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Nappanee High School - Napanet Yearbook (Nappanee, IN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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,vw 4 7: 1. -E f ,v xf wg V 4. ,fm , 5 .K YA- as A ,fl qu, ,M 1,5 "s?a?'kx. . Q- 4. "5-E::f'j J, . 'ali--.:, 1 , .fn .,L:' M. 5 ' xl f gh dgzxlgf g 1 ,L .. 31,-QM5 . 7 1" Lbflpv' - f ?i?i',gl, ' 'Q-ftfw - ui --'iw-2 N 11, ,,., , .155 ,,-rg, . ., , ...L . - :fd mas.. ., -. .. J' ,g. ' lg! '."L.,f: 4 t. ff? f , ' rviggfgfx-f ,V-3.5- 5 X 191-:ia 'J .,., , ,X Jaw. HQ F7, . Z -f"2:f:- ' Q'-H 'fiiiwsf , ' af,xg , ,-4, -fl ' 'i iefiiii 71 "Yi-vii? .L 'QQ H912-rg.. f qi. '1'j-,aff ,.-j 5. -r x,QY -riff , ,hue-4 r., P ga.- KA . ag. I. ' 'F ZYLQA 'Pt'-' A ' 1.-ITAA ,w,,,, -,,,f,,,-.T h. fi. ,- me . 'P . 'W Q.: f1f'.s-,. - x earl, 1 'f :Km-1 H? 'ir-Ji 'K' x A. .J iff .xi 56025 T1 1 F:-ljfh ,':1,:gf, .3-far . ,.,-ff 1-.W v .f f ,1 'f AE-if'5..g , 1 4' -1'..,'bS" +A, ,HCT 'T' ir' 'f " 7" 4-w 7' - -1 5' ' "L hfigx' fig' 1194 V L J 9 ffm-5 1' Y' ,- 'zgif' .5 Q, 'fl .L 9 v, fkf' .4 ,Z , ,gf 1" 6' 3311-TQ it 1. r ..Lj:yr :L 'Ty-QI -1 J. 2. min W5 L 1' n if is -1+ 2? ibifiiq EJ-"I,.' .au Jn." , 4 ...lrz THE TICK OF THE ASSEMBLY CLOCK . . . THE PULSE OF THE STUDENTS . . . . . . . . THE FACULTY . . . . . . A FULL DAY'S RECORD OF EVENTS .... . . . FROM THE TINKLE OF THE ALARM . . . . . . . . . TILL LIGHTS OUT . . . . . . A FULL DAY OF WORK AND PLAY .... Nappanee High School - - Nappanee, Indiana Q15 11-1 I' 7:00 A.M. A DAY BEGINS .... 7:45 A.M. THE DOORS OPEN . . . 71:55 A.M. WE EAT, THEN BACK TO CLASSES .......... 3:55 P.M. MEETINGS, REHEARSALS IT'S TIME TO LEARN ...... IT'S TIME TO MEET . . . . . TIME TO PLAY AND ENTERTAIN . . . . . AT NAPPANEE THERE IS A TIME FOR EVERY- THING AND WE WILL SHOW YOU JUST HOW IT GOVERNS OUR LIVES .......... THE 1946 XV 8:00 P.M. WE ENTERTAIN THE PUBLIC .......... TIME OUT! FOR RECREATION .... 42645 I 0 I I I I I 1lnilg------ '-l- ' '-- - -ihnninnu--M A1-ff - 1.11" 'S inn- dll Wd SCM y , Mvninries rc- call the Gn- trance to our house of learn- ing. M,-4' 'fig Mr. Klilzkcfs lime is well ' spent al his of- fice' desk, We lake time 0 ll t to pose wilh two of our helpers and su- pe-1'x'iso1's. We .ZCQCUM The school tvrrn is the time lo study and learn with one another. VW' luke time out for play as wvil as work. 'h f ' 4 4 U ' 3 ., . ' A 1-. ..- --V1 si ' Q 1 .142 nf D- We Qajkw Nacwmcf... wfime on our hands" and no worries at present. -.' -. :nl-u lr n 1. SCHOOL BOARD LEFT: Lamar Stoops Secretary, Board of Education CENTER: John Coppes Treasurer, Board of Education RIGHT: Carlyle Mutschler President, Board of Education . LEFT: Galen C. Roose Principal Mathematics D 'Goshen College 1 3' Manchester College Indiana University, A. B., M. S. RIGHT: Lyle K. Klitzke Superintendent Teache1"s College, Whitewater, Wis University of Iowa, B. A. University of Chicago, M. A. Memories fade with lime, but we shall remember those who made it pos- sihle for us to receive an education in these four years of our high school. 0 FACULTY Nor shall we let slip from our minds our teachers, advisors, and spon- sors who listened to our moans and groans, likes and dislikes, through our high school days. We didn't always agree with them, nor they with us, but we knew all the time what they said Lwent' and they were right. We Couldn't see that the work was for our benefit and it was their patience that got us from one day into another. We didnnt understand then but we will when our days with them and Nappanee High are over. First lion'-I,--t't-lii,u'lit-Irma lllzink, lflnprlish. Home Ifleononiiesg 1'hai'les liyers. .xg'I'l4'lllllll't'. Shop: l'lltner 1'udwortli, Seienee, Matlienizities: Mary .lean Gray, musie: Lewis ll:il1e1,:f,:ei', l'nsti'unient:il nlusie. eoinnieree: Seeulitl ltow--t,et't-ltiglit-t'lzirenee Holaway, Lzinguage, Mathematies, soeizil studies: Esther lloover, l'l15'si4-:il ediu-ation. soeial studies: Mrs. Lui-y Miles, English: Mrs. Edith l'elel1l'zim. Spiwelt, l'Im.:'lisli: Harvey l'ostmu. Uoinmerei-1 Mildred Shively, Soc-izil studies, Illnglisli, lilxwiriaii. 'Fliird't-ltig4'l1t4.Iiimes XX'eddle. l'liysieal edueation, eonimeree. .lane Ann NVQ-inter, Art: liziwrenee XYl1ite, soeizil studies: Mrs, .l. Milton Bowman, Iiilwleg Mrs. Karen Kilidig, nurse: Mary Iiouise Laiser, Ulerlt. x l FACULTY AND CLASS For our Victory Bond Drive two of our co-operative teachers, Mr. Weddl buying of several bonds. ' e and Mr. Cudworth, gave a shaving demonstration in return for the -1 Mr. Weddle gave us a demonstration in health class of how to bandage a burned hand. Bob Stillson was the sad victim. The on-lookers were Lois Thomas, Dean Guard, George Flowers, and ,lacquie Estep. ' v Other attractions at our Bond Drive were Fred "Bing Crosby" Curtis and ,lim "Harry James" Lentz. They were persuaded to play by bond pledges. a ' SNAPS Time before and between classes. ' The Hi-Y mile of dimes was for a worthy cause. Mr. Klitzke gives "Bus' a shine for his share in buy- ing war bonds. 7 Someone iust gave me a beautiful clock Which guards o'er my desk like a dog o'er its flock. It advises me, urges me, warns me and pleads And generally keeps me as prompt as my needs. l1:55...We Eat And Then Go Back To The 6164464 L-x AN SENIORS DORIS JXNCLIN UJORISE 601111 111112: 11111 krmu' 1'1'1'ry1l11111g." RICIIARID .fXuNo'1"r QHINGI-:J "No worlf 111111 1111 play ll'0llll1 1111 s111f'll.', YICRNA .-XliN0'l"l' fN00lij "l2'111'f1 01111 svvs 1411111 111- cwrrivs IIII his l1f'11r1.', lJALLAs l5L,1lui11oL1n-:R fDALj "I 1-arv 11111 for SflLll'YQ 11 11ff'11lrf'115 111-1' 6'-Yf'S.,, ,I12AN1:'l'T1: CLOUSIC fjl-INJ "IFS so 1111111-1'f11l ill, 11111 l'0llfH,ffY.7, Romzln' illmwl-3 fIi0nj"lY'11111 has llmzry V97 F0111 go! 111111 I l1.1111f'11'1. .I1:ANDUxNU1:u LIEAN, "No1l11'ng is nmrv ,silly 1111111 silly l1111g11111r.', ,IA1:QU1:LlN1-1lCs'r1:1' fJACQUIE3 "Mm low' H1110 1111.11 0f11'11. '1l'0ll7f'l1 11111111 111111 I'llfl'IAY.,, 4211141111111 FLow11Rs fI'osm'j Nflllfllf 1111- prin- 11111110!'f'll'IIflfl'0l1.S of 111.1111 is Il 11i1'111f' 'll'UII1lIII.,, DALE FREIVI' QUALI-lj "S1111fy grws Ilflf llfll- 1111f111'11f'11.,' SENIORS JOE COULD KJOEJ "Men of few words arf the best rnenf' PIIYLLIS GUARD QPHILQ "The joys of meeting pay the pangs of absence." DEAN GUARD QMUDQ "I came, I saw, I con- 3, quered. HERMAN HALL fHERMIEJ "A gentleman makes no noisef' ROSE HARTMAN fROSIEJ "No woman dares express all she thinlfsf, DALE HERSHBERGER fMOSED "The unspoken word never does harm." DOROTHY Hoon QDOTJ "Tomorrow is too late-live todayf, BILL HOSTETTER QCOLONELJ "He sleeps more by day than by night." MARILYN HUFF QMAREJ "If silence is gold- en, l'll never be richf' JOYCE KLINGAMAN QJOYCEJ "To a young heart everything is fun." 6 -fu C' - MZ 64 Y F'3'L , SENIORS R0BEn'l'K1uNG fBOTTLl-151 "The ladies- Cod blffss 'f'nz -.U DHLom:s Kuwrz 111111.01-:J "Sim lmwfs buf om'-at Il filllflq, B1':'r'rY l,YNc:u QIJYNLJIIJ "liar In plfvmf rhy- Svlf 1111.1 rlrvss I0 plvrlsv 0flIl'l'S.,. JAMES N1IiLLlNlLl4IR frlllnkj "Ulm hour of slmfp uffvr Illiflllfgfllf is zvnrllz tlzrfvf Iw- 9, forex XVILBUR NI!-I'l'ZLI'IR Umm 'STU Im, 'wiilz all my miglzl IFIIHI' I do lim" Umm MILL!-in QIJAHQLI "Tlwsf' silly lr1'1l.w." RICIIARIJ NIILLICR flillllln "N0m1f'nt. buf yvi ll f'l1,11rr1r'tffr.,, BHPTY Momw: Ql3H'r'rYj HHIIISIIUS nn- thv rr1 inlm1v of ll10llf'Sf-Y.,, SHIRLI-:Y l'Vr'rMAN QSIIIRLI-:YJ "Sof1nvss of smile' imlif'11If's softness of l'llIIflIl'IPl'.,. lmulsrz l'Lr:1'a:llr:1c 1I'u:'rc:llj H1fl'fIllfkYIi'l'f'S 'IUl'llI, ,lrin1lr11'ss." SENICDRS BARBARA POSTMA fHARBJ nlvlllllff? lms in- clined us 111 love Ill.-f'Il.,, AUBREY SCHULTZ lAUBRI'IY, "Ho lnislfly' and CllC?I'fILllj' 11sl'1f1l 1111111 Il Illllll C'0lllfl kill time." JEAN Sl2:c:1Ims'1' Umm HBf'lllllLY is 11111 Illllll- ily of ll11' lwnrlg if is 11111r1f lllllll slfin fleepf' l.YLE SMITH fPE'l'l-If "Cod Illlllll' lzim. ll11fr1f- fore lei l1i111 pass for fl 111111z." EUGENE SPONSELLEK 030115 "f11zg1'r is II slzorl 1111n1lnf'ss.,' ROBERT STILLSON lliolsj "Y1111 may trusf lzim in 11111 llrzrlffa Lois THOMAS l'l'mx1Mx'J "l.1'ltl1f things 11111110 in small 1l!IllxYIQPS.7, JOHN THOMPSON QJUIINJ "ls llIf'I'!' II l11'11rt tlmt 1n1usi1' 1'1111n0f fll6'll.y7, MARY WALTEIKS QPETEJ "Tl11f soul of 111111111111 livffs in lovc'.', Fw SENIOR ACTIVITIES Doris Anglia Girl's Sextet 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Drum Majorette 2, 3, 45 Debate Vice- President 45 Dramatic Club 45 "Voice of America" 45 "Leading Lady" 45 "Cash and Carrie" 45 "Belle of Bag- dad" 15 Journalism 3, 45 Music Editor of D'Bulldog 45 National Honor So- ciety 45 Napanet Staff 45 Faculty Sec- retary 45 Valedictorian 45 Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 4. Verna Arnott Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Sec. G. R. 455 Pres. G, R. 25 G. A. A. 25 Dramatic Club 45 "Voice of America" 45 "Lead- ing' Lady" 45 "Cash and Carrie" 45 Journalism 2, 35 Librarian 1, 2, 35 Faculty Secretary 4. Richard Arnott Noon Basketball 1: Varsity Basketball 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 35 U. S. Navy 4. Dallas Burlfholder Noon Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Faculty Secretary 45 Nap- anet Stall' 4: Monitor 25 F. F. A. Treas. 1, 2, 3, 45 District F. F. A. Vice-President 45 "Cash and Carrie" 4. Jeanette Clouse G. A. A. 1, 25 Monitor 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Treas. G. R. 45 Class President 25 Journalism 3, 45 Saluta- torian 4. Robert Crowe Student Council 2, 3, 45 Cross country 35 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basket- hall 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Treas. of Hi-Y 45 Napanet Staff Assistant Business lglagiagei 45 National Honor Society ., ec. . lean Dunnuck Sextet 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. Sec.45 Double Sextet 2, 3: Sec. of G. A. A. 1. 25 Journalism 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 45 "Voice of America" 45 "Lead- ing Lady" 45 Pres. of Dramatic Club 45 "Belle of Bagdad" 15 Calendar Ed- itor Napanet 4. George Flowers F. F. A. 1. District Reporter 2, Pres. 3, Sec. 45 Noon Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Monitor 25 Napanet StaE 4. facquze Estep G. A. A. 1, 2, 35 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 45 "Voice of America" 45 "Leading Lady" 45 "Cash and Carrie" 45 Journalism 2, 3, Fea- ture Editor 45 Alumni Editor of Nap- anet 4 Faculty Secretary 45 Librari- an 3, . Dale Freet Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. foe Gould Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Journalism 35 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 3. . Dean Guard Journalism 3, 45 Sports Editor 35 Class President 3, 45Track 1, 2, 3,45 Noon Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Basket- ball 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, Vice-President 45 Dramatic Club 45 "Voice of America" 45 "Leading Lady" 45 Business Manager Napanet 4. Phyllis Guard G. A. A. 1, 2, 35 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Vice-President 35 Student lCouncil 2, 45 Dramatic Club 45 "Voice of America" 45 "Leading Lady" 45 Editor Napanet 45 Journalism 3. 45 Sports Editor 35 Asst. Sports Editor 45 Faculty Secretary 45 Asst Librarian 45 National Honor Society 45 D. A. R. 4. Herman Hall Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 45 "Voice of America" 45 Student Coun- cil 2. Rose Hartman Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Class Secretary-Treasurer 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council President 45 Nation- al Honor Society 3, 45 Librarian 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 45 "Voice of Amer- ica" 45 "Cash and Carrie" 45 Band Treas. 45 Vice-Pres. National Honor Society 45 Secretary Napanet 45 Journalism 4. Dale Hershberger F. F. A. 2, 3, 45 Chapter Reporter 3, Noon Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Dorothy Hood G. A. A. 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2. ...L -La-- - -.-- 4a.,......ggi --rf -- :..,.g,, ...Q ... .......' . SENIOR ACTIVITIES Bill H ostetter Louise Pletcher Hi-Y 2, Track 1. Marilyn Huf Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A, A. 1, Art Editor Napanet 4. G. A. A. 1, 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Journalism 3, Faculty Secretary 4. Barbara Postma foyce Klingarrian Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Journalism 3, 4, Student Council 3, Asst. Secre- tary 4, National Honor Society 4, Asst. Editor Napanet 4, Librarian 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-President 4. Robert Kring Noon Basketball 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4. Dolores Kurtz Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Journalism 3, 4. Betty Lynch G. A. A. 1, 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, "Belle of Bagdad" 1, Journalism 3, 4, Student Council 2, Monitor 2. james Mellinger Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Noon Basketball 2,35 Varsity Basketball 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 3. Wilbur Metzler 4Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Noon Basketball 1, 4. David Miller Hi-Y 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, U. S. Navy 4. Richard Miller F. F, A. 1, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Journalism 3, Dramatic 4, "Voice oi America" 4, "Leading Lady" 4, "Cash and Carrie" 4. Betty Moore Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Journalism 3, 4, Librarian 3, Faculty Secretary 4. Shirley Pittman G. A. A. 1, 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 4, Journalism 3, 4. Band 1, 2, 3, Sextet 4, Octet 4, Dou- ble Sextet 2, 3, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, Journalism 4. lean Sechrist Band 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council2, Journalism 4, Asst. Music Editor 4, "Belle of Bagdad" 1, Double Sextet 2, 3 , Sextet 4, Sketch Club 2, Secre- tary-Treasurer of Chorus 4. Lyle Smith Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Eugene S ponseller Noon Basketball 1, 2, Student Basket- ball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4. Robert Stillson Noon Basketball 1, Hi-Y 2, 3- 4. Lois Thomas Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, Sketch Club 1, President 2, Asst. Art Editor Napan- et 4, Journalism Asst. Art Editor 3, Art Editor 4, John Thompson Band 1, 2, Marching Captain 3, Pres- ident 4, Band Librarian 1, Hi-Y 2, Secretary 3. President 4, National Honor Society President 4, Student Council 3, 4, Journalism Editor 4. Mary Helen Walters G. A. A. 1, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer G. R. 3, Dramatic Club 4, "Voice of America" 4, "Leading Lady" 4, "Belle of Bagdad" 1, Band 2, 3, Double Sextet 3, Sketch Club 2, Lit- erary Editor Napanet 4. WHO'S WHO Prettiest Girl ,,......,,,, Jean Sechrist Handsomest Boy ,,..., '---,A- D gan Guard Best Dressed .,.,.A -.--,YY, D Orig Ang-lin Best Dressed Boy -------- ....... B ill Hostetter Friendliest Girl ....,v.. Friendliest Boy ..v,.,.,. Best Dancer, Girl .,i,i.i,. Jean Dunnuck Robert Kring Jacquie Estep Best Dancer, Boy ........ ,,,,,,V777 D gan Guard Most Studious Girl ..,i.....,. , ,i,i iv Jeanette Clouse Most Studious Boy .iiil.......i........iiilii ....... J ohn Thompson One Who Has Done Most For Class iii. , .,.. P hyllis Guard Most Likely to Succeed, Girl ...,,,e l.., Most Likely to Succeed, Boy ,.,,,,e B .... B Wittiest Girl ....ei.e.....,...,..eee Wltt16St Boy ..e. Most Ambitious Girl Most Ambitious Boy Neatest Girl i,,,........ii Neatest Boy BB .... -. Best Singer, Girl ...... Best Singer, Boy ...... Biggest Flirt, Girl Biggest Flirt, Boy ..,e... .....,,. B B ....,,. B. Cutest Couple ......, Always Smiling, Girl Always Smiling, Boy Doris Anglin B ,i,.,,. John Thompson Lois Thomas Robert Kring Phyllis Guard ,, ,.... John Thompson Jeanette Clouse Jim Mellinger Jean Dunnuck Robert Kring ii.ii , ,i,. .B Jacquie Estep Dean Guard Jeanette and Herman Shirley Pittman B .... Robert Kring Best Figure ii,,,,,,,,,lii,,,, ...... M ary Helen Walters Best Physique ,... ee..,,,,......,,....... ..,....,. B B BB .... BB BB Herman Hall Most Popular Girl CTieJ .. Phyllis Guard and Jean Dunnuck Most Popular Boy .,....,,,,.,, B .... .B ........B. B BB.BB..B .B .... Dean Guard Best Natured Boy ,...B., ...B BBBB... R obert Kring Best Natured Girl .....i,. Best Athlete .,........ - Shyest Girl ................ BB.... BBBB B B B Shyest Boy ....B....... Jean Dunnuck Herman Hall Shirley Pittman Robert Stillson Most Popular Girl Among the Boys B..B.B.. BB..B.. J acquie Estep Most Popular Boy Among the Girls ..B. BB ....... Dean Guard DIPLOMAHCDUR To The Class of 1946: Congratulations, members of the Class of 1946, for your achievement in earning a high school diploma bearing the name and seal of Nappanee High School. You will now be accepted in the select group of men and women who constitute the alumni of the school, ranging from the first class of 1898 to the newest and latest-"your class" of 1946. As members of this association, you will be expected to shoulder the important responsibilities of citizenship in the new post-war world. Al- though most of your high school days were spent under the gray skies of world conflict, I am confident that you, with the other thousands of gradu- ates of high schools all over the country, will work as hard for a lasting, righteous world peace as you did in giving all-out assistance to our country during the war period. If your school training, made possible by teachers, administrators, school 'board members, parents, and friends of education, will be of value to you in understanding and improving human relations in the larger en- vironment in which you must now live, this will indeed be re-assuring proof that our American school system has made its contribution in building a better world. lf at all possible, plan to continue your formal education in your cho- sen field of endeavor-if not, so discipline and shape your everyday living and thinking to provide the utmost happiness, success, and satisfaction in accepting the responsibilities of citizenship in this great country we so proudly call America. Sincerely, L. K. KLITZKE, Supt. 0 CLASS WILL We, the class of 1946, possessing superior mentality and extraordinary talents, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. I As we are about to leave these "Famed Halls of Education" we wish to bestow upon the underclassmen, these, our priceless possessions: To the freshmen our coyness and ability to influence the teachers which we lacked as frosh but accumulated through four years of experience. To the sophomores all our grief, work, and sacrifice we made in planning the reception in our junior year. To the juniors our dignity and superior minds which come only with greatest intelligence and experience and which they will need much of in the next year. II To the entire faculty we bequeath our love and appreciation for the many things they have done so graciously to give us our poise and self-confidence to face our future with the utmost intelligence created from our career in N. H. S. III - The remaning will and testaments are the greatest bequests that could possibly come from the depths of the grateful, humble, and generous hearts of the seniors. I, Doris Elaine Anglin, will my surpulus t?J weight and height to Anna Lou Gonderman to be added to her own. I, Richard Earl Arnott, will my interest in economics to any junior who likes it as well as I did. I, Verna Lou Arnott, will my giggling part in the class play to anyone in next yearls cast who thinks she can take the part as naturally as I did. I, Dallas William Burkholder, will my dark complexion to Dick Klitzke. I, ,lean Ellen Dunnuck, will my good nature to Jane Lou Bigler. I, Jacqueline Estep, will my ability of going with several men at the same time lespecially sailorsj to any one who thinks she can do any better. I, George Dallas Flowers, will my green sweater to George Byers to take the place of his red plaid shirt. I, Dale ,Iunior Hershberger, will my comic books and sleeping hours in the assembly to Dick Linn, knowing that he will make good use of them. I, Joseph William Gould, will my dignity and quiet manner to Beverly Hahn. I, Willis Dean Guard, will my 'ginterestl' in Manchester College to anyone who likes to drive her Merry Oldsmobile better than I do. I, Phyllis Jean Guard, will my hard work and long hours on the annual to next year's Napanet editor. We, Herman Burdett Hall and Jeanette Fay Clouse, will our cozy seats in economics class to Dick Stoops and Peg Lloyd provided they can hold hands as long as we did without Mr. Wl1ite's knowing it. I, Rose Marie Hartman, do will my ability in being late in the m.orning to my younger sister, Kate, because I know she will have as far to come as I did. I, Dorothy May Hood, will my studious nature to my sister, Betty. I, William Lee Hostetter, will my complete wardrobe to George Stoops to be used sparingly with what he already has. We, Betty Lou Lynch and Marilyn Ann Huff, will our positions as waitresses at the B. and B. to any two who can work together as long as we have and still remain such good pals. ' I, Joyce Elaine Klingaman, will my tall, light and lean boy friend to ,Ioan Strauss to create a pleasing contrast. I, Robert Lamar Kring, will my ability of skipping school and getting by with it to .Ioan Stuckman so she doesn't get caught so often. I, Delores .Ianet Kurtz, will my stories and jokes to anyone who thinks he can tell any bigger and better ones. I, .Iames Kleith Mellinger, will my famous butch-haircut to Fred Curtis to be used as long as it doesn't hinder his popularity in his swoon crooning. I, Wilbur James Metzler, will my out-of-town flames to George Malcolm provid- ed he never finds anyone more interesting in town. ' I, David Warren Miller, will my tall sea-faring tales to Dewey Eppley knowing that he has a good start now. I, Richard Eugene Miller, do will my ability of telling blood curdling, spine- chilling tales in speech class to Art Schwartz. I, Betty Lou Moore, will my dimples to Dick Callander to add to what he has already. I, Shirley Arbelle Pittman, will my bookkeeping apparatus to anyone that can slave over it harder than I. I, Louise .... .......... P letcher, will my long wavy locks to Mr. White and Mr. Roose to be divided evenly. I, Barbara Ellen Postma, will my high soprano voice to Phyllis Weaver. I, Aubrey Walter Schultz, will my trust-worthy bicycle to Lowell Kuhn to aid him in his long trip to and from school. I, Jean Ellen Sechrist, will my light blond curly hair to my cousin, Nancy ,Io Sechrist. I, Landon Lyle Smith, will my height and ability to play basketball to next year's center player, hoping he will do as well as I have done. I, Earl Eugene Sponseller, will my position as manager of the Bulldogs to Levi Tobias. I, Robert Gabriel Stillson, will my shyness and quietness to Betty Strang. I, Lois Irene Thomas, will my wittiness to Margaret Farrington. I, John Isaac Thompson, will my golden-toned trumpet and orchestra to David Widmoyer if he thinks he could have the patience I have had with them. I, Mary Helen Walters, will my blue basketball sweater and my ever-faithful soldier friend to anyone who thinks she could write more letters to him than I have. IV All the superfluous possessions we bequeath to our beloved economics teacher, Mr. White. We do hereby appoint Mr. Lewis G. Habegger as sole executor of our last will and testament. In witness thereof, we the class of 194-6, seal this on the seventeenth day of April Anno Domini, one thousand nine hundred and forty-six. WITNESSESI Mr. Roose Mr. Klitzke Doris Anglin. Mary Walters 1 PROPHECY During our recent journey to the Orient we were privileged to visit the Oriental Carden of the famed 'Lseerf' Hajah Hubba-Hubba. While walking through the garden we ran into an old friend, Aubrey Schultz, who, we learned was "Keeper of the Keys" of the Hubba mansion and it was through him that we were permitted to see the Rajah. We herewith disclose to you the astonishing events that took place in this exclusive mansion. We were first ushered into a large room, heavily carpeted with oriental rugs. At the windows hung beautiful gold embroidered curtains and the walls were inlaid with mirrors from floor to ceiling. Then we entered a dimly lighted hall which led to a small darkened roomg entering the room we were greeted by a heavily robed and bejeweled figure which was the Hajah in person. He motioned to us to sit down by a small table. He then asked us what we would like to know. We told him we would like to know what the future holds in store for us, the class of ,46. Without a word to us he went through some queer motions and mumbled some magic words. No sooner had he spoken than his 'iatomicn crystal exploded and left in the air a large puff of smoke, from which emerged our classmates, one by one. The first thing that came into view was the Stork Club with neon lights which read: "Starring Thompson's Tormentors." Looking inside we saw the leader of the band was JOHN THOMPSON. We noticed that BARBARA POSTMA was his featured vocalist. The Rajah interrupted at this point to tell us, and to our great surprise, that Barbara was now MRS. THOMPSON. Now who would ever have thought that John would go blond crazy! I l The Empire State Building then came into view and high on a ladder we saw a man industriously washing the 85th story windows-we were amazed to see that it was LYLE SMITH. The scene shifted to another of New York's night spots and we saw photo bulbs flashing as the wealthy oil heiress, HOSE HARTMAN, entered the Club Morocco on the arm of DALE HERSHBERGER, who was working for the Excellent Escort Service. The liajah told us that Hosieis Millions were inherited from "Clell's Shell." We observed that the Photographers were from Spot Shot magazine and were none other than DALLAS BURKHOLDER and GEORGE FLOWERS. They got their first experiences in photography from working on the '46 Napanet and decided to make a career of it. We saw that the Morocco was run by BILL HOSTETTER. Nice going, Bill! l ! As we looked inside we noticed the snappy hat-check girl was DOROTHY HOOD. Now, Bill!!! Our view then changed to the Waldorf Astoria. Inside we saw that DELOROS KURTZ was head receptionist. She always wanted to spend a week-end at the Waldorf, iwitli or without Vanj. and now she was stationed there permanently. Rajah Hubba- Huhba broke in at this point and said, "Speaking of Van Johnson, your classmate, JEAN DUNNUCK, has followed her heart's desire to Hollywood and is finally satisfied with being his private secretary." Next to come into view was the comic strip, Little Lulu, featured in the New York Times, and to our surprise it was drawn by our own JIM MI-:LLINGI-IR. The Rajah called our attention to the resemblance of Little Lulu to LOIS THOMAS, who was now the model. We then saw a brightly colored neon light saying, "Moore's Modern Modes." Looking inside the large building the sign hung on we saw BETTY MOORE pinning and draping 'a clinging black nylon material on the shapely figure of her model LOUISE PLETCHER. Another small explosion occurred and Ashland College came into view. We saw a cheering crowd. We asked the Rajah what it was all about. He answered, "Your classmate, HERMAN HALL, has reached the height of his coaching career as his Ash- land iliagles' have just defeated the Notre Dame Irish 97-32.9 Next we saw a jet-propelled train streaking into Carrettg jumping out of the engineer's cab was BOB CROWE. Could that really be his interest in Garrett? We wonder! l ! .L 1. f H - v-M The smoke lifted and on the outskirts of Nappanee we saw two bedraggled, weather-beaten characters feebly lifting their thumbs toward the east. Looking closer we saw it was BOB STILLSON and WILBUR METZLER-Still on their way to Milford! I l While yet in the suburbs of Nappanee we caught sight of a little ily-in restau- rant with a special helicopter landing field in back. A sign above it read, "Lynch and Huff Snappy Service." Just think, MARILYN HUFF and BETTY LYNCH still in the same business, their motto must be "The way to a manis heart is through his stomach. ' The scene quickly changed to the familiar street of Elm, immediately Walter's Beauty Shoppe came into view. We saw Mrs. Kenny Walters, formerly PHYLLIS GUARD, in a stiff white uniform deftly shampooing SHIRLEY PlTTMAN,S hair. The Rajah again interrupted to say that Shirley was the top-notch socialite of Nappanee and was throwing a big party for the governor that night. We also saw a little red schoolhouse in Locke, inside at the teacher's desk we saw JEANETTE CLOUSE ruler in hand and specks on her nose, looking very bored, teaching her government class. Too bad Hermie wasn't there to hold her hand as he used to in government class back in '46. Next to come into view was radio station J 0 K E of Goshen and behind the "mikey in a fiashy red and white ensemble we saw JOYCE KLINCAMAN. Her interest still seemed to lie in Goshen. The smoke swirled higher and Manchester College came into the scene. One of the doors inside attracted our attention-DEAN GUARD, Professor of Ancient History. Because the door was opened we could see Dean in horn-rimmed glasses behind the massive desk, his brow knitted in deep thought. The question was: HWere his thoughts about ancient Greece or a co-ed of ancient Manchester in '4-6?" This picture faded and into its place came Playland Park at South Bend. There, speeding around the race track, was the famed 4'Hell Driver," BOB KRING. He always was pretty good at being reckless and now it was his profession. The smoke rose higher and we were in Chicago viewing a sky-scraper. On one of the windows we noticed big black letters reading: DALE FREET, Accounting and Book- keeping. He at last had his reward for being so studious in high school. We saw next a large animal hospital with DAVE MILLER as head-surgeon. Inside, JOE COULD was nervously pacing the fioor awaiting news from the doctor concerning his famed race horse, "Shirlwind.', We learned from the Rajah that Joe was manager of the Spink Hotel and was now going in for horse racing and that his entire fortune depended on this sick horse's recovery. The smoke rose higher and with a low rumble Hollywood, California, came into view. We then saw on the corner of Twig and Vine Street, RICHARD MlLLER,S Vine- yard Restaurant. 'iliichi' we were told, bought this from Tom Brenneman a few years back. Inside we recognized as master of ceremonies EUGENE SPONSELLER and JEAN SECHRIST as the featured singer. Then we saw a small apartment house. As the scene was brought closer we saw JACQUIE ESTEP patiently going over her dance routine, the Swoony Swan Dance, which she had made famous. fWe also heard that she had revised the "Hootchie Coot- chie" and made something quite modern out of it.J The last small puff took us out to Warner Brothers Studio and there we saw DICK ARNOTT doing a stand-in for Tyrone Power in a scene from the "Saturday Night Date." ln competition with c'Hinge7, was his little sister, VERNA Lou who was starring in S'Hilarious Comedy," produced by Paramount so the Rajah informed us. Im- agine ! l ! Both the Arnotts in the Movies! ! As the smoke began to fade the writers came into view, we saw the South Bend Tribune and DORIS,S Want Ad for miscellaneous items such as: Baton pupils, piano pupils, clarinet students, and The Civil Engineer. On the opposite page we saw MARY,S advice column-her topic was "What To Do With a Philandering Husband." And This, dear classmates, is what destiny has in store for you. Mary Helen Walters Doris Anglin ALUMNI FOR '45 Max Bigler Roger Boomershine Paul Bourne Patricia Byers Evadean Clindaniel Betty Davis Betty Doering Ferne Frenger Dale Gwin Juanita Hamman Russell Harter Roberta Hively Jerry Hockert Frank I-Ioffer Iay Holaway Lucile Jensen Virginia Jensen Gwendolyn Johnson Robert Lloyd Wayne McCuen Norma McDonald Lois Metzler Kenneth Middaugh Keith Miller Martha Miller LeRoy Nisley Betty Nunemaker Joan Nunemaker Phyllis Oswald Roy Pfeiffer George Pippenger Merril Pippen Carol Pletcher Betty Postma Iohn Price Phyllis Price Iohn Sechrist Dorothy Sheets Charles Stump Douglas Tobias June Tobias Sally Uline Army Manchester College Army North Manchester, Indiana Ball State Teacher's College Muncie, Indiana Associate Investment Co. Mrs. Robert Canen Mrs. Lowell Blosser Associate Investment Co. At home, farming Nappanee Telephone Co. Army Nappanee Milling Co. Ashland College Navy Ypsilanti Hospital glappanee Lumber Sz Mfg. o. Nappanee Lumber 8z Mfg. Co. Coppes, Inc. Air Corps Army Nappanee Specialty Co. Manchester College Nappanee Telephone Co. Coppes, Inc. Albion College Rubber Works Manchester College Manchester College Ball Band Army Navy Army Kalamazoo College I-Iartzler Motor Co. South Bend Business College South Bend Business College Army Mr . Jr. Klotz Goshen College Navy . Coppes, Inc. Nappanee Lumber dz Mfg. Co. South Bend, Indiana Wakarusa, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana South Bend, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Ashland, Ohio Ypsilanti, Michigan Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana North Manchester, Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Albion, Michigan Goshen, Indiana North Manchester, Indiana North Manchester, Indiana Mishawaka, Indiana Indiana Kalamazoo, Michigan Nappanee, Indiana South Bend, Indiana South Bend, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Go hen, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana BACCALAUREATE METHODIST CHURCH Sunday Evening, May 26, 1946 at 8 o'clock Organ Prelude ........................ Miss Helen Betz-Organist, Methodist Church Processional-Class of 1946 ............................................ Miss Betz, Organist Invocation ............... Selected Music .... Prayer .............. Selected Music. ...........Rev. J. F. Bright, Pastor United Brethren Church ........High School Chorus, Mary Jean Gray, Director L. A. Hatch, Pastor Church of Cod School Girls' Sextet, Miss Gray, Director Sermon ............. ........ R ev. J. Milton Bowman, Pastor First Brethren Church Selected Music ........ Benediction ..... Recessional-Class School Chorus .Rev. B. E. Boomershine, Pastor Church of the Brethren of 1946 ......................... .................. M iss Betz, Organist COMMENCEMENT COMMUNITY BUiLD1Nc AUDITORIUM Wednesday Evening, May 29, 1946, at 8:15 o'cl0ck Processional-"Coronation March" fMyerbeerj .................... Class of 1946 High School Band-Lewis C. Habegger, Conductor Invocation .... Rev. Arthur Keim, Pastor Union Center Church of the Brethren Selected Music ..,............................................. Members of High School Band Salutatory Address .................................................................. Jeanette Clouse Address .......... Dr. W. C. Beavis-Prof. of Education, University of Chicago Selected Music .......................... 6 ..................... M embers of High School Band Presentation of American Legion Awards ............ Nappanee American Legion Post 154, Mr. Bernard Uline, Commander Valedictory Address .................................................................... Doris Anglin Selected Music .................. ....... .... .......... M e m bers of High School Band Presentation of Diplomas ............................................ Mr. Carlyle Mutschler President, Board of School Trustees Benediction ............................ Rev. H. A. P. Homer, Pastor Methodist Church Recesslonal-"Coronation March" .......................................... The Graduates High School Band l JUNIOR CLASS FIRST Row-Left-Right: Helen Messner, Mary Ellen Middaugh, Phyllis Mellinger, Bette Strang, Carrie Peters, Marcelene May, Norma Ralston, Donnabelle Mast, Joan Strauss. SECOND Row-Left-Right: Nancy Uline, Marilyn Miller, Pauline Wise, Mary Jeanette Welty, Virginia Warren, Pegge Lloyd, George Malcolm, Levi Tobias, Miss Weim- er, sponsor. TIIIRD Row-Left-Right: Arthur Schwartz, Phillip Price, Wayne North, Eugene Slagle, Richard Rohrer, Jack Milleman, Jack Wilbur, Richard Stoops. Second Group FIRST ROW-Left-Right: Norma Kuhn, Phyllis Bennett, Norma Bleile, Doris Holaway, Jane Bigler, Patsy Hare, Anna Lou Gonderman, Thelma Coppes. SECOND Row-Left-Right: Robert Gould, Arthur Haney, Billie Jean Gran, June Haines, Mary Catherine Hartman, Rosemary Jacobs, Mr. Postma, sponsor. THIRD Row-Left-Right: James Lentz, Dewey Eppley, Benny Housouer, Richard Klitzke, Phillip Cripe, Jerry Finklea, Owen Lemna. JUNIORS PRESIDENT ........ ..... D ick Stoops VICE-PRESIDENT .......... ...... P egge Lloyd SECRETARY-TREASURER .... ..... N ancy Uline And now we are Juniors. We are busy, curious, determined, and often anxious. We work together, as we have worked and played together since the first grade, with the smoothness of accustomed teamwork. As new mem- bers have entered the class we have absorbed them into our group, welcom- ing their ideas as we taught them our class traditions and old loyalties. Dick Stoops has made a good president this year, and Nancy llline has conscientiously done her duty as secretary for the fifth consecutive year. We have had class meetings and parties, the highlight of social events was a skating party in Elkhart. We have forty-eight members in our class. Mr. Postma and Miss Weimer are our class sponsors. --Pegge Lloyd 0 SOPHOMORES We, the class of '48, began our flight on September ll, 1945, with a full crew of 53. We lost only one crewman during the entire year. We elected George Byers pilot and Joe Stillson co-pilot, with Gordon Neterer, Betty Hostetter, Carl Lemna and Fred Curtis our special representatives to the student council. Miss Blank and Mr. Byers were our oflicial command- ers. Our first High: was to end in November with our destination, a class partyg but hazardous conditions prevented this. We tried several forced landings throughout the year for the same purpose but all failed. Finally in February our plane came to rest, despite many dilliculties, and we en- joyed a class party. We are eagerly looking forward to our next flight which will carry us into the junior year. -David Widmoyer Q SOPHOMORE CLASS Fmsr Row-Left-Right: Joan Bigler, Phyllis Beery, Louise Berry, Barbara Hartman, Margaret Farrington, Rosena Gearhart, Vivian Babcock, Mary Alice Hall, Pa- tricia Corwin. SECOND ROW-Left-Right: Frank Coppes, Mark Cox, Dick Callander, Betty Hostetter, Barbara Bright, Marilyn Burkholder, Dallas Gall, Ira Crise, Arden Hamman, Mr. Byers, sponsor. THIRD ROW-Left-Right: George Byers, Kenneth Calbeck, Fred Curtis, Junior Hecka- man, Jack Gran, Tommy Brock, Joe Bill Geyer, James Buss. Second Group FIRST ROW-Left-Right: Mary Stutzman, Virginia Mitterling, Ruth Speicher, Joan Stuckman, Lois Robinson, Delores Roth, Barbara Wilbur, Patricia Naylor. SECOND ROW-Left-Right: David Widmoyer, Richard Miller, Sall Milleman, Anna Mae Middaugh, Faye Stinemetz, Betty Losee, Richard Max Nliiller, Joe Stillson, Miss Blank, sponsor. THIRD ROW-Left-Right: Gordon Neterer, Harold Hershberger, Carl Lemna, Willard Marvel, Frank Parsons, Paul Rummel, Ronnie Kirkwood. FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST Row-Left-Right: Helen Jane Mattern, Kathleen Hoffer, Rae Ellen Field, Shir- ley Ilavis, Beverly Hahn, Mary Ann Bartholomew, Betty Hood, Dolores Ingle, Joan Flowers. SECOND ROW-Left-Right: Edward LeCount, Dick Gardner, Kenneth Bollman, Mar- guerite Gearhart, Rosemary Hamilton, Marilyn Jensen, Bobby Joe Hollar, David Bauman, Mrs. Miles, sponsor. TIIIRD Row-Left-Right: Douglas Hummel, Roy Kaufman, Lyle Conrad, Rex Davis, Richard Jacobs, Clell Hartman, Vernon Hochstetler, Robert Hepler. Second Group FIRST ROW-Left-Right: Nancy Shaum, Betty Stutzman, Mary Lou Oswalt, Phyllis Weaver, Marlene Sheets, Patty Pippen, Donna Uline, Margaret Mutschler. SECOND Row-Left-Right: Dorothy Miller, Janet Miller, Eloise Milleman, Margaret Milller, Ina Mae Troxel, Marilyn Miller, Trilba Stillson, Sarah Ann Walters, Mr. Holaway, sponsor. TIIIRD ROW-Left-Right: Eugene Shaffer, George Stoops, Devon Rose, Ray Ralston, Dean Middaugh, Robert Riley, Wendell Metzler, James Reed. FRESHMEN PRESIDENT ......... ...... D erm M iddaugh VICE-PRESIDENT .................... ....... C eorge Szoops SECRETARY and TREASURER .......... Phyllis Weaver The Freshman class, consisting of fifty-two members, held its first meeting in the study hall on September ll. The above oflicers and the stu- dent council members, Marguerite Cearhart, Wendell Metzler, Donna Uline and Marilyn Miller, were elected for the year. Our sponsors are Mrs. Miles and Mr. Holaway. We were deeply saddened by the death of Jean Freet, one of our class- mates. ln October we took time out from our studies to enjoy a roller skating party in Elkhart. Many freshmen were in the band this year, and a large number partici- pated in athletic events. All of us are eagerly looking forward to our second year of high school. -George Stoops O if EIGHTH GRADE PRESIDENT ......... ........... P eggy Hare VICE-PRESIDENT ............ ............ C arole Heckarnan SECRETARY and TREASURER ........ Billy Farrington As we are approaching our debut in the ninth grade a feeling of satis- faction arises over the progess which we have made in the past two years. We are now ready to he freshmen. We selected Arlene Schwartz, Stanley Naylor, Carole Lee Heckaman, and Anna Lou Edler as our Student Council members. Mrs. Pelchrzim and Mr. Habegger are our sponsors. -Ioan Lloyd First Row-1.1-ft-Right: James Heekaman, Donald Swartzlander, Carroll Holaway, Roland Hevkaman, .lar-k Tobias, John l'aul Bright, l+l11gf-ne Slabaugh, James Pittman. Donald Ri- ley, tVilliam Hood, Second Row-Left-Right: Joan Lloyd, Marietta Mellinger, Carole Heekanian. Betty May, Lo- leta. Coppes, Arlene Schwartz, Patricia Hollar, Janet Eiman, Phyllis Housouer, Shirley Copenhaver, Patricia Martin, Mary Helen Arnott. Third Row-Left-Right: Martha Corl. Laurine Haines, Jennie Lee Gall, Anna Lou Edler, Peggy Hare. Pauline Stinemetz, Patricia Reed, .loan Shaum, Margie ltliddaugh, Ifldna. Stutzman, ldlizabetth Wilbur, Mrs. l'e-It-hrzini. sponsor. Fourth liow-Left,-Right: Mr. Habegger, sponsor, Roy Snyder, Fred Riee, Kenneth George. Jaekie R1-ed, Uarlyle Buss, llillie Farrimeqton, Donald Gardner, Raymond Kuhn. Max Xveaver, Stanley Naylor, Eugene Smith, Robert Strang. SEVENTH GRADE PRESIDENT ......... .... F arrest Dunnuck , VICE-PRESIDENT ..................... ..... C arol Klitzke ' SECRETARY and TREASURER .......... Barbara Sharp We the students of the seventh grade have completed one year of Junior High School with fifty-four students enrolled. . Gene Johnson, Dawn Keesler, Billie Jean Widmoyer, and Howard Stutzman were our representatives in the Student Council. . During the first semester we had a very enjoyable Halloween party with ghost games and refreshments. , y., 1 4 We all hope we will enjoy next year as much as we have this. , -Carol Klitzke First Row-Left-Right: Robert Messner, Carl Heckaman, Glen Reed, William Buss, George Stuckman. Robert Miller, Bernell Slabaugh, Lowell Kuhn, Walter Longtleld, Rodney Loudermilk, James Stuckman, John Paul Brunso, Dana Gray. Second Row-Left-Right: Sally Gall.. Nancy Sechrist, Frieda Walters. Egillie Jean Widmofy- er, Thelma Miller, Carol Klitzke, Norma Jean Ingle, Caroll Ann Gillis, Emma Jean Rensberger, Mabel Burkholder, Marilyn Phend. Third Row-Left-Right: Mr. Cudworth, sponsor, Phyllis Detwiler, Joan Teeter. Beverly Ral- ston, Yvonne Haines, Dawn Kessler, Donabelle Jacobs, Elsie' Mae Davis, Rachel Pfeitfer, Norma Jean Bauman, David Walters. Miss Shively, sponsor, Barbara Sharp. Fourth Row-Left-Right: Dennis Brumbaugh, LaMar Reichert, Devon Newcomer, Wayne Ingle, Richard Uline, Lyle Wade Best, Gene Johnson, John Robinson. Fifth Row-Left-Right: Jerry Lentz, Forrest Dunnuck, Virgil Keifer, Howard Stutzman. Gilford Truex, Thomas McDonald, Albert Hershberger. Richard Corwin. -ii fa- , J ff GQ., i. Q ,B Si' 71 Q t"tl':-t Itoxt .luhn 'l'hompson. kvlllllll' Metzlt-t', Gs-orge l"low1-rs., Mtnry XV:tltvi's, .Ie-am llllllllllvli. Qt-4-mul tion'--Itolrv-1't Stillson, .lim Mn-tlimrer, Iiietizint Miller tin e:trr'i:tg't-J l'hirtl lion--V1-t'n:t Arnott, Ilvtty Moore, Iiill llofetn-tt:-P, Shirley Plllltlfklt, .liwttwtte 1lltYlIS4'. The time when we were our parents' pride and joy. We thank out mothers and fathers for making it possible for us to receive our etluealion, for trying to make us see it was our tluty and privilege to attencl an institu- tion such as our Nappanee High School, anal for encouraging us to hnish out twelve years of learning. x i i ,W kAs lfirel RllXYfl5lll'0lllX Hood. June Linn, Louise l'l1-tcher, Phyllis and Dean Guard ill-ft to riglilb. Lois 'l'l1omas. 4:-woncl llowflmllns llurkholder Qrightj, Barlmra Vostmn, Marilyn Huff ici-nte-VJ. lim-is Anglin, llnle Freet ilr-flj, Robert Crowe. 'l'liii-mi liowglmlores Kurtz lsr-nteclj, .Inequie Est:-p, Lyle Smith, .Ioyee Klll"lg2lTYl2ll'l, Joe Gould. .li-nn Seehrisl. SNAPS The time has been long in years since we looked like this hut we have memories to remind us of our growing-up days. Perhaps These picilures will he good for a few laughs in years to come as we look them over and wonder where our class-mates are. While onward, relentless, the pointer revolves Though nothing it settles and nothing it solves, But breaks into seconds that whittle away Our triumphs and failures, our night and our clay. 3:30 P.M. Meetings, Rehearsals In The Front Row, Left tn Right: Phyllis Guard, Nancy Ulinv-, Doris Anglin. Rose Hartman. Second Row, Left to Right: Robert Crowe, John Thomp- son. Arthur Schwartz. Not in the Picture: Joyce Klingaman. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY PRESIDENT ........... ............. I ohn Thompson VICE PRESIDENT ...... ....... R ose Marie llarfnzan SECRETARY ........ ............. R oberz Crowe The National Honor Society was organized in 1921. A charter of the Society was first granted to Nappanee High School on March 25, 1936. The Society is composed of pupils who are selected by the faculty upon the bases of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. All memhers are chosen from the highest fifteen percent of the Senior class and five per cent of the Junior class. Every year the Society has some project. This year the Society decided to continue to keep up-to-date, on the Honor Roll, the names of those in serv- ice. A new project of making a school curriculum book was given to the juniors of the society. The purpose of this book is to advise the underclassmen of the rules and of their duties to the school. i -Robert Crowe. Q, .,-f . I First Row-Left-Right: Betty Hostetter. Joyce Klingaman, Rose Marie Hartman. Nancy Uline, Dawn Keesler, Billie Jean Wldmoyer, Mary Cath- erine Hartman, Arlene Schwartz. Second Row-Left-Right: Wendell Metzler, Patricia Hollar. Marguerite Gearhart. Donna. Uline, Marilyn Miller. Anna Lou Edler. Howard Stutzman. Gene Johnson. Mr. Roose, sponsor. Third Row-Left-Right: Gor- don Neterer. Carl Lemna Robert Crowe. John Thomp- son. Fred Curtis. Jar-k Mille-- man, Stanley Naylor. STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT ........ ..... R ose Marie Hartman VICE-PRESIDENT .... .....,............ I ack Milleman SECRETARY ..... ..... M ary Catherine Hartman The Student Council is an organization made up of the members of the National Honor Society and two representatives from each home room of the Junior and Senior High School. It is the duty and responsibility of this organization to promote projects that will help to better the morale of our school. A few of the major projects put into elfect this year were drawing and distributing the tourney tickets, the Victory 'Bond Rally, and sponsoring a drive for better conduct in the as- sembly. 0 First Row-Left-Right: George Stoops, Arthur Schwartz, Joe Stillson. Ken- neth Calbeck, Second Row-Left-Right: Patricia. Corwin. Jacqule Es- tep. Joyce Klingaman. Rose Marie Hartman, Lois Thomas. Marilyn Huff, Janet Miller, Doris Anglin. Pegge Lloyd. Third Row-Left-Right: Mrs. Miles, sponsor, Shirley Pitt- man. Betty Moore, Betty Lynch, Mary Jeanette Welty, Jane Lou Bigler. Jean Se- christ, Jean Dunnuck. Phyllis Guard. Fourth Row--Left-Right: Jeanette Clouse, Barbara Postma, Dolores Kurtz, Mary Catherine Hartman, John Thompson. Jacuk Wilbur. Phillip Price, Dick Stoops. Dean Guard. J O U R N A L I S M STAFF OFFICERS: EDITOR ......... .... I Ohrl TIIOITLPSOH C0-EDITOR ............... .,.... A rthur Schwartz BUSINESS MANAGER .. ........ Jack Wilbur FEATURE EDITOR .... ...... J acquie Estep SPORTS EDITOR ..... ..... J ane Lou Bigler Music EDITOR ..... ..... D oris Anglin ART EDITOR ..... Lois Thomas ln September the Journalism Club met to greet the new members and complete the staff of the school newspaper, D' Bulldog. Under the leadership of the sponsor, Mrs. Miles, and the production advisor, Mr. Postma, a paper was issued each month. The election of the staff for the school year, 1946-1947, was held in April. The new staff put out the last issue. A copy of D' Bulldog was sent to eight exchange schools. Copies were also sent to former students serving in the armed forces. The student .body has enthusiastically supported our interesting and newsy school paper. Front Row, Left to Right: Jean Dunnuek, Louise Fletch- er, Lois Thomas, Mary Helen XValters, Doris Anglin, Rose Hartman. Second Row. Left to Right: James Mellinger, Dean Guard, Mr. Roose, advisor, Phyllis Guard, Robert Crowe, Miss Hoover, advisor. Not in the Picture: Joyce Klingaman, Jacquie E s t e p, Dallas Burkholder, George Flowers. I+! u g e n e Sponseller, NAPANET STAFF EDITOR ................ ....... P hyllis Guard ASSISTANT EDITOR .... .. .... Joyce Klingaman BUSINESS MANAGER ............................ Dean Guard ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER ..,..... Robert Crowe ART EDITOR .................................. Louise Pletcher ASSISTANT ART EDITOR ...................... Lois Thomas LITERARY EDITORS ........ ...... M ary Helen Walters, Doris Anglin SPORTS ..... ..... E ugene Sponseller SNAPSIIOTS ............... Dallas Burkholaler, George Flowers, Dale Freet CALENDAR ..... ..................... J ean Dunnuck ALUMNI .... .............,............ I acquie Estep JOKES ........... .... R obert Kring, Dolores Kurtz SECRETARY .......................... Rose Marie Hartman After many long hours of work and many mistakes, we have at last completed the 1946 Napanet. We hope it fulfills your expectations and we believe you,ll like it. To the Staff of '47 we extend our best wishes for Success. -Phyllis Guard i Q' LQ-L.f Q ,ck ZW" mmf 4..,,fN Row Om: - Left-Right: Hose Marie Hartman, Phyllis Guard, Mary Helen Walters, Verna Lo n Arnott, Mary Catherine Hartman, Mrs. Pelchrzim, spon- sor. How Two - I,e',f!-Iiiglzf: lioris Anglin, llicla Klitzke, June Linn, Jean llunnnck, Patsy Corwin, J a c q u i e Iistep, Row T11uni:-I,eft-Ifiglzt: Phillip Price, Owen Leinna, Richard Mil- ler, Freml Curtis, Ar- thur Schwartz, llean Guard. How UM-I 7 Imff-Hiylif: Herman Hall, llean Gnaril, James Lentz, .lanies Mellinger, .lun- ior Heckanian, Frank Coppes, Frank Par- sons, J oe Stillson, Frexl Curtis, Arthur Schwartz A u b r e ,v Schultz, Huw Two - Iieff-lfigflllz I Owen Lemna, lyoherx Urn, Harold Hersh- herger, Jack Mille- man, Joe Goulnl, Carl Lemna, Ilieharml Mil- ler, Eugene Slagle, .lack Willinr, NYillmur Metvler, llick Stoops, Phillip Price, Ken- neth Callmeck, Mr. White, sponsor. llow TllRl'Il'I-I,1'ft-lffflflfI llicla Callander, Roh- ert Slillson, Mark Cox, .loe Hill Geyer, Ilohert Crow, Arden Hamman, llick Klit- zke, John Thompson, Lyle Smith, llick Linn, Gordon Netcr- er, Benny Housouer. llewey lippley, David Widmoyer. Row UNL: - I,eft-Right: Tom Brock, Iievon Rose, Lyle Conrad, Richard Riley, Vern- on Hochstetler. Row Two - 1,ef!-Right: Mr, Byers, sponsor, li a l l a s Rurkholder, George Flowers, George Byers, Paul llnnnnel, George Mal- Colm, Row Tilain:-I,egft-Riglzt: K e n n 0 t h Bolhnan, Levi Tobias, Arthur Haney, Dale Hersh- berpzer, Charles Post- fma, James Reed. DRAMATIC CLUB PRESIDENT ...................................... Jean Dunnuck VICE-PRESIDENT ................................ Owen Le-mna SECRETARY and TREASURER ........ Arthur Schwartz The first N. H. S. Dramatic Club was organized this year, under the able leadership of Mrs. Pelchrzim. Two of our many activities were a pageant, 6'The Voice of America," and a one act play, '6The Leading Lady." We are anticipating an even better year in '47, -Arthur Schwartz Hl'Y PRESIDENT ............. .................... J ohn Thompson VICE-PRESIDENT ....... ,..... D ean Guard SECRETARY ........................................ Dick Stoops TREASURER .......................................... Bob Crowe The Hi-Y began the year with twenty-two membersg eighteen were added at the Initiation at the Methodist church on October 8. A new office was introduced this year, that of chaplain. The duties are to present devotions and prayer at the meetings. The Dime Line, which is sponsored by the Hi-Y every year, was con- ducted on January 19. Over eighty dollars was collected. The annual Father and Son Banquet was enjoyed at the Church of the Brethren on January 29. This has been a very good year for the Hi-Y and we hope many more will follow. -Dick Stoops F. F. A. PRESIDENT .................................. George Malcolm VICE-PRESIDENT ....... ........... L evi Tobias SECRETARY ........... ....... G eorge Flowers TREASURER .............................. Dallas Burkholder The Future Farmers started the year with ten members. Later our membership was increased by the addition of eight '6Green Hands." A pest killing contest was in the district. We participated and divided the members into two teams with George Malcolm and Levi Tobias as cap- tains. Ceorge lVIalcolm'S team wong its captain was high-point man. Other events of the year included a paper drive, a parent and son ban- quet held on February 20, and a Stunt presented at the Farmers' Institute. -George Flowers First Row--Left-Right: Sally Mllleman, Betty Moore, Joyce Klihlraman. Virginia Mitter- llng, Mary Alice Hall, Lois Thomas, Doris Anzlln. Marv Ellen Mlddaugh, Helen Mess- ner. Second Row-Left-Right: Ro- sena. Gearhart, Lois Robinson. Joan Stuckman, Louise In-ri-y, Marcelene May. Pat Hare. Jane Lou Bigler, Anna Lou Gonderman, Dolores Roth. Barbara VVllhur. Third Row-Left-Right: 'l'h+-l-- ma Cnones. Patrlf-ln Corwin. Faye Stlnemetz. Joan Blgler, Margaret Farrington. Phyllis Beery, Carrie Peters, Mary Jeanette Welty. Virginia War- ren. Mary Catherine Hartman. Pegge Lloyd. Bette Lynch, Jacquie Estep. Phyllis Guard, L o n l s e Pletcher. Dorothy Hood, Miss Gray, advisor. Fourth Row-Left-Right: Mary Helen Walters. Vernu Lou Arnott. Ruth Sm-ifhvr. Doris Holaway, Norma Joan Blelle, Joan Strauss. lie-tio Btrang, Marilyn Huff. Rose Marie Hartman. Phyllis Moll- inger. Fifth 'Row-Left-Right: Shir- ley Pittman, Jean Sechrist. Jeanette Clouse. Barbara Postma, Dolores Kurtz. Don- nabelle Mast. Marilyn 'Burk- holder, Betty Hostetter, Jean Dunnuck. Marilyn Miller. SENIOR GIRL RESERVES PRESIDENT ....... ..... J ean Dunnuck VICE-PRESIDENT Pegge Lloyd SECRETARY ....... ..... V erna A rnott TREASURER ..... Jeanette Clouse The Girl Reserves was organized as a branch of the Elkhart Y W C A by Miss Hazel Dickey in 1925. Since that time the club ha-s made much progress and is one of the outstanding clubs of our high school. This year our sponsors are Miss Cray and Miss Hoover. Our new members were taken into the club on November 6 by an ln spirational candle-lighting ceremony. We held a Mother's and Daughters banquet on February 5. We sincerely hope that the succeeding Girl Reserves will have as successful a year as we have had. -Verna Arnott First Row-Left-Right: Sally Gall, Barbara Sharp, Frieda Walters, Rachael Pfeiffer. Nancy Sechrist, Billie Jean Widmoyer. Second Row-Left-Right: Hel- en Jane Mattern, Janet Miller. Betty Stutzman, Sarah Ann lvalters, Marlene Sheets, Do- lores Ingle, Betty Hood, Thel- ma Miller, Joan Flowers. Phyllis Weaver. Marilyn Mill- er. Third Row-Left-Right: Mabel Burkholder. Phyllis Detwiler. Yvonne Haines, Carol Ann Gillis, Norma Jean Ingle. Car- ol Klitzke, Dawn Keesler, El- sie Mae Davis, Donnabelle Ja- cobs. Norma Jean Bauman. Emma Jean Rensberber, Mar- ilyn Jcnsen. ' Fourth Row-Left-Right: Mar- ilyn Phend. Shirley Davls, Nancy Shaum, Mary Lou Os- walt. Eloise Milleman. Rose- mary Hamilton. Beverly Rals- ton, Rae Ellen Field. Donna Uline, Margaret Mutschler, Miss Shively, sponsor, Mary Ann Ba Fifth Row Le ig a- garet Miller. Kathleen Hofler. 1 Ina Mae Troxel, Joan Teeter, Dorothy Miller. Trilba Still- son, Patty Pippen. Marguerite Gearhart, Beverly Hahn. rtholomew. - ft-R' ht: M r JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES PRESIDENT .......... ..... M arguerite Cearliart VICE-PRESIDENT .............. ......... J anet Miller SECRETARY-TREASURER ..... .............. ,I oan Lloyd SONG-LEADER ....,........... ..... M arietta Mellinger PIANIST .......... ................ P any Pippen SPONSOR ......,............. ..... . . ........ Miss Mildred Shively Twice a month from September to May, the Junior Girl Reserves gath- ered in Room 202 for a brief business meeting and a program. Diversified in nature, the programs included music, plays, and speeches. A theater party in March was the social event of the year. The serious side of the organiza- tion was impressed upon our seventy-five members at a candle-lighting serv- ice in October. The aims of the Junior Girl Reserves are stated in the theme song- Cracious I will be in manner, Impartial in my judgment, too, Ready to serve, Loyal to friends, Each Girl Reserve this code defends. Find -and give the best Is my purpose true, As a loyal Girl Reserve I will face life squarely, too. 11111 111111 slxly-11111 Illf'YT117t'I'S BAND 111 1511111, 1111111-1' 1111- 11i1'1'1'1i1111 111 Mr. 11E113l'gg.ff'l', 111111 21 11111 N11111w ll 1'111:s1111:N'1' ....... . Y11:11:-11111:s1111:N1' S1:1:111:'1'A111' ,. '1'1111:As11111-211 ....,...,... 111.-11111111N1: 1IA11'1211x S11:111:11:AN'1'-A'1'-A11Ms 11111111 1,11s11A11111N .. 171111111 1V1A.l011 ......, M111111' S1:1:111:TA111' .... . Nrcws R1:111111T1:11 . 1115111115 w111'1' 1' 11'1?11'11 as 1111111ws folm TIIOIIIIISOII .. 101111 S1111 risl llorfs f1lI:Q'11II . RIDSI' liflfflllflll llivk Sl1111ps .. .'1rl S1'lII1'fIl'1Z .. IXVIIII' IIIIFUIIIIII lx'1'11111'I11 C111111'1'l1' 1111111 Sp1'11'l11'r N111111 1111110 111'11 il -1111111 l'0Ill'l'l'1 wil11 1111- 111111111111 11111111 was lll't'S11lltl 111 1211 1 ll N H 11 lt l1.11111il1z1li11g l11w11s. 1111 I 11111111 11111 lm, IIIIILQ 11111 1',11111a1'1 1,11u11ly s111'111111z11 111111'11111111'111 211111 111 11111. J """' Un ll 111111 111, 1'11111'1'ss11111s w1-1'1' s11111 111 1:1I1ilI11't' il lrip 111 1111i1'11g11 U I I 11-11.11 1111- 11111111 ll1ilVK'11 111111 1111' 111111111 1111s11111111111 ga1111-s .1111 11.11 Ill 1 7 ' ' . . rw I 111 111 1111 11111111 211111 1'IlSf'lI11J1t' 1'111111'sls lll 1111' Spflllg. 11111 111111111X 11 1111 1 1 1 I1 -1 1111111 1111111 W11f'll 1111- N11l1p11111-11 11111111 was 1111s1 111 I111- s111l1' s11111 111111 GIIHGIII 1 111 111 1 lIl11N1 111 .Xpril 27. 1 ll fllorls 11121111 .21 CHORUS PRESIDENT . .... Jean Dunnuck VICE PRESIDENT ................. .... D oris Anglin SECRETARY and TREASURER ........ .... I ean Sechrist The chorus class, consisting of 43 members, has considered this another very successful year We feel that a great part of our success is due to our new director, Miss Cray, and to our accompanist, Nancy Uline. The chorus has taken part in the following programs: North Central Teachers' Association - Oct. 25 Junior Chamber of Commerce - Dec. 17 Christmas Program - Dec. 21 Bremen Nappanee Concert - March 8-10 Baccalaureate - May 25 Commencement - May 29 , The chorus, as well as a few soloists and ensembles, entered the dis- trlct contest, April 12, at Goshen. Several different things were added to the chorus class. We now have a Girls' Clee Club a Mixed Octette, and a Girls' Sextette. -lean Sechrist First Row-Left-Right Seated: Barbara Bright, Dolores Kurtz, Mary Hel- en Walters, Betty Hostet- ter, Donnabelle Mast, Louise Pletcher, Jean Dunnuck, Barbara Post- ma, Jeanette Clouse. Dor- is Anglin. Second Row-Loft-Right: Carrie Peters. Mary -Tenn- ette Welty. Marilyn Burk- holder. Shirley Davis. Margaret Mutschler, Nor- ma Jean Rleile, Doris Hnlaway. Joan Strauss. Ruth Speicher, Vivian Babcock, Miss Gray, dl- rector. Bn ck Row-Left-Right: Owen Tmmna, Fred Curtis, Dick Klitzke, Jean So-- christ. Nancy Uline, Carl Lemna. Joe Stillson. Dav- id Xvidmoyer. NVayne North. James Lentz. sm . MCNITCJRS It is the duty of the monitors to collect attendance slips at the beginning cf each hour. O PATROL BOYS These safety patrol boys have served faithfully, aiding in the protection of grade boys and girls coming to and from school. 0 LIBRARIANS Each librarian is in charge of the library one period each day. The work consists of charging all books and magazines that leave the library, collecting fines, and helping students find material. The rule of requiring students to get permission to use the library dur- ing study hours is still in operation. This has reduced the number who visit and loaf. Under the supervision of Miss Shively the librarians are given instruc- tions to increase the eliiciency of the library. First Row-L1-ft-Riglit Louise Bovry, .Ioan liiglvr, Maru-lone May, Phyllis M1-llinger, Marilyn Burk- holdvr. Duris An-'lin 1'h A . yl- lis Wvavur, Margaret Mil- lmfr. Svc-und Row-1.4-ft-Riglilz Dick Fallandvr. Carl Lem- na, 17Ul0l'PS Kurtz. .Ivan- vttn Clouso, Arden Ham- man, lVayns- North, Mr Roosf-, sponsor. First Row-Tmft-Riprht Rfflvild Millvr, XVilliam Stillson. Allen NVaf:nwr. Rnlwrt Jonson. Fred XVilf Tfimmy l"ri1'kvH. Douglas, Gvyflr. S"f'0nfi Rnwglwft-Riirht: David Stoudor, Edwin Korn. Richard Adams. .Tun- ior Fuller, Frvderick Ol- ingvr. James Mitterlimz. Mr. Frvdvrirk. Third Row-Leif!-Riglit: Billy Sluizman. .limmv Me-ssnf-r. David Hartman, David Bowers. First Row-Left-Right D 0 ri S Ilolaway, Shirlpy Pittman. Dolores Roth. Rose Mario Hartman. .lanv Lou Biprler. Norma Ralston, Si-1-und Row-I.e-ft-Rirzht: .Iavquin Estap. Marilyn Burkholdor. Mary Father- ine Hartman, Margaret Farrington, .lnyvv Klinga- man, Miss Shivlvy, librar- ian FIRST Row-Left-Right: Mrs. Miles, sponsor, Doris Anglin, Arthur Schwartz, Wayne North. SECOND Row-Left-Right: Jack Wilbur, Dewey Eppley, Frank Coppes. DEBATE The Nappanee High School Debate Club, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Miles, has had a very interesting and active year of debating. There were six members in the club this year. Meetings were held every Tuesday night at the school. Members of the aflirmative team were Jack Wilbur, Dewey Eppley, and Frank Coppes falternatej. Members of the negative were Doris Anglin. Arthur Schwartz, and Wayne North falternatej. We attended debate tourneys at Laporte, Columbia City, and Wabash. We also participated in the sectional tourney at Riley and Central of South Bend. During the month of January we debated before members of the Nappanee Kiwanis Club, and on April 15 before the Current Club. The question debated this year was: RESOLVED, That every able-bodied male citizen of the United States should have one year full-time military training before attaining the age of 24. h We have had a very enjoyable year and are looking forward to the coming season. C -I ack Wilbur 'N . , - . -2 - f--N -A-- W'-uma-in-a - --12 --H- -' -- - Juan- if rl Weire killing time, but it's fun. The upper left- hand picture was taken at the class tourney, and inci- dentally, the seniors heat the juniors 46-48 fthe best game of the yearj. Some of these pictures were taken of the senior government class at South Bend Central High School, in January. CALENDAR I I ll Z SEPTEMBER iii I - 10 Back to school-only half a day ...lucky kids! Who's the purty new music teacher? 7 f y I 11 Classes all met for election of officers-no one agrees. 12 Baseball gamc+Nappanee 7, Bristol 5. Good start! A A 4 A Chorus only 3 days a week-Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Postponed baseball game with Middlebury because of rain. X elf'- D u '2 Q O O Q A 4 if l b f 1 New ruling-school out at 4:55 on Friday, too. Oh, well, another half hour to sleep. Chorus officers elected today. Why all the crying in Speech class, Dean? Didn't anyone else think it was funny? Meet Bottles and Bomber, alias "Pat Murphy" and "Mack Finn," re- turned veterans. Senior class meeting. Election of staff for' annual. The next thing is, can we all get along! Baseball-Bristol 14, Nappanee 1. Kinda slipped didn't you, Bulldogs? Whee! Assembly program! Art sure had a swell va- cation, didn't he? Hope assembly programs get to be a habit this year. First C. B. meeting. Miss Gray and Miss Hoover- our new sponsors. Also Hi-Y, F. F. A., and Jr. G. A. meetings. Some of the group pictures taken. Gosh, those benches were unsteady! Those who care to hear discussions on everything from dancing to immigration, call on the speech class. Baseball-Concord 7, Nappanee 1. What's the matter, kids? Senior pictures! ! ! '6Cive me a big smile, now!,' Bottles revealed in Speech class that he was afraid to go home alone after seeing horror shows-tut tut! Baseball-Elkhart 4, Nappanee 3. Another gloomy Friday. Oh, well, rain makes us grow. CALENDAR OCTOBER 1 2 3 5 9 What happened to Bottles over the week-end? Looks as if he has the possession of a nice boil on his chin- hmmmmmmm? First basketball practice. Proofs today-ugh, oh, gosh! ! ! Baseball-Middlebury 5, Nappanee 0. Ouch, it sorta hit us hard, didn't it? Baseball-Concord 6, Nappanee 3, the last game. Too bad, fellas, hope we do better in basketball. Hi-Y, F. F. A., and Jr. and Sr. Gr. R. Why all the tears in Speech class? I never knew such little unim- portants could be so funny! 15 Tryouts for cheerleaders. Congratulations to Jane Lou, ,Io Ann, and Buster! 16 Anecdotes in Speech class-some were purely corny jokes, weren,t they, Bottles? 22 Senior class meeting for the choosing of motto, colors, and flower. Everyone seemed to think that violet and yellow wouldn't go with red-l wonder? ? ? ? 23 Jr. and Sr. G. R., F. F. A., and Hi-Y meetings. 24 Retake of Senior's pictures. Report cards today. 29 Back to the grind after 2 days vacation. Seems sorta good, doesn't it? Gee, that first 6 weeks went fast. 31 Hallowe'en-more soap wasted that way! NOVEMBER 2 First Pep Session! Three new yells-the band did O. K., too. 5 Played New Paris Friday night-beat 'em 36 to 30. Starting out O. K. 8 Dean Guard back in school after an appendectomy. Welcome back, Dean! Dean and Bomber became twins today in Speech. That ain,t the way 1 heer'd it, fellas! 9 Pep Session again-imagine that! ! ! 12 Beat Bremen Friday night 36 to 38. Good playing, boys. Armistice day program in assembly. Q ... ag.. CO 4-O l 1 j. 1 1 x 0 I 'DOCK ,4 CAT eva.. ,.5 K aiu' '- . it i ,. ,1 'V fl I L fff0fff CALENDAR Sadie Hawkins Party last night. How does it feel to be married, Mary? Pep Session-that's the spirit, Miss Blank. Why don't you yell at the games like that? Kendallville beat us 54 to 44 Friday night. Slipped a little that time. Thanksgiving service followed by Pep Session. Quite a combination. Last day of school until next Monday. Back from Thanksgiving vacation-Gee, that turkey was good! Wakarusa beat us Wednesday night and Goshen Friday night. Are vacations that hard on us? Pictures in the assembly-the Victory Bond Drive. Pep Session. DECEMBER Played Bremen Friday night. Beaten again-it's get- ting to be a habit. Bond Rally-David makes a pretty good principal, doesn't he? Report ,cards-came up in this subject, went down in that one-more progress made that way! Played Washington South Bend Friday night. They beat us by only 1 point. That was a swell game, boys. Snow todayg looks more like Christmas. Assembly program-an ex-convict-the man with 3 wives! Assembly program-missionary from Africa. Pep Session. Northside Ft. Wayne beat us Saturday 37 to 30- could have been worse. Played Madison and beat them 43 to 38, whee! ! ! Mishawaka beat us 35 to 40-tough luck, fellas. Christmas program at the Community building then free until January 7-Yippee! Merry Christmas everybody! ! ! CALENDAR JANUARY-1946 7 Well, here we are! Golly, that vacation went fast. 11 Pep Session-beat Michigan City! 14 We did beat them, 45 to 48. Nice work, boys-do it more often. Senior class meeting. 17 Government class went to South Bend to the Govern- mental Conference. They seem to like peanuts-es- pecially those with the shells. We were detained in coming home an hour and a half. Wonder why? ? ? ? 18 Pep Session-Beat Goshen! 21 Overtime game played Friday night. We certainly gave that game to them. Senior class meeting. 23 Assembly program this morning. Mr. Byers warmed us up with some songs. Also Pep Session. 28 Elkhart beat us Friday night 41 to 61. We expected a beating, but not 20 points! Assembly program for Senior high. More group pictures taken-nice look- ing, wasn't he, girls? 31 Assembly program-a magician! You really got powder blown in your face didn't you, Dewey? FEBRUARY 4 Laporte beat us Friday night 40 to 37. Senior class meeting-are we really going to have a class party? Pep Session-beat Wakarusa! Drawing for tourney tickets. 12 We beat Wakarusa 46 to 36. "Happy Birthday, Abe Lincoln!" 14 The "Voice of America" was given last night by the Dramatic Club, the Choral Choir from the grade school, and the Band. It seemed to be a success-Com gratulations kids! "U R MY VALENTINE.,, 15 South Bend Riley beat us 56 to 28. Snow and zero weather-I wish that it were Spring. 'ix 6. P :9.J TEACHER CALENDAR sq 4 1, , 18 jf gf 4,1 25 28 ' ARCH V Q M 4 ks 5 Q 6 'iz 7 2 O 1 11 'S-. sl 12 13 18 Ay lf 19 Lg, : ' Q A 1 ll r'k Senior class meeting-etiquette discussed. As if we needed it! The sun is shining-spring is just around the corner. Jr. and Sr. G. R., Hi-Y, and F. F. A. meetings. Pep Session for the Tourney-Beat Elkhart! ! ! Pretty job of decorating, cheerleaders. 'LHo Hum" everyone is tired-wonder why? Elkhart is victor this year. l'm sure it wasn't a surprise, though. Senior high assembly program-we have some real artists in the grade building. The sun is shining-spring is in the air fl hope., Another purty day. Senior class meeting-measure ments for caps and gowns. Jr. and Sr. C. R., F. F. A., and Hi-Y meetings. Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky-Stormy Weather. The High School Tourney started last night. The Seniors beat the Sophomores and the Juniors beat the Freshmen. Finals of class tourney last night. The Seniors beat the Juniors 48 to 46. That was surely a close game, kids. The 7th grade beat the 8th grade. There's our future basketball team and a pretty good one, too. Bremen-Nappanee Chorus-Band concert Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Senior class meeting. Senior class party. Skating party at Plymouth. We had fun, didn't we, hmmmmmmmm? Immunization shots. Report cards today, Senior class meeting. Assembly program-Clem Ca- diddlehopper II. He told us about his girl. Joint Hi-Y-Sr. C. R. meeting. Also F. F. A. and Jr. G. R. meetings. 25 26 27 28 APRIL 1 2 5 8 9 10 11 15 16 27 M AY 4 10 24 26 29 CALENDAR Senior high program in assembly given by Sopho- mores. The sun is a-shining to welcome the dayfta de dum. Assembly program-influence of alcohol. Preview of the Hlaeading Lady." Oh, what a beautiful mornin'. Annual subscriptions. Baseball-Middlebury 4, Nappanee 2. April Fool! Senior class meeting. Spring fever is floating through the air. Combined Sr. C. R.-Hi-Y meeting. F. F. A. and Jr. C. R. meetings. Mrs. Pelchrzim gave a topsy turvy party for the cast and prompters of the uLeading Lady" last night-pickles and soup, oh! Basketball banquet last night. Award went to Her- man Hall. Congratulations, Herml Senior Class Meeting. No school-teachers' visiting day. Back after a day's vacation-ho hum. Baseball-Elkhart 3, Nappanee 0. A Assembly program-Movies of Mexico. April show- ers bring May flowers. Jr. and Sr. C. R., F. F. A., and Hi-Y meetings. State Solo and Ensemble contest at Nappanee. State contest for organizations at Plymouth fband and chorusj. Spring concert by chorus class. Reception. Baccalaureate. Commencement-Good-bye, N. H. S.! ll A+ wif e 1 'funk y'. ' mr il -f W NHS 4 U sk' M T' ." i 4 - And when I am happy its hand seems to raceg I seem to detect a wry smile on its face For it knows not a minute ot time can I shelve Since my minutes are numbered from one untiI twelve. I I Time Gut For The J fdrhleizw BASKETBALL COACHES AND MANAGERS Our coaches are James Weddle and Elmer Cudworth, who have trained our athletes to participate in various sports. They have spent many hours trying to de- velop the boys into players of winning teams. Mr. Weddle has charge of the basket- ball and baseball teamsg Mr. Cudworth coaches the track team and ' ' l'0l junior noi basketlmal l. Taping and wrapping ankles and sore spots. taking care of all the haskethalls. playing suits. and all other equipment. and during a game keeping the players sup- ilied with towels. halls and knee ads.-all Ho to Jrove that beinv a student manaffer l P rn ra as is an important job. This position was very capably handled by lfugene Sponseller and Levi Tobias. CHEifiliI,ICADEliS Joan. lius. and Jane were elected our new cheerleaders this year. They have done well in keeping the spirits of the fans and learn high during the season. and their efforts have been appreciated by the facility and the team. l,I-ZFT T0 lilCHTfMr. Weddle. CUIIFII. Levi Tobias. lfugene Sponseller. Mr. Cud- lftII"T T0 RIGHT-JOHN Bigllfr. Kelllleth win'-th' pmu-ll. lfalbeck. Jane lfligzler. .1- , r-' Q - ' l BASKETBALL JI FRONT R0W4Left-Right-Benny Housouer, Harold Hershberger, ,lunior Heckaman. Wendell Metzler, Dick Linn. BACK Row-Left-Riglz.tfMr. Weddle. .loe Bill Geyer. Frank Parsons, Carl Lemna. Arden Hamman. Cordon Neterer. On February 14 the Pups concluded the basketball season with a record of seven wins and eleven defeats. The Pups lost five close games that could have gone either way and with this fact the season could not be termed as bad. The Pups were all evenly divided in the scoring except for Hersberg- er who led in that department with 117 points. The Pups, most thrilling victory was their upset victory over the John Adams Eagles who were leading in the second team Conference when they came to Nappanee looking for an easy victory, only to be badly beaten 39 to 28. The Pups, consisting mostly of sophomores, will be a really tough team to beat in the future and we wish them luck in their many games to come. BASKETBALL On February 14 the Bulldogs concluded the basketball season with a record of five wins and thirteen defeats. The Bulldogs, although only two of them had played var- sity ball before, gave the fans some thrilling moments in all of their encounters. The team, led by Hermie Hall, won over New Paris, Bremen, Madison, Michigan City, and Wakarusa. The most thrilling game to be remembered will be the Michi- gan City game in which the Bulldogs trailed all the way to win in the final minutes 48 to 45 with Hall and Mille- man scoring 13 points 'between them in the last quarter. Another splendid game played by the Bulldogs was their sparkling defeat of the Wakarusa Indians, who had pre- viously defeated the Bulldogs. The team, like the team of the year before, had its tough luck, though not as bad, when Kenny Walters en- listed in the Marines and Dean Guard had an operation that kept him out of the first six games. With Guard re- turning to the lineup the Bulldogs began to regain their needed spark but were up against too stiff competition. The Bulldogs had a stroke of ill luck in the sectional, al- so, by drawing a number one team in the state, none other than our neighbors to the north, Elkhart. James PM---' W K X xv 3 , -yr mp ' K K 11 A b Q-if " Q w X, ,- fa, IL 'E?i ix il - ,11gmf2Qs F K 353 A' Q? k x ' Juf3L4iLEfs"TX u A SLK .N M., W, '?rIQ, .- 2 V' ' sitx- i.,"1jgs,- k K K ff ,. -w wfw . 1 ww ffm, 1 2 'illgfii ' .5 J.. A, M ,, W First Row: Wendell Metzler, Jack Millemun. Gordon Neter- vr. Owen Lemma. Second Row: Carl Lemna, Joe Bill Geyer, Dick Klitzke, Dean Guard, .Ilm Lentz, Herman Hall. Jim Mellinger. Third Row: George Stoops. Dean Mlddaugh, Dick Linn. Dick Gardner, Rex Davis, Mr. Weddle. Coach. Sept. Oct. BASEBALL Fall Baseball Schedule 12 Nappanee 19 Nappanee 26 Nappanee 27 Nappanee 3 Nappanee 5 Nappanee Spring Baseball Schedule Mar. 28 Middlebury ..... Apr. 10 Elkhart ..... 19 Riley ..1 .... . 26 Michigan City . .. 30 Washington .... 7 1 1 3 0 3 Here There Here There There There May Bristol 5 Bristol 14 Concord 7 Elkhart 4 Middlebury 5 Concord 6 3 Central ....... 7 John Adams .... 10 Laporte ...... 14 Elkhart . . . 17 Mishawaka .... April 2 12 16 18 TRACK Wakarusa There April 25 Concord and Bristol and Middlebury Here Madison Twp. Here May 7 Conference Milford There meet Elkhart County Smaller Sectional Elkhart schools Elkhart Front Row, Left to Right: Dean Guard, Wendell Metzler, Jack Milleman. Gordon Neter- er, Dean Middaugh, Richard Gardner. Wilbur Metzler. Back Row. Left to Right: Mr. Cudworth, Wayne North, Joe Gould, Robert Crowe. Joe Bill Geyer, Dick Klitzke. James Buss. Harold Hersh- berger. BUY VICTURY BGNDS AND STAMPS PATRONIZE GUR ADVERT IZERS Ai? A MUTSCHLER BRGTHERS COMPA Y NAPPANEE, INDIANA, U. S. A. Fabricators of quality hardwood products, SAMSON Office and Direcbors Tables, PORTA-BILT Prffabrirated Hard- wood Ixiitchen Cabinetry, M UTSCH LER Dinettf, Breakfast Room and Kitchen furniture . . . Finer tlrings at lower cost for more people. ES UF LUCK rrsffrgsz. t ,f " f- ,. iii' ::g..'11-1---L . Q N s .--' .s 1 F 46 3-ff ,f ,Qi - '- . X ' ,rf ff' , 'L' ff QQ:-E55 '45 T ' f' f' ' ff? 'ffl' AC-' i ' TTT,-3 ff ou,-H X ag K 'ff ,335 .V F4 ., -. e -Y V . Y , 4 , ,xtlkv Lwg- ,- A . I VG+? X X 1 2' ' Y ,A xX sf ' 5'Q'yi3 :LQ-fl-5., ix? , X' If ' Il' . JN- fixyfyf - . -- l 5 Sflww-rg':"b'5G3 " -- ' I ' - ' J A 51144413253 " " 1 ' ' '-,. f 2rfs3Tmsi3P:- A A s 1- 'lil' X f.-ssavas'-N -W s if - 1 f, !.1.Q,..q:?'LQ.1xQQ -- - . ,, , bmgisgg-:gg , . 5 3,52 3sxLA'x,-, ' , jfg ,' .1 , ' ' 1 S.5gy-fgigz-i?.g I -S' :-, - .I A' 1,4 5 4 iffy' 7 if .Q-w1g"f'-'.4Tf f . V t, A '77 YQ,-A I ' R 555.171 ---fifffafmgfirfv -Q 1 1 :vis-eR3.'4ZT-375-",:g, ' . - . '.9?'?1'mPg:2': w is -:5fQFA- 4. -' ' - t-1fs'Q'1?lr4gHI?4ff 1 , 4. f 3. Q s " Fir- ' - . I ,O , :, ' jf 06' tk if 5 ,. -sus ' . , l - , .. . YN ""i' " .. - s. ,rss 4 - f Y H--',.! -. , ' - t ff ,: '-1' 1 Ari'--'-" W' 'ls , -,fl 'j'.5-if.:-Er?"-f '5- f'.," , '52 , .- ' - '.'.'g- st.--F-df ' ' -' , . 'X 'sl fzgfgf-xsf1,:f::t+-iizgafgi 4 i5T'5'FfS'F33 .n . A. 1. - :J '-' iff-"Nxt-'.'.--v?'.l?. J? Ji If , J , .:. 1. 'F' 32 '. x 1. '- - ' w if' 'Trai--iff, V I I f 7 .CME Q. Li Cx- 1 -:,, -,, , K, ,, . .-4,1- L 5:-L., ' - ,3-- t- , '-:-'QW . ZW 5 ' A Qs:-'-555, Q'-.,'?lg, ' A Jffvfrfff' 1 if 5 , f- Q isa YS?-?E551595"'i mQE p if S3 ' 3 We 7 X -' . ' - 'N 'qix 71,56 ' " '., ' ' 52 ' los' so -W' f 1-P. - -- ,- - -5, - - -. : , . 'fc fihk :S 31 B W J 545 5 z,:v E-if wt., , + -4 sg f his ' '4-- ki we it Q Cx" . S H- s, , . , 1 -- . S Q.- 4. - Q.. . . ff, , .. f -V - J -:S-.-M + Q-Q, me.. wg . . X g- - ,. - ., X .4 . - . -N u 1- 9, , , N xc' :L'N- li:-' '--Jr .,":"'-"' in ' f' 'lm .o'-"-'2"X-'-Q-'VIL '.'--A , 4, P '12-Cr' .-r-. ' -.-1'-: ,. '- .N - 1 'Z - -4..t-L-wg..-1: 1 -.R 5 - lt-5, , W X.. - , lucky Class of '46-graduating ot a time like this. There were never more opportunities in the world than there are now. Go to it, '46. I - T , K. .:.,,.v,: ,X W, gh pp: , ., . .s1.,.. ,. ,ik ,.v.,s-w,--., Nw,-.,Q,,..-.,, X-, ., s,,,- f' , l ,. - 1. , - 'N -ga "gy --L57 1.-ix.,-5 - 35. 4 1 he., '- vs--m. . 7. ': ','L,., . 532 sisegliaif fgbfgegrx vssifm 5Q:sYhg,gs wiv. ' ' ' ' - .- ':. s f . ' " ' " : - ' ' if iv?-' S-+1 . . - . -u 14' ' 1: -b ' . H 5 - . A sn. -N. ' -fm: ' n s -is is Sf :E Q Q -an s. 2 r-A. Q s'1-ag. , -. ' ' Y., A 1-Q -3-. ,. 4 9 R rf- A -. V ' 5 ' 5' '-:Iv Qazsfiqk-' Sw v-QL-' iT+:-gE'?- 'oi52'sx:':s?- 'Aki I 'GQ - mmm: .ecsxsrawwigq Sf:-tsisrfffiqenkh W' -ewgszlg---fifzfa--SN SSA-f,,g5QSi2k-Q sif.'?-2-farrxpv 3-:ffl-k fic-fsrsrfc K?-Elsie ,bf-1awkmtzssovessssmasmsmgxt-Qslifes 1 if-New-Q442Ns'f"vS:1'2eQf'113:.,sifii-lwvirsveiaw iaersisis-mt?1:a.'-a,'fe.w, .oi.vrsrss.ze-.wus-.w-1-sssms-ff,:x:is..-?3'm1-os-.-:W.1-was.-vsersi-:'Sw,+is-re..-trszeq.ifswafreesfssz-:Am KROGER STORE Wolters Drug Store WALL PAPER Courtesy - Quality - Service DRUGS - STATIONERY Nappanee Indiana FLOYD KAUFFMAN, Mgr. PHONE 144 GA BLE STORE Authorized Dealer DRY GOODS HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD NEEDS ELECTRIC APPLIANCES ROOFING and INSULATION AUTO ACCESSORIES - TIRES - BATTERIES COAL AND WOOD RANGES - HEATERS PHONE 65 Compliments of Bertha Kring BeauIyShop Central Barber Shop Fred Lemnc Don Silberg Proprietors "Where all the Particular Men Meet" Compliments of S. Main St. Barber Shop For Friendly Service W. C. CORL, Proprietor Nopponee Greenhouse Flowers for All Occasions Florist Telegraph Delivery Association Telephone No. 156 Compliments of the Nappanee Lumber E6 Mfg. Co. Manufacturers of the Nationally Known "HELTHYTOT" HIG H CHAIR Compliments of PLETCHER OTOR CO. BUICK . . . . OLDSMOBILE Allis Chalmers Implements PHONE 118 PLET C HER Furniture Co. Home Furnishings Home Telephone 62 Nappanee, Indiana "One Always Has Time Enough If One Will Apply H Well." Appliances Q ,,U,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,., ,.,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,unrunnnnnunnnu nnnu nunnInnn-nnnnuunnrununuInnununnnuuluuunluluu E MOTI-IER'S BREAD THE FRESHEST AND MOST EXTENSIVE LINL Ol BAKLRY PRODUCTS IN NORTHERN INDIANA HUFF MAN BAKERY Good for 3 Generations 4QLlALIT'Y FAFAILY FLCDLIRS And Cereals Made by NAPPANEE MILLING CO., Inc Poultry - Hog - Dairy Feeds THAT ARE Superior - Emcienf - Economical E ,,,,,,,,,lunulunnululuInnunuunnnlnluu E E H nun E HiVely's Plumbing Refrigerator Service Coal, Oil and Gas Thor FURNACES WASHERS All Kinds of Plumbing Needs Gibson Electric Refrigerators, Stoves, Electric and Gas Hot Water Heaters - Cihson Deep Freeze Units "If there's anything that should be fixed, Don't hesitate to call 2'06." 152 EAST MARKET NAPPANEE. INDIANA U El NAYLOR' HOME STORE AND MARKET Home of Little Elf Foods" FRESH AND CURED MEATS PHONE 149 MET ZLER SHO E CO. FLORSHEIM AND CROSBY SQUARE TREADEASY SHOES FOR MEN BELLAIRE PARIS FASHION ACTIVE MAID MILLER HEALTH SHOES HOSIERY El EI rg ---- El THE B 8g B CAFE I SIZZLING STEAKS AND FRIED CHICKEN I NAPPANEE, INDIANA 1, TC BE SUCCESSFUL i f S I 1? ' ee LOOK SUCCESSFUL I ::?w.' 4T l T . Let us keep your garments In tlrst-class order at all times. IV' "5Q 5 Highest Quality Workmanship Popular Prices I TRUMP CLEANERS 156 North Main PHONE 16 MAST AUTO SERVICE Compliments . . . of General Repalrmg Servxce Glass Replaced W. A. Mackenzie Oliver Fa m Equipment D. V. M. Napp I d PHONE L361 Veterinarian E nun. ,,.,,.,..,,,,......uuuunuunnnl nluuuluuuuu:nu U We Herve All Your Needs In Drug Store Merchandise H Dunham 81 Love 0 Your Store lT'S SMART T0 BUY FOR LESS atthe BOSTON STORE NAPPANEE, INDIANA MILLINERY READY-TO-WEAR SHOES LADIES'FURNlSHINGS HOMEFURNISHINGS MEN'S AND BOYS' FURNISHINGS H. E. BOWERS, Mgr. PHONE 461 Lufes' Sfomdord Service Widmoyer 8' Vvohers fStandard Productsj The Home of GASOLINE ' OIL ' BAT'-ERIES Quality Meats, Home Smoked Hams ATLAS TIRES and Bacon a Specialty Telephone No. 67 PHONE 53 SOUTH MAIN Miller Lumber EG? Coal Co. BUILDING MATERIALS for Modern Homes See Our New Plans Phone 137 Nappanee, Indiana SHI ELY'S HARDWARE - DRY GOODS - FURNITURE O NAPPANEE'S DEPARTMENT STORE Let us supply your needs HATFIELD EG? HOST ETTER I MEN'S EG? BOYS' WEAR I Nappanee, Indiana DIXIE SANDWICH S HOP FOUNTAIN SERVICE N oonday Luncheons Steaks - Chops Route 6 - Nappanee, Indiana SCI-IULTZ BRQS. C. W. JOHNSON CO' 6-f SON ' --on the Square-v F t ng 5c to 31.00 Merchandise Th sz fF' dlySrvice N M tmdg' NDP ee'Id' :H accom Enom E55-3 W Ee-Ei 658 me 'S Q HHMUAZ' MHMQHMMHQZF5 . WHQE XOZM i mhhiiw ZVOMM44 gem MSS SEQ gags tak gigs KQNNNSQ Compliments of Compliments of COLLINS' FURNITURE W E G M I L L E R v S STORE 5c T0 51.00 STORE 0 Featuring ONE 72 Sc-31.00 MERCHANDISE STATE BANK OF NAPPANEE YOUR BANKING BUSINESS IS APPRECIATED Member of the F.D.I.C. A. H. Kaufman Ed? NUNEMAKER Company FOOD SHOP hone 68 C I S Phone 61 .... unuuunnnnuumnmmmmmmnuun Compliments of COPPES, I nc. M f f Coppes-Napanee Custom-Built Kitchen 4 E -In ulmmmmum-mum-unmmmmt-ml-num n E Compliments of TILLSON' MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR Nappanee's Largest and Most Complete Men's and Boys' Store O Home of MALLORY AND CHAMP HATS BOTANY TIES MACK SHAPELY SHIRTS MlLLER's GROCERY HARTMANS Sm Day GULF SERVICE Thru The I. G. A. Phone 17 ' GULF PRODUCTS We Deliver PHONE 96 Washing and Greasing "DRINK MILK FOR HEALTH'S SAKE" NAPPANEE DAIRY PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS MILK - CREAM - ICE CREAM - CHEESE - BUTTER Phone 490 E ---- ----------------- -----' - ma El I U. E1 CONGRA T ULA T I ONS and the Best of Luck to the Class of 1946 alters Bowling Alley For 34 Years E. NEWCOMER 8. SON Jewelers and , Optometrists The Symbol of Saving LEADERS IN- E X T E N D Sales A cordial invitation to inspect their Economy store on South Main Street where complete line of jewelry Perfomance d gift armies for every occasion will Beauty be found. REED'S CHEVROLET SALES Phone 11 5 EI El REGARDLESS OF YOUR ABILITY A good impression right from the start counts a lot. Naturally, your appear- ance . . . more than anything else . . . keynotes the impression you make . . . for folks remember what they see. So, if you want 'em to remember you as a man or boy of taste and distinction who makes a first impression . . . stop in and see us. We've spent years in South Bend, helping men and boys do just that. AM'L PIHO 82 C0 Wwafwaffwtfwmreua E1 El nununuq When in Goshen Visit the O L Y M P I A CANDY KITCHEN 5 FOR DELICIOUS Home Made Candies and Ice Cream Dainty Light Lunches CORNER MAIN AND CLINTON STREETS PHONE 519 GOSHEN EST. 1913 E E 1-1AR'I'ER's SPORTING GOODS 0 RETAILERS OF FINEST SPORTING GOODS IN NORTHERN INDIANA 9 z 2 GOSHEN, INDIANA i E , llllllulllllug U EI Compliment: of Pearl Creamery Compliment: of fza,,Jf,1 am aw FAMOUS FOR VALUE Phone 77 RENSBERGER'S MILLER IMPLEMENT CO. STANDARD SERVICE . TIRE and BATTERY SERVICE MCCORMICK ' DEERING FARM MACHINERY 452 E. Market 0 Phone212 PHONE 69 Constantly striving to maintain high grade telephone service. NAPPANEE TELEPHONE COMPANY Zcfw. fienhafil' Z San eM.,a.z., ,aw exam FUNERAL DIRECTORS WAKARUSA, INDIANA T 1 ph 71 9 Compliments of S MAIN GRILL F0rFine1'F0oa'f o. A. MISHLER Se1f'SeI'ViCe Compliments of M. WOLF BERG EG? SON iWAKARUSA, INDIANA- THE srons THAT HAS THE Gooos J. R. Arnoff 8. Son Compliments Real Estate and Insurance of 0 M. C. H A H N Wisler Building Plumbing and Hearing NAPPANEE - INDIANA Phon 150 6 "Insurance with Service" ELKHART COUNTY FARM BUREAU C0-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, Inc. Patron Owned and Patron Controlled Nappanee Branch Phone 97 E mnnmnmmnuunmlmmumuumumm """""' """"' B NAPPANEE ADVANCE NEWS Published in NAPPANEE for NAPPANEE People with the interest of NAPPANEE at Heart Hmftmtmif Shell Service Station Used Cars Goodyear Tires Phone 318 Compliments of Stuckman Shoes Compliments of For Year Around Top Quality In Dry Cleaning see L. M. SLABAUGH, M. D. . Z1ker Cleaners J. S. SLABAUGH. M. D. 106 E. MARKET ST. E1 E DELUXE MOTOR SALES DESOTO AND PLYMOUTH SALES - SERVICE SINCLAIR GAS AND OIL KENDALL AND QUAKER STATE OIL U. S.TIRES W R I G H T , S The Quality Print Shop Ambulance Service "Where Good Printing Is Done" A. E. WRIGHT G SON 151 South Main At Your Service Day and Night NAPPANEE INDIANA 108 E. Walnut St. PHONE 73 FRANK A REHRER Prop Compliments of Eb., Compliments of Home of SURE WAY FEEDS "' and Nopponee Uhhhes Co. HIGH QUALITY COALS and B. A. ULINE, Mgr. F I E L D S E E D S Compliments of HADLEY DRESS SHOP THE NEW STORE FOR LADIES AND YOUNG GIRLS EXCLUSIVE BUT NOT EXPENSIVE Ill IIlllllllllllllllllllIllIllIllIllIllllIllIllIllIllllllllIllIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllll UII'IllIllU'll''ll'UUI'UI'llllllllliullullllll Ill llllllilllulIllllllllIllInllllllllllllllllltullnllllllllllllllllllulllllllllllulllllllnllll'UUUU IU"'l'l"""'"""'l"""l""""""" I' THE COFFEE SHOP SANDWICHES SOFT DRINKS COME IN AND TRY OUR SUNDAY SPECIALS CREAM CHICKEN DINNERS C H O P S S T E A K S Q. N. L E N T Z Beechley Tire 81 Battery Shop Dentist Tires - Tubes - Batteries X-RAY Gas - Oil - Lubrication g Wheel Balancing 15414 E. Marker si. PHONE 154 TIRE 8. BATTERY SERVICE Neuhauser Hatcheries, Inc. "sooo Lucic' cHicKs U. S.APPROVED PULLORUM TESTED HEADQUARTERS FOR GARDEN SEEDS P H O N E 8 6 cmnpzrmms HARTZLER MOTOR CO. Authorized Of SALIS 4 FAIRY THEATER FORD CARS - FORD TRUCKS Mobiloil, Gas and Oil Washing and Greasing WRECKER SERVICE Phone 184 NAPPANEE, IND. E nn: InlluInInulluulluunnllnlnuuununnnnnulnnun nununnnunnnlunulunuluuuuinnunlnunnulnuluinnunlulnnlluulunrn E GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF '46 KA YLOR ' STUDIO 112 North Main Mishawaka, I PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP D. E. ROOSE, Prop. 107 W. Market St. MODERN SHOE REPAIRING Edison Mazda Lamps Phone 174 Compliments of R O Y R U C K M A N Insurance of All Kinds JESSE T. MITCHELL Notary Public Real Estate - Loans - Insurance 112 East Market St. Phone 290 NAPPANEE, INDIANA Compliments of Nappanee COLD STORAGE LOCKER SERVICE F R O Z E N F O 0 D s PHONE 180 DR. GEO. L. OYLER D E N T I S T Corner Main and Walnut PHONES: Office 251 Residence 434 Nappanee, Ind. COX Coal and Lumber Co. COAL - LUMBER and BUILDERS'SUPPLIES Glen Geyer's Garage Motor Repair Service That Must Have YOUR "O.K." NAPPANEE, IND., on U. S. 6 PHONES: Day - 245 Night - 477 EC KLEBARGER BEAUTY SHOP Latest in Hair Styling PERMANENTS - MANICURING FINGER WAVING OPERATORS MARGARET HAHN MADEILYN MELLINGER PHONE 123 Y. 146' 41' ..,.......f' ,,,..a- IIIIIIHIIHPIILIS EIIGRIIIIIIIIS CIIIIIPHIIV HIE nmsusu Ann nesuveu or Yunnan: Ann gcnnnu. runmclrv INDIANAPOI,IS +ffINDIANA E E1 e Za an amended Wifh Compliments of . . PublishingH0use and Christian Light Press gf Q Fine Printing . Religious Publishing . Stationers Educational Materials . Quality Church Supplies Religious Articles . Good Literature Q fThis Napanet was printed by the E. V. Publishing Housej - p-Q93-g T Nappanee, Indiana Phone 58 D EJ , t. E AUTCGRAPHS I '- ' I I C. 1 ri, T 1 ,, - Ly'- . ,"'1 1 , W. .. W 1 , n-:M - . ',- A J .Mg 4 mf ' nm.,L"4 Vw! W I1 U' 'T I ' in du L 4 I , 'i I ' 7 1 ' Vp ,

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