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' 'Qu -'-,-..:-.4 . 1. ,'- :,:. .., '1-.. f'-'f47.r.,"'- j V... - U-gg., '-- 1:1- fg-146 5 ' ,ggjsfj-f . --s, .lfrv WTF- ' -T JA, .,...i,j.5. V ,- , M-ff-.. -: -.x--fb.-' H -- g.,g, -,-1 . V . .gg-'..,',,.g:, Q. V-f.. .. w.- .V - --' -- .x. 93? ..l' -. r 5 V. . .5 V , .xfell fu' . 1 4 .. -1.- ,Q V J.,. . ,K .Ll S, ,, -. -. I ' . HT' ,f Wins- wp. 'r':-' "Q , f . f-nz. . ' I , fn- :-' 'xbfk -.- ,,z,QU'x ki- -X wr: Q '1, W... -L ,A ,E ,Q r,-br" 1-' . -,,,.f. J . ,.,,.1 5, , rr!" - .. V Y . Lv:'n,, - 1 in-wg, ' '53 I ' ' s, Jw. .', -.XAH . 'A-P' xe- f" f'1'.Ifc. if R ju I Si! L , 4 ,Ah . 4 -I' liz ..:uk--.J ' '. Q.. f GP., . ..-.,ra.1Q,, .w ' ' NJ- F92 N:- - . ,. .I 1 J. .h 01-5- -r',-'QK if .,, - . ,Q-. .L ., 1 wt- --, . ., .,, - 1 ,.-- wj..,,4 A 4 5 'fiifeff-Lf. 'L Y ..:..1 - .,., ,Y . f4-a1'f:..-- '. 5"f,1-4 Z" M., f . " 1- .:-.fy-,' Lf-fu'-f'f -, X" f,1L,,-ann ..f ,gl .r . . .,..,.. A - .-.,3--.-..a.-f L. A: J.. V 'Et-?,,.f, , 4--3 4. Ji 2-1, 'Am- nr.. . .. v, L. , "'-ni. . .u.f,-,' . L 5-' .- .4114-lf. '- m -V "Q-.,,"",.-. . '-'tfxyqgr--4-2" . . '54,i'-'Z'-1745: ,' NF' ,Lf "H - ?a-1:-1.15, affqmfwr -if 5 P -,,..f,'-"1.., ' ,A ' - . ire- in as 11--.115-'-1-, -- ,-A fx- fa- .-gt-. Y , .-4, ,..- '- ,-.. fi.: 1 1 1 4 'g -. ,,,!r1j- ,.,. .,,:. 15.721 I. .-2 - I, 5-pi' ,.,.- - 9 -f .. -..-1... ,.. ,.g.'-U -' ,-.1--- ,, E... .V , A , ' 1 -.mi ,M .1 ."A- ' z,- -, ,,, ..- .... -A .X P-, , ,- F. , . '4 f. 4 -r ' Z, 7: f-V -H. A A 315 - -,i " .fl -' 2 vw.- .. . -.I -:g, - 1 +. 4. . A -rd .. . A., I UL x "H 1 ng A- ., ,fg- ,- .f .J -1:-L. 3 ' Q - 9' . .- 3,4- , W , ...t-,,,,x "- .Q . .dl SJ, S - 1 -w.. 3.51--A -ff' ,-'1-.Q-1 wgwgz- T' -b nf . 1. . .1- -f 55 1.- I ,.-,, 4. X ' K. I x Q lp X Volume I6 Naples Cenfral School, Naples, New York Our Presen+ The building blocks of progress,-which are "shown here, urge us to take one last, long look at today. We visualize the school we knew best, the friends that were truest, and the teachers that guided us to success. We remember the hundreds of small incidents that took place in these corridors, some sad, some happy, but all remembered and none forgotten. This school sheltered our dreams and understood each defeat or triumph. In its hallways we seek only fading memories. Whether summer, winter, spring, or fall here is our alma mater as we remember her most clearly. ls X f L 5 Y W , 1, ee, , :af v if e 5 iw X ff Q 2 53 Z M 'N f .-'wf"75 .sv .. f'?"15f5f.Wf Twif Q-fa " - New P f V. it s jf fa! 35 X1:,g5ezmef??fwffa1-fi .ggg,fwffa,f51. 0-rwxef1.',f'svf1'szSigy+g ..., .,,.,, X ......, W . .... l ,,.,. .. ,pfffff V 1 - 'i iissWf1sff," 'efyfwf .xx Q Q , W., ' r .fv ,yah ' 75" I if ki 334 .1 jg Y 'i sal? f an 4 1. fl . fl X' jilf 1 if el f M- E. Q .. .. . I?E5.'f:"::':iI.::5E2:il,sM5 . 11355,lggiiiffffgyiqii5f4TlM23?33f5g'wMs,f-",:'Ms " ' f' Q . :ge 112. .' .- :': w----- IKME J -QPF?-2255523225-i":ff.Teiififlii-5151 'ififi 2z1+-aw:..e:..::-'-.2'::..,:-.1 W ---"- - - ,.: ,-fevi.,A,.,, W:wgz,gf,g1f1fs::?:r-weeg-fsixfw lk 4. School Q i iz, K .g 5 L N W' 1 fi if its r.gMmgw3 elei I wg,-af lf -M f W .try X192 , . I il g.. fs' ,.. E H M J ag. . 2 s , it Q -- LN at .4 Table of Con'I'en+s FACULTY ,...............,..,,,.,................... 6 ATHLETICS .,,-,,,-q-- Administration ............ Track Baseball ioclal Studlles """"""""" Soccer, Volleyball llnguage ns """""""""' Varsity Basketball.. Science, Math, Health ..,.. J V Basketball Vofafivml Am -A'-"-'f-'--- F1 F..A. Basketball, ........ RhY'hF'1 --'-'------"-b"-----nA Jr. High Basketball jr. High Teachers ........................ Girls Sports Grade Teachers ..,,...,.............,........,... """"" Cooks, Custodians, Bus Drivers ACTIVITIES ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,A,,,,,,. ,,,,, Student Council ............,........ National Honor Society ,...... News Staff ....,,,.,................ Yearbook Staff ................ Chorus .,............... Band ..,.,,...... F. H. A. ......... ..,.,.. ...,,,, ,,,.,,,,, , F. F. A. .....................,,,,...,,.,,,.,,.,.,,,,,., , junior Prom .................,,,........,,,..,.,,,,, Monitor, Sportsmanship, Visual Aids Bo 's and Girls State ..........., I Y Library Club, G.A.A. ........,.............. . Senior Play .. ....................,,.. , . Other School Activities ....... CLASSES ,,,,,,,,,,. Kindergarten ...., Grade One ....... Grade Two ......, Grade Three ..... Grade Four ..... Grade Five ....... Grade Six ..... Jr. High .... Freshmen ........ Sophomcres ..... juniors .....,,.., Seniors ...,.,,,.,...,,,,,,, PATRONS AND ADVERTISEMENTS .. 40 42 45 44 46 47 48 49 50 52 55 54 55 56 57 58 59 6l 62 63 66 72 53:03 M .1 Ml-.....:-...f V.. ,,,,, ..,,.,,.W , new mmm Q ' g .i WL 1,2 B ,.,a an , 5 V 1 T f 'A - 55.1 Q1 E3?Ef2fW7?i2?QefQfl ' A. 4 F ,fwgiwfli-f.Qjf3,f,1 9 44, . gif' :H -. M gin ,:1s3,Yag51jfif'gj2 J 553: J: fHgt,.K,g.jfgfLg:i jj km S 5 5 1536 F' 9 'fi 5 W f'?5Vjffilf35Lf2s22S f "lf EFA , .A In Q - - ,gm jaw Wim ,,w1s,f,f if - wfufffY,Wf1,,fff-V X, fry' Y-. if L f wfmisk-f 5--f: r:z,x- Wtlvf. fav-iqiasztlizfffgxg W?F3FfYfvzQf-, ' N ' .K ., v w wf we- 2 M af 1 w w H-L,g:f,f,f1g:. I2 5253 . f f-mff.e,- -,.-D1 A-gf Q-iaf-fvswl ff' 29' QL,-Jn:-.2-m, ,W s-w1,,f:'Afn .W-71A.Mi' Q, wie f , RQ ' " " 2591- kffii ,, wjA"QN2.""2'f: 'A 3 f 53hg5EJ:f,fQ,,,w3wl.:2 46 Tfiffiffk - . -' - . X w A " -7i,'.yE ' ZH ' L 3 'f'i,3i,, gfhzx 157911 171' 5 7f?Y2Ql32?fy,aL VL .V FACULTY Our teachers are the real builders, the real creators. They not only develop our minds in a particular field of study, but help us to prepare for adult life, with adult responsibilities. They have always been kind and considerate, anxious to help us untangle our seemingly complex problems. A teacher does more than just teachg a teacher also acts as a friend, a parent, and a counselor. Not only are they -a help to us during school hours but they also take on extra jobs such as being advisors and chaperones. A teacher must set an example as a spiritual and moral leader, guiding and directing the students along the right path. They must take on the job of molding us into useful citizens of tomorrow. blueprint new 'l'he 6 K-i x53--, X Q' is I "Ji Qf' . lhntvykln if 2' ii fl .91 MR. LLEWYN U. THOMAS jane Schenk is full time secretary in the olhce, with Mary Stanton as her part time assistant. The ADMINISTRATION deserves our appreciation Congratulations Class of 1957- It is with a great deal of pleasure that I extend congratulations to you, the Class of 1957. You are a fine group of young people. It has been a pleasure for your teachers and parents to watch you grow both physically and intellectually and to help you construct a strong foundation upon which to build your life. Our Board of Education, which represents people of the school district, provides us with modern facilities and bet- ters our surroundings in every way. This group develops pol- icies which etermine the course of our school year. Their efforts are appreciated by all of us and we extend to them our thanks. Mr. Koby, Mr. Landino, Mr. Perry, Mr. Standish, Mr. Bassett, Mr. Sears, Mr. Howse. Your future will depend upon the knowledge and perspective that you have gained in school and how you use them. We trust that you will be suc- cessful and will do your best to make your com- munity a model in which to live. Your future is bright and the happiness that you will secure de- pends upon you and you alone. Best Wishes to each and every graduate. Llewyn U. Thomas, Principal K Z 77, MISS FYFE MR. KING History 4 Guidance Miss Fyfe, our Citizenship Education teacher, has as her hobbies scouting, traveling, photography, and handicrafts. She likes Naples, New York. Mr. King is our guidance director. Kitty and Mike are his pride and joy. He loves hunting, fishing, gar- dening, music, long vacations, and plays the guitar and harmonica. and besf eHor'I's as does the '57 FACULTY SOCIAL STUDIES Two of the main functions of social studies are the teaching of good citizen- ship and of the democratic way of life. Studying geography, world problems of today, ancient civilization, and govern- ment are a few of the chief aims of this department. These courses are the back- bone of our American democracy of to- morrow. Early civilization in Europe is better understood through the use of maps in our world history class. 9 "Banking plays an important part in building our future," states Miss Fyfe, while discussing an important aspect of Wcxrld Problems. MRS. MCKENNA MR. RICHTER ' Srbool Nurse Indnslrial Arts W, T T i X: MFS. McKenna, our school nurse, likes antiques, reading, and animals. She likes to travel and has visited California. She loves New Orleans. Her pet peeve is people that wound animals and don't kill them. Mr. Richter is our Industrial Arts teacher. He likes rock'n roll, good coffee, and lemon mer- ingue pie. He dislikes weak coffee and mowing the lawn. X LANGUAGE ARTS infroduce siudenis +o new ideas and new undersfandings Words that are knowledge, words that create a picture, words that let us talk to each other-these are words that students have learned to use by reading books, writing their own stories, and studying the lan- guages of other countries. French and Latin courses, which are available in our school, are two important foreign languages. They release us from being tied to the bonds of one language, help us to travel more intelligently, and give us a peek at the way in which an- other people live. 10 MRS. HARRINGTON MR. ZIEMBA MISS SHAY Homemaking Latin - - Junior High Srieme junior High Englixb School Lxbrarxan Freshman English Mrs. Harrington is our homemaking teacher. One of her hobbies is reading and she enjoys sewing. Little "Andy" is one of her special outside interests. Gum chewing is her dislike. She considers Naples her ideal for a small town. Mr. Ziemha teaches Latin and English. Miss Shay is our librarian. She enjoys hair dressing as a recreation. She enjoys reading Early American literature. She dislikes litterbugs and snow banks when she wants to get to school unless they are deep enough. L. Schwingle and F. Lincoln look over "Letter Perfect" part of English Maga- iine. Each has won an award for an outstanding letter. Mr. Ziemba explains to Latin l class how Roman temples were built in ancient times. ' 41" It's fun for the French II class to put to- gether a map of France under the supervision of their teacher, Mrs. Gray. fQ- A 5 P SCIENCE, MATH and HEALTH The Science Department of our school offers the students interesting courses, such as, general science, biology, chemistry, and physics. These courses help us to understand the laws of nature and what makes things tick. Again this year each student who took a science course made a project to enter in our Science Fair. Under the careful guidance of Mr. Hunt, our understanding of the different fields of science expands. Being able to apply what we have learned by experimenting is also interesting. By majoring in science, a student's choice of careers is much wider. 5 1 - Pl Q 5 LU, ,. . . , +34 i'g2iff1zgz'-izrg.. 1 A ' 1' , V - ,- - , f .f A f le x.-i :1fSSf,.. -, , gif .1 : .ai'z3fi3':?'a5.'."i fb , ' 'E 1,,. .- M -. 9' . N 1 - 'fa f.4z.T1-"iE..r'- l Wiz' '.z52.sifffn1'ZfL ' ' . .crs MRS. FREDERICK MR. SCI-jULTZ MRS. GRAY MR. GRUNERT . Agricu ture Vice-Principal - Vow! Mun: General Mafh Frenrb and Math B"f"'m Mrs. Frederick, our music teacher and chorus director, enjoys all kinds of music. She plays the or- gan in a Honeoye church. Her husband is principal of the Honeoye Central School and she enjoys er two teenage daughters. Mr. Schultz is our agricul- ture teacher. Fishing, hunting, and trapping are his main hobbies. He enjoys his teaching position and likes people. Mrs. Gray is our Math and French teacher. She enjoys young people, good books, good movies, cooking fif and when there is time, and peoplle in general. Mr. Grunert, our commercial teac er, enjoys music, good literature of all kinds, dancing and sociology. His dislike is inattentive students. Mr. Hunt shows his geometry class how to measure inscribed angles, central angles, and arcs in a circle. Mrs. Gray gives some helpful pointers on algebraic equations. all aflecl' our lives Health is very important to everyone. We have a health course in our school which is taught by our school nurse, Mrs. McKenna. Each year every student in school is given a physical examination to insure physical fitness. We also receive eye and ear tests, and periodical clinics are held to inoculate pupils against dis- ease. The new addition will provide improved quarters for these activities. A. lflawkins and D. Chapman ea gerly discuss the dissection of a frog in-lnder the careful supervision of Mr unt. "4 .- -W 4 D. Acomb, P. Riefer, and G. Hoh follow directions of chemistry workbook while doing an experiment on distil- lation. Math is one of the most important subjects in which a student can major. It gives him a broader knowledge of arithmetic, develops his mind by figuring out prac- tical problems, and gives him a wider and freer choice of careers. Mrs. Gray is head of the math department, teaching algebra I, algebra II, and trigonometry. Mr. Hunt, our science teacher, teaches plane geometry. D. Curtis is pointing out to these boys the various organs of the human body in one of the health classes. 1 7 ! 1. 1 4 ".v..1 . . ' ' '." MRS DEAN .'-.--gan. , ' V 1,7 WJ. -W' ' A - -V' 1, Englirla, journalism VOCA'l'.lOlIAL skills grow from technical subiecis Vocational skills grow from business, homemaking, agriculture, and industrial arts. Through these courses one develops abilities which help to solve problems in later life. These courses require the use and knowledge of many machines. Agricultural training helps one to prepare for farm life. Homemaking prepares students for more abun- dant family life. Industrial arts instruct students in the use of machines to make various materials. Business courses provide students with enough knowledge to secure positions as typists, stenographers, secretaries, bookkeepers, clerks, and salesmen. Typing students practice for speed then accuracy, to prepare themselves for june regents. The happy look on the faces of these Ceramics students could mean only that their projects are successful. j. Williams, D. Reed, and R. Harris find a great deal of pleasure in sewing and styling their own clothes. . ,..,,..,,. ,fw.fmw-.f-,,,-t.s.- f F at-.H m..a..T- safe driving and courtesy on the road. MR. HUNT MRS. MORSE MR. MOORE MR CIBBONS Srienre, Geometry Art Inslrumental Music Drzzer Training Mrs. Dean teaches English and journalism. Her hobbies are reading, travel- ing, cooking, and working with people, especially young people. Any form of poor sportsmanship is her dislike. Mr. Hunt, our science teacher, enjoys playing the piano, gardening, painting, and teaching science. Among his dislikes are Texas and a person wifh an alibi. Mrs. Morse, our art teacher, enjoys putting on shows, re- decorating houses, resting, good books, midnight snacks, and Seneca Point in the summer. Alarm clocks are her pet peeves. Mr. Moore is our band leader. His hobbies are being a general handyman for a fine family, and dreaming of a music room of our own next year. Seafood and Hudsons are his likes. He dislikes the tower room stairs and wrong notes. Mr. Gibbons, our driver training teacher, enjoys music and automobiles. His most important dislike is cottage cheese. Y Mr. Gibbons is advising these teenagers on l These Future Farmers are seriously discussing different types of seeds. Mr. Schultz is always on hand to give his welcome advice. MR. CLARK MISS BLAUVELT Pbyriral Education Physical Education Mr. Clark is our boys' physical education instruc- tor. His hobbies are fishing, hunting, and trapping. Golf, good food, winters in Florida, his wife and children, and winning games are among his likes. Miss Blauvelt is our girls' physical education teach- er. Her hobby is camping and she likes sports cars and spring. She dislikes house cleaning and cooking. These four musicians add much to the pleasing harmony which we hear coming from the senior band room. Rhythm may be applied to physical educa- tion as well as to music. Besides providing a welcome break from the day's academic sched- ule, gym classes develop the coordination, good sportsmanship, and leadership valuable in all school experiences. Cultures of the world are studied through various courses two of which are music and art. Songs from Czechoslovakia and from the Penn- sylvania Dutch folklore are unique as is their 311. RHYTHM HIGHLIGHTS ball. Penn Yan this year. 16 Mr. Reals, cadet physical education instruc tor, shows G. Hoh, D. Acomb, and C. Wid mer, the fundamental techniques of basket These chorus and band members had the privilege of being chosen to attend the Sec tional All-State Festival which was held at MR. SCHICK MISS SANDERS MR. MILLER junior High junior High junior High Mr. Schick teaches junior high social studies and Citizenship Education I. Reading biographies, sports, and weekend excursions to scenic, historic places in New York are his hobbies. His ambition is to own a new Chevy V-8 as he dislikes his '55 Ford. Miss Sanders, a junior high teacher, enjoys reading history of New York State and traveling. She also likes to visit museums and antique shops, bowling, playing bridge, and working in her flowers. Mr. Miller, a junior higlh teacher, enjoys hunting, fishing, trapping, and growing dahlias, walking in t e wind and rain. He dislikes people who know a "short cut" and who know what is good for "me." BRIDGING THE GAP When we are in junior high school we feel that still have a long way to go. We are not only gaining we are bridging the gap between grade school and more independence and responsibility, but are also high school We feel we have come a long way, but building toward a future goal-entering high school. This looks like a most interesting experi- These eighth graders are digcugsing the ment in junior high science. history of the United States with Mr. Schick. 1 7 ' . .. .. . ,. .. ,. .,. ., ,,, ,, ,,,,, . ,. .. - rr .r-G-nr ----' fr: rr,r.f,rf f.wr-frr- ,-.- - ., ,. . .. sr-r. .rr..r,mr r.- --rr wr- . N A Jrpirfermrrma .r .. ....,rr.-H, ,rm ,, R. . R: , rywg 3 sf 1 -, K S .. - ,. - X , asm, ,r ff I R ,rmgwsm ,WWE .Agar Z. . V, .. is I I g'L.g G' G' ' z'A1 Q f ihl h'1,' Q "1' h 'h R' '1 Z m'mh' 1.,rrffmfeazrigf 'R k':' ' 'kk- -ff-k 5 1 .Q '.,, 22. ' gffgg5g.g5,fgg K '," 1215- Q. .,.,. -'53g5345 3.k1.g,fk 1 :.,:...ij -mv : ' ,. G '1-, - geggfgfirf ..ess.r MRS. LOTTIE WIDMER MRS. FRIEDA GIBBOUS MRS. QI-ADY5 LYON MRS ANNE LINDSEN Kindergarten Kindergarten I Fxrsr Grade First Grade Likes io seu' Enjoys loral history Like! to dribble In paints il 'Y K f' Lf MISS BERNEICE CULT. MRS. DORIS CLELAND MRS. HELEN BRIGLIN MISS GRACE GELDER Second Grade Second Grade Third Grade Third Grade Enjoys rrocbeting Likes to raise fiowers Enjoys reading Likes ceramics if QR W xv? r Miss NINA HEWITT MRS- KATHELEEN MR. GERALD BROWN MRS. DOROTHY Fourth Grade RIESENBERGER Fifth Grade SUTHERLAND Enjoys painting , Fourth Grade, Likes scouting Fifth Grade Enjoys playing bridge Enjoys ,muff Our GRADE FACULTY has greai' responsibiliiy MRS. PAULINE MOSCATO MRS. DOROTHY HOLMES Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Likes dancing Likes to travel 18 , , rm S X 1 4. , , re E ' is .. 1 . if ' ir' 'fs fs hr. r RRae R . - 41 2 :Af +1 ' - ' 5:5 "' r - . Al. . r., .Q , . COOKS Mrs. Dinzler, Mrs. Cornish, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Danaher, Mrs. Miller. For Naples students these cooks prepare hot balanced meals which are good to eat and very nutritious. COOKS. CUSTODIANS and BUS DRIVERS do 'l'helr pari' ' at f A .7 we ,af ,v f 'WN A . K P. Sweltz, A. Mayer, C. Atwater C Bush D Pridmore These men sweep our floors and do all odd jobs to keep our school spic and span They will be rewarded with a brand new addition on which to lavish their loving care. First Roux' G. Blanchard F Herrick C Bush G. Ostrander, R. Pridmore Second Roux' F. Standish M Chapman L Cxb bous, A. Corey, R. Burke P Sweltz These men drive m all kinds of weather over all kinds of roads to transport students safely to school. ' .ff-" a 5'-'J fgix JM E 'xr 1 , Q ,, a- t If W I fiiff There are many clubs and organizations in our school which any high school student can join, depending on his interests. School is no longer a place where you go just to learn. By joining these clubs you can cultivate a better personality, learn how to work in group activities, and learn how to get along better with fellow students. A person with mental alertness, seriousness of purpose, industry and in- itiative can soon become a leader. Some of the organizations are News Staff, Yearbook Staff, Band and Chorus, athletic associations, Student Council, Honor Society, F.H.A. and F.F.A, Any student interested in forming a new club, is allowed to do so, as long as he stays within the boundaries of good taste. Usually each group has a teacher who guides them, showing the par- liamentary procedure, and arbitrating differences. Often, interest in the purpose of these clubs helps a student to choose his career or life hobby. Participation in extra-curricular activities will give us fonder and more en- joyable memories of our high school life. 21 F9 if First Roux' N. Eckert, J. Rectenwald, J. Graff, A. Hawkins, J. XVilliams. Semml Row: L. Dillon, B. Conrad, Mr. Hunt, G. Seager, B. Burd, J. Reed, K. Conrad, D. Wfheat. Third STUDENT Roux' J. Schenk, V. Seagar, T. Olney, P. McPhee, L. Standish, J. Tilley, li. Graff, D. Schultz, CQUNCIL M. Acomb, M. Lvon, G. Acomb, G. Fleischman, R. Docteur, H. Fleischman, E. Hoh, D. Dillon, G. Strong, P. Cleveland. Absent, Mrs. Harrington. Our STUDENT COUNCIL represenis every phase of school life Our Student Council is the foundation of the governing body of our school. It is through this group that we establish a better knowledge of parliamentary procedure, iron out school difficul- ties and try to form basic school rules. This or- ganization lets us take on large responsibilities and teaches us the need of a government whether school, city, or state. The monitor system is one of the projects that we did originate and strongly enforce. A flower bulb contest was one of our money raising pro- jects. The highlight of the year is our election of oHicers which is patterned after federal elections. Through these activities we shall build leaders who will make and support the frame Work of tomorrow's government. OFFICERS g Firsl Roux' J. Graff, D. Wheat. Seroucl A Roux' B. Burd, J. Reed, K. Conrad, Mr. K 'l Hunt. First Roux' li. Graff, Mrs. Gray, J Reed, B. Crr, K. Conrad, j. Adams, Mr. Thomas, D. Acomb. 'Q- Second Roux' j. Graff, j. Richards, A. Hawkins, P. Preston, B. Hawkins, Q S. Randall, D. Wheat, B. Reed, B. Burd Nfmoum i ' 4 o r X E The HONOR SOCIETY, its mosi' covered honor OFFICERS E. Graff, President: K. Conrad, Treasurer: D. Acomb, Vice-President: B. Orr, Secretary. To be selected as a member of the National Honor Society is one of the highest awards that a high school student can receive. It is those who have climbed the steps of character, leadership, scholarship, and service that are chosen for this honor. We strive to help others in every possible way. This year we were proud to have our permanent mem- bers induct the new members. The highlight of the year came when the senior members exchanged visits with the students of a high school in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. All good school citizens are build- ing for the future. 23 'G x x First Row: B. Orr, G. Scott, C. Kapins, B. Burd, G. Graff, Mrs. Dean, D. Duclos. NEWS Second Row: L. Standish, K. Conrad, S. Harrington, j. Luffman, j. Phillips. Third Roux' STAFF R. Harris, D. Reed, B. Bartholomew, M. Lyon, R. Docteur, J. Brand, S. Randall, J. Richards, M. Burnett, B., Reed, M. Mueller. ,""w Three News Staff members, G. Scott, D. Dudos, and C. Kapins, help to put the "Tower Tattler," our school newspaper, to bed. Meeting our deadlines and having "noses for news" are two of our responsibilities. G. Graff, R. Docteur, R. Harris, K. Conrad, and D. Reed help to put together the latest issue of the Tower Tattler while Mrs. Dean looks over the first copy. 24 The NEWS STAFF keeps the Communi'I'y aware of iis school and aciiviiies The organization in our school which helps to im- prove public relations and to give students practice in the elements of journalism is our News Staff. Two main functions of the staff are publishing the "Tower Tat- tler," our school newspaper, and reporting school news in "The Naples Record" each week. This is the second year in our school that a sufficient number of students have been interested enough in reporting to have Mrs. Dean, our adviser, teach a journalism course. '-,x f oi Firxt Row: G. Scott, Mrs. Gray, B. Orr, G. Graff. Second Roux' R. Dillon, G. Strong, E. Hoh, G. Acomb, B. Hawkins, M. Lyon. Third Row: Mrs. Dean, C. Kapins, L. Pulver, B: YEARBOOK STAFF Burd, M. Donley, V. Seager, D. Duclos, J. Williams, L. Bills, A. Hawkins, j. Graff. The NEAPOLITAN fries io convey our School Spirii' The one aim in mind each year for the members of Yearbook Staff is to create a good yearbook filled with original ideas and created independently. In order to have a yearbook we must raise money First Row: S. Harrington, S. Rennoldson, L. Standish. B.Wells, J. Brand, D. Chapman Second Row: C. Kidd, M. Hall. through patrons and ads, sponsoring roller skating parties, suppers, and field day. Constructing a yearbook takes much planning, cooperation, and hard work to meet the eadlines. Some of the jobs are: planing layouts, getting ads and patrons, writing and typing the copy. Helping to create the yearbook gives a student a sense of responsibility. Our goal is to make a book which not only satis- fies the student body, but also gives us a sense of achievement and capability. asa- p .A . K X 2 Q ,.,, - 2 --VP V In krrkk ' ,V . f I ,"' EET? ., , ' ' A . , .. '- - .. ' I' SQ ' K ff ff f 4 f' ff 95 A . . . ff f "3 W 1 ,Q . L ' . ,Q 11 1 92. . f ' , pf' f ' I L , f M wi if . ' yi? ' f . W K wr., L. -1 . 5 X535 2 .,,V I, if' LX ' f fig E, 4 Y Q. 'N if X' ' X J if ' fi . Q 5 f ' L if Us 54 we A 7' . 5 - if 5- 1' A fl! ' K .F " 3 ' . . fs . ' A 3. 'xv Sf qf? B , .Q . ' f i E ' - i' 3 . . 1, K -f . i M he Q' g. 2, f 454 af . , E 5? . - . A X Q i 1 ' Wi' A Q .Jw If . . i .X 1 . . f ' , . J f 5. 5? I L ' 4 , L 1 .- V In P' 0' S K . X ! S ,...- !,i fi F' Y! 3. ff Z' ff X I , wax ..- 0 w Q ,IA 4 .1151 , W . J -f Q S Q X :gags Q. i X l First Row: Mrs. Frederick, D. Hall, S. Standish, B. Cermak, D. Mean, S. Evarts, B Reed D. King, C. Misel. Second Roux' L. Dillon, C. Lee, N. Schenk, M. Kidd, C. Graves M JUNIOR CHORUS Hawks, S. Merklinger, M. Morse, M. Gibbous, J. Chapman. Third Row: N. Eckert, R. Brand L. Morgan, P. Huber, B. Clark, R. Cornish, H. Fleischman, W. Jennings, G. Eckert W Pressler, G. Lincoln. First Row: Mrs. Frederick, R. Webster, L. Whitbeck, K. Ostrander, B. King, L. Abraham, B. Schwingle, G. Eckert, L. Donley, E. Little. Second Row: B. Francis, S. Pickard, M. Misel S. Kluge, S. Warren, P. Fox, R. Coye, S. Wheat, W. Wright, G. Hulbert, L. Bush, E. Luffman: S. Harbison. Third Row: S. Clawson, K. Landino, K. Potter, M. King, W. White, R. St. Pierre, G. Ward, J. Ippolito, T. Tilley, T. Simons, D. Donley, L. Caprini, B. Pierce, S. Woodard, J. Clawson. Fourth Row: D. Phillips, P. Danaher, N. Chadwick, R. Palmer, K. Rector, J Sargent, D. Smith, C. Buchard, M. Peck, A. Bush, K. Hawks, K. Olney, R. Woodard. 27 GRADE CHORUS j. Stafford. 91 5 organlzahons. MR. MOORE Contributing to the music minded of our school is our talented band under the direction of Mr, Moore. Striving to get a good rating at the Spring County Festival and the All State Festival is one of our main aims. We also display our rhythm and style for assemblies and concerts given at school. This year we were fortunate to have several of our members attend the Sectional All State Festival at Penn Yan and mass band at Honeoye. The band department presents a varied program of instrumental activities, concerts are planned annually, but small ensembles are called on to perform frequently for banquets, meetings, churches, and home talent shows. SR. BAND OFFICERS: J. Swingle, President, C. Widmer, Sec retary-Treasurerg L. Fisher, Vice-Presi dent. 2 8 First Row: E. Cornish, D. Wheat, C Graves W Jennings Second Rau B. Conrad, B. Wells, P. Watkins, S. Merklmger P Brown W Standish Third Row: N. Eckert, L. Reed, N. Snyder, G. Eckert C Mxsel J Swmgle R Docteur C. Widmer. Fourth Row: Mr. Moore, F Merklmger S Fox L Fisher L Bills Parficipafion is ihe key +o enioymeni' in our musical SENIOR BAND B. Worden. Firsl Roux' J. Zawieski, N. Chadwick, T. Chapman, M. Rectenwald, R. Sargent, R. Har rington, J. Graff, S. Harbison, A. Pulver, D. Wheaton, Seranzl Row: Mr. Moore, K. Ostrander J. Miller, W. Wright, P. Danaher, D. Phillips, S. Moore, R, Strong, N. Pulver, R. Wcmtxdard' F. Savage, L. Bush, C. Jerome, L. Whitbeck. Third Roux' B. Schwingle, B. Yeager, K. Hawks J. Collins, K. Landino, M. Misel, J. Sargent, D. Wells, J. Ippolito. Fourth Row: H. Moore G. Chapman, J. Moore, D. Heath, J. Duesenbery, K. Olney, C. Halvorsen, H. Shepard, G. King M. Adams, R. Palmer, R. Perry, C. Morse, R. Brown, K. Potter, T. Middleton, L. Engel, P' Collins. to 2 f R 'Q' lf? sqft First Row: J. Reaten wald, L. Pulver, L Dil lon, M. Morse. Second Row: C. Wilson Hawks, W. Pressler Brahm, S. Rennoldson Graff. Third Rou Phillips, G. Lincoln P Cleveland, R. Pridmore S. Hoose, J. Chapman R Treadwell. Fourlb Rou F. Domm, G. Strong L Fisher. S. Randall N Harrington, H. Harbison S. ls ...M First Row: B. Bartholomew, P. Watkins, R. Harris, D. Pulver. Second Row: M. Luffman, P. Washburn, M. Mueller, B. Reed, O. Harris, J. Hughner. Third Row: Mrs. Harrington, S. Walker, S. Evarts, D. Reed, T. Baader, L. Standish, N. Walker. Ever alert. our FUTURE HOMEMAKERS look ahead D. Reed, President: B. Bartholomew, Vice President, P. Watkins, Treasurerg D. Pulver, Secretary, T. Baader, Secretary. 30 Our motto, "Toward New Horizons," expresses the purpose of our organization, to learn to live better today in order that our lives and families may be better to- morrow, The F.H.A. got off to a fine start this year by sponsoring a "Sadie Hawkins Record Hop" in October and presenting a play, "The Sands of Time" in February. Our F.H.A. and F.F.A. dance and ban- quet was one of our annual events. The F.F.A. is designed to supple- ment training opportunities for boys who are progressing toward the "goal of establishment in a farming busi- ness." Future farmers not only work well together, but they know how to provide organized recreation for them- selves and others in the community. Our crop demonstration is one of our main events of the year. Last year our Naples Chapter won first prize. Our F.F.A. Fair and Banquet are two of our annual projects. We also have a basketball and baseball team which is made up of F.F.A. members. The true aim of the Organization First Row: D. Wright, President, D. Schutz, Student might be expressed through our motto: "Learn ' . u ' ' Council Representative. Second Raw: R. Dillon, Treasurer I0 do- dolrfg to learn' earning to live, and R. Tenney, Sentinel: R. Worden, Vice Presidentg A. Rich hvmg to Serve' ards, Secretary: R. Eddy, Reporter. The FUTURE FARMERS pui' purpose inio praciice First Row: D. Coye, F. Merklinger, M. Donley, L. Walker, L. Schutz. Second Row: M. Schutz, R. Eddy, R. Tenney, R. Dillon, D. Wright, R. Worden, D. Schutz, A, Richards. Third Row: L. Evarrs, B. Daggett, W. Borden, D. Curtis, R. Fox, W. Standish, j. Francis, M. Bodine, R. Evarts, R. Fox, L. Fisher, Mr. Schultz. My ,.: ls- '-4 nk 'U 'I lf of 0' Va? 'Q' :Nj H..--4.-5. 'is vnu- 'N HUM Q J R J v rf :L .4 . . ,, t ee F Q sfma 7, ua Si. s T The buying of the tickets was the begin- ning of a wonderful evening ahead. The punch bowl brought the pause that refreshes during intermission at the prom. 32 Being crowned queen is a happy event for Gail, while her attendants are just as thrilled. Making a wish at the wishing pool attract- ed many couples and made the evening com- plete for everyone. , if f Q93 I he JUNIOR PROM. G ihing of 3 During the grand march the thought in every junior girl's mind is "Who's going to be chosen queen?" i w. 1 M E During the intermission a few couples mingle outside to enjoy the warm air and talk over the wonderful moments of the prom. beauty and fun for everyone W'e juniors started planning the annual Junior Prom in April. All of our time was spent in think- ing of our theme and choosing a good orchestra that could be enjoyed by all. After thinking of several themes we chose "Star- light," Then we started choosing committees and planning for a memorable prom. With the prom approaching very rapidly everyone worked extra hard. With three days left to spare, the decoration of the gym was started. As we and our friends danced to the dreamy music under the star-lit canopy, all our worries and hard work were forgotten. We remember only the glamorous crowning of the queen, the fragrance of corsages, the new formals- Al V5.4 js Don jone's orchestra furnishes the dreamy music for our Star Light setting. While the dance is going on a few sit it out and enjoy a restful talk. 35 W .B if ii GIRLS STATE K. Conrad BOYS STATE C. Widmer, E. Graff From Top to Bottom: V. Seager, A. Hawkins, G. Seager, B. Burd, 1. Schenk, E. Graff, D. Wheat, M. Acomb, G. Fleischman, K. Conrad, R. Dillon, E. Hoh, P. Cleveland, J. Reed. MONITORS-The Monitor System, which is supervised and made up of Student Council members, helps to enforce student discipline by the students themselves. Only with the co- operation of the student body can this system be effective. First Roux' A. Westbrook, D. Chapman, W. jen- nings. Second Row: R. Docteur, M. Hall, L. Standish. Third Row: H. Schwingle, M. Mueller, E. Richmond, A. Richards. SPORTSMANSHIP-The Sportsmanship Club strives to promote good conduct and order among spectators at games. Good sportsman- ship is an important element at any sports event whether we win or lose. The spectators must learn to accept all official decisions gracefully. The school in each league which is considered most sportsmanlike receives a banner. Smaller Groups bul' large in their importance VISUAL AIDS-The students in the school that have the skill of operating the film projectors help us in our use of visual aids. Building our knowledge through educational films is made possible by the time and effort that these worthy students give. First Row: L. Walker, L. Fisher, M. Donley, Mr. Schultz. Second Roux' D. Chapman, D. Wright, R. Fox, B. Hawkins. BOYS STATE AND GIRLS STATE-Carl Widmer and Gene Graff were chosen to attend Boys State last summer, Selected for Girls State was Kathy Conrad. The pro- gram inspires and instills a deep sense of responsibility and obliga- tion by educating them in the prin- ciples of democracy, and by teaching them the duties, privileges, and rights of American citizenship. 34 V7 .3 T3 Ifirxt Roux' V. Morgan, M. Wfillis, V. Flwell, S. Moore, P. Sutton, D. Rennoldson. Second Roux' R. Wtxtxdard, B. Yaeger, N. Chadwick, M. Randall, Miss Shay, M. Misel, P. Danaher. LIBRARY CLUB Third Roux' N. Eckert, C. Laller, J. Sargent, j. Liddiard, F. Domm, S. Campbell, S. jones, B. Dean, j. Haight, B. Clawson, K. Rector, j. French. This club helps to promote an interest in using and caring for our library. These volunteers and Miss Shay, our librarian, prepare new books, care for magazines, and repair books. This club is also one that the junior high and grades can partici- pate in as well as senior high school students. Sponsoring a greater interest among all pupils and teachers in the use of library materials and books is their aim. Two more imporiani' clubs al' Naples G. A. A. The Girls' Athletic Associa- tion has been very active this year. They had a basketball team and also learned tech- niques of playing badminton and tennis, under the capable teaching of their coach, Miss Blauvelt. First Row: L. Fisher, S. Evarts, D. Pulver, T. Baader. Second Row: J. Luffman, A. Campbell. Third Row: N. Walker. 35 iw v Humphries: "Those magic tricks of yours are going to get you in trouble some day!" "THE MAN ON THE STAIRS" CAST AUNT MOLLY BREMMER, spry, gentle old lady of 85 .... Beverly Orr MARY JANE BREINIINIER, her grand- niece ..... Donna Wheat JED STUART, a college student . Russell Docteur MIKE MORAN, old desert rat . Eugene Graff RICHARD HUMPHRIES, a lawyer . . . . . Richard Dillon VICTORIA TROUBLE, a breezy relative of the Murdochs . . Kathy Conrad PHILIP MAGNIN, a magician . James Stafford MRS.MURDOCH,MaqjmwE adopted aunt .... Betty Wells GWEN MURDOCH, cousin by adoption ..... jean Fisher Senior HighHgh+ of fhe Year Mary jane: "What do you have in your hands ?" I fi Victoria: "What's the matter, sonny boy?" Moran: "Keep her off'n me! She's goin' loco!" 'mai 4 It x .,.. I .Q E i if 1 I " 5 "4'Ih - jean plays the role of society Gene Graff is given a helping Dnrig Reed adds the finishing snob, Gwen Murdoch, in Senior hand as he prepares to go on stage. touch to Dick's makeup. Play. "The Man on fhe S1'airs" In presenting a play many people who put in long hours of hard work are behind the scenes and do not receive the deserving credit that goes to them. Without excellent crews of makeup, properties, electricians, advertising, costumes, stage management, prompting, and student directing, the play "The Man on the Stairs" wouldn't have been a success. More credit than words can express goes to the director, Mrs. Dean and these people behind the scenes. First Row: R. Harris, P. Chapman, C. Olney, C. Kapins, P. Watkins, j. Williams. Second Row: L. Walker, B. Barthol- omew, M. Lyon, I.. Evarts, A. Corey, D. Duclos, P. Brown, Mrs. Dean. Third Row: G. Strong, D. Acomb, C. Widmer, E. Hoh, P. Riefer, E. Woodard, R. Tenney, W. Borden, G. Scott, D. Reed, A. Richards, S. Randall, R. Eddy. lt's about time to go on stage, smiles Russ while watching the clock. Everyone is lined up and the performance is about to start. f 5 R X I N X We all feel more secure with Y I Leo, the Lion, adds to the fun of Ciailk senior party. Mr. Wtmhlschlegel, our monitor, there to guide us. K M-Q :Z.f ,ii,li Wa' S ,-. 'K Freshmen enjoy doing their penalties of our favorite dances. When we have our roller skating parties the Hokey-Pokey is one School Aciivifies during their initiation. Ba Q dancing under the stars at the Senior ll ueen jean and King Varian enjoy 38 Melody Masters entertain at school -gn- "ik Doug Potter, a special student, is taught by Mrs. Shedd. Help Build Characfer ifsysiaf- I . ks-Q-ef N-Q-I xt--1--2' MMM s.. -..f-" Ms.-' . , assembly. Cheerleaders encourage crowd to yell their loud est for the big game. . 4? pm... . .,... 1' N I I I L 1: ,sf A f 'X ,Z Our Hag ceremony is one of the I I H g most impressive parts of our basket ball games. M' ' V .. was I' .., 3'-S of V I A t ., , A 1 .W in lt A E ' A l y n I- . W l s.. .- . f 4' -if 3 V ' :tl I , 4 U I 4' K ,. .1 sf Both students and adults enjoyed ,. , y 2 ' -:f." ' ' 31 fr the wonderful Christmas Pageant pre- ' P X s lil? A sented this year by third grade stu- dents under the capable direction of if 5 , 2 Q f 5 ,-A. 9 I Miss Gelder and Mrs. Briglin. Q ' " ii 39 - Y' wa 1 if J- - .J ba if ATHLETICS Naples is a progressive school, offering to its students a variety of sports, and giving all an opportunity to participate. Good attributes are pep, personality, performance, poise and pre- cision. Some of the sports played are soccer, base- ball, volleyball, basketball, track, softball, tennis, and archery. Under the capable guidance of our coach, Mr. X Clark, our school teams have won a great deal of fame in the area. Through constant drilling and practice our teams have turned into excellent fighting forces, capable of vanquishng almost every foe. Enthusiasm is the spark which puts life into a game. It is the cheerleaders pulling a deafening roar from the crowd. It is a volleyball player mastering a serve. It is the runner breaking the tape. It is the boy or girl exhilirated by his work and achievements. It is the player finding glory in triumph and nobility in defeat. 1- t. lf L -- -W ofsglif sk w-me-1i:f'z4s ---- f if f . - .. 1 " 11 I K . 1' - fzz.tsft5.4 ,yas 'sgesxrarfaw lbw'-fas'aQ..ii24a2 'fl i-wife A -' ., ' 'A . I - 1 x 1 9 ' 7 . M. .... .. . sr-M ,, as .... .fmt . .L,f ,Es .yi ...., as. ..... 7 . ..... Lx.. M X 1: J, , " l 5 ,Q , I ' "sg .s cwfs:.fs .,,a,myft.Afsght ,fa:1,,,,,., age., , si -- , ,V is . ...lass-,fry.a.etM"i,.av.w..t. 1 I ., aff 1.4 . i W l' i a 'eie.gf3' 4sff?f2Sf'liz fly, Eff-1 iffsfigff.-t.tQ'.-f ,ggf:S'1s-- g-gif''L-g.ftf:,gvfgff,wtr-if-1 if f :fiasisiasa :Evil-gsaf...-iri.zf-get nfs' was .-saw p,g..g gysf,.,- , '1vfQ2:?t.s4. flew- fefwwb- txwi fra - offs K ..... .. fi. .. az. . c . V, .. glwfzfa we-iff21S:i2f t:if:24.'ffvi -. . afszgwagsx g.sf,tf1:, vs K :if , lf: 1t,i.ftw ,ffsQ,-sr 4 .if'.g.zu,f?l,1' . -1 v, 12 iilifdffif 'iii'-591' lfzxisiilb i:.W'5f" X'1f5fzf91P EET 4- NL615.5VWitlZ:iN??i?sk55Z'fl?fL.-SW'mllxiffvtis tit Iflfifiil i":7Vi?'fE,s leiwfl ss ff5'5f"'Mi5Y+3'Vi,:- X 'fu 'kfN'1?A3f 525 -2-.'fTV5!" f'f'f.lY',?15'l-3 A 4 .K atv? fy .faraway ,,,,..,,,tif .cmw ......,..,.t,f,M,,.... ,eggs as .M ,yt fa ,WL .4 mga, e., ,, 2 .lla ' " .- J K it ---- . . - -- is ,gp : A if , 1 I K ' " ia?-w.aai. grifb .wwrssigfisssaaf22Tif5?s.s..:J-ii 'ifffftig55,5E4ifi:istt2,4tff1L .. ...wif-X-,ggi 5 s.. ,,,,f1f-..s.f.g-- 21,,Q-.sms , s .na wsf'wrfHfs.:f-fi1...wiw,2,i ff rf-get..f,fz,f4aW..fs.f... ..,,.xw... sa u.g,.,,.s1.V,,..i . , -r"-t :Mfsf -if '-Jiiif':4iss:.1lii.1i7'ftlfiifi -zzsf lilf 3.2QWl5KXsG1 wi 1 .. fi: .M , . '13 l tk z i Q Q 1 ,tra t2ii,im..ygf3e., - M2 Q' fl . zimfftgt. ses... .miata K tk E: 'M- ff..,,.fri,.-aggy --fi . fxf,-ts. - ,L,,sfff. s,w,,-sfyi -1.1 ,ri ,. .Q si 4. we .. ,eng X in V is 'sw W' 1' '35 Q f Y ., claiw ,-.1-ff, .. .W ., .... . .... , fliflfl 7 , , ,szmsi l W S 3 , , sg, ' lib A wi" -V S.-siff-'tffsit ,ser 5 A f -- at ,tt . time f 15:52 Wa. - 1' . 2.iii-?'f-fiiaislfiiifiir-+1 . .. V Sporfs minded individuals develop spark. spunk, U ss... ml. TRACK Track is one of the most in- teresting sports our school has to offer, well liked by all. Last year our team went to the county meet where they placed third. First Row: V. Seager, J. Adams, D. Danaher, W. Borden. Second Row: J. Stafford, D. Dillon, J. Reed, Coach Clark. First Row: S. Randall, D. Dana- her, V. Seager. Second Row: J. Adams, D. Dillon, J. Reed, 1. Staf- ford, Coach Clark. BASEBALL The baseball team started out the season very enthusias- tically last year. They had five wins and three losses. The team was unable to participate in the finals but accepted their defeats with good sportsman- ship. and sporlsmanship while parficipafing 5 ',,1.g.X...,'f 3 , 1 s 0 1 1 I' , x 5 5 First Roux' j. Tilley, V. Seager, H. Todd, T. Olney, Seager. Third Row: j. Reed, L. Fisher, R. Dillon, j. Stafford. Second Rau-.' Coach Clark, j. Brahm, S. R. Evarts, P. Cleveland, L. Sargent, j. Adams, L. Randall, R. Pridmore, M. Schutz, W. Lobdell, G. Schwingle. This year was our third consecutive year of victory and entering the finals. At the climax of the year we were defeated by Penfield at the semi-finals. I 2 .. l ' ' N 2' l ,. K se. f VYT' '-" . -' I , ,, - l F' . l ' ' l -L--we L to . Q XM gi ,xi ' I P 'Z 4 -, A 9 x C Q lf, ,TL A Hr f f vi , N V' f l l ' 1 W. ' L A if-Tistl , X ' f f . N. . w liiiiiilfil A , ,f . , fi ., - . .srfifasm iff' V- ' ,. . t awe is 18 992,35 bv "7 . 5 ' , , . 3 , V , - ,hw . L . . 2, ,Qs ' g if .5-"Wfi,if:',.1-.1.:f .- -.. . .gif f P- J . " Q .. . A .. . J , if 5 'F' ,jg Q fl ' 5-5, ,555 . ,, 112 Q- 55' -5555.515 W5 if-35: ' iT "LEE in 'ii 55:-5l5Q51l sf l l lif.. . , 'Wi f' ff:2- -.a5f:Fi:2f x W Q I I, i .r .. . . .,.,. 4 W.. ... .,..,m. .. ...... W , via . . s - X L +I- s. ,,.. Noll f.. -w. V.. , .m..,,. My. E W! , ,- -' , .. ,., - .,, 3535. ua. Hg 4 513 1: f af, 711- --ff- wwf f ..,:1:1ffw:i 1 + -fa ,r-wftgpfzii xi Egg. tt sefetygz r , H ,W -it . ix! -, I. , .,. . ,1f ',,f . XM.. MXL X X S 1 N ,. - Q" Qs, K., 3- , K N J ,L , ...,, 1, am bf ' ' .F . ,.,. ,.. ,... .,,, , ,,. .,,.,,..,...,... . , ,',' VOLLEYBALL The volleyball team was quite successful last year, tak- ing all league games. We were downed by Hemlock at the quarter finals. First Row: W. Borden, J. Reed C. Fox, V. Seager. Second Row: S. Randall, J. Adams, D. Danaher, Coach Clark. 4 5 Naples 65 Bloomfield 60 Naples 43 Canandaigua 58 Naples 55 Wfayland 57 Naples 52 Red jacket 44 Naples 66 Victor 57 Naples 82 Gorham 61 Naples 76 Honeoye 59 Naples 62 Clifton Springs 41 Naples 74 Rushville 69 Naples 61 Phelps 65 Naples 79 Bloomfield 62 Naples 59 Red jacket 45 . . . . Na les 58 Victor 55 ValilgvReed is in there fighting for the lead from Nagles 56 Gorham 60 " Naples 61 Honeoye 54 Naples 72 Clifton Springs 54 Naples 71 Rushville 56 Naples 60 Phelps 65 Naples 52 Kendall 41 Naples 54 Red Creek 47 Naples 66 Arkport 43 VARSITY SCORES All eyes are on the ball as D. Dillon and L. Fisher make an effort to take the ball. A tense moment as V. Seagar tries to capture the ball for Naples. Hard Playing Team This year our "Big Green" defeated Kendall, Red Creek, and Arkport in the sectionals to cap- ture the Section 5 Class C Championship. We have won this championship three times in the last four years and narrowly missed winning it in the 1955-56 season. The highlight of the year came to our school when we were selected to receive the Finger Lakes B-C-D Sportsmanship Award, the most inspiring honor a school may receive. Everyone waits to see who's going to get the ball from this jump at the Clifton game. ,- Sai X Closes S'I'rong Firsl Raw: Manager, P. Smith, J. Reed, I.. Fisher, R. Dillon, R. Evarts. Serum! Roux' Coach Clark, J. Adams, R. Lee, j. Staf- ford, S. Randall, R. Angelo, R, Pridmore, V. Seager. jim out-jumps a Clifton opponent while Dick and Bob watch play and stand ready to assist. First Row: j. Graff. Seroml Roux' Ii. Cornish, j. Fisher. Third Roux' M. Schle- gel, L. Fisher, S. Hoose. 45 G. Larry makes a drive to create an exciting moment in the Clifton Naples game. First Rout' T. Smith, L. Schwingle, L. Fox, j. Brahm, J V Fritz, B. Danaher. ' ' Second Roux' G. Seager, G. Lombard, J. Rector, H. john- son, P. Smith, Manager: Mr. Moore. They're Champs We are very proud of our junior Varsity basket- ball team this year, under the faithful coaching of Mr. Moore. They have had a fine season this JUNIOR VARSITY year, losing only two league games. All of the boys displayed excellent sportsmanship and team- work. These qualities and abilities are promising material for the Big Green next year. Naples 53 Bloomfield 52 Naples 33 Canandaigua 34 Naples 61 Wayland 52 Naples 77 Red jacket 64 Na les 54 Victor 50 - W Nallgles 74 Gorham 39 C. Kidd, S. Evarts, S. Rennoldst n. Naples 61 Honeoye 29 Naples 53 Clifton Springs 52 Naples 50 Rushville 45 Naples 57 Phelps 43 Naples 64 Bloomfield 55 Naples 56 Red Jacket 35 Naples 49 Victor 55 Naples 43 Gorham 32 Naples 46 Honeoye 44 Naples 46 Clifton Springs 59 Naples 62 Rushville 41 Naples 55 Phelps 56 46 df? 'WPWEXQZ 'PL5 iif F AJ, vtfd, F F A First Roux' D. Coye, D. Wright, L. Walker, R. Eddy. Serond Row: Mr. Schultz, ' ' ' L. Evarts, D. Schutz, A. Richards, B. Daggett, W. Standish, R. Tenney, M. Bodine. 'R FA F. F. A. SCORES A g q i n I Naples Cohocton 29 Naples Bloomfield 26 Naples Hemlock 24 Naples Dundee 25 Naples Cohocton 37 Naples Bloomfield 30 Naples Hemlock 42 Naples Cohocton 24 Naples Campbell 45 Naples Wayland 20 Naples Campbell 57 Naples Wayland 24 Naples Dundee 25 Naples Clifton Springs 39 F. F. A CHEERLEADERS First Row: D. Pulver, D. Duclos, C. Kapins, B. These spectators are anxiously awaiting to see the Bartholomew, 5- Kidder- outcome of this jump shot at the linals at Gorham. YW JUNIOR HIGH SCORES First Roux' J. Chapman, D. King. Second Roux' N. Schenk, M. Morse, L. Dillon, B. Reed. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Naples Cohocton 30 Naples Honeoye 35 Naples Honeoye 28 Naples Canandaigua 34 Naples Rushville 2 1 Naples Gorham 19 Naples Phelps 20 Naples Cohocton 52 Naples Bloomfield 41 Naples Canandaigua 15 Naples Gorham 19 Naples Bloomfield 45 Naples Phelps 25 aye YS Speed and accuracy are ihe goals of our fuiure varsiiy pl JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM First Roux' D. Eddy, H. Schwingle, R. Schutz, W. Pressler, R. Brand. Second Row: C. Clark, D. Preston, R. Joseph, R. Hanggi, B. Stone, G. Eckert, S. Fox, A. Westbrook, S. Evarts, R. Wheaton, H. Fleischman, R. Cornish. - 4 8 CLASSES When a student starts kindergarten, he has taken the first real step in building and developing his mind. In the next few years he grad- ually learns how to adapt himself to working and cooperating with others outside his home. As the years go by, he develops his own personality, his own inter- ests, and his own characteristics. He becomes an individual with certain capabilities and talents, often depending upon his environ- ment. The student entering high school finds himself with more respon- sibilities than ever before. How he accepts these responsibilities is very important. The student anxious and willing to do his share and take part actively in his school and community is the student who will become a mature citizen in the world of tomorrow. The teachers and parents can open the door and show us the way, but we ourselves determine the power and the strength of the lives we build. x,,1.f,-1 . .,.i W. t...:i-- . -.s.. f r..,r,r ..,,, 5 ., rr.. . Li! . F -F975 9 'F 1- 1iQiJ5'e2-EEL? i 5ENfi:ffVf:Yf1l',Q-I filfifiis- it 'ffl :H 2 ' Y ' ' S' ' Ml ' W 1 . U, A .gf ., , ..., ,, f r W1 ,. f 1 W 4 ,. ,...,, 'ity ffswlgf 'T.Qi:'f-tsissf' . . .. --w-s'fQ,f1sr--.-asfm.,-,.f -ggi vita --I-,,-sf.-.w ap--.111---.ima Q.: - 1-2-- "tt- - -- ' - - - - sw'f2fM--i'f2f-1s--- --we its-M-" H "'- ,.'x5s1:i,.5g,.mMil-m,f'r'ixwwl wt -2 2 -'it:nsz'Xlf'1giI Q -mlm Q-WuatwffH::v-fat,.f-f-- f---- is , ,3-.1,sst,,sfS-..Q,. tw-ff .fu Asia:---'. "vs--sr, rat--f..,fr,...m ., 1 --f' ..,, in--Q if-H - -fit-W-1-,Sr-f-we....,v Q 5-,af ":f1!'2-- '-if'ftisfili-lifz5-7I3?"5f?15-fif: ?EiE5?iS'Fi5-22:?2"i'1-:iii'i?2i--T515ff-fwigiii5 mf?255'figs?lfd22iSQ??uff?:!:22!ii?'f-iiiifii-5yi: . K'-:liiiiriiv-5 -' f - ' 5 -"iff t --" 2- -- -- S 5 f ff . .. , - -- -- . -- ,- - -. -v: fzzgifsivfrsvizw H ., A 'rgzf' :":1Eyt-S, -twig.: if-5 Q' X t. ' 5 H ---f--- Ac.--W affi.-M,.-f.m.f-fi ti:,w-ff.-wwf. ,.,M--.v,:,a,f..-.,-.f,-f1-fim-,.iw,,--W -f-falter, X-auf ,,,.,a.w..- -- H -X wwf--it-tr.,1,y.--ff-Mt.-1t,fmywmif-w,i ...,, gggg---w.s.,w---. ---an . . . :ff --ff -Mira' W f Q Q K' it 'X' ' ' " .W--'-ri'--2,1441I-2-wf::::-' -fs-1 , blV'1,l.i5fiigfjiQ i i 'WEN-F-2 ' S 1 X 3 3 ' S fl Q " iz +11 .. M01 - ' 5 4 1 4"' tffti.fi1--fefzff f- H 6 ,,V'.H,k . .. 1, fs., ,. ff--LI . -wif' i1'sz1:ffFUVfW't3 21-Hiifiiifi KHTIQLQN 7722 " 5- f-7 r:'r5VQ, 515 f'iSSEE,: flii? fili, QW-CQ '-M f ' ' 4- ., is -set ,axis ..- Z.-f-r:,f..u 7, . zo ,f-N ., , urs. .,,. sk ff'-f Q--:--.sw -fi-,Q-.:,gg..,1w li -- ' ff-iszesit--as Q .Jie-ff--f1..T-Wea ei, - --mf- . ii.--,,4::,'Iva-'-7.-v'f.ff"t wwf ,,,1g43Sf-,1- K "fm,E1:-ffgi-1:a??wM'.e .s'..wwzg -. 5 iwmzs fwc-fgqyis.2,s2ft-fi ,ggi Q'IWifi,-:2givwii-ff--YW. i'v.?4zl ' . X' WU . mi ""-' Is?-irqfc .. Q r W lQ'.55??if-EJ 595' 7' f3jQgyw:-1'.L--'1'!"-43334551155-:'Q5LE5ff.fQj1T:A,Q.. ,,,it1+'2.i 5 fit- wa,-gfkxig-,-,y-rig' . Yr L- -gg, ei , s .-gf, wi..-res2sz.w-1-5. ,. -3, mf. , ,, 11 .1 i'r.22.-MQ ,,f,"Qi5,ig1gv,..,fjQg,f4k152,-Ml'.Qg4f-f-X. . , f? ana-gg.-'.L x I . tif 'V 5 iff- ,. ,. f ,:i,s,, -,,s-ri.,-:raw .-mi..:'f'z.A,iu,,i, v ...X X " if,--fvff21..i ffiff fffiif 'f - , if is 1 3 is Yi . ,V - Q X K '53255-gig11-f--i'ffH5gpg1,gg1g: Q 1.fif:g,.fa ir.. z,s:',,,3 rye-fi..'f i .M 2 if i X S5 ., ,-4 ,,f,,,,q, f,.f-,..iy-5.x-.Min,.,,i. vi., f ,, ,--u :1.-2--f 'V-fre .gigs--7,-s.fz.,-fi 1---W 51 Firs! Row: S. McKay, D. Fleischman, D. Smy, C. Smith, W. Lawton, j. Voisine, C. Buckner, A. Graves, P. Rex. Seroml Roux' K. King, A. Chadwick, A. Larter, B. Clawson, D. Lyon, K. Richter, B. Becker, C. Donley, M. Schenk, D. Hann. Third Row: Mrs. Gibbous, C. Drake, T. Standish, S. Glickert, R. Wheattmn, j. Daggett, R. Ulmer, S. Herzberg, P. Sutton, K. Yeoman, K. Richards, P. Wtulfanger, R. Blanchard. Our building sl'crl's with fhe KINDERGARTEN 1 Firsl Row: B. Leach, T. Lalier, P. Hyland, G. Wfiley, S. Shepard, M. Spears, R. Rennold- son, M. Shultz. Second Rowv S. Chapman, P. Rector, C. Domm, J. Bush, M. Gieger, M. Lodge, J. Dunton, A. Fox, P. Randall, W. Lawton. Third Row: Mrs. Widmer, M. Haight, T. Har- wood, S. Standish, A. Bennett, M Martin, D. Smith, L. Bouchard, J. Donley, R. Hawks, S. Orr, J. Cornish, H. Savage. Absent: S. Wheat. 52 l vi MMV.. . IQ " ' fl First Row: L. Schenk, M. Becker, M. Lodge, J. King, j. Collins, A. Wixamnt, C. Hilton C. Randall, T. Middleton. Second Roux' M. Simons, P. Yeoman, D. Yeoman, K. Leach, N Baader, M. Washburn, D. Wiley, R. Davis, R. Spears. Third Row: E. Elwell, H. Chapman G. Graves, T. Warren, R, Beckwith, B. Adams, R. Riesenberger, K. Webster, j, Webster, P French, B. Bolles, C. Rector, Mrs. Lyon. en grows fo 'l'he FIRST GRADE First Row: I. Whitbeck, B. Ball, J. Willis, D. Thompson, B. Webster, P. Schenk, L. Lee, D. Field. Second Row: D. Pulver, K. Barton, S. Blanchard, D. Drake, R. Steele, A. Newman, N. Riesenberger, R. Kidder, A. Gurneee Third Raw: B. Clawson, P. Wiers, H. Washburn, W. Whitbeck, M. Williams, S. Smy, S. MacDonald, P. Coye, L. Bailey, L. Eddy, G. joseph, W. Tilley, K. King, j. Sargent, Mrs. Lindsay. Standing, Right: S. Presler. 53 1 First Row: V, Schultz, R. Yacuzzo, K. Hilton, j. Evarrs, R. Cull, L. Clure, R. Schenk C. Pierce, M. Scott. Second Row: J. Brink, L. Willis, E. De Vellis, L. Randall, j. lickerr K. Moore, S. Gearharr, S. Dutcher. Third Row: C. Corey, R. Welch, K. Wells, E. Coons O. johnson, W. Graves, D. Webster, R. Srethn, C. Gardner, B. Lee, R. Sropka, S. Latler R. Engel, Miss Cull. ani The SECOND GRADERS learn quickly Mrs. Cleland, First Row: E. Domm, E. Webster, O. Chadwick, C. Buckner, P. Schwingle, K. Keenan, D. Schenk, H. Motz. Second Row: M. Lodge, B. Cull, K. Eddie, C. Elwell, j. Simons, R. Schenk, D. Hanggi, C. Cooper, G. Pinenger. Third Roux' S. Warren, W. Wiley, B. Washburn, S. Kirkmire, j. Leach, A. Rector, W. Hoyt, D. Fleisch- man, j. Deusenbery, S. Adams, P. De Vellis, R. Dutcher, L. Welch. First Roux' N. Tenney, J. Lee, J. Merklinger, J. Hoh. Serond Roux- B. Lawton, P. Dean, E. Sweltz, J. Steffen, B. Luffman, M. Moore. Third Roux' B. Wohlschlegel, P. Preston, T. Brahm, B. Warner, T. Evarts, K. Hanggi, J. Simons, S. Kidder, S. Huber. Fourth Row: C. Wiggins, B. Fox, C. Schenk, L. Voisine, D. Shepard, J. Donley, R. Brink,kJ. Adams, L. Yaeger, S. Webster, Y. Bush, Miss Gelder, J. Riesenberger, D. Cerma . While ihe THIRD GRADERS add their claim +o fame First Roux' C. Stewart, C. King, R. Jerome, D. White, P. Caprini, E. Pridmore P. Fox, P. Moore. Serond Row: Mrs. Briglin, S. Donley, S. Washburn, J. Woodard L. Brink, A. Richmond, S. Hawks, P. Sweltz, D. Ulmer, C. Smith. Third Row: J. Bur- nett, B. Shepard, G. Donley, A.' Perry, H. Davis, J. Domm, E. Little, R. Howse, A. Lafler, D, Braun, L. Sweltz, D. Abraham, E. Fox. 55 9 Firxr Roux' L. Wiggins, L. Whitbeck, G. Eckert, C. Willis, G. Leach, P. Collins, N. Todd Serond Roux' -I. Moore, Hilton, P. Coye, NW. Wright, B. King, li. Luffman, T. Middleton D. Doty, G. Hulbert, S. Woodard. Third Row: R .Webster, M. Randall, E. Motz, G. Ball J. Clawson, j. Graff, L. Caprini, B. Lowery, R. St. Pierre, K. Olney, D. Schenk, F, Savage S. Warren, J. Fitzwater, L. Engel, Fourth Roux' Mrs. Riesenberger. I1"s upward we grow - - FOURTH GRADE - - +0 -' .mi w "'T'xpgi 15 mmf' ff Y' . First Row: L. Drake, G. Chapman, R. Standish, P. Warren, N. Olmstead, R. Field, j. Wheat, G. Hoh. Serond Row: B. Pierce, M. Keenan, J. Cornish, L. Bush, D. Works, M. King, B. Francis, M. Rectenwald, Miss Hewitt. Third Row: H. Moore, A. Little, J. Walker, J. Miller, M. Schenk, R. Thompson, S. Clawson, G. Schlegel, G. McNamara, L. Schenk, R. Deusenbery, K. Lafler, C. Halvorsen, J. Zawieski, G. Ward. 56 First Roux' j. Collins, C. Hilton, P. Fox, C. jerome, S. McGuire. Seroml Roux' S. Prid- more, G. Baader, B. Yaeger, R. Brown, L. Cermak, M. Snyder, H. Shepard, XV. Cooper. Tbinl Roux' Mrs. Sutherland, j. Doty, R. Scott, R. Wells, L. Schirmer, A. Donley, M. Adams, R. Smith, R. Strong, K. Rector, M. Walker, T. Chapman, C. Morse, C. Schenk. FIFTH GRADE, as you very well know V '1 . Apt! fs. Firsl Roux' W. White, M. Keenan, R. Schenk, M. Misel, C. Newman, C. Wheaton, D Damboise, P. Fox. Second Row: K. Hawks, P. Danaher, T. Snyder, J. Scott, S. Wheat, B Schwingle, A. Pulver, S. Harbison, E. Willis, K. Ostrander, L. Donley. Third Row: Mr Brown, K. Landino, B. Chapman, C. Webster, D. Coons, R. Bailey, D. Smith, S. Cermak A. Bush, L. Abraham, R. Perry, T. Tilley. Abxenl: R. Elwell. 1 57 .L 1 , I , I , .., , ,aa -. NE-wrief i rn FX, , YK. TOP PICTURE -First Row: D. Heath, R. Harrington, R. Brahm, K. Potter, R. Wtmodard. Second Row: j. Ippolito, G. Schenk, G. Steinmetz, G. Merklinger, L. Pulver, H. Harbison, B. Rennoldson, J. Chadwick, Mrs. Moscato. Third Roux' D. Phillips, K. Deusenbery, R. Fleischman, D. Wheattxn, j. Haight, B. Clawson, E. Richmond, M. King, H. Campbell, S. Beckwith, R. Sargent. SIXTH GRADERS build loward 1'he BOTTOM PICTURE- First Row: R. Field, M. Randall, P. Hughner. Second Row: D. Dag. gett, E. Stewart, P. Brigham, S. Moore, N. Pulver, D. Donley, R. Rennoldson, G. King. Third Roux- Mrs. Holmes, C. Bouchard, M. Peck, H. Schraenkler, C. Francis, P. Jennings, D. Part- ridge, R. Acomb, S. Jones, R. Hoag, J. Sargent, V. McNamara. Absent: V. Elwel. 58 TOP PICTURE-First Roux' H. Schwingle, R. joseph, N. Harrington, C. Clark, L. Fox, P. Baader, j Lyon. Second Roux' B. Stone, D. Preston, j. Guile, R. Hanggi, j. Recrenwald, Miss Sanders. Third Roux' T. Kirkmire, E. Richmond, S. Bills, j. Rectenwald, j. French, C. Misel, j. Schultz, N. Snyder, L. Reed, D.Briglin, A. Hawks. Greafer Achievemenfs of 'l'he SEVENTH GRADE BOTTOM PICTURE - First Roux' L. Morgan, U. Schlegel, j. Faber, G. Chapman, B. Warner. Second Row: R. Brand, R. Donley, R. Barkley, j. Liddiard, E. Schank, Miss Sanders. Thin! Roux' L. Barton, V. W'oodard, H. Motz, B. Dean, L. Bailey, R. Richmond, F. Thompson, S. Campbell, F. Corso, D. Meehan, C. Lafler, C. Wilsmmn. 59 First Row: R. Schutz, T. Hoh, T. Docteur, D. Eddy, R. Briggs, J. Yacuzzo. Second Row: Mr. Schick, N. Eckert, B. Reed, B. Cermak, S. Standish, S. Evarts, D. King, GJ Lincoln. Third Roux' D. Richards, N. Schenk, L. Dillon, M. Morse, M. Hawks, C. Stone, R. Cornish, R. Treadwell, C. Graves, M. Gibbous, J. Chapman, D. Hall, S. Fox. GRADE EIGHT- - lasf s'l'ep before High School - First Raw: M. Willis, R. Smith, G. Eckert, J. Steinmetz, P. Sutton. Second Row: P. Huber, Mr. Miller, A. Westbrook, C. Main, J. Luffman, M. Kidd, D. Potter, C. Lee, L. Meehan. Third Row: T. Baader, S. Merklinger, W. Lafler, A. Rex, N. Vierhile, C. Scott, H. Fleischman, R. Wheaton, D. Donley, J. Widmer, S. Evarts, W. Jennings. 60 First Roux' Mr. Ziemba, S. Walker, H. Todd, L. Hoh, D. Coye, P. Gardner, D. Rennoldson, J. Phillips. Second Roux' B. Wforden, V, Morgan, F. Domm, S. livarts, A. Campbell, M. Burnett, S. Harrington, L. Standish, L. Schultz, C. Kidd, S. Snyder, B. Conrad, S. Chapman, S. Rennoldson, S. Ross, T. Baader, M. King. Third Rau F. Mueller, T. Guile, G. Lombard, B. Lobdell, C Prtd more, M. Schutz, A. Newman, L. Fox, H. johnson Ci Fleischman, j. Brahm, G. Fritz, M. Acomb, B. Danahcr G. Seager, T. Smith, L. Donley. FRESHMEN build fheir hopes on fhe fufure. As freshmen we too are building, build- ing toward the future when we will become the graduating class of 1960. Our progress toward that mark has been highlighted by many extra curricular activi- ties such as basketball and cheerleading which quite a few of our fellow classmates went out for and contributed a great deal to. Another highlight in our first year of high school was the traditional freshman initiation where the girls were hilariously dressed as farmers and the boys as farmer's wives just awakening in the morning. For money making projects we have sold refreshments at two basketball games and sponsored a record hop. We certainly have had fun in our first year and hope that our next three years will prove as rewarding. Lflll' IIJIJL .ky ' , - rl A , X ff OFFICERS AND ADVISFR-Adviser, Mr Ziemba: H. Todd, Vice-President: T. Ciuile, Sec- retary: j. Brahm, Treasurer: Ci. Seager, President Q' 4' E 41. 1 I Fiffl RUN'-' J- Graff. ,l- RlCh2l1'dS, L. Plllvef, ,l- HUghf'l6f, J. Schenk, P. Preston, R. Huber, D. Chapman, D. Curtis, N. XValker, Mr. Hunt. Second Roux' F. Merklinger, F. Line L. Sargent, L. Fisher, R. Newman, B. Daggett, L. Schwingle, coln . Tillcv . Luffman O Harris L. Fisher L. Bills, P. Smith, D. Schulz, M. Brownson. ' . ,l I , - . - , A. Hawkins, L. Lincoln. -I. Rector. T. Olney. Thin! Roux' SOPHOMORES find a blue prinl' is helpful We sophomores are trying to build a better future by up- holding the school standards and by taking part in school projects. We are all striving to be better citizens because we know we will take part in world affairs in the future. We all help by taking the necessary subjects, listening in school and doing the things expected of us. We learn our responsibilities by putting on suppers, bake sales, and drives. We plan these things by ourselves to show others and our- selves that we are capable. In our sophomore year we are planning on our senior trip which we have been anticipating since we were freshmen. We also started looking at class rings. We could hardly wait until we got our orders in for them. The sophomore class contributed many promising athletes to this year's sports activities. We are all looking toward new and better things in the future. 62 WW e,,,,,in:.. - aus.. Lucy Fisher, Vice President: Mr. Hunt, Ad visor: Arlene Hawkins, Secretary: joan Rich ards, Treasurerg Tom Olney, President. .l 1 1958 OFFICERS AND ADVISORS-First Row: Mary Lou Hall, Corresponding Secre- taryg Betty Reed, Treasurerg Varian Seager, President. Serond Row: Roger Wor- den, Vice President, Advisors, Mr. Richter, Mrs. Morse, Pauline Washburn, Secretary. as 'l'he JUNIOR CLASS also discovered As you climb the ladder of progress and success you will find the juniors on the next to the last step. We all have one main goal in mind, graduating from high school and taking our senior trip, along with smaller goals along the way. This year we have many projects which we hope will be successful. The most important one is the junior Prom. There are also suppers, drives and other events which not only help our treasury, but help us to cultivate a better social background. To make these projects successful it takes a great deal of cooperation and planning, which helps to prepare us for a wholesome adult life. LEAVE SOME FOR THE SUPPERl The juniors are anxiously awaiting to serve their roast beef supper which was a great success. J. Reed, P. Cleveland, B. McClelland, -M Brand, B. Burd. 'Q lDON'T SCORCH THEM. ln Homemaking Class these girls learn the proper techniques of housekeeping. B. Reed, M. Mueller, D. Pulver, M. Luffman, P. Washburn. 'N HOW MUCH MONEY WILL THIS PUT INTO OUR TREASURY? These juniors are busy carrying refreshments for the nights game. V. Seager, M. Hall, j. Adams, R. Prid- more, M. Schlegel. N v Many Acfiv EASY DOES IT. These F.F.A. boys test many samples in order to build the fertility of their land to the highest pro- ducing level. R. Angelo, R. Worden, M. Bodine, R. Evarts, j. Francis. A NOON HOUR COMMITTEE MEETING. This committee is trying to decide which or- chestra to hire for their junior prom. G. Acomb, B. Briglin, S. Kidder, J. .Ren- nolclson, B. Hawkins, P. McPhee. This industrious group is studying for one of Mrs. Dean's spot quizzes. Firx! Row: E. Cornish, S. Hoose, I.. Hanggi. Second Roux' R. Lee, S. Hanggi, I.. Schutz. XX 65 M4564 ffs'5'wfm11'Sf'., V W J, Y K , . x A 1 J X ff X Y 4 L nv , i .Q X N 3 .J A 33 3 3 A at B 3 'sz V .. W W 1' 5 in S 4 'I I 'Q Q . A m l I A , is 5, , ,W 22 .A '1 ' X I V . 1- A eg ! KM IJWIGHT ACOMB "Dwight" "W'lJo raid Einstein was dead?" National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice-President 43 Hi-C Club 4: Senior Play Properties Committee. BRENDA BAIITHOLCUMEW "Brenda" "In any line xbe'll do fine." F.H.A. 2, 5, 4: News Staff 5, 43 Chorus l, Z, 5, 4, F.F.A. Cheerleader 4: Senior Play Make Up Committee. XVARD BORDEN "Ward" "He lmrelr the good roads." Soccer l, Z, jg Basket- ball l, Z, 35 Track 1, 2, Chorus 3, 4g F.F.A. Softball 32 Senior Play Assistant Manager. PI-IYLLIS BROWN "Phyllis" "With quiet grace the makes ber way." Band 1, Z, 4: Hi-C Club 4: Senior Play Properties Committee. Relate I ,..,, ,..h PATRICIA CHAPMAN "Patsy" "W'hat could we have done without her?" j. V. Cheerleader 25 Varsity 5: Monitor System SQ Cor- responding Secretary of Student Council 3g Chorus 1, 2, 53 F.F.A. Cheerleader 13 Senior Play Properties Committee. KATHLEEN CONRAD "Kathy" "Full of fun and fancy free." National Honor Society 5, 4, Treasurer 4g Student Council lg Vice-President 43 Chorus 33 Class President lg Flag Bearer 43 Girls State SQ News Staff 2, 4, Yearbook Staff 23 Senior Play Cast. ARLENE COREY "Arlene" "Friendly and gay in a quiet way." Chorus 1, 2, 5, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals l, 2, 35 Senior Play Costumes Committee. RICHARD DILLON "Dick" "Don't let studying ruin your education." Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Rifle Association 1, 2, Soccer 1, 2, 45 Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 News Staff 29 Student Council 43 Yearbook 4g Track 3, 49 F.F.A. 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Hi-C Club 4, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 43 Sport- manship lg Senior Play Cast. 67 'I J i I 5 5 I l l I t nl get RUSSELL DOCTEUR "Doc" "Never a care always a fake." Basketball 1, 35 Student Council 45 News Staff 45 Yearbook 45 Editor of Strunz 3, 45 Band 1, 5, 45 Sportsmanship Club 45 Athletic Association 1, 5, 45 Senior Play Cast. DONNA DUCLOS "Donnie" "I do study nou' and then, but mostly I concentrate on men." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 News Staff 3, 4, Exchange Editor 45 Yearbook Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Literary Editor 45 Class Corresponding Secretary 2, 35 G.A.A. 1, 25 Sportsmanship 15 F.F.A. Cheerleader 5, 45 Senior Play Bookholder. RONALD EDDY "Ron" "Never a dull moment." j.V. Basketball 1, Z: F.F.A. Basketball 5, 45 F.F.A. Club. 5, 45 F.F.A. Reporter 45 Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 25 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Rifle Club 15 Senior Play Stage Crew. LARRY EVARTS "Larry" "Give me the girl I lore." Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. Club 3, 45 Basketball 5, 45 Baseball 1, 2: Chorus 45 Senior Play Stage Crew. Crepe paper, sfaples and sfardusi' compleie fheme for Junior Prom JEAN FISHER "jean" "Fun to talk with, pleasant to know." Sportsman- ship 35 Varsity Cheerleader 45 G.A.A. 35 Correspond- ing Secretary of the Athletic Association 35 Senior Play Cast. RONALD FOX "Hump" "lf he't joining the ,fun he's making it." F.F.A. Club 45 President of Class 35 Chorus 25 Sportsman- ship Club 25 Student Council 55 Senior Play Stage Crew. EUGENE GRAFF "Gene" "When it comes to having fun, Gene can't seem to be outdone." Soccer 1, 25 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 45 Sportsmanship Club 15 Yearbook Staff 2, 5, 4, Assist- ant Photography Editor 3, Assistant Editor 45 News Staff 5, 4, Editor in Chief 45 Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 55 Monitor System 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 4, President 3, 45 Class President 25 Honor Society 3, 4, President 45 Boys State 35 Citizenship Conference 35 Senior Play Cast. ALBERT HANGGI "junior" "1 like fun, girls, and my Model A,' mostly my Model A." F.A.A. Club 35 Soccer 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Stage Crew. 68 RUTH HARRIS "Ruthie" "To know her is lo like ber." F.H.A. 1, 3, 4, News Staff 3, 4, Assistant Typing Editor 41 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 President Library Club 31 Student Council 3, 44 Senior Play Costume Committee. EUGENE HOI-I "Gene" "Education makes lbe man." Student Council 2, 41 Class President 45 Yearkbook 4, Business manager 41 Senior Play Business Manager. CAROLINE KAPINS "Sparkle" "Go-gellers never fail." News Staff 3, 4, Typing Editor 4g Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Typing Editor 45 Class Secre- tary 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, Z, 3, 43 F.E.A. Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Publicity Manager. MARLEEN LYON "Marleen" "A friend to one and all." Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Assist- ant Typing Editor 4g News Staff 3, 4, Student Council Representative 4, Class Corresponding Secretary 4g Athletic Association 3: Student Council 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Publicity Committee. Podlocked sfoge door promises new focilifies for senior ploys. ee . YE, M SS? t , . ,te or af f? 1 ' 1 255155 : X lv iwnj ,, CHARLOTTE OLNEY "Char" "Man has his will, but woman has ber way." Chorus 1, 2, 3, J.V. Cheerleader 2, Varsity Cheerleader 35 G.A.A. 1, 2, Sportsmanship lg Senior Play Costumes Manager. BEVERLY ORR "Bev" "The way to have a friend, is to be one." Class Vice- President IQ Class Treasurer 3, 4, New Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Art Editor 2, 3, Assistant Editor in Chief 4, Chorus 33 Student Council 23 National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary 4g Yearbook Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Editor in Chief 4, Assistant Editor 3, Assistant Literary Editor 2, D.A.R. Citizenship Award 43 Citizenship Con- ference 3g Senior Play Cast. STANTON RANDALL "Stan" I "Fun ix where you find it." Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 News Staff 3, 4g j.V. Basketball 1, 23 Varsity 3, 43 Volley- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 2, 3, 44 National Honor Society 43 President of Hi-C Club 4, Chorus 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Sound Effects. DORIS REED "Doris" "A good heart is better than all the beads in the world." Chorus 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, President 41 News Staff 3, 4, Assistant Typing Editor 4: Yearbook Staff 33 G.A.A. 1, 2, Student Council 35 Library Club 39 Senior Play Make Up Committee. 69 PETER REIFER "Pete" "Quiet, But 0lJ.' My."' Rifle Club 1: Senior Play Publicity Committee. ALAN RICHARDS "Al" "A faithful friend." F.A.A. 1, 2, 5, 4, Secretary 4, Basketball 1, Z, 5, 4: Softball I, 2, -I, Rifle Club 1: Sportsmanship 2, 41 Senior Play Assistant Electrician. GAIL SCOTT "Scottie" "Beauty, personality, everything that makes a person well-liked." Yearbook 2, 3, 4, Assistant Art Editor 2, 3, Assistant Editor 4, New Staff 3, 4, Parliament- arian 3, Art Editor 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, Senior Play Properties. ,IAINIES STAFFORD "jim" "A real clmnzp in every wry." Soccer Z, 5, 4: j.V. Basketball 1, 2: Varsity 5, 4, Baseball 1, Z, 5, 4: Band 1, 5, -I, Chorus 5, Class Vice President Z, 4, Strunz Stall Managing Editor 5, 4: Senior Play Cast. -9 WILLIAM STANDISH "Bill" "Life is one big ball." Band 1, 2, 5, 4, F.F.A. 5, 4, Basketball 5, 4, Track 1, Strunz Treasurer 4: Athletic Association 1, 2, 5, 4, Senior Play Publicity Com- mittee. GERALD STRONG "jerry" "Gels around, has bis fun, quite a guy, ask anyone." Band 1, Z, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 53 Student Council 2, 5, 4, Class Parliamentarian 2, 5, Soccer 1, Z, 5, Senior Play Publicity Committee. JAMES SWINGLE "jim" "English? No! History? No! Girls? Ol: Here I Go!" Band 1, 2, 5, 4, President 4, j.V. Basketball 1, 2, Soccer 5, 4, Chorus 5, Senior Play Stage Crew. ROGER TENNEY "Rog" "Tall and handsome, some boys have all the luck." Athletic Association 2,3, 4, j.V. Basketball 2, F.F.A. 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Rifle Club 1, Senior Play Publicity Committee. 70 CARL WIIJMER "Skip" "Dor1't take life so seriously." Class Treasurer 13 Band 1, 2, 5, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 49 Flag Bearer 41 Boys State 3g National Honor Society 43 Senior Play Stage Manager. JOAN WILLIAMS "joanie" "That twinkle in her eye delighls each boy that passes hy." Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Student Council 3, 45 Sportsmanship 15 Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Assistant Typing Editor 45 Monitor System 35 Senior Play Student Director. ELDEN WOODARD "Elden" "I like school best when I'm no! there." Senior Play Publicity Committee. DAVID WRIGHT "Dave" "The class do it yourself man." Soccer 2, 5g F.F.A. Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4, Basketball 2, 5, 4, Softball 2, 5, 4g Senior Play Electrician. 71 LAWRENCE XVALKER "Larry" "One reason why teachers gel gray." Rifle Club 1, Z1 F.F.A. Club Z, 3, 4, Basketball 5, 4: Student Council 41 Athletic Association 3, 4: Science Congress 31 Senior Play Stage Crew. PATRICIA WATKINS "Pat" "lVanl a friendship that will laxt."' Band 1, Z, 5, 41 F.H.A. 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Chorus 5, 41 Secretary of Class 1: Varsity Alternate Cheerleader 5: Class Trea- surer Z3 Senior Play Make Up Committee. BETTY LOU WELLS "Betty" "One wheel thal really gels around." Yearbook Staff 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, Z, 5, 4g Chorus 5, 4: Senior Play Cast. DONNA WHEAT "Red" "l'm after the guy who invented work." Band 1, Z, 5, 45 Chorus 5: Student Council Z, 4, Secretary 4, National Honor Society 5, 45 News Stall 2, j.V. Cheerleader Z: Varsity Cheerleader 51 Class Corres- ponding Secretary lg Senior Play Cast. QS f Adults join in fun at skating party. Individual Palrons Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. j. Dewey Burd Mr. and Mrs. Byron Bills Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Spaulding Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Landino Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gross Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dean Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Coons Mr. and Mrs. Duane Schultz Rev. and Mrs. Birger Halvorsen Rev. and Mrs. Devello Haynes Mr. and Mrs. William Musnicki jr. Mr. and Mrs. john Vermilye Mr. and Mrs. Roy McMaster Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Claude Burley Mr. and Mrs. R. Schell Mr. and Mrs. M. Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Llewyn Thomas and Bud Mrs. Martha R. williams Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Orr Mr. and Mrs. George Wohlschlegel Lysle, Frieda and Mary Elizabeth Gibbous Ted and Ellen Dean Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Schutz Mr. and Mrs. Roger Herman Mr. and Mrs. Arland Burley Millard Drake Edward and Ruth Herrick Rev. and Mrs. Darius M. Ratcliif l Clubs 81 Organizafions South Bristol Grange No. 1107 Senior Class of 1957 Class of 1959 john Hodge Lodge Wanda Chapter OES No. 415 Class of 1960 News Staff The Naples Firemen The Future Homemakers of America The Future Farmers of America The Student Council Class of 1958 The Senior High School Chorus The Senior High Band The National Honor Society Onna-Wah-Na Rebekah Lodge No. 420 Nundawaho Lodge No. 714 Independent Order of Odd Fellows The Naples Rotary Club Naples Senior Girl Scouts Mr. and Mrs. Dean and Mr. Grunert join in the fun at the Senior Party. These are our Five Dollar Pa'I'rons Mary Anne feeds George at initiation. Widmer's Wine Cellars Naples, New York Maurice I.. Brand Bristol Springs, New York Charles R. Standish Feeds, Produce, Coal, Paints Bristol Springs, New York Naples Liquor Store Naples, New York John Schenk's Garage Naples, New York Lyle Barton Gulf Service Station Naples, New York Preston's I.G.A. Store Cohocton Street Naples, New York George's Restaurant Naples, New York Hazel and Johny Rector Naples, New York' Gordon E. Brand Phone Naples 3662 "Good Cars at Fair Prices" H. W. Keeney, Inc. General Contractors Canandaigua, New York Compliments of the Emory Funeral Home Naples, New York Bennett Brothers "Newest Buick Yet" Wayland, New York Compliments of Al Ives Ford Inc, Wayland, New York Robert B. Allen Furniture-Funeral Service Naples, New York Vierhiles ' Furniture and Appliances Naples, New York Compliments of Lyon's Compliments of the Perriello's Naples Theater Entertainment At Its Best Harry A. Wiley, Inc. International Trucks Naples, New York W. E. Otto and Comcpany Wholesale Produce an Coal Naples, New York Bob and Irv's Super Red and White One-Stop Food Store Triple "C" Brand Daisy Brand Potatoes Naples, New York A. H. Wilcox and Son Building Materials Naples, New York Aletha Smith Nursing Home Children's and Ladies' Shop . Complete Nursing Home Care Na les New York-Phone 4181 Naples, New York P 1 ' Compliments of Wheat Brothers Naples, New York Best Wishes to the Class of "57" Naples Hotel Cornish Motor Company L- W. Bassett Pontiac Sales and Service General IHSUHHCB Naples, New York NHPICS, NSW York C0mplimCl'ttS of James Reed Freshmen give sophomores a free ride Attorney at Law Naples, New York C. E. Haight Naples, New York Francis Standish Groceries Naples, New York 73 These cheerleaders give our games more pep. Five Dollar Patrons john Tiberio "Your Blacktop Man' Naples, New York Marshall W. Chapman General Insurance Phone 3774 Compliments of Orange Inn Naples, New York Compliments of Naples Pharmacy Peter Savage, Prop. Compliments of C. j. Witter Naples, New York Llyod E. Clawson Plumbing, Heating and Lighting Naples, New York-Phone 7201 Youngstown Mfg. Co. Inc. Paul Bounds Phone Naples 7501 Naples Produce Leo Yeager, Prop. Feed and Building Materials Potter Packing Co. Custom Slaughtering and Processing Phone Rushville 65-F4 Van Dyne Oil Company Naples, New York Moore Cottrell North Cohocton, New York Granby and Hemenway Gas Company Naples, New York These are our Three Dollar Palrons Francis Bills Bristol Springs, New York Earl R. Marble Holcomb 382-A General Merchandise Alma Brand Bristol Springs, New York Morsch Truck and Implements Wayland, New York Phone 2481 Naples Hardware Naples, New York Ray and I-Iazel's Clover Farm Store Naples, New York The Redwood Restaurant Naples, New York Al and Frieda Hodges Compliments of Paul Miller Naples, New York E. B. Arnold Naples, New York Dana Standish Bulldozer Service Naples, New York Compliments of Boring and Walker Atlanta, New York Compliments of Conroy jewelers Naples, New York 74 Naples Valley Greenhouse Best Wishes "Doc." and Katie Abraham Compliments to the Seniors The Naples Pennysaver Naples, New York Compliments of Freda's Beauty Shop Naples, New York Naples Coffee Shop Monier Manor William Misel, Proprietor Compliments of Wolfanger's Store Charles E. Briglin, Proprietor North Cohocton, New York Mountain View Inn Meals, Rooms, and Lunches Atlanta, New York Compliments of Atlanta Hardware Chrysler and Plymouth McKay's Greenhouses "Flowers for all Occasions" Phone: Atlanta KE-4-2513 An exciting moment at the Clifton game. Larry and Donna hold Baby Caroline at Senior Parry. Park's Dair Y Highest Quality Milk 8: Cream" Wayland, New York Compliments of Charles Rose Compliments of Dr. P. English Naples, New York Compliments of Bristol Cabinet Corp. Naples, New York South End Groceries Naples, New York A 1 Used Cars Dodge and Plymouth 3451 Naples The Naples Record Howard S. Smith General Insurance Naples, New York Wa1t's Shoe Repair Naples, New York These are our Three Dollar Patrons Dr. Kathleen Harwood Naples, New York Gert and Freddy Eckert Beauty and Barber Shops Naples, New York Dillon's Barber Shop Naples, New York George Ostrander Fresh Dressed Poultry Ingleside, New York Compliments of Thelma Lyon's Beauty Shop Naples, New York Hartwell Company Coal and Oliver Equip. Atlanta, New York Compliments of Clawson's Service Station Naples, New York Comcpliments of Naples 5 an 10 and Dept. Store Amos Ippolito Long and Chadwick Agency, Inc. Real Estate-Insurance Best Wishes from Marion F. Hatch Wayne Feeds, Doliin Milling Babbin and Harmon, Inc, Atlanta, New York KE-42251 KE-43171 Robert Miller Co. Allis-Chalmers North Cohocton, N. Y. Security Trust Naples, New York Earl S. Johnson Fruit and Produce Naples, New York Naples Valley Chapel Pastor Noah Stoltzfus "Preaching the Unchanged Word" Ray King's Saw Mill Rough Lumber Planed and Matched Albert Hanggi Naples, New York Arrowhead Lanes Bowling Alleys Canandaigua, New York Fleischman's Service Station Naples, New York With grateful thanks to those who helped cement our growth Cf-N 1 in i':.."- D g Q .3 . Q S SL ,,1.f1v',. . I I. I E Q39 Q Q yr ,fe W' 4 viii 5 I V 1 ' 4 W ,L f 351.3 ,...:V I 4. My ., A M p , , V I ' Y X ' 'E' :zv -glcmafl ,Q x. -K fxigin.. ifizfivggifi ' .Nr -,fesf fx X azgff mfg 91:1-,ffiik - --'- I J Q2 , .1 ff?-Qilzf-'iv-'li:QLQ:N, 3: lxfwff 1315? sr'Allf'1"9'zQsP,15:?f?i, ,w ggi ' ' 5. ' 5 ' V, ,, - Sf A wpgwl-1511 , AW. yin-xyfyg -27 ,12 ww ww,755, ,wginw f 'SE H813 ,, . 'X F ' K. 5 Q ,w,Lx.!k ,ff Lg fx A J K, A.LL .L . ,, M M. . vw 1 E E E E 5 3 E 5 3 E

Suggestions in the Naples Central High School - Neapolitan Yearbook (Naples, NY) collection:

Naples Central High School - Neapolitan Yearbook (Naples, NY) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Naples Central High School - Neapolitan Yearbook (Naples, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Naples Central High School - Neapolitan Yearbook (Naples, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Naples Central High School - Neapolitan Yearbook (Naples, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 18

1957, pg 18

Naples Central High School - Neapolitan Yearbook (Naples, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 6

1957, pg 6

Naples Central High School - Neapolitan Yearbook (Naples, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 65

1957, pg 65

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