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. 'WF "'P'l7"v4f2g -A-'p71.4frr vw vwfmgl WM wwf fam-vw -fr,-wwe-v-,7 i 'wifi-0Ag'j"',-v'ff,1ia:-157 l Q,f,.,,,"rm2Qm W M5333 -, up ff W! WW 4 5 I WWW J 45554 JR wig 1 X wjfffifw Wbrfgifffwfgff WM Romzfmm L4 .- ll P' ll-'lv gli A 'K+ I ff ' ' AP E. ,wif H L E ig, ff Q E ,an SF! ff f H fav WFP HE 5. A Published by The Class of 1954 NARDIN ACADEMY 135 Cleveland Avenue Buffalo 22, New York 7954 Table of Coniemf Foreword ..... .... P age Dedication ............... .... P age Faculty ....................... .... P age Senior Baby Pictures ........ .... P age Elementary Department ..... .... P age Freshman Class ............. .... P age Soplmomore Class.. .... Page Junior Class ...... .... P age Senior Class --.- ---- P age Class History .... .... P age AC t1V1t1e 5 ................................ .... Patrons . ..... . .............. . ..... . ........ . . . . Advertisemen Page Page ts and Candid Shots ......... Page Six Seven Eight Ten Twelve Fifteen Nineteen Twenty-three Twenty- seven Forty-four Forty- seven Seventy Seventy-five X4 - XX "' x x 1 1 If CNO His Excellency, the Most Reverend Joseph Aloysius Burke, D.D., we pledge our loy- alty and devotion. We earnestly pray that God will continue to grant him the wisdom needed for the guidance of his spiritual flock. May his ministry be most fruitful for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. His Excellency Most Reverend Leo R. Smith, D.D. Auxiliary Bishop of Buffalo His Excellency Most Reverend Joseph Aloysius Burke D D Bishop of Buffalo CN ITH equal joy, we express bestwishes to His Excellency, the Most Reverend Leo Rich- ard Smith, D.D., our aux- iliary bishop. It is our fervent prayer that those to whom he has adminis- tered may be his joy and consolation here below and in heaven his everlasting reward. 1 1 J .M,4' 'GF A W .Mr 1, , , -4 ' ugilgf. - Ms" v xv: -- ,V f E49 Y!" ' x 1 I x X -- ,.,..r Q 1 ,H . -2 w 1 . 'Y , f .,g'T.. 2 WJ 'f 1 , .-6 ,. 4 ,.-1 4 w 1 , 1 LM- an' . gf" J ef.-'I , . .gz- , -il 'L RH Mk., ,. . ,.., ., 252-ns-,T f , .Q 1,5 g-v.Q,,E , . ,new-,A nl 3, 1, HX yd N, 5, , 3 Q., n 1 n Q' u 4 f. , , 4 -x A A 1- Q .s ,H 4 . v , L . 'L' iv Mi zip. . VY 'f , . f, . 4: I F 3 -H u. 4 .F , -,fi-4, 4- 4 Cx ANY a free moment during a Nardin girl's busy day is spent in the quiet and peace of our little chapel. In trouble or in joy, we seek the home of Our Friend. There we can always find the spiritual and mental relaxation and refreshment we need to continue through the day. Just "talking with God" relieves the tensions and gives us the courage and fortitude to face the little problems and difficulties we meet. Sharing our moments of triumph with Him makes them even more precious. It is a strik- ingly beautiful and yet simple chapel, wherein Our Lord waits patiently for visitors all day. We can never be grateful enough for the privilege of having had our King so close to us during our years at Nardin. 5 lp.. VA gf, Foreword INETEEN hundred fifty-four has been heralded as the Marian year. Since it is the cen- tennial of the definition of Mary's Immaculate Conception, it is especially fitting that it be set aside for her greater honor and glory. Mary, "purer than foam on central ocean tost," is the pride and joy of her children today. In the United States, the National Shrine to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception will be a visible acclaim to Mary. When completed, it will be a magnificent "bouquet in stone," sym- bolizing all the love and devotion which Americans have for our Blessed Mother. As we visualize the future shrine, a masterpiece in marble, it suggests the theme for this year's "Rosarium," for life at Nardin has been like a cathedral in many ways. A number of years ago the foundation for the whole edifice was laid. Our parents began that important work by fashioning our baby minds and hearts. So important was this period that we have called it "the laying of the cornerstone." During our grammar school days our teachers completed the foundation, the lower church, by making certain that the substructure of our education would be strong enough to support what would be added in the coming years. When we were about to enter Nardin as freshmen, we opened the doors to a new world of knowledge. The threshold warmly invited us. New experiences, new friendships, new joys waited within. The doors of,our cathedral symbolize all this. Its walls suggest sturdiness, perseverance and strength. The difficult subjects of soph- omore year developed these qualities. Like the walls of a cathedral withstanding the winds and the rain, as sophomores, we, too, emerged triumphant. Our junior year we have likened to the arches of the cathedral, giving support to the great dome overhead. It is customary for seniors to regard juniors as the stanch pillars of support in all their projects. We have chosen the heart of the cathedral, the sanctuary with its altar, to represent our senior class. An altar symbolizes sacrifice, and the big lesson our high school days have taught us is to place an ideal before us and to be prepared to sacrifice for its realization. It is only thus that we can enter into the sanctuary of our cathedral where we may actively participate in the ritual of life. Our cathedral is far from complete. It takes a lifetime to build. Yet, as we page through "Rosarium" and recall what our Alma Mater has taught, it will serve as an inspiration to continue sacrificing on the altar of life, thus perfecting our cathedral for heaven. 6 as-imfav 'N F V Q MARY CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN , f 1 TO OUR CLASS PATRON, "YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL, O MARY! OUR LADY OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, YOU ARE THE GLORY, WE LOVINGLY DEDICATE YOU ARE THE JOY, OUR SECOND EDITION OF "ROSARIUM." YOU ARE THE HONOR OF OUR PEOPLEl' , .XO IX I JCU I 7 A I p FJCMQI MATER BON' CONSILN o P N ET the light of knowledge shine through." These words best express the efforts of our teachers at Nardin. They have reflected the soft glow of God's grace and let the bright sunshine of His truth shine through their own souls ,upon us, and so we have chosen the windows of our cathedral, with the insignia of Our Mother of Good Counsel, as most symbolic of them. She has ever been their inspiration. As the various sections of color blend to make a perfect picture, so our teachers lend their special talents to effect the harmonious development of our lives. In a multiplicity of ways they have tried to penetrate the darkness of our minds, in order to dispel our ignorance and lessen our uncertainty, by supplying us with Christian ideas and ideals for everyday life. They are varied and lovely . . . our windows, our teachers "letting in God's heavenly light." 8 Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Helen T. Gearity President Helen A. Shell Caroline B. Abel .. .... Edna F. Bojack ...... Amy Boughan .......... Amy De C. Clearman .... Laura A. Cunningham ...... Martha E. Danmeyer Helen P. Dol1.... Mary T. Donahue ..... Barbara M. Fleming ...... Ella M. Garvey ..... Eleanor M. Hagerty ..... Mary A. Hagerty Mary Barrett Healy .... Marie E. Higgins ..... Cecelia Roy Kenny ...... Rita M. Knueven ..... Nora M. Leddy ..... Agnes E . Murphy ...... Irene T. Murphy ..... Joan M. Pfeifer ..... Loretta M. Pfennig ..... Theresa M. Ryba ...... Florence R. Smith .... Madeline M. Steffan. ...... Madeline M. Stockman .... . Miss Kathryn M. Wirtenberger ...... Mrs. Thaddeus J. Zolkiewicz Miss Janet G. Lanou Principal Assistant Principal, Latin, Sodality Moderator, Missal Club Moderator ......... Biology, Health, General Science, Biology Club Moderator, Visual Aid Director First Grade Elementary School Principal, Second Grade Cafeteria Manager Supervisor ....Shorthand, Business Law, Secretarial Practice, Sanctuary Committee Moderator Religion, English, Mathematics, Senior A Class Adviser, "Cor Mariae" Adviser, "Rosarium" Adviser Introduction to Business, Book Store Manager ......Eng1ish, Latin, Pulchrae Romanae Moderator, Freshman Dramatic Club Moderator .........................Librarian ......Religion, Social Studies, Sophomore B Class Adviser Religion, English, Social Studies, Junior B Class Adviser ......Speech, Senior Dramatic Club Coach .......................Mathematics, Health Music, Glee Club Directress Study Supervisor ......Religion, English, Mathematics, Junior A Class Adviser, Junior Red Cross Adviser Religion, Typewriting, Medical Mission Group Moderator, Rosa Mystica Moderator, Freshman B Class Adviser Kindergarten, Mater Dei Moderator .....Physical Education, Athletic Club Coach ..... Registrar, School Nurse French, Latin, Le Cercle Francais Moderator, Latin, Missal Club Moderator Religion, Chemistry, Homemaking, Senior B Class Adviser, "Rosarium" Business Adviser .............Religion, Chant, Sophomore A Class Adviser, Music and French in Elementary School ......Religion, English, Freshman A Class Adviser, Sophomore Dramatic Club Moderator Religion, Social Studies, Art, Art Club Moderator, Freshman C Class Adviser, Ianua Caeli Moderator, Career Guidance Club Moderator .....Dancing Instructor 9 Q.: 5 6 3 g X1 H' 'Z-if ff H., F3541-.. i F. v .,. W , Aft! 4.1 J x 2 ' 'E ' 53155 K K I J .- r x 3 ' . Q - 5 -' 1 10 Lazymgg the Ig ...iv if gulf ..--Q--N. ' ZZ x M X As , ,K . - Q' x A x sa 'A' 3 3 X 5 xx .Q -w If 30 W A Q' f ? " IA 34 35 1 'KEY A H x S 4 smfv ' 1 N x,... .-, Commione CUJQSS 54 11 Lazying ik Founzkzizbn Kz'1f1a1'erCg0z1fien You Ood O 6 'J flex CJ0,fi mf! 6 i s so Our Christmas c rib O Ifnjn Sc rJe 5,- 1100 1 O Domia Di Re, Michael Campanella, George Pfohl, Michael Mogavero, Jackie Mathias, Marguerite Lacciua, Susan Dumond, Lenore Salvo, Francis Wilkins, Jackie Straubinger, Linda Lavid, Elizabeth Lyons, Miss Irene Murphy, teacher. IZ . .QQ 9 eQ0il96O,b Qi C104 First row: Molly Mathias,Anne Radice, Second row: Catherine Gian, Richard F Frederick Luhr, Louise Rebadow, James .r we Y' 'S '49 to 0999 K P' Em' Gmafe Of, 1 Cb 1-1-S Z ms can Josette Mangione, Katherine Steffan. . 'I fr- 5 ,fa echer, Sandra Suor, Shirley Edmonds, Paul Brzoska, Laurel Kirby, Rene Alvarez, Arvilla Nixon, Glass, Cecily Lovallo, Carmen LaFalce, Kathleen Kuhn, Mary Sundber g. +5 Artists at work 13 Om E 1 1et 1 Us ador A f 6 Second Gmde CQHESE Second Graders are the "seniors" of the Nardin Grade School. Last year Nardin Academy began once again its gram- mar department at the request of many of the Alumnae members. Each year will see the addition of a new grade. As the underclassmen look up to the high school seniors for guidance, so do the under- classmen of our primary department look to these "miniature" seniors for leadership. ' f clk s 109 ' J , 5 w go ll Carol Colangelo, Lee Lovallo, Marjorie Kaminski, David McGrath, Susan Goss, Patricia Mathias, Janice Powalski, Robert Mogavcro, Linda Cooper, James Mills, Edward Skelton, Yvonne Alvarez, Jean Burke, Michele Ingrando. 14 Emi UU Fmbmen as you stand waiting to be ushered into the new world of high school, notice how we have built the entrance to our cathedral. Marble steps were fashioned to withstand the trials of the passing years. Doors made of heavy planks of courage were selected to keep the warmth of God's grace in and world's blast out. These planks were fas- tened together with sturdy trappings made of know- ledge. We hinged them to faith, hope and charity with determination. Finally we placed the handles of friendship so that all who wished could enter in. Neilda Bravo, secretaryglean Miceli, vice-presi- dent: Santina Cosmano, presidentg Madeline Fuchs, treasurer. 15 Nancy Dicianne, Cathleen Jordan, Virginia Burnes, Mary Catherine Pepe, Barbara Lesh, Frances Arcara, Barbara Kubala, Kathleen Baecher, Gayle Ray, Lo- retta Weber. 96 Jean Mi celi, Ann Schmitt, Christina Wargin, Josephine Marotta . X- 0 Bertha Palermo, Virginia Lo Tempio, Elizabeth Dyte, Judy Racsumberger. 15. Rolann Kuhn, Lucy Spogis, Marguerite Polito, Rosalie Vacanti. Helen Slazyk, Elaine Grabowski. 1 E First row: Patricia Brennan. Second row: Marie Cioppa, Maria Carbone. Third row: Mary Jane Becker, Caroline Driscoll. Fourth row: Linch, Marcella Fronczak, Maria Wiesm Ott. Helen an, Joanne Below Around the table A S1mo11 L Wcrchmann, P. Crrsuna N Bravo S. Quinn, J Krng C Lxmcrx L. Burns. Standing I Curcxo S. Mc- Gorray Seated. I. Rizzo, R. Ackley, G. Messana, ISA 'W Y av G. Genco, T. Mahiques, M. Flaherty. Standing: M.A. Schwab, M. Korzelius, L. Vitello, E. Tryjankowski, R.M. Palermo, C. Ruggiero, S. Cosmano. C. Greco, M. Wiesman, C. Lazzaro, E. Dux, P. Onasch, E. Valenti, I. Curcio, M.A. Salvati. kv L57 f K l... P .X 2. W, .x C. Amato, M. Fuchs, P. De Cillis, I. Byrne, I. Ambrose, A. Dominczak, K. Condon, J. Cleary folbbomoffes V 'T hifi X ,iw.V2eflf ,gf Lyf ,ri r F, Nfl ' nfl!-I gkrfbam, L ,:Vi'V'Z2slSf Q it AFV, ix, X, K. 'S x 'K bl xgg, 15130 1 VW' B V. x X f IVVXW, 5, ' P H ' V57- 'VV V, -ik - 4171? S A CEO build strong walls that would last a lifetime, we selected the best stone we could find. This was justice from the quarry of God's law. Each stone was carefully cut and placed so that no error would mar it. We laid these stones of jus- Yr ,qi 54 L gtggf LLVVF5 rv I ,V ,yin I V :fr ,V V '- K. fn: 'V 1.',V:V1,'.' 7 QW' . V, 'Erf'5".1'Q f V 7 ,gc-V . -.VI V Q V - , 'V V, 'Q ' VL. ,'V,.av v'15IV , HIV, IV,"-lj-QV, , 'VVNQQ1 Vm, "V.- ' Vnifrr: 3,2 '-Jagwflg iff? 'V5VV --5. HSV,-. 'JV"f,-QQWL, ' " .VL ': V,: . V'--.ff -V.-' .-VLL .Pj--s.5Vfff., ..1- QV 'V-V'VVVfV'W.w.. mg .MWV--' VVyVV-V,g'54FiVu?VgV, ' V,V.g.V-:Vi-V gg1,Vfg.11Vk., .1-.Vue Vfqja ,p 2 ,VVVP-Q45 V: V V V V"x'1'lnilg'.i:x'i':gi3?',!.r' V ' '-3-IU'-:1iV'lVH'fV'V-" VV--.VV-K?dy'gF,iiVVaV" AV 15' "l15+gQZg'14fE'f"Fi L.VI".fk f .- ' ' 'LV ' .. ' VV, " Vs Vi' 21? -"':-af , V - " A Q-,4MV:,if, X. t . , V-V ww' , lV ,Lli,K:,-.V,.V, , 5,V,'f"QL4 1 v,,.IV,VVT.--.1-.Alf 'WVU'-1..J ' ' - "' N ' Q' V ,TH 2. "V' Mm, V V' 1V MV: V',V1VLVg3g, .1231-'VX-VV.y5V,-1533: , VV.-V .Vmgif V, VVV1f.0fii":QV-P52V'V,V'V:"tVF'Vl-VV, wif' lV'V'-V',:-V--- ,.V.W'V.i.,Vw.,V 'H , V V M. ,ii-'.'V?f'1.l,'f,?J':.S,'.l:1.,ln. ff-"' f 'L V' ,V- V: :5.Vf.," ., ',mV,gf3f A , ,L ,491 V- ' V- .- 'rw VVSQV-'V'Vic-V" 'VB?,ffV':V'5'N5' ,VVwV?' V V 'V '15 'ifbif' 23',.:.V'.fV1q. 'f,'1'pf- . ,Vi 'V VH, Q 'V I ,VV . ,L ..XV.V,VrV. r g ,. yi V. V wx.-r :M-K---'V,mV": VV vi' M14 -' ' .V V' Vf-VV:V- ,VLHV V-1' -V AV' - . , V V 3 Vi'-.5 ,QV z - 'V ,, V .V V V -,f , Vv.",V.VVV-V-,fig , -V ,. VV , . ":2i'1V7'-3?-Q, , V V f V V. ' , V 'MV V '-2-' 'fvgv V , ' V" "V,,J.'i "" V ' 1V-.5 XV if HIM" , . A I . V Y' -A Niko gb' ' ,I , M- ' V .V,, - . . . ' , V '. -,V . 5 V ,V ,- ' 'fe , V: - VV' I VV V.VV H' 'Q HIV T'.lVV ,. . ' 'A ' f'1 V V' ' .' V 'u 'VV . VVVV - V' - . V V'- -Vw 'V VV- - V , - ,"':,'1 V,.' "xl-'QL . H I - , V 1 "5.,J!' WMV., ,V ' g . Aw ,U ,' -'s'Vf,.V':',V,1Iu'V, 'V., 'Vw.".g, z ,V V . VV 'tim-1'z-'Vf"1'fl' iw 'gg V ' 5:1 ,-V'Vr,ll?V. 'idlu J 'wk -W e"5V1VV V' 1' ,Vi":" VQVVV .fiw ' V VV:1V:V V-,MY Ly, Va- ,ip - V V! -,'V,V.!?:'l V,y,'Y'f:-rV,.V3 V, V . V V , ,V . ,. ., V V.', Lu ' 'VVLV A V ' rg: F112 .',f.:V 'Vi 2 T-602 ,- VV 11:4- 'V",fVV,. V" .a V, ,5':','-V'g-" ln'- ':, V' -Q " V V' 11' Q21 ,V ,VA V'1,,1, 'wif-1 . HUVVS?-'1 WV: S7 59 I W' x 1V""V',4f 'V' 'Vi ti F .y:-' y jf- Q: A 1' .V ,, ,.' , ,-5-V--',1l,., fly., gV,.V'51V5.', "ir MP1 V511 'I ,H ,r,"V' flfglf, W ':'w:5f5'.i:f': Ll-II' will Ci? 'Vi' Vi' V "',f"ilf'JfXffiVf'Z'.V-' :Mg -if T' V 'V -:U .VVif cn- V ,-t.,:f 'VZV' ,V 5- V' V ',:1V:Vf'.1-r. -,VV' V -'V ' jV-VV1V2f'1VJVV VV' wx,-, Q,-:VV 13' I P, V-Vy,,. '- ,V Q-22,4 -yVV:V.1' 5.-,V ..'1V' .V V ,-,-V 1-Vfwu VV.. .- V3 fl- ..4-L "V VV,V ', Q: -.' ,UN ,' IVE- 4,-H - 'xfV,fV"V' Aff, VVAQV -fVt-- -1-IV : .f' V.V . -"V J 'V, . ':.y1,V. LJ' SJ, 'fg,VQl.-A , ,VgVc V,-V 5 5-YJ' , fp 'M , yV.,. :r 122 .J , f,QVV,- V-V 'V' Qc: ,-'p.V:-V ,fir QV .Au-VV,V.V LV ,V ,A-V if- cw .ffV1':VV' -ff'.V,Vg:f' Vw' ,V 'J-".fVV3'?l VVVQQV, 4 V .1V.Vit,f,'V .-Viv V' V-3u3,'VV'1V' M47-LVVV,-,V 'QVZIVV PH E . ' ,f--1 V. mu' i'fV:'1-1" . ' 'V' .V14jV 'J "Q:-cf' V, V VV Q-'L.,: , V. V V y V x VV V 1 V V. VV 'LVHVVV ':V'TTi167 UV gf-' 1' 'Wil ' VLJ'V""ffJ'i " 'T'-' -HV' V Ziff' '--4:-V --,V.VV,,,V. fi VVVVV-VV. ' V P ,V VV V p --vs-41.-VVfV,V1VVV1i W'VV'95f1ff'7"VQV1"HV5?'Vf"fWVp6V'm3 " 1"f:Q3V.E1'VV,VVV' eff' V.f V V-'f',V-VTQLV'-VV'i"f-'55,V3 zV9Vf'..VV9pVQ!4 NJQJ iris' ,A ' V 1 f V Aff, ,V '- VV 'V'k?f!,l.r.L slr 4' wi, VV H ,VMUVL . lx' "ef I ' VLH? V 1, , V , . . VV , V 5 VV VJ'Q'v,V,V a,Z1!l,V 7 N I V 'pai "E, ifljvs V V. VV VV VV VVVVVV V' N , , X 'I , ,Al If J ia, VV V VVV-V g,..,V, aw VVVVVV VV H Vx , I K, VM V V V V ,V , ,.VffV'.1V xg' l,VV':, VN! V A V V K X vc KQV ' 3 s, VA v ,H V x ew 'V V, .X AV 'HV -Q V V fx 1, V 'WU " WV L1 'K V'- X-J N I N mu V V V V ' ii X V ck , V 'Mr xi 7 4 ' 4 V ,, K i V 'V V V 'L V V V I tice upon the steel structure of the realization of the dignity of all men. Thus, ours would be true justice, not crooked and biased because of weak and imperfect girders. A touch of beauty and grace was added in the symbolic Cross overhead. Barbara LoVa11o, treasurerg Joan Saeli, president, Marcella Coughlin, vice-president: absent - Carol Grimaldi, secretary. 19 45 Mar Y Lou pan 310 Ame . H a Spagnuolo Elai . ne Venal. 1110 Ida ' Pa1mer. . 1' M ary Ann Bochnik J . anet Hem Y. txicia Bw arbara An Firsr row: Ann Marie Reinartz, Mary Ann Casriguone, Pa nd row: Katherine McGorray, Beveney Mlard, Louise Dendce, B Keen Burger, Sywia Rarayzzak, Nancy Pioemler. Seco Third row: Kath 20 tende, M2 oline, Parxicia Benin druczyk. rhyn w Smith first row: Second T11 ' laryAn11 Pasquarella, Suzanne DiA'efnan, Antohzette rom 1l1ar1'1y1,n Schleicher, Joan Rollelf, Lynda Stoll lrd wha' Ruta Abriclris, Joan Sperrazza, Mary Ann Re , A 'YVN bww dana' sa' 16 ine' Auto Uno' Anse 13 9 Aflg wo' V3 ela I Ang kx. Choc Ann L0 Y . W' carl- Mas 'a ma" 21 Staslnslfl gan. Below: First row: Patricia Orlando, Pa- tricia Ryan, Marie Tama, Mary Ann Bochnik, thy Dzialak, Elaine Lojacono. 653090 X- g . aw' Q6 - Second row: Carol Messina, Doro- ' -1 lf' ' Solrst ro Co 111 '74 B011 rout' P0 A, Pe QI., C 0 . ll . 9 . T- 'az ' G- ow' 94 QIWQG llhlhejaro. 151131 ,tsyi AKG 00 1. C, A W on 0- ICA. its Sec' 00,265 ' 171' Xp Standing: Rosalie La Duca, Patricia Osiccki, Patricia Panaro, Catherine Mulholland, Nancy Hoppe, Ann Marie Pepe, Lcontinc Kaitanow ski, Ida Moscato, Carol Pomana, Rosalie Sottilc. Seated: Judith Oriss, Janet Hoffmcyer if 5 L 5 'N r X y QL, 9 80,- aggasgw 00490 rf' n 5 :fit N K1 5 ,L 4 1 r 'fu ? F li t rx 1 44' X? 'I Y . 3 5 SH i, LJ W ...Q - df Concetta Capizzi, treasurer: Mary Arm Mahiques, secretary: Delphine Szmania, president: Deanna Burnes, vice-president: Lavina Caparella, UBBSUICI. fumbm N Junior year, the arches of our cathedral are molded. Obedience fash- ions the beautiful rounded curves softening the rigidity of the stone walls. Our arches would be free from the roughness of hatred or jealousy which would detract from our temple. They would rather knit together in friend- ship and love. Then they would have to be ornamented. This we would do with purity. No decoration could do more to enhance the temple of the Holy Ghost than the simple beauty of purity. That adornment would not become smudged and ugly with the dust of time, but it would ever grow more lovely and bright. Z3 "'r!::5!f- .hui iffii.. a 3 A 5- 1 turf: 7 .V ..4-45.51-.ra . nf? ga. A 1 f 'sg 5-.. 5? .-.s eff? , Q P 6 4 3 .ff ff-:sh il E E . K E 5 I 3 i 2 5 +. Mary Conti, Carol Calandra, Inez Bayerl, Eileen Delahanty, Margaret Mary Wagner. Judy Byrne, Charlotte Biondolillo, Elizabeth Wechter, Geraldine Balaz, Mary Louise Campbell Theresa Wlodarczak, Sybil Steigerwald, Janice Kubiszyn, Joan Zaker, Elaine Stefaniak. Z4 , . . , - Y--. .---1-- ----- ---- . ------- --,.-. -.---N. .-W...-...v, ,wey.....e M-.'..e...e. Standrng: Gertrude Gehl, Frances Castronova, Jean Miller. Mr. Ray Conley, Geraldine Sendlak, Susan Biniszkiewicz, Ann Flynn, Maria La Nasa, Paula Mietus, Charlotte Biondolillo. Z5 3 Seated: Bebeann Pidgeon, Lavina Caparella, Elizabeth Zolkiewicz, Concetta Capizzi. Standing: Mary Ann Mahiques, Diana Woz- niak, Martha Michalski, Anna Tomasulo. vp First row: Margie Di Pasquale, Mary Gonzalez, Jo Anne Di Pasquale. Second row: Betty Jane Hadyn, Barbara Schalk. 26 Lijl W QU E N our last year, we prepared ourselves for adulthood. We learned that life was a mixture of joy and sorrow, giving and receiving. We built the sanctuary with its altar where prayers of thanksgiving and sacrifice could be offered to God. We chose marble again--the marble of perseverance. At first it was rough and imperfect, but with experience, the roughness was smoothed and the stone polished until it reflected the soft candle light. We put at the side a sanctuary lamp whose ruddy glow reminded us that God is ever watching and never ceases to spread light in the darkness, but we were not satisfied until we had placed on the altar our hearts to be Christ's tabernacle. Oh, our temple was not finished in our Senior year. It is not finished now. We continue to build and make it more beautiful until the day we die. Then, if God finds it pleasing, it will stand as a tribute to Him forever in Heaven. femm' Sodality l,2,3,4 . . . Rosa Mystica 3 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Missal Club 3,4 . . . Le Cercle Fran cais 3,4 . . . Latin Honor Society l,Z,3 . . . A.P. S.L magna cum laude Award 3 . . . Honor Roll 1, Z,3,4 . . . Vice-Pres. Le Cercle Francais 3 . . . Vice-Pres. and Chmn. Junior Red Cross 3,4 . . Chmn. Pamphlet Rack 3 . . . Secy. Sodality 3. "Today is ours. What do we fear! Today is ours. We have it here!" Nina, our class president, takes the happen- and collected manner has won the friendship and confidence of her fellow seniors. She will long ings about her in even stride. Her calm, cool linger in our book of happy memories as the girl who brought our Senior Class through a success- ful year. Nina Kulick PRESIDENT ff! 3 Ujicenv Kathleen Macaluso VICE-PRESIDENT pbwlwuw Legion of Decency 3 . . . Athletic Club 3 . . . Dancing Club 3 . Biology Club 3 . . . A.P.S.L. Z . . . Junior Red Cross 4 . . . Dramatic Club 4 . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Honor Roll l . . . Treas. Freshman Class . . . Vice-Pres. Art Club 3 . . Vice-Pres. Le Cercle Francais 4. The inborn geniality of some people amounts to genius." Kathy's competence has won for her the po- sition of vice-president of our class. She has al- ways been ready and willing to lend her efficient services to any project that might arise. In dis- cussions, Kathy displays the precious quality of common sense which has won for her many friends. 28 Sodality l,2.,3,4 . . . Rosa Iviystica 2 . . . Sedes Sapientiae 3 . . . lanua Caeli 4 . . . Missal Club 3,4 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Athletic Club 4 . . . Junior Red Cross 3,4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . A.P.S.L. Award 2 . . . Latin Honor Society 2,3 . . . Honor Roll l,Z,3,4 . . . Pres. Freshman Class . . . Treas. Sodality Z . . . Chmn. Missal Club 3 . . . Chmn. Sacristans 3,4 . . . Chmn. Legion of Decency 4. She needs not June for beauty's heightening." Energetic and capable, Carolyn brings to all her undertakings an air of joyous enthu- siasm that ensures success. In years to come, her sparkling personality will shine bright in our memories when we reflect on our school years. Carolyn Linkne r TREASURER Sodality l,3,4 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Legion of Decency 4 . . . Career Guidance 4 . . . Junior Red Cross 3 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Latin Club 3 . . . A.P.S.L. Award 3 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Latin Honor Society 3 . . . Honor Roll l,2,3,4. "The twilight of our mysteries Shines like high noonday on her face." In her three years at Nardin, Carol has leaped into everyone's heart, with sincerity as a spur. Up to date on the latest fashion news, Carol is a stylish miss, always chic in and out of school. A Her scholastic record is high, but not at the ex- pense of a well rounded personality. Carol Schrag SECRETARY Junior Red Cross 3,4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 3 . . . Career Guidance 4 . . . Honor Roll l 2,3,4 . . . Rep. Student Council 2,3 . . . Pres. Junior Red Cross 3. "Sweet as are damask roses when they blow." Barb is a person to be trusted, as is shown by the offices her classmates have confided to her safekeeping during the four years. A dainty lass is Barbara whose quiet and reserved manner does not conceal a personality bubbling over with mirth and wit. Charming, intelligent and willing to help, she will go far in both the business and social world. Z9 Barbara Swan ASSISTANT TREASURER Sodality l,Z,3,4 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Senior Dra- matics. "It is the mind that maketh good or ill, That maketh wretch or happy, rich or poor." There are depths and responsive chords in Paula which cannot be discovered on short ac- quaintance, there is a true sincerity there and be- fore we are aware of it we find that Paula has man- aged to drift into our hearts as gently as a summer breeze. PAULA AMIGONE Sodality Z,3,4 . . . Ianua Caeli 3,4 . . . Medical, Missions 4 . . . Legion of Decency 3 . . . Glee Club 2,4 . . . Dancing Club 3 . . . Athletic Club 3,4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Cor Mariae Staff 4 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Chmn. Junior Red Cross 4. "She has labored and never counted the cost." One of twins, Jo Ann is always on her toes. In the class-room she is one of our finest busi- ness students, and we look to her for great pro- gress in the business world. On a basketball court she's a triple threat. If you mention any- thing remotely connected with Bishop Fallon High School, she's there in the front row cheer- ing. JO ANN BONGI Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Ianua Caeli 3,4 . . . Legion of Decency 3 . . . Glee Club 2,4 . . . Dancing Club 3 . . . Athletic Club 4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Cor Mariae Staff 4 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . Treas. Junior Red Cross 4. "She walks in beauty and grace" Equally skilled in the secretarial arts as her sister, Rose Ann, combining talent and personality, is one of the nicest girls you'l1 ever find. Her charming and graceful manner makes her the friend of everyone. She is not only a staunch Fallon rooter, but a loyal and enthusiastic member of the Nardin team as well. ROSE ANN BONGI 30 Red Cross 4 . . . Biology Club 4 . . . Senior Dra- matics . . .Vice-Pres. Freshman Class. "Fashioned so slenderly, Young, and so fair." An enthusiastic fan of modern music, grace- ful Mary loves dances and parties, while her in- ner goodness shines through all she does. Court- eous, gentle and sweet, she is loved by all her fellow classmates. MARY CALA Sodality l,2,3,4 . . . Rosa Mystica 3 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Legion of Decency 4 . . . Career Guid- ance 4 . . . Athletic Club 3,4 . . . Junior Red Cross 3 . . . Senior Dramatics "With wide-embracing love Thy spirit animates eternal years." Ida's unaffected manner has won countless friends. Both school life and her extracurric- ular activity prove her to be loyal to her Alma Mater. Whether baking a cake or rendering first aid, Ida is an example of efficiency. We are glad to claim her as one of the Class of '54, IDA CALLARI Sodality1,2,3,4 . . . Ianua Caeli 3,4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . A.P.S.L. 2 "Your eye is like the star of eve, And sweet your voice as seraph's song." Charming, sincere and unassuming, Mary stands out as a true Nardin girl. Although stu- dious and possessed of a great eagerness to learn, she keeps quite up-to-date on the latest dance steps and can spin her way from the dance floor right into anyone's heart. MARY CANNIZ ZARO 31 S NANC Y CANNIZ ZARO Sodality l,Z,3,4 . . . Ianua Caeli 3,4 . . . Biology Club 4. "'Twas her thinking of others that made others think of her." Although a twin, Nancy has a unique person ality and may be singled out in a crowd by her deep-rooted honesty and self-forgetfulness. Kind and considerate, she is well-loved by all, and her talent at the key-board makes her an asset to any party. Career Guidance 4 . . . A.P.S.L. 2,3 ll So, as she shows, she seems the budding rose Yet sweeter far than is an earthly flower." Petite, pretty and poise but beyond that, she is a diligent and capable student. Always eager to g takes an active part in every discus sion. Noted for her neatness, Rose Marie can be relied upon to accomplish any task with pre- cision and zest. SU ZANNE CASEY d may describe her, ive her views, she ROSE MARIE CAPUTY Sodality l,2,3,4 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Missal Club 3,4 . . . Sacristans 3 . . . Legion of Decency 4 . . . Glee Club l,2,3,4 . . . Athletic Club 4 . . . Dramatic Club 3,4 . . . A.P.S.L. 2,3 . . . Sec'y. of Missal Club 4. Thou, whose exterior semblance doth belie Thy souls immensity." An intelligent, fun-loving girl, Suzanne has a host of friends in school and out. Her self- induced "brogue" has brought smiles to many friendly faces around school. Serene and sin- cere, she may truly be called a typical Nardin girl. 32 Sodality l,2,3,4 . . . Mission Committee Z . . . Rosa Mystica 3 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Missal Club 3,4 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Dancing Club 3 . . . Dramatic Club 4 . . . Junior Red Cross 4 . . . A.P.S.L. 2,3. . . Honor Roll 1. . . Chmn. Medical Mission 4. "A heart whose love is innocent." A zealous supporter of the Academy, Jo labors enthusiastically for its ideals. If per- sonal service is required, Jo is one of the first to respond with eagerness and efficiency. Her sincerity, the keynote in her personality, has been a clear asset to her in winning many friends. JOSE PHINE CASTRO Sodality l,Z,3,4 . . . Ianua Caeli 3,4 . . . Mission Committee 2 . . . Glee Club 2,3 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Senior Dramatics. "I love tranquil solitude, And such society As is quiet, wise and good." Mary Ann is a definite example of the adage, "Good things come in small packages." She has proved to her companions and to the faculty that genuineness and warmth are essential ingredi- ents in her character. With a smile as her trade- mark, Mary Ann has easily slipped into everyone's heart. MARY ANN DE JAMES Legion of Decency4 . . . Glee Club Z, 4 . . . Ca- reer Guidance 4 . . . Le Cercle Francais 3, 4 . . Athletic Club 4 . . .A.P.S.L. magna cum laude A- ward Z, 3 . . . LatinHonor Society2, 3 . . . Rosar- iumStaff 4 . . . Honor Roll 1, 2,3,4 . . . Class Banker 4. "To gather facts from far and near, Upon the mind to hold them clear." An all-around athlete, Gerry is a whiz on the trampolin. Her enthusiasm for French in- spires others with a love of the language, and her high scholastic record does her credit. She is friendly, intelligent and modest in her own graceful manner. GERALDINE de LEON 33 Sodality l,Z,3,4 . . . Rosa Mystica 3 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Glee Club Z,3,4 . . . Junior Red Cross 3 . . . Pres. Career Guidance 4. "And all that's best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes." Tall, graceful, and possessed of winning charm, Carol is known for her sincerity and eagerness to learn. Diffusive and argumenta- tive, she has enlivened many a quiet class with her debatable point of view. CAROL DE YOT Sodality l,Z,3,4 . . . Ianua Caeli 3,4 . . . Medical Missions 4 . . . Legion of Decency 2,3,4 . . . SDS 3,4 . . . Missal Club 3,4 . . . Glee Club Z . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Junior Red Cross 3,4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . A.P.S.L. 2,3 . . . Co-Chmn. Rosa Mystica Z. . . . Treas. Sodality 3 . . . Chmn. Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Prefect of So- dality 4. "The mind that is within us, so impress With quietness and beauty, and so feed With lofty thoughts." Always ready to lend a hand and always back- ing another drive, Twila, our Sodality Prefect, is one of the busiest students in school. Her thought- fulness, courtesy and loyalty are boundless. It is a delight to find such a "busy bee" so close to God and Our Lady. TWILA DOUCET ' Sodality l,Z,3,4 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Art Club 3 . . . Glee Club 4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 2,4. . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . A.P.S.L. Z . . . Honor Roll l. "Star of the morrow gray, The blossom on the spray, The freshest flower of May." Peggy's gentle way is a genuine indication of a heart of gold which is known and appreciated by her companions. Her trim and tidy appearance adds to her charm. Dependability is but one of the numerous qualities which will aid Peg in making a success of the years to come. MARGARE T DOWNING 34 Sodality1,Z,3,4 . . . Rosa Mystica 3 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Latin Club 3,4 . . . Junior Red Cross 3,4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Latin Honor Society l,2,3 . . . Honor Roll 1, Z,3,4 . . . Sec'y. Sophomore Class . . . Treas. Junior Class . . . Sec'y. Latin Club 4 . . . Rep. Student Council 4. "Holy, fair and wise is she." Reliable, witty, intelligent and sincere, Olivia makes a hit with everyone, and you can always count on her as a true friend. All through the years she spent at Nardin, she proved her great love and loyalty for the aims and ideals of the school. OLIVIA ENDRES Career Guidance 4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . A. P.S.L. 3. "Looking at the bright side of things, makes the world a happier p1ace." Anna's delightfully pleasant personality has managed to make her our "bund1e of joy." She has a natural gift for making and keeping friends. It is easy to stay in her favor, since her spirit of good-will leads her to overlook the foibles of her companions. ANNA FABOZZI Sodality 4 . . . Legion of Decency 3 . . . Glee Club 4 . . . Athletic Club 4 . . . Junior Red Cross 4 . . . Senior Dramatics. "Her mirth the world required, She bathed it in smiles of g1ee." Elaine, with her refreshing ways, is known to her companions, as a fun-lover, whose in nocence of aspect does not successfully hide the mischief in her eye. Beneath it all, how ever, is a sympathetic nature and a heart of gold. ELAINE FISHER 35 Sodality 1,Z,3,4 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Legion of Decency 4 . . . Missal Club 3,4 . . . Glee Club 1, Z,3,4 . . . Athletic Club 3 . . . Le Cercle Fran- cais 3,4 . . . Dramatic Club 3 . . . Senior Dra- matics.. . . Junior Red Cross 4 . . . A.P.S.L. cum laude Award 2,3 . . . Latin Honor Society l,Z,3 . . . Honor Roll l,Z,3,4 . . . Pres. Sopho- more Class . . . Co-Chmn. Rosa Mystica 3 . . Pres. Le Cercle Francais 3 . . . Vice-Pres. Glee Club 3 . . . Pres. Student Council 4. "How rare it is to find a friend who has and gives, Those qualities upon which friendship lives." As Student Council president, Marie has shown that she is ever ready and willing to perform any task that is put before her. Though she always wears a brightening smile, Marie has a deep sense of duty and responsi- bility. Zest for living will carry her through MARIE GENCO the future successfully, Sodality l,2,3,4 . . . Rosa Mystica 3 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Junior Red Cross 4 . . . Senior Dra- matics. "With solace and gladness Much mirth and no madness." A cheerful disposition and a reserved manner enhance Sheila's womanly charm and thoughtful- ness, while her quiet sallies of wit provoke laugh- ter all around. We are grateful to her for many a sunny moment. SHEILA HOBSON Sodality l,2.,3,4 . . . Rosa Mystica 3 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Glee Club l,Z,3,4 . . . Athletic Club 3,4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Class Banker 4. "Fair as a star, when only one Is shining in the sky." This pretty little miss is noted for her trim appearance, good taste and delightful smile. Her mischievous ways have provided plenty of de- lightful moments, but have not concealed her deep- rooted strength of character. It is girls like Toni who make our high school life a gem in our memo- ries. ANTOINE T TE LANZA 36 Sodality l,2,3,4 . . . Rosa Mystica 3 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Career Guidance 3 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Art Club 3 . . . Le Cercle Francais 4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . A.P.S.L. Z . . . Latin Honor Society 3 . . . Honor Roll 1 . . .Treas. Sophomore Class. "Her very foot has music in 't As she comes up the stairs." The image of reserve, competence and con- sideration is Joan. Her teachers as well as her fellow classmates can always depend on her. She has a flair for delightful conversation, while her talent on the dance floor is notable. JOAN LEW Cor Mariae Staff 4 "Let the world slide, let the world go, A fig for care, and a fig for woe!" The girl with the bubbling laughter, known as "Dutch" to hcr friends, always ready to alleviate the situation with a witty remark, that's Rose Marie! Competent and eager, she is handy with a mimeograph machine as well as with a type- writer. With her nimble mind and her thirst for knowledge, she should go far. fsq i ROSE MARIE MORIBE LLO Sodality Z,3,4 . . . Our Lady's Committee 2 . . . Sedes Sapientiae 3 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Legion of Decency Z,3,4 . . . Glee Club 3,4 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 2,4 . . . Senior Dra- matics. "Ever carefree, ever gay, Scattering sunshine along life's way" A roguish coleen whose laughter brightens up many a dull moment, Noreen is always ready, willing and able to lend a hand. A sparkling per- sonality helps her to make many friends. NOREEN MOY LAN 37 Sodality l,Z,3,4 . . . Sedes Sapientiae 3 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Legion of Decency 3 . . . Glee Club l,2,3 . . . Athletic Club 3,4 . . . Latin Club 3,4 . . . Dancing Club 3 . . . Biology Club 4 . . . Le Cercle Francais 3 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . A.P.S.L. Award 2,3 . . . Latin Honor Society 2,3 . . . Honor Roll l,Z,3,4 . . . Vice-Pres. and Pres. Latin Club 3,4. A fidelity that will yield to none, manners above reproach, and blushing modesty." Joyce, in her quiet manner, possesses a Ster- lingcharacter that we shall ever remember. Her thoughtfulness and sincerity are reflected in her school work and in her contacts with her fellow- classmates. Equally at home at the piano, at her books, or in any number of activities Joyce be- lieves in rounding out her personality. JOYCE MURPHY Junior Red Cross 4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 4 "B1essed with that charm, the certainty to please." Typing and making friends may be two en- tirely different talents, but Terry possesses both among her varied gifts. Remarkable generosity puts her talents at the service of others, and if she continues down this path, life will open its arms to her in the years to come. THERESA PA LERMO Sodality Z,3,4 . . . Rosa Mystica 3 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Legion of Decency 3,4 . . . Career Guidance 4 . . . Dancing Club 3 . . . Junior Red Cross 4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Rosarium Staff 4. . . Class Banker 4. "Fair Quiet, have I found thee here?" Here we have a girl with pretty brown eyes and a sweet smile. Jo has a flair for smart fash- ions and evinces remarkably good taste. In her we find another Fallon rooter. She is a whiz at typing, and we expect her to give us a new speed record soon. JOSE PHINE PULEO 38 Sodality l,Z,3,4 . . . Sedes Sapientiae 3 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Legion of Decency 4 . . . Missal Club 3,4 . . . Glee Club l,Z,3,4 . . . Le Cercle Francais 3,4 . . . Athletic Club 3 . . . Dramatic Club 3,4. . Latin Honor Society 1,Z,3 . . . A.P.S.L. cum laude Award 2,3 . . . Honor Roll l,2.,3,4 . . . Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class . . . Student Council Monitor 3 . . . Chmn. Missal Club 4. "Sweet, be not proud of those two eyes, Which, star-like, sparkle in their skies." An excellent shot on the basketball court, Wilma has also maintained a high scholastic re- cord. She is a friend indeed to all her fellow classmates. Active in dramatics, she has dis- played her talent in many productions. Her sterling character is the foundation of her pop- ularity in school. WILMA RUANE Sodality Z,3,4 . . . Rosa Mystica 3 . . . Missal Club 3,4 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Medical Missions 4 . . . Le Cercle Frangais 4 . . . Senior Dramat- ics . . . Rosarium Staff4 . . . A.P.S.L. 2,3 . . . Latin Honor Society l,Z,3 . . . Honor Roll l . . . Co-Chmn. Sacristans 4 . . . Rep. Student Coun- cil Z . . . Sec'y. Student Council 3 . . . Honorary Member N.A.S.C. 4 Can any wind blow rough upon a blossom so fair and tender ?" Elaine is one of our outstanding students in more ways than one. Scholastically, she does her job well, but she always manages to have a bright smile and a comforting word for those who find progress more arduous. If personal service is needed, she is always ready, and if you are looking for someone who is exceptionally loyal to her Alma Mater, page Elaine. ELAINE SALVO Sodality l,Z,3,4 . . . Our Lady's Committee 2 . . . Sedes Sapientiae 3 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Legion of Decency Z . . . Glee Club l,3,4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 2 . . . Dramatic Club 3,4 . . . Latin Honor Society 1,Z,3 . . . A.P.S.L. Award magna cum laude 3 . - -Honor Roll l,Z,3,4 . . . Pres. Le Cercle Francais 4 . . . Editor-in-Chief Rosarium 4. "All life is activity and joy is the normal accom- paniment of that activity." Terry is like a three-leaf clover. On the first leaf is the student who maintains honor roll ratingsg on the second, the gifted actress who has made a hit with her audiences through the four years at Narding and on the third, the girl with a vivacious personality and clever wit. We were lucky to have her as companion, for she's a sweet- heart whom we both love and admire. TERESA SCHWAB 39 Sodality l,2,3,4 . . . Ianua Caeli 3,4 . . . Senior Dramatics "Round her lies the silence of the world of graces." Very seldom has Mary been seen in the halls without a smile on her lips and a gleam in her eye. Without a harsh word, she accepts the bad with the good in life's path. Mary's modest man- ner has aided her in making lasting friends throughout her four years at the academy. MARY SPAGNUOLO Glee Club l,2,3,4 . . . Athletic Club 3,4 . . . Latin Club 3,4 . . . Dancing Club 3 . . . Cor Mariae Staff Z . . . A.P.S.L. 2,3. "Only a sweet and virtuous soul Like seasoned timber, never giveS." Our Connie is a quiet,pleasant girl who ex- cels in sports. Captain of last year's Junior Varsity Basketball Team, she spurred the girls on to many victories. CONSTANCE STANFORD Sodality l,2.,3,4 . . . Ianua Caeli 3,4 . . . Social Action Committee 3 . . . Glee Club l,2,3,4 . . . Junior Red Cross 4 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Sec'y. Glee Club 3 . . . Rep. Student Council 3, 4 . . . Class Banker 4 . . . Vice-Pres. Biology Club 4. "Three themes in one, which wondrous scope af- fords: Fair, Kind and True." When thinking of Flo, one recalls the title "Sense and Sensibility." Her popularity is partly due to her "big sisterliness" towards her classmates, who were not slow to recog- nize this sterling quality. An added ingredi- ent in her personality is her school spirit: her enthusiasm for Nardin and its ideals is infec- tious. FLORENCE STARZYNSKI 40 Sodality l,2,3,4 . . . Apostolic Committee 2 . . . Sedes Sapientiae 3 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Legion of Decency 1,2 . . . Career Guidance 3 . . . Glee Club l,2,3,4 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Art Club 3 . . . Junior Red Cross 4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Cor Mariae Staff 3,4 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Latin Honor Society l,Z,3 . . . A.P.S.L. . .. cum laude Award Z and magna cum laude Award ' 3 . . . Honor Rol1l,Z,3,4 . . . Chmn. SDS 3 . . . Editor-in-chief Cor Mariae 4 . . . Vice-Pres. Student Council 4. "Sober, steadfast, and demure, Thy rapt soul sitting in thine eyes." She's the girl of many talents, each one a specialty. Music, singing, art and writing are but a few of the fields in which she excels. Editor-in-chief of the Cor Mariae, and vice- president of the Student Council, Chris is gen- erous with her time and talents. She still finds . CHRISTINE SZELEST time to be a real friend to everyone. Sodality Z,3,4 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Legion of Decency Z,3,4 . . . Glee Club 2,3,4 . . . Athletic Club 3 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Dramatic Club 3, 4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 2,4 . . . A.P.S.L. 1,Z. "And yet a spirit still and bright With something of angelic light." Petite and blond, Elizabeth Anne cuts a neat figure on the ice at the Buffalo Skating Club. Her love for dramatics has found expression in the number of dramatic roles played during her high school days. Sweet by nature, she never loses her gentleness and calm. ELIZABETH ANNE TATU Sodality 2,3,4 . . . Rosa Mystica 3 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Glee Club 4 . . . Dancing Club 3 . . Biology Club 4 . . . Art Club 3 . . . Latin Club 3, 4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . A.P.S.L. l,2,3 . . . Honor Roll 1. "Her eyes were deeper than the depth Of waters stilled and even." Her mild manner and modest charm portray her as a true child of Mary. Her lovely soft brown eyes give hint of her deep understanding nature. Catherine possesses a certain warm spirit of friendliness which melts the hardest of hearts. CATHERINE TORRE 41 Sodality l,2,3,4 . . . Rosa Mystica 3 . . . Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Medical Missions 4 . . . Biology Cl-ub 4 . . , Dramatic Club 3 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Cor Mariae Staff 3,4 . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Honor Roll 1 . . . A.P.S.L. 2,3 . . . Pres. Junior Class . . . Sec'y. and Treas. Biology Club 4. "The smiles that win, the tints that glow But tell of days in goodness spent." Pos sessing a generous and dependable na- ture, Carol has been called upon to perform many important tasks. Her happy disposition is shown in her gay outlook on life and in her con- tagious laugh. Very friendly and courteous she is popular in and out of school. CAROL VERTALINO Legion of Decency 2,3 . . . Sacristan 3 . . . Glee Club l,2,4 . . . Athletic Club 3 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Dramatic Club 4 . . . Cor Mariae Staff 3 . . . Rosariurn Staff4 . . . A.P.S.L. 2 . . . Sec'y. Art Club 3 . . . Pres. Art Club 4 . . . Vice-Pres. Junior Class. "Elusive as an elfin trumpet Or rainbow treasure." Popular, effervescent Barb has a flair for dramatics when she's not attending a football game between Canisius and St. Joe's. She has a yen for trouble, but always in a harmless man- ner. Her winning personality makes her well loved by everyone. BARBARA WEG LE Y Sodality l,2,3,4 . . . Rosa Mystica 2,3 . . . Medi- cal Missions 4 . . . Legion of Decency 4 . . . Missal Club 4 . . . Junior Red Cross 3,4 . . . Glee Club 1,2 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Cor Mariae Staff 2 . . . Treas. Sophomore Class . . . Sec'y. Junior Class . . . Co-Chmn. Ianua Caeli 4 . . . Vice-Prefect Sodality 4. "Where thoughts serenely sweetly express How pure, how dear their dwelling place." Ruth is a girl whom everyone enjoys knowing. Sweetness and sincerity are most evident in this willing worker. Her essential goodness wins everybody around her and leaves a lasting impres sion. We shall always cherish her friendship. RUTH WINTER 42 Glee Club l,Z,3,4 . . . Art Club 3 . . . A.P.S.L. 1,2 . . . Junior Red Cross 4 . . . Career Guid- ance 4 . . . Senior Dramatics . . . Rosarium Staff 4 . . . Latin Honor Society l,Z,3 . . . Honor Roll l,Z,3,4 . . . Chmn. Banking 4. "My dearest meed,a friend's esteem and praise." Flowing tresses and a trim appearance mark Gloria as somebody extra special. Charm and grace, plus a determination to succeed, are char- acteristics of her. She'l1 tackle a job and put her all into it cheerfully and willingly. Gloria ranks high, not only in the scholarship department of Nardin, but also in the hearts of everyone. GLORIA WORK Sacristan 3 . . . Social Action Committee 3 . . Legion of Decency 2,3 . . . Glee Club l,Z,4 . . . Art Club 3 . . . Athletic Club 3 . . . Dancing Club 3 . . . Biology Club 3 . . . Junior Red Cross 4 . . . A.P.S.L. l,Z. "With soft, low tongue and lowly courtesy." Speaking in just such soft and low tones Camille enchants everyone she meets. A pleasant person with a keen sense of humor,she is a real favorite with her classmates who love her and will always remember her with a smile. A CLASS ELOZVES E K N .1 E I f , I If z:.zS2.32a2sf Fi! y X Q -97 43 w 1 l 1,4-f""" Clays Cs EMORY is a burning candle, penetrating the dark with its cheerful glow. It gives vitality to the humdrum of our lives. It radiates joy, filling the heart with its warmth, though the past be far or near. Now, let the light of memory fall upon our years at Nardin, filling us with a deep sense of nostalgia. September 1950 It was a pleasant day in the typical Indian summer weather of September. Sixty-four of us, anxious freshmen, hesitatingly approached the welcoming doors at 135 Cleveland Avenue. This was Nardin Academy which we would grow to love deeply in the next four years. When we stepped inside, we immediately felt the "homey" atmosphere among teachers and students. We were soon scurrying about to see where our rooms would be and who would be our teachers. We climbed to the third floor where Miss Kathryn Wirtenberger of 303 and Miss Kathleen Kolp of 304 greeted us warmly, and where we quickly made friends. We soon discovered that three of our fellow students had gone to Nardin in the grades. Olivia Endres boasted of being a Nardin girl from first gradeg Paula Amigone arrived in fifth and Carolyn Linkner in seventh grade. September flew by and soon ominous rumors drifted our way. They all centered about that day of reckoning ---- initia- tion. One October night, the gym was transformed into a ranch, where we tenderfoots became full-fledged members of Nardin. We gave our interpretation of cowboys and rodeos, as we were put to the test. Afterwards, we realized how much we had en- joyed it and that the seniors had won our friendship completely. Our first Retreat was a welcome spiritual event that started us down the right road for our high school days. It was once said, "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of," and Father Lawless, O.M.I., our retreat master, proved it to us. - As Christmas time drew near, we found ourselves memo- rizing parts, fitting costumes and moving sets. The Freshman Class was presenting the story of the Nativity and the visit of the Magi in "The Plains of Bethlehem." We'1l never forget the pleasure we had in giving that production at the Christmas As- sembly. In the following month, we studied hard for exams. We learned the meaning of "b1ue books." In the meantime, we e- lected Carolyn Linkner as our first class president. Then, many of us started instruction classes in the Sodal- ity under the guidance of Lucille Biondolillo, prefect, and Ann Campagna, vice-prefect. When we were finally accepted on May 18, we promised Our Lord and His Blessed Mother that we would be true Sodalists, living according to Sodality rules. Near the end of the year, we had the novel experience of preparing for our first high school dance. That Freshman-Soph- omore Frolic was a tremendous success. 44 Hilary Many wonderful things happened that first year, but much more still awaited us in the years that followed. September 1951 When we returned after a wonderful summer, we greeted our old friends and took our places again on the third floor. fThat was our only disappointment that year--the repeated trudge up three flights of stairs., Miss Mary Donahue and Miss Mary Hagerty were our homeroom teachers Under their guidance we gained in wisdom and grace. Two new members joined us, Geraldine de Ledn and Rose Marie Caputy. The latter had just arrived from Denver. They quickly made their way into our hearts. Geometry proved to be a delightful toyg the typewriters became worn with our enthusiasm. Latin was continued and we discovered that Caesar was not only a television star, but a famous Roman general, emperor and statesman as well. Thanks to Miss Shell, all the Sophomores who took the Nationwide Latin Competitive Exam rated above average. With Miss Ballard as our his- tory teacher, we became old hands at taking part in panel discussions. When June came, we took our first high school Regents. In spring, a candy sale drive was under way and the sophomores gave it their fullest support. Every girl helped to make the project really profitable. Near the end of that year, the Student Council was formed. Loretta Hubert and Elaine Salvo were our first homeroom representatives. Our second social venture in high school was the Freshman-Sophomore Hop of 1951. We were well versed in the art of decorating by then. Hardly had we recovered from the whirls and twirls when it was again exam time. We waited apprehensively for the mailman. When, at last, he delivered our report cards, our faces were wreathed in smiles. We were juniors at last ---- real upperclassmenl September 1952. Our junior year started on a rainy day in September. Half our class were overjoyed at the prospect of a homeroom on the first floor with Miss Danmeyer as our teacher. Although the other half had to tramp up to the second floor, they were compensated by again having Miss Mary Hagerty as their homeroom teacher. As upperclassmen, we assumed our responsibilities with great enthusiasm. Intermediate al- gebra and Cicero's Orations were no cinch, but Miss Doll and Miss Fleming pulled us through. Our business students mastered shorthand and business law with efficiency. Something new had been added. Once a week we were to have speech lessons, given by Mrs. Mary Barrett Healy, whom we soon took to our hearts. We received two additions to our class that year, Theresa Palermo and Elaine Fisher, both of whom were warmly welcomed. We were very disappointed to see Miss Lanou leave us temporarily for France, but Miss Shell capably took over her office. An extensive activity 'program was inaugurated and the response from our class was over- whelming. Several of our girls held office in the various clubs. Twila Doucet became treasurer of the Sodality while Nina Kulick handled the office of secretary. Marie Genco was president of the French Club and Elaine Salvo secretary of Student Councilg Barbara Swan and Florence Star- zynski represented the junior homerooms. Y 45 In November, four juniors, Marie Genco, Carolyn Linkner, Teresa Schwab and Christine Szelest, had the happy privilege of taking part in the senior play. They were thrilled and grate- ful for that opportunity. In the spring, the Junior Class was put in charge of the annual candy sale. With Wilma Ruane as chairman, it was a grand success. Elizabeth Anne Tatu established herself as top saleswoman in the drive. This year, Geraldine de Ledn and Nina Kulick were chosen to represent Nardin as the country of Turkey at the Model United Nations General Assembly held at Buffalo State Teachers College. With May,c ame the Junior-Senior Prom, our first formal, held in the Crystal Room of the Hotel La- fayette. Later, on May 13, we royally feted the deserving seniors with the Junior-Senior Banquet, at Leonardo' s Restaurant. Elaine Salvo welcomed the seniors and the faculty to the gala evening. Carol Vertalino, our class president, complimented the seniors on their successful four years. On Class Day in 1953, we moved up to senior places and received the legacy left by the Class of '53. We were now the SENIORS of Nardin Academy. September l953 That happy September day when school reopened, a group of us confidently entered the Academy. We were the seniors, experienced, calm and collected. Recalling our own timidity and sense of in- security in commencing high school, we realized that the new freshmen needed help. As a result, we continued the big sister movement to aid the latest arrivals in the Nardin family. The following week, we elected officers. Nina Kulick and Kathleen Macaluso became our sen- ior president and vice-president. Soon after, our Student Council began its second successful year with Marie Genco at the wheel, ably assisted by Vice-President Christine Szelest. Our represen- tatives this year were Olivia Endres and Florence Starzynski. In the Sodality, Twila Doucet be- came this year's prefect and Ruth Winter vice-prefect. On October 7, Nardin Toyland was filled with story-book and comic strip characters and a host of toys. Now, we were initiating the freshmen with the competent assistance of lovable Blood- rietta, the witch of the ginger-bread house. When our class rings arrived, we swelled with pride because they were the insignia of our sen- iority. Eagerly we thrust our gems before the admiring eyes of the underclassmen. We were again excited when the girls voted to repeat the publication of a yearbook. We vigor- ously undertook to make ours even better than that of our predecessors. On December 9, when the Trapp Family Singers gave a benefit concert for our school, we sen- iors together with the juniors, felt honored to be ushers at Kleinhans Music Hall. In its second year as a printed newspaper, the "Cor Mariae," under the editorship of Christine Szelest, again won an award in the scholastic Tuberculosis Contest. Christine's essay brought this honor to Na rdin. Also around this time, the Annual Oratorical Contest was heldg Marie Genco, Nina Kulick and Wilma Ruane competed with essays on the Constitution. With her warm and poignant oration, Wilma won the school finals and went on to compete in higher fields. With Nina's announcement that the seniors were invited to the highlight of the holiday season, the annual Alumnae Dance held at the Hotel Statler, there began a flurry over gowns, "dates,"tickets and general party talk. The awaited evening arrived and will long linger in our memories. Then, the seniors anticipated the presentation of "The Song of Bernadette." A double cast al- ternated performances on February 26 and 28. We were thrilled to offer this tribute to Our Lady during the Marian year. When the closed retreat began, we were seriously bent on becoming closer to God. It was awon- derful opportunity to prime our souls for what lies ahead. The last social whirl of high school days caught the seniors and spun them around with happiness. The Junior-Senior Prom, the Junior-Senior Banquet, and the Mother-Daughter Luncheon---all are happy memories now. We have shared with you the golden glow from our candle of happy memories. May its mellow light cast its radiance down through the years. 46 , UST as the side chapels, with their masterpieces of art and sculpture I enhance the beauty of Mary's basilica, so do the extra-curricular activities at Nardin en- . rich our character. Participation in the various clubs is voluntary for us. The program is diverse enough to satisfy the multiplicity of talents and the budding interests of teen-agers. The spiritual yearning for the Christ life is satisfied by the Sodality with its emphasis on personal holiness leading to Catholic Action. The opportunity of developing our personality along intellectual, artistic and social lines is afforded by the various clubs and student organizations. Thus interest is broadened over a wide area. We have found the club program an excellent medium by which we become better acquainted with our classmates. Informal atmospheres bring out factors that are not seen in the classroom. Working as a team strengthens the bond of fellowship among us, thereby awakening school spirit and a feeling' of unity. Planning our projects and sharing in the responsibility of seeing them through to a successful finish develops not only a leader with initiative, but also a good follower. Truly, our activities form an integral part of our character building. As the altars in the side chapels contribute to God's glory, so, we hope, our activities give greater honor to our Heavenly Father. Aclzwizkf ff! I I Mary Louise Campbell, Secretaryg Marie Genco, President: Christine Szelest, Vice-President: Kathleen Gillis, Treasurer. X STUDENT COUNCIL ASSISTANTS First row: S. Casey, T. Wlodarczak, M. Cannizzaro, R. M. Caputy, I. A. Di Pasquale, C. Vertalino, M. A. Pasquarella. Second row: G. Gehl, G. Sendlak. Florence Starzynski, Olivia Endres, Elizabeth Wechter, Christine Szelest, Marie Genco X president, Mary Louise Campbell, Carmella Lazzaro, Jeannie Baker, Elaine Salvo, Sally N Callari, Kathleen Gillis. UR Student Council, affiliated with the NASC, has done much for the good of the school. During its brief lifetime of only two years, it has been true to its purposes: To establish friendly relations between the students and the faculty and so maintain a hom- ier atmosphere at schoolg To ensure every individual a voice in the government of her school. As the students' servant, the Council brings to its meetings Student problems and suggestions to be studied, evaluated and submitted to the authorities for consideration. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Heart of Mary, it aims to uphold the highest standards and work for the betterment of the school. 48 CENTRAL COUNCIL Left side: T. Doucet, prefect: A. Flynn, secretary: E, Stefaniak, chairman Rosa Mystica Right side: R. Winter, vice-prefect: B, Pidgeon, co-chairman: Rosa Mystica E. Wechter, treasurer IANUA CAELI First row: C. Torre, P. Amigone, I, Lew, C. Linkner, N. Kulick, T. Doucet, M.A. Delames, J. Puleo. Second row: C. Vcrtalino, M. Down- ing, T. Schwab, W. Ruane, N. Moy- lan, R. Winter, S. Hobson, O. Endres. Third row: M. Genco, E. A. Tatu, M. Spagnuolo, M. Cannizzaro, A.Lanza, N. Cannizzaro, I. Callari, J. Castro, F. Starzynski. Fourth row: E. Salvo, cj Zgliczynski, R. A. Bongi, I. Mur- phy, Fisher, C. A. DeYot. J. A. Bongi, C. Szelest, C. Schrag. CWHE Sodality of Our Lady, an association founded by the Society of Je- sus and approved by the Holy See, is a re- ligious body which aims at fostering inits mem- bers an ardent devotion, reverence and filial love toward the Blessed Virgin Mary. Through this devo- tion and with the protection of so good a Motherit seeks to make the faithful gathered together under her name good Catholics, sincerely bent on sanctifying themselves, each in his state of life, and zeal- ous, as far as their condition in life permits, to save and sanctify their neighbor and to defend the Church of Jesus Christ against the attacks of the wicked." ROSA MYSTICA PAMPHLET RACK COMMITTEE First row: M. Conti, J. Morreale, C. Calandra, L. Caparella, M. M. Wagner, J Manta, B, Pidgeon, J. Baker. Second row: M. A. Mahiques, S. Steigerwald, D. Woz- niak, I. Kubiszyn, A. Tomasulo, I. Zaker, D. Burnes, E. Stefaniak-chairman, E. Wechter, J. Saab. Third row: T. Wlodarczak, C. Capizzi, I. Miller, P. Papa, D. Szmania, C. Biondolillo, A. Flynn, M. L. Campbell. T. Wlodarczak, E. Wachter, E. Stefaniak-chairman MEDICAL MISSION BAND all , s ls ,---.. Foreground: J. Morreale, J. Castro-chairman, L. Caparella. Background: R. Winter, T. Doucet, S. Steigerwald, E. Salvo, M. A. Mahiques, W. Ruane, D. Burnes, J. A. Bongi, M, M, Wagner. 50 eq 4114 MATER DEI CANDIDATES First row: A. Sardina, P. Ervolino, J. Sperrazza, C. Messina, M. A. Lochocki, I. Bayerl. Second row: P. Benintende, M. Coughlin, P. BULLETIN BOARD COMMITTEE Osiecki, R. Sottile, B. Lo Vallo, I. Hoffmeyer, C. Grimaldi, M. Bell, K. Burger. , Third row: J. Rollek, A. Stasinski, N. Hoppe, J. Henry, J. Saeli, M. Michalski, M. A. Boch- nik, P. Orlando, C. Lazzaro. M. A. Regan. Fourth row: D. Doerr, R. La Duca, K. Gillis, S. Callari, M. Smith, I. Oriss, M. Timineri, A. Vaivo, L. Dentice, B. Schalk, N. Pfoertner, J. Leonard, C. McKnight, D. l-lowland. I. Morreale, M. Conti-chairman, SANCTUARY COMMITTEE M. A. Mahiques, C. Calandra. W for of t. A. wr "':1f:..u-,x ,M I X M. A. Lochocki, C. Biondolillo, C. Linkner-chairman, M. La Nasa, . L. Caparella, M. Michalski, J. DX Saeli, R. Sotrjle. N Le Ceffcle me Fmncmk p Q 4 Q 1 1 I gglrwih A if ,. +A fa xii Q, l wffvy.-:wasp N QRANCE H . Nx, C? 1 H 2 mf' J QQ ., f 7 gil .,.HfullllHHl First row: J. Saab, T. Schwab-Pres., K. Macaluso, E. Wechter, B. Pidgeon, J. Manta. W Se ' I. Crato. Third row: I. Lew, M. L. Campbell, M. Michalski, W. Ruane, I. Byrne, R. La Duca, A. Tomasulo, E. Graziano, D. Wozniak, P. Orlando, M. Genco, E. Salvo. .52 P. Mietus. Fourth row: M.M. Wagner, pond row: N. Kulick, J. Miller, P. Papa, G, de Leon, G. Golba, C. Calandra, D. Bumes, J. Baker, element in our act1v1t1es To quote Miss Ryba, moderator of the club, its aim is 'to do every-thing 1n the French way." At meetings, the members become familiar with the customs and life in France. Le Cer- cle Francais brings Paris to Nardin, Paris - city of songs, gaiety and the Mardi Gras. Also, skits, charades, and plays aid in putting into practical use the vocabulary and background learned in class. Here we see the happy merging of fun and learning. E Cercle Francais is the French Pulcbme Ramvmaze 'J -'X' yx s Q r X X I 'N CWI-IE Latin Club was formed in order to make xi I the study of Latin more enjoyable by supple- N ' l merfting class study with related subject matter. S X 1 The club tries to acquaint its members with the o ' 7 ancient Roman customs and ideas in such a way I as to make it a profitable and certainly a pain- less process of acquiring knowledge. Through the reading of books pertaining to Roman days and research on a specific aspect of Roman culture, MISS BARBARA M- F-LEMING the club successfully accomplishes its aim. The Moderator highlight of the year was the play, given entirely in Latin, which not only enriched the students' knowledge, but presented to the audience an en- tirely different and refreshing type of drama. mm 5 me IHIHHI H1 as if hun nn u U I sv 5, - - fD67DG75 U U G7 Q Q Q First row: Marilyn Bell, Catherine Torre, Deanna Bumes, Leontine Kaitanowski Inez Ba erl . y . Sccond row: Jacqueline Saab, Constance Stanford, Mary Louise Campbell, Olivia Endrcs, Elaine Stefaniak. Third row: Margaret Mary Wagner, Joyce Murphy, Carol Pomana. 53 Florence Starzynski, Mary Cala, Elaine Stefaniak, Nancy Can- nizzaro, Susan Biniszkiewicz, Joan Zaker. Standing: Ann Flynn, Joyce Murphy, Sybil Steigerwald, Janice Kubiszyn, Carol Verta- lino, Catherine Torre, Theresa Wlodarczak. 1 N order to broaden the knowledge 1 of the students in non-curriculum N scientific material, the Biology Club was formed. The members, all cur- rent biology students, worked out sev- eral group projects. They partici- pated in an Autumn Field Day, a Spring Hike and a trip to the Science Museum. These events along with a Biology Party and the timely bulletin board displays, provided an interest- ing and enjoyable year for all members. tx Q14 OO db E I lfirst row: P. Orlando, P. Cristina, J. Oriss, P. Ervolino, R. La Duca, A, Simon, V, Lo Tempio, B. Wegley-president, S. Dikeman, E. Dux, C. Messina, J, Rizzo. Second row: C. Driscoll, E. Dyte, J. Curcio, J. Marotta, N. Dicianne, M. A. Salvati. Standing, third row: R, Abrickis, C, Wargin, A, M. Pepe, E. Lojacono, C. Lazzaro, B. Palermo, C. Greco. CXHE purpose of the Art Club is to V encourage the love of beauty in God's creation. Outdoor painting was the first incentive to this goal. Later the members studied figures to learn the value of line, shape and rhythm in promoting beauty and harmony. Their work was on display at various times during the year. In December, the first floor windows were decorated with Christ- mas scenes. In the spring, there was an ex- hibit of portraits and il- lustrations. Nardin life was depicted by the club -V in a frieze of compar- able size. Lilian i Dance Cfubf Q?-193' 'V da . N, W, Foreground: Lucille Burns, Madeline Fuchs, Jean Miceli, Joanne Ambrose, Theresa Mahiques, Gloria Messana, Carolyn Ruggiero, Rosalie Vacanti, Neilda Bravo, Patricia De Cillis, Julie Cleary, Santina Cosmano. Background: Mary Korzelius, Leila Vitello, Christina Wargin, Carmela Amato, Rosalie Acklcy, Judith Byrne, Eugenia Tryjankowski, Mary Ann Schwab, Arlene Dominczak, Sally Ann Quinn, Lois Weichmann, Judith King, Lucy Spogis, Rose Marie Palermo. Carolyn Limeri, Mary Jane Becker, Gertrude Genco, Barbara Lesh, Frances Arcara, Maria Carbone, Sue Mc Gorray, Judy Racsumberger, Virginia Burnes, Patricia Brennan, Kathleen Baecher, Mary K. Pepe, Gayle Ray, Rolann Kuhn, Barbara Kubala, Marcella Fronczak, Patricia Onasch, Esther Valenti, Bertha Palermo, llelen Linch, Joanne Ott, Maria Wiesman, Cathleen Jordan, Loretta Weber. 56 S-sa-4 'siza- gf' Q ...ii Y so '.""',- '-s as S we .s e A ' s , if -.5 'Ss ,...1--""'s,L. ,pf iw C N Q A. 4M,'v.v.v,v-V C N Q N Q v.vOv.v,Y V Kneeling: Elizabeth Zolkiewicz, Angela Valvo, Antoinette Stasinski, Joan Rollek. Standing: Mary Ann Lochocki, Janet Henry, Diana Wozniak, Theresa Wlodarczak. 5529. , Ai, ' O c I uf", A 020 4 Q' gg' JL- .O. o t :-1 X -as ge' R 1 V6 V00 5VVV CHE Wlde var1ety of dances taught by structor, has contnbuted to the po1se and grace of the club members The classes 'W ' ,vw v - - vvvvv ,, - VWYYY Mrs. T. Zolkiewicz, our dancing in- . . . , Nr have also promoted a Splrlt of frtendhness among the g1r1s and g1ven them an assur Waltz ance on the dance floor The performance of a Pohsh folk dance, the Krakow1ak, by Tango some of the members at the Sodahty Va rlety Show held at Can1s1us H1gh School, Polka was well rece1ved Others gave ev1dence of the1r talent and tra1n1ng on Fathers Rhumba Nlght and on the day of Open House. Rheinlander ,,A,,v v u,,,-.v v VAOAAAAQ Q4 vs- Square Dance 57 Swiss Folk Dance Kujawiak Folk Dance Foreground: F. Castronova, M. Gonzalez. First row: E. Wechter, M. Genco, I. Morreale, C. Calandra, A. Lanza, R. Kuhn, L. Caparella, R. Ackley. Second row: M. A. Mahiques, C. Greco, E, Graziano, H. Linch, M. A. Bochnik, E. Valenti, E. Dyte, M. A. Lochocki, S. Quinn. Third row: M. Conti, C. Stanford, E. Tryjankowski, C. De Yot, B. Pidgeon, G. Ray, N. Dicianne. NDER the direction of Mrs. Cecelia Roy Kenny, the Glee Club endeavors to develop the musical talents of the stu- dent body and to increase appreciation for the best in the world of song. Among their varied activities, the members of the Cho- rus sing at the Christmas Assembly, at the Emergency Hospital and at Graduation. First row: P. De Cillis, N. Pfoertner, M. A. Salvati. Gfee Cfub First row: E. A. Tatu, E. Fisher, T. Mahiques, J. Miller, P. Papa. Second row: C. Zgliczynski, M. La Nasa, F. Starzynski, C. Torre, M. Korzelius, C. Biondolillo. Third row: T. Schwab, N. Moylan, R. Winter, G. Work, C. Szelest, M. Dovsming, C. Jordan, W. Ruane, R. A. Bongi. Fourth row: K. Baecher, P. Benintende, L. Weber, S. Steigerwald, C. Messina, C. Driscoll. Second row: M. M. Wagner, R. M. Palermo, J. Hoffmeyer, I. Bayerl, R. Vacanti, G. Messana, G. Genco, J. Cleary, A. Valvo. Third row: G. Gehl, J. A. Bongi, I. Saeli, G. Sendlak, B. I. Hadyn, D. Szmania, E. Delahanty, J.A. Di Pasquale, L, Weichmann, B. Palermo, K. Mc Gorray, N. Bravo, M. Flaherty. Fourth row: I. King, L, Burns, M. Fronczak, B. Kubala, C. Grimaldi, A. Dominczak, G. de Ledn, M Di Pasquale, M. Polito, K. Condon, S. Mc Gorray. f - Calf Marine Proof reading -di Planning Tvpmg COPY .f wt- CSHE "Cor Mariae," our school newspaper, is the result of the joint effort of the en- tire group. The process of preparing the news- paper offers the girls not only an opportunity of learning in a practical way the technique of writing for publication, but also affords prac- tice in planning and designing the layout, in typing copy, in editing, in pasting up a dummy, and in proof reading. Membership on the staff is competitive. Only after writing four publishable articles,is this privi- lege merited by the junior journalists. The "Cor Mariae" has received for its second successive year an a- ward inthe Tuberculosis contest. The editors try to present school news in "an impartial and unbiased manner with charity toward all." . . . th d , Right. Pasting up e ummy. 14 Seated: C. Szelest, editor-in-chief, B. Pidgeon, L. Caparella, N. Moylan, T. Palermo, R. A. Bongi, E. A. Tatu, J. A. Bongi, R. M Moribello, M. Downing, E. Delahanty, J. Zaker, I. Bayerl, J. Saab. Standing: J. Baker, C. Biondolillo, D. Szmania, M. La Nasa, S. Steigerwald, M. L. Campbell, G. Sendlak, C. Vertalino, F. Cas- tronova, B. J. Hadyn, D, Wozniak. 59 Q1 L11 I M XXX I' , I WI! fi A: J Q l' -:s Q A "1 N H S so A ,X 4 11'??1A:v ff it li E E 'Q Y 'll .-11 ll' QD Q 'J n i I ill '73 'll I I 1 1 I I Paula Mietus, Josephine Castro, Elizabeth Wechter, Theresa Wlodarczak, Elaine Stefaniak, Teresa Schwab, Wilma Ruane, Barbara Wegley, Elizabeth Anne Tatu, Elizabeth Zolkiewicz, Jean Manta, 5671107 Dwimagizc Cfgzb T is the aim of the Senior Dra- matic Group to foster a keen appreciation of the theater in its various aspects. Some meetings were spent in the discussion of plays seen on the stage, movies or TV programs, from the stand- point of speech, good taste and true art. At others, the girls were familiarized with the basic items needed for theater make-up and its correct application. Dur- ing the year, at assemblies and for special groups, they presented several stage productions. The senior and sophomore groups com- bined to present scenes from the lives of the Trapp Family Singers. The senior group also gave "Scenes from Alice in Wonderland," in which the girls learned how to play fantasy. They also did some ex- citing workin costume and scene design. A special "Reading Group" presented Francis Thompson's "The Hound of Heaven." Elaine Salvo, Kathleen Macaluso. 60 First row: N. Pfoertner, B. Allard, P. O- siecki, J. Oriss. Second row: P. Ryan, M. Tama, R. Sottile, N. lloppe, C. McKnight, J. Henry, K. Gillis. Centerback- L Stoll E. Vertalino, M. Bell, M. Smith sw M 4 ii- "K if H F ui' CHE Sophomore Dramatic 4 Club provides interested and talented students with the opportunity of working together and sharing the responsibility of play production. The mem- bers participated in a variety of plays. At the Christmas As- sembly, they presented "Angel Child" and in February, a pa- triotic pageant featuring our National Ballads in song, story and dance. fqbbomoffe Dmmazizb Cfub D X - Ei: :FI E lj ,W It 0 H U li at 17 lg V4 FH I ff ' no Q rvN f'VVNfV1 Carmella Lazzaro, Grace Pepe, Ida Moscato, Joan Saeli, Mildred Timineri, Marilyn Smith. 61 FV65hW4dW Dmmzzlzb Cfub CWC acquaint those freshmen interested in theatri- cal work with stage procedure, to aid in the de- velopment of poise and to help put them at ease before large groups are the purposes of the Freshman Drama Grou . The main project of the year was the presen First row: B. Lesh, V. Lo Tempio. Second row: M. Flaherty, S. Quinn, B. Kubala, P, Brennan, F. Arcara. Third row: M. K. Pepe, C. Jordan, G. Genco, E. Dux, "THE KNAVE OF HEARTS" 1... P - M. Cilrbvrlfl, I. Ambrose, M. Fronczak tation of "The Knave of Hearts." The freshmen have had other opportunities of producing original skits as the result of regular class work. Proclaiming the decree of Augustus If 'W F failure Coming to adore Angels and shepherds 1 62 1 X., fi -,s Telling the story ofthe First Christmas JN667765 from 0 --,...,.A. JM Bernadette becomes ill after eating the grass and mud at the spring. fo mcg of B6Wfl6l6l76ff6 Keg:-,Y iixsifiiy me Bernadette's family visits her at the Convent at Nevers. 63 22 lil E 115 V X M. I. Becker, I. Ott, P. Cristina, L. Weichmann, V. Palermo, K. Condon, E. Tryjankowski, A. Domincza Burnes, C. Lazzaro, S. McGorray, I. King, R. M. k. Fffefbmam Aibfeizb Cfub De Cillis, Lazzaro, Ruggiero, Cosmano, Miceli, Valenti, M. Schmitt M. Palermo, Ackley, Baecher, RAY 56 .. W -.-vw 64 "Q-nf' Patricia Onasch, Leila Vitello, Madeline Fuchs, Rosalie Vacanti fenzwf Aibleizb Club 0 First row: M, smith, E, Stefaniak, K. Gillis, T. Wlodarczak. Second row: A, Valvo, A, Tomasulo, E. Graziano, B. Lo Vallo, K. McGorray, S. Biniszkiewicz, J. Baker, A, Lanza. Third row: C. Stanford, M. Bochnik, L. Stoll, N. Hoppe, A. Flynn, C. Mulholland, I. Callari. 'TNCOURAGEMENT is ,given to developing healthy bodies by partici- pation in sports outside of gym classes. These clubs furnish Nardin girls with an outlet for all excess energy and develop in them the ideals of real team- work and sportsman- ship. The year be- gan with many live- ly games of volley- ball and ended with some exciting in terclass softball. Basketball games against rival schools afforded the club many opportunities to develop a friendly com- petitive spirit. . W uw www -W First row: D. Doerr, G. de Leon, J. A. Bongi, W. Ruane, M. Schleicher, I. Murphy, R. A. Bongi, Second row: J. Puleo, A. Sardina, C. Linkner, P. Benintende. Top row: M. Coughlin. 65 'Sf Foreground: Anna Fabozzi. Seated: Gloria Work, Judy Byrne, Bar- bara Swan, Ida Callari, Geraldine de Le6n, Josephine Puleo. Standing: Eileen Delahanty, Delphine Szmania, Carol De Yot-president, Mary Gonzalez, Rose Marie Caputy, Carol Schrag. Bd1flk67f5 CHE habit of thrift is in itself an edu- cation." Its encouragement is the pur pose of student banking. Regular savings rather than large amounts are suggested. The homeroom bankers entered the girls' deposits each Tuesday and compiled an ac- curate weekly report of their room's bank- ing. Seated: G. Work-chairman, D, Doerr. Standing, first row: G. Genco, G. de Le6n, B. Pidgeon, E. Dyte, F. Starzynski, I. King, V. L0 Tempio, E. Stefaniak, B. Kubala, A. Lanza, I. Puleo. Second row: C. Stanford, A. Flynn, E. Vertalino, J. Crato G. Messana. Cmfeezf Gmbfamae CQHE Career Guidance Club endeavors to supplement knowledge obtained in the class- room regarding opportunities in the various vocational fields open to women. Stimulating reports, followed by discussion, present both the advantage s and disadvan- tages ofthe various careers. A1- so, during the year, guest speakers are invited to address the group. Thus, firsthand informationis se- cured from persons intimately ac- quainted with the careers of their choice. 66 i Seated: T. Palermo, L. Caparella, E. Fisher, M. Cala, C. Zgliczyn- ski, F. Starzynski, N. Kulick -chair- man, K. Macaluso. Standing: C. Capizzi, M. A. Ma- hiques, M. Conti, B. Schalk, M.A. Bochnik, M. A. Regan, D. Doerr, R. Sottile, I. Morreale, A. Flynn, C. Szelest, M. Genco, C. Calan- dra, P. Ryan, J. Byrne. fumwf CHE volunteer Junior Red Cross Organization af- for s an opportunity to show that we care about others and are willing to share our bless- ings with the less fortunate. It makes us happy to be able to lighten the burdens of others and to brighten the monotony of an invalid's day. As we reach out across the world through the Red Cross, we join hands with others in the spirit of true friendship and kindness. Besides helping at the blood bank, our members made col- orful favors, attractive tray covers, stuffed animals, and gift packages to help the less fortunate. 1 C.-- Cm! Foreground: J. Hoffmeyer. First row: B. Swan, O. Endres, G. Gehl, A. Sardina, P. Benintende, M. Coughlin, R. A. Bongi, I. A. Bongi- chairman. Second row: S. Hobson. G. Work, I. Castro, C. Linkner, R. Winter, T. Doucet, I. Rollek, A. Stasinski, J. Curcio, J. Puleo, C. Grimaldi, J. Sperrazza. TTENDANCE at the Summer QR O 564' Q' -3' Q. oz":'::' ' Q. Q., 'azzg ,','."4!' 0 Z o'4 ' V ' .Q v.',,v,' 6g.,fX ' . .0 6, gg' .,Z'Q,"., :'.,.0. out e- ' Q 45 Q Q A .,. . . ."' 5.5. ' ' f'3"'f' . . -.-'v' 4. vi". 1 3 , 0 04 ' o', .fa-, 'af - 9. . .- 4-38' 494-, nw ' '-W. . .' . --. J Zn' ,,- Q O. vo' 84' Q" '4..'goo'o'v '-' 59" . - o 04' o 0 'Nia' 0 Y , ''vQ , School of Catholic Action prompted some to answer the call "to be an apostle," in a practical way, and so the Missal Club was formed. Each member strives for personal sanctification,whi1e . -sz , - . . :-:"'- , - . . ,.-ggtffg. .Q .':'.,':g:-.f N. -. . . '2 2, I-Z 7-:-2-:f 4-.ES .'S"'.'2"'3'?-Ze:-kvf 0 0 .g.'. r r., ,.' wg.: , :...fg. - Q2:.S'a. "2 .3 '.0'.'7 :Q Q .. 4- o . .' 4 0 Q 4 '-bi? '2-ae" 'II'-5.'1:1:'-236. we 1 4'-.ez-.0 ." .r.-ff--f Q. ' 4' a'v 0 , . '-re!" . "-' red- 0. :ep Q.. . .er-'ve " 'S ' ' -.1 ' ".'25?. 33" '23"23f3'5:'33 ' . ,, .ba f'-.gig e.,:,.,. Q: ' og:-.g'-'2 z : . . :-rf.. sn- :Q 1. . ,,.'.-see..-Q - .. - - ,. ,.--N X- I , g t . X I . making herself a ready instrument of God's work. Projects of Cath- olic Action undertaken during the year include: the sale of Missals, Christmas gifts to the Boys' Home and the Courtesy Drive. Foreground: E. Stefaniak, N. Kulick, S. Casey, T. Wlodarczak, I. Castro, C. Linkner, P. Papa, W. Ruane. Background: E. Salvo, M. Genco, A. Flynn, T. Doucet, R. Winter, M. M. Wagner, J. Morreale. 435 L 6510740 Derenq PHE members in this Club are representatives of the Scholas- tic Legion of Decency, a co-ordinat- ing body of western New York youths, united to prevent bad movies. The girls work quietly and attentivelyg they help grade students plan cam- paigns against immoral movies. If the club knows that a "C" movie is scheduled for one of the neighbor- hood theaters, the members contact the manager and ask to have that par- ticular film withdrawn. All students, however, participate in the work of the Legion by staying away from con- demned and partly objectionable pic- tures and by encouraging others to do likewise. Carolyn Linkner, Marilyn Bell, Martha Michalski, Twila Doucet, Paula Mietus, Loretta Weber, Betty Jane Hadyn. Seated Szelesr-Foregrourld - B, W 2 '1'. SCI egley' I- Mmlwab, editor-. Phy. E. Salvln-chiet C 0, O Er! . . dres seated -B 3Ckgl'0und: G W ' ork F . . Starz Ynski I . . puleo , 5,1 Standin L' B2 G, , Lirtalino. MdiDLeon, R A B ' , - Q - ' . . I. A. Bongi-wnmg. s. B1,i2fLyelf. Macaluso C vicz E . , I ' Stefan- X fr? ..-f-'- -ROJU ' flung 11, Mei' 'sf N appreciation, the editor s oi the L Ro sarium staii wish to thank all who have helped to make our booze a succ e s s . W e are especially indebted, for their time and advice , to Miss Helen Doll and Miss Flor ence Smith, our ia- culty advisors , to Mr . Albert Sillato , our oiiicial photographer , to Mrs . I evvell Gates oi the Wm. J . Keller lnc . To all our generous patrons and ad ve rtiser s we say ahearty thank you. W e hope our reader s will enjoy and iind profitable our advertising s ection . Lastly we are grateful ior the wholehearted support o the student body . Without them this second edition o "Rosarium" would have ref l a dr eam . mained on yfo ML.. Editor . -111-Chief A5515 TANT BUSIN Seated, Standily S' C0Sm g: N D- anovl S ' lcianne' aah, E . M - Sal . Bell, C. EEL business m ondolillo Iagager, ' ' aeli, Honorary Pamfom Most Reverend Joseph A. Burke, D.D .......... Bishop of Buffalo Most Reverend Leo R. Smith, D.D .... Auxiliary Bishop of Buffalo Right Reverend Monsignor Right Reverend Monsignor Right Reverend Monsignor Right Reverend Monsignor Right Reverend Monsignor Abbott Cleaner and Tailor Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ambrose Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Amigone Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Amigone Mr. Charles K. Baecher Miss Martha Baecher Miss Mary Jane Becker and Mrs. Matthias Becker and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Dr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Ray C. Biondolillo Ralph E. Bell and Mrs. Joseph Benintende Jr. E. A. Biniszkiewicz John Biniszkiewicz and Mrs . Mr. Bison Electric Company Mrs. Mary Bowen Mr. and Mrs. James Bravo Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Britt Buffalo Merchandise Warehouses, Dr. and Mrs. S. P. Burnes Best Delicatessen Miss Antoinette C. Cannizzaro Caparella's Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Caputy Mr. and Mrs. John Castro The Catholic Store ' Mr. and Mrs. Wilburt Clawson Mr. and Mrs. E. Cleary Miss Julie Cleary Dr. and Mrs. Francis Coyle John P. Boland Edmund J. Britt Francis Garvey Edward J. Rengel Sylvester J. Hobel lnc. James H. Daniels Company, Insurance Mr. and Mrs. E. de Lebn Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Di Pasquale Mrs. C. Dominiak Miss Lorraine Dominczak Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Downing Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Drexelius Emile Beauty Salon Mr. and Mrs. Norbert F. Endres Dr. Jay I. Evans Miss Anna Fabozzi Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Fabozzi Miss Martha Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. Pierce W. Flaherty A Friend Reverend Michael Gigante, O.M.l Very Reverend Gerald A. Quinn, S .J Very Reverend Philip E. Dobson, S.J. Very Reverend Eugene H. Selbert Reverend James J. Redmond, S.J. Reverend Timothy J. Ring .SDKCZZZZ Pamfom Mr. and Mrs. Florian F. Fronczak Miss Marcia Fronczak Dr. and Mrs. S. Robert Frucella Gae-Bel Hat Shop Dr. and Mrs. Mario C. Gian Mr. and Mrs. James V. Genco Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gonzalez Miss Constance Greco Mr. and Mrs. Leonardo Greco Dr. Jacob H. Greenberg A Friend Miss Carol Grimaldi Mr. and Mrs. Philip Grimaldi Mrs. Mary Barrett Healy Dr. and Mrs. N. C. Hoffmeyer Mr. and Mrs. F. Kaitanowski Mr. R. Kaitanowski Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Kantowski G.A. Kayser and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kubiszyn A Friend Mr. and Mrs. John La Duca Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lazzaro Le Cercle Francais Miss Barbara Lesh Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Lesh Mrs. George Lew Miss Joan Lew Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Linch Miss Helen Ann Linch Mr. and Mrs. J. Lochocki Mr. and Mrs. Carl Loiacono Miss Rita A. Longo Lynett and Son Funeral Home Carol and Joseph Mahiques Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mahiques Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marts Mr. and Mrs. C. Mauro Meyer Equipment Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. A. Miceli Miss Jean Miceli Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Mietus Mrs William Moylan Mr. and Mrs. William Mulholland 70 Multigraph Letters McNamara's Band A Friend The Nardin Alumnae Association Mrs. Lenora Onasch Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Oriss Miss Judith Oriss Mr. and Mrs. Otto G. Ott Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Pacer Miss Bertha Palermo Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Palermo Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Panaro Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Panaro Panaro Miss Patricia Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse P. Pepe Mrs. Louis A. Miss Bebeann Pepe Pidgeon Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pidgeon Miss Judy Racsumberger Mrs. Viola Racsumberger Miss Gayle Ray Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ray Miss Ann Reinartz Mr. and Mrs. John Reinartz Dr. and Mrs. Ricardo Ramirez Russell's Bowling Alleys Max F. Rutecki, Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ryan A Friend Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Saab Miss Elaine Salvo and Mrs. Salvatore C. Salvo Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Schleicher Mr. and Mrs. L. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Ebert Simon Mr. and Mrs. William B. Sittniewskr Miss Sally Slazyk Mrs. T. Slazyk Sparks Delicatessen Mr. Leo W. Stall Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Stefaniak Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Steigerwald Mr . James Stewart Dr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Straubinger Sunrise Press Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Switala Mr. and Mrs. Stanley F. Szelest Mr. and Mrs. John D. Tatu Mr. and Mrs. William Ackley Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Albrecht Mrs. Fred J. Allard Miss Joanne Ambrose Mr. and Mrs. R. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Louis Anselmo Mr. Mr. Lewis F. Armstrong George S. Bain Mrs. John H. Baker, Jr. Mr. S.E. Balthasar Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Battaglia Miss Sally Battaglia Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Becker Miss Marilyn A. Bell Miss Joanna Bellanti Miss Libby Bellitter Mr. 8. Mrs. G. Bennett Mr. John Bihr Mr. and Mrs. S. Bongi Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brodzinski Mr. and Mrs. Brunon V. Mr. Anthony P. Brzoska Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mr. Hyman Burstein Miss Cheryl Byrne Gary Byrne Jack Byrne Boroszewsk i Brzoska Buczkowski Burns Mr. and Mrs. John K. Byrne Miss Judy Byrne Mr. James Cala Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Calandra Mrs. Clara Caldrell Mr. 8. Mrs. J. Callari Mr. and Mrs. George M. Campbell Mr. Don Cannizzaro Miss Mary Cansdale Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Capizzi Miss Mary R. Caputo Mr. George W. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. James D. Casey Miss Margaret Mary Casey Miss Mary Claire Casey Miss Josephine Castro Sinead! 1361170741 Toplin's Market Mr. and Mrs. John Valvo Mr. and Mrs. A. Vitello Dr. and Mrs. S. A. Weglikowski Pamfom Mr. and Mrs. A. Castronova Mrs. Florence De James Catalano Miss Rose Catalano Miss Geraldine Caul Mr. and Mrs. Michel Cavaretta Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Cetola Miss Ruth Chapin Chickie and Julie Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ciali Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cianciosi Miss Bernadine Ciccia Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cioppa Mr. Joseph Cioppa, Jr. Miss Marie Cioppa Miss Virginia Cioppa Miss Janet Conley Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Connolly Mr. and Mrs. J. Conti "Corky" and Paula Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Coughlin Mrs. Ann Cresswell Mr. 8- Mrs. Jerome A. Cristina Mrs. Mary B. Cristina Mr. and Mrs. A. Czuczelowicz Mr. C. E. Dean Mr. Vincent De Carlo Mr. and Mrs. Charles Deinhart Miss Eleanor R. De James Miss Geraldine de Ledn Mrs. Richard J. Denske Russell Deveso Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Felice Di Re Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Dittman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dollman Dolly and Dan , Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dominczak Mr. and Mrs. James Donohue Dudley G. Doucet U.S.N. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Doucet Miss Linda Ann Doucet Mr. 8. Mrs. Lionel J. Doucet Miss Twila Eileen Doucet Albert H. Downing Jr. Miss Gloria Drake Miss Jeanne Drexelius 71 Mr. and Mrs. John Wlodarczak Mrs. Henry J. and Janet Ziegler A Friend Mr. and Mrs. J. Dymny Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Edmonds Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Engler M. Ervolino Mrs. Mr. Factors Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Fasciana Mr. Angelo Fetto Mrs. Amelia Fitter Miss Barbara M. Fleming Mr. Dominic Floriano Mr. Frank Floriano Misses Mary and Alice Freitas Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Frey Miss Virginia Friel Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Fuchs Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gaglione Gamma Epsilon Sorority Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gehl Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Giangreco Mr. and Mrs. Simon J. Gillis Girls from Hens 8. Kelly Dept. 33 Girls from Hens 8. Kelly Dept. 45 Mr. and Mrs. William Gminski Miss Geraldine Golba Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Golba Miss Arlene Golombek Miss Ruth Gortzig Mrs. Catherine Granata Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Graziano Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Gray Miss Loretta M. Greenough Mrs. Brenda L. Grieser Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Grochol Mrs. Marie Haberly Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hacker Miss Joan Hacker Mr. and Mrs. Stanley F. Hadynka Miss Barbara Ann Haley Miss Patricia Halpin Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Harla Mr. Andy Heba Miss Kathleen Hedley Miss Marion Heigl Mr. and Mrs. Louis Henry Miss Marie E. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hobson Mrs. Velma Marie Holt The Holts Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hooker Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hoppe Miss Carol Hoppe Miss Florence Hoppe Miss Nancy Hoppe Mr. and Mrs. A. lndelicatl Mr. and Mrs. Michael lngrando Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Jezewski Miss Kathleen Jones Mr. and Mrs. Kazmierczak Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kirby Mr. George Kollboeck Miss Mary Kopec Mr. and Mrs. Gene Korzelius Ray and Bill Korzelius Mr. and Mrs. William L. Korzelius Joan and John Koston Mr. Joseph Kowel Mr. and Mrs. Casimir Kresse Mr. Robert G. Krieger U.S.N. Miss Janice Kubiszyn Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Kulick Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kuznear Miss Rosalie La Duca Miss Frances Dr. and Mrs. M. La Nasa S. La Nasa Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lanza. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Lapczenski Mr. and Mrs. George Lavid Mr . and Mrs . William B. Lawless Jr Mr. and Mrs. F. Leonard Primm Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller Mr. Joseph S. Modica Dr. and Mrs. Herman Mogavero Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Monohan Miss Theresa Montemarano Mrs. Harry W. Mooney Jean E. Moscicki Pfc. Wm. Mulholland Mrs. Frances S. Murphy Miss Monica Murphy Mr. and Mrs. T. Murtha Mr. Dick McGorray Mr. and Mrs. John J. McGorray Miss Katherine McGorray Miss Mary Jane McGorray Miss Patricia McGorray Mr. and Mrs. W. McHenry Mr. John McKnight Dennis and James McNerney Mr. and Mrs. M. Nagalski Mr. and Mrs. W. Napierski Miss Mary Nicastro Mr. Clarence G. Nichols Mrs. Frank Nowak Miss Maria Josephine Ortolani Mr. and Mrs. Peter Palczynski Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Palermo Mr. and Mrs. August Palmisano Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pomona Miss Mary Lou Panaro Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Panaro Mr. Pat Panaro Mr. and Mrs. A. Parisi Mrs. Lillian Parlato Mr. Frank W. Parlato Miss Jacqueline Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Albert Liberathore Miss Anna Ligotti Mr. and Mrs. John Liszka Rev. Raymond Liszka Miss Mary Ann Lochocki Miss Elaine Loiacono Mr. Carl Lo Manto Miss Frances Lo Pinto Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lorenzo Mr. and Mrs. Albert LoTempio Miss Marie LoTempio Miss Marie Patano Mrs. A. Pawlowski Mr. and Mrs. Sam Pecoraro Miss Ann Marie Pepe Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Miss Joan M Mr. and Mrs Miss Marilyn . Anthony Pepe . Sam Petix . Pfeifer . Alfred H. Pfoertner A. Pfoertner Miss Nancy L. Pfoertner Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Pfohl Mr. and Mrs. A. Pietraszek Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lo Vallo Miss Patricia Mr. and Mrs. Luttrell Norbert V. Lynch Miss Mary L. Macaluso Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Macaluso, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mascari Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mascari Mr. and Mrs. John Mathias Miss Patricia Mattina Mr. and Mrs. AnthonyJ. Mazilla Miss Marion E. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Carl Middione Mr. and Mrs. Nick Milazzo Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Polanski Miss Mary Pomana Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Powalski Mrs. Louis M. Privitera Pulchrae Romanae Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Puleo Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Radice Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Raidy Mr. Angelo S. Ralabate Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rataiczak Miss Sylvia Rataiczak Mr. and Mrs. John Regan, Sr. John Regan, Jr. 72 Miss Marie Regan Miss Mary Ann Regan Miss Virginia Reis Rich and Sybil Drs. Vea and Henry Riegler Betty Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Albin Rollek Miss Joan Rollek Miss Denise Ruane Mr. Thomas Runfola Patricia Ryan Miss Theresa M. Ryba Mr. Joseph S. Ryer Miss Marie Salerno Mr. and Mrs. Sam Salvo Miss Hanna Samuels Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sarcona Miss Lucille Sardella Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sardina Mr. Sam Scaduto Mrs. Marie Vastola Schaedel Mrs. Alice M. Schafer Dr. and Mrs. Harold G. Scheffler Mr. A. Schemki Miss Marilyn Schleicher Miss Ann Marie Schmitt Miss Joyce Schmitt Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scholz Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Schrag Dr. and Mrs. C. J. Schuder Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Schultz Mrs. Rose Schwab Mrs. Grace Schwedt Dr. Charles Scibetta Mr. John Scime q Mr. and Mrs. Matthias C. Seidel Mr. Edward F. Shay Mr. Sam Simone Mr. and Mrs. Harry Siracuse Mr. J. J. Siracuse Mr. Ray Sloan Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Smith Mrs. Kenneth F. Smith Miss Sheila Smith Miss Rosalie F. Sottile Mr.' and Mrs. John Sperrazza Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sperrazza Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Starzynski Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Stasinski Elaine and Dennis Stefaniak Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Struzyk Mr. and Mrs. John L. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Sundberg Mr. Gregory Szamatula Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Szelagowski Miss Alice Szymakowski Tau Zeta Tau Fraternity Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Testa Miss Sharon Thomas Mrs. Carmela Timineri THE TROIDLS OF POMEROY PK. Buffalo 2l, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Tomasulo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Torre Mr. and Mrs. Paul Trippi Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius Tryionkowski Mr. and Mrs. Casper C. Urban . Charles Valenti Miss Caryl Vertalino Mrs. Jennie Vertalino Mr. and Mrs. A. Wargin Mr. Thomas M. Waters Mr. and Mrs I. Pamfom Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Watson Miss Celeste Weitz Miss Caroline D. Weppner A Mr. Michael Werner Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. White Mr. and Mrs. H. Wiechec Miss Sylvia Wiechec Mr. and Mrs. J. Wieczkwoslci Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Wiesman Mrs. Robert M. WOM' Sr. Mr' and Mrs' F' Wlnlewicz Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wozniak Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Wolf Miss Josephine Woznick MF. Gnd Mrs. FI'6dfiCl4 W. Wolf, JT. Mr and Mrs. H. Zokrzewski Rev' Hugh K' Wolf Miss Alice Zasada Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Zgliczynski Miss Jean Ziobro Miss Katherine Ziobro Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Zolkiewicz Miss Carol Zuppa MORlBELlO'S TEXACO SERVICE Niagara and Lafayette Avenue Buffalo, N. Y. GRant 9632 73 -J Senior president meets Mrs. Trapp Oratorical Contest At the close of the retreat Getting help Collecting ideas Key to Senior Baby Pictures Olivia Endres 20, Anna Fabozzi Gloria Work 21, Carolyn Linkner ' Camille Zgliczynski ZZ, Elaine Salvo 1 Sheila Hobson 2.3, Jo Ann and Rose Ann Bongi Carol Schrag 24 Mary Cala 45 Mary and Nancy 25 Antoinette Lanza Q' Cannizzaro 26, Noreen Moylan 5 AVA, :E Barbara Wegley 27, Carol Vertalino Q' ff Elizabeth Anne Tatu 28, Mary Ann De James 1 f -Y ' oi' - ' I 3 2 ,-:in Ruth Winter 29, Margaret Downing Qi W. 'u 1 Teresa Schwab 30, Joan Lew Q Suzanne Casey 31, Josephine Castro 3.1, A as Barbara Swan 32, Ida Callari n 'Q 13 Florence Starzynski 33 Marie Genco 14 Joyce Murphy 34 Kathleen Macaluso 1 15, Twila Doucet 35 Theresa Palermo A 16, Christine Szelest 36 Josephine Puleo ku ww 17, Carol De Yot 37, Paula Pimigone ' xi 18, Mary Spagnuolo 38, Geraldine de Leon f"'3.isfg3fZ5'5"'-1' 19, Elaine Fisher 39, Wilma Ruane 74 'k Where Your Neighbors Trade 'k CHESTER MICHALSKI MEATS i' Q il 'k 'I' 'k I9 Broadway Market HUmboldf 0940 75 JOHN E ROBERTS FUNERAL HOME 762 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo 22 N Y Llncoln 6l00 GArfleld 7057 Muslc Maestro I Snappy Semors C O M P L I M E N T S Mr 8- Mrs Frcnk Spognuolo ELmwood 6014 STYLED TO SUIT RAY SPASIANO Clothler Sunts Mocle To Order Laclles ond Men s Slccks Mcllcmg o Specnolty 348 West Ferry St Buffalo I3 N Y Desoto Plymouth MONTANA MOTORS INC Mc 6565 369 Nlogora Street I hope I w1n TA 7289 Remington Underwood Sm: th Corona RAUCH AND STOECKL PRINTING PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS COMPANY 'NC East Buffalo News Trubune 1456 Genesee Sf l24 Elmwood Avenue fneur Allen Street, Oh the Joys of VYPIUS for the GArfneId 6700 Bvf CIO l N Y yearbook' I . , . . ' I I I ' of fi i . . . . . - - , . . I . I ' N , . .K K I ' ' ' f , . 76 May I offer you a cup YOUVILLE COLLE A Fully Accredited Liberal Arts College for Women Courses Leading to Bachelor of Arts Degree on Bachelor of Science Degree Conducted by Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart Compl :ments DESIGNATED STUDIOS INC 713 Brisbane Bldg Buffalo, New York I Guests of honor at the Career Guxdance Tea Tea-timel Sincere CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1954 from Young Ladies Sodality of Corpus Christi Church Rev DamelBalceralc O F M - Moderator Florence Starzynski - Prefect Mildred Owczarzak - Vice-Prefect Marie Rozek - Secretary Rita Jung - Treasurer Dist. of G. E. Textolite and Monotops Pwwooo FAsRlcAroRs Dial - smley 5240 "Labour of love" AMELIA M. MORAN INSURANCE BROKER 754 Main Street Somebody "goofed"! Buffalo 21 N - Y- THE PORTER HOUSE RESTAURANT Off ace Garage 'Fl' THOS J DOWNING And the mute sxlence h1st along GENERAL TRUCKING Compl :ments CARYL RICHARDS iii' EDWARD J CARBONE 365 Swan Sf Buffalo 4 N Y Cqll WA 6135 6 7 General Insurance C ofC Bunldung MA 4468 Share and share ahke 78 S T E L L A T A M A Compliments O+O of Fruit and Vegetable Stand -k HOLY ANGELS ACADEMY Broadway Market Compliments of . . . KRESGE FIVE AND TEN 'k 'k W IOO Grant Street Cheerful bell ringers! Beverages Club Mixers 84 Pine Ridge Road Buffalo ll, N.Y. Phone Watch those calories! FA , 21 51 I It's his turn to pose. CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to The Graduating Class from Your Official Yearbook Photographer ckoss rowN msrkmurme coRP. INC. Lancaster, N.Y. 79 COLONIAL IRON WORKS Mrsc Iron and Steel Commercuol lndustrual 125 131 Mohacan St Off Fnllmore at Delavan Buffalo II N Y TAyIor 2007 8 A perfect shot F Scherer 8. Sons Inc Fnne Furniture Rugs 118 126 E Genesee St Buffalo 3 N Y FURS Joseph Palanker 8- Sons 80 West Genesee 155 Ffunklln Opposrte Hotel Statler N N 315' ELmwood 5300 FE LTON S FLOWERS Grant Street at Hampshnre Our Only Locatlon vlc APPLIANCES Phone L' N7 313 West Fe,-ry Sf Specrallst for Weddmg 81 Graduation Photographs of Gwnf LOFFREDO sruolo Modermstuc Portrants of Merut COPIES, REPRODUCTIONS AND OIL PAINTING I Buffalo 13, New Yofk I. B. Gennaci, New York Artist Phone WAshington 9368 A 8111's best friend 559 Mum sf. Buffalo, N.Y A 'oy dog I' -F F I 1 I 0 Wa. 1805 G. E. Appliances I by I I 80 MADISON CAB MA 3333 'A' i 'k i- 'ki 'k Radio Dispatched 516 Rhode Island St. Phone TA. 6032 Call and Deliver Compliments JUNIOR A. IX EAST DE LAVAN CLEANERS 1382 E. Delavan Cor. Hazelwood Ave. "From rags to riches" Buffalo 15, N. Y. A "Everything for the Home" I Best Wishes DI PASQUALE FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE I from the 779 Elmwood Avenue --SU. 7644..- ROSARIZJFM STAFF G I F T s F o R 1953 EVERY OCCASION "Oh,forthewingx of an angel!" Call us for any Drug Store need WARD'S PHARMACY 916 Elmwood Avenue Prescriptions called for and delivered Lincoln 0161 TEDDY'S Permanent Wave Specialists Phone UN. 1441 MODERN BEAUTY SHOPPE A BEAUTY AID FOR EVERY NEED 3173 Main Street Buffalo 14, N.Y. 81 Hotpoint E MAIN PLUMBING 8- HEATING COMPANY Kitchen Steel Cabinets 3110 Main St. PA. 8891 Iectrical Appliances Buffalo 14, N. Y. -- Prescription Chemists -- 'lil' McDONALD'S PHARMACY 1540 Main at West Ferry PA. 4ooo 4000 N . MORRIS AND REIMANN Wreckers I Bailey Ave. Buffalo 14, N.Y. if LI JOE MASCARI'S FOOD MARKET 914 Elmwood Avenue We Deliver 7084 LI4673 TA. 1974 Res. BA. 2798 A. FUCHS' GARAGE Used Cars Collision Work and Painting 602 E. Delavan Ave. Residence Buffalo 11, N. Y. 195 Ericson St. COMPLIME NTS of the DUCH BUILDING SUPPLIES CO. 4I0 Memorial Drive HU. 3414 I, . L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Leland Lee 164 Hermitage Road Rochester, New York COMPLIMENTS of MR. 8. MRS. JOSEPH LO TEMPIO 82. rf' T Service - Integrity - J. P. SANDS HEATING COMPANY 754 Elmwood Avenue near Ferry Ll. 7836 Quality Heating Systems Air Conditi RICHARD'S GULF SERVICE V Auto Repairing Phone: HU 9739 l345 E. Delavan Buffalo, N.Y. 288 Massachusetts Ave. Buffalo I3 Skill oners l A M BAKER 8- SON Roofing 8- Siding Contractor Llncoln 3681 Call us for an Estimate 2254 Main Ed Morrison R Jamestown M. D. King Fresh Vegetables - Grocer JOHN KASPRZAK 8. SONS I49 Weston AVG- Gt Buffalo, New York WeDeliver AMHERST BAKERY 497 Amherst Street Buffalo, New York Mr. 8- Mrs. Kowalkowski Advertised Furniture and Appliances 845 Ellicott Sq. Bldg. MCKENDRY FUNERAL HOME Buffalo I4, New York Street PA 1202 Phone AMherst 3693 RISON FURNITURE CO 3lOO-02 Nlain Street Buffalo I4, N. Y. Nationally Grand Rapids MO . 9747 REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE ies - Cold Cuts Newburgh PA. 8212 83 ri -M-gl In the good old summertime Flowers For Every Occaslon G A N F E R Y FLOWER SHOP 318 West Ferry Street Phones SU 6818 SU 6819 Res EL 7397 D O D M N 1 Purveyors of MEATS AND POULTRY Restaurants Hospitals lndustrlal Cafeterlas an Institutions Supplned 67 69 Clmton Street Santa Baby Txs the season to be Jolly. LACKAWANNA LUMBER 343R1dgeRoad Lackawanna N Y Propruetor PE TER POMANA Lessons by Appointment BAi1ey 5190 A R T K U B E R A MUSIC STORE 910 Fillmore Avenue Buffalo 11, N- Y Please, Santa I f 4 R - R J 1 A W5 f ' . . A ,, A H Ed and Jo Anzalone J. H. A , N C. I ld T ' ' W A' T T T ,A A 4 V , , . . 84 Buffalo 2l, N. Y. It s fun to mxmeograph a program"? Spageth Pizza Buffalo, N. Y ff ! lf " gm 0 Q" E' Aw x Pun I 2250 Mann St LAURENCE P PAUL Engravers Stationers Buffalo New York Success to Nardm and nts graduates nn all their undertakmgs Mrs J Bayerl and Inez 1234 Abbott Road I dldn t do ul Qudllfy Meats Fresh Killed Poultry Wholesale and Retail EDE Chapel mlm 1359 Jefferson Ave Near Glenwood GA.-held 5081 On route to the S S C A LAND O LAKES SWEET CREAM BUTTER 'Q 1. I W111 you look at that! COMPLIMENTS o a F R I E N D Diamonds Watches Sl lverware Appl lances OXFORD JEWELRY Louis J Dlspenza Buffalo s Outstanding Personal Jeweler and Duamond Merchant Brunswick Bowling Balls 326 Niagara St Bags and Shoes Cl 4843 James B. Grover ELMWOOD COFFEE SHOP "Get a pumpkm Puh lease, don't shake' bmde,-6113 " 708 Elmwood Avenue are A .. 1 ' TT X ij J. LESLI YOT A .. f L T: 1 ii . 5 X 86 ROLAND J. KUHN RI. 9711 Original -:- Reliable B A K E R' S KUHN'S MONUMENTS Kew Bee Dry Cleaners "The only product on earth-guaranteed forever" Q Est. l890-most modern today 2463 Delaware Avenue 2398 Genesee St. Pine Hill ' We Deliver Push that bell, quxck! "Let's have a party, " AFTER THE SHOW -a--nw H'4,,...,x 'Rfk f A , Zi: S Felt., H figifti' I 1 . ' ' 'T ' - f ,Qi 1 x. N -f THE PARK LANE RESTAURANT ' Picnic time ll C-B-C- Service l055 Genesee St. Buffalo ll, N. Y. ll Cheekfowaga, New York Going somewhere? CLEVELAND DRIVE NURSERIES,lNC. 87 Cleveland Drive fAt Circlel ETTA GOSS BEAUTY SALON El . 6634 503 Delaware Avenue K Buffalo 2, N.Y. Wa . 0605-6615 DREYER'S FLOWER SHOP Light as a feather M3Y'fim9 664-666 Broadway Buffalo, N. Y. 87 Compliments of ll LEONARDO S RESTAURANTS + - Mxniature masquerade Phone BA 3936 B A W Consfruchon Co Inc General Contractors 8m Builders 84 Colorado St Buffalo, N Y Try Our Home Made Polush Sausage XAVIER S MEATS Beef Pork Lamb Vea 20 Broadway Market Phone HU 0620 Do we have to go Mxss Murphy H SEEBERG INC 121 GENESEE STREET BUFFALO 3 N Y 4 4 4 4 4 4 I 4 4 4 4 4 4 . . Z I . ,. ,,,,,, ' v , . I , I 9 4- , . . 88 Best Wishes to the SENIOR CLASS OF T954 NARDIN MOTHERS COUNCIL Future muslclans Compluments f Mr 8 Mrs Daniel De James Meats Poultry N K N E R S M WHOLESALE 8. RETAIL Black Rock Market Rlversnde 4960 Umm' Thxs is good! CON GRATULATIONS COLEY S DAIRY 220 Parkdale Ave LIncoIn I07I U' 4 I 4 4 -I 4 U' lf 4 ll ' o Frozen Foods L I ' K T. I ' ,I I 89 AM.5oao JOHN E. Mc FARLANE f Concrete Contractor Industrial Floors Sidewalks -:- Driveways I07 University Buffalo, N. Y. II "The smiles that win" DeSoto Plymouth ' SHEEHAN-MOTOR SALES I675 South Park Avenue FA. 2222 Prize winners at Freshman Initiation Phones Night Phones Cleveland-Il99:65I0 ELmwood 0363 DElaware 8764 Windsor 3081 I NATIONAL FIRE ADJUSTMENT CO. Licensed Adiusters of Fire Losses For the Assured 402 Morgan Bldg. BERNARD J. PAPA, Gen'l Manager Buffalo, N. Y. Refueling N I C K ' S PARKING 8I SERVICE STATION Buffalo, N. Y. Corner South Elmwood and "It's Howdy Doody time" Mohawk Streets 90 KUBALA FURNITURE STORES INC saw? 1502 Broadway 315 Amherst TA 4015 Rl 834 The sun shmes bnght Cokes are scarce EDWARD E KILLINGER Plumbing Heating and Onl Burner Contractor 295 Oak Street Buffalo 3 N Y COMPLIMENTS OF CONNECTICUT RECREATION Bowling Blllards 12 Lanes 10 Tables 414 Connecticut Street Elmwood 9896 Pepsi-cola hits the spot! 4 Oh , for a pin! C O M P L I M E N T S C. A. BARONE CONSTRUCTION CO. iiii 91 MARTIN M MDSCATO BUFFALO S LEADING SCIENTIFIC DETECTIVE AGENCY Lncensed N B S I Bon ed Civil Criminal Industrial All Types Investigations PRIVATE DETECTIVES Expert Shadowlng Lle Detector Tests Repossesslons Mlssmg Persons Secret Recordings Motion Plctures PLANT PROTECTION Uniformed Armed, Deputlzecl Guards Watchmen for Plants Shortages, Larceny Complete Plant Secunty MOBILE PATROL Armed, Uniformed Pruvate Polnceman check Inside and or outside of your premlses by punchmg time clock Inside of plants warehouses, busmesses and homes from I0 P M to 6 A M daily at dufferent Intervals Save expense of full tame watchmen and receive maximum protection SPECIAL POLICE Umformed Armed for Dances, Parties and other promoted events Male and Female Police NATIONAL BUREAU OF SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION 350 Mann St CI 1530 531 Buffalo 2, N. Y 24 Hour Operatnon 0 I ' -- . . . . -- cl I . I . u I Warehouses, etc., Undercover Agents to Investigate Pilferage, 2 ' - ' ' ' , , f ' . 0 I . I I I ' - . --I 92 K uf Renewal of Enthronement of the Sacred Heart s. .L - Shipping clothing to the Indian missions Ccziholzb Aclzbn in Aaizbn Q., XM Preparing gifts for Christ's poor Father at the Boys' Home receives the students' gifts. Baby-sitting 93 Open Evemngs and Sundays After Hours GArfleId 9196 GRant 5381 Samuel T Arngo Evelyn R Slnclanr COMPLETE FLOWER SERVICE 284 286 W Uhca Street NEAR Elmwood Buffalo 22 New York New Homes bull? to your SPBCILICGLIOHS BONA REALTY CO 277 Delaware Ave Buffalo New York Excrhng homes llsfed wnfh us for sale Suburban and all sechons of city Mo 2503 To Enloy L fe LIVEI DRIVE DEFENSIVELY MERCHANTS MUTUAL CASUALTY COMPANY Buffalo N Y C W Brown President a . . . ' n - l I 0 . I . I . . Q 0 . - . I .- I n . . - , 94 May Cmwnmcg ni' 's SP The gala Junior-Senior Banquet Royal Celebrities 5 -sus - 5 E slliiibiff f i 1 EU!! D ever f Orgeg Our Ret 1- eat! Junior-Senior Prom 1954 Z 9' 'XF Fa ibm' zgkl Alice attend: the Mad Hat'ter's Tea Party rv .ned re entefwx 5 a aiher The Y Senior Mother-Daughter Luncheon 3 A , 5 We Clam Daly Q, am 3 i A , Commmcemem' First row: A, Fabozzi, S. Casey. J. Puleo, E. A. Tatu, Very Reverend Monsignor Eugene H. Selbert, Reverend Iohn B. O'Mai1cy, N. Cannizzaro, A. Lanza, R. M. Caputy, M. A. De James. Second row: B. Wegley, C. Torre, E. Fisher, F. Starzynski, C. Schrag, B. Swan, I. Castro, I. Callari, M. Spagnuolo, M. Cannizzaro. Third row: K. Macaluso, E. Salvo, T. Palermo, G. Work, O. Endres, M. Downing, J. Lew, M. Gonzalez, N. Kulick, P. Amigone, M. Cala, M. Genco, C. Stanford, G. de Leon. Fourth row: T. Schwab, C. Zgliczynski, N. Moylan, R. A. Bongi, R. Winter, C. Szelest, W. Ruane, J. Murphy, C. A. Dc Yot, T. Doucet, C. Linkner, J. A. Bongi, C. Vertalino, R. M. Moribello, S. Hobson. 4 THE SENIDR CLASS wish to thank all who have helped us in our yearbook project "Your bounty is beyond our speakingg But though our mouths be dumb, our hearts shall thank you," with a "GOD BLESS YOU." 95 1 1 1 I 1 W , 1 b 1 'T 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q Thi0bookpl'lllUldW . pfuaquu Tavfanz. other winds! H ' 1 1 X 1. mf uw A 1 W S131 W11 1 11111 .Q F55 71 vw, My v PM "5-' A if-Y Q 5 95 A 1, x 5' ws w v A f W A4 -ff nf V, -A v 5 m . ..., 1 , x v 'Q L . 1 : A . 'wr ., 3 ,' X "If 5'7"L:u ' 'S i-1 Q' -.41 'ri' ' 15 it 3, V127 :U 1. 111 .fa ' cr-, fix ze-be .2 AT- 2, f' in xg k m Q. wx. Tk ..,i-1, .1 , .-I, ?'

Suggestions in the Nardin Academy - Rosarium Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) collection:

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