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,Qs-W Q 1 , .mf X W. - Q' . wie I Sw! ' QQww . 5 -4'fwfQ,x 'ull A . bf H v - A , ., K 15178: 6 REQ Er. V1 t., Q. - veil! ,Q 5' .xi R. it sf Q -' ' E U Y . 'T v 'W -b' . 5, Q ., 4, -. .. H, , fb-,. -4 . -if fy, . - P ' w X 3 wi . ' N .. V N ' . ' W? ' ' 1Qll"b0H". ""'t2r v . "' ' www '38-'. 'ufjilf 0' r :Qu 'E I .Vw Q 2-.W 'A Q' ' Jn- . ,,-f'5! A N, , A ,, W-: 'ww MW- M . wwf-ww A W- . 1 ' -. W 'Luv' 'A-D img... in. lf M- -- 1 1-5, , -ig 5- W .2 if sift RW L v w -1 y, ' xfJ'l""jE W H Maw M, ri w hx M v , A-.Q , 2 -N-f-14 W ,WML ' , , 1 625' 2 ,S H13 Q an 1-' .O-' ' 61? .4 9, 4 v Q .1 52 I ...b ,gt fi . . 1 . his. M .55 .ii WIS H. Q1 E I RCDSARIUM as 55 as :W '5 A , as JEL "'G'mf f W 'fill' QJQ54 , , X 2.-KN? gs? Ls all Published By The Class of 1955 NARDIN ACADEMY 135 Cleveland Avenue Buffalo, New York Foreword DUCATION consists essentially in preparing man for what he must he and for what he must do here be- low. In order to attain the perfect end for which man was created, it is clear that there can be no true ed- ucation which is not wholly directed to man's last end." This quotation has been taken from Pope Pius XI's Encyclical on CHRISTIAN EDUCATION OF YOUTH, which emphasizes the importance of instruc- tion in harmony with the teachings of the Church, "the pillar and ground of truth." We have chosen this Encyclical as the theme for the ROSARIUM of nineteen hundred fifty-five, since we feel it a complete statement of the purpose and the work of our four years at Nardin Academy. The mission of educating us has been three-fold. We have been entrusted to the school by our fami- lies, who have "an inalienable, inviolable right to educate offspring." Guided by our teachers, "who cher- ish a pure and holy love for the youth confided to them, " we have been encouraged to follow the path of an outstanding Christian woman. The State has also played its part in our education. "It is the right and duty of the State to protect, according to the rules of right reason and faith, the moral and religious education of youth, by removing public impediments that stand in the way." Christian education, we have learned, must be four-fold: spiritual, mental, social, physical. Our school is most assuredly one in which "all the teaching and the whole organization of the school and its teachers, syllabus and textbook in every branch" have been "regulated by the Christian Spirit, under the de- votion and matemal supervision of the Church, so that religion may be in truth the foundation and crown of youths ' entire training . " Our school has so advanced our intellectual development year by year that we are prepared either to take our place in the business world or to enter a college of our own choosing. Besides guiding our spiritual and mental life, our teachers have taken into consideration the necessity of a well-balanced social and physical program. These activities they have encouraged in such a way as not only to increase the pleasure in our lives but also to increase, at the same time, our spiritual and mental development. We of the class of nineteen-fifty-five will be ever mindful of the motto of our Alma Mater: "Pro Christi Ecclesia totus impendar." In later years, as we look through this ROSARIUM with its references to the En- cyclical, we know we will be spurred on to attain new heights spiritually, mentally, socially and physically because we will feel the ever-loving eyes of Alma Mater are still upon us. 2 DANIEL A. LORD, S.1. Dedication E, the class of nineteen hundred fifty-five, dedicate "Rosarium" to the memory of Daniel A. Lord, S.j. Through his work in furthering Catholic Action, he has given to the "Youth of America" a fuller and richer appreciation of their vocation as young Christian stu- dents and leaders in the modem world. He was truly an apostle in advocating the ideas of Pope Pius XI on the "Christian Education of Youth." 3 Hi s Exc ellency Most Reverend Leo R. Smith, D. D. Auxiliary Bishop of Buffalo Spiritual DUCATION, which is concerned with man as a whole, individually and socially in the or- der of grace, necessarily belongs to three soci- eties"g the family, civil society and the Church. Each of these societies has a responsibility not only to protect the right to education, but to con- tribute and instill knowledge in its members. Parents have a natural right to educate their children. However, in the present society, it is impossible to do so without the help of trained teachers. Wise parents realize that, through a a Catholic education, physical, mental and spir- itual growth is best achieved and the fruits of this education equip children to take their right- ful place in society. The state, realizing the inherent rights of the family, must protect the right of the parent to choose freely that type of education which will most help the child. Furthermore, it pro- vides supervision whereby a national standard is established. In New York State, this is done by the Board of Regents. and Their l a ' ' t i if, , . . ii 5 1 MILS . 7 .A 1 3 - M f ,--- . --MM-, ,. r " "'-'lzicigzlff tx i 5 " -H... . ,,:,.:fwW--1-va ' .B " . ,- E 'N' ' ..f-, 'f',jl Mothers' Council confer with the faculty in the interests of their children. Shepherds HE family and the state unite under the spiritual guidance of the Church. The lat- ter, conscious of the divine mission, defends her right as an educator and places at the dis- posal of parents the means of providing educa- tion for their children. Here in Buffalo, our Bishops, Most Reverend joseph A. Burke and Leo R. Smith, diocesan guides and directors of Catholic education, have done much to forward Pope Pius Xl's teachings concerning family, state and Church as a triple union of educators. May God bestow His Divine Grace on their ex- cellent work so that the fruits of Catholic edu- cation may some day be enjoyed by all. His Excellency Most Reverend Joseph Aloysius Burke, D. D. Bishop of Buffalo S :Q- 1 - 'rdf' Students test their knowledge in Regents examinations. 6 Mx "Perfect schools are "All these labor un- ., the result not so much selfishly with zeal Nh. of good methods as of and perseverance in . . . good teachers." the direction and Pius XI formation of youth." l ERFECT schools are the result not so much of good methods as of good teachers, teachers who are thoroughly prepared and well-grounded in the matter they have to teachg who possess the intellectual and moral qualifications required by their important officeg who cherish a pure and holy love for the youths confided to them, because they love jesus Christ and His Church." How very true is this statement about our own faculty members at Nardin! Our teachers are ever ready to aid us in our conquests of both heaven and earth. With true understanding, they employ the supernatu- ral tools: justice, patience, and charity, and laboriously help us in our studies and our personal problems They encourage and strengthen the students by their examples and by their prayers. Christ, the Greatest Teacher, has commanded, "Go, teach all nations." In a sense, each pupil is an individual nation, our teachers have accepted God's command by instructing each one of us. The Nardin faculty has imparted and will clontinue to impart spiritual and vocational knowledge to help us to try to be outstanding among God's children. Miss Helen T. Gearity . . , , President Miss Janet G- Lal'10l1 - . .............. ...... P rincipal Miss Helen A. Shell . . . . . Assistant Principal, Latin, Sodality Moderator, Student Council Moderator, Missal Club Moderator 6 Miss Caroline B. Abel . . . Miss Edna F. Bojack . . Miss Amy Boughan . . Mrs. Evan C. Clay .... Miss Amy De C. Clearman . Miss Mary L. Cosgrove . . . Miss Laura A. Cunningham . Miss Martha E. Danmeyer . . Miss Helen P. Doll . . Miss Barbara M. Fleming . . Mrs. Robert G. Frantsits . . Miss Ella M. Garvey . . Miss Marie E. Higgins . . Mrs. Cecelia Roy Kenny . . Miss Rita M. Knueven . . Miss Nora M. Leddy. . . Miss Katherine E. McGrath. . . Miss Agnes E. Murphy . . Miss Irene T. Murphy . . Miss Loretta M. Pfennig . . Margaret Ryan ..... Miss Theresa M. Ryba . . Miss Florence R. Smith . . Miss Madeline M. Steffan- . . Miss Madeline M. Stockman . Miss juneC. Thompson . . . Miss Kathryn M. Wirtenberger . . Mrs. Thaddeus J. Zolkiewicz . . . . . . Biology, General Science, Biology Club Moderator, Pamphlet Committee Moderator, Visual Aid Director SecondGrade . . . . . . . . Elementary School Principal . . Physical Education, Athletic Club Coach . . . Cafeteria Manager . . . . First Grade . . . . . . . . .Book Store Manager . . . . . . . . . . . Religion, Shorthand, Business Law, Sanctuary Committee Moderator, junior B Class Adviser . . . . . . . . . . . Religion, English, Mathematics, Senior A Class Adviser, "Rosarium" Adviser . . English, Latin, "Cor Mariae" Adviser . . .Citizenship Education, English, Career Guidance Club Moderator .............Lihrarian . . Religion, Mathematics, Health, Sophomore B Class Adviser . . ., ................. Music, Glee Club Directress . . . . . . .Religion, Citizenship Education, Introduction to Business, Freshman C Class Adviser, Freshman junior Red Cross Moderator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Religion, English,Mathematics, junior A Class Adviser, junior Red Cross Adviser ...................StudySupervisor . . Religion, Typewriting, Shorthand, FreshmanB Class Adviser, Medical Mission Group Moderator, Ianua Caeli Moderator, Athletic Club Moderator . Kindergarten, Rosa Mystica Moderator, S.D.S. Moderator . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Secretarial Practice, Registrar, Legion of Decency Moderator . . . . . . . . . . Senior Dramatic Club Coach . . French, Latin, Le Cercle Francais Moderator . . . . . . . . . . . Religion, Chemistry, Homemaking, Senior B Class Adviser, "Rosarium" Business Adviser . . . . . . . Music and French in Elementary School . . Religion, English, Freshman A Class Adviser, Freshman Dramatic Club Moderator ..............ThirdGrade . . . . . . . . Religion, Citizenship Education, Art, Sophomore A Class Adviser, Mater Dei Moderator, Art Club Moderator . . Dancing Instructor 7 Lines Prom a Senior Diar September 8 September 29 October 12 October 20 October 27 October 29 October 30 November 12 November 13 17 November 28, 29 November 7-9 22 28 December December December january 15 january 21 january 24 Eebruary 20-26 February 21 March 1, 2 March 4 March 17 March 19 March 21-25 March 29 April 2 April 6 April 23 April 27 May 1 May 3 May 20 31 June 11 May 12 15 june 23 24 June June june Seniors at last! Pageant of Prayer at Civic Stadium--deluge! Our first holiday of the year- -yeah, Columbus! "Scared Freshmen roll their eyes in fear." Freshman initiation day is here. Over 500 people attend the Harvest Festival. We serve--oh! our aching feet! Renewal of our Enthronement to the Sacred Heart. Four Seniors, Deanna Bumes, jackie Saab, Ann Flynn, Elaine Stefaniak, discuss re- sponsibility in the teen-ager on WBEN. Cotton skirts and plaid shirts for Alumnae square dance. The end of our first quarter as Seniors. Report cards soon. Dum-da-dum-dum. Variety show:-Seniors form part of chorus, singing hymns as scenes from Saint Cath- erine Laboure's life are reenacted. Voice of Democracy contest--Bebeann Pidgeon wins Buffalo finals. Grease paint--medieval costumes--stage directions--all part of our play, "joan of Arc." Forty-two glorious hours with God at Mother of Mercy Retreat House. Seniors take part in Christmas exercises, a play to spread the Christmas spirit. Alumnae Ball--one of the highlights of the Christmas Holiday. K. of C. Scholarship Exam--one of our first attempts to win a college education. Mammoth Card Party--we serve again! I Exams -bluebooks - -cramming- -headaches . Catholic BookWeek. The Senior Sodalists arrange abeautiful display of books in the parlor. "Mardi Gras!" -- C'est magnifiquel State Scholarship Exams--J. Baker, J. Saab, E. Stefaniak win. Deo gratiasl Candy Drive begins--M-M-M-good! Seniors are guest perfonners in jr. Red Cross show. We do our famous slip jig. Teenage Traffic Safety Conference. Two delegates represent Narding Deanna Bumes was elected as vice-president of the conference. Catholic Charities Drive--we save our money to help God's needy. Senior Chest X-rays--T. B. or not T. B. , that is the question. Model U N Assembly--B. S. T. C. Deanna Bumes, Bebeann Pidgeon, and Lavina Capa- rella with two juniors plead the cause of Iran. Easter holidays begin. Mothers'Council Fashion Show--three Seniors model. With eleven other schools, we sing Mass at the Old Cathedral. The Senior Sodalists act as hostesses at the Sodality reception. We didn' t eat for five days in anticipation of the junior-SeniorSmorgasbord at the Markeen Hotel junior-Senior Prom at Nash Hall. Terrific time! "O, Mary, we crown you with blossoms today, Queen of the angels, Queen of the May." Mother-Daughter Luncheon at the Hotel Westbrook- -a beautiful and touching event. Alumnae Reception- -we assume a new dignity. Strains of Pomp and Circumstance -- the parting of the road begins. Senior Mass followed by breakfast at which we are the guests of the faculty. Graduation -- a perfect ending to a perfect year. 8 The Senior Class ll The night all girls anticipate. young man according to his way, even when he is old, will not depart from it." This quotation taken from Pope Pius XI's "Encyclical on Christian Education" symbolizes the growing fruits of constant education. After four years of training: physical, mental, and spiritual, at Nardin Academy, we Seniors are now ready to embark on new missions . Many doors will open for us either into the col- lege or the business world. No matter in what direction we go, our education will remain our own and the enlarging and the sharing of that education will become a personal responsibility. The world today needs the well-trained minds as well as the enlightened souls of Catholic laymen and women. Sound Christian principles need to be made known. It is people like ourselves, graduates of a Catholic high school, who must share these principles with others and make others conscious of the need for God in all affairs. The graduates of the class 1955 will enter forty-three different paths, not as a class but as individuals. Therefore, each one must make her influence felt. Only then will the pur- pose of Catholic education be realized. As Seniors, we are not strangers to life, nor are we unaware of the gratitude we owe to God, our Lord and Creator. Our life, however, up unto the present, has been a "little world." Now, as we reach the end of four years of high school training, we enter into the commencement of a new life, the world out- side, a fuller life and a deeper one, lived always, as before, for the glory of God, our Heavenly Creator. 1 A We Were Key to baby pictures A. ,. ' I ,, ':-' g --:-. ' A 7 X 2 ,, W. ,,,,, V 1 , , I .'-" A' H yikxf W . -..f Wuxi 17 . Q 8 3 ,fi m e sg if 12 5 W , ,ag 1 , V ' 16 15 . , L4 fw I 1-W wg '74, ,ggjf ' if in .5 50 KA 18 f -: 1' 'L 5' :z -if ,. """'Af"9 . .. -Q 19 10 Page , 3 3 4 S A X f 6 5 is W2 2 13 T' 1 Y f , f 5 ug W 1 ns' , fe kms. 2' Q' ,ii . ,, ,fi 20 W-,N H' . Q Egg, ' , N 21 22 a' , ' ,av if ,... is 5 hy. Q 25 26 . . ,,,yif'1.s.-, V ' . ,A wgiyl, 1 L'.'Q.?4 ' ' 1."': Q 2: j K F 2 :ff . 2 , V :ff , 41 l if , 'fl "Ja ?""H,'., . -h V ,5.g 32 I Q ..,, 2. , 2,1 ",' V Q 2,L,,7l r, '-vw-fave-: i. af ,A f - 5.2553 :' I 3 gm. w-uecfax 2 , , - if N mama E L 'I V 37 QL 12.5. 1 2, -pe:-M3 .azgzii 2 - '- fifz 1, -Q R 1 irish: 2 2 , ' ' m. 7 i , Q, fi 39 ij? ,j X ig m 5 40 23 1-' 28 '97 hm- 61.3- ., . ww f 1 " za 12 FQ ., 5 Nr .- W x 4. . 2, gg F Mi, f A v , if if Q s 'KW ,f 6 ' SK V1 A K if -- ' 1 24 ? Mm ir 4 . rv, s 5 Q .Q 33 s z 4' I sqft K a Q 7 im 34 as . Q, .s F" 4 -my 1 f 11 38 2 30 Q y ' v a D W1 ,N 36 K .. 1 I Ig '52 ' .353 2 1 A 4' gi H xy 8 inf A D ,ig x.. ' Ri A ' 3 X 5 Xi: , f 5 g I F 'F 5 'ef Q f rf if 42 WHO Jeannie Baker Gerri Balaz Inez Bayerl Sue Biniszkiewicz Charlotte Biondolillo Dee Bumes judy Byme Carol Calandra Mary Lou Campbell Lavina Caparella Connie Capizzi Frances Castronova Mary Conti Eileen Delahanty jo Anne Di Pasquale Margie Di Pasquale Ann Flynn Gertrude Gehl Eleanor Graziano Betty Jane Hadyn Janice Kubiszgm Maria LaNasa The Senior Class AMBITION Not to be a teacher To be eighteen To see Diana's hand- writing analysis To organize a hill- billy band To coin new biology words To cut down driving insurance for teenagers To move to Hamburg To replace Christian Dior To play basketball for Canisius To type a perfect letter To become a business tycoon To move to Crescent Pk. To manage her brother's appliance store To own a St. Bemard kennel To get her rights in History Class To see George play the violin To be called Lynn Flynn To take a jet ride to New York To have more Friday night parties To enter the Nardin library peacefully To move Bona's to Buffalo E To find a cure for her hiccoughs FAVORITE SAYING "Well, that' s what -L think." "How' s your mother?" "Ohl Come on, tell mel" "Have a pickle." "Girls, pleezel" "Wh-yy?'?" "It was real neat!" "Guess who I saw yesterday . " "Are you going to Unterecker' s 7" "...but..." "Vacation's almost here l" "Did you have a good time, Saturday 7" "OHl .. That isn't fair." "You know. . .' "Margie, have you got the history book?" "Well, uh.. "What's the matter?" ' .. andl cried." "How about that!" "I'm an adopted daugh- ter of South Buffalo." "No kidding?" "Hey, Char l" 12 NOTED FOR Argumentative discussions Her trips to Unterecker's Her traditional manner Time spent in the art room Her fabulous home on Greenaway Early moming corner patrol Cookie supply in the second period study Her trips to the West Side Library Last minute discovery of an assembly piano player Problems in religion class Her big brown eyes I-Ier advice on make-up Walking home Smiling Irish eyes Her moming stops at the Coffee Shop Her bobbing head Her penguin walk on skates Her ample supply of juicy Fruit Her pleasant smile Her powder blue clothes Chemistry accidents Her unread class minutes WHO Mary Ami Mahiques Jeannie Manta Martha Michalski Paula Mietus Jeannie Miller Josephine Morreale Pat Papa Bebeann Pidgeon Jackie Saab Barbara Schalk Geraldine Sendlak Elaine Stefaniak Sybil Steigerwald Delphine Szmania Anna Tomasulo Margaret Mary Wagner Elizabeth Wechter Tess Wlodarczak Diana Wozniak Joan Zaker Elizabeth Zolkiewicz As Others See Us AMBITION To be the Fallon stage manager To own a drugstore To teach a history class To lead the Canisius College ROTC To read all the books in the library To make unbreakable plant pots To establish a Catholic Co-Ed College in Bflo. To vote for a 48-hour day To build a summer home ON Evans Beach! To have a clean lunch table. To write love sonnets To have flaming red hair To own Berger' s To become a female Dr. Popenoe To stay awake in class To stay on a diet for more than an hour To look older To leam all her prayers in English To have a study period for STUDY! To discover a short route from Buffalo to Rochester To gain five pounds FAVORITE SAYING "Are you going to the Fallon game 7" "Time's up, girls!" "Oh-h, kids, a funeral!" "Get those shoulders back!" "I can't make up my mind." "How are you, honey?" "l was killing myself!" "Tremendous" "And-uh" "Resin on the bow, boys. Here we go!" "That's for certain" "I'm not sure, but . . ." "Wait! Let me tell you!" "l-loney Bunny" "What are you so happy about?" "You can't have any of my pie." "That's very nice." "Shore, you do." "Baloney sausage !" "I'm sorry. Did I kick you?" "Who, me?" l3 NOTED FOR Rolling her eyes Being an authority on dogs Balloons with "Don't give me that bolognag I want Michalski'S !" Her Canisius College dance stubs Substitute collector of class dues Her cheerfulness on rainy days Watering plants in the French room Her-subtle humor Her nickname, "Sockie Jaab" Her rendition of "Temptation' Her mighty dodge ball arm Her Indian costumes Her cashmere sweaters Her green convertible The funny faces she makes Her giggles Her pony tail Her mischievous air Her GRACEFUI.. walk in high heels Her pizza crave Her questions CHARLOTTE j. BIONDOLILLO - PRESIDENT Sodality l,2,3 . . . Sacristans 2.3 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Glee Club 2.3 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 2,3,4. . .A.P.S. L. 2 . . . Treas. Student Council 1. "True wit is nature to advantage dress'd What oft was thought but ne'er so well expressed." JACQUELINE A. SAAB - VICE-PRESIDENT Sodality l,2,3,4 . . . S.D.S. 2,3,4 . . . Legionof Decency 2,3, Co-Chmn. 4 . . . Le Cercle Francais 3 . . . Pulchrae Romanae 2,3 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Cor Mariae Staff 2, 3,4 . . .Rosarium Staff4. . . A.P.S.L. 2,3, CUM LAUDE and SUMMA CUM LAUDE Award 2,3 , . . Latin Honor Soci- ety l,2,3 . . . Honor Roll l,2,3,4 . . . Pres. Soph. Class . . . Full Scholarship to D'Youville College . . . Partial Scholarship to Rosary Hill College . . . State Scholarship . . Winner of American Legion Oratorical Medal and of Medal in American Legion Americanism Essay Contest. "The smiles are like stars in her eyes, and her laugh is thistle down around her low replies." BEBEANN PIDGEON - TREASURER Sodality l,2,3,4 . . . S.D.S. 4 . . . Le Cercle Francais 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Glee Club l, 2,3,4 . . . Class Banker 3 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 1.3, Co. Ed. 4 . . . A.P.S.L. CUM LAUDE Award 3 . . . Latin Honor Society 2,3 . . . Honor Roll 1, 2,3, 4 . . . Vice-Pres. Fresh. Class . . . Secy. jr. Red Cross 2 . . . Co-Chmn. Rosa Mystica 3 . . . Buffalo "Voice of Democracy" winner 1954 . . . Model U.N. Delegate 4. "There's language in her eye, her cheek, her lip." Z ELIZABETH WECHTER - TREASURER Sodality l,2,3,4, Treas. 3 . . . Dramatic Club 2,3,4 . . . Glee Club l,3,4 . . . Le Cercle Francais Treas. 2, Secy. 3 . . . Pres. Freshman Class . . . Missal Club Secy. 3,4 . . . Student Council Treas. 2, Rep. 4 . . . Model U.N. Dele- gate 3 . . . A.P.S.L. CUM LAUDE and SUMMA CUM LAUDE Award 2, 3 . . . Honor Roll l, 2,3, 4. "Can any wind blow rough upon a blossom So fair and tender?" 14 MARIA A. LA NASA - SECRETARY Sacristans 2,3 . . . Art Club l . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Glee Club 2,3 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 2,3,4 . . .A.P.S.L. 2. "Her eyes as stars of twilight fair Like twilight's, too, her dusky hair: But all things else about her drawn From May-time and the cheerful dawn." X MARY LOUISE CAMPBELL - PRESIDENT OF STUDENT COUNCIL Sodality l,2,3 . . . S.D.S. 2.3.4 . . . Legion of Decency 3,4 . . . Pulchrae Romanae 3 . . . Athletic Club 2 . . . Dramatic Club 4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 2,3,4 . . . A.P.S.L. 2,3 . . . Honor Roll 1 . . . Vice-Pres. Le Cercle Francais 2 . . . Secy. Student Council 3 . . . Perfect Attendance. "She is all youth, all beauty, all delight." CLASS MOTTO Apres le combat, la couronne I5 ANN SHIRLEY FLYNN - PREFECT OF SODALITY Sodality l,2,3,4 . . . Medical Missions 4 . . . Missal Club 2, Leader 3,4 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Athletic Club 3 . . . Sen- ior Dramatics . . . Jr. Red Cross 2,3 . . . Class Banker 2,3,4 . . . A.P.S.L. CUM LAUDE and MAGNA CUM LAUDE A- ward 2,3 . . . Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 . . . Treas. Pulchrae Ro- manae 2 . . . Co-captain jr. Varsity 3 . . . Chmn. Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Secy. Sodality 3. "Those about her from her shall read the perfect ways of honour." CLASS FLOWER Lily of the valley CLASS COLORS Powder blue and silver A IEANNIE BAKER Sodality l, 2,3, 4 . . . Sacristans 3 . . . Pamphlet Committee 4 . . . Le Cercle Francais 3 . . . Art Club 2 . . . Athletic Club 3 . . . junior Varsity 3 . . . Dance Club 2 . . . Senior Editor 3, Editor-in-chief 4 . . . Latin Honor Society l,2,3, . . . A.P.S.L. CUM LAUDE Award 2 . . . Honor Roll l,2,3, 4 . . . Rep. Student Council 2,3 . . . School Winner Ameri- canism Essay Contest l . . . State Scholarship . . . Saluta- torian. "Loyalty is the holiest good in the human heart." GERALDINE DIANE BALAZ S.D.S. 2 . . . Legion of Decency 3 . . . Le Cercle Francais matics . . . A,P.S.L. 2.3. "With even step and musing gait, And looks commercing with the skies." ,it .zgfsifti INEZ BAYERL Mater Dei l . . . Rosa Mystica 2.3 . . . Pulchrae Romanae 3 . . . junior Red Cross 2 . . . Glee Club 3 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 3,4 . . . A.P.S.L. 2,3. "We her discretion have observed, Her just opinions, delicate reserve, Her patience, and humility of mind, Unspoiled by commendation . " 7 SUSAN BINISZKIEWICZ Mater Dei 2 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Athletic Club 1, 2,3, 4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Junior Red Cross 2 . . . Rosar- ium Staff 3,4 . . . A.P.S.L. 2,3 . . . Co-captain Varsity 4 . . . Pres. Biology Club 3 . . . Honor Roll 2. "She is ever fair and never proud, has tongue at will and yet, is never loud." l6 Dramatics . . . Glee Club l, 4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 2, Asst. 3 . . . Athletic Club 1,2 . . . Cheerleader 2 . . . Senior Dra- DEANNA MARIAN BURNES Sodality . . . Medical Missions 3 . . . S.D.S. 2 . . . Pamphlet Comm. 4 . . . Missal Club 4 . . . Le Cercle Francais 2,3, Vice-Pres. 4 . . . Pulchrae Romanae 3, Pres. 2 . . . Glee Club2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . A.P.S.L. CUM LAUDE and MAGNA CUM LAUDE Award 2.3 . . . Latin Honor Society 1, 2,3 . . . Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4 . . . Model U.N. Delegate 3, Chmn. 4 . . . Vice-Pres. junior Class . . . Editor-in-chief Rosarium 4 . . . Perfect Attend- ZJICS . "Who mixed reason with pleasure And wisdom with mirth." JULIA MARIE BYRNE Legion of Decency 3 . . . Career Guidance 3 . . . Senior Dra- matics . . . Le Cercle Francais 3 . . . Honor Roll 1. "God made your touch as gentle As a breeze in early spring And your soul as light and gay As a bird upon the wing." Q to CAROL CALANDRA Sodality l,2,3 . . . S.D.S. 2.4 . . . Le Cercle Francais 2,3, 4 . . . Dance Club 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Glee Club 2. 3,4 . . . A.P.S.L. 2 . . . junior Red Cross 3, Chmn. 4 . . . Honor Roll 1,3 . . . Librarian-Glee Club 4 . . . Co-Chmn. Bulletin Board Committee 3 . . . Perfect Attendance . . . Hon- orable Mention in American Legion Americanism Essay Contest "She doeth little kindnesses, Which most leave undone, or despise." X LAVINA THERESA CAPARELLA Sodality l,2,3 . . . Sacristan 3 . . . Medical Missions 3,4 . . . S.D.S. 2 . . . Pulchrae Romanae 2 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 3,4 . . . Glee Club l,4, Librarian 2,3 . . . Dramatic Club 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . A.P.S.L. 2 . . . Jr. Red Cross 3, Treas. 2 . . . Treas. Jr. Class . . . Ass't Director Freshman Dramatics . . . Model U.N. Delegate 4. "Humor is the harmony of the heart," 17 CONCETTA B . CAPIZZI Sodality 1,2,3,4 . . . Sacristans 2 . . . Medical Missions 4 . . . Junior, Red Cross 2,3 . . . Treas. junior Class . . . Cor Mariae Staff 4 . . . Rosarium Staff 4. "She shall be A pattem to all . . . living with her . . . Holy and heavenly thoughts shall still counsel her ." Z FRANCES SHIRLEY CASTRONOVA Mater Dei 2 . . . Sacristans 1,2 . . . Dramatic Club 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Glee Club l, 4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 2, 3, 4. "Daffodils, That come before the swallow dares, and take The winds of March with beauty." MARY MADELINE CONTI Sodality l,2,3,4 . . . S.D.S. 2 . . . junior Red Cross 3 . . . Glee Club 2, 3 . . . Chmn. Bulletin Board Committee 3. "A birth of blossoms seems again To flush the woodlands fading train With dreams of May." EILEEN DELAHANTY Mater Dei 2 . . . S.D.S. 2 . . . Legion of Decency 4 . . . Art Club 4 . . . Career Guidance 3 . . . Dramatic Club 3 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Junior Red Cross 4 . . . Glee Club 2,3 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 3 . . . Honor Roll 1. "As pure and sweet, her fair brow seemed Etemal as the sky: And like the brook's low song, her voice, - A sound which could not die ." 18 JO ANNE DI PASQUALE Dramatic Club 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Glee Club 3 . . Rep. Student Council 3. "The thing that goes the farthest Towards making life worthwhile, That costs the least, and does the most, Is just a pleasant smile X MARY MARGARET DI PASQUALE Dramatic Club 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Glee Club 3 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 4. "The light of love, the purity of grace, The mind, the music breathing from her face, The heart whose softness harmonized the whole And, oh! that eye was in itself a soul." GERTRUDE M. GEHL Senior Dramatics . . . jr. Red Cross 3 . . . Glee Club 3,4 . . .Chmn.L8iF 4. "God wove your wondrous smile From a Sunbeam in the skies, Then picked two bright and shining stars And placed them in your eyes ." X ELEANOR MARY GRAZIANO Le Cercle Francais 3, 4 . . . Athletic Club 3 . . . Senior Dra matics . . . Glee Club 2.3.4 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . A.P S.L. 2. "Her air, her manners, all who saw admired: Courteous though coy, and gentle though retired: The joy of youth and health her eyes display'd, And ease of heart her every look convey'd." 19 BETTY IAN E HADYN Art Club 2 . . . Athletic Club 2 . . . Cheerleader 2 . . . Dance Club 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Glee Club l,2, 3 4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 3, 4. "She was a phantom of delight ! A lovely apparition, sent To be a moment's ornament." Z JANICE KUBISZYN Sodality 1.2.3 . . . Sacristans 2 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Senior Dramatics . "With whisperings of lilacs Imprisoned in your talk, With swaying of the poppies The beauty of your walk. " MARY ANN MAHIQUES Sodality l,2,3 . . . Medical Missions 2,3 . . . S.D.S. 3 . . . Bulletin Board Committee 3 . . . Dance Club 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . junior Red Cross 3,4 . . . Glee Club 2, 3,4 . . . A.P.S.L. 2,3 . , . Honor Roll 1,2,4 . . . Treas. junior Class . . . Latin Honor Society 4. "True worth is in being, not seemingg In doing each day that goes by, Some little good - not in dreaming Of great things to do by and by." Z JEAN MANTA Sodality 1,2,3,4 . . . Medical Missions 3 . . . Pamphlet Com- mittee 4 . . . Legion of Decency 3 . . . Le Cercle Francais 3 . . . Art Club 2 . . . Dramatic Club 3, Secy. 4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff4 . . . ALP.S.L. 2 . . . Co-Chrnn. Ianua Caeli 4. "Love, sweetness, goodness, in her person shined." 20 Legion of Decency 2.3, Chmn. 4 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . MARTHA MARY MICHALSKI Sodality l, 2,3 . . . Sacristans 3 . . . Legion of Decency 2. 3 . . . Le Cercle Francais 3,4 . . . Art Club 2 . . . Ath- letic Club 2 . . . Cheerleader 2 . . . Dance Club 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . A.P.S.L. 2,3. "A smile is a light in the window of a face Which shows that the heart is at home . " PAULA NANCY MIETUS Sodality 1,2 . . . Legion of Decency 2.3 . . . Le Cercle Francais 3 . . . Athletic Club 2 . . . Dance Club 2 . . . Dramatic Club 3, Pres. 4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 1 . . . Co- Chmn. Legion of Decency 3 . . . Pres. Art Club 2 . . . Rep. Student Council 4. "Every graceful and generous quality of womanhood harmoniously blended in her nature . " X JEAN C . MILLER Sodality 1, 2.3, 4 . . . Pamphlet Committee 4 . . . Le Cercle Francais 2,3.4 . . . Dance Club 2 . . . Glee Club 3,4 . . . A.P.S.L. 2. . . Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. "Meek and retiring by the softness of her nature Yet glowing an ethereal ardour For all that is illustrious and lovely." X JOSEPHINE S . MORREALE Sodality 1,2,3,4 . . . Medical Missions 3,4 . . . S.D.S. 2 . . . Bulletin Board Committee 3 . . . Missal Club 3,4 . . . Glee Club 1,2,3, Pres. 4 . . . Dance Club 2 . . . Senior Dra matics . . . Cor Mariae Staff 4 . . . Treas. jr. Red Cross 3 . . . Class Banker 2,3,4 . . . Rep. Student Council 1, Mon- itor 3 . . . Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class . . . Vice-Prefect Sodality 4 . . . Perfect Attendance. "Gentile of speech Beneficient of mind." 21 PATRICIA A. PAPA Sodality1,2,3,4 . . . S.D.S. 4 . . . Missal Club 3,4 . . Le Cercle Francais 2,3, Sec. 4 . . . Dance Club 2 . . . Glee Club 1, 3,4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Class Banker 3. . . Rosarium Staff4 . . . A.P.S.L. 2 . . . Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Third place prize winner in National French III Examination . . . Outstanding French Student of the Year . . . Perfect Attendance for 4 years . "She is the sunrise flaming bright, A petal unfolding to the light." Z BARBARA ANN SCHA LK 3 . . . Senior Dramatics. "Here dwell no frowns, nor anger: from these gates Sorrow flees far. See, here be all pleasures That fancy can beget on youthful thoughts, When the fresh blood grows lively, and returns Brisk as the April buds in primrose season." GERALDINE B . SENDLAK Legion of Decency 3 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Glee Club 3,4 . . . Class Banker 4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff3 . . . Ros- arium Staff4 . . . A.P.S.L. 3 . . . Honor Ro1l2. "Those laughing orbs, that borrow From azure skies the light they wear, Are like heaven - no sorrow Can float o'er hues so fair." f ELAINE M. STEFANIAK Sodality l,2,3,4 . . . Missal Club 3,4 . . . Pulchrae Roman- ae 2, Vice-Pres. 3 . .' . Biology Club 3 . . . Athletic Club 1, 2,3,4 . . .' Jr. Varsity 2 . . . Senior Varsity 3,4 . . . Dra- matic Club 3, 4 . . . Class Banker 3 . . . Rosarium Staff 3, 4 . . . A.P.S.L. CUM LAUDE Award 3 . . . Latin Honor So- ciety 2,3 . . . Honor Roll l,2,3,4 . . . Chmn. Rosa Mystica 3 . . . Chmn. Pamphlet Comm. 3,4 . . . Vice-Pres. Student Council 4 . . . State Scholarship . . . Valedictorian. "Fairest of all flowers was she . . . She hath an eye that smiles into all hearts . " 22 ' Mater Dei l . . . Rosa Mystica 2,3 . . . junior Red Cross 2, SYBIL ANN STEIGERWALD Sodality 1, 2,3,4 . . . Medical Missions 3, 4 . . . Missal Club 4 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Art Club 2 . . . Athletic Club 2 . . . Cheerleader 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Glee Club 3 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 3, 4 . . . Rosarium Staff 4. "There is a garden in her face Where roses and white lilies grow. " DELPHINE E . SZMANIA Sodality 1,2,3,4 . . . S.D.S. 2,3 . . . Career Guidance 3 . . . Dramatic Club 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Glee Club 3 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 3,4 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Hon- or Roll l.2,3,4 . . . Pres. junior Class. "But a smooth and steadfast mind. Gentle thoughts, and calm desires ." ANNA TOMASULO Sodality 1, 2,3 . . . Le Cercle Francais 3, 4 . . . Athletic Club 2,3 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . A.P.S.L. 2. "She was a form of life and light, That, seen, became a part of sight: And rose wher'er I tumed mine eyes, The morning- star of memory." X MARGARET MARY WAGNER Sodality1,2,3,4 . . . S.D.S. 2 . . . Missal Club 3,4 . Senior Dramatics . . . Glee Club 1,2,3,4 . . . Rosarium Chmn. 3 81 Chmn. 4 Medical Missions. "She is most fait, thereunto. Her life doth rightly harmonize . " 23 Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, 4 . . . Pulchrae Romanae 2,3 . . Staff4 . . . A.P.S.L. 2,3 . . . Honor Roll 1,3 . . . Co- THERESA M. WLODARCZAK Sodality 1, 2,3 . . . Missal Club 3,4 . . . Pamphlet Comm. ic Club 3,4 . . . Junior Red Cross 2 . . . A.P.S.L. 2,3 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Athletic Club 1, 2, 3 . . . Junior Var sity 2 . . . Co-Captain Varsity 4 . . . Honor Roll. 1,2 . . . Student Council Monitor 3, Rep. 4. "The bud of joy, the blossom of the morn, - " K DIANA WOZNIAK Sodality1,2,3,4 . . . S.D.S. 2.3.4. . . Missal Club 4 . . . Le Cercle Francais 3 . . . Dramatic Club 2 . . . Senior Dramatics. . . Class Banker 1, 4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 2, 3, 4 . . . Rosarium Staff4 . . . A.P.S.L. MAGNA CUM LAUDE Award 3 . . . Latin Honor Society 2,3 . . . Honor Roll l . . .Chmn. S.D.S. 4 . . . Sodality Unit Leader 4 . . . Rep. Student Council 2 . . . Secy. Freshman Class . . . Treas. Sophomore Class. "Her look composed, and steady eye, Bespoke a matchless constancy." IOAN ZAKRZEWSKA Sodality 1,2,3,4 . . . S.D.S. 4 . . . Le Cercle Francais 2 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Athletic Club 1,2 . . . Cheerlead- er 2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Cor Mariae Staff 2,3,4 . . . Latin Honor Society 3 . . . Honor Roll 1 . . . Perfect Attend- ance. "Her ways are ways of pleasantness, And all her paths are peace." Z ELIZABETH G . ZOLKIEWICZ Sodality . . . Dance Club 2,3 . . . Dramatic Club 2,3,4 . . . Class Banker 1 . . . Rosarium Staff4 . . . A.P. S.L. 2.3. "No fountain from its rocky cave E'er tripped with foot so free, She seemed as happy as a wave, That dances on the sea." 24 3,4 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Dance Club 2,3 . . . Dramat- Undcrclassmcn Unfortunate is the school whose underclassmen cannot equal ours. Neighborly, they prove the maxim, "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Desiring God's will, they gladly accept it. Eagerly they await the day they become full-fledged Seniors. Reading and 'riting and 'rithmetic aren't the only curricula they study. C haracter-minded, they work daily at improving it. Laughter is a prominent part of their lives. 'Always be prompt, courteous, and efficient" -- one of their golden rules. S -incere in their efforts, they take an active part in all projects. ' S piritual and social training are the gifts they will always be glad they received Mary is their model. their friend, their understanding mother. Earnestly they hope that their years here will qualify them for heaven. Nardin Academy claims them with great pride . HERE is a contradiction to the many jokes about the poor, unfortunate under classmen and the high, important Seniors. Here at Nardin, true harmony ex ists, with each group giving due respect to t.he other. The Iunior Classes UNIOR year proved to be a busy one both scholastically and socially. The Latin students had their first encounter with Cicero, orator and statesman. f"O Tempora, O Mores"J I The business students were busy winning typewrit- ing and shorthand speed awards. Marilyn Smith gained honors for both herself and her class in the French National Contest. Felicitations, Marilyn ! Then along came the candy drive and the Catholic Charities appeal. The juniors were whole-hearted supporters, with homerooms over-reaching their goal. One of the biggest social events of the year was the junior-Senior Banquet at the Hotel Markeen. The juniors, acting as hostesses to the Seniors, gave them an enjoyable evening, one to be tucked away in their "Book of Memories." After the gala junior-Senior Prom, another highlight of the social season, the year quick- ly drew to a close. With the confidence gained by three years of success, the jun- iors await their Senior year. unior A First row: Katherine McGorray, Patricia Osiecki, Mary Lou Panaro, Clare Caffrey, joan Sperrazza, Patricia Ervolino, Elaine Vertalino. Second row: Marilyn Smith, Grace Pepe, Patricia Orlando, Maria Mascari, Mary Ann Castiglione, Patricia Benintencle, Louise Dentice, Barbara LoVa11o. Third row: Jacqueline Leonard, Antoinette Stasinski, Janet Henry, Mildred Timineri, Phyllis Westphal, Nancy Pfoertner Fourth row: Kathleen Burger, Dorothy Dzialak, Carmella Lazzaro, Marilyn Schleicher, Mary Ann Lochocki. Absent: Kathleen Gillis, Ann Marie Pepe, Lynda Stoll. 26 Marcella Coughlin, secretaryg Mildred Timineri, vice-president: Kathleen Gillis, treasurerg joan Saeli, president. unior B First row: Angela Valvo, Carol Messina, Ida Moscato, Rosalie Sottile, Mary Ann Pasquarella, Joan Crato, Beverly Allard. Second row: Sally Callari, Judith Oriss, Rosalie La Duca, Janet Hoffmeyer, Patricia Ryan, Carmina Silvaroli, Ann Marie Reinartz. Third row: Patricia Panaro, Marcella Coughlin, Leontine Kaitanowski, Marilyn Bell, Amelia Spagnuolo, Antoinette Sardina. Fourth row: Carol McKnight, Ioan Rollek, Joan Saeli, Nancy Hoppe, Maryann Regan, Marie Tama, Ruta Abrickis. Absent: Suzanne Dikeman, Carol Grimaldi. 27 The Sophomore Classes HIS year's Sophomore class has been continually active since the first day of the school year. Early in the year, they sponsored an outdoor barbecue. As things turned out, the weatherman had different ideas and, thanks to the rain, they served boiled hot dogs in the gym. In spite of this, everyone enjoyed herself im- mensely. Next, on january 7th, the Sophomores and juniors held a jointly spon- sored '55 Frolic. These two classes took care of the entire dance, for which the girls made all the decorations. The Nardin Sophomores also competed in the na- tion-wide competitive French and Latin examinations. Numerous Sophomore busi- ness students took the Gregg Shorthand Complete Theory Test and received awards and also Gregg Typing awards. Besides this, jean Miceli and Carmella Lazarro placed first in two divisions of the Courier-Express Foul Shooting Contest. Thus have the Sophomores distinguished themselves among fellow classes, forecasting their ability in future years. Sophomore A First row: Marian Savini, Mary Ann Schwab, Marcella Fronczak, Barbara Kubala, Santina Cosmano, Kathleen Baecher, Sally Ann Quinn. Second row: Neilda Bravo, Virginia LoTempio, Theresa Mahiques, Josephine Marotta, Julie Cleary, Frances Arcara Joanne Ambrose, Josephine Curcio. Third row: Leila Vitello, Rolann Kuhn, Patricia Onasch, Josephine Rizzo, Lois Ann Weichmann. Eugenia Tryjankow ski, Maria Wiesman, Gayle Ray. Fourth row: Helen Linch, Mary Korzelius, Nancy Dicianne, Carmela Amato, Elizabeth Dux, Joanne Ott, Sue McGor ray, Arlene Dominczak. Absent: Elizabeth Dyte. 28 Mary Catherine Pepe, treasurer, Lois Ann Weichmann, presidentg Virginia Bumes, vice-president, Neilda Bravo, secretary. Sophomore B First row: Carmela Lazzaro, Alcina Sirnon, Rosalie Ackley, Rose Marie Palermo, Virginia Burnes, Mary Catherine Pepe, Maria Carbone. Second row: Carolyn Limeri, Mary Jane Becker, Barbara Lesh, Gloria Messana, Jean Miceli, Marie Cioppa, Mary Ann Dublino, Rosalie Vacanti. Third row: Constance Greco, Kathleen Condon, Marguerite Polito, Patricia Brennan, Esther Valenti, Carolyn Ruggiero Helen Slazyk, Judith Byrne. Foutth row: Lucy Spogis, Judith King, Loretta Weber, Christine Wargin, Lucille Burns, Cathleen Jordan. Absent: Patricia Cristina, Patricia DeCillis, Ann Marie Schmitt. 29 The Freshman Classes N addition to their varied scholastic efforts, the Freshmen held a series of par- ties and were active in many clubs. In accord with the joyful spirit of Christmas, the gymnasium rang with the laughter of the Freshmen enjoying themselves at their Yuletide party. On February 14th, Cupid reigned over their festive Valentine gath- ering, which everyone enjoyed. The Freshmen were chosen to be hostesses at the Annual Open House. They very courteously led the eighth grade pupils and their par- ents on a tour of the school and introduced them to the teachers of the various sub- jects. They showed their dramatic ability in their stage presentations. Many of them were active members of the junior Red Cross. They completed their happy first year at Nardin by having a spring party. Now these girls, once the "school babies, " are, with anticipation, looking forward to three more active and eventful years at the Academy. Freshman A First row: Barbara Hasenstab, Carolann Weber, Louise Abbate, Katherine Dolce, Carol Rollek, Elizabeth Grisanti Louise Tomasello. Second row: Rose Marie Sorgi, Mary Straubinger, Ann Crimman, Anita Tromba, Diane Caputy, Patricia Muzzant. Ioan Bruckman, Pauline O'Connor. Third row: Patricia Mooney, Ioan Evans, Mary Ann Groblewski. Evelyn Macy, Joanne Pytlak. Mary Ann Lake, 'Gloria Genn uso. Absent Judith Ball. 30 l Marcia Cooper, secretary: Elizabeth Di Pasquale, vice-presidentg Kathleen Meredith, treasurer: Gloria Gennuso, president. Freshman B First row: Anna Fasolino, Jane Herrmann, Helen Nieder, Elizabeth DiPasquale, Joanne Grimaldi, Maria Domino, Virginia Thielman. Second row: Lynn Spoeri, Kathleen Meredith, Louise Vertino, Constance Camino, Barbara Totaro, Mary Panzarella Jean Caffrey. Third row: Teresa Quinn, Marilyn Martineck, Rosemarie Rybarczyk, Theresa Morone, Ioan Carrato, Joanne Alessi Salvatrice Scime. Absent: Jacqueline Geraci. 31 SY N Q 00' ig e A 'X Ca ,H era o 059 c the Cx t - OUSQ 1 Ytenea , -2 IOUSI A "MW . - K r M K " 'Tis the season to be jolly." Freshman C First row: Mary Jo Drexelius, Shirley Schintzius, Maureen Spencer, Collette Tucholski, Ruth Harrington, Anne Mowbray Second row: Theresa Di Vincenzo, Cecilia Gianni, Santina Bellanti, Barbara O'Brian, Elaine Schulz, Lorraine Pollina, Lor- raine Sobczak. Third row: Anita Fiutak, Marcia Cooper, Judith Ward, Ioan Stalker, Diane Merrell, Brenda Marie Kowalewski. Absent: Beverley Love, Mary Agnes Biesinger, Carol Scopecchio, Annette Grisanti. 32 v Curriculum fx Demonstrating the preparation of a table for a sick call. X17 T is necessary that all the teaching and whole organization of the school and its teachers, syllabus, and textbooks in every branch, be regulated by the Christian spirit. " At Nardin Academy, as at every good Catholic school, religion is the "foundation and crown of the youth's entire training." A sacred atmosphere is evident not only in one forty-five minute period, but in every class throughout the day. For a school to be Catholic, actually as well as nominally, the student must be taught Christian principles and their application in every aspect of life. This Catholic influence is especially apparent in classes such as history. As the pupils study the methods which man has used in dealing with his fellow man, they are taught the necessity for justice and charity in these relations. They are guided in their studies to accept the correct attitude toward wealth and worldly prominence. In science courses, it is re-emphasized that God made all things and that science and religion must agree. The dignity of the human body as a temple of the Holy Ghost is mentioned as biology students study body functions. In every class, no matter how technical it may be, all work is begun by prayer and offered to God. A crucifix and other religious articles are always in view. In the words of Leo XIII, every subject is "per- meated with Christian piety." LANGUAGE gun E entered into new worlds when we stud- ied Latin and French. Some- times we really wished that we were in different worlds, what with vocabulary, syn- tax, irregular verbs. Hikxx We put our knowledge of Latin grammar to use. HISTORY ng., ,5 545 QL. fb-4 ' pam. Al .l EBATES on current issues and the study plement the fundamentals of history books. "We love the dates in history and the complications of geography !" Here's to more dates and to more complications I I agree with my worthy opponent, but. . . MUSIC Q-' UR souls were up- lifted as we care- fully learned the great Church music - Gregor- ian Chant. Sometimes we sang off key, but hope St. Gregory didn't mind. Raising their voices in praise of God. 34 of weekly magazines sup- "Reading maketh a full man." ART x i - . ig '1 E sketched, we shaded, we dreamed of our paint ings hanging in the Louvre. Sometimes, though, the ideas we had in mind turned out dif- ferently on paper. I promise to tell the whole truth. . . P'- ENGLISH sf 3 A M i A sr: LL English students have automatically joined the VCC - Vocabu- lary and Comma Conscious - Club. Book reports, poet- ry, term papers, immortal novels, and Shakespeare - ah, English, thou art indeed difficult - but what would we do without thee 7 One of the art students takes her turn at posing. BUSINESS LAW Our fingers ached while we typed. Our minds grew tired of busi- ness law, too. But still in all we never griped-' Compared to shorthand, these troubles were few. The wonders of nature unveil themselves. HOMEMA KING 425 "Smelled something burningg pattern too small? Were we then yearning to get away from it all?" ESPITE some spilled milk and loose stitches we future homemakers did survive. .L Vit SCIENCE ff-I . I . ESPITE tense moments in the biology and chem- istry laboratories, these ex- perimenting places are still a part of our building. Science is truly an ad- venturous world. We are glad to be still a part of it. QQ'-.... X An attractive table enhances the meal. A preliminary step to higher mathematics. 36 MATHEMATICS 20 Fx+y:z+a,whatdoes x - a - z : 7 Algebra some- times made us want to study some simpler form of mathe- matics. However, geometry made us think algebra was easy. Activities Mary, Queen of social life, watches over the Sophomore Dance. slr HE true Christian does not renounce the activities of this lifeg he does not stunt his natural facul- ties, but he develops and perfects them, by coordinating them with the supematural. " If one is to be truly educated, he must leam to make use of all the talents God has given him. When his educa- tion is concemed only with academic curricula, he is developing only one small part of himself. By means of the activities here at Nardin, each girl is helped to develop her own particular gifts . With such a variety of organizations, every student has an equal opportunity to be active in some group and thus to develop leadership. By working together, whether it is on an athletic team or at a group project the girls learn that cooperation is a necessary ingredient in success . They are prepared to take their place in today's complex society. According to the Christian principles of education as shown in the Encyclical, ALL education, of which activities are a part, should be "coordinated with the supernatural. " In the activities, all our work and all our play is supervised and directed so that we will leam how to glorify God in all aspects of a full and varied life now and in the future. HE Sodality, under the patronage of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Saint Therese of the Child jesus, is truly a num- ber of divisions functioning as a single unit. The three committees, "Mater Dei," the Sophomore group, "Rosa Mystica, " the junior section, and "Ianua Caeli" the Sen- ior division, tackled individual spiritual and apostolic difficulties and made concerted efforts to develop Christian social-minded- ness. They showed themselves strongly united, moreover, in major projects like the fall Variety Show, in which all member schools of the Western New York High School Sodality Union participated. Each of the three groups sponsored separate proj- ects. Chief among these in the fall were the Clothing Drive for our Indian Missions and in the spring the "Book Fair," which gave all the students an opportunity to order good literature. The members of each group were free to join other committees. The Medical Mis- sions group collected and sent supplies to Dr. Lanou, who is working with the African natives. In order to pay for the shipping of these medicines, the Sophomores united with the juniors to hold a dance. CENTRAL COUNCIL Rosalie La Duca. Sfrcretaryg Mildred Timineri, treasurer, Ann Flynn prefect: Josephine Morreale, vice-prefect. Sodalists in adoration. 39 A 56 wi oovlwix 105 SWG Left Mary Korzelius, Joan Saeli, Mary- ann Regan, Mary Ann Lochocki, Rosalie Sottile, Angela Valvo, Judith Oriss. Below Seated: Elaine Stefaniak, Jeannie Baker. Standing: Jean Manta, Kathleen Gillis, Deanna Burnes, Antoinette Sardina, Nancy Pfoertner, Jean Miller. HE S.D.S., the modesty-in-dress committee, held a May Fashion Show to show the girls clothes that were mod- est, attractive, and stylish. The Pamphlet Committee kept the racks filled with timely and interesting reading matter. S. D. PAMPHLET RA CK COMMITTEE ini First row: J. Miceli, M. Savini, C. Calandra, M. Bell, I, Rollek, M. Wiesman, B. Pidgeon. Second row: M. J. Becker, V. Burnes, P. Papa, A. Stasinski, M. Timineri, J. Saab, J. Zaker, D. Wozniak-president, C. McKnight, K. Burger, L. Burns. 40 Right Seated: Eugenia Tryjankowski, Josephine Curcio, Rosalie La Duca, Sybil Steiger- wald, Josephine Morreale. Standing: Ann Flynn, Elizabeth Dyte. Margaret Mary Wagner, Loretta Web- er, Lavina Caparella, Concetta Capizzi. Below Barbara Lo Vallo, Rolami Kuhn, Helen Linch, Barbara Lesh, Sally Callari. BULLETIN BOARD COMMITTEE CAL MISSION BA AD HE Bulletin Board Committee faith- fully kept the girls informed not only of all Sodality projects, but also of the feasts of each day, one special intention list, and the character builder. To encourage attendance at the S.S. C.A., all Sodalists, with the help of non-Sodalists, supported an afternoon of fun at Games Galore, and a movie- hour tour of the Vatican. Our newest sodalists after their reception. Virginia Burnes, Sally Ann Quinn, Cathleen Jordan, Lucille Bums, Rolann Kuhn, Barbara'Lesh, Julie Cleary, Mary Jane Becker, Theresa Mahiques, Helen Linch, Eugenia Tryjankowski, Mary Korzelius, Josephine Curcio, Constance Greco, Loretta Weber. S 41 rfb ll G. Y 1 U karmella Lazzaro Santina Cosmano Rosalie LaDuca Paula Mietus, Theresa Wlodarczak Ioan Saeli, secretary: Mary Lou Campbell, presidentg Elaine Stefaniak, vice-presidentg Jean Miceli, treasurer. Student Council HE Nardin Academy Student Council purposes to attain self- government for the students with teacher supervision A suggestion box inspires the girls to seek more satisfactory conditions in school. During the past year, the Council has had the privilege of participating in the Naturalization Cere monies where many aliens became Americans. Another im portant activity was the planning of the program for Open House. Once again, cooperation was the keynote and thus the girls achieved success. With new ideas and proper guid ance, this organization faces a bright future Patricia DeCil1is, Elizabeth Wechter, Elizabeth DiPasquale, Louise Abbate, Judith Ward ECCLESIA S9 First row Second Tow d d t Josephine Morreale Elaine Stefamak Theresa W10 resr en Qziltyngegna Bumes PM Flagzotnle Elizabeth Wechrer 5Yb11 Stelguwald Rosa 1 Margaret Mary Wagner Diana Wolmak ' I I - l Q . 4 , , ' u ' I . ' l I ' I . . ., -,.-:zzfs-fE:s:,T:ff5s?5'f'1f:5af1.1"".Zf:i ?fi:1:r:-3--.:-f.- . . gr-f'31fii .11:.::,:355EE?iifjf1:QT?-iii1f'ffg-1731-:E55i?Sii35?31Z3 we-f.ff1?r2-Elf-'i' -fiirigsizfwwfi-i,Q , , '2:1Ef6?-'1"rIigJ' 11,1123 .gigrgg 1.i-11.11-Fifi '-'f,',Q,'i'f"f'f:f1':1ay:,i,','TgLfi1?f?332fE'i:1g Missal Club HE Missal Club, a branch of 1 th Y e oung Christian Students, Q is dedicated to the service of oth- ff ers. Each w k pel Commentaries, the members get to know someth spirit of Christ. This year, a busy one for th e Missal Club, opened with the sale of missals so that more girls in the school could have an appreci- at' ion of the Mass. At Christmas time, the members sponsored a du . . ve to raise money to g1VC a gift to the Working Boys' Home . The remainder of the year they spent in carrying on Christ's work by doinglittle, ing more of the unpublicized things . 43 ee , through the Gos- C. Calandra Pres. Sr. group Re Cross First row Bellanti R Rybarczyk Second row Bell Third row -f quarella Fourth row Domino S Schintzius P Benintende B LoVal1o, R. LaDuca, C. Messina, Morone I Geraci K Burger C Grimaldi M. A. Castiglione, P.Ervo1ino, I Drexeltus L Spoeri J Carrato M A Lake, V. Thielman, M. A. Pas- M Coughlm B OBnan J Ward J Evans B Hasensrab. K ,,., First row: S. A. Quinn, C. Jordan, E. Delahanty, M. A. Mahiques, V. LoTempio, M. Savini. Second row: A. M. Schmitt, G. Ray, P. DeCi11is, E. Tryjankowski, M. Polito, G, Mes- sana, C. Ruggiero, B. Kubala, L. A. Weichmann, M. Fronczak, S. McGor- ray, M. Carbone. I. King, L. Spogis, H. Linch, A. Simon, K. Baecher, C. Calandra, P. Cris- tina, C. Wargin, M. Cioppa, J. Rizzo. Third row: HIS year, the Very busy junior Red Cross Members made tray favors and place mats for various homes and hospitals. At Christmas, a group sang carols at the Nazareth Home. After Christmas, they pre- pared a program featuring the culture of Ireland. For Easter, they made baskets and tray mats for the Children's Hospital. The remainder of the year they spent in making items in leather, bean bags and cuddly toys. 44 f C i ' ' M. A. Mahiques Pres. Jr. group Below Nw 'Hifi'-'lb -'1 ' 7 -fall' 'bias Maniac Featuring thc Staff First row: M. M. DiPasquale, L. Caparella, C. Bion- dolillo, I. Bayerl, I, Zaker. Second row: M. Bell, D. Wozniak, J. Manta. Third row: J. Saeli, S. Steigerwald, B. I. Hadyn, M. L. Campbell. The Newspaper Diary: This year marked the birth of a new mast- head: the Christmas issue was printed in green and whiteg our editor-in-chief, Jeannie Baker, received honorable mention from the EXTEN- SION for her essay: the COR MARIAE won its third award in the Tuberculosis contest fthe winning article was written by Jacqueline Saablg college news helped not only Seniors, but the underclassmen in their choiceg a se- ries of articles under "Who's Who in the Cath- olic World" proved inspirational, the growth of the staff box was encouraging. "Deadlines, writer's cramp galore, News, ideas-ohl is there more To the makings of a newspaper?" Fil'St r0W: D. Szmania, M. LaNasa, A. Valvo. Second row: F. Casrronova, J. Morreale, C. Cap izzi, A. Sardina. Jacqueline Saab, author of wirming essay: Jean- nie Baker, editor-in-chief: Bebeann Pidgeon, co-editor. ES, there certainly is. The staff has shown that determination, tal- ent, and a strong magnetic pull toward journalism are the real "makings of a newspaper . " HE primary purposes of the Art Club are to teach the students appreciation of beauty and to develop their creative powers. This club provides an op- portunity for the art student to express herself in many media: water color, colored chalk, charcoal and clay. The Club boasts a long list of activities. The girls' paintings of Amer- ican life were displayed in April at the Albright Art Gallery. Besides this, the beautiful posters displayed at Open House a.nd part of the scenery for the Sen- ior play were contributed by the Art Club. . . . " if . . . H " . Q rf 2:7 ,. 4:""A'hK"uf ,ig -L1,l5,S5.i: n.. E ,,.4.-3, ,'g'-..,4- I 4'-.., ...arg .fls,"Q., .1grg..., . ,, .. . . ,, . -. I. -V '.:- -,,. , N. ,. H2-Fatima-0511+ , efmlfiitssfsmi 7 :,fi'-'ifymkfr-'fbi -I 'q.15fq,.-Aygfggiig 24 .'?,fZ,1'av',Y.1',-'!:gi'.1-Q-gfgbf, 1 - ' ' -'- 3- egg., 1,5-A r, Q, , -, -'e-Ha , . A 55 n. 1 'Q ' . ,. y , .v ' wa .- pg,-,',fu'!4 np Fa, . that-ipf-1'-5.2-33121-wa, ff,f-nba:-z.'ff-mfr-'S 'qc' 7Er'b?':'F-5!v'Z7ifi:g'17'f,2 tr-f'g,Q,f-f5'?'-zfd.g,:4-Q-'fzsav-L. -g'E,m:ei51s!r5p.g:gffg 1-Q'at-eh-:2s.45v',:,1:::25'g:-i. 'I 559 ld' 1 Q v .I .nu 'pn I -s ' 1 ,. " 'nu-'a' -kg -. ,- Q. Q' .,-' '-V. '53, 0,-5 A 49,-,uf -,- u rf: -, Q--.BQXQQ Il., s 1. .ff ' skwz Q0 555923 A -qaa,,1fznw.faf+-stef, I Art Club ff fb- Z4 2 I ?: 1 fa 5, lu if !"f 4 First row: Cathleen Jordan, Patricia Brennan, Brenda Kowalewski, Rosalie La Duca. Second row: Patricia Onasch, Elizabeth Dux, Patricia Muzzant, Virginia Burnes, Patricia Mooney, Joan Stalker, Constance Greco, Nancy Pfoertner. 46 53? i i i Le Ccrcle Francais N t .f -K wroue ,nk y.n'X5 First row: Elizabeth Dyte, Lucille Burns, Kathleen Burger, Kathleen Baecher, Anna Tomasulo. Second row: Mildred Timineri, Kathleen Gillis, Bebeann Pidgeon, Deanna Burnes, Patricia Papa. Third row: Maria Wiesman, Martha Michalski, Marilyn Smith, Carol Calandra, Virginia Bumes, Sally Ann Quinn, Loretta Weber, Eleanor Graziano, Patricia Brennan, Patricia Orlando, Josephine Curcio, Margaret Mary Wagner, Joanne Ott, Jean Miller. HE "Mardi Gras" was one of the most outstanding social events of the year. Sponsored by LE CERCLE FRANCAIS, its festivities affirmed the say- ing, "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow is Lent !" The gaily-costumed guests were delighted with the tal- ent show which was presented aboard a Mardi Gras "Float . " Mary Grace Muffoletto and Dolores Thomas, both professional entertainers, and two faculty mem- bers fGarge and Mower Championj added their names to the celebrity list. LE CERCLE FRANQAIS invited French students from Fallon High to a meeting which proved both prof- itable and delightful. These busy members also sponsored "An Evening in Europe . " Commentated by Doctor Josephine Val- lerie, some extraordinary slides on Europe and its shrines were shown to an enthusiastic audience. Bebeann Pidgeon, president, poses with Doctor Josephine Vallerie. 47 1 f A if .M J ."',N?. 1.53, 755.12 n i D -1 ry '.g,.y. - .. 5 1 ,ggi Seated: M. Korzelius, G. Sendlak, R. Harrington, S. Dikeman, M. C. Pepe. Standing: D. Wozniak, P. Benintende, J. Mon-eale, A. Flynn-chairman. N accordance with the principles of thrift, the student banking system , .. 'il- 1-'.':1Pi -ET .. 25-16' iryzg provides early training in financial reg- rp- ulation. Another phase of education, this system suggests to the girls the necessity of thrift and also stimulates in them a further spirit of self-reliance. Monday mornings, students receive en- velopes in which their deposits are placed. The following moming, a tell- er collects the envelopes and the mon- ey is sent to the bank. The banking stystem is run entirely by the students It includes student supervisors as well as homeroom tellers. Thus the school banking system not only encourages thrift but arouses the girls to become more independent and self-reliant in- dividuals. f.. i'. . Ez3'.g'm-. 52:44 'Tf:i'1,:--:if - a 'Libr' PL'-4. 1: - Argo: v, -- 'Q' .,r- .'z. Lf-'-4 -,.. "1-.f53".5 41-L: ,1-.,., if gf.. .gg-4.1:-' ,,.,, . .5 3. -.JFK Ei' 'I ' .ff V :Z L ' 1' I tis-1? 3"3:,.? 9 1.3-'. LZ iiuf- L-- ,,,,.1.. 'i-IEE ' 21211 I 1' . ...AIR - 4 nf .- gsgaff Eflelaf 0' iz Z 'A EQQFL' i- Jil' ? 1 gif I :ref i i55'7Fe' ig ?."3'?"Z A of 3 ,, . .+.-- -L- 1x-..1f"f-H1- 4 :jg l, 4 J. ti ., 5 -i' -.1 V 1 4 ,Iii 'His-?'?ii?el 1,i.y3,rg ag-ia-I . . . 41:5 Yr: tra.:-a I . 1-- 1. 1 ' 48 A .yy ' Q 2"'i"E'15'.T . , .fn W , i Sq". 1. .e.- --f.-: a rf- 11. :Wi "7,g?fg1fia wi- K L' L :E 'Ti -'Eid' -f' L '?'2'b1, 1-'F-1. 1251? -13.1 ral - ilk '53 N'-' ' P--'-Ai 'Slim ft, t.. uf . -:ff 1 ': 1'.-5"..f:' if -57.5" '-ff mn'-in ue'-lifafi -4'1" 4.5. .-,ii?,f 'g4."1'n -lg Q ' iff" L-' ' 'WT-13"-'3 - 255 Pj r-gf, 1' 3.433 :mfs Hjislifiazfg 1 1 VA". V , we L-- 4,7 "I 'fi 43 far :F-7,1 2 . 5: ,..1'.x9,f,2 'r,. ig figs' T 532 "A " A! :eg-E -M. .Qi -g- T-aze 1 AQk2.f: 1. ' .' T- 1' P' . ' ew. .ff-.ffm-Q-2 ' I '-' - f.',t,15'.,"t gf.. L'-ffrlaln F: E-11' nf,-. 5-f-71,-3151-'C .1 5234 s ".:-N' 1-.,Gv.-:gf ,jg gf .Jw-'-"SML, if, 'a-fi? .13--L','.5"!I'55i'f 2,-:ri 4 --fhaagf ' -1 'kc ' 12. ,- . 12-'., gash. -.:, . "--,'- 3 - N' at L ,.vfi"4,:.n gi .'-if 'ff Q fr3-':g.:g,i'r:g'.3,..- ,. ..,. :.-..- ,, . -.g1,'Ah1T r..vrf..f if --w 3 tg, .4 u.-v...',,.., '1-'FF 'Za-v , 5' ' ' av , fu ,1 f' .3-'V :.n.' LJ: ,x : .- xl ..,.., kiifieit- :-97.1--: i 15:1 ifiif .' ' ii. 4-xl. ll ,,- .... t. ,I ,HER G ' ' ' "'1'f.,:-i'.f5:- 1 ,, ...I 3115. .- z i-,gg g'sgg,Ic5,'45Jigj-Q ar Q," ful' sri- . -' I' 2' V -r ' . r- mt... 3-.avg-, . ,-Mk.-.. ':. v,. - .u -.f . 64-1-1-1'-1-:iz-nga., 'FQ-129' 5-1-.ig s Guidance '32f5iQ"Ll' ":523Jf'3I3f:-1 ' -1323-."' 'x Q.. '- Ylrzgzgzgigti. Mi-:1t3511'1.22Z,: 'ifg-Affi.f1l:i1i:2i 525231 . .lffiiflf-Q-52:25 .. .pgzggq ,gr ,,.-1.3: ' .g.g.g.,5.g 1:1"t-15-'71 ire 5:1215 I 'iwz-aff!-1:22a '-"i"' ' '.'Z'.a 'S'l."f'7'k?f Phi- " .5Iirq.:f:g:g.gif.g!':gZg.-3-,gagggf5-fx, JFS:1-rrww'-52-Q"-5s'N!'1vR?fv' '- ,fVi3'a'5i-z1E:,'!2i2s - mfs' .-'kf:f" ' I . 9 5 . Q - 3 "45"'q,1X '-' ' . 4,7 nts Q. -. 1 4. -f-.,,,-,,... '34 ',, -o'a,,o 9, v 'WR-t-:-2-1-f-2'1'T'S'-'6'1'7gl".1'16:-'1'1vZ'I': .o 1 4.3.5.-.. :.g-:fq.g.g.g.g ,," ,g.g.'Ac-.- -z-1,2342-el X''Q'":f:I:24'f:J'?51i"" .,...-tgzgfgqfgzg , -fe' .a-:+1.:t-3-iw 0 -, :3:3fg:3.g.g.-.g.g,'16 A-19:45. t , .Q , . f'111:l:f:1:57'fz-'fa-rf " 2 " '. ' 'K 34:7 .' st-: , '+ 'f. '-., 41.-:,.fe5.q -. 1 , . . .,.,1fp3:1 ' C' "f 5''3:l1f?.2v1'L-?1-Stii..':f:f'w7'.. I f'ff2-.eassfiif-ifY:': S ---wwf:-.-.-sf.-f'-af. ., 73:-1-zggzggzg-Si.E'fsgf-gms-f?,, ' izse'--:1:1: a""4-'-"1-'5-"'s5v' ts.-fr-. . -1f:J'3:1i:-!'2'-tv:-:wtf-:-si-1-:iz-111-' ' ' . 0. ,' ..,. , , ,. .,. s N "5'.'.,,,w,A,-,.',xn'.'.!, -,u , O . 'n f,'..,-.'....',..s.,.'.,-rg., . , a af , " 4- 1:-1-7--:-:+I-:-3.5:-:-:p'..g-1,1 H s, .. ' P .', Jr' an,:1:5gf:-:,fg.-.-xf4.'--sw X a. -J. .5 ' ' .-sa-A-'-".'. J 'o 5. '. . .'.-7:54.14-:-.-, ' , ., f,- ....-:r.:-' ' . '--: -, ' ... " v. f""Q'-r " " . - ' r ' J 8 -, 9 Q .- . 'L' '-f U- r- ,' Pr. Q, ' , 1' f '-"1- 4. 6' in ,S ,Q . . , c I , " . 94 - . -a 4, . ,- 4 10. ' 1' S M J ks ., f . X ' ' K a o. e ' x e 3' ' 5' ' fr 4 '51 5' "-. .f , ' 1' f s Seated: Mary Jane Becker, Rose Marie Palermo, Helen Linch, Josephine Rizzo, Marian Savini, Julie Cleary, Mary Ann Dublino. Standing: Leila Vitello, Joanne Ambrose, Carolyn Ruggiero, Ida Moscato, Barbara Lesh, Patricia Cristina, Mary Korzelius, Janet Henry, Carol McKnight. g.,4.5.- iq , 44,'.g.,.g.3.g.,,,. ., .., wif. ......,.,...., s HE Career Guidance Club was organ- ized to acquaint the girls with the diff- erent vocations and the various colleges. The members looked up information about D'Youville, Rosary Hill, Mercyhurst, etc. ' Reports were given on the professions and the opportunities in chosen fields of work. The girls took trips to the Doyle Beauty M School, the State Hospital, and Our Lady of Victory Hospital. 49 E Joanne Ambrose President First row: E. Zolkiewicz, P. DeCi1lis. J. R01- lek, M. C. Pepe, R. Kuhn. Second row: C. Caffrey, F. Arcara, M. L. Camp- bell, P. Mietus, president. Third row: I. Marotta, J. Manta, E. Wechrer, A. Stasinski, S. Dikeman. Senior Dramatic Club HE Sophomores, juniors, and Sen- iors have combined their histrionic talents and have formed the Senior Dra- matic Club. Margaret Ryan, our di- rector, demonstrated the proper ap- ' plication of stage make-up, emphasiz- ing especially how to put on beards. The girls mastered stage directions and studied effective lighting. The impor- tance of costuming was noted. The club presented a Nativity play, "Come Let Us Adore Him" for the stu- dent body. This play was truly the work of the members, since they pro- vided for and set up the scenery, put on their own make-up, and added de- tails in the costumes. "The Summons of Sariel" was also studied by the group First row: T. Morone, J. Geraci, E. Schulz, S. Schint- zius-presiclent, A. Grisanti, B. Kowalewski. On stage: J. Caffrey, M. Domino, J. Bruckman, L. Tom- asello, E. Grisanti, I. Alessi. Freshman Dramatic Club ACH Tuesday afternoon, a group of Freshmen entered into a new world- the magical land of the theater. They were taught how to stand, sit, and walk correctly, not only on the stage but in their daily lives. The speech exercises helped to strengthen their vocal chords and to improve their enunciation. They presented two plays, "The Modern Mar- tyr, " and "Pin-Up Pals, " for an assem- bly program. The former was directed by their faculty moderator, Miss Mad- eline Stockman, while Lavina Caparel- la, a Senior, directed the latter. Later, the Freshman Dramatic Club once again donned grease paint, this time present- ing "Ladies Must Talk." iff? joan recognizing the true king of France CC 93 Scenes from oan of Arc 7 I Father Minet amused at peasant children s conversation 52 Q N n. joan being led to her death. Off The Record X ---.eq ,I-C-e X , Qi , Z lr ,lu At piano: Marilyn Bell, Rosalie La Duca. Around piano: Patricia Papa, Theresa Mahiques, Alcina Simon, Marian Savini, Shirley Schintzius, Jac- queline Geraci, Jean Miller, Jean Caffrey, Anita Fiutak, Antoinette Stasinski, Joan Rollek, Loretta Weber. Seated: Kathleen Baecher, Collette Tucholski, Carol Messina, Patricia Ervolino, Gayle Ray. HE Glee Club, very aptly directed by Mrs. Cecelia Roy Kenny, aims at instilling in its members an appreciation of music. Including members from the Freshman through the Senior years, it has helped to brighten many school activities. At Christmas, the members contributed their part to the annual program. Their songs included the traditional and also the less familiar of the Christmas hymns. The Glee Club gave a warm welcome to a group of prospective Freshmen of next year and their parents with such songs as "Alouette" and "A Merry Life." As a project all their own, they held a song fest featuring songs from different countries of the world. It included "Hi Ho Sing Daily, " originating in Switzerland, "Return to Sorrento, " an Italian song, German, Canadian and, of course, our native American songs. To add more of a native American air to the program, they gave some "gay nineties" selections featuring the Charles- ton and songs from this period. To end the happy year with a song, which is most fitting, the Glee Club performed at the graduation exercises. Their songs helped to leave the Seniors with pleasant memories of their years at Nardin. 54 E First row: J. Baker, B. Pidgeon, R. Kuhn, C. Weber. Second row: C. Greco, N. Bravo, S. Scime, E. Schulz. J. Morreale, M. A. Mahiques, L. Caparelia, E. Wechter M C Pepe. Third row: R. Ackley, A. M. Pepe, S. Dikeman, C. Wargin, E. Dyte. Standing: E. Graziano, C. Calandra, E. Valenti, B. Kowalewski, A. Grisanti, E. Macy, R. Harrington E TryJankowsk1 LLBRARIANS - ".":Pfrf2' .,9' 55? -Y? '25, -7-mt: .. V, gg ' E. Tryjankowski ,QQ Q.. , S, . F. 3.5- S. McGorray , u'f'9i -' A. - z wi. 50, gr Q Qi' aw. 1 '7:-if-I i -sl' "JH: ii. J. Mom-:ale " " 'in T. Mahiques A 535 President C' Calandfa 'LX' arf' :'P. . W' V-...Eff ,sw .gmt rf I. Miller First row: Second row: Third row: G. Gennuso, P, DeCil1is, M. Smith, M. M. Wagner, J. Miceli, M. Cioppa D. Caputy, R. M. Sorgi, A. Tromba, S. Bellanti, L. Abbate. K. Condon, C. McKnight, C. Caffrey, C. Rollek, J. Carrato. M. Fronczak, M. A. Lochocki, M. A. Lake, S. McGorray, B. Kubala. G. Gehl, G. Sendiak, J. King, N. Pfoertner, K. McGorray, B. J. Hadyn, J. Pytlak, L. A. Weichmann, J. Evans, L. Burns, J. Saeli. 55 oLAs 'A' .Vg ti up V ' 'J C' r- HMI 1 GENERAL , Pmnownae OF 9? K First row: M. Schleicher, E. Delahanty, J. Carrato, M. Korzelius, I. Moscato, M. Carbone, P. Cristina, J. Cleary, S. Bellanti. Second row: D. Merrell, N. Bravo, A. Mowbray, M. Fronczak, A. Tromba, R. Sorgi, C. Rollek, P. O'Connor, A. Fiutak. Third row: S. McGorray, B. Kubala, C. Weber, HE students at Nardin are taking part in the Legion of Decency both at the downtown meetings and at the school . Homeroom representatives re- port to the students in the homerooms the discussions at the downtown meet- ings. The "Movie List" and ratings on the second-floor bulletin board keep the students aware of the classification of each movie currently playing in Buf- falo. At the February assembly, the student body had the honor of hearing Monsignor Woulfe speak on various top- ics in connection with the Legion of Decency. K. Dolce, L. Pollina. Betty Jane Hadyn Chairman M. Bell. E. Macy, L, Weber, B. J. Hadyn, J. Oriss, M. J. Drexelius, E Tryjan kowski, I. Saab, B. Kowalewski, K. Gillis, K. Burger, 56 Seated: Elaine Stefaniak, Deanna Burnes--editor-in-chief. Margaret Mary Wagner, Eleanor Graziano, Diana Wozniak, Elizabeth Zolkiewicz, Sybil Steigerwald, Bebeann Pidgeon, Standing: Martha Michalski, Concetta Capizzi, Patricia Papa, Theresa Wlodarczak, Jacqueline Saab, Geraldine Sendlak, Susan Biniszkiewicz, Delphine Szmania. fja J BUSINESS STAFF Seated: Martha Michalski, Paula Mietus. Standing: Mary Ann Lake, Joanne Grimaldi, Ann Marie Pepe, Joan Saeli, Marie Cioppa, Eugenia Tryjankowski. 57 E, the editors of the "Rosarium" staff, hope that this 1955 "Ros- arium" will be a suitable remembrance of our spiritual growth and scholastic improvement as well as of the lighter moments we have experienced during this school year. We wish to extend our thanks to all who have contributed to the success of our yearbook. We thank especially the faculty: Miss Helen Doll, Miss Flor- ence Smith, Miss Marian Reed, our advisorsg Mr. Albert Sillato, our offi- cial photographerg the student bodyg our patrons and our advertisers, with- out whose help our yearbook would not have been possible. Senior Varsit Foreground S BlI'11SZk1CWiCZ, T. Wlodarczak co-captains Cosmano, N. Hoppe, Stoll, C. McGorray, I s t1me for a cheer. ,. L D O YOU tbl' Ulf W 6 71 Win? P. Benintende, M. A. Castiglione, N. Bravo, E. Valenti, M. Schleicher, J. Oriss, N. Pfoertner, P. O'Cortnor, J. Bruckman, I. Evans, A. Crimmen. ii C1017 lin' Ajayessana yilnn ,J Theresa asqua I 611301 V,-ncenz ' o I Ruth 1731-ti ngt0q . Rose Mane ITH her able direction, Mrs. Sofgi, EH Doris Clay has greatly devel- 235611, Du oped interest, this year, in athletics. X' Ma The Athletic Club organized a soft- ball team and the club members also ' received instructions on various sports. The basketball team has played a total of fifteen games at different Buffalo area schools and has won eight. The junior and Senior Varsities played a special game to raise money. The X. lf. Senior Varsity, the winners, wore mit- l - tens as a handicap. All in all, it has been a very active year. Right: G. Ray, M. Wiesman, J. Pytlak, A. Fiutak, P. Mooney, A. Dominczak. 59 f 4f .N rcella cough ir' Their Majesties reign over the Junior-Senior Prom , A The punch bow1'- a family affair. unior-Senior Prom and Banquet o Q Juniors entertain Seniors at a smorgasbord at the Hotel Markeen. 60 X ,Q .9 FILA 'ss-' K-MQW fl 1 ,cj Qui I '-.r!Y3 ' X ' Y if "A ' ,Q A Alumnae President receives daughter into Association. K ' xv- Q ' , A pause during the annual Mother-Daughter Luncheon. so ' ' 5 The Smorgasbord at which Seniors are welcomed into Alumnae Association Alumnae Reception and Mother-Daughter Luncheon K ll!! ns: in-ox 56,4 4 !il'g M A2 u. . sellkfzasefwsea f L Senior Mothers and daughters enjoy lunch at Hotel Westbrook. lf! 'N-, MAY CRQWNING May 31, 1955 IN 63 Class Da B ,QE -an I W In Senior farewell to the underclassmen. X W , ey' 0 by 64 Q90 99" ei J President presents class gift to Miss Lanou. Commencement .Www-We First row: C. Calandra, E. Zolkiewicz, I. Morreale, M. Di Pasquale, Right Reverend Monsignor Michael F. Biniszkiewicz, P. Papa, C. Capizzi, E. Wechrer, J. Manta. Second row: M, Conti, M. M. Wagner, D. Wozniak, I. Bayeri, E, Stefaniak, T. Wlodarczak, J. Miller, D. Burnes, E, Graziano, G. Balaz, M. A. Mahiques. J. Byrne. Third row: B. I. Hadyrl. I. Baker. J. Zaker, C. Biondoiillo, G. Sendlak, P. Mierus, E. Deiahanty, J. A. DiPasqua1e, S. Binisz- kiewicz, B. Pidgeon, I. Saab, L. Caparella. Fourth row: M. Michalski, F. Casrronova, G. Gehl. I. Kubiszyn, B. Schalk, S. Steigerwald. M. L. Campbell, A, Flynn, D. Sz- mania. M. LaNasa, A. Tomasulo. ws we-.nb RCW! graav, 4 . ug 6 lk 'L' " JN uf., rv' . V Q ' . gi ,U 'Ur .A Q 'ss Q A .N . J.. Q sl , x i f A 5' A J Very Reverend Monsignor Maurice Woulfe, guest speaker, chars wirh Jeannie Baker, salutatorian, and Elaine Stefaniak, valedictorian. 65 Father Ahern Retreat Master Chapel of Mother of Mercy Retreat House Our "ha1os" don't show? At the S.S.C.A. Good cheer with the Red Cross. Senior Retreat Pleasant memories 1 Ends with a smile. at t ai ti 34. ei QAM . ., Take a deep breath! To suit every taste. 66 Is it original? if Together we sit. The Line- up. A 1 My Queen, My Mother. ini Our Lovely Queen of the May. A pause between dances. ff Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White. we ,QM 1- , First Aid, quick! ! Posing for a picture. 67 -ggi . 1 J-. . fi H. t 5 ,Y .. March , Qt , W , 1, 's Q - 4 A . VH 'X What's my line? Vagabonds. Parisiennes '? Who's behind the mustache? The end of a perfect party Nightie-nite. Tres fatiguees. Two Ln love. The youngest guest. 68 Gras L' vk 'G n,,. , wi' Latest Paris fashions. Grandma, what big eyes you have! Now for our next number! Seniors-believe it or not! The Queen reigns. Bull fight ? 69 Sambo. A lick a piece. x , K -1 ix Pennies, anyone ? re- Whose boy friend? . 925' C11 vi args ! Who said, "Freshmen don't like it?" You name it! Chegta 1 Make-up time . Gentlemen of the Court? A "Strange Lady in Town! They do it in the follies? If can MPPSH! Go' Go, Go, 70 ed ax '69- XS 93 Waitin ! g yes I we are Colle Ei-if .Ag e' 5542 Q - if 3253 Paper dolls. Helping hands. Pizza pie 5 la Polish style. Check that hungry look. Quack ! Quack 1 You like ? lk Time our. Irish Colleem? whavs with mis reamv 71 or ra-re HEARQZG wgsgxrs WDRK Students examine the vocation exhibit. "I am the Spirit of Democracy." Nardin delegation to the Model U.N. x Senior Sodalists sponsor Book Fair. Participants in the Oratorical Contest. 72 ELL R Elemcntar Department ' HE obligation of the family to bring up chil- dren includes not only religious and moral education, but physical and civil education as well, principally insofar as it touches upon re- ligion and morality." In order to see that their children receive a foundation in leaming in the proper environment, parents are wise to send them, when they are young, to a Catholic el- ementary school. "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, " said Our Lord to parents. Here at Nardin, children are educated, as Our Lord would have them come to Him, in mind, body and soul, in an atmosphere permeated with fundamental Chris- tian principles. The conscientious fathers and mothers who, in accordance with the plan pro- posed by Pope Pius XI, have placed their off- spring in the hands of Holy Mother the Church for education have placed them on the path to true and holy living. ' 'lf x Q 55 - -A , f E Q S 9. Sr 5. S 5 5' 5 2 Q 5 , if tglx 4 O xx , ' ' X Q X Illl V Z Education 3 .2 , Kindergarten Seated on floor: Jimmy Siebold, Carmelita Biggie, David Cooper, Eileen Mahoney. Second row: Louise Kolipinski, Joan Laciura, Kristine Kuhn, Danny Fecher, Terry Pawlik, Michele Rupert, Linda Blake, Sammy Colangelo, John Selwood, Tommy Giangreco, James Lovallo First Grade First row: Tom Flaherty, Lenore Salvo, Linda Lavid, Donna Di Re, George Pfohl. Second row: Elizabeth Lyons, Burton Brown, Francis Wilkins, Elizabeth Toepfer. Third row: Dick Kaltenbach, Jack Mathias, Susan Dumond, Michael Campanella. Fourth row: John Straubinger, Michael Mogavero, Mary Burke, Jim Pietraszek. 74 Second Grade ummm First row: Laurel Kirby, Josette Mangione, Molly Mathias, Louise Lougen, Catherine Gian, Susan Pascoe, Arvilla Nixon, Rene Alvarez. Second row: Carmen LaFalce, Judith Gipolla, Kathy Lou Steffan, Susan Robinson, Suzanne Abels, Richard Fecher, Frederick Luhr, Anne Radice, Mary Sundberg, Paul Brzoska, Cecily Lovall, Kathleen Kuhn, Shirley Edmonds. Third Grade First row: Robert Mogavero, Kathleen Miller, Yvonne Alvarez, C. Edward Skelton. Second row: Marjorie Kaminski, Linda Cooper, Alfred Luhr. Third row: Patricia Mathias, Susan Kaltenbach, Anne Garono, Michele lngrando, Jean Burke, Carol Colangelo, Janice Powalski, Susan Goss fseatedj, Christine Robinson. 75 f ,jj P' w me Our youngest artists at work. Third Graders make puppets and stage show. Young musicians display talents. Story hour at the Book Fair. Shadow players from the Second Grade 'lf Wh il? W ,aa 4.3 Jffh -1' ' - Y 'F K1 .1 S 3 tthrt -tr, .Al 1 Y M 1' X -I' M R G Q We, the class of fifty-five Inscribe upon this page. A thank-you note for all the help And encouragement you gave. We realize without all this, - Without your taking lead. There wouldn't be a yearbook, for We alone could not succeed. We want to say with all our heart, "Thank you" for your vital part. J 7 4 M 4181 ,a Ji Q f N .h 9 1 -Y' f f X2 77 S it I t, ,A W iff fi. S I gr Q dull 'M U UI. t. F . I I Y 6 x Zi Honorar Patrons Most Reverend joseph A . Burke, D. D ........... Bishop of Buffalo Most Reverend Leo R. Smith, D. D .... Auxiliary Bishop of Buffalo Right Reverend Monsignor john P. Boland Right Reverend Monsignor Edmund 1. Britt Right Reverend Monsignor Francis Garvey Right Reverend Monsignor Edward J. Rengel Right Reverend Monsignor Sylvester J. Holbel Reverend Michael Gigante, O. M. Very Reverend Gerald A . Quinn, S. J. Very Reverend Philip E. Dobson, S.j Very Reverend Eugene H. Selbert Reverend james j. Redmond, S. J. Reverend Timothy J. Ring I. Special Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ahbate Mr. and Mrs. William Ackley Allen's Snack Mr. Anthony Anzalone Mr. Charles K. Baecher Miss Kathleen Baecher Mr. and Mrs . john J. Barry Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Bell Mr. Dominic Bellanti Dr. and Mrs. E. A. Biniszkiewicz Mr. Daniel Boland Mr. and Mrs . Ansley Borkowski Mr. and Mrs. Nathan A. Borkowski Mr. and Mrs . James Bravo Miss Neilda Bravo Miss April Grace Bumes Dr. and Mrs. S. P. Burnes Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Caffrey Mr. and Mrs. james Calabeese Caparella's Restaurant Miss Conn-ie Capizzi Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Capizzi Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Caputy Miss Diane Caputy Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Castronova Mr. and Mrs . Edward Cleary Miss julie Cleary Mr. and Mrs. John Condon The Cristina Family Mr. and Mrs . Frank Czamocki Mr. john J. Davis De-Luxe Photo - Supply Dr . and Mrs . Stephen G. DiPasquale J. H. Dodman Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs . Joseph Dolce Miss Kathy Dolce Miss Lorraine Dominczak Mr. and Mrs. S. Dominczak Dr. and Mrs. Jos . E . Drexelius Mr. and Mrs . Charles Dublino Miss Ann Dublino Wm. Emst Sewing Machines Mrs. Amelia Fitter Mr. and Mrs . Joseph E . Fronczak james A. Gambacorta Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Gennuso Giambrone Funeral Home Gillogly Chevrolet, Inc . Mr. john Gondek Dr. and Mrs. P. A. Greco Miss Carol Grimaldi Mr. and Mrs. Philip Grimaldi Mr. and Mrs. Peter Grisanti Gullo's jewelers Hart's Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Amold T. Herrmann Dr. and Mrs. N. C. Hoffmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Hoffmeyer jacquelyn Beauty Salon Mr. and Mrs. Stanley jaworski Johnnie and Lee Mr. and Mrs . Frank Kaitanowski Mr. Kenneth Komodzinski Mr. and Mrs . Anthony Kopec Mr. and Mrs. William L. Korzelius Mr. and Mrs. Edmund F. Kowalewski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kubiszyn Mr. and Mrs. John LaDuca Miss Rosalie LaDuca Miss Mary Lake Mrs . Mary A. Lake Dr. and Mrs. Samuel S. LaNasa Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lazzaro Mr. and Mrs. Vincent j. Lesh Mr. and Mrs . joseph Lochocki Lorbeer's Flower Shop Miss Barbara LoVallo Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. LoVallo Mr. and Mrs . Frank Mahiques Miss Mary Ann Mahiques joseph H. Malecki, Inc . Mali's Fuel Co. Miss Kathleen Meredith Mr. and Mrs. A. Miceli jr. Miss Jeannie Miceli Mr. and Mrs. J. Corson Miller Nardin Alumnae Association Northem Insurance Co. of New York Special Patrons Num Num Distributing Co. Mrs. Lenora Onasch Mr. and Mrs. Bemard Oriss Miss Judith Oriss Miss Joanne M. Ott Mr. and Mrs. Otto G. Ott Furs by Joseph Palanker 8: Sons Mr. and Mrs. M. Panaro Miss Mary Lou Panaro Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Panaro Miss Patricia Panaro Mrs. Louis A. Pepe Miss Joan Pytlak Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Pytlak Mr. and Mrs. John Regan Sr. Miss Ann Reinartz Mr. and Mrs. Jolm Reinartz Rogers Carting 81 Storage Co. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Saab Scime Brothers Mr. and Mrs. John J. Wloda Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sendlak Miss Alcina Simon Mr. and Mrs. Ebert Simon Mrs. T. Slazyk Mr. and Mrs. Norbertj. Sliwinski Smither's Drug Store Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Sorgi Miss Rose Marie Sorgi Mr. Ray Spasiano Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Stefaniak Mrs. Annie Steigerwald Mrs. Arthur Sutcliffe Mr. and Mrs. William Szmania Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Tronolone Mr. Casper C. Urban Mr. and Mrs. Charles Valenti Mr. and Mrs. John Valvo The Anthony Vitello Family Frank Wardynski 81 Sons, Inc. Miss Elizabeth Wechter rczak Mr. and Mrs. Al Abbate Mr. and Mrs. Frank Abbate Mrs. F. J. Allard Mr. and Mrs. F. Rene Alvarez Miss Joanne Ambrose Mrs. Joseph S. Ambrose Michael Ambrose Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Anthone Mr. Lewis F. Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Balling Miss Caroline J. Balling Mr. Sy Balthasar Miss Marilyn Bell Mr. John A. Bellanti Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Benintende Jr. Miss Mary Ann Biedny Bison Collision, Inc. Miss Jo Ann Bongi Miss Rose Ann Bongi Miss Jane Boris Mr. Julian Borkowski Mr. Louis Borkowski Mr. and Mrs. George F. Braun Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brodzinski Miss June Broz Mr. and Mrs. Burton Brown Rev. Anthony B. Brzoska, S.J. Mr. Anthony P. Brzoska Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Brzoska Mr. Bamey Buczkowski Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Burger Miss Lucille Bums Miss Clare M. Caffrey Miss Jean Caffrey Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Callari Miss Sally Callari Camille, Henry Sr Joan Mr. and Mrs. George M. Campbell Miss Nancy Cannizzaro Mr. and Mrs. J. Carrato Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Casey Miss Suzanne Mary Casey Mr. and Mrs. I. Castelli Miss Rose Catalano Miss Angela Cianciosi Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cianciosi Mr. and Mrs. George A. Cofran Mrs. Joseph Cosmano Mr. Joseph Cosmano Mrs. Aime Cresswel Mr. and Mrs. Julius Deckert Mr. Charles Delahanty Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Al DePasquale Mr. Frank Dequino Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dittman 79 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dollman Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Douglas Miss Jeanne Drexelius Dugan's Inc. Mr. Robert Dumond Mr. and Mrs. Allan R. Dyte Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Edmonds Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. Ernerick Miss Patricia Ervolino Factor Jewelry Store Mr. George Fantizzo Mr. Dominic Floriano Mr. Frank Floriano Frank and Jerry Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Fox Mr. and Mrs. R. Frantsits A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Florian F. Fronczak Miss Marcella Fronczak Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Gaglione Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Gennaci Mr. Anthony C. Gennuso Mr. and Mrs. T. Gerace Mr. and Mrs. Sam Giambra Mr. Robert J. Gibson Mr. Richard J. Gondek Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Graziano Miss Stephanie M. Graziano Mr. Sal Greco Mr. and Mrs. Sal Greco Mr. and Mrs. D. Grieco Miss Annette Grisanti Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Grohlewski Mr. and Mrs. Stanley F . Hadynka Dr. and Mrs. Francis J. Haley Mr. Griffith Hartburg Miss Barbara Hasenstab Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hasenstab Mr. and Mrs. Louis Henry Miss Marie Higgins Holy Angels C.Y.C. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Houston Mr. and Mrs. G. Hunsburger Mr. Robert Jasinski Mr. R. Kaitanowski Mrs. S. Kaitanowski Mr. John Kasprzak Ketter's Meats Mr. and Mrs. William G. King Rev. W. Korpikiewicz Miss Mary B. Korzelius Miss Geraldine Kowalkowski Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krieger Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kroneis Miss Janice Kubiszyn Mr. and Mrs. Jolm Kubiszyn Miss Nina Kulick Miss Frances LaNasa Mr. and Mrs. George Lavid Miss Maryann Leffler Miss Jacqueline A. Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Fred Leonard Miss Barbara Lesh Mr. Charles Lesh Miss Carolyn Linkner Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lo Manto Mr. and Mrs. A. Lund Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McDonald Miss Katherine McGorray Miss Mary Jane McGorray Miss Patricia McGorray Mr. Richard McGorray Mr. and Mrs. John McTigue Miss Evy Macy Mr. Ralph A. Macy Mrs. Ralph Macy Mrs. Sophie Mamott Mr. and Mrs. William Mamott Mr. Joseph A. Marino Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marotta Martha and Dick Mr. Frank Mascari Patrons Mrs. Frank Mascari Miss Maria Mascari Mrs. Michael Mascari Mr. and Mrs. John G. Mathias Mrs. Jeanette Mattina Miss Patricia Mattina Miss Carmella Mauro Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mazikowski Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Mazzitelli Mrs. Barbara Mecca Mr. and Mrs. C. Messina Miss Carol Messina Miss Rose Marie Messina Miss Paula Mietus Modern Flower Shop Mr. and Mrs. Paul Moran Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Morone Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Morreale Mr. and Mrs. J. Moses Miss Arme Mowbray Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Mowbray Miss Carol Ann Muschaweck Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Muschaweck Mr. Henry J. Napierala Mr. and Mrs. W. Napierski Miss Barbara Anne O'Brian Miss Nancy O'Brian Miss Theresa A. Palermo Miss Claudette Paluch Miss Miss Barbara Penders Ann Marie Pepe Mr. and Mrs. Paul Patrick Pera Miss Bebeann Pidgeon Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pidgeon Dr. and Mrs. Casimir Pietraszek Mr. Carmen Portera Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Powalski Mr. and Mrs. Philip Przemielewski Mr. and Mrs. John J. Quigley Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Quinn Mr. JosephJ. Radecki Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Radice Miss Clara Radoani Miss Gayle M. E. Ray Mr. Guy Ray Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ray Miss Maryann Regan Mr. Neil Regan Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Richmond Dr. and Mrs. Max Rivo Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Rizzo Mr. and Mrs. Albin J. Rollek Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Rudnicki Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Rupert Mr. and Mrs. Max F. Rutecki Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Ryan Miss Elaine Salvo Sam's Delicatessen Miss Marie Sapienza 80 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sardina Mr. Oscar Paul Sauter Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Savattieri Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Savini Miss Marian Savini Mrs. Leila A. Schalk Mr. and Mrs. H. Stuart Schanzlin Miss Joan Schardt Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Schleicher Mrs. John A. Schmid Mr. and Mrs. A. Schmitt Miss Elaine Schulz Mr. and Mrs. Max Henry Schulz Mrs. Grace Schwedt Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sholl Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Sielski Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Silvaroli Miss Carmina Silvaroli Miss Josephine Silvaroli Mrs. Agnes Skonieczna Mr. and Mrs. BernardJ. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Smith Miss Peggy Smith Mr. John J. Sobocinski Mr. and Mrs. Marco Sorrentino Mr. and Mrs. John Sperrazza Mr. and Mrs. E. Stasinski Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Steffan Mr. and Mrs. William J. Steffan Steins Brewery Miss Patricia A. Suchan Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Sundberg Miss Pauline V. Szcublewski Miss Christine Szelest Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Terreri Mr. John Tironia Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Tomasulo Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius E. Tryjankowski Miss Catherine Turnboo Mr. Frank J. Vacante Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Valenti Miss Frances Valvo Mr. Leonard Valvo Miss Caryl Vertalino Miss Elaine Vertalino Miss Mary Vertalino Mrs. N. Vertalino Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Wagner Mr. Fred V. Walentynowicz Mr. and Mrs. John A. Weber Mr. J. Thomas Weber Miss Katherine L. Weber Miss Loretta M. Weber Dr. and Mrs. S. Weglikowski Mr. and Mrs. Chester Wiatrowski Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zakrzewski Mrs. Laura Zawierucha Miss Camille Zgliczynski Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus J. Zolkiewicz Mr. Thaddeus S. Zolkiewicz COLOR-CRAFT FLOWER DYES Incorporated MANUFACTURERS OF FLORADYE Black Rock Market Grant and Amherst Buffalo 7, New York PLYWOOD FABRICATORS I294 E. Delavon Ave. DISTRIBUTORS General Electric Textolite and Monotop Kimtrim Metal Moulding BAiley 5240 Success to Nardin and the Seniors I INEZ BAYREL Compliments of HOAK'5 RESTAURANT Athol Springs, New York Phone DE . 2830 KLEEN RIGHT CLEANERS 3229 Delaware Ave. Kenmore, N. Y. "Pick Up and DeIivery" G. Jerry Pollina Compliments Compliments of of ART's Esso SERVICE S- G- W- 2980 Elmwood Ave. Wait, we're not ready! Kenmore I7, N. Y. 81 Res lden tia I BONA REALTY COMPANY Main Office 'L ' "' Telephone 277 Delaware Buffalo 2, N. Y. Dominick C. Bona Licensed Real Estate Broker Residence TA. 6763 MO . 2503 Best Wishes k 'kink 'kivkki' iiiiciil 'k'A"k'kt'k'A"k'I: WARD S COMPLIMENTS PETROLEUM DELIVERY DYOUVILLE COLLEGE 2409 Seneca Street Buffalo IO New York Key to Senlor Baby P1ctures on pages an D1ana Wozmak Ann Flynn Ehzabeth Zolluewrcz Paula M1etus 111113 Byme Jeanme Baker Jean Manta Susan Buuszkrewxcz jamce Kublszyn Eleanor Grazlano Gerald1ne Sendlak jean M1l1er Betty jane Hadyn Inez Bayerl Lavma Caparella Delphme Szman1a Gertrude Gehl Margaret Mary Wagner Geraldme Balaz Charlotte B1ondol1llo Jacquelme Saab Sybxl Stexgerwald joan Zaker Mary Ann Mahxques Anna Tomasulo Elleen Delahanty Mary Lou Campbell Carol Calandra Ehzabeth Wechter Theresa Wlodarczak Bebeann Prdgeon jo Anne D1Pasquale Elame Stefamak Mary Contr Martha M1ChalSk1 Mana La Nasa josephme Morreale Frances Castronova Barbara Schalk OF I r I ' ' 10 d 11 ' ' 15. 29. 16. ' 30. ' ' ' 17. ' ' 31. ' ' 18. 32. ' 19. 33. ' ' 20. ' 34. ' Deanna Bumes 21. Patricia Papa 35. Mary Margaret DiPasquale 22. ' ' 36. ' ' ' ' ' ' 23. ' 37. ' ' ' 24. ' ' 38. ' ' ' 25. 39. ' ' 26. ' 40. ' ' 27. 41. 28. ' 42. 82 'A' COMPLIMENTS LEONARDO S Grant 5381 After Hours GA 9196 O E 8. S d Orlgmal Reliable pen vemngs Un nys ROLANDJ KUHN UTICA FLOWER SHOP KUHN s MoNuMENTs Hi-'3ZZf"ee' Office 8. Plant 2398 Genesee Since 1890 Samuel T Arrlgo Evelyn R Smclalr Complete Flower Service The Only Product on Earth Guaranteed Forever Buffalo 22 New York TUCHOLSKI S POULTRY 81 MEATS We Specialuze nn Poultry From the Farm to Your Table 14 Broadway Market Humboldl' 3943 OF r 'k f I , ' 'k 1' ll ,, - ll I r 83 NIAGARA FRONTIER KENNEL Specializing nn Toy Breed Smooth 8- Long Coat Chihuahua Papnllons Toy Pomeranian Operated by M F Crlmmen 38 Rlpley Place Buffalo 13 N Y Garfield 0577 Commercial Industrial We Sell Better Fumnture for Less Money Misc Iron and Steel COLONIAL IRON WORKS 125 131 Mol-ucan Street Off Fillmore at Delavan KUBALA FURNITURE STORES INC Buffalo, New York 1502 Broadway 315 Amherst St Buffalo 11 N Y TA 2007 8 9 TA 4015 RI 834 TELEVISION Admiral Pl-ulco Call us for any Drug Store needl Stromberg QFactory Tramedl VIC S ADVANCED TV Sales WARD S PHARMACY 916 Elmwood Avenue Prescriptions called for and delivered' 24 Hour Service Lincoln 0161 EL. 5300 313 W Ferry We Deliverl Reliable Service Dependable Servlce DEE 'S SUPER MARKET 141 1 Abbott Road "For the Best Buy, Buy the Best." TR. 0330 ELARDO'S ESSO STATION Specializing In Tune Ups Minor Repairs Road Service West Ferry 8. Hampshire Sts. Buffalo 11, New York is w .I 1, in . . 4, :lg ':, LYS. :gg iw , ,,,, ' - A ,, I ' 5:25 gf -f . -4 gf' fly . ww Sr: 's' Sig iff: 4-r - 1 , ,Y V5 .45 ,Z , 9. ,gg .. -- ,Y M , ,I M ,,,. ,., 5' ,. A ,gg , qi . '-fx ,., Q-::,' ,g.1.. L. ww . f X ,.,. ts' .'.' 14.1 '1 wi: 11913-L f'i'2'3-. ,. .... 5."f..e-.f,.M, . . , . . ' - ' ll . ,, . . 1- , . . 'lt , . . . - - . . 8 . . . I I . . . 84 Best Wishes to the SENIOR CLASS OF I955 1 'A' 'k 'k 'k 'k 'lr R i' 'k 1' k 'A' 'A' NARDIN MOTHERS' COUNCIL STELLA TAMA Office Phone Fl. 2354 V. STRAUBINGER DEV. CORP. Fruit 8. Vegetable stand Construction Development Broadway Market 229 French St. Buffalo ll, N. Y. Victor F Straubnnger AM 3965 Best Wishes from the Compliments of RUMN O HARVEY B HARRISON :Nc FUNERAL HOME INCORPORATED REAL ESTATE MICHAEL WERNER Halr Stylist 338 Delaware Ave MO 65II f Summemme and the hvm is easy it it k . . . . , . . , . . . M iii . PT' H. I - T . n , ' K , -' 'JT' QK' . 85 Compliments AMERICAN SUCCESS PALACE LAUNDRY 8. DRY CLEANERS H F 238 FARGO AVENUE 'O G 0 Serving Buffalo Homes for 75 Years Nardin Underfakingsl Gr. 7973 J. Dolan Sales S EDWARD J. CARBONE The PORTER HOUSE RESTAURANT General Insurance 173 Porter Avenue C of C Building MA. 4468 Mr. Leonard Rizzo ,g Compliments "Better Beverages" of STOLL PHARMACY CROSS TOWN DISTRIBUTING CORP. Funeral Home ORLOWSKI SUCHOCKI 84 Pine Ridge Road Phone TA. 4858 173 Sfonislcus 5'- Funeral Director and Embalmer I. Orlowslci Suchocki, Lic. Mgr. TA. 3024 Buffalo 12, N. Y. 402 Morgan Bldg. Buffalo, N. Y. 4 4 NATIONAL' FIRE ADJUSTMENT CO. Licensed Adjusters of Fire Losses for the Assured Bernard J. Papa, Gen'l Manager Phones Night Phones CL. 1199 EL. 0363 CL. 6510 DE. 8764 A FRIEND wl. 3081 S C H U L E R Potato Chips 8. Potato Frills Registered under N.Y. State Nursing Association Approved by State 8- County DELAWARE NURSING HOME " T E 4 1205 Delaware Avenue Buffalo 9, N. Y. Antoinette Ervolina Ll. 1488, Res. GR. 8714 86 Compliments " HOLY ANGELS ed p-J Poxsed o flight' We Specialize in Wedding Cakes RI 4404 AMHERST BAKERY 497 Amherst St E B Kowalkowskl Prop L O MBA R DO FUNERAL HOME THE ELMWOOD COFFEE SHOP 708 Elmwood Avenue IS under new management Loretta Fowler Prop 33 Harlem Rd Buffalo N Y Compliments of SUSAN IVES FOR SPORTSWEAR One of the largest selections in Western N Y Thruway Plaza You ve tried the rest Now rude the BEST MADISON CAB MA 3333 Radio Dispatched 516 Rhode Island St MORRIS 8- REIMANN WRECKERS NC 4000 N Bailey Avenue Building Material New 8. Used Precision Wreckers PA. 4000 Buffalo 14, N. Compl :ments Congratulations SENIOR CLASS OF 1955 'A' i' 'k SUNRISE PRESS FRIEND 574 Fillmore Avenue ofa ir 'A' i' SIECK 8. MAST FUNERAL HOME 1009 Kensington Avenue Buffalo 15, New York PA. 2341 if in if 3 . ' ' A of XJ-I., ACADEMY Compliments of ' fr ' . 'F I 1 I 2 1 . , . . . , I . 87 CONGRATULATIONS COLEY S DAIRY 220 Parkdale Avenue I-'ncoln I07I FIRST CLASS WORK BRUCKMAN CHARLES R ALESSI MOVING 8. RAISING CO INC Plumbing and Heatmg Movnng Ransung and Shormg Buildings 7 Bertha Place 37 Good Ave TR 5505 TR 4767 47 Belvedere Rd WO 25I5 Buffalo 20, N Y IIS Fifteenth Street Buffalo I3 SUmmer 564-I 8. MRS THOMAS CALANDRA Corner So Parkmg 8- Servuce Station NICK DeCILLIS Buffalo N Y uth Elmwood an Mohawk Streets L N WHISSEL LUMBER CO INC Buffalo PA I700 A I Wulllamsvllle gn S Plaza 6166 best frxend Kenmore RI 323 Rochester Culver I4O0 I of 1 f . . I .. . . 1' . ' , N Y Compliments of MR. . , . . 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MIETUS Pharmacy 527 Doat Street TA 1932 Buffalo WALKER S GARAGE 202 W Utlca Buffalo 22 N Y 'k -It 'k COMPLIMENTS SOPHOMORE B Compl uments WOZNIAK FAMILY Televlsnon Furniture Appl lances Sales 8- Servlce PHIL MARTINO S WEST SIDE RADIO 323 Connectlcut St EL 0604 GR 3028 368 Grant Street SU 1000 Handbags Fantashere Hosiery M111 lnery Costume Jewelry GAE BEL HAT SHOP 924 Elmwood Avenue at Delavan Buffalo9 N Y Phone GR 8019 Compl :ments of Q Q' Q Q- dw me Dry Cleaners Shnrt Launderers BEN KAISER 759 Sycamore St Cor Guilford Open Evenings CL 7759 JACK BYRNE B A W CONSTRUCTION 84 Colorado Avenue Multiple Llstlng Servlce J A SCHMID CO REALTORS 1405 Colvin Ave Kenmore 23 New York J Robert Schmrd BE 6121 Buffalo 11 N Y LAURENCE P PAUL INC Engraving Stationery Prlntmg Buffalo New York 2250 Main Street AM 3333 BA 3936 BA 3937 1234 Abbott Road WO 3311 1 of I " . ' Sr. 'k i' i' , . . , I of ' , . . . I .-vo-f.:, - A ,A Q 4 . . ., I , . . I 91 ' CHESTER X. MICHALSKI SELECT MEATS ' 19 BROADWAY MARKET HUMBOLDT 0940 Th s book prmted by Velvatone a speclal process of llthographxc prmtmg Sole producers Wm J Keller Inc BuE'alo N Y No g fi 1 authon ed to use th V lvat ne method if 'k i . ' . . . ' ' . : . . ., , . . other prin tin rm 'a 'Z c e o . 92 I o , A V xx 5 K 1 52 fair. L ,seq .35 ff -mg?" G V x it w 9? i K .J 5"-fx: 6 i-Sw! '92 , fr, "U sd: N ,7 A, 31.3 , E' iw! .Q l Y ,au Q 'W , 1 V , X 6 Wx 5 4 'tj ml. -'inn nn' ' I, x vii Q0 gum? ,M -ak gn ,IMA 1 ,N ' 4- 1 :Qu .Mx :aka ., W m V '1, +A an Sgwwr X nZxml.llz,Ax.A'r Quik L M- my ,A , if . 'fff ,K A if 53.3 "Z gi V uv Q 'f' is X , Q 'rp mf 'LWA x . -. QF- ,,.,. y Eg NTT? ff- M 'Vik 14 'i' N K ,- QI 2222+ . ' ' gy l , 'M 9?"i'5wv. Q. U Q V 1 . , ' ff A ,...L,,4 .. t gy my 2 f , 6 Q, ,, K Q i , 7 ww A . w '2" , .. . .R L Mk: ' 2 A . , A 1' ' is F S . 'iw . 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Suggestions in the Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) collection:

Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 7

1955, pg 7

Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 27

1955, pg 27

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