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 - Class of 1951

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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1951 volume:

...Q . E D N A P A ifPQUBQLlS ffI 1 ,3 TH ' ' ' 1 1 . 4' Q. 4 .- . 'AW' 1 A , " Wm 'ur 'fflv' , P, E' 14, ' . 9' 'fu ' , fm' 'fs 4, . 4 .. -' 3 w.. qi , 15,1-M ' A-k,x52iIf' xf' 'V W' -' M -, A, , ' Q v 1 l ...x ,J . X X 1 1 hp I w ,4?'x ,, X -,sn 1- .O 4- .Q f W X T-,X , - ... 3:4 - - ,, V ' X qfi"g" M, . M X" Q YSL, x . ' b 5lLfl TV!'FL 1 "l6ai?541' 7' V Elf? - WAYS!!! We, the members of the staff, take great pride in presenting The Lance, the 'l95'l yearbook of Napa High School. The theme of the yearbook is "The Knights of the Round Table" for the evident reason that we, the students of Napa High School, take as our emblem "Knights," Consequently our lance pays tribute to those brave men who lived and died in the cause of chivalry so that, In the eyes of their ladies fair, love would always shine. The honor of becoming a knight was bestowed upon a young man with great ceremony after he had first served as a page and a squire. Before he was knlghted he confessed his sins and fasted. The night before the ceremony he kept watch over his armor as part of the solemn ritual in which he achieved his greatest ambition-becoming a knight. There were many orders of knights, some of which stlll remain. Each order had their own insignia or emblem. Some of the orders of knighthood still in evidence are the Order of the Garter, Knights Templars, Knights of Columbus, and Knights of Saint John. The opening division page of The lance depicts the knights entering a castle over the moat, an important factor in the defense of the castle. lt could almost be said that at times the moat ran, not with water, but rather with the blood of slain warriors. After the moat had been crossed by the invaders there were many more hardships to face before there was victory for either side. There were always brave knights of courageous heart to be met at the point of the sword. Nothing could stop these men, for fighting and battle were in their blood. The moat was but one.of the defenses of the castle. There was an outside wall which was defended by archers. After the outer wall and the moat, there was the inner wall of the castle. This inner wall led you into the castle where the majority of the man-to-man combats took place. Even after the inner wall had been conquered, the castle had not been com- pletely lost to the invaders, for there were defenses throughout the whole castle. The keep was the most protected spot inside the group of fortified buildings. Entering the keep or the donion as it was also called was the last step in captur- ing the castle. ' The following division page shows the knights gathered about the famous Round Table, the table devised by King Arthur of Britain so that there might be no quarrels about the rank and to enable the king to sit among them, as a man among equals. The Round Table was a famous table in the legends of King Arthur. It was supposed to have been created by the magician, Merlin. Accord- ing to the legend, the table was made of marble, but could be folded up magic- ally and carried in a coat pocket. The Round Table was supposed to be in Camelot, which some identify with Caerleon-on-Usk, Wales. Camelot was tradi- tionally Arthur's court during the 500's when he is represented to have been the ruler of England. The stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table played an important part in the literature of medieval chivalry. Many later writers retold the romantic tales. The next division page depicts a ioust. Jousting was the favorite sport of knights in the Middle Ages, such as is baseball or football today. Strange as it may seem, this bloody sport was also the favorite among ladies fair. A ioust was either fought until one of the knights was struck off of his horse, or until death-depending upon the choice of the challenger. Mounted on spirited horses, the knights rushed together, and each tried to drive his spear through the other. Such contests took place when one knight felt that another had hurt his honor. Similar matches, or iousts, were held as sports events. ln these, each knight used a wooden lance, instead of a spear, and tried to knock his opponent from his horse. Great crowds from all walks of life, down to the serf, watched the iousting from seats in the arena. The final division page, which precedes the pages of snapshots, depicts two iesters. Each wealthy landowner in the Middle Ages had at least one such court fool at his disposal. These buffoons, serving as entertainers at meals and gather- ings, usually accompanied their masters wherever they went. .lesters were not free men, but, rather, serfs of the lord. ..l I We have accomplished much In the months 'that have passed so quickly. Each of you has done your share of the hard work that is so necessary for suc- cess. It has been a busy year in which the faculty, secretaries, custodians, students, and parents have worked together to maintain a democratic program of education. This edition of The Lance represents a co-opera- tive enterprise, reflecting the spirit of our school. lt is with this spirit of teamwork that we look head, with faith in the future, with confidence in our school, and with assurance in ourselves. MR. KENNETH JOHNSON, PRINCIPAL MR. RON ENGLISH, our popular Dean of Boys, has perhaps the most varied and most difficult posi- tion in the Napa High School. Mr. English fulfills the very important office of Dean of Boys, capably taking care of all boys' problems, and, as he so aptly puts it, "problem boys." In addition to this he supervises all Associated Student Body activities, attends all student council meetings, directs the assemblies throughout the school year, and is in charge of all boys' attend- ance. MRS. VIRGINIA MURDOFF, our Dean of Girls, has capably fulfilled one of the most difficult and exact- ing offices in Napa High School for the past two years. Mrs. Murdoff sponsors all girls' clubs and activities in general, and the Hostess Club, composed of girls pro- ficient in homemaking who officiate at various school activities, and the F. H. A. iFuture Homemakers of Americal, in particular. She also takes care of girls' attendance, teaches several homemaking classes, and does special guidance work. TEAU1 1 if n F. Khin. Q. Covey, Gfndrgjrlj-Manolo, H:ff3::a:?'H'??ehlindwein, B. Scorr, c. ......., . 1 t-tanlin' Y' Hump' ' Rivers: 5""""d Mccellam. 5- "om" ' ' ers. Yhreadgall. - d D Baker. C- . W G. W-ndwgh,-C Rl' top tow-l """' Kim c Lana G- "l""b"" " A Atvwod- Y- E""""' ' a william-. M- ' G , , - , . I W, ru . J, Hqndernn. -v, Murdoff, " V" vwln o. mme, R. BGld""" mn, K.Willun1: B1-"""' 'ow s. Mawr. ""'-town" yoqkum, tt. Concftl- R' Mu ldwin A. Weitz, K. lohmon, m ztslxxcxvg-,I Fouwnbwg, 3:I:nF.:cMoYtibld. A. Cerleth, E. Star . . ' n, . e ' ' V. Monroe, C, Bowmo FACULTY We students owe a deep debt of gratitude to the members of the faculty who have patiently guided us throughout the past year. Although they have at some time or another borne the brunt of our hostility, they seem to have survived courageously under the trying ordeal. The tenth graders especially realize the many efforts the members of the faculty have rendered for their benefit. Now the time has come to bid farewell to our Alma Mater. For some of us it is a parting of only a few months, while for others it is the last time they will sit in a classroom of the blue and white. Whatever the case may be, however, it is with grateful hearts that they will always remember the faculty of Napa High School. COUNSELORS It is the counselor's taslc to supervise any change in program which the students may wish to make. It is also the counselor to whom the student- comes when he or she has on roblem in Y P which guidance is needed. For this reason u counselor needs to have a deep under- standing of teen-agers. We feel that this year's counselors un- questionably exhibit ihese necessqry qualifications, and we would like to congratulate Mr. Hildebrant, Mr. Hanson, Miss May- field, Mrs. Boman and Mrs. Schaaf. We are very proud of our counselors and the excellent work which they have done this year. n G Hilderbrdnli -J. Home . 1 Liruman, B- Mayhem' aw 3 Bottom-A. Schaaf, C- :H+2,vg:y.. lim! - Q .A ,D y.f,m 'K A J . K K ww. , . s W av. J 'Wm W 1 ,ww wha, 4 QWQMWWMMMW 'f Q 1 it f ,ffl Q , ' WyPwwMwvWH ,, .L f Wk 5,-QQ .35 ' ,lg A A, M. If D A f '- "1 "ly I CT 'iii- ,M91 ' A Y 'S .Eg . pam -ca., 'if ,G 1 , if A air' 4631 ,N a J Sf S wii to Z A QWW' 1 K K E, , F ,. W 3 M fy 'wma' .,.., , Q' Q . . ma K W mf Waf' yi? ,, fi C f' F g 5 W loring .gfudlenf icem G. Fountaine, C. Adamo, B. Whitney, G. Dubose, B. Adan, P. Morgan, R. Avanzino. Under the careful supervision of the spring officers this term's student council has been one of the most productive in Napa High's history. Those elected to student body offices were Glenn Du Bose, president: Ben Adan, vice president, Beverly Whitney, secretary, Carol Adamo, treasurer, Ron Avanzino, director of recreation, Peggy Morgan, director of publications, Jinny Fountaine, yell leader, and her assistants, Emogene Patten and Angela Brovelli. These students were responsible for many maior innovations during their terms, paying most attention to the traditional annual celebration of "County Fair Week," formerly called "Circus Week." Under the guidance of Glenn Du Bose this proiect was a huge success. We feel that the student body officers and student council deserve high praise for their fine work during this spring's term. sf M is A A'- . A. Brovelll, G. Fountaine, E. Patten Adan, Adamo, Avanzino, Adams, Ancons, Argens, Baker,, Bartow, rence, LaRue. Lund, Morgan, Martin, Massa, Morecroft, Nall, Newcomb, Patten, Benson, Bently, Cameron, Canepa, Cerletti, Dubose, Farrer, Fountaine, Fore, Placido, Ranigan, Ross, Rogers, Shaffer, Slinsen, Stallings, Teagarden, Waggoner, Gardner, Greco, Hendricks, Holder, Hudson, Hosick, Jaeaer, La Monaco, Law- Walker, Wiley, Wilson. Q 1 1 f 5 'E 2, -Q TQ M Mi ' N ,J f K t 'F X I s 3 K s Q' I 3 0 1 I ,V 5 ,,:- ,pal ,- 1 I Iv I. ,J -f-'T 'ff' ' v X . . -, N f x .x. X I . I ' 1 0 2 . 4 M35 Q. 1 5 32 5' . 1 x QW ' .. N., .Q w X: x 2 VK I 0 ., .x si wg ' 3' k rf fi 615-5' 2 wif .gy vw. 'Saga' , QM Yr? Wi 5 M 'Lynx Ai x, "V . xl A 5' "Fay I vii 'M QQ hr' 'mf gf. Q11 fi? 4 : in if H: sly JG Z k. 1. ..- in ag- ' 4 135' 6 5 I PQ E. I gi HP wg O0 '35 li W I S T W tg, W I fig c Storm 4th Period 9th Grade Top row D. Crandall, J. Hakanson, W. Hanodel, L. Henson, G. Palmer, B. Dennis, Bottom row M. Avilla, F. Cashon, V. Whitemire, L. Hausor, N. Hunter, M. Kincaid, H. Pringle, B. Carr. Middle row E. Storm, E. Lauritsen, L. Kicshmon, K. Le Vasseur, M. Robenson, E. Shroyer, J. Merryweather, J. Van Winden, H. Wilson, G. Randol, H. Dukes, P. Gilliland, M. Adams, C. Johnson, B. Hendricks, D. Harris, C. lsooe. J. Hampton, J. Locale. pf.-.WMM 0 :rx eg, Yoakum 6th Period 9th Grade M. Paris, P. Filippini, J. Rodgers, W. Yoakum. Bottom row F. Wallace, 5. Murray, Top row C. Espinoza, D. Polzin, D. Snyder, M. Strege, P. Work, J. Frame. Middle P. Zumwalt, J. Winger, P. Taylor, D. Waggener, A. Manassl, L. Forester, S. Reed, row D. Reed. Gf Lallis, M. Morris, M. Parker, L. Fry, M. Mullary. J. Stornetta, C. Bradley, P. Hulep, C. Nelson, M. Charland. N. Naff, D. Luymon. ,QQ -19, XID Monroe 4th Period 9th Grade Top row I. Litx, H. Wong, B. Swim, B. Lilienthol, R. Kerri, M. Moriarty, B. Mesks, K, Barrow, C. Wang, M. Lernhart, B. Kendall. Middle row V. Monroe, Y. Freysla- ben, G. Delllosso, S. Ferguson, C. Laurison, D. Woinscott, N. McClellan, C. Meehan .s R. Nowbin, M. Long, W. Griffin, M. Gasser. Bottom row L. Benning, R. Kosbab, J. Marlin, I. Molina, C. Whilehill, C. Gardner, W. Bartow, S. Luce, L. Ortiz, N. Wells, , H. Cuughey, s. aemhsen, B, Klien, L. shorter, B. lewis, ia. langstuff. J' NL! .Q Sq ,, .en 5 ,g Storm oth Period 9th Grade C. Prescott, J. Graham, G. Chew, A. Desrosier, G, Bickfard. Bottom row J. Myoro Top row L. Nelson, D- HUJIOII, M. Webb, A. Hartley. L- Pdvliofh D- GVYWYI, G. J. Wilkinson, A. Wayner, M. Horton, S. Wilson, A. Bryan, B. Amundson, J. Cor- ..,f-,,. ..-U., ,, F ...W . . .,.,,, J- .-.l.-,.-i. i e..,.L 1 e....-.. ...- . ni--- f e...Li.. .. .. .,.. B e-..i.-- . e.-...-.. U ,-.--.-.. Mgnygq 3rd Pgrlgd 9th Grad' B. Silvers, L. Allerton, J. Kelly, J. Smith, D. Tallent. Bottom row B, Ratto, M. Eadee, Top row J. Wlngo, J. Orroclt, E. Jlmleon, K. Richards, J, Cox, D, Stalker, E. Schmutz, D. Plvo, P, Reun, R. Roberta, J. Nlllllh, 5. PGNON. A. MUYYCY, D. Mlltdn, P, Lolli- E. Barker. Middle row I, Selllck, L, Atwood, R. El:H1er, C. Dorman, R. Selgler, yer, V4 Blvdiitf. T' Ufdllir C- Hvffll, l- Hansen, R. M. Gomez. K- Aqllvll. lm UI! 536.1 , 51. . was U08 i -en Q r le D6 Storm lst Period 9th Grade Top row W. Cooke, B. VanSant, L. Brown, J, Barri, D, Pinckney. T. Henry, T. B. Vallandingham Bottom row E. Storm, J. Harris, F. Herrtiman, R. Dougherty, Schoonleld, F, Searufh. S. Fowler, D. Jewell, J. Schut. Middle row D. McDowell, D. Brathwell, J, White, J. Cheney, M. McCank, M. Price, N. Hudson, J. Dunn, J, B Purcell, C Sanders, B Etheredge, D. Thibaut, F. Shouxe, B, Montoya, N. Stine, Casaua. 1 Q, 511 ll xx , H 4 ,, , . v g -3 H ,Q , ,, -Ct. 3 w R ' W .- .- X Yoakam 7th Period 9th Grade Top row B. Stallings, B McKillirt, D. Hemphill, F. Spiclrelmier, J. Hutcltinxon, D. L. Braddi, B. Crouse. Bottom row T. Thornton, M. Merritt, P. Bradd, R. Holper, E, Jones, G. Neeley, E. Sklar, J. Thompson, A. Chew. Middle row W. Yoalcum, Ring, T. Tuttle, S, McClure, J, Larsen, N, England, V. McMerney, B. Merritt, A. Zloezewtkl, G. Cole, P. Stewart, K. Herrick, G. Hartley. K. Munk, M. Douglox, ,.,,,..-,..- . .. ...Q ........, ...T ... . . -,..., E i a McAbeer lst Period 9th Grade S. Archer, B. Vance, R. Garcia, B. Gonzales, E. Horton, B. Vallondingharn, J, Row- Top row R. Gerard, K. Bates, E. Clemons, K. Wing, G. Chapman, D. Kinser, H. ley, L. Dizrnang, E. Crane, Bottom row W. Whitney, P. Adarnx, G. Espinoza. Marshall, L. Simplxlnu, E. Barker, B, Adan, L. Bailey, A. Knutson, D. Cardwell, I. Dudley, L. Palmer, P. Eggleston, R, Martini, D. Juarez, M. Level, V. Thomoxon, .wg i 1 13 , fx! 5' 1+ fy' I, ffkgif '.- I , c 1. W :es I 'PIM assay if s M sf? f .. , W f L Q Rn' Qx 35' 'Ha 5 a K S. ' -V . f fm fx f" 'tux , '--me V' 'f L 5.5 4:- G-. 1 . K . 5 .M QAM R. 'N Wi E P 0 f , my X " lcv ,. . ,- .dxf S 9 43 Q g ,YV , .33 ?,L !Ei?i i4QfgE??,Eg .1-,' 4' - .f M .fa LJ Q .F x .aw s. My 9 F QNQ Q My ' Y w Qvfs M, ,M ff? - a ' X,f 'lx .ef 'igydrf X F -ft 'Zn . . ,yy S32 83 W, Qs. nb 'f I ' fs! . 4 rv lf SAS ,"x 'bi' V, Tm..- C 1: ma? 'EQ .'-1 fax .Q A A :'xl'xfR'ff" ... 'IQ vue. in 1 VW, .m. 5 . .x. . , fm W 4-47' ,rg '-' Q' QQG Y 'r . 'f iff 'W . W . !- H lv T. ' ' it Q- N' W 'H va . V W s wk, 5 Rl' S A if auf , 'MK ' V Jw 5 Nix qv kv ,. . 'xl Q X. k 1 N sf 5 N 5, QS: wwf N- My S Kg? I R K K+ K -Qvfe Y U . sw 5 if 5 4 W K M I Y 'R ' -56: new w , ,MN ww isa .423 ,H B sg 2 x , ' t ug ,gf ' K Q s wh me my , ef ,Q , .' A . M. ,, - b -V.-, dw. 15:4 !'w'1,,1.f A.. ' JE 155 mi mg yY,.J ,IL wi -' i':F- N S. druid, H X? X 'Wm "' ,M Haw New 1 cs? 4? 1 -we 5 '. .' .3 A ' ff . ' V rx OM . k -" ,N A, .,w- - . ' v , ' b5gfQQ? ,, - 2, H Y 3. K in qq.. ,I ., l 'X ' if 4 , P 1 Ei 5 I 2 5 6 gf' ' 'ff' Q ,, , fi ?Q"'Ai K Y L11 gf ' 5 If ff! 'C gif nv? f- .rf Fx: 6' VFR' Lx? A , ,I ,, My Y Q ,,, 1 T, uf y Q. gf fy, lf . .,.. f ?f- - A ' x .. , gk?-1952 . S . ' ,' Q v aJ-.yuh A '-7k fiydi I kr frfhvsl-' ' A ' xx f ' H '. i wif? ' 15595. ff E1 'Ngf Ao F! ,415 ,ft rr. 'EP '15 .- .4 V rn ,.,. ff ith .s .sz JA sf., ?wf ' fu? :Q V, Q? . V K 1 ' V -. Q - A -Q L f'-Y, 1- ,V ,, EN! . u N I v 4: .'Na'l I 1 I- ' 1 CPM T .35 ti, 3 if dh f, 70 I :A f , 'Q k"'llS48::' kugfpfwuft Una" W cw' ' 4 CF Cl wif? i ff -- ,fflhf 1 X I V A I ' ' ff' --' w -if' .. Q-X. " , - ,,- ' X P24-f,.Q-'gl -4v4 4 - X X' "!"'f'7 X :,,. ,t'j'-173:-3-ig fkbf U A ' ""?"fj--""1 ' ' 'fr W . ' q, V 1 13,.,,, " ' ' ' . ts 4 "if, , ,".""f:.'Q."1'1f" flfvf- ' La . 1' i ff? ww' I 1 N 1 - N ' w , . :C N M M I , wi 5 ua - lk' x :f i ! b, . M-W ,5 .W K, ' ' 'fi fi 8 vwaqhahstwxivahiuitf-.,-a ' ' iii - IU , ' 'Z ,Q-.,.L, -:zu ' qi I vm , 1 I,-,ff .5 '- ' i' LA .rf-ff ,nip 1 if SIM 'xr.3v,:M'..,ff, -W f -sb-M5316 . . N6 W ' N W ' ,ww I.. I N, V Y' Y ,, PWS A' ,, 1 iff? 51' f ' X Y 'rf M 0 Y' w ef is-'p ' 'ff e' X Y ,W Q . . sf -+ xx Tap row R. Early, J. Smith, L. Bailey, B. McMillan, T. Gomez, J. Rowley, R. Brown, bottom raw J. Gosling, A. Zloczewski, G. Isaac, K. Munk, F. Shouse, B. Efharodgo, G. Hanley, G. Morford. Cadlet 601705 44 7? l Top row R. Johnson, R, Lowe, J. LaRue, B. Rogers, J. Landers, F. Negrl, L. Haug J. Wiley, J. Jaeger. Fran! row F. Adamo, G. DuBose, R. Avanzino, N. Uram, D. Nelson, J. Murdock, D. Berry, G. Caldwell. ' ., 43, ii? ' ' .i Q. ' . -rg, '-fb. 1 - , ', fn I 1.1,-' J v fx, i 3 f af Ti ,px 1 Q wg ., , . 4' 1 1, 5' f V ll-4 43 - X7 ,,-,,., , 1 . Ox aw W, Q, ' W Q-sd f b .gf 1 af-5. M kiwi, . ' ' 2:55 94 5 - K ,, 'I ll 6'-v X r vii- if , W. f X mm 41' , sq. if f ' .V , ' ia, 4 ' - f wtf' x s 1 E.f'f'q1 fa , im " 3 nys' lf' x Q -- WM w I , : , Y, 1 ,Q ,rx if W' 1. V Pai., X . KF .M K 4.1 . ...Map - - V" -Vu . A . 'X , xl"-T .M ge 1 193 ' ff I K rr' ffl? x l 'L - Vue- f'g.e,., sw- ,' :W 1 T751 fr! v fm-f , V ,- .f,.lf,i ,g 1 ' if EF k 1' af . 'L h Ifff-f if if .A f 1 J ' X55 QV f ' it 1 . K iffxx Q ,, w '81 1 . 1 W . wo, fx Ql- YQ s X Q5 kg SSB 'fi X W S Ex xg ..Q. . Ns X 'YENQML 6. ,ax Y x Q., A ,r-'W , A - , w 'ew 'W , ,L M -' , 3 rw Q 35 'S -5 . ,- X Q W S x my Lk 3 ' "rf IQ W , 'F 2 15323 ' S- 'XX' 3 S ,S X X f , ' K ' A ' fr Q L75 3' , , YZ' ,V , W ' 42 M' 1 57 1 4 , 3 1. 4 is A .9 ,B 'Q fm ,1 s. SE ff? -, g' Y gs Y -A C if 'Q e ui 3 E .mm -1 L 1 vs Y V 1 fn .X .sw OPUJ M. Abbott, C. Adamo, C. Alonso, T. Argent, J. Bader, D. Bally, E. Barker, M. Bas- lnger, R. Beclrert, S. Blngham, G. Blehaff, C. Blnel, E. Bowen, T. Brant, B. lresheers, S. Brockhotf, B. Broulllette, L. Br wn, R. Brown, H. Burt, F. Bush B. Cahan M. Coldwell, F. Cashon, H. Caughcy, G. Chapman, M. Charland, C Charlesworth, J. Cheney. R. Coffey, C. Cole, D. Colgan, B. Conley, T. Cooley M. Coulter, D. Crandall, E. Crane, N. Crowell, M. Dally, S. Davls, D. Deghl, G. Del Rosso, B. Dennis, M, Dittes, M. Douglas, B. Dow, T. Dudley, J. Duff, M. Eades, N. Edwards. M, Egglextone. E. Elicker, N. England. G. Evensen, S. Ferguson, P. Filippini, Flory, M. Forman, S, Forrest, L. Forrester, J. Fountaine, Y. Freyslaben R. Garcia, M. Gossar, J. Geisler, W. Gilfun. K. Griffin, P. Hall, C. Hampton, L. Hansen, Hansen H. Hanson, J. Harris, C. Hartley, E. Hawkins, J. Heinz, M. Hennery, ldili 4 Y 'K-iQ.L.-.,.,... gurfain Cafirfs 05 WUCALICLOJ M. Hill, M. Horton, N. Hudson, N. Hunter, D. Huntington, M. B. Jack, R. James, G. Jenkins, R. Jenkins, D. Johnson, B. Johnson, C. Johnson, D. Juorex, J, Kelley B. Kerman, A. King, D. Kinsey, D. Kireman, B. Knief, J. Lacaze, B. Ldhflfdff, C Lorlaen, J. La Rocque, D. Layman, M. Level, P. Lockyer, R. Lowe, N. Lund, J. Martin S. Massey, M. McCann, J. Meade, B. Merritt, J. Merryweother, P. Mlller, L. Millet D. Milton, B. Moore, P. Morgan, M. Morris, A. Murray, K. Nall, A. Nolan, P. Paull S, Peres, J. Persica, D. Pinskney, B. Pixley. G, Randal, V. Raneri, N. Reaml, R Rhodes, M. Robertson, R. Roberts, S. Robinson, J, Rodriguex, E. Rogers, J, Rossi A. Saunders, M. Shanks, M. Shield, E. Shroyer, K. Smyth, J. Stewart, G. Stoll. J Stornetta, S. Stubbs, D. Tallsnt, D. Teagarden, V. Thompson, G. Tuttle, B. Wallan dingham, A. Wagner, D. Wainscott, T. Walker, W. Whitney, J. Wilkinson, H Wilson, E. Wolfe, R. Zaro. Top raw C. Adamo. L. Waldman, M. Cerletti. P. Reuu, J. Martini, C. Hulmef, J. Leonard, S. Stoll, G. Del Rona, R. Johnson, J. LaRue, R. Avanxino, S. Ferguson, E. Bowen, P. Sweany, C. Moore, K. Koch. Bottom row M. Caldwell, M. McMahon, P. Howes, L. Millett, M. Clift, J, Hendricks, S. Brockhofl, C. Guidotti, J. Baker, G. DuBaee, A. Bravelli, M. Robertson, W. Brinkley, V. Deghi, B. Slinsen, S. Jann, R. Martin, G. Gordon, A. Knutson, D. Snyder, R. Seigler, J. Bateman, D. Jann ,IQ 39 JB I i Top row D. Floyd, J. Oliver, J. Doty, J. Bradley, D. Jones, D. Snyder, B. Zora, . G. Gordon, D. Seigler, D. Garner, J. Watson, bottom row C. Hulmer, M. Cerletti, 0 L D. Woinscott, P. Hubp, N. Naff, J. Laird, J. Goodwin, M. Mullury, M. Poril, I. Stornetta. ed Cheval iem U QPCLI, 0 gZfl0al'l0 a Top row M, Lash, B. Rodgers, J. Murdock, F. Neqri, B. Lawrenre, G. Slordal, L. Weimers, G. Taylor, G. Dubose, middle row J. Mickelson, M. Garzoll, J. Mana, L. Waldmann, M. Cerlntti, C. Moore, J. Goislor, P. Sweony. Bottom row J. Hen- dricks, L. Millett, M. Clift, M. Robertson, J. Heinz, C. Guldottl, J. Delnoyor, A. Brovelli, C. Hulmsr, B. Slinsen, S. Jones, L. Fry. Top row R. Boon, B, Zaro, W. Porter, G. Morley, J. LaRue., N. Urom, J. McKenzie, L Wiley, L. Haug, D. Nelson, R. Auanxino, middle row E. Storm, J. Adamo, J. Biova, J. Jaeger, W. King, S. Brockhoff, S. Lieding, N. Boucer, J. Spivo, A. Dunkor, J. Landers, D. Ste-nsby, J. Holder, bottom row, K. Archer, l. Ball, C. Findey, M. Sawyer, P. Howes, J. Martini, W. Brinkley, M. Cardwell, K. Koch, N. Crowell N. Donaldson, M. Jock. C. Adamo, B. Whitney, J. Roni, T. Argens. J Wm... - .M-W J. Jaeger, J. Desnoyer, J. Murdock, B. Moore, G. DuBone, K. Noll, J. McKenzie, .14 ,alla igma .. ..... .... Top row T. Purcell, G, Siordol, J. LaRue, B. Rodgers, L. Wiley, L. Haug, W. King, 66 L. Giovcnini, J. Adamo, R. Johnson, F. Negri. Bonom row R. Marvin, J. Jaeger, e u B. Dennis, J. McKenzie, J. Murdock, D. Nelson, B. lawrence, T. Werner. O52 Pdf? Top row L. Bryunv, L. Louder, M. Avlllo, S. Kollin, E. Ring, J. Meyer, J. Thibeut, C. Tompkins, J. Rubaifino, S. Massey, S. Salle, B. Van Som, M. Gould, P. EYGNI, V. Roads, l. Hatrnuker, C. Williams, B. Reichenberg, L. Semen. Bohorn row B. Pen- zolti, Y. Freyslcben, L. Humphrey, K. Fisller, C. Mills, M. Carfsr, D. Campbell, A. Luton, J. Heminger, B. Chan, S. Wilkinson, N. Bore, M. Emerson, P. Moy, W. Smernel, F. Baldwin. ll N... w Top row B. Lilienvhol, N. Nuff, J. Sfornena, M. Paris, M. Moore, L. Fry, V. Raneri, C. Whilehill, J. LaRue, G. Siordal, L. Wuldmann, N. Donaldson, A. Dunkes, S. Brockhoff, B. Lawrence, J. Jaeger, G. DuBose, R. Johnson, J. McKenzie, J. Rodgers, L. Wiley. bohom row V. Monroe, l. Palmer, M. Patrick, C. Gardner, A. King, V. Whiiemire, M. Cerlshi, M. Cliff, J. Desnoyer, P. Howes, L. Milleh, S. Murray, 0 0 P. Zurnwalf, M. Sawyer, I.. Ball, A. Brovelli. Top row H. Griffiths, L. Weimers, N. Edwards, J. Jaeger, B. Lawrence, T. Werner t B. Adam bottom row W. Brinkley, S. Brockholf, J. Hendricks, S. Jonu, P. Howes e a r. num. v. and-. c. shurrucu. . A i Top row S. Llodlng, F. Howu, E. Jones, P. Barlow, G. Neeley, W. Yoakum. Bottom 9 rowC Modlcc P Morgan I. Wormun T Tuttle N ... F x I r R -I 'Q gf - .4 A f af' B ,R 5 7 ff 1 - -.: ,Q . 3 .tf x. . .. L- ,ev ,.-L-" gg ff' 1 X - .. Mr... A. I is N. .--- if ., J- 'Wrfzf " '1f". , :V I' 513- A A J., ,A -1 1' --1' vs- 59' ,H " -'J J A V' " Y 3- v F: 'I' , .JV B ...:. ,' f I , .2 fbi, f 1 .-"Ji ln, ',f -'7 ,',2,.U l if ,-- ,r , . ' . My -.1 " f X NP "' I ' I g 4-SQ ag 4 ff, J ng'- lpn .y 1 D -.1 . ,Q 8- lg . f, fig " firjf -if tx-,' Q- Lip, . ha f We ' A15 T' -'xg Tap raw I. Kent, F. Negrl, J. langenbach, J. Adamo, D. Nelson. J. Watklns, B. loaml, J. Hattala. 3rd row A. Vollmer. C. Griffinn, H. Griffins, J. Murdock, D. Cale, D.. Eby, D. Brayles, D. Martin, 2nd row D. Douglas, G. Morley, R. McCul- lom, W. Porter, L. Bailey, T. Fldler, L. Glovanini. J. Lalui, D. Bell, J. Craft, bottom row T. Crane, N. Uram, J. Duff, T. Henry, L. Haug, L. Wiley, J. Jaeger, D. Hudson, G. llckford, B. Aden, E. Barker. NAPA 44 28 27 6 13 7 OPPONENTS Benicia 0 Franklin ISD 0 Franklin KVI 26 Stockton 6 Vallelo 26 Edison 21 The 1950 football season saw Napa's Knights run up a 3-2-1 win and loss record which gave them third place in the Middle Four league. Head coach John Hattala, who was ably assisted by former Cal star Forrest Klein, molded a fine team out of a bunch of green rookies during the training period and opened the season with a bang by drubbing the Benicia Ramblers 44-0 in a practice game. They opened league play with a iarring win over Franklin of Stockton, 28-0, with Duane Hudson scoring two of the four Napa touchdowns and les Haug doing outstanding work in the line. One point kept the Knights out of the loss column in the next game with Ben Franklin of Valleio as Al Vollmer booted three conversions to give Napa the slim 27-26 victory. After scoring three first-half touchdowns, the Knights dropped off the pace to nearly lose, due to the loss of Ben Adan, who suffered a broken arm Stockton High rallied in the last half when Doug Hauser intercepted a lateral in the Napa backfield and scooted 90 yards to tie the score 6-6. Napa had counted earlier on Tom Henry's 53-yard dash. Ever-powerful Valleio handed the Knights their first defeat, 26-13, due to their swivel-hipped halfback Williams, who ran wild in this game which was played at Napa. Then, in the last game of the season, the Vikings from Edison of Stockton rolled easily over Napa, 21-7. The Annual Lions Club Football Banquet was held at the close of the season to honor the boys who had done such a fine iob on the team. Norm Uram was voted the Outstanding Back of the Year, and Dennis Martin received the Most Valuable Linesman Award. Speaker at the banquet was popular Joe Verducci, head football mentor at U. S. F. J gazietgaf A' ' -x rw 1 Q,-J -'Lv-4 6 .Q a. f 94 lg .. fxf' S l 1.1 , M 'Q AI- ' ff' iii 1? F .f gg - f 1 Tap raw R. Martin, 0. leldenbach, I. Baan, L. Haug, J. LaRue, ll. Johnson. 6. Cald- well, R. McCollum, front row J. Morgan, D. Olbson, J. Adamo, F. Negrl, J. Jaeger, I.. Wlley, D. Nelson. After startlng out strongly, the Napa Knlghts' varslty basketball squad fell off the pace toward the end of the season and ended up wlth a lust below average 3-4 record ln Mlddle Four League play. The start ot the season Indlcated that the Knlghts were on thelr way to blg thlngs as they won three aut of four games. St. Vlncents of Petaluma, Sonoma, and Franklln of Vallelo tumbled before the Knlghts' attack, but the Callstoga Wlldcats put the sklds under Napa and started them on thelr way down, 37-33. Franklln of Vallelo took advantage of thls and gat revenge by trounclng Napa, 46-39. Joe Jaeger paced hls Napa teammates wlth eleven polnts. Stockton also cllmbed on the vlctory band-wagon and downed the Knlghts, 47-40, In Stockton's tlny gym. The small slze of thls bulldlng hampered the Knlghts and helped to defeat them. The Callstoga Wlldcats, who had started all thls grlef for head coach Bob Martln, entertained the Knlghts at Callstoga and dumped them agaln, 39-32, whlle John Adamo led the Knlghts wlth nlne polnts. Franklln of Stockton helped the Knlghts contlnue thelr loslng ways by hand- Ing them a stlnglng 35-26 defeat, but Napa ralsed themselves out at the depths of despolr by flnally wlnnlng a game, 35-29, over the Vallelo Braves. Then, In the last and most excltlng game of the season, the Knlghts edged Ecllson of Stockton, 34-33, by vlrtue of Ron Boan's free throw ln the last ten seconds of play. Flnal statlstlcs show that star center, Ron Boon, led the scorers with 86 polnts for a 6.6 average. He was closely followed by Don Nelson wlth a 6.2 average. Although they lost most of thelr games, Coach Martln's charges played hard and made thelr presence known In all the seasan's tussles. Date Opponent lcore Des. 5 lt.VlncentclFetalurnal Napa-59 l.V.-le 13 Hanna Center Napa-46 C.-32 l 5 lonama Napa-Il I.-I6 Jan. I 1'FranklIn WJ Napa-40 F.-3l l 2 Callstoga Napa-33 C.-37 19 Nranklln CVD Napa-39 F.-46 27 tsmkm Napa-40 L-41 30 Callstoga Napa-32 C.-39 Feb. 2 fFranklln C32 Napa-26 F.-ll 6 1'Vallelo Napa-35 V.-29 7 Faculty Napa-36 F.-34 9 fldlson Napa-34 I.-33 1'Denotss league games. ef qw is va-if 549-W, f I4 .f 'X' Cv, gafefdaf L95 ,SX ...H 'QW -fi - 3 r 0 ef' if?" if . X' X' QQ .4 Top roy I Estes J Gosling l. Bailey, I. Garcia, I. Coffey, E. Heslelr, J. Cox, H. Pringle I Jenkins I McCollum. bottom row J. Morgan, J. Orroclr, E. Barker, Napa's "B" squad's season was iust the opposite of that of their varsity brothers. Coach Bev Estes' men dropped three of their first four outings which made things look black. Sonoma, Ben Franklin of Valleio, and Calistoga rolled over the Bees who had won their first game, 46-17, over St. Vincents of Petaluma. But then, with Tom Henry and Jim Duff leading the way, Napa started to roll and dumped Ben Franklin, 45-33. Stockton slowed them down momentarily by handing them a 25-19 defeat, but from there on in, the season was all Napa's. Calistoga was dumped, and dumped hard, by the high scoring Bees, 47-21, with Tom Henry netting fourteen points for game honors. Next on the Knight Bees' chopping block was Franklin of Stockton whom Napa easily defeated, 33-23. Henry and Duff combined forces to lead Napa with fourteen points each. With full steam up, they plowed over Vallejo, 32-25, but Edison nearly stopped their drive in the last game of the season. The Bees had to go all out to win, 45-42. Center Walt Milliman paced the Knights with his numerous tip-ins. This long string of wins indicates what we can look forward to next year, for all the first string squad will still be with us to fill the shoes of varsity squad members, all of whom will graduate. Jim Duff and Walter Milliman provided the height while the sharpshooting eye was furnished by Tom Henry. Handy ball handlers, who could also tank shots when the chances came, were Eldon Hosick, Russell Jenkins, Dick Coffey, Clyde Tolman, Larry Bailey, and others. Bee mentor, Bev Estes, did a fine iob with his group of boys, and the watch- word is now, "Next season, look outl" Opponent St. Vincents . . . So noma ...,.. Franklin ivy ..... Colistoga .....,. Franklin KVI . Stockton ...... Callstoga ,...,. Franklin 151 .... Valleio ......, A . . 1 IZA,-e, ,. l' ,I-1 -- Jf ,cf .4 - Q 2 ,,, aae a QRFQN P' a 4, I ' .1 f"' - f ' Z i F- ,I A Z t E1 f ' I 7 4 'L """" 'Z ' ' ' ' T 4 in Wx fG ,ff AL: f- l 3 , 'ff Q " Y f 1 ... x . . fm if ' -1' F 5 -N-1:-,211 . 4 ., :.,i,S,.L-G: If Lis., Q Q QM' I J is 'f f"- '- F ' 'ji . --.-f1sfif..'Q slx J, l A-U k 1 I ,A if-5,-i"'js:.:nn5V .' -',-Lv? I 1 4, Q A y Q ,r Q 01,1 P 4 Q ,W ll :WX mu, xx gl qw ffm A I Ei, ! I 4 f ll 'Z J. .A 1 ., r-yy , v I.. Ay 'V :F . 'si FJ jf?-fill 41 " SMLILQ'-ns 'Xs- .g'f:. X t if , .4 gi 1 ,gf 1, ' if fi ' ' '. I I JI Top row P. Bono, D. Nelson. G. Caldwell, G. Reidenbach, R. McCuIlum, L. Haug, , '1- ' F. Negri, B. Burger, T. Adams, J. Hattala. bottom row J. Adamo, D. Hudson, J. Jaeger D. Tallent, T. Henry, l. Wiley, J. Duff, G. Thomas, W. Milliman. Napa's diamondrnen, defending champions of the Middle Four League, had another very successful season despite the loss of most of their veteran players. The only veterans that returned this year were Joe Jaeger and Don Nelson, who were both on last year's varsity. Duane Hudson, a powerful hitter, took over the catching duties for Coach John Hattala's team. He received the slants of Joe Jaeger, converted first sacker who took over the pitching duties vacated by Joe Whited, who was lost to a larger team, the United States Navy. At the initial sack was fancy fielding Gordon Thomas, who came up from the B squad. At the keystone sack was another refugee from the B's, Tom Henry. His double play partner at shortstop was Deramus Tallent. At the "hot corner" was another slick fielder, Jim Duff. Patrol- ling the outfield were Fred Negri, Larry Wiley, and Don Nelson. They took over left, center, and right fields, respectively. The B squad also had a good season under the tutelage of Coach Wayne Yoakum. Many fine players have been groomed to take over the varsity posi- tions vacated due to graduation. Next year, however, the varsity squad will not be cleaned out as it was last year, for most of this season's squad are ninth graders. Competition proved to be tough in the Middle Four League, but the Knights made it through all right to maintain the prestige of Napa High. March St. Helena A88 March 26 'l'Edison A Sonoma A 30 St. Vincents ALB Calistoga A May 3 'l'Franklin CSD ALB St. Helena A8-B 7 'l'Franklin KVJ A818 April 'l'Valleio A8-B ---- St. Vincents AGB 'l'Denotes league games. 'lFranklin WJ A815 'l'Stockton A 1'VaIIeio ALB - ll ' A", Ti K 'fl .7 I fd' 3 ml 2" ' ft fi if . Q.. f E .B iq 5 X L, 1 ,1 llc. xx 'L f' Q, Us ' ' ff. .1 K El .- i li iii W V Y C i. Top row B. Rooms, C. Wong, B. Carr, D. Boylel, R. Land, R. Bray, B. Beckett, J. La ' Rue, R. Johnson, R. Jenkins, J. Harriet, D. Klnur, L. Giovanlni, bottom row G. Mc- . Carthy, J. Palcido, M. Lernhart, N. Uram, J. Watkins, B. Aden, J. Cuffman, B. ,L - 5, A Kraus, D. Brothwell, W. Woodworth, J. Langenbach. ' Even though they were hampered by a lack of depth, the Napa Knights' track team rolled up a good season on the local and out-of-town ovals. Intermit- tent rain also hampered training, so the Knights did not have the advantage of full workout time to aid them in their early meets with Vallejo, Tamalpais, and Franklin. Coach Bob Reams' cindermen had good material, but were lacking enough of it to make a really good showing. In the A division dashes, big Jack la Rue was a standout while Norman Uram and Ray Bray led in the B division. Although many competed in the C's, the leader was Russ Jenkins. A welcome addition to the team was Les Giovanini, who excelled in shot- putting. Although this was his first year out for the team, he caught on fast and looked very good toward the end of the season. Norm Uram, the all around athlete, also shinned at high iumping and in the relays with Dale Broyles and Ray Bray. In meets with North Boy League teams like Tamalpais, Petaluma, and San Rafael, the Knights were accompanied by the Napa Indians' track team. New starting blocks were purchased this year to eliminate digging holes in the track and to speed up the initial starts. Good attendance was noted for all the home meets, five in number, which gave everybody a chance to see our fine team in action. V March 13 Vallejo Here I6 Tamalpais There 31 Franklin Here April 6 San Rafael Here 10 Calistoga Here There 13 Petaluma 2'l Sub-league at Valleio 28 League at Napa N .al L gi f KX 1 'A If XB lg + wimming umdgng i 'ln . , .P 1 ,. fi! f . A 1 ,2 K K X, s .l fp ,f li t. f '19 , 'J lu SQ .gn il B I fs"R'5" Y 2 Top row R. Canepa, C. Crane, A. Thomas, J. Landers, M. Schlihdwen, F. Klein, middle raw J. Renshaw, R, Boon, G. Dubase, B. Dennis, B. Sunderland, R. Rodglrl, J. Crane, K. Dukes, B. Shellon, L Bradd, B, Svuples, bollom row J. Kelly, J. Gosling, B. Silvers, B. Ellison, D. Eddy, N. Edwards, J. Palmer, A. Chew, M. Abbott. Top row Nielson, R, Cook, Lg Stark, D, Iverson, R1 Thomason, F, Loeffler, R: Alex- ander, H, Farrar, R, Hall, Kp bonom row Forney, I., leyva, My Fore, G, lund, G, Miller, P, Koch, Kg R. Baldwin. X' x X Q 1 . , x Ci I , L+, . ,- -Anim L4 -tl - .. ,...-J ,,,..- f ye' 51-4? 5 Q-,.....- If 1-1 Y .1-ul ,hw ' , HS 4 I ISL s I J' . '- H ! XS I tl ff 'Q .nl Aix. 1 S Q I I , -W r fn ,x1- 15 . n ' , , , .,. ,fri qv, W A T WA, x N.. ., .. . .if 'lb-4 Q ' x . , A V 1 X 'W ' ', ' SW, ,mm Wh at a Q ...Q ...R . 8 'I i .1 51 -v Ep."'l Q. ' . 4 N3 15 Q X ., 1 fig". X 557 15131 ' " I 'f I 1 Q .V M42 4 -f ff R , XX 4 - , RJ K Y ' if ' A- .143 Nik ' ff' . Vx" 17 g Y 1 . , . I 'Tl' , 1 3 ,if 44 .JM . MM! A K W, ,O 5 .- MA A ., 2 I 1 ' x L i , wk 'H 1411 "" ,ual T., H 54 JR 'P if , 1 , v 'QP' W ',. fyf x I , 1 H 61, 'f 3, 4 Ai ' w, -L, .gy apr Y I Q Q4 1 9' 47 1' YH, ' a'. ' I ,Xt 'NA C ' if Q iii' 's 5 ' X x "" "'91w'tYa1f in ' 47 . 5-- ' . " 1' . .n ' Q l ,,,,,.,,va.-A-Lund P 8 ,gpzfl 'Rn 'X Q I -fa ,gf qt. 'F :- 1.11, i 'S 1181. 'Ill ur ,, . I., E if ,4 7 A . . A ik . . -A ffffg-Q 2 Q 2 ,Q u,, rs,, v': H,?' f'- f ' .:' , ' .ef 4? 5 , I 1 N . gn Q .-' X 14' . - any fwiav 1' Q In 4 mf, O 4' I ic 3' ..- 'fa MF fff. 'x A we . F Q z .44 s

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