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Nappanee High School - Napanet Yearbook (Nappanee, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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.J3 ,M b -A .W ' 4. ...- ,.' , .1 -1, +4 2:3114 new .JJHI f-4' 'V 1 'U ' r N 1a- .- -gap -4 W n . . ,. W' 5 I ., 1 FP we w mir' 6 ave uv. -,ix if? - F A.. vi THE 1952 NAPANET NAPPANEE HIGH SCHOOL NAPPANEE INDIANA ,W 1, "' H . f 4 .K .-'Z vw' "Ev 1 U' - ,-'Y ,I Mi IV A-v,,,,' Q A EL ,,..s,. "F"!-1. 551 '1 "W W QM WF' N1-wa sw gM What could be more re- freshing to our minds than to think back over the year of 1951-52 at N.H.S.'? Yes, this year is gone foreverg but we'll always remember the class- room activities, the events, and the personalities it had to offer. Let's take a look at this "picture album" and let each picture bring back mem- ories of this unforgettable year. through the camera lens we get at complete picture of NAPPANEE HIGH SCHOOL .Ngmtk qgsgg isa i 5 iwsiwi Ning M 'L 35215 . fil I ., . 'sux W Q., ,,g ?g,gi - GQ.: 5432 fn ww 5 X , .4 -wi. .V K ly M tk .:,X k ,w .ff-. - h Uissq. ..1,gQl?.f mv-is - ,M . 4- sf! K my l X -wi? ' - U, 'FT V .N k :wsL4Q f , My . 1 - we iw L Q Ja. K 1 5' PY' ,Q 3 X uf 3 pggwvw 5 ,A efwfww W M is M mmf' 1' ia Qc? 1 fs I I If! 'c sf" -ii if, qw -35' V A. sy z l'Wg5fj,. Jw - . -. . - .K , t E. V. Publishing House Printers of t'Napanet" CONTENTS Classes Page 6 Who is this . . . a second Patrick Henry? Activities Page 10 . . . highlight of the Winter Concert - "the Trumpetersf' Sports Page 29 . . . practicing the art of kicking fi-eld goals. People Page 42 "Mr, Weddle. may we have a pass for a Y-Teen committee meeting?" Events A "melle'r-dramfmyv ffrom, the Halloween Festival. That "come hither look" from the vamp, alias Jo Shively, is irresistible to Phil! Carol, Wyana, Kay, and Carolyn afre having ia busy time oounting all the donations fofr the Mafrch of Dimes. 91' 4 Phil, Marla, and Pat are putting the last touches of tinsel and angel hair on the Cll'7'lStfIl1lLS tree in the study hall. Who's that little girl? Look again, and you'll discovefr it is Pat Henley playing ia juvenile 'role in the senior class play! ..5.. I E. V. Publishing House Printers of "Napanet" English "Do the High Schools Prepare Students for Practical and Better Living?" This is the topic being discussed by members of the Sen- ior English Class in a symposium led by Glen Stump. Latin On the map Terry points out the three parts of Gaul to the class. ln this second year Latin course Mr. Holaway teaches about Caesar and the Gaulic wars. Geography "It's a big world. isn't it!" ex- claims Mark, as he studies the globe in geography classy but Mr. White has made it seem far smaller by giving this class a thorough study of all placfes on the earth. What did we "take up" in school besides space? Nappanee Telephone Co. Save with a Telephone Ah, Yes The Clcissesll Chemisfr Y By the look on Doug's face the fumes of this experiment must have a very bad odor. But, because of daily experiments such as this, these students have grown accus- tomed to "that chem' atmosphere." Biology "Do they bite?" asks Doris as she holds the tail of a small White rat! These little creatures were used for many experimental 'pur- poses in biology class. Drivers Training Oh-oh. Is it safe with Wyana at the Wheel? Of course, with an ex- pert like Mr. Osborne for our driv- ing instructor, We should have nothing to fear! f: .f, 7. F l L. JP Cox Coal and Lumber Co. Prompt Service r MU! f ill Remember the mod dash to and from . Shop Bob Rhodes, you aren't supposed to be grin- ning at the camera! Y0u'd better keep your mind on cutting tin just as the other boys are concentrating on their industrial arts projects. Art It looks as though Shirley is busy making an oil-painting! ln this advanced art class the students have an opportunity to express them- selves through paintings, drawings, and any other phase of art. I-Ieckaman's Ice Cream - 8 - Nappanee Dairy Typing It looks as if everyone were busy working on his typing budget. The typing room is often in use, not only by the typing and shorthand classes, but also by the "D'Bull- dog" staff. Mr. Postma is always giving his time in helping with all clerical productions of the school. Home Economics "Look how lumpy this is!"eX- claims Donna. There's nothing like learning from experience. Oh, well, how else could we become good cooks than by practice in the Home Ec. class? Agriculture For those of you who know little about farming, through the in- struction of Mr. Douglas these boys are learning how to test milk. . being tordy ...the little yellow slips J C. Zimmerman D.D.S. C 1 t f 1094 North Main Street DIODBJ liiielioflge working together for a purpose and for fun . . . activities which serve in preparing us to be the leaders of tomorrow . . . a Welcome break from the "old grind" THE CAMERA POINTS KWIW W fi' Cf? Top Left .lu .XIIII I":ii'i'iiiglftii, Iluviil SlIYllll!'l'. T011 Right- -.I:un+-s I-Iurl, Siwlir- llllillllllilll, .lnnn-s lifts:-, l':u'1tI .lo l!:i1iinp:u'liivr'. Bottom iseatedl Sur' Mnrliii. l':rli'ivi:i Ili-nl'-y, Nlrirlai, Mulsi-Iulvix Miss Illini.-i'. 1Stnncling1 lmui4l:is llv5vl', Slum lim-Iisllwili, Air. Wmlrllv, Mrs, Ilmnl, Sully Sniilr-V. Ilulr.-rl AI.-lzlf-V. The duties of the annual staff can easily be explained by looking through the pages of the "Napanet." It was a iob that required a lot of timeg but we are hoping that the time spent looking at it in the future will be far greater. EDITOR ...i, ,, ,,,, ,e,,,,,,,,,e,,e. A ,Jo Ann Farrington CO-EDITOR .,,7.. .,,,. ,,t,. , ,,,,.,, , S istie Chapman BUSINESS MANAGER .,,. ,77,,,,,,,,,, D ave Stouder ASST. BUS. MGR. ......, ,. ,r,,,, ,,,,7.,.,,,..,..,.. J im Rose JUNIOR EDITOR or ,,,,,, ...,,,, C arol Jo Baumgartner JUNIOR BUS. MANAGER .,rrra,,,,o..,...,, ., ..,,, Jim Burt ART EDITORS 77,,. ,,7,.,,. M ary Rockstroh, Sally Snider SPORTS EDITORS .77,.i,. Bob Metzler, Douglas Geyer ALUMNI H ,t,,,,,7,,,,,,.,.,,,7,A...,.,...,,,,,,,,,,,,7,7 Sue Martin CALENDAR ,, 7i,,,,,,,,,,7,, Marla Mutschler, Pat Henley PHOTOGRAPHER ,.....,,,,t,.,,,i...,,,.a s,,,,, E ldon Disher EDITORIAL ADVISOR ,..a,... ,..,,.,ass,,....,.Y M iss Hoover BUSINESS ADVISOR si,,i, ,,,,,,, M r. Weddle ART ADVISOR . ,...,. ..,t,,.. Mrs. Rood 105,-5,11 W, Kindig C. NV. Johnson and Son .gttm-my at Law - 12- Try Our Soda Fountain This year has been one of the most active years for the Journalism Club. Cooperation from its fifty-seven members resulted in such an out-standing publication that every student anxiously awaited the distribution of each bimonthly issue of the "D'BuIldog." EDITOR .......................................... Marla Mutschler 1 CO-EDITOR ..,.,....... ......, P atricia Henley D SPORTS EDITOR ..... .....,......... A lan wan MUSIC EDITOR ..,..,... ............ S istie Chapman FEATURE EDITOR ..,,. .,c.... I Patricia Richmond ART EDITOR ........... ....... M ary .Io Walters SOCIETY EDITOR ...,.. ...... M arie Wilson CAMPUS CORNER ..... ...,. D avid Stouder FACULTY ADVISOR ...... ,.,....., M rs. Miles PRODUCTION MGR. ,,,,..,,...,.....Y.....,,..,,, Mr. Postma Top Left-M:1rl:1 Mulsc-hier, 'Mrs Milf-S, -l'2lIl'lVlR. Hvnlvy. Top Rightfgxlilll Wilt. Marie XYiIson, Imvid Slollcttf-r, Sisliv Uhapmzm. Vatrivia Rim-Inmmd. Bottom fseatedl-Jo Ann I+'m'ring1on. Sui- Martin. IIar'luara Le-Count, Artem- XVoIty. lSta,nding'J-Mr. ltoslnm, Mrmnu S1-f-twist, Mary .Io Watters. Glen Geye1"s Garage Stills0n's Men's and Boys' Wear General Auto Repair - 13 - Sporting Goods After the serious initiation of new members, our programs this year varied from learning about vocations to listening to experiences our members had on trips they had taken. We all agreed we had a wonderful time while swimming at the YMCA in Elkhart in the fall. Our main proiect of the year was sponsoring the annual Dime Line to help boost the polio fund. Top Row-L. to R.: Norris linlsle-y, Rohn-rt Lute-S. 'Fri-rl Will, Edwin K4-rn, Vziul Flows-rs. XV:-sl:-y I-Inns:-n. Second Row: lmvid Howl:-rs, Pzirrnll Hoppe-S. l'h:irIi-s Lute-s. lmvid tlosti-its-r. .lumvs Hurt, Mr. XVhilv,spnnsur. Bottom Row: Ili:-h:ii'd W 1- I ii u r ri. Ruin-i'l iitimh-s. livin-rl Wymziii. Idldnii liishf-r. Top Row: Ki-nm-I li Mit tn-rling, 4: i- if r g 41 Shu-1-is. liivhzird G1-ssirigm-r, Philip XYI'if.:'lll, lloln-rl M4'lZl1'I'. Second Row: liivhzird lit-iisln-rm-r', Iluiiglzis Gold:-ri, Manx ll:-4-ry, NVllfr1-d itll-ssing. Bottom Row: .iziini-:Q Wziri-1-ii, .Inniws Rust-. lil'-n Stump, ,Varna-s Mille-rling. PRESIDENT ..,,.,,,. ....A.,,ss J ames Rose VICE-PRESIDENT i.,,, James Mitterling SECRETARY .,.i., .,..... G len Stump TREASURER ...A vs,,. K eith McCuen I. A. Miller, Inc. -14- Pontiaic and International Trucks Senior Y-Teens Do you know how to make Christmas trees of cellophane, or favors for hospital trays? These are iust two of the many things we girls in Senior Y-Teens have learned to do at our meetings this year. One of our service proiects was sending Chocolates for Christmas to a Y-Teen group in France. The main event of the year was a Mother and Daughter Banquet held on December 10 in the First Brethren Church. Top Bow-L. to B.: Sheila McGriff. Alice Joan Sla- baugh. Kay Kendall. Shirley Sutheimer, Jackie Thompson, Terry Hamsher, Susan Wright, Martha Dick. Dolores Weaver, Helen Foltz, Patricia Keim. Jean Hartman, Terry Hostettler. Carol E. Mill-er. Second Bow: Miss Hoover, sponsor. Betty Yoder, Arlene Welty, Julia Rens- berger, Verna Mast, Shirley Keifer, Jane Strauss, Arlene Lehman, Nancy Coppes. JoAnn Grimm, Carol Ann Miller, Mrs. Miles, sponsor. '.l."hird. Bow: Marilyn Sparks, Avis Losee, Phyllis Roth, Marilyn George. Joan Knepp, Janet Fisher, Shir- ley Losee, Molly Jo Tobias, Carolyn Kern, Greta Bigler. Fourth Row: Julia Miller, Helen Huff, Mary Jo Vsfalters, Mary Martin, Jane Loudermilk. Mary Slabaugh. Carol Ann Postma, Sally,Snider, Betty Sharkey, Shirley Davis. Top Row-I-. to B.: Patricia Lutes, Carol Mae Mil- ler. Lois Lemna, Shirley Hecka- man, Carol llelfrees, Dorothy Mikel, Sistie Chapman, Kathryn Miller, Sarita Schrock, Marlene Evans, Mary Rot-kstroh. Ilitddle Row: Monna Sechrist, Lulahelle Hep- ler, Jo Ann Shively, Sue Martin. Marla Mutschler, Marie Wilson, Donna Teeter. Patricia Rich- mond, Carol Jo Baumgartnor, Ruth Kahler, Janet Rohrer. Bottom Bow: Barbara Coppes. Patricia Hen- l-ey, Jane McGillen. Jo Ann Farrington. Jolene Klingaman, Shirley Longfield. Shirley Geyer, Waneta 'Frenger. PRESIDENT .......... ...... M ary Rockstroh VICE-PRESIDENT ..... Jane McGillen SECRETARY ......... ......... A rlene Welty TREASURER .... Shirley Heckaman D n I. A. Miller, Inc. 15- Frigidaire Appliances, Motorola and Dumont Television 1 3 ' Y i fy' Top Row--L. to R.: lfrvd XVilt, Gln-11 Stump, Mary lhwkslroh. Varot .Tn Raum- gartm-r. Marla Mutsvhler, Mr. lhmsu. sponsor. Row Two: Itntu-rl Itle-tzh-r. .In Ann Fari'ing'- ton. Gr:-la Itig'lvi'. Mary Sla- baufrh, l'all'ic'izL Hvnlvy, Jane Strauss. Top Row-I.. to R.: linlwrl Mt-tzlvr. lfrvd XVill. Glen Stump, Mary Hovkslrult, Carol .lo R:l11ln5::tl't114-1'. .lane Strauss, ltlarla lXluls4'hlt-r. Row Two: .In Ann i"2lY'I'lllg'l0ll, tlrvln Rig- lvr. Shirley Imsvw, Mary Sla- haupih. l'atri4-ia Snider, Marcia Mutsvltlvr, Mr. Xhlddlm-, sponsor. Row Three: .Iurly Ruse. .Tnhn PilllI1l1l'l"l,I'idliil0 Ifusta-t'. .lavk Ulvry. I'a1rif-ia Ile-nlvy. Mary Jani- l"1'4-nger. National Honor Society Student Council PRESIDENT H , oooo,o,, Marla Mutschler PRESIDENT ,,..::,..,,.,::,::.:::.,:: Fred Wilt VICE-PRESIDENT ,,.. ..,,,,,, G len Stump SEC.-TREAS. .oo::o:::..... Mary Slabaugh This year we conducted several surveys. We found out how many alumni, graduating from N.H.S., had received college degrees and which high school subiects had been the most valuable to them. We also worked with various teacher com- mittees in preparing an annual report to the North Central Association of Secondary Schools. l.utvs Svrvicv Station Gasolina-, Oil, Atlas Tires, Batteries VICE-PRESIDENT ....,. Marla Mutschler SEC.-TREAS. .......... Jo Ann Farrington At the beginning of the year each member of the Student Council was asked to serve on one or more committees. Through these com- mitties we conducted assembly programs, locker clean-ups, and desk inspections. ln December we decorated the study hall stage for Christmas with a huge Santa Claus seated beside a gaily decorated Christmas tree and fireplace. B Sz B Cafe A Good Place to Eat Debate Librarians Our debate team, coached by Mrs. Miles, Besides Chefiklng books in Und Out. OU' entered the year as Chqmpigng of the Sf, librarians repair them and collect fines if books Joseph Valley League. ore Overdue- Besides attending the annual Debate Clinic They also keep the library heel' ond Up-fO- at Purdue University, we participated in tour- dote. New reference books, biographies, ond neys at Hammond and Columbia City. fiction are constantly being added to the straightened shelves. As a monthly proiect, the librarians tacked bookiackets, all centering around a particular theme, on the library bulletin board. Seated-L. to R.: Fatt-nl .In Ii:tuim,::n'tne-r, .Tnlm Zitiilm-rtnztn. Mrs. Mil:-S, Katy Ki-ndzlll. .lzitnvs Itlilwrs. Standing-L. to R.: llnlri'l'l Nl:-lZlvI', l"1'1'Ll NYill. Standing-I.. to R.: llrvimii- Furl, ltulty Tiiliizts. Miss XXt.ixt-iz Alettqiuntt llul'l'm:in, Stir- lltl St-limit-li. l.uI:tlwllr,- Ht-ph-1', Molly JH 'l'ttlii:is. Seated- lhtily .It-:tn Slt:1l'kr-53 Legion Bowl - Cum, Auto Supply Home of Clean Howling' - 17, Everything for the Auto Our programs this year were of various types. We learned how to plan parties, and were given vocational guidance, too, we were entertained by skits, movies, and musical pro- grams. For our service proiect we sen Hospitals in South Bend and Indianapolis. .Mary Helen Pippen VICE-PRESIDENT ...........,....., Mariane Huffman SECRETARY-TREASURER ........ Doris Hunsberger t boxes of toys to Childrens PRESIDENT ....................... Top Row-L. to B.: Rc-tty Si-r-hrist, Doris Huns- luorgz-r, Julianna Jorlwes, Janice Stir-koi, Judith Swihart, Mar- janv lluffman, Ks-nlyn Calbeck, Sui- Grimm. Prvggo Arch. Second Row: Linda Housour, Janet, Mattfwrn, Min-tha lluI'l', Mary Jane Fren- gvr, lin-tty Ntfoodhams, Mary Lou Mills-r. Kathlwcn Hahn. Connie l+'s-rvida, l70l'll'12l.Ilt"II Rensberger, Mary .lane Buss. Third Row: Miss VVvaver, sponsor, Sally S-lulzman. Nanny Quigley, Fran- 4-4-:4 Mi-GriI'i', Donna Suthf-imvr, Marc-i:i Mutschler, Mary Helen Vippr-n, Sherry Gillis, Linda Stump, Sharon Troxel, Patricia Snidvr. Sandra, Nottrour, Connie llosslvr, Sarah 1104- Ilopp, Louis-au Ile-rslilwc-rg:Pr. Fourth Row: Host-mary Nlillvr, Carol And- rs-ws, Mary Ellen Hall, Ri-lwr-va l'a1-1-ull, Abliy Lou llussl-nr, Nanvy ltailmgrartnor. Barbara Stahly, Linda Plc-tchnr, Patricia Ruth. Gloria, Beazley. Fifth Row: Alma Swilmrt, Linda Xvallvrs. l'alri1-ia Furl, Lulu Adams, XVil- ma Umwrihavi-r', Janet, Culp, Nlarilyn Lf-hman, Vonda Sus: Imsov. Top Row-L. to R.: Ric-hard Gr-ssingvr. Jann-s Muss- nvr, William Sharp, Dolores Wi-avr-r, Marin-ne George, Mr. th-r'ln-r, sponsor. Second Row: Junior Y-Teens ins.: K1-nm-th Millcrlinpz. Junior 'Full- vr, .ln-rald lfveot, Ruby Tobias, ,ff Nlonna Si-4-hrist. K The Diversified Occupations Club made its debut as an organization in our school. Every Friday we had a meeting in which we discussed our lobs. Some of us were mechanics, telephone operators, wait- resses, and clerks. In December we enioyed a Christmas supper at Jerald Freet's house. Also, at the end of the year a banquet was held and each of us invited an employer to attend. PRESIDENT ............................ Robert Gessinger VICE-PRESIDENT ........... .... D olores Weaver SECRETARY-TREASURER .. ...... MOnr1Cl SeCI1rlSI Hadley Dress Shop The Store for Women and Young Girls -18- Diversified Occupations Wise's Furniture Store Complete Home Furnishings Future Homemakers One of our monthly activities was a Social Get-together which was held at the home of a member. ln order to raise funds for our annual spring trip, the Future Homemakers sold salt water taffy. For our service proiect we made Easter Baskets for the Childrens Home in South Bend. PRESIDENT ................., ,.... A rlene Welty VICE-PRESIDENT ......,...... ...,,. D orothy Mikel SECRETARY-TREASURER .... ...,.. J one Strauss ' Home - AMFRIPA 5 Row One-I.. to R.: Martha Dick, lX'lzu'ilyu Sparks, Alive .Ioan Slahaugh, lVanela l+'1'eng'er. Row Two: Mrs, Haw-ns, Sponsor, Arlene lVs-lty, liulullvlli- Harman, Mary ltlartin, Shirley Davis. Row Three: Iailalwllf- llv-ple-r. Janie Strauss. 'i v 4 u ' 1 e v 'V J- f '. pl tj. The-Ima Hose. Arlmu- ll:-hman, 1 ual Mu Mllln Ilmoihx 'Xlllsl Future Farmers May's Cities Service Station Operated by Claude Gall Top Row-I.. to R.: Paul I.ecl1litiim', Paul Parks, Stanley lf'armwald. llmiald Mal- volm, Kivhard ll:-plvr, lmwvll YoL1m,r, David Host:-ttvr, .Jussi- l!+1i'gm', Jon Sloudm-r. Middle Row: .lvrald Fri-1-1, llHlll.Z'l2l,S ilnlrli-n, Roger firm-vnawall. XVayme XV0lty, James Troxel, Donald Farm! wald, Lrunar l'In-tvlu-r, llll'.170llLf- las, sponsor. Bottom Row: Gr-ol'g'e Slim-ls, Harvey Yoder. Larry XVagnm-r, l"ranklin limzd, Xvayno Brock. Wilfred lil:-ssimzq, Donald llislwr. The ambitious members of the F.F.A. entered into many projects such as selling garden seeds and subscriptions to the "Farmers' Exchange Magazine." We also sponsored a scrap drive and a pest contest. One of our members, Donald Disher, won the title of Elkhart County 4-H Corn King. PRESIDENT ............ ,... ......, W a yne Welty VICE-PRESIDENT .......... George Sheets SECRETARY ......... .,.. R oger Greenawalt TREASURER ..... ........ D onald Malcolm Naylor's Grocery and Market - 19 - Phone 149-Free Delivery K K 4 ROW one-Il. to R.: Sisliv Uhapman l51lI'll1ll'2l, Voppm-S xvilllllii, Milli-r .lo Ami Sliivvly Susan XVrighL XVyana Mi-Dmv Luis Sw-hrisl Marvia Mnisrhl-rr Vairii-ia Ric-hinond Sally Snidvr Marla Mntsr-hh-r Row Two-L. to R.: Norma Sin-nts i'3ll'UiN IG. Milivr Mary .In XVal1m-rs Ilanna 'IR-vim' Nam-y 1'l1DDf'S Kalhryn Milli-r Mary Ili-I4-n I'ipp1-n ,Xrle-nv XVm'Ily I'atrii-ia Luti-S Kay K4-ndall Sui- Martin 1'arnlyn Ki-rn Varol Ann Milli-r Iiimla l'I1-In-hi-r Row Three-L. to R.: Alan XVilt' .lambs xYlhUdiI1lY1lS Ko-nlyn Uallwvk Faro! l:2lllllHI2l1'illl'Y Uairi-Iyii Alarlz Nam-y Quigln-y ll1mlu'l'l' iiilutlwis XYaym' Rrovk Arthur Snowdi-il Ih'y4-v Siiliiilllgh Johanna Jurles Dcmna, Sulhoinwr Lohman Hardware Co. Hardware, Paint, Toys, and Sporting Goods - 20- .lnlw-iiw Klingxaman Sarila S1-hrurk llilllivl IIUSI1-llvl' .lame-s Mitt.-i'Iiiii.:' l'aul I"Inwwrs Imris lI11xi:4lwi'g4-i- Jam- Imudw-rniilk lwixgn- ,Xrvh Jai-k l'l1-ry Vatrivia llvnli-y .ln Ann i"Hl'l'ill1.1i1b!l Row Your-L. to R.: l"I'zlm-1-S Mvtlrill' lmnald liishe-r Sharon .li-nsi-ii Shirlvy Hi-yi-1' Frvd Will Mary SIaIva1li.:'h .In Ann Grimm Ilavid Slnudi-r .Jaan linviip .lann-S Warrz-n l!1'x'1'l'ly th-nl'gv Max U1--4-i'y Larry XV:ig'iivl' Max Slzlluulprli Mark Hamm:-I I'atri4-ia Ki-im XYalIvr Ili-rshln-rp.:n-I' lluln-rl XYXIIIHH Mariv XV7ilsun Standing'-I.. to R.: Marilyn l'imn-iigvl' l'airi1'ia Ruth Molly .ln 'l'nbi:lS 4ii'Ul'1,L'l' Fox Mzirjanv iillfiilililll Faro! Vuslnia Tvrry H2ll11Si1l'F Ray Hivvly Plumbing and Heating Services Entering the year as a six-year Superior winner of band contests, we spent the first two months preparing formations for the football games. Then the band settled down to concert work in their new "home," the remodeled park audi- torium. Besides entering Solo and Ensemble Contests and Band Contests, we made several trips which were financed by the Band Boosters' Club. ln February we had ioint concerts with the Berne High School choir at Berne and Nappanee. Later, we made an over night tour to Sullivan, Indiana, where we also presented a concert. Likewise, Sullivan presented a concert here at a later date. We feel that this band has proven to be one of the most outstanding organizations N.H.S. has ever had. Dunham and Love Senior Band The reason we have been successful . . . our director, Mr. Habeggafr. . u n i Rensberger Standard Service Prescrlptlons-Fountaln SETVICG - 21 - ' ' ' Tlres, Batterles, ACCCSSOPIES Top Row-I-. to R.: lsulubollv ll'l"Dll'l', llixiv XYliitvl1e-ml, XY:iml:l Millvr, tilvn Stump. M:il'l:L 1YllliSl'illl'I', Sui- lXI2ll'illt, l':i1w-l A. Millt-V, lmviil lh-wi-1's. Second Row: Qi-N it VIIILDIIIZIII, .ln Ann l"z1rrin'lun, lmis Ami Si-i-lit-ist. .lum- o t 'fl' 2 L, 4 Albiilliltll, Itluriv XVils1in. Phyllis ltulli, .Xll:--- .lmin Slnliziugli. Thilftl Row Illfss Jmilvsoil, our Tflffll rlio'e'ct.or. ltlucr livll Inc. l Wm'l1l's Large-st l'l'0flLlC0l' of Work Clothing In Amit Grimm, l'11tri1-in, ll'-ull-y. XX'y:un:1 Alvltow, Klum' Slu- llilllgil, lin-In-cw-zu, l':u'w-ll. .Izumi-s xYJll'l'l'll. Bottom Row: lluvid Sl0llll'4'l', ltztviil llusti-111-1: .lumi-s llurt. Ili-lu-rl .lt-risen. XYilli:im Slutzmnn. Klux Sllliiilllpfit. The robed choir is a group of students who are chosen out of the chorus class to present concerts and enter contests. In the fall we participated in several activities. Ten of our members were given the opportunity to sing for Teachers Association in South Bend, in a choir of tive hundred students from many high schools. A fall concert was also presented by the combined choir and chorus. Not only did some of us participate in solo and ensemble contest, but in the spring the entire choir entered choral competition. -2g.. Senior Week Junior-Senior Banquet HOTEL ELKHART, ELKHART, INDIANA Friday Night, May 23, ,1952, at 7:00 o'clock Welcome ...... ......... P hyllis Roth Response ..... ..................... J ames Rose Prophecy ,,.,, ,..,... C arol Jo Baumgartner Reading ...,.. ........ J ane McGillen Will .,,,,,, .......... B etty Yoder Program .,.,. .......... M urdock Baccalaureate FIRST BRETHREN CHURCH Sunday Afternoon May 25, 1952, at 3:00 o'clock Organ Prelude-"Adagio from Sonata Pathetique", Beethoven .................. Mr. Vance George, Organist Processional-"Pomp and Circumstance", Elgar ........ Class of 1952, Mr. George, Organist Invocation and Prayer ...................................................... The Reverend Frances E. Reese Pastor, First Presbyterian Church Hymn-"Give of Your Best to the Master" ................ The Congregation Scripture Reading ..... ,The Reverend Earl L. Salzman Pastor, First Mennonite Church "The Green Cathedral" ............................................ Hahn High School Robed Choir, Miss Jameson, Director Address ..........,................. The Reverend C. A. McGillen Pastor, Church of God "Onward, Ye Peoples !" ...................................... Sibelius High School Robed Choir Benediction .................. The Reverend Paul Brenneman Pastor, United Missionary Church Recessional-"War March of the Priests"-Mem delsshon-..Class of 1952, Mr. George, Organist Organ Postlude-"Festival Toccata" ............ Fletcher Mr. Vance George, Organist -23.- Senior Class Night COMMUNITY PARK PAVILION Monday Night, May 26, 1952, at 8:00 o'clock Opening Remarks ........................,....... William Kendall 'Superintendent of Schools "The Siege of Rochellem-Balfe ............-- COI'1'l6t Duet Fred Wilt, David Stouder Dramatic Skit ................ Della Chapman, Glen Stump School Awards, Merit Awards, and Honorable Mention .......................... James Weddle, Principal American Legion Citizenship Awards ........ Glen Field Agriculture Awards .......................... Johnson Douglas State Bank Agriculture Award ................ Freed Miller Hi-Y Awards ,.,.,.,..,....,...,....,..,............. Lawrence !White "Po1onaise Militaire, Opus 40"-Chopin .... Piano Solo John Zimmerman "O Soldier, Soldier" .......................... arranged by Page "It's a Grand Night for Singing" .................... Rogers Senior Chorus David Bowers, Della. Ina Chapman, Jo Ann Farring- ton, Patricia Henley, David Hosbetter, Robert Jen- sen, Sue Martin, Marla Mutschler, Patricia Rich- mond, Jo Ann Shively, Mary Slabaugh, David Stouder, Glen Stump, William Stutzman, Jacquelyn Thompson, Marie Wilson. Commencement COMMUNITY BUILDING AUDITORIUM Wednesday Evening May 28, 1952, at 8:15 o'clock Processional-"Pomp and Circumstancen .......... Elgar Class of 1952, High School Band Lewis G. Habegger, Conductor IHV0Cati0n ................ The Reverend Samuel Overmeyer Pastor, Grace E. U. B. Church "American Folk Rhapsody" .................,,,.,.,,. Grundman High School Band Salutatory Address ......................,....... Marla Mutschler Add'I'eSS ---.....---..................................... Joseph C. Wagner Controller, Ball State Teachers College Valedictory Address ...................................... Fred Wilt "Capriccio Espag'no1" ...................... Rimsky-Korsakov High School Band Presentation of Diplomas .,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, Mr, H, A, W1-ight Treasurer, Board of School Trustees Benediction ................... iThe Reverend Paul Schmiedel Pastor, St. J ohn's Lutheran Church Recessional-"Recessiona1" ............................ Rousseau The Graduates, High School Band Blue Bell Inc. A Fine Place for Women To Work Calendar Mltlill. l"ttr Nnppnnttt- llipsjh tht- svhtitil yt-:lr hats htrgun, KW- hit, tht: hunk:-11 Vztvutitnl tint-tt is tltunt-. 'l'ht- nt-w Wliulltltspsg staff is now t-lttt-tt-tl. Antl llltll't'hl!U.f hand has its rttntintw pt-rl't1t-tt-tl. 'l'l1t- ftitvthztll tit'kt-ts gn tm snlt' ttitl:L5'. 'l'tv lttitust, tht- szllt- tht- tit-rlnnn linntl tltvt-s play. XVt- lmvtt pt-p st-ssitm t'tu' twin' tt-:tm thnt. lights! 'l'ht- hztntl trit-s tint its hlvtlltt nt-w t't!lttl't'tl lights. 'l'nnight, un lXtt'll1tlI'ifLt Fit-ltl tht- tt-nm lil'lllL1'S fztmt-, 'l'ht' ltlttnl lntls linvtf wtvn tht' Httsht-n prmnt-. Ili-Y, Y-'l'tt-t-ns ht-gin tu mvt-t ttutlny. 'l'ht- nt-xv ll'l4nlltltmp.f stztftf gttts nntlt-1' wzty. 'l'ht- Stntlt-nt t'twnnt'il hulds at shtrl't. t-ltwlitlll. 'l'ht- Nt-lstm Uttlhtti- I5l'tlt.l,'l'2llll is pt-rt't't'titin. l't!llllllill2L t'ity ht-nts tht- liull- tltlg tt-nm. 'l'ht- liztntl shtrw has "tht- Stin- st:ns" :ls its th-t-mt-. 'l'hte t-lmrns htwltls thtt tryouts t'tn' rtvht-tl t-htvir. 'l'ht' llnttttn tritl :tll ut' ns zttl- lnirv. t'lit-lc! 'l'ht- t-:tint-rn, snaps tht- St-niur plvs. uslltlllllf' has :tl'l'ix't-tl with :ill his trltfks. 'l'ht' tirst lVlCulltltvt,: ntuw rtllls trl'I' tht- prtlss. At. linux wt' ztrt- tvutplztyt-tl. wt- lllllSl, t-tvnI't-ss. 'l'h't- Y-'IH-t-n p1'tnp:r:ln1 is tvntt tit' tht: ht-st. Fm' t':u'tll Ann l'. shows pit'- tnrvs til' tht: XVOSt. 'l'ht- St-nitlr pit-s nrt- hzwkfwt- ltttlk liktw goofs, At, lt-fist. wt: t-un ht- glntl tht-y'rt- only prtitrfs. Slntlt-nt. Vttunt-il ttfllt-t-rs nrt- vlt-Qtvd. Hur l'trtulh:tll lint- :tt .ltltlstvn is hist-vtt-d. HGH 'l'ht- Nntitwnztl lltvntn' mt-mht-rs htrltl t-lt-t-litvli Mnstenni mtlvitiftht- count-il's lhirtl st-ltttgtinn. 'l'ht" tt-:tm :intl hnntl to liti- t-lrt-sttlr' ntww gn, 'l'ht- llnlltlngs htm' htfnt-nth lhttir Zt-hrn. t'tnt-. t'tnnt-tn'tli:t. 4lYt'l' Nuns on mutt- dy tit-ld- Alns, this gnmtf our boys nrt- t'nl't't'1l Ltr yivttt. 'l'ht- f'ltldt'lllS who ut Institutt- will sing lltthttztrst- :tt s-t-vt-n-fhtmw tht-ir vtritzt-s ring! l':1Lt'h st-ht-tlult-cl t-lnh us usnul holds its nwt-t. 'Xt night tht- fl-H Dl'0Lfl'!ll1l is zl. trtent. Fm' I,t-w's hirthtlzty tht- hztntl givrfs hint :L t-:tktu 'l'ht- lllltlt'l't'lHSSlllt'll phutn- grztplis tht-y lztk-tl, 'l'ht- t'tmth:1ll St'2lStlll t-mls with ltiss tn lltnwt-, And hztskt-thull is just ht-- pfinning now. 'l'ht- htlntl wtvrks hard to t-lt-nn its hrnnd nttw homt-4 'I'ht'y st'rnhht-d tht- l':u'k 1':L- vilitm til it shmw! llnrrathl Wt- liztw- our very tlrst Vnt-zltitin. 'I'ht- tt-:tt-ht-rs :tll ztttt-nd As- sttt-intitm. 'l'htw witt'ht-s und tho gohlins ntnw nrt- st-t-n, .X t':u'niv:tl is htfld for Hal- ltvwt-t-n. 4 nm nit Coach Welbom drills the boys hard at Football practice. 'In W H51-'fy Oldgmpbilgn' HEt!'ChiI1g bilhd fOr CROP ee remony, Crfibi-c c.t:nt.rv boys ara A little to the left, "Gem-ge"! - uf-L for action! xv--- t,...t.- .tum fmt-Lv- SY. Y-Teena initiation ilothing for Korea Drive Seniors begin busy year. lsrd working band crew shines up newly remodeled park pavilioni Speoch class acts out good ul' "hxe3lerziwtzw:"" for liallciwmm Love that Charle-stan! ' gr, ,mgmim 381,58 goal. Calendar Nt JVl:1M BER 1 lh " li ll. U. Studi-nts arv today nxt-usw-d, And by Cliit-aprn iiiusvuliis th-t-y are amusvd. ... Thostf going to l'lll'tlllt' draw up tht-ir bill. First snow makvs all wild- lhloudvd stutlt-nts chill. 6 At Y-'IH-t-ns Mrs. tlslmrlitf givvs a, skit. She shows us how tn travt-l and to knit. The 1.ant-astft-rs pri-st-iii a tumbling show, .Xml :4t'hool's out t-arly dun' to he-avy snow. WM hold the Park l'ax'iliun tit-divzltimi. The hand and t'lltll'llS give a dtininnstration. T Tet-n Town and St-outs 13011- tinue dedication. The fans buy tivkt-ts with great 0XDt'4't2ill0Il. El Today Paul 1"lowt-rs' pi-p talk is a sciwaing Hut Bulldogs how ln-l'ui'v this K'x'illv tt-ani, 11 Thi- 4-hurus and rolwd vlmil' rt-ht-ai'st- at Qight, Thi- 1-om-Q-rt in the: 2lfll'l'll0tlll rain-s f.l'l't'2lt! 115 Kiwanis he-ars a paiivl and tht- 0 choir. The st-nior picture-s all of us admire. 13 A tit-rmzin stud:-nt spt-aks In N. H. S. Tht- liulldogs ow-1' XVaky haw- Sturm-+-ss. 1-1 Again today wt- lin-ar thv t-anim-ras snap. 16 NNW lose to X'V:u'saw hy :i four point gap, 20 Our Junior lligh 1-liif-1-rl:-:itlt-i's now art- 1-liost-ii. Thx- hardwood 1-:igm-i's lose- by one to Goslivn. 21 lnitiation hold for I4'. I". A. A DI'0f.5,'l'Zllll'S givn-ii for Thanks- giving Day. '2 To sive-p latt- min- again is student's tlie-me-, And of roast turkvy trimmim: all did drt-am. ZR Thin- pit-turvs ot' vat-li giwutip are now rvtakt-n. Thi- pvp st-ssion today had lungs :il - at-hin'. To tht- MaSonit- 'l'vmpli- 'l't-tin Town goos 'For danvvs aftt-1' lllvvllllpi' Bulldog' fm-S. Ill Today tht- vliosl-ii ft-W i'i'oni gov-vi'iiinvrit vlass Did tram-I lo l'ui'du1- "thvii' lvill to pass." lblCt'I1IMllET1 il The- Bulldogs triumpli ovvr Zvhra tc-am. 5 Our gradv vards show some Studi-nts on tht- hm-am! Frmn Goalie-n cami- tlirm- stu- dr-nts who did make- .X Survi-y whivh all sf-niors had to takisi. T Uultinihia t'ity Eaglvs lit-rv wt-ru boat! R Fifth in totirnvy is dt-lwatv ts1mn's feat! lit Thi- Y-'l'wn Motlit-1'-lbatiglite-I' banquet ht-ld, Thfi Christmas clvvor up and doorways ln-llvd, 11 Thai 4-:mc-1-i't by lmlh hands was a, sur-1-1-ss. Tu Lt-wiv got-s ihv vrt-dit. ww 1-0nfoSS. 1-l Thi- tbslxorrivim-n :Qiippiwsst-ml by Madison foo. The 4-horns carols in tho hflavy Snow. E30 rlwllf' snow's so liigli. svl1ofil's out: at nina-iii't1o+-ii. Thr' svnrv is double-d o'1-r thnx llrflrnf-ii foam. 01 Thi- snow-li play hriiigrs thv yuln-lidfi spirit to all. "6 And 'Pvffn Town holds Sul-- m-ssful tdiristnias hall. .l.XNl l lo ll lx no t-. o IIN -no l"l'Illlil I i t ti T N 'l 1 I l'l 15 to UT M .Xlit'l I ft R to ll 11,12 Calendar AIU 'l'ht- Your tw-ani l0lll'll'tAY'S htfld in Nappant-4-. We- loste to K'x'illv in an oxw-1'- tinit- SDl't'l'. 'l'hte lit-dskins tJYt'l' Nan in von:4ol:ltion. t'olunihia, t'ily wins with t.1rtfaL t-lation. NVQ- sw- pit-turvs ol' l'hillipin-t-S totlay. 'l'ht- I4 u l l tl o 1,5 S ox't-rpowvr Wa.sliinf,:ton Flay! 'l'otlay tht- lli-Y mart-h ot' tlinivs lnttgiiis. Against the- Plymouth l'il- l.1'l'llllS our twain wins. ll'l5ulltlop.5 now de-t-laiw-s :i "Color ll1Ly", So t-x't-ryon-t- dons lxluv :intl white- array. 'l'h1- litllltlofgs losv to I'1lkhal't lligh tonight. 'l'ht- te-:un 1-njoys lvk's stimuli' it-vtwy hitt-I 'l'ht- morning' st-t-tionals ln-gilt in hand. 'l'ho- turnout for tht' plav trv- outs is grantl. T,-XILY Against, Ni-W Paris llulltlogs liavt' 4-lost' vall. lint win thv ganit- hy using trivky stall. For Napant-t tho Sc-ninrs vhoost- XVho's XVho. ll-Y I't't'l'lYt'S thvir lvltvrs- whittt and hluv. Y-'l't-t-ns show skill in mal-:ing val:-ntint-S. liulldopgs at night dt-ft-at thv lirwiiivli Lions. Five- st-niors take- S t a t Q- S1-liolarsliip tt-sts today. Anil valvntint-:Q art- St-nt hy I". ll. A. .vtgrainst that XVaky Indians now wt- play. And on tht- Solo and Plnsa-lnlultt day .kt llilt-y our vonlt-stants do tht-ir in-st: So many win top honors in this tt-st! In radio our spvakt-rs gain rt-- nown. 'l'lu-y'1't- on thv "ith-1-ting' ot' tht- Junior Town." lit-ln-:irsals now ht-grin for sn-nior play. In hand our swf-atvrs aw l.L'lYt'll out today. A sm-vial lun:-h is g.fiv'n hy lf. ll. A. With taltlt-:Q dt-vkt-d in Valvn- tint- zwray. liy just onv point we lost- tho t'ulvt-r grants-. 'l'ht- trip to Rt-rnv he-ips sprvad tht- hand':4 prrvat faint-I 'l'o lN'lilt'ol'tl now thv tt-:un and hall fans go. 'l'ht- I1ln.y's rt-lu-:trst-d hy Haas. t'hic'ngo pro! Tt':4 tournvy tiinv-3 vxc-itv-int-nt's livrtt to stay. Wt-'vw drawn th 1- opt-nini.g' ganiv ot' tht' tlrst tiny. Amid hystt-ria and mum-h huh- huh, 'l'hv Nails dt-f'-t-at a strong Middlt-bury 4-luh. In ovvrtirnt- wt- boat the- Min- utt--nwn. This lv-ppt-tl-up t-luh has dont- it onm- again! T A wontlt-rl'ul Ktllllf' is yilayt-d by flshornt-'s 1-rmv. liut l'Ilkhai't wins in ox'e-rtivn-t- IW two. 'l'hv Hi-Y and Y-Tn-Q-ns to- Lft-tlivl' nil-4-tj 'l'lu- play vast lt-arns to put on inakr--up nr-at: llrt-ss rt-in-arsal h--ld tonight for play All p:r:idt- Svhonl f'r1tvrtnint-d hy l11!llllltt't'. HXV1- Shook thv Family 'Trrtr-" a, hllg't" stu-r-oss, 'lflat-h playvd his part with skill and bright tim-sew. Cheerleader try-outs! Y-Teen Biotin: r-Daughter Banquf Y"T'9U5 'Und Chocolates to France. Santa visits study hall. Chriigm gdsggitnggeige? Upnxl 'Hr. Faas conducts play rehearu Bob puts his soul into 'Alma Mater' Flash - new football sweater kindle - Hap game in exciting Sevtinxal Tourvsyl ' Little yell mascots Cha me ters--M fin class play, that ish? f 5 at I gil sasuring for caps and gowns: Band journeys to Sullivan! horns trip to Ice Capsules M: last ---- Gzftwwxoxg 1X 20 .,1 -1 -1 'W 1,6 28 Citi 31 A1'l'iI 1 'Z 5 T fl 10 11 151 24 26 all lvl A Y 'I A R 51. 10 23 24 25 26 QS ot, ll Calendar The lli-Y boys hold annual club elections. Thi- audience enjoys each Herne sul-ection. The annual trip is made by high school hand: They all admit the South tInd.J is pretty grand. The seniors on the team set- iinal game, At Butler Fieldhouse Muncie Bears win fame. The sophs and juniors still are busy selling. Sssshfftetreption plans are not yet for the telling! The I. U. band gavc com-ert at the gym. The choir responds to Jame- son's every whim. At last, the Teen Town mem- bers have acquired A record player which the-y've long desired! Robed choir at Methodist to- night does sing. They practice once again in evening. lY1iulldog issue is for April Fool. The local thinlies run at XVar- saw School. Rehearsals held by both the choir and band. The concert by llel'auw is rated grand. At New Carlisle is the district contest. The judges rate our band and choir th-e best! t'onservatory actors give a play. The Jaycee Banquet honors team today. The Ice Uapadcs give chorus quite a treat. Today our track team wins at Goshen meet. Out to the park now all th- students mass. To see the Easter pageant by speech class. The Student Council votes to change class rings. The choir for Good "Friday Service sings. A bake salt-'s given by the F. H. A. State Hand and Uhoir eontt-sts are held today. The county small school track meet is at Goshen. And now our next year's cheerleaders are chosen. A Senior bake sale's held: our trip c-ost's cut. At majorettc tryouts the hope- fuls strut. To county meet the Bulldog track team goes. To run against its many neighboring foes. A festivalns presented by the grades. To students Hess now gives vocational aids. The chorus concert brings a loud ovation. The audience shows its ap- preciation. The eighth grade class agrees their trip is neat. And for the track team thi-rt-'s a sectional meet. The Junior-Senior banqut-t's :i sucoess! To Elkhart students go in for- mal dress. A trip is taken by the 17. H. A. The state tlnals in track are held today. The Racca1aureatc's hi-ld for Senior class. The seniors don their caps and gowns at last! The annual class night's held for Senior crew. Commencement for the Class of '52. XVe get our cards-vacation now is here. And school is out-it's been a grand 01' 188.111 our flrst vlctory in modern football . . cheer- leaders, pep sessions . . . "Color Day" . . . a rounded picture of the fightmg school spirit of N.H.S. lllll ll lvl l il -23- 'mb 49, iff ' . A Q . u. ' 'I . 5 1 - 1 -, ft io. Top ROW-L. to B.: Rir-hard Gs-ssingvr. Paul 'Flows-rs, Max Slzilmiigli. .luv Smudr-r. Junior Fuller. James Hurt, Norris Ralslz-y, Walter Hvrshlwi'g4-i', Iiolu-rt .Im-nsr-n, Koith lilvfm-n, liolwrt Lulos. Middle Row: Alun Xviilt. l.yl-Q Hall, lluuglns lizililvr. Imnivl Hustvtta-r. Ulizirlos Lutz-S. .lzinivs XVOod- hz1mS. David Hnstvttvr, Rolu-rl, 124-srsiiigor, llic-lizlrd 1LlEl1S1lf'Y'Lfl'l', liivhzird XN'vlb0rn. NVilliam Stutzmzm, Coach NV4'lborn. Varsity 1951 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Nappanee ..., ..,. 8 Goshen "B" .. 6 Nappanee ..,. .... 6 Columbia City 19 Nappanee .... .... O Knox .........,... 26 Ncippanee .... .... 7 North Judson 25 Nappanee .... .,.. O Rochester .................... .... 1 4 Nappanee .... .... 6 Ft. Wayne Concordia .... 19 Nappanee .,,, .,,, 2 Howe Military ......,..... .... 1 2 Newt's Drive-In Quality Print Shop Good Wholesome Food -30- Printing of the Better Kind Bottom Row: Eddie Fest-er, student manager. Jesse Berger. Donald Malcolm. Fred XVilt, Philip XV1'ipght, .Iamvs Rose, Carroll Coppes, James Hood, James Tobias, NVesley Hansen, Kenneth Mitterling. Football This marks the second year for football at N.H.S. Although we did not have a winning sea- son, we managed our first victory in modern football history and gained the much needed ex- perience in the game. Of course, most of the credit goes to our coach, Mr. Welborn, who efficiently produced a squad out of inexperienced material. Coach Welborn, our pigslcin mentofr Metzler Shoe Company-Florsheim Shoes for Men- E, Newcomer and Son Miller Health Shoes for Women -31 - The Store of Fine Jewelry Bulldogs Win First Football Victory The opening game of the season with the Goshen B team marked Nappanee's first win in modern football history. Malcolm tackled a Goshen man in back of the goal for two points. Then with only seconds remaining, and Nappanee behind 2-6, Welborn plunged over from the one-yard line to score a touchdown and win the game by a score of 8-6. ln the Columbia City game Nappanee didn't score but threaten- ed once when they were on the one-yard line. The Eagles scored in the second quarter with four seconds to play before the half ended to make the score 6-0. ln the second half they scored twice to win l9-0. The Bulldogs traveled to Knox, but the Indians outplayed them, scoring four times while holding the Dogs scoreless. McQuire and Cook played outstanding games for Knox. Back on Memorial Field the Nappanee team encountered North Judson. The first half found the visitors ahead I3-7 after an eighty yard drive by the Bulldogs, climaxed by a two yard quarter- back sneak by Welborn. But North Judson came back in the second half and went on to win with Banary and Fingerhut driving hard for the visitors. Hold That Line! Left to Right-Don Malcolm. Roh Lutf-s, Phil Wright, limb .Ir-nsvn. Jum Fuller, Dick Gessinger, Paul Flowers. .Willis - .. , Clothing Hardware, and Appliances -32- Save Through I G A Shlvely Department Store M11lers Grocery At Rochester, the Zebras scored twice in the first period, one touchdown being set up on a Nappanee fumble on the nineteen yard line. The Bulldogs iust couldn't get going although they held Rochester to a safety after the first quarter. Next the Bulldogs traveled to Fort Wayne to play against a big Concordia team. The home team built up an early lead of 13-0. After that the two teams battled on an even basis. Both teams A Q Action! LEFT-Practice with, dummy scfrirmnage. MIDDLE-Kicking field goals. RIGHT-Coach, Welborn gives instruction on line charging. scored in the final quarter. Nappanee scored after losing the ball to Concordia and recovering it again on fumbles: Welborn passed to McCuen for the touchdown. In the last game of the season the Bulldogs gave the unde- feated Howe eleven a real scare. The half ended 2-0 in favor of Nappanee, but the visitors went on to win the battle in the last half by scoring two touchdowns. Trump Cleaners and DYGYS Nappanee UtllltI6S Co Quaht Clea ' -- Y Ulllg 33- 205 East Lmcoln Street Top Row-I-. to R.: I Norris Balsley, student manager, Donald Malcolm, Robert Lutes, Kelth McCuen, Robert Jensen, Paul Flowers. Bottom Row-I.. to R.: Richard Hepler, Edwin Kern, George Sheets, Fred Wilt, James Mitterling. Varsity DONALD MALCOLM One of the taller boys on the team, Don gets his share of rebounds. His drive-in lay- ups from the side and his free throw accuracy are also outstanding. GEORGE SHEETS George is a consistent shot on lay-ups and driving iump shots from the foul circle. He has been team high scorer in several games. RICHARD HEPLER A hard-driving guard and a clean ball handler, Rich is a fine prospect for next season. Kacy's Deluxe Motor Sales De Soto-Plymouth JAMES MlTTERLlNG A flashy dribbler and ball handler, "Chick" is an excellent long shot and his faking keeps the opposition on the move. ROBERT JENSEN "Shep," as center and biggest man on the team, gives an excellent account of himself under the basket. When the going is rough, he's always in there. FRED WlLT "Fuzz" has always been a good ball handler and skillful at feeding the ball in to men under the basket, but he also scores when points are most needed. ,-34.- Nappanee 41 Nappanee 57 Nappanee 44 Nappanee 42 Nappanee 65 Nappanee 55 Nappanee 56 Nappanee 41 Nappanee 60 Nappanee 48 Nappanee 41 Nappanee 54 Nappanee 53 Nappanee 58 Nappanee 51 Nappanee 31 Nappanee 78 Nappanee 55 Nappanee 47 Nappanee 52 Nappanee 46 Nappanee 57 Nappanee 63 Nappanee 45 Total 1050 "Ich" Osbomel . . . our hardwood mentor . . Ave- 43-75 WON 15 Basketball KEITH McCUEN "Keeter" was the team's high scorer in the '51-'52 season. He is unusually competent as a ball handler, long shot artist, and driving under for lay-ups. EDWIN KERN Ed's specialty is a medium-long shot from about twenty-five feet out, which has helped to break up several zone defenses. He is also a valuable all- around ball handler. PAUL FLOWERS "Posey" is another long-shot artist and his height plus iumping ability have helped to keep the opponent's bank- board clean and scoreboard at a mini- mum. ROBERT LUTES "Benny" is another consistent rebound- er and ball handler. Improving all year, Benny will be a tough competi- tor next season. -351 1951-52 SCHEDULE Kendallville 68 Wakarusa 49 Warsaw 48 Goshen 43 Concord 55 Rochester 49 Columbia City 49 Madison 57 HOLIDAY TOURNEY lo.t.l SECTIONAL lo.t.l lo.t.l Bremen 30 Kendallville 49 Goshen 43 Jimtown 33 Washington Clay 44 Plymouth 43 Elkhart 69 New Paris 28 Bremen 36 Wakarusa 40 Culver 48 Milford 50 TOURNEY Middlebury 42 Concord 50 Jefferson 44 Elkhart 47 Total 1114 Average 46.42 LOST 9 'tRemember, no dates this week, boys Kacy's Deluxe Motor Sales Sinclair Products The 1951-52 Bulldogs showed a tremendous amount of spirit and fight in rolling up a 15-9 record for the season. This included upsetting Washington Clay, the St. Joseph County Champs, and losing several heart-breakers by one and two point margins. The highlight of the season was the sectional tournament performance. The Bulldogs edged past Middlebury, defeated Concord in an over- time, and beat Jefferson to go into the finals against the twenty- point favorite, Elkhart. With amazing scrap and stamina the boys followed Osborne's brilliant coaching in a game of possession ball. Although we led until the final seconds, the breaks finally went against Nappanee and Elkhart won by one basket in an over-time period. The entire community is proud of the 1951-52 Bulldogs. Blazers Escape Bulldogs in Sectional Finals Malcolm Jensen, and Ml?C'lL6'7L keep an eye on If this free throw fwoulcl haw been missed the Moss of Concord! The Bulldogs won in rm over- Bulldogs would not only hare 'won the Sectional lun: m tourney ploy! but have beaten, the No. It team m the qtatz Elklmrb! Millet Lumber and Coal Co. Duckwall Implements For Good Coal, Phone 137 -36- International Harvester Farm Equ1pment Top Bow-I.. to B.: Max Slabaugh, James Tobias, James Wnodhams, Walter Hershberger, Paul Parks, Larry NVagner, Richard Rensberger. Middl R w-I.. to R.: e o Alan Wilt, Charles Vvalters, Lyle Hall, Douglas Kahler, Lamar Pletcher, Jesse Berger. Bottom Bow-I.. to B.: James Warren, Paul Bolinger, John Ingle, Daniel Hostetter, Robert Wyman, Wayne Brock. Second Team SCHEDULE HOLIDAY TOURNEY Nappanee 32 Kendallville Nappanee 31 Bourbon 19 Nuppcnee 31 Wakarusa Nappanee 24 Bremen 25 Nappanee 22 Warsaw Nappanee 30 Jimlown 26 Nappcnee 27 Goshen Nappanee 54 Washington-Clay 35 Nappunee 30 Concord Nappanee 38 Elkharl' 31 Nappanee 41 Rochester Nappqnee 40 Plymouth 38 Nappanee 33 Columbia City Nqppanee 33 New Paris 26 Nappanee 49 Madison Twp. Ncppanee 38 Bremen 39 Nappanee 28 Bremen Nappanee 43 Wakarusa 19 Nappanee 46 Culver 17 Nappanee 49 Milford 25 Total 719 Tolal 605 Average 35.5 Average 30.25 WON 12 LOST 8 City Electric Co., Contracting Hotpoint Appliances, Radios, and Records -37- Nappanee Cold Storage Frozen Foods and Meats Cheerleaders lt's a wonder the beams in the gym are still there! Yes, our cheerleaders really had our vocal cords trained for the games this year. We want to congratulate our four peppy cheer- leaders, Pat, Greta, Donna, and Glen for keeping our school spirit right up on top. Maiorettes Donning their snappy new uniforms, our drum maiorette and twirlers led the marching band in many entertaining pre-game and half- time shows during the football season. Stepping high, they also brought glory to the organization on various other occasions. Such 1-ist and Son Mzlrliu. mend, illlll lilvn Stump. Holla1"s Mfuket Plumbing and Heating -38- The Place of Fine Me lts Left to Right: Lindzn Ph-l h 1 I s Mary .lu XX':1lI1-rs, :im 1 Left to Right: G1'vt:L I lg., 0 lltlllllfl, 'l'Q'L'll'l', l':il1'im'i:1, he 1 , We--...Q Top R-ow-I-. to R.: Mr. Best, George Fox, George Sheets, Ronald Miller. Bottom Bow-I.. to R.: Edwin Kern, Paul Parks, James XVa.rren. Ed, George, and Ron wafrm- ing up for Cross-Country. Cross-Country The Cross-Country team took part in three meets in the 1951 season, running against four different schools. Nappanee lost all three, but came close to beating Warsaw in a triangular meet held at Goshen. The last meet of the season was lost to Howe, well known for its strong track teams. Ron Miller placed several times, and other out- standing members were George Sheets, James Warren, Jim Mitterling, and George Fox. SCHEDULE Oct. 1 Nappanee 17 Elkhart 55 Oct. 9Triangular Meet Nappanee 18 Goshen 27 Nappanee 25 Warsaw 31 Oct. 19 Nappanee 19 Howe 40 Hatfield and Hostetter Clothiers 4 89 - Men's Wear-Boys' Wear Top Picture, Top Bow-I.. to R.: A ..- i' ,id 'wk William Stutzman, Philip Wright, Jerry Lentz, John Brunso, Donald Malcolm, Coach Xvolhornz Second Row-Gene Johnson, Wesley Hansen, Harvey Delfrees, David Hostetter, Keith BICCUPII, James Hose: Bottom Row-Richard Welborn, Ronald Miller, Bernell Slabaugh, Martel Jennings, Fred VVilt. Left-Ron Miller warms up for the mile. Right--Keith McCuen practices the shot-put. The Bulldogs enioyed a good season with four wins and six losses in regular competition. Nap- panee also scored an easy victory in the County Meet. .lohnson tied the school record in the 100- yard dash and Miller set a new record for themile. Although last year's graduates will be missed, Coach WeIborn's men are expected to show another excellent season in l952. Since the Napanet will be in the process of being printed before the '52 track season opens, it is desirable to picture the '5l team. 'Nappanee won April 3 April 5 April 10 April 'I6 April l9 k April 23 April 24 April 26 May 2 May 4 May 8 State Bank of Nappanee Member of Federal Dep. Ins. Corp. ...40-. SCHEDULE Nappanee-Goshen-Warsaw "'Nappanee-Middlebury Nappanee-Goshen Nappanee-Columbia City "'Nappanee-Jimtown-Concord Nappanee-Elkhart B i"Nappanee-Lakeville "'Nappanee-Wakarusa 'County Meet Nappanee-Ft. Wayne South Nappanee-Goshen-Warsaw Side Girls Athletic Associotion Row One-I.. to R.: Clara Xvalters, Sandra Nettrour, Joan Andm-ws, Carol Andrews, Marilyn Martz. Row Two: Marilyn Byror, Shirley Longtield, Abby Lev Hnssh-r. livlty Xvnml- hams, Nancy Baumgartner, Barbara Stahly, .Danelle Ervin, l':1trivia Tobias, Sally Stutzman, Judy Rose, ltairicia Corl. Row Three: Sally Stouder, Linda. Chandler, Nancy Peters. Joan Km-pp, Sally Snider. Judy Martin, Mary Lou Miller, l'atricia Snider, llimzilwllm- Rf'HSlJt'Fgi1l', Dorothy Mikel, Sue Martindale, Miss Uurlis, sponsor. Row Pour: Patricia Keim, Jolene Klingaman, Patricia Losee, Jam-t lfishc-r, Neurol Miller, Doris Balsley, Betty Yoder, Barbara McDonald, Linda Stump, Ruth Kahler, Lulabelle H-epler, Lois Lvmna, Janet Klingamun. What ave Patsy Losee and Pat Snider doing? Boys are not the only ones 'who can play Just having a game of deck tennis. basketball! These energetic girls are Lulabelle Hepler, Janet Fisher, Sally Snider, and Betty itiH,,y tif' Yoder. ac' State Bank of Nappanee -41-- Member of Federal Reserve System THE CAMERA POINTS L1 WIN M Ag - Q ,45 -Q 'wx Administration "The bright golden days of your school years are re- flected in the pages of this fine book which you have created as a monument to your class. All who have worked and shared with you in these eventful years will enioy the memories this volume will awaken. It will be a testament to your achievements. It may also be a promise of greater ac- complishments. Life will be just as rich and full as you will it to be. Meet the com- ing years with the hope, faith, and courage you now espouse and happiness and success will attend you. And the best wishes of your friends go with you al- ways." William R. Kendall Superintendent g,..-..-n-- "The school year 1951-52 of which this book records the highlights, was one filled with student activity and hard work. lt has been a year of genuine growth in school spirit and outstanding achievement by an unusual number of student organizations and individuals. The Napanet staff and their sponsor have worked diligently and capably to give you a lasting picture of this year's school life. My best wishes and congratulations go to 'Q' al l them and all who have had a part in the Eh Q f tis' preparation of this book." 'iv I James O. Weddle, Principal Vitreous Steel Products Co. Porcelain Enamel Products -44- Office Personnel Edith Hoover, Mr. Ken- dall's secretary. Anna Lou Robertson, Mr Weddle's secretary. Anna Lou Robertson and Edith Hoover are two of the busiest persons in the school. As the capable secretaries to the principal and superintendent respectively, they are to be given much credit for their services in clerical and general office work. School Board These gentlemen are given the responsibility of solving all problems that arise concerning school matters. Seated around the table are Harter A. Wright, Dr. Douglas W. Price, Carlyle A. Mutschler, William R. Kendall, Charles W. Edler, and Virgil Anglin. Huffman Bakery Mother's Bread The teachers deserve most of the credit in giving the students of N.H.S. a well-rounded educational program. Many of them gave their valuable time to help students outside of regular school hours in both curricular and extra-curricular activities. L , .4 WAYNE BEST RAY HOPEWELL Social Studies Science Manchester College, A.B. .Purdue University Indiana University, M.S. Indiana University, B.S. JOHNSON DOUGLAS JESSE GERBER Vocational Agriculture Industrial Arts, Diversified Occupations Purdue, B.S.A. and M.S. Purdue University, B.S., M.S. DORIS CURTIS LUCY MILES Physical Education, Jr. High English English, Speech Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. Indiana University, A.B. LEWIS HABEGGER Northwestern University Instrumental Music Goshen Cqllegg Manchester College, B.S. Purdue Un'Ve"s'IY Michigan State University ISHMAEL OSBORNE I'IeGlII'l Gnd Physical EdUCGIlOI'l Home Economics and Cafeteria Manager Indfana Slcfle Tgqchers College' B's' Purdue University, B.S. Indmna Un'VerS'IY CLARENCE HOLAWAY HASEY POSTMA F re'gn Lang age , M th t' mmerce Cgoshen Colletge, g.A. 0 emo ICS Gofhen College' A'B' Indiana University, M.S. Indiana Unlverslty, M.C.S. ESTHER HOOVER English Indiana University, A.B. University of California at Los Angeles Ball State Teachers College Willard M. Naylor Kroger Store Insurance-Real Estate-Loans -46- Quality and Service .Ilr. IJUUZLQIIIS. Mr. Ilfzlwggvr. Mrs. Miles, and Mr. White hold a between-classes teachers' meeting in Mr. Kenr1ull's ojice. LEONTINE JAMESON OLIVE WEAVER Music English and Library Skidmore College, B.A. Middle Tennessee State, B.S. Northwestern University B.M.E. University of Illinois, BIS. in L.S. MARY ROOD LUNDY WELBORN Art Mathematics and Physical Education Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. Butler University, B.S. GA'-EN ROOSE Indiana University, M.S. Mathematics LAWRENCE WHITE Goshen College Social Studies Manchester College Manchester College, A.B. Indiana University, A.B., M.S. Ball State Teachers College Purdue University Indiana University, M.S. Miller Memorial Service Bremen Quality Cleaners Monuments of Character -47- Odorless Dry Cleaning Seniors PRESIDENT .....,.. 7 .V., . . .,.... James Rose SECRETARY-TREASURER A Patricia Richmond VICE-PRESIDENT -- ,...,iii...,.iii Glen Stump CLASS FLOWER ,iE. ,ii.... i,i,EEiiEii R e d Rose CLASS COLORS LLLL LLLL.vL,L..,...,,. I lied and Grey CLASS MOTTO LLLL We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough. It is said that "into each life a little rain must fall" . . . we had a flood!!!! With a bone-dry treasury we bravely ventured forth to raise funds for a trip to Washington, D. C. Impossible? Not with Jim Rose as our leader! We sold concessions at ballgames, had successful taffy sales, and 'presented a senior class play, "We Shook the Family Tree." We'll never forget our trip to Washington! Among our other activities was attending College Night at Elkhart where we had interviews with representatives from different colleges and universities. Also, six of our seniors took scholarship tests from the four state colleges or universities of Indiana. Of course, we were all excited when Senior Week activi- ties rolled around. We especially want to thank the juniors for the line reception they gave us. In spite of it all, there was a spirit of sadness when commencement exercises drew near. We realized we were leaving N.H.S. forever. Ilcctvv M ll.-Lisle XV. Roose, M.D. Ofhce Nappmu ind Van Buren Streets -48- MARK BAMMEL "Mark" B-and I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2. WILFRED BLESSING "Willy" Hi-Y 3, 4, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, Cross Country 3, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. DELLA INA CHAPMAN "Sistie" Napanet 4, Co-Editor of Napanet 4, D'Bulldog I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens Secretary I, Thespians 2, Dra- matics I, 2, Student Council I, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Band Vice-.President 4, Pep Band 4, Chorus 4, Robed Choir 4, Re- ception Committee 3, Class President 2, Girls' State 3, Operetta I, "Stranger in the Night" I, "Doctor's Orders" 2, Senior Class Play 4. SHIRLEY DAVIS "Shirley" Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. Secretary-Treasurer 3. DAVID BOWERS "Dave" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Debate 2, 3, Active Atoms 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Robed Choir 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 3, Operetta 2, 3, Senior Class Play 4. ELDON DISHER "Eldy" Napanet 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Student Coun- cil 3, Active Atoms 3, Cross Country 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Play 4. MARTHA DICK "Martha" Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, Operetta 2. JO ANN FARRINGTON "Jody" Napanet 3, 4, Editor of Napanet 4, D'Bulldog 'l, 2, 3, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Thespians 2, Dramatics I, National Honor Society 4, Student Council 4, Student Council Secretary-Treasurer 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4, Robed Choir 4, Cheerleader 'l, 2, D.A.R. Representa- tive 4, "Doctor's Orders" 2, Operetta I, Senior Class Play 4. You cam. count 011. Willy to be first in line! JERALD FREET "Jerry" F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, D.O.C. 3, 4, Football 3, Intramurals 2. SCHUYLER FULLER, JR. "Juny" Track 3, Football 3, 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA HENLEY "Trish" Napanet 4, D'Bulldog 'l, 2, 3, 4, Co- Editor of D'Bulldog 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Student Council 2, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 4, Robed Choir 4, Reception Com- mittee 3, Operetta I, Senior Class Play 4. BARBARA LECOUNT "Barb" Y-Teens 'l, 2, 3, 4, Band 'l, 2, 3, Chorus 2, Operetta l, 2. DOUGLAS GEYER "Doug" Active Atoms 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. ROGER GREENAWALT "Rog" F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. Secretary 3, 4, Football 3, Intramurals l, 2, 3. ARLENE LEHMAN "Arlene" Y-Teens 3, F.H.A. l, Chorus 2, Oper- etta 2. AVIS LOSEE "Avis" Y-Teens I, 2, 4. We can't publish the "Na,paxnet" without a stairway scene! Nappanee Milling Co., Inc. Quality Flour and Feeds With Sue and Mafrla at the piano, they can't go wrong! DAVID HOSTETTER "Dave" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. l, 2, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Robed Choir 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. ROBERT JENSEN "Bob" Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Robed Choir 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Soft- ball 2, 3, Football 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3. CAROL SUE MARTIN "Sue" Napanet 4, D'Bulldog l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Drum Maiorette 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 4, Robed Choir l, 2, 4, Reception Com- mittee 3, Operetta l, 2. HELEN MARLA MUTSCHLER "Marla" Napanet 4, D'Bulldog 2, 3, 4, D'Bull- dog Editor 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, National Honor President 4, Student Council 3, 4, Student Council Secretary-Treasurer 3, Student Council Vice-President 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Band President 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Robed Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Choir Accompanist 1, 2, 3, 4, Reception Committee 3, Operetta 'l, 2, 3. EARL EDWIN KERN "Ed" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y Secretary 3, Active Atoms 3, Basketball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals l, Cross Country 4. PAUL LECHLITNER "Lech" F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, lntramurals 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA RICHMOND "Pat" D'Bulldog 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 'l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens President 3, Student Council 'l, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4, Chorus Vice- President 4,, Dramatics 1, 2, Cheer- leader l, 2, 4, Class Secretary-Treas- urer l, 2, 3, 4, Reception Committee 3, "Stranger in the Night" l, "Doctor's Orders" 2, Operetta l, Senior Class .Play 4. MARY ROCKSTROH "Mary" Napanet 4, Y-Teens l, 3, 4, Y-Teens President 4, National Honor Society 4, Student Council 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Recep- tion Committee 3. Emma ' 5 , if U . J!! r Ray Shank Motors Chevrolet Cars-Trucks 5 House of Harter, Goshen, Indiana. "Sporting Goods" Time out for the "pause that 'l'6f'I'6Sh6S.,, JAMES MESSNER "Jim" D.O.C. 45 Intramurals 2, 4. ROBERT METZLER "Bob" Napanet 45 D'Bulldog 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Debate 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 Student Council 45 Active Atoms 3, 4. MONNA SECHRIST "Monna" Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 'l5 D.O.C. 45 D.O.C. Secretary 45 Reception Com- mittee 35 Senior Class Play 4. DOLORES WEAVER "Dolores" Y-Teens 3, 45 F.H.A. 2, 35 D.O.C. 45 D.O.C. Vice-President 45 Jacksonville, Arkansas: Journalism 25 Class Secre- tary 3. RONALD MILLER "Ron" L D'Bulldog 45 Active Atoms 3, 45 Track l, 2, 3, 45 Softball 2, 35 Cross Country 3, 45 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 Class Vice- President l. JAMES MITTERLING "Chick" Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y Vice-President 45 F.F.A. l, 25 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Track 25 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 3, 45 Class President 25 Class Vice- President 35 Intramurals l. BETTY SHARKEY "Betty" Y-Teens 3, 45 Librarian l, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 4. JO ANN SHIVELY "Shive" D'Bulldog 3, 45 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Chorus l, 45 Reception Committee 35 Cheerleader lp Senior Class ,Play 4. JAMES ROSE "Mauri" Napanet 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y Chaplin 2, Hi-Y President 4, Class President 3, 4, Active Atoms 3, 4, Boys' State 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Intra- murals 2, 3, 4. GEORGE SHEETS "George" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. Vice-President 4, Student Council 2, Track 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4, Intramurals l. MARY SLABAUGH "Mary" Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, National Honor Secretary- Treasurer 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, G.A.A. l, Reception Committee 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 'l, 2, 3, 4, Robed Choir 'l, 2, 3, 4, Operetta l, 2, 3. SALLY SNIDER "Sally" Napanet 4, Y-Teens l, 3, 4, G.A.A. 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Reception Committee 3. DAVID STOUDER "Dave" Napanet 3, 4, Napanet Business Man- ager 4, D'Bulldog 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 'l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus President 4, Robed Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, Softball 'l, 2, Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, Operetta l, 2, 3, Senior Class Play 4. GLEN STUMP "Glen" Hi-Y 3, 4, Hi-Y Secretary 4, F.F.A. l, 2, 3, District F.F.A. Treasurer 2, F.F.A. Treasurer 3, National Honor Society 4, National Honor Vice-President 4, Stu- dent Council 4, Active Atoms 3, Chorus 4, Robed Choir 4, Class Vice-President 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Basketball l, 2. RUBY TOBIAS "Ruby" Y-Teens l, 2, 3, Librarian 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, D.O.C. 4. JACQUELYN THOMPSON "Jackie" D'Bulldog 4, Y-Teens 4, Chorus 4, Senior Class Play 4. The Seniors make good use of the libfrafry. Elkhart Farm Bureau Co-operative Association, Inc. That must be am interesting paper Jim is 'readingl WILLIAM STUTZMAN "Stutzie" Track 3, Football 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. JAMES TROXEL "Jim" F.F.A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. 3, 4. ARLENE WELTY "Arlene" Y-Teens I, 3, 4, Y-Teens Secretary 4, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. Vice-President 3, F.H.A. President 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4. MARIE WILSON "Marie" D'Bulldog l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Reception Committee 3, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 4, Chorus 'l, 2, 3, 4, Robed Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Operetta I, 2, 3, Senior Class .Play 4. RICHARD WELBORN "Rich" Hi-Y 3, 4, Student Council 3, Track 3, Basketball 3, Football 3, 4, Intra- murals 4. WAYNE WELTY "Wayne" F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. President 4, Intramurals 3, 4. FRED WlLT "Fuzz" D'Bulldog 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Debate I, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Student Council President 4, Class Vice-President 3, Re- ception Committee 3, Active Atoms 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Operetta 1. PHILIP WRIGHT "PhiI" Hi-Y 3, 45 Hi-Y Chaplin 45 Active Atoms 35 Reception Committee 35 Track I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball I5 Football 3, 45 Intramurals 2, 3, 45 Senior Class Play 4. JOHN ZIMMERMAN "John" Debate 45 F.F.A. l, 25 Intramurals lg Senior Class Play 4. John and Phil receive the proofs for their senior pictures! Try outs for "We Shook the Fwmfily Tree." I t's the senior girls primrping again! Fred Wilt ..... ................. S peech and Scholarship . . . valedictorian . . . speech training at University of Denver and Northwestern University . . . being considered for large scholar- ship to Northwestern . . . in top ten speakers of the House of Representatives in the Student Legislative Assembly at Purdue . . . Varsity Debater for four years . . . Robert Metzler ...........,.................................. Science . . . honorable mention in the Westinghouse Talent Search . . . amateur radio operatorg his own station W9MKF . . . Mary Rockstroh and Sally Snider ..............,......... Art . . . specialize in landscapes, oil paintings . . . source of posters for school activities . . . stage settings for operettas . . . maioring in art in college . . . Coppes, Inc. Napanee Kitchens P- 56 - Present Marla Mutschler .............................................. Music . . . first chair flutist in band . . . choir accompanist . . . played in first violin section of the symphony orchestra at lnterlochen Music Camp . . . offered scholarship to attend lnterlochen . . . first violinist in Elkhart Symphony Orchestra . . . Robert Jensen ............................................. Sports . . . gridiron center . . . varsity basketball player . . . in top ten scorers of the county . . . has participated in track in shot-put events . . . James Rose ............................................ Leadership . . . president of class in junior and senior years . . . led all money-making projects for reception and to promote senior trip . . . Hi-Y president . . . Wilfred Blessing ...................................... 'Agriculture . . . member of F.F.A. for four years . . . participated on iudging teams . . . Junior 4-H leader . . . received 4-H medal for health and safety leadership . . . excellent farm program at home . . . Pioneer award for corn yield . . , Coppes, Inc. - 57 - Napanee Kitchens Class Will I, Mark "Are you fer' real?" Bammel, will my wit and ability to twist my face into humorous contortions to "Posey" Flowers who taught me what I already know. I, Wilfred "Bashful" Blessing, will my shyness around girls to George Fox who could certainly use some of it. I, David "Vasileno" Bowers, will my Valentino air along with my pegged pants and white bucks to Walter Hershberger to win the love of a lady. I, Della Ina "Calories" Chapman, will my one and only love-food, to Molly Jo Tobias so that she can develop her trapezius and Iatissimus dorsi. I, Shirley "Country gal" Davis, will my home-making ability to the girls in next year's home economics class provided they can eat what they cook. I, Martha "Take a Ietter" Dick, will my secretarial accomplishments to Greta Bigler to use at the Pletcher Motor Company. I, Eldon "Blow-it-up" Disher, will my world-shaking experiments to Jane McGilIen provided the chemistry lab is still existing by next year. l, Jerald "More or Iess" Freet, will my cherished White Owl cigars to Jim Burt to make next year's senior trip an enjoyable one. I, Junior "Skipper" Fuller, will my unchallenged record of never being in school over three days a week to Pat Keim who already has a good start. I I, Douglas "Shortstuff" Geyer, will my stature to Wesley Hansen who could use a little moderation. I, Roger "Speedy" Greenawalt, will my ability of driving 95mph on gravel roads to Billie Main to use with his motor scooter. I, Patricia "Lung power" Henley, will my sudden outbursts and piercing screams at the ball games to anyone who can do as well to make the opposite team miss their free throws. I, David "Spit-curl" Hostetter, will my secret formula for keeping my hair curly to Carol Jo Baumgartner so she won't complain about her hair always being straight. l, Robert "Love 'em and leave 'em" Jensen, will my interests in Bremen to Kenny Mitterling provided Road 6 is still usable. I, Edwin "Tricks" Kern, will my novelty plays and fancy passes in basketball to Keith McCuen to add to his own ability. I, Barbara "Giggles" LeCount, will my lasting friendship with Betty Hochstettler to Shirley Longfield to share with Janet Fisher. I, Arlene "Tru-coIor" Lehman, will my long blonde hair to Marcia Mutschler so she won't have to bring out the peroxide bottle when the "peroxide bug" attacks N.H.S. l, Avis "True-Story" Losee, will my pastime of devouring true-love and romantic adventure stories to Pegge Arch who already has an over-flowing supply of them. I, Sue "Know 'em aIl" Martin, will my knowledge of a great variety of iokes to Jane Loudermilk provided she keeps them circulating next year. I, James "Angel" Messner, will my ability to turn Mrs. Rood's hair grey to Bob Lutes who is certainly following in my footsteps. I, Robert "S.H.B.B." Metzler, will my high principles to some Gooneybird member who can certainly use them. I, Ronald "Worry-wart" Miller, will my chewed off fingernails and worried expressions because of girl troubles to Junior Phillips who so far has been getting along famously with his steady. I, James "Love 'em in the band room" Mitterling, will' my extra-curricular band activities to Dan Hostetter to keep up the high standards of the men in the baritone section. R km C 11 d r Neuhauser Hatcherles lxgbragge .iggxllcyg - 58- "Good Luck Chlcks I, Marla "Busy-bee" Mutschler, will my ability of attending five different meet- ings during one Activity Period to Jolene Klingaman as she will need it as next year's editor of D'Bulldog. We, ,Patricia "Eat-up-the-profits" Richmond and Jo Ann "Can I get off Saturday night?" Farrington, will our iobs at Johnsons' Drug Store to anyone who is brave enough to wait on the tables when school is dismissed in the afternoon. I, Mary "Skyscraper" Rockstroh, will my height to next year's basketball team so they can look down on Elkhart. I, James "Never say die" Rose, will my duties as senior class president to the poor unfortunate iunior who can survive through it all next year. We, Monna "Engaged" Sechrist and Betty "Betrothed" Sharkey, will our success in hooking a man in our senior year to any lucky iunior girls who think they can do as well. I, George "Desk carver" Sheets, will my nasty little carving weapons to my sister, Norma, in order tlfat the name "Sheets" may appear forever on the desks of N.H.S. I, Jo Ann "Hot-rod" Shively, will my taxi-cab service to Terry Hamsher if her car can take it like my faithful Ford has. I, Mary "Not always quiet" Slabaugh, will my quiet manner to my little brother, Max, knowing that he could surely use it. I, Sfally "Michaelangelo" Snider, will my artistic ability to the poor soul who has to paint posters for next year's senior class play. I, David "Gleep-gleep" Stouder, will my sacred membership in the original Gooney-birds to any red-blooded American boy who can live up to the high moral standards of the organization. I, Glen "Muscles" Stum'p, will my bulging biceps to Jack Ulery to take my place as lover-boy of N.H.S. I, William "Dead-eye" Stutzman, will my unerring accuracy in throwing erasers to John Tobias as long as he does not receive a detention slip for it. I, Jacquelyn "Safe and sane?" Thompson, will my ability to kill two chickens and run into a ditch on the same day to Lois Sechrist, knowing that she can live up to it. I, Ruby "Dark-eyes" Tobias, will my coal black hair to Helen Huff to help bring hers back to its original shade. We, James "Mow 'em down" Troxel and Paul "First-served" lechlitner, will our mad dash from Ag class to the lunch line to next year's track team. I, Dolores "Recitation" Weaver, will my volunteering to answer questions to any timid soul who expects to get a good grade by keeping his mouth shut. I, Richard "Makin' out" Welborn, will my steady romance with a certain sophomore to Jim Reed and Johanna Jerles who already have a good start. I, Arlene "Practice makes perfect" Welty, will the long hours of practice in mastering the bassoon to Mary Helen Pippen who does a good iob of it now. I, Wayne "Ping for serve" Welty, will my noon hour ping pong prowess to Bob Wyman who is already becoming a "pro." I, Marie "Party-line" Wilson, will my ability to dig up gossip for the D'Bulldog to next year's society columnist in hopes that she can keep the ears of N.H.S. burning. I, Fred "Patrick Henry" Wilt, will my fluency in oratorical talents to Mr. White to increase the attention in government class. I, Philip "Get out there and sell!" Wright, will my iron hand in selling con- cessions at the ball games to any poor iunior who has the iob next year. I, John "Laughing boy" Zimmerman, will my hearty horse-laugh to anyone in next year's government class to use for Mr. White's iokes. Freets Texaco Service . Igabelles Shoppe Gas, 011 Lub1'iC2ti0n and Washlrlg -59- Ladies' and Children's Apparel and Glfts Class Prophecy MARK BAMMEL and DAVE STOUDER have taken advantage of their musical talents. They have their own band now, playing Christmas carols for the Salvation Army! WILFRED BLESSING has a iob at Marshall Fields selling ladies lingerie. He gets more commission than any other clerk. DAVE BOWERS is a three-letter man at Yale-knitting, crocheting, and em- broidery! SISTIE CHAPMAN is head of the "Della's Dainty Dollies" school for girls to develop poise and good manners! SHIRLEY DAVIS is now chief cook and bottle washer in the school cafeteria. MARTHA DICK is a hit in the broadway musicals! She is known as the world's most famous ballerina. ELDON DISHER is back in Nappanee High School! No, not a teacher-He's still trying to pass the chemistry course! JODY FARRINGTON finally learned how to drive and as a matter of fact, "Fearless Farry" broke all records and won the gold cup at the Indianapolis speed- way. JERRY FREET is sole proprietor of a gasteria. His employees are beautiful girls on roller skates! You can tell JUNY FULLER really loved school. He has taken over Mr. Welborn's duties-including issuing absence slips! DOUG GEYER plays center for the Fort Wayne Pistons-on stilts! ROGER GREENAWALT is the star of the show at the New Paris Speedway. He decided to turn his Dodge into a hot-rod! CHICK MITTERLING, the most eligible single man in Nappanee, is contemplating on getting a room at PAT HENLEY'S home for retired bachelors. DAVE HOSTETTER is super-salesman of men's clothing at Stillsons' Sporting Goods. BOB JENSEN repairs watches in a local iewelry store-a iob that requires nimble fingers as well as brainwork. ED KERN is still a good long shot-he is quite a professional in betting on the horses in Miami. PAUL LECHLITNER is now a Hollywood celebrity. His most recent film was en- titled "The Return of Valentino." BARBARA LECOUNT is taking shorthand of the trials in the Supreme Court of the United States. ARLENE LEHMAN is in New York posing for peroxide ads. AVIS LOSEE is now a famous novelist. She recently completed a best-seller, "My Personal Romance." SUE MARTIN is an authority on "How to Gain Weight!" It must be the married life, she's gained at least two pounds since graduation! As we all expected, JIM MESSNER turned out to be a preacher! His sermon last Sunday was "The Evils of Drink." BOB METZLER is now in Hollywood starring in "The lOtherl Thing." RON MILLER, who has broken all records set by Gehrmann and Wilt, is now running the mile in the Olympics. Stuckman's Shoe Store Nappanee Greenhouse Rx Prescriptiqns -60 - "Say It Wltll FLOWERS" MARLA MUTSCHLER turned down an offer to play in the London Symphony Orchestra. She found out violin strings were made of cat-gutg her love for felines was far too great to accept the offer. PAT RICHMOND spends most of her time raising little-pigs? Her farm is located about eight miles south of town. MARY ROCKSTROH and SALLY SNIDER are now famous painters--they are kept pretty busy going from farm to farm painting barns! JIM ROSE is serving a twenty year sentence in the state penitentiary for robbing the State Bank of Nappanee. lHis dad, cashier of the bank, wouldn't give him his aIlowance.l MONNA SECHRIST quit her iob at Schultz's Dime Store. She now has a full- time iob of raising "little Methodists." BETTY SHARKEY has a happy married life with her three sets of twins. GEORGE SHEETS runs the bus lines between Nappanee and the metropolis of Bourbon. JO SHIVELY leads a homey life on her husband's farm. Every morning at 4 a.m. you can find her milking cows. MARY SLABAUGH and MARIE WILSON are continuing with their musical careers. They sing commercials for the Rival Dog Food Company. GLEN STUMIP is the new Sunday School superintendent at Union Center. BILL STUTZMAN plays center for the Cleveland Bears. They are known as the best professional football team in Cleveland. JACKIE THOMPSON married a wealthy Texan. She is usually seen galloping along the range yodeling "l Got Spurs." RUBY TOBIAS spends most of her time knitting in an old folks home. The talents of JIM TROXEL and WAYNE WELTY were discovered at one of our basketball games. They are now at Madison Square Gardens opening coke bottles in the lobby! DOLORES WEAVER is the proud mother of a family of twelve children-all red-heads! RICH WELBORN has succeeded Mr. White as Hi-Y sponsor. It is rumored the club has a new constitution and by-laws. ARLENE WELTY has the well-known title as "queen" of the New York gambling syndicate. FRED WILT, well-known for organizing the M.C.T.U. lMen's Christian Temper- ance Unionl, has been asked to run as the prohibition nominee for the presidency. PHIL WRIGHT was driven out of the undertaking business because a new vitamin pill was discovered. He reached new heights though-he is now a pole- sitter! JOHN ZIMMERMAN has gone far in the radio field. He is hired by Arthur Godfrey to sit in the audience and laugh at his jokes! Nappanee Implement and Supply Co. O. N. Lentz D D S Farm Equlpment --61- 1545 East Market Street PRESIDENT .,.. ,, ,, ....--Phyllis Roth VICE-PRESIDENT ........ ...... , .... J 3.119 Strauss SECRETARY-TREASURER -- .... Jolene Klingaman 'Juniors Mutschler Brothers Company Porta-Bilt Kitchen Furniture What a busy year we've had! First of all, Carol Jo Baumgartner, Greta Bigler, and Jane Strauss were selected as our National Honor Society representatives. Our magazine sales took up all of our time for a few weeks, but it netted us a large profit. Of course the party given by the losing home room was enjoyed immensely. Another time-taking project was our Junior-Senior Re- ception, but even the seniors agree that it was well worth our efforts. -62.- Tow Row-L. to R.: Norris Balsley Carol J 0 1g?llllY1g1ll'l nor Greta Biglvr .lzlmvs Burt Currull Coppvs Stanley 'Furmwald Second. Row: Paul Fluwers XVaneta. FF0llg'Cl' Marlene Goorge Rim-h:1l'd G't'SSlllg'l'l' Holm-rl Ga-ssillgvl' SlllI'lm'Y tlvym-1' Third Row: Douglas Goldvn XV1-sl:-y Hanson Lululiclle Harman Shirlvy 1-lm-kzuuun Ria-lmrd H1-plur Wallvr Ill-rslxlu-rgm-r Fourth Row: H'L'1t'll lluff Ruth lfillllidl' .lolvllv lilinguman Joan Kncpp .lame Loudcrmilk I"zLtriciz1. Lutes Fifth Row: liulmvrt l.ulm-s Xvlllllllll lllzmin llolmld lklnll-Ulm Mary Martin Kc-ith lXl4:Cuen June lklcilillon Sixth Row: Sheila Ms-Griff Dorothy Mikel Carol Mm' Miller Eliznbcfth Miller Julia Miller K-unncth Mlttcrling Seventh Row: Gordon Pfoiffer Marilyn 1'ippe-ngul' Janet Rohn-r Phyllis Roth Paul Sochrist XVilli11m Sharp Eighth Row: Ruth Sheets Alix-0 .loan Slahnugh Marilyn Sparks .lane Strauss Shirlvy Suthl-inn-r Donna. 'Footer Ninth Row: Juyce T-L-L-ter lvlary Jo NVultors liolwrt XVaterS Carlyle NVcldy Betty Yoder Lowell Young 0 1. 5, .,,, X Q5 fi 9 n l 1, 3 ,. . A . .Wi N .0 , 6 i W 9 . l li all' sf A, E :ii X 5 1 K X '53 'h" :-2 f I .va gn 1. . . gg uv' sl A-A -if Y l wr x 5 if s, Q -Q , 3 ' up 1 P- A, qs W: H A it 8: . ' r.- x. b we ur QQ W. tm ff, W I A 1, - "" ' -vw? "' . A iii . g7"'mf . f 2 my -1 1 ,W B l VZ, v f n ea X -53- Q .1 ,ri G. Vkyv I y Q A: L. K b y ii wi . . , , 6 my, gi M 'Q if at 3-3 l l l N -. li? fix! L Mutschler Brothers Company Porta-Bilt Kitchen Furniture A .. 3, an mn? 5 Q, ' .. X .A 'X , PRESIDENT ........... - eeee Max Slabaugh VICE-PRESIDENT ............... ..-- .... Jesse Berger SECRETARY-TREASURER ,,.,A ,,., ,,,,S3,I'lt2-I, Schrock S o p h om o res Syler and Syler Grain, Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizer WE SOPHOMORES, the CLASS of '54, . . . Have had fun, especially at our class party at Hobo Haven Where everyone acted and dressed his Worstg or could it have been his best? . . . Have rung doorbells to show our salesmanship in selling 'pound after pound of candy for our class treasury. Oh, how our feet fan-d stornachsl ached until all the candy was gone! . . . Have studied oh, so hard, to keep up thos-e grades at B average which a large percentage of the class was able to do. Our Student Council members were Shirley Losee and Jack Ulery and our sponsors were Mrs. Miles and Mr. Hopewell. 164- Top-L. to B.: Max Beery Jesse Berger Farrell Bill-er Samuel Chupp Barbara Coppes Nancy Copp-es Second Row: Bonnie Corl Joyce Culp Carol DeFrees Donald Disher Marlene Evans Janet Fisher Third Row: Helen Foltz George Fox David Gall Jo Ann Grimm Terry Hamsher Frank Hartman I'Ol11'th Row I Jean Hartman Lulabelle H-epler Terry Hostettler Shirley Keefer Patricia Keim Kay Kendall Fifth Row: Carolyn Kern Lois Lemna ,Shirley Longfield Loren Losee Shirley Losee Charles Lutes Sixth Row: Verna Mast Carolyn Martz Barbara McDonald Wyana. McDow Carol Ann Miller Carol Esther Miller Seventh Row: Kathryn Miller Wanda Miller Junior Phillips LaMar Pletcher Carol Postma Franklin Reed Eighth Row: Richard Rensberger Robert Rhodes Sarita Schrock Lois Sechrist .Shirley Sechrist Max Slabaugh Ninth Row: James Tobias John Tobias Molly Jo Tobias Mary Ellen Troxel Jack Ulery Charles Walters Tenth Bow: James Warren Dixie W'hitehea.d Susan Wright Robert Wyman A he ll ! A' FF . Z. a ,fr .wx if A: lie i -. Q A a t ,E if 4 . B J, ., E43 15 3 S' Q s' is V ' l IX. Q2 5 'xl Wy' 1F fair- '-1 , -:Aid - 65 - at is sl mf r, all J Y 1' 5, i, .M vw F 1 ll is 'fi -I-FV l W R 2, S, A le J fe SA X ,.,., - N -, , , , B "l, ""' ' ly 'ag , A6111 e 5 9' 2 Q L l,. If ,Q V H - .:E A , ,. Q Mast Sales and Service Oliver Farm Equipment .....,,. xx PRESIDENT .... -- ,,...., . James Eilers V1c1:-PRESIDENT ....................,. Daniel Hostetter SECRETARY-TREASURER , ,,., Janice Stickel Freshmen No, we aren't any different from any other freshman class. Of course, we were excited when we began our first year of high school! We had a diflicult time during our class meetings to get all of us to agree upon a class party. But we did come to one decision during the first semester, for we had a Hallo- ween party in the little gym. We want to thank Mr. White and Mr. Gerber for being our sponsors. Also. We are grateful to our Student Council representatives, Marcia Mutschler and Mary Jane Frenger. J. A. Arnott and Son Wright Funeral Home Real Estate and Insurance -66- Ambulance Service To Row:-I.. to R.: P Pegge Arch Paul Bolinger Jam-es Hartman Wayne Brock Mary Jane Buss Kenlyn Calbeck Second Row: Ellen Callander Harvey Chupp James Eilers Donald 'Farmwald Mary Jane Frenger Gaylia Ganshorn Third Row : Beverly George Lyle Hall Harold Hartman Crist Helmuth Howard I-Iepler Daniel Hostetter Fourth Row: Martha Hulf Marjane Hulfnian Doris Hunsberger John Ingle Sharon Jensen Johanna Jerles Fifth Row: Reova Jewell Douglas Kahler Norman Marvel Janet Matti-rn Frances Mcilritf Joel Mellingcr Sixth Row: Victor Miller Freida Mullet Marcia Mutschler Sandra Nettrour Rebecca, Parcell Paul Parks Seventh Row: Wade Pfeiffer Mary Helen Pippen Lowell Pippenger Linda Pletcher Nancy Quigley James Reed Eighth Row: Thelma Rose Patricia Roth Betty -Sechrist Katie Shaw Norma. Sheets Bryce Slabaugh Ninth Row: Janice Stickel Joe Stouder Donna .Sutheimer Judith Swihart Doris Tobias Larry Wagner Tenth Row: Donald Vlfeaver Esther Weldy Alan Wilt James Woodhams Eli Yoder Harvey Yoder f 'F W it ' s rr 5 e 'rutu' K : 7, is' hh 1 tl Fe ,.': i e H. Q 1 RQ .V it N vc F: ia, 1 :WE . , e 1 I: lg K ii 3 5 - .."fr5 .,:, sei W 34' ' ,J Him: if 5 ' A A G S X ii in l sig E L as 5 or ,wi . .. ! X g n gil ely it J ar r .W 'S . .5 "SQA f Y .-1 K L J 5 ar 5 'Q t l,l e -.L il 4 -f 'F' A 2 -lv I ff, Sr X L.. .g 5? fr? A qi S 'S Boston Store-Men's and Boys' Wear, Pontious Plumbing and Heating Ladles' and Girls' Ready to Wear, and Appliances - 67 - 108 W. Randolph Street-Phone 18 Eighth Grade ,f J xr 2 f if Q- qi, , . . J ,Q ,Sb J if in w e W J J ? , . 1 , A N J e i .wx 4. i J ' T ai. , ,:, K A ,SEM wa Q 1 5 'N if ' A N will- fi 63' xgf , ' ' "iv fx 'J -1 J -qi , -,Af 1 vi I, , 1 e I D qi I 'T yd up M , 'L - K .. K TL 5-rg ix 4 J 1- ii .w 4 Ai . 4 J " Fa 1 A N, X, vw 1 -- '-N I N an - J , .A f 'I N K N K , dk WW . J . X L ' , , .2 In , mir f' ly- xr 5' Y, M, 'Q 'x rl - W 5 1 .f K ., 3 . jig N. if X K 4 rn! A X- in R ' , WA riflwv . , "2 ku Qi R' f : e-. ,M ' e - ,X A Q' " ' - X . ' ew.- J4 .. Q., I S ,-4, .. -1 . P: if J' 'WP 1 'M J 4 J ' 4 - HW v 'V , .Q ' n M KN W' M .W H 1 1 me ? . , J 7 M if- el 7-Q M f w EWS'rf'ili'i'ff9ff.b1'zW-1E 1 1, A 'I Lf' Q he Y ' . e ' . , '-4 ,g if A., -M, 1554 fp ' b J , A ff- b , Y J e 1- ff L ' -1 x in Q ' - J Nappanee Lumber Nursery Furniture Sz Manufacturing Co. -68- Top Row-L. to R.: Joan Andrews Ralph Arnott Doris Balsley Nancy Baumgartner Edwin Berger Warren Brock James lirunso Second Row: Marilyn Bryvr Robert Buss James Clous-c Patricia Curl NValter Corwin Dean Culp Janet Culp Third Row: Lavon Culp Lowell Detwiler Russel Erwin Connie Fervida. Virgil 'Fisher .lean Foltz Eddie Foster Fourth Row: lmnuld George Sherry Gillis Kathleen Hahn Mary Ellen Hall Eddie Hand Leota Haney Arthur Heer Fifth Bow: Russell Hepler lVilfred l-lershlwerprn-I Frederick Hockert Abby Lee Hosslrr Connie Hossler Rohn-rla J-ewell Mary Ellen .Innes Sixth How: Luanne Leer Phillip Lehman Sarah Lee Lopp Patricia Losee Marilyn Martz Marcia Mr-llinger Carol June Miller Seventh Row: Marian Miller Mary Lou Miller Glen Mullet George Reed Jerry Reed Donnabell Rensherg4 r NVilfred Rensberger Eighth Row: Lester Shaw Ruth Slabaugh Vatrivia Snider Barbara Stahly John Stahly Sally Stouder Kenneth Stump Ninth Row: Linda Stump Patrii-ia Tobias Sharon Troxt-I Richard XValters James VVeldy Leo XVilliams John WVindham Tenth Row: Carl VV0lf Betty VVn0dhams Richard XVright Ke-nm-th Young Top Row-I.. to R.: Lulu Adams Carol Jeanette Andrews David Arch Gloria Be-ezley Frank Rolingcr Roy Brock Linda Kay Clizlndlt-r Second Row: I.:-roy Chumi Shirley Fhumw Wilma tloponliuyvr Rivhzird Cuppes Raymond Corl .Tan Culp .It-11111-tte ,Sue Ervin Third Row: Ralph 'Fink Larry Fisher XV:xlt0r Frm-np:n-r Nm-l George Suv Grimm T1-rry Haney Lowell Harman, Jr. Fourth Row: June Hwltzt-l I:it'h?lI'd Hvnler lmuise IIt'I'Shht'I'Ll'0l' Nvd HUOVM' liindn Ilousour .luhn Hllllllllvl .Im-kink IIllllS1H'I'g'l'l' Fifth Row: .lm-uli .lzu-kson Vt-rnnn Jewell Mary Kauffman XVilliam Keifer, Jr. .lnnvt Klimraman Larry Lnkins Marilyn Lehman Sixth Row: Vance Lopp Vnndn Sue Loscc Judy Martin Rose-mary Martindale 'XVilli:im Martindale G:-rald Mattern Larry Mcllonald Seventh Row: Charles Myers Donald Miller Ros-vmary Miller 'I'helma Miller 'Fhoinns Miller Alvin Mullet Dollglzls Nine Eighth Row: .Tuhn Osborne Nnnvy Peters Patricia Peterson Judy Phnnd Sue Pletvher Mit-hae! Price Judith Rose Ninth Row: James Speivhvr David ,Storms Kay Frances Stouder Sally Stutzman Alma Swihart John .Tay Troxel lllarn XValters Tenth Row: Linda, Walters David Weldy Gary Xveygand Aubrey Wiseman Chris Woodhams Seventh Grade W . ix 4. , lv ,. , . . , L ' i if ..t4 , 'f i lilit t i 9 X Q 'K ,KA i ,,.., 5 ' 'V ,. Q V V ? H K I? kL-' k ' . i :' x Q , . mfr ak in 5 A , ' , A Q M lufr 1 e i , 3, 4.3 ' if M 5' 1' l i t "" 6 A x " 'R F . I i f : A VSL 31. i .35 W ii "iE 5 ,,. t df -rx" if' L ,t.. , ' 5 F Y 1 .--, ji l 'isis f ff i 'Q-R. in he tei. A l ,, y ,l x x 5 L, k L K 52 K iq Q an s P n f A L W1 fa . -Aj ' , 4 il? i t V fi W if t , uif 1 e"'ef' if l l - ,ta ,,. ,L V V iet .r Xb . . I , I V- P- iiri- 93 -V ' . , f A5 it it it ,ee Er F If? 'P sa A r fi- e m A ' fi- t tt e 39' ,, ?,? if M , ye At x QL ' iii Qi' . , 'ik . .A ff Q' ' , , i :I Az E ' -59- Nappanee Lumber Sz Manufacturing Co. Nursery Furniture VKeith Anglemyer If Wilfred Anglin Lyle Best Dennis Brumbaugh John Brunso .William Buss Richard Corwin Herbert Cripe Harvey DeFrees Phyllis Detwiler Howard Dick Forrest Dunnuck Edward Eilers Oma Eppley James Fleetwood Sally Gall Vance George Carol Gillis Barbara Golden Dana Gray Mechtilde Greschl Virgil Hall Willard Hartman Carl Heckaman Donabelle Hepler Phillip Huff Niles Hunsberger Norma Jean Ingle Martel Jennings Gene Johnson Dawn Kessler Jerry Lentz Rodney Loudermilk wVirgiI Martin vkichard Mikel vlrene Miller James Miller Thelma Miller Robert Miller ' Richard Mishler Rachael ,Pfeiffer f'Marilyn Phend Beverly Ralston wMarilyn Reed tGlen Reed Lamar Reichert Emma Rensberger John Robinson Edna Schmucker Nancy Sechrist Barbara Sharp Betty Sharp Bernell Slabaugh Lois Templin Richard Uline Ralph Umbaugh David Walters Frieda Walters Billie Widmoyer Walter Williams Royce Yoder I Alumni of l95l Mutschler Bros. Co. Farming Miles Laboratory Northern Indiana Brass South Bend School of Commerce Bread Truck Driver South Bend School of Commerce South Bend School of Commerce Purdue University Mrs. Bill Harman U. S. Marines Indiana State Teachers College U. S. Navy Mrs. Dewey Eppley U. S. Army Naylor's Grocery Goshen College Nappanee Lumber 8. Manufacturing Company Mrs. Duane Warren Amherst College Private Office Excel Comfo-Sleep Northern Indiana Brass At home Farming East Side Food Market Mrs. Max Hollar U. S. Air Force Indiana University Coppes Inc. Indiana University U. S. Air Force Farming Farming Miller Lumber 8. Coal Co. CIipp's Auto Supply Co. At home Rexall Drug Store Mutschler Bros. Co. Nappanee Lumber 81 Manufacturing Company Nappanee Lumber 8. Manufacturing Company Mutschler Bros. Co. Nappanee Telephone Company Rensberger Standard Service Bluffton College Blue Bell Inc. Nappanee State Bank Fideke Dry Cleaners Nappanee Lumber 8. Manufacturing Company Coppes Inc. Nappanee Lumber 81 Manufacturing Company Bluffton College City Electric Company Manchester College Excel Bremen Foundry Coppes Inc. Mrs. Merril Pippen U. S. Air Force Chevrolet Garage -71- Designers Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana South Bend, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana South Bend, Indiana South Bend, Indiana West Lafayette, India Nappanee, Indiana Terre Haute, Indiana Trieste, Italy Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Bourbon, Indiana Amherst, Mass. Germany Elkhart, Indiana Wakarusa, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Bloomington, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Bloomington, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee Indiana Bluffton, Ohio Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Goshen, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Bluffton, Ohio Nappanee, Indiana NG North Manchester, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Bremen, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Wakarusa, Indiana Indianapolis Engraving Co and Engravers of Yearbooks BOOKSTORE Jane Strauss and Mary Rockstroh are the busy workers at the bookstore. Under the supervision and management of Mr. Holaway, we are able to purchase all the supplies we need. NURSE What would we do without "Annie" our friendly school nurse? When any of us had an ache or a pain, she was always willing and ready to help. CUSTODIANS Noble Flowers, Robert Shaw, and David Anderson have the iob of keeping our school neat and clean. How would you like to sweep 32,892 feet of 'floor everyday as our ianitors do? CAFETERIA Every day hundreds of students fall in line for "chow" at the cafeteria. The cooks have prepared some tasty meals for us this year. -701 Index Administration 44-45 Alumni .,.... .... 7 1 Band ....... 20-2l Basketball ..... 34-37 Bookstore .... .... 7 0 Cafeteria ....... .... 7 0 Calendar ....... 24-27 Cheerleaders ....... .... 3 8 Choir ............ .... 2 2 Classes ............ 6-9 Class Prophecy 60-61 Class Will ........ ...... 5 8-59 Contents ....... . 4 Cross Country ..... ,... 3 9 Custodians ......... .... 7 0 D'BuIldog Staff 13 Debate ........................ 17 Diversified Occupations .... .A.. 1 8 Eighth Grade ............. .... 6 8 Events ........... 5 Faculty ...... ...... 4 6-47 Football ...... 30-33 Freshmen ....... 66-67 Future Farmers .,... . 19 Future Homemakers ..... . 19 G. A. A. ............... . 41 Hi-Y ...... .... 1 4 Juniors ........... ....... Junior Y-Teens 62-63 . 18 Librarians ....,.. . 'I7 Maiorettes ......,... . 38 Napanet Staff ................ . 'I2 National Honor Society ,,,,,,, , 16 Nurse ............................ - 70 Outstanding Seniors ...... .....,. Seniors ........... 56-57 48-55 Senior Week ...... . 23 Senior Y-Teens Seventh Grade . I5 . 69 Sophomores ...... ,,.,,,, 6 4-65 Student Council ..... , I6 Track ............... , 40 i'12... WV! W'- "'?zi1 .3Zg'7f'A323N 'Lfi mf'-Jw I 15" vi-1 .- 117 F2115 14 f -L-2-RL' ..- ". . . 1-,-pina. N A my-., 1: ,.-1.5. -15' ""5'f"'if'f-'Wy ' -, F5 '5': ?l'a '15 . 1.,'.s'T-.:,'-- 1 w.fg:', . , .1 '-A '..'-, 'J'?','fw.x.:jf . , f ,.. Ls -rx . , ,. "' f'. 2 , A, .-1 . ' ,..,k4,,.1. ,,, Q 4-?l ., aff: 1 " EIL '--'ffl'-Y'-3 ,Y 1 -, +1p.5f':f1 W .W 1, U, -f f,.1.y- Zigi-,F ' ' .53-5.5 51- 'x' 'gn-fig.-11: ,w, ., 1-xT'f:.wJ-, N-iIF'f5I75' - .. 'r ',1 ' . ": . If. Ji.,-,lj-4 ht.: 5-Q5,:'f,'Q-3.5" 5.1.1 '. ' -'. 'ff nj? ,t:ffqQ1'...V,-r, Q W. U ,G1,I.-.gfqxy U f-' :zz-e. -.:,'..:.13Mf7- 'fr 44-- - - --1, - :j+ft'.'L,jf',1 -.Mp , 1. .4 .-Sfztnw sz. ff r . . -"uf: --um,-V. ' -' ' 'Y' '.1"H f. . I .'...-vw? .fn af:-" it ' f :-Hy. 14 1-,fry r , X1-1'V1'13v. .V .j- ,Un .,,f.!--1 N 1 5,5'g...1- v , 4' z' if , if il .. " . X-.-.V." . , 4 ... , . , ,A. .. . . ., . -if-5, . Annuui. Q- .1.. .-. m.. a .wiiiiil A f?f.....' r a + ' P41 2 ni. ,I L4.1.f

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