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Text from Pages 1 - 70 of the 1952 volume:

L NL PUBI.I,Sl-IED BY THE STUDENTS O12 NAPA HIGH SCHOOL IQQ52 S VY- '1' ,. 0 ' 4 V V ki0E"'tf1' 'N ' ' fff-12, ,, .R E5 ,QQ Q -Q f ff K I' '- I O to I I I If 6' JZQ? law A I f':f""7 X " fjx TP "Y, 2- Y' ,E " 'Ii " 1--rg, il - X vi f 2 tix, , X . 1 If 14" 5 3? ff Ni ul ,V ,am , - ' '.f -1213114 N I xfx 1 , ,:'1'5.71fj - LK ,I ffg 5 C71-Tiff, , . g 5 I, ,.A A W 5, A , X y ' :X N X I ef.-5' vin lx x x., p' iz? 'L f, . '1 ,. ,4 if Q '7-5 . - N ,K in J A '. 4 X6 x uk x v ...K ,Z Z 51 X vw .X We, the members of the staff, are proud to present Tx-na Lancs, the 1952 yearbook of Napa High School. The theme chosen for this term's yearbook is that of television, one of the newest and most modern methods of entertainment we have today. The story of the history of television is a typical story of America itself and the people behind it-pioneers of the moderni- zation of our country. This theme is carried throughout the entire book in both the art work and the yriting. The opening division page in our LANCE pictures what is known to television viewers as a test pattern. The purpose of a test pattem is to focus diferent proportions on the screen so as to obtain a clear and correct picture. This pattem might be compared to school report cards. They are given with the same idea in mind-that of giving the student and his parents a clear view of what that student is doing in school so as to be able to correct him, therefore making a better pupil out of him, or in the case of a television screen-a better picture. Depicted on the following division page, that preceding the clubs and activities section, is an example of the most popular type of children's program-the puppet show. Kukla, Fran, and Ollie, Howdy-Doody, and Time for Beany are only a few of the many such programs shown. These shows are designed to present new and interesting ideas to the younger generation in the same way that the clubs and activities at Napa High are open to students with a variety of interests and ideas. A program called "School Days" is pictured on the division page introducing the student pictures section. The scene for this show is a typical classroom such as you would find anywhere throughout our school building. Students on the program are invited to appear because they have sent in especially good questions to be asked on the show. The questions vary and are on any one of the many subjects we study in class each day, such as history, mathematics, science, and the like. Boxing, one of the most popular sports on television, is represented on the division page preceding the sports section. The boxing matches shown on TV are between famous lightweights and heavyweights of today. Other sports on television, the same as we might find on our athletic program at school, are football, basketball, tumbling, and baseball. Games between such large schools as Cal, Stanford, and U.C.L.A. are often shown on TV and now and then a big game back East is also shown. The final division page in the LANCE, preceding the snap section, is that of a program called "Candid Camera." On this television show films are shown where people were photo- graphed having no knowledge that they were being televised. In the spring and early part of the summer students often bring cameras to school and do the same thing as on this show. These prints often end up in the section of the yearbook following the division page just mentioned. These are only a few of the many interesting and entertaining programs you will find on television. Who can predict what TV may mean in later years? One thing is known already- with it America stays abreast of the times and leads the way in the held of entertainment and knowledge by audiovisual means. p MINISTRATIG MR. KENNETH JOHNSON, principal MR. RON ENGLISH, vice-principal An indication of the Hne school spirit we have had at Napa High School this past year is reflected on the faces of our faculty and administrative stall who are pictured on this page. With the help of our principal, Mr. Kenneth Johnson, vice-principal, Mr. Ron Englishg dean of boys, Mri Ken Casanegag and dean of girls, Mrs. Virginia Mugggloff, and the entire faculty and counselors, many things have been accomplished. I ., ff i It is the job of our faculty to see that the students getsthe mostfout of eaclifsubject The Wide variety of subjects available at Napa High School make it possible for studeiiiftb have a and varied programs The counselors are primarily responsible in helping thefgtudentsjgiiith such gibroblems classes, grades, and so forth. The counseling staiffgfhis term was made up of..Mr. l-lildeljrant, Hansemllflvliss Mayfield, Mrs-.fBoman, and Mrs. Schaaf- Q xrk Vi ,iw K T :T :nj 1. kkk,,. E A rarely .important office, to whic57Sve owe of praise, is that tifithe HealtliiDepartment. It,is.the dutyeofthis ' to care for any small clisordeilor accident which aglitudent might have. ' - ' :. "1 ' ssl, H 1 ,. nf . ' ' 'S cial' raise Mr: Dain Hrclce ., our con Qnlal and feifgcient custafdian and his hel ers. 'A . 4 -Y 1 1 . , .5 ,, 'em . ' I P '. 41- . V. Last, fcognize the ofliepgy sfalfgyvho wogkf so caring fgxjthe attendance and-fifgxsiness prob- lerns,i55?5,igg5 gjgff' ly 1 D' , . 3 avg If I P is You have LVV. -Inf . Qpeople behind, oiarlschool systerng all deseiiviing a lot dfgcredit fogggxhe hard vgorlc they have pil!-forthhiirseefxige n Nx ysygem' runs smopghly. ' is-pg .l - . . B7 'ii "'r'?:f 'l f iy 7 , ,g i l " ' f1',:,,,,Qirjl5i.lWing' ScollQ'Alf1filliarns,,-Sierleili, MeAl3eer, Folkenlierg, Windwoh, Moyfieliimevin, Mon oe, ff I '. 7 ' GE. Murdol'f,'Boman, Vogel, Pritchard. Baclrrows, I to r: Henderson, Hansen, Sialingor, 'Thread- ' ' gall, Baldwin, Martin, Kulffi, Yerger, Atwood, Grubb, Cononi, Penn, Reams, Van Vuren, Klein, Hahalu, Acheson, Schlindwein, Wilkins, Rivers, Esles, Yoakum, Juricieh, Nocelo, Spohr, Hildebranf, Borden. No? included in pidun: Boker, Belcher, Blume, Covey, Early, Ferriole, Friend, Gressinger, Kresge, Ln Torre, Peterson, Revelli, Sv. John, Storm, Taylor, Weiiz. Fall Student Government om... l to r: Joanne Martin, Charlene Shatttuck, Elmer Barker, Ben Adan, Helen Wilson, Winnie Bartow. Missing is Bruce Silvers. Emogene Patten, Bruce Silvers, Theresa Braui. The establishment of club charters, election of grade officers, and the development of the student handbook are onl few of the many things that were accomplished during the term of the fall A.S.B. ofhcers. Holding the important office of president, it was Ben Adan's job to see that the first semester got ta-a goodstart. also presided over the assemblies, Studentcouncil, and Board of Directors' meetings held during In the ofhce of 'vice-President Elmer Barker 'assisting the president his la program of activities., i'ii'i ii A iiiiiii I I ii J R In chargeof the minutes, for both the,Studeritl.tCouncillf.1ggjii-Boarc1gofi.Directors'1meetingsgliieleni'WQiSgi'7,held5.rl1e ol of A.s.B. Secretary. a T . J R The director of linance, Winnie ,Bartowf badly the ijobyofiligiepiixigifahzfaciillfaggfiQlfaccigtilit 3Ch0,9lil1lidg2f- Ofhcially in charge of the yearbook and the school-papers' was Charlene ishalttuclc, directat5'1of.pfihlicaitibns. Primarily responsible for noontime recreation was the director of recreation, Joanne Maritim f 'wff t Yell leader, Bruce Silvers, took charge of the promotion of school spirit anclrolliciatecliat ralHes'.Q A. flip V ' M The student council, made upgof homeroom representatives and the ASB ol:licers,,diri'iedtout plans during the term. one of these heing the purchasing of benches for the school store. Problems discussed in council iweire those concerning school and various problems such as trafiic conduct, behavior at assemblies, and the like. ' First row, I to r: C. Shattuck, H. Wilson, B. Adan, E. Barker, J. Martin, W. Bartow. Second row, l to r: S. Merritt, R. Frc C. Hempler, J. Mills, H. Beck, T. Frazier, E. Patten, S. Baker, V. Flock, T. Prescott, R. Andrews, R. Wang. Third row, l t L. Shaffer, P. Voitich, J. Owen, J. Bush, L. Vienop, J. Hynes, J. Gosling, B. Carr, J. Duff, V. Brown, M. Greco, C. Wilson. Fourth row, I to r: L. Hansen Berberick, l.. Mayfield, G. McCarthy, B. Northrop, R. Land, H. Maclean, T. Henry, E. Jimison, G. Christiansen, J. Archer, J. Orrock. Fficers Don Dresel, Mary Patrick, Jim Orroclt, Lou- ienop, Bob Carr, Barbara Hendricks, Joan Spring Student Government Q45 'l I J Q ii L1 5 +1 'Alas K Q- lt 17 Diane Morecrcrfi, Don Dresel, Hazel Beck spring student council with the help of Mr. Friend, their advisor, and the spring A.S.B. officers haw , , ,tributed J N . , . ,.,..,-. ...,,-. .W ,t,, .. .. , , V L s. . , , . 1 valifdhlrrlfin s to a H1 h School. One of thc most tm ortant conflthuttons uns therwrr J 2' ,,fV,5-"' ,yEZ. n5t1tu- Y S g P. , 95 mfs b Aw 5 Wy..- ,ff ,..,, ,W ,,.,,L, ,. .. 5,5 57-,ft 1. up lr-w....,,,,.,,,,.., M.. . .Yikixrg 4, . - YN , .V lj ' M. . The ?rm?,s,et dfgd the tndtvtklu it ' usfy t tgqgrcgnt needs offtltel. ll 2, . Moved by New ff the h I Th IPC Q. Q0Clj51tt2C L students etr re H1-1-fa.. r M X J A' J is 'H 'Y ' . .31- ' t 4 . ' ' li: Y . .- .. I-eiirsi-1: ' J . eh 'V F' IV' 'ZV4 illvh Ui' K' V " ' .. R A 5 entire W35 . n ' 'N - ' . 150. ,v.i'- -L fi K ' .5 Lf..-NM'-5, l -, Mm 'gl ," -swf' '13 il., , '. I ual H1196 -l' 'kSldCl'lf-llIl1.0f!'0C .du-np , ,sri sect'2fh?yl'Nl5tlylPatr1ck, ctor' . Bruin - if!!-Q sr I' G iorjof li tions Louvtti V ti5p1,V .irf:- nt? gf Vwdsadplij' ifand yell er Do rfcl' r. i.'1 Fug. air. X, 'fic most successful in QWQ J JL' ' . xv MM' S' . ' The spring officers, as well as student council. deserve a great dcnl of crcdnt lor their outstanding worlc as school repre- ZIIVCS. ow, I to 1: l. Vienop, B. Curr, M. Pofrick. Second row, l to r: M. Quinnell, V. Roads, l. Lyle, l. Humphrey, R. L. Harbin, a men, B. Nou, J. Owen, P. Rhodes, R. Frame, R. Andrews, J. Sr. Clair, R. Cavagnaro. Third row, I to r: J. Tolmon, council :' , . . . ure, J. Larsen, S. Murray, J. Hynes, C. Hempler, C. Shattuck, C. D Onofruo, M. J. McMillan. Fourth row, I to r: J. Scorufli, E. Barker , J. Duff. I , Q., ., ,1 Firsf row, I to r: G. Aguilar, D. Alexander, L. Vienop, C. Shattuck, L. Shaffer, T. Tuttle, S. Salle. Second row, I to r: J. Duff, J. Orrock. 'n f Mr. Yoakum ' ' Firsi row, I io r: B. Hernandez, M. Banchero, L. Vienop, G. Aguilar, C. Griffiths. Second row, I to r: C. Shuituck If HI Boze, S. Donahoo, H. Griffiths, A. Dorland. I , ui., -'hal l Firs! row Ito r N McCeIIan V Raneri C Whifehill J Rodgers, B. Lilienthai, L. Fry, D. Hasinger, G 1, i , 1 K .5 C S F , z . , . , . , . . .4 I7 ' ' ' A. King. Second row, I io r: J. Sforneha, C. Shattuck, V. Whifmire, M. Patrick, M. Paris, A. Sf. 5.-jkff. ' K , Clair, J. Goodwin. ' ff' A if Mr. Friend 12+ X XXX X X XXX X XX X ST XX NO X XXX OO X Q XXfXf XXX 73 XX. XXX fl XX 2 fffp M S Q ' X Z1 X 11153 1' '.'x.lH?l!F?7'--'Q.'7l' lF'!'YFl'1!7" f 3CT"Q'i'illKv :hestra J. Adams, B. Berdan, G. Bresheors, S. Carr, A. Clowdis, N. Cook, A. Craig, B. Cranston, S. Davena, D. Davis, E. Dunn, J. Frame, R. Gilbert, H. Gibson, C. Glick, H. Goodwin, J. Hatmaker, L. Haynes, ndry, J. Hie, L. Hinkson, R, Halper, G, Iverson, C. James, W. Kautz, B. Kroplin, N. Leonard, R. Lilienthal, P. Loewen, cCarthy, G. McCarty, D. Mentzer, H. Mentzer, M. Merritt, J. Moody, M. Moore, C. Munds, M. Patrick, C. Paull, C. Philipp, ce, J. Sawyer, S. Stotts, J. Talbot, S. Thomas, S. Tranmer, M. Volonte, M. Von Uhlit, L. Walker, C. Whitehill, A. Zloc- ii. ski. ' ' K M 4, .' Mr. Kultti md Alphabetically listed-D. Atwood, J. Barnell, L. Beckstrom, S. Bell, R. Bennett, B. Benthus, D. Bently, P. Berend sen, B. Branagan, S. Brooke, J. Bush, W. Chase, G. Cliff, R. Christopherson, C. Conley, H. Cook, G. Cox, W. Cuff- M. Crenshaw, A. Craig, D Driscol, R. Erickson, N. Fossette, M. Ferrero, M. Garrett, B. Gale, W. Hancock, D. Hager, R lin, l. Hatmaker, J. Hie, C. Barboa, D. Jewell, D. Johnson, W. Kautz, J. Larson, C. Lauder, B. Loeffer, B. McLean, S s, L. McCart, G. McCarty, R. McDaniel, N. Mendelsohn, B. Miller, E. Moulton, L. Nelson, H. Nevins, R. Northern, B. Patton itili, R. Pierce, D. Polzin, P. Pressley, J. Redhorse, S. Ridley, R. Schneider, R. Schmutz, J. Snyder, V. Spencer, B. Staples im, F. Speckelmier, J. Thibaut, L. Usher, J. Watson, M. Whitmore, G. William. 1 1 ...- ,rus Adan, Avila, Avilla, Bailey, Barber, Barker, Beck, Benthein, Berry, Bishoff, Bissell, Bollenbacher, Bowers, Bray, Broughton, Brazzi, Brown, Bunch, Baxter, Callison, Caughey, Cester, Charland, Charlesworth, Cheney, , Chord, Coker, Colvin, Clift, Cooley, Crandall, Daglia, Daugherty, Davis, Daniels, Dennis, Del Rosso, Detwiler, DeWitt, as, Dukes, Eades, Edwards, Eggleston, Eichler, Elicker, Ellison, England, England, Farrell, Ferguson, Filippini, Fontana, ster, Fawles, Franks, Frazier, Fry, Fossett, Garcia, Gasser, Gelinas, Giffin, Gonzales, Goodwin, Grasteit, Grimm, Hampton, L, Hou, Hansen, Hansen, Henson, Herniman, Herrick, Hie, Hodgers, Holper, Horton, Horton, Hosick, Hudson, Hunter, -igton, Jenkins, Johansen, Johnson, Juarez, Juarez, Keene, Keller, Kirkman, King, Knudsen, Lacaze, Langstoff, larison, old, LeVan, Lewis, Lewis, Leyva, Lernhart, Martin, Martin, Martus, Manasse, Markt, Mayer, Mayer, McCann, McCarty slsonn, Morley, Merritt, Merryweather, Milton, Miller, Murray, Nolan, Northern, Oliver, Olmstead, Orrock, Orsoe, Patten, ill, Raneri, Ratto, Reams, Reeder, Reichenberg, Rodriquez, Ruscio, Rezzonico, Saunders, Scanlon, Schmidtpott, Schoedinge 1 'iii Mr. Borden l 'ss is -lf ! , 111 Mr. Hildebront McNerney, McNew, McPhee, Pord, Paull, Prince, Quintana, r, Shroyer, Simpkins, Soiland, ', Soucy, Stephenson, Stewart, Stewart, Stornetta, Stubbs, Stuebner, Tallent, Taylor, Thompson, Thornton, Tieken, Thompkins, Tuttle, Vallinghom, Van r, Wade, Wagner, Walker, White, Whitney, Wilkenson, Wilson. 'Ye' YQ W. r 'G 95 Ho5fe55 Club B. Reno, P. Adams, D. webef, c. o'sfi-en, v. Mmemey, B. Mmm, G, Del Rom. Mrs. Murdoff ul '-..,w'4 Furs? row, l lo r: N. Young, M. Walloce, S. Tronmer, B. Tucker, N. Curry, C. Warren, G. Thompson, L 3, vig J. Mannering, P. Rhodes, M. Hill, C. Johnslone, J. Thompson. Second row, l lo rz F. Bassett, L. Gellinger, Z 5. ' R. Munds, L. LeBaron, M. Bowers, M. Warren, J. Reichord, P. Bruce, C. Knlef, O. Conatser, B. Hadley. L Mrs. Schoof ' First row, l to 1: W. Borrow D. Johanson E. Pollen, J. Duff, B. MeMillin, P. Gilliland El clrculo Espanol V. Connolly, B. Amundson, S.'Dovis, R. Roborls, S. Murray, P. Hulp, B. Cranston, A. Soun: ders, K. Lenz, 5. Ferguson. Second row, I lo r: A. Manasse, B. Corr, F. Coshon, M. Avilla, L. Hansen, J. Sforneffa, J. Hague, D. Snyder, D. Jones, J. Corselii, E. Barker. Mrs. Storm fb E j A First row, I to r: J. Rowley, D. Atwood, A. Zloczewski, G. Morford, D. Bush, G. Hartley, B. McMillin, I.. Bailey, ' ' K. Ehmke, J. Ware, K. Munk, L. Hilsen, C. Domron, T. Gomez, D. Hager. Second row, I to r: J. Piper, F. Shouse, sling, C. Pridmore, V. Clymo, L. Simpkins, H. Gibson, F. Ford, B. Etheredge, B. Fumasi, W. Fowles, L. Cutler, R. Luiz, 'le. - 1 -I lu i ,ao Ji ' YT!- Mr. Early vw ,-Y' L .. ' l 5312 , First row, I to r: R. Bailey, R. Le Van, D. Hotelling, R. Neuman, R. Young, R. Murdoff, B. Brooke, J. Prince, D. Crandall, A. Knut- ' son, J. Callison, D. Seigler, J. Watson, W. Cullman, D. Polzin, Second row, I to rz H, Robins, Mr. Martin, H. Nevins, D. Alexan- der. Listing by rank. Maior J. Kyserg captain J. Polsong second lieutenants, T. Cooley, R, Rogers, first lets corps sergeants, M. lash, J. Smith, staff sergeants, J. Hie, R. Swim, sergeants, W. Fletcher, R. Lowe, Coy, H. Mentzerp corporals, M. Abbott, E. Dane, W. Faulk, D. Harris, R. Hernandez, L. Hill, D. Jewell, F. Koch, T. Marshall, lzin, W. Whited, privates first class, E. Avilla, J. Buttle, J. Corscodden, K. Chord, R. Christopherson, E. Clemons, H. Cook, sk, J. Cooley, D. Davison, J. Frame, H. Gibson, R. Gilbert, R. Harrel, J. Loyd, R. McCune, R. Northern, M. Qt, J. Pemelton, rd, A. Ritchie, C. Sanders, R. Shroyer, M. Silvestri, G. Stahl, R. Staples, R. Sullivan, J. Swatts, C. Viscusi, privates, F. s, H. Alexander, W. Balmer, L. Barcroft, C. Barboa, H. Bradley, R. Bryan, D. Church, J. Clark, C. Cook, W. Cuffman, C. Colonel w9lk9' L, D. Darby, D. Davenport, B. Dawson, H, Einarson, D. Faulk, G. Gadbury, W. Hagewood, A. Hodge, M. Jennings, W. James, R. Johnson, D. Juarez, K. B. Lash, G. le Van, P. Loghry, D. Mentzer, D. McCune, H. McCuIluogh, P. Olmstead, R. Morgan, J. Pagliaro, C. Springer, J. Stephens, K. Stiles, R. Stoffal, ide, E. Williams, G. Winfer, R. Wood. fi ,An We ' First row, I ta r: H. Rudstrom, I.. Chauvet, C. Bird, R. Harris, D. Pinarretta, A. Eckert, L. Stanley. Second Llbrary row I to r: L. LeBaron, J. King, J. Whitmire, J. Duncan, D. Hale, S. Price, K. lversen, B. Bryant, S. Berry, D, Dizmang, V. Scott, E. Bayard, F. Bartow, J. Sipe, I. Thomas, S. Myers, P. McCune, A. Peterson. Third row, I to rr S. Tranmer, I. Andersons, W. Bard, D. Blackburn, M. Edgell, E. McWherter, B. Jacks, H. Hart, G. Lund, G. Tullos, D. Bissell, J. Brayton, J. Edwards, B. Grant, D. Adan, S. Domezia, V. Marshall, S. Beevers, D. Stiles. W 1 Mrs. Baldwin Second row, l to r: H. Alexander, R. Wainscott, B. Bledsoe. . First row, l to r: D. Batcheller, J. Hernandez, J. Parkerson, B. Walton, A. Young, M. Walker, J. Reeder, B. Bryant, L. Walker, J. B 'XI-fl ' First row, I to r: D. Johanson, D. Morecraft, W. Bartow, G. Haug, S. Murray, P. Zumwalt, J. Lar- curtaln callers sen, A. Daglia, J. Orrock, C. Whitehill, V. Whitmire, A. Murray, M. Adams, A. Manasse. Second row, I to r: V. McNe ey, B. Merritt, C. Gardner, E. Patton, T. Tuttle, H. Dukes, D. Waggoner, B. Hendricks, D. Hasinger, M. Patrick, L. Fry, M. Parker, 'V.- ' eri, M. Moore, S. McClure, A. Parmley, P. Adams, G. Del Rosso. Third row, I to r: B. Amundson, S. Fer- guson, B. Adan, C. Har is, J. Martin, H. Pringle, J. Wingo, D. Bowers, T. Henry, E. Barker, W. Cameron, B. Carr, J. Nielsen, P. Gilli- Vq ., . land, J. Duff, A. King, L. Hansen, T. Brozzi, S. Charlesworth, W. Whitney, F. Cashon, G. Randal, H. Wilson, J. Tolman. Miss Monrc F, X gms? -U ,Hx mm.... ,,..,:, ,sf-, f ,M A A Aguilar, Alber, Alley, Allis, Alton, Anderson, Andrews, Banchero, Barlow, Beck, Bell, Berberick, Bertolucci, I I Boggiale, Bars, Broughton, Brown, Bruce, Bruno, Bryant, Bush, Cabrers, Cable, Campbell, Carr, Carter, Chris- en, Christiansen, Clifft, Colvin, Combellack, Conatser, Conrado, Cook, Cook, Cornet, Crowell, Cunny, Dallas, Davena, l, Dodd, Dorlartd, Dorothy, Duncan, Edington, Edwards, Elicker, Ellison, Erickson, Fallert, Faulk, Ferrero, Fistler, Frazier eux, Gould, Griffin, Grimes, Grimm, Groshell, Gurrey, Hambrick, Hart, Hempler, Hernandez, Hicks, Hill, Howard, Hubp xhrey, Hynes, Jenkins, Keller, Klepper, Knudson, Lacaze, Laird, Lakocque, Larsen, Layman, LOMonaco, Looper, McDonald ee, McPherson, Mendelsohn, Meyers, Miller, Mills, Mills, Moulten, Mufich, Neuenschwander, Neu, Neilsen, Noland, Nuccion l, Ortiz, Owen, Panfili, Parker, Parkerson, Parsons, Passini, Paulson, Penzotti, Peterson, Peterson, Pressley, Price, Proctor, P 1 1 I' 53, Miss Vogel ursell, Quade, Ratta, Reeder, Reuxs as, Ridley, Roads, Salle, Salsman, Salyer, Scaruffi, Seberg, Shattuck, Sherman, Smarzik, Smernes, Sohl, Southworth, Spencer, Soater, Stevenson, Stewart g, Strong, Swarm, Tallman, Taysorn, Thibaut, Trabucchi, Van Amber, Vandagrift, Venturini, Vienop, Von Uhlit, Vaitich, Wagner, Walker, Walker, Walton ton, White, Wiley, Wilson, Windweh, Wood, Wright, Wroten, Young. 'er IINII First row, I to r: J. Tolman, J, Larsen, C. Nelson, M. Patrick, A. King. Second row, I to r: M. Banchero, J. Panfili, V. Spencer, S. Salle, L. Vienop, J. Hynes, T. Brczzi, C. Whitehill, L. Fry, M. Parker, V. Raneri, Dore, S. McClure, W. Bartow, L. Hansen, K. Lenz. Third row, l to r: M. Van Uhlit, J. Thibaut. + Miss Devin ak ,ll ck IINII First row, I to r: E. Barker, J. Duff, T. Henry. Second row, l to r: B. McMiIlin, D. Brothwell, F. Koch, H. Grif- fiths, L. Bailey, B. Adan, C. Griffiths, H. Marshall, C. Wong, B. Carr, A. Chew, W. Milliman, D. Huntington, L. Henson. L N x Mr. Martin 3' 3 -'91 . """' N"1' I . K MA if E 'I ch' First row, I to rz L. Uram, P. Reuss, M. McCann, O. Howard, P. Barlow, T. Frazier, P. Ellison, J. White. V X I4 PSI on I Second row, I to r: D. Railing, W. Cameron, N. McPhee, A. Dorland, G. Aguilar, R. Gomez, Y. Freyslaben. Mr. Baldwin -ll-U " .ff l ' ' L to ru J. Duff, E. Patten, J. Gosling, D. Morecraft, D. Hudson, W. Bartow, W. Cameron, P. Gilliland, J. Orrock, J. Mi slgma ch' Mr. Van Vuren. First row, l to r: B. Vallandingham, B. Vallandingham, H. Beck, S. Balmer, A. Bors, C. Nelson, D. Bradd, J. Carman, C. Glick. Second row, I to r: C. Shattuck, K. Cornett, J. Bush, S. South- worth,.G. Aguilar, B. Colvin, T. Frazier, P. Barlow, P. Ellison, M. Parker, M. Park, M. Merritt, J. White. Third row, l to r: H. Nevins, D. Alexander, D. Fields, B. Evans, V. Norton, M. Elicker, D. Frost, W. Wood, V. Flock, A. Taysom, R. Harbin, N. Mc- Phee, S. Sooter, M. Hambrick, G. Foglesang, C. Bradley, A. Duc harm. Fourth row, l to r: J. Barnwell, P. Berendson, B. Maclean, R. Erickson, R. Holper, S. Stotts, D. Sandison, S. Bruno, G. Burtolucci, T. Johnson, P. Kosbab, N. Boze, W. Whitney, A. Murray, S. McClure, R. Moulton, .l. Bradley, T. Henry. Mn yan yuan tile ll .I 1 'eics First row, I to r: D. Horton, D. Blakemore, P. Babin, K. Judah, J. Goodwin, P. Berendsen, R. Young, G. - . McCarthy. Second row, I to r: L. Chauvet, T. Johnson, L. Duzmang, F. Blodgetf, E. Avila. 5 C Mr. Thnadgull r "' .7 what L to r: V. Garavenlo, R. Covognaro, C. Knief, P. Bruce, J. Reichord, L. Shriner, A. Jinks, S. Neilson, ,rf T. Howes, K. Kirby, K. Koch. s W Mr. Covey The Held of television offers many opportunities to young actors and actresses just beginning their career. In the same the clubs and activities at Napa High School offer many opportunities to students with a variety of interests. The many different clubs available to students of all grades, make up a large number of social activities. Each club has lin specifcltions as to the grades of the members and, in some cases, the fact if they are boys or girls. There are sports clubs for both boys and girls such as The Block "N", The Letter "N", and G.A.A. One club, the F., is OPC!! to ninth and tenth graders whose names have appeared on the honor roll. Then there are clubs for students who ,nterested in auch careers as acting and some sort of business. Two of these clubs are the Curtain Callers and The Epsilon A wide choice in music is offered to students of each grade. There are three main musical groups at Napa High School ne, the orchestra under the direction of Mr. Kulttig two,,the band directed by Mr. Bordeng and three, the chorus which is ay Mr. Hildebrant. At various times throughout each of the organizations is asked to play at diferent events held ,e school. ' i The activities available do not, however, just include club projects. There are also a lot of activities held during the noon s. A few of these are the talent shows, noon movies, andnoon dances. The double noon hour presented a large problem as- ls the activities program was concerned, but both directors of recreation handled the problem very well. 19 I' .-nunll11 in ,",-X? 1' .ii O WWE if S Q fd N15 " f x X s O A WF ,,L, iq RFQ 1qg,1,,,2i 257535 I ww, - f l . 'fail -an P . Z. ,ws ' N 2 4 as I 'mf -5 -wa -sw! ,uw ,X I.. I . J Z J' ' ,' ' 3 rg 53: P 4 SSN ' . 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Wh' "V"'F?-'-E3 VA" f- 1: 'Q' V gb- 2,551.1-J,VV ,.. ...rv ,- - VV V:-5. - :JL 5- , 7 Q H q,- H-..flh..h,g:--,V . ...V,,,3 -Q Fx, ..V . 1.1.x -!,,V-x .S qi I 'nf gg- ?-.,,i 15 .ni-2323.1 V 1 -V .12 p V411 -ri -if-Q-V V 5 ga --.. f- V... .,-q..w. g,' :.,. -fV..1.,.V3,. ---Vg-1+ -. V Y ,.g :V+ -. V ,jf , Q ' V. :-i45i.:.Y,?i.,if :i-A M V fi- f-V--Mfr' ' --Y-rw "1-' ' -. , 1' , .B...L6 L' -' 'l E .,-,.,f,., V. Q-444. V f, , VV V -,3-+V-VV.. V V V . V? fgiiff 'FFZV ' 5 gg- pri, - .-1' " 'flfid if ?'...' 3555 1 g '7LVf.a'.V, H ' T..I . 3- lm.: 'VI L 331 --5 if V i+' PV' 'iq 1" 'gi ' 5 .. - 1, , 1 ' 'ii .2 iV .V ootball 5g lllilnl -1 P 5 -GQ, 'fxn "-i t row, I to rx J. Volpl, D. Jones, F. Thornoson, R. Iverson, I. MeMilIon, J. Rowley, D. Huntington, Tullent, S. lell, I. Stallings, B. Gonzales, R. Gerard, E. Creme, W. Cook, B. Curr, C. Viseousi. ond row, I to rx D. lrothwell, D. Sounders, G. Mclean, H. Detwiller, C. Wong, B. Aden, R. Furrer, Hole, I. Koch, T. Henry, K. Iorrows, J. Gilliland, R. Lund, L. loiley, J. Smith, J. Longenboeh, Honcoelr. Third row, I to r: Coach Rooms, T. Usher, H. Gibson, B. Schilling, M. Lernhart, I. Burger, ldrker, J. Duff, Coach Rivers, D. Hudson, D. Kinxer, G. Bickford, H. Marshall, G. Christiansen, lray, D. Harris, J. Gochenouer, C. Munds, B. Meng, Coach Hattolo. X A .l R X X R X X i X XXX Coaches Reums, Rlv s, Hettolo me I , i ' ' WW-W N-A--M. 1 . J X ,f M.-M , I Struggling against t a returning gf-"" d the age limit, the Knights ended up in the cellar com tit' n ith Stockton and Vallej 6 -4 ls ' a 1-3 cord. The season record tallied two wins and four losses. Head Coach Ha i, C X 'ste b 15- Af' t . - ch Rivers, made sure that r - ' hrs gave th ' opp ne ts ird ight for each poin 5 le , Q . E E In the opener ag ' ena, t e Saint's el 1- -f - ' d a TD in the first quarter .5 , 7. held the Knig s scoreless. 'he Napans threaten I -- Q ,W third quarter when -ll ovlei' - the Saint's one-yard i - -' ain in the 'l period hen they came with' J ' .94 f their foe's goal lin . ' l ,xx In the first ,- ' g. 1, ormer u -- A 0 J -N ankl' of Std ton's ,-ll, A 'W' t they were de cated, 0, at Stockton. f ' ...Q ii Ta XA I' gi iifdsxg Comin hom - i e . . 1 ,V 4. rolled over the . .l - 'ix K -,il rs, o the tune of a 24-6 ll Th Knght ' 'd he gil, 31 ' Q ' f -' YS' ' f ,y. e g s . - a .f,gf ..4 -i f"f .4 Cr scoringa -as '- -,gf wg, M ting the 'o X Ei, tixwealcened y the -S. ble ov age players, :opped dstgsme, " . 2- 9 -"--. 3' A y playing unbalanced - - - I . 'ons whi e the strong apooseline opened Q 5 . ,I X ' P I Scorin '-'Ml' r r 'jf J o -I ry's t-end run, the Nap 2' stdr defeatedithe Franklin raves 12-6. Duane Hu Eg n's 7 153, :JD ru ,- . ted the - , ' butxthe Braves cam c he third quarter with 55-yalrd run across e pa 3 fx P ' J ., X' . ,N ,fl fl T en,.,in the lasi V e o exQQson ' og n of Va 'o - - - ' ' ' ith a 5131.-PO' " sc V ii in fhellzst two min- :es of the ilquarter. The Hoganites scored fam the ni t's nine-yar fb, X' ti! i ' !',,f At the end of the season the Lion's Club held ual Football Ban " nor the players"W'lio fought for Napa 1 the gridiron. The Most Valuable Lineman Award was p x .to Jim Duff, and ' Henry was voted the Outstanding ack of the Year. The uest s ' ker was Herm Meister from the TUa1ii?ersiry of California. """'1Illlrq!3Yw5,N,,.. f"' .M Va e if ..-:1 2' Einn 7255.5 Franklin '--- 'vw' 5: jrs pil , 1 i ,.,,. pl pq YAV V M My as o Hog... cw it zz Basketball "A" First row, I fo r: E. Barker, L. Bailey, J. Duff, T. Henry, D. Hudson, E. Schmufi. Second row, l to r: J. Orrock, W. Milliman, H. Marshall, M. Lernharf, D. Driscol. Third row, I vo r: Managers, R. Stallings, D. Alexander. A I' Couch Starting the season by winning their First twiilggmes, the Knights kept up their pace. By the time the of tl season had been scored, they had captured the best wih-loss record f4-21 in the competition with Vallejo 'schools ' In the first game of the season with St, klelenai the Knights took an eight-point lead in the hrst qu rter it fc ' the rest of the game to win easily, 28-24. 2 - was Napa then proceded to slaughter Sonoma Dragons, 41-19, scoring at will in the last quarter. Sononia-E large D sco ing quarter netted them only seven points? 5 , T In the next tilt with thejinights led until the lag, period when the Espartons rallied edgegblapaf 44-4 Esparto was sparked by hogpsters, liarrles, ,s, Steptheiis, witliggleven points each. I ,,.y' Saving the game with a last 'f'ii q lgriightsl'ebeat'7iVallejo, 26-21, in their first game away from homeu Tl Knights were trailingm Q1-14, going info byte ,gsepred six baskets while pzextetijigiagg tljgefjjffapooseggai-Zbilroi Scoring- ..i ,.i., W at , W Coming fronii again, -0? Vallejo here, 40-42. Howard wit Q i73iiteenipoifii1s,'iand Riidy Broon1e?sporedj,fff'7ii, -for the Hoganites. jj' is " , Tyveling to Qalistoga, Wilflcats,f-54-35,l3:aceid by Tom Henry, who scored nineteenfgzfallie eww: of tlrem ontlong shots. the seeond halfg the jirst half score stood 24231. of dlbsest edged Franklin of Vallejo there, 31-27. The gigh .,ii asker for most of the pulledtiahead in the last two minutes. f .Fcirgingl forward after the initialfferiod, the Vallejo Papooses handed Napa its Erst defeat -Sfgllej 1' meeting the Franklin Braves on the local hardwood, the Knights started rolling in the "se2i5hH3i'HbQl'lSygrailyin 36 points to win, 51-38. 5 s be af Hogan of Vallejo downed Napa, 53-42, in the seasoh ftnale there. Forward jim Duff ledthis teammateswiihlthirtee points, but Hogan's sparkplug,.RudyQBroome,i dropped in a total of eleven buckets. V jjjfg Leading the hoopsters with 9.9lpoints per game, Howard Marshall was followed by team captain Totgifgenfjjlwith a 7. point average. V i 2 ' il A banquet was held at the end of the season to pay tribute to Napa's championship teams. The Knights wire one c the teams feted. 'M Q ' NAPA gOPPONENTS . 's za sf. Helena , jj 24 5 W 241 Sonoma t 19 243 Esp,gito..r..--.,,K5s, 1. 44 ve ., rt 26 vaqlgjs W --rg '521 'A " ' ffl? 5 HPHBff"ilYY,l,,igwg,,"R'fg e "40 54 fra-gdiszesa 4133 ' aa... 1.2, .... . gp 12? 1 f r ' ing-443564-M-amrail' K -2 N 2.4 41 , 1r "a' W-qlfNs19 .111 sswamwwwtfeviveisqemeere---'N ,,.. - - 1 lin lVl ' 38 -Q we----M--f--Q ----e -t -fe-' ft- . - - L e.-rg lVl--::...-r-":ef-- 53 iasketball "B" ow, I to r: B. Stallings, D. Alexander. Second row, I fo r: D. Fields, T. Milne, S. Gallos, G. Cliff, lxwell, R. Bray. Third row, I Oo r: C. Bunch, E. Paulson, B. Maclean, B. Northrop, D. Dreul .Off 'df . ali' ey. iff? . s,,,,,f'4 gi A V V .fi 1-'P wx Q. , V I EA 4 W A km - 3 p I In Coach Henderson -ff' Tisf 'ffl 35591 fig? ' .ffWs' M... f fl I f' I Fig We is as li' K jf, 1 2. ij f Ryfssff ffl I-xjgff A 5.445 M 1,1 ge? M QS, I' ' lijx 3: fifii' 'E i, pf Mitzi We 4ivw,,wiN:i' N '0" p ' F, .iq f as, I I Q I .Eggs , tigisimt .raises his rthevalsilfih t e ift e' opsiergglfllrgtlir' a Cbnd loin? fhalii Q " gg L.. V If 1 nthdnopenigx A if e s .L e cl , St. fi K 1 fl, fi... -.fav if o the Sai '-wr - 1omied.2UfintTsu"iiip ? it, qdQWiiii?3?l6 a te. t , Bi L CL Is 2 cl D team-qi? is 'poin I :li '-'iff ' V. iff i-I I , fi Al. 5 355 A - 3 if 31' sill I' 'z turnin tomb aw ta 4131 . g Isle ' ' ,ghii em- 'nts ol ed :selyi I, Rayfmgf wiki slxf ask t sQal3hithe.Ni s in f 2 ' J A f wlgf IQ' ll Xb V , play ' ' ed the Soplgma Ura bhsf 5, Kalthdughigualrdbj ilixiton 1 -I p"ngej'bgt'5ie 6. alggkafjwa-Sq: lcep - aeacllsgfhesin ,wh o Q7 .'n,r,5f 9 if Mr ' 5.Si:bref'5frhQ.e1!ii.Q.f.f15s..5b24 ,... iteriisig- -Zhi., - I ff' ithgallast-qiiar I M e team ea ?Jf'fIig,B'?'By.ths..slendu-mugm.uL1w'Ji ' g ,-Zgaltho g the-Napans ' ,A - , at e 8glhhlDg4lf-Illtjggl riioa, Numb ..... ....,,.....,......,.........-M-W V-s-- W-W-fi-w---.-W.-................ , .. Puig' 'g ahead ii'i"tTie til arte: of a game played a ainst tlie local Latter Day Saints team, tl1t"'juniar' W F' had-gnjye inrmargin-a -V, daglk siieeessfuilyitiiiiwin, 35-28,,,B EK 'W Playi a retarn ga 5 the Rosa'Ciil:s, Mloeeishoapseeeseagain def elf-f'fyVTfhThEITa'lI3T'FZ'ading Napa- gsinta R a-31. The ga l -',, a cloieibne-ailt-he-oveyg ts alf-time score was tied at ourteen- ' , :red anothq in SQ, fflgist quarter. 1 I, ...aww '-V,-4 M , In thetfinal -9e'as6?i"5'EiiCalist the s were downed, 33-20, by t 'Y' well-cbhdftiaiieuageesfstive s W. .E . . nlios was thi high SC0lCi2,Q' apa with eight ' s. 'FW first blood in the contest '- '..' E Calistogans never threat- edilxiriiig the tilt. 5' .f . ' .. J V' The tea Life able supewim ' .gi L11 I 'GYI I d8YSU'l'fI"'Wl10'iV5'S"3l'W2 - V showM'the"bi5yS"ihe"E5r?e'c'fT- Qlcetlvall i ,fiom lp them improve their tea wor . I I W 95 i nf A " RPA oPPo ' s 5 6 I8 St. Helena 37 if 'N 'Q F4 Santa Rosa 33 I5 Sonoma 31 i . 1 ff E2 Esparto 24 3 3 Y ' 16 Latter Day Saints 28 awe? W I 4 Santa Rosa 31 'L P3 Calixtoga 20 25 Ftrs row, l to r: B. Paulson, D. Fields, G. Bickford, B. Stallings, J. Miller, B. Burger, D. Hudson, B. ordon. Second row, I to r: T. Marquez, D. Tollent, J. Mariinelli, A. Craig, T. Henry, J. Duff, D. Hunfingion, F. Scaruffi, L. Bailey. Baseball Coach Ham-ala With a large number of players returning for the '52 baseball season, the Napa Knights had a well experienced tear The season got off to a bad start, the first two games being canceled by rain, but the sky eventually cleared. The Knights had a well seasoned inheld during the 1952 season. Behind the plate for the second year was Duane Hu son. He caught the pitches of Eldon Hosiclc, who replaced Joe Jaeger on the hill, after the latter graduated. Bill Burge returning from last year, took over the initial bag. His double play partner at the keystone sack was Nick Tallent another va sity player back from the ,51 season. Handling the ball at the hot corner was Jim Duff, and Tom Henryjielded the horsehie at shortstop. In the outfield there was a completely different Gelding staff, since all the first string outfielders were lost to the India: through their graduation. Bob Stallings, shortstop on last year's B squad, tool: over in left field. Tony Marquez, last season's center fielder roamed the center field. Burt Paulson, up from the Bees, handled right field chores. ' Other pitchers included Vern Clymo, Al Craig, Jim Miller, and Jackie Martinelli, with Fred Scaruffi as the alterna catcher. Dave Fields and jim Harris substituted at third base, and Larry Bailey played second string shortstop. Ben Adan at Bob Pratt in left field, and Gayland Bickford in center field, completed the second string. In the '51 season, the Knights tied with the Franklin of Vallejo Braves for the Middle Four League championship wi' one loss apiece, each team losing one ame to the other. Howeve r, the Knights were not able to defend their championship, sin the Middle Four had been dissolved By the Stockton teams' inability to travel. V Napa had no B team this year, and as a. result next year there will probably be a lack of players who gained experien while playing for Napa High. This is particularly noteworthy because the entire infield will graduate at the end of the season Coach Hattala, who did such a fine job, as the Napa coach this year, will probably field a fine team next year, in spite 1 the lack of veterans. March 24 San Rafael The 26 Santa Rosa H4 31 San Rafael Ht April 3 Vallejo The 19 Hogan QV, H4 Z6 Franklin KV, Thi May l Vallejo The 8 Franklin QV, H1 10 St. Helena H1 26 17 Hogan KVQ Thi 'ack First row, I fo r: B. McClure, J. Wright, G. Winder, B. McCune, R. Wainseott, P. Woodworth, E. T. Frommeli, H. Goodwin. Second row, I fa r: C. Wong, D. Peters, R. Broihwell, J. Cipressi, J. L l.. Dizmang, K. Ehmke, J. McKinnon, E. Paulson, J. Volpi. Third row, I to r: R. Wood, J. Gibbon Newcomb angenbclch: y, D. Card- C. Olivo well, D. Johnson, D. Sandison, H. Marshall, B. Curr, R. Jenkins, E. llsley, R. Bray, D. Wroion, R. Schilling, R. Garcia, D. Rudsfrum. COACH REAMS One of the hrst athletic events of the spring, track, commenced with an enthusiasticigroup trying out for the many dif- rent events. i - - t 'J V The large enrollment of the school brought forth a number of fine prospects, some of whom placed the Knights high in Jring points for rating of our district in athletic competition. It is predicted that among them are many outstanding future ack men. W A Although hampered by a lack of returning lettermen, the Napa Knights' track team of 1952 rolled up an eventful sea- n in North Bay League competition. There were only twelve veterans returning, but someof the newcomers reported in fine ape and made excellent showings. Among the top sprinters were Ray Bray, and two first-year men, jimi-.,Wright and Dan roten. In the hurdles there was Bob Carr, who performed veryswell for the B's while Paul Woodworth was outstanding in the division. Howard Marshall was among the top men in. the high jump competition. Edgar Ilsley and John Langenbach, a pair newcomers to the team, placed well at the shotput. Both demonstrated fine ability in putting fortli the eight-pound and elve-pound shot. g - T' iii' M t ' I ' Coach Reams was proud of the appearance of hisfmerg and isehthttsiastic over prospects for the future. Among those to helped the ,Knights were Bruce Crouse, Larry Dizmang,Kien Elimke,'Steve Galios, Lyle Hanson,V'Russell Jenkins, Don hnson, Merviri Lernhart, George Cliff, Bill iMcClure, Dick Peters, DeLoyce. Paul,k,.pCliff Olive, John Volpi, and Clarence ong Early in the season'the Knightsfwereigigarnpereclfbyiai soggy Held, whiclitiiinterfered with practice and caused stponement of the first meet of the there was opportunity to make up for the time I ill ffiihlng- J. Mai, -31,5 J .zu ' ' ' ri . fe. 5, 5 t., . ak The Knights practiced with in Tljigresulted in a series of practice meets which was neficial to all who participated. good student body at the home meets, and was evidence of ine interest in track. LQ' J Y i 1 f 9 V ii - ,ja ,. , L Q V . . Coach Reams concentrated otyall of the many phases of track and fieldand gave particular attention to developing the wer men in this line of sport and to filling thenplicos of the boys who graduated to the high school team. It was the opinion those who worked under his supervision that an outstanding job as track, coach. itch 14 Drake There 4 i"i ii K A 21 San Rafael .Here 27 Sonoma-St. Helena Here pril I Vallejo W There M I4 Tamalpais - Thereiif A , 15 Petaluma There' N' Y' 22 Santa Rosa 26 Sub League Tamalpdis y 'lay 3 League , ,.,.Here , g I7 North Coast 'Hetkeley -. ,gf i Section Meet 'C ' 27 Swimming First row, l fo r: M. Winehell, F. Dering, J. Thompson, J. Smith, J. Golitk, B. Clark, W. Chase. Second row, I fo r: J. Palmer, A. Chew, K. Hall, B. Silvers, B. Maclean, K. Maxwell, B. Brooke, R. Losfflor, L. Brown. coAcHts xism me SEHLINDWEIN 4, Even though they were lacking depth in the diving depa rtment, the Knights' swimmingftearn fared well thtoughoutit season. On every day that the weather was permissible, the coach had the mermen in the water practicing on their turns, sftolti lciclcs, and the other things that were needed to enable the team to perform properly during the year. The team was coached, as in past seasons by Mr. Klein and Mr. Schlindwein. They were constantly on the job, oelli the boys what they were doing wrong, and showing them how it could be clone correctly. This year there were only a few veterans returning to the team from last year, but there were many promising roolc who tried out for the team. The boys could choose from a list of many events the ones in which they wanted-to swim. In the 50-yard freestyle,.Brt McLean, Adair Chew, and Ron Canepa swam, while Merrit Wmchell, Jerry Smith, and Tompson competed rhejj yard freestyle. Those who swam in either the 50-yard baclcstrolce or the..l00-yard bteastsggolteiiixcludecl Larry Browrg, Bob nis, Keith Maxwell, Bob Loefller, and Bob Brooke. The other members-of the team swariii in the nidley events and-itlie tilayig Although they were the only boys who went out for diving, Wiilt Chaseiand Bob gtaples did a fine job., ti - 7' The team practiced at the local pool, where many of theitgmeets were held. They alsoftraveled. out af town fo against other schools. A B i W ,,.mW""" ' ff. 'Q Last year the Knights placed fourth in the North Bay League Meet in ssa'iga?ae1:TIQas year thexggwoihed evenihaiiit to beat their last year's record and place higher up at the league finals. g ikyi ,.., ,.,' In the meets at home and out of town the Knights were accompanied by the Many -of the itude body came out to see the team and cheer them onward at the home meets. W' LLA' g W, X -'s' A 'M The Knights participated in twelve meets during the year. 'Of thelitwelve onQ five were with league teams. T other meets were with such non-league competitors as Grantljligh School in.Sa1crati'iento, or George Washington High in Sa Francisco. ' ' , t , , 554' B With the exception of Vallejo junior High, the Knights rneteonly high school l'B"'fteainsfin the .'52f'seasonz'ff'l1eV"Wn well prepared for these meets, however, for it was the thitcl year in a tow that they had met with high school teatjns, ,,,' fs ' March 7 Tamalpais H 25 Tamalpais A I April 4 Tarnalpaism Th 6 john Swett, Crockett 15 Grant lSac.l M 'H 18 Dralte 22 San Rafael Th 25 George Washingtm iSFl H Z9 San Rafael H May l Vallejo Th 3 League Dr 5 Grant lSac.l , Th 9 North Coast 28 Section Trials Berlte 10 North Coast .Section Meet Burke umbling nu K, ' hi .D Q- C Wrigley C Wilson T Wheele R Grimes S Kennedy A King l Lye lcngenboch Vlock, L, Forney, Ievo Andersons. Second row, I to r: D. Blackburn D. Moyer, P. Wayne B. Salsman under, R. Sullivan, C. Wharton, J, Ancell, L. Semen. After starting the season with a group of green roolcies, the rumbling team under Coach iwin ended their year with a Fine group of polished performers. The team got off to a slow starr this spring as many new men and women crime out, and rent number also strayed away from the meetings. To hamper the squad further, their rings were very few in number. The objective of the tumbling team was to develop muscular co-ordination and superior nce for other sports or for emergencies. Tumbling ar Napa High is a non-competitive sport, and therefore the gymnasts have no ts with other srhools. 'AQ Al: ff:- - -i l... 1. - A-pike COACH BALDWIN ' C 0 .8 " 4 1 4,4 F' .4 ,.J 5 lu- i 'E' 'Lx Q .:. W ,Q up f W 1. Vgml ,- 535 ' . . .S , 'W 's Q fl! x fn. A 8 ami! SWE -'I' , , if uf 2 .. 0 -..-4 rx M ' 'T J' W I Q -me l 'Q b .5 we Egg' x nk , 7, C25 21 jk . . . .. 6' i t W we-.f , 'ffm M s vm, .4 'fa " . . Q., f"'f1, K 9 S YW? X 1 X fi 2 X7 , X ff, XQYXZX Tenth Grade Fon sg' sf" . rffise s First row, I to r: R. Nowlin, P. Gilliland, A. Rauch, R. Holper, A. Zloczewi Blume 1 ski, R. Gonzales, F. Cashon, C. Bradley, N. Nuff, J. Hampton, P. Pressly D. Kirkrnan, D. Bailey. Second row, I ro r: A. Daglia, A. Nolan, E. Shroyer, L. Walker. D. Wainscnh, N. Hudson, M. Parker, R. Garcia, B. Dow, D. Weber, C. O'Brien, M. OH, C. Damron. Third raw, I fo r C. Olive, T. Schoenfeld, L. Nelson, G. Berberick, R. Sellick, R. Kerri, J. Smith, G. Neeley, D. Harris, R. Welch, D. Railing. '52 OFFICERS-First row, I to r: Jim Duff, Larry Bailey, Gerry Randol. Second row, I to r: Carol Whitohill Vicki Raneri. R I ' 'il'l I R - ' Q1 Sunni QW' ., .vw '7'2'b First row, I lo r: A. Marlin, L. Simpkins, R. Harrell, B. Elhuradge, K. Munk, Blume 2 Tenfh J- WCW, G. Morford, A. Wagner, J. Wilkinson, R. lilz, J. Knighi, B. Gale, N. Sharon. Second row, I lo r: T. Surlon, E. Clemons, F. Scaruffi, R. Barber, E. Williams, J. While, J. Dunn A. Saunders, P. Hubp, M. McCann, B. Vallandingham, T. Lewallen, G. Espinoza, H. Caughey. Third row, I fo r: D. Jewell, D. Driscal, T. Gomez, F. Ford, L. Rasmussen, L. Bailey, R. Land, H. Derwiler, J. Miller, B. Hunl, F. Herniman, K. Richards, G. M::Carly. Tenth Grade First row, I to r: C. Meehan, M. Paris, B. DeWitt, R. Gomez, G. Cole, S. Reed, F. Shouse, L. Forrester, M. Morris, K. Gr Blume 3 K. Ogilvie, K. Enlow, S. McClure, B. Hendricks. Second row, I to r: J. Rowley, N. McClellan, B. Silvers, J. Martin, R. Rol C. Larison, M. Muilaly, J. Gosling, E. Barker, R. Gerard, G. Hartley. Third row, I to r: D. Grimm, M. Lernhcnrt, E. Barker, J. Hokanson, G. Gordon, I.. Pau A. Rodriguez, E. Lauritsen, D. Davison, K. Barrow, W. Honcdel, G. Bickford. R R I 2 izq ig 2 'x First row, I to r: E. Rogers, S. Davis, W. Bartow, M. Charland, J. Cheney, E. Elicker, G. Bishoff, M. Merritt, A. Man Blurne 6 Tenth I. Molina, D. Milton, L. Palmer, T. Brazzi, C. Nelson. Second row, I to r: K. Erickson, R. Martin, D. Juarez, M. Pi D. Hasinger, D. Piva, M. Kincaid, B. Benthien, L. Fry, P. Kosbab, C. Whitehill, L. Atwood, L. Dizmang, J. Bateman. Third row, I to r: D. Kinser, H. Moi W. Milliman, E. Jimison, J. Palmer, E. Brock, J. Scanlon, L. Henson, P. Miller, L. Soucy. ll . Tenth Grade Ill Ill 0 7 T First row, I to r: B. Ratto, M. Moore, V. Raneri, M. Price, S. Stubbs, D. laymon, L. Shaffer, E. Patten, J. Rodgers, L. Bon- 'rne en ning, M. Horton, N. Freeman, C. Quintana, K. Lenz. Second row, I to r: M. Robinson, A. King, B. Lewis, P. Work, J. Callison, alxin, V. Clymo, W. Cameron, K. Tillotson, P. Lee, P. Peterson, D. Markt, T. Thornton, S, Luce. Third row, I to r: L. Hill, A. Loewen, B. Swim, B. Carr, Aff, A. Desrosiers, B. Mclaughlin, D. Cardwell, D. Huntington, J. Smith, W. Whitney, C. James. nuunuluu ? lsge 4 Tenth First row, I to r: N. Bailey, B. Amundson, M. Avilla, L. Haynes, A. Bryan, D. Morecraft, J. Lacazo, P. Stewart, V. McKu, ' S. Stockman, A. Zochry, S. Murray, G. Houg. Second row, I to r: J. Hutchinson, Mr. Kresge, D. Sarvary, G. Mcloun, D. lt, R. Stallings, M. Adams, J. Neilsen, M. Stoller, I. Hague, J. Cook, J. Stornetto, B. Berdon, W. Kautz, R. Seigler, F. Spioknlmier. Third row, I to ft ooke, J. Orrock, D. Hudson, B. Burger, T. Henry, E. Hosick, B. Lilonthul, J. Thompson, M. Strege, A. Knutson, L. Kushmon, K. Bates, E. Sklar, R. Jenkins. Tenth Grade T ?""I fi , 5 Iii First row, I to rz J. Larsen, D. Johanson, H. Wilson, J. Myers, M. Level, J. Merryweather, M. long, A. Murray, G. Rai Kresge 7 Tenfh A. Pmmley, D. Breda, D. Clemons, J. rzodfiquez, L. oniz. second row, I to Yi D. Jones, J. winger, G. Neiman, P. R J. Carman, C. Prescott, C. Johnson, L, Hansen, B. Montoya, N. Coker, M. Uram, N. Hunter, J. Casassa, Mr. Kresge. Third row, I to r: R. Broyles, A. C H. Pringle, B. McMiIIin, D. Snyder, A, Craig, V. Connolly, S. Charlesworth, A. Kahn, H. Cook, K. Ehmke, D. Brothwell. if ig, -:swf First row, I to r: C. Springer, D. Paulk, R. Vallandingham, J. Tolman, J. Ellis, F. Wallace, J. Wilson, H. Wong B. Vi storn' 4 Tenth T. Tuttle, D. Waggener, P. Zumwalt, M. Craig. Second row, I to r: Mrs. Storm, E. Horton, V. Thompson, P. llohnso Owen, B. Reuonica, J. Stewart, C. Wong, C. Escamilla, D. Alexander. Third row, I to r: G. Christiansen, K. Stiles, J. Wingo, M. Webb, K. Wing, B. I D. Hale, D. McDowell. il' -i-"Jiffy U fy , , ,ff y Y' . . f if fgflz' -N.aan1m-- - W Q-- n Tenth Grade rn' 7 Tenth First row I to r: M. Daniels, B. Adams, B. Cranston, J. Corsetti, N. England, S. Ferguson, Y. Freyslcben, M. Eades, W. Gif- fin, M. Gasser, P. Adams, G. Del Rosso, B. Merritt. Second row, I to r: Mrs. Storm, R. Gray, V. McNerney, L. Hansen, an, K. Herrick, R. Creach, C. Harris, T. Dudley, J. Frome, C. Bissell, P. Filippini, D. Eggleston, P. Taylor, L. Dock. Third row, I to r: D. Evans, J. Cox, mphill, E. Ekberg, B. Dennis, D. Crandall, J. Harris, B. Eickler, B. Zeller, R. Daugherty, E. Crane. W 'f ff wwf ,VVB - -14- B 4f., .. ....g .... ... .... ,..,,.,.. . m 1 'I W I ' xxx ' Gill ' ll flgi cha d 3 First row, I to lr: Mrs. Pritchard, D. Rhoulay, H. McCullough, Bzwakefield, S. Kannier, B. Hanretty, r Mattos, S. Schelle, F. Renshuw, R. Quaml, B. Harrison, J.McWlIIrcms, D. McCune. Dethlefsen, J. 'T Ju vw R rg ' 1. ,Q "L9 -3 f 41,w4 X 3 I X ASQ A D ' . - ' 'f"' I h I O x' Ck, g i if V V + , A' , 1 in-L.ff."f' Yi 'LF , A Q' ,. ' . Q 4 , . :QNX I ? . ', ' why' . ., 'T' - ,v f I , ,gg S' IILQXXQQ1, 545. nfl, AN b ' "+ iff'wmmf 1., Q 1 f x xl ' . xt , - , L Nl r 0, X1 ,. A C- , Q ill' Y f . ,.:7,::,1 5 . H ,-3 1,4 ff i ' ff .fi , -534 ff 1 ' , .. Q E , qi ' ' 'gif 'gjQ,4f , z, fi f X fi 'N 53 ,1 1, 5-2 JN ,m-" N A mg f. WW f!, !f , j f g-:iff X fi ff, f 5 ., ' , Qyfgi ' , -4 AW' " , 1 1. v ,fd ' N' Sf! PM I f,geS52fY'.rii' f X ' aff ' ' 4 g., 0, 'P , - yy X, XQX' fy xx. . 1 ff .' ,f - " K , 2 we U., ' if , ,ff I ., Wk A I , , if . . . - - - 1 1 L, M 1 , f: , f - ., if f s ,ff f - My-, -- A ,. 11 , s'I ' 5.. . , ,4' .. I 5 k . 4 Q M1ggv.p,5,, ,, - , ' f i 9. T ' , . V' ' 552 . QM nm :-5 'Qi' sgr' 51 wiel. Wi' ,Mx ' ,YY . 1- , X 'I - J I kkyk i 5 R 'QT .Q . xg, l""UUai!7LL1v!'j'r,'ff,l -I' A. A J A X 7 ,13 Q- N J NM f-J 1 ' fh 7, X .5 I - -113-'X' ii 4 5 .4 if 4 1 . " '- ' f ,': , A A w.-A, I ' ,ag . , Q? 'f", NM . j I - - . xl V' - V, r f, V 1' I V 7 CNP". 'QW-'? l-.-, , . V, ,ff fl X. ai . 4. l 'O 5 L 41 L 'ig A LA at :V .. ' :- Ea f " A ,ss 57" 15 5-L - , I' WN R u , 3 'z A W . 1 r"f1""a"' -. E 'Q , W?f -if I ,ni . 9. I .yzyg 4 6: ' m 1 x , A, xx x lm M '.L.x'A1i 3 I A Q 4 'I r . ' , , v "----tg .IQ NE 2 ll"I X 7 211 XL 2- W W 1 ' CQCE. -X NUT X ra lx tVs . X .1 1 -, . L QL .1. ai K, I X . ?k .ggi X , 'Q 1' N Z f- .J .xx Q , fl ,t 'Y V M Y ' ' ' M, , K M -,r A " 5 ax fs 0 . ' , hd. l - Bl 4 H' ,y Q. .J "1 URN. - sge 1 First row, I to r: A. T. Clair, H. Beck, B. Colvin, . B. Heminger, N. Cook, M. Whitmore, J. Hammond, N. Zupo, R. Ransford, J, inth Grade . wb: . ,F .... sbgkgkyiafa my O' P. Ellison, N. McPhee, M. Park, M. Soiland, G, Orsoe, J. Hodgers, J Second row, I to r: S. Wilson, W, Crow, B. Hernirnan, M. White, J Cohrs, C. Tompkins. Third row, I to r: Mr. Kresge, F. Bawker, D, Dresel Ids, D. Pioli, E. Paulson, T. Franzoio, C. Avelar, J. Martunelli, A. Jamison, B. Nelson, J. Golik, B. Brooke, C. Bunch. ld 5 Furla, QA! A 4 J.. nn-4 'fri T '53 OFFICERS-L to r: Joan Hynes, Dave Fields, Gail Aguilar, Louetta Vienop. ' First row, I to ra S. Perry, W. Cameron, D. Quads, M. Eggleston, l. Uram, E Kresge 3 Nlnth Rondoni, B. Van Sant, B. Walton, C. Thompson, B. Andrews, J. Conway, K Fistler, B. Farrell, J. White. Second row, I to r: F. Koch, G. Wade, S. Wells, R. Hall, L. Standard, J. Brown Butler, T. Milne, G. Aguilar, A. Dorland, A. Bars, B. Boyd, Wagner, M. Fallert, B. Clarke. Third row, I to r G. Wade, J. Volpi, C. Ware, R. Hicks, S. Galios, D. Shelton, J. Stewart, J. Emard, R. Standridge, J. Doty, C. Clifft is ' sgq 6 First row, l to r: F. Adams, R. Pence, P. Moulton, D. Duwall, C. Olmstead, Luiz, L. Cutter, M. Bell, J. Korg, J. Hynes, J. McNew, L. Humphrey, G. Yarbrough. Second row, l to r. P. Palzus, B. Price, K. Maxwell, B. Neeley, J. Oliver, R. Ham . Morgan, J. Nikkenen, A. McCarty, E. LeVan, J. Engilman, P. Baker, C. Lindke. Third row, I to r: E. Dunn, B. Northrop, B. Paulson, M. Mendelsohn, J. nson, I. Austin, H. Conley, Y. Janes, Mr. Kresge. geeunyi inth Grade an 'gintmw W? ' First row, I to r: C. Click, N. Viscusi, B. Crowell, B. Staples, P. Woodworth, J. Watson, M. Neuenschwancler, T, Fr Monroe 2 Nlnth S. Stotts, V, Quintana, M. Walker, C. Barboa, D. Stephenson, B. Wilson. Second raw, I to r: Miss Monroe, B. Mac M. Volonte, R. Stahl, D. Hare, L. Hatmaker, N. Winn, C. Siuebnuv, G. Breshears, A. Young, J. Sohl, R. Erickson, M. VonUhIit. Third row, I to r: C. C. N J. Buttle, B. Laeffler, W. Hart, W. Stephenson, W. Cuffman, B. McClure, G. Gadbury, B. Miller, T. Rudstrom, S. Bell, D. Peters, J. RedHorse, P. Rippee. -- L .-gl pn-ni-you-awww-nl V . -is 4 ' al ' First row, I to r: M. Banchero, F. Leckwold, E. Ruscio, J. Larsen, S. Salle, N. Wallace, M. Cummings, H. Welch, J. Lt Monroe 7 Nlnth bach, H. Tullos, J. Rodriguez, J. Scaruffi, B. Thompson. Second row, I to r: E, Ratassep, R. Wheeler, D. Schneic Stephens, F. Thomason, A. Robles, G. Williams, J. Goodwin, B. Klepper, C. Shattuck, S. Sooter, J. Sawyer. Third row, I to r: H. Gibson, J. Blackfo Schmidpott, V. Cester, M. Silvestri, T. Reed, M. Shields, J. Ratto, J. Broughton, L. Vienop. ' tw - ,. . ,- . - :-s w . .. . sf- f . . .,...r..?' dmc... ' ' First row, l to r: R. McCune, M. Ferrero, D. Gelinas, J. Cox, Z. lauderdale, K. Boeris, S. Wilkinson, J. Blythe, 2 sto'-ni I Nlnth D. Franks, L, Wilson, J. Cleone. Second row, I to r: Mrs. Storm, C. Logue, P. Coley, J. Burton, D. Emard, C. He N. Reams, J. A. Drown, M. Leyva, R. Wood, G. Arens, B. Lew, T. Frornmelt, D. Davis. Third row, I to r: E. llsley, K. Dukes, R. Simms, D. John: Gochenouer, L. McCart, J. Schutt, R. Barrios, J. Lloyd, J, Bornwell, J. Hie, R. Canepa, J. McKinnon. Vex! 4 xg? 2 Pm' fei.. .Y 4 iffy: -ff? as 'Sh ,.., f 3 ' QQ' 'gn N4. nl' . i -Y 'H L A 3495. F , 1' v "X, J? 'Ke ga-4 , K F . L gm, -- f .Hr ... -f -' 1 . 9'nwx 'Qs'4 My Y V . ' '- nw' . x. PM - xv, W W, 1 , A 'inn 51'- --fnf-4, , tg! A 2 - 4' SW. V '45 it A my Q D Eighth Grade ' First row, I to r: L. Dorothy, A. Taysom, D. Snyder, R. Doss, P. Trus Acheson 1 sell A Stubbs K Tallrnan L Atkins H Barcroft L Gallez D Magill. Second row, I to r: N. Smernes, L. Ott, M. Strong, N. Mulloney, S. Aldis, P. Swarm, P. Silvestri E. DeWitt, K. Jacquez, R. Shields, E. Stacking, E. Smith, F. Tolle, J. Snodgrass, K. Squier, Mr. Acheson Third row, I to r: T. Smith, D. Smith, D. Stark, R. Travis, L. Forney, C. Stacking, D. Short, R. Shurtz R. Sullivan, R. Siordal, R. Bryan, W, Tallman, C. Southworth, S. Sherman, L. Trabucchi, P. Duncan. , '54 OFFICERS-First row, I to rg Daren Cornett, Wilbur Tallman, Sandra Balmer. Second raw, l to r: Ronald Wong, Judy Owen. 1 -'Y' ,sf ' First raw, I to r: E. Stephens, M. Vieu, K. Koch, P. Voitich, D. Teixeira B Kelly N Keegan J Huntington G lun Covey 1 tin, K. Johnson, B. Baving, D. Jeffrey, R King. Second raw, l,to r: C. Knne Rei: Kr L Shrine S Nei Juarez, D. Hoppe, A. Jinks. C. Kucek, C. Johnstone, R. Kinsel D. Juarez, T. Howes, Mr. Covey. Third row I to G Hud on Wh ted C Klose K i Hughes, S. De Bellis, D. Kirkhofer, S. Jones, S. Luce, M. Hubp, S. Jenkins, O. Jones, J. Parlcersan. Q Q PU? Gmane: 1' ' First row, I to r: C. Cook, S. Carr, R. Daniels, M. Carter, P McPherson J Conrada D Campbell D Alemal 7 Combellack, H, Clemons, S. Cosassa, D. Christian, G. Drinnen H Chase Second row I to r R Canepa R D: D. Church, S. Davena, P. Chiado, A. Clowdis, V. Dallas, 8. Cunny, D. Coulter, J, Bush, K. Carnett, N. Nuccuon M Cable Mrs Falkenberg Third row I D. Horton, B. Eclxels, T. Daucette, N. Cahan, R. Darby, J. Cipressi, D. Wrotan, C. Thornton, W. Tong, R. Bush D Chambless F La Rocque 0 , ,, , M ,J Z A EI I1tI'l Grade f xg: ff"- ! , Keg T Ni O ' First row, I to r: R. Nelson, P. Miller, J. Montin, R. Munk, J. Munk, F, Bailey, R. Myers, J. Patton, V. Norton, 6 M. Coates, M. Ortiz, I. Paulson, E. Mollo, J. Downs. Second row, I to r: A. Parrot, B. Neu, D. Parish, L. Parson, ufich, C. Mount, J. Owen, M. Gifiin, J. Morrison, R. Murdoff, R. Bailey, R. Neuman, J. Poris, R, Pearson, Mr. Henderson. Third row, I to r: F. Blodgett, .inga, D. Mitchell, R. Morgan, W. Hagewood, D. Montgomery, D. Possini, N. Olson, L. Olive, M. Mount, F. Scroggins. ' . 1 First row, I to r: R. Andrews, L. Bryant, J. Brown, J. Boggioli, L. Arala, P. Barnwell, P. Alley, P. Brown, F. Basset, 5. Baker, 9 D. Batcheller, B. Bledsoe, C. Bradd, J. Bell. Second row, I ta r: Mr. Juricich, S. Thomas, J. Mufirh, B. Dunn, P. Evans, P. Bruce, derson, M. Andrews, V. Amerson, G. Bertolucci, B. Bingham, B. Bocigalupi, L. Chauvet. Third row, I to r: P. Burt, K. Christiansen, B. Blackwell, T. Adair, oyles, A. Dunkelberger, H. Bradley, T. Brown, H. Burquez, H. Alexander, R. Rogers, R. Johnson. .oss gif Abeer 6 First row, l ta r: D. McConnell, J. Laird, C. Lauder, J. Mnnnering, D. Mentzsr, C. Mills, N. Locke, J. Cook, G. Lott, H. Logan, I. Long, N. Litz, D. Martin, D. Martin, D. Martin. Second row, I to r: Mrs, McAbeer, W. LoMonaco, C. Robertson, Iormick, K. Marenco, A. lacaze, D. Robinson, S. LaPoint, C. Martini, K. Mefferd, R. Davison, M. McMenamin, P. May, M. McKenney, M. Short, Third row, I to r: ltlock, C. Dallas, D. De Weuse, G. Morton, A. Windweh, D. Larison, G. McCarthy, M. McDaniel, G. Le Van, P. Latta, J. MacDonald, J. Rhoades. Eighth Grade ' Firsl row, I to r: O. Conalser, B. Hadley, C. Taylor C. Pressly, M. Greco, J, Gladieux, D. Grimes, R. Hood, G. Gundeslru 1 Bruno, J. Hernandez, R. Harris, D. Blakemore, A., Hendry. Second raw, I va r: B. Slrong, J. Heminger, E. Hicks, C. Hi l.. Hinkson, R. Hood, R. Holder, H. Goodwin, B. Harrison, J. Guidoffi, D. Holelling, P. Babin, G. Hall, Mr. Nocevo. Third row, I fo r: B. Grimes, J. Hilemo Gibbany, J. Hendry, C. Long, D. Glozier, G. Hermes, M. Holliday, H. Hamamolo, R. Hunfer, A. Hodge, L. Mayfield, T. Harris. 1 ,... M NW. ' ' First row, I lo r: M. Emerson, E. Fallen, M. Miller, D. McKee, C. Filzwafer, D. Parker, R, Gasser, P. Frenrh, L. Faullm, G. For 7 Forney, A. Falacco, B. Edinglon, V. Flock. Second row, I lo r: Mr. Rivers, N. Farlow, D. Fuller, D. Gibson, B. Wood, C. G B. Dodd, D. Frosl, M. Flicker, M. McMiIIin, P. Fulton, J. Prince, N. Fifi, C. Doda. Third row, I lo r: H. Robin, K. Hall, R. Garcia, R. Porter, H. Einar A. Ducharm, C. Zapp, D. Johnson, B. Fornasier, P. Loghry, D. Faulk. Aw--Q Ui J 'PN I ' Firsl raw, I lo r: L. Vandagriff, R. Wainscoll, A. Venlurini, J. Fravlini, F. Wagner, T. Barilia, R. Wong, A. Zanclin 6 McKinney, P. Wrighl, L. Scarufli, P. Watson, J. Cook, I.. Walker. Second row, I to r: Mrs. Threadgall, B. Hawlz, M. brick, G. Brown, P. Grimes, S. Wilson, T. Johnson, T. Villman, D. Van Vlack, E. Williams, B. Charlond, F. Williams, R. Uliborri, B. Myers, P. Wayne. Third I fo r: C. Underhill, G. Gardner, B. Wilson, G. Woggoner, D. Ulrich, R. Young, C. Wharton, H. Wiley, G. Foglesong, M. Shook, S. Russell. ... .. . . , Ei hth Grade ov wr- "' 3-1-11- I J ' A 'ss I- W ??1'5 'tr S3 '2,s.'r?. ,. Of 7 E' First row, I to r: P. Rhodes, V. Pursell, B. Salsman, S. Kollin, W. Vaughn, F, Pedro, J. Damron, J. Bain, V. Roads, A. Stewart, el 1 M. Rossi, J. Scroggins, C. Phillip, D. Wood, E, Ronback. Second row, l to r: Mrs. Weitz, D. Reeves, R. Quinnell, V. Christopher, 'otter, M. Ratta, C. Petersen, C, Seberg, B. Penzotti, S. Salyer, Y. Rasmus, Q. Faulk, B. Price, A, Peterson. Third row, I to r: P. Olmstead, E. Scolly, H. Ribor- e, E. Moulton, J. Riechenberg, B. Reguero, B. Pound, B. Thomas, R. Plakk, S. Rutherford. Pvpnth Gr:-trlp so J-G- A or S First raw, l to r: P. Hancock, J. Hatmaker, A. Hughes, H. Hart, R. Hunt, B. Harvey, B. Gordon, J. Horton, D. Brock, D. heson 2 Seventh Hancock, R. Hartley, R. Hamilton, R. Hendricks, B. Humphrey, D. Horton. Second row, I to r. S, Hawks, J. Gustafson, enke, C. Iverson, P. Hutchinson, D. Hale, R. Hodge, K. Grasteit, N. Grisel, E. Huntoon, D. Guyton, J. Jones, P. Hussey, G. Nichols, Mr. Acheson. Third row, l to Silver, B. Grant, V. Hudgins, B. Jacks, M. Heid, C. Hcgewood, G. Iverson, K. Iverson, C. Harris, P. lngwersen, M. Swarm, D. Hilger. " "I 'I Fl ,4- f,,','1 First row l to r: E. Brazzi, R. Corr R. Cavagnaro, J. Corser, R. Burquez, J. Cody, B. Bryant, R. Carr, D. Charlesworth, C. Cof- 2 field, J. Capita, D. Butisbauch, Mi Cooper, J. Considine. Second row, I to r: K. Coker, J. Clark, B. Chope, S. Conley, I. , E. Cipressi, K. Cockerham, J. Cothey, J. Buena, N. Campbell, J. Burton, S. Brown, J. Nell, R. Wallen. Third row, I to r: L. Conley, J. Swatts, M. Connor, iwn, L. Bunch, G. Copp, D. Cole, H. Conley, R. Cooper, 5. Crandall, C. Bruce, P. Cox, D. Bridewell, Mr. Covey. cnxlnhfli GYBAD f gg, 3 I Q I I s. Firsi row, I to r: C. Evans, L. DeMaria, R. Frame, L. Frame, E. Garrett, E. Emard, E. Emard, E. Erickson, N. C 3 J. DeVi1a, D. Gallez, D. Dizmang, V. Garavenla, R. Reed. Second row, l to r: B. Cullison, J. Duncan, ll. Do' R. Billion, G. Deese, L. Gasser, J. Edwards, R. Davidson, H. Douglas, K. Glover, R. Dives, W. Davies, A. Eckerl, Mrs. Falkenberg. Third row, I to r: J. French, E. ger, J. Gockenouer, D. Davisson, V. Duvall, D. Johnson, J. D'Adamo, M. Edgell, A. Geiger, S. Domezio, L. Gellinger, J. Fidler. W'-v Firsf row, l to r: L. Le Baron. P. Kane, P. Knudsen, E. Tomberlin, A. King, B. Lewis, P. Jennings, S. Kennedy, B. Henderson 2 Seventh J. King, W. Knight, Y. Johnstone, J. Langenbach. Second row, I lo r: M. Held, L. Paulk, R. Jones, M. Knighl, J. J. Little, M. Jenkins, J. Jaeger, A. Johnson, E. Jensen, J. Landers, D. Johnson, A. Judah, Mr. Henderson. Third row, I to r: D. Johnston, W. Kinsel, M. Klarni James, S. Parrcs, O. Kingsford, D. Kear, R. Marcellino, L. Lloyd, D. Johnson, R. Jacks, A. LeVan. E... .LHB A up wi! .f,. ' ' Firsl row, I Ia r: I. Anderson, B. Bain, B. Balsley, E. Bayard, R.BenneM, A. Allen, G. Bradley, D. Blanscel, A. Bradley, F Jurlclch 5 seventh tow, M. Bowers, D. Stiles, J. Adams, D. Pitta. Second row, l to r: C. Bonham, J. Neeley, D. Aden, D. Bissell, D. Blacl J. Ancell, L. Beeler, W. Bard, M. Blesseng, E. Barnes, B. Mclleynolds, S. Berry, C. Bird, L. Beavers, P. Alvarado. Third row, I to r: Mr. Juricich, J. Archer, H. I J. Bavchelder, P. Morris, C. Ashley, A. Argenlo, J. Baker, A. Rilaardiere, Z. Vitkovskis, J. Bianco, J. Brayfon, G. Benning. Seventh Grade First row, I to r: F. Roberts, L. Person, D. Pinarrelta, J. Phillips, C. Pasco, W. Rasmussen, B. Tucker, M. Herrick, B. Part- 5 rick, J. Palzis, T. Prescott, A. Raneri, P. Peppers. Second row, I to r: Mrs. McAbeer, B. Bolthus, D. Oliveira, J. Stiles, N. S. Robertson, M. Quinnell, M. Warren, M. Snyder, L. Mezulis, P. Nolan, R. Northrup, J. Rolls. Third row, l to r: G. Tullos, R. Ragatz, J. Reed, B. Richards, s, S. Parrott, S. Ransford, S. Phillips, J. Stout, O. Penunuri, A. Oden, L. Richards, E. Pendergross. y 'l First row, l to r: C. Moser, J. Miller, M. Massa, C. Luian, S. Merritt, J. Moody, S. Myers, L. Minyard, P. loewen, C. Moser, etc 3 E. McWherter, S. Naval, P. McCune, L. Lyle. Second row, l to r: R. Munds, V. Myers, P. Milne, J. Nelms, L. McCurdy, J. Mor- . Low, D. Molina, R. Maier, J. Monsen, Mr. Noceto. Third raw, I to r: E. Nivens, F. Miller, R. Murphy, H. McBride, D. Doucette, E. Marshall, G. Miller, R. t, M. Usher, V. Marshall, F. Johnson, M. Mufich. First row, I to r: B. Simpson, C. Roth, L. Colmer M. Root R. Smith R. Royston V. Robinson K. Stevens B. Morgan A Ross I I I I I I I I ' 'Ts 7 seventh I J. Stanley, G. Seigler, L. Stanley, R. Smith. Second row, I to rr W. Snyder, G. Scorfe, J. Sipe, B. Smith, S. Stanton, D. Smith: ndtpott, Ruggles, J. Schmidt, F. Shonn, I. Thomas, S. Schwartz, S. Ruff, L. Shook. Third row, I to r: Mr. Rivers, B. Simpson, E. Spencer, D. Shimel, B. Sim- 1. Schwerchler, L. Shelton, B. Sooter, P. Stanfill, J. Smith, J. St. Clair, D. Snyder, F. Burns, K. Sproggins. Seventh Grade Q is First row, l lo r: A. Benton, B. Moffitf, B. Wigger, T. Wheeler, F. Wilkenson, D. Werner, R. Winegarden, D. St. Cl Threadgall 2 Seventh R. wrgsngisn, E. sus, I. Willford, K. Grimm, J. zaehry, D. wander, o. Welch. second row, I to rt Mrs. rhfssagaii Moyer, V. McLean, R. Gronzella, M. Jennings, L. Wilcox, R. Dickey, K. Yappert, E. Rcivai, J. McColley, B. Adams, N. Young, A. Williamson, R. Wyatt, M. Vi: J. Whitmire. Third row, I to r: D. Stage, C. Wilson, C. Wilson, C. Wrigley, G. Wiloth, M. Wing, J. Webster, L. Wolfe, H. Cochran, G. Yates, J. Wilson, G. Win man, J. Williams, F. Wood. A 1 E ' First row, I to r: B. Paulson, F. Thornton, D. Vorhes, J. Haggard, J. Roberls, D. Vieu, M. Wallace, R. Thomas, W. Wag wenz 5 seventh D. Walker, G. Tullos, T. Watson, B. Strickland, S. Tranmer, R. Ortiz, T. Vance. Second row, l to r: L. Clark, G.AThomp S. Watson, L. Swan, R. Escamilla, K. Suffran, C. Talbott, D. Summers, M. Robins, R. Warnock, B. Thomason, G. Tillofson, S. Teadermon. Third row, l lo 1: J. Tall G. Delmas, J. Wade, F. Frifchler, G. Ohm, W. Taylor, M. Ward, P. Wallis, L. Walker, P. Stephenson, C. D'0nofrio. To prepare students for future activities and to gain experience in leadership and organization was one of the main rea- sons that class oflicerswere elected inthe individual grades. , ,. iisigrasaiiisfivegiifsm.gash which Selma the swam. who ran for dma- ent 'xi I I Y ' i f"- :' fr ff' -er' r.7L officers will he prohtable to student the double shift hecomes effective. Class officers also give the more of a voice in student activitiesk-fi'iff - 1 V K M A , A tenth grade class of 1952 elected ytfleitfiofiicerisi Larry Bailey, prcsidentg ivice-presideijgg Geraldine Randrfilfpgiiifretaryg Viclci Raneri, treasurperyaiticlkarol iiicreg-tion director. During the1"r2tenm.of ofiiceftliey organizec severdfifaeiivities including, assemblies, tenfhsgrade day, and the tenth grade dance...Advisor forgthcse' ofhcersgwas Mr. Thread- gau. . S . . Ninth grade officers for theielass of 1953 were president, Dave -Helclsg vice-president, Louetta Vienopg secretary, joan Hynesgjarid treasurer, Gail Aguilar, Because of her student body oflice' Louetta Vienopygave her tposition togsteve Galios who workedjiyith the othegfoflicers for the rest of the semester. Activities suchfas a foodisalefan assembly, and a dance were planned to foe theieffuture memorial gift. The ninth grade advisor was Mrii Kresgeff ' 1954 elected six officers. They were David Stark, presidentg Wilbur Tallmatjg, vice-presidentg .ludyw Owen. secretgiQfiBona'ld Wong, treasurerg Karen Corrlett, yell leader: and Sandra Baker, social"directoir, who lateritgave herioliice tc Ann A dance, a food sale, and other activities were organized hy these active clgssgollicers with the help of tlieir ad- visorfiivlr. Noceto 4' a. . Q as T 1" , f as , .T 3. 3' The class of p19,5,5's seventh grade ofiiceijs were presigglerngff Lani BBQVCQTS fvice-pres1,dent,f'Beclcy Sooterg secretary, Alice Ribardiereg and treasurer, Gary Yates. By the creation of these new ofiices students were able to plan on improvements in school social affairs as well as busi ness organizations. , ,. -'rv ' f?"- 1' . 5 ff yi ,f ' A , 1 f"' Z "f f", 1 -, n., - .Z xi y' I . -, , Q- ' f" If dffffnacf' 'J ' . 1 - ffl 1" ,XZ 1 gipfifheff ,f x.:Qj5Q,f:',, I, f ' ,. ' i ??lff7Z ,X f',. X 24' ,,,- 2 ' ' ', ,' f V', . EQ,-"Q, ,fu ' ff- 'f1f?, 1 ' 1, fp - ' ,.f- z ,ff -4f. - ' I 76' , X -f 2' . -f ,X I ,f ,, ,- Ap, h km , f, k P ff ff X. gif -7 f ' Z, 1 -f - gb is X- --Q lf- f 1 . .4 f 7 , 2 , bf , f 1' K-,Q ,, f 1 X 'I' ,' 44" .Y X , 3 . ff , ,2 - ' l U x 'gf , ' - f ff z' Z, ' I-,ji ,fi ' I V t fx 4 Z, 1 , ik, , . Z? ' ' V f ,, V' . U 93' , ,- al, . fx . ,I K -5 1 .fb ,X f' fi, Z , 2 .. '2 f ,,f" X K lx 1' Z Z -'ff ,f .f-Q. v X , i , ' ' K " A ve' 45, A 1- , ' ,.f. ,. , X .L ,, fffff f ' .1 - A" 'Q .,-- dz, f '-X., x I I f l X- -X , I f P f - I 1 M, -. ' ' 3. N ' f- . 1 ' - , -f' V,.-f' N ' V , . V' -Z N z ,' A - Q. 4- ft f x , I fl 9 'I R 'Y aw J H 14 . 1 f Mf ,M r: 'Z z' 1 ' 4 Jr! ,f I- 1 - X 4 I X I V, ,lf I f ' " , H " V l,4f' ,f ,fl,. "L .! , f fwjL,WZ?f? ' x A as 4--f Aff :ff V ,X Q V iw, j 14 A 4 f mf X grim , Agflfy' nz? 0 4 f"'f' -4' If "ff" ' - xl If ' ? ff 'fff"', 'Jn , ' A , 41 F4 -' -fff4,4fYr- '-2 - I -7 If ll ' ' 9 I. , - f X0 -4 j1:7f'4-:A I I f fp Jf , "fl ,f'irfif'4 gL 7 , ' ft' I ff! V E rf , "' ' ."' ' 1, -w X ' ' x W C4 I I fl , iz"-f Q.,-I ,Z V X A fd! J f ,, ' if 1 5' , ' ' ' f' ' 4. P2 , f' 4 1, w H ,f f x ,Li 9.4! za! limb! I I , ,f -4 k W, ., V s, 1, ,if ' I 3'-' f 'R -'U' , .ffm A ' ' 5' 'f LMwW,WhgWWg -f iff. ff N X fn!! . I If If J! '. L, . - Zlgfi-1 - Q gm' X f' fi ' 'd,'3:2'7" ' f ' ' ' ' f Jie! n I 5 ! 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