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Nappanee High School - Napanet Yearbook (Nappanee, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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N rv 1 -,y -, --,., -V 'X 124 'A - ' WH: 4. ,, ,,x '.. ,f.f. . "4 ' Y ' ,. -.,,,w , . M511-f ,..s . 1,- . Ng, 6' ,-.., .wh . 5 . ,,' M , ,,,,Q Q1 in ' - , ,.,,- v 1 f -4. , 1, M. 2 fx. 2. I.. lip.: "' v'f--1 K , lf! '7"fL. kg-. . f-lb' ag.. A Y, ,gf 'Q.-25472, , ,lf , .ar . 'ffl .. M ' ff. ,j V' "3 4 ig 1 L, .,, "Qi':rT:I.' A .T1 ai E., w -. .., Q I , 76 'nj ' ,Qu -3 B. ,- A ,L ff 39,- - uf A ff' A WF' Q .Elm .' P 55 ,win If . wtf X - VL: xv fig " ,,' 'Nix xe3,,2,' v - ' ". A."f w , R 4 Y. 1 Nz . Jw! .fy QQ ,V .,, u' A .1 ,,., f V-, ff . 'VH . M ,ciF,. Q , L ,f,.. 4, 5..,...-- - 'r.,.. .f ,- x Q . , . v 1 - ask, ., . ' 'ul A ' ff., ff . I ,fl . . 5, - . . ' , . , - fr I ' -, .gy ,, , "2 K . 'QI ,LQ f -Y . - ' 4- . .,'T"'5 -f ,Jw :Jig-'?Wf'!,A V, , gif? w 1 Vfiffxffff' ' pf: V if , "LQ 5, ' W' 3 . f fx ff- t fi ,fifth 5 1 glvyj J, ,3.'J2v 'xjT- . ' " g 'fl ' A Lf x f Xiu. . 2L,,.,, in 'i,j1,5,' ' W " " H www-'ll-Ar, -'fri ,ati-1 Q, b V' w gh M , - ' . 15,55 - V. ,.,- f..f.'? ,'k ' " " xg fb: HP iw ffgwif J .. f':af'x'-'..3?1 . -f'-5' 391- ,,""f2 rf '9'F"'- Jw' VH. s" fy. 4 f..f':5f"'11+ -Z -ifgfsbiffirf f'24L4-.GEL ' 1,3341 1 f - qweueqy f, f-'x 5-Six:-wif ,ip M9135 A x- - -Qxaih wif "Pfr2 xg 1.1--NM?-,f' F7 , ,-.9-f:,.a.fA' ,,A, , 131 -,.X.ff.g',c f5.3l1.f:43fff ,A .gb Q 'ff ,.a"'2n"f JAH mn -, ww'-Eff.: -r' fw.,2,- 1' we , F: mer ,nf ' uf 'f wa, W" .Qu 4qL1g,'- . H v, , 1, .,,.,41.. . ,N ,,s,v-U, , -Y .H 'JM . f.,,-",--- x, 4 ,f.'z,s:xQg1.- 5 w. .vggg - H Q' 1- 2 1 Hwy x 5 , Arg,-.i f . "1fWiw- A U r Viz' ' ,-'laik ,lm , ,v..': "" , . f ,,-. pg. ,,, - .2 ,Q ' MA. , 1,f,,,,,.,, ,WIN I , , X. I ,. gfgmf.-,, , . wk f 1 A 4, 'f-ffwe' .X f ML'- ,1 - , 1'J!,L 1 V? ', f r gg gy .,.. ,.ff.,.. ix , .. I . E. UL, K . . , I -.- K afgfv A N 'Z' 3 'Agni I? , ' R15 X is- 2' ' 1 .'f ,W 4. , , , rw, ' - 1 ' -1 -- JL- ' , .gm ,. . ,V Lf A 71 Qggiq . V-A . 6 , . .,w,.w I-,H .4- 1 A - -M ,Qi .ra You and Your 1949 . .Stag 1 . ii :.- -3 . H '-.D . v 1. 199-f-'j,:1 ,-'gh D X .' fi' ' ' .V :ig-, . sin g 'f 2.-u.. YEL g- 'f'31X- .'f.5 '-'f . 11. ., .1-3 - - . N2 4, '-.534-y--155' 'I . . . ., - N4 ,f V.-Y, : -5.5: ,5 - . . . ,, .,.,.. ,.,, .,, . .Sf . ,E Q, j-. I . fic, ,- '.4!3f1,f7F,3' Q W -' in Q Qfsfn-,pd-.i.g. . , - V . - QL .SS--'T 11f'??f -z'-'. . -- 5.1-S' Q '.,:.:1,u:, i :w,5i12E-,V :'?::'::1g " A 1? -, ' ' ' mfg' f 13 nv .,..x, ,, . , f , -., J.. 21 -fin-QF-i"1f:fy 4195. 5 ' 1.12 f:f':'7.: .. .5-' . "3'21ffii-'Ely-2" Y! .. .sae-: if-sfc L?-f2?kZ3.'1 534: ,ff 1-.1 gf--g5.f:. Z H Zu ,-4- 7:-14 'haf 5 5 "iff 6 ' fx ':::E:'-'fx .fn-5' Q ,-.2511 J-411. -.,5-93? ,f-fm f .SM , . -wie., .-- 5... ,, a..,3,.Q 1.77 1 ,K g. 29.1 .5 ,.'-9,2 123. -. 1 "AJP VSQLQH fqf' x. wg-Ye?-X -- 1- KRD .. 453-2 11, 5 ,nga - , , , 3 1, -,-wg: stag -wg-J. 1 . ,Pais gg gqggg- .a21. if-:,--1.2 1 -1' -ff-' 1 vf'4s1::'i - 4. Q x- , . X- ug '. -X if- .5,:'5"4--Jig, , :kg -- '55"l2l'g4 .. :Ab iw ,:- nl, A J.: -'-f .- -sv 5-"f 1? 'f rf skfsws , . f 5-Us - K Refs: 5 . . 4- , ' 1.3 1- :: ' 1 Q ' .I . I Hg .iQI,: , -:, w.v.- -,R f.. -Q R .. .3-- 5 ,1- ,:, vii -1 v:x......-f5:':-,S+-ms., f' 1-.2-4: ,. " rf ' ' 17559 .- ., f' "i .- -...fir M.. . ' "' ,' -'Cf-P11341 Cllianet You and Your School. . . YOU AND YOUR SCHOOL, NAPPANEE. YOU ARE NAPPANEE SCHOOL, EVEN AS NAPPANEE IS YOU. YOU REJOICE OVER HER VICTORIES, APPLAUD HER ENTERTAIN- MENTS, AND SORROW OVER HER MISFORTUNES, BECAUSE NAPPANEE SCHOOL IS YOUR SCHOOL. SINCE YOU ARE NAPPANEE JUST AS NAPPANEE IS YOU, IT STANDS TO REASON THAT YOU MOLD THE CHAR- ACTER OF YOUR SCHOOL. EACH YEAR YOU STRIVE FOR A GOOD SCHOLASTIC STANDING, YOU PARTICIPATE IN EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES, YOU TRY RAISING THE MORAL STANDARD OF THE STUDENT BODY. THESE THINGS AND MANY OTHERS YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THE CHARACTER STRUCTURE OF YOUR SCHOOL. WHEN YOU HAVE GIVEN OF YOUR BEST AND AB- SORBED WHAT NAPPANEE SCHOOL HAS TO OFFER, YOUR JOB IS COMPLETE. HOWEVER, LONG AFTER YOU ARE NO LONGER PHYSICALLY PRESENT, WHAT YOU HAVE GIVEN WILL REMAIN FOREVER AN INTEGRAL PART OF NAPPANEE SCHOOL. NAPPANEE HIGH SCHOOL, NAPPANEE, INDIANA . . . I. A. Miller, Inc. Pontiac and International Tmcks THE1949NAPANET I. A. Miller, Inc. General Eleqztwjc Appliances You Activitier. . . Here you develop these talents and share them with others page 6 Frzendr... You are fortunate to have formed lasting friendships page 26 f16l1'l'll'1fll:l'f1"6lll'01'l . . . You are your faculty's chief concern page 46 State Bank of Nappanee Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation -4- and Your Clmrar... You lay the foundation fo achieve your goal page 52 Sports... You reioice over her victories, sorrow over her misfortunes page 58 -5.. Year Delbert Price, M. D. 451 North, Hafrtfrnan Street - Phone 99 You and Your ACH itie . . . -1355253 .5 . A -P-""'g, ww a-. 'IA I , Q 1 f, S. JK '5 4-H' I 5 Sax 4 3 L Y R r ' u 1 IA. Y ' , .. 1. -. avi. 2' -4.'4... '- 5:31 . ,,4U,,-,pf3v 1 s-2 r' -'f .2 xy -.K pf XI, ,, , fwfr.. I - A cr 1-: .' 5, . .JA ff- .- . 4 14 1 ,4jf,if51' ,Lg :iii KH- 5 ' v r 1 , 'XJ' ., 'Z V. r, F ,in n ,'. r X N 11' --, wifi-5 ' ' :F .-'uf F .Q 5 1-if Ya- 1-' . -.P ALA, 5: qs, 1 fix" .c" -t' 5' 14- , 1:6 Q. LRG, 4' 11' A T: 1- - f. ., - : .yy- - ,af ,agg - 'r , ,- . 'Z ig? - . . ,.- V ' 5:--':: ':' . 5 2, .:sfJ?fi?-.-f -' 1 .Tx 781 -5 'peg-ex-.-'f' ..-w.. J - L It L, 1 --11 -'- u'1i"'fS 1" .-:7, f-I .gf .Cs ZA gg 5-'--,1 32' ff? Qu: ,-5f,r,' 1.-1 1 'f- ' L - fe'-iff? QQ, f ,.,4g 1': .54 ' ,1 Xl "' !"2g-. .'. '.- , 4 J.-..n if .1 ' .f 1 ' v al r. .':2'-'.'kf-,- 1 , ,' 51' .1 - . E ,- QT. gig.: :-1-1, 2. 3: 'fl' 1 ' iz F5115 Eg a Q5 "H 4' Q VX iff? fi: '- 'ii'-'rg'-'-" 5 0:9917 . if ,-yn, .r 'KW--h jj: 5.1512 yfif Q g.'1,Tf,f, . gig' -g 325' is 3 --1 1 " wif. a ??,ff.Q5l 5i 14,1 -529. .- -at - .1 .' '-1.5-- f- J 'r-f, 1 ,Q-,'-u 32,1-.1 -qai gi- 1, "" G" 21:51. f F. .- aww ' f-:zz Q. -j,':'yy' Sag- ' .3' Nga, -1 T - f fr, f :rj zz L gn . '-'Y' 2- .Q '.: - ' .' -11464 -'-: 1 ,xg ,pdf .Lf ' . .- . Lg.-.-,: L . ,Z L ,fk ww ' ., ' 1 J Mi. if . 5, I KX f r . Q. 1 . 9 4 1 A - I f , sf, If I I .'. In i U 1 .41 W 2 If A Xu 1 'f!"' ld w w. 5 -:fa 1:2111 -' R4 am ' A ht . YRS - if.: . mf ' -" 1 .lf 4: Kur'y's lIwI11.rv Illoto-r Srllvs D llvSo!u - lljflllfllltlb -6- 5- Various organizations give YOU your chance to excel in the social field as well as the scholastic. YOU may participate in clubs that need your talents. Here YOU develop these talents and share them with others. -7-- Ku,cy's Deluxe Motofr Sales Sinclafifr P'r0d1wts apanet As you read through your 1949 Napanet may you find something to remind you of pleasant memories. To the graduating class, may this hook help recall treasured momentsg to the underclassmen, may you look forward with anticipation to these 'cbigv momentsg and to those of you just looking through, may you enjoy it. Yes, the 1949 g'Napanet" Staff hopes you like this hook as much as it has delighted in giving it to you. We want to extend especial thanks to everyone who helped make the pulili- cation of this hook possible. EDITOR ....................... .....,. P atricia Pippen C0-EDITOR ...............,.,.. ....,., R ae Ellen Field BUSINESS MANAGER .......,....,. Wendell Metzler ASST. BUS. MGR ................... Charles Chapman JUNIOR EDITOR .........,.,...... Marietta Mellinger JUNIOR Bus. MGR .............,..... Stanley Naylor ART EDITORS .........,.,.. ,.....,. M arlene Scheets Richard Gardner SPORTS EDITOR .....,.......... Clell Hartman, Jr. ALUMNI ........................ Marguerite Gearhafrt CALENDAR ....,......,....,...,........... Phyllis Weaver EDITORIAL ADVISOR ...,.. ...,.,. M iss Hoover BUSINESS ADVISOR ....... ......,.. M r. Roose ART ADVISOR ............. ........ M rs. Road Top Picture: XVendell Me-tzler, Patricia l'ippen Lower left: Rao Ellen Field, Stanley Naylor, glharles Chapman. Seated: Mariette Mel- Inger. Lower right: Standing: Mr. Roose, Marguerite Gearhart, Clell Hartman, Jr., Miss Hoover. Seated: Marlene Svheuts, Richard Gardner, Phyllis NVQ-aver. ,fig Hatfield and Hostetter Clothiers Men's Wear - Boys' Weafr -8- " Bulldo " M'l d Mr. Postma the journalism stall has p With the help of Mrs, ies an uhlished nine regular issues of the school paper. Much work goes into the finished product: after the re- porters have turned in their material it must first be typed, then dummiedg stencils must be cut and pages mimeographed and stapled together before "D'Bulldog', is finally distributed among the students. EDITOR ...... ............... D anna Ulme C0-EDITOR .........,....,....... Margaret Mutschler BUSINESS MANAGER .s.,....,......... George Stoops Mrs. Miles, Mr. Postma ADvIsoRs .... ....... Top Picture: Seated: Mrs. Miles. Standing: Donna Uline, George Stoops, Margaret Mutschler. Mr. Post- Lower left: Standing: Max Weaver. Rae Ellen ma, William Farrington. Seated: Field, Joan Flowers. Lower right: Seated: Rae Ellen Field, Joan Flowers, Donnabelle Anglin. Standing: Patricia Pippen, William Farrington, Bev- erly Hahn, Elsie Davis, Janet Miller, Clell Hartman, Jr. -9- Huffman Bakery M0th,e'r's Bread SENIOR Y-TEENS IIICICSIIJICYI' . .. .Margaret Muisclilvr SliClil'ITfXRY . . .llmmalwllc Anglin Vllll-1-I'Rl'ISlIlI-IN'l' . . . . .Martha Cori 'I'm:Axslim:ic . . . .Ilusmmw Slwi-is Top PiCtI.1l'eI g . Bottom ROW: 'I'he-Ima lllilln-r, Uzirol Gillis, Normal .li-:in lnglv. t':u'oll- Ill'1'k!llllZlll, Mzlry l"r:m+-4-s lin-rla-lsun, .Imam Flowl-rs, llonnamlwlll- Angliii, M:irg.:'lu-l'il1- f:l'2ll'llIll'l. lin-yvrly llnhn, Shirla-y lmvis. lim- lClln-vi Fivld, l'zllrir'iu, l'ippn-n. Second Row: Nzihm-ttv Troxm-I, l4'vrnv Mike-l, Marilyn .lvnsvn, lQ2lllllt'4'Il llul'I'4-r, livin Mm' tlziskill, IH-ggv ill-:ite-r, JoAnn llallwrc-alll, Lois Hzirtmzin, .lvimiv l.m- liull, lllury .-Xrrmll, I'flll'l4'lil llullur, l':n'uIv lililzkv. lmwn K4-1-slvr, Mrs. Milvs. splmsur. Top Row: lie-ily Slmrp, lAll1'l2l,l10DlH'S. lN'Izu'lhz1, Curl, l'm-ggv llznrv, Phyllis lll1llS0lll'l', lXl:u'i.::u'ot Xlutsi-lilw-V. llmmzi lllini-, lllzlry li:ii'llmlmnvw. lidnzi, Svliniiu-kl-V, linsv lin-vi1:lw:ll1, Sally Hull, l'hyllis In-twill-r, Idlsiv- llrlyis. Yvnnnv Huinl-s. Bottom Picture: Bottom Row: l4'1'ivd:1 Wznlte-rs, lie-va-rly Ralston, He-lvn Wyman, lloszinmv Sin-1-tus, Bottl- Mziy, Num-y Se-4-lirist, liilliv .le-:ln XVidmoyvr, Maril-tlv 'iN'ln-lliiige-1', Arlvnn- S4-liwcirlz, Arm Wriglil. llvllw Slutzmun, l'hyllis Wvuvm-r. Phyllis tiullwi-ritli. Second ROW: XVilm:1 Ymim-r. lfllnisv Mills-mam, Marilyn l'hl-nd. .Inun Shuum, l!urlwz1i'zL lilnnvy- lil-IT:-r'. l'z1lri4-in, lil-vd, illrirjorin- Snydvr, Viviun Vinkv, lim-tty 'l':mis, Hvlm-ii Al2lllt'l'll. limmzi .lvflll lil-lislu-11:1-i', Miss llnuym-l', sponsor. Top ROW: lmrulhy Milli-r, Marilyn Millvr, lgllI'bJll'!l Sharp, -lxlillllll' lllillmlziiigli. l'z1t1'il-ia Murlili, Nlnrilyn lin-ml, lllurle-nv Svlwl-ls, lim-lun-l I'f'vil'l'n-r, .lzilivl Millvr. .luzlll Znuk, Lzuurinq- llziinn-s, l'l-ggv Williams, lfldnzi. Stulznlsm. T'I'll-'Hill Clc'um"r's mul llyrws Quality Cleaning -.10-. PRESIDENT .... ...Wendell Metzler SECRETARY . ...... Fred Rice H I , Y VICE-PRI-ISIDI-INT .... Clell Hartman, Jr. TREASURER .. ...Arlen Slabaugh Bottom Picture: Bottom Row: Ulm-ll Hatrtmztn. .Ir.. l+'urrt-st llunnut-k. .lunit-s Flor-twrmd, Curl Ili-vk:minn, William Russ. William Grimm. Wilfred Anglin. Second Row: Mr. White, sponsor, William Coppvs, Rodney 1.oudermil'k, Herbert t'rip4-, Kit-hard t'urwin, .Itvhn Paul Brunsn, Gem-go Hovhstetlvr, Vvilliam Farrington. T013 ROW: Cliurlt-S Uhztpiiian, Douglas Hummel, Iioliliy Joe Hollar, Dana Gray, Iizmit-l Gainlilm-, Gem- Johnson, Dennis Ilriiniliatipzh, Robert llit-key, Kenneth Hollmztn. T011 Picture: Bottom ROW: llmittld Riley, th-nv Gwin, .Izmir-S Miller, Arlen Slalizulgli, lit-rm-ll Slzllmtlgli, Ruin-rt Milli-r, liivliewd L'line, Etigt-rw Smith, Wendell Metzlvr. Second Row: John Rulririson, Ge-or'g'v Stmmps, Carroll H0l2lNN'Ry', XValt4-r XVillizxms, Richard Mishlvr, .lm-k lim-d, llvVun Rose, Stanley Naylor. Top ROW: .Ie-rry Imntz, David Walters. IM-an Middaugh, La Mar Reichert, Rolwrt Hepler, .hum-s Ht-vlcuiiizlri, XVilliz1m Tyndall, Fred Rico. Max NVPI-lVHI'. rv- -41' 'v -.11-. Must Sales and Service Oliver Fafrm Equipment Top Picture: Bottom ROW: Phyllis Hnusmn-r, Tlunrmln-llc He-plor. Rosv Mario f:l't'l'll1lXYGlll. Nunm-llv Troxvl, Nnrnlu. .lt-an lnglv, Thr-lmzn, Millvr, Itvtly Sllzlrp, Nllllllfi. .Ir-an ltr-iislwi-g'vi'. Second ROW: Yvunrn- Hzlim-S, lrldmt Stutzman, l':1tric-ia. Hood. I52ll'il2l!'ll ltlom-yln-l'l'r-1', Irvin- Millvr, llnnrm livllr- tlurmsm. U2l!'ll2lT'El lluldvn, Miss Grubb, sponsor. Top QR.oW: l"l'l'llt' Mikm-l, ivnn-gill Middzutgli, l'zxtl'i4-izt Mtn-rin. Af1n1-j.n-il- snytm-. innlinnri lift-af: It-13 Jilflvl Millm-1: lluurinv llztim-s, lwgtgs- Williams. l'nt:s1m:xT .... . . . . . .Janet Miller SONG Lmnlcit .. . .Yvonne Haines Vim:-ifmzsimzwr .... ...Laurine Haines Hlsrom.-iN .. . . . .Patricia Reed Sicr:'Y-1'm:.xs.. .... Barbara Moneyheffer Bottom Picture: Bottom ROW: NVilfrr-d lllr-ssinpr, G1-orgv She-vis, l'lv4-rr-tl Russ. Ne-lson Martin, Arlvn Slu- lizulgll, Uhurlvs Hvplm-V, Loon Fnrmvvztld, Virgil Martin. Paul Ilvclilitnvr. Second ROW: XVilfrf'd Anglin, llalu Shivvly, K1-ilh Anglvnwym-I'. ltuyvr- Yodvr, XVaynv Xvvlty, David Hush-tu-r', John ZlfYllIl0T'Y'fl2Ul, Glvn Stump, DQ-von Rosen Mr. liyt-rs. Sponsor. Top Row: Um-lylv Russ, ltugm' Grl-4-nztwzxll, .lzunvs Truxvl, XVilli:tm Grimm. Nils-S Huns- 111-rgl-r, xvillilllll Buss, Ralph Umlmugh, Donald VW-lty, Kr-nm-th Uullnmn, .lm-raid From-L PRESIDENT ..... . .Arlen Slabaugh TREASURER ............ Virgil Martin Vlczii-1'm:sim:NT . . . . .Charles Hepler REPORTER . .. .. .Nelson Martin Srzcnttmin' ..... . . .Leon Farmwald SGT.-AT-ARMS . . . .Everett Buss Lutes Scrfivicff Station N'1l7L9mflkW Food Shop Ilmsoline - Oil - Atlas Tires - Batteries - 12- Self Service Never before has there been so great a need for knowledge, Not only to the students is the library beneficial, but also to the student librarians, whose training in helping others find the materials needed will help them as well. Seated: lllzwit-ttv Alt'lllf'li.1'i'1', Shirley Davis. Standing: l4'orni- Mikel, Billie .lt-an XVid1noyv1', Janet Miller, Miss Weaver, Marguerite GQ'2iI'll1lI't'. Our debate team. which is a member of the St. Joseph Valley League, has com- peted in extemporaneous round table and debate contests on the national high school question "Resolved: that the United Yations now be revised into a Federal Wvorld Government." The group sponsored Vl'OVl'O'S Junior Town Meeting of the Air and paricipated in debate tourneys of state wide competition. Seated: Mrs. Milos, 1-oar-h. llillie .Ivan XVidnioyt-r. .lzlnet lllillr-r, Marilyn Rm-d. Standing: Max XVvax'or, Rodney Loudermilk, Daniel Gamble, Fred Xvilt, Dana, GFHYV Williillll Tyndall. LIBRARIANS DEBATE TEAM N-vid EXw L Nappanee Dairy Neultauser Hatclzeries Heckanzawfs Ice Cream - 13 -A "G00d Llwkn Chicks 'Sl' V '27 A "'Ulm.,.,,, ,......i1 ...auf .- in Q iw: J.. 4.1 Seated: Margaret Mutsvhler, Arlene Schwartz, Marietta Mcllingor. Standing: Patricia Vimwn. W'illiam l+'arrim.:ton, tie-orgv Sloops. Margtuwitt- Gt-arharl, Jani-t Miller, NV:-nde-ll Mvtzlvr. l'Rt:sumENT . . . . . .Marguerite Cearhart SECRETARY .... ........ J anet Miller Such factors as scholarship, leadership, character, and service form the basis for eligihility in this organization. Fifteen percent of the senior class and five percent of the junior class constitute the membership. This year the society com- pleted a survey pertaining to the percentage of Nappanee high school students at- tending college. Seated: James Tobias. I.aMar Heckaman, Barbara Coppt-s, Wlanda Gvarhart, Rose Reprogle, De-lla Ina Chapman. Wendell Metzler. Standing: Stanley Naylor, Mr. Weddle. sponsor, Patricia l'ippr-n, Marguerite Gearhart. Janet Miller. Patricia Hollar. John Robinson, Keith McCuen, Herbert Cripe. PRESIDENT ........... Patricia Pippen SECRETARY ............. Janet Miller The purpose of the Student Council is to give the students a chance for self- government through representation. With the guidance of Mr. VVeddle, the council successfully carried out many projects. Ilfmglus W. Price, M.II. Shively Dept. Store l'lz.ysician and Surgeon -14-- Clothing, Hardwafre and Appliances Although membership was not as easily obtained this year as in previous years, fourteen new members were admitted to the Dramatics Club. The club held an am- uteur contest in which those who wished to join displayed their talents. All of the contestants were eligible. "Stranger in the Night" was the first play of the season, presented on November 22-23. Seated: 3I:ii'p,:m-l'itv th-z1rhar't, Beverly Hahn. .loan Flowers., Janet Miller, Phyllis XVeaver, .lun XYi'ig'li1. .Xrlt-ml Scllwarlz, Carole Klitzke, Rosa-xmae Sheets, l':lli'irizL Hollzlr, JoAnn l":1i'r'im:tori, Middle Row: Mrs. l'4-lclirzini, Marilyn Miller, Carole Heekaman, Mary Frances liertelson, Ililliq- .Ivnn XYidinoyel'. Mzirivtte M4-llinger, Betty Tanis, Marlene Schee-ts, Rose Rep- rogln-. Ilvllu lnn Clmpnian. Top Row: Iticliatrd lllishlt-r, Ilunivl Gzunlwle-. Roland Hcckaman, Jerry Lt-ntz, Gent- Gwin. l'll2ll'll'S Ulizxpiiiztii, l'lL1g.:n-iiv Smith. Vance George. Fred Rico. lVillizim l"Zll'l'lllLflUll, .luck lim-pd, hV!lXll0 Slilllilllllh. "A Song ls Born." the dramatization of the events which led to the writing of the uorlrl's most popular Christmas carol, "Silent Night" was presented on December 23, l9l9. The cast included Jack Heed. Beverly Hahn, Vance George, Vlvilliam Tyndall. Reverend Mr. Uvermeyer. Jerry l,entz. Patricia Hollar, members of the choir. and lfugene Smith. Wirlmoyer Motor Sales Mar-Lyn Beauty Shop Kazsefr-Frazzefr Sales and Service -15- Be coming to us for becoming hair H. V. lwlnlislzing House , . Irmters of utVflfI2!l7II'fH SENIOR In the upper left picture. on the first y-voiced flutes, whose rd almove all other in- ln the hack ro ' w are the mournful olnoes. often used row. are the silver tones can he liea SlI'llIIl9lllS. for plain- ln the middle axopllones used much in military styles and als tive and rustic ellqeets. picture are the s o popular music. In the bottom picture are the clarinets. whose tones range from the low. dark, and gloomy voices. to the higher, fierce. and shrill tones. Upper left: Sully Snider, Marilyn Reed, l':1tl'iei:i Richmond M . urlu Mutsehler, ltlargzrret Mutsehler. Standing: Carole Klitzke. Lewis llztllegger, dirt t Pat" " to or. r ll ld l lppen. Middle Picture: Vzttrieizr Henley. Frieda Walters, JoAnn l+':ir'rim.rton, Margrllerite fleurliztrt. Standing: ltosnmzre Sheets, llonnzt Uline, Iieverly Hahn, Beverly Ralston, Su- I' 'tin. m D .ir Bottom Picture: 1st row: Phyllis XVeaver. li?tl'll?lI'2l Slizirp. t':n'ole Heek 1 zimzin. Don- mhelle Anglin, Arlene Sehwairtz. Kath- leen lloI'I'el', l':1tril'izL liollztr, Rue Ellen Field, 2nd row: llelte May. Mztrielte ltlellinger, Charles t'l1:ipm:1n. Gene Johnson, Jerry Lentz. llellu lnzi Uhapa man, lizirhzlrzm Uoppes. 3rd row: t':n'ole Miller. Mary Rot-kzstroli, Phyllis Roth, JoAnn Shively, Marilyn l'hend. Helen Mzlltern. BAND In the percussion section, the upper right picture, the snare and bass drums mark time. while the kettledrums can be tuned to a definite pitch. A marching band would not be complete without its high stepping drum major and major- ettes. In the middle picture you see the French horn that gets its graceful shape from the early hunter's horn. The deep voiced tuba produces rich tones that can be made soft and sweet. In the bottom picture you see the smallest brass instrument. the cornet with its brilliant voice. The curious trombone produces mellow tones by lengthening and shortening the slide. Upper right: Marlene Sheets, Dana Gray, Xvilliam Tyndall. Carole Heekaman, Carole Klitzke, Arlene Schwartz, George Stoups. Middle Picture: Seated: Barbara Le-Count, D: ' Keesler, Vance George. Standing: mn James Pittman. Richard Uline, James Mitterling, Harvey DeFrees, Jr. Bottom Picture: Seated.: David Stouder, Carroll Holaway, Eugene Smith, Fred XVilt, Ulell Hartman, Jr.. Carl Heeka man, Lyle Best. Standing: Marie Nvil son, Anna Lou Edler, Richard Mishler Roland Heekarnan, Keith Mcffuen Helen XV'yman, Mary Slabaugh. E. V. Publishing House Printers of "Xapanet PRESIDENT .....,....... ,loan Flowers SECRI-IT,-NRY ........ Mariette lllellinger Tiuxixsriucic .... . ..Phyllis Weawr The purpose ol' the National 'llliespian Troup 5l5 is to promote appreeiation of and to further the participation in drama. In a very impressive ceremony. January twentieth. a hrief history of the organ- ization was given and the charter was presented to Mr. Roose. Seated: Marivttm- Mm-llingor, Phyllis xvl'1lVt'l', .loun Flowi-rs. Standing: .luck lim-od, Mrs. IR-lvhrzim, sponsor, Janet Miller, Ann XN'righl. NYilliam Far- rington. s PRESIDENT . . . . .Douglas Hummel VIC!-2-l'RHSIlJl-INT ...... Vlvayne Slahaugh SEc1'r-Tmms. .............. Fred Rice The Phi-Sci was organized to promote an interest in science. These boys per- formed extra experiments outside of class. Several of them were interested in studies Connected with radio. Seated: Max lVeaver. Douglas Hummel. - Standing: NV:1ym- Slabaugh, Uharles Chapman. Dean Middaugh, VVillir-lm Farrington, Fred Rim-, Mr. Yoder, sponsor. Mille'r's GTODGNI W69mfll9T'S Save Through, I. G. A. -18- 50 tv S1-00 Sim? Top Picture: G A A Bottom Row: Yvonne Haines, Elsie Davis, Frieda Xvaltvrs, Dawn Keesler, Beverly Ralston, . . - Monna Sv-christ. Ruby Toliias, Betty Phillips, Norma Nine, Marilyn Reed. Second Row: Carol Gillis. Mary Jano Pittman, Mary Slabaugh, Esther Kaufman, Thelma Miller, Patricia Martin, Betty Sharp. Norma Ingle, Irene Miller, Miss Grubb, advisor. Top Row: Rachavl l'feitTt-r. Donna Belle Garman, Donnahelle Heplor, Barbara Golden, Arlt-no Schmucker. Rose Marie Greenawalt, Nannottc Troxel, .Io Ann Galbreath, Sally Gall, Emma Jean Iivnsberger. Bottom Picture: Y First ROW: Susan Wright, Glonive Reed, Sally Shively, Molly Jo Tobias, Carol Postma, Lois JR, ' Se-vhrist. Uarolyn Martz, Shirley th-yer, Patsy Keirn, Shirloy Longfivld, Bonniv Furl, Uarolyn Kern, Kathryn Miller. Second Row: Carol Miller, Mary Ellen Troxel, Charlene Bollrnan, Ruth Kahler, Betty Uorwin, Jolene Klingaman, Harriot Loe. Jane Loudermilk, Greta Bigler, Terry Hostetler, Nancy Uoppes, Marlem- Evans, Juanita Hartman, Martha Hartman, Jean Hartman, Mario Wilson. Third ROW: Marilyn .lo XV5alters, Betty Phillips, Patricia Lutes, Helvn Hutt. Betty Hovh- stelli-r, Shirley Gaskill, Madgo Bauman. Janvt Fisher, Lulabvllo Hopler, 'Ferry Hamsht-r, Shirley Losee, .loyt-it Fox. Della Ina Uhapman, XVanda Gearhart, Shirloy lim-kanian, Barbara Coppes, Jo Ann Grimm. Fourth Row: Miss Weaver, sponsor. Wyana Mt-Dowell, Arlene St-hmuckor, Mary Jane Pitt- man, Mary Slaliaugh, Barbara McDonald. Mary Rookstroh, Arlene Vtiolty, Sally Snidor, lloralwllt- Nvwvonior. Shoila Mt'GritT, Beatrivv Adams, Lois llc-mna. Arlt-ne Li'-liman, Avis Losve, Marlene George, JoAnn Farrington, Barbara LeC'ount, Janina Clingt-npec-l, lilsther Kaufman. Shirley Davis, Patricia Henley, Carol Mills-r. blleanora Shatter. Fifth Row: Rose Reprogli-, Marla Mutschler, Jo Ann Shively, Carol Mae Miller. Donna Tet-tor, Suzanne Mummert. Betty Sharkey, Shirley Sutheimer, Norma Nine, Monna Svchrist, ,Ruby Tobias, Marianne Reed. Julia Miller, Phyllis Roth, .lane Strauss, Betty Yoder, Dorothy Mikel. Martha Ilia-k, Sue Martin, Sarita Schrock. O- N- Lenfz, D-D.S- Mattern Gulf Sefrziice Station 15415 East Mflrket Street -19- Car Washing and Lulwicating Top Row: Lyle Us-st, Max VW-aver, Robert Jensen, LaMar Reichert, David Slouder, Eugene Slalwaugh, XVilliam Farrington, Jerry Lenlz, Stanley Naylor, Forrest, Dunnurk. Fred Rice. Third ROW: Martha. Curl, Trilha. Stillson, Mary .lane Pittman, Marla Mntsvlilvr, Sue Nliarlin, Marin- NVilson, Mary Slahaugh, Edna St'lllT1llI'ki'Y'. l'hyllis Dvlwiler. l'ei,:'g'e llare. H4-Ile May, Mary Helen Arnotl, Phyllis WR-aver, lmleia Uoppe-s. Second ROW: Shirley Davis, Patricia. Hn-n,l4-y, .lo Ann Shively. Nam-y Sevhrisl. 'l'hx-lnia Miller. Helly Sharp, Norma Jean Ingle, Carol Gillis, Arlene Schwartz, Rosamae Sheets, Vatriria Hollar Barbara Sharp Anna Lon lfidln-r Helen XVvman C H O R U S First ROW: Dorothy Miller, Marilyn Miller. ,Marilyn Jensen... Kathleen llolll-r. Eva Mae fnJlSklll, Mary Frances Bertelson, Ann Vvrighi, Yvonne Haines, lulsle Davis. The high school chorus, under the direction of our new leader, Miss Mary Berger, has enjoyed another active and successful year. Margaret Mutschler was our capable pianist. Again this year a small percent of the members sang in a chorus of five hundred for the Teachers Association in South Bend. A Christmas program was given with the band, and the choir was heard on other occasions during the year. The chorus, as well as many soloists and en- sembles, participated in the district and state con- tests. Donna Uline In the picture at the right you see the ofhcers of the chorus: DONNA ULINI-I .,............... ..... T reasurer MARGARI-:T MU'rsoin.i:R .... .,.... P resident MISS BERGI-IR ,,..,,..,......... ,.,,.,,,,,,,, l Director Ravi-:RLY HAHN .,,, ,.... V ice-president Rl-ITTY TANIS .............,...........,,.,....... Sem-etafry Also during the year Fred Rice spent much time sorting and keeping the music in order. I'Ivtch,cr Motor Cnimprmy Willard M. Naylor Buick - Olds -- GMC Tracks -20- Insurance - Real Estate - Loans 1 F 1 CALENDAR y SEPTEMBER 7 First day of school. Clad to see all the kids. 8 Annual meeting, First band rehearsal. 9 Senior class meeting. 13 Annual meeting. Hi-Y this evening. 15 Government test. 16 Journalism meeting. Chorus elects officers. 17 Assembly program. 21 Y-Teens. 27 Naps skin Lakeville, 8-2. OCTOBER l Assembly program about different types of flags, 4 First basketball practice. 6 Bank day. Band marches for J. C. C. 7 First performance of MFun for All." 8 Fire drill. Seniors pose for pictures. 11 Dramatic Club has tryouts for coming play. 13 Out at 2:40 because of teachers, meet- ing, 14 Cheerleader tryouts. Puppet show at 2:40. 15 Juniors travel to Dearborn. 18 Play cast posted for dramatics. 19 Hi-Y and Y-Teens. 20 Report cards. Teachers Association on Thursday and Friday. 25 Eighty-five students go to Flkhart to see President Truman. 26 We skip once again to go see Cov- ernor Dewey, 28 Mad scramble in the assembly for senior proofs-poor Pat! 29 Big Halloween Festival at school. Band marches and is led by a hula dancer!! MuZlet's Srwe Way Mufrket Quality Print Slrop "Known by its Quality Fine Foods" -21-- Printing of the Better Kmd CALENDAR NUVICMIIICIK l Group pictures. Also interesting speaker. 2 I'iIection day and Dewey is elected here at school. 3 Iflection returnsff- 'llruman elected. 5 I"irst pep session ol' the year. We Iose to New Paris. -III-50. 8 Iland Ilooster pot-luck supper, Good turnout. 9 Nap hows to Iiremen. L13-II Ii. II Iiand marches for Armistice Day. I2 Three straight defeats! This time to Kendallville. fll-20. Second team wins a thriller. I5 Guest speaker from India. I6 Cinderella show. Nappanee -III. Wakie Zio! Yeah team! I7 Dismissed at 2:-10, I8 Bicycles licensed today. I9 Sophomores entertain us witI1 an original program. 22 Ifirst showing ol' "Stranger in the Night." 23 "Stranger in the Nightii a Imig success. 2114 'I'hanksgiving program. I'ep session. and we heat Goshen, 159-ISI. 'I'wo day vacation. Dr-:cr:Mi-n-:H I "D'I3uIIdog" issued. Report cards. 3 'Concord slaughters us. 48-25. 6 Negro team. "liens" play, 7 Ghorus at gym. Y-Teen hanquet. 9 Y. F. G. skating party, I0 Once again we lose, Columhia City-- 52. Nappanee--39. I4 I.ose a heart-hreaker to Madison, 417- 46. I5 Band and chorus present Christmas program. I6 Entertained Ivy an interesting archery program. Kline's Dept. Stofre, Goshen. Ind. Whefre Better Merclumdise is Courteofusly Sold CALENDAR IJMQIQMBER tmflonlinuedj l7 Now we're really on the ball-Mid dlebury 20g Nappanee 39, 20 American flag dedicated to high school. 21 Seniors surprise Miss Hoover and Mr. lioose with Christmas gifts. 22 Dramalics present NA Song is Born" at the Grace E. U. B. Church. Bremen 43. Nappanee 39, JANUARY 3 Hurrah! Were back in school!! Did l hear someone groan! JL How our team has improved! We beat Milford 57-45. 5 The rest of the group pictures are taken. 7 Tough luck, boys. Overtime game with Jimtown. 49-44, ll Y-Teens and Hi-Y. 12 Band plays for Farmers Institute. ll lfverybody happy? Yes! Anybody downhearted? No! Nap, 45, Walk- erton, 23. I9 P. T. A. venison dinner. 20 Debaters enter Hound Table Discus- sion at South Bend in competition with seven other schools. 2l Goshen 48, Nap 40. Debate broad- cast over the radio. 24 First night of operetta. '6Sunbonnet Cirlf' 25 Mummert clamps down on his "ro- mancing regulars." 26 Band takes trip through Conn's. No one snitched any new instruments, did he? 28 Senior class meeting. Elkhart 58. Nap 32, Wow! House of Hafrtefr, Goshen Ind. "Sporting Goods" CALENDAR IJEBRUARY I Government and American history classes visit Indiana State Legislature at Indianapolis. - Vile are entertained Ivy a Viennese 's opera singer. fl' North Manchester 112, Nappanee 113. 7 Juniors lmusy with preparations for hig Valentine llall. 8 Ivakarusa 37. Nappanee 35. I l Senior class meeting. ullocn organizes HV. I, P." Illuh. I4 'Contest participants go to Kiwanis. Tommy Tucker, sound man from IVI-C-lVI. gives interesting imitations. I7 draw liristol for the tourney. I8 Culver whips us. 75-712. 2l "Mac lieth" shown in the assemlily. 23 Huge pep session. We lmeat Bristol. 47-flil. Iloorayl 24 Uut early again for tourney. 25 Pep session. 'llommorrow we meet New Paris. 26 New Paris 413. Nap 30. Concord takes the tourney. IVIARCH I Future Ilomemakers. 3 Student Council. 7 Hi-C party at Vance Georges T.I3. paleh tests. 8 Y-Teens and Ili-Y. I0 National llonor Society, Il Seniors present program to under- vlassmen. I5 Pictures of wlorld Series shown. I6 Out at 2:40. Dramaties after supper. I7 Student Council. Dental check-ups. I3 Class practice tourney, Sophomores and seniors win. 2l The l.iddles conduct educational guid- ance program. lfirst day of spring. 22 Iiiddles talk to Ili-Y and Y-Teens. 24 National Honor Soeiety. 25 Tomorrow is State Solo and Iznsemhle Contest at Indianapolis. 29 Hand practice after supper, 30 Hank day. Ill Student ffouneil. I'hvsieal cheek-ups. Edw. Lienlfart and Sons, lVr1I.'a'r11sn,, Ind. Complete Home Outfitters M. Wolfberg and Sort, Wakarusa ' Good clothes for every member of the famzly CALENDAR APRIL 1 Homeroom guidance programs. 2 Band, chorus, and junior band all bring home firstsll 4 Courtesy VVeek begins. 5 Y-Teens and Hi-Y. What was sup- posed to be the class tourney is played. Sophomores and freshmen, with the much needed aid of the eighth grade, win. 6 Joe Kindig speaks to assembly. 7 Band practice after supper. 8 Big Courtesy Week program. Forrest Dunnuck is King Courtesy, Helen Mattern, Queen Courtesy, Marla Mut- schler is Princess Polite and Ronald Miller is Prince Polite. Mr, Holaway is chosen most courteous teacher. 9 State Band and Chorus Contest. Hoo- ray, we beat Bremen and Concord and bring home three firsts. 12 Style show. l3 School assembly, MAY l May Festival. 6 Eighth grade trip to Chicago. 13 Sectional track meet. Last day for seniors. 15 Baccalaureate. 17 Class Night. 18 Reception. 19 Commencement. 22-24 Seniors travel to Niagara Falls. Stahly Dairy and Produce Wakarusa, Ind. Custom Butcherirtg and Curing 4 Q -gg 1' You and Your Friends . . . WS gh' ,iv J an 1 f .xy JW' Q50 ,gr 66? xg in 'WH rl nf' r Mgr 553'--. .- .I 3-2541.4 -h ,I 1 4, n '-i"-.' .. lx Q -, ' ,: . - -PVD , . " ,g..,:,.. ,J 15 i 1 ,.'- " , iff' .4 'Lg' ,wg L:-3-Q-iijf., QA- 5. - f -2' 025 ' :'f.1:?5S"kE? 7312?-a-,.1a1,Ff.--1'-L, . U . ,L 'Jim' '. -- Q- .41 ' f"', - , "U ' .'.':'g?::":'-'.g'.1'!'5fk'.i1':?-:g':f r':!-'-' 5 ' r' . ,f- qag--:4555.4-,jI",.j:,,-:-:'-g.,fe- . ., ,, .b , ,.,..,., . .. L.s.,.., .... . Q. pf ' - " - "W . .351 -H'f'l1'f'3i'f' ?'f-:Ei 1 V Q1 w' 'g 4 ,. -5.3.-:aiqz-:-fi'-is' tfififf ' f. 1-If wma gf, , X57 " .fa-. 65152 4'sL'5Q'?.' X 'fi fi'-13' ' .mi ffmz?:.f.-.1 1-AY If 13,553-s "-faxes: 16 W" - , 5 wf?g, ' ' "gui, -1' -Aw 1, l 'M' .FIA-' A., -Hfigigff.-5, ' 4-W qi. ' . - .MM .. '1-:"'Q . 'nf -,xg --. ' Q' -Y . ' -- 5 - -'fl ,W A ':'ft7.-:.'42,ff:g:r:-fa'2f':'.',,:-.,.' - ' 31, ' ,rv ' U. " ggi" Me' -f. . - ' - ifafzzf 5 . ...M 1' Pletcher Furniture Company .. 26 - Fur-mtwre For tour years YOU and these finest of friends have inseparable. Be grateful for this priceless experience. been Happy YOU-to be able to have so many splendid associations, fortunate YOU-to have had the opportunity to form lasting friendships. ....27t Pie tchm' Furniture C omipanfy Appliances 7- Wi a 'n.x.+as4,QS,,f', 2 as ,E lu'll.'!mrf l"urn1 Igllflllll Co-operative Assor-intiozl, Inv. -28- Senior Class WHO'S WHO These students were chosen by their classmates because of their talents in these various fields: SCHOLARSHIP .............. ..... M arguerite Gearhart LEADERSHIP AND ATHLETICS . . . ....... Wendell Metzler MUSIC .................. . . .Margaret Mutschler DRAMATICS .. . ....... Joan Flowers ART ............ ..... M arlene Scheets AGRICULTURE ...... .... A rlen Slabaugh DOMESTIC SCIENCE ..................... ...Janet Miller CLASS MEMOIRS Remember that day twelve short years ago, when you, as first graders, proudly entered the spacious halls of Nappanee school to take your place among your future classmates? Remember that little freckle faced boy and that shy, big-eyed little girl with a few teeth missing? Of course you do, because they were You, ready and eager to begin a new and taxing adventure. How swiftly these years have passed but how full of happiness and surprises they have been. Each year you experienced new and wonderful things. You not only learned the fundamentals of education, but also you formed friendships, learned to share and get along with others. All too soon the grade years were gone and you recall the panic and bewilder- ment as you gradually became accustomed to "high school life." The years melted away into endless activity: first freshman, in which you were initiated into various clubsg then sophomore, when you dropped your shroud of shyness and were considered an upperclassman. Before you realized it, you were a junior. You had the exciting privilege of planning the junior-senior reception and getting your class ring. And then, one day, you found you had at last secured that coveted 'title of "senior." Yes, your goal had been reached, after a hard .struggle. Your senior year was highlighted by the senior trip, baccalaureate, class day, reception, and at last, commencement. Those are the outstanding events to mark the completion of your high school days, but let's not minimize the eminence of your golden friend- ships, your service to others, and the little experiences of every day life-these things should be treasured highly. Your high school days are completed, your new life has just begun. And it will be richer and fuller because of the opportunities you encountered these past twelve years. Sylefr and Syler -29- Gfrain - Feeds - Seeds Fertzlzzefr ii J NJ IboNNABr:1.1.1c MARY AN V 1 l N W ' V V ANGLIN HARTIIOLOM 11,455 0l'l'll.hllb U I, ,, u1ff'Hf' ' I' runlfzc Slcfzlufl'un'-'l'lucxsl min . . . . .Phyllis We-uwr Y 1 KENNETH SfllARl,l'IS Bol.l,M,xN UIAPMAP Vim:-l'm:slm1N'l' . . ...Clell Hartman. Jr. ..A-WMU, --C1,,,,11ffw l'm:slm:N1' . ...Wendell Melzlvr . SIIIRLI-IX Ihr: ELI.r: DAVIS Fmuv "Sl1i1'I1'y" "Rug" Cmss MOTTU. .. . ."Tlw surest way not 1.0 fail is In zlffrvrrnzbzv In Sllf'l'I'l'U'... Nf1,ppm1.ev Lmmlwfr and M rmu fu.ctu'ri 71 g Co. Nrmrxery I"11rrr,it1lre - 30 - JOAN RICHARD FLOVVHRS GARDNI-:R MJD" "Ili0l.g'I BI:vIcIzI,Y ROSEMARY HAIIN HAIWIILTON "I3f'1"' "Rosie" ROBERT YVILLARD HIJPIA-112 HEPLHB "Bob" "Bill" CIOMMI:Nz:I:MI:wT HOBES XVILMA YODI-:E " Wilma" CLELL HARTMAN, Jn. "Bud" KATH LEEN HOFFER "Kate" -.31-. MARGUERITE GEARHART tcMe!Is9 ALLEN HEPLEE "Jingle" BOBBY J OE HOLLAI2 uJ0en ROSE MARIE GREENAWALT "Rosie CHARLES HI-:PLER I "Ch,urles' DOUGLAS HUMMI-:L nl,0ugn Cray N appanee Lumber amd M amz. f ac turing C o Nursery Furnz ture M ARI LYN ROY EDWARD HELEN W FINDELL JENSEN KAURMAN LECOUN1' MATTPZRN MFZTZIAPZR "M1n'iIyn." "Huy" "Ed" "Hvlf"1L" "lV'1'l1,rIy" RICHARD DEAN ICI.olsE DOROTHY JANET JEAN Mmmwczu MILLEMAN MII.I.kITI Mu.I.Erz MILLEI: "hmm" '1Erl" "Dot" "Jrl11f't" "Jenn," MARIIAYN MARGARET PATRICIA RAY ITEVON MILLEI: MUTSCHLI-:R PIPPEN RALSTON ROSE "Marilyn" "M1n'g1n'f2t" "Pat" "Huy" "I'0fa" CoI,oRs . . . . .Red and Cray FLOWER . . . .Rffd Rose' Vitreous Steel l,'I'0!IllCtS Co. I'orcel1Lin 1'InmnleI Prorlucts -32- MARLENE SCHEETS "Marlene" GEORGE STooPs '4George" SPONSORS ARLEN SLABAUGH "Arlen" BETTE STUTZMAN "Bette" i WAYNE SLABAUGH "Mooney" DoN NA ULINE "Donna" JOAN ZooK "Joan" MARJORIE SNYDER "Margie" VIVIAN VINKE tcvivrr TRILBA STILLSON utlelgu P 1 1YLL1s WEAVER raphylsi . . .Miss H00oer, Mr. Roose Indianapolis Engravmg Co Designers and Engravers of Yeafrbooks Junior Class We, the Junior Class, have been very .busy this year. 0ur first activity was our magazine sales. We had set a goal of one thousand dollars of which we received about one third. We had a drawing among those students who sold over twenty-five dollars worth of subscriptions. Ferne Mikel was the lucky winner, She had a choice of a table model radio or a wrist watchg she chose the radio. The Curtis Publishing Company paid for half and we paid for the other half. Pegge Hare and Martha Corl were the team captains. Pegge's team won and was later given a party .by the losing team. The second big "shindig', was the Junior Valentine Ball. There was a night club atmosphere with floor show and candy girls. The big event of the evening was the crowning of the King, Queen, Prince and Princess of the dance. The money taken in from this dance was put into the treasury for next year's senior trip. Class officers were: PRESIDENT ......... Vic . . . . . . tanley Naylor ....WilliamFarrington SECRETARY-TREASURER .......................... Martha Corl Our Student Council members were Patricia Hollar, Stanley Naylor, William Farrington, Mariette Mellinger and Arlene Schwartz. S E-PRESIDENT JUNIOR OFFICERS MARTHA CORL WILLIAM FARRINGTON STANLEY NAYLOR Nappanee Telephone Co. Save with a. Telephfme FIRST Row: Mary Arnott Mary Frances Bertelson Carlyle Buss Everett Buss William Coppes Loleta Coppes SECOND Row: Martha Corl Robert Dickey Anna Lou Edler Leon Farmwald William Farrington Phyllis Galbreath THIRD Row: Jennie Lee Gall Daniel Gamble Donald Gardner Gene Gwin Laurine Haines Pegge Hare FOURTH Row: Lois Hartman Carole Heckaman James Heckaman Roland Heckaman Peggy Heeter George Hochstetler FIFTH Row: Carroll Holaway Patricia Hollar William Hood Phyllis Housouer Patricia Martin Nelson Martin SIXTH Row: Betty May Margie Middaugh Ferne Mikel Mariette Mellinger Barbara Moneyheffer Stanley Naylor SEVENTH Row: James Pittman Jack Reed Patricia Reed Fred Rice Donald Riley Arlene Schwartz EIGHTH Row: Joan Shaum Rosamae Sheets Eugene Slabaugh Eugene Smith Roy Snyder Edna Stutzman NINTH Row: Betty Tanis Nannette Troxel William Tyndall Max Weaver Donald Welty Pegge Williams TENTH Row: Ann Wright Helen Wyman Waltefs Beauty Shorppe Open Wednesday and Friday nights North End Garage Mishler, Used Cars Sophom Class We started out this year with a well organized class. Our sponsors are Mrs 'Vliles and lVlr. Wedrlle. Our sixty-four members elected Forrest Dunnuek as president and Jerry Lentz as vice-president. The secretary-treasurer is Barbara Sharp. Our class is well represented in Hi-Y and Y-Teens. We also have many mem- hers in chorus. hand. dramaticsg and we seem to have a few Future Homemakers and Future Farmers among us, We have all enjoyed this year and are looki will he Called juniors. ng forward to the time when we SOPHOMORE OFFICERS BARBARA SHARP JERRY LENTZ FORREST DUNNUCK Magfs Cities Service Acme Ti - Station res - Batteries - Mo tofr Service - 36 -- G. L. Oyler, D. D. S. 201 North, M ' am Street 076 Top row: Keith Anglemeyer Wilfred Anglin Lyle Best Dennis Brumbaugh John Paul Brunso William Buss 10th row: Richard Corwin Herbert Cripe Elsie Davis Harvey DeFrees, Jr. Phyllis Detwiler Howard Dick 9th row: Forrest Dunnuck Edward Eilers James Fleetwood Sally Gall Donna Belle Garman Vance George 8th row: Carol Gillis Barbara Golden William Grimm Dana Gray Virgil Hall Yvonne Haines 7th row: Willard Hartman Carl Heckaman Donnabelle Hepler Philip Huff Niles Hunsberger Norma Jean Ingle 6th row: Gene Johnson Dawn Keesler Carole Klitzke Jerry Lentz Rodney Loudermilk Virgil Martin 5th row: Richard Mikel Irene Miller James Miller Robert Miller Thelma Miller Richard Mishler 4th row: Rachael Pfeiffer Marilyn Phend Beverly Ralston Glen Reed Marilyn Reed LaMar Reichert 3rd row: Emma Jean Rensberger John Robinson Edna Schmucker Nancy Sechrist Barbara Sharp Betty Sharp 2nd row: Bernell Slabaugh Howard Stutzman Richard Uline David Walters Frieda Walters Billie Jean Widmoyer lst row: Walter Williams Royce Yoder St'l:llS0'l'L,S Mews and Boys' Wear Ossie's Home Cooking Sporting Goods --37- G West on U. S. 6 Freshmen Class On the third day of September we 'cGreen Freshiesv found ourselves entering the vast halls of N. H. S. L ft h everything running smoothly. e to t e mercy of upperclassmen we finally found We were soon informed that, like every other class, we should elect oliicersg the results were as follows: GEORGE SHEErs .. . . . . . . .President DOUGLAS GEYER ...... ..... . . . ....... Vice-president PATRICIA RICHMOND .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Secretary-treasurer We elected Della Ina Chapman and Rose Reprogle as Student Council members. We are proud to say that we have members in band, chorus, debate, dramatics, journalism, Y-Teens, Future Farmers, and basketball. After long hours of worry and a few gray hairs, we finally decided upon a skating party at Elkhart for our first semester's party. Our sponsors are Miss Weaver and Mr. White, FRESHMEN OFFICERS GEORGE SHEETS PATRICIA RICHMOND DOUGLAS GEYER Wright Funeral Home Stuckmaffs Shoe :Store Ambulance Service - 38 - Rx Prescfnptwn Top row: Wilfred Blessing David Bowers Della Ina Chapman Shirley Davis Martha Dick 9th row: Eldon Disher JoAnn Farrington Jerald Freet Douglas Geyer Roger Greenawalt 8th row: David Hartman Patricia Henley David Hostetter Esther Kaufman Edwin Kern 7th row: Paul Lechlitner Barbara LeCount Arlene Lehman Avis Losee Sue Martin 6th row: James Messner Robert Messner Ronald Miller James Mitterling Marla Mutschler 5th row: Betty Phillips Mary Jane Pittman Rose Reprogle Patricia Richmond Mary Rockstroh 4th row: Arlene Schmucker Monna Sechrist George Sheets Eleanora Shaffer Dale Shively 3rd row: JoAnn Shively Mary Slabaugh Sally Snider David Stouder Glen Stump 2nd row: William Stutzman Ruby Tobias James Troxel Allen Wagner Arlene Welty lst row: Wayne Welty Marie Wilson Fred Wilt Philip Wright John Zimmerman R. A. Fleetwood, M. D. 301 North Main Street Rensberger Standafrd Service Tires - Batteries - Accessories EIGHTH GRADE Joseph, W. Kindig Afforvley at Law i i i i i l'm3SIm1NT . . . . . .Paul Flowers SEC'Y.-TRIQZAS. ...... Jolene Klingaman VICi-I-l'Iil'1SlIlI'IYl' . . .Donna Tee-ter Sliowsons . . .. .Mr. Best. Mr. Holaway Top Picture First Row: 'l'hm-odor4- tlzpll, l'2Llll Flovvcrs, Norris Bnlslvy, Carroll Uoppe-s, Stzuilvy l"ilI'IYlNY2l1d, lmiigizm Holden. Second Row: .Juno Londi-rrnilk, Xvandn, Gvairhurt. Gm-tu, Iiiglv-r, Shirlvy He-1-kzlninn, Uiinrlmn- In-llnmn, .luis-nv lilingzunzin, Harrii-L Iwi-, Shirley Gziskili, Jnziniizu, llzirtnmn. Third Row: Mr. Holziway, Madgs- Bauman, 1':1Lrim-in, Lulvs, Ruth Knhli-r, Bcity Corwin, Ili-la-n iloI'i'e-r, Hvity Hoc-lisim-tlvr, Mzirlunne Georgv, Shirlvy Gwyn-r. Fourth Row: Rii-hard Hvnlvr, XVziltvr Horshiwrpror. iinlve-11 Gvssiiig'vi', Jzunos Fish, Rohort 1.1111-s, We-sh-y llrinsvn, .Iuinvs Hurt, Donald Gzilhrvnih, liii-hard th-ssimrviz Bottom Picture: Bottom Row: Szlniiu-l XV1-Idy. Gm-orp:,'v iviitscln-In-li, Jr., Hiiiy Nalin, Donald l':l1'c0li, Kvnnolh Alilii-rling, th-rnld XYz1,grn-ix Billy Sharp, Gordon l'fi-il'l'n-r. Second ROW: .lzinv Strauss. Julia, Miilvr, Mzlrilyn NV'alh-rs, Phyllis Roth, Suzanne Mum- nn-rl, Imnnu, 'l'i-1-if-r, Shirlvy Sulhvirnn-r, Jzuwi Ilohrvr. Shi-ila Mi-Gril'1', Marilyn Sparks. .I1rj'4'1- 'I'l'1'lt'l'. Third Row: Mr. Ili-st. sponsor. Uzirlylv WN-ily, Rvily Yodvr, Carol Mao Millvr, Julia Rens- lwi-gi-ix Marilyn i'imwng'vi'. Mziriunnv R4-4-d, Dorothy Miki-I, Vzlui Svvhrist. Junior Martz. Fourth Row: Le-wis Miisf-hola-n, XVinifrL-d Mast, Billy Strz1m.:'. Gordon Smith, Robvrt NV:-its-rs. XVilIi:um Slilison, llurry Millvr, John l'feii'i'm-r, Lowull Youngx K4-ith Mc'C'uvn, Carl Miller. Frec't's Texaco Service --40- Gas, Oil, Lulwication and Washing PRESIDENT . .. . . .Carol Ann Postma SECHY.-TRI-TAS. . . . . . .Sarita Schrock VICE-PRESIDENT . ....... Jack Hood SPONSORS . . ..Miss. Grubb, Mr. Yoder Top Picture Front ROW: Charles Lutes, Donald Disher, Jesse Berger, George Fox, Max lieery, Douglas Cripe, Loren Lutes. Second ROW: Vatriiria K1-im. Martha Hartman, Nancy Coppos, Janet Fisher, Carolyn Marlz, Shirley Longrield. Carolyn Kern, Bonnie Cori, Barbara Coppes. Third Row: Miss Grubb. advisor, Jean Hartman, Helen Foltz, Beatrice Adams, Terry Hostetler, Lulalielle Hepler, Barbara McDonald, Joyce Fox, 'Perry Hamsher, Shirley Losm-0. Fourth Row: l.aMar Huffman, Farrel Hiller, Carol llelfrees, Marlene Evans, Lois Lemna, JoAnn Grimm, Janina Clingenpeel, Jack Hood, LaMar Her-kaman, David Gall. Bottom Picture Front Row: Jaek Ulery, James Warren, John Stump, John Tobias, Robert Wyman, LaMar Pleteher, Robert Rhodes. Second BOW: Glenieo Rl-ed, Molly .Io Tobias, Carol Ann Postma, Lois Ann Seohrist, Carol Ann Miller, NVyana Mellow, Susan Xvright, Zana Weaver, Junior Phillips. Third Row: Mr. Yoder, advisor, Sarita Schroek, Kathryn Miller, Sally Shively, Carol Esther Miller, Lorabelle Newcomer, Shirley Seehrist, Mary Ellen Troxel. Fourth ROW: Ria-hard Rensberger, Charles Nvalters, Junior Newcomer, Carl Morris, Paul Zentz, Royce Stump, James Tobias, Max Slabaugh. O. E. Christnefr mul Son NCL2llOT,S Grocery and Market U-X Products -41- Ffree Delivery Kroger Store Quality und Service Sixth Grade Toi Row : Paul Parks, J a m e s Womlhams. Jeaneane Stout, Stella Snyder, Mar. ,jane Hutlman. Rebecca l'areell, .Ian- u'e Stiekvl. lietty Sn-christ, Donna Sutheiimer, Clayton Truex. Arthur Snmvclen. MII7lll.l'2 Row: MV- Yvflvlh lvneher. Esther Wefsly, l'il'1llll'l'S Seehrisl, James Reed. Rich- ard Stout, Lowell l'ippem:er. Thelma Jane Rose, Joe Stnuller. Walls- Pfeif- fer, Mrs. Velehrzim. teacher. I!ur1'0M Row : l'atrit-ia Ruth, Norma Sheets, Lilula l'ls't0her. Sanllra Nettruur, Mary Helen Pippen, Alan Wilt, liryve Sla- liauuh. Nancy Quigley. Mareia Mut- sehler, Judith Swihart. 'For Row : Howard Hs-pler, Lyle llall. Dunalml lfarmwaltl, Jnhanna Jvrles, Doris llunslxerlzer, Danny llostetter, James Eilers, Kenlyn Calla-ek, Mary .lain- lluss, Vietnr Miller. Mmm.:-1 Row 1 Mr. l"retlerick, teacher. Mary Hart- man, John Inule, Ronal1lGures, linux:- las Kahler, Sharon Jensen. lietty Keifer. Larry Wagner. Lowell Det- wiler. Mardi-lla W a 1: n e r, Virprll Fisher. ll0'l'TOM Raw: Carol llyrs-r, Jus-l Mn-lliuprer. Frances McGrilT, lieverly George. Martha Imrh-, l'1-gpre Areh, .Iimmy llartmzm. Renva Jewell. .lny l"uX. Laura Mul- let. Norman Marvel. Fifth Grade Tm' Row: Robert Buss, Iflnyd lirewer. Jimmy llrunso, Elltlie Foster, Russell Ervin. Walter Corwin, Donnie Gi-nryze. Win- furfl Hershbei'f,rei', lfhlclie Hand, La- vnn Culp, Warren Brock, Mrs. Stump, teaeher. lVlll!Dl.l'l Row: Marilyn liyrer. June Weaver, Juan Andrews. Jackie Arnuit, James Clouse, Leota Haney, Kathleen Hahn, Arthur Heer, Edwin Berger, Connie Hussler, Doris llalsley. Jean Harri- sun. Ii0'r'r0M Row : Jean Foltz, Connie Fervitla. Janet Culp, Wilma Copenhaver, Patsy Corl, Mary Ellen Hall, Sherry Gillis, Abby Lee Hussler. Fred Horkert. Russell Hepler, Philip Lehman. E. Newcomer Sz So-11 The Store of Fine Jewelry Fifth Grade 'For Row: James Weldy, Leo Williams, Richard Wright, Danny Nine, Kenneth Stump, James Saltsgiver, Russell Smith, Gilbert Reed. Gordon Sand. Marlan Miller, Wilfred Rensberger, Mrs. Waymire. teacher. MIIHIULH Row 1 Diekie Walters, John Stahly, Ken- neth Young, lletty Ann Woodhams. Sally Stouder. Sharon Troxel, Donna- belle Rensberger. Patricia Snider, Mart-ia Mellinger, Shirley Huffman. Allan Mitsehelen, Glen Mullett. liwrrom Row: Marilyn Martz, Barbara Stahly, Mary Lueile Miller. Patty Tobias, Linua Lou Stump, Patsy Losee, lietty Mil- ler, Roberta Jewel, Mary Ellen Jones, Luanne Leer, Sarah Lee Lepp. Fourth Grolde Tor Row 1 Ralph l"ink, Harold Hutfman. Vir- ginia liowman. Richard Hepler, Jan Culp, Jackie Hunslxerger, Raymond Curl. Jacob Jackson, Ned Hoover, 'l'erry Haney. Robert Haines. Mimrrrz Row : Sue Ellen Grimm. Gary Weygand, Janet Klingaman, Louise Hershber- ger. James Fox, Vernon Jewell. liillie Keifer. Linda Chandler. Linda Housouer, Dickie Colmes. Mrs. Metz- lef, teacher. 1io1'T0M Row: Carol Andrews, Marilyn Lehman. Jean Adams, David Arch, Bobby Jones, William Fremzer, Noel George, Roy lirock. Jeanette Ervin, Gloria lleezley, Tor Row: Douirlas Nine. Michael Price, Larry Lakins, Chris Woodhams. Vance Lopp, David Welty. Donnie Miller, David Stoops. Peter Pippen. Tommy Miller. Absent: Billie Stouder, George Stinemetz. Munn.:-1 Row: Keith Saltsgriver, James Spieher, Larry Fisher, Larry McDonald, John Troxel, Dorothy Pareell, Billy Mar- tindale. Junior Pittman. Clara Rae Walters, Sue Ann Pletcher, Judy Phend, Mrs. Miller, teacher. lioT'r0M Row 1 Carol Wagner, Sally Stutzman, Pat- ricia Peterson, Rosemary Miller, Jean Swihart. Kay Stouder, Judy Martin, Vonda Losee, Linda Walters, Sue Marilyn Martindale, Thelma Miller. Nancy Peters. C. W. Johason Sz S01L'D7"llg Store Ray Hwely Try Our .Soda Fountam Plumbing and Rcfrzgewztofr Service City Pf1l'l'f'I'I.C Co., Coizfrlzrefing Hotpoint Appliances - Radios and Records -44- Third Grade TOP Row: Donnie Miller, Jack Stump, Marie Klotz. Carol Sparks. Jim Lutes, Robert McDonald, Jimmy Stouder, Harold Miller, Eddie Keiim, Larry Stahly. Arlen Mulletl. John Kendall. Mmm.:-1 Row : Jimmy Pippenger, Sharon Reprogle, Peggy Jo Lakins, Dottie Ulery, Shir- ley Miller, Karen Neterer, Joyce Welty, Marguerite Wagner, Donna Kay Wagner, Mary Jean Woodhams, Carol Weldy, Miss Sehroek. teacher. l4oT'roM Row: Jane Ann Rood, Wendell Sheets. Delores Marvel, Donny Slabauizh, Al- bert Kohler. Larry Riley, Patsy Mar- tin, Eleanor Shively. Charlotte Stic- kel. Letitla Nettrour, Harry Peter- son. Gerald Yoder. Toi- Row: Freddie Hunsberger, Willard Feld- man, Keith Fisher, Larry George, Douglas Renslierpzer, Jackie Jackson. Jerry Ganshorn, Gene Heekarnan. Danny Evans. Alfred Keim, Miss Swartz, teacher. Mmnmx Row : Larry Cripe, Suellen Field. Carolyn Hershberger, Margarethe llertelson, liilly Conrad, llrent Gall. Judith Kauffman, Phillip Hoehstetler. Lor- etta Keifer, Glenwyn llollman, Ron- nie Hoover, Anita Hoover. ll0'l'TOM Row 2 Roger Heckaman. Eddie Combs. Yvonne lngle. Roger Evans, David Geyer, Carol Hahn, Dixie Lee Hare, Harry Hood. .Iimmy Hamsher, Patsy Gores. Ronald Elliott, Rachel Hola- way. Glenda Dumph. Second Grade Tor Row: Carolyn Welty, Leon Ringenberg, Robert Scheets, Merle Spicher, Gene Robinson, Ronnie lngle, Roman Mast, Jonas Mullet, Freddie Stwmp, Mrs. Postma, teacher. Timm Row: Larry Otto, Ronnie Zentz, Connie Jo Fletcher. Juanita Sharkey, .loan Williams, Sandra Smith, Charles Parcell. Michael Pippenger, Tommy Richmond. SaeoNo Row: Marsha Swihart. Martha Ann Hart- man, Verna Otto, Karole Slabaugh. Larry Stutzman, Maurine Culp, Bob- by Williams. Jimmy Rassi, Beverly Walters, Sharlene Nine. BOTTOM Row: Ronnie Hullar, Lee Price, Sharon Sechrist, Caroline Conrad, Dickie Pletcher, Karen Miller, Jean Culp. Sharon Stuckman, Steven Hockert. Cori Brofhefrs Barber Shop Quick Service Second Grode Toi- Row: Philip Arnott, John Hailey, Kenneth Heer, Larry Nunemaker, Donald Martz, Arthur Miller, Stanley Heck- aman, Gene lilucker, Richard Martz, Richard Norton. Jimmie George, Mrs. Anderson, teacher. Ml1lllLrl Row : Sharie Hoyt, Sandra Nichols. Joan Getz, Ruth Greenawalt, Barbara Kinxr, Ruth Esther Haines, Dale Fink, Mary Ellen Hershberger, John- ny Jones, Dennis George, Martha Jane Elliott, Alton Hershberger. llo1'roM Row 3 Larry Landis, Sue Ellen Pippenger, Dickie Hall. Dickie Emmons, Ken- neth Farmwald. Johnny Hostetler. Carman Hartman, Loretta Marvel, Patty Leer, Delores Heckaman. Car- olyn Miller. First Grode Tor Row : Edward Getz. Gerald Eastlund, Lee Hochstetler, Chad Hand, L a. r r y llurckhart, Jan Cleveland, Paul Hochstetler, Bobby Stouder, Bobby Farrington. T Il IRD Row: Vcrdon Feldman, Royce Farmwald, Ronny Hershberger, Sharon Hersh- berizer, Rosellen HuH'man, Dorcas Miller, Suzannah Calbeck, Jimmy Grimm, Helen Fink, Mrs. Stahly, teacher. SEc:oN1n Row: Steven Doll, Connie Haney. Goldie Adams, Johnny Coppes, Janice Mil- ler, Portia Mutschler, Susie Temple- ton, Michael Orn. Jerry Elmore. Laconda Jewell. Ilo'r'1'0M Row: Larry Evans, Maurice Hartman, Ray- mond Hollar, Sue Ellen Hizht, Betty Jane Andrews, Jenafie Biller, Larl'y Jones, Allan Corwin, Karen Clousr. Tor Row: Mrs. Hemiminger. Roy McDonald, Lewis Snowden, Gary Stutzman. Freddie Swihart. Sammy Longa- necker, Jay Stouder, Rodney Stump, Lewis Naylor, Michael Mitchell, Earl Mitschelen. Tamil Row: Sharon Imzle. Susan Stump. Nancy Shively, Delores Wade, Joanne Sla- haugzh, Patsy Warren. Lou Ann Wyman. Arlene Mishler, Maxine Welty, Janice Miller, Mrs. Burt. Sl-:COND Row: Sandra Nine, Marietta Ho'flerman. Norma Kohler, Donna Marvel. Linda Reed. Marlene Parks. Karen Spicher, Linda Price. Rita Nettrour, Susan Neibert. Carolyn Yeager, Linda Heckaman. BOTTOM Row: Robby Lehman. Brant Nettrour, Jimmy Rood. Judith Schori, Terry Pippenrrer, Gary Culv. George Frecse, Allan Wagner. Frank Mackenzie. A. H. Kaufman KL Co. i Hadley D1esQ Shop Harrlrwrwe, Pamt and Spofrtmg Goods The Store for Women and Young mile. Administmi L' 5-'., --. 15' ,. Tlkxf L' .fi f "II: ' - .. --.-- 'iffffx Ig. .y.. gf, ,- .A,jQ.--5,15 -1 -:JE Iii' ' If L' ' I . - ff. 'AV ," 'LII ,Q2' IL, .,i?' A q, tA.g VY ,'.' hi ' 'L I -'Z -.-111 'If5f'Z.'5:er ',l'f?Li'lIl1P : , . Zi-li'f:'.' -, - .q. Coppes, Inc. Naprmve Kitchens ALTHOUGH THE DECISIONS OF YOUR TEACHERS MAY NOT ALWAYS HAVE COINCIDED WITH YOURS, THEY HAVE DONE THEIR BEST TO GIVE TO YOU WHAT THEY HAVE LEARNED FROM EX- PERIENCE. THEY HAVE EXCELLED IN PREPARING YOU FOR YOUR NEW LIFE BY HELPING YOU TO EXPAND YOUR VIEWS TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE. YOUR ASSOCIATION WITH THE AD- MINISTRATIVE BODY HAS NOT ONLY BROADENED YOUR EDUCATION ACA- DEMICALLY, BUT YOU HAVE LEARNED THE PRICELESS ESSENTIALS OF LIFE: THE COURAGE TO BE WHAT YOU ARE, TO CHERISH WHAT IS SIMPLE AND BEAUTI- FUL, INDEPENDENCE, CHEERFULNESS, AND THE WILLINGNESS TO SERVE. AS YOU STEP OUT INTO YOUR NEW ROLE, KEEP ALIVE THE MEMORIES OF THESE THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO YOU. GUARD THEM AND CHERISH THEM AND REMEMBER THAT THE SECRET OF CULTURE IS TO LEARN. ii., W :Ln w 'Mi' Q Ev-""'wv R, ,W " "The Board of School Trustees and Superintendent regard the year V948-1949 as most important in the discharge of their responsibilities to the youth of our community. Plans and surveys for future needs were carefully studied in addition to the ever present, and sometimes diflicult task. of providing first class personnel and improved facilities so important in the training of boys and girls for useful citizenship in our American way of life." Lyle K. Klitzke. Superintendent 'alt is the hope of the faculty that they have. during their four years of contacts with the seniors of nineteen forty-nine, been able to contribute much toward fitting them hetter to their places as active. d ' . d h ynamic an t inking citizens of a developing 77 democracy. Galen C. Roose, Principal C oppes, I nc. - 47 .. Napanee Kitchens i l Standing: Virgil Anglin. Hartor XVrii:'ht. Lyle Klilzke. , , , Seated: .Iohn Uoppn-S, l'zu'lyl1- Mutselilvr. Vhzirles l'Id,lv-r. l'lildSll1b1N1' .. ...Carlyle lllutsehler SICCIRI-ITXRY . . .. .Charles lidler 'l'm:fxs1im1R . . . . .John Coppes On the second Tuesday ol' each month niemhers of the Sehool lloard meet to diseuss and render solwlions to the many school prohlems. Their major duties revolve around the financial and administrative affairs of the sehool. They also must secure a sulhcient numher of eapalwle teachers. Their main regard this year has eoneerned consolidation and the numerous prohlems eonneeted, Office Personnel . . . Standing: lmrothy Young. Seated: Kutlierine Zininin-rnifun. Dorothy Young and Katherine Zimmer- ' man are the ellieienl seeretaries of lllr. lloose i and Mr. Klilzke. 'llheir numerous jolns in- elude keeping: reeords, taking 1-are of eor- respomlenee. t'lll'f'lilIlQI atlendanee. and other general ollim- work. llesides this. the two girls help will work in other sehool depart- ments. Miller I,llm1n'r rulrl Coal Co. .F- Kendall, M- D For Howl Cool, lillflllt' 1537 -48- 0fliU'0 202 VV- Market St FACULTY WAYNE BEST Physical Education, Social Studies, Junior High Coach Manchester College, A.B. Indiana University, M.S. MARY BERGER Stephens College, A.A. Northwestern University, B.M. Ed. CHARLES BYERS Vocational Agriculture, Industrial Arts Purdue, B.S. Ball State Teachers College Indiana State Teachers College JANICE GRUBB Physical Education, Health, Home Economics Ball State Teachers College, B.S. LEWIS HABEGGER Instrumental Music, Commerce Manchester College. B.S. Michigan State University CLARENCE HOLAWAY Mathematics, Foreign Languages Goshen College, HA. Indiana University, M.S. ESTHER HOOVER English, Physical Education Indiana University, A.B. University of California at Los Angeles Ball State Teachers College MRS. LUCY MILES English Indiana University, A.B. Northwestern University BURNELL MUMMER1' Health, Physical Education. Coach Franklin College Ball State Teachers College MRS. EDITH PELCHRZIM English, Speech and Dramatics Goshen College, A.B. Ball State Teachers College Lyceum Arts Conservatory HARVEY POSTMA Commerce Goshen College, A.B. Indiana University. M.C.S. MRS. MARY Room Art. Art Supervisor Terre Haute Teachers College, B.S. OLIVE WEAVER English and Library Middle Tennessee State. B.S. University of Illinois, B.S. in L.S. t JAMES WEDDLE Health, Biology, Phy. Ed., Drivers Training Manchester College, B.S. Indiana University, M.S. LAWRENCE WHITE Social Science Manchester College, A.B. Rall State Teachers College Indiana University, M.S. DAVID YODER Science, Mathematics Goshen College, B.A. Walters Recreation Nlnppnnee Millinq Co. Home of Clean Bowling - 49 - Quality Flour and Feeds, Don Fol.Tz AND DoN SWIHART ANNA Woonniuws. R. N. L'l,ittlc- llonii and "Big Don" are indeed two men who need no introduction. 'l'ln-y'rv friends to ull. Whether firing up for a cold hlasl or sweeping up after tha' students, these two capahlv men are always on the jolt keeping the two buildings cozy and looking neat as a pin at all times. ulfarly to lied and early to rise." is il good slogan for these two early hirdsl ln her spick and span omce. situated in the grade huilding. Mrs. WYOOIHIEIIIIS takes cars- ol' all our aches and pains. Hidden in the depths of her big medicine chest are all types of lirst aid equipment-adhesive, handages, iodine, and numerous other sterile aids. Whether curing a case of blues or fixing up a sprained ankle, Mrs. Woodhams can he counted on for her cheerful manner. J. S. Sllllldllflllr, M.l7. Reprogleis S6"'Ui09 Smtifm- 111 N. Main Street - 50- Mama,th.on Gas and Oils tt ,T I'-wifi l PHYLLIS Ro'rH, JENNIE LEE CALL, MARY RocKsTRoH MR. HOLAWAY From 8:00-8:20 oiclock in the morning and 12:35-12:45 at noon, Jennie and Mary capably take charge of selling school supplies. Under the management of Mr. Holaway, the store runs smoothly. Here you see Mr. Holaway arranging the books and supplies that must .be taken care of every day. The bo0kstore's activities begin before the regular school term, in order to have rental books ready. Each book must be marked, stamped, and for each a card must be filed until the book is returned. The profits from the store are put into the general school fund. The beautiful pictures on the walls of the main floor hall were purchased with this money. Hang- ing in the school assembly is the most outstanding of these pictures, the Head of Christ by Sallman. This masterpiece was appropriately dedicated in January. Weygain,d's D-X Service Nappcmee Cold Storage Grocenes, Cold Meats, Open Evenings - 51 - Frozen Foods and Meats Q nia- Rv. :fi 1,5313 H ' ' 145. , -wr A -1, X- 1. 411. if W 'nie 1 'Q Q , W vim. " ' , 5. ' . 1 . ,A . W- - 1 . . . ' 1 . - f . .3 . . l 1 , ,fa - 1. .sievv m - hx- 1- 41 f 5 :F .an V ...,,.,E: T A. ,, 3. .. 2 I , .V ,,,' g'ff-f- " J 'I ' A . h. 'gy-g,,f ., . 3 ,nf -5 1, ' ia- ylw' , -, -- .X 5 . X W L o-1:., , - , " f 'Y .ffjw Q: .r.- -'. . ,' . .4 411.4 .e3gw . ... , , :ff -'Q' " g -. ":, ' gf r, ',g5Q,1zgE .,f.,1 .:5i:3:5Hg.'- f X! .. 'gggggftf' ' 'gi' - 'S W - P"' . If F ff. 'f ,W M. -411-f . 'Y' ' 'Y - A - 1fwf'fff' . . . ,. ',: - gl . L, . YHA' - 'f'Q.,,gf hc . ... :::- .K 3,312 51' Uv- , QC1f"5'.j? -Iii, -:iff . '42-Q.. - L: 5 f A Q .. . - ', -sa 4" ."Z.l1.::" ' .' .'-'...' -w-W-, I ,' 1'.-1:41:11 1.2.1 .Qvf,'i:h' h You and Your lasses. . . Boslml, Stuff' Q 'lfvnfs 11.11.11 Boys' We-rm' Ladies' and Girls' R1-mly to Wear, and Applirmces - 52- Different fypes of courses have been scheduled for your beneflf. Whether YOU plan fo be a lawyer or a home- maker, here in your classes YOU lay the foundafion fo achieve your goal. l Metzlvfr Shoe C0lll11fl'lIy Florshsvmz Shoes fofr Men - Miller Hmltlz Shoes for Women Physics . Very few subjects touch a per- son's life as closely as does physics. This subject develops reasoning powers and stimulates that uncommon faculty, "common sense." Who knows, perhaps the boys in this picture are uncover- ing mystifying secrets! Library .. Our collection of books offers the student an excellent variety of material. Whether for deep con- centrated reading or pure enjoy- ment. the library is indispensable. Geometry . . Next to arithmetic no other branch of mathematics is as fre- quently used in our daily life as is geometry. Whether you are planning the intricate course of a ship or studying the layout of a baseball diamond, you are learn- ing the use of geometry and its applications. J R Arnott and Son B Sz B Cafe Real Fstutf rmrl Insurance A Good Place to E011 Typewdnng.. Typing has been proved invalu- able to everyone. Under Mr. Postma's capable supervision, the commercial department has pro- duced excellent typists and placed many students in good ollice jobs. Enghsh.. ullitch your wagon to a star." fa few simple words ,by Emer- son. but they carry a world of meaning. English and American literature gives the student a chance to delve into the master- pieces and to create some original compositions. Sponkh.. The knowledge of different lan- guages has proved to be essential since the parts of the world of today are so closely related. Here in Mr. Holaway's class students learn to converse in Spanish. Beechley Tifre and Battery Shop Hollafrs Mafrket Gasoline, Oil, Lubrication The Plaqe of Fine Meats 11.173 we t.,.qnuw'm Clipp Auto Supply Everything ,for the Auto ,JK Driving . . Iris been said that more traffic mishaps are caused by teenagers than any other group. To prove that we can learn to drive safely and correctly, a number of stu- dents enrolled in a semester's class of driving, eliiciently taught by Mr. Weddle, History . . History represents the past in such a way that we can foretell the problems that are likely to face us in the future. Various types of history give us a vivid picture of our ancestors, of glorious deeds they performed, and of the origins of laws and customs. Physical Education The girls here, you see, are hav- ing fun folk dancing. Of course, more muscle building games are played: badminton, kickball, vol- leyball, and many other exciting activities. Dunlwfm and Love Prescriptions - Fountain Service Art.. Through art the student finds satisfaction in being able to ex- press beauty in objects created. Under the guidance of Mrs. Rood the student has a chance to de- velop his artistic abilities. Home Economics. . Miss Grubb, the new home eco- nomics teacher, teaches girls the fundamentals of good homemak- ing, For whipping up a batch of your favorite apple dumplings or sewing a fine seam, you may be sure the girls are expertly trained. Shop . . Activities involving the use of tools and materials develop man- ual skill, initiative. and creative thinking. In these shop classes many boys acquire interests and discover aptitudes which lead to the choice of a definite vocation. Glen Geyefs Garage Gm, Toqs Fashion Chop GeneralA11to Repair Ladtes and Children s Www E 3 You and Your Q E F i Sports. . . 'wa . - ' 'K-1b'543'wv . . ,pr , ' - - .4, 1 V Zaffr I .11 ., .JVM A K 3,5 .1 A Mak .F .wvmvwe-a5Sfff1f 3 - , . ., .J A, .-, it - C 5 ' ' 31555 ,I J ,QQ Fri: . : - -. if L.-:, , !v. 751,52-. F . E. .'-"Zn fg- H.. .rub .f .- .-is Vi. V 3' --gfmfa:-,,g E, W' a 'x - ., ,l , . ?'f1'!:'g3 v',',' I . 'Q , .--.,-Q, -, 1 ff-1. - gp,j 35,4-f '.:L.'a 522 .-,,.1..,-sr E1-.L9','Ef5,, - :ff 7,-.-,alv 'ii-"1 .1. ' 1 . -1. '. - 11, '.:.-f-t- xx. "gi Q, -:.'1g'Q..' r- ":J.Q 'f-ET, E531 -'if 1 ,l I."-" 235' PHE' V". ' 3 1151.37 5.3525 . -'f Y ., . . -1 ' - --f .- -I..-+1 . 'ffm' - 1- if ' "i, '-'AJ' 'ff N4-zff. Us..- .4-7f:4,:,,, ---V .. . ' A . 1 4 . - 5 ,- Mutschler Brothers Company Pofrta-Bilt Kitchen Furniture - 58 - No moffer whefher we were up or down, The frue school spirit rang ouf. Cheers urging our feam on showed good sporfsmonship and gave our feom encouragemenf . . . YOU rejoiced over her vicfories, sorrowed over her misfortunes. Mutsclzleo' Brothers Company --59- Pnrtrr-Bilt Kiftclzvvz, Furnitu're TEAM STATISTICS NAME Ht. Wt. Age Grade Total points Wilfred Anglin 6' 185 16 Soph. 83 Eugene Smith 6'2" 141 17 Jr, 243 Edward Eilers 6'3', 175 16 Soph. 53 Jerry Lentz 5'111Q" 175 15 Soph. 113 Forrest Dunnuck 5,103 155 16 Soph. 203 Wendell Metzler 5'6" 150 18 Sr. 32 James Heckaman 5'6" 125 16 Ir. 42 William Grimm 6' 162 16 Soph. 50 Howard Stutzman 6'1Mf 165 15 Soph, 20 Dennis Brumbaugh 5'10" 152 15 Soph. 10 'I948-1949 Schedule WON 9 LOST 13 Nappanee 41 New Paris 50 Nappanee 34 Bremen 43 Nappanee 26 Kendallville 41 Nappanee 40 Wakarusa 36 Nappanee 39 Goshen 31 Nappanee 25 Concord 46 Nappanee 38 Columbia City 52 Nappanee 44 Madison Township 45 Nappanee 39 Middlebury 20 Nappanee 39 Bremen 43 HOLIDAY TOURNEY Nappanee 43 Kendallville 41 Nappanee 33 Auburn 66 Nappanee 57 Milford 45 Nappanee 44 Jamestown 49 Nappanee 45 Walkerton 28 Nappanee 40 'Goshen 48 Nappanee 32 Elkhart 58 Nappanee 43 North Manchester 42 Nappanee 37 Wakarusa 35 Nappanee 48 Culver 78 SECTIONAL TOURNEY Nappanee 47 Bristol 41 Nappanee 30 New Paris 43 864 Totals 981 39.2 Averages 44.5 East Side Lumber Co. Reichert Auto Sefrvwe Lower Prices, Plume L-323 ofr L-440 - 60 - Motofr Tune-Up, Battery ami Lubrwatwn FIRST TEAM PLAYERS Toi' Row : Eugene Smith, Dennis Brumbaugh, James Heckaman, William Grimm Edward Eilers. Bo'rroM Row : Jerry Lentz, Wilfred Anglin, How- ard Stutzman. Wendell Metzlei' Forrest Dunnuck. EUGENE SMITH DENNIS BRUMBAUGH JAMES HECKAMAN WILLIAM GRIMM EDWARD EILERS JERRY LENTZ WYILFRED ANGLIN HOWARD STUTZMAN W7ENDELL METZLER FORREST DUNNUCK 6'Smitty,' was our leading scorer this season. He has another year. A good shooter and rebounder. "Bud" is a sophomore. 'iliabbiti' was the smallest player on the team, a deadly 'cone-handern from any place, He is a junior. Bill has two more ears to row and he shows u y 4 g promises of better things to come. Our only new man on the team, Eddie is tall, solid, and a sophomore. Jerry,s hard driving and good ball handling helped considerably. Jerry is a sophomore. Willie fights to the end, is a wonderful rebound- er. He has two more years. Howard is a tall boy, moved up from the second team. He is a junior. Our only senior on the team, "Windy's', as fast as jet-propulsion and can be counted on to get in the game and fight. c'lke" fights like a true Bulldog and is an ac- curate shooter and a fancy dribbler. Ike will be with us two more seasons. J. C. Zimmerman, D.D.S. Schultz Bros, Co, 1095 N. Main Street -61- 5c to S1 Mefrclmfndise SECOND TEAM SCHEDULE WUN Il LOST lil XEIIDIRIIICQ 22 New Paris I8 NZIIDIDLIIIPP Ill itiI'l'H1t'lt lil XQIIDIRIIIUQ' lf? limitlzlllvillt' lil Nuppaiwv 2-It Wukairiisu 211 Xzippuiwv lfn Uoslivn 233 Xilliliilllixl' 22 iiUllC0l'd K5 X2llDllillll'Q' 253 iitlllllllltlil City Ili! Nzippziiivv 20 iXl1llilS0ll iiw0WllSillll 2I Nuppaiiivt 20 lllifltllvlmitlj' 22 Nilllltilllvl l5 Milfiuwl 28 XLIIFIHIIIFQ' Zl ,larnvstmx Il 23 l,1:1'T 'ru lt1t:11'r: .laimts Mittw- XUl'l'il""0 29 w41'lif"'l"" 21 ling, Gc,m.m, Shows' GNN, Xz1ppa11v1' 2l Cvfosllvli 20 .lr1h11su11, llolmt-rt -l6'YtSK'Y't, Carl Ni1l'l'a"f'f' 21 V Hkhmit im Hwkmmmy Hm.W,V l,g,p,.m,S, XZIIPPLIIIQW Sill North lViLlIll'lll'Sl0I' 20 C2ll'I'0ll Ilnlawuy, l'itlwi11 Kvrn, Xf'l'I'f"'P' 25 W alfarlml 2' fil4'll Stump, Philip Wright, Nf'l'l'f"l"' lo Lllllivli 23 llavitl Stouclt-V, l"1'vrl VVilt. H 'W' i' ' 107 Total 1-12 Total CHNTl'fRI RlCh2ll'tl Ullllih Average Average M. F. H1111 ll WH,lkf"1'x Ifrug Store I'I11111lri11g1, Hl'1lfI.iljj mul ll'c'1l-lVo1'l.' -62 -W I"1'c'Sr1'ipHr111s, Cosnrvfifs flflld qvdas CHEER LEADERS Do you mean it? I can't believe it. Freshmen! It isnit possible. These were only a few of the comments, some favorable, some not that were heard in the halls that eventful morning of November l5. The reason - four freshmen were chosen to lead Nappanee High School's cheering section for the 194-8-49 season. Moreover, these JOANN FARRINGTON peppy girls, JoAnn Shively, JoAnn Farrington, Patricia Richmond, and Ross REPROGLE Rose Reprogle, have done a splendid job of leading N. H. S. at all PATRICIA R1cHMoND JOANN SHIVELY pep sessions and basketball games. Congratulation, girls! Hartman? Shell Service Collins Fu, Store Shell done - Well done - 63 - Home Fumsllinys 9 TRACK We have alvout the largest track team ever produced from N. H. S xn many Years. It alto uld he as good as it is large. 'llhe tentative schedule: April ll... .......... Wakarusa April I5 .. ...llonuord. New Paris STANDING: George Byers, men April lb ..... .... ll 'ltddlelmury Hartman, Paul Rummel, lion- 1 W ald Welty, Stanley Naylor, April 2l or 22 .. ...bounty Meet Jerry Lentz, William Hood, Jack Reed, Fftffm llumluck' April 26 .... . . . .. . .. ...Lakeville KN!-:m.iNG: Dennis Bi-umbaugh, Roland H0CkHmHl1, 113.1121 April 23 . . ...Freshmen-Sopliornoreffvlakarusa Gray, Gene Johnson, William Coppes, Gene Gwin, Wayne V. 1 W Slabaugh- May lll .... Lakexille Relaya SEAT!-:nz C h a r l e s Chapman, - Q ' Richard Uune, Herbert Cripe, May H " "'oeCl'0"al Carl Heckaman, John Paul , Brunso, Wendell Metzler. May 21 ---- slate Dixie Srmdwirlz Shop Nappannee Utzlztws Co "Best Food In Tou"rz" - 64 - 205 E. Lmcoln Shftt SOFTBALL The '48 softball team did amazingly well. They lost one game and won the other four. Scores : Nappanee 8 Nappanee ll Nappanee ll STANDING: Allen Hepler, Wil- liam Grimm, Jerry Lentz, Mr. Mummert, c o a c h, Forrest Dunnuck, Howard Stutzman, Edward Eilers. NHPPHHCC 7 Nappanee 8 SEATED! William Hepler, Gene Johnson Carl Heckaman, Eu- gene Sniith, James Heckaman, 45 Totals Wayne Slabaugh, Dennis Brumbaugh. 9 Averages Madison Lakeville Shipshewana Madison Lakeville 3 5 12 7 4 31 6.2 -65-1 Cox Coral and Lumber Co. Prompt Service DONNABELLE ANGLIN . Y-Teens 3, 4, Secretary 4, Future Homemakers 3, Journalism 4, Assembly Editor 4, Chorus 1, 2, Chorus Ensembles 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary 4, Ensembles 1, 2, 3, 4, Reception Com- mittee 3. MARY BARTHOLOMEW Y-Teens 1, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, G. A. A. 2. KENNETH BOLLMAN Future Farmers 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Hi-Y 4, 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES CHAPMAN Journalism 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 4, Student Coun- cil 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 4, Chorus 2, Band 2, 3, 4, Ensembles 3, 4, Baseball 2, Track 3, 4, Noon Basketball 3, 4, Manager 2, Reception Committee 3, Annual Staff 4. SHIRLEY DAVIS Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Homemakers 1, Jour- nalism 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensembles 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 4, G. A. A. 1, 2. RAE ELLEN FIELD Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Journalism 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensembles 1, 2, 3, 4, Reception Committee 3, Librarian 1, G. A. A. 1, Annual Staff 4. JOAN FLOWERS Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Journalism 3, 4, Exchange Editor 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Monitor 4, Recep- tion Committee 3, Librarian 4, G. A. A. 1, "Little Women" 3, "Old Doc" 3, Thespians 3, 4, President 4, Bookstore 3. RICHARD GARDNER Student Council 2, Hi-Y 2, Band 1, 2, Basket- ball 2, Baseball 1, 2, Track 1, Annual Staff' 4. MARGUERITE GEARHART Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, President 1, Treasurer 3, Dramatics 3, 4, President 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, President 4, Student Council 3, 4, Band 1 2, 3, 4, Ensembles 1, 2, 3, 4, Reception committee 3, Librarian 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 2, Annual Staff 4, Class Vice-president 2, Thes- guns 4, "Sunbonnet Girl" 4, "Stranger in the ight" 4, Valedictorian 4, State Senator 4. ROSE MARIE GREENAWALT Y-Teens 4, Future Homemakers 3, 4, Secretary 3, Noon Basketball 1, 2, Reception Committee 3, G. A. A. 3, 4. BEVERLY HAIIN Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-president 3, Journalism 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4: Student Council 3, Debate 1, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Ensembles 2, 3, 4, Vice- president 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensembles 1. 2. 3, 4, Reception Committee 3, "Sunbonnet Girl" 4, Girls' State 3. SENIOR ROSEMARY HAMILTON Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Reception Committee 3. CLELL HARTMAN, J R. Journalism 3, 4, Sports Editor 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-president 4, Chorus 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 3, 4, Noon Basketball 1, Reception Committee 3, Annual Staff 4, Class Vice-president 4. ALLEN HEPLER Basketball 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, Noon Basketball 1, 2. CHARLES HEPLER Future Farmers 3, 4, Vice-president 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, Manager 2, 4-I-I 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT HEPLER Future Farmers 1, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Noon Basket- ball 1, 2. WILLARIJ HEPLER Basketball 2, Softball 2, 3, 4, Noon Basketball 1, 2. KATHLEEN HOFFER Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Journalism 3, Student Coun- cil 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, En- sembles 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1. BOBBY JOE HOLLAR Hi-Y 3, 4, Corresponding secretary 3. DOUGLAS HUMMEL Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 4, Phi-Sci 3, 4. MARILYN JENSEN Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, "Sunbonnet Girl" 4. ROY KAUFMAN Hi-Y 2, Basketball 2, Noon Basketball 2, Manager 2. HELEN MATTERN Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Journalism 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Ensembles 4, Monitor 4, Librarian 3. WENDELL METZLER National Honor Society 4, Student Council 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, President 4, Chorus 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, Softball 3, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Monitor 3, Reception Committee 3, Annual Staff 3, 4, Business Manager 4, Class President 3, 4, Boys' State 3. A C T I V I T I E S RICHARD MIDDAUGH Student Council 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, Noon Basketball 1, 2, Class President 1, Phi-Sci 4. ELOISE MILLEMAN Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 4. DOROTHY MILLER Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 'Sunbonnet Girl" 4. JANET MILLER Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-president 1, Future Homemakers 3, 4, President 3, 4, Journalism 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary 4, Student Council 3, 4, Secretary 4, Debate 3, 4, Recep- tion Committee 3, Librarian 2, 4, G. A. A. 1, Thespians 3, 4, Secretary 3, Girls' State 3, Salugcatorian 4, "Do, Re, Mi" 2, "Little Wom- en . JEAN MILLER Future Homemakers 3, Journalism 4, Noon Basketball 1, 2. MARILYN MILLER Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Student Council 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Reception Committee 3, G. A. A. 1, 2, "Sunbonnet Girl" 4. MARGARET MUTSCHLER Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Journalism 3, 4, Co-Editor 4, National Honor Society 4, Student Council 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensembles 2, 3, President 4, Accompanist 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensembles 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Reception Committee 3, "SunbOnnet Girl" 4. PATRICIA PIPPEN Y-Teens 1 2, 3, 4, Journalism 2, 3, 4, Feature Editor 3, Music Editor 4, National Honor So- ciety 4, Student Council 4, President 4, Chorus 2, 3, Ensembles 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensembles 1, 2, 3, Reception Committee 3, Class Vice- president 3, Annual Staff 3, 4, Editor 4, State Representative 4. RAY RALSTON Hi-Y 2, Basketball 1, Noon Basketball 1, 2. DEVON ROSE Future Farmers 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. -...67... MARLENE SHEETS Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Journalism 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, "Old Doc" 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Reception Committee 3, G. A. A. 1, 2, Annual Staii' 4. ARLEN SLABAUGH . Future Farmers 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Noon Basketball 1, 2, Recep- tion Committee 3, Chorus 1, 2, Softball 4. WAYNE SLABAUGH Journalism 4, Dramatics 4, Basketball 1, 2, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Noon Basketball 1, 2, Reception Committee 3, Phi-Sci 4, Vice- president 4, "Stranger in the Night" 4. MARJORIE SNYDER Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Homemakers 2, 3, 4. TRILBA STILLSON Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, "'Sunbonnet Girl" 4. GEORGE STOOPS Journalism 1, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Student Council 4, Debate 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Base- ball 1, 2, Noon Basketball 1, Reception Com- mittee 3, Class President 2. BETTE STUTZMAN Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Journalism 4, Reception Committee 3, G. A. A. 1, 2. DONNA ULINE Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Journalism 2, 3, 4, Editor 4, Student Council 1, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Ensembles 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Band 1, 2,. 3, 4, Ensembles 1, 2, 3, 4, Reception Committee 3, "Sunbonnet Girl" 4. VIVIAN VINKE Y-Teens 4, Journalism 4, Dramatics 2, Chorus 2, 3, Librarian 4. PHYLLIS WEAVER Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Journalism 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, "Old Doc" 3, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Ensembles 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensembles 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 4, Monitor 1, G. A. A. 1, Annual Staff 4, Thespians 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Class Secretary and treasurer 1, 2, 3, 4, "Sunbonnet Girl" 4. WILMA YODER Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 4. JOAN ZOOK Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Journalism 4, Band 1, 2. Kenneth Anglin Vivian Babcock Phyllis Beery Louise Berry .Io Ann Bigler Lois Brumbaugh Beverly Vinke James Buss George Byers Kenneth Calbeck Richard Callander Frank Coppes Patricia Corwin Mark Cox Fred Curtis Margaret Farrington Rosena Gearhart Marilyn George ,loe Bill Geyer ,lack Gran Mary Alice Hall Arden Hamman Junior Heckaman Harold Hershberger Betty Hostetter Ronald Kirkwood Carl Lemna Richard Linn Bette Losee Willard Marvel Anna Mae Middaugh Sally Milleman Richard Miller Virginia Mitterling Patricia Naylor Gordon Neterer Robert Orn Frank Parsons Lois Robinson Delores Roth Paul Rummel Ruth Speicher Joe Stillson Fay Stinemetz David Widmoyer ALUMNI 1948 Farming Fort Wayne International Business College Nappanee Milling Co., Inc. Mrs. Iack Gran Syler 8: Syler Dr. 0. N. Lentz, oliice Nappanee Telephone Co. Northern Indiana Brass Co., Elkhart Purdue University Indiana University Nappanee Lumber 81 Manufacturing Co. Army Air Corps Mrs. Robert McDonald Wabash College Ball Band Rubber Works Dr. R. A. Fleetwood, oiiice Wheaton College South Bend College of Commerce Geyer's Garage Army Mrs. Eldon Hartzell Army Air Corps Army Anderson College Coppes Inc., office Bluffton College Ball State Teachers College Deceased Mrs. Robert Fairchild South Bend College of Commerce Nappanee Lumber 31 Manufacturing Co. Nappanee Lumber 81 Manufacturing Co. Butler University Nappanee Specialty Co. Nappanee Milling Co., ofiice Indiana University Orn Electric Service North Manchester College Fort Wayne International Business College Mutschler Bros. Co., office Farming Fort Wayne International Business College Ball State Teachers College Mrs, Charles Finkes DePauw University 1681 Nappanee, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Muldraugh, Kentucky Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Indiana Nappanee, Nappanee, Indiana West Lafayette, Indiana Bloomington, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana San Antonio, Texas Nappanee, Indiana Crawfordsville, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Wlheaton, Illinois South Bend, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Germany Etna Green, Indiana San Antonio, Texas Albuquerque, New Mexico Anderson, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Bluffton, Ohio Muncie, Indiana South Bend, Indiana South Bend, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Bloomington, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana North Manchester, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Muncie, Indiana Portland, Indiana Greencastle, Indiana SENIOR WEEK 1949 Baccalaureate METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH Sunday Evening, May 15, at 8:00 o'clock Organ Prelude ............ Mrs. Fred Lemna, Organist Processional .......................................... CIHSS of 1949 Mrs. Fred Lemna, Organist Invocation ......... ......... M r. Rollin Moser, Pastor First Mennonite Church "Cherub1m Song" ............................. ..... B OITHYHIISIQY High School Robed Choir Prayer .....,...... The Reverend L. E. F011dy, PaSt01' Church of God Sermon .... The Reverend Francis E. Reese, Pastor First Presbyterian Church "Grant Us Peace" ........... ,................... . Rosenmuller High School Robed Choir Benediction ........ The Reverend Paul L. Schmeidel, Pastor St. J ohn's Lutheran Church ReceSS10na1 ,,,,,,,.,.............................. ...,. C 12.55 of 1949 Mrs. Fred Lemna, Organist Pgstlude ,,,,,, ,,,.,.... M rs. Fred Lemna, Organist Junior-Senior Banquet SOUTH SHORE INN, LAKE WAWASI-IE, INDIANA Wednesday Night, May 18, at 6:30 o'clock Welcome ............... "Belle of the Ball" Response ..... Music Reading ....., Prophecy Floor Show .,.... ........Stanley Naylor .......King and Queen ,..,......Wendell Metzler .........Max Weaver .........Eit'f'el G. Plasterer Senior Night COMMUNITY BUILDING AUDITORIUM Tuesday Night, May 17, at 8:00 o'clock Opening Talk ........ Lyle K. Klitzke, Superintendent Girls' Sextette-"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" Kern Shirley Davis, Margaret Mutschler, Donna Uline, Patricia Pippen, Phyllis Weaver, Beverly Hahn. Class Will ........ f ...........,......................... Vivian Vinke Herf Jones Awards ........ Galen C. Roose, Principal American Legion Citizenship Awards ....,,,,,.....,,.,,,,, Kenneth Culp Agriculture Awards ...........,,.,.....,,..,, Charles Byers State Bank Agriculture Award .......... Floyd Ruch Hi-Y Awards .................,................ Lawrence White Honorable Mentions .......................... James Weddle Marimba Duet .................. Marlene Scheets, George Stoops Class Prophecy ........ ............... W ayne Slabaugh Commencement COMMUNITY BUILDING AUDITORIUM Thursday Evening, May 19, at 8:15 o'clock Processional ...,.... Class of 1949, High School Band Invocation .......... The Reverend J. Milton Bowman, Pastor First Brethren Church "The Student Prince" ................................ Romberg High School Band Salutatory Address .............................. Janet Miller Address ........,............. Dr. John Emmons, President Ball State Teachers College Valedictory Address .............. Marguerite Gearhart "Stormy Weather" .................... Koehler and Arlen ' High School Band Presentation of Diplomas ............................................ Mr. Carlyle A. Mutschler President of Board of School Trustees Benediction .... The Reverend Ray E. Zook, Pastor Church of the Brethren Recessional ........ The Graduates, High School Band Academic ...... .Administration . . . Alumni ........ Band ........ Basketball .... Bookstore . . . Calendar ..... Cheerleaders . . . Chorus ........ D'Bulldog Staff . . . Debate ........ Dramatics ........ Eighth Grade ....... Elementary Grades . .. Faculty ........... Freshmen ........ Future Farmers ..... Future Homemakers .. G. A. A. .......... . Hi-Y ..... Janitors . . Juniors . ........ Junior Y-Teens . .. Librarians ..... Napanet Staff ....... National Honor Society National Thespians . . . Nurse ........... . Ollice .......... Phi-Sci ........ School Board . . . Seniors ......... Senior Activities . Senior Week ..... Senior Who's Who .. Senior Y-Teens . . . Seventh Grade .... Softball ....... Sophomores ...... Student Council .... Track ........... INDEX 54-57 47 68 16-17 58-62 51 21-25 63 20 9 13 15 40 42-45 49 38-39 12 12 19 11 50 34-35 19 13 8 14 18 50 48 18 48 30-33 66-67 69 28 10 41 65 ....36-37 14 64 AUTOGRAPHS 1 "ff ' fb i3.Zf'fXi",1Q 'iflfrffif 154' Q4 , .,, ,W , - -, -X aw, g X. , -.W , X W, ' x' X .,.1v, L ,rg-fn I 1 'KU' ' I 9Gi-RAAXP"H- X Q A' fd"..:Q . fly. A ' A ! swf: 3-rw in iv-' .X "'v4,-3 . 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