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Napavine High School - Napawinah Yearbook (Napavine, WA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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"1Ulf""' '- Tinx u 'g ,Q-.L if' ' K .- a..E'fi '..i...... -...- M 4 . . NAPANINAH ANNUAL vD'Ij UME SEVEN Published by T H E S E N I O R C L A Napavine High School May, 1957 L ' nw f-' ' r as V i ,, 1 vu r. , 'Lf' 1 gi I ' , ' mu F1 ' ,, . , 1 . . gy ga L - 1- mu' ,- .11 qw- -, 1" It ' " H ' ' gm, .Y . A . 4 -' 'f'f?f'ff ' ., x- , I. -1 1 I - ' I hy - 4 ,aA ...,,., - g -U' L13 'I D, x ,1 - .4 -J Q' ' 1-. GV' 1 ' bi.: . '-ff' 'L M -mzqiaj Jbsf. -Q Hu L m w ' . 51 1 H A' M ' 'H 4 uc- . " 'Y .' Q ' .- 'us ws ig E I h , fl , ,.L, ff, ,., .-f' Q, -.Y .D .1 5 ul dr, v. Au, ., . 1. ,, ., .., 75514 V -FW' .-1 "!'1' fm :gfsmf f..f fa 1 ,- 41, ,,' aww 1- gg: 5- lf, ,fair ,,. I.wg3,",1 ,mp-1 x if f : HS'- V, + .rg-,.. -51: .' 4' 'N V3 -,: 1165? , 1 ,,-,1 -5' , 'if ' 9' misi- , 1 ' JF-We , ff 1,-,., . x., ., A ,W , E .. . ' f. . Us Z' 2" 1' " -,,. 1:5 1 " " .,-.-LA." ' ' " ': F1 ' 46593 , , lv . - V , : -IP ,. . A -Ser, Jr' -." .Rf .1 . ' .wg r. , I, M -u L 'J ' ' 1 n ,F v 1- ' - ' ' 'Ln ,N E 4 no ig V W A i ' , 1 a - .x'V. DED I CAT I ON As a Sola of the high esteem in which he is held not only by the Seniors, but by all of his associates, this annual is sincerely dedicated to Mr. John A. Fuller , 4 1. w ws J H w , . x -4 Q? V. nl ,J ly. ,yr 'n u J. , V.: 1 ,-, 1 -. 'G .3 1 w 4 V 1 -1.5! I -1 ,H SUPERINTENDENT 'S MESSAGE You who are graduating, Are you going to get yrur Job? You will, if: You keep on smiling, though your patience is gone and you are very, very tired, You keep on asking, though gon have asked a hundred times or even a t ousandg You keep on preparing, though you may have a college degree or even much more, You keep on making friends, though you are friends with every soul in town or many towns, For it's by multiplying your efforts a thousand fold, that your plans work out even far above your fondest hopes. Were it in my gower to do so I would grant that your every w s some true. f am sorryg that power is not mine. It has been given to you. In you and you alone rests the power to secure your 1ife's ambi ions. I only can w sh for you the very best of success. ' ix 593, .,,. ,".fwy Il IV a,-' Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing. Work, work, work is the secret of success. -----Abraham Lincoln WS: nj' I -Ur 1-J'E1.Z" I 215115353 . ':.2'l"f-'rjff' MILE H. FE lf' in .1 1. ' my ,ggiwiaz 1 6 A , ' gngi 3 15,251 ff-4 ,. - 'L .lfm r "I 1 "fe :1f!5':97l .- ..-,SLM ' Hs-1 ff! ,nj if 52 '- SJ: 1-L, ',gJ5: X1 ,ri 11,-5 , I ' 433- ' ' z -2.-ws: - n wgvjf' fe- , if 1' , V: - N9 2-2?-'me Q 5309+ : 2-:qu - 'P 22-1.55f if Q ,Qtr-,C .1.3,.:-g.,-, 'L-' 2. 5-2 fi ' Y ff ' v.,. 4 , ,c -- A 1,i.r,:f:g luv-'Yi sq gnu .3111 .I f'?5.,.'5' I T .. ., " Tll ' '. - ' hw L w, iw - , LY ,L .,, -1' .-415 w .. 5: : 'Vi' U4 I'il'F'IE-FIU' " 1 Y 7 ' , XE - a MAHTN Sit he -5 - A , , A 4 -0 .-v 3 ALMA ALAM, , 3, , . : 5 4, v -v. 5 I' MARIE - 4' b T9 If , M . . xi HL cfnsrcusu cons MAY corv cusnnv MAMLICIL - f 1 T -. R' 1 1 X Vx.. 4' 11 .ge i ' U' 5. " gf 1 ff- , vigjf-4f.1:.f iii . IJ, . , 5 ,V ,A , Q- Mir- 1 1 J , 411, ,. . fb bl' X 'TX 1 5. Q A-: lg ,,. lf? ,nx. :.,- -' ..4 ,L-3 gif: PL ' W '5u,,A v. n- . .- 'li.. . 3 n,,., W, W. '.v?'i' " in : V-, .-J, : 1 T33 'Y Q-"EA , . r.3.-,- . .:,.l.,.R..,4i all m X '1 ZS J. E+-Fir r -1, 5 . ELLEN BANEVICH G1rl's P. E., 2-45 hot lunch school cook, 2. '57 ARNOLD CARLSON Yell King, 2: baseball, l-25 Junior play, 55 track, 5-45 football, 55 Student body treasurer, 5-45 basketball, 45 N club, 45 student council, 4. '57 WARREN CORP Football, 1-2-45 basket- ball, 15 Junior play, 55 Senior play, 45 all-school play, 45 library, 45 Sergeant-at-arms, 2. '57 GRETCHEN COYLE Class president, 15 glee club, l-2-55 operetta, 1- 2-55 Napawinah staff, 1- 2-5-45 library, 25 vice- president, girls' league, 25 annual staff, 1-5-45 editor, Napawinah, 45 office, 45 band, 45 class plays, 5-45 hiking club, l. '57 CHERRY HAMRICK Glee club, l-2-55 P. E., 1-25 class plays, 5-45 operetta, l-2-5. '57 MARTHA DEC Class secretary and treasurer, 15 class president, 25 glee club, 1-25 orchestra, 1-25 sports, 1-2-5-45 Napawinah staff, 5-45 annual staff, 5-45 class play, 45 yell leader, 1-2-5-4. '57 STANLEY DEC Sergeant-at-arms, 15 band, 1- 2-5-45 class president, 55 vice-president, 45 student body president, 45 glee club, 2-55 operetta, 2-55 sports, 5-45 student council, 45 Napawinah staff, 45 class play, 5-45 gplf, 5-4. - '57 DONALD FOWLER Napawinah staff, 5-45 annual staff, 5-45 football, 45 op- eretta, 55 vice president, 55 president, 45 secretary, 45 Zend, 5-45 basketball manager, '57 DOROTHY GUENTHER Secretary of class, 15 treasurer of class, l-25 class president, glee club, l-2-55 operetta, 1-2- 55 Napawinah staff, 5-45 sports, l-2-5-45 president of GAA, 45 valedictorian, 4. '57 5 JO FOISTER Glee club, 2-55 operetta, 2-55 sports, l-25 social club, 4. ' '57 JOYCE HANSON Glee club, 1-25 girls' sports, 1-2-3-45 Senior play, 55 Napawinah staff, 2-5-45gapsooiate editor of Naparinnn annual, 45 annual staff, o-45 class president, 25 girls' league treasurer, 25 girls' league vice-president, 3-45 student body secretary, 55 class commencement speaker, 45 social club, 4. -'sv MARIE HILLIABD Glee club, 1-2-55 operetta, l-2-55 sports, 2-5-45 secretary-treasurer of GAA, 45 all-school play, 4. '57 ALMA KURE Class secretary, 25 glee club, 1-2-55 orchestra, 25 sports, 1-2-3-45 Napawinah staff, 5-4: annual staff, 2-5-45 student body viee president, 45 operettas, "2"'5Q '57 LESTER KURE Glee club, 1-25 sergeant- at-arms, 15 baseball, 1- 2-45 vice-president, 55 operetta, 1-25 drama club, 45 golf, 5-4- '57 LAWRENCE NEWHAN A ' Baseball, 1-25 basketball, 45 class vice-president, 5-45 Napawinah staff, 45 annual sta 45 QFA, 2-5-45 FF! treasurer, 55 EFA president, 45 student body president, 45 student - council, 45 faculty commence- ment speaker, 4. 5 '57 SHANNON O'NEIL Operetta, 1-25 band, 1-2-5-45 glee club, 1-25 class plays, 5-45 yell king, 45 Napawinah staff, 45 annual staff, 45 student body vice-president, A 45 N club, 45 student council, '57 ' THELMA RAGAN Glee club, 15 sports, 15 class play, 15 art, 2-5. I '57 BERTHA SMITH Glee club, 1-2-55 Napawinah staff, 45 operetta, 1-2-55 sports, 1-2-5-45 class play, 45 all-school play, 4. '57 SYLVIA STYSKAL Class treasurer, 5-45 library, 2-5-45 secretary of girls' league, 45 office, 4. - '57 LUCILLE VAN BRIMHER Glee club, 1-25 operetta, - 1-25 class play, 45 office, 45 class president, 1-45 library, 1-25 Napawinah staff, 45 sports, 15 band, l-2-4. '57 ff 4 BONNIE VAN CLEVE Glee club, 1-2-53 class play, 53 operetta, 1-23 class officer, 13 sports, 53 girls' league, 2-5. '57 HELEN WOROCH Sports, 1'4j hot lunch school 2"'3s '57 ERNEST ZUNKE Napawinah staff, 1-2-5-43 annual staff, 1-2-3-45 oper- etta, 1-53 glee club, 53 band, 2-5-43 student council, 43 class president, 13 Napa- linah editor, 43 editor, Napa winah annual, 43 editor, FFA newspaper, 53 class plays, 3-45 H1-Y, 1-25 salutatorian, 4. '57 TEANIE MAY SELPH Operetta, l-2-53 class play, 43 glee club, 1-2-gi Napawinah staff, l-53 annual staff, 43 club officers, 2-43 sports, 1-2'5j all-school play, 43 class secretary, 5. '57 ELSIE NORMAN Glee club, 1-23 operetta, 1-2 53 class secretary, 43 sports 1-2-5-45 social club, 4. '57 MAY CORP Art, 53 sergeant-at-arms, 5. '57 ,Phone 60 Chehalis ALMA ADAMS - - Sports, 1'2'3'4S glee club, 1- 2-53 hot lunch school cook, 13 operetta, 1-2-5. '57. VERNON MORAVEC Sergeant-at-arms, 53 baseball, l-2-43 track, 5-43 football, 5-45 basketball, 2-3-45 class secretary, 53 N club president,,4 '57 THELMA ROBBINS Glee club, 1-23 operetta, '57 WANDA ADAMS Hiking club, 13 glee club, 1-25 operetta, l'25 sports, l'2"5"'4 0 '57 BURTON WALLACE Football, 23 basketball, 1-2-5- 43 track, 2-5-43 library, 4. '57 -- " -L CONGRATULATIONS Compliments ' of CHEHALIS PHARMACY , ruin-ut,-. CLASS WILL One of the most important things we have learned in guy entirely too short years at dear old N.H.S., is all good things must at some time come to an end. So, much to the regret of all concerned, it becomes our painful yet neces- sary duty to bequest various and sundry articles, for which we can find no further use, to those of you who have yet to finish this phase of your education. You, our benefic- iaries, must understand that we now hold these below men- tioned as sacred and that you must hold them as such with all the care and respect possible. With proper use and observance practically all of these will aid you in achiev- ing your goal in these palatial halls of learning. Then, you may follow our fine example and pass them on to those who are yet to come. We hope, of course, that they too will derive the same enjoyment from them that we are con- fident you will surely do. So let it be known that we, Class of 1957, of the Napavine High School, in the County of Lewis, and State of Washington, being of sound and disposing mind and mem- ory, do make, publish and declare this instrument to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by us made. C12 To the student body as a whole, who have been our constant companions throughout our four years. we leave Offut Lake as a permanent picnicking grounds, a'boQkeeniSt- led W0ld Familiar Placesu and the G.M.C. for transportation facilities. What more could you ask?????' C25 To the Class of 1958 we give and bequeath all the flowers and ribbons worn by us on these festive occas- ions, to be used by them in decorating for their Commence- ment exercises. Q52 To the class of 1959 we leave our wit, wisdom, charm, good looks, and our importance, all of which we possess in enormous quantities, with the added advice that by striving hard, you will probably graduate. Take us, for example. Q45 To the class of 1940 we leave a huge quantity of perseverance. You'll surely need it before you grad- Hate Q l, 1 ,S ,il :bil I The oldest Jewelry store ln the Northwest R 'Ne E Tvw S Chehalls Washington Alma Kure leaves her attraction to short young men with blonde every color thinks they Lemon. Vernon hair. She also leaves her ability to wear in the rainbow at one time to anyone who could get by with it as she has done, LaVerne Moravec leaves his spot as halfback on the football squad and position on the basketb ll team to anyone with Marquis? Che ry thought she Bertha his speed and skill! Think you can do it, Hamrick wills Harold to ------ no, on second thinks she'l1 keep him. Smith wills her monopoly on the frivolous role in every play to Alice Robbins. Don't let it go to your head, Alice! Thelma Robbins wills her desire to become a happy housewife to Helen Seroshek. Elsie Norman leaves her quiet little giggle or Snicker which spurts forth whenever she hears something unusually humorous Con the school bus, for examplej to Zoel Samples Thelma Bagan leaves her quiet reserved manner to Gerry Holmes. Think it would help any, Gerry??? Mae Selph leaves that beautiful engagement ring to oh, sei ---- how about the installments? Suppose you could make t em, J. T.? Burton Wallace leaves his vast knowledge of some of the nation's most popular songs to anyone with his voice. By the way, you ought to hear 'em. Helen Woroch wills her desk in the history class to Joy Hanson with the hope that that hour may be as precious to her as it has been to Helen. Shannon O'Neil wills the ability to overcome the uuloroueaand disastrous obstructions in the life of a noble Irishman to anyone who feels that they could make such a sacrifice for a Cause so great. - Jo Foister wills the mail route to W. S. C. to anyone with the energy and glowing zeal to keep it burning as she has done. Joyce Hanson wills her ability to get along with everybody so well fincluding teachersj to Roberta Car- roll. Guess you'd feel kinda lost, wouldn't you, Bird? 57 T Mi Rantala our advisor we will one bottle of hair rigtorer plus one botgle'3i olor bacgrzggich -U we think she might Tbed y nee has or a Year - of trials and tribulations, IO5 wnlcn we 3eUi0PS have been responsible. Now each one of us in his turn comes forth with no thought of himself, but for the good of those who have yet to Wrun the racen, and does hereby, bequeath, this 27 day of May 1937, the following: r Alma Adams wills her basketball ability to Frances Smith. ' ' Ellen Banevick wills her quiet nature and shy manner to Art Brock--something ells us that he could use Just a little of it. Martha Dec wills her ability to snare Rabbit: to anybody who shows a tendency toward this sport. Arnold Carlson leaves his ability to tell all about every little detail of a basketball game, taking more wind and energy than all five players needed during the game, to Russell Linhart. . Warren Corp wills his unusual restlessness and am- bition at all times to the Hotcakes, CGod bless 'emQ. Also gis part in plays to anyone thus dramatically in- c ne . Stanley Dec wills Gerry and Vera to anybody left who will have them---How about it, J. T.? Dorothy Guenther leaves her place as class valedic- torian to anyone with her ability to make the grades nec essary for one to hold such a position.---Interested, Herohel??? Bonnie Van Cleve leaves her super-colossal vocabu- lary to Genevieve Evans, with the hope that she doesn't use it quite as fluently as Bonnie did. May Corp wills Wthat everlasting giggle' to Mable Lowry hoping that she'l1 smile just a little once in a while. 4 g Lawrence Newman wills his basketball ability com- bined with grod sportsmanship to Donald Helgeson. Try to be just a little like him, Donny! , Lucille Van Brimmer wills her third period office hour to May Young with the hope that Mayes red hair and winning way may attract some anxious-salesman who persists on waiting to see the superintendent. Wanda Adams leaves her fond ambition to attend a higher school of learning such as U. S. C., to Fred Buckovic. Be sure and go beforeyllebruary, Fred. Sylvia Styskal wills her position as fifth period office pirl Kespeclally the part of ringing the belll to Jimmie Carroll. Think you can handle it, Jim? Marie Hilliard believes that the depression is not yet over, for she refuses to will anything to anyone. Lester Kure wills his natural knacks for packing the old water bucket in football games to one who should be just as efficient if it runs in the family. Come on Howard, do your stuff for the old boys. Ernest Zunke wills his position on the Nagawinah and annual staffs to anyone who has what it ta es saved up to buy the amount of mistake fluid that was necessary for him to hold his buy it in such huge Gretchen Coyle writing class wi ls their spare minutes Job. lThe lchool can't afford to quantitiesl and Don Fowler will their Job of to anyone who has noting to do in and wants a perfectly grand way of gett ng himse f in Dutch ---- . In witness whereof--We, the class of '57, the test- ators, have to this document, the last will and testament of the class of '37, set our hand and seal this twenty- Seventh day of Vay in the year of our Lo d ni t hundred and thirty-seven, Anno Domini. r ' ne een SIGNED: 'fa NHS s ' S ' e-CL V 7'-.S 1 1 o ' G 1 nf T 11 S ' 'i w" 'A- "W, -1- 21, ,. x ,M f,., 1 xS'fg7,2f': 1 Us Iwi IW . 1 Jtrfjhfl 1vffnmg1 ' ri, sw J ' 'lijbfs 'JH U fa, fm'2jf:I,,i 1-fifr. - mia 'YJ 5:13-' , a 1, w ga'-w,.,., I X., 43:69 -257.72-2 un af' W e 'nf.-2'-'-1.0" H ' :N 342' '-1 lQk47iB.Z' .-.11 : ,'.1yg. -a 4. c '311".,f'JTH ,rl ' A is" L- , M ye .,,,L : !'E!f,ffr?'s,' Qx.. .N , ku , 'iq-A1'2?-YE-E W . ,u ,wr "MV"- fQ,ifQgg .i .5 .JJ MQ, ' J ,I .,' rf 'fig-J'11, A' ., 16'-"5-'f 1 ,1 ru Q . N' , 75 , ' 'A 'WF' M? LH' , .1 Y.g.R - ' ,nz ' . 4? -J, - V P: nr. :' .-uf "-W - ' '51 5552 gllfiff M425 r+ if' ...X ' - 1 if 411- .gg ' ' ,Lg ' Q'-lgff'-?? f -...I 'ri :Lf- ff. 1 f A, 1 ,Qpmv J, ' 425- -X '1 'N 1 ,If rn 'MY w x , E F ,r. ,Q 1 ,,w.,.' ,mg x., 5' "Ta V , 1 QI 1 4-sf? a is-' rc ,v, ,A N J-nf ,- MR. EVERETT LOREEN Smith Hughes Agriculture MB. MARVIN SHAFFER amperintendent MR. JOHN A. FULLER Principal Science Sports MR. DOUGLAS BABCOCK Commercial Music MISS RACHAEL RANTALA English - French Journalism Library MISS DOROTHY WARD Smith Hughes Home Economics 'HISS'VIYIANhLARSEN History Girls' Sports Typing I MISS KATHARINE SIMMONS Economics Science English JOURNAL ISM The Napaninah, official school publication has again as in former years, been somewhat successful in its goal to improve every edition. .Published monthly, the final copy has shown marked improvement over the first edition The staff for the year is as follows: First,Semesteg Secong Semesteg Ernest Zunke Editgy 1 Gretchen Coyle Ass't Editor ggsighggrigyle Donald Fowler Artist Donald Fowler Jeanne Mfconber Society Ed Bertha Smith Shannon O'Neil Humor Ed. Arthur Brook Bertha Smith Senior Rep Ernest zooke Vera Olson Virginia Blcar Zoel Samples Junior Rep Soph. Rep, Frosh Rep. Vere Olson Jimmie Carroll Zoel Samples Stanley DEC Sports Lawrence Newman Joyce Hanson o Sports Dorothy Guenther Lucille Van Brlnmer Features Erneqt Zunke Fred Buckovic Advertisin Freo'BocKOviC Miss Rachael Rentals Advisor H '57 J NAPAWINAH ANNUAL This edition of the Napawinah annual has been the work of the annual staff. With the hope that it will meet with the approvaleof its subscribers, the staff hereby lnscribes their names to posterity. EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR BUSINESS Mj.NfxG1-SR CLASS PROPHECY CLASS VJILL CLLSS HISTORY JUNIOR WHITE-UP SOPHOMOUL WRITE- FRUSH WHITE-UP SPORTS FEATURES ADVISORS Ernest Zunke Joyce Hanson Shannon O 'Neil May Selph Donald Fowler Gretchen Coyle Gretchen Coyle Joyce Henson Vera Olson Wilma Hanson Orabelle St. J Kevin Carty Martha Dec Bonnie Van Cle ohn ve Miss Rachael Rant la ,,- ,,..i. ?... , Li f f U N L L X1 . 1, . li , .L '?. Q, J ,rg ' .r 'IA' . , warm: 'v-w -v M , wg, , 1 'fig' 5 ,Cd . .' 3':k.?,'.4"',j, ,iw ff? f .4 2173- 215, , ,, , ug 117- Y. . ,.,a-- ,4,..,',. ., , , 1., 1 .... -- -, A 51:11-:-51,95-E 4 V 1 1 -fv-1-, -:i. LQ,, - '- '-a ina J M , ix .. . . , if ' .V , .,.. Y if, ' pc. 5---A :X-ff' "-I in Lkumr-iw ' .gi A, -. A-V gt., Q- if 1 4354 M t? A , .1 .-555 ' . Q: 'vvv'i." 3, .ff- . i A-gb - if-vi. '1 ' f a- 73 0,'1"S,'?'qTe1L.Qi- ' +:',1f1i :f4f.1m:Q bg-i, 4, ' ' '52E"":x7' Q' -LQ?" 'Q -IE,-ga.Qga,5f: L - ,... , 1. ' --::-,. align . .Lyng- "l' I .scams un-1 ,Q ,Q .w ml 11-av Au 1 , uni JUNIOR CLASS MOTTO Big Oaks from Little Acorns Colors Blue and Gol6 Sauie Bennett Marie Bettcher Roberto Carroll Opal Dunham Joy Hanson Gerry Holmeo Levern Lemon Doris Nelson Vere Olsen Mae Prine Darrell Attebury Herbert Bicer Kevin Certy Warren Constant Milton Dunham JUNIOR CLASS ROLL 5 Grow Class Flower Tulip Harvy Guenther Donal? Helgeson Robert Helgeeon Russell Linhart shirly Marquis Arlon Niceuonger Lawrence Seroshek J. T. Thompson Marion Pierce John Kulsley Ralph Brown Robert Martin 1 , QQEGEALQLATIONS QPQ BEST FLFHES To the 1957 graduates. We enjoyed making your graduation photographs Sand I working with your annual staff. FRANK H. EVERNDEN DRESSLBR oTUDIO 5 W Centrglia A4 Lewis-Clark Hotel Eh9neT6lmf T T PANTQRIUM CLOTH me sf CLEANERS 64 i block south of bus station Teleghpne .',,,-5.--u JUNIOR HISTORY The fourth of September, 1956, found a caravan of front iersmen again gathered at NHS, eager to continue their journey across the plains of knowledge. By mutual agree- ment Mr. John Andrew Fuller, Esq., was seleeted tddbe leader of the caravan. With the aio of the following people, the class was led through all types of difficult- ies: President Roberta Carroll Bgb Martin Treasurer Darrol Atterbury Secretary Vera Olsen ., - Vera Olsen 'Marshall Lawrence Seroshek Student Council l Lucille Van Brimmer Gerry Holmes ' Lawrence Seroshek Bob Martin Vice. Pres. Kevin Carty Marion Pierce These persons participated in the governing of the 1 school activities for the year, among which was a very interesting and well-enjoyed evening of fun at the-Frosh - initiation. A very appreciable bit of entertainment was presented to the Student Body on February 26. The program depicted picturesque life in the gay romantic south. Persons who were active in the production of this drama were Gerry Holmes, Vera Olsen, Darrol Attebury, Bob Martin, Arlon Nicewonger, Marion Pierce, Robert Helgeson, Donald Helge- son, and Kevin Carty. ' Discovery of remarkable talent in this production was an incentive for members of the class to take part in UMiss Millions,N an all-school play presented on T April 14, and 15. A short stop was made inadovemher when '." a party was an event long remembered for the many pleasures .t wffordedg chief entertainment was roller skating at the rink of a nearby city. ' . New leaders were elected to carry on the work of guiding the caravan on its Jwurney across the plains of knowledge. v" 4 1 A feast for the Mountaineers was given on May sixth. .This banquet is an annual affair, and is,in re+lity a fare- well party for the graduating Seniors.- A nearby lake was the scene of a picnic, which proved to be the final social event of the year. The group adjourned on June fourth, for a few months' vacation, before beginning the last lap of their tedious journey to reach the inspirational goal of graduation. . '57 ' 1 SOPHOMORE CLASS I 0 T T O THE ELEVATOR T0 SUCCESS IS NOT RUNNINGg Colors Rose and Silver Virginia Bickar Luella Davis Myrtle Dunham Patricia Fowler Grace Gorley Norma Hawkins Elizabeth Kulsley' Jeanne lacomber Alice Robbins Mary Solomon Clyde Adams Melburn Beuter Jimmx Carroll Here el Johnson Richard Hurry C L A S S R O L L ' 'psi TAKE THE STSIRS Class Flower Rose Rose Corp Louise Davis Genevieve Evans Doris Gorley Wilma Hanson Margaret Heitman Mable Lowry Helen Marie Martin Leola Smith Frances Woroch Gene Anderson Fred Buckovic Harvey Constant James Marquis Frank Prine V- - comPL1naENTs OF SCHNARTZ MEN'S WARS V V 7 g , Ln,-11, .dill CHEHALIS NASHCINGTON C 0 N G R A T U L A T I 0 N S C o m p 1 ifm e n t s l MARR'S DRUG STORE l ' crmfnnns SOPHOMORE HISTORY On September eighth, nineteen hundred thirty-seven, thirty strong and hopeful climbers made a second step up the ladder of Education. Mr. Babcock agreed to assist the Climbers over the rough places for another year. Unfortunately, the Climbers did not have 'Amil Lar- mon, Bud and Myrtle Foister, Donald Grimes, Frank Bagan, Junior Hodges, Phyllis Ricker, and Virginia to make the second step with them. Two new Climbers, however, joined them. They were Louise and Luella Davis. The class officers for the first semester were: Hel- en Martin, President, Wilma Hanson, vice president, Pat Fowler, secretary, Elizabeth Kulsley, treasurerg and Alice Robbins, Sergeant-at-Arms. Jimmie Carroll and Genevieve Evans were the student council representatives. On November sixth the Climbers had a party consisting of a scavenger hunt and a thrilling show. Everyone re- ported a rip-roaring time ---- especially Pat?????? On December 23 the Climbers presented a literary program consisting of a play entitled, WJust What They Wantedn and several other good numbers. After that Santa Claus arrived with a bag df sandy for the big kiddies... The second semester was a very beneficial one wlth the following officers: Wilma Hanson, president, Herchel Johnson, vice presidentg Genevieve Evans, secretary, Eliz- abeth Kulsley treasurer, a d Margaret Heitman, Sargeant- at-Arms. Fred Buckavic and Pat Fowler were student coun- cil representatives. - The Climbers were very disappointed when Louise Davis was unable to climb due to illness. Albert Davis did not finish the climb. On May 7, the climbers took time out for a trip to Deep Lake where they had an exciting time. The climbers adjourned on June fourth and decided this year had been a profitable one. ,pq ,1 1:1111 1181 MCKENZTE 8 MORRISON IOQ store nThe friendly store? FRESHMAN CLASS MOTTO Uwe have crossed the bay---the ocean lies beyond.n Colors Red and White Flower Red and white roses CLASS ROLL s Orabelle St. John Helen Seroshek Frances Smith Agnes Hewitt Alfred Norman Howard Kure Edward Pemerl Champ La Bissioniare John Holloway Andrew Selph w-1.-" G E Thelma Jewell June Brown Helen Nelsont Alice Wallace May Young Ted Dec Billy Moses Vernon Pagel Tommy Estep Bud Eiswald Arthur Brock NERAL AUTOMOBILE WORK . vwlm GYTY SHEET METAL WORKS n2O2 Main st. one aa' I I gilt' FRESHMAN HISTORY A navigating party landed at old NHS for a whole long year of hard study. Learning that Miss Dorothy Ward was their advisor, they kept her busy answering questions about initiation. Though many dreaded it, everyone came out alive. Some of the outstanding things that happened at initia- tion were Zoel Samples and Edward Pemerl demonstrating how to be happy though married, May Young and Art Brock using the same type of technique in making love to one another. Buttonhole Smith enjoying herself when nspeaking her mindn about some members of the faculty. Class leaders were as follows: President, Bud Eiswald and Ted Dec, vice-president, John Halloway and Art Brock, secretary, Ted Dec, and Helen Seroshehg treas- urer, Orabelle St. John, council representatives, Helen Seroshek, Billy Moses, Zoel Samples, and Edward Bemerl. It wasn't long until these Navigators were informed that they were to give a program for the student body. An original amatuer variety program was presentlifla with In Arthur Brock acting as master of ceremonies. A piano solo, an infant marvel, a saxophone solo, a duet, and a bathroom band were included in the repertoire. A theatre party was a social event of the year which will be long remembered. After seeing, WBig Broadcast of l957n at the St. Helens Theatre, the group indulged in light refreshments before returning home. As their last outstanding social event for the year, the Freshmen had a picnic at Deep Lake on April 50. HFHXL13 Gs LER Mcmxvsu cxwv LAUNDRY FUENITUPE CO DRY UL AN RD sooo FURNITURL Low Pemoss OUR WORK GUA.RANTEED R I As CHEHALIS PHONE 78 U I , fi T ." ' -LJ 4 I ' "A 7 , 8 K I A T C 6 ... A.. 1 E' rx A A D R AMA The night of December 4, 1956, the Senior class of Napavine High School presented NSis Perkinsn, a farcical comedy in three acts, under the direction of Miss Rantala. The characters were as follows Lydia La Salle Jay Schuyler Sue QSisJ Perkins Mrs. Elizabeth Chandler Carter 4 Baldwin Chandler Violet Astor Count Gaston De Long Marcia Chandler Elvira Sniffkins '57 Bertha Smith Stanley Dec Martha Dec Cherry Hamrick Shannon 0'Nei1 Warren Corp Lucille VanBr1mmer Ernest Zunke Gretchen Coyle May Selph On the fourteenth and fifteenth of April the stars of the Napavine High School portrayed their ability as actors and presented NM1ss Millionsn, under the direction of Miss Rantala. The cast was as follows: Ellen Brown Fred Manning Max Halliday Valerie Morgan Cyrus Potts Helen Martin Marion Pierce Arthur Brock Vera Olson Warren Corp QContinued on bottom of Shand' pagel BAND Two divisions of the band were necessary this year to facilitate its groper tutelage. Mr. Douglas Babcock was the eader. The band made public apgearances at the Senior play, the grade schoo operetta, the all- school play, basketball games, ann the girls' league program. Members of the band were: Shannon 0'Neil Gretchen Coyle Grace Gorley Stanley Dec Billy Moses Russell Linhart Ed Pemerel Arthur Brock CContinued Mrs. Crockett Willie Fisher Mrs. Fisher Lucy Jones Sam Davis Ramu Singh Pansy '57 from Drama Pagel '37 Doris Gorley Jeanne Macomber May Prine Helen Seroshek Ernest Zunke Don Fowler Howard Kure Lucille Van Brimmer Bertha Smith Jimmie Carroll Marie Hilliard Leola Smith Kevin Carty Darroll Attebury May Selph 7, -YQ I im: , ,. vi.. 11. Y,.l ,1.1.. 1 - A 1. Q. ,Q 'f"f,y,'fI.- Lai ff . , .wa . If V? F125-, ,, ., 1. ' M . 'A 3 .4 Ex' . af - ' ' . 1 - -,.,,-ji,.,f,ef,,5 J .K . '-1 Ms. W, LVL., ?f3?:Q"?" ici? 11519. f -f l -.',,x4"- ' ' F1553 '- W-Aj1l:,1if.1,3 , ' ' Qgfzs Y." ,"' 'Sf 'Ex ' :SW-13. 1 1, -l 3.3, ' ' ff.: L.:.T"T. - H,,Nw,g:f,aiu 7 ' ".".1ua 25111 I ' - f V1 .4., .1 ,.T,Lv, fa 5-'jf '-fJ'V11Ngf'.5. , ' w ,Q . V J' "" nr 1 ,. , ,J . X - V-1igvjEg7""l"'5', T , H " Although the Tigers were not entered in the Lewis County league, they had a fair season, considering the lack of experience. The Tigers won two games, tied one, and lost seven. 'Only two, however, were lost by a large score. The scores were as follows: I 1' - -- Lebam 7 Napavine 0 Adna 2 Napavine 0 WSTS 14 Napavine 15 Rochester 26 Napavine 0 Woodland 0 Napavine 26 WSTS 6 Napavine O WSTS 58 Napavine 0 Toledo 7 Nepavine 7 '57 - FOOTBALL PLAYER PERSONALITIES JOHNSON Sophomore Never Fooled End CORP Senior A good tackle Tackle A. NICEWONGER Junior Always gets his man Guard C. NICEWONGER Junior Ditto--a sub-- Tackle ATTEBURY Junior Pass Snatcher End MARQUIS Junior Slow but sure Guard LINHART Junior Runs slow but hits hard Tackle BROCK Sophomore Heavy and tough Fullback FOWLER Senior Watch him go with the ball Quarterback MORAVEC Senior Blocker Halfback PIERCE Junior They get out of his way Halfback CARTY Junior Tough as they make 'em Center DEC Senior A sub, but plenty good. '37 Halfback BEAUTIFUL OLYMPIA offers Che attractiveness of a moderate-sized city where office employment per capita is greater than anywhere else in the f State of Washington , DIETZ BUSINESS COLLEGE Q9 Capitol Park Buildin5,, W, 1 For the second year Nepavine has ever participated in track, the results have been better than average in competition. Last year the cinder men won ghiguynece in the coun ty. This year they went one better and grabbed second p ace. r H k There were meets with Chehalis, Toledo, and Castle oc . L The positions the boys won in the Lewis County meet were as follows: 440 Carlson first 880 Carlson first mile Dunham first shot Corp second pole vault Wallace second ' Attebury and Eiswald third--tie Discus T Linhart second Pierce third - Milton Dunham, Arnold Carlson, and Russell Linhart were entered in the Southwest Washington meet at Cen- tralia. Although the boys came close to winning, the competition was a little too good. '57 The Napavine golfers had a perfect season as they took Chehalis and Longview into camp by the scores of twelve to zero and six and one-half to five and unaehalf respectively. ' Those on the golf team were Stanley Dec, Lester Slade, Howard Kure, and Lester Kure. '57 During the past year the basketball team was handicapped by lack of experience and size. Mor- avec was the only returning letterman. Most of the boys were smaller than last year s team. 'The biggest triumphs of the gear were a win over Adna and a double win over oledov A few points in the right games would have made Napavine a title contenler, for the Tigers were beaten badly only by Boistfort. A record of the games played during the year: 20 Boi stfort 55 Napavine Adna 28 Napavine 25 PeE1l 22 Napavine 15 Toledo 9 Napavine 29 Boistfort 58 Napavine 22 Adna 15 Napavine 21 PeEll 29 Napavine 27 Toledo 12 Napavine 21 Opponents 196 Napavine 180 SEARS ROEBUCK 84 CO. CHEH'ALIS WASHINGTON ,lun ,l lil: ' -1 P L A Y E B P E R S O N A L I T I E S VERNON MORAVEC--Forward--Moravec was the only returning 1 tt d tl h h d re x erience than ai. 8522? 22.15-3?.iZ?ueB. ?I...sew1id '22 aieg, but played good ball when the going was toughest. He started the season at forward but ended up as a guard. his is ' orty sn last year with the team. e was third high scorer on the team this year. BURTON 'WALLACE--Forward--Bud played forward, doing a good Job of it. He was never a igh scorer, but was he best passer on the squad. He was out part of the season with a sprained ankle. Bud is a Senior and will be missed next year. LAWRENCE NEWMAN--Forward--Newman was inexperienced at the start of the season but progressed as the season want by. He started the season as a guard but played most of the season as forward. He was high scorer on the team this year. He is a Senior who will be missed greatly next year. RUSSELL LINHAHT--Center-fiuss played center through- out the seasong at times he played good ball. He usually played a good ddfens ve. He as usually a deadeye f me ever finds the range. has one more year to play and should turn in some good games next year. KEVLN CAHTY--Forward--Kevin played at all positions but turned his best games at forward. He s slow V but has height. He s a good Taker, and a good shot, He was secqnd high scorer and will be back next year. DAHROLL ATTEBURY--Guard--Darroll started the season as a wild passer but had lots of drive. With practice and experience he became a good defensive guard. He is noted for his left hook and as the biggest Prazzern in the county. He'll be back next year with lots o pep. HERCHEL JOHNSON--Guard---Herch was a good defense man but not much at getting points. e lurks hard and one earns what baskets one gets off him. He'll v be back next year to help out. BOB MARTIN-fGuard--Bob started the season as a guard but had the misfortune of injuring his back. He is a hard checker and is usually good for a basket or two. He'll be back to stop high scorers next year. 'iil l l , I V N 5 -41 T Q5 - 'W -O A - 'J . M 'vt Q: S 1' :lids . wiv:-1 , AF , ' 'f ...1,,,: 1 Vu. .zur QAPIVIWI GIRLS LTHLFTIC ASFOCIBTIGN The officer! for the O.A.A. the past year have been President Dorothy Guenther Vice President Opal Dunham Secretary-Treasurer Marie Hilliard The main events sponsored by the group besides var- ious athletics were: skating parties in the old gymg an award dinner at Shamrock Inn on May 14, 19373 a house party at Offut Lake on May 29 and 503 and numerous hikes in the forms of scavenger hunts, hare and hound hunts, and good old fashioned wiener roasts. The following girls earned letters by making 500 points or better in athletic activities: . , ,D . Wilma Hanson Jo ce Hanson Y Joy Hanson Opal Dunham Alma Kure Martha Dec Sadie Bennett Elsie Norman Ellen Banevich Dorothy Guenther Frances Woroch Bertha Smith Wanda Adams Myrtle Dunham Leola Smith The sports which were participated in this year are SOCCER The first team soccer won the inter-class championship The players on the championship team were: l - Opal Dunham Dorothy Guenther Martha Dec Sadie Bennett Wilma Hanson Joyce Hanson Alma Kure Bertha Smith Elizabeth Kulsley Frances Woroch Leola Smith Helen Woroch CSubl BADMINTON AND PING PONG The girls held single and double tournaments in bad minton and ping pong. Winners of the tournaments were: Alma Kure Joy Hanson Martha D. k Alma K. Dorothy G. k Marie H. Alma Adams Joyce Hanso Frances W. k Mae Pj Joyce H. a Opal D. Singles Singles Doubles Doubles Singles Singles Doubles Doubles Dine Dona ping pong Cconsolationl Ping Pong ping pong Cconsolationl badminton ' badminton Cconsolationl badminton badminton Cconsolationl BASKETBALL The girls played two court basketball this season. They played very good basketball but had some bad luck in a few of the games. They won six and lost six. Players on the first team line up were: Dorothy Guenther, Cap't. Opal Dunham Wilma Hanson Martha Dec Joyce Hanson Elizabeth Kulsley Joy Hanson May Selph Alma Kure Sadie Bennett Ellen Banevich This is the first year that the second team could play basketball with other schools. They showed very excellent ability and good work is expected of them next year. The players on the second team line up were: Wanda Adams Myrtle Dunhany Cap't Elsie Norman Marie Hilliard Virginia Bickar Bertha Smith Frances Woroch An inter-class basketball tournament was held and the Seniors emerged to be the champions. Players on Senior team: Bertha Smith Marie Hilliard Martha Dec, Cap't Helen Woroch Tina Mae Selph Elsie Norman Alma Kure VOLLEY BALL There was a team from each class competing. Games were very close coming to a three way tie. When the tie was played off the Seniors were the champions. Ulavers on the Champion team were: Joyce Hanson Wanda Adams Alma Kure, Cap't. Marie Hilliard CSub.J Bertha Smith Martha Dec CSub.Q Dorothy Guenther Elsie Norman CSub.j Now that spring is trying to come again, baseball and track are the current interests. All endeavors have been toward an excellent baseball team. Apparently with all the players pooled these efforts have not been ln vain. Two teams were pickedg one orange, and one black. There games were played and each team won one, lost 059, tied one. After the tie had been played off the Black team emerged as champions. ' ' Players. on the champion team were: Wilma Hanson Frances Woroch Alma Kure, Cap't Wanda Adams Elsie Norman Opal Dunham Elizabeth Kulsley Virginia Bickar Jeanne Macomber Joy Hanson Helen Martin Mable Lowry pitcher catcher first base second base third base first short right field second short left field center field sub sub . '57 TRACK Track is a combination of all the skills necessary to be a versatile athlete. These events test skill for accuracy and distance in throwing eventsg speed in run- ningg and distance in throwing eventsg and distance in Jumping. On a basis of points for letters, many girls part- icipated in track events. Ten points were awarded for a first place end six and three points for second and- third, respectively, ' '37 ccmptxmsmrs or I B A R T E L ' S M E N ' S I NAQ"...VIlJj1L Neas in CHEHALIS BEE-NUGGETT p-11" "1q11,,L ,,tl-:yu I, FE . 5 L or , K . .N W Qs' I I .s 4- M A 4 . 1 .r K ., ., 1 l . Nth- :E .ii-.'s:.', " ' ',:.,.J'n.- , in ,S :Z 4 .. fb? ,mn an .ll . I' . an :K-. 4 3. 1 , . :qv . 21- 4 ' - In -1 ir.. 'gi 1: Ii J .1 .Q , M L. id-W1 -. I 6 lu' N . my "mi I ,-" V p '14 :P ' J X V My- , ' Y' 1 E , -gm .-A fini .m '5 13" . 415' L K, 1" 5 ld.. . L b '1 174 I - ga-' ,,. 2 IF, , au' W A ,. gil' E-, f. ii ,H '15 ' -il b EH ,rip 5 ,lf H1 ' -I' ig. v-1. -r r.- V-2 213 T1 ,Qff 'Q - 'WENT miss FY te 'Q' -H: 4 fi ' 4, mv ' , 'sn L I I if, Phone 418 ' cnenalis Max Es Hain Xen Tina Y o U R B U I L D I N G P R o B L E M s PALMER LUMBEB Q MANUFACTURLNG Q9- --The Most Complete Line of Buildlng Materials in Lewis County-- - - Ju-un-sq ,HJ ll: ,, , 1 Y , WIN THE YEAR OF 19509 Bells are tooting, whistles are blowing, and confetti is blowing about. The old year is gone, but not forgotten- l95O is now here! I, Shannon O'Nei1, the author, and my assistant, May Selph, are throwing a big reunion midnite party at my large home in Napavine. The purpose has been to have a reunion of all the class of dear old Napavine's '37. And my purpose has been rather well fulfilled. Of course, there are some who are unable to attend, but I shall call on them separately. V Among the guests are Mrs. Lucille Gorley and her old man, Roy Gorley. She said they live on a stump ranch two miles south of Napavine. She does equally well, either in making apple pies or blasting stumps with her husband. Clark Nicewonger has found himself a nice little woman, Helen Woroch, and he is making a profitable living digging graves. He says that business is always better in the winter months! For my program of the late evening, I was able to persuade Miss Bonnie Van Cleve, Know Mrs. Harry GorleyQ, the famous fan dancer, to do a number. e - A Shoes FOR.ALL OCCASIONS ' CARLSONEHUGHES THE FOOT FASHION 872 larket Street Chehalis, Washington Phone 640 .,.,...,? iq 3 . lust in-:snug , I 'roucu mamma IN eo mrs wma spmhxccmuzt Asc SHA0'PfTHAND--5 LESSONS TYPRIGHT SCHOOLS A' V M'1 sds V all e r 1 e -F r e nlc h, I g r.,., k In Enrollments for Summer Classes received to June lst. 2819Dek,um Bldg. Portl.and,01',980U 4---1 nl 17 al-fl 4 'L ' 'VL ,' "L """'A'A " Q" ' Hrs. Clark-Gab1e,a i - I the fourth, formerly '- ' - ' ' .4 ' A 'lmown as Dorothy Guenther-4. U also gave us a toe-dance. I Q ' .AQ I ' There was a very, amusing number by lisa ' Teenie Mae-Selph, Cin.. n cidentally, she is still fn MATTIE C POST V going with Finkl, our ' ' ' famous woman comedienne a Proprietor in jokes of the hour. . , Burton Wallace gave l ' ' us a veryentertaining BUV"n9tt Gini. b' - speech. on his business eh 3. I 5 - of 'supplying propellors - J .I e E. a e s' s and pontoons for the old ' style V8's. He says when business iss poor, he falls back on relief! ' , H . FLASH: fDuring intermission a knock was heard at the 1 door. When it was opened a ragged, gaunt, half-starved specimen of a man was revealed. A-dozy voice was heard asking for food. To our surprise, it was no one but the old leading man of our school plays, Hr. Warren Corp!! 'He sang, "Hallelujah, I'm a bum!" 'I invited him intend the party continued. f I r , ' - num Ill FL. - 1 -- "' Qoisviarket THE FLUWER SHOP cnenalis d Phone 68 Estelle M. MacDonald TELEGRAPH FLQVEERSI P M 'isgx :LT WITH FLOWERS" . . 1' SAY .IT WITH owns" Fiower' service for all oooasitms ln .V I V - V V f f' f, , , V- ,,,' ,, A: .r :L-,-J--u-f'41o- DR. wp P. LOUGHNAN COLUUBUS BLOCK CHEHALIS COMPLETE OPT CAL SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS! A telegram arrived GRADUATES OF l957lll during the intermission. It read, USorry I'm un- ' ' able to attend your reunion party. I'm in r::.:a::z1afgf:ga1.5 more sim JO oDEPARgM5'gg During our late supper, some guests arrivedg among them were ' I Mrs. Alma McCoy and her , , , , ' mxfmmfmulmwmm, Chgnallg W35HiHgt0H and Wanda Adams, her ' A spinster sister. Then -nfl .1- s--s- we--Q1111 Ellen Banevich Nice- wonger, whose husband, Arlen, works in a mill at Onalaska, arrived. She said that they have a nice little home there. , A-4, Mae Corp says she's still working out at Mary's Cor- ner and has not received a raise yet. CWhat's more, we have heard that she never willD. Miss Gretchen Coyle sent her regrets that she can't attend my party as she has to attend to her little brats out at the orphanage. She is another Mrs. Meany, Cor so I hearl. I shall call on her soon for old times' sake. ' Martha Dec, Qwho has now married WRabbitnl, had to go home early so that she can put her little WBunniesnzto bed. They're pretty good little kids, though. 1-if i ,1-f F-LY .L f-'W--I f A ' CONGRATULATIONS E BEST WISHES gr Y -1 'LY TO . . 1957 GRADUATES ,A ,f3ECF SERVICE SHOE COMPANY, Chehawis so a,l-WaShlldN "L ','l ' ",1n1f1 , TQ. T..EVAN3 . , A V.. G EQN E R A L M E R,C H A N D I a Q Napgyine p lgulp Nashingtpn Marie Hilliard drops in on our party now, and she informs us that she is operating a hotel for former Hollywood actors. She says that business is really nswellu. Mrs. Cherry Hamrick Hougue concluded our program by singing WBillie Boyn, an old favorite of the class of '57. After the party was over and the guests were dispersed, I sat down and thought that I would see the rest of my class. As I had plenty of money and a swell monoplane, I tok off the next Monday for parts unknown to look up the rest of my class. My plane soared low, and I dropped down in a large field of strawberries. I went down to the house and there I directly found a chicken dinner waiting for me. Joyce was the perfect hostess. How she can cook beats all that I know. We talked of old times, and she said thgt Sylvia Styskal has a fine position with Chase k Sanborne in Portland. She also said that Mrs. Bertha Smith Norman lives on a chicken ranch four miles east of Napavine, but that their Ai - 1 Y 17 l 1,-,LV ,-4-.1 1 L -L f , Ihree Stores 1133-99 5-5919-5 """ Centralla Centralia Chehalis Chehalis 1 Longview Longview -PROFF T TT., is I DEPARTMENT STORES W THEY PROFIT MOST WHO TRADE AT PROFFITT'S' 1 , ' ' iq- ,, ,L uni, until 1-npiillllll mann.-rug-f"1-sup ' 1..--1-Ll "1 3 Jli ' .I-. YDIGGERY sooNE's GARAGE D E S O T O - P L Y M O U T H Sales 3 Service S H O P S E R V I C B 2 4 H O U B 6 P E R D A Y PHONj888 p- sHEHAL1s'h V Y " u g-gg...-.,.+ ' l , , . chickens were not doing so wellg but that they shipped a gallon of milk to the Darigold Company in Chehalis every other day. I bid goodbye to Joyce and started out to see Law- rence Newman and Arnold Carlson. On my way out there I saw on one of the roadsides, Vernon Moravec leaning on a shovel in a P W A position. At Newman's he told me that his position was that of agriculture instructer at Napavine High School. He said that he was the first man to hold down the Job. CThe other eighteen years they had hired Swedes., I was unable to see Arnold as he is now an All, American tackle on one of the leading professional teams. He roomed with Lester Kure, who is the world's champion heavyweight wrestler, also known as Uwild Man Twerpn. Newman gave me a couple of tickets to see his next match in Chicago. ll' J.C.PENNEY CO4 y THE Home OF vALuEs C H E H A L I S C E N'T R A L I A n- ,L , I then journeyed to spend mirevening at a dec- orated bal oom where the maestro was none other than Hr. Donald Fowler, Rhythm Maker. Stanley Dec was managing the dance floorg and as he knew that I was an honored guest, he showed me around. He showed me my old friends. Elsie Norman and Thelma Robbins were there with their respective husbands. E1sie's husband works as a stenographer in Chehalis. Thelma said she was clerking in Proffitt's in Centralia and making seven- teen dollars a month. ' Thelma Hagan and her husband were dancing together3'but I dd not get a chance to speak to them. I only had the pleasure of seeing them. I looked towards the door, and my eye fell upon Ernest Zunke, who said he was glad to see me, and informed me that he was an up and coming lawyer. He had just got Miss Alma Kure, Cunmarriedj out of a most embarrassing situation. she had been spying for tue countries at once and Wgot in Dutchn with both of them. He proudly told , V V 1 i , SCHOOL AND NAPAVINE NEWS IN p THE ILENI3 COUNTY ADVO A I THE NoRTHwEsr's LARGEST WEEKLY H, 1:-an-L, un' uns- 1, SUMMER SESSION BEGINS JUNE 7 Enroll at any time CENTRAL 1 A n susmzass senses MAIN at fE4RL, . , A Centralia, Washington S T . J O H N M O FORD i ' TORSYTNC LINCOLN-ZEPHYI2 P H O N B 6 7 C H E H A L I S ,1V Y I --gingiix-idlhitlli I ll Y :ii 'Ii ' me that it was his ability as a smooth talker that ex- d f 3513335 her ffm we Cream l 814 Market Street ' Now, I beleive T A : that 1. shannon owen, DAILY BR-AD SHOP have covered all of our school pals of yesteryears. I sincerely hope that there will be many happy and healthy years for all of us, and that in the future we will T'R Y 0 U R be able to get together more p often. D E L,I C I 0 U S Bread '57 Pastries T Cakes APPCA ON ,F ...Q.L..lL..., he e, s- The class of '57 wishes to express its sincere appreciation to the firms whose advertisements appear in this book. Without their support, this annual could not have been made. We are, therefore, extremely grate- ful to them. To our readers, may we suggest that you patronize the firms who have placed advertisements here- in? They are helping you, and in return you will help them by your patronage. '57 - ,l, "L 1 , 1 , C O M P L'I M E N T S STEELMA3QiF'S SHOP W S p r i n g s f o r a 1 1 C a r s N N O R T H S T R E E T C H E H A L I S 1-" 'Z C O M P L I M E N T S O F ' AUSMAN gB'ROT'HERS NAPAVINE WASHINGTON gx ,- ,-ru A 1 Nui' . , ,...J,. ,rx . ' :T n"v'. , x. 1-- - ., -21.5 ,xl sl i 'W I .nv 1 . 1 . xv ,.,3, I - f. - .H w x v V Lx W., s ,. :QQ '. . Q, ff' ' Lf' F ,. J. 5.1 -x W2 1 'F-' '. ' 1' "U ."s v M iH,.-,h,,,, , , . "ME: ar- ' Y .Lx QL 5-,,,-,vw-113 -, 4 HN rw mg, f .aj pl, V.. 1 ww, MA x, 1 n , ,, H V, N: ' I . I, . .1,f..- -,N , I 25J.,.',- , i 1 1 ,v A -r '-L 4 n A AUToeRAF HS ' W f Hwemvfzgnzfb MMM-Q AUTOGRAPHS 41 "f ff' .rf I , , , ,T ,4, ,- 4 .f :f,,:'-" ' X. , N, x ,. Qc-W . 3g-Vi, wb -- i.. ,. ,a .fl 2-1. .iii , -, ffffvi' K .4 ff . Z,-'ff' Y 'Sv ..: .-T Y x : fa- ,Q .T 'J-'H an.-Q ', f ".,L-, - f- f 4 V-,,,f. .- ,, , " A -Jagvf' ' L . . ,Vw ..3ffwE" 'iii ,- W.. P A- ga I ., , af- zz-, f .. ,L ff 1,3 1,1 f ,, . v

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