Naperville Central High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Naperville, IL)

 - Class of 1958

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Naperville Central High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Naperville, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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PMWy'dx'P ASQMQS ,449 Mpfww ww iw PSM M' Y WW 'W W yy. if Nady gjagf UQ W N-Nga. 365335 ' f7J" L J ' YP 'Ji 55535553 M ff, fjijgi fgf,',f5VQ2Z,J5p Af Q Wfgg? 1 Qs 9xw?y"vYfK ii ?Tli?3:Q5 . SQ Q3 fbgfpivyy 3. H SSW 55-3-g3f4'31?5M 3 V 5353 W 0 ggi 1 e,9fjMDM I ,H G 'Cl JEQPP'-Q, iw-9' My Jv- 'GW' ,gud M fbyo!'NN1aff1UiX WJ 'QMJ A A amiga! 'i:,.3.v""' S499 K qv F w , W7 . . ,ipilf UN Gully? Mgx' ff? QM X ofa W ' Q Ng' 99 35-ag NQXJX N W' up fx ,fy 5? MQW - NASNXB div, 5 fir a Sling MVK' ' effudy MJ, xg X N WQWJQGWE ASW ' qdy?f"3 M K . if MM L04 Q95 My CW, ilyvjgfgmgfka, ., . 4 -V 1475 'Q- f:L,,',, ,f,1.ff-' MJLA1'-A 6 'lv-Fif' "7fH"H' if Y ,M .6 M X ffm WM fwf,-,g f,1.ffw" iff' V ' A' ,V 'A PTE 3 mg' f , pt C Pijmdpb M 1' Q00 YW Ne-3f"f-1 Aq- Wm 'J L , 'L 6 AJVEJNQXQZWM was 1:4 W , 7 11 V l ia, 6 qs WM K3 Q- ,. -Q, 1 s qi' 9 NqXm+,q ' :Qi " ri, KS' , 1 SX' , ,E .milfs 1-qi 53315 in Y-B1 pf 5 raw!! wg, - 7145-' 'QQ 37 +"'f"""'f . ' "f .W " fiffffpf' f, 5'59a'?'fJi?fw EWZWWYNWMWM ndfw WJ ,J'J'Jf1l'!ly Jfffwwfwmgf ' W M J1ff'MfWf'!J! MW ,'Zf5f81,f"!r,ffffffff53,ff1pMd'9,ff"J7 3313 piwwfgifff w:,ffW S SX wig Wifi' if 9' ww Q ww'F ffilwifgffgw WM ff Wiflgwff M, MV W M , 43? B R ,M X5Yg2!wgSgg S Q35 Qi SMX? - Q . I , Q f . 'N ' 'N ' - W N ' ' s H Ti 1 4 W 55' 'Rl My i sk: lf f ' --. S I , 1, Q - . 4 X K 1: 'X uh I' X 'u Y N-.A Q ' W 'N 'y K U 'CSD ' fn "r s 'R by ' ' Q' . 1 W 5 Q 1 A X ? N 'A , Q 's Q 3 .N L o 'Q ,E , g k , M I aj M, " 5 ' ' , X f1'4?Yri5-Y' ' gi' -My A 1 . ' 'fs 3' H T fitf' :-'f A ' ':"- ' 2f-e 1 f f " - 1 si ,. m ' f i 4 'A" 1:,,x, v q ,L ' 4 ,' if 4, l 'Q - 1 fgYff:f+QWW,, ' ' , 4q'q5,,.ig5l JA f 1 ,Mi N-wr Q, wk Q ht III Z., f ..,. -- ll f- -- ,4 7955 .W--h ,P 7 Yr' ,xy 635 vf X, U, 15. Q. if , ,Qi ' 'Xa uf-f' My ' ff 0- ..x ANC: C, "V XD A T N 'Twin' J ,FB7-Q ,uf qv v--' 3,4p..f Q 413: ,J 0 J -.326 QL QMf"V'jL" xy, fx' we I-Q, -lljjdr rfw X ' .gg 'ij Q f ' x-.-" 34'4n.f,- --it -f V Q5 yxf? AM . , pix XL: 6- -abd 71- Oi'-. LJ' - 'EDT df 3-- S Viva KS-fi,,! KDS-.. Uyf jig A -Un ,,,L X "" QQ, ix 55 , cf, Xfwxx uf ,gf ,fix my N ff 3" ' Dx. J-cf H, gf ,rf 51 v SENT Nd , 5,7 .,,,. f KM, ' U' A QTTIW J, , . x.ff'f.,.. '? x,37,ff 1 ,wf 3 ., Q 3, we vm: wglv Q , U" - - mmm - - IRQ' n an Wing ?loe6 Podaaf Stuffed! Auazuz Sdarn Euaazeaa DMM Kindly Slew: gin, ,K M X -His .mil ,, U . "' 'SSL -iff K 51559 QQ? W" ' , Q K I xmiT'?,, iz ' :2:egg2e1,,.gv , L, ,n . --ff p ,e,.x.,,,.,i1 V2 Q91 K' - wg gf . - . A A A 'SJZ 221 TY? 5 f,,'Swx! 'r .TEN ' ' - ' 2. A i f - . -Q-51' . xv Ligue xiggfv-f'-NNN, 15 7 , , .. 5,3 QSVQ xir- , . ., ,, - .. 1 A1 a 5225? T: 15 l K N I . ki 1 5 X Efiigslfi' i ffl wh, ww Yipzt K-Ll ' ' VXN -'-:af , k k' 1 k f k QM ai 'SIE . in -. mi. V, wy- ff - ,.,:f..: 1'- 3' ,.1?kf? fQf,l" 1755 i in . ' . .Xx,,,,- ..., Z . . . - 'ffm 'Z-QL JS :itil-Qkfff i xiii? L. . . -. x fl-i az. X-. ,xv zf Q N?f4:ifi A A 2 sigfi ,K-11? 1 ' '-+5-yi' :.i-ii: G -V1 : 5 Q gi? Nvwgul-X :Z K - i ' '3'-V: ' ,-MM.41 ,:,A 4-h. K g LTANQ ' EE: IQ? 'T Z' --,QT rf-5 NI 5 ' 1,-15? - X 5 . Sf-H.-Q. ,,Q,...ggg,,g gaqfif fig? x o N-zsikixfiiz:-.wexsw V. . .QQ , gif f:k,2S:3mL5'- ,iff . - . 1:14 jf ,e . x thi.-H-dsx, .4 In grateful appreciation for his many years of unselfish service towards the building of a progressive educational system, we dedicate this, AR- ROWHEAD l958, to Mr. Ralph E. Beebe. As Superintendent of Schools he has shown the quality of foresight necessary to formulate a construction program for suburban Naperville whose growth, in a large measure, has been fostered by its superior educational program. Under his supervision Naper School, Ellsworth School, Naperville Community High School, Ralph E. Beebe School, and the yet incomplete Highlands School have been erected. In addition to its great forward strides in education, the community has benefited in innumerable ways from his capable leader- ship and enduring accomplishments. RALPH E. BEEBE SCHOOL n I JOHN J. MELUCH The work, character, and inspiration of Jack Meluch have reached the lives of many people. To the students and faculty of Naperville Com- munity High School he will be remembered as a ready helper in a time of need. Mr. Meluch was an even tempered man of cheerful disposition and the possessor ofa all the attributes of a fine teacher and devoted friend. 1 x --W f--fn, Vkx., Y uf.. EE L'-, . 5 Q W H , -65,1 K , If- . .Q ww x ag M . W , sg X 1 , ff M 2 Q Y ROBERT F. VAN ADESTINE, M,A. '54 G , Principal "I have some announcements here!" cw J, VERNON T f 91 ANGELINE GALE, Pl'1.B., M.A. . , L L Court 'gf Counselor Genera ience M Q l , Reglslfaf "GOOD morni , howfljre yogi' ' "Let's function!" - i' l' Ml' l i , frm i il ,til lily 4 l aiu 1? RUTH GAMERTSFELDER, B.A., M.A. GEORGE TOOTHILL, B,S., M.S. Dean of Girls Librarian l've been going through the lockers Administrative Assistant Dean of Boys Social Studies and . . ,!" ERWIN E. HAKE, B.A., M.A. Business Manager "Ahem" "Now you might not believe this but . . ." RUTH C. DERRY, B.S., M.A. Home Economics "GirIs! You will HAVE quiet!" to be LOWELL BERGER, B.S. DONALD BLOUNT, A.B. Physical Education Mathematics Athletics Driver Training "No shooting after the whistle!" "Do a drive-in turn please." HARVEY V. BERGHUlS LELA L. BROWN, A.B. B.S., M.S. Spanish Shop French Athletics "Buenos dies, senoritaf' "Why weren't you at practice last night?" ROSEMARY FORMOLO lMRS.J F. SEVILLE GASTON, B.A., M.A. AB-, NLA. Commerce English Il Activities Treasurer Family Living "A-tall" "Observe" ROBERT G. FUNSTON, B.A. FOREST L. GEHRIG, A.B. General Science German Athletics French "All right,QUlET!" "lf you're going to talk, so am HN CURTIS H. FAGAN, B.A., M.A. Social Studies Audio-Visual Education "Be sure to read your Weekly News Review!" -s. ROBERT L. GROVE, B.A. M.A. WILLIAM A. HILL, Ph.B., M.S. U.S. History Biology World History "Why???" Athletics As you know I like poetry ROY E. HOLLAND, B.E., M.A. Chemistry Physics "I believe the bell has rung." MAURICE R. HEATON, WALTER M. HOEI., B,A., M.A. B.F.A., M.A. English I2 An "Learn to read, Read to learn." "lt looks all right . . . ex- cept . . .!" MAUDE KAMMERER CMRS. I , B.S. Commerce "Will you PLEASE cut your fin gernails" MARTIN L. KLEIN, B.S. DARLENE MAXWELL lMRS.J, B.A. Mechanical Drawing "Hey, you can't go upstairs Girls' Physical Education yer!" "Girls, roll call!" ONA M. LEMMON, A.B., LEONA R. MCBRIDE, B.A., M.A. B.S., M.A. English Il Commerce Library "Get your papers ready." "bells, Bells, BELLS!" EUNICE PIETILA CMRSJ B.S., M.A. Home Economics "lt COULD be better!" ROBERT J. MCCABE, B.A., M.A. Orchestra "Take it again from 'B"' FRANCES McGAWN KMRSJ B.A. Latin "You shouldn't find it too dif- ficult" DONALD F, MILLER, B.S., M.S. Biology General Science Athletics "The question box is back of the room!!" in the RAYMOND W. MURFIN B.S., M.A. Band "O.K. Let's try it againl' 1 . I 1 DOROTHY D. SCROGGIE SUSAN . B.A., M.A. Englis no' English I0 "Well, iddies" ' "Write either a cinquain or a X, tanka." l Ll fn A 1 I l I RICHARD C. SMITH, B.S. C. WESTON SPENCER, B.S., M.S. U-5- HISTOVY Mathematics Athletics Athletics "Anyway" "You see?" ,p l IRA. E. SCOTT, A.B., M.S. Athletic Director Boys' Physical Education "Pick up your l.D. slips a school." fter -. .g g,u,XL"' p Y -'Wil' 4 f ROBERT M. STEPHEN, JENEINNE WARNELL CMRSJ BA" M-A' B.A., M.A. Wmld Hlslmy Communications "Dan . . . dan . . . dandy!" English 9 "Consequently" ELLEN F. STONE KMRSJ MARJORIE L. WEESNER QMRSJ B.A., M.M. B S M Ed Vocal MUSIC Girls Physical Education English 9 "Hey, YOU kldslu "ME m5 me m5 moo." ORVILLE C. WELZEL, B.A., M.A Mathematics "Now prove that triangle con gruent." WAYNE WILLIAMS, B.Ed., M.A. VICTOR V. WOOD, B.S. Mathematics Agriculture "As far as that goes . . Auto Shop "Pay your F,F.A. dues." LAURA WOLVERTON, B.A., M.A. BETTY LONG CMRSJ, R.N. English 9 Nurse Remedial Reading "Well, how do you feel now?" "Read chapter one of 'Great Expectations . "The clean-up squad!" First row: Otto Haidu, Fred Broecker, and Phil Se-nfl. Second row: Charles Huebner, Ralph Lan- dorf, Edwin Hays, and Lester Adams. "What's cookin'?" Left to right: Selma Fiene, Henrietta Grommon, Polly Thomas, Emma Rickert, and Eleanor Clementz. "Well, he CBFIIT be in two classes at once!!!" Left to right: Ethel Bredkreitz, Grace Kilgus, Ruth Keller. Seated: Louise Murfin, 00' ne W Y , o r Ge anno ,VNOY el OU C xx" 9KrXif'1end' "l wish that people "Well, whaY's your excuse this Time?!" NXQ-NO Il .9 .np,n Lp-D Lp 09 'Y 1' .su X ,. X ,, 9 k V " QW. , 4 . I X ,gs . F X 2, ff l Q. R 'V s r C . 2' U 'f Ny J, M 'ah' 1 SIS 1 M 0,0 A iv .ri .. - Q 4 ll me Q85 09- 'P ' ' Q, Q8 'JJ' ' 3 Z9 01 ff 6 ' Q K 199, 6 U Chu-chu-du, "WeII!! You have a science proiecf?" "Just what is a Transcendentalist?!!" would type rheir an- "Do nouncements!!" you really think so?" M... "These pinheads represent our grads in ' - f coIlege!!" All Hllllfh + W fl, - Iiargg Jf,?aff", IQ, Leif I - , I ou, sci MEI ,1 This IS a P.C.H. fest!Q?J enriffc We ,. I, res, is Q I ext . raordfnar Yllrff "This game is for the 'birds'!!" "We'Il make a new man out of you!!" -azqavmftw. X s X x RODNEY STIEFBOLD RICHARD JAMISON Srudvnt Council President Senior Class President Flies high . . . haunts the Everglades . . . perlaps a "JamO" . . . sports announcer . . , tall, dark and handsome. future diplomat. 'R PAT CONWAY JOAN PRATT JERRIANN MYERS Vim Pr:-siclent Secretary Treasurer Ivy League man , . . at home on Homecoming queen . . . friendly Personality plus , . . simply loves the stage . , . "Spit Conway." personality . . , "Go, Redskins, peanut butter . . . "Jerri," Go!" BETTE BARKDOLL Just the nonloud type . . . bound for nursehood . . . has numerous sisters. RALPH BEAULIEU Ralpha da Bolahunk . . . a real viceroy Frenchie BRUCE BACON ROBERT BARENBRUGGE X SCIUGIS Vim, VIQOF, and can l help Llghtest body with the heaviest en- you . . . a literary linguist . . . a gine . . . played the horn . . . scientific nonconformist. baseball hurler, BARBARA ALSIP SHAROL ANDERSON Save your Confederate dollars . . A choral Florence Nightingale . . . hers is a Southern draaawl . love that Spanish . . . likes the likes the business world. homemaker. LINDA AVISE Quiet with a pleasant air . . . sings the gym class blues . . . has her finger in the business pie too. SIMONE BAXTER The Joisey member of the F.L.C. . . . avocation-the male of the specie . . . tick-tocker. ROBERT BEYER Flamenco . . . destined for an early retirement . . . Sound Track. lots of uncles. bound. JAMES BUCHMAN Home-made robots, car equipment too . . . Chesterfields . . . can really run. SHIRLEY CALDWELL Short blonde . . . always seen with a smile . . . fond of the old locker. CAROL BLANKENHORN SHARON BOELTER Minnesota minded . . . curly of A mind for music . . . math too hair , , . true blue golfer. . . . and a personality tl'rat's sin- ' cere. 144, we cue BOYD BOGDAN a A definite sport . . . another Uni- Mu versal with a twin-piped Stude . . . CAROLE BOLIN ROGER BREITWIESER Haidus right hand girl . . . used Gym class is a favorite . . . going all those Newsweeks . . . business Steady vet . . . radios are fun. LINDEL BURGESS "Burgy" . . take a car any day . . a homeroom fan SHARON KAYE CAMPBELL Nurse to be . . . lots of other plans as well . . . an FHA'er. L sq, raizfliii JOAN CHARVAT RELYNN CIHLER She's a commerce leader I I . ex. A real square dancer . . . colorful pert on cars . . . never a dull of half - - - COUHTFY girl. moment. I aeaaen aafz , Kat mea, r ' ANNE CLAWSON Flutist for the band . . . LeMars is in Iowa . . . soda ierk. ROBERT CLOW PATRICIA COOLIDGE Cafeteria chairman extraordinary Member of the business world . . . . . . has a red car of which he is content to leave her locker to class iustly proud . . . good looking. of '59 . . . efficient. ' s I JUNE COSSNIAN DENNIS CRABTREE Art Club . . . will not pass the Eats, sleeps, and drinks the sport horse-drawing opportunity . . . . . . horses . . . reserved. light and fluffy. JUDITH DANIELS RICHARD DAVIS Intellectual . . . enioyment means Solid man WUI1 6 Model A - - . iazz , . , always game for 3 good future farmer . . . black leather time. I5Clf9f' BARBARA DAVISSON DYANNE DEMPSEY One of the five , , , yoga , , a Tink is G.L. pres. . . likes the lot of fun. stage . . . unique ideas. EVELYN DOLLINGER PATRICIA ERHART Evy . . . May Queen , . . a charm- Friendly . . . one of many . . . er with personality. 'business is her outlook. ARLA JEAN EICHELBERGER ROBERT ELLIS , - A cute homemaker . . . plays that Elly . . . built to last . , . mi- "Each man for himself" . . . hearty egg eater . . . pink and white PM '74ea deed :de RICHARD EVERILL DONALD FAULHABER Plays the licorice stick in band . . . Gobber . . . speedy in those runs Q97 another flyer . . . blonde with hair- . . . a good looker. cut varieties. organ . . . loves an early bus ride. leadingly quiet. GARY ERB 445 2664 664 edfcti' Miss Attendant . the nursing career is her personality. made vaykwkte ch WILLIAM GROESCH Billy the Grunch . . . frequently drops his incisors . . . mechanical artist. MARCIA FRY JEAN GEHRKE headed for A natural smile . . . slow to anger . sparklling . . . quiet and thoughtful. ROLLAND FlNK MARY FLOCK All conference, all DuPage . . . one "Fl0Ckle" - ' - hai neurosis for of the nicest . . . demisvs dream. 'airing hair - - - reads books. BONNIE FOX EDWIN FREY Sl1Or1l1and's her game . . , a real One of the scientifically scientific sharp twirler . . likes sports, . . . math too . . . cooked for the play. MARIANNE GESSE 7 World traveler . . . effervescent persnoality . . . blushes easily. I 'Zia -v -csv ROBERT GRUBB Black Chevy . . . a man of few words . . . iust wait 'til June. M -Q11-an -i.m.1.wi. -if mi l "F T It f-- 4 . X 22 MARY GUSMAN RAY HANLON Locks of ebony , , , sweet and A constant source of laughter . . . gentle . . . the office is her role. "a little with a lot in the line" . . . keeps females guessing. 'WY'-Y -- CHARLES HEDBLOM L ' G d i th b . . . foicgh Em Ehenurrrllatils. glallleenioys w dome the outdoors. l 1, 'si GEORGENE HERBERT ELAINE HERRMANN Likes slumber par1i9S - - - Qum' Softespoken , . . remember P.E. chewer . . . long, curlv l0Ck5- and Moclaffs . . . dark eyes. MYRA HILDEBRAND WALTER HODEL Tiny girl, tiny voice . . . green eyes Youth Center eases ,,., good in . . . likes to sing. athletics . . . future engineer. DIANA HOFFMAN BETTY HOFFMANN Goddess vf the lwftl - - - 'OPS in Physically fit . . . angel-skin com- the fashion world . . . loves opera. plexgon . I I R- Gjs he, Hush' CHARLES HORNBACK DOUGLAS HOSLER Master of the slide rule . . . "six "l was wondering" . . . most orig- Hopalong Cassidy comic books" inal guy . . . avid science fiction . . . camera bug. fan. f 1 4 l GURTIS HOWELL ' ' . Flying Club enthusiast . . . a nice 7 guy . . . "Curt." MARY HULTQUIST MARGARET l'lUTl'l Hails from New Jersey . , . lives GUm'Cl'9WeV - - - 3 ql-Ile? miss - . in the Highlands . . . sweet and has 5 lileflf fOI' BPT. lovely. EDWARD HYBL JACK JELINEK "Tiny Ed" . . . minnow eating, his The middle of the line . . . makes pastime . . . drives a famous blue a better door than a window . . . car. a hunter. KAREN JOHNSTON BARBARA JONES "Jitterbug enthusiast" . . . always "Wl"3l'5 On YOU' T00ll"?" - - f-ldCk'5 ready for a laugh . . . short and Qlfl - - - Smell 'hal AQUG Velva. blond. BONNIE JONES JOSEPH KALAFUT Johnston's shadow . . . long, curly "Jo, Jo" . . . a real sports fan . . . hair . . . business student. drives a Chevy. ELLEN KELLEY JOANN KENAS "Red" . . . loves that iazz , . . easy Chief PUff in Smoke Signals - - - going. future nurse . . . fiddles away in orchestra. JUDITH KINGERY Finds it easy to laugh . . . Clevva Evva . . . bound for kindergarten. 1 . class artist. ANN KIDDER DAVID KINDIG Trampoline artist? . . . "Klddurrrr Arrowhead editor . . . settled . . . oodles of fun. the Roarin' DuPage . . . he'll go far. Ama ag atdezthwdewacome KARIN KLINGLER MARY SUE KOBLISKA Still looking for her green purse Commuter , . , country girl . . . . . always willing to help out works in N,C,H,S, Cafe, Seq., www LUCILLE KOCHER WILLIAM KROUSHL Likes sports . . . a business maior "Dirty Joe" . . . energetic grocery . . . what a sense of humor! boy . . . "How ah ya?" MARILYN LANDORE EUGENE LASANSKA Nice things come in small pack- "Er-lie" . . . Aquathon's water-skier ages . . . a natural smile . . . . . . eat, drink, and be merry. sweet and quiet. STANLEY LINDBERG WILLIAM LINNELL Hu-fi fan . . . loves that Pontiac Mad chemist . . . traps bears with listen for that beat. gasoline and syrup . . . sleeping genius. LINDA LONG I , A busy twirler . . . stands alone eg M in communications . . . likes dogs. I I U I 04 . IRENE MEICGREGOR LARRY MARTIN "Swish, swish, gwisl-1" , . , pack. Man with the cars . . . "Watch that ages sweetness , , , Roge,-'S cava. test tube!" . . . likes to hunt. Iier. SANDI MCCLELLEN A light-hearted miss . . , never say dare . . . petite. ,4 4 PATRICIA MATEKAITIS ROBERT MAY Show girl . . . always ready wifh Really knows those cars . . . ready y a smile . . . headed for the busi- with the drugs . . . anxious to get ness world. out into the world. 0m ' wze amz' I PATRICIA MCCOY PATRICIA MCELDOWNEY K Her future is in business . . . a French horn player . . . small and girl of few words . . . "Wedgy." dark . . . she likes things done well. JAY MCQUILLEN LARRY MEAL Joker is wild , . . finds it easy to "Mouse" . . . knows all about laugh . . . will try anything once. motors . . . gym class terror. JEAN MEILEY JUDITH MEYER Miniature golfer . . - She'S 'he SPICS A firendly lass . . . G. L. executive of life . . . "Bean-" . . . toots a flute. H 1.1 SALLY MEYERS THOMAS MOCH A diamond is a girI's best friend CuSO4 . . . his head's in the clouds . . . athletic agility . . . dedicated . . . a Lensman. homemaker. 7 I ' an ewad, da: man 4, I 1 4 4 ' , CAROLYN MODAFF Avid partaker of sports . . . likes the country . . . Pep Club officer. JUERGEN MUELLER . . . brown curly hair. JUDITH MURTAUGH When she's not laughing, she's smiling . . . natural beauty . . . sweet. RICHARD MOLITOR SHAWN MOORE He'll till the soil . . . slow-spoken Filled with mirth . . . space caller raises bacon on the hoof. . . . Captain on the greens. Heidelberg Man . . , "Beat We-Go" SALLEY MUELLER Pretty brown eyes . . . a sharp cookie . . . fashion conscious. RICHARD NELSON Go East, young man, Go East . . . drives a green Ford . . . tall, blond, and handsome. PHILIP NEWCOMER DAVID O'NEAL Loyal to Wisconsin . . . Smoke Tall and lanky . . . "Ona" Signals printer . . . roundball sta- flashy eye lashes. tistician. SYLVIA ORY KATHLEEN OSBORNE Business student. . . beautiful gray Bright red hair . . . finds it easy eyes . . . partial to U. of I. to laugh . . . lady chemist. FLOYD PAGE ROBERT PATTERSON UmversaI's hot rod . . . red hair The worried Cop , , , hear lamp and freckles . , . firendly to every- wprshipper , , . Funst0n's wrest- orie. ling assistant. CAROL PICKHARDT Orchestra's fiddler . . . likes to , write poetry . . . neat and sweet. 7 PENELOPE PLATT PAUL PUCCI I-Ong Qolden IOCIYS - - - BIWGYS Always fun to be with . . . "Puce" busy with Gi .-.. "PENNY-" . . . footbaIl's his sport. SANDRA RUTAN I -at ' I SIBYLLE SCHNEIDER RAY SCHNIBBEN Hgilliff ' I D fluem in German Q I I Poker shark . . . never a dull mo- she has a friendly greeting for ment - - - fl men WiTl'I a hearty everyone. laU9l"- "Sandy" . . . a quiet girl . . "Bud" . . . the Skin's manager long blond hair. . . . his heart's in Montana. JAMES RAY BERTHEL RIPSKY Redskin's Indian dancer . . . art is "Bert" . . . Sun's handyman . his field . . . drives a black Ford. wears cowboy boots. LUCILLE ROSS BONNIE ROWE Dimples . . . making posters is her Great at playing badminton . . . a favorite pastime . . . "Lucy." natural smile . . . an expert on horse racing. FRANCIS SANDERS WILLIAM SCHILD Tall and slim . . . a future en gineer . , a soft-spoken man. KENNETH SEETIN df! High point man in gym class . . tall and slim . . . likes to draw. , , . a Car fiend. cars . . . slow-spoken. FRANK SCHULTZ ROBERT SCHULTZ The Silenf 1ype . D . excelys in ar, Jackpot winner . . . an expert on 74e" ,Me mazda KAREN SEVENING MARILYN SHAFF Enthusiastic S 8- H Green Stamp Bound for the business world . . saver . , . great on skates . . . girl with the beach baskets . "Seven ' pizza lover. MARY LYNN SHIFFLER EDWIN SIEBERT f Council's veep . . . she loves to Latin scholar , . . he's headed for X sing . . . "Wl1lffie-" a great future , . . Smoke Signal's L 'laik L manager- , R K, , tl 3 to gif JAMES SPANGLER JOHN SPlNNER "Bud" . . . he'll try anything more An GCG in SPOHS - - - "Zeke" - than once . . . likes practical Va"5lTY Club Pfesldenl- jokes. E Lykyy .c.a X GORDON STEIB Soft touch with a basketball curly blond hair . . . "Butch. faxed! ' Z0 na6az'cuwlcmy" you NANCY VAN HAM DANIEL VAN NORMAN Hy:,l,T,E, me, fifef' l I I Shefs an Zoorns around on a motor scooter expert on shoes I - Hpads and . . . burns the midnight oil . . Fancyuff National man. PEGGY STRUBLER She smiles with ease . . . wants to be a nurse . . . a quiet lass. 4 MELVA TAYLOR Always friendly to everyone . . . terrific musical talent . . . lovely to look at. JOYCE VAN POUCKE JEAN WEBER Dark hair and eyes , . , she speaks Busy business student . . , hails softly . . . movie fan. from Lombard . . . fun to know. KIP WELZEL GARY WESTPHALL All-'round athlete . . . Montana's "Dizz" . . . he can make anybody hay-stacker . . . "Spinner to Wel- laugh . . . bound for Eola Tech. zel. SHARON WIDDER A quiet smile , , , high-gtepping Man with the Oldsmobiles . . . maiorette . . . pretty blue-eyed likes a good time . . . enioys art. blond. 1 CMM, ,L -4 fr ,610 .fbgzg J .1 JXYQZL-541541 MMM " gaze 292976 711, 0 fwm. gow 9600 BOB WIITA I td KAREN WIKLUND GLORIA O Big, blue eyes . . . laughter is the Beautiful voice . . . New York and best medicine . . . an N.C.C. foot- Buddy Hackett . . . Ma and Pooh's ball fan, daughter. JUDY WOLSFELD smile . . . quietly efficient. MARILYN WRIGHT Active in band . . . she has a sweet Successful in everything she does it JEAN WOLLEY . . .' a friendly smile . . . an ex- cellent pianist. Eddie Fontaine's most enthusiastic fan . . . partial to the Lone Star State . . . harmonizes with ease. TOM YACKLEY Cl-lRlSTl ZAININGER A l'1Uf1'fel' who alWaY5 finds 'l"'l5 Long, auburn hair . . . a fishing pheasant . . . a hustler in wrestling enthusiast . l , Hand last but . . ."Tom Thumb." not leasfj' . g. 60360-'L Naperville, T954 Timid, Tireless, And Freshmen. En masse We descended Upon Teachers, Upperclassmen, The value of x, Candy machines, And the Merner fieldhouse. The warmth Of "Holiday lnn" Still glows in our Memory, Adding to the family feeling Of our close, new found Nest. The first, Last, And only, Our cafeteria and the Deep, dark caverns of Youth Center. With Laughter and intrigues Led by Shawn, Ann, Mary, and Myra. 4 Next year . . . The wild ones, Riot! Riot! Another rung With Julius, Pip, and the boys We found out that Worms Had guts, too! Rod, Shawn, Diana, and Dave Engineered The "Hollovveen Hop" And Dinner dance. And then there was Gym. Bang! Bang! Was that the slam Of locker doors Or, Gunshots? 2 P 'WNW' Next year . . . Upperclassmen At last! Our year to shine! Backed by Dave, Skip, Pat T., and Jerriann. Mrs. McThing and "l'm a dear little white rose." Gung Ho! On the Oriental Prom. Slaved we did And through we came with "Sang Wu" lDancing in the Moon! 'Tis May now. "Hail, Queen Evelyn!" Watch out! Here come The counselors. Time to start Thinking Of college, A taste Of caps and gowns. Next year . . . T958 Pow Wow! And "Carousel" too. lt's our party now! The trumpets Blare And Joanie reigns. Yells and kisses, Pigskin champs, Our boys Are heroes! Happy, happy, happy New Year, All you Happy, happy people! But, what about Term papers, And college boards! Don't look now, But graduation approaches! With tears and smiles fMixed emotions!! We say good-bye To N.C.H.S. Carry on, Sputnik! r M. i 9 gig g 3 We zany I At last we became under upperclassmenl We cheered long and loud for our Varsity guys. They were really tremendous! Naturally our school spirit was the best, mainly because we can yell louder than the other classes. At Homecoming we won the poster contest. Our groans from scrubbing and raking were heard long after our work-day. We even sold pop at the basketball games. Our theme-word? MONEY. In November we were busy rehearsing for our masterpiece, the iunior class play. .Then class rings came. Really neat! Meanwhile there wasn't much about American history or literature that we didn't know. Thanks to our great executive "crew" our dream came true on May 2, OUR Prom. And here's a great big "THANKS" to our sponsors, Mr. Smith and Mr. Grove, for the wonderful help they've been to us. So ends our fantabulous iunior year. But don't worry, you'll be hearing more from us. For next year we, as seniors, hifi lil S' ,Q is will shine. We, the class of '59. President, Ken Choatg Vice President, Bruce Keelerp Secre- tary, Judy Westlundg Treasurer, Renell Ridley. l. - .Y .. R. Amanti K X T. Anthoney 6 'G L- AVUEY, 7 ' " - 3. I . .P l W. Augsburg T 3 4 V H ' I Q J. Barkdoll . T. Barkei V, C I Vx, Sl ew M. Batterton P I 'x nl Q9 ,- V-,XR 1 if 1 .X 3 ' i B. Baumgartner I E. Belding N N A K. Berger i '- P sn N M. Beringer .qv I ' -3, ' C. Broecker W T' it 'Xi' . gd R. Boldt ' ' 5 -, f L. Book 1 fi l X .X ,H ' - iigzfisi' ' 'i l if - H T ' X. if J. Born E. Boysen W. Brady , R. Brandt .lp L. Brezinski G. Brown M. Brown l-'l K 5 A. Burgess -' N ,Q B. Bussey N 5 T. Butterfield 'fy - Q V ff . . . as P. Butusov 'V A l , ' 2 - 2' if 1' Y ,fl K7 'S ow- X l C... K. chaar N V Q A M ' .. T 6, y J. Christian Q A A' I I Q ' W 17 Y '- 0 T. Clark v M ly ly In A l - . L" l ' K-S :rw ' 'Q . i l - X '.l'l.'iii ' 5 . 'ir -. -A . 5".gtl2 tll is l ' V 5 l ' ll l z- - M. Clausen M. Coolidge - " l.. Davis H A l., Dedina P. Doherty 'I T. Ebel 'f ' M. Egermaier Y 9 Q 4' I tts.. 5? 1. .. 1 ,3 'S Q33 Ki J we .Q im: vi J V l fx K, wf y. R13 ln.. av , f'- . A i , A . L X... Mwla ..g2','2'-. We w' 11. , S xii. . Img 11 ft. W"-V 'S 1.. 'WV -Lggik pk leaf ? '. ' l V ,-,,, ' ' A E Q' si trlf g X 5 la K' ieea . f Q .uri me if lk I ' -' -- k . .. . ...rf 0 'W . Eg.-.Q X ,, K ,, 'Q x Q '31 M Q. fa for 3 ,gy rx 'Nm . 5 1 :"" . -J gi' 1, E... f ' .K ,. ' , V73 , X ff Q X i , ...i "N f . A i . . f " 2 " J'- L g '. "' 'fi 1 1' -ir J. X if Sw : . ff . A ytxf fl l- , S w ifi ,svn by A K k .k fy -M. L KX' in ,:', R. , Dv I .ey. i iam, K as , 4 y . 4 ,, L 5- A L, ' , A in .ff 'I ' A ,A -5, EW ' X 1' iv 5 3, 5 + l F ri an li e X -':2::.:t:' , V y :mf - 5 - V i Q M, S., i' 1- 51 1 g i J B M 41. ff . 5 f f K 5 . V , J' Q- 1 .I My f U ,'. ...ii .k 1, W Y, Q, ,. . 1 . - . ' . J. MQ L 5 'A' .dn - 'Q J, Egermann S. Eller D, Erickson C. Ericson A, Faulhaber J. Fessler C. Fidler M, Fink B. Firesfein D, Fitch M. Flanders D, Frey N. Gates R, Gelwrlie M. Geliz R, Geltz A. Gillhoover J. Glafanhein K. Goede B. Goodin B. Groves J. Crush J. Haidu M. Hanlon D, Hasterr N. Hartman K, Hatch J. Hibler J. Hieronymus H. Higgins B. Hippie B. Hopp B, House M. Howard S. Boyle J. Hultquisf H. Humphreys S. Janko J. Kakacek B. Karn J. Kariheiser B. Keeler F. Keller A. Kohley C. Kopack J. Krahl T. Kraisinger B. Labedz M. Landorf R. Landorf P. Lanier H. Lehnen S. Massier S. Matter B. McCraigl1 M. McHugh R. McNew S, Meadal E. Meiley V. Mengedoth K. Mielke R. Minkel J, Miro Mueller Mueller Murphy Nelson Nolte Nordbrock Nuckols Odette Oran Owens Owens Perkins Pribel Putnam Radock Ridley Riha Roschke Roth Sauter Schmidt Seymour Shigut Sltouse Sievert Simkins Slater Spangler Springborn Stafford Steck Stump Stutzle Taylor Tendall Tompson Vermaal Vermaat Waggoner Ward Warwick Wattonville Weissenborn Westluncl Westlund White Wier Wilt Wilt Wyllie Yager 'Q 'Q V 1.1 lift 91 : -t .wa 'xxx 1 'Xi , lllgvllk 5, 1 , -, R cf, wp- - sz gf' Y Yi U X I xx - r Sig 4 sv 1 .. S 5 X, U l A Q t 'iw WX xx xxg x fmxlxlllil 3. ge, , U- M lf. tw . .u, ith 'uri -' Z 5 Q S .933 A, an 1 5 .s s ,- ff' asv XA 5. N I W , S- S Q it ll I . L: ' . 'S Q14 - ' Q ,Q . M s L yr , by v K, , s 'QJS' 4 .. Q ' ' ' - fx it .,.,,-fV 'Ex Q x C' '95 7"" ,- . MISSED THE PHOTOGRAPHER . Du Paw . Glover . Harr . Henery . Hunter J. Kitterman . Kniesly J. Martin Messenger Navalny Overcash Stripp Swanson Weaver Zaininger S0444 This year sophomores, next year upperclassmen . . . Autumn days brought football and homecoming-who can forget those last few seconds of the last conference game when we tied Batavia to become conference co-champs? Under the guidance of our class sponsors, Mr. Welzel, Mr. Miller, and Miss Smykal, and our class officers, Chuck Ladd, president, Charlotte Davisson, vice president, Nancy Greer, secretary, and Sue Gates, treasurer, our class party, "Samhain," was a big success. And, of course, we can't forget the new fields of knowl- edge that were opened up for us l'?l in our math, English, and science courses which went from the "X" of algebra and the Great Expectations of Charles Dickens to congru- ent triangles and the gold of Silas Marner . . . and natur- ally, we must plug biology-oh! those frogs and worms! A' ll kklk l 5 f, sf f ,,,.. ., g A tx. 'Ex ., s 0 s -2.331 K s f ',f , l. s is- g lg "Mi"-,' A , az it :ir . Brig? if 'iii nf 'mf as- xg ii: ' -. :E .,,. M. is -..-....., ' fs- if Sri if 55 Y sr, L ss l. 5- X HI 'M x 3 President, Chuck Laddp Vice President, Charlotte Secretary, Nancy Greer, Treasurer, Sue Gates. Y, 4 , . i , .. 'W i in x 0 K X , r T, Alexander K. Anderson R. Bacon D. Beirne R. Bellandi D, Benton H. Beringer M. Berthold D. Blair B. Boecker J, Bohnstedt R, Born D. Breed D. Breitwieser B. if. Q 3 AX iff . . .W 1 4 -N 51- Q f . f M Q Q., it NS ,f Y BQ? if . as J. J. G. .V T mt. wh sk- P E, .Q i H T. J. E. Kp' L. B. D. Brian W. Brodne Brown Caldwell . Charvat Church Clayton Close Clow Clusen Collins Conway Cooper Crabb Crabtree Daniels Davis Davis Davis Davisson Dempsey Davisson 39 K. Dickey J, Dollmger C. Donkin K. Dowling R. Doyle J. Drondcl B. Drcndel B. Dulmi C. Durma T. Eclccls G. Eiper K. Eisele K. Elarcle R. Ellis J. Ensminger L. Ernckson H. Erlcson D. Farnlmm P. Faulhaber L. Fnsclwer Y, Frrcstein C. Flory L. Fraser N, Frcgin J. Frisk A. Frolm G. Fry P. Fry J. Furncr S Grams S, Gclnlmrdi S. Gcblmrdt S. Goldsvyorihy L. Goodscll H. Graulf B. Grecnaway N Greer R. Hfxberman P. Hagr-n N Hall D. Hamumn G Hausuer T. Haycr M. Hr-dblom G Handler G Hcrilvkc E. Hckror A Hswumng J, Herbert J, Hull A Hultoubrand J. Hnlrcnlurnnd N. Hoffman C, Hooker B Howard J. Huml? S. Huntffr C. Hybl l.. Hyctt E. Jfmovvicz M Janson P, Jelinck C. Jonkons X .fr 9 z id x V f . Lvx- '.v fx E, .-i'-,,li4'J- . QE?" r I- f 5 V g Q' gig, 'U ' f 1.4 ,..: vii? ,M D , KQ X K Y A t .Sk vi y Pair fi , an vm-"N . K Ei ry J 'fx Q X it .JW klzq X lx gg fg Q Q 'gf' fif 'Wk' 'N Sz, H is y say H. ' ,H ' jf., I J r iawki, ,,, I .AM K- y -f.L gy,--f n I , ,fl J rm , lx F 4 ahmy. L 4 T RY Y ' "L 4 if .e . . .gd :V 'K l at Q ,K l li Q. J' "Q F 44 i . V! We 42 as 3,,..1li .girl my'!Ul!?'l 1 5 ll .il is i i il- A if X X il .x FL if llylv: W' . fi 2 ll ff' 6.3 S 7. . . ,J -'23-ll' 'Fly :limi Xa- ' A ' e c. Y,-Q avg ,ll g.-l- "ff .,4. - . 5.9, gen s . V F it H.. . . I ' . if lk. s Ks x -.'-,- -gl .K ' i 5 "Wx . -59' 5 X X .fx ma CWI? .N . ts a3"i N-. .Q .. 1 3... ' 7 - QQ N . .1 1 L Ji ll N' 3 ,:.: f L-XY! xi in K ' ' ' X ' f. . gl W" A JK. all fl' 'F J. if f X ...V I f' .. . ii ,,,., 43. GK? 5 lef G ii. . ..,.,.,4f, 1 . :Q I agmfk. 4 ggi . L Q -- 'g2iW1!,2'.,'-X' it .gr . .i N 3 ' f xi .lei i. 2 4 if ie ,fa 2. 2 . 1 , XA x 55531 if 'Z L -. V . -e, f l. :ms-,ei.L fa 4 f 'C 'JW-1 xr f M .. . -. Q.. 1 I. f ,- Q e - Q. 1, S KA "Bl A Q il' -'fig N. Jones B. Keller W. Kempiners J. Kenas M. Kilgore D. Kingery B. Klingbeil T. Klingbeil A. Kloth H. Koch C. Kocher G. Koon B. Kramer B. Kuhn C. Ladd D. Landorf L, Landorf W, Layton S. Leesley M. LeVee E. Lipscomb S. Lipscomb J. Little T. Lundy B. Mahoney D, Manning J, Marquardt D. Messier J, Mastny G. Matson E. McClellan R, McConnell P. McDaniels D. McDonald C. Merrick D. Meyer B. Mickel B. Miller D. Miller J. Miller M. Modaff B. Moede L, Moeller J. Molitor T. Mueller J. Nlunday S. Nelson V. Nelson B. Noffsinger J. Noffsinger T. Oas J. Odette J. Odetre J. Ory B, Ottley J. Pannell D. Patterson B. Patyk B. Peck R, Pekarek J. Pembroke A. Pickett T. Platt L. Poss T. Priz K. Richards H. Richardson J. Riedy J. Ritter J. Robbins D. Rodger B. Rodgers C. Roschke D. Sademan P. Sandberg N. Sauter L. Sayre J. Schaefer J. Schaefer J. Scheideman B. Schield L. Schilling E. Schindel E, Schmelzel D. Schroeder N. Schum B. Schwahn J, Seymour H, Sheehan M. Sherwood V. Shouse W. Sikech A. Silhanelc T. Sinclt A, Sirp S. Slater S. Sluvicek B. Smith J. Soclerquist K. Staffelclt M. Stephenson N. Stiefbold D. Stromberg C. Summers V. Sutton L. Taylor J. Thompson B. Timm C, Toschak E. Tosh M. Unger E. Vanecek J. Van Norman A. Van Slyke S. Van Zant C, Vavruska J. Wasil L. Weber N. Welirli J. Weymouth D. White D. Wilkins J. Williamson J, Wine R. Win P. Wolf D. Wolsleld N. Woolley T. Woolley G, Wright L, Wuethrich J. Wyllie A-W3 W-ll r vgqf ,Pi-6,3 3 xii n, ,if Q- J L. . A 3 ag, 4. ff.. 2... HT' . ' 'ZZ' T151 ' if ' ' W ...A ., new-... i n V All -, igxxil , p X 1 f. 'ily . , 1 j L 'yi 1 L r"' 'f . wa 4, :J ., E ,Z ln . R H ' . J A V .Tw .,. 1. " w J' ,Z Q 4-va. N' .xa!.A aye. raxikk .ry X . . 1 K: vu lc' 'rv 4 ,E 744: ix l A43 4, m 5...- . J I I -r L' A R. .WL v 4.7 M -M M H ' J . I Ygv 1. .s,h if ' if t., ' -. Q s i fl " Ax 1. A it S as elf W g-qi:-, 1' L-P, k if L 5 if ... : . -A -'wr f-fi . 5 21- 4 " ' " fn, ,XR gi .' It ' " ' - f ia.. TKT . . Q , A y.'5'gQl Qi 54 35.2, lm f X www 7 A r xv - T 'R 1 31 X' W 'ge J L . 2 2 Q .-Q1 , i 'e" gi, 'li X I' .",. . K X J' ' V i - L Y if N, 2 . .T Elx mln X ll l or ' ' to H A K A V 5, Ni . , ww. 13:31 '.. ix' 5 VJTQQ' 1 4 'N x!t ,vs ' Q4 , ' Q -,- . .9 AVN , fgjyff i. ' - 'rr if if r, if 4 V lv' 1'-I' , ' . r - A 1, it ll v' 5 lily? ililili. 2 N :Mi . iilllllllllii s X . . fa'-'Z al 23" 3: 5. ' 450 , A 2' . 8' . NT? . YF ri if .xt , X ' f i Q I . .6 7 .. il l i xl A Sufi: '29 1 2 CD " ' ' r pd- z' W Q7 P '-il. .. aw. 41 f g ...1 Wmgf, ,elf xgga- Y' A T J MISSED BY PHOTOGRAPHER 1 , M J- H009 B. Beckman ' f- rf' fi . H. Hoaei 5, Bemes ,W ,A L- P. Phillips J, Brady tr 'V J. Philrwotf S. clair ' . rffizyt ,Q 'ju ' f if M. McEldowney ffis is 1' ' With only a few weeks left to go we are assured that our freshman year will be the best thus far. As we look over the memorable occasions that have occurred, several stand out. The Frosh-Soph teams were superb and when we tied for the football championship we felt that no greater thrill was possible. Meeting our Big Sisters at the Girls' League party will also long be remembered. Quite a few new and different things that were fun- the first formal dance-and regrettable-that first pass-hap- pened to us this year. Certainly a lot of credit goes to the people who made this year so wonderful, such as the authors of the little white cards to which we clung so desperately the first few days. Our class sponsors helped us immeasurably in electing our class officers and are supervising the plans of our class party which is to come in the future. President, Jim Schapg Vice President, Dorellyn Taylorg Secretary, Priscilla Wolff Treasurer, Fred Washburn. 'Q' Lg-, A, g .... A A 2, . J, 2, ,,.....:: -' is W , 'H as l iiii 'fl s . l . s. .. sas Au f as 'X' 'Q ' V f ,X . Y! rea. s 1'-.3 . , ,fr , f f 1 kits we . Q it .is , 0 .. I - '93, in .... . ir x 1,15 M ' . 'QJUMM W 1 li? -'Q a Y: V 'sixty 1 ' - as rf- ,-J , S ' L- 7 1. Q 52 V rk y L k 5 A I .4 A ll.. . .. t" i"' V , "' M Qs i f . E5 E. Adams R. Akey M. Allen J. Alsip K. Ansley M. Barkdoll J. Barosko C. Beidelman J. Bensema G. Berry L. Bertram R. Best R. Blankenhorn D. Bodhaine L. Brata L. Brown W. Brownewell R. Buckner J. Butkewitz L. Bussey A. Callender D. Carter J. Carter L. Cesal D. Chilvers R. Chybik C. Clark M. Clarke M. Claus K. Clausen H. Clementz M. Close K. Clymer P. Cook J. Coolidge C 5- x 'NN R. ,sf 'T T. Corkill L. Cossman R. Dalhaus C. Davis D. Dexheimer J. Doherty D. Dowling G. Drendel P. Eastmann F, Eckard K, Ehrhart D. Ernberson D, Etherton A. Finkbeiner C. Flanders R. Fleischer B. Floyd A. Freitag J. Gartner M. Geltz C, George R. George J. Gerber L. Geris N. Glass W. Gordon G. Gorski D. Grommon B, Grush B. Gunderson G. Hagg G. Hall J. Harshbarger C, Hartman J. Hensel D. Heppberger J. Herring E. Hoyle C. Howting D. Hrouda S. Hultquist M. Jaehne P. Jamison J. Janick E. Johnson D. Keeler D. Kelrn A. Kesselring A. Kindig G. Kipling K. Kitterman J. Kluckholn F. Knoche D. Koehler A. Kordell D. Kraisinger S. Kramer T. Kuester C. Lang N. Law S. Lawrence C. Lemke M. Leverenz t it f 'fi -lr x .P Q' 5. 1 A vi- .3 v I J Z O 'Qs 13'- .Q . A . 1 X X y lt s 1 A ri it. r'l i . A il QJT f vu A ' Q A ' 3.5-,ff A -"- . M A . My if li W 'Z 4. 'YY X ,S " -Q -'Mil v f' llll f jx Q?" Tlllwclz ' 1- ' .vi Q el Ti , ff Mal -.1 A ' -'ri R. A. 5 I - . . X .gpg . A ' 1 'ff' ' 3 ri ..,. ' ilii 3 ' I .- -. 1 M I E 5 I J 'X 'F . W. A . . .ag fm " . fix N u i- 5 -. f A , . 1 , L A f . - 1 . - M l lr A 'lil if .1 , . ..- f 6 ', i .5 F . . fs A' . Q . . 4.3 .J M 55 2 4 . . hi Keira- x if A H al 'W' ' v.9'l . . , ' Qs. ,N 'S 5. .. ' f- . , . , rx K . .- 9 S , A . . 1 Z i U' " J H -45 ilk! ri Rlrr R no-. bb . r s WST? P wr Q J' 7 K R 'Vi ' l ill ' A1 . ' f T ,,, f V mg. J R ' ig -, .e .5 R A rw' R . . - . sl f . H R 5l il llfifll AX his A ffl 2' 127' 1 lx "R Q. W' .W If R 4 gf 2 .4 G X " K'-ME 'CI7 Q 2 we l .. rf " J 4+ ff 2 rr ,-is .slag . - gr 4 "f's:1'2:.- fps my .,,y,g.q+ my 0 5... . -. f , . f' ..- . S - f e . .- . 3 .-I Q ., . 2-rg f ff 'I - X lr si 4 1' Mlm ' me ,. I 'Wx an Y sw? IL- 'ev .5 ' 1 1 We J "J W ,k. NV:- i ff" ,fl If fx V gd K . r '. A S915 Qbff. R. Long S. Lord D. Lundy P. Lyfle D. Mack R. Mall R. Marquarclm J. Matter J. Mayne R. McDonald L. McMartin S. McNevv W. Mego C. Meiley H. Mellin S. Meyers B. Mickel A. Miller D. Miller H. Miller V. Minkel J. Moeller C. Moore J. Mortimer B. Mortvedt P. Moy J. Moya G, Muckelberg M. Mueller K. Mueller C. Murphy G. Murtaugh D. Nelson E. Noffsinger V. Norton M. Nyborg R. Ohlson G. Olsen G. Olson L. Ory C. Osborne L. Oswald R. Ottley D. Overcash S. Parsons G. Payne S. Pelrik B. Plough R. Radock M. Renner J. Ripsky R. Robbins E. Roche W. Ross M, R011 H. Rowland J. Rulfwl N. Rufan J. Schap A, Schmieler J. Sclnmus R, Schroeder E. Schum J. Scordo J. Selvig C. Sherry R. Shepherd C. Shimp L. Shimp D. Simonsen K. Skinner K, Smith R. Spahn R. Spahr J. Springborn J. Squires H, Staffeldt M. Sfarlc T. Siockwell W. Sfripp C. Stump S. Stutzman J. Tannery D. Taylor G. Thoman M. Thompson J. Tufis P. Turner M, Walsh K, Walz C. Wardle F. Washburn V. Westlund W. Wesfphal D. White R, White B, Widder A, Williams W. Wilson E. Wohld P. Wolf K. Young 4 :jg ' A 3HQg9,Si Vigil' I ..nXiailsslSll . NF 4' he N 4' 'XSS X ""! as . . l l V if K Xl new 1 , 'x n.1'1".f2.:.l J , A I 'li l 2. 'l C, ' i ly ' :" Z 2'2 Q xlxbf Q , ,. e my ,gvvy X.. .1 A i meer! . , " . 7 .,.. ' . . . . I ' I I J tl ' I . .S All in Aix J J Xl 5 J X li lex X D' Q V' 'II Xl 1 I' ttifzhx K ll . .... X if lilil Xlxxililili 1 il i Lf 'ICJ' A 1 .. My QF' X' MISSED THE PHOTOGRAPHER W. Boughton R . Crawley D. Dietrich H. Dirlcs P. May D. McCormick T. McNichols T. Mueller Mundorff Navalany Overcash Rife Robinson L. Shimp. Woolsey Zimmy vw.. X 2, ff x S gamers-Mm-wi 1 wr- 1 1 3 E, 1? M. 2 5 K 5 5' i s CCF .I g f A 4' is A gee STUDENT COUNCIL 1. Virginia Norton 2. Charlotte Hooker 3. Ken Richards 4. Dorellyn Taylor 5. Agnes Perkins Secretary 6 Donna Wilkins 7 H'eI a H d l 8 Sk J , . . g o e . ip amison 9. Diana Hoff- man 1O, Doug Hosler, Treasurer 11. Rod Stietbold, President 12. Bruce Keeler 13. Rita Brandt 14, Peg Doherty 15. Roger Akey 16. Jim Noffsinger 17. Dave Kindig 18. Janet Hieronyrnus 19. Sibylle Schneider 20. George Matson 21. Melva Taylor 22. Joanie Pratt 23. Jim Schap 24. Chuck Meiley 25. Amy Taylor 26. Jay Gerber 27. Pete Murphy 28. Bob Clow 29. Tobey Sindt 30, Terry Anthoney 31 Charlotte Davisson 32. Judy Daniels 33. Phyllis Fr 'GM y 34. Jean Meiley ft 35. Kip Welzel 36. Steve Lawrence 37. Carol Flanders 38. Bob Patter- son 39. Berby Boecker 40. Mr, George Toothill, Advisor. X ggi . .Q Nf TRAFFIC COURT Advisor to the Judges, Mr. George Toothillg Judge "Butch" Firesteinf Judge Denny Crabtree: Judge Clark Sumnnersg Chief Judge Bob Pat- terson. 35 'Z 'Q First row: Sibylle Schneider, Karin Klingler, Dave Kindig, Betty Hoffman. Second row: Jean Glafenheim, Barbara Moede, Gertrude Hausner, Joann Kenas, Phil Cook, Jim Mortimer, Randy Radock, Bill Hopp, Pat Conway, Diana Hoffman. Third row: Mr. Gehrig, Rod Stietbold, Helga Hodel, Juergen Mueller, Gloria Wolf, Walter Brodney, Dale Bierne, Bob Duhai, Dave Stromberg. Fourth row: Pat Lanier, Fred Knoche, Ted Barkei. Front: Karin Klingler, Mary Flock, Judy Meyers, Penny Platt, Tink Dempsey. Back: Miss Gamertstelder, Sue Eller, Carol Pickhardt, Barb White, Lucy Ross. wae: - . W: . .. - ,a - A Q FEATURE First row: Joanne Wine, Heather Humphreys, Marge Batferlon, Verna Mengecloth, Peg Doherty. Second row: Tobey Sindf, Erika Pribel, Judy Daniels,I Miss Smykal, Barbara Davisson, Mary Flock, Diana Hoffman. Third row: Ellen Kelley, Roberta Boecker, Barbara Jones, Karen Seven- ing, Evelyn Dollinger, Tink Dempsey, Janice Wesllund, Terry Conway, Judy Westlund, Claire Dempsey, Charlotte Davisson. CD QUE BUY if 1 EDITOR 'S STAFF Left fo right: Douglas Hosler, George Matson, Joann Kenas, Edirorp Ed Sieberf, Karin Klingler, Tom Moch. QD 3 SPORTS Center: Par Conway. Line-up: George Ma?- son, Richard Jamison, Allan Freifag, Grace Putnam, Lynn Book. G Foreground: Mary Flock, Rod Stiefbold. First row: Darlene Keeler, Berby Boecker, Barb White, Ann Kidder, C9 Sylvia Ory, Erika Pribel, Judy Westlund, Sharon Boelfer. Second row: Mickey Sherwood, Sally Gebhardf, Allyson Schmieler, Mary Ruth Oran, Karen Wiklund, Cookie Roth, Marge Bafferion, Nancy Van Ham, Rita 9 Brandt, Kay Wier, Jerriann Myers. G29 4 NEWS I"""'. we-5' uv? SOCIAL COMMITTEE First row: D. Hoffman, S. Eller, R, Brandt, H. Humphreys, C, Roth, J. Soderquisi J, Mciley, B. Davisson, J. Daniels, C. Davisson, V. Norton, S. Petrik, K. Kitterrnan Second row: C. Schmidt, R. Schnibben, P. Jamison, B. Wohld, C. Pickhardf, M Jansen, D. Taylor, A. Firestein, L, Zaininger, J. Kingery, J. Doherty, N. Hoffman D. Kingcry, C. Flanders, K. Young, C. Summers, J. Gerber. Third row: G. Steib C. Hcdblom, lSponsorl Miss Gamertsfelder. CAFETERIA COMMITTEE Forugrouricl: Bob Clow, Ray Hanlon, Ralph Beaulieu, Francis Sanders, Ray Schnibben. First row: Betty Hoffman, Walt Hodel, Mary Flock, John flcr, Bill Kroushl, Yvonne Firestein, Tom Yackley, Melva Jelinek, Dick Wilson, Chuck Hornback, Bob Patterson, Phil G. Stcib, B. Bogclon. Taylor. Second row: Jack Newcomer, Rod Stiefbold, 'ff' vw" x xi-'C ,545 Spinner, Mary Lynn Shif- NATIONAL HONOQ SOCNETY E 2 Q , W XXX E5 lj First row: Betty Hoffman, Doug Hosler, Patrick Conway, Mary Flock. Second row: Dave Harr, Nancy Van Ham, Wm. Kroushl, Mary Lynn Shiffler, Dave Ward, Amy Taylor, Ed Siebert. Third row: Don Frey, Karen Wiklund, Tink Dempsey, Mrs. Warnell, Jerryann Myers, lrene McGregor, Barb Jones, Judy Deanna Kingafy. First row: lerry Anthoney, Ed Siebert, Don Frey, Jim Grush. Second row: Wm, Kroushl, Gordy Kipling, Terry Clark, Dave Ward, Eugene Boysen, Tobey Sindt, Jim Kakacek, Pat Conway, John Eggerman, Jack Higgins. Third row: Roberta Boecker, Merrilee Unger, Joann Soderquist, Kay Wier, Lynn Book, Georgia Wright, Jane Seymour, Dorellyn Taylor, Allyson Schmieler, Karen Young, Mary Flock, Dick Springborn. Fourth row: Bruce Keeler, Mrs. Warnell, Nancy Greer, Mary Ruth Oran, Gretchen Paine, Sue Petrik, Nelly Hall, lrene McGregor, Donna Emerson, Joann Wine, Peg Doherty, Nancy Van Ham, Doug Hosler. Fifth row: Ken Choat, Dave Harr, Pricilla Wolf, Ann Clausen, Mary Lynn Shiffler, Jerriann Meyers, Betty Hoffman, Judy Kingery, Judy Westlund, Charlotte Davisson, Tink Dempsey, Emily Belding, Cathy Boecker, Amy Taylor, Agnes Perkins. Sixth row: June Cossman, Joyce Van Poucke, Kay Elarde, Ginger Norton, Heather Humphreys, Verna Mengedoth, Marge Batterton, Rita Brandt, Linda Brata, Cynthia Moore, Darlene Keeler, Renell Ridley, Sandy Steck, Mary Flanders, Barb Jones, Diana Hoffman. 54 IAPERYILLE COMM. Rl Il Dmaafdrvdcai H 0 nawmnucanon Q F.F.A. From row, left to right: Robert Fleischer, William Augsburg, Keith Berger, and Rodney Schreeder. Second row: Phillip Turner, Richard Chybik, Frank Keller, Thomas Kraisinger, Walter Boughton, Wil- liam Ross. C. C. NETZLEY CUJNC. DRIVERS TRAINING Third row: Gordon Eipers, Robert Geltz, Richard Massier, and David Kelm. Fourth row: David Meyer and Orin Frederickson. Fifth row: Jack Fessler and Richard Moliter. Sixth row: Richard Davis and Thomas Priz. Top center: Lee Fischer. Q 'F as Q wr Sl FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Front row, left to right: Darlene Keeler, Karen Walz, Donna Emberson, Rita Brandt, Judy Meyer, Treas- urer, Marge Batterton, Secretary, Anne Clawson, Vice President, Melva Taylor, President. Second row: Heather Humphreys, S. Slater, Jean Meiley, Barbara LaBedz, Thelma Woolley, Mary Ruth Oran, Margie Rott, Mr. Stevens, Advisor. Third row: L. Wuethrick, Priscilla Wolf, Norma Woolley, Anne Shigut, Carol Flanders, Margaret Walsh, Sara Stutzman, Nancy Wehrli, Judy Murtaugh. Fourth row: Karen Smith, Cathy Boocker, Judy Westluncl, Allison Schmieler, Marilyn Clausen, Sharon Boelter, Donna Grommon, Jayne Thompson, Pat Matekaitis. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA First row: Diana Hoffman, Jeanne Gherke, Carol Bolin, Karen Sevening. Second row: Marilyn Landorf, Pat Earhart, Judy Wolsfeld, Linda Avise, Third row: Mr. Gaston, Lorraine Riha, Bonnie Fox, Bonnie Rowe, Sylvia Ory, Marlyn Shaft, Barbara La Belz, Jean Woolley, Carole Modaff. Fourth row: Mrs. Kammerer. I an 1 1:9 'T 'Q I FUTURE HOMEMAKENRS OF AMERICA First row, from left to right: Kay Campbell, Vice President, Nancy Hartman, President, Ann Kohley, Secretary, Norma Woolley, Marlene Brown, Arla Eickelberger, Sharol An- derson, Miss Derry, Mary Sue Kobliska. Second row: Jean Woolley, Treasurer, Shirley Hunter, Jerrilyn Frisk, Charlotte Stafford, Elaine Schmelzel, Judy Dollinger, Diane Schroeder, Mrs. Pietila. Third row: Peggy Sandburg, Thelma Woolley, Linda Cossman. Fourth row: Janet Molitor, Karen Mielke, Diane Mueller, Donna Hamman, Jean Gehrke. ART CLUB Seated: Kathy Isle, Leroy Shilling, Ray Born. Standing: Nancy Glass, Sue Burmis, Mr. Heaton, Judy Drendel, Hohn Warwick, June Cossmann, Grover Erickson, Mary Lynn Nyborg, Cassie Beidelman, Art Frohn, Jim Ray, Kick Nelson. 44. August 29-Freshman Day-Nelson Communicates His Suggestions. September li-Activity Assembly-Attention all socialites. 13-Big and Little Sister Party-Have a few dice. 14-Football with Downers-Despite the heat we didn't get beat. 14-Pow-Wow-sacks and warpaint were the style. October 12-Football with St. Charles-Spinner + Welzel : one wrecked Home- coming. 13-18-School Spirit Week-A team backed by loyal school spirit is un- beatable. I8-Homecoming-Queen Joanie reigned over our victory against We-Go and the best Homecoming yet. 21-No school-yippee. 22-S.Q.T. tests-many pallid seniors. 25-Football with Sycamore-with the worst past only one more victory and we're conference champs. November l-End of the first semester-But, Mom, I really did lose my report cards. 1-Football with Batavia-first time we've had double champs in i7 years. A-Athletic award assembly-We honor our heroes. 15-Junior class play-these schhhhudents have talent. December 6-Basketball with Sycamore-the first conference win starts us on. out way. 10-Wrestling with We-Go-well, well, wrasslin' is back. 14-Christmas Dance-Sibylle and Doug are the big wheels of the Carousel. 20-Basketball with Batavia-Oh, welll, nobody else beat them. 26-28-Holiday Basketball Tournament-Well, we've got spirit. January 6-End of Christmas vacation-sob, moan, etc. 10-Wrestling tournament at Paletine-Our boys brought home a third place trophy. it-Basketball with We-Go-a 65 to 50 win boosted our school spirit. I3-D.A.R. award-Citizen Pratt pinned by Miss Gale. 58 7957-7?5X 17-Basketball with Geneva-we won by gum-64 to 59. 24-End of the first semester-Oh, those exams. 24-Basketball at Sycamore-Could it have been those G.A.A. girls? February -Basketball with Batavia-Ski Jamison and Paul Butsov-stars of the day 7-Basketball at Geneva-Baumgartner sank those Vikings. l2- Lincoln's birthday-Happy Birthday Abe and Happy Holiday us. 19-Talentshovvwvvell, variety is the spice of life. 20-Conference Wrestling Meet-Ray! Ray! Naperville Champs. March 3-8-Regional Basketball Tournaments. i9-Awards assembly-Winter sportsmen honored. 28-29-Senior play-"The Loud Red Patrick"-those seniors have talent. 29 April -District meeting of the Junior Academy of Science-N.C.H.S. proves its scientist strength again. 4-14-Spring vacation-Florida or Washington bound? l7-Sub-District Student Council Convention-Naperville was the host to 25- May fun and work. Elementary School Music Festival-The future musicians of NCHS. Not letter perfect but giving their all. 2-Prom-An unforgettable evening. 9-l O-State Science Convention. lO-District Track and Golf. T2-16-District Baseball-We never strike out. 23-Conference Track Nleet. 30-Memorial Day-oh, my feet. June 8-Baccalaureate Services-The beginning of the end, memories start to Q- flow. Beginning of examination week-The final and greatest trial period of the school year. T2-Commencement Exercises-Farewell, but not good-by. End of the school year-Whether it meant work, play, or iust loafin , the waiting is over and summer finally made her annual debut. 59 "Pow-Wow' Fw Inlml cc rr-monies x no X 'l SSTL-. 1 J Vw .. -4 2? 9-' 'T' J-4, x ,. ,f. ' A 'AM edu! . jx X 1 5. V . Y , M' Q, X J . . X' if fl 2 ,,, , 3 X I, Q5 ' b .N xi at ' ?' A Lbl v Q Q I N - f I ' ' 1 , , 4 M ' K 4 " 5 inf' 1 , , ,AI x ' no I t f "3 V ' A U , "Q , ,'-- x I EN A '- Slum MVU gif Q,L,5iik i,, 2, AE J iii 5 ' Q I J K T f .4 1 Q :ff .S A 1 ,, 33 a5 ' gk - 1, ,, 53 ' 2. , 4 f x +1 W 4- 1..- Q I ou m1dSybiHe reign ,4 d""4 ? R Xdskivws V "Pow WOW' Ad 'H " ' IN! Y. , wg-1 ,I .,.'1'-rag'-A T LN F-W T A r. ,hm rf, ,f 'L , ' ,QL-Y ' K - , ly L 2 N jgzfz ' :.v -I -, M sv J gil' 9 ' Wg ' V L' . ..v. in I " I c . ulfiml' '. 5 as 4' 'Q ig f 3 ' .rs ,egg Mgtu . X g ' - .Ii A 'W' - 'K 7 ' A Q ' is ' ' Q! . A kr. fr' Our Queen, Joan Pratt, and Mary Lynn Shiffler and Marcia Fry. Om Wwe Prize floatfSenior Class Inspiration f?5 7 73" ' SCIENCE CLUB First row: Janet Hierony- mus, Juergen Mueller, Tom Moch. Second row: Tom Ebel, Kay Wier, Doug Hosler, Dave Kin- dig, Larry Marin, Ed Frey, Dave Harr, Kathy Osborn, Chuck Horn- back, Carol Kopak, Chuck Hedbom, Jim Kakacek, Curt Howell, Mr, Holland, Advisor. 6I 1 i . g ii E 5 i BAND Fourth and Fifth Hour Chorus-First row: Sibylle Schneider,-Peg Dougherty, Sandy Steck, Randy Robbins, Heather Humphreys, Rita Brandt, Myra Hildebrand, Second row: Melva Taylor, Lynn Book, Georgia Wright, Mike Mueller, Bret Smith, Erika Pribel, Diana Hoffman, Roberta Boecker. Third row: Ann Shigut, Judy Robbins, Ann Clawson, Paul Wolf, Dave Ward, Bill Bussey, Agnes Perkins, Karen Goede, Lucy Ross. Fourth row: Mrs, Stone, Carol Pickhardt, Janice Westlund, Terry Anthony, Curt Howell, Ken Choat, Dave Harr, Marilyn Clawsen, Judy Westlund. Mixed Chorus-Front row: Mrs. Stone, Nellie Hall, Anne Kessebierig, Shirley Hunter, Jim Martemer, Pamela Moy, Martha Claus, Laure Goodsel, Myra Hildebrand. Second row: Nancy Sauter, Sharol Ander- son, Dick Dalhaus, Randy Robbins, Bret Smith, Mary Lynn Shiffler, Joyce Van Poucke, Margo Jaehne. Third row: Ann Shigut, Carol Vavruska, Bonnie Martredt, Cliff Wardle, Torn Kuester, Bob Peck, David Miller, Sharon Lord, Ann Finkbeiner, Lynn Book. Fourth row: Barbara Caldwell, Mary Ruth Oran, Gloria Wolf, Nancy Hoffman, Toby Sendt, Ted Barkei, Mike Mueller, Dorellyn Taylor, Priscilla Wolf, Gretchen Payne, Arla Jean Eichelberger. Fifth row: Cindy Merrick, Karen Goede, Sharon Boelter, Bill Mego, Curt Howell, Fred Knoche, Phyllis Fry, Lynn Clayton, Sharon Van Zandt. ORCHESTRA Front row: Sue Gates. Second row: Karen Woltz, Carolyn Hartman, Donna Wilkins, Jerriann Myers, Mr. McCabe, Director. Last row: Kay Wier, Dorothy White, Joann Kenas, Barbara Widder, Carol Pickhardt. CHORUS Fourth and fifrh lunch hour Mixed Chorus my sf' in C Ur xo -,,,--""' ,-- I ln: X fl Q wif SLIDE RULE CLUB Firsf row: Bob Ellis, Ray Schnibben, Bob House, Ken Thompson, Dennis Crabiree, Walter Brodne. Second row: Walrer Hodel, Philip Newcomer, Roland Fink, Gary Wesfphall, Bruce Keeler, Juergen Mueller. Third row: Mr. Holland, Bob Hipple, Kip Welzel, Chuck Hedblom, Richard Jamison, Curtis Howell. CAMERA CLUB ron! row: Colin Murphy, Tyler Ensmigner, Ken Thompson. Back row: Juergen Mueller, Paul Rogers, Doug Manning, Chuck Hornback, Thomas Mock, Jim Cooper, Howard Koch, Mr. Holland, Curtis Howell. F 9 JUNIOR Front center: Cassie Beidelman. Second row: Sherry Wattonville, Myrna Landorf. Third row: Russel Spahr, Barb Goodin, Pricilla Wolf, Nancy Hoffman, Pam Moy, Carol Donkin. RED CROSS COUNCIL Fourth row: Miss D. Scroggie, Advisor. Fifth row: Jim Kluckholn, Jayne Thomp- son, Joann Kenas, Arlie Faulhaber. Sixth row: Gerald Marquart, Dave Heppberger. Seventh row: Ed Hybl. CLARA BARTON LEAGUE First row: Alice Kordell, Nancy Hoffman, Joann Kenas, Caryl Schmidt, Sherry Wattonville. Second row: Martha Klaus, Margo Saehne, Peggy Strubler, Sandy Steck, Miss Gale, Mary Hedblom, Carol Flory, Irene Mac- Gregor, Marlyn Landorf. Third row: Linda Bussey, Donna Hammond, Char- lotte Hooker, Helen Ericson, Lynn Erickson, Sue Gates, Janice Westlund, Sharon Lord, Carol Vavruska, Lynda Moel, Linnaea Oswald. 1 nal- x n First row from front to back: Bob Ellis, Ray Schnib- ben, John Philott. Second row: John Spinner, Dick Massier, Torn Jackley, Ray Pekarek, Denny Crabtree, Francis Sanders. Fourth row: Jim Witt, Peter Murphy, Ray Han- lon, Bob Baum- gartner, Bob Clow, Bud Waggener. Fifth row: Ken Choat, Jack Weisenborn, Walter Hodel, Ed Hybl, Ed Lipscomb Shawn Moore. 66 VARSITY CLUB Sixth row: Chuck Hedblom, Boyd Bog- den, Butch Steib, Dave O'Neal, Larry Meal, Rolly Fink, Seventh row: Phil Newcomer, Kip Welzel, Bob Barrenbrugge, Gary Westphal, Skip Jamison. Eighth row: Jack Jelinek, Bill Nolte, Coach Spencer, Coach Berger, Coach Miller, Coach Grove. Ninth row: Coach Funston, Coach Smith, and Athletic Director Scott. JoAnn Soderquist, Judy Kingery, Carol Modaff, Cathy Boecker, Mrs. Maxwell. fg .. ,gk 25345 . .1 ,x. - .. :si 1. - -A I 5.-fm-1 Q J A 1 N2 N? 1 Ln- Qf 3 QQ X ,f ff I, N' i l First row: +R. Fink, J. Win, T. Yackley, tw. Hodel, U. Spinner, "B Ellis, G. Westphall. Third row: Coach W. Spencer, J. Kaka B. Baumgartner, 'D. Crabtree, A. Firestein. Second row: B. cek, B. Patterson, E. Lipscomb, B. Bogdan, C. Hedbiom Waggoner, R, Raddock, R. Schnibben, P. Pucci, G. Erickson, J. Jelinek, "K. Welzel, J. Weissenborn, "B. Nolte, J. Hultquist H. Richardson, D. Massier, M. Hanlon, R. Owen, 'R. Hanlon, B. Hippie, Coach R. Funston. 'Denotes All-Conference selections VARSITY FOOTBALL LITTLE SEVEN CHAMPS! Yes! A freshman dream come true! Under the able guidance of coaches Spencer and Funston the team chalked up a 5-O-O unblemished conference record. After a tie with Downers Grove and a defeat by Rich, the experience helped the Redskins roll handily over Geneva. In the last six seconds of the St. Charles game the team ignited a spark "to win" by scoring a story finish touchdown. From then on West Chicago, Sycamore, and Batavia were not obstacles enough to stop the team's desire to win as they went on to take the championship. FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL The never tiring and fighting Frosh- Soph boys under the backing of coaches Smith, Grove, Miller, and the student body, fought their way down the gridiron to earn the title of co- champs. The boys did a wonderful iob this season, winning all but one game which they tied. Their defense and offense was excellent as is shown by their total conference score. The Reclskin team tallied up 87 points while their opponents made only 14. The experience they gained this year will be very valuable for them next year when they will be defending the Champ title for the varsity. First row: B, Smith, H. Sheehan, L. Dowling, L. Hyett,'E. Mc- Clellan, N. Stiefbold, J. Kluckhohn, B. Schield, T. Crabtree R. McConnell, P. Brown. Second row: G. Koon, B. Beckman P. Wolf, D. Kingery, J. Ruhl, J. Pembroke, L. Landorf, L. Poss B. Kuhn, J. Tufts, C. Summers, G. Heidler, J. Carter, J. Ens minger. Third row: Coach R. Grove, T. Alexander, T. Mueller, D. Patterson, B. Ottley, J. Schaefer, S. Lawrence, R. Ellis, J. Schaefer, J. Hume, Staffeldt, R. Born, T. Mueller, T. Eckels, Coach R. Smith. is 'arsity Cops Victory Mm 1 Last 'X X ipe'i'x'illc te. lxagiic , -runs will lic s ' :moths V1CI1'l'y tw - tlw famrctlb .ville cle .3 t Cliivngo on :r fieltl ,ie lights. 'l ' ' 'IV f noir belt wglgm e Sklns stole Zharles L pass from the arms of tg gun tho courthouxe incl inxude motors. often jihul E two mums e run with You Thus fm it rol xtnlo thi retorcis their opponents petrol! the W hfaton Ni mm, Lam week IFITTIPS wart c'zmi'ell9d he- t'GlU1lS 95 ll loci tic for three ie fourth Mlddaugh ,e one :ful eleven smas ec ' f VBVSWY C0-11691850 Sycamore Beco ourth Con lugli :wit for tht' lint tiim' in ie fresh-soph tilt gels night win-ti it Gia! Reid and the of Lom Lthr who points last week 'bkms Victir Solxtiul ltmtlmll ul a Sl tr, Sv i " t xidnrx was liultl three R1 gaxnvd were Dom ami Role run was but he l t to make gt victory over be a definite rivztlry wus so intense, to :in c-arty CLARION edh Redskins tried plays to no th third down rvillc eleven but. Fl wlld Jutstrctched le puntcr 'nd-zone for The Wheaton ing combination pass John De Seven alrite I '1 lil r llitiii will it The- s 11, mini it- ,ifiwk tukinizlffl- first in ne, with A ls tn gn sit final six st to a spread he loft. Qi Mon- hox s Lsttlv VN uS n similar run, li!lY'l-Wi' mn 5atd pltmgv gave and svniur Rollaml 8111 ik the bgl Pri'-tty NCIIS ll I , ' - ,," 1 W 1. :Divers bm Pratt' pmhumy W hits their 'NO ver mt umm 5151-y, ti-nm to flll'Il1t'l' this Chiwgo' H l0y1gfSl't0l'ily :ifii-r Pinks Nupvrjillo nl 25 yay- Cl'Bl1lt'M' tlrnvn 93 caught thcmnmr M, sprinted toward I 5 I ral. 'rod obber Wegog Tie tl-zone sit 6,30 with the vanity at p.mi ' Cats 27-Op " cxtra point rim was fOr rcuotcd for t-mimi UNCC in 44-yard run again in t ful Albrvr-ltt's ewtm point ut' is nzilui ,sow them -z tht, tmzil :mint ilu-it T in thi- YH' vii .1 clnwiwd lj P H3 evitra. mul L1 in l t' vital :DMU ge . ,, . tin fo Naporvillt their voulil he the markers in the first three periods tho garrison" L--I gr. t- puiiitx lun Q. 1 ii." .rtvix tlzvx' mutt 1 Ulil' l'HOl't'. ltlgitln' tigtptiizt incl' . . . I itcitiwr s wt-rv Ilwlskiiw llli UXK il 2ow1t.utiii:1 Lin Y with edskins Whip i d. The A tdown, td tha mrles ' lf -2 V .ltr ilu' wheGt0n H Fflda F'm"'5 ' VC5 UU N' "mm Xlvvtftimi'-lla-ilxltiiiili lltiwlti 'XUB P0iI1l t tll it un I mint tiiglil its ttlwil up two Ltllit-s itll YQUVQ " miwng me more at 6'2' 'M Phu' W hui it C mmx x lint otlwi' X 'H ri' wits niaulv mu' :mi l ililx tm Rl Si'x'i'ii yml lillllllll' lm point xxatflLfm'tfxY'l TQ R Wifi. It 6 it UVxllh mtl tclx, in .nitilnlly tltruwn at lux' scuriiig SL'lil't' A ,, winning l.ittleiSevelt" 1 ,, ,. V . .4 Llocktd , ' i fum- it lm-lt Ylktmiinlnp uw W L I Pts , on tl Vflit, lin' html ,lim 1 D 41' Q lxnpcn tltv txvltl. lht' 1 0 26' 0 im' rmwfl K mime mi 0 0 'OJ 0 ed out yard Clary 0 0 0. 0 , I, '. lam-. om- JUN pi-riot 5, Redskln 0 I 0-26 Soph smashed 0 1 0-41 third pt-f 'hi'i-- I :gi F bv A tallies ca rn iiziwm- to Li ' - H ' ..-r r liott, an otha-r mx at tm 'cl Q Ihr' Viy 'UVPI' ' , ovarian ' Friday n givvs thc u season und of om- our "" loss, ur tic. Suhr 'uns p w ml 5 ya fol- V lin .....,..1..... r-.qqkw...4, 70 .A .gifs A Trojans The Redskins are off to tart. Saturday afternoon apacity crowd at the 'owners Grove, the .edskins battled the Win to the wire for a 0-0 Aithotugh equal in ikims completely held the t statistics. The ,Red and White Billed 256 yard? thrbughout Fternoon as compared to a :le 112 Mfor Downers. Friday night the Redskins lay host to Richx High ark Forest. X bail LITT E .. Naperville Wm League ir wrazicw drops. tied iaponcer. in a filiott a CI ARIONZ Qiaiff that the at amount of ut-w 'From tt grim the Vikingfs re tm to mycliit, J Retlskins claimed si 20-6 21 DUT!! Rev' ., , .F 10 MW? W""f5':'-51139 scum came in rapt for the extra A kcffezssftll, thanks to f."!'X'il1if d6!ft?I1S9. wners To Game 2 to a tough afternoon L-f Tie in The Naperville Frosh-Soph toot- Saint Charles afiernoon at St, te-am's second con-, year. Thei for Naper- every to play' -1 Johnny Spinner, senior t ack, led the attack completing V I K l .Aavia Friday nigh e 1 i g asses out of D attempts and mttxxtiglittl .tml squad hvld its om, hm, U.oum.ed . I 'g 136 yards by the heights "VMI UUtPli1V1'U 1 - Gl't'JK'lx tvzlu: j A a capacity cr :erages out to a very ilfLIl1OiliI.'l1ll Skins. uixzihle tu x -f ' 1, 1 thc ga e- R 215 yards peripassing play. fm- 3 U41 mm, in iiwir ' ' L, 2 their respect to None of the Redskins did I., d , t V 1 'ing him off me 11 , 4 ' ' l " ' ' v r- i -.......... 0 V 4.2" ling outstandmg by mu .in 0 .1 litiwsnig Hum If ,Um However WI ,stead they each shared the t poor linux bltlwl-limi. tin" Html- A W A -' j - f' ' away for short Skins ftfrsuuk tht-ir is -twig :iff L fig ' , 7' Q af' , ii , ' V - in Ig' m , 'M 1 A Hams 'U the tower- UCL and look lu tiny Unix i nf? ' I Q u Q d i wtm. wccesfsful six timers uw, . A A W. . 4 in me 3 Sze rawzi fo 8 Clit-von in aerial atfei ' ' if 'L . I' :mated S y Us I g as fmtrth quarter bid for ' N - i'i LZZIL i ,I H mm by hmm to tzaalect, but ew Zi Z .,., ,E I I :v c 4, .L .W M f an VF Mupmed Di' . ,.,. is 1 the tficd UCV911 in i 5 Sault liwiiivx' tiiitiwli X J . .!,3:xm1imu ul The home three. ,Z 1 H. . ' umm! is 1 ilvz N lining up .t ffidktotal yaxgids th ' L' ' xit-it-ny . f giinil ti wttmtii ti. ,M N, yp,K,,,l,.x UH geggilfs t T9 Clhdlihlbqtk 5miiu't!zi, on tina Hmm mi tl .sumti .til--ummm. mt. QM fumbled Swklmg on it wif in - 'WH 'nf Fl- ciafensc we ' : , 'iir 9 d h d 3 mtimic Qttftfi I wc sqm eff. fuiiback Jin is an -1 A .373 W 53. A 'l A tfstcin, Walt a 'ur ' mf' ,, Q Q 0 Iuhnm ., f S to the ltmf dt-ft-rise ' 1 ' 'EA ' ILLE G9 64 1 0 . 'ti 5 ' . , .- t I . bald Dw i up ti mt-1-U li , iAvtcRvri.x,E. 6 sc. . yrles 2 i ' .. i. , 't '- . win! V Z' . ,, . .. , if f' 4 - . iwliinsf minutes Of Dill? Wmh bi all Mm ,.,,M.,,W . 'QAPIzRYILLH 27 W -- 11133-20 0 'Ulf SNn5dkIrikWl me A Y' mmm: aim Nvidia QAPl2RYIlJ,H V 20 " Syc' 'Ire 10 Omuiam an an for the 'Sk Lin tht' tit-but 4 NAPi'IRYll.,I 129 Bfslf i' Q 6 mfs to zi punt on Lhe ' mt the Nmmr nas marked by 12 funibitfs :Q Dstk Massier. Conrh Wm igskin sailing up n a puns from Later in the- first ills slime-ci ahead lunxzvd avross from im Witt added the Ciiiivk Svhnibhcn ther touchdowns nd five' yards. ar the extra The Vivtory on win Bagan the two of eleven so plunged OUP. iniiial sea- and the Rad and White ied a tough Trojan team at Down- ra Grove and fell vivtim io the Lich squad. The Geneva win piacrs the Skins 1 21 3-way tie for first place. The Vikings are the only Little even school to haw droppeld two iatches. Eariivr thvy wore trim- ied by Batavia. Thr- Napvr lineup int-Iudvd Wei- el. I3ziunm:u'tne'1'. Hrfdlilozn, 'vVug- oncr, Ellis. Hodcxi, Hanlon, Spin' or. Massivr, Crahtroc-. Fink, chnibben, Witt and Firestein. .:.,..g3' :cm A gw U ,. L' Y , : zo: -- M cf :.. F fs Hr S593 cr cw -'T' 5 UM 1: Q42 ' 1 - .. 5 5 3 'T .am I I - -. . H u 3 f-. gaffb... Q7 - 210 ::. "7:r3-- ...- QUTMZN 1-- A :JW ,.1jNjQ,m'Cf':gg ,A '1- --iv rH-- t... f- :J 5':CV -1":,-.S Z." "'2f:ff' -jd: P Hr-4"'!"i --4.5" ,evra 'r f:1f:'.2. 0:5 5' XC' firr LEFWWZS. ?""',3 5- Q-625 .:fH':.2?f.2' ' :- v::.'f-'1':'2':: 2- 9205528 'J:Si':2E 2 asa 5 A,-ffwff W 33'3'w"' :.f- 'F 5'-Q fail-Ora :T- . wo..-1 MV.A Q' AHSHU' f -31" -1' gg ,,'9-im ,-. """' 5 Sinn ,.,-3-' .-. o. 7 3- 's P 5? ..- , -, ,, -1 332255 iff SHE:- fg aifzwi G--'51 ze . ' ,J ---- ,L fiiffnil 221 Cgzffriic :.- 'ng if .-. nu T, . ,,, -1.,- Q:-.ggo III 'Os 4: T 5 3,14 -sgw 'fig 2555? 2 C' 2. :4'2 ff-'TSMHMJ'-Q Q -5 5 fini? o 2?3'3W3' S E 4 3 37,5 Eiwwnvf 324 ef gi 9,2 nn. zqygfg-L fwlzif Q, 4 3-L.. gg-5.301-3f:'H ,J42 ,X ACH'-irccsyu mf: ml 752' Q 3 Hff'-ri 5+-f?E'3fi"2f,... fr.. ,. ,i arfzffz W Q4 z ...i ta. 1. x., Mi 5-4 gl K TIE 3-T: Q nstgfffwwf .awww-was-2ff2'c'b "' X Q:'..:r f'-LM'-1 s s 13'-ff Q Exrzttsfwv .. 20 1 AWB, 14-'f llll 1-nl VARSITY BASKETBALL The varsity basketball team under the leadership of Coach Grove fought every step of every game without giving up hope Their record in conference play is about even for wins and losses but they gave their followers many a thrill. . xi' ij- 4. l COACH GROVE D. Jamison B. Nordbrock J. Weissenborn A. Faulhaber B. Steib B. Baumgartner J. Spinner REDSKINS' SCORES Naperville Naperville Naperville Naperville Naperville Naperville Naperville ....e .. ,,..,A 58 Naperville Naperville eee.e.,,v,,. 65 Naperville Naperville Naperville aaaaaaaa,a., 55 Naperville Naperville-, ,.,.., ,,.A, 4 8 Naperville ,,,,.,,,,.,, 55 Naperville Naperville Naperville aaaaaaaaaaaa 62 Naperville a.v.a..,.,,, 71 Naperville ,,...,.,..,, 59 Naperville aaaaaaaaaaa, 51 Downers Grove ,a,,,,a, Sycamore ..,,.,.,,,,, Morris ,,,,,,,,,,............ Wheaton ,..... .,...... . Batavia .aaa,aaa,.aaaaaaaaaa,a Moosehea rt aaa.,...,.,.aa Nlarrnion .aaaaa ,a,..,.aa St. Charles .aaaaaaoaaaaaaaa West Chicago Geneva ,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Moosehea rt aaaaaaaaaaaa,a Sycamore .,,,.., ........ Crystal Lake ,va,,.-..,.,w, Wheaton - aaoaa aaaaaaa c Batavia .,,,.. Geneva ...... Elburn ,...,,,, St. Charles ,,,,aa,,,,,,A,,. Lake Park ,aaaa,aaa.,,.... West Chicago Lockport ,,.,.....a,aaaaa,aaw K. Welzel B. Groves B. Nolte J. Will B. Waggoner D. Nuckols P. Butusou Managers NEWCOMER, SINDT l l FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL SCORES The younger Redskins had a better than aver- Naperville ,.3l Downers Grove 38 age season this year in working towards their Naperville 50 Sycamore 7. 7VY VY V7 V7 4 7 goal in the conference. As we went to press Naperville 23 Morris , W 30 Coach Bud Berger had faithfully led his boys in Naperville 4O Wheaton . a,,o H 34 seven conference wins and two losses. If the Naperville 28 Batavia . 45 expected win over West Chicago comes true the Naperville eferefreilrg 35 Sf- Charles 31 boys will have captured second place in the Naperville 54 West Chicagom 39 Little Seven Conference. Naperville 53 Geneva K gfir Yiqy Yrg- 3 4 Naperville 45 Mooseheart .W 29 Naperville 47 Sycamore Yeezeeer W ,YYY 36 Naperville 43 Crystal Lake .,,,,, ,...,,oa 4 9 Naperville Vvheafgn Erriiir- V Y--,,Y Naperville 36 Batavia ,,aa,, 41 Naperville a,,,, 48 Geneva 39 Naperville 52 Elburn ,aaa. ,HMSO Naperville cccc 42 St.Charles cc.,o - ,.,oo H37 Naperville 2.41 Lake Park ,, 39 Naperville 57 West Chicago -YKYYYKQ M39 Naperville 46 Lockpprf er eeere H rv-38 S. Lawrence J- Fumer J. Schaefer Rf Ellis J. Schaefer R Bom C. Summers D' Brian J' Hume D. Heppberger A. Bohn N. Stietbold H. Grauff D. Kingery B. Smith BARY , '2 mi R N 4 Q , First row: Parsons, Roberts, Mortimer, Dexheimer, Thompson, Priz, Hiltenbrand, Jamison, Ory, Harsh- barger, Zimny. Second row: Clark, Matson, Buckner, Goeski, Ross, Brown, Westphall, Mellin, Clausen, Corkill, George, Richards, Lundy, Wolf, Dowling. Third row: Patterson, Firestein, Klingbeil, Freitag, Marquardt, Shimp, Schum, Mall, Clow, Lipscomb, Patterson, Barkei, Westphall, Selvig, Coach Funston. R. PEKAREK C. MEILEY WRESTLING Under the able coaching of B. Funston, the Red- skin wrestling team has won thirteen out of their nineteen meets keeping the hopes high for winning the rest of their meets. It has been commented that the team has made an exceptional record for being only a second year team. T. YACKLEY R. SCHNIBBEN PHILPOTT B. KEELER T. CRABTREE R. FINK B- CLOW D. CRABTREE B. ELLIS C. HEDBLOM 1-- 1 First row: L. Landorf, M. Mueller, L. Overcash, D. Breitwieser, G. Koon, Coach Berger. Second row: C. Summers, T. Mueller, D. Massier, J. Witt E. McClellan, V, Sutton, R. McNew, M. George. Third row: J. Mayne, S. Lawrence, B. Firestein, J. Schaefer, D. Nelson, R. Hanlon, J. Selvig, B Westphall, B. Mego, Fourth row: D. O'Neal, K. Choat, B. MCCraigh, J. Schaefer, A. Frohn, A. Faulhaber, B. Ellis, D. Nuckols, C. Hedblom. Fifth row: J. Furner, D. Stump, C. Erickson, J. Jelinek, K. Welzel, D. Crabtree, E. Hipple, M. Hanlon, W. Hodel. 9 'Q COACH BERGER COACH SPENCER 76 Q TRACK The indoor track program now underway, as we go to press, shows possibilities of success for this year's season. With the returning lettermen and the coaching of B. Berger and W. Spencer, the boys should be able to attain a Creditable record. First row: B. Barenbrugge, J. Dornburg, T. Murphy, B. Fineout, T. Yackley. Second row: T. Janis, R. Fink, J. Spinner, B. Sfeib, B. Bogdan, B. Meyer. Third row: Coach Smith, B. Nolte, B. Baumgartner, B. Patterson, R. Ha berman, BASEBALL The Redskins' harclball season was a good one last year in that they lost only one conference game. With the backing of Coach Smith and their excellent pitching reserve, the boys took the District tor the first time. This year's team has a good outlook tor the coming season. N75 COACH SMITH VARSITY CHEERLEADERS A G xv A ii Foal-wow P va 6 W 'wud R if 2, 'W G 242.- 241 'W' Q if f ff 7:00 2414 Q an N. Van J. Pratt L. Brata, P. McDaniels, M. Unger, D. TaylO,F. J- Cl"U"C!h'- FR OSH-S OPH CHEERLEADERS 'Meg Ze!! 706414 ,461 '74e0z 77394: Zo Wage Um gow an 7440: 'Ryde SCHOOL SONG All hail our school, our N.H.S. We'lI sing your praises, N.H.S. With all our might, We will always make a tight To keep the standards high for Naperville, So up on your feet With a rousing cheer for Naperville Our records must be fair and bright So let us win today The good old way, It's upto you to Fight! Team! Fight! 1 W gn- f' PQ? First row: 5. Moore, S, Parsons, R. Radock, D. Roger. Second row: R. Best, G. Gorski, H. Koch, P. Murphy, R. Radock, L. Meal, J. Eggerman. Third row: D. Etherton, R, Ohlson, D. Manning, C, Horn- hack, C. Howell, K. Anderson, Coach Miller. GOLF G.A.A. 1 gg, J 4 N. Simplcins, G. Putnam, S. Gebheart, C. Moore, D, Dollinger. Second row: G. S. Baxter, J. Frisk, H, Hodel, M, Fry, L, Shimp, S. Hunter, M. Sherwood, Third J. Thompson, T, Haycr, D. Koehler, C. Schmidt, S, Gates, G. Guerke, L. Tayler, First row: D. Keeler, S. Matter, Wright, C. Modaff, N, Van Ham, G. row: Mrs. Maxwell, K. Sevening, E. we- S. Lipscomb, M, Weesner. 1. K g gt ., 5. Y X -tue L. -Ly, Q Q n in 80 KA ' , x ., , f , ' N " X ' 'KN-K. - J.: . lx QQ.. 'X-N-L -xg, ling ,fl i gxfll xxx W lea assisranf editor business manager 9M7'Z'-ef ima photographer advrsor SM!! , M MMM WMZQ1i5f2UJ3w ww ,QEETZ WL gy fi Km 1cuy,q15?gJi?,S3 21" 'wr W, 9' f M -.P Q, gf? Fw JWWWW' I Qg,,,,,g M WWWW , , WA WN Vw Y fin. . 'f D 68,98 l ' I Tr 'nilr fi, ' ! a . If 7 I 8 -3 i 1? 'w 1 Y f, V - J Tjiff K A U , ww-,..w,f?R Y . f Q fzifrff pf-.., 1 Lb! 'lr I J fp, Q, I ,ff J V tfvylfjil gif? 'W ff DJ Az 4' ,Q-595 C S' S5 'VCA 0 .cab vga-5 9 1.0 Q W, L1 ,sk O -VX .5 .A 'K ,Q . . ,Q U L gh-xg ' . .-1, .A 0. s. Q, I I7 nf' 4 W LVM Pfyjf VL 4 O' N vb-A 19 ' J' f K9 N' Q, 4 I Qf.Sv 4 a 'N 6 A 0' Q Q3 C5 .5-Q' U 'N 'Q 1. -1510 JY Qt 3. -U Lf' fxtdmunn IH , v-'Ns iq. a"M x -:A NVQ' .f W fr I TQQVFSFXPQ9 6 Qvrxq 6,9 A vp, 'DA A ll'.'.'4"" g Q A Ar ix 015-x OS' ,ki A A: is ,g 'I' .Q 1 A l R .tv 9, ff no nt 4 uni' 'K Q 1 Q 5 Q ob 'J' , 1.-1 , Q - .A W , , ,fjfffj wk qv" Q ' ' A 'nan ,ig .5 J Q C - ANN .G el 'YQ s A' Q 'Nb 'B Q '7 fb 0,3 U .xg l cy .4 A 'Q' Q gi' 5 43" A Q 4 u V x 4 ,S 1-Q 1 ..- M, A tqllc. ,,,A . 1 -x 40 qyl .K . 0 U s 3 15' ' 'M' Q", x ,AVR Q' A ...X 44- 'Vik F xx.. ' vo ,lg G f J- , D qv c. -J' gf Ga :K ago I- R 'U' 4? n 5' , . ,lfk 5. 11x Q 1 l ' 1 , 'G tfkx 4 'MW if O SS af I1 v Q40 1 -0 3 -v J r 4' 4' 5 -r' 'S ox 40 J 1. ,, X gil gl ,Q .Q TK P Q' 4-K W Q no .'X 150 1 o lx' 'M of J" xf' 'lr ' Q C JN . NN . L ' 4 1 5 I ,JW In 44 4 xxo r"1Av":xx.. 8 'Q ff' Q I A " -K GN' ur .'7'.5S.c'Mk 'os 54' Q O YI' I' ,F ...X of Q at + -1 ,Q , + ,- pw ,.+ ,-. ' an 1 yk ,1 R . as ffmxsr 1' ' c gf' fo 5 05' v- . IW Q' ' n ,Q 'I R.. n uf' 'C 4 'ax 1 0 a' ,Q ds 'Y 1, WA al' -0' 1' I? x J ,V .QVK 0.-k.N.l5 Q s' S n 5 sq' ff A Us Q' 'N .I Q W l I -N Q4- K Q . 1.911 lv. 6 0? o"'n br 5, 'NL ' fi Q Q4 AY' Q 5 Q . 5 1 I A 'Y Q .r " a 4, -r iq IA, fo S Q A R I gd 1 5 A K 5 4 J .AN 4-K 4 It J' ,J QA 'N .oi 'W -r U . -N Ae Y 0' 1. I' g off, 0' vac' 9 W' Q Nc .4 u, .J .A 'L xN'.,q" 4 iw! Q., .9 1' '1 uk 6-I' Q S J . N' ,gut '14 G" Q' Q1 .of Q 4 ...N xp ue vixx .1 44 4' 5 It -A '9 " 3 It 4 ,QA xx: 4 X: tin? 0.84, 0, 55 Ag' A 1: M13 I A .ff l,fl 5.03 7 of 1 E C I . VR sq -1 01 Q' P' 'I' N M 1, t' T, 4 . si.x 1 uf .Args '25 -5'. 445 J Q s C4 .3 ,Q '14 N Q 'Q -'Q' 0 'Q 'hx KIM! ea 5 I ' . :Ni K JN' M 7' N .PA -I J- rl nbb .5 Q ,. 1' qt' 'NX 5X ng 6. " 'X ' 4 ' , W m5 ' 1 4:8 'Ax 4 .an ff A 4 al 5. G on dt' -Q 1 sv. 'ai 'L- A 1 fra A LM . Q, A I ,dm 'nr f' a'S QA. -5 9 Q-rl I A JN Q ""1 "Q Qi ,ff no , QQ QQ 5 r' WMV 4 ,fl Q " Q 5 " QR K qgxtnsf f i N N' 'Q " 4,15 0 :Wk 1' UI Ao' N., V. I 0,9 Q Q 1 Q 1- 31 .' .fr ,r A K 0 X 'Ou A. R 'Qty- J'-3 A A ' '50 'pq l A J A gd 'I A F14 ' A ae O 'M F'r tx t If sg A 'S 'J' A NX id VN R 4' QR" ch f' ' O 0 Q. X Q' "fd Q -. sl Y 1 wl- s . -F Q 4 x - .-15 s Q 4' u' ,, A J. J 1' .4 1 1 'Q 'Y :M -1 1 I dw It cf ,Q v 'M "J, 1 if 'fr 'Q,"5w1' -A .K R 05' an Qi 1 A n ' g, E Po 'KH f- s JA 6, ' I ' f A 1' 5 C- 6 Q Q 1 Q 'I t'eA' 1 -r Q I an n - ,J -J' as U N Cav. f'y F1 W c a- 3. r .H 0 I- 01 1, g C. 1 " R4 'N A 5 ' -v Q 'N pw in J, , 'W " Q Q 5, ' 1 Q, Jtg Q0 ff.. ,PNK 49 R ,ll if ,J 0 gg ix it no ,Q 4 1 Q . Q F Q, " 6 'N 1 Q P A A 9 yr .it 9 I 'Sv o J. I-r cm A ' te' ' 1 K ff 'K sl xs' 1 Y.. ,si Q " 'K 1'X F I Q s. O ' r 'A F " Hs sw ' lf' nr s -P' O n -v . A 4 AN ' J A X 54' Q oK 1' ., 4-U ,,-1" .9 l 'efivox , 'A I 4' R Qi 1. na .dr qlwfqmx .X n f I -fl A.. fi A t xx. . " 'v J c. 'K 4' if U ex Jxfsn 'fr K9 xii.,-0 W N 4' 'yi .gl C, r ' 0' N 1, 4 .r , F 'A 4 'X 90 0 A Q' in 2' 1 QQ 5 " -K 2. QI , cl 4 'Q ax 1,41 lv -A t' J' ' ,WN 4- 1 0 MQ 4 0 ' 4 4- 'r .t at -A is fp Q If 0 .-x X swag , N' x a CA 4+ e'l, YQEOIQM4 Wm duff away' WML lfyjffiw PLY? WQQZQMWM iw Wi Mwvl My CQMJWM WW, QM 10 Qgii iffwjgi U WWWQW 0 QJWWMWM jifpffigfdiyzf MQW W , MU 5 W, Wm J ?'mJfH,'75iW5WwfWf W We ' 4 we w gf Mwfdfgglfjlwgiww M W JWW' - 'J' -S"-Ld, H 0 tl 'ol 1 A 3 egiiiik 'M' Qnfvv ff' ff' -9 ' 'Wd 1 E N: RH E51 V -- Q ' W' AMY '-.Q G: www , Wygwywvq Rag' 2 -,7 . .fm v V-'YO YV 'fb NY? X V+ . n 'POA x.'s:3?g'1.-,ZAXB-.ha Qu 1 ,vwfxw M 'DEHNOA sa " ' " ,f W-M, H Y ff E5 . - a""Lfvx '56'V"T?1'0q-QKJ , ,fa - k H7 fx Q4POA?f3fafpQ 'Y as 1 1 . P. 2 0915 NHXQPJZIJ' 2 9 0 C, fn xv 1 q PM Q C Quemffq Q fu QW 45? fliffz 3' ,,'.'5f' pJj,7,,.Q qbonlcffqvphigflzaz M,,,1if'yfo.y.s. eQg??Q t.Q GRSYQQ-,f'qg',4 WJ' J'H fgf Q:J1:QS6T llxqvggff Gfqbcf ljjj 1-0"b,,,v v aff' HV 3594, 'af 311 C F iff ,nf if gig? 2 2' QMSTCS' XSQQQQQ WW 944 mgffwf4F9f,j1 S Mya f-4 H.-Qpcf XkQ,UyLkp,NQ,6,. -L pf' Q Llxgpq if' 'aff fefkff Sf KY W9 3. fi 'xg Q' 1f+?Xpf A 6 J -lug lp Jil W, ww 'bn !lQyJ55fC5Zbw iywviwwygigmwwvima 'fu lfq inf-ff, NPWWL w-MH! N99 01, Uh MW My ASHA 63 fag gps M0 M iDML53f'l.,i- fu mn' ex? .. , 9'WZ.,ff fl- X 535' frm? nv EET' 4 q '.g:,'N lla' 'L Ixktiil K f'

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1958, pg 36

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