Nappanee High School - Napanet Yearbook (Nappanee, IN)

 - Class of 1938

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Nappanee High School - Napanet Yearbook (Nappanee, IN) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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' 1 3 'H m F11 2 in 'TJ A 2 U1 'H Psi NG Cu OO VVV VV VV vvvvv VV TTY? "Mamma, do angels have wings?" Yes, dear," replied the mother. Corsages for the "And can angels fly, mamma?" "Yes, dear." NEW GRADUATE "Daddy said nurse was an angel last night. When will she ily?" -33- A'Tomorrow," replied the mother. A-+L Nappanee Greenhouse Life in a Store: "The last pair only wore a year. Gimme something better." Telephone NO. 156 'Alf I wanted to spend a dime fare I know where I could get it a dollar cheaper." "Give me a pair of trousers for my - husband. I-le wears an 8 shoe." Compliments "My cousin sent me. He said youd give me a special price." of "I just want to look at your stock. My uncle wants to match a pants." "I don't wear Suspenders. How much Gwen Leonard will you take off if I dcn't take the but- tons?" Attorney at Law CENTURY OIL BURNERS BOILER BURNER UNITS and AIR CONDITIONING FURNACES L O D E R M I L K ' S Home Appliances Superfex Phone Ofliee 25 HOTPOINT i W E GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES AND ALL TYPES OF HEATING - PAGE 96 - A LAAA AAA AL A AA AAALL A vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv TTT vv l fu P Q P1 3 I f P v vvvvVvTTTvVTT City Electric Company IVAN P. MILLER Proprietor 152 N. Main St. Tel. 18 SYLER EG? SYLER Grain - Feed - Seeds Essential Oils C 0 A L Home of Sterling Brand Feed and Seeds THE NAPANET l938vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Quotation from Mony S.: "lt got to the point where l had to get a haircut or a violin." Kenny Miller lgetting a shavel: "Bar- ber, will you please give me a glass of water?" Barber: "What is the matter? Some- thing in your throat?" Kenny: "No, I want to see if my neck leaks." Mr. Mitchell fln Speech Classj: "The dramatic hands are mostly used in the play." Iulian W.: A'l,lse them on Sunday nights tool fsighing profoundlyl. The happiest time of my life is yet to come." The bookkeeper is always talking shop. Why, he actually referred to his baby learning to walk as a trial balance. Ho1f1ze Furnirbzrzgr - H011ze Applimzcer PLETCHER FURNITURE CO. NAPPANEE, INDIANA VVTVVVVT "The Furniture City of Northern Indiana" VVTTTTTT SIMMONS BEDDING - MAYTAG WASHERS V THE NAPANET 1938 Don Cleveland: "Who was that old man I saw you with last night? And what do you mean by stepping out on me?" ?7?7?: "Why, that was my father, how dare you say such things about my par- ents"' Robert IVIishler's Prayer: Now I lay me down to sleep. The lessons hard, the subjects deep. If he should quit before I Wake. Give me a poke for goodness sake. Amen. Mr. White, tln sophomore history classj: "Austria is the capital of Vien- na. Billy Hare, texcitedlyl: 'iWhy, Vien- na is the capital of Austria." Mr, White, lWho by this time is highly flustereclj: "Er-ah, well, maybe that is right." O. D. DAVIS Sheet Metal and Plumbing 154 East Market Street Myers Pumps - Shellane Gas Stoves MILLERS' GROCERY Save Every Day Thru The I. G. A. We Deliver Phone 96 Hatfield EE? Hostetter Quality with Economy -.- WILSON BROS. FURNISHINGS PORTER HATS-CAPS J. R. Arnott fd Son Real Estate and Insurance Wisler Building NAPPANEE INDIANA "Insurance with Service" BARINGER'S CAFE GOOD FOODS AT REASONABLE PRICES CIGARS IC-E CREAM - PAGE 98 - l AAAAA AA AAAA AAAA AAA AAAAAA AA AA AA VV? 777777 T77 THE NAPANET l938vvvvvvvvv-fvv Walters and Walters Drugs - Books - Stationery Wall Paper and Paints Nappanee Indiana A. H. KAUFMAN EQCOMPANY GENERAL " STORE Mr. Schuler to Bob Mitchells Dad: "What's Bob average income?" Mr. Mitcliell: "About two oclock! Bob Rensberger: "l-low many horse power in a mule?" Mr. Foulke: "Go try it yourself." lim Miller: "Say Art, will you run an errand for me?" Arthur Sharp: t'What will you give me if I do?" Iim: "Well, I'1l tell you the best back roads to drive, on reception night." A fly was walking with her daughter on the head of a man who was very bald. "How things change dear," she said. "When I was your age, this was only a foot path." DRY CLEANING 24 Hours Service SUITS - CAPS OVERCOATS SUEDE JACKETS HATS SILK DRESSES EVERYTHING YOU WEAR Motor Repair Service That must have YOUR "OK" GLEN GEYER'S GARAGE Nappanee, Ind., on Road 6 PHONES: Day-245 Night-477 Dr. Geo. L. Oyler Dentist V AAAAALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AALAA AAL AAAAAAAA. AA A l 'U w O 43 CD Pj E v v v v v v r r E Nappanee Cleaners A. B. FARMWALD, Prop. . PHONES: Office 251 Residence 434 Nappanee, Ind. Progressive Shoe Shop H. B. RICHMOND, Prop. 160 W. Market St. MODERN SHOE REPAIRING Edison Mazda Lamps 15 Electrical Supplies Compliments of Plumbing Er Heating Service FRED E. COPPES, Prop. 2 N. Main Street Tel. 18 Experienced Plumber and Workmen. Phone 174 Over 30 years of service. O. N. LENTZ Compliments Dentist of X.RAY Fred E. Cluen 108 S. Main st. Phone 154 Lawyer IN THE YEARS TO COME - Wlien you re-turn the pages of this Annual which perpetuates the joys and sorrows of high school years, you will praise the wisdom of the staff that selected fine printing- PRINTING OF LASTING QUALITY E. V. PUBLISHING HOUSE NAPPANEE, INDIANA LLLL AALAAAAALL AAA4LAALAAALLALA A - PAGE 100 vvvv 1 1 A44 44 AAAA AAA AAAA F TVTVVVVVV VVVVVVVVVVV 7VvVvvvT "Drink Milk for Health's Sake" NAPPANEE DAIRY THE NAPANET l938vwvvvvvv CALBECK OIL CO. Dealers in Pasteurized Dairy Products HIGH GRADE PETROLEUM at Your Door Daily PRODUCTS PHONE 490 Nappanee, Indiana Phone 247 NoNN - BUSH W.d 699 will 7' Q SHOES 1 m0Yef , . R., -- ' ' Gotham W alters 1 Hosiery 2 -., The Home of Sh R ' " Expertly oe -Siaamng QUALITY MEATS Fitted by ST'iiIIfxgN'S Phone 53 South Main X'Ray Compliments of NAPPANEE LUMBER 8: MFG. CO. FOLDING CARD TABLES FOLDING CHAIRS HIGH CHAIRS BABY CRIBS SUMMER FURNITURE Distinctive Furniture by Nappanee - PXGE 101 - 3 AAAA AALAAAAALA A AAALA AAA TTT VV VV? VV7VVV VVVVVv?V ANCIENT HISTORY 'What happened to Baby- Teacher lon?" Students: "It fell." Teacher: "Nineveh?"" Students "Destroyed" Teacher: "And to Tyre?" Smarty: 'APunCtured!" Dear Mr. Palmolive: I bought a tube of your shaving crearn. It says no mug required. What shall I shave? Yours truly, Lowell Hoffer A Scottish horseman went into a sad- dler's shop and asked for one spur. ','But why only one spur?" asked the puzzled clerk. Replied lock: "Well, if I can get one side on the horse to go, the other'll go with it." THE NAPANET I938vv-fvvvvvvv E. NEWCOMER 81 SON Jewelers and Optometrists E X T E N D A cordial invitation to inspect their store on South Main Street where a complete line of jewelry and gift articles for every oc- casion will be found so P1 FU Q G3 F11 F' l"' DP Z F' E' F H5515 I llllllllllll ., ..-- ulll'l""""." l ,, I U ,.,.r . .,o..,, --re , . I I s 3 555:55 1 it ' . Q ff ,222 ' E525 321 f In , l 221 E i 1353 T ' ' - 11:2 25 2 .. I l Manufacturers Screens - Desks - Costumers and Venetian Blinds NAPPANEE, INDIANA, U. S. A. Phone 175 HF Ik Let us liven up your home with 100?E PERFECT VENETIAN BLINDS HF Sk Insist on "LAMB" Venetian Blinds - PAGE 102 - A LLALLAAAAA 777777777 PIPPENGERS SERVICE STATION Phone 17 GULF PRODUCTS WASHING AND GREASING YOU KNOW GOOD FOOT WEAR CAN BE FOUND AT Metzler's "We Fit Your Feet" Widths AAA to EEE THE NAPA Al E T I 9 13 8 VVT VV Proud Oceanic Traveler: 'Im an aus thor! I contribute to the Atlantic Monthly." Seasick Friend: "Phooeyl I Contrib- ute to the Atlantic daily!" Mr, Schuler Qin health classjz "I-Iow may one obtain good posture?" Loyal Burkholder Ijust out of agrif culture classj: "Keep the cows off and let it grow for awhile." Don Cleveland: "If you don't stop seeing my girl, you and I will play Santa Claus' Mose Lape: "Hows that?" Don: "Your nose can he the fireplace and I'll hang a sock on it." Donnabelle Farrington: "Teacher, Rollins H0Sie1'y ' Florsheim Shoes will you help me with this problem?" Mr. Byers: "I would, only I don't H ,, U ,. U ' ,, think it would be right." Metz Dan Bag Compliments of COIVIPLIMENTS COMPANY Phone 415 OF B8zBCAFE "Just a Good Place to Eat." o. E. CHRISTNER, Mgr. Shop at the Save-Way Food Market And Save Money We Feature the Highest Quality Foods at the Lowest Possible Prices. M. E, MULLETT 112 S. Main St. Manager Phone 7 - PAGE 103 - A L AA 444444444 ALA AAA AAAA A PLETCHER MOTOR COMPANY BUICK - PONTIAC OLDSMOBILE - FRIGIDAIRE SALES AND SERVICE . 0 PHONE 118 HARTER'S Sporting Goods RETAILERS OF FINEST SPORTING GOODS IN NORTHERN INDIANA GOSHEN, INDIANA THE N AYLOR'S Home Store LITTLE ELF FOODS QUALITY MEATS APA Elderly lady lat post officejz "l'm giving a party. Can you tell me the rules for playing post office?" College graduate: 'Al-lave you an opening for a bright, energetic college graduate?" Honest employer: "Yes, and don't slam it on your Way out." A young lady and her partner were about to begin an afternoon of golf. Before teeing off, the young lady re- marked: "Look at that girl dressed in men's clothing. Doesn't that look ter- rible?" ' "I beg your pardon, but that girl is my daughter," said her partner. "Oh, I'm so sorry," the young lady replied, very much embarrassed. "I Phone 149 didnt know you were her father." "l'm not, I'm her mother." TRY W. C. Best EG? Son Home Dressed Beef, Pork, Veal, and Lamb FIRST GOOD SERVICE NAPPANEE PHONE 71 Dr. C. S. Kahler X-RAY TELEPHONE Dentist COMPANY Phone 172 - PAGE 105 - AAAAAAAAA' AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LAAAA. A AAA. .A Svspuna QPH19 vfaf . 4 f, ff, f ,gi .xi wx, x I, Xxx ' ::siumf',::F --rf- -X -.M ,., ., ' 4 Xf XF .:,. r"" 1.-Q .xg x u Y X XX Rx ' .K . N x N 4 1 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv TTT? VV v'v7V 777 .-vWW-.v THE N,4Pf11vET 1938 ,, EVERYTHING A Durg Store Should HAVE C. W. JOHNSON Eff SON "On the Squaren The Store of Friendly Service Compliments of Drs. Price S1 Price Physicians and Surgeons STATE BANK OF NAPPANEE YOUR BANKING BUSINESS IS APPRECIATED Compliments of Geo. Freese's Sons Manufacturers of FREESELAND CREAMERY BUTTER and FREESELAND ICE CREAM Nappanee, Indiana When in GOSHEN visit the OLYMP I A CANDY KITCHEN for Delicious HOME-MADE CANDIES AND ICE CREAM Dainty Light Lunches Corner Main and Clinton Streets Phone 519 GOSHEN Est. 1913 NUNEMAKER FOOD SHOP Phone 61 We Deliver - PAGE 106 - VVVVVV THE NAPANET 1938 YODER COACH LINES Daily trips to Elkhart Buses for Special Tours New and Used Bicycles Repairing . TELEPHONE 211 ECONOMY MARKET Groceries - Fruits - Vegetables Meats Prompt Deliveries Phone 78 PHARES W. WENGER Owner Miller Service Station Standard Oil Products WASHING - GREASING TIRE REPAIRING E. Market St. Phone 212 PAGE 107 - l LAL AAAA Q44 AAA LAL AAA AA AA AAAAA AAAA VV 77777 7777777777 THE NAPANET 1938 vvvvvvvvvvvvvv AUTOGRAPHS WV! ALAAAAAAA 8 3 9 I T E N A P N E H T 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 S PH RA AUTOG PPPPPiDPPPPI,bPPPDPPPbPPVPPPP , P, ,P PPP!FPPPbililillibllilliilliibblll?lPPPPPPP GE 100 PA 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 AUTOGRAPHS .,!,!,,!,ll!, Kpkkii 4 1 QE! FINIS 'lugs' rev., .. , .f. .- -:q V 'Gag -,w,:V. V 4 .. ,.-.- f.. I 'x ff! ' tm ' 'f . . win v V 1 771 L' , .C ,, L. Sh aff ,fe 1. .w n ,"'N . .M b "" -XI if -' .N -x ' 7'-4: ' 411. , , V, , , V V,-1 F- ..,1 ' -'5f.7.'. f- ,QQ z..., A .- -. ,ll 6, ,A su x .. , v xr f xq? W, 1 5 ' J ,j. w,-v J .- ,, ...A '-.Ns JS 1. QQ ' if-Lififl. , ., , .-.-, iff: , X -.w-'.r.:f 4 ' .' N O ,. . ,- fx. ---' . al-.,-, .,.f . , 4, .' 4 ,,,. ,Q -.if Va. , . . v, 4.--, "x..:.1 Q,- ' fb., Q J .. :SI 3. mer-- ' . ge., La. " L., , f. . : :W 51. if ., ' R-, -c ,- qi ' Q f., ,P f fi 'f Q .. J. lv, ,, . K- . .Q a :J Fu' ul' I I? "1 s .k 42 ,,-V, P ,Q S. 1 'J ,, g.,,?1c wg in N f 4. 3 ,,u,,:Vu, . ,, WY if -2' " Ta., - V4.1 U- fy- .Jug ' ' ,. z' S uw-1' " 1. , , , ,N x Q .. u..f hz- K' 'L 'V -M-- fv - A '1 7 'f 'Y + "am " , A u-, g w-:Q,,,- A .-3 , . W". :',.. 'gg' ' , ,.. .Av rr --3 -L N - f - v. L- , - T ,N iiifx ri . ' 2 ' f-rl v'- n ' .4 . C . , .'J' ' , 5- .,. , 3' --. . . .', bm , IW' 722.1 . -'gig-., 1 1 . ' 1 , H- I age. .A '1 WN . . hu ,,-3. . '-' -13-, .g,..A . H4 -T-vu, ,wt 2- M! w. ,,,.v,. X ,-',- 1 -1 ,z.,- N -1.5 fo. -Hn . ' . 1 In , ul, , . - - .: , - " g -x ' x 4 ff' ,, I -5' v' ' :'-X , . a Nw 9 V' ' -.f f' 4 - N -Ly, YI, I ygr X , V. . 3-:,f,,-V -,V y "7" ' - 03. xl -.- -'-4' 5' , 'H .q. am, wiki " . 3 v 11' ..-.'-. 3 . 1'El1'y Lib O .-4 Publ panee Nap ..r ..., .. g",y'-4fL-f,?1z- 'ff Vr 1--- .,....: VV 1' 1, V52-V:,g ff - , . V- ,, ,V z'f,gVVVfm5P?fii!fV.,ijlQ5j3fp?.jg:?f,55VyVPe?,S:.nj ffflm I VSEZVVEW figfff' V7.'5p:'V'-4-Lf. 'V.'-'55'-VVV-Vgzfw 'VZ I '."f.VF"'f.:V' f 1 ' V ' . 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Mildred Slzjlvely English, I-iislory Ri1ll'lCi1CSiC'l' Collvge .X. D. Nm'thu'vstfg-rii Unixw'-rsily Indiana L'l1i'.'x"I'SilJ' 1, Q S. B. Bourne 'i'l'n'IlSLlI'0I'. linnrd of Education LulVlar Mutsfhler S1.'C'l'L'lIll'j', Board of Education Galen C. Roose Principal Mathematics Gnslie-n Colluge Mamghester College Indifmzi University A. B., M. S. Mrs. ,lolm F. Coppes English. Speech Dri'PL1llXi' University A. B. 7 ff- 1- ' i A L A' ,?"',fQV'F ' Nifff , r . Q, ' 1, , , . V aligx- TQ -V-. 4 Q." X 'fi o ' li Y :ty 'xsl- N -.i 'EN . i ., N Dgsri-s?g1f'f'R, n. . Sr ' A ,. H- l , "" K5 . F5331 ' ,I I. H- qi W' aa .E 5 vii". 5 ' .. it fl' I? f , ,uf . x . W- .IU , f f .,,..-. t . xx Q , , ' K. - 1 f rw ' fL,ani.Mvf . P P-if .- x.....a54.,:1-. - , A - PAGE 10 . .. .. .. -two... . P X a 4:14 Herman E. Schafer Coach, Health. Physit-:il Edui-ation, Matlieiiiatics Indiana University LL. IS., A. ll. Columhia University M. A. Henry E. Busclze English, Band Indiana Central Coll:-gt-, A. HQ Clarence f. Holalzvay ' History, Latin, Mathematics Indiana University XVinona Summer School Goshen Collegt- A. I3. Charles B. Byers Vocational Agriculture, Biology Purdue University Purdue School of Agriculture- TS. S. Irma Blank Vocational Home Economics. English Indiana University A. R. Butler College- Eall State- Tenchi-rs College- ?! 'Qi f-az lf'a,i'r1e Best H lslury, Sfivizll Svivllmw- M:1m-li--stu-1' Collwgf- A. I Kerznetlz i'l'lz'tclzeH English, Sp.-if-1-li Indiana State T+fm-lil-rs Earlhani l"ollt'g.- A. ll. H!lX'r'l'f1ll'l1 P41llv:','l' B. A Intlinna l'nix'tAi'sity Rl. Harvey Postma Coinnit-ri-ial V XVin-una SLnnm..r School Indiana Univt-i'si l 3' Hiol ogiv:-ll Gosht-n Collegt- A. B. BI1llIl'hO?Slt'l' Collegi- Lazarenee White History 312lllL'hf'SlF'I' Collegv A. I . my ji. . ,X ii' College Station Ball State '1'HHk'ht'l'S Colla-go Indiana University Ill, S. ii . i , -. - PAGE 11 - . I 1 . ..-Qs Z.. Ferne Lanlz Alberta Weygnnd Lopp Music Clerk ' Gloshen College C iea 'o Art Institt - - A h g J., d e- 'tc Clarence E. Robbins Industrial Arts, Mathematics DePauw University A. B. Indiana State Teachers College rt ur .r an LOhSE'l'Vfll0l'X Butler University B. M. Esther M. Hoover English. Physical Education 'Q Indiana, University A. ll, Maryf KLUEU University of California at Los Align'-li-s Art, English Ball State Teachers College Indiana State Teachers College B. S THE FACULTY Before passing forever from the halls of Nappanee High School the class of 1938 wishes to pause to pay tribute to, and to acknowledge our debts to the faculty of this school. We stop in the hurry and hustle, the mad rush of our last year in school and submit our vote of thanks to them. Throughout our four-year sojourn through high school they have given of the best of their talents to us that we might have a better education, that we might learn to recognize, enjoy, and practise the better things in life. lf we, the members of this class of 1938, fail in these points we will concede that we, ourselves, are at fault. True, it is their life's work, it is their job to teach, but we feel that here at Nappanee High School we have as teachers men and women who are not only fitted in a technical way to teach, who are not only efficient instructors in mathematics, science, music, and the various other curricula, but who im- part something else besides these cardinal points. We are able to find that intimate association with the members of the faculty which larger schools cannot do. Each member of the faculty has left his personality indelibly stamped upon some class member, and in after years, when faced by a problem, we will think back and consider how this or that teacher would have faced and solved it. We are proud of our teachers and the class of 1938 salutes you Hchapeaux basfv - PAGE 12 - W MW ELAEEEE DY' ii ' EI A 3 1 -cub 'duo- D , Burns Van Sickle S "Thi'u1- qimlitif-'s we know hr- possesses sunsc, shortness, and salt." E N Wave Anglia "Tomorrow lifc- is too lute: livo today." I Roller! Hocllistettler O "Tho end must justify tho me-ans." fog' Pippeni "Thu host tliings are somvlimvs dom: up in small paclizigc-s." R S Donald Cleveland "Faint heart l'll2"C'I' won fair lady." Isabelle Moore "Look not to a xi'omzui's head for hor brains, but rather to her heart." Dale Spieher "No great advancu has CYC1' been made without COl1tl'OVL'I'SY." Mary Osborne "'I'Qn1pf-raliuc in cvi-1'ything is requisite for happiness." 'ji i X V fi, o I is sv , i l -l EI A U - PAGE 14 D. 1. ig 'PQ was my A I ' -.- ,V X A WF li- ng l- ai 1 -Qi' U 1 James Miller "Steadfast of 11u1'pnst' ut mmf Betty Mellinger S E 111.-r lull." "Eat to please thyself, but du-ss 11, N please others." Julian Walters "Talent, without tact is truly half tal- ent." Freda Maust I O R "NViSv: sayings uftlflm full 011 ll1lI'I'l,'ll S ground: but :1 kind wurtl IS llt'X4l tl11'uw11 2lXV?l1'." El Robert Mitclzell "ll'll1+-5' wnnlfl unly lv-l lII1'Jl"l its funny :ms I t-nn!" GlI'IIIIl'S Gingerielz "'l'lms4- 'lm uw' sim- uw- gfgulla- :mtl xx I x mu lwm-st in their l1'l1lD4,'l'.' Eldon Pippelz 4'l:111 ls il : " "su'- x ll I tllltlm. It I.--t my mlm-ds S111-nk ful' lm-." Clzrisline Frederick "Qll:u'1'n-ls uf luv:-1's 11111-xx' their lov--." U 1 N , , 1 t,1Q Q l Tm 6,1 ,.:-:way N, ,. -X 's 1 !.,x Y' an-, ' 1 , , - PAGE 15 , 1. U W i is A if fi El Robert Lape S Dean Geyer "Thu lt'-ss nit-n think, the inure they "Nothing grwat was Qvt-r achiovfgd with- iillkf' E out enthusiasm." Ruth' Clllifl Pauline Miller "A fail' oxtlii'iui' is fl silent wcuiiilnoii- N "Virtue is hor own reward." dlllltvllf' Edgar Miller O Dean Lehman "A friend should hc-ar his fric-nd's in- "The blush is beautiful, but il is SOUN- rirmitiesf' times inconvenient." Mary King Opal Hepler "Not ai king in rf,-ality, lnaylw, but tht- S "Quiet and unassuniing-liked bv all must pleasant of pe-rsmis." and loved by one." K U A D' 'X .1 ' D iw-it , . -' 1 ' ' 'H ' " i' - PAGE 15 - U e ,. W E l fm G l 5 R 'li' ' fi ,vga-xvvg I 'K' xl, y 'wk lr "QS Q l' i l Q' 'Q U Kellnellz, Miller "A puuml of pluclc is wurllx :n lun ul' luck." Ruth, Nicodemus "To mzlliv ilu- mmv must shun El 1'1'iv? f:u-4-." world an fri:-mlly 1vl:u.'1-, 1 Robert Misizler ".Xflv:I' liff-'24 Iillllll fa-X'1:I' lv' Slew,-ps w-yllf' Evelyn, Warren "Nul1ody's 1- n 0 m y, but 1-x'e1'ylmdy's fri:-nd." U S E N I O R S Edgar Burlfey 'Al'rip.1nily 4-1' mmm'-1' ulxmys 1-.mln-5x 1 svlwl- of Iw-sf-1'x'1' f1n'm'." Verda H6fS11l2f'Fg'PF "Study p:,'1ws not lllll'I'NYJll'dl'l1 " Gene Troxel "H-- briskly and 1-hl-1-1'l'ully :nskfgd hmx 41 man slmulfl kill tirmr-," La Ferne Hall "It is :4 grwul thing In kmm' Lhl- tim' fm' spew-I1 and thw liml- fur silelnu- fm, AQ? "W" LMA-..i3x, x U l 'E-f"""lf ' 5LQQ55' M - PAGE 17 U, l , l 1 4 l gl El. N' '-A.. Q-,A:, X A,, . ' ... P-- -f. ... 1, IQ gig in Q .ns 1 Q3 i' , Q. 1 Earl Michael Wayne Miller "H:-an-11 m-vcr helps thu mam who will lltgt acl." Donabelle Farrington "A sunny tc-mpcr gilds thc edges uf lifc-'s blacke,-SL cloud." Charles Holclerman "HasLL- is only admissible in calc-luimr lll0S." Doris Davidlzlizar "Nev:-1' idle a munxf-nl, but thrifty and thoughtful of others." El "Thu sure way to hit in XYUlllZl!lAS he 11 is to Luka- aim kneeling." Margaret Hahn "Thu unspoken wurd 11m'L-1' docs harm Quentin Sla bazigh "All the XYOl'ld'S :1 stage and all the mon and wonu-11 mc-rely justcrsf' Eloise Miller "Bu good and yuu'll be happy, wut you'll miss a lol of fun!" l fkfmqn Q "' l i li 'Ski 'Lo at QF" - PAGE ......i-..,,2. .,,..,. ,U x A ' ,, ,r EQ ' 'QA' Q 1" 'i9l'ii5if- --.V I N' J 1 i "' U Lynn Wiseman 'ix x w ww z ,3"f'?:'v ' .s5:ss1f 2 xfgy, 1 .rf 1, V, - m ay X555 viii? ' . Q 5.1 mr L -ia "2-19' l -i U "Uno hour's SIM-p after midnight is worth llmrcu bL-fore." Kathryn Stahly "Laugh and thu wqrlfi laughs with 51-ul wc-ep and you ww,-up alum,-." Loyal Burklzfolder "Ho who owns the soil mvns up to thv sky." Marilyn Gene Miller "Air and manners are nwre e-xp1'vSs1v.- than wUrdS." Elmo Plzencl S E N I O R S Riclzarfl Cain "Silvnm iQ th. 5:!Ih'lll7ll'j' nl'111'LlLlv'1l1'v." Geraldine Stoulcler "Thv hurdvn In-1-H1111-s light whim-h in L'h!'r-l'fllllY hm'111-." Lowell Hoffer "Nmn3l1:1Ia1u-.- is thu gift ut' :1 :wlv-1-I tk-xv." Martha Clzamlzerlin "XX'l1os1l- wit in thf- 1-umlnul, J.2A4'lllll' na- hrigrht, ne-'ol' cul'1'iI'cl an llt'Zll'l'Sl1liIl LlXYily un its hladf-." "NO man can sup' hw- doth nut dv- his hast." U' q D '31 . . Q Q ' . . 398 , 53 lip VY g, X 4' 'wr' ' 1 -.,. 'ZOE X ,la 3 6' ' , 4, -,fflmy jr V L. , V I 'Q , Q' ' Q ' PAGE 19 V VV? F' P THE NAPANET 1938 4 4 THE SENIORS 4 1 President .....,..... .......... J anies Miller, Captain 1 - . - , ,. 4 Vzce President ............. ...............,.... lx enneth Miller, first Mule 1 4 Secretary-Treasurer .............. Donnabelle Farrington, .SCTUIZJ Mate 1 4 Sponsors .....,..... ...,............... lt lr. House, Mr. Abell 4 Colors ..... ...... P urple and Gold 4 Flower ......... ,.,.....,....,,....... ................,...A...... Y e llow Hose 1 Motto: "A winner never quits and a quitter never winsf, SENIOR CLASS HISTORY 'LWe", the class of 1938, have made four successful trips aboard our ship HEDUCATION7, with the aid of our officers. On the first trip we were under the direction of Donnabelle Minard, presidentg Julian Wfalters, vice president: and Donnabelle Farrington, secretary-treasurer: second trip: Charles Holderman, presidentg Donald Cleveland, vice presidentg and Don- nabelle Farrington, secretary-treasurer. Our sponsors on these two suc- cessful trips were Mildred Shivelv and Homer Foulke. On the third trip we were very successful with Eldon Pippen, presidentg 4 James Miller, vice president: and Donnabelle Farrington, secretary-treas- urer. Vtfe gave a grand reception with the aid of our sponsors, Irma Blank and Harvey Postma. We started our first trip with a crew of seventy-six and and are ending with forty-nine and with our sponsors Mr. Roose and Mr. Abell we leave our 4 motto, our colors, our flower, and step ashore off our good ship NEDUCA- r1oN." WWE", the class of 1938. say 6'FAREwi5LL'7! ! I I 4 4 Donnabelle Farrington. S 4 F 2 AAAA b E l ft E t E ! P E t I L. 4 4 4 4 1 s E D1 2 .tu 'Tl as 2 U1 s E no oo V VVVVVTVV VY VV SENIGR ACTIVITIES Burns VanSickle Noon Basketball 1, 2, 4, "Bushful Bob- bv" 4 Wave Anglin Girl Reserve L 3, 4, Song Leader Girl Reserve 4. Robert Hoclisteltler Noon Baisketball 1, 2, 11, 4. foy Pippen Glee Club 11, -l, Girls' .Xthletics 1, 2, 3. 4, Girl Reserves 2. 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Debate Team 3, 4, "Btisliful Bobby" 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Heed Ensemble 4. Donulnl Cleueltzntl Baseball 2, 4, Noon Buslietbitll l, 2, 3, 4, Vice l'l't-side-lit Class 2, .Xrt Club 4. Isa belle Moore Girl Reserve 1, 2, ll, 4, Girls' Athletics 3, Band 1, 2, 4, Chorus 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Dale Spiclter Future Farmers 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 4. M ary Us borne Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4, Girls' Athletics 1, 2, Glee Club 1, National Honor Society 3, 4, President National Honor Society 4, Alumni Editor 4, Student Council 3. James Miller Future Farmers 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3. 4, Tennis 4, Fi-Kem 4, President Fi-Kem 4, National Honor Society 4, Class President 4, Vice Presi- dent Class 3, "Bashful Bobby" 4. Betty Mellinger Band 1, 2, Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4, Song Leader Girl Reserve 3, Vice President Girl Reserve 4, Girls' Athletics 1, 2, 3, Art Editor 4, Faculty Secretary 4. Julian Walters Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary Hi-Y 4, Student Council 3, 4, President Student Council 3, 4, Vice President Class 1, Student Manager 3, 4, Baseball 4, Business Manager 4. Freda M oust Glee Club 1, Student Council 4, Vice President Student Council 4, "Bashful Bobby" 4, Librarian 1, 3, 4, Future Homemakers 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary Future Homemakers 2, Pro- gram Chairman Future Homemakers 3. Vice President Future Homemakers 4. - PAGE Robert Mitchell Tennis 2, 3. Baseball 4, Basketball 2, 3, l, Student Counr-il 3. 4, "Basliful Bob- by" 4, Chorus 3. Clennis Cingericlz Girl H4-serve 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, I. 3, 4. Secretary Glee Club 4, Band 1, 2. Zi, 4, "Bashful Bobby" 4. Elzlon Pippen Hi-Y 2, 3. 4, President Hi-Y 4, Fi-Kem 2, Il, Secretary-Treasurer Fi-Iielil 2, 3 National Honor Society 3, 4. Craftsman Club Il, President Craftsman Club 3, Class President 3, "Bashful Bobby" 4, Tennis 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball fl, ECUlol'-il1-Qllicf 4. Christine Frederick Girl Reserve 2, Il, 4, Secretary Girl Re- serve SI, Treasurer Girl Reserve 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Seeretary-Treasurer Band 3, 4, Girls' Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Debate Team 4, A Cap- pella Choir 4, Wood-Wind Quartette 4, President Glee Club 4, Faculty Secre- tarv 4. Robert Lape Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Art Club 4. Ruth Cwin Future Homeniakers 2, 3, 4, Girls' Athe lctics 1. Edgar Miller Noon Basketball 1, 4, Stage Manager of "New Fires" 4, Snapshot Editor 4. Mary King Girls' Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Faculty Secretary 4, Noon Basketball 1, 2, "New Fires" Deon Geyer Tennis 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Noon Basketball 1, Track 1. Pauline Miller Girl Reserve 4, Future Home-makers 1, 2, 3, 4, Faculty Secretary 4. Dean Lehman Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice President Hi-Y 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band President 4, Sports Editor 4, Noon Basketball 1, ., 3 21- Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 4, A Cap- .Wmv THE NAPANE'l'1938vvv-,vvvvv SENIGR ACTIVITIES Wayne Miller Track 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, -1. Opal Hepler Girl Reserve 3, 4, Future Homemakers 4, "New Fires" 3, Sunshine Club tNexv I'arisJ 2, 3, Literary Club tNew Parisi ., 3 -' ' Margaret Hahn Kenneth. Miller Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer Hi-Y 3, 4, Noon Basketball 1, 3, Vict- l'rt-sident Class 4, Circulation Mun- ager 4. Rath Nicoclemus Girl Reserve 4, Girls' Athlvtics 4. Robert Mishler l-li-Y 2, 3, 4, Joke Editor -l, Noon Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 3. Evelyn Warren Girls' Athletics 1, 2, 3, Faculty Secre- tary 4. Eclgar Burlfey Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Future Farmers 3, 4. Vercla Hershberger Future Home-makers 4, President Fu- ture Home-makers 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Girls' Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2, 3, 4, Debate 2, 3, 4. Gene Troxel Future Farmers 1, 2, 4, Noon Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, Track 4, Baseball 4. La Ferne Hall Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, Girls' Athletics 1, 2. Earl Michael Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 4, "Bash- ful Bobby" 4, Noon Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Farmers I, 2, 3, 4. Donabelle Farrington Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman Girl Reserve 4, National Honor So- ciety 4, Girls' Athletics 2, 3, Noon Basketball 2, 3. 4, Class Secretary- Treasurer 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Stalt 4, Faculty Secretary 4. Charles Holflerrnan Basketball 1. 2, Class President 2. Doris Davzalhzzar Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4, Treasurer Girl Re- scrvc 3, Secretary Girl Reserve 4, Na- tional Honor Society 4, Secretary- Treasurer National Honor Society 4, Calendar Editor 4, Faculty Secretary 4, Librarian 1, 2. - PAGE pella Choir 4, Secretary Glue Club 4, Facility Secretary 4. Quentin Slabaugh Noon Basketball 1, 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Eloise Miller Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Hnnieniakers 4, Fac- ulty Secretary 4. Lynn Wiseman Noon Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Kathryn Stahly Girl Reserve 1, 2. 3. 4, Girls' Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 4, Future Home- makers 3. Loyal Burlcholcler Future Farmers 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 4, Noon Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 4, Cheer Leader 4. Marilyn Gene Miller National Honor Society 4, Librarian 4, Girls' Athletics 2, 3, 4, Noon Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. Elmo Phend Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2. Richard Cain Cloak Room Attendant 4. Geraldine Stoualer Girls' Athletics 1, 2, 4, "Bashfu1 Bob- by" 4. Lowell Hojfer Baseball 3, 4, Noon Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Farmers 1, 2, 3, 4. Martha Chamberlin Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, President Girl Reserve 4, Student Council 2, 3. 4, National Honor Society 4, Girls' ,Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4, President G. A, A. 2, 3, Associate Editor 4, A Cap- pella Choir 4, Librarian 4, Faculty Sec- retary 4. 22- AAAAAAAALAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAL CLASS PROPHECY - 1950 FLASH! FLASH! FLASH! This is the latest red-hot news coming to you from aboard the good ship NIEDUCATIONM by your shipis reporter, Donnabelle Farrington. WAVE ANGLIN has sued her ninth husband for divorce on the grounds of not being able to dance. LOYAL BURKHOLDER, our former cheer-leader, is now auctioneer for QUENTIN SLAB.-XL'GH'S Tobacco Company. DEAN GEYER has accepted the position as coach of the H. S. Bulldogs. Now he will have a chance to tell them a thing or two. MR. and MRS. EDGAR BLTRKEY, of the Chick Hatchery Burkey's, left to- day for their summer home in Hollywood, Florida. Mrs. Burkey was formerly OPAL HEPLRR. RUTH NICODEMLS, a newcomer to our class, has just arrived home after spending a year in the mission fields of Africa. KENNETH MILLER has announced the grand opening of his clothing store in Nappanee. l wonder who peddled his bills for him? ELDON PIPPEN, Professor of Science, has discovered a new substance that will make men like himself fearless of women. ELMO PHEND, our so-called Lil' Abner, is one of the most eligible bache- lors in New York City. BETTY MELLINCER, who was always Htruekin' " in school, has now been given credit for originating the new dance called the "Bulldog Strut." JOY PIPPEN, our blonde tap-dancer, signed a contract for tl1e leading role in 'fl Talk Too Muchf' JULIAN WALTEHS, manager of the famous Chicago Cubs, is still trying to get ROBERT MISHLER, the home-run king, under contractg so they might be able to win a World Series. FREDA MAUST, a fashionable widow, has opened a style shop on 5th Avenue. DEAN LEHMAN, our drummer boy, is now leading his orchestra at the "Spic and Spanl' Night Club in Nappanee, under the management of DALE SPlCHER. MARY OSBORNE, president of the Lonely Hearts Club, will lecture tonight on 'GThe Advantages and Disadvantages of a College Boy-Friend." - PAGE 23 - vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvTHE NAPANET 1938 V 1 4 CLASS PROPHECY - 1950 LYNN WISEMAN has announced the opening of his new musical produc- tion "Wine, Women, and Wrongf, starring EVELYN WARREN, the exotic film star from Japan. JAMES MILLER, our sheik, is the matinee idol of millions since Robert Taylor married and gave up his film career. BURNS VAN SICKLE, who has attended Sunday School every Sunday for over six years, has accepted the position as pastor of '4The Little Church Around the Cornerf' MARTHA CHAMBERLIN, GLENNIS GINGERICH, and CHRISTINE FREDERICK-"The Singin, Songbirdsv will broadcast this evening from Michaells Barn. EARL MICHAEL will be master of ceremonies. EDGAR MILLER, ELOISE MILLER, PAULINE MILLER, and WAYNE MILLER, four of the seven Millers in our class, have signed a contract to play in Mickey Mouse comedies. RICHARD CAIN, the great bicycle manufacturer, has just invented a three- seated bicycle for ISABELLE MOORE, so she can have ROBERT LAPE and ROBERT MITCHELL with her at the same time. Some fun, eh! DORIS DAVIDHIZAR, our red-headed nurse, has written a book on her love affair with GENE TROXEL, the bald-headed doctor. MARGARET HAHN, LA FERNE HALL, and GERALDINE STOUDER, and VERDA HERSHRERGER, are all suing LOWELL HOFFER, the great lover, for breach of promise. MARY KING and KATHRYN STAHLY will give our radio listeners a bit of advice on 4'How to Flirt Effectively in a Libraryf' ROBERT HOCHSTETTLER, our master mechanic, has invented an engine for automobiles that will run on hot-air. I see DONALD CLEVE- LAND, the Senator from Indiana, was the first to use one. CHARLES HOLDERMAN, a well-known author, has just completed his book entitled uGirl Trouble." RUTH GWIN, a famous cosmetician, has received an award for her news milk and honey complexion cream. MARILYN MILLER, a Metropolitan Opera Star, will sing over this station at 9:30 this evening. Are you listening? This completes the news Hashes of the day from the good ship MEDUCA- TION." This is your ship's reporter, DONNABELE FARRINGTON saying MGoodnight" to YOU and I do mean YOU! I I I - PAGE 24 - A AAA LLAAL AAA AAAAALAAAL ALAAAAAAAALAAAL 5 r CLASS WILL We, the Class of l938, being of sound mind and mental faculties, realizing that we must soon leave these halls of learning, declare this our last will and testament: I, Wave Anglin, will my out-of-town boy friends to Rosemary Maust. I, Edgar Burkey, will my girl in Manchester College to anyone who likes to write letters. I, Loyal Burkholder, will my ability as a cheerleader to anyone who can do better. I, Richard Cain, will all my nicknames to Nelson Cloud. I, Martha Chamberlin, will my ability to chatter to anyone at any time to Lola Stouder. I. Donald Cleveland, will my love for Eloise Miller to my rival from Columbia City. I, Doris Davidhizar, will my immense liking for Bud Pippen to Phyllis Kurtz, who would also like to be a member of the Pippen family. I, Donnabelle Farrington, will my hope chest to someone who doesn'l have a date every night of the week. I, Christine Frederick, will my Purdue hero to Helen Stump. I, Dean Geyer, will my tidy habits to Kathryn Berkeypile to be made use of. I, Clennis Cingerich, will my daily walks from Speech Class with Bud Pippen to anyone who can make a better catch. I, Ruth Cwin, will my former country-school sweetheart, Wade Culp, to Ruby Calbeck to be treated in the same way I have treated him. I, Margaret Hahn, will my dread of facing an audience to someone who has more experience than I. I, La Ferne Hall, will my Movie scrapbook to James Osborne. I, Opal Hepler, will my engagement ring to Arthur Sharp to be given to Rosemary Roose. I, Verda Hershberger, will my favorite saying "for various reasons" to Donnabelle Sheets. I, Robert Hochstettler, will my dark complexion to Jean Harter. I, Lowell Hoffer, will my wild Saturday nights to Amos Sheets. I, Charles Holderman, will my noon passengers to anyone who has a trailer. I, Mary King, will my little basketball star to Dutch Schuler to be used more next year. I, Robert Lape, will my egotism to John Malcolm. I, Dean Lehman, will my admiration for Christine Frederick to Everett Gould. I, Freda Maust, will my high standards of living to Dale Berger. I, Betty Mellinger, will my ability to truck to a truck-driver. - PAGE 25 - 12,1 1,1431 1 fr. ur ,. I . J, ,I 1 f 'vi f 1- 1. ,v I 115 4. .L L. -, . A I4 1 ,gf +2-1' gl If fn, 3 vb 1 1 1 .wg Al-1 vine' 'e' ,vm -au'-yrqv 4 'Tv' .xr I. 59.3.51 , 1q1..y nf . -Y .31. N' u 1 1 ,. 1,1 1 1 1 e vi ' , 1 . 1. '1 :I n i , f L. 1.171424 , ,Uh ' - 1 uni. n. J nvnlflt 1 51,1 41' 1. '. 1 nv' Ak ,' 1 gr! 113 'F11.."1r'-'. .J-'V'v."f-A 'ax 'OI 1 JA 1 ,' ' . 11,4 .4 1 A, 4-1 ' 1,,,Q, , .l.g..1 - .ELM J xl .1- .1 1,.-Wx., ' .A A of+!2".' az- ., .1,l'V-1 1 ,.- , --'L ,. .v.. 1,, 4 t :F .1 1, QM 1 Ji' fm ,1, - 1 41 ,1. . 5' .we w ' v , .W ,J:'.,f.' 11 fi! 1,417 .. 11 Chi' 3:1111 .11-,--ff' . 4 1M ,. ' ' 71 I"',113"1 .'-'Lf' Vi' ..e."l1' 17-' '. "R . 4, "Wh . me .,, 1 P1 . 'Z' 3 I VVVVVVTVVT CLASS WILL I, Earl Michael, will my ability to get along with Mr. Foulke to John Lynch. I, Edgar Miller, will my shoe-shining job to Mr. Best. I, Eloise Miller, will my loving manners in Science Class towards John Malcolm to Peg Mountjoy. I, James Miller, will my love for a certain country lass to Tom Weg- miller. I, Kenneth Miller, will my Thursday afternoon job of peddling bills to Fred Pletcher. I, Marilyn Miller, will my position on the Junior team to the Seniors. I, Pauline Miller, will my well-laden purse to Marjorie Corwin. I, Wayne Miller, will my freakish walk to Gloria Ann DeVauX. I, Robert Mishler, will my beauty sleep during recitation hours to Glen Stillson. I, Robert Mitchell, will my ability to get out of Mr. FouIke's assembly unnoticed to Ross Gwin. I, Isabelle Moore, will my ambition to be a nurse to Isabelle Doering. I, Ruth Nicodemus, will my ability to make quick friends to Charlotte Lamb. I, Mary Usborne, will my ability to wind the teachers around my little finger to Dave Coppes. I, Iillmo Phend, will my nickname t'LiI' Abner" to Lamar Metzler. I, Eldon Pippen, will my cave-man laugh to Lois Emmert. I, Joy Pippen, will my manner of showing-off to Wilma Middaugh. I, Quentin Slabaugh, will my country-road walks to Frank Yarian. I, Dale Spicher, will my knowledge' of electricity to Carolyn Gentzhorn, to be used with boys. I, Kathryn Stahly, will my second semesters' school work to Quinnie Banghart. I, Geraldine Stouder, will my husband-to-be to Jean Oyler. I, Gene Troxel, will my seat in Economics Class to Lowell Gardner. I, Burns VanSickle, will my position as a butler to the director of the next Speech Class Play. I, Julian Walters, will my position as trainer to Earl Holderman. I, Evelyn Warren, will my desire to go with a certain 'cred-head" to Marilyn Slagle. ' I, Lynn Wiseman, will my perfect attendance record to Harold Copsey. WITNESSES: Mr. Abell Mr. Roose James Miller Martha Chamberlin Mary Osborne - PAGE! 26 - I 1 N3 E U1 2 Dk H hs 2 U1 S lst so os oo L AA AAAA ,vwvvvvwvvwvvvwwTHE NAPANET l938vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv I 3 THE JUNIORS Sponsors ......,. ........ M iss Blank and Mr. Byers Colors ......... ...... ........... B I ue and Silver Flower ........ ..........................,........... W hite Carnation Molto ....... ..... ' 'If you can't find a way, make a way." JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1935 seventy-eight self conscious students entered the mysterious realm of high school as freshmen. The honors of president, vice president, secretary-treasurer, and Student Council Members were given to Carlyle Frederick, Ruby Calbeck, Catherine Mullett, Gwendolyn McCormick and Tilson King respectively. The usual skating party was held in November. In 1936, we returned for more knocks and more fun. Our leaders were president, Glen Stillsong vice president, Arthur Sharp, secretary-treas- urer, Catherine Mullett, and Student Councillors, Tilson King, Carlyle Moore, and Martha Wagner. Mr. Foulke and Miss Hoover guided us. The annual skating party was held February 23. All of us yelled ourselves hoarse at basketball games, because two of our members, Tilson King and Robert Rensberger, were on the varsity squad. Time rolled around until Junior-Senior reception night came. In the kitchen of the church eight boys and eight girls anxiously awaited a sign. At the signal, they burst forth. They were the nervous Sophomore waitresses and waiters. We did very well, but fplease don't let anyone knowj Tilson King spilled pie on Mr. Rooseis pants. In 1937 there were only 60 of us left. We assumed new responsibilities under the guidance of Miss Blank and Mr. Byers. A Weiner roast at Geyer's Dam was held October 15, with a record attendance of fifty-five. We are proud to have five members on the varsity team. They are Tilson King, Bob Rensberger, Glen Stillson, James Green and George Price. Donivan Hall was chosen to represent our district at the State Hi-Y Conference. Although it is only February, we are planning for the Junior-Senior reception. It will be hard to rival the reception of last year, but we are sure we shall succeed. M. Miller. AAAAA - PAGE BS 4 THE NAPANET 1938 vw T4 ll' I'I4"l'l'III-I vp Iinw: l':1uI We-ldy, Arthur Slnnrp, Wudr- Iiiwlnnf-nll, llnl-l-rt I:--nslf--rp4--r, 12.-.fn-pw l'r1- Haymmnld XX'isn-, Gln-n Slillsun. ww-lxd How: l':1rIyl1- Munn-, Hulwrt AIHIVUIIII, .lnhn Mull-Ulm, Marilyn Slupgl--, Murllm Wenpgm-V Ilwselmmm' lions-', 4'Zn'f-lmdulyn AIk'1'4PI'!Illl,'l-i, Marlin Mlllvr. I':1nl Xl1'lllllH"l'. W1ll'1'1-ll L'l1-ry. Miss lilfxnlc, 1Spnns1,n'J. wllnm I-low: lllw,-lyn Hnnsn-, Mnurinv XVis+-lmln, lvmlf-ll l'lvIm-ln-V, 4":1lln'1'im- Mishlvr, AllI'lJllll Slahly, .ll-an Strauss, lilanvlmf- Marlin, Imrutlu' M1-tzll-1-, 1':xll1:u'in1- Alllllvll, M:u'p.g:u-vl Muunljny. xYll',Lfllll?l Snidr-r. RU'I"l'OM l'I4'TUlilC lnp Ilnw: I'Ix':-1"-ll 41-fuld, I"rv-dw-1'n-li .I+-ns'-n. Ilsllph Huw-1-ln-, .lunnfs Hr.-.-n, ,I-vlan Lyn'-lu. 'l'1lN.n Kung. Max ll-Alhww, Imle- I:0'I'g.Qt'l'. Ilnln-rl l'I:1l'k. K1-nn'-th Unlwsn-y, lll-nzurll I!nrkl11-lnll-x'. -wvnd Huw: 11+-orgv I-Z-wk, 1l+,-ruld Ham.:l1:n'L, Ilulph .Ivr'lf's, Ilnlmvzalm llnll, llllxu Hmm-y, IMI nllly Hnnve-r, li:1llu'yn llall, Anna Vulp, .Iuninr lrunmnh, 4':11'l5'le,- If'1wlv1'i1'li, Phillip H1-1-luv man, Mr. Ka-nnl-th Mila-hv-ll, Spmmsur. vllum Huw: Th:-lnm Hahn, Ilnluy Uulln-vlq, Ilnrn Linn, lsnln-llv Dmlrnl -, Imls 411lIll'5lll, Elf-n--r A Hnchslwllle-1', ll'-I:-n H:unm:ln, Ilulw,-:ls Holi:-, Ilulh I-'nl--5, IL-lwn l"lll'llv'j'. AAAAAAAAAA QAAAAAAAAAA - PAGE 29 - A AL A. AAA A A A AAAAAAAAAAA A VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VVVVVVVV VVTVTTTVVTVVVTTVV VVTVVT THE SUPHOMORES Sponsors ..,., ......... M iss Shively and Mr. Robbins SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY ln the fall of l936 we, as Freshmen entered Nappanec High School. The taunts and laughter of the upperclassmen soon subsided when they were completely ignored by the Freshmen who were determined to allow nothing to hinder their progress. During the year two skating parties were held at the skating rink under the supervision of our sponsors, Miss Shively and Mr. Dickey. Time marches on! On September 13, 1937, sixty-six dignified Sopho- mores strutted proudly down the aisles of the assembly with an attitude of superiority, for we were starting on the second lap of our high school career, and felt that we now occupied a place of importance in Nappanee High School. Mr. Robbins and Miss Shively served as sponsors and contributed much toward our successful year. DeVon Hall was selected president, David Stalnaker, vice president, and Mary Nola Roose, who has done an excellent job of handling our finan- cial alfairs, was retained as secretary-treasurer. Frederick Pletcher, David Coppes, and Robert Arnott were chosen to represent us in the Student Council. Our class party was held in November at the skating rink. lVe have been well represented in the various school activities with two members composing the affirmative debate team, a great number in the band, and many in the Girl Reserves, Hi-Y and G. A. A. As the year draws to a close we can look back with pleasant memories of the success and pleasure we have enjoyed as Sophomores and we are look- ing forward to even greater success in the future. t Q A ii Phend. 1 - PAGE 30 - H '54 5 P1 3 'Ci lL. 2 P1 S lil so os os L LAL AAA. AAA AA All Al AA LLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALAAAAA T1lI:'N.A1P,-INET 1938 'FUI' I'I4"I'L'IUfI Imp Rmvi Ray I2--nn, l"ruii4-is Ii--rr, .Im-li llyf-rs, Luis Iiinm--rt, ih-115' l'Jlllillld"I'. Mum Ifivld. IAHKIISU G+-yvig .Iivhii nhmsi-V, Haiiwild Huluxvsiy, ,Inv Iluiinuvk. t -1,-mid lnw: Ii:-in-i't Arnfilt, Iiilly Har:-, Ralph Huilar, Imxid Uupp--S, Il' ss I ' , Y-1 a g, 1 i tum I sum II ill, Curl Iluugilif-r, Ilulu-i'l Cl'-V+-iziiid, Iii:-hard He-Sl, Imnuld .lnlilisi-ii, Mr. Iluiiiiiiis. Spmismx if :min fluiii Ulllilll Huw: M:n'j1-rii- l'urwiii, Mamin- Hi-1-kamsxn, Hf'l4'll Hari'-r, Iwi-niiiy ljif-lvi -' 2 . 9 In-Vgqux, H'-Ibn King, Yi-Inm In-ivis, H:1I'l'is-l lfivgyl, LMS Hilllli, JMX Hwllvlt I!H'l"I'H1I V14 'TUILH 'lop Ihvw: l,'l1:1rle-S I'li-lvhf-r, Iiwlwrl ll'-lliiig-sr, Mirwl Ii'-f-d, Hmwiiwl Mill--i', .Iuhii Blulli-it, 4'h2lI'lr'S Nyv I'lvl1-h1'l'. l"i'vd4-i'i-gk I'lvtvlir:l', lizlvid Slsillmk-fi', Lziniui' Slfvlldvir. .Xlwnzu Nimr- di-mus, XXX-sl-,-y I'ris+-r. 51'1'Ul'ld Huw: ll1'H1l1'l'l 3ll'llil1g+'l', tim,-i-gv R1-lilw,-i'. Fralili Yarian. XVillai'd Miiivr, Mary Alim- Sm-lig. Mary Te-1-le-r, Anna Ruth Mullefll, Ilvlly I'h-And, Blurilyn I'lI'ID1"lH.2l'Y'. Crwzilv--llc Shaum, Lillian Sf-1-hrist, Fr'-duna Iiiwf. utlmn Huw: Miss Shin-ly, Simixsuly Vvrna Slaimugh, Luis Muntz, Imiiiiziiwllw- Sli-Af,-ts, Marx' Nnla Rcmsq-. liathryn Mm-k, XViimzi Middaugh. 1:l4lSl'IHHI'y AIHUFI. Iiuivf-rt XY'-ygaxul, I':iul Mnyi-i', Nurnian Me-lziigr. - PAGE 231 - A AA AAAAA A A A .AAAAA AAAAAAAAA A ALL 777777 TTT? T Vvvvvv V77 VVVVVVVVVVV VV K K THE NAPANET 1938 THE FRESHMEN Sponsors .... ........ lt 'liss Kivett and Mr. Best Colors .... ....... C reen and Cold Flower ......................................................,. Yellow Tulip Motto ......,. "Ambition plus application equals success." FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY This year marked the start on our trip through high school by way of the good old N. H. S. Airline, the destination being graduation from our senior class. We chose Richard Pippen as our senior pilot to lead us through the first stretch of high school, Robert Stump as our assistant pilot and steward. Our money-holder remained the same, Carolyn Gentzhorn. We stopped off at Ceyer's Dam one October evening to have a Weiner roast and marshmallow bake. After this stop we continued on our way. Our chief pilot says we have another stop in view. We are proud to have four passengers on the second team in basketball. Four of our girls are librarians and a number of our girls belong to G. A. A. and the Jr. Girl Reserves. Thirteen passengers belong to the band, and some to the Clee Club. Part of our honor for this first trip belongs to Miss Kivett and Mr. Best, our sponsors. All aboard! We, the class of 741 are off for three more years of our trip before arriving at our destination. Carolyn Gentzhorn. AAA LAALALLAALLLLA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA t l W i s - PAGE 32 - 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 in 4 1 ' 'rm' l'I1"l'l'llIG 4 Top 1-low: Fr'-d Sliuliig, .Iulin llil-liniiinll, XVilt'r-lil XYisv, liill Munlx. 'l'li-mins XY.-ginill-fr, l,:1Al:ii- I XV+-uvvr, liilly Sllauss, Ulixw-r Slulzmzin l'nln-rl Y:u'i:1n. Huln-rl Slnniiv, livllvll SIWIIS-'llmg 4 Low.-ll Ml,-l'u-en. Hil,-l1:li-ll Pipp'-n, H+-nard S14-ml-Ai-, lflxw-iw-Lt llunnnvl. 4 Second Row: llordun M4'l':vl'1nivk, liziklzu' xX'?ll'l'L'll, Huwslrd Rlvvli. Hilda l't'l-iI'l'+Al', Annu Alan' Shull, Phyllis Stump, 12+-x't1'lldv Yodvr, lllluisf- Stnhly, .Ivan Svhv,-ll, Jani- s Uslmi'i11,-, l.:uM:i1' M:-lzlvl: .Xnms Shu-ls, Me-rvin Millvr, Ura S1-vut, .l:in1f-s Sleigh-, Gr-rnld Ll'limna1s, Miss 4 Kin,-lt, Sponsor. 4 liultom How: Isalwllv Ih-ilslu-11:1-I', Lulu Stnudvr, Luis XYz1g'm-i', lmi-mln' Rlulwvlin, Isnlwllf- 4 Plf-14-her, .Ir-annv Aliw- BIlShlt'l', l-Isthvi' Sm-lirist, Nora N:-llrmir, Annu Lou Slnvlinmn. 4 H--le-n Lnllpf. l'l1ul'lwllQ- Slzilmxlgli, Maxim- Alnyi-r, Hi-lpn Mrmiw-, lmrls Milli-r, Vhyllis 4 Mvtzln-I'. 4 I3ll'l"I'UM 1'IC'l'UHl'1 4 Twp Huw: Cllarlullf- Leunli, Phyllis Martin, llvllthii lluniph, Nth:-l Alan- 121-nld, IZ:-ily Mill'-V, Jean H:fu'Lvl'. He-lvn Linn, Hi-lf-n Klmmlw-, Maxine Bluyw-r, l,aI4'v1'xiv Hui-llslf-ltlf,-1', lmris 4 Miller, Verda Hg-ple-in Q Second Huw: 'Flminus HLlllS1Plll', .lnhn Imyln-, l-lowarci Kurtz, NVilliain Alunlz, Lunizu- All-lzll-1', 4 Lamar Ulouse, Haruld Cflvsvy. M-fi-vin Mill'-r, Lmwll M4-Cuvn, llnrfli-ii All-Uni-ixiivlq, 4 XVayne Bust. Sponsor. Bottom Row: XVilnm H:1mnwn, Quwn l-Isllivr Hul'l'nizm, lllixw- HulT, lmrli-ml HHlll'j', Iwi-mln' Malcolm, Arlene- Bigler, XVum1ta Luseef, -In-an Alive- Rlislill-V, 4N2ll'UlX'll llvntzliflrn, Phyllis 4 Mntzler, Mary ltaringe-1', Phyllis Kurtz. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 - PAGE 33 -- THE NAPANET 1938 EIC-HTH GRADE President ..,....... ........ R obert Geyer Vice President .......,. ........ J can Oyler Secretary-Treasurer ....... ........ V 'ivian Postma EIGHTH GRADE HISTORY Early in September, in the year 1936, fifty-eight young, budding, geniuses came from near and far to enroll as members of the seventh grade. As was to be expected we had a hard time keeping out of the wrong room. After a rough initiation, which we happily survived, we were finally able to settle down and enjoy ourselves. In November of this year we had a united skating party and in spite of the few bumps it went over, a big success. We had several members on the Junior High basketball team which won all but one gameg also we were well represented on the track team. September soon rolled around again and now we were the more digni- fied eighth graders, who could go about their duties with greater confidence than they could in the previous year. Our activities of this year broadened out considerably and we placed several members in the band and on the safety patrol. We also held a sleighing party. We are looking with great anticipation toward our freshman year in high school. - PAGE 34 - YV 777777 THE NAPANET 1938 - 1 4 4 4 'FOI' l'ICTL'1iI+I Top Row: HC-hem Johnston. Robe-rt We-iigr-i', l.isl-A Ron-sv, XYalll-r li:---d, lmyiiiiviid li'-rn, Willis Rooso. Donovan Robinson, Eugenu Kahll,-r, David Johnson. Second Row: Josephine- Mnlletl, Wilma NL-tuwuir, Vivian Posiinzi, .lanii-s Marlin, XYillard Losee, Billy Xvebster, Billy XValu-rs, Joan Mellinge-r, Bfftty Milli,-r, .If-an Hylvr, Mr. Holaway, Sponsor. 1-Bottom Row: Norma Sc-christ, Eileen Zanlz, Ch:u'Iutl1,- Shaum, Marilyn Ili'-limond, Elnorl- Phend, Marilyn Stahly. Norma Kring, H--le,-n Hswald, Junv Must. IJOTTUM l"I1"l'Llltl'1 Top Row: Charles Gzlut, Slanlsy Farrington, Sammy Coppvs, XVillard Hoon-r, Cassi-li Holm-, Earl Holderman, XVillard Gaut, Billy Hi-nlcy, I-larold lngle-, Edward Frye, Richard Counls. Second Row: Miss Lantz, Sponsor. Elsie Boughmfr, Mariann Fox, Ruby Holaway, Doris Huff, Doris Foudy, Mary Dumph, Bi-nniv Suu l'llEiL'kl,lLll'!'I, Betty Collins. Bottom Row: Norma Deisch, Pat Doyllf, Bl,-tty l':l1l'XVL'll, Narnia Baker, Carol Hahn, Joy Jffn- son. Paul Clouse, Maxinv Hvi'sl1lJei'g'el'. l 4 4 4 AAAAAALAAAAA -- PAGE 35 - 12,1 1,1431 1 fr. ur ,. I . J, ,I 1 f 'vi f 1- 1. ,v I 115 4. .L L. -, . A I4 1 ,gf +2-1' gl If fn, 3 vb 1 1 1 .wg Al-1 vine' 'e' ,vm -au'-yrqv 4 'Tv' .xr I. 59.3.51 , 1q1..y nf . -Y .31. N' u 1 1 ,. 1,1 1 1 1 e vi ' , 1 . 1. '1 :I n i , f L. 1.171424 , ,Uh ' - 1 uni. n. J nvnlflt 1 51,1 41' 1. '. 1 nv' Ak ,' 1 gr! 113 'F11.."1r'-'. .J-'V'v."f-A 'ax 'OI 1 JA 1 ,' ' . 11,4 .4 1 A, 4-1 ' 1,,,Q, , .l.g..1 - .ELM J xl .1- .1 1,.-Wx., ' .A A of+!2".' az- ., .1,l'V-1 1 ,.- , --'L ,. .v.. 1,, 4 t :F .1 1, QM 1 Ji' fm ,1, - 1 41 ,1. . 5' .we w ' v , .W ,J:'.,f.' 11 fi! 1,417 .. 11 Chi' 3:1111 .11-,--ff' . 4 1M ,. ' ' 71 I"',113"1 .'-'Lf' Vi' ..e."l1' 17-' '. "R . 4, "Wh . me .,, 1 P1 . 'Z' 3 I SEVENTH GRADE V President ......,.. ....... R ohert Miller Vice Presirlenl ....... ....... ,I ames Miller SPCI'0fllI'-Y-TVFCISILVI r ........ ,lane lVlcl7all SEVENTH GRADE HISTORY Once again a group of eager youngsters came 'from the old school building to learn the customs of the new. Our activities included a skating party which was enjoyed by each and everyone present. Although there have been many new things to learn, and in spite of the fact that we still have many to learn, we of the seventh grade feel that we have made a good beginning in making our class a credit to the school. Jane McFall. - PAGE 36 -- l 1 S E U1 2 be F 2 U1 Na E so oc 1 1 A AA LLL AAAAA AAAA AAA AAAA. AAAA THE N.-IPANET 1938 vvvvvvvvv .,.,,,,,, f e Y - 7, - TOP l'I1"TL'IlE 'I'-up Row: Bernard Flew-lziiid, Fmiii,-is llanime-I, .Iaines 1'nll:iml.-r, Winfr-Ad Adams, Hwwn Hepler. Nelson Cloud, Kenneth Ki-ilk-r, Ili'-hard flaiigei-, ln-uv-y Hall, l':iul llullimzin, Nathan Jones, Max Hr-llar. Si'-vond Row: Miss Hoover, Sponsor, Ros:-iiizlm' Marlin, 1,'all1w-i'i11i- Alill--r, .lane M1-Fall, lI:irbz1ra Mutschler, Erma .lean Hollar, Berniee Johnson. Helly ln' lf'r'w's, Virginia H1-lawny, V.-rda Longlield, Ruby Lyn:-h, Norma Best, Ruby Hui'lm-r. llutloin ROW: Dale 15l't'E'l, Ada Culp. Ned Hlosser, Fran--es lhvllow, l':iul li.-if.-r. lloln-rl lfmv- ler, Donna Dm-llv Hul'l'man, Keith Ilumph, Ruby Berkeypilv. BOTTUM PICTURE Top ROW: Max Poslma, James Newixonur, Him-hard Silbf,-r2.:'. lliwhzird Miller, lrlilly Mvlzl.-r. Gerald Lynch, James E. Miller, l'harl+-S l,O'lf'I'S, Hoy Slagle, lilly Tracy, Mr. Foulke, Sponsor. Second Row: Lorraine Veal, Mary Pfeiffer, Ruby Xentz. Margarf-l Se-vhrist, Shirley NVall4-rs. Peggy Stahly, Betty Tobias, Maxine XVeax'r-r, .Is-an Rl4Y1Slll'I'gt'l', Hlizfibeth Tobias, lmnnu Thomas. First Row: Harold Miller, Helen Stump, Ellen Jean Pippf-n, Mary Ellen Ni,-terf-i', Eloise Tobias. Robert Penrose, Frederick Miller, John Linn, James 1'. Miller, Robert Miller, Henry Kuhns. - PAGE 37 - A A AAAAAAA AA ALL AAAL A ww THE NAPANET l938vvvvvvvv EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES To the student with a keen, and alert and wholesome attitude, a course in Nappanee High School means much more than just preparing the studies required of him by the state board of education. It means more than the usual routine of classes from day to day which was the condition existing in former years. Today the student may choose one or more organizations and activities in which he may participate. The value of these extra curricular activities to the student is inesti- mable. It is certain that they create, among other things, leadership. It is in these additional activities that certain pupils become recognized as lead- ers, students who will take and shoulder responsibilities. Also the extra curricular program uncovers talent in various ways. Were it not for the band or glee club, for instance, musical talent would be inhibited and go un- discovered. They contribute to correct mannerisms and Christian character, and develop good social relations as we fellowship together in inter-club so- cial functions. It is through these activities that we are able to put into pracf tise the philosophy of life as taught us by our faculty, for where, in the regu- lar school curriculum, can we learn to match wits as we can on the tennis court or on the debate team? How better can we learn to develop poise, grace, and culture than by practising them in our various activities? Requiring students to have a specified number of extra curricular points before he may graduate is a relatively new idea, but it is hoped that through this medium more students will be encouraged to take part in school activities. To those students who have given of their best in time and talent, and who have assumed their full share of responsibility, is due the present high level in every extra curricular activity. - PAGE 3S -- AA ALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LLL AA fyfN WF 7 W -I A'-fc-X-f 7 IIIRIEANIZATIIQQINE Y 3 3 4 4 I 'H E P1 2 D. 'U LA 2 P11 'S S4 so os oo V777 NAPANET STAFF VVVT VVVV VV VV? VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV S4-ated: Eldon Pippen, Edgar Miller, Kenneth Miller, Donnabelle Farrington, Doris Duvidhizar, Betty Mellingur, Martha Chamberlin, Mary Osborne, Dean Lehman. Standing: Mr. Roos'-, Mr. llitehr-ll, Mr. Ahe-ll, Miss Kivett, .Iainf-S Miller, .Iulian NValters, Robert Mishler. All things must eventually come to an end, but we members of the staff have often wondered if the work on this thirteenth volume of the Napanet would ever be finished. However, at last, after months of denying ourselves, after months of hard work we have completed what is undoubtedly the greatest task our class has yet undertaken. Not all of the work has been fung neither has all of it been drudgery, but we gain our compensation for our work with the satisfaction gained from the knowledge that we have done our best. We oHer this book to you for your approval with every conhdence that it will sat- isfy your most exacting requirements. VV P EDITORIAL STAFF Editor ..............,.......,..................,......................,....... Eldon Pippen Associate Editor ...... ,,,,... M ai-tha Chamberlin Art Editor ,,.,... .. ..,..,. Betty Mellinger Sports Editor .... ....,,.. D ean Lehman Alumni Editofr ...... .......... M ary Osborne Crzlendfw' Editor ..,. ...,..,.. D oris Davidhizar Snapshot Editor .,,... ........., E dgar Miller Joke Editor ......,.... .................,,,......,,.................. R obert Mishler BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ...........................l...................... Julian Walters Assistant Business Manager ............................,..... James Miller Ci0'cula,tion Manager ..........................,...,........,.... Kenneth Miller ADVISORY STAFF Ge1ze1'r1,l Advisors ........................................ Mr. Abell, Mr. Roose Lite'rcw'y Adviisors ....... ........ M rs. Coppes, Mr. Mitchell Art Advisor ........... ..............,............. M iss Kivett LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AA AAAAAAAAAA - PAGE 40 - A ALLAAAAALA A AA A 77777 VVVVVVV V VV THE NAPANET 1o.98wvw.wW.w CLASS OFFICERS Top Row: Richard Pippen, James Miller. Donnzihelle Fzirrimzlmi, Vatlivrim- Mullen, lmvid Stalnaker. Arthur Sharp, Robert Stump. Second Row: Jean Oyler, Vivian Poslina, Gwendolyn Mc-Uoi'mivk, Mary Nulu ltnosv. k':u'olyn Gentzhorn, Kenneth Miller. Bottom Row: Robert Miller, Devon Hall, James Parl Miller. To be chosen as a class officer by your fellow classmates is no little honor. It shows that they have faith in your ability and that they are willing to entrust the duties of office to you. Much credit is due to these officers for the many hours which they have given to fulfill their duties. SENIORS FRESHMEN President ,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,. James Miller President ....,................,.... Richard Pippen Vice President ...,.....,.,...... Kenneth Miller Vice Presidevzt .,.........,.......... Robert Stump Sedy-Trees ,..,,.,..... Donnabelle Farrington Sec'y-Treas. .................. Carolyn Gentzhorn JUNIORS EIGHTH GRADE President ,,,,..............,..,........ Arthur Sharp President ...................,.......... Robert Geyer Vice President ,,,,.... Gwenlolyn McCormick Vice President ........ ............ J ean Oyler Sec'y-Tv-eas ..... .,..... C atherine Mullett Sec'y-Trees. ...... ........ V ivian Postma SOPHOMORES SEVENTH GRADE President .................................... Devon Hall President ............,................. Robert Miller Vice President ...... ......... D ave Stalnaker Vice P7'0S'id67lt ........ ....... J ames C. Miller Sec'y-Tfreas. ....... ........ M ary Nola Roose Sec'y-Treafs. ......... .......... J ane McFall A AAAALALAAAAAAALALLLAAL -- PAGE 41 - A AA ALAAAAAAAA AA A AL Vvv77TvTvT7TT7TvvT THE NAPANET 1938 THE NAPANET1938 THE BAND Top Row: Alonzo Nicodemus, John Doyle, Charles Nye Pletcher, Lowell McCue-n, Lisle XVade Roose, Paul Clouse, Margaret Mountjoy, Second Roni: Jack Byers, David Johnson, James Slagle, Marilyn Pippenger, Mary Fields, Betty Callander, Junior Dumph, Marilyn Slagle, Joy Pippen, Harold Holaway. Third Row: Pat Doyle, George Rehrer, David Stalnaker, Anna Lou Stuckman, Isabelle Rens- berger, lVilma Hamman, Jean Alice Mishler, Velma Davis, Betty Collins, Betty Miller, Jean Harter. Fourth Row: Carolyn Gentzhorn, Helen Harter, Mary Baringer, Evelyn Roose, Marjorie Mar- tin, Ivadelle Pletuher, Tom XVegmiller, Toni Housour, Robert lVeygand, Esther St-christ. Bottom Row: Carol Fletcher, Ruby Calbeck, Christine Frederick, Marjorie Corwin, Dean Lehman, Fred Pletcher, drum major, Mary Katharine Ball, Glennis Qing:-rich, Josephine Mullett, Helen Furney. As the curtains draw to a close for another year of band work, we con- sider ourselves very fortunate in being one of the members and of having such a successful year. During the year there have been many accomplishments achieved. A set of tympani and a bell lyra have been added to the instrumentation of the band and as the highlight of the year, beautiful new uniforms were pur- chased in time for the concert and contest. Through the co-operation and support of the people of the city, school officials, Civic Clubs, by having bake sales, giving concerts, etc., we have seen what has been accomplished. At the district contest, held at Goshen, luck was again with us and we placed in first division of the Class B schools, thus making us eligible for the state contest which was held at Huntington. Several soloists in Junior High and Senior High placed in first division along with our Brass Quartette. Although we have been successful in many ways, we realize that only under the direction of Mr. Busche did we attain with such pleasure these goals. We are wishing the band and its conductor, the best of luck and musi- cianship in the state band contest in the years following. - PAGE 43 - V 777 77777 VVVVVVV 7 THE NAPANET 1938 HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS Top Row: Anna Culp, Anna Lou Stuckman, Rosemary Roose, Thelma Hahn, XVi11ard Miller, Arthur Sharp, Harold Holaway, Dorothy Hoover, Margaret Mountjoy, Lois Emmert, Margaret Hahn. Eloise Stahly. Second Row: Verda Hershberger, Catherine Mishler, Hilda Pfeiiler, Anna Ruth Mullctt, Ivadelle Pletcher, George Rehrer, Carlyle Frederick, Glennis Gingerich, Martha Chamber- lin, Esther Se-christ, Isabelle Pletcher. lmttom Row: Miss Lantz, Jean Harter, Helen Furney, Christine Frederick, Kathryn Stahly, Mary King, James Slagle, Devon Hall, Joy Pippen, Mary Nola Roose, Dorothy Metzler, LaFerne Hall, Fredona Rice, Reatha Dumph. This year an A Cappella Choir was formed as a part of the work of the Mixed Chorus. To be in the Choir, you have to pass a rigid voice test given by our director, Miss Lantz, which only select voices can pass. There are only twenty-five of the forty members of the Chorus in the A Cappella Choir. Several programs were given by the Mixed Chorus among which were the spring' and fall concerts, the program over WTRC, the Baccalaureate and Commencement pro- grams, and several programs in the assembly. Several of our members were sent to sing in the combined chorus at the North Central Indiana Teachers' Association. Under the capable direction of Miss Lantz, and with the help of our talented ac- companist, Rosemary Roose, the club has been a great success and much pleasure has been derived, in addition to the knowledge gained, from our hard hours of study. Martha Chamberlin. AAALAAA LLAA - PAGE 44 4 ALAA A LL. A AA k vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv T H E N A P A N T I 9 8 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv HI-Y Top Row: Robert Clark, Quentin Slabaugh, Mirel Reed, Harold Hwwlawny, David Slalnaliei, Frederick Pleleher, Ralph Green, George Price, Kenneth Copsey, Everett Gould, Eldon Vippen, Carlyle Frederick. Second Row: George Rehrer, Paul XVeldy, Jack Byers, Donivan Hall, Frank Y:iri:1n, Itieharml Best, George Bock, Julian lVall+1-rs, Joe Dunniek, XYilfred Ulery, Loyal Eurkholder, Dc-an Lehman. Bottom Row: Mr. XVhile, Sponsor, Robert Mellinger, Hebert Armntl, Di-llmrt Mellinger, Carl Bougher. Devon Hall, Rohert Mishler, Kenneth Miller, Ralph Jerles, .John Malcolm, Charles Nye Fletcher, Edgar I1-urkey. OFFICERS Prcszdent ..,......... ....... E ldon Pippcn Vice P7'6S'iCI6'l1.f ..,... ...,.. l Jean Lehman Sccretcwy ......... ..,... J ulian Walters Kenneth Miller Treftsurez' .l.. ..l.... Sponsor ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,l.,,,,,,,, .,.,,,,......l..,, ...........,..,..,., M 1 ' . White The Nappanee Hi-Y is an active organization consisting of thirty-five members, each striving to better the conditions of his school and community. T-his organiza- tion is afliliated with the state Y. M. C. A. through other local organizations-. The purpose of the Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community a high standard of Christian character based on clean living, clean sports, clean speech, and clean scholarship. The meetings are held bi-weekly during the school year. At these meetings, aft- er the business. session, a program arranged by the vice president is presented. Other activities of the club are mostly social, such as the annual Father-and-Son Banquet. To become a member of the Hi-Y you must be approved by the advisory board. After "due" initiations, you become a full-fledged member of a worthwhile organization. Wilfred Ulery. 44444 - PAGE 45 - 4444 ALAAAAAAAAAA AAA AA AA AA A A AAA AAA Exf-usmsp T VV TTTVVVTTVVVVVVTTVT VV VV VV? 777777 V V THE NA PANET 1938 SENIOR GIRL RESERVES Top Row: Elem-r Hochstettler, Kathryn Mullett, Lois Conrad, Eloise Miller, Mary Osborne, Mary Field, Helen King, Lois Hahn, Harriet Fogel, Joy Holter, Marjorie Martin, Betty Callandor, Lois Emmert, Betty Phend, Margaret Mountjoy. Second Row: Donnahelle Farrington, Thelma Hahn, Evelyn Roost-, Marilyn Vippengcr, Doris Davidhizar, Anna Ruth Mullett, Isabelle Doe-ring, Corabelle Shaum, Blanche Martin, Glen- nis Gingerich, Martha Chamberlin, Betty Melingcr, Dorothy Hoover, Ruth Nicodmus, Louise Geyer. Third Row: Miss Lantz, Sponsor, Rosemary Hoose, Gwendolyn Mt-Cormick, Mary Teeter, Lil- lian Sechrist, Hr-len Hartor, Mary Nola Roose, Fredona Rice, Mary Alice Seelig, Miriam Stahly, Joy Pippon, Marilyn Slagle. Bottom Row: Christine Frederick Kathryn Mishlcr, Ruby Calbcck, Maurine lViseman, Elva Haney. Opal Ht-plvr. Dorothy Holderman, Mary King, Isabelle Moore, Dorothy Metzler, Miss Kivett. Sponsor. OFFICERS President ............., ..... M artha Chamberlin Soc'iaIClzf1irmmz .... Donnabelle Farrington Vice Prcsiflmzt .,.,, .......... B etty Mellinger Program Clzairman.Gwenciolyn McCormick Secretary ......... .,.. ,....... D o ris Davidhizar Song Leader ......i...,.................., Wave Anglin Treosznwz' .... ............. C hristine Frederick Pianist ,...................,...,....... Rosemary Roose Slogan ......,,..... ..,.............. .....,..., ' ' To face life squarely." Purpose ............................ "To find and give the best." In 1925 the Elkhart Y. W. C. A. organized a Girl Reserve Club here with Miss Hazel Dickey as sponsory Miss Dorothy Smith was her successor and she in turn was succeeded by Mrs. Coppes. Mrs. Swihart was the sponsor in 1936 and Miss Lantz and Miss Kivett are our present sponsors. The club consists of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, and meetings are held every two weeks on Tuesday morning. The rough initiation was held October 14 at the school and the serious initiation was held at the school October 25 with Mrs. U. J. Shively as guest speaker. Several parties were held during the year and several joint parties with the Hi-Y were enjoyed. Fifteen members and Miss Kivett attended the G. R. Confer- ence on March 19 at the Elkhart Y. W. C. A. The interest and co-operation of the club members and sponsors have made the club an even greater success than ever before. Martha Chamberlin - PAGE 46 - AAAAAA AA A LA. A AAAAAAAAAALAAAAAA THE N,4P.4NET 1938 JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES Top Row: Charlotte Lamb, Ellen Jean Pippen, .Io-an Oyler, .lost-pliiiu Mull'-lf, .Ioy .Il-nscn. Norma Jean Kring, Loala Stouder, Eloise Stahly, Norma St-christ, Dorothy Malcolm, Carol Hahn, Mary Edith Dumph, Esther Huttnian. Second Row: LaFerne Hochstcttler. Vivian Postmu, Mary Ellen Net-:rm-r, Maxine Moyer, Nora Nettrour, Mary Baringer, Helen Linn, Gertrude Yoder, Isabelle Pletclier, Mary Ann Fox, Lorraine Veal. Marilyn Stahly. Third Row: Doris Miller, Shirley XValters. XX'ilma Nf-ttrour, Ethel Msn- Gould, In-nniv Su-- Blackburn, Elnore Phe-nd, Norma. Baker, Charlotte Shaum, Eileen Ze,-ntz, IE:-tty Miller, Doris Foudy. Ruby Holaway, Doris Huff, Bottom Row: Miss Shively, Sponsor. .Ioan Mt-llinger, I"i'aiict-s Stump. lit-utlui Duniph, Ven-dn, Longfield, Helen Stump, Betty Tobias, Maxine XVcaver, Jane McFal1. I1-arliara R1lliSClllL'l', Elsie Bougher. OFFICERS P7'6Sil167lf .............,. ...... B ennie Sue Blackburn Vice President ..,... ..,,.l,,,,,,,,,.,,, P hyllis Stump S6C'I'6fl1J7'jl ....,.... .....i, J osephine Mullett Treasurer ...,.. .......,....,...........i. D 01-is Miller Song Leader .... ......,.............,..,...... J oan Mellinger Slogan ,.,. ........ ' 'To face life squarely." Purpose .........,v................... "To find and give the best" The club is made up of seventh-grade, eighth-grade, and freshman girls. It was organized in 1925 by Mrs.. Georgia Miller Replogle as a branch of the Senior Girl Reserves. Miss Shively is the present advisor. On November 2, 1937 the new members were received into the club through the Recognition Service and one evening during the same month they were given the "rough" part of the initiation. At Christmas, the Junior Girl Reserves together with the Senior Girl Reserves purchased Christmas baskets. Then on February 14, 1938, the girls had a combined potluck supper and valentine party. Thirty-four members were present and all enjoyed the party immensely. The bi-monthly meetings are usually given by the girls. Sometimes we have a guest speaker. Marilyn Stahly, the chairman of the program committee, and Joan Mellinger, our song leader, have done much to contribute to the success of our meetings. Bennie Sue Blackburn. - PAGE 47 - i 4 4 Ni 1 U1 2 LL. 'U Ea. 2 U1 S S4 me Q.: oo VT 777777 Tv 77 VV VVV7 VT TTT? V V77 VV V V777 VV VV g , STUDENT COUNCIL Top Row: Fredt-rick 1'lt-tcht-r, John Lynch, Julian XX'aters, Robert Mitchell, Donivan Hall. Second Row: Junior Duinph, Frc-da Maust, Martha Chamberlin, Helen Hamman, Josephine Mullett. Bottom Row: Robert Arnott, David Coppcs, James Slzlglc, Ethel Mac Gould, Mr. Roosc, Sponsor. OFFICERS President ............ ,....... J ulian Walters Vicc Prcsfflclzt ...... ....,,..... F reda Maust Scc1'etu1'y ..............,,..,,..,.,..,............................,..... Robert Mitchell The Student Council is a more or less democratic organization, as it allows the students to help in framing school laws and codes. This year's Student Council entertained the council from Wakarusa, and much of the time at this meeting was spent in discussing the functions of each respective organization. In addition to its routine of making laws, regulations, etc., it maintains the Lost and Found Department, which, as its name indicates, helps to locate articles which have been lost, and return them to their owner. An amendment passed this year states that a new member shall be elected each year as follows: When a class enters the seventh grade they shall elect one mem- ber, who shall be carried from year to year, and hence by the time they were seniors they would have six members on the council. Martha Chamberlin was chairman of the Girls' Athletic Committee and Junior Dumph was chairman of the 1J1'0g'l'3.TI1 committee. - PAGE -IS - A AAAAA AALA A AALAAAAAAAAAA AAL ALAAAA 7777777777VVTVVVVTVTVVVVTVVVVT VV VT' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Standing: Mr. Abell. Sponsor, .James Miller, Gwendolyn Mr,-Corinick, Ros.-mary lions'-, Valh- erinc Mullclt, Eldon Pippcn. Scaled: Doris Davidhizar, Mary Osborne, Donnabelle Farrington, Martha 4'humh4-rlin, Mari- lyn Miller. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OF SECONDARY SCHOOLS This is the third year for the National Honor Society of Secondary Schols in Nap- panee High School. The Charter was granted to the Nappanee chapter March 25, 1936. Membership in this organization is determined by the high school faculty, and is based on character, scholarship, leadership, and service. The membership is limited to fifteen per cent of the Senior class, and five per cent of the Juniors. All the members of last year except Eldon Pippen and Mary Osborne were lost by graduation. Last fall the membership was increased by the election of the fol- lowing: James Miller, Donnabelle Farrington, and Doris Davidhizar. In January, 1938 it was again increased by the election of the following: Martha Chamberlin and Marilyn Miller, Seniors, and Gwendolyn McCormick, Catherine Mullett, and Rosemary Roose, Juniors. Thus, the entire membership is composed of seven Seniors, which is fifteen per cent of their class, and three Juniors., which is five per cent of their class. This year the organization took charge of the Concert given by the Indiana Uni- versity Men's Glee Club. Although the members have not taken a very active part in school activities as yet, they hope to do more in the future. - Mary Osborne. - PAGE 49 -- 1 4 1 4 1 1 l N3 Q P1 2 is 'cs A 2 P1 'S G ce oe 1 1 1 1 4 1 4 1 4 A AAAAAAALAA AA A LAAA AAA LAAAAAAAA AAA ALAL A THE NAPANET 1938 DEBATE CLUB Top Row: Dean Lehman, Evert-Lt Gould, Frederick Plctehcr, David Stalnaker. Second Row: Mr. Mitchell, Betty Pht-nd, Anna Culp, Vcrda Hershberger, Jack Byers. Bottom How: Thelma Hahn, Ruby Calbeck. Joy Pippcn, Christine Frederick, Verna Slabaugh. The Nappanee High School Debate Club completed its third year of debating under the supervision of Kenneth Mitchell. At the opening meeting seventeen members were present. Meetings were held each Monday and Wednesday night after school in Mr. Mitchell's room. In the first part of December Mr. Mitchell and eleven members of the club attended the Eighth Annual High School Debate Conference held at Purdue University. Follow- ing this trip several members dropped out. Throughout the season practice debates were held at the following schools: Elk- hart, Ft. Wayne, La Porte, and Central of South Bend, where the two teams met several different schools in the state. Also several schools came here, including Riley of South Bend, Warsaw, and Columbia City. On February 5 and 12 the district conference tournaments were held at Wakarusa and Goshen respectively. At Wakarusa we defeated both Goshen and Concord. At Goshen we won over Jeiferson but lost to Wakarusa, which eliminated usfrom thie tourney. Elkhart won first place, Nappanee and Wakarusa tied for second, and Goshen and Middlebury tied for third. Others participating in thle tourney were Concord and Jefferson. The final debate teams consisted of: AFFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE Betty Phend Joy Pippen Jack Byers Christine Frederick Anna Culp served as alternate to the aiiirmative team. The question debated throughout the season was, "Resolved, That Indiana should adopt a system of unicameral legislation." -Joy Pippen, Christine Frederick. - PAGE 50 - AAA AAAAAAAAAA A THE NAPANET 1938 THE LIBRARY Standing: Frank Yarian, Helen Haniman. Ja,-amie Alice Mishlcr, Miss Blank, Sponsor, Marilyn Miller, Gwendolyn McCormick, XVade Richmond. Seated: Esther Sechrist, Lois Conrad. Rosemary Marist, BIzii'gai't-L Hahn. Mzirtlia r'hainl'ver- lin, Marjorie Martin, Mary Nola Roose, XVilma Haminan, Isaibf-llc Renslu,-rg'-r. In the school library there are now approximately 2,300 books and twenty weekly and monthly magazines available to the students, both of which cover various interests including those of nature, athletics, science, religion, health, current events, and num- erous others. In order to insure a fair chance for reference work to each student, books for reference reading are placed on the reserve shelf to be used only one hour at a time by any student. The librarians, each who earn extra curricular points, are expected to be familiar with the library and aid those who are not acquainted with it. Other duties include checking in new magazines, keeping a record of all books taken out, cataloging books, and collecting fines on over due books. The fine is one cent a day on general books and five cents an hour on reserve books. A new rule, requiring the student to prepare a written excuse before using the library, has resulted in the eliminatin of the students who used the library only to visit and loaf. The librarians and their supervisor appreciate the fine spirit of cooperation shown by the entire student body during the past year. Freda Maust AAAAAAAA - PAGE 51 - AAA AL AA. FI-KEM SCIENCE CLUB Marvin Miller, Arthur Sharp, George Bock, Eldon Pippen, James Miller, Nhlfred Uh-ry, Ralph Jf-rlvs, Eu,-1'i-tl Gould, llonivan Hall, Mr. Foulke, advisol The Fi-Kem science club was organized in 1936, largely through the efforts of Mr. Foulke and several students, to encourage and create an interest in chemistry, physics, and other fields of science. Last yea1"s members included Hobart Blosser, Gerald Mulletft, Burnett Martin, Ernest Pletcher, Harvey Miller, Robert Sharp, Glenora Hall, and Eldon Pippen. To become a member one must have, among other things, an average of "B" or above in both grades and citizenship, and must have studied some science for at least one year. Meetings are held bi-weekly between the hours of seven and ten in the science room of the school building or at some members home. Programs are 'given by the club members or some outside speaker is often invited to appear before the club. The activities of this club have been somewhat limited because of the small membership and other contributory factors, but it has taken several trips to points of interest and this year's club has laid plans to visit the Field Museum at C-hicago. Because of its high entrance requirements and because of the generosity of its sponsor, Mr. Foulke, this club has been quite successful and thoroughly enjoyed by every member. -- PAGE 52 -- I A AA AAAA LLAA AA AAAA AA AL AA ALAA LL AA AAAA AAAA VV? VV V VVVT THE NAPANET 1938 . FUTURE FARMERS f - - AAAYN- Top Row: Robert Malcolm. Paul Mellinger, Howard Kurtz, Delbert Mellingcr, Loyal Burk. holder, Dale Spicker, Mervin Miller, Bernard Stouder, Everett Hummel, llale D1-rger, Mr. Byers, Sponsor. Bottom Row: Lamar Stouder. XVilf1-ed Ulery, Howard BlllkhOldt'l', Billy Strauss, .lainics Miller, Gene Troxel, Lowell Holter, .Iohn Malcolm, Earl Michael, Amos Shea-ts, OFFICERS Presifleizt ............ ....,...............,.,., .....,.. L o yal Burkholder Vice President ,..... ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, E dwin Flora Secretary ............................................,........... Howard Burkholder Treasurev' ..,....,,.,..,.,.,.........,....,....,.,......,......,..,.,,.,,.,... James Miller Motto ........ "Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve." Colors ..,....,..............,...........,,.,................ Gold and National Blue The activities of the Future Farmers are not confined entirely to the school sea- son. This summer, on August 28, a camping trip was held at Indian Hill. There were about 12 members and guests present. We started on Saturday morning and returned Sunday. The time was spent in fishing, swimming, playing ball, and archery. Shortly after school began seven new members were accepted and initiated into the Green Hand degree. To enrich the treasury, the chapter decided to sell candy at noon, to students. When the basketball season arrived, we organized a basketball team to give the members an opportunity to participate in this sport. A local corn husking contest was held and prizes were furnished by the Nappanee 'Business Men's Association. A representative of our chapter was sent to the district contest. A pest killing contest was held between New Paris and our chapter. We, the losers, gave a party for them in the high school gym. The annual Father and Son banquet was held on Tuesday night. March 15, 1938, in the agriculture room of the new building. A pot-luck supper was followed by several short talks, and motion pictures. The chapter tested seed corn for the nearby farmers and themselves. The money, above expenses, was placed in the treasury. Loyal Burkholder - PAGE 53 - AA AAA AA AALAAAL LA THE NAPANET 1938 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS ' Y' if - 51- 1 2' .- 'Qg1 ' Mgtngome ai' V M . euzfifffawtx - f . . :ight . E . V :Q V x Svzitecl: Opal Heplf-r. lialliryxi llishler, Helen Furney, Verna Slabaugli, Dora Lynn, Elva Haney, lvorolliy Hold-Arnian. Helen Harter, Ruth Ann Miller, Pauline Miller, Anna Culp. Standing: Kathryn Dall, l'Dm'c-as Hoke, Donnabelle Sheets, Marjorie Martin, Lois Muntz, Vir- ginia Snyder, Isabelle Doering, Freda Maust, Miss Blank, Instructor, Eloise Miller, Ruth Gwin, Hlanvhv Marlin, .J-nn Strauss, Mary Nola Roose, Dorothy Metzler. OFFICERS Presiflevzt ........... ....,,. B lanche Martin Vice President .,..,..... .,..... F reda l.Vl.':l1.lSt Secretafry-Tv'ec1sm'e1' ..... .....,. L ois Muntz Sponsor .....,.,....,......... ......... M iss Blank Colors ,, ..l.........................,........,...... Blue and Gold Motto ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,. .... ' 'If the home fails, everything fails." The Future Home Makers, organization is composed of present and past students in the home economics department. This year the club has had several very interesting outside speakers. For our Armistice program, Rev. J. Floyd Seelig spoke on "Experiences in the World War". Miss Kivett discussed "Art in Home and Clothing," while Mr. Busche in his program stressed the value of music in the home. "Old and New Kitchen Utensils," was inter- esting as given by Mrs. Chas. Byers. Last, but far from least, was the fine display of Spring fashions modeled by the girls under the direction of Mrs. Wayne Best. The girls and the public heartily cooperated in a successful cookie and cake sale for St. Valentine's Day. The club this year has been a social and instructional aid to the girls and has improved in many ways upon former yers. Mary Nola Roose - PAGE 54 - LL ALL AAA VVVVVVTVVVVVVVVV THE NAPANET1938 HBASHFUL BOBBY" Left to Right: Miriam Stahly, Ruby Calheek, Freclzl Marist, G1-'-nnis riliiigf-i'ic3-li, Marilyn Slagle, Geraldine Stouder, Joy Pippen, James Miller, Eldon l'ippen, Earl Mielmi-I, Robert Mitchell, Burns VanSickle. On November 16 and 17, the Speech Class, under the direction of Kenneth Mitchell, presented the three-act comedy "Bashful Bobby," which was a decided success. Robert Downing, as his nickname indicates, was an extremely bashful high school graduate who went from one extreme to the other when under a hypnotic spell cast by one of his friends. The failure to bring 'Bob out of his trance led to many intriguing situa- tions, but after Madame DuPont, a professional hypnotist, had brought him out of his trance, Bob was able to strike a happy medium between his two extremes. CAST O F CHARACTERS Robert Downing-"Bashful Bob-by" ...... ......,........,,.,............ R OBERT MITCHELL Jim Bradley-Bob's best friend ,...................,.. .......,,.,... J AMES MILLER Harry Collins-Another of -Bob's friends ,..,. .......,... E LDON PIPPEN Jerry Roebuck-Bob's rival .,.......,......,.,...........,.. .,..... E ARL MICHAEL Helen Norwood-Object of Bob's affections ....... ,.,........,, R UBY CALBECK Joan Sanford-He1en's best friend .,.................. ......................,. J OY PIPPEN Anne Hawkins-Another of Helen's friends ...... ...,,. G ERALDINE STOUDER Mrs. Matilda Matthews-Helen's Aunt .........,.. ..........,,.......... F REDA MAUST Miss Odessa Henworthy-Chaperon .,.......,....... ,....... G LENNIS GINGERICH Madame DuPont-Professional hypnotist .,..... ..,....,... IX IARILYN SLAGLE Judson-The Butler .................................................................. BURNS VANSICKLE Louise-The maid ....................................................,..................... MIRIAM STAHLY SYNOPSIS OF THE PLAY TIME: The present. PLACE: lV1rs. Matilda Matthews' elaborate summer home. ACT I. SCENE-Living room of Mrs. Matilda Matthews. TIME: Morning. ACT II. SCENE-The same. TIME-The same day: Afternoon. ACT III. SCENE-The same. TIME-The following morning. THE PRODUCING CAST Directgr .,.,,,,,..-,4,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,4,,,,,,,,,,,,,i,,,,..... .....,.........,....... K ENNETH MITCHELL Stage Manager ,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,..........,.,................ ............................... E D GAR 'BURKEY Business and Advertising Manager ..,..,.............................i.. KENNETH MILLER Property Manager ,,..................................... ...................................---- G ENE TROXEL Makeup Manager ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,....................................,.,......... JUNIOR DUMPH Prompters and Understudies.,MAURINE WISEMAN, QUENTIN SLABAUGH - PAGE 55 - Copyright 1938 By ELDON PIPPEN Edilor-in-Chief MARTHA CHAMBERLIN Associate Editor JULIAN WALTERS Business Manager .IA MES MILLER Assislant Manager P PATROL BUYS 'Pop How: Hlnnlv-y lf':u-ringion, lloln-rl Wt-m.:'4-r, Lisle Wade Roosc, Sammy Coppes, Xvillis Hnosv. ltollom Row: Uusswl I-lokc, Rivlmrd Pounts, Wilbur Gaul, Bill Henley, Paul Clouse, Earl l-loldvrmnn. The patrol system has become a firmly established organization of Nappanee High School since its inception some seven or eight years ago. During this period of time it has done excellent work in safe-guarding the lives of the younger children as they went to and from the school, as is quite stongly evidenced in the fact that not one accident has occurred during the time they have been on duty. Patrol members, chosen from members 'of the seventh and eighth grades, go on duty at their respective posts each morning, noon, and evening. Frederick Jensen is this year's supervisor of the patrol. This organization deserves a vote of thanks for their splendid work and every one should strive to cooperate with it to the fullest extent. A44444A444AA444444444g444444444444A4444444A4AAAA4AAAAAA4444 4444 - PAGE 56 - ,f S Q f fw Q' IJTERATUHE I vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvv VV VTTV THE NAPANET 1938 PEACE What mean we when we spealf the word? What feel 'Ive tvlzent it hath, been said? Is peace tlze heart of life itselfg Or speak we only of the cleacl? What floth it meanvto each of us To be at peace with all we meet? Not just within a group, beloved, But all we meet upon the street. At peace with all both here and yon Nor race or color might we shun, But strive with eaclz act and tongue To further peace that is begun. Might life that brings each. setting sun Bring every member of Coffs race A-glow of peace, that penetrates And beams its blessing in each face. The blessing of such peace exists For all, who'cl lay the selfish by Anal live for others as ourselves, As 'weeks and months and years go by. -Dorothy Metzler - PAGE ss - ALLAA LAL A VV? VV V V77 V77 JUST IMAGINE Pete Moore an honor student. Kenny Miller not in Bremen one night a week. Kathryn Stahly without her giggle. Lynn W'iseman walking home. Bob Rensberger and Junior Stillson acting like two sane persons. Mike and his Whikket without a cutout. Christine Frederick going steady. An easy assignment from Mr. Postma. Ruby Calbeck staying away from the Cider Mill. Tilson King not going one block north every night. Mony Slabaugh as the quietest kid' in school. Izzy Moore not stepping out. Donald Cleveland and Burns VanSickle not going down the alleys home. Wave and Betty not at Goshen on a Friday night. Wayne Miller and Bob Mitchell at home on a Sunday night. Lowell and Gene not going to the Friendly Club at noon. Joy Pippen not debating. Mary King without her Quinnie's. Billy Hare at school on Friday afternoon. ' Miss Blank not sewing on buttons for the other teachers. ,lim Miller not having a freshman admirer. The Physics class as quiet as a mouse for only one minute of the hour. The basketball team at home on time at 9:30 for a whole week in a row. The boys in bookkeeping class acting as gentlemen. Mary Usborne and Dorothy Hoover not with Wakarusa boys on Sunday night. The country boys not driving their cars all over the town at noon. Lowell Hoffer not bein H icked on" in s eech class. g P P A couple of Senior boys not chasing after some of the younger and prettier girls in the high school. fThis means you Walterslj N. H. S. without the CLASS OF '38, 4 PAGE 59 - Q E P1 2 as 'TJ Ds 2 U1 H ls: so oo oo AALL LLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAL A AAA AAAA VVVTVVV V VVVVVV VVVVVV vwv THE NAPANET 1938 Name Wave Anglin Edgar Burkey Loyal 'Burkholder Richard Cain Martha Chamberlin Donald Cleveland Doris Davidhizar Donnabelle Farrington Christine Frederick Dean Geyer Glennis Gingcrich Ruth Gwin Margaret Hahn La Ferne Hall Opal Hepler Verda Hershberger Robert Hochstettler Lowell Hotfer Charles Holdernian Mary King Robert Lape Dean Lehman Freda Maust Betty Mellinger Earl Michael Edgar Miller Eloise Miller James Miller Kenneth Miller Marilyn Miller Pauline Miller Wayne Miller Robert Mishler Robert Mitchell Isabelle Moore Ruth Nicodemus Mary Osborne Elmo Phend Eldon Pippen Joy Pippen Quentin Slabaugh Dale Spicher Kathryn Stahly Geraldine Stouder Gene Troxel Burns Van Sickle Julian Walters Evelyn Warren Lynn Wiseman ni n "Fweedie .A n t'B1ondie" .4 sn -u n H Nickname "Pickle" aEdu 'Burke" 'Butch" "Marthie" "Blackie" -4 Dorie" "Donnie" .i , Christy' "Geyer" HPete7Y 'tRuthie" an 1'f2gs'N" Sis" Opie" Verily" uBObn Nip" Charley" Mary" Mose" Gauldy" -Bette" Mike" Ed" "Ellie" 'J im" "Kenny" "Shine" "Pol1y" "Suit" "Elmer" "Jess" ulssyn is Nicky" Mary Matilda" "L'il Abner" it Bud" Monie" S-pike" Kate" J erry" Trox" J udson" Walt" Toot" J ess' Hobby Out-of-town dates Manchester Machinery Bicycling Talking Goshen Being early Hope chest Music Dating Piccolo Primping Singing Reading Getting married Carrying books Radio work V-S Mixing colors Bill Walking the streets Girls Complexion Truckin' -Baseball Photography Riding in a truck Arguing Bremen Dancing Writing notes Elkhart Sleeping Annoying teachers Nurse Sewing Soda-jerker Grass widow Ship building Catching a man Peddling bills Etna Green New Paris Ralph Senior gal Growing tall Catching Hies Athletics Skipping - PAGE 60 - '59 E-fc. :s 553 i-es: EL U 'D U1 Sf :1 'Q QLLQ ?Qm'SjQ?E5Q,'j12i5Qm.:fTFFFTTQQEQFTHFWQCE ::9-ee-T4251-fUEf.:2i+6:.6n5fDm5:::EEc5S,m'1 HQEQEFF--5 lLg',:m5'f'h::'N'1f2'-+:,E".or:1.'-"-fofD2 '--0 U2 .arg-af't'D ff,-Dr.,fDm0Ogg,.,.. C-'O'...3' mi-+Ef"m"' ":34v-QCYOQ1, m,..g3-'qc 3- '-1 '-'mf' rv-O fgpsgg H' U06-4, wg -dmv! FD-.Ov-J o,., -Q O. Q ,,,-aro-rg ac o-so-e P1 - ,-4 O--gf-: "" mo-gg -- Y U- G O sm...-J ,Ulf-va O mfg .J P f- , ..'.-f., ,. ..-Q if-,..c-' o- '25 wi-P -'fb grW'5E.Z3:-fD'4 Os'-i-sw '-A fn,-,:f1vlP.'2 :.s,5-fel E-"KW Qi-gb 'J'-L Agp- -'O --gm.-P5 IP ...m o :p --....-Cl 0,1 .dn :sm - ,.,..'-s,..,.-.W A UO ,.., H On ... :.1..iv-s - ds: :: swim-V.: -- ef?-ei ff. pie-v-Zin.. w. :Q P25 ,,h'5-,Lag 'E :5g"4v-U gf: 'il mfg 9:95 G, ,H gg- 5-,f-f mv-: 'www w :rod : G12 9.22 29:2 f-D:-OUJ wi- .J -H 5' v FP " FD fb- '2'9, sw H 3 sz -I n-f..f. ri V1 FD Op .:, C5 5 'im Us 5: r-J m A A AAA A Burkholdei-'s Garage Professional Boxer N. D. Basketball Star Farmer's Wife Shop on 5th Avenue Matron, Insane Hospital Architect Stand-in for Charley McCarthy Matrimonial Bureau 'Trustee Mayor Fortune Teller Mrs. -QQ- Judge, U. S. Supreme Court Butler Water Boy, Chicago White Sox Chief of the Rolling-Pin Swingers Superintendent of Public Schools P P wmv THE NAPANET I938vvvvvv .WW IT'S A GOGD QLE' SCHOOL Farewell l Ule' school - l'nz ready to leave. Now please don't feel hurt or even grieveg There will he others here next year - To talfe the place of your Seniors dear. We've had our fun. if you can call it such, fllthouglz it has not been very muchg We appreciate what youhve tried to do. But there are limits to most things, too. When we were Freshmen and very green, You clidn't want us heard or even seen, But we did get a skating party out of youg I A nd that was all, until the year was through. Then we were Sophornores and very smarty, t find the same old story, no place for a party. We were looking forward to the junior year - When we, at least. could have some Reception cheer. Hurrah! We were funiors and still you reign, We tried hard to have fun, but it was all in vain. Oh! We did have fun at the Reception we gave, To the Seniors, in whose honor we did slave. Now we are Seniors and our school days are o'er, When Bacealaureates and Comrnencements come no more. We'll envy the others who return in the fall- For you are a good ole, school after all. Donnabelle Farrington - PAGE 61 - AAA AAA. ALAAAA .LAAAA AAAAAA ALA A AA AA 'H C: U1 2 Lb. so iz.. 2 D1 H tw so oe on VVVVVVVVVVVVVTV VVVVVVVVVVV VVVVVV VVVVVV V77 VVVVV 77777 Tv V777 TTT DIPLOMA HOUR The graduating class of 1938 numbers forty-nine. There are twenty' hve boys and twenty-four girls. While much smaller than the classes of 1936 and 1937, still this is the sixth largest class to graduate from N. H. S. During tlfe past fourteen years, 315 boys and 336 girls have graduated from N. ll. S. The Valedictorian has been a girl ten times, the Salutatorian has been a girl nine times. Are girls brighter than boys, or do they work harder? Birthdays. Every month of the year has one or more birthdays. April with nine is most popular. June with seven birthdays and November with six are next highest. February and May have two each and August and December one each. Two graduates celebrate April 9th and two celebrate June 16th. ln each instance these students are the same age. One girl was born on April lst and one boy on Flag Day, June 14th. Two were born in 1918, nine in 1919, thirty-six in 1920, and two in 1921. One of the latter completed her school work in llyg years, while the other started to rural school at the age of 5 years and 6 months. The babies of the class are Marilyn Miller and James Miller. Marilyn, the youngest is 16 years, 11 months and 14 days old today. The average age of the boys is 18 years, 2 months, 12.84 days. The average age of the girls is 18 years, 0 months, 27.42 days. The average age of the girls is 13.42 days greater than last year, but commencement comes 14 days later. P The attendance of the class has not been as good as that of some former classes. lt is not as good as the class of 1937. Their average attendance was 97.47LZv. The average attendance for this class is 97.1273 The girls missed an average of 4.48 days each year, while the boys missed an average of 5.85 days each year. A total of 10151f2 days had been missed up to April 6th - 585 1-3 days by the boys, 430 1-6 days by the girls. Those who have missed less than five days during the four years are as follows: Earl Michael, Eldon Pippen and Evelyn Warren perfect attendance, Eloise Miller 1 2-3 days absence, Ruth Nicodemus 2 days, Glennis Cingerich and Kathryn Stahly 4 1-6 days each. Of the 49 graduates, one entered Nappanee Schools in 1924, five in 1925, twenty-six in 1926, seven during the past four years, and the other ten attended rural schools until they came to Nappanee H. S. four years ago. Fifty other children entered Nappanee first grade in 1926. Of these, twenty-two dropped out, eighteen moved, five are still in N. H. S. and five are graduating elsewhere. Thirteen of these graduates are classed as rural and thirty-six live in Nappanee. J. A. Abell, Superintendent - PAGE 62 - A ALAL LLLLLA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA VV VVVTTVYY 13 14 15 16 17 20 21 22 23 24 27 28 29 30 1 4 r- D 6 7 8 11 12 14 15 18 19 20 21 25 26 27 28 29 CALENDAR SEPTEMBER School begins with two new teachers- Mrs. Cripe and Mr. Robbins. Seventh graders are still trying to hnd the right rooms. Class organization day. Seniors are trying hard to look dignified. Biltmore Studio representative talks to Seniors. One week of school gone. We have only about thirty-hve weeks more until graduation. First Assembly program. Reverend Seelig gave us a new interpreta- tion of 'LDown by the Old Mill Stream -M. Weather is too nice to have school. Docs every one have their books yet? b Two weeks of school gone. Monday. Teachers inform us that we are expected to act like ladies and gentlemen. Just another day. It really is pathetic to see the Freshmen trotting around after Mr. Boose at all hours of the day. Alas! Everyone must banish from our midst that wonderful soother of ragged nerves and parched tongues - CEM. OCTOBER Last day of school!! tFor this weekj. Hi-Y holds rough initiation at school house. Mr. Roose takes up 15 minutes of Assembly program to do some ex- plaining. Hi-Y serious initiation. Prince Studio representative talks to Seniors. Mr. Best doesnlt care for Betty Mellinger's 'ctruckinl B. Mr. Postma comes back to school. Seniors elect Annual Staff. Last baseball game of the season - Nappanee vs. Bremen, 2-1. C. R. Rough Initiation. Old members of C. R. are eating peanuts. Junior Class party tonight at Geyers' Dam. We find some musical talents from the midst of the faculty. Faculty also have talents for giving six week tests. -22. No school. Teachers' Institute. Everybody gets their pictures taken at school. What is this - a screen test??? Government class goes to South Bend to visit the Federal District Court now in session. It is a good thing the judge doesn't know them. Report Cards. What could he worse??? Only about thirty weeks of school yet. Pep session for candidates for cheer leader. - PAGE 63 - H E U1 2 I-L. 'U ir.. 2 P1 'S Psi xo as oo AAAAAAAAAAAAA LL. AA AAAAA AAAAALL A AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA AAA AAAAA 1 1 1 1 4 5 1 1 VVV V V777 VVVV vv vv lf-'P-4 U39 CALENDAR V NOVEMBER Loyal Burkholder and Carlyle Frederick are the cheer leaders. Come on, boys, let's cooperate. Basketball Clinic at Nappanee. Biology classes dissect poor pussy cat. The weather man warns that winter is just around the corner. Attentionl No loitering in the cloak rooms will be allowed. Nappanee vs. New Paris - 27-16 at New Paris. This is the first game of the season. What certain Senior boy was forced to sit on'the platform in front of the Assembly at Activity Period? Mr. Fisher talked to a joint assembly today. Band members make a few mistakes in setting their alarm clocks. Mr. Best makes a collection. Everyone marches up town. Nappanee vs. Bremen - 39-16 at Nappanee. Blue Monday. Speech class gives a sample of their play, 'GBashful Bobby". Why, Bobby, we didn't know you were so bashfull Play is given again at Community Building. Congratulations! It turned out to be a great success. Scarlet Fever in school - Zowiel Nappanee vs. Ligonier - 20-23. The day after the night before. A Reverend Emmert gave a Thanksgiving talk to C. R. Hi-Y has Father and Son Banquet. Everyone has been working hard. Vile need the vacation. Nappanee vs. Wakarusa - 34-38. First time in sixteen years. Thanksgiving Day. Murder in the barnyard. Kendallville vs. Nappanee - 23-26. Same school, same teachers, same routine -Tl Moving pictures for Senior High. DECEMBER Tearing down the old white grade building. The butcher gives Mr. Byers lc of liver free for 'GOscar". Nappanee vs. Mishawaka - 35-30. Seniors sleep peacefully on. C. R. and Hi-Y joint meeting. Playlet by G. R., l'Not a Man in the House." Mr. Best is a bad influence on the classes - he has acquired the habit of stuttering. Nappanee vs. Riley QSO. Bendj 38-26. Mr. Raymer gives a talk to special Assembly. AAAA - PAGE 64 - S E P11 2 is 'E A 2 U1 S lst cp 0.1 co l I 1 4 1 AAAAAALAAAAA Lt TTT vvvvvvvvvvvvvv V TTT I VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV CALENDAR Verda Hershberger broke her glass eyes -I mean her eye glasses. Lost! - a memory! If found please return to Assembly desk A for Tom Wegmillerj. Everyone ought to buy their Christmas seals. Does every one have their Christmas shopping done? Indigo Monday. C. R. gives baskets of food away for Christmas. Wakai'usa vs. Nappanee - 22-18. JANUARY Mr. Roose's birthday. Lucky for him there is no school today. Back to work. New semester starts today. Reverend Foudy spoke to the assembly. Seniors take English test. They certainly need it. Annual Staff meeting. Mr. Best has found a new way to spell roads-- roods. Citizenship talks??? Nappanee vs. Central QSO. Bendj 2-1-26. Eldon Pippen's and Dutch Schuler's birthdays. Reverend Seelig speaks to R. R. Annual Staff Meeting. What happened to that band??? They finally changed the calendars at the front of the Assembly. Dean Lehman graduated from crutches to a cane. Nappanee vs. Mich- igan City - 241--23. Annual Staff Meeting. Nappanee vs. Riley. More endless days. Force of gravity is strong in Economics class. Some cannot resist sliding down in their chairs. Nappanee vs. Goshen - 26-27 fovertimej. Nappanee High School has acquired a great many drafts for thc wind to whistle through. What's wrong with the heating system--Brrrrrrrr. Annual Staff Meeting. If we don't begin to behave Mr. Best threatens to give a test every day. Nappanee vs. Elkhart - A slight misunderstanding afterward - can anyone forget it??? Dr. Yoder from Argentina talked to Assembly. FEBRUARY Juniors showed their talents in an Assembly program. Ground Hog Day. He didnlt see his shadow. It is just the day after yesterday. Laporte vs. Nappanee- 30-34. Keep your chin up boys. AAAAAAAAAA - PAGE 65 - A4 LAAAAAAAAAL AAAAAAAAL AAAAAAALAAAAA AAALAAAAAA We 1939 N!-XPANU Veg-Aw 40 1 L N1 K4 1 a ff X If ' 15:5 4 I -X SGH' l 004' , wean-myx if, ,Z l lf 3-xl iv 5-' 5 THE NAPANET 1938 CALENDAR Bookkeeping practice sets handed in. What a relief. Students in Rooms 4 and 5 are informed that there should be no key- hole peeking during classes. We have several new students this second semester. Quentin Slabaugh in first hour Assembly-'6Come on, Mitch, let,s get some exercisen. Valentine Day. Day of all loves fpuppy lovesj. We cannot imagine Kathryn Rall and Helen Furney getting to school before two or three minutes before the bell. Juniors start work on Reception. What would this school do without certain ones going to sleep? Several Junior girls have formed a knitting club. No boys are ad- mitted. Washington's birthday. Measurements are taken for new band suits. Who has been dismissed from Science class at least once UD this year??? Human Adding Machine entertains. One nickel, please. MARCH Sophomores give Assembly program. Mr. Roose gives a pep talk concerning Sectional Tourney. Tourney tickets are going fast. . Sectional Tourney. Some close games. We tried hard enough. Elkhart carries off the honors. Miss Kivitt gives a talk on 6'Personality" to C. R. and Mr. Best gives some '6Criticisms Boys Find About Girls". Take the hint? Report Cards - keep smiling. 12. Regional Tourney-Washington beats Elkhart by one point but loses later in the evening. Iuniors are still working on reception. Measurements for caps and gowns for graduation. What Senior boy fell off his chair at the library table? St. Patrick's Day. Everybody is rather green. C. R. Cootie Party and potluck. Evelyn Roose has found a new seat in the fourth-hour Assembly. I. U. Men's Clee Club presents program at the Community Building. lt was sponsored by the National Honor Society. The school should provide Mr. Busche with a sound proof room when he starts a new pupil. - PAGE 66 - AALAAAAAAAAA THE NAPANET 1938 CALENDAR 24. Band gets new uniforms. The goal is reached after ten years of work. 25. Mary Osborne is chosen D. A. R. Girl for Nappanee. 28. Mrs. Arndt is substituting for Mr. Postma. 29. Mrs. Best presents a style show accompanied with loud "Obs and Ahs" from the girls present. 00. The Business English class is aroused by Christineis desire to sit be- side Dean Lehman. 4. APRIL 1. April Fool! Band gave concert at the Community Building. 4. Mary Osborne is to be valedictorian and Eldon Pippen is to be saluta' torian. 5. G. R. and Hi-Y meetings. 6. Snow! And we thought spring had come. 7. Kenneth Miller is going in circles as annual orders come in. ll. Girls are interested in skipping school to shop for Easter bonnets. . Band gives program for joint Assembly - '5Heigh Ho-dee-dee". 13. Mrs. Arndt informs 6'Mitch" fafterthoughtj that one cannot think when his feet are above his head. 14. Mr. Best gives an oral test in Economics. You canit get a glimpse of your neighbor's brains like you can his paper. 15. No spring vacation for us. 18. Bud Pippen is now attending band practice so he can escort a certain flute player home. 19. G. R. and Hi-Y meetings. MOscar" had a fight with a snake in his cage. 20. Report cards! What is this about citizenship?? 21. County track meet at Nappanee. 22-23. Band Contest at Goshen. 26. G. R. and Hi-Y party. 27. The Annual goes to meet the printer. 29. Biology trip to Chicago. 12 MAY 1 . May Day. 20. Reception. 22. Baecaulaurete. 27. Commencement. 28. Report cards -- the end. 444444 1 PAGE 67 -' AAAALAAAAAAAA AAAALAA ALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL. ALA P P E SOCIETY NOTES STUDENT COUNCIL PARTIES The Wakarusa Student Council was entertained by the Nappanee Coun- cil on Monday, January 31, in the High School. To open the meeting, the presidents, Erma Truex and Julian Walte1's, introduced each of their mem- bers. After a miscellaneous land was it miscellaneouslj program, ice cream and cake was served. On April 5, the Wakarusa Council entertained the Nappanee Council in their gymnasium. The evening was spent in playing games, after which at luncheon was served. GLEE CLUB PARTIES Two parties were held by the Clee Club during the year. The first was a cootie party on January IO. Refreshments were sandwiches and Coca Colas. The second was a kid party in the form of a surprise for Miss Lantzls birthday. After the refreshments of ice cream and cake, a gift was pre- sented to Miss Lantz. fAnd she really was surprisedlj FUTURE HOME MAKERS Dora Linn entertained twenty members of the F. H. M at her home on - PAGE ss - T H E U1 2 in 'TJ A 2 F11 S xo me oo AAAA AAA AAA AAAAAA VV vvvvvvvvvv -525 SKF? 55553, 213535 gm.-, 4,-mf-s og coomg, Skfimcn :.Q-mg,-A 2 Ze 02,39 ggoco U75 '--K4 O :F ' 'Hg "'4'4U" r-4-, 5 CD DT' CCD CD -1 as 5 C Q s-,L -1 wmgfb 27"-,,om"1 2 U7 'Riagg 5'g':""g:L Wggm 5-Egg "CD, 5 Q.. pa FD p-'H Q .. vf -1 F1 UQ Q .H .-R4 5 PV.. W '1 aD D-,qw :v O .-. cb. WM' rn,-'D' 25 "H :vig - Pd gg-Z gm gap- 03529, I EQSD 'N'cS H'-'-mg' '1g'f-,co S'2-Pm Cine: cp"SgQ"CD '-:t4.-ff'-5 E222 QEQJE gong g'?,:: P-1'Cp DP p-4. ,QQ-50 w OH he 'Tho' P4 S-fvmg l Stqhfl-G lan: mwc- 5:2 K sw:-ez m5OUz'U Dia saw 202 Ngws-"' Qtr"-11 Z . . r-4 O ,.,'-'UQ ...Cn 20 'G Q rn v-1-O r-4 Q3 u-Q-, mg' 7:---SH :rs-ro' sf:- -w,.,W --55756 fn "HW cocoa' P1-' 36" I--1 -:DH :vac 4x4 CD T :nfl C-D ,.. C1 FOOD- v-I 5-liwzr' 539239 gang ET? 'assi ses-an M211 'SOE swam as-0250 mis: sw Sort: Gem '12 300 30 5-OSD, DJ....g-'mf-,rj 5'-:Bt-I 553 D3 35 O Q 5-4 pw. Q-5021 sffsiwsg rim Q-QE 9-or-3 cn '-'O U90 v-on Sm'-v-F11 t-if-.... I-P-13" ooo'-4 mnmr. mmm no H, gran- 2-ff-nrvZ co: as-EL: fu WCDU' C3 UQQ0 no -- 23' Tftfmm 5756 Gini' 5 'T' t-1 H135 his 259 'fas- F: T ""4 o rr Sou: 525' 0015 453 ms-- I:-Qd HQ-QB: fp:-v-E U7 H-fm S2155 H 2 sie 5.053 Q-525-392' EQ?-5 0215- 2 Q. Q Q-'CDD-1 v---c- 1 CD D' 905 SWAC' 32-IFES an 551' cms-'3 -raw QS: QMS' CD n-Q O 1-v-O m f-v- ssg gfgwg iss -Ks ooo. -1.-F. vrcmru ow: AL A Q E P1 2 be 'U Ds 2 P1 'H Q no os TTT? VVVTVV vvv VTVVTVVTV V77 V77 TTT SOCIETY NOTES H1-Y FATHER-AND-soN BANQLTET The eighth annual Hi-Y Father-and-Son Banquet was held at the Evan- gelical Church, November 23, 1937. Following the dinner those present were entertained by a vocal solo by Carlyle Frederick, and selections by the brass quartette composed of Jack Byers, George Reher, Harold Holoway, and Fred Pletcher. The Rev. J. Floyd Seelig delivered the main address. GIRL RESERVES The rough initiation was held in the gym on October 144. After a rather spooky trip through the gym, the new members were dismissed with instruc- tions as to what to do the next day, and, I might add, they had to do plenty! The serious initiation was held several weeks later with Mrs. U. J. Shively as the guest speaker. A St. Patrick's Day Party was held on March 18. After a potluck supper, cootie was played with several prizes being awarded. Also, about Hfteen members attended the C. R. Conference at the Elkhart Y. W. C. A., on March 19. As one of the last events of the season, the girls entertained their mothers at an honorary party for Mother's Day. FUTURE FARMERS FATHER-AND-SON BANQUET On Tuesday, March 15, the members of the Future Farmers entertained their fathers at a banquet in their honor. Moving pictures were shown after the banquet, entitled MUnc1e Tomis Cabin." An open forum was then held, followed by several talks by Mr. Roose, honorary members, and several of the fathers. Loyal Burkholder, the president of the club, also contributed to the program by giving a talk on the F. F. A. work. JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET The crowning event of the yearls social functions was the annual Junior- Senior Banquet, on May 20, 1938, at the Methodist Church. After the banquet, the following program was presented: Hoisting the Jolly Roger .............................. ......... A rthur Sharp Swinging at the Yardarm ...... ............. ............. J a mes Miller Pirates Chantey ...................................................... Carlyle Frederick Charting the Course Pirates Hornpipe .......................... Evelyn Roose and Marilyn Slagle Piratical Characteristics in Students ............................ Captain Blood Ship's Hurdy Gurdy .... Catherine Mullett and Gwendolyn McCormick Hunting Hidden Treasures in Students ...............,.......,.. Captain Kidd Keel Hauling the Class of 1938 y - PAGE 69 - AAAA ALLLLAAAALAA AAC E r sr i 3 l VVVVVVV V 77777 V777 VV VVVVV THE NAPANET l938vvvv-fvvvv SOCIETY NOTES BACCALAUREATE M. Church, Sunday Evening May 22nd at 8:00 P. M., D. S. T. March .................... Program Ll16'1'lllJ1I'Il No. 1 ....... ..........,.............................. High School Chorus Invocation ............................................................... .......Miss Rosemary Roose ............,.......Barnyansky Rev. Alonzo Nicodemus Vocal Solo - Prayer Perfect ..........................,......................... E. J. Stetson Scripture Reading . Sermon ...............,.. Hear Our Prayer .. Benediction ......... Carlyle Frederick COMMENCEMENT .........,Rev. L. E. Foudy .........Rev. J. Floyd Seelig .........Wilbur Chenoweth ,........Rev. W. E. Snider Nappanee High School 1938 Civic Auditorium Nananee lndiana 9 I I 1 Friday. Wlczy 27 at 8:15 Program 'lhe Cloud ............... ............................... ....... P e rcy E. Fletcher Flower of Dreams ....., ........,................................... ........................ C l okey Girls, Clee Club Invocation ...............,............................................. .......... R ev. E. S. Mullett Salutatory ......................................................... ............. E ldon Pippen Piano Solo-LaPolka de La Reine ................... ......................... R all Rosemary Roose Address .......................................................... ........ D r. F. B. Knight The Green Cathedral ,........................................ ............... C ai-1 Hahn Come Soon ............................................................... ............. J . Brahms Valedictory .................... High School Chorus Presentation of Awards- For Hi-Y ..........,..... For American Legio For the School ........ Presentation of Diplomas Benediction .................. I1 - PAGE 70 - .........Mary Osborne Lawrence White ..........Richard Chapman ........Supt. J. A. Abell ...........Prin. G. C. Roose ....Rev. Harvey Emmert V Bessie Adams Frederick Burdette Gerald Bleile Ruth Callander Robert Callander Maxine Canine Evelyn Christner Leonard Clark Robert Coppes ivlelba Culp Kenneth Curtis Robert DeBow Evelyn Doering Dorothy Dumph Mary A. Farrington Bob Ganger Joe Geil Miriam Grasz Floyd Gwin Joe Halas Dorothy Hatiield Lowell Herr Arlene Hochstettler Elta Holaway Noel Howenstein Evelyn King Ruth Ann Knox Evelyn Kronk Harold Kring Ethel Lemna David Miller Donald Miller Josephine Miller Robert Mottinger Kathryn Myers Al Nettrour Elta North Charles Newcomer Esther Pippen Norma Pippenger Kathryn Pletcher John Phillips Richard Radabaugh Carl Reed Margaret Rehrer Jeanette Richmond James Richcreek Bernice Rummel Donald Ruple Paul Sechrist Earl Shumaker Virginia Slabaugh Lamar Stahly Helen Stein Laura Mae Strauss Coralyce Stump Glen Swihart Margaret Thomas Lamar Tobias Ralph Tobias Phyllis Unger Eugene Yarian Arch THE NAPANET 1938 ALUMNI 1936 Wilts Cedar Chest Factory Ill. Mutual Insurance Co. Qoff.b Farmer National College of Education DePauw University Boris Smolers Kz Son Coppes, Inc. fofiicej Nap. Lbr. 8: Mfg. Co. Purdue University Domestic Coppes, Inc. foliicej Huffman -Bakery Al's Lunch Manchester College Wegmiller's 5 8: 104: Store Rudy Furnace School Mutschler Bros. Co. State Employment Service Farmer Sahara Coal Co. fotiicej Chevrolet Sales Qoliicej Goshen Veneer Co. Fairy Theatre Goshen College Coppes, Inc. Qotlicej Mutschler Bros. Co. Qofficej Coppes, Inc. Qoiiicej Office Vitreous Home Service Bureau in Mdse. M At home Sti1lson's Clothing Co. Employed Mrs. Wayne Hollar United States Navy At home Nappanee Transfer Co. Nappanee Telephone Co. Deceased Shively Corp. Mrs. John McFall Wegmiller 5 8z IUC Store Helfman SL Waltz Farmer Farmer Johnson Drug Store Mrs. David Hockert Ashland College Domestic Standard Oil Co. Farmer Farmer Manchester College Farmer Walter Coffee Shop Elkhart Business College At home Filling Station Attendant Stauffer's Grain Co. fofiicej Holly Grill Farmer Niles Laboratories Stuckman's Shoe Store - PAGE 71 - art Syracuse, Indiana Chicago, Illinois Nappanee, Indiana Evanston, Illinois Greencastle, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Lafayette, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana N. Manchester, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Dowagiac, Michigan Nappanee, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Chicago, Illinois Rochester, Indiana Goshen, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Goshen, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Chicago, Illinois Elkhart, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Wenatchee, Washin Warsaw, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee Indiana I Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Baltic, Ohio gton Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Ashland, Ohio Goshen, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana N. Manchester, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Bremen, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Wakarusa, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Kalamazoo, Michigan Nappanee, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Mary Osborne 3 3 3 3 VV V VVVVVV Yvvv VVTTV VV YYY V TTT? vvvv V 'Y V777 VV VV? VV TVVYVVVTYV Donivan Junior Arnott Eleanor Barrett Virginia Berger Howard Berger Paul Berkeypile June Best Ruth Blyly Hobert Blosser George Cleveland Priscilla Bock Merle C-louse Carol Clouse Mildred Corwin Merle Dunnuck Wade Geyer Geraldine Davidhizar June Dumph Glenora Hall Paul Heckaman Edna Fink Eleanor Flora Richard Hockert Ronald Hoover Elizabeth Furney Hilda George Maynard Johnston Burnett Martin Mary Alice George Phyllis Hare John Mattern Dorothy McCuen Harvey Miller Robert Miller Alice Malcolm Louise Mason Gerald Mullett Devon Moore Clarice Mellinger Maxine Metzler J. Lorrel Mullett Norma Metzler Glen Nettrour Morris Penrose Minerva Pletcher Madlin Reed Ernest Pletcher Henry Pfeiffer Inez Stahly Rosemary Stalnaker Ronald Ringenberg Robert Sharp Dorothy Strauss Eleanor Tobias Carl Sheets Robert Shively Kathryn Ulery Katharine Truex Carlyle Snider Earl Stouder Everett Stouder Harold Strycker E ,. E Donald Leroy Stump Welbourne Tooker Jay VanSickle Robert Wise James Weygand Francis Earl Wagner Lester M. Widmoyer THE NAPANET l938vv ALUMNI 1937 Rexall Drug Store Federal Loan Co. At home Farmer In Army Mrs. Ralph Biller Domestic Purdue University Mutschler Bros. Co. Manchester College Nunemakers Grocery Rexall Drug Store Loudermilk's Home Appliances Nappanee Dairy Economy Grocery Rexall Drug Store Nap. Lbr. Sr Mfg. Co. Anderson College Farmer Domestic At home Business College Huffman Bakery E. V. Publishing House Domestic Farmer Goshen College At home Mrs. Norman Thompson Farmer At home Nappanee Milling Co. At home Manchester College Mrs. Charles Culp - PAGE 72 - Nappanee, Indiana Muncie, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Ft. Harrison, Kentucky Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Lafayette, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana N. Manchester, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Anderson, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Goshen, Indiana Miami, Florida So. Bend, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Goshen, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Warsaw, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana N. Manchester, Indiana Nappanee, Indiana AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LAAA ALA Y - P 1 . . P 353355252952?5?j55?Z?3?Z9!f5?E?f-E?:?32:'iE:'4 Q mo ge-. -- -H -f,-sw,.m 5, m:g.:.sw 0 -s --501+-r mf-:rn :L.1'1m-'lf--1 ,. .,..-,, A,.,,.. ,,,,- ff 1+--5 -IIS... 43,4-5.-wr-'Ugn ..a-'fn .. F',.1,'-' Q50 Q- s-iv.. E5 J: N rv- f 5.-5.14,-5:5505 mm-' vm.,ox'-'OELQx'.-r--moo-4 fb C+ KDZTOCDP-H qgmxmwmmg CD5-1,-4 '-'UH H Www mme M W H 'H -H wumg m'55 H vm if Q:'Q GWEHQQU mm5UU mmmm E 35595 F53 :Emo ifrfmg 5- 'SHE-gtvw E - .. o o O5 Hb E552 HCQ'Q 3 Hwmwgg F 5' " ini G 2255? Q05-H I H Os' E2 -1 3 s-ras is 2.0222 ga? JS 25 E552 Q cn ,FF ggi fi? U1 w 5- fb U50 Him 9 P of ms' Eg: 2223 ap 'Dag w . if U1 is as O UQ : 'fb E 0 rv UQ m : FY' r Q A ,1 O P 'U 33 P 3 E V t ZZZQZVZZZZSZEPZZZZZOZZZZZZZZZSZZW mmmsswfim'ww'--mwwmsvmmmisvwmm'mswwmmwmm uuw,wmugwuEw,EUccwcgwuuw uwwwrwzg wuwgvww wwgwmmvwwwwgwwwugwwuwwcw gmmm mmwwwmymaswmmmm mmmwmmwgmammg mdssmdwsdsz swgisszagssssdss zmbbm n-QCDFDYD CDFPFDQ-,fDfDPqCD"vmfDfDfDCDmf'Df'DfDfDf'3C'Df'DfDCDUJfDCDN w??92?PP5?95?gO9????-PPPPKFPPFNFPS 0 U2 " 95551::sagssggsgfsgssssgssssifasss:seg 6259 EiibiiwisoSEEEEZEEEEHEEEEEEEW Pgmmwgmwm mm we 2mmmmowmmw'mgmgpgw0 EeE555'5535'ZT?55 EEEEEESSSSFSSSESSEE fb IJ' Q. vi- Q., UQ . U u : P LLLLALAALLA A ALLLLLLALLLLLLLAAA THE NAPANET 1933 ATHLETICS School Athletics were organized to teach skill in the participating of sports and learning to appreciate the value of a co-operative attitude and clean play. The first several months of the athletic calendar are devoted to the play- ing of tennis matches and baseball games. The conference games of the schedule are arranged by the Northern Indiana High School Athletic Asso- ciation of which Nappanee High School is a member. As winter approaches and sports are forced indoors, interest naturally turns to basketball. This game was first played in the school in l9l2 when Mr. Galen Roose, Mr. Harvey Frederick and Mr. Samuel Sharp were among the team members. The first playing floor was what is now known as the Stuckman skating rink, but play was later changed to the new high school gymnasium, and finally to the Community Building. Baseball is played in the spring as well as in the fall and track is added to the list of activities. Football was first played about 1906 and l907g golf was played for one year, but both of these are eliminated from our present schedule of sports. The Girls' Athletic Association affords an opportunity for girls in the line of physical development, by the playing of such games as, indoor base- ball, basketball, hikes, etc. Noon basketball is played by both girls and boys. This serves as an outlet for those boys who could not qualify for varsity, freshmen or junior high basketball. The spirit of good sportsmanship has been prevalent among the Nap- panee players and fans. We are proud to say that although Nappanee teams have played hard, they have played a clean, fair game. - PAGE 74 - 'EFIIIFQT Q35 all ilu' rlon' nf Ibii, our fonrllv mln' fillrlljhll' uf Alq7lI4Ill1'D Hxlgb SfbooL TM: flu' Clfm of 382 UMW lblk llyimwrllv m'it1km of ilu' IWQMIML If ix our mor! Jirmw zriflg llvnl in plflll1'Jl'KIIT nlvrn you llH'll ilu' lmgw of llvif 1lfln1mL you Jriff l'l'L'1lll .frlwvl f'l2'111lJlvly2L Jflwof m'l1'1'f'l1l1g mul thc IIIHID' lnyygg nlnfvv ZVUIIIT Jllfllf Il'l.fZ7l.ll ilu' lwllr if N H .S VT TTT 7 P P VARSNWTBASKETBALL 4 I 4 4 4 3 S E N 2 L W A 2 M Q S4 Q QQ oo 1 AAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAALAAA AA 91 ' 1 'E Z7 as Q 5 5 : U' 5 fm 4 gg 1 ..,"4..-..c . vm.. -fb 7: -,.. "g"'E' 'E' '3 :: fd' O4 -1 '4 U' G' F 32 L3 '4 2 'gJwr-1n- moron- cowv-v- rwxov-44--v4 75? 5cnoor--11oor-.z:.4r-0:aq:w-1CD.::,a.L'2C.oN,o1 cm- 9 O2 2: 5 4-1 -ff rbrbae-me "1 'T P1 '2' -5 -- fnE2E?E5E03Q32QE'?Z:W2E'TFU?2 2 -on-.4 xo.-H --mo...o,m mo-Q - , m 'U modm mm-10:9 QFD, 1: 1 EUQmf45oS':-::'f':'W:'v1+5'Q.Pf0:34 Q : NE: o"'9'fDU"5'gWmfUi"7mmmE.fUfn,... 'T ' UQ 5 :Q-P'-ig.,-,2"l5 g,...'1mm.., ...'. . WEN www m mg mmgcwgdu rv 2 fb :SA f-' .VF -1 .1: 5 B-S F Qomgm grew H 5 5: 5 FD 5 qw? FD 1 ,If : l'Y' xx A -- ,-4 -Q -,. .. W '11 v-4 fu 1. 3 2 f W E2 2 2 , m ff F Q V 4 A L? - F-1 : 'P 5 O Q H :IU O Q, . NF U' V 5 P1 H1 1, .5 fn :W .. , V 3' 5 A Z SP1 2' 7-7 gg 'Z 2 2 ii 3 rn I1 ,Q Q E7 ':' C7 " F' 2: F7 F: if E Q ? 21 3 1 5 2 ' .4 ml "IZ 1 5 qlgwwwwmxwmuwhwkwwwwwm 3 5 oo .a:.K1oo:m,l.acomooo0:,mco.a.::-Q:-1295 F -4 ffl '1 V 'Y E. E f: Q m O 5 Q Q marowosmmmwwwmwwwwmwwh-: Z 5 cz wmooc-c,wR1cu.'n+-nzaccamccamccczczcar Q LAL AAA. LLLAAAAAAAAAAA AAA L PAGE 76 LAAAAAALAALALA 'PHE PLAYERS Eldon Pippen. fBudj. Bud's floor play and fighting spirit is a great factor in holding the team morale which is so necessary in basketball. Eldon is a senior this year. farnes Miller Uimj. Jimis clever dribbling and basket eye proved to be an important factor in the winning of games. James is a senior this year. Elmo Phend flflmj. Elm's defensive play and rebounding many times kept the Bulldogs in the running. Elmo is a senior this year. Wayne Miller fSoitj. Soit's defensive play and scoring ability proved in' valuable to the team. Wayne is a senior this year. ,Robert Mitchell fjessej. Jesse is one of the few players who is able to play cool basketball in the pinches. Robert is a senior this year. Robert Lape fMosej. Mose's clever ball handling and dribbling has puzzled many an opponent guard. Robert is a senior this year. Robert Rensberger fliensyj. Rensyis ability to hit the basket made him one of the Bulldogs greatest scoring threats. Rensberger is a junior this year. Glen Stillson fGlenj. Glen proved himself to be an important part of the Bulldog team by his clever footwork and his basket eye. Glen is a junior this year. James Greene fjimj. Jim proved to us his ability to get rebounds and hold his opponent from scoring. James is a junior this year. George Price fljorkj. When scores are needed in a close game, George is just the man you need. George is a junior this year. Tilson King fTilj. Ball handling and ability from the foul line are two of Tilson's best basketball qualities. Tilson is a junior this year. Gerald Banghart fPlugj. Plug who is the spark plug of the team showed us his ability to dribble and handle the ball at any speed. Gerald is a junior this year. g QAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - PAGE 77 -' H E P1 2 A 'Tl lr. 2 N 'H lsr so so oe l 4 4 4 4 4 AAA AAA A A ALA 7777777777777 VVTVVTTTTTT THE NAPANET 1933 OUTSTANDING GAMES Nappaniee 26 Goshen 27 The old Redskin-Bulldog rivalry was renewed in a hercely contested game at the Goshen High School gymnasium. After a good first quarter for the Bulldogs, the Redskins settled down and soon narrowed the margin to practically nothing. From this point to about the end of the game the Naps trailed by several points but staged a remarkable rally to send the game in- to an overtime. Nappanee lost the game in the overtime and also lost its tenth game of the season. Nappanee 33 Elkhart 35 On January 28 the Nappanee Community Building was crowded to capacity to see the battle waged between the Nappanee Bulldogs and the rival Elkhart Blue Blazers. ln the preliminary game between the Nappanee Pups and the Elkhart Shortfellows, the Pups came out on the short end of the score. This was a tense and exciting game with only one point difference. The Bulldog and Blazer teams were greeted, as they came onto the floor, by mingled boos and cheers. Both teams played inspired ball and the lead changed hands many times. ln the closing minutes of the game Elkhart scored to win by a two point margin. 4 After the game was over, the over enthusiastic fans vent their feelings in a slugging fiesta which was settled later and again established a friendly relation between the two schools. Sectional Tourney On March 3, 4, and 5 the teams of Elkhart County competed in the an- nual sectional basketball tournament which was held at Goshen. Thursday evening the Bulldogs advanced to the quarter finals but were put out then by the Goshen Redskins. The Redskins were then beaten by Wakarusa who met Elkhart in the finals. Both Wakarusa and Elkhart brought forth some un- canny basket shooting. lt was a very thrilling game and the plucky Waky Indians were finally downed. - PAGE TS - l L AA AAA 77777 THE NAPANET 1938 SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL Top Row: Hurmzm Schull,-r. Couch, Harold Cops'-y, Lunuir Slouch,-V. Raymond Wise. Ralph Green. Middle Row: George Bo:-li. Arthur Slmrp, John Lynch, Wade Richmond, Iliclizard I'ip1ven. Bottom Row: Robert Mellinger, l..oxx1-11 Mcffucn, Gerald Banghart, Ray Bean, Robert Stump. SECOND TEAM SCHEDULE Score Nap. Opp. November 5 New Paris T '38 15 " 12 Bremen H f- 33 20 13 Rochester H -' 22 18 19 Ligonier T ,. 34 11 24 Wakarusa H 15 16 " 26 Kendallville T M -. 19 14 December 3 Mishawaka H gf 18 16 " 4 North Side fFt. VVayneJ T 20 24 " 10 Riley H . A 23 14 17 Goshen H --27 14 23 Wakarusa H --28 18 " 31 l'Mishawaka T -22 20 January 7 :iCentral QSO Bendj H 1-'31 25 " 14 :i'Michigan City H 15 17 " 21 ?Goshen O.T. T -'24 22 " 28 ,'cElkhart H 26 27 February 4 'kLaPorte H ,22 21 " 11 Plymouth T .A36 13 ,' 18 PkRiley T 24 31 " 25 rWashington QSO. Bendj T '24 19 The Nappanee Pups lost 5 games of the scheduled 20 and won one-half of their conference games. Most of their losses were by one to seven points difference. - PAGE 79 - A LAALAAAAA AAAA AAAAAAA A vwvvvwvvvvv THE NAPANET 1938 TENNIS Tennis first became a part of the Nappanee High School sports program in l9I23. lt was in the Fall of this year that the enthusiasts of this splendid game strode forth to brandish their rackets in the faces of the future Bill Tildens of opposing schools. Our tennis teams have not been very success- ful in the past due to lack of enthusiasm and intelligent practice on the part of the participants, and Nappanee has yet to win a conference title in this sport, although she came quite close this year, winning six out of eight of her matches. To give the players a visible reward for their efforts, and to induce more to engage in this sport, a sweater is given to the player who wins two- thirds of his singles matchesg also girls may win points in tennis and thereby earn a letter. The student of the game will find that it is a highly scientific one and new situations constantly present themselves to be mastered by the player. He may be forced to serve, lob, volley, and smash in the space of one point, and if he would defeat his opponent he must employ strategy and tune his wits to a high degree. One of the beauties of the game is that it is almost as well suited for women as it is for men, and hence both can gain the many benefits to be de- rived from participation in the same. lt takes you out of doors, and compels you to breathe deeply of fresh, clean air which has been filtered by the rays of the sun. lt provides a means of healthful relaxation and gives one the bodily exercise so essential to the person who could possess a vibrant, glow- ing health. lt improves one's sense of timing and co-ordination and hence contributes to grace and poise. ln future years we hope to see more students attracted by tennis, for the friendly 'fpingn of a tautly strung racket, and the satisfaction of a well- placed shot, hold a thrill not to be found elsewhere. -- PAGE S0 -- ' 4 TTTVVVVVVVVVVVTVVVVVVVVVVYVVVVTYVVVV VVVVVVVVVVV T H E N A P A N E T 1 9 3 8 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv TENNIS TEAM JLHIWWS A1lll'fl'. Eldon Pippe-n, Robert I'lensl,-erger, Mr. Robbins, Coavh, lliulwrd Pippen, Dean G eyer. Sept. 14 Michigan City " 17 Washington " 22 Mishawaka 24 Riley " 28 Goshen Oct. 1 Central " 5 Laporte " 8 Elkhart TENNIS SCHEDULE Score Nap. Opp. 2 2 5 ll 5 0 4 1 5 0 2 3 4 1 1 3 Of the eight scheduled matches, 5 were won, 2 were lost, and one was a tie. Honor sweaters were awarded to Eldon Pippen, James Miller, and Robert Mitchell. A major letter was awarded to Robert Rensberger. Minor letters were awarded to Richard Pippen and Dean Geyer. Four of the six, who were awarded various letters, etc., will be lost next year. -- PAGE S1 - AAAAAAA AA AA AL AA LA THE NAPANET 1938 BASEBALL TEAM Top Row: Ray Bean, George Bock, Robert Mitchell, Earl Michael, Robert Lape, Lowell Hof! feir, George Rehrer, Alonzo Nicodemus. Bottom Row: Herman Schuler, Coach, George Price, Gerald Banghart, Howard Burkholder Julian XValters, Donald Cleveland, Lamar Stouder, Benard Stouder. BASEBALL SCHEDULE FALL SCHEDULE Score Nap. Opp. Sept. 14 Concord H 8 4 " 16 J imtown H 3 1 " 21 New Paris T 7 5 " 23 Wakarusa H 6 7 " 28 Middlebury T 6 5 " 30 Bristol H 17 16 Oct. 2 J imtown T 8 7 " 5 Millersburg T 11 4 " 7 Bremen H 1-3 11 " 11 Bremen T 2 1 Apr. H May yr n ,- 17 is H '1 ya U 26 29 3 6 9 10 13 17 19 21 24 97 SPRING SCHEDULE Bremen Central ' Open LaPorte it 'Bremen Wash. S. Bi' Central i Riley 'F nite ga. Washington if Culver M. Acad. Laporte lk Riley? Score Nap. Opp The fall baseball team showed the spirit of a real Nappanee,Bulldog team by win- ning 9 games and losing only one. The team lost to Wakarusa by a score of 6 to 7 The conference games of the spring schedule are arranged by the Northern Indiana High School Athletic Association. PAGE S2 - VVVVVYYV VV VV? THE NAPANET 1938 TRACK TEAM LALLAAAAALAA 4 4 4 4 4 Top Row: XVayne Best, Coach, Julian XValters, George Price. James Gzw-eiiw, Waym- Miller. Quentin Slabaugh, Tilson King, Robert Rensberger, Raymond XVise. Middle Row: Harold Copsey, Arthur Sharp, Loyal Burkholder, David Stalnakcr, Ralph Civ-1.-11 Dale Spicher. Bottom Row: James Osborne, Dick Best, Kenneth Miller, Glen Stillson, Richard Pippcn. Mer- vin Miller. TRACK SCHEDULE April 12 Tringular at Walkerton 2nd place Walkerton Lakeville Nappanee April 15 Triangular at Nappanee lst place Nappanee Lakeville Jamestown April 21 County QTentativej April 27 Goshen at Goshen April 28 Freshmen - Sophomore at Goshen May 7 Conference South Bend May 14 Sectional South Bend May 21 State In the Conference Track meet held in East Chicago last year, Jack Bean placed fifth in the 220 yard dashg Wayne Miller was iifth in the half-mile run and Richard Hockert ranked fifth in the Pole Vault. 4 These placings were made after the write-up of last year's annual had been completed. Interest in track events have increased in the last few years. More boys are try- ing out for the sport and the public interest is increasing as was shown at the triangular meet held in Nappanee on April 15. This year there are approximately 22 out for track. This is about the largest group ever to try out for this sport. ALAAAAAAALLLL - PAGE S3 - THE NAPA NET 1938 GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIGN Top Row: .Iean Schell, Isabelle Rensherger, Marilyn Slagle, Betty Callander, Mary Fields, Betty Phend, Marilyn Pippenger, Dora Linn. VVilma Middaugh, Lois lvagner, Eloise Miller, Corahelle Shaum, Ruth Nicodemus Velma Davis, Mary Alice Seelig, Martha lVagner, Eloise Slahly, Gertrude Yoder, Anna Ruth Mullett. Secoiid Row: Maurine XViseman, NVilma Hammon, Arlene Bigler, Thelma Hahn, Martha Chamberlin, Mary Tee,-ter. Fredona Rice. Elva Haney, Jeanne Alice Mishler, Anna Lou Stuekman. Lillian St-christ. Lola Stouder, Donabelle Sheets, Darlene Haney. Olive Huff. .Ioy Hoffer, Dorothy Malcolm. Hilda Pfeiffer. lil-ttom Row: Carolyn Genlzhorn, Phyllis Kurtz, Mary King, Nora Nettrour. Joy Pippen, Jean Harte-r, Ruby Calbeck, Christine Frederick, Esther Sechrist, Isabelle Doering. Charlotte Slahaugh. Lois Muntz. Catherine Mishler, lvaneta Losee, Verda Hepler, Lois Emma-rt, Geraldine Stouder. Ethel Mae Gould, Reatha Dumph, Miss Hoover, Sponsor. In the year 1931, Miss Heestand, Miss Heckaman, Mr. Goodrich and Mr. Schuler organized a club for the purpose of giving the high school girls a .chance to participate in sports thus enabling them to win monograms. This club was named the Girls' Athletic Association and was sponsored by the student council. This year the officers of the organization are: Martha Wagner, President, Ethel Mae Gould, Vice President, Elner Hochstettler, Secretary and Treasurer, and sponsor Miss Hoover. There are seven sports: Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Track, Tennis, Hiking and Bicycling. In order for a girl to receive her points she must participate in at least four and not more than seven sports. She may also receive points for refereeing, keeping time, keeping score or being a captain. When she has earned 150 points she receives a small QNHSJ monogram. After she has her monogram she may buy a six-inch QNJ monogram. Martha Wagner. 44444. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - PAGE S4 '- vvvvvvvv lgtggvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv NOON BASKETBALL James Miller-Official Team 1 White Shirts Name-CUBS Capt. 1. Earl Michael 2. Robert Malcolm 3. Lowell Hoffer 4. Loyal 'Burkholder 5. Oliver Stutzman 6. Bill Strauss 7. Burns VanSickle 8. Dick Best 9. Alonzo Nicodemus Team 3 Green Shirts Name-CATS Capt. 1. Dave Stalnaker 2. Fred Pletcher 3. George Rehrer 4. DeVon Hall 5. LaMar Metzler 6. Harold Holaway 7. Junior Teeter 8. Bob Yarian Team 5 Black Shirts Name-BLACK CAGERS Capt. 1. Robert Clark 2. 'Bob Arnott 3. Ralph Hollar 4. LaMar Warren 5. Gordon McCormick 6. Robert Hochstettler 7. Donald Cleveland 8. Gerald Thomas F7 Dean Geyer, Oiiicial Team 2 No Shirts Name-BEARS Capt. 1. Howard Burkholder -. Dean Lehman 3. Lynn Wiseman -l. Dale Berger 5 Paul Weldy 6. Ross Gwin 7 Bill Ulery 8. Robert Mishler U. Norman Metzler Team 4 Blue Shirts NamesBLUE MIDGETS Capt. 1. Joe Dunnick 'Bob Stouder 3. Carlyle Tobias 4. Edgar Miller 5. Rolland Sponseller G Frank Yarian 7. John Richmond 8. Everett Rummel Team 6 Orange Shirts Name-iGIANTS Capt. 1. Junior Dumph 2. Carlyle Moore 3. Phillip Heckaman 4. Everett Gould 5. Charles Pletcher 6. Ora Stout 7. John Doyle 8. Jim Osborne The teams listed above comprise the senior high noon-basketball teams. The win ning team was the Cubs whose captain is Earl Michael. They won 5 and lost 1 game PAGE 85 - AA A7 K g . 'N , , 1 L' , f 3 Q f WSWS 3 I Q HDm1N1STQHT1oN ? 5 , I , 9 CLASSES I I NW QQ F1N1zF1T1oNS 5 f 2 G I Q H51 1 L1TE12f1TUQE Q ,Qi 3 HTHLEMCS I I QW T JQKSS SHDS 5 5? Y 1 9 f S in ,SSSWS 5 x l ' ' ff Z H Q ,!. I E Sx..,. SS,' 5 ff I INZ1 an W M l A- S S S. 'I COACH Herman Schuler This marks g'Dutch" Schuler's tenth year as coach of the Nappanee High School basketball and baseball teams. During these years he has guided the Nappanee teams, he has made a splendid record for himself and for the school. Not all of his teams were always winning teams but he em- phasized clean play and proper attitude of players more than the mere win- ning of a ball game. We can be proud that we have as a coach a person who instills into his players these vital points of sportsmanship. We of the graduating class sincerely extend our best wishes for still greater success. STUDENT MANAGER julian Walters The job of a student manager requires much time and labor. His job includes being at practices and games, polishing balls, packing and unpack- ing suits, inflating balls, seeing that players keep training, etc. Julian has been trainer for two years and has handled this job capably. CHEER LEADERS Loyal Burlfholcler and Carlyle Frederick Loyal and Curly have faithfully followed the team and led the cheering for N.H.S. They put forth their best efforts and created several new yells. They did much to arouse the school spirit and keep the fans at the peak of excitement. The school appreciate the time given by these two students to keep that old spirit active. - PAGE 86 - .IUKEE 8 AUS YVVVVVVVvv Red Stalnaker: "Are you fond of in- door sports Ruby C.: "Yes, providing they go home early." T, Little Girl: "Nurse, will I have a mus- tache on my lip like Daddy has when l grow up?" Nurse: "Pretty often, dear, I expect." Tilson King: "Your father is most un- reasonable." ????7??: "Why, clear?" Tilson: "Because he tells me not to lose sight of my object in life-and he kicks when I call on you seven nights a week." lim Green: "Don't act like a fool." Red Lynch: "There you go-you want a monopoly on everything." Plug Banghart: "I'll have you know l'm a self-made man." George Bock: "Yes, so I have as- sumed. But who interrupted you?" THE NAPANET :l938w Nappanee Advance News The only publication with the interest of Nappanee at heart. 914 lk ik DF SCHOOL SUPPLIES OFFICE SUPPLIES J OB PRINTING S H I V E L Y ' S HARDWARE - DRY GOODS - FURNITURE appcmee is Department Store Let Us Supply Your Needs - PAGE SS THE NAP,-1NET Z938vvvvvvv.-vvv INCE the inception of the Company more than forty years ago, the Mutschler name has represented the highest possible ideals in the manufacture of Furniture for the Kitchen. Always it has been the symbol of the utmost in quality and honest 'value .... absolute assurance to both dealer and consumer of complete and lasting satisfaction. Broad policies of helpful, friendly dealer co-operation, plus the ability to anticipate and better supply new kitchen needs as they arise has hrrnly established Mutschler as the dominating, most progressive influence in the kitchen furniture industry. Mutschler products appeal universally to those men and women who know and appreciate good merchandise, conceived and adopted for greater convenience, beauty and durability. In style, construction, price and consumer appeal ..... depend on it ..... You 're Always 61 Step Ahead with M U T S C H L E R - PAGE S9 - 1 H E. 2 211 'U TTT? Dean Lehman: "I presume that you would be glad to have me call again." Christine: "You do." Dean: "I Clo what?" Christine: "Presume." Mr, Foulke tin physics classj: "What is the greatest water power known to man?" Edgar Miller: "Wolman's tears." Mandy: "Rastus, does yoh still loves me Rastus: "Lawd, Mandy, dat's the most thing I do." Mandy: "Well, den, black man, keep away from dat yaller gal I been seein' yoh with, or ah is goin' to sho' ventilate yoh affections." T. Iudge: "Have you ever appeared as a witness in a suit before?" Lady Witness: "No, your honor, the other time I appeared I wore a green silk dress. This suit is new. Do you like it, your honor?" ANET 1938vv Vitreous Steel Products Co. V I T R E O T A B L E T O P S Napp anee , Indiana STILLSONS' MEN'S and BOY'S WEAR CLEANING - PRESSING Compliments of LeFevre Electric Shop Nappanee's Exclusive Electric Store WESTINGHOUSE DISTRIBUTOR Phone 59 I Contracting - Repairing - Appliances Compliments of M. Maywood Sears, M. D. Specialist EYE, EAR, NOSE, THROAT The Quality Print Shop "Where Good Printing is Done" 151 South Main NAPPANEE, INDIANA FRANK A. REHRER, Prop. Schultz Bros. Co. Featuring 5c to 31.00 Merchandise New Maust Bldg. Nappanee, Ind. - PAGE 90 4 COX COAL AND LUMBER CO. C O AL, L U M B E R and BUILDERS' SUPPLIE Howard Prickett Real Estate, Mortgage Loans All Lines of Insurance Nappanee, Indiana THE NAPANET 1938 Sunday School Teacher: "Burns, if you turned into black if you were bad, and into white if you were good, what color would you be most of the time?" Burns: "Why, l guess l'd be streakyf' Dave Coppes: "Great Scott, l've for- gotten who wrote ilvanhoef' lack Byers: "Say, l'll tell you if you S will tell me who the Dickens wrote 'A Tale of Two Cities '." Mary King: "Everything is so sweet! Spring is almost here!" Father: "And l suppose the sap is coming up tonight." Bob Rensberger: A'Someone throw an ax at you?" Glen Stillson: "Nope, got a haircut." Bob: "Well, sit higher in the chair next time." MOTHER'S BREAD The freshest and most extensive line of bakery products in Northern Indiana HUFFMAN BAKERY COPPES HOTEL and COFFEE SHOP GOOD MEALS and GOOD BEDS Compliments of Drs. Defrees 81 Fleetwood Physicians and Surgeons PAGE 91 - E AAA A AAA LAL AAA AAAL AALALL v VVVVVV VVVVVVVVVVV VVVVVVVV VVVVVV VV Manufacturers of O 0 O F A A P A N E E 915015137 Room Always Upon for Your I1z.slzJec1f1'on.J Good for 3 Generations QUALITY FAMILY FLOURS And Cereals Made by NAPPANEE MILLING COMPANY Poultry - Hog - Dairy Feeds that are Superior - Efficient - Economical Ag44A44444 444AA4Q - PAL T' JL. - THE NAPANET 1938 Compliments of Boston Store, Inc. "Where it is Smart to Buy for Less.' Ready-to-Wear, Dry Goods, Shoes, and Men's Furnishings. Main St. Nappanee, Ind. A GOOD GIFT FOR GRADUATION A Life Insurance policy will start the graduate on the right road. Ask us about the Met1'opolitan's plans for this purpose. Ralph S. Miller 851 East Walnut Street Kenneth Miller's Mother: "Well, son, what have you been doing all after- noon?" Kenny: "Shooting Craps." Mrs. M.: "That must stop. Those lit- tle things have as much right to live as you have." Mrs. Coppes: "Wilfred, please para- phrase the following sentence: He was bent on seeing her." Bill Ulery: "The sight of her doubled him up." Father: "Wliy do you have dates with that girl?" Son: 'Because l want to." Father fsuspieiouslyj: "W a nt to what?" NAPPANEE' t, Phone 2380 Musing of a Student: "What is so . elnesen mg rare as an 'A' in Iune?" Metropolitan Life Insurance Company R U C H G A R A G E WRECKING AND ROAD SERVICE DAY AND NIGHT DeSoto and Plymouth Service X 71: '- L? The Best Equipped Garage In The City - PAGE 93 - 1 AAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAA AAA AAAA A AA AA AAA E E E 7777 VVVTV V V VV? V777 VVVVV V V TTVVVVTVVVVVVVV THE NAPANET 1938 A big buck Indian had just ordered a ham sandwich at a drug store and was peering between the slices of bread when he turned and said to the waiter: "Ugh, you slice 'em ham The waiter replied: "Yes, I sliced the ham." "Ugh," grunted the Indian. "You darn near miss 'emf' 12" Mother: "After all, he's only a boy. and boys will sow their wild oats." Father: "Yes, but I wouldnt mind if he didnt mix in so much rye." Dean Geyer: i'You've been out with worse-looking fellows than I am, havent you?" She ??? did not reply. D. G.: "I said, you've been out with worse-looking fellows than I am, haven't you?" ' She ???: "I heard you the first time. I was trying to think," The NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. 1845 - 1938 L. L. D E I S C H Special Agent WEGMILLER'S Sc to 51.00 Store HARTZLER OTOR CO. Authorized i - Ci-1 SALES SERVICE FORD CARS FORD TRUCKS Body and Fender Repairing and Refinishing Corner Main Sz Lincoln NAPPANEE INDIANA - PAGE 94 - AAAAAAAAALAA

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