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Napavine High School - Napawinah Yearbook (Napavine, WA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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ii i i 52 3 3 s A s 5 2 5 S f w',,, 4 Amwmwm yr 1 . , ,U .ww QM V. ,ww F E W ig -L ,Qi yeatfoof .ftaff John Engen, Dick Aust, Judy Matney, Linnea Peterson, Marlene Balestra, Andy Jensen, Wal- ter White, Edgar Luce, Dixie McKee, Delia Williams, Norma Annis, Muriel Brown, Patsy Pea. Editor ..... . . Linnea Peterson Assist. Editor. . . . . Delia Williams Sports Writer. . . .... Edgar Luce Class Writer .... . . Marlene Balestra Features Writer. . . .... Dixie McKee Business Manager .... . . . John Engen Circulation Manager. . . . Andy Jensen by iafzun, 7409 1 , 75'-V ,051-ff' ,L7.,Z2,4,x.:aL 4,62 u 56454. 1 Student Body Forgetting for the moment the hard work and bruising events ofthe past and present, we dedicate this book to the NAPAVINE STUDENT BODY, in hopes that they have an enchanting realm of tomorrow when today's dreams will be realized and when our onward struggles have carried us to a golden summit. 4 ARTHUR SENNE, Superintendent Typing I, I I Bookkeeping Band Coach Senior Class Advisor Congratulations to the class of l955. This volume I know you will cherish more each pas- sing year. To those of you who have spent many hours of work in planning, laying out, and assembling the contents of this book, may I say a iob well done. You can be proud of your accomplishment. Best wishes to each and everyone for a very successful future. May the years you have spent in this institution build a foundation strong enough to aid you in attaining your highest ambitions. Jiffy! JAMES NELSON, Principal Shop I, II, Ill United States History General Math Grade School Shop Junior Class Advisor 6 LILLIAN SENNE Spanish I English II, Ill, IV DONALD SOLBERG Washington History General Science Boys' Health Boys' P. E . Chemistry Algebra P AULI NE GOT HBERG REBA MI LAM Typing I English I High School Librarian Grade School Librarian Journalism Chorus Girls' P. E. Sophomore Class Advisor 7 Boys' Home Economics Girls' Home Economics I, ll Girls' Health Grade School Home Economics Ar I Girls' League Advisor Freshman Advisor H. S. JANITOR COOK G. S. JANITOR Wilbur Thompson Mrs- Johnson Emi' Roblnelle SCHOOL soma MEMBERS OFFICE GIRLS 'Q V 'X 'aa . F. Annis, L. Brown, P. Olson, G. Bot- Delia Willians and Linnea Pelerson sord, B. Schmit. BUS DRIVERS GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY A. Hills, D. Crawford, J. Humilfon, E. Monger, M. Nelson, C. Mathews, M. Sfeinhoff. LlNNEA PETERSON Class President fl,4j Girls' League U, 2, 3,4j Glee Club ll,2,3,4j Girls' Basketball Q31 Annual Editor QM Paper Staff l2,3l All School Play qu Class Play 13,41 Assist. Paper Editor Q31 Annual Staff Class Sgt.-at-Arms Ml Girls' League President Ml Valedictorian Awarded the Girls' League Plaque DEl.lA WILLIAMS Assist. Annual Editor Glee Club U,2,3,4j Girls' League ll,2,3,4l Council Member Q41 Annual Staff Q41 Class Vice-President lil Class Play f3,4j All School Play QD Girls' Basketball Q31 Paper Staff l2,3j Paper Editor Q31 Class Treasurer Class Secretary MJ Girls' League Vice-Pres. Q41 Salutatorian JOHN ENGEN Basketball l2,3,4-Q Baseball f2,3,4j Paper Staff l2,3l School Play lil Class Play 13, 4j "N" Club f3,4j "N" Club Sec.-Treas. f4j Chorus lil Class Vice-President Ml Class Treasurer l3l Council Member Annual Staff Q45 " L. P. " Q 1 l W .Zi v' -. ' 4 E , JJ, ' 'fl ' 'li '+I K Z thu IIEngyll is ,s d - ,, it ' p Q ' ,f . ,..' ' Muwwawf ' 10 H mx-' ril Q ' Sherry" 8 "Walt" ,f A Ck , 1 -'Al . X f 11 DIXIE McKEE Annual Staff 1l,2, 3,41 Paper Staff 12,31 Council Member 1l1 Girls' League 1I,2,3,4-1 Glee Club u,2, 3,41 Girls' League President 141 All School Play 1I1 Class Play 13,41 sand q2,3,41 Girls' Basketball 12,31 Kitchen Crew 1l,21 SHARON SMITH WILLIAMS Student Council 1I1 Song Queen 131 Girls' League 1l,2, 3,41 Glee Club 1I,2,3,41 Girls' Basketball 131 Paper Staff 12,31 Class Play 13,41 WALTER WHITE Basketball 12, 3, 41 Baseball 12,3,41 "N" Club 12,3,41 Council Member 13,41 Class Play 13,41 Class Treasurer 141 Annual Staff 141 Pqaer Staff 131 Chorus 111 Faculty Speaker MARLENE BALESTRA Glee Club Ql,2,3,41 Band Q2,3,41 Class Play Council Member Q31 Class President Q41 Girls' League Secretary Q41 Annual Staff Q41 Paper Staff Q2,31 Girls' League Ql,2, 3,41 Camival Princess Q31 MURIEL BROWN Glee Club Ql,2,3,41 Class Plays Q3,41 Class President Q31 Class Secretary Q3,41 Annual Staff Q41 Paper Staff Q2 ,Ib Girls' League Ql,2, 3,41 Girls' League Vice-Pres. Q41 Girls' League Treasurer Q31 Girls' League Secretary Q31 Girls' League Sgt.-at-Amis Q21 Camival Queen Q21 Song Queen Q41 S.W.W. Fair Princess Q31 EDGAR LUCE A. S. B. President Q41 Class President Ql,2,31 "N" Club Ql,2,3,41 "N" Club President Q31 "N" Club Vice-Pres. Q41 "N" Club Sgt.-at-Amis Q21 Class Play Q3,41 Football Q3, 41 Basketball QI,2, 3,41 Baseball Ql,2,3,41 Bays' State Q31 Chorus Q11 Council Member Q21 Class Vice-Pres. Q31 A.S.B. Sgt.-at-Arms Q21 Paper Staff Q2,31 All Star Basketball Q31 IM ll Murll i .v XP' f. 'K n Edu ru YD 12. " Palsy" J QW 1 ' - I ff :'l llDor',ll 1 ,- D y jf! "Andy" -.4 ,r .. fi. Yi 13 'se PATRICIA ANN PEA Annual Staff Q3,41 Paper Staff Q31 Glee Club Ql,Z1 Girls' League Ql,2,3,41 A. S. B. Secretary Class Treasurer Q41 Class Play Q3, 41 Kitchen Crew Q3,41 DOROTHY BLUHM STINSON else Club u,2,a,4y Girls' League Ql,2, 3,41 Class Secretary Q31 Paper Staff Q31 Annual Staff Q41 Class Play Q3,41 Girls' Basketball Q2,31 Girls' League Secretary Q31 Council Member Q21 ANDREW JENSEN A.S.B. Vice-President Q41 Class President Q31 Class Vice-President Senior Class Speaker Q41 Annual Staff Q41 Football Ql, 2, 3,41 Basketball Q2, 3,41 Baseball Q2, 3,41 All School Play Q11 Class Play Q2,3,41 "N" Club Q2, 3,41 Chorus Ql1 Awarded the Emery Plaque I 61414 -ffistoty In the fall of 1951, the future class of 1955 entered high school with the following students: Marlene Balestra, Dorothy Bluhm, Muriel Brown, Allyne Case, Patricia Chappell, Dixie Mc- Kee, Barbara Nelson, Patricia Pea, Linnea Peterson, Delia Williams, Bill Chappell, Robert Cochran, Andrew Jensen, George Koons, Edgar Luce, Bill Randall, and James White, who all entered from the grade school. John Engen, Dick Grauman, and Walter White entered from Jackson Prairie. Marjorie Howard entered from Chehalis, and Pearl Miller entered from Cali- fornia. We acquired three new students during the year. They were Sharon Smith and Mike Sample from Chehalis, and Bill McConnachie from Adna. We were initiated and given a party by the sophomores. Soon after, we had our first class meeting. We chose the yellow rose as our class flower, green and white as our class colors, hamburgers and milk-shakes as our class food, and 'I United We Stand, Divided We Fall" as our class motto. Our advisor was Mr. Aldridge. We served the refreshments at the Christmas Party. During the year we lost three students. They were Dick Grauman, Bill Randall, and James White. In 1952, we entered high school as proud sophomores. We gained three new students. They were Johnnie Cable from Onalaska, and John Gowdy from Napavinep Mariorie Howard entered in the third quarter. We properly initiated the freshmen and give them a party the same night to help them for- get the sting of the paddles. We were very glad to be on the other end of the paddle. We put on a play for the Christmas Party, as tradition follows, entitled, "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer". Everyone enioyed it. ln the last semester we lost four students. They were John Gowdy, Pearl Miller, Dorothy Bluhm, and Barbara Nelson. Our advisor was Mr. Johnson. In the fall of 1953, we entered high school as juniors, looking forward to a successful year in '53 8. '54, November 20 proved to be an outstanding day as we received our much-longed-for class rings. This year we regained Dorothy Bluhm, who dropped out the previous year. In the first quar- ter, Dixie McKee entered from Castle Rock. We lost one student, Bob Cochran. April 23 was the big date for our iunior play entitled "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick". Everyone had a part in it and Mrs. Milam was our director. We all went to Morehead's Grill afterwards for refreshments. On our Junior-Senior Picnic, for which we supplied all the eats, we took a bus to Point Defiance Park in Tacoma. Everyone had a good time and on the way back, we stopped in town and atteneded a show of our choice. As tradition follows, we decorated the auditorium for the Baccalaureate and graduation exercises. Our class advisor for this year was Mrs. Milam. 14 In the fall of '54, we entered high school as "Mighty Seniors", a year which every student looks forward to. In this year we lost only one student, Sharon Smith. Our senior play, "Hot Ice", was presented on November 5. It was a great success and after the play, we all went to The Home Dairy in Centralia for refreshments. We went to Victoria, Canada, on our Vocational Day, in May. Everyone had a wonderful time. We had our Baccalaureate services, Sunday, May 22, in the evening, and graduated the following Tuesday evening, May 24. l2 Year Club Left to right: Patricia Ann Pea, Delia Pauline Williams, Edgar Frederick Luce, Carol Marlene Balestra, Andrew Ivan Jensen, Muriel Lee Brown, Berta Linnea Peterson. 15 glass Wi I We, the senior class of Napavine High School, situated on North Park Street and Fourth Street, city of Napavine, county of Lewis, state of Washington, and country of the United States of America, being of sound mind, excellent memory, and fine hearing ability do solemnly be- queath the following, on this day, the thirty-first of March, in the year of our Lord, nineteen- hundred and fifty-five. lt has been witnessed by the under-signed. To the Student Body, we leave our battered desks, books and lockers. To Mr. Senne, our superintendent and class advisor, we leave the office in hopes he will have peace and quiet. To Mr. Nelson,Your princi al, we leave study hall a little quieter, free from the week-end gossiping, and catching up on Eleep. To Mr. Solberg, we leave a page full of iokes to tell his general science and chemistry classes To Mrs. Milam, we leave all papers, magazines and books in their right places in the library. To Mrs. Gothgrg, we leave in hopes that the future classes will have more scouring powder and steel wool, so th-ey don't have to use their fingernails for cleaning. To Mrs. Senne, we leave the old English check sheets we always copied. John Engen wills his height to Dick Valeos. "Better start growing, Dick. " Edgar Luce wills his number "5" basketball uniform to Bobby Carns. Dorothy Stinson wills her pleasing personality to Katherine Constant. "Make good use of it, Katherine . " Linnea Peterson wills her "Pen Pals" to Ann Lee. "Start writing now, Ann, if you want to ever catch up. " Delia Williams wills her ways with the teachers to Donna Clark. "Good luck, Donna." Muriel Brown wills her being to school on time to Janet Lipps. Andy Jensen wills his fine physique to Edward Slemp. "Always eat lots of food, Ed." Patsy Pea wills her manners and lady-like ways to Sally McKee. "Settle down, Sally." Walter White wills his good grades to Gene Thompson. Marlene Balestra wills her bass horn and band uniform to Diane Larson. "Get with it, Diane." Dixie McKee wills any excessive weight, if she has any by the time she graduates, to Mary Pea. "Take good care of it, Mary." Signed, Witnesses: SENIORS OF '55 16 614.45 prophecy Let's take a look into our magic mirror and see how the class of "55" has advanced. It is the year 1975 and now we'll say the magic words, "Mirror, Mirror, iump and iivep show us the class of "55". Oh, look! There is someone trying to teach those pygmies how to play football l Why, it's none other than Edgar Luce, all-star coach of the world. I wonder where he isp let's utter a few more magic words so we can talk to him. "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, let them all hear our call." Say, Edgar, where are you? We find that he's been coaching for twelve years now, on the side, of course. Moving on, we see another classmate, none other than Dixie McKee with a large pair of pliers and a long rope in each hand. Now what could she be doing with those things? Well, what do you know, Dixie is a dental nurse and it looks as though she's really getting a lot of practice! It seems all the natives on the island have false teeth since she arrived! After talking to Dixie, we learn that Marlene Balestra has the greatest dance band in the United States and is soon going to make an appearance at the French Riviera, under the sponsor- ship of Walter White, who has inherited the Rockefeller and Vanderbilt fortunes, and is inter- ested in letting everyone hear Marlene's wonderful music. Walter, after inheriting the Rocke- feller and Vanderbilt fortunes, purchased the famous ocean liner "King Charles", operated by none other than John Engen, the world's safest ocean-pilot. John has been piloting ocean liners for nearly twenty years and hasn't hit an iceberg yet! We also learn that Dorothy Stinson ioined her husband, Jack, a five-star general, in Austria where he's making a career of the army. Delia Williams and Dick McNelly were married and now have eleven children and all are living in the Empire State Building, since Dick took over the ownership. Oh, yes, Linnea Peterson ioined the WAC's to be with James Mitchell, as he also decided to make a career of the army. Muriel Brown married a multi-millionaire and doesn't quite know what to do with all her money. Say, where is that music coming from? Why over there in that tent is Andy Jensen, a great evangelist, who brings many people to the altar. Look! Patsy Ann Pea is playing the organ for Andy and on the side is secretary for the President of the United States. Well, l guess that's about it, folks. ' Hey, Dixie, where are you going? We want to say goodbye. Oh, she says to wait a minute, she forgot to tell us she owns the island and advertised for a care-taker to look after things. She is expecting him on the ship that's coming in. Look! It is Mr. Senne, who has retired from schoolteaching and decided to take a iob where he could get some rest, as if he's going to get any! Well, it looks like the class of "55" have done all right for themselves in the PGS! few years- Be seeing you. 17 ENIOR ABIES b- rt ti i if ,ye A , :..,: , if I V 1 W i 7 7. . Dorothy Ann Bluhm . Walter White . Carol Marlene Balestra . Muriel Lee Brown . Patricia Ann Pen . John Bruce Engen Bertn Linnea Peterson Dixie Lee McKee Delia Pauline Williams Andrew Ivan Jensen Edgar Frederick Luoe Back Row-left to right: Patricia Salsbury, Janet Lipps, and Ann Lee Bruenn. Middle Row-left to right: Eileen Miller, Donna Clark, Nancy Messal, Norma Annis, Mr. Nelson. Front Row-left to right: Allen Schmit, Charles Koski, Virgil Bluhm, Gene Thompson, Mickey Pea. uniou ln the fall of 1954, the class of 1956 entered high school with the Following members: Norma Annis, Virgil Bluhm, Ann Lee Bruenn, Donna Clark, Janet Lipps, Charles Koski, Nancy Messal Eileen Miller, Mickey Pea, Patricia Salsbury, Allen Schmit, Marie Thomas, and Gene Thomp- S071 . At the end of the first semester, Marie Thomas transferred to Mossyrock. They received their class rings on December 7, 1954. Their class play, "Tiger House", was presented on April 22, 1955. The class ofti cers elected for the year were: First Semester Virgil Bluhm. Donna Clark . Nancy Messal . . . . . President. . Allen Schmit. . . . Marie Thomas Charles Koski Marie Thomas Mr. Nelson . Vice-President. . . . . Second Semester . . Miclfey Pea Patricia Salsbury . Secretary. . . Nancy Messal . .Treasurer. . . . .Janet Lipps Sgt.-at-Arms. . . . . .Virgil Bluhm . . Council Members. . . . . . Norma Annis Z' .... ' '. . . . Charles Koski . . Advisor. . . . . .Mr. Nelson 20 Back Row-left to right: Dick Roberts, Ronald Eldridge, Delbert Morton, Bob Randle, George Milton, Lloyd Norman, Gary Stedham. Middle Row-left to right: Mrs. Milam, Jack Johnson, Sally McKee, Beulah Grauman, Shirley Wadley, Leslie Lyons, Joey Muller, Charles Wadley . Front Row-left to right: Mary Pea, Carol Bae, Sandra Senne, Carolyn Moger, Evelyn Madsen, Judy Matney, Patty Jensen. .Void amazes For the sophomore class, the school year of '54 to '55 was a successful one, although it lost five members. They were Dennis Layland, Lonnie Hitchcock, Billie Bain, Carole McGhie, and Carolyn Moger . Initiation proved to be plenty of fun for the scheming sophomores, and they made sure that the freshmen had quite a time, too. Following tradition, they presented a short play to the student body for entertainment during the school Christmas Party. It was written by Mary Pea. The title was "Man Upstairs" and every- one seemed to enioy it. The thirty-three dollars and eight cents earned by the sophomores selling cards surprised all the upperclassmen. This brought the total class funds up to forty-five dollars and sixty-nine cents. Since they had done so well, the class decided to sell assorted cards the remainder of the year. The officers elected for the year were: First Semester Judy Matney. . Carole McGhie Billie Bain . . . Doug Walker . Joey Muller. . Shirley Wadley Mrs. Milam. . Second Semester President .... .... D ick Rogrts . . . . .Vice-President. . . . .Secretary. . . . Treasurer. . Council Members. . . . . .Advisor. . . 21 . . . Evelyn Madsen . Sandra Senne Ronnie Eldridge Shirley Wadley . . Joey Muller . . .Mrs. Milam Back Row-left to right: Dick Valeos, Lee Koons, Bob Cams, Buster Moger, Dick Aust. Middle Row-left to right: Jeannie Dipola, John Gibson, Donald Stewart, Carroll Hill, Edward Slemp, Mrs. Gothberg, Alice Milton. Front Row-left to right: Carleen Cook, Elvira Waclley, Katherine Constant, Clarice Beuter, Diane Larson, Linda Moore. The freshmen entered high school in the fall of '54, with sixteen members. They were: Dick Aust, Clarice Beuter, Bob Carns, Katherine Constant, Carleen Cook, Jeanie Dipola, Jim Fudge, John Gibson, Carroll Hill, Lee Koons, Diane Larson, Alice Milton, Buster Moger, Linda Moore Edward Slemp, and Dick Valeos, all who were successfully graduated from the grade school. Elvira Wadley entered from Jackson Prairie. We gained three new students. They were: Don Stewart and Jane Lockwood from Chehalis, and Larry Gratias from Seattle. ln the middle of the second quarter, Jim Fudge transferred to Winlock. Buster Moger left for Buckston, North Dakota, in April. September 20, l954, we were initiated and given a party by the sophomores. Our first class meeting was held and we chose green and white for our class colors, the carna tion for our class flower, and "Today We Follow, Tomorrow We Lead" for our class motto. The officers elected were: First Semester Carleen Cook. Linda Moore. Lee Koons. . Carroll Hill. . Jeanie Dipola Buster Moger. Mrs. Gothberg. . Second Semester .. . . . . .. .. .President. . . . . . . .Carroll Hill . . . . . .Vice-President. . . . . .Alice Milton . . . .Secretary-Treasurer. . . .... Dick Aust . . . .Sgt.-at-Arms. . . . . .Edward Slemp . . . . . Council Members. . . . . .Jeanie Dipola . Buster Moger . Advisor. . . .Mrs. Gothberg I I I lst grade ZIIJ 71444 321 grade ,ff Q35 39' A 414 72112 514 grade 5tA qtacfe H3 71,4 5 815 grade: Grade .9 ckoof 34416416411 Team Back Row-left to right: Duane Olson, Godoy Hoxif, Gail Annis, Tom Carroll, Lanny Blanksma, and Mr Mathews, coach. Front Row-left To right: Jack Norman, Dennis Lyons, Gary Hill, Dale Swayze, and Don Schmit. 26 Grade School Yell Queens Song Queens Karen Senne, Lorna Mafsen, Shirley Hilts, and Nadine Luce Myma Tyler and Donna Olsen Marl yn Clark . grade .Yeh aol Kaifetlalf Napav i ne Napavi ne Napavi ne Napavi ne Napavi ne Napavi ne Napavi ne Napavi ne Napavi ne Napav i ne Mossyrock Jamboree Vader Onalaska Winlock Adna Mossvroc lc Onalaska Winlock Mineral -135.15 V n, 1+ Iii? , if -H POSITIONS Quarterbacks ......... Centers. . . . . Halfbacks . . . . . Ends. . . . Edgar Luce . Allen Schmit Delbert Morton . Dick Valeos . Andy Jensen . Charles Koski . Michael Pea Edward Slemp Gene Thompson Leslie Lyons Jack Johnson . Virgil Bluhm . . . George Milton Douglas Walker . . . George Koons Toufle Lake Wishkah Adna Napavine Lebam Oakville Rainier LEAGUE STA NDIN GS Wins Losses 6 0 5 l 4 2 2 3 2 - 3 l 5 O 6 'footfalf Napavine tied for fourth place in the Southwest Washington Six Man Football League with Lebam. ln the first game Napavine was beaten by Toutle Lake 20 to 6. The Tigers got their first win by defeating Rainier by the score of44 to 12. Then in the third game of the season, Napavine went to Valley to play a night game with the Lebam Loggers. Although Napavine out-played Lebam the entire game, they could get no better than a tie. In the game, Napavine gained T6 first downs to Lebam's T down. In the fourth game of the season, Napavine defeated Oakville 55 to 25. In the Tigers' last outings they were defeated. At Wishkah, on a mud-soaked field, Wishkah splashed out a T4 to 0 win. In the final game of the season, Adna dumped the Tigers soundly 6l to 30. ln a iamboree before the League started, Napavine played Adna and Wishkah, the scores being 7 to 0 and 6 to 6 respectively. Napavine placed two players on the Southwest Washington Six Man All Star Team. A iunior, Gene Thompson, made the first team as halfback, and a senior, Andy Jensen, made the second team center. One junior made honorable mention, Virgil Bluhm at end. SCORE S Napavi ne 6 Toutle Lake 20 Napavine 55 Oakville 25 Napavi ne 44 Rainier T2 Napavine 0 Wishkah I4 Napavine T8 Lebam I8 Napavine 30 Adna 6l 31 .3 Bock Row-left to right: Mr. Senne, coach, Andy Jensen, Allen Schmit, Dick Aust. Front Row-left to right: Edgar Luce, Gene Thompson, George Milton, Virgil Bluhm, Delbert Morton. NON-LEAGUE LEAGUE Napavine 37 Onalaska 54 Napavine 56 Pe Ell Napavine 53 Oakville 43 Napavine 57 Onalaska 25 Napavine 54 Pe Ell Napavine 33 Tenino 36 Napavine 54 Oakville 46 Napavine 46 Toutle Lake Napavine 59 Tenino 34 Napavine 46 Morton 52 Napavine 46 Toutle Lake Napavine 57 Morton 75 Napavine 64 State School 49 Napavine 40 Boistfort Napavine 38 Rochester 47 Napavine 51 Rochester 77 Napavine 51 Boistfort JAMBOREE Napavine 45 Adna Napavine 28 State School 21 Napavine 55 Adna TOTAL SCORING FOR THE SEASON Field Goals Free Throws Total A M Pct. A M Pct. Points Fouls Bluhm 354 110 3196 105 5149910 271 49 Luce 250 87 3596 119 77 6396 251 45 Milton 188 71 3396 113 544896 196 55 Thompson 186 51 2796 67 33 4996 135 43 Morton 66 15 2396 28 15 5496 '47 16 Schmit 36 1896 10 3 3096 17 10 Walker 32 2596 16 6 3796 22 15 Jensen 20 596 11 3 2896 5 13 Koons 2 5096 -- - - 2 - 33 Back Row-left to right: Mr. Senne, coach, Mickey Pea, Don Stewart, Lloyd Norman, John Engen, Ronald Eldredge. Front Row-left to right: Leslie Lyons, Bobby Carns, Dick Valeos, Lee Koons, Wa1tWhite, and Dick Aust, manager. Second String Basketball Team Napavi ne Napavine Napavine Napavi ne Napavi ne Napavine Napavine Napavi ne Napavine Napavi ne Napavine Napavine Napavi ne Napavi ne Napavi ne Napavi ne Napavi ne Napavi ne Second Team Scores 28 Onalaska 21 Oakville 22 Onalaska 34 Oakville 36 Tenino 37 Morton 35 Morton 42 State School 30 Pe Ell 25 Toutle Lake 32 Rochester 31 Adna 38 Pe E11 25 Toutle Lake 31 Rochester 48 Boistfort 41 Adna 30 Tenino Se cond T Pea Koons Eldredge Carns White Lyons Walker Schmit Engen Valeos Norman eam Scoring 141 105 84 75 40 28 50 27 20 16 2 Bock Row-left to right: Mr. Senne, coach, Donald Stewart, Bobby Cams, Lloyd Norman, Dick Aust. Middle Row-left to right: Ronald Eldredge, Walt White, Andy Jensen, Delbert Morton, Allen Schmit. Front Row-left to right: Gene Thompson, Virgil Bluhm, Edgar Luce, John Engen, Charles Koski. Kasehzll BASEBALL LEAGUE GAMES SCHEDULE Napavine at Toutle Lake--April I April 22--Toutle Luke at Napavine Winlock at Napovine--April 7 April 29--Napavine at Winlock Napavine at Toledo--April I5 May 6--Toledo at Napavine May I3--Ledgue Play Off May 20--Championship Play Off 35 yeff IQEJQZJ Ann Lee Bruenn and Janet Lipps ,Yang Queen: el Brown, Sondra Senne, and Donn Cl k .fltudent gouncil Standing-left to right: Walter White, Charles Koski, Buster Moger, Mr. Senne, superintendent, Andy Jensen. Seated-left to right: Ann Lee Bruenn, Janet Lipps, Ronald Eldredge, Joey Muller, Edgar Luce, Delia Williams, Jeannie Dipola, Shirley Wadley, Patsy Pea. The student council has the power to govern the Napavine High School Student Body. The problem to be voted on is brought up by the different class representatives, which are chosen by their own classmates, and presented to the members by the A. S. B. president, Edgar Luce. The problem is thoroughly discussed and voted on by the members and if passed is set be- fore the entire student body For approval. The student body officers For this year were: president, Edgar Luce, vice-president, Andy Jensen, secretary, Patsy Ann Pea, treasurer, Ann Lee Bruenn, and sgt.-at-arms, Ronald Eld- redge. , fy .Q 9.5 ff Q X .J 38 til! aol ch ll Back Row-left to right: ff ster Moger, Marlene Balestra, Fred Aus Bu Virgil Bluhm, f Lipps, he ns, Ja OO K nnis, Lee Norma A Karen Erickson, Donna Clark, ce, l.u dine Na and Dick Judy Canaday, yn Clark, aril M Annis, Gail Senne, Karen Hill, 'Y ld Baglin, Ga Ron a Hy Esfep, Be rector, Karen Curr s, ,di Senne Mr. .L VI 3 4 4- .C U5 ': o .. JI 2 I 3 o X .. C o .. LI. Udne D Carroll Hill, Vatne, Sharon , Sharon Lemon, Walter Hall, Oh Donna Ols cKee, Donald Stewart sony M C adsen, Evelyn M rl Moge Carolyn Ol'I'9 BEM and Moore , nda son, Li Gib ts, John Hil Sh rley Matsen, G I'f'l ee, Lo cK nne, Dixie M Se TG San 'U Olson, 'E '33 3.2 E 5- Dun of! US .'2U 5-0 -'S .cn E: 2,9 9 L 'LE' 8 LJ 5: Q- .Ea -Cc UE VI Us o 21+ .2 8 .C -E 325 co Oth 5 . Ulf .ES 3: oo IU How mg 15 a. 4-U7 Us 'Uo CD.: Xu -Em 0-. 'UE C 35 m 3 -CLI. P2 a ca mencemenl. Com and Bend, Wil gitfa ' gfee eluf Back Row-left to right: Patsy Pea, Dixie McKee, Mrs. Milam, chorus director, Mrs. Gothberg, girls' league advisor, Mrs. Senne, piano player, Carol Boe, Elvira Wadley. Third Row-left to right: Linda Moore, Eileen Miller, Marlene Balestra, Linnea Peterson, Delia Williams, Norma Annis, Judy Matney Evelyn Matson, Mary Peo. Second Row-left to right: Sally McKee, Dorothy Stinson, Shirley Wadley, Patty Jensen, Beulah Grauman, Katherine Constant, Alice Milton, Jeannie Dipola, Carleen Cook, Diane Larson. Front Row-left to right: Janet Lipps, Sandra Senne, Donna Clark, Muriel Brown, Patricia Salsbury, Carolyn Moger, Ann Lee Bruenn, Clarice Beuter, Nancy Messal. 40 I Girls' League The girls' league gave the first dance of the fall, on October 15, 1954. The theme used was 'This Ole House" and was carried throughout all decorations. Four members went to the Annual Fall Girls' League Conference, which was held at Randle. They were: Dixie McKee, senior, Janet Lipps, junior, Billie Jo Bain, sophomore, Patty Jensen, sophomore. Mrs. Milam and Mrs. Gothberg accompanied them. Popcorn was sold at most of the home basketball games, and sack dances after the games in the gymnasium, were held to raise the funds of the league. Other money-raising events were: a bake sale held at Morton's Market in Napavine, to which the girls donated cookies, cakes, candy, cup-cakes, and bread, and two sales of home-made can- dy in the high school. The five members that attended the Annual Spring Girls' League Conference in Battleground were: Delia Williams, senior, Eileen Miller, iunior, Dorothy Stinson, senior, Judy Matney, sophomore, and Jane Lockwood, freshman. The Annual Mothers' Tea was given April 29, 1955, in the high school auditorium. Officers elected for the year 1954-55 were: First Semester Dixie McKee. Muriel Brown . Janet Lipps . . Sandra Senne . Sally McKee. Mrs. Gothberg. . . . . .President. . . . . . Vice-President. . . . Secretary. . . . . .Treasurer. . . . . .Sgt.-at-Arms. . . . . . Advisor. . . Chorus Second Semester . Linnea Peterson Delia Williams Marlene Balestra . Nancy Messal . . . Janet Lipps Mrs. Gothberg The Napavine Girls' Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Milam presented the following two numbers at the annual Christmas Program: CHRISTMAS BELLS and HOW SWEET THE BELLS OF CHRISTMAS. At the conclusion of the same program, the high and grade-school choruses ioined the school band in the presentation of O HOW MERRILY and BEAUTIFUL SAVIOR. At the spring concert, which was held Tuesday, March 29, the chorus was joined by six boys to sing: AS TORRENTS IN SUMMER, THE HAPPY WANDERER, DREAM OF LOVE, SKIP TO MY LOU, and ON THE BANKS OF THE WABASH. For the first time in NHS history, the girls' chorus participated in a mass chorus concert in Onalaska on Wednesday evening, April 6. For their contribution to the program, the chorus pre- sented two numbers: AS TORRENTS IN SUMMER, and DREAM OF LOVE. With the Other CIWOFUSGS they sang: THE GREEN CATHEDRAL, BRITISH CHILDREN'S PRAYER, HOW LOVELY ARE THE MESSENGERS, JESU OF MAN'S DESIRING, SINGING BROOK, and I BELIEVE. The commencement season is always the climax of the choral year, and for Baccalaureate and Commencement, the girls' and mixed choruses concluded their year with the singing of composi- tions selected from the list in the preceeding paragraph. As a salute to the graduating seniors and their memories of high school, the mixed chorus dedicated the song, THE HALLS OF IVY. 41 fettetmen Back Row-left to right: Edgar Luce, Charles Koski, Gene Thompson, Jack Johnson, Mickey Pea. Middle Row-left to right: Leslie Lyons, Allen Schmit, John Engen, George Milton, Walter White, Delbert Morton. First Row-left to right: Ronald Eldredge, Virgil Bluhm, Andy Jensen. ,V 61116 The boys sold pop, candy, and gum at the home basketball and football games and at noon hour. Also, to raise money, they held movies at noon on Wednesdays. All this proved profi- table. On March 4, l955, the N Club held an initiation. Among the poor souls initiated were: Delbert Morton, John Engen, Walter White, Leslie Lyons, Jack Johnson, Charles Koski, Ronald Eldredge, Douglas Walker, Joey Muller. 42 .fleniot play The big night had finally arrived, after much preparation had been done to make the big night possible. Those who have ever been in a play know what we mean when we say we prepared for it. First of nll, we had the task of choosing a play and we finally decided upon a three-act mystery comedy called, "Hot Ice". This play fit our class perfectly with four boys and seven girls. Mr. Johnson was our director, and Norma Annis was the prompter. After our books arrived we each received one and began deciding whom we wanted to char- acterize. Not everyone got the characterization he wanted at tryouts, but all in all, we played our parts well. During night practice everyone was usually in a good mood, and we didn't always do the right things as far as our play was concemed, but when it came to the last week of practice, we began to realize the responsibilities we had as each night brought the opening night closer and closer. We had a glorious time with Mr. Johnson making our faces up with the mdce-up kit and, we think our play was a great success. Of course we know, that's iust our opinion, but we're satis- fied with itl November 5, l954, is a night we'll always remember after we have settled down to the routine of being out of school. This is the summary of our play: Velma, the eldest daughter, aspired to be an author. Imagine her surprise when a bank robbery described in her first published story actually took placel A detective named Sharp suspected the Warren family and interpreted every innocent word into really humorous signs of guilt. Velma's boy friend, Earl, had troubles of his own which had nothing to do with bank robbery. He was a light-hearted chap who loved to tell iokes. Velma, unfortunately, hated lokes and dreamily sighed for a man interested in the serious side of life. Earl conspired with Pat Warren, a delightful teen- ager. He pretended to leave town after first telling them of the impending arrival of Russell, his twin brother. As Russel, he purported to be a ve serious individual. Velma soon tired of scientific discussions md longed for the wise-crffaghg Earl again. However, a masquerade is some- times easy to begin and hard to end. Troubles mounted when a lady lawyer arrived, looking for Russell----er, we mean Earl. His aunt had died and willed to him a pearl necklace worth Sl0,000. Not wanting Velma to discover his identity, he hid the necklace. Mr. Warren had bought a diamond-studded wrist watch for an anniversary gift, which he too hid, in order to surprise his wife when the Great Day came. The detective was convinced he was dealing with the bank robbers when he found the hidden iewels and hid them elsewhere until he had collected more evidence. Earl and Mr. Warren were really in for a surprise and so was Detective Sharp. Mrs. Warren found the iewels and put them some- where else for safe keeping. There was a happy ending, of course, and lots of laughs were had by everyone. 43 ACTH ACT II "iid V ACT I ACT II ACT III "Aaron Slick From Punkin Crick" Senior Play Continued The seniors and the characters they portrayed in "Hot Ice" are as follows: Velma Warren. Pat Warren. . Mrs. Warren. Mr. Warren. . Louise Temple. Earl Wakefield. . . Olivia .... Sam Sharp. . Mrs. Noster. . Robert Moore . Miss Emerson. uniot play . . . Patsy Pea . Sharon Smith Delia Williams . . . . WalterWhite Linnea Peterson . . John Engen . Dixie McKee . .Andy Jensen .Dorothy Bluhm . . Edgar Luce . Muriel Brown Director Mrs. Milam Aaron Slick .... ...... A ndy Jensen Mrs. Rosy Berry. . . . . . . Linnea Peterson Sis Riggs ......... . . . Dixie McKee Gladys May Merridew. . . . . Dorothy Bluhm Mr. Wilbur Merridew. . . ........... Edgar Luce Clarence Green ....... .............. W alter White Mystery Girls ............... Delia Williams, Muriel Brown Extras ......... Marlene Balestra, Patricia Ann Pea, Sharon Smith " ............. John Engen, Johnnie Cable Prompters. . . . . . Patricia Ann Pea, Sharon Smith ...-- 45 Presented on April 23, 1954 'L fgbcf IQ3 XKXQFU Vocmowxe. My I HIDSX X XA - Y Wfff Wd i 46 Q55 COME gf Z 2'-Amubls-Y W g. ge Maxfli' ff fi ffm flxinlf Pfwfff 020-Afwl, nf "-fa -fw1D,4Q-' fl fl 'I 03..W,,J..3Pwv-Y 1 a. JV!-Alfalfa' 47 Wff JUL-aio-ozF4J!! ,,,.f -'.,,..-"" .,,,..--"" ,,,,....-- ,,,.....-- ,O Jw fix k k Y 4 fa' ik ,nrt lm my g.. "' I 1 0 wwmnkwm. Jxfdd, 'N N R1 5 1 KWH 531-dv Qiaamvf ,,, . 4? Ymul' 2, .4-:'l2li!f'. Q W.- W Q 55? F5135 5355 Sify . '55 Z1 M2155 1 VK Nigfmeggggibggh ,K ,.g, hui W. . 1 'ldwf E QM,-C QL", 1940-nf' ,0-lhfilfvldf ', . www 4Jz.,,,..u,0Alm,.1q " YMYMQMJJAZAQ- 'MM3' ' ' 144' Mihai!!! KJ-L Qpw ' 7' euk- .ibrnl , -- Qvmznf-1hmJv,fZ7L'2l 2 3 .b A, i , 7la443lf11U1,fn4A3l-2-Till'-'1':!5f +.vr:MQ, i52',,4ei WL. Cuvfwflzj Jiffrrr-wafUOL,6ehu Jlokob 'WW X"'4'ff!!! Q-7fmu.Z,,4M4J 1 Emi? 3015112 E i I H N ' , ..., ,..5J'SQ' ML w ww - '-, fx Lf: A A K f55vf'97r7 , i ,RA NvR'M' ,, A X ' A Qlll V ' Qs W 3 'lik Eva 4" 'A".g -A A 2121.25 W ' Z.. 2 ' ig 'WkC i4gf 7uLLi,y ? WMD .3bru.ofb Wa? " 6MJLj,1f .Jr ' CL' 'ggiw ML K awlwf C'1JZu,mf0Uv PMI? 1011, 5-7 MAYME'S VARIETY STORE Sundries, School Supplies Gifts For All Occasions Napavine, Washington NAPAVINE FEED STORE We Deliver Phone AM 2-3341 Napavine, Washington EVAN'S RED 8-WHITE Groceries - School Supplies Drug Sundries Your Most Complete Store Phone AM 2-3331 Napavine, Washington ROSE'S LUNCH BOX CAFE The Place To Eat Good Home Cooked Food Napavine, Washington MILLERS SHELL SERVICE Groceries - Candy Tires - Batteries 81 Accessories Napavine, Washington NAPAVINE GARAGE Gas, Oil, And Repairs Kerosene 8. Stove Oil Chevron Products Knoll Bros . Napavlne Washington C. D. ROBERTS Well Drilling Phone SH 8-3l3l Rt. 2, Box 459 On Newakum-Hill Next - To - Sub- Station f'fr A4,,,A Z, W Mo RToN's AV WWW ..... ,i,,,.i,A4A.. ..,.,.. AA"4 I nm MARKET Fresh Meats Of All Kinds Dealer In Livestock Locker Storage Phone AM 2-3313 Napavine, Wash. MOORE'S WELDING Jackson Prairie Garage WINLOCK FURNITURE CO Winlock, Washington Congratulations Class of H5511 STANDARD HATCHERY Phone SU 5-3181 Winlock Washington TED BITAR Winlock, Washington WINLOCK LAUNDRY Winlock, Washington VA DER MOTORS General Auto Repairing - Welding Hurley R. Layland, Proprietor THREE CORNER'S SERVICE Arthur Brunner Family Gas - Oil - Groceries 7:00 A. M. 8: P. M. Phone 143 Friendly Service Vader W'-'5l1In9i0n Vader , Washington CENTRAL T.v. 8. APPLIANCES L 6 E BOTTLING CO- Pepsi-Cola Philco, Admiral, Zenith Nesblfls Orange Sales Service Installation SeVe"1"UP 911 Chehalis Ave. Phone SH 8-8351 Chehalis, Washington Hires Root Beer Full Flavored Beverages 901 State Chehalis, Washington Ill WEST IAIN STREET CENTRALILWASHINGTON l.ewis County's Oldest Savings And Loans BOREEN LUMBER co. Mortgages - Savings Invited , , Current Dividends -396 Per Annum Bmlders Supphes AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS Incorporated - 1915 Winlock, Washington ARNOLD BUCHALLEW IPUJU T s.. L X E Your Markx Bakery Distributer " Make Your Phone Call Today At Your Service Bring The Markxman Your Way 981 Pacific Fresh Bakery Goods You Need, The Best You'II Ever See." Phone SH 8-4461 Phone SH 8-8595 Chehalis, Washington Chehalis, Washington I-1 THE DAILY CHRONICLE World Wide News By The Associated Press Local News By Chronicle Staff Reporters 964 Pacific Chehalis -Picglffamgple, ARDEN ICE CREAM Flavor Fresh Wherever The Best Is Served Ask For The New Diced Cream ARDEN FARMS CO. Centralia - Chehalis Phone PE 6-3l8l FLOE'S INC. International Trucks Parts - Service I339 Chehalis Avenue Chehalis, Washington Phone SH 3-333l KAIJA FEED 8. SEED 707 State St. Phone SH 8-4221 Che hal is, Washington PALMER LUMBER CO. Building Materials Chehalis, Washington "When You Thirk Of Lumber Call PaImer's Phone 'EIT5-7162 AIN Wlfiyffnf? 1wo YARD amos sumus Phone SH 8-3213 Highway 99 North City Limits Av" "'-' Chehalis, Washington Gillingham, Jones Congratulations To The Class Of "55" RECTOR'S CAFE LEWIS COUNTY LUMBER EVERNDEN STUDIO "Buy Here For Less" Portraits And Commercial "Quality Building Materials" Photography 916 "B" Street Phone PE 6-7655 Phone PE 6-4313 Centralia, Washington Centralia, Washington CHEHALIS LIVESTOCK MARKET Phone SH 8-906I Sale Every Friday Farm Sales - Trucking Service Art Payne, Auctioneer J. H. Gasset, Manager Phone SH 8-3270 Phone SH 8-8440 Sales Barn, 476 State St. Chehal is, Washington I-WONDER-GARAGE Tires - Batteries - Brake Linings Wholesale Dorn's Corner ARNE'S SERVICE Groceries - Pop - Candy Gas - Oil Howard 8g Hazel Babcock Dorn's Corner ROD'S CAFE For Good Food Homemade Pies Mary's Corner CLYDE MOORE'S Hot Beds Peonies And Shrubbery Flower And Vegetable Plants l Mile West Of Dorn's Corner HI WAY MARKET STEW'j'EI,l',g,OLSON . amilton And Bulova Watches Chevron Gas - Groceries I Jewelry - Diamonds Frozen Food Lockers Repairs N , 4 "'t ear Mary s Corner Winloclc, Washington On 99 JUNE BEAUTY SHOP Napavine, Washington MARY'S CORNER STORE Mary's Corner, Washington GOOTEE CHEVROLET Sales And Service Parts General Automotive Repairs Phone SU 5-3232 Winlock, Washington GENERAL CONTRACTORS Heavy Machinery Hauling ,Ax Contractors Equipment Rentals f. l "'Sand " Gravel "' Crushed Rock' I Logging Roads 'EP Bulldozer - Dump Trucks CROCKERS Shovel 8. 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Phone SH 8-78II Box 868 Chehalis, Washington BIRLEY'S FLOWER SHOP Congratulations Class Of Il55ll Phone SH 8-3333 Chehalis, Washington CENTRALIA Burness Motors Packard Carter's Garage Chrysler-Plymouth Countryman Motors Hudson Eddins Auto Co. Ford Ed S. Mayes Dodge-Plymouth Riley Motors DeSoto-Plymouth Seip 81 Hansen Oldsmobile Warren Bros. Chevrolet-Cadillac Lewis County Automobile. Association Buy Your New Or Used Car From A Member Of The Lewis County Dealers Ass'n. CHE HALIS Boone's Garage DeSoto-Plymouth Chehalis Garage Chrysler-Hymouth Elmer Johnson Nash Enterprise Electric Electrical Parts Literal Motors Studebaker Midway Motors Chevrolet-Olds. Severns Motors Buick Shattuck Motors Dodge-Plymouth Bill Spike, lnc. Pontiac Uhlmann Motors Ford WEST COAST MILLS Manufacturers Of Farwest Homes Phone SH 8-3351 Chehalis, Washington WILLRICH LUMBER COMPANY Market Street Phone SH 8-4722 Che hal is, Washington CHARLET'S FUR Nl TURE CO, INC. 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Suggestions in the Napavine High School - Napawinah Yearbook (Napavine, WA) collection:

Napavine High School - Napawinah Yearbook (Napavine, WA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Napavine High School - Napawinah Yearbook (Napavine, WA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Napavine High School - Napawinah Yearbook (Napavine, WA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Napavine High School - Napawinah Yearbook (Napavine, WA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Napavine High School - Napawinah Yearbook (Napavine, WA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Napavine High School - Napawinah Yearbook (Napavine, WA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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