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Nappanee High School - Napanet Yearbook (Nappanee, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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' --A' H -'W'-df---annum --i -"" ' -21-1" 4"---- U, ,..,, m 1? wb!-Z 1 f 5315- . w. 'E .X X 1-. 4 lltfiut rv . ,, I: .xp v- A -'L' ..fl ..,. . .H -11-' ' . .4 .. vw X " --:"fZ':'G ' ' ' 'xl . , ' ixfdgkmqr... v . , ,,. in '-1,3-X. 5.1: 39.42 3. fa ' L ,, 'V xl' . 1 , . , , .gf g.Vf,ygQ. 1' H. L T5 f izff' 51. A uff'ia,.w v1..',., , , ' A 1 'TLS' -- 1!,,'.ht Vi.: . 114-.if V -X-F73 1... 49. X-'g :T 1. .EPP-m-jj 1 ,A . .FF I x A 4 J " ,-9. fi v 1. ,- 1 ,1, rl. ,N 4 KV' i .1, Eff' . k. .fa .if .. x.-. x- --f 1 L. 1 , u'-- ,' ,., lr.. -. . W., . -Q., s-4 ' .M L n -1 A-5 S ik TH Q . +A- s' ' -V199 ? f gf- 'P 5. ,.-5. L, . .. 1+--,EH , ,!.,.,' he . gifs- .-ring? . J -3, ,,:.k1- 1 V . 2' - .1 ' .. . . .1 . , V whim. 1 , 2252- - . '2w'5.i1:.. ,V S? QT. 1 jg in f51'l.'P. .- J 1.1. , '. . x "fl Lb. 'Q' 1-' "inf - .ga,.,giw5J. - x , M'- fCi.E3L 14.1 -. ur, - ,- . - 'Elf-H. b . . ., 7.2.1. .4.Yt,.I ., , ,...... . 4 iff fr - '1 14 n .11 ' H -A .e 15.4. g , xi i QYYQELS -' Q -'J'-fy W' .ligif V3 -- t.ff?fi'il.?E5g'?--' K .ULQ aff. il,.w gf. '- N 4 595' ui, Bef- , may .:,5pJ+L+ -fr- . -U'-'wk af :11.:2T 4' QL. "fel , . , ?"-f'a'1 -1w.- N .- ' 4- 'i':5l51r' . ,, 1' V ' -45 ' A , " 1' 11 bm- .... g E Q. 1.- 'H-.fw Sena. -. ...,, .V --W.. 'W 7413K ,-5" -gi.,-,A -1 gf .T 11" fi !g."FCP, ' 15 5' -' "2 . 1.-s-iff" FH' - ' .215-13 . V P.. W 4 Hxisggwaf- -1f'af' ,wi J.. 72' -L, 'avid Q, 4? ' b , -. , -1 1 L4 .. , ,V V"-M. I . 'Q :vl- fi' ' v -, , , NW." 'v- -vu? . -L, YF .f ,g' ,. 3 x . .1 xr' ' -. ' W h.x'L -grin. - .24 7 ., - , ' " "V .. xi? Yvqgu' HP., v I A 5 -.i?g?3ff'i-'ALI 1:1-'I' ?Q7iff1lfg,. F ' 3' f " " V wx, 29' -.2-51+'P"gf. fu' Q1 uv..-1 v ,- - ki -',, ' I WL. 'L-5121" , 141' . -, ' A V ' in fm. 9- l . --V A ,HTA 4t,3,f-M-fig.,-'Vt..i V -A J 5 r K 3115-if , 46111 .TQ 2!?.'::nL,,'b',11Pi"f"' : 'S' .:' 3 ' , 1. Em Q55 r fp1i.:,.s' 151 wifi-1 ' 'S-iii-114 'gift 'Mi - , 1,1 uv' L,4..'.':: L f. . V mp V, L I:-,.J- JQA' yn ,Z V U, Q. , 1 - , 1' '4' -' A 5, ' ' " 'J' w' J 'IV . ' .- -. '. " -i --V .X 2-3 -uf .'.1','V- ' - i, J ff A - J . ' we H, 1111" 'M ' X 'LF 'I ' . A , 351151, ., 1. ' . ' 1 A X' ', .y4"' - 1, : .qs 'es . .C- N W . 35:45 'f K V V 'iz I ' , ,fi A XE " ' . . 5' 1 ii if '7 -' , "Y -. fi ' ' 5 ' 1 F' V lm, . 4,1P'j,,..3V U V I '. fm H 25 5."1,, f. 'f -.,5L,,l-.11 . U4 Q ,K V4 ,. 'V F-2 W' -L '. ' '- K, - hu., ,152 g,f'5!3 A X if ,V - e LV , I. , ,f . fr- - 5351 ' -, + " f53'1Z,'9.f' 'Q-G' f'4" fra- 'X -,rv 1' ' ::.',i'.fQe .5 32 i"s1',.",, if-E '-E 11 Us V' ' -' . x' , , .!' ,if-r.Li"lg . . -3 Q , ' , Q'- h ' v . - , 411.1 V y -T'eE",u1I ' 'wi' I . :uw VL. V , di. ' . W 'N , ,.,, illffibjw ry., "-15:25 ff' ,E A f. . Nezy. . ,V 372 N ,.,, . , F .Am-E ' '- lla S - ' NN, 1 ju V . . i .' 1-, Y . gg., ,, . l.,jL-YW' ..-12 ' Qgjf-1 j1,f"f.Q V' .rf ' ,. y .-Af-. Q ' -' ' . gif 'L1"35'ffL,' 11125, - 15'-'f 2" aa. 51-, , , ,-4 apanet 1953 ww 0 I. 'gig O N -2 J-J W 'I' T e -6- I g' Y X v an --al.. 12- M - 'ff - - " 375 STUDENTS MEASURE 177 DAYS AT NAPPANEE 1952-53 . . N.H.S. has been the scene of many activities ..... school .....classes.....clubs.... sports ..... parties ..... basket- ball games ..... dates ..... dances . . . We hope youlll see by glancing through the pages of the 1953 Napa- net, how students "measure up" at Nappanee. 1 2 3 4 5 6 -2- I l I IIC nl IL. I IL IL' IL IL IL -3-. ART Bctty, Alice, and Car- lyle are busy painting posters to adorn the halls for "S t a y-i n-S e h o ol Weekf' Under the super- vision of Mrs. Rood, Doris and Lowell are given op- portunity to e x p re S s themselves artistically, too-by means of model building, drawings, and paintings. E V Publishing House Printers of t'Napanet" MEASURING UP TO THE PHYSICS Kay, what are you trying to see up there? Oh yes, this must be physics class, for Mr. Hopewell is explaining mechanical advantages to his students by demonstrat- ing with this pulley. -4- STANDARDS ACADEMICALLY HOME ECONOMICS In this advanced Home Ec. class we have girls working in all phases of dressmaking. It seems that Julia and Mary have already finished their projects and are ready to press them! SHOP Mr. McGrew has even Jimmy working on his industrial arts project. Jim Reed and Norris Balsley are also gaining much practical experi- ence in this third hour shop class! E. V. Publishing House Printers of "Napanet AGRICULTURE By pointing to this diagram of a Hereford steer, Mr. Copeland is explaining to Don, Doug, and Frank where we get beef loin. Nappanee Telephone Co. Save with a Telephone CLASSES TYPING Max Beery, don't you know that you're sup- posed to be Working on your typing budget, and not looking at Mr. Post- ma? This room is in con- stant use by typing, shorthand, and book- keeping classes as well as in the production of the "D'Bulldog." 1 2 5 4 5 6 SPEECH Paul seems to be hav- ing a pretty difficult time proving that "High School Students Have Too Many Activities" in this group discussion with Kay, Jane, Mary, Sue, and Greta. It looks as though hels outnum- bered by the girls! DRIVERS TRAINING Why is everybody standing outside the car? You're supposed to be riding, not walking in this class. Through Mr. Conrad's instruction, We learn many facts about safe driving by actual practice. Cox Coal and Lumber Co. - 7 - Heckaman's Ice Cream Prompt Service Nappanee Da1ry fsgggggs R fi 12' Q sg x w we sh f"N ' P 2.. 1 u:I.ll lill- J rr' o A .HM fra A Q J! Ei-i'ro 'Erma 3: I : "' dw 1 2 3 4 5 6 Joseph W. Kindig - 9 - C. W. Johnson and Son Attorney at Law Try our Soda Fountain if 2 x. ----- 4 3 W 9 U? ' we fm! , fm Q , .bg :E is :I v M sl Q 3531 JI' 1 .- Qu .. ' 2521. ga. :Q , W .- 5 .,..a - "aim ffwzazz' X- ......, ,,-:suv 1 .........,,,,,,, . - , - N. ,, , , S im?-tif. . Q ..:::.,:z.gH ., + Q I fZ!.!u.Z.... 4 ..Mf.-Q-.nm x ....m.,, A., ' 'nu' 1 -x-xv U .1 rpm., .uf H ' 'wfk '-it . ,, W QQ if " if fi g Q, Wad Y 6 f s I c 4 44 ., 3, , Q 42 , it is .::::::,, .rg 4. Q 1 X Q X in b JJ Yr" ff " -J fx ig? ' " 3 3 s -I . 3 'Lf 3--5 5 . . N , 5 .c N 0 af 'Y 1' QW ,Sw Q . Administration O The administration co-ordinates the ac- tivities of N.H.S. From the superintendent, the principal, the faculty, the office personnel, the nurse, the janitors, the cooks, and on down, each person has his responsibilities in making N.H.S. a better place for the student to develop his interests. G ...11.- "Atomic power has yielded it- self to the intellect and purposes of humanity. The vastness of space is the last great unexplored frontier in the material world in which we live. 'There remains an even greater challenge in the realm of human relationships. The moral and spiritual union of the earth's peoples provides the only fulfill- ment of mankind's hope for uni- versal peace. "Your preparation in your school years will strengthen you for your part in this great crusade. In all the avenues of human en- deavor Which you choose to follow you have the good Wishes and encouragement of your teach- ers and fellow students. May suc- cess and happiness attend you." WILLIAM R. KENDALL Superintendent OFFICE PERSONNEL Edith Hoover, Mr. Kendall's secretary. and h Mrs. Syler. receptionist in the superintend- Katherine Stump, secretary to Mr. Weddlc Lnt's office. Glen Geyer's Garage f 12 - General Auto Repair Stillson's Men's and Boys' Wear Sporting Goods "Nappanee High School con- stantly strives to offer every Student an opportunity for growth and development through its many and varied activities. We sincerely hope that your partici- pation in these activities will en- able you to live more effectively and efficiently in our society. "May this fine book help you to keep alive the memories of your school life at N.H.S." JAMES O. WEDDLE Principal SCHOOL BOARD The responsibility of solving every problem which arises in connec- tion with school matters is delegated to these men. Seated around the table are Dr. Douglas W. Price, Charles W. Edler, Harter A. Wright, Carlyle A. Mutschler, Virgil Anglin, and Mr. Kendall. Del Win Drive In . - 13 -M Nappanee Tile Company Good Food Is Our Business 116 South Main Street GUY CONRAD Health, Physical Education, Drivers Training Indiana State Teachers Col- lege, B.S. VIRGINIA HOFFER Home Economics and Cafe- teria Manager Purdue University, B.S. ESTHER HOOVER English Indiana University, A,B. University of California at Los Angeles Ball State Teachers College WAYNE BEST Social Studies, Physical Education Manchester College, A.B. Indiana University, M.S. ROSS DAVIS Instrumental Music Ohio University, B.S. Indiana University. M.S. RAY HOPEWELL Science Purdue University Indiana University, B.S. N. H. S. FACULTY I. A. Miller, Inc. -14 Pontiac and International Trucks SELWYN COPELAND Vocational Agriculture, Shop I University of Minnesota, B.S. CLARENCE HOLAWAY Foreign Languages, Mathe matics Goshen College, B.S. Indiana University, M.S. LEONTINE JAMESON Music Skidmore College, A.B. Northwestern University. B.M.E. We realize that we are deeply indebted to the eighteen members of the N.H.S. faculty. Under their capable leadership and guidance we have accomplished much in these past four years. We seniors would like to express our sincere appreciation for the time and energy which they have devoted to us. DAVID MCGREW Industrial Arts, Vocational Education Guidance Indiana State Teachers Col- lege, B. S. Indiana University, M.S. ROSEANNA MAUST Physical Education. English Hanover College, B.S. HARVEY POSTMA Commerce Goshen College, A.B. Indiana University, M.C.S. MARY ROOD Art Indiana State Teachers Col- lege, B.S. OLIVE WEAVER English and Library Middle Tennessee State, LUNDY WELBORN B.S. Mathematics, Sociology University of Illinois, B.S. Butler University, B.S. in L.S. Indiana University, M.S. LUCY MILES English, Speech Indiana University, A.B. Northwestern University Goshen College Purdue University GALEN ROOSE Mathematics Goshen College Manchester College Inldizgna University, A.B., Purdue University LAWRENCE WHITE Social Studies Manchester College, A.B. Ball State Teachers College Indiana University, M.S. I. A. Miller, Inc. Frigidaire Appliances, Motorola and Dumont Television BOOKSTORE This is a familiar scene every morning and noon as Esther Weldy and Jane Strauss sell pencils, paper, and note- books in our school bookstore. Here we are able not only to rent our books, but also to buy all the other school supplies we need! J ANITORS Mr. Flowers, Mr. Shaw, and Mr. An- derson have done a fine job again this year in keeping our school neat and clean. Of course, they worked during the school yearg we found, too, that they had been busy painting walls and polishing Hoors during the summer in order to keep N.H.S in ship-shape! NURSE Here's the "lady in white," Annie Woodhams, our smiling school nurse. All of us are quite familiar with her ohfice, for we not only run to her with all our minor aches and pains, but we also visit her for check-ups during the school year. CAFETERIA Ummm! Weren't those tasty meals we ate in the cafeteria every noon? Thanks to Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Hummel, Mrs. Farrington, and Mrs. Clouse for all the food they've prepared for us this year. Needless to say, our stomachs and appetites were never disappointed when 12:45 rolled around! Lutes Service Station B 8: B Cafe Standard Service A Good Place to Eat Classes 0 An integral part of N.H.S .... crowding the halls at 8: 15 . . . rushing to class a minute before the bell . . . seniors writing economics questions . . . juniors worrying over U. S. History tests . . . sophomores reaching covet- ed age . . . driver's training . . . those fresh- men just studying . . . lots of home work . . . cramming for tests . . . reciting . . . studying . . . slaving over bookkeeping sets . . . writing essays for Mrs. Miles . . . books . . . the library hall... WHCD'S WHO These students were selected by the faculty and the seniors as outstanding . . . Mary Jo Walters in art . . . Betty Yoder in commercial subjects . . . Carol Jo Baumgartner in scholarship . . . Don Legion Bowl American Legion Post 154 Malcolm in athletics and agriculture . . . Phyllis Roth in leadership and chorus . . . Joan Knepp in band . . . Jim Burt in shop . . . Clipp Auto Supply Everything for the Auto SENIORS PRESIDENT .,,,, .,,.,,..A........,....... ,,,A.. D o nald Malcolm SECRETARY-TREASURER ..,,.. ....... J olene Klingaman VICE-PRESIDENT ,,AA...A.........,.....,...,..,.,.........., Phyllis Roth Class Motto: "In the bright lexicon of youth there is 'no such word as 'fail'." Class Colors: Blue and White. Class Flower: Red rose. Seniors! At last we'd reached our goal and our last year at N.H.S., a year in which We invested our time, our dreams, and our hopes. Our class play, 'KBrother Goose," our taffy sales, and the concessions at ball games kept us busy, took up our time, and helped fill the class treasury. Five of our seniors attended College Night at Elkhart, While eleven of them participated in the state scholarship tests. As a class we journeyed to Indianapolis to see the state government in operation. Then spring and Senior activities rolled around. On May 16 we left on the much-looked-forward-to trip to Mackinac Island. Such fun! The juniors gave a wonderful reception in our honor, and shouts of joy echoed through the halls as we left school a Week before the Hunderclass- men." Then We came to those last few moments together. Senior Week Activities were almost over. Une by one we received our diplomas, and sadly realized that we were leaving N.H.S. forever! Hadley Dress Shop --- 19 - Wise-'s Furniture Store The Store for Woiren and Young Girls Complete Home Furnishings NORRIS BALSLEY "Shorty" Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 D.O. Club 43 Basketball Manager 3 CAROL JO BAUMGARTNER "Bummie" Napanet 3, 43 Editor of Napanet 43 Debate 3. 43 D'Bulldog 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 Student Council 3. 43 G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Librarian 2, 33 Reception Committee 33 Senior Class Play 4: Valedic- torian 4 GRETA JUNE BIGLER "Deac" Napanet 43 Co-Editor of Napanet 43 D'Bu1ldog 3. 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Librarian 13 National Honor Society 3, 43 National Honor Vice-Pres- ident 43 Student Council 3, 43 G.A.A. 13 Operetta 1, 23 Chorus 1, 2, 33 Cheerleader 2. 3. 43 Reception Committee 33 Senior Class Play 4 JAMES BURT "Jim" Napanet 3, 43 Napanet Business Manager 43 D'Bulldog 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2. 3, 43 Robed Choir 2, 3, 43 Track 23 Intramurals 1, 23 Football 2, 3. 43 Reception Committee 33 Con- cessions Manager 43 Boys State 33 Senator 43 Senior Class Play 4 CARROLL COPPES "Carroll" Football 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y Treasurer 43 Reception Committee 33 Senior Class Play 4 STANLEY FARMWALD "Stan" F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. 43 F.F.A, Secretary 4 PAUL FLOWERS "Posey" Napanet 43 D'Bu1ldog 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3. 43 Track 1, 23 Basketball 1. 2, 3. 43 Foot- ball 2, 3, 43 Class Vice-President 13 Class Pres- gent 23 Reception Committee 33 Senior Class ay 4 WANETA FREN GER "Waneta" Y-Teens 1. 2. 3, 43 Librarian 43 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 Greta, I want to order two dozen an- nouncements and a box of name cards! Mast Sales and Service Oliver Farm Equipment SHIRLEY GEYER "Shirley" Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 3: Chorus 1, 2, 4: Robed Choir 4: D.O. Club 3, 4: D.O. Club Secre- tary-Treasurer 4 DOUGLAS GOLDEN "Doug" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. Reporter 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 4 LULUBELLE HARMAN "Lulubelle" F.H.A. 1, 2, 3. 41 G.A.A. 2, D.O. club 4 SHIRLEY HECKMAN "Shirley" Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teen Treasurer 3: G.A,A. 2' Chorus 2. 3, 4: Operetta 2: D,O. Club 4: D.O. Club Vice- President 4 RICHARD HEPLER "Rich" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 4: D. O. Club 4 WALTER HERSHBERGER "Mose" Band 1, 2, 3, 41 Chorus 1: Basketball l, 2: Track 1, 2: Football 2, 3, 4: D.O. Club 4 HELEN HUFF "Huff" D'Bulldog 1, 2, 3, 4: Napanet 4: Y-Teens 1, 2. 3, 4: Librarian 1: F.H.A. 1, 2: G.A.A. 1, 2: Band 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Robed Choir 4: Operetta 1, 2: Pep Band 4: Reception Committee 3: Senior Class Play 4 RUTH KAHLER "Ruthie" D'Bulldog 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1512: ?.A.A. 1, 2, 3: D.O. Club 43 Senior Class ay Helen, here's the thirty cents for my lunch ticket! Blue Bell Inc. World's Largest Producer of Work Clothing JOLENE KLINGAMAN "Jo" D'Bulldog 1, 2, 3, 43 Editor of D'Bulldog 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens Treasurer 43 F.H.A. 13 National Honor Society 43 Student Council 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 33 G,A.A. Secretary 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 43 Robed Choir 2, 43 Operetta 23 Class Secretary 1, 2, 3, 43 Reception Coni- mittee 3 JOAN KNEPP "Joan" Napanet 43 Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 43 Student Council 43 Student Council Vice-President 43 G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. Vice- President 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Band Vice-Pres- ident 43 Band Secretary-Treasurer 33 Pep Band 3, 43 Reception Committee 33 Saluta- torian 4 HILTRUD LOEHR "Hi1trud" Y-Teens 43 F.H.A. 4 JANE LOUDERMILK "Janie" D'Bulldog 1, 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 1, 33 Debate 1, 23 G.A.A. 13 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 13 Reception Committee 33 Senior Class Play 4 PATRICIA LUTES "Patty" D'Bu1ldog 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. 43 F.H.A. 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Reception Committee 3 ROBERT LUTES "Benny" Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 33 Intramural Basketball 13 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y Secretary- Treasurer 43 Reception Committee 33 Track 33 Napanet 4 BILLY LEE MAIN 'tBi11y" D.O. Club 4 DONALD MALCOLM "Don" Napanet 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y President 43 F.F.A. 1. 2, 3, 43 F.F.A. President 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Intra- murals 13 F.F.A. Treasurer 33 Reception girmnlittee 33 Class President 43 Senior Class Hy "Tuning up" with Patty at the keyboard! Mutschler Brothers Company Porta-Bilt Kitchen Furniture MARY MARTIN "Mary" Y-Teens 1. 2, 3, 43 F,H.A. 2. 3, 43 National Honor Society 43 National Honor Society Sec- retary-Treasurer 43 Student Council 4 KEITH MCCUEN "Keeter" Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y President 43 Hi-Y Treasurer 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 23 Football 2, 3, 43 Class President 13 Class Vice-President 2 JANE MCGILLEN "Janie', D'Bul1dog 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens President 43 Y-Teens Vice-President 33 National Honor Society 43 Student Council 43 Cihorus 1, 2, 3, 43 C orus Secretary 43 Robed Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Reception Committee 33 Represen- tative 4 DOROTHY MIKEL "Dorothy" Napanet 43 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 43 F.H,A. 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. Vice-President 3, 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 Chorus 33 Senior Class Play 4 CAROL MAE MILLER "Carol" Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. Presi- dent 43 Reception Committee 3 JULIA MILLER "Jewel" Napanet 43 D'Bu11dog 1, 2. 3, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 1, 23 Chorus 43 Reception Committee 3 KENNETH MITTERLING "Kenny" Football 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y Treasurer 43 D.O. Club 3, 43 D. O. Club President 43 Intra- murals 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 23 Napanet 4 GORDON PFEIFFER "Gord" D.O. Club 4 Itis those seniors blocking the stairway again! Huffman Bakery Mother,s Bread JANET ROHRER "Janet" Y-Teens 1, 2. 3, 43 F.H.A. 43 Senior Class Play 4 PHYLLIS ROTH "Phil" Napanet 43 D'Bu1ldog 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Librarian 2, 33 Stu ent Council 43 Student Council President 43 National Honor Society 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Band President 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Robed Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 D.A.R. Repre- sentative 43 Girls State 33 Class Vice-Presi- dent 4: Class President 33 Reception Committee 33 Operetta 1, 23 Senior Class Play 4 PAUL SECHRIST "Paul" Chorus 13 Usher l, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 33 D.O. Club 43 D.O. Club President 4 RUTH SHEETS "Ruth" Y-Teens l, 2, 43 F.H.A. 2, 4 ALICE JOAN SLABAUGH "Alice" Y-Teens 1. 2. 3, 4: Y-Teens President 4: F.H.A. 2, 3. 43 Student Council 1: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Robed Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Operetta 1, 23 Class Vice-President 23 Reception Committee 3 MARILYN SPARKS "Sparkie" Y-Teens 3. 43 Librarian 23 F.H.A. 2, 3, 43 SHIRLEY SUTHEIMER "Shirley" D'Bu1ldog 1. 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Robed Choir 43 Operetta 1, 23 Re- ception Committee 3 JANE STRAUSS "Jamey" Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. Secre- tary-Treasurer 3. 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: National Honor Society President 43 Stu ent Council 2, 3, 43 Class Vice-President 33 Senior Class Play 4 What're we having for lunch? Vitreous Steel Products Co. Porcelain Enamel Products DONNA TEETER "Teet" D'Bulldog 1, 2, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 1, Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 45 Robed Choir 4g Reception Committee 3, Cheerleader 3, 4 JOYCE TEETER "Joyce" Y-Teens 43 Chorus 1, 23 D.O. Club 4 MARILYN JOAN WALTERS "Jo" Napanet Art Editor 43 D'Bul1dog 1, 2, 3' Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 42 Reception Committee 35 Senior Class Play 4 ROBERT WATERS "Bob,' Napanet 4: Usher 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 1, 2, D.O. Club 4 BETTY YODER "Betty" Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H,A. 2. 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. President 3, 4, Reception Committee 3 CARLYLE WELTY "Carlyle" D.O. Club 4 They must be seniors! Who else would have time to spend looking over the bauister? Wes, we're glad to see you back in school! Hatfield and Hostetter Clothiers Maris Wear-Boys' Wear JUNICDRS PRESIDENT ............... ....... M ax Slabaugh VICE-PRESIDENT ...................... ..,...... J ames Tobias SECRETARY-TREASURER ......... ....., S arita Schrock 1952! It was a campaign year for the juniors, too! First we campaigned for a new administration. The result of the presi- dential election was a landslide in favor of Max Slabaugh, and of James Tobias for vice-president. The term of secretary-treasurer did not expire, so Sarita Schrock retained her official position. Our representatives in Student Council and National Honor Society were Kay Kendall, Wanda Miller, and Carol Postma. Our second campaign was for magazine subscriptions, and we celebrated our record-breaking sales with a party. We also raised our funds by selling basketball advertisements. Finally, we campaigned, planned, and worked for the Inaugural Ball, we mean the Junior-Senior Reception, which was held in the spring. We wish to express our sincere thanks to our campaign advisors, Mrs. Miles and Mr. Postma, who made this past year a success. Gall's Cities Service Station -26 - Naylor's Grocery and Market Claude Gall, Phone 4384 Phone 149-Free Delivery Top Row-L. to R.: Max Beery, Jesse Ber- ger, Farrell Biller, Barbara Coppes, Nancy Coppes. Second Row: Joyce Culp, Carol DeFrees, Donald Disher, Marlene Evans, Janet Fisher. Third Row: Helen Foltz, George Fox, Joan Grimm, Terry Hamsher, Frank Hart- man. Fourth Row: Lulabelle Hepler, Donna Irwin, Shirley Keefer, Patricia Keim, Kay Kendall. Fifth Row: Carolyn Kern, Lois Lemna, Shirley Longfield, Shirley Losee, Charles Lutes. Sixth Row: Verna Mast, Carol Ann Miller, Carol Esther Miller, Kathryn Miller, Wanda Miller. Seventh Row: Barbara McDonald, Wyana McDow, Junior Phillips, LaMar Pletcher, Carol Postma. Eighth Row: Franklin Reed, Richard Rensberger, Robert Rhodes, Sarita Schrock, Lois Sechrist, Ninth Row: Shirley Sechrist, Max Sla- baugh, James Tobias, John Tobias, Molly Jo Tobias. Tenth Row: Jack Ulery, James Warren, Dixie Whitehead, Susan Wright, Robert Wyman. Lehman Hardware Co. Ray Hively Hardware, Paint, Toys, and Sporting Goods Plumbing and Heating Service SCDPHCDMGRES PRESIDENT ................. ...... J ames Woodhams VICE-PRESIDENT ..,...,............. ....,. M arcia Mutschler SECRETARY-TREASURER ....... ,,..,,.... J anice Stickel WE SOPHOMORES, the CLASS OF '55, will remember 1953 as the year when . . . everybody had holes in his shoes-not from campaign- ing, but from selling chocolates, mints, and peanut brittle from door to door .... four sophomore boys were members of the varsity basket- ball squad .... Al Wilt and Jim Lantis represented us on the Student Council .... Mr. Hopewell and Mr. White were our sponsors. Dunham and Love -28- Hand's T. V. Sales and Service Prescriptions-Fountain Service 158 W6St Market Street Top Row-L. to R.: Pegge Arch, James Bartman, Paul Bolinger, Wayne Brock, Mary Jane Buss, Kenlyn Calbeck. Second Row: Ellen Callander, Harvey Chupp, Lowell Detwiler, James Eilers, Donald Farmwald, Mary Jane Frenger. Third Row: Beverly George, Lyle Hall, Diana Hawley, Howard Hepler, Dan Hostetter, Martha Huff. Fourth Row: Marjane Huffman, Doris Hunsberger, John Ingle, Sharon Jensen, Johanna Jerles, Reova Jewell. Fifth Row: Douglas Kahler, James Lantis, Janet Mattern, Norman Marvel, Joel Mellinger, Victor Miller. Sixth Row: Freida Mullet, Marcia Mutsch- ler, Francis McGriff, Sandra Nettrour, Rebecca Parcell, Paul Parks. Seventh Row: Wade Pfeiffer, Mary Helen Pippen, Lowell Pippenger, Linda Plet- cher, Nancy Quigley, James Reed. Eighth Row: Thelma Rose, Patricia Roth, Betty Sechrist, Norma Sheets, Bryce Slabaugh, Arthur Snowden. Ninth Row: Janice Stickel, Joseph Stou- der, Donna Sutheimer, Judith Swihart, Doris Tobias, Larry Wagner. Tenth Row: Donald Weaver, Esther Welty, Alan Wilt, James Woodhams. Newt's Drive-In Quality Print Shop Good Wholesome Food Printing of the Better Kind FRESHMEN PRESIDENT ..,.......,..,. ...... J ack Arnott VICE-PRESIDENT .,.......,.....A.... .......... J ohn Stahly SECRETARY-TREASURER .,.... ..Y.... C onnie Hosslcr It was a beautiful September day when sixty-nine members of the class of '56 eagerly entered N.H.S. to begin our first year of high school. After some time we finally got our class organized by electing officers, and Student Council representatives Patricia Snider and Edwin Berger. To meet mounting expenses we decided to build up our class treasury, and accomplished this by having a paper drive. Our sponsors, who have successfully led us through the year, are Mr. McGrew and Mr. Holaway. Mctzlcr Shoe Company --30- E. Newcomer and Son Florsheim Shoes for Men- The Store of Fine Jewelry Miller Health Shoes for Women Top Row-L. to R.: Joan Andrews, Jack Arnott, Doris Balsley, Nancy Baumgartner, Floyd Bender, Edwin Berger. Second Row: Warren Brock, James Brunso, Robert Buss, Marilyn Byrer, James Clouse, Patricia Corl. Third Row: Walter Corwin, Dean Culp, Janet Culp, Lavon Culp, Russell Ervin, Connie Fervida. Fourth Row: Jean Foltz, Eddie Foster, Donald George, Sherry Gillis, Kathleen Hahn, Mary Ellen Hall. Fifth Row: Eddie Hand, Leota Haney, Russell Hepler, Winford Hershberger, Fred Hockert, Abby Lee Hossler. Sixth Row: Connie Hossler, Shirley Huffman, William Irwin, Roberta Jewell, Mary Ellen Jones, Luanne Leer. Seventh Row: Philip Lehman, Sarah Lee Lopp, Patricia Losee, Marilyn Martz, Janet McFall, Marcia Mellinger. Eighth Row: Carol June Miller, Marlan Miller, Mary Lu Miller, Raymond Nissley, Ruby Nissley, George Reed. Ninth Row: Jerry Reed, Donnabelle Rensberger, Wilfred Rensberger, Lester Shaw, Ruth Ann Slabaugh, Patricia Snider. Tenth Row: Barbara Stahly, John Stahly, Sally Stouder, Kenneth Stump, Linda Stump, Fern Stutzman. Eleventh Row: Patricia Tobias, Sharon Troxel, James Weldy, Leo Williams, John Windham, Carl Wolf. Twelfth Row: Betty Woodhams, Richard Wright, Kenneth Young. Shively Corporation Mlller s Grocery Clothing, Hardware, and Appliances Save Through I G A EIGHTH GRADE Top Row: L. to R.: Lulu Adams, Carol Andrews, David Arch, Gloria Beezley, Frank Bolinger, Roy Brock. Second Row: Linda Chandler, Leroy Chupp, Shirley Chupp, Thomas Conrad, Wilma Copenhaver, Richard Coppes. Third Rowf Raymond Corl, Jan Culp, Jeanette Sue Ervin, Ralph Fink, Larry Fisher, Walter Frenger. Fourth Row: Noel George, Sue Grimm, Carol Sue Hahn, Robert Haines, Terry Haney, Lowell Harman. Fifth Row: June Heltzel, Louise Hersh- berger, Ned Hoover, Linda Housour, John Hummel, Jackie Hunsberger. Sixth Row: Jacob Jackson, Vernon Jewell, William- Keifer, Janet Klingaman, Larry Lakins, Marilyn Lehman. Seventh Row: Vance Lopp, Vonda Sue Losee, Judy Martin, Rosemary Martin- dale, William Martindale, Gerald Mat- tern. Eighth Row: Larry McDonald, Donald Miller, Rosemary Miller, Thelma Miller, Thomas Miller, Alvin Mullet. Ninth Row: Gene Nelson, Nancy Peters, Patricia Peterson, Judy Phend, Sue Pletcher, Michael Price. Tenth Row: Judith Rose, James Speicher, David Stoops, Kay Stouder, Sally Stutz- man, Alma Jean Swihart. Eleventh Row: John Troxel, Clara Rae Walters, David Weldy, Aubrey Wise- man, Chris Woodhams. Trump Cleaners and Dyers Quality Cleaning Nappanee Utilities C 205 East Lincoln Stre SEVENTH GRADE Top Row--L. to R.: Glenwyn Bollman, William Conrad, Larry Cripe, Glenda Dumph, Roger Evans, Sue Ellen Fields. Second Row: Brent Gall, Jerry Ganshorn, David Geyer, James Hamsher, Dixie Hare, John Hawley. Third Row: Gene Heckaman, Roger Heckaman, Carolyn Hershberger, Philip Hostetler, Rachel Holaway, Wayne Holderman. Fourth Row: Harry Hood, Anita Hoover, Harold Huffman, Frederick Hunsberger, Yvonne Ingle, Judith Kaufman. Fifth Row: Loretta Keifer, Alfred Keim, Edward Keim, William Kendall, John Kendall, Marie Klotz. Sixth Row: Peggy Lakins, Paul Leazenby, James Lutes, Robert McDonald, Dorothy Martin, Patsy Martin. Seventh Row: Donald Miller, Harold Miller, Shirley Miller, Arlen Mullet, Letitia Nettrour, Vernon Nissley. Eighth Row: Harry Peterson, Douglas Rensberger, Larry Riley, Jane Ann Rood, Ruth Ellen Salzman, Danny Slabaugh. Ninth Row: Judy Slabaugh, Carol Sparks, Larry Stahly, Charlotte Stickel, William Stouder, James Stouder. Tenth Row: Donna Stone, Jackie Stump, Monti Sweisberger, Stanley Thomas, Patricia Thompson, Dorothy Ulery. Eleventh Row: Donna Kay Wagner, Marguerite Wagner, Carol Weldy, Joyce Welty, Gerald Yoder, Raymond Zook. Miller Lumber and Coal Co. Glen Hochstettlei For Good Coal, Phone 137 Plumbing and Heating City Electric Co., Contracting - 34 - Nappanee Cold Storage Hotpoint Appliances, Radios, and Records Frozen Foods and Meats it f Activities 0 A diversion from school subjects . . . clubs . . . receiving proofs for senior pictures . . . trying out for "Brother Goose" . . . panel dis- cussions in senior home room . . . primping for pictures . . . being measured for caps and gowns . . . digging up gossip for D'Bu11dog . . . Hi-Y and Y-Teen parties . . . democratic student government . . . those evening band rehearsals . . . i I 'r Top Left: Carol Jo Baumgartner, James Burt. Top Right: 1Seatedb George Fox, Greta Bigler. Sarita Schrock. lSt:mdingy Bob Lutes. Bottom: lSeatedb Helen Huff, Julia Miller. Mary Jo Walters, Dorothy Mikel. 1Standingb Mrs. Rood, Paul Flowers, Miss Hoover, Joan Knepp. Mr, Weddle Napan Templeton's Shell Service Market and Clark Streets et The members of the annual staff soon found that there was a great deal more involved in publishing the 1953 NAPANET than just taking pictures. Although the job consumed much time and effort, We enjoyed every moment of it, and we hope you will enjoy looking through these pages in the future! EDITOR ........................,...,,... ..,Y.. C arol Jo Baumgartner CO-EDITOR ..,..........,..,,.,,,.,.,., .....,.....,.,........ G reta Bigler BUSINESS MANAGER .iY,,,. .................... J ames Burt ASS'T BUS. MGR. ...................,. ........... R obert Lutes JUNIOR EDITOR ..................,...... ........ S arita Schrock JUNIOR BUS. MANAGER ,...... ......v....,,,...................... G eorge Fox ART EDITOR ...................,......... ,............................, M ary Jo Walters SPORTS EDITORS ......,........ ....... D onald Malcolm, Paul Flowers Julia Miller, Dorothy Mikel Joan Knepp, Phyllis Roth Helen Huff ALUMNI ..................... ......... CALENDAR ..................... ,. PHOTOGRAPHER .......,........ EDITORIAL ADVISOR ....... BUSINESS ADVISOR ....,. ART ADVISOR ................ Miss Hoover Mr. Weddle Mrs. Rood - 36 - Hol1ar's Market The Place of Fine Meats I Twice every month Mr. Postma's room was a scene of bedlam and D O confusion as the D'Bulldog was made up. Through the cooperation of the forty-nine members of the Journalism Club, the staff, and their sponsors, this has been another successful year for the "D'BULL- DOG." EDITOR ,,,..,,,.,,,.,.,,,,, ,,,. J olene Klingaman CO-EDITOR Y,.,..,,..,..,.. Y,,,,,.,,... C arol Postma FEATURE EDITOR ...., ..,.. J ane McGillen SPORTS EDITOR ,.,.. ...........,. A lan Wilt MUSIC EDITOR ...... .,... B arbara Coppes ART EDITOR ,.,i..Y,...i,,,, .... M olly Jo Tobias SOCIETY EDITOR ..,.... .... J ane Loudermilk FACULTY ADVISOR ,.... ...,,,..,...v, M rs. Miles PRODUCTION MGR. .... ...,.,.,.i M r. Postma Top Picturc: Top Row-L, to R.: Jane McGillen. Kathryn Miller, Joan Grimm, Carol Jo Baumgartner. Alan Wilt, James Brunso, Max Slabaugh, Paul Flowers Second Row: Mrs. Miles, sponsor, Nancy Coppes, Carolyn Kern, Mary Helen Pippen, Kenlyn Calbeck, Norma Sheets, Lois Sechrist, Shirley Sutheimer, Donna Teeter, Johana Jerles. Bottom Row: Nancy Baumgartner, Nancy Quigley, Beverly George, Donna Sutheimer, Marcia Mutschler, Linda Pletcher. Carol Postma. Shirley Longfield Bottom Picture: Top Row-L. to R.: Pegge Arch, Shirley Losee, Carol A. Miller, Carole E. Miller, Wyana McDow, Sarita Schrock, James Eilers, James Burt Second Row: Mr. Postma, sponsor, Eddie Foster, Marjane Huffman, Julia Miller, Mary Jo Walters, Sharon Jensen, Lulabelle Hepler, Susan Wright, James Woodhams Bottom Row: Molly Jo Tobias, Greta Bigler, Jane Loudermilk. Patricia Roth, Barbara Coppes. Helen Huff, Kay Kendall. Jolene Klingaman Top Row-L. to R.: Lyle Hall, Charles Lutes, James Burt, Norris Balsley, Richard Rensberger, James Eilers, James Tobias. Larry Wagner, James Woodhams. Paul Parks, Donald Malcolm, Paul Flowers Second Row: Junior Phillips, Bryce Slabaugh. Jack Ulery, Wayne Brock. Paul Bolinger. Richard Hepler, Daniel Hostetter, Keith McCuen, Douglas Golden, Carroll Coppes, Mr. White. Sponsor Third Row: James Bartman, James Warren, Alan Wilt, Robert Wyman, James Lantis, James Recd, Kenneth Mitterlingz, Fzirrcl Biller, Max Beery HI-Y The Hi-Y Club, made up of thirty-two sopho- more, juni-or, and senior boys, began its busy year in September with the serious initiation of new members at the Grace E.U.B. Church. Our main service projects were the sponsoring of the annual Thanksgiving assembly for the stu- dent body, and the Dime Line which netted 515275.51 for the polio drive. Of course, we didn't work all of the time. At Halloween we joined forces with the Y-Teens for a scavenger hunt, and in February we held a Valentine party. We concluded the year's activities with a swimming party at the Y.M.C.A. in Elkhart, President, first semester ...... .,,... K eith McCuen President, second semester ..,, ,..., D onald Malcolm Vice-president .................,.,. ..., J ames Warren Secretary .......... .... C arroll Coppes Treasurer .... Farrel Biller -38- State Bank of Nappanec Member of Federal Reserve System Top Picture: Top Row-L. to R.: Hiltrud Lohr. Marjane Huffman, Joan Knepp, Jolene Klingaman. Greta Bigler, Barbara Coppes, Carol Postma, Marcia Mutschler, Patricia Roth, Donna Sutheimer, Joyce Teeter, Shirley Geyer, Helen Foltz. Marilyn Sparks Second Row: Miss Hoover. sponsor. Alice Joan Slabaugh, Carolyn Kern, Betty Yoder, Martha Huff, Norma Sheets, Pegge Arch. Mary Jane Buss, Judith Swihart, Patricia Lutes, Sharon Jensen. Janet Fisher, Janet Mattern Third Row: Shirley Losee. Janet Rohrer, Carol DeFrees, Jane McGillen, Carol Jo Baumgartner, Kathryn Miller, Wyana McDow, Carole E. Miller, Carol A. Miller Bottom Picture: Tow Row-L. to R.: Shirley Longfield, Nancy Quigley, Mary Jane Frenger, Linda Pletcher. Molly Jo Tobias, Helen Huff, Beverly George, Frances McGriff, Sandra Nettrour. Mary Helen Pippen, Kenlyn Calbeck, Nancy Coppes, Kay Kendall, Lois Sechrist Second Row: Mrs. Miles, sponsor, Patricia Keim, Lulubelle Harman, Shirley Keefer, Verna Mast, Ruth Sheets, Shirley Sutheimer, Julia Miller, Mary Jo Walters, Donna Teeter, Johanna Jerles. Doris Tobias. Lulabelle Hepler. Susan Wright Third Row: Mary Martin, Waneta Frenger, Joan Grimm. Phyllis Roth, Jane Strauss, Betty Sechrist, Lois Lemna, Doris Hunsberger, Dorothy Mikel. Marlene Evans, Sarita Schrock SENIOR Y-TEENS S The first "big event" of the year for the seventy-two members of Senior Y-Teens was the Mother-Daughter Banquet which was held on December 5 in the First Brethren Church. Our new money-making project, selling billfold-size pictures of the basketball team, was extremely successful! In addition to our annual Chocolates for Christmas project, we helped in the col- lection for the March of Dimes and also sponsored an Easter Chapel service for the entire student body. President, first semester .......... Jane McGillen President, second semester ,........... ..... A lice Joan Slabaugh Vice-president .... ,...,...... S usan Wright Secretary .......l .......... S arita Schrock Treasurer .. .,,,,,. Jolene Klingaman State Bank of Nappanee - 39 - Member of Fed. Dep. Ins. Corp. DEBATE With six new debaters and three Hexperiencedl' ones, debate club has been the largest in the history of N.H.S. We attended the annual Debate Clinic .at Purdue in December, and participated in the dis- cussion and extemporaneous events held in connection with the St. Joseph Valley Forensic League. LIBRARIANS Have you noticed the attractive displays of book jackets on the bulletin board each month? This is only one of the monthly projects which the librarians sponsor. Seated at a brand new desk at the back of the study hall, they busily check books in and out, collect fines for overdue books, and keep them repaired. Under Miss Weaver's supervision, these girls keep our library up-to-date by adding new books-reference, fiction, history, and biographic to the shelves. Top Picture-L. to R.: Standing: Mary Helen Pippen, Carol Jo Baumgartner, Mrs. Miles, sponsor. Kathryn Miller, Bryce Slabaugh Seated: Sarita Shrock, Kay Kendall, George Fox, James Eilers Bottom Picturchla. to R.: Standing: Mary Helen Pippen, Martha Huff, Mary Jane Frenger, Patricia Tobias, Lulabelle Hepler, Waneta Frengcr. Betty Sechrist Seated: Miss Weaver, sponsor -40.. Plafop Picture-L. to R.: Standing: Jane McGi1len, Joan Knepp, Greta Bigler, Wanda Miller, yllis Ro Seated: Jane Straus, Mary Martin, Carol Jo Baumgartner, Jolene Klingaman, Kay Kendall, Carol Postma Bottom Picture-L. to R.: Top Row: James Lantis, Carol Jo Baumgartner, Jane Strauss, Alan Wilt, Wanda Miller, Jane McGil1en Second Row: Kay Kendall, Mary Martin, Joan Knepp, Greta Bigler, Jolene Klingaman. Phyllis Roth, Mr. Weddle, sponsor D I Bottom Row: Edwin Berger, Noel George, Patricia Thompson, Rosemary Miller, Sue Ellen Field, Patricia Snider, Carol Postma NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The students in National Honor Society are selected by the faculty on the basis of scholar- ship, leadership, service, and character. Mr. Weddle met with the group during Mr. Roose's absence. Our projects for the year were polishing the trophies, taking charge of a study hall at noon, and assisting the grade school teachers at noon on the playground. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ...................,............ ...............,.,.............. ...... J a ne Strauss VICE-PRESIDENT ....,................. .......................... ...... G r eta Bigler SECRETARY-TREASURER .................. ...... M ary Martin STUDENT COUNCIL Did you enjoy hearing Pruth McFarlin or watching the feats of the trampoline artist during the year's assembly programs? Have you participated in the weekly desk and locker clean-ups? Of course you enjoyed the huge, gaily-lighted Christmas tree and decorations in the assembly last December, as well as the music in the lunch room. These are just a few of the accomplishments of the Student Council! We also sponsored a series of special weeks stressing courtesy, sportsmanship, and school-highlighted' by the crowning of the King and Queen of Courtesy, and a display of good manners and sportsman- ship at the sectional tourney. PRESIDENT .............................. .. .,.... ........ P hyllis Roth VICE-PRESIDENT .....,...,.,,.......,. ...... ..................,.. J 0 an Knepp SECRETARY-TREASURER ...................... ..................,... C arol Postma - 41 - Pletcher Furniture Company Furniture-Appliances DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS Have you noticed the chenille armpatches which the D. O. Club members are sporting on their school sweaters? This is the first year these awards have been given at N.H.S. Cui' occupations certainly were diversified, for some of us were dental assistants, auto mechanics, telephone operators, or sales clerks, while others worked in olhces or on radio repair work. With all our work, we still found time to take trips to Studebakers and Chicago. At the end of the year we held our annual Employer-Employee banquet. A 1 President first semester ......................i......................................,.,...,.,,, Kenneth Mitterling President second semester .... ............... P aul Sechrist Vice-President ......................... Shirley Heckaman Secretary ...................................... .,....... S hirley Geyer JUNIOR Y-TEENS Dressed as hoboes, the Jr. Y-Teen girls held a gala Halloween party in the little gym. We traipsed over the town trying to find assorted articles for our scavenger hunt. At Christmas time we sent clothing and gifts to a girl and her family who live in Kentucky. President ...,..,.......,.....i................,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,..,.,.,...........,..,.....,...,...,,,...,., Mary Lu Miller Vice-President .,...,.,....... ...,.. P atricia Snider Secretary-Treasurer ........ ........ ..... ......,..., ..........,..,Y,...,.,,....,....,..........,... J u d i th Rose Top Picture-L. to R.: Robert Lutes, Billy Main. Walter Hershberger, Carlyle Welty. Kenneth Mitterlmg Second Row: David Gall. Robert Waters, Paul Sechrist, Donald Disher Third Row: Mr. McGreW, sponsor, Ruth Kahler, Shirley Geyer, Lulubelle Harman, Shirley Heckaman Bottom Picture: Top Row-L. to R.: Dixie Hare, Sue Fields, Alma Swihart, Patricia Corl, Nancy Baumgartner, Luanne Leer, Sally Stouder, Barbara Stahly, Sarah Lee Lopp, Mary Lu Miller, Connie Hossler, Patricia Snider, Betty Woodhams, Sue Grimm Second Row: Letitia Nettrour, Yvonne Ingle, Janet Culp, Ruth Ellen Salzman, Donna Stone. Anita Hoover, Carol Sparks, Lulu Jean Adams, Wilma Copenhaver, Patricia Thompson, Miss Weaver, sponsor Third Row: Jane Ann Rood, Connie Fervida, Rosemary Martindale, Sally Stutzman, Dorothy Ulery, Mary Jean Woodhams, Peggy Lakins, Shirley Miller. Rosemary Miller -,, - ..- l if ' ,.. . . ...WW . , . V- --M WW-A -.421 Top Row-L to R.: Beverly George, Patricia Roth, Shirley Longfield, Patricia Keim, Marilyn Sparks, Waneta Frenger, Martha Huff. Mary Jane Frenger, Alice Joan Slabaugh, Mary Martin Second Row: Hiltrud Lohr, Ruth Sheets, Shirley Keefer, Mary Jane Buss, Verna Mast, Betty Yoder, Janet Fisher, Lulubelle Harman, Lulabelle Hepler, Johanna Jerles, Mrs. Hoffer. sponsor Bottom Row: Janet Mattern, Marlene Evans, Ellen Callander, Carol DeFrees, Dorothy Mikel, Janet Rohrer, Jane Strauss Top Row: Joseph Stouder, Donald Malcolm, Paul Parks, Larry Wagner, John Windham Second Row: Douglas Golden, Frank Reed, Jesse Berger, Stanley Farmwald, Lamar Pletcher, Mr. Copeland, sponsor Bottom Row: Donald Farmwald, James Weldy, Wayne Brock, George Reed, Kenneth Young FUTURE HOMEMAKERS We're no different from any other clubg our first problem was raising money! This problem soon solved itself, though, by means of a series of bake sales and our "Flying Goose." At Christmas time we sent boxes of fruit and plants to invalids. We held monthly social get-togethers in members' homes and attended District Meetings at Bourbon and Mishawaka. Of course, the big trip of the year was the one to State Convention at Purdue University. President .........................................,.,.................,.......................................... Carol Mae Miller Vice-President ,.,........., ......, D orothy Mikel Secretary-Treasurer ......................... ..... J ane Strauss FUTURE FARMERS This is certainly an ambitious group of boys-the Future Farmers! We've sold subscriptions to the "Farm Quarterly," peddled garden seeds from door to door, held a pest contest, and sponsored a three-acre crop project. We really enjoyed ourselves at the Parent-Son potluck supper, as well as the F.F.A.-F.H.A. party! President ............... ..... Donald Malcolm Vice-President ..... Lamar Pletcher Secretary ....... ...,. ...... J e sse Berger Treasurer ..... ................ ...... W a yne Brock - 43 -- Ray Shank Motors Chevrolet Cars-Trucks The Senior High Marching Band added several new precision drill routines to its bag of gridiron tricks. New, too, were the colorful guidon flags stationed at the head of each file. The Marching Band went to New Haven to witness the state marching band contests. The weeks roll on and many bandsmen partici- pated in the district solo and ensemble contests held at La Porte. Over one hundred medals were added to the array of previous Nappanee superior performances! Concerts given on various occasions were held at both the Park Auditorium and the Community Building. The band merited a "First" rating in the Dis- trict Band Contest held in Kendallville on April eleventh. The Concert Band's two day tour included con- certs at Sturgis, and Three Rivers, Michigan, as well as at the Percy Jones Hospital at Battle Creek, Michigan. A sight-seeing tour included visits to the Post and Kellogg plants of Battle Mr. Davis, our band director Creek- It was a wonderful year for the eighty piece band, made possible by the new director and the loyal enthusiastic support extended by the Band Boosters Club, the school faculty, and the mem- bers of the band. WFir?1gRow-L. to R.: Barbara Coppes, Wanda Miller, Norma Sheets, Carole E. Miller, Betty Woodhams. Susan ri f g Second Row: Frances McGriff, Kenlyn Calbeck, Carol Jo Baumgartner, Alan Wilt, James Woodhams, Nancy Quigley, Sharon Jensen, Nancy Coppes. Donna Teeter, Kathryn Miller Third Row: Barbara Stahly, John Stahlg Marilyn Martz, Jack Arnott, Connie Fervida, La Von Culp. Patsy Corl, Kenneth Stump, Donnabelle Rensberger, onna Sutheimer, Connie Hossler, Johanna Jerles Fourth Row: Joan Knepp, Jo Ann Grimm, Beverly George, Wayne Brock, Eddie Foster, Edwin Berger, James Warren, Max Beery, Arthur Snowden. Russell Hepler Wlriggli Row: Mary Lu Miller, Patricia Roth, Molly Jo Tobias, Walter Corwin, George Fox, Jerry Reed. John in am Ziliak Ford Sales - 44 - The Pilgrime Line 159 South Main Street Fine Trailer Coaches Our twirlers, Mary Jo Walters, Abby Lee Hossler, Linda Pletcher, and our drum majorette, Sue Wright, donned snappy white uniforms when they appeared lead- ing the Nappanee High School marching band in pre-game and half-time shows during the football season. Carolyn Kern, Carol Ann Miller, Linda Pletcher, Lois Ann Sechrist, Marcia Mutschler Phyllis Roth, Mary Helen Pippen, Luanne Leer, Patricia Lutes, Kay Kendall, Abbie Lee Hossler, Janet Culp, Sarah Lee Lopp Jolene Klingaman, Sarita Schrock, Daniel Hostetter, Paul Flowers, Doris Hunsberger, Jane Loudermilk, Kathleen Hahn, Carol Miller, Pegge Arch, Jack Ulery, Patricia Snider James Brunso, Patricia Keim, Philip Lehman, Marian Miller, Walter B A N D Hershberger, Robert Wyman Larry Wagner, Max Slabaugh, Marjane Huffman, Carol Postma, Terry Hamsher, Helen Huff Ruckman-Callander -- 45 - Neuhauser Hatcheries Insurance Agency "Good Luck" Chicks Top Row-L. to R.: James Warren, Robert Wyman, Max Slabaugh, George Fox, James Burt, Daniel Hostetter. Carol Dcfrces Second Row: Miss Jameson, Joan Grimm, Junior Phillips, Carol Ann Miller, Wyana 'McDow, Dixie Whitehead, Rebecca Parcell, Walter Hershberger Third Row: Nancy Coppes, Lois Sechrist, Phyllis Roth, Lois Lemna, Shirley Heckaman, Lulubelle Heplcr, Carole Esther Miller, Terry Hamsher Bottom Row: Frances McGriff, Carol Postma, Shirley Geyer. Barbara Coppes, Alice Joan Slabaugh, Jolcnc Klinga- man. Peggc Arch Our vocal director, Miss Jameson During the 1952-53 school year the robed choir was composed of thirty students who were selected from the chorus class to present con- certs and take part in contests. Members of our groups sang for Teachers Association in South Bend last fall and par- ticipated in solo and ensemble contest. The combined choir and chorus presented a winter concert. A second concert, this time with the band, was given on April 8. The chorus trip to the Ice Capades in Chicago and entrance in the annual choral competition were the outstanding events of the Spring. F1cet's Texaco Service - 46 - Isabclle's Shoppe Gas, Oil, Lubrication and Washing Ladies' and Childrens Apparel and Gifts Athletics 0 Dirty jerseys on Memorial Field . . . a touchdown under the floodlights . . . grueling practice sessions . . . training rules . . . running cross country . . . the .- County Track Meet . . . pep sessions . . . basketball . . . the team . . . Coach Conrad's boys . . . fellas more interested in sports than studies . . . cheerleaders . . . displays of vitality . . . Winning games . . . the tourney. . . . . 6 Q-' M M ri Top Row-L. to R.: Mr. Welborn, coach: Alan Wilt, Wayne Brock, Edwin Berger, Leo Williams, Jerry Reed, Richard Wright, Walter Corwin, Russell Ervin, Warren Brock Second Row: Wilfred Rensberger, Eddie Hand, James Woodhams, Fred Hockert, John Stanhly, Philip Lehman, James Reed, Lyle Hall, Victor Miller Third Row: Paul Parks, Paul Bolinger, Eddie Foster, James Lantis, Joseph Stouder, Jesse Berger, Max Slabaugh, Charles Lutes, Richard Rensberger, Daniel Hostetter Bottom Row: Walter Hershberger, Douglas Golden, Kenneth Mitterling, Keith McCuen, Richard Hepler, Robert Lutes, James Burt, Carroll Coppes, Paul Flowers, Donald Malcolm, Jack Arnott, manager Forty boys reported for football on August fifteenth. Because of the difficult schedule and ex- perience of our opponents we did not expect to win games, but hoped to, and did make a greatly improved showing over previous years! Sept Stpt. Sept VARSITY FOOTBALL Oct. Oct. Oct. Coppes, Inc. - 48 - Napanee Kitchens Sept. 1952 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 5 Nappanee ..... ...... Knox .,....,.., ...... 12 Nappanee .,,,...... Columbia City 16 Nappanee ........ Warsaw .... ...... 26 Nappanee .,... ...... Auburn ,..... ..,,.. 3 Nappanee ..... Rochester .. .,,. .. 10 Nappanee ............. Central Catholic .... ...... 18 Nappanee ........... Howe .,.,...... fi ,N W 3 .il -W L , Warm-up practice The Bulldogs run a play in practice scrimmage. Lundy Welborn, our gridiron mentor, started the season with six of the regulars of last year's team. Although we lost all our games, Lundy was with us all the way. His constant efforts combined with patience left spectators looking forward to a battling season in '53. The help of assistant football coach, Guy Conrad, improved the front wall more each game. Left to Right: Carroll Coppes. Don Malcolm, Bob Lutes, Walter Hershberger, Kenneth Mitterling, Jim Burt, Richard Hepler, Paul Flowers, Keith McCuen, Doug Golden, Dick Rensberger. FCOTBALL ACTION - 49 - Coppes, Inc. Napanee Kitchens 1... A A si , R , ' I.el't to Right-Donald Malcolm, Robert Lutes, Walter Hershberger, James Burt, Paul Flowers, Douglas Golden, lticliard Rensberger HOLD THAT LINE! The 1952 football season opened September with Knox. The following seniors made the squad: Wesley Hansen, Donald Malcolm, Keith McCuen, Robert Lutes, Richard Hepler, James Burt, Kenneth Mitterling, Douglas Golden, Paul Flowers, Carroll Coppes, and Walter Hershberger. We played a good game, but lost 19 to 6. On September 12, we played Columbia City and gained almost as much ground as they didg but their experience and speed allowed them to break away on long scoring runs, and we lost 27 to 0. After only four days' rest we played an outstanding game against Warsaw. Only three times were they able to cross our 50 yard line, and all three times they scored. McCuen and Malcolm turned in especially brilliant games on defense. The whole squad showed fight, determination, and spirit that promises well for the future. On September 26 we encountered an Auburn team that was determined to defeat us more than Warsaw had. Because of excellent running by clever backs they were able to defeat us 31-7. In the third quarter Nappanee played the best foot- ball of their short gridiron careers, completely outplaying Auburn in every de- partment. The tackling and blocking were excellent. The improved play of a Rochester team that had just found themselves in the Monticello game of the previous week made it possible for them to defeat us 34-0. On October 10, a South Bend Catholic team that was too big, too fast, and that had plenty of 'tfootball savvy" defeated us 37-0. On October 18 Howe Military Academy defeated us in a very close game, 7-0. Next ycar's prospects look brighter with twenty boys returning. However, the calibre of our opponents and their well developed feeder systems make a winning season improbable for some years to come. Our schedule next year calls for eight games, Plymouth substituting for South Bend Catholic and Kendallville ta football new-eomerj having been added for an eighth game. Stuckman's Shoe Store - 50 - Nappanee Greenhouse Rx Prescriptions "Say It With Flowers" Top Row-L. to R.: Joseph Stouder, student manager, Richard Rensberger, Paul Parks, James Tobias, Paul Flowers, Donald Malcolm Bottom Row-L. to R.: Jesse Berger, Lyle Hall, Daniel Hostetter, James Warren, Alan Wilt VARSITY Kacy's Deluxe Motor Sales De Soto-Plymouth The Bulldogs had an average season this year. Guided by their new coach, Guy Conrad, the "Local Lads" won ten of twenty- three starts. This, however, does not tell the whole story. They had their usual trouble of losing several games by just two or three points. After making a fine showing in the sectional tournament by winning two of their three games, the "Blue and White", studded with underclassmen, are looking forward to a successful season next year. -52- Mr. Conrad, our coach, directed the team through its victories and defeats. BASKETBALL The starting five at the Sectional Tour- ney, and Coach Conrad take time out to talk over the situation. Nappanee N appanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee N appanee N appanee Nappanee Nappanee N appanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee N appanee Nappanee Nappanee Nappanee N appanee N appanee Nappanee 1952-53 SCHEDULE 50-Kendallville ......... ........ 5 7 55-Wakarusa ....,..,.. .....,.. 5 2 69-Warsaw ....... ......,. 5 3 54-Concord .......... ......., 4 7 46--Goshen .i..ii.......... ........ 4 0 47-Columbia City ..... ........ 5 2 50-Madison .............. ...,.... 5 2 50-Bremen ................. ........ 5 2 HOLIDAY TOURNEY 53-Columbia City ....... ........ 5 8 47 48 -Kendallville ...... ......., Jamestown ......,...,,i,........ -Washington Clay ....,.,..... Plymouth ............,.,....,..., Elkhart .,..,...,,.,.,..... ........ Bremen .....,. ,.,,.,,, Wakarusa ,..... ........ Culver ........,,.,...,i,,,,.,,,,,,,, Rochester .............,...,,,..,, 54 51 52 54 62 64 44 71 62-New Paris ...... ..,.,,,r 5 0 63 74 56 66 59 70 62 56 60 54 -North Manchester ........ SECTIONAL TOURNEY Nappanee 57-Middlebury ,,..,,,,.........,., 48 Nappanee 52-Jamestown ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,. 49 Nappanee 48-Jefferson ..,,, ,,,,,,,,,., 6 2 Totals 1,252 1,280 Averages 54.4 55.7 Record: Won 10 Lost 13 Kacy's Deluxe Motor Sales Sinclair Products llull and Malcolm steal the ball Malcolm takes a rebound from Don scores 't2" against the Mid- from tht- Rn-ciskins. Jinitown's Russell in the Sectional dies in tho Sccticmal. Tournament. THE BULLDOGS IN ACTION Trump of lVIidcllvbu1'5' scoros against Z1 tight doll-iisii. Quality Flour and Foods - 54 -W Nappuiico Milliiig Co.. Inc. Top Row: Warren Brock, Richard Wright, James Woodhams, Larry Wagner, Dean Culp, Victor Miller Bottom Row: Russell Ervin, John Ingle, Wayne Brock, Eddie Foster, Eddie Hand, James Lantis SECCND TEAM Nappanee Implement and Supply Co. Farm Equipment The Nappanee "B" squad compiled a six win and fourteen loss record for this year. Coach Conrad's quintet was com- posed almost wholly of freshmen and sophomores who were a "hot and cold" team, playing one game in spectacular fashion and the next in very ragged form. However, this inexperienced crew of underclassmen did show considerable improvement as the season progressed, and after losing the first five games began to get better and better, beating among others, Jim- town, the Elkhart County small schools B team champions, and a rugged North Manchester quintet. Some of the players on the "B" squad are expected to help the varsity next year, and the others will form the nucleus for a good "B" squad. -55- O. N. Lentz, D. D. S. 1541!z East Market Street James Warren, John Ingle. Howard Hepler, George Fox, Mr. Best, Coach CROSS COUNTRY Cross Country is approximately a two and two-tenths mile race which is usually run on a golf course. A complete team consists of six men. With only two veterans returning this year, the team entered only one meet, the sectional at Mishawaka in October. George Fox placed thirty-eighth in a field of one hundred fifty par- ticipants. Kroger Store -56- J. A. Arnott and Son Quality and Service Real Estate and Insurance Our club was organized to give the girls a chance to G I R A T I-I I- E T I C participate in competitive sports, too! Some of our activities were softball, basketball, and bowling. The results of the annual bowling tournament AS I I Q N were announced at the award' banquet we held in the Spring. Officers PRESIDENT ............ ................ ..... B e tty Yoder VICE-PRESIDENT ...... ............. M ary Pippen SECRETARY .........,. ..., B arbara McDonald TREASURER ...,., Lois Lemna Top Row-L. to R.: Dorothy Mikel, Wanda Miller, Lois Lemna, Joan Knepp, Janet Mattern, Betty Yoder, Lulabelle Hepler, Marilyn Byrer, Shirley Miller, Peggy Lakins, Mary Helen Pippen, Linda Chandler Second Row: Jane Ann Rood, Wilma Copenhaver. Patsy Martin, Janet Klingaman, Barbara McDonald, Judy Martin, Mary Jane Frenger, Sally Stouder, Sally Stutzman, Shirley Longfield, Jeanette Ervin, Lulu Jean Adams, Loretta Keifer, Mrs. Maust, sponsor Bottom Row: Letitia Nettrour, Clara Rae Walters, Patsy Corl, Sue Ellen Field, Dixie Hare, Nancy Peters, Carol Andrews, Anita Hoover, Patricia Thompson, Yvonne Ingle CHEER LEADERS "Come on, you guys, let's yell!" We've all heard this familiar cry from the blue and white clad cheerleaders at both basketball and football games. Most of the credit for our splendid cheering section goes to four peppy girls-Molly Jo, Greta, Donna, and JoAnn-who have spent a great deal of time working up new routines, songs, and yells for pep sessions and those all-important games! Top Row-L. to R. JoAnn Grimm, Greta Bigler Second Row: Molly Jo Tobias. Donna Teeter That's the Bulldog song. Hey! Here are the girls in action-Molly Jo, Donna, JoAnn, and Greta -53- Indianapolis Engraving Co. Designers and Engravers of Yearbooks Features O The calendar . . . a review of our last year at N.H.S .... the class play . . . late hours . . . learning lines . . . practices . . . dress re- . I aff hearsal . . . Junior-Senior Reception 1952 . . . our first triumph . . . Fairyland . . . committee meetings . . . planning . . . the class will and prophecy . . . Senior Week . . . Baccalaureate . . . Class Night . . . will we never graduate? . . . . then at last THE big event . . . our Com- ,, mencement x U X 4 Wg-Sy CALENDAR School is here again. First band class with our new director, Mr. Davis. Mr. Conrad is on hand to help Miss Hoover corral the SCTIIOFS. First 'chorus class. In home rooms we receive our lists of 'dos and Hdonfts' for the year. Funny, but they sound familiar. Choir tryouts today. Good luck, kids! The chorus has "10" boys this year. Unbelievable. isn't it? First pep session. Tonight's the night for the Knox football game. First 1952 marching band performance. Game score, Knox 19, Nap 6- Teen Town after the game. Sunny Monday. Ycs, it looks as if suminer's here again. Football practice for Columbia City game. Organization of Hi-Y and Y-Teens for 1952- 53 school year. Evening band rehearsal. Whv :ill the screaming when Mr. Davis shut otf the field lights after band rehearsal, girls? Journalism activity period. The first heat wave since school started. It is 87 degrees in the shade! First government tcst. Band activity period. Football game tomorrow night. Good luck, fellows!! Football game, Columbia City, 274 Nap 0. Posey Flowers finds a new way of keeping cool these hot evenings. but it costs somebody else a pair ot' football pants! First issue of the "D'BULLDOG." Congratulations to the new editor. Blue Monday. Hi-Y initiation. Marching band practice. Nominations for all class officers. FFA, FHA. and Jr. Y-Teens activity period, Football game with Warsaw. score 28-0. Better luck next. time. fellows. Student Council. First Concert Band re- hearsal. Campaigns for class officers begin. Butch Pippen tries to get votes by passing out candy. Sorry Butch, I guess nobody has a sweet tooth at N.H.S. Football players golto see South Bend team. National Honor Society members announced. rtgongratulations, kids. Class elections. Teen own. Senior class meeting. Can it be that the SENIORS still ride two on a bicycle!!! Hi-Y and Sr. Y-Teens activity period. Believe it or not the bookkeeping class is finally getting right answers: the light dawns after four weeks ot' fog. Hi-C. Seniors decide on blue and white caps and gowns. Pretty snazzy!!! NO SCHOOL!!! The fire bug visits N.H.S. This doesn't stop our faithful D'Bulldog staff from finishing their paper. The juniors start their magazine sales. No school again today. Band practice 9:30 to 11:30 on the field, Auburn football game score 31-73 we make our second touchdown of the year. First day of school after our unexpected vacation. The rooms still smell a little smoky, but everything else is the same. HS. As- sembly tickets on salc. Student. Council meeting. FHA and FFA activity period. First paid assembly program. with talking birds. Donna Teeter proves that even she can make them talk and count. First appearance of N.H.S. robed choir at the First Brethern Church. The fourth band rank is awarded their soda passes for the first time. Congratulations! ober Autumn is really here with wind. leaves, and all. Band practice. Band Booster mem- bership drive starts today. Band practice activity period. GAA activity period. Football game Roch- ester 34, Nap 0. Dads are honored at football game. Teen Town. Brr!! Chilly? Yes, winter is really coming. Senior Class meeting. More soda passes and theater tickets awarded to band members. 7 8 9 10 13 14 15 16 17 20 21 22 27 28 29 Hi-Y, Y-Teens. FHA. First evening band practice with lights. More soda and theater passes for best ranks at game, Journalism meeting. Band practice. Last home football game of the year. Central Catholic score 37. Nap 0. Last performance of the N.H.S. marching band. Teen Town. Band takes a trip to New Haven, Saturday to see a marching band contest. FFA and FHA. Jr. Y-Teens. "Look at the birdie!! Hold that pose: say, "Cheese." Yes. senior pictures are taken. Assembly program featuring Dr. Myers and his "Romance of Words." National Honor Society meeting. Election of officers. The "B" football squad wins its third game, 19 to 6, with Goshen. The teachers prove to us in pep session today that they really like us, by giving the students fifteen cheers. Basketball practice starts today. Good luck to all the guys for a wonderful season. Senior proofs are returned today. Everybody finally realizes what he really looks like. Joint Hi-Y and Y-Teen party. Under classmen pictures today. Thirteen members of choir go to South Bend tomorrow to sing in choir for Teachers Association. Two days vacation, hooray! !! Back to school after vacation. Muck Crop Show. FHA Halloween party. FFA today. Band plays first concert of year at the official opening of Muck Crop Show. Seniors place orders for their pictures today. Boy, that surely empties the pocketbooks, doesn't it. kids? Hi-Y sell get well cards to send to Wes. 30 Student Council today. election of officers. 31 Watch out or the goblins will get you!! Yes, it's I-lallowe'en again. As usual we have a festival which is a huge success. November 3 4 5 6 7 10 Basketball tickets on sale, Presidential election held by senior govern- ment class. Y-Teens and Hi-Y. School back to normal again after election. Funny to see so many smiling faces, But I guess they must be Republicans. Student Council. Freshman basketball season opens. Big pep session. First basketball game. Score, Kendallville 57. we 50. National Education Week. The school depart- rgients place their displays in the store win- ows. 11 Congratulations team, our first win of the year. Score, Nap 55, Wakarusa 52. The senior class is doing very well with concessions. 12 Student Council. FFA. Mr. Roose is ill, suffering from a heart attack. 13 Student Council. Juniors go to South Bend to visit the South Bend Tribune. School surely is quiet this afternoon: I wonder why. 14 Clean up!!! 'Ilhat's the cry of the Sanitation Committee of the Student Council, Weekly clean up days are started. Warsaw game. Score is, Nap 69, Warsaw 53. 17 Student Council meets with home room teachers after school. 18 Hi-Y, Y-Teens. Jr. High cheer leader tryouts. Congratulations to Dixie H., Sue Ellen F.. and Pat T. 19 Sophomore candy sales a huge success. 20 Band clinic at Indianapolis. 21 Basketball game. Concord 47, Nap 54. Teen Town. 24 Senior trip to City Hall to learn about city government. Don M. is almost kept there, in JAIL!! 25 FFA, FHA. Basketball game. Goshen 40, Nap 46. Nice game, boys. 26 Thanksgiving program sponsored by the Hi-Y. Rev. Mr. Jennings is the speaker. December 1 Student Council announces a special week, "Stay In School," beginning today. Home room program. Molly pours cider at Y-Teen, Who is it, Paul? Hi-Y party, Hopewell's proteges take time Juniors launch magazine out for lunch. campaign, Seniors pantomime at Hallo- The Ames Brothers and Ween Festival. "Glow Worm." Seniors firstffor basketball George takes a turn at the tickets! trampoline. Keith scores for the Bulldogs. Mrs. Wright reads "The Night Before Christmas." Christmas comes to the "The Miracle of the Christmas Study Hall. Crechef' Moneyvfor the march of Dimes. Kay crowns the "King and Queen of Courtesy." Concession seller:-4 ui. the Nap cheering section. ballgamc. -62 2 3 Hi-Y and Y-Teens. Student Council sponsors a new calendar on the blackboard to inform everybody of activities. "Hold it!" Yes, group pictures are taken today. Sr. Y-Teen Mother and Daughter banquet. 4 Underclassmen pictures passed out! Ugh! do you mean I look like that? Student Council. 5 Debate and Government students visit the Purdue Student Legislature Friday and Sat- urday. Basketball game, Columbia City 52, Nap 47. 8 BLUE Monday! Senior taffy sale. 9 FHA. Chorus Christmas program. Nice job. kids. 10 "Oh, gosh are your pictures ever good." The seniors get their pictures today. 11 National Honor Society. 12 Big pep session. Football sweaters awarded. Basketball game, Madison 52, Nap 50. 15 Senior trip to Goshen to visit Court House. 16 Band "Pops" concert. 17 The lovely strains of Christmas carols float through the halls of N.H.S this morning. Christmas time is finally here. First Intra- mural basketball game. 18 A drizzly, drippy, rainy day. 19 Basketball game. Bremen 52, Nap 50. Christ- mas program by speech class. VACATION AT LAST! January 6 Hi-Y and Y-Teens. Assembly program. Basketball game, Jimtown 51, Nap 54. Con- gratulations boys. 7 Noon movies. Admission 5 cents. 8 National Honor Society. 9 Basketball game, Washington Clay 54. Nap- panee 52. 12 Senior class trip planned. 13 Y-Teens sell basketball team pictures. 14 Elkhart game tickets on sale. 15 Student Council. 16 Juniors and seniors have chest X-rays. Ply- mouth game, score, 64, Nap 62. 19 Semester exams! Just one more semester to go, seniors. 20 Annual Blue and White Day. Elkhart game score, 71, Nap 44. We watch presidential inauguration. The television bug has finally bitten old N.H.S. 21 Joint Hi-Y and Y-Teen meeting. 22 23 26 27 28 29 Senior trip to Indianapolis, to visit capitol. Hooray!! Hooray!! The seniors are back. Teen Town. "Watch your manners, kids!" This is Cour- tesy Week sponsored by Student Council. A secret is once again in the air! Yes, the Juniors are making reception plans. FHA. Noon movies sponsored by projector club. Band contest local. Student Council. 30 Basketball game, New Paris 50. Nap 62. Senior scholarship tests. February 2 Assembly program is Scott Emerson's "Trip 3 4 5 6 9 10 11 12 13 to the Arctic in a Canoe." Hi-Y and Y-Teens. Bremen game score, 74-63. Better luck next time, boys. Student Council meeting. Courtesy week program. Mr. Dunkin from Columbia City is our speaker. Jesse and Hiltrud are crowned Courtesy King and Queen. Pep session. Basketball game, Wakarusa 66, Nap 56. "Blue Monday." Band and chorus receive their medals for Solo and Ensemble contest. Congratulations to the band and chorus. FFA and FHA. Speech class participates in the Junior Town Meeting of the Air at Concordia, Fort Wayne. Group pictures taken. Spelling class or- ganized. National Honor Society. Locker and desk inspection. Basketball game, Culver 70, Nap 59. 16 17 18 19 20 23 24 25 26 National Honor Society takes over its new project today: helping the grade teachers look after the youngsters on the playground at noon. Hi-Y and Y-Teens. Special assembly. Basket- ball game, Rochester 56, Nappanee 62. Journalism meeting and spelling class. Seniors measured for their caps and gowns today, Senior English class takes trip to Elkhart to see "Twelfth Night." Senior play tryouts. Basketball game, Man- chester 54, Nappanee 60. Last basketball game of season. Tourney tickets on sale. Pep session. Senior band members receive their band sweaters. Sectional tournament at Goshen. Nappanee 57, Middlebury 48. Evening game, Nappanee 52, Jimtown 49. Vacation because of noise and dirt from gymnasium floor repairs. Frida school. Saturday tourney tickets on 27 is sale. ep session. March 2 Senior play practice. 3 4 5 6 9 10 11 12 13 16 17 18 19 20 23 24 25 26 27 30 Hi-Y and Y-Teens. Just another routine day!! Juniors visit State Capitol at Indianoplis. Seniors take citizenship test. Home room programs. FFA and FHA. Band practice. National Honor Society. Senior play practice. Noon moving pictures. Junior reception com- mittee meeting. "Beware, Friday the thirteenth." 4-H Jr. Leaders meeting. Senior class meeting. Hi-Y and Y-Teens. Journalism meeting. National Honor Society. Locker and desk inspection. Just a routine day. Jr. Y-Teens. Preview of senior play in the study hall. Buy your tickets now! Class play dress re- hearsal. First performance of the senior play, "Brother Goose." Congratulations to the senior class for a wonderful play. Last performance tonight. Student Council. Last paid assembly program, "A Trip to the Moon". 31 Sr. Y-Teens and Hi-Y, April 1 Issue of the "D'Bulldog" comes out. Don't 2 7 8 10 11 16 18 23 28 30 believe everything you read, because this is April Fool's Day. Spring vacation begins tomorrow. Hooray!!! Easter program in study hall. Everyone drags into school this morning, after a wonderful vacation. Miss Jameson and Mary Jo are flashing diamonds now. Band practice for contest. Chorus and bands give a concert at the Community Building, a preview of their contest numbers. Sturgis band performs for Nappanee student body. Band and Chorus Contest at Kendallville. Track meet with Concord. State band contest. Goshen Relays. Eighth grade trip to Chicago. Spring choral concert. County track meet at Goshen. May 1 10 11 16 to 18 22 24 26 28 29 Cheerleader tryouts for 1953-54. Mother's Day band concert. Two days' band trip to Battle Creek, Michigan. Senior trip to Mackinac Island. Junior and Senior reception. Baccalaureate. Senior class night. Commencement. School is out, hooray ! l ! i ! I Seniors view Ike's inauguration. I got a part in the play! Juniors deck the assembly for Music, Music, Music,-from the the tourney pep session. pep band. Joan and Walter get their band Champion pie eaters at frosh sweaters. party, Nap thinlieslv.-int gjounty Track That BIG day-GARDUATION. ee . 63- RECEPTION 1952 Our junior year was brought to a shining climax with the annual Junior- Senior Reception on May 23, 1952. How suprised everyone was to find that we'd converted the Athenian Room at the Hotel Elkhart into a truly won- derful "Fairyland." Janie, Julia, Mary Jo, and Jane were really formally attired for the decorat- ing job. The speakers' table was also adorned with the gateway to Fairyland, as well as the crowns of the King and Queen of the Reception. The wishing well made an attractive centerpiece for one of the tables. Here are the gingerbread house and the sign welcoming everyone to Fairy- land! Nappanee Lumber 8: Manufacturing Co. Nursery Furniture Wy Q Y E me + EY' neg? It's a new play-all American! Can't you just imagine yourself zipping along about But, Lenore, where could you have gotten poison ivy'P ninety miles an hour? Characters-in the senior play! CLASS PLAY On March 26 and 27 the senior class presented "Brother Goose," a three act comedy. Under the direction of Mrs, Miles and Miss Hoover, the cast gave a hilarious presentation of the goings on in the Adams residence. CAST Jeff "Brother Goosel' ...... ........., J im Burt Eve, a southern charmer .....,.,,.., Mary Jo Walters Carol .........,...,.,..........,,..... ..,..w.... G reta Bigler Sarah, a colored maid .....,.,...,..,......... Jane Strauss Wes ,,S.,..A..,.........,,,V,,,,.,,..,.,........we,,.,...,.. Paul Flowers Lenore, who has 'tplans,'..Carol Jo Baumgartner Hyacinth ......,...,i........,...,..,,,.,..,...,. Jane Loudermilk Mrs. Trimmer, of the Wee Blue Inns.,Helen Huff Helen, who quits ...............w,.,........,.... Janet Rohrer Truck driver, who is plenty mad .... Don Malcolm Peggy, who comes to the rescue ...... Phyllis Roth Messenger ,...,...,...,....,,.,..,..........,.......,, Carol Coppes -65 - Nappanee Lumber 81 Manufacturing Co. Nursery Furniture CLASS WILL I, Norris "Let me borrow" Balsley, will my government notebook, pen and ink to Jesse Berger, so that he won't have to copy the lesson from a different person every day. I, Carol Jo "Stay at Home" Baumgartner, will the dull razor blades, scraps of cardboard, worn-out erasers, stubby pencils, empty bottles of rubber cement, and other miscellaneous ac- cumulated debris, as well as my room at Miss Hoover's, to Sarita Schrock, editor of the '54 Napanet. I, Greta "Sparkle-Plenty" Bigler, will my matrimonial intentions to any junior girl who hopes to get a diamond for Christmas next year. I, James "There's Nobody Here But Us Chickens" Burt, will the time I've spent at the hatchery to Farrell Biller, who'd rather spend his time with chickens than women. I, Carroll "Smoke Rings" Coppes, will my pipe and rum and maple tobacco to George Fox to aggravate Miss Hoover and Mrs. Miles at play practice next year. I, Stanley "Joker" Farmwald, will my com- plete revised collection of laughs, chuckles, and proper expressions to Frank Reed, to be used while reading the "jokes" in "Our Times". I, Paul "Makin' Out" Flowers, will my mid- day tete a tete with Shirley to Jackie Ulery, in case he ever gets close enough to a girl to talk to her. I, Waneta "Slow Poke" Frenger, will my ability to stay at least two days behind every- one else on my bookkeeping set, to Lulabelle Hepler. I, Shirley "Number Please" Geyer, will my job at the telephone office to anyone else who needs an easy way to keep up on the latest gossip. I, Douglas "Get 'Em in the Hall at Noon" Golden, will my noon activities with the fresh- men girls to Paul Parks who already has a good start. I, Wesley "Sky-High" Hansen, will my height to Molly Jo Tobias so she'll be able to gaze into the eyes of her favorite man without craning her neck. Wright Funeral Home Ambulance Service I, Lulubelle "May I Help You" Harman, will my job in the toy department at Schultz's to Janice Stickel who enjoys playing with toys as much as I do. I, Shirley "Sleepyhead" Heckaman, will my daily doze in sixth hour government class to Lois Sechrist, in case she finds something better to do nights than sleep. I, Richard "I Was Working" Hepler, will my stack of unexcused absences to Lester Shaw who should have a pretty good collection of them already. , I, Walter "One Woman" Hershberger, will my faithfulness to Nellie to Max Slabaugh, hoping that he'll also put a ban on women riding in his car. i i I, Helen "l2:20" Huff, will my regular noon meetings with a Jim to Donna Sutheimer, with the hope that she will be as faithful as I have been. . J lb I, Ruth "Giggles" Kahler, will my high- pitched shaky laugh to anyone who thinks she can find even half as many occasions to use it as I have. , , I, Jolene "Would You Write?" Klingaman, will my loud l?J voice, scribbled assignment sheets, and inky stencils to Carol Postma, since she'll need- them to get out next year's D'Bul1- dog. I, Joan "Practice Makes Perfect" Knepp, will my daily two hour practice session to Joan Grimm so that the cornet section may progress from the worst to the very best Mr. Davis has ever had. I, Hiltrud "I Like Rhythm" Lohr, will my ability to play American jazz and German waltzes equally well to Barbara Coppes to use during intermission at next year's senior play. I, Jane "Shortie" Loudermilk, will my height to Sue Wright with the hope that she can land a member of the basketball team who's eleven inches taller than she is. I, Patricia "Pack 'Em In" Lutes, will my ability to crowd ten people, a saxaphone, a trombone, two French horns, three cornets, two clarinets, and a drum into my car after band, to Doris Hunsberger. O. A. Lambert, Produce Buyer and Shipper Deisch Farm Supply Company I, Robert "Lover Boy" Lutes, will my ability to go steady with a different girl every week, to my brother Charlie, who's just beginning to learn his way around. I, Billy Lee "Shy-Guy" Main, will my motor scooter, as well as my bashfulness around girls, to John Tobias, so he won't be thinking of women all the time. I, Don "How Many Want To Go On the Cruise" Malcolm, will the presidency of the senior class to anyone who has the nerve to try to get seniors to agree upon anything. I, Mary "On the Honor Roll" Martin, will my room at Mrs. Hoffer's to Pat Keim since she'll never get an "A" in home economics any other way. I, Keith "Wish You Were Here" McCuen, will my affection for a certain graduate of N.H.S. to Dan Hostetter since he seems to be strongly attracted to the upper-classmen. I, Jane "Call Me Red" McGillen, will the fiery color of my hair to Carolyn Kern, it's less expensive than Light 'n Bright. I, Dorothy "White or Chocolate" Mikel, will my duties at the milk line to Verna Mast so that N .H.S. students will get their calcium each noon. I, Carol Mae "Homemaker" Miller, will my domestic talents and cooking ability to Janet Fisher, since the way to a Wakie man's heart is through his stomach. I, Julia "Do I Have To Sit Up There" Miller, will my ability to harass Miss Hoover during activity period to Terry Hamsher, although I doubt if she'll need it. I, Kenneth "Double,' Mitterling, will my brawny broad shoulders to Bob Wyman to win the affections of a sophomore girl. I, Gordon "Hot Rod" Pfeiffer, will my bat- tered bumpers and fluted fenders to Don Disher, who has already established a record of his own! I, Janet "Tee-hee" Rohrer, will my warped sense of humor toanyone else who can confuse the most dramatic tragedy with comedies during speech class. I, Phyllis "Engaged" Roth, will my roll of adhesive tape and' half-empty bottle of finger- nail polish to any girl who hasn't yet exchanged her class ring for a diamond. R. A. Fleetwood, M. D. Oflice-Nappanee and Van Buren Streets I, Paul "Why Do You Treat Me Like a Man From Mars" Sechrist, will my space activities to Ed Hand, who's used to climbing around on housetops. I, Ruth "Did You Hear" Sheets, will my knowledge of all the goings on in Wakarusa to Shirley Longfield, who sometimes has trouble finding out pertinent facts. I, Alice Joan "Ear for Music" Slabaugh, will my dexterity on the marimba, accordion, and piano to Patsy Corl, so that she may develop her ability on the clarinet. I, Marilyn "Girl's Romances" Sparks, will my stack of high-class literature to Wyana McDow, if her notebook is large enough to conceal all of them. I, Jane "Marilyn Monroe" Strauss, will my ability for fainting twice in the same scene teven with a bustlel, to Shirley Losee for next year's play. I, Shirley "Let's be Ladylike" Sutheimer, will my knack for falling up the stairs of N.H.S. to Mary Helen Pippen in case she tries to "act" as gracefully as I do. I, Donna "Photogenic" Teeter, will my job as cheerleader to anyone who can tearfully appeal to photographers at the tourney as often as I have. I, Joyce "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine" Teeter, will my after school job at Blue Bell to Lois Lemna, who'll be able to run two sewing machines as well as I am. I, Mary Jo "Who, Me?" Walters, will my ability to get away with murder in art class to Carol Esther Miller to use as soon as she perfects my "innocent" look. I, Robert "Here's Your Seat" Waters, will my position as usher at the ball games to Jim Woodhams. If he's not tall enough to make the team, he can at least see the game free. I, Carlyle "The Wreck" Welty, will my mode of transportation to Kathryn Miller in case she gets tired of asking her dad for the car. I, Betty "Dead-eye" Yoder, will my ability to sink those shots from any spot on the floor to Coach Conrad's boys to make use of during next year's basketball season. Arden Stiitzman, Jeweler 106 East Market Street CLASS OF '53 As I entered the city of Nappanee in 1963 I realized the place had changed a great deal. Many new buildings had been erected and many new faces were to be seen. The first face I vaguely recognized was that of a very famous traveling salesman, Bob Lutes, who was selling Mutschlers' kitchens in Europe. Although his salesmanship was the best, he was still trying to sell himself to a woman. Upon meeting someone I knew, I was anxious to learn about all my other 1953 friends. I then asked Bob what happened to his old pal Ken- neth Mitterling. He informed me that after Kenny had served in the Army, during which time he had been stationed' in Germany, he had returned to that country, where he had worked up a big business. While doing a little window shopping, I had the good fortune to run into an old friend of mine, Shirley Heckaman. She was just going out to lunch. After several minutes of question- ing I found out that she was still employed by the Schultz Five and Ten Cent Store. She always had liked her work there in her D. O. employment while a senior in N.H.S. I couldn't find out a single thing about her love life, she always was sort of bashful. She was able to give me information about two of my other friends, Lulubelle Harman and Paul Sechrist. Lulubelle was also working at Schu1tz's and had been going steady with Paul ever since they had been graduated. You see, they were the cautious type, they didn't want to rush into anything too fast. Upon coming to the B 8: B Cafe, I saw Norris Balsley eating dinner. He could afford to eat there because he had become President of Mutschler Bros., Inc. I didn't have time to talk to him as I was in a hurry to reach the "Mary Jo Shop." Yes, Mary Jo Walters had taken over her mother's dress shop while waiting for a sailor friend to finish his Navy career. Her most famous model, Carol Jo Baumgartner, was giving a preview of the bathing suits to be worn that summer. The most popular suit was a one-piece lace number. We've gone a long way since Annette Keller- man's time, haven't we? In case you should like to know, that suit was designed by Mme. Shirley Geyer. Only the most modish clothes bear the "Geyer" label. Moving on down the street I met another person who was doing very well for herselfg it was Pat Lutes. She had all of her hope-chest articles to get married for so long that now she was running an antique store to dispose of them. While I was talking to Pat, she got to complaining about the merchant next door. No wonder! It was "Main's Put-Put Service." Billy was demonstrating a new model which had been put on display only yesterday. I started across the street to look down the other way and accidently ran into a lady push- ing a baby carriage. If it wasn't Mrs. "Donna Teeter" Mishler! She had the youngest child with her. The twins were too mischievous to bring along to town. She told' me that just the day before Joyce Teeter, Mrs. Lemler, had had her seventh child. Thus I understood why Nappanee needed another grade school. Glancing up I saw the most suprising sign. It read, "Hep1er, Home of the Best Drinks." Sure enough, there was Rich Hepler, bartender and manager of the city Coke Bar. I understood that they had a wonderful floor show at nights. I looked around for a billboard. After finding one I was shocked to see emblazoned in bold letters, "Famous Singing and Dancing Girls, Julia Miller and Shirley Sutheimerf' Walking down the street the other way, I noticed the Clipp Auto Sales sign. Guess who Jim's favorite secretary was? Naturally, Helen Huff. I've heard they've been running in the red something terrible because of poor book- keeping. Do you remember Pletcher Furniture Store right across the street? Well, Carroll Coppes has taken over that business. All the dividends, of course, were kept in the family. As I approached a very large building I began to ask questions about it. Why, it was a private hospital. The superintendent and person re- sponsible for its being there was none other than Dorothy Mikel. All of a sudden an ambu- lance drove up and out came the orderlies carrying a stretcher. Guess who was on it? Gordon Pfeiffer, of all people! Yes, he was driving a racing car, and just that day had upset. Well, he had plenty of practice when he was young, the way he used to drive around the school block was scandalous. Of course, he would be in good' hands there. He would have the best private nurse available, who was, yes, Ruth Kahler. People claimed she had had a romance with every male patient she had taken care of. There was one place I wanted to go and that was back to the old school. It had changed a great deal, too. As I neared the old Alma Mater, Wesley Hansen was coming out. He explained to me that he was teaching Spanish. I think he would make a perfect foreign language teacher. Boston Store--Men's and Boys' Wear - 68 - Pontious Plumbing and Heating Ladies' and Girls' Ready to Wear, and Appliances 108 West Randolph Street-Phone 18 I continued my jaunt into and around the building. If there wasn't the good, old eco- nomics room. Why, in amazement I looked at the teacher, Keith McCuen. He had been grad- uated from Manchester college and there he was. Later I learned that he was sponsoring the Hi-Y Club. Who do you suppose had taken the place of Mrs. Maust? Mary Martin was teaching physical education. She received her degree at Goshen College. I wondered what had hap- pened to her 1953 engagement. The students started filing to the assembly for a program so I went along. Golly be, the assembly program was featuring the famous marimba player, Alice Slabaugh. Because I had begun to be hungry, I decided to leave. The school bus had just pulled up to the curb. Why, Mrs. "Carol Mae Miller" Pletcher was driving. She had driven the bus every year except the previous one. She had a baby boy that year. I entered the B 8: B almost starved. I had met and talked to so many people. The waitress came for my order and looking up, I recognized Ruth Sheets. She said she liked her work there and didn't want to get married because kids bothered her. She admitted' she had been step- ping out with Douglas Golden every now and then. He had a large farm south of towng now all he needed was a woman. She began to tell me all the gossip. Very jokingly she said, "I guess Carlyle Welty has delivered too many groceries to Janet Rohrer's house because next month they are getting married." I remembered seeing them at the Junior-Senior Reception in 1953. That was their first date. I wanted to know a little bit about the Malcolm-Loudermilk case that had been so ob- vious in high schiol. Don was still down at Indiana University studying about animals. t??J Jane was in Nappanee trying to learn all the duties of a farmer's wife. Maybe she would hook Malcolm some day. Ruth informed me that Walter Hershberger had a good business built up in Millersburg and his latest statement was, "Nellie sure makes a good little wife!" She reported Bob Walters also had a thriving business in Bourbon. You see his wife was originally from there. I was waiting for my dinner when in walked a millioniare's wife with her furs, diamonds, and dogs. She was, of all people, the former Jolene Klingaman. Her mansion was located at Gravelton. I picked up the paper and began to read. The headlines announced, "Latest Invention Mystifies the World." It was about the new all Harry Tobias' Auto Clinic Radiator and General Repair automatic car which would never run out of gas, nor would ever have anything go wrong with it. Now who would think of a thing like that, certainly I knew: Jim Burt. He had' be- come known all over the world for his inven- tions. I took a look at the radio programs. Why, there was the Children's Hour on every morn- ing Monday through Saturday. The storyteller was Stanley Farmwald. Well, I thought I had better stick to television. That one looked like a good program, "The Most Lovable Woman," hints to all women about themselves. Narrator and' writer was Jane Strauss. The latest news was about Waneta Frenger. She had gone to Hollywood and had done very well in the movies, having become the second Marilyn Monroe. There was an advertisement for the stage play "My Darling Husband." Of course, the leading character was Paul Flowers. I understood his performances were tremendous: the high school senior play had decided his career. There came Ruth with my lunch. I decided to try to get some more information from her. She had- received a letter from Hiltrud Lohr the previous day. Hiltrud was making a fortune back in Germany writing "popular music." "Well, tell me about Phyllis Roth. Is she married?" I inquired. She had continued her study of music and was then in opera! "Oh, you say Jim won't marry her till she gives up her career." While I was meditating over my lunch Mari- lyn Sparks walked by with her second husband. I won't describe the way she looked because she'd had' some pretty tough luck. I paid my bill and started for the door. A poster in the window drew my attention, so I stopped to read it. The champion woman wrestler was to be there on Saturday night and guess who she was. Joan Knepp. There was just one more person I wanted to know about and that was Betty Yoder. I ar- rived at her house a few minutes later and found her mother doing dishes. Betty had gone to Washington several years before and had became private secretary to the President of the United States at S300 a week. I had thought in High School she would be a successful person. My journey to Nappanee had come to an end here because I had to return to my husband in Indianapolis for his next basketball game. No one will ever be able to say that Mrs. "Greta Bigler" Welborn didn't enjoy her visit back home. Mother's Ice Cream Edward Lundal SENIOR WEEK JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET Tir-necanoe Country Club, Leesburg, Indiana Friday Night, May 22, 1953, at 7:00 o'clock Welcome ..........................,..........................,.....,............ Max Slabaugh Response ........ ............,.....,,......,.......,......,............,.. D onald Malcolm Prophecy ............ Wyana McDow, Lois Sechrist. Kay Kendall Will ....,....., , ....... Carolyn Kern, Joan Grimm, Shirley Losee Program .,...... ......,..............,......,..,.... Th e Mystifying Millikens ---:4Qa--- BACCALAUREATE FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Sunday Afternoon, May 24, 1953, at 3:00 o'clock Organ Prelude-"Cantilene" ......................,............. Golterman Miss Patricia Henley, Organist Processional-"Pomp and Circumstance" . ,..........,...,....... Elgar Class of 1953. Miss Henley, Organist Invocation ............... ,......,.. Th e Reverend Donald Jennings Pastor, First Methodist Church Scripture Meditation .,.............. The Reverend Robert Fields Pastor, Church of God Prayer ........ .,..................,. T he Reverend Homer North Pastor, North Main Mennonite Church "Out of the Night" ..,,.......................................................,,.....,. Sloan High School Robed Choir. Miss Jameson. Director Address ...,,..,....,..,......,.....,........... The Reverend Herbert Fisher Pastor, Union Center Church of the Brethren "Hear Our Prayer" ..i...,..,................,...,....,..........,,........ Chenoweth High School Robed Choir Benediction ....,....,,..,,..............,., The Reverend Delmar Stalter Pastor, First Nazarene Church Recessional-"War March of the Priests" ...,.... Mendelssohn Class of 1953, Miss Henley, Organist Organ Postlude-"Recessional March" ......,..................... Stark Miss Patricia Henley, Organist SENIOR CLASS NIGHT Community Park Pavilion Tuesday Night, May 26, 1953, at 8:00 o'clock Opening Remarks ........................,.....,.,........... William R, Kendall Superintendent of Schools "The Debutante" ....i.....,. Herbert Clark ,,rir,,,r..,,,,.,,,, Cornet S010 Joan Knepp, Hiltrud Lohr, Accompanist So long. Brother" ..........,................,,...,..,.......,.,,,,.,.,,,, Monologue Helen Huff School Awards, Merit Awards, and Honorable Mention .......... James O. Weddle, Principal Hi-Y Awards .....,........... ,,,..................... L awrence White Agriculture Awards ,....... ...,.. R . Selwyn Copeland State Bank Award .......................................,..............,, George Rose American Legion Citizenship Awards ........ Wilfred Ganshorn "The Deaf Old Woman" ............,.........,,.....,...,...,............,..... Davis "It's a Big Wide Wonderful World" ,...,........,....,.,.,,... ,,,,, R ox Senior Chorus James Burt, Carroll Coppes, Paul Flowers, Shirley Geyer, Shirley Heckaman, Walter Hershberger, Helen Huff. Jolene Klingaman, Donald Malcolm, Julia Miller, Phyllis Roth. Alice Joan Slabaugh, Shirley Sutheimer, Donna Teeter ...-..g4'Qsg,.... COMMENCEMENT COMMUNITY BUILDING AUDITORIUM Thursday Evening, May 28, 1953, at 8:15 o'clock Processional-"Pomp and Circumstancen .............,...... Elgar Class of 1953, High School Band Ross E. Davis, Conductor Invocation ..............,..........,.............. The Reverend Virgil Meyer Pastor, First Brethren Church "Meditation from Thais" ........ ,....,.... . .,....,..........,........... M assanet High School Band Salutatory Address ........,....,..,,......,.,.,..,..,...,.,.....,......,.. Joan Knepp Address-"The Marks of an Educated Man" .................... Dr. John G. Benson, Lecturer, Interpreter, Humorist, World Traveler, and Writer Valedictory Address ...............,................ Carol Jo Baumgartner "The Phantom Regiment" .,........ Anderson High School Band Presentation of Diplomas Benediction .,..r.. ,..,.......,.........,... T he Reverend Paul Schmledel Pastor. St, John's Lutheran Church Recessional-''Recessional" ....,....,.....,....,....,,................. Rousseau The Graduates, High School Band Wegmi1ler's 5c to 31.00 Store -70 - Pletcher Motor Company 106 South Main Street Oldsmobile-Buick Sales and Service Mark Bammel ....... Wilfred Blessing ...... David Bowers .............,........ ALUMNI OF 1952 ........Exce1 Corporation ........F'arming Della Ina Chapman ............ Stephens College Shirley Davis ............ Martha Dick ....... Eldon Disher ........................ Jo Ann Farrington Jerald Freet .............. Schuyler Fuller ........ .........Buescher Co. Ashland College ....... ....... M ........Nappanee Lumber 8: ............CROP Oflice S. Army ........Marines fg. Oo. Office ....... Nappanee State Bank ...............,................. Elkhart, Indiana ........Nappanee, Indiana .Ashland, Ohio .Columbia, Missouri .Elkhart, Indiana .Nappanee, Indiana .Nappanee, Indiana .Elkhart, Indiana Douglas Geyer ........ ........ M anchester College ..... ........ N orth Manchester, Indiana Roger Greenwalt ................ Studebakers ............... ........ N appanee, Indiana Patricia Henley ........ ........ C oppes Inc., Oliice ......... ........ N appanee, Indiana David Hostetter ........ ........ W e1dy's Painters ........ ........ N appanee, Indiana Robert Jensen .......... ........ A ir Force ..,................... .... Earl Edwin Kern ................ Mutschler Bros. Co. ..,.. ............... N appanee, Indiana Paul Lechlitner ........ ........ F arming ...............................,..,,........................ Nappanee, Indiana Barbara LeCount ................ Ruckman-Callander Insurance Agency .... Nappanee, Indiana Arlene Lehman ........ ........ M rs. Robert Mast .......................................... Nappanee, Indiana Avis Losee ................ ........Te1ephone Office Carol Sue Martin ,............... Mutschler Bros. Co. .. James Messner ........ Robert Metzler ........ Ronald Miller ..................... Mary Rockstroh ...... James Rose ............. Monna Sechrist ........ Betty Sharkey George Sheets ....... Jo Ann Shively Mary Slabaugh Sally Snider ........... David' Stouder ....... Glen Stump .............. William Stutzman .............. J acquelyn Thompson ......... Ruby Tobias ............... James Troxel ......... Dolores Weaver ......... Richard Welborn ..... Arlene Welty ......... Wayne Welty ......... Marie Wilson ...... Fred Wilt ............ Philip Wright ........... John Zimmerman , .............. . ........Mutschler Bros. Co. .. ........Manchester College ........North Central College ........Hanover College Martel Jennings ........Mrs. Raymond Kuhn ........Farming ........Indiana University Ashland College ............... ....... ........North Central College ........ Warsaw, Indiana DePauw University ..... ....... .South Bend, Indiana ......,. Nappanee, Indiana .Nappanee, Indiana ........North Manchester, Indiana .Mutschler Bros. Co. ..... ....,... N appanee, Indiana James Mitterling ................ Power King Plant ...... Helen Marla Mutschler ...... Patricia Richmond .............. .Greencastle, Indiana Mrs. George Sheets .......,... ........ N appanee, Indiana .Napervi1le, Illinois ........Hanover, Indiana .Nappanee, Indiana .Elkhart, Indiana ........Nappanee, Indiana .Bloomington, Indiana .Ashland, Ohio Naperville, Illinois U. S. Navy ....................... .... ........Mutsch1er Bros. Co. U. S. Navy .,..................... .Indiana University ........... ....... Nappanee, Indiana .Bloomington, Indiana Vitreous Steel Products ....... ....... N appanee, Indiana Mutschler Bros. Co. ......... ....... N appanee, Indiana Mrs. Ralph Culp ........ ....... N appanee, Indiana Coppes Inc. ......,....... ........ N appanee, Indiana Dr. Price's Office ................................. : .......... N appanee, Indiana ........Indiana University Medical Center ........Ml1eS Laboratory Office ........Ind1ana University Purdue University ...................... ....... Nappanee Lumber 8: Mfg. Co. ..... ...... . Indianapolis, Indiana .Elkhart, Indiana Bloomington, Indiana West LaFayette, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Robinson and Gerkey Seedsmen Inc. - 71 - Mullet's SaveWay Market Ph01'l9 87 112 South Main Street INDEX Activities ............... .......... 3 5 Administration ........ ........ 1 1-13 Alumni ................ ...... 7 1 Athletics ..... ......... 4 7 Band .............. ........ 4 4-45 Bookstore ........ .......... 1 6 Basketball ...... 52-55 Cafeteria ...... 16 Calendar .......... ........ 6 0-63 Cheerleaders ..... ....... 5 8 Choir ............ ....... 4 6 Classes .......... ......... 4 -7 Class Play .............. ........... 6 5 Class Prophecy ........ ........ 6 8-69 Class Will ............... ........ 6 6-67 Cross Country ....... ....... 5 6 Custodians ......... ...... 1 6 D'Bu11dog ...............,........,. ....... 3 7 Debate ................................... ....... 4 0 Diversified Occupations ....i. ....... 4 2 Eighth Grade ....................... ........,. 3 2 Faculty ............ ........ 1 4-15 Features ...... .......... 5 9 Football .............. ....... 4 8-51 Freshmen ............... v....... 3 0-31 Future Farmers ................... ...... 4 3 Future Homemakers ............ ....... 4 3 Girls Athletic Association ...... ......, 5 7 Hi-Y ...,.......... ,......... .................. ..,....... 3 8 J uniors ................... ....... 2 6-27 Junior Y-Teens ........ ........... 4 2 Librarians ........... 40 45 Maj orettes ...... Napanet ..................,....,....... ...... 3 6 National Honor Society ....... ....... 4 1 Nurse ........................v..,......... ....... 1 6 Reception 1952 ..... .... ...........,. 6 4 Seniors ,,............... ,....... 1 9-25 Senior Week ......... ...... 7 0 Senior Y-Teens ........ ....... 3 9 Seventh Grade ........ ............. 3 3 Sophomores ........... ........ 2 8-29 Student Council ...... ....... 4 1 Who's Who ............. ....... 1 8 Reed's Texaco Service - 72 - Willard M. Naylor Kaiser-Frazer Insurance-Real Estate-Loans Q -sv- I ' ' 551. --' I J I 34 Y, ,n ,' . I J -v P' , 1 ' fill. B W. , I . 5. .. V54 ....' 1. A .s ' , Jw :J 5, 5.44, ,A ' x .i 4.1 wa. ' lc: : gg-if: .1- HI ' Q, 8 2 5'1- a -f ff""" Q- ,--' '- -- -..- J 1. 'dir rug' -'f ..- N , - , V, :--, V,-, Y. :-1 J! .' f tx---J - J. .- ,, ,Mgr , up-,I ei, :1-V-if-14 ,3,---4-1-n..yv1-!1.f.hg .mug v. , A Av - gl, Ma, A fc, .A 1+ X -gf- - ' Emir-'f r Ig - ,gi m Iwi . -1-1 .. , ., 4 2- '. 4 , Q 'um f . . , , cf- . -1,-, -, L-'ff' -.lf J- --ep 'Q' ' -I V Q. Li-1-f : -'ffl 'it-.-ff -. , ff" K' , TL 41- 3' :fi , 7' H' S "Q ,.,,,,, -., fl .. 1, 'L b ,A lf: , - 1 ' 1 . . ,W Ff gif f Nfg..7:7-' "VG iii: f .5 J - Lg... - . 'ii . -5'-V-, . ,.,. ,- . 1 - ,, ,Y 1. , Q., 1. R, Wfff?'K:i11Qf2if W 4f W .- ', -Qfkh , , ZIP K A1 A5--:high .f,,1 ,Y , mn., Af.- -I ,552 -L1 4 1 h-V' E' . ,. f 'ff-.,.. ' , -'I lf i I -3, 9, . YP - ff- - ,, 'KA--, P 1: 'Fixx ' 1' tgp .

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