christian ideals and principles . Each girl is treated as an individual and given careful personal attention so that when she is ready to leave the old familiar halls of Nardin, she will be a credit to the school and an asset to the world, wherever Providence may place her . The unselfish and friendly manner of the teachers creates a warm and home-like-feeling in the school, the sunny atmosphere in which the buds of promise can best come to full bloom . Miss Helen T. Gearity. . ....... President Miss janet G. Lanou. . . . .Principal of High School Miss Amy Boughan. . . . Principal of Elementary Department 5 Miss Caroline B. Abel . . Miss Amy De C. Clearman Miss Laura A. Cunningham Miss Martha E . Danmeyer Miss Helen P. Doll . . Mrs. Thomas T. Emst . . Miss Barbara M. Fleming . Miss Ella M. Garvey . . . Miss Frances A. Gill . . . Miss M. Christina Grabau . Miss Marie E . Higgins . . Mrs . Cecelia Roy Kenny . Miss Nora M. Leddy . . . Miss Katherine E . McGrath Miss Agnes E. Murphy . . Miss Loretta M. Pfennig . Miss Joan A. Raymond . . Mrs. Werely A. Rupert . . Miss Florence R. Smith . . HIGH SCHOOL . . . Biology, General Science, Pamphlet Committee Moderator, Visual Aid Director . . Cafeteria Manager . . ............ Book Store Manager . . . . . . . . . . Secretarial Practice, Shorthand, Business Law, Sanctuary Committee Moderator, junior B Class Adviser . English, Mathematics, Senior A Class Adviser, ROSARIUM Adviser . . ............. Basketball Coach . . English, Latin, COR MARIAE Adviser ...................Libra.rian . . . English, Freshman Dramatic Club Moderator . . . . . . . . Office Secretary, ROSARIUM Business Adviser . . Mathematics. Sophomore B Class Adviser, ROSARIUM Adviser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Music, GleeClubDirectress . . Religion, juniorA Class Adviser, Junior Red Cross Adviser .......................StudySupervisor . . Typewriting, Shorthand, Freshman A Class Adviser, Sodality Moderator, Ianua Caeli Moderator . . . Introduction to Business, Registrar, Legion of Decency Moderator Citizenship Education, Freshman B Class Adviser, Athletics Moderator ............................Dancinglnstructor . . . . Chemistry, Homemaking, Senior B Class Adviser, ROSARIUM Business Adviser, junior Red Cross Adviser Miss Madeline M. Stockman . . ....... ............. R eligion Miss Dorothy Strootman . . . . . . Senior Dramatic Club Coach Mrs. Clark C. Suor . . . ............................... Physical Education Miss Mary T. Tiemey .... . . . French, Latin, Freshman C Class Adviser, Le Cercle Francais Moderator Miss Kathryn M. Wirtenberger . . .......... Citizenship Education, Art, Sophomore A Class Adviser, Miss Edna F. Bodjack . . Miss Mary L. Cosgrove . . Miss Helen V . McGovem . Miss Irene A. McGowan . . Miss Irene T. Murphy . . . Miss Madeline M. Steffan . Rosa Mystica Moderator, Art Club Moderator ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ...SecondGrade . . . First Grade . . . Third Grade ............FourthGrade . . Kindergarten, Mater Dei Moderator ...........Music, French 6 sew We J i Ig -Figgxlax if x. 01?-ri: J , K ' I 4? - f X24 - A ..- O HAT a delight these little seedlings have prepared for them - to grow up enclosed in the rich soil of Nardin's garden for souls! Tiny little plants as they are, they already have their roots down deep in the spiritual truths from which a Christian life will grow. At the same time, their teachers carefully equip them with all the basic skills and turn their budding minds towards the interests of science and literature . Happiness and laughter shine around them through all their elementary years, for play. too, has a significant part in the training of these youngest members of Nardin. Their older sisters in high school take an active interest in the development of these plantlets. As they watch them grow up, sheltered by the traditions and loyalties for which Nardin Academy stands, they see the first blooming of love of God and of the neighbor, and they often think about the words: "And a little child shall lead them." 7 Kindergarten "ln 0 f Q Y 4 , HW' eww I I I Pam Hyde, Diane Driscoll, Kathy Wilhelm, Paula Naples, Gretchen Mathias, Mary Beth Straubinger, S" Q n First row: Jimmy Siebold, Mike Foit, Theresa Pawlik, Joe Mack, Second row: Danny Fecher, Debra Szfrancki, David Smith, Sammy Colangelo. Third row: Kenneth Kruger fseatedj, Tommy Giangreco, Toby Michel, Linda Blake, Carmelita Biggie, Eileen Mahoney, David Cooper. Absent: Nora Mancini, Diane Musarra, Susan Puliafico, Michele Rupert, Grace Valvo. 8 Herman Mogavero, Tommy Naples, Bobby Ponto, Michael Cusimano, George Wilkins. Seated at table: Kevin McGuire, Guy Derr, Dickie Gian, Michael Trimboli. First Grade X gi xSecond Grade EN Kneeling: Donna Di Re, George Pfohl, Francis Wilkins, Richard Kaltenbach, Thomas Flaherty, Standing: Michael Mogavero, Elizabeth Lyons, I Straubinger, Linda Lavid, Mary Burke. Third Grade 32 ames Pietraszek, Susan Dumond, Marie Jasinski, John M jg ,R x ,lf First row: Shirley Edmonds, Joseph Foit, Josette Mangione, Arvilla Nixon. Second row: Katharine Steffan, Michele Mack, Anne Radice, Carmen LaFalce. Third row: Judith Cipolla, Billy Kruger, Catherine Gian, Mary Sundberg. Fourth row: Richard Fecher, Molly Mathias, Freddy Luhr. Standing: Dennis Fernbach. Absent: Laurel Kirby, Louise Lougen. 9 Fourth Grade First row: Robert Mogavero, Gret- chen Gabriel, Charles Skelton, Janice Powalski, Alfred Luhr. Second row: Patricia Mathias, Su- Lundy Braun, Jean Burke, Robert Voll. Third row: Cynthia Ulrich, Sandra Donatelli, CarolCo1angelo, Vin- cent Harrington. Standing: Anne Garono, Linda Cooper. 'WM-..,, We ray . Ie Time out for P proud of our Crib Let's have a party. Kindergarten Kings! 10 san Kaltenback, Michele ingrando, Andrea Sorgi C Pre sident KD F is for the freshmen starting on their climb: 30 Q R is for their readiness, no matter what the time: fb E is for the energy with which they're well suppliedg S is for stability we wish them as a guide: H is for their happy hearts that sing as on they go: M is for the merriment they bring to those they know: E is for their eager hands that grasp life as a whole: N is for the natural way they press on to their goal Kathryn Trapani Vice-President Joanne Pegler Secretary As tender plants, the Freshmen sprout Through what seems hardened loam: A laugh, a smile, some tears, a doubt-- Sandra Drake And then they feel at home. Treasurer 1 1 Freshman A First row: Joanne Pegler, Lucille Wright, Phylis Dissek, Rosemary Lombardo, Loretta Greco, Claire Chudzinski, Gloria Mar- tone, Florence Indelicato, Carol Sperrazza, Joanna Adinolfi, Second row: Carol White, Bonita M. Salvo, Carol De Matteo, Patricia Gismondi, Louise Villa, Ioan Rogers, Clarine Fontana, Mary Louise Gareau. Third row: Ioan Becker, Bonita Kubiszyn, Mary Tirone, Ioan Olsen, Barbara Schmidt, Sheila Sczesniak, Margaret Moore, Bar- bara Ma gera. "I'll Never Know" al Nun' .t,,, "I'll Walk with God." , Vocation displays guided us on the road of life. may We often wondered if we'd everknowvQy2x1y- 3 Freshman B First row: Catherine Philipps, Sharon Dobbins, Loretta Menza, Cynthia Watts, Lucille Grieco, Patricia Schwartz, Andrea Sorgi, Annette Sansone, Second row: Julia Biniszkiewicz, Janet Stelmach, Vivian Lo Tempio, Barbara Adornetto, Kathleen Zielinska, Loretta Giambra, Rose Marie Gregorio, Third row: Norma Colonna, Claire Lanz, Annette Ruane, Beverly Gorth, Joan Winkelman, Lois Ciesla, Patricia Friel, Rose- mary Tirone. Absent: Anne Palermo. "Have You Heard" that the Freshmen love their general science class, es- pecially the new desks, that put into practice the theory that two heads are better than one. --1iQv-- "Take Me Back." Modes of transportation, old and new, helped us to appre- ciate the progress of our e- conomic world. Freshman C First row: Judy Van Tuyl, Marie Gaglione, Carolyn Grochowiax, Martha Thielman, Shirley Leto, Bonita C, Salvo, Lynnette Chamberg, Kathryn Trapani, Second row: Paula Kabel, Kathleen Shea, Carol Alaimo, Joanne Panzarella, Joanne Scibetta, Josephine Mallia, Arleen Oliveri, Third row: Mary Ann Cleary, Beverly Reyner, Jean Sauer, Nora Mc Laughlin, Sandra Drake, Joanne Wolff, Duane Weber. Absent: Patricia Donohue, Barbara Mietus. "This Is the Beginning of the End." In introduction to business we took our first steps on our long hard journey to- wards becoming secretaries "Veni, Vidi, Vici." We came, we saw, we tried to conquer Latin. 3 Cl FMD S is for the sophomores, full of vim and cheer: O is for the originality they've shown throughout the year: P is for the pep they bring to books and work and play: H is for the happy hours of every single day: Q Mary Jo Drexelius Q jp L President 359' M 62 O is for objectives they're trying hard to meet: M is for the memories, the bitter and the sweety Katherine Dolce Vice-President Louise Ahbate Secretary Up straight and tall their green stems grow, They thrive in sunshine warmg Above the choking weeds below Their leaves now brave the storm . 15 O is for optimism shining out when things look darkg R means responsibility that helps them reach the mark: E is for some excellent things in which this class is bestg S stands for some small sorrows that help them meet life's test. Kathleen Meredith Treasurer Sophomore A First row: Carol Rollek, Anne Mowbray, Joanne Grimaldi, Ellen Williamson, Anita Fiutak, Marilyn Martineck, Betty Di Pas- quale, Anna Fasolino. Second row: Louise Vertino, Lorraine Sobczak, Santina Bellanti, Carol Scoppechio, Teresa Quinn, Patricia Muzzant, Mary Straubinger, Barbara Totaro, Shirley Schintzius, Cecelia Gianni, Theresa Di Vincenzo. Third row: Theresa Morone, Brenda Kowalewski, Patricia Mooney, Gloria Ricotta, Barbara O'Brian, Diane Merrell, Ioan Evans, Ioan Carrato, Louise Tomasello, Sally Ann Becker, Sally Scime. Absent: Marcia Cooper, Mary Ann Groblewski. -1, "C'est Magnifiqueu Remember the fun in first year French when we leamed native costumes from the French dolls sent as gifts to Le Cercle Frangais. lgfisiaf KR "More Than You Know" There were times when we f W thought shorthand should have been shortened. YQ Sophomore B First row: Jane llerrmann, Barbara llasenstah, Ioan Bruckman, Elizabeth Grisanti, Ruth Harrington, Ruth Overfield, Maria Domino, Lynn Spoeri, Second row: Rose Marie Sorgi, Collette Tucholski, Diane Caputy, Lorraine Pollina, Jacqueline Geraci, lean Caffrey, Ann Crim- men, Anita Tromba, Mary Tertito, Mary Panzarella, Elaine Schulz, Constance Camino, Third row: Joanne Alessi, Virginia Thielman, Carolann Weber, Judith Ward, Evelyn Macy, Joan Stalker, Rosemarie Rybarczyk, Mary Lake, Annette Grisanti. Absent: Mary Agnes Biesinger, Gloria Gennuso. "Walk Hand in Hand with Me" Our more serious moments were spent in Religion Class. as 1 ,AA 1 :f!-imi, . 11- ' ' A "I Spoke Too Soon" In English Class we leamed to appreciate William Shake- speare's lulius Caesar. "I'd Rather Die Young" To the rescue, ready to put to use all that we learned in health. "There Must Be a Way" These were the days of the Compasses and the ruler when we hoped we'd find the way. "Far Away Places" canbe brought to the class- room. Mary jo shows us how, as she proudly displays her model Parthenon . allways is 0 Gt Q 61 Elizabeth Dux 3 President J is for the juniors drawing near the topg U is for their union which lets no classmate drop: N means they never falter as their upward path they beat: I stands for good impressions made on everyone they meet: Marian Savini Vice-President In junior year, our eyes can see The fragile promised bloom, And loving hands will lift it free And fit to grace the room. O is for the obstacles o'er which their efforts riseg R is for the radiance that sparkles in their eyes: S is for the study that makes them truly wise . Marie Cioppa Secretary Gloria Messana Treasurer 19 unior A First row: Rosalie Ackley, Melanie Gagat, Mary Julie Cleary, Josephine Rizzo, Carolyn Ruggiero, Patricia Onasch, Rolann Kuhn, Carmela Lazzaro, Santina Cosmano. Second row: Virginia LoTempio, Theresa Mahiques, Josephine Curcio, Marcia Fronczak, Virginia Burnes, Constance Greco, Kathleen Baecher, Patricia Cristina, Rose Marie Palermo, Barbara Lesh, Third row: Marguerite Polito, Maria Wiesman, Lucille Burns, Joanne Ott, Loretta Weber, Judith King, Arlene Dominczak, Eugenia Tryjankowski, Helen Linch. "Magic Touch." We put our magic touch to "Candy and Cake" --- not for us. We'd rather grow taller than wider. 20 use in transcription class. unior B First row: Sue McGorray, Elizabeth Dyte, Mary Korzelius, Gayle Ray, Mary Ann Schwab, Rosalie Vacanti, Maria Carbone. Second row: Carolyn Limeri, Frances Arcara, Sally Quinn, Mary Catherine Pepe, Patricia DeCillis, Joanne Ambrose, Josephine Marotta, Mary Ann Dublino. Third row: Lucy Spogis, Cathleen Jordan, Esther Valenti, Christine Wargin, Lois Ann Weichmann, Patricia Brennan, Nancy Dicianne. Absent: Mary Jane Becker, Barbara Kubala, lean Miceli, Helen Slazyk, Leila Vitello. ' , . : 5, Q-' ,jf rw Sue McGorray God chose her as our first bud to blossom in the garden of heaven. "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire." Safety first was our motto in chemistry lab. "How Important Can It Be" to read good books? Come to the Nardin Book Fair and the juniors will tell you. 21 "Memories Are Made ofThis " Sugar and spice and every- thing nice may be what little girls are made of: but rules, equations, and formulas are what memories are made of in an intermediate algebra class. vs. "C'est Si Bon" lt is so good to hear French spoken correctly. The tape recorder in class adds rel- ish to the process of correct- ing pronunciation errors. "Buttons and Bows" Buttons and bows and frills are fine, But simplicity patterns save you time. jig WO Q A , T gr Fx L..x:'A if G p , .1 ,gy ij D X Z ...ii .159 ff X if X E have now reached the relative maturity of senior year. As beginning freshmen we were planted in the rich soil of Nardin's holy traditions. Here we have been nourished by the sun and the rainy we have been strengthened by the loving care of our teachers, who supported our fragile stems when oc- casional gusts of wind tore at them on dark and stormy days. We have kept clambering upwards to- wards holiness. Now we are to be transplanted to our nook in the wider garden of our destined place in the world, and we must continue our growth in holiness without these familiar helping hands. We still have the help of Christ and His Holy Mother. As full-blown roses we are now expected to adom a world much in need of some real beauty. Our voice and manner must perfume its atmosphere with trust and love. Our constant reaching higher and higher towards the fullness of Christian living will be an incentive for others . We have realized during these past years that our whole life is a garden, a testing ground for sturdy plants. Those whose roots reach out for the necessary graces will survive. Others will let themselves be choked by the weeds of cunning words uttered by the enemy of their souls or be blown about by the winds of worldliness till they "fall by the wayside." Our finn hope is that some day we shall be plucked by the Divine Gardener and taken to adorn the heavenly court. God grant that no flower from 1956 may be missing there. 23 1 111 . , Vlu -, 'm V . 5 1. 9 14 5 u u, 1 11 21 ' , . 1 ' - ,f . , 9. Guess Who? ff 5 5? ig in K It in W 3 ff 3, 2 i 'iv it 4 W -,H . . 2, t Q Y W ,, - A :+V 1 ' ' " F . I .IQ at , 4, fp, f '-. ' je, :.T' J., , 1 ., 2.1 ' Q V K . , N .Q ' ay-7, , . . 1 T 1 Y E- 9 ,if 1 , , A 4 - . M -Q 1 1 N, . I I, 7 ,Q V' I' 15 f u A 1 'K . N . 'A ,j .I . K 1 H' 1 WV. 1, 43514, . wg ? 9'fTi5'f?'?g., 1 A " . ,Q 'Wim 3 J ,VZ K Lau . 'L ' 22 8 12 4. v, 4' M .92 ff' UA' 'H' 18 19 T 16 17 Xi 1 Q . ..,. v f 1 5 ', fn-,S .Z if , ff 5 1 Wfzi' , Q -'V' -V R ' r' 24 , ax' 'ge Answer Kc Page 81 + 'E I M ' fi is A ff?- .44 ,.--J? 34 45 46 V-C., ,X 'X 43 'Wi-,g . 4 ,. ff-is X -fzfwfm. fd Q-W W .V 'flii' Q 442 51 L V, L' L 5 2' X - Q-HQ. 47 48 25 M"f'1l" 4 X ar 0 , Q 9, Y X , G.,'5Zi::,20::ru:,'zf-zzzzz'gs 0 6 0 69 Ni W! X 7 U ia fl 09 wt. lk 05, of X sly? Q' Q nigh ANGELA A . VALVO SECRETARY Sodality 2 . . . Sacristan 3, 4 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Glee Club l, 2 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 3, 4 . . . Dance Club l, 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club 1, 2, 3 . . . Senior Varsity 2, 3, 4 . . . Junior Varsity 1 . . . Typing Awards 3, 4 . . . Shorthand Transcription Awards 3, 4 . . . Gregg Student Award 3 . . . Shorthand Complete Theory Award 3 . . . Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Vice-Pres. Student Council 4. "It is character that makes beauty." JOAN M. SAELI TREASURER Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Sacristan 2,3,4 . . . Dramatic Club 1,2 . . . Sen- ior Dramatics . . . Glee Club 2,3 . . . Dance Club l . . . Cor Mariae Staff 3,4 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Typing Awards 3,4 . . . Shorthand Transcription Awards 3, 4 . . . Shorthand Complete Theory Award 3 . . . Co-Editor-Cor Mariae 4 . . . Honor Roll l,2,3,4 . . . Secy. Student Council 3 .V . . Rep. Student Council 4 . . . Pres. Sophomore Class . . Pres. junior Class . "Love, sweetness, goodness, in her per on shined So clear as in no face with more delight NANCY HOPPE PRESIDENT STUDENT COUNCIL Sodality 1,2 . . . Legion of Decency 1 . . . Dramatic Club 1,2 . . . Sen- ior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club l,2,3 . . . Senior Varsity 2,3,4 . . . junior Varsity 1 . . . Honor Roll 1,2,4 . . . Rep. Student Council 1. "What objects are the fountains Of thy happy strain? What fields or waves or mountains? What shapes of sky or plain?" 26 SALLY A . CALLARI PRESIDENT Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Bulletin Board Committee 3 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Pulchrae Romanae 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club 1 . . . Latin Honor Society l,2,3 . . . A.P.S.L. MAGNA CUM LAUDE 81 CUM LAUDE Awards 2,3 . . . Honor Roll l,2,3,4 . . . Associate Editor Cor Mariae 4 . . . Co-Chmn. Rosa Mystica 3 . . . Rep. Student Council 2. "Excellent things are rare . " CARMELLA R. LAZZARO VICE -PRESIDENT Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Bulletin Board 3,4 . . . Missal Club 3 . . . Le Cercle Francais 2 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Pulchrae Romanae l . . . Art Club 2 . . . Dramatic Club 1,2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . A.P.S.L. CUM LAUDE Award 1 . . . Latin Honor Society l,2,3 . . . Honor Roll l,2,3,4 . . . U.N. Delegate 4 . . . Rep. Student Council 2,3. "She who prays and labors lifts her heart to God with her hands . " CAROL M. GRIMALDI ASSISTANT TREASURER Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff4 . . . Glee Club 2,3 . . . jr. Red Cross 2,3 . . . Athletic Club 2 . . . Typing Awards 3 , . . Shorthand II Awards 3 . . . Transcription Awards 3 . . . Secy. Sophomore Class . . . Secy. S.D.S. 3. "I love her for her smile, --her look, --her way of speaking gently." ROSALIE A. LA DUCA PREFECT OF SODALITY Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Medical Missions 3 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Glee Club 2,3,4 . . . jr. Red Cross 2,3 . . . Le Cercle Francais 2 . . . Art Club 2,3 . . . Dance Club l . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Latin Honor So- ciety 1,3 . . . Honor Roll l,2,3,4 . . . Secy. Sodality 3 . . . Student Council Rep. 1,3. "Beauty of style and harmony and grace." 27 Sodality2,3,4 . . . u e .. . l 2 3 4. . . S.D.S. 3 . . .Rosarium Staff4 . . .Cor Mariae Staff 3,4 . . . Glee Club l,2,3,4. . .jr. Red Cross 3. . . Dance Clubl . . . Dramatic Club 1,2 . . . Athletic Club 2 . . . Honor Roll l . . . U.N. Delegate 3,4 . . .Treas. Pulchrae Romanae 2 . . . Chmn. Glee Club QAltosj 4 . Sodality 2,3 . . . S.D.S. 3 . . . Legion of Decency 2,3,4 . . . Glee Club 4 . . .junior Red Cross 3 . . . e erc cg . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Honor Roll l. "Rare is the union of beauty and modesty." "Merry have we met, and merry have we been: RUTA T . ABRICKIS Art Club 2 . . . Class Banker 4 . . . Typing Award 3 . . .Shorthand Com- plete Theory Award 3. "Holy, fair, and wise is sheg The heaven such grace did lend her, That she might admired be." MARILYN A. BELL B ll tin Board Committee 4 Legion of Decency PATRICIA L. BENINTENDE Glee Club 2,4 . . . Rosarium 4 . . . junior Red Cross 2,3,4 . . . Art Club 2 . . . Dance Club l . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club l,2 3 . . .jr. Varsity 2,3 . . . Banker 3 . . . Honor Roll 1 . . . Chairman jr. Red Cross 4 . . . Chairman Banking 4. "As the bright Sun glorifies the sky, So is her face illumined with her Eye." KATHLEEN BURGER L C le Fran ais 3 . . . Dance Club l Merry let us part, and merry meet again. 28 CLARE M . CAFFREY Sodality 4 . . . Bulletin Board Committee 4 . . . Glee Club 3, 4 . . . Dra- matic Club 3 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club 3,4 . . . junior Varsity 3 . . . Senior Varsity 4 . . . Latin Honor Society 3 . . .A.P.S.L. CUM LAUDE Award 3 . . . Chmn. Glee Club fFirst Sopranoj 4 . . . Rep. Student Council 4. "And whenever she spoke, her voice went singing Like water up from a fountain springing." MA RY ANN CASTIGLIONE junior Red Cross l,3,4 . . . Athletic Club l,2,3 . . . Cheerleader 1 . . Chairman L. and F. 3. "So nigh is grandeur to our dust, So near is God to man, When Duty whispers low, 'Thou must, ' The youth replies, 'I can. ' " MARCELLA COUGHLIN jr. Red Cross 2,3 . . . Dance Club 1,2 . . . Senior D ' ramatics . . . Ath- letic Club 1, 2, 3 . . . Cheerleader 2,3 . . . Captain Cheerleaders 3 Vice-President Sophomore Class . . . Secretary junior Class. "There's a sparkle of cheer in her morning air A warmth that is bright and gay, . . . We welcome her with a friendly smile While on her merry way." JOAN A. CRATO Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Glee Club 1,4 . . . jr. Red Cross 1 . . . Le Cercle Francais 2 3 ' ' I , . . . Dramatic Club 1 . . . Athletic Club 1 . . . Senior Dra- matics . . . Latin Honor Society 1 . . . Honor Roll 1 . . . Class Banker 2 . . . Secy. Freshman Class. "Without love and laughter there is no joy." 29 Legion of Decency 3, 4 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 4 . . . Glee Club 3, 4 . . . junior Red Cross l . . . Art Club 2 . . . Dramatic Club 3 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club l . . . Class Banker 3 . . . Shorthand-Transcription Awards 3 . . . Typing Awards 3 . . . Chairman L. and F. 2. Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Legion of Decency 2,3 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Cor Mariae l,4 . . . Glee Club 2,4 . . . Dance Club 2 . . . Dramatic Club 1,2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club 2,3 . . . junior Var- sity 2,3 . . . Latin Honor Society 1,3 . . .A.P.S.L. CUM LAUDE Award 3 . . . Honor Roll l,3,4 . . . U.N. Delegate 3 . . . Pres. Fresh- man Class . . . Co-editor Cor Mariae 4 . . . Treas. Le Cercle Francais 3 . . . Vice-Prefect Sodality 4 . . . Treas. Student Council 2 . . . Treas. junior Class . "Stars at dusk, and the golden scent LOUISE M. DENTICE junior Red Cross 1,2 . . . Dance Club l . . . Athletic Club 1. "The habit of looking on the best side of every event is worth more than a thousand pounds a year!" SUZANNE L . DIKEMAN That so implies a beauty radiant." PATRICIA A . ERVOLINO Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Medical Mission 3 . . . Glee Club 3 . . . junior Red Cross 3 . . . Art Club 2 . . . Dance Club l . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club l . . . Cheerleader 1 . . . Treasurer Freshman Class. "Fame is the scentless sunflower, With gaudy crown of gold, But friendship is the breathing rose, With sweets in every fold." KATHLEEN M. GILLIS "She who follows the path of virtue becomes as a little child." 30 Sodality 2,3,4 . . . S.D.S. 3 . . . Legion of Decency 4 . . . Career Guid- ance 3 . . . junior Red Cross 4 . . . Dance Club l, 2 . . . Dramatic Club l,2. . sions 4. JANET E . HENRY Athletic Club 1 . . . junior Varsity l . . . Chairman MedicalMis- "The future has a rich harvest in store for those who rightly cultivate the present . " Glee Club 4 . . . junior Red Cross l . . . Pulchrae Romanae 2 . . .Dance Club l . . . Athletic Club l . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Cheerleader 1. JANET E. HOF FMEYER Sodality 2, 3, 4 . . . Bulletin Board 4 . . . Legion of Decency 2, 4 . . .Ro- sarium Staff 4 . . . Glee Club 2,4 . . . junior Red Cross 2 . . . Art Club 3 . . . Dance Club 1 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club l. "So fair, so sweet Withal so sensitive." LEONTINE E . KAITANOWSKI "Like a rose embowered In its own green leaves ." JACQUELINE A. LEONARD Cor Mariae Staff 4 . . . junior Red Cross 1, 2,3 . . . Pulchrae Romanae 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletics Club 1. "Haste thee, nymph, and bring with thee jest, and youthful jollity, Quips and cranks and wanton wiles Nods and hecks and wreathed smiles." 31 Sodality 2, 3 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Pulchrae Romanae 2 . . . Cheerleader l . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club 1,2 . . . Honor Roll l . . . Treas . So "Could Beauty have better commerce than with Honesty?" MARY ANN LOCHOCKI Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Sacristan 2,3,4 . . . Dramatic Club 1 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Glee,Club 2,3,4 . . . Dance Club l . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Shorthand-Transcription Awards 3,4 . . . Typing Awards 3,4 . . . Shorthand Complete Theory Award 3 . . . Honor Roll l,2, 3,4 . . . Co- chairman Sacristans 3 . "The creed of the true saint is to make the best of life, and make the most of it." BARBARA J. LO VALLO 3,4 . . . Bulletin Board Committee 3,4 . . . junior Red Cross phomore Class . Sodality 4 Club l . . sity 2,3,4. MARIA C. MASCARI Glee Club 4 . . . Dance Club 1 . . . junior Red Cross 1. "It is my joy in life to find At every turning of the road The strong arm of a comrade kind To help me onward with my load." KATHERINE A. MC GORRAY . . . Glee Club 2,3,4 . . . Pamphlet Committee 4 . . . Dance . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club l, 2,3 . . . Senior Var- vv But never yet, by night or day, In dew of spring or summer's ray, Did the Sweet valley shine so gay As now it shines--all love and light." 32 Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Career Guidance 3 . . . S.D.S. 3 . . . Dance Club 1 . . . Dramatic Club 1, 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Glee Club 3,4 junior Red Cross 4 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Legion of Decency 3 . . . Mission Representative 4 ypgAwards4 . . . Transcription Awards 4. "You need no ponderous books, so inchoate For your eyes reveal truth." Legion of Decency 3, 4 . . . . Dance Club 1,2 . . Secy. Legion of Decency. "Her eye begets occasion for her wit: For every object that the one doth catch The other turns to a mirth-moving jest." CAROL A. MCKNIGHT Shorthand Awards 3 T in CAROL A . MESSINA Cor Mariae Staff 4 . . . Glee Club 1,2, 3,4 . . . Junior Red Cross 2,3 . . . Art Club 1,2,3 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club 1,2 . . . Typing Awards 3 . . . Transcription Awards 3, 4 . . . Shorthand Awards 3, 4. "Her mirth the world required, She bathed it in smiles of glee ." IDA J. MOSCATO . . Career Guidance 3 . . . junior Red Cross 4 . Dramatic Club 1,2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . M. IUDITH ORISS Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Sacristan 3 . . . Legion of Decency l,2,3,4 . . .Art Club 1,2 . . . Dramatic Club 1,2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club l, 2 . . . junior Varsity 2. "Of all the sunbeams that did ever shine The very sweetest had to thee been given." 33 Sodality 2,3,4 . . . junior Red Cross 1 . . . Art Club 2 . . . Dramatic Club 2 . . . Banker 4. but that there is always time enough for courtesy." Dance Club 1 . . . Honor Roll 1. PATRICIA A . ORLANDO Glee Club 1,2 . . . Le Cercle Francais 2,3,4 . . . Art Club 1,2 . . . Dance Club 1 . . . Honor Roll 1 . . . President Le Cercle Frangais 4. "A little word in kindness spoken, A motion or a tear, Has often healed a heart that's broken, And made a friend sincere." PATRICIA L. OSIECKI "Life is not so short MARY LOU PANARO Dance Club 1 . . . Cheerleader 1 . . . Glee Club 4 . . . Athletic Club 1 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Vice-President Fresh man Class. "Even then her glorious Smile to me Brought warmth and radiance, if not balm, Like Moonlight on a troubled sea, Brightening the storm it can not calm PATRICIA A . PANARO "Out of the dark a shadow. Then, a Sparky Out of they cloud a silence, Then, a lark." 34 MARY ANN C. PASQUARELLA Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Junior Red Cross l, 2,3 . . . Athletic Club 1, 2, 3 . . . Cheerleader 3 . . . Transcription Award 3 . . . Shorthand Complete Theory Award 3 . . . Chairman L. and F. 2. "Beauty in a quiet house lights a simple candle." ANN MARIE PEPE Sodality 4 . . . Bulletin Board Committee 4 . . . Glee Club 3 . . . Jr. Red Cross 1,2 . . . Art Club 1,2 . . . Dramatic Club l . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club 2. "And her against sweet cheerfulness was placed, Whose eyes like twinkling stars in evening clear, Were decked with smiles, and all sad humors chased." GRACE A . PEPE Sodality 4 . . . Bulletin Board 4 . . . Glee Club 4 . . . Dance Club 1 . . . Dramatic Club l, 2, 4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Chairman Bulletin Board 4. "And she hath smiles to earth unknown: Smiles, that with motion of their own Do spread, and sink, and rise ." NANCY L. PFOERTNER Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Pamphlet Committee 3,4 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . Glee Club 2,3,4 . . . Art Club 1.3 . . . Dance Club 1 . . . Dramatic Club 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club 1 . . . Honor Roll 1. "Mind cannot follow it, nor words express Her infinite sweetness." 35 MARY ANN T. REGAN Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Sacristan 3,4 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff4. . .Glee Club4 . . . jr. Red Cross 2 ...Dance Club 1 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club 1 . . . Typing Awards 3,4 . . . Short- hand Complete Theory Award 3 . . . Shorthand-Transcription Awards 3. "Truth needs no flower of speech." ANN MARIE REINARTZ Glee Club 2,3 . . . junior Red Cross 1,2 . . . Art Club 1,4 . . . Dance Club 1,2 . . . Athletic Club 2,3 . . . junior Varsity 2. "Little streams from little fountains flow, Tall oaks from little acorns grow," JOAN M. ROLLEK Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Pamphlet Committee 4 . . . S.D.S. 3 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff4 . . . Glee Club 3 . . . jr. Red Cross 2 Dance Clubl . . .Dramatic Club 3 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Ath letic Club 1 . . . Typing Awards 3,4 . . . Shorthand-Transcription Awards 3 . . . Shorthand Complete Theory Award 3. " 'Tis only noble to be good." PATRICIA I. RYAN Legion of Decency 2 . . . junior Red Cross 2, 3 . . . Dance Club 2 . . Dramatic Club 2 . . . Senior Dramatics. "Whatever she does, wherever she goes, Grace orders her actions and follows her movements. 36 ANTOINETTE G . SARDINA Sodality 2, 3 . . . Missal Club 3 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 2,3,4 . . . Glee Club 4 . . . Jr. Red Cross 2 . . . Dance Club l . . . Athletic Club l,2, 3 . . .jr. Varsity 1,2 . . . Sr. Varsity 3 . . . Typing Awards 3 . . . Shorthand-Transcription Awards 3 . . . Honor Roll l . . . Captain Jr. Var- sity 2 . . . Monitor l. "Goodness is a special kind of truth and beauty: It is a truth and beauty in human behavior." MARILYNN E. SCHLEICHER . Legion of Decency 2, 3, 4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 4 . . . Dance Club 1, 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . .Athletic Club l, 2, 3 . . . junior Varsity 2 . . Glee Club 4 . . . Shorthand-Transcription Awards 3. "Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow." CARMINA M. SILVAROLI Typing Awards 3 . . . Shorthand-Transcription Awards 3, 4. "Where'er a noble deed is wrought, Where'er is spoken a noble thought, Our hearts in glad surprise To higher levels rise." MARILYN E. SMITH Glee Club 3, 4 . . .jr. Red Cross 1 . . . Le Cercle Francais 3 . . .Dance Club 1 . . . Dramatic Club 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club 1 2,3,4 . . . Senior Varsity 2,4 . . . Latin Honor Society l . . . A.P.S.L. MAGNA CUM LAUDE Award l . . . Typing Award 4 . . x. Honor Roll l, 2, . U.N. Delegate 3,4 . . . Librarian, Glee Club 4 . . . Class Banker 4 . . . National French Examination Award 2nd place 2, 3 . . . Four Year Scholarship to D'Youville College . . . Two Year Scholarship to Rosary Hill College . "Humor is the harmony of the heart." 37 ROSALIE F. SOTTILE Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Sacristan 2,3,4 . . . Missal Club3 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Glee Club 4 . . . Jr. Red Cross l,2,4 . . . Dancing Club 1 . . . Dramatic Club 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Chairman Sacristans3 "Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue AMELIA I. SPAGNUOLO Art Club 2 . . . Class Banker 1. "There is a treasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore, There is society where none intrudes, By the deep sea, and music in its roar." JOAN F. SPERRAZZA Sodality 2, 3 . . . jr. Red Cross 2 . . . Dance Club l . . . Athletic Club 1 . . . Cheerleader 1 . . . Transcription Award 3. There was a soft and pensive grace, A cast of thought upon her face, That suited well the forehead high, The eye-lash dark, and down-cast eye, The mild expression spoke a mind In duty firm, compos'd, resign'd." ANTOINETTE M. STASINSKI Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Pamphlet Committee 4 . . . S.D.S. 3 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Glee Club 3 . . . junior Red Cross 2 . . . Dance Club 1 . . . Dramatic Club 3 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club 1 . . . Short- hand Complete Theory Award 3 . . . Shorthand-Transcription Award 3 . "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance . " 38 MARIE ANNE TAMA Junior Red Cross 4 . . . Dance Club 1 . . . Dramatic Club 1 . . . Senior Dramatics. "Her air, her manners, all who saw admired, Courteous though coy, and gentle, though retired: The joy of youth and health her eyes display'd, And ease of heart her every look convey'd. " MILDRED M. TIMINERI Sodality 2,3,4 . . . S.D.S. 3 . . . Le Cercle Francais 2,3,4 . . . Dance Club 1 . . . Dramatic Club 1,2 . . .Senior Dramatics . . . Latin Honor Society l,2,3 . . .A.P.S.L. 1,3, MAGNA CUM LAUDE. Award 3 . . Honor Roll l,2,3,4 . . . Secy. Le Cercle Francais 4 . . . Treas. Sodality 3 . . . Chairman Mater Dei 3 . . . Vice-Pres. junior Class . . . Editor- in-chief Rosarium. "A good mind possesses a kingdom." ELAINE K. VERTALINO Dramatic Club l, 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Class Banker 1, 2. "She started to sing as she tackled the thing That couldn't be done, and she did it." PHILLIS M . WESTPHAL Sodality 4 . . . Bulletin Board Committee 4 . . . Sr. Dramatic Club 4 . . Senior Dramatics . . . Athletic Club 4 . . . Chairman Banking 4 . . . Co- captain jr. Varsity 4. "She is kind as she is fair, For beauty lives with kindness . " 39 NAME Ruta Abrikis Marilyn Bell Pat Benintende Kathleen Burger Clare Caffrey Sally Callari Mary Ann Castiglione Marcella Coughlin joan Crato Louise Dentice Sue Dikeman Patricia Ervolino Kathleen Gillis Carol Grimaldi janet Henry Janet Hoffmeyer Nancy Hoppe Leontine Kaitanowski Rosalie LaDuca Carmella Lazzaro Jacqueline Leonard Mary Ann Lochocki NICKNAME Ruta Goldilocks Pat Kathie Kay Sal Mal Marcy Ioanie Lutch Dickerman Erv Kathy C . G . jan jan Hopalong Terry Ro Carm jackie Bunny Senior FAVORITE SAYING But--I don't under- stand. Um hmm! Come on, Sal. Aw, c'mon., Oh, I do not. Oh, good griefl Oh, my gosh! What're ya kiddin'? Listen, kids! What you do, hey? How' s that grab ya? Git out! Holy cow! You know it! I think this one's best. Terri fic l I almost dropped my teeth! Kids . . . Miss Murphy wants me . Ya know. Hey, Moose! What's a matter? 40 AMBITION To make a lot of noise Lead the midshipmen at Annapolis To do away with make-up slips To carry a large supply of Lily cups To take a sentimental joumey To have a study period for study To be the sole owner of Central Cleaners To weigh 200 lbs . To direct Canisius College Glee Club To be a patient at Millard Fillmore To own a saddle shoe factory To sing for the Metro- politan To raise a baseball team To be a co-partner at Central Dry Cleaners To limit her "little" lunch To be a Mountie To start a "pen pal" club 7 To teach driving To have time on her hands To have someone an- swer her questions To kill all centipedes To outgrin the Cheshire C at NOTED FOR Her long brown hair Piano renditions of "Boogie Woogie" Constant chatter Her orations on beady eyes Her sisterly love u Her motherly advice Her laughter during class Her "grape-eyes" . .7th period history class Her long straight hair Her frequent change of mind Overdue library books Her offensive arguments Her beautiful smile Her friendly relations with Canada Giggling Those long letters Her collection of purses Her cobkie supply at lunch Her rendition of "Shanghai Sal" Sneezing in class Her laughing eyes NAME Barbara LoVallo Maria Mascari Katherine McGorray Carol McKnight Carol Messina Ida Moscato Judith Oriss Patricia Orlando Patricia Osiecki Mary Lou Panaro Patricia Panaro MaryAnn Pasquarella Anne Marie Pepe Grace Pepe Nancy Pfoertner Mary Ann Regan Ann Marie Reinartz jon Rollek Patricia Ryan Joan Saeli ' Antoinette Sardina Marilynn Schleicher Carmina Silvaroli NICKNAME Bobbie Marie Kay Mac Kay Louella judee HaPPY Patty Mar Tish Babe Animal Gay Nan Pumkins Ann Joni N Pat X Zelda Toni Schleich Carm Statistics FAVORITE SAYING You're out of your mind. Hey, Ti sh! Oh, kids! Oh, I did not! Guess what? I got a letter. Can I ask you a personal question? Rats! How'd I get myself into this? Who, me? Wait'll I tell you! Oh, go on. 0.K., O.K.! Hi, gang! It was yea big! Oh, my goodness! I don't care . Look who's talking! I don't know . Oh, youimow what? - Lots a luck! You've got a lot of nerve! Are you out of your skull? Hey, dere! How goes mit you? 41 AMBITION To keep from turning crimson To have red hair To learn the name of every flower To get a job To have long hair again To have a syndicated gossip column To have a two hour lunch period To be a psychologist To type a perfect man- uscript To have patience To be noisy To own DAVID'S To play basketball for Canisius College To be another Sarah Bernhardt To have an ambition To be five feet short To own a locker four feet high To eat lunch at 9:45 To live in North Buffalo To be Perry Como's secretary To get some passen- gers who pay for gas To abolish Regents exams To own a juke box NOTED FOR Her size ten ring Her neat appearance Her athletic spirit Her freckles Her curly bangs Her ivy green ankle socks Her ability to make things disappear Raising one eyebrow Ability as a sales- woman Her "long" pony tail Stretching in class Cheerleading Her unlimited store of jokes Her short telephone conversations Her older brothers Her red hair Fixing up blind dates Eating lunch before the first bell Her good behavior Her ability to break in- destructible objects Getting nine girls in a six passenger car Her quiet voice in the cafeteria Her ability to speak several dialects Senior Statistics fcontinuedj NAME Marilyn Smith Rosalie Sottile Amelia Spagnuolo Ioan Sperrazza Antoinette Stasinski Marie Tama Mildred Timineri Angela Valvo Elaine Vertalino Phyllis Westphal NICKNAME Mal Ro Amy joanie Toni Marie C ookie Angie Ellie Phil How do you like your eggs? FAVORITE SAYING AMBITION I thought I'd die . To have the 10lst ele- ment called "Malium" Who would like to To be able to keep all contribute to the. . . the money she collect I don't know. To be a chef You're right. . .5 To be a barber you're right. . . again. Hey, you know what, To stay awake in kids? class And, . . . . . . . . . and To edit simplified editions of every required book you know . Parlez-vous To go to Paris by frangais? bicycle Girls! To play forward for the Globetrotters To have Nardin moved to South Buffalo This has gotta work . Oh, come on now. To be able to act NOTED FOR Her attachment to the name "jerry" "Angelic expression" s Her simplicity A flair for clothes Her constant chatter Her high heels Portrayals of old women Blushing Foolproof methods Her posture Senior Retreat We had a wonderful time Awaiting the Chapel bell Mother of Mercy Retreat House Stairway to Heaven , , V- ' Mir ' Alf 'T' ' y A , , Vs .Q .QQ -f jo Agway 92 X 'i ' K' 1 4SQPfff ' , 1 629. 3 N Euan - "' "Sf ' x X r' ' A 65 ,ix 3- I 1 Q, .X v is' NH' f ta t' mc-3. r a g s dx, i, f W J Q ia, is A QQ , 5 N 1- t' ,fit E go gr Q xg ., 'S vfl N ut., 1 MQ' Es fu' Vik - r ' X - ,CRP G X541 A ,El k Q . g X 5 4 3 Q 5532 pi Q W .J rdf wt ' K - .N , n ,-'20, fjwf' fi r, 055, ai L f f ' , - u J ' - 13912 x . Alan-,E ACT'VI'Ti mxlm x b ,4 4 uf ' R- cf 94 J '. Q X Q 9. , rig tl, W X -aio ,9 fig? ? s -QQ" X x 8 3 'Q 5- ,,'3rg ' X ,k Q J ' L X vw -9 ' .ffg' i , W A' 15: E Q, N 5 f-JJ? gave . ' . ""!' I: 4 "' -.1 . I . f 11 c 9 9 3 5 , 1 c e vc x HE faculty of Nardin endeavors to give the students a wide selection of extracurricular activities . The many clubs bring variety and interest into the school's program. A rose is a plant which reaches far and grows in many different varieties . So too, at Nardin, the teachers place the plants under their care in varied fields. The choice offered is such that every stu- dent may find at least one suitable and interesting to her. Realizing fully that social development is as important as physical or intellectual development, the moderators direct these activities so that the students will develop initiative and learn to get a- long with others, thus providing for a well-rounded life after school days . 43 twill 0 0 'N Q H Q' X .Q if , I . K' I ,gmt 'W ..,. Q, M., P .fl 'iii T . afar: I . 'K ..fL.,!-. I' 'A' 435' Nancy Hoppe Angela Valvo President Vice-President jean Miceli Gloria Gennuso Secretar Treasurer Y UR Student Council here at Nardin was created to promote student interest in school activities. Each of- ficer and homeroom representative takes an objective view of the scenes around her, and encourages her fellow students to do likewise. She then, in turn, presents the opinions of her class at Council meetings. It is to the Student Council that suggestions are submitted for improving conditions about school. Thus, the en- tire student body contributes to the order in the academy. Each officer of the Council takes a personal interest in the student and her problems. Through this organization friendly relations are constantly maintained. Miscellaneous projects, such as individual student photos and a study at noontime, are discussed and voted upon at Council meetings . This year Open House was supervised by the Council, and three movies were presented to the Student body. Nardin mascots, stationery, and pennants were sold by popular request to the girls. Homcroom Rcprcscntativcs 'Nbr Front row: Virginia Bumes, Joan Rogers, Patricia DeCi11is, Lynn Spoeri, Betty DiPasquale. Back row: Clare Caffrey, Kathleen Shea, Patricia Friel, Ioan Saeli. 44 X AZIZZ L I Rosalie Lamlca "A' Kathleen Gillis Prefect ,.,, Vicegpre feet Mft fi if 1 Marian Savini fi! Y ' Virginia Burnes Secretary I A Treasurer 5 ISHOP SPALDING once defined education as "ceaseless growth toward God." The Sodality aims to fulfill this ideal and to reach God through the guidance of His Blessed Mother. The aim of every sodalist is to be "Mary-like" in all she does and says. Daily Mass, mental prayer, acts of charity, and the rosary are the vitamins that help her to grow in her love for God. The three divisions of the Sodality, the Mater Dei, Rosa Mystica, and lanua Caeli, were very active throughout the year in their apostolic and spiritual works . They helped feed the poor with Christmas basketsg they visited hospitals: they conducted a clothing drive, and some taught catechism . Ianua Cacli Inner circle: B.Lo Vallo, C.Mc Knight, A,Stasinski, R.Sottile, S.Callari, K.Gi1lis, P.Ervo1ino, A,M,Pepe. I.Oriss. Outer circle: M.A,Regan, P.Westphal, M.Timineri. I.Henry. I.Ro11ek, J.Sae1i, K.Mc Gorray, N.Pfoertner, M.A,Lochocki. Standing: G,Pepe, M.Bel1, C.Caffrey, R. La Duca-chairman, P.Osiecld, C.Lazzaro, C.Grimaldi. 45 IN MARXAN ST in ' First row: M,Savini, J,Mice1i, I,Curcio, M,C,Pepe-Chairman, L.Weber, B,Lesh, T.Mahiques, P. Cristina, C,Iordan, Second row: E.Tryjankowski, L.Burns, H.Linch, L.Spogis, M,Korze1ius, R, Kuhn, Third row: K.Baecher, M,I,Becker, S.Quinn, I.C1eary, Rosa Mystical Bulletin Board Committee M. Korze1ius,A, M. Pepe. C.Laz- zaro, M.Be11, J.Hoffmeyer, G. Pepe, T.Mahiques, H.Linch. Saetistan Committee Clockwisez M. A, Regan, I. Sae1i,R.Sotti1e, M. A. Lochocki, A.Va1vo, S, Quinn, K.Meredith, C. Jordan, M. Korzelius. 46 Committee B, O'Brian N, Pfoertner L, Spogis J, Curcio K, McGorray K, Baecher I, Rollek M,Savini Mater Dei Seated: Gloria Gennuso, Lorraine Pollina, Anita Fiutak, Marcia Cooper, Kathleen Meredith, Mary Lake Patricia Muzzam, Maria Domino, Annette Grisanti. Standing: Mary Jo Drexelius, Diane Caputy, Carolann Weber, Anne Mowbray, Joan Bruckman, Lynn Spoerr Barbara Anne O'Brian, ODALISTS also know how to have good Christian fun. They won first prize at the Variety Show in which all the member schools of the Western New York High School Sodality Union participated. Together the Nardin and Canisius sodalities sponsored a dance, the proceeds of which were used to send delegates to the S.S.C.A. The senior sodalists raised further funds for this purpose by providing a luncheon for the entire student body. The vocation play which was presented for the school by the junior sodalists, proved to be very inspirational. During the month of May, a pilgrim statue of the Blessed Virgin traveled to the homes of the sodalists, where a family rosary was said in front of the statue. In February and again in May new sodalists were received into the Sodal- ity. The activities for the year culminated in the tradi- tional May procession and crowning of Our Blessed Mother. February Reception into Sodality Pamphlet Le Ccrclc Chere Amie, This is my first year in the French club at Nardin and I have to admit it has helped me enjoy the study 'GLM' JW W 'Mya My Francais UMMMQM My 6, , of the French language. Miss Mary T. Tierney is our moderator and I wish you could meet her. Since we do not have enough money in our treasury to really vi- sit France, we have walked its avenues, seen its his- torical buildings, and been thrilled by the beauty of its cathedrals through the magic of films and slides. Our Mardi Gras this year again gave the school a French atmo- sphere and the students a contin- ental air. I am looking forward to our next meeting and your next letter. Votre amie . II. I Iplig -'EE-52: . ll'II' li l : l 'I I .lug II. up I I II IN 'I 'I.'I'lI" 'I' I I, Ig.. NI. .I I I 'I 'I I JI 'If 'I I UI. I I,s'IulI, I 'I I'l 'I 'I 'I I. I I' I, Il :ilu I I"'I, I ij II I 5 i I I I I I ll lg I 5-.l.Il..l 'I II 'I I I lI.'I, I 'I .ll'I. hu, I. l I I I I' 5 I I:I 'lhll I 1 I I,...::,I:, l I'II'I 5" -I i 1:5 Q I I I' I I . :-EII L I - mfg- j I :E-I N- 1- "L 'za I I. III ' . II, I-2:5165l:1IEE:2:-:g.E:gl:- J: ul I. I- I 'I:IEI... I, I I I I I .II--I-E . I'-. ' Iii I I l I-I.. E . MI, I 'I I, I. .: l I.. I'-.QI 9555, 5 'I 'III' First row: M,Timineri, P.Or1ando-President, L.Burns, I.Ott. Second row: J.Curcio, C.Greco, K.Baecher, B.Kuba1a, M,J,Becker. Third row: S.Quinn, M,A,Schwab, M.Gagat, L.Weber, M.Wiesman 48 MQW ELM HE Art Club, moderated by Miss Kathryn Wirtenberger, endeavors to bring Nardin students to a better appreciation of art and to de- velop artistic talent among its members. Its new meeting room on the first floor provides greater facility for the public display of their artistic efforts. This year, many fields of art were exploredg clay modeling, papier mache, painting and fashion designing. The big- gest project was the creation and production of a puppet show, "The Happy Prince." Puppets, scenery and even a puppet-sized stage were carefully constructed and appropriately decorated. The members of the club gave two performances for the children of the elementary de- partment. K Seated: Barbara Totaro, Kathleen Zielinska, Julia Binisz- kiewicz, Mary Panzarella, Paula Kabel, Carol Scoppechio 3, Standing Margaret Moore Patncra Onasch, Joanne Peler, Patricia Mooney Carol Alaimo, Lynette Cham- berg Theresa D1 Vincenzo 5 4 sa - 49 Off to the Blood Bank. U34 sq' "Q, 'fo CROSS B,Schmidt, H.Linch, C. Junior Mcxnigm, E, Red Cross Tryjankowski, Organization under the direction of Miss Nora Leddy served cheer- fully and loyally. This year, as in other years, they made tray mats, favors, and little toys for hos- pitals in the Buffalo area. Besides this the members visited homes for the aged, where they conveyed the Christmas spirit by sing- ing the carols of the season. A sewing group was added to the club . Advised by Miss Florence Smith, this group made stuffed animals, toys and leather needle cases which were distributed by the junior Red Cross. Along with their other activities they also spent many hours at the Blood Bank. M.Pol.ito, C.Web- er, V,Thie1man, I. Henry, M.I.Drexe- lius, B.Hasenstab, G. Mesana, R.Sottile, B. DiPasquale, M,Thielman P. Friel, M. Tama, M. Dom X ino, K.Shea, I.Moscaro, M.Lake, I.Rogers, M. Castiglione, P.DeCi1lis M.Savini, I.Ma11ia, F.Arcara, P.Benin- rende, chairman. And so we sewedl 50 those who like to "trip the light fantastic, " the Dance Club was ever ready to teach the latest steps. Under the able instruction of Mrs. Werely Rupert, the girls learned the fox-trot, the mam- bo, the cha-cha, and, of course, the jitterbug. The boys from Can- ius Hi h School attended dancing ence gave an excellent opportunity to gain poise in the presence of is g classes held at Nardin. Their pres- Band X Couples clockwise: V. LoTempio J, Stelmach I. Adlnolfi C, Chudzinski S, Dobbins, I. Wolff S, Drake B. Kublszyn A, Sorgi C, Watts L. Ciesla L, Menza P, Kabel P, Friel Below: P.Schwartz, A.Ruane, J, Winkelman, N.McLaugh11n, N.Co1onna, D.Weber, L Grieco, B.Salvo. Below Seated: G. Martone, E, Williamson, L.Greco, I, Olsen, B. Gorth, C.Salvo, M. Tirone, C. Sper- razza. Standing: strangers and skill in dancing with various partners. The underclassmen found this club especially enjoyable, and it ranked high on their list of activities. C' ms 51 L. Villa, M.Gareau, B.Adornetto, I,Becker, R.'l'irone, A.Fiutak, P,Gismondi, M. Gaglione, C. Fontana, the music of our rehearsing Glee Club. Under the direction of Mrs. Cecilia R. Kenny, this most popular club developed in its members an increased appreciation and love of music It was a source of enjoyment to those with vocal talent and also to the audiences throughout the year. The club provided the choral numbers for our Christmas assembly and a short program for Open House. Again on May 16 their well trained voices blended in song for the annual spring con- cert. Among the selections featured were "May Day Carol," "Charlottetown" and the stirring "Battle Hymn of the Re- public." Their final performance was given to an appreciative audience on Commencement night. I N Thursday afternoons, the halls of Nardin were filled with .- - - . .A , 'ar-5:45-: . .E-923:63 tg.. cf. -4- Se 2:-A' sw--:a First Soprano , First row: M.Cioppa, B,Totaro, G.Pepe, M,Territo, C.Caffrey, M.Smith, S.Bellanti, Second row: K.McGorray, C.McKnight, N.Pfoertner, G.Gennuso, M,A.Lochocki, D.Caputy. Third row: J.Carrato, A.Ruane, M,A,Regan, B.Gorth, L,Weichmann, I.Winke1man, M.Lake. 52 First row: I.Ambrose, L.Wright, E.Tryjankowski, S,Scime, E,Wi11iamson, M.C,Pepe. Second row: K,, K.Shea, B.Adometto, R.Ack1ey, R. Kuhn, A.Sansone, C. White, I.Rogers, Third row: S. Dikeman, K.Burger, K, Trapani, E. Valenti, C,Wargin, M.Wiesman, B. Kowaiew ski, B,Dy!e, I.Crato, Alto Standing: R.La Duca, president. First row: M. Savini, C. Messina, B. M. Salvo, A, Sardina, S. Schintzius, M. Mascari. Second row: B.O'Brian, M,Sch1eicher, C.De Matteo, J.Caffrey, T,Mahiques, L. Kaitanowski, Third row: M, L,Panaro, K,Baecher, C,Chudzinski, C,Tucholski, I.Geraci, A.Grisanti, Fourth row: R.Sotti1e, L.Weber, P.Frie1, M.Be1l, A.Fiutak, B,C,Sa1vo. 53 Second Soprano QQ Afilme TAFF Literary Staff Standing: R.Harrington, S.Quinn, R. Kuhn, L.Bu.tns, P.Mooney,,S.Scime, M.C,Pepe, V.Thielman, P.Muzzant, I.Leonard. Seated: M.Be1l, N.Dicianne, C.Messina, C.Tucho1ski, B.O'Brian, K.Baecher, M,Carbone, M.Savini. . x X x llx l - t H- T 1sts X6 R v3W01'G'.'. r x X r ll WS X NN i fa Rear: A.Valvo, J.Mice1i, c.Grima1ai, M.scn1e1cher, AXA BX Yiirxfrkfir 1,11 J,Rol1ek, M,A,Regan. R QU fpldf.: Front:S.Dikeman, A.Sardina, G.Messana. A XX mx Wi ",- . Absent: P,DeCil1is, MQW X' fb Xb UR news- paper gives an opportun- ity for all the girls in school to have their ar- ticles published. Its capable staff is directed by Miss Bax- bara Fleming and the editors Sally Callari, Kathleen Gillis, and Joan Saeli. Most of the issues contain bits of news about un- forgettable incidents of school life. The subscribers enjoy their paper very much. The girls agree, despite deadlines, writer's cramp, and pasting the dummy sheet that "the pen is mightier than the sword." Ioan Saeli, co-editor: Sally Callari, assistant editorg Kathleen Gillis, co-editor, 54 ! 1 N CDS!-NQIUIVI T!-XV F xx Business Editors B.O'Brian. I.Caffrey, N.Pfoertner, E.Tryjankowski, N.Di- cianne, B.Schmidt, J.Sauer, P.Frie1. First row: M.Timineri-editor-in-chief, R. La Duca, M.A,Regan, R.Sottile, K.Gi11is, M.L,Panaro, I.Ro1lek, A, Stasinski, C.Mc Knight, S,Dikeman, I.Crato, Ll-Ioffmeyer. Third row: S.Cal1ari, M,A,Pasquarel1a. I.Sae1i, M,Bell, A.Valvo, C.Lazzaro, Second row:M.A.Lochocki, P.Ben1ntende, B.Lo Vallo. X sarium of 1956 is meant to give a true picture of life at Nardin Acad- emy during the school year 1955-56. It has been published to provide a remembrance of serious moments of study, laughing mo- ments of humorous experiences, and exciting moments of social events. We have tried to give each class equal representation so that the book may be a remembrance for all. We, the staff, will long remember proofreading, layouts, research, drawing, write-up assignments, and pasting. The help of the faculty, the support of the students and the co-operation of all concemed have made this book possible. The staff is deeply appre- ciative . 55 HE Ro- -'S' unln",' -Z-N ZX' 3 , X 1' 2 ' C1153 f QX ij 3 Yfv xp: 9: fy 4311 231 UQO. - . C.DeMa C Chudzlnskl' - gon. . Harrlng - 11. R- L.C1es lmachn , I.Sle Ausol-gh klnallr 1.Bf"c br8Y- A.M0w X5 ba xi 3 swan 9 ard PORTS not only develo yszcal , 'tness andgood sportsmanshzp 1n 1, e glrls o artzczpate 1l'1 t em ut 'E e rovlde t e rest of the S dents w1t a c ance to s ow thelr sc o s mtby supportmg thezr home team Thzs ear the Varszty and ars1t dzs a s ort s , Score Bo vat 1 Sklll an p 111 the excztmg game la e a mst Mt St Mar s ary S School for the Deaf t oseph s Sacre Heart 3I1dB1S c ahon The c eerleaders were no ess actlve as t e led t e stude ts 1n thelr demonstratlons of loyalty at eve ame X ppb ' fl . . th ' wh p ' ' ' h ,b th yp ' h tu 'h I1 h ' ho l p. . . . sl ' y ' thejun'or V ' y ' pl yed their ' d p smanshi ' ' ' s theyp y d ga' . . y' , St. M ' , Mt. S .J ' , d , ' hop M M . h 1 ' h y h n ryg . 56 Kneeling: Carolyn Ruggiero, Nancy Hoppe, co-captaing Carmela Lazzaro. Standing: Jean Miceli, Clare Caffrey, Joanne Ott, Katherine Mc Gorray, Esther Valenti, Angela Valvo, Marilyn Smith. Absent: Santina C osmano, co-captain. Varsit af ei X umor Varsit Kneeling: Kathleen Meredith, acting captain, Evelyn Macy, captain absent, Phyllis Westphal, co-Captain. Standing: Mary Straubinger, Jane Herrmann, Janet Henry, Marilyn Martineck, Carol Rollek, Katherine Dolce, Joan Evans, Ioan Stalker, Diane Merrell, 57 ff Oqfa N this club the Fresh- men got a chance to dis- play their dramatic talents. Under the direction of Miss Fran- cis A. Gill, this busy group con- tributed much to the enjoyment of the student body with their production of "Little Women," and "She Who Laughs Last." During their meetings these energetic Thespians learned the fundamentals of good acting, and enter- tained themselves with short skits pre- sented within the club itself. Charades were a favorite pastime among the girls At meetings the members learned other ways of being active in a production be- sides that of taking a speaking part. From this club emerged girls initiated into the technique of stage production. Annette Sansone, Lucille Wright Joanne Panzarella Kathryn Trapanr Rosemary Lombardo Claire Lanz, Phylis Dissek Jean Sauer Rosemary Tirone Carol White Sitting: Catherine Philrpps Patricia Donohue Absent: Bonita C Salvo Shepherds answering the call of the angels. Wx Foreground: G. Pepe, C. Tuchoiski. dsx Sitting: A .Grisanti, E,Grisanti, S.Becker, B.Kowa1ewski. ' Standing: A.Tromba, S,Schintzius, P.Westphal. J.A1essi, L.Tomasel1o, P.Mooney. I.Caffrey, as D. Caputy, M.Territo. 1 7 Bearing gifts as W is OR the older girls the Senior Dramatic Club was available to teach the fine points of the theater. Under the direction of Miss Dorothy Strootman, this club helped its members to a greater ap- preciation of the dramatic arts. Such techniques as movements and gestures on stage, and correct speech, both in public and private, were taught the girls during their weekly meetings. Rehearsals for the Christmas play occupied much of their meeting time. Each club member took an active part, either in the play it- self, or in its stage management. The high school enjoyed the fruit of their ef- forts at the Christmas assembly as "The Nativity" helped to emphasize the real Christmas spirit. Laughter and mockery comprise the homage paid to Blanche de la Force. N April 21 and 22 the Senior Class presented Em- met Lavery's dramatized version of Gertrude von Le Fort's novel, "Song at the Scaffold." The two-act play was directed by Margaret Ryan. The story of young Blanche de la Force, obsessed by a fear com- plex, was vividly portrayed by the girls. The audience thrilled to the mob scene when harsh laughter and shouts filled the auditorium. Tearfilled eyes were ob- served when Blanche succumbed to her fears and be- trayed her father. aw? We'll divide it right here! junior sodali HIS year Nardin entered the Diocesan one-act play contest with the presentation of "joint Owners of Spain." The girls, under the direction of Miss Dorothy Strootman, showed their talent through their fine char- acterizations. Betty Dyte and Clare Chudzinski played the leading roles of two old women. Each one wanted nothing more in the world than to have a room of her own. They finally decided to divide their apartment and "lived happily ever after." F L Reverend Mother leads her daughters in honoring "le bon Dieu" at Christmas time. PARTICULARLY tense play made the contrasting scenes, in which Blanche finds peace in the Carme- lite convent, doubly welcome. The stirring climax and final scene warmed their hearts as Blanche, singing the esent vocation play . HERE comes a time in everyone's life, when an important decision must be made . To decide one's vocation takes considerable thought and prayer. Several aspects of religious life were presented in dramatic form by the junior Sodalists in the play "In Life's Glad Mom." Under the direction of Miss Agnes Murphy, the girls vividly portrayed college life with its joys, sor- row, and momentous decision. praises of God, bravely followed her fellow sisters of Carmel to the guillotine. The audience was generous in its praise and the seniors themselves were well pleased with the results. Blanche seeks entrance into the Carmelite Convent 61 HE purpose of the Legion of Decency movement is to awaken in students a sense of personal re- sponsibility in promoting better movies, radio and TV programs, songs and comic books. Under the guidance of Miss Loretta Pfennig, Nardin students took an active part in the movement both at the downtown meetings and at the school. At these meetings the represent- atives discussed ways of promoting bet- ter movies in accordance with the poli- cies of the Legion. They tried to influence theater managers to consider children and youth in the planning of their pro- ams. A movie of the ' gmronth was selected and brought to the students' attention, and the bul- letin board kept them aware of the ratings of movies currently Effiliilf. in Decency f"' I Z 47 Judy Oriss, Lynn Spoeri, Loretta Weber-chairmanglda Moscato, Marilyn Bell, Brenda Kowalewski, Kathleen Burger, Marilynn Schleicher, Bankers Seated: A.Fiutak, R,l-iarrington, M.Smith, P.Wesrpha1-chairman. Standing: R, Kuhn, P.Osiecki, M,J, Becker, A,Sorgi, L,Wright, P, Benintende. 62 PENNY saved is a penny earned." Weekly school saving teaches the girls habits of econ- omy and gives them a feeling of self-reliance . The students are encouraged to deposit small amounts weekly rather than occasional large amounts, to fos- ter in them the habit of regular saving. In this way, many have learned the necessity of thrift. v ' T986 QQ, Et? .1 OO o '-'i""'e. e Plannmg together Farmly Spmt W Ogking wget :ogeme I beg Playing together F635-tin g tOgel-her T . Havvxf lred f Praying together Ogerher L... :DEW unior Senior Banquet juniors honor seniors at the Top of The Town Tearoom. and Prom pd 7 "Till I Waltz Again with You" Mr, John LaDuca, Mr, 85 Mrs, John Sperrazza, Mrs. John LaDuca, Mr, SL Mrs, Joseph Callari, Mr. XL Mrs, George Jordan. x in CHA PERONES 64 They reign supreme. s into Alumnae Alumnae Reception and Mother Daughter Luncheon Mothers entertain their daughters s., Student body honors Mary, Queen of the May at the crowning ceremony on May 18 . Ma y The living Rosary poses before the ceremony begins . 66 Rosalie LaDuca crowns the statue of Our Lady. Crowning Prefect and her attendants conclude the procession. 67 "Now the time has come for parting." Class Da 1956 Honor students Foreground: A.Va1vo, M.Timineri, M,Smith, S.Ca11ari R. La Duca. Background: N.Hoppe, J.Sae1i, C.Caffrey, M,A,Lochocki, K.Gi1lis, C.Lazzaro, I.Crato. 68 A Step into the future .'L'-1, 1 X ' u 'A' go'-V" -, 3 1 U rxp 'X .. N rf! QM1 " f lil Agn ' ' ' x E . W, .J iff ff First row: Second row g WS.. f 3 aiv' N J I .52 'Sw ' S S.Callari, R. LaDuca, P.Orlando, C.Messina, Rt. Rev. Msgr. J.E.Scan1on, S.T.L., P.Ryan, K.Gi11is, J.Oriss, C.Si1varoli. P.Benintende, M,L,Panaro, M,Mascari, R.Sotti1e, J.Crato, M,Bel1, A.Va1vo, L,Dentice, C.Caffrey, J,Hoffmeyer, G.Pepe. Third row: M. Smith, I,Moscato, A.Stasinski, E,Vertalino, M,A,Pasquare1la, P.Ervolino, I.Leonard, I.Sperrazza, K.McGorray, B.Lo- Vallo, C.Grima1di, M.A.Castiglione, P.Osiecki. Fourth row: M ,Tama, K,Burger, P,Panaro, J,Ro11ek, P,Westpha1, M.Coughlin, A,Sardina, M.Timineri, R,Abrickis, C,McKnight, L, Kaitanowski, M,A,Lochocki, I,Henry, A.Spagnuolo. Fifth row: M, Schleicher, C. Lazzaro, A, M, Pepe, N. Hoppe, M, A, Regan, J. Saeli, S. Dikeman, N. Pfoertner. Commencement .. 4 V . fa xg., . .' if fi Syg,.h,iE,:, .w S . ' L Q -If ,gifi g v 0 f The long awaited moment Rev. Matthew Gaskin, O, F, M, , guest speaker, Sally Callari, salutatorian, and Marilyn E. Smith, valedictorian. 69 "I Could Have Danced All Night" Next? K W ,,,,,,..,.. QW Our Advent wreath Whefe is SWB the ref 106' xx Koi Ere e ? NW 699044 5 9 eav' "How's that grab ya?' X30 K' '5 Q Such an Pal 901 efll' "LOSt in the Shuffle" "What are you doing, doing, doing?" 70 l 1 do 50 declare What are you looking at, Kathy? , W, ll l ll Q A A 4 wheres me Nlaglc Our Christmas chapel HOW to 0231: Bah I '49 :Q 1 1 S Rev. V.P.McCorry, S.j. i mcg" Retreat Master S0 wha L ' t "Lots o H I care? Language and math experts. Well, then, there, now. 71 But I'm afraid. A United Nations Meeting gf ?s3 O LA, LA! What a bunch of animals! Peanut Gallery Dig that CRAZY HAT! "For a Treat instead of a Treatment" "Chain Gang. " 72 Which widow is the widdowest? J "Mal She's Making Eyes at Me!" "Who's Gonna Take You to the Prom?" The struggle for survival 1 5 Lg -1 Now for my next trick. "Me and My Teddy Bear" T650 Wlnner Take All. "ELOISE!" 'idll Q Meanwhile, back at the ranch! "Show Me the Way to go Home" Puppy love . Grime doesn't pay. 73 fa! 5 if 6 , ? maj if-6 Alaxjglbf f,,2J6Q,,,QjJ!Q-JVJLL,-L,fkZ40J-Legal! WMM Wfgixgfzwmvn JWZJXQLWLGV-Lf ,fu-fCd.J',w-Ljfafv-ef fffffffflfxief WWW 7Wd7Wwgf? WW Wff' W6 SW Mgt fa WQWWQNQW 7?-W D if ,M ,zfgiwmmiwifywf jffiisx GMM! -pw if-ZZMWF' QWQ XMWCXZYJMQZQV Qffjafawd 'Q5?5'f W"Wf""?73'f Wwmfwggf E RE,Y if Wxpw LQQ ' J fjwf Qui, ,M yu 5 W5 WWW MQW MMM! 97Z""b7Z,,,,,jg avg? XM M M7 74Mf,,CW, - Honorar Patrons Most Reverend Joseph A. Burke, D. D. . . . . .......... Bishop of Buffalo Most Reverend Leo R.Smith, D. D. .... . . . . Auxiliary Bishop of Buffalo Right Reverend Monsignor John P. Boland Right Reverend Monsignor Edmund J . Britt Right Reverend Monsignor Francis Garvey Right Reverend Nlonsignor Sylvester J.Holbel Right Reverend Monsignor Edward J. Rengel Reverend Timothy J.Ring Very Reverend Philip E. Dobson, S.J. Very Reverend Gerald A.Quinn, S.J Very Reverend Eugene H.Selbert Reverend Michael Gigante, O.M. l. Reverend James J.Redmond, S.J. Special Patrons Mr.and Mrs. Joseph Abrickis Miss Ruta Abrickis Mr.and Mrs. Andrew Adinolfi Dr.and Mrs. Charles S.Alaimo Charles R.Alessi, Plumbing 8. Heating Frank J.Alessi, Plumbing 8- Heating Mrs. Angela Allison Amigone Funeral Home Mr.and Mrs. Edward Barry Mr.and Mrs. Fred Becker Mr.and Mrs. Jos. J. Benintende, Jr. Bihr's Food Shop Mr. Philip Billoni Dr.and Mrs. E.A. Biniszkiewicz Miss Laura Bohen Mr.and Mrs. William J.Boland Mr.and Mrs. Harold Brock Dr.and Mrs. S. P. Burnes Campagna and Son Mr.and Mrs. Daniel Caputy Mr.and Mrs. Charles Carbone Miss Maria Carbone Mr.and Mrs. Enrico H.Caruso C. and C.Plumbing Charles' Barber Shop Mr.and Mrs. Edward Cleary Mr.and Mrs. James Cleary Mr.and Mrs. John P.Cleary Mr..Russ Coogan Corpus Christi Parish Mr.and Mrs. Frank Czarnocki A Friend Dr.and Mrs. Joseph P. D'Angelo Miss Jeanne Davis Del-Mor Pharmacy Dengler Funeral Home Mr. Art Desmond Mr: Philip Dissek Mrs. Philip Dissek Mr.and Mrs. Louis H. DiVincenzo Mr.and Mrs. Joseph Dolce Miss Kathy Dolce Dr.and Mrs. Jos. E . Drexelius Tessie and Paul Drexelius Robert E . Driscoll Dancing School Miss Ann Dublino Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dublino Mr.and Mrs. P.C. Dwyer Mr.and Mrs. John Dymny A Friend Elbers Nursery Dr.and Mrs. Alfred Fried Friedman's Bridal Shoppe Frontier Burial Vault Co. Mr.and Mrs. Frank N.Gennuso Mrs. Mildred Giambra Giambrone Funeral Home inc. Dr.and Mrs. Mario A. Gian Mr. Philip Giarrano Mr.and Mrs. William A.Grady Mr.and Mrs. Vincent Greco Greg's Auto Service Mr.and Mrs. Grochowiak Guenther Heatingand Plumbing Co. Gullo Pharmacy Gullo's Jewelers W. A. Hammond lnc. Dr.and Mrs. F.Vincent Harrington Harts' Service Station Very Rev. Msgr. Albert J. Hoffmeyer Dr.and Mrs. N.C. Hoffmeyer A Friend Mr.and Mrs. Stanley Jeziarski Mr.and Mrs. Frank P.Kaitanowski Mr. Raymond F.Kaitanowski Mrs. S. P. Kaitanowski Mrs. Cecelia Roy Kenny King Pin Bowling Alleys Miss Mary Kopec Mr.and Mrs. Wm. L.Korzelius Mr.and Mrs. John LaDuca Lady of Loretto's C. Y. C. Mrs. Mary A.Lake Miss Mary Lake Mr.and Mrs. J. C. Lanz Mr. Charles Lesh Mr.and Mrs. Vincent Lesh Rt. Rev.Msgr. Eugene A. Loftus, L.L. D. Lombardo's Barber Shop A Friend 75 Fred McGovern-Texaco Station Mr.Joseph Magera Mr.and Mrs. lrving C.Maghran Anthon J.Martone Funeral Home Mr.ancl'Mrs. Frank Mascari Mr.and Mrs. Anthony J.Miceli, Jr. Miss Jean Miceli Mr.and Mrs. C.Mietus H. C. Mietus Pharmacy Mr.and Mrs. John Millsap Moonglo Car Service Nardin Alumnae Association The Niederpruem Co. Mr.and Mrs. John J.O'Brian Mrs. Lenora Onasch Mr.and Mrs. Joseph Palermo Mrs. Evelyn Panaro Mr. Michael A. Panaro Mr.and Mrs. Russell Panzarella Park Florist lnc. Patricola Jewelers Mr.and Mrs. Alphonse P. Pepe Dom Pepe's Delicatessen Dr.and Mrs. Casimir Pietraszek Mr.and Mrs. Stephen Polanski Mr.and Mrs. T. D. Powalski A Friend Dr.and Mrs. Lawrence J.Radice Rauch and Stoeckl Printing Co.,lnc. Mr.and Mrs. Julian L.Reyner Mr.and Mrs. Walter Rick John E.Roberts Funeral Director Mr.and Mrs. J. R bczynski Mr.and Mrs. Anthony Salvo Scialfo Realty Mr.and Mrs. Anthony M.Silvaroli Mr.and Mrs. Norbert Sliwinski Mr . and Mrs . Bernard J. Smith Mr.and Mrs. John F.Snyder Mr.and Mrs. Edmund Stasinski Dr.and Mrs. Clarence A.Straubinger Mr.and Mrs Mr.and Mrs Mr.and Mrs Mr.and Mrs . Russel Testa . Peter Tirone . Casper C.Urban . Charles Valenti Mr.and Mrs. Mr . and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Special Patrons Joseph Villa F.Wardynski John A.Weber George E.Weichmann Mr.and Mrs. William Ackley Mr. Adin's Corset and Lingerie Shop Mr.and Mrs. Robert J.Williamson Mr.and Mrs. Willard Wolff Dr.and Mrs'. Joseph Zavisca Patrons Mr.and Mrs. Albert A.Crato Mr.and Mrs. H.Criden Donald L. Davis Mr .and Mrs. Arthur J.Adler Airlanes Garage Mr. Steve Alexander Allen Beauty Studio Mr.and Mrs. Louis Amoia Mrs. Dora A uilina Mr. Donald Crocker Mr.and Mrs. Joseph Curto Mr.and Mrs. Anthony Czuczelowicz A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Miss Mary Ann Zavisca Mr.and Mrs. Walter E.Ziebarth Mr.and Mrs. Joseph Zielinski, Jr. John Zon's Delicatessen Mrs. Frank Genovese Mr. Henry Giambra Miss Frances Gill Mr.and Mrs. Simon J.Gillis Mr.and Mrs. Sam Gino Mr. Andrew Gismondi Mr. Goodwin Mr. Bill Gorney q Argeros Bros. Dr. Clarence J.Argus A Friend D. B.Balleffi O. D. Miss Caroline J.BalIing Mr.and Mrs. Stephen Barbaritz Mr. R.Beaumont Mrs. Kathryn Becker Mr.and Mrs. Peter M.Bellanca Miss Joanna Bellanti Mr. John Bellanti Mr. Peter A.Bellanti Mr.and Mrs. Jos. A.Benintende lll Dr.and Mrs. John Biniszkiewicz Mr.and Mrs. Lawrence J. Bisone Mr. John Blasiak Mr. Theo. Blendowski Mr.and Mrs.Kenneth Bond Bonds Paint, Wallpaper 8. Hardware Mr.and Mrs. Joseph Brodzinski Mr.Anthony P.Brzoska Rev. Anthony B.Brzoska, S.J. Buffalo Chair Service Buffalo Funeral Director's Service Mr.and Mrs. J.Robert Bruss Mrs. Olive Burbage Mr.and Mrs. Thomas E.Burns A Friend Mr.and Mrs. Joseph Caito Mr. Frank Calabro Mrs. J.Carrato Miss Joan Carrato Mr . and Mrs Mr. Frank Caruso Mr.and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Dr.and Mrs. Mr . and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs . Mr.and Mrs. . W. P.Cass Thomas Casey Michael Cavaretta Anthony J.Cetola Glenn Chamberg Charles Chapin William Chavanne Edmund C.Chudzinski Ralph J.Claps Delaware Plaza Toy Shop Delgato's Furniture 8. Appliances Mr. Alfred DellaPenta-Plasterer Mr.and Mrs. John M. Devaney Miss Rosa E. Dicianne Mr.and Mrs. Anthony J. Dierdorf Mr.and Mrs. Fred G. Dikeman Mr. Vincent Di Pasquale Mr.and Mrs. Michael A. Di Vincenzo The Dobbins Family Mr.and Mrs. Wm. L. Dobbins Mrs. Ben Dolce Miss Lillian A. Doll Mr. T. Dombrowski Mrs. S. Dominiak Don 8- Jackie Mr.and Mrs. Daniel Donoghue Mr.and Mrs. Albert H. Downing Mrs. F.C. Drake Dubonnet Beauty Salon Mr.and Mrs. George F. Duchman Mr. Neil J.Dugan Mr.and Mrs. L. Dziadaszek A Friend East Buffalo Clothing Mr.and Mrs. Harold S.Edmonds Dr. Irwin Ellentuck Mr.and Mrs. George J.Evernden Mr. Joseph Fawls Dr.and Mrs. Paul Fernback Mr.and Mrs. Ralph W.Ferry Fialla Studios Mrs. Joseph Fischer Miss Barbara Fleming Mr.and Mrs. Charles Fontana Frank and Jerry Mr. Daniel Friel Mr.and Mrs. Florian F.Fronczak A Friend Miss Anna R.Gaglione Mr.and Mrs. Charles Gaglione Mr.and Mrs. Samuel Gaglione Mr. Joseph V.Greco Leonard Mr. Mr.and Mrs. Dr.and Mrs. Greco Leonardo A. Greco P. A. Greco Mr.and Mrs. William A.Greene Mr . and Mrs . Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Miss Joan A. Joseph L. Grieco Anthony J . Groblewski R. Grochowiak Hacker Miss Mary Clare Harrington Mr.and Mrs. H. Hasenstab Mr.and Mrs. Louis G.Hayduk Mrs. Mary Barrett Healy Mr.and Mrs. Louis F.Henry Mr. C. Hensel Mr. Henry G.Herko Miss Suzanne Herriman Mr.and Mrs. Arnold Herrmann Hertel Florists Miss Marie Higgins Miss Frances R. Hoffmeyer Miss Olive J. Hoffmeyer Mr.and Mrs. Norbert Huber Miss Viola Hugg Mr.and Mrs. Hunsburger Mr.and Mrs. Paul lndelicato Mrs. David lnkeles A Friend Mr. Stewart James Mr.and Mrs. Jarmusz Mr.and Mrs. Stanley Jasinski Mr Co . John Cluney llege Pharmacy Miss Lucy Corigliano Mr.and Mrs. Timothy P.CoughIin Mr.and Mrs. Norman B.Courtney Miss Marie E.Gallagher Mr.and Mrs. Leonard Gallo Mr.and Mrs. John Gareau Mr.and Mrs. J.Garringer Mr.and Mrs. Henry G.Geneste Mr. and Mrs . I. B. Gennaci 76 Miss Kathleen P.Jones Mr.and Mrs. George Kari Miss Ruth Karpinski Mr.and Mrs. Edward L.Kazmirczak Mrs. P.Kelly Dr.and Mrs. Francis E.Kenny Mr.and Mrs. K. B. Kieszkowski Mr. John Kitta A Friend Mr.and Mrs. J..Klawinski Mrs. Rubie A.B.Kleisle, R.N. Mr.and Mrs. Frank Knab Mr.and Mrs. Wm. Koksch Mr.and Mrs. Henry R.Kolk Mr.and Mrs. Max Kopf Mr. Ray J.Kopp Mr.and Mrs. John Kosoianski Mr.and Mrs. Edmund Kowalewski Miss Connie Mrs. Roland Kraft J.Kuhn Mr.and Mrs. Walter L.Kuklin A Friend Miss Maria A.LaNasa Miss Marguerite Lascola Mr.and Mrs. George Lavid Mr.and Mrs. Reginald Lawida Mr.and Mrs. Philip S.Lazzaro Mr.and Mrs. Francis J.Leary Dr. Alfred Lederman Lee's Beauty Shoppe Miss Mary Anne Leffler Mr.and Mrs. F.Leonard Mr. A. LePore Patrons Mr.and Mrs. James R.Moran Mr.and Mrs. Paul Moran Mrs. Margaret V.Moyer Mr. Elmer Mueller Dr.and Mrs. Richard W. Munschauer Mr. Joseph V.Murphy, Jr. Mr.and Mrs. Arthur F.Muscara Mr.and Mrs. Casimir Naczek Mr. Henry Napierala Mr.and Mrs. Ra mond R.Niemer Mrs. J.Paul Nollan Mr.and Mrs. Vincent J. Notaro Miss Barbara Anne O'Brian Mr. Jack O'Conner Mr.and Mrs. William O'Conner Mr. Albert F.Oesterreich Mrs. B.Olsen Sockett's Opticians Miss Anna Ligotti Mr.and Mrs. N.Limina Miss Helen Ann Linch Mr. Henry R.Linch Mr.and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs. B. W. Oriss John Orlando Walter Orluk Frank Osiecki Otto G.Ott Mrs. Henry R.Linch Mr .and Mrs. Lt. Nicholas Mr.and Mrs. Mario Lombardo Lombardo Peter M.Longo Mr.and Mrs. Jack Lorenzo Mr. and Mrs. Mr .and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs. A Friend Mr. Bernard Dominic T.LoVallo Vincent LoVallo A. Lund McCormick Mr. J. L. McCormick Miss Mary Lou Panaro Mr.and Mrs. Anthony F.Panaro Mr.and Mrs. Michael Panaro Mr.and Mrs. Thomas A.Pantano Park Cleaners Mr.and Mrs. Carl M.Pasquarella Mr.and Mrs. S. Pecoraro Mrs. Esther A. Pegler Mr.and Mrs. Anthony Pepe Miss Mary Kay Pepe Mr.and Mrs. John McGorray Mr. Richard McGorray Mr.and Mrs. Thomas O'B.McLaughlin Mr.John McTigue Dr.and Mrs. Herman S. Magavero Malis Fuel Inc. Dr. John D.Mallia Mr. Russell Mancuso Mr.and Mrs. Anthony Mangione Mr.and Mrs. Thomas Manley Mr. Mike Martineck Mr.and Mrs. Joseph Mascari Mr. Russell Mascari Mr.and Mrs. John G.Mathias Mr.and Mrs. Pat Pepe Mrs. Louis A.Pepe Miss Nancy Pfoertner Mr.and Mrs. Aloysius R.Philipps Mrs. M. G. Phillips Mr. Anthony Piciulo Mr. Salvatore Picone Mr.and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs Mr. Williani Mr.and Mrs. John Piechowiak Alex T. Piechowicz Anthony Pietraszek Bart M.Pistorio Charles W. Pokrandt Powers Patrick Prezioso . and Mrs. Jose h Melia Rev. William H.Meegan Mr p Mr.and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs. Dr.and Mrs. Dr. Dominic Mr.and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs . Stan ey Mentecki Louis P .Menza Salvatore Mercurio D.Messina Messina Harold Milby George Militello Mr.and Mrs. S. C. Militello Mr. J.P. Miller Mr.and Mrs. Lester S.Miller Miss Angela Missana Modern Flower Shop Mr.and Mrs. Samuel Molea Mr.and Mrs. Thomas J.Mongavan Mr.and Mrs. Earl E.Mooney Mrs. Catherine C.Price Dr.and Mrs. Louis Privitera Mr.and Mrs. William J. Provost Mr. Angelo S.Ralabate Ray Cleaners 8. Tailors Ray's Delicatessen P.Redlinski 8. Sons Mr. Neil M.Regan Dr. Angelo A.Reina Mr.and Mrs. John M.Reinartz Mrs. M.Reyner Miss Betty Jane Rogers Mr.and Mrs. A.J. Rollek Mr. Ted Rollek Mr. William A.Rolling Roma Bakery Co. Mr.and Mrs. Sidney Rosenberg 77 Mr. Manuel J.Rua Mrs. Ann Ruane Mr. Max Rubenstein Mr.and Mrs. Frank Ruggiero Mr.and Mrs. James Ruggiero Miss Theresa M. Ryba Mr.and Mrs. John Rybczynski Mr.and Mrs. Leonard Rybczynski Mr. Daniel Rzemek Miss Jaqueline Saab Mr.and Mrs. John Sadowski Mrs. Ida Saeli Miss Joan Saeli Mr.and Mrs. Salvatore Salvo Miss Marie Sapienza Mr.and Mrs. Sebastian Saraceno Mr.and Mrs. Carl Sardo Mrs. Mary Sardo Mr.and Mrs. Lewis Savini Mr. Ralph Savini Mr.Sam Scaduto Mr.and Mrs. Howard Schafer Mr.and Mrs. Robert C.Scharlack Mr.and Mrs. Eugene M.Schleicher Mrs. John A.Schmid Mr.and Mrs. Carl Schmidt Mr.and Mrs. Alfred Schmitt Mr. Frederick Schneider Mr.and Mrs. Alfred Schuh Mrs. Grace Schwedt Mr.and Mrs. John J.Scibetta Mr.and Mrs. Michael J.Scibetta Mr. Joseph C.Scoma Mr.and Mrs. William Sczesniak Mrs. Ange Sebastian Mr.and Mrs. Sheldon Seehase Miss Geraldine Sendlak Miss Inez Senger Miss M.Senker Mr.and Mrs. Edmond J.Shea Mr.and Mrs. Robert Shickler Mrs. Erna B.Shu e Mr.and Mrs. Hubert Sifkovits Simone's Market Mr. Joe Siracuse Mrs. Ann Smith Mr.and Mrs. Lyle L.Smith Mr.and Mrs. Frank Sorgi South Park Electric Mr. Daniel Spano Mrs. Angelo Sperrazza Mr.and Mrs. .Frank Spoeri, Jr. Mr.and Mrs. Leo S.Stanek Mr.and Mrs. E.Stefano Mr.and Mrs. Alfred E.Stelmach Mr.and Mrs. William Stenson Mrs. GracexStonham Miss Dorothy Strootman Mr.and Mrs. John Strzalkowski Mr. Howard Stutz Mrs. Sunshine Mrs. Sutcliffe Mr.and Mrs. M.Sypniewski Mr.and Mrs. V.Szczesniak Mr.and Mrs. T. F. Szelagowski Mr. Anthony Tauriello Mr.and Mrs. Sebastian Tauriello Mrs. Jerome J.Terhaar Mr.and Mrs. Anthony Testa Mrs. Regina Thomas Miss Mary Tierney Mrs. Joseph Tirone Miss Anna Tomasulo Mr.and Mrs. Micheal Tomasulo Mrs. Samuel Totaro Mr.and Mrs. Joseph A.Trimbali Mr.and Mrs. R.Tripoli Mrs. C.A. Tronolone Mr.and Mrs. Aloysius Tryiankowski Mr. Samuel A.Tulipane Dr.and Mrs. Norbert H.Turski Miss Louise Abbate Patrons Mr.and Mrs. J.A.Ulinski Mr. Frank Vacanti Miss Anna Marie Vacca Mr.and Mrs. Anthony Valvo Mr.and Mrs. Charles Varco Mr.and Mrs. Charles Vero J. S.Vilardo Printing Mr.and Mrs. Louis Villa Mr.and Mrs. William Voll Mr. Michael J.Volpe Mr. Raymond J.Vorburger Miss Margaret Mary Wagner Mr.and Mrs. J.Carlton Walsh Mr.and Mrs. W.Warda Mr.and Mrs. Edward Waring Mr. J .Thomas Weber Mr. Ernest White Miss Connie Carrato Miss Jeanne White Mr.and Mrs. Edward A.Wiesman Mrs. C.M.Willet Miss M.Sally Williamson Mr.and Mrs. Frank Wisniewski Mr.and Mrs. Charles W.Wolhford Mrs. Robert M.Wolf, Sr. Mrs. Helen Wozniak Miss Carol Wright The Yarn Shop Mr.and Mrs. George J.Youngman Mr.and Mrs. Victor Zapfel Zawadzki Jewelers Mr. Charles Ziegler Mr.and Mrs. Joseph Zielinski, Sr. Mr.and Mrs. Ziolkiewicz Mr.and Mrs. Anthony C.Zuczelawicz . John Donoghue Student Patrons Miss Rosalie Ackley Mr. William Ackley Miss Joanne Adinolfi Miss Carole Marie Adornetto Miss Sharon Ann Adornetto Mr. Charles T.Alaimo Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Joanne Alessi Beverley A.Allard Fair J.Amsden Jenice Anello Fran Arcara Mr. Russell Arcara Miss Barbara Ann Bartolotta Mr. Edward Bartolotta, Jr. Miss Joan Becker Miss Anna Marie Bellanti Mr. Anthony Bellia Miss Ernestine Bewick The Big Five Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Jill Biniszkiewicz Susan Biniszkiewicz Joyce Birkmeyer Jo Ann Bisesi Rose Mary Bisesi Mr. Bob Blenker Miss Miss Miss Ethel Blersch Mary Ann Bochnik Beverly Ann Theresa Borom Mr. Charlie Brown Mr. Dick Brunn Miss Miss Miss G.Burkard April Grace Burnes Deanna Burnes Miss Virginia Burnes Miss Lucille Burns Miss Christy Buscaglia Miss Marigrace Buscaglia Mr. Charles Butera Miss Jean Caffrey Mr. Nelson Campagna Miss Kathleen Carroll Mr. James Cancialdi Mr. James H.CanField Mr. Leonard S.Cannarozzo Miss Diane Caputy Mr. Paul Cardarella Mr. Michael Carrato Mr. Joseph Catalano Mr. Peter Catania Mr. Tony Cefali Miss Michele Chamberg Mr. Nicholas Chiavetta Miss Patricia Christian Mr. Carl Chudzinski Miss Claire Chudzinski Miss Lois A. Ciesla Miss Anita Cioppa Mr. Freddy Clabo Mr. Lee Clark Mr. Thomas Clayback Miss Maureen Cleary Miss Julie Cleary Mr. Brad Cobb Miss Mary Colonna Miss Kathleen A.Corcoran Miss -Mary L.Corcoran Miss' Joanne Colango Miss Betty Colin Miss Marcy Coughlin Miss Donna Coyle Mr. Albert F.Crato Miss Joan A.Crato Miss Kathy Cryan Mr. Joseph Dagonese Mr. Bruce Davis Miss Carol DeMatteo Mr. Joe DeMatteo Mr. David Denler Miss Brigid Desimone Mr. Sam DiChristina Miss Barbara Dicianne Miss Nanc Dicianne . Buddy Drake Miss Sandra Drake Miss Mary Jo Drexelius Mr. Charles Dublino Miss Mar Ann Dublino Miss Edith Duft Miss Anne Duggan Mr. Paul T.Dukarm A Friend Mr. Richard Fecher Miss Joyce Feddo Miss Maryiane Feddo Miss Eileen Fernan Miss Dolores Ferraro Mr. Edward Fields Mr. Ronnie Fitscher Mr. Chuck Flach Mr. Thomas Flatley Miss Ann Flynn Miss Mary Ann Fontana Miss Sheila Fox Miss Gretchen A.Frauenheim Miss Geraldine Frey Miss Marcella Fronczak A Friend Mr. Ronald Gagat Mr. James Gareau Mr. George Gareau Mr. Patrick Geary Miss Mary Beth Geelan Miss Gloria Gennuso Mr. Carl S.Gerace Mr. Roger A.Gerth Mr . Miss Miss Mr . Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Charlgs Digati Mary Jean Digati Sue Dikeman Russell Dileo Hattie DiMarco Eveline DiMarco Theresa DiVincenzo Daryl M. Dobrindt Maria A. Domino 78 Miss Catherine Gian Mr. Richard Gian Miss Janet Giarrano Mr. Bill Giguere Miss Kathleen Gillis Miss Margaret Gillis Mr. John Gimigliano Miss Patricia Gismondi Mr. James Glavey Miss Concetta Glieco Mr. Lee Greco Miss Loretto Greco Miss Maureen Greenwood Miss Lucille Grieco Miss Annette Grisanti Miss Janet Groblewski Miss Mary Ann Groblewski Miss Carolyn Grochowiak Mr. Frank Guerriero Mr. Edward Gulino Mr. Russell Gullo Miss Marguerite C.Guzzetta Mr. Bill Hadaway Miss Barbara Halastra Miss Barbara A. Haley Mr. James G.Halt Mr. Thomas A. Halt Mr. Tom Harlach Mr . Miss Miss Pete Harrington Ruth Harrington Barbara Hasenstab Mr . Roger Hasenstab Miss Kathleen Anne Hassett, Mr. James Haynes Mr. Don Helminiak Mr. Dennis Henry Miss Janet Henry Mr. Jerry Henry Miss Jane Herrmann Mr. Neil Herrmann Mr. Ronald Herrmann Mr. Jim Herrscher Mr. Francis Joseph Heyden Mr. Joseph Hobel Mr. Roger L.Hoffman Miss Miss Miss Mr. Janet Hoffmeyer Ann Huntsinger Florence lndelicato Vincent Indelicato Mr. William Jacobbi Mr. D. Jacobs Miss Barbara Janik Mi ss Miss Mi ss Mr . Miss Miss Miss Miss Mr . Mr . Mi ss Mi ss Mr . Mr . Mr . Mi ss Miss Mr . Mi ss Mi ss Mr . M i ss Mi ss Miss Miss Miss ,Mi ss Mi ss Mr . Mr . Marie G.Jasinski Michelle Jasinski Audrey M. Jozwiak Bob Kaczmarek Marylee Kadzik Terry Kaitanowski Menzy Kazaza Kathleen Keane David Keller Tom Kelley Janis Kennedy Ellen Marie Kibe Richard Kieffer Thomas Kieffer Jim Killeen Judy King Carole Kopera Bill Korzelius Mary Korzelius Brenda Kowalewski Eddie Kowalewski, Jr. Marcia Kowalewski Pat Kowalski Annette Krantz Sue Kruas Bonnie Kubiszyn Janice Kubiszyn Rolann Kuhn Thomas Kukula Harry Kustelniak Student Patrons Mr. John LaDuca Miss Josephine Lamancuso Mr. Denny LaRonde Miss Carmella Lazzaro Miss Marguerite Lazzaro Miss Teresa Lazzaro Miss Jacqueline A.Leonard Mr. Anthony Limina Mr. James Lodico Miss Rosemary Lombardo Miss Grace LoTempio Miss Vivian LoTempio Miss Marlene H. Loveless Mr. Lenny Ludwig Miss Margaret Lyons Mr. Gerald McAffee Miss Kathleen McCarthy Mr. William McDaniel Mr. Roger McGill Miss Katherine McGorray Miss Sue McGorray Mr. Ernest McGregor Mr. Dennis Mach Mr. Louis Philip Joseph Macri Miss Barbara Magera Mr. Patrick Mahon Miss Annette Mancuso Mr. George Mangus Mr. Ron Mankowski Miss Jean Manta Mr. Lou Manzella Mr. Louis Marchinda Miss Christine Marcy Mr. Joseph E.Margarone, Jr. 'Martha and Dick Miss Gloria T.Martone Mr. John Mastrangelo Mr. Mark Mattie Mrf Richard Mayer Miss Shirley Mazurek Miss Theiere Mazurek Mr. Stefan Mazurowski Miss Mary Melody Miss Loretta M.Menza Miss Kathy Meredith Miss Pat Meredith Miss Carol Messina Miss Barbara Mietus Mr. Tom Militello Miss Esther Miller Mr. Joseph Miller Miss Lorraine Minio Mr. Pete Mirando Mr. David Mohr Mr. John Mooney Miss Patricia Mooney Miss Mary Morley Miss Rosemary Morone The Mouseketeers Mr. Peter Charles Moyer Mr. Henry Naiurala Miss Elizabeth Navvrocki Miss Kathy Neuman Miss Sharon L.Neva Miss B. Nickels Miss Marilyn O'Brian Mr. Bob Oddo Mr. Dick Oddo Mr. Frank Oddo, Jr. 79 Miss Sue O'Hara Miss Joan Olsen Mr. Kenneth Olsen Miss Judith Oriss Miss Patricia Ann Orlando Mr. Ronald John Orlando Miss Mary Beth Orlando Miss Joanne Ott Miss Joanne Owczarzak Miss Rose Marie Palermo Mr. Carl Panzarella Miss Joanne Panzarella Miss Mary Panzarella Miss Mary Ann Pasquarella Miss Antonia Patenza Mr. Michael Payne Miss Joanne R. Pegler Mr. Nicholas Pellittieri Miss Ann Marie Pepe Mr. Paul A.Pepe Mr. Frank Perna Miss Diane Peschio Mr. George B.Pfoertner Miss Marilyn A. Pfoertner Mr. Jack Picone Mr. Thomas Pisa Mr. Fritz Plank Miss Elana Pollina Miss Lorraine Pollina Miss A. Ponto Miss Emily Popovich Mr. Ollie Poppenberg Jean Potempa Barbara Prebis Jeanne Premiel Rosalie Privitera Anne Radice Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Harold and Allen Ravin Miss Serena Redivevo Mr. John Regan, Jr. Mr. Charles Regan Mr. Joseph Reina Miss Rosemary Reina Miss Joan Rentfleis Miss Ella Ridler Miss Phyllis l.Risk Mr. Sydney J. Roebuck Mr. Peter Rohan Miss Joan Rogers Miss Carol A. Rollek Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Joan M. Rollek Carolyn Ruggiero Katherine Runfola Joan Rybarczyk Rosemarie Rybarczyk Bonita M.Salvo Mr. Joseph A.Sanders Mr. Louis Sardo Miss Darleen Savelch Miss Marian Savini Miss Carol Scal Mr. Michael Scalzi Mr. Larry Schmidt Patricia Schwartz Bonita Scibetta Sally Scime Carol Schmid Barbara Schmidt Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mr. Frank Vince Schostick Miss Mary Ann Schwab Miss Elaine H Schwab Miss Betty Schwender Miss Sheila Sczesmak Mr Bill Sexton Mr David Seller Miss Angela Sulvaroln Mr Paul J Slrlannu Mass Marilyn Smith Mr Jerry Sobczak Mr Charles Soclaro Mr Gabriel Sorgl Miss Nanette Sorgl Mr Charles Sottile Miss Carol Sperrazza Master Dennis Sperrazza Master Joseph Sperrazza Mtss Kathy Sperrazza Miss Lynn Spoert Miss Susan Spoen Miss Florence Starzynskn Mlss Elaine Staslnskl Miss Antoinette Stasmsku Mr George Steger Miss Christine Stelter STU DENT PATRONS Miss Susan Stone Miss Skip Strangeways Mr Ray A Szczesnuak Mass Annabel Tables Miss Marne Terranova Miss Rosalie Testa Mr Gasper A Tnrone Miss Josephine Ttrone Miss Mary Grace Tirone Miss Barbara A Totaro Mr Don C Totaro Miss Eugenia Trylankowsku Miss Trixie Mlss Collette Tucholskt Mr James Tulett Miss Esther M Valenti Mr Kenneth Vallaere Mlss Caryl Vertalmo Miss Elaine'Vertallno Miss Donna Vertmo Mr Michael Vertmo Miss Louise Vertmo Miss Beverly Vetter Miss Louise J Villa Mr David Villaru Mr Robert Voll Miss Kae Vossler Miss Barbara Walugora Miss Patricia Wallgora Miss Judith Ward Mass Loretta M Weber Mr Paul Whalon Mlss Carol White Mr Hugh A Wtesman Miss Marla C Wiesman Miss A Wiggins Mlss Ellen Williamson Mr Robert J Williamson Jr Miss Joan M Wmkelman Mr Duck Wkerle Mr Xavier Woiclechowucz Miss Cornelia E Wolf Miss Gall Anne Wolff Miss Joanne Wolff Mlss Barbara M Wright Mr Edward G Young Mr Joseph A Zavarella Miss Christine Zgllczynskl Miss Kathleen Znellnska Mlss Carol Zmk Compliments of the JOSEPH KUBISZYN FAMILY The Painter for Particular People PAUL KOMPALLA--INTERIOR DECORATING Tasteful Color Schemes Decorating of Churches Planned and Executed Residences - Theatres Gilding - Antiquing Designs Murals Frescos Wood Finishing Commercial- Industrial HU 8636 228 Chelsea Pl Buffalo ll N Y WE RE ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE P E GISMONDI GENERAL INSURANCE SERVICE 1436 DELAWARE AVENUE El-MWOOD 7334 Mr: Russell Spartino Mr. Syl Tucholski Mr. Edvmrd Withey 80 MARTIN M. MOSCATO BUFFALO S LEADING SCIENTIFIC DETECTIVE AGENCY Llcensed N B S I Bonded Clvll Crlminal Industnal All Types Investigations PRIVATE DETECTIVES Expert Shadowmg Lne Detector Tests Repossesslons Missing Persons Secret Recordmgs Motron Pnctures PLANT PROTECTION Umformed,Armed,Deputuzed Guards Watchmenfor Plants Warehouses etc Undercover Agents to lnvestrgate Pllferage, Shortages Larceny Complete Plant Security MOBILE PATROL Armed Unuformed Pnvate Polnceman check Inside and or outslde of your premnses by punchlng tnme clock Insude of plants warehouses businesses and homes from I0 P M to 6A M dauly at dufferent Intervals Save ex penses of full tame watchmen and receive maxumum protectuon SPECIAL POLICE Umformed Armed, for Dances Parties, and other promoted events Male and Female Palace National Bureau of Sclentlflc Investigation 350 Mdln Sf CL I530 l53l Buffalo 2, N Y 24 Hour Operation -I 1 by George, you Comphmems of I -,I I should reserve 4, an oscar or this MR AND MRS MAX SCHULZ I Slu g! an Mlchael and Elalne H O U S E H O L D Establlshed OUTFITTING CO I895 3 Great Furnnture Stores Mary Ann Lochocku Louise Dentrce Janet Hoffmeyer Ida Moscato Mary Ann Castngllone Patrlcna Panaro Jacquelme Leonard Kathleen Gullls Carol Grnmaldl Barbara Lo Vallo Amelia Spagnuolo Patncla Ervollno Joan Rollek Rosalne La Duca Carmnna Sulvaroll Joan Sperrazza Grace Pepe Marulyn Smlth Mnldred Tnmmern Mane Tama Rosalue Sottnle Patrnc'ia Ryan Patrucla Bemntende Ruta Abrlckxs Joan Saeln Nancy Pfoertner Antolnette Sardma Marla Mascara Marcella Coughlan Mary Lou Panaro Joan Crato Clare Caffrey Kathleen Burger Ann Marne Rennartz Angela Volvo Sally Callarl Marulyn Schlencher Marilyn Bell Nancy Hoppe Judith Orlss Suzanne Dlkeman Antoinette Staslnskl Ann Marie Pepe Janet Henry Carol Messlna Carol Mc Kmght Leontlne Kantanowskl 0 ' . I 0 I . lo I K . I EF I f1U '- . . 'F 21 I ' U ' . . I 9 77 Q d IRAS 1 . KEY TO BABY PICTURES I7. Phyllis Westphal 34. Carmella Lazzaro I. ' I8. 35. 2. ' I9. ' ' 36. ' ' 3. 20. ' ' ' ' 37. 4. 2I. ' 38. ' 5. ' ' 22. ' ' 39. ' ' 6. ' 23. ' 40. ' 7. ' 24. ' ' ' 4l. 8. ' ' 25.5 ' ' 42. ' ' 9. ' ' 26. ' 43. ' IO. 27. 44. ' ' ' Il. ' 28. ' ' 45. I2. ' ' ' 29. ' ' 46. ' I3. 30. ' 47. ' 14. ' 3l. 48. ' I5. ' ' 32. 49. ' ' ' I6. 33. 81 CONGRATULATIONS COLEY'S DAIRY 220 PARKDALE AVENUE LINCOLN I07I T. L. TERRY, INC. 792 Seneca Street Buffalo, N. SO. 3244 PHILIPPS BROS. Watches - Diamonds - Jewelr Fine Watch Repairing a Speciality MORRIS 81 REIMANN WRECKERS, INC. 4000 N.Bailey Avenue 4000 Buffalo I4, N Building Maternal New 8- Used Precision Wreckers Hardware - Carpet - Paint Linoleum - Wall Paper - Window Shades 3I59 Bailey Ave. UN, 8353 CONNECTICUT HARDWARE AND HEATING 355 359 Connecticut Street GR 7060 Compl :ments of the ELMWOOD RESTAURANT Economou Brothers Elmwood and Utica Streets Phone GR 7820 Evenings MAE YOUR HAIR STYLIST Expert Permanent Waving Cold Waving Mae Gambino, Prop 827 Niagara St SPITZER S BROS 321 Englewood Ave Kenmore N Y Th1s pxcture was posed PARKING 8- SERVICE STATION Corner South Elmwood and Mohawk Streets Buffalo, N Y Nick DeCrll1s PA. . Y. k . 4 . . Vx 4- I . . V . . . 82. GROCERIES MEATS OAKWOOD MARKET Complnments 2312 Mom Street AM 8028 BUFFALO, N Y A Frrend FOR THE BEST IN 'kiri PAINTING PAPERHANGING FLOORSANDING CALL B 8-J DECORATORS BE 4177 It sure IS cold' Bl-'ck qnd Sfone Work Bemg Done by Where Qualnty Sells for Less 3501 Harlem Road at Huth J Nledbala Prop '-0U'5 J DENUCE LE WESSELMANN :Nc 3l8 322 Nragara St Buffalo I 494 c I A 0 Vm ve BE 5124 For Cleaner Dry Cleomng Call CL 4190 DUST VAC INC DE SOTO PLYMOUTH A W Schlelcher 563 Wnlllam Street MO 5578 SHEEHAN MOTOR SALES VI 9443 T065 Slwerrdan Drnve SARDINAS DRIVE INN RESTAURANT Speclalnzmg rn Plzzq Sfeqk South Park Ave Spaghettn 8. Meat Balls Charcoal Broiled Hot Dogs ENGELHAUPT COMPANY VENTILATION, AIR CONDITIONING DUST COLLECTING SYSTEMS 925 BAILEY AVENUE WO. 4212 of k - - Ll -5- "Immaculotel DRY CLEANING" . - ' . . , N.Y. ' . FA. 83 HELGATH BAKERY FAMOUS FOR RYE BREAD 521 SYCAMORE STREET BUFFALQ I2 N WA 5255 REAL ESTATE 8- INSURANCE Compliments John F Krawczyk 1055 Grant Street ANTOINETTE MARsowlcz R"'e's'de 0539 VERTINO PAVING CO JANET STELMACH MICHAEL SCHMITT General Concrete Construchon WALTER PRZEPASNIAK 330 Fargo Aye Buffqlg Phone Ll 6987 LOMBARDO FUNERAL HOME 102 Lmwood Ave 270 Swan St Call us for any Drug Store needl SU 5363 CL 3959 Llcensed Managers 916 Elmwood Avenue BE A MODEL Appearance personqlny Speech Prescriptlons called for and delivered! JOANNE BROWN CHARM srumos Uncolf' 016' Mann St Buffalo, N SUmmer 2019 PHILIPPJ P ROSENKRANZ 81 SON INC GENERAL CONTRACTORS CARPENTER MASON AND MILL WORK 18 SWEENEY STREET BUFFALO NEW YORK HU 0345 , .Y. of . 13, N. Anthony and Jerome R. Lombardo WARD'S PHARMACY in . 991 ' . .Y. 0 o I , 86 CONGRATULATIONS sk 'lr 'k i' it 'k i' it 'lr 'lr it 'k 'k if 'k 'k THE FRESHMAN CLASS SAFE BUY VALUES 54Mec 2d Ike ewSl495 52 Olds S88 R Hyd SI045 dSt W MSI295 52N hR hip Compl :ments HOLY ANGELS Prescruptlon Chemusts MCDONALD S PHARMACY l540 Mam at West Ferry e E e y E e 5 P Open Evemngs and Sundays TA 0560 AM 1057 Resudentual Business Investment Propertnes Mortgages ROLLIN S FLOWERS 'I249 Genesee Sf BONA REALTY COMPANY Flowers Telegraphed Buffalo ll, N Y Mann Offuce Telephone I088 Delaware Ll 4 Buffalo 2 N Y BAKER S KEW BEE CLEANERS 2463 Delaware Avenue Domumck C Bona Lncensed Real Estate Broker VI 9343 Resldence EL 9102 anytume CONGRATULATIONS " SENIOR CLASS OF 1956 ff 'Ir 'k Q k 'k k .k it k k 'k 'k 'k + f + SUNRISE PRESS 'lc 'k i ,k ll 574 FILLMORE AVENUE 't it f -k -k -k -A- -k 1: -k ir -k 1: -k -x i' i u - n ' r . - r., i n , I' . , ., I. , of '53 For a. ., R. F0 . ' as amlz. . o R S 695 '53 Fold 2-dr., V-8 spec. S 995 I'so Ford Convertible V-8 S 345 I , I A i i I . Op n v r v ning 'Til 9 F. M.-Saturdays to . M. u . 133 , . . I I O I . 87 k iii iikkk iii k COMPLIMENTS A FRIEND iii kiiik iii Compliments if -k " of 'ff MR AND MRS E SCHWARTZ PRINCE MACARONI CO Spaghetti, Macaronl Egg Noodles Rlch an Gluten and Wheat Germ EL 2674 Stephen R Greco, Rep 59'7 Compl :ments SCHREIBER AND WINKELMAN Eden New York ART KUBERA S MUSIC STORE 9I0 Fnllmore Avenue BA 5I90 JOSEPH V CAPLIN COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 465 Hnghgate Ave Buffalo I5 N Y Carpenter Contractor 6884 Remodeling New Repalrs No Job Too Small Commercial Industrual Resudentual R E L 500 Shirley Avenue Buffalo I5 New York Compl :ments Compl :ments MR JOHN DRE HS MR AND MRS MICHAEL F CAFFREY A I Chaurs rental 8. sales Foldmg chaurs Card tables Banquet tables Wheel chaurs Hospital beds Commodes Crutches " " Dellvenes anywhere anytlme Where To Rent Them PREBIS RENTAL AND SALES CL 7533 728 Washmgton 1' it OF . . . k . . - EL. k i k of Q Q - PA. Office: CL. 2468 Res: AM. 8194 . . BEL Q . of of . vf - - ,r . . . Q ll ll 88 Complnments of Noted For Ladnes and Gents Slacks SPAULDING YATES Also Men s Surts and Dustrlbutors of Atlantic Heating Olls Imported Sport Jackets Wholesale Frult Products Retaul RO BE RT R ORLAN DO 466 Nuagara St Phone DE 7015 of HUCISOF1 James A Ackerman Mgr 18 20 Black Rock Market Skirts MGCIG to MGGSUYG L G BALFOUR COMPA Y KATHY ATTLE BORO MASSACHUSETTS an MA 164 Hermutage Road Rochester New York Leland Lee Wholesale Retail Sausages Smoked Meat Poultry ROMAN S MEAT MARKET 14 Black Rock Mkt Grant near Amherst Phone RI 5001 SU 6818 Res Phone EL 7397 If at s flowers, Say rt wuth ours GRAN FERRY FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occaseons 318 W Ferry St Buffalo, N JOHN D TAGGART, INC Dodge Plymouth iii kkkkk iii Dealers COMPLIMENTS 5459 Mann St Wllllamsvnlle N Y Comphmenfs LEONARDO S k i Q f A FRIEND iii kiiik iii . . N I d ' l C su: 6819 ' ' I I . f . . .Y. i . a- .. . I N OF I I I i f i of 'k k i so CAVARETTA CEMENT COMPANY CONCRETE WORK, SIDEWALKS, DRIVEWAYS STEPS, TERRACES, FLOORS 8. CELLARS I45 Hovr STREET BUFFALO, N Y. SUMMER 4638 HODGE INC Florlsts 358 Del aware Avenue Buffalo SU 9000 ARCHITECTURAL SERVICE ASSOCIATES SO 0544 Kirby Ave Lackawanna I8 N DICK FISCHER ATHLETIC GOODS 699 Mann St Buffalo, N Y will be pleased to serve you Used Cars Fl 04ll TA 9699 CHET AND MELS AUTO SERVICE General Auto Repanr 'I220 E Delavan Ave BUFFALO OPTICAL COMPANY 565 Mann St 2830 Delaware Ave Mann St The House of Bargains N O R B A N S 66 Grant Street Clothes for the enture famrly Compl :ments ERIE ELECTRIC CO INC I2O Church Street Buffalo, N Y KENSINGTON FURNITURE CENTER, INC Furmture Rugs Applrances II99 Kensmgton Ave near Barley Buffalo I5 N Y ATwater 3031 Easy Terms Open Evenlngs Compl :ments THE WOZNIAK FAMILY ' I67 ' . , .Y. i We ' . 'F Compliments 4 ' . 297 ' . , , of ., . P of 90 COMPLIMENTS PEARCE 81 PEARCE iii REAL ESTATE ii 3400 MAIN STREET Congratulatlons LEO SAUER FUNERAL HOME INC Compllments 1933 Kensmgton at Concord PArksnde 1695 Modern Amr Conditioned VI 4194 339 East St B A L T H A S A R S Greeting Cards of the Better Kind H OPHOMORE CLASS 'k 'k T C Mlllle Stahrr Prop Best Wlshes MILLIE s BEAUTY SALON HA Hr THE CLASS OF 1956 E P The Best an Beauty Culture Member of the N H C A 587 Potomac near Elmwood GR 3346 SU 3902 SU 3903 We Telegraph Flowers LORBEER S FLOWER SHOP 511 Elmwggd Ave Buffalo 22, N Y UNION GARAGE, NC 2565 Umon Road Cheektowaga 5 N Y Chrysler and Plymouth Dealer Pres Dan Suozzl HO 3600 MONTANA MOTORS, INC Plymouth De Soto MA 6565 369 Nuagara Street Buffalo 1, New York MRS A DOMINO Free Sewing Lessons 382 Mass Ave GRant 9619 .k -k ,, .,, at A- -k 'k 'N "f 1- -If 1' 'N ,. A , . of T E S at I 1-17-1.1. 'lf ' ' ' ' ' lin -4. 4- to ' -x uk I I . ' 2 , . . 91 MONTANA MOTORS, INC. 369 Niagara St. A FRIEND Buffalo l, N.Y. Courtesy A. P. LOCK PORT We're readyg snap it. TELE-SOUND SERVICE COMPANY F U R S Guaranteed Television Service 268 E Delavan Ave DIAL US: EL. 8937 JOSEPH PALANKER 8. SONS 80 West Genesee l55 Franklin McKENDRY FUNERAL HOME Opposlte Hotel Statler 2254 Mann Street 1202 Pies Pastry 4404 AMHERST BAKERY MARIANO GAGLIONE and SON 497 Amherst Street Buffalo 7 l7l Niagara Frontier Food Terminal E B Kowolkowskl Prop Bananas Our Specialty Compl :ments WO 1024 D 8. P MOTOR SALES NIAGARA UNIVERSITY prestige through representation of its alumm in 39 states overlooking the pic u esque gorge of the lower Niagara River under the direction of the Vlncentlan Fathers For lnformauon regardmg undergraduate and graduate offerings Address THE REGISTRAR Niagara University Niagara Umversxty N Y by ' PA. ' - RI. , N.Y. n u .I u entering its l00th year in the education of Catholic youth-enjoying nation-wide . . . . . - . . T r- 92 TSCHOPP SUPPLY CO I34E Ferry St EL 0666 Compl Iments Drycleam ng Suppl Ies of the it 'k WESTPHAL FAMILY V1S10I'IS of sugar plums JON SPERRIE s V' 720 KENSINGTON DRIVING SCHOOL 2934 Delaware Ave Styled Permanents Kenmore, N Y Contour HaIr Cuttnng Dual Controls Automahc and Standard Compl Iments KREIGER S SERVICE STATION West UtIco 8. Rhode Island Sts UN 4040 LI 704 LAURENCE P PAUL R 'k Engravers Stahoners 2250 MaIn Street I234 Abbott Road I Comp Imems Buffalo, New York Fantashere HOSIBYY TaIIored Shurts for Women MRS LEO J BECKER THE WINDSOR SHOP Men s Furmshings i i EL 6526 459 Elmwood Ave -k'k 'k'ki' ikiir 'k'k'k 'k'k BEST WISHES TO THE -A-'k 'k'k'k SENIOR CLASS OF I956 ' " ' " i' 1' Q 'k i' NARDIN MOTHERS COUNCIL 'k i . I of ' Evening Hours . 9 ' i a of MR. 8- . . se ' ' 'k it k 'R 93 COMPLIME NTS CENTRAL CASKET COMPANY MILHEM ATTEA 8. BROS 1509 Clanton Street Buffalo Dnstrl butors CIGARS CIGARETTES TOBACCO CANDY APPLIANCES PAINT Phone TR 1665 DIETRICH FUNERAL HOMES 995 Genesee 2528 Barley Avenue HUmboldt 7057 HUmboldt 4492 Completely Alr Conclmoned Ample Parkmg Facnluhes at Both Homes A ROGERS STUDEBAKER SALES AND SERVICE 2971 73 Delaware Avenue STUDEBAKER CARS AND TRUCKS Kenmore 17, N Y DE 0400 Phone CL 9082 Frunts and Vegetables V SOTTILE MARKET Wholesale and Retaul 175 Seventh Street Buffalo 1 , New York or - , N.v. . i I ' ' ' 173- 94 Cleaners and Laundry at South Elmwood Avenue O AI Weber Mgr ARNOLD S Jrm Vona s DIAL JAckson 0483 After 6 LUdlow III5 NIAGARA AMUSEMENTS INC 32 Johnson Park Com Operated Phonographs Televuslon Refrugerators Radros NE HOUR SERVICE Phonograph Records WA 5810 373 Ollver Street North Tonawanda Tone our much appreciated ALMA MATER We sell better furmture for less money KUBALA FURNITURE STORES,INC Our Best Wushes Buffalo, N Y RUBINO FAMILY l502 Broadway TA 4015 Camevale Paschal C Rubmo Joseph Rubmo Jr 315 Amherst St Rl 8834 STELLA TAMA FRUIT 8. VEGETABLE STAND k BROADWAY MARKET I q o ' I , . I O I . To o ll ' ll ll ll Mrs . , . ' , , . . . 4 95 -ix- BARTLETT Bulclc INC. COMPUMENTS CAR SALES 8- SERVICE MAIN STREET AM. 83II OF -Q.. STAN PALERMO S MARSH PLATING COMPANY ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION Antique 8- Industrnal Flnlshlng 'k Sl' 327 14th Street GA 9659 9 Carlton St at Washlngton Buffalo 3 New York SUmmer 2230 Compl rments ROLAND J KUHN WARDBEE DELIVERY INC 2409 Seneca St The only product on earth REASONABLE RATES EXPERT SERVICE guaranteed forever VIRGINIA 2398 Genesee Pune Hull RADIO and TV SERVICE All Work Guaranteed "M 263 VIRGINIA ST BUFFALO N Y MO 4899 KUHN'S MONUMENTS 0 l 96 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to The Graduating Class rom Your Official Yearbook Photographer DON .IAY STUDIOS Lancaster, N Y No Other Gift . . expresses you so well. YOUR GOOD TASTE is reflected in the beauty of our flowers. YOUR AFFECTION is highlighted by the prestige of our shop. YOUR JUDGMENT is demonstrated by the extra value in our smart styling for any event. Bessie Bellanca COLONIAL FLOWER SHOP 277 Delaware Ave WA 5310 Phone Llncoln 0205 Est 1925 BURT S Odorless Dry Cleaners We operate our own plant 752 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo N THOS J DOWNING SONS CO General Trucking 365 Swan St Buffalo 4 N 'k-k'k TUCHOLSKI S POULTRY 81 MEATS 14 BROADWAY MARKET L N WHISSEL LUMBER CO Buffalo PA 1700 Williamsville Plaza 6166 ik! NC Kenmore Rl 323 Rochester Culver 1400 HU 3943 Fresh killed poultry 'k'k'k from the farm to your tab le F . INC. ' ' , .Y. ek . . . ,k I . , .Y. Call WA. 6185 - 6 - 7 -vs- . . .,l . - .2 -k 1' tk -A- 97 COMPLIMENTS OF DAVE WAITE PONTIAC INC WESTERN NEW YORK S LARGEST PONTIAC DEALER DON T WAIT SEE LOU SALVO OUR REPRESENTATIVE FOR NEW OR USED CARS I275 MAIN STREET BUFFALO 9 N Y SU 2000 COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS TOG PACKING CO INC WI'ToIesaIe Meats Buffalo New York Pres J Teplesky MR AND MRS CHARLES MALLIA PENN NOR DELICATESSEN KLEEN RIGHT CLEANERS 350 Pennsylvama Street Prckup and Dellvery GA 5921 PROP FRANK OLIVERI 3229 Delaware Ave Kenmore N Y 'kki Phone DE 2830 "Fon THE BEST BUY, BUY THE BEST'- DEE S MARKET I4II ABBOTT ROAD TR. 0330 I I ll I Il I an ll ll I , . . of I ll ' ' ll . . , . ir k 0 I 98 COLONIAL IRON WORKS MISC IRON AND STEEL COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL 125 131 MOHICAN STREET BUFFALO II, Y OFF FILLMORE AT DELAVAN TAYLOR 2007 8 9 I E C K 8. M A PLYWOOD FABRICATORS 1109 Kenslngton Ave Dustrlbufors Funeral Hume General Electrlc Textollte and Monorop Kmtnm Metal Mouldmg Servmg Buffalo and Suburbs gmce 1919 1294 E Delavun Ave BA 5240 Flash Movie For Your Most DELUXE PHOTO SUPPLY Remembered Peffv Photographers THE PARK LANE Weddnngs Commercnal Candlds Cameras Prolectors Darkroom Supplies 632 F I I Imore Buffalo 12 SAMUEL T ARRIGO EVELYN R SINCLAIR UTICA FLOWER SHOP WEST UTICA STREET NEAR ELMWOOD BUFFALO 22 NEW YORK GRANT 5381 COMPLETE FLOWER SERVICE AFTER HOURS GARFIELD 9196 - N. . S S T 'l' 'k Business: WA. 2969 Res.: HU. 6281 ' , N.Y. 99 CHESTER X MICHALSKI 19 BROADWAY MARKET HUMBOLDT 0940 0 SE LE CT MEATS 1- loo This book printed by VELVATONEQ, a special process of litho- graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y No other prin ting firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method ,'f.3ggQ' 5- 111 f y L i, A ' 25: "--'Mn aff. -4 'f V 4- ' ,, . .2 ' 522,291 -Y ' , , L .- f 1-Qi. ag Q, L. ,jnrm . ., Q - ' ' I 1 , . Aff N, f 1 K 123 , li 5 . , . . , ,Q , 5' Q, Q .QU -. ,,.,, - V, Q xg. fir? .e 12 535' ' - .ff 7 :23'f'Uf, 'N' 'Lv - 1 If 2' K :fa fi , ,V Wgf' A , 3 , T' 1 X- -4 A .' f . , ,V. t . v '- 15' -jf :Q ' wi ' 2 'A' 'l. jsffxgl . ' V+ 1 , fs? ' 'ifu 1. .Q ff? ' , . S+ . My Qi ji . .' K , V2 1 1- ' , ' if '1-1,21 f ,f1'-g:5'.-'- - . - ' , V ' 'zi , 9 ' , A 1 - - ' ,. f K A , 4 f Q . P 5 ,g'fi'w ,g,,, j. .-Q. , 3 1 .- . 3 59.1 . 'f: -"W, 1, 1-1 Y u ' l k- " "'-'H , 'z ' Lf '-'fi , -,Q ' 4. ' , ,' ' . ' , , f. ,, ,rw , . . ,. , 1.. " , NJ if - W, ,',, - , y.Lii:, ,TJ .W-

Suggestions in the Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) collection:

Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 24

1956, pg 24

Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 64

1956, pg 64

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