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Y W 11111 1111W1111T?k.,g!, 7: M31 v. -4 W1 1,1 , 1111! 1, ' 11111 Q1 , 1 . - -1111.1 X11 1f A 1 A1 T'1'?7111111--',"115351 1 11911-1 211 uf' 1 A 1 .- 1 1111 , W 1115.141 71' ' 11 1 1 1111 111 11 1.11 1 1 11 1 .1 , 1,11 1 1 1 . 1 1 I , 1 '. 11 1, L1 1 1 111211 1 1 1 'X 1,., 11 W- M X115-1 w 11 1 11,L11,,15"11..w-1111,,,,3 111-. g, 1131 1111 11 , 1 11 .111'-v '. '-11 , -QL 'WW " P 1- 11-'1f 1? ' ' ff? ' '1111119 11 ' 1 '. ' 11351,'fQ1"' l1i1d1'1-ie.-1',1i1,4,-" .1111 mLnU1,11 -'111' "' A 1 'f.,f'1l'1','f-5-F 11111 -':1-121111 ,-.Pk-if ,111-A 111515 ,1'1111 1115 '11'11f"E2'.. 145 1- ,11 11 1 1"1' ' 51311 1 -71 '1"i'1:f'i1f 1'-ii N1 11 1, '11, 1:84111 , 11 1,, 1" ',111v.1 l111.1" 111 W' 51x 11- 1 111! -1 1"ul',f'1, 1-fh "4m:1!'AI1"-1"111111' ' ' 1 11111, 1 11 11111 111911 1 1 V ,, '11, 1g ,,11,, 5131 "11111' 1 :'!11,'1111 11 -. 1:11 1 11, 1 1 1 1' '1 '11 ' 1 ' 1 1 11 1 11 - 1' 1"111 N11 '- 11 , ' 111 111111 M V 6, 1u1 111g,- , 11 11 W 11 +1 ' , 1 1 11 1 The Napanee I 939 The Napanee Published by The Associated Students Of Napa Union High School Table of Confenis I. Adminisfraiion II. Seniors IH. Activities III Sporfs Aclminisfraiion Representing the Fair'.f motive, Pacific peace and unity, Pacifica broods, eighty feet in the air, holding protecting hands like a giant guiding mother over the many viri- tors. Ralph Stackpole was her sculptor. l l Declzcatzon To Treasure Island, a territory gained without agres sion, where man has partly realized his peaceful and progres- sive aspirations, we dedicate this 1939 edition of the Napanee .lane Van Pelt, Editor. Napanee--10 Building of Treasures for the Future This is the year of the Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island and a "Treasure Island" it is, indeed. Man has collected there his triumphs of art, of medicine, of engineering, and of science in all its phases. We are prone to stand in awe and amazement at first before it all and then to take it for granted. Past generations have handed down to us all these marvelous achievements--their gift to us. VVe forget the szacrificeg life itself for some has gone into the treasures that are ours today. And where would We be without them? Since we are such debtors, since we owe so much to generations that are past, the obligations of our generation are the greater to contribute our part to the progression of civilization. Let us contribute with honor our slrare to the race. There is much left for us to do in the field of medicine, proper housing and living conditions for all people, intelligent use of our natural resources, and the achieving of a. proper balance of our responsibilities of employment and of leisure living. Probably the greatest of all things, Seniors, for your generation to achieve is the art of getting along together. Better relations and closer understanding between indie- viduals, groups, and classes within our own country, and between nations must be achieved. lt is a challenge to you of the younger generation no work these things through to their ultimate and happy conclusion. Earle E. Crawford The glory of man's inspiration and labo-r, exemplified in the beauty of the towlers, pyramids, and statues, as well as the scientific exhibits of Treasure Island, is impres- sive. Even more impressive is the challenge to youth for future contributions to this world of Wonder. Achievements which bring beauty, romance, and thrills to us who observe them bring an even greater satisfaction to those who have some part in their creation and portrayal. Prepare by thorough training, research, and hard work to let your inspira- tions guide you to worthy accomplishments. Zelma W isherd In a world so upset as ours today, there is paramount need for us all, as real citizens, to do our separate and united best to keep orderly and sane ourselves, our communities, and our great United States. Let us borrow from "Treasure Island" the ideas and ideals of order and harmony, of beauty and progress and k them function in our lives and in all our human relationships. George Strong truth, and ma e 11 --N apanee Faculty Helen Blume Lnti n, Emrlish. Dramatics Roy Bll1'llI1l1Il7I Chemist ry llrlrn Burfeld English. Music, Public Speakimz. Debate Lurille fJllfi.Vfl"Il.l'l"lI Clothing. Cafeteria John Collwlge Shop, Home Mechanics. lfrlwin IIUIIIIPVS Axz. Mechanics. Auto Dorothy Crmnzbs English. Drnmatics Lorcn Critxfr Physicial Education Mechanics American Problems. -Freshman Guidance flfnftif Rosy Cllllllillylllllll 'World History, American Life Edwin Eagle Muthcmutics, English Ruth Ellioil Commercial Tlmnzax Elrivk Art. Stunre Craft fllerle Good Band, Orchestra l'l'yIIlfl'7' HFllllllKfIill!j Spanish, German l4'ayne .lolzzzsmz Biolux-ry, Ag. Science Napamfe 12 .LX YSL Q- an 3?Eff..f3' ' - w Ziggy I I K Sl ii' or V 'wr Faculty Pfalter Johnson Shop, Mechanical Drawing Allda Belle Kelsey Commercial, English Myrtle Kime Commercial, Algebra Robert La Rue Physical Education Beatrice Locke French, Clerical Training Sarah Lynrlz Mathematics, Freshman Guidance Margery' lllcfformirk Physical Education .lune McGinnis English, Physical Education fl lice Mellflzihon English Mzzrgaret Ilflcllleans Library Herman Meister History, Freshman Guidance. Physical Education Esther Parker Clothing, Home Economics Roy Patrirk Commercial Blanche Scott Foods Claire Youtz Science. Mathematics 13--Napanee Ulm. l -S'-Av. " 'HT 5 ' zo .AY 1-'K is 255: .X Sfudeni Execufive Rnw Hou limi Row 1 . R1 1 xv Run' ' Rc n xv CS. Ra 1 w ,-y 1.14 Fall 191111 Gene Harris, President Mnrgic 'l.0I'I2lSCl2l. S1-crctary Charles Ottcrson, Vivo Pri-sident Murgu Money, YL-ll l.v:ulO1' Sfrrin y l'h:u'les Ottvrson. Presislent Phyllis Bx'y:ln, Ss-cretary Ilvnry Crm-en. Vice l'l'c-siilcnt I.ol'ruino VVillinms. Yell Ls-zuicr 1 V. Gm'-inur. M. Tunamsciu, G. Harris. C. Ottorson, E. McDaniel, H. Bc-lzuul. M. Money. G. Frost. F. Jcssimzm. T. Iirnmwcll. R. Heintze, J. Van Pelt, M. Cook, V. Vann. E. Buhman. S IC, Ch-rici. li. Shurtlm-il. li. Schwartz, li. Bertino. R. Bohen, R. Heinke. G. Throne, 1 I-I. U'Nm-ill. .I. Guidir-v, H. Dickenson, D. Woods, B. Gcrth, C. Wicks. Spring l'. Ilznrliy, Ii. Ilouuhiy. M. Money. L. Williams. I. 'l'innnon:4. G. Frost, M. Tonascia, V. Cantrell, H. Curlstnd, P. Bryan, C, Uttcrson, H, Aldriclf. P G. Spnlsling, S. Nc-il. J. Murray. V. Aldrich, J. Rapaport, R. Bohcn, R. Prager. I. Landau, M. Arnitz, Ii. Ilertino. H. Behind. 'l'. Wnkunmn. ll. Bortino. E. Covey, R. Cuvuprnnro, B. Granzellu, C. Wicks, B. ShurtlclT, T, Brarnwcll. D. Jessiman. J. FUl'l'QStI!l', J. Dunlap, B. Schwartz, Principal E. Crawford, D. Hobson. L. Jordan, J. Merwin, H. .Iuculrs, H. Ruhlund. .La -- K -n .- - -4 Nnpnfzfe--14 I5--Nr1p1z111'e Girls, League fall OyiL'Kl'A' Spring Georgia Throne, President. Velden Cantrell, President Annabelle Brewster, Vice President. Beverly Burns, Vice President Gladys Cowan. Secretary Valerie Kieg, Secretary Doris White. Serge.Lnt-at-Arms Vivian Gardner, Sergeant-at-Arms Every girl enrolled in Napa High is a member of the Girls' League, which has steadily grown in size and popularity since it was founded in 1925. During the first semester, the regular business meetings held each month were presided over by LiC0l'g'lIlZl'l'l1l'OIlC, and by Velden Cantrell, the second. Program chairmen, Yelden Cantrell and janet Rapaport, always provided worthwhile entertainment after the business meetings. A council, composed of a representative from each home room, met once a month with bliss Zelma lWisherd, Dean of Girls and League advisor, to discuss pressing questions which arose. At the beginning of each semester, the Senior members of the Club entertained the new 1'I'CSl1II1CH at the Big and Little Sisters' Tea. Both parties were a great suc- cess this year, and helped the new girls get acquainted. The Girls' Jinx, held in October, was a night of fun for every girl who attended. Prizes for the funniest, prettiest, and cleverest costumes went to Preece Stoddard, and Lorraine Burch, respectively. The Yv elfare Committee, headed by planet Rapaport and Nlarian Arnitz, also played its part well in the League. Each year, the girls give baskets to the needy fam- ilies of the community. Boxes placed in each room were filled to overflowing before they were collected and distributed on Thanksgiving. The outstanding activity of the Girls' League wlas the Vice Versa dance, to which the girls invited the boys. The untiring efforts of Lucille Wicks and her com mittee made the affair a really spectacular duplicate of the San Francisco Fair. We won't forget soon, will we, boys? The League entertained for the last time at the lvlothersl and Daughters' Tea in April. A. fashion show, at which the members of the sewing classes exhibited their y'ear's efforts, was the highlight of the program. The club's activities were not connned to Napa, for Margie Tonascia, Georgina Throne, and lbliss Zelma WVisherd attended the Girls' League Convention at Burlin- game High on Saturday, October 29. Row 1. B. Brewster, D. Crivelli. V. Gardner, E. Hunter. V. Keipr. V. Cantrell, G. Throne, G. Cowan, A. Brewster. E. Buhman, B. Maus. Row 2. P. Darby, S. Dopkins, M. Imrie, R. Hahn, M. Gardner, D. White, V. Brandlin, B. Burns, M. Scott, H. Beland. Row 3. N. Behland, N. Sohl, J. Jackson, A. Bramwell, E. Bones. W. Meyer, V. 'Wakerley. L. Bradford, Advisor Z. Wisherd. Row 4. L. Streblow, H. Rendleman, L. Wicks, V. Manasse. M. Peterson, B. Gibb, D. Harman. J. Rapaport, L. Peterson. ' k y 9-. Q gf X at . Naprmee--16 Row 1. R. Bohen, J. Forrester, A. Carpignano, T. Bramwell, H. Sohl, H. Aldrich. G. Spalding, B. Bertino. Row 2. G. Spalding. J. Graves. C. Schwartz. H. Oaks. B. Schwartz. C. Otterson. B. Ruhland, J. Dunlan Row Il. B. Shurtlell, 'I'. Wakeman. L. Coward. H. Hansen, B. Ransford, B. Granzella, Il. Young, R. Heinke, Row 4, H. Hriles, J. Merxvin, D. Hobson. F. Heid. E. Covey, R. Cavagnaro. H. Jacobs. Ojjlicerx President, Henry Sohl Sergeant-at-urnws, Harrison liriles Vice President. John Graves Frank Heid Secretary. Harry Aldrich Historian, Harold Hanson Yell Leader. Charlie Schwartz The Boys' League, organized for the first ti1ne this year at Napa Union High School, endeavors to promote democratic citizenship and cooperation, to preserve and beautify the school, and encourage worthwhile activities for all boys enrolled. 'lihe need for such an organization was evident for some time. ln l'735, a Boys' VVelfare organization, directed by llflr. Roy Buchanan, was formed composed of the president, vice president, and athletic manager of the A.S.H., presidents of the classes, and other elective members of the student body. lVLany capable and willing boys worked on the several committees of the club. ln 1930, however, this worthy club dissolved. Two years ago, a committee headed by Ernie Sander attempted to form a Boys' League, but the boys of the school did not seem to agree, and nothing resulted from the efforts of the committee. ln the fall of 1938, to meet the need for such an organization, a constitution re- sembling that of the Girls' League was drawn up under the able supervision of lllr. Edwin Eagle, presented to the student executive, and ratified. The boys of student body council acted as a nominating committee to choose the first oihcers. the The outstanding meetings of the year included an athletic program, featuring three interesting boxing matches, a basketball game between the men of the faculty and the "Papooskinskies". and an illustrated lecture by Mr. Herman Baade describing his adventures in Alaska. The chief project undertaken was the promotion of quiet, orderly assemblies. A fine spirit of enthusiasm and cooperation has been evident from the founding of the League. Seniors The .flrch of Triumph was planned by L. P. Hobart. Its substantial masses and curves, lifting themselves to a hundred and ffue feet, express the satisfaction and elaelion of aefomplishment. n .F -. 'wi .- "L uf. 454, . E L w I 41 ' un I ' . I 1 'f .- ,:" ' ' I .I I - - 1. qu, F . ,. K f . .V,- .-,,, . I wi " v , 3 I U, f, fx- :-if 5 . ' .4 H. ."':' f Q wk ' P v in N -.', b, I 1 ,. -,-.,,. -. - - , ,,.gw',- ,4 gg-Fug. ., . ,iw . -7-, Q., . .A A f -. .1-2 A I ' ,fl 5-1, W 2 fare' - .fg,g.m-A. -41 f , 1 .-. .-,A--. .f-g - . 1 ,, .., . ' , "" .- N ' " -I--' ' K L- -T fl.: if..-fa-, -.33 T, if-1 I' ' dl,'g7gk-,. . , A 155 ' . ' f-.idffrl -, - 'fu .' v !'+i-1.xi"' 1 fi 'C Y 57. 'E'-3' -V - I vs! 1 - we-N y..g.- -1 A-5, - A , . 1 ' N - 1. lfuvj' ,- Mi-.I wi. ,. ..1J,..'i - .1-' ' ..f- -I 1' ' - , V :af . - 'Z '-"5--L.,.':.'xf12''mfr' ui fl.-N -L ' F , . , gsffiy gi--5 1.31, -'gf -fl. - -4935 HJR ,":- ' ,Lp , Affix L11-'Fm 121-.'H'-.- L" .- if F' wi- Fi?-i,. :.- .71 . vf, gf-' J- b ,,vf,wj.1 ,nz , j -' y.,..,' ,' ' Q,7.-f.- -H1 -' V Taj-gin, 'gg jj? '.L.1:.,.j:,,p.',--j:-'f5,:j-'3..g- fifv 3:3123 A ' , ffl .'-,R'-:-?5',",f1,"- N 5:-.,'.'l"'-'L-.. F ' " ' f" ' . 'ef V -' ""f"' .gg-L -.. , ' ' f - 3 . - ' -g -V ' - .L -.5 T ' , A! 1 A 1. A '- Af' T - 1, ' ' H- 4- - x If'-' -:- -2'- A f' " Q.,-' f1-- ,uv g , ' F. . ',,",1 " ' 'L .' -i sq,-L f- F Q fa' f, .j ' QL: ' ,. 'ijt E1 fflz- ' ' ' .' -- " 12- asf -. , 19' , . . I . . .4 f LF, " 11 .' -. - w - FS 1, ' 'M ' X .x i'ge1'g'- . ' I,-' 'T' I ' '-V - V- 1.5 QL M" "'. "' ' .-'i' "V-, ' I ,I-. . L... M4 , X V ' H ' . 'K f:. ' ' . welafnr. jig 1 ' ' 'I - ' .Nebgg 1 - .u'- ' ' ' ' " . ,,' --FL.L-E-.g.,',-.wav Q35 fx.-Is, .rg '3 u -1 , 1 ' ew 3 Q- - 'l W 'lj g. -ll. .f Q A, W 5 A3 - :L-:Y .gm .N "WT" 4-1 5 1 N - 'E-"7 ff ' 'J' 'r law U " - ' ' v -' A 1 I. 1- I ' ' .-31 ,f U . F ' .' K. . , f 1: 4 - ' - , v - - .. if " . 5 1 ? W , -.113-Q-fl A 1 vim". lhi-4 f I f ' 'Fi - . A - . 1 .. 1 Q '15 ,. : .1 N- , i,-.w. 531, , ' Q. z A L 'A lr' , - 11w!g:i ' " T1 J ki .AM V Ly.. .4 . -- T. 'ff W -,Wg V lgir.-. -in . .5 L J , " '14 ' 1 H' .fdf A '?Mi,"l.n u . 1 rv ' 1 - n .l, ,H lu 1-. L -:f.-' '-0 -'wil Lf.-. -4-y 'P 55' WW' .- - 1.512-A 'f I . !',. L lla mr -m .-'I 5:45 Q Q1-1 .3 " .ful ,1ri"I' - -v" L ., -- 61- .1 V 1 ' 1 1 L . .KL AF. I A,-,- 44. .i 'asf 7' vu!!! f - P' I 'wig ui xl - ,: -1--Jw F5 , ui -1.1 M 1 y V ' , ., - -v M,- ,H- Senior Ojfcers Fall Robert Shurtleff, President Francis Hughes, Vice President. Virginia Vann, Secretary Mary Cook, Yell Leader Spring Douglas Hobson, President. George Abate, Velma Brandlin, Secretary Mary Cook, Yell Leader Vice President 21--Napanee .L it l U W. .' 2 H -42 fm ziff . W , . , 3, , N K X Seniors George Palrirk .lhafe ffarry Hlllller ,lldrirll lfernon Dirhins Jlzlrieh l'irginia Barbara ,llflrirll Donald Perry Jllen lfelen Catherine J nderson lllarjorie .lean Anderson Emma Laura .1 rrher lllarian 1'wfll7Il'8.S' ,lrnitz Raynmnfl Donald Asedo Rosie Elizabeth Barrlessono ' Wfilliam Van Batchelor Leno Bruno liartolurri Thomas Henry Bentley Katherine Barbara Bifkfora' N apanee--22 Seniors C Paul Leo lichen, Jr. Donald I". Hook Ronald Fletrlzer Boone Olga Rosenorma Borfhers Velma Brandlin Viola Annabelle Brewster I-Iarrison Rirlzard Briles John Wjilliam Brown lllary Irene Bruno Phyllis Louise Bryan Edna Buhnlan Bernire illae Bunnell Elizabeth .lean Burch Lorraine Eleanor Burch Beverly Louise Burns 23 N11p111z1'e xv? Q, 5 Q Sw Q AX 'P 7 M sex - ,en 1 K i J 'i ilislzfi 1' 2:46 M ..1 "" 4 k li 115, Q - mezzz., f- -A -' --bf ww ".?"f.f::.' fn f W 19" fl Seniors D0f!lfh-1' Hurfix George Harrixon Burton, .lr. .lmfznetiff ,lflelism Caldfwell Velrlrn Tafzwie' Cantrell Jlilrlrrzl Elizabffth Carlstad . llfilliam Castnfr Helme Iffrnire Chittenrlrn Harold J. Clxristiansen Norma lllay Clark I Lola lllaf Cole' ' 'RQ' 'II F C 1' ' 1 arj .. oo fx 1 'x . . l'.lu'1n llarmon Carry Gladyx 1"ram'es Sigria' Cowan Tildrn Louis Criwlli Beverley Gail Cumminyx A 'X Nzlparzfe--24 Seniors Gertrzulf Iona Curry Edna fllnry Dnlzmfl Belly fifllfl' Dflfzviflsoll Ln Bolle l'Nl'1l!Il'l'S Day flfarilyn Carver Dederfck John August Dellagana Rim 17lIIl!"1' Della llfnygiora Frrlnrix DeVito Iffwrly Jam' Doughty Naflmn Dewey Ellsworth Jean. Elizabeth Ferroginro Jrthzn' lfrrzzzklirz Flower Jdelf Jlwfna 130771-Ilf',l07l Clzrixfim' Edna Frruzro frenz' 1'x7'IllIl'PS Ixfflffilii 25--Blapzlnfe W .EQ . ,W fs, M up-.5 6 '57 Seniors Glenna De Vere lfroxf lfallare Ea'u'ard Fussell 1Wary Rose Garafventa llferle Claire Gardner Virian fllife Gardner Jima Lorraine Goetze flgnes Pearl Gonxalfves Robert Ernest Gracy Bruno Hen1'3' Granzella Henrj' Forest Green, Jr. Daniel Frezlrifk Groih Jlire V. Gruenhagen .lamex Leslie Guidire lfuniee Vernell Plarlen Barbara Dorothy Hall Napanee 26 Seniors Hans Christain Hansen Harola' LeRoy Hansen Dorofhy xlnn Harris Dorothy lll. Harris Eugene Raymond Harris Byron Vernon Hffkllfd Ralph Kenneth Heinke Dorothy Dolores Hill Douglas Rilzn Hobson .leannf Carol Hoelzn Vernife Elva Hoffman lllarjorie lVIae Holmes HIIZRI Elizabeth Howard Franfis Hughes Franres Ethel Hunter 27--Napanee M . X an 3 X X ,-.f tg is Q Q gg X Seniors Howard Edward Jaeolzsen Clxorles Irwin .loenx Elbert Ernest .lonfx Lester H. Jordan Rulh lllnrjorie Kienzel Clifford Lo'wren1'e Kinder LeRoy Perslzlng Kramer Irene Flornnre Lllllfillll lllory Elma London Jenn Lonyunz llfillrz Yvonne LIIIXPF J. Clifford Leowiti Vivian ,Yerilo Leonard Edna Aloe Linroln Helen Katherine Lowe N opanee 26 Seniors Clara Louise Lowery Ueorfe Lum J Glen Burton ilIaeKeazie Lillian Rose lwagionmlda Jima .lnita lllartella Elizabeth Alire MIIHS Evelyn ,4 nn lllcD11niel Joyee Lucille lWcFarren Erluvlrd Ufaldo lllcGu6kin Delphina i4lexanflria Mello Jesse fl mlrew lllerwin Wfyilma llleyer ll-farion Olga llliller Loraine Edith MUTIIIH Doris Vifvan llffufiflz 29--Napanfe Seniors fflizrlflwfll flfffz' Jfagforzl .IIHIIPS .11Illll1c"Il Holly fllaf Jlzzrkwl flfarjoriz' Lorraine Neil Eleanor Louixe Iviflllllll 111Ill'ill7II1II Northrop Harold 1'w7'I1I1l'i.Y Oakes Efton Patrirk O'NeilI Charles George Otterxon lllary Jntoifzfflr Pagani Dorothy Lrona l,ll1llf7!'1I Tlzomax Parker vx 9, flfary Elizabeth Pafzfrxozz Gordon .l. Pearxall fllargie Lzfnore Peterson N11p11rz1'e--317 Seniors llfarfon Jlinf Potler Ralph Clyde Potts Jlary ,inn Prdafvivo Jane! lllae Rapaport Raymond Charles Rossi Willizzzzz Louis Rudin Eileen Ruth Salsman Aloha Dorothy Samuels Floyd Allen Santos ,J nna Thrlma S rarufi Elwood ,lugust Schmutz Charles Joseph Srlzwarze, .lr se I' lllary Christina Srott Donald Franris Searle Clara Ewlyn Shork 31 Napanfe t wqmgfl,-. 'K Q .lg 5 A as 'ov 8 r Seniors Rnbrrt Davis Slmrilejf Dnrotlzy .lunr Slark Hfnry lf. Sohl, Jr. Kennffll I". Spayd Gordon Ray Spalding, .lr. Robrrf Sfwlrnx Uliw Jlarie Sforklon Larry Kailzrrinf Suhr Naomi Lfalz Szvanson lflfilliam Iiawara' Talley lllflrfo Louis Tami Gladyx Doris Taylor ,llton Carl Tlmufpson Gforgina Ivy 7l1II'0llF .une I rn ,l0'ZUII.Vl'Ilfl l Fll I N a pa nre--32 lf, V153 Seniors ff M 4 Jlnryrlrvf Dazun 7vUI1Il5l'l!l lglll'lIll!'Il .lane T1'Fffx fllax l'f1'ne5t Trujillo llvllllllll l'1Jl'Sfl'l' Yvllfkfl' fllbn Dolnrfcv Tlzrflzet Rrrzwnrl lvlrginlrl Ivunn .lane Lllflllf' Vwn Felt I "'-A-L,'0r'vvf4fo'l16 ,flil-e fllnry Virlnl Thrmms Henry ll"11kenmn 1l'nlt1'r Hozuard llvflftf Igffflf'-iflllt' l1'I17'I'FII lfvtiy .lane Uveigfl Kfxvslrr D. Uvrxlrolf Doris Lorrnfm' Ufylzite .lrmh Lllfille IVIUIH' 33--Nzlpanfe Napanee--34 Seniors fllel-vin l'il'E'l'lIIlIII lfilkinr flfarie Tlll'I't'XlI lffillinnzson Edna Zllne Wright June Nlllllflfif Young C' 'I it 011' Senior Play , g , In Beech Lodge at Bamberly, in Sussex, England, a young girl was confronted one night with the horrible sight of her murdered father. Who had done the deed it was almost impossible to fathom. Mrs. Thursby, wlho had bought Beech Lodge before the Derricks, seemed to be concealing a great deal. Perkins, the housekeeper, too, Was very queer, perhaps insane. And Martini, the gardener, was unable to talk about any of the circumistances Without breaking into a storm of emotion. Then, one night, a half-Malay, Blunt, appeared in the door, try- ing to sell his wares. He seemed to know too much about the murdered man and a strange jade god that Millicent had picked up in the Orient. Victim of everything was poor little Jean Millicent. The curse of the jade God, supposedly the cause of her father's troubles, seemed to have caught her, too, in its threat of ill fortune, .and she feared to bring jack Derrick under the same threat by marrying him. i 1 M, On the evening of May 5, 1939, the Senior Play cast of Napa Union High School planned to solve all of these problems. Perhaps the most sustained acting was done by Georgina Throne, who took the part: of Perkins. Ronald Boone, as Blunt, was an exceedingly convincing Oriental, with fine pantomime and use of his voice. The dif- ficult part of llflartin was interpreted with surprising sincerity by Vernon Aldrich. jean Millicent also required careful portrayal. This character brought to light the exceptional ability of Vlelden Cantrell to act a highly emotional part without over- acting. Willa La Vee did a clever piece of interplay with the other actors as Mrs. Thursby. Walmr Ware, as Peters, made a handsome and handy policeman. Light spot in the play was ever-hungry Inspector Burke, taken in handsome comic form by Douglas Hobson. Claire Lowery gave a true picture of an English sister with her lovely poise and voice. Sustaining all the other parts and binding them together, was that of the young author, Derrick, which Bill Castner handled with almost professional contrast and timing. The mystery, however, will remain unsolved, since the auditorium could not be used for production. But the cast deserves much tribute for Working thecharacters and plot out with great finish, most of all, perhaps, because of their spo-rtsmianlikc cooperation through five long Weeks of rehearsal. Senior Play Jack Derrick lBill Cnstnerl talks fxver the situation with Ixispcctol' Burke flloupr Holxsonj. Perkins fGeorgina Throne surprises Edith lClaire Loweryj and Derrick. Blunt 1Rnnalsl Boonel compels Jenn lVclden Cantrellb tn give him the Jude God. Jean and Derrick find Blunt entering! the library. Derrick prevents the myiterinus Mrs. Thurwlwy fWillu Ln Veel from escnpimz. Martin 1V0rnon Aldriclij threatens Derrick. 35--Napa Nfl? N a panes--36 Senior Class Log Freshrrzrzn Year 1935-1936 Oct. 17--We tremble at the steps of that great institution, Napa Union High School, and it was thus we entered. Oct. 18-Bob Shurtleff at the helm of the Frosh Class. Oct. 20-"Little" Tip Kinder makes good on the "C" team. Oct. 25-We swing lt for the first time at the Frosh Reception. Nov. 8-Vallejo beats Napa. Jan. 13-Aldriches befuddle teachers. Jan. 15-We hold movie and puppet show, and at last find the limelight! Mar. 21-We have to have our fingerprints taken. For identification?? June 15-Guess what? We're SOPHOMORES! Sophomore Year 1936-1937 Oct. 1-Sophomore year to be spent in a lean-to. The building burned during the summer. How quaint! Oct. 9-Speedy Jack Kent dictates to us at class meetings. Nov. 6-We set 'em up to the school in our Beer Garden at the Sophomore Hop. Nov. 13--Vallejo beats Napa. Nov. 15-Doug Hobson joins ranks with Sophs. Dec. 25-Of all thiinigs! Marilyn wants a Shirley Temple Doll! Feb. 3-Dick Noah and Max Trujillo swing the gavel for the S-ophs. June 15-The day of miracles has come! We're JUNIORS! Junior Year 1937-1938 Sept. 16-1The bell in the little red school house rings, and we have but two years more to go. Nov. 12--Vallejo beats Napa. Dec. 3-We ask for Junior sweaters, but S-eniibr Class says "No". So we'll have to go cold until we're Seniors. Dec. 15-Station E. E. C. makes debut. Dec. 15-We trek to new building! Dec. 25-Santa gives us Hans Hansen and Robert Hayes. Welcome, boys! Jan. 13-Our urge to trip the light fantastic is so great, we sponsor noon dances. April 23-Moo's and cock-a-doodle-doo's echao from the Gym during our rootin' - tootin' Barn Dance! Hay! Hay! What a time! May 22-"Go Chase Yourself" with the "Lone Wolf in Paris"! No! No! This was thc double-header we gave! May 27-We give the Seniors an unforgettable Prom. June 16-Pinch me, I must be dreaming! We're SENIORS!!! Senior Year 1938-1939 Sept. 20-We return to be almighty Seniors. Sept. 20-Bob Shurtleff is our shepherd. Sept. 30-Paul Bohen is elected captain of the "B" team. Oct. 5-We choose that most-yearned-ilor apparel--our Senior sweaters! Oct. 7-Our new band learns how to march and they can swing it, boo! Oct. 14-Jane Van Pelt, Doug Hobson, Tom Parker, picked as able heads of our Napanec. Oct. 28-Snap Day! Watch yourselves and your positions! Nov. 12-NAPA BEATS VALLEJ O!! And it's in our Senior year, too! Nov. 18-In our most sincere appreciation of the Varsity's victory over Vallejo, we sponsor a dance in their honor. Dec. 16-We tie with the Juniors for P. T. A. trophy! Jan. 27-Olga Borchers, Dot Pampell, George Lum, and Vernell Haden graduate at the half. The best of luck to you! Feb. 24-Hooray! We have a holiday taoday because the school might go "ka-boom"! Mar. 7-Cast chosen for Senior Play! It had better be good! Mar. 20-The Seniors discard their fine feathers and wear old clothes for a week! Now We can mingle with the lower classmen! April 21-No Senior Play! The wires are crossed! May 27-We attended the Spanish Fiesta, the Junior-Senior Prom. Many thanks, Juniors, and may you have as nice a one next year! June 11-Rest at last ------ Baccalaureate! June 16-Words fail me-"COMMENCEMENT"! Work hard, Graduates of 1939, and may happiness and fortune be yours! And I'll say in English-"Until we meet again!" -Vernon zfldrich. Aciiviiies The Tower of the Sun, equal to a thirty- story building, soars to fo'ur hundred feet. From its arches, a beautiful forty-bell Caril- lon sounds. The great gold phoenix at the apex signifies the rebirth of San Francisco after the 1906 fire. Arthur Brown, Jr., was the architect of the Tower. , Q51 5 Q A : n w w :ua "-fi-1:-ff. ,. .1" " ' .. " if "'ia., '1+ I ,-1, vw , , g,y,,' , 1: 1 we ,4 , ,. -. '. ,r w v' '.11"f5g ' 1 11 h i' 1 ,.,4.. lwdrii- 'PNA 'ffh 1 , H Ip 1 fx' 1 ,. Th e Ga 1-2-3-Skeletons and things at the Sophomore Hop. 4-"Guest House, Very Exclusive," presented hy the D 5-More confidential chatter at the Sophomore Hop. 6-The Q.R.M. learns the secrets of Station E.E.C. 7,--Back bo back at the Frosh Reception. 8-9-A Night at the Fair at the "Girl-Dates-Boy" dance. 10-Digniiied Seniors go formal for the Reception of the Cl us of 104, 11' "Offices entail responsibility. 1 -"The Fall of Spring" from the Autum n Festival. EI..-f ,,,-'A 1,1-v"' Nzlprzzzffe--42 .fl111iu1'.v .I-D Hmm l. S. Cnwussa. R. Ruslumll, l., lh':ull'm'4l. F lmvis, A. lielzuul. M. liurtluw. H. Helzuvi S. llolvkiua A. liraunwoll. R. Custnvr. lloxxll. l". Arnmninu, l.. i'mmur1l. ll. lflrxlu.-l'. E llurlrul. M. l'm'n1un, ll. l':n'lsull. V. lilslmp. l.. Fuurtllvy, li. Bullvn. linux Il. t'.1':u'r:1v:1j:1'. li. C'l:u'l4, 0. L'zxll'n. L.. lll:xm'lx:u'1l. li. Clerlui, ll. C':.v1LQl1:11n fl. Czxlmlxu-ll, lfl. llrzuly. Kun -l. W. Clark, li.l'unlallxack.F.llellz1m:ul:l'0v:1, A. Al'tlu.l'. Xi. X'V:1ll:xL'v, l'. l'uw:1l1. ll. Anderson. ll. liurkott. .I uniur If -.f Row 1. ll, Jones, IS. llkmrlxepgmx, M. Julxnsnn. V. 1"urn1:m. J. Haulllock. l.. Hzllluxull. C. Je-ssimun. Row 2. E. Gay, li. Fuller. I.. Cunn. J. Dyur. TC. Hunts-r, S. lilmlvr. Il. l'll'l''4. li. Cirzmde. N. Harney. Row. Ji S. llutclxinr.un, Z. lnnziti, li. .l:xculw. B. JE-ssimzm. R. Hnlxsnn. R. Hnyvs. M. Glmirzxrrli. Ruw -1. A. Glazivr. K, lmris-. ll. Jens:-n, A. Elton, -F. lluwzlnl. J. llil' Row 5. J. Gl':1v4.-5. 'l'. Julxnsun. M. llvrfll F ll ' R F ' . . vul. . vw:-r, l. llolmus. C. Heintze, Il. Junior K-P Rfm' l. M. Murtz. V. I.emmer, P. Plzws. M. Mom-y. M. King. V. Koig. I.. l'e:u'sm1, M. l.ui'nir. Row 2. J. Milla-r, M. l.:m0. M. Lohman, M. Pure, ll. ML'Gm'm'n. I.. l'vte1's4m. I". I'e-titclerc. R. l'r:u:or. Row 3. l.. Mvlntnsh, l'. Ilxxrsmmx. J. lmllusgzl. li. Nmmzm, G. Lyle. T. Pugh, li. Munlo. Row -l. M. Mm-Guckin. R. T'lckering:. G. lmllgslun. J. Lyfjvn. J. l.m'c-ntz. E. Nelson. .IIHIIOV R-Z Row 1. C. Stepllensun. M. Rnsler. l". Ros-fsly. M. 'l'zuhlei. S. Neil. h. Slliilllfllllg, ll. Ymltz. l'. Yam llc' Vvcwv. M. Rvul. lfl. rllilllltil. Ruw 2, I.. Williams. J. Rzmllnll. N. Rnsler. H. Rmlcricli. IC. Vitul. lfl. Osh-rlyu, Il. Iludson. V. Switzer. Row Ci. l'. 'l'1'ei'ts, 1. Slack. l.. Sears. K. Zeller. li. Talley, R. Swzuzsmx. C. Inman, M. Winfrey. Row 1. V. wlEll1lC1'S. WV. Rumble. S. Smith. H. NVerncx', E. Svend- sun. C. Tmld. B. Runsforfl. Y. Roe. D, Yuumr. unior Class Fall Ofcers Spring Ed. Clerici, President Miriam King, President Gordon Pugh, Vice-President Bernard Jacobs, Vice-President Lorene Peterson, Secretary Phyllis Danby, Secretary Miriam King, Yell Leader Virginia Switzer, Yell Leader The first success of the Junior Class was to tie the Seniors for the largest percent- age of membership of parents in the P.T.A. In athletics, Johnnny Graves, Dominic Petrillo, Slater Smith, Frank Heid, Bill Bertino, Jerry Caldwell, Louis Coward, Courtney Frittier, Bob Talley, and Ed Clerici, class prexy for the fall semester, brought glory to the Junior Class. In Napa High's latest enthusiasm, golf, Perry Holmes had the best average. Boys are not alone in their athletic prowess, for the G.A.A. learned that the Junior girls could hold their own. Outstanding in girls' sports, were spring Junior Class President, Miriam King 5 Lorene Peterson, who Was also the envy of her fellow typistsg A.S.B. yell-leaders, Lorrainie Williams, Henrietta Beland, and Marjorie Nloneyg Rosemary Prager, Kathleen Bohen, and Lois Bradford, who often charmed us with her dance performances in assembly programs as Well. Those who have earned membership in C.S.F. are Eleanor Burton, Silvia Casassa, Rosemary Castner, Bob Cudaback, Eleanor Davis, Lorene Peterson, Donald Young, Cather'ne Zeller, Rosemary Prager, and Suzanne Dopkins, Wfho also brought back laurels-for her chass wfhen she won first-place in the Treble Clef Society, contest spon- sored each year by the University of California. That she rightly deserved the award is realized by all of us who have heard her sing with such ease. With so many talented members, it is little wonder that the annual junior Barn dance, a time th,at's fun for all and all for fun, should have been such a success. Then as a fitting climax to a happy year, came the formal Junior-Senior Prom. Mr. W. O. johnson, class advisor, was assisted by Mr. Elrick as financial advisor and Miss Christensen as social advisor. 43--Napanee . !l""'W . .A uv' N1lpf1111'l'--4-1 Sllfllllllllllft' .I-IJ Rim l. L. liulvy, l'. li:i:icl1vru, J. Uilvkwmfli M. linlgzamixxi. l'. Butler. IT. Crivelli M. IRL-rgzmtini. ll. liurg. R. Huhen, L C'le-vvlantl. F. Iluilvy, XY. Cole. Row 2. ll, lilwmwli, J. lh'ucklmll', R. llrunstzul H. Attf-ln-ry. V, l':mnvlvl'u. ll. Braulfutv li. liz-ntley. J. i'l'1nv. 'I'. B:u'lruzzl, H Busvli. ll. llamfnrtli. E. Barr. Rm-.'.' 1, J. Q'rmn1'rl, N. lil'l.IIlll, li. lirzuly. E linm-Q. J. HlIl'l'UXXS, A. Cnllun. N. Artlim' H. Iilmnlu-rg, B. Bswtiim. J. Dunlap. L. IM- Vital, ll. Bartulucci. Rim 1, E. Doughty. ll. C':1v:ng'narw. R. Ilnncliurn, V. Ih'n1iu, ll. Dickenson, ll. Curlvtt. 1' Burlnnn. A. i'mx':m, J. Alex:Lnflm-r. C'l'o:4i:n'. M. lin-own. H. Crzlnslnll. S0fJ,!fIll10l'I' P.-.l Row 1 IT. Gurrimln, M. Fields. M. lmwery. lirflxim-, J. llzwnnnorlvin. M. Hzn'-1 li. Frm-. M. lnnziti. A. Lincoln. VN lzimlurvlmc. L. lnxlnulmcn. Row '. Ii llatvlu-1'. I-I. ll'll'1llNl'. R. Gerth. TW Ilill. ll. Hunlsinm-r: l'. lfritlc-r. V I"1rcia A. Ernst. G. Lylv. ll. lforrv XV. Frzuttini. Row 3. l.. Lxlrzizv. B. Hunry. A. Fiuixini. R Gmlizu-ll:1. Il. Lincoln, M. Galsser. l llullquid. WY. Hzlmmvrick. 1i'r:uVio. J. llc-in. A. Jones. Huw -1. R. llrm, H. Frost, M. lq1lI'C'hl'!'. VV .l4mw:, J. Frm-itzis. R. Johnston, Jonsvn. IJ. llurgzxn, J. Fisclicr. Ron' 5. VV, Lincoln. J. Gunrlnln. C. Lnnvxun T Kc-rns. F. Lnmznni. D. lnnmn. H Jmxoll. NV. Giuvnnini. D. Ellswnrfli M Eine-rick. L. Gills-spie. S0filIf1lll0I'l' A-I' Row I E Mug'l'm'ml, E. Mills, L. Nelson A, l'odmni. R. Muzzio. E. Raslm J. Morin. I". l'm'sons. B. Riclmrd :-nn, M. l'0:u'snn. Rum' 2. A. Rilvy. ll. Ruud. B, 0'li1'i0l1. H Roirl. J. Roper. P. l'r'esc-ntt. H Minn-nr. I". Nelson, H. Millur, Row Il. VY. Ruin. Ii. l'e-in-rs. M, Pzlfclwon T. Pnclwlli. li. O'Neil. R. Pngli ll. Mcliinzic-, D. Raina. Rmx 1. M. Mc'Murll'y. A. Reeder. l NL-lsun. J. Munroo. M. Miller, R Rzlymzipulf. J. Ovn-rdock. W , brfjlfzolnnrr R-Z Run' 1. IC. Tisvurnizi, H. NVaken1:ln, L Sclixwxtzor. H. Vasey, L Ynunpr. A. Shock. Z. 'Whitten lVl. Wznkcr, F. Watson, V Farvur, V. Viney. limi J. M. Tlmmpson, C, Dennet' G. 'l'im-ala-unann. ll, Shernjan. V. Spiclwllnivr, B. Ruhlund, V, M':ilu'1'l0Y. E. Timmons, C. Szwainu. J. Vliilkinsun. k-mm Row , ll. lY2lli0l'lDY. H. 'VVilli:1mS. VV. Sosnusky. VV. Swift. T. VVilli:unsun. l'. Stoml1lzxr1l.J. Stn-vunson. L. Wright. J. Tnwoy, Row . R. 'l'limnnNnn, ll. Tanner. R, Stl-nhl, J. Wisner, C. Styzor. B. Townsend. R. Torres. E. Turclivt. G. Scott. E' wer e 7 vi H Sophomore Class Fall Obzicers Spring Charles Townsend, President Robert Corlett, President John Dunlap, Vice-President Bill Ruhland. Vice-President Virginia Wakerley. Secretary Jane Hein. Secretary Eleanor Bones, Yell Leader Roy Bohen, Yell Leader The first affair of the Sophomores came in the form of a dance, the Sophomore Hop, held on October twenty-ninth. The committee, under the chairmanship of Dick Woods, worked hard to make this dan-ce a success. The decorations consisted of large drawings of horrible creatures referned to as witches and goblins on the four walls of the Big Gym. The final touch of the Holloween theme was carried out by a human skeleton dangling from the rafters in the oenter of the Gym. Music was furnished by Al Thorpe. The first Sophomore social function was declared a huge success by' all. Some of th-e Sophomores who are showing leadership are Dick Woods, fall semester president of Junior Forum, Howard Dickenson, French Club president and "Ye Ode Drama Clubbe" prexyg and Joan Morin, social director of the Latin Club. ln the athletic field are more prominent Sophs. Charles 'KBud" Townsend, fall president of the class, is an outstanding athlete. He is the proud possessor of a gold football. He can also boast justly of the fact that he went over the line for the first touchdown Napa scored against Vallejo since 1932. Members also of that champion- ship football team from the Sophomore Class are Bob Cavagnaro and Bill Giovannini. When the first semester ended, the basketball season was still going strong with a num- ber of Sophs on both A and B. squads. On the baseball diamond 'any afternoon one could witness Warren "Lefty" Sosnosky pitching for the Napa Indian nine. Bob Gerth, Bob Rapaport, and Dick Woods reported faithfully to Coach Meister to help uphold the name of Napa in tennis singles and doubles. Bob Corlett was destined to lead the class through the spring semester. Bob also can be depended upon to be on the list of honor-card holders each quarter and so main- tains his standing in C.S.F. along with Howard Dickenson, Evelyn Timmons, ,Iacquelyn Wilkenson, Elaine Ferrario, Charlotte Inman, John Dunlap, Bob Rapaport and Harold Blomberg, president of the honor organization. The Sophomore girls of G.A.A. tied with the Seniors and Juniors for first place in interclass basketball, losing only one game to the Juniors. Those who have already earned Block N's are Eleanor Bones, Elaine Ferrario, Charlotte Inman., Genevieve Savano, and Jane Hein, who is secretary of the Block N Siociety, of the "Ye Ode Dnama Clubben, and of the Sophomore Class. Class advisors for the year were Mr. Edwin Conners, Miss Myrtle Kime, and Miss Ruth Elliott. 45-Napanec N11pr1111'z?--46 1 I'll'l'.Yl1lllf'lI pl-D Row I. J Cnppaulmiu, li. Amlcrson, M. l3:lr!L"s H. lirewster, R D I" ' li . o ..um4-, A. Hull. l' zu-dc-ssomw. l., llnyfinson, l. A1':t1:inino. C. H1-nndlin. G. Ularici. Row 12, L. Ii rtolucri, F. llicl-all rd. IC lim-rzcr. S. Bianchi. J. Hertzuin, C. l'm'kvry. E. Banc om. F. Burn, E. Brill, T. Blwllnwoll Rim' " ,.. N. lin-ncler, V. Iionny, H. DcG:n'-nn, J. llrxullvy. H. Dykew, C, Bolmlclt, H. R'.i0lil1'1'. B Aln'l'lmtl1y. H. Amloxwoli. D. Amlciwon. ll. Alexzunlvr. Row -1. C. Alu-rs. R. Anderson. li. Bcrtinv. H. Ault. E. liczlrrl. li. Bnrlwtf. B. Bi-ockftl'. H. Clarke. M. Clizuny-ic. A. Brown. L. Cairrillo. VV. Dully. l' l'1'.VlIlllt'll ffl Run' l. li. Fl:-tcher. B. Henry, J. Jackson, l-Q. Gruenilnr. li. Hampton. ll, Halller. J. Croc" B. Hull, C. Colvin. A. Gioinnnini. Row 2. T. Jacks. G. Jensen, D. Dc VVitl. J. lfnrru:-tei'. G. Hoss. M. Frfmks, J. Hurri:-. Frost, A. Gonsulvvs. Rum' C' ' ' J. u. M. lwnnzxlii, A. Hwlsluut'-. L. Hul'or:xn. A. Gu-zuizellzl, R. Hamlin. M. Dwl. l'. Jonlxins, R. Earls. M. Gnurlino, H. Gilmlm. Huw ft. G. Harris. A. George. NV. Gnisti, M. 9. L. Gzuulinn, M. Iwrie. F. Erickson. P.. Hayes. V. l"m'sytl1e, F. Jacks, M. Evans. R. Hvinizv. M. lluyrlms. L. Horsky. Row 5. E. Cid F C' ' Hinz ,, .. .arc-m. R. Ernst. J. Crnttone, L. Hein. J. Hahn, G. 'l'il'1'l'Illll'?, M. fl2ll'fflFg'21!1. G. Hzwtllegram. D. Hnrmzm C. Franks. l'lI't'.YlIll1t'Il lx'-I' Row l. L. Jonvs. A. Lnwv, D. Mi'lvt, V. Mziynzurd. J. l':u'sons. N. Mclntyrv, A. Pilutti, D. Mnus. S. lmwe. F. la Jounessa-. Row li. Neu, F. Pre:-colt, A. lncquo. G.Mnrin. R. Monte. NV. Kinder. J. Murray. M. Plzlss. H. Levy. F. Mnrlxoviclx. Huw 3. F. lVIr-F:n'1'0n, I', liinll. J. Millvr, V. Mzumsse. L. Linnlvmzxn. T. Jacks, J. Hnllquist. M. Leonzxrxl, J. McManus. J. Mufich. Row 4. G, Mnrtz. R. l':xrv':1vicini. M. Nmmnn, J. Lu Bolle. J. Mnguciii. G. Ms-iwguzzu. D. Mcliev. G. Pmvine. D. King. H. Murray. l"1'r.rl11111'11 R-Z Row 1. G S1 ll' . . il ings, H. NViles. K. Shezlrulx G. Simmons, N. Sohl. M Vzillm-rgu. li. Ya-nni. E. Vnndalino, D Snsnosky 9 gh ll , .. . '01, D. Simmons, L. Scarulli. Rowi. O. Recd, M. Schneider, H. Remllemun, F. Zanrvr, H. Snrinver. L. Rossi. B. Rumble. D. Schroeder. D. Schznlow, M. Sloc-ter. J. Tumborini, H. Zeller. Row 3. P. Spaldinyr. L. Randall. H. Stockton, G. Searle, H. Vaum. L. Sulsmnn. H. 'Wm'ren. B. W Tho ' ' ' nng, L. nms, J. bwitzer. M. Timm. Row 4. S. Sander, B. Schwnrze, J. Vreoland. B. Wendt, C. Wicks, J. Williamson, M. Wright, J. Watson, E. Rota. J. Ulmldi, L. Streblow. at 'xi 1 s Freshman Class Spring Les Hein, President Torrance Bramwell, Vice-President Evelyn Banchero, Secretary Julia. Hullquist, Yell Leader Fall Oficers Chris Wicks. President Robert Bertino. Vice-President Neva. Sohl, Secretary Julia Hullquist, Yell Leader Our first year in Napa Union High School has been a particularly significant one, and great hopes are held that We, members of the Class of 1942, will make real progress as we witness the unfolding of the years before us. Some very interesting events have occurred during this past year-notably, the two Frosh Initiations, held on September 23 and February 18, the Freshman Reception, which occurred on October 15, and as the final event of the year, the Frosh Frolic. The first initiation was, indeed, most interesting. Some of the special features in- cluded the appearance of members of the Varsity baclcfield, who turned out to be some of the smaller members of our class, a tomato-eating contest, a shaving contest, and last, a splendid,dramatiza.tion of the ever popular Romeo and Juliet by Bob Fletcher and Marion Evans. The Reception was well attended. The autumn theme was effectively used throughout and brought much praise from those in attendance. Al Thorpe and his orchestra played. General Chairman Donald Blomberg and his committee gave us a most successful 1939 F rosh Frolic. This annual event has developed into an affair to w'hich all new students look forwiard with anticipation. The main objective of the affair is to give the Freshmen an opportunity to enjoy their own company. Talent displayed in the program during the early part of the evening included solos by Les Hein and Steve Bianchi, piano selections by Virginia Manasse and jean Bertain, dramatic presentations by Marion Bartels, Jessie Frost, and Virginia Forsythe. The most unique feature of the evening's entertainment was Lillian Baylinson who held heir audience spellbound While she waved her magic wand and produced "w'hatnots". Later trhie group ad- journed to the Band Room for dancing and refreshments. Unique was the initiation of our mid-year F neshmen. Some of the highlights of this event wlere an apple-ducking contest, won by Eugene Lathrop, a peanut race in which Bill Springer showed his supremacy, a violin solo by Donald Crawford, and the great Whit" of the affair-a bit of fancy romance by none other th-an Beverly Stoll and the aforementioned Donald Crawford. The class puts forth its best efforts in other fields than social. Already Marion Bartels, Neva Sohl, Donald Blomberg, Lorraine Streblow, Doris Harmon, and lylarian Evans have gained distinction for the frosh by earning membership in the C..S.F. Class advisors for the year were Mr. Edwin Eagle, Miss Blanche Scott, Miss Alda Belle Kelsey, and Miss June McGinnis. 47--Napanee Y, Napanfe--48 Rf.. Halls of Learning lnArt requires practice. 2 fMary Stahl und Mr. Strong check on Dough-1 attendance. 3 The complica- tions of chemistry. f1fMrs. Johnson gets out the school mail. 5' Making: dresses is an art, too! 6- -Nurse Dorrough gives healthy advice. T--A heavy game of Chinese checkers. 8-It's all made in a test- tuhe! 9-NVe hope you catch it, Mr. Strong. 10-14--The boys trim up zi little wood in shop. 11-Reference work. 12- Is he doing it right, Ed? 124--C. B. Y. looks over the light staff. 15 -A world of business! 49--Napanee apanee Staff Jane Van Pi-lt. Editor Phyllis Bryan, Girls' Sports VGHHY Northrop, Assistant Editor Charles Schwarze. Boys' Sports Tom Parker, Douglas Hobson Edna Mae Wright, Snaps Assoeiale Business Managers Annabelle Brewster. Typist Since its first puhlication in lfllll, the Napanee has grown from a literary maga- zine to a pictorial portrayal of school life. l'or a while, the name was changed to the Xliuwan, and the magazine hecame a yearhoolc. ln lflii, puhlication of the Napanee was stopped and Napa Hi stood a serious chance of losing its annual. 'l'hrough the efforts of the student hody, however, it was saved. During the past three years, it ha.: won second-place national rating. 'l'he purpose of the Napanee is to serve as a memory hook of four years of high school life, and its various editions strive to keep pace with the times wlien they are published. ln past years, the lay-out of the hook has been seriously limited hy the fact that much of its financial support was derived from the cluhs. lt was therefore necessary to devote space to each cluh proportionate to the amount of money paid. This year, to insure a more adaptahle and interesting plan, it was arranged to release four good movies, thus freeing the Napanee from space ohligations, and the cluhs from their strugg- gle to raise money. The plan has proved most satisfactory. The staff, chosen from memhers of the Senior Class, is formally appointed hy the president of the A.S.l3. The work of editing the annual rests in the hands of a limited group of students who feel a great responsibility and pride in their work. lfaculty financial advisor for the 1039 Napanee was lVlr. C. B. Youtz. Editing and puhlishing were handled jointly hy lNIiss Helen Blume and liliss june lXlcGinnis 'lihe complete advisorship of the I0-ll! copy will he assumed hy Bliss lilcfiinnis. 1 5 KX 17,66 L' .Sr sf N11pf1rzl'e--5f,l X 51--A llpfllli 4' Nuhs Staff Eilitor-in-Chief. Gertrude Curry: Editoral Page, Edna Buhmang Assignments and Copy Reader, Beverly Cunnnings: Boys' Sports Editor, Tom Wakeman: Girls' Sports, Betty Mugfordp Fashions, Lucille Wicks, Coiumist and Clubs. Jane Van Peltg News, Rose Marie Hartdegan, Charles Otterson, Beverly Doughty, Exchanges, Helene Chittendeng Typists, Barbara Bickford, Jeannette Caldwellg Business Manager, Velma Brandling Assistants, Donald Baker, John Dunlap, George Danforth, Laverne Hallorang Distribution, Dick Anderson, Jack Vreeland: Advisor, Robert Linn. The Nuhs, a live-column Weekly journal, published as an authentic source of all school news, has kept the students informed on school activities. lt isa student-goverlr ed, student-owned, and student-managed paper. Last year, in the Quill and Scroll contest, sponsored by the Medill School of journalism at Northwestern University, the Nuhs captured an international first place award tor distinctive achievements in scholastic journalism. A national second-place award was won in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association contest. The Nuhs was organized in 1922 by enterprising students Who Wanted some means of relating school business. It was first a mimeographed sheet and since tnat time, has grown to be a live-column weekly. Subscriptions, which sold semi-annually, average approximately five hundred each year. The paper has endeavored to advance the student government at Napa Hi by aid- ing in the enforcement of the penal code and by promoting orderly halls and assemblies. The staff hoped, by the use of a letter column, to aid students in expressing their views on problems and actitvities of the student body. Several contests were sponsored during the year to stimulate interest and encour- age contributions to the many columns of the paper. In order to keep up with the times and give our students the very best type of paper, representatives from the staff attended the press convention at the University of California, held Nlarch 30, 31, and April 1. Volume twenty-four of the Nuhs published during the first semester of this year received another second place award in the Columbia contest. bliss lllcillahon, who helped to build the Nuhs into one of the best school papers in the United States, in February turned her duties over to Advisor Robert Linn. JP ps! ff gd, ff .qi Gas 5 , ..... ..... wa-an-no ...... .....4...... fl fuxiz' gl frprf'1'ir1linn llmv l. A. Giovzinnnni. ll. Howard, C. l'l"2llll'U, H. Munn, J. Cumwzulniiu. llow 2. G. Front, V. Spickelniier, I.. Nelsun. IL Slack. M. Peterson. J. l"ci'1'ugiz1l'n. Row CZ. l. Slack. I". Nelson, J. Mundell, M. Neil, S. Nc-il. Jll.vr'd CYIIOFILV llmv l. G. Wzilfs. Ii. Ilattlur, VV. I.:i'V9L'. G. Johnson. R. lleintze. L. Hullnrzxn. J. rrust. M. Ramlalei, A. Bull, E. Vzuulzilino. Row 11. M. Neil, ll. Schroeclvr. R. Praurvr, l'. Prescott, M. Curlnzin. L. 'Win-ks. C. .IzLclis. B. llzwiclsnn, E. Nieman. llmx' li. J. llullquist, M. Raiser, K. Zeller, C. Ciwzivzijal. T. Williamson, T. Pinfh, li. llnruain, J. Cunard. Huw -l. li. Talley, H. Hansen. B. Jacobs, H. Burton, li. Huinlfc. J. Mundcll. ll. Burtnn. Directmz M. Good. Orrlwslrn Row l. M. Wv2llk0l', -l". VVzitsnn. B. liickfurd, M. l-Ivzlns, A. Bl'ewslL'1', S. Neil, 19. Gross, IJ. Hurtis. Row Ll. E. Davis, I-I. VVrigl1t, T. Pacchelli. ll. Mcllznniul, ll. Talley. M. McMurtry, Il. Cuslzxlmck, A. Bull, H. Jones, XV. llmninerich, Director, M. Good. Row 3. V. 'NVeimers. A. Cnllo, V. Leonard, J. Grzivus, G. Mzirtz. M. Nvil, G. Harris, M. Putter. ll. Kerns. Row -l A. Flower. E. Mugfnrd, W. VVzn'e, ll. Youlz, N. Solil, M. Karcher. D. Reed. ff Crlfiprflzl C flair Row l. H. Wakulnun. J. Czilslwcll, L. Burch, B. Bentley. C. Stephenson, N. Arthur, M Mzlrtz, M. Dederick, S. Dnpkins, M. King. Row 2. Director, H. Burtield, J. Cnmwzidona. B. Heckzird, G. Lsingdon, H. Dickenson, R. Boone, E. Jones. D. Sporup, S. Smith, E. Covey, M. Peterson. Nnpanee--52 53--Napzlnfe Music lXIusic at Napa High is finding enthusiastic expression under the direction of Mr. Nlerle Good and Miss Helen Burfield. Students and townspeople were thrilled to see a. forty-five-member band march out in uniform on the Vallejo field the night at the Big Game. One of the most am- bitious projects of the Band was to purchase beautiful uniforms on a loan. Handsome trousers were donated by llr. Rothman of the Rough Rider Factory. The Native Sons of the Golden VVest took the first strep to clear the Band's debt by giving a dance at the Napa Pavilion on February 21, at which three hundred dollars was cleared. The Orchestra, too, has contributed largely to many school programs. Also under the instruction of hair. Good, it built up a dignified atmosphere for the inauguration of Student Body officers, and for Graduation. For beginning vocal students, Mr. Good has organized a group of twenty boys and twenty girls into a Beginners lwixed Clhorus. Another club showing a vital interest in music is that called tlhe Half-Timers, composed of students from Miss Burficld's lVIusic Appreciation class. The purpose of the club is to acquaint its members with all kinds of music, both classical and modern. Some of the most finely finished choral work has been contributed this year by the A Cappella Choir, which is sponsored also by Miss Helen Burfield. Dressed in their lovely blue gowns, these twenty-two advanced singers have supplied a type of music which compels attention and appreciation. One of the Choir's biggest enterprises was the Autumn Festival, Where it joined with the Orchestra and the Girls' Athletic Association to produce a very colorful p.ogr:un. The Christmas assembly took on a reverent and beautiful atmosphere from carols sung by blue-clad choristers bearing lighted candles. The choir was also asked to make many public appearances. ln the fall, Suzanne Dopkins, a member of the A Capel a, won first place for women soloists at the Treble and Bass Clef music contest at the University of California. ln April, our Band, Orchestra, lVIixed Chorus, and A Capella Choir all attended the School lX'Tusic Festival on Treasure Island, and the Choir attended the All-VVestern lNIusic Conference at Long Beach. Languages Le Cerrle I'l7'I1lll'I1ij' During the past year. Le Cerele Francais members enjoyed a harheeue at Lokoya in the tall. a journey to Che California Nlemorial Stadium in Berkeley to watch the Bears in action, a Christmas party at the Napa Valley Country Club, and a hit of Hawaiian hospitality at their formal dance on lllareh twenty-lifrh. lllost novel was the distrihution of invitations in telegram form. lllrs. Alohn Locke has heen the eluh advisor since its organization. Lex Heber lfach year, the Les Hebes, a eluh for French l students, has heen preparing the "young1sters" tor the advanced society, Le Cerele Francais.. At the meetings, held every other lfriclay during class period, lllrs. John Locke helps the students converse in l"reneh to encourage them to use lluently what they have learned. Games and many other devices help the students develop speaking voeahularies and render expression natural and easy in French. Le Cll'I't'll' l'ifIlII4Y1iK J-L Row I. V. Gardner: B. Doughty M Dederiek, C. Lowery. S. Dopkins. M Cook, L. Bradford. M. Holmes. M LeCair. E. Iiuhman. Row 2. M. King. V. Aldrich. P. Bryan G. Cowan, N. Harney. L. Coward Advisor. li. Locke. V. Kcig. Row il. IC. Grande, M. Ghirardi. M yriaro. V. Cunneloru. J. Hein, H Aldrich. Row fl. H. Crandall. A. CalTo. F. Groth J. Lytjen, G. Harris. H. Dickenson. P Holmes. K. lmrie. B. Castner. Le Celvlt' l'll'1UllYll.l' .ll-Z D. Searle. J. Townsend. V. Switzer. H Weigel. Scott. F. l'etitclel'c. Roxy Ii. H. Shurtlelf, J. Dwyer, E. Davis I'. Trefls, B. Trefts, B. Monte. 1.11 Helms li. Gross. How 2. l'. King. J. Murray, R. Monte. M. Walker. V. Forrnan. U. Bentley. H. Vasey. G. Brady, M. Ianziti, M. Gasser. W. Kinder. Wilkinson, R. Muzzio, M. Patterson. B. Bradfute. Row 11. E. Ferrario, E. Clerici, B. Reid. M. Lehman. L. Sears. M. Pate. Advisor. B. Locke. Row 5. D, Young. R. Pickering. H. Murray. H. Jewell, M. McMurtry. M. Kareher. E. Doughty, J. Switzer. Nflpflllee--5-l Anderson, G. Curry. Il. Hill. J. Ferro- Row l. li. Maas, M. Money. L. VVilliams. Roxy LZ. M. Williamson, A. Vidal, J. Rapaport, B. Youtz. E. Nieman. M. Row it. B. Stearns. B. 0'Brien. T. Parker. VV. Ware. T. Paechelli. Advisor. B. Locke. Row l. H. Banchero. li. Yenni. M. Barrels, L. Jones. F. Parsons. M. Martz. M. lh-rgantini. C. Laaleunesse, L. Baylinson, Row Il. M. lmrie. J. Front. D. Hudson. J. Dunlap. E. Dahmel, J. Bertain. J. .lfnx 12.11 'l'f.'rr1'f' Que ivf'Illll'Il Row 1. R. Nelson. G. Cowan, M. Trujillo. M. Holmes, M. Osterlye, V. Brandlin, L. Lamonaco. Row 2. D. Freitas. B. Cummings, M. Anderson. M. Pave. A. Figiani. """""""""' Row Sl, J. 'VVi'kinson, B. Tucker, D Rapaport. L. XVieks, D. Anderson. Row 1. G. Mzielienzie. A. Arthur. Advisor NV. TlQ1'll11f:l'viIlj.E, C. Barrington. Der Govllzf' Ilfffill Row I. B. VVci':el, B. Murkett, J. Wiprger, A. G'z1zier. P. Bryan, M. Tonascia. Row 2. H. Anflerson, M. Arnitz. J. Van Felt. ll. lluntsinger, V. Aldrich, M. Drderick, C. Jones. Row 3. H. B'umberg, B. Cudahack, G. Danforth. Advisor NV. Hemmerlingr. T. Parker, D. 'WCods. E. Covey. D. Young. .Nm Sozirlliffli' Lafilm Row 1. R. Czistner. M. Tonascia, G. Frost, J. Ferrogiaro, C. Jessiman. J. Morin. B. Maus. Advisor H. Blume. Row 2. M. Williamson, S. Casassa. G. Thlrone, P. Northrop, E. Dahmel, J. Van Pe t. Row 3. H. Anderson, C. Franco D, Harris, F. Hughes. R. Prager. J. Dunlap. fllas Ifllff' Tnrdf' Que Aiellnfrl The Spanish Club, iiflas Vale Tarde Que Neunca, organized in 1923, gathers .or good times at the home of its advisor, him. VValter T'TCITlIUCI'llI'1g. I here the bpan- iards attempt to use as much of their Spanish vocabulary as possible in typical games and amusements. In the spring, the members attend a Spanish movie in San Francisco. Der Goeihr Vercfin Der Goethe Verein enjoys many jolly meetings at the home of N111 XValter iiemmerling, where they learn typical German games and songs. A happy spot on the social calendar was a trip to San Francisco on March ninth to enjoy the German oper- etta, "Two Hearts in VValtz Time." Sodalitzls Latina lVIembership in Sodalitos Latina is limited to first-year students who eagrn two consecutive A's, and second-year students who receive a grade of B. Miss Helen Blume, the club advisor, feels that the purpose of the club should be not only to main! tain a high scholarship, but also to learn how to mix witih ease socially. 55--Napfmee N-1 Home Economics 'lihe Home Economics Department offers several of the most popular courses in the school. Since its beginning, it has attracted many students and increased steadily in size. Perhaps the social clubs in the department have helped to make the courses more interesting. A few of these formed by the elasses under the supervision of their instructors are the S.U.S. Club, the Service Club, the Triple C, and the He-hlen Club. The 5.0.5. is an organization of the sewing class. ltr meets outside of school to make clothes for needy children. 'llhc Service Club, 'l'3'l"l', was formed by the members of the girls' cooking class and gives the girls training in setting tables and serving properly. Many girls have obtained occupation through this club. The Triple C, formed by the Child Care Class, was organized in lflill under the direction of lVIiss Parker. 'lihe members of the club are all upper-division students who meet monthly at the home of one of the members. Besides these monthly social gatherings, the members annually visit the Shriner's Hospital in San Francisco. 'l'he He-Nlen Club is an organization formed of the members of the boys' cooking class. One of the oldest of the clubs' and one of the most unique, it has also proved to be so popular that bliss Parker has had to restrict membership to twenty-four Senior boys. Serivirr Club Row I. M. Pearson, M. Harris. V. Viney M-Befllunlini, I'I. Mugford, J, Duck. worth. M. Fields. Il. Erskine. Row 2. M. Williamson, D. Harris, V. Vann, J. Ilrockoff, 0. Stockton, P. Parsons, I.. Courtney, M. Scott. Row Sl. R. Swanson, I. Lnnrlziu: L. I.u1':ize. M. Pzxterson. M. Paterson. C. Inman. G. Savuno, Advisor li. Scott. Hr ilfen Row l. H. Green, C. Otterson. .I. Munrlell, D. Allen, Ii. Grzinzella, H. Talley. ll. Heinke. Row 2. H. Oakes, M. Wilkins. H. Hansen, H. Hansen. M. Tumi. J, Row Il, H. Sohl. R. Rossi. Advisor F. Parker, H. liriles. 'l'. Kinder, A. Thomyi- , ., I 91.8 i Son. UH l Huxtesx Club Row 1. V. Gardner, M. Cook. L. Burch. Il. Hnll, B, Burch: M. Thomas, IJ Harris, H. Chittenden. Row 2. V. Vunn, K. Bohen. E. Hunter Il. Prescott, 0. Borchers, R. Gardner. P. l'ln-'s, M. Miller. Row 3. A. Goetz, A. Scnrutli, II. Lowe, E. Snlsmun. D. Hill. l'. Gonsulves. F. Hunter, R. Swanson. Row 4. W. Meyer. I. Landau, O. Stockton, I.. Cole, N. Johnson. N. Swanson. Row 5. M. Pure, A. Turchet. M. Lnndon. A. Samuels, Advisor E. Parker, G. Peripolli, L. McIntosh, M. Rnsler. Napanre--56 .... . bfi fe ' .I IM. 9. .N 'vt , -' Q . aa.- ,X I Q mr. New 5 2 ? Fi S. O. S. Rnw 1. L. Pearson, L. I-Ialloran. V. Keig C. Jcssiman, I. Armanino. Row " F T' W -, 4. IIUITIODS, N. Swanson, V akerlcy, V. Le-mmer, M. 'Winfvey Row 3. L. Rasler. B. Granzella, M. Lane J. Roper, M. Trujillo. Row 4. H. Carlsnn, D. Harris, Advisor I.. Christensen. L. Wright, A. Belanrl. L. Young. lffpzf c Run' 1. D. Harris, NI. Scott. H. Chitten- den. M. Miller, B. Hall, L. Burch. 1'. Gunsalvef-, V. Gardner. B. Burch. ow 2. E. Salsman. B. Prescott. J. Lamgum, M. Lanrlon. N. Swanson. V. Vann, 0. Borchers. I. Landau. R. Swanson, M. Potter. Rowrl. D. Slack, A. Scarufli. D. Harrie, L. McIntosh, Advisor E Parker L Cole 0. Stockwn, A. Turchlit, Himtier. McDaniel. ,W xy ,-'AW 1--A fitting job. 2-Why the Home Econ. D many things. 3fM0i'e machin Sfl-Iope they put in the bak ing powder! ures the imrredients with care. cpartment does so ery. 4- Lemon pie a la Henry. 6- Chef Sohl meas- 57--lvnjm ll we A v Drlnzlr' Iimm I. I.. SII1-Ixluxv, II. Ihxllulwty. II, II:lp:l1mlI. V. .Xlulris-Il. II. IIuuIsv::I. Run 21, Ii, Rc-ini. Ii. Il:1I1lHr'I. II Spzlldila-:'. Ii. U'I4l'ivn. II. I'l1mmin--'-' Iimv IS, II. IIIumIu-rg-, IQ. I'urry. I' Iianrrimrlrm, IC. 'IYl'iQIIt. Ii. Imrif- Aflvism' IC. I'I:Iu'Iv. Yr Ulzfr' IJIYHIIII Cfulllu' Rem' I. IC. II:Il1c'Iu-lm, NI. Iizlrtm-ls. 'I' IIz':m1w1-II, .I. IVIol'il1, I". IVI1'-I":I1'l'vl1 .I. Ifrrusi. II. Vzlsvy. Huw 2. II. Ilruss. N. III-lulrr. .I. IIL-in .I. Wilkinwn, .I. lin-rlnin. II. Suvzxnn, A. fh'ul'Ul'. Rum' II. I.. Sznklmxzull, .I. Whtsnlm. V Mzmawsv. IVI. I':1ts-rsvm, V. l':1lmcIm':l, .I. VViIIImnsnn. Ii4m"1. II. fiiIxIu, Il. II:u1fn1'IIx. II U'IIrin-11. Axlvism- .I. Mrflinnisx IP VYIHNIS. 111111 Rf'frln'l1'r',v Ibm I. AIIVINW A. NI1'INI:xIlul1, I. IIZIIIKIVIIII. IVI. IVI:1l'Iz, V. Swilzs-l'. II III-Imul. M. Mm..-y 1.. Williams. Mf 'VI'inI'rny. I". I'vIiIr'I4'l'c. Ii. II1':1nnIr' Ibm' 2. V. IInII'w:uu. R. Ilzxrtclf-u':m, IVI I.:-Innnn. N. Ilzlrnvy. IVI, 'l'l'ujilIn .I. Ilxxya-1'. II. Illulmm. Huw II. IVI, I'urn1:m. M. W':1ts1rl1, I' 'I'l1'l'l4. Y. Ilrw. Illxxx' I. Ii. Illxl'I1-. IC. f'In-l'It':, II, .I:u'uIw I". III-i1I. A. I':LlI'u, S. I'IIrIv1'. .luniur l"nrum Ibm I, Ii. Yonlxi. I.. Williams, M. IIIIIU. V. Snitzs-r. Il. VVmnIs, IVI Mum-y. l'. III-yam. I.. Stn-I1Imx, IJ Ilutlmrn. Run 11. II. Gm-rIIu. 'I'. Iirzlmxu-II, If Vllllllllilma, .I. Swilzvr. .I. II:1lm1xu:'I II. I'1m:m. IG. W4'iL:'4'l, .I. IIxxYl'i'- Rum 25. IS. II:l1xu1ml'I. .I. IVI:lu'If1-Ili. Ii, And'-rsnn, II. AIHII-rsmm. Ii. IllIl'II' .I. liunlulm. Il. Furry. Iiuw -I. II. I'r:llnI:III. K'. 'NVil'Iis. 'I'. I':1l'Iwl', IP. S1-:u'Ic. II. I'm'Ic-tt. II. Ili:-Iwnsnm. Ibm' 5, Aflviasnra. .I. Mvflinlxis, II. M4-IsIol'. M. Ii. C'unnim:I1:1m. I.. I'l'iI:4r-r, 2X'f1pmm'--53 I ff ...anna IJ. .I. .II. Row I. IVI. III-ml. IC. II:1ImwI, I!:I1'llmx, S. Iilclm-. II. Slzxvk. I,:lYuv. Iifm 2. V, I.-mcry, i'. Nurtlmrup .Mlvifnr II. l'omnIws. Ibm II VY. IIIIIIIII. II. lxlstm-r. IT. I I IVI. l.:1mImx, S. Nvil. IJ. IIumIsrm. xx S1v:1l1Iinu'. .I. Iiznlmlvm , . , hmm' 1. X. llulnmxxn. .'I, SIIIIIIICIS. M I.l'1rll:ll'1I. IC. IVIIIIs. uri ,.. Y Organizaiions l here is 1 nide range of xcrx ictive tluhs in our school which afford students the oppoitunitx to cultivate x iriecl interestx find exercise mins ts pes of t'1lent. llllw sem then number swelled to n totfil of tn Cnty seven hlost of these activi- nex nt L mud on .liter school hourx hx teuhers is ho freelx contribute their time, so Chess Club Row 1. J. Dunlap, M. Karcher, B Rapaport, H. Dickenson. Row 2. B. Castner, H. Crandall, ll Jewell, D. Woods, B. Corlett. flrt Club Row 1. M. Cook, A. Pedroni, F Parsons. S. Elder. Row 2. B. 0'Brien, W. Harnmerich I. Hullquist, W. Abate. R. Muzzio. Row 3. Advisor, T. Elrick, D. Woods C. Wicks, B. McKenzie. Hook and Line Row 1. M. Garraventa, R. Burdessono L. Magioncalda. V. Cantrell, E Buhmzin, A. Brewster, A. Fornuchon J. Townsend, V. Brandlin. Row 2. E. Lincoln, Advisor A. Kelsey B. Mugford, M. Gardner, IJ. Mello B. Burns, G. Throne, A. Vidal. L Morlan. Row 3. A. Murtellzi, J. Hoehn, K Suhr, -F. Hunter, N. Clark. J Young, M. Pairani, L. Day. Row fl. E. Archer, G. Franco. E McGuckin, K. 'Westcott D. Hobson F. Hughes, J. McFar1'en. It In fl. Row 1. T. Crivelli, P. 1"1'esknn. G Spaldimr, J. Green, M. Ghardino, G Jenson, B. Millet, J. Hahn, Tanitu, C. Bailey. Row 2. B. Brockholf, B. Wakerley, Armanino, A. Pilotti, G. Lyle, G Morin. F. Markovich, M. Brown W. Frattini. Row 3. F. Santos. B. Schwarz, B Czivairnzwo, E. Boeepzer, N. Raslcr H. Bartolucci, W. Lincoln, C Lzmigum. E F Row 4. D. Petrillo, J. Hill, R. Hayes, J. Gondola, D. Santos, B. Abernathy J. Overdeck, M. Emerick, J. Freitas F. DeVita. Row 5. Advisor, E. Conners, J. Brooks E. 0'Neill, T. Bentley, E. Rumble C. Styger, F. Dellamadalena, T Johnson, C. Todd, V. Bruno, Advisor W. L. Johnson. 59--Napanee v N apanee--60 1 Nntio nal Ho nor Society Row 1. M. Tonascia, P. Bryan, E. Covey. M. Dederick. E. Buhman, Row 2. Advisor W. Hemmerling. J. Van Pelt, G. Curry. G. Throne. G. Cowan. Row 3. E. Harris, T. Parker. D. Searle. D. Hobson. C. S. I". Row 1. E. McDaniel. N. Sohl, G. Timmons, M. Bax-tels, S. Dopkins, E. Buhman, M. Dederick. A. Brewster. C. Frost, D. Blomberiz. Row 2. L. Magioncalda. E. Davis. I.. Streblow. L. Peterson. R. Prager, B. Cummings, D. Harmon. V. Brandlin. J. Wilkinson, J. Van Pelt, R. Spalding. Row 3. M. Evans, H. Anderson, E. Ferrario E. Burton. J. Lanizum. G. Curry. C. Inman, D. Young: F. Groth, J. Dunlap. Row 4. B. Rapaport, E. Covey. D. Searle, Advisor S. Lynch. D. Hobson, B. Cudaback. H. Dickenson, H. Blomberg, B. Corlett. Honor Societies National Honor Society Elwin Covey, President Jane Van Pelt. Viee-President Gladys Cowan, Secretary The National Honor Society, a nation-wide organization, now has 2-101 chapters throughout every state of the Union. ln the whole state of Cialifornia, there are but eight chapters, of which Napa is fortunate to be one. The honor of election to the National Honor Society is most coveted by ewery student in school, for it represents the highest award' attainable in any secondary school. Members are chosen every year by the faculty in recognition of Well-rounded qualities of scholarship, leadership, character, and service, thie four cardinal objectives of the society. Any student elected to membership represents special qualities in many di- versified interests. Since the Napa Chapter was formed in 1925, with Mr. Walter Hemmerling as advisor, one hundred fifty-two members have been elected, sixty-four boys and eighty- eight girls. Thirteen members from the Class of '39 gained this high recognition. This year, the local chapter undertook a special project of trying to i1nte,rest other schools of the N ortih Bay League to form new chapters of the society. California Sflzolarship Federation l'11ll Sprzng Donald Searle, President Harold Blomberg, President Harold Blomlberg, Vice-President Fritz Croth. Vice-President Charlotte Inman, Secretary Suzanne Dopkins, Secretary The California Scholarship Federation was organized at Napa Union High School in 1925, with Mis Sarah Lynch the faculty advisor. lts purpose is to promote scholar- ship and service among high school students and urge them on to higher education. A student is eligible to membership in the C. S. F. during the semester following the one in which ten grade-points have been earned. Members are allowrdf to wear pins for a semesterg life membership, awarded to Uh-e Seniors who have held temporary membership for six semesters, means the permanent gift of a pin. ln the first semester of this year, thirty-two students composed the Napa, Chapter 119 of the C.S.F., and the membership increased to forty during the second semester. Activities of the California Scholarship Federation, other tlhan tfhe monthly meet- ings, included the distirict meet at Treasure Island on March 18, and the Sneak Day. Sporis The Elephant Towers stand guard on either side of the Portals of the Pacific, helping them shield the heart of the Fair from the cool 'winds which sweep through the Golden Gate. For this purpose, all surfafes are turned upward and outward. Elephants and howdahs were the 'work of Donald llflaeky. 4 Champions! J! WE BEAT VALLEJO I! 1-The new pennant. 2-We make 'em yell! 3-4-Blue is our color, and we like a gold N to go with itl 5-Those thrilling white sweaters! 6-Johnny, all-round athlete. 7-It's hard to keep those gold footballsl 65 -N apanee Grnvos, Hnlflwnck if lirllc:-1. Tackle Brown, End M, 1 5' Ln , lic-rtino. Fullhnck A " Aldrich, Quartz-rlmck Sohl, Enll his xv I A g .S Qld ix. V .2 Lf.. fl "1 Q J l"nutl1a1l Row l. E. Doughty, XV. Ware, G. Harris Cnptnin. ll. l'rLrillo. J. Graves. l-l Townsenfl, G. Langdon, li. 0'Neill, E. livnrcl. F. Iizarker. Row 2. Il. Cnvmrxmro, G, Crosiar. J. Brown, J. Guiflice. R. Rossi. H. Dicken- son. N. Rnslcr, C. Lzmgum. M. Tami, C. Langrnm. Row 33. Conch J. Uolledgc. A. Klscrg H. Sohl. S. Slllltll, F. lleicl, M. Gcrth, B. Giovnnini. A. Elton. Couch. H. Meister. Row -l. H. Hansen. F. D ll- ' How: ' e anmdulena. F. Lrll, l.. lxrnnmur. R. Boone. T. Kinder, H. llrile-Q, l.. Nelson. H. Crandall, If Ifoufbrlll Row 1. .H Aldrich . , M. McMurtry, F. Bormnn, P. Holmes, Captain. P. Bohen. J. liiser, E. Clerici, B. llumpert, R. Monte, R. Bohen. Row 2. Conch L. Critser, A, Pilotti, H. Gres-n, B. Wnkerley, G. Cald- well. L. Rzllulaxll. A. Cllwnn. J Fishm-r. Couch F . . 1. lizurle. Row S. H. Hnnsvn. I.. Coward. D. Xnllvrson. E. Frost. A. Czxlln. L. Sonor. B. llomnteznl T Rox' , ' , . Crivelli. x 1. In llcllzunzulnlenn.. R. Ernst. P. Fresknn. H. Horgrun, C. Fritter. B. Talley, D. Burkett. Z. Izxnziti. H. Crnnclaxll. Row 5. J. Dunlap. B. Jensen, B. Bertino. C. Schwartz. J. Towey. . Corlelt. li. Ilcrlino. Nflprznfe--60 67--Napanee NQ C ,"'T, ...- - sv ,m .4 W . 5 Cferici, End Petrillo, Quarterback Bohen, Center Townsend, Halfback Football Napa High was really put back on the football map this year, for our team cap- tured a League championship. The Varsity started the season by defeating Mission High in a practice game. For the first few games of the season, Harrison Briles and Gene Harris acted as co-captains. The first Leagwe game was played against Petaluma. Bill Giovaninni scored the first touchdown of the game by downing the ball which fell over the goal line on the opening kick-off. This score began a victorious game for Napa. During the League season Napa won five games ,and lost one. ln the backfield, playing good defensive football were Gene Harris and John Graves. The two ends, Harrison Briles and John Brown, could always be depended upon to back up the line. On the offensive, "Bomber" Dom Petrillo, captain for the season, and Bud Townsend played excellent football. The annual N apa-Vallejo game was the very best in tvvielve years for Napa, as the team defeated the Navy City team by a score of 7-0 for the League title. The entire team this year worked as .a unit with no true star players. Each man handled his assignment Well. Elected to the all-conference team Wvere Harrison Briles, John Brown, and Gene Harris. Certainly much credit should be given to Coaches Herm Meister and John Colledge for producing such, a championship team. The Napa Papooses, under Captain Paul Bohen, fought hard in all their games, but were up against heavy odds. With plenty of figlhting spirit, the players gave some fine exhibitions of hard-fought football. Opening the season with a practice game against St. Helena Varsity, the light- weights showed promise of good materialg but in the next few games, it seemed qhat they were off to a bad start. Throughout the season, Gerry Caldwell, triple-threat man, gave other teams some- thing to Worry about. Captain Paul Bohlen and his brotheqr, Roy, were strong in the line. Ed Clerici, anotlher line man, stood out wfhen it came to stopping line plunges. Bill Bertino, all-round muan in passing, kicking, and running, proved to be the most valuable player on the team. Mel McMurtry's jarring tackles proved effective more than once during the season. A :figs Borman. End Fritter Halfback Harris, Fullback Cald ell Halfback 1' I ,Z C Bzlskrtball Rnw 1. S. Hutchinson. B. Fletcher. Cap lain M. Trujillo. P. Bnrdcssnn-J. L Sc:n'uHi. Row 2. C. Ottersun, A. Gonsalves, A. Riley, W. Kinder, F. 'Watson. Coach R. La Rue. KW. Row 3. B. 0'Brien, D. Sherman, K. Imrie. H. Mcliinzie. J. Tzimborini. If Ifaskzflbnll Row 1. Cwpt De ,M . uin H. Talley, P. Van Vcere. R. Monte, C. -Fritter. Row 2 Bohen. B. Bertino, B. Talley. H. Crandall, R. Heinke. B. Humpcrt. G. Caldwell, A. Caffe. Row 3. Coach R. La Rue, E. Clerici. B. Bcrtino. S. Bianchi. H. Ha ' B. Corlett. R. Bohe Coach J. Colle ,ur ni2'W' naen, n, D. Young, dge. .J Basketball Row 1. F. Heid. D. Hobson. J. Graves. C. Kinder. Row 2. B. Giovnnini. F. Borman, B. Townsend, C. W' J. Grnttmiv. Row 3. H. Hansen. Coach R. La Rue, D. Captain H. Shol, C. Ottorson, S Coach J. Colledge. N llpIlf1fE"68 lckzf. Petrillo, E. Doughty. . Smith, C. Cowan. M. Gerth, Bertino, Forward Cowan, Forward Kinder, Center Townsend, Guard Bohen. Basketball Coach Bob La Rue did not claim a championship team this past season, but he surely had sometihing there. More than onlce, We lost by only a very slim majority. Outside of the first Vallejo game, each conference game was missed by not more than fo-ur points, and during the seamn, we had to play three overtime games to Work off ties. Things looked brrigiht when t.he season opened with a victory over Sonoma on December 2. Napa's speedy five completely outclassed the Dragons. That seems strange when one realizes tlhat at the end of the season, Sonoma wlas the champion team of this section. 1 Captain "Hank" Sohl was the star defense througlhout the season. Coach La Rue depended on Graves and Kinder for offensive playing. If Harris, strong in both de- fensive and offensive, had not been dcisqualified in February because of four years' play, Napa might have won a higher rating in tlhe League. Petrillo, Cowan, and Dellama- dalena were able supaporters of Na.'p1a's first string. Twenty boys-four complete teams -went out fo-r A basketball this season. Tlhe third and fourth-string substitutes formed "The Ramblers", who were undefeated in their night games. D0esn't that indicate that Napa fans should see some mighty fancy basketball on the Lincoln Avenue hardwood next season? Howard Talley, captain of the B team, rightfully deserved the honor bestowed him by his team-mates, for he consistently played' fast, steady ball. He and Clerici al- ways put on a show, passing, dribbling, and sinking 'em from odd angles. Though the team did not earn a high position in League standing, the boys lost their games by slim margins, and Coach Colledge felt that his efforts were not in vain. With Max Trujillo as its captain, the C Basketball team put up a brave fight. Though no conference honors were sacked, Coach La Rue says it must be remembered that every boy on the team was playing competitive high-school basketball for the first time, and therefore much credit is due the squad. Guard Talley, Center Clerici, Forward Talley, Forward 69--Napanee N apanee--70 ..,..4-M'-W Tennis B 1"N .ww 'Mk' J ' 95" my Rnw Track 1, B. Townlend, H. Crandall, L. Cleveland, L. Coward, E, Peters. C. Schwarz, B. Talley, C. Fritter, M. T1'ujillo, T. Crivelli, J, Caldwell, R. Bohen, J. Towey, H. Aldrich. Row 2. J. Guidice, B. Strohl, F. Heid, F, Hughes, S. Hutchinson, H. Huntsimzer. J. Graves, B. Humpert, G. Pugh, W. Frattlni, A. Pllotti. A. Carpgnano. J. Randall, L. Randall. E, Maciedo, Row 3. A. Arthur, B. Cavapznaro, J. Forrester, H. Stockton, W, Landgrebe, R. Elton, D. Hill, H. Jewel, L. Nelson, J, Tamborini, L. Scaruffi, P. Bardensono, Frattini, K. Wiles. Row 4. G. Dickel, Coach L. Critser, B. -Fletcher. T, Bram R. Corlett, M. Gerth, H. Oakes, E. Clerici, M J. Lytjen, Coach R. La Rue. well, B. Bertino. . McMurtry, G. Noonan. , aseball, Trac Tenms Row 1. R. Gerth, D. Blomberg, F. Watson, D. Young. Row 2. H. Blomberg. E. Hayes, E. Covey, J. Wigger. Rnw 3. R. Shurtletf. Coach Meister. R. Rapaport. Baseball Row 1. W. Sosnosky, E. Barr, E. Elton, F. Dellamadalena, A. Gonsalves. J. Ianzlti, E. Doughty. L. Devita. Row 2. F. BOX' H, S man. G. Langdon, ohl, B. Giovannini, E. Clerici. G. Gratbone. M. Gerth. Row 3. C. Otterson. F. Markovich. D. Sherman. F. Barker. B. Brockoff. C. Todd, A. Caffo. R. Ernst. H. Oakes. A FOOTBALL TEAM Table of Sports B FOOTBALL F. Heid Center Captain P. Bohen Smith, Ware Guards Schwarze, R. Bohen Gerth, Briles Tackles McMurtry, Corlett Brown, Sohl Ends Borman, Jensen Captain Petrillo Quarterback I-Lorgan Graves, Townsend Halfbacks Crivelli, Fritter Harris Fullback Bertino A'S SCORES B'S Napa 7 Mission 6 Napa 0 St. Helena Varsity 7 Napa 7 Galileo 27 Napa 0 Armijo Varsity 7 Napa 12 Petaluma 0 Napa 7 Vacaville Varsity 0 Napa 6 Balboa 7 Napa 0 Petaluma 46 Napa 6 Santa Rosa 7 Napa 0 St. Helena 12 Napa 6 San Rafael 0 Napa 13 Armijo 0 Napa 29 Analy 6 Napa 13 San Rafael 12 Napa 7 Tamalpais 0 Napa 13 Martinez Varsity 12 Napa 7 Vallejo 0 Napa 0 Tamalpais 13 Napa 0 Vallejo 13 A BASKETBALL TEAM B BASKETBALL TEAM Kinder f Center Capt. H. Talley Graves Forwards Bertino Dellamadalena Guards Bohen Petrillo Forwards B. Talley Capt. Sohl Guards Clerici SCORES Napa 21 Sonoma 12 Napa 17 Sonoma 11 Napa 22 St. Helena 25 Napa 20 St. Helena 8 Napa 28 Mission 29 Napa 7 Mission Cubs 40 Napa 29 Galileo 40 Napa 13 Galileo 28 Napa 21 S. F. J. C. Frosh 26 Napa 14 S. F. J. C. 19 Napa 26 Armijo 17 Napa 13 Armijo 24 Napa 17 Vallejo 28 Napa 21 Vallejo 22 Napa 27 Petaluma 32 Napa 13 Calistoga 8 Napa 28 Healdsburg 15 Napa 21 Petaluma 23 Napa 45 San Rafael 37 Napa 21 Santa Rosa 23 Napa 20 Santa Rosa 31 Napa 18 San Rafael 19 Napa 25 Analy 21 Napa 26 Healdsburg 17 Napa 21 Tamalpais 23 Napa 14 Analy 21 Napa 14 Vallejo 19 Napa 21 Tamalpais 16 Napa 14 Vallejo 25 C BASKETBALL SCORES Center Sherman Napa 17 Vallejo 19 Forward Watson Napa 11 San Rafael 25 Forward Bardessono Napa 18 Tamalpais 16 Guard Captain Trujillo Napa 15 Vallejo 23 Guard Hutchinson BASEBALL TENNIS Catcher Dellamadalena Rapaport Pitcher Sosnosky Young First Base Caffo Gerth Second Base Gonsalves Hayes Short Stop Ianziti Wigger Third Base Elton Watson Left Field Otterson Covey Right Field Doughty Shurtletf Center Field Borman TRACK A'S BXS Gerth Discus Coward, Bertino Broad jump Townsend, Corlett High Jump Bertino, Towey, Talley 50 yd. Peters, Macedo 100 and 220 yd.Bertino, Caldwell Shot put Schwarze, Lytjen, Fritter 880 and 440 Frattini, Bohen, Humpert 880 Nelson, Arthur 1 mile Crivelli, Towey, Coward 100 yd. Guidice High Hurdles Caldwell, Talley High jump Townsend Low Hurdles Humpert, Pugh 440 Aldrich, Van De Veere Hurdles C'S Trujillo, Landgrebe, Wiles 50 yd. Wiles 120 Trujillo Hurdles Trujillo Shot put Tamborini High jump 71 --N apanee bf I A F 'pf R , ,.f, . , l l W . cw 1 ii i i Gif -:ui Q 5 Q A W v Block N Row 1. M. King, V. Switzer. M. Dederick, B. Doughty. Row 2. M. Money, H. Belnnd. L. B1'adfoi'd, L. VVilliams, P. Bryan, N. Beland. Row 3. A. Vidal, D. Harris. K. Bohen, E. Bones. F. Hunter, B. Mugford. Row 4. C. Inman. G. Savzino. L. Peterson. E. Ferrario. . G. A. A. Row 1. M. Bnrtels, J. Jackson. M. King, V. Switzer, B. Cross, P. Bryan, B. Doughty. M, Dederick. H. Bela-md. M. Reed. B. Burch, L, Burch, Row -. J. Murray, E. Bzmchero, J. Morin. L. George, F. McFa1'rcn, N. Beland. L. Williams, M. Money, J. Haddock. B. Youtz, B. Richardson. B. Weigel. Row 3. B. Bentley. M. Imriv. B. Gill-b, P. Kimz. A. Ball, F. Hunter. E. Bones -F. Petitclerc, A. Vidal, M. Lune, L. Bradford. Row 4. J. Frost, R. Heintze. B. Boshoif. L. Strehlnw. B. Mumford. A. George. J. McFarren, J. Bertain. J. Hullquist, D. Schroeder, K. Bohen, Row 5 F. Erickson, G. Savano, D. White, B. Geozhegan. B. Fuller, J. Brockoif, L. Salsmzm. E. Ferrnrio, S. Cusassa. R. Przuzer. G. Tiedeman. Row 6. M. Hughes. C. Stephenson, B. Bunnell, C. Inman, V. Leonard, M. Prdavico, J. Hein, V. Manasse V. Weimers. L. Peterson, Y. Roe, M. Ghirardi. G. A. A. Council Rnw 1 M. Kingz. N. Beland. V. Switzer, B. Doughty, P. Bryan, H. Beland, B. Burch. Row 2. Hlicldrgcka L. Williams, L. Bradford. J. Hein, L. Peterson. W. Hammerich, D. White, M. Money. . ug or . N apanee--72 73--Napanee Girls' Athletic Association Pall Ojiccrs Spring Phyllis Bryan, President Beverly Doughty, President Marilyn Dederick. Vice-President Betty Burch, Vice-President Hetta Beland, Secretary Virginia Switzer, Secretary Beverly Doughty, Treasurer Hetta Beland, Treasurer Lorraine Williams, Yell Leader Natalie Beland, Yell Leader G. A. A., directed by Miss Rdargery McCormick, showed unusual enthusiasm during 1938-1939, with Phyllis Bryan and Beverly Doughty as fall and spring presi- dents. Color week was held November 7-12. The sale of pompoms and emblems which added so mu-ch color and pep to the never-to-be-forgotten Vallejo game, helped also to enlarge the association's treasury. On December 3, the Napa girls were hostesses to St. Helena and Sonoma at a volleyball play day. Although Niapa Won both games, all the teams p ayed a good game of volleyball. At the annual G. A. A. Christmas party for incoming Freshmen girls, held Thursday afternoon, December 15, novel programs in the form of letters to Santa were presented to the members and their guests. The success of the affair was greatly due to the untiring efforts of Beverly Doughty and her committee, and tio Lorene Peterson, wiho impersonated Santa. When the girls convened at the gymnasium of the Santa Rosa Junior College for another play day on February 13, they had a grand time. The Hockey Honor Team for the past year was composed of L. Wright, L. Peterson, M. Money, H. Beland, F. Hunter, G. Savano, V. Switzer, L. VVilliams, M. King, L. Bradford, and A. Vidal. The Volleyball Honor Team: H. Beland, L. VVilliams, B. Burch, C. Inman, M. King, L. Peterson, G. Savano, A. Vidal, and B. Richardson. The Basketball Honor Team: Forwards-B. Doughty, M. King, L. Peterson, L. Williams. Guards-M. Money, B. Burch, L. Bradford. As the year drew to a close, tennis, badminton, archery, and swimming brought many enthusiastic G. A. A. members into interclass games. Parties, hikes, weinie-roasts and banquets helped round out a successful season. The final play day of the year held at Vallejo saw Napa, Benicia, and Vallejo takingipart in various games. The G. A. A. year was brought to a close at the combined banquet held in Vallejo, with Napa and Sonoma girls as guests. Block N awards were made and the interclass cup was pre- sented to tihe Juniors, the class winning the most points. At the award assembly in June, Phyllis Bryan received the only fourth-year award. instead of the usual purple chenille letter, a gold pin was presented to her. Third- year awards were given to Margie Money, Mirriam King, Lorene Peterson, Virginia Switzer, and Lorraine Williams. Seoond-year blocks were presented to Hetta Beland, Eleanor Bones, Kathleen Bohen, Lois Bradford, Beverly Doughty, Elaine Ferrario, Barbara Geoghegan, Jane Hein, Charlotte Inman, and Genevieve Savano. N. J. Vau1n JEWELER 1103 Main St.. Napa Berry and Sinclair Your Class Photographers Carithers Inc. Second and Brown Sts. Napa. Calif. Phone 1400 Lovejoy's Pharmacy QUALITY Baker's Barber 8z Beauty Shop We Improve Your Appearance 1213 First St. Phone 421 Zenith Radios Earl G. Wilson 1939 PHOTO FINISHING Brown St. Napa . , O. T. Harper Castner s Napa French I I ,f ?,,,, State Farm Mutual L d .filet your Ammunltlon 31111 Ty at Castnerfsv Sf.z.1Q5f"s'' sos Coombs street 1121 Third st. Phone 485-W . X ' s Albert C. Unihalt Albert's D. D. S. Napa's only Home Owned Telephones 9-10-Mi fliavacca N omce , 9so-J nualuimr Department Store Residence 327-NV First u11gaIf::pxvn Ste-. First St., Napa Maggettfs Pharmacy A Good Drug Store Second and Brown Sts. Phone C. J. Harney Napa County Treasurer The Gasser Motors Dodge-Plymouth Motor Cars and Buses Napa, Calif. Napa News Agency 1036 Main Street Napa, Calif. A. H. Shepard Napa County Tax Collector R. Dollarhide Napa County Clerk The Beauty Box Dorothy Bryant Corner Coombs and Clay Streets Phone 902 Keig's Shoe Store Quality Footwear Since 1876 915 Main 914 Brown Napa. Calif. Look For the Neon Barber Pole 4 Barbers to Serve You BURTIS BARBER SHOP 1115 -First St. Dr. M. W. McCormick D. D. S. Behlow Building- Napa Calif. Next time try our new Dowclene Way BRENTT'S CLEANERS Ransford Printing Co. Jess R. Ransford Phone 401 841 Main 826 Brown Phone 278 Ralph Trower Attorney-at-'Law 21 Migliavacca Building LeVinson's Pharmacy the Rexall Store Main and First Streets H. Shwarz Company The House of Service Sporting Goods F. W. Woolworth Co. X e appreciate your Patronage First Street, Napa Napa, Calif. Napa, Calif- P5009 M0SSie,S Our 50th year Distinctive Beauty Service A. H. Smith Co. - Stationery - Books - Art Goods 1007 Lulls Beauty Parlor Phone 1308 First and Brown . 0 Phone 192 928 Brown St Exclusive Insurance ' 'B fo 'Ai Q' ii ' Thomas Townsend , H 'frffs' ' DF- George Rlley Napa County Survey-or l in . -- 1 N , - 'l I , "5 , , ld D- C- - Ph- C- Nava- California I as Young Bonding Napa. Calif W. B. Grimths CO. Rutherford, Rutherford , , and Rutherford Mlller S Drug Store Rea-l Estate and Insurance Atwmeys-at-Law First and Coombs Novo. com. 934 Brown St. Napa, Calif. , , Napa, California Dr. Jos. Schneider DENTIST Gordon Building Napa, Rodney McCormick Homes and Farms Calif- Property of all kinds John P. Steckter SHERIFF Napa County T. J. Treadway Napa County Coroner Napa County Free Library Thelma Ried Van Groos County Librarian Dr. Sutro A. Frost and Dr. Alban L. Bailey ll, - Lehman's King and King Congmulatlons 'ii 4 Delicateiggclalgsfl Bakery Attorneys-at-Law From Q 1245 -First St. Phone Behlow Building. Napa Cedar l J Dr. Lowell Brown Migliavacca Building Napa, California E. P. Ball County Engineer Napa, California Dr. Buehler DENTIST Napa Calif. A Dr. C. Brooks, O. D. W OPTOMETRIST Napa Calif. Dr. C. H. Farman D. D. S. 1303 First Street Napa, California Napa Milling KL Warehouse Co. Hay, Grain and Feeds Main and Fifth Streets. Napa Phone 198 I Ambrosia Creamery Fred Stiefel Howard's 1 U GRADE "A" MILK PaijEtiaf'dFWa11PaPef Stationery and Printing H Ice Cream lc ure ramlng 1124 Brown 1125 Main 721 Brown St. Phone S10 Tony Locketti Dr. T. F. Werner The "Wright" Spot , DENTIST S ecializin ' Plumbing and Sheet Metal Works in - pG00d - Fgood '. . Ph n 94 F'x-st and Main Q W 1142 Coombs Sf' Napa' Callf' Residenctl ias9-w lmpa, Calif. 914 Third street Q-1 .i The Waffle Shop Drinks and Delicious Waffles 3rd and Franklin Sta. Phone 524 Boman's Dairy J. H. Boman, Proprietor MILK AND CREAM 1610 Main Phone 473 Cameron and Co., Inc. Men's and Womenf's Fine Shirts G. C. Hewitt, Pres. 4' 3 Paironize Our Advertisers Autographs uf I3 7 www wwf' Photography - Berry and Sinflair Nvapa, California Engrafvings - California flrt and Engraving Co Berkeley, California Printing - Ransford Printing Co. Napfl, California Binding - Sil'l'lll5 if Srhoenbatkler Saframento, California KWWL Smal? QE!! sw -92' 1' EEE A"3YfAssouM9" i I i""" 5

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