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Nappanee High School - Napanet Yearbook (Nappanee, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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H-F :LL L .V-'zsjfgg , ' '12 ' mas. 'iQ' 7Lg?'?'fs.ea " 4, Ee? , gffi.-1 .- 'ifir'1:1. 1-fwfr., -- ""39'3'a'3-itz' - , aw, f QQ,- "f"e-.fw . T: 'j-mf: A :, lf- f 954 .A -W .. "' 'f-..,,Mvv""NpN'w.N.v APPANEE HIUHSCHUOI NAPPANEE, INDIA 'xc -w Qin?-W an , W ,K ww 3 faq.: is . A Q , W Ohm, :ww +V-al' M ., V , M . X K QQ' wi is TV Eames tn appauee And wiill il vmm' olln-r lllingjs, nvw ivnrlwrs, nc-xx lc-xllmolis unc' nvxx gzmizaiions. VV1- arc pruurl 1 lllis INVUIJUIIUI uv IIHIIQS llml mm' omllle One. I c INN ' I' if "' " IIN Y xxN K if l X rl our srl oo' 'an I 'iill 5 I , l 2 ig :Si S IOIN' lo 5 ION y0ll I I0 Q5E5E5E5E5E5E5Eg5gE5E55- Q9 X X,A. Hume with us halzkslaqe in see the penple AEHDENHI SUBJECTS Page 6 AETIVITIES Page 415 4 V. llllllhillillfj House'-Priuhfrs of ULN and activities behind the scenes at N. H. 5 AUMINISTHATIUN Page 20 CLASSES Page Q7 SPUHTS Page 59 i V i ii i ii I inlvrs uf Hixytl,JlIl'lH 5 CHEMISTRY I10lCI y0ll I' REITS Here in lime cilemislry vinss iquiure Ein- steins worixeci. This wus one of the many iaimorutory experiments which we did dur- ing lime year. Xvynna was showing time method used to Coiled gas, wimiie tile others waivimeci lo see ilow ii was clone. Slumiing' Left lu Rigid: .lnmes Vvurrcn, Xvyanu iXicD0w. Kulixryn ixiiiier. Seal:-mi: .iunior Phillips, .lurk Uiery. Yr 5. A i s 5 ' 'Awww X 1 lb, 5' Q lr fer' ,YUX -QW 4' . .1-in QQ ,' 5 sg, Lis 'llllll rl4UlllilS, ljfilllk Ililfllllilll, l1ilffl'H IHH41' Q, L "" . 3' ' A rfiRss5rrv? Nappalnf-c 'll-leplnone Co,-Save with u Telephone ABT No, llwse lmys wvrc nol worliinpj in lllc slump. The-y wvre in llle ilClVillll'f'd url fluss mul were lmusy imprinlingf nncl puinling clvsigns in pluslir. Tllis lypf- ol worli was only one of lllc many lvielcls of url ollvrvcl lllis yl-nr. BEUMETHY Connie Fr-ryiclu nncl Donna lrwin wr-rc slnrl- ing lo LIl"lllOIlSll'ill0 il lllc-orl-In lo lllc gjvomvlry rluss. Tlley ulso provvcl llml il was nol lmrcl all ull, lmul llml il was very easy and lols of lvll Il . 7 U X V' X! X! S Itlfftll ilt'llSlxll, Btilfy .IMHO tgllSS. l4IltkltJf'tiQ' Hf'lliQ'f HUNHZEEUNUMIES t wonder tiow tt1is wiit tooti widen it's itinistweet? How ctoes ttiis go together? Ttie girls in time actvanvect ctass soon found the answers. The-ir woric tor ttie year consistent of one semester ot Cooking and one semes- ter ot sewing. fbne ot ttieir sewing projects wus mntcing costumes tor tile vtiorus Ciirist- mns Concert. SHUP in tile stlop ctass tile boys set up a srnatt ilssemtmty tine anct ttirougti ltlis system ttley ctesignect and tauitl IIl9CtlilI1iCiit ctrawing ctestis tor ttle sftloot. Under tile supervision ot txtr. ixtvcrew tile txoys saved twenty- iour tulnctreet ctottnrs tmy rnaicing ttiese ctesics time-mseives. tytt to Rigjtitz Punt Botinger, Lytv iinti, Xvncte Ptviiter, Lnxtnr Ptetriu-r. .toyrv Cutp. iiuroirt Hnrtnlun. ixtr. txirfire-w, instructor: .tvssv Berger, Hownrtt Hepier, .imnes Reemt, Jotin ingtv, Ectftie Hnnct. 8 1. tvtiiier, inf.-'Pontiac and International Trucks I.:-Il hr Riglul: XII. HuI.uu.w. inslrualur. :Nlnry .Iaulv I'rn'ngj1'r, Haurlmalral rxlvljcumlll, Hrvu- Slnlmllgfll, :Xlurllm llufl, XX'.uuI.u xlilln-r, Nlnllx' In vlulrius, xxvyilllil xi.-lm. SPANISH 1 rxrrc-! fguv H1'QillHl0 ul uuninilo. ,Nqui mn su. mlm llll su. llnis sung ulmul llw slulmlmrn clonlwy was mu' XYllit"l Ilu- sc-unlrl yu-ur Spanish vluss la-urm-fl. Hs-sizlvs lc-earning llw V01'ill1lllilTy, llw claus rf-.ul lmvc-ls in Spanish: yvs, sluclvnls 1'Yi'll Qllulfjf' wrulf- mul prmlluvrl plays in Illini lun- I. Ixlillvr, Im.-l"riqi1luirv .xppliull14's, fwofurolu ulul lfufwulll T4'l1'Uisioll 0 As time sciiool year progressed. we iounci timat aitlwugil watching television consumed many of our leisure moments, we still founci time to participate in the extra-curricular scilooi activities. Higlliigilts of tire year's activities were time science trip to indiana U. . . . participating in time Halloween Festi- val . . . time Cilristmas dance . . . musir concerts and trips . . . time sectional tour- ney . . . presenting our class play, "No Nlore Homeworlc' '... Senior Yveeic with the Junior-Senior Reception . . . and finally, the most important event of ali, Commencement I0 .H.5. Cox Coal G Lumber Co.-Prompt Service C. VV. .iolmson Er Son--Try Our Socia Fountain is A fa X :Nur ,es s' -M QQx., if -uf-Wm. W- me-Q vwiiifw' This faii during liue iootimaii season. time marching imanci rnarcheci in tire pre- game ceremonies ami gave lire inaii-iime silow at every home game. il looic a iot oi woric but it was an ironor io iorm fins traciifionai N VV.iliCil we used witil every simow. J u n io r Piuiiiips ami riacii Uiery were iiepf iuusy pulling up tile strings oi' iigirls wiliie Siliriey i.osee and Sue Xvrigiit acicieci liue iinisiming l0llCilf?S on line iree. ij6COTi1iiIlQtilP QiilI'iShT1ElS tree in lile assemimiy this year was one oi' time proi- ecls sponsored imy iile Slucieni' Councii. Every year line Hi- Y Ciuiw inns spon- soreci time Dime Line, a cirive for ijoiio iuncis. fyn one Sal- urciay Xvesiey iian- sen an ci Vvayne iirocic were in cilarge oi time conlriimulions al line ixanii. Tile inslaiiaiion oi officers in line Y-Teen organization was a very impressive cere- mony. Siniriey i.osee. ixi a r c i a iXilliSt'il- ier, Norma Sileels, Sariia SCIIFOCIC. Bar- imara Coppes. and Sue Xvrigiml' look parl in tilis candie- iigixt service as file new ieaciers accept- eci lileir responsiiwiii- lies. Him- mul Xvililv Dany nt ins!! Every ya-ur, prvvious lo lin- Eiifimrl Qunw. lime srimui is civrurulvci, lim il'illll is ilonorcrl. mul lin' slucic-nls ure iwuii of 0I1illl,ISiilSlll :uni mllifipulirm for tile imig evvnl. This ye-nr ciuring lilo pvp srfssion. lim seniors g,1fau'0 il riovvr sicilg form-ruslirigf liw Coming gmm- linrougjil an piuy-ily-piny fic-scriplion imy Junior Uifiriy I,-llIll'IfllliStU Piliiiips. XXXXXN S x X NN NXX xGi X EEEQEEEQEQEEEQEEEEE Q 5. 5 QQRSWQ :::1:::111:::::z:s: x Q '- :X 3:g:3:5151515:5:5:' Q .' .. 5 X .fx 1 Q by 'N .. Ns' I-X ..i. -v' iw .E . .... fffffffffiffffff. N 9 1 ,-'X Xp XE N -:-:-:+:-z+:+:-, -' x " i - 1:EgigEg?gE5E5EgE3E5E3: N 1' 55 E N 5 Eixxxsliitzz- 2 mum an-,ummm fu-1 pm V .f-Mvi BL E AND WHITE U EE Long Live tire Queen . . . This year for ttle first time We crowned a toottxaii queen to reign over our Biue and Vvtiite foot- tmaii game. Six giris were nominated from time senior ciass and ttlen a vote was taicen by ttle entire student body to eiect time queen. Each ciass aiso elected an attendant to time queen s court. At time Kendaiiviiie game during ttie i1aii-time show, Terry Hamstler was crowned our Foot- tmaii Queen. Time attendants of tier court were Lois Ann Sectuist, senior: Mary Jane Buss, junior: Patricia Tobias, soptlomorez Judith Rose, fresimmang Dixie Hare, eigtmttm grade: and Stlaron Stuck- man, seventh grade. Q? was Standing-L. to R.: Lois Secinist, Terry Hamsiler, Mary Jane Buss. Seated: Stlaron Stucicman, Judittl Rose, Patricia Tobias, Dixie Hare I-1 Hatiieid E- Hoslettcr Ciottiiers-Mevi's Xvear--Buys' Wear Pidiw srilooi looii parl in lile ixinrrii oi Dimes Polio iurivc. Silrilil irc i.opp unci Aimiay Lee Hossier rounlcci time money from slucivnl cionalions: lin- imoys Coiivrlf-ci ciirnf-s ciuring lin' ililii'-iilllf' nl lilo imsiwlimii fjnrnvs. xxfyilllil iX'irDow. as wvii ns Rim resl oi' time seniors, silowvti in-r nimiiily ns an sniesrnnn ixy sviiing! r'onm'c-ssions nl lim imii Qannvs. On Fm-imrllznry I-I lin- Y-Tw-lm Ciuim inviivci time girls from lin- CNiIiiCiI'l"ll'S Airi Sovif-ly imomv in ixIiSililXViliGl Io an Vnivn- iinc pnriy in lin- sviiooi gym. Eve-ryone ilmi an womivriui linw Qcllingj enrqllaiilmlvci unci playing gennvs. iiviorc- lin- iliicimrl gnnw liw juniors we-rv vf-ry ixusy ci:-rornling lim Sl'il00i wilil vrepe pnpf-r ami signs for tin- nnnuni Bills- nnci Xviiile Day. i.nsl rninulv lollciws io ann alllraicliw- IISSPIIIIIIY wore- micimi ily igvvvriy fivorggv. Pallriviu Rolil. nnri Aiurriu ix1lliSC'iliP!'. vu ln:-mmm, i,.iJ,5.-X.nlup.ul11-4' .emi Xml iiilwn Nlrvvls I1 i,1l Ill ijriu' in-fiom' I'-mul ls fjllr Iiltsilwws UNIIQIH5' F HEWELI. TU THE SE IUHS At lim emi of our junior year we gave lime annual Junior-Se-nior Revcplion in ilonor oi' time seniors. At lime Tippevanoe Counlry Ciuiy tin- lileme Hsny it Xvilix ixiusicn was carried out from the entry way lo time center pieces on lime laipics. Xvyana ixirijow, Lois Seciirist and Kay Kenciaii presenteci time prophecy in siiil form: and Caroiyn Kern, JoAnn Grimm. and Siiiriey Lose? reaci Tim wiii. Keilii ixll'Cll6ll and Hiilruci Loc-iir were crowned King ami fQue'en oi iiic RL-vvplion. Time program tilen fancied with a 1nagician's act by time ixiystifying ixiiiiiicens. Tiiese are some of lime scenes luiwn al Tippecanoe. film: fivy4'r's ciilfilfjl'--cl1'lIl'I'tIl ,iulo Rvpuir iimiii-y Dm-as Siuup-Tim .glorn for Xvomcn mul Young Girls Wllmx' dll -,mu gl-r lull :ll this lllr-lx.lw7" Th. tlnlcllrls :uv wttlml lhclr mall in thr l L. T.lllul.lh .lml Sh.lllm.u' ,ln plfrttlnlg lv l'.lm .lull Sh.lhm.n hrlp llu:: nl gr! nut pllllclpall ulllu' :lt Amvs Hugh Scllmll, "annul" lhr nlwmy llllxn Ihr f lm ah W- Tl V F' 1' f V 1 S V1 - - ' ' 1' '--- . .11 ..tl11 . mls. ,. .. , If I' ,Timm li! xl 'MLP ll: hum In ,ill lick Ink, lhl'!w1l, .lull Mis. R.u'hl'l, -- - , . ' l . 5 s '. ' . . f Illl- lvllwlt lmwlm Mara l,..l.ll,,, MMI MI- INV l ' ' ' I Ihr flvxlhlxlg xxwm.ln, .uv ,luglllllg .llu-ull lhl- H nzlp ln nhl- nllpplv llllnn. Q V k ,H .upl'l. U ' mum-nlllp :ll thv hlllllll. "XX lm alll' vnu ll: lm., xxlth mv glruxlm' Rlllmlll Szlssmm, lillllrll Hutllll-', Ml l.1lmIf fih.lIlul.u llmla llrxwll in lx mlzllllxlnrlls 5Illl.l' Ml', Amws. Mrs. l,ll', .xml lhl lxxu Muhlvs, ullllhl :md lilxl-rfll.lr1l ll-ln. Nllllfl' and 5lll'- SE IUHS E TEHTAI THE P HLIII... This ylfnr in our class play we lriml somelhinpf cliff:-rellllg we had lwo vnsls. om- for Frimhly nigjhl Elllll Ihv olhc-r lor Snlurclny nighl, hm spilv of ull the clilliulllics alncl inlvrruplions. our play, Nfl IXKURIL NYIIS il Slll'l'CSS. Miws clillllhll ..Y..... ,, .,,,.,..,,,, ..Y..,... X Vylum Nllllmv Fqlw-nlnun ljghlly, Jr. ..A..,,,YYfY.YY W... Y Y-- I-llllvw XXVIIYTVII hlrs. ivll'l'lIl4'llllilllj ,....,.,,.. vshirhfy 'Am-1-, 'Alix Ann Sl-uhrisl 'IQ,IIuIi,I, lPI,,,.l, -----A--!--k-MY--Ax,Y Y,,,,,Y-, , AK.qy' K.-mlull A155 thfilvh' --A-h'-----g--- 'VHF' 'li-"'J'f'f. H5'rl'4'm K "l'l"'5 Rlmllhl Sglsmun---,. ....., Roh:-rl Xxyylllilll, Rilhzurll R4'I1shl'rL1l'r Nh' Ilurlwr '""f"""""""""'f" A"' I Q"l""l Rl""I"Q :Wigs llill ................... -,lu.'Xnn tlfillllll. Slurillu Slllfilflx f muh fllllllfll' ..,..,,.,.,,A,.,,... Y- ,..,., hlniur Phillipx .-fl-, Tuk thorn. lynx Nlr. l.ll1HllIlIi4l .....,.,,,. ., ..,g,.......,.,.., 'mul-4 'lluhills H M- YA"''Y--"'VYYY"'v'N--w--A-H ir' L IL I ll t- I I, Q I Xlrg, Rglllhl-l ,A,.. , ..,..,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,, I .ll .1 11- 1' Hvpvr .mu -1 ,vnu ....,.YY.....,..YYv..,.,,,.. Ag, .lm mlm.: , . 4 Bun IzmiI',vf------x-MffY------fAi----if---A--Ylink Vlvn, Ixlr, lphm-r Pr. Arm-s ,.,..,.. ,. .......,....,,Y, ,l'urr1'H Blllvr Shalimar Arm-s ..,..,........,,,,.. .. .,,,,, Nlfwlly .ln 'l'0I,if.Q BIN- I-00 ----------------- ------------A--- K Yf""l" IV Ixmlvf hlinlgc Nlurphy ...........,...... Nnnvy Cfoppns, Sue XX'righl Dolly Lee ..............-.-- DiXi1' XVhil1'IIl'2I1l. Pillfifiil kvilll XVrig3hl 'fum-r.ll Ihum--.lrnhulurm' Svrviu: 17 Krogg-r Slum--fguulily um! Sl'fl'lCl' ' 1:-f X x N v 1 WSE? M W ' ,Q 4 ,K- +- 'QQ 19 W S4 F :" 455: S x-Q. -Q Oct. IS'-"The Visitor"-Cluemistry class sees football game TV G IDE PIJH CHANNEL .H.5. Sept. I,-"Youtli Wants to Know"-School ollicially begins. Sept. 4-"Sports Spot"--Bulldogs win first football game defeat- ing Knox. ' Sept. 21-"Time Candid Camera"--Seniors llasla pliotogenic smiles for George. Sept. 26-"Around VVe Go"--Fresl1man paper drive is con- ducted. Sept. 28-"Comedy Hour"-Senior government class visits county jail. Oct. 5-"Dangerous Assignment"-Class of "55" attempts to brealc seniors' magazine sale record. PS. They did. Oct. 7-"Victory At Sea"-Dave Stouder tells students about Navy lite. Oct. S--"On Your Account"-Seniors add money to treasury via tally sales. at l.U. Oct. 22--"Say It with Music"-Clioir sings at Teacliers As- sociation. Oct. 23-"Queen lor a Day"--Terry Hamslier is elected Home Coming Queen. Also. Blue and White Day is observed. Bull- dogs defeat Kendallville. Oct. 3l-"Jan1lmree"-Teentown sponsors liayride. Nov. 2-"Meet tlie Press"-Val Loudor. Teen Editor for a Chicago newspaper, spealrs. Nov. 4-"Sportsman Club"-N-Men enjoy weiner roast at Bergers'. Nov. I3-"Sports Star Time"-Bulldogs lose first lnaslsetlmall game to Wakarusa. Nov. I5--"Double or Nothing"-Sopllomores tum in profit on sweatsliirts. Nov. I8-"Focal Point"-Group pictures for Napanet are talcen. Nov. 25-"Look Up and Live"-Tlmanlcsgiving services are lield at scliool. - Nov. 26--"Brealcl'asl Clulf'--Teentown liolds its annual Tlianlcs- giving lsrealxlast. Dec. 3-uBrealc tlle Banlcu-Seniors order laand sweaters. Dec. 8-"Youtl'i Talres a Stand"-Speech class goes to Fort Wayne for Junior Town Meeting. Dec. I3-"Name Tliat Tune"-Clmir presents tlie Christmas Concert. Dec. I4-"Leave It to tlie Girls"--Senior Y-Teens entertain motllers at Mother and Daugliter Banquet. Dec. IS--"Super Circus"-Seniors stage a surprise party lor Jr. Phillips. Dec. 21-HAnd Away We Go"--Cliristmas vacation officially liegins. Dec. 26-"Dancing Party"-Teentown dances at Snow Ball. Jan. 2-Hcavalcade of Sports"-Holiday Tourney is at Warsaw. Jan. I9-"Suspense"-Tlxe Nappanee-Ellcllart lmaslcetimall contest is waged. Jan. 25-"Time Lineup"-Seniors are measured for caps and gowns. Jan. 29 Jan. 31- 4 H 'Doctor LQ."--Seniors talce sctlolarsllip tests. Helping Hand"-Hi-Y Dime Line totals 52361. Feb. 2--"Fann Town U.S.A."-F.F.A. attends conference at Milford. Fein. 6-1 'Talent Paradenf-'Solo and Ensemlmle contests are entered. Winners prepare for state contest. Fein. 9--"l've Got a Secret"-Juniors clioose Reception Com- mittee. Fels. 18-'Interior Decorating"-'Juniors decorate tlxe assembly for toumey pep session. Fein. 20-"Amateur Hour"--State Solo and Ensemble Contest is lield in indianapolis. Feb. 24-"Dangerous Assignment"-'Sectional Tourney starts. Fein. 25-"Same Old Story"-Ellclmart lmeats Nappanee in final seconds ol sectional tllriller. Mar. I0-"Mr. NNizard"-Glenn Nlorris spealrs on science magic. Mar. 19-"Tl1eater Date"-Clioir talces trip to Cliicago to see "Porgy and Bess." Mar. 2l-"Ten Pin Tattlern-G.A.A. Bowling Tourney starts. April 2. 3-"TV Playlnousen-Seniors present "NO MORE HOMEWORK." April 3-"Contest Camivaln-'Band and cliorus win superior ratings at contest at Wallcerton. April 6-"Beat time Cloclcn--Bulldogs win lirst traclc meet at Lalceville. April 7-"Hit Parade"--Combined clioir and lmnd give a con- cert. April 9-"You are What You Eat"-Atlmletic awards are pre- sented at N-lVlen's banquet. April I0--"Big Payolln-'State lzrand and clioir contest Brings liigliest lionors to lmolli groups. April I7-"Watch to Win"-Nappanee participates in Goslnen re ays. April I6-20-"Time Brigliter Day"-Students and teacliers enjoy Easter vacation. April 22-23--"Talent Paradel'-Band goes on tour to Indian- apolis and Terre Haute. May 2-nlvlusical Parade"-Clloir entertains tlie public at tlic spring concert. May 3-"Welcome Traveler"-Plymoutlm Concert Band com:-s to Nappanee. May 9-"Mama"-Mother's Day Band concert lionors lmand motluers. May I7-21-"On Your Way"-Senior Week is lnere at last. May IS--"Creative Cookery"-D.O. Club and employers lmave annual banquet. May QI. 23. 25-"Tl1ree Steps To Heaven"-Reception, Bacca- laureate. and Class Night. May 27--"Zoo Parade"-Graduationl Tll8t.S all. seniorsl May 28-"Dum-da-dum-dum''-Underclassmen return for cards. Will tliey lie promoted? May 3l-"Big Town"-Graduates travel to New York for a four day trip ol' siglit-seeing, sliopping, and a wonderful timellll 19 SUPI-IHINTENIIENT Exlilllillfillgf our school was lxlr. Kvmlnuys rf'- sponsilxilily. H0 loolivfl alflc-r ull lmusinvss mul- I1-rs. Ilirvcl our lvurlwrs, Sllpf'l'YiSPlI llu' fnfllllv mul ullm-mlm! lo many ollwr ilf-ms wllicll muclr our svlmol run more- snmollmly amcl vfluirienlly. UPPIIIE PEHSIINNEI. fur. Xvf-mlcllcfs svfrelnry wus Ixmclrccl 514 Ura-xv. Ifclilln Huovvr. sr-1'rclm'y, and Xvilmn Syl:-r, rv1'0plionisl, worlwcl in IIN' sugwrinlvml- 4-111.5 ol'I'ic'c. XMILLIABI R. KENDALL 20 Kncy's D1'IllxLK Exlulur gales-DOSUIO Plymnuf rip lwg .MMI-is O. xxrlilllllji Dr. Douglas Price, Clwrles Ecller, Harker Vvrigllt, Carlyle lxlutsclnler, Virgil Anglia, Vvilliam Kendall y's Deluxe fxlulor Snlvs-Sirlfluir Prozlucls PRINCIPAL Uuring lllf- yn-nr wln-n wi- wnnhwl nclvirc on sclnool Innllvrs. lxlr. XV1-rlflli-. our prin- nl. was ulwnys willing lo In-Ip us. Xvc ml lliln lxusy plnnningj our srlmol scliml- ulvs, sponsoring our sc-nior flnss, issuing passes lu annul lrmn rluss. nnil in ggvnvrnl, Frying lo lim-p us nul nl' lroulmlc-. SEHUUL HUAHU :Xl lln- ln-ginning ol' lln- yi-nr our srllool lmnrcl consislr-cl ol, Dr. lj0llQlilS l,riu'. Clmrlvs lfcllvr, llnrlvr Xvrigjlll, Carlyle- lxllllSi'lllQ'l'. anncl Virgil rxnglin. rlqln-sc nn-n lmml ilu- rc-spunsilmilily nl ill'- riclingj prulmlvlns wllivll l'0lll'f'lAIIl'll lln- svllool. 21 NORMA BARTH Pliysicai Education, Science IJ It FACULTY lncliana State Teachers College, B.S. VVAYNE BEST Social Studies lviancllester College, A.B. incliana University, NLS. PAUL COLEMAN Instrumental Musimv Butler University, AB. lndinna Stale rlqencllers College. GUY CONRAD Heultil, Pllysicai Education indiana State Teachers Colle-g BS. SELXVYN COPELAND Vocational Agriculture, Shop University of lwinnesota, BS. ROBERT COURTNEY Physical Education Drivers Training, Commerce Canterbury College, A.B. PAUL HARTLE Matizervlatics lxiarion College, Louisiana Statm- University, lnzlinna University, Ball State Tencluers College, BS. CLARENCE HOLANVAY Foreign Languages e, Cvosllen College, BS., lnclinna University, MS. ESTHER HOOVER English indiana University, A.B., Uni- versity ol California nt Los Angeles, Ball State Te-acliers College. RAY HOPEVV ELL Science Purdue University, inclinna Uni versity, BS. 22 Blue Bell Inc.--Xvorimfs Largest Producer of Xvorii Ciuliiiug IJIHEIITS DAVID N11-URIQYV lmfuslriuf Arts, Vorulionul lfsfu vuliorl Guimluruv llllll Illillalllii Nah- In-urln-rs fullvgm- I,l 'CY MILES lingfisln, Spovcln llllllilllil U xv:-sh-n nive-rsily. AB.. Norilu- 1 Univf-rsily, Goslnf-n Col IQ-ga' Pllfllllt' University. IIARVIZY l'OS'l'MA C KIIYSIIUII Q UH Ulllllwrfv l'niva-reily, F11 YS. MARY ROOD Ar! 'ml Hb. lllllhfln innz A sinh- rl.:-m'In'rs Coll:-Qs-, un Pink:-rv-1N10lll4'r's Hrmuf illlil l TIIIVPFSIIV, vga-, A.B,, lmlinnu CAI .HN RUOSIC Alllflll'lllllHl'S fYusIn'n Cullvgc-, lxlillll'lIl'Sh'l" Col- lvgv, lmlinnn Ulliw-rsiiy, KYB., lyllflllll' lrnivvrsily. MARY Sl .ATICR Holm' llrullurrlivs mul Cufvlvria lwunugvr hlfhilllkl Univ:-rsily, NANCY SHNKARID Vocal MllSil' NIIKIIZIIYH Slash- I1'ill 'll'fi t IYHULZP, ISS, UI ,IVIC XYICAVICR l5llfIIiSlI um' ljlxrury fxlillmuv 'lvt'lllI4'SSl'4' Shulv, IYS. lxlllYf'l'SIh' ul Hllnuls, Hb. III IMS. l.l 'NIDY XVIQIJSORN Social Slmlivs, Srlvinfngy Butler Univ:-rsily, US. lmlinnu Univ-rsily, l.AYVRlfNl'lf XY'lIl'lAlf Soviu, Slurfivs, lflngfisll lxilurlfllx-l4l1'r VUH1-ga-, KYB.. null Nah' Ivurlwrs funn-114-, lmlizmu lvnivn-raiiy, 23 NURSE Xvheneyer we had any minor aches or pains, Anne Xvoocihams, our nurse, was always on hand to help. All through lhe year she was kept very husy dispensing medicine, pills, and 'sand-aids, or sending us home when we were sick. AIIIIQ XXIOOCHIEIIIIS y i BUUHSTUHE Eariy every morning and X noon Kathleen Hahn anci Es- lher Xveicly opened lhe hooic- siorc where they sold us every- thing from pencils to note- books. Besides taking care of the many school supplies, Wir. Hoiaway was in charge of ali ihe lext hooks, which he rhecics in and oul every year. Kathleen Hahn, Wir. Hoiaway, Esther Vveidy 24 I1f'Ckillllflll'S iff' c1I't'ilIl1-'NIIPPKITIPP Dairy 1xICCOfllliCIi Niotors Inc.-Chevrolet Cars. Trucks CAFETEHIA Illll. XVllill EIN' NYU llilVlIl2f lilll' p f rs. Hummel, lxlrs. Rive. rs. Rossi, lxlrs. Farrington lunuln? It rc-rluinly smells goocl. Daly tiller iluy ull tltrougln tht- yezlr we voulrl Count on tht- coolcs to lmvv ill'0 ll ll il XVOIlClf'I'l'lll lllt'ill TQ'ilCly UI' IIS VVIIPII lllllfll lilllf' Tlblltlfl JANITUHS D u v i cl Anderson, Noble Flowers, Ed Miller, and Nlartlla Kulms are tlme people wlm lcept our sclxool neat and vlean in spite of all we did to malce it flirty. Every clay tluey emptied Countless waste lmslcets, swept tlle lloors, 41 l e at n e cl tlme rooms, and did endless otller jolas to lceep our scltool pleasant for us. Martlla Kulms, Noble Flowers, Ed Nliller, David Anclerson Stillson's lVlen's and Boys' Vvear-Sporting Goods Nappanee Tile Company-116 South Main Street 5 A11 W ,W SPAN! f, 7417 X ' My WHITS WHU blqlu-sc sllulvnls wwf- mlmsc-n by llw luvully mul sf-niura lor UlltSlilIlCliIlQ work. .IAMI-QS ,IQUISIAS ,,, cw 1 -- ,,,l'xilll0'iFS 1 ROI. I USFYNIA ..... ,,,,Y ...., ,..,g ,... .... A - f A...,.,,,,,,, c NIIOVUS Rom' RT XVYMAN CN.xRo1.YN K r-RN, -,,-,,IsfllllI ix lflllrvrrrrllivs ,,,,,, ,-,-.---- ,,,,W,,,U,A-f,,,,I-0arIvrslzip xllxx Sl.ABAl,YGlI ,,,., NIULLY Alu Tfnsms ..,.....,,, ,,.. , W N, - MU , .ll-jsslf. lg!-.RGliR ..... ,,,,, ,fY, ,.... Y Y , W SARITA SCIIRUCK IAAIAR l,l,liTCl'Il'fR - ....... Ari -ng ,,,,,,., hglmp Sl'IlOIfll'SllflP - A grirru.I!lu'c Ixlufvlnla-r Brullxvrw 1.wullllmlly-Pnrhl Iiilr KH: 'rn l'urnilurc Sarita Schrocic, Rohert Rhoeies, iwax Siahaugh SE IIJH III. S5 Coicesi ice Cream! Pop Corn! . . . That was the hatlie ery of the seniors as we soict confessions at the imasiiethaii games to help raise money for our treasury. Besides this, we soici sait water taify and had a iot oi iun presenting our eiass play, UNO More Homework." By ixiay we had enough money to taice our iong-anticipated trip to New York Cityt Vve aiso worked very harct to iceep up our scholastic stanctarrts. Some of the seniors attended College Nigitt at Eiichartg and seventeen students tooic state scholarship examinations, four of them meriting superior ratings. At the enci of the year the juniors gave the annual Junior-Senior Reception in our honor. Senior Vveeic ended our activities at Nappanee High and we wish to thank our sponsors, Miss Hoover and Mr. Weddie, for a wonderful year as seniors. Mutschier Brothers Company--Porta-Bill Kitchen Furniture MAX BEERY "Flax" Banrl I. 2. 3. 4: Hi-Y 2, 3. 4: Bnslcellmll Uslier 3: Niu- punel 4. IIARRELL BILLER '4Bulcl1" lnlrnmumls I, 2, 3. 4: Hi-Y 2. 1, 4: D.0. Clulm 4: D.O. Clulm Se-rrvlnry-'lite-asurer 4: lvlonilor 3: Class play 4. NANCY COPPES "Nun" Banrl I, 2, 3, 4: Cllorus 2, 3, 4: Clmoir 2, 3. 4: Operella I: D'BulIcl0g I, 2, 3, 4: Y- Teons I, 2, 3. 4: Class Play 4. UAROI. Ds-FREES "Duffy" fwlmrus I, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. I, 2: F.H.A. I, 3: lvlonilor I, 2: Y-'lovns I, 2. 3, 4. 30 JESSE BERGER "Chu" Banfl I: Bnslcellvall I, 2. 3. 4: Fooilwall I, 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. Secretary 3: F.F.A. Vice-Presiclenl 4: Track 3. 4: Class Vice-Presb :If-nl 2: Projection Club 2, 3, 4: Proieclion Clulu Presiclenl 3: N-lVlen's Clulx 4: N-Men's Club President 4. BARBARA COPPES "Barb" Band I. 2, 3, 4: Chorus 3. 4: Clioir 3, 4: D'BuIldog I. 2, 3, 4: De-bale 2: Y-Teens I, 2. 3, 4: Monitor 2. 4: Office Assislanl 2, 4: Re- vepiion COIIIIIIIIIEC 3: Siuclenl Council 4: National Honor Society 4: Pep Banfl 3. 43 Napane-I Co-eclilor 4: Class play 4. JOYCE CULP "Cork" Track 3: Projection Club 3, 4. DONALD DISHER "Dish" Band I, 2: lnhamurals I, 2, 3, 4: D.O. Club 3, 4: F.F.A. I, 2: Projection Club I, 2. Lules Service Slalion-Slandard Service Newfs Drive-In-Good Wholesome Foocl JANET FISHER ulanet.. fv.A.A. I. 2: Ir.II.A. I, 2. 3. 4: Y-III:-ons I. 2, 3. 4: Glet- CIuIJ 4. JOANN GRIMM uloey.. BnncI I. 2. 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3. 4: Chorus Sf-crelary 3, 4: Choir 2. 3, 4: IVIonitor I: D'BuIIcIog I, 2. 3. 4: Y- 'Iqe-ens I. 2. 3. 4: Chr-erIeacIer 3. 4: Reception Commitlee 3: Class PIay 4. RS WESLEY HANSEN Band I, 2, 3: FooIImII I, 2. 3: Track I, 2, 3: InIralnuraIs I, 2. 3: D'BuIIrIog I, 2, 3: Debate I. 2: Monitor 2: Hi-Y 2. 3, 4: BasIceIIDaII Usher I, 2. LULABELLE HEPLER "lQuIuIzeIie" Chorus I. 2. 3, 4: Choir I, 2. 3. 4: G.A.A. I. 2. 3, 4: I. 2. 3. 4: Librarian I. 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2. 3. 4: D'BuIId0g 3, 4: CInss PIay 4. Ivgion IIowI-Amoicun Legion Post I5-I XVisc's Furniture Store-Complete Home Furnishings GEORGE FOX "George" Band I. 2. 3. 4: Chorus 3. 4: Choir 3, 4: BasIcetI1aII I: Cross Country I, 2, 3: InIra- muraIs I. 2, 3: Track 2. 3: N-IVIen's CIuIJ 4: Debate 3: Napane! 3. 4: Napanet Busi- ness Manager 4: Pep Band 4: Class PIay 4. TERRY HAIVISHER "Terry" Band I, 2, 3. 4: Chorus 3. 4: Choir 3. 4: Chorus Ac- companist 3. 4: Y-Teens I. 2. 3. 4: D'BuIIcIog I. 2. 3. 4: OIIive Assistant I. 4: Rc- replion COIIIIIIIIICC 3: Class PIay 4. FRANK HARTMAN IIFTUNRII Proiectiun CIUIJ I, 2: D.O. CIuI1 3, 4. DONNA IRWIN "Donna' ' Chorus I: G.A.A. I. 2: Office Assistant 3: DIBUII- Iog 4. 3I SHIRLEY KEEFER "Shirley" Cilorus I, 4: Giee CIuI1 4: F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4: FHA. Secretary 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. PHYLLIS KAY KENDALL ..Kay.. Bunci I, 2. 3, 4: Chorus 4: Choir 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: D'BuIIcIog I, 2, 3. 4: Deimlc 2. 3: NationaI Honor Society 3. 4: Student Councii 3, 4: Napanet 4: Pep Banci 4: Cinss Piay 4: Reception Com- mittee 3: Saiutatorinn 4. I f 31s ITEMNA I.ors Chorus 3. 4: Choir 3, 4: G.A.A. I. 2. 3, 4: G.A.A. Treasurer 3: G.A.A. Vice president 4: Ijivrarian I : Ivionitnr I. 2, 3: Y-Teens I. 2, 3, 4: Oiliirc Assistant I, 2: D'BL1IItI0g 4: 4. SHIRLEY LOSEE "Low-C" D'BuII4Iog I. 2. 3, 4: Stu- rient Councii 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens Presicient I: Reception Committee 3: Nap- anet 4: Cinss Piay 4. 32 PATRICIA KEIIVI "Pat" Band I, 2, 3: G.A.A. I, 2: F.H.A. l, 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2. 3. 4: GIee CIUIJ 4: CInss Piay 4. CAROLYN KERN UK:-Jrnien Band I, 2. 3, 4: D'BuII1Iog I, 2, 3, 4: Student CounciI I: Y-Teens I, 2, 3. 4: Re- ception Committee 3: Nap- nnet 4: Monitor 4. SHIRLEY LONGFIELD "Boots" D'BuIIcIog 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3. 4: I, 2. 3. 4: F.I'I.A. 2, 3, 4: Librarian I, 2, 3: Cilorus 4: Gicc CIUI7 4. CHARLES LUTES "Hot Rod" FootbaII 2, 3, 4: Intramurnis I. 2. 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 41 D.O. Club 4. F Ciipp Auto Suppiyf-Everything for the Auto House of Harter, Goshen, Incliana-"Sporting Goods' VERNA MAST ..Verna.. Chorus I. 4: F.I'I.A. 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 2. 3, 4. VVYANA M:-DOVV ..Wy,. Ifnnrl I, 2. 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3. 4: Choir 2. I, 4: Nupunol 4: D'BuIIrIog I, 2. 3, 4: Y- Trcns I, 2, 3, 4: lQ1'l'l'llIIlJll IIOIIIIIIIIICI' QI: Senior Chris I,Iny 4. CARQILE ESTHER MILLER ..R .. e Band I. 2. 3. 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Choir 3, 4: D'BuIIdog I. 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3. 4: Reception Committee 3: Senior CInss PIny 4. WANDA MILLER "WOYU1G,. Band I, 2. 3. 4: BanrI Lihmr- ian 3: Chorus 2: Choir 2: G.A.A. 3. 4: G.A.A. Treas- urer 4: Y-Teens I: NaIionnI Honor Sociely 3, 4: NuIionnI Honor Sociely Secrelury- Treasurer 4: SIumIenI CounciI 3, 4: Office Assislanl I, 2, 3, 4: SaIuIaIorian 4. IVIeIzIcr Shoe Company--Florsheim Shoes for Men, IWiIIf'r HeuIfI1 Shoes for Women Trump CIcaners and Dyers-QuaIiIy Cleaning BARBARA M1-DONALD IIIZIITIJH Y-Tccns I: Chorus I, 2: G AA. I, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A Svvrolnry 3: G.A.A. Presi- cIvnI 4. CARI JI, ANN MII .LER ncay.. ISIIINI I, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3. 1: Choir 2, 3,V4: :Ing I. 2, 3, -1: Y-If-ons I, 2. I. -I: R1-11-plion Connuillcc 3 Sl IIRI .EY KATHRYN M II,I .ITR IlKl1IU', I3nmI I, 2, 3, 4: Nnpanel 4: D'BuII1Io:5 I, 2, 3. 4: Y- IIIPUIIS I, 2, 3, 4: Science Chxh I, 3: Srienve CIUIJ Sf-rrf-Iury I: Dc-Imale 3: Rc- rs-plion Comlnillr-c 3. HAROLD PIIILLIPS, JR. IICIUIIJCI, Nupnnvl 4: D'BuIIfIog 3. 4: fhorus 2, 3, 4: Chorus Vice- I'r1'sitIc'nI 3: Choir 2. 3. 4: Ili-Y 3, 4: InIrnmumI Baskel- Imll 3, 4: R1-ropIion Commil- Im' 3: Senior Class PIay 4. 33 LAMAR PLETCHER "LaMar" F.F.A. I, 2. 3, 4: F.F.A. Vice-President 3: F.F.A. President 4: Basketball 2: Science Club I: Projection Club I, 2, 3: Projection Club Secretary 3: Monitor 2. RICHARD RENSBERGER "Goose" Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: Hi-Y Secretary 3: Basketball I, 2. 3. 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Track I. 2: N IVIenls Club 4: N IVIen's Club Treasurer 4: Science Club I: Senior Class Play 4. SARITA SCHROCK "seedy" Band I, 2, 3, 4: Band Coun- cil 3, 4: Bancl Secretary- Treasurer 3. 4: Napanet 3. 4: Napanet Editor 4: D'BuIIcIog I. 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens Vice-President I: Y-Teens Secretary 3: De- bate 3: Class Secretaryfrreas- urer I. 2, 3, 4: Librarian I, 2: Reception Committee 3: National Honor Society 4: Stu- cIent Council 4: Student Council Vice-President 4: Senior Class Play 4: D.A.R. Representative 4: Valeflictor- ian 4. MAX SLABAUGH "Many" BancI I, 2, 3, 4: Bancl Coun- vil 4: Cliorus l, 2, 3, 4: Choir I. 2, 3, 4: Napanet 4: D'BuIImIog 3, 4: Class Presi- cIent 2, 3, 4: Class Vice- Presicient I: Intramural Bas- Icetball I. 2, 3: Football 2, 3, 4: N IVIen's Club 4: Science Club I: Monitor 2, 3, 4: Reception Committee 3. 34 CAROL POSTIVIA "Carol" Band I, 2, 3. 4: Bancl Coun- cil 3: Ctiorus I. 3. 4: Clioir I, 3, 4: Operetta l: CI1oir President 3, 4: D'BuIIcIog 2. 3. 4: D'BuIIcIog Editor 4: Y- Teens I. 2, 3. 4: National I'Ionor Society 3. 4: National Honor Society Vice-President 4: Student Council 3. 4: Slu- clent Council Secretaryflireas- urer 3: Reception Committee 3: Senior Class Play 4. ROBERT RHODES HDusty" Band I, 2: Napanet 4: Hi-Y 2. 3, 4: Hi-Y Secretary 4: Class Vice-President 4: In- tramural Baslietball I, 2. 3: Reception Committee 3: Sen- ior Class Play 4. IDIS ANN SECHRIST NIO.. Bancl I. 2. 3, 4: Ctiorus 2. 3. 4: Clioir 2, 3, 4: Napanet 4: D'BuIIcIog I, 2, 3, 4: Y- Teens I, 2. 3, 4: Reception Committee 3: Senior Class Play 4. JAMES TOBIAS ..Cy.. Napanet 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 4: National Honor Society Presi- clent 4: Stuclent Council 4: Class President I: Class Vice- President 3: Basketball I, 2. 3. 4: Football 2. 3. 4: Track 2: N lVIen's Club 4: Science Club I, 3: IVIonitor 3: Usller 2: Reception Committee 3: Senior Class Play 4. Mast Sales ancl Service-Oliver Farm Equipment Naylofs Grocery and Market. Phone 149-'Free Delivery JOHN TOBIAS "lotus" BasIcetI3aII I: Intramural Bas- IcetI:aII 2, 3: Librarian I. 2: D.O. CIuIJ 4. JACK ULERY uoogien Band I, 2. 3. 4: Chorus 4: Choir 4: I'Ii4Y 3. 4: Student Council 2: Reception Com- mittee 3: Senior Class Play 4: Boys State 3. DIXIE WHITEHEAD "Dude" Chorus 2, 3: Choir 2, 3: D.O. CIuIJ 4: Senior Class Play 4. ROBERT VVYMAN "OIIie" Band I. 2. 3. 4: Band Presi- dent 4: Band Council 4: Chorus 2. 3, 4: Choir 2. 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3. 4: Hi-Y Vice- President 4: BasIcetIJaII I. 2: Intramural BasIcetIxaII I. 2, 3. 4: Science CIuI'J I: Senior Class Play 4. Lehman Hardware Co.-Hardware, Paint, Toys, and Sporting Goods Dunham and Love--Prescriptions'-Fountain Service MOLLY JO TOBIAS "IoIIy Mo" Band I. 2. 3. 4: Napanet Art Editor 4: D'BuIIdog I. 2, 3, 4: D'BuIIdog Art Editor 3. 4: Y-Teens I, 2. 3, 4: Cheer- Ieader 3, 4: G.A.A. I: I..i- Iararian I, 2. 4: Office As- sistant I, 2. 4: Girls State 3: Science Club I: Reception Committee 3: Senior Class Play 4. JAMES WARREN "Warnie" Band I. 2. 3.4: Chorus I, 2. 3, 4: Choir I. 2. 3. 4: Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: I'Ii'Y Vice-President 2: Hi-Y Sevretary 3: Baslcet- haII I, 2. 3. 4: Intramural Baslcethall I. 2: Foothall 4: Trazzlc I. 2, 3: Cross Country I. 2, 3: N IVIen's Cluh 4: Monitor 2. 3: Usher 2: Senior CIass Play 4. SUSAN WRIGHT "Sue" Band I. 2. 3. 4: Drum Major 3. 4: Chorus I. 4: Choir I- 4: Napanet Art Editor 4: D'BuIICIog I, 2. 3. 4: D'BuII- dog Art Editor 2: Y-Teens I. 2. 3. 4: Y-Teens Vice President 3: Y-Teens Presi- dent 4: National Honor So- ciety 4: Student Council I. 4: Reception Committee 3: Sen- ior Class Play 4. 35 Sharon Jensen, Alan Witt, Janice Sticicei UNIUH IIL 55 We imaci our busy year witil the traditional Junior magazine saies. Tiiougil everybociy worked iiarfi, Niary Helen Pippen was tile iiigilest seiier and won a Hash camera set. Vve aii ilaci great fun planning tile reception for time seniors, too. Our president was Alan Vviitg vice-president, Sharon Jensen: Janice Stieicei remained secretary-treasurer. Student Council and National Honor Society members were Daniei Hostetter, Alan Witt, and Janice Sticicei. The iieipfui, patient sponsors VVIIO guided us tiufougil ttiis active year were Mrs. Nliies and Wir. Postma, to wiiom we are very grateful. Slate Bank of Nappance'-fiwemlier of Federal Dep. Ins. Corp ,yew K Q wwt fm 1. -ww- 8 WU! 5 Q It ' ..... .- gr iv, 3 , 4 'R Q 1 x I ll ' 1. ,?"'4- Qggb u- QME 433 I 'T 'L ,Q 45, J wit, - . f l? .,::.e.s:::s::5i: 2 fff' gf .v Slate Banlc ol Nappanee-Member of Federal Reserve System Twp Row-L. tu R.: Peggc Arch, james Bartman, Paul Bolingcr, Wayne Brock, Mary jane Buss, Kenlyn Calbeclr. Second Row: Ellen Callander. Harvey Chupp, James Eilers, Donald Farmwald, Ronald Fields, Mary jane Frenger. Third Row: Beverly George, Lyle Hall. Harold Hartman, Diana Hawley, Howard Hepler, Dan Hostettcr. Fourth Row: Martha Hull, Marjane Hull'- man. Doris Hunsberger. john lngle, Sharon Jensen, Johanna jerles. Fifth Row: Rcova Jewell, Douglas Kahler, james Lantis, Norman Marvel, janet Mattcrn, Frances McCriH'. Sixth Row: joel Melliziger, Victor Miller, Marcin Mulsehler, Sandra Nenrour, juan Newcomer, Nancy Quigley. Seventh Row: Rebecca Parcell. Paul Parks. Wade Pfeiffer, Mary Helen Pippen. Lowell Pippengcr, Linda Pletchcr. Eighth Row: James Recd, Thelma Rose, Patricia Roth, Frances Sechrist, Norma Shea-ts, Bryce Slabaugh. Ninth Row: Janice Stickel, Donna Sutf heimer, Judith Swihart, Doris Tobias. Larry Wagner, Donald Weaver. Tenth Row: Esther Weldy, Alan Wilt, Alnmes XVnmlhams. 37 Abby Lee Hossler, Jack Arnott, Connie Hossler SIIPHU UHE III. S5 We got off to a good start by re-electing Jael: Arnott as president and electing Alolmy Lee Hossler, vice-president, and Connie Hossler, secretary- treasurer. In November we started a new lad lay selling sweat slxirts witln N. H. S. emlmlems on tllem. Tlien came the real world, selling candy'-a sopliomore traclition: lmut witli tlie Co-operation of all the students we were very suvfesslful. Under tlie clirertion of our sponsors. lVlr. Hopewell ancl lwlr. Vvliite. we lmcl a roller skating party. The scllool year has come to a close and the sophomores will soon be juniors, we IIOIJC. Hanufs T. V. Sales and Service-1158 West Marlret Street E, Newcomer anal Son--The Store of Fine Iewelry Kg Karl' WY xv sy,- 5 A-1 CZ ' Nm ,A kr my 3. P. 6 rs -1 1 Sw Q, 1 2 W-3, A W uf Q .fi -2 on -c' --V' , -M A' 'Y l' .F A , Wx! ,eq MNH Q .fdfllmf A if A fn ew ' . . 'Vwjfm fi uv: "VIA I 1:5 J ww' my ,. Ex 1, 100 'MM 53:7 m 4 -cv my 3 Vw' eq, My V 3 -if .Q nf yu zz ig 1 Nuppnm-1: lxlilling Co.. lnc.-Quality Flour and Feeds -'ww X , sf--J WMS' Twp Rowf L. tu RJ ,luck Arnutt, Doris llalslcy, Edwin llvrgcr, Warren liruck, ,lanmcs llrunsn, Robert Buss, M.urulyn Byr-:r. Svinlxul Row: ,lzuncx Cluusv, Pm trlcin Curl, Wflltcr Cnrwrn, l.7i::ln Culp, lame! Culp, Lnvon Culp, Rusafll Iirvxn. Tlurd Row: Cvnniu Fervidn, jenn Foltz. Eddie Fustcr, Dunnld Ucnrgu, Sherry Gillis. Kxnhlccn Hahn, Nlury Ellen Hull. Fourth Row: Eddie Hand, Lcotu Huncy, Russell Hcplur, Winfunl Hcrshburgcr, Fred Hockurt, Abby Ln' Husslur, flurinic Hulllcr. Fifth Row: William lrwin, Roberta rlrwcll, Mary lillcn juni-s, Lu' nnnr Lvur, Philip Lchmam, Surah Lu: Lupp, Patricia: lnxsev, bixlh Row: Mnrllyll Malrtz. ,lxlrwt McFull, Murcia: lvfclhngur, Cnrul juni: Miller, Marlrnix MillL'r, Marv Lu Milli-r, George Rvril. Scvvnth Row: .lcrry Rccd, llunnnf bulls Rcnsbcrgur, Wilficd Rene' br-rgcr, Lrslur Shaw, Ruth Ann Slnbuugli, Psxtrirm Snider, Bnr' b.u':n Stnhly. lflghth Row: .luhn Smhly, Sally Stuudvr, Kcnnrth Stump, Lindzl Stump, Alycv Thurston, Pu- trirm Tobias, ,lannrs Xllrldy. Ninth Rnw: Lco hxlllllLlmS, Alohn XVimlhnm, ISL-ny NYuudll.uns, Richard Wright, junior Yudcr. Kcnuvth Yu-ulug. 30 Sally Stutzman, Linda Chandler, Nancy Peters. FHESHMI-KN III. SS VVC, the class of '57, llave just completed our first year of lligll sclmool. On September 14, 1953, we organized our class by electing time following officers: Linda Chandler, president, Sally Stutzman, vice-president, and Nancy Peters, secretary-treasurer. John Hummel and Judy Martin represented us on the Student Council. Clad in old clothes, we accomplished a successful paper drive. We are very grateful to our two sponsors, Mr. Hartle and Mr. Vvellaorn, who were very helpful in getting us started in our first year of high school. 40 Quality Print Shop-Printing of the Better Kind Miller's Grocery'-'Save Through l.G.A. L, ff, ,aa my 6' ff s- 'i nv 7 T.. ref at va v Y? 4 ., 5. is' IX if ,ff ' as xii V 555 .... Q Q g EI 2' ' mf tw ak . 5 j hr, mig geil x 'Tw . Q. J W gg 1 W-'vit- Nappanee Cold Storage--Frozen Foods and Meals Ray Hively-Plumlning and Healing Services ft ww. frmx .9 -x . ,. .3 yr We M 0. if Wa ff At- Rf.- E .M sv if .VZ 'K Vibfw. 'Y' V 5 J 1. H. .-df.:, 91 B Top Row-L. to R.: Lulu Jean Adams. Carol Andrews, David Arch, Gloria Beezley, Frank Bolingc-r, Rny Buick, Linda Chandler. Second Row: Leroy Chupp. Shirley Chupp. Thomas Cunrad. Wilma Copenhavur. Richard Coppcs, Raymond Curl, Jan Culp. Third Row: Jeanette Ervin, Ralph Fink. Larry Fisher, W'alter Frcnger, Noel George, Sue Grimm. Robert Haines. Fourth Row: Terry Haney. June Heltzel. Louise Hershberger, Ned Hoover, Linda Housouer, John Hummel, Jackie Huns' herger. Fifth Row: Jacob Jackson. Vernon Jewell, William Keifer, Janet Klingaman. Larry Lakins. hlfarilyn Lehman, Vance Lopp. Sixth Row: Vonda Sue Lusee, Judy Mar' tin, William lviartindale, Sue Martini- dale, Gerald Mattcrli. Larry McDilnald, Charles Myers. Seventh Row: Donald Miller, Jue Miller, Rosemary Miller, Thelma Miller, Alvin Miillet, Daniel Nine, Nancy Peters. Eighth Row: Patricia Peterson, Judy Phend, Sue Plctcher, Michael Price. Judith Ruse, James Speieher, David Stoups. Ninth Row: Kay Stouder, Sally Slutzman. Alma Jean Swihart, John Truxel, Clara Rae Walters, David Weldy, Aubrey Wiseman. Tenth Row: Chris Woodhams. Inez Yuder, William Young. 41 Top Row-L. to R.: Glenwyn Bollman. Beverly Burgess, Bill Burgess, Anne Mae Chupp. Eddie Combs, Vfilliam Conrad. Larry Crips. Glenda Dumph. Second Row: Ronnie Elliott, Roger Evans, james Fields, Sue Field, Brent Gall, jerry Ganshorn, David Geyer, Carol Sue Hahn, Third Row: james Hamsher, Dixie Hare, john Hawley, Gene Heckaman, Roger Hecltaman, Carolyn Hershberger, Rachel Holaway, Harry Hood. Fourth Row: Anita Hoover, Philip Hosf tetlcr, Harold Huffman, Frederick Hunsf berger, Yvonne lngle, Judith Kaufman, Loretta Keifer. Alfred Keim. Fifth Row: Edward Keim, W'illiam Ken' dall, john Kendall, Marie Klotz, Peggy Laltins, james Lutcs, Dorothy Martin, Patsy Martin. Sixth Row: Robert McDonald, Donald Miller, Harold Miller, Shirley Miller, Toby Miller, Letitia Nettrour. Vernon Nissley, Harry Peterson, Seventh Row: Douglas Rcnsberger, Larry Riley, ,lane Ann Rood, Ruth Ellen Salz- man, Chris Slabaugh, Danny Slahaugh, Walter Slabaugh, Carol Sparks. Eighth Row: Kerry Speicher, Larry Stahly, Charlotte Stickel, Donna Stone, Paul Leazenhy, William Stouder, james Stou' der, ,laclric Stump. Ninth Row: Monty Sweisherger. Stanley Thomas, Patricia Thompson, Dorothy Ulery, Donna Kay Wagner. Marguerite Wagner, Carol Weldy, Joyce Weldy. Tenth Row: Mary ,lane xxf'00C.lllZll'l1S, Gerald Yoder, Raymond Znnlt. 42 EIBHTH EH IIE Vvillard lxl. Naylor Insurance Rea Estate Loans Pletclier Motor Company'-Oldsmobile Burch bales and bervrce rv N -:. x - ' x X N g - -V W tg K Mr. ' 5 XR mal X xx: N N Q X Q A w 5:-xi... x.. X Shively Corporation-Clothing, Hardware, and Appliarmes Yllenlplelonls Shell Service-lvlarlzel and Clarlz Streels Tnp Row --f- L, to R.: Carnlc Armnlul, Philip Arnnlt, Dnris Ann Bcrgvr, Gvnc Bluclv cr, Carolina: Conrad, Richard Conrad, ,loan Culp, lvfaurinc Culp. Srcnnd Ruw: Martha Elliott, Danny Evans. Dalc Fink, Dunnis flvurgr. Jann-s Gr-nrgc, Larry Grnrgc, joan Gi-lz, Ruth Grcvnaf walt. Third Row: Ruth Haincs, Nlartha Hartman, Delnris Hcckaman, Stanley Hcckaman, Alton Hcrshhcrgcr, Marry Ellcn Hcrlh- hcrgrr, Stvwn Hnckvrt, Ronald Hollar. Fnurth Row: Larry Hnman, .lnhn Hns' rcttlcr, Sharie Hoyt, Barbara King, Alf hcrt Knhlcr, Larry Landis. Patricia Lvrr, ,lames Lnngcnuclccr. Fifth Ruw: Donald Martz. Dcloris Marvel, Lurctta Marvel. Lcvi Mxist. Arthur Mil' lur, Carolyn Milli'r, Karen Miller, Margo Millr-r. Sixth Row: vlnnas Miillctt, Ruhy Miillctt. Sandra Nichols. Sharlvnc Ninu, Richard Norton, Larry Nunfmalccr, Larry Otto, Verna Umm. Srvcnth Ruw: ,lnann Pcltivr, jamus Pip' pcngcr. Sue Ellcn Pippcngcr. Connie' Plctcher, Richard Plctcher, Lu' Price. james Rassi, Thomas Richmond. Eighth Row: Leon Ringcnhcrpr, Carl Rnhin' son. Robcrt Schcets. Sharon Scchrisr. Juanita Sharlrcy. Edward Shaw. Wendell Shrcts, ,ludy Slahaugh. Ninth Row: Karnli' Slahaugli, Sandra Smith, Lorrinc Spichcr, Mcrlc Spcicher, Sharon Stuclrman, Larry Stulzman, Dun- nis Swihart. Marslia Swihart. Tcnth Row: jerry Thurston. Lnwruncr Watson, Dcvnn Wcavcr, Carolyn Nvclty, Robert Williams, Ronnie W'ilsnn, Maria' Yudcr, jnycc Zn-ntz. 43 QW? , 1 wx, N55 'vm ' ' Nw, JSA X mm X Q f X J f v ZW, 1 +7 fn N l f' X N I iff ' Z I u 14' QM 'Q 'W .A.. '46 , :.A ..A, fzf i" W , 1 ' f ff X 'I f 55535E5E3E5E5E5E5E5E3EfE5E5E- Z Q 'A" ' jf , f 5 Z 2 f , 1 x g 5 Z V .,::,..f Af! I :ZZ l :ZZ W WM! 5' A , ,Q,,,. 1 fff fffff' , 222555451251 4fmf,,,,,,,, , ,, M fx ,ffwffffff ' WW' Z ' f W U . fri ,Jr ffrll ' f"-'T qw ' f - -4-- . - --..- ,A ,... - .-.-..,.A. f y ,Z , X "WL """" X ,f4f:3:s:e:3:22:1.,. ,.zg:2:7 X 7 ' ' - - -,----'-1-:fu-641211:Muzi:1:2:225522r2555f535:5f:::':':'4 '- W fl Left to Right: Carol Postma. W'ancla Miller. Kay Kendall, Mr, Hnlaway, sponsurg Dam Hnstctter, Alan XV1lt. ,lamcc Stickrl, Suu Wrlght, Barbara Cnppvs, Sarita Schrnnk, james Tnlwins, N!-XTIIINAI, HU UH SUIIIETY llllil lxllHl'f, .IEIIIIUS 'l1lllDl2lS, cxllfill I,USlllHI, 16 N Tlle National Honor Soviety is fomposecl ol stuclenis selectecl lay llme faculty on tlme lzasis of scllolarslmip. leaclerslmip. servife. ancl rlwaracter. Tllis year we llacl ten memlvers, tlwree from tlwe iunior class ancl seven lrom tlme senior class. lwlr. Holaway was our sponsor. Vve met every otlaer Tlulrsclay to clisfuss projerls to l1elp tlae scllool. rl-ll? main projefl tllis year was Con- cluding a poll ol' tlme Nappanee Higll Selmool graduates from 1049-1032 to lincl out wlniclx lmiglm sclmol sulajevts are most useful and also wlairlm sulujects would lie luenellirial to future graduates and slmoulcl lne acldecl lo tlle curricuf lum. l,RESlDliN'l1 ....... .... . lanles Tolwias VICE-PRliSlDliN'l' ..f....... .... f farol Postma SECRETARY-TREASURER ....... .... W anda Miller appanee l.unulJer G flanulacturing Co.-Nursery Furniture ST DE T EIJUNIIII. i Xvv, lin' rf-pr0svnlnlivr's of lim slucicnl imciy, irif-mi lo improv- our St'il00i lilrougil various projvrls. XVQ- sponsnrc-mi Iwo puixi EISSCIIIIJIY progrunls, illlrimcillcvci an spvriul smiling urrnnifvmvnl for auii HSSPIIIIPIY lwlrfvlillggs. ami I'0IlllIIl4ll'Li civrnr- ulingj proii-vis iior c'lH'iSlIllilS ami Blue alnci xxiiliil' waxy. Sinn' nmny oi' ilu- slluivnls ciis- iiiu-ri our oici sximui song. wi' rmnlminrwi nii lin-ir icimns annci xxrulc- an ni-w om-. cilll' NIDOIIMJI' XYHS XXIPCICHI' illlfl l'0l' Unwi- IPTS NNI' VIIOSPZ l'RI'iSliJi'iN'i' ..,.,,..,,,,,,.,,,,,....,,AA finrni i'mlin.u YIVIQ I'RIfSll5lfN'l--, .,,,,,,, ,, ..,,,..,.. Smit.. S1 lumik -Y ,,,, ,, ,,,,,, inllii 1' SH: Silfilil Stilrlliit. fwilwl iifbllllil, lilllifl' Nifkf' f- M" N. Aa:-.ii E 54, X, Twp Rim' L. tw R5 Alun NVilt, XVllllum lxwm, ,Indy Mgixtiri, Suv XYrighl, Cami Pnstmu, Kay Kendall, Barium Cuppra. Scuiml Row: Mr, XV.--.ldli-, mpcmsurg Iiiimthy Martin, -Izmicu Stitkcl, Philip Arnutt, john Hummel, Larry llripc. Flint Row: Wdhur Corwin, Ruby Niullutt, NVqmdu Milli-r, Szarxta Schmck, jzumzs Tubiaus, Dun Hostcttcr. Nanppauwv IJIIIIIJCI' fi ixIillllli'iN,llII'iIIg Cu.-Num-ry Furniluru Top Picture: Top RowfL. to R.: Farrell Billcr, junior Yoder, Robert Rhodes, Eddie Foster, james Reed, james Bartman, joel Mcl- lingcr, Edwin Berger. Second Row: john YVinClham, james Warren, Richard Rensherger, Charles Lutes, W'ilfrCd Rcnshcrgcr, Alan Walt, Philip Lvhnxan. First Row: Kenneth Stump, Larry Wagner, Paul Parks, james Brunso, Victor Miller, Russell Ervin. Bottom Picture: Top ROWQL, to R.: Paul Bolinger, Wayne Brock, john Stahly, Max Bccry, Rohurt Vv'y1nnu, Lyle Hull, Dan Hog- tCt!Cr. Second Row: james Lantis, junior Phillips, Jack Ulery, jack Arnott, Fred Hockert, Ronald Firlds, Mr. White, sponsor. First Row: James Eilcrs, Lowell Pippcnger, Walter Corwin, Richard Wright, James Vv'oodhams, Vfesley Hansen, jamvs Tobias. Rohr-rt XVyman, Rohert Rhodes, Vveslcy Hansen, JHIIICS WHTFCH HI-Y l'RESlDljN'l' ........ ............-....... N Veslcy Hansen VICE-PRl'lSlDlfN'll .... .................. R ohert Vvyman SECRETARY .... ....................... R ohert Rhodes 'I'REASURIiR-e- ...... ........ tl anles Vvarren Our year was startecl with a serious initiation in which twelve new memhers were hrought into the Cluh. We then worlcecl on a Thanksgiving program which was given for the whole school just helore vacation. For a Change in our sched- ule. we Went to Ellchart for a swimming party at the Y.lVl.C.A. ln January we held the annual Polio Nlarch of Dimes Line for tour consecutive Saturclays. llarry Tollias' Auto Clinic-Radiator unfl General Repair Boston Store-lVlen's and Boys' Wear, Ladies' and Girls' Ready io Wear, and Appliances l.nl0 in tlw fall W0 lrml il lmig wivm-r roasl nl Syrnvusv l.ulcf: lo slurl ull llu- ye-ur. On Do- rm-rnlwr l'i wo invilml our molllers lo llle an- mml lNlUllll'l'flJilll2'lllPI' lBillllllll'l mul 21 Clnrisl- mans program. flur nf-xl lc-slivv occasion was an Valli-nlinv panrly given in lronor ol our gfuvsls, llu- lligll srlmol girls lrom llw CTllllCll'f'll.S Aicl Soric-ly lmmf- in lxlislmwnlm. Cfur morwyannlc- ing prujs-rl lllis year was selling slalionf-ry l'l'2llllFlllLf an pivlllrv nl our Alma Nlnler. lflelrisllnl-Nl' ..vrrrr,r, ............. S .rp xvrr,,l.r ........ ,.,, - --xlnr4'iu lxlulsrlxlr-r W . ., . , , S-4'l L, R,:M..Ml',.' ,M " lvltshlv sl-rc lu-,mmvlsel-.Ari Rlzll--- --m,,f,.,r. sl..-.-rr s2r'L1Ir.m: srrils. Arif Q'72l2i'J7 "M ' SE Ilflll Y-TEE 5 W , . sa.. vw "'-v Twp Pirturv: Twp Rmv L. In R.: Nlnrv Lu Millr-r, Surah Lu' Lupp, juan Newcomer, Vcrnfn Mant. Slmurry Uillib. Duns 'I', Cfmnlm' Hrv- lvr, llmxnil' Fvrvialxl, lirtty lY:rmll1nn1Q, Alllklllll Swrllzlrt, ,Luucv Stlllwl. Srfuml Huw: lvlzny ,lznw Fr--mg.-r, Slmlrx Kr-'fl-r, ,lxuxwl Fnlr.-r, jam-r Nlattl-rn, Lms l,,vmn.n. Lulgrlwllr Hcplrr, Surlm Sclrrr-gk, 'I'ln-lum Ibm-. I.inJrr Stump, Kvnlyn llullwqk, Nwrmzl Slrrwts. lfrrsz Rmv: ,Lmrt Culp, Nurfy Qulglvy. l'ql!r1cr.r Kwrm, lixtrnrm Ruth, Ummm Slrtlmrulncr, l.1ml.r Plrrclrrr, Carol Puntuln, KJV Krmlall, Ilrrlluxn Plcturr: Twp Row L. tw R.: Ngmry fluppu, flnrwvlyrx Krrn. Alycv Tlmrblun, ,! Mrl".lll, Pzxtrlcm Tr-laws, Snmlrn Nvttwur, M.nrll1.r Hull, Knrlrlrrn Hallm, l'n!rlc1.n Snldrr, listlxur lllldv, lvlarmnv Hullrnzm, Mary 'lam' Buss. Sr-crm-l Rfrw: Mass l'lum'rr, spvrnsnrg Slrrnun jvnscn. hlulmlxngl Jcrlra, Pvgrgc Arclm, Donna Irwin, Terry Hnmsllcr, juAnn llrrmm, lVv4um Mr'l7l+xx', Crawl Ann Nllllcr, Kaltlxryn Nlxllrr. llnrulr: lfstlwr Nllllvr, Duns Hunalmcrgvr, Rrrlwcca Paucull. Fnbt Row: Alwlwy LN Husmlvr, Slrirlcy Llurlygllclrl, lluvurly llcurgr, Nlnrcial Mlltsflllcr, Nlolly Ju Tobias, Barham Coppvs, Bnrlmm Slzxlxly, Lu' num: Lvur, Mary Hel-'n Plppvn. lin-1-t's 'lvvxuro S1-:vice-fins, Oil, Lulmrimliorl mul lvuslning 40 Cily lflcclric Co., Cunlrucling-Ilolpuinl flppliuncvs, Radios, and Records JU IUH Y-TEE 5 PRESIDENT ............................. Judith Rose VICE-PRESIDENT .................... Rosemary Miller SECRETARY-TREA SURER ............. Gloria Beezley Top Picture: Top Row: L. to R.: Patricia Thompson, Carol Weldy, Judith Rose, Rosemary Miller. Deloris Hcckaman, Connie Plctchcr, Sandra Nichols, Margo Miller, Ruth Grcenawalt, Charlotte Stickcl, Sue Ellen Pippcngcr. Second Row: Martha Hartman. Mary jean Wcodhams, janet Klingaman, Peggc Lakins, Sally Stutzman, Sue Grimm, Dixie Hare, Sue Plat- chrr, Carolyn W'cldy, Marguerite Wagner, Miss Weaver, sponsor. First Row: jane Ann Rood, Yvonne Ingle, Rachel Holaway, Sharlenc Nine, Patricia Leer, Carole Armold, Verna Otto, Lctitia Nettrour, Maur' ine Culp, Sharon Sechrist. Bottom Picture: Top Row: Glenwyn Bollman, Nancy Peters, Linda Chandler, jcanctte Ervin, Marcia Swihart, Ruth Haines, Karole Sla- haugh, Sharon Hoyt, Sharon Stucliman, Carol Sue Hahn, Caroline Conrad. Second Row: Shirley Miller, Donna Kay Wagner, Joyce Zcntz, ,loan Gctz, Joyce' YVcldy, Doris Bcrgcr, Gloria Bcezlcy, Sue Field, Dorothy Ulc ry, Sue Martindale. First Row: Donna Stone, Dorothy Martin, Ruth Ellen Salzman. Glenda Dumph, Barbara King, Jean Culp, Ruby Mullett, Dcloris Marvel, Lorrinc Spichcr. The Junior Y-Teens. which is made up ol girls from the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades, had a successful year. We met every other Tuesday morning for a program planned hy the vice-president and her committee. 50 At Christmas time We sent a ten dollar food paclcage to CARE. One of the parties which we had was a Halloween party, topped oil with an exciting scavenger hunt, prizes, and of course, cider. sandwiches, doughnuts, and apples. Fleetwood, lVl.D.-Office-Nappanee and Van Buren Streets Duclcwall Implement Co.-Farm Equipment This year we workecl espe- cially harcl towarcl an honor chapter to give us state recog- nition. We also hacl Civil De- lense programs: one meeting was given hy a State Police otlicer who showecl a movie on atomic attacks. For our money-making projects we hacl a lbake sale ancl preparecl the lloocl lor the F.F.A. Parent- Son banquet. The new recl corcluroy jackets ancl the F.H.A. emhlems which every- one receivecl were the results ol a year ol hoth harcl work and lun. XS, 1, QQ Hg V AMERICA Top Rim' L. to R.: .loan Newcomer, Shirley Lnngticlcl, Frances Mctiritl, Kay Stnndrr, Slnl Linda Honsourr, Wnlnia Cnpcnhaxvr, Lulu jean Adams, Vunda Lost-0, Nlarnlyn L-hlnan. l x Ltxujj Second Row: Tlwlnia Rose, Nlary ,Ianc Buss, lviarjanc Hnttman, lvtartha Hutt, Slxnlry Kc--It-1, lvlaly un I Frcngvr, Nancy Qlnglvy, latricla Kvlm, Lnlahcllc Hrplvr, Miss Slater, sponsor. First Row: Sharon Jensen, Lois Lcmna, Alanct Nlaltvrn. ,lunv l"lcltzrl, Vrrna Nlast, -Ianvl lllslivl. I3 nnal ll Rcnslwrger, ,Indy l'lxcnd, Sally Stuudcr. l'RtfSlDtfN'l' ......... Mary ,lane Buss SliCRE'l'ARY .......... Shirley Kem-lm-r VICE-PRliSIDliN'l' ---Nlary .lane lin-ngf-r 'l'RlfASURl'lR- ........-. Martha llull EBJLPB, 552128, 3.3.3. ......-- Lhlvlill' PlC'lClN'l' ........... ,lolln Slnllly Vlclf-PRESlDl1lN'l' ..... .lesse Berger 'l'RlfASllRER ......... Vvaync Brock Top Rowfl.. to R.: NVaync Brock, Kenneth Young, Edwin licrgrr, lirul'j.1t- Rn-tl, Lariv Nlclhinalil, Alun Mull.-tt. At the beginning ol the year our chapter ot Future Farmers of America initiatecl the Vva- karusa F.F.A. which was or- ganizecl lor the lirst time. Two ot the projects in the tall were harvesting corn, which was sold to the Farm Bureau, anal cutting cahhage lor the cal:- hage lactory. At the encl ot the year the lmoys sponsorecl the annual Parent-Son Banquet with the help of the F.l'l.A. group. Sccoml Row: Dean Culp, -john W'indham, ,lcssc llvrygcr. John Stahly, Lamar l'lctcln'l'. Third Row: Mr. Copeland, sponsor, Larry XYagtn'r, Paul Parks, ,lalnrs NYvlttv, Ri-ln-rl linss. -,Q sr LIBH BIA 5 SIJIlk.llI'lg'L, to R.: Lulabcllc Hcpler, Miss W83W'8f, sponsor, Carol DeFrccs, Voncln Sue Loses, Thelma Rose, Marilyn Lehman, S it rl: Mary jane Frcnger. Our D. O. program pro- vided practical experience for llle student learner in a trade or occupation. ln lxlarclt we llad cltarge of an program wllicll was given at Kiwanis and we ended tlle year lay llaving our annual lfmployer-Employee banquet. ,fm The lilnrarians were lxept very lmusy clweclcing lnoolcs in and out, repairing tllem, and, ol course, collecting tlie lines lor overdue lnoolcs. Tlaey an excellent jolm tlmis year lay lceeping tlle li- lmrary neat and lay putting' at- tractive displays on tlie bulle- tin laoard. Tlley also toolc care of tlle new fiction and non- fiction lyoolcs wl1icl1 were con- stantly tneing added to lceep our library up to date. R.: John Tobias, Mr. McGrew, sponsor, Dixic Whitehead, Ellen Czillnndur, Donald Disher, Joel Mcllinger. Scared: Norman Marvel, Douglas Kahler, Harvey Chupp, Farrell Billcr, Frank Hartman, Charles Lures 4 'llip Run-: l.. in R.: Li-xx--ll Pipp-ngcr, Eddie Hand, Rnlwrz Wyman, George Fox, Ronald Fields, James Warren, Virtnr Miller, Lalvlxii' Pletclrcr, lliin ll--sn-rx-'r. 'llnrtl Rim: Vt-inn Mast, Frank Bnlriigvr, Harold Phillips. ,luck Ulcry, Russell Hcplcr, Eddie Foster, Rubcccar Purcell, Luis Lcmnar, Lula' lu-llv Hrplrr, Crawl A. Muller. Clnrnli- li. Miller, Frances Scchrist, Sirnml llnwz Mary lillrn Hall, Wyaum Mellow, Nancy Cnppcs, Carol Pnstma, Pegge Arulr, ligurlmra Cnppcs, Kay K4-ndaill, Sur-lim Wright, Luis Srclirist, ,luAnn llrimm, Frances Nlcijrill, janet Fisllcr, l"irst linw: Linda Stump, Sherry fiillis, Shirley Lungncld, Patricia Kcim, Patricia Roch, Carol Andrews, Leuta Haney, Abby Hosslcr, Shirley Kvvfcr, Sue Grimm. IIHIIH S Tlic cllorus enjoyed a very successful year featured tlie Nutcraclcer Suite. ln llie spring we willl lvliss Slinliilrcl, Our new dlreCt0I'. gave a joint Concert with the lgand, and also a concert wl1icl1 featured lollc songs. ln tl1e mean- Al our first meeting' we re-elected Carol time we entered Contests and did very well. Pnslma, president, and .loAnn Grimm secre- mrvwtrcasumrl Since tlie financial status of tlle clworus was good, we climaxed tlle year witli a trip to Al Clirislmas time we gave a concert, wliiclm Chicago to see Uporgy and Begg," lxliss Slinlmnl liurlaaru Cuppcs, Terry llnmsllcr Nappnnce Utilities Co.--203 East Lincoln Street 53 Nrrpparrim' Clfl'1'lllIUll5t"-USUD' It xvillz I:IUlt'Pf'SH mi gihrcts, Carole E. M1llc1', Bctty NYoodli1i1n5. Sue XVright, Vfyunu ivicllow. First Ruwfl.. to R.: Barlvarzi Cnppcs, XV:ind1i Miller, Nur 1 i 4 Second Row: Alan YVilt, Naincv Quigley, Sharon vlcnscn, Ivinrilyn Marzz, Jeanette Ervin, Connie Hnsslcr, Donna Sinlrcimvr, ,luhanna jerles. Third Row: Frances Mcllritf, vfhinniu Fcrvida, Doiinahulli- Rt-nshcrgcr, Nancy Peters, Clam Rm' NV:ultcis, Richard Cnppes, Rosuinairy Miller. Noel George, XV1iltr:r Frcixiler, .lan Culp, Ralph Fink. Fourth Rowi .ioAnn Grimm, Hcxcrly George, james XV1irrcn, Ronald Fields, YV.xyni: Brock, Eddie l'Losh'r, Miix Breiv, Edwin Berger, Hvplcr. Fifth Row: David Arch, XValt-sr Corwin, George Fox, Mtvlly' .io Tolwiais, ,Iunct Klingxunzin, lhilricizi Rrirh, Snc Plrlclxcr, Mziry Ln Drum Ninjorctte Sue Xvright, Linda Pletcher, Ahloy l.,ee Hoss- Ncd Hoover, Robert XVymnn. r, Rosemary lxliiler, twiriers. 54 Russell Miller, Every noon at 12:30 sharp the hand inenihers, with their horns and music, hoard- ed the iauses to go to the ulaand harm" for rehearsal. But in spite oi the occasional smoiie. drafts, and ialiing stove pipes, the hand had a successiui year. Uiicier our new director, lxlr. Coleman. we presented the Christmas and the lxlotheris Day Concerts. and participated in the District and State contests. ixlany oi the memhers aiso piayed in the soio and QIISPIIIIJIO contest at Eilchartg these winners went on to the State Solo and Enselnhle contest in indianapolis. During the second semester we also had a separate concert hand. Then in April we toolc a trip to southern indiana, which marlced the end of a wonderiui year. Coppes, inc.-Nappunee Kitchens 1 5, if A 1 , . , , , . . l'11'st Rum I., tu ll.: N1,111'1.q Ivfllrnlulll, IAM :Mm 5rcl111wt. l,1I1J.1 1l1trl1rr. f..1111l A1111 M1ll1k1', f,z1l11I1'11 lk-111, 5.11.1l1 l.-'w I AMW Lu' H1-vl-I. Sv1'u11Ll Run: 5.11114 Scluxwfk. Sullx 5l11I:111.111, N.ll11'v Thuld Rum: I'.1t1111.1 5111J11, l.1.k ULN. f..1111I ,llmr Mlllu, k:11l1I1'1'11 H.1l111. ,I11.l1!l1 Rm., 4.111114 llvrzllv, LI1.111111- Lrrl, lx1 Arch, Mau H41-11 Ilpp-'11. F11111ll1 Rum' II111 limcvzt-1. Alwlm H111111111-II, l,1m1Il I'1pp1'11g11, Mlchml l'11r1'. Suv M.11ti111l,1l1-, films W11mll1,1111f, l5.n11l Sh .I.e111-N Hluuw. M.11l1111 M1Il41. liulw 11 NN x'111,111 Iqhh Run: .lnhn XX1111H1,11v1, l,:111y NX,1g11.1. mlm-111. MM Sl.1lw.111Lghl, M.11'l.111+- H11lf111zm. ff.11-1l l'11wt111.1, l'111v H.1111J1-'1. CJIII' Ihlllfl flflllllfi! XVHS lllilflf' up Ur thi' llilllfl 0'Til'f'r5 illlfl rf"lrf'- 5l'lltiIHYl'S fruln 1-alrll flnss. VH10 pvoplv who wvrc' vlvrlvcl 011 il1is Ikillllllil xw-rv 5Iz1x blilllilllfjll. svnior: Dun Hush-llvr, junior: .lvrry R4-1-rl, mpl1m11orc-3 illlil Dnvizl Arch, frm-sf1111m1. 'Hn' t'0lIlIl'il look rim- ol all llw lmml lmusinc-ss nm' was rs-sponmsilrlv lor Illilllllillff mul SlllJl'FXiSillQ' ilu- Irip in S0lIl'll'l'll llllliilllil. I I , ,.... ., .,,,,...,,, . ..,.,... W ..,..,g,.,,...,,, Rnlu-rl Xvyllmn Vlflf I'l3l.5ll7lfN'l' ,..,,.. , .,,.,...g.,...,.......v,....., Nlury H1-I1-n l'ipp1-11 Sl-fl'RlQI.-XIQY'I'Rl1.'XSl'RI-il? ,,...,g.,..,,...,, ,,,..,.,..,...., S nrilgl S4-l1rmk xl' ihhlnmnl llirm Svzllml: Rufwxl XYv111:111, M.1x Slnlvzlxlgh, Dxnnl AIQI1 I , A 11-111111-N. K:1lh1y11 M1IIv1, ,Inck Axrwlr. .l.a11us WU.-.lI1.1111-. KIUI111 51.11 Upp, 1.11111 Culp. llx, 1 K-'ml.1ll, l'1'1g1g1- -Ulu, X.111.'v 1.11143 mr St.1111l111p,: 17.111 Hmlv!11'1', S:111t11 S1'l1111yL. Mills' H1l1'11 l'1p1w11. 'nun -uw Q' 1-1- liuppvs, I11a.-1N'41pp41l11'1' Killllvlls JJ Tip Picmi--: Smmlinp, L. to R,: Rolwcrt Rlimlcs, I"I.irold Phillips, ,Inmcs Tnlwins, Lois Imriiiizi. S mud: Miss Houvcr, Triry Hzinislicr, YN'yLIn:i IVIQDUW, ,InAnii Grimm, Lois Scclirist, Kntliryn Miller. Bottom Picturcs: Groi'gc Fox, Manx Slnlwzuiglx, Hzimld Hartman, Mr. Wcddlc. rs. R-md, Molly- jo Tulwizxs, Sue VVrigIit, Kay Kvn-.l:ill. Irll I0 Riglltc Snriln Srlirnvli, .Innws Ifiln-rs, I-Iurlmm Cuppvs. I, I ME i . M3 NA IINET Anollier year of taliing pidures, wrilingf Copy, ancl meeling cleacllines is over :incl an- ollier Naparlvf lias lwen prinlecl. VV12 IIEIVC worrierl nncl worliecl very lmrcl on Ille annualg lmul we also Inav? lmcl il lol ol Iun cloing il. VVe Iiope you will lmve as ITIIICII lun looldng llirougll lllis ecliiion in Ille Iulure. ISDIPISIUR ..,..........................., Surilai Sclururle f'UfIfIJlIIlOR ..,........,. w,,., I lnrlmm Cnppvs BUSINESS MANAGER ..,... ...... C H-Qrgv Irux ASST, IBUS. MANAGER ..... ---lxlnx Slulmugjli .II INIIJR .............,.,....,... .lanics Iiilvrs ,IIINIOR BUS, NIANAUER ....r,...... Hamlfl Ilnrtnmn ART EDITORS ........ SPORTS IJIDITC DRS ........ . ALUMNI .....,..,.... CALENDAR ..v.. , .....,,.. PI IOT OGRAPI IER ,....Y................ EDITORIAL ADVISOR .... BUSINESS ADVISOR- ART ADVISOR ........... vitreous Sleel Pf0CIllL'Ib lxIOIIy .In Illoliiais, Suv Xvriglil Imnvs Illoliius, II nrolrl Pliillips Iiois I.vmnn, Rulwrk Rliocles I.0is Se-cllrisl, .IuAnu Grimm -Kay Kenclull -- ...... .... IN Iiss Hoover ---lXlr. Wcddle Co. -Porcvlain Em: --lVIrs. Road meI Praducls limo, ur a1x'oirIing,f IIN- 1-clilor on clvmllim- flaw, wus an pnslinw ol' IIN- me-mln-rs ol ilu- journal- ism 1'IuIm ul IUTIQ Im! in spilv ol lllis, IIN- xislml ol: Mm """' va WELD um' Nm.-0 fx L5 W: I v If . sI1EaE5iE5EEIi"', aww Trip I'urun Srqmluug I In R 3 Ml. IMstu1,u, II.nIv.n'.I ff-Imws, Mrs, Mills, Lrmie I.rmn.a. Nwrma hlxwtx, III Smhwl: ,Iwlum WmuIl1.ulvxx. .Iw'X1m Ilxmmm, Kulxlyu M1IIrx. Liml.I Plc!-'I1rl', Szurltn Sfhr-wk. IS-vlhuu I'1.ruu- SLnmIumg Ihr: I'Imr-It-1, Muzi.: Mllhclxlll. Alun XXIII, .Ilmxm Phillypsl S.,,g.,l. MMIII- ll, 'l'.,I1i,,,. XK'x,m,, NLILN, KM' Kvmlzull, Inns Sv-'I1rxst. n'B LLDUI3 Ju' I'wn'l. lvl! In Iflfflul' I :ml I'usIm.u, NIM I C4-fling IIN- journalism GISSIQIIIIIPIIIS in on F i ' . '.',' "J '. IIN'I'l' XYPH' UYUIA IUYIX' IlH'IllIH'l'S Ill IIN' K'IlIIl, V - . .Q I V. I I-01. I y I, nrlx' Iur llw pnpvr. Ilns vc-ur IIN' shall ron- I UI1I3IlUR-- ,,.-- , -, ..,,,, xlurs II:-I1-11 Illppc-n I I.,XII RI1 I IIIIIIIQ5, ,,,,.. ,.IX.w IXvnsI.uII, Inns 5:-Ilnriwl f'f3I.I ININISIIS ..,,., ,--XYx.nn.1 Nleljmx, ,Iuniur I'IuiIIips SIWTIIII5 III7I'I'f3II,, ..,,. ,....,.g,,,. . 'XI.m XXIII Nll 'FII ' I1IJI'l'I 7II,, --,XI.urr'in IXAIIIISI III4-r IIIIIIIIJIIM, ,, ,, ,,,xIv1IIv In Ilqulwius ,www I I .Nl 'I 'I .VI Y .NI ,VIN IIC .,,, ,, ,,.... fxlrs. Nliln-4 , M l'RUI5l K IIUN NIMH, ,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,v.., N I r, I'-Nunn. I':II.Iuanrl Iiuunly Ilnrm Illln-.ull-finfllwlnlilw- ,Iawr'iuliou, IHC. 9. I s M-Mxw.. W NW-wmwww QR ,,,,,.A ww xsm x ' xx A , . xww fyww ,vu Sxfwxww M. ,., ww my ,Q Q . www Q.. iiqywmw W . N EQ, Q N A W Q ,Ag f X 5: 5 3:6 x Aiacmla lf X Top Row--L. to R4 Richard Rcnslwrgcr, ,lvssr Bngvr, Ronald Fields, Dan Hostcttcr, Lyli- Hall, James Lantis, Richard Vfright, Eddii- Hand. Bottom Row: Victor Miller, Paul Parks, Paul Bolingcr, Alrrry Recd, Clhnrlcs Lim-s, James Tobias, Max Slabaugh, Alan Wilt. FIJIJTB LL Under the clireclion ol our new coach. lxlr. we won ovcr Kenclallvillv lay a I9-0 score. Courlney, our fourlli year ol loollmll ai Nap- . , , , , rllw seniors who were on the ie-am this panee Conlinuecl lo show rrnprovmncnl. ln our XI QI I I I B first game ol' the SCZISOFI we heal Knox 13-0. Vim were l ax ' amug I' 'msc erger' James Howe was our ncxi viclim. clelcalefl luv llic Tobias' Rlflmrfl Rellsllfffgef- -LIUTCS Nvilfffnf score of I9-6. For the Inst game ol our season, and Charles Lulcs. Ton Row-fl... to R.: Grin' Ni-lawn, Clnib XYnnrll1.uii1s. lnnrv Lal-line, Alalnrs l5.n'tln1m, Frank linlingri. liryu' Slalwanlgll, Kvnnrth Slulnp, Vance Lopp, Roy Brock, Alvin Nlnllctt, Tvrry l'lani-v. Third Row: Wvilircd Rrnslwcrgur. Alanis, XYoodl1axins. Tum Conrad, Edwin Burilrr. .lohn Slahly, Philip Lchinan, ,lainvr Tulwlas. Lmxrll Pip' pungcr, Miki' Prius, XYaltvr Corwin, ,lainrs Rvrd. Si-cond Row: lVarrcn Brock, XYaynr Brock, Fwd Hnukvrr, Lui Xlalllains. ,lohn XV1ndhaln. ,IHINVS Brnnso, Righard Waiglil. Alan Xliill. ,lvrlv Rvvd, jarncs XYarrv:n, Ronald Fil-lds, First Row: Eddn- Faust-'r, Victor Nllllrr. lfddn Hand. M.ix Slalwangglx, Paul liwllligw. klrasu Bi'rg1i'i', Ilan Hostvitcr. klalmu Lanlis, Paul Parka. Clmrlcs Lntcs, Richard Rrmln'1'y.1ci', Lylr Hull. on Indianapolis Engraving Co. Inc.-'Designers and Engravers of Yearlxooles fvunrmi, Paul Hnrlle. 1 Uur man-iws-l.unciy VV:-Huorn, Ruin-rt Courtney, Guy "I diclnlt do ii, cousin!" Niux Slulmugll pled innocence ns ,lanws Tobias, .lumes Nvarren, Clmries Lulvs, Richard R1-:min-rgfor nncl Jessi- Berger look:-cl on. FIJUTBALI. SCHEDULE Nappanee 13, Knox 0 Nappanee 13, Columbia City I8 Nappanee 18, Vvarsaw 31 Nuppanee 10, Howe 6 Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee 'Hw N-mn rniivci llxis play number lwcniy-five, which was Tin- iroys wc-rs: use-ci viii-clivcly in our games. 'si-.V-2' 1 .xx 3 5 1 0, Rochester 50 0, Auburn 7 19, Plymouth 32 19, Kenclanviue 0 fiemonslrniing lime punt formation. Eusl Side Grocery-Qualily Foods and Meals Robinson and Gerkey Sceclsmen Inc.-Phone 87 61 Trip Rim: L. rn R.: Lylc Hull, ,lzuncs Tobias, Victur Milli'r, Richard NVright, NVcsley Hansen, .lnmus Wuodhams, Paul Parks, Wlalrcr Corwin, ,launrs Lalntxs. Gcurgt' Fox. St-:und Ruw: Mr. Cunrnd, spimsurg Charles Lutcs, Max Slahangh, james Warren, Ronald Ficlds, Dan Hustcttcr, Richard Rcnslwergvr, Eddie Hnntl, tvlr. Cnurlncy, spnnswr. First Row: Alvssc lit-rgur, Wilfrc-.l Rvnslwrgcr, ,luck Arnutt, Frank Bolingcr, Donald NVcuvc'r, Paul Bulingcr, Alun Wilt, .launrs Recd. 7 M E 5 II I. B .lnnws Tolrias, .lnnws Vvnrrvn, .lf-ssc Berger, Riclmrd Renslaerger, lxlr. COIIFHCI, COEiCll 62 Tllis was tlle lirst year for tlle N lVlen's Clula. lt was organized in tlle lall to stimulate a wllolesome respect toward tl1e athletic HN" and tlle ideals for wllicll it stands, and to create a spirit ot good tellowsllip among leltermen. The club elected Jesse Berger, president: Vvesley Hansen, vice-president: Rirlmrd Renslzverger, treasurer: .lames Tolmins, secretary. VARSITY SCHEDULE 1953-54 Nuppanec- 44 ..... - ............. Xvalmrusa 46 Nnppanee 5I--- ------------ .vvarsaw 40 Nznppanee 60 ---..--.--------.-. Gosllen 51 Nappanee Nnppanee 46 ------------------ - 60 ------------------. Columlmia City 40 Concord 40 Nnppunev 50 ------ ------- - Vladison 48 Nnppuncv 35 ------.------ ----- - Bl'l'lIl6'I'I 56 llOl-ll-YAY TOURNEY Nnppanee -12 Xvnrsaw 44 Nappanee 55 ---------------.-. -Gosllen 38 Nappanee 60 ---.-----------.-- -xvaslnington Clay Nappanee 80 ----------------.- -Plynmulll 44 Nappnnve 52 ----.--.-----.- ----lfllxlmrt 66 Nnppanf-c 68 ----.-------------. Syravuse 45 Nnppanoe '0 -.--------------.-. New Paris 35 Nnppanee Tl ---------------.--. Bremen 44 Nappanvf- 56--- -------------- -Kenrlallville 58 Nuppzmee 40 -.-..---..-------- .XVnlmrusa 47 Nappanee 85 --.--------.---... -Culver 44 Nappanoe- 53 -------------.---- -Rurllesler 59 Nappnner- 65 ---------------..- -lxlnntllester 52 SECTIONAI.. TOURNEY lxlapannee TG ------------------- .leltlerson 66 Nappanee 4T'--- ----------- Ellclmrl 48 Totals l,2S3 1,069 Average 58.32 48.59 Won I4 Lost 8 Pletcluer Furniture Company-Furniture-Appliances .QM fl! T W QW NY' ' 33? . EJ if J ww z ,Qi '35 im i- 3 1, Y X 39' as l v ?X Q 'Q , W RE. Q mnlllfg I 1 Ii -11 I.. lf' Il Il1fII,n1l Wlvglxl, I71.m I,1lIp, I.1'11 IXlIII.m1:,, ,Immun Ymlvl, .Irrry R1-cd I'nrv XI 15,11 1 .'1', S nl Iilfxx: XX'.nll11v IIIWI1, Iklxxm Ilmgvl, H1-1.uI1I IVI.1It1'ln. WlII1'1'1I R1'l1sI11'1'l.11'r, Vinum' Lupp, julm Stullly. Iul Ibm I,1ulm Illvmw. Ilwx-:II I,lx1l1, If1I1Il1' II.m1I, I:l1'1I Iluqluxt, If1I1I11' Fuslrr. SEED ll TE Nupp Nnpp N. Nupp Nnpp Nupp N Nupp Nupp Nznpp Nupp Nupp Nnpp apps a I Nappa appz Nappa YIQIIQ' lvilppilllfi' Ally' Sqllilil COIIIIJIIPII il lwelvv win mul an viglnl loss rm-1'or1I III1- vvur. ILIXIIIIOIIQII Ilwy slurlml Slowly. SIIONVPKI l'0IlSIflf'l'ilIJIf' IlIIpf0Yl'llH'lII HS YPQII' WVR' 1lll1 Illll JIII1 Ixilllllillll Niillpilllt JIII1 IIII4 A1111 um Nuppauu Nnppnru illll .nu IIN' llll' llll' Hn' llll' IIN' 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 -1 1 1 L 1 '1 -1 '1 -1 IU5 I-WI FI III .Ill 'I .If XV.1Ix.1r11sn IH Xvurwuxx Ill flnalu-ll II ll1nI11mImi.1 llilv -,,,I1m11vr1I I. -----,--,-IxI.11I1s1un 1 I 'IDI TRNICY IIr1-m1'n IU IIr1-m1-n II II1r1lrIn1un II Ijlyllllllllll II Ifllxlmrl II Syrm llxl' 20 Nvw I'nris II IIr1'ln1-In I I IX1'll1I11IIx'lII1' IU XX'.1Imr11s11 ll I l11In'r II R1u1'In-slvr I. IxI.1n1Iu1wl1-I -I7 Ivor II11-y IIN' nlf, I 5.-I DI' ,E I uxl ,xI1uI.'1'I .NIl'4'4'I Ill NIUIII1 r I11- l'r1-.urn-I'1l11'v1l1I I.1:nr IIHEEHLE HERE L4-lt lo Righl: .l0Ann Cyrimm, Pnirifin Snhhfr, Datum Sulheime-r, Molly .ln rlluhians Fighl on for your fauna. peppy hunfh of girls-JoAnn. hlolly. Donna, lqgm' fpllowsl palm Fam' mlm: :mel Pnl-led our songs and yells an season. XVv'Hwin lhis ganw! Xvhelher we won ihe game or not, ihey were allways on the joh frealing enthusiasm This was an hnnilinr solmfl this winlvr tlllf- and Sporlsnmnlglw fomlu,-I in our Student ing lhe half-lime of our home games. This hocly. Lvlvl lu Riglnf IoAnn Grimm, Pntriria Snixler, Donna Suihvimer, Nlolly .lo Tuhins. fm Psmliuus Phunhingf amfl Healing-IOS Vxyesi Rumlolph Streel--Phone I8 Ns-uhauser Ilalrheries-ufFowl f.ur'le" Chirl-zs A I'np Rmx' I.. tu IK: 5.ulnIl.I NNIIUIX, I.un'!l.x KI-lim, SINIII-y Luxxgiivld, Ywwnnr Inglr, Sur lillvn l'npprngrn, Slxznmx Stmkman, SIx.nI.-n.- I Nlnr, Intllrm Lvrl. 'I-CINNI Ruw: Miss II.nlIn, -pmmwlg YY.nvNI.n IVIIIIVI, Lvrnnan, Ii:uIw.n.I Mel?-IIILIIJ, Patsy Carl, Anim Hmww, Limin CI-.m.II.-1, N.uN'x' IH-nu, Iiqnul AINIII-uw, M.xxg-I MIIII-1, finnnn I'lI-zfllvr. IIN I C N I Mull-'x', IH-gg-' I.nIunx, ,Ianvt NI.nlvln, -Imly NI:u'tin, Patsy Mznrlirx, Iuyn- Z4-nlz, Clan.. Rm- IVJIIIIQ, .I.m.l l"1r:-l Iinw: IvI.u1Ivn "v . T1 1. Kllngzungm. GIRLS' THLETIE SSIJEI Tlll Bknrburxn IXICDUHNILI. XNILHILIU NIIIIH, Luis IAUIII I'RIg5IDI',Nl ......,....--,,..... IsurImru IXIIIXUIIIIIQI Lulabelle HCPIH- VIl'If-I'RIiSIDIiN'I' .....,...........,... I ms I1-nm.. illiilk I"or1I SaI:-s-139 SUIIIII IXIUIII Street llC'kIIlIHl'LIilIIIIIIKIIT'-lllSlIl'lIIH'1' 4xgl'll1 y SIQC RILIARX .....,......... g..-.,, X X'.nNIa Nillvr I ....,........,....,,., I .llIuIN'II1' I I1'pIn'r The C.A.A. INNI a year varic-1I wiIIx many acfivilies. TIIK' inslaIIaIion UI oIIim'ers IuuI4 pIace earIy in IIN' fall. SOIIINIII was IINI Iirsl sporl oI II1e season. During the winler IIN- Si'IlK'KIllIP im-IINI4-QI cIec'Ic Iennis, v0IIeyImaII, ImasIu-lI1aII, IIIHI I1owIing. SeveraI QirIs wenl I0 IIN- IxasI4eIImII c'Iini4' aI Kvmlallvillf- in IDf'l'0lllIN'l'. In IIN' spring IIN're were Iournaunenls in I:asIceIIJaII, voIIeyImaII, RIIHI IN1wIing. IIIIN- Qroup I1acI one parly and I1eIcI IIN- annunI Ixanquel al II1e encI OI II1e year. OT 42.-.uns lin, Ruswll lfuxun. llvmlrl Mntrrun. lun ifnlp. klwlm Inql-, Mr. first, muclx. EHUS5 IIUUNTHY Herald lvlzattcrn, Rum-ll lfrvin, ,lnlxn lnglv. ,lun Culp, ihwxygr FUN. Tlue lmoys relurning from lasl yvar's Cross Counlry learn were rlllllll lngle and George Fox. Ger- ulcl lwlatlern, .lan Culp, unrl Russell Ervin cornple-led tlme learn. Here llle lmys are running an clislance ol ap- proximately lwo ancl Iwo-ivnllls miles. N l,r.lwII.-'S Slxolspv-Lwlivs' aml Cllilrlrvrfs Apparel arul Gifls lxlille-r IJIIIIIIPI' nnfl foul Co.-For CIOOCI Foul, Pllonv 137 Imp Rem I.. li- R., Aluy I I 'fra I' fulp, Law B--rgvr, ,lamus L.ml1s. Philip I,--limsm, I,--U XY1ll14unw, Walt-rr II-rrxun. im nr Srunml Run: Mr. Wicllmrn, cmucllg Rlchzlnl YVl1gI1l, Vxrlnir M1llI'l. Alnlrim XK'4imIl1:ilxn, IQ.-mgv Ifux, lYnl'ls'n ilu I II First Row: Dam Hum-In-r, Ihnmld Wvnwr, lfdxxln Iivrgr-1, liddxu I'-Vatu,': Rnd, Alun Will, Ly- TH EH Trnvlc is sh-nclily lmccoming El mori- populur sporl in srllool. flnv ouisluml- ing vvvnl wus Alun XVilI's fIll2lIIIiIl'il4 lion Ior Ilw Rvgionnl lmy pluring in llw 440 in ilu- S9I'II0lIilI. l.0II0r win- lK'l'S IIFOITI IIISI SPRISOII VVCH' JIIITIPS IQOFCI. Donulcl Vvvalvcr, I.00 Vvilliums. Alun XVill. .Imnvs XNUOCIIIEIIHS, Riclmrcl Vvriglil, .lesso Bvrgvr, Xvuller Corwin, IQUIHIIII Fivlcls, c1f'0fQl' Fox, Ijklll IIOS- lvllvr. ancl .Inrnvs Iimlis. XVI' wisll Io 4'ong,5rnIulnI0 ilu- '51 Irnrli If-um lor rn SIIIIPSS I I II yI'ilI'. IOS! NI IIIDI l,I3 lxlilrl Il 10 ..,,,..............,, ,... l 'lynmullu April .-f........Y.........,..,.. I .zulu-xillv April l 5 .....,........,............ Bourlmn April ..... l'-rr-sl:-Supl: .Xpril ...,..... ........ I ioslwn Ih-lays April ......,.. Iwounly April ...... KIYLIYIIIIP April Slay Mr., lxlny lvluy ,---------- --------,..--IXl'mlnIIviIl1- I ....-...Y..,...... --,Rm lu-slvr R1-Inya ------ ---f--,------------,5s-rlimml -- - -.f-. A ......... - ....... R1-gimml ------------------------------bInlv IL Hull -V' A as '9 - V 'RQ I 1' ssl' SE IUH WEEK J UNIOR--SENIOR BANQUET South Shore Country Cluh, Syracuse, Indiana Friday Night, May 21, 1954, at 7:00 o'cloclc. WELCOME .................................. Alan Wilt RESPONSE .... ..................... M ax Slalaaugh PROPHECY .... ..... M ary Helen Pippen, Norma Sheets WILL .......... ......... ......... J a mes Eilers PROGRAM ..... .... B aer and Bennett M.. nt BACCALAUREATE First Brethren Church Sunday Afternoon, May 23, 1954, at 3:00 o'cloclc Organ Prelude-"Adagio from Sonata Pathetiquen---Beethoven Mr. Vance George, Organist Processional-"pomp and Circumstancen ................ Elgar Class ol 1954. Mr. George, Organist lnvocation .................. The Reverend Virgil E. Meyer Pastor, First Brethren Church Hymn Scripture-- .... The Reverend Francis E. Reese Pastor. First Presbyterian Church Prayer-- ----...--------.- The Reverend Norman Detroy Pastor, Grace E. U. B. Church "Be Still and Know That l Am Gocll' --------------- Bard High School Rohed Choir, Miss Nancy Slinlcarcl, Director Address ----......------.-..---- The Reverend Rohert Fields Pastor, Church ol God "T he l-ord Bless You and Keep You" -----------.--- Stainer High School Rolled Choir Benediction --..--.------.-.-- The Reverend Leslie F. Rassi Pastor, United Missionary Church Recessional-"War March of the Priests" ...----- Mendelssohn Class ol 1954, Mr. George. Organist Organ Postlude ------ "Festival Toccatan ---.-------- Fletcher Mr. Vance George. Organist 70 SENIOR CLASS NIGHT Community Building Auditorium Tuesday Night, May 25, 1954, at 8:00 o'cloclc Opening Remarlcs -----------.--------.---- William Kendall Superintendent of Schools "Sea Shells Waltz" ---.---------------.....- Trombone Solo Rolaert NNyman Dramatic Slcit --------------.--- Shirley l-osee, Max Slahaugh School Awards, Merit Awards and Honorable Mention --------. James Weddle. Principal American Legion Citizenship Awards --------- l-owell McCuen Agriculture Awards --------.---.--..--- R, Selwyn Copeland State Banlc Award ----- ...-... Cv eorge Rose Hi-Y Awards ----.--- ---- La wrence White "Dry Bones" ---------.---------------.---- Boys Quartette "Alma Materl' Max Slahaugh, .laclc Ulery, Rolnert Wyman. Harold Phillips, Jr. 'Tm Only Nineteen" ---.----------------------- Triple Trio Susan Wright, l-ulahelle Hepler, Carol Ann Miller, Carole Esther Miller, Carol Postma, l-ois Sechrist, Wyana MCDOW, Nancy Coppes, tlo Ann Grimm, Barbara Coppes, accompanist 1..-.g4Q?g,-.- COMMENCEMENT Community Building Auditorium Thursday Evening, May 27, 1954, at 8:15 olcloclr Processionai ------ "Triumph March from Aida" ...------ Verdi Class of 1954, High School Band, Paul Coleman, Director lnvocation ---------..-------- The Reverend Earl L. Salzman Pastor, First Mennonite Church "The Universal Judgment" -----.---------- Camille DeNardis High School Band Address .-----------------------.--------- l-. Gray Burdin Dean of Men, Butler University "Fantasy on American Sailing Songs" ------------ Grundman High School Band Presentation ol Diplomas ---..--------.-- William R. Kendall Superintendent of Schools Benediction ---..-..-------.-- The Reverend Donald Jennings Pastor, First Methodist Church Recessionali'lReCeSSi0naln ---.-.------.-.-...... The Graduates, High School Band Norris Balsley ....... 1953 ALUMNI Carol .Io Baumgartner .... Purdue University ..... Greta Bigler ............. Mrs. Riclmard VVelIJorn--- .Iames Burt ....... -- Carroll Coppes .......... Stanley Farmwald ......, Paul Flowers ....... Waneta Frenger .... Sliirley Geyer ..., ,.,.. Douglas Golden-- ----- I-ululxelle Harman-- Slxirley Heclcaman ------- Richard I'IepIer ------ VValter I'Iersl1I:1erger-- Helen I'Iul:I ------------- Rutll Kalller ----- ----- Jolene Klingaman ---- .Ioan Knepp ------ I'IiItrud I-oelir ----------- .lane Loudermillc ----- Patricia I-utes ---- ----- Robert I-.utes--- ----- Billy Main -------------- Donald Malcolm ---.---- Mary Martin ----- ----- Keitli McCuen--- ----- ----.Mutscliler Bros. Co.------------------- -------Nappanee, Indiana West I-afayette, Indiana -----Bloomington, Indiana ----Purdue University----- West Lafayette, Indiana .Mutsclmler Bros. Co. ----- ------- N appanee, Indiana -Farming ----------.---.----- -.--- N appanee. Indiana ---.Ball State Teaclmers College -.--- .----- M uncie. Indiana ---.Coppes Inc., Office -------- ----- N appanee, Indiana -Nappanee Teleplwone Co.-- ----- Nappanee, Indiana -Vitreous Steel Products ------ --.-. N appanee Indiana ----At I'Iome-------------------- -----Nappanee. Indiana -Nappanee I-umlmer 5' Mfg. Co. -.-- ----- N appanee, Indiana ----Mutsclmler Bros. Co.----------- -----Nappanee, Indiana ----.Proof Company------- -----Goslmen, Indiana -Wm. F. Nelxer gr Son ------ ..--- N appanee, Indiana -Nappanee Telephone Co. ---- ----- N appanee, Indiana ----Ball State Teaclwers College-------- -----Muncie, Indiana Nortli Central College -------.------- ----- -Translating Department at Ba ----Indiana University--------u .Nappanee Milling Co., lnc.--- -Mutscliler Bros. Co. ------- .Mutscliler Bros. Co. ---- -Purdue University ----- -Goslxen College ----------- -Mutscliler Bros. Co yer Co.--- ----- -------- -----Bloomington, Dorotlly Mikel ----------- Ball State Teacllers College ---- Carol Mae Miller- - .Iulia Miller ------------- Kennetli Mitterling-- - lwlrs. Eddie Pletclier --------- -Nappanee Milling Co., Inc.-- ----U. S. Air Force----------- Gordon Pfeiffer .----.---- U. S. Air Force ------ -- .Ianet Rollrer ----- Phyllis Rotll ----- Paul Secllrist -------- Ruth Slieets --------- Alice Joan Slabaugll ----- ----Goslmen College---U ----Coppes Inc., Ufl7ice----- ----.Mutsclller Bros. Co.--- ----Rolminson fu' GerIcey-------- .Coppes Inc., Office ---.------- - Marilyn Sparlts ---------- .Raven-Croft Beauty College- .Iane Strauss ------------ Slmirley Sutlleimer ------- Donna Teeter ---- ----- Joyce Teeter ----- ---.- Mary .Io Walters--- Rolaert Waters-- - ----- Carlyle Vvelty ------- Betty Yoder -,,,..-- -Goshen College ---.--.-.---- -Dr. I'Iinton's Office -------- -Pletclxer Furniture Co.--- -Mrs. Wilbur I-emler--- -Stephens College ---------- -Mutscliler Bros. Co. --------- Naylors Grocery Ev Marlcet ----- CROP ..----...---.-------- -Naperville. Illinois I.everlcusen, Germany Indiana -----Nappanee, Indiana - - ---Nappanee. ---------Nappanee, West I-alayette -------Goslien, --- --Nappanee, -------Milncie, - -- --VValcarusa. -- - --Nappanee. ---- - -Goslien - ----Nappanee. -----Nappanee, - --- -Nappanee, Nappanee, Fort Wayne, -------Goslien, --- --Nappanee -- ---Nappanee -----Nappanee -----Columbia. -----Nappanee, - ----Nappanee, ----Nappanee, s Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Missouri Indiana Indiana Indiana Academic Subjects --- Activities ........ Administration --- Alumni ........ Atlmletics -- Band ........... Band Council --- Basketball -- Bookstore - Cafeteria Calendar - Cheerleaders Choir ...... Class Play ...... Cross Country --- D'BuIId0g ........,.... Diversified Occupations -- Eighth Gracie .......... Faculty .... Football -.. Freshmen ....... Future Farmers ....... Future Homemalcers ..... Girls' Athletic Association Hi-Y ........... ..... Janitors ........ Junior Y-Teens --- Juniors ....... Librarians -- Majorettes ...... N Men's Club --- Napanet ............... - National Honor Society .... Nurse .................. Queen .......... Reception 1953 --- Seniors ........ Senior Vveelc --- Senior Y-Teens - Seventh Gracie --- sophomores ...... Student Council .... Traclc ........... Whds Who --- I DEX J: .. .f-1 mu, .. 1 ,5.,.' vi-if L- ,- v. 4-4, xax.. 157' . A . Nl - ,...' .1 . 4 , 3,1 -TE: f . , SML' . r ':,", - f' 1, A ,.3.f".1 Rf: ,- wfw ' 42 , . -F1 .yu .if 1, 2114. , fri" iv ' ',L'f.' H L , Q 1 . , v,"- :'. ,,' f -1111, ' 1 Rf' u,,+.4.j. g ,gg .I K -' . . ,. ,Y ' ., s ,s . .5 JJ.. 'En .Q 1,--rw " 'i'Ll:'4.'?'3 -me c?3'fi2,.g2!'fQ5f ' ' HM: v lqaft 5 A ,S-fr n 1., Q a Q. p v ,DE q M .1 Q. - . .7 .f"-,.tf..fH"-'iw L -F , -' V-.1 'f'55'fNQ-rz'f??f'4fvf?'E.f'?lfFi awk. '-QP! 1 1 f.-. 'M .'ug,g.-- X:-g 1 ' x 4 47. if " ff: r I. , f y. 1, , ., .f ,. .1 ,Q .F '- L 1.11 .V V -E , , - .'Eg'4K2'.'1 ',r'f' X.' vt .VA ,. X J A fm-z'.14. .g' '?'1 Y ,. ,V ff 'A -2 ' 4 '. L' ' 4. .Y A ' f ,, - f, we-QQ . ' ' ' v' V5 ., :f , w W ,-.-1 '- . 1 'Av' , QQ.: f , . . 1 ,' N 1 :- . ,- ,.,w I A J K. 5-K... ., w f, 1,1-.,.,,f,,.7 ':.q 4. , N 1 ,,,i,. f. .,f -,agp f --9' : V5 3uJ.uj1w1-. 515 .J ,313 ' '- 1, A uf 1-Qfiffl . .- .,. A754 ., V .v J.. , -,g fm 5 nc-Jw:-".'M N es,-f, ' wi . 1 .,,,. 1-fa ,fix 513 'L Q, , - 'Q :M , K ,H ,G fl Ii V .3- fy . ',, K., f 15171 1 iff' x7 , . ln' mx. ,,5'!.,,. , J. hz. -1,11 '1 - j1"' ,y'- -- , F: If 53' ..-vw "?'?f. My 11 Q-Z' ff ,, 1'-:. -M. 4, M -.V . ,.y,3,H z .1 ' .12 'if' ., ff- -1 ,. rj 1 V ff., , , X '45 r" ' 5 If ,v . 4"-..'I,,,i1:i:' '1 Q-'W " .. , q'J4?-,- ' Q. V f , 1-,vig -.L A-.71 e A ' 'lvfs ,s,3. fry: ' , f '-o.- gf, W1 ' f -:...fYSfg4. . -1.54 1-,A ' '-111--f,.jsfP " 'f . V -559: 'J-,L-V: -3, 7 , - L,. .".fl11f51"5f.1" ,' , H , 4 J ,!..1..vZ, . U gl 4' ' ,,,,g. QQ., ' 7 1 ,,'g,v' I . .. 1, f:?- .. 3:11 .':?-'gx-',ug.2f ' ey- M ' +- fwi Lffw..wffQw-H if ff" '.'.l,1f91i'5ix"f'fi'7 :PHT ' -SLL.-13. ,'g5'5f-5Z'f'5't'f' 5,5 . ' ,-, Qu' 15,4-f. ."-R-JL E' ,g fft' tix Y .1-, ,- .hi x x xfgswe . ft:-1. 5 ,. ,...-'- 4 A . mf.. -14. - -.A-eg r- A- 4-,-f,J.:., nf-JSF' ,5 pf, ' , :M-1 I 4 fl.. , - 1 A a 1 '::'5,w.',,.5. -11 -QL.-L 1-1. :ww Q'-51. rm N W. L., A., ,, ,,,, R, lr - ,-+,,,,-pr, f, J x -1 ., 4.1, X ng. -w Q Y? -if ..,, N Q ,A .-5+ V - New ,,fk. .: V.. . -In ,ul L- " gf Y' li' 'li firrr' -V 1-'F tai YfL.5.,f-1: T' Q, N gd u. E . 1- . 1 ..,, . -.K ' K Q' ' ' C .-,-I A " J '? ' " 3: . - J.. , . , 5 -w-.w.,.i-V . 1 M-,-u .fl V V '. ' J 122.4 , , ..,3. X., '- ' ' -Q -' fr-1--cn, .- f . if - , 1 u, ma. , V, V ,. - -. , , , ., ., 4. Q- .- ' ,,-'-'.,v4 z 'r f v A -..f '. 't Q, f' - rf. .Jn .- . P- A... f Q Awxv sa . , X... 11... V ,W f , A . , v V 39-.Vw V A --mf? V1 I -.1-233 fi If 4.1 - - ...J uc, r-458'-KAY' - -1.5 ,' " KL, " ' H -,lv --v-V,-f -if , - :,. - J-,. fp,-g ' , - , Q 'H' , 1 73 ,ag .,gg:9.4,.-L .Y5,9Ai,1f Q , ,?7,.:Q ,. Z - E, 5, -,r.-,-,,.., D. .1 1' If . -'-'W..f.. A - A51 :film :fa .i J 1 1. 'Q f ga v 1 -.U-":.: ., V - ' tw. , ' ..:1H.,n? ,.,-my . .. U 453k :if-1, ' J' f.' N-,:' ' I 5- X ,JV . '. 1' . wa- ' 1l",.- . . .1 1 A - 4,01 ,IQ hu., mf" fr-Egj 'ff . ,.., ':,.'1xf,' . . . .. , V ,Lg--, 4, R'v.L'. V. I '-3 5 , '.f'T . ':" fQHf"' 1.-W, ' ,,-.zu . .4 4 --'J .4 ,--- -1.-2--, g"'- f' "wr '-12' "2.- , Nw' .1,.,,., ' k:i.f,':v 'CQ .-,J -rg ,-.. '15, ' .51 V- ,K . 5 'f.f,x,.j,.'?1,.jv'- f' s .k ,.--,-,i Aw- , I5 'T Q21 vu.. 'kd " -lf, . , r T' --f--Wig' 1-4 ii 'H- J.. , ,157 ,,.l, ,1 '-.,g: ' ' 1 -Q Hi sh 1 nw Q., M1 -. J- 1-. 40-EM: ' Tn., Ja" ' , . 'f'i.,.:." 'YJ "F, ...Z '. ' ,-1g.,,ni.7,t. ,V . . r 5: 'nf N. I" . .3.n?:.e:3 mb-,M 9 - f.- -.3 -....-Liz-slr, lm. -L faiif s A , , 4. . f"-14 1 .A r 1 -1.11. 5? '- fi'-lf' -C5 2527 .. ' , ' fi--5 543 ' ' Lg? -'.. 5,41 ffvfilu wh, -5 '. J: 2 i- fic . 4"-fu-4-yi:-" ' " - 2.25 ' f-, 4'J7..f'- -b Ei Li- J 545535 'V ' i '- " ' 5 2.4.2 if "iam f- 3 f 65:35 ., . A iii? ' ju 4,2 Sign. ,. wa , A f 252: ' iid: . 24341 ,.E"f. "5 ' A "L-3.15-'5.: ,:Mi,,f,s4fj1.. ,.,Y:,,s-5 -3 Q Q . I K f Lyris' A E S

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